Harvest of Tucson

$17 House 1/8ths Everyday!



2734 E. Grant Rd., Tucson, AZ 85716


32.2501213, -110.9312664




7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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Located at the southwest corner of Grant Rd. & Treat Ave in sunny Tucson!

At Harvest we pride ourselves on carrying over 26 strains of medical cannabis, as well as a variety of edibles and infused products. We offer bulk purchasing discounts for 1/4s, 1/2s, and full ounces – allowing our patients to try multiple strains from any price range and take advantage of our price discounts.

All of our medical cannabis is tested by a third-party professional testing company. We go above and beyond to make sure that all of our products have no molds or pesticides present.

Harvest carries the largest concentrate selection in Arizona! With 20+ strains, we are dedicated in helping provide a wide variety of great options to our patients.


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142 reviews for “Harvest of Tucson

  1. Echambers

    I live coming here, they have a great selection and good deals. They also have a cool showroom and a helpful staff. I haven’t been disappointed yet dY~S

  2. linaalvarez

    Thank god for the green halos great service I never wait long for awesome Meds

  3. chrisgray420

    very nice people very helpful.i will definitely visit again

  4. Twillis75

    Awesome people

  5. Mg787

    great prices love their snaps sales

  6. vicgarcia392

    Very long wait time, music playlist from 2007 and parking isn’t much to speak of… i’d Recommend Downtown Dispensary instead !!!

  7. Turanga

    Great place!!!

  8. Caspersmokealot

    best flowerin town

  9. Ericdarko

    Easily the best dispensary in Tucson. They have the best selection of concentrates that aren’t filled with distillate, WONDERFUL customer care and an extremely clean and welcoming atmosphere! Harvest is my favorite dispensary, hands down.

  10. cloudywithachanceofweedbowls

    5 stars all around. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. Truly unlike other disps like saints and d-bloom. The parking lot is like downtowns. When you enter you’re greeted with a chill woody atmosphere. Leave the ceilings bare! There are flower samples on the wall for you to waft if you’re an aficionado. Superb quality flower. The Void has trichomes galore! I went to Harvest specifically for it and Nebula, and I hope they continue to carry them. Steven was my budtender and is a classy gentleman. Be respectful at Harvest, and you’ll be treated with respect too. Harvest is a top shelf addition to the AZ MMJ community.

  11. Mdigs879

    Good quality has kept me return I,g to Harvest but bad manager customer service will keep me from spending another dime here. Brooklyn 3 times has struck out on Customer service. Homework at her cashier station was more important today. First time she rudely told me while yelling over her co worker that cookies available as samples in the lobby weren’t available in the store. How silly of me to,assume. Get past Brooklyn and her co worker Hallow talking trash about a bother co worker and it equals disastified customer that won’t return and son told my Reception lady Maria that he wasn’t a Puma student. I’m done and w/o,t return for this abuse where I spend a fair amount of cash. Get your peeps some training Harvezt

  12. Gradeagrowersclub

    the medicine is awesome the referral program is awesome I would recommend anybody to go there smoke on

  13. mikloraider420

    I visited on Friday morning before heading to Vegas. I was really happy with the staff. They are very friendly and knowledgeable with the product. They are like the ones in Phoenix . Glad u guys are in Tucson now. Gud flower. Brooklyn was the budnter who helped me. Thanks To the staff. Diffenally going back. Can’t wait for grand opening .

  14. Karinamartinez8

    flower and prices have always been amazing and keeps me coming back, customer service needs work for some of the workers but the budtenders minus one time have always been super friendly and show knowledge about the bud and what I need. Over all, one of my preferred dispensaries.

  15. Shalvay

    Very friendly and kind bud tenders

  16. 420jaz

    love it! order on Leafly go in grab and go

  17. Jfalzone720

    Happens to often. They advertise one thing on the website. when you get to the shop its a completely different deal or strain. They do this to get you in the door. very irritating.

  18. marygw55

    I have to say the greeter today is my favorite dispensary worker right now. She is very kind and helpful. I also appreciate the help using Leafly over the phone. Thanks again.

  19. Mamaof3green

    I love it here, only place I go to. the staff is amazing, very informative, product is amazing. not only that but can get points when you buy stuff and save money later, love it! im a lifer 🙂

  20. Davisp420

    Love this place so much!!

  21. YeseniaArvizu8791

    nice place now that they have online ordering makes it easier

  22. deadredd1194

    Absolutely LOVE this dispensary!!! It was my first one ever and the experience was the best! Strong warm welcome by ALL of the staff. They were just as excited as I was for my first time. Very informative and great deals for everyone. Also love the interactive interface, being able to open the jars and see the flowers and concentrates for myself. They made my dream come true.

  23. jmcnamee05

    This is an awesome dispensary with great deals that change monthly. Awesome strains. Worth it to check out their BOGO FREE deals on select products .. depending on the day! Their on line service needs a little bit of attention. There are a few set backs like quantities not getting through to the other end. There’s confusion about my on line order. They have bagged up ahead of time wrong quantities and wrong items and strains. Not sure what the problem is on their end. Also, can we hire more people to take care of those on line orders only because I went ahead of a lot of people who were waiting and I’m still using someone else’s spot and my order is wrong so this takes a while to fix. I did not want to cut ahead and that’s what I did . Are you only allowed 2 cashiers? because I’ve seen more than 2 elsewhere. Make that a separate purchase at a different window. Express window. Separate. Could even be right there at your front window. I’ve seen it elsewhere. Thank you.

  24. Funnygirl1960

    Dream asteam cartridges are nit bad at all! Happy…

  25. bedlam520

    Good vibes, great people, awesome music, and amazing products! Couldn’t ask for more in a dispensary! Thank you Harvest!

  26. El420

    Good dealz. Friendly staff. Just did not like the December deal. But love when they have concentrate deals

  27. wajunk40

    Harvest of Tucson has some really nice quality bud and the ppl are very helpful. I was a bit concerned when I saw their product was prepackaged but after opening the package I found their bud to be moist and potent. Great job everyone!!!

  28. azkandy420

    Love there bogo Canamo mini slabs

  29. legiitkids

    Multiple times visiting this location. Wouldn’t shop here again. Wouldn’t recommend to a friend. It’s the closest to my house so I put up with it. Everything about it is below average. They keep making changes and adding new policies. If you have the time to drive, you should check out a different dispensary or shop local with your plug.

  30. ritapita73

    Great new dispensary with a wonderful setup and phenomenal staff. Everything is open and inviting, and the staff asks for your input in what you would like to see in the upcoming weeks before the grand opening. I’m in awe. This is listening to the customer, at its finest.

  31. toon38

    I really like this place just sad it’s far from my house

  32. Nenu98

    Always in and out quick, love the prices on the house eighths!

  33. mainmac1

    clean and fast

  34. Evertte

    Loved the help

  35. Ganjaqueen8

    Love this dispensary and the staff greeting you and helping in the lobby is nice

  36. Mdburkum1

    Greeter got me inside & off the streets right away. That was awesome. However when I got inside the new employee was a bit confused as to what to do next. Then they brought my order out to me and they said. 1. My name. 2. Your TWO cartridges are here. AND that total is $$ blah blah blah in front of EVERYBODY including my husband. I did NOT appreciate my name being spoken out loud. Nor did I like the total dollar amount spent announced loudly in front of EVERYBODY. If HIPPA laws were to apply budtender would be paying his allowance out for the next couple of years.

    I like HARVEST and they were my FIRST so I will continue to patronize their store..

  37. lagucci

    This dispensary has good quality medicine but the worst thing about this dispensary is that they do not have a pickup window and it is very inconvenient. I have a child so for certain patients it would be more convenient to open up a pickup window. & If you your company could come to some type of agreement to add another two bartenders that would be amazing because this dispensary is super slow but like I said the quality is good and some prices you can’t beat 3(1gram per Jay) pre-rolls for $10dY~%0

  38. Jackie5456

    I absolutely love this place! Great daily deals and very knowledgeable staff if and when you have questions. The flower they have is always top notch!

  39. tuck520

    Love it a$?i,a$?i,

  40. JRG1023

    Great visit today. The guy at the front was very helpful. Didn’t catch his name. Great dispensary!

  41. CASE32

    I have ordered twice online the 5150 bar, only to arrive to be told it was not in stock. And today was a BOGO. I jwish they did better online inventory control since I have to drive quite a distance just to get there. Very friendly people, but failure to deliver twice is a service issue

  42. Razwan65

    Nice dispensary with a healthy selection of high quality, reasonably priced meds. Owners put heavy emphasis on customer service and have been on site both times I have visited. Excellent referral and New Patient specials. location just a bit off of street……look for yellow balloons.

  43. Alexisa1

    great place awsome people and comfortable environment.

  44. tdz69

    Very good flower but service needs work. I refered a friend. because he couldn’t pronounce my real. So he gave them my nick name witch is in my profile. So my friend and I went in on his second visit my sixth. He and I explained the situation. So now I feel I can’t refer friend’s because not all my friends can pronounce my name. I didn’t get refer a friend reword. At a previous visit some sells were changed around so I was like $3 bucks short now I knew I had some store credit. Well they didn’t tell me I could use that credit I had to go home and get $3. Bad service So it seems they really don’t want to honor the rewords. I feel the employee are not educated in how to operate a dispensary to benefit patients only there pay checks. If it wasn’t for patients they wouldn’t have a job. I will recommend this dispensary they do have good clean flower but stay from the Crisco it’s crap I would be ashamed to have that on the shelf in my dispensary.

  45. cynz2787

    sarah was so awesome and gave me lots of options and info on what woyld work for me

  46. Rafaelsantiveriz

    Great spot hidden a bit but easy to find. Got some good deals flower is awesome Stream Dream is nice also. Will be back for more.

  47. itsdevo

    They have the best deals on eights of flower in town, consistently! This is my place for getting flower. 🙂

  48. Indicrae

    First visit was great.

  49. StarMist21

    When I come here they are extremely compassionate. I am going through one of the MOST intense struggles with my PTSD that I have ever had (and that’s saying alot for a 6 years diagnosis) and my anxiety is not helping. My housing situation and finances have been turbulent for a while and it has triggered some of the worst fight or flight symptoms such as muscle tension, TMJ, and extreme fear of being judged/pitied (mine is from abuse and that was a huge part of my cycle) and I’m always in there looking like a FRITGHTENED animal trying to find a place to run away from headlights. They haven’t even made me feel weird about it they haven’t asked why I never look into their eyes they don’t ask why some days I want to chit chat and some days I can be viewed running back to my truck from their shop. They’ve all been great at dealing with my odd behavior and some even remember my name and make sure I get great care!! They have probably been the most compassionate of treating me like I am on a good day when I am in my darkest hour. I couldn’t be more grateful. I can understand why my aunt chooses this as her “home” dispensary.

  50. Yaya278

    great selection of concentrates

  51. Sconzanator

    Cool place

  52. Sunny30

    is the staff is awesome the product is great I recommend this place to everybody I go there all the time

  53. Mpacheco

    Love love love! Staff is amazing! Store beautiful! They know their stuff!

  54. Bigboi520

    I went to the harvest in Phx and had a great experience. wish I could say the same about the Tucson location my friend that recommended harvest warned me about an employee that was very rude to him but we went anyways because they do have great flower. from the moment I walked in the back this lady was very rude, pushy and downright disrespectful. It was the same person my friend warned me about (he was there with me and confirmed when we left). Honestly I most likely will not be going there very often because of this woman. Her name is Jessica and if her manager reads this you guys need to do something about it because if she did it to me and my friend I’m sure we are not the only ones. Not to mention they do not honor deals from the website. That is all terrible customer service from Jessica.

  55. miamar42

    These folks are nice enough but just have no knowledge. They went out of their way to call me and misquote AZ policy bc they are idiots w egos. No problem, i’m happy to shop elsewhere.
    I go to the pharmacy for medicine and professionals that know applicable policy surrounding my medicine within the legitimate mmj industry. Not illegitimate ppl that try to make up for being idiots by opening the door for you. Good job guys. Hopefully they get these ppl that did not help me, Maria, Brooklyn, Hala some education within the legitimate mmj industry. bye harvest.

  56. Jgo1999

    Great edibles

  57. cheekygogetta

    Good product

  58. Fracturedreamz

    The wait time can be long, but the service and product is awesome. I preordered and it made it sooooooo much faster! dY~

  59. Rams80

    Everything went great, only negative is, if you order on leafly, when you pick up your Oder, they call your name and total of your transaction in front of everybody in the waiting lobby. I don’t want people to know what I’m spending. and I felt uncomfortable bringing my wallet out for the transaction.

  60. ChemIsKing36

    The day this places leafly Menu is actually on point w/ what’s in the store I’ll be back.. until then expect the leafly order you make to not go thru because what you may have ordered is already aEURoeSold OutaEUR… Even tho the menu says it’s not, it’s def gone lol…. And be ready to hear the excuses roll in of why the menu never matches what’s in store.. Went from a favorite 2 not a so favorite pretty quick. And it sucks.

  61. RickSc137

    Outstanding dispensary, this dispensary cares about the quality of their products ensuring that there are no pesticides or fungus. They even carry superior grade flowers. I had a great experience and Laure is my new favorite dispensary agent, Laure was most knowledgeable and truly cares about the patients, seriously Laure is the best.

  62. stonerchick4Eva

    i love it everyone is so nice and inviting I really like going to Harvest!! Good – Great deals Yummy strain’s and much more goodies! definitely go check them out!!

  63. rosebud815

    Amazing! They have the best prices, student discounts and such sweet staff that is always there to help. Thanks Harvest!

  64. Jotz520

    I love the atmosphere

  65. onsimpleterms

    I often make the drive to Phoenix just to visit a couple Harvest locations. Harvest of Tucson is every bit as good. The experience is so much better at Harvest compared to other dispensaries. Prices are matched perfectly to quality. The staff is amazing. I was lucky enough to meet Heidi, who is knowledgeable and caring. I will continue to make Harvest of Tucson my go-to dispensary. Also, if you are looking for cartridges, do yourself a favor and go to Harvest for Dream Steam.

  66. johnlupo8390

    I have been in there on Saturdays in the past for the CBD gummy bears and they were sale. couldn’t get ahold of him on the phone to verify before I drove all the way over there I’ve gotten them before was told by another employee that it was Saturdays and Sundays for their CBD Bowl healing Resources with the manager would rather lose my business then try to take care of me will never go back and I will tell people not to go to that dispensary

  67. 8100Green

    definitely in my top 3

  68. Tacoreyes

    they are the best!

  69. NS8632

    I don’t often write reviews. The folks at Harvest epitomize the highest standard that every other dispensary in Tucson should strive to achieve. From the excellent customer service and friendliness of the employees, to the beautiful retail space…and not to forget the fantastic distillate from Select(now my go-to), this establishment is by far the best dispensary I’ve visited in Tucson. My new favorite is Harvest.

  70. Brandon420520

    this place is goid but they suck with the consumers they always have some one back there forever like do your job and get them in and out your supposed to know what your doing!

  71. bmxcrew123

    jalopenobreath needs to learn to spell and stop being so cheap but this is tucson so it is to be expected. best spot in town. Royal farms is amazing and harvest strains are good too! prefer them over sunday goods for sure, and downtown flower is mostly show if you dont know what you’re looking for. Dream steam and P.o.m. distiallte syringes are way better than timeless plus the you get a free one after buying 9 with the app. yea it says 10 but it starts you with a free one. A point system that’s better than anyone in town $1 for ever 25 points and 1 point for every dollar spent. and they carry Dutchies. I was worried spending 44+ bucks on pre rolls especially when it only comes with 3gs but I never finished a whole joint of the grandaddy purp in one sitting so they are deffiantly worth it. and a lot of complaints of wait time but not once have I waited as long as I have at most of these places, especially peak time. Now for the wax. I share the same problem with that other guy but I learned if you want shatter and what not, and this goes for anywhere, just ask what strains are currently stable. they will know and give your a product you will be happy with. My other favorite is Green halo and earth healing north in town if someone is looking for a similar level of quality.

  72. Melusina420

    This might be my favorite dispensary. The atmosphere is top shelf. They give you space to examine the flower but are at arms link if you need help. I went in for my birthday and new patient special. By far the best bud in Tucson.

    I’m back again for BOGO CBD tinctures and flourish brownies. Shout out to Sara! Thanks for your help. I appreciate you.

  73. Darriusw4369

    Takes a little bit of time being there but when you get to the back and have questions then you see why. They answer every question i have in a no rush feeling and very friendly and down to earth at the same time.

  74. arizonamaniac

    Great place. quality product and friendly staff.

  75. 1940Hemi

    I have been to just about every dispensary in Tucson and Harvest was the only one to give me a tour. Thanks Frank! I have smoked flower for 50 years and only recently have tested some of the other forms. The bud tender, who’s name I have forgotten took the time to describe their cartridges. Thanks for that.
    I spoke to 3 or 4 who worked there and all were friendly, knowledgeable and professional.
    An all around pleasant experience.

  76. OMofTMC

    I always love Harvest, mmmmmm yummy bud ALWAYS and great specials!!!! Free 1/8th after your fourth visit in a month which is usually about how many times I go! Thx Harvest! Shout out to Matt the best budtender at Harvest of Tucson, he’s very educated on their products and down to earth, I have my medical card for a reason and it’s not physical ailments, it’s the spooky stuff in my head, I don’t like going in public and I’m an introvert hehe, I would usually get delivery just so I don’t have to see as many people, anyhow with the super helpful advice of Matt, I have found the strains that work for me and I add some CBD either vape, flower or edible….I don’t want to jinx anything but I have been on psych meds for many years and this is the first time I am confident that I will be able to kick benzos( they are the devil, well my monkey) forever and get my fricking brain and life back! PTSD and a 20 year benzo addiction has been on and off the scariest experiences ever and I finally found a way to be in public, look people in the eyes, I can sleep, nightmares aren’t as bad, life is looking up so thx Harvest for employing a budtender who in six months has helped me more then twenty years of behavioral health services dY~S

  77. Queenhazy

    I love this place. They have a really good quality of flower

  78. kevinkuzklean99

    Going into this store I do not know what to expect and to my surprise I was read it right at the door at 7 AM they open on time they were informative they had a lot of different products to offer they also wore in formative about their products I didn’t feel rushed and they were patient with me I would recommend this location Over quite a few other dispensaries in town if you’re early bird like myself look no further you have a home here

  79. Xmas2169

    Today was the only time I ever purchased from here. This is also the LAST time I purchase from here. I rolled the dice on there crunch berries. That was a huge mistake!!!!!!!! $55 for an 1/8 of pre packaged garbage. I know better than to buy prepackaged flower and I rolled the dice anyways. Did this because the other places I do go to didn’t have what I usually get. For those who have smoked good flower. Know that percentages don’t mean anything when they are trying to sell you something. Follow your nose becuse your nose doesn’tie. NEVER spend your money here. There are other places in town that weigh the flower in front of you and your nose can tell you what you need to know. I don’t appreciate the under educated BS the people selling bud try to blind you with.

  80. stephenf4l

    best dispensary in town

  81. Phx420az

    Nice fast service! Flower choices were on point and got a free edible too 🙂

  82. _edgein

    Nothing spectacular to say. Average prices. Decent selection. Staff were okay. Good daily deals and new patient deals. Would go again if in the area and recommend others try it.

  83. KLE123

    Sarah was the first person I met over the phone the day my card arrived in the mail. I actually called four times with questions. I had no idea there were so many dispensaries in Tucson to choose from. I have been very depressed and I decided to paint a giant pot leaf after all my calls to Harvest I wanted to bless Sarah with my first ever Pot leaf painting. She loved it. I ended up making a purple one for Jessica and a bunch of little ones for other employees. The birth of the “Garbage Frogs” thanks to Sam and Sarah. I had painted some frogs and I was not too happy with them and I showed them and referred to them as “Garbage Frogs” they actually LOVED the frogs and so there will be more Garbage Frogs to come. Making a positive difference in another person’s life is to me by far the most valuable action ever. I thank you with all my heart for making a positive difference in my life and lifting my spirits and taking my silly paintings. Thank you Thank You Thank You!!!!

  84. Kushman0420

    The employees here are so nice, so professional and very welcoming. I get a warm comfortable feeling coming here. Oh and did i mention that their flower and concentrate is out of this world!! Honestly i love this place. 🙂

  85. Andibchillin

    Place and staff is wonderful

  86. Sarah_0088

    The Harvest of Tucson has really awesome daily specials thru July. If you havent been there I definitely recommend you do. Shatterdays are bogo on Nature Meds Concentrates!!

  87. BigG29

    first time using leafly to pick up something and got a dope ass bag… and ive never had a bad experience with harvest wish they would open up one closer to me on the eastside!

  88. roberthudson823

    I come here when I’m in this neighborhood and I’m never disappointed happy birthday to me to thank you harvest

  89. vzzoom

    Wow, this is a dispensary to keep an eye on. Amazing deals and quality/variety of: flower, edibles, tinctures and concentrates. Please keep item 9 products in rotation (very interesting company).

  90. AmyK5104

    No matter what location, their flower is AMAZING. I think their cartidges are too expensive but other than that, awesome. I really liked this location. Super friendly and helpful. #PatientForLife

  91. Jsk31411

    this dispensary has the best staff anywhere in tucson! some have more knowledge than other and some have more customer service than others. All in all the managers of this place have hired the right people. Harvest always honor specials or wrong pricing and always make my day with there EXCLUSIVE VIP program. any bad reviews are from bad people dY’a

  92. mohawk24

    The way you treated me, won me as a customer. You treated me like a loyal customer from day one. Now I am a loyal customer and treatment has only gotten better. Your customer service is amazing. I prefer a regular bud tender because she recognized me and is very personable. You deserve this rating.

  93. Tuctownterpz

    This place flat out sucks! They don’t care about their patients even the V.I.P ones. They tell you want you wanna hear on the phone none of their menus are correct, they will tell you they have a product but when they really don’t and just want to get you in there to spend something, the flower sucks the concentrates were nicely priced and a nice variety of vendors but I will no longer shop here because they simply put profit over patients.

  94. Quela.H.

    Not enough parking. Too many people in the back and not enough help. Very busy. I did an online order and when i went to pick it up, my order wasnt complete and incorrect. I had to correct the lady i was working with and she put a limit as what i was getting. When i placed my order online there was no said limit except it to say UP TO 1/4 (meaning grams, 1/8 & 1/4). It didnt say HOW MUCH I was able to get in total. If I’m paying for flower I should be able to get enough for my allotment and not be told there is a limit as to what I could purchase with the online BOGO sale. Not very professional.

  95. samg97

    Great, amazing staff, come every single time since I’ve discovered Harvest! They have the best deals yet

  96. Autumhumphrey29

    I love the location right next to my house and the employee’s are more then happy to help.

  97. therealjill

    Very trendy dispensary with a super friendly and helpful staff.
    Everything I looked at was top notchdY’-.

  98. jalapenobreath

    update to previous post….talked to the phx locations asking the same questions I was asking at Tucson location and come to find out they honor BOGO boxes for FTP unlike down here where they turned my brother down for his and also If you purchase the 100$box 1g canamo isn’t exclusive to shatter that let you choose any canamo concentrate….Even the terp sauce.. and we I asked I wasn’t hit with…your just trying to take advantage of us…still waiting to hear for the GM after speaking to their main office in Phoenix

  99. kenn13

    This location offers incredible service and excellent product for reasonable prices. If you’re looking for quality medicine at the best prices, look no further. Harvest of Tucson will earn your loyalty.

  100. Teenagerikki

    Competitive pricing and quality of product. I like how they display the flower

  101. Sean8777

    Great store and service

  102. Emmal3ighsandwich

    Great low priced prerolls! Great everyday deals! Love coming here all the time

  103. OceanGrownGal

    I’ve watched this dispensary grow from the day they opened and they continue to set the bar higher and higher and the concentrate prices lower and lower, lol. Amazing value and philantrlhropic compassionate commitment to education, outreach and charity for those who are truly in need of quality medicine. Consistent excellent flower quality and excellent selection of edibles and vape pens. Very knowledgeable, diverse staff make every visit worthwhile. A++

  104. Bbcc123

    Love this shop & staff is great!! But their use of Leafly is confusing and not great (don’t know if it’s on them or on Leafly, doesn’t really matter). Prices and deals in store sometimes don’t match Leafly website. Also, when I’ve pre-ordered, I’ve had to wait longer than i would without the pre-order. I can see that my order is being assembled, in contradiction to the texts received hour prior saying it’s ready. Just go in and talk to real people, they’re great. Avoid the online runaround.

  105. sillylilycali

    I love this place! They gave me all kinds of free stuff (stickers shirt backpack). Their the only one so far with pure oil not cut with anything dY~~dY~%0

  106. melissaanne.ward1966@gmail.com

    Love that their flower is organic/tested.Excellent high strains and that’s how I love my flower!dYs!dY’OE

  107. scummybstrd

    Great location close by my campus!

  108. SleeperEg420

    Nice location and awesome crew

  109. Somuchweedallday


  110. memo.g8619

    needs to figure out

  111. Ph8755

    Great place. Heads up, prices are more than listed. for me it was 3 dollars more. prices are not accurate. take extra cash.

  112. highseassailor

    The folks here understand patients as well as business. Snap deals are amazing! Thank you for the kindness ans service.

  113. chicletgumball

    The best dispensary in the Southwest!

  114. timebomb0420

    Good place!

  115. Puffinsureal

    Loved it here, it’s a little awkward parking in a tiny lot in the back off Grant rd but once you get in it looks like a nice, well kept place. They had a front door person to greet you and let you in and everyone was super nice. Good edible selection. Not the best wax but it’s also not the worst. Only for a gram of flower to try but loved the strain and was great quality bud.

  116. tucsonpizzaguy

    The staff is amazing! Eager to help and super kind.

  117. Delora138

    best place in town

  118. Ezr9thomas

    They treat u like drug addicts not patients. Screw them and their over priced medicine. Go to any other dispensary. I recommend earths Healing

  119. SuperT

    I am extremely comfortable at this place. The staff is friendly and very helpful. The order I placed on Leafly was ready in less than 10 mins and so easy to pickup.

  120. RMOFF

    Bought strawberry cough and some rosenthal strains on first visit an 1/8th each and both strains only smelled of burmuda grass clippings like fresh mown grass?…..looked onnline and it said it was cured too fast? Buds looked great but i wont be going back!

  121. Skylarsh

    Awesome flower awesome service!

  122. andyV

    awesome people and dispensary! a little slow but so am I! Lol

  123. Mayra9214

    Best price in town …!!

  124. imblazn

    I would recommend this location to anybody simply because of the quality merchandise and knowledgeable staff.

  125. BrettGard

    tiss da best

  126. janisu1955

    Everyone is friendly and helpful. Frank is the best and welcomed conversation to educate and learn about his customers.

  127. MelBlu

    Very nice and clean staff is great

  128. Gable4207

    I love this place. The staff is the nicest people they know everything they r talking about I will come back.

  129. SarkUnit

    I had an amazing experience here today, from start to finish. I started out the morning planning to just order a weeks worth of medication. After finding out about the current offerings, I needed to go to the bank to get more funds. They were that good. I ended up walking out with a month worth of medication instead, after being treated very well. The customer service was top notch, leaps and bounds beyond other dispensaries. With their loyalty program in place, I may only shop here from now on. Really good show, everyone!

  130. Barb1320

    Lived the free brownie for voting.

  131. Yeahokaybud

    Drove 20 minuets and left desert bloom to buy a 1/4 and get up to a 1/4. I was wondering why the other review was talking about a typo they just lie to get you in the door and hope you drove far enough to not go back empty handed You can only bogo an 1/8. Damian asked me why I didn’t call to check. You’re a joke I did call and was talking specifically about the bogo and YOU failed to mention 1/4 means an 1/8.

  132. keepsitgreen

    Unprofessional. On their Leafly they posted a special for $99 ounces and I arrived 15 minutes after they had opened at 7:15 in the morning to be told they were already sold out of the ounces. It seems that this deal they offered was a sham to get customers in the store. In addition I heard that they had an extremely limited selection of $100 ounces AND had reserved a number of ounces away meaning less than 5 ounces were up for groups. This is a deceptive business practice and it is likely that I will not return again to this location

  133. dimples602

    had the pleasure of having diego as my bud tender very happy with my meds did not get what i originally planned but diego led me in the right way thanks man

  134. Cpr4u2

    Great people with a great knowledge of their products… Thank you for your help. Will be back…

  135. Vballguy85

    Been here a few times and had great service, and the variety of flower is amazing, nothing to mention the edibles!!! Definitely keeps up with the competition in town. I think it’s the best place to get flower in town, and with tier drop Tuesdays, it’s fantastic!!

  136. ricebabyaz

    The site says 30 an 1/8 for super glue and I go in and you charge me 50! Very bad , 2nd bad experience

  137. Gmametal

    Is the budtender Jessica fired yet? I want my dispensary back……. so do my friends and family, you have great deals but if your staff treats us like we are undesirables then we will not give you our money. Please just hire anyone else, rude and condescending are not good sales tactics.

  138. gudvibes4h2k0

    Mason! The man! Always friendly staff all around! Safety for their patients is more important to these people than most other Dispensaries care to admit. Lots of traffic but that’s a good thing! Means they get u in and out fast! USE LEAFLY ONLINE ORDER TO AVOID THE LINE! Only on the LEAFLY WEBSITE can u order online. NOT THE APP!

  139. LoriAReid

    I had to hire a Lyft from Drexel Heights to come out on a Monday in order to benefit from the New Patient Special in which I could buy one get one free, up to any three items.

    I came in with the intention of buying a Biomed 500mg 1:1, two 1/8 of the $17 flower, and edibles.

    There was no Biomed 1:1 available, at all, and there was an attempt up-sell me for a smaller vial. When I inquired as to it’s potential availability, I was told that there might be some on Thursday, maybe, but, of course, I wouldn’t be a new patient anymore, then.

    My backup plan, for the 1:1 not being eligible for the bogo, was to purchase Peppermint Select CBD 1000mg, as they are on sale this month as buy one get one free, as well. They only had Lavender and Unflavored, no Peppermint. Again, with the potential of more stock coming, but no certainty. I am frustrated that they are out of something they should have anticipated selling well. It is two weeks until the end of the sale and that’s poor planning.

    In addition to my original plan of tincture as one of the three items, my intention was to get two 1/8 of $17 flower. They did not have an Indica option at all, so I opted for the Hybrid (Bruce Banner) I was advised that I could not use two of my purchases for flower, that each of the three had to be from different categories.

    I assume most people budget their intended purchase amount?
    Plan their purchase so they can get what they need and go home?
    How? Not at Harvest of Tucson.
    I had to completely re-work my budget.

    I intended to buy:
    1 bogo 1:1 (New Patient)
    2 bogo 1/8 (New Patient)
    1 bogo flourish smore (sale)
    1 bogo flourish pb cookie (sale)
    1 bogo flourish mons’toned (sale)
    1 bogo flourish pb pocket (sale)

    I ended up leaving with
    1 bogo GRAM (New Patient)
    1 bogo Sublime pb cup (New Patient)
    1 bogo Select cbd (sale)
    1 bogo smore (sale)
    1 bogo mons’toned (sale)

    As you can see, I did not get to take full advantage of my new patient special, and spent enough to justify my dissatisfaction.

    The Mons’toned was listed at $20 but rang up at $21 (before tax) and was corrected before money changed hands. The smore was listed at $8 but rang up at $13 and had to be over-ridden.

    How do these guys even stay in business?
    The manager was completely aloof and I was terribly disappointed. The female tender trying to assist me was very kind but really seemed to be in a state of “my hands are tied” with regard to the manager being so indifferent.
    I will NOT be returning under any circumstances and will discourage others from shopping here.

    No malice intended, just complete disappointment

  140. Lyconius

    The quality of products here is unmatched! Excellent products for excellent pricing! First time patient here! I really enjoyed the staff and they did a great job making me feel welcome. The only thing I found kind of off putting for some reason was the fact that a guy had to stand there and let people in. Kind of gave me a prison-y vibe. Other than that, great place! Clean and staff are quite knowledgeable.

  141. Pj3825

    Love this place great people great products

  142. cSaabsRun

    really like these people, unlike the ricksy business at the other depos, they have always been nice to me. teardrop tuesday makes prices manageable…

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