Harvest of Glendale



13631 North 59th Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85304


33.609532, -112.185157




8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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36 reviews for “Harvest of Glendale

  1. criticized

    This should be removed as it’s blocking an actual open dispensary that the reviews are likely for

  2. oowwquitit

    First time to Harvest. Said it was open. Had to wait for security to open the door. First time patient deal was good. Staff was friendly. Flower was expensive and drier than flower I’ve had ground up for over a week. Over all I probably won’t be back

  3. Silverboii

    Haven’t been here but not even interested in going cuz they don’t offer FTP lol

  4. HerbHerbenstein

    somebody tell these people this ain’t scottsdale and we don’t pay $300 an oz on the west side – go back to the east side or lower your prices and get better quality – bring back Nirvana!!!!!!

  5. juniorlerma

    Dry and crappy

  6. Wolfsixpack

    Greeted as I walked in. Got checked in and went right back. Displays on point. Everyone Super friendly. Store has everything you need. I choose the Valentine’s Day Bundle 1000mg chocolope cartridge by Select, Defi gummies and Preroll that was Fire. Thank you Mason & Harvest of Glendale dY’s

  7. Samuel39

    SoI finally realize why the nirvana center closed clearly harvest bought it out. Harvest seems much more overpriced. I’m very disappointed. I still will visit when they open but I hope that it’s worth losing my favorite dispensary for them.

  8. Drift_King420

    Evrything was great at the store and I’m very impressed with the product

  9. Sopikz

    Already has so many reviews.. but yet isn’t open to public? Definitely stay away from this dispensary if you can, gouges on prices. Why would they get rid of Nirvana Center for this?

  10. d0ughb0y77

    Lorenzo was awesome! love the variety of flower and great prices. Best place to get the full viewing and smelling experience.

  11. Deputydogg

    this is my first time coming here. cant wait to see whats up.

  12. phoetad

    Small location. Dry buds and not professional at all.

  13. Palmirr123

    I love harvest way more than the old nirvana they have better quality and the staff really knows what they are doing Eva is the person that has been helping me and I honestly will be asking for her every time I go she is very professional and actually shows she cares about the patients needs. She isn’t just trying to sell! Freshest stuff I’ve tried so far. Over all very pleased.

  14. Leedsmith

    Bye Harvest, never again. It’s always these big corporations saturating the market with their high prices just because they spend so much on advertising. If you’ve been to one you might as well of been to them all

  15. Bjsco706

    no phone number posted

  16. ryanandangelica

    Don’t bother coming if you’re looking for medicine. I want to feel better not stoned off my ass. Bud tenders don’t know anything

  17. Jrweb082

    Honestly some all around very friendly people 10 out of 10

  18. Chynes81

    Just made my first visit, got the cheapest quarter and it’s super fire. Everyone was very nice…keep it up!!

  19. AZ_WeedSmoker

    Looking at a menu and seeing “Unknown Brand” is a great strategy. I can’t wait to come in and try that! Would you buy my car off me if it was listed as unknown make and model? Would you order from a restaurant if the menu had a picture of “food” with a random name and nothing else? Not spending a penny at this place until you can show a good faith effort on your menu. And from the looks of the other reviews, you are probably ashamed of the lousy shit weed you are selling. If not, tell us who grows it. Your competition does.

  20. lehlers6866

    very friendly environment, admirable selection, great quality products,customer service was exceptional!

  21. Jenn_83

    As somone who frequents Harvest locations and has worked as security at other dispensaries in the past as well as having managed retail stores (not dispensary related), I feel I have to correct some of the issues presented here by other reviewers.

    Opening: The store JUST opened on 2/6 and hasn’t had a public opening yet. It’s a soft opening where they judge typical traffic without making a big deal of it to see how and where they need to advertise. They only had two days to switch from the previous establishment, so, yeah, it’s still fairly plain and rough. They are waiting on signs and other things still.

    Closed door: It’s policy to have a locked door which either a guard opens it or the front desk buzzes people in. Ideally, it should be a smooth process when they see someone walk up. They were not locked to be closed. They were complying with company regulations. I know, not all other dispensary companies do that and have open doors. No, it’s not a perfect system and some find a “locked” door on first pull.

    Price: Yeah, it’s more expensive than some other places.

    Quality: It’s good, but that’s also subjective to what a person is used to, likes, and needs. I think it’s pretty good.

  22. Jennav95

    Came in the other day and was super sceptixal about is based on the reviews and I’m glad I didn’t let them stop me. This place is clearly still working on getting up started and doing the best they are. My visit was less then 15 minutes and I was served with excellent service. I will say they are little pricey.

  23. Camerondiaz

    Honestly the worst dispensary experience Ive ever had. My budtender had no clue whatsoever what he was talking about, telling me absolute random mgs of products that I was looking at, labeled a different mg. Gave my friend incorrect dosing info on baked bros syrup, and as I came to find when a got home (50 minutes away), I asked for and he said he gave me a 1/2 gram each sativa and indica, however I have both indicas… I would be a hypocrite to say you cant smoke a little before work, however stoned beyond usefulness like this gentleman isn’t ok.

  24. ellesalome

    So I reviewed this place when it was doing it’s soft opening, and was meh about all of it. But I’ve since been back and think the place is pretty grand. The security guard is attentive and polite, and the flower was great. Slightly more costly at times but not dry (the three I bought) and super potent. There *IS* very affordable stuff there, edible wise and prerolls. There’s been a bud tender there who I now prefer who actually is honest in his take on products/strains rather than just giving a generic answer and trying to sell more. It’s small, yeah, but they get me in and out quick. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for great service and flower.

  25. Cherylthebassgirl

    Very pleasant all around and my favorite is the deals on flower

  26. oniebird

    very pleasant staff and quality product

  27. PineappleEspress

    Unlikely that I’ll be back to this location. They took over Nirvana’s location and their prices for concentrates leave something to be desired.

  28. OliveW

    Cheap prices, when other places have been increasing their prices. Another place I know with $17 1/8ths just increased their bottom shelf 1/8ths to $27.00, and instead of placing the flower in the usual plastic bottle they now put it in a nice glass jar…
    On a budget?
    Go here.

    They do offer first time deals also.
    Use to be Nirvana Center.

  29. Se7nthbreath

    I’m not sure why all the bad reviews. Just went there today as of 2/25/19 and I got my FTP and I’m pretty satisfied. Lobo was the guy that helped me and was super friendly and engaging. Glad it’s close to my place, will be coming back

  30. Steve1971

    FTP? Not if you’ve been to the Scottsdale location. So disappointed they charge way too much for Quality flower. I think they need to change their ways if they’re going to keep this location open. I’ll keep my ears and eyes open to see if they do. I will give them another shot otherwise too many other choices nearby.

  31. ThatNastyKid

    I love Harvest!! Thank you so much for taking over that horrible Nirvana!! There’s like at least 5 harvest dispensaries in AZ and plenty more around the country, can’t say the same about Nirvana. On a side note I think it’s hilarious people leave bad reviews without even coming in and giving them a chance. Nirvana was soooo weak THANK YOU HARVEST!!!! I can’t remember my budtenders name but she was super friendly and very helpful. The death star and royal lemon OG are both fire!!! They got loyalty points too which amounts to actual cash instead of like a few hundred points for a lame pre roll

  32. BGG88

    This dispensary is COMING SOON, why are people writing negative reviews already? If it’s the Harvest I already know it will be FIRE!! Stop hating.

  33. thawk07

    Great pricing and wonderful staff. Wish the list wasn’t as long!

  34. fox01

    love it here!! way better than nirvana!

  35. I69sixnine

    Not a fan of there flower. Super trash imho. Location is ok but no way will you find me in line here. No thanks I’ll go somewhere else. The only thing good about harvest is there staff.

  36. ajjbroncos420

    fake reviews for a place that’s not open.

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