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3155 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85008


33.4655152, -112.0131245




8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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**We have a passion for Cannabis and Care!**
Welcome to Sky Dispensaries – Phoenix Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Phoenix! We strive to provide the highest quality medical marijuana and deliver the best value in the state of Arizona. Try us out, and see the difference…we hope to become your favorite destination for education and purchase of medical cannabis products.

Visit one of the best AZ Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Phoenix! Our dispensary is conveniently located on the Southwest Corner of N 32nd Street & E McDowell Rd.

We hope to see you Soon!


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578 reviews for “Sky Dispensaries

  1. UnclePHX

    Very professional,grabbed some 4.20 bars were good but the Blue Diamond was great.

  2. geminishantel

    love the fresh can Packaging favorite dispensary so far in the Phoenix area due to the freshness dY~%0

  3. dreamweb

    Love this place! Friendly people, comfortable atmosphere, quality products & service!

  4. RadonJay

    I love it here

  5. Faith93

    Last time I went as a first time patient, I found them to be very patient and knowledgeable. I appreciate they show their THC levels, it Really helps me make a selection! dY~S

  6. Sneakerfreak420

    Great bogo for 1st time. Quality clean dispensary with friendly budtenders

  7. Jessiegirl84

    Best medicine in town!

  8. elliegirl757

    The fast service at this location is wonderful. The people are very helpful and they have a large selection to choose from aswell.

  9. Snobsdale

    Not bad but nothing special either. FPS is great is above average for the valley , kudos but honestly their prices aren’t going to make you keep returning. Their products seemed priced just above others dispensary’s in the valley.

  10. vaggitarian29

    It’s a fantastic place. It’s easy to choose from. Menu is simple , staff is friendly & courteous.. my favorite staff member so far is Keith..!! He is such a big help. & He knows his strains. I recommend this place. Decent prices come on down. You won’t be disappointed..!!

  11. DeanCristine

    Love the deals

  12. King4D

    I love their customer customer service! I’m going back soon

  13. Brandon0308

    Sky Dispensaries is great! N02 sealed flower cans ensure fresh buds every time! Though pricing is higher than average, the placement of recent flash sales has also made Sky Phoenix even more competitive! Having 3 convenient locations across the valley, Sky is a must stop for all connoisseurs alike! Sky – Phoenix location offers superb customer service; always greeted with a smile by some of the kindest bud tenders in the valley… I can’t speak more highly of this place! Just stop by & see for yourself!


    neat place

  15. ryanshaw98

    I’m glad they opened a location here. T

  16. ecswanso

    Very high quality meds! You get what you pay for and this place is always worth it!

  17. martinezduhh

    Went there specifically cause the app said ftp get buy one get one free on any items, item must be equal or less in value, with any in all caps.. i wanted to buy a quarter, I drove ALL the way over there to be told it was only for eighths! Completely dissatisfied with my decision to go here and more then likely will never go back.

  18. Jamesonsss

    Love the nitrogen cans! Opened one 3 months later, and wasn’t disappointed. Fresh and dY”Y=!

  19. sixtyoneseconds

    I love having a nice dispensary so close to my home. Sky dispensary sells great quality products and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Although the prices sometimes are a little high, they have been running more specials that are very competitive. I love the little cans and have kept them for storage purposes. They rate Sky High! 🙂

  20. SketchMcPanda

    Great customer service and quality flower. More than one reason to return

  21. WhiteIversonOG

    Some of the best flower in Phoenix. The pre rolls are bomb too. They use flower not shake for there pre rolls, they smoke good!

  22. Keydria

    Keith did a wondering job finding everything I need

  23. michaelgvogt

    Great first time experience. Great selection, like the $5 candy for 30mg of THC! Very friendly staff! I will visit again!

  24. AmyLilBit

    It’s always great, Clean, friendly. When I’m early, the wait is non existent.

  25. Silverman23

    Really good vibes and weed coming back here again – Silver Matamoros !

  26. natemmeff

    Amazing place. You feel welcomed the service was fast. The store had grear customer service

  27. SicilianGirl

    Everyone was beyond nice! So knowledgeable and helpful! Highly recommended!

  28. ezln29

    drove 20 miles.. app says you’re open.. no answer both locations no answer at door PHX location….??????????

  29. RickyRicster

    I love their specials & have a great staff. Ashley was awesome, and her service skills are on point.

    – Hat

  30. Gabrieolivas69

    Best place to pick up ur local bud at love yhis place

  31. elee1972

    Loved everything about this dispo!

  32. Gregorious810

    Quick and easy place to get your meds while passing through Phoenix. No fee atm was a plus! Will be back!

  33. holywauns22

    Picked up some concentrates and the tender helped with choices with item 9 and timeless were recommended and it did the job. It would be awesome if the brand Drip was available. The waiting room was super clean.

  34. Sethschick2015

    love the death star all time favorite this is one for putting u in space lol. love sky and the peeps because they r just the best

  35. RTSmitty

    The location is very convenient and it’s closer than most Dispensaries, which helps me cut down on travel time to either Downtown or the Airport because of my mobility disabilities. I used to work in the same neighborhood for several years and any place closer to Red Devil Pizza and my favorite post-employing business next door gets 5 Stars in my book.

  36. MissMissouri79

    LOVE this place!$! Fast!Friendly!and Knowledgeable!

  37. obeyChavi23

    Great place great strains

  38. misael602

    Awesome dispensary with good quality flowers and the staff was also very helpful I will definitely be back.

  39. Iamdjtati

    The bus and the service is good. Just don’t like I have to buy something to get a referral

  40. kdbeensick

    a good dispensary definitely good product. Always a nice vibe. Overall a great dispensary.

  41. blackancestry

    Heading to Sky Dispensaries for their Friday the 13th 8ball special today. Can’t wait to see what’s good. I’m OTW!

  42. Dustyn928

    Best dispensary I’ve been too very friendly and cool staff they know exactly what you need

  43. DAC-notaosure

    SKY employees suggested I try iLAVA Touch for arthritis pain ! I was not so sure and , didn’t necessarily think it would work but to my surprise, it’s the first product I have tried that really immediately stopped the pain. Thank you SKY employees for knowing your product!

  44. dmpeter9

    It was a little weird walking in because you’re met by security on the way in. once getting in and had my info verified it was great. good atmosphere, friendly knowledgeable staff. And this review will get me a free pre-roll. definitely going back.

  45. GreenQueen91

    very neat place!

  46. Phenomenal7Sky

    Phenomenal, staff, product, atmosphere!!!

  47. Cookiesman

    I gave zero permission to contact me regarding promotions/sales and sure enough the next day I get a text about your seriously non competitive sales. Additionally if I was to be contacted I asked it would be done by us mail. Pay attention to what your clients write in your new patient forms. Your business is already suffering enough.
    There was no one in your waiting room when I got there and every time I drive by the parking lot it never appears busy. The writing is on the wall with this business. Or lack there of. Other shops in the area are practically like a zoo with tons of traffic. There is several good reasons for this. Mainly because they are actively competing with each other for business while sky is out on an island doing its own thing. It’s actually bizarre.

  48. WildCatsRBetterThanSunDevils

    Top quality strains at a very convenient location

  49. heathmanm

    awesome place

  50. buzzbuzzbuzz

    Nice people, atmosphere. One of the few affordable sources of 2:1 cbd:thc concentrate in the Valley More importantly, they provide testing results for potency and cannabinoid ratio. Every dispensary in Phoenix should have lab test results. Patients should demand it. Would love info on producer and production methods as well, but one step at a time.

  51. Amishdoinks

    Really nice and professional place awesome meds and super friendly staff

  52. Butterscotchjones205

    As soon as you walk into Sky you feel at ease. Their waiting area is so open, beautiful and very well set up. The multiple flatscreens displaying their products from the strain, and potency is another plus. Once in the medical are itself Each item is labeled with the effects and how they will help you which, is yet another plus along with their highly helpful and actual caring staff. I love sky, and it’s literally the only place I go to when in need. Oh, and “Dave’s not here, man”. dY$?PS

  53. jermar51

    Awesome! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable! They always have top quality products and great prices!

  54. melhall19

    Amazing customer service, and fast service. Fantastic prices I recommend completely

  55. JConchola

    It’s was awesome and the staff have very good service. It’s great vibes every time I go inside, and the products are the best around.

  56. Samantha303

    Great place , good vibes!

  57. Whythehellznot

    Shout out too JED for awesome service tonight!! Jed was the only budtender for his shift and got me to the back in less the time spent the previous night. And was still super helpful. Props to you dude!

  58. StellaArtavia

    sky is lovely.
    sky can is the best.
    have the best customer service no problems or worries.

  59. RubrnB95

    it was my second time going awesome flower and love the cans it comes in great employees love the friendly atmosphere defenitly Going to be my return spot

  60. PBSmoker

    Jed and Tony are some quality folk-thanks for the help this afternoon! I will definitely be back

  61. Blowscommas

    Sky dispenserie is nice. I just started frequenting this dispensery. I have not purchased any weight as of yet, but the pre rolls are on time. They burn even and get me right where i need to be, no matter the strain. Sky dispensery is a nice spot

  62. smokinwuero

    Absolutely amazing knowledge and quality of medicine, they genuinely care! This place is awesome.

  63. spensir0

    The staff is off the charts namely Ray. greeted me witha smile and an awesome attitude. i love this place!!!

  64. Gary219Smoka

    great location right next to home. very kind and Friday service. new was with a new look

  65. wyldkatt77

    Back on the 24th, I paid my 1st visit to SKY dispensaries. I went to the McDowell location.
    I got a couple of ‘Timeless’ cartridges while there. I was also hooked up with my “15%” Vet discount, along with my “10%” Senior discount, and throw in there my “BOGO”, for my “FTP”,
    (1st time patient) discount, and my visit to SKY was nothing short of extremely profitable…..
    And so I don’t forget, my “bud tender”, Melissa, was extremely knowledgeable, very polite, and knew exactly what strains I was in need of purchasing, to address the “chronic pain” issues I deal with 24/7…….
    Thank You, again, Melissa.
    You are MORE than qualified, for your position, Dear!
    I hope that management reads this review, when it comes time to hand out promotions/pay raises…!!!!
    Will continue to use SKY for my medicinal needs!


  66. TOHIGH4U

    always good to me when I shop in. KIKI -MAC are real cool always hooking me up.

  67. Lucidity202

    it seems friendly and welcome

  68. KungFuKenny19

    Love the sky cans. Very good concentrates.

  69. soul2take420

    love everything about this place. high quality flower and amazing employees. always going to go to a sky dispensary when I’m down in Phoenix

  70. LongJohnJohnson

    Nice location, shitty that you can’t get an ftp from new management tho…

  71. Cortneyjean

    The staff is always really friendly. Not the fake friendly either. They have good meds and if you pay attention you can get great deals here too.

  72. xliqxuidx

    flash sales!!!

  73. nocashrules47

    the location is right down the street from me, so convenient and well established. most definitely will recommend to my friends and will be back soon.

  74. brookylnAZveteran

    Great lace.

  75. Skortiz

    Great place awesome staff would recommend to anyone

  76. dsbaugh

    Dope staff

  77. wykydangel

    always been good just lacking on parking space

  78. lukediscoveredthevolcano

    Very nice place and really helpful staff. Tiers for flower based on THC and/or CBD content.

  79. TonyDee

    Sooooooooooo, the Amnesia OG is the best bud I’ve ever smoked. It’s not even close. I’m telling everyone and I’m coming back FOR SURE!! Seriously…

  80. Kaos1999

    This location is great. Sky is Right off the freeway, so it’s a breeze to get to. Always have great deals and with the ability to call orders ahead makes picking up meds quick and easy.

  81. Phx-Luna-602

    the pre rolls are amazing and great service.

  82. wsmp28smiley

    Sky has got the best OG18 in AZ this indica will get you to we’re you wanna be good body high tasty to come here and have a nice J

  83. nellie_rubio77

    Sky dispensary in Phx is the best. Got to try their chocolope and it helped out so much. Roll through if you havent already!

  84. Blairl82

    had a great time with my budtender

  85. chi_chi

    Love this place they have the freshest buds in he valley. And the staff is very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend

  86. icue138

    Great first time visit. Their premium buds are indeed top shelf, both their indica and sativa strains. Service matches the quality of their flower… legit.

  87. phxgenetics

    This is a really classy joint, with great product and great service. The flower quality is some of the best in the area.. I understand that isn’t saying much because imo most of the flower in AZ these days sucks, but this place has actual fire.

    Parking is great; the location is clean, beautiful, and secure; security is great; receptionists are great; and the budtenders are really great. Jean is the man, I really appreciate and value his opinions and service. Y’all should definitely keep him around. This is one of my new favorite spots, and I’ve been to nearly every dispensary in the state as well as many more in many other states and Holland. Thanks Sky, and budtender Jean!

  88. fumandru

    Highest Quality Sky grown product!! I absolutely love the way they package their own product!! I’ll let them explain it. It works!!
    They have brought me back to the green!!

  89. rsackal96

    located in a easy to find spot and good selection for the price

  90. simplyysavanna

    Love this place. Amazing products and THE COOLEST STAFF AROUND. 10/10.

  91. Justmy

    It’s small but great deals and service!

  92. Etherwnder

    Nice local shop with good variety and knowledgelable staff i keep comin back

  93. DeLoy

    Well I just rolled in and grabbed a Skycan of the White Fire OG and I have to say I am disappointed. When I opened the can there was barely any smell coming from the buds, it looked good but not coated with trichnomes or stickyness. I pulled a nug out the size of a dime and scissored it up and put it in a front loader glass pipe and proceeded to toke. It was kinda harsh (not expecting that) and there was almost no terpene taste or smell. It was like i was smoking an okay preroll I guess. The High was there as it was 26.40 THC content but just had no taste and I am a taste guy. 50.00 for an eighth of something thats sealed with nitrogen , should have some taste and funk to it but this particular can had none. I have been to Sky a handfull of times and the folks are just outstanding but I dont think the product merits the cost. With so many dispensaries lowering prices for good product I just cant see spending the extra buck and not getting anything “extra”. I will continue going down the street and maybe be back when the prices are lower or the product is better. again great folks and treatment is stellar but…….

  94. Critter451

    Good buds k

  95. PhxJewel

    Really? You all have your doors open after you’re closed. Very unprofessional and just ruined my evening since I walked my happy butt in the dispensary just needing one pre roll too.

    I’ll just go to the Ahwatukee location from now on.

  96. Raynyrd

    I found this lovely location while searching for Baked Bros syrup, and found not only the best deals ive seen on edibles, but an extremely well organized and thought out display setup too, possibly the best ive seen yet! The wookies in the skycan was absolutely sublime, and I got the exact strains I was looking for in the syrups! Will definitely visit again soon…

  97. AntDinAZ

    Free ATM, good product, low wait time

  98. raivenk

    I only go to a few dispensaries and Sky is one of my favorite. I always get great service and they always have exactly what I am looking for.

  99. dumoeternal

    fast and great service. all staff was friendly and helpful. would recommend this location to everyone.

  100. softstars83

    Keith is awesome!!! As well as Cody!! Love the product too!

  101. Frank1990

    good service. good selections will be keep coming here

  102. PAdisu12

    Great buds. The budtenders are polite and knowledgeable. Clean environment too. I’ll be back for sure.

  103. prawjohnson

    I really Liked this location it was comfortable and great service , and they deffintely have some bomb meds i got baked bros syrup my first time and more than worth it .

  104. kmack2

    Great service and selection

  105. emptymine

    i love this place

  106. chagoyauzziel

    I love coming here for the specials and the timeless carts dY’-dY’-dY’-dY’-

  107. pnoonan2013

    I haven’t been to the McDowell location, the Mesa location is awesome. The flower was exceptional!!! I love the packaging in the sealed cans. See you soon.

  108. Badass51

    Reasonable prices, could use more specials on flowers. Very friendly staff.

  109. E.burt6

    This was the first dispensary I’ve been too. They got me in right away to fill out a patient file and told me I could talk to their vender(Select) while I was waiting. I ended up getting a free t shirt and vape battery from the Select Vender because I told him I have some of their cartridges at home. Anyways everyone at Sky was extremely helpful giving me information on new patient specials. When they called me back the guy that works in the back was very knowledgable about all the products. I was also getting edibles and I liked that he told me all the flavors of what I was looking for. It was great customer service and a great experience.

  110. Colin_borg

    Excellent atmosphere

  111. jaygarcia542

    in and out and always has the fire .i recommend if u haven’t stop by there you shoulld

  112. Tayflan8474

    awesome. they know their stuff.

  113. mericaah

    such friendly staff. I love this location I highly recommend to anyone

  114. TheAceIsBack007

    I was questionable about the container my flower came in until…. I opened my container to see that my flower was fresh, it smelled AMAZING and when I smoked the flower the taste was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

  115. CeezaLeo33

    sky the best

  116. gavena93

    Great service and great selection.

  117. Treyb272

    Great low still very consistent. Good products and always friendly service recommended to everybody!

  118. K.Cova

    Chill place good deals and good service

  119. mijogarcia

    absolutely the best dispensary in az!

  120. Odinsone

    great selection, can’t wait to shop

  121. Stunna93

    awesome place friendly staff

  122. Dea25

    it was fast and dependable on having good products

  123. jennalb3309

    My favorite place to pickup a pre roll. Friendliest staff around!

  124. KarpGod

    Great store and staff. Love the place

  125. corralejo32

    This is a super good spot good meds and bud tender mike and John were the best very knowledgeable and for my first time special they hooked me up thanks again guys appreciate it

  126. mariahbeeman

    Awesome people working here! love the atmosphere and product!

  127. TazShuaib

    Sky dispensaries are serious when it comes to their products quality! It was my first time at this location and I was in and out in about 6-10 minutes. I recommend this satisfactory and smooth experience to everyone.
    thank you

  128. JoesephUIgnoramus

    My interaction was with john and this dude was super nice real informative and very helpful. really appreciated the customer service.

  129. raven2534

    Thank you Sky for making my first time patient experience awesome! Thank you Ida for answering all my questions and providing great knowledge and customer service.

  130. Nick32686

    great products and super friendly and helpful staff! Keith was extremely helpful especially as I am a new patient

  131. Ashley480

    love the Friday 12.00 1/8th deal. best deal around!

  132. EOchoa23

    Great Quality, Great Customer service, and Great deals.

  133. tinaaa710

    Love sky! Its the closest dispensary to my and I couldn’t be more happier than that! They are friendly and knowledgeable about their products!

  134. Crystalsparkle88

    I love the deals at Sky! They always have quality flower also!

  135. rogue420x

    I love this place, the people and products are great, everybody is helpful and glad your there. just like going to a friend’s house

  136. thudson52

    I love this place, the staff is friendly and its clear always have what I am looking for the lady at the front desk is so nice. Keep up the good work.

  137. 2ooFaDed

    Place was nice and friendly, very top shelf bud.

  138. Gbarber

    Forgot to give me my 20% discount came back in they didnt make a fuss about it and still honored my 20% off.will defiantly be back

  139. Morganrae1417

    great flower and great customer service!!

  140. SkinnyButDangerous

    Great spot cans amazing definetly recommend

  141. Guyaaron5588

    very friendly and some tasty buds

  142. morningheart

    Amazing I love it that Ida Helped me out she knew I was in a rush to get home and she made sure that I was serviced in order to take care of my needed emergency.

  143. dyerofsanity

    Sky is great. A very unique way to pack there buds. Good quality and friendly service. check them out.


    Nice and friendly staff, convenient location, great selection of products and will definitely be shopping here again…

  145. ria617

    I just picked up an ounce of Black Watermelon for $99 bucks and all I can say is DAMN!!!! Sky, way to keep the prices low. Also picked up High Grade Concentrate buy one get one free. VERY happy with my purchase today dY~ZdY~ZdY~ZdY~Z

  146. michellebrown

    Great service and awesome staff

  147. davesnother3

    normally I have a good experience here, today I ordered thru leafly and they didnt have half the order available. then they charged me more than the price listed on leafly. the drop oils girl in the lobby couldn’t have been more bored and inattentive. pretty poor experience today for sure.

  148. Sangulo203

    Sky dispensary has many great strains and i love the packaging very helpful budtenders

  149. Forston

    Great staff

  150. MrFunFella420

    like buzzing into a clinic… relax the environment n still high prices, jus convenient… hmm

  151. Tallula

    I give Sky Phoenix 10 stars! The customer service is right on every time. The flower is always amazing and selection pretty great. I love the Scooby and their lemon strains are so flavorful. Sky’s canister packaging is the greatest. I recommend this place to everyone I know.

  152. Ryan_S

    Flower is amazing, the shatter not so much. A little expensive too.

  153. babyontheway

    Awesome people great vibes great deals

  154. tknochenhaueriv

    great staff and love the packaging

  155. apachicano

    This place was very nice inside very quick.. I only got bogo on timeless cartridge but do plan to try the flower some time

  156. HollywoodHayes

    Very friendly staff and security. Very good pre rolls and good product. Pricing not bad. No crowded waiting room, in and out in a breeze. keep up the good job. Jerry Hayes ( HollywoodHayes).

  157. nickarndt10

    It was my first time today, and I will admit it was intimidating BUT my cashier Richie O made is super easy and he knowingly answered all my questions. THANKS…I will be back.

  158. JanniceG1

    Sky disp has ok prices but not much to choose from on Shatter/concentrates

  159. aliciag420

    this is one of many great locations to go to. friendly staff.

  160. Ilovemypitbull

    I called to ask questions regarding a first time buyer/user. Ida at their phoenix location was absolutely amazing and very helpful. I would recommend this location for anyone just based off their knowledge and customer service experience. Thank you again Ida! Can’t wait to visit the store and meet the staff.

  161. Hunchoniick

    Thanks for all the support and all the positive attitude towards customers.

    Love this place come here every day

  162. Twalls420

    Always quick and easy

  163. vthatsme70

    very nice place

  164. Anji890


  165. drgreenthumbs


  166. Longlivesteelo6948

    Matt has the best employee’s!!they always get what I need!!!

  167. saggitariusQueen

    the best..good buds.. always go

  168. carlapaola0108

    Convenient location, staff always helpful!

  169. Jelly773

    i soooooo luv this place .. so comin soon … all staff is sooooo fin awesome so helpful & nice

  170. Zokeskills

    Cant beat the selection. Contracted have gotten better. Staff is always hpful

  171. purpxannxos

    Good location very convient good bud

  172. Skunktar

    I loved the dispensary from the moment I walked in. Nice lobby, excellent display cases, and excellent service. I recently bought some tangerine strain bud and it was good.

  173. meech666

    Sky cans are good but I would never recommend the strawberry moon rocks it tastes just like spice super gross $50 wasted but the flower say gr8t do think I’ll be back the service was good to that’s what sucks the most because you don get that alot but I feel my butt tender could have let me know that it doesn’t taste good its just the smell and your lungs are gonna burn.

  174. JessnG6969

    Friendly staff, fast service free atm. The quality is good and the cans used ensure freshness!

  175. mvme1978

    the location is convenient.

  176. yotaboy85

    Love the staff and great products. Thanks again sky!!!

  177. satvalenz

    this place is nice. it’s been a while since I’ve been here but I was always treated well

  178. fatalambassador

    It was my first time going to Sky Dispensaries, but the staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I left with good product!

  179. irvflo27

    Sky has some great deals everyday love coming here for the concentrates on special and flowers as well i recommend coming in and check these deals out

  180. Exer23

    Very Clean staff very helpful will always come back Nd Recommend to any of my friends

  181. Kingly1

    When I looked at the prices I had my doubts about this place. the first question you Ask, Is the can worth it? OH YEAH 🙂 Dragon fire sold here. will be back here big time.

  182. Cpenuelas14

    dope place , best vibe

  183. candy007

    Big selection on cartridges and flavors ! Thanks for my ftp deal! Very fast and prices are good

  184. Drama911bbb

    great place great people best products

  185. Amarie8608

    Great location. Good deals. Nice flower. Pleasant experience over all!

  186. Livingforyall

    aEURoeLove how the decor looks

  187. alkemistoner

    This place is very relaxing and that aEURoehomeaEUR feeling. I’ve been to 5 places in the valley and this is the first where I got a tour. Made me feel very welcomed! And they were very professional with me. Did not treat me like some of the other places do. Keith was beyond amazing and very knowledgeable. Made me feel like we knew each other for years! Thanks Keith!! I’ll be back fuh sho

  188. jmonney

    Sky dispo in central Phoenix is a high quality dispensary and since joining the medical program in AZ it’s the only place I would go to. From the moment you walk in you feel relaxedand taken care of. The staff is fantastic and knowledgeable about medication and all is it’s forms. They offer a more elevated selection and service than most dispensaries. They have an excellent CBD counter with pretty much any thing
    You need. I recommend this placethey will definitely take care of you and hook it up with some good deals. Very satisfied and definitely returning again soon!

  189. eastsideboi

    good flower and super convenient right off the freeway

  190. xxBUCKETSSxx

    Great concentrates. dY’dY1/2dY’dY1/2

  191. Afrocolombyna_10

    Staff was really friendly and had an overall great experience coming here.

  192. moontang

    This sky location on the corner of 32nd St. and McDowell has top-notch buds from the low tier all the way to the top tier. I love getting the early bird special before 10 AM. Fresh buds in a can! Bud tenders are also very nice and knowledgeable.

  193. BigPanda23

    great prices and great flower

  194. Age4evaBlazed

    Overall a good location. Great medications and friendly staff. Always equals a good experience.

  195. JessicaT14

    This was my first time coming to Sky and I will definitely be back!!

  196. bwise202

    Very clean and friendly staff. I would stop by anytime I’m over here on this side of town.

  197. WellOkThen

    I really like this dispensary. I’m treated with respect and the customer service lead by Matt is great.

    Sincerely, Jennifer

  198. Sheridear

    Man the sky can is amazing. The flowers are so nice. I really recommend all stop by for a visit.

  199. PhillyGirl

    Way way way overpriced, though quality is typically high if you don’t mind dry flower. The people here don’t care at all about getting you meds, it’s aEURoecorporate oversightaEUR excuses for everything. Used to be nice but pricey, now it’s for rich people and always a frustrating experience. Forget the can. It’s not worth the trouble, nor the $. Never going back.

  200. Jkineman

    staff is awesome the experience here is always pleasant

  201. Chris2527

    i had great service great knowledge of bud and concentrate employees where super friendly

  202. Sammich93

    its my favorite location. staff is friendly and knowledgeable. bud is of good quality.

  203. Shayboogie111

    Nice people

  204. rodolfo602

    This ain’t just a regular staffed dispo these are new family members ! Much love for this dispo the medicine here is by far the best I’ve ever tried truly blessed to having this dispensary here much love for everyone at this dispensary !!

  205. 420 All day

    convenient location frendly people and awesome meds

  206. ClassieMae

    Great product

  207. CadillacCollis

    Right across the street from the house – this location is beyond convenient – its perfection ! i love the deals when you do em – and usually the deals last for days at a time – the staff is supper nice and the facility is incredibly clean – good meds and good atmosphere. Thank you!!!

  208. Azsun500

    I just visited the Sky McDowell location. The check-in was quick and only took seconds not minutes. Nicholas my budtender was friendly and helpful. I purchased some Sky Hells Diamond and Sky Karmas OG with the unique Sky can packing.The idea is that by packaging your flower this way it will protect your nugs from light so they won’t become dry and then Lose potency! ( Every stoners biggest fear ! ) I just pealed back the lid on my Hells Diamond. The first thing I noticed is that the trichomes are coating the entire nug. The flower is fresh even almost moderatly moist. I just exhaled my 3rd toke… Wow, I am uplifted, energized and feeling happy!! The SKy Can packaging isn’t a gimmick at all. If you truly want only the freshest, finest flower come check out Sky, home of the Sky Can. Where you will get top tier potent flower that is stored and packaged so perfectly that your medicine maintains it’s integrity and potency at all times!

  209. amyandgordon

    This is a tough location to be at. Sky does a great job making my friend and I feel welcome. Jean was bud tender today. He did a great job explaining to us everything we needed to know..Thank you Sky dispensaries

  210. misterstoney

    I come here for the best in flower!

  211. Mord602

    I bought rebel cookies and goondox along with a .7 pre roll. The rebel cookies are bomb beautiful Crystals on the cookies smell just comes at you as soon as you open the bag. The pre-roll was just as good didnt need to smoke all of it to feel the effect price wise they are not to bad. Their lower tier is a decent price mid shelve not to bad 35 an 8th and top shelve is a little up there however i haven’t purchase it so i couldn’t tell you of it’s worth the price. Keep the good work up though.

  212. avantgarde

    convienient and easy to find

  213. pcapitan

    It’s close to where I live, budtenders very knowledgeable on all products. Great team, very friendly excellent customer service!

  214. Al_reves

    sky dispensary has awesome flower with awesome customer service!

  215. kteneyck

    Well laid out, have what you want. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  216. Madeinitaly

    Good review for Aaron

    Awesome deals and really friendly all the time makes sure I leave satisfied. And without a frown

  217. Owlgang

    great location great service best buds in town in and out quick. there buds are always fresh

  218. TabGarza

    I love coming here! Every time I get excellent service from ALL the employees. Thank you for making each and ever time I come in just as refreshing and welcoming as the first time I came in!

  219. TheCelt

    This is the most expensive dispensary I have seen with nothing of their own that is even remotely special. I was shocked and appalled to see the prices that they have on their shatters and waxes over double the going rate. With quality nowhere near reminiscent of its competitors. The only benefit is there is a very short line due to no one wanting to waste their money there.
    They also offer no deals off of their products outside of about 15%. this is not the worst quality place in Arizona but it is definitely the worst bang for your buck.

  220. lampica

    Sky dispensaries, is in my opinion offer one of the best concepts for MMJ patients in PHX area. Always knowledgeable and professional staff and good atmosphere. In addition to variety and quality of products, I have good experience with their loyalty & referral program. I highly recommend to check them out!

  221. Silentnomore

    I I love sky dispensaries. They have really good medicine. The staff is always friendly.

  222. tonyc108

    I don’t even know what to say. I’ve been to probably 75% of the dispensaries in The Valley and I’ve never had the customer service that I did at Sky. My budtender was Megan and she was fantastic. I got some Pomelo Cookies and it was dY”Y= I will for sure be back.

  223. Kyleh1423

    Great customer service from Keith

  224. LadyVal

    I had a wonderful time here. I will return. Go see for yourself. they do have first patient specials.

  225. Azphx187

    Great flower dY’OEdY1/4 Friendly people even tho is far I love coming to sky dYOEOE for there deal and buds

  226. bimmer2

    Bud tenders are always patient with me and my rando questions. I leave smiling and laughing every time.

  227. mlg344

    I love the vibe and the patient service provided! Not to mention the deals! I definitely recommend this place if you haven’t checked them out already!

  228. MAH14969

    Location Great! Workers Awesome! AMAZING EXPERIENCE!

  229. cwhite1978

    Largest cartridge selection. Great diversity of products and knowledgeable. Aaron was very helpful!!!

  230. ChaChi12344

    For a first time visit it was enjoyable. Nice atmosphere with a good staff.

  231. Declon21

    This dispensary has some amazing flowers. Also, Aaron the bud tender was very helpful dYtmOEdY1/2 will be coming back forsure.

  232. california1989

    sky high meds. great atmosphere, friendly, knowledgeable staff and good deals!

  233. leslie9391

    I felt so welcomed when I walked in the door and my bud tender was so happy to help me and answer any of my questions I had I recommend headband if they have it available.

  234. Brianmurphy60

    love it love it love it great place awesome staff too

  235. Shag1379

    these guys always take care of me, they’re super helpful and super knowledgeable and never make you feel stupid if you don’t know something.

  236. Monstamuncher

    My Budtenders Ryan was fun & educational. I let him show me his shop, his way. The music heightened my visit. Liked this place.

  237. EddieRaymond

    This location is very convenient. A new location so there was no waiting. Flower looking very empressive!

  238. Mommybar93

    it was good

  239. randy602

    I slept on this dispensary from the get go I mean the prices are a little high but you get what you pay for, the lay out is awesome and I had a chill bud tender Ryan I believe was his name

  240. Cadillacchacha

    Every time I go to Sky it’s always a GREAT Experience. Love the patent package for the flower, ALWAYS FRESH!! Budtenders are very friendly and always willing to provide you with knowledge of the products and effects. What a GREAT Way to End or Start Your Day with Sky!!

  241. MrFigueroa91

    My budtender Bryce was helpful and welcoming with my first time at SKY. & I just want to say thank you for listening to the community and changing your FTP deal thank you so much!!! I love my Timeless Tangerine Dream cartridge, gonna hit my Bubba Kush cartridge later tonight haha will be back in soon!! aoeOE

  242. Prop203issatrap

    Only came in for my ftp deal that’s all folks. Can’t say much else special besides they have such a great deal of 50 8ths to pocket gouge the patients.

  243. Dominick225

    Great dispensary! Very fast and convenient

  244. Jdw710

    Great selection of quality meds

  245. Memphistn

    Mane I went to this place & everything was great from staff to flowers dY’adY”Y= dY”Y= been there several times & going again.

  246. Arthurrae

    Great dispensary,great products and great bud tender Kevin!

  247. dgbkn500

    Great place easy to get in and out of. pleasant a atmosphere.

  248. agodinez

    Great quality and awesome customer service. The employees at sky are the best!

  249. Ganymede33

    Sky has the Best Weed and the Best deals

  250. bubblez1

    great staff love this location Arron his the best great

  251. Fmesa

    Close to home.

  252. BrownDevil

    Love this place

  253. AmberLynnMc

    the best place anywhere

  254. dom225

    Vincent or victor (the barber) Was such a great help! He also is super friendly

  255. Evey88

    Grade A products. Excellent variety of edibles to choose from. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

  256. Smok3dOut420

    Great spot I like the people there always friendly and informative

  257. MarvelMan420

    great place I didn’t get the girl’s name but she was very informative willing to answer all my questions can’t wait to come back l.

  258. dannnyh

    I didn’t catch the name of the gentleman who helped me but he gave me a tour of the location and it was cool. I was kinda upset I couldn’t double my FTP deals and 15% off cartridges deal. Rather than that the person who checked me out was very nice.

  259. Kyle62

    Went for bogo special there out no substitute no sorry. I’m sure more people will be disappointed since they have 6 more hours to be open today.

  260. Mattypockets

    Easy access off the 202, quality products with knowledgeable people behind the counter – will definitely be back

  261. Willacio14

    love this place. down the street from home. always has the best selection and deals. deffinatlly recommended this place!

  262. AsianWhipCream

    Awesome place to be! Super cool employees and fantastic quality of bud! SOME OF THE BEST IN AZ

  263. aszrph

    Ida was especially helpful on the phone and had my order ready when I arrived (with a 20% discount). Keith, Jed, and Matt are all knowledgeable budtenders. Great dispensary.

  264. mardisb91

    great place, great people!

  265. letsblaze99

    Great staff, great quality bud and edibles, really enjoyed the moon rocks as well, definitely coming back.

  266. FrankyGnikka

    Great place. Friendly staff. knowledge budtender. Fresh tasteful flowers. Great medication to help elevate your needs.

  267. islandboy760

    Great budtenders, great products. Always makes me feel like home! Number in my book!

  268. Chris761

    Great dispensary always in and out with what I need

  269. brett420becker

    great concentrate

  270. afiebhc

    Grand opening was solid. Super friendly staff and amazing specials today. See y’all soon!

  271. shaowchief

    First time ever in dinspencery guy was really smart about the products.

  272. moiyma

    I am a true meds patient hands-down I love what they have but it’s so expensive. But now that I want to sky dispensary I think I will be going to get my meds from sky rather than two meds just because, Quality great nice and sparkly here is fantastic no coughing afterwards nice and smooth..

  273. saestrajayna

    Staff is great, the sky can flower is to die for.

  274. dolly1993

    great dispensary.

  275. countryislandboy

    Nice first time visit

  276. HarveyWalbanger

    Great shop

  277. FixedIt

    If you want good quality weed with no wait, this is your place.

  278. Blint132

    Always honor their discounts. John and Mike on 32nd st. Thx

  279. Ariah

    It was my first time and they hooked it up with a awesome BOGO special. Also the 9$ Grams are GREAT. I will definitely be coming back.

  280. jmitting

    I went in here after I had some dental surgery and had Nick as my bud tender. He recommended I try some of this unflavored syrup which I wasn’t planning on purchasing, but glad I did. Also got buy one get one on it since it was my first time in. Really great experience.

  281. ace4yrn

    I love both location great place !!! Amazing people best quality of products around !!

  282. Gordodiaz

    good customer service good information very nice people that work there

  283. bdavidlong

    Love this store pro military

  284. Soldbytaide

    Awesome buds every time

  285. Greg480

    Sky is great!

  286. Jmac8580

    I love coming here deals grrat like the containers love them.

  287. elcomparigo

    I really like the banana Citrix and the Rocky pineapple and your guys orange crumble is one of the best ones that you have

  288. roojitsu

    No long lines, great customer service, and high quality premium meds. I’ll definitely come back to this location again.

  289. MxKassh

    Just visited Sky for the first time and I thought the service was amazing. My bud tender Megan was very knowledgeable and helped me get the most bang for my buck. Appreciate it!

  290. Samantha96

    Best place ever! Great budtenders also ! This is the place to go get ur flowers seriously tho ! dY~dY~dY~

  291. theresalways2

    great 2 for one ftp special, will be returning, good flower for the price.

  292. Deadlift-dabber

    love the crew and the vibe, will be loyal customer for life!

  293. Zeid3

    Great buds! and the flower is good too.

  294. jaylagers

    I love the flower! Top shelf quality every time.

  295. bikerboy710

    they just put out this SOUR MOJITO WAX! so terpy and the best quality testing at 76%… i love sky!

  296. Daynasaur

    I’m pretty new to mmj and have only been to a handful of dispensaries so far, but Sky has been the most pleasant experience as of yet. Simple and convenient place with friendly and unpretentious staff. Good variety of price points but the occasional discounts/special offers really help.

  297. RogerKlotz

    As someone new to the Az MMJ community I was blown away at the quality this dispensary puts out. I didn’t understand why the Sky Can was $50 at first but after getting my Buy One Get One Free I can see why. This was the freshest bud I ever had! It stuck right to my wall like the budtender said it would. I got Road Dawg and Platinum GSC and will def be back again to try some new options. Great service and very knowledgeable staff!

  298. britmartinezb

    I love this location! They have awesome friendly staff, always in a great mood. Their prices are unbeatable as always!

  299. dedewing

    This is an awesome place!!! All of the flower is on display right in front of you, and all of the information is directly in front of you on IPad. My tender Josh was amazing!! Made my first visit a great onedY~f

  300. greenie420024

    I think it is a great place to go for what you need

  301. BB2013

    awesome deals!! always a quick go to. love it!

  302. sarahjaneeee

    Love this place! I will be coming back! They keep it aEURoe100aEUR!

  303. kaylgotmail

    It’s high quality bud.

  304. Jbasamania

    they have a wide variety of cartridges and concentrate that is pretty potent. thank you staff and owner(s).

  305. codered921

    Great bud and knowledgeable budtenders! Will definitely be coming back!

  306. Wyattherb42O

    Great stuff

  307. Nathankak010

    very hospitable

  308. Ed1og

    Very punctual, great product. 5 star.

  309. asapdrop

    Love the flower

  310. ccfredrickson

    Love love love! Favorite dispensary in the valley!

  311. MsCausious

    Very convenient

  312. Jaimeurbina

    Great atmosphere and location is perfect right off the freeway

  313. me1129

    fast friendly and great place .

  314. CassandraR

    Cody was awesome! Incredibly helpfull!!!

  315. jjl602

    love this place good team worker and helpful good deals and flower is alsome

  316. XDeathxBunnyx

    Was meaning to write this review a couple back but life got in the way. Better late than never though!

    While I have been to several disps around the Valley, Sky has quickly become my go to. The product and prices are always fantastic, don’t think I’ve been disappointed yet by their stuff. I typically get their CBD sublingual oil, it’s become one of my faves. Flower is always on point and their selection of strains is always great.

    One of the things that really stands out to me, however, is their customer service. This is not say I’ve had bad experiences at other shops. However, I feel like the Sky personnel truly cares about making sure that you leave with the items that will fit your exact needs. They ask questions, make suggestions, and take time addressing your needs and concerns. That last part is what makes me love them so much; not once have I ever felt rushed or like I was being a burden for asking so many questions. Last time I was there I was checked in by a sweet lady whose name I think was Ida (she had curly hair) and helped out by someone who I believe his name was Vic; as usual the staff was extremely friendly and helpful.

    All in all, check this place out if ya get the chance. You won’t regret it.

  317. tamwhit

    the location is the best, and the staff is very knowledgeable. Jean, you rock dude, I never leave unsatisfied

  318. vahhluree

    Add me on the snappppp!!! @vahhluree
    The aEUR~Spencery be lit as freckles!

  319. Travaughn

    right off the freeway, and the bud ain’t dry.

  320. BakedBeauty

    Dustin is the best! 🙂 dY’dY1/4dY’dY1/4

  321. Lparriott1

    Great deals shown through Leafly. Best deal for edible bogo for new patients

  322. 420gene

    Ha ppy 4/20 experience awesome too I got bag of goodies was awesome dYOEY super flame wake n bake here with free baked goods. My bud tender super helpful too. Flame dY”Y= dY”Y= dY”Y=

  323. irondall

    If I could give you more than five stars I would.

  324. Devinthedude95

    amazing dispensary great invirement would recommend to any of my friends

  325. Cass90

    favorite dispensary!

  326. mgidget

    I really dig the tree and everything, only problem I have is that only the 50$ eighth comes in the sky can. Why not all eighths. It’s like saying if your not gonna spend the 50 then here have dry bunk weed that’s only 5 dollars less, lol.

  327. azblazin1232

    Sky dispencery has great flower and good deals every day of the week staff is always helpful and friendly i will be back soondY~EUR

  328. thatkidryne420

    The best quality flower around! Sky Cans are the new wave and if haven’t tried it you should. Staff is very knowledgeable and great people.

  329. Phx3flames

    feeling this place and the bomb deals

  330. Wally2000

    Jed was awesome totally got me hooked up with the right edibles for the right time of day! Def be back here

  331. irvinMORE

    always has nice buds

  332. Die777deaths

    Every time I come in they are friendly and smiling! All the employees make you feel right at home. It’s a great place to get medicine! The new patient deals are great and the flower has life

  333. danbo2275

    best place on the east valley..great greeans amr they are always fire!!!

  334. BigPanda88

    Awesome, can’t wait for my free pre-roll!!!!!!!

  335. brendanryann

    Great dispensary and even better prices! Very chill enviornment and close to the freeway! I would recommend this dispensary to anyone

  336. Smileybig28

    OG 18 is a very nice heavy hitter indica best in the valley the staff are very informative and nice come here and have a nice J

  337. Byclops

    It’s a vertical dispensary so you know it’s a sham.

    The buds in the can smell decent, like mids, which is the best you can hope for at a dispo. But i had a free birthday gram to get, so i grabbed the best stuff that wasn’t in a can. It was absolute poison. If I was a snake oil grower, I could tell you exactly what brand of steroids this plant was fed to grow it before the mold got too bad (thats the methodology of these sham shops: grow with chemicals that cause disease, add Sweetners and hope you can get a normal-ish looking bud before it’s 50% molded.)

    Its all chopped by week 6. Just stop and think about that. Full of chemicals, full of mold, and premature. They’ll never get around to storing or drying their bud right, they won’t ever grow it right in the first place! It’s all about looks and ignorance gullible mutant patients. Sorry, no one I smoke with can smoke this hydro crap. Its not just me.

    Premature roided out bud full of plant roids! What else is there to say?!

  338. NaichMoney

    Sky is one of my favorite dispensary’s on my side of town.Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I would definitely recommend it from now on!

  339. Bandz.scum

    On some real its sick af in there they have a very nice layout and great customer service. My budtender was Megan and let me tell you this she is of great help i went in there not knowing what i wanted and she read my mind… somebody come get her a raise!!!

  340. charvey17

    nice service great location

  341. Zenpool

    interesting that I see someone constantly down thumping opinions. alright as a new patient to a new location. friendly staff, Marquis, Javier (was helping my tender with special) might be wrong only saw name tag. As well met Mike the manager. Store atmosphere was nice. Light music, Marquis knew his tour. Coolest thing was multiple options for my first time in for specials. Decent variety compared to most. I got a handful of pre-rolls. enjoyed the varity and am planning to try them out on a larger purchase.

  342. Intrensicmyles

    Candyland is a very effective PTSD strain from $ky.phx. some of the best staff around 5-26-18

  343. Owlgang666777

    Keith was amazing when I came in there fast great service if I had extra money I would of times him Nicky but maybe next time I got the Jenny kush and omg best meds ever

  344. MizQui

    I am a new patient and I love the vibe and energy of this establishment. Starting with Ida at the front desk clerk; her hospitality and sincere smile is quite warm and welcoming. Also, I can’t help but mention the level of cleanliness of the lobby and bathroom when I visited. I’m a bit of a neat freak and I don’t expect others to be, so imagine my delight when I did have to utilized the lavatory and found it to be spotless. Upon exiting, I found Ida to comment as much – only to find that she, herself was responsible for it. That’s what’s up. I enjoyed Keith, MMJ clerk who assisted me with my medicinal purchase. I chatted it up with him like we go way back. Which is an awesome experience to have – indeed, i’ll Be going back. I appreciated the SKY connotation. My visit was elevated by good service and a great product. Kilamanjarowas an excellent suggestion, Keith. Thank you. Stay up, SKY.


    meds are always fresh and a cool staff dY~%0kieth

  346. michaelkeen1214

    Great staff very friendly and convenient location.

  347. Carolef523

    Great bud tenders!

  348. Mrballard1

    Great service, great options!!

  349. gsantillan7

    Awesome place

  350. Tr61

    very friendly and clean

  351. azjoshua1990

    went for there sky cans cookies is dY”Y=

  352. juliedee5562

    I think sky disp. is one of the best around az nd the staff is awesome and helpfull.

  353. Heyjoe75

    Unassuming exterior located on the SW corner of 32nd St & Mcdowell, friendly security in parking lot, very nice, spacious lobby/ waiting room. Shop is just as nice, forgot my budtenders name but he was friendly and very knowledgeable about everything I asked. Got 2 sky cans, both AMAZING, heavy hitting hybrid and indica. Will definitely return and strongly recommend. Hope to see more locations in the west valley.

  354. McSwainkaylaa

    my first time visiting. EVERY thing on line looks great cant wait to visit

  355. KeefyBoy

    Bryce was very helpful and friendly!

  356. DioneJ731

    my favorite dispensary always go when off before 7

  357. thebigtiki

    first time to the Phoenix location. love it just as much as the mesa. friendly staff and great products!!

  358. yoya_s

    fav dispensary thanks to the staff dY~SatmY=i,

  359. LitDaStoner

    Kevin helped me out,he hooked it up and it was it a awesome experience at this dispensary. definitely will be back

  360. Bhinkle

    Very kind and Knowledgeable staff.

  361. shak92

    great location even better customer service definitely a place to come and get your medication very friendly .

  362. ashley480n

    loveeeeee their sky cans!!

  363. guerroantrax

    Great staff and great flower one of my favorites

  364. Dean_Cristine

    my wife and I have been in almost every day for the past two weeks love the prerolls very fast and friendly place

  365. 420miguel710

    My man Keith always gets me the best deals. They have a amazing products and a huge variety. My favorite spot to find everything I need

  366. ericaah

    the ftp deal is awesome. I’ve only gone in a couple of times but they’re awesome. I love their environment. definitely welcoming

  367. Zelgabunny

    Great spot with friendly folks

  368. DynamicNobleNomad

    The Sky is the limit the standard the real deal. Super fresh flower at amazing prices to fit all budget and taste. Really helpful patient staff that makes u want to come back every time!!!!!

  369. velisan1294

    Sky has the best buds aEUR1/4i,dY–PS

  370. rachstockdale1992

    Kiki was my bud tender, She was very informative and told and explained things to me I didn’t know myself. We picked out some amazing bud, I appreciate the top notch customer service !

  371. dutchmaster760

    I definitely like this spot a lot. The nitrogen seal on their top shelf is a great feature which keeps the cannabis much more fresh than most that I’ve gotten here in AZ. I think their selection is rather small for the top shelf stuff but both strains I got were very good. Will be back for sure.

  372. 1904miguel480

    love this place. staff is super friendly. always good stuff.

  373. phxdmt

    Very nice service, always fast and everyone is very helping!

  374. hubbabubbabear

    check out there Bubba Kush, Cherry Ak and Jeagar… great vibes, and high times -ashed joint

  375. DeathChiefGrin69

    Awesome shop and great service, can’t remember the guy’s name, but he was extremely helpful and friendly.

  376. DrDankInc

    Decent I suppose

  377. mickey602

    Good vibes! Great staff and high quality greens! I will be back very soon! Thank you for your help!

  378. OkiDokiTokiLoki

    amazing support. good deals. can’t beat it

  379. class_mom

    Limited selection, but the staff is nice.

  380. ThisIzTyrant

    I picked up superglue and virgin purps packed in a can which was new for me great quality overall

  381. misreported602

    awesome staff good tree and medication was perfect didn’t put me out but kept me going throughout the day

  382. Donmakesplays6

    Great prices. Friendly bud tenders, close to home, great atmosphere.

  383. JasonsGoddess

    it’s in a really good location

  384. SunnyDizzle

    Good Product and Friendly Service! dY~S

  385. KingSwyss

    Great flower and customer service. came when this dispensary first opened and it’s been good ever since

  386. sampson967

    On my way in now, can’t wait to try the nitrogen packed tuna cans!

  387. RobertK423

    This was a great place for my first visit. Very informative and friendly. I can’t wait to go back.

  388. brentwoodard1

    i enjoy the entire location. great flower and peoiple.

  389. iceman1984

    great place, great prices, and awesome staff

  390. Driouxx

    Great spot, love their products and deals.

  391. bnasty96

    best buds and worth the price! FTP deal is great! One of my favorite places now.

  392. papi1984

    sky dispensary is a good place for your meds good prices and great bud tenders 6/15/18

  393. NaomiD

    Personable staff, Knowledgeable bud tender. Good selection. Nice simple industrial presentations, cases, lighting. First time I have been in a diespensary where the ATM machine does not cost $2.50.

  394. antonioramirez133yahoocom

    good first time lile comeing here close to home

  395. PunkPotGirl

    Great smoke and good people. Nice and clean.

    Go check it out!

  396. fredo141

    After reading the reviews sounds like poor people have been visiting this place. I’m not lazy so I called and found out this is a fairly new location of theirs theyDO HAVE a first time patient Deal if you check there other location it’s listed there, they were fast at picking up when I called and WASNT put on hold, so far they’re not letting me down, let be honest people if you want 6$ grass clippings go to your local run down dispo. You have to pay for quality! And when you have lungs of iron, dead from years of medicating, I’ll update this with my actual visit experience. Standby

  397. ashleyr702

    Seriously this place was great. Everyone was super helpful and knowledgeable, and they got me in and out *REALLY* quickly, which is important to me. Will definitely be going back again.

  398. dbergmann37

    Awesome dispensary! Great staff! Great Weeeeeeed

  399. hardcoreD

    None they are definitely legit. Have great sales BOGO on timeless from time to time. Def Reccomend.

  400. BurninateDabs

    I have been here once & thanks to some error next time I go back I will get the ftp deal again. But why bother? So I continue to browse their menu via this app & wait to see a new patient special that applies to dabbers at this location & Ahwatukee.
    The transparency of this dispensary gets a 0/5. They somehow without the THC % categorized their concentrates into tiers like gold & platinum. After learning some dispensaries wax tests as low as 14% THC (and it wasn’t a cbd strain or made from the whole plant) I won’t buy it unless it’s a brand I trust or a strain I’ve been trying to find for awhile.
    The knowledge of the budtender also gets a 0/5. When I go to a new dispensary that gives me a bad feeling I will immediately start acting new to cannabis ask for recommendations and judge their answer. If the employee is clueless chances are the people in charge of making the concentrate probably are too.
    I asked for some straight Sativa’s wanna know the few answers she told me? OG Kush, Nitro Cookies, and Gorilla Glue #4. Epic fail.

  401. ChapGotJuice25

    Always quick service and the bud is quality

  402. Itsmillertime1989

    Great Location! Can’t wait to check it out later!

  403. dcruz

    I Recommend coming here! Get the FTP BOGO 8th Special and Try the Sky cans, You won’t be Dissappointed! Then come back and Try the SEVERAL Daily “Snap Sales” of Flower for Only $25 & $35 an 8th!!!! Amazing Quality from Top to Bottom…. Great Location, Great Staff and All the Meds are on Point!

  404. airdevz42

    They get you in n out with great service. Sign up to get the texts, they always have great deals. Also the no ATM fee is amazing.

  405. jpancake13

    Such a convenient location. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

  406. Lillyp

    I really wanted the flower to be great here, as the lady doing check-ins was so nice and the waiting room was empty. Unfortunately, out of the 4 strains I tried, only one hit close to the spot. I noticed another strain seemed pretty stale. It had been harvested 8 months prior. This def should have been on a discount for the way it smoked, tasted and looked. Also I feel they should have disclosed it was older stock. I told the budtender I did not care for sativas 3 different times and she continued to recommend them saying they aEURoewere customer favoritesaEUR.
    I was so excited to try this place but I would not go back and I would not recommend it. Especially to someone new to having their card. And extra especially being so close to Trumed. Just go to Trumed.

  407. robertmax

    Aaron and Victor made me feel like family

  408. OldDeadKid

    Sleek, modern, minimalist, and simple, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for. They boast a great inventory and the bud tenders are really knowledgeable and friendly.

  409. Rebeccasworld

    Very slow, they have some strains to high priced, but i did like they new patient special,

  410. Talbert

    I was unsure where to purchase my meds in the Phoenix area. Best dispensary with service and deals? I met Cassidy who said she works at Sky Dispensary. She was nice and friendly. We were not even at the dispensary and she answered my questions. So I decided to visit Sky ASAP!! Thank you Cassidy for your recommendation!

  411. Jessesgirl01

    I love this place they always have great deals and great quality medicinedY’- The employees are always very kind, and I is always a fast and easy process.a$?i,dY’- I would definitely recommend this medical shop.dY’-

  412. Jewethecreator

    Sky is a great dispensary. Probably the best bud tenders on my side of town. Nice, knowledgeable, and they really are the reason I go back (also they have a nice facility and location). Thier prices are higher sometimes but I am never disappointed with the resulting experience. If they offered $5 dollar prerolls, I’d just move in.

  413. Pittylover2012

    love their flower esp the containers. always specials. friendly staff

  414. mystako

    these guys are great im always taken good care of place is nice an calm and the flower is amazing

  415. alidaze

    This is the 2nd Sky location I visit! It’s well organized, they have great flower, and the staff is friendly and very helpful. Best of all their ATM has no fee when withdrawing money which is a great plus! Love the 30mg THC hard candies, they allow me a good night’s sleep.

  416. ganja_bella

    This will be my first visit! I am excited to try the products & always excited about first time patient deals dY’~

  417. azarborpro

    went with a friend for her first time visit was definitely impressed with the flower love the nitrogen sealed cans

  418. Themain1

    I love the atmosphere and the bud is always hi quality and the budtender know there stuff. Kieth is one of the best.

  419. psychoxox

    Great staff, amazing quality bud

  420. Dione731

    My favorite location

  421. slandersonaz

    great everything

  422. az0101

    Very nice selection and good quality.

  423. hypogi

    Love this place, looking forward to getting back soon. Great people and prices.

  424. stewguy

    This place blows lol, go down the street for real gas.

  425. FingerGunz

    This a nice spot close to home. Always fast service and good tenders

  426. JS2314

    2nd time in, they were running a great special on flower, quality really surprised me and I’ll definitely be back again!

  427. mrmendez

    Very well organized and love the weekly deals ! Great environment and in convenient area

  428. Jthendo

    keith my mans! proffesional, showing love all day

  429. XtinaRusso2

    This is my new local favorite. Great variety and fair prices

  430. Enrique61

    I wish my receipt had my budtender name on it but it had his number so number 1146 was very helpful and knew his stuff on everything they had in stocked in the store keep up the Great job. I always love shopping at this dispensary they always make me feel like fam.

  431. Vonallyse

    Got great vape advice and the candies are awesome!

  432. wolfe3

    Purchased an 1/8 a few months ago and barely smoked it can’t believe it stayed this fresh!

  433. 420genester

    quality shelf 8ths for 20 everyday always gass strains. bomb experience with my dude last night. great Sunday experience here.

  434. nevaontime

    excellent location, and service

  435. Modellaurelrae

    There are no wait times when I come here! The staff is very knowledgeable about their products and they have daily specials. Today they have but two get one free for Timeless products and it includes a free shirt too!

  436. APIAG671

    Good meds

  437. canabisenthusiest

    great service every time and very outstanding people love this place

  438. kursk

    Nice set up. Just like the other 2 locations. This is the farthest Sky location from my place in Queen Creek, but they made the drive for me worth it. Few things i really liked about this place…The leafly menu was up to date with the products in store. This is important to patients. Other places…i should name drop….are not so honest. Another thing i like is that Sky always has great customer service, today was no exception. Sadly i didnt get the name of my awesome budtender, or the gracious receptionist, but you guys rock! Thanks for the deal on the batteries!! You guys made my day, and i will try to stop by again!

  439. soccerstudddd09

    Great bud. Always fresh.

  440. dosorio77

    this place is awesome love the prerolls and the discounts are cool

  441. Loveyobrothers

    Great dispensary and also quick !

  442. AdamSmokesAlot602

    I love stoping by this location cause there great flower there customer services there is all ways welcoming an fendily esspically keith he takes his time makes u feel very welcomed an his services keeps me comming back

  443. deedeeestrella

    got 5 STARS from me all day…. very friendly staff they talk to you like your an ole friend , I’m so glad I decided to stop and check it out cause this is the BEST DISPENSARY around prices are affordable,very knowledgeable staff THANK YOU VICTOR

  444. quan19

    great staff , There caring about the patients . and have good flower

  445. K3nn9

    Great service!! really nice and beautiful people!!

  446. jonahcleaver

    Its A Good Place Id Refer Anyone Looking For Dispensey

  447. DeePHXaz

    I really like this dispensary the quality of flour is outstanding good service

  448. Strongasalion

    very knowledgeable employees

  449. HollyR420

    great dispensary has great quality bud
    and the staff is really helpful and everything

  450. Jojoeking1418


  451. akenar47

    Friendly service and fire weed dY”Y=

  452. Adoadejr52

    it was great! their staff is super friendly and knowledgeable.

  453. Dgano124

    great first time patient experience. very friendly. good selection.

  454. Buddhalu7777

    I went in today for my first time and my iPad tinder was Kieth very professional and knowledgeable

  455. AzIndyQueen

    Great place and great Meds

  456. SolisNefnium

    great dispensery! I’m an actual medical patient and them being able to point me in the right direction is key. the sky cans r awesome as well lol! soo fresh!

  457. mgm6408

    Today was my first visit to Sky and I will be going back. My bud tender Richie was friendly and knowledge. I really liked the variety of edibles and vape cartridges. I use these two items the most, and I appreciated the new patient special. The store is clean and that’s important to me. I’ll be back to try some flower.

  458. CET85008

    Easy in and out! My cicerone today was Jean and was very kind to a mid-sexagenarian! Thank you Sir for your mellifluous nature!!

  459. nateotar

    Great dispensary! They have a bunch of deals every day if the week and have quality product. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you haven’t!

  460. Keiphedwards

    I think this is one of the top dispensaries there is they are great staff and really good quality bud I recommend you haven’t been try it out great prices to.

  461. ethanmckeny


  462. Mramiccio

    Great dispensary! Has solid weekly deals and a nice and helpful staff.

  463. KenrM

    Great products and service!

  464. acsparks

    This place has nice people dYOEzHowever this place has ridiculous prices. Not worth it at all! More like a rip off, didn’t get a good first time patient really. Very disappointed

  465. dadadavie

    Tried this place cause I love sky in tukkee

  466. Hddragon

    Always a pleasure to visit this location! They have excellent customer service!!

  467. mattderossett

    People are great

  468. ibakedeskimo

    Good meds and great budtenders

  469. JillyB_85

    Wasn’t expecting a quiet, almost boutique experience from a shop located on 32nd Street & McDowell! The security guard was very polite and even opened the door for me. The two guys working inside with patients were super friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable and I’ll definitely be back again.

  470. Jesusrdz

    It’s a very friendly, cool, and clean environment

  471. max27

    the layout is very organized and the staff is great!

  472. athomas399

    The staff was very helpful, the quality of the flower was really good! I would definitely recommend giving them a try despite all these haters giving a thumbs down. Don’t know what dispensary they visited but my first time stopping here was a good experience and I wasn’t disappointed. They have an alright first time patent special also. Buy A Sky Can get one free. They also gave me a free preroll and lighter.

  473. richard602

    Bomb ass flower

  474. cashgoldenpot

    Great deals!! Great bud tenders! Keith is great thanks for the help! dY’dY1/2dY$?–

  475. TealKushKreft

    First time visiting, and my man Matt gave me a top notch experience! Lovely spot. Very professional. Very clean.

  476. Taide

    This place is the best!!!!

  477. Porter38

    good flower

  478. dlubbering

    Went here for my first time and got the bogo cans. Was impressed with the quality. Everyone was really friendly and didn’t have to wait at all. Got right in and out.

  479. juniorboy29

    new patient going to check it out soon as I get my card back home

  480. hippiechick79

    Love their flower and they always have great deals

  481. Vidal1299

    Love this location! Staff is always friendly and very educated! Some amazing flower!

  482. Kleaflady

    I always feel great energy from this evening staff! Ida, Toni, & Victor are especially great! 2019 has been the year for me and Sky and thanks to your new late hours our friendship has recently really started to take offdY~SdY’* I enjoy heading your way and appreciate your quality and selection dYtmOEdY>>

  483. Jphx602

    My visits here are always the best than other dispensaries hands down. Even though other dispensaries have better deals & prices on certain items, the CUSTOMER SERVICE is main reason I prefer this location. Budtenders Keith & Ashley C ALWAYS make my visits a 5 star experience!!

  484. adglory1

    Great selection of flowers. Excellent and friendly staff- Almond Dawson

  485. SDW13

    Quality is top notch no doubt, reasonably priced as well!!

  486. dwig24

    Good variety the can method is unique and effective

  487. Carolineluzon

    Really good flower selection

  488. bambo4350

    better than the one they had before sky took over

  489. ChristianaB555

    I love the staff here! so educational!

  490. woodard480

    I bought some lemon meringue and omg it’s firedY”Y=keep doing it. Thank you

  491. jennawinseverytime

    Sky dispensary is a great dispensary. I am pleased that there is several locations in the valley. This means I can visit Sky when I’m further from home. Wonderful quality flower!

  492. saw90

    Beautiful display, helpful staff, and a very convenient location.

  493. artvandal

    Decent service, terrible buds. Smells good but taste horrible

  494. ChrisCool84

    great place awesome budtener

  495. raywilson1192

    I love this location it’s was my first time there but the bud tenders are super helpful an know there stuff it’s nice to come in to a Dispensary an not feel rushed an get great Advice on other Products

  496. pittsburgh45

    love coming here. Awesome staff and very professional! Keith and Jean are THE BEST..ALWAYS SMILING AND HELPFUL….Customer service is 200%.. These guys are ALWAYS ON POINT….

  497. Adam602

    Great flower an Bryce was great in treating me with great customer service’s.. I recommended the flower an day

  498. DASSAD

    best strains best service I was in and out definitely recommend my friends .

  499. SkyFox420

    Sky dispensary in ahwatukee is awesome full of great people my favorite is Anthony he’s a great help

  500. jarrodm1991

    First time ever Javier was a great and knowledgeable. Got my great meds and made my experience very pleasant:)

  501. 420Geene

    Very helpful I went in for a pre roll an got the pre roll an two beverage special. What a genius idea thanks an deathstar darkness was super flame. Always good here. I can’t remember my bud tenders name but she was cutie with the red hair very helpful an knowledgeable. the girl who checked me in awesome too.

  502. skunkflow88

    this place has the BEST BUDD I’ve ever try so far. very disappointed on others dispensaries. but this one is on my top ten always keeping me happy with their product. I would HIGHLY recommend this place.

  503. Salvador_c10

    really clean facility which is important for me. good flower for the prices and the bud tenders know what to recommend .

  504. juniorlerma

    Honestly so glad this location is back and open it’s a new company but the flower from sky is a little more on point they gave me a dope deal for the first time I went and they have great daily specials better than other places around so def recommendation checking it out the flower is on point even the value tier!!!

  505. anthonypillsburyjimenez

    Victor took care of me Matt’s employee’s always get what I need

  506. VISIX6

    I don’t shop here as much but when I come star is always friendly and informative which is a the most important part bout this industry thank you sky meds!

  507. ktmnut417

    FTP today. Great Deals. Customer Service from the front to the back was spot on. I placed my order online and the had me in and out.
    I definitely will return

  508. shilton

    Best quality and quantity for your buck! Friendly staff as well

  509. keith25

    It’s great

  510. Asophiaz

    it’s nice looking but flower sucks. they need to
    improve their products I spent over $100 on 2/8 that were dry but because the containers were open they couldn’t take it back or do anything about it. then just the other day I went and bought 7 pre-rolls five of them don’t even smoke they just burn even if you try to loosen it try to take the filter off nothing so I called sky and there was nothing they can do because it’s opened of course it’s opened you got to open it to try to smoke it that’s when we find out we can’t smoke it they do not care about their customer service and their flower is always dry. they sell you dry crappy product and don’t even care to try to make it right or attempt. not even a oh you can get 10% off your next purchase I’m not looking for nothing for free but at least have something in place for your shity product that you know you sell and customers aren’t going to always be happy with it. I will never come here again I will never recommend it to anyone and I will post my experience all over social media

  511. brandonronnie

    Perfect for me, it’s only 10 minutes away. They have great services as well.

  512. eclipseg3

    the bud tender was great, i was confused at first but he explained some of the differences between the products i wanted to get. also the FTP offer is nice, BOGO free is always nice.

  513. KayValenz11

    Very cheap prices for the best bud in AZ. A bit under staffed but very cool environment overall.

  514. Ssslicker

    Nicely done. An old strip club into a beautiful dispensary!!

  515. mm480

    I walked in and was out of there in 10 mins! First time and got a really good deal on high quality flower. Everyone is very polite and professional. Staff gives recommendations based on customer needs. Will be back soon!

  516. Smokeallday134

    I like the good service there

  517. Joebavaro

    Great place great selection

  518. truthornothig

    this place is very informative
    and professional.
    love the positive vibes!!

  519. fly_away_gryff

    Jean was dope! Atmosphere made me feel fancy but the prices are so reasonable for the unique and varying strains they have available. I absolutely love how organized everything is and easily layout!

  520. sansr6

    First time at this location, people were awesome. My bartender Matt was great! recomend me some bomb flower very satisfied.. definitely recommend coming here and will for sure be back thanks guys!!! keep rockin it!dY$?~

  521. Tequila.480

    its like candylabnd

  522. Red4N6

    Great place; staff is always helpful, ready to listen, and able to thoughtfully recommend strains or products depending on your need. Quick service, but never rushed. High quality flower.

  523. tony2000212

    I came to this place because i saw a new dispensary on my leafly. So i wanted to check them out went there assuming i was going to get ftp special but they couldn’t honor it as i was already a patient. The employees are friendly but i guess they used to be sun flower meds (which i wasnt impressed with) but got bought out by this company. They kept all their old patients and made a new name which is just so they didnt have to give out ftp specials to everyone cutting corners. I was disappointed with they way they handled the business end of it as i didnt purchase anything sunflower had bad rep with me so this just added to that. Different company same patients completely different menu and meds.

  524. Steboabg18

    great fresh weed and fast service

  525. tw3tracerman

    GR8 location! No wait; actually they waited for me as I used their No Fee ATM (very cool)! Total embrace!

  526. mcstudmuffinnn

    Good top shelf weed

  527. angelica480

    I love the friendly bud tenders they are the best

  528. Miguel54019

    I recommend everyone to shop at sky’s dispensary aEUR~ they always have great specials every single day & friendly workers . They always get you in and out within’ a few minutes . One of my top 3 best dispensary’s .

  529. Vaito

    Kieth was great at sales thx

  530. cra214496

    i love the place great vibe

  531. Ilovemarina1

    It’s nice but I feel like maybe we can do a little bit better with the potency of the buds.

  532. magbug49

    Sky is my favorite place to go, dispensary wise. it is the baskin Robbins of herb.

  533. Jaynee

    Staff very friendly; flower excellent.

  534. OGSpence

    Great Vibe. Richie was real helpful, composed and kind. I’ll be back!

  535. fairydogmother

    Beautiful facility. Glad there’s additional parking. Best selection of pre-rolls. great budtenders… I’ll be back 🙂

  536. Dpaladin4199

    Great place and the buds always looks and smell great!

  537. Ginnybinny

    nice place

  538. eruiz80

    savanna was freaking awesome budtender

  539. bergowitz

    I would highly recommend this dispensary. Everyone was super helpful and the whole process was very easy.

  540. carlylane229

    Awesome service every time.

  541. chaveslarry400

    I just moved here from Chicago. I never imagined going into a dispensary, This was my first experience and it was amazing. Clean and clear Atmosphere, I will most DEFINITELY shop here again dY$?–

  542. ZefJenius

    Ryan made my first time experience great. He took the time to listen to my concerns and offered quality suggestions. I’ll definitely be coming back here! All the staff I encountered were professional and guest service oriented.

  543. Jerscott6

    This place has really good selection of products and always has great customer service! The receptionist is super nice too!!

  544. Baymon84

    Friendly Environment. Fresh Flower dYOE, due to their patented (CAN)dYY=<

  545. rcthompson

    Sky Dispensary on 32ND ST and Mcdowell has one of the best staffs BARNONE. They give a damn about Combat Veterans. They just say it, and most of all, they do not take it personal if a Combat Veteran is having one of those PTSD days. IT’S WHY US COMBAT VETERANS medicate…… To stay in a good place. I’ve watched Veterans get banned after budtenders set off their PTSD triggers without knowin. Not at Sky…..God bless you Sky

  546. brandon216

    I love this place so much it’s the best place to shop

  547. Franksala55

    yo you guys gotta go in on Thursdays for new half ounce deals I went in this Thursday and oh man top shelf half ounce of that frost boss was great man much love guys hope this deal stays also don’t forget to write your reviews for a free preroll with purchase

  548. Irishviking

    my favorite shop. great staff love the selection

  549. Chefvoita

    Great place, staff knowledgeable professional. Really make you feel comfortable must ask for Aaron an amazing budtender !

  550. cny730

    Excellent service, selection and facility.

  551. Mmiller888

    My favorite spot in town!

  552. TJO9

    great location
    th flower was a little dry but still good

  553. lilc3

    They really have some great strains for pens….. They even have sky walker… Plus they are so friendly… Pull up on them and see for yourself

  554. tommy20tolles

    excellent customer service!!!

  555. BishopBaker

    Convenient location, not sure about the canned buds tho.

  556. Jessejame13

    its nice it was the quickest I’d been in a med shop

  557. BJsmooth838

    Complete shit on second and last visit.

    Had 120 half for 120. I waited 20 minutes to get that special and was told we no longer have that.

    I explained that it was on the website 30 minutes ago and that’s why I came in. They were not willing to honor it so I left. When I left I noticed it was still listed on the Sunday special screen IN THE LOBBY!

    They didn’t give a shit.

  558. doobiedouglas

    Cam in a while ago and got an eight of Platinum GSC and Candyland and the quality was remarkable. Took care of my ailments just as my bud tender recommended. Thanks!!!!

  559. kokoanni

    This has been my aEURoego toaEUR place for 2 years and I am thrilled with the service . Everyone who works here is friendly AND knowledgable . They go above and beyond to educate customers and truly care if they are getting what they need .

  560. JareBear113

    This was my first time coming to this one and I enjoyed it because of how friendly they are and sweet

  561. kjay23

    I love sky dispensary, Keith is the best!

  562. skunknumberone

    Nice staff and great display. every station has every product visible. You can tell they don’t sample products until AFTER work because you can’t function after medicating to the Sky!

  563. NatashaAngelina

    sky flower is on point! highly suggest the flinstones flower. my Denver bred budtender was polite and knowledgeable. And they got full melt hash! holla!! All in all a great experience

  564. bettyboop1907

    visit 12-30-2018 was greeted by Victor politely & up beat. My BudTender Ryan answered my questions on selections, quality & price. Jed was very helpful when I was checking out.
    love the atmosphere, BudTenders are always pleasant & on there game.

  565. Im1meanmom

    The flower and concentrate are on point friendly staff

  566. Domcros13

    Good prices cool staff will recommend to all.

  567. Aopossum01

    Love it here!

  568. peejay75

    Love the flower here

  569. chamin623

    Sky nice dispensary nice meds

  570. markitark

    These guys are awesome here. Explain the product very well, super friendly, clean store and really easy to shop. Location is prime and very easy to get too

  571. Kai2timez

    I love this place customer service is awesome very fast the customers will love this place the people are very nice and energetic and always happy would very very recommend to someone else love the little containers they have to love everything awesome place

  572. Phhd3210

    Awesome first time they have amazing quality service. I highly recommend it!

  573. Izziiee86

    I shop here all the time. The people are always nice and the product is phenomenal.

  574. kwcoghlin

    I had Matt, aEUR

  575. 01bobby18

    Great staff. Excellent selection

  576. calientecafe

    A+ service everytime.

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