White Mountain Health Center

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9420 W Bell Rd., Sun City, AZ 85351


33.6385947, -112.2627566




7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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**9420 W. Bell Rd,
Sun City, AZ 85351**
6233744141-shop phone


** HOURS- 7:00am – 10:00pm DAILY!


***** Express Checkout available MONDAY-THURSDAY 9am-5pm and FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY from 2:30-’till closing. Just call in your order and it will be ready for you when you arrive. Existing Customers Only.*****




**Prices Do NOT include Tax**


ATM available, transaction fee is $2.00


**NEW FTP DEALS** starting 5/11/18
**First time patient specials** Free Pipe or Accessor. PLUS *Buy One Get 1 of the following* … Up to an 1/8th of Flower OR 1G Concentrate OR Any Amy & Al’s edible OR Any Sweet Science cartridge.Then take 25% Off All Other Products.**Redeem a 2nd time when making another purchase within 30 Days!!!***

**Prices Do NOT include Tax**

**Only 6.3% Sales Tax in Sun City!!**


**Monday** Double Points & Shake Sale … Earn Double Points (2 per $1 spent); Shake Sale $15 Value Strains and $20 Top/Premium Strains.
**Tuesday** Tasty Tuesday … 15 % off Edibles, 20% off White Mountain Edibles ALL DAY!
**Wednesday** Stock up / Wax Wednesday … Mix and Match any strains flower to equal $110 for Half Ounce or $195 for Full Ounce! 15% Off ALL Shatter, Waxes and Concentrates!
**Thursday** Thrifty Thursday/Double Points … Earn Double Points (2 per $1 spent); Buy 4 Pre Rolls get 1 FREE; ALL DAY HAPPY HOUR!
**Friday** Free Gram(s) Friday … Free Gram of Flower for EVERY Quarter Flower purchased.
**Saturday** Saturday ShatterDay … 15% off all Shatter, Wax, Crumble, and Vape Oil Cartridges all day!; 25% Off Flower when purchasing a Quarter of Flower or MORE!
**Sunday** Pick Your Special … Pick any ONE of our new Daily Specials!!!
"**Early Bird Special**" Come in from 7:00 am-8:00 am and get $5 Off Premium 1/8s Flower, $3 Off Top and Value 1/8s Flower!
"**Happy Hour Special**" Come in between 3-5pm and get $5 Off Premium 1/8s Flower, $3 Off Top and Value 1/8s Flower!
**VETERANS DISCOUNT 10% OFF!** Excluding discount pricing.
**SENIOR DISCOUNT 10% OFF! Excluding discount pricing.
**SENIOR DISCOUNT 10% OFF!** Excluding discount pricing.


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2,800 reviews for “White Mountain Health Center

  1. Mclovin364

    very helpful and great crew and flowers. My favorite dispensary to go to.

  2. domiiinick

    my spot should be your spot too no place is better than white mountain people, bud, edibles, all great won’t find another spot like this one

  3. LoveOrwell

    Everyone here is do down-to-earth and knowledgeable. Every time I’ve stopped in they have treated me, and every other patient I’ve seen them interactive with, as if they’re the only patient on earth. I’ve been to many dispensaries, and I can say that, as far as atmosphere goes, they outweigh the competition. On top of that, they have specials for everyday of the week (free gram Friday, mix and match Monday, 1/2oz humpday, etc.) and these are on top of other specials them offer. I think they offer better specials than what I have seen at other places. It’s just a great place all around. Thanks, White Mountain!

  4. angelams1173

    Very chill and friendly staff

  5. ginger85308

    Love this place! Everyone is always so friendly and helpful!

  6. killer459

    Best place in the valley

  7. jordenhunter


  8. tw3tracerman

    1st timer & felt great! Easy to get in & out. Treated like a king and got a “freebie”….Im set for ….a day or 2…

  9. savvydoe

    Hands down best dispensary on the west side. Always friendly, fast, and knowledgeable. Love WM!

  10. Oldsoulstoner420

    There service is outstanding . I enjoy there product! Never have I been upset with them. There first time patient deal is great and the have good glass pieces there. I say yes to this place i will be back

  11. breezieOG

    These guys are by far one of my favorites in the valley! Their prices are always great, their flower is sparkly and potent. They’re not booshie or trying to front about any of their products like a lot of places and the staff is always super friendly and helpful. Stay excellent guysdY’OEdY>>

  12. 11scjb27

    awesome buds.. good deals.. and excellent service

  13. Jenniferschultheis

    love the wax and prices n good quality wax

  14. rdavis1276

    worth the drive for me, great place!

  15. azwestmom

    As a first time user of medical marijuana, they were helpful (not arrogant) and really listened. Very happy with their prices and service.

  16. pattyp

    I have to say this is my new favorite dispensary Britney and pretty much everybody in the staff knows their stuff they’re willing to talk to you big white and katsu are my two favorite bud in the state right now

  17. slorts0808

    Knowledgeable, friendly, and a wide selection of fairly priced edibles and flower. Great loyalty program and awesome medicine.

  18. ArizonaPotency

    I love this place. nice and organized and super clean. Aaron helped me out

  19. Delgad000

    Friendly staff, very patient, very helpful, and knowledgeable. definitely will be going back.

  20. Ltlcrzy

    Love this place. Service and quality are excellent.

  21. foosman007

    Good specials and fast friendly service always. great variety

  22. gummyman

    Nice budtenders, never waited too long to get helped. Awesome first time patient deal and good product.

  23. Drewkobe24

    Great place

  24. iowa0204314

    always a quick visit 🙂

  25. Sanza08

    Best place in AZ!!!! Would recommend coming here anytime!

  26. NickelBrain

    Such a wonderful place!!!
    GDP was excellent to me:)
    2 bud 1/8th!!! 🙂
    I have family in Sun City .. so it extremely kool that
    I can stop in and say HIGH!!!

  27. un4getable

    Always worth the trip!

  28. accedence

    They have the best atmosphere and, hands down, the best people. Jordan is the bud tender who originally got me hooked going there, but I’ve never had a bad experience and am super happy with the new staff. They’ve grown so much in the past year and it shows. I think I like it more every time I go. White Mountain is my favorite in all the Phoenix areas.

  29. theleafhealer

    This last batch of og kush is my absolute favorite. so smooth and perfect for joints

  30. dannimiller

    amazing staff and amazing dead everyday

  31. Limo777

    Really believe in the way this dispensary treats their patients never rushing me great deals early bird good product no wait come check out will be happily from limo 7

  32. Cacatanga

    Great weed and budtenders

  33. SmokeyMcPot8824

    Best edibles and staff is always great

  34. 420straightshooter

    Buds are usually dank here a little dry tho cause of prepackage.the only issue I have is I did find 5-6 seeds in quad I had got of true og.usually don’t complain about 1-2 seeds I just plant them but the quad I got had too much.

  35. CHARGER440

    Best brownie in the West !

  36. dentonhunt

    great FTP deals, good product, friendly staff

  37. bettyanp

    Absolutely love this dispensary. They have a wide selection and the staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable . Great selection of edibles as well!

  38. Kristiem92

    So excited they have the camp for back going to get some today love it!!!! dY’OEdY~Sa$?i,

  39. jabbaajanet

    best brownies ever. they actually taste good. no kidding they do! i highly recommend the indica’s yummy and they work great!

  40. erb58

    Its a bit far but has great selection

  41. rdb1984

    I love coming to white mountain. they have the best deals and the most amazing concentrate.
    stop by and say Robert Brown sent you.

  42. familyofthree

    jack flash is quite the stash try the new shake thats out bomb and at a great price

  43. Michelekehoe

    Love these folks!

  44. YungShameless

    I Love this spot… Flame Flowers, awesome Chiil Vibe, and always great dealsdY”Y=dYOE2dYOE’dY+–dYOE’dYOE2dY”Y=dY+’

  45. TurboNick

    Thanks white mountain, staff there is very helpful and friendly. You guys rock!! Will be back soon, definitely one of my favorite dispensaries.

  46. dazdoob

    WMHC has the best customer service and in my opinion a better mix of bang for your buck and quality products. They also are always giving aways gifts and tools to enhance your mmj experience.

  47. blesh1

    I’ll stay true to this place. They always treat me well and remember me every time. Great spot

  48. Kingmaddy

    Great location to go to, first place I went to after getting my card. Give them a visit!

  49. Leiasmom

    This is a great dispensary, The Front desk (Ron) was so friendly and helpful. The bud tenders are quite friendly and answered all my questions with a smile. The deals are the best in town and the flower is top quality! I’ll definitely come back again !

  50. jamalstonelife

    Great bud love how everyone know there shit

  51. Sopikz

    fantastic customer service 🙂

  52. thethirday

    Coolest Staff with Nisha as my Budtender. She was amazing .. her attitude made my day and her pleasant smile was warm and welcoming… the flowers were nice and the price was right! Good for the West valley.

  53. milkyjay

    awesome tenders and edibles always on hit

  54. MrGiggles2016

    Came back after my 1st visit and I love it even more. I forgot her name but I had a very knowledgeable rep. Will make the drive anytime

  55. OrganicMolecul3

    Trash. I’m typically not one to think negatively about anything, however… the wax that was displayed to me looked like it was made in someone’s kitchen, the bud(s) displayed looked really rough (dry and old), & one of their pre-rolls had some bougie bud in it… The only time I’ll recommend this place to a friend or anyone, is when it’s April 1st.

  56. SaulGoodman9

    The White Widow Og is a very very smooth smoke with an instant head change and a sweet and sour stank to it. My Mood very calm and happy yet still energizing. This specific strain and batch has a good cerebral high as well as body.

  57. Marcellis6811

    First experience was great workers were very helpful.

  58. jfinwall

    Nice budtenders , great flower, and super deals. Im hooked on White Mountain

  59. Grizzly93

    I was told by a friend to check this place out loved the quality of the flowers

  60. TiffanyW86

    On my first time visit the workers was so nice to me the place is very neat and clean!!!!!!
    And one of the flowers I got was so good it help me with my pain in my knees and back…
    The best clinic so far

  61. Faith93

    Awesome daily deals, friendly and knowledgeable staff, lower tax in Sun City! Love White Mountain!

  62. Holywahhh

    I love the laid back comfy lounge-like vibe, and the staff is the best! Quality, service and knowledge of all their products is what keeps me coming back.

  63. heyyogompie

    The best budtenders in the business

  64. BriReady

    love love love this place! this is my one stop shop with low taxes on sale prices.

  65. LSB

    I haven’t been in a while but the bud is always good and I am looking forward to the new strains and the smile on my girl face when I come in!

  66. NYgyrl

    I think WM has the best flower and customer service in the Valley!!

  67. matticus12

    awesome place great selection

  68. smoke1012

    got to love white Mountain for hooking you up with the review pre rolls can’t wait to see what they got good inside

  69. Taraj10

    Very clean and welcoming. The staff is great and the product is fresh!

  70. Giabel41

    Loved this place. Great service and great quality. It was my first time and they were very helpful answering all of my questions. I even asked for recommendations on some of my purchase and was very pleased. Would definitely recommend to others.

  71. SmoaksQueen

    An awesome visit… everyone was very friendly and welcoming… have a great deals and excellent product… looking forward to my next visit!!

  72. aliziaolson

    Honestly my first time going to this dispensary. I was very pleased. The wait was a little long but one of the other customers said they usually had more people. I bought 2 grams of the lake of fire. It was super good. Super flavorful. Got super baked lol. The service was nice the guy who helped me(didn’t catch his name :/) but he was very nice helped me. And at the end of it all I got a free pipe and a card holder which I’m thankful for because us stoners lose stuff….a lot. But all in all I’m super happy and will probably go back alot(:

  73. jesserdbls

    Very kind employees, make you feel like part of their family

  74. Chase7Bank

    I love this dispensary. They have great bud. You can’t beat the prices and the staff is fantastic. I keep coming back to this dispensary.

  75. Adroitsixx

    This place has the best customer service ever!

  76. Mjay619

    I love white Mountain their flower is so good I like their Gorilla Glue it was so good also their staff are on point and know your medical needs try White Mountain on your next medical purchase you won’t be disappointed

  77. Foreverblessed89

    everyone is so nice. i love the Amy and Al’s selection they have because they make it in house. Ethan was awesome!

  78. bnourse

    Best edible prices in the valley! Also, the staff is amazing. Come check it out.

  79. kylesmokesweed1488

    this place is awesome well worth the drive from my side of town killer deals

  80. MaryJ710

    Knowledgeable staff good deals! Easily located on Bell it’s very accessible

  81. Joejoe041

    I love the brownie the 400 mg brownie for not that much they’re prettyroads are really good their prices are really good they are really good

  82. irvOG97

    Great meds and prices as well as great customer service .

  83. augetodd

    Bad ass spot. This is my home dispensary. I really enjoy going here. I drive by two other dispensaries to get to this one. The decor is sick. Take some time to check out the old school medical supplies. Super fast service. I’ve only waited one time and it was for like 2 min. Great deals. Super friendly staff. The one down fall. The tenders are not the most educated on the strains when it comes to specifics. Its like they haven’t tested each strain to explain to the patient exactly what each strain is like. Also they aren’t really up front with level of shelf they are pulling the flowers from. Its like they try and keep the highest end products hidden till its not happy hour or not on special and push the middle shelf product during that time. Other than that one of my favorite Dispensaries. Two thumbs up. Must check out.

  84. mmjmomlegalizeit81

    Customer service is outstanding and hard to beat on the west side. After not visiting for over a year. I’m pleased to report that their quality has greatly improved! They have truly earned my return business. I feel I was taken such good care of that I want to return and am thrilled to have a dispensary I can get AAA+ Meds after 7pm. Thanks guys!

  85. Phillips3213

    Great service and dY”Y= flower! Looking forward to coming back dY~

  86. ps4438

    This is the best place in AZ to pick up top quality meds for the best price! Keep killin it with your concentrates!!

  87. C0lt420

    Been here many times and the flower is always on point. They also have the best staff and prices!

  88. Tony42O

    xxx back on the shelf grab some asap it’s amazing.. thanks for great service white mountain..

  89. Justchillininaz

    The staff here are nice. However, the XXX OG is not as FIRE as a lot of reviews and employees say it is.
    Doesn’t HAVE that OG taste. Has the OG smell all the way but is weak. More of a fuely taste withOUT the lemon taste of an OG. Despite this, the taste is harsh and somewhat like tobacco.
    To add more to how I did not like the flower was that on each gram the weight was .10 off on all bags purchased. Called to explain the issue and was told the usual shpeel on how “our scales are state certified”. The understanding for patient care=absent.
    They did give me a FREE gram for waiting so long but when taken into account the amount lost due to weight…. more like a free half g.
    Again, the staff was really nice, just the logistics of this place combined with the mid quality of their OG makes for a place not well worth a revisit.

  90. BuzzedLiteyear

    The happy hour prices are great especially because of the low tax rate there. most consistently good bud in the Northwest valley. True OG and Tommy Chong are my latest favorites.

  91. vnse

    Great buds and great deals on fire edibles!

  92. fclymo

    Great prices and great flower you won’t be disappointed

  93. taytay0012345

    Great dispensary and great weed 🙂

  94. chito1333

    This guy’s are the best really do care and great Meds

  95. Nathanpesh23

    the buds is pretty good for the price the only problem i have is that none of the 8ths i bought here were on point every where else that has prepackaged flower there like 3.52-3.64 but the grams are hook up from 1.1-1.19

  96. shellbell0705

    It was awesome !!

  97. jaycannon89

    Great flower

  98. CrazyCAT5150

    This is the place to go. Great meds and great people. I always go during happy hour for great discounts.

  99. ballzee

    Glad I found White Mountain, the Staff was great, Thanks Clay for your help. I will be back….it’s only 5 min away.
    I purchased 1/8 of Dutch Treat and Bubba Kush, both excellent. Some shatter and a preroll. Good quality products.

  100. cowgirldiva

    LOVE this place….Great flower , customer service and ONLY place I can purchase potcorn….HIGHLY reccomend the brownie that’s $10

  101. seandoolan

    This place is by far the best. From the knowledgeable and friendly staff, quality product and very fair prices, I assure you it’s impossible to go wrong at White Mountain.

  102. ButterSlax

    great location local to me. excelent knowledgeable staff. always a pleasure stopping by.

  103. smokesalot1310

    good buds at great prices with the friendly people around

  104. ladyshaman

    Love this place & their people.

  105. sunshine125

    This is by far my favorite dispensary! The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. The delivery service and drivers are fantastic. Not to mention the amazing daily specials and best sativa stains around!

  106. RobertS.

    First time client at White Mountain Dispensary. Great experience. Staff is friendly and very helpful. Will definitely go back.

  107. sebdolinar

    Super chill atmosphere and always very friendly and helpful customer service from everyone!

  108. nunezm

    Nice fresh flower, loved the pineapple skunk they had. reasonable prices and friendly bud tenders will go back again.

  109. hebronius

    OK place. They tend to push you to their own brands. Not sure why they even retail other products. Their “Sweet Science” vape cartridges are cheap, but you get what you pay for. I’m guessing at least 30-40% terpes. Metal tasting. Alcohol extracted and it tastes like they don’t fully purge the alcohol. Last few vape carts I bought from WMHC tasted like turpentine.

  110. krobbins80

    No matter your needs they can help you! Everyone feels welcome the second you walk thru the door.

  111. jaylonjames

    Great pre rolls they hooked me up!

  112. Samdrew

    This was my first dispensary experience and I loved it. Friendly staff made me feel super comfortable and chill and helped me out with everything that i needed. Their dynamic is great, service is great, I definitely will be venturing back shortly.

  113. mrfollis

    My favorite for quality price and people !

  114. robert420er

    what do i think about white mountain? omg this is the one . superb flowers everything ive tried here is superrrrrrrrrrrr bomb stuff ..rocking place .. yet alone the staff are absolutly wonderful .. been to almost every place in phoenix .. no dought about it ..this place really rocks , and thank u soo much to all the awesome staff ….peace robert420er

  115. dolantillman19

    This is a great shop love the weed!

  116. TheChairman364

    best in az

  117. thatsmetina

    Awesome people! Plus flower

  118. DD0805

    Been all over and still come back to White Mountain! Best buds and beat staff!!f

  119. snowly

    great atmosphere good staff products are good quality

  120. stogie560

    Awesome as always.

  121. blazemasterflex

    great Flowers

  122. Dhalbert

    Some of the best prices in AZ, and excellent customer service as well! Would definitely recommend trying out this dispensary!

  123. KaeJillaeon

    White Mtn Has one of the best atmospheres!! I love the sitting area!!! And their selection is awesome!!! Lots of good stuff to pick from!!

  124. thompsda

    Great experience for my first time ever going into a dispensary. Very friendly staff, and very informative. I will be back.

  125. winked101

    one of my favorite places to go heading there now as a matter of fact. some of the best edibles you’ll find and the nicest people thank you White Mountain

  126. Buhrayden

    Never disappointed, always a great vibe and service! never changes!

  127. cc1515

    White Mountain clinic has a welcoming atmosphere and great medication.

  128. elokcin

    One of my favorite dispensaries

  129. HerbHerbenstein

    Great place – they know what they are doing and how to run a business!!

  130. XpLiCiT

    great customer service and staff. meds are quality as well

  131. ReFurr

    Such a cute spot, in the heart of my favorite town! Love stopping through when I’m traveling.. Such nice staff 🙂

  132. grome420

    good budz!!!

  133. cmartin63

    Great service, excellent pricing and products!!!

  134. Ebbs90

    This stuff is great, pleasant, and humble. Will make you feel very welcomed.

  135. Canna4UC

    Awesome selection and really friendly, best place in the west valley

  136. ThatJewishGuy

    The service is great, prices are good, and the environment is welcoming. Highly recommended!

  137. vosskaren1

    good honest peeps and great meds! definately reccommend

  138. Dojagirl78

    I love the new expansion! This place is so awesome and I’m happy to see them grow! They’re always helpful, knowledgeable and super cool!

  139. Intrensicmyles

    GG#5 please come back. White Mountain has the best flower potency I’ve found.

  140. chrissehak

    Great spot with good selection try the holy grail

  141. egherrera

    The staff treats you like we’re best buds.

  142. Foxkush

    me and my girlfriend went here since I’ve had been before, normally super nice and friendly.. not this time we barely had any service and when we did get service all it was, was attitude. called to see if they had aunt ellie said they did cheaper than anything I’ve ever seen. not real ellies as well as they charged my girlfriend twice for a 60 transaction. terrible service and terrible attitude. if you want to get basic medicine and get an attitude come on down here. where you have to some how pay an extra 100 percent for someone who couldn’t explain what the difference between indica and sativa. really good job. before you hire someone to give someone their medicine and help them actually fix their issues make sure they understand everything there is to it. if not then they should just be a glorified pill seller. (pharmacy)

  143. Marcu5

    Staff was amazing…. Building was very clean and the tile is awesome. Very knowledgable staff and Nate and Butch really educated me on alternatives to flower. Best experience hands down.

  144. aztwinkillaz

    The gdp at white mountain health is on point decent location and good staff pricing is good also thnks white mountain health

  145. southerman

    Great place for meds,,,,went last weekend for the 1st time… will be going again soon…. Great Purple Haze… Lemon Cookies.. Bubba Kush…tired a few others…. GREAT MEDS !!!!!!!!

  146. Wildcats9311

    Always very friendly and very informative. The products are great and the deals are awesome.. PS: If you have tried the house edible cookie I highly recommend it (no pun intended). Super cheap ($10) and you will sleep great!

  147. aperez1994

    Amy & Als edibles are the best

  148. shellymay4950

    most knowledge individuals, best rolling papers ever, peace

  149. nece03

    Good location, great people. My first time in there today and felt very comfortable.

  150. FM9686

    I fwlt so welcome at this place, plust first time gets a free pipe and percent off any flower. The budtender was so knowledgeable, easy tonunderstand and was a really laid back dude. Also he filled me in on all the specials and what not. I am definitely going to come back again, awesome meds.

  151. pjw121

    I love the flowers true og is the best flowers ever tried different flowers but I love true og the best.

  152. grantR

    this is one of the best shops to come for everything u need plz check them out!!!

  153. Azsun500

    Great service and potent flower! Thanks again WM!

  154. cconner1208

    Great staff great product and prices

  155. namaw66

    This is my favorite dispensary. Once I found them I stopped going anywhere else. The bud tenders are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They will take their time explaining things to a new patient to help you get exactly what you need/want. Been going there for over a year exclusively, and no plans to go anywhere else! Go see them, you’ll be glad you did. Great flower, and their shake is unlike other places.

  156. Lalston76

    great place and prices

  157. JDS420

    Love that they stay open till 10 daily , good flower and solid edibles 🙂

  158. inez79

    it was ok.far for me but it was worth it.i picked up purple urkle…….whoo,n,that was some fire!staff was so kool

  159. Washingtonj35

    They have the best deals!

  160. jimshorts621

    Crap service. I looked up their menu on leafly and then called them to make sure they had it. I made the trip down there only to find that the product listed on the menu that the guy said they had “didn’t exist’. Thank you for wasting my afternoon. Never coming back.

  161. eking99

    Very welcoming environment! I am a first time patient and Sierra helped me so much! Her vibe was awesome and she made it a super fast process!!

  162. clflora13

    Like to show some respect to you guys and gals for steppin up the flower game.
    Just got both aEURoethe popeaEUR & aEURoe pink kushaEUR both very nice in taste,aroma,colors, and of course quality. I really appreciate the bud tenders opinions knowledge and knowing the difference between good and good for the price. I’m far from a douche bag(spelling?) but, I don’t care how much it is. I want the shit that’s gonna make me lose my way home. Well on your way guys and great selection of choices.

  163. LoneLobo22

    Best quality edibles and tasty Tuesday days make their low prices cheaper.

  164. Miguelloco

    Best meds on the west side. Great selection of flower and the best knowledgable staff around. One stop shop

  165. s1hunnit

    Great location ,,,love the people..great quality

  166. AddisonGarrett

    Great people great meds, would recommend 100%

  167. alexismeier

    Love moutain they have great deals everyday and free weed pipes that you can get with point and grinder you can get alot of different things for free with point. diffently recommend.dY’oedY’oedY’>dY’>dY~,,dY~,,

  168. madijane6913

    awesome budtenders. Ethan is the best!!

  169. jcole560

    White mountain is the best dispensary on the west side. Most consistent good service great flower and edibles !

  170. DabinPorts

    Strawberry cough looks very delicious and fallows through with a fruity after taste sure to please your buds

  171. JLF1

    Great easy to get to.

  172. AR1990dec

    cool spot must go

  173. blchard

    Loving it. Need xxxog og more often.

  174. Sharlism

    First time there they made me feel as if I had been regular forever. Aaron was very helpful in helping me find what I needed. I am very pleased with the service I recieved. Most definitely will become a regular… Thanks guys..

  175. Phred67

    Great location, knowledgeable staff.

  176. devilpup

    Good meds. Good service

  177. chocolatecity76

    Very nice clean. I love the hours and I really liked Girl Scout cookies

  178. jaredownby

    Great flowers skeptical on bags but real happy with product

  179. HalieNeal420

    First time visit was on Saturday 2/18/17. Must say very nice clean place with amazing staff! Great quality meds let alone good prices. Really loved how for your first time you can choose any pipe you want out of this big selection that they have full of nice pieces. I definitely will be back:)

  180. apeshirley

    one of my favs! love the coconut oil dream clouds!

  181. sour1331

    location and hours are perfect staff is amazing and medical has never let me down place is on point

  182. Heater462

    love the flower good people and open late

  183. chuku

    aweeeeesome best meds in the valley definately going back sometime this weekend

  184. fanfanfan

    This is my preferred valley dispensary due in large part to the genuine friendliness of the employees, particularly Ria and Jordan.

  185. 1956L

    great place!

  186. Ariann123

    Best place ever! The staff is always caring and compassionate! Come by and check them out today!

  187. ToadSmoke

    I love the shake deals on Monday. I picked up some gorilla glue along with my juicy fruit shake. The juicy fruit was amazing for the deal and left me feeling quite happy and uplifted. Staff is always friendly and knowledgeable!

  188. trask2288

    Best place to go for flower. Best prices! Love that pineapple skunk

  189. birdy54

    Awesome staff and awesome meds. Always leave here with a smile. Thanks again WM! This flower house is one of the best.

  190. boricua_420

    bestt dispensary there is

  191. badu420

    I love it here always fast and friendly and the bud is amazing

  192. donnamarie091012

    great place to come

  193. mike602

    Best place yet

  194. aztoughjeep

    Another trip to the mountain. The late hours of operation are great. Great medication, comfortable atmosphere and a very friendly staff. Thank you white mountain I will be back

  195. highlifecharles

    Can’t express enough how great the atmosphere in here is, great products great staff! Never disappoints

  196. crazydee73

    awesome place to shop at if u haven’t been here before check it out. they have great selections of buds. and great service

  197. Cherylthebassgirl

    Very courtious and helpful . Helped me understand what kind did what and have me help in choosing what worked best for me. Very good deals

  198. chris1thorson

    Best customer service and bud around

  199. vcryer

    I like this dispensary, they have some good daily deals, Love the fire og they carry its a heavy indica strain and it does a great job!!!

  200. stefan

    by far one of my favorite dispensaries they have a large selection and a great staff

  201. millertimee

    Great service I love the prerolls

  202. danklin27

    Love this location awesome selection!

  203. smaxxx1970

    Awesome place !!! Great product ,prices and staff..

  204. cisq

    Great flower, awesome staff!would reccomend white mountain health center highly!

  205. feline420

    I love this place! They have great flowers! And they have an awsome cbd tincture in coconut oil!

  206. sweetroll13

    Love it! All the stff are very helpful and friendly. A wide range of products to select from.

  207. Bazwick28147001

    Live Resin is Fire! XXX OG , Holy grail and GREEN Crack are AWESOME! See U Soon.

  208. Valorince

    Always a fantastic play to pick up. Your K.O. Kush was AMAZING! One of my new favorites.

  209. jaydigity

    Love this place

  210. adrian609

    second favorite spot only because of the distance but the concentrates are always amazing. service is great and edibles are the best

  211. ThomasP

    came by the other day with new card,filled out paperwork..so now you say iam a new F T P.all i got was 15 % off cookies,i could have came in on sat.and get 15% off,NO FREE PIPE..NOT EVEN A FREE GM>>>so in other words i got shit as a F T P…now you know why i have not been coming in lately…..SO HAVE A SWELL LIFE!!!!! I dont think I will be coming in any more

  212. dbuffniceson1

    Always fast service and flower is quality. Nice atmosphere and very very helpful staff.


    great service and deals. bringing a my girl on for the goods

  214. shaynasty602

    I was there as a new patient and they were incredible. From the moment I walked in the door I felt welcome and comfortable. They took time with me and made amazing recommendations. I can’t wait to go again!

  215. NickTheDeer

    great edibles and deals

  216. Jeff1313

    My first time and it was nice small waiting area relaxing atmosphere, real personal type of atmosphere, I will definitely be back.

  217. jcamilo13

    Great specials for great flower.

  218. lyghtning

    Great meds, great environment

  219. KFCBucketMeal

    Always a good choice

  220. SashaGojk

    Amazing location with a great product. Very knowledgeable staff and very nice. Very clean and best deals in the valley

  221. patr8lion58

    Good bud and wax

  222. l3al3yl3lues

    absolutely love this place! the representatives are friendly and knowledgeable. i had an awesome first experience. and even though its not very close to my house, it is definetely worth the drive.

  223. trevormayyy

    can’t beat the hours! open on Sundays too!

  224. Larissa89

    love the hours and staff and product

  225. chelsnlexi2

    this place is amazing every time I go in. they are always so happy. my number one go to.

  226. CWoody07

    This is my favorite place to come. Best bud in the valley. Bring back the GDP Cream!

  227. k1lauderdaleboy81

    I love this place good prices great customer service and never long lines

  228. Lszewc

    Always have amazing service here and usually I’m in and out in 10 minutes. There edibles are very good as well!

  229. faithscott93

    Awesome prices and great deals throughout the week. Wonderful deal for 1st time patients! dYOE1/4

  230. Moonjr058

    Great people and products!

  231. nick.grasso.71

    Great dispensary! They always have the best deals and specials. Awesome staff too.

  232. jonroe1972

    Great staff. I’m always well taken care of when here. And my favorite bud tender works here too! What a nice bennie.

  233. mrmatt14

    this shop is like watching all of the Harry potter movies back to back. ……amazing!!!

  234. slingshot1

    I was very pleased with my first experience at a dispensary. The staff were all pleasant, knowledgeable, and courteous. I will definitely return

  235. superdefaultman

    Nice enough people but the flower is pre-packaged, dry and not the best all around quality. The people were nice enough but the product didn’t satisfy me in the slightest.

    Fantastic edibles though, so there’s that? I guess.

  236. cottonmouth116

    I love these guys and White Mountain dispensary they really know their s*** shame I’m moving to San Tan Valley otherwise I’d be here every week guys got to give it a try best in the

  237. twinder27

    favorite dispensary in the west valley. Great deals always!

  238. DirtMcGirt1

    dope place. og’s are bomb here

  239. Minus99x

    excellent product service and deals. The flower is always fresh potent and tasty. Their white mountain brand is on par with the greats. the deals that they carry are sometimes too good to be true yet they are! they also charge the lowest tax percentage in the valley! the owner is super cool, a fellow detroiter like myself

  240. mscottmswaim

    Just tried the Alien Hallucination, and I loved it. Always a great selection of flower !

  241. ubereverywhere420

    friendly staff, good quality and selection, fair pricing 🙂

  242. smoke438

    Went and got me some of their wax Wednesday deals. Pretty awesome!

  243. orobert88

    Great dispensary! Nice quality flower at a good price. Friendly respectful staff to answer any questions and help with any needs. Would highly recommend this place to family and friends.

  244. Marcus488

    very limited selection to help them push you into their products which are low quality poor traditions and ineffective

  245. dessymac

    Went in kind of late! They were not busy and quiet joyful. I got the Monday special and some gummie eiables that were really good. I also like the shake a picked up which was Lavender. Great place to visit

  246. Rakofsky

    ALWAYS A GREAT SELECTION OF FLOWER!! And Helpful staff! dY~f

  247. tokinfreak69

    I always find what I’m looking for. The staff is AWESOME! That redhead 18 I believe it was called was fire!!!

  248. mceffertz

    clean, good quality, friendly knowledgeable staff

  249. Lindsborja

    Love how friendly the staff is. Lemon cookies is really good for only $10 a gram

  250. Luis5822

    Love stoping here for their bud. They always get you in and out quickly. Would recommend to others

  251. raechell

    very friendly good bud great prices

  252. angelsl0v

    Love this place only place that has he best flowers!

  253. dprince

    everyone here is super helpful and nice with anything keep it up guys

  254. BB187

    Always fast and the staff is always super helpful and pleasant. Great location! Can’t say enough good things!

  255. fishgirl1979

    Great service. Great smoke. I’m always impressed with every one here.

  256. linj

    I love this dispensary. I am reviewing to inform you that as of 3pm today, Tuesday, 12/26, your menu isn’t linked to your website….just sayin’.

  257. Johnnybgould

    One of my favorite spots for meds great staff awesome medicine j gould

  258. adrian2014

    Loved the live resin I got. Service was also great, thanks again!

  259. ashliej1234

    Awesome service Jordan was great

  260. fgamboa

    love this place.
    good deals

  261. tarzan2020

    So good I drive 20 miles passing other dispensaries to get to this perfect palace of greenery

  262. Afink10

    Awesome products and service

  263. AsgardianThunderFk

    dope store great flower and twinkles definitely stop by this store if its your first time they hook it up with a free pipe and grinder on top of a discount cant beat that

  264. Megantheboss88

    Drive past two other dispensaries to get here atleast twice a week

  265. ray73

    great location, easy to get to and The Best Employee’s & Staff..

  266. elfoluch

    This is one of my favorite dispensaries. The white Mountain edibles are the best quality and price that I have found in the valley. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

  267. zachblu999

    I have to say the employees are always top tier, the bud is great for the price, and the management are generous from my experience. One of the few places I come back to in the valley

  268. vinniern

    highly recommend will continue to shop here awesome prices and friendly staff

  269. Josemunozbjj

    Great pre rolls


    It is quite a distance from me but because of the service and prices it is my favorite. Location is great just wish it was closer to me.

  271. Anthonydoocati

    Great place. Good deals and short wait time.

  272. rosendo

    Really good first time patient deal great gifts for first-time patient smoke smells a hell of fire and the people are very very cool respectful will return again

  273. CopeRebel93

    white mountain was an awesome dispensary great tasting moon rocks (space balls) absolutely delicious, it had a nice citrus taste to it, the flower was amazing very beautiful and flavorful. The people were great and I loved the vibe inside of white mountain.

  274. Lingary

    Good & Varied Selection. Place is Clean. Staff is Pleasant. Will Be Going Back. Al.

  275. pslar

    I just bought an 1/8th of the best flower I’ve ever had… in my 35 years of smoking… from this place. it was so good that I was tempted to give it a bad review just so more would be left for me tomorrow.

    I hope they have a good 420 sale so I can Max out my limit there.

  276. Castonrob

    love it

  277. SIR3N18

    Always a pleasure stopping by!!

  278. Seanpadd

    Convenient. Staff is knowledgeable.

  279. maddieofawesome

    Best pricing for edibles for brownie. It cannot be beat. 400mg!

  280. lowballhitter

    Friendly, very helpful.

  281. LadyLoyd

    Awesome, only pharmacy I use.

  282. warrenpuffit

    I really love the storefront atmosphere. the meds are on point and all the bud tenders are very knowledgeable and helpful.

  283. RamsesJ

    My first time In was a while back but this place is rad. Great meds, friendly &a knowledgeable staff, & great prices. Will be back

  284. dbaxt

    Great quality and people.

  285. wilperezjr

    Haven’t been here in a while and upon walking in the other day, I asked myself why I haven’t? This place is great! Easy atmosphere, employees are great and very informative. Since I came in with a new card, I was given the first time patient specials which seemed to never end. Flower is moist, which you don’t get at a lot of places here in Phoenix valley area. I’ll definitely be back.

  286. walter9192

    Always a great deal and quick service. Thanks!!!

  287. coop3r

    Great place
    Love their product

  288. StonerGrams

    Flower here is awfully dry. Didn’t used to be, but alas…it is so.

  289. winterlost

    chillest place ive been to, easy going. some gal was attending me, she made it simple for me to choose what’s good, thumbs up b^-^d

  290. Lohmanb

    Like the remodel. Same awesome people!

  291. justin512

    Matt was knowledgeable about the strains and other product

  292. nevada84

    I dont get in as much as I used to but always one of my favorite places.. The True OG is always great.. convenient place for a late night stop..1

  293. nisha05

    Mark and Sierra are amazing! I love those two! Always putting a smile on my face 🙂

  294. Alex1313

    People are nice and the bud is good.

  295. 96jmm

    I always come here. And always satisfied with the service!

  296. Breeze2137

    staff highly professional knowledgeable of product edibles Top Notch I would highly recommend this dispensary to my friends

  297. Nicidix

    Always friendly and willing to help! Best dispensary in sun city!

  298. moist1

    Great place, very knowledgeable and awesome staff

  299. TenzoUchia

    one of my favorite locations.

  300. Derickmanleyfuc

    Really nice and smooth flower. Always just right and cheap too. Please go here for your first deals and have some fun.

  301. Andreking82

    great staff great location very affordable prices with great bud

  302. desireeportuondo

    Good strains and deals

  303. TattooPrincess13

    Love them up at white Mountain. Always a friendly face greets you. Great prices. Great flower at amazing prices.

  304. crottsky

    Best place in AZ! great meds, and great staff.

  305. birdeeman72

    White mountain will not respond to negative reviews and try to make things right. DO NOT BUY MEDS HERE! Went in to try and explain my last couple of experiences and it fell on deaf ears. Very frustrating to know they won’t even hear the customer out. Was giving them another chance but since they dint seem to care either way. Disappointed

  306. austinlundberg

    Hands down the best dispensary in the AZ. Welcoming environment. Excellent meds. And great quality service.

  307. Melissas62

    My favorite spot after work on Friday!

  308. alexd24

    Everyone is super friendly and it is a great location!

  309. BigJ808

    my favorite spot they have best prices for top self products

  310. Cmonreal


  311. corky2747

    Quality bud great staff!

  312. mmjmoosey

    love your weed, not the biggest fan of prepackaged, great deals & awesome edible. bud a little bit dry. I recommend to you all

  313. Duder1357

    great service and great flower

  314. datsauce

    Always quality service and quality medicine!

  315. 2and2

    Amazing flower and edibles–love the truffles! Great specials

  316. Heatherannlacey

    am so impressed with the service and as promised my review the flower tasty the deals dank the cost is exceptionally low in comparison to other dispensers outstanding up to date point system well worth the half hour drive thanks

  317. DuBPride

    it was great.. loved everything from the helpful staff to the quality buds

  318. zchill98

    It’s rolled to perfection!

  319. Snowbelle2

    The atmosphere is very comforting with large leather couches and chairs. Many interesting items for decor. All the staff are very educated on the strains and differences. I have been coming here for almost a year now. First big shout out to Miles as one of my bud tender!! He has so much patience with me, and my constant questions. He helps me get focused and pick which flower strain will help me with my many health issues. Thank You Miles!!

  320. Dave222555

    Best Daily Deals in Town!

  321. jennalovelove

    my husband always find what he needs to manage his pain. wonderful & friendly staff! we feel safe and comfortable getting his medicine!

  322. Jdubb602

    close and always a in and out experience

  323. Kennou2

    Best Dispensary Ever!!!

  324. because_unicorns

    won a giftbag in the raffle on 4/20. great prizes/products and I still have some goodies left to smoke!

  325. minds

    Great selection and customer service! Love the early bird special!

  326. CallMeScrappyK

    Very helpful and they have great deals!

  327. 25yearvet

    Nice place. Ok flower for the price. Really bad vibe with the bud tender.

  328. 1jasper

    Everytime I pick my wife up from work what she works right around the corner I can’t resist and stopping on by and picking up your great meds and you guys have the greatest customer service the top quality budz I love it I got to keep coming back every single day

  329. joeythc

    great medz!

  330. moonshine_lover

    Nice staff, was hoping for excellent medicines here since its ran by an attorney, but thats not what happen.

    For the same quality, I can get better deal in Young Town or Glendale.

  331. jd3p0

    excellent customer service. top shelf concentrates. renewed card got ftps. awesome. nice opeb shop. sizeable waiting area for patients and non. will be back for sure

  332. Nenad

    Even tho location is far from me, I try to come as often as possible

  333. rebock0689

    love this place.. awesome strains… cool people…. will always be a repeat customer!!

  334. Ktaycheney

    Good customer service and products

  335. SweetieC

    I’m always pleasantly surprised when I stop by. I love the flowers, edibles, and concentrates. It’s always worth the trip and I’m never disappointed.

  336. Peterson72

    Very nice selection of vapes. Always bringing in new products! The staff is very friendly and willing to be patient!

  337. reneeconley

    I love coming here all the employees are super nice they have great specials and top-quality customer service. Great location.

  338. medgogg

    Fantastic dispensary! They have a really open well organized set up, their staff is super helpful and friendly. I would recommend this dispensary to anyone for sure!

  339. Wack0

    Amazing product! Amazing bud tenders. By far my favorite dispensary yet!

  340. ClanStrachan

    This is the only place I go. Quality flower and great prices. They don’t gauge you and have deals all the time. Plus every time I renew my card they give me super discounts. Flowers are clean and have no leftover growing flavors.

  341. kevkev713


  342. crich775

    I’ve been a return customer here for around a year and a half. Fantastic quality products, budtenders that actually know what they are talking about; On top of all of that the prices are some of the best in town.

  343. soniagrs

    You Have to stop by! dY”Y=

  344. Night20

    Best place Evet Recommend this place to everyone nice and safe

  345. azcoolbreeze

    Very nice staff, very nice product, very nice location, very nice specials, very nice hours of operation, it’s just a very nice place to do business with.

  346. jdgm1984

    Quality flower at awesome prices. This is my new favorite place to go.

  347. codyaprice

    nice prerolls and flower with fast service

  348. RZA710

    never going back don’t come here if you Wana get less flower then what you payed for

  349. KyleFHerrington

    Best Dispensary in AZ!!!! Ethan was beyond helpful in all areas that I was unfamiliar with! Thank you!

  350. Henry1984420

    Love the quality

  351. clwjoint

    Great location in the west valley … The staff is helpful in selecting the new stuff . I like the am flowers and will buy a pre-roll to check out some thing new . last time i got ATF … i liked it !

  352. Lizz_Settle

    I LOOOOVES me some White Mountain Health Center!!! I would come up with a new starting phrase but this one is so accurate it’s just perfect!!! 🙂 Ok so check it out if you haven’t been here yet, you so NEED to check this place out! Not only is the staff Amazing, The buds are just beautiful, it’s a fun, positive enviroment, and you can snag up a really cool piece to go home with!! Win! Win! if you’re thinking ok well so does everybody else. NO! first off not all dispensaries offer free stuff for referrals(found that out the hard way) second not every dispensary is comfortable, HOWEVER White Mountain is! they have the best squishiest stone couch to wait on EVER!! (so wanna take that thing home) and no weirdo bouncer guy. (that’s just creepy) and the pieces you can get are awesome! if you just need something simple they’ve got a whole shelf of amazing glassware for 4$ each!!! yes, you read that right $4 each and no these aren’t the cheap pieces you get for that price at your local smoke shop, they are quality pieces!! So ask how you can get one!! I Love this place!! and you should too!! if you haven’t stopped in yet then take the drive. I promise it’s worth every moment!!! Thank you Always White Mountain!! YOU Guys Are AMAZING!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  353. highinachevy

    I have been here to white known health center a few times and I had to say it was always an experience a good one at that dY’OEdY1/2

  354. blackancestry

    Happy New Year to everyone at White Mountain Health Center! dY’

  355. cluna760

    highly recommend !! Matt and cody are super nice and always go above and beyond for me. they are truly caring and just awesome! flour is always on point,great deals!


    Great shatter! Also very happy with the level of customer service provided. Clean and friendly staff.

  357. dgiraudy

    Very satisfied with the quality of everything!

  358. tquinio

    The lavender is the cleanest, smoothest, best cured flower that I have smoked in the 2 yrs I’ve had my card. Hats off to you guys.

  359. Pyrofan76

    nice. the staff was nice and honest. and tue flowers they did have were very nice

  360. jesslechuga

    hands down one of the best dispensaries out there daily specials can beat Saturday deals Monday deals definitely recommend

  361. whatever21327

    I went here last month, the guy at the front desk is extremely friendly, and so was my budtender. She was honest in telling me what meds would best suit me. They have a $10/g new patient special. Some of these meds gave me more anxiety than meds from other dispensaries but overall good stuff. I would come back again, very friendly people.

  362. GodsCandy

    love there pre packed, the buds are actually good looking buds. Jenna was very helpful. thank you!

  363. andyman401

    best place ever

  364. Umjammerdanny

    Great prices, knowledgable and helpful staff, nice and easy to get to location, and a huge selection of strains. I highly recommend the purple haze

  365. SameOne

    great selection of flower and excellent customer service!

  366. draco420

    Always great deals and great selections

  367. Skiz

    last weekend I came in and purchased a live resin disposable pen. from the first day I could tell there was something wrong it was really hard to pull. within a day the battery had died. I went back in and ask them about it they were able to replace it no questions asked. their flowers always on point and their staff is always friendly.Yo

  368. dantroxell89

    Dude, talk about one of the best in the business…. I, single handedly, had the best experience ever at White Mountain. My tender was super knowledgeable, kind, and when I told him what I wanted he took the time to explain his recommendation AFTER he heard me out. Also, their house edibles are DANK AF!!!! And the new patient deal will blow your socks off. You get free stuff and a free glass piece, I got a badass bubbler. I think I spent $50 my first visit and I walked out with $250 in merchandise easy. Hella dope place!

  369. britlad

    I love coming to White Mountain because the staff is always friendly, very helpful, and professional. I personally usually come in just for their concentrates. They always have a lot to choose from and it is high quality. I would definitely recommend this dispensary to other patients.

  370. paully27

    love it here. the staff is always so welcoming and laid back

  371. Lillyp

    Great quality flowers and edibles! Miles was super helpful and took the time to show me the different tiers and specials. Def check this place out!

  372. 007trichome

    Shatter A+ Location is far as f*ck from my place, but the quality and prices are worth it. 8/10 dY”Y=Flowers!

  373. southernbelle81

    Staff is knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful! Best customer service and products at the best price in the valley!

  374. cloudnine96

    Excellent edibles to choose from. Friendly staff, nice enough to give me a free pipe with my purchase. Will be back for another visit

  375. allelois

    Very informative staff, prices excellent
    as well as the meds…good stuff!!!

  376. dyerofsanity

    This is by far the Best spot for meds in town. Friendly staff and Awesome Atmosphere. Great pipes as well. I will always come back.

  377. tsansoterra

    I came here for the first time a week ago and was greeted with a warm welcome. I am very sceptical about prepackaged medicine, but after getting a few grams of sour d my mind has been changed. this place is the best dispensary within the area, and their prices are unbeatable.

  378. null08

    Always friendly budtenders, top quality flower, and some of the best price per MG edibles I’ve seen

  379. Turboturtle623

    convenient, and fast paced walk-in even as a new patient. Location wise is perfect! Quality of goods looks excellent so far!

  380. fpera1986

    great service every time! I would recommend.

  381. aevans795

    Best place on the west side, great selection, daily deals, and customer service

  382. walken

    Delicious new Smores edible. This place sets the High bar that others trail far behind.

  383. juhobi82

    awesome staff…great products…definitely going back

  384. controlledchaos

    Great staff! Great product! I’ve gone to numerous dispensaries across the valley but this is my go too. Friendly staff that know and love what they sell. Recommend to everyone/anyone

  385. skate1996

    Absolutely awesome everytime I go in the staff is always so helpful and friendly that’s not a quality you find in most places

  386. unrullykydd876

    The center is amazing I always have a wonderful experience customer service is extra ordinary no long wait just overall great experience great products and prices

  387. Sweeneydanielle14

    great buds great prices

  388. sydneyll123

    Love love love their buds, the fact that they have vegan edibles, and their free pre rolls for reviews!!

  389. liltooshort88

    love this place every time I go in I get friendly knowledgable staff and great medication…love it

  390. JairoI

    great customer service, you are greated as soon as you walk in. I have never been disappointed coming to white mountain they have high quality product.

  391. verokcard

    I loved how personable everyone was and how comfortable I felt. Everyone was so welcoming, I will definitely be returning to this dispensary.

  392. smokes1k

    Nice specials, good people.

  393. Goodbud

    So went to this place to pick up some bud I get there snow cap and when I get home to enjoy some meds there nothing but seeds thru out the whole thing then I take it back there and the two girls working say “what the big deal if it has seeds” I encourage people to not go to this place I find seeds in everything they grow PLEASE DO NOT SPEND YOUR HARD ERNED MONEY AT THIS PLACE YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF service is terrible!!!!

  394. TERPblog

    I love the budtenders at White Mountain Health Center. They are knowledgeable and friendly. Great hours and awesome deals!

  395. MDAllen95

    Staff is super knowledgeable and they always have the best value. Very convenient location as well.

  396. fatpat623

    Great bud and great atmosphere pricing could be more competitive tho

  397. lbiggs2316

    hands down my favorite spot to go to!!!

  398. A.sloan

    I’ve been looking for the right edible products and so far White Mountain has had the best choices for me to pick from. Always a friendly visit!

  399. PrettyPurple

    White Mountain is the best dispensary in Arizona hands down they always have the best products and the best deals no matter what I have never been unimpressed with white mountain

  400. Bayleef

    I really like the variety. the budtenders treat you well, they have good recommendations. I always come here for all my stuff after trying other places.

  401. deeznuggz

    Very nice dispensary with a unique atmosphere the staff were very helpful and provided us with all the education we needed as new patients thank you White Mountain

  402. elrino1958

    Just got my card and am reviewing white mountain for the first time. This place has great deals on bud and great tenders that will help you out biggly!

  403. Kevinvo4567

    Great Place, Product, and the budtenders are helpful

  404. Achilles1994

    Best place to get what you need!

  405. dmart87

    This is my favorite dispensary, helpful staff.

  406. Urbanpothead87

    great location and people

  407. StanMan2112

    My favorite place in the entire Phoenix metro area. Great bud tenders. Love white mountain.

  408. Brian2234557

    awesome place for earlybirds like myself who like to wake and bake!

  409. Krystalclark

    I like this place the people are friendly and Luis answered all my questions on phone

  410. eponce43

    This location is awesome! love the shop

  411. gnolasco623

    Best flower in town. I’ll be back for more!

  412. mkelliott

    love this place. I’m here for the Amy and Als.

  413. treezpleez840

    Love the rooster cookies, but hate the fact I got charged the incorrect price. Came in during happy hour just to get the discount and got charged the exact same price so a little bummed, but will be back because you guys always make it right. Appreciate the quality and the service as always.

  414. KimberlyLuna

    Jordan who works here is great! My phone shut down as I was there trying to leave this review ( for my free preroll ) but he hooked me up trusting I would so here it is!! Finally!
    Thank you Jordan for your help Saturday 11/19 early evening for the prerolls! Very kind of you and I will return again as I have been.

  415. Doofygoof

    I love this place! Great discounts!

  416. TonyDee

    What more can I say about a place that is open late on Sundays?? The staff was chill, the meds were fantastic, and I can’t wait to go back!

  417. MrsJohnson01

    love the new patient deal and love how bug the location is, plus the staff is very professional and nice

  418. francM

    Great service love the edibles

  419. jcasta2414

    great staff and good meds

  420. Fatima44

    Best edibles

  421. John73haf

    Easy going,friendly atmosphere..never a long wait and knowledeable staff.

  422. tommy0728

    This is my second visit and second review. The facility, staff, and location are all great. The issue I have is the lightweight packages. I purchased 8 total grams of the specials (Blue Dream and Sour D). Only two weighed at a gram. Six of the eight were between .93 and .96 grams each. I thought once (previous review) was an oversight however 6 of 8 packages is unacceptable. I wish you well with your new business however I will not be back.

  423. Swavay87

    This place is awesome…you guys hired a new bud tender and I can’t remember her name but she has glasses and was very chill
    Nice smile and very bubbly
    I lov this place
    Great addition to the team

  424. ksid23

    best prices, buds and employees around!

  425. SerraSmile

    I love the Monday deal! The Kilimanjaro shake is a perfect daytime strain for me. Energizing and creative!

  426. JBone1973

    Very friendly people, a and a nice clean atmosphere. GREAT deals and regular priced, plus they’re note open till 10 pm!

  427. mingobab

    This is the best dispensary I have been to. It has the best product and quality. The customer service is excellent. The atmosphere is also excellent. I only go here.

  428. sonnywashere

    Long time customer love white mountain from the flower to the concentrates. The Donatello was phenomenal.

  429. fact

    one of my favorite locations. great medicine great service. I would recommend this spot. I love that they open early.

  430. daltonb1992

    Just swooped a gdp brownie and a eigth of the gdp smoked a bowl to start then ate the brownie it’s been an hour and I feel amazing. I would buy all the gdp in the place if I could.

  431. DreezyMane

    way worth my time. coming here all the time

  432. donnanacy

    awesome strains. People are wonderful and helpful

  433. kmberr

    sweet science is my absolute favorite oil, I drive from 36th street and union hills just to buy it dY~S

  434. rowguh

    Best edibles over here and great daily specials sundays the best

  435. rockquel033

    I really enjoyed this dispensary! I wish they weren’t prepackaged.

  436. loriminnick

    great service and bud as well as prices. will be going back again and again!

  437. missyb4554

    I stopped in while I was visiting family over the holidays, and these guys had me in and out with exactly what I needed in literally five minutes. Everyone’s extremely friendly and helpful… will definitely be back!

  438. Wally623

    best place for edibles

  439. emilyt72

    I love this place!! they’re so helpful n the Amy and Al’s line is great!!!

  440. angelorp481

    friend told me about this place, definitely not disappointed

  441. Jaryd110

    Best dispensary in town. Great flowers at a better price than any other spot. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly

  442. tmsmith

    I absolutely love this place.. when I went the first time the staff was amazing and really helped me out.. I truly won’t go anywhere else. amazing group of people…

  443. ThaReal

    Great first time visit really good variety very welcoming environment

  444. jasoncisme

    awesome dispensary convenient location always in and out quickly, and the customer service is the best I’ve come across in Arizona very compassionate and caring for my pain needs. I love coming to white mountain health center!!

  445. Mari123

    I enjoy there flowers an you guys provide great service its a comin in come out thing

  446. mishasmiles

    love this store.dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’

  447. mdiggsIII

    Top quality meds. Could be fresher but still good

  448. BerryG

    Love this dispensary. The green always does me good. No complaints. Great hours and prices and such a comfortable waiting area. Thanks guys.

  449. AZdabber710

    Always leaving happy with my edibles

  450. Wdt

    These guys are great. They helped me out by giving me a discount when I came up short. I highly recommend them.

  451. kirstenkgk

    great place great customer service great meds for a good price

  452. Giuseppi13

    always fire flower and awesome staff definitely worth the stop, plus good cheap glass too

  453. raidernation6931

    Awesome very awesome place , awesome very awesome people and really awesome medicine.

  454. Meeklove

    My friend told me that yall his favorite

  455. eltat

    knowledgeable and helpful staff.

  456. ShortyLoc

    will never come here again. had a choice of 3 other dispensarys to go to before closing. I picked white mountain rushed all the way to the store. made it in before 10. give them my ID. only for them to ask if I was new I told them new card they said OK just fill this paper out and if I had my ID. so being that I was in a rush I forgot my Arizona ID. not thinking it was a issue. just to find out that they couldn’t do nothing for me because I didn’t have my AZ id. I told them they have my info why can’t they just transfer it over like EVERY OTHER dispensary. I have never had this problem at any other dispensary. not once was I ever asked for my state ID again once I was In the system. 2 thumbs down. to turning down a existing paitent for not having their state ID but had the one that matter mmj

  457. GrimaceTheMenace

    My #2:) Haven’t tried everything but what I have has been great for the price. Especially the True OG and XXX OG. Both I think easily comparable to more Hyped OGs in the city. The late and morning Happy hours along with a different daily special each day and some above average buds make it worth risking your life driving down Bell! Nice vape prices to. (15% off all concentrates on Satudays! What!!) Thx W.M.! Keep up the good work.

  458. jerywat

    white mountain health center has the best flower and concentrate in the state is love their gdp

  459. PanduhC

    I pass through here every so often on my way home because they have the most chill, friendly employees. Each time I come in I feel like I’m part of the family and I have not been disappointed with any of the recommendations for pre rolls. Keep up the great work!

  460. DammitDave

    Good service, relaxed atmosphere, better quality bud than most of the dispensaries in the area. Slurm (strain) was potent and fantastic.

  461. brambo1986

    got a pipe and gram for only 10 bucks…can’t beat that for new patient special.meds were good.not dried out like some other places.staff were real cool too

  462. treeman23

    always great wax and edibles

  463. Adriandb21

    Great! I wish I could work there! Staff is awesome, very friendly and they know what they’re talking about. Strains are top notch and they give you a free pipe your first time there! Love this place dY’OEdY1/2

  464. Akimbr1986

    Great quality, great selection, awesome employees and super close. Definitely my Go-To choice for my needs.

  465. doctorbond

    loved the customer service, quite friendly and happy to explain everything. I’m new to medical mj and despite being busy, the salesperson explained everything and made sure I got exactly what I wanted – and I did! lower prices then I expected as well.
    I don’t even plan to bother trying other dispensaries!

  466. Greenego

    I’m in Peoria lucky for us we have 4 good Dispensary’s near us. I’ve been to a lot of dispensary near and far. I had a opportunity to meet one of the owners Butch. This man has a wealth of knowledge and experience. It truly shows with the BBB flowers and EDIBLES oops there good! I have MS and other issues his Meds help me get through my daily life. Also the Staff is Spot on regarding knowledge of most products. Have not nor I will find a better place for incredible meds. Keep up the good work! dY$?”dY’dY1/4dY’sdYtmdY1/4

  467. allnamesaretaken

    Arrived at this location at 7 am (they open at 7 am) and the guy stated that the computers are not connecting to the AZ database for some reason (stated this happens several times a month and they can’t even call anyone until 8 am about the problem). So I waited patiently until 8 am and they called the state. Still nothing from the state IT dept as they were just made aware of the issue. So I sat there from 7 am until about 8:20 am when I had enough and asked what they, as the business, are going to do about patients waiting at least 1..5 hours just to get an order (I left empty handed BTW).

    Spoke to the manager and explained that I have waited 1.5 hours and drove 50 minutes round trip and I understand that technically it’s the states database but a business that opens an hour before you can even call someone and has ZERO back up plans (even though by their own admission this happens several times a month) for patients sitting 1..5 hours in their lobby and still leaving with no medicine. They offered a discount if I wanted to return at a later time to purchase what I drove there to buy (IMO the small order should be free as a customer service gesture – it’s the least you can do for having me sit 1.5 hours and leaving with no medicine (it’s not my fault they open before the state has anyone there – that was your decision as a business to do that). But I am the one who had 2.5 hours of my time wasted and left with nothing.

    I will simply let my money do the talking and make sure I never visit this place again and warn others about their service (thanks to leafly).

    How much advertising and effort does it take to get a single customer? You just lost one for life and I spend quite a bit on my medicine each year. Very bad customer services. It’s your business; it’s your responsibility to have a back up plan for patients (or here’s a swell idea; how about you don’t open before you can even call the state about any technical problems since this happens quite often by your own admissions)

    I have been an AZ patient for 3 years. There is a lot of competition out there. No need to have places like this that treat patients like this and have no understanding about customer service and how word of mouth works in the internet age.

    Hope it was worth it White Mountain….lost a patient for life, bad review on leafly letting everyone else know about your service, lost revenue, and a patient sent home with no medicine. Great start to operating in the valley of the sun.

    Here’s how this should of went down – sorry man the state database is down. We appreciate you waiting 1.5 hours for something that is not your fault or concern as a customer of our dispensary. I understand you live far and took your hard earned money time out of your day to come here. Let me take you order and payment now and we will have someone deliver it to your doorstep as soon as the database is back up or the next time you come in, this small order will be free. Sorry about the inconvenience sir and we appreciate your business.

    That’s how you treat a customer. Take notes White Mountain…

  468. nicetoemeetya

    this place is dope love the
    products n prices

  469. n_e_1_420

    best shop the all the meds and the staff is super helpful and always friendly

  470. joshmbw

    White Mountain is awesome hands down. the staff is amazing, very
    knowledgeable, great, I mean GREAT meds! My number one stop in the west valley!

  471. envnorthernaz

    Any and Al’s are the most consistent edibles I’ve had and they have them for the best price here. The weekly deals are awesome too

  472. GrannyFeelGood

    Love this dispensary!!! the staff is terrific!! I always learn when I go in and did I tell you to try the truffles?? they are wonderful! Thank you WMHC !!

  473. getmissy

    this place is very good, budtenders are nice and the quality is super nice.

  474. rsfb2017

    Very helpful staff!

  475. GregorioOrtega

    Friendly staff and a comfortable environment.

  476. markyp122214

    Great flower always quick in n out miles always quite informative and knowledgeable

  477. ladmoe7

    l. am. new. to. this. Medicine. and. l was. greeted. friendly. and. the. service. was amazing. l have. had. a. hard time. finding. cbd. for. my open. l now. have. my. favorite. new. dispensary. l love. l can go. from. my. nite shift. job. at. 8 am. to. get.my. meds. . perfect. for me. in. every. way ….

  478. colissa214

    The Best in every way

  479. MotherlyG00SE3

    Great product and love happy hour!

  480. wolfe36

    Love you guys & gals but you need more selection!
    I’ll be back when you get it.

  481. rjones08

    This dispensary is consistently growing in the products they offer. Their house edibles are getting better and a wider variety. Absolute best flower prices’ on the regular, even better during happy hour. Check it out!

  482. thatchic2014

    this place rocks. the staff is always friendly and helpful. the meds are top quality and they have deals for all budgets. keep up the good work guys.

  483. Vilandra31

    I am a new patient and my friend told me of this location. Everyone was so nice and upbeat. Ethan was very informative and was a big help and helped me decide on what would help me. All around great experience for my first visit. I recommend this place to everyone.

  484. peasplay

    White mountain always has the best selection of bud. And friendly staff.

  485. SomeguyAZ

    This is the second dispensary I’ve visited since obtaining my mmj card. The place looks new, which I kind of liked considering my newness to the medical cannabis community. People were super friendly and the flower was very reasonably priced. A very pleasant experience.

    Also worthy of note, but forgotten in my original review, are the new patient discount, tool and free pipe I received. These were especially nice surprises.

    Finally, having sampled the flower I can say the quality is top notch. To explain why it’s only 4 out of 5 stars it’s necessary to understand my pallet is limited. Prior to this my weed came from the street and had no name. The Blue Dream I bought here is amazing, like five steps above the street stuff. If there is better weed I want to be able to acknowledge it with that last star.

  486. mlg344

    This location for years has had wonderful budtenders like Erica backed by just as awesome growers like Lu
    is 🙂 on top of the awesome flower, I can’t get enough of your Amy and Al’s edibles! Keep up the great work!

  487. amiller

    My number one choice. Always go here for my needs

  488. Tristin_Reeves

    prerolls are soo dankdY”Y=dY”Y=dY’OE

  489. breynolds79

    Nice place with friendly knowledgable staff.

  490. david.j.drummer2015

    Favorite place to get meds. Tge staff is very considerate and helpful.

  491. SmilinChica

    Brittney thank you for your help and expert knowledge. lol wished I had picked up more Blow fish love that G13 peppery taste. Definitely will be back again and again.

  492. Lexisstoned

    Great service always and best edibles in Phoenix

  493. Baby_Sasquatch

    Awesome staff, knowledgeable. Quick & friendly. Great variety & quality meds.

  494. Mrgerald77

    Great location worth the drive product is excellent staff is amazing and friendly qwould recommend

  495. yurlovevanessa

    exceptional service

  496. deez4shez

    positive peeps! great customer service.

  497. Biscookity

    Great bud, great prices, and great service

  498. tonemonty

    awesome place best staff and great loyalty rewards

  499. kayla595

    We travel fulltime and we still find ourselves driving all the way back to White Mountain. Love the staff and the top quality selection. This really is the best place in Arizona. Trust me I’ve been all over, I know!!!

  500. stickybudz28

    Awesome quality and product not to helpful when I asked if they could help about something not being discounted, over payed on a deal that I thought I was getting will not be going here anymore, I use to go out of my way for this place

  501. janetc0000

    I loved it! happened by ion accident, what a great find! the ‘aunt ellies’ brownies are very good. they actually taste like a brownie! great price for 3 good applications!

  502. floundr52358

    Can you please get more Purple Moonshine, this is my new night time medicine!

  503. Eminemfan

    One of my favorite dispensaries. The staff is always very nice and helpful dY~S

  504. puffinherbs420

    Great place as always to come get ur meds amazing friendly staff

  505. bmrio425

    White Mountain Health Center is one of my two favorite dispensaries. It has a professional yet inviting atmosphere, with a wonderful selection of cannabis products at fair prices. And the staff are always kind and educated! Would definitely recommend. (Also, be sure to pick up one of the Aunt Ellie’s brownies that they carry—they’re the bomb!)

  506. HoLeePhuc

    this was my first visit to White Mountain and I will definitely be back. they have quality flowers and great customer service.

  507. Racer4444

    Love the smell of the tree when you walk up to the doors. The staff is always super chill and the quality of tree is priceless. Love getting my pre-rolls their!!

  508. rastadon

    Haven’t seen my white mountain friends in a while. Best in the west. I’ll be seeing you guys soon

  509. SICC101

    I love this place all the staff are like family and the chronic is super fire

  510. rickmckinley

    One of the best I’ve been in.
    Francine is awesome.

  511. brownwj2497

    Best staff in AZ

  512. Cheftimothy

    Good meds

  513. Sanchez7802

    The only location that I will go 2!!! Everyone at White Mountain are extremely friendly and professional, and very knowledgeable about their medicine. Always walking out with a smile on my face.

  514. InkfamUs

    So today is free gram Friday and I was shocked , to my surprise I was one of the first 30 patients in the door and I received a dream stream vape and refill cartridge, T.G.I.F.F. Thank you White Mountain y’all rock as always

  515. smoke171

    They recently lowered the price of their DreamSteam cartridges. Go in on Shatter Day and its literally the best deal in town.

  516. Poppyseed222

    This place not only have the best flowers in town but also have the best deals,best employees. I travel 70 miles to go there,it’s that good. I’ve been to many, many places,just can’t be beat,hands down.

  517. Phil30

    First time in there, and everyone
    made me feel right at home. GREAT
    Wax, and Bubba Kush!!! I’ll be a regular.

  518. Auliya96

    so friendly and service is great its my birthday and I got a free pre roll:)

  519. JayFresh42

    good weed and good service

  520. lgiancola

    White Mountain is still my favorite store. You can get in and out quickly and friendly service.

  521. toys4most

    Very poor vape cartridges! I have had 2 cartridges leak, and they don’t care. Stay away from this dispensary, if you care about quality and customer service.

  522. SandPapaino

    Best blowfish hands down

  523. Roni16

    I love the Product’s awesome quality and the budtenders are helpful and knowledgeable, shout out to Cody Thank you for delivery soooo wonderful!

  524. daygo93

    Best flower in AZ . Super flame always take the drive to pick up from WM

  525. elanna70

    They are so nice here, treat me great and have great product!

  526. slafollette923

    The vibe was very welcoming and I will definitely be in soon! Miles was also very helpful and assisted me with everything i needed.

  527. TheReefer

    Sweet Science Vape Oil Cartridges is the BOMB! your oil is very good. But the “ccell” the cartridge… is real good… Makes the oil is smoooothhh…

  528. Stonedg42087

    best dispensary in town!!!

  529. Jmackey144

    By far one of the dispesaries in the valley!

  530. GradyJr32

    I haven’t shopped here in a while but I love the fact that White Mountain care about their patients and flower is pretty bomb. I will be shopping here very soon, also not far from my house

  531. Michaaaeeelll5

    Purchased 2 grams tonight, one was a .8 G the other .9… honestly really disappointed

  532. aleet28

    Even though I am 25 mins away from White Mountain its always a worthwhile trip. Great products and super friendly staff!!

  533. blues1580

    Love the White Mountain grown smoka and they have the best price on concentrates on Saturday’s.

  534. sabrinadbrown

    XXX OG from here is now my new favorite strand. Amazing quality.

  535. boatman496

    Great products and prices best place on the west side

  536. Jeffrey69

    Great staff. Super friendly and helpful. Best flower around:)

  537. Spcorwi

    great location right off Bell rd.

  538. Hectrillion

    They have the best edibles! I recommend everyone to shop at WMHC for their great tasting edibles

  539. ktaraszk

    Super friendly staff, best selection in PHX area, daily deals and pints rewards are the bomb!

  540. lippsservice

    Super friendly people! They made you feel welcomed and they knew their customers by name. Amazing deals, super clean, and overall, a great place to go. I will be a returning customer for sure!

  541. maysonmh98

    Best staff and quality in the valley!

  542. shelbyca

    Best place i. The valley hands down!

  543. allorens

    When I came here for the first time they were very helpful. Love the edibles and concentrates available.

  544. elenap27

    All high quality products, great staff, & best prices in the valley.

  545. CubFanMan1

    This was my first visit and the check in process is quick and easy. The waiting area has comfortable seating and the wait was not long. I used the new patient discount for a 1/4 of Blue Dream which did not disappoint. I also received a small glass pipe for no charge as a new patient gift. All flower is pre-packaged but that doesn’t matter to me.

  546. snowman7104208

    Friendliest staff in the state. And amazing medicine!

  547. iitzMunchiiez

    everything here is up to par, I have only been once and tried the gorilla glue. it was pretty damn good. other than the bud, the dispensary itself can definitely be upgraded.

  548. sparkly42010

    great place, awesome deals, everyone is always friendly and helpful with any questions or issues, all the flower is fresh and they always know where to point you when dealing with physical pain, definitely recommend anyone to stop by and try them out.

  549. swanson7410

    pick ur deal day

  550. kaylapineapples13

    always one of my favorites. Trees & employees all super sweet I haven’t had the chance to try the concentrates but everything else is spot on.

  551. marissaGran15

    great service love the deals

  552. TYme

    Open until 10pm on a Saturday night? White Mountain comes through!

  553. papagreen

    is the great place with great flowers are great people I love coming here because they have great deals I like the knowledge of the butt tenders really tells me a lot about what I am going to be putting in my body

  554. LilSmokeKushGod

    I always be stopping by to pick up their flame

  555. MrsDrMartin

    Love this place and their deals

  556. MyraraJoy

    friendly atmosphere great bud tenders and the flower is smelly and green defiantly a place I like to visit and the best part is there open late….. dY~,,

  557. Teakish420

    The true OG here has dank taste and cured properly excellent strain definitely real OGs !!!all the premium strains are A++ worth the trip thanks WM dY’OEdYOE2dY”Y=dY

  558. CCEdibles1

    Everyone is sooo friendly and informative!! Love, love , love the Amy and als brownie!!

  559. buckeye528

    Today was my first time prices are great & the flower is amazing, definitely will be back on a regular!!!

  560. MarkJoanneAZ

    Love this place. Employees super friendly and helpful (thanks, Jordan!) Good stuff, was treated very well!

  561. scruffer13

    The people here are great! They are friendly,patient,very informative,and quite knowledgable about all of the products.

  562. Gonzoracer70

    Awesome place to get my meds the staff are confident and knowledgeable and understand your needs. Would send my mother theredY’dY1/2

  563. craigstouder

    my favorite weekly stop for edibles. great people product and price

  564. wowza411

    I love white mountain dispensary they have awesome specials. Great meds from flowers to conventrate and edibles. Going in for my bday preroll and review preroll!

  565. MikeGo

    Great product, great people. My kinda of place. Gotta love them.

  566. crystalholtz17

    Quality Meds Awesome Service GroovY People!!!

  567. Dread80

    cannot beat Monday shake sale! flower here is off the hook.

  568. hunnastunna

    Always great service and they really work with you to help find what’s best for you. Great prices as well

  569. AZHerbExpert

    I went here a while back while in Sun City. I like that they have a full glass shop within the dispensary. They let me select a badass pipe for my First time there. I got some sfv dog,which was a 8/10, some bubba kush that was a 6/10, some all star cherry kush 8/10. Decent little place. Seems like they have expanded their flower menu which was kind of limited when I was in. I would shop here again.

  570. Saleem24

    Excellent customer service this was my first time here and i will 100% be back

  571. deeboe

    Great location, helpful staff but I was disappointed with the Willie’s Wonder.

  572. BigK

    Just purchased two grams of Sour Kush, one weight was 1.08 grams the other 1.09 grams, great bunch of people.

  573. mommy3inaz

    Price gauging. You can’t buy higher quantities without getting ripped off. They charge you more than double other dispensaries. We will never shop here again.

  574. kevinlee6

    I like the way it is just relaxed from when you walk in till you walk out. Just needs more strains!

  575. IBlazeLounge

    On point prices with a great selection!

  576. Stewman0

    Very nice staff. Good place to visit on your birthday or first time patient.

  577. brevier87

    Love the great flower

  578. iowa0204

    Great selection

  579. Coppertop2468

    Fantastic service and great atmosphere. First time patient deals and point system are sweet!

  580. Nick210

    Super friendly staff, Mills, Jordan & Ethan. Showed up at 5 till 7pm and no rush what so ever or even a sign of irritation. Very inviting atmosphere & great variety of strains. Went in for the FTP $60 a 1/4 any shelf, ended up picking up a 1/2 for $127.56 OTD plus scored free gram, pipe, lighter and poker tool. Beyond satisfied with my first visit, Will be back and would highly recommend you give these forks a try. Only recommendation is later hours of operation. At least Fri-Sun. Bump them to 8 or 9 if not even 10. I’d be more than willing to come work for you guys 7-close 3 days a week for meds alone,lol Let your BONG hits be long and your strains be BOMB : ) Enjoy your holidays…

  581. nickvought

    Great meds employees always willing to help

  582. MichelleLR

    Awesome Selection of medication excellent knowledgeable staff would definitely recommend this location

  583. Thebeansickle

    This place is the best they always have good deals and quick service

  584. scooter5050

    Very high quality medication and excellent service

  585. HoneyHashtag

    Visited on Tasty Tuesday and picked up some truffles. They’re bomb and cheaper than other spots. Excellent!

    I’m also just starting to vape GSC Live Resin from Kind. Great taste,clean no choke pull.

    All around, I dig this place more than any other I’ve visited. Staff, atmosphere, and greens are bomb.

    Now, off to watch High Maintenance. Peace!

  586. Thehyerone3420

    friendly knowledgeable staff great review deals definitely a place worth checking out

  587. RJMoore

    Very easy to get in and out!!!

  588. girlchavez

    it was awesome they are very friendly and one guy stuck out to me and was so out going and knew what he was talking about and his name is don I will be back because of him and how he treats people and he is very thorough in how he explained things to me I just had to let everyone know this is the place to go prices are great thanks don you are great……

  589. IamAA

    Always friendly., easy location

  590. tomito13

    white mountain has fire meds…

  591. saltypeanuts

    I love coming here, one of the best places in town great service,products, and employees!

  592. amiller1123

    Best dispo I’ve been to!

  593. drewj1074

    Great got in got out great service from Josh

  594. seabassfool

    Really wish i didnt live so far from this place. Probably my favorite shop. DEFINITELY the only shop ill buy edibles at. keep it up yalls much love<3

  595. purplestrainprincess

    love this Place! so amazing!

  596. megadethman

    Best dispensary in Arizona!

  597. Slackerslam

    awesome customer sevice my first visit!!! I will highly recommend coming here!

  598. Genae

    Good prices and good weed !

  599. Brainbros

    Love this place for the consistency, and awesome staff. They hook it up! Been going here for years now.

  600. azsun420

    Best flower and customer service around. Thx WM!

  601. KRP

    Everyone come check this place out, great staff an great meds! Bout to go get a edible

  602. _venesaaa

    great place very helpful

  603. yoyo51bg

    great place love the friendly people and great budz

  604. blancob

    Great people working here. Really friendly and always efficient 🙂

  605. c47ash

    great ppl. good quality, check it out!! great prices!

  606. thatkidhunt

    amazing service

  607. buddies1967

    Easy parking and they have an accessible waiting area. Every budtender I’ve talked to is extremely knowledgeable and their random deals can really save a lot. Never a long wait and check in is very easy

  608. dawnelnab

    Great location! Staff is amazing! Great product!

  609. kyle108108

    My dudes at the shop, Miles & Jordan, be giving out le flame.

  610. kevinunderwoodsr

    Best quality/price

  611. kailey420

    I frequently visit White Mountain Health Center and like always the staff is very nice and informative, they have great flower. Enjoying Sour Diesel and True OG.

  612. nathanduke

    Awesome flower and edibles

  613. akolb91

    Amazing edibles and flower here the best are Amy and Al’s potent as ever.

  614. AllisonB

    Absolutely best in town!! thank you so much for always helping get the meds I need. amazing staff!

  615. AlishaAZ

    Friday was my first time coming to this location and they hooked me up with first patient deals! I love this place the atmosphere and the people there. It was comfortable and all around good vibes. I will definitely be coming back to this location soon! I also love that they are open late so I can still have time to get my meds! Thank you so much white mountain staff.

  616. Mfarrow30

    Cool staff, sick concentratesdY’OEdY1/2

  617. myerman1

    I have been coming here for the last 2 years and now this place has become worst as time went on pricing isn’t the greatest and the quality in the meds has gone down a lot this year I had to go somewhere else because it wasn’t helping my problem and I was paying more there then other places and one of the chicks the hates her job and doesn’t like to help you so I am now going to a new place that has what I need for cheaper and they got rid of the point system and I had almost 1200 points and now there gone and they said sorry it’s just wrong

  618. meesch

    Always very helpful and friendly

  619. DanK0420

    White Mountain is a shining example of what the marijuana industry is capable of and they are at the top of the game. As soon as you walk through the door you are greeted with bright smiles and warm welcoming energy. The staff are always extremely polite, professional, are very knowledgeable and will be able to answer any questions you may have. 5 star service here.
    There is always a variety of high quality buds to choose from, halong with wax, edibles, ect.
    I never leave disappointed. I highly recommend this dispensary for your needs.

  620. nhelmerich

    Back for the platinum wreck! The Monday special is always my favorite but everyday the buds are 100% the THE BEST!

  621. chahhas

    very friendly staff, great selection and good deals

  622. a10man39

    Great place great service my budtender was awesome Ethan Will continue to come here

  623. missSUPERDOOBIE

    Close to my new job. Staff is really friendly. They have a large selection of edibles and pretty good selection of buds.

  624. frank.gamboa.71619533

    love it

  625. brandeez

    One of my favorite shops!!

  626. marazona

    What a nice group of folks. My sister came with and the young man who waited on us was so nice and I forgot his name=:-{….Anyway, their first visit special is awesome!!!

  627. acipo

    friendly service excellent flower great prices

  628. LeroyBrown420

    Friendly & inviting atmosphere. Knowledgeable staff, a great selection of top shelf flowers & cool utensils. Their in-house XXX OG is one of my favorites.

  629. massoud

    Good people, Good deals, Good Ganja..

  630. sethster

    Awesome staff and great products as always, always a pleasure stopping in to say hey and to buy a few different strains etc. Hapoy 420 to everyone!!!!!! See you guys soon today!!!!!dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’OEdY’OEdYOEudYOEudYOEudY$?~dY$?~dY$?~dY$?~dY~ZdY~ZdY~Z

  631. Edvis420bs

    Love the staff very friendly and knowledgeable. Haven’t let me down yet, thanks for all free pre-rolls every week (:

  632. SunMed

    Mountain white has top qaulity flower al the time and great deals.

  633. Bithpudding

    Bomb placee!

  634. paige420

    Great flower and great service! Best part is their open till 10pm!!

  635. lilcoco

    love this place will be back soon!

  636. Eviz

    Great place with very good service. The meds are phenomenal!

  637. AragonPhoenix

    Maui Waui yes.
    Wonder Women is physically relaxing
    Blackberry kush is always a winner
    If your on a budget shake specials!

  638. organicjay

    Awesome flower and knowledgeable staff.

  639. blunttslider

    This place has incredibly tasty concentrates and the best flower specials

  640. gaugehatesu

    Very quick and easy location overall. The staff here are all extremely pleasant, providing top notch guidance for all types of patients. Literally the best edibles in the state

  641. goblinlyfe

    Awese service and variety. always
    the best buds to help my pain.

  642. chookiemaginn

    I loved how they treated me, and the quality of the bud was great.

  643. pdiddy602

    Great place,great people,ill always come here,great selection of meds

  644. ethan83

    great meds and people. go here

  645. Chilliam_Ace

    Love the service and the staff who have always been extremely helpful, knowledgeable, & friendly whenever I visit.

  646. Phaze_420

    Love this place has great daily deals and a huge selection of concentrates and flowers. Will be coming back for sure!

  647. shawn7272

    great place. nice atmosphere

  648. droklesner

    I love the lounge style and the laid back atmosphere. Everyone is kind and helpful. Definitely worth the drive. And the Shake deal for Monday’s have made Monday’s a little easier to look forward to.

  649. Yellastack1

    Best meds and prices

  650. xman915

    Great edibles and always the best trees in the valley.

  651. Ryan_Blue

    good location, good tenders very friendly..

  652. Sarahp93

    Great flower. Best dispensary in town

  653. nycchicknphx

    White Mountain has a nice variety of flower, all great quality and potent AF. Fast service, literally no waiting time, open late (till 10p!!) and every day a different deal. The staff is super friendly with a really good vibe. dY’

  654. dm0ntejan0

    Friendly service! Everyone is always ina great mood. The product is amazing!!!

  655. Crookydds

    Great quick service and deals, love their edibles as well

  656. boogiebeeG

    Great staff! Nice prices! Close by and I’ve been there twice in 24 hrs. Definitely give them a try. I just recommended them to a friend.

  657. Leelee1366

    I love this location . its convenient. O would recommend to my friends

  658. Ooomy

    Absolutely the best I’ve been to by far!

  659. Madijane711

    Great staff and no wait!!

  660. lexiaye

    I love this dispensary. The staff is speedy, friendly, and knowledgable. You can always expect good quality medicine at the right price from WMHS.

  661. andrewsm

    One of my favorites in the valley. Great meds from great people in a great atmosphere at a great price!

  662. kbee9061

    this place is awesome!!! Great specials and giveaways for the guest. My go to shop in the west Valley(:

  663. bowzers25

    Everyone that works here is so awesome!! The concentrate deals are the best in town!

  664. Twinsx02

    Quality and customer service tip notch

  665. Ohkuuipo

    If you are looking for a place to pick up “cheap weed” you should probably press the back button and search elsewhere. Plain and simple, WMHC has its act together. By incorporating daily deals that are simple, consistent, and easy to remember, White Mountain remains transparent and highly recommended.

  666. BNBrad

    Cheapest place with the best quality. Never disappointed. Great strains and their “shake” deal is just amazing. find out for yourself.

  667. Redmustang97

    I love the quality of this dispensary and their location is convenient

  668. jswolll

    Awesome bud and amazing customer service

  669. SugarLeaf22

    I got a large selection of prerolls that were pretty good. Smooth smokes and not overpacked. Plus I like how they use raw filters.

  670. xxyearxx

    This place is awesome. Customer service is always awesome. Very cool people who work there. Flower is awesome! They have the best flower around. Waiting for more lemon skunk. That was bomb.

  671. rebekah

    I go here almost exclusively … I started going because they open early but then when I found out how amazing their flower is …. the quality on all flower is five star the prices are great and the deals are phenomenal … would I shop here again …YUP

  672. Nixonbianca

    Fav place to come to staff is great and the meds are amazing

  673. Ian93

    Great place to go, friendly, knowledgeable staff

  674. birdoflight89

    Love this place, always good deals.

  675. GeistZion

    Coolest place in the valley. Go talk to Francine she’s got all the right herbals for what ails ya!

  676. suncat25

    Favorite dispensary in Arizona. Coolest people and best medicine.

  677. onesimop

    best service valley wide

  678. roseinthebush

    Come over for tasty Tuesday! Great deals!

  679. RichReuben

    Good energy every time I come to this place!

  680. Whydoicare623

    Best place for edibles!!

  681. pschiki

    everytime I walk into this place it blows every other Collective out of the water and I have to write a review. convenience and quality usually don’t go hand-in-hand but at White Mountain those are just a few of many benefits. and just to touch on a few more, convenient right off Bell Road Sun City tax which is cheaper than anywhere else on-site ATM and oh yeah they accept debit card you’ll just have to go experience this place for yourself

  682. triplemjmranch

    Great buds great service

  683. Austinnnnnnn

    Blueberry diesel smokes good for the price , instant relaxation , not over the top knockout just very relaxing. stoked on the $70 quarter but didn’t receive anything for being a first time patient which is a tad dissapointing.

  684. fleal6983

    Flower super frosty! Best dispo in the area!!! dYtmOEdY>>

  685. NikkiiPeressini

    Best place for medicated ice cream and bath bombs, ask for Ethan, he is the best a$?i,

  686. Jrockk26

    Big new lobby, great location tucked away from the craziness of bell rd but easy to access. Would be nice if wax was less expensive but MPX is outstanding products.
    Love The Free preroll weekly in exchange for a review. Check it out, enjoy the cannabis community
    Love The One, The One Loves

  687. kilted

    My wife and I where in on 6/28 she got a vap pen yet to try, and I got Mr Welton (CBD). I liked the smell of it at the store it reminded me of fresh cut grass, and the flavor when I got home, very earthy as expected.
    We both liked the staff everybody was very friendly from the folks checking us in, to the gentleman behind the counter who never made us feel rushed, and explained each product.
    we will definitely will return.

  688. jbrantley16

    I literally come here every week, it’s right next to my job. I love it here!

  689. ExtinctionxXl

    BBB Cream and BBB Tahoe OG are two of the best flowers I have found
    anywhere. Love White Mountain Health Center’s amazing staff.

  690. benhamin1289

    Another great experience here. Picked up sum shatter. Fire! I would recommend this place to any patient

  691. richardrose24

    super nicer staff, amazing bud, my #1 favorite dispensary!!!

  692. ThatNastyKid

    I love the brownies from here! Definitely check this spot out if you’ve never been there you won’t regret it!!

  693. Livewire

    2nd visit in a year 8 months apart and no change. Visit 1 was bad and visit 2 was a repeat. Not saying anything bad about the people themselves. Good People.
    Product and can only speak about concentrates. Very low quality compared to other dispensaries nearby. I got 4 strains and can’t really say was pleased with even 1. Will not visit agian.

  694. wipatto741

    really good edibles!!!

  695. Markitgreen

    the staff are knowledgeable, helpful and will help you find what you need. I’m so crazy for the gdp and those cookies. get on over here and enjoy….

  696. JKingKeef

    Really good shop. Friendly, knowledgable employees with tons of freebies or deals daily. Flower is amazing– peace, gotta go eat my 400mg brownie now…dY’EUR

  697. juliakellllly

    best dispensary I’ve ever been too.

  698. C-Nic

    Great service and always a great selection of flower. Everyone is very helpful!

  699. RDelgado6

    Great prices and good ambiance. Will be back again.

  700. Sarahmcurtis

    Way laid-back waiting area, super friendly service and patient! Quite an awesome mix! The gentleman that helped me out today even walked me through some new products, and Ii, was able to get one of their Platinum Wreck pre-rolls aEUR” PREMIUM. dY’OE

  701. Maudi87

    great place. opens early which helps for them early birds. good customer service.

  702. S1980

    I have been to this shop on 3 different occasions now and I am so impressed with the selection and variety. The daily specials are always changing giving me the variety I like while still offering a great deal! Although they are still new, the service has been top notch!! Keep up the great job White Mountain.

  703. Azgrl4evr

    White Mountain is awesome. Im a flower girl and they always take care of me. The Lemon Skunk OG was recommended for muscle tension and migraine. I felt relief within 10 minutes of medicating. A must try!

  704. madamjenn741

    Why Mountain rocks!

  705. pygpin6

    picked up some pit bull today and it is the bomb, nice and fresh and did exactly what medicine should do. Keep this strain around. Thanks Butch and your staff.

  706. DreamFlower

    I absolutely love this place. They are super friendly and super knowledgeable! Their Sweet science cartridges are on point too!

  707. zootedmamii

    Everyone is super friendly and the flower is sooo good. Deff recommend

  708. Gibran63

    Nice prices for some good flower !

  709. raechelnicole

    Best edibles for lowest pricing. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Open late hours. Seriously by far my favorite dispensary and right down the street from my place….but even if it wasn’t, I’d still definitely make the trip. Great prices every day and good vibes.

  710. frnchy24

    My first time here and was a great experience. Jacob and Ethan were very help full and polite. great atmosphere here. flowers look and taste great. awesome deals for first time patients and open at 7 am! that is nuts but awesome. glad I came in and will be coming here more often that’s for sure!

  711. KennyCrawford

    great dispensary haven’t been in a while need to stop and check them out again

  712. TomDanksII

    Always great medication. Never disappointed at this location!

  713. tinapro

    I am glad I found this place. Durban Poison is the best. Thank you for making me feel welcome and for providing great customer service and product.

  714. lainy30

    If you haven’t made it in to visit the staff at white mountain you’re missing out!! It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and I prefer it to some of the more strictly business dispensaries out there. Some of the more regular customers (I don’t get to visit as often as I’d like to) get welcomed by name and the staff really take their time and show each patient care and professionalism while also making them feel like they’re appreciated. I have always left happy and they have never steered me wrong when I have asked for a personal recommendation. Their point system and specials are very good and their pricing is VERY fair in comparison to many other dispensaries. I always cringe when I see grams that aren’t premium priced at $20 + and you will find an amazing selection of $10 grams here. I do like the plastic tube containers more than the bags like one other reviewer stated but I would have to kindly disagree with that reviewer about the nugs being dry. All of the medicine I’ve purchased from this dispensary has been of great quality. I hope to stop by this weekend. Anyways, this place gets an A+ in my book and I highly recommend you stop in if you haven’t already, their new patient specials are awesome 🙂

  715. karalee77

    I love White Mountain! Mix n Match Mondays!

  716. Jose82997

    great customer service

  717. ganjensen

    I love this dispensary! Great quality flower and best edible prices around.

  718. danmsman

    Awesome dispensary very good customer service will definitely be back

  719. daddyboy11

    Sierra is the best

  720. aluminumshade

    Love this place.

  721. nrowan

    Great service

  722. CaptGreen

    So I I’m updating my review of this dispo because since that one experience I have never another negative experience, quite the opposite actually. Three different times now White Mountain has hooked me up BIG TIME and I owe them a thank you for that, so it’s getting a perfect review from me now. Their strains are consistently hard hitting, varied and often so affordable I simply can’t justify going anywhere else. I was helped today by a young woman with dreads who gave me a free preroll for my birthday which was a few days ago. That was exceptionally great of her and more than appreciated. Way to redeem yourselves and thank you for great products, a great experience and excellent customer service. See you tomorrow for the mix and match sale. 🙂

  723. PaM37

    My go to store for brownies, Amy & Al’s is the best! Great facility with friendly and helpful staff. Thank you for the birthday special!

  724. JamesArrington

    Great meds! Great service!

  725. tdaz2004

    Fun place to visit.

  726. aimeea

    Love this place great staff and meds

  727. camparmiger

    Parking is easy as well as access to the building.

  728. Kassandrasbud

    I went there for the first time and was very happy with the service and product I received a$?i, I would recommend it to others and I will definitely be back again.

  729. Dreamfill

    Definitely giving me several reasons to come back, great edibles carts flower rolls & cheap pipes. Try this place out.

  730. ChloeAmber

    Always feel welcomed when I come here! I work late so I love that you stay open till ten! Great customer service

  731. turp0708

    Best dispensary in PHX hands down!! I would recommend them to anyone 🙂

  732. kjwop78

    Good location and fair prices for products.

  733. wyc362

    Once again Butch and his staff had the perfect medicine I need. I got the timeless vape GDP and it is killer. Two pulls and I am a happy camper. please keep up the excellent job you all do. Thank you Bill

  734. Mellie1

    Great location

  735. dannyfisher11

    Great crumble!

  736. Pr3c10uz

    I like white Mountain because they are very polite and never packed. There weed is always good and not too pricey.

  737. TreeHugginHippieKels

    by far one of the best dispensaries in phoenix..great buds fast service and relaxed staff

  738. Luxxery

    Had the tangie. Very pleased. Great dispo, awesome employees.

  739. ewheeezzy

    I’ve been in multiple times over the last few weeks. I love this place! It’s close, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and the prices/quality are hard to beat. I’ve been just about everywhere in the valley and this is probably my home from now on. Great job staff! Thanks

  740. Blessed4068.

    My absolute fav dispo. Excellent service every time specifically my last bud tender was amazing

  741. HollyD83

    by far one of the best dispensaries I’ve been to! great recommendations from the bud tenders.

  742. Laura1968

    I visited this location more than once the last time I was there I specifically asked for sativa and was given all indica three eighths of medicine that I didn’t want and I drove really far to go get it so be careful they seem to give you whatever they feel like.. I flushed it

  743. Zgrandpa12

    I e been to WM many times and I’m still not sure why I return. This last time I think is the last time. The way they package their flower makes it dry out before you even purchase it. I bought an 1/8 of northern lights which is normally a good strain but this was garbage. The other 1/8 was recommended BC blueberry and it also was garbage. I spent $69 on stuff that was no good and it’s not like you can return it. Unless they change there package style I will not return.

  744. josephtaylor3rd

    If you want great products. this is the place for you

  745. smilywily1212

    amazing place great deals!!

  746. Grhaine1

    this place rocks! nice buds, nice ppl

  747. anbustx

    best prices in the valley also an amazing stop for Pokemon go trainers… Pokemon love their meds!!!!

  748. fergieo

    I’ve been to quite a few dispensaries but I always come back to White Mountain. They’re the best, love the people and the product is great.

  749. TruthBearer

    White mountain health ctr. Is the go to spot when you wanna take the guessing out of the equation.
    The meds are great and so are the deals !

  750. amacri91

    Cory was awsome. great place, very friendly, welcoming atmosphere. highly recommended.

  751. ChefBombay

    I love it here!!

  752. mistie88

    very open place, good quality bud.. Have some great deal when you keep an eye open..

  753. stosh83

    I came in for the early bird special and left very happy great flower

  754. jakeferdays

    easily the most potent edibles I’ve had in a while. along with the flower and pre rolls it’s hard to go anywhere else. shoutout to Aaron for the help too. very knowledgeable budtenders

  755. Platinumwrecked

    I dont know how you guys could get better.. Seriously the best.

  756. grasskyle


  757. suitepotato

    WMH is my goto place. I drive nearly twenty miles to WMH and it’s worth every bit of extra gas. The last batch of Redwood Kush is straight up amazing. Might be the best weed I’ve ever had.

  758. konnor377

    very friendly staff and spacious rooms!

  759. paulinejassochantea1

    This is one of my favorite places. Love the express ordering. I Never have to wait anymore. Great selection of products.

  760. 3kingsmkin

    their flower gdp smells like hey don’t have any high

  761. Stazia94

    Love coming here, never disappointed, awesome people & great buds!

  762. misterobt

    love this shop great bud for the price and when I came in the gave me a pipe tool and a pipe I was happy the service as well

  763. colt45mx

    Vanilla bean was my favorite perfect body high plus some head high as well !! Super fire

  764. snickers219

    Great place. Clean, friendly, knowledgeable. Wish they had a touch of a better selection, but I believe I was there on an off day.

  765. chriscipriano

    Great smoke, great atmosphere.

  766. brutusbuckeye

    stopped in for my bday..awesome shop friendly folks good smoke

  767. cleeclope

    I loved this dispensary. The lady that waited on me really took her time to explain things. She was friendly and warm. My favorite place so far, I will definitely go there again.

  768. MedicinMan420

    great people great medicine great place

  769. Mr.BudNuggets

    Awesome staff and high quality meds…… For sure my favorite place to shop and the house brownies the best dY’dY>>

  770. Prescottpadre

    Super friendly staff happy to make suggestions and explain as needed I enjoy every trip!

  771. rissajay95

    Great med always have some kind of special for patients. Very welcoming staff . and definitely has the best little killer pre rolls in az. The only ones i buy. Definitely recommend this place.

  772. Bakerman777

    favorite place in town, only place to buy brownies

  773. AbstractIntellects

    Best customer service at a shop I’ve seen thus far. Mad love thank you!

  774. Aslaughter1991

    This dispensary was very clean. Staff was kind and helpful. And the green crack from here is seriously the best I’ve had.

  775. IamG

    good prices good meds nice and friendly staff

  776. KingCUTA

    Always my favorite to purchase meds. Great quality and very friendly staff. And nothing can beat the prices

  777. blyates

    love the deals and the XXX og

  778. Leesh928

    Love love love this place!
    From the man who checks you in to the bud tenders
    This place is great!! Shop there and you will leave a happy camper

  779. gailranne

    great place and the people 2

  780. irisjean

    i don’t remembwr my budtenders name but she was pretty, with awesome blonde dreadlocks! she was knowledgeable and super friendly! i got some edibles, Amy and Als, they were on sale which is dope, i love white mountain!

  781. shantelmenothing

    Always has kind and helpful cashiers with great personalities , and the prices are awesome !

  782. aaron.wright.14811

    This place rocks. Check out their cherry pie strain if you have lower back pain!

  783. emlednum

    the staff here is exceptional. Super knowledgeable and eager to help you find what you are looking for. today was my second visit on a Friday evening and I was in and out in 5 minutes.

  784. pancho12

    came in the other day had great service along with great medication definitely would recommend

  785. tomistheman

    there here when you need some on Sundays

  786. MissLolaBlack91

    I actually felt really comfortable walking into this shop. The people were nice and knowledgable. I feel like going back and trying different strains and maybe getting into concentrates.

  787. rebeccamassage300

    I really enjoy going to white mountain. They’re service is always excellent and they always have a wonderful personality and make me laugh.

  788. thedude23

    One of my favorite dispensaries.

  789. cindysanchez3710

    quick in and out good flower

  790. azsundevilj

    The staff was friendly, however, it seemed a bit chaotic because the budtender was training an employee and he was bouncing all over the place. My boyfriend was with me and the budtender spoke to him primarily. I asked a few questions and the budtender kept talking over me so I stopped. This was my first time here and I’m just glad that I know what strains work best for me, because the staff asked me what I wanted, didn’t give me any recommendations or any assistance with making a selection. The meds were ok, middle of the road. Probably won’t be back.

  791. alexxk88

    great flower Convenient location great hours!!!

  792. Davidleesh@cox.net

    There flowers are high grade for sure

  793. dpanhel

    This is easily in my top three dispensaries, quality is consistent and staff is helpful.

  794. Oakleyj

    Out of all the stores I have visited white mountain has very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

  795. bawdiness

    This is the perfect stop wherever you’re going, a friendly pyramid in the desert sands.

  796. skyblue76

    Pretty close to home for me. Great help
    Knowledgeable staff.

  797. rutheemae

    wonderful staff, great products!!!!

  798. ZombiesGirl

    Always a great experience. I don’t know what I would do without their Amy & Al’s brownies. The best pain reliever!!!

  799. nj1288

    Always a pleasure doing business with these guys! They really know there stuff not to mention some of the best products in the state! Gotta try that 400mg brownie! I’ll be a lifetime member

  800. ezgoin176

    Very friendly & helpful staff. I will definitely be back.

  801. Traumazulu99

    First time coming in and got some great
    Medication and some free swag. Was pretty awesome.

  802. PrivateClown

    Awesome! Open 7 days a week is perfectly convienent. Get some nice goodies for a first time customer. Love this place, will definitely be back!

  803. BobbyVarga

    I usually dont take a lot of edibles, mainly cause they are usually pretty expensive for what you get and in most cases not worth it to me.. However WM’s brand of truffles have flipped that for me in a very possitive way, they are affordable and for me they work great! and i dont ever have to eat both of them to do the job, half to 2/3’s does the job great! ima come through and hook up and maybe grab some of there budlegger, which i only tried one time, this strain also worked very well for my symptoms, chronic pain and anxiety 🙂

  804. thefunnie

    Great meds & friendly staff! Always have what I need!

  805. Uniqueme143

    The staff is always very nice and very helpful with what I’m looking for. My favorite flower here is Ghost Train Haze, but have been more on the oils lately which GDP is very good and tastes so fresh and green. (GDP is by far my favorite in oils in Vapen) Thank You!

  806. LucyB

    I love the white Mountain edibles, and great deals daily! The bud tenders are friendly, and knowledgable!

  807. Carlyjo77

    Hi guys haven’t seen you for awhile. just thought I’d let u know in a couple day’s I’ll be in. Hope your wearing your name tags. Maria make sure they have them on for me so I can mention them in my reveiws. see u in a couple of days.

  808. sammymaee

    I just keep coming back to this dispensary! Everyone is absolutely amazing and willing to work with you with great customer service. Seriously people, gotta come here and pick up. Quality of my purchases have been nothing but excellent!