Arizona Organix

$15/G of premium SHATTER



5301 W. Glendale Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301


33.5383257, -112.172732




8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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Arizona Organix opened our doors in 2012 and we are proud to be the state’s first licensed medical marijuana dispensary.

Since then, we have managed to earn a place in the spotlight thanks to our incredible customer service and patient-centered approach.

Our shop is known for its safe, clean environment supported by an experienced and knowledgeable staff. Our goal is to tailor every product to your exact needs so you always have a positive experience.

Arizona Organix offers a huge selection of medical marijuana products including many different marijuana strains, medical marijuana edibles, CBD and more. When you first set foot inside our store we promise to greet you with confidence and understanding, and really listen to your needs before making a suggestion. Every recommendation from our staff is backed by the combined knowledge and experience that we bring to the table.

The most important thing we do at Arizona Organix is help people live fuller, more comfortable lives. We take this job very seriously and want you to know that our staff is highly trained to understand the different types of products we have, as well as their uses.

We are also committed to the consistent quality of our products, ensuring that you get the same results every time you use them. You will never be disappointed when you leave Arizona Organix knowing that you got the very best MMJ products available.

The best part of Arizona Organix is that we operate 100% non-profit, and we are in compliance with all Arizona state laws. We have worked every single day to prove that we are genuine, customer centric, and here to serve the greater good. For us, the opportunity to help people like you live better is what makes the whole enterprise worthwhile.

That is why we continue to add one-of-a-kind strains to our menu as we discover more effective treatment options and more advanced strains. You can count on us to stay on top of all the latest medical marijuana news and science, so you can always get the very best products at our dispensary.


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3,245 reviews for “Arizona Organix

  1. Madehut

    great place to get shutter excellent staff friendly atmosphere

  2. kpvitz

    If you are looking for a dispensary that has cute girls, top-of-the-line customer service, and great quality flower, you need to stop by and check this place out.

  3. shuber94

    I love the shatter here, but my last visit with Yvette was by far the best one I’ve had so far! She was super sweet and wonderful, made my entire day!

  4. 92cody123

    I love how they just totally got rid of their points system and gave their customers absolutely nothing in return but a “sorry”. The shatter is nothing special and always has an off taste. I don’t even look at the flower. This place used to be alright, but definitely not coming back and will be telling friends not to go here either. ZERO PATIENT RESPECT.

  5. ATKasuse

    I love it, the people know what they are doing and are very friendly.

  6. berenice88

    I love the people here very nice and great service

  7. eddyjerk96

    blue dream prerolls my favorite !!!! super good and great sativa of all 🙂

  8. Highbiscusflower

    Tell me why I preordered my shit an hour ago and I still have to sit and wait the same amount of time it would have taken me to go into the back.

  9. loriminnick

    so grateful that this is the closest dispensary to my house. great staff, prices and bud <3

  10. Ariah

    Good people, awesome environment & great FLOWER!

  11. Gabe981

    Amazing service always ha ha Ha I’m walking in rn dYtmdY1/4dY”Y=

  12. Smokeybandit1

    The shatter is super clear but burns black and has a very nasty taste. I bought 5 different strains for shatter and 1 crumble. Do not buy, not worth it. Not one had it’s own distinctive smell or taste. I would definitely not waste your money on their concentrates. Also I tried the flower and that is a different story. The aroma was pungent and smoked very smoothly. So how can you have awesome flower but crap concentrates?

  13. Cormac96

    I have been a MMJ for over a year now and Arizona Organix is where I come for my concentrates. George helped me out the last time I was in and recommended a few strains that were great. They always impress me with their quality of product.

  14. Hawaii2

    great people great location always leave with a smile on my face thanks Arizona Organix

  15. Gibran63

    No problems always keep there strains good especially with the Papas

  16. hsj68

    I love this place! What chill atmosphere. Very knowledgeable and understanding staff. Can’t wait come back. Plus strains are the mid 20%!?! Awesome!

  17. danielv1213

    This place is awesome! Very friendly service amazing quality and good pricing! If it wasn’t so far this would be my main dispensary!

  18. richbud23

    first time here fast an great service

  19. Jennayy

    High quality medications for reasonable prices and the staff is awesome at helping you find what you need. New flower strains always in rotation and honestly have not been disappointed with any flower I’ve gotten here. My favorite place for meds!

  20. sameha420

    buds taste really good. had tried the new black water. it was amazing.

  21. bigmike87

    i love this location its so quick and the employees are so polite and there shatter and flower are on point i had no problem and i continue to go back to there shop

  22. med2016

    This place is really nice. Staff are very polite, friendly & knowledgeable. I love the Gold Goat dY!!! $200 for an OZ. Least expensive price that I’ve seen @ any other place if every been to before.

  23. randy112

    I love this place

  24. CavemanPimpin

    The customer service is great and awesome flower

  25. Albelo18

    Its good and easy to find..

  26. Garrettg91

    Clifford is always a delight!! Thank you for all the awesome knowledge on my FIRST TIME VISIT! Keep up the great work I really appreciate it dYtm,

  27. RezCollinfa128

    Got yelled at for being dripped offb i can hardly walk and my car can lt handle your terrible parking lot that has been a health hazard for years, pretty much got told off and the cheap meds are not worth ruining my car and tripping in the parking lot because they wont pay to fix. Im done coming here now

  28. IAMIT

    Top top top.
    The first or second best in the state. it is hard to decide who is number one. I won’t say who the other is but I think you know. excited to come back.

  29. zasso

    Great prices. Great weed. The papas og is amazing.

  30. david4420

    That 20$ shatter is the best deal in town, would recommend everyone to come here!!!

  31. glocha88

    Conveniently located and perfectly staffed!

  32. 420christoker

    First time to this sweet spot in Glendale! Love it, curb side parking, was in and out in 5-10 min with great service from Edward. Big, plump buds across the board, I agree with Edward that their Blue Dream strain is the best, and the papa is worth the praise. If you haven’t tried this place, do yourself a favor and check it out. Never settle for mediocre quality medicine and don’t waste time, azo is doing it right. Prices are on the mark for the quality operation their running so the value is there too.
    Thanks AZO.

  33. MRLightningArt

    Amazing concentrate prices, staff was really chill,but knew their products well. Cody helped out a lot! Thx Bro.

  34. StonyStarx

    I picked up the White Sumo shatter and it was a great recommendation. It has a very sweet citrus flavor that is reminiscent of Grapefruit and provides a relaxing buzz.

  35. bakerdgaf

    its a great place for shatter there flower is good but really dry

  36. coloringk8

    I love this place for pretty much everything. Usually I have to hit one spot for wax, another for flower, and cartridges are hit n miss if you don’t stick with a brand.
    They have quality everything here. Really loving the sap cartridge.

  37. trevorbman

    The Best Place Around i go here as much as i can

  38. Starzbabe05

    This is my favorite dispensary I’ve encountered, there staff is friendly and helpful the prices are the best in town!

  39. BodhiRocks

    I have researched and found that Arizona Organix is the best on quality and most of all PRICE!!! Keep up the great work! Thanks Bo

  40. wrenchnaz

    my first visit to this dispensary was great. They helped me with whatever questions I had. I picked the 100% sap and got a free gram of Papas OG bud for my first visit. Great customer service. Will definitely be back.

  41. Cardsnation

    Great prices and the quality is pretty solid

  42. tacosandabs710

    AZ organix always top notch and got quality tenders with knowledge and customer service as a priority . Love AZ og foe all my meds.

  43. TeamCorral14

    One of my favorites places. Very good quality of Flowers to chose from, Very inviting, friendly staff, Little on the Pricey side but definitely worth the Prices. Very nice location, and atmosphere.

  44. Alethea44

    My favorite, best flower, best staff.

  45. grumpy99

    I love the Papas OG nice relaxing high excellent body high .

  46. Becky765

    After waiting in line for the express lane i was told I couldn’t use it, and everyone who came after me had already got called in… I asked why and i was told that thats the rules, whatever it was, if you knew the rules why wouldn’t you tell me in the first place but i let it go as i see an add for hiring a new receptionist… i ask for 2g of shatter and im rang up the cashier told me to aEURoestop being rude by putting my money down instead of handing it to heraEUR I guess that’s rude… she persisted on telling me how rude i was and called me a bitch… and i get to my car and she put a staple through my shatter…

  47. chicagojay12

    always in and out no matter what time i stop by. top notch bud. 25$ shatter grams. need i say more?

  48. kellz575

    Service is always great

  49. HoldenBlunts

    First time here and very impressed. Quality meds at a very reasonable price. Flower knocked me on my butt and the bud tenders were very friendly and helpful. Will be coming back!

  50. gamesmith

    Professional and courteous staff, excellent products and great prices what more can i say? I would rank it among the premier dispensaries in the US.

  51. blesh1

    I’ll stay true to this place. They always treat me well and remember me every time. but big shout out to Nicole in the front desk. She always takes my order and has it ready. I don’t think I’ve ever caught her on a bad day. always smiling and friendly. a few can learn from her, hahaha. I’m serious

  52. Heidiburns

    I love this place n the bystanders.

  53. Bomb.com555

    The catatonic/Kong’s shatter was fire flame dY”Y=! That long mix gave it a nice tase with a punch ! Organix has some good shatter !

  54. Davidvontesmar

    amazing a very thing will definitely be coming back

  55. bitchdabb4200

    love this place

  56. Hamlet13

    Cool staff, very knowledgeable, fast service.

  57. Azstoner710

    Nice staff but there $25 gram shatter is never shatter, it’s usually a powdery mess which looks like most companies pre purged material.. I asked if you tested for residual solvents and I’d still like to see those tests please still. I chose to make capsules rather than risk it. I must say though when you do the papa og nug run, it always is an actual shatter consistency and is great. The other shatters I can’t say the same about. Thanks and please start testing for residual solvents or post the tests for patients if by chance you actually do.

  58. Ogphoenix1

    Best dispensary in the valley for concentrates!

  59. pmoney1964

    do you still double the grams on the state end? not to many others do.
    if I’m going to buy a gram of wax don’t take two grams off my state balance, man. no cool . because of potency. others say no.

  60. HippieHarem

    My favorite place in phoenix to go by far! Flower is always beautiful and potent, have not been disappointed once. But also great priced, none of that 60 an eighth crap. Some of the edibles are a little expensive but still worth the price. Now the concentrates are not the best, but for the price they are definitely worth it! Would suggest for people with a little lower tollerence or new to dabs. All of the workers are fantastic and super friendly, as well as educated and helpful. Always has a great selection on flower, sometimes a bit low on edibles. Overall I would recommend this place before any other dispensary, by far.

  61. Nekopico

    Disappointed in the customer service. You should not have to make a purchase for your birthday gram. Employees have little knowledge. would not recommend.

  62. Shank23

    great team, great deals! Shatter is always top notch, grape la is dY”Y=dYOE2

  63. thatguy4205150

    Kareem was awesome they where super busy but still had a great Atmosphere definitely coming back

  64. thatdanconay_

    great customer service. i love all the employeesand cleanliness

  65. ejsr89

    I would recommend to every card holder. They have great products, and the staff is very knowledgable. Quality of the product is highly reputable . Keep it up! thx

  66. Brendaw2

    Flower is good papa og gets me all high n relax sleep good the wax. Are only 15 a gram what he’ll yeah

  67. delgadox

    Great customer service environment is good good and positive energy as soon as you walk in dY’OEdY1/4dY’OEdY1/4 would definitely recommend.

  68. Oldsoulstoner420

    I have been here a few times and I love it!! I’ve gotten the wax here and you can’t beat the price. I got some cactus og last time and it was fire. The bystanders are great too. I worked with George and he was awesome! I would say yes to this place

  69. relax_rizzy420

    this is one of the best spots for flower my all time favorite from here is the papas Og last time I bought a gram and only one hit and I was gone

  70. dimples602

    I had the pleasure of having George as my bud tender today. Awesome dude really willing to search and help you find the best meds for you. Sorry I went in for shatter I was so undecided. I told you what I was looking for in my strain and God damn if you didnt hit it on the head. Thank you George for taking the time and having the patience!

  71. SoggyNachos

    Great deals on concentrates, good selection

  72. Todd200

    My buddy David brings me to this shop,and was greeted right away by Megan who was fast,friendly,and professional. Was offered booklets and pamphlets on medication education, great display, great quality, I would suggest this place , definitely worth the drive!

  73. brendanelson1966

    I really love the quality. Of your flower , just wish you had a fan in the waiting room dY~EURdY~>

  74. Maryam1975

    I like the flower prerolls dY~SdY~EURatmY=i,dYZodY”Y=

  75. Dariusthereformed

    Flowers edibles concentrates. This place is really great. I love the service. This place is definitely worth it if it’s out of the way come anyway.

  76. bluejaew

    Excellent choice and service.

  77. creamdaddy

    prices are the best for concentrates

  78. jpeanutsmith

    My spot….The best Flowers

  79. rajjin666

    Great staff. friendly and fast service.

  80. romanp602

    went here last Saturday and the people were so friendly and very informative I will continue to come back and would recommend to others for sure.

  81. stephbolton

    I love AZ Organix. Agent X is one of my favorite strains they have it’s delicious!

  82. ganjaM91

    Every visit here has been pleasant! I’ve never been disappointed with anything. The flower is phenomenal, ESPECIALLY Papa’s OG!!! The employees treat you like family. Love you guys!!! thank you for everything you do and for providing me with quality meds and smiles dY~~

  83. mgp420

    Great product and great service! Very professional service.

  84. tex4113420

    Great concentrates

  85. mike37sotelo

    One of the best flower ive had in a while. Ask for Donovan wonderful service and recommendations.

  86. pashion718

    Good bud. Good customer service.

  87. moriartyjmm

    This is the best place in AZ to pick up all your smoking needs. Papas OG is amazing and golden goat is the bomb… And if the have sour tangie it’s a must try!!

  88. paaauul

    great environment and great bud tender she had me leaving satisfied thanks

  89. dadadavie

    So about my last few reviews I need to apologize to this wonderful company.. I felt neglected by them repeatedly and the last time I came I told them no more so I gave them one more chance and the mad all their past mistakes and mistreatment of me right!! AZ Organix ur my main chick once more!!!

  90. ddufault

    friendly staff. Excellent flower. all varieties they have are good. I highly recommend Arizona Organix!

  91. jlkesse

    The blu dream shatter is awesome and start super friendly!

  92. MelindaFrye

    awesome service awesome peeps!!

  93. Chunka

    Love the first time customer deals. Clifford was very nice and the place is clean and very nice. The product looked better than most I’ve seen. Loved the concentrate, much better than anywhere else.

  94. joe.jennings.969

    IT Was good next time I got to come when they are fully stocked on med but over all its good.

  95. rockstargrlnaz

    I love the Papa’s OG! Budtenders are chill and knowledgeable and they have great meds. I recommend!

  96. joesra

    Nice place good meds

  97. labsab

    awesome people awesome service great buds

  98. YungShameless

    Cant wait to take advantage of those new Wax prices!!! Next time im up that way i will surely stop by!

  99. Doctorfroggie1

    My boy George always takes care of me. best concentrates in the valley, hands down.

  100. bong2016prez

    Was told I would be getting a free gram.. wasn’t aware until I made it home that I paid for it 3/15/17 was told I would be getting my money back tomorrow so we will see

  101. Ymedina

    Now.. I have tried ATF (Alaskan thunder fuck) some other dispensary but this by far is the best moist and flavorful…the homie George served very polite..

  102. MrWilson214

    great bud and some of the best budtenders. I have a blast Everytime I xome. the dolato is some fire for sure. thanks Arizona organix

  103. cookiez420

    shout to AZOrganix my first time visit was awesome and Stephanie was super cool and helpful. super cute too thanks for the awesome serviceaoeOEdY~oe

  104. supersaiyanzai

    Flower is awesome, the $35 Grams of shatter are actually fire EXCEPT the WAX PAPER is ABSOLUTELY TRASH but thats the only thing.

  105. sirdabzzalot

    this is my go to spot for the edible high. I get the sap caps every time. super fire, convenient, and they are cheap too!

  106. mrsmaryjane

    Best prices in town, answered all questions I had and I always get the best meds there, would definitely recommend checking it out!!

  107. Bulllee

    I had to walk across the street to get my $15 grams, Damn!I just remember 6 years ago and no $15 grams!

  108. Duaneblazesalot

    This used to be the go to for the absolutely best shatter in town…I guess the changed there standards. Now it’s quantities over quality. Please don’t lie to the patient telling them you just got in these slabs of wax that we all know you can’t sell …lmao good luck with that dark sugar cookies

  109. StormDelgadillo1

    Papa’s og is my all time favorite strain. Definitely coming back

  110. wikid133

    the staff is awesome always fun to chat with and the bud is top shelf I love it 🙂 -nate

  111. KingSavage20p

    George was a amazing budtender with his manager Garrett. The strain Purple Ape Hash Plant was a decent strain will be back to try more strains.

  112. bbalthes43

    Awesome dispensary! Number one in AZ ! Lemon meringue is fire !

  113. michael1116

    love the blue dream and great staff

  114. CregMac52

    Pretty chill environment shout out to George

  115. spencerzeb

    I’m disappointed that they advertise products on Leafly that they don’t have . And don’t update evidently. I mean I ordered 3 items not one was available at 1:00 pm in the afternoon.

  116. Onlythebestbud

    AZO is the best, I love the people who work there and their meds are on point. Papas is the best weed I have ever tried and their shatter is super on point, great flower and great concentrates!! I’m definitely coming back!!!!

  117. Timthemc

    Very friendly staff, they will definitely go above and beyond to help the customer!! Great flower also the Skywalk Og was amazing, I will be back for sure!

  118. DnTkIkMyHaLo18

    I’ve been going to Arizona Organix for probably at least a year now. I haven’t had a strain from them that I didn’t like from Blue Diesel to Cactido to Dolato all the way to Karma Kush and many others. I also love the RSO capsules as well. if you want good quality cannabis that has no pesticides used when growing their product you can’t go wrong with Arizona Organix or the most excellent staff.

  119. cnt170

    Nice staff and good prices!

  120. kashkash1982

    I think the deals are great and have great stuff…edibles delicious

  121. mallen5750

    Great quality medicine, very professional staff, and very neatly organized. My favorite was their R2D2 very flavorful will definitely be coming back

  122. raoulfeather

    This location was on the way home, great people. Loved the environment, the flower is perfect, I will be coming back here again.

  123. SlamTime81

    Convenient Staff was helpful friendly and very knowledgeable overall great experience

  124. mechachef420

    absolutely love this place. all of the staff are amazing! the flower quality is among the best and consistent. the strains are always incredible, their ATF is the best I’ve smoked anywhere.

  125. IamJustintime1

    I received a gram of wax (two different flavors) and I’ve never seen such dark, and sticky wax in my life. Dark might not be the word for it cause it was literally jet black. Almost scary to smoke, this is such a let down and I hope they NEVER hand out freebies like this again!!! QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. This was homemade wax forsure!!!

  126. Shelli86

    Love this place! Great people and great product! Just wish there were more options for edibles.

  127. Mauidragon

    I have had two bad experiences at other dispensaries and I am so happy to have found Arizona Organix! The experience was friendly and fast and the quality of the flower is outstanding! I will most definitely be going back! They are the standard by which others should be judged! They list the THC content of each strain so you know what you are getting. If your dispensary doesn’t list there THC content they are HIDING low quality flower. Don’t be fooled!!

  128. junior42099

    awesome staff very knowledgable and even better meds papa’s og so bomb


    I drive out of my way to get to A.O. Just because of how great they are! The customer service is always top notch and so is the quality of their medicine. Whether you are looking for top shelf concentrate or flower, this is your place!!

  130. richardgmz22

    Great customer service here all the budtenders are amazing ! Zara was hands down best one at the Arizona organix location.

  131. Thomas911

    They grow their own weed and it’s really dank. I would highly recommend the papa og if you want a heavy high.

  132. deeznuggz

    Arizona Organics is one of my favorite dispensaries because their prices on flower and their quality on flower are fantastic I like their point system and how quickly you gain Rewards I make the trip out here from the other side of town every week it’s worth it the top shelf is great the Papas OG and the Skywalker OG strain

  133. encizo97

    Great spot. The employees here are very friendly and helpful and helped me decide on my flower instantly! Some of the best bud in town!

  134. Brianna8

    good service George

  135. toddtoddington

    I LOVE AZO! I have been coming here for years and have never had a negative experience. Shout out to Shannon for always being the best! 😀

  136. Rocksta123

    Very impressed with the history bud was better then expected and the budgenders retained knowledge of their product better then any dispensory I’ve been at this time I’ll be returning definitely

  137. whosthatkid

    This is a great location and a friendly staff which is one of many reasons why I keep coming back. Last time I was here, I picked up a blue diesel pre roll. It was smaller compared to other dispensaries, but very strong! Their pre rolls are not bad at all.

  138. htyreer8

    Best shatter and butter in phoenix

  139. jose54

    on my way back to try out the concentrates heard that they have decent price on shatter

  140. cannabinoiddroid

    Their Platinum Gorilla crumble was beyond this world! Wouldn’t expect less from Organix.

  141. southwest23phx

    They are excellent as friendly. I like that location as well! 🙂

  142. Tfuntony

    Amazing prices with amazing medicine!! I would highly recommend papas OG. Definitely a pain killer!

  143. lnor69

    great staff love being there

  144. happystoner89

    Blue dream is one of the best social strains I’ve had. Great for sharing with a group. Passed around a pre-roll of Blue Dream this last weekend with some out of town friends, couple of first timers. We hadn’t laughed that hard in years. Super fun, nice ride, longish high. Will use again

  145. eli25

    Awesome staff and meds definitely going back

  146. inkfamus1

    Best place in AZ best meds, prices, and staff. Jordan was very knowledgable and helpful.

  147. Gibran7Medi

    Staff is extrenly friendly and the harvest are great every time

  148. Bigserge5201

    This place is amazing George was great shatter is outstanding

  149. Goldengoddess11

    Love the crumble

  150. bighed23

    Eric good looking out! Be back again and againdY’dY’

  151. mikeb47

    I end up always coming back to az Organix even though sometimes it gets packed with people you can’t beat the prices or the quality of the shatter and everyone so far has been very knowledgeable and kind

  152. Jrocc_Agosto

    Hands down one if the best dispensaries in AZ!! The homie Christian to legitdY’-

  153. Charliebricks

    love the wax home of the best concentrates!!! keep coming out of my way to get the crumble, one of the best in my opinion. the people are friendly and I never have to wait to long. open til 10 and that’s great for my schedule

  154. killroyboyhu

    Top notch concentrate at an affordable price

  155. asusundevil08

    Hands down best dispensary. An escort to by a securty guard and staff who know their strains are just a couple of the things that make this place the best. Thanks Arizona Organix…. this buds for you!

  156. MissmadHatter

    Awesome shatter prices and pretty great service. However I think they have some Sativa strains mixed into their Indica strains lately because I’ve noticed that a lot of their Indica strains are made with bluezz which is a Sativa grown by copper state. my budtender told me they informed her it was an Indica but everywhere else including the dispensary I work for has sold it as a Sativa. I’ve also noticed those same strains feel more like hybrids and don’t give me the sleepy feeling I need anymore. Hopefully they will have less Indica made with bluezz next time! Other than that awesome place and my budtender Katie was lovely

  157. kalkikinz

    Great staff, great prices

  158. TheWill

    I was just thinking “I should hit up AZO today for a little fresh flower” but then I remembered your prices. Yikes.

  159. SrirachaSam

    I enjoy almost all their shatter but my favorite has to be lemon meringue and the staff is very friendly. and they move the line fast.

  160. mylestheman

    I would rather pay more for dabs than ever step foot in this place again and deal with these people.

  161. holidaydoc

    Very nice atmosphere. Small but nice selection. Knowledgeable staff.

  162. EvanSaramine


  163. cbenavidez

    Fast friendly service and quality products

  164. bwgessler

    Cool people and good meds don’t equate to a 20% or more increase on product for me. Rewards,policy, and specials change w/ no notice, one day ur sitting on a bunch of points next no longer valid. They down other dispensaries to make sales”if its that good I don’t need to be told”. So if u wanna pay more for something shop here, they believe their the 1st and only dispensary still. Don’t get me wrong good quality and clean but u will pay for it $$$

  165. gadrian101

    great clean friendly service great buds at good prices defiantly will be back again 😉

  166. Tezz.600

    S/0 to Elizabeth she is so amazing and she helped me out I’ll be back

  167. mamahession

    This is my home I love the bud and the staff is a-1 love you guys

  168. GioSquAred91

    Easy to find. Kind and helpful staff.

  169. benny1988

    love this dispensary great shatter papa og is one of my favorite really cool staff great management i recommend this place to everyone

  170. Miguel112213

    Best shatter prices in town and flower around! Come in and grab some Papas OG and some shatter!!

  171. DDD57755

    This is one of my favorite places to go to. Always friendly staff and I have yet to come home disappointed from this place.

  172. Phoeniquerio43

    Shatter is on point here along with the flowers ! Staff is always friendly and talkative, makes you fill really welcomed

  173. thevon

    SDWR. IDFWU. i wasn’t impressed. i cleaned my bowl, knew I should have just gotten a gram but for that price double the money and you get and 8th pretty much. a month ago they had fire. today it all smelled the same. why does train wreck and blue dream smell the same? where is that berry blue dream smell? the white rhino SD has absolutely no SD smell or taste. if white rhino taste like pine then this is a good strain. i hate leaving bad reviews but this bud bro, I’m shocked, because you guys had good stuff. you’ll see a bunch of 5s because “it’s close to my house”, “they’re hot bud tenders”, and you get a free pre roll for a review. im being real, they are cool but that strain sucked

  174. mlg344

    I think this is the first time that i realized I didn’t hear any music playing while you wait front or in back. You guys Absolutely Need to switch to Biotrack! MJ Freeway is Not coming back. Also, we love love love your concentrate deal but it would be nice to have more options with half grams for that same deal when the selection is so limited. Otherwise everybody reading this I strongly recommend their AZ OG and Papa OG shatters! The other ones that have an odd, shiny unstable looking consistency to them are truly the powderiest crumble you could ask for, when its claimed shatter. Also, it would be extremely nice of you guys to allow reviews on any other website other than just leafly. I came all the way from Ahwatukee and realize that it’s a new month already and was denied the opportunity to leave them an awesome review again that would be honored before Leafly posts it 24 hours later, typing the review in front of them or screen shot, nope. No acception just so I don’t have to wait till I need to come back next time when I live so far and was there trying to cooperate. Their policies could not allow this which I understand, and you guys should change it and change to biotrack already cause you need the speedy transactions goin again 🙂 much love

  175. awdtoyota

    Friendly staff, knowledgeable, and helpful. Walked me out and even sold me on a half ounce sale promo. Only downside was the strain I got, the high didn’t last long but great taste and smoked great. Will shop again here.

  176. NellieRubio

    Blue dream by far is my favorite! It’s a hybrid so it’s very mellow and relaxing . I got a couple eights and was not disappointed at all! The prices are great and there’s usually never a line.

  177. jheltsley

    great bud, great ppl

  178. sy420

    love this place. great products. grape ape hash plant is ridic!

  179. trishachais0n

    They had endless options, Megan who helped me was extremely pleasant!

  180. cbrigham80

    eard about the $25 grams of shatter, and decided to check the place out. Read on Leafly about their Sap cartridges, and decided to check that out as well. Errl Cup winner you say?

    Got a nice looking gram of flower for free as a first time patient, although I’d have loved to be able to have credit towards concentrate, as I primarily vaporize due to the need to be discrete. Still, I’m excited to go sesh it with friends on game night. Looks like good smoke for the free stuffs!

    Great service here, too. Check-in was fast, with a brief first time patient survey, and friendly smiles at the window. I was called to the back in just minutes, and had a great budtender named Austin who “got me” as a customer right away. Knowledgeable and approachable, he listened well to what I wanted, and didn’t try to upsell me. Definitely the kind of guy I’d ask for again.

    Now for the best part. Apparently, this cartridge won the Errl Cup *twice*. For a reason. I have tried many carts, and WOW does this thing hit! I bought the store branded battery, which (at $15) is a better version of your standard push-button 510, at about the same price as the throwaways.

    I have a pretty decent tolerance, so I put it on high, and took about 4-5 good rips. The airflow is a little tight, but that’s not uncommon for these pens. Nice and stoned. Definitely impressed by the potency here… this one’s going to be my new out and about, I think.

    If you’re looking for a potent cart that won’t break the bank, this it. They run $35 for a .5g, which seems small,but this stuff is supposedly 98% THC with *zero* cutting agents. The atomizer is clearly custom designed to wick the very viscous Sap, and it’s easy to believe that there are no diluents present here.

    I can tell you, it hits VERY nicely. I’m well medicated, happy…and apparently in the mood to type. Good thing there’s a large character limit.

    Now…where’s the snacks at?

  181. streetphiter


  182. AzKjo

    Great service. ATF IS the best!

  183. Danielyoungwith123

    u guys need to make more different kinds of concentrates… sauce, terps on the rocks, dabbable live resin, rosin and diamonds…. u guys would double ur business… i love ur dispensary’s but i have friends who will only smoke the concentrates i listed… i know new equipment cost money but i know u guys arent poor… and that stuff pays for itself… if u get rich from it dont forget about the little guy… your dolato and sour purps og is bomb…

  184. WhyteNoizeXxX

    Definitely my go to spot. From the people to the products everything is on point in this dispodY”Y=dY’-dY$?tmdY1/4

    Shout out to one of there bud tenders George. Very knowledgeable and helpful

  185. colbyb420

    great quality shatter

  186. nurd

    Look no further!! Everyone deserves to know this place, the buds are absolutely amazing, at amazing prices and the owners and workers are very nice. There really is no competition. I’ve been to EVERY dispensary in In the greater Phoenix, tried delivery services (and have always been let down) now I ONLY will come to Arizona Organix, as I’ve never once been let down on their buds. Much love!!

  187. Wyatt9219

    Great people, great vibes, great meds. I really have to say that anyone I talked to there was extremely friendly, very knowledgeable and helpful, will no doubt be coming back. worth the drive for sure

  188. corysell23

    this place is awesome.

  189. UpinaBlaze81

    I absolutely love this place,my favorite!

  190. Louieman7

    awesome staff and good med

  191. mfwarner

    It’s a little drive…but it was worth it the staff, Clifford was very knowledgeable and gave me websites for laws and the different kinds of strains. Thanks

  192. mirandaraamirez

    I love the papas og and how quickly things work around there.


    Loved what I got!

  194. Breal602

    This is the first place to have good enough weed that I would register an account with just so I can get a free gram. I use heavy sativa strains to deal with artritis in my spine. I tried the azog and I must say, it is the best sativa i have had in the valley. I have tried just about all of them, and that strain alone will bring me back. As a first time patient i found the check in process easy and the facility clean and welcoming. The staff was very friendly. Not a giant selection but they have something for every need and the quality of each strain was evident just by the smell alone. I will be back for sure as i think the azog is my new daily strain. Thank you. -Brad

  195. Oso915

    Place was awesome. Shatters fire. Tenders are dY’-dY’-dY’-dY’-dY’-

  196. azziel

    great place wonderful service don’t have anything bad to say about the place.

  197. perpetuallyunkempt

    absolutely professional dynamic, my second visit was very positive, the staff took the time to talk shop and consult on their products; I left feeling confident about my treatment options. cheers!

  198. acboyd1978

    Great quality for the price. Rough area with parking in rear gravel lot. Once inside very nice…little dark inside back room…nice large buds 🙂

  199. Danielmoore36

    Great, friendly staff. Clean environment and some amazing buds. Never let me down.

  200. PhoenixGemini81

    Hands down you won’t find a better place, with better people, better quality & quantity of product for a better price than here! They just need their point system back! I have to say I feel a little robbed from not being compensated for the points I had before the states system crashed & being the loyal customer I have been since they opened you’d think they would’ve made it right. Even with that being said I will still be a customer for life because of the whole experience you get when you walk in there!

  201. markymark601

    Good service friendly people great Meds will go there again

  202. fctres

    Papas OG! Love the concentrate prices, always fat! Visit Organixs for sure!

  203. Oscar4641

    Great assistance

  204. lowwsuz

    Papas Og strain review: everytime I come in it’s fire and the high is on point also recommend the dolato really potent! Will be back for more soon 🙂

  205. afallik

    it was my 1st time there and it was awesome. The staff is very friendly. A little pricey but they have good stuff.

  206. ashmarley420

    Love this place would recommend getting papa’s og!!!

  207. born2tease84

    Very nice place to go the wait is never long and the employees are always very informative and helpful and their point system rocks!!! Best dispensary by far in AZ

  208. rserna773

    Quick and had awesome shatter choices

  209. mercifulmike

    Very clean. Quick service. Very professional. Honestly i felt as if i was at a pharmacy. And everyone was very polite and smiling:)

  210. lbyusmile

    first time I went I wasn’t dissapointed I liked this place will def. go again :))

  211. Jennav95

    Great deals! & prices! Gabriel who works there is legit and knows his dY'(c) about concentrates. Super helpful staff!

  212. stevemills

    Great!!!! Great shatter deals.

  213. ganaya11

    Very organized, clean, happy atmosphere, very helpful

  214. HelloRob

    Great service. Fantastic herb!! Will definitely be back again (:

  215. grimrocker354

    Horrible service from employees, refused to serve me for no apparent reason. managers were even worse.

  216. kafreash

    just giving an overall low review 2 times i get recommended strain and its garbage this time maybe my fault cause i only got a gram but the nugs are tiny and nothing like what i was shown id rahter get one big good nug then these tiny nugs that should be used for the crappy pre rolls or blasted not sold

  217. agamez94

    This is such a great location and the best prices! Every staff member is very knowledgeable. It couldn’t be any more convenient for me.

  218. St0nerGirl

    Concentrates are the best for the price in the valley.

  219. samantha65

    love the environment good ppl

  220. Madmike420365

    the cookies in concentrates is killer and only 18 a gram can’t beat thanks to all my tenders there always helpful

  221. maggie1995

    Such helpful staff, along with great products, and awesome prices!

  222. ImposterOak

    Been coming here for about a year now and I’ve never been disappointed. They’re always friendly and knowledgeable and have great product. Would recommend to
    anyone and have been since my first visit!

  223. trentsanford23

    It was a bit of a wait in the front but the staff is great and the product is very good would re come d this place to a friend

  224. DT1019

    place is awesome. great was and friendly staff. go here all the time now!

  225. lily1994

    Small and hidden

  226. SithLordBane

    The location is definitely not my personal preference but it is very convenient

  227. GeeHoff

    What more is there to say about AZOg besides fantastic?? This place is great all the way from the Nurse-Tender all the way to the beauty-tenders & nugs. Everything is cured just right although the Papa’s can sometimes be pulled just a skosh too soon. It’s all good because it still smokes amazing & you can stick it to a window :^P
    Lowest prices on edies in town so 2 thumbs WAY up there 🙂 Will keep coming in time & time again especially with the great customer care

  228. HollywoodHayes

    My only go to place for shatter, crumble or sugar wax. They have the best prices for the quality of products they carry. Very friendly staff and knowledgeable. Just wish they had a location closer to me. HollywoodHayes ( Jerry Hayes)

  229. puffinherbs420

    recommend this place to everyone super friendly budtenders and great meds…

  230. Damasolopez

    great location and open late
    staff is amazing and helpful
    I recently stoped by and picked up some sap caps 25mg they are legit really work
    And not to heavy also got some blue dream so fire

  231. azashton

    First time as a patient. Picked up an 1/8 of the Papa OG. Great atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and high quality meds. Definitely will be back, and would recommend!

  232. Nickel5ack

    Great atmosphere! Great selection!

  233. celayajai

    The Papas OG is awesome. Very nice..very knowledgeable. ill be backfor sure

  234. joseaz6187

    Excellent customer service, wait time not long at all. I’ll definitely be back!

  235. DoraMariela

    Welcoming vibe as soon i walked in !

  236. Blazealots

    Got some ice cream cake and it really made my birthday party a smash dY’Y=

  237. getmissy

    my favoritedY~ last time I picked up some shatter black watermelon, nice pain relieving. hoping to find some golden goat this time! love this place! dY”Y=

  238. MissKush2561012

    Location kinda looks like could be shady bit , but inside was real nice good buds Papa OG n Blue Diesel were straight Kush ^, hippie vibe giving back to the earth …KUDOS

  239. ThisIzTyrant

    My first time visiting Arizona Organix and I was not disappointed. Golden Goat & Papa’s OG are amazing strains. I will come again. dY~

  240. Seank4228

    During my first visit the staff was very helpful, I went in looking for one strain and after a good discussion with the associate I left with one more suited to my needs. Thank you, and I’ll be back to try the Papa OG.

  241. wesley062697

    first time in today and got myself some ATF shatter for 25 a g and then a gram of papa’s og for my first time patient gram. the papa’s og is killer, complete sedation. it taste wonderful and smokes really smooth

  242. Krisssy710

    Very spacious, and friendly environment, love the staff and the quality of the concentrates!
    This is my new go to dispensary.

  243. johnleon420

    Best place to get wax if u on a budget jk it’s pretty good

  244. Dorciek2010

    Such a wide variety of concentrates. Staff are knowledgeable about the product dY’dY1/4dY’dY1/4 will definitely be going back today for more

  245. dave0712

    love the shatter.

  246. JonJon112295

    The people are Great and there Sugar Wax is Amazing

  247. Tlsmiley

    Very clean place. Nice friendly staff. Flower was okay.

  248. woodard480

    Treasure island was dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y= I love it.

  249. Dubie44

    I really enjoy going there, they have the best prices around on concentrates. The grape LA is one of my favorite strains has amazing flavor. George a counselor there is always able to help you find something quality.

  250. LilMorrow

    Love the people and the quality of herb was AMAZING

  251. abegley421

    They have the best wax at AZ Organix for really cheap. They dont sell them in half grams but it’s pretty cheap so i don’t mind and their staff is very nice. they have a back parking lot and the staff always offer to walk me to my car after i get my meds. I love this place.

  252. nroman85017

    Great place to get a great deal on shatter for sure. Very respectable flower as well. Love the hours too, super late and it moves a little quicker in the am. savvy is cool cool an viper city OG shatter is bomb right now

  253. Azbg

    Very friendly…great selection and awesome prices

  254. i.want2bme

    the management Shannon Tovar is awesome I love this

  255. Arionna08

    Best Crumble, shatter and Butter in town! All of their concentrates have amazing flavor and they have such a reasonable price on everything there!

  256. Napaveli

    great place

  257. caleb95eg

    Great dispensary . I like the lemon shatter strains. Place is always clean and well organized. Would reccomend to a friend or family member. By the way shatter is great for the price.

  258. fox01

    I’m so disappointed in this place I’ve been coming here for a long time and have spent alot of money. Although there are a few people who are awesome but the manager of this place is a rude woman I will no longer come this dispensary because of her and the hassle and will make sure people know how this place treats their patients. Just awful.

  259. MrsJerms

    I love this place. great people and great products. Atf is my favorite.

  260. Dred1234

    Stopped by and picked up sum Agent x. It was the bomb. The staff here is the bomb and very helpful.

  261. ev1lgummybear

    I’ve been coming in more or less everyday the past few months, just never left a review these guys are awesome best shatter prices without sacrificing quality and Rhett my budtender yesterday did an awesome job on my order

  262. bluntROLLA

    Only place I’ve been to that never disappoints. Must visit !!!!

  263. DaBeticEnt

    some of the greatest edibles I’ve had. solid selection and great staff .

  264. David4dubBammer

    just what I need when I need now I don’t need another!

  265. davina714

    close to home, parking is ridiculous. I stopped going here a year or more ago cause they’re way over priced. I’d Rather travel a little distance for better quality quantity is more affordable and this dispensary never has a great variety or selection. Most positive thing I can say about this dispensary is the workers and Bud tenders are also nice and polite.

  266. Harleymenchue

    Arizona organix have the best prices in town. Great service every time I go in they really are there to help you and get your meds as fast as possible.

  267. HawaiianVibes11

    Been to a few places and this is one of the top ones… Awesome, friendly and knowledgeable staff… The flowers are out of this world… Had a sweet stick to them and really gave me what I needed… Will definitely be back and spreadin’ the word…

  268. hedrick420

    used to be the spot for quality meds. seems to be going downhill.
    flower quality lacking. never cured enough at time if sale. found seeds in the Skywalker og, that used to be fire. even there flagship Papa’s og has gone down in quality.
    shatter used to be light colored and heavy hitting, now it’s dark and all taste the same. selection is minimal at best.
    service is good and atmoshere is inviting. but med quality is lacking.

  269. debporter

    It is a very nice place with knowledgeable employees to help you along. They have great flower.

  270. Youthirstyyy

    This location offers a call in and pick up which helps cause I have a small baby !!

  271. gingergin13

    I went in today to buy a gram of the Donkey Kong shatter and the Berry White shatter. When I saw the Berry White on display it looked really light yellow (like the DonkeyKong) but when I got home and opened my Berry White it was a dark-amber color, nothing like what I saw in display. I called before sampling to see if i could exchange it for another one and the budtender refused and wanted to argue that all the wax is from the same batch. He said what do you want me to do about it…. Im just going to another dispensary in the future for wax.

  272. sb406

    My favorite place in Phoenix! Cool employees who aren’t pushy, great flower, great prices, no pretentiousness. I go out of my way to visit.

  273. nelsonkush

    this dispensary is the best dispensary in town. It has good deals and good products. Their staff is friendly and fast. wouldnt go anywhere else . Shop Here!!! its the home of the 20$ wax grams !

  274. Car364

    Arizona Organix is the first and best dispensary I have been to. Extremely knowledgeable and willing to help you with anything.

  275. Ddonohue

    Thanx again, Great people and a gift.

  276. rosemls


  277. Kevinkj777

    Shatter 15g.

  278. Jimbo70

    The staff was great and very friendly. The weed was strong and priced right. No need to shop anywhere else.

  279. Gudbudz

    What can I say? Hmmm I drive from Sedona twice a month on the infamous I-17 to come to this shop for my flower. I don’t get discounts, points or free promo lighters. I just get phenomenal bud! Shopped the rest, come here for the best.

  280. Jolsen1108

    Very friendly and helpful, good selection of strains. Be coming back for the papa og, thank you for the suggestion

  281. LizzyP

    great place.

  282. merrin

    Very laid back and informed. Great selection and fair prices for amazing quality. Keep up the good work.

  283. Bubbason826

    Please bring back the strain Delato. Best fooking strain ever

  284. jagardner1019

    I love AZ Organix. Aside from great prices, the staff are always so great at getting you what you want. Be sure to check Leafly before you go though to see what strains they have. They are popular and sometimes are limited. Definitely recommended though!

  285. sirsmokeitup

    Love Arizona organix!! The golden goat shatter is dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY~

  286. schwisow

    The bud tenders really take their time to make sure you get the right product for your needs..
    Awesome price on shatter..
    Thanks to all!

  287. AzMostHated

    They always have great service an amazing employees an amazing deals an lots of great selections .

  288. 123Glen

    George is so professional and helpful! A smile every single time!
    I only come here

  289. BRud

    by far the best dispensary in the valley.!! I drove there from Paradise Valley because I saw what kind of tree they had purple wreck amazing and fresh. Skywalker , Grape Ape hash plant everything was amazing. and everyone knew what they had and we’re very informative. I can’t wait to go back oh by the way they have the best rewards program I’ve seen in the valley. oh and the prices are amazing. I traveled 22 miles to get there and I travel a hundred to go back.

  290. DaveKAz

    Because someone else’s dog got aggressive there all dogs are banned. I am no longer able to bring my small dog along with me to shop there any more. With highly priced meds, poorly updated menus, and an arrogant attitude of we’re the only show in town, I am not likely to be back there soon. There are many friendlier dispensaries within a few minutes drive that keep their menu’s current, have superb quality and that are “dog friendly.” Not only would I not recommend this place to a friend, I’d think twice of recommending them to someone I didn’t like.

  291. Silver6

    This is my neighborhood local market. Always my first choice when it is time to go shopping. Love you guys!

  292. lotus2015

    I got blue diesel from here it was pretty good took my wife here she keeps coming back for the papas og

  293. herrikudo

    Great strain selection on hand, friendly staff, and fast on the get in and out front!

  294. johnredwater

    A great location, with awesome friendly staff. A variety of relief medication to choose from, that’s heals your symptoms. I recommend you come down.

  295. Motionless41

    love that they are open late and are always reasonably prices!!

  296. tigress420

    amazing .great buds great service great

  297. hubbabubbabear

    Great stuff great prices

  298. j_mads79

    1st time patient at this location and I was super pleased with the experience. ATM on premise, very friendly staff on the phone and in person, good prices. Nice large waiting area, wait time was minimal with 2 people in front of me. In and out in 10 minutes. Definitely visiting here again. Thanks!

  299. miguelgA

    $15 grammmmmys of shattttttys

  300. nrupp

    Blue dream!!

  301. cambeasley87

    Went in and got the TAG, great location and staff. Can’t wait to go back and try some new strains like the Papas OG

  302. 602sativa

    First visit today and I must say very friendly people, and very nice establishment. Received two freebies because it was free pre-roll day, and a gram of a.t.f for my first visit. I was looking for edibles and they have quite the assortment to chose from. The AZ OG was great in the pre – roll. I can say the flower they have here is super top notch, I looked closely at two different strains, but boy are you going to pay for it! No half oz specials? No oz specials? No buy two 8ths, get one free? No $10 gram days? Need some type of special to get more of your amazing flower out there, and to be competitive. As of now, I can’t afford to come back here again, for flower atleast.

  303. skyygue

    This was my second dispensary I had been to since getting my card and they were so helpful and took their time. I didn’t feel rushed and they knew so much helpful info.

  304. AD1998

    I had the best time when I visited there for my first time, Yvette was the best she helped me out and gave me a bunch of cool merch i highly recommend them not only for there concentrates but because they are super friendly.

  305. D201347

    Awesome spot, great location, went to try the sap cartridge was not impressed I guess i was too excited because of the so called #1 blah blah blah. Anyway stay away.

  306. quezada68

    papa og best flower ive had inthe state

  307. Joserubio88

    best spot in az byfar! all budtenders are nice and definitely know there products. there products are AMAZING! especially the prices.. i recommend to everyone!!

  308. Benjiebobinac

    five stars all around and i really appreciate the helpful staff and gotta love the points rewards . free stuff

  309. Killatwan

    loved the quality

  310. travis891

    love this place hands down best stop on town ..

  311. Jrockk26

    Great shop. High quality shatter, great selection, unbeatable price $28 a g!
    Must try CO2 extract tastey!! One Love

  312. SalenaBernal

    Cool atmosphere, quality tree and staff was super friendly and helpful!

  313. jameskingsmore

    I tried the Sedona Kush which was surprisingly different from what I expected. It has a pleasant, light earthy flavor. The high was mellow and for a hybrid it did not cause me to rape my refrigerator! This one enabled me to stay focused on the task at hand.

  314. brebre3979

    Quality is amazing. Love the Papa OG!

  315. Special_krbanks

    Cool staff $$$ and great strains dY’OEdY1/2dY’OEdY1/2

  316. joebaka21

    Great customer service and meds
    Best quality

  317. bronxbombers

    Always great tree. Try the ATF when they have it. Also Papa OG

  318. Lakers2001

    Great buds

  319. MDPotDoc

    Have recently started buying my medicine from AO. I was surprised by all the new construction as well as plans for increasing their services. Was there yesterday and got a birthday joint as well as a free 1/8 with points. I was so impressed with the bud tenders. I have been a daily smoker for 45 years and know a few things about marijuana. They answered every question I had plus gave me good info on different strains for different conditions. Last but not least they let me choose the medication I wanted. I like bigger buds and one weighed 3.5 gm. Just what I asked for. Buds so much bigger than HWC let alone cheaper pricing. Thanks for the good service and medications. I don’t live close but it is worth the drive for all the right reasons. (Plus the women are all attractive!)

  320. bowtohomer

    this was my third dispensary visit since getting my card.these people set the bar.every dispensary I’ve been too since, hasn’t lived up to the expectations that az organix gave me.great product, great service and great prices.ill be heading back today with my mom, who just got her card.

  321. marazona

    The kind folks at AZ-organix would benefit from better street signage(though the serious JFK head-ache I was sporting,certainly enhanced any challenge)aEUR|that was all soon resolved with the suggestion(s) of the Fabulous Austin___thanks man, I WILL BE BACK 🙂

  322. 2bigal2

    Way to step up your bad game up the Golden Goat is Amazing!!!!!

  323. snclev926

    Organix is the best! The Girl Scout Cookie Shatter is sweet and delicious and the prices cant be beat!

  324. Katya118

    I absolutely love this place but I wish they had more consistency of the type of shatter available.

  325. biglou1369

    I honestly don’t know what happened to AZO. They used to have bomb ass shatter. Didn’t even mind paying 25 a gram. But not now. Even though it is 15 a gram it is crap. It left my banger with a nasty residue even on the lowest of temps it did not smoke well. the taste was off. You should never sacrifice quality for a lower price.

  326. pmorales

    I tried there Treasure Island shatter which was recommended by George the budtender… super cool guy got me in and out thanks for your great smile and customer service when I was having a bad day I would highly recommend this strain if you have anxiety and just want a good dab of CBD nothing too heavy perfect for daytime.

  327. Celesteadora

    great quality shatter. great price

  328. lumberjacks94

    Love this place!! Golden Goat is the best!

  329. QueenReyna

    The staff here is always so informative. You can’t beat their $20 shatter it’s my favorite. Every time I stop in, i walk out with something new to try!

  330. pearl_love

    Best medical canter in town. Down to earth employees. Fast service . The most educated medical dispensary I’ve been to & really enjoy helping patients individual goals of well being. always been satisfied with service cannot go to any others. Worth the distance where I live:)

  331. crazedaz

    Love this place. HATE being asked to sign a petition everytime i come by some homeless looking person out front. They are extremely rude when you decline and should be asked to go somewhere else.

  332. The8thDeadlyCin

    First time in – very nice people, clean location, knowledgeable budtender & great prices. Also they have a great variety of shatter with highly sought after strains, as well as those off the beaten path.
    I have to note, I am used to a couple other places being a little, um, skeevy when it comes to pricing & advice, so I came in a bit on the defensive. Long story short, I was completely wrong about something, but their staff & manager were still so kind to me tho I was in error. The manager explained what I needed to know & was very cool & helpful when I called.
    Great experience – will be back for sure!

  333. jdmstoneraz

    can never go wrong with papa og!!!

  334. LSB

    They may be the first but they are still the best. My go too location.

  335. villegas77

    5 star all the way. I’m a veteran and they’ve helped me. The staff was friendly & attentive to my needs & I will be returning for my meds!

  336. voltaire1

    I’ve not been to Arizona Organix, but was excited when it opened. Had their own website and didn’t see anything special aside from decent decor. After reading these reviews (taking out the really bad and the really good), and checking prices, I can’t talk myself into checking them out. Good luck guys….time to revamp your business model if you want business.

  337. raykwonhoova

    smoke on sum of top with a few
    homies this 1 of tha best spots n town

  338. pinkmoonIlnlo

    purchases sap capsules..

  339. Mrpefect2018

    top shelf medication top shelf help the wait is never to long if you already know what you want feel free to use the express window

  340. dasorrow1

    amazing stuff high priced but worth it checking out their wax today update soon

  341. Mredd23

    Meghan helped me and she was awesome. The staff is very friendly. The quality is great! They have a good selection and great deals.

  342. Chefsponge99

    best wax in phoenix

  343. AzBlazin

    Definitely my favorite spot! Austin took care of me in the back. Always friendly. Took home some Master Kush it was on point.

  344. Michaelnordwall

    I understand about having gas power scooter in store and it smelling the place up like gas yes I understand that all the way and that it leak a little on floor and I understand all that and u guy make take out side I understand all of that but I don’t like when people that work their lied to my face saying that we have someone out side to watch why u go to back and and get ur medical and it’s bullshit all the way around and I will never be back their again and I do understand that customers were complaining about it but it still the point of they lied to my face saying we have someone to watch ur scooter which is up worth three dollars so yeah that lost this customer

  345. Daedae143143

    On my way to the best dispensary in az……orangix dispensary… it’s a must you go here …..

  346. fahmy2191

    Great flower

  347. joelow

    the customer service was fast and very good. excellent price to for the quality

  348. Bre1993

    The people are really nice and have good stuff also.

  349. nerdenstein

    picked up some papas og. definitely best flower in the state. strong and tasty

  350. tashahick2

    good recommend it to everyone.

  351. looneyshadowdog

    Came in and got an eighth of gods gift it was amazing! Quality is always there.

  352. wife1

    very disappointed in my experience and with Pedro the manager and bartender that had no knowledge spent almost $100 there, highly unlikely I shop there again and I would not recognize it sorry no

  353. Kuhens82

    This place is awesome. It’s right down the road from my school, and open late enough that I’m still able to get my needs

  354. larrygreen1252

    good stuff man.

  355. LouieLucci77

    Great staff the az og is super potent the natural cbd pills are on point !(= they make me feel well an healthy without the man made pills .

  356. LymonWeed

    George was genuinely helpful and showed professionalism while being knowledgeable about which strain would help me. I had cactid strain .Great strain great advice. THANK you

  357. chipmunk09

    Very friendly staff. My 1st time there. Took care of me well n answered my questions n helped me out. Didn’t have what I was looking for but still got some edibles dY~

  358. Scottygirl

    Yes I would

  359. 64chevy

    love the papa og. And the pain cream, it’s amazing,for joint pain. little smelly, dY~* dY~OEdY~OE

  360. annamarieb

    Love this dispensary, fast and friendly service, best top shelf quality flower. Love the sap caps!

  361. SamBenny

    love the shatter especially the Dolato , plus the best service around

  362. reverendjameson

    really first you don’t have the product you advertise, then you won’t sell it for the advertised price when you do. then you close early without notification to patients. I’m glad I’m moving away so I no longer have to deal with such lack service.

  363. Pololover

    This is the first Dispensary that became Legal and I have been going to them every since. I love the personal one on one service I get everytime.

  364. joyjoy01

    I think this place is definality one of my top three dispensaries in town. the staff was informative and friendly.
    the free pre roll was very generous and yummy. they have a point system that seems to be something special for most dispensaries.

  365. trustnoone928

    The Sap stuff is great.Nice clean place to shop..

  366. boxersrus44

    I LOVE THIS PLACE! Their house strains are excellent and I have not seen better, or close too, in the area. Thanks guys!

  367. plottjulian17

    great service not too long of a wait awesome staff can’t go wrong

  368. rsonic83

    Such an awesome place! Meds are delicious and they give away free shatter! This place is one of my absolute favorites. They always know how to surprise me. Keep up the good work!

  369. Tony1001

    Great place

  370. mark6022

    Arizona Organix is a great dispensary. they have great shatter and a good price from indica to sativas and hybrids.

  371. ezgoin176

    Very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended.

  372. ladyd1993

    this is a great place to shop the product takes all pains away and the customer service is 100

  373. smartist

    so fast and friendly, best shop in town!!

  374. Arycca

    Friendly staff. Great prices. Great meds!

  375. sorkoritz

    awesome employees clean environment! pot is amazing

  376. AZTrev

    Kimbo kush was a good strain the first time I visited

  377. patron187

    awesome place, great service aswell

  378. grantR

    Good weed good lol go trydY~

  379. Samantha9

    This review is genuin. I cant emphasize enough on how this location is the BEST. I am a patient here not a customer. They treat you with the up most respect. Its a very friendly and comforting environment but what i love most is they never steer me wrong and they have the knowledge to educate you for your spastic needs. Ive never been dissatisfied here. dY’-dY’OE

  380. AzHighLife602

    Organix is my number one go-to for Shatter they usually have at least 10 different kinds on the Shelf and when they really up they have like 40 and they’ve had them on sale for $20 a gram recently so that’s cool too

  381. lindsvyog

    I would come here everyday if I could.

  382. BigNateisBack

    Very clean, very nice atmosphere, great meds. They staff is very friendly and helpful. 1 of my favorite places.

  383. KaylaEye1998

    very good deal on concentrates fast
    friendly service well recommend


    Due to my disability, which doesn’t allow me to drive, I rely on others/public transportation. Making a journey to visit you.

  385. wlktimo

    that papas og and blue dream mixed together is deadly. put me out like a brick. love it gotta get more

  386. Adam.710

    The terp budder is always great! And this shops prices are killer!

  387. rastaman12

    great and knowledgeable staff. always there to help out in picking the perfect strain for your needs..

  388. jedimomma

    Although I do not remember names well, the girl that helped me was extremely helpful. This is all new to me and she explained everything so well. It was a bit loud but that’s about it. Other than that the experience was great! I would definitely recommend.

  389. kylepert

    Great wax for the price

  390. briannasophia

    Dope ass place, amazing knowledgeable staff and some good flower! Will definitely would come back to pick up!

  391. Demres

    Wonderful dispensary good people great service would go back

  392. yogiAng26

    Hear ye hear ye gather round #arizonaorganix is putting it down..
    With wonderful meds for u and me

  393. glendalian

    My favorite location in the state. Arizona Organix has a place in my heart and my bong.

  394. Jamesonsss

    Below average flower, great service and location.

  395. psychoboob

    Best quality flowers around. The only place they fall down is in the selection of concentrates. All they carry is oil and wax. No Kief or any type of hash.

  396. NickieRea

    I really enjoyed walking into this place! Wonderful service, knowledgeable staff (a must for me) AND they support local glass blowers who blow great quality glass at the BEST prices! They are not trying to make a profit from this glass so they can keep those costs low.
    I wanted a specific strain when I walked in. The gentleman there showed me strains that have the same effect as what I was seeking. I wasn’t going to get anything if they didn’t have what I wanted. However, they had samples for me to look at and it made my experience more enjoyable to be able to SEE exactly what I was getting. I am so glad I went with my intuition and went ahead and took advantage of the new patient special. I was able to find the strain that I wanted and needed. It works very well for my chronic back and hip pain, insomnia, anorexia, and migraines and I don’t feel glued to the couch.
    What a fantastic experience!

  397. BOSS13

    pretty good 4/5 ima indica lover!

  398. James8911

    Wouldn’t recommend

  399. Dryguy19

    love there papas og it is fire best meds in town an the shatter is bomb too

  400. jonlafever

    place is 50/50. I’ve receive some very good flower at this location. sadly though, I’ve received dried out, old smoke from this location more than less. Oh and P.S the SAB cartridges do not work at all, even after buying 2.

  401. FLGSKNK

    azog really is a supreme sativa thank you for the great service and excellent flwer

  402. ceazd

    I love the service here the ladies are so nice and the weed good too 🙂

  403. ItCameWithTheFrame

    This place has potential. I bought the papa’s og, since all strains seemed pretty crappy. But it actually tasted okay. Not like hydroponic bs.

    Im not saying the weed is good by any means, its just not garbage like the hydro everyone else has. You could roll cones with this and smoke with Cali peeps. (where farms grows one or two strains specifically for a prerolls brand,. Faaaar different experience than AZ where everything is recycled scraps and left overs).

  404. constvble

    This place has the cheapest and highest quality in the state

  405. Hiddengardens

    Best Place in Town and it’s close to where I live. And their product is fire

  406. chrodz

    this is about the best dispensary in PHX, staff if great, all of the budtenders I’ve had were great. Good prices and you can find meds here that nobody else has. They have gone out of their way to help me quite a few times. First rate place!!

  407. dwright

    $105 for quarter ounce is absurd and gouging. Walked out, wont be back.

  408. Intrensicmyles

    Katie is Amazing at AZ Organix & the service is fast.

  409. gangshitmf

    I really like the tenders , they’re so knowledgeable and the flower is Bomb, the concentrates are unbeatable for the price

  410. jakedragon422

    Very good service + best herb in AZ!!!

  411. onesimop

    great products and service

  412. ericl0113

    Disappointed with price and availability. Have not been to this place for a couple of months. Come to find out that if you are in good with them they will take care of you and supply you with meds that they are supposedly out of. Nice to know since I travelled numerous time to find them supposedly out. Mist be nice. I guess I was only some dude off the street. Not some who came everyday or donated cases of food for their charity. Oh that’s right I did spend hundreds of dollars a week and gave 30 or so cases. Done with my ” friends” here

  413. ChongSnoop

    You can’t beat their 20 dollar grams of wax..until they beat it with 15 dollar grams.

  414. blueskyrd31

    I love love love this place! There quality is some of the best in the state!

  415. Gwapotone

    It’s a good location great service like really great fast and friendly the guy that helped me named Jordan was great made me wanna come back taught me a lot about shatter too plus the dolato was great flowerdY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=a>1/2i, love this place and Jordan’s DOPE!!!

  416. donw

    First time in and I have to say that the people were knowledgeable about the med’s as well as polite and the flower is top notch papa’s OG highly recommend it.

  417. mona420az

    It is the only place that I was able to find az og by far one of my favorite street

  418. monstapuss

    Amazing flower & concentrate selection!!! Great staff! Awesome place.

  419. MaccTrucc

    The jack herer is one of my favorites strains great flavor nice and mellow never let’s me down dY’dY?dY’dY?dY”Y=dY”Y=dY'”!

  420. tackettj88

    Very friendly atmosphere great people

  421. Tendaz93

    this is a good dispensary have great deals

  422. ibyterawr

    Lots of new faces at AZ Organix, but still same great service! Love the staff here and the product is excellent! Shout out to Edward for helping me start my day off right!

  423. santhizzle

    Great place. Very professional and helpful staff. Great quality Meds.

  424. Jkb1488

    Freakin awesome

  425. AdamHight

    super ecstatic staff really made the experience fun and educational for my first time and I will definitely be returning!

  426. Cookie_Trooper

    Best place to get your meds. Papa’s OG is stronger than any other weed I have tried by far .

  427. kokoh

    I found a whole bunch of seeds inside Cali Cactus and I’m not really happy with it.

  428. SALTnLIME

    I have been getting Meds from AZ Organix for around a year now. When I first started to go their product left something to be desired. I tried other clubs and licensed businesses but found the same problems with inferior customer service and many times felt rushed. Well I often return to AZ organix because it is close to my house. I was blown away with their product this time around. Golden Goat and Blue Dream was FIRE, it’s so great to get quality meds again, finally GOOD legal weed. I will only be going back to AZ Organix from now on.

  429. tompinche420

    AZO is the bomb. I have been coming here since day one and I couldn’t be happier. The buds are dank and the people are danker.

  430. dopedaniel

    Concentrate quality has dropped ,SAP had a waaay darker color this time and all the shatter that was marked down for “customer appreciation month” is very low quality ,one of the strains I believe Somango, was near red in appearance and if you know concentrates you know red=bad, but I guess you get what you pay for

  431. Redstarr13

    Very friendly and comfortable

  432. henry.orozco3

    Worst service ever gotten slow that Customer Service not happy won’t go back

  433. rogerlopez

    jawa kush from organix is fire i love it quality meds, service, and i always leave here smiling

  434. amazinglyhi

    the budtender was nice. recommended a heavy indica decepticon if you love GG#4 you’ll love this.. karat kake was snuck up on me. I was still able to focus and be on the go without heavy paranoia

  435. bubbac71

    great people, good deals and love the environment! love this place!

  436. F8D2FAL

    All the bud tenders are amazing and really show a knowledge and love for the industry. Love coming here. They show much love with every visit.

  437. JoeNinerAz

    always got Fire.!! thank you claribel..

  438. renot602

    great place and super fun people… i bought a gram of crumble and it puts me to sleep after one hit.

  439. Mack52RN4L

    I love there regular hash and the papa og is heaven always

  440. snowman_026

    arizona organix is great home of papa’s OG sum fire

  441. BigJ808

    heard they have good concentrates must try

  442. cronicc6200

    Great setup. Very relaxing enviorment. I love the deli style

  443. ScottiBoi

    The people are amazing great atmosphere and the meds look incredible! definitely going to recommend to friends!

  444. Sherm4

    Great people, great pricing, great selection….what more do you need?

  445. spenceryoung13

    When I was pulling up I didn’t expect it to be as big as it was. I enjoyed the vibes in and around the building. Customer service is great with getting you informed if you need to do so. I plan on coming here more often.

  446. valin

    Positive employees serving the best shatter in town and at the best price!

  447. TheRealMorganFreeman

    Always a solid shop to stop at. Wait can sometimes be long but what do you expect with 15 grams of shatter

  448. N3VRMND

    Always love coming in, no matter how long the wait; the staff is friendly, and the shatter is amazing. Lemonheads is one of my favorite strains for shatter now. Thank you for finally getting the parking lot fixed!

  449. Pandora23

    I am new to the MM scene and needed help. This place came recommended to me, and while I enjoyed the Skywalker OG I did not appreciate the guy who helped me to take advantage of my anxiety and overwhelming amount of info I was given. I pulled 80.00 out of the atm on sight and my total was just under 40.00. The guy who helped me talked so fast and not sure how it happened but I gave him the 40.00 twice. I tried to believe it was a mistake but when I called to find out if his drawer was over I wasn’t surprised when I was told it wasn’t, but even more surprised that management didn’t offer to review security cameras at the time of my purchase to either prove that I paid twice, or bother to care. Never again and I recommend you go to a more reliable place.

  450. DanishD

    always come here for there shatter and I’m never disappointed, also there Customer service is on point!

  451. Justinkushog

    Love this place lemon kush has me coming back all the time

  452. aubzzz

    I love the staff & great pricing ! It’s definitely my #1 favorite dispensary!

  453. Crooks420

    This place is the shit! I love this place great customer service and good medicine ! Must stop by !!

  454. kjpage115

    Great place and great staff. Quality products.

  455. kushys1

    This is the first dispensary opened in the valley, and after 3 years as a patient, I tried it. The shop was very hard to find and the parking lot is uneven gravel and dirt about 500ft from the door in the back. The wax is not on wax paper, but parchment paper so you’ll need to freeze it before opening, otherwise it’s like hot glue. That quality for such an old shop is terrible! That shatter tastes like old bread dough and is so harsh you will enter a new world of hacking your lungs out. The ladies were nice, but the product is awful and it’s not a good location. I honestly don’t understand why this shop is rated so good, maybe these people are high on something better than they sell. I wouldn’t go back if they paid me to.

  456. kcfan21

    Best concentrates in the valley at the best prices anywhere!!! The staff is awesome, I’ve been here many many times and never had bad service

  457. Alicia1981

    Can’t ask for anything any better. All the best strains and customer service is bomb!!

  458. brinamarlar

    Super friendly and helpful staff. Awesome selection, and great quality. Its the only place I’ll go now!

  459. eddiegarcia33483

    super pretty staff and super good flowers, such a good place to load up on meds! the humanitarian thing is also a plus and a good foundation on not only medicine but human needs in all. thank you guys for the hook up, will def. recommend people!!!

  460. jackjack1214

    I really like this place. The customer serivce and the buds are amazing. Great prices as well. Fast and quick and easy to talk to the people there.

  461. aprilbuns

    Amazing service! You can’t have a great experience at dispensary without the right people, especially for a first time patient, and they have a solid staff. Not to mention the quality of medicine they have to offer! Good stuff!

  462. catnip3

    papa og is not worth 20 a gram. but there also a reason why all strains are 200 oz. think about it you get what you pay for

  463. prairiegirl61

    This dispensary might not look like much from the outside, don’t let that fool you! I don’t know why anyone goes any place else. Rupert, my budtender, was very helpful, polite, knowledgeable, the quality of the products I purchased are exceptional!!! I will be making the 100 mile round trip soon to get my MMJ at Arizona Organix!!!

  464. dorie17

    Like it, It help me sleep at night and nice relaxing body Buzz.

  465. sparkly42010

    good customer service freshebuds..dY$?–

  466. Mrsinsane

    az og is the one it help pain and mind

  467. Natalie903

    My favorite place to go for shatter. This is one of the only places I will buy my shatter. Plus super friendly bud tenders. It’s our of my way but so worth the drive!!!

  468. BuddhaSmoker420

    Arizona Organix is best spot for concentrates fire meds dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  469. Revolver333

    Arizona organixs has the best location in the valley, I recommend all my friends go here.

  470. Pandaman83

    Good herb and the staff was friendly. I got some of the AZ og and some papas og. Both were good meds. Smelled great, looked great and effects also great.

  471. katt005288

    Meagan was exceptional, informative and friendly.
    Comfortable Atmosphere Great Quality

  472. seaweedstewed

    I don’t leave many reviews for things and I don’t really have much brand loyalty.

    I make an exception for AZ organix. I’ve tried a lot of dispensaries. This place has the nicest/most helpful staff. They have the best prices, and frankly some of the stickiest freshest best tasting weed in town. Go with the Golden Goat or the Papa’s OG.

    I can’t recommend this place enough. Stop going other places. This is the only place you need in town.

    If this place was open past 8 I’d be here every single week, the only time I don’t go here is when it is closed.

  473. Dm777

    Great price on the gram of wax..also on the 200 o special..

  474. flux3

    These guys are the best! The Skywalker OG is one of my favorites. if your not getting your meds here you not getting quality meds!

  475. Tgarvs

    Atom splitter cartridge is amazing

  476. c47ash

    Super cool and informational. Really clean and well organized.

  477. plumbhigh

    nice staff. good so far.

  478. RuleBrule

    Love the sap the tenders are friendly and helpful always my favorite place this side of town

  479. tweek2316

    best dispensary in az, very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  480. mac808

    They have the best prices in Phoenix and the highest quality flower and concentrates. I recommend everyone hit up az organix it’s the spot…

  481. archstone

    This will always be one of my special places.
    Because it was my first.
    They almost always have my beautiful Dream Temple in stock
    The staff is super cool and helpful

  482. Kazz420

    Best shadder in the state and best deal for it too!

  483. MrsWilsonDupree

    this is my third visit here and I like the bud the Grape L.A is the best I’ve had here go check them out Tell them chiquita referred you

  484. joey79

    very Friendly people. they new the product and was very helpful.

  485. swissbuddha

    Love the staff here, always kind, helpful and knowledgeable.. They carry my favorite flowers, Pappa’s OG and Trainwreck. I would love to see them get more of the Trainwreck hash. I didn’t get a chance to try it last time, but I will when they get it again.

    This was the first dispensary I ever tried, and the one that I keep coming back to. Keep up the good work

  486. honeybear26

    Papas OG is one of my favorite strains and the prerolls of it are so fire form AZO!!

  487. AZVenom

    This is location is in downtown Glendale, which if you are from the area you know it’s a cluster no matter what time day it is, I hate going to this area of town. That being said, their quality for their stains is amazing. They boast natural organic growth of their plants, which also tastes and smokes great. Tried the Green Crack strain and it was silky smooth and tasted amazing.

    Worth the drive, even to downtown Glendale.

  488. A.B.Mejia

    Arizona Organix is an awesome dispensary also the very first in the state. Amazing bud quality and an incredible staff that’s quick and friendly. The express window is very helpful, makes things go by so much quicker and smoother . Defiantly recommend this location.

  489. ritajean7

    I see you haven’t updated your website again. Your specials are all the same as last time I checked a month ago.and they are all a lie.
    Imp date your site so people know that your prices are the highest in the valley and your specials are not specified spent a lot of money here until you changed everything especially your staff you won’t get any more of my money

  490. Sweetlu88

    Best deals on concentrate. Grease monkey was fire! Always light colored, almost transparent bomb quality and great tasting. Shoutout to my boy George he was quick and on point knows his product. I will be back!

  491. Kervynhoes

    Great wax and customer service

  492. kingjames8984

    love this spot

  493. azboricua

    Best shatter and awesome prices. PLEASE bring back Sour Tangie Shatter. I love it!

  494. terrasac

    I love this place.

  495. Staz

    Amazing Budtenders. Amazing buds. You can’t keep me away from this place!! Thank you AZ Organix!!

  496. jam3s1988

    It’s a good place like the sap there blueberry an

  497. Delia89

    I’ve been here twice and both times I’ve been very pleased with everything all questions were answered well they have a good selection on medications and the staff was very nice defiantly a place to shop

  498. blunto

    papas og not that great like it use 2 be smh.

  499. jaepadilla

    Very cool staff, loved walking in the building very fast n helpful

  500. TylerAlwaysThuggin

    I really love the quality of the meds here. The bud tenders are very knowledgeable of the product they have. If you happen to check this place out I recommend their house strains Papa’s OG and Arizona OG, or any of their Skywalker strains.

  501. aztwinkillaz

    nice product back thank you

  502. budmatrix

    Arizona Organix in Glendale is one of the best dispensaries in Arizona and you should see for yourself why.

    With a clean and warming environment and a very knowledgeable staff that speak clearly and are happy to educate you on any strain they carry.

    The menu is so clearly visible throughout the dispensary starting from a well lit and open waiting area. Then as your called back the alluring smells start to lift your spirits and just as your mouth starts to water you walk down the short hall and turn into a glistening glass display case filled with beautiful cannabis flowers budding and sparkling from the light in the case glistening off the frosted buds. mmmm.. Also on a shared display in the case of golden goodness are these scrumptious edibles.

    Anyway if all of this is too much just ask for the cute little red head. She knows so much and is super super super cool and if she can’t help you, one of those other groovy staff members will..

    I love this place!!!

  503. Arod116

    I have been here many times and the wait use to be outrageous so I started putting in phone orders. For some reason they stopped answering the phones which was annoying but ok fine I’ll leave a voicemail. Twice my order wasn’t ready when I got to the dispensary after the 30 minutes they ask for. The last time I got to the lobby and the place was empty again. I wait for my order while 3 people that got there after went in the back. I’m like wait what’s the point of placing your order over the phone if people are walking in the back before I get my order. I was about to walk out when they called me. The staff was more interested in shooting the shit than helping their customers. At this point I was the only one sitting in the lobby. I’m not sure if I’ll be coming back for a while, most places have a 5 for 100 deal which is the same price as here and I don’t have to deal with the lack of customer service.

  504. Paul313602

    Great Meds,Prices and Staff…

  505. Israel1371

    This location has good flower, the best concentrate and the people are very helpful and know their stuff.

  506. KbAz

    In and out quickly. Great service. Knowledgeable budtender. Great prices. They offer overpriced grams and push 1/8’s in order to discourage gram-buyers. Good idea. Selection was limited.

  507. Jerbwood

    This was my first visit to Arizona Organix. I’m a new patient, but wouldn’t consider myself a novice when it comes to cannabis and I’ve been searching for a more potent product. Took a look at the menu on leafly and saw the SAP! Because of information on the leafly page I decided I had to try it and the SAP did not disappoint! I also picked up a SAP cartridge and battery, it is easily the best cartridge I’ve tried so far! I cant keep it out of my hands!!! Got the Papas OG with the new patient free gram. It is delicious fire!! Perfect after a long day at work. Will definitely be back for all these products. Plus I can’t wait to try new ones!

    The dispensary was clean, open, and overall just a comfortable space. My budtender was very informative, she made sure I had all the information I needed about what I was buying and when I left I felt confident I was going to enjoy what I had just purchased, and I did!

    I honestly don’t have anything negative to say about this dispensary. If I had to nitpick something, I’d say they could use a better paved parking lot. So if you’re into smooth parking surfaces, this isn’t the place for you. But if you’re into great, potent, tasty, dispensary specific products with amazing service, you should definitely check this place out!

  508. AmyLarc

    I truly enjoy seeing the staff every time I come in. They are professional, and a pleasure to work with. I always recommend people to check it out – the reward points are a great idea, and keep many people I know coming back.

  509. Tehani

    I love this location!! I go every Friday and I’m never disappointed. All the employees go above and beyond.

  510. djkemo1

    great place to get quality medicine!

  511. Yearlonggolf752

    Great bud and waxdY”Y=

  512. Leslie70

    The customer service is very good, and helpful in the selections that I made for my medical needs. So far Trainwreck helped with my energy and Blue Dream helped me sleep better at night.

  513. suzf

    The best shatter at the best price and the staff is always very friendly and uplifting

  514. victor1994

    amazing staff great meds fast n quick great vibe

  515. Joshua0195

    Very professional and George always know what he’s talking about and very knowledgeable info!! Great place

  516. ZikmanisJ

    I’ve been coming for 2 years now and AZ Organix has the best prices of concentrates! Would recommend to anyone.

  517. eskelly32

    love this spot. The staff is very friendly and the prices are excellent.

  518. Topic22

    good weed and shatter…

  519. 25yearvet

    Fire… a little pricey but kind of worth it.

  520. Gawdlyinhale420

    amazing place always come here for my concentrates

  521. azmmjpatient

    I have zero complaints. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and their selection is great! Typically, the wait is minimal. Overall I had a great experience.

  522. smokekushallday4200

    love this place for there 20 $ grams

  523. bbpowpow

    Love, love, love Organix! Best quality and price of wax in the valley! Karla was so helpful and informative! Thanks for loving your patients!

  524. OliveHarden

    Worthwhile place

  525. zombiegnosis

    clean place friendly service will come back for sure

  526. atheer

    Best dispensary in AZ. I wouldnt go anywhere else. Best weed in town, nicest selection.

  527. Mckenzieaileen

    Awesome dispensary. Best wax around !

  528. XPNMD

    For this being the first dispensary in Arizona, as well as the first dispensary I’ve ever been to in my life, I was happy with the whole experience. The staff was quick, resourceful and have quality medicine. I’m happy that I was able to experience a staple, not only in the Arizona cannabis community, but in the medical cannabis community as a whole. I’m pleased that it’s treated just like a fully functioning business with people who care about their patients; dispite the negative, bias stigma that may be pushed by an agenda of the others with something to lose. But I’ll honestly say that this is an experience that every person who’s been subject to taking prescription pills their entire time they’ve been dealing with their illness, what ever it may be. Thanks Arizona Organix for the awesome experience! Keep it up!

  529. dstock21

    Pappas for a treat and $200 mix and match ozs, can’t beat it.

  530. steezybudz420

    Dank shatter for a dank price all day every day. I love there flower as well, highly recommend. dY’OEdY>>dY’OEdY>>

  531. Smoochie12

    OUTSTANDING facility. The only place I get my prescriptions. Top quality all around. no other place can come
    close to the quality and service. thank you Organics 🙂

  532. DVBrazil5280

    Great deals and an amazing product!

  533. Cesarl

    Hands down the best shop in town. I always find a strain that i want or something really close to it.but at the same time they are really chill and laid back with the bussiness not really pushy. Keep up the Good ass work Az Organics.

  534. toastsmalone

    great products but hate driving there, wish you could bring it to me 🙂

  535. badassjae

    It’s perfect

  536. Booger420

    Great place very helpful staff A and good quality meds

  537. WhitneyCarbone

    I love this Dispensary! It’s my top favorite dispensary even though I have to drive 22 miles to get there from my house. Totally worth the drive! All products are grade A top, fantastic strains of excellent quality! The best place for concentrates for sure!!!! Never disappoints me!

  538. harley28quinn

    the sap is amazing

  539. savguymeech

    George gave me some platinum gorilla it was greatable dY~,dY~,.. got me just right

  540. flightpack

    They have great friendly staff and the meds are great

  541. Slickricks87474

    I’ve been going to this dispensary for a few months. Their flower is superb. what I enjoy most there is the concentrates and this one wonderful budtenderdY~! overall you really can’t beat the prices! That’s why I drive 15 miles to get there! Definitely recommend stopping by!
    You’re awesome Mari dY$?–

  542. droskey

    Great place for shatter by far!!!

  543. 1greencrackhead

    AZO has a good rep for a reason! Not only do they friendly people. who know their stuff working there but their meds are primo. I recently started trying concentrates and AZO’s got the best distillate syringes by SAP- try Thin Mint GSC if you get a chance it’s like Andes Mints…yum

  544. BlurpleGorilla

    Great service for the first time patient, knowledgeable staff. Their oil’s are the best.

  545. Pollari

    My Go-To dispensary, amazing quality and unbeatable prices on house concentrates!!! I love organix.

  546. ReddBone420

    You guys rock!! Love this place great selections and good people

  547. hms81991

    Absolutely blown away by this Treasure Island CBD strain they have here. Was recommended to me by my bud tender and it has quickly become on of my favorites. The flavor is completely out of this world! Fantastic (:

  548. tacosandabs

    AZ OG the place to be for that top shelf shatter at the low low price !!! always can depend on AZ OG to have what I need. Shannon is the best !!!

  549. shenthorn153

    Super top quality meds at some of the best prices in the state. Definitely made me a regular after the first time.

  550. kimoaz

    great weed at a great price. every strain is over 20% I swear. I like the strains around 24? dY~S Counselor George is the truth.

  551. brainstorm

    Best blue dreams hands down. Great atmosphere and staff.

  552. Brianag19

    Dope asf and good prices

  553. BecauseWeed

    super chill budtenders in the best part of Glendale. I love the cheap concentrate prices, they’re pretty good quality too.

  554. Maryjane8571

    I really like the shatter from here. The strain northern lights is wonderful. The staff is very friendly. But No ones more helpful than George. All the staff is amazing.

  555. DirtMcGirt1

    purple wreck flower were fire! but the poppa og shatter was stupid dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=! the taste was amazing

  556. Mr.Marijuano

    That Grape Ape Hash Plant is the shiiiiiit

  557. MedicinMan420

    Best selection of medicine great service and my favorite place

  558. tcastillo1972

    Janie at Arizona Organix has been very helpful knowing which strains of flower to recommend. My favorite strain of flower is Papas OG.

  559. jsanders8984

    I love everything about az organix. the ppl here are so nice and helpful. live this place I will keep coming back

  560. EmpressLana

    Clean lobby.
    Friendly staff.
    Not much to look at.
    No kids allowed.

  561. mglen

    Great prices. Amazing quality. Rad bud-tenders and staff. Selection of products I have not seen anywhere else.

  562. dankdude86

    Very Friendly people and very good shatter gets two thumbs up from me so I will be back!

  563. davidsonwilliam

    My bud tender was hella nice and informative. Always happy with my experience and trees.

  564. KrystalAllen

    This is a great place. Amazing prices on shatter and the bud is really great for the price. I always feel welcomed when I come in which is nice compared to some of the other dispensaries I have been to. Can’t wait till they can expand their store. Keep up the great work guys!

  565. Pollyv

    The staff is Amazing and is sooo helpful in helping me find exactly what me. They make me feel very comfortable and help me to learn about the products. I wont go anywhere else!!!

  566. Ripley5

    this place sucks

  567. Elevate303

    Love the shatter here. The staff is very knowledgeable about their product.

  568. AMill5318

    The employees were nice and knowledgeable of all flower and I love that they knew down the the percentages

  569. Dorothy10108

    This was my first visit and was impressed by the great atmosphere this place has. Megan helped me with my purchase and helped me by educating more on different MJ products. I would definitely recommend this place to friends!

  570. A4bluedot

    I’ve been in many times and each and every time everyone one of the female staff has been a sweetheart and and always has the best buds in town! And the guys are always gentlemen! Thank you all will definitley spend my whole check next time!

  571. Travisperez1028

    Highly recommended!

    Last time I came in to organix, I got a gram of the lemon cake shatter, & it was a great sativa. recommend for sure!

  572. franciscogallego

    best in Glendale! hands down!

  573. Bigdog8604

    a great experience

  574. Ladylulu24

    Awesome Flower & Super Friendly Tenders! The location is Great & Convenient!

  575. Airdiver

    Great customer service

  576. 1higher

    grateful for this dispensary wish it was closer To the North side But it’s worth the drive Always good quality

  577. Samantha2

    AMAZING wax!!! love all the employees, they’re all so sweet. best customer service.

  578. kenny0107

    Purple Apollo and golden goat hit the spot thanks guys

  579. Asshia

    I picked something out in the display case and the staff gave me something completely different. Fail

  580. nycemsmedic67

    we were at your store on 8/13 and was taken care of by Yevette. she was very knowledgable and friendly. i highly recomend her to my friends/ peace

  581. dicethe1st

    quick affordable and a lot of options staff is extremely knowledgeable especially Issac.

  582. jazzyy559

    convenient hours, great tasting shatter, real stonydY’OE & best prices around

  583. boossers

    The freshest meds in town. I was there on opening day and have never gotten a stale bud or shake. Freebies and points make it the best deal by far. Friendliest staff too!!!

  584. SRT10

    There Skywalker OG on point,
    Taste,smell, fast affect dY’OEdY’
    Great customer service lots of smiles, i will definitely be coming again i recommend

  585. azarborpro

    if you havent tried the SAP do it.

  586. ROCAZ420

    Had an issue with the wrong flower being put in my bag. I live in the east valley, and didn’t see the mistake until I was home. Garrett returned my call, and immediately made good on the situation. Things happen, but it is all in how it gets dealt with. Outstanding flower, will be back. Worth the drive

  587. JokerJinx27

    love The Wax here. Find my new wax spot

  588. jeanetta1103

    great spot very friendly staff… great prices

  589. giggleboks

    service was exceptional, flowers were fresh & full. great prices too. will definitely come back to this location!

  590. teon5

    very kind people. and quick with your order. love Arizona organix

  591. JanniceG1

    Budtenders at Az organix were all very pleasant and helpful. Wasn’t to thrilled with the location outside.

  592. 623MARIO

    best place around for shatter best prices and selection

  593. 6tringr

    Great customer service, these people care. Last time I came out (I’m Eastside), store did not have a full OZ of what I came for- Edward subbed the OZ of Papa’s OG at the other strains’ price. So tomorrow, my 1st stop will be out in Glendale, not PHX.

  594. PhillieMac4

    this place is awsome with great people to help you find the perfect medicine.

  595. goblinking18

    Love there shatter can’t stop coming back!!!! And they always have great customer service!!!!

  596. jayb710

    This is my favorite dispensary in Phoenix. You cant beat the 25 a g for wax and bud is always great. sap caps are Bomb love it all

  597. bettie.sage25

    My favorite shop in Valley! Best prices and quality! The Sundae Driver is soooooo good and gives me the drive I need to get me through the day dY~%0 The patient counselors are all friendly and very knowledgeable. Love it here!

  598. Memiiam

    I wish I got his name or read the dang name tag because his product knowledge was on point. Very pleasant kind and helpful. I would add that he is a hell of a salesman he upsaled me like a classy beast. Totally worth the investment. dY~EURdY~EURdY~EUR

    Melissa Middleton

  599. Marlalocs

    its the best I think here in glendale its always very clean and the bud tenders are very respectful & polite especially one in particular her name is Destiny she is awesome i swear ever since i found out we can ask for a certain bud tender now i always ask if shes there because she has never stirred me wronge she is very knowledgeable and knows her stuff thanks Destiny

  600. Patticakee

    Very High Quality, I love their assistants

  601. Jcarter422

    Good wax, but no loyalty program.

  602. love2laugh35

    Love the shatter

  603. meeksleek

    I’ve visited this place twice. The staffs are extremely friendly and the atmosphere is pretty laid back! It was suggested to me to try the grape ape hash and I must say its my favorite thus far.

  604. cfree420

    papa’s smells like’s missing something..not cured right..wish I could get my money back

  605. Blessed55

    The quality here was so great!!! I recommend this location to everyone

  606. nowellab

    tasty wax at good prices!

  607. Lucky0613

    I was trying Ltd by Paula that I can Oder here , which I find not to be true. Further more o don’t see the big deal telling someone on the phone if you have a particular brand or not. This route is double the work. I am disappointed after coming here for a few years and feel like secound class citizen. You took away the point system, never gave anyone creadit for the points they earned prior to taking the points away.

  608. Weedman420_247

    I like this place I drive 45 min just to come here!!!

  609. Chronickim

    the location is great, from the moment you walk in the door you are greeted and welcomed.
    when they call you to the back, it’s like a mini playground, so much fun.
    the shatter being $15 again, and the quality of it is mindblowing, as well as Terps and crumble.
    Great dispensary, relaxing atmosphere, wonderful bud tenders.

  610. kayla1225

    always on top of everything every visit! everyone always knows what the are talking about!

  611. ChopMakin55

    Always happy to see they uphold the fact that they are the first dispensary to open in AZ and keeps FIRE BUD!!!!! LOVE YOU AZ OG keep up the good work

  612. p3dr1t0_18

    love the train wreck!!

  613. LucciLeafing

    Great medicine I got an 8th so Bomb !

  614. Mindyr81

    My first visit to a dispensary, AZ Organics has a great atmosphere with a knowledgable and nice staff. There always seems to be some sort of special going on which I love.

  615. alexmt29

    Really would like to know exactly when RSO Caps and Shatter/Sap Caps will be back…It’s been over a month

  616. Drewkobe24

    Great place to buy some flower

  617. Ronnovmel

    Great place for all your med needs! Quality meds!

  618. mikem64

    Unorganized they have a big sign with express rules and #2 is Call in orders have priority yet multiple occasions I’ve called in(well in advance) and let them know that upon arrival and still have to sit and wait 20 plus minutes so fair warning to anyone trying to save some time calling in won’t help you

  619. Austinking29

    Very nice and pleasant atmosphere with knowledgeable people all around!!

  620. Pincheee17

    I love Az Organix for the products they offer . Picked up some black watermelon shatter with Papa’s OG flower. These strains are both indica and heavy hitters. I only come here for concentrates and recommend to all. George helped me out today , he is knowledgeable and patient with with all questions. Always ask for his opinion as he recommended the Tasty and Potent products.

  621. evok4o

    These guys are the shits!!

  622. caysie

    Great experience and great product. Will def go bk

  623. Pitsnbreak

    their flower is great! some of the best! concentrates are terrible..very disappointed in that.. absolute tane soup!would buy they’re flower if I’m in the area. would recommend they’re flower but I did not like the waxy grey shatter..

  624. sprincko

    Very professional and friendly, great selection and prices

  625. WalterBroadway1

    Nice facility, great flower,and amazing customer service. I’ll definitely be back and suggest that anyone should check this place out

  626. odd520

    This was by far worth the drive. We came up from Safford about a 3 hour drive one way. Totally worth it. Arizona Organix is a streamlined, state of the art, facility. I was treated extremely well. I will be back many times over. I am huge fan.

  627. GinaMarie65

    First time experience was great! Cody was very knowledgeable and helpful. Will definitely be returning.

  628. stonehead4

    Great place great concentrates great budtenders dY’dY>>

  629. apachicano

    I love the shatter here very good quality stuff it doesn’t turn black at all after dabbin which I like. i would come back and recommend to a friend

  630. towls

    Awesome prices and good quality products! Can’t go wrong here my new favorite dispensary!

  631. Calizona11

    Great customer service and flower

  632. Jibarra74

    Purple Train wreck super tasteful dY’OEdY1/4

  633. beazyaf

    I thought the staff made for a great experience. The quality of medication was great. Will definitely be back in the near future worth the 45 minute trip

  634. iitzMunchiiez

    love this location good bud at great prices.

  635. pancho12

    thanks for the fast check in and order completion from express order also the sap cartridge was good my favorite the sunset sherbert thanks mckayla

  636. shereelovesdiamond

    inviting atmosphere love the shatter and crumble.

  637. athomas399

    Have been to this place twice now and I must say I have been very impressed with the quality of the meds and the staff. I live kind of far from away but it’s worth the drive. I tried the Kong and Viper City OG Shatter while both are good the Viper City is my favorite between the two. Will be back again to try the other’s. Would definitely recommend giving them a try.

  638. Waxx_man

    grat dispensary..and grat price for concentrate

  639. bidi22

    Best flower in the metropolitan area.
    I drive 45 miles to get their flower, I come from the far the east valley, I drive past 50 other locations to get AZ Organix flower.
    Keep it up, by far the best!!!

  640. chilloutman

    service has gone downhill last 4x in. bad anxiety and im really quiet. They allways seem frustrated with me instantly. But im not picky at all . They are not friendly or welcoming at all. The shatter is always good. off my list, and im sad about it. not worth the drive anymore..

  641. NiccEatsTacos

    I smoked the bubblegum wax. It was very yummy but made me invest a lot of money into tacos. I like this weed as much as I like tacos.

  642. Bammbamm1132

    Great prices! Amazing staff! Really cool place! Love all the stains I’ve tried. My personal favorite is LSD! Would recommend.

  643. djhud

    Great budtender service and amazing prices

  644. ohector845

    best dispensary good customer

  645. Sagewood

    Very sweet dispensary here in Glendale; i happen to be in the other night an a very lovely bud tender was assisting me! I had misplaced the paper she gave me with her name on it but she was amazing!! She even gave me a hug at the enddYOE1/4dY”(r)love this location an I’ll be going again

  646. animal9092

    wonderful place high quality concentrate outstanding service!

  647. WesSmokesHella

    Jamie is awesome and so is everyone else at AO 🙂

  648. Meangreen81

    I’m still trying to figure out what’s the point of calling in a pre-order if you have to wait in line like everybody else in the building this place is amazing flower and shape shatter but don’t come here at 5 or you’re going to have to wait an hour and a half

  649. crzee13

    Arizona Organix has s strain called Samango that is high CBD but has a good balance of THC. It’s a great strain for when you need relief but not looking to be couch locked it gives you sense of clarity and well being with a nice relaxing body high I highly recommend this strain for Stress and Anxiety.

  650. Stoner7900

    Great strains especially on shatter and crumble. Papas Og is one of the best strains here!!

  651. brevier87

    Amazing treasure island wax every time

  652. rickyojeda1

    This place is great the purple wreck is realy good the Budd tenders are always helpful and nice my to go place when I need my meds

  653. inkedmommy8

    love this place you can never fail when you go to organix they have fire flower and the smoothest shatter best of all they have great discounts

  654. Amberamb623

    Can I have a refund I bought five grams of different one shatter wax I opened up all the packages and they’re all the same and the quality is not there I already smoked half of the package and haven’t even got medicated yet. You’re wax used to be strong now it’s not

  655. krookederik99

    came here to get shatter and flower and i get a gram of the blue diamond shatter it was fine then got black watermelon shatter that looks terrible dark and i asked for the best flower and i got some stuff that looks like trash and i even told my budtender i wanted the best indica shatter and best indcia flower and get boofed so not happy

  656. badbak

    Poor customer service and very stale products plus they don’t have what they say they do on Leafly update soon is nearly Bleak and Shannon can go take a ride on the reading.

  657. Soto623

    Great staff, very helpful. Good atmosphere and nice selection of products. I will definitely be back soon.

  658. bubbajames

    the location is great. parking is plentiful but watch the lot!

  659. jkunit

    Great location and super friendly employees!

  660. Raska

    Old products, dry weed

  661. Nina17

    Really good and cheap shatter!!! Friendly staff but parking lot sucks!!

  662. Dylan68

    This place is a joke. Wax is cheap for a reason and I can see why the turn over rate is high. Bummy weed and bummy service. But hey apparently y’all are experts according to the comments your bud tenders like to reply back with. So have fun with your boof weed.

  663. Villainz

    friendly environment

  664. Elguero48

    they have the best wax shatter an crumble !

  665. Rzjju99q

    Everything looks so clean , they have so many different medications. I hope the get more different flowers. Customer service is top.

  666. MigSmilez

    Parking lot is sketchy. Bud tender that helped me didnt explain alot and didnt know what they were talking about. Not friendly. 1st bad review

  667. DeadInception

    This dispensary has great buds, they really know how to grow. The budtenders are cool and very helpful. I don’t really care for the atmosphere, it reminds me of a 7 eleven that got robbed alot so they just stand behind bullet proof glass… I guess you gotta do what you gotta do, that’s Phoenix

  668. Eborja1991

    love the environment in this place, they really know their stuff ,great quality for a great price

  669. Sammich93

    sat there for 20 min with food poisoning trying to get my meds. did a 5 star review and lied about the guidelines to get it. im not paying $17 for a review. quit being greedy liars. never been so disappointed in a dispensary.

  670. 99bananzaz

    Organix always has great quality shatter. A favorite I always grab is Grape LA. Great terp sauce as well. Not much of a fan of flower myself personally, but you have to try their Golden Goat and Cactido bud if you haven’t yet.

  671. nattieann

    Great prices and flower!

  672. Alicante

    Yvette and all the bud tenders are amazing every time !

  673. Desi__yvonne

    awesome service

  674. Zavala12345

    Arizona organix is one of the best dispensaries in Glendale. They have potent flower with affordable prices. My favorite strain from there is papa OG.

  675. roxy1mel

    i love ther prices and ther pplz i tell all my friend about it

  676. KeepSmokin420

    Man oh man!!!! Like the employees there are friendly and very knowledgeable. I’m well medicated and most of the buds and shatter there are A1 no lie.

  677. mrsalicia84

    Great flower & price. Parking sucks! Fill them pot holes…lol

  678. ye11eker

    The last time I went here they overcharged me by $10. I asked them to fix it this time and they insisted that they could charge me $90 for a product that is on the menu for $80. Argued for a while with the unintelligent staff, have to wait for the real manager to come back to work and hope he fixes it or I will never be able to go back

  679. rez420

    This place has amazing concentrates and even better sap cartridges. Great atmosphere and staff. George was able to help me with everything i needed.

  680. crazybear42O

    Hands down dopest dope i ever smoked

  681. Aquan

    Really enjoy the deli style vibe!

  682. jahod8

    I love this spot near downtown glendale. very nice people working and great flower to offer.

  683. NachoFlavor

    Love this place! Fast service and amazing people that work there who really care.

  684. richrosst

    Great place

  685. BellicoseLiberal

    Great place Sap Caps are great and the price is just right. I also purchased a half gram of raw Sap, 100% uncut thc. Awesome products great prices staff is super friendly and very good at being patient and listening to you.

  686. twiztidzen

    Arizona Organix you seem to always be out of concentrates why is that?

  687. grneyedvixennphx

    I like this location staff is helpful and knowledgeable. Love the wax prices my favorite strain is the bewitched which they have been out of.

  688. jesussmokesthedank

    does their phone not work? :, (..can’t wait to raise the stars I just have a few questions before I drive 80+miles :/

  689. SoHigh21

    They definitely have the best medicine in the valley. The papa og is amazing. my personal favorite

  690. mybarra91

    Love there shatter the terps in the Jesus OG is so tasty

  691. c0sm0s1s

    FTP 4/14/17. Pedro guided me through valuable information. Perhaps unaware that I’d been a card holder for quite some time, he was thorough and ensured that I understood the racy effects of the Golden Goat flower and A.T.F. shatter that I purchased. The goat smelled accurate, and even though the bud structure first appears kind of loose, the nugs are actually quite dense for a sativa dominant strain. Wonderful grind and even, clean burn. I’ve only had a tiny dab of the A.T.F., but it is also a pleasure. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to come here. Its a bit out of my way, but completely worth the extra effort. And I think Pedro provided the best service I’ve ever received in any medical dispensary.

  692. PunkPotGirl

    My first time visit was spot on. I got in there quick and had a knowledgeable bud-tender (sorry, forgot your name)….yasss! I think if the employee’s wore a uniform shirt (casual) the place would be nice. Good prices on shatter.

  693. Gigiwave

    The best tasing shatter I’ve had and it’s only $20 a gram, aEUR~nuff said

  694. mandyjoy6303

    very nice flower…golden goat was great

  695. shilton

    Check your product doesn’t come out to what it says and dispensary won’t back you up, do not buy in bulk!!

  696. gary

    Very Nice inside Clean…The staff very friendly and The flower i got was Papa’s OG Excellent and also a free gram of Purple Wreck also Excellent thank you and i will be back soon…….

  697. ksavage44

    great place,great bud at great prices

  698. JoeyLaturno

    great knowledge of product

  699. MarcyCotton

    Impressive Facility in downtown antique shop area of Glendale, very close to Cerretta! Facility was impressive and staff amazing. They seem to specialize in flowers and have some edibles. Not so much alternative stuff (oil, concentrate, etc) but I’ll go back for lovely service and bonus point program.

  700. codyphz

    I know that Arizona organix has the bombast bud ever keep up the good work dY~S Cody

  701. Dogtowm95

    RoadDog Shatter was amazing dY’OE

  702. ryanoldham

    Great affordable concentrates

  703. zacheryba97

    I tried the golden goat shatter and it was by far my favorite so far also was super tasty and took my pain away fast.

  704. nwest94

    George helped me out on getting some grease monkey/bluz shatter and viper city og shatter and they were both amazing

  705. mercedesbach

    This is the true gem in Glendale. By far some of the most dense dank meds in Arizona. it’s worth the drive folks.

  706. al710

    never go here or try to get ur moneys worth if u have any issues you end up banned stay away from here

  707. madjoey

    The best price on edibles and the best points system! I’m happy with their new prices and hours. Very friendly and courteous staff. I would like to see more daily specials for the regulars. This is my #1 dispensary in the valley

  708. TheChairman364

    The clear sap is legit and staff is very friendly!

  709. jsavage181181

    first time awesome prices, I’ll make the 20 min drive just for that

  710. Ekx

    Came in and spent $70. Car battery died in the parking lot. Instead of being approached, was repeatedly threatened over the loud speaker(that is impossible to understand because it cuts out) while trying to get a jump that I was loitering and they would call the police. Real nice people. 2/27 8:40pm

  711. RedskinStoner

    I don’t know how but this place continues to get better. they already had $15 grams of amazing shatter but it keeps getting better. come see Ed the Almighty Weed Wizard and he will solve your woes!

  712. SoNyxBuds

    great strains papa og my favorite

  713. IamPuma

    My favorite Dispensary. I have PTSD so Im extremely uncomfortable in public. Every time I come I feel safe. JORDAN IS AMAZING. I dealt with him the past two times, so knowledgeable. Never rushes me out the door. Took the time to listen to my needs and suggested things I never thought of. Had a real rough day today. JORDAN turned that around already, and I haven’t medicated yet. He’s my go to from now on.

  714. ggg789

    This is the place! No one else can match their quality.

  715. HayleyClips

    I went to Arizona Organix for the first time a few days ago and I love it! The quality of the bud is wonderful. The prices, quality, and staff are worth the 40 minute drive for me. I found my new place!

  716. baltazarbuzani

    Koo people and free gram for first time patients

  717. drummer7791

    Awesome deals on first time patients, amazing people, great prices on Concentrates.

  718. kktyson

    I love shopping here. Good prices.

  719. show23

    i think this place is the best workers are friendly

  720. antmactown

    love these guys concentrate

  721. cnpmlp8905

    convenient, great staff, good flower

  722. babylon2887

    a great and clean place.

  723. stacy42o

    Arizona Organix is a great place. One time my order was messed up and they fixed it with no problem. Thanks to you all.

  724. RosaB

    great product but the restroom service sucks.also how long does it really take to make a sale and you guys need to have intercome out side if your lobby is full. for the customers waiting out side.

  725. Jaycon1995

    Fast and easy set up. great staff with good attitude.

  726. daydreamer480

    awesome spot! great strains no bs. love the staff!!

  727. rio71vino

    I don’t know what everyone’s talking about how this dispensary is the bomb and the staff is so nice …Its such a drag coming here now! The staff look miserable at times the manager Shannon doesn’t like to follow through her responsibilies…weak! They still can’t get a simple pre order ready. I have to be dragged through the back to get my pre orders. The only reason why I even keep coming back it’s because they actually have decent shatter that’s about it the service sucks

  728. racer3456

    Only been here twice. I mostly remember the experience being blah for decent (7/10) meds, but not worth the prices they charge. They were renevating it at the time (julyish) so the display wasn’t very nice at that time, but maybe it’s better now. I have heard from first hand sources that the Papa OG is fire, but personally never had it myself.

  729. kingrick623

    papas og on point be back in today!!!


    Shannon seems like a very cool manager! Shatter is great quality and great prices as well. This is my go to place to get great shatter on the low.

  731. Cornelius77

    Great atmosphere, professional workers, highest medicated tested. Keep up the great work.

  732. Pyrofan76

    high prices.tender didn’t know his buds from his ass and good luck getting Relevant information from anyone that works there

  733. ididntinhale

    got burned on my first visit… bought blue dreams… soo many seeds and the bud was weak.. burned right through that half…..

  734. loki2840

    my favorite shatter has been the sour purp and I’ve tried just about all they have then I got some God’s gift and now that might be my new favorite but keep up the good work this is my favorite shop in town here 3x a week at least

  735. orangesprinklez

    Love this place!

  736. artisticwaffle

    I like in to this location all the time and by concentrate for the grams for $25 each this place has the best price in Arizona in my opinion staff is friendly and helpful and the express lane is something every dispensary should learn from!

  737. rascal55

    Love the prices. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

  738. DoobieWillis

    First visit was great! My bud tender was super cool – she told me her name, but I was high and forget what she said! dY~3 She was great though, and I remember she said she was a customer for four years before recently starting work there. That says a lot! I got a free gram of Papa OG (they were out of pre-rolls), and it’s tasty, but the 1/8 of Big Bud gives me the kind of buzz I like. They also had my favorite – GSC! Great prices, too! I’ll be going back to explore there great strains!

  739. Omarg31565

    Good vibes, nice budtenders and good service.

  740. Claire.muir

    love that its on the bus line.

  741. antj2021

    Very smooth team. Justin was the man, very knowledgeable and down to earth.

  742. Tekeyaw4

    one of the very best places to get your meds they are so kind and very helpful 100%


    That sap!!! Holy shit…Clear who??????

  744. Memobat

    finally had the chance to try their famous papa OG, no wonder this is always sold out so fast, best quality flower!!

  745. prouddaddy268

    Great location in and out very fast, nice flower

  746. mstoeber22

    bomb budz and good service

  747. breesmith21

    By far my favorite dispensary in Phoenix . Love the people that work there and ALL of their bud is fire !

  748. donnieedgell

    perfectly located, xcellent product and prices.

  749. dSosa43

    Makayla is super friendly and helpful and made my visit quick and easy

  750. LucyB

    I live about 40 minutes away, but worth the drive! especially the shatter, great price and great customer service.

  751. Michellebuddaprincess

    great strains and services!

  752. Eron78

    Everything was so delicious I can’t wait to go back!


    This place is horrible! They are not professional and the staff is very rude. The meds are low grade for too high of prices. With the way the industry is going for medicinal marijuana in AZ this place will be out of business do to the competition growing in the valley. There are several other dispensaries and clubs that have customer focused staff at reasonable competitive prices with great meds, I would not recommend this place to anyone.

  754. sillymomma

    Premium place.
    Best quality vape.
    Cool advertising product.
    Return customer VIP

  755. andrewmusicman

    Great service, great product!

  756. Flyman82

    Pre order my stuff they were on point today made me happy.

  757. Mvanhook163

    Love it here! By far BEST Concentrate dispensarydY$?~

  758. Orangeribbon4life

    Great first time visit, staff is knowledgeable and more than willing to help.

  759. Fromage91

    Have yet to actually score some $25/g shatter due to constant low availability. People are friendly and will hold it for you if you call ahead, though.

  760. shari001

    Love this dispensary. Nice clean environment and the staff are always friendly. Prices are cheaper
    than a lot of the other dispensaries around the valley.

  761. DbzXoxo

    Just went to my first dispensary today. Arizona Organix is the best great service friendly staff clean environment I definitely do recommend this place for anybody that’s a first-time patient

  762. Blindfolded

    Still the best flower and wax in town!

  763. 420netime

    it’s the place to get meds 15 dollar grams.. dY”Y= meds


    Best prices!!

  765. dankstankz

    This place is the best. They always have good flowers!

  766. cheba123

    I loved the scooby doo shatter and my bud tender Yvette was not only beautiful, but extremely helpful and positive. I hope all of the budtenders are like her!

  767. bendavis213

    Good spot for ur meds… Always nice and helpful on there knowledge…

  768. nuggethead

    Nice, knowledgeable staff that was easy to talk to. Good meds, I’ll be back!

  769. prettyfaceindie

    Workers will sit around in front and laugh and joke. meanwhile i sat in lobby for nearly 15 min. they have since or urgency. if you come when its busy you’ll sit around for over a hr but if you come when its empty the staff takes their sweet time. Not very happy about their customer service

  770. Marquell

    From the moment I walked in, I had felt that I was going to be happy, the aroma reminded me of some years back walking into the dispenseries in Denver. Like most dispenseries I’ve been as a first time patient, I got a little extra, but was pleased with the flower (Papa’s OG). I’m excited to try the “Sage” I choose as my extra, it smelled wonderful. I’d like to see more of a variety of concentrates, i.e. full melt hash, honeycomb, and such. I’m not a dabber, I prefer to add to my flower, and shatter always seems to be to messy unless you dab. They do have Kief though, I willing have to give that a run. I’ve been to a few different dispenseries around, Tru Med had hands down had the best flower I’ve had in the state, but Arizona Organix, know there stuff, superb product.

  771. Chodeman10

    great location, good deals, and great product

  772. amr37

    the grape OG shatter was really good medicating. and Shantel is an amazing manager. best dispensary and prices

  773. garyessam1

    One of the best places that I have been to very friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this place dY’

  774. neonshark

    Very professional. Great flower. Reasonable pricing but tax kills the benefit. I can buy an OZ for $250, same quality with delivery. $325 for an OZ is ridiculous. 40 X 8 is $320, and they sell it for $325 with tax. Not worth it. No weed is worth $325 an OZ. Not after they sell 1/8 at $50. Love the location but prices are ridiculous.

  775. JAdair80

    Great customer service.
    The meds are amazing!
    Their Blue Dream & Papa’s OG is on point & helped me relax and deal with my Sjogren’s.

  776. Mzblanco

    Good location Good people and some good herbals thanks OranicX

  777. Ncarr

    Bought some Blue Dream and forgot I was filling out this review.


  778. Beenasty777

    first time here yesterday and referred by a friend but I enjoyed my time here. service was great and product was wonderful

  779. Norenrad

    Great visit.very informed,I will be back!

  780. Jaymz006

    love this spot. always got great concentrates at a good price.

  781. 1goldengod

    Best place to go in the city

  782. forevrhi81

    Great location and pretty awesome daily deals to check out! Only wish the parking lot was a wee bit bigger

  783. mrjeffreysrizzo

    the people are great, all their products are excellent.

  784. JesseCT

    Best place in town. I love this place. Keep coming back for the Papas.

  785. aliendan

    Very well centered energy inside.
    Everyone working there was well educated and kind.
    Nice selection of flowers at good pices. 🙂

  786. datfireman

    The flowers are fresh and the staff is awesome! I would definitely recommend Arizona Organix to anyone on the west side of town.

  787. gdiazj

    Today was my first visit to Arizona Organix. I went there because I was in the market for some Uncle Herb’s edibles. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. They have a great selection of edibles.

  788. akashades

    Good location

  789. fullrace2

    sap caps have gone down hill…. 100mg pill use to medicate me very good. I took two 100mg sap caps last night and it kinda felt like the old 100mg sap caps… no longer a good deal! #makeyourown #google

  790. Anthony94

    Im new to medical mmj but anyways. I feel one of there employees were very rude. He has long hair and kind of looks like steven tyler.i told the man i had a 150 dollar budget i got a quarter ounce of blue dream he then said that,ll be 110 dollars. I then said give me the rest in sour diesel what ever totals to 150 he said i could get an i go to the lady that pulls orders which is very nice by the way. She says total is 167.00 i then tell her that should’nt be right because i specifily told the man my total budget. I look to him and he tells me, i told you it will take you over your limit. And i replied i dont recall you saying anything like that and he replies well i did. I just think he is really unprofessional because he said that to cover his ass. He never said a thing about going over limits.the lady gave it to me for 150.00 dollars and even rewards points for the inconvenience . As long as that rude employee is there i wont be
    shopping there any time soon. That inconvenience really put a dent in my day.

  791. Rosscoe9

    Great service with good strains

  792. jfinwall

    the concentrates are always consistently good .nice people a nice place to go

  793. Cmd29az

    I am in LOVE with this place, top notch flowers and great service!!

  794. Alicialong

    So cool. Great people. Great quality