Oasis Dispensaries

$20 1/8ths everyday!



17006 S Weber Dr., Chandler, AZ 85226


33.2925865, -111.9703825




10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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OASIS DISPENSARIES is a state-licensed medical marijuana dispensary chain focused on providing the highest quality cannabis products to Arizona patients. With two convenient Chandler locations – plus online delivery and express pickup options – we are able to serve the greater West Valley area with ease. We proudly feature one of Arizona’s largest selections of bulk flower in a variety of different strains, prices and qualities. Our concentrates include distillate vape cartridges, wax, shatter, live resin, rosin, diamonds/sauce, CBD isolate, sublingual sprays, inhalers and more. We carry edibles from top brands plus topicals, tinctures and more!


Instagram: @ODMMJ
Twitter: @OasisMMJ

Flower Pricing:

Platinum: $47 | $93 | $152 | $300 OZ
Gold: $41 | $78 | $145 | $279 OZ
Silver: $34 | $65 | $119 | $219 OZ



BOGO any item up to $55

Bring a friend to receive your free pre-roll w/purchase

Seniors 55+ receive 10% off your entire purchase

Armed Forces members receive 10% regularly priced items

Receive a free pre-roll on your birthday w/purchase

For every $100 spent, receive $3 in loyalty rewards (3%)

*All vendor days/promotions are subject to change without notice and other restrictions may apply for all deals and discounts. While supplies last on qualifying items. Discounts cannot be stacked or combined. Other terms and conditions may apply.
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221 reviews for “Oasis Dispensaries

  1. Aubreydawn1

    Love this place

  2. Aragonjennifer

    Everyone that works here is awesome

  3. wahoo

    I liked my budtender but this Oasis location is suffering from the same condition as their South location and that is “Menuitis”. That is a condition where items are showing as available on their online menu when they’re really not! The cure for this condition is simple – pay someone to update the frickin’ menu 2-3 times a day!

  4. Hkirk42

    Had a great time on my first visit- the staff were polite and super helpful! They were knowledgeable about the flower and had a good first patient deal and I like their rewards points system! The vibe is chill and the design is nice it is like an industrial feel. Super organized shop too. Overall got the hook up here- and will be back for sure.

  5. Mich1989

    During my first online order there was a bit of a mix up. But the staff was amazing to help and fix my order. Oasis has a very comfortable atmosphere and the staff are fantastic.

  6. Hellokitty123456789

    Cody was great explained everything I had questions about and took the time to provide me great service

  7. nightlife23

    i love everything about oasis!!

  8. soapworks

    was excited to come down to check out the new oasis north and I was amazed clean and brand new every employee was beyond friendly my budtender Jimi is the man showed me the current specials I was on a budget and let him know what I was looking for he was amazing to give a few suggestions right of the bat I was a little short in change but he made the purchase happen, I’m in pain quite often so having his help with my selection was amazing thanks Jimi and jae for helping out you guys made my weekend I’ll definitely be back

  9. cheaterfive411

    Selections I’ll be great but is always been great bud tenders very knowledgeable don’t get to come around a lot because I’ve moved but when I do I love it

  10. Stoughx4

    Gem in the desert

  11. AZheat123

    Try the GASS…you won’t regret it! Awesome deals here and every once in a while I come in and find out about an awesome sale I didn’t even know about. Its like Christmas morning a couple times a month!!

  12. anglebritto

    Scottie was amazing!! Thanks for all the help!

  13. Eduardovala

    I loved the way the budtender Alyssa was really helpful and Friendly as well .

  14. RoadkillUnicorn

    Went to this dispensary and felt lied to and disrespected. I was told two example of Sour Diesel were from the same grow, one had the typical diesel smell, the other smelled like regs. When I decided to get the SD because my budtender was adamant they were the same, he couldn’t find any and had to ask another tender if they had any left. The other budtender replied aEURoethe one on sale or the other one?aEUR So that tells me the first bud tender was lying to try and sell me a product.

    Then when I looked at another strain and commented that it had a good smell, my budtender looked at a woman behind the counter and said aEURoeoh that one passed the smell testaEUR

    Wouldn’t go here again, pretentious people who don’t respect their patients.

  15. Robobex

    I only tried the flower. The flower is ok, but it is comically overpriced. There are other places nearby you can find comparable flower that is reasonably priced. The place itself and the people are nice. I did notice, however, this dispensary somehow deleted their first batch of reviews here on Leafly, probably because they were mostly negative. That should be a little disconcerting to most.

  16. apex7491

    been here a few times and every time I’m in it’s always smiling faces and amazing flowers with great prices

  17. Lilbast1

    I’ve been going to the South location for years now and the North location is just as good.

    For flower smokers this location (like South) has the best. Service is top shelf and the selection of quality vape is just as good if not better than any other dispensaries.

    highly recommend!

  18. EllaZombie

    I had a really great experience shopping here! All of my questions were answered and the atmosphere was super awesome. Definitely recommend!

  19. Faeryfreak93

    First time I’ve ever been to a dispensary and they were so nice and helpful.


    Excellent service and knowledgeable staff.

  21. GoldFire

    Great staff & good meds!

  22. HersheyGirl

    Smells incredible right when you walk in! So much to choose from too

  23. Ganjaboi555

    I love this place man!!! Its so cool and everyones really chill. Ive been looking all over for a place just like this

  24. oogley

    Something reviewers don’t seem to mention a whole lot on here is wheelchair access. Crazy that MEDICAL dispensaries would ever not be but what are you gonna do. Luckily this place is. Also very helpful budtenders and quality flower.

  25. CheesyGenie

    The people in the store are fantastic, I have nothing but positive things to say about the staff and store. However, the product quality is where they get 3 stars from me, really enjoyed their flowers, and edible selection. I scooped 4 grams of the GASS Extracts Live Resins in four different strains and am very disappointed in the effects of the product. I am not sure if it is just low THC or what but stay away from the GASS concentrates.

  26. AlliCigs

    Andrew and crew are great. Customer service is tops

  27. geogeorge333

    Alyssa was a pleasure to work with and knew exactly what I wanted I love going here the staff is always friendly and courteous

  28. DougtheSLUG

    Nobody and I mean nobody in town has better bud than this place. Dougie like!! good selection of edibles too.

  29. redbird11

    This place from the receptionist sucks When to go Get my 1st time patient deal called over the phone and got almost a $20 difference price which is ridiculous Then get treated like I’m a dummy from 2 stuck up little girls in there What a joke

  30. cubswin2016

    the receptionist was very welcoming and Andrew continued the excellent service with my questions and order……well done and a beautiful facility

  31. con12340192bur

    Great service! Great meds! Great prices!

  32. drjaz

    I would always recommend Oasis, best in the valley! Great deals on quality buds, high quality buds! Good variety and choices, everything you need. Awesome and helpful staff. I go here instead of others near my house. See ya later this week, thank you!

  33. 345hushpuppy

    Gotta love a place that stays open late!! My go to on week nights for that reason especially. Even if it wasn’t though I would still make a point to buy from here. Wonderful medicine and caring people! Extremely genuine staff, didn’t make me feel rushed or overwhelmed, didn’t try to force me to buy more/buy a certain product.

  34. Vizz

    The staff is amazing! They don’t always have things on hand or available but they often make it right. Will continue to shop there.

  35. reggieman2020

    Yo guys this place has some good stuff. Great place, get what I needed no hassles or stuff. Very good place

  36. LenovoOvaries

    Beautiful stuff sold by beautiful people! Great first time patient deal. This could be my new spot.

  37. abilderb

    Been ordering through Oasis since before the name change and my only pet peeve is the pre rolls. For a while there were issues with the in house pre rolls. They fixed that. Now its these other brands like Firebrand that don’t compare. Smoking their pre rolls is like trying to roll a joint in loose leaf paper and smoking it. Ridiculous. Please replace them with someone better. Their “cones” are only good for ripping apart and loading in a bowl…

  38. CJonnyRay

    The location is fine. Its discreet and not off a main road. It’s never super busy. Gino and Andrew were amazing! They were very helpful with all my questions regarding medication best used for my condition.

  39. TheComradeBlack

    Very accommodating to new patients and a patient staff, prices almost comparable to Bloom as well.

  40. NASCARluvr

    The other places around should take notes from these guys…especially HAVING AN ATM. Can’t put into words how frustrating it is to try to buy some stuff on the way home from work and being told you have to go elsewhere to get cash…unbelievable. Not at this place though! Keep up the good work

  41. spyoptic10

    My review was taken down twice! What are cherry picking your reviews because your flower is way over priced and screwing over the customer!! Stay away from this place unless you feel like paying $60 a 1/8th after tax!

  42. Kr8zygirl80

    Staff is awesome, very knowledgeable, and friendly. They always make you feel welcomed.

  43. Ztc12345

    This dispensary is the shit. The service is always great and the staff is very knowledgeable

  44. donnaromero

    Everyone was very nice and helpful.

  45. y33dirty

    dope location cool people

  46. amaples

    Staff was great. Alyssa was my bud tender and she nice and knew her stuff. I only get carts here so I can’t speak on the flower but they have good weekly cart deals.

  47. Undertheweather

    Fair prices for the best stuff

  48. Irishgreengirl

    Easy order pickup. Nice staff.

  49. sdewey

    My bud tender was Andrew, who is always helpful when I come into the shop. This is my preferred Oasis location because of the amazing service given here versus the South location. No matter who helps me they listen and understand what you are there for 🙂

  50. mike1377

    Awesome deals and a great staff very friendly and helpful ! Bomb ass meds !! dY”Y=dY’adY’dY’-

  51. lstewart0724

    Thank you Andrew. I posted a review about my birthday pre-roll situation and lack of proper advertising and still went back because I do love this place. So I walked in and said I did a review cause you know Free pre-roll and Holly I think was her name said Great and so did Andrew who came out to help me. I then said well it wasn’t a great review. I started to explain about the birthday pre-roll and Andrew immediately knew what I was talking about. He said I read that and it was very straightforward and honest and I agree with you. That immediately sent me a tease and made me feel very comfortable coming back here. I came back for the muv deal. As we’re getting started come to find out there’s an additional item you need to buy to get this deal. Which again was not in the advertisement. So again we came straight up to the same problem again. Andrew immediately went out and talked to Holly came back and made the situation right. I appreciate both of their help so much and how friendly and understanding they were and really making it a great experience there. Thank you for all your help and for following great customer service practices. I will definitely be back

  52. lovelydesirae

    Everything was super cool here! It was a really awesome place and everyone was sooo nice. I definitely recommend this place to all my friends

  53. danksta42

    Awesome new patient deal and was greeted nicely. As other reviewers have said, it good stuff. Really good.

  54. ChairmamDirector

    Other than it being close to home. The staff are cool and their good with faces of their clients. They will always get my business

  55. thegeorgebarret

    Been coming here for awhile now. Way better than most the places Ive been to. Became my regular and for good reason too.

  56. FortDay

    This stuff has me chillin rn. Thanks oasis

  57. Bubbason826

    These prices are an exaggeration to what they charge the customer

  58. Arizonakush87

    colin at oasis north helped me to the best of his abilities and i will continue to come back. helped me out with the pre rolls. an there amazing. thanks bro

  59. HugChugger

    Can’t imagine anyone shopping here and having a complaint. Textbook execution on keeping customers happy and running a good business.

  60. wwwDatDude420

    The blue dream I got from this place a little while back has got to be the best stuff I’ve ever smoked. Will definitely be coming back soon.

  61. Horses71

    818 OG is fire!! Really good selection of top quality stuff here, can’t go wrong

  62. konajoe

    Staff was friendly and very helpful! Jimmy and Tyler are assets to Oasis North Dispensary! I attended Grand Opening and I appreciate the generosity in the deals they offered, and the Senior and Veteran discount they have. Dispensary and facility are excellent! Oasis tops my list of Metro Phoenix dispensaries.

  63. ahassan210

    Disappointed, the email/ad clearly said the special ended 2/17,
    however, called today (Feb 17th) and asked if the item I’m interested interested in was in stock.
    Response was that the new ad started today and they would not honor ad that clearly states ending 2/17,
    I suppose, Don’t trust specials and their expiration dates from Oasis, this is Not Right!

  64. Mayne1

    Nice and chill. No pressure to rush and choose. Employees very helpful and full of suggestions.

  65. Slugs123

    Suuuuuper tasty stuff they got here. Highly recommend the top shelf if you can swing it. Having tried from places all over town this one really can’t be beat! Premium dro every time. Nothing really wrong with the service or atmosphere but the bud was outstanding so I wanted to give it more stars than the others.

  66. ihaldon

    Had Alyssa help me out. Always a great experience at Oasis.

  67. Flyingdutchman29

    Oasis north is very convenient with their location and extended hours. They have a wide variety of quality products with daily specials that can be very good. Nice atmosphere and a good vibe for sure.

  68. Roy Shoemaker

    Cody was really helpful.

  69. Syllismiles87

    Friendly vibes immediately when walking in , clean location,helpful, and very knowledgeable staff. The specials were so good I saved my newbie deal for another visit.

  70. Jrose480

    Great quality meds at a decent price definitely going to keep coming here.

  71. TaitanManda

    great music great budtender and all around a good shop in a convenient location for people in maricopa area

  72. timelessKINDHiKlas

    Gave you guys a couple months to see if you would roll with the tides, but it is apparent nothing will change your pricing. Completely understandable.

    Issue at hand is that I could get timeless, or any other cartridge for that matter,at my old shop for $10 cheaper anytime they’re open with neighborhood discounts and whatnot (certain times of the days it could drop to 35% off, too). We’re not asking for the stuff to be almost free, but considering what other shops have around as incentives – your guys’ own is almost like you don’t want to give ANYTHING out with out a dime in your wallet. Its nice that you guys text us on what the special is today and blah blah blah, but us patients don’t go on a whim for lottery type stuff. Be straight forward and have incentives on a daily basis setup concretely so we know when to go and maybe you guys could help us as well keep some ends in our pockets……it’s a given that we will always fill yours.

    I always sided with you guys when people complained about pricing on flowers , etc. and decided to see if you’d side with the patients. But it’s apparent you guys don’t budge.

    You guys are honestly the priciest shop in the valley for no damn reason. And it really sucks.
    Let’s not forget that your competitors are right across from you, and closer to civilization. With everything buy two get one free almost everyday…….just might have to switch up pharmacies. Help us help you, Oasis.

  73. TheOnlyJabroni

    Fantastic deibles aEUR| don’t smoke anymore so cant comment on that but these things are strong for the price ! Thanks Oasis

  74. onlygot1life

    great deals always very friendly

  75. Kushbiker

    The staff is awesome. The waiting area is very welcoming if you have to wait. The multiple bud tenders and how each one has a full shelf of all the available flower is pretty cool. So far they carry the best flower I have seen. Between the abundant organics and farm fresh organics they have the best selection of organic high quality flower. They have crazy good deals if you are patient! Check them out!

  76. mattxwidow73

    Everyone’s always friendly and welcoming! The products are amazing. The flower is top notch! A little off the main road back in the industrial zone but definitely worth your time!

  77. Ogmasterkush18

    I’m reporting Alyssa M to the state of Arizona. She was rude and full of attitude. I don’t know if she got mad that I came in with a Dr.reeferalz coupon for 2 edibles but something pissed her off big time. As she walked me to the door she gave the Reception girl a dirty look and then looked right at me. No goodbye or have a nice day. I honestly think it was because my purchase was only 10 dollars. I won’t be back until people like that are gone. It won’t take long.

  78. Osie

    love coming to this dispensary it’s always a pleasant experience Amanda did a good job last time I was in gave me a lot of good information and I will be back

  79. slandersonaz

    amazing facility – great staff & rewards!!!

  80. AudryM

    One of my favorite dispensaries! The staff are super nice and helpful.

  81. Fruglefrat

    Thanks oaisis north for the dab pen I won in the raffle on your grand opening

  82. bigkahuna69

    Was in this part of town and dropped in to check the place out…definitely do not regret it!!! This deadhead og is rockin my world. Very sophisticated place, smells wonderful inside too.

  83. Tractortrailer

    Love the GASS!! Highly recommend it

  84. Jojo3048420

    It can be busy with a pretty long wait at times but just as common to have a speedy checkout , great product with great people working here

  85. horsingaround858

    Amazing facility and a decently nice staff, but horrible ftp policy with no way to even explain why. Patients who ask for an item that is 1/4th cheaper than what I wanted to pay for for my bogo is just flat out not smart. You be created a patient who will not recommend the shop nor will I return, due to a confusing policy that no one can make exceptions for even if it means profiting off of my choice. Terrible policy but cool atmosphere and my budtender was nice enough about the situation. Wouldn’t recommend however.

  86. SUNNY75

    beautiful dispensary wide selection great service

  87. bunted

    Great budded

  88. Pod59992

    I enjoyed my first time visit I love how friendly everyone was and amazing flower I’d definitely recommend Oasis North

  89. girlanytime

    Chelcia was super nice and helpful. Also great service and good staff too. dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y= Flower that you won’t get enough of it…

  90. largo2

    The place is beautiful! I’ve never had to wait longer than 5 mins and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

  91. Like2burnnnnn

    My fav place to stop on the way home from work. Super helpful and friendly staff. I am new to the world of strain selection and all this new age science behind the plant I’ve loved for so long but they make everything very simple and have taught me a lot. Much less snobby feel than most other places.

  92. ZENKAGEbammz

    This dispensary is by far one of the nicest most efficient dispensaries I’ve been to, the buds were beautiful and the service was great thanks to the employee Jimmy who was patient enough to help me get the most bang for my buck, definitely coming back and he definitely deserves to be promoted.

  93. Devontaberry

    This place got the best gas

  94. Skeletorusmc

    The customer service here is amazing. Alyssa is very knowledgeable.

  95. SnakeInMyBoot

    Just made it in to this place for the first time yesterday. Heard a lot of good about it from friends and it did not disappoint.

  96. Jdodge2010

    1st time visit to Oasis North. The place was welcoming. Jason was extremely helpful and knowledgable. All the staff was friendly. Also great selection!!

  97. Jmino

    Love the convenience of it being close to home.
    Everyone has always been friendly and very knowledgeable. Hardly ever a wait.

  98. Smacias

    Product good

  99. Musgshotpro

    Super clean, never too busy. Very knowledgeable and patient bud tenders

  100. Aayala9

    Love goin here. Scottie has helped me out a few times and always so kind and friendly.

  101. frogman1

    Great location. Tucked back abit but highly visible from I-10.
    Friendly knowledge staff. Broad range of quality products.

  102. dankpro420

    I was talked into a new brand of cartridge which I ended up loving… Long story short.. I was the passenger of a serious car accident and had the cart in my pocket (at least 80% full which snapped in half) On the off chance asked if I could exchange the cartridge for a new one… I would never employ whoever answered the phone and talked to me even if you own the place…. Any other dispense has always made right and has compassion.. Would not recommend.

  103. diamondchavez

    I was very surprised that Timmy and Jimi were able to help me with a coupon mix up. They were all about the customer and that’s great service. They also recommended some great strains. Thanks guys!

  104. kingg666

    they need to make phone orders or will calls easier shouldn’t call twice and get told two different things other than that place is wonderful

  105. Jbeaves

    again to know suprise while every other quality dispensary in the valley has BOGO on all Select Elite Cartridges these greed filled owners do B2G1.. come on… really??!!??

  106. Pinooch1970

    Number one

  107. dfmeza88

    I went in for the bday special, and I ended up walking out with a new rig!! Ask for Andre, this guy is very knowledgeable and keeps you entertained. Thank you homie, I was very pleased with my selections.

  108. RoughRider79

    Extremely grateful for the people here. They treat you like your in a doctor’s office and understand what us patients go through. I’m a cannabis user strictly for medical reasons and this place is the most legitimate one I have been able to find. Describe your symptoms and preferences and they will have a full selection for you. Clean, pure medicine only from this place. No junk here.

  109. sbrendasara48

    it’s great. we need one in Maricopa you guys!! we’re DESPARATE. a delivery would be nice. you have the people just advertise. you products are the best!! thank you Colin!!!!!. brenda Dickey.

  110. paulthough

    Crazy prices for what they’re selling. Save your money, there are better places to get your medicine in the area. I won’t be back.

  111. IndyLux

    Great location right off the freeway. Everyone knows there stuff and the product is quality. shop smart and get everything on sale!

  112. nugsnotchicken

    Best edibles I’ve ever had time and time again…that’s why I keep buying more

  113. martawht

    bud is nice prices are higher than preferred…

  114. Tcjr

    Jae was extremely helpful. Just card my card and he spent 45 minutes going over all their different products and found what works best for me. Will be a regular customer

  115. notyouraverage123

    simply put this place is the best. prices, product, workers, all of it.

  116. Robrudes

    great friendly people and a great selection!

  117. adammcd256

    There’s lots of selection & friendly serivice!!!

  118. freshnclean15

    With not much surrounding the building, this place truly is an oasis. Bright, clean and spacious building, combined with a warm and comfortable atmosphere, made for an excellent experience. Efficient and accommodating staff, as well as a very good music selection.

  119. jeffkb28

    In the cut

  120. cthomas062061

    Very nice friendly people, knowledgeable about their products and strains. I was help by a budtender name, Cody. Got what I wanted for what problems I was having so he suggested in what will help me. Thank you, Cody, I am sure to come again to Oasis Dispensary-North side location.

  121. Beezy042

    Oasis is awesome and Collin is tha man! I come to this shop all tha time their flower is pretty awesome and they have BOGOs and discounts all tha time

  122. Hondo1021

    Great selection and an even greater team! Easy and no pressure when you buy I will definitely be coming to this location more often

  123. Bear999922

    Always love coming back to this shop. Even though it’s crazy far from me I come back every once in awhile. Great deals and events. Good buds and good friendly staff. Definitely recommend to anyone.

  124. zr80

    friendly staff, good deals. One of my favorite dispensaries

  125. Packerfan987

    Paid Oasis a visit last week and can’t believe it took me this long! Will definitely be my new go-to. Very high quality product sold by knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended.

  126. Bpz1

    Oasis has Great customer service and a very nice facility. I enjoy coming to this dispensary.dY~ZdY’

  127. Duckducknbear

    This was my first time in a dispensary, and Jason was great. He helped me find what I was looking for and kept it real and on the level. The store itself was clean and organized and the team made me feel welcome. Location itself is odd but once there worth it!!! Check them out…see Jason!!!

  128. TheDukeAz

    This place is awesome! Staff is always willing to help and very knowledgeable! Will DEFF be BACK! FB

  129. djgage30

    Jae was a great budtender knew his stuff and was a awesome person. will come back again….

  130. Dabb05

    chill staff, prices are decent. Alyssa helped me out with my Much cartridge.

  131. hunter480

    Awesome selection. Can’t believe I just found this place.

  132. Tempebakedham

    very helpful and professiobal

  133. LD12580

    Best place

  134. Lakernation24

    One of the best dispensaries I’ve ever been too! Everyone in there is patient and very helpful. It’s a great atmosphere and the workers are great. Will definitely be going back there more often! Would recommend highly!

  135. mikecee

    Great place to shop for some bomb flower. Staff member are very friendly and make great recommendations. I also love thier weekly special.

  136. dcamp710

    What a nice dispensary!! Loved the location right off the I-10 I pass right by it everyday from work! New favorite spot with THE BEST MEDS! If your in Chandler check them out!!!

  137. L4S2D0

    Good but sneaky with their deals and taxes.

  138. farmersonly

    the 818 OG could probably knock out a damn horse..in a good way

  139. Dreyah

    I absolutely love this place!!!! The quality of the products are great, and prices are reasonable!
    I want to give a special shout out to JAE. He is the bomb. Super knowledgeable, willing to help and takes his time to assist in getting you what you really want. Great customer service like that will definitely keep me coming back!

  140. Manny845

    I’m new to this scene and it’s my 3rd one love it

  141. GTRLIP

    This place is the same as any other top notch dispensary with rotating deals, a knowledgeable staff and a variety of products. The negative reviews must come from dingbats that have nothing better to do, or are unable to communicate their needs clearly. How can you leave a place like this feeling dissed or angry? It really seems like a few of these folks are just uncool. If you don’t dig this place, then take your business somewhere else. But, there’s no need to leave passive-aggressive or malicious reviews about a business that’s obviously working well for most everyone else… These are probably the same dolts that bark and snap on Yelp too. Just get over it. I’ve tried both Oasis locations and had good experiences. But to be fair, my only complaint, is that the younger woman that minds the door and phone at the AZ AVE location can be a little curt.

  142. StretchyMinaj

    I had Tim as my bartender and he was super helpful. If he didn’t know the answer to something, he asked another budtender right away. Atmosphere was nice and comforting. it is a bit out of the way but I will come back.

  143. USMC40

    I went to Oasis South in Sept & was informed that Oasis N was open & I should check it out since they would honor FTP a 30% off. Today I decided to make the drive out because I wanted to purchase an Oz of BB Flower. Tim was my bud tender & I let him know I was here for my FTP in receiving 30% off he told me that they had buy one 1/8 get one free, I told him that is not what I came in for as I was just going to purchase flower & be on my way. I also tried using my Mr reefer Free edibles card but was told I could not use it with the FTP deal so I would have to save it. Tim said he would look for a coupon for 30% off but didn’t find any in a little book he was looking through. So basically I walked in wasted 25 min to get there another 20 till he figured out what kind of coupon to let me use and said the best he could come up with was 20% off. I said look that’s not what I was told and that’s not what I came for so he apologized for wasting my time, but nothing really could be done. So I said fine and left, I have never ever ever in the 2yrs that I have had my card ever walked out of a dispensary upset and empty handed at that. I jumped on the phone to call Oasis S to inform them of the horrible experience I had there and to tell them that they shouldn’t be telling people these deals if they are not going to offer them. I was so upset, he talked to management and they pulled my info and did a search and I guess reinstated the FTP, but by that time I was in the car headed home and not wanting to turn back and go through all of that again… so regardless it will deter me from ever returning to Oasis . aEUR”aEUR”

    A Veteran

  144. Hashattack

    Can’t remember the budtender’s name but she was very perky and helpful. Oasis has a great selection of concentrates for my condition, couldn’t ask for a more convenient or friendly neighborhood spot.

  145. AZChronicTeam

    Price aoe… before you buy

  146. Guitarmanweeps5550

    love coming. these guys know exactly what I need and answer all my questions.

  147. soterodelgado

    nice place very clean environment very lovely employee named Alyssa helped me and she was awesome thx

  148. CocoLilah

    My first time at oasis south was incredible. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I went with their recommendations and was highly impressed dYtmf This will definitely be my go-to dispensary.

  149. 420goldenhour

    thanks for the free 8th with my delivery.

  150. cole.viking

    Geno was helpful

  151. beautyunderneath

    love the North location dY$?(c) fast service and friendly budtenders. very knowledgable about different medicine. I enjoy the extensive range of edibles and concentrates that they have. I love the daily text deals! dY~Z

  152. Lynnrenee1

    I love this place! The selection and quality is always to my standard and the staff is awesome!! Highly recommend Oasis!

  153. FlyFishinDishin

    No place like this one! Most personable staff I’ve encountered. Right when you walk in the door the aroma of the good stuff hits you and all the employees seem eager to help you find what you are looking for.

  154. Grammajuju56

    I love it here, everyone is so nice and helpful, they have everything you can possibly imagine! leaving a special nod to Alyssa although she missed my senior discount on buying flower!

  155. Tanyaruth1

    First dispensary to give a newbie like me a tour before hooking my deals up for first time they had great service from walking in out the door will be returning

  156. Dillweed18

    Jesse was awesome. Very friendly and helpful in anyway needed. Definitely coming back!

  157. Emgonza

    Excellent customer service

  158. Mesa2467

    Honestly could not have asked for a better environment to get my meds in. Unmatched staff friendliness!

  159. skillworth

    Cody S. was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

  160. GolfTokeRepeat

    Good spot man

  161. tableTABLE

    Two words: firebrand cartridges. One more word: awesome

  162. DannydeVito4president2020

    happy to receive my medication through delivery, thank u

  163. beth32

    Loved this location and as always amazing buds. Andrew was incredibly friendly and helpful thank you!

  164. EVOLVED420

    A+ budtender! Every dispensary should have budtenders like Scottie! Very knowledgeable about strain lineage and strain specific medicinal benefits. Took the time to answer my questions and give excellent suggestions. Thanks Oasis!

  165. Stevie1234

    good stuff…can’t wait for them to get the chocolate hashberry back in stock. sometimes takes a little bit to get helped but once your with a staff member they’ve very helpful

  166. Dollhauscouture

    Favorite dispensary. Everyone who works here is knowledgeable and friendly. Shoutout to Jae

  167. Jessicaavaldezzz

    I’ve been going to Oasis for a while now and I have to say that they have the best strains and so worth it! Love the atmosphere!

  168. tawniduren

    Geno was my budtender and he was the dopest! Thanks for helping me out and switching out my battery!

  169. Jerscott6

    The dispensary has great quality flower and very competitive prices. The staff was great and Divina was very helpful and patient with me. I also really like the atmosphere and I would definitely recommend this place my friends!!

  170. MacMin84

    Over priced. Total disregard for what is happening in the market. Never will I go here again! Place is a joke!

  171. Dgano124

    very friendly staff. great selection. I burn so many trees smokey bear dont like me.

  172. 654321web

    Clementine in the morning and blackberry in the evening! Good folks good bud good prices good location…what’s not to like?

  173. quavv

    Serious deals on the cheap stuff…but it’s not like the other places cheap stuff! You won’t find anything of low quality in here–product or staff!

  174. ss12olson

    love it as usual

  175. canuhcorn

    Selection here is off the charts!! Love the GASS I’ve been buying but you would probably be happy walking out of here with anything they sell.

  176. NickG74

    Love This Place…Hreat Product…Great People…!!!

  177. Kkoszuth

    I really like how there are three screens in the lobby to display varties of options they have. HUGE selections and lots of space in the lobby

  178. thepurpleme

    Loved the decor & atmosphere. Everyone was super friendly & helpful. They have a good stock on hand. I’ll be going back.

  179. sails2u

    best bulk deals in town

  180. thirtysixxx

    they had their grand opening, best grab bag ever!!! it had brownies & pre-rolls and soda and shatter, and more.

  181. Aldida01

    so nice! I’ll def be back

  182. DJH68

    Absolutely love the place staff was more than Accommodating great bud and great deals. Would shop here again specially love the location

  183. BeeMarie33

    love this location and the people

  184. mmosiman

    Beautiful and the budtender was so patient with my questions.

  185. BusterPoseyFan

    Nothin quite like oasis

  186. TDawson79

    High quality product and service. I very much enjoyed the ambiance of this place as well

  187. jgunz86

    Literally just came to see if things have changed so I could swoop in. Still $5 more than ALL surrounding dispos. Get. With. The. Program. PLEASE! We want to help y’all but holy shit your pricing literally pushes us out. Seriously. And yes y’all have daily deals, but it don’t help when the shops next to you surpasses your deal by a mile. C’mon oasis!!

  188. Berndeho

    DO NOT SHOP AT OASIS! BUYER BEWARE! I purchase a $25 battery, am unsatisfied with the purchase and when I tried to return it, I was denied. They said the only thing they could do is warranty it. How do you warranty something that isn’t broken? They then respond to my review by saying I was demanding extras… That is a complete lie! ALL I WANTED WAS TO RETURN A BATTERY! Once again I am offended by the way they handle things. It has been a long time since I have had such a bad retail experience. I am certainly not the only one. I have talked to MANY people that have had poor customer service from this place. Thank goodness there are MANY other dispensaries that are superior in the way they handle their customer service.

  189. Merrijay

    I frequent the South location, but decided to check out North because the flower selection seemed larger when I compared the menu. South is in God’s Waiting Room area, old ppl that prefer edibles. So they always have a vast selection of edibles, tinctures etc, flower, not so much variety.

    I ordered ahead on Leafly, and to my pleasant surprise, I had to register as a new patient, so the BOGO for 1st time pt applies!! YAY. Even better, my points from South were redeemable.

    I ordered Sunshine Daydream and for the BOGO, Scott, (super awesome budtender) recommended Northern Wonder and I grabbed the buy 3 get 1 Keef Colas

    North is a little out of the way for me, but I will be back!

  190. bigdaddyboom

    Service was outstanding. Really new to the whole dispensary thing so I’m glad the people were kind enough to help

  191. Wojie

    Dry buds. Go somewhere where it doesn’t crumble to dust when you try and smoke it. It’ll be cheaper elsewhere too

  192. Iamblazing

    Always a great stop !!

  193. 3littlebirdsmon

    Nobody got the dank like this place got the dank lol thanks for always being the hookup

  194. doghounddog

    Absolutely beautiful shop they have here. Amazing wax too, plenty of not just strains but suppliers to choose from! Easy to sample the whole spectrum when you’re here. Will be coming back very soon.

  195. nosent

    Alyssa treated me well. She was engaging and answered all my questions. I appreciate service like hers. I only got a pre-roll, but it didn’t matter to her. She was as friendly as if I bought my limit.

  196. BlaznJaney480

    good bud fast service

  197. Nature.spirt13

    I never leave reviews for any dispensaries just because I don’t feel like I was 100% on board for their company. There a plenty of dispensaries that have okay product but staff is not very keen on the knowledge of Medicinal Marijuana. This place was not the case. First off walking into the place I was greeted by the front desk secretary and she was the coolest nicest gal ever. I immediately felt welcome and at home. Then my bud tender Molly was exceptional. She was the most knowledgeable about any question I asked from CBD edibles to the flower they carry. She knew the jargon but best of all helped me as a patience understand what I was consuming and better ways to consume it. When I told her about my anxiety she recommended me to great flower choices of Northern Wonder and Chewbacca, which I purchased an eight of both. Not only did she give me what I came in for but also gave me some great information about other research I could do to help with my serve anxiety. I have never been so relieved and hopeful for the future of my diagnosis. Once again, this is the best dispensary in Arizona.

  198. 64chevelle

    Alyssa was a great help in finding exactly what I needed. Staff here seems tight knit and like they care. This place goes the extra mile and for that I’ll be a returning customer.

  199. Floorboard

    My budtender was a little snappy when I had to go back out to my car to get more cash which I didn’t appreciate. Other than that, I like the place. And haven’t had unpleasant experiences here before so I’ll give the place a free pass. Good product.

  200. golflife

    Always great service, great prices, and amazing products. Jason is the man!

  201. Hungry12

    dude dude DUDE wow the strain I got here last night really packs a punch. seems like they got more indicas than sativas which is good for me because I like them better! Even if your a sativa or hybrid guy though theres plenty to pick from. Best place to get flower in the whole east valley for sure

  202. josejermainemartinez

    Great vibes as soon as I walked in. Super helpful staff, got me exactly what I needed. Definitely coming back again.

  203. Wanger01

    The new store is great, atmosphere is super chill and lots of room, budtender Alyssa was very helpfully and friendly. No wait showed up about hour after opening. The quality is always good at both locations.

  204. thecolonelbubba

    Stingy-spender picky-smoker here. I only like the best. Not a “weed is weed” type of guy.

    The building is sexy! The color scheme, the lighting, and the music was all dope. Very modern yet, “chill” energy. I couldn’t be happier with the aesthetics and the aura of this place. It’s easy to tell they take pride in that.

    My budtender Cody might as well have been one of the homies, laid back as hell, patient, and knowledgeable.

    He recommended “Pineapple Crush” and “Chewbacca”. With the intent on being as concise as possible, the flower is dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=. Worth every penny and I wouldn’t have minded paying a little more. Just a little.

    Can’t wait to go back.

  205. ashleybaby12

    This place is amazing! Its so unique and cool inside. The guys are really nice and cant wait to come back

  206. saraannmedina

    The best prices, people, and quality. Definitely my go to spot!

  207. angelaminnick

    I have been so impressed by the level of product knowledge the bud tenders here possess…very much worth making the drive!

  208. LaptopHat

    My favorite place in the tempe/mesa/chandler area. Try the firebrand carts, they’re magic.

  209. panda03

    I recently went to oasis off the i 10 on 6/1/2018 and it was my first time there…. I loved how awesome the budtender I had… he was very knowledgeable and helped explain a few questions I asked!!! can’t wait to go to their grand opening today!!

  210. Brandinperdue

    Clean and very modern, nicely set up dispensary. Owner was nice and down to earth. Great deals.

  211. nikkigia

    Oasis is awesome and has a large selection of products to choose from. I’m so happy they have this location, it’s closer. Prices are decently priced. Quality is excellent. The Bud tenders are really nice especially Nora 🙂

  212. mamejia3388

    great buds a d awesome budtenders

  213. SammieG

    This was my 2nd visit. 1st visit went extremely smooth. Didn’t have a long wait and everyone was very chill. This order was an online Leafly pickup. Sooooo easy!! Definitely going to use Leafly more for pickups!

  214. ashhers123

    Some of the better bud in town, my only thing is I wish they had better deals on shake like some other dispos I have been to. Other than that I had a great experience here. The budtender did a great job asking my preferences and showing me strains accordingly. Highly recommended.

  215. SkiDooForYouToo

    Love a place with a veteran discount! Oasis loves the troops and for that we love them back. Try the moose and lobster…mmmmmmm

  216. danielleleah

    Beautiful space, knowledgeable & friendly staff. However, I am disappointed in the edible chocolate bar I bought- did not receive any sort of effects for the medicine. Bummer.

  217. jaydiaz97

    Best buds always

  218. hrodeee

    Alyssa was awesome. Love the atmosphere 🙂

  219. thecoryjacobs

    I’ve never had anything but informative trip with incredibly friendly individuals. Both oasis stores are my go to, but north is def my first choice.

  220. ChynaTye

    I’ve read reviews and definitely just had to say that I’m looking forward to stopping in today for the first time.

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