Bloom Tucson



4695 N. Oracle Rd., Tucson, AZ 85705


32.2917277, -110.9792137




9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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YOUR FIRST TIME is always special ! New Bloom patients get their first 1/8 oz. for 50% OFF !
No fine print, just HALF PRICE on ANY 8th in stock.

*VETERANS Discount*
Bloom offers a Veterans discount to recognize the men and women who have bravely served our in our nation’s military. Thank you for your service !
EVERY DAY Veterans receive 5% off all Flower, Pre-Rolls, and Concentrates, PLUS 15% off all other Products. Every *SUNDAY Veterans* aged 60 & over receive; 5% off on Flower, 10% OFF OF PREROLLS and CONCENTRATES, PLUS 15% off all other Products.
Verification required to receive benefits.

*ADA Discount*
Bloom offers a discount every day to our disabled patients.
Patients disabled through SSI or SSDI receive 5% off all Flower, Pre-Rolls, and Concentrates, PLUS 15% off all other products. SSDI or SSI verification required to receive benefits.

*STUDENT Discount*
Bloom offers Student Discount. Receive 5% off all Flower, Pre-Rolls, and Concentrates, PLUS 15% off all other products.
*Must have STUDENT ID* Verification required to receive Discounts.

Dispensary Agents and Certification Clinic Employees Receive 10% off their orders.
**Must bring DA card or pay stub that has CHAA or DBA name**

6 pre-rolls for $30
Shake, 6g for $25
Concentrates, 5g for $99
Select $99 ounces
*While supplies lasts. First come first serve*

Sunday: Popcorn Buds, NOW $50 for 14g
*While supplies lasts. First come first serve*

Monday: Spend $100, Get a FREE eighth

Tuesday: Buy 2 cartridges, Get 1 FREE
*select vendors

Wednesday: Buy 2 eighths, get one free. Including Echo Craft Cannabis!

Thursday: Ounce Day
*Select strains*

Friday: Vendor Day
*When Available*

Saturday: $6 grams/$20 eighths- HUGE SELECTION

Every Sunday— patients OVER 60 receive 5% off Flower, Prerolls, Shake, & Concentrates and 10% off Edibles, Vapes, Tinctures/Topicals.


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767 reviews for “Bloom Tucson

  1. dalp

    Best prices,great people, friendly service

  2. 15H

    I love this place! The staff is knowledgeable and inviting. plus some of the best deals in town! I don’t mind the extra drive .

  3. BeardoWierdo

    Awesome customer service. Always greeted with a warm smile even when it’s very busy.

  4. greenganjo420

    On my way to Tucson for some of their very special strain razzel chezzel that only they got yeaaaaa

  5. Baatiha

    The staff is amazing they are all very nice and helpful and they have good prices, but the last two times I’ve bought flower from here it’s been very dry.

  6. monkeyz.momma3

    amazing flower around great staff an great prices

  7. MarineFullPatch830

    I love how they operate efficiently, and quickly. This store makes me feel comfortable, and they are always improving.

  8. Gmon3y82

    Nice people. Quick service

  9. boomstick429

    This is the only shop in Tucson to buy shatter! The quality is great and the potency is strong and the selection is typically one of the best around.

  10. Tasha2018

    Great selection and awesome customer service from Colton. Helped us choose the perfect strain dY’OEdY1/4 will be coming back

  11. TodoEstaBien

    Love this place…..i got irritated with another nearby dispo and glad I found bloom!

    The staff is more chill than other places, and they have some of the best selection and prices on cartridges.

    Good flower too, lots of grades and types…a deal for all occasions from shake for rolling or some shatter or premium flower 🙂


  12. MrMalak

    This was my first visit to a dispensary. This review is an account of that visit. I want to say that overall I am very happy and I can’t wait to visit Bloom again.

    I arrived and was given a form to fill out, which I completed and returned to the agent at the front desk. Because this was my first purchase from this location and I had seen that others include tax in the menu price I asked about how much tax I would need to pay. The agent didn’t know what the tax rate was exactly but as I discovered its just sales tax at 8.8% or so.

    I was escorted to the back room where I was impressed with the presentation of their medication. Everything was labeled and available to be inspected. I have to admit being my first time I felt overwhelmed, but the agent helping me quickly made a suggestion and I was on my way! There was an issue applying my new patient discount which I will have to use next time but I was given a free jar which I badly needed to store my new medication.

    Overall I would say that the experience was great, though I admit this was my first trip to a dispensary.

  13. catblu

    Wish meds weren’t prepackaged but still good quality and staff is super nice.

  14. angel633

    it was a great experience the first time I went this time. I asked if there was anything like green crack the bartender just said No. He was rude and acted like he wanted me to hurry while I’m looking around he tells me stay on this side of the case someone else is coming in it was my boyfriend.the last visit very nice and helpful this time rude and impatient. maybe just an off day

  15. Toowie

    Quality Meds great service my go to place

  16. Lrodger99

    This place is amazing, great service, v and wonderful deals! Highly recommend!!

  17. Redlinesurvival

    I love every single caregiver that works at bloom, they are all very knowledgeable. Great product, great prices.

  18. omek1988

    LOVE this place! Staff is like family, always makes you feel like your at home. The prices are always the best you can find and the quality is great as well. Best extracts around 2. Consistently always on point. And lastly, they have hands down the best rewards system in town. No one even comes close to it!

  19. cardfan83

    Great Meds! They always have great deals, like free pre-rolls.

  20. mclovin0531

    This is the only dispensary I go to now. They know me at site (and my service dog!) they’re always super friendly and chill, but are right on point. Any time they aren’t sure if they have more of something they’re willing to double check in the back (unlike a few other places I tried before here). It doesn’t feel like I’m being rushed at the counter or like certain products are being pushed because a vendor gave them a deal. They’re really just here to help me get my medicine to help me relieve my pain, my seizures, and the migraines that trigger the seizures. I freaking love this place. The meds are the best quality, vapes, flower, edibles, the whole thing. The deals are top notch. Rewards program is stellar.

  21. RyhanRose

    I love this location and this place I go to every day it seems like.

  22. Erniesmokes

    Great staff! This location is my late night spot thanks for staying open till 10

  23. LLchocolate99

    close to the house product fairly price bud tenders are pretty nice

  24. brewerjeff

    My wife and my self get most of our med from Bloom
    usualy no issues given wrong meds a couple of times but they always traded out for what we orig purchased.
    But today was quite a viset we went back to pick our meds . the bud tender took my wifes order first she paid and he gave her change. and then he moved immed to me took my order gave me change and my meds . I then asked him whear my wifes meds were??
    he said he gave them to her. I told him he did not and he proceded to try to convence us that he did. We again told him that she did not recieve her paid for meds . now they have to review the security cameras fo see if we misplaced my wifes meds . Turns out they were wrong. When a bud tender forgets a paitents order in less than a minute seams like they out not smoke so much at work. To make a paitent feel like they are being accused of steeling is WRONG we became a little irate at this point and asked the manager how she intended to make this right and she said She did not know we wanted somthing for free.and she gave us a free preroll WOW. I than asked for our money back and they refused. would not send any one i know to bloom tucson.

  25. buddingthoughts007

    Efficient, friendly service. Best price in town.

  26. Reds08

    Great service Sam was a wonderful tender great knowledge and friendly.

  27. rubenG27

    I love this place. shake it up mondays is a great deal. love the strains.

  28. alexjriley1

    Great place to go for good quality flowers. They have a good va
    riety and there’s always a sale going on. Great place and you’re missing out if you don’t take advantage of the sales!

  29. Whydoesthisexist

    I liked everything .

  30. Thumper6955

    Great place good prices friendly service

  31. Bigdpower6927

    Awesome customer service!!! Very knowledgeable employees. Prices are great!! Everytime i come in its a great experience!

  32. SmashleysReviews

    decent buds for a decent price

  33. ujkolb59

    A wonderful place! Friendly and knowledgeable staff, good prices and excellent product.

  34. 1catluver

    I can’t answer for other locations of Bloom but the Tucson locations menu is not updated accurately. I have been there 3x in as many days and products listed on the website have not been in stock. I was even told “That’s why you should call ahead”, yet no one answers the phone! The reception, your first contact with a Bloom employee has always been dismissive. The employees do not seem to know what is going on.

  35. Tucsontrapzforlite

    They tried to sell me some Girl Scout Cookie that tasted like regular stick weed from the border. I am shocked they try to label this dirt as top shelf. #DontDoIt

  36. Lor2179995

    Clean, felt welcome by courteous staff and great strains !

  37. atiz

    The service is Great. Good quality For low prices! and Besides the Guy that helped me his name is Colten, he was really Great, and had much Knowledge about the products.

  38. ArizonaDutch

    Bloom is a quality dispensary, great selection, great prices.

  39. livelylia

    The best prices, with the nicest people who work there. At 53, I’m one of their younger patients…lol Thank you!

  40. shannonodannon

    Great service! Great meds! Great deals!

  41. Razwan65

    Menu does NOT reflect prices that are one day “deals”…they are not updated and may not be valid on the day you travel. 1st neg experience, drove a ways to get there, showed them their website, and was told “Sorry”. Better to call to ensure accurate information

  42. mistikota

    Very helpful and courteous, very reasonable prices too and good quality! Definitely on the top of my list!

  43. Kentoberfest

    What we should be paying everywhere , flower is diverse, concentrate selection mouth watering.

  44. BagelsMammond

    My first experience with this dispensary was ok. I definitely did not have to wait long to get called back and that was very nice. The patient care consultant didn’t offer me and new patient education, didn’t ask about my ailments or what condition I was trying to medicate for. In fact I didn’t get any information at all about anything. I will admit, the medicine was not sub par, I thoroughly enjoyed my order, but for being a new patient, they only offer half off your first eighth. Kinda weak first time patient offer, but hey it’s better than nothing. I also heavily do not like the fact that this dispensary pre-packages their bud….That’s definitely a no bueno for me. I weighed out my orders and only one of the buds was underweight, but I guess that’s what happens when you have the bud sitting in a package and it falls subject to moisture loss. Overall the experience was OK and the medicine was awesome (very nice strains, just wish they weren’t pre-packaged) I’ll definitely be back if they have a strain that I absolutely cannot resist.

  45. redmike1977

    I like Hosea valid the deal on the menu I wanted the $50 half ounce I liked it


    Great flower
    Great Budtenders are the best….

  47. dannygurll5

    great location. fantastic friendly staff and they have a good point system for rewards!

  48. Rubyredrider

    Great prices nice people.

  49. 420NDa520

    Really clean super wonderful store! Cynthia was very nice and knowledgeable and answered all my questions thank you!

  50. ScoobySnacks93

    This place is somewhat nice and they have good deals. Their bud is super dry the majority of times , I wouldn’t consider their buds topshelf. I would say the location needs some work but it’s good enough if you’re in the area.

  51. MBarnes78

    Bloom is the best dispensary in Tucson by far their flower is awesome great prices and nice staff have been recommending a lot of patients

  52. Tobyjade

    Been going here since it opened and simply get Sativa prerolls? None on in Monday! Monday noon, they are here but not inventoried,will be out in @ 3hours? Great.Wisely call, 3 times,before I go back @ 4PM and get the “voice mail is full” message!? Hey kids, this is a business. I don’t mind the Cheech & Chong atmosphere but C’mon Man!

  53. ladybuggsfly

    Great Dispensary! I love the specials every weekend! 🙂

  54. SirpotCharles6

    I love it! Has the best prices in town! The staff is awesome.
    I don’t go To any other dispensary!
    Highly recommended.

  55. Wzhtho

    Hazing customer service. Great atmosphere and great people

  56. Doubleupkush420

    Great customer service nice people nice atmosphere

  57. CyrenSong

    I prefer this dispensary for it’s friendly staff and calm vibe. The deals don’t hurt either! I have another store down the street from my house, but I still drive across town just to go to Bloom! I highly (haha) recommend it!

  58. ElJunior21

    It’s a good location close to my house !

  59. Apocalypsess

    Friendly people, great products I keep going back cheapest place to biy in tucson az

  60. kush 123

    Easy, cheap, and a grate price. One of the top dispensary in Tucson

  61. Kevushgreen

    Best in Tucson great serviced and kind environment

  62. mbarruzza

    Cool shop! Flowers are good! Staff was cool!

  63. Uncjohnsband

    excellent selection of strains. great specials

  64. maze90

    My favorite location in Tucson, flower and prices are great!

  65. Soggyrainbow

    Awesome customer service.
    Good prices
    Great deals

  66. meanwhileboiaz

    You get what you pay for.

  67. wajunk40

    I like the product, LOVE the prices, but I HATE the way every time I go for something, they’re out of it when I get there. You guys need to update your menu a LOT MORE FREQUENTLY if you’re selling out of eighths that fast.

  68. msqrd2

    Located within minutes from my home. The prices are great. The flower is even better. Visited this location many times and will return many more.

  69. Happy101

    I have checked out several other places before I made up my mind on who I thought fit my needs the best. Prices are good, and getting better as time goes, quality is outstanding, and the service is bar none the best I have seen. Educated, and informative. I like to keep up to date, and these guys make a big diference.

  70. Johnnyp1989

    This is a great dispensary. They always have a wide selection and their prices are unbeatable. You also get points for every dollar you spend! Highly recommend.

  71. Lravago4

    Chronic bud at great prices!

  72. Carla678

    The bloom will always be my to go place for basically anything! Always have great products, services and timing!

  73. johnnymendez2016

    It was a good experience the people that work there were nice the flower (Chocolope) was great for $17.50 for an 8th of that quality was money well spent left satisfied.

  74. Monzel

    I absolutely hate the fact that they advertise the popcorn buds but never ever have enough!! They will not hold one for people who drive 20 miles to get there. Way to look out for the ones in your neighborhood only!

  75. Hooptyscoops

    One of the best dispensaries with some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet in Tucson flowers pretty good as well awesome waiting room and all-around great environment.

  76. jollyk

    Quality changes on there strains almost batchly service is based on opinions not medical facts. Atmosphere is nothing special . ive came here since before bloom. used to love bloom. now im desperate when i go there n still leave disappointed

  77. oo420show

    i love the daily specials. thursday deals.

  78. howz2000

    Bloom has consistent quality & retain the same strains for those that always want to return & feel confident that what they like is definitely there. It’s runs very smoothly & you get your orders very quickly!

  79. Chicanito13

    great dispensaries with great staff. happy atmosphere.

  80. brian1995

    Always has what I want and need, best local dispensary in my opinion.

  81. ironlung_mcginty

    Bloom has some pretty fire shake 3 grams for $15 if you’re into rolling giant bombers like me..!

  82. dclaussen04

    best products at the best prices. hardest decision is deciding what not to buy!

  83. momma2E

    always cost effective. no excuse not to say hazy

  84. mamaofsix

    Awesome place! If you are shopping anywhere else you are throwing you money away. Top quality flowers and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I won’t go anywhere else and neither should you. Gromulan is awesome and so is the White Romulan. Open until 8 which is nice. Check out their deals. Their pre-rolls are a full gram and burn perfectly. Wednesday you get 5 for $30-that’s 5 grams! Sending all my peeps there 🙂

  85. inloth

    OK so I made my first visit on the 5/27. I had read alot of reviews about this place so my expectations weren’t high. The people at the front were very helpful and I bought an 1/8. I was a few cents short on tax and the girl helping me covered it for me. don’t believe the negative reviews try it for yourself cause I will definitely be back.

  86. JamesDill

    Service is great. Employees are knowledgable and create a great atmosphere. If you ask them for a better bag in the batch they’ll oblige if you’re nice about it.

    So basically my complaint is with upper management. Is an industrial trimmer that much of a money saver for a “Not-for-profit”? Three things I can always count on from Bloom. 1. Way too much sugar leaf. 2. Way too little trichomes. 3. Stems galore, and sometimes bud so dry I can grind it in my finger tips.

    What’s going on guys? How much more expensive hiring people that need jobs for hand trimming and free weight orders?

    Or is this why it’s all $10 a gram here?…..

  87. guess36

    Bomb staff and products

  88. marcilynnr

    I loved everything about this dispensary. Between the express lanes up front and the wide selection of indica’s what’s not to love. I would recommend to anyone of my friends.

  89. Dbridgeford

    Awesome customer service Cynthia

  90. Crispyfrenchfry

    Great bud and good prices

  91. jen62

    super nice folks convenient location

    the meds were alittle dry so check yours!

    looking forward to giving them another try

  92. Kimberly.maayan

    Great service and quality product! Definitely my top place to go.

  93. mohawk24

    I regularly visit for the shatter deal on Wednesday. All concentrates are very tasty. Their gems are awesome. They beat everyone in shatter. I get what I need for a fair price

  94. IzzyMedina

    Very friendly staff and amazing meds

  95. silversurfer71

    This is my fav dispensary. I am always pleased at the large selections of strains and the quality of the meds. If you’re a vet, you can’t beat the 15% discount on meds and medibles. Papaya, Katsu, Skywalker, Ghost OG, Lemon Trainwreck…few of my consistant favorites available at Rainbow.

  96. suzycherries

    Great place to shop headed there now!!!

  97. chubba

    A+A+A+ rating from me.Papaya,Katsu are two of the absolute best flowers in Tucson.Took dad (stage 4 lung cancer) Wednesday. He has a lot of pain and theese meds work so well for him. There specials make it so much more affordable to keep ourselves medicated as needed.Paul (manager) is allways available to help and Does often.There recomendations are allways spot on. Tucson is a much better place with Bloom here! I pass nature med and the apocary on my way to Bloom from Avra Valley and it’s allways worth the trip! Pops & I thank you and will c u again real soon

  98. 88Piyokos

    My go to place to get good flowers at a reasonable price. Nice professional atmosphere, perfect.

  99. tuc_town520

    Best quality for the low prices in town

  100. icota74

    Great quality products, friendly staff and very knowledgeable. This place is fantastic and has great sales.

  101. Klenzini

    I love the staff and the deals 5 grams of shatter for 99$ thats amazing!!! they really care about proving quality service and product at an amazing price for their patients.

  102. discordia7

    Really excellent service and product. Nice atmosphere and fair prices. Look forward to shopping here again.

  103. mia_faye

    I’ve been coming to bloom for over a year now and I always enjoy my experience. The staff is always courteous, respond swiftly to any issues that arise, are clear and concise about products and how they help towards overall wellness, and are always happy to see my face. I’m excited to continue shopping at Bloom for more years to come.

  104. cecilia1313

    It’s great the prize is good and the strains awesomedYOEY

  105. crowshoof

    This place is always realiable and you can get a free pre roll just for reviewing them and first time patiiont

  106. Supahsteeze912

    super awesome place to buy. caring and proffessional

  107. multicopies1

    Fire echo Gems!

  108. conquixote

    Bloom has the best prices in Tucson

  109. Smellyelvis

    Great staff! Really great bud for the price! Lots of selections!

  110. TucsonToke

    Good selection and good prices. Quick in and out at the window and Futurama always seems to be on, I love Futurama!

  111. AZNativeGirl

    Bloom has good daily deals. 5 prerolled Wednesday is particularly helpful for those on a budget.

  112. DIABLOsquid83

    gorgeous shop, was in Tucson on vaca & they took care of me

  113. Prothunder97

    Very convenient location, but watch out for Oracle traffic leaving the store. Nice and friendly staff, good selection.

  114. johnromero420

    Awesome service and great selection of bud.

  115. stephanielyn_0617

    This is the first place I went to. The atmosphere was really clean and they know about there products. free 8th for my first visit. plus 25% off great prices

  116. lulubell

    this is a great place awesome ppl great buds

  117. aridgley

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I go there often.

  118. SpadeVxx

    Great customer service, got exactly what you need and know what they are talking about. Quality at a great price!

  119. In0da0shadows

    Been here multiple times and every time I’m not disappointed with the prices and the section. Not to mention you can look down at the bud.

  120. Tmoss87

    Was not impressed with my service waited 45 min and then they added tax to my order that wasnt expected

  121. Drogo2018

    Yummiest bud

  122. Jdiggity520

    I go here alot and i appreciate all the staff. They are super nice and i will continue to go to Bloom. Cynthia is the best employee ever. She deserves 5 stars!

  123. Fozzy86

    Very slow!!!!!

  124. Livinlife69

    Best place in Tucson friendly informative people

  125. moose0222

    Yesterday was my first time going to bloom with my dad it was a great experience the meds were amazing I tried an 8th of grape ape(Super good). So I had to go back today and the beautiful lady in the front was very nice both times, i got another awesome 8th of grape ape and some sour kush I will definitely go back cuz of her and the great meds

  126. AshInDaBowl

    Everyone is always so nice and welcoming. I enjoy coming here.

  127. navacano7879

    Great staff, knowledgeable. Awesome products!

  128. Captjack417


  129. khristabella

    I visited Bloom for the first time a week ago and I must say I was pretty impressed. Justine is amazing, super sweet and very excited to assist her customers! Bloom is more of an express dispensary, if you know what you want they will take your order at the front desk, if not you can go in the back.
    I have two small complaints/ suggestions, the display of the weed, it’s on the counter in little plastic containers. When you order the bud tender disappears and then comes back with pre packaged weed. Other places have large jars of weed that you can see and smell, they weigh it in front of you and your getting what your looking at! Second would be many strains were out of stock and only one sativa seems to be available. Besides these small things I still give it 5 stars – customer service goes a long way for me 🙂

  130. racer666

    Has the nicest staff

  131. Jm25

    The people are friendly and the service is pretty quick

  132. Tru81

    it’s okay. I just don’t like how everything is prepackaged. dY$?”dY$?”dY$?”

  133. CaptCurt00

    Best in town cynthia rocks!!

  134. WhatTheHeal

    Friendly staff great service and amazing mess and deals! Hands down my fav dispensary!

  135. MemphisKelly

    Bloom has wonderful stuff for cheap and i like that idea

  136. Katrina

    Although I had a little difficulty finding this store, it was worth the search. They have two counters set up so it doesn’t take as long if some one is ahead of you. Great specials, great product, great recommendations! I’ve found my dispensary.

  137. MrNiceguy1937

    this place always shows me respect& their products are way better than before.

  138. fordla

    Very nice staff, good location that feels safe, great specials and products, no need to shop around !

  139. Tina1940

    I love this location its my go to

  140. bruno2010

    I love this place! the best flower and prices in town, I don’t go to any other dispensary. The staff is the best!

  141. jreyes213

    service was exceptionally fast when I went in the place was busy. flower is very good prepackaged, not too dry. blueberry diesel very potent and snoops OG smells great with great taste. my fav. dispensary to date.

  142. blue1234

    Well I’m sorry that that guy that wrote the review below this one had a bad time but my experience was awesome. The lobby area was nice and clean had a really cool space age water dispenser. The staff was nice and friendly the budtender was very knowledgeable on the strains I was interested in and I got half of my 1/8 (Holy Grail) and I got a free gram so you can’t beat that and also their pre rolls are out of this world . So keep up the good work bloom I will be back for sure.

  143. Polston73

    best prices in tucson for quality product

  144. willow5235

    This is a great dispensary!!! Nice waiting room, good people, great prices!!!

  145. Siaandrews

    Great customer service. Great Express lines for a quick in and out. Online ordering is easy and fast as well. Over all great prices, quality, rewards. I love this place my #1 spot in Tucson.

  146. BMaguire

    Best dispensary in town!

  147. rc350

    I like that they have lots of products but the atmosphere was super uncomfortable

  148. BarberDan

    I have visited this location about 4 times. The 1st time, I asked the bud tender what he recommended. He already had 3 samples ready that he was pushing. I wasn’t impressed by the 21 samples or his recommendations. So I bought and 1/8 of what I thought was gonna be fire and bought an 1/8 of one of his recommendations. All of their bud is prepackaged and sealed. I get home, open them up and the one I picked was very good. The bud tenders pick was garbage. I’ve had better dirt weed. My other visits were very similar. Their bud tenders don’t know their shit at all. U better know ur weed if u visit this place. Even then it’s a toss up. The majority of the bud that I’ve bought is dry also. Pre-packaged weed is the best way to get pissed off customers. You almost feel like it’s a bate and switch. It’s much harder for someone to complain if u pull it straight from the big jar that the customer picked it from. Get with the program BLOOM. Hire some educated bud tenders that seem to actually care about the customer.

  149. AnthonyMinamyer

    Friendly Staff along with quality medicine. definitely one of my top choices in the Tucson area.

  150. koopa1


  151. James8911

    What a great place hope for more to come

  152. Zlopez7

    Friendly staff and great prices

  153. Jrezzy83

    Amazing place and amazing products. Colton couldn’t have been more helpful. Will definitely be at

  154. akw

    best dispensary in town! !

  155. Joscelyn12

    Awesome service

  156. isitavailable.shit

    The guy with the glasses Im coming back too see you as well. You made my experience that much better :”)

    🙂 – Ruger TDMK —

  157. Ugetbread98

    When I first went to bloom I was definitely put off by the size of the room, but don’t let that fool you. The budtenders are extremely helpful without getting to much in your face n’ allowing you to enjoy browsing through their menu. WHAT EVER ANYONE ELSE SAYS ABLOUT QUALITY IS LYING. I’ve been to almost every other dispensary and the quality of buds is not lacking in Bloom’s department. I’m seeing buds that would normally go for 18$ per gram, only going for 7.50$ PER GRAM at bloom. 7:50$ per gram….. I’m sorry but that is a price that no one can beat!

  158. therealmcoykoi

    Good pricing. Always a nice deal on flower.

  159. peter2015

    love it

  160. Isabel13

    They have great customer service. I would so come back

  161. Creken

    I get the feeling that they do not want me or anyone else to be there. They no longer take phone orders, rarely accept online orders (but keep the inaccurate online ordering system up 24/7???). They run out of strains and specials and do not update anything online. Everything is prepackaged. And they require two forms of ID. But I like their prices & hours … If you are willing to take whatever they got, go for sure!

  162. Blueberry120

    It was a great, first time ever going to a dispensary and my experience was great I learned a lot and I will be back again.

  163. berto0069

    l like the location

  164. mikercolbert

    i’ve been going to bloom’s tucson since they opened.excellent product, friendly staff!!!

  165. AZ76

    This is one of my top two dispensaries in Tucson. Good deals on great flower with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend all of the Bloom locations for consistency and selection.

  166. weedolympian

    Even if I’ll never use it, it is pretty cool that they have a real nurse on staff. I can see how that could be really useful for some folks trying to get medicine for specific medical conditions. Definitely part of the high rating, because you know they’re serious about taking care of patients, because it’s part of their overhead. It’s part of their business equation.

    Right now, I’m really happy, that they’ve decided to keep their 420 prices moving forward. I like making my own medicinals (tinctures, coco oil, salves, etc…) & I really appreciate having access to so many strains at such affordable prices. They’re FTP deal is pretty sweet too. I got an eight of Katsu for around $17!!!!! I also got Kufu, Papaya, Fire OG, and OG flowers. All top quality flowers at such competitive pricing. This is the real deal people!!!

    I would recommend asking which strains are the freshest, because everything is pre-packaged. Some of the older strains might be dry by the time you get them. I personally haven’t had this experience, but I have talked to other patients in the lobby who have gotten dry herbs. I guess it goes with the territory of having so many strains on hand, all weighed out and pre-packaged. Again, just ask what’s fresh.

    Another recommendation is to look at their online menu if your looking for something other than flowers. They don’t have everything on display at each bud tender register. Plus you can place your order online, making the whole process a 5 minute deal. You can also place your order as you check in, if you know what you want, or you can see a real person & have a conversation about all their strains if that’s your thing. It’s great!

  167. mintyhipo23

    service is degrading rapidly. Too many customers to care for each individual. Your just a number they want to get in and out and do not pay attention to the order or even what they are giving you anymore. have been given the wrong thing everytime i go for the past 3 times

  168. pinkbabydoll

    Love this place. So close to home and always good prices and tasty flower.

  169. KammyPaige

    Ive been going to Bloom Tucson for 3 years and they have always had terrific bud tenders and product. Their employees know the product and the prices are cheap!

  170. Chuy13284

    great place. i live the 5 grams for 100. good deals great prices.

  171. rgalaz01

    My best place to go anytime… Staff is super friendly, always has a good selection on hand. And weekends open late!!! Who would ask for more plus 40$ eights not to shabby.. Keep it up guys you guys are awesome. Ohhhhhhhh and the best pre-rolls

  172. kiley01

    great service the staff was helpful n knew what they were talking about helped me choose a great selection

  173. KosmicRockstar

    I stopped by to pick up a prepacked ounce. The waiting room was freezing like Antarctica which isn’t even the worst part. As soon as I got home I tared my scale and dumped the bag out to find it came in at 27.88. I wonder where th rest of my ounce went…

  174. NetoB

    awesome thanks for the great bud

  175. TierrieRae

    The Bloom has quality buds 9 times out of ten and the staff is super friendly! I am a loyal customer and this is the only dispensary I go to.

  176. Dfavela1

    Ive come here plenty of times and still am trying new flower everytime i come in.. I enjoy the knowledgable staff and most of all good meds. They have a wide variety of flower strains to choose from and the prices never change.. $10 a gram and $35 eights.. Should i mention the great crumble.. Love medicating and staying within a budget? This is the place to go!

  177. Garyc420

    Newtons soda was bomb for the low.

  178. MiddleAgedMaryJane

    This was my first dispensary experience. Having the cheapest prices in Tucson, I wanted to start here and see what “the cheapest” weed was like and build up from there (if i needed to). I was in the waiting area with about 6 or 7 other people at 11:30am in a Tuesday. All walks of life joined me that day some louder and more noticeable than others but good vibes from everyone! Went to the back quickly and was helped by a friendly bud tender who didn’t rush me, had great suggestions and made my first dispensary run a success! Great first time patient deals in addition to already great prices. I don’t prefer prepackaged but definitely get some great highs from these buds. The cheapest prices in town are going to draw in all different kinds of folks, its also going to mean that you aren’t staying at the Ritz Carlton, you’re staying at the nice modest Comfort Inn. Don’t expect anything fancy and be open to friendly conversation from other patients 😉 Happy with my experience at Bloom and have been back multiple times with equally enjoyable experiences each time.

  179. Leafly420MS

    Love the specials on the 8ths flower is always

  180. AndyPandy

    A great supply of high potency meds. Yum edibles. Fantastic service and atmosphere. I will definitely come back…often.

  181. Npleslie

    fantastic place great prices and quality

  182. ElOzone

    Great quality and the service is exceptional

  183. ReadsMenus

    Drove here from kind of far for the $180 ounce price. They refused to honor the price(even after showing them the menu on my phone), and by the time I walked out and reloaded the menu they changed it. They did not thank me for catching their mistake, they did not offer a discount, they did not offer to pay for gas. Done

  184. Dundzilo

    love the deals

  185. Mamaof3green

    love the flower staff very knowledgable and friendly .

  186. SteveBruleMD

    They look small, but they have a good selection and their prices are pretty decent as well. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Got whipping cream and Graham crackers? Put ’em together ya dingus!

  187. Trvst1

    Bottom of the barrel for Tucson. Pre-Pack unknown strains makeup the low potency list, with a few we’ll known strains sprinkled in that don’t look like any version of the strain I had ever seen(ie; Mimosa) which looked Completely different than the version I had seen earlier this month up north in Phoenix and didn’t smell anything similar either.

  188. Stasia92

    Over all great people and clean

  189. kayelamity

    Love the BRILLIANT service and knowledge of all of the employees. I enjoy saving a bit on shake days and am happy with this facility and the quality of their product.

  190. rachgonz80

    great service. this is the only dispensary I go to. best prices so far

  191. JohnnyBlayze420

    Lowest prices in town

  192. Jmic424

    They would be average if they honored the specials they promise! Instead they always come up with some bs to get out of it, like on mix and match $45 quarter Tuesday “it’s the way it’s packaged! How else do you mix n match grams unless they’re are packaged as grams!? Maybe their staff should follow the “Golden Rule”!

  193. gotrocks63

    I have been going to this place since it opened . The Products are always good and the quality is something you can count on. the prices are some of the best in Tucson

  194. Stephen19

    Very impressed. Will come back, staff patient and helpful.

  195. TheGreensmith

    Bloom Tucson has excellent cannabis for an excellent price. Most of their flower is $25 an eighth, and you wouldn’t even be able to tell by smoking it. With a solid lineup of unique, classic, and often uncommon strains, ranging from high CBD strains containing 1% THC, to a strain I’ve never even heard of testing at 31% THC. Definitely a place to visit if you haven’t already.

  196. AnissaMarie

    I love the special and the quality of the bud. Best prices and deals in Tucson by far! My go to dispensary dY’OEdY1/4

  197. Jlyons2

    Come to bloom for the best deals and service!

  198. GaPeach7

    Colton helped me the other day. He picked out some good choices for me. You guys always have great products and great service. Thanks.

  199. Pwrivard07

    The employees are knowledgeable and extremely friendly and helpful.Two thumbs up!

  200. blackjava

    They send out specials via text and then dont honor them. Done with them.

  201. NatashaAngelina

    awesome flower great prices

  202. mduenez81

    I have been to every dispensary in Tucson. This one has the best prices and daily deals!

  203. jaywesch

    Slowwwwww staff. New people behind the desk every time I go. Usually about a 30 minute wait. They could definitely benefit from streamlining their operations and retaining and training staff. You are discouraged from going in the back to view the product before purchasing, instead they encourage you to pick something blindly from menus at the front desk (with no THC content info) as the customer line becomes longer behind you as you hastily make a decision. Product is average but the price on flower is good!

  204. kjgibeaut

    Great med quality! Friendly staff! Great deals and suggested donations very reasonable!

  205. kmr

    Excellent prerolls. By far the best prerolls I have gotten from a Tucson dispensary.

  206. Krystilb

    Great prices

  207. rickManchin457

    Wow I am shocked they sell meds for 40 an 8th (echo) that tastes like that brick weed from down South. Don’t be me.

  208. AnthonyFullylove11

    Bloom has amazing serves and produce I’ve been going here for the past year and have had no issues it’s highly recommended in my book

  209. Mhellpap

    Visited to see if there has been any improvement to customer service or med quality at all. Though staff was friendly and welcoming, the manager is still the same clown, and meds were as dry and bleached looking as ever. what a joke.

  210. Donnie64015

    quick fast large selection nice budtenders highly recommend

  211. lmartinez1616

    very nice place and people friendly

  212. alexis_ran

    I’ve been using bloom for about 6 months now and I couldn’t be more happy with the prices, selection, and quality. I highly recommend Bloom to my friends in need!

  213. Pandal84

    The prices is what most like about this place great customer service too

  214. happy420hippohippi

    I really love bloom it’s my favorite place nice staff and very good quality medicine

  215. Zaskar

    Been going here until the put security outside demanding to see your medical ID before entering… won’t be back long as this unprofessional hoodlum is gone

  216. KenOG7

    Bloom has the best price for flower in town by far. Would recommend it to everyone for sure. The bud tenders are great

  217. docfilmmaker

    Outstanding dispensary. Great staff great suggested donationss great quality meds. Absolutely first rate. Highly recommended.

  218. hower.jeremy


  219. greensmokehealer

    Solid shop with solid deals. They always give me 15% off for being a vet so this is my go to dispensary. Plus…they grow their own meds!

  220. hazellpz

    good flower & prices

  221. Smokey520

    Awesome customer service! And the best deals guaranteed!

  222. Steveo91192

    i was blown away by the deals here I drive 10+ miles just to come here for their amazing selection of flowers and concentrates.

  223. Krystilc

    great prices

  224. Vicky07

    I like the strains

  225. Jgo1999

    Great weed

  226. today

    This is the best dispensary in town, and I get the best costumer service from all the staff. Thank u girls!!!!!

  227. StarmanSpeaks

    I came across a beautiful deal on cartridges. I didn’t have the exact amount as the taxes were added afterward. The staff were super helpful and actually came up with $1.75 for me aoeOEdY1/4

    Nice prepacked ounces as well highly recommended.

  228. Zachcalhoun

    They are great people

  229. stormbess12

    quite an enjoyable experience in the lobby the custom is usually very friendly.

    inside the dispensary it’s nice and quiet and stress free, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and bloom has some of the best deals there are.

    only thing I’d change is the whole pre packaged flower thing, we customers feel better watching it weighed out by hand 🙂

  230. PolskaQueen420

    I really actually love bloom…most of the time… I’ve gotten a few dry bags in the past and they’ve gotten my order wrong, I had to drive all the way back…and they fixed it, no problems… but I live pretty far. Recently there hasn’t been any issues with the quality, they’ve upped it, product is what you pay for, but very affordable, most of the employees are really helpful and nice and the parking is much better than any other place.

  231. wedpro2

    Great meds & service.

  232. ste4435

    Cheapest Prices in Town, Stays open latest. Went for first time on a Saturday night around 9pm. It was only place open. Filled out form and waited about 5 minutes to get called in back. Budtender very informative and got me what I needed plus took advantage of first time special. Will go back again.

  233. Zotrip300p

    one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had while at a business. The front desk lady was extremely rude, not even making eye contact, even while I am the first to say “hi”, meanwhile the entire staff looks wide-eyed at me while watching the U of A game on tv. The counter person was equally vacant as she asks me want I want as to what I’d like to see or was looking for. I’ve worked 17+ in customer service and I was completely blown away at my experience here. My opinion? the price break on flower isn’t worth sacrificing good quality service.

  234. cy70x7

    Bloom Tucson Dispensary is one of my favorites. Good quality meds and I love the online ordering. Lots of specials and excellent edibles. Friendly knowledgeable staff with a nice atmosphere and a comfortable waiting room. Recommended to all Medical Marijuana card holders in Tucson!

  235. Bigsmoky357

    Best place to go to

  236. slarbiter

    $6 to $7 grams here are very reasonable for their quality as opposed to Bloom in Oracle who sell secondhand for $10.
    I almost never buy their bud but their $15 half grams of concentrate are definitely worth your money.

    I would only recommend their concentrates as they have a much longer shelf life and better quality/cleaner than the bud. Can’t beat the $15 half grams

  237. houdini12438

    They always have great specials every week. The employees always have a smile on their face.

  238. Suarezfam

    Great dispensary

  239. tokersmoker420

    has some good strains and always the same prices so thats nice.

  240. KronicBlazinPlaya

    Awesome deals!

  241. smokeqwx11

    Best dispensary in Tucson. Friendly staff. God products at good prices.

  242. Krishnah3

    Upon walking in, it’s festive right now, there’s Halloween themed decor & also autumn if you’re not into that. The staff was friendly & efficient despite being short staffed. Not too bad of a wait.

  243. flowsixx

    Great service, friendly staff, highly knowledgeable

  244. Productimpulse

    I always go to bloom Tucson because they have good prices and good customer service. But I went on Jan. 11th when their computers were down, and I accidentally asked for more than I had the cash to pay for. When my bud tender told me the total I said I needed to take an item off and I was sorry but then she took the flower back and I could literally hear a guy around the corner loudly complaining about having to fix the order and that it was my fault for the mistake. Yeah it was my fault for thinking I had a little more cash than I did but it was a mistake and it’s really uncool that he was complaining about me while I could hear him. If they’re having a bad day because of the computers, I get it, but at least wait until I’m gone to complain about me. Seriously that’s so rude to do to your customers.

  245. abelcoro.91

    It is the best

  246. Christinia1

    Always an amazing atmosphere the crew is amazing i enjoy comeing here they always are great and have amazing deals.

  247. Jennlove82

    They are super friendly great product!

  248. fischy1

    Best medications in Tucson, A friendly and helpful staff, John, thank you, and the best deals in town. I’m never going anywhere else!!!

  249. Dudeitsdave

    What a wonderful dispensary!! Knowledgable! Great customer service and a good variety of flowers!!

  250. Sapph0208

    staff is always friendly and efficient dY’OE

  251. Juju2012hw

    Love this place best dispensary in Tucson

  252. Julianct

    I liked the people and music

  253. SarkUnit

    Hey Dabmen and Dabwomen, real quality sauce has landed in Tucson, and for a reasonable price how can you skip it? Not only does the Bloom keep lowering prices, helping patients and having killer sales, they are also bringing Top Top shelf to the table. This stuff is liquid gold, amazing and bright with terps. It has that high quality high, different than standard concentrates, that lasts for a long time. I am impressed Bloom, the sauce made me happy to be alive.

  254. Calipak23

    Awesome people awesome product awesome prices thank you

  255. juniorlerma

    As far as dispensaries here in Tucson I’m a little disappointed Bloom Phoenix is great! But this location seems to short you out they say the pre package there eighths which sucks had to ask for another pack cause I wouldn’t buy the first one the seem a little stingy probably won’t come back again weed looks trash compared to other quality I’ve seen duces the people where cool tho

  256. Reysavage4

    Friendly staff that knows their product well.. Super fast in and out!

  257. NICKDADD7

    smells good

  258. SuspectKilla

    the staff is friendly and it’s convenient!!

  259. Kingsdaddy2018

    Very professional and curtious people. Wonder service. Very good product and will awnser all the questions you have on anything. I would highly recommend anyone looking for that kind of high maintenance service. Come to bloom Tucson on oracle.

  260. treez773

    For my first time being there this location was very kind and helped me find the right solutions for my needs I would definitely recommend this bloom to a friend.

  261. eddiesunflower

    It’s good for me, located on a main street is really terrific! Best to all who work there, eddiesunflower

  262. DrinkBleachhh

    I’ve been in 4 times now. Great staff, great wax and recommend the lime sorbet Clear thing. Bud bus great and great prices. No wait.

  263. Chitalian23

    I think this location isn’t close to my house, however, grocery stores aren’t even close to my Mini Desert Ponderosa.

  264. kiamarie85

    good quality cheap cannibus ! staff is nice !

  265. dval29

    super helpful and friendly staff/bud-tenders!
    and good deals, too

  266. Drise

    Bloom is always super speedy and friendly, with great pricing!

  267. dopesickaz

    That dry flower they sold me gave me a headache and burned my throat. The staff is slow AF too.

  268. Patriciagonzales82

    Jake is an amazing !!! Thank you for all your help. Your amazing !!

  269. Brenda1025

    Bloom Dispensary is absolutely my favorite! The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Their specials are the best. I personally love their Monday specials. Highly recommend this dispensary.

  270. cynz2787

    like the specials on wax

  271. Jlrhtaz34


  272. Thisemaster

    Adrian was great!

  273. ZiggyStarDust2018

    Great alway go here

  274. Timscarver

    Great place great service

  275. rkjudd

    Tucson Bloom was awesome.. They had thc of each strain prominently marked . Staff was friendly, helpful and it was medicine Monday.. nice incentives .. Papaya was papaya and it is.. the buds were gorgeous and the packaging was great. We will be returning. thx Tucson Bloom.

  276. KindGodess420

    Better than Bloom Sedona!..Thought I’d check-out another Bloom location. I received OK service here after waiting for quite awhile. I am disappointed in the low quality AZ MMJ I purchaseddY~z.. below-par Bud, for sure. Vapes?..Not my Brand. Edibles? Limited. Atmosphere: C-. Overall experience felt cold and corporate…Will Not be returning to this shop…dYsEURJAH dY~

  277. PattyCrouchRealtor

    Great spot!Best value everyday with quality meds!

  278. Dlekan

    Place is amazing! Great people and awesome deals!

  279. gregc

    My dad and I have been to bloom many times. There customer service is top shelf just like there flowers. Dad has stage 4 cancer and requires a quality medicine and sometimes alot of it. The specials make it much easier to keep he and I medicated. Without them we would do without. The Katsu and Papaya are outstanding flowers. Allways fresh and with a smile. Thanks Paul. You make Tucson a better place. Great menu guys! I will keep on passing the 2 places on the N.W. side to get to you Bloom. Allways worth it.

  280. Goodslike

    Fantastic flowers with consistant good quality. They grow their own flowers; they are totally pro.

  281. YeseniaArvizu8791

    love deals, friendly service & able to get in & out quickly it’s my go to dispensary.

  282. karmakid64

    I went early afternoon and it was quiet. Customer Service was excellent. They answered all my newbie questions. The product was top shelf in sealed packages.

  283. Coleromick446

    great flower awesome service love the concentrates

  284. amynicolerocha

    great experience since day one

  285. Marisela1520

    I love the people there so nice and very helpful

  286. drizzlemynizzle

    Excellent prices good flower dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  287. kindbud57

    I love the quality and the prices and the variety of the products. The specials are the best in town. Way to go Bloom.

  288. StretchyMinaj

    Bloom was awesome. They had high quality meds for decent prices. I like their wide selection of edibles. I really like that they offer different discounts every day. Makes it easy for me to pick what days I want to go in. The F.I. lived up to it’s name sake and will be my go to strain from now on.

  289. mrbp

    Always a pleasure visiting this location. The staff is great and the place is always clean. I also like the friendly security guard, he is so nice.

  290. bertalv23

    Never really been here a lot but everything’s me I do come the concentrates and edibles are great. Highly recommended.

  291. niftyifty

    Prices can’t be beat, but that ends up meaning a lot of other things can suffer. You can certainly get lucky with some nice batches, but most is just ok. I waited for 45 minutes on my last visit. Not sure it was worth the savings.

  292. frankie-s

    To those who say the weed is dry.If the weed is too dry, I moisten it with these little hydration eggs that I get at the head shop. Makes the weed all nice again and only takes a few hours in a glass jar with the hydration eggs.

    Bloom quality is excellent. Sometimes the weed is a little dry, easy fix!

  293. savymeow

    Friendly employees and a HUGE selection of pre-rolls. I loved having such a great selection to choose from 🙂

  294. Anissaseballos

    Great prices

  295. Dubman520

    I live right down the street bloom is always my first choice great buzz great service

  296. SunshineRaver420

    I am a frequent flier at this dispensary, and I am never disappointed. Would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for flower on a budget! Quality product and exceptionally friendly staff.

  297. browntrent92

    Great prices! Quality is excellent! Long wait times, there should be an express lane for patients who know what they want so the can pick up their prescription and go!

  298. CalebA420

    Great service and information was provided the moment you walk in. Very knowledgeable staff. Quite big selection on flower, edibles, etc.
    I believe I dealt with Ryan. He told me his name but I forgot it……..guess that means its pretty great quality dY~3dY~f. Definitely will be back. Also I recommend the timeless brand Superglue. Very very good

  299. henriquez3

    bomb shatter and clean dispensary.

  300. 420zona

    I really like this place. The staff is super friendly and they remember me which I like. They always give me good suggestions on what to purchase depending on my symptoms. I also like the cleanness of the facility and that they’re easy to access on my apps to find dispensaries. The only thing I would suggest is getting fruity crispy treats, those are the best. Other than that I love this place and Prime Leaf as well. I will continue coming here.

  301. Pluvier

    It’s a wonderful place. Would highly recommend.

  302. Vick53

    Great people that are very knowledgeable and friendly. Good inventory and a great variety.

  303. Josegarcia

    Great customer service

  304. Spidey101

    I have been going to bloom since ive had my card and have had no problems its been 9 months! I also like how geeks glass is next door and i get a discount there

  305. sophia.marie420

    always been great! great flower better price, and the workers there know their flower. One of my top favs!

  306. NikkiG3

    Loving This Place Very Very Much .. Best Flower Always

  307. wildatheart1952

    I love this place. The staff is excellent, always make you feel welcomed. Service is great even in times when the are very busy. Their product is always the best in what I need and want.


  308. erincurtin

    I like it a lot. it’s really convient and it’s open late. the quality is really good.

  309. elusivepizza

    The prices are fantastic but the bud isn’t very high quality. It was really busy and the wait was super long. Overall though, I’d say the quality is worth the price

  310. Monica1968

    I have been going to Bloom Tucson since I got my card last March and Love them. I’ve gone to other places and they just don’t have the same atmosphere. The people are always friendly and they take extremely good care of their patients. If you haven’t been there I HIGHLY recommend you go check it out at your soonest opportunity.

  311. bedlam520

    Awesome staff and great meds! Some of the best deals in town as well!

  312. Jrnike18

    great service good flour l ok very the Express line

  313. toon38

    best in town for concentrates and flower

  314. MichaelAnthony520

    Drive across town to try the mimosa Gemz. Get home and take a dab and realize it’s not mimosa. Look on the bottom of the jar and it’s king Louis. Nice job on packaging there bloom dYtmdY1/4dY~,

  315. Hppyeore

    I love this place!!!! The people are knowledgeable and super friendly! The prices are better than any other dispensary in town. I love this place!

  316. BigBadRollaxk

    Good prices friendly staff

  317. Ppeennyy520

    best place to get some great flower thanks to Cynthia dY~

  318. peteles

    good product and great prices. have lot of product other places dont. budtender are nice and friendly. there 5 preroll for 30 bucks deal on Wednesday is awesome. would recommend bloom to all my friends. this is place to go. and it’s out of my way to get to but it’s worth it.

  319. Jefrey520

    Good products best prices in town..

  320. anitagraham

    This is a great store throughout Arizona.

  321. Fracturedreamz

    best place to be Monday

  322. BananaCOIn

    Wow. I thought this place was bad before. Got layed off so looking for to save a bit of cash I went in on a Thursday for the ounce special. The lobby was a mess. The lobby was packed not because they were particularly busy, but because they are so slow. Trash under the chairs, damaged weird inspirational posters, the fake brick is missing a piece, the cents are nasty and full of so much dust there is a pattern in each one from the air blowing it onto you, the lights are full of bugs, the door doesn’t close, the door to go in back has a broken handle, etc. They don’t seem to give a crap about anything. the employees all seemed bored. It wasn’t this bad a year ago. The flower is still about the same quality. If you’re picky it’s ok for the price. Even so I doubt I go back. I’d rather pay another $40 an ounce and go somewhere else.

  323. imblazn

    One of the best in town!

  324. SKX

    cheap 8ths around $20-25 and pretty good quality, usually a little dry but still nice, not too much of a wait but does get busy towards close when everyone gets off work, staff really friendly and have good recommendations, cool place

  325. chico323az

    Wow this place needs to quit spraying their meds with fungicide. The flower tastes like brick weed from down south #ECHO?

  326. Smokez520

    they have amazing flower . I don’t go anywhere else.

  327. JunoMcCool

    Drove all the way across town to check out Bloom. Arrived in time for the morning discount, only to find that they only had one choice available. Told to return later in the day. Drove all the way across town again, only to find they wouldn’t honor the discount. Not a good way to treat a new customer. Product was dry. Will give them another try to see if things have improved. They offer a discount for people on disability, but will not combine that with other discounts. That’s a bummer.

  328. Swaglac64

    More promos

  329. Reefr1

    Awesome workers always positive when I come in. great prices

  330. RDZ420

    Fun times, great people, awesome security

  331. airdownent

    Great atmosphere. Staff was friendly and professional. Purchased three stains all top notch. Will shop here again and will recommend to friends. A+

  332. Deslyng17

    Awesome kind friendly funny helpful employees. I love this place

  333. Lyssasueb2

    Love this place! Best prices ever!

  334. jpk58881

    Prepackaged but fresh flowers however the Monday 3 gram shake special is a total rip off

  335. paulybryde

    great staff who are very helpful

  336. SONIC9285

    Close by home, quick service many deals.!

  337. Bpfister91

    Very friendly, helpful staff. Great deals all the time.

  338. ewor82

    Avoid this place. They entice you with low prices but they’re always out if stock. Their lobby is like waiting in a dirty bus station. Save yourself some time, irritation, frustration and money. Go some place else.

  339. scifidancer

    Seriously declined in every way.

  340. Alex88

    Great quality at low prices

  341. Ferndawg13

    Exceptional service and a great overall experience dY~ZdY~Z

  342. Snakeman77

    The staff is always super friendly and helpful and you can’t beat the prices.

  343. vonjibbler

    The Louis Xiao and the F. I. I got were top shelf all the way. Yeah it was pre packaged but the bud was perfect. I was happy as hell. And 35 for an eighth. So before you assume this place is no good try it.

  344. Igotthatfire

    I like the people but the quality of the shake bags are garbage and the buds are dry. I do like the prerolls but Not my first choice of dispensarys to go to.

  345. DeeKush420

    it’s has really good flower and it’s fast

  346. Captain313.

    This is my spot… the crew is Super!

  347. tossed

    Edibles are not as effective as at other dispensaries

  348. baye90

    great dispensary! awesome prices.

  349. Lizyonko12

    kolton, Cynthia, ryane are awesome always so helpful!!! (:

  350. Elmatte22

    Nice and clean friendly staff

  351. alenni

    Love this place!!!

  352. Therealjordanmedart

    always good service and like seeing the same faces everytime i come in!

  353. TreD4dub

    The new aEURoeechoaEUR strains tasted like Reggie and looked like trash. I thought they would step up since better dispensaries are popping up all over town. Fail.

  354. Brandonmills9193

    I love the concentrate, gems, and flower located here. Best prices for sure.

  355. jjram

    great place to visit friendly people
    with great customer skills dY’dY’. needs a bigger selection

  356. Crowb1

    Nice flower at very reasonable prices and the best edible prices in town!

  357. LuBomb23

    I like the way the employees are nice,
    Dont like that they dont accept card,
    Prices are very low, and I like that you can build you points to get free stuff like grams or 1/8 etc.

  358. Lorri_Duran1961

    One of my favorites. Great prices every day
    Lorri duran

  359. Danteinfernosativa

    Location made the travel convenient while the budtenders made the selection easy

  360. Farrok

    This dispensary grows its own product. What I notice as a former quality control engineer is that their product is NOT over trimmed. Many, many dispensaries over trim! Not this one……

    By this I mean that the flowers are not trimmed to the point that all the medicinal crystals on the flowers are trimmed away.

    What I have noticed in Other dispensaries is that they trim to the point that they get the apple and you get the core.

    This firm is a 1st rate company and their flowers are first rate and they grow them themselves.

    There is no middle man, no excess handling to damage the flowers and and thus reduce the potency of their product.

    Try this dispensary as you will not be disappointed and the flowers they have are the top of the totem pole in quality.

  361. smokeganja420

    for my first time it was a very pleasant experience. I recommend this to all patients

  362. ccortes09

    The receptionist was rude, fake and just overall sucked at customer service. This place while it had a nice appearance, felt like I was making a illegal drug deal or something. It was the jail like window that they passed my meds through that was just weird. This place has good specials from what I can tell but the staff and quality I just wasn’t to thrilled with. The prices were average. Probably won’t go there again.

  363. Raven337

    Good service, knowledgeable staff, reasonable prices

  364. Cayala2004

    Bloom always takes care of me on the fly. Good product, good service, good prices. I’m a happy camper! Thanks Bloom Tucson!

  365. asjuarez

    My experience at bloom is always a pleasure and the staff is awesome! Must go!

  366. deedubya

    Clean convenient and economical. The staff is awesome but the product could be better.

  367. Jayz4life

    nice, friendly awesome vibes all around. my come to place in Tucson. thx..

  368. Gkcazy

    May not have the “elite and super expensive” strains or tier bud some places have, even so Bloom hands down the quickest and best value service in Tucson. I’ve never left unsatisfied or impressed by the staff and their service. A+

  369. Greenbrycehappybryce

    Awesome customer service great flower

  370. Bridgettebaker

    Great prices great service and some people who truly care

  371. Neitel

    Hello, My name is Nathaniel (Neitel) Agosto. I been going to Bloom for a while now and I recommend this dispensary to anyone that needs the medicine for their process of healing. Bloom is very clean and the staff is awesome to talk to. The staff in charge are very knowledgeable about the products they present and it will be my pleasure to keep going back! Thank you so much!!! -Neitel (Nathanael Agosto)

  372. Humphrey520

    Great Dispensary, Friendly Staff! Good Meds At A Great Price!

  373. PungentHaze

    Buds are very good quality and clean with very low stem count. Staff is really friendly and knowledgeable but they have 1 fatal flaw. They pre-weigh every bag beforehand so if you just want a gram & they only have quarters, you’re out if luck…

  374. Calikd89

    the selection was great and Sam was nice and friendly

  375. Walle0611

    I think it is a great business GREAT prices. Friendly staff.

  376. Nickjames878

    great place fast an helpfull

  377. issaowl222

    This place is horrible, the budtenders are even more worse and as far as products it’s decent but definitely wouldn’t go back

  378. ezardlizard

    Good service always

  379. Stillmalex

    Great service great product

  380. BigandBold420

    Staff makes feel like it home and they make feel like u want to come back

  381. emilyfayeeee

    I came into Bloom a year ago and I knew absolutely nothing about marijuana. I was 19 and there by myself and terrified to be honest. They were really kind to me and I haven’t had a bad experience yet. I’ve also never had an issue with a product! My mom recently got her card and did buy a topical that had broken but they replaced it for us and even let us keep the other one too. Love Bloom!

  382. ahmed5186

    worst dispensary in Tucson with that customer service. they always run out of strains and the flower quality isn’t too high but good price.

  383. No1tata52

    Poor poor poor… Have had issues with their system being down or your info needs updated. I have had to prove I am a vet several times.. the last time I went I was told there was nothing in the system that said I was a veteran. They needed my dd214 again to put in. I was upset.. I asked them how many times was this going to happen.. the guy was rude.. I told him I was going to report him to management and he said so what.. go ahead… When I spoke with management they said they had been hacked in January well how many of us patients were told our info was compromised… I thought we were suppose to be told someone got our info and wiped out there system again… She became so upset with me and told me I could never come back… No loss to me.. at least I will be treated with respect and be informed elsewhere.. I have had to many bad experiencesaEUR< at Bloom. Be careful. Check what they give you BEFORE you leave. You will be told it's your fault if they give you something you did not order but gave you something else... If I could give NO stars I would......

  384. Risque8181

    Love Bloom! The staff is always awesome and lively. Bloom offers some of tge best deals in town and the prices are perfect. Great Flower, Great Atmosphere and great prices you cant go wrong!

  385. babywe

    Love love love it

  386. farrahbusrex

    Great service, friendly faces!

  387. GiZat420

    First time here @ Bloom. While visiting Tucson, I thought I would check out a dispensary down here. I was very impressed with Bloom. The prices were what got me in the door, and I was amazed with the selection of beautiful flowers. Karina my budtender, was super helpful, kind, and her conversation was nice. Thank you, I will definitely be back.

  388. Mommyofgia

    I have been disappointed on several occasions. Every time that I go, I have to wait at least 30 to 45 minutes. I know that they have a convenient window where you can express order however their menus are never accurate so it’s best to see what they actually have. The workers there act as though it is a job rather than a cool relaxing environment. I believe Samantha is her name she is the one who seems to always be there in the front and she is always very kind. When I come in and wait tremendous amount of time for poor quality cannabis and I asked if my business is worth possibly throwing in a free pre-roll I was laughed at. At Nature Med not only do I have the option to choose from the best cannabis but I also experienced the most excellent customer service from the best employees and my business is always appreciated and valued and they make it be known at every visit also. I am very dissatisfied that bloom doesn’t seem to Really Care much about their patients to give them the experience that they deserve and I guess that’s why they received the type of clients that they do. I hope that management reads this and tries to help their store by taking into consideration my feedback. It’ll only help in the end however I can’t guarantee returning

  389. Kris4504

    Friendly staff good selection

  390. Thug420dj

    Had nothing but great service they really took their time with me let me look at all the concentrates that I wanted to walked out of there with paying $115 for 5 g of Crumble and shatter they will definitely have my business for now on

  391. azfisch

    Something stinks at bloom – I’ve taken my obviously 100% disabled daughter a few times in the past. Usually have a great experience here. I think the young lady behind the reception counter was more interested in impressing the two young men who came in after poppa and daughter, than she was in providing a minimum level of acceptable customer service. I tried to gently interject that I had arrived prior to these young men and was told to sit down and that she needed to ring someone up. Nice. I was asked for my daughters ADA paperwork, which I did not have with me. No paperwork no ADA discount for an obviously 100% disabled person. How very proper.

  392. MoneyGangBinko

    I like the prices. I don’t dislike anything

  393. Morrisseyjunkie

    I’ve been here a few times. Time I tried thier pre-rools, Purple Blurple. I suffer from agonizing chronic lower back pain.This strain is not for the novice. I took about 6 average sized draws and within 10 mins. BAM! Like being billy Clubbed… Euphouia in body & in mind. Then the numb full body buzz. Then my hands spasam & clench. Then I howling for a good five minutes. Then all ths wh ile this is going on it hit me in 4 waves each less intense inx succession. Then clam tingling buzz.

  394. KrisSteinberg

    Awesome selection of medicine,The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. The prices are very reasonable too, they run awesome specials. I absolutely love the northern lights they sell here, it has helped majorly with my insomnia! I will definitely be coming here again soon

  395. tylerstevens

    I likes the different selection of flowers great stuff

  396. Doubledubs520

    I come to Bloom daily! Literally at leasttt once a day. I love the variety of premium top shelf products as well as the comfortable clean environment and friendly atmosphere. The employees, over time have become true friends and greet me and my boyfriend by our names every time we visit. The staff will help you find what you need at a price that won’t break the bank! Also Bloom offers an awesome points system that gives you all kinds of good stuff like any flower you want at different quantities depending on your points, Bloom gear, and other dope rewards!! For real, this place is great, I’m here allll the time and would love to be part of the Bloom Team/Staff but for now I’m proud to just be part of the Bloom family!! Keep it up!!

  397. Zodiakary

    Ryan is the best bedtender in Tucson Highly recommend Bloom Tucson!

  398. frederickrowe

    Great environment! Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Easy going but professional, and easy-to-find facility. Coming back for sure!

  399. memyselfand710

    constantly out of strains listed on menus across the internet. constantly packed with customers. as for staff, they hire too many stoners, not patients. every time I go in asking specific questions, they either answer “oh its weak”, or ” oh that’s fire”…not professional. BUT BEST FLAT PRICE MEDICINE IN TUCSON. just with they’d offer the $200 ounce everyday like all of there locations do daily, not just on Thursday.

  400. bbethard

    customer service is excellent/product is supreme but best of all everyone at blooms on oracle are professional and treat everyone wonderfully!thank you so much!

  401. bsamusic

    When I asked the dispensary clerk if the oil concentrate they sell is Co2 extracted, he said, “yes.” When I looked at the oil cartridge, I could clearly see that it had the dirty green sign of Butane extraction. Fail. Bloom sells only DosVape concentrates. I got on DosVape website and read that Butane extraction is their business. Bloom is a sister company of DosVape. I highly recommend they have a family meeting to discuss some product knowledge. This is a no-brainer and mistakes like this should be closely monitored for the good of the customer. Know what you are selling and prescribing to your patients!

  402. NatashaDolby

    The staff is amazing and friendly, the strains are high quality. I have yet to find a bad strain through them. They offer a point system so you can use your points for free product. The prices are unbelievable especially considering the high quality. You pay as little as $6/gram and as much as $7.50/gram. If you haven’t been here before I recommend going. Its by far the best dispensary in Tucson. (I’ve been to 7 different dispensaries and bloom is still the best in my opinion.)

  403. TVi

    Great dispensary, been going here for almost a year now and offer a great value on meds.

  404. smitty313

    Good quality at affordable price

  405. knicks4lyfe

    i used to come here all the time but this place is a downward spiral, i’ve come less and less. the flower is dry. cheap. the place looks ok with that paint job they got. what bothers me is the high turn around rate of employees. what happened to great workers that cared and offered legitimate medical consultation? its like they hire anyone out of desperation. its a zoo, the people don’t care. nor do they ever know what theyre talking about. i miss seeing people like tyler.. he was always steering me in the right direction. never let me down. or someone like that justine girl that i stopped seeing recently. she made me love going to bloom. always smiling, i felt like a guest in her home. those were people that listened and genuinely cared. i wish i could say ill be going back to bloom but no thanks. im constantly getting poor advice, simple things like sativas instead of indicas. lack of customer service. im treated like a transaction. it starts from the top: management needs to care about their business and educate the employees.

  406. Gamaman1

    Love this place

  407. GarbanzoFiesta67

    *sigh* I fell into the trap again. $100 for 5g of concentrate? You’d think you can’t go wrong with that. Well you can. Is it shatter? Sure… Was it made with quality flower? NO. Was it properly purged? NO! $100 down the drain because I don’t even trust this junk. The service was way better this time. I don’t know if they’re feeling the pressure from their new neighbor or if it was just a coincidence. It’s still a mess inside, but also a bit cleaner. I know I won’t be back. The meds might seem cheaper, but that’s only until you toss them out. To Bloom STEP UP OR GTFO Your medicine is making people sick. You are a disgrace to the medical marijuana industry.

  408. Thomas_yong

    good flowers for reasonable prices

  409. Mamaviking17

    Amazing deals live point system fire buds

  410. MEDUSA357

    It’s a very nice dispensary!! I like the location, you’ve never guess it was a dispensary at all! The atmosphere is nice and friendly!! Very relaxing and comfortable in the waiting room. I enjoyed my experience very much!! Thanks for the wonderful experience!!

  411. Captainkushmaster420

    huge selection of flower great prices

  412. DeeSala

    I like the fast service & the quality of the products along with the prices not being too high

  413. CjBasco

    First and last time that I will go to bloom in tucson poor selection,$2 fee to use debit card,tax on top of product unlike other dispensaries which have tax included ,no specials ,and terrible costumer service

  414. ChinoMark

    Great customer service.

  415. SIDalton

    Bloom was awesome with a courteo
    us staff and. a wonderful selection of meds! The free 8th shows they really appreciate your business.

  416. GinaTea13


  417. Toast420Krew

    Thank You Bloom.

  418. Ashsoliver2014

    This is literally my favorite place to go great prices great people they’ve been a littttttle slow lately with orders but I think it’s becuase the system updated.


    gotts some great deals on concentrate

  420. denver77

    thanks for all your help. much love to my tenders.

  421. lilybutterfly

    Awesome friendly informat
    ive staff. Felt very comfortable and my purchae was amazing !!

  422. Edwinsandbox

    I love them best in town

  423. rmayrel92

    The staff is always helpful and polite. The flower is top quality with great prices. I am really happy over all with all there different products and service.

  424. lwoo1112

    The meds we have been getting from here are good the grape fruit diesel was great. The prices are fair I’ve only interacted with one staff member there and mu experience was very good

  425. Erocknblaze520

    I like it great price and qualitydY’

  426. Brittany3721

    Cynthia is amazing!!!

  427. Caspersmokealot

    great people . great service . great flower , great place to visit if you havrnt yet dY~%0

  428. evette04

    good quality and good deals!! friendly atmosphere definitely recommend

  429. Mg787

    nice overall love the place

  430. vbustamante

    Everyone is always very helpful and always have what I’m looking for.

  431. wendyan2013

    I love the customer service and pwople there. My #1 dispensary since day 1

  432. Haascat29

    I come her often they serve all my needs are very friendly an helpful staff o love it

  433. HippieDank

    Amazing shatters sugar wax trees going back when ever I’m in Tucson

  434. Medicatedlo

    not good harassing customer (me) fix your employees then maybe just maybe you continue my service and don’t use your caller id to call me if you don’t have my medical information ….. and cant give me my allowment …. ok how do you knoq my name you told me your policy right off the bat then call me talk about violating HIPPA

  435. Namvet67

    Nice atmosphere, ample parking, friendly staff, and good selection. I will definitely shop here again.

  436. Laurenwoos

    They close at 10, which is they’re best quality. The staff is very unfriendly and orders take forever to fill. If you’re in a hurry, don’t bother with this place! I

  437. Grumplstiltskin

    Used to be my favorite spot despite the drive but the place has declined all around.

  438. tgodhomie

    I love the prices at bloom tough to beat! & gotta love the the constant flame Girl Scout!

  439. WillofTucson

    Great staff. Products are priced reasonable compared to other Despenserys

  440. Sadie857


  441. patbgabe

    Bloom is my go to spot for concentrates. This place is truly underrated!!

  442. jsmith101

    Bloom has affordable yet good quality bud. They also have some of the top quality pre-rolls in Tucson. One of the most underated dispensaries, it has overperformed its expectations.

  443. mikesz1369

    good service and product

  444. charlieintheshade

    terrific product, well informed bud tenders , wonderful atmosphere best overall in Tucson!

  445. Ambyresdragonfly

    Great customer service. Friendly people, both customers and employees alike. Quality product.

  446. evillalobos1000

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff 🙂

  447. Sohnia80

    I love Bloom! The employees are always so helpful and friendly! Blooms deals are amazing as well!

    We live out in Three Points and will drive past other dispensaries to go to Bloom!

  448. RobbyC92

    By far the best price and high quality flower dY~<

  449. Savagesmoke69

    I love this dispensary they always have the best wax! Echo extracts always has that dY”Y= and for the best price! dY$?~dY1/4

  450. Chadstr

    Ask for Cynthia if you want the best bud tender

  451. Greenly7k

    great staff, great deals

  452. Skrewloose407

    I really like this spot, they have always stayed true. unbeatable prices!!! daily deals awesome. come thru check it out, see u there.

  453. mcarter320

    awesome service friendly and quick

  454. apsonmen

    it a real good place and they have great specials every day

  455. MrPaycheck13

    Peanutbutter Cookie from Echo

    -Light/Dark green coloring
    -Red/Orange hairs
    -Purple inside
    -Broke down nice
    -Mild, earthy taste
    -Nice mild high halfway through 1/2 gram joint; eating helped keep it going

  456. ajoseluis16

    it’s in a great location and the customers and overall store is welcoming

  457. joycemccracken

    I love their edible selection, especially the karmelkorn and the peanut butter spread!

    I tried all their best leaf, but nothing is like good old Oregon home grown from the past. 🙁

  458. Mariajanedoe

    I got really awesome deals & it was the most exciting thing to get a free 8th for my birthday. Definitely going to come back. They take well care of their bud, & big white, white zombie, & the NDY. So smooth & clean.

  459. Shat1c

    Amazing place

  460. King-Jay520

    Love the shake deal AMAZING!!
    $100 OZ’s are a dope ass deal too!
    My go to spot

  461. Kchavez8

    Awesome good prices

  462. Alphaaldo

    Best dispensary in Tucson amazing deals and amazing flower

  463. OsoVin4u


  464. devonc

    Used to frequent here for an once once a week. Now, Long waits, Un-knowledgeable/Disrespectful employees and “manager”. Terrible medicine poorly cultivated. Only gave one star because i cant leave zero. DON’T WAIST YOUR TIME HERE.

  465. copper

    first time visit with an awesome special! absolutely love that and since it’s so close to home, I am most def a frequent customer now.

  466. mytyme84

    When compared to others the shop it was not a pleasant experience. The line moves slow, I waited an hour. The staff was not as knowledgeable or passionate as I’m use to experiencing. I guess that is compensation for the lower prices. As a new patient, there was no real background information collected to understand the effect I needed. I was to pick against three categories. Even with doing my homework ahead of time the choices can be overwhelming. Especially when I thought I knew what I wanted then the items are out of stock. I thought I’d receive recommendations of comparable items or even when an available items would be back in stock. Not a good impression.

  467. Bril6

    My favorite dispensary! The quality is great and the safe is so helpful and knowledgeable. Marie and all the staff give great recommendations and will make your day!

  468. jdub7728

    Love this place!! 3 free pre rolls is a bonus I did not expect for their weekend special!

  469. JamesonN12

    Great service and great strains for great prices. Definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a great dispensary.

  470. teddie

    great meds


    Blooms staff was amazing and healpful. I work at a dispensary and this was the first one i have been to other than that! great med selection and again, super great staff! ill def be back plenty of times

  472. Greengal420z

    You get what you pay for.

    Terrible product, it gave me a headache and tasted like dried maple leaves dY.

  473. biochemheather

    Great customer service and best prices in town!

  474. WarpSpe3d

    Great experience – staff was helpful and knowledgeable.

  475. Tosteezy10

    The best

  476. Dawnrene

    Service is always fast and extra friendly.i enjoy every trip.

  477. taco89

    great prices and people live the flower.

  478. kevinholmes

    this was the first dispensary… when I went to their prices are much lower than any other dispensary is town… I am not gonna pay premium prices for slightly better when you look down on it… I happened to chose lesser quality Bloom Because it gave me what needed at much lower prices… Only dispensary I will go to again…

  479. Boomer08

    always enjoy coming in great environment

  480. Wawald

    Employees always kind

  481. joshecisco

    will buy here again!

  482. JahHerbalist

    I ordered Golden Corbra. They gave me lemon golden cobra? Wish I would’ve noticed it before I got home… I understand it’s a simple mistake but I definitely didn’t say lemon dY$?” On the menu they have regular golden cobra and lemon. Sooooo.

  483. canniJ

    great quality meds and friendly staff!!!

  484. bump578

    I am truely bummed. I got that amazing deal on the shake and asked for sativa. Was told what I was buying was sativa and left. Turns out. Not so much. They offered a preroll for the mistake which is fantastic but now I have three g of indica time when I mainly use sativa . Up until this incident however they have been fantastic.

  485. eminemsux

    one star

  486. Dennis71178

    loving the shatter deals,spend 100$ every Monday and get a free 8th…u rock

  487. Santacruzalexis

    Love medication

  488. Lizz520

    Great place!!

  489. Gregacereto

    friendly staff, great environment, great deals, great strains

  490. cursedcalypso

    The product that bloom carries is the freshest. You really get great quality here. I was very nervous as a first time patient not knowing a lot of things but Coleton at Bloom broke it all down for me and was amazingly Knowledgeable and answered every question I had and then some. I drive 40mins to come here, because of the great service I get from Coleton and a lot of other staff members and the product quality with a great price.

  491. headablaze

    Picked up some papaya, usually yet just indica, was skeptical cause its a hybrid but was pleasantly surprised, great head and body high…very recommended

  492. greencrac

    The best strands I’ve seen in years

  493. Cakins

    I like the location very close to where I live easy to get to

  494. h3llph1sh

    Excellent service and selection. Will be going back often.

  495. alexward2013

    Great prices. Employees that know what they’re talking about. Lots of strains.

  496. AbbyP520

    I cant justify spending more than $25 an eighth after coming here. My buds are so beautiful. Great bud-tenders!

  497. N0LA710

    The flower is great! Friendly staff always smiling. They also recommend the best buds for my needs.

  498. Leonsophia

    I love this location. It’s so close to home. I love the staff I can’t believe the reviews I’ve read. I love love love Bloom!!!!

  499. magicberries

    I visited this shop recently and have to say I am conflicted. It is very clean and the customer service is great. The med quality is very good. With that said, I’ll be checking out other dispensaries before I go back to Bloom. It is obvious to me the owners have put a lot of money into making this a legitimate business complete with a computer inventory tracking system and other technologies that are absent from most dispensaries – and this is a problem.

    To start when I called I was told I could receive a free 8th for being a first time patient. I won’t lie, I figured it would be outdoor, dry or have some other less than desirable trait. This was not the case(not really, see below). When I arrived I was told I could choose any of the available strains.. and while there were only about 5 strains(I guess due to a sale) I was extremely thrilled with that information a they all looked top notch.

    I talked to the representative for a few minutes and ended up choosing a free 8th and an 8th I was going to receive for donation. The problem was is after spending 10 minutes and looking at all the strains… those 2 strains were not available in 8ths as they only had them for sale in 1 gram increments(what?). What this means is with all their organization and tracking system and the pre weighing of medicine I could not donate for an 8th of a strand I wanted despite there being 4 grams available and individually packaged. The other strain they only 1 or 2 prepackaged grams. This is a huge problem. Every single dispensary I have ever been to typically will have .5-2oz chilling in a mason jar or easily available to customize orders. Even if they only had say… 2.8 or 3g of a preferred strain, I have never had a problem filling in the rest with another – not possible here.

    I am not really complaining here, it’s just honest feedback. I like to get exactly what I want. While I didn’t end up liking one of the strains I received(Black Widow – just too indica dominant for me), it is powerful and there are plenty of people who would like it.


    -Clean, Professional.

    -Great friendly staff –

    -Quality meds

    -Free 8th? What?


    -Computer/pre packaged system as mentioned

    -Tax is additional, my $55 8th cost $60.29 – I received way way more than $60 in meds and am not upset but it’s worth mentioning.

    -I was given at least 2 receipts with my name and list of medication on it. The packages have stickers with serial numbers and bar codes. This is completely unnecessary and does not make me feel comfortable. If the state of AZ is running a dispensary then it is for sure Bloom.

  500. Ronniev321

    Always friendly and provide great service and there products are always outstanding

  501. AndyB84

    Whenever I stop into Bloom, it is always clean. The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming as well. They have a good selection at decent prices. Will be stopping in again soon.

  502. Budtastic22

    The new system is super efficient! 9/10!

  503. OnoSmoke

    Staff is great. I went before having surgery to avoid having morphine for pain control. VA is trying hard enough to knock me off I don’t need pills to add to it.
    I got personal attention,explained what I needed and my high tolerance to pills, and I HATE Morphine. I was needing a mix of things to get me through the first two weeks. Surprisingly what should have been a two week recovery took three days!
    I was able to control pain, be aware when I needed and a good head high at times so I wouldn’t stress. Recommend everything as to when to use what and what it’s effects would be. I got a creative understanding knowledgeable young man who went so far as to even write things down for me.
    I also used the tincture both orally and a few drops on parts of my incision that would get tender. Sure enough, it would relieve it.
    The 5 for 30 is my best day.
    I go in order a bunch of prerolls of different kinds. Now that I have a better knowledge of what I need and the location so close, with my disabled veteran discount, you just can’t go wrong.
    Staff is extremely friendly and quickly get your meds to the window, often before I can get my wallet out.
    A particular thank you to Tahlako for his help before my surgery.

  504. Wizzard1


  505. Ajmorris520

    awesome spot with great deals

  506. kenn13

    Very poor customer service. It’s no wonder the prices are so low.

  507. Ohitsmikey

    Fast and easy service. Polite and always welcoming with a smile and price are doable !(:

  508. irma111

    very comfortable place and good quality and quantity. i would so go here over and over again..

  509. TokenTheToker

    Ok so this place is really good! Daily OZs for $99 which is amazing at least around here. It makes things super affordable and it’s never been bad product. The people are very nice. They have a nice wide selection and have an outstanding point system. Makes things really fun and let’s you decide when you want to get prizes and they’ll always throw in a pack of king sized rolling papers if you ask them too!

  510. Gable4207

    Bloom has the best prices on m. M. J in town and the staff r most nice I will keep come as long as they r a round

  511. Bfree77

    Best bang per dolkar on quality

  512. Autumhumphrey29

    Fast, friendly and affordable koolato is dY”Y=

  513. Teigzstine

    dY’OEdY3/4 fire

  514. Chelsea4920

    Best dispensary ever!

  515. Cnashb7586

    Love bloom

  516. paranoidtoenail

    This location often displays things on their menu that they do not have. They have an online ordering system that is utterly worthless. I’ve placed online orders at 9 am only to come by 8 hours later, to the dispensary not having the order ready, not having the product ordered online, and having to wait an additional 45 minutes to get my order. The price may be the lowest in Tucson, but so is the quality of service as well as the level of organization and attention to detail. I have been using this dispensary less and less since I have had MMJ card. I probably won’t be using this dispensary anymore.

  517. Martinez520

    very friendly staff. made u feel at home and would recommend to friends

  518. Dojaalien


  519. Marvin9

    This place is awsome

  520. Rr728

    very good customer service and acknowledgment of the medicine def. recommend

  521. Edwin108

    Super friendly staff quality products and knowledgeable staff

  522. Seanyd33

    Nice people, fast service.

  523. rektless

    There is a good assortment and pricing of flower. Shake mondays are one of my favorite days. The weed has some quality problems(seeds and stems) in some batches, but I’m usually told about it. No problems, would recommend.

  524. Syd1989

    my favorite place to go Everyone is Super friendly and the wait is never longer than 5 minutes.

  525. terrancemyers

    Great people and fast service

  526. Mserbe.

    I absolutely love this place. Beat deals in town

  527. PinkAngelBecca

    Great knowledgeable staff! Always provide great suggestions quality product and great prices!

  528. THCannabistAZ

    went in specifically for a sativa strain that was listed on their menu as $185,. i was given a indica strain that was listed for 165$, i told the tender i wanted the $185 sativa and was told it wasnt on sale amd would be over $200. then after all that i look at my reciept and was charged $185 for a strain listed at $165. Not only was I given the incorrect strain, but at a higher price. i like this place but am sick of the inconsistency and their complete lack of knowledge on strains, the prices are the only thing that keeps me going here.

  529. ricobad14

    i like the shadder. my first choice for concentrates.

  530. Pspoiled4u

    I have been more than satisfied every time I have visited Bloom Tucson on Oracle. Their everyday prices are so much better than other dispos sales prices.

  531. thefalcon

    Awsome product,awsome people, super deals. Tried many others not one compares with bloom

  532. dopyjim67

    warning seeds and stems not good stuff ever here i gave them a few trey and every time the meds are low grade and the same for prime leaf its the same bizz just dif name ….

  533. masonAzfree

    awsome service

  534. anniewee

    very reasonable prices and very convienient ordering before and they get it ready for you.

  535. dogdaze666

    Best prices & staff

  536. Kingcorso

    Great location, great deals, friendly staff that effectively deals with TONS of foot traffic every day. Would recommend you become a regular.

  537. Chicoloco69

    Aside from great quality products the Bloom employee’s are great. They are very accommodating up beat and always make you feel welcomed. They have daily specials that are AWESOME!!! especially for people on a limited income. My 2 personal favorites are, Monday-3 grams for $20 of shake (and great quality too) and Wednesday 5 pre-rolls for $30 and again quality strains. Their waiting lobby is very comfortable and spacious with TV. So if you want quality products and great people, visit Bloom Dispensary. See you guys soon! >:O)

  538. JKACrazy

    Always come here for the good deals and the amazing service. Everyone is knowledgeable and so open to answering questions,

  539. hayden_g

    They steal grams from your available balance. WORST IN TUCSON, if there was better REGULATION this place would be out of business

  540. turquoisbungy

    one of the best disp. in town. knowligable & friendly staff. keeps the same strains,for the most part. I like the pre-packed meds,and the deals and specials they run.

  541. Sarah2018

    love this place got great deals on bulck and the flower is always has a excellent deliver.

  542. gomwzgabe820

    It used to be the spot for me… But lately it seems like it got burnt out.

  543. frankisthewop

    high quality and friendly people

  544. Lorilynns85


  545. Melisalawrence

    great selection of flower when I’m on the north side, great bud tenders too!

  546. sita3

    This dispensary is one of my top favorites im always coming over here

  547. Yeekimm

    Bloom dispensary is my favorite places in tucson for great quality
    medication, they’re staff if very nice and welcoming. I bought my dad in for his first time so he could see how awesome this place is for patients 🙂

  548. Bcornejo

    Best dispensary around town, great prices and always have a great variety of medicine!(:

  549. datham97

    Great place I like your blue hair

  550. Cootiebug

    Always enjoyed going to Bloom they also cool enough to fax or email all the Wonderful Deals thanx Bloom works for me ….Rhonda M.

  551. Steveneicher

    always quality meds

  552. hardincw5

    Fantastic prices friendly place looking forward to my next visit

  553. MellowMood1975

    My favorite place in Tucson! great customer service Sarah, Ocsar, jake are my favorites!

  554. Keekslovesgreen

    Great people good prices and specials

  555. Bighec72

    Bloom is the best! They have a friendly, knowledgeable staff, awsome deals and a relaxed atmosphere. No better spot for buying single grams.

  556. Nitner313

    I’ve only been in a couple times where it wasn’t totally packed but the staff is always super nice and efficient. I’ve never spent more than a half an hour here and their prices are the best!

  557. nikecars23

    I had a great experience here

  558. Nick52o

    Lowest prices in town and quality is there. Plenty of choices and with a knowledgeable staff to help out, it really makes the difference when choosing what method and strain works for you. One stop and you’ll keep coming back. I recommend the snoop triple OG very tasty, can never stop by and not get at least a gram:)

  559. Lisaboo

    It was a great visit told me everything I need to know all the specials rewards everything. Cashier 1074 was an awsome cashier thank you for your help! dY~

  560. Gunzy1

    Cheap bud, better service or friendlier staff needed

  561. Desiree1983

    very nice

  562. Shallots

    Interesting strains, knowledgeable staff.

  563. mariajanedoe420

    I’ve been going here for 3 years now & the staff is always so friendly and willing to help in whatever way they can. There is always a large variety of flowers to choose from. Whenever they are out of a strain they take you into consideration and try to find you a better, or as close to that strain as possible. I appreciate the staff and their medication very much! Thanks for all you guys do! – Adrianna

  564. Heather0072669

    great prices, great services. the place to go

  565. iTzBato

    Good customer service! And definitely know what they’re doing. And great deals on there concentrates and more! I highly recommend!

  566. Jrzpda

    First time here, good service, just out of stock i will definitely try them again though for their patience and friendliness

  567. Vtec420

    amazing selection best quality medication

  568. gord23

    They can always make it better lookin but hey, it a pharacy. I really like the bloom because they have good prices. Good medication, even though pre packaged it’s good strains! It’s helped with my injures and with my stress. I recommend this pharacy because the staff knowledgable and answer all my questions always good quality!

  569. juanthedon_

    Clean concentrates very tasty and potent

  570. busterbuster1958

    love it

  571. Andre10618

    great and cheap! staff very helpful, fast and polite.

  572. johnluke

    one of the best!! great atmosphere/customer service; make you feel like family! Keep up the good work!!!

  573. stargrassroad

    Great selection, friendly & helpful staff and the best prices iv found so far in Tucson.

  574. Iokepa

    Clean, comfortable dispensary near Tucson Mall with sufficient parking. Good selection at quite reasonable prices. I found their online ordering to be convenient and efficient. Generous point accrual system.

  575. renoalanis

    It was my first time at a dispensary and I was nervous but I got great service they helped me feel comfortable

  576. Danderson03

    I Love This Place . Great quality Flower

  577. Sho23

    Good prices

  578. sailordaniel

    Don’t have to check sales everyday anymore because this place always has the best you’re gonna find. You would think you would have to sacrifice a little in quality in return for the prices but nope, this place has just as bomb of dank you’ll find anywhere also. Us who live near are the lucky ones.

  579. kenideethomp

    Love this place the homies always hook it up 🙂

  580. chqual2

    the atmosphere is great the service is great the employees here are well versed in the strands that they sell and are willing to help patients find the right strands they need or want

  581. CustosClavium

    I chose this for my first ever dispensary buy, mainly because their advertised prices were cheaper than the one downtown, and they opened an hour early and I had stuff to do! Location is in a nice, non-sketchy spot across from BevMo! which tool a lot of stress off this first-timer. I walked in and was immediately hit with the smell of dank. A fellow behind the counter took my medical card and my drivers license and gave me a simple form to fill out in the lobby.

    Less than 5 minutes later I was called to the back room where the marijuana is. A young lady let me sniff the buds and answered my questions about a few strains. It was $40 1/8ths day + first timers get 50% off their first 1/8th. I got 1/8th of Goo, OG Kush, White Romulan, and Holy Grail. Got a pre roll of Sour Diesel. It all came out to $210 on my debit card (got cash back because it was less but they had to ring it that way). Not a bad experience! Buds have all been good quality.

  582. Cricket12

    Lackadaisical bud-tenders with no knowledge other than ‘what people are buying,’ pre-packed flowers, no courtesy – no concern for my needs or preferences…I wouldn’t be writing this if this wasn’t the third (and last) time I’ve tried them…thumbs down…x3

  583. CloudsOfMatter

    Always quick and out the door! Concentrates are out of this world tasty too! You’re missing out if you haven’t been here yet!

  584. CanBoy420

    In life, unfortunately, there will always be a snob stating some obscure fact that they know ALL there is to know about Marijuana and what “they” expect from the dispensaries they shop at, and BloomA(r), I noticed in reviews, was always getting sh*it on for pre-packaging their product(s). Today, I purchased some excellent Blue Dream and I also got Papaya (3.5), free. Chris took care of me, answered my questions and off I went. I’m not sure what people are complaining about with BloomA(r) pre-packaging the medicine, mine was fresh and dense to the touch. Good looking out BloomA(r), I’ll be back for more.

  585. Gboy520

    perfect location. work and live right next door. very convenient.

  586. JD4life420

    Awesome first visit. This place looks promising. I couldn’t believe when they told me I was going to receive an 1/8th for being a new patient. They looked out for me all the way through the process plus gave me a 15% discount for being a vet. Will be telling all my friends about this one.

  587. x420xJesteRx

    Im a Disabled Combat Vet and everytime I come in the staff is allways friendly the medication is allways top quality and the deals and discounts cant be beat!! The Bloom Dispensary system in Tucson is definetly the best in Tucson and will be my first choice for myself and anyone I meet! – Lee Ogren

  588. ptlomabob

    Nice safe facility. Excellent meds. Friendly, welcoming staff. Casey had the knowledge and took the time to help me get the best meds to meet my particular needs. This place is awesome!

  589. Rachel_prather

    I visited Bloom when it was still Rainbow and when I heard they reopened as Bloom I went down to try them out. They have awesome first patient specials and their holiday specials are just as great. The med quality is amazing and I haven’t been disappointed yet. I would highly recommend them.

  590. liquidmatter

    This place is simply great. bit short of money cus of recent unexpected expenses… and wow ! they really made my birthday, or I would of been without medicine. gave me a free 1/8th gift card in the mail. these people are kind and care about their community. I will shop again there and I suggest you try them!

  591. sabbycat95

    I came into Bloom yesterday for the first time and it was empty when I got there. The staff was all very helpful and knowledge, and got me hooked up with exactly what I wanted. An eighth for half off is an amazing deal that you can’t pass up! I’ll definitely be going back to Bloom in the future.

  592. jguerry

    This place is amazing. Great staff and atmosphere. Convenient location. I was in and out fast even though there was other patients. The flowers are beautiful and smell great. The razzleberry had fantastic purple hues. I will definitely return.

  593. Adawncoll

    great and friendly faces. very helpful

  594. Sabrina93

    Always helpful and very reliable

  595. Rocky383b

    Best bang for the buck. Dont be zhunned be the pre pack. Go back and see wbat you like.

  596. princessjamiepants

    When I first moved to Tucson 9 months ago I tried dispensaries all over town. Bloom is by far my favorite! Best prices, great quality and selection, awesome specials (texted right to you if you like) and I’ve never come across a staff member yet that wasn’t both friendly and helpful. They have a menu but I like to see what the staff recommends before making my final decision. If you suffer from anxiety this place is very comfortable. If you know what you want, you order right at the front desk. If you want to see the product selection and get detailed recommendations just let them know that you’d like to go to the back. Wait times are short and they have an ATM in the waiting room. Their Monday special (3 grams of shake for $20) makes me forget it’s Monday… So many great strains. This place is a must-visit! You won’t be disappointed.

  597. Dillard

    This used to be my favorite place. Until I saw how different the downtown dispensary is. Bloom really needs an operations and business manager to control inventory and process. The bud is cheap because it’s dry in the prepackage, lots of stems, and little trichomes because of the industrial kind of trimming they use as opposed to hand trimming and free weight. Another excuse I heard today was that the selection was wiped out due to Thanksgiving (ummm that’s almost 2 weeks ago). I asked for the varieties of Dank Drank. Surprise surprise, the staff ONLY orders hybrid edibles. It’s not about what the staff wants its about what the customer wants. I used to be a business owner and based on the review, you know who I am. I’d be happy to help, but this place has gone downhill in the last 6 months.

  598. buddy122707

    Clean and friendly

  599. woodywr

    Good flower, Great service!

  600. Joepacheco

    Great people , great service and great meds

  601. Zakb11

    I love this place!!!

  602. blazin520

    This was my last time to Bloom. I understand the staff was a bit stressed, because the almighty “system” was down, however I am a disabled veteran, and after setting in the lobby chair for a long wait, they wanted me to sit down again and wait once my goods were up front, my friend told them I was disabled and could not sit in the chairs anymore and the chick behind the counter with glasses got huffy about that. The system being down also meant that gave me no discounts, not even my veterans discount, so the total came out to more than I thought, and could not get everything I ordered. I got Holy Grail and Dr. Who, both of which were EXTREMELY I mean crumbling in your fingers dry, and got worse after the packages got open. The Dr. Who was decent, Holy Grail I expected to be ALOT better and was not impressed with it.

  603. Skelitaliation

    I came in and got a birthday preroll and they treated me great and the 31% THC orange apricot was literally the best joint I’ve ever had. Great weed and great service

  604. vespinosa

    every time I go into Bloom Tucson I am always well greated by the awesome staff. They always take the time to talk and explain the different strains which they have an abundance of. There is always something new and to try. I love their edible selections. Strains are on point, patient care is amazing and the lovely ladies top the canna-icing at Bloom. You have a loyal patient ! #staymedicatedmyfriends

  605. evette0414

    My favorite place to go to , I’m their every other day . best place in tucson I highly recommend it . 🙂

  606. Hydrosmokg

    Good quility flower and quick service

  607. tyybear

    I love Bloom. Low prices for but still good quality flower, and awesome specials through out the wake, I especially love the Shake Monday special they have.

    I love Bloom. Low prices but still good quality flower (I especially like the Strawberry Tahoe, it was really great) and a very friendly/helpful staff . Another great thing about this place is the specials, Shake it Up Mondays is a deal! I plan on continuing to go to Bloom and would suggest it to friends 🙂

  608. smguerrero

    love the great quality in the herbs my only issue is that I have to drive 45-60 min to get to your location bummer then I have to settle for other dispensary that stay open late and did I mention GREAT PRICES IN TOWN ! people at the Earth Healing are rude oh and if you do go there Doble check prices online because then at the store the add $1.00 or more because the girl there said they didn’t have to show prices if they didn’t want too. one more thing take cash the don’t accept credit cards and then they say “Our system just went down, sorry”… B.S they NEVER HAVE ACCEPTED DEBIT.
    STICK TO THIS LOCATION OR DOWNTOWN great people and knowledgeable.

  609. Drew231

    It was alright the strains dry to quick and some of the staff/ budtender
    aren’t to politle like most shops.

  610. budking1987

    always receive great meds..

    as long as you ask them.for it..look at different bags.

  611. SlickNicDaRula

    Stopped here on my way to Bisbee for a vacation (was actually pretty awesome dY’dY1/4) and it not too far off the 10 at all. Great staff at front desk. Everything was clean.flower(Emerald Jack) was mighty tasty and you can’t beat that first time special on 8ths so all and all a great dispensary……for being in Tucson. Go Devils! dY~^

  612. coridorey74

    Great place, great location, they have great daily deals, workers are knowledgeable, and very nice!

  613. lilymaid

    Loved the razzleberry!

  614. Sardain

    Helpful, friendly staff..Meds are top notch and the best price in town. Would highly recommend.

  615. carolkanter2

    I really like the staff at Bloom; everyone is nice and seem knowledgeable. The flowers are fresh and there is a good choice available. The packaging keeps them better than opening big jars for everyone to smell, more hygienic also. I’m glad the person in back recommended the pineapple express! It is a good high and lasts a long time. I will be trying it again. I also like having security in place.

  616. Chucky1325

    They really helped me find stuff I would like

  617. monstermaya

    As someone who spends hundreds of dollars a week or so here, I have to say my last visit was extremely disappointing. I ask for a gram of shatter and a cartridge, and they give me a total of less than 100. I always expect to pull money from the ATM, so I pull as usual. As I head back to the front, they ask if it was a full gram or half gram I wanted and answered full, they give me a new total of 115. Now I don’t mind the mess up, because I still want the full gram and cart, but to not even offer to discount the additional 2.25 because the ATM “doesn’t belong to you” is just ridiculous. They even caught their mistake because they had to RE-ASK me if it was for sure the full gram I wanted. At least offer a half-gram pre-roll for the error! Yeah it’s only 2 bucks, but this isn’t the first time they’ve made this mistake, that 4.50 I just spent at the ATM could have bought me a little more at your store in the future. Again, as someone who buys well over hundreds of dollars frequently here, this has just been a huge disappointment.

  618. NEOunderslash

    Amazing staff, great deals, fantastic rewards program

  619. ShyWizzle1

    Friendly staff, short wait time, lowest prices in town! An overall great experience everytime with a great pts system that makes it even better. Attractive staff w cute hair.

  620. kingrichie

    Lots of strains, tons of great weekly specials, good e-mail communication regarding the above. The bud is dry all the time, but it’s like that at all dispensaries due to the bud being stored in clear jars (light degrades THC) and being opened throughout the day to fill orders. You can re-hydrate yourself even though you should not have to do this. Overall it’s one of the best in Tucson and I visit them when I am in the area.

  621. HighNAz

    Don’t buy kief here. It’s ground up flower NOT kief. I bought some here and tried to compress it into a puck. NOPE. It doesn’t even stick together. Tastes like ground up leaves.

  622. Maripotza

    Affordable. Love the point program.

  623. jayla05

    I’ve only been to a few places in Tucson and so far this place has the best prices and the best quality. I really enjoyed my visit and the people were awesome and very helpful with my needs

  624. TinaS03

    Bloom has the lowest prices in Tucson with wonderful, friendly staff. There buds are usually dense and fresh, but make sure you don’t have any rabdom stems in your bag. There usually great about looking for a good bag and showing you before you buy. Tyler and Chris are very knowledgable on their products and they never steers me wrong on my meds. All the staff is very friendly. I think it’s totally worth the half hour drive to oracle!! Thanks yall!

  625. DarthShaw

    great and speedy

  626. KeatonKohl

    Prices are great, great deals, friendly people

  627. Nickjames85

    friendly atmosphere, great employees. huge selection, fast service

  628. scarradine


  629. RingtailBoy

    Great deals and friendly service

  630. untouchablebudz

    Love the quality. ..The papaya and blue dream are spectacular. .thanks guys for all u do for people in need

  631. Lazcano18

    Awesome flower and can’t beat the price on Thursday for full oz!

  632. joshjam3s

    The price is the best and the quality is pretty good. They have an online express ordering but you still have to wait 15 minutes or so each time.

  633. Sargenttsbiz

    It has the best prices and the best product selection. Thank you!

  634. Weezin_The_Juice

    Unbeatable $99 ounces. Have been coming here off and on for a while now but recently they’ve been staying very competitive and worth the drive. Great Success!

  635. EmilyLitz

    I have been to ALL of the dispensaries in Tucson and Bloom is far and away the worst. Having a shoddy waiting room and ignorant staff is one thing, but the meds are seriously lacking in taste, smell and quality. It’s a shame because I live near here but now there are way better options nearby.
    Buyer beware.

  636. Ray1118

    great place to get my meds and great people to help me out with my questions.

  637. Budmandave

    Pretty decent bud but over priced and kind of dry. Very rude staff or at least the day I went maybe just got them on a bad day but much better quality and prices in the area.

  638. bees999

    Great place with great prices

  639. Andrea_Dre

    best prices for green in town. the staff is all friendly every time I’ve been in!

  640. Mari.Lare

    i love my visits 2 bloom
    the staff are awsum the place smells
    good its comfy in and relaxing in side
    they always hve something good
    4 u 2 watch while u wait a short

  641. Jplog

    Great service, products are awesome, would definitely recommend!

  642. Jus1001ram

    I am here for the Sunday popcorn bud special. I love this place! Such a friendly staff and always excellent quality medicine!

  643. Joeandtanya99

    Awesome location great minutes definitely recommend to others

  644. Smassengale38

    The bud is amazing and the deals are even better

  645. BNBUDGIRL13

    best dispensary in Tucson Arizona! Great staff, awesome strains, awesome prices! ask for Sam and awesome budtender!!!

  646. E5150

    Good prices, good service, and very good meds. The Blue Dream was good as usual and the Sour Diesel is very pleasant too. Se ya soon guys! 🙂

  647. Chomp0420

    The the deals and quality here are dope.
    Shatters always smooth and clean and flowers great to. They get all my money.

  648. squigee

    This place is the best place in town if you want quality at the lowest prices. So fire and the specials are amazing! I tried some 100mg Cinnamon tincture and I loved it so much. This place is the Ultimate.

  649. chklop823

    The Orange Apricot and the J1 the budtender was amazing. He was super sweet, informative, oh an super cute. dY~

  650. Anjaneeindica

    Love the staff. Best flower deals.great prices

  651. Daniwelch89

    I really enjoyed doing business with them. It was my 2nd time in a dispensary and the 1st time in Bloom. I felt welcomed and got a great deal for a new patient, 50% on first 1/8th. Arielle made sure it was made simple for me and was super friendly, she was great!!! Their prices beat the downtown dispensary and they are closer to me as well which is sayisfying. I will gladly go back, starting today :).

  652. xxmamichulaxx

    Awesome staff and great deals! My favorite spot

  653. abbydubbs

    My go to place every time 🙂

  654. Kaydee520

    I really like bloom they have good service and a very big selection on Flower an wax

  655. SuzeyeQ

    Quick. Friendly. Helpful. Convenient location on the way to and from everywhere in Tucson. 5 for $30 pre-rolls is the best deal in town, and the staff is very patient as they explain the strains available. Bare bones dispensary, but I’m not there for the atmosphere!

  656. Witheringhook66

    Best place ever!!!

  657. unit3021

    I recently bought two eighths from the budtenders recommendations. I didn’t ask the price and was charged $25 each. Great weed at a great price! (They even have $20 eights) a few days later when I want to empty the trash I noticed one of the bags was labeled $20 so I checked the receipt and saw that I was charged $25 for both strains. No worries, simple mistake right? On my next visit (I’m a frequent visiter) I was told that “No, we just forgot to change our price tags” WTF? For the amount of money spend here each month you think they would honor the price that’s marked!? So I’m basically out the $5 they overcharged me…


    Always a bloom experience! Luv it guys.

  659. Ckitty5150

    I love the bloom in tucson I haven’t went to any other since I found the bloom hands down best products and price in town and the staff are extremely friendly and all ways willing to help any way they can I absolutely love the bloom…

  660. desert.boii

    Great service, great medicine just kinda small lobby.

  661. Medicinalmegan

    Best dispensary in Tucson and the bud tenders are very knowledgeable when it comes to their product. One of the only dispensaries in Tucson where you can count on knowing the testings of your products and have it stay consistent!!!

  662. AbeSapien

    I come up from Sierra vista once a week just to hit up this shop. best crew in town, best prices and best concentrates. love this place.

  663. bfrazier411

    Upon approaching the counter, there are dozens of petri dishes with different stains of cannabis. He told me I could smell them, and when I did I realized they all smelled the same; like hay. Will never go back.

  664. posey13

    I love this location!! They always have wanderful recommendations that get me lit! The people are always friendly and the place is very clean:)

  665. PepperPotts77

    Very friendly staff who are happy to help and quick to get your order ready. Great daily deals and promotions on top of already affordable options!

  666. Kacall01

    Great place !

  667. Artval1355

    great and fast service

  668. Mamahazel91

    This is a decent location it’s kinda hidden away which in itself is kinda nice if your a private person..the only down side is it can get pretty busy but the upside is the deals they have I also appreciate the point system I like knowing I’m gonna get rewards for spending money it can be a budget friendly place

  669. OchoDestro

    I will not be back. Every male employee I’ve interacted with was completely unhelpful and not even trying to sell me stuff. Each time I ask for something it’s “Is that it?” instead of “What else can I get for you?” Only buy things from here that they can’t screw up like edibles. All the flower I have bought was disappointing and not even cured correctly most times. It really takes a lot to make someone like me to NOT be excited about $6 and $7.50 grams but they did it. You’re better off smoking cooking shake. As a last note, if you do decide to check this place out check your bag before leaving. They stiffed me on edibles before and I’m not the only one.

  670. Marc0789

    I’ve made my last trip to Bloom. I called this morning to figure out what shake was available, because it was not posted online. I was told when I called “I’m only going to read this once”. I’d put up with dry bud, Being out of advertised strains, apparently high unhelpful bud tenders, but this is it. Keep your dry bud and bad customer service, Bloom. And your pesticides. Yes, when I asked about whether Bloom uses chemical pesticides, I was told “we use pesticides on everything”. Not worth the low prices. And really, unless you’re getting dry shake, the prices, after taxes, are not lower than many other dispensaries in Tucson, if you take advantage of sales. Done.

  671. PinkPet

    Used to be my favorite for strains and price, now only come here for the price. It’s almost not worth the extra drive time anymore. Lately have left multiple times without making a purchase due to a lackluster selection of product.

  672. Rickfries

    Great place friendly people and great deals

  673. jazznova321

    Yes, its cheap but the flower gives you a headache. It tasted like something you find in a brick from Mexico. I also tried their “top shelf” echo and that flower was trash. The staff is also slow and clueless.

  674. MedZoom

    Great service and meds.
    Daily specials best in N Tucson.

    Daily specials are best in town.

  675. Ceidee57

    I love how convenient the location is and the prices are GREAT!

  676. Heimantie

    this is one of the best places in tucson to get mmj. they have the best strains in my opinion and great prices. It does get crowded but only because this place is so good.

  677. jonahmon

    There should be more locations

  678. bongrippinbitch420

    Went to Bloom today as a new patient. The office was clean and relaxing, and the staff was friendly and helpful. 1/2 off first 1/8 deal is crazy good! Will return for daily deals!


    The staff is polite fast and knowledgeable willing to help you answer any questions you have

  680. royomarko

    Super chill staff

  681. ptiddy32

    I love this place definitely bomb quality for s good price. Hella chill bud tenders

  682. Whal12b

    Great prices awesome atmosphere

  683. ksolis85

    Good prices and great meds. The staff are always polite and knowledgeable.aEUR

  684. BashAlday520

    i always like this place tintures are good and so is the shatter always happy to see andrew he’s always has good info and recommends awesome items

  685. sbark

    Always busy but efficient! Sam is fantastic

  686. SleeperEg420

    Beautiful flower

  687. Goldylocks9263

    Always have great prices and wonderful customer service.

  688. deserthorizons

    Excellent service.. Excellent medicine..

    I will definitely be shopping here again..

  689. slbutterfly

    I used to like Bloom Tucson, until the last two occasions, I called to inquire as to a medication’s availability and was told it was in-stock only to drive across Tucson to be told it had sold before I had called and they mistaking (WRONGLY) told me they still had them available. In the future I will go elsewhere, I will not shop at Bloom again.

  690. copper1

    my second time visting and i will come again. Great atmoshpere and staff. Awesome product!

  691. Anuhamut

    the bud tenders are rather knowledgeable about the flower and wax I’m definitely going to come back great prices too

  692. Marioorta

    Good spot , fast service and good meds

  693. Melusina420

    quality for price is spot on. you can now get the shake sale every day! Amazing customer service!

  694. matthewgusace

    Very good service very happy!

  695. murraz2

    Excellent in all aspects

  696. Davyboy520

    I love this spot, best $25 in town .

  697. mskassyj

    I like this location but they need more variety on half grams of shatter

  698. RichCastillo2303

    Good prices nice buds!

  699. Atkison20

    Great plA ce

  700. Top.ramen420

    I always go here and it really is DANK! cynthia helped me out alot and she was super nice! definitely worth a visit!

  701. mizry44

    Not a big selection at all and all the flower was leafy and dry

  702. Marcosthedon

    great bud and service

  703. mannykk

    Very professional. Have been here s few times. My favorite dispensary.

  704. Alexisa1

    Great specials

  705. BlkJeep

    Nice comfortable environment, staff is always pleasant and very helpful. Love the strains they carry. This is the only dispensary I frequent.

  706. Herbalist323

    Anyone who says this place has fire is straight up crazy. I am from Cali, and this dispensary has the worst flower I have ever smoked. It burns your throat from poor curing. Avoid at all costs.

  707. rujjiesutton

    This dispensary is AMAZING. They always have great service and quality medicine. If you want a conveniently placed shop to get your herb, GO TO BLOOM!


  708. dc4424

    awesome first time experience.

  709. PhatTommy

    I rode down from Chandler (to run some errands) and stopped by BLOOM to see what I might want to take home with me. Clarissa & I discussed my options and I decided to buy an eighth of Summer Breeze (A Sativa Dom.) I must say that Clarissa was helpful & friendly. Thanks again, Clarissa! (PhatTommy Says)

  710. new2allofthis

    It was my first time here and as I was sitting in the lobby waiting, I realize why they appeared so busy. They have the cheapest stuff to sell, everyday! And just like walmart, oh my gosh, the people there are bums. I felt like I didn’t belong in there. I thought I was going to get shanked in the lobby, or mugged in the parking lot. Before I walked in, there were people asking me to buy weed for them. What the hell! They say poop attracts flies so….

  711. eathomson4

    This is my favorite place by far, love the prices love the people love the atmosphere, but hate the drive but it is well worth it

  712. Puffinsureal

    Wouldn’t recommend even stopping in for your new patient special. This place is like waiting at the DMV. They don’t keep the lobby clean and the employees all hate being there, you can tell. The only thing worth buying product wise is wax, all their aEURoetop tieraEUR bud is dry and I found four seeds in my eighth. Unacceptable.

  713. NikkiG831

    I enjoy coming here always get good meds here.. Love there daily specials .. Staff is really nice n friendly make u feel welcome but there are a few that seem not to like helping ppl n get irrated cause u have them change ur order at last min .. knw it can be frustrating but it is there job..
    I want to THANK KIM for helping me and fixing the issue i had there the other day n make everything right

  714. sueann

    best pre rolls ive run into so far. quality was great, review 4 instead of 5 due to some dryness….but not sure if it was my storage. Papaya got me right to work around the house, without pain:-)

  715. dgarcia1089

    Staff is very friendly. Everything I’ve tried is top notch. There’s always something different for me to try.

  716. Asantacruz1

    Everybody I’ve had contact with is amazing! They’re very knowledgeable about the product they carry.

  717. tdz6969

    good good good everything

  718. Pertalarm2026

    I like the tv shows they play every time i come in and the service is very friendly

  719. Baker1231

    This is the best Dispensary there is in tucson

  720. Dflute

    I was a member at Rainbow, and wondered what Bloom would be like after they took it over. I was very happy. The atmosphere was professional but very friendly and they were all very helpful to a relative neophyte like myself who needs it for pain control and sleep. I love that they have edibles and was very interested in recipe help. I will be back!

  721. Kurlydimples

    Very friendly staff

  722. caraloc94

    Good prices and great meds. The staff are always polite and knowledgeable.

  723. Mercy_520

    Great shop. Flowers are top notch. Staff is friendly. They always have deals and extras going on. First time: free 1/8. Birthday? Free 1/8. This is the spot.

  724. Shendrix03

    The staff is amazing. Quality flower. The best Timeless Cartridges. I love BLOOM

  725. Lidiareyes

    Supper good

  726. dan75

    I like this place a lot very good edibles but the flowers in a gram of holy grail I found 15 seeds that I pulled out a couple popped in my first joint before I realized it so I called and told them about it and all I got was we’ll look into it didn’t ask my name

  727. jennyv275

    its an ok place to get good flower a lil dry but good..

  728. Caliking13

    I never wait long, and budtenders are nice.

  729. ChefJG

    Best shop in town! Reliably have full spectrum extracts (gemz) and the bud tenders are so nice. There *need* to be more in town, it’s such a far drive which is the only reason I don’t go more often.

  730. Shroombow13

    It’s cool, small but great selection and knowledgeable staff, Colton was super helpful and I didn’t have to wait long 🙂

  731. DynamicFlowers

    The worst place ever! This place is a joke and reflects all that is bad with this cannabis industry in Az. The “meds” sold at this place are far from quality. Reggie from mexico is far better than anything this place has. They need to be put out of business.

  732. 420tucson

    Great deals on good flower

  733. Bigtonyloco

    Nice environment, clean and friendly staff. Awesome product!

  734. Mary42

    A great place to get your medicine with a very friendly atmosphere, they give excellent recommendations as well! Loved the Blue Widow I got the other day.

  735. Yaya278

    love the 99 oz

  736. Justchillininaz


  737. SeanTokes

    Best Prices in Tucson. They also keep good product on the shelf

  738. Joegreen1

    This place is awesome! Great staff great buds even better prices!

  739. reh2

    Some fantastic flower strains, great price, great staff and great hours. What more could you ask for!

  740. slim520

    Great experience!! employees have great knowledge of products will most definitely be back

  741. NALKH_61

    The staff are always friendly and helpful. They are very knowledgeable about all the different products they have to offer.

  742. DPoreda

    the best dispensary in Tucson, hands down!

  743. Cinnamonkinsey

    I absolutely love this place! Every one is always friendly, kind and (helpful!. Amanda rocks!!!

  744. Shishy

    I go here almost exclusively for tge price,specials,and the cool workers wait time is usually quick and the produce is so tasty im never disappointed

  745. Sampson520

    Clean, Fast & Friendly Budder Og On Point!

  746. Iamthelolrus

    Best deals in tucson Got an eight of the Trinity Blueberry and an eight of the Big White last week. Both were great for getting to sleep which is my main problem. I also received 4 Blueberry Diesel prerolls which seemed to be perfect for starting the day. I’m always impressed by the knowledge of the staff. I also love the fact that they have the thc and cbd % on the medication. I’m so happy i think i’ll stop by later today.

  747. Patient008732

    This is the only dispensary I’ve seen that has the same price for all strains. The prices are probably the lowest in town (but don’t include sales tax). It’s all pre-packaged, and I have no complaints about the quality. — but it always seems a bit dry. Be prepared for a long wait if you come in the evening. The waiting room is nothing special, just a bunch of chairs and a TV. The employees aren’t rude, they’re just not very friendly. They all seem like they’d rather be somewhere else. It’s not my favorite dispensary.

  748. Jermainew943

    Best dispensary in the state and great deals

  749. 69shadykatie

    Insanely educated & friendly staff!!
    Thanks for coming to Tucson!

  750. 91CrewDog

    Hello “all” MMJ users. As a 1st timer to this dispensary. I had stopped in just to ck it out back in Oct 13′ this is where my MMJ life started. Jan 2sd went back…TOPNOTCHPLACE! They have a process in/out…it was different than other places I’ve been to. But,VERY effective and efficient. HERE’s what I got. Went in for a gram or 2. Left with 2 grams and my FREE 1/8th! YES – FREE!!! An 1/8th of premo Sour Diesel!!! Yes, NOT something they had pre-designated stash. WOW! They remembered that I haven’t received anything for my 1st time visit “special” they offer us all. But, to honor it! NOT many people do that. Thank You, Not to mention the Sweet & Sour and Sour Kush were really STRONG, POWERFUL all around KILLER stuff!!! Well, if ya’ want the good stuff, they GOT IT! Enjoy and I sure hope this review helped-out someone? PEACE

  751. Evertte

    Great deals and staff

  752. Keatonmyers

    This is probably one of my favorite dispensary’s around every time I walk in I’m gretted with smiles and feel right at home every visti

  753. heavn420

    Sigh. Bought the King Louis the other day which is typically my newfound fave, however I prefer it less dry and seedless. Another fail for Bloom.

  754. FinallyMe

    Staff are always very nice, willing to take the extra time with each customer… $$$CANT BE BEAT IN TUCSON!

  755. desireesky

    The staff here is always great to work with! However, the atmosphere feels like a clinic waiting room. The flower price is nice, but the strains available change quickly and often.

  756. Ademarco4

    Great service, knowledgable

  757. John13205

    Bud Tender recommended a good flower. I did not feel rushed at all. Pre-packaged flower had consistently bid buds!

  758. SaintKakou

    The staff is really friendly and always greeting everyone with a smile. The flower is choice, and their extra products are unique to the location.

  759. joesph666kerr

    worst customer service I’ve experienced at a dispenserary I’ll only go back if it’s a last or rushed choice! the employees suck

  760. BestPaul

    Best prices in town and the friendliest staff!!! I don’t go anywhere else…dY’

  761. WilliamJ555

    Bloom is my favorite dispensary. I try to visit daily; the overall experience of shopping there-between the steady, consistent prices and quality, friendly, warm service and all the newer and exciting strains they keep getting-Bloom can’t be beat!

  762. Lenaloveloser

    location is clean, people are friendly, and product is consistently good

  763. Axelortiz

    They were so sweet and super kind. Super fast and easy

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