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2152 S Vineyard, Suite 120, NEXT TO FARMERS INS., Mesa, AZ 85210


33.3756391, -111.8451601




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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551 reviews for “Kind Meds (AZ)

  1. Zangief17

    Cool place, I love the variety of flower and live resin carts are the best! Will be back again

  2. Crowned

    Too many dispensaries in AZ to have blanket $18 grams $57 eights. No specials. No thanks.

  3. mandalynn1976

    James P. is awesome and I keep coming back for their great bud! Thanks guys dY$?–

  4. apex7491

    great deals and amazing blue dream shatter, omg the terrrpppssss

    for just the right price too, i love this place right around the corner from me and always smiles and good attitudes no weird vibes.

  5. Jimbo561

    Never lets me down . Best prices !

  6. MT2

    FTP and the experience today will have me going back for as long as they are there! Excellent bud! You get what you pay for! Daniel is a very a informative and knowledgeable budtender!

  7. Jordan3086

    My name is Jordan I have to say this is the best dispensary I’ve ever gone to. The staff were awesome very helpful very kind and will always get you what you looking for. Plus this dispensary has some of the best nugs oils and waxes I’ve ever had in my life. I will continue to go to The Dispensary because I know their stuff is quality and well worth it. Thanks kind meds for providing some top-quality cannabis

  8. BrentScott

    this is a great place to go and check out if you haven’t yet cool people and good selection.

  9. Kausious76

    Just Got Their Today And They Actually Have Great Meds. And I Been To Alot.. Also The Bud Tender Was Very Helpful And Educated On The “Huge Selection”

  10. SakiBomber

    This is a great place. The dudes working at Kind Meds are super cool and very knowledgeable. No need to look further. I’m pretty new to this and these guys have been helpful and I never feel intimidated.

  11. KableW

    this was my first time there and was very impressed the buds are huge and beautiful and you can see everything and great atmosphere

  12. gypsytoker

    Very friendly and informative! I felt comfortable and wasn’t intimidated on my first visit!

  13. buttcyst

    I have been a patient here for several months now. I keep coming back because of the always high quality meds, Chris and gave are very friendly as well as very knowledgeable of their product as well as the industry itself. They are attentive to theneeds of their patients and can vouch that they will go out of their way to obtain the types of medications needed by individual patients. I am always happy with, and am never in doubt of the quality of any and every medication I get there. thank you guys, keep it up.

  14. Abelrojas28

    They have great customer service. The people know their products. Very knowledgable. Inside shop is amazing. I would recommend coming in!

  15. Ambermack94

    Extremely professional and knowledgeable on product.

  16. DesireeMG89

    Prices are a lot higher than what i am used to BUT QUALITY is great. plus the guys here r easy on the eyes so once in a blue moon going to drop dollars i wouldny somewhere else

  17. serinity0087

    Amazing location considering there aren’t many dispensaries in this immediate area. Good quality flower and great quality concentrates and edibles. Wonderful deals as well as A friendly staff. 4 stars for sure

  18. Colemax32

    Hands down my favorite dispensary. The flower is a little pricey but is fire! The best flower in the valley! The prices are the best on wax. I come here muliple times a week. Staff is super friendly and there is never a long wait. They always have what I want. Ive never been disapointed. I tell all my friends to go to this dispensary.

  19. resinfarmer

    I tried The Vaping Jack Herer syringe from here and I really liked it great flavor good affect I will say something about distillates though I noticed they don’t do the job as well as a quality flower does yes it gets you very medicated in a certain way really quickly but as far as flower goes it has everything you need Works a little bit better for me but if you like quick medications with a clear mind definitely try the distillate

  20. Jones1031

    First time here and wish I would have seen them on leafly sooner. Good quality flower from indices to sativas. The moby dick and pine queen are both fire. A little pricey but the quality, discreet location and knowledgeable staff do make it worth the visit. Will defiantly be back

  21. Gotoo78

    Great staff an meds prices are good well be back

  22. ngraae

    hahaha hahaha haha . is this medicine laced with gold

  23. lagreeneyes

    I really like Kind Meds. Bud tenders are always helpful and the medicine never disappoints me. Thank you guys!!

  24. dr.dab

    First time here I was impressed the vanilla bean and master kush as well as the king Louis crumble n Tahoe of crumble 12/10 stars if I could .I smoked a bowl of the vanila bean n my taste buds just lost it best ever even better than tru|meds

  25. Yprtwan

    By far one of the best dispensary I’ve been to in AZ! The bud is premium, the guys there are very knowledgable! I picked up some LSD from them and it blew my mind! 5/5 rating and tested at 24%thc!

  26. Swordfish21

    Great service here, had bought a cartridge earlier in the day from this location but the threading on the cart was messed up. It wouldn’t screw into my battery. Called them up and they told me to return to get it fixed. They took a look at the cart and swapped it out for me, thank you for the amazing customer service.

  27. puffnpurp

    Always such a great experience at kind meds Jason and everyone down there for always making me feel so welcome! Blessings for you all! Nate

  28. SingleM0M

    Hey guys sincere question? Why are grams $18 for so many years now? It seems like your price ranges could be a little better considering there is no testing results available for patients. Another question? Why have the tip jars? I know its someones option if they choose to tip but i cant help to think, why not donate the tips to charity or atleast have a decent price or throw us daily specials, you know give something back to the patients like we have given to the business? I for a fact leave $1-2 every visit for 2 years but have yet to recieve a random token of appreciation or a discount where its not a holiday or event. All im saying is give back, dont let greed get the best of you guys. Especially with all the changes lately, your starting to loose touch with the patients. Sadly ive been to a couple small decent spots else where in the area where even on the same concentrates they charge $4 less and they barely opened, how can a new spot beat you guys, its called greed. i can only afford a half gram every now and then. You feel my struggle? i hope im not alone.

  29. polopo

    After disappointing visits many of the East Valley dispensaries, I have finally found a good one. KM has the best meds for a fair price. The negative reviews on here are complete trash and obviously from competitors. Try KM and you will see what I mean!

  30. supermean

    i find my self traveling from apache junction, verry often just to cone here. the people are great, and friendly. they are verry knowledgeable. they definately have the best strain of blue dream i have ever had. its natural qualities as an appatite suppressant has helped me lose nearly 20 lbs. love this place

  31. DJRAD124

    horrible prices on flower everyone in town is better only rich people can go here

  32. travisstone710

    my go to spot these guys are awesome I was having a rough day went in there and the guys instantly had me in a better mood! The quality is best in east valley hands downs some of the top quality around the state as well! you definitely get what you pay for if you truly want top quality meds and great service go here! almost just like going here just to say whats up to these guys! awesome place have to try it!

  33. dadadavie

    Super nice and knowledgeable staff. Went on a good day and got 3 free gifts! Bought the disposable HYH clear vape pen the Pineapple Express hehe love this thing! Also got a gram of the incredible bulk and that’s where I was disappointed looked like a 5 year old trimmed it and didn’t taste as good as the guy said it would . All in all good trip they have a decent selection of concentrates and the pens rock but the flower sucks!

  34. weedqueen710

    yikes those prices.

  35. ozzie1997

    went in the other day and besides the great service from the employees. I have to say they have some good buds. heavily recommend the GSC

  36. jzme71

    I’m a driver and have stopped at several different locations all over the Phoenix Metro area. This kind meds is top-notch! Thank you for the yummy potent cartridges! Michelle G

  37. JPD310

    Good bud no doubt about that, outrageous prices, especially for being located in mesa next to Nova and The Good Disp which both have good buds and great prices/deals.

  38. azrwm

    I’ve become a regular here at Kind Meds. Great service from the Guys. Good recommendations, and always fresh flower, good gummies, and Clear.

    Keep up the good work Guys, Bob

  39. TeganD

    I am a fan of your flower, your presentation and your staff!

  40. meilahn0404

    i would never shop here again with yall off the wall prices. better flower @ so many other close by dispensaries. you need to CUT IT

  41. CannabisKingAZ

    went here for the first time the other day just to see what it was like and as expcted it was way over priced. K.I.N.D. is greedy for the prices and their meds arent even close to the quality you are paying for. I REFUSE to buy K.I.N.D. from anywhere especially here

  42. porcha77

    This place is awesome. They are so friendly and helpful,they always have great recommendations for me. They have some pineapple kush in right now that is ridiculously good. Im always happy with my purchase when i get home 🙂 definately my go to place for meds.

  43. High69

    If you’re looking for $10.00 grams of sub par dried out flowers then this place is not for you. On the other hand if you’re looking for extremely high THC and or CBD content then look no further. Have had my card since 2010 and I’ve been to many dispensaries and gotten all the ” first time patient specials”. Have been to this place several times now. They don’t need a first time patient special. I am a big OG strain fan and they have the best OG strains I have had from anywhere. Very clean and professional. Can’t wait to try there concentrates. Have herd from other patients that they’re concentrates are the best you can find.

  44. Nebulous6

    Great spot! Had an amazing flower selection, prices were not to bad. Great customer service from start to finish! Wide variety of concentrates, little high on prices compared to others. I will absolutely be back, if ya want great selection of top flower this is a great location!

  45. uknowit

    First of all, Kind was very hard to find and very small inside. I felt like I was walking into a heavy metal concert, a Harley shop, a rave or a Gold’s gym! All the guys were young and covered in tatts and piercings, and metal music was blaring all around. The shelf space is limited so you have to wait until the person next to you is finished before you can even see the other half of their leaf selection. The budtender did not have a good working knowledge of the strains and there was no printed descriptions summarizing the strains. For a place that charges $18 a gram and $57 an eighth, you’d think they would be on top of their game a little more. Will not
    be back.

  46. Justbecause72

    I love the quality.. I asked for stinky, they gave it!! ALWAYS a huge selection of flower and Vapes… My favorite

  47. sallen480

    As I’ve overheard during my first visit, Kind Med isn’t trying to be the cheapest prices dispensary in the valley. They prefer to sell top shelf quality products and it shows. Their line of flowers are some of the best I’ve seen so far. And I agree, quality over quantity. Would definitely shop here again.

  48. italian54

    in all honesty the medication is priced way to high for the quality ive had better quality at a 10$ donation per gram i will never be going back here again

  49. idabtomuch710

    Had to come back and give my boys some love, this place understands true quality. i’ve been shopping here for over two years now an never been disappointed. flower always has the correct smell an affect, an not to forget TAX is always included into the price!!

  50. Sandra63

    This is place if your looking for quality meds. These guys know their flowers and concentrates. They will help you make the right choice for your needs. Highly Recommend!!

  51. Skeety

    By far the best product in A.Z. Little expensive, but c’mon you get what you pay for.. New favorite dispensary.. Keep up the quality & people will learn. Great place.

  52. mikesny

    Always get great service and top quality meds!

  53. SleeperEg420

    Best spot in Az

  54. spyoptic10

    Wow there deals suck!! The people there are rude!! And the flower is way over priced!!

  55. acelaya3

    Came to grab some good CBD items and they had all I needed for the perfect price! Glad they are close to home and they’ve made things more competitive for themselves! S/O Nino T for the good hospitality and DA discount!

  56. reviewmaster

    50 Dollars an eighth. Are you high? Ain’t no type of quality can justify that level of greed.

  57. JessieeBabiee

    Great friendly location lots of variety. Love there Gelato flower.

  58. peneeridge

    I was very impressed by the friendly and knowledgeable staff. I had a lot of questions and they answered them patiently and helped find what what woukd work best for my medical issues.

  59. thedude79

    Overpriced, if they go down to emerald palace prices then they would be my go to.

  60. jpayne420

    Mike was dope!

  61. Gino50883

    This location is has kind service, kind knowledgeable people, and the kindest buds you’ll find in one place. Just stopped in for some Dr. Who and left with Canamo Majito shatter + Majito crumble + DR. WHO + Gorilla Glue + a FREE gram of some frosty Gods Gift…. Yeah, I’ll def be back. Ask for Nino, he knows what’s good!

  62. Thewaitress

    These guys are very friendly and know what they are talking about ! I was very pleased and i will return . Judy B.

  63. dabdaily710

    Leafly menu doesn’t update fast enough for their stock and prices.

  64. knoyola

    All of the employees here are amazing. Today I had the pleasure to have Nino as my bud tender. He made my experience extra special today.

    If you guys don’t have your v day box from timeless get on it ASAP.

  65. Mquarles79

    Dispensary looks amazing. They definitely have the best quality you can find in Mesa. Go check them out, everyone in there cool and welcoming as well.

  66. Loree

    I was there as a referral. I was very pleased with the service and the quality. Thank you Sam, Loree

  67. puffpuffpass67

    Ok time for an honest review. If you are looking for the “Walmart” of dispensaries, then this is not your place. If you really know quality, you can’t get it for 35 bucks. There is a reason a Cadillac cost more than a Kia. NEVER been disappointed here. The meds are done right, check for yourself. ALL tested. Hey guys as for your recommendation all I can say is OH SHIELA!!! Great job. So save up your $ and treat yourself to true quality, you will not be disappointed.

  68. Aaron1347

    I come here 2 times a week, because
    They have the best selection for concentrates/oils. Also they have the lowest prices on them. On top of that they’ve doing amazing deals on the concentrates/oil recently. Their flower is a little pricey, but from what I’ve seen and heard it’s worth the buy! They refrigerate their tree, so it keeps it fresh and helps keep the potency( A lot more important than you think). All in all I have no complaints. This is the only place I trust. They are cool people and have good service.

  69. Neilog

    These guys sure had some great ass weed! Nice folks too

  70. HighlyPhunktional

    Went there with a list of things off there supposedly current menu not only did they not have any ANY of the items i was looking for the entire price scale was different on everything they did have… this is not the first time this has happened or it might be a little more easily acceptable but kind meds has gone down quite a bit in quality since there quest to get there products on every shelf in town…

  71. chon13

    I have had my medical card since it became legal here in Arizona, and I hate to leave a bad review, but I need to inform people before they waste their money here. The flowers may look pretty, but that is it, because I have been to every place on Leafly and this place out of all the years I have had my medical card, this place is the worst. If you truly use marijuana for medical reasons or just want to get high, do not go here, because you will be very disappointed. The flowers burn like they have already been smoked, like your smoking ashes, terrible smoke. I need marijuana to keep my food down, because I had a surgery that went bad. So it makes me mad that I went here and was told that they had Bomb, when in reality it was the worst I have had. Street marijuana with seeds is better than this places medicine, sorry Kind Meds, but you need to step it up. They were friendly though, I will say that.

  72. Joshuasobel

    I’m surprised by all the positive comments. New cardholders? The donation prices are crazy. $100 quarters? No thank you. That’s why a lot of the other dispensaries won’t get my business unless they offer deals, which these guys don’t. At least offer quantity discount. Even the other $20 a gram shops at least do that! It would be one thing if the medicine blew my mind, but I get better quality from delivery services!! For WAYYYY cheaper. I would not suggest this place to anybody that I know, or any of you. There are much better services and despensaries around, you just gotta look.

  73. 1Mojo

    Quality is higher than most the staff is extremely kind and helpful with the exception of management there is absolutely no reason for this dispensary to print your first and your last name on your receipt they don’t even do it for their staff they put their first and their last initial on the receipt per the (ADHS) Arizona Department of Health Services. If they tell you they have to keep your first and last name on their receipt that is not true and that is the reason I won’t return.

  74. BoxedWinePapi

    Great knowledgeable staff with a HUGE selection of great concentrates and top notch flower. They definitely know what they’re doing over there

  75. dankpro420

    Great quality flower and never short on cartridges. Just wish they carried more 50/50 flower.

  76. DeanSki

    Love this place!!

  77. Goodkidmadcity12

    These guys are #1. Dopest dope I ever smoked. Hands down. Try and you won’t be disappointed. I mean for eff sake they have discount strains and they are top tier. Stop reading this and go!

  78. LilMissVeg

    I had an excellent experience being introduced to all of the products as a new patient. With little to no background in using marijuana, this was the perfect place to go. They are professional and helped me with all of my questions regarding different strains, products, and potential side effects. I was surprised at how many varieties of flower and oils they have. Patient freebies are an added bonus.

  79. Bgoade

    The quality of the wax was surprisingly above par for the price. 25$/gram is the cheapest I’ve seen constantly. Only problem is both times I’ve gone in, even though no one was in the lobby, I was rushed and made to feel very uncomfortable trying to become familiar with the stores layout of products. My bud tender couldn’t be patient enough to let me pick out my 4 grams of wax. Being Autistic, I find it very helpful to have a patient budtender, under reason of course. But the store was empty besides one other. Don’t know if I’ll be back.

  80. Freyaslair

    Kind meds has a great selection of flower and the bud tenders are very friendly.

  81. dragonfirej

    Very professional, very clean and comfortable place. Highly stocked with excellent quality flower and concentrates, and really great prices!

  82. Flinsk

    These guys are the best! They provide simple, accurate and very useful information. I’ve been to countless dispensaries and these guys are the only ones I come back to. They know their product and get you exactly what you need. and the prices are great.

  83. Beadlers

    The two bud tenders that helped me with finding the right medication for me were exceptionally helpful. Albert and Mike provided a very laid back, stress free environment and provided an unsurpassed knowledge of the plethora of products that they offer. the store might not have been the fanciest I’ve ever seen but it was spotless and very well organized. Now on to the actual product, I have tried most of the dispenseries in the East Valley and this by far is the best. just absolute fire. Other places might be cheaper but you’ll end up smoking more of it, it’s better to just buy top shelf instead of the Walmart Brand.

  84. brookebortz

    Super knowledge staff and the BEST quality flower. Love this place!

  85. lastwords03

    This place is awesome! People there are super helpful and sweet. Daniel kicks ass! Super nice, courteous, patient, and great product recommendations. Totally come here! The flower kicks butt!

  86. rkm13

    Excellent atmosphere, superior quality for the price. By far my favorite dispensary, these guys really know their stuff and truly value their customers!

  87. Tamir1111

    I don’t know who the guy was, who was pushing that punch breath on me so much talking about its fire and on the level of the Valley Og. I told him if i buy it and its weak….ima be pissed off dude so be real. (yea yea its on that level)…..Im pissed like forreal forreal pissed. Feel like I waisted $50 bucks. Cool spot and all, and I wouldnt go anywhere else…trust me this place has that real fire that you want. But whoever he was… he needs to be penalized…kind of really ruined my day. I keep it real with no cuts. Dont bring him near me no more when I come in there. Seriously tho.

  88. bronep

    Prices are way too high!!! I would love to go back just for my favorite strain, but I’m not going to pay 100 for a quarter again. And to top that off there are no deals here: no 10-15% off days, ftb get a free G of the cheapest bud you buy. And I totally agree with the other reviews about the place being hard to find: CALL BEFORE YOU GO!!! And also feeling like you’re walking into a rave or a metal show. There were three guys that were dressed with their hats cocked to the side all tatted up looking at one guys phone- not doing anything! The guys who worked the register were decent enough, the others seemed like over grown-self obsessed children. I also fealt like I was being glared at by these three. Don’t think I’ll be coming back unless the prices change.

  89. rushpowers

    I walked in and I loved the people and the environment right away! Everyone was super outgoing, chill and helpful. The quality is great too! Definitely coming here again!

  90. iriedata

    I wont go to this place,the prices seem way to high.They don’t have a good ftp special.I think they will eventually.

  91. alwaysthetruth7

    These guys are Very Nice. fast and easy, in and out. Great selection!

  92. Whom1wok2

    In an odd spot.. but once found, was not disappointed

  93. Drewid85

    Friendly tenders and good range of selection from affordable to quality with pricing accordingly

  94. beauinaj

    The staff was fantastic. I got lost trying to find it and they were so patient helping me! The flowers I got are some of the freshed I have ever had. Can’t recommend it highly enough. I will be going back for sure!!!

  95. volo93

    This place has everything top shelf. This is the only place I go to because everything is of the highest quality. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants high grade stuff!

  96. BrianStrm

    i like this location, and they usually have great recommendations

  97. Azombiepenguin

    Just not worth it.

  98. Blackwolf88

    Has great flower! Staff is knowledgeable on strains unlike other dispensaries where the sour diesel is just like Durban poison. Most dispensaries have bogo or discounts only to trick patients into buying bad weed. The flower at Kind is top of the line as you will not be trick into buying something not strong enough for your needs.

  99. azviejo

    This place is a little difficult to find but worth the effort. They have a nice variety of strains, the quality was top shelf for my selections, Chronic Thunder & Jamaican Dream, and my free 1/8 was top shelf too. The prices are a little higher than what I pay at several other upscale dispensaries but, the buds were big and fresh so worth the higher price. This was my first visit and I will definitely be back.

  100. ManicWaycool

    Love this place! The products and prices are very good. You get what you pay for. I happen to like quality over quantity. Gabe and the guys know what I like and their recommendations are always on point. I’d recommend that anyone with an MMJ card give them a try.

  101. Saner

    Not the cheapest in the valley, but the best quality. The “budtenders” know what they are talking about. My go-to place in AZ.

  102. GingaNinja6955

    The staff was super patient and friendly and the quality of the product is by far the best I’ve seen in Arizona. I will be back again .

  103. FlowerPower_

    Very bad atmosphere, uncomfortable, and I cannot believe they think anyone will donate $21 /gram for this low quality meds. Then there is no real break for larger amounts. Lame. No deals. No specials. I won’t EVER go back again.

  104. toast_w_butter

    Ok, fine… so these guys are new and clearly trying to figure stuff out. Ok sure they tell you product will arrive that day but it takes 24 more hours than they expect OMFG chill out you impatient trolling spaz heads. Yes they are 5-10 bucks more than the comp, but I promise you the Holy Grail and Sour Cream will blow you away and melt your face off. Their EXCLUSIVE flower is the best I’ve found from a dispensary in the valley and I’ve made it a point to check out ALL of them! No joke, these flowers are super quality, fresh and measure in at THC levels higher than any other dispensary in the valley. Plus they also have great concentrates for my 510 screw sneaky vape pen, for when I want to blow weed smoke in the Mesa motorcycle cop’s face. For legal
    purposes I’m kidding. ; ) But I digress: I guess these flowers are for those select few stoners who don’t just blaze and then couch and troll, but who go out and shed the universe like an intergalactic juggernaut. Those place is legit, please check it out so I can keep blazing on a whole new level! Check these homies out and get your true buzz on!

  105. monico24

    The dudes there are so chill and helpful. And the set up of the shop is absolutely mind blowing in the sense that if you want it, they have it. No questions asked. They keep their bud cool. It’s always fire. I can’t complain. They have become my go to shop only. Now… let’s get them to stay open past 7!!!!! Lol kidding. Check them out and give them your love and they will return it. Because we all love the Mary Jane.

  106. osbornang8

    This place is awesome! I come here for all of my waxy needs. They have everything from great budget wax to some AMAZING high quality wax worth every penny. Don’t let the prices scare you away remember they do include tax. I reccomend this place to everyone!

  107. brandb420

    If you want a great selection of top shelf flower, this is the place to go! so many to choose from I only made it through 1 counter of flower, there where 2 more. price is normal for the quality of flower! my only complaint was the free pre roll was unsmokable

  108. lotwsandyw

    First visit. A little hard to find but so worth the trip. Found a new bud that’s an immediate must-always-have-on-hand! Staff were awesome, friendly and professional. Prices a tad high but worth every penny. -SWill

  109. Silverman23

    Never have any type of deals plus they be acting like they got such good weed which horrible and expensive nobody gonna pay 16$! A gram of some dirty weed

  110. Lordbreakbread

    Best buds in the valley and the staff are all a bunch of studs this will always be my go to place

  111. kushgod602

    was in the area and needed meds so decided to stop by. very disappointed, the tree was garbage and overpriced!! very small selection of edibles and concentrates and every was just overpriced! wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone

  112. Selena8e

    Open normal hours even on Christmas Eve. I came by because it was the only place open when I got off of work at 5:30. This place seemed a bit pricey but my only option at the time. So I got some of the flower on sale, I didnt expect anything super great. But when I medicated I could tell the quality of even the on sale flower was phenomenal. Love this place, I will be coming back soon. Definitely worth the money.

  113. MiddleAgedMaryJane

    I drove from Tucson today in hopes of getting my osteoarthritis ridden mitts on some Charlottes Web. I was greeted by a friendly gentleman who then introduced me to an even friendlier gentleman. Great guy, friendly and knowledgable. I was really enjoying myself and the good vibes this place puts out only to be informed that they had sold their last prepared 8th to a previous patient. Crushing my dreams I began plotting a plan B. As I was ringing up my final purchase an EVEN FRIENDLIER gentleman approached me said he was able to wrangle up exactly what I needed from a brand new batch! Off the charts customer service and I would without a doubt go out of my way to come back in the future! Good vibes, great product, even better staff. Thanks guys!

  114. lvon1277

    Quality flower it is a little more expensive but everything you purchase flower wise will not disappoint you!

  115. magma

    These guys are awesome. I see reviews here talking about the price but I have to say I would rather pay for premo bud then save money on lower quality buds. Gotta smoke more cheap buds for the same effects.(in the long run it costs more) No thanks I prefer quality over quantity every day of the week.

  116. EYEWEEN

    OK.. So it’s starts off with the BIGGEST tv I’ve ever seen in a dispensary. lol very nice. 😀 and it just gets better when you meet the fellas (staff) and the product they have to offer. I loved every minute of this visit. Thanks guys! Definitely coming back!

  117. ogkushgod1997

    good tree

  118. prollablunt

    Chances are this review wont make it. And this review is a couples days belated, but ill never return. Im assuming i inadvertently offended the guy helping me out named Gabe. As I walked out, he confronted me and threatened me. He is 3 times my size and this was a bit scary for me. You dont do that to the people you are suppose to help.

  119. erkala

    I love Kind Meds. It is much cleaner and more professional than the place I was using previously. Gabe is very helpful and welcoming. I like to have him suggest what to try and he is always spot on with his recommendations. He is my very own sommelier. It is a tad pricey, but if I can wait until I’m almost out and buy more at once it is a good deal (compared to what I was paying at the shady spot before).

  120. Helend9697

    Love it

  121. Swaggnasty

    yeah I like to dispensary I just think that the we could be a little more fresh the flower a little more fresh and not so dry because it makes it nasty tasting

  122. steven.toussaint.203

    Great service. As soon as I walked into the service area, I was greeted by someone who personally introduced himself. Who then pointed me into the direction of my budtender who did the exact same thing! Really genuine dudes. I asked about good Indicas to try and he recommended me some strains. I ended up buying an 1/8th of White Indica and an extra bonus. They were very professional with me when I took out my card and they told me they only accept cash. They were very personal throughout the transaction, I even made conversation with people checking out next to me, great atmosphere. I’ll be back to try new buds.

  123. wwynne

    horrible prices. I can’t imagine how they start in business…

  124. nionanoblo

    It was very nice. The sign up was very straightforward and the employees were awesome.

  125. EdwinJames

    Damn, this place has always been crappy. I thought they were better with picking up a good extract team. But nope. They lost that guy and now the item9 cartridges are terrible, garbage, tastes awful, and I shouldn’t have bought em. I wish I didn’t even go there and could get my money back. I won’t ever waste my time with this place. I hope someone buys their license, changes the name, and reputation.

  126. LCC920

    The flower quality and selection are excellent. Prices are great. Service is super fast, but not rushed at all. Staff are beyond helpful and friendly. Definately one of my new favorites spots.

  127. sweets317

    The team is helpful suggesting what Meds work with what ailments. I learned a bit about concentrates that I had no knowledge of prior. Nice team of folks! Good product!

  128. AmberLynnMc

    this is a wonderful place to go any time i need anything

  129. desiree77

    the guys that work there are very friendly always professional , easy going people .good vibes in general. this is the only dispensary i go to in mesa . I ALWAYS tell my friends about kind meds due to there customer service . they all represent the company very well . and now !! you have 12 dollar grams !! A plus

    – desiree

  130. hOgdaDDy81

    The staff at Kind Meds are great people. On the plus side – very knowledgeable pertaining to Meds, specifically concentrates. I’m old school, been doing flower for quite a while so the clinics Kind Meds staff provides during each of my visits is impeccable.

  131. One_review

    Okay, I have never written a review until now because this place literally fucked me over. I bought 7.5 grams of wax earlier today. I asked my allotment while I was there and they told me about 15 grams so I went to a different dispensary to buy weed because their weed is overpriced. When I get there I only have one Gram left and they showed me on the screen that I was charged a HALF OUNCE… How the hell does that even happen? So I spoke to the manager at the other dispo and they said I would have to call kind med to get it reversed.(Since it is possible I’ve had it done before) They told me it was a done deal and was impossible to change back so now I’ve lost 6.5 grams and I have a bunch of wax. Thanks Kind Med!

  132. XtinmankenX

    The prices are ridiculous. Your business model needs a revamping. Otherwise good luck.

  133. TreyArther

    Great place. Impressive flower AND oil. Great customer service. One complaint: no discounts for people on Disability ADA. Come on guys, it makes sense to add our class to the discount list…

  134. cvwilson866

    The sales associates at this location are very solid guys. They’re always extremely friendly and informative. I’ve yet to be steered wrong. The place is super clean too.

  135. jcizzle3

    usually the best herb around, but got some haze tonight that was dry, with spongy nugs. not what I expect when I pay top dollar

  136. tylee298

    Havent been here. Just letting you know we can’t all pay 16$ a gram. we can get 2 grams at other dispensarys for the same price. Even the premium flowers arent that high. I visit your dispensary when you lower your prices

  137. smiller5489

    I love Kind Meds! Best
    dispensary I have been too!
    100% all flower and they really are loyal to their patients. Highly recommend Kind
    Meds to everyone!! These guys
    are the best and always smiling
    and looking out for ur best interest. plus they are all super cute too so another added plus #kindmedsistheshit

  138. azpatient203

    Put off and put off with tales of meds coming. Meanwhile shelves full of what looks to be import and sub par meds at top end prices. Waste of time and money. Won’t happen again.

  139. soterodelgado

    Super awesome place with the same said for the workers nothing but awesomeness coming from this place thanks for always helping me out

  140. kenstew

    awesome experience ask for Daniel he will help you with everything. great place!

  141. Keegle

    I was going to a different dispensary for a year and when I came in here I was pleased not to see every inch of the walls covered in Cannabis garb and huge posters all over the place. Very simple and professional atmosphere, great budtenders and the product is the best I’ve seen in the east valley yet. 2 weeks in a row they had the Chronic Thunder and at 29% THC I am hooked. The bud is so gooey i have to use tweezers to load a bowl. Great selection and I will always be coming back!

  142. Joserubio88

    the quality of the products here are AMAZING!!!!!!!! staff is always nice especially managers, they definitely know there products. the prices of concentrates are best around here thats forsure..

    the comment about the receipt is halarious.. simple solution to that problem, RIP IT UP, its not that hard lmao!!

  143. Skwerrl

    later hours might be cool.

  144. Joseph93cox

    really bomb buds best around chandler

  145. tconover

    I really enjoyed this place! Very professional and a guy I worked with super knowledgeable and help me out a lot.

  146. jimbovalentine

    thank you kind meds for being so awesome! The budtenders there are amazing and it really make you feel like they are about the patients and not just the cash.

  147. godfatherjones

    Was running a little late, they stayed open 10 minutes late just for me. Great guys, great service, and great hospitality. My preference in dispensary option. Good buds don’t hurt either! Thank you guys for a great experience.

  148. BurninateDabs

    Very happy with this place. As you can see by my review amount (200+) I have tried a lot of strains, and I’m always looking to try more. I take the bus to dispensaries all over the valley, I check about 10-12 dispensary menu’s a day to find something I want. I also normally will never go to a place that doesn’t have the strains listed on the menu, I made the exception since I saw they had several different brands of concentrate.
    Kind Meds has THE BIGGEST WAX SELECTION hands down, and I know I’ve been to every dispensary within 20 miles of Tempe.
    This place is an easy 9.5/10
    The only negatives:
    1. My HYH Society Pineapple Express shatter was 7 months old; with as big of a selection as they have some sit for a long time before being sold.
    2. The locations super hard to find.

    I will definitely be returning…

  149. Lazlo333

    jimbovalentine, they are not your normal shop. This is a true medical marijuana dispensary. That is what I love about them. I never have to worry about quality as it is always there. Deals mean nothing when the product is not good enough to help.

  150. Tjdennee

    Love this place! Richard is so helpful when it comes to answering questions and giving personal opinions on product rather than pester you to buy. place is kept very organized and clean, and also THEY ARE OPEN SUNDAYS!!!!!!! 12 out of 10

  151. MithraG

    This place is absolutely amazing. Everybody there is so kind and so helpful and very willing to talk with you and teach you and show you about anything that you might have a question on because everybody has to start somewhere. I would never go to a another place if I can help it there this dispensaries prices are incredibly reasonable and they are so willing to help me discover new things with regards to flowers or shatter and are not pushy at all to make you buy something.

  152. crozmom

    Relaxed environment didn’t feel rushed in making a decision and questions we’re answered with a smile. Great people. James is the man to see

  153. dabyelluh

    10/10 would recommend. Daniel helped me and was so nice. I didn’t feel pressured to purchase something either my first time being there & Daniel actually listened to me when I spoke and made genuine conversation and walked me out as well. I’ve never been to a dispo where they’ve walked me out. I was amazed by their prices (I’m a concentrate girl) and the $28 grams is perfect when you’re balling on a budget but still need your medication. I’m just disappointed I never came to try them out earlier!

  154. chito1333

    this place obviously dont care for patients all this bad reviews on your meds and prices and still dont try to make a change ill be spending my time and money elsewhere

  155. Auralee

    Love it, my favorite dispensary of all in the Gilbert area, only the best green around…

  156. rernst450

    This place is by far the best quality you will find arizona so far a little expensive but well worth it

  157. SloppyWaffles

    I accidentally left a review for Emerald on here. It was because the meds at Kind are so good. Kind meds rocks, flower is the best I’ve seen. Keep doing what you are doing. Sorry about the mistake. I don’t know how to delete my previous review but please know it was not for Kind meds. Will always be a customer.

  158. greer609

    This was my first time at kind meds and it was awesome.the service was great.great atmosphere,fantastic buds try them out.thanks guys.

  159. monstapuss

    This place is fantastic!!! The quality is always Grade A, the Timeless cartridges are amazing. Exceptional customer service & great prices. Kind Meds…you’re doing it beautifully! Thank you!!!

  160. chargersman83

    I love this dispensary every time I come in here they have what I need and I don’t have any problems with any of the product

  161. azbillladd0

    They were awesome. Very friendly.Good flower and concentrates at great prices.

  162. Tessag159

    Daniel was awesome, great selection of everything. Ended up going home with some Bruce Banner and Moose N’ Lobsta, and I’ll definitely be back again.

  163. ccol6920

    I love this location! Very professional look. The staff are very friendly and full of information. Soooo helpful! Definitely coming back.

  164. Honestpaient420

    So I heard that berner is involved with this operation ? Is this true because if it is You must have fire !!!

  165. jlentine87

    Kind meds was awesome, they have everything you could possibly need. I’ve been to a lot of shops in the east valley and none compare to the selection they have.
    I picked up some flower (sativa), and the quality is 10/10. Smell, taste and medical benefit were all there. It’s rare to get all three.
    The new patient benefit was fair. You will receive a free preroll and when you spend a total of $100 you get another free gram.
    The service was extremely helpful and prompt.
    I’ll be back for sure!

  166. RDBRAND07

    good location but tucked away, small waiting room but the service made up for that, knowledgeable folks, cool intro products

  167. simpleandblunt247365

    I stopped in here today as a new patient and haven’t ever been served this quickly. My bud tender Daniel was excellent and directed me to the BOGO cartridges. I chose gelato and strawberry banana(two different strains) as a part of my purchase. I also picked out two eights; one sunset sherbet (one of my favorites that I am always going without) and the second was thin mint GSC! I spent over $100 so I was offered a free gram and a preroll for new patients. Thank you for being quick, affordable and having excellent service. I will be back!

  168. that1dabs

    Ayyy! Love the selection and the staff is friendly too! Nice selection from around the valley and I think they are moving to a better location soon!

  169. Irishrose37

    There is a huge reason why I drive from S. Chandler to Mesa, to come to Kind Meds, and it is the service! The gentlemen that work there are always so friendly, kind, helpful, funny and definitely knowledgeable! I go to Kind Meds not only for the excellent service I receive each time I come in, but the prices and quality is UNbeatable. Hands down the best GDP I have ever had is always at Kind Meds. Their flower selection is full of variety but what I love getting at Kind Meds are the serums and edibles, AMAZING! I’ve been to many dispensaries around the area and Kind Meds is my #1 place to go to get the BEST!

  170. ben.fitz

    Bottom line: if you want the highest quality flowers anywhere in the east valley go here.

    This was the first place I checked out in town and after trying out a few others Kind Meds is on an entirely different level when it comes to their products. While you may find some slightly cheaper alternatives, these guys have the best stuff of ANY price, just look at the potency concerning THC/CBD- it’s posted right here on their menu as well as in the store. I’ve paid identical prices for identical strains at other shops and these guys will consistently have 7-10% more cannabinoids (ex, Blue Dream 12% THC vs. Blue Dream at Kind Meds ~20% THC). Everything I’ve bought has also been essentially organic, only thing in it is like potassium/nitrogen additives which is shockingly rare for some reason. Only one other store I’ve been to offered ONE organic strain (and they certainly talked it up which is how I discovered this fact) while as far as I’m aware, everything at Kind Meds is. For me, that’s enormous.

    I’m not the type to write a review for anything, these guys have earned it in spades. Trust me, give this place a shot you will not be disappointed. Look forward to trying some edibles, and bonus points for the awesome comprehensive menus in-store! 10/10

  171. ChurrlockHolmes

    Impeccable quality flower. Their flower is aromatic, robust and delightfully powerful. They do not have as many edibles as other locations, but what they do offer is unique and potent. They are much more focused on quality versus quantity and it is shown in their product and commitment to
    service. Absolutely love this place!

  172. Shadow99

    First time here and I was really impressed with the service, help and advice. To be honest I went for Qrazy Train but they had just run out. Casey Jones was recommended, new to me, but I’ll give it a shot. Not disappointing at all, really good, even, mellow. I will be back.

  173. dammitmeeks05

    I pop open that tiny container and it immediately has my place REEKING OF PURE BEAUTY! I can only find bud like this in the Bay. I don’t know how they do it but keep up the amazing work Kind Meds!!! Top notch quality, huge selection, and awesome service from Bert & James. Thanks guys!

  174. HDextreme

    They were very friendly and had a huge variety of strains including some of the best that are rare to find in the valley! Great place

  175. asuguy

    Gold is trading at $1128/oz and your live resin is selling at $2520/oz. Something is wrong here.

  176. Memphistn

    This place here got some High Grade’s worth da prices

  177. CharlieCHEESE

    The Green Crack actually smelled like Green Crack. First time out of 22 or so dispensaries Ive tried.

    But, I grow better meds at home..

    The only reason I ever paid for weed back home is to try something crazy. At these prices, there is no wow factor, just basic meds every shop should have. Real meds, nothing amazing. Ounce prices are 360, about 100 too much,(thanks to all the negative star quality out there). I love the dirt grown meds, but there growers have all the problems I had my first year. Please tell your growers to thin out their h202 a bit. Also, refrige instead of/without vac? Detrimental…

    Either way, the Sour D i got actually works, which is more than I can say for other dispensaries.

    Bud tenders are nice and helpful, more than the cashiers you get at most places. Thats one reason Ill try this place again.

  178. LucyLynn

    The location is a little tough to find, but the service and medicine are definitely worth it! Thanks 🙂

  179. LoudMouf

    A lot of products here are outdated, flowers are not that great. location is nice, office is clean, products just not that great for the prices that are being charged here. PARC has better flower!!

  180. medmaraz

    Why if I can only afford a gram at a time, say one a week,,,and in 28 weeks, I have donated nearly $600 for about an ounce of weed….I think your sliding scale really is a backwards way of thinking, and is designed to overcharge the patient as a penalty for buying in smaller (more affordable amounts).
    I know this is a stretch of a story but you get the idea.
    Would it kill you to sell $10 grams, when in colorado the ounces go for $99 on special and $25 for 1/4z?

  181. mitchbro

    friendly guys

  182. Thefunkmaster

    Everyone is great and a homie. They have a great edible and weed selection. The wax deals they have here are the best in town. This is one of my favorites places to go to for wax.

  183. Kah88

    Lots of selections and friendly staff. It’s 10/10 would come here again!

  184. sterben

    Best hidden dispensary in the valley for the best bud and hands down the best tenders. Very intelligent staff more interested in giving you advice, knowledge, and the best meds in the valley all the while not trying to make you buy something. Even if I were to visit this dispensary and find that my intended item of purchase had just been sold out I can rest easily knowing that whatever recommendation, it would be fantastic. This has happened more than once as well.

  185. blondebomb

    All the employees are amazing and very well informed. They have an excellent selection of only the finest meds and best of all, tax is already rolled into everything!! Flat donation pricing is amazing!!!

  186. bubba2u

    This place is awesome!! Best buds around and this is coming from an old timer!! I come from A.J. to shop here!!

  187. eddyfin

    Can my prior review be removed.
    It was meant for TruMeds not KindMeds.
    I apologize for the mixup.
    Kind Meds in Gilbert is an A+.
    TruMeds are overpriced.

  188. Sbroderick96

    Great small spot , very friendly

  189. jcoffini

    Friendly and VERY helpful staff . Have not found a better place in the valley …

  190. nicklikestastybuds

    Absolutely terrible experience. They shorted me on a 21$ g and had horrible customer service. Make sure you weigh your meds if you go here.

  191. SmellzGood

    As the bud tender I had said “We’re a hidden gem….” Yes, it’s a bit back in a secluded area, but worth the search. This was my first time here. I came for the FTP special just to check it out. I prefer indicas and saw they had a strain called Silver Back. First off, the place really felt like a “doctors” office. Very much more quiet and laid back than other places. It was a Sunday and I was the only customer there, so everyone was helping me out with info, etc. I will say that the gram of SilverBack I got was the most potent strain I have had in the 14 months I’ve been using medical marijuana. Just a knockout. I am anxious to try to more from this place. Seemed really knowledgeable and answered every question I had. Thanks guys!

  192. TheBagman

    Don’t wait until the last minute get the Fine Meds at Kind. As always Chris and Gabe were awesome.

    Top Quality Medicines everyday, all day…

    The Bagman
    since 1970

  193. dingymodo

    First time at this shop. New patient paperwork is long and you cant hear instructions through the lobby glass. Budtender told me that everything they carry and sell he personally uses, but then points out that the dream steam cartridges are garbage. So you use them or you don’t? Hmmm?

  194. breededconecpt

    Best place I’ve been to in the valley , never disappointed

  195. shelly24

    Absolutely love this place I’m here couple times a week sometimes the employees are So friendly and so kind they always help me get exactly what I need always trying to show me something new so friendly so kind so greatAll the product is so great check it out

  196. AntEaTerAnt

    great quality, great service, just a lil pricey for me, and not very many specials.

  197. ravenjewel

    I was here about three days ago for the first time. I got a new grinder (Chromium Crusher is its name I believe), a preroll, a free gram! and a vape pen & cartridge 🙂 my budtender was Daniel. He was very helpful & nice to me. I didnt know much about the vapes cause I’d only ever smoked flower really. He didn’t make me feel silly at all for my questions lol. The vape pen & grinder are amazing I’m so obsessed! Will definitely be coming back. Thank you Daniel for making getting my meds such an enjoyable experience!

  198. dalebands23

    Good selection an good guys in there when I come in feels like home

  199. ddag

    excellent place price an people “NINO is the man to talk to” stay blessed

  200. seedless1

    Hit or miss with wax way to expensive for the gamble

  201. 22sensualsoul

    I think their selection is great. But my bud tender Sam was hardly helpful . He seemed dazed and confused about the various flowers and sometimes impatient bordering on rude .

  202. iforme

    excellent quality. great customer service. definitely pricey but very fresh and we’ll manicured buds.

  203. AdamYNWA

    I have been coming here for a little more than a month. I was happy when I found these guys. Good prices and cool budtenders. I was in last week and bought one of their brand new house brand vape carts based on reco from my budtender. When I was picking out my cart last week budtender told me they would be doing a BOGO today for house carts. I showed up today right as they opened. I was taken back fairly quickly told the budtender I was there for the special.

    This is where Kind Meds goes from a cool disp I was excited about to a used car lot.

    I told him I wanted a Sativa cart and an Indica cart. No can do says the budtender. BOGO only good on same strain. Whatever, I say Ill do one of each for a total of 4. Two carts of Jack Herr and two carts Ghost OG. Im irritatated but happy. Its a good deal and Ill be set for a while. However, when my budtender rings me up he cant process the transaction because the Ghost OG has been removed from his POS terminal. He goes and talks to the mgr comes back and tells me hes been told that he cannot sell me the Ghost OG because its not in the system. I tell him that this is unacceptable; that I would like my money back and how disappointed I am. Another budtender (the budtenders here are super cool btw) tells me he’ll get it fixed. He goes back to talk to the mgr. I wait a minute or so and now the mgr comes out and he is visibly upset with his employees. He tells them they were supposed to remove the Ghost OG from the case. The mgr tells me that I cannot buy it. This is bullshit used car salesman tactics. The mgr had his employees pimp the BOGO special last week and tried to remove the best strains for purchase today. He got caught in a classic bait and switch which is something that no one should encounter when purchasing medicine. The manager refused to sell me the Ghost OG. I took my money back and left.

    I will never go back here. All of my friends have their cards too and they will never go back here. We have a pretty extensive WhatsApp group with over 200 people in it where we track dispensaries and their specials. None of these people will ever be doing business with Kind Meds. Choosing to play shitty sales games with people’s medicine is highly unethical. I hope for the sake of the employees here they get a new mgr.

  204. Wriskitall

    I just can’t tell you how nice it is to have reliability and consistently good meds. Great people, awesome selection, check em out!!!

  205. Rhonda84

    I love this place! The staff is great and always have great knowledge and recommendations for what you looking for. Great quality of just about everything. I have several closer dispensaries to my home but trip is worth it!

  206. tony2000212

    Went here for the first time yesterday got the timeless cartridges and the free gram. The cartridges were top notch and staff was cool. The free gram smelled almost like reggie was not satisfied with at all.

  207. Lauren091990

    I’m going to leave another review just to be fair. The manager contacted me and offered to make it right, although I was not interested. I believe it was for me to delete my previously review. Understandable, but I still believe what I said before was completely true. I appreciate the offer to make it right and will give you stars for that.

  208. Jana55

    This dispensary is hands down the best in Az!!! I have been a patient for over 8 months now and would not go anywhere else!
    I had been to numerous dispensaries and got recommendations but no one really listened to what my medical problems were. I call these guys my “AMBASSADORS OF HEALTH”, I have learned so much from them. I am extremely grateful for all of the guys and all of the knowledge they have. I am happy to tell you that I am now off of 5 meds that were giving me horrible side affects and I have lost 45 pds from not being on my old Meds. If you have medical problems, I highly recommend KIND MEDS. Thank you to the entire staff…i am living a better life with minimal migraines and headaches! Also, it’s just a fun, friendly atmosphere!

  209. JGR6787

    Best place I’ve been too in mesa AZ by Far keep up good work guys keep dem Bomb Strains Rollin in

  210. abgdaf

    awesome group of people work there. salesman greets me remembered my name from first visit. great prices.

  211. spiderclaw

    I live right by this place and I love it. Their prices are not the best in town by far. But their product is always quality. The top shelf flower here is some of the best I’ve seen and they have a huge selection. If you are willing to spend the extra dollar for top quality product definitely come here!

  212. gunnpowder

    Smaller facility than some of the others in the area, but the staff is friendly and there’s never a wait. Great selection of vape cartridges and edibles.

  213. chasesreviews

    This location is near by and very convenient for me!! I think it’s awesome they give you a free gram for your first time when purchasing 3.5 or more! I can’t wait to visit them tommrow thanks guys! Chase S

  214. just0345

    Pricing is crazy , y’all flat out greedy ppl should boycott until you change your prices

  215. mijogarcia

    mint dispensary ia absolutely the best, great customer service, and great quality and prices

  216. nogimmick

    Screw this place. They say they’re open til 7 but they were closed at 645… Other reviewers said the same thing. Pass, go someplace else!


    Dude! NO $10 BROWNIE ,one of the main reasons I go that way .please return that special .no other place dose that like you guys there all stingy and ain’t about supporting patients.

  218. 4204Life1

    This place has some amazing stuff! The strains are definitely Top Tier! The strawberry Moon Rock blew my mind! Kreemcycle and Pink Berry were good flower strains. The Super Silver Haze K.I.ND. vape pen is my new favorite toy! Tastes delicious! Love this place! Gabe, Devon and Albert were very helpful! Definitely going back on payday!

  219. jedimasterkush29

    I really like going here for my meds
    They are all very helpful and always friendly and I definitely like the price of there shatter

  220. Noah1993

    It’s between this place and another that are my favorite to go to in Mesa!

  221. sotack17

    Man where to start? I had an issue with a cartridge and these guys walked me thru the right and wrong way to store and keep these things safe. They also gave me a new cartridge with zero issues. Everything in this place is TOP SHELF from the customer service to the fire product they have! I’m a life long customer now for sure

  222. kickroxbiitch

    Albert helped me out today. He was very helpful and informative, better prices than the dispensary I usually go to. Will be going back.

  223. Alyoop

    Very helpful staff and very informative

  224. delta9eyes

    very nice people work here. Mike is one of the guys to vs my order up and he’s a awesome guy. so are all the kind med dudes that work here and very helpful with questions about oil,and shatter edibles and flowers. very professional and polite. thank you again /
    Kind Meds/

  225. Lickekknjk90

    the bud-tender (I forgot his name but he has a hat and black hair and a really cool sleeve tattoo.) was awesome. he told me he educates his customers on the laws of our mmj cards what we can and can’t or should not do. He also started talking to me as if he was the one who grew,feed,loved,and gardener the flower them self. I LOVE THAT!!! I felt like I was actually being helped with my meds. love this place hoing back this weekend!

  226. awshroyer74

    Best medicine in the valley! Friendly, helpful staff. Definitely worth driving a few more miles. I will be

  227. toonz0325

    would recommend bomb FLOWER great staff

  228. StickyBugatti

    I recommend if you have not been here, Go here. I am what many call picky, I however consider myself to be a conissour and they always have plenty of things for me to go home happy with.

  229. Greenqueen89

    Best smoke in the area no question. Love this little shop

  230. Rwatts1

    kind meds is awesome!The budtenders are very helpful with great attitudes!My favorite place to go!Keep up the good work!

  231. cristen0814

    Daniel was so helpful and so nice! Great flower selection and really friendly staff! Will definitely visit again 🙂

  232. vgd561

    Nice place! Andres is a great budtenderdY~Z

  233. Pittpunk666

    I love this place! Everyone there is super awesome and patient. Of all the dispenseries I have been too, I would say they have some of the best flower around.

  234. kinds

    No question – The nicest best run absolutely NO BS ever. never have I had an issue here. I have had to walk out of many many many other dispensaries before finding these gents.

    M a r k

  235. tmet17

    Highest quality buds in The Valley. Incredible customer service. Have been going here for years.

  236. Msfaye40

    Not 2 many great deals

  237. beachball

    fantastic quality and fresh kept flowers; excellent variety of strains

  238. freddiemercury

    Love this place and the staff there. Very laid back and they know what they are talking about. They make you feel welcome and at home. Lots of selection of products! Everytime I visitbthere is something new. They rock the East Valley!

  239. Intoxacoligst

    Great Location, Great Staff

  240. Nico520

    best bud in Mesa, Tempe, Chandler and Gilbert!!!!

  241. irieIkanaka

    these r my dudes….everyone of yall…..what can i say…..deez braddas make me feel like im bk home in HI….blaze it up boyz……check dem out…u wont b dissapointed…..JHA bless….RESPECT

  242. jdvannoy

    This place is absolutely amazing! I got there and forgot they close at three on Saturdays but they totally stayed open for me and took care of my medical needs even after he turned out the lights and lock the doors! TALK ABOUT GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  243. picky0704

    awesome place

    awesome place

  244. Zamora5.7

    Always a good time, BERT THE “GO TO GUY” FOR THAT SHATTER !

  245. Jullery

    Hands down best smoke I’ve smoke in town!!!

  246. drenningazmmj

    Garbage Pail, that’s all this place is. Unbelievably poor quality on the entire menu

  247. Herbartist

    The Staff here are so cool ! All products and especially for me the flower is exceptional . Will shop here again and I was a Lincoln short and they spotted me . Til next time great place !!!

  248. vallygrl

    quality buds of all kinds, I highly recommend chronic thunder, easy to shop here, fast service

  249. qbertaddict

    meds and service are top quality. I drive from casa grande to go here. The medicine and service are worth the long drive.

  250. jfrasier1985

    I’m sitting here reading through the reviews on here and I don’t know where these people are going, but I know that it definitely doesn’t sound like the Kind Meds I know and love.
    I have been coming here since the beginning, before they had their official grand opening.
    I have never had an experience as negative as some of these obvious competitor reviews on here . (leafly needs a review filter like yelp)
    I don’t go anywhere but here. I’ve been to most of the dispensaries in the Phoenix metro, and all of the other ones on the east side and nobody even comes close to the quality of medicine and service at Kind Meds .
    9 times out of 10 they can tell you the exact levels in the flower they sell. I’ve been to number of places with weak excuses for not testing levels. It costs too much to test, we sell it too fast to test it, and it’s all good because it’s grown the same way. These guys aren’t like that. Not to mention they consistently have some of the highest testing Meds in Phoenix and I know for a fact they will wait for levels before offering the Meds for sale.
    Take from someone who knows the difference between cheap and quality. These guys really are quality. I will always be a loyal Kind Meds patient.

  251. itsMYSTIbiiiitch

    very nice staff.

  252. lifeoncruz86

    Wack.. service sucks
    They claim all top shelf. Lies they call basic weed fire… joke of a dispensary.. they are not about the customer.. they are about as courteous as a court house clerk..

  253. Cdumouch

    Kind Meds is great! The entire staff,Nino, Bert, Sam, Sal, Daniel, and James are always helpful. I feel they go above and beyond to help me. Thanks, Corrie Dumouchel

  254. varsonv

    Good flower, high prices, and shitty attitudes. I’ve tried this place a couple times because it’s close, but I don’t enjoy any visit I’ve made. From the look of these reviews, I’m not alone.

  255. Arizonacannabisconsumer

    Each time i come in i like this place a little more. respect for the $10g strain, does what it is suppose to and the price is right. Got alotta love for dispensaries that offer high price and low price sometimes you wanna treat yourself with the flame and sometimes you can only afford to get a lil somethin. check this place out you wont be disappointed

  256. Cali2azgirl22

    Excellent service, people and products!

  257. splyphzilla

    use to frequently visit this location. prices are high and when you call to ask what’s in Stock for concentrates, which aren’t listed on leafly, they can’t tell you or just say come in. after having my freebies withheld on numerous visits and realizing after I’d left, I realized this place is about the money, bottom line.

  258. Tempeaz

    I go out of my way to hit up Kind Meds & will continue to go back. S/O to Gabe you really came threw as a manager, I am very thankful! Another thing is there is never any wait time you walk in & your back out in no time. Much love y’all!

  259. jon.nosek

    My only go to dispensary, quality is unbeatable. If your looking cheep bud go somewhere else, but if you’re looking for the best this is the place to be.

  260. Jrod21

    This was my first time to this cannapharm. First of all, it was a little confusing finding the place. It’s an a business plaza with a bunch of other businesses/rehab facilities. Which is relevant but have a sign for your patients that have never been there before. The service and knowledge of the budtenders are unprecedented. They know their stuff, it’s just disappointing because the flower selection was decent at best but for ridiculous prices. 110$ for a quarter? Really guys? The best strain was GSC and it was high quality but by looking at the rest of the flower, it looked very mid grade. They do have a nice selection of KIND and HYH Society concentrates but if you want flower, steer clear of this place. High prices will prevent me from returning to this cannapharm. Very clean and professional establishment though.

  261. curlycarnage

    This place is amazing, so nice conviently located, amazing medicine, price is not bad considering the product. but definitely coming back and referring my friends. 4 thumbs up!!!

  262. WillyAg26

    Best dispensary in the East Valley hands down! Consistent high quality everything! Kind Meds even the free shits fire!

  263. dbeezybaby

    I have been a patient for this location for a month now as well as have gotten a couple people to also frequent the location. This was the first time I was unsatisfied with a product. the ooze batteries 24 dollars was recommended to me. At first I was weary of it because I do not strictly smoke cartridges but they stated it was a universal batter my and I wouldn’t have any issues. I purchased a few from the smoke shop one was a dabster another was the ooze glass globe. Neither of which worked with the battery which is odd to say when u have one that’s made by the same manufacturer. Even odder I had an old base from a glass globe I broke years ago that I used to house the coil and Voila it worked. Not so universal if you have to pick and choose which one u can use before leaving the smoke shop. Idk if it was just a bum batter or if they are all like that but definitely the worse investment I’ve made at a dispensary. Love the quality of medication and there are great people here but these batters are a setup.

  264. Mdlagrone98

    Very good tree and very good Service

  265. gculpepper

    The quality is by far the best! you get what u pay for premium products expect to pay a little more. Definitely will be there again, and hopefully they get their act together and get some green crack in the inventory.

  266. Peanutt2708

    I’ve been coming here for over a year and so far they’ve been really cool. I came in today for a deal that I’ve done before that is offered here on Leafly. 5 grams of wax for 100 plus a free gram. I was told today that I don’t get that free gram THAT’S Advertised ON HERE because I’m on the points program. Which it doesn’t say in the ad. I’ve gotten this before and every time received the free gram. I spend so much money here and even praise them on social media repeatedly. Not now. I will not be back after being treated like an idiot by them for not knowing I don’t receive something I’ve gotten every other time. Honor your word guys or change the ad.

  267. AZeon

    Great service and the best quality I have found in the valley, highly recommended.

  268. kadonkadonk

    i love this place! great everything

  269. kobepenny

    these fools are okay man

  270. delcorpo00

    I do have one dislike about the dispensary. the rewards program I was told after a $1000 spent I get a free random eighth of flower (1/8 house’s choice). I guess this is the original rewards program. The new rewards program allows one free gram of flower for every $100 spent. Not hard to see why the confusion. When I asked to opt out of the old and into the new I was told I couldn’t. Other than that situation, Great Dispensary, Awesome management.

  271. johnarch79

    Drove 20 minutes and these bums didnt even update the menu.. Told me theyve been out of that product for a few days. This place isnt professional. Give yoyr business to deserving businesses.

  272. carnales1

    This place is clean,classy, comfortable, and the product second to none. those two gentlemen in charge i believe their names are Jason and Gabe are knowledgeable, humble, and so respectful that you could bring your Grandmother here and she might leave with a whole new, much more mellow and insightful look on life. You guys rock, and speaking of rock, is it my imagination or were you two fellas associated with a heavy metal band from the 90’s know as WOOL?

  273. badillman

    All the guys were super chill and knowledgeable. Great meds. Got LSD and was very pleased. Smooth high.

  274. azdb17

    Just opened and already a great place. Meds are good and they are professional and knowledgable about their product. Keep it up and you guys will not have a problem with biz.

  275. justin7567

    Very rude and WAY over priced!!!

  276. REDlgs

    This place is great, the budtenders are super helpful and knowledgeable. They also have a decent selection of products aswell, ranging from low prices to high.

  277. lovieloves

    Decent prices, great selection of concentrates, excellent service. KM is my favorite dispensary in the Tempe area.

  278. nikoaz520

    this place is the spot got my vap pen here very happy n always be my number one place

  279. qowcan-6pyrde-tebpIz

    This location is the best. Out of all the places I’ve been to since I got my med card I think kind is the best. Great product too.

  280. KingBlunt

    First time in and they are just getting settled in they were very friendly and professional, The quality of Flowers is amazing finally a place with strict standards and would sacrifice quantity for quality. I will definitely recomend, and come back.

  281. jwylde1970

    Great Staff. EXCELLENT Flower…. i was a little sticker shocked at first untill i got home and smoked! its worth it if you can afford it for sure.

  282. Aboutthefit

    I’m 3 months into my MMJ and working to find the right strain and learning tons of new stuff every day BUT of all the numerous dispensaries, I’ve learned the most and been treated the best at KIND. On my previous visit I left my debit card. Before I got home I had a call from Sal telling me he had it secured and I can pick it up. Thanks Sal….going into a weekend a guy needs his debit card.!! Today’s visit had the same friendly, but most importantly a genuine interaction with the bud tenders. Thanks for helping and teaching me Daniel. Awesome to really see tricones for the first time in your display containers ….nice! Also…this was the first dispensary that has EVER ask me when I entered, “How are you feeling today?” You guys are ON Point and earned my return business!

  283. HoneyPuffin

    This is not a value dispensary. With that being said, it is one of the few “high end” dispensaries that actually lives up to their name.

    Yeah they’re pricey, but at least you really are consistently getting an amazing, fresh product.

    If you’re not sure where to go but know you want some dank, this is a safe spot. If you know your dispensaries and strains and can pick out a good, fresh batch, there are cheaper options.

  284. Florenciasmokes

    They have the best quality and the friendliest employees. They are also knowledgeable in regards to the different strains and what the healing properties are. Never been disappointed with a recommendation of herb type.

  285. polly

    Great bud, atmosphere and staff. Will definitely keep going back. aoeSdY1/4

  286. rrwomack

    There is a ton of yumminess at Kind Meds. The eye, nose, tongue and lungs will be ecstatic.

  287. i1drif

    Big variety of top shelf.

  288. gogo151

    Great place, the staff is very knowledgeable and very compassionate towards their patients. I found their meds to be the best I’ve found yet. I have definitely found my new home.

  289. GutterGlitter

    I live right by Kind Meds and have always wanted to check them out, finally decided to go a couple weeks ago because I had extra money and they’re kinda pricey. It’s not the nicest looking dispensary, to be honest.
    The flower is all top shelf, all 20% THC or more, and all 15$ a gram. They had a HUGE selection, easily twice or three times as much as other dispensaries! I bought 4 different strains and was impressed with all of them, especially the THC bomb.
    Unfortunately everything else I bought was pretty underwhelming. The Vapen cartridges literally tasted like sucking on a car tire. Although that’s probably more Vapen’s fault than Kind Meds, but it was still a disappointing waste of 80$.
    They also sold me an Uncle Herbs edible that expired in May (it’s October) but by the time I realized that it was too late, the receipt was long gone. The brownies I got were stale, too. They sell the 100mg Flourish date brownies for 15$ which is kinda annoying because they’re 10$ everywhere else. All other edibles are reasonably priced though.
    My budtender was nice enough and was very knowledgeable, but I think I annoyed him with all my questions!

    TL;DR: Amazing flower selection for a reasonable price! I wouldn’t buy anything else here, though. For a place that advertises itself as a classy, top shelf dispensary it was pretty disappointing. I’d come back if they had a great deal on flower but that’s about it.

  290. Rae93

    just don’t! too overpriced!

  291. SkywalkerOG95

    definitely the only place I will go to, good product, great staff, and friendly environment. I got the skywalker all three times I was there. by far my favorite, keep it up guys, can’t wait for the edibles!!!

  292. wefondont

    Since finding this local gem I have not visited another dispensary. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. The product is amazing. This will easily be your favorite dispensary too!

  293. kdubsack

    I came here for the first time a couple weeks ago and am about to return today. Out of all the dispensaries I’ve been to in AZ these cats have hands down the largest selection of top shelf bud. I’m talking 10+ strains I could sit and drool over for hours. Head to toe legit.

  294. Mortimer

    Second time in. I gotta say this is one of my favorite locations.
    Got great customer service from Gabe for my vape pen. Helped me sort out some issues.
    Also picked up some LA Confidential shatter that was off the hook.
    Don’t know why some are hating on prices. They’re prices are as competitive as any other dispensary in the valley, and they throw you a deal with the more you purchase.
    Will be back for more. A++++++

  295. amieanne

    I think this place is great!! They have my upmost favorite strand and I think everyone else is just being assholes because they are jealous. One of my favorite dispenseries but a little out of my way but worth the drive!

  296. cdmacg

    Nice place ,in n out quickly , kool staff

  297. IcebergLV

    top shelf! great location and staff!!

  298. Milinko2014

    To pricey. It’s better to drive 5-7 mins for some better prices.

  299. elobato

    Always great. Always top shelf. For awhile I went to any dispensary to get the feel for them in az but this is the best! It may be pricey but I at least know my Meds will be top notch. This may be the first store that puts az meds on the map.

  300. tokaguy

    Loved the service and meds! The selection was great. I will Deffiently be returning !

  301. Rollin_Broseph

    These guys have the BEST flower in the valley.
    I live in Phoenix and purposely make the drive to Mesa just to get high quality flower.
    Most Phoenix dispensaries have cheaper prices because they sell cheap flower.
    It’s low grade, barely any THC, and you can burn through an eighth in one bowl.
    The flower I get here is sticky, FULL of snowy white crystals and it burns forever.
    One hit and it’s lights out.
    If quality is what you’re looking for, Kind Meds is the place to go, hands down.

  302. shawnnyg

    Very impressed with the friendly and caring attitude! Great customer service and very knowledgeable! 5 stars!

  303. papa

    Kind Meds will be my new choice for meds. The staff was very helpful and knew their products.

    Oh, and their Larry OG is the bomb!!!!!

    Thank you guys….

  304. FAMS420

    great place nearby. definitely worth the price. quality at its finest!!

  305. Happinessisadd

    James was a great budtender, very knowledgeable about their products and could explain the effects better than most dispensaries.
    There’s a reason the flowers is priced a little higher (great customer service, relaxed environment, and high quality products) and it is worth stopping by every once awhile.

  306. sampit920

    Everyone I have encountered here has been extremely welcoming and knowledgeable! I usually come here for their prices and wide variety of concentrates!

  307. christopher.phattie

    The location is a pain to get to first of all…I paid $56 for a gram of hyh society…2.5.2018 I brought the medication home and upon opening the package of shatter…it was so crumbly so I looked at the date and it was from 5.1.2017. I will not be returning for this old medicine that should be garbage…go at your own risk

  308. fitlos

    My loyalty will always be to Kind Meds!My shopping experience is super smooth every time. Nothing but quality products and great vibes. The customer service is 2nd to none!! All way down the line of budtenders; Daniel, James, Bert and Sam… nothing but professional and knowledgeable!

  309. Cubancutie91

    Great prices & location… Friendly staff

  310. battlescarredbatman

    Awesome place! Daniel, my bud tender, was super helpful and very amicable.

  311. zacheringuam

    I love this placedY’s

  312. NotfromCali

    $21 a gram? Really? Really?! Come on guys, who’s brilliant idea was that?

  313. SensiTreMilla

    Only place I’ve been, that NEVER gave me a bad/ mediocre batch. This place needs more recognition (swear I’m not a bot).. Tenders are awesome, and you never have to wait long. I spent 3 years going to the same 2 places, until I discovered this gem. Now I don’t go anywhere else for my medication. This place is all about quality and customer satisfaction.

  314. JimmyDiesel

    I laugh at places like this selling 16/g in this day and age that is a farce this stuff comes from the ground with little to no maintenance. Once your first harvest is reaped everything from there is an extraordinary profit.

  315. maclop88

    I hope Leafly will post this. Today on 4/19 I had the nicest thing happen to me as a first time patient. The guy that was my budtender I was the female with black hair. You did really awesome & you went out of your way to make sure I was happy and had the correct order. I wanted to let you know your MAJOR kindness wont go unrewarded you just got a new patient 4 life, and you’ll get lots of tips$ from me from now on.
    The mistake in my order that you corrected is really going to make my 420 awesome tomorrow. I don’t know his name but he’s Hispanic about 5’5″ and maybe 20-25 years old. Thanks man!

  316. Mplsozzy

    Great location, great staff. Definitely will go back for the quality service. Thanx everyone.

  317. hyphymotivation

    kind meds does it again! this is the best shop around, I am always impressed with the flower. That Sheila is incredible! I will always be back when I have the extra cash to spend on quality flower!

  318. InBetween

    Solid experience. Great knowledgeable staff with great customer service. Prices were standard dispensary prices and the products were the right quality for the price. They seem to sell out and rotate products a-lot so if your are in love with a product – be willing to try something else awesome lol.

  319. Hawaiiboundz

    rarely will i even write a review let alone a second > Been a patient for over a yr now hands down the best flower. they have literally anything u can thing of, u can get edible an all that anywhere but if u want flower , check this place out

  320. purplepalmtrees10

    Awesome flower and vape selection. great customer service, positive vibes.

  321. R.James

    Great flower and the service I got from Zack was great! took the time to show me some of his personal favorite strains. Which were all fire in smell and sight honestly. Will be back!

  322. sapseanyseanaz

    one of the best medicine shops in the valley. always fast and friendly. the hook it up all the time with top of line concentrates and flower. amazing service and support.

  323. perpetuallyunkempt

    solid experience, the location was easy to find and in a respectable spot. the flowers were plenty diverse and potent, I didn’t see any worth passing on. the containers were a definite plus, not just cheap pop-tops but strong rx grade twist-tops with hand written labels. overall, it was nice to see a dispensary that isn’t compromising quality for return capital.

  324. patientdude

    Horrible service and even worse flower are all one needs to stay away. Same price/tier across the board? U must be the best dispensary around you have so much selection!, gimme a break. Gave them a chance awhile back but all the negative reviews are spot on. The positive reviews come from their own employees btw. Stop scamming people and close down already…

  325. brianrocca17

    One of my favorite dispensaries based on quality. They have top notch top shelf flower that is actually cured and dried!! Highly recommended to smokers looking for quality flower!!

  326. MFG

    Flower is horrible

  327. Kooks77

    Great shop with a very friendly and helpful staff and fantastic selection of fresh buds and concentrates!

  328. Hkirk42

    Had a great time on my first visit- the staff were polite and super helpful! They were knowledgeable about the flower and had a good first patient deal! Only top shelf flower which was a surprise. Layout is kinda sparse with a deli style. They keep prepackaged flower in the fridge for freshness too. Overall got quality flower here and will be back for sure.

  329. shaggysurfs

    First time there. Very helpful. I will go back again.

  330. Garciaj721

    Hi, first time patient here. From the moment I contacted the staff they were super friendly but more importantly very helpful! The office is located in a very nice medical plaza and the inside is very clean. Overall all I can say is Gabriel, Chris and the crew helped make me feel very comfortable considering I am a new az mmj patient and was a bit nervous. This was very important to me and my spouse! Oh, and regarding the quality? I only picked up some flower and I must say, it was superb! The Larry OG has a great smell, very fresh and sticky and is one great indica! Very helpful with pain and helps me sleep! The sour cream sativa is a very cerebral medication … Exactly what you would want from a sativa! I could not have asked for a better more comforting first time visit as a new patient. Needless to say I will definitely come here for my medicine and I highly recommend to anyone that they visit too! … Thanks Gabriel, Chris and the whole crew at kind meds! 🙂


    Chandler AZ

  331. Caliking7528

    kind meds has best deals in town..will be back every time.

  332. chris11bv

    Best flower prices and quality around!

  333. nasbjj

    Terrible customer service. Terribly priced. Absolutely no variety.

  334. alexandererk

    Let me start out by saying i am not one of those guys who go into detail about the meds. First i like this place small and relaxed, the two guys working were nice and knew what they were talking about i picked up 5 diffrent grams and they were not BS the weed was on point i would say i have a new place to call home

  335. jaridm

    awesome quality flower and great service

  336. Slopez32

    Very nice, professional office. The budtenders were very helpful and educated. I picked up some Blue Haze and some Jack Herer shatter. The shatter was good but the flower was excellent!! Even some of the other flower I was checking out while there seemed to look and smell superior to other dispensaries I visit. Kind Meds is right by my office and I will definitely be a return customer to this location.

  337. juper505

    nice people, great flower.

  338. Tomapota

    Awesome crew and great quality once your find it! It’s tucked away in the corner of the plaza. Daniel helped me understand the specials and walked me thought what the dispensary stands for. Two thumbs up! Thanks and I will be back dY$?–!

  339. T.I.N.G.

    They charge more than advertised.(i.e. Kief: $25 on leafly: $31.67 at shop) A lot of upselling to boot.

  340. Joseph48

    good flower n close to home

  341. Abram96

    Tried the Agent Orange since it was the most highly priced sativa. Maybe I prefer indica because the AO was pretty weak. I got to choose the strain for my free gram. Cataract Kush (Indica). I only wish I had paid for a quad of that stuff instead. Long story short; I’ve only been once but their indicas are definitely higher quality.

  342. jblepracon

    First time in and was very impressed! The quality of meds I got was very good top shelf for sure. Gabe was a ton of help and very friendly even with the 20 questions I gave him. I mean would I like to see the price drop 5-10 bucks yes but that’s not gonna keep me from coming back.

  343. blinky602

    Second time here, and am very impressed with this dispensary. Gabe was very knowledgeable, and explained everything i asked about very thoroughly. There may be cheaper flower elsewhere, but not as good as what these guys carry. Not weak or dried up. Definitely one of my go to spots!

  344. zacksly

    Another great trip to Kind Meds!! Albert hooked it up big time with the Hi Klas. Great service and great prices. Can’t beat that combo!!

  345. Professionalpotheads

    Kind Meds always has really really good flower but the prices are just not worth it! Their flower may be slightly better than the others in the east valley but not good enough to justify the price! That’s why I only shop here on special occasion never regularly, because of price not quality.

  346. hazyazgurl22

    this was a great store with awesome people working there!!

  347. enchantedroseee

    My favorite dispensary in AZ. The employees are helpful, honest & so good at making recommendations to fit your medical need. I come here multiple times a week.

  348. endgame

    Been going to this shop weekly for the past couple months. Best selection of highgrade flower for a manageble price. Highest selection of concentrates ive seen im the area. If u want something specific more then likely they will have it.

  349. elchurro480

    first time coming to this location was easy to find easy to park. the bud quality was good got a eighth of Fugu 18-19% thc the buds where nice and puffy prices are good competes with other dispensary aroun here . staff was chill and nice quick and easy to go in and out.

  350. Christopher1989

    First time patient…but i was impressed with the quality of service and the knowledge of the tenders. I would recommed kind meds to anyone looking for the highest quality medication and for those searching for strain specific relief. Kind meds keeps building their menu and keeps available the strains you count on.

  351. Chrisjohnson438

    Your prices r ridiculous. They really are!

  352. snadual

    this place is expensive as hell..need to get with the times this mmj program has been going on since 2010..drop ur prices and I will give a Better review..I can go any where in the valley and get cheaper Better greens..

  353. CutthroatBlonde

    This was the first dispensary I visited. It was a great first time experience. All the guys in the shop were really chill and knew their stuff. Overall, it was a very welcoming atmosphere and they took the time to answer all our questions. Not to mention they all hooked us up with stickers! Definitely coming back here again. Props on quality and good staff.

    The location is a little tricky to find at first, but a little searching is worth the find. Very nice location and eye appealing layout.

    My only suggestion: more sugar free options for edibles

  354. zenmama2000

    You guys are crazy to think I’m going to pay these prices. That new patient ‘deal’ is hardly a deal at all.

  355. amberchavezaj

    Awesome people, good buds dY$?–

  356. missgiggely

    This place is amazing! I really love how everyone is very friendly and helpful! They even have hrs later than most places. I’ll be a regular here! 🙂

  357. chadf1001

    Being a new patient I have been to several dispensaries/deliveries and this is of the highest quality. Expensive but worth it.

  358. TheCheef15

    This place is definitely my go to, always has the bomb. The guys are super helpful, they always recommend the best stuff and very knowledgeable.

  359. mistral82

    This dispensary has a very high quality product bud, however the prices are a bit high compared to other dispensary. And it is lacking specials like others offer daily! If they adjusted their prices and offer some specials this dispensary would be number one!

  360. corydaniel88

    THis place far exceeded my expectations with customer service and quality of product. The manager and owner went above and beyond to assure I left happy. That’s how you get returning customers!!

  361. greenRegan

    Kind meds is the shit. If you don’t mind paying for it there tree is one of the best in Arizona. I have been everywhere I mean everywhere but I’m always blown away with with the tree they produce. You guys are always on point never rush me and if I had any issues you took care of me. Thanks an continue to bring arizona the best top knotch Medicine.

  362. stonerwho

    This my go to place! All the people here are super friendly and efficient AF! I never wait more than a couple minutes, sometimes no wait at all! Not only are the people great, so are the prices. This is the best place for concentrates in my opinion. 5 stars!!!

  363. hippiepirate85

    Great friendly customer service, very chill relaxed environment, cool vibes all around. Wonderful selection. Smile.

  364. hpmacias

    Service on point, always love me some kind extracts but they got variety here at Kind Meds. These new Hyh Society extracts, awesome stuff for anyone who wants the best! I got some Purple Skunk flower as a freebee. Im glad i didnt go wrong this strain was clean as hell, well flushed and potent.

  365. greendaddy10

    Good location, bud and everything else! Bud is a little pricey if on a budget.

  366. ashlynlee

    I had a very pleasant first time visit very impressed with the quality and service comforting atmosphere most certainly will go back

  367. bbrctsv

    Great service from the guys working and the LSD is primo. I will definitely be returning.

  368. KINTF

    Great customer service in the front! Guy is amazing with names!

  369. cityocity

    For the east valley, good genetics, great group of people with nice mind set, flower quality is there, terpene profile along with physical attributes mostly present( you can see trichomes). FOR ARIZONA GROWN this is not bad! Please continue to work towards a brighter future!

  370. higgins223

    First off let me say, this place has the quality everyone is looking for. But they will 10x out of 10x recommend you their worst strain they offer.
    God forbid we want to open up a jar and smell it first right? Nino hasn’t the slightest clue of what he’s talking about.

  371. triciasunshine

    this place is amazing! the guys there are amazing! however, I got a strain last week that was supposed to help me with my insomnia but I smoked 3 Bowls and it didn’t relax me or help me sleep. very disappointed in this strain, now I have little under a quarter of the strain and won’t smoke it cuz it doesn’t help me. so saddY~”dY~”dY~”

  372. WhiteThought

    Expensive, but god damn their flower is so good! Never disappointed other than wishing I had more $$$ to shop here haha

  373. girl82

    My first shopping trip since receiving my card. I was incredibly overwhelmed at the many options out there for medicating. I was nervous and had no clue where to begin. Kind was a PERFECT place for me to start! Sal was so patient and full of info! Great staff, the other guys were super nice and knowledgeable too. I explained to Sal the relief I was looking for and he ran with it. I left with a 5 different strains of flower to test out. I will absolutely be back!! Thanks Kind, for making an overwhelming experience simple and fun!

  374. Blink710420

    15 a gram? are you insane? the only thing reasonably priced here is the wax.

  375. Ryyzen

    thanks for the great recommendations, excellent quality as always, I appreciate the help I got from Nando, and I’ll see ya next time

  376. ShaunEdwards1714


  377. oldwestcollector

    Who says you can’t get great flower in the east valley! Grams start at $10!

  378. krich22

    This spot is one of the best in the valley!!I have been a patient for 3 years and the strain I got today, the White, is one of the best I have smoked yet! Highly recommend Kind Meds. Top shelf service!

  379. quaddity

    I live across the street from this place and never go. There’s several dispensaries surrounding it that have just as good buds for half the price. They never run specials here either. 6 better dispensaries within 3 miles of Kind Meds.

  380. tansoham

    Looking forward to these guys’ future! First time in and all employees were extremely cool and seemed well practiced in what they do. Will definitely be back soon.

  381. nomes1981

    I have been going to kind Meds since they first opened couple years ago. When I first got there I was super overwhelmed with all the products and different strains. I was very new to medical cannabis. I had been to another dispensary prior and I felt very aEURoerushedaEUR. being a new patient I had a lot of questions regarding strains and dosage. Kind Meds was definitely the place for me. The guys spent a lot of time answering questions I had about the different strains and how they work. Even to this day I still go and it doesn’t matter if they are extremely busy or have just a few patients in there, they never make me feel rushed and answer my questions. I highly recommend this place all the time to friends.

  382. wbartley

    I love the place, only problem link to their site on leafly doesn’t work and there are no email addresses listed either.

  383. MrGMONY

    I was a diehard day one TruMed guy. Yall know that they held it down for the longest on Quality. But now there is a place that not only is located in the east valley. But can match and exceed TruMed strain for stain. Bravo KIND Meds your quality is outstanding. Where I come from you get what u pay for enough said.

  384. Breiter

    Kinds meds has been my go too! Dope
    Staff. Store always has a good selection and is fairly priced for wax and their flower is pricey but worth it. Fire strains.

  385. AzAnnie68

    i love the medicine here,It is always quality its a little more spendy th an some of the others that have decent medswith specials and discouunts for disability, veterans low income folks. Alot of the other dispensaries are more affordable.with good meds.. Put a pencil to it and compare to others prices… Come on KIND,,, GIVE US A LITTLE break huh? Times are tough for some of us.

  386. chasehinton0

    very cool staff great selection

  387. cocome0w

    I like to shop here for concentrates an Sublime edibles. The wait is always minimal, staff is great and I’ve received great recommendations from the guys.

  388. Ginar0se

    nice people great product

  389. Corvetteguy

    What a great place!! It was my first time in, and I really enjoyed my experience.

    They had great quality flowers, of which the selection was fantastic. They kept their flowers in a cooler, and my bud tender told me it was to help keep the flowers fresh. I got a few gram “samples” to try a few of their strains. The flowers did look (and smell) pretty great, so it was seems like their is a method to their madness!!

    Their selection of cartridges was FANTASTIC, the best I have seen in the valley. They had all of my favorite cartridges, Timeless I am looking at you, and all the other brands too!

    A nice selection of concentrates in a variety of forms as well. I picked up some HYH Society Purple Urkle shatter. I had not had the HYH Society stuff before, but I am quite pleased with the product. It was a little less shatter consistently, more wax, but the taste was OUTSTANDING.

    They had a great selection of edibles, they are not really my thing, but they had lots of choices.

    The bad stuff? It is kinda hard to find. It is a super low key place, at the end of a quiet medical complex. I honestly thought my GPS was wrong when I got there.

    Now that I know where it is though, you better believe I will be coming back!

  390. RhondaVM

    Kind Meds and it’s always courteous, welcoming, and well informed staff is my number one choice to go for my flower needs. The Flower selection and quality rates 5 stars. Even their basic house flower (Sunset Sherby) is a good high that fits any budget.

  391. mhallduran

    reminds me of qt all the workers say hi when you go in , there’s not a ton of material in the waiting room , they’re child friendly in and out with my son, nice selection,

  392. keamskush

    I left a bad review about this place a few weeks back. I have been back since then, and was well taken care of by the staff. So if I could take my last review off I definitely would.

  393. azfish62

    I have to say I am disappointed. I stopped in last night for the first time. I was looking to pick something up to try dabbing for the first time. The man that helped me was very nice but as I learned when I got home he needs to learn the difference between Sativa and Indica. I explained more than once the importance of me getting Indica for my pain and upon this persons heavy recomendation I picked up Lemon Jack clear. I got home and checked it out. Did not take long to realize that I had a full Sativa. So now I am stuck with an investment in my meds that has turned out to be the totally wrong for me. I even talked to him about how my life was in his hands because “it’s hard to keep up with all the names”. Really disappointed and not rich enough to be able to just shrug shoulders and toss aside.

  394. thetruthseeker15

    they use buds for their prerolls instead of shake. nuff said!

  395. rey326

    Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. They have corrected misinformation I have received from other dispensaries on medication or methods of medicating. The quality of the meds here is consistently good! KIND quickly became my go-to spot after my first visit alone. No regrets..

  396. jsbigdawg

    Went here for the Purple Punch, which I have been looking for and have been checking their menu online. However, after driving all the way over there I get told out of Purple Punch. Needless to say, not very happy and was told they only update the menu every other day. Really? Won’t be going back there anytime soon. dY$?

  397. weezyf310mob

    loved there meds and can’t wait to go back for the next round see u guys soon

  398. natec

    These guys are legitimate. They are one of the only places close I can still buy kind oils still in the syringe. The wait is never more than a few minutes and I’m always greeted like a friend when I show up.

  399. cbasschin12

    First time in. No wait. Walked in back and was shocked that they have 20-30 varieties of flower and wax to chose from. I am a connoisseur and this place has a bunch of great quality. My new shop can’t wait to try them all!

  400. Avon97

    Hard to find at first, but once you find it you won’t have that problem again. The budtenders are friendly and knowledgeable, and they have an awesome selection of cartridges.

  401. Gpiccin

    Great people. Great product. Larry OG is AAAdY’

  402. tboythalocc1

    They need to come with some type of discounts or points for there flowers, to give there true customers a better pricing. Especially if you see they are loyal. No problem with this place accept prices. Bought an half ounce for 60 bucks less and the trees were even better at another location if not the same.

  403. WatThaFuck

    The guys here are great!!

  404. bluedreamkitten

    The manager was extremely rude. I didn’t even make a purchase by the end because I didn’t get a good vibe from this place. Lots of other places with quality meds, don’t come here.

  405. tehfaz99

    This gem is tucked away in a small office park, but has one of the widest selection of vape cartridges I’ve ever seen. The staff is very friendly and helpful and I will definitely be coming back here

  406. jf222

    Kind meds has the best meds in the valley hands down! I don’t know the last time I saw meds this good.Very professional and friendly as well. The staff make you feel welcomed there as soon as you walk in.

  407. varney223

    Quick no wait and lots of selection on timeless and good flower

  408. bdubblebubble

    Great place, love the atmosphere and selection of cartridges and supplies are TOP Shelf! Soo many Timeless choices! To the owners, Daniel is a phenomenal representative of your business, and if it wasn’t against my business ethics, would offer him a position 🙂 thank you for a great first time lol…

  409. niecyinaz

    A little tricky to find but was worth the trip. This was my first time here and each guy working there made sure to greet me and also shake my hand and thank you for my business before I left. That was 4 different people! Also my bud tender(forgot his name DANG IT) was extremely helpful in explaining some of the different edibles. I went knowing what I wanted (flower) but came out with some knowledge and will now try the syrup and juice on my next visit! These guys APPRECIATE your business and TAKE THE TIME to assist you fully. See you soon!

  410. Pistolpjf

    I like it is located In a professional medical park, shows that they treat this as a real medical condition. The guys are nice and helpful as can be, however the medicine lacks an X-factor, it’s good but not great. And fellas where is the sherbert you have been teasing everyone with when they walk in?? “see this? Yeah you can’t buy it”.

    Must be a lot of wishful thinking goin on there.

  411. Khayosmoke

    Awesome place I have never been treated better in AZ this is my number one spot. Fast accurate transactions every visit, I was also having issues with a product. I was accommodated no questions asked, I am a 100% satisfied customers and will continue to be a part of a growing dispensary!

  412. GDome

    I have been going to this dispensary for well over half a year and never have I had an issue with service or quality. I am always helped incredibly quickly and The Herb is always high quality and in stock. Any time I’ve had questions they’ve always given me thorough and clear information that has always been accurate after I’ve invested in a product. This really is hella dispensary should be, low stress, quality Herb, And fast reliable service. Thanks guys!

  413. Baggins44

    how can you charge tax on donations?

  414. SarahP14

    I love the atmosphere at Kind Meds. The guys are friendly, knowledgeable and seemed interested in hearing about previous flowers and experiences. Their packaging is easier to open, especially for those with arthritis in their hands. I prefer their packaging to other locations, very much. This location is going to be on my short list of favorites. I was immediately comfortable and that is important to me. The relaxed environment and friendly staff are the key here, along with their carefully picked flower inventory. They won’t put a flower out that they aren’t 100% confident and satisfied with. Their quality is top notch!

  415. Ravail

    I love this place! The crew who work here are some of the most polite and knowledgeable people I’ve met. The quaintly for price here is unbeatable! Every time I come here, I am in and out within 20-30 mins. Most times faster if I don’t get lost in the selection. The hours of operation are also ideal for my work shifts as sometimes, I can’t run out until 1815-1830. Def stop in and check this place out! You won’t regret it!

  416. Gliderider420

    Great products, the best Budtenders anywhere, period! Thank you! Got home yesterday to find a nice surprise! A free sample of flower!!! I didnt catch the young man’s name, but thank you! You put a smile on this old man’s face…

  417. laloca

    TO ALL CARD HOLDERS! So, before I went to this dispensary I had read all the reviews; saw there are MORE POSITIVE than negative and decided I would just go to form my own opinion and I have to say I am glad I did. First impression always matter and here is mine. It was it was clean; staff was extremely friendly, acknowledgeable and they were excited to share what they have planned in the near future. I left there excited to go home and see for myself if their product was as good as their presentation and donation prices. AND I WAS VERY PLEASED; THEIR MEDS WERE AWESOME! I will be going back and I am looking forward to their Grand Opening and the new strains that will be coming available. I highly recommend this dispensary; and I am not surprised that they are receiving all GREAT reviews. Keep doing what you’re doing guys!

  418. orbitingearth

    This place is cool but the prices make it so that I wont return though. I’ve noticed the meds are coming from high mountain health and are just marked up a bit. They leave you with high hopes but I can’t help but feel something is missing.

  419. dustinlee89

    Prices are pretty bad compared to some with the quality they put out. Place is nice but you can get way better quality product and service almost anywhere else.

  420. TheRealMorganFreeman

    Staff was super friendly but walked out with nothing because the prices are wiggity whack

  421. ZuelaWaxWang

    This is the absolute most dope dispensary in AZ. Shout out Kind meds. Truly the kindest !

  422. hnh420

    Top shelf meds! Great service!

  423. amaples

    Great location. Nice staff, quality product.

  424. crizzity

    Prices are way to high to be competitive and quality is not the factor in all this, just hard earned American money!

  425. ManicWaycoo

    I’ve been going here a while. The quality is unbeatable in the east valley. If you want $10 grams then go somewhere that has crap quality and sells a gram for $10. There are places in the east valley that sell 1/8 for $65 and the meds aren’t near this quality. It would seem to me that some of these reviews are from competitors or possibly competitor’s friends.

  426. MirEsha444

    Awesome place friendly staff

  427. 82TaylorE5

    Great location! Meds are pretty good and I felt immediate pain relief. Plan to visit often!

  428. NickelBrain

    There are still good people in the world, I stopped in today for the first time because I seen the advertisement going to “Arizona Pain And Spine”
    I was short on cash and they seen it in my eyes that I really wanted that Blue Dream, cause it looked, smelled, just lush. I had driven over an hour from San Tan Valley to goto the doctor and the kind bud tender told me to relax that he wanted my first experience a great one … Well thank you!! Im terrible with names But bro you are a straight up Great person for giving me that deal and then a Blue Dream pre-roll also. I will come back every time I stop to get my shots, Honestly I was touched.Stop in for extremely GREAT service and sweet flower, its worth your time. Thank You again My Bud Tender,you made my birthday!

  429. Tdrivera

    Pretty funny seeing 818 Headband for $21/g. That wasn’t typo, $21 for a GRAM!!! Go to Health for Life later that day & find exact same bud for $13/g exact same quality. Save you’re money friends

  430. Natashawes111

    Nothing special about this place other than they train their employees to preach aEURoequalityaEUR…which is a sham! I get just as good if not better bud at other dispensaries for literally a FRACTION of the cost!!!! There is WAY WAY too much competition for these prices! They are outrageous! No deals…EVER! I can’t imagine they will stay in business very long. Staff is rude and snobby….this place just isn’t worth it! Will never be back, unless of course they change their prices and train their staff in customer service! Save yourself the trip guys! Pretty much ANY other dispensary is better!!

  431. Ogyungwolf

    Best dispensary ever! great mmj great customer service great deals great selection.

  432. andy1127

    Fantastic, friendly service for this nervous 1st timer. Felt totally welcome. Will definitely be my home base.

  433. dirtyortega

    Fucking love this place

  434. ami04

    This location is a tucked away treasure. I have NEVER been disappointed in their product or the way they take time to help explain and ensure you’re going home with the right medicine for your own personal needs. The employees there aren’t just dumb college kids but people who are suffering with their own severe medical issues as well. They are honest, kind, and helpful.

  435. davedizzle

    I had been here in the past and honestly didn’t like it too much, the flower wasn’t great and their prices were worse. I went back recently (just happened to be in the area) and not only was the bud much better but the prices got better as well. I’ve been driving to phx for meds cuz I like the clear from a certain place. But the clear from there seems diluted lately so I’m gonna stick with kind.

  436. Merlot1998

    Newbie – Went in for the second time on 10/8/16, at an unusual time and so no other customers. I asked for the grand tour, with explanation on edibles, tinctures, etc, since I have only had flower. Well, James did a great job taking me through all the various products and methods of consumption. Tried the gummies today and feel quite blissful, no pain, no worries, but getting too much done. I would recommend this dispensary for customer service and definite quality for flowers and gummies.

  437. Glock17allday

    Great staff! Thanks to venom extracts the free stuff.

  438. stonedfrost

    some of the best flower i have smoked has come from this place.

  439. Seriousbud

    Hook me up each time with great fire! Love your products and your attention to customers needs. The selections are huge!!!!

  440. dabaholi

    Thought it was a little weird they keep the stuff in the fridge… But besides that the Chewbacca/flower was incredibly gas. I’ll definitely give them a go again since the product ended up being great!!! The packaging could be a updated/but I love that they listed what they put in the medium that it was grown in and all the nutrients the herbs was given along the way. I could tell they weren’t lying too

  441. 480grow

    Great location, very knowledgeable crew, large variety of ways to medicate. But the best part is the flower quality!!! If you are looking for fresh, delicious buds pay them a visit. Every visit has left me very happy.

  442. Stina76

    Top quality meds convenient location great peeps

  443. mofojo

    Very poor customer service, and misleading promotions. Best to just go elsewhere.

  444. spoiledbrat36

    This place is the BEST. I use medical marijuana for severe chronic pain, and the people working there are always extremely helpful and compassionate when I ask them questions about their products. I don’t feel the need to go to any other dispensaries because they have such a wide variety and fair prices. Definitely my favorite dispensary.

  445. kocjan

    I have been more than once and it’s just a great place to go for all your needs. The staff is truly knowledgeable and kind

  446. XKushKingx


  447. Amberjasper

    Best quality!! Gabe is great. Will definitely be back.

  448. rdggrl3480

    Picked up a pretty little birthday present pre roll and treated myself to a gram of “Deep Sleep” in hopes to get some and it is superb. The guys I met were great and gave me some good info of some of the alternative methods of mmj. Thanks!!!

  449. laurtyme

    I have shopped around to looking for a shop that had high quality and great staff that could help me find the right strains that would help me with my pain. They are so kind and caring that I pass 3 other dispensarys on my way to them. I never feel rushed when I am with them. The bud…WOW so fresh and a good range of types. They come in the nice pop top containers that are easy to open and keep everything fresh. These guys are the best and I will keep using them.

  450. Karens2

    Love this place, the guys here are the best, their product is some of the best product I’ve ever had, their prices are better than the prices down the street , where they don’t have discounts on their flower or anything for that matter.
    Also their concentrates the prices are awesome ever since I found kind meds I don’t really go anywhere else.

  451. Zachherer

    Place is on point friendly staff, clean environment. I see great things for you guys the Larry OG was fantastic. Can’t wait for the sherbet harvest keep up the hard work guys.

  452. torigravely

    Awesome place! Huge selection & great prices!

  453. fbf818

    This place is garbage everything is low-quality and high prices. Also for any smart person leaving a review notice how they leave a good review for every bad review these owners are so sorry that they spend more time doing damage control than actually providing good quality good prices and customer service

  454. bwareofprplhaze

    stopped by today and picked up some opal avalanche some blue dream and some black diamond blue dream was clearly as carefully selected as carefully as they say and has an awesome flavor and potency opal is extremely tasty as well and black diamond qualifies as and extremely heavy indica top shelf for sure!!! The guys in there are always incredibly friendly and helpful as well as knowledgeable which is always good…

  455. StonerRockGod

    At first to a first time patient, the prices might scare you, but just remember…you get what you pay for, with KIND you are getting strains that a lot of the other dispensaries don’t carry. fresh thick nugs, and VERY potent. the selection of very well priced concentrates and edibles are also what keep me coming back, like a gram of top shelf shatter is under $35 bucks and they also have plenty of other great concentrates for under $30! This place is also the fastest dispo I have ever been to in the valley, i have NEVER waited more than 5 minutes to get back to the med room. the atmosphere is also A++, very chill and calm. If you are an oilhead, this place is dope af, if you are a flower connoisseur than you just found your new favorite place.

  456. EvilMcBeaver

    Amazeballs! This place is incredible. Selection is the best I have seen yet, and the quality so far is top shelf. If you’re “$10 special, please”, this is not your place. If you want superiority in your medicine’s quality and effectiveness, then this *is* the place. Thanks for the incredibly informant first time experience. You’ve made another loyal customer.

  457. dabyelluuuh

    I’ve already written a review about this place but I’m going to give another one, because they deserve it. I’ve been coming here for a couple months now, at least once a week for concentrate. Their bud is a little expensive but they have $25 grams of wax and you can not beat that price anywhere else- I checked. The staff is always friendly and for the most part recognizes who I am and ‘the usual’ pick up I get weekly. Anyways, I love this dispo it is the only one I go to in the valley!

  458. bringit99


  459. methisdeath22

    great meds. love thia place because its the 1st dispensary ive been to.

  460. chrislegare72

    I visited these guys yesterday love
    the place awesome service and killer Meds for donation price . I will be back for sure .

  461. eyesmokealot

    got fire all day

  462. SebJes

    I think this place is great because of their quality of flowers and just how they treat you as a person instead of a $$$ a number like some places around here with out bad mouthing the competitors .
    I think everyone who is a MM patient should come here first time at least to challenge my review for positive means and take a gander and decide for yourself I really enjoy coming to this location!!!!!#YOUSHOULDBEHERE

  463. kccardel

    Great location, very convenient for me. I also feel the prices are very good.

  464. dankanator

    Great high-quality meds. They have their own cultivation center and are knowledgeable of the plant genetics. Staff is welcoming and willing to answer any questions. A+ will definitely be back.

  465. joshwolfman

    The service was great and they had exactly what helps my indigestion best, Blue Dream, it was as usual a great creative and body reliving high. Thank you Kind Meds:)

  466. Aschwegler

    Loved the grape ape and the Darkstar crumble will be back for more.

  467. mvellone2363

    It’s buy far the best one I’ve been to and best flower

  468. marleybarbie480

    These are my new go to guys. You wont find better quality concentrate for a better price. Love you guys!! dY’adY’sdY-a~…a~…a~…a~…a~…

  469. favalos123

    My favorite dispensary to go to. The staff is super friendly and willing to answer any question you might have. I never feel rushed when I go in. They have great bud, so the price is justified. Just all around great quality, service, and atmosphere. Keep up the awesome work, guys!

    – Frizz

  470. LisaFrancine

    The best flowers in town!
    I have visited 18 dispensaries in the valley and Kind Meds has some of the best flowers I have every seen. Super potent and a great selection!

  471. Mani2

    Location is still my go to place for good flower….BUT since this new leafly horror story menu there are now more than a dozen items with no info whatsoever and that is just for flower alone the others are just to numerous. I really need to know what is what as travel to find out is not an option.

  472. targetjay543

    The place was borderline amaZing the flower was exquisite. N the pre rolls were on point.

  473. lyss2325

    top shelf buds. you can seriously go other places but if your looking for quality meds..look no further. this is the spot in Mesa. bomb buds worth the price. thank you Kind Meds for living up to the hype and providing quality meds for your patients. I will seriously never doubt the
    fact that they have bomb meds, 100% of the time.

  474. TaraWitch

    top notch meds, the prices are a bit high, but worth it!

  475. Scribzilla

    Since my first comment was kindly deleted I’ll go ahead and mention it again..

    The first time patient special on your front page needs to be worded better as it’s slightly misleading.

    As of now it says “free gram with purchase of a quarter or equal value” no where does it mention a price point, strain specific details, or the necessity to spend up over $60 to receive that free first time patient deal.

    A simple rephrase would ensure there are no surprises.

  476. timmae22

    This place is great. The environment is very chill and helpful, prices are reasonable, and the selection is good. From the first time I visited and was helped by Albert, the employees at Kind Meds dispensary are always personable and made me feel welcome.

  477. ruckus80

    I am a blind patient and found this location to be organized, professional and have a courteous staff. They were accommodating in regards to my disability. I would highly recommend this dispensary.

  478. PhatTommy

    PhatTommy Phinally Makes it to KIND
    I found myself with an hour to kill near KIND dispensary on Monday (10/8), so I stopped in. They have some real “Connoisseur Grade” flower ( with hefty prices to match). I enjoyed speaking to Sam S. about his level of beautiful buds, but I could not bring myself to “pull the trigger” on such a pricey purchase (despite the 20% FTP discount) . I thanked Sam for his courtesy and departed.

  479. preiss03

    Awesome everything except the front desk was pretty rude, my first time there thought Id get cash from the atm before I checked in and got my paper work and the front desk straight up yelled at me from across the room like I was some criminal, but after I canceled my transaction and gave home the two forums of ID he calmed down dY~! still pretty nice quality can’t hate on that

  480. JaySolo24

    Great meds, great atmosphere, and overall great quality service from staff.
    For sure a shop that everyone should go try out. dY’dY1/4dY’dY1/4dY’dY1/4

  481. Chronickim

    THE BEST Gods gift hash!!! We have a winner, this is my new go to place!

    The concentrates were so clean, no butane taste.

    You guys rock!

  482. rcln30

    Hard to find. Needs senior discount and special deals on larger quantities. Waiting on the grand opening.

  483. copperstate1974

    Bad customer service + high prices = won’t be back. The vibe here is you are on their time! With so many dispensaries full of engaged caring staff don’t waste your time here.

  484. bigdiesel666

    This place is the bees knees! All their flower is top shelf and is amazing, been coming here for a few months strictly and i try something new every time. Everything has knocked my socks off, only had seeds one time out of all the batches iv had. All the guys are homies and are chill. Only complaint is the prices, but the spend 110$ deal always hooks me:)

  485. disguy808

    It an awesome locay…..staff is layed back….i give it a bi WOOF….an the herbals r out of bounds…..

  486. nessness

    Staff has great selection and recommendations on flower. KIND is my one-stop shop for concentrate

  487. kristendutton

    First of just WOW. The range of products that they have and even the quality is absolutely insane and amazing. If you get the pleasure of having Nino assist you, you will be in GREAT hands. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  488. MrReviewer

    Staff was great but the prices are stupid expensive. You can get flower for half the price they are charging here I had to walk away because I couldn’t afford an arm and a leg for flower lol

  489. liftinbig03

    Best concentrates around, cool staff, and very good flower!

  490. biggsy64

    Cool venders and good deals

  491. azgirl111

    I was impressed this being my first time at this particular dispensary. They really spend their time with you and were very helpful for what pain relief I needed. They have the best selection of concentrates too!

  492. MadMamaz

    Every time I come here I always leave happy. They have awesome customer service and stand by their products (like their batteries). Good job guys. 5 stars

  493. sgcr

    VERY poor customer service.

  494. popeyeone

    It’s hidden! Find the farmers and you’ll find the shop!

  495. ashtreees

    These guys truly are kind and very knowledgeable even though they just opened.. I will definitely be back to check out what they have done with the place. 🙂

  496. Bryce562420

    been waiting on the sherbert and kk for months

  497. traider

    great staff very friendly. Recommend some good bud quality and quantity

    spot diffently going back

  498. Aquarius13

    I had visited this location with a friend while waiting for my card to come in and the staff was very friendly that day I knew I would be back. Over a week and a half later my card finally came and I went to Kind Meds and they remembered me. Again they were very friendly. Great service, knowledgeable. I got my new patient special. You guys Rock! 😉

  499. graws

    Ok, so if you consider yourself a top shelf kind of smoker then stop going to whatever dispensary you go to and go to KIND MEDS.

  500. carlynhogan

    I’ve always heard good things about this place and then when I went to check it out I ended up getting some concentrate that was processed wrong and the ink from the wax paper was all over my concentrate. Not sure if it was the dispensary or a manufactured fault. Really bummed about it and that I couldn’t return.

  501. Athenagg13

    Amazing place. Cool location.

  502. herbsmell

    staff is very knowledgeable best ,prices on some of the most up to date technology. The product variety is wide and very high quality as well .they carry a well respected name in the community and are always well stocked with it and most of they’re product. I would recommend you stop by and check them out.

  503. miissliiz

    Awesome place, great staff, great meds and always great service!

  504. CJisUber

    Great concentrate and nice atmosphere

  505. Hz.420

    At first I was skeptical because of the prices. It does say tax is included( I was still charged taxes )but still kinda pricey. I went in just looking for the TIMELESS cartridges and let me tell you. They got flavors!!! Biggest selection of cartridges I have seen and I’ve been to plenty other shops. I was at the check out and started looking at their buds and now I see why they charge what they do. Everything is top top shelf and they keep their buds in a fridge which is the first I’ve seen. Got some Superman OG and it is tastey. Will definitely be coming back for vapes and flower.

  506. copasmker22

    Got shorted on a 21$ gram a few days ago….a 21 dollar gram!never going here again too expensive for having better priced dispensaries around the corner next to them. If u go here for bud make sure you weigh it out yourself.

  507. weedpetals

    First impressions was it was clean and in a newish medical office complex. Great flowers, worth the extra few dollars for the purps and Pineapple Express. Sublime edibles were tasty(almond coffee cake).

  508. drummerman747

    I love this dispensary, one of the few places I go now days! Always have the top quality items and all the budtenders are bad ass and super friendly!

  509. Triforce13

    Great flower selection and strength. The staff is amazing. I truly enjoy coming here.

  510. jkebbe

    I must say I was impressed with the quality of the Meds. Excellent service and friendly staff. Overall id give it a great review. Up and coming dispensary with a great deal (buy 1/8 get a free gram) $57 1/8s. Rock on guys! Anytime I’m back In Mesa, I know where il be coming! dY’

  511. veezie87

    Just got my card, this is the first place i went to, the guys were super cool
    and definitely good quality flowers!!
    most likely ill return!

  512. Lovatoj1

    First time in a dispensery and welcomed with open arms. Richard was very knowledgeable and helped me to.find what method and strains were best for my situation.

  513. ashoey16

    Excellent flower and everyone was really nice. Will definitely go back.

  514. Nilla420

    I Love this place, only thing I would change is the location! … to closer to me dY~

  515. ErnDawg004

    the staff here is helpful and friendly. They have stepped up their presentation,however the quality of flower is lacking.if you look hard enough you can find some decent flower.they do however have some of the best pre-rolls I have seen they use real flowers not just trimming. check them out.

  516. Keri420

    Super bummed, feel like a bait and switch at this dispensary and bud tender did nothing to fix advertised promo. Came in based off of their shatter special promo posted at the top of this menu even as I write this which is buy 5 g of shatter get 1g free. Today was my second visit as my first visit went without problem as they and offered me this special again at 15% off for it being my second time there. However when I went to choose my 5g strains, now they no longer had any aEURoefreebie stock of the free 1g shatter.aEUR After reading some reviews it sounds like this is an ongoing issue with different excuses. With nearby dispensaries that offer that same promo and actually have product and let you pick which free gram you want, I’ll definitely be thinking twice. I also was shocked that my bud tender did nothing to fix their shortage or problem and then asked me if i wanted to pay for the 6th one. So unprofessional and provided poor service. I would agree with the other review, if you don’t have the product don’t offer the promo.

  517. w0mbraiderEQK

    Kind keeps it locked down. Rarely ever am I on a wait, the staff knows you by name and treats you like a homie when you walk in. Check out the selection and grab the Chocolate Hashberry or GSC and you’ll get why they don’t need to do free doodoo pre rolls to keep people coming in.

  518. tw3tracerman

    ***** 5 star! Well done! 1 of my FAVz to visit. 1 time & you’ll see!

  519. Flyeaglesfly17

    Any first time patient deals?

  520. rtache

    Everyone there was super nice and helpful 🙂 in going back fo sho.

  521. devilchella

    Very nice experience, love the vape oil and caviar. Gabe was willing to take time to explain things but never tried to be pushy of “upsell” me. Free gram was a tasty treat 🙂

  522. twinlake

    The Sourlope has a super high thc level. The Moby dick is awesome too. I love this place. I go hardly anywhere else for top of the line flowers. Pre rolls are from buds not shake.

  523. Souljah

    Been coming here going on 3 years, they are consistently on point Everytime and always friendly. Everytime I go somewhere else I always leave disappointed and end up back at kind ( which I rarely go anywhere else now ). They guys here are awesome and always have great recommendations, I never have any problems and they always have fire products and a huge selection of top top shelf buds. I’m a heavy smoker and have been for years and their stuff always kicks my ass haha keep it up kind you guys are one of a KIND

  524. SoxFan6

    Love this place! The staff is always friendly and are legit. Love the service and the recommended products.

  525. runfast12

    Awesome place. First time visit. Looking for quality right next door then visit them. No disappointment here. See ya in a few months to stock up again.

  526. Mattmayne3102

    Awesome place. homeboy Daniel was extra coo asf with me, had to be to work and needed my new battery charged he sat and waited for it for me and I didn’t have a lighter to go smoke a cigarette while I waited for it and he ran out to bring me one, NOW THATS WHAT I CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE. overall theyre all cool up there and their product is no joke unlike some places. the prices are kinda stiff but worth it. thanks guys Ive been coming here more often. ;D

  527. Rozekristian

    Do u ship order

  528. charnjeff

    great meds all stains will return

  529. mindman

    kind meds has an awesome atmosphere and TONS of the best quality products. always a huge selection of what i need for the perfect price. the service is always a good time. cant wait to come back 🙂

  530. The1Chris3Smokes2Green4

    Nice location and facilities, Bud was good for the price. James was awesome answered all my questions, and had a good feel for helping you find what you’re looking for. Thanks!

  531. rxdavis53

    found you on leafly

  532. SEAN2207

    This is a great dispensary! Everything is great quality and fairly priced. Thanks for the quick service and serious quality. I’ll be back for sure.

  533. PittGuy420

    2nd dispensary I have tried since getting my card last week. Very knowledgeable. Very good products as well, very potent!

  534. loverofallmuzix

    Awesome place and each visit I was very happy with the quality. I would be a more frequent visitor but they are closed when I am able to stop in. I wish you guys were open just a little bit later in the evening cause you Rock!

  535. ourlady

    Too expensive

  536. rugid94

    Great dispensary. Great location. Great knowledgeable staff. Great prices. I have nothing bad to say about them. they close at 7 everyday. huge edible selection premium flower

  537. domfezz

    best spot in AZ. must check them out. tax included. first time patient deal is a money saver. bomb bud and wax

  538. pakalolo85

    mediocre dry flower and wayyyy overpriced!

  539. suger1

    My first experience was golden. The staff was knowledgeable and compassionate, the meds are the best I have had in Arizona. I cant wait for the grand opening and I highly recommend this place. Keep up the good work fellas.

  540. Bigtw

    Best quality flower I’ve found in the valley. Only shop that doesn’t offer freebies for good reviews. Prices are completely normal for anywhere I’ve been in the E Valley and I’ve been to em all. Staff is great and loves the medicine as much as I do. If your new or a pro, this is the best shop in the E Valley hands down!!

  541. fametheory

    the overall vibe of the dispensary was fun and lighthearted, the employees have a good sense of humor. In addition to great customer service they serve the best quality flower I’ve had so far in arizona. I felt fully medicated with their flower after consuming one third as much as I usually would from another dispensary. A++

  542. watermelonfries

    I went here for the first time about a week ago. They had a decent selection of concentrates, and I was told they usually have a lot more and were waiting on more to come in. Their flower selection was minimal, with maybe 6 or 7 different strains. The flowers looked pretty good, but the aroma on the ones I checked out seem to be lacking – usually not a good sign. I didnt mind though as I came in looking for a vape cartridge. They had 3 different brands of them, yilo, dreamsteam and another I wasnt familiar with(cant remember the name). I ended up picking up a cartridge of the one I’ve never heard of and went oney way. I get home and check it out and was surprised at how much darker the oil was than the usual cartridges I buy. I took one vape and it tasted like burnt rubber! After trying a few times I coulent help but not feel safe using it. It seems like a weird chemical taste that Im just too scared to use. very disappointed. I was told that these cartridges were very popular and that they sell a bunch of them. I find it hard to believe. I dont know if I received a bad one or if this is just a terrible product they carry. Either way I do not think I will be returning afterall. Too bad.

  543. madi98

    First visit to this newly opened dispensary went really well. The employees are very friendly and explained the strains and what plans they have in store for the dispensary. Dispensary is clean, neat, and the med quality is superb – some of the best quality I’ve found in the East Valley so far. Will definitely be back again to this dispensary.

  544. charlesdtheiss

    Kind meds is the best hands down!!! Absolute TOP QUALITY MEDS bar none! The meds they sell are an exact representation of their display nugs and they’re ALWAYS FRESH from a fridge not stored in a bag on a shelf at room temperature for days and weeks just waiting to mold. KIND MEDS has their stuff together people they’ve got at least three super potent strains just for nausea always on deck as well as ones for stress and insomnia and pain!!! Their strain knowledge right down to parent lineage and what ailments or symptoms it works best for is on point!!! Who needs a Doctor these guys are it!

  545. kwebster550

    I love this place. The guys here are super friendly and knowledgeable. Flower quality on point.

  546. Nannette88

    AWESOME dispensary; friendly, knowledgeable, sincere, helpful staff. Great variety of products beautiful flower and good pricing. My new “go-to” dispensary.

  547. Shortermemoryloss

    Awesome selection on flower , one of the bud tenders recommended Grape Ape it was exactly what I was looking ! the buds are always super fresh ive never had a problem with of the buds drying out or being crispy, all around great shop !

  548. class_mom

    I loved my first visit to KIND Meds. I’m new to cannabis and didn’t know quite what I needed for my medical conditions. Everyone was patient and even after I left I called several times with questions and the staff was KIND! I wish I didn’t live so far away and was restricted from driving.

  549. gflores318

    Great selection. High quality.

  550. drdank420928

    Love this place! I bought a vape pen the first time I visited. The vape pen broke within a month and they replaced it with no questions asked! I love the prices of their concentrates and flower also with great quality

  551. xassiell33

    just bought an 8 , and it came short, good weed good customer service but c’mon guys you gotta weight your 8’s it came on 3.1

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