Zen Dispensary

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46639 N Black Canyon Hwy, New River, AZ 85087


33.9086074, -112.1415071




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


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**The Clear Concentrate**
Vape Pens and Gram Buckets available in 17 different flavors! Tested at over 97% Pure THC. 100% Solventless with 100% all natural and organic terpenes. This IS the future of cannabis. Come see us today at Zen Dispensary.

Zen Dispensary in New River, Arizona is one of the fastest growing state licensed dispensaries in the Phoenix area. We carry top shelf medication at affordable prices. Not only are we "Deli Style" but we have 30+ strains available. We are just off the I-17 and New River Rd we are easy to get to and you will be sure to love our service and products! Look for the huge billboard on I-17 North of the Anthem Outlet Mall.

[New Patient Deals CANNOT be combined with any in-store offerings or promotions]

New patients can choose 1 bonus deal from any the following offers: 1) Buy-One-Get-One Flower – up to an 1/8th 2) Buy-One-Get-One Concentrate (up to 1/2 gram) 3) Free Edible, up to $40 in value 4) Free Totally Twaxed pre-roll
Deal honored with initial purchase of equal or lesser value, some restrictions may apply.

*Special In-Store-Only Prices on our In-house Concentrates*
Come in and check out our new prices on THE CLEAR products! The Classic CLEAR pens are $29 for 700mg, and $29 for the NEW V3 cartridges! In-house concentrates Sauce & THCA crystals $43 gram OR 3 grams for $99

-Medible Mondays
15% off all edibles.
*See Patient Consultant for details* Some restrictions may apply.

-Doobie Tuesdays
Receive a FREE House pre-roll with every $50 you spend!
*Limit 2*
*See Patient Consultant for details*

– Noon to 4:20 Wednesdays
From Noon to 4:20 pm – 15% OFF the Entire Dispensary!
Excludes The Clear THC, 1:1 and 700 mg Cartridges *Some restrictions apply.*

– TWAX Thursdays
Free Twax Cone when you buy a 1/8 oz. Free Twax Papers when you buy a 1/4 oz.
*See Patient Consultant for details* Some restrictions may apply.

– Shatterday Saturdays
15% off Concentrates
Excluding The Clear *See Patient Consultant for details* Some restrictions may apply.

– Tub of the Week!!!
Every Friday we feature a different CLEAR bucket to sell for $35!
Ask our budtender about flavors!

Every weekend we have prepacked 1/2 oz. jars available for ONLY $65! Ask your budtender for details.
*Saturday & Sunday only*

– Veterans, Teachers, First Responders and Seniors Discount
We salute our Veterans, Teachers, First Responders and Seniors with 10% Off!
Some restrictions may apply.

Zen carries a full assortment of edibles that will satisfy any taste. We feature brands such as BakedBros , Korova, Yilo and more. Check out our fully stocked refrigerator in the store.


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337 reviews for “Zen Dispensary

  1. Poppyseed222

    Flowers are always fresh and sticky just the way I like them. Great prices and reward program. No matter what I buy their it’s always up on top with the best Phoenix has to offer.

  2. Bowlzz4dayzz

    great place and bud and people

  3. sjohnson

    I got The clear pen about 3 weeks ago. I really enjoyed this. Glad to hear this dispensary made their own clear. I would come back for this product. Thanks Cory for your assistance and the education.

  4. dshuga

    Best dispensary in Phoenix hands down!! If you haven’t tried their house shatter you are missing out!!!

  5. floundr52358

    Always top notch flowers! Sam recommended the Locomotion and it was right on track! Keep up the Great work!

  6. mysticwarrior

    Dropped by last Saturday and picked up some Do-si-dos flower. It compares nicely to Hopes Cookies. Thanks Angela for the recommendation! It’s well worth the drive from Clarkdale to visit Zen. It has the nicest and helpful people working there. The selection of flower is awesome and the Clear is best! I’ll see you guys in another 3 weeks! Thanks.

  7. sedonapotter

    What a great hidden spot . Worth the driven

  8. daugh071

    Was driving through and stopped in for edibles. It took about 15 minutes to get back though only a few patients were there. The staff was very nice and knowledgeable. They didn’t have the product I wanted but were very accommodating finding a replacement. I was having an extremely bad day when I went in, but the staff at Zen made my day better.

  9. dajimmer

    Just off the beaten path but not to far to be inconvenient, zen is definitely worth the detour. Especially for the clear concentrate.

  10. Tuff11

    Great buds, even better concentrates and innovative products. Love this dispensary!!!

  11. Sexyrthanu

    I have not been to this location but I have heard great news about this dispensary I can’t wait to visit tommarow

  12. jagardner1019

    Living in Phoenix, there weren’t many reasons to drive all the way to New River for my medication. I was so wrong. Zen Dispensary was exactly what I’ve been looking for in a dispensary. Personal attention, honest budtenders and great prices. Will be back!

  13. Poolmanpaul

    Great people and the are open to educate you .

  14. shabbyblue

    Convenient location for me.
    Chill atmosphere with nice employees. Flower has been hit and miss for the price / quality though.
    I was told once they start growing their own flower…the quality and price will be better. O pen cartridges that are strain specific (which work better for me than The Clear) are priced a bit higher too. Their Z rewards card is a nice effort to help offset the prices though. Zen is worth checking out if you are up North.

  15. Magichands

    This place is awesome with the best service!!

  16. SuperAaronHaze

    I love this dispensary. I started coming here for The Clear, but the staff is great. flower and concentrates are on point. So I always love coming back to visit Zen.

  17. 3kingsmkin

    seeds in their hard core og hardly medical grade don’t waist your time

  18. kihdwhite

    Very friendly, fast and inform with there product

  19. Nancypie11420

    I love the service here. This is the first place I went when I got my med card and was really nervous, but they totally put me at ease and helped me find some product that would be good for me.
    Selection was eh, as was the office… well suited for New River…

  20. Smokeking214

    Always the best and very knowledgeable

  21. chefette

    From Julie out front to my bud tender Josh, this place is awesome. Sure it’s more expensive than some but the buds are first rate. And they have a great point system unlike any other. I know I’ll be going back.

  22. aishole

    Super helpful and friendly staff, enjoyed all the strains, bottom, middle, and top! All really great dY~

  23. Talltattoomike

    The location for me is perfect it’s right off the 17 I can stop in either going to Phoenix or going home
    The employees are super sweet the budtenders are very knowledgeable and will help you find what you’re looking for

  24. TopReviewer90510

    This place has some rediculous prices, I mean $350 for top shelf, $300 for medium shelf, $190 for half ounce, and $110 for quarters. Just wrong, wrong wrong wrong. Competing you could say for patients over Bc wellness center. We’ll both places are doing it wrong. I think if you want to compete and want love from patients like me, you do $10 grams all across the board. Maybe if you really have top shelf then it should be a little higher, but honestly It can’t be top shelf, this isn’t california.

  25. 8585

    Have bought two cartridges tonight neither of which work bought their large tank two months ago and it leaked out before even got to try it

  26. heatherandtodd

    I love this place great prices and flower. Very friendly staff!!

  27. Leesie

    I was impressed with everything. The atmosphere is welcoming, clean and bright. The selection available is different and top quality. The staff was professional, knowledgeable and extremely pleasant. It was a pretty quick drive, and definitely worth the trip.

  28. Jmurv

    Went in last week for the first time. Zen is very organized and the budtender was really knowledgeable on their products. She was very helpful in helping me choose, and I was happy with what she suggested. There are lots of quality strains to look at, and she was kind enough to let me look at any that I was interested in. Also great prices on Clear carts. Highly recommend.

  29. Coachella

    I switched to concentrates from vaping flower about 2 years ago once all the dispensaries noticed that they can rip people off by using the worst product to make black tar BHO. The key word is Butune…AZ does not allow the dispensaries to import concentrates from CA, WA and CO. The tokers that made the switch had to accept either expensive watered down OPen products or go with a homemade black tar BHO from Timeless Vapes ect. I ended up using Timeless because the potency was consistent.
    That was until now people…The Clear that I purchased at Zen is the strongest oil that I have ever tried
    in AZ. Even the messed up Strawberry flavor tasted like vaping kool aid with a massive Vape clouds
    with every hit I have taken.
    The buzz is pure and true…the closest strain that I can compare this to is Blue Dream. And every time I hit it, it it the same happy uplifting start with a narcotic finish.
    The buzz lasts about 2 hrs with about 4-5 tokes.
    The cost is the only discrepancy that I am still trying to figure out?
    The cartridges are so much easier to use on the go than the “Buckets”
    that are available for dabbing. Cartridges are $60 for .6 grams versus $70 for a full gram in a really horrible bucket that is way too big for a gram of oil.
    I would like to see the loose oil put in a syringe so that it’s easier to load and match the price per gram with the cartridge.
    Zen, since u now have the best oil in AZ, it’s time to price the other BHO makers out of the market to get a head start on when all of this goes legal.
    At that point, Black tar or coconut oil will be unacceptable to all the card holders. I am thinking drop the cartridge price to $40 for 1/2 gram to match most of the BHO makers
    so that everyone in AZ will make the switch to The Clear.
    Thanks Zen for being forward thinking and going all in with The Clear at a time when all other dispensaries in AZ continue to push
    inferior products made with dangerous chemicals.

  30. rosez357

    Zen dispensary is a discreet, nice, and the most professional dispensary i have been to. the service is excellent and the quality and selection of medicine is even better! Tyler was very helpful and informative. i will be back soon!

  31. flipflop

    Very nice, well decorated place. The Gorilla Glue was the best on the Menu! I would suggest coming here for the atmosphere and that Gorilla Glue! Prices are killer too! I use to go to The holistic Center, looks like I may of found my new home!

  32. KWZ1968

    Best place to get the clear

  33. MrRiggins

    My favorite place by far! A must see!!! Very clean and great flowers!!! Zen’s in house shatter is insanely good..They know what they are doing…

  34. rad5796

    Great product, great location

  35. rwinans88

    Great staff and service, good flower and right next to Anthem!!!!

  36. therealandre

    The staffs great always friendly and it feels like just talking to friends bud prices are great definitely recommend!

  37. itzgood2B

    You guys should work on a better shatter and wax. Not happy with the selection of shatter or wax. Bought girl scout cookies(wax) the taste wasn’t there. Also got dark star clear, budtender said it would help insomnia. DID NOT HELP NO SLEEP VERY BUMMED OUT.
    When you go into a MM shop you should be able to smell the products in the store. No smell means not worth the purchase.

  38. Balldeepinkush420

    best dispo in arizona and i love the environment alomg with the staff I’ve never had a bad experience here I would recommend anyone who is newer or very experienced as these guys have alot of knowlage

  39. pattijoolyahoocom

    From the first time you enter the Dispensary and Jessica’s friendly attitude and smile makes you feel welcome!
    All the folks here are passionate about their work…extremely patient and are ready to help share their vast knowledge and they have not steered me wrong yet.
    Thanks Zen!

  40. ruvi323

    Always great advice on meds and the staff is awesome

  41. tquinio

    I have had my mmj card for over a year and just went here for the first time today. Drove up from suprise and it was worth it. The skunk was perfect. I havent tried the free gram of blueberry haze yet cause the skunk is so enjoyable.

  42. medame

    Nice facility,great staff!

  43. perpetuallyunkempt

    Succinctly put, if you don’t offer single lineage concentrates then you don’t offer medicine.
    I traveled over an hour to see your clear concentrates only to be told it was a hybrid mix with no specific attributes.
    how would one devise a treatment path without expectations of duration or effect?
    no apologies given, no plans on returning.

  44. sharif1024

    I just love this shop as a veteran this was the only shop that gave veterans free weed I haven’t been n here n over a year cuz I moved to wa f that weed up there there is better out here n la

  45. tdaz2004

    Fun place to visit.

  46. Zoey517

    Love this hidden gem
    Wonderful flower
    Worth the drive 🙂

  47. wii13

    Good prices

  48. markymarkjane

    This place is great! I was told by a little birdie that my favorite budtender will be there now? grab her before she is gone

  49. padlok

    disclaimer: i have yet to use any of the medicine i got there. that having been said the place was nice, the people were nice, they have a large selection of vape stuff and plenty of nice flowers. unfortunately they were sold out of concentrates when i visited but i was assured this is a rare occurrence. josh was knowledgeable, listened carefully to what i wanted and was very helpful in selecting the best medicine for me.
    thanks again!

  50. jeffreymichael

    I left my Zen’s points card there last time I visited there I know for a fact I did because when I left I was going to turn around and come back in because I realized I forgot it there. but then I was like I’ll get it next time I come back.
    When I came back asking for it you guys were talking about how things changed.that your not doing points anymore. and I have to have my Zen’s point card to get my remaining balance and I told them I didn’t have my card I left it here last time I was here and they straight up told me no you didn’t. Straight up lied to my face..no love for yall. .and im going to let everyone i know not to go there.

  51. blazinpandacorn

    Zen is very put together very nice people. Wish the staff was a bit more knowledgeable about the flower in stock. The flower is very good and I will be returning.

  52. TurbineBlues

    Great place! I’ve been here plenty of times and the staff has got to be, hands down, top dispensary in AZ, great staff, great prices.

  53. ryanshane13

    Very helpful staff and tasty meds

  54. IBlazeLounge

    Was treated amazing as a new patient! Great selections

  55. Justifyjohnny

    Nick hooked me up for my first time. They have good deals and the best cartridges. He was knowledgeable of the products and gave me suggestions I can’t wait to try. Will be a regular.

  56. crishhanks

    Quality buds, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and a good price range. Haven’t gone to any other dispensary (in my area) since my first time.

  57. commonsensebro

    Not bad, definitely better than what we have up north that’s for sure. I’ll probably be back

  58. rfud

    Great first time. The staff makes you feel at home.

  59. momchild

    they were so helpful, great selection. tryed medicated papers.

  60. chasesreviews

    Clear pens are the best. They have the best flavors and they provide a very nice high. Their top shelf flower is crazy amazing.

  61. DesertRat73

    They are always so amazing when I go in. As a person that loves “The Clear Concentrate”, finding this place in my back yard is like a dream. They are the storefront for “The Clear” and they have every flavor and size in stock. Not much of a drive for me, since I live in N. Phoenix, but a drive that would be worthwhile even if I had to drive all the way across town.

  62. ogkusher03

    Genuinely nice staff. The best flowers I’ve come across in the north valley. Great selection of OG’s when I went came here for the first time a couple days ago, hopefully it’s always like that!

  63. BigJ808

    i going to make a extra trip here heard good things

  64. DericC

    The flower quality is so unbelievably low and the price is immensely high for the low quality flower, edibles, and concentrates. Every time I go to this dispensary there is either a 20+ minute wait for only 1 person. The prices are extremely high for low quality materials. The bud tenders do not know what they are talking about nor do they know how to help the patients who actually need guidance. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME COMING HERE!

  65. BigOwwwie

    Great service, very friendly, first time in, answered all my questions thoroughly.

  66. K.frog7

    Great info and great staff

  67. Dixmoor85

    This will be my 2nd time visiting from central phx with in a week! This speaks to the knowledge and service Zen gives me…, def worth the drive!!!

  68. Boishort

    great visit always 🙂 great bud great price great people

  69. mmjlove85

    Personable and wonderful flower product!

  70. nrod8221

    great customer service knowledgeab8le staff especially miss Lisa. thanks.

  71. onewithtree

    Great selection of flower and excellent customer service!

  72. melsonqb

    I just had the pleasure of vaping some of The Clear vape cartridges. All three flavors I got, Blue Raz, Lime Sorbet, and Golden Goat, taste amazing and unlike any oil I have tried before. Very fruity and very clean. This is, by far, the most potent marijuana concentrate I have ever vaped and I am a long time concentrate user. The Clear is just something you have got to try for yourself to understand the potency and flavor. The hype around this amazing product is no lie and I was almost caught off guard with how satisfied I was with this product. Keep up the good work Zen! Very professional, very comfortable environment and employees, and of course, very potent medicine. I also tried a pre-rolled snake (joint wrapped in wax) and it was well worth the $29. I will definitely be back soon to pick up more vape cartridges. I love how discrete the cartridges are. Really great experience, thanks!

  73. 562zm

    excellent customer service. very knowledgeable. variety is superb. beautiful store and very clean.

  74. SlickRick94

    I loved this place! Very great service & knowledgeable about every product I had questions about. Top shelf flower!

  75. AmySmary

    I love it here. They know their stuff.

  76. missthang

    Had an awesome experience here, the staff was very knowledgable and took their time to answer all my questions. Totally recommend!

  77. azironfurn

    I visited Zen Dispensary for the first time yesterday and am so impressed. From the moment I walked in to when I walked out I was very well taken care of.
    My budtender, JOSH, is not only an obviously awesome person to deal with in general, but was incredibly helpful when it came to customer service and was impressively knowledgeable about ALL of the products that I inquired on. I had a bunch of questions on different medicine options and he patiently and thoroughly explained them to me, really went above and beyond so I was able to make good buying decisions based on my needs.

    These guys have an excellent variety of medicine and really great quality that I can now attest to!

    TIP: GET THE “ZEN CARD” (just ask for it, it is free) AND BUILD UP 5% IN CREDIT ON YOUR PURCHASES…. on top of their already great prices and seemingly endless special offers… you can only win at this place. Worth the drive… can’t say enough good things… I’ve been to a few places over the years and this is instantly my new place.
    -Ryan R.

  78. Fairflower

    Very friendly and knowledgeable. Reasonable prices

  79. ladyshaman

    Very nice people. Easy to talk to & supportive.

  80. Kjnnjk

    Beautifly location great selection and service!!

  81. tasslehoff

    I really like this dispensary. Their product and service was well worth the drive. I am impressed they are the creators of the clear and their focus on including landrace strains is commendable. I will be back. They are right next to a pizza place grab a pie and your meds.

  82. Iam4ou

    Awesome prices and friendly service!!!

  83. tylerstevens

    Fire buds

  84. ShadowDkHorse


  85. Gnarlonbrando2984

    Pretty awesome. Never a long wait. Very knowledgeable staff.

  86. Warrior1477

    This place is worth the drive! Their cake batter will put you down.

  87. janetc0000

    always the best! so nice and pretty new on top of great stuff. the staff always puts up with my questions, and they know the answers too!!! ;o) thank you Zen. ill be back!!!

  88. shaunarenee

    This place is great! They have a large selection with fair prices and the people are awesome. Cory is an amazing bud-tender, he’s very knowledgeable, helpful and super friendly. He always gives great recommendations. I have no reason to shop anywhere else for my marijuana needs. Zen is the best. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

  89. mandy8484

    Amazing bud! The employees are helpful and awesomedY~%0 love this place!!!

  90. jojog

    Great service and super friendly staff. Prices are great and they’ve been running some awesome deals lately. Nice displays and great atmosphere. Has recently become my favorite place!

  91. Srfrank45

    Perfectly located near my house, this location is 5 stars . Chill and honest staff. The thca sour tangie gave me the pain relief and mood lift I needed, another great recommendation by Corey!!!

  92. rosey422

    I came in because of my curiosity about The Clear vape pens. I have to say that the effects and taste made it worth the trip. They were very patient and accurate on their product knowledge. The buds were high quality and frosty. I recommend u make the trip to Zen.

  93. RideFastDieHard

    its a great place. friendly and laid back, everybodys down to earth there curtious very informative and quick to answer questions. ive recommended a few friends to this place.

  94. shychef

    I was surprised at just how spacious and clean the shop is! large selection of flowers edibles as well as wax/shatter! everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable! Great specials as well! I highly recommend!

  95. HighTendenciezzz

    I’ve never been to this dispensary in my life but I’m so greatful that they created the check your allotment online. it’s so convenient and they’re the only Arizona dispensary and way to check your allotment without having to go in person or call around. life savers! just for that I’m giving you 5 stars all around and maybe someday when I’m close I’ll stop in. thanks again!!!

  96. Steven4201080

    I travel All The Way From 7st And Baseline South Phoenix For The Clear And Love It Ppl R Great There.. I Take A Ride Out Like 3 to 4 times A Month .. THE CLEAR IS BOMB!!!!

  97. mr.verde

    The knowledge from the budtender gas great

  98. Polito505

    Loved the product & the staff always made sure i left satisfied. !

  99. Lacy01

    The shop is small and packed with so much. Great help and patience with the new patient. Thank you.

  100. sohrer

    The only place I go to. Always quality with fair price and friendly staff. A bit out of the way but worth the drive.

  101. CottonJohnson

    Great location great staff great strains love redhead 18

  102. ThatNastyKid

    I love Zen! I came in the other day after visiting the lake and picked up the 8$ strains of white lightning and Jilly Bean and I tell you whhhat they were better then the more expensive stuff around the valley!! The concentrates are pretty cheap too and look super good not like the nasty stuff these other dispensaries try to sell for dirt cheap! I will be back and will recommend this place to everyone I know!

  103. mandy84

    Love this place!! people are amazing and the flower is the bomb!!!!!

  104. cookies928

    Staff was great!! Nice environment love all the different sections plus wonderful cookies!!
    Thank you guys keep up the good workdY~f

  105. chasemurdaugh

    Never disappoints !

  106. jabbaajanet

    great people, always helpful, but i write this for the new RSO oil. its wonderful stuff, wow, im impressed! really love it. gotta try it everyone, its the best i have ever had. nice mellow feeling, lasted a very long time. i put it in a empty gel capsule, works great that way.

  107. pvlimoguy

    See Sam The best bartender in the best in knowledgeable of the products.

  108. Frank11b

    awesome people working there! its far from me but worth the drive so i will be going back.

  109. 71OiL

    If you like the smell of cigarettes and loud bar music come shop here. Besides the fact the entrance is just mere feet from a biker bar. The inventory is low stocked and low quality. Employees seem to have gotten PR training from Oscar the grouch, make sure to not ask many questions or you might get the look of death. Plan on being heavily medicated before shopping here.

  110. crick3tbird

    great Place!

  111. Jcarter422

    Very nice people. Good deals

  112. sgt524


  113. trev445

    Great fast friendly service, good all around, I will definitely be back when I’m in the area

  114. patwilkins

    I will be there this weekend passing through can’t wait to stop and see what you have.

  115. junebug88

    Great customer service, convenient and the flower was potent

  116. 6JakenBake7

    I have yet to to be disappointed with each and every visit to Zen. I really love their product not to mention an awesome staff to back it all up. the environment is excellent, and they really are there to help you. No matter my mood for the day, because I’m always leaving Zen with a smile! I’d recommend it to anyone!!

  117. dmdbackfan

    I purchased one of the brand new Shatter Pens that they are now selling and I love it!!!! It is so convenient and super cheap. They have the best Shatter in town as well. I have tried a couple of other places and the Shatter tasted like soap and did nothing. Zen’s Shatter relieves my back pain better than any opiate that I have been prescribed. Thanks again guys!!!

  118. PsychoStoner

    this is my favorite shop, some of their stuff is pricey but usually all of their flower is totally bomb, I’ve even bought a couppe bongs here and a dab rig (and vape pen). the clear for dabbing or the pen is freaking amazing.

    give these guys your business, it will be worth it

  119. spjrit


    pricepoint 10/g = dYtmdY1/4dYtmdY1/4dYtmdY1/4dYtmdY1/4dYtmdY1/4dYtmdY1/4dYtmdY1/4
    pyschoactiveness = dY’>>dY’>>dY’>>
    taste = as!i,aoe”dYOEtm
    calm-ability = dYdegdYdegdYdegdYdegdYdegdYdeg
    anti inflammatoryness=dY’*dY1/2dY’*dY1/2dY’*dY1/2

  120. imjustagirl1979

    It’s a little far out there but they definitely have a great selection and quality meds. They also had products that I can never seem to find anywhere else so definitely worth the drive up to New River.

  121. kiuney

    Excellent service and selection!

  122. Chrly

    great location great bud and great people

  123. Thunderbird1624

    Zen is always on point! Flower and concentrated do not disappoint. Service is always on par too! Keep it up Zen!!!

  124. Fresh1003

    Great Place

  125. herbalorchid

    Always a great time at Zen! The knowledgeable staff go above and beyond creating the ultimate patient experience. You’ll find nothing but top quality flowers and extensive selection of edibles and concentrates. Stop by for sure and don’t forget to ask about the Tarantula!

  126. Freethebudaz

    5 stars. Liked the large inventory and selections. Store was very busy but only waited 5 minutes.

  127. Kevo1243

    I was referred to Zen from one of my buddies and have been coming here on and off for a little over a year. If you like The Clear(which I do) this is by far the best place to go. You can’t beat the prices and weekly deals. As far as flower, they don’t have the biggest selection but they have very high quality, great stuff. The only knocks I have against Zen are the location, it’s pretty far away if you live in Phoenix! And while 99% of the employees are very nice and knowledgeable, there have been a couple times when the budtender or the front desk person seemed a bit grumpy, but I have that experience pretty much everywhere.
    TLDR. I highly recommend Zen, especially if you like The Clear.

  128. Gregbrady

    great place to be!

  129. schwisow

    Always great product and a friendly knowledgeable staff..

  130. Mrs.WhiteWidow

    Too my friends, this is a must stop in and see for yourself the place is very welcoming and clean. I am new to this, Justin took his time to privide my with tons of information and made me feel at home. Ladies you definitely need to stop in the guys are friendly and VERY good looking!

  131. aquilifer

    I loved it! I have a propylene glycol allergy and can attest their product did not irritate my lungs in the least! A great first time: I was able to try the apple cider and their cartridges. The employees seemed knowledgeable about the products, and personally experienced with their different versions of products. A much smaller dispensary than the advertising had me believe; this is actually a quaint little dispensary that seemed to have a quality contribution to the medical community.

  132. jstengel

    Very clean place. Modern western vibe, nice and welcoming people, they’re great. The meds are top shelf. I will be sure to come back later.

  133. motown45

    If your a senior,& or a vet ur that all the time not just Tuesday or Wednesday”what’s up with those restrictions” ???

  134. Tallula

    Meds are great. The Clear is lovely- Grapevine and BluRaz!

  135. Lordsmith8883

    This place is great!

  136. Mattcart

    awesome flower good prices worth going to you won’t be disappointed

  137. jetpack702

    Most exclusive gas! The Clear is an absolute game changer and will leave you stunned (literally)!

  138. PuffinBear

    I am nearing senior citizen status and I am by no means new to the marijuana culture. I am however extremely new to the culture of medical marijuana dispensaries. I don’t write reviews but, in this case, I thought it could help someone.
    I tried numerous dispensaries in the northern Phoenix area. I learned a lot and I have compared a lot. Finally, I have achieved the confidence to offer advice.
    My dispensary of choice is Zen Dispensary in New River. Sound like a long drive? It’s worth it. For knowledge, friendly service, quality product, good pricing and cleanliness aEUR” Zen ranked higher than any I visited.
    I learned several things in my search. I will never buy pre-packaged again preferring to only buy aEURoedeli styleaEUR. I want to see and smell the same flower that I will be purchasing. The nose knows, and I don’t like thinking I am buying the right bud and open the package to find that it is not a fair representation of what I thought I was buying. The resulting product was much dryer and did not have the bouquet that attracted me in the first place.
    Cleanliness is also important given the recent reporting of mold and other issues with product.
    You know when you are with someone that knows that they’re doing, cares about what they’re doing and cares about you and providing a good business experience.
    Thank you, Zen Dispensary. You have met and exceeded my expectations earning my business and motivating me to recommend you to others.

  139. ajjbroncos420

    Nice place. Friendly staff and good products. Will be returning for sure. Well worth the drive from North Phx.

  140. HappySmokin4120

    Amazing product. Extremely slow!!! Always have a full staff but no one is working. Did a pickup order. Waited 45 min and had to call them. Then they proceeded to say they didn’t have anything in the system. So they took my order and said it’ll be ready in 5 showed up 15 mins later only to wait another 20… be PREPARED TO WAIT even if your only one there

  141. pjgresq22

    thanx to people at zen for the hook up today, i could live a lil pain free, see you real soon!!!!!

  142. BakedRae

    Zen is amazing. All around best dispensary! The new reward card is awesome. Ps… I came in today to get a tarantula roll and there was none. Better get on it Josh!!!

  143. fishguy623

    Great medicine and friendly staff. Best price to buy the clear. Flower is always right on spot at a great price. I love this place it’s 5 minutes away from my house.

  144. Dr420MDinAZ

    The clear….zen is the premier dispo without a doubt. Zens clear is the best I have had out off all the spots in the PNW and California. Not only is their clear on point, they actually care about YOU. The clear is not for everyone. If you are a patient you should have a sense as to what the clear is great for. If you have a more specific indication that needs a more focused approach, maybe The Clear isn’t for you. Make no mistakes about it, The clear is as potent as can be, try it for yourself and ignore the ignorance. This is about QUALITY folks…..if you want quality, compassion and a place that stands by their meds and always makes it right…go to ZEN you wont be disappointed!!!

  145. jdirker3976

    Best cartridges out there! Super clean. Best taste! Highest potency.

  146. Terri51

    High quality (no pun intended) products! They treat Veterans extemely well! Great location, amazing flower and their brand of concentrates unsurpassed! Thank you!!!

  147. Sonofaglich

    The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. Wide variety of amazing product at great prices.

  148. drmac

    Place is clean, safe, and professional with an excellent assortment of natural medical needs! Highly recommend!

  149. ReefRoman

    never seen a dispensary so unpopulated and slow at the same time. love the quality but hate the wait.

  150. Nhhrkka7

    Ask about the tarantula! Thanks for the tip!

  151. djexplicit5

    great cartridges and top shelf flower.

  152. flowbro

    Best dispensary hands down in AZ, staff is great bud is great. Everything about this place is top notch and they know what they are doing. Look out for this place in the next couple of months. They will be bringing bigs things to AZ. keep it up!

  153. honestgirl49

    excellent service. The staff is highly intelligent and knows their business very well. Always familiar with their inventory.

  154. morgan85209

    Budtenders here are awesome, patient and knowledgeable. You may have a wait but totally worth it.

  155. fryefam0400

    Pretty good meds a little pricey but location is very convenient for north valley residents

  156. Ashleymarie2091

    Everyone at Zen is so knowledgeable about everything in their shop! They are also very friendly! I would recommend Zen to other patients! dY~S

  157. dalton3226

    These guys are great. they have a great first time patient deal which is always an incentive but just wait until you see their bud, all three tiers look and smell amazing. i could not be most impressed with them!! well worth the drive.

  158. ZenFan

    The staff is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and patient, with a good product selection. This repeat customer recommends this dispensary.

  159. mikeskrilla12

    It’s awesome everyone is great and very knowledgeable

  160. emt855

    Best place in the north valley. Great service and very helpful staff. Great quiet location. Easy off and on the freeway on your way north.

  161. Bravo71

    Great set up and although the selection may seem in a smaller variation the quality is Awesome! The employees are knowledgeable and patient. Easy to get to location and a feeling of a secure environment. Great customer service and you don’t get junk for the low price they offer. Great Quality for a low price. Now Vet discount due to already very low price to adapt to tax on product.

  162. blazedandconfusedgal

    Came here for the clear concentrate, nice and clean. Love the atmosphere, quality medicine! Will be back!!

  163. wizkhalipus

    Super friendly and awesome strains- I love Durban poison ! 🙂

  164. jcdabz

    Ross, Justin, and the WHOLE ENTIRE STAFF!! At Zen dispensary, are top shelf! A++++ customer service, prompt to help you find the correct strain or explain new strain traits to you. They actually CARE!
    By the way, THANK YOU so much for going out of your way, today.

  165. YungShameless

    Best in AZ. Wish we had a Zen on the West.

  166. CannibasQueen59

    Talk about finding “My Zen”, this place is almost it when it comes to find that perfect dispensary fit..Very knowledgeable, patient and helpful staff – no pressure to know everything there is to know about cannabis (for those of you that have experienced that feeling of almost being judged by your “budtender” because you aren’t a a cannabis efficientnato – you know what I am talking about). A very Zenfull experience, especially since they carry Tommy Chong “Chongs Choice” BruceBanner Prerolls, which always make me smile..

  167. Ed1968

    My second visit from Prescott,called ahead of time about a Couple of QT’S great deals great service they even gave me a Pre-roll that hit the spot ! Thanks Zen !!!

  168. KnightRider420

    Once again a great experience.

  169. MLee3D

    Home to my favorite medication, The Clear. Zen Dispensary is run by a knowledgeable, caring, and helpful staff. I will be visiting often…

  170. TMCernak3

    Location is great right off the freeway. There is never a wait always staffed properly. The Staff is great and Very knowledgable with the strains and very patient. I always have lots of questions regarding edibles, strains and oils due to my chronic pain. So very grateful that they take great care of their patientsdYtm,

  171. Benv10

    Anytime I go up north this dispensary is always a must! Absolutely premium quality bud..some of the freshest I’ve seen in the valley..a little pricey but hey..you pay for what you get..top shelf fire deli style service..no pre packaged BS..if you haven’t been..id highly recommend! Great knowledgeable service!

  172. joseoc

    great people and very clean and nice inside, very cool set up the staff is great and helpful, quality meds for sure! they got a new regular customer

  173. rollands420

    Awesome people.great prices.

  174. nolanlicata

    Right off the 17.. closer than you think..

  175. RebelCharm

    Christina was so helpful and knowledgeable. Very clean, pleasant atmosphere. Love the Clear Concentrates! Very very pleased first time patient who will continue to use this dispensary!

  176. Dominickb7783

    Hands down best dispensary in AZ. I’ve been coming here for almost a year and I can honestly say they’re are still my #1 choice. The staff treats you like family and they do their best ALWAYS to help you get the right products for your specific needs. Take the time to stop and check out Zen Dispensary and there awesome staff.

  177. jscottblalock

    From the first time that you walk in the door, you can feel the positive energy. The waiting area is comfortable, and front desk employees are all great. The bud tenders always greet you with a smile. My favorite bud tender is Aaron. He is always upbeat and professional. You can count on honest recommendations. He is happy to go over any questions that I may have, and if he doesn’t know the answer he willingly does some research. I have been to several other dispensaries in the valley, and Zen is by far my favorite. Most recently Aaron introduced me to White Lightening. It is a wonderful indica hybrid.

    If you are looking for a friendly, comfortable dispensary, Zen is the place to!

    Disclosure: I am a little medicated at the moment.

  178. RodneyZ

    Very Helpful and Friendly staff, great selection!

  179. UnKleShaggi1

    Great service, prices could be more competitive. Great strains!

  180. jess873

    Great staff ,awesome meds for a great price ! Loved the twax papers.

  181. Tiffney2018

    great prices great staff. always clean.

  182. sabraham50

    Great dispensary. Frank and the rest of the team treat you fantastically. The sell the Clear which is my favorite vape.

  183. Haggar99

    Bombest of the bomb flower and shatter, Josh is the man your looking for with amazing conversations, much experience and top of the line attitude

  184. Spudsliz

    Easy to get to off the 17

  185. hollynicole1217

    Great wax, bud, and edibles! Aaron is a very helpful and knowledgeable budtender. Definitely try this location if you haven’t yet.

  186. Kissee8553

    I have been coming here since it opened. Always great service and product.

  187. April3ds

    location was convenient for where I live, staff was very helpful answered a lot of my questions very friendly atmosphere awesome first time visit

  188. thethirday

    Truly a great dispensary. They know their flowers. One of two locations that look up what i last bought and ask about my experiences with it. The drive is far, but pricing is good and deli-style flowers are weighed n trimmed for optimal purchasing. I recommend when u head North… stop here 1st.

  189. dannycanny13

    Zen is the absolute golden standard for medical dispensaries. Product quality, staff knowledge and friendliness, all over cleanliness of the facility. My all time favorite shop. Feels great walking into a place and everybody greets you by name.

  190. jamorecraft

    Great service and amazing selection! the best clear vapes ever!

  191. mikeatcaz

    Thank you for treating your new patients so well. I will be back!

  192. jackeboy

    It is a great little shop and the meds look superior!! Did not have anything left on my card but cannot wait to go back Thursday!! Also, it is great for us Veterans…..

  193. johnleon420

    Drove 40 minutes to get here n I hope I get some bomb

  194. Viksvette

    Their trees was amazing i had their paris og and loved it!! Definitely gonna try their clear tub next time too

  195. charmanderbing710

    The staff is really patient and helpful. I love the Zen rewards program. They have an extensive inventory of cannabis products, but I recommend checking out the Clear.

  196. Lauraneedsmeds

    Love Love love Zen!….very knowledgeable, friendly and the flower is Great!…..my new favorite Dispensary hands down!…..

  197. 420christoker

    Great place, stop by if you haven’t yet! Cory always helps me out!
    High quality flower.

  198. Jude

    This is the worst dispensary I have been too. The head honcho is a jerk and they insist on patients filling out forms unlke any other dispensary I have been too. They wanted all kinds of information and when I asked why they gave me some stupid excuse, “it’s the law’. If it is the law then why don’t other dispensaries ask for that information?

    Their prices are really high and the quality just doesn’t justify the price when so many dispensaries offer the same thing for less.

    Save yourself the hassle and the money and go elsewhare.

  199. Lacer

    All around best dispencery in northern az…they give back each & every visit with zen rewardsdY~

  200. PawPawTuTu

    the convenience of the clear is worth five stars

  201. Nolvie

    My first visit here today and I couldn’t be happier! Nick (I think his name was) was awesome, he gave me some great recommendations on flower, which is beautiful by the way!
    So far I’ve only tried the Moose & Lobsta and I’m loving it. I can’t wait to try the AMF OG this evening!
    The atmosphere was perfect to me, I felt like I was with friends back home in San Diego.
    Overall, A+ to me and I will definitely be back, totally worth the trip. dYtm,

  202. Chadstr

    Ask for Angela or Kristina for the best service, bet budtenders in the West

  203. yankeered2k6

    Very cool, very friendly, very expensive. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. 19$ grams are worth every penny. Highly recommend this place! You won’t get this quality at any other dispensary in north Phoenix.

  204. PuffinRillo

    Great workers at shop. Super helpful and great quality medication.

  205. ayyyyyyyyaya

    The staff here are extremely friendly and knowledgeable, great quality bud at very affordable prices absolutely love the clear V3’s. definitely would recommend as I am a regular

  206. brysonsucks

    Great quality buds with some what reasonable prices in a convenient location just off the i17, I used to come in all the time and loved it but yesterday I came in for the first time in months and had a couple issues. The check-in woman seemed to like she hated her job and couldn’t wait to leave and the day had just started, okay it happens I understand, and then they had 2 bud tenders and I had to wait 15-20 minutes on 1 bud tender tending to the 1 patient before me, once again it happens I understand, but as I was leaving after I got my meds and I was waking out the door I heard my bud tender say ” this is complete bullshit, I didn’t get a single tip from any of them” and at that point I decided that I will not come back to this dispensary no matter how good the quality or how convienent the location is.

  207. Sneakerfreak420

    Great budtenders, specials and home of the clear.

  208. mechmech

    I love the new price of the clears $30!!

  209. azaloha2u

    Best Dispensary in AZ. Staff truly care about patients and remember your name. Small town neighborhood feel with amazing in house product.

  210. Jupitertwine

    Very knowledgeable and friendly staff, particularly Ross. They have gone out of their way to accommodate just about every edible request I have made and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Always quality wax/shatter as well. Someone is always cracking a joke and I leave with a smile. “Highly” recommend!

  211. Lexilay7

    Great lobby and staff

  212. Kjstumpf70

    Stop at Zen for the first time and had a great experience , staff was friendly and very knowledgable of the products, would recommend to anyone to stop in.

  213. gamelover2247

    The staff is super friendly and they have an awesome selection of flower to choose. The shatter is bomb and for a good price so I’d highly recommend coming here

  214. Ckbud

    Fast, Friendly and always a deal.

  215. cheltsley

    Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Always great selection. Definitely one of the best in Phoenix area <3

  216. sbickar

    Ran into a little hitch here at Zen today. Brought it to Tonys attention and it was rectified immediately. Thank you Tony for looking out for your customers!

  217. Bizzysmomma1417

    Best dispo

  218. AllSick

    Liked this place. The OG was legit. Cindy 99 was a little dry but still nice.
    Definitely coming back.

  219. headisdead

    Zen Dispensary is amazing, always worth the drive!

  220. Latinchef76

    Convenient and customer oriented.

  221. Attila

    Nice hidden gem in new river. High Quality of flowers and the clear selection is great. All the staff are great and knowledgeable

  222. JDinPHX

    Like the business model. Excellent info on the containers provided – no one else does it your way. Also, no one else has such great offers – I will not be shopping anywhere else.

    Free OpenVape pen and discounted cartridges. I got tons of free stuff trip 1. $55 to purchase, I calculated.

    Love the N Anthem location as the city stores are often ROUGH in ROUGH areas. I tend to pack, so leaving an expensive weapon in the car is a bit of a risk on the south side, walking into a mostly cash business. You understand. There are usually so many cops in the city dispensaries that it’s almost like having armed security guards!

    I’m set on Zen in N Anthem.

  223. aasen75

    Nothing better than having an awesome dispensary like Zen just down the road from me. Great service, awesome products and super friendly peeps. I gave it a 4 for atmosphere cuz it’s kinda bright inside and my stoner eyes like it a little dimmer. Lol. Is that too picky?

  224. laurenashley305

    Great quality herbs and products. Cool budtenders and a fabulous selection and location. Easy to find and cool people. Will def come back again 5 stars

  225. 232love

    Love the front office girls! Budtenders are knowledgeable, PATIENT, and always listening to cool tunes…the flowers are fresh and the Peanut Butter Brownie is to die for…ohh, and The Clear is here!

  226. crazyhawaiian

    Superb flower and excellent pricing on 1000mg cartridges. Definitely worth the drive from Goodyear.

  227. Dr.GreenthumbAZ

    This is my favorite shop by far! They always have an awesome selection of Meds, Concentrates & Edibles and somehow always seem to be getting in new things. Their prices are great, and you get what you pay for here. Their Top Shelf Bud is as good as if not better than anywhere else I have been, and I am a highly discriminating connoisseur! Not to mention they are always running killer specials! THIS PLACE REMINDS ME OF CALI!!! I Love it, keep up the great work guys!!!!!

  228. Nicole10w

    I love this place and the whole staff!! I never leave disappointed. They know their stuff. I always have plenty of questions and they can always answer them and it helps me decide which medication is best for me. Thank you all. Highly recommend.

  229. alpha772

    this was my 1st stop after I got my card and it’s the only place I go now. I have been using the clear vape pen and it’s been flawless and the available flavors are great. personally the potent pineapple and lemon haze are my favorites but I honestly haven’t had one that wasn’t great.
    The store is super clean and staff is very helpful top notch service. do yourself a favor and give them a try it’s well worth it.

  230. queentammyjo

    My first experience here was delightful. As a newbie, the budtender was bet informative & patient. She took the time to help me find the perfect bud for my RLS (Amnesia). I did not feel rushed as I have at other dispensaries. Thx Zen!

  231. rephtar

    This was one of the first disperies I visited and it will always be a favorite. great buds and location

  232. acboyd1978

    Nice place for a quick trip. Flower prices still high compared to others until they start growing their own. Clear pens cheapest found though.

  233. jairordz420

    Always friendly and helpful! Freshest buds in the area!!

  234. Garthvader

    Great bud and good people

  235. Mikestoller

    If you ever come in chances are you might get Corey or Christina. These two are absolutely lovely, so friendly, fun, and fresh! Zen dispensary is always offering advanced tech in cannabis industry, you’ll find Bryan working his wizardry in the back. Try his The Clear Papers.

  236. SFrankel

    hi mmj community! you have to try Da Vinci Extracts from Zen. One pull will have you soaring. The true OG extract is stronger for pain relief than anything I have ever tried. I am floored!! by the customer service they provide. soo down to earth and compassionate to patients. Can’t wait to try the clear infused rolling paper. It’s been a while but I think I can remember how to roll a J.. thank you Zen Masters!

  237. PBread

    Quiet spot; great atmosphere.

  238. dankstankz

    Great place for flowers! Gotta try gorilla glue. It’s a little far but well worth the drive. And they have baked bros! Will be going back

  239. mpm1215

    I really like this place I stop by anytime I’m on I 17. Great prices and wonderful quality.

  240. mumz

    Great place. Awesome employees. Best place for The clear. The Flower and wax is great quality. I had the Holy Grail Shatter- A+ and a Clear cartridge, which even leaked soon after and they worked with me in every way. 5 stars across the board and well worth the drive.
    Hands down.

  241. djrodder

    The best Dispensary in AZ by far Great Products and great service

  242. BHempingway

    the clear is an awesome product! Big props to Zen

  243. jnew10

    Great location, zen always has the profits I’m looking for at good prices, and a great helpful staff working there as well

  244. streetfield

    The buds are awesome. I love the location. Thank you!

  245. Wolfpacksamuel

    Everyone at this location is very knowledgeable and helpful. They always help me find the correct meds for my ailments. Ross is awesome.

  246. Acap24

    Amazing! Unbelievably friendly and knowledgeable and the quality of product for the price is top notch! Christine (or Christina) was unbelievably helpful and friendly today, and her coworker was super friendly too and they made the atmosphere great!

  247. boggieman32

    Great high quality meds at reasonable prices. This place is a must try and is conveniently located just 15 min north of happy valley.

  248. Chris999

    Great selection and excellent service. Highly recommended!

  249. DMNRGHT

    I cannot rate Zen and the staff at Zen high enough; love this place! Thank you Frank for talking me through the many options and by not pressuring me while you approached closing. The White Rhino o-Pen was great, I would recommend for those with back pain. Much Needed decompression and set into a deep relaxed peace. Stress has melted away and I’m so grateful.

  250. RudeBway

    High quality everything top notch dispensary. Defiantly will come back again.

  251. Pattykane088

    Very good quality medicine and the people are super friendly!

  252. CObham

    The ZEN has great weed strains to pick from and even greater serving up the buds. CH

  253. Wildserenity

    Really nice people, clean, they answered all my questions. Helped me decide on an initial order and gave me a bunch of free stuff! Awesome!

  254. stonedprincess19

    Awesome staff and really great shatter and of course The Clear! Private reserve shatter was amazing!!

  255. mattyuu87

    best damn dispensary on the west valley for sure!! go here asap!!!

  256. thccup2016

    I like this dispensary a lot and is now my home dispensary. Go to Dale for one of most seasoned and knowledgeable budtenders around! Always gives me great info. on the large variety of strains. He is extremely professional and polite. 5 star service!

  257. leafetae

    thx for the Super bowl deals!!

  258. kaipoi

    Great meds

  259. courtncoz3

    My favorite place to go, the employees are amazing & very knowledgeable, their bud is fresh top shelf! They have a great rewards program as well! High quality!

  260. Pickledherron

    I love zens because they r there if in need I just want to say thank you for every good experience

  261. FeelingFroggyAz

    First time coming in. The staff was helpful and knowledgeable. Definitely will be back

  262. corycalhoun344

    Awesome Dispensary……Good smoke and the Clear is amazing!!! Only complaint is that they don’t offer any specials for medicinal users…. You half to be a Vet or senior….. Where’s the compassion for the every day medical user….:( Awesome place, but I’d proab spend more and visit more if they had discount day for everyone…..

  263. IandI

    Good people who really understand their products and helped me out on my first vape pen. However, DON’T like The CLEAR products they sell. Both the sativa and indica made me feel kind of stupid and unfocused, compared to other brands I’ve tried. Plus, the Clear brand names are TOTALLY MISLEADING. For instance, “Golden Goat” isn’t the strain Golden Goat, it’s just some unknown sativa or hybrid that happens to share a very specific name of popular strain. Personally, I think that’s BS. I don’t blame Zen for that, but won’t buy The Clear again for that reason and for the it’s less than pleasant effects.

  264. 1122

    it’s new so my choices were limited, but the stewards were extremely knowledgeable with the perfect blend of laid-back professionalism!
    The location gives a great feeling of mainstream acceptance and only 11 minuntes away, I like that! Good luck guyz…and by the way, your senior discount on Tuesdays and Wednesdays immediately put you in my top dispensaries and referrals list!

  265. dcab87

    Really good quality

  266. Milliondabs

    Best dispensary Frank is the dude. Thanks for the bomb every time.

  267. BudJudge

    This is one of the new spots in Arizona and they are quickly proving to be one of the best! The selection of flowers is always topshelf! Would recommend anyone to drop in!

  268. AlpineHippie

    Great place. They do a great job with quality control and customer service.

  269. csuego63

    Everyone is so kind & friendly.
    Very comfortable atmosphere

  270. Zachery97

    tried the banana OG highly recommended for night time use tasty potent strain.

  271. livetoride

    This was my 2nd visit to Zen after a bad experience at the next closest dispensary. Once again I was very satisfied with the service I received. No overselling here…. Just questions about what I am trying to find and options presented to me. The green cross blimp made it very easy to find.

  272. Ammie

    Very clean and inviting. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

  273. SmokeyMcPot8824

    Best dispensary north of the 101!

  274. MelKb

    This place rocks totally worth the drive they take care of you every time. BEST PLACE EVER!!

  275. jokerhawkgreen

    the flower has amazing CrystalsaEUR< .my bud tender (I think his name was Ryan)was friendly and knowledgeable.i am excited to try my meds .you guys keep up the great work

  276. ronstinson

    ZEN in newriver is a very nice & clean shop with very helpful and knowledgeable employees.
    the guy behind the counter was very friendly and a big help.
    thank you Zen for a great experience.
    I will be going back soon and recommend Zen to everyone.

  277. Mfc757

    If you haven’t tried this place yet your doing it all wrong. best dispensary hands down!

  278. AngelaMae

    I’m never dissatisfied with the top shelf quality flower I get from Zen. This week’s Hopes Cookies was on fire.

  279. hairbrained

    Some of the best products available. The Twax papers they make are awesome!!! My new favorite, papers covered in tastiness, makes your flower way more potent, and the taste is way better. Also, The Clear, all the other brands for vaping make me have a terrible headache, but not the clear, it works great, tastes great and NO headache at all. I recommend this to anyone who gets headaches from the pens. The employees here are not only friendly but extremely knowledge in the products. Best Dispensary around for sure!!!

  280. butch13

    I’m very impressed with your shop love it. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable,great selection and pricing fun to visit Zen

  281. Hhutch

    This place is my favorite!

  282. PhatTommy

    How could I have waited so long to make it into Zen!?! Nice Folks ! 😎 Thanks Corey, for the Cactus OG, delicious . As a “N.P.”, I was gifted with a Gram of Star Killer. Very Nice Touch! Just off the I 17 at New River, a surprise awaits at a great little dispensary. Try it sometime and be amazed! PhatTommy Says

  283. Lacers36

    The thing I like most about ZEN is that when I come in they make me feel more like a friend than just some customer. Thanks you guys and ill see you soon dY~~

  284. Imagreen

    Love the friendly, knowledgeable staff, and their specials!

  285. bohomosapien

    Went to Zen originally bc its closest to my house… I wanted to try every dispensary though, and get my free gram at each place.. But the knowledge of the bud tenders and even the kindness of the receptionist staff keeps me coming back. I’ve only ever shopped at one other dispensary. There’s a real family atmosphere here.. They remember your name, they remember your favorite strands. One time I was short by a dollar and some change, and they covered it. They got your back here.

  286. Ctnpatty420

    I loved the lavender Jones and i would have never got it If not for the awesome budtender!!!dY~SdY”Y=dYOE2dY'”dY~EUR

  287. mari7Juan7a

    a great place to get your meds,
    always fun to visit

  288. Dpaladin4199

    Great bud

  289. candybaby

    I don’t feel like I said enough about the new TWAX paper’s. I used with BTY OG. I have never felt better, my head and body feel better than ever! I can’t say enough about the product and pretty sure once you try the TWAX paper’s you will definitely want more. please save me a couple. The best flower product I have had in a very long time! totally worth trying!

  290. sabrina4e

    I’m pretty impressed with this place. Very clean workers know what they are talking about and are very nice. I would recommend this place to a lot of my friends

  291. nkdmike

    Good location, helpful and friendly staff. (important for us newbies) Good mix of quality products. It’s THE place to go when you are North.

  292. wpatterson88

    Very nice flower selection. CannaTsu cbd strain was wonderful! Master kush mixed with Tsu is a great night time relief!

  293. brattnei

    This place has been my favorite place to go get my meds. The flowers are always potent and strong. They treat me with the most great reapest. The ppl are sp friendly and Personable. I love going here. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Love you guys.

  294. smartpot420

    The location is great, buds are nice and tastey. The untrained staff was friendly and coaxed me into signing up for a rewards card to get 10% off. Not really sure why all dispensarys have memberships or rewards anyway. I dont have to be a member of “in and out” burger to get their best price. Also, if you are going to have a veterans discount, then allow it every day! Not just certain days of the week or year, please. The soldiers didnt say “you know i dont want to fight for our freedom today, maybe just on wed and fri we will fight!” dY~Z

  295. ThomasKirkham

    very reasonable prices & a friendly, professional, knowledgeable staff. Well worth the drive for me.
    And the response time for Email is outstanding.

  296. TheMightyYang

    Great product. Very knowledgeable bud tenders! Prices are great! No complaints

  297. mmmj29

    Keep the Sunday Goods coming!!dY~

  298. slowcheetah2

    Tony was awesome in making available what i wanted but was out of at the front counter.Thanks Tony

  299. dnc2pf


  300. SensiGod

    nice staff. lots of hook ups.

  301. tsalem121212

    Great location with the most potent medicine. I highly reccomend anything of The Clear product line! Great selecrion of edibles as well!

  302. ethanhartle

    I think that there is decent selection here, friendly staff, and nice flowers, and concentrates.

  303. Leafly1968

    Flowers and cartridges are on point

  304. jolsen

    I wish there were more stars to rate them they would get 10 out of 10 if there was 10 staff was amazingly nice products were very very good and reasonably priced what a great place to visit and what nice people

  305. sallicata73

    Great service…friendly staff…very knowledgeable….quality buds and the best concentrate around…hands down my favorite dispensary…

  306. Tris.cuit

    love the zen dispo. by far best prices and product

  307. Kataclysm0429

    I had my second trip to this dispensary on 01/20. I got some of the Da Vinci shatter. When I got home and opened the package, I was excited to see what looked like nice shatter. When I opened up the paper that it was folded in, I was extremely disappointed. The paper felt like it was regular wax paper and there was a ton of shatter that appeared to soak into the paper, leaving me with much less than the 1 gram I paid for. Reading the other reviews on this product was very misleading for me.

  308. EngineeredIncense

    If you are proud of your clear, please disclose CBN. When youre making products out of scrap material, a small slither of transparency is needed to help the patient identify what they are putting into their lungs.

    I would NEVER purchase distillate with no CBN disclosure. Its already a mixture of strains with unpredictable effects.

  309. strictlystrong

    Excellent location, easy to find. Warm staff with great service. Very cool layout and design. On to the important stuff. The meds were all very nice in quality. I picked a couple sativa strains for day relief and was very pleased with the effect. The green crack is smooth with the uplifting effect I was looking for. Well worth the drive. The best place I’ve visited so far.

  310. Ambrosia1177

    The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable! Great selection always!

  311. Justinb271978

    Awesome place with a very friendly staff that knows there product. Can’t wait for the clear.

  312. Nunnchucka

    Love this place not only because it is right around the corner but they’re continuing to grow and pretty soon people will be driving to new River because of it. Keep up the good work guys.

  313. EdgarAllanPoser

    Amazing staff and they hooked it up for my first visit! I’ll definitely be back soon! Fire in the hole!

  314. Thatacidguy

    Super friendly staff helped me find just whatvi needed

  315. paytonspradlin1

    Great bud! Awesome little shop worth coming back to

  316. david4567

    waited 1 hour for a 43 dollar 8th it burns my throat, everywhere in PHX they sell this fuzzy schwag as premium genetics, I will not renew my card next year

  317. Moviejen

    it’s worth driving a little farther, this location is clean, and always has what I want.

  318. LMCmissy

    Truly impressed with the aMAZing staff and for the friendliness and knowledge that is always shared to help every patient understand products. It’s always one of my 1st go to places not only for the top shelf meds, but more specifically for being The Clear to AZ! Keep up the good work! And can’t wait to come visit again! I would highly recommend this place!!!!!

  319. mystycarter

    oh my gosh where do I begin? they were so helpful and nice, I am new to the legal flower scene, they were so great!

  320. FlyBoy309

    visited zen after checking out their menu, and it is a gem. nice selection of flower and concentrate, and a super-helpful staff. will be back.

  321. AZJR

    Grabbed half grams of each of their 4 concentrates, and I was blown away by the quality. This is hands down the best stuff I have tried from any dispensary, and reminds me of the quality you you would find in CA. Pricing is great as well, most places charge the same price for nasty trim run and these guys are running NUGS! You can taste/feel the difference.

    The Private Reserve and Kings Reserve OG are super potent, they stick around with you for hours after a dab.

  322. Marination

    Angela is amazing and definitely knows her stuff! The Gorilla Glue was amazing.

    Thank you Zen! XOXO

  323. chaseman1

    I love Zen. It’s the best place for your Clear needs
    Great customer service. Great product.

  324. bigrich27

    Zen is a awesome dispensary i’m always greeted with a smile and by name. staff is highly knowledgeable and professional. High quality meds for great prices and awesome deals . Keep up the Great work !!! I much appreciate it

  325. K4a2y0jon

    This dispensery has great service and a huge variety of strains, edibles, and concentrates. I usually only get bud from there, the quality isn’t the greatest, but it could be because I always get there cheapest strains, I’m sure the more expensive strains are better. Great dispensery try it out!

  326. phxazcraig

    Just checked out the dispensary on a whim. I was very pleased at the appearance of the store and expertise of the staff. Bought a couple of 8th’s and a gram of Durban Poison that was on sale. Top grade flowers. Their growers know what they are doing. Good place to shop, and prices are better than I’m used to.

  327. LSDMTHC

    I really like this place. it’s in a quiet little strip in scenic new river. the people are very friendly. and the clear is unbelievable. so flavorful. so potent.

  328. pdnew272

    clean and professional, very friendly and high quality flowers for an unbeatable price. close to home easily takes first place in my book!

  329. Shamezzee

    I drive two hours faithfully just for the best of the best , Zen always is up to date on the new even before anyone one else knows of it . Really good prices . Best CBD crystals & Pure THC Concentrates !!!!!! Awesome concentrates in all , awesome flower , and pretty good edibles .

  330. knotslip31

    One of my favorite spots, everyone is so helpful and nice. Great buds

  331. Divineking43

    Amazing atmosphere!

  332. LordSquatch

    If It could be done I would give Zen a 6th star, lovely place! Each member on the staff is friendly and extremely knowledgeable and experienced. The quality of the less expensive meds are more potent than most other shops “top shelf” meds. Zen has such a great selection to choose from, it’s hard to decide what you’ll want! Also, the rewards card is fantastic, that’s a really good idea to help give back to the patients! I would recommend Zen to any other patient in the valley, worth the drive.

  333. dboutin01

    convent location

  334. illisonkid

    primo nugz delicious!

  335. MP1113

    Very professional staff – friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. The environment is very welcoming and the store is exceptionally organized and clean. For someone new to this whole experience, I could not have asked for a better introduction.

  336. Skywalkercookies

    ZEN is great, far drive but worth the experience. The bud tenders are compassionate..CH

  337. Ant1118

    Great place, Clear is awesome there!

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