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465 Jordan Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336


34.8735917, -111.7614222




9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Bloom is Sedona’s ONLY State Licensed Dispensary, serving all patients with valid Arizona Medical Marijuana cards.
Bloom is committed to providing high quality medical marijuana to our patients. The healing atmosphere in our dispensaries represents what we believe answers the needs of Arizona patients. With the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (citizen initiative Proposition 203) as our guide, we empower patients with the quality of life they deserve through compassion, professionalism, and services beyond what a typical dispensary provides. Please visit our website at

New Patient Special: Receive 50% off your first 1/8th of a ounce of flower or 50% off first edible of your choice( up to $17.50 off an edible )

We are located in beautiful uptown Sedona on Jordan Rd, next to Takashi Japanese Restaurant.
Please take advantage of our discreet parking in the Takashi parking lot behind Jordan Rd and walk through the courtyard.


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119 reviews for “Bloom Sedona

  1. lambolevi

    Great to See Bloom Here Again Grade- A 1on1 sevice and Flower Choice is Top Shelf Can’t Wait To see Some More Edibles & Concentrates.

  2. avraham2013

    Great location, and great service. I would definitely recommend this dispensary.

  3. ricky024

    I was the 2nd patient served when this establishment opened. I have seen it go through growing pains trying to keep us supplied with quality medication. The quality and selection are both vastly improved. Staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. I have no desire to go elsewhere for medication.

  4. zonegh0st

    Zonacare has a great atmosphere and friendly staff. I especially love the organic, locally grown medicine.

  5. LilBuddy

    I got burned again!! Dried out as if it had been rehydrated…..

    When will you guys learn to stop prepackaging things and use vacuum seal jars so the buds can actually cure instead of drying out ???

  6. alienthinq

    The flower they had on display looked horrible. Prices were pretty steep as well, it being Sedona I was also expecting a better set up and bigger building.

  7. kmr0818

    very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

  8. odonnelld

    Let me start at saying I love Bloom Sedona, if it wasnt for them and there helpful staff I would be fighting PTSD, nightmares, and debilitating headaches! I am disabled, not allowed to drive and for the most part is my only dispensary I can get to!
    Now for the negative, for a few years I could always depend on them for high CBD strains…I make my own oils, butter, and tinctures…..But for far to long they arnt carrying any high CBD strains! Why?
    This is how I have gotten off 2 prescription meds….I dont care if they have to buy it and charge me more from another dispensary or grow it on there own! I need this to function daily and I hate asking (calling)there bud tenders week after week the same old warn out question!…” Did you get any high CBD strains this week? ”
    Please Bloom help us out…You are who I rely on for keeping my pain and other problems in check!
    Please listen and follow through ASAP, because were going on months now!

  9. TheNikinator

    I work at a dispensary in the valley and was in Sedona over Memorial Day weekend. Was kinda confusing where it was located & how to get in the actual building. Not much of a selection on anything other than flower.

  10. jud421

    The SD GSC is below par… used to be amazing… fact, all strains are not what they used to be. My guess would be senescence. That is the degradation of genetics. You can’t continually clone clones of clones. But I’m sure your grow guys know this…..I also found a hermie seed…..but I’m sure that your growers know that keeping any strain too long causes hermies…..just sayin’

  11. Izaakewell

    I had a wonderful experience at this dispensary. The staff was very informative, and helpful. They had a great selection, and very good prices. (especially on the pre-rolls) I will be going back for sure!

  12. orozco

    Great ganja and great prices! Keep in up Bloom!!!

  13. corbinshouse94

    Great dispensary! The atmosphere is very welcoming and laid back. The quality is superb, especially the Tiger’s Milk! They have a very satisfactory selection of edibles and concentrates as well. The staff is friendly and knowledgable. This all from the only dispensary in town, meaning that they have to hold themselves to this high standards without competition to motivate them. Keep up the great work guys!

  14. elisabethwinn

    The custumer service was terrible. The lady helping me seemed like she didn’t even want me there. She was rushing me to get my stuff and get out. She kept referring to everything as “what do you want next?” and for a drive from Prescott to visit this dispensary I wad deeply not impressed and will never go there again. The only dispensary by fast that I have NOT felt comfortable in.

  15. JediVisions

    I’ve never had a bad experience at Bloom and the quality of concentrates and flower is always great.
    The staff always helps me with finding the right medicine for me.

  16. daniel42069

    Love the pre-rolls. Friendly staff.

  17. tayray1124

    We stopped here on our way back to the valley and I am so pleased that we did! $35 eighths?! I couldn’t believe it – so I had to stop in and check it out for myslef. Plus, as a first time customer, I got 50% off! Their prices are INSANE and I can’t wait to try Bloom Phoenix! I got Dr. Who and the flowers were pretty dried out – but the effects were definitely strong.

  18. shareebenner

    Great location but don’t ask too many in depth questions about flower their selling because chances are they won’t know. I.e. why is double purple urkle? Quality of the meds are ok. They need a new vender and meds that arent crispy dried out. With all the new taxes, a 55.00 order will cost you a little over 60.00. Just be prepared since they are a cash only facility.

  19. 2friendsfx

    the longer it’s open, the better it gets 🙂

  20. ajsmokey

    Great atmosphere , but I have to admit the buds were not the best .. and also the new inhaler vapes they have are not worth the 80 bucks in my opinion but other than that very cool area and a very nice calm feel when inside . Great service and great people !

  21. saragreen84

    great place to stop in and get your meds. very friendly and knowledgeable staff. thanks zonacare!

  22. Ayanvli

    Kaylee was a great help with my purchases the First48was wonderful for my nausea and body pain.

  23. Emily75

    Very friendly staff. Extremely helpful! Looking forward to stopping by again

  24. inneraeiou

    I went in to Zonacare a couple weeks ago when I was in Sedona. I actually stopped in because I had heard terrible things about this dispensary from people a few months back. I am glad to say that they are great! The staff was very nice, and their product was good quality. It was a little more pricey than some places I have been to. They have a small location in a real boutique setting. I enjoyed my visit and will go again when I am in Sedona and in need of medication. Thanks!

  25. skuzzlebut702

    Nice location, friendly staff will be back.

  26. DebV

    Everyone is Always so nice, so helpful. Kyle is especially great at helping with different issues – he knows his stuff! I will be back, and I will be passing this recommendation on to friends and family!

  27. bumblebee90

    Awesome staff and always a great experience going in there. Great prices.

  28. ipiper

    Very small selection. The guy behind the counter was nice. This is a convenience stop in for me. Not the best shop.

  29. gorillaglueenjoyer

    Nice little shop I stopped at while in town. Great first time patient special and great selection of edibles.

  30. Adrian325

    Dispenseries like these only push ppl away because they pray on patients by selling the WORST quality meds for top donations. Please stay away from this place it is a sad excuse of a dispensary they just changed the name to dodge the old terrible reviews. Still sucks!

  31. MarilynJane

    Negative reviews disappear.

  32. BowlsOPlenty

    Not a great selection and it’s always way too dry.

  33. Healed

    Had an issue with a cart. They totally took care of it, immediately. No hassel, back-their-patient, helpful service as usual. Try Blue Lights, African Cheese and Sweet God: my top 3 picks there currently. Try them in pre-packed shake for a $20 deal. You’ll be pleasantly impressed with the great bargain.

  34. blkbetty1


  35. dark.knight.koala

    Limited selection of medicine. Look forward to the new grow op.

  36. oliverioemilio

    Great place to get your flower love it here !

  37. fredfred

    second time at this location and I can say that the prices are right on point and so is the medicine, I don’t like the pre packaged herb because it’s always dried out harsh to smoke. but other than that all I would recommend is that bud tender be more engaged and positive. he just stared at his phone the entire time and could care less of what I wanted or didn’t even engage throughout the whole process

  38. fosterboy99

    I love this spot

  39. Rikke

    Very nice location, I felt it was more low key than the others in the Valley. Very nice and informed tenders.
    They also gave me 1/2 of that I was not expecting it being the only one in town. I will be back as we travel up this way often. Thank you Bloom Sedona

  40. Hukeela

    I am thankful for the great everyday deals they have to offer! I consider them my first and best source for a number of my medical marijuana needs.

  41. Rwass2014

    This place needs concentrates….crumble, wax, shatter at a reasonable price….,that would get me back from cottonwood competition….Wax Wednesday are big in Cali….get in the game

  42. lumberguy

    Good selection. Great prices and new patient special. Was traveling through and suffered an injury while jumping in oak creek. Bloom really helped me find the right strain to eliminate my pain. Might drive up from phx more regularly for the prices here alone.

  43. KaitlynsHusband

    Lack of Sativas. Lack of THC tested weed.

  44. rfielitz

    great place, parking is the only issue, but when you understand it,,, its all good.

  45. srabino

    Great place here. I love how all the prices are the same no matter the strain

  46. Blackbreath

    I wasn’t impressed here. Small selection. Not very inviting. The person helping me was very helpful when talking about the medicinal purpose of the strain. It was my first visit and she told me that I was supposed to receive free product since I was a new client. Never got anything free.

  47. mindman

    bloom dispensaries is fantastic! ive been to this location on time before and always leave me with a good visit everytime!!! amazing product for an affordable price. Love the employees always very friendly and educating. this place constantly has good deals through the week. all round fantastic storefront, cant go wrong when stopping in here no doubt. Highly reccomend 🙂

  48. redrocktoker

    Been visiting Zonacare/bloom for a while now and I have to say from a local POV they are doing a great job.

  49. Gq420

    Just gonna start by saying it’s a cool, chill group of people that work there. I would probably never get my flower from this place just due to the fact it’s prepackaged flower and pretty dry every time I’ve tried it. But oh man those concentrates that bloom carries are absolutely phenomenal. I tried some White Buffalo Live Resin and I can’t even describe the quality of that stuff it was crazy dY’OE only

  50. arxinvoke

    I’ve been shopping at this dispensary for a couple months now. Oliver and Isaac are always helpful and knowledgeable especially when it comes to trying new strains. My experience with the staff and facility has been very good. I would recommend this dispensary to everyone.

  51. coledogmad3

    Great people Great service, easy and convenient 🙂

  52. tap

    I so happy that your are in Sedona! Maybe someday in cottonwood too!

  53. schwisow

    Awesome place to the prices!! The medicine is always really good..
    The staff is always very helpful. I recommend them to anyone I can!!

  54. SmotPoker

    Location was cool. Worst flower I’ve seen in all Arizona. If you’re looking for quality drive to flagstaff. Extremely dry and tastes like chemicals

  55. TWolfe67

    I was born in Phoenix but was in Sedona yesterday for my first time ever. I thought what better way to alien hunt, than with some alien OG. Fantastic no-rush service. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into based off of some of their displays. However when I got home I was very pleasantly surprised. great meds even greater views, thank you for helping me achieve such a wonderful day.

  56. Milehighsedona

    Great atmosphere, friendly service, and great meds!

  57. Huffmagic

    Although overpriced, the staff is very friendly and informative. Doctor next door yo renew. Selection is limited, and expect familiar strains to be poorly grown in comparison to clubs outside of northern az. Few concentrates, but quality was good on the few they carried, especially the caviar. Hey, you are in Sedona, everything is expensive.

  58. Hellbornelfchild

    Bloom Sedona was a pleasant place to purchase my meds while I was there visiting. It wasn’t busy at all which gave the bud tender ample time to educate me on the different strains. He was very educated and didn’t talk down to me at all. I will definitely return if I’m ever in the area.

  59. IWP157

    Really nice folks. I went here not knowing what strain would really work for me. They helped me to find what worked me and my pain and made me feel at home at the same time. Thanks guys Sedona welcomes you.

  60. 420christoker

    Best Flower Oz value in the state and located in paradise. Will be back!

  61. rpsedona

    This small local dispensary keeps getting better and better! They employ experienced cultivators and every strain is grown locally and organically.

  62. roguefungi

    Ever since I visited bloom in phoenix, it makes me sick to know that you are here in Sedona now.

    This is a corporate machine that cares nothing for the “medicine” they peddle.

    try a pre roll, they are trash trim.

    All your strains are hollow and taste the same.

    im sure this review will be flagged by you so it “disappears” . all I can hope is that my fellow Sedonians will see it before that happens…..

  63. joeywest51

    awesome selection and great service at BLOOM Sedona

  64. Lotusheart

    Lovely Energy of people who are here. I like the 10 grams~ I’m looking forward to them getting baked brother products back in! Namaste’

  65. HarryDog

    FTP, was in area on a daytrip from valley. Got Golden Panda and Golden Goat. Enjoying them both. Nice quiet location, in and out easily. ~Always fun to try new places on a road trip! Love collecting souvenirs. Good first time experience.

  66. thisoneguyinaz

    Like the person before me said they totally need a new vendor for bud, very crispy indeed.

    And in depth knowledge of the bud is very limited.

    And paying three separate taxes sucks, it adds up!

  67. bloomcoppercountry

    i miss working there. Leo. i miss all my patients and co-workers.

  68. MizzJoy13

    Always quick and efficient very nice staff . Very happy and will continue to return

  69. KSkwared

    Very small selection based on what I’ve seen elsewhere. cash only may limit their clientele…

  70. zigzag44

    poor dispensary. I’ve done 3 reviews. none have made to the website. sad. doubt this one will either. poor flower, no concentrates, no food. poor clinic all around.

  71. osamu

    always line up top shit in this placeaEUR|won’t go wrong…

  72. Mickkey82984

    Great service and excellent concentrates. If you haven’t tried Echo GEMZ yet your missing out.

  73. crystalRoad

    The staff is experienced and knowledgeable and compassionate. The suggested donations are reasonable and quality is excellent. I would highly recommend this dispensary to everyone. Welcome to Sedona

  74. mackelprangb

    This place is awesome!! Great service, very promt, no waiting at all. The gentleman bud tender was patient and let me smell basically every strain there. I purchased two different strains and they were both BOMB! I personally LOVE how all the flower is the same price and EXTREMELY reasonably priced I might add. The only thing Bloom could improve on is getting away from pre-packaging their flower. Other than that you guys ROCK!

  75. goatroapr

    Quaint little place with quality meds. Located next to a Japanese restaurant (great sushi).

  76. MrMFB

    I have within good reason to believe that this company just sold me reclaim and said it was solventless concentrate! I am beyond pissed off!

  77. StarLightJewell

    I have been using this facility since it opened. I have also visited many other facilities. This one has made an effort to incorporate more and more strains and keeps the price the same no matter what the strain. There are many helpful bud tenders and a guy named Oliver is one of the bud tenders who is friendly and ready to help in any way. If you’ve had a bad experience here, try it again, they are really stepping it up.

  78. actfourcannavism

    Good meds. I realize it’s a low traffic area for a dispensary so it’s small, but it’s a little claustrophobic in back. I always had the same budtender. My medical diagnoses can make me grumpy and he’s equivocal.

  79. knemoff

    I do apologize I was not impressed with this location, I don’t like flower that comes prepackaged. The stuff I got was so dry, it was BlackBerry Kush. I was so disappointed. But the staff were very nice

  80. savachi1

    herbs are way 2 dry. I will not be going back for anything except concentrates.

  81. TmartinC

    Really appreciate having a dispensary in Sedona and the staff at Bloom are great. The irritation is that the Sedona location charges ~30% more for exactly the same products than their Phoenix dispensary. Seems unnecessarily greedy.

  82. loudpck

    Honestly didn’t know what to expect from this location, but I honestly would love to live closer to one of their amazing locations. The prices are great, and the flower is quality. Highly recommend!

  83. Jenneric1

    The staff was friendly, and service was good. I enjoyed the grape ape, but my brownie was moldy and hairy. Unfortunately I live 2+ hrs. away.

  84. TheAtomicSmoker

    Best dank in the north! Picked up PieFace, AfricanCheese, and DoSiDos. All three are explosive flavor and a Sedona Vortex Head. Glad to know that there is great bud to try when on Vacation!

  85. Ed1968

    When you first walk in to your right you can see the Bud tender with a client , idk kinda weird! I bought 1/8 of there Skywalker OG and I’ve been smoking that strain for years,and because it helps me out for my back pain I bought another 1/8 of it ! Got it home and smoked some ,and it’s not Skywalker OG not the same taste, does nothing for my back pain idk selling another Strain and saying it’s another is wrong ! Just wrong! Not into being stolen from and that’s how I feel ! Wouldn’t recommend this pre packaged dispensary to another person !

  86. cindy2012

    Wonderful staff here. I am not sure what others are talking about, I’ve been going here since they opened and the manager Phil is excellent at customer service and will do whatever it takes to help you with whatever you need. The bud tenders all have ample knowledge of there stock and are always friendly and willing to share what they know. I have worked with a guy named Leo, who is very friendly, fun and knowledgeable. They also have the cheapest bud around and it’s usually a quick in and out. Overall, this is a small, quaint establishment with good staff and pre-packaged bud. atmY=

  87. SirSamson

    Save your money, don’t buy aEURoehaze & mainaEUR milk chocolate bar. Tastes awful, maybe the toffee bar is better. aEURoePureaEUR caramels were bomb, along with keef cola

  88. greentom38

    This is one of my favorite places and I have been to a few, from Phoenix to Prescott. I’m not a local just stuck with them and trying to be nice, I just gave it some time and got to know everyone better. I was a little thrown off by the pre packaging at first but I found out it was better to use a jar and keep up hydration anyways so that solved that. Keep in mind that most or all of the people who work at these dispensaries are patients themselves and can be in pain just as easily as any of us. It is impossible to be 100% all of the time.
    Persistence, Compassion, Patience

  89. SaTiVaLeAfS

    5 star’s for my buddies at the Sedona dispensary! They are very organised, well maintained, and very respectful and kind. I’ll be back for more!

  90. RoccoG

    Love the location, it’s tucked behind a lot of the small shops off the strip. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Visiting from Phoenix and happy to see a clean dispensary up in the red rocks.

  91. ariesjacobson

    Sedona bloom thank you for making right what was wrong! GREAT customer service:)

  92. SullivanS

    fabulous location I love Sedona and this shop. thank you!

  93. SedonaSlim

    No worries. Helpful service with a smile. I was a little surprised that there were no accessories in the shop, so I’ll have to roll until I can replace my broken pipe.

  94. ChiefRen

    Lady at front desk was grumpy and unwelcoming. Dude in the back was weird. Chose my strain (which was on the menu and in sample jar) but they were out of it. Bought an 8th and preroll. Both not good. Eighth was dryed out like a lost sack you found from years ago. Preroll was flat and smooshed. Not impressed at all…..and this is the only choice in Sedona?? Stick to the shops you know and avoid this one. Also, lamest new patient deal I’ve come across & been to many dispensaries.

  95. dadjason0508

    going in for the first time was quick and easy. love the location!!!

  96. loubou

    great people and great meds!!!!

  97. streetfield

    awesome buds

  98. Lysdexia206

    Excellent shop! Very knowledgeable budtender who pointed me to the correct med for my health/pain issues. Great 1st time patient deal as well. Awesone location, staff were very kind. I’ll be back for sure when I’m in the area. 5 stars!

  99. Trubi18

    I’ll be in Sedona for a few days can’t wait to stop by. Great product and a great selection. dY~SdY’OEdY1/4

  100. greenmanwl

    Nice easy experience. Great selection of vapes

  101. iforme

    I visited Zonacare a couple weeks ago on a visit to sedona. Friendly people in a nice location. Meds are good and will return on my next trip!

  102. KindGodess420

    I do not get high on the old, dried, over cloned marijuana I purchased here. They had no vapes and handful of edibles so the visit felt useless. The budtender seemed preoccupied with a personal phone call and not interested in my needs…felt hurried and unwelcome. I will not be going back…too much good MMJ in Az to bother with this placeaoeOE Be well! dYsEUR

  103. CountryWriter

    The flower here is the cheapest around so I’m always astounded how good the quality is. Be back soon for sure!

  104. rowe979

    not impressed, considering how much money bloom makes u would think they would re-invest in there stores a little bit and everything was over-dried again…i’ll give em 1 more chance then I go so where else

  105. leftcoastcub

    Great dispensary! dY’

  106. ahimsa

    Small, a bit sterile-feeling. Like the $10 grams. Small selection. Knowledgeable staff.

  107. AustinFiser

    flower was very dry. not much selection. and is pre packaged. im more for the “deli” style.
    as for the service the lady there hardly knew what she was saying it seemed and was kinda pushy and treated me differently then others (i assume my younger age.)
    as for the atmosphere it was pretty sketchy. wires hanging about. trying to be to “lowkey”. need to open up more!

  108. jkleon

    My first ever dispenary visit, I was impressed by the staff and their knowledge,clean and professional

  109. Suzuki88

    Big thumbs up for all the staff at zonacare. They have excellent medicine/edible selection and they have come a long way since they first opened. The knowledge they have shared with me about different medicines have really helped me as a patient. They have an excellent location and I would definitely recommend zonacare in the future.

  110. kungfucow

    It’s terrible that patients can’t grow their own medicine bc of you. You only have 5 strains? It’s like your enforcing people to only be allowed to use the medicine you want them to use. Cartel

  111. stewtech

    Good service! The two organically grown choices were nice! The first dispensary that sold hermaphrodite medicine, which was a bummer!!!

  112. blackdi0mond420

    I got the double purple urkle kush yesterday and it is damn good.

  113. teriruiz

    The shop is small, and the choices are somewhat limited, but the staff are welcoming and knowledgeable. I hope more strains become available, and I will surely return to support them.

  114. christinaphx

    Great staff! Super great meds that are affordable!! thank you so much!

  115. checkers

    I love bloom and am always satisfied with the medicine that they have. HOWEVER I will NEVER go back to there sedona location again! they have terrible customer service and are very rude. The bud tender also stole over $60 from me and when I asked him about it lied to my face. So like I said I love bloom dispensaries but NEVER GO TO THE SEDONA LOCATION! it is definetly worth the drive to go to any other location!!!

  116. zacharybredeson

    They really created and harvested a beautiful community of herb smokers who are passionate about the plant and its spiritual qualities. Kyle helped create a great experience for me and my girlfriend. We stopped by right before a hike and he had some good things to recommend.

  117. Shanny03

    Place is calm, flower is bomb!!

  118. lucky11


  119. ThomasKirkham

    I finally got the lady that works here for a budtender, she is very knowledgeable and has obviously shared that with the others that work here. it is a little bit more of a drive for me than other places but I like the people and the prices.

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