Greenhouse of Flagstaff



460 North Switzer Canyon Drive, Flagstaff, AZ 86001


35.1976631, -111.6349688




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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*ALL NEW PATIENTS get 10% off your first purchase AND the choice of a FREE pack of 100mg Pure Edibles,Tier 4 Gram, or Half Gram Pre-Roll.*

Lowest Prices & Largest Selection of Concentrates in Flagstaff!

Sales Tax is always included in our prices.

Greenhouse is a state licensed nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary regulated by the Arizona Department of Health. We have the highest quality strains grown locally in Flagstaff.

All of our strains are developed under tightly controlled conditions in our state-certified and inspected facility that is pesticide and mold free.

As a local Flagstaff Medical Marijuana Dispensary we are proud to be THE trusted source for medical cannabis in Northern Arizona.


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258 reviews for “Greenhouse of Flagstaff

  1. flagstaffstoner

    The bud here is always fresh, and never a let down every time I visit here.


    Have to get a better 1st time patient deal

  3. goody1717

    Avoid if you like high quality concentrates that actually have a terpene profile and taste like cannabis. It seems like regardless of the tier or strain I select, the concentrate tastes like matches and tires on a clean, low temp banger. Maybe the concentrates are the only thing that’s trash here but from the customer service I received trying to deal with my problem, greenhouse of flagstaff cares A LOT more about money than it does it’s patients.

  4. jayb710

    this is my favorite dispensary in flagstaff. Staff is great, medicine is always top notch.

  5. cgaun

    Impeccable quality here at Green house, all the workers have the best vibes.

  6. kkeellsseeaa

    I have to say this is the best dispensary in this small town. I will definetly be getting most my meds from here! Great quality bud and the employees are fantastic!

  7. justylee

    I like this spot.. The deal they had today was hands down the best bang for my buck(BOGO). Flower was quality stuff in this state for sure. Its finnally catching up to the rest of the west coast.

  8. s69chez

    Real Dope

  9. NAZ55

    If you are looking for the best meds in town come here! It’s been a few months since these places have opened and I’ve been to every one around Flag. No doubt nothing compares to this place. By far the best selection and it changes all the time. Plus, it’s priced the best around. How people would go somewhere and pay $65 an 1/8th is beyond me. Don’t bother getting ripped off somewhere else.

  10. Gratmaximus

    They are simply the best in Flag!

  11. JKatty

    5 Stars! I love Greenhouse, this place just rocks. Staff is super cool, flowers are always amazing and their prices always seem to be a few bucks cheaper than everywhere else in town. Keep it up!

  12. Fronk

    Purple Skunk: THIS. What is this and why have I never had it before? It’s a sneaky ninja strain, after two snaps my adhd is assassinated. Not too overwhelming, but smooth and VERY effective, tasty, and it has a nice resin stickiness with good crystalline trichrome formation.

  13. sd1992

    Awesome Dispensary! Sarysa and the staff are just super awesome! Thank you all for your Amazing efforts!

  14. CitizenCush

    Came up from the valley to see what the northern dispensaries were all about and chose this one first. Great service, great flower and GREAT knowledge of the dudes there… FTP was great with a free preroll and $10 a gram on anything. Threw in a nice shirt for half off too. Great location of course! House preroll wasn’t shabby so I’m hopeful the flower will smoke as well at is smells.

  15. Robertmembery7

    The Folks in there treat you like family & prices are better than the competition. by far my favorite spot in the whole state.

  16. danoandshellmi

    great people worth the drve from kingman best medicine that I have found in az.not to mention the best service

  17. jetaction18

    Best flower and best prices in Flagstaff

  18. ChristopherBercu

    Just left and Ran into Afroman on the way out.

  19. ismokebud

    just a1, bud is excellent and smoking it is even better

  20. robertd

    I can’t say enough how much this place rocks! Centrally located, very clean, relaxing, upscale decor and the best Meds around. Staff is always friendly and they!!!!!! This place really does take dispensaries to the next level. Keep it up!!!

  21. Arkos

    Miss Shelby you are to nice thank you. A truly wonderful person. knowledgeable and kind. Thank you again.

  22. jamesbrennan

    Jt the greenhouse, jason and Sarah always help me with keeping my chronic pain in control by accurately recommending the right strains for my condition.As always i will continue using them. And recommend them to everyone.

  23. dankitydank420

    It was my first time in there today and I have to say I was extremely happy with the way everything went. Great meds for great prices. I’ll be back very soon. Thanks guys

  24. AyeeTomas420

    what an amazing place!! the staff are great,so is the service! makes u feel welcomed! and the meds are amazing, great taste and potent. I would definitely recommend to my patient friends! dY’OE

  25. SamanthaSmiley

    This place is the best! Always a deal going on and the staff is very knowledgeable!

  26. norseblues420

    Love the prices on their concentrates! Staff is awesome!!

  27. grasssmaster

    Went up to flag for a day trip on Sunday stopped in at the Greenhouse for the first time and I really liked the set up of the dispensary great art work displayed, info on mmj brands etc. and plants around giving it a fresh feeling and the lady at the front seat was very nice and had a great vibe !! The dude that helped me get my edibles was super chill and great vibes as well! I really liked the custom art with the strain names, I’ve never seen that before. All in all great employees that new what they where talking about and very friendly! Forsure will go back next time I’m in town and recommend green house of flag to the homies! !

  28. KSkwared

    Love this place. Been here a few times before but this time was special cause they had DANK COMMANDER and it knocked me da heck out! Pain, stress, anxiety GONE.

  29. sdmvg13

    Very informative, chill people. 10prerolled house blend, blew my mind. GREAT PLACE!

  30. smokeboodles

    although the medicine is not always the most beautiful to look at, it is often the strongest potency of any dispensary in flagstaff. The GDP tapped me out after 2 puffs!

  31. 420since4thgr

    this is where all the cool kids meet up after school. Get you a nice fat pre roll during happy hour. stay blessed

  32. PrerollGod

    Terribly funny ALL the reviews specifically naming someone are profiles with a single review.

  33. nottherealalimunoz

    This was such a welcoming and friendly staff that made it an extremely great experience! (:

  34. Mpyama

    hands down theee best in town and the best budtenders shout out carlos best dispensary experience will keep coming back. a must stop in flagstaff.. cant say enough about this place…

  35. LucyGirl

    David from the former Grassroots emailed me about the opening of Greenhouse so I figured I would give it a shot. I couldn’t be more impressed with everything about this dispensary. The people who work there were super helpful, the place looked amazing and the quality of the meds were outstanding. I bought four grams for $60 which allowed me to sample four different strands, sweet deal. Ill be back soon!

  36. Trenton1

    It was good brough my gf in as a referral

  37. AndreaB79

    Best product, service, everything! I didn’t go here at first because pre-packing, but then quickly realized (I was a caregiver/provider in Mt) they have the best product, prices, and if you want high class everything and are on a beer budget but champagne taste, this is your place! Some think cheaper is better, but if you get the higher tier, you end up using less and also spending less!! Love this place!!!

  38. prdanker

    Great specials, no tax, great customer service

  39. almor13

    The Blue Dream flower is exquisite.

  40. leafreviewr

    You all rock!!! Fantastic bud, great prices and the best bud tenders. You guys blow everyone else away in Flagstaff;)

  41. batmanvan

    Good packagingdYOE3
    Cute employeesdY’OEdY>>

  42. Jimmyl24

    Even when the state’s best budtender Carlos was not in the shop and there was a slight mistake in my order, it was immediately resolved in a very professional way by the staff. Gotta love this place, literally can’t rate or recommend them high enough. Simply the best shop in AZ.

  43. greenbutcher

    I always look forward to visiting the Greenhouse when i am in Flagstaff! I enjoy chatting with the budtenders an d always walk away happy!!

  44. austinflagtraveller

    This is honestly the best place around. Everyone who works here is beyond friendly and caring. You don’t feel like a patient – you feel like a valued friend. After visiting every dispensary in town, I can easily say that I prefer Greenhouse VASTLY above the others. Great service, AMAZING product, and one of the most enjoyable atmospheres around.

  45. Calib1996

    I really like their glass and budd. Pricing is awesome and the process is so easy when you go in their.

  46. Homosloverainbows

    I like the glass selection. The budtenders were very nice. (:

  47. WashedUpSailor

    You guys have the worst prerolls ever. Half a gram pre roll? When you can’t even roll properly they don’t even light right. Not to mention it’s not even a half gram. All their pre rolls are straight shake. Such TERRIBLE quality for what you think they’re worth. $10 for a half gram preroll is SUCH a rip off just like the rest of your aEURoedealsaEUR. You need to hire an ACTUAL roller because whoever does it now is terrible. They’re ALWAY loose and never the actual amount. Because you don’t roll them right they NEVER light properly and because of that you waste half and have to unroll it and there’s just some terrible shake that barely fills a bowl. Half gram hahaha right. Their grams are off too when you pick up singles. They’re always skimping. I suggest weighing your bud next time, and bringing it in to pick up with you. If you don’t improve your pre rolls and the quality I’m going elsewhere.

  48. onesimop

    great service and products

  49. Mdm354

    Best service in town!

    Knowledgable and super-friendly staff and overall diverse selection of flowers.

    Edibles have been spotty (availability only!!!!) but they’ve been getting more and more edibles every time I’m there and are now fully stocked to handle all of my needs.

  50. 420Isaac

    for the first time i didn’t mind spending $20 for a gram. one point. they have lil for all also new paitants get 100mg edible for coming in..

  51. XOOX

    really great selection and knowledgeable staff! their house made tootsie roll candies are bomb!

  52. will602velez

    it was very nice looking, vibrant. and the flowers were all dank.

  53. NatureGnomesBest

    Stopped in about a while ago and got an 180 mg brownie and two prerolls.

    I wasted my money. Prerolls tasted exactly like leaves and had no medicinal effect, even after eating the edible.

    If I was dependent on this dispensary for my medicine, I would be spending at least $3,000 per month on edibles that don’t work. I’m so very blessed to have wonderful patient and caregiver connections that allow me to laugh this off.

  54. CBaz

    Staff was very knowledgeable and friendly…..meds were way better quality than every place that I have visited in the flagstaff. Would highly recommend!

  55. Jovan2387

    They have the best wax for a the best price in town. Another reason the greenhouse is my destination is because the front house knows about their medication and is the friendliest staff in town. Carlos always helps me out with my pain in the best way and is extremely helpful.

  56. dinamilum

    Friendly and professional

  57. BeccaB2764

    We stopped in today for some pre-rolls for our day trip. What a great spot! The vibe was electric, and our budtender was the sweetest, most sincere guy. I’m pretty sure his name is Carlos, if I’m wrong I’m sorry! This will be our go too stop on any trips up North from now on. Very warm and welcoming.

  58. PTSDpatient89


  59. Rafafari7007

    Not a horrible place but I stopped coming here because of an employee or two, also they don’t seem to respect each customer is worth a lot(especially heavy smokers like me)

  60. skylershafer

    Amazing dispensary, probably the most compassionate and kindest I’ve ever been to. I’ve been an mmj patient for over a decade and highly recommend greenhouse of flagstaff for their high quality products, great service, and affordable pricing.

  61. artfoesmokes

    Love the place, love the people, love the bud (and wax, good deals on thursdays!) but the hours are wrong! They close at 6 mon-fri

  62. TokinFire

    You know, you ask a question and they will answer it. But there are times when they pretend to know something and it’s not right at all. Also there 55 dollar eighths are junk.

  63. grumpygills616

    I drive from Tucson to come to this dispensary! one of the few places you can find Kryptonite and the staff is amazing!! I love it here!!!

  64. jrsjr3191959

    this was my first trip there. Not only were the people very knowledgeable and very friendly and kind something I appreciate very much.I just moved up here to flagstaff so I don’t know the prices yet around here but they seem very reasonable.I will definitely be back. If you read this thank you for your kindness.

  65. pad510

    Hands down, Greenhouse is the best dispensary in Flagstaff! I was a former Grassroots patient that was sad to hear that they closed. I couldn’t be happier for the Grassroots crew that is now working next door at Greenhouse. Definitely the best selection in town. Great vibe, great prices and most important, great meds! I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

  66. dabsdaily

    Been a patient here for 3 years. Great location, never a wait and always good selection. They have the leading selection of concentrates in Flagstaff. Inhouse strains and edibles are great. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Great experience every time!!

  67. Mickkey82984

    Worst weed in flagstaff. Just bought a 1/4 and it the so dry it just crumble to dust time before it smelt like throw up.

  68. MrFlagstaff

    On par with the big dispensaries, even for a small mountain town! High quality flower, and awesome prices on quality concentrates!

  69. Moonsister

    This dispensary is one of the most welcoming and amazing places I have ever been too. My patient advisor was Carlos and he was phenomenal. he definitely had an amazing attitude towards customers and knew everything about the medicine and product he was suggesting to me as a patient. He took his time and even gave me a lot of information and went above and beyond he needs. I definitely found my go to spot for when I visit Flag from the valley.

  70. henryhatchlife

    A little unorganized, I walked in first and someone after me got called back first…
    Good flower had the top shelf good hybrid blend.
    The house joint cross burned like a mf

  71. ryazzie70

    I won’t go anywhere else. fantastic knowledgeable staff who are dedicated to getting you then right bud.

  72. FlagDave

    I continue to love this place. Your new home grown flower ss spectacular. The Grand Daddy Purp was the prettiest flower I have ever seen. damn!

  73. vivasicily

    Good buds good people.

  74. Monsterz20

    I have been to quite a few dispensarys and I have to say this one is the best. they have great staff that are super friendly and helpful. they have great specials that really make the bud affordable. I would recommend greenhouse to anyone looking for great meds and great service.

  75. artdog2000

    I love this place. I highly recommend it.

  76. BroGrass

    Favorite location, really nice budtenders : )

  77. JonB216

    First time buyer their and it was a great experience. They have Friendly staff, a great selection(of every kind of medicine), and a great first time buyer bonus as well.

  78. yahua420

    Very awesome dispensary staff is super friendly and great service will be coming back from phoenix for this amazing medicine (:

  79. marleydogger

    If you’ve been looking for top notch meds, look no further than this place! I’ve looked all over Northern Arizona for a decent dispensary and this was the first

    one that I’ve actually been impressed with. The staff really knows their stuff and their meds are excellent. Kudos and keep up the good work.

  80. jeffd2001

    I’m new to Flag and this is by far my favorite dispensary! I like what I see here. Very easy going, nice people to deal with. Not to mention that the meds are ALL fire. I havent had a strain that I was disappointed in so far. I always look forward to returning to this place and in my book this is the only place for top meds in Flagstaff, period. Please try them out you will not be wasting your time. I promise!

  81. Mrussell20

    The staff at GreenPharms Flagstaff are always helpful and knowledgeable about the different products and what is going to work best.

  82. Shewitt07

    great place great team

  83. Dwheels21

    Think it is great and Matt a great bud tender and knows the meaning of top customer service!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Zachary99

    friendliest service in town never disappointed every trip

  85. Bioman

    Super nice staff. Decent selection although I’m not terribly picky about my meds as long as they help me sleep.

  86. tetrahydro

    Super laid back crew and good products! Home boy hooked it up for a little miscommunication too, much love!!

  87. JD420AZ

    There is a reason this place keeps winning Best of Flagstaff. They have the lowest prices and the best flower in town. Their Jenny Kush is insane. No taxes. And concentrates starting $13 bucks. Literally the lowest I’ve ever seen for shatter testing 80% +. Great deal. Great people.

  88. aarong145

    There’s a few things that need improvement..:. They should weigh out the flower in front of the customers not preweighed bags that are usually pretty skimpy…. A lot of customers would probably agree that if you did this you would probably increase business by quite a lot word spreads quick who has preweighed bags and who doesn’t!!!

  89. crazykaden

    today was my first time in and JASON made it the best experience I’ve probably ever had. this place has amazing products and great service. … thanks JASON I’ll be back for sure…..

  90. hkram

    I have been to each of the dispensaries in Flagstaff and in my opinion the Greenhouse of Flagstaff is the best in town. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. They have a great variety of products. I am especially fond of the home made caramels.

  91. lumberjacksteve

    Greenhouse gets my vote as the best dispensary around, if not one of the best in the state. The quality of meds here can’t compare to anywhere else. I can honestly say I have never been happier with a purchase of meds. The Blue Dream, Big Bud and the Mental Floss were amazing. Great selection of flowers and edibles and they have new meds every week. Friendly, clean and laid back atmosphere/staff. Seriously, nothing not to like here.

  92. maninred

    Purple Arrow, NYC Diesel and Bubba Kush all top shelf meds. Everyone very professional and polite. Santa will be back !

  93. caseyjones

    I come here often, due to the professional attitudes of the employees as well as the quality mmj. Very clean-cut and respectable bud-tenders in a clean and efficient facility. Also had the opportunity to receive a free pre-roll full of dank shake!

  94. Jmac8580

    Christmas Specials worth the travels the coolest flower deals

  95. StevNori

    Best dispensary in town!! Highly recommend them! Great service

  96. ghg565

    I love the people, they take any card, and the wait is always minimal! Had one issue with some

  97. azcookieman

    Well being from phoenix that does not say much regarding good license dispensaries lol But you greenhouse of flagg got some really good meds the grapefruit was flame!! the edible was amazing and the crumble was on point!! You guys completely put most of in city spots to shame I love your inhouse grown meds only complaint is u guys shouldn’t use those seals for meds and use the bottles its better on the condition of meds nobody wants crushed meds other then that 2 thumbs up!!!

  98. helrene

    Love this place. always nice.

  99. mystycarter

    only reason I’m giving 3 stars is my husband and I stopped in on a mini vacation and we live 2 hours south of you guys. great environment great flower but we get home, and keep in mind its 2 hours till we got home and checked our items and we didn’t receive what we had asked for. it was really disappointing as it was our very first trip to Flagstaff and we had a great time….until we got home…. pretty disappointed since it’s such a far drive otherwise we would return and exchange. haven’t tried the flower we did receive yet but smells great. maybe we can get something worked out as it was our first and only time we have been to this location.

  100. kadecena

    this place is great! I love the service and the product provided. I definitely will be coming back!

  101. Joejoe2127123

    I love the wax here. It really helps my back pain/nerve damage. The staff is really helpful and have a lot of information to help with my pain.

  102. ibakedeskimo

    This is my favorite dispensary in Flagstaff… Always great buds with a very helpful staff

  103. JaceFlagstaff

    Another quick review,

    Great dispensary, wonderful service.
    Purpose: I highly recommend the Venom OG Flower and the wax sample given to me that was made from it.

    GREAT JOB Greenhouse. Best Dispensary in Flagstaff.

  104. TripHip

    I’d say this place is the best bang for your buck in Flagstaff. The people, service, knowledge and general conversation with the employees is always great. They have discounts, the point system and A++ meds. Awesome!

  105. austinyard

    Great variety and price on concentrates

  106. Proquad09

    GreenHouse is the best dispensary in flagstaff period!!! They have the best best buds and good prices but really good flower!! I never had a problem coming here, the staff is super friendly and helpful! I recommend coming here for all your med needs dY$?tm

  107. spinfest

    I stopped by while visiting Flagstaff briefly, and honestly, Carlos knows his stuff. They had an abundance of shatter and other concentrates that varied in prices, due to quality, obviously, and Carlos was even able to tell me which ones were extracted using Butane as opposed to CO2. All around, the staff was incredibly knowledgable and friendly. I will definitely return if in the area.

  108. Paradise1

    This location is great! The staff are super friendly and the $10 gram of dank commander is one of the best strains!

  109. uknowit

    Was rushed. Only one budtender on duty and he seemed clueless. Limited menu. No bathroom. Not going back!

  110. sd228

    Awesome Staff and Flower. Thank you everyone.

  111. zipper55

    Best atmosphere, customer service and products. They have by far the best deals and the lowest prices in Flagstaff and they carry just about everything. This is my go to store in town. Greenhouse can’t be beat!

  112. esc64

    I love this place. Best in AZ!

  113. Qualityoflife

    As a new patient to medical marijuana, I didn’t know what to expect when going into a dispensary. I have been to a few in the northern Arizona area, but my favorite so far is Greenhouse. The handsome young gentlemen in there are very knowledgable about the medicine and make me feel comfortable while I am in there. They help me find the right product for my complicated needs.

  114. jose54

    really want to give a shout out to Kassandra. went in to get some tea and she gave me some absolute wonderful recommendation and I’m more than pleased with my outcome today

  115. Keykey09

    This place is my favorite out of the 3 in flagstaff. It’s a nicer not so cluttered environment. The staff are all awesome and super helpful. I couldn’t ask for a better setup I don’t think.

  116. Lakesidepaul

    Great place! Super friendly staff! I drive 2 hours from the north just to use this dispensary! I’ve been to dispensary’s all over the state, and this place is definitely my favorite! Amazing product!

  117. Weedman6666

    Have only been here once but the times that I have came I have been satisfied!!look forward to coming more often.

  118. lucifersdaddy666

    this place was awesome, I’ll be back next time I’m in flagstaff!

  119. MJD

    Best meds, Best Prices, Best selection and good people! I would highly recommend. The Granddaddy Purp was amazing! I’ll for sure be back

  120. BriannaEbert24

    Omgsh!! dead ass, this dispensary rates a 10 all around. I literally love the selection, but it’s the staff that keeps me coming back!!! Carlos (the head budtender) is super informative, polite, and completely caters your medicine being the best for YOU!!

    Not to mention the short lines, and beautiful (assistant Nd budtender) Sarysa!! Talk about the kindest most beautiful person ever, && she is SO FUNNY!!!!!

    It’s not the selection that keeps me coming back;;

    It’s the atmosphere!! I always feel so comfortable and informed when I leave here.

    I can’t begin to show my appreciation for the amount of care greenhouse takes in each and very patient!!

    As long as they have an A+ team, then I will always be back!!

    Thanx GREENHOUSEdY’-dY’-dY’-

    And thanx Carlos!!! You too Sarysa!!! For making every experience here the absolute bestdY’-dYZEURdY’-dY~%0

  121. Hubbsrobby

    Knowledgeable bud tenders and quality medicine at a great price.

  122. GonzalezJ72

    Best shop in flagstaff! The only shop that I trust here. Great bud and the best prices!

  123. EvanSaramine

    Great service and great bud!!

  124. RTDAndy

    Knowledgeable friendly place. They have a good selection. Nice waiting room.

  125. SirSamson

    I like this place they remembered me from coming in just once!

  126. KathyLL

    This is the best dispensary in town, I love the flower, wax, and the staff is the best…..CC (Sarysa) is awesome, always helps make the right choice in meds..Matt is always helpful, and knows he’s strains, George is always a pleasure to see I love this staff I miss Carlos alot but I love seeing everyone else keep up the great work. Don’t change a thing.!!!!!!!!!!

  127. kennyramirez27

    really cool people!
    good vibes!
    most important good weed 😉

  128. Ruderalis1

    Staff was chill, ambience was nice, however the quality of bud for the price is not worth the stop. Some of the top shelf would be considered garbage at any decent dispensary with quality medication. Try somewhere else, because you just don’t get that bang for the buck, esp. if you are a seasoned veteran.

  129. Phxlocal

    The variety could use a little more. But, don’t let that deter you. The quality is there, the place is professional and clean, and the staff is extremely knowledgable and friendly.

  130. joker1326

    Awesome shop with great people and products.

  131. tjblock94

    love it here just made a quick stop off and the service was amazing! will definitely tell people about it!

  132. GHSBsantiago

    I called on the phone asking for crumble and they didn’t even now the difference between the different types of wax!! Absolutely terrible!! Get your workers educated!!

  133. lucky45

    Excellent flower selection with a staff that knows what they’re talking about. I never feel rushed and their Honey B is one of the best strains I’ve ever had. You won’t get ripped off here either. Best prices in town.

  134. bethanyrc

    Great quality bud and friendly bud tenders!

  135. Spinner

    Easy to find. Parking is good. Staff is amazing. Customer service is outstanding. Their products are very nice.

  136. badtrip360

    Super friendly and knowledgable staff. Great selection as well as great donations, best dispensary in town!!!!!

  137. kthompson5505

    Don’t waste your time or your money going to this place. This is not the first time I’ve gone here and walked out with dry flower. I just went here , giving it another shot , and yet again what was in the jars is NOT what I received. I getc home with my product and it’s so dry it breaks apart into dust. It also has a weird smell like soap/fragrance. When I called in to discuss my disappointment I was told by there employee that flower is SUPPOSED to be like that and that is how it comes from the vendor. So apparently they buy stale flower and sell it.

    I obviously wouldn’t recommend this place. It’s the last time I’ll waste my money here.

  138. timber76

    best in town! great flower

  139. jdub72

    Good job guys! I’m a local and try to spread my MMJ dollar around as much as possible and try to give the different dispensaries a chance to earn my business. I have to admit, I haven’t purchased my flower here very often as I’m a little skeptical of pre-packaged meds. I do purchase edibles and other products here and I consider the service first rate. I have always been treated really well by a friendly and enthusiastic staff. Wait times are minimal and the location is perfect. I’m specifically taking the time to write a review to recount a recent experience. Recently, while paying a visit, a caretaker and elderly woman were in front of me at the counter. They had not been there before and needed to fill our paperwork, etc. The gentleman was clearly pressed for time and was caught between getting meds for his patient or getting the groceries home. The staff quickly got his paperwork through, and got them at the counters in no time. They even OFFERED TO LET HIM BRING HIS ICE CREAM IN AND PUT IN IN THEIR FRIDGE SO IT WOULDN’T MELT!! WOW! It was a potentially stressful situation and the staff did it with smiles on their faces and were extremely professional. They also served me in no time at all.

    Great service and I think you’ve earned a loyal customer. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Also, I have been trying different varieties of flower here and I’m impressed. There are several excellent strains that compete with the quality and price elsewhere.

  140. azmtnmedic

    Staff are all very knowledgeable, great service, and some really good prices! I drive from Williams to use this dispensary.

  141. Taureannn

    Almost no wait ever and the prices are unbeatable!

  142. Kathrynb90

    I love this spot! Staff is super helpful, friendly, & knowledgeable about all the products. I was a newbie before I came here and now with the help of Sarysa I have found the stuff that actually works for my conditions! Thank you!!!!!

  143. frshkicxZona

    Greenhouse of Flag is a great place
    I always receive excellent customer service, the staff is kind and experienced
    the product the provide is primo and I always find what I need
    thanks everyone at G.H.F.

  144. Darkess420

    Everytime is better than the last, always awesome.

  145. JonGDoyers

    Big shout out to Carlos, this dude is the most knowledgeable and respectful tender in flagstaff. I have stenosis in my back and anxiety and he always knows the perfect product to recommend. I’m a regular at every dispensary here in Flagstaff and Carlos and the staff at Greenhouse dominate when it comes to providing for their customers. Thank you guys!

  146. Jesterlackluster

    Their home grown strains are marvelous and surpass everything else in flagstaff.

  147. crusstee

    great shop! Definitely went above and beyond the call to help me out.

  148. dravengarcia

    great shop in flagstaff, their top teir buds are very affordable and some of the best ive ever seen. would highly recommend

  149. kmr

    I would highly recommend going to this dispensary if you are traveling and need any medical. They had easy first patient sign up, awesome deals, and super nice staff. I will definitely come from the 520 again to see you ladies and green buds. Thanks! *pink bandana and a smile*

  150. AKnam907

    I don’t get how all these reviews are so good. I was a former Grassroots patient and I’m quite disappointed with this new place next door. I got the Apollo 13, it was given to me in a flimsy plastic sack and the ziplock on the bag ripped as soon as I opened it, I wasn’t too impressed with the bud quality either. It’s also slightly more expensive compared to other dispensaries in town. Not the best place in Flag and certainly not the best bud. It’s quite the average dispensary, nothing special.

  151. sromeo21

    Beautiful shop but have been disappointed the last few times…I’m not a fan of pre-weighing my medicine the last couple times the product didn’t come close to looking the same or weighing correctly. I looked at the samples the bud tender showed me for Honey Banana and it looked amazing. I could only afford to spend $20 so I purchased a gram and it was pulled from a bin and placed in a bag and sealed up without seeing the product. I drove straight home and weighed it and it was only 3/4 of a gram instead of a gram. In addition the product didn’t even come close to looking like the sample, if you ask me it looks like a completely different strain. This has happened to me a few times now at Greenhouse and I think it’s deterred me from returning after this last visit.

  152. marcusturk

    The best medicine in the state,with the added bonus of an excellent staff! Decent discounts as well.

  153. hmaclean712

    Best place to go around town! I have never had a bad experience and they always have good deals going on! Early bird special is great if you are awake for it . It’s everyday from 8-11 am and you can get $5 grams up to 4! They have a special everyday and everyone is super welcoming ! I would only recommend going here! Ive tried the three in flagstaff but this one is by far the best

  154. BrandonGabrielse

    Wonderful knowledgeable people. Got a great first time buy and will keep coming back.

  155. Rin3ler

    Sarysa was my bud tender and she was amazing! She helped me find strains the really helped me with my chronic pain! knowledgeable of the products and what would work best for me! I ended up getting some starkiller 11 and get of edibles for me to sleep at night! I will be referring all my friends to Green House! Thank you Sarysa!!

  156. BuckThorne

    The lounge area is comfortable and inviting, roominess can be a plus when you’re waiting (No wait was a plus too). The staff was inviting, joyful, and knowledgeable of their products. The house grown Honey Bananas strain was amazing, as well as the Huxton strains. The only mark against the perfect rating was the prepackaged strains were a bit dry but the quality of those strains were so good that it really had no reduction on the high. An overall awesome dispensary, and I highly recommend 😉 !

  157. Sid8150

    Excellent prices and great service. The staff here is quite friendly and seems to earnestly want to help customers.

  158. Suwi

    Always have premium product, great staff and vet friendly.

  159. mykronz

    I love this place I’m constantly in here. Chad Rinzler encouraged me to initially start coming here. The staff is super laid back and friendly. They offer a good selection of cartridges.

  160. Green123321

    This place is great. Amazing prices on concentrated and the staff is really great and don’t make you feel rushed. My preferred place in town.

  161. tjtjeson95

    Best in town by far…HMH too expensive…GreenPharms eh…this is where you want to be! Greenhouse is the place to be!

  162. Likeariver

    good times at a good place. definetly the best in flag. lots of flower and wax. some good edibles to. all good prices. meeting new people all the time!

  163. lsandoval013

    Staff is AWESOME!!!!! Very Friendly bunch!!!!

  164. medsbuds

    Terrible…really disappointed with the attitude of the workers here. The quality of the meds are poor. Get them from somewhere else!

  165. joembreezy

    great location and the best deals and flower. knowledgeable staff with a great attitude. my new go-to pharmacy.

  166. Ronakimbo1

    I love this place! The staff is very personable and knowledgable and I always have a good experience! There is no beating their prices, as well.

  167. soul2take420

    so I’ve been shopping here for almost a year now and have got to say best dispensary I have ever gone to. every trip to this lovely store starts with a friendly hello and a low wait time then back to the showroom where your greeted by an equally friendly and knowledgeable budtender who never have a problem recommending an amazing strain edible or concentrate with the best quality and price in town i full heartedly recommend you try a preroll or the strawberry caramels both made by hand with love. sorry trying not to sound like an advertisement their just that awesome. great point system as well

  168. cutterqh

    love the feel of this despensary. the people seem very knowledgeable and caring!

  169. Skippy34

    This is the BEST shop in town! The meds here are outstanding I have never been disappointed. The people are extremely friendly and helpful. I can’t go to any other dispensary.

  170. 13sandoval

    Wonderfus Staff!!!!

  171. ironmom1111

    Super nice bud tenders!

  172. Malitto97

    I really like all the kinds of strains they have. A nice balance of indica and sativa never just one strain.

  173. Nordstrom420

    dank service bruh!

  174. dillydb

    Greenhouse is my go-to for quality meds and a friendly atmosphere. They are by far the best in Flagstaff and have a large selection of CBD strains. The first time I went here I had a great experience. Was not sure what to expect but had the most helpful and welcoming people. Very informative which I appreciated. I have been back since and received the same vibe. Very Happy customer:)

  175. Joshbus01

    Very well put together.great quality and service.

  176. craigmcroy

    Best place in flagstaff

  177. jared.fennell.7

    Always love seeing you guys. Northern lights #5 is awesome. The fire is pretty sweet as well. Still waiting to try the hard candies. Looking forward to my next visit. Keep up the good work.

  178. thotfulspot

    Helpful well informed staff that is able to suggest different strains and products to help me decide what to purchase. None of the guessing at other dispensary. Highly recommended!

  179. Csamperio84

    Love this place.. so knowledgeable

  180. maxwelbouise

    Great bud and edibles. very nice and helpful staff 🙂

  181. dvnlnd

    I love going to greenhouse always quality and amazing service. the only place I go to when I come up from Phx and they always treat a brotha right! stay positive and keep on spreading the love!

  182. duboisaz

    Got my card last month and Greenhouse was my last dispensary I visited in Flagstaff. I definitely saved the best for last! I couldn’t have been more impressed…the staff, decor and meds blew everyone else away. They offer a rewards system and pricing was great. Can’t wait to come back:)

  183. ColtsBlazen

    I was in town from the valley and was recommended to check this place out. I was told they have the best meds around. It didn’t disappoint! Chris took really great care of my girl and I as new time patients. He didn’t need to talk us into spending here. What sold itself is their top tier bud quality. Some of THE BEST I’ve ever seen. Not just in AZ. Anywhere. Dope

  184. BuddzyySmith

    Greenhouse of Flag has some pretty great medicine all the OG (Ocean Grown) strains they carry are superior. The only down side is that when they have meds listed on their menu and when you go in to check ’em out their sold out.. marketing gimmick? Besides that they hook you up if you are a regular.

  185. VCStone1993

    This was my first time at this dispensary and everyone was so nice and extremely helpful! 🙂 They recommended chocolope and I love it! 🙂 definitely coming back! 🙂

  186. Jvent82

    Been here a few times always been great service and quality

  187. MountainPuff

    This is “the spot” in Flagstaff, AZ. It’s off the beaten path and the area competition can’t touch the prices here. The staff is accommodating and always makes me feel comfortable. Best hours, best prices, best location, best variety, ect. Green Pharms in Flag all the way.

  188. UpinaBlaze81

    I was visiting for the weekend with family, stopped in to get DRY BUDS!!
    I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone of my worst enemies.dY”%0

  189. latinstone

    I’ve been to plenty of dispensaries in the valley and all of the flagstaff locations, this despensory by far has the best customer service. Excellent atmosphere and the bud tenders have such a welcoming attitude. Nina was great helping me accommodate all my needs. Have been recommending to all cardholding friends!

  190. DexterHyden

    awesome place to go for some good meds

  191. AmeeciaEagan

    Great; conveniently located
    Budtender was a great help

  192. BossBigV

    People at Greenhouse are great. The product is always good and the wait times are always low.

  193. KeelyChristine

    I lpve this place!! I love the people!! y’all are the best!!!

  194. griffm22

    Guys were really nice, very good product simple and easy.

  195. LolaDog

    Honey B is the best flower I’ve ever smoked. I got the same strain in shatter and was equally impressed. Top notch!

  196. GlobZombie

    Worth going out of the way to try. Fat hook up to 1st time patients. Havent tryed the wax, but the price was low for how good it looked. The budtender talked me into trying the blue dream flower on pure sales pitch and im glad she did! Drive back from flags about to be nice. dY~

  197. lupineaz

    My favorite by far in Flagstaff. Large selection of flower and concentrates and the prices seem to always be a bit better. Highly recommended!!!

  198. saraw928

    You go anywhere else and you are missing out. Greenhouse is THE best! Kosher Kush Shatter is.. amazing amazing amazing!!! The staff is awesome and they know their stuff! 🙂

  199. Santo

    I made my first visit today and it couldn’t have been any more pleasant. Jason was very welcoming and knowledgeable about the medicine. I was able to get exactly what I wanted and Jason provided a couple of unexpected gifts for the visit. I will definitely put Greenhouse on my agenda for whenever I have business in Flagstaff.

  200. taylorpastonie

    Great pricing and best staff!! Would highly recommend 🙂 will come back !!

  201. CharlesWhit3

    This location is great. Bud tenders are a 10/10 every time

  202. sroseheck

    Very helpful and friendly staff. I’m new to cannabis and they were able to answer all my questions.

  203. vgraves1221

    Loved it. First time here everyone was so nice and very helpful. Love the bud and the concentrates I picked up would definitely return soon.

  204. kalalove83

    very nice employees! always fast with great prices 🙂

  205. ReireiSmilez97

    The bud tenders are outstanding; so helpful and efficient in providing me with my meds quick and they were the perfect strains to alleviate every pain. The flower is insane. Great prices and best flower I’ve seen in some of the more common strains, (such as clementine, blue dream, and tangie) were better than I’ve seen in any other dispensary in AZ (mostly PHX area). Definitely worth checking it out!!

  206. Jossue88

    Location is central from west and east side of town; great location. The staff is always super friendly and they always manage to remember who I am when I walk in. The place always looks great and seems clean. I would highly recommend this place!

  207. chronnoisseurr

    I love coming here and even more picking up here but what the heck greenhouse? The girl with the glasses in front, the one with lighter hair is the most annoying receptionist anywhere. How are you really going to pay someone to greet people and she doesn’t even say hello? She’s never taken my order so i know shes not a budtender. I have been coming here so long and i have no idea who she is and i know she doesn’t care about who i am. greenhouse is about a family feel and this girl is far from the greenhouse company name. I have noticed her every time i have been in since she has been hired and i’ve got to say, If it isn’t for the bending over the rest of the staff does she would ruin your customer service.

  208. 420Babeee

    The staff is amazing! Everytime I walk in in welcomes with warm smiles and friendly people. They actually want to get to you, and engage and in a conversation.

  209. robkelsay

    The best medicine in Northern Arizona

  210. Heat420AZ

    I can’t say enough good things about this place. First, the flower is ridiculous. It’s not just the best in the state, it’s some of the best I’ve ever seen. Period. This place is truly a family that always makes you feel welcome. You can’t ever go wrong. Keep rockin GH!

  211. vidalvalenzuela

    Good selection of strains and concentrates.

  212. ssh84

    Love this place it has been a go to since day one of having my med card, and my favorite Flagstaff dispensary!

  213. JustinknowsTHC

    The entry and waiting area surpasses most of the dispensaries I have visited in the valley. You get a warm greeting as soon as you walk in the door (typically by Jason, manager of operations).
    They have both a great herb and concentrate selection for this tiny college town. Expect them to be doing perfect amber runs all the time on some of most amazing meds, blue pineapple & sour jack just to name a few. If you find some fire that works for you, don’t be hesitant to pick up quantity. You might shed a tear when another customer (like myself) buys the last of it – and at their prices this is highly likely.
    Knowledgeable bud tenders who are happy to find something that you are after tips the scales in high favor for this one. Go there if you are in the area or become a regular if you live here, you won’t be disappointed.

  214. satvalenz

    I love it here, my favorite spot in flag!

  215. JaredP

    Knowledgeable, professional staff!

  216. Lexoxoxo

    Anyone who lives in Flagstaff and is a card holder can testify Greenhouse knows whats up! From being greeted upon immediately coming in to feeling like you know the strains just as well as the budtenders, the vibe here is wholesome. Some dispensaries make you feel unwelcome but from the moment you walk in, you will feel comfortable. It’s almost a guarantee that once you meet this friendly staff and try out what they have to offer, you will become part of the Greenhouse family too!:)

  217. navahoe

    Love the place!

  218. Jess333

    Very pleasurable and productive First visit to Greenhouse! Went specifically for the Honey Banana on a friends recommendation. Pure Lusciousness! Dense flowers,beautifully fragrant,and Paralyzingly Potent;in the best of all Euphoric states! I was pleased to not feel rushed. Sarysa took her time and walked me through their full selection. Also Surprised to find some reasonably priced flower for once. Definitely the Best priced Meds for High quality in Flagstaff. Go to Greanhouse,a top tier joint! You’ve got yourself one Loyal customer here!

  219. Sno57

    Ok, so first time visit. I called in ahead of time and was greeted by a very charming and upbeat voice that answer all of my long series of questions rather joyfully! but then when i get there im greeted by a model with an amazing smile and find out she’s the lovely voice from earlier on the phone(score right?) so not only was the wait non existant but once i get to the back room, boom another gorgeous woman with a personality as firey as the buds in the display case!(which are fire)
    so then i ask some questions, beauty number 2 is on point with her knowledge and her recomendations(sampling currently)
    i went with bud from inhouse, ya know compare dispensaries for what they grow not just what they buy and resell kinda thing. so their shatter, great, no complaints and i complain often at the slightest “ify” on shatter. but two thumbs up there, on both kinds i got(blue dream and the softer mango) the 2 kinds of bud i got are both smelling great and great tase, properly flushed and cured correctly. My budtender knew exactly how to impress me. the deal i got has me calling my friends and telling them, this is the flagstaff one stop med shop. Im in love with the shop, the meds and of course the employees! haha if they weren’t so professional i’d have tried to get a number! haha but in all seriousness. out of the 30ish dispensaries ive tried in AZ, best in enviorment, excellent customer care, like top two and it’s only competition there took probably 50 visits to build, and best in gorgeous employees! thanks for all the help and God Bless you Gals 😉 -Dan

  220. lee06

    It’s an incredible establishment that wants nothing but to make you feel good and accomplished when you walk out. Great great customer service!

  221. srabino

    Went back!! N def not disappointed yet again… Don’t even waste your time let alone your money anywhere else! Gotta make this your one stop shop. dY’- keep up the great work bud tenders this place wouldn’t b the same without u dY’dY’

  222. blehhbeth

    Love coming here everyone is so welcoming and I love getting to see my girl Sarysa she is always so helpful and fun to talk to. The caramels are my go to edible for sure dY’OEdY>>

  223. MuddyMagic7


  224. pattyp420

    Great place to get my medicine, very friendly staff and great selection of concentrates and flower!

  225. purplepurple

    this is a GREAT dispensary – welcoming modern design, a VERY comfortable place,
    Carlos is a EXCELLENT budtender and Sarysa is 100 % WoW a*

  226. Ayootomas

    GREEN HOUSE IS THEE BEST in my opionion in flagstaff GREAT flowers and edibles n people are great WOULD recommend to anyone!!

  227. Cbrock56

    These guys are the friendliest in the business. I have always had a great experience each time I go! Lowest wax prices in Flagstaff dY’-

  228. Chalupa13

    I absolutely love coming into the Greenhouse! The staff are friendly and welcoming, and make you feel right at home while shopping. They’re always willing to help me find what I need (even if they don’t have the specific strain) and give their honest personal opinions. Ive never had to wait over five minutes to get in and have never been disappointed. You guys are hands down, the most friendly, knowledgeable, and comfortable store in town. Thanks for being so great!

  229. aclj1021

    Valley girl Passing through town and my vape pen was dead … Carlos hooked me up with an awesome new patient gift and excellent pre roll! Great place very friendly!! Will return when coming through

  230. spastic41

    High quality products, and the best staff of any dispensary in town. Also, good prices. My first choice by far in Flagstaff. Thanks you guys!

  231. KaitlynsHusband

    I want to retract my previous review. Having the THC posted has saved me $50 in gas this week. (I don’t have to drive around anymore)
    This is my favorite dispensary. Great people, great products. The Caramels are delicious.
    And so is the weed. dY$?tm

  232. mykronzzz

    Location is good. It’s central to the entire city of flagstaff. The staff is friendly. I like their live resin!

  233. BU2B

    I have been doing business at Green House for 3 years and have NEVER had an issue with the quality of their product (they regularly have some of the largest, most fragrant, tastiest and most potent flowers I have found from AZ to BC). Their service has always been exemplary and the atmosphere is always laid back, friendly and attentive.

    I hate to hear that some have had a bad experience here – as this is one top notch medical Dispensary and the likelihood of being happy somewhere else if not happy here is slim at best.

    As a kindness to any business it’s always best to talk to the establishment first and give them an opportunity to rectify the situation before posting negative reviews.

    Believe me these guys want you to be happy, healthy and a repeat customer.

    Flowers dry out – weight changes – as far as pre-rolls go … do you REALLY think most places offer a gram of flower only for $10 a gram and roll it for you too? I think you will find the vast majority of pre-rolls consist of sugar leaf and popcorn buds.

    Just my 2 cents. Give these guys a chance. They really are terrific.

  234. dank182

    Definitely the best dispensary in Flagstaff when it comes to customer service and quality products!! Make sure you ask for Sarysa or Carlos they’re amazing 🙂

  235. Ericalou48

    I do not live in Flagstaff but due to my recent illness I find myself there more often then I want. Every time I go to Flagstaff I go to Greenhouse and have enjoyed every visit

  236. snackbox

    This is THE place for top meds in Flagstaff. Always friendly, always awesome!

  237. 11love11

    This is my favorite place in Flagstaff. Chris helped me today and he was friendly and knowledgeable . The waiting are is large and inviting. Definitely worth trying if you have never been.

  238. Jenarose

    I love the flower and edibles they have here. there are always really good deals too dY’–dY’–

  239. rexing

    Nice location, knowledgeable and friendly staff, good prices, great quality medicine. Carlos helped me select some of the best flower I’ve ever seen. They also have awesome new patient deals. I have officially found my dispensery!

  240. mtillett399

    Everyone is always so friendly & efficient when I’m there. Good vibes & great atmosphere with good deals!

  241. 33kushmaster

    Greenhouse really delivers quality products at great prices. I went in earlier today for an unbelievable deal on some top shelf shatter and the friendliest budtender, I think his name was Carlos, recommended this extremely cool rig at an affordable price. I have made an effort to visit as many dispensaries as possible in this state and these guys are by far my favorite.Thank you so much!!!

  242. andeez805

    this place is poppin! love it here! Some of the best tree in town.I
    would definately recommend coming here at least once!!

  243. hbelin88

    Everything about this place is legit, their flower, their very own edibles which is off the chain. Any time in need, Greenhouse is the place.

  244. dylandigiacomo

    Overall, I couldn’t have asked for better service. The medicinal quality was phenomenal in the better known strains such as Blue Dream and Kosher Kush. Can’t wait for more quality strains to come!

  245. rlk86046

    Very nice shop, good products, nice flowers, great staff.

  246. bitty

    very nice staff nothing like grassroots meds are so dry they turn to dust lost all flavor way low budget for a state run facility this is what happens when govt runs things very very dissapointed ill stick to the clubs for now

  247. JasonC43

    Just picked up an eigth of the honey banana a very solid recommendation by my dude George he really knows his strains and the place has some of the coolest art on the walls, cheers homie

  248. Esham66626

    I really like the way the face look I bought something that was already pre-packaged so I’m not too sure about the quality but I’m definitely going to go back to this place so I can try out some of the shatter in the crumble and I can let everybody know how good it is

  249. kels89

    i love this place it has high quality buds…

  250. Dozer420

    Very Cool people , Good Meds , Great prices and daily deals ,Gotta check it out !!!:)

  251. AZmedgrow

    These guys are doing it right! Great selection, amazing staff and quality flower. Ive been to at least a dozen dispensaries in AZ only to be disappointed by “medical grade” cannabis. People drive from all over AZ to GreenHouse of Flag for a reason. Ask the budtender for lab test results at most dispensaries and they look at you like you’re crazy, these guys are proud to show you lab sheets on flower and concentrates…. Keep up the good work guys, you’re setting the bar high for AZ! One suggestion is; you should look into becoming CleanGreen Certified, would take y’all to the next level…

  252. ERAzonaKid

    a lot of top shelves selections

  253. TheDudeAZ

    Absolutely love this place. BEST IN FLAGSTAFF. First, the flower and concentrates is BY FAR the best in town. No one else comes close. Second, they don’t rip you off here. Prices are lower even before you add in all the loyalty points stuff. They can’t be beat. Plus the staff here knows what they are talking about. They treat people like family here. Thanks guys!

  254. smithtwin

    Thank you for an awesome Flagstaff experience.
    Great service, great atmosphere, great selection.
    This will be my go-to place when shopping in Flagstaff!

  255. MP1113

    I was beyond impressed. The staff is very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. The environment is welcoming, and the store is well organized and clean. For someone new to this experience, I had a lot of questions; not only were they answered with great insight, I was also given some complimentary product as a new customer. Thank you for a great experience.

  256. 2friendsfx

    Great service, great selection-all the time. See ya soon

  257. RealGanjaGoddess

    This dispensary is impeccable. I have been coming for two years and as long as GH and myself are still in Flagstaff, they’ll continue to get my business. I’ve tried numerous dispensaries in the valley and all of Flagstaff’s. 10/10 times I would come to GH. This place is always looking absolutely pristine. There’s never any clutter or so much as a speck on the floor. The manager over there does an amazing job. The glass display glasses are always clean despite the amount of people that must lean on it a day. They always have fresh bud and a very wide selection. I’m not usually into straying away from top shelf in fear the product might be bad quality but at GH they carry the dankest $10/g’s in all of Arizona. The nugs on any strain they carry are flawless. They display some of the most beautiful nugs I’ve ever seen in their glass display and on every occasion I’ve came home with some extremely good looking flower as well. If you’re a lover of large and gorgeous terp covered bud this is you’re place. The staff is so helpful and alert. I never feel bad asking any questions and they explain everything well. GH trains their employees so well and it makes for a very unique dispensary experience. This place blows every other dispensary away by a long shot. If you’re in Phoenix I highly recommend the drive up North to get some of our amazing tree.

  258. bhill

    Greenhouse, so disappointing I really miss going there cause unfortunately its staff is the best thing it has going for them. The Flower 1st off is way to dry. 2nd all prepackaged so it’s not weighed out in front of you. Also once it’s opened maybe check the weight to ensure you getting what you paid for. 3rd just seeming to be getting off the ground and needs more products available for the consumers. 4th Decent prices and they have a separate container which they let you feel the flower and check freshness. Everywhere else you go they have tongs and don’t let you feel it for freshness. Word to the wise if your looking for great flower shop around. If your looking for a friendly experience their staff is fantastic and will guide you through the process.


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