Tucson SAINTS (Southern Arizona Integrated Therapies)



112 South Kolb Road, Tucson, AZ 85710


32.220054, -110.841607




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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First medical marijuana dispensary in Arizona. Wide selection of Flower, Edibles, Concentrates, and Vape Products at the best prices in Tucson. Come talk to our professional and knowledgeable budtenders today!


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139 reviews for “Tucson SAINTS (Southern Arizona Integrated Therapies)

  1. bstavez

    life is just better with saints

  2. Dante818

    Came in on a Friday like I normally do, and the waiting room was PACKED, I stopped counting at 50 people between outside & inside. I found out later they were having a super super special. I go there to get the bottom tier meds for edibles, and even though it’s “bottom tier” it’s pretty good. but after the special special I left with 2 Oz’s of decent nugs for under 200$. at other shops you won’t leave with 1 oz of meds even with their bottom tier. I don’t usually go to shops, but when I do, THIS is the spot!! If you’re looking for the Super Dank (which I’ve yet to find any in Tucson, I’m used to Cali) they’ve got good top shelf for 45-55$ an 8th, but the super bargain is the 150$oz when they have the 10% off. That’s the bargain. I gave the quality 4 stars not because it’s bad meds, it just is what it is, a solid 7/10 but at 135$oz you can’t beat it!! Thumbs up to SAINTS!!

  3. tkelly520

    good vibe

  4. jmmoreno85

    Excellent! Thank You All For Such A Great Product & Service. It Really Sets My Mind At Ease To Have A Reliable Dispensary In Town, Thanks Again!

  5. sillylilycali

    great atmosphere. Nice buds!

  6. efontes1

    First time visit. Atmosphere is nice, fresh coffee and water stocked in the lobby. Check in was fast and wait non-existent even though there were patients in front of me. The budtender was really cool and helpful, told me they grow their own flower which had a strong pungent aroma, bright green buds frosted with crystals that smoke tasty! It was a great deal cause the flower was a tad aEURoeleafyaEUR, but I’ve seen more leafy and pricey at other places. He did give me about a gram of extra flower between two fat eights, thank you! I actually came back the same day for more and got the same great deal/experience. This place rocks!

  7. titox3

    dope spot, love the service n the budz!A!

  8. BananaCOIn

    Such mixed feelings about this place. The staff are awesome. The prices are awesome. The quality is great for the price. Usually a little dry, but plenty strong. (Boveda can fix that) My real issue is the atmosphere. I’ve only been on Fridays. That could be the problem. It’s loud, unorganized feeling, crowded, and the parking sucks. I assume they’ve had issues outside as there is security in the parking lot. The price keeps me coming back, but I always just call in an order so I don’t have to sit there for an hour.

  9. mrsmusic

    The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They know which strains will work best with a particular medical condition. If you aren’t sure-just ask. Up until my last visit I have been satisfied with the quality of their product (and the review about mold doesn’t ring true with me because I’m severely allergic to mold and I would notice) Admittedly the last time I purchased I was disappointed to find sticks which I didn’t notice until a few days later. Also,I’d like to read info on ALL the strains you list on Leafly as being in stock(and I’m sure they are) Descriptions are provided for your most popular strains and yet SO many others listed say NOTHING. The majority of people who use medical marijuana are pretty savvy about what is best for their condition((indica, sativa, hybrid etc.) but they also don’t want to spend time pouring over the boards once they get to SAINTS. With no info given on so many of your strains on Leafly, I will not buy any of them. I have no clue what they are-are they old? dried up? weak? Indica? Sativa dominant etc? Most customers never write reviews and who knows whether the owner bothers to read them anyways, but I know I would if I were the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary. Yes, I’d certainly want to make money, but I’d want to make sure that I’d be on top of what makes it easier for the patient who used marijuana medicinally. Quite a few of the lower priced flowers have no description. That’s too bad because many of us aren’t wealthy and if it’s decent stuff why not take the time to tell us? We’d still be customers and you’d still make money.

  10. mabdulla123

    The folks here are absolutely amazing!! They are super knowledgeable about all their products. The product is always on point and they know which is best for me. I love the fact they know my name and the security guy is even way cool. The SAINTS is the place for me!! Must recommend!!!

  11. Kari13987

    Best customer service and quality of ALL the flowers!

  12. theMyzer86

    Great location, the budistas are polite and mostly in a good mood 🙂 as for the product, it’s great. Never disappointed !

  13. itsthedash

    All the flower looked the same, smelled the same and tasted terrible. The caviar is pretty good though.

  14. thefemininestoner

    The only complaint I have is that I wish they opened earlier 🙂

  15. Janky420

    The place and price are great, the product not so much. The purple punch is reminiscent of some low THC homegrown. Not a major deal but I also got blatenly shorted. 7.6 is not 8.0gs. Needless to say I will not be returning soon.

  16. 0pokemonmaster0

    Customer service – I went twice my first time first time the guy with the huge gauges was kinda rude second time the dude was super chill

    quality- I don’t know why people are hating these people grow theirs which is why the cost is lower by far the best deal excusing the specials

    atmosphere- chill they had dope music my 2nd guy who helped me was cool the person who first checked me in was cool the only problem I had was the customer service with the first guy I asked for a good indica and asked the guy what does he think about the 8 dollar grams he said well I don’t buy them but they are good I guess dude fire this mam his whole job is customer service your not wiz khalifa bro

  17. rms619ster

    Enjoy SAINTS. Prices are substantially lower than other dispensaries.

  18. YoMamasNomads

    The majority of buds here look brown and seedy. Just awful. Not even worth the browsing time. I tried Lemon Haze and Royal Flush Kush. Not impressed. The smell did not translate to the flavor. Avoid this place like the plague.

  19. jedwordlee

    I saw several bad reviews, but decided to give SAIT a chance. The http://FTP…nice! The Super 1/8 Saturday…awesome! The guys there, all of them that I met today, were cool as hell! Very knowledgeable about the medical science…knew what a terpene was and how beneficial when combined with cannabinoids, they are for the body. I really could have stayed and talked for hours. Bud quality: I’m happy!!! I got a $38 strain and it was great!!! Not a brown bud to be found in the place! Bud is dense, cured right, and tastes like Cinderella Dream should…with that blueberry taste and smell due to its ancestry. I would easily recommend to a friend. I live in Marana, and I will definitely be making the return trip! The bud tender especially….super cool, knowledgeable, and fun to talk to. Thanks for the awesome service man!

  20. Bronan008

    great location. fast service and friendly knowledgeable staff

  21. krgraham

    after coming more than a couple times i really do appreciate their customer service and freindly/helpful budtenders. great place and pretty good medicine.

  22. exalted316

    I enjoy this location because of its wide variety and good pricing but not too sure about their bud quality, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it not. What really bothers me is that when asked about their thc percentages, the receptionist immediately responded with, “the state of Arizona does not require us to record those.” A simple no would have been fine but why wouldn’t you want to test the percentages(especially if they’re good)? Personally, I believe having percentages shows more professionalism in a dispensary and less skepticism for the consumer. Overall, I like this place for a quick pick me up but not for anything more than an 8th.

  23. TuMamiMarie

    I LOVE going to this location. The guys in the back are ALL chill and helpful.

  24. Mmartinez5866

    love this place ,meds and staff are amazing. always in and out.

  25. DopeM4n20

    Prices match the quality for the most part, and there are great daily deals. On Sundays they have some of the cheapest bud in town. The staff is normaly very helpful and will let you take your time.

  26. Onnicatz

    By far my favorite dispensary, always having awesome weekly deals, amazing flower, and great prices on wax. Every visit is a pleasant experience, my most recent Bud tender was Alan. He always welcomes you with a smile and is very helpful answering any question I have about my medication. But everyone is great!

  27. pgg47

    Great location – friendly, welcoming and helpful staff! Excellent medicine @ good prices. First visit…definitely not the last.

  28. ariellm91

    So far I have been here four times and they’re weed is not what I’m looking for. No density in their bud and what’s weird is very little to no scent. Good pre-rolls.

  29. k3medusa

    Today was my first visit; staff is amazing, comfortable though I didn’t have to wait long enough to check it all out. Product I purchased is really fresh and they have a 20% veterans discount! dY’<<

  30. pspadilla

    Great budtenders, very knowledgeable and experienced in all varieties. Luv Luv Luv this place. Will always go to this dispensary. Monica has advised me on many products all with great results. They are like family!

  31. Neitousama

    God Bud and Super Critical in my opinion are their best strains, aside from that I have tried Shakira, Cheesequake and Yumbolt 47.

    I did not like Yumbolt 47 just wasn’t strong enough.

    Shakira, has the earthiest and tastiest smoke of all. I am serious, if I could grow all my vegetables in that soil I would if dirt could taste pure and lovely that would be it.

    Cheesequake was similar to Shakira both in taste and effect but both didn’t last very long…it was unfortunate. I am wondering if the mid-strains are grown intentionally weaker in THC content to get you to buy their more expensive strains. However everything about the atmosphere is nice, bathroom in the building and the front desk is very polite. The guys in the sale room are very knowledgeable and some are personal users making it easier to understand certain things. Overall, I feel if they lowered their prices a bit they’d be more competitive.

  32. KLE123

    I really like the budtender Alfonso he was so knowledgeable about the different strains and products for sale in your dispensary. Alfonso displayed excellent customer service.

  33. KDL037

    fair prices and great flower

  34. rissaroseh

    Favorite dispensary in town, by far and I’ve been to most of them. The ladies up front are awesome and the budtenders in the back are super chill.

  35. quantumflowergirl

    Extremely rude and bad service in the back room. Bud tender acted like she had no time to help. Menu screen on wall wasn’t working at first. She recommended a strain that has no description on Leafly or on their in store menu, simply calling it a sativa hybrid but leaving out the fact that it’s high CBD, which I only found out after getting home and doing more research. I cannot use CBD as it has horribly negative effects on me. I am so fed up with young bud tenders who act like they know what they’re taking about but do not. This is my medicine we’re talking about here. I have the right to buy from someone who knows what they’re doing and isn’t too preoccupied to give adequate service to a patient.

  36. KMB2016

    Meghan was absolutely fantastic when I was in last weekend!! I love her spunk and her upbeat personality when answering my questions! She rocks! Thank you for always providing top notch customer service!

  37. Nettek

    I tried to dispensary when it was first opened and they have good stuff but high prices fast forward a couple years and now they have 70 strains decent prices but horrible quality I went there on their Thursday promotion where everything is 30 bucks for three grams so they gave me their strongest top shelf the Jack her usually one of my favs but this strain barely had a smell to it, it was clipped horribly and it was not effective at all it was equivalent to the worst strains I’ve gotten at other dispensaries and they call this their best. very disappointedI got better stuff than this when I was in high school 20 years ago do not go there this dispensary is low quality but for a low price

  38. Yaya278

    friendly staff

  39. walshryne

    This is hands down the best dispensary in Tucson!!! First and foremost is their bud tenders, they are very caring, helpful, HONEST, and knowledgeable. Second is there variety, great & HONEST prices, and very potent. And last but definitely not least is the overall dedication this dispensary shows everyday to caring for patients. It starts at the door with a full time guard for our and their protection, than a warm friendly greeting, a lobby with drink and plenty of interesting reading material, Than their multiple pay stations quickly get you in back where you find their pricing and specials brightly displayed in an easy to read fashion, than their friendly bud tenders help you make the right choice, and you pay a great price.

    Had been having trouble finding a good med to aid my sleep got the
    Shikara it was their recommendation and the house brand and amazing potent and did the job.

  40. eirrac007

    Great staff. I come mainly for the wax. it’s very manageable and strong and on Wednesday and Friday it’s 20% off.

  41. rajincanajin

    Great shop. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and it’s got an unbeaten selection and very reasonable prices. I give it a 93%

  42. Ademarco4

    Best dispensary in Tucson. Only place that has cheese of all types. Greatest flower ever

  43. andyheidrick3

    Great prices

  44. Prairie

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff made me feel comfortable right away. SAINTS grows their own strains, and boast an impressive selection of medicine for very wide range of specific ailments. But please don’t tell anyone about their electrifying Pineapple Express Sativa, because I want to be sure it’s in stock for my next visit!

  45. Junghe

    My girlfriend and I stop in at least twice a week and have been extremely happy with all of our visits. The staff is helpful and make solid recommendations. I haven’t dealt with all the staff but Tony and Mica have been friendly and don’t mind taking the time to explain different products and strains. With on point customer service and daily deals, there is no reason to not stop by here for your meds. You can even call ahead and your order will be up front waiting for you when you arrive.

  46. PennyLynn

    So far one Best Dispesery iv been too, prices and quality are just right for the $$$$$

  47. demonbean52

    I’m a new cardholder so my only experience with bud was if it looked, smells good then it’s fire you know,(gotta trust the weedman) but they take the time to ask what I’m looking for, affects and flavor and as I said im new so I am always looking and asking questions about everything and never do they get that hurry up and buy attitude its like when you are getting someone blazed for the first time you’re all excited thats how they are their excited to help get you where you want to be so stop in and give them a try it will become one of your favorite places to go

  48. JVlz520

    love the meds here… great staff as well… one of my favorite places to pick up meds…

  49. romancandle

    I can’t believe I haven’t been here before. You guys, I had the best experience here. The vibes in there are mellow and relaxed, super chill. How a dispensary visit should be. I felt like they really cared and wanted me to get the medicine most suitable to my shape. Plus they have caviar!!!!!!!! That alone is reason enough. Awesome prices awesome bud.

  50. Budmandave

    Best place in town! Can not beat the prices plus the staff is very knowledgeable and you can tell they really care and actually want to be there!

  51. smallowl

    I purchased a product at “SAIT”. It was snake oil with no discernible medicine and much more expensive than the competition. When I brought it to their attention they were dismissive and felt no obligation to investigate or accommodate me. “No guarantees. Tough luck sicko. We don’t stand by our products.”

    Southern Arizona Integrated Therapies: Sounds impressiveaEUR”patient oriented, non-profit, just what the doctor ordered (that’s why I went to them for advice on a product I did not have to inhale.) Think again. In three years I have found their prices to be the highest. They only accept cash and post a rent-a-cop outside. Creepy. Navigate around this one.

  52. hatedbymany4

    The prices for buds are good but not the quality I was looking for they showed me there best bud “God Bud” but it was not potent at all and was pretty and all there buds almost smelled the same and they looked nothing like the samples they show. there Purple OG crumble was good but i doubt I will ever buy buds here again unless they step there game up

  53. mintyhipo23

    I don’t know what happened but I bought 3 different top shelf strains. one indicated one hybrid one sativa and they all taste and smell dirty. That’s the best way I can think to describe it. it’s fresh good looking bud. but it just smells funky and smokes something nasty. Prices should be way lower the lowest quality strains are higher priced then blooms prices for any strain. really disappointed I want to try them again but having smoked 3 of there top shelf strains and being so disatisfied I think I’ll go somewhere els.

  54. h3llph1sh

    Best selection in town!!!!!! Insane quality and out of this world prices. Canna-tsu and blue dream are both excellent. High CBD strains 50/50 that are great for tight muscles. They have a great deal this week. worth the drive from any distance. Thanks again. MS.

  55. justinbellaa

    I think they have really good weed for reasonable prices! I love them

  56. hi2

    The best flowers in all of Tucson. I’ve never been disappointed. Quality, all the way.

  57. skwee83

    SAINTS was the first dispensary I ever went to and they made me feel incredibly at ease. not having consumed cannabis since I was a teenager, and recreationally at that, I was a bit overwhelmed by all of the different terms and weights and uses and so on. they quickly evaporated those concerns.

    from their visible and friendly but intimidating (a plus!) security guard to their small and personable staff, you will never be nervous for long.

    I will visit SAINTS as long as it is open or I live in tucson. the 4 stars for medication is because while they have a great selection of homegrown flower, they dont always carry the same strains that arent grown in-house. this can lead to disappointment if your current favorite strain is out of stock and may not be restocked!

    NOTE: they are CASH ONLY – they do have an atm right there inside so its no worries but you should come prepared for that if youre like me and almost exclusively carry plastic.

  58. jjram

    Keep up the great work dY’

  59. amc427

    The budtenders here were super kind and helpful; they gave great recommendations and made me feel like they truly wanted to help me find the perfect strain.

  60. monstermaya

    This was the first dispensary I went to as soon as I got my card. The place is friendly and welcoming, and the budtenders are nice as well, maybe a little quiet. They had a great deal where the eighths were 4.5 instead of 3.5, got some White Widow and Jack Herer. The quality was not as fresh as I was hoping for, still a decent buzz but now that I’ve shopped around, I’ve definitely had better. This was back in January so hopefully the quality has gone up since, may try again in the future.

  61. stacellauman

    5 stars all around.

  62. skc420

    The absolute best experience I’ve had ever. Great staff, selection, and quialty in Tucson.

  63. 520farmer

    Professional place with nice, knowledgeable people. Good selection of quality meds at a reasonable price.

  64. Chooch01

    First time here and very impressed. Better prices but still good quality. Excellent discounts. Got Trainwreck and Cookie Monster and still had enough for some gummies. Weed is my medicine and my lifeline so its great to get a good deal. My new favorite dispensary.

  65. Kingplumtree

    best in town… Well for me anyway.

  66. CustosClavium

    This is one of my favourite dispensaries, primarily because of their buy ine get one free prerolls. That’s right, on Sundays, you buy a 1g preroll and get another one free. Same with half grams. And its good stuff too, not trim. Real strains of real flower all rolled up for you. Also the staff is friendly and they don’t take tips so it’s real and not kindness-for-tips. They also hot a security guard who is very polite and opens doors for folks. Their prices are a little higher than others, but they have great specials, a wide variety of strains, and good quality product. Check it out. Elizabeth. S.

  67. Mayra9214

    Bad service ..

  68. Willisp

    love it

  69. Reylove93

    Everyone is so friendly and happy.

  70. MustyWench

    This is literally my favorite dispensary to go to. The staff is super friendly and inclusive. all around amazing.

  71. stormbess12

    by far my favorite dispensary in Tucson. These bud tenders really know their stuff and it’s a pleasure to get such great service.

  72. haven108

    My budtender Alan made it really easy to understand all my options and made sure I utilized all deals available to me. Super informative and 100% on customer service From Alan. Would recommend anyone to request Alan as their budtender to get 100% stellar customer service!

  73. wolly4321

    You guys rock.

  74. mikesz1369

    very nice welcome and informative

  75. theganjapreneur

    The only problem I have with SAINTS is the wax and that the one of the budtenders (not going to name which one especially since he got called out below) recommended ‘Champatsu’ for me and didn’t tell me it was a CBD strain. Worst recommendation in the history of recommendations. It’s like the O’Douls of marijuana. But I usually go for their ‘bud run’ wax which very well could be nug runs, but they definitely should look into getting a new concentrate person. Overall, prices & daily specials are decent would recommend stopping by. They have all been very friendly in the past.

  76. frankdarkly

    Best prices in Tucson.

  77. gomwzgabe820

    This is a great spot for good buds with a groovy price. The new double black and winning aka Charlie sheen x unknown strain, are on fire for cheap.

  78. katsmeow3006

    Excellent service great staff friendly knowledgeable and vet discounts. Great buds

  79. Knosaj

    I heard about this dispensary through another location. I decided to check out this location, and I’m glad I did. Super 1/8 Saturday is sweet, and the staff were knowledgeable and friendly. I’ll be a repeat customer for sure!

  80. shearedge832

    I am new to the MMJ world. I went in today and they were super helpful. I have yet to try what I bought, but ut will be good! They answered any questions and concerns that I had. I will definitely go here again.

  81. maze90

    very good dispensary with great prices and good customer service

  82. Julianm1811

    This place was awesome. Fire . Flower . .grate selection of concentrates. Keep up the good work. . S.a.i.n.t.s

  83. Aries666

    I have been visiting this place for about two years now. First class service and atmosphere. These guys because family very fast. I’m a saliva kind of guy so I don’t get the indica stains often but integrated’s are welcome in my book. But any saliva or hybrid I have tried and they are all fantastic and top shelf. I highly recommend the sour kush when it’s in stock. it packs a heavy saliva kick with a strong euphoric feeling which keep me going all day. Integrated is a five star all the way.

  84. farley2628

    The staff was very helpful

  85. Nucklqueen

    i live off Saints!! I have lupus and mmj is better than any pills. I eat mine(cook w it) and therefore it is BETTER if it’s dry for me & they were having $100 an oz sales of Bud that made my life so much better! thanks!! now don’t get me wrong, when I smoke I don’t like dry but wouldn’t expect to get top of the line for that price…they DO have something for everyone and their 4/20 sale was best deal in SEAZ IMO!! LOVE THIS PLACE! edibles, oil, clear – they’ve got it!! I DEFINITELY GET MY 2.5 OZ EVERY 2 WEEKS & THEY REWARD ME W THEIR POINT SYSTEM ON THE NEXT VISIT!! I just don’t go anywhere else. thanks for just making my life better!

  86. June92

    Good prices. Flower is alright. I had to look at quite a few to see what I thought looked great to me.

  87. keystonen

    just the best products in tucson.

  88. TucsonCannabist

    Besides the mostly grumpy guy behind the glass (I’m guessing he’s the owner), the crew is friendly. They need more training before throwing most if their employees out on the floor.
    There is 1 guy who knows the most, cuz the other workers always ask him what’s up.

    But these guys are not going to be the ultimate demise of this business. It is their growers. I see peeps on here complaining about high prices….. hello!? Have you not been to another dispensary in town? This place has $180 & $217 ounces! The problem is it’s ALWAYS dry, brown and very little aroma. The aroma that is there is of a dirtyesque stench. Unlike their closest competitor, 2.63 miles east, BTW, they don’t put the potency levels on their jars. Sometimes, occasionally, Leafly will have a % under that strain, but that IS NOT THEIR THC %, it’s the average % of posted %’s on the Internet. Or its straight copied from High Times. But it CERTAINLY IS NOT THEIRS. I took it home and used the basic testing method found in most high school labs, color chromatography test kit. Using a cannabis specific color chart obtained from 3 Certified Marijuana Testing Labratories throughout the U.S. over the last 5 years. FYI, they don’t use Color Chromatography method. At minimum, they use Gas Chromatography with equipment costing in the 20,000 dollar plus range. Color Chromatography kits can be found for 150-250 bucks. There is no comparison of Color Chromatography vs. any of the standard methods used by pro labs. Color Chromatography is inferior. However, it is the easiest and most affordable method that home growers use to test their own grows. And in testing, I found their own grown strains, of the $300 per zip variety, to be at best, 11% THC. The 217 per zip variety was less in THC %, and the 180 per zip was even less. Proving you get what you pay for. Their Super Critical, for instance, did push over the 19% THC level. That is ir at the time was priced in the 375 a zip range. To be fair, Color Chromatography is subjective. However, the variance is 1.5%. So at most, add 1.5% to my findings, if you feel inclined or question my test. In comparison, the place down the street, tested within .5% of all 5 strains I tested. Their prices are quite higher. The biggest difference between the 2 are in trichomes. The funniest thing is that this place, SAIT, will give you a loupe if you ask, to look microscopically at the trichomes. They must obviously be banking that you have no clue what you are looking at. If they thought you were weed-grower-educated they would not give that to you. THEIR WEED HAS NO TRICHOMES! To me, a long time grower, 317 the most at one time, here in Tucson, but with over 6,000 total in my life (I log them all!) that I have bloomed from seed or from clone, and spent 1000’s of hours looking through a loupe and microscope. This place has no trichomes! IMO, it’s as if they stripped them off to make their wax! Classic maneuver! I’m not saying they do this, their growers could just grow a poor quality of bud or they don’t cure them properly. Definitely storing them in clear glass containers, under the lights of the store, opening the lids all day for customers (I know, how else you sample that “aroma”!?) To smell or to loupe before buying! But that is the worst way. And then that is the Bud they give you! This owner needs to be trained better on growing so he knows what his growers are growing. That’s gonna be their demise. In the mean time, you get what you pay for. Up the street and around the corner is worth comparing. Too bad I don’t have a dispensary. You’d be AMAZED at the difference!

  89. bertkauf

    Wide selection of reliable product. Great prices. What’s not to like?

  90. Jkruckow

    The staff is wonderful here. I dont know what happened with other. But remember, Sometimes if you want quality and good price then you may have to wait in line.
    No reason someone can”t call ahead to order.
    I would recommend Southern Arizona 120%

  91. Chewzy

    The flower from here is nasty and my experiences with SAIT and rainbow collective have me wishing AZ had mandatory screening for molds and toxic chemicals to ensure the safety of patients.

  92. ginlin

    I always come to this location because it’s pretty convenient for me but today I went to get my herbs I noticed that the quality of the herb has slow down most of the strain were dry very brown and the couple that I smelled had that muggy and dry smell. You guys are a good make more specials so you guys don’t lose on your herbs and dispensing it that way. The budtender that help to day was the last time too very rude both times if you hate your job there nice people looking for one give the chance if you don’t change. Hope next time I go the quality of the buds is better.

  93. azok

    Over the past 3 months, SAINTS has become my clear go-to favorite. Yesterday’s experience further reinforced this choice. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and always willing to go out of their way to help and inform. The meds are consistently extremely high quality and the selection seems to expand each time I visit. Ample parking and visible security, as well as a most convenient location on Tucson’s east side place this dispensary firmly #1 on my list.

    Already planning my next visit.

  94. emacias0524

    Had a mixup once, but staff corrected situation and were very friendly and polite. Always been my fav dispensary, glad to know they DO put their customers first dY~!

  95. fRicknMorty

    The two girls at the front desk were extremely helpful and chill af. The budtender that assisted me was knowledgeable, funny and also chill af. As a new patient, I felt welcomed and taken care of.

  96. twohigh21

    I think this place has the poorest quality of flowers out of all the dispensaries In tucson Az. Not only is the quality mexican brown weed that taste like miracle grow but I have witness some poor customer service as well. I have went to this dispensary two times due to others being closed at the time and both times I was very disappointed with my purchase….In my opinion I feel there in this field for the money and not the patients! No I will never shop here again until they get there product up to par!

  97. photague

    Really informative and caring service members. They really helped me pick a strain that relieved my pain-and it was homegrown bit#hes! In house strain… Homie helped me maximize money and told me about worthwhile discounts coming up!

  98. Budseeker42016

    it works for medY~EUR

  99. evolve85

    Awesome specials! Friday’s are super busy bc of said specials so plan accordingly. If you get the bud tender w/wu tang button on his lanyard you win bud tender lotto! He’s super friendly and knowledgable! Others are hit or miss…but the specials are worth it

  100. jayla05

    I enjoyed my first visit here they gave me a lot of info

  101. RickGat

    Good customer service decent prices knowledgeable staff with fast friendly service.

  102. HigherHeights

    This was my first visit to Southern Arizona Integrated, although I have been to almost every other dispensary in the Tucson area.

    Southern Arizona is a top flight operation, from the very visible security guard at the entrance, to the internal atmosphere, knowledge and service quality of the staff, and not least of all, the quality of the flowers.

    It was a very pleasurable experience from start to finish, and I would put SAIT at the top of the list of Tucson dispensaries. Many, if not most, of the flowers on the menu are produced at the dispensary’s own grow operations. Judging from my purchases today, I would rate the bud tenders at the grow facilities as very proficient.

    SAIT will certainly get a lot of repeat business from me.

  103. hknter

    Today I was a bit of a hassle when getting my meds and I felt bad about it but regardless, everyone helped me out and made sure I left satisfied. That’s the kind of business that’ll keep me around in the long run. Thank you David, and the rest who helped me out today.

  104. carla44

    great location & ezy to get to.

  105. carnie43

    I’ve never been to a dispensary that was so accommodating. I walked in with no more than $4, thinking I had $100. They were happy to take my piddly amount of money, weighed me out a quarter gram of the best meds in town, and threw in the free FTP gram. I’ll be back again soon, and again. And again. ya’ll
    This place rocks Tucson.

  106. TH007

    They have the best price in town. Their in-house bud is average but that is my opinion.

  107. JetoPistol

    I like this dispensary. It’s very clean and organized and gives a nice welcoming vibe. The employees are helpful and easy to have a conversation with. I will definitely be stopping in more often!

  108. Trapshegucci710

    my number one dispensary

  109. LamborghiniMercy

    I was in town and found this dispensary that had F**king Incredible on their menu (that’s one of the Strains I follow). They have great prices, a Keurig with free coffee in the lobby. Staff is great, and they have lots of specials and a huge selection.

  110. PurpleFairy37

    Staff was great! Very comfortable waiting area with free water and coffee. Staff very knowledgeable and were willing to take time to see if I had any questions. That means a lot as I am a new patient and need all the p I can get! Will recommend!!!

  111. lagucci

    if you go on Sunday I reccomend you call your order in lol. good prices

  112. ChimpAdvocate

    I have gone to almost all dispensaries in Tucson, but I find this one to be the very best. I live totally on the opposite end of Tucson from their location, but the long trip is worth it because of a young gentleman
    (sorry I don’t know his name) who ALWAYS is 100% on the mark with his recommendations. Quality of medicine has always been excellent.

  113. Lyconius

    This is one of the very few despensaries in Tucson that don’t rush you out the door as soon as they can. Very knowledgeable and down to earth staff. Definitely suggest this place for both new and tenured patients alike. Excellent place with great atmosphere and product!

  114. Jmayne193

    Say best price in town but the worst flower

  115. silentecho22

    These are great people with an outstanding product. Top shelf and decent prices.

  116. mrslmerritt

    Always a great place to get my meds! Close to home and super convenient. Great environment with very friendly and helpful staff! Thanks SAINTS!

  117. AZAdvocate

    You got rid of the wrong employee!!!!!!!!

    Jen was the best. Says a lot about management/owners when a fantastic employee feels they need to leave without notice.

    You have a sour bud tender that brings your whole operation down yet they’re still there. Why?

    Very sad.

  118. txansr

    I recently discovered green medicine (SAINTS) because I was searching for high cbd flower. on my 2st visit, I was registered quickly (as a new client), &received quick service. and they have copious amounts of champs tsu. so, I went back yesterday for more &, this time, also indulged in some medicated cookies (the chocolate chip are wonderful, I haven’t tried the double chocolate yet). and their staff are genuinely nice. than! for being there. I’ll see you soon, again!

  119. zkrason

    I went and waited in line for 1 1/2 hours after being told there was a 30 minute wait. I went up to the desk after an hour and a half, I then waited at the front desk right in front of the girls face and still did not get helped for 15 minutes. I then asked where am I in line, for her to then sigh loudly and say “Hold on a minute” in a very rude tone. After I finally got addressed in line she told me I had 12 people in front of me, which I decided to wait a little longer for because I had already been there so long and it isn’t close to where I live. I then wait another 30 minutes to finally just go up to the desk and tell her to take my name off the list because I can’t wait any long. This service was terrible and they have just lost a customer who has spent plenty of money there, because of the service of the front desk, and the overall service and flow of the dispensary. There is no reason someone should wait over two hours and not even end up buying anything, after first being told it was a 30 minute wait. I would’ve left right away if the Receptionist was honest (could’ve lied to make me stay) or knowledgable of her own workplace (could’ve been clueless and not knew what she was doing).

  120. Toast420Krew

    Thank You Intergrated Therapies & Staff…
    Very Happy Again. Great Smoke & Great Service…
    Truly A Very Happy Camper…

  121. bubba03

    I went for my first time visit and didn’t receive my free gram. I then wrote an email to the dispensary and have yet to get a response. So far not so good 🙁

  122. Medicatedlo

    ill be back dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y= very pleased with my medication thank you

  123. smoker1987

    don’t go to this place! the bud sucks and the prices are too much! poor quality of meds

  124. jonday

    Great bud and service

  125. MachinistDroid

    Saints is the best.

  126. PineMileHigh

    I’ve had some great things from here in the past, Alien OG and God’s Breath, but my recent trip left a bad taste in my mouth. The nugs were just alright, nothing looked great and the fragrance was weak, but the worse part was my budtender. He was pretentious. I asked for a strong hitting indica with a pine, skunk, or diesel smell and his response was, “I don’t care what it smells like.” What do you mean “you don’t care”? I’m the one asking, I care. I repeated my request, and then the budtender told me that smell doesn’t matter. Terpenes!? After he failed to find anything that fit the request, I asked for anything that is fruity, and he replied, “I don’t even know what that means. If you asked for citrusy…” I almost walked out of the store. As he served up my meds, he talked down about their quality, telling me that it’s easy to grow better weed. Overall: good prices, sift through the buds to find the good stuff-take your time, and avoid the guy with spacers in his ears.

  127. JcO_2011

    I have been to Saints a couple of times now and Alan has helped me every time. He’s answered all my questions with no problem and has great recommendations.

  128. Mastirrian17

    the atmosphere of the dispensary was quite nice. I like how they have the menu up on the wall while you’re waiting which even then isn’t that long !

  129. shaun27

    love this place great service and weed

  130. Keytar

    Exceptionally helpful staff. I found the pricing to be excellent – not the world’s fanciest inside but the quality and service are what’s most important!

  131. tinomontana

    This place is great , lots of flowers , great service I would come back or recommend this place to others in need of medical buds.. Not only do they have a great selection of flowers but they also have good edibles..

  132. yOuRtRoUbLe

    I love their flower here. The staff is very helpful and fun to talk to.

  133. RevMotta

    Long time smoker, first time dispensary user, and the first shop I have visited. The experience was great. It took a brief minute to get registered and in the door where I was greeted warmly. My budtender was chill, allowed me to ask all my questions, and made a few suggestions, overall providing quality service. SAINT set the bar high for the other local dispensaries. I will definitely be back.

  134. Drojo420

    Just got a pre roll from you guys. Tasted awful. Opened it up and its hardly green there is tons of what looks like Brown tree leaves, seed shells and stems. Serious disappointment hardly medicinal . On top of looking at your website this morning seeing a buy one get one special and coming in to be told that’s not the special anymore. Weak

  135. mattyp591

    All their bud low, mids, highs all of it is trimmed terribly the is so much leaf on it all. Had to go through 20 jars before I could find spme thing that wasn’t to terrible the only nice thing was their customer service. I would not ever recommend this place to anyone

  136. crowshoof

    I like, but been turned away after driving a ways to save $’s. They close early. I get to lose my time, time with the kids at the pool, and if I go back, I get a deal but lost my savings, great. long wait times (0-50min) at times. Wish they had on line ordering, and I wish they would provide staff to cover posted hours.

  137. ReFurr

    Love the people, but I’ll never be back 🙁
    These products need some serious intervention.

  138. Heavveebee

    Great Buds,People are wonderful,Had a good time

  139. CarlosJames1010

    I really enjoyed my first visit. The parking lot is def sketch but I try not to judge people especially by how they look/dress. Inside the atmosphere felt a bit off, it was super busy and it being so popular it was a tight squeeze. Although the atmosphere was off putting at times, it because it’s worth the wait. My service was amazing from the young lady upfront to the budtender. I got a timeless pen and it’s truly strong stuff.

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