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226 E 4th Street, Benson, AZ 85602


31.967778, -110.295596




11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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Mon, Dec 24: 11am – 5pm // 25% OFF Edibles & Concentrates
Tues, Dec 25: CLOSED
Mon, Dec 31: 11am – 5pm // 25% OFF Edibles & Concentrates
Tues, Jan 1: CLOSED

Happy Holidays!

Welcome to Total Accountability Patient Care, Benson’s premier medical marijuana dispensary! We offer various strains of flower, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, edibles, and more! We also process certification and renewal applications (with provided paperwork completed by your physician).

Our Daily Deals are:
Mon: 15% OFF Entire Order 30% OFF PuraEarth Cartridges / Tues: 20% OFF Edibles & Concentrates / Wed: House Prerolls – Buy 1 Get 1 Free, 20% OFF Accessories & CBD Products / Thu: 20% OFF Bulf Flower / Fri:$30 Eighths – Mid & Value Tier, $5 OFF Clear Cartridges / Sat: $30 Eighths – Mid & Value Tier / Sun: 15% OFF Entire Order OR 20% OFF Edibles & Concentrates

New Patient Special: Half off your first eighth of flower (applicable to all strains)!

Preroll Special: Buy 3, get 1 free (applicable to $5, $10, and $14 Prerolls)!

Birthday Special: Get one free gram (no purchase necessary)!

ADA, Student, and Veteran patients with documentation may be eligible for additional discounts!

~Discounts and specials are NEVER stackable unless specified!
~$10/$8 grams, shake, and accessories are NOT eligible for discounts!


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71 reviews for “Total Accountability Patient Care

  1. Ckolsen22

    the meds here are the best I’ve found around the area!

  2. ashleighdfraser

    Awesome service and
    location, right next to the pizza

  3. JaylovesKatie

    Top notch… I make the drive from SV because I know where the quality is.

  4. greenchic

    prices are the highest around would travel just down the road to Cathy’s compassionate center where the prices are more reasonable on the bright side lots of choices and good product. Could be a little more professional in appreance and less like your walking into Woodstock.

  5. Msaint07

    There is no need to go anyplace else in AZ. Very clean, professional. I really like the “Just Orange Juice”. This place is also quick and efficient. Well done.

  6. msjmartin22

    budtenders were very informative and friendly. it was my first time at a dispensary and the put me at ease. the medicine was top shelf. they also have legit samples for you to smell and look at.

  7. bigfatsack420

    So Bright and Friendly, the Staff are Great! Awesome prices and Daily deals Always! Very Knowledgable Staff, Ive Never had any problems getting what I came for!

  8. Smokatoke5

    Great place! Can’t wait to come back! Love the quality!!!

  9. trchtrich

    great spot!! Nicky (or Nikki?) was friendly, helpful, and knowledgable. got exactly what I was looking for at great prices. Will definitely come back when I’m in the area.

  10. galactica

    Been a client of this dispensary for months. Waiting area is clean, spacious. Typically never never see more that a single person waiting. Flowers are my typical purchase. Their flower selection is broken down to “top shelf” and other, with a$ 10-$20 price diff per 1/8.

    Tried several of the lower priced strains and eventually gave up. Con-semilla! Way too many seeds, man. Not great for flavor. That cuts the selection for me to half. It also appeared some of these low-shelf flowers were harvested prematurely. Bagging them (baggie is their packaging method) doesn’t help. I seems to retain that chlorophyl taste. Jarring them at least helps continue the curing process with its constant reopening.

    Staff seems to know how they feel when they smoke the strains, but not so much about the strains. Perhaps I didn’t ask the right questions. Some of the lingo evades me. The staff was courteous and attentive, so that’s very cool.

    Strain Review: Tangelope. Available in flower and pre-rolls when tasted. Sinsemilla. Lovely mature flower. Lots of reddish pistils in medium density nuggets. Opaque resin glands bordering on amber add to the reddish tones. Medium leaf trim. Nugget size, 1″ to 1.5″. Flower has a sweet citrus aroma. It has a more tangerine taste at the very end of the draw. Smoke is medium with the citrus fragrance. THC content? Is it certified? I don’t know how that works. This medicine was used as an all-day anxiety reliever and sleep aid. Although with use throughout the day, no trouble sleeping. Recommend? Yes, give it a shot. It’s sweet.

    I did hear the news that this dispensary was under new management. Change can be good.

  11. Eriicdee

    Professional and knowledgable staff with quality flowers, definitely worth the drive.

  12. hammerjack

    one word. Outfreakinstanding! staff is knowledgeable and experienced. great suggestions and excellent selection. thanks guys

  13. amyckehr

    I Love this place they have so many strains, and Great Deals, I used to drive to Tucson sometimes to get what I wanted, but I havent in so long Because Total Accountability is one of the Best places Ever the Service there is Amazing I feel like they are Family! 🙂 They are honest and give their Best Advice always! I would Definately recommend this Dispensary to Anyone, and Every one!

  14. kittykins

    Great selection and specials. Very friendly and knowledgeable. So glad you are in Benson. I’ll definitely be back!

  15. jstippinsaz

    We decided to go for a drive to Benson and stopped in to see what they had. Very knowledgable attendant. I will be going back!

  16. rflicka

    Great strains, good quality, best donations, friendly & informative staff. I have a hard time going elsewhere now. Their product performance & generosity makes me feel bad for even asking about deals…because the set prices are already a deal compared to other surrounding dispensaries’!




    Their name is what they are. Better prices, Top Shelf, Great Selections, and great customer service. Can’t wait for there expansion!!!!

  18. bigt3600

    Nice flowers, fair prices. Guy was helpful, seemed ok. Good higher end flowers for Cochise County.

  19. Ronbo17

    Good job guys. Keep up the new inventory :). Ronnie

  20. philthyphil4200

    there is a fun helpful place to get meds

  21. Dakotauriah

    It’s very nice and the staff r very friendly

  22. budmomma420

    The People here are Amazing, they help out soo much, and Always Have the Best selections that I have seen anywhere! They have an Amazing Selection of Edibles, and oils, there stuff is Always on Point! I shop here all the time, and am very convinced that they are the Best around!

  23. Daehz

    This was my second trip and it was a complete opposite experience than my first trip. I was treated like a bother, I was a bit dissapointed I didn’t receive the leafly deal ( bring a new a patient referral and they get a free gram with a purchase of their first eighth) and actually ridiculed for bringing it up. I thought that was odd anyways, I am grateful they honored the refer a friend get 10 dollar credit. I traveled and an hour and halfI don’t think I will be coming back often after all.

  24. oanderson5

    Better deals elsewhere.

  25. green_thumbz_XXX

    Luv this dispensary. #1 in all of the U.S. !! Frank & Nikki r the greatest! The meds & prices here R the absolute best all around!! Keep up the great work guts & always a thank you for the wonderful people you are & the amazing meds & deals you guys have to offer. Guaranteed first time you will keep wanting to go back!! I luv the strains & can’t wait for my next visit..keep up the great work yall!! Ur #1 fan ( that was the first customer to give these people a Thank You card!! Am very pleased!! Ty guys!!

  26. smokeyandthebonghit420

    All in one stop shop, Im Always such a Happy person when I leave here! Staff is always a Great help when it comes to knowledge of strains and such! Definitly stop in and see for yourself! They have the Best Daily Deals, every day of the week!

  27. Starby

    This place was awesome! I am battling stage 4 breast cancer with metastasis to the bones. I’ve had a lot of radiation to my bones (hips, spine, femur, chest) and 6 straight months of chemotherapy. Justin was so kind and knowledgeable on what would be good for me. Though it is a drive, I will be making this my new dispensary.

    And to Justin… It’s been a hard week losing a dear friend and finding out that I still have an active cancer spot… But you were so chill and laid back, just conversing with you was easy and carefree. And I enjoyed the laughs more than you’ll know =)

  28. InkGirl

    Stopped in for some Dark Helmet, and it was yummy! Service was awesome as usual.

  29. surferchik201

    best bud around. awesome sevice. Nikki is the best. you won’t find prices anywhere like this!

  30. tattoodad

    I walked in with just my doctors recommendation and no clue on what to do next. They were so great that they did all the state paper work for me. When I got my card I went in and they recommended the exact strain that would help. They truly know customer service and I will always be a loyal customer. They also have great specials going on all the time. I highly recommend stopping in and checking them out.

  31. Deluna76

    Clinicians are very informative always friendly and make you feel welcome. They are knowledgeable and create a comfortable experience.

  32. deana03

    You have to park in the back which puts you immediately outside the door. I’ve only ever waited a few minutes and I always get the best customer service. Prices are great and all bud is hand picked as they don’t have a grow.

  33. Raynewolf

    Drea was friendly and very helpful. This place has very good bud!! i can’t wait to come back and see you. 🙂

  34. zonker56

    Little hard to find at first, but worth the trip. Very good selection of herb,

  35. reo

    Good fresh smoke.Frank is heads-up and friendly.The whole setup is top notch

  36. salterr

    They have an excellent selection of high grade meds. Try the Skunk OG. Good for what ails you. When in doubt, ask Jack. He knows his strains.

  37. loashton

    This place was run by really nice cool people… Then some lame corporation bought them out and fired all of them. Those people really knew their products, knew their patients by their own names, and knew exactly what the patients needed. This whole take-over is lame. They hired a bunch of people who don’t really care about patients nor care about the products. Disappointing.

  38. puretomcat

    Th e people there are friendly and helpful good quality medicine at a good price the girl scout cookie is amazing and the wax and shatters is juat oit of this world

  39. greenvet

    this place has the lowest quality of herb, very dry and should be 10 a gram of not lower.. this is not medical and is just basically a place for mids or low quality… the staff is not very knowledgable about product, i.e. type of grow, nutes used… i wouldnt recommend and wont be back unless it the only option when i am visiting. but for the most part i alwasy just bring my own. i hope to see quality go up and would def be back.

  40. peter2015

    this place is so easy to get to and has so much to offer .

  41. BackslaahAZ

    Only problem I had was with the ATM. Everything else was top-notch.

  42. wannabud420

    I love the professional customer service. Very knowledgeable. Awesome selections. Affordable prices. What more could you ask for???

  43. bonghits4ever420

    Great people!!! They treat you like family. Thanks for being there for us all!!! Best meds in southeast Arizona by far !!!

  44. dabudz420

    Why are you closed 2 days in a row? Why is there never sales on top shelf flower? And you should offer delivery for elderly people in Benson. I know people who drive to other towns to get meds just so their car won’t be seen at a dispensary and be judged by people in this town. other than that love my meds!!!!!!

  45. linknk

    Bought Tangilope and Granddaddy Purple flower at this location for a good price … very good smoke plus friendly and very helpful staff …. recommend for both those reasons!

  46. GanjaGranny1955

    What an amazing experience. This was my first visit to a dispensary. Joe the bud tender went above and beyond to assist me. He made me feel so comfortable. I am elderly and fighting the stigma of using Cannabis still haunts me. My disease was not being managed by regular doctors. They nearly killed me with opioids. Anna is relieves my symptoms. Joe recommended a tincture. 5 minutes after I dosed I felt my muscles start to relax. I could cry because I have been in pain for so long. The choices of bud was amazing. I would up with Master Kush & prime Kush. I am looking forward to sleeping tonight. I have muscle spasms, cachexia, pain and insomnia. I know I made the right decision to take control of my health. I am making this my dispensary. Thank you again Joe! dY’dY3/4dY’dY3/4dY’dY3/4dY’dY3/4dYtmdY3/4dYtmdY3/4dYtmdY3/4dYtmdY3/4dYSS”dY1/2GanjaGranny Jo

  47. robsc

    Top notch product. Awesome service, good pricing. oatmeal cookies are damn tasty

  48. Briannovak45

    Still my favorite place, calm atmosphere, cool people, great product, great prices, always helpful, always friendly.

  49. desertbuddy

    Come check out the new and improved Total Accountability!!! If your a loyal customer and your looking for something in particular and they don’t have,just ask Paul, Joe, Jack, Hector they will definitely try and get it in. The specials are great just everyday is something different. If you have a problem they go above and beyond their (Call of duty) to fix any problem you may have. 4/20 is coming up and can’t wait to check out the deals. Thanks for putting them up and woohoo see ya after Drs. Shame you can’t get your hands on Myrso at a reasonable price or offer it as that would keep us here unfortunately we will be moving soon so there won’t be a dispensary .5 miles where we r headed. Laters Keep up the good work TA. Your doing really well, may have to stop in before we head out dY~+

  50. Desertflowers

    Nirvana exists, and it’s here. Great product and atmosphere, selection is off the charts and staff are beyond knowledgeable and will let you chat them up. I scored a fantastic first time deal, which the budtender HELPED MAXIMIZE. Made sure I had a copy of the updated specials-o-the-week pamphlet, and if I had time, I’d have stayed to check out their artwork and other items. 10/5, new go-to. Might go back for business cards to hand out.

  51. stoneybaloney42

    Dry flower and very awkward staff dont exactly recommend this dispensary

  52. marywanna2016

    We love this place and we don’t have to look anywhere else!!! The staff are AWESOME!!!

  53. sassypants64

    they are very nice i dont see so well they take the time to help me by reading about the products to me or bringing it to counter close enough to see it they take the time write on package with sharpy what it is in package big enough i can see it when i get home i really thankful for that

  54. Carljoy

    I was one of the first customers and it was a great experience. The buds are fresh and very dense. The workers are even better than the weed. Great customer service, very nice, and helpful. Very knowledgable! This is place has any strain you want. I’ve gone to many marijuana shops in az and these guys are always loaded with the best bud.

    Carl j

  55. justkehr

    Convenient location, the staff is also courteous and knowledgeable. Prefer Total Accountability over any other dispensaries in Tucson. Thanks for all you do!!!

  56. sasparillasally

    I love this dispensary! The staff is very knowledgeable and great with their patients.

  57. E.A.S.

    Great location. Great prices, great prices. Go see Nikki and frank. They will take care of you.

  58. DonnieFlores

    Finally!!! Now let’s get a menu up so we know what’s available

  59. smoke1toke420

    We Love this place! The smoke here is so Bomb! The location really is in an Awesome location directly in front of Pizza, and right next to cold fountain sodas, and the gas to take a drive into the country!

  60. DeLuna

    This place always have what I need !!! Just love it

  61. Damselflyluv

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. It was a pleasant visit and I have awesome products for my pain. Thank you Nikki and Justin.

  62. grumpygills616

    it is worth the trip from MARANA to come to here. GREAT product. The snoop og preroll knocked me on my ass after one hit!!! good stuff!!

  63. Ohdemarie

    Amazing customer service! I make it a point to go here.

  64. A.J

    This is a wonderful dispensary. The employees are very professional and the environment is amazing! I can’t wait to go back! Different strands and again Nikki and Frank were very helpful!

  65. jfabins

    The site said open 7 days a week and yet they are closed Sun and Mon. Not a good way to service customers. I drive many miles to find it closed.

  66. chronicjoint520

    excellent flower and customer service! I’ll definitely be back thank you !

  67. DevilsHarvest420

    Great weed for a great price. Love this place. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable definitely recommend

  68. passthegrass024

    The best place I’ve found so far… wouldn’t go anywhere else!!!

  69. clubberlang78

    Drea was awesome!!! great place great meds great prices will be back!!!

  70. zukowski13

    love the variety and the guys are pretty cool. the palm stick was recommended and was highly appreciated!!!! will definately go back!

  71. LoveFist

    Kick ass dispensary, nothing in Cochise County comes close. The Benson dispensary makes Cathy’s, Bisbee and Sierra Vista’s dispensaries look pathetic, plain and simple!

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