Curaleaf Bell



17201 N 19th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85023


33.6419214, -112.0997189




9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


12:00 PM – 10:00 PM


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Live Life Well!

Our North Phoenix store, Curaleaf Bell, is a favorite among patients in the area. Curaleaf Bell offers Arizona MMJ patients a warm experience and affordable, high quality medication. Our budtenders are highly knowledgeable and love teaching patients about their options for medicating based on the patient’s individual needs.

FIRST-TIME PATIENT GIFT: New to Curaleaf? All first-time patients get Buy One, Get One FREE* on any item in the store (flower, edibles, concentrates)! *Limit one BOGO of equal or lesser value per patient at one Curaleaf location of your choice. Limit 1/4 oz flower or 2g concentrate. Cannot be combined with other sales, discounts, or offers.

MILITARY DISCOUNT: Curaleaf proudly supports our troops with a 20% discount* for veteran patients! *Non-sale items only. Cannot be combined with other sales, discounts, or offers.


Curaleaf Bell is open Monday thru Saturday from 9am to 10pm and Sunday from 12pm to 10pm.


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1,480 reviews for “Curaleaf

  1. chefjeff84

    this is my favorite swell location. great staff. tjey really make you feel welcome.

  2. drtymemo

    I got the liberty of coming in to swell on Bell from time to time and I have to say I love their Speedy service customer service in the quality of product they have great deals and I’m just appreciative of all that you do thank you

  3. fuckedoffmyASS

    Love it

  4. knewm2

    good place good deala

  5. mcmurphy1335

    First place I’ve been to and I’m already in love with the place. Great atmosphere and great people. knew what they were talking about. And the product is amazing.

  6. riotbutterfly

    Always friendly and helpful, this is a trusted dispensary brand around town. They often have really great deals and online ordering makes it super easy.

  7. billyscoley2

    Great service, great prices. Highly recommend.

  8. krivera

    AMAZING amazing staff! I don’t go anywhere else!

  9. bobbyourbuddy

    Swell! I come to this location more than any other location because of their great product, and the staff which is probably one of the most knowledgeable staff I have encountered. The waiting room is also extremely comfortable and nice.

  10. raiderb23

    good selection. Have there own strains. Love the 5 pk of pre rolls.

  11. thehappyhoneyhole

    They have a really good product here. up front needs some work the waiting experience can be painful at times but once you are in you willl be very happy. They are tied for my favorite dispensary

  12. TrudyQ81

    I do enjoy swells product I do enjoy swells product it is really nice. But there online ordering service is not so great because if they are out of an eighth they will wait till you get there to pick it up to tell you that they only have grams instead of 1/8 just so they can make extra money. it’s going to take me awhile to go back in to swell after being ripped off like that.

  13. Kori1972

    Great people in a great location for my favorite chain of dispensaries in Az. Swell on Bell road is a great place if you are ever in North Phoenix.

  14. BTS420

    I just came from Oregon and I was a patient for years and also they are a Legal 21 state so. I know that swell is one of the best if not the best shop in Az. They have the Best Flower in Az. It is potent and works for my medical conditions. They are great to our military vets as well. I love this shop.

  15. brucealmighty8794

    Great Shop! Has some fair pretty nice deals at times. I Had The Blue Ancient Alien Strain, omg so good. Definately recommending a Friend!

  16. bobbigamble

    I was Happy with my ftp deal and Will helped me choose the best bud in the HouseaEUR1/4i,

  17. bryanparm

    love this spot…I ate Chinese food here before Swell. We used to get stoned at lunch and hit the buffet…Now i get my buds here. Awesome. This location is comfortable , for those who get stressed from the super-small but cool Youngtown location. Pre-packed, but the same bud(better nugs)

  18. azmafia623

    best deals in town by far!!!

  19. prawjohnson

    They have some great Meds here for sure.Awesome helpful Chill Staff.Will Return here anytime im in the Area.

  20. aglassguy

    Can you do deals on concentrates more often like the flower?

  21. Bearwolf83

    Gotta love swell. Great atmosphere and awesome people. Always coming back for the great deals.

  22. SMQ1985

    awesome quick service

  23. aztreeoflife

    Brook was awesome, flower is loud. Love swell

  24. sativafied

    Swell Farms flower is always potent and very medicating.

  25. traviscb7

    It’s always been Swell if you ask me But I like the new ownership too Great cartridges all the time and low flower prices

  26. sfreitas

    Great quality flower dYOEo amazing tasty dY~< concentrate nice friendly staff in and out quick with great meds of your choice always happy when I leave

  27. azarborpro

    lives up to the swell name awesome Pharmacy awesome staff amazing glad they are now close to home

  28. curtisslusher666

    great service!

  29. Dwoods34

    Great Service

  30. Missmelissa

    Rodney is awesome!!!

  31. TheWaviest

    Hands down my favorite dispensary!! To be honest I’m not sure which is better, the quality or the service dY’OEdY1/4 Proud to say I don’t need to shop around dYOES #onestopshop

  32. Swavay87

    Has gotten way better since the last problem I had
    A short dark haired gent helped me out and I liked him a lot
    Quick and friendly and didn’t offer me popcorn nugs

  33. josephtutora

    Swell is awesome! They have great deals and very quality medicine! I highly recommend this dispensary!

  34. mnader215

    my go to for a year now! what up Eric and Rodney!

  35. andvel212

    Love this Dispensary! Terrance is always hooking it up with the right products for me- never disappoints!

  36. Sleepyz25

    It was my first time going to a dispensary, super helpful staff….Eric did an awwwwesome job at helping me, and super patient….even though they were closing in 20 min, they didn’t make me feel rushed….thank you at Swell, ill be back again!

  37. kyler57

    This place is brand new and doing great! Amazing prices for great looking flower!

  38. davisfamily

    i lovd it

  39. blues1580

    Great bunch of help you all have here. Compassionate counter help. Manager knows how to hire here, where some of the places have some real “iffy” employees. Thx. much.

  40. Chano10

    Swell is the best place to be. Great Flower Awesome staff. Helpful and knowledgeable..

  41. YOUNGKYLE2727

    Great service.Good deals.

  42. Eleen

    I love my swell family !! -the elanator dY~oe

  43. ejh7126

    I like the environment. security at the door and very helpful budtenders to explain the different products.

  44. Fehlace

    swell is great on pricing and fantastic flower. Great atmosphere and friendly staff definitely will return and tell friends.

  45. nikkdissonance

    love this location and their prerolls!! staff has been really friendly everytime ive stopped by so far as well.

  46. Teapotz

    Swell on bell is the best everytime I go in they take great care of me and they have market leading sales

  47. AMERICA24

    very educated and friendly staff thanks to leafly crew

  48. bhdrummer314

    Very clean and modern looking dispensary. Budtenders are as helpful and knowledgeable as they come. I learned a lot, and left with some very high quality and reasonably priced herb. Highly recommended.

  49. JordanAriel

    nice ppl working here. very helpful also

  50. brevier87

    Convenient and easy I love this location

  51. RileyWatson

    Really made me feel at home, Told me everything I needed to know for my visit, even helped me figure out what would be the best deal. Love this location.

  52. Katt86

    Love this place go there daily…. But they badge cops smh

  53. L.Jefros.Botanicals

    Liked that I was not in the waiting room long even though it was full, quick but still good vibes and did not feel rushed at all!
    Recommend to all my MMJ patient friends! 🙂

  54. CperezBirdGang

    i really like the staff and product here. just tried blueberry lemonade and it was such a nice good buzz. the smell of the flower was great. ive tried quite a few strains i was recommended and none have dissapointed .

  55. Skerisse

    Great location friendly staff good buds

  56. shenthorn153

    actually the best dispensary I’m ever going to continue to go to. friendly staff fast service cant ask for a better experience.

  57. Hendodrip

    Great dispensary. Always in-n-out as quick and friendly as possible. Love the weed and staff 10/10 for this dispo!

  58. Edjr

    Swell Farmacy on 19th and Bell rd always take good care of me. My bus tenders Eric and Josh we awesom! They were professional and down to earth. They delivered too notch service in my opinion. Thanks Swell.

  59. jaredphx9

    fantastic service. I remember William helped me out the first time and got me set up but everyone there is great. fantastic deals on top of everything else as well.

  60. blkmikwill

    Love this place

  61. Mjhope11

    Everyone at Curaleaf on Bell has always been so helpful, kind, and does everything they can to educate you on different products so you can get the best effects possible for your disabilities. They don’t rush you, and can’t say enough great things about them!!! A++++ Thank you!

  62. nickels2dimesjus4u

    love edible selection

  63. Mikechavo1

    Great place to shop,great flower and great service,best place to start the new year’s.

  64. cdawg92

    This place is great!!! Always been in love with SWELLS FARMACY since day 1 im glad to have one closer!!

  65. justgarret

    Awesome plcae awesome prices

  66. tacosandabs

    Ellen was the best !!! super helpful an knowledgeable . I will be a regular because of her great service .

  67. herbalconnoisseur1

    how do you have ftp deals and then cancel them because you want to run a special for everyone else that’s stupid don’t waste your time get a real first time customer special elsewhere where they honor it everyday

  68. alexuta02

    This location is so dope. I can’t remember the persons name that helped me out but he put me on game on a lot of wax and cartridges. Very knowledgeable about all the different types of carts there are. Distillates, live resin, wic carts, Ccell carts all different kinds. It was an awesome learning curve for me. Thanks swell for all your help!

  69. paytonomb

    Very clean! Delicious flower, and the customer service is top notch. So much so, there tends to be waits, but they’re worth it.

  70. Skunk2585

    Stoped by on the bus pick up some flower

  71. WowoM

    Love the location. Has great service.

  72. cman95

    I really like the dispensary I would highly recommend to others and would definitely return

  73. lowwsuz

    Great service every time! Love this location

  74. Yeshuwa

    If you’re looking for a dispensary with a very helpful and understanding staff that has great meds and great recommendations then Curaleaf is definitely worth a visit. The Loyalty program is also a great way to help patients just that much more! Thank you Curaleaf!!

  75. Nicoleleibenitez

    very helpful I had a great experience with William my budtender!

  76. Batton1602

    love curaleaf at bell!! favorite bud of all time!

  77. Tendaz24

    Swells is a good dispensary great deals on wax and flower and others stuff as well and the workers are great

  78. Penmok74

    Great first time experience! William was full of knowledge! I’m new so I had lots of questions. He was so patient and they had tons of options! Plus the BOGO free offer for first timers is fabulous!!! Thank you William for helping me pick out the perfect combination of goodies! I will be back for sure!


  79. max27

    love this place!

  80. milobeto

    Wow !! Jus found my new spot ! My boy Pete from back in the day is holding the counter !! Got a canmon mini slab ! & leafy was in the house ! A Good Friday !

  81. jaxjinx

    This place is Swell! I have always had a nice experience

  82. frankiemacheska

    Eric was super nice and knowledgeable! They even have beta fish in the waiting room!

  83. bsmith0585

    This is my go to spot since its right down the street from me. But great products, incredible staff.

  84. theChaps

    Hadn’t been there in awhile. Didn’t know they changed their name at first but glad to see everyone is still there. Great service as always! See you guys tomorrow!

  85. Maleekking21

    grate place very attentive customer service

  86. mattellson

    very friendly and knowlegable about product

  87. MamiT

    I love all their meds. flower is always nice and fresh not dried out

  88. RichReuben

    Very helpful.

  89. 89AlpinaB6

    Great people, fantastic flower, and swell prices.

  90. dvpeters221

    Love this place and their meds, 12/10 in my book ^_^

  91. erinbriannaireland

    Swell is awesome! Definitely will be coming back and telling all of my friends about this place!

  92. kiddo54

    Best Budtenders Knowledgeable and know patients and needs. Everyone is always happy and it reflects to help patient anxiety about visiting. Only Prefer going here no matter other sales this is AZ Best Dispensary for me ALL STAFF Thank YOU

  93. Eastsidedamu

    They have Gass frfr Great service

  94. BigSmoky420

    awesome place with nice deals im a regular here

  95. Lolita7979

    Always the best flower in the valley and awesome staff

  96. ksalvador

    This place used to be my second favorite spot and just recently became my number one, not just cuz it’s near my home but because of the friendliness and the love in atmosphere and the pride that every budtender displays. They also give veterans a 20% discount which is awesome, actually it’s beyond awesome in my book. So basically their staff is incredible this site is incredibly clean their products are fantastic and to top it off I got a free pre-roll and some free flip flops. This is a place that sets the standards when it comes to appreciating their patients. So what I’m saying is you guys are my number one for now on, so thank you and please keep up the good work.

  97. DesertPurpleTaylor

    my favorite Swell location! Amazing staff, great buds, and sweet location!

  98. Azpanther

    place is amazing! have to check it out. always have great specials

  99. jweigelt

    The staff is great

  100. baymi

    My favorite place to go everyone here is so friendly and very helpful.

  101. natefromea

    Very clean, comfortable atmosphere and great customer service!

  102. Memobat

    swells is definitely a must tp come, Good prices and good quality MJdY’OE

  103. amberdlinn

    Great service. Just be prepared for a little bit of a wait. It was a little cold in the waiting area but other than that there was a nice selection and the tender was awesome!!!

  104. dg602

    Had a good time for my ftp visit… Jeremy hit me with the great customer service I’ll be back for sure….!

  105. JoeyD5984

    Great meds and affordable pricing. Awesome deals and the wheel spin can get some good prizes. Def recommend Swell anytime!!!

  106. chefette18

    I’m excited that my favorite place is going through some big changes! Just keep the budtenders! You are the best!

  107. wooch

    Swell has to be my favorite dispensary in town I always come here for my meds because I know I will never be disappointed.

  108. Celenaortiz

    love the seeks on Youngstown.never been to this place but hoping it’s the same and of course always better. love the 18$ .8ths.

  109. tanman345

    They have amazing deals and prerolls

  110. Feeonna123-420

    Friendly. Helpful.

  111. deeznuggz

    Swell is a super cool new club on 19th and bell. they have killer flower and low prices. very competitive in the canna game. Great place to get an inexpensive oz.

  112. acaciameara

    I love how fast they go and still provide great customer service. The pre rolls are my favorite. There are always deals sent to my phone everyday

  113. Kushmin_

    This location was super busy and now i see why, they have some really good quality strands, and they have a lot to offer besides flower, staff was awesome and super friendly!!!

  114. Thawood36

    Great daily specials!!

  115. Loki6969

    Great veriaty, and very friendly

  116. mzboss

    Love this dispensary and will return every time

  117. shayne25

    I love this place! awesome customer service and atmosphere. great quality meds and pricing and always have amazing deals. we came here cause was closer to us but we keep coming back for the shop itself! keep up the amazing love you give out 🙂 you guys remind me of the many reasons I love the mmj community.!

  118. starskydirty

    Staff was extremely nice and helpful. Their medicine is great quality. And I love their weekly specials.

  119. hippiechick79

    Great deals and super friendly staff

  120. VISMO

    Great Flower, Great Specials!

  121. rickmckinley

    Awesome location and service

  122. AZHerbExpert

    This place always has good deals. Some of the flower like most places is hit or miss. I got some Nerds off the topshelf that tasted pre-mature, and lacked terpene flavor, and then I’ve had times like my FTP deal where I got a qtr of the dankest GSC Xtrm ever for $35 a qtr out the door. So they definitely have their gems in the mix like other dispensaries, and good price deals throughout the week. I would return back to Swell on Bell.

  123. surfratmj06

    I used to love this place but the strain selection had gone extremely DOWN HILL, they used to sell grams for $10 all the time but every time I came in lately it’s been $12 a gram…very disappointed. I used to ONLY go here but now I’m looking for a new dispensary that has a variety of strains. This happened when they converted to deli style. great staff tho I will say that..

  124. Scarranco2

    These people always take care of me. They help you save moneyand ordering online is so fast! Hands down.. Check it out!

  125. mikec43

    I’ve been waiting for this location to open. Great Meds, Service and Quality…

  126. jayleashore

    friendly service and good selection of flower

  127. kage6611

    my favorite dispensary, never disappointed with the service or products. great job guys!

  128. missrasta623

    deals here are usually great. budtenders are always friendly

  129. Pooaauce1016

    Super good reefer

  130. jpalm14

    can you guys lower your flower prices? would be top notch place if that happened.

  131. mikeg8732

    love the location

  132. Dualskorpion

    Great promos always going. Not to mention loved that they give you a bogo at each of there locations, but also dude hooked me up with wheel spin(I won and free t shirt on top of my bogo, yo. This is the place to buy from! Flowers dope, even got a nice pipe for only $5 on April 20th from here. I tell all the homies to go here for a deal soon as I know they got their card!

  133. phatbeezy

    I’ve been all over Phoenix and the Budtender Eric at Swell- Bell rd. location made me feel comfortable was very helpful in helping me find exactly the right meds for me! Best Customer Service in Phoenix!

  134. timothyzeus

    Swell is the finest dispensary in Phoenix in my opinion! They always have quality medication, and their consistency is exceptional! Three big thumbs up!

  135. brsean12

    Best place to get your needs cleanest waiting room

  136. swelljoseph

    AWESOME STAFF. Bell location is my favorite! Id love to join the swell team.

  137. kbrooom

    FAVORITE SPOT ALL OF PHOENIX! Great prices. Brooke is always hooking it up! She is very informative and very patient. Her customer service is out of this world. This dispensary will go above and beyond for their patients and that’s what matters. Thank you swell. Highly highly recommend.

  138. thizz2018

    The prices here are lovely the people here are wonderful and the atmosphere is beautiful I love coming to this place get treated like family every time I come

  139. lexit1213

    My fav place. Hate going elsewhere.

  140. Bearsalot

    best prerolls in the valley. will continue coming here.

  141. 420Demon

    wow swell has the spot eleen your the best love the 420 deal amd love it go’s till friday

  142. Morganrae1417

    great flower and great atmosphere will definitely be back!

  143. tfumean

    Would love to work here love the staff and the quality meds can’t miss this place !!!!

  144. Manny92

    Swell on bell is my favorite out of them all the budtenders are friendly and always make you feel welcomed

  145. Knichols6675

    Very nice place, tenders have high customer service and people skills, would recommend to anyone!

  146. jessi.hoyt

    convenient location always good deals. The budtenders always have a smile on their face! I always have a swell day when I leave!

  147. thealreadythere

    This has been the best quality wise so far. Very helpful staff and not pushy about product.

  148. dankist

    all of the flower that comes out of Black Canyon City has been sprayed with bloom, this is not necessary and not healthy for my body!! why can’t anybody Just Produce some quality smoke and leave it at that without trying to put their own special Twist on it!!!!!

  149. waw75231

    Generally a bad vibe, wrong time to go and to me a poor attitude. But their competition at the dog track area has the perfect set up. I want to clearly know potency, period. I like kush for that reason, I said a good kush, it was average but a new customer I got alot of an average bud. Their competition knows how this should be done, every bud has %, repeat %s listed, I have not had a bad bud from there and I am going there tomorrow, alot of bad or average bud is still average bud. Get smarter.

  150. AZhonestwax

    Brooke was extremely helpful and had great product knowledge. I will deff be coming back thx to Brooke!

  151. StreetlightEcho

    LOVE THE NEW BATTERY! Great work Swell fam, thank you

  152. Kingchitown557

    really love this place never have anything negative about this dispensary love they get your free pre-rolls reviews went no purchase necessary

  153. sparkly42010

    Buds are always fresh. Lobby is clean fast customer service I would refer anybody to swell. And if you write a review you’ll get a free pre-roll dY~<

  154. AR1990dec

    Great staff and awesome meds. High quality for you tokers out there !!

  155. sportsmom8233

    Nicest peeps

  156. cydthemoose

    I love this place, the FTP deal is the bomb and everyone is so nice, welcoming, and knowledgeable. I love that even though the bud is pre-packaged you get to pick out a package that you like. Plus tax is already included in their prices too! Swell is one of my top 5 dispos in Phoenix for sure! Deceny priced glass too!

  157. dmcdonald13

    fast and easy

  158. djuka

    Good medicine,good stuff and always good deals.My favorite dispensary dY’

  159. arora69

    close by and good meds

  160. Melodie98

    amazing 8th prices

  161. kellymcrae

    Liked the way the Dispensary is set up. Employees are very friendly helpful and happy.

  162. zacheryba97

    Great staff love that all the flower is top shelf never bad tree also the location is perfect.

  163. Duder1357

    great flower and great staff

  164. pewlboi12

    love tax included at all times. Good wax and flower. BLPS cartridge was great for sativa loversdY’OEdY’a

  165. Michaelsilvius

    The location is convenient and the staff are very friendly and helpful

  166. setamluos1924

    The quality of the medicine is superb. They have knowledgeable staff.

  167. pmoney1964

    I knew what I wanted MK Ultra, Pina Rita., but staff, please don’t let me stop you, continue talking about your salaries.. needing some Youngtown vibes for sure.

  168. SmokeDoggRAW

    this place is one of my top 3 fav’s. good product and a great atmosphere. I’ll definitely be back

  169. WithaBhang

    Knowledgeable staff, great prices

  170. alexander1

    thank you to the staff at swell for always thanking me for choosing swell. Thank you Danny for always being so happy to see me. great customer service always

  171. Daygo99

    great loction love the inviroment staff is all ways on point. thank u swell.

  172. crazyjoker74

    I really like the prices and the flower.

  173. Haidenmoon

    I love this store won’t go anywhere else Rodney is my favorite

  174. TheCannaisseur76

    No problems but good one’s…Which flower to plant in my garden(Lungs)? Great hospitality with real smiles and professionalism that makes you wanna come back for seconds. Oh, gotta go, the flowers are a bloomin’!!!

  175. msull18

    great selection, services and deals

  176. tigress420

    Love this place fast Quick Service always good Bud’s

  177. TheChanelSantana

    Great deals everyday!

  178. Danielle80

    Great prices. Friendly service. Best flower I’ve found so far.

  179. Whaleyguy

    Amazing atmosphere

  180. AURORAtoAZ2017

    Well I found my new “home” dispensary! If you have never been to Swell before then you are missing out, my friends! Their flower and concentrates are AMAZING. Jeremy was VERY helpful & sweet 🙂 His patience and knowledge made me feel at ease. I will be coming back to see him. So many dispensaries kind of “nudge” you thru these days… NOT SWELL. Hope to see a grand opening event!!

  181. WhiteWidower0

    I’ve been to this location four times and every time I’ve been disappointed with the flower quality. Nice place and friendly budtenders but please work on getting your flower up there snuff. It’s either a dry ball of powder, or small fluffy nuggets with absolutely zero stickiness or orange hairs. The scent and flavor are non existent except for a little bit of hay. 🙁

  182. mattatttack

    Its usually quick, Im never bummed on the buds, and they have good deals all the time. The homies in there are pretty cool too.

  183. Mathewbenson18

    Great service and great prices!

  184. Valenzuela420

    Can’t beat 5 pre rolls for $20!!!

  185. Rakofsky

    Always has a Great flower selection!! And very knowledgeable & helpful bud tenders @ this Swell location!

  186. claral2011

    Its awesome love it right there

  187. halginniveachy

    bomb weed!

  188. NeekDeetz

    loved my time there. the staff made me feel super at home and like family. excellent selection of flower and I loved the aesthetic options I had to choose from!

  189. astroboi1299

    I’ve been to most of the dispensaries in the Phoenix Glendale area, and this one takes the cake for my personal favorite. The staff is great and even the security guard out front is super friendly. Great service.

  190. TruthBearer

    Big shout out to the staff at Swell at Bell !
    Thanks for doing a great job of providing high quality meds and
    Awesome customer service!

  191. BiggCheif

    Cool staff good bud I’ll definitely be back

  192. HardcoreHippy

    Great place I frequent here often. Great dab selection and flowers too!

  193. Nilla420

    swell has been more than amazing since opening. I have always had great care and attention paid to me. great selection, great prices

  194. nutorious

    Special Shout Out To Danny Peter Tim You Gus Are The Dream Team!! Always Good Vibes With You Guys Thanks For Your Amazing Service And Caring. Love The Recommendations You Give Never Disappointed. Come Get All Your medical Needs at Swell.

  195. stephanyhollatz

    if you’re looking for a friendly, well price dispensary this is the place to go. the staff was nice. I definitely plan on coming back and I suggest you do too.

  196. NBarriga1

    The staff are friendly and the waiting time is ok, depends if you go after 12 noon its a long wait. But the staff knows what they are talking about when it comes to knowing your strains. I have been going to swell for quite sometime and I will always go there. I highly recommend this place have great deals plus you can add points

  197. Tylerizme91

    i come here all the time i love the staff and the atmosohere and the prices.. everything is swell with Swell!!

  198. holden21

    first time here i tried the GG#4 and its been my fav ever since.

  199. Ceeisahgee

    Amazing strains of marijuana and great service

  200. rob2terran

    Great Service!!

  201. Youllbefine

    I just made my return visit today and my first visit yesterday. Curaleaf was my virgin AZ dispensary visit, because they were the closest to my house. Their customer service, organization, deals and selection are why I don’t think I will go anywhere else. They have great hours of operation so it makes visiting convenient almost anytime. Thanks for everything and see ya’ again soondY’dY1/4dY’dY1/4

  202. bakerdgaf

    i like this place it hasnt changed to much since the new owners its still a swell place to go

  203. lilazcay

    So I’ve been going to swell for 2 years now and have never been so disappointed in the quality of medicine from them until Friday 9/15. I drove over 10 miles to this location to pick up some stuff that was on special for 20 dollars an eighth. After looking them over I decided to pick up the grape ape. Big mistake. I get it home and look at what I was given and I was very let down. It was nugs of leaves with a tiny piece of bud on each nug. I understand these are guest strains but this is the reason I stopped going 6 months ago. And it’s funny how they keep opening shops knowing they don’t have a quality grower or the same quality house strains they where known for. Stop trying to open as many stores as possible. Just shows that swell is money hungry pigs that have lost the passion for the industry. They have lost all their good budtenders because of these changes and it’s just sad.

  204. Sammich93

    Best place to go for swell local. keep up the good work

  205. Jeffisawesome


  206. barbwireneck

    Great selection and service!!!!!

  207. DMAR4023

    Very helpful and friendly staff. Well informed and patient with any and all questions. My pup loves their CBD treats!

  208. kingfuckinjones

    great flower and awesome price must check these guys out if you haven’t already

  209. Tammiayers

    The location on Bell, is easy in and out. Good parking,

  210. gdziekan

    Excellent selection of concentrates and friendly staff!

  211. markn1

    Swell has the best price for prerolls in town. The budtenders are awesome and knowledgeable. I will always keep going back for the great strains of meds.

  212. kitschbitsch

    love it here! The flower and concentrates are great!

  213. Tarajo3333

    this is my favorite location always

  214. pnorris1987

    huge selection of flowers never leave disappointment great pricing always running great daily special

  215. phxchuck3

    great prices and staff!

  216. Queendione1

    I love going in here, great staff n you’re in and out

  217. meldillon12

    Great shop!!! The bud tenders are awesome, they know their stuff. The product is excellent and the prices include tax which I love. I’ll definitely be back.

  218. Aeleekay

    Love the people here! Always friendly and they make sure I have what I need dY~dY~S

  219. ltaamneh

    Much variety and excellent customer service along with a welcoming atmosphere and cheap prices

  220. SativaMe3

    This is the place to be! Awesome staff and awesome meds! I’m so happy they have a location close to my house

  221. marynoonan12

    Love the budtenders, qualiy and prices of flower. Will be back soon!

  222. BananaDiesel

    Awesome bud awesome peeps love it all!

  223. nlukic333

    Swell’s Kandy Kush left us with a good peaceful uplifted high that invoked quite the appetite to eat something. =) Our tolerance is kinda low after being in the hospital for a month. Not sure how this will knock with a high tolerance. Hope you readers are having a swell day!

  224. MarKaos420

    I think it’s a tremendous improvement over that crappy old Chinese restaurant that it used to be!!

  225. HarryDog

    A friend & I came in as FTP together. We both had GOOD experiences. I lean towards indicas, friend likes sativas, we both enjoyed our selections of flower and our Sublime products that we each purchased. Thank you for another option of decent places to go. We’ll be back…..

  226. Oradora

    It is way bigger then Youngstown location with a very nice modern waiting room. I did like the flower at Youngstown a little better just because it seemed fresher straight out of the jar rather then the prepackaged stuff. I was in and out here with super quick and efficient service. Highly recommend this dispensary for great deals, service, and clean environment. No fees on ATM… can’t beat that!!

  227. kingag623

    Chill place fast paced got gwd products and bud tenders deli style store ftp is bogo

  228. Lyall1

    Awesome flower and prices

  229. srvonnnnnn

    great place to go to went to the location in youngtown and they treated me great and offered me all educational assistance i needed. i will recommend this to all my 420 friends

  230. OnlySwell

    Thank you soo much Terrance for always showing me the specials and always taking care of me

  231. gkathi

    Everyone is very friendly, knowledgeable and patient. This is my go to place!

  232. angelaarts420

    I think there fast and friendly I would definitely recommend it to my friend’s.

  233. Money800

    Great location great price especially the Sunday pick your deal

  234. joeinazyes

    I’ve been to four dispensaries since receiving my med card. I really appreciate the secure, welcoming, professional atmosphere. Very generous first time patient incentive. Brooke was very helpful by listening to me first. She then showed an awesome array of flower, edibles, and sublingual. I’ll be returning soon. dY~2dY~udY~

  235. Sanchez602

    awesome place, very friendly, great staff

  236. Wlopez111

    Loved it and the great service !

  237. snake48

    Great spot they include tax I. There’s prices would Recommend

  238. AAronova

    Super welcoming atmosphere. Good prices. Eric V is my favorite budtender, he really knows the strains and answered all my questions.

  239. Luis09sx

    I’ve always love this place the service and staff are so fantastic and helpful especially Will he was very knowledgeable and makes you feel a sense of comfort along with professionalism one of my number one spots on this side of town!

  240. dmbustam


  241. tbonix

    Keep in mind!! Swell is one of my top 3 store!! They always do me and my people right. Flowers are always dY”Y=!! So no disrespectful Ness on you Swell.

    Just wanna say those thc patches are gargabage!!

  242. yusufm2014

    Swell on bell has the best deals and good quality bud every day . Love the loyalty program with discounts and DELI STYLE dispensing of bud

  243. Rdysoto420

    Great meds, very helpful and friendly staff. Have been to both locations in Phx and will definitely be back for them Swell meds dY”Y=dY”Y=

  244. ebonics1

    I love this location. And am always treated very good by the employees. today Rodney was my bud tender.

  245. daygo93

    this swell location is great in an out like the burger.all ways great product glad they got one right next to me.

  246. crystalholtz17

    Cool People! Quality Meds! Thanks Swell Bell!!

  247. mikecee

    Great place to shop for cannabis needs. Great environment and they have awesome specials. Staff members are cool af!

  248. momof444

    nice people, answered questions

  249. token77

    Swell has an amazing staff with great knowledge, highly recommend! Great products too!!

  250. kxil

    Eric’s the man. Great prices in a centrally located area, and the bud is dY”Y=

  251. FlyBoy309

    pre-rolls are always on point.

  252. trashcanmachoman

    Wonderful atmosphere and friendly people, I always leave with quality product and they always hook it up.

  253. alkemistoner

    Actually sitting in the waiting room right now and very happy to be back at swell! This place is always great and no seeds!!! From my experience yesterday with a Bad dispensary. Today swell has made up for the bad ones out there! Thanks swell!

  254. MassimoG

    Love the deals

  255. kgthepoet74

    great dispensary

  256. devoncueva

    Love the 5$ pre roll nothing beats the affordability

  257. agawanna

    another amazing swell

  258. mallen5750

    Love swell on bell best meds best budtenders and best location

  259. mrsak420

    Can’t beat the prices or quality on pre rolls. Always a satisfied customer no matter what I get.
    Staff are always willing to answer questions and honest feedback on product.

  260. reggievega92

    sWELL what can I say other than love the tax included

  261. Sue413

    Our neighborhood dispensary. Friendly and fun. They remember their patients by name.

  262. Lefty

    This place has great service. They also have quality medicine. I would recommend this dispensary to any first time patient.

  263. Momack

    Great bud tender and loved the concentrate layout.

  264. four20Santi

    Good budZ

  265. JOshISPoser

    Amazing people, selection and prices. It has probably the best first time patient deal.
    Nice waiting room foreshadows everything else.

  266. jaysticky91

    always satisfied
    when I leave

  267. submariner300

    this place has high quality flower and it conveniently located for me, the budtenders are knowledgeable and cool.

  268. heathermarie0128

    love this place quality service!

  269. shhmokey

    This place is always quick and convenient. The product is top notch and the AC is always nice and cool for this AZ summer heat.

  270. coop3r

    Really neat place, loved the environment and the staff. However I didn’t like how dry my flower was.

  271. alenajyner

    Awesome staff. Super helpful love them great prices

  272. qweezy25

    hands down dopest dope I’ve ever smoked! been to a lot of places but I love this place! would recommend to any smoker or first time patient!

  273. mdhossfeld

    love it!!!! Flower is top notch. Concentrate us fire!!! All of the staff is dope!

  274. Ahmedabidalameer

    Great location. Love the bud tenders here. Highly recommend

  275. HighStandard

    Walked in for the first time expecting something great. Walked out with nothing. Not even their free preroll. Honestly don’t know how they have two locations. Weak sauce.

  276. Todd200

    If you’re still debating on whether or not Swells is the place to be, It is, with amazing customer service Josh was polite and straight forward,and was very knowlagible of strains and many other things, even got me seen right away too a must go if you havent!

  277. Myzkriant

    The Flower was super dried out and the service, while friendly, was really slow…

  278. Ctjackson

    Super nice, knowledgeable employees. Free water and good prices for good medicine.

  279. ambermpoole

    Eric was absolutely awesome and knowledgeable he makes me feel welcome amd at home…great staff

  280. jennallen119

    I went in as a frist time customer and loved it. The employee’s are friendly and knowledgeable,

  281. miranda1115

    My first time was very positive, Rodney was very helpful and made my experience worth coming. 10/10

  282. jsanders419.js

    I use to frequent this shop I thought it was great but the security guard seemed to have a chip on his shoulder and decided to kick me out today dY’ZdY1/4 I will never spend another dime here. I couldn’t understand what he had to say and he was rude as hell. I will never recommend another friend to this shop again! Plenty of places to get good meds from I don’t need to be treated that way! Thanks for all the good service in the past but I will be going to Nirvana down the street good meds friendly staff. Thanks

  283. cjsalmond

    I love it here! All the peeps here make me laugh and really focus on what i want. Love it!

  284. Rojo1995

    I like their yak strain and the service is good


    ANTWAN HOOKED IT UP!! I was serviced with speed respect and knowledge of nothing but the best weed this guy’s doing the company proud.

  286. jd777

    Great location and good deals. First time patient bogo is nice. Clean environment.

  287. sb406

    Good deals and products, but the bud tenders seem pretty new to the job and the wait is usually kind of long, even when there are no other patients.

    Swell seems to be having a lot of success as a company though, so I imagine this location will be running smoothly soon.

  288. limhoff

    1st visit to Swell. William helped me out. I’ve been on pain management for years trying something different. He answered all my questions and was very patient.

  289. mylesg92

    Every time I come in the staff is friendly and always answer my million questions about strain is best. The staff helps me pick the best ones for the price too which is always appreciated. Awesome atmosphere and it’s right down the street from my house!

  290. Noahgar

    Love swell great bud and friendly staff

  291. Lulufox

    This is a great place to grab your flower and edibles. they always have great deals on most products but I come for the flower. Great staff and great location!

  292. Dread80

    This place did a back flip from a year ago and since doing great….. custoner service is beyond exceptional and pricing is fair. What stands out is the 20 % off for Vets……

    Overall hugh rebound with great Bud pricing and CBD products…..

    very satisfied

  293. happygirl420

    I really like this location. It’s quick and easy to shop here. There’s an express window but I haven’t used it yet. The staff is helpful the buds are quality. The specials are Great dY’! I hardly go anywhere else for my buds. The specials are always different.

  294. Stacy333

    I never review dispensaries despite the occasional perk for doing so…but honestly, I am so happy with Swell on Bell that I feel compelled now to leave a review to inform anyone who sees it to get their ass over there and appreciate the awesomeness of staff I have been lucky enough to bother. I don’t know much about this marijuana industry stuff, and was doubtful after discussing with a more knowledgeable person regarding a purchase of flower which didn’t agree with me that I had any recourse…alas, I called and not only wasn’t hassled or told I am sol…but I was assured that on my next visit, a solution would be made. These frigging angels not only compensated me for the cruddy crud, I was also directed into a flower I really liked by the budtender (not sure if I should specify her name but I adore her and all the tenders I have been helped by there)! So, basically, I will be paying their salaries now since I am not going elsewhere. Multiple times I have been there, only one product has been “off,” and they made up for it, and then some! 5 star is weak sauce…Swell gets 8 at least. 😉

  295. Patrickgalasyn

    Good bud

  296. piggybird82

    swell on bell is the best.. staff is amazing and prices are unbeatable

  297. junuorphx420

    Love the flower !!!!

  298. Zachary.bredeson

    I love the atmosphere, the product, and it’s located nicely next to my house

  299. NorseKing

    Great place Mike was super helpful to me and made everything super easy

  300. Lamurda

    Great customer service! Friendly atmosphere and clients. As for the flower it’s not the best in the valley. Usually popcorn nugs, very dry, not much taste or smell to it, low THC percentage. But if you like low prices and tax included this is thee place to go. I’ll do their online order for other products such as edibles and shatter.

  301. NicoMober

    My favorite dispensary is the swells! Can’t wait till the McDowell location will be open. Workers here are always happy know me by name and treat me as a person not a transaction. Meds are always fire never had one bad strain. The everyday specials are a thing to try as swell! (-:

  302. divernation

    it was my first time, I got Bruce banner on special an a free gram of Tahoe! loving it.

  303. Cherry blossom

    They have a strain Called Purple… something… CBD. The initial feeling was heavy physical sedation. Sleepy. Relax. Chill.
    I choose CUreleaf/Swell as my dispensary now beacause of teh deli style service and now ive come to love 2 of their home grown strains!!!!!!

  304. mollywhopped

    Great place. They have quality medicine and awesome staff.

  305. Damian1963

    Love the new late hours and deals from Curaleaf , and BUD tenders are very knowledgeable . keep up the GOOD service and deals .

  306. Kingsmom2014

    love this place

  307. Lynsanity

    Swell on bell is for sure on of my go tos! great buds and great staff

  308. Angeleyes24

    Love this location and dispensary. My budtender was Terrence who was very informative about the products, positive energy, and he left me with a smile which is always a plus!!! come on in folks to the best dispensary in town. 🙂

  309. pandimandy

    Absolutely loved the product that I got here! All top quality for good prices.

  310. dpitu936

    Excellent customs service and prices. I love coming here. They helped me decide on getting the most for less. Can’t wait to go back.

  311. r3clus3

    Such a lovely environment, everyone is so friendly! My go to dispensary for every need.
    Eric is always so pleasent and goes above and beyond each time 🙂

  312. Hus45

    Love this place wish it was still swell but still awesome dY~,,dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’

  313. Cbanghart

    Great place and deal

  314. Tee24

    Terrence picks the best weed!

  315. electrified

    always swell

  316. xotomc

    Awesome customer service and fire flower!

  317. tdogg2284

    I’ve been to all 3 of there stores and was impressed with all of them i had some gg and it was really good love the every day 5 dollar prerolls

  318. MrsJade

    it was great …love the staff!

  319. BobaFettTokes

    Have gone to swell a few times and always impressed. Great selection of products and friendly staff. The bogo specials on cartridges have been swell and will keep me coming from the east valley.

  320. Blue8

    Friendly staff good selection

  321. Sarina96

    amazing prices on the 8ths

  322. Tpayne602

    great spot to get top shelf flower. dig the open floor and the approach of picking and weighing nugs in front off you. 5 stars

  323. skinnyvic

    Love the 5 dollar preroll. this place is always clean and staff is great

  324. KeAnnaKae

    ohemgee, everyone should go to this locations because they have great deals on the goods! bring yo mama! it’s a favorite in az without a doubt!

  325. Gaynor34

    Great Environment..Wonderful service!!!

  326. ddina5

    The employees at Swell are the nicest and friendliest group of people. I will be returniing for more of their great products

  327. LatoyaHarper

    Curaleaf is all out one of the best dispensaries in Arizona to get your medication from I recommend them to everyone dY~

  328. HollywoodHayes

    Their always the nicest folk to deal with, they have great bud and good prices. One of my favorite. free monthly preroll’s in town. Come early because their always busy. The wait can be long sometime’s, but well worth the wait. You will always have a swell day when you visit swell. Thanks my friends. (Jerry Hayes) aka. HollywoodHayes.

  329. TheRealDay1

    They are slow getting customers in and out

  330. Kjnnjk

    Alll of the flower is great and so is the house wax! Love it all ,please keep up the quality of the meds! You guys are way better than any other dispensary in North phoenix ,by far !

  331. torres04

    good bud!!

  332. cannabisify

    On point everytime. When I can’t make a decision the staff always knows the right stuff to recommend.

  333. jer2619

    Love it such a great shop

  334. c4nnibal

    This is, by far, the best dispensary I’ve been to in the valley. The quality of the flower was incredible, the service was out of this world, and I felt like everyone was really knowledgeable about the products. ERIC, the budtender that helped me, is THE MAN. He took his time helping me, answered all of my questions, and was such a pleasure to talk to. This is my new spot, for sure. I’ll be coming back because of Eric’s attention to detail and great attitude. Amazing experience!!!

  335. KWZ1968

    Love this location people are great

  336. whiteboy931

    swell is always the dopest. love the quality the friendliness and knowledge. highly recommend. keep doing you swell

  337. nophoguy

    been here twice now and have had prometheus, white widow, grape og, and katsu. very impressed with the quality that is shown growing this beautiful medicine and is very apparent upon consumption. very enjoyable experience. great service as well

  338. barrypoole

    very convenient

  339. thebudist

    Happy there is a closer location with excellent staff. maybe later hours would be nice. keep some strong indicas please!

  340. dquni

    Fast and clean. Great selections for everything!

  341. dadjason0508

    swell on bell kicks mucho butt! great products!

  342. psganjsmoke

    Medicine was good. But I asked if what I was purchasing was a indica, and the budtender said it was, and when I got home I notice it didn’t feel like an indica, and got a hybrid. Really wack. Probably won’t come back. Your a budtender, how do you not know your strains? Very disappointed

  343. Rebecca93

    love the staff love the options to choose from and love the prices I highly recommend this dispensarydY~EUR

  344. Eddya333

    Great location, solid deals, and knowledgeable staff!

  345. Jay.rod322

    Danny was my bud tender and was hella dope!! I’m going back just because of him! Oh yeah and not to mention THEE LOWEST 1g timeless cart I’ve ever seen!
    Will return.

  346. Molly3315

    My go to! Favorite people and prices.

  347. pardyhardy

    terrible concentrates. the baseline shatter should be redone or renamed. the “shatter” is sap and dark. smokes ok

  348. murphynick

    it was a great place I’m gunna come here from now on

  349. Leu_jg

    Worst waits in PHX. I get skipped just about every time I come here. People that come in after me get called in before me…their waiting room feels like a DMV. Keep trying to give them a chance but I think this is my last time here. A lot of better alternatives in the area

  350. Stonyg88

    so glad they went to being open later!

  351. Lisamarie420happy

    Amazing people and amazing products!! Love this place can’t beat that it across the street from me!!

  352. Alexarose

    First time in and I really liked they’re deals on prerolls and edibles. The lemon tea cake is awesome and fairly priced at $8 for 50mg. I’ll definitely be coming back.

  353. abrady48

    Dank as deals! Bomb ass strains ‘Nerds’

  354. california1989

    swell is great, their new strain specific pre rolls rock. great meds and staff.

  355. miggyaf

    Very friendly and affordable. William took care of me, i felt like a first patient again, very informative. He went out of his way to make my Sunday funday. dYtmOEdY>>dY$?~dY1/2

  356. chrisrotellalovesindica

    Great location, prices, and bud-tenders

  357. SirIsaacNewbie

    terra was a big help!

  358. taylor479

    Best. Dispensary. Ever!!

  359. Dshytown420

    and so confident the 19th and Bell store is my favorite store the tenders there are very helpful and knowledgeable and very friendly posted

  360. lgreer25

    Great location great service

  361. Babyblueeyz85

    very busy

  362. APurplePhoenix

    I just keep coming back for great service

  363. anxiouslyhigh

    meant to comment since first visit. this place always has something dank up their sleeves, always hooking people up, good people too,

  364. Americus6123

    love it

  365. davidnewnam

    Awesome deals love there pre rolls!!!

  366. rydersdad4ever

    vets get 20% discount love this place

  367. BozoBagginz

    really good as always. preroll was nice and stoney.

  368. Boysplusme

    Awesome on line ordering is the best.

  369. DblJax7

    Love this location!!! It’s super close to my house and has great specials every day!

  370. rosendo

    My favorite place in old Phoenix they treat me like family and I got some good bud

  371. olsonmegan

    Swell is one of the best dispensaries I have been to. Customer service is great, the selection is amazing, and their product is awesome. I have never had a bad experience with Swell, and i recommend to all of the patients out there (:

  372. svrdchic

    Great meds and great service. Love this place!

  373. kmc12

    ShirliedY3/4dY3/4 and I dY’~ this Swell location. I am frequenting it more. I had stopped, and now back. The 3 particular budtenders ShirliedY3/4, and I look for when we’ve returned recently have gained my trust of using MMJ. As a Veteran I am benefiting and staying active with passing safe laws that help all society. My service dogs benefit from CBD tincture. I benefit from them and the medicinal qualities of strains I read, and look for. The knowledge, and listening skills to the patients these tenders serve keeps me coming back. I like the new Swell the sales on grams, the sales on edibles, the products overall. Only one critism sent with kindness. Look into ways of solving shortness of inventory. Been waiting for Infusion Soda’s 4ever it seems. And it’s other inventory as Swell!!! Never had a bad quality of goods issue here. The loyalty for me to continue getting my medicine come from feeling a mutual respect. Swell job 19th Ave.

  374. ltubet

    My go to dispensary. Frendliest budtenders in town

  375. bnbn1

    Eric was very nice and helped me get the right info for the best purchase for my needs

  376. jaylamarr

    Love swell best dispensary to get your flower from. Cool ass staff members also.

  377. CoolerFlowers

    Aaron, thank you for helping me out!! The quality is there! Swell on Bell rocks!!

  378. ewheeezzy

    I bought a couple O.pen vape cartridges and one of them just stopped working. I went in and spoke with Ryan (I’m pretty sure that’s his name) and he tested it for me. It turned out to be dead. He was kind enough to exchange it for another one. That’s why I keep coming back. Thanks!
    PS make sure you keep your packaging in case you have the same issue.

  379. Dm777

    Top dispensary in Phoenix..Flowey and concentrates have Ben all too satisfactory…

  380. revthunder

    great medication and knowledgeable budtenders.

  381. Dominoazmc

    Really relaxing atmosphere, and extremely quick service. I probably could have held my breath the entire time I was in and out. Lol. Definitely recommend this place. Oh and the best part is that they include tax in the prices! What you see is what you pay, I LOVE that..!

  382. taywilwin

    Great quality product!

  383. Haurelio34

    Amazing service great atmosphere excellent selection.

  384. PinalsFinest

    Great area, superb selection, knowledgeable budtenders!

  385. inkfamus1

    Amazing medicine great people that work here best and I mean the best medicine this state has to offer swell y’all kick @$$ thanks. And peace be the journey

  386. blondyp

    This is one of my stand by favorites, but a popular place so there can be a wait from time to time. The people are helpful, informative, and they are adaptable! They will work with you on any budget or desire.

  387. cbdBambii

    No complaints always great

  388. 0Davesnothereman0

    Been going to the youngtown location for years but just moved to this side of town and was pleasantly surprised to find a swell so close!

  389. jpr4life

    swell is an awesome dispensary.
    exceptional customer service

  390. Whalley89

    The best in town

  391. smokeleafly

    I bought a 1/8 of the Lemon BrA>>le and found seeds in the the flower. When I asked the bud tender about the flowers she was clueless.. don’t buy the The Sunday Goods flower..

  392. Brando1198

    Very knowledgeable about product, know what to suits you and overall great quality!

  393. Mclark111687

    Great deals and staff are unbeatable

  394. Buddies67

    Great Location and the customer service was great. And the flower was really good deal.

  395. jmobony

    Everyone here is so friendly. Will be going back for sure.

  396. sammieetellem

    Gotta love the flower. Much love to the bud tenders for being so cool. Flower smells amazing. Must try. 5 stars. 1 love!

  397. grantR

    Definitely come check them out and get everything you wanted me from now on they got everything you wanted me cheap prices for a location hit them up

  398. Maddog43

    well my first visit so far so good dY’OE

  399. bambo4350

    all the deals are at swell for the weekend $5 dollar pre roll cant beat that

  400. jordenhunter

    So fire here and great people

  401. jmgoddard

    Great location and always a friendly staff!

  402. Juniorkush420

    Great meds and friendly staff!

  403. Bizzysmomma1417

    Friendly staff great product

  404. spiked10

    I have been a steady customer since you have been open but if you think maybe somebody would pay $400 a ounce but not me what with the 2012 prices and also I always wondered why you don’t get a ounce discount like most places. you pay the same if you buy a gram or a ounce ???? why think you may lose a very good customer we’ll see

  405. love2laugh35

    got some sugar cookies nice and moist 20 bucks out the door and great service

  406. gemblueye

    Very helpful and friendly personal. Quality was great as well. I don’t live in the area but when I get to this side of town I will definitely stop again.

  407. Novad219

    Very curtious staff, and amazing quality buds at reasonable prices.


    I love this place

  409. cterminator

    I went to the bell location and it’s great. The flowers are actually very impressive that they must be damn proud of. I also like the way they display the glass with the light it looks really neat. I’ll be back!

  410. THCprod100

    great place for meds and great service! best deals around

  411. 1Koli

    It’s supper nice here and the staff are friendly

  412. BecauseWeed

    I used to frequent here until I started finding a lot of premature seeds in the strains. It’s disgusting and unpleasant to smoke. The shatter has improved slightly only because I heard Canamo is blasting it but it still doesn’t compare to what’s around the valley for far less money, it still has the same strange aftertaste like it’s full of chemicals. The employees hardly know their products anymore but they still act like they know it all, it makes it hard to find what will help my pain best. I won’t be stopping by these locations anymore.

  413. jarrettcurry

    Great location… Will did an awesome job..

  414. MastaSplint420

    great pricing, great deals and great buds!

  415. Smokeyallday420

    Great place. Great service. Amazing medicine!!

  416. pauldiablos

    Great deals. I’m most definitely going to refer to my friends!

  417. jd3p0

    staff here is amazing. i dont remember her name but she may remember me. long time youngtown customer had just renewed my card and stopped in to check out one of the new spots. got an amazing 1st time patient special. plus she made me feel at home like family. swell team is the best. shout out to my amazing bt. she was well educated about the products and appreciated the loyalty. thanks again

  418. AaxxReez

    Great dispensary. Best bud in town that I’ve tried and they have a no fee ATM! Can’t get much better

  419. mrsalicia84

    Great location! Location was super clean and nice. Staff was helpful great experience!

  420. DalekAthena

    Great place and found it on Leafly!

  421. Matttthompson_23

    Great clean dispensary. The bud tenders have no problems giving you there advice and are very friendly. Also they play some pretty damn good music too if anyone notices

  422. SkylerBowen97

    Swell is always a great place to go to enjoy your experience with purchasing your mess and a great place to enjoy some great quality stuff.

  423. Hipps87

    I like the atmosphere and the staff. I am not that knowledgeable about the different strains that are out there, but the budtender explained things in a way that I was able to understand.

  424. shina

    great location

  425. shelbs7505

    Beautiful location and super friendly staff!

  426. wsmp28smiley

    Jack herer is a very nice tasting sativa got me thru the day in driving school very tasty sativa im a indica smoker but i need to stay up very nice staff very informative have a nice J

  427. slowpoke4450

    If you have all day to wait on the finish playing games behind the counter than this your place. waited over 15 minutes and not a single person was brought back. That’s not customer service

  428. Angecc

    Great service, Awesome place to go to great deals !

  429. DerpyDabber666

    Always good product from you guys. Two thumbs up!

  430. bleeblahnixh

    hands down best buds AZ has to offer

  431. bextar

    The customer service at Curaleaf (Bell Road) is seriously the best in the North valley. Product quality and sales are consistent, but it’s the friendly staff that keep me coming here instead of anywhere else. Great job guys!

  432. Smoneygang

    best flower

  433. Tweak97

    Its cool

  434. tyme4nik

    Dope spot

  435. jamalot75

    great atmosphere and great buds. never disappointed after leaving any of their locations

  436. rsell710

    Great meds friendly staff fast service always a swell experience dY~,

  437. EKoenig419

    Great employees with awesome attitudes. Also great deals on everything in the store. Must stop by here.

  438. chevys10

    Great meds and great bud tenders

  439. arizonablown

    Great staff and the flower is amazing Prometheus is my favorite banana puff as well

  440. Markitsune88

    I went because it was new to my area [plus first time patient] and i was happy with the people . they were very nice. but it was a cash only spot, i can reapect that but there atm was down so i had to go hunt down the area. when i finally got in and then back out and at home i find the green is super dried out and crusty. if it wasnt for first time patient deal i dont think id go back at 17 bucks a gram.

  441. cbdhealth

    Including tax
    Has point system
    Great deals
    Online ordering during busy time

  442. jaimedewitt

    I love how friendly the bud tenders are. The atmosphere here is uplifting and happy faces all around. Quality and prices are great! Will be coming back again!

  443. michaelbush7793

    curaleaf is swell I love them good people good atmosphere and good medicine

  444. bailbonds81

    I had the pleasure of Rodney helping me multiple times I was getting what I seem to need an understanding the strains that I need deafly would shop here again definitely would recommend a friend and family too swell the service and care provided is Impeccable if you get a chance definitely have Rodney help you

  445. Valery25

    Always have the best buds

  446. bbalthes43

    Awesome staff by far my favorite , Leafly is on point !

  447. buzzmebee

    Eric is awesome and is very knowledgeable! Love swell! All locations rock!

  448. zwashere

    The staff always provide great recommendations. There’s also a different promo each day which is nice. Definitely recommend & will be back. Thanks for providing consistently great products & service!

  449. Miyagiku

    I like how fast and. ice you all are dY~~

  450. TetanicBud

    recently moved near by and I love this location it’s amazing

  451. Aldavis5913

    What I like was the bud tender. The bud tender was awesome. It was his first day and he did great. My bud tender Mike was awesome.

  452. ladysith666

    Was the first dispensary i went to and i will keep coming here. It’s close and has great quality!

  453. CDwhittle2017

    Awesome place to pick up meds. Wonderful staff and incredible meds. Potent an tasty.

  454. oliviaroderick

    Super nice, clean and sweet staff! Love their MUV pens SO MUCH!!!dY~

  455. ourhouse1

    flower is awesome, along with staff!

  456. m.sarah49

    this is one of my favorite dispensaries.. they always are very nice and have great deals

  457. jessicaruiz60

    Great dispensary! Customer service is excellent. The flower is really good, I’d definitely recommend this place.

  458. DawnProv

    The staff here are awesome. They always have a cool baseline strain in case your pockets are tight. Love the wheel spin option. I won some cool prizes playing that game. Also they always inform you when the newest strains come in. Love this place

  459. mliss320

    Excellent product, love the veteran discounts! My new favorite place 🙂

  460. swedking710

    I love swell on bell. good flower. good concentrates. good environment

  461. mikehaji

    If I was allowed to give 6 stars I would! Always feel so comfortable here and Brooke just makes the visits even more enjoyable! She’s AWESOME! This will definitely be my go-to. Thanks guys!!

  462. mark602

    Swell on Bell has great deals and great strains!! Budtenders are friendly and helpful, i recommend this location to other patients

  463. torrez00

    Make sure you triple check the prices of whatever you want because on Leafly and Weedmaps they have the wrong pricing

  464. sinloc602

    my favorite dispensary very friendly staff quick online service very knowledgeable

  465. debisurber

    Best pre rolls around!!!

  466. Deliav91

    Fast leafly order ! Like always

  467. Cheese07

    This place makes me happy. The staff are great and funny! Have a swell day!!

  468. mpederson827

    Absolutely love this location. Always has super friendly staff and amazing deals. The staff is always upbeat and helpful with any questions you may have.

  469. ThurmanLurman

    My budtender sold me a quarter of gods gift and she was just that………thank you to the short lady with pretty brown eyes………you’re smile and warm welcoming personality is what makes this Bell location my favorite

  470. juiceyjuice420

    Swell has quality herb. And great deals. Super friendly staff. My favorite budtender at this location is TK. She is very knowledgeable about the strains and her smile is infectious. I love her energy and enthusiasm. dY~

  471. crazydee73

    great deals awesome location and great buds so check it out

  472. achay22

    The indica flower at Swell is fire and does the job. I always The indica flower is fire and does the job. I always feel welcomed as soon as I walk in. The staff is very knowledgeable and will help with all your needs. as soon as I walk in. The staff is very knowledgeable and will help with all your needs.

  473. norrii

    Love this place! Shout with a Bhang and curaleaf for showing me the app!

  474. slumdog123

    Awesome place good customer service

  475. toddwgould

    Like the deals but long wait

  476. feeonna123

    Awesome! So professional, courteous, and knowledgeable.

  477. Larry116

    Love my swell on bell

  478. gorox5

    always have great deals and pre rolls are a+

  479. 42A

    Very nice, great security people are very friendly. Thank u 🙂

  480. daniellenh

    This is one of my favorite dispensaries. The product is always great quality and the staff is friendly!

  481. OfficialDweez

    My experience with them always been Pleasant they have some of the best quality products at the most affordable and reasonable prices. The staff is always friendly knowledgeable and welcoming to me. I feel safe and Secure I always to return to this dispensary

  482. thepaco

    Always great flowers and specials, attentive service and improvement in the product overall.

  483. ThatDominantGuy

    great people, great atmosphere, sevice is awesome in and out also very knowledgeable always leave with a big smile would highly recommend this place.

  484. gogreenhho

    i love swell, great prices, great product, great staff. swell is the best, dont waste your time on the rest

  485. Angel247

    love the meds great deals best service all around best dispensary in the state

  486. jbcphx63

    Purchased some Sour Kush and Snowcap yesterday, great tasting meds, smelled nice and natural, not chemmy at all. Thank you again TK and Robin for the smiles!

  487. Sed1

    Always good Flower. Staff very helpful and friendly. Will be back regularly.

  488. zootedmamii

    I love this location. Eric really accommodated my first time deal and the flower is great. I’m excited to try their edibles next time! Eric is a great budtender 🙂

  489. Viccki

    They always have great deals here and I love the fast paced service every time! The workers are all so friendly too. I love curaleaf!

  490. Dred1234

    Great staff and great bud. Always the best deals in town.

  491. gemStarUSA

    WARNING: I was overcharged $100. owners refuse correction; if they’ll, can you trust their products?

  492. llcouture

    Great bud great Staff great place

  493. Orangeribbon4life

    Jodie helped me, he was a wealth of knowledge and I’m very pleased with the flower he helped me choose. Lobby is wonderful as well!

  494. Jonesisdirty

    Best dispensary in phoenix!!

  495. stefflee67

    This place always has quality medicine and grown locally.. the prices are awesome!! Cathy is the lady to see. She knows her stuff!!! I brought in my sis as a first time patient and she has decided to use swell as her new dispensary.. highly recommended plus all staff rock!! Thanks guys!!

  496. TheDragonAnarchist

    Excellent bud, great prices, and a great points/rewards system and referral system. 🙂 Lots of freebies to be had for accumulated points, and even leaving reviews.

    Friendly and helpful, fast service!

    Josh helped me at the counter and he was awesome. 🙂

  497. herbtildeath

    One of my favorite dispensaries. Everyone is always so friendly and you guys make the wait worth while. The concentrates are outstanding!

  498. citizen0123456789

    Great selection of flowers and concentrates. Good costumer service. One of my favorite spots to go to.

  499. soapworks

    Always Swell on Bell this place is amazing great daily deals love the multiple locations

  500. drliaison

    Easy location from the 101, good meds and knowledgeable staff.

  501. katrinag420

    this place is awesome. they have super friendly staff and awesome specials.

  502. mitchhunt000

    I love Swell

  503. kihdwhite

    I order a pickup thinking it would go quick cause I don’t have time to browse. But end up taking 15 mins to get my order.

  504. girlanytime

    Great place to shop and a lot pf good people serving you up them meds…

  505. tntphx

    Its so close and good selection very clean,

  506. Sha44611

    Swell people;) Always has great deals something for everyone

  507. Rdal

    This place is amazing everyone that works there is awsome.

  508. tdbentley

    Still a nice location. Rebranding is great. It appears that they may be offering a larger selection of products now. Competitive prices as well. Great service. Clean, safe, security guard onsite. Thanks for offering FTP for old Swell patients.

  509. RebeccaO

    Great deals and online ordering is super convenient.

  510. Dammit1

    I have been a member of the Cannabis world since 1980 and have been to most of the dispensaries throughout the Phoenix area over the past years. Generally speaking all of them have a friendly and respectful staff. That being said; after going to Swell at 32nd and McDowell and now the newest Swell at Bell and 19th ave, I have stopped going to any others.
    The staff at Swell truly feels like family. From my first visit I was treated like I had been going there for years. The newest location on 19th and Bell has become my primary dispensary.
    As someone that is 50, I wasn’t up to speed with all of the newest methods and products. The people here walked me through it as if I was their Dad and they explained the whole process. No rush or worry about how long it took this old man to catch on.
    One last great comment is on the Veteran discount. Its common in this industry to get 10% off for being a Vet, this place gives a 20% discount to all of us Veterans! That is unbelievable and more appreciated than I believe they realize. Since they do not have aEURoeTip JarsaEUR out for the staff but are allowed tips, I personally just flip all of my discount savings to the tender as a tip.
    I strongly recommend any Swell location to anyone but especially Veterans. I failed to mention that they also have a lot of prior military personnel working for them as well.
    Thank You Swell for being there and for expanding to more locations.

  511. MarleysHouse

    Amazing flower gourfeous

  512. Tiffanytimmer

    It’s my first time going to be here I’m excited we are to come after I have been there.

  513. chr2131015

    FTP Deal cant be beat, they let you stack daily deal, leave with a half oz of fire for 60 bucks no bs and no tax. Online ordering is on point

  514. mrjdlc

    so this was the third location of the swell brand that I had visited and once again definitely hit the nail on the head my budtender Nico she was super amazing and very friendly and got me exactly what I need and once again I must say whoever does the marketing finally we have a dispensary that values as patients with the deals that they offer on a daily basis we should get together sometime and work something great out LOL

  515. rosemarypflores

    I am in love. my budtender is knowledgeable. I will be back

  516. quadace

    First time coming in everyone was really friendly and bud was good

  517. Ajamae


  518. kisilibtch

    Good flower at this location.
    Fair prices, knowledgeable staff and quick.

  519. Ericcrenshaw0923

    Swell always got that fire

  520. marmar5665

    I am overwhelmed (in a good way) at every visit! Thank god the tenders know exactly which strain offers relief from AD/HD! You give REAL meaning to the term ‘Holistic’ medicine!

  521. Ymedina

    The wait is with here come here and you will spend less then expected they always have promotions going on and you forget about those point they help a lot when it comes down to pay.

  522. Shadowlynn

    This place is a hidden gem. They have always treated me well. Thanks for making me smile.

  523. $mirk

    Eric is the man give him a raise!!!

  524. tgiles

    Not letting anyone sit in the lobby unless they have a card is bologna. There’s a lot of dispensaries that allow people in the lobby who don’t have cards. I think that Swell needs to get with the program already.

  525. Take0va

    My favorite spot

  526. Nina17

    Very convenient and friendly They have great first patient deals too

  527. Sneakerfreak420

    Great people shout out to Pete for taking care of me

  528. Edward420KUSH

    A great place you can trust

  529. Tysondye4

    They have great flower and decent priced concentrate great eatables and they tell you to have a swell day what else can you ask for well I guess a job XD

  530. slowe1124

    Great weed! Love the people

  531. rp602

    awesome place to go to the staff is friendly and the merchandise is great i would recommend any one to come to this place

  532. bznbuilder

    Very professional, high quality meds, great selection and knowledgeable staff

  533. Mugzz

    Swell is my favorite dispensary to go to. They always help me out and have ne out the door within minutes. Once i have purchased a leaking cartridge and i was in and out with a new one. Thanks swell

  534. kyle108108

    Love this place, best pre rolls and best attitude. Thanks swell.

  535. KingHawk5

    best deals in this area flower selection is pretty vast and customer service is respectable

  536. berg4321

    the location of Curaleaf is great gor all the northsiders. The products are of good quality. the prices are right and the staff is friendly. Great daily specials

  537. messenger520

    One of my favorites for sure!

  538. greatwhitee

    Been going to swell forever now. It seems like ever since it’s become aEUR~Curaleaf’ with the new owners, seems as though the quality in flower has gone down. Really hoping the new owners can get it back to the old days when swell was the only place I’d go to.

  539. Lotusherb

    Had a nice selection, Love the vibe and short wait. Fair prices and good quality herb.

  540. sarahlynne1023

    I was disappointed. I didn’t buy anything because they didn’t have what I wanted. But what drove me away the most was the people were not friendly nor knowledge able the girl just stared at me the whole time and didn’t say anything. I was like so I’m looking for anything with a higher CBD and she’s like nope only THC. I was like ok thanks anyway and she didn’t even say anything so I walked out. the security guard was nice though.

  541. themodelsara

    Hey breeds. Taswell, is a five-star experience! They’ve got the best bud, the best vibes and of course the best bud tenders in the valleya$?i,

  542. JesskahMaree

    amazing people , prices, & meds. definitely going to come back again!

  543. aaronseaman420

    long wait but even offered to change my order to get me more for cheaper. thanks buddy

  544. Heather Martinez

    Friendly staff members and the selection is off the chain

  545. TheReefer

    Way too high and I don’t mean high … the money is ridiculous! Crappy weed for $90 for a 1/4. Come on

  546. SandraBabii420

    Love the new name and the prices on flower

  547. Mark3604

    Love you guys!

  548. malmal101

    I just got my medical marijuana card this month! And the best dispensary I’ve gone to so far , is swellfarmacy. Everyone there is so nice and it’s just to amazing there. If you have your card I’d highly recommend there

  549. xnorton53

    the budtender was amazing and helpful, Worst bud I’ve ever seen in my life I would advise everyone to save their money or go to a different location.

  550. LcapoT2

    Great atmosphere and customer service they have great flower

  551. Tonyasmith77

    great budtenders….spiffy environment

  552. SelLeni

    best and friendliest place I’ve visited so far! The bud tenders always answer all my questions!

  553. VictoriaT

    I just love this location. I enjoy every visit I make. Everything is amazing from the staff to the bud itself. They have amazing prices and even better deals. I simply wake up to a blunt of this dispensaries finest and enjoy it knowing I had a great experience purchasing it. Thank you curaleaf for everything you do.

  554. Jayguapox

    I love you guys, because you guys have great customer service

  555. Alleekatz2799

    Awesome place to find good deals and smiley happy people!!

  556. rsell87

    awesome flower and awesome people at swell great deals sometimes too the rewards points rock

  557. noxas5az

    love this place

  558. Gabe981

    Amazing all the time dYtmdY1/4dYtmdY1/4dYtmdY1/4

  559. frdbrd

    This place is kind of like being a Amazon Prime member. You walk in, get what you want at an amazing price. The buddtender is calm and informative. You walk out with a smile. Definitely going to be a regular here.

  560. prysocka

    Best place for customers service and excellent product.

  561. Brevier

    I like the ease of this location close to home and great atmosphere

  562. Shallenp

    this is an ok location decent prices decent product

  563. 777energy

    Great friendly service. Always new deals.

  564. Kevinmck

    Tara is the best very knowledgeable and very patient and willing to help and educate. great exparience

  565. T4tiff

    Stop here once in a while..its close to home.. Love the swell smiles…

  566. pollywallyburger

    awesome place and top notch flower! Staff does good service here. Check out the quick and accurate deli style today!

  567. Supermom14

    Mr curls is my boo Mike is cool mrs.robin hood awesome

  568. Dgholson

    great deals and nice services shout out to leafy staff

  569. randabolton

    First time visit this week. Great atmosphere, nicely decorated, friendly people. Nicollette was my budtender, and she was awesome even tho I thought I could spell her name. dY~%0. Quality is fabulous. I thought I was getting quality where I was shopping, but this is a noticeable difference. Great job Swell!

  570. Bking725

    They are the best location around phoenix. I absolutely love going here and seeing all their smiles. Tyler is the best bud tender always has a swell attitude

  571. Thumper28

    SUPER BIG SHOUT OUT TO Maggie!!! SHE is that ABSOLUTE BEST…like everybody here is totaly about the patient…ALWAYS GOING THE EXTRA MILE I really REALLY can’t say enough about the atmosphere provided by the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!BAR NONE… Love LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE

  572. josey1981

    I love it I’m referring my buddy today thanks guys n gals!

  573. Rfookes

    Both Kandy and Kosher kush crumble hits nice. The Kandy has that nice uplifting high. Kosher is more mellow. Both Jack and GMO cookie flower are fire. Thanks Melissa

  574. Crespo9

    I am admittedly an introvert by nature, but I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality of people at this location and the atmosphere. The product speaks for itself! Special thanks to John the security professional, Cheyenne and that really cool girl that works behind the counter for whenever I do online ordering. I guess I can end this by saying if you want to feel Swell, go to Bell

  575. Zachery97

    tried an eighth of the Wi-Fi and it’s by far my favorite flower anyone has amazing taste and really packs a punch.

  576. Conrad3ring

    Always love coming here. always always great SF flower. I don’t care for prepackaged but here you know what your getting. I’ve always loved the consistency. keep up the good work guys.

  577. mykaylaxoxo

    Literally greatest dispensary ever. Always has flame shit and always sooooo nice and helpful. Love it. My number one dispensary

  578. Widow_MKR

    It’s always a Swell day when I show up here! It’s in such a convenient location an I am always amazed by the genuine happiness the staff has here! All of the strands are EXCELLENT quality and their house concentrates are so bomb! I totally recommend Swells to any patient here in Arizona!

  579. tribalherbzman

    I love stopping here when I am in the valley. The deals are great and the staff is excellent.

  580. KungFuKenny19

    Great location slow service in my opinion

  581. BigJ808

    this is my favorite spot they have the best flower and it is deli-style I’m talking about the one in Youngstown I don’t know about the other stores but here they’re honest they don’t just tell you anything and they won’t just sell you anything play a Hall of Famer in my book

  582. Sam0616

    Came to get some shatter! Best in the city and love the deals

  583. yazzieroberta

    Awesome deals

  584. hazeywood

    Meh. Flower is dry and crumbly. At least tax was included and got by quad get a free quad. Won’t be back.

  585. kingamr123

    best deals in town most friendly staff

  586. Smario73

    clean place good product

  587. pizzachef420

    Why th F did you guys tease me with the BOGO ounce! I waited two weeks for my alotment to clear up and I walk into Swell on Camelback and find out, one of the best FTP turned into one of the worst, (because 50$ for a quarter of equal quality stuff is common) I guess ill get shatter now….. thanks anyway for being awesome, I just comically aalways miss out on the best deals in life! lol. Please keep the bogo ounce of flower!

  588. margie420

    Staff is great. Products r good. Wait time is a little long.

  589. matthewdm

    always good quality and deals

  590. brsean

    clean waiting room very knowledgeable staff and always great deal on the best products

  591. Poppy1of1

    Cool staff good bud definitely check them out

  592. Jade_90221

    loved it and William was awesome !!!!

  593. anthonym98

    Amazing flower, and amazing deals

  594. element2420

    best in the valley

  595. lunalara3

    Absolutely love the staff and the herb dYOE? is always delicious dY~<

  596. justfendi

    Rodney is the best! Great location

  597. debbie.hewittblodgett

    It’s great

  598. Kittlecakes70

    Great place with great deals

  599. rockyroad420

    The best place for bud and concentrations.

  600. ddavila727

    Rodney is awesome! He knew his products and had me in and out quickly. As for the location, it’s super clean. The staff were pleasant and welcoming. I will definitely be going back!

  601. harryknight

    knowledgeable friendly staff w/ good bud

  602. mattaklinski

    Thank you for another great experience amazing how you can have 15 people walk in the moment you open but each guest got a smile from each team member working the check in window. Definitely expressed a sense of urgency for their time and answered all questions with a smile. Very impressed with the things I saw today.

  603. tonemonty

    awesome deals love the stag and the quality of productsand selection is amazing

  604. popcycleblonde

    Love this location and the service I received. The bud-tender that helped me was attentive and gave excellent recommendations . I wish I could remember his name! But great service and great flower!! 🙂

  605. Harry-PotHead

    Great dispensary was great flower and great staff I recommend them to everyone dY~Z

  606. MamaBear62016

    I’ve been going to Curaleaf since it changed from Swell, and I love this place! They respect people on a budget, and just because the prices are cheap doesn’t mean the quality is. Everyone gets a dry batch every now and again, but for the most part my flower is sticky and fresh!

  607. troubleboy503

    swell always got good bud just wish it wasnt prepacked. if they had way better specials for concentrate id shop here more. the dj shortberry was really good

  608. Izora

    I am obsessed with Swell… from my first time till now they have given me excellent customer service.. they know Me by name, even know that I get my lunch time pre roll… its awesome. and feels like family. I encourage my coworkers to go there and they loved it as “swell” Best dispensary.

  609. Declon21

    awesome dispensary, great prices for the quality!

  610. Bneslo91

    Worked with William today! As a first time patient, William was probably the most helpful person I could have been paired with. Definitely going to be making many MANY more trips to this location.

  611. GscDurbanOg18

    this location is by far the best. always happy to see you. never rude. plus drew is awesome. actually everyone there is awesome. so if you want a quality experience each time. stick with this swell location.

  612. asdgoju

    great location and on the flower and the concentrates are on point.great customer service.corprate done right in the mmj world

  613. me1129

    great place

  614. 420river

    Swell is by far my favorite dispensary The staff is knowledgeable and the product is amazing

  615. angels2unme

    service was absolutely the best!!

  616. malnhoona101

    I love his place one of my fravorite places to go to great bud and great service what else can you ask for see you guys soon

  617. soclifford

    best price in town


    one of the top dispensaries in the valley awesome deals great service amazing flower

  619. rick.annis1

    great deals great flower

  620. Donmallory287

    Having card drama. Lost in the mail 45 days. Should be here tomorrow. Can’t wait to get my medication at this great place. The tenders are great and the flower outstanding.

  621. Bear999922

    always love coming to curaleaf. The wait is a little long usually. But the staff is great, and the buds are good.

  622. melissa1979

    Best Customer Service Best Medicinea$?i,dY”Y=

  623. blasreyesiii

    good atmosphere… good flower… would recommend…

  624. Adroitsixx

    This place has a friendly staff!

  625. silentgirl

    Its awesome

  626. deanhamblen13

    Best customer service ever and the strains are high quality. Best dispensary in AZ hands down!

  627. bigwhitejordan

    this is one of the best swell locations in the valley great customer service and quality thank you guys for ever thing you do for the community. always have top shelf flowers and wax all the time. thank you guys

  628. meyersmj1

    Best spot to go for that killer flower (good prices also)
    Staff is always cool and helpful also!

  629. Rocky326

    I was highly impressed. The lobby is extremely clean with a pleasant decor. Everyone was professional & extremely friendly. My bud tender was great on offering me exactly what i was looking for & was honest about why some buds are extremely cheap. Great place I give 2 thumbs up

  630. Marley1990

    Amazing fast service Awesome people

  631. Preacher42

    Take all the Swell reviews away. This place sucks now.

  632. jefbuk

    Budtender was stoned out his mind couldn’t get order right, gave me someone else’s patient card when I left. I tried other locations, but all I got was rude service. I will not use this dispensary ever again and do not recommend anyone. I hope they read this because they deserve no stars.

  633. roshi10

    I’ve been here a few times now and I love the service. All the Budtenders are very energetic creating a comfortable yet exciting environment. They have weekly specials that will blow your socks off and taxes are included. Big plus they do pre-orders and delivery online!

  634. B_garcia

    It was very good, I will be coming back

  635. AZWM

    The staff and product was great!

  636. GingerSnap317

    My first time there and it was amazing. Eric was so extremely helpful to me and my friend who came in together. Came home and am loving the strains he recommended as well. I can’t wait to go back.

  637. cassdavis83

    swells baby love it ,pre rolls on point .. also points are awsome…

  638. xiprinlllf

    kush 99, $80 for a half was the first time i regretted a dispensary purchase.

  639. Jspratta

    Great location, employees are all so friendly, great flower, and great prices.

  640. austinthelandscaper

    always love swell on bell road awesome products and great service and i always get a good laugh when i go in

  641. Ml_dubb

    Awesome deals and quality

  642. zaccamren

    I love coming in here, always nice and friendly staff.

  643. Kr1st1n1981

    Eric was super helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you taking your time explaining everything and the recommendation was in point.

  644. HighTendenciezzz

    Used to be my favorite swell but they’ve been going downhill. I go to Youngtown swell now, way better. Get rid of those dang bags Camelback!

  645. arizonababs

    Everyone that works at this location is super nice, they remember you when you come in. The product is reasonably priced and good stuff, also this location is easy to get to.

  646. seak89

    25$ an 1/8th … of good flower .. I’ll be back soon

  647. DSD420DABBER

    Always super impressed with the quality of products here!! Great booth at ERRL, one of my top 3 booths for sure!!! Thanks for being so patient friendly and supportive.

  648. Pekani88

    Waited an hour to find out they don’t do BOGO anymore at different locations. Won’t ever go back to any locations.

  649. zDirtyDesertKid

    Has great service and good product!!

  650. Healed

    I like Swell in Youngstown location better because it seems to have better bud and deals. Quick n easy + friendly staff on Bell.

  651. ginterl

    Love this place

  652. wclements1

    It’s a great location for me, I live off happy valley road. the service was excellent the shop clean and professional. the variety of goods available for selection was outstanding. William was the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE SWELL I could have gotten for my first time he explained the variety of products and I even tried some stuff based on his recommendations and so far they have been spot on definitely the next place I’ll be going

  653. amr37

    best pre-rolled ever best buds in town

  654. Greenpatriot

    I thoroughly enjoy every experience at Swell farmacy. Great price on Canimo shatter and awesome house strains. will be back!

  655. fatkidfid

    I love the Pre-rolls here from the house and strain specific. The taste is very earthy also very pungent. They are very convenient for quick medicating!

  656. Jennkenn

    I had trouble with my normal curaleaf will not mention yet Brooke took good care of me helped and was so kind she is AMAZING

  657. IamJustintime1

    THe deals here are awesome and I love the buds! It’s a little far from where I live but definitely worth it!

  658. Gnation37

    Always feeling Swell with Swell , such a great vibee.


    Swell on bell is in a rapid Decline!The $18-30 weed is that price because that is all is worth…barely!Dry,Dusty and not Potent at all!It is deli style,but there are no smellers or small jars to look at…you have to look over a counter,and some stations do not even have that! My budtender was a Hipster Doofus that just wanted to rush you out! You know who you are “Brotherman!”I do not know what happened here,I was here last year and it was good!Must be the depository for all the Crap weed from the other locations!Stay Clear of Swell on Bell! They are Rude and they sell inferior product…thats why it is so cheap!!Too many other good places in the Valley!!

  660. DrDankkk

    I saved my bogo for an oz matchrd for oz. the bud tender took care of ne and swapped out my coupon so I wouldnt miss out and get limited. nice!!!!!!

  661. blazedallday2420

    always swell dj shorts blueberry is the best

  662. statuegal76

    love the WHOLE STAFF…they always know what to get and the best deals always!!

  663. crummy24

    Swell Farmacy is one of the best dispensaries in the valley. The lobby is immaculate and relaxing. There isn’t usually much of a wait, and Swell offers express ordering through their website. The budtenders are always friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. The Swell products are great, prices are very nice, and the rewards program is very enticing. They always make sure you’re ready for a Swell day by the time you leave!

  664. Leesmeds

    for my medical needs the budtenders here are amazing, knowledgeable, and friendly.

  665. thebeekeeper420

    I like price of the prerolls

  666. blazed.beauty88

    I liked how my budtender explained to me how their weekly wheel spin works.

  667. Gage001

    Great dispensary! Always get friendly service and awesome bud!

  668. michaelbush77

    I love swell farmacy they have the best $5 pre Rollie their quality is great their service is great and and the atmosphere is great in the People Are Awesome thank you swell farmacy

  669. Autumnbottom16

    Love this place! The staff is so friendly and helpful. Thanks for all you guys do!

  670. w8lfsnvkescientist

    Quality medicine and atmosphere! Come in quite often and everyone is very friendly and helpful!

  671. rannis

    always a great choice

  672. ariannamunozz

    Ryan helped me with everything I needed today and was exceptional in providing me with the answers I needed

  673. crisgonzo

    Loved it here. Great staff who are very knowledgeable about what they do. I’ll definitely be coming back

  674. truthornothig

    this place is it!!
    look no further….

  675. Michaelbosley

    I like There is staff their product and all of the above

  676. ahall1858

    i love swells.ones of the best dispensaries in north phoenix.Best buds and concentrates..Will b bak soon!

  677. lonelystoner87

    Great dispensary, Great customer service!

  678. Workley.Elizabeth

    I love everyone who works at this location but today Eric was my budtender and as always he was efficient, knowledgeable, polite, friendly and helpful to my overall needs. He’s always a joy to see and makes me enjoy my visit even more dY’s Thank you Eric!

  679. qmo

    Modern and open atmosphere and helpful staff!

  680. Lysadri627

    Awesome staff! Good flower and concentrate options! Love the different deals you guys have everyday!

  681. ric48rox1


  682. marcusmcgruder

    Just like the other location this place is great and the Staff is really cool

  683. bestinaz

    great bud and the bud tenders are really nice ! highly recommended

  684. lilmama418

    I love this dispensary. Everyone there is super friendly and well educated in their products. I always have a great experience there.

  685. gkantor84

    I went in there about a week ago and got some very good buds buy a company called grow science. It was pricey, but the guy Jonathan gave me a discount because I had spent over $75. It was a 20% discount and he told me that he could give it to me on that stuff if I spent over $75, or if I was in after 7 p.m. during their at happy hour. I went back in today to buy more and was told that it’s only available with a discount at happy hour, and I was wrong about the other portion of what he told me about getting the discount if I spent more than $75. It really wouldn’t have been such a big deal either, except for their smarmy attitude. Really rubbed me wrong, so I walked out. Probably won’t be going back, really bad customer service.

    the grow sciences strains they carry are fire. but everything else I saw in the jars, both times I was there, was hay. cheap prices on it, but it’s cause their highest quality isn’t that quality.

  686. Boom2

    This place is pretty awesome. The wait wasn’t very long and there was a very good selection. I was helped by Rodney and was given way better than expected customer service. I hope all the staff is as helpful as he was because I will definitely be back!

  687. DaddyO08

    Words can’t explain how I enjoy visiting this location

  688. phatkat3885

    Best place in town!!

  689. HolidayOfUrLife

    would recommend visiting. welcoming atmosphere. friendly and knowledgable associates. been to several locations. treated with respect each time.

  690. oldirtmacgirt

    The place was really nice and the staff was super friendly and helpful as it was my 1st visit. Aldo gave me bogo.

  691. abotley3

    I like swell customer service and I am going to try the chronic thunder as well. I wasn’t able to get it the last time

  692. Chriistiina

    love this place great products ! and specials !

  693. dlambo

    Best place ever! Awesome deals.

  694. MuNsTeR

    My go to location almost every time. good flower at good prices

  695. LumberFox

    I love this place a nice place great parking, beautiful lobby and once you go back it’s easy to see all the great products.

  696. Skybra311

    Love this place! Awesome deals

  697. Ellie718

    I loved my experience at Swell. Everyone was great. Through my bud tender, I recommended an app for better updates on their in house strains. We both agreed that would be amazing. Honestly, the customer service was impeccable and I will visit regularly. If you’re a patient with an address nearby this location; please visit them! #ShopLocal

  698. aatkins3

    I love this place! Swell has the best flower and prices! Service is fast and friendly! I Would shop here again.

  699. shad01

    I love it!!!

  700. MaggieCopus

    Excellent quality, service and Knowledgeable staff.

  701. dreamaerd82

    Great convenient location and they always seem to have $20-$25 1/8ths which definitely helps the bank.

  702. Nicksavage1996

    The flower is titts and the staff are very friendly and canna educated

  703. azmichele

    My first visit, and everyone was so helpful! Got a great education on products I wasn’t familiar with, and my budtender was patient with my questions. Will definitely be back!

  704. morgannamm

    love the selection and the staff

  705. Chubby1722

    love this place great people very friendly great service

  706. SassyPhoenixGal

    There isn’t a bad budtender at this location! Service is always on point and the flower is AMAZING!

  707. Eje522

    Grate flower prices and staff

  708. Marley15

    Convenient, knowledgeable budtenders, friendly

  709. lalahumby

    I love the atmosphere here and how friendly the staff is

  710. dannyd0991

    bomb meds koo budteners great customer service !!!!

  711. BlankMan23

    its a great dispensary to go to there flower is outta this world so defently check em out dY~dYOE2dY”Y=dYtmdY’-dY’-

  712. Chupelupe

    This is my new favorite dispensary ever. I love their pre-rolls. Staff is very polite and fun.

  713. MaxPay22

    always polite

  714. thor2016

    What a great place to stop in at. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about their products. I will recommend my friends to this place.

  715. Jordaniel

    CURALEAF bell meds are bomb!! Great atmosphere to be in! Absolutely amazing.

  716. baldeagle1000

    Aarons best budtenders and very knowledgeable and all around good guy also recommended OG Kush. that’s fir8

  717. ch3rryl0v3r


  718. PersonalTrainU

    I’m always pleased with the service, selection and knowledge the staff brings. They make you feel important, and take their time both educating and assisting me. Thanks!

  719. kitkat

    that was easy! thanks guys.

  720. faithperry

    In and out if you come at the right times! There prerolls pack a punch I think dY’

  721. skinsfan21

    Shout out to Rodney and Eric, cool budtenders and they are very efficient.

  722. rabur106

    The people were all friendly and everyone had a smile on their face. When it comes to flower this place didn’t disappoint on my first time deal. The Grape LA was a really good smoke and I’m definitely going back soon!

  723. mandeleei

    first time customer and they were all very friendly. great bud. will be back. Rodney was awesome!

  724. Curtslusher

    great service!

  725. ThatFilipinoDude

    I use to have to go to the McDowell location for the 5 pack of prerolls for $20. But not no more, they even brought some of the awesome staff here. Thanks for being great!

  726. carlranger

    love this place! they really take their time to find the best meds for you. Tara is great!

  727. rtsnell

    Great place. Budtenders have great knowledge of products and the in house pre-rolls are great.. this is and will forever be my fav farmacy

  728. AbeFroman22

    Service is always good here but the flower quality and selection has gone way downhill since the change from Swell. You guys need to have more than one or two strains on your baseline tier, why even advertise the deal if you literally have no good strains to choose from. Even your bud tenders were complaining about it. Your competitors are offering many more strains at this price point.

  729. Sp8ceCowboy

    Everything is prepackaged and clean. Nothing wrong with the place it just has a very sanitized feel. Bud tender was very kind and nice FTP special.

  730. ramon05

    Great tree and even better customer service aoeSdY1/2

  731. Freehugs_mc

    absolutely love them. good selection and its deli style. really get to smell and see the buds instead of a pre packaged surprise

  732. choates

    came in for a gram of alien cookies. so tasty.. love this place

  733. brsean123

    very nice waiting room aways friendly and helpful staff

  734. StoNeRBitCh2017

    they are always so helpful and get me in and out

  735. IckylilDevil

    Eric is awesome!! love the customer service at this location!!

  736. chazZippa623

    I love this place from the products to the service. A big thank you to their Bystanders.

  737. dyltasticman

    love the budtenders here. nothing but a great atmosphere and friendly people

  738. leslie7781

    Today was my first visit here and I like it there. I was helped by Eric and he was very knowledgeable. They also had a great selection of everything.

  739. elizabethsweetleaf

    the place has very friendly service. cheech (whom helped me) was estatic about me coming in for my first time special and encouraged me to bring in a new patient to get more specials. definitely a place I’ll visit again.

  740. AOak13y92

    Andrew is super friendly. love how he is willing to tell me about this store and the sister branches. always has a smile couldn’t ask for better customer service. Thanks man

  741. Nickysavage1821

    CURALEAF Bell is awesome your service rocks and the meds are fire keep up the great work

  742. Dawnmarie1987

    This place is my go to. The staff is always awesome and the smoke never disappoints.

  743. azPRODIGY

    Walked in today and noticed quite a few people waiting. After 15 min they still hadn’t called anyone back. A guy who was there before me asked how long it would be and he said 30 min! I couldn’t wait that long so i politely asked for my card back. With no apology the dude give me my card back. I’m a regular at Swell and that straight up pissed me off..look it’s fine if you guys are busy but warn people as they turn in there cards and maybe apologize to the customer for any inconvenience? Bad enough your house flowers have been crap lately and now customer service going down hill too?

  744. penelopeq

    Love the flower and the service is always exceptional!!

  745. xpena39

    Don’t come here if you want the best flower , I have come here several times and got all different strains , and they all tasted the exact same … dirt/wood! I love swell just wish they had better tasting strains instead of overpricing everything.

  746. Moondust44

    I like this shop, it has the good flower and good deals

  747. spinfest

    The service and quality at this location is unbelievable. The budtender, Brad, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the products. He informed me of any deals, which was awesome because they offer 2nd and 3rd time deals as well! I will definitely return soon!

  748. jaylynn76

    One of my favorite spots and always got awesome deals

  749. nonprofit

    best deals in the valley!

  750. xstephanniex

    Enjoy coming here! Swell people and swell medicine!

  751. Kpmck

    excellent staff and good prices will be back again and again

  752. heyjudyq

    This dispensary is all around great! Deals, service and verity

  753. buddhakerouac

    Excellent experience. Friendly & knowledgeable staff. My first of many visits.

  754. Sriley90

    The best dispensary hands down from flower to edibles there a one stop shop for all your smoking needs

  755. SupermanSLS

    This place is always swell and on point…

  756. tomito13

    monster cookies was some fire…

  757. Hardyi

    They were nice and good quality.

  758. itsmikelindley

    One of my new favorite dispensaries w some of the best flower I’ve seen so far.
    The tangie kush I had there had to have been one of the best strains I’ve smoked to this date.

  759. ChaseLeafly

    This is the best Swell location. Friendly staff nd knowledgeable
    Would def recommend

  760. IAMIT

    Thank You for such Wonderful Service.
    Your patience with me was fantastic.
    The first time patient special is THE BEST in Arizona !!!

  761. Faith93

    Haven’t been in awhile but when I went, they were very knowledgeable and friendly. Very Affordable meds also. dYtm,

  762. Wendy1980

    I want to thank the staff for taking the time to call me, as a veteran some places take a copy of my info, you called to let me know that you would shred it for me

  763. Newglassware3

    clean and crisp atmosphere do r being a new store.

  764. Aarozona

    Best flower in town!!!

  765. emjay313

    Swell on Bell always treats me well.dY~S

  766. smokesalot1989

    Not good customer service or product at all I go there swell camelback and never have the issues I had here left with no meds and they were unable to pull up my loyalty points smh

  767. Peachess

    Everyone is super nice and very helpful! (:

  768. thatchic2014

    this place rocks. I love being able to stop by and run in for a quick preroll. the staff is always friendly and helpful. keep up tje good work guys.

  769. ImLynn

    ordered ahead, quick friendly service.

  770. Isabellass_mommy17

    This dispo is the best dispo out there. Great staff and product.

  771. adamw013

    Swell is a fantastic company. I have been to two of their locations and was impressed by both. Their quality is top notch. With a swell down the street, on my way home from work, and down the street from work I am never far from top quality medicine.

  772. stacyjohnson550

    Love this place! Everyone is so friendly, and helpful!

  773. audrianna1244

    Great place awesome staff love going here

  774. keepitrealleo9

    Friendly and good selection of flower edibles and concentrates!

  775. snapback40

    this is one of the best swell locations in the valley great customer service and quality thank you guys for ever thing.

  776. patpodo420

    I come in here all the time. Both Swells I go to are great. Every month same thing. They hire the best employees. Mike, Brooke, Brandon (back at Youngstown), Eric, I can keep going. I order online a lot now makes it easy on these guys when you have an easy order. This is the spot. Flower + pre rolls are premium.

  777. atrizzle420

    Best buds in town! Great selection and fantastic first time BOGO deal! They have an ATM with no fees and tax is including in the price! This place is really SWELL!!

  778. dsantiago81

    Eric was very helpful and knowledgeable with the products. He helped me and was very friendly. I would recommend him and Swell Farmacy to everyone.

  779. Shaffje

    I walked in as a first timer and the bud tender was super nice and had a ton of patience with me being brand new and educated me a bit.

  780. Crazy02

    I love everything about the place and the staff is awesome!

  781. T-Rex4Life

    Will was very knowledgeable about the products and really helped me determine which products best suited my needs.

  782. dnysworld

    Best cookies flower I’ve had from this location. Hope to see it in stock again soon!

  783. loerbst

    it’s an amazing place to get your meds , very professional.

  784. Sunny42069

    Jodie was awesome, knew his strands and gave me an awesome recommendations on some flower. thanks for hooking it up bro

  785. topmarks

    Great pies bd people

  786. Nottherealalli

    Great service, quality products with good deals

  787. dsotojr218

    quality flower very potent they really live up to their name

  788. Bander5190

    Just an all around nice dispensary, with awesome service. Flower selection is a little smaller, but great quality. Fantastic place to get edibles/concentrates though.

  789. 420SmokinJoe

    best dispensary ever!!! great staff as very knowledgeable

  790. pineapplepirate

    Swell on Bell has always been very client/patient forward. They look you in the eyes. Friendly.

  791. WilyNelson

    it’s a nice location they have good prices product and service it’s a must go to dispensary if you haven’t been already

  792. Kraka

    My first visit I was impressed until I tried the product. Extremely dry. Afgooey is supposed to be gooey. Maybe just a bad selection on my part. I know people are sort of used to this “it’s ok to charge $19/g for flower” but it really isn’t. Hard to come back when I can find $6 $7.5 and $9 stuff at several other locations that taste smoke and medicate better. Will try again at some point and hopefully retract or review better.

  793. metalmerlin

    Always a great hookup. Great flower

  794. Bigdaddy0822

    I love the staff and the safrty thst the staff ensures with each customer

  795. devinscag

    They are always so friendly to me and it’s always such a fast smooth process whenever I go. Love this place.

  796. TheBabe420

    Great location! Just stopped in for the first time and they were really nice and the guy behind the counter was very helpful. I can’t wait to try more of what they have!

  797. Danieldawwwwg

    good dispense, workers are always chill and the bud is fire and always on sale

  798. Roskstar1963

    For being a first time patient in any dispensary I chose Swell, and very happy I did. Was very pleased to see security at the door. He was very friendly and opened the door to welcome me. I go to the window and spoke with another very nice gentleman who greeted me with a smile and told me to fill out my first time paperwork. I then waited tops 7 mins if that. Door opens to be greeted again with a smile to call me back… Well I have to say my experience with Kathy was wonderful. She was very informative about all the many different strains and products and the uses. She did not make me feel uncomfortable for not knowing alot of the new techniques, Vapes, edibles,wax, etc. She spent alot of time with me and I so appreciate it. I loaded up on so much I don’t need to go back for awhile……But I’m so looking forward to coming back real soon…..Thanks so much, keep up the great work!!!!!

  799. blunt42069

    Swell-icious. Never going to give you up. Never going to let you down.

  800. A.Reyes

    Everyone is friendly & patient with me every time I visit! Keep up the good work!

  801. Bowlzz4dayzz

    Extremely relaxed and chill environment the staff there are professional and extremely payed back I can’t wait till my next visit if you have time in your day I suggest coming here it is most definitely a “Swell” type of place

  802. tpryor5992

    Ryan and Jodie were awesome. Very knowledgeable on the products and patient and friendly. Will be returning soon!

  803. Theresa_2018

    My new favorite dispensary. Great Bud tenders who are very helpful.

  804. Dhuekah

    This is my go to for everything. The crew is always solid & AubreyaEUR~s the dankest!

  805. chefrobinson12

    great service and bud tenders are very professional and attentive comfortable and affordable prices

  806. Aleesuun

    Absolutely loved the atmosphere and everyone that works there is so genuinely helpful and kind. Made for a very memorable first time patient experience. The front office staff was super helpful and made everything really easy. The bud-tenders were experienced, knowledgeable, funand a blast to be around. They’ll be my dispensary for as far as I can see. Would recommend to any of my friends to give it a visit!

  807. LordSorrow89

    Best spot in the area.

  808. zippi

    definitely the spot to go for fast service good bud and solid prices.

  809. Brianaz

    Great specials

  810. isaacaP

    Amazing tree and customer service!!!

  811. peasplay

    Great location. Great deals. Friendly staff.

  812. LGARNOLD67

    Best place in town hands down

  813. MrsJohnson01

    love the new location nice and big with Fantastic customer service

  814. darkglobe88

    I’ve had my card for over 2 years now and I have been to literally dozens of local dispensaries. Swell on Bell is one of the few that is in my regular rotation.

    I am a weed snob, through and through. I am used to very strong well cured buds and frankly none of AZ dispensaries are capable of providing the quality I have gotten in the past. Swell, to their credit, might be the only dispensaries in Phoenix that are capable of producing decent quality flower on a consistent basis.

    So many places are hit and miss with the strains they grow. I know when I go here that I am not going to have play a guessing game or gamble. Ive gotten Banana Puff, Flodica, and I believe Bubba Skywalker on several occasions, and they are always consistently good, even when they are 20 dollar 8th specials.

    I also really appreciate their constant specials and the fact that taxes are included in the menu prices. I do not write my reviews for crappy pre rolls, I simply want to provide other AZ patients with true honest reviews. I hope more people choose to do the same. Swell is really a great spot and it is nice to have a pair of dispensaries in the central and north central Phoenix areas especially.