Harvest of Tempe

Daily: $7 Grams!



710 W Elliot Rd, Tempe, AZ 85284


33.3496684, -111.9475449




9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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Harvest of Tempe is Tempe’s Original State Licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

New Patient Incentives!

Now offering Express Orders for pick-up!
Visit https://tempestore.harvestofaz.com/#/shop/1358 or call 480-777-2100

**Tax Not Included in Pricing!**

At Harvest we pride ourselves on carrying over 26 strains of medical cannabis, as well as a variety of edibles and infused products. We offer bulk purchasing discounts for 1/4s, 1/2s, and full ounces – allowing our patients to try multiple strains from any price range and take advantage of our price discounts. Veterans and Seniors 65 and older, receive 10% off when they purchase.

All of our medical cannabis is tested by a third-party professional testing company. We go above and beyond to make sure that all of our products have no molds or pesticides present.

Place your order and receive it the next day.
(delivery fees apply)

11-2 OR 3-6 (deliveries made Monday-Friday)

Visit https://www.harvestofaz.com/delivery/ to order, or call us at (480)777-2100!


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1,191 reviews for “Harvest of Tempe

  1. Christyp2014

    This place is great! No complaints 🙂

  2. Aztro710

    This is a great place to go get your buds good prices friendly environment n it’s in n out quick

  3. Banerd01

    Thank you for responding back to my review I appreciate your time. I have since gone back to harvest and will now call them home for all my MMJ needs customer service is a must for me and The price may be a little higher than most but quality service, and consistency will always be there and for that Im willing to pay a couple bucks extra. Thank you for your knowledge, consistency and customer service they are on point.

  4. HerbieMcDoob

    Saw this pop up on Leafly recently and just viewing the pics was super stoked to stop by. Harvest rivals even the best dispensaries in California, yes it’s that good. A shining light in the sea of questionable locations around Phoenix. This is the model that everyone should strive for, a clean, comfortable, and safe environment to get your medicine. Support these guys, they are legitimizing the industry.

  5. mmmkay825

    I have been going here pretty much exclusively since I got my card in March, I’ve notice a definite increase in the amount I buy and I feel I don’t really smoke that much more. I tried a few other shops and was a little shocked at how much variety other places had for the “snap sale” price at harvest which you don’t have any choice on. If you don’t like the snap sale flower they have be prepared to fork out some dough for the ” superior” bud. Which I have bought before and which in my opinion was just as good as others cheaper flower.

    I probably won’t be coming back simply because I can’t afford to burn through and 8th every day because I wasted money buying the “snap sale” at harvest.

    Other flower from other shops last me three-four days pretty consistently.

    As far as the shop and people?

    Super friendly and helpful and the place is so welcoming, a bit small but usually not very busy. I will miss the staff. Very much.

    Make more “snap sale” priced buds so there is a variety and I would come back.

  6. cannabiskev420

    This place is the best hands down. I have to many other dispensaries in the area and while every place has great staff and customer service, in my opinion harvest has the best buds. One in particular being an indica guy. Harvest usually has a strain called Don Drapper which I have been smoking for two months straight. I can never get enough of it, plus all other harvest strains are top shelf, knock you on your ass good stuff.

  7. mikecee

    I visited Harvest within the last 2 weeks for the first time. It was the best experience at any dispensary I visited in the state of Arizona. It’s hard to come across the customer service like you get at Harvest of Tempe. Super professional staff at the same time they make you feel extremely comfortable. The ladies there are so nice and so are the gentleman. the flower is mediocre on the specials. Today I’m going back to purchase some top shelf flower but mainly because of the experience that I had the last time I was there. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  8. Jerobie

    $100 quarter for a bottom shelf flower? At least give me a bottom shelf price tag

  9. jackslater1

    nice setup cool staff nice meds

  10. saraleslie

    Great set up

  11. horseazz

    great quality , great service

  12. meeesh

    AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! Everyone I came in contact with was knowledgeable and friendly. i was greeted with someone opening the front door for me. Can’t wait to go back!

  13. DamagedGoodz

    Great location close to me in my area, which only has about 4reasonably nearby dispensaries. SUPER high traffic & the place gets a little cramped sometimes but there’s a good reason they’re always serving 🙂 Knowledgeable and friendly staff, great sales, great hours, nice selection, convenient location. I love their always running snap sales featuring 1Ind. 1Hy. & 1Sat. eighths for $29, great way to check out some new strains without investing too much, I get the indica & one of the last two times I went up with Loco Motion & just the other day it was GDP!! Which is easily one of my lifelong friends with benefits ^_^ And I’m glad to hear from my mom that she received excellent and caring service helping her find which type of product best helps with her medical issues… 10/10 in my opinion…

  14. dogrio143

    Loving the new Biomed 1:1 tincture!

  15. johnnybong

    This place is awesome. Gone are the shady days and seedy collectives. Really friendly staff, no hassle getting back. Hands on checking meds out. Vids on walls with prices and really good pot. Same prices I have been paying in other places. Got some Platinum Girl Scout cookies and was really happy. I really like this place and I don’t feel like I’m doing something wrong or illegal. They also have a great selection of strain shirts. A little pricey, but really cool design. I am a regular from my first visit.

  16. HE1T

    I really liked the welcoming environment. Great staff!

  17. mdeelamar

    Absolutely love this location. Have been coming here for less than a month. A little pricey but for the quality you are getting it is totally worth it.

  18. CannabisKingAZ

    This is the best shop in Tempe hands down. I always enjoy my experience here and they have pretty much everything you could want

  19. MrHAT

    This place is great, but especially for somebody who isn’t always interested in interacting with a bud tender every visit (anxiety issues?). If you like, you can look at the product on your own, and simply turn around to order it through the glass! Friendly staff, good prices & tasty buds, I’ll be back!

  20. Mazzer18

    Very professional staff. Everyone is very friendly and is very knowledgeable about the medicine. One of the best dispensaries I’ve been too. Will definitely come back

  21. miyaspeno

    great service and staff

  22. bammj

    (Smh) Bad………..so bad………so,so bad.

  23. Justice777

    Very friendly and informative. I will be back!

  24. Ima.Pothead

    Yeah, check your purchase before walking out the door. Every cent I spent here was a waste. Seriously disappointed!

  25. jstnreece

    Loved the experience, and great medicine! Definitely coming back!

  26. gemzodiax

    Great member rewards system. Top shelf quality.

  27. xanaxizm

    Close to home and great meds. 873

  28. josiahaz

    awsome service and quality

  29. Delamer

    First time visit to this Dispensary. It’s you’re typical Az licensed dispensary. The place is clean, and the staff was well informed as well as courteous. The area feels safe and secure. However the only thing that will keep me away from here is the prices. You can get $10-12g same quality meds all around the valley. (Encanto) will still be have to be my go to place . Compassion isn’t just about how nice you/staff are. It goes all the way to the the price. Most places miss this as all they see is $$.

  30. Athenagg13

    Great for an older crowd. Cool deals as well.

  31. Dizzles

    Super nice place. Probably one of the nicest Dispensaries ive ever seen. Sadly thats where it ends.

    The meds are decent, not great. The atmosphere while pretty, is uninviting and kinda cold. Like Bloom did their place.

    The only strains worth a dang are the ones they charge $60-70 1/8th for. Not worth it to me.

  32. kendyhoffer

    The best customer service of all the dispensaries I’ve visited in the valley! Will definitely be visiting here again! 🙂

  33. wjsn

    The best service of any dispensary I’ve ever been to; they took such good care of me and are the most gracious about faulty products/or any disatisfaction (they replace whatever it is, no questions) and their first patient deals are amazing. Their prices can be a bit steep, but they match the high quality of the products they have. I Highly recommend this dispensary to anyone looking for great service and great deals!!
    say hi to Crystal; she’s an absolute delight! dY~SdY'”)

  34. Jackinthebox173

    Can’t say I was impressed today with the customer service or my purchase

  35. itsrobfosho

    overall the place is clean. the customer service is amazing. the quality of meds is consistent across the shelfs. the snap specials are great and totally worth it. I did not feel like it was a bait and switch.

  36. Trevboyy

    The young lady who graduated from ASU in ’14, and had the RAW Rolling Papers lanyard, great customer service.

  37. Incitatus

    Extremely friendly and positive atmosphere.

  38. Mattie112

    location is perfect I’m like 5 min away . love there products there .

  39. taylorfriddle

    Way to expensive. Decent flower, good edibles, great staff. Prices are absolutely ridiculous tho. As expensive as recreational products in Colorado. If you are tight on money, this is not your place. They had a huge advantage being the only dispensary near ahwatukee, but with the opening of Sunflower Meds on 51st St. And Elliot Rd. This place is going to need to make their prices competitive if they want to continue to be the go to place around here.

  40. PhatTommy

    Just got back from Harvest/Tempe, where I got to meet the gang from Chronic Health (always a pleasure!), representatives from Vital Products (can’t wait to try them), and the Crew of the LEAFLY Airstream. After scoring a massive handful of Swag I dumped all of it into the Tour Pack of my Harley and headed inside. Crystal was on point, greeting all and making herself available (to answer questions, what did you think?). She escorted me inside and showed me several options in the CBD Tinctures. I was overjoyed to pick up a 3000mg bottle of LARARUS Extra Strength CBD Tincture. Are you kidding me? Only $110.00 per? (that’s 3.66 CENTS per milligram, for those keeping track). But wait……My Bud Tender Terra gave me my 10% discount, I was out the door (Post Tax) at $107.02! Sweet Medicine at a Sweet Price. Finally, Really Sweet People doing an EXCELLENT job in seeing that their patients get the Cleanest, Safest, and most affordable products we all love so much. Great Job, Harvest/Tempe. (PhatTommy Says)

  41. HighStandard

    Bought a qtr of some top shelf. What I got smelled nothing like what got. Also bought an inexpensive oz. It smelled decent on the display, then I got home. Not the jam. Smelled like something else completely and was full of stems and way too leafy. I came in because of a free 8th coupon. I don’t think I’ll be coming here ever again.

  42. hardKOR1217

    Verde electric…yowza! I’ll be back for more!

  43. laurannewilson

    Good friendly staff and so far best prices around that I can find

  44. Melbaaz

    Everyone at Harvest is so friendly and helpful. Harvest is my go to dispensary!

  45. Deedz1461

    This place is amazing I love the service!

  46. kimber0042

    Bought some little peanut butter cookies…yum..pretty good! Good service and advise!

  47. liftedforlife

    The flowers here are cream of the crop!

  48. oatsyk2

    Harvest was amazing for my first time experience! They have everything you can think of and the staff was awesome.

  49. chon13

    Like your marijuana full of seeds? Like to waste money? Then this is your place! It sucks that the licensed dispensaries here in Arizona have no good quality, none of them do. You have to go to the places that take donations for good marijuana if you want good quality. If you are licensed and allowed to sell marijuana, then there is no reason why the quality should be terrible, like the medicine at Harvest. These licensed dispensaries need to stop ripping off people like myself who are sick, and do not have money to throw away. To Harvest and the rest of the licensed dispensaries, quit the lies of the quality of your medicine and stop ripping people off.

  50. jgourley

    The best atmosphere of any of the dozen or so dispensaries I’ve been to. Love that you get to freely walk around the product displays on your own.

  51. solutionsguy

    This was my first visit to this dispensary. It’s not very impressive, pretty average actually but I guess I expected more after reading the website. I didn’t like the closed in cramped feeling, waiting in line and way to crowded so I felt uncomfortable looking and talking. The flower was ok but not of the highest quality, in my opinion. I just didn’t like the experience and I’m not going back.

  52. Dusty

    You guys are great and have a very nice staff! You’re doing everything right except the meds themselves. I understand It takes a lot of money to open an operation like this, I understand you need money, But guys this is not the way to do it. You have to understand that to a connoisseur and somebody who is looking for effective medication, It’s just defeating to see low grade medication that leaves much to be desired and much to be FELT! Great staff and service but the meds are a total waste of time.

  53. SherlockH

    I’ve been coming to Harvest for the past few months. It is very convenient for me and I will continue to stop at Harvest. I hope you view my feedback as helpful.

    The quality of the flower is really pretty good. I’ve had some amazing flower but then some that was way too dry. Doesn’t happen very often though. It’s typically quite flavorful and robust!

    Seems like a hit and miss with the advisors help lately depending on who assists you . I recognize people have “off ” days but conveying their genuine passion for the job is a must. My advisor was helpful and knows the product but seemed distracted. Would it be possible for one advisor to assist even with the sale? I think it would be a positive customer service -door to door service, to have one person advise and build a relationship with you through the entire sale rather than passed off to a checkout line and cashiers?

  54. ybeejealous

    been awhile since ive been here but im fianlly on this side of town here i come harvest

  55. chitown8

    The most awsomist peoples u’d ever wanna know. laid back. personality. Smart ladies and cool dudes. The place to have a picnic. Na the place is just Rocks it f**king Rocks. Ok I’m good.

    Cheers to the folks running Harvest .

  56. GreyUnicorn

    I finally was able to visit and I am so glad I did. This place is exactly what I envisioned a professional dispensary to be like. You aren’t greeted by scary people with missing teeth but instead there are intelligent, nice, and clean cut people there to assist you. Very impressed and recommend to anyone who doesn’t want to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable!

  57. diafchorizo

    charging 25 a gram should be a crime and do not say well we also have other selections because that then means you have low grade stuff for regular price come on no other state licensed charges like you do they ask no more then 17 so when you add uncle sams fee it balances out a tad making you not feel like got bent too far over..

  58. gdojr

    It’s a decent location for us, though a little farther away than some options. It’s a bit hidden back in the office complex, but there is good signage from Elliot.

  59. russcummings


  60. acraig83

    Got some great deals on some shatter and wax

  61. juniorboy29

    I was here yesterday got my free cartridge the butts is very good especially the $8 grams I’ll be going there soon

  62. tmaney96

    Prompt when answering phone

  63. etcccc

    Very friendly and helpful to a first-time customer.

  64. timmaaa

    The best you can ask for.. they know what they are talking about.. love Leafly..

  65. misery420


  66. Nudeyoga

    Certainly not of the highest quality. Some of us like to smell the exact flower we are buying, so those packages just don’t work. Are they biodegradeable? NOT Service was ok but didn’t like the set up.

  67. drewbashor

    Over priced crap for flower. They don’t grow their own flower and it all smells the same. This place is marketed to rip people off who don’t have a clue what good flower is. Plus you pay through bullet-proof glass for a pre-packed bag of shwag.

  68. kalebnewman

    awesome products and staff

  69. ConsciousGardener

    There are a few things I didn’t like about my experience today. First I didn’t like that the door is kept locked and someone has to let you in. I have visited a few other dispensaries that i was able to just walk right in which felt welcoming. I didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t touch, see, or smell any of the medicine before purchase. I felt confined to the opinions of the people helping me. I wasn’t allowed to make a proper decision because normally tell if my medicine is good, by at least seeing and smelling it. This was tough for me, anxiety set in and I just asked for the top three choices from my buddy who helped me. Now this was not all bad just extremely uncomfortable, and different for me. I walked out spending 61 dollars on 3 grams of cannabis and a free preroll. I didn’t like the amount of money I had to pay, and my decisions would have been different if the medicine and prices where in front of me, rather than looking at a piece of paper or the iPad. I have tried one of the strains I purchased, Journey Man and it seems good but not much flavor. I will be back to see if I can learn more about their buisness tech and have a more positive experience. My least favorable experience so far from a medical cannabis dispensary.

  70. Gigum

    Over priced. to many places offering better deals. only recommend if transport to better places isn’t available.

  71. marines


  72. trichomeking420187

    I had an awesome experience for my first visit to Harvest of Tempe. The customer service was great. Sam had all the answers to any question I had. The best part is the Bhang Bar edible chocolate bar is hands down the best edible available. The quality and consistency of the Bhang bar is like no other edible!

  73. xxericrxx

    Best edibles I’ve had, only Edibles that help my pain. Also sum great strains would def recommend

  74. MichelleLR

    Awesome Selection of medication excellent knowledgeable staff would definitely recommend this location

  75. porkchopxpress3

    Was the first place I went to after getting my card. The edibles are good flower is overpriced when compared to other locations nearby with better buds. Also the whole bank feel is a bit off and not very inviting. Would not recommend or return.

  76. ezduzit0079

    Great smoke came for the Girl Scout Cookie saw leafly outside

  77. songwriter

    AWESOME. . far above the REST 🙁

  78. kcollins38

    I was pleasantly surprised at the store-like atmosphere. I love the set up with shopping out front and not hidden behind glass. it was calming to speak with the greeters and get the help/assistance, what with me being new and all. I did not buy much as it was an “first-timers” review…. and to make sure that I liked what I bought. I DID!!!!! I have plans on returning today. AND they take CC’s?!?!?!?! That makes them even more attractive for me as it’s part of how I keep track of my spending. What a real tickle. Prices are industry standard but the convenience, excellent service, exceedingly kind greeters, CC’s, and the bountiful choices (caramel corn and “huge-one” cookies and the flowers–of course) makes it all worth the trip. It’s a shopping experience for us marjiuaNA embibers(sp?), Check it out just for these reasons and leave with a smile. 😉

  79. Javier deagueros

    Great quality with any medication you need for your needs great specials great staff very friendly Noemi it’s a great staff I would totally recommend harvest dispensary .

  80. patientdude

    Ridiculous pricing across the board, especially the concentrates. Probably the lowest overall dispensary rating in the valley on leafly… Just pointing out the obvious.

  81. 2bhealthy

    I am actually on my way to get my medication. I was really impressed with the knowledge of the team working there, and also the medication was VERY HELPFUL for my CRONIC PAIN… I was introduced to the vapor pen, & was EXTREMELY SATISFIED…I AM GOING TO PICK UP ONE RIGHT NOW…I AM ON MY WAY… THANK YOU FOR HELPING SO MANY OF US IN PAIN,& OTHER HEALTH ISSUES… I AM SO TIRED OF TAKING PAIN PILLS, ONLY TO UPSET MY STOMACH, & GO THROUGH THAT KIND OF TERRIBLE FEELING… THANKS AGAIN !!!



  82. ItZiarek

    Great people, great environment and everyone is very helpful

  83. neverick27

    Stop by at 7:52 and they were all locked up. Upsetting to see they don’t care about their posted open and close times

  84. Saralesliebee

    What a great day at Harvest! Awesome girls from Leafly were there to greet us! I promised. Seemed a lot of people attended the same time I did & things were organized & everyone is always very helpful and knowledgable. Thanks!

  85. Justint1980

    My first experience was very welcoming. I went at a slower time so they spent their time with me. They were still super nice my second time going back even though they were packed this time. The buds are the best quality I’ve had in AZ. They update their menu on time and you know what’s available when you get there. Buds are fresh and you can see the crystals on them. Amazing quality!

  86. michelle.reed09

    This place is great in so many way. Great meds, great service, great atmosphere BUT…the prices are TOO high!!! I really wish they would get on board with other dispensaries and offer specials.

  87. erxcook

    Best in Phoenix for a reason. Highest quality everything, from flowers to edibles to vape carts. Community building and outreach way above and beyond. These folks do it right; haven’t been disappointed since they opened. Keep leading the pack, guys!

  88. cafemariposa

    Enjoyed my first visit, and I appreciated the staff in helping me decide what to get! Will return.

  89. gwharrisonjr

    Solid ointment and glycerin tinctures. I would highly recommend these products to others.

  90. Kbandin83

    I love their special priced strains ..this deal made me visit for the first time ever! Already been back a few times since. Great quality products and I already earned points there I used !

  91. chrish

    Nice staff. Pretty store. Hot girls. Horrible meds though. I’ve yet to be to a dispensary where i didn’t find anything i liked. Meds looked awful, didn’t smell like anything at all. Y’all must got some bad growers. This place is crap, didn’t even say goodbye, i just walked out.

  92. Gr33nm4n

    I love all the Harvest dispensary locations. The staff is always very welcoming and helpful plus they have some of my favorite strains. I can usually find something yummy on sale every time I visit.

  93. Kathryn

    I love this place. I was nervous but Gage made it an awsome experience. I even got present for being a new patient. Thanks Gage

  94. JuciyG

    great snap sales and products.

  95. shocker21

    Another dispensary charging more than GOLD for concentrates. I can buy 1 gram of GOLD for $41 at today’s market rates. I can buy 1 gram of your concentrates for $55-$60. Explain this?

  96. picknyk1

    Wonderful, clean and safe environment. Well put together, good products, and fantastic service.

  97. Luckdezzy

    Awsowme atmosphere love the staff

  98. Sopas_N_Cupcakes

    Repeat customer. Great setup, able to pick up and inspect flower. Always friendly, knowledgeable and they make you feel comfortable. Everytime I’ve been in everyone has been extremely helpful.

  99. ninaejohnson11

    Super friendly & great deals!

  100. NicoMober

    Great meds, prices are good, and service was fast thanks !

  101. NaNa326

    The people are awesome but that doesn’t surprise me. The selection is amazing and the deals keep me coming back rather than going to other locations for their new patient deals. It can get crowded but eh…no biggie.

  102. DispensoryCritic

    Fire wax. Place is pretty chill. They let you in a room where you can see everything on the wall. kinda go shopping yourself. then tell the ladies at windows what you want, then pay. the tree looked like top shelf. Yeah,these flower prices are high for being in central area. But it looked fire. I wasn’t able to try the flower though.

  103. Tonebone2

    Awesome experience every time !

  104. PureHonestReviewsAZ

    As everybody has said, the meds that are good and desirable at harvest of Tempe are just REDICULOUSLY Priced. I would like to address this to the upper management of Harvest of Tempe. Your meds are beyond expensive. This is medication for patients; a good majority of patients require more potent meds & you are preventing patients from choosing something they really want by pricing at 442 an OZ! Your prices need to be at 400 an oz MAX! Please realize, at this point I am speaking for a large majority of patients at this point. Your menu needs to be adjusted accordingly and there should never be prices like $25 a gram or $65 a 8th and even $442 an OZ…

  105. Nodice

    The location is great and the service is incomparable to a lot of the others that I’ve been to. That why I keep coming back

  106. LadyCrawley

    Very nice facilities. Good strains but I generally go somewhere else for my bud because it’s cheaper. Tee vapes are great, haven’t found better! Staff is generally friendly too.

  107. jjameselliott50

    Harvest needs specials that other dispensaries offer. i think thats what makes other dispensaries much better in that aspect. Medication is always good at harvest and ths staff is super friendly but come on….60$ eighths and 120$ quarters are ridiculous. At least give back to the patients.

  108. Dre230

    friendly staff, great location, I will definitely be back.

  109. jdesiloniz


  110. Juelz33

    This location has a great atmosphere the customer service is outstanding and the flower and the concentrates are amazing I would recommend this location to anyone

  111. stardust710

    Great Service and Great Location close to home! Will be back for sure

  112. 420habit

    it now feels morally wrong to go anywhere but Harvest for my trusted mmj

  113. Jake43867

    Staff is beyond welcoming and great choices at low prices!

  114. IanGBrad

    First time here but it’s a great dispensary!

  115. dirkdvorak

    small, real small! the old guy who helped us was WAY to pushy! didn’t know the thc counts, even tho he has a ‘the book’ right there! meds were ok, we got something he said would lock us to the couch for 4HOURS! it didn’t, smoked then cleaned the pool! he must be the owners dad!

  116. Fuqnazis

    Best dispensary in the whole East Velley area. Great customer service. Don’t have to open a single door and the bud prices are always on point. Also TONS of product.

  117. CarlAlexFreeman

    I love the location…Im not a fan of the hours, or inventory. I always seem to want whats sold out… The highlight of my trips is the Older White Sales Man.. He is the Man! He is why i go back.. He Always Knows what I want and whats available…He makes it feel like a homie hookup..

  118. TrippyVibezz

    amazing quality of medicine! variety of edibles! great prices!

  119. wastintimejp

    This place is still the worst.

  120. tony7497

    From the moment you walk in the door you have someone assisting you and directing where you go. That itself deserves 5 stars as some dispensaries are very poor in this area and let people fend for themselves. I believe it was the owner or manager at the front door also which made it feel that much better. They also have one of the only credit card processing machines in Arizona(as far as I know). They also have a lovely bud bar layout in which you walk up to a knowledgeable fellow who tells you that you can touch or grab any bud you see on the wall full of jars of weed! If I am ever in town again I am definently coming back as this is the dispensary to beat!

  121. ANM2011

    Went here for the first time this week, the staff was very nice. I received an overwhelming amount of paperwork/marketing material/consumer information which was kind of inconvenient-I’ve only got two hands! I did receive a free item for being a first time patient. Their prices are definitely higher than other dispensaries. The flowers are prepackaged and they do not let you view them. The cashiers are behind a glass window, they ring you up and then place items in a paper bag then staple it shut. For that reason alone, I won’t be retuning unless in a bind.

  122. wigwom123

    After recieving my card today, I decided to give Harvest of tempe a try. I had read a few bad reviews on them, but I like to go see things out for myself. I’m happy I did. The staff were very friendly, the service was excellent. The meds ( for this being Arizona) that I picked up are in my opinion just as good as anything in California. Of course Cali will always set the standards for great medication. But this place has great meds. Don’t be put off by the bad reviews some people feel the need to write, go check them out for yourself. I’m glad I did.

  123. Sweeper42

    Felt like a bad fast food experience. I was not impressed with the environment or the individual that “helped” me. dY~”

  124. INXS

    Overpriced and you can get quality flower at other dispensaries. Didn’t seem very personal or really interested in my needs, just about the sale. Constant problems with the cartridges!

  125. Drobot88

    Great service and atmosphere, they have stepped up their quality in meds too. Check ’em out!

  126. brycebj

    make some freaking concertrate wax,shatter,crumble something?!

  127. Coachnose

    Great location

  128. herdfam

    love the service and people ans flower I’ll always come back

  129. rileyjohannnn

    Why the hell is a place that sells drugs closed passed 6 on a weekend?

  130. mattb

    Everything about this dispensary, other than the friendly people who greet you is a complete fraud. The owner of this dispensary is actually posting their own reviews on leafly, most likely with leafly’s help. It is almost bizarre really. Only a crook would tell you in the same sentence that $72 an eighth is fair and they are running a not for profit business. Yes folks, thats corrrect, $72 an eighth and this is a not for profit. It is almost comical that after all the years of fighting to legalize marijuana, fighting for patients rights, that out of 126 IDs to be issued, these criminals got one to open a dispensary. Lets all say it out loud together, Harvest of Tempe, charging $72 an eighth for garbage meds, is the reason that after all the fighting, that I cannot grow my own medicine. Yep, thank god for Harvest. where else could mediocre meds for $72 an eighth be gotten. The only thing I can tell the 203 card holding public is that I am sending a certified letter every two weeks to Will Humble(head of 203) to audit this dispensarys finances/books. It is basically our own only checks and balances available to us. My goal will be to have their ID stripped, owners thrown in jail for the greedy pigs they are, and someone else, with an actual compassionate ideology to get this ID and run a legitimate dispensary. PEOPLE, AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.

  131. emdawgg

    The customer service was terrible, the female there was not helpful at all. we paid for two different eighths instead of just one. she failed to inform us on many things about our weed and our total. my husband & i are disappointed.

  132. Browniedip

    I really appreciated the variety of flowers, edibles, and others. It was much to choose from and interesting flavors. The only complaint is the greeter/door ladydY~Y. I will come back though because of the variety and location.

  133. MonkE

    Great customer service, knowledge staff members. The best.

  134. moosey2213

    ive recommened harvest to a few people. great store and friednly staff

  135. recka420

    great and very friendly i love it .
    recommend it top everyone


    great staff. always a pleasure

  137. SkipSunshine

    This how a cannabis clinic should be run.

    Friendly & Professional. They understand

    how to brand themselves for long term success

    My shop of choice, even though I think prices

    could be a bit cheaper. 4.8 out of 5 exp for me

  138. mmjforaz

    Budtenders are pretty bad at answering even basic questions and the atmosphere feels like you walked into a bank vault. Not very much reason to return unless you like overpriced, overrated meds. Needs a lot of work… my suggestion is you cut down your staff since you have 5-6 people standing around doing nothing the three different times I’ve been in.

  139. KittyGirlGoesMeow

    Harvest is the single best dispensary in all of Arizona! They have cheaper prices than anyone within at least 10 miles. Unlike most dispensary’s, they have their products tested by a 3rd party so you know exactly what your getting. The only complaint I have is that the pre rolls could be better but considering that I get one free every time I come because I’m a student, there isn’t much to complain about. Also if you didn’t know, you get a free pre roll for leaving a review!

  140. basshunter

    The location is easy to get to. Its very clean and professional. They have a place for visitors to wait while card holders do their shopping. They offer a wide range of product including edibles and great vapor pens. I really like the staff as they always make me feel welcome and know me by name. Its a great place to go for veterans bcuz they offer a discount on top of their own rewards program which is amazing!!!

  141. Pinooch1970

    Great place

  142. markfraboni

    Lovely people and all around great customer service! AmendYtmdY1/2dYtmdY1/2dYtmdY1/2

  143. 1337street

    First time in today and I can’t lie the place is pretty awesome. The stuff on the value shelf didn’t look so great so I just payed the 7 dollar difference for a premium strain. I tried the Green Krush. Great taste and it was very much so a potent sativa. The environment is friendly and modern which is right down my alley. I always hated going care clubs/collectives because they were all typically “stoner” in nature. Everyone was friendly. This is definitely a great place for people who want professionalism when it comes to finding the right medication. All of these super negative reviews make me laugh. Honestly, check it out and make your own decision. And if you don’t like it just remember something you were taught in 2nd grade. If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.

  144. janellerivera

    Wonderful Establishment.From being greeted nearly curbside to the very knowledgable employees. I worked with David and Cierra and they were a pleasure to be helped by. Won’t go anywhere else !!!

  145. LLFO

    you guys are right by my work, and you’ve got the fire bhang bar! LOVE IT.

  146. ImaKeebler

    I love leafly. happy 420

  147. kory025

    This was a great experience from start to finish. When I walked in, I was immediately greeted by a very nice lady and she explained the way they operate there. Excellent menu with a great atmosphere. All of the employees were extremely helpful. It’s a bit of a drive for me but this will now be my go-to dispensary. Thanks for taking great care of me!

  148. 9ers

    This place is ok if you’re in a pinch and can’t make it to some of the better dispensaries. Pros: varied selection, clean,fairly quick in and out, Cons: prices seem high compared to the quality, strange customer service compared to others

  149. vjosh79

    good place to get meds

  150. Jguy

    Disappointed. I really liked this place for a long time, but got some bad advice. I’ve also noticed the flower quality is a bit of a letdown, seemed pretty dried out.

  151. 480HansonM

    Been coming here for a couple months, and found that the service and product are more consistent than the other dispensaries in the area. Been liking their White Siberian and Plush Berry, and the Bhang bar I got on my first visit was great too, been meaning to get a couple more. Love the location just off the 10 freeway too!

  152. codered921

    Flower and customer service is dY”Y=. Love this place!

  153. robman2100

    consistent buds every time. staff are awesome!

  154. MAlcala

    Ok for what you get

  155. hankedj

    Always come to harvest and always good service!!

  156. ngutier8

    Very friendly and great snap sales

  157. stonerrbarbie

    I loved this place. The pricing for edibles are awesome! I need to come back and get a different flower. I was not pleased with the Platinum Girl Scout. BUT that does not mean this place is cut off in my book, I only purchased one. They have so many, and I did not have a lot of time. Also everyone is different. But The staff are very nice, and I definitely plan on stopping by again next time I visit the valley. MASSLOVE-jen

  158. AZrunner

    great place knowlegable staff

  159. legalizenow

    Another mediocre dispo… Remember you can’t ‘enter’ the main show room until your 21. So an old guy had to sell me some in the lobby (I guess that’s how they get around the law) the tree was definitely not fire. Burns bad tastes bad

  160. cyndalyn

    Absolutely some of my favorite people! I will always come back here!!

  161. Dabknight710

    building is nice but the employees every time I have visited have been unpleasant with a slight attitude. I do not like the massive bulletproof window between you and the cashier this is one of the only places I have been to like this it’s very unpersonable. The concentrate selection although large is questionable. I think it’s kind of odd they charge the same amount for butter as they do for higher and shatter either way it’s 55 a gram plus tax that just doesn’t make much sense to me either. I wouldn’t recommend this place if your into concentrates.

  162. Zangief17

    Pretty nice place, felt a little impersonal but it’s whatev. I liked the Emerald Diesel cartridge and the rainbow roll was nice

  163. tiffanyisarobot

    This place is nice, but their edibles and some of their green is over priced and their prices don’t include tax. If you want to pay another fee, you can use a credit card, which I found nice when I made the mistake of leaving my cash in the car and didn’t feel like going back outside.

    Honestly, Harvest is usually last on my list of dispensaries to acquire my medication… The only strain Harvest has that I’d go to them for, that most places don’t: Deep Sleep… Even then, I’d probably go out of my way to find a less expensive place.

  164. Bubbleboy

    Staff was welcoming, helpful, knowledgeable, and really set me at ease. Space felt safe and professional. They even advised me which products were not what I was looking for

  165. spetz

    Flower is too expensive and very minimal Sativa options. Also, I have experienced management that has been less than friendly to be kind to them when confronted with these types of issues.

  166. Bdubx81

    1st time picking up my Medz received card in the mail today. Nice collection of flowers good deals. Service 10/10! Free stuff and discount gotta love it.

  167. mrvapes420

    Mr vapes 420 here:-) in continuation of my last review I meant to give u guys 5 star ratings but the Verde electric had me very medicated lol thanks u guys and despite my past bad reviews the few first time here bout a month ago u guys commented for me to check in again first of this year and y’all where right lol good stuff guys i encourage everybody be who had bad experiences to give harvest another shot they got some bad ass fire fellow brothers and sisters there buds are much more cured correctly

  168. seanswindell123

    Horrendous pricing for mediocre flower. Why would I go here if I could get twice as good flower for half the price at another dispensary? Start caring about your customers more than you care about money.

  169. reddyplayerone

    First time visiting. Went specifically for Dream Steam. Was very pleased at how quickly I was able to get in, get what I wanted and be on my way. The staff was friendly, eager to help, and the vibe was nice. Will definitely hit them up for more than DS later, and stick around longer. Great FTP specials

  170. Ragnacenty

    Overrated Facility with Ridiculously overpriced meds! Come here if you want to get TAXED OUT THE A$$!

  171. NoFearChopper

    Closed early

  172. Sharkie24

    Very pricey and there bud doesn’t match the cost every time I’ve been there which was two or three times the bud was very dry and not very good at all the reason I’ve been back two or three times it’s because I try to give them a chance and three strikes there out can’t believe this dispensary is still open

  173. Valleysun

    Visited Harvest yesterday, excellent place, really impressed. Very customer friendly and easy going staff made it a great experience, plus the dispensary itself looks very modern and professional. Picked up some of their Lemon Haze (Lemon Haze smells amazing) and Pineapple Train wreck. Both of these strains have been top tier meds in looks, smell, and potency. Also got a gram of their Verde Electric to try, haven’t tried it yet, but it looks A+. This place is great and is well worth the drive from anywhere in valley in my opinion.

  174. futbol1021

    OK Medicines and very quick setup to get in and out. nice daily deals.

  175. NVNO

    Decent meds they give you the bare minimum.. hardly any specials the staff is somewhat knowledgeable..overall mediocre at best.

  176. bunted

    Great stuff

  177. pandakingg

    The staff is super friendly, everything is pretty much easy to ask any questions, there is a lot of choices for edibles and great quality. The sales they have are reasonable and great when you catch me. Overall satisfied and will continue to keep going.

  178. DabEazyUBeezy

    whatever weed at taxed prices. I will not be coming here again and the pre roll was awful never again.

  179. dreamingPinky

    I love how on their website it lists the THC% of their flower….because of that I have never made a purchase that I regret…. thanks harvest!!

  180. amlock

    Perfectly close

  181. msanchez79

    best service around. all nice people.

  182. ExecutableSr

    Great selection, great products, very helpful, good promos and incentives. Highly recommend visiting.

  183. FishMark72

    Staff couldn’t possibly be friendlier, and I loved how many different edibles they have. Plus I appreciate the openness of the store, felt no pressure or rush in making my selection. Thanks Harvest!

  184. jtclay420

    Worst dispensary in Arizona. Bad and overpriced flower, no concentrates, no good specials to work. Don’t waste your time. They don’t care about their patients. It’s all about making money and it’s obvious.

  185. meilahn04

    I1 lI1A,e N,D1/2e locaN,I1on, D2lacA, dreaD1/4 waN* oA,. N*N,aO”O” waN* cool. eN…plaI1n wD1/2y yoI… D1/2ave a doorD1/4an. N,D1/2aN, I1 donN, geN,. looA,I1ng @ D1/4e lI1A,e I1D1/4 O”I1na roD2 N,D1/2e place. I1 goN, a card. oN,D1/2er N,D1/2an N,D1/2N,, O”lower I1N* weaA,. I1 wonN, D2e D2acA, no N,I1D1/4e soon

  186. Memphistn

    Harvest of Tempe has some if the best medications n all dat..I’m going back soon..& taking someone else with me dY~<

  187. Christian2G

    You can’t even go back there if your not 21!? There meds didn’t even look good at all.. Worst dispensary I’ve been too so far!

  188. bonniegreatorex

    Fast and friendly!

  189. MimiMedical88

    Mike did an excellent job. Great customer service and very helpful.Great personality. Great job.

  190. cierra0916

    Quality, service and atmosphere are great

  191. Lolasmom

    This is the first dispensary I have been to and it’s awesome!! Great meds and love the gummy bears!!

  192. inhisbelly

    I went to this dispensary today, a little weary as the only other dispensary I had been to was not a great experience. The medical director greeted me when I came in and held the door open for me into the lobby. I was promptly greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable staff member who introduced the product selection and current deals. He helped me in picking out what I needed and I went up to the counter and was on my merry way. I’ll be sure to come here often. I really appreciate the quality product and outstanding customer service. Thank you.

  193. jazzzyj

    This place sucks. I bought 2gs of concentrate from here and the harvest dates are from 2014 WTF. Rediculous I won’t be back.

  194. AZGoodguy

    Great service on my first visit. It’s real close to my office so I will be back

  195. Tronsatoken

    Been coming here for 3 years live this place o

  196. Awonderjunkie

    Nice place and good people

  197. acerecedes

    high quality MJ! I picked up some Grape God from here it’s still my all time favorite. please replicate this strain!

  198. Jesseflores13

    great bud!

  199. msannathorpe

    Wide selection of quality medicines. Staff is knowledgeable, friendly, compassionate. Interesting and informative social media posts, too. I’ve found delivery to be timely and accurate. AND they take credit/debit cards !

  200. JoJo411

    I came in as a new patient today and the special and I wanted to use the BOGO concentrate on a couple cartridges and I really needed it to be the inexpensive ones because I am low on money until the 3rd of the month. I need Indica and there was no Indica available in the $20 cartridges so I asked if they had any 1:1 cartridges and I was told “Everyone wants those. We are out!” So in order to get an Indica Cartridge I had to buy a $40 cartridge 80% THC 500 and I got a hybrid for my daytime cartridge.

    I am unhappy with the selection of cartridges.

    I also asked about delivery while I was in there and was told that they do deliver and that the price could vary starting at about $7. They do not accept debit for purchase, but there is an ATM on site. I had cash so I do not know the fee.

  201. chito1333

    over price and don’t like that tax is not included if i only have twenty then im screwed due to i can cover the tax and this are supposed to be non profit organization yeah right is more like profit my organization smh..bad business just as bad as pharmaceutical companies dont you read the reviews or you just don’t care

  202. rubiirubii

    I love this location it’s very close to my house they always greet me with a smile they’re friendly and knowledgeable I always go home satisfied I would recommend to everybody

  203. mirandag275

    This place is in a shopping plaza but i do make the 10mi trip for the vape cartridges.

  204. Islandgirl282

    I will be back! The staff is not only welcoming but very helpful with my questions as well as concerned that I have the right medication for my needs. I have been to a club in Phoenix and I have to say..I felt like I was doing a bad thing..they are dirty ..crappy bud and for the most part they have no knowledge on what they have to offer! I much rather pay for what I get..A clean and friendly place that test each grade they receive!

  205. DarthLeeRoth

    Happened to be in the neighborhood and tried it out. service was quick and bud was pretty good. enjoyed the pre-roll too. am not in this area too often but hopefully i make it back

  206. medmaraz

    Everyone knows that the current prices of cannabis is 25 per 1/8 in 4 out of 5 states…..this place is way overpriced (the quality is questionable and inconsistant). Try searcing for ‘lowest price ounce’ in the filter and you will see many are around 200 oz. in AZ and 100 is the good states.

  207. Fenderbender95

    Super friendly staff, a wide variety of flower,concentrate and edibles. Just a few of the reasons this place had been on my radar and I was not disappointed.

  208. Daileyr7

    awesome people to help you make an informed decision.

  209. GiZat420

    Great dispensary, knowledgeable budtenders, flowers are top shelf. Loved being able to see the variety up close. I cannot wait to go back. The White Siberian is definitely a heavy finisher, very nice.

  210. MarleyEyes

    Tried the Black Friday $79 oz. waited less than a minute for service. Way better than a few years ago. Friday I got 2oz of 25%thc Cinderella 99 for under $200! Nice big nugs not shake like they used to do. Very happy with my purchase will be back again.

  211. thekdreezy

    Harvest has the most fire concentrates in the valley hands down!! If your a heady dabber then this is the spot for you. Always a huge selection to choose from with different price points for different peeps and all are fuego. Their concentrate guy from what I’ve seen, really knows what is up. Keep your eyes peeled for the specials too!

  212. mamejia3388

    great place awesome buds

  213. Pr3c10uz

    I love it so convenient and they deliver!!

  214. LadyKay75

    Love the location. Friendly people. Clean. Good meds for great times.

  215. nam3

    First time in here was great! I accidentally showed up 2 minutes to close and they still let me in. Nice set up, very friendly and helpful people. The rewards program looks pretty cool! Plenty of popular strains.

  216. saddienichole

    I have been here twice now and loved it they have really good snap sales and the quality of product is never a let down

  217. kdkaboom

    Best place I’ve ever been. Professional, friendly and well educated staff. Anyone is great to help but, if you ever come in and see Mike, go to him; he’s one of the best, and you’ll see why 🙂

  218. MMJPatient420

    Meds priced way to high and the quality is not all there. Place looks nice on the outside. They try way to hard to make money off patients. Even though i live close to you guys, i will drive farther for better prices and quality.

  219. JRivs67

    Great staff very knowledgable will go back .

  220. DG14x7

    My comment stems from the fact that Harvest seems to be the only location to carry the ‘Lazarus Naturals CBD’ tinctures in the valley. I must say THANK YOU for doing so. You turned me onto it and quite frankly, I have come to love it. The price is on point, a lot cheaper than other (in my opinion) lower quality tinctures. The taste is horrible, but you learn to enjoy the bitterness once you notice the effects. My ONLY gripe is that today you were sold out. Cannot blame you for that, the product sells itself im sure. However hopefully from now on you will keep a consistent stock of this stuff, as the other tinctures are almost double the price. With that being said, keep up the good work Harvest! And keep that Lazarus Tincture stocked! Thank you!

  221. travissmallwood

    the man at the door was friendly bought a 35 dollar eighth of critical kush i understand that is on cheaper end but its garbage worst of any dispensary ive been to
    free dream steam cartridge for ftp was cool will never return would not reccomend

  222. Kevinkj777

    nice staff great layout incredible medication I recommend this place to all thanks guys

  223. curlysgod

    The staff was nice and helpful. I was given a full explanation to all my questions. You can read my review of the meds that I recieved on leafly.

  224. jetdoc1

    Don’t buy the Pre-rolls. Everyone I’ve purchased RUNS so bad that you’ll lose half the joint trying to keep it from ruining. Every one I’ve purchased has done this. I suggest typing it open and putting it in a pipe!

  225. jgtyme

    Great knowledge of meds and great atmosphere

  226. gabeaz83

    Very Friendly

  227. maxtagaz

    First visit I tried a 1/4 of the “special” which was call WHITE SIBERIAN and it was pretty bad. Tasted harsh and unloved. never ended up finishing it.

    My Second visit yesterday to give another try, looked at all the strains and just couldn’t really find anything that looked worth the price so I opted for 2 PRE ROLLS of GOD BUD as this is my hands down favorite strain.
    Got home, sat down and opened my PRE roll to enjoy.
    After lighting and inhaling I took 2 more puffs and stubbed it out.


    come on guys and gals, I am a 46 yr old adult, I paid 12 bucks for what? This tasted like a cheap cigarette and was certainly not in any way quality cannabis.

  228. Inspiredtodream

    This place is a scam. They sold me a cartridge I was assured by the advisor would work for my pen but it is not compatable. I called and they hung up on me. Bad advice and hanging up on me sealed the deal. Will not shop here again

  229. Valeey

    Went in for the first time and the staff was super friendly. I got 2 superior strains and LOVED the quality of Secret Weapon. The other strain (strawberry cough) was a bit dry and not as great in quality. Maybe I got a bad batch but that’s why I only rated 3 stars for quality.

  230. niftyifty

    Interesting vibe. I enjoyed my experience today, but not sure this place is for everyone. More free roam browsing than personalized service. everyone was very pleasant to deal with, and I was happy to take advantage of new patient vape cartridge.

  231. BMF_602

    Always in-and-out of this place, great service, people always on the floor engaging and answering questions. Great edibles (Banana Ganja Goo FTW – I buy these by the handful).

  232. kbstva

    best place I’ve been to; worth the drive for the product and service. Unmatched quality. I love Harvest!

  233. Lmaxwell

    Awesome location very nice staff and great flower

  234. grynd92

    i enjoyed the service, always love getting medicine close to home, i would definitly recommend other patients to come here.

  235. tmannon

    Great place, they were very nice and helped me pick what i needed.

  236. perpetuallyunkempt

    been here several times now, impressive variations, no pressure selection, and decent wait times for the amount of patients they serve.

    However, the jar appeal hasn’t been as strong lately and the suggested donations are just too high, I can’t afford to keep going here. Not that it holds any real weight, but I have noticed over several visits that older patients are given much more respect, dialogue, and attention throughout their visit whereas younger patients are treated with a very “recreational” demeanor.

    It can be somewhat alienating for a new user who is looking for the same quality of guidance as the patient next to them.

  237. sandmanthewarlock

    They were friendly and knew their stuff!

  238. mstiemke

    Great product

  239. dabcoughs710

    I think that it’s a wonderful place, great location, quick wait, friendly people, what I would change is concentrate price range it’s to vast to be honest and with all those choices come quality loss and . Anyway my experience I bought the ” low grade wax” or the cheapest stuff they had which, may I mind you had a great presentation and visual appeal, with that being said I feel I did not get the Product I was presented at the shelf. I also have to note they mentioned a first time patient receives a choice of a to have one, of a few different items which, they never bothered to ask what I wanted, and sent me on my way. The little brown package they had stapled closed, I had got home to open up and I found my concentrates very well packaged and opened them to find a gooey mess in a container with parchment paper under it. The concentrates had melted over the parchment and I had to dispose of some of it. Once I had finally gotten hit of it, they lacked in taste and material stability. This is just me giving my honest opinion, I thought I would enjoy this place, with possibly the largest concentrate choices available in the area, that being said I absolutely would not ever return here.

  240. karma1989

    eviews and strains. high quality meds!

  241. konagoldohana

    I love harvest and totally recommend a it

  242. Az266476

    this location is one of the best harvest that I been to great deals and some of the best tasteing buds I’ve tried .

  243. SqtBnchDdlftSmk

    This is the first place I went once I got my card, due to a high recommendation from a friend. I won’t be going back. I had no idea what to get and needed help exploring my options. I was helped by someone who kept comparing my serious condition to her menstrual cramps. Definitely not in the same ballpark. I left spending $100 only to be incredibly disappointed upon actually using it. Very expensive, staff doesn’t seem knowledgable, I definitely won’t be going here again.

  244. rogerrabid

    love the verde electric! and the rewards program is great too. always enjoy the staff, the greeters and floor staff are welcoming and informed. thanks guys!

  245. pjeezy710

    I’ve been to harvest quite a few times. none of which have I been very pleased with the selection of meds. some look good but smell weird. some smell great but look weird. the ONLY thing worth going here for is a 9 dollar joint. bring cash though if you don’t wanna pay a card transaction fee

  246. adamarvizu08

    aEURoeOK quality do you guys know what shatter is or even check your products every shatter I’ve bought from the 91 shatter to the medi bud just got the Crockett’s dawg shatter and all were not shatter like consistency also look nothing like the displayaEUR

  247. P-Dubb

    Really open and easy to look and smell different flowers. Super clean. The prices keep coming down!

  248. brianfree123

    I have given so many strains a chance at harvest and ALL have been a complete joke.

    You can tell just by reading the reviews they post on themselves. Dont worry about finding better meds since EVERYWHERE you go will have something better than this place.

  249. hope7610

    knowledgable and pleasant staff!

  250. dubedude

    very nice blue bannana pre roll and superior quality on the verde electric I will be back!! excellent service very helpful staff 🙂

  251. JessicaHohmann

    Excellent selection of buds. Great quality stuff and I love that they have many different types of Indica’s and Sativa’s. I typically only use Indica’s for my medical needs and they always have plenty of great ones to choose from! Prices are definitely WAY TOO HIGH though so that is a definite downfall in comparison to all other dispensaries I’ve visited in the valley.

  252. hilps

    Friendly and lemon kush to die for!

  253. timmcneil

    Everyone was super nice and helpful. Flower quality is good! Prices are a little high though. There are some good sales going on, however. I appreciate the great customer service and people, for that reason alone, I’ll be back. Thanks!!

  254. herbprophet

    This Shasta ak tastes so nasty. It tastes worse than stale tobacco that has been sitting in an ashtray fort a week. What went wrong did you guys not flush at all before harvest? It smells like hay and the high is non exisitant….I only bought it because I needed an oz, and it was the less price gouging price. I basically paid 300+ for an oz of poo worse than Mexican reggie.

  255. HoneyIsTheBestest

    The Harvest is so classy! I absolutely love the atmosphere. The staff are soooooo friendly. They are also kid friendly, if you have a child, (although I couldn’t imagine coming in with more than 2) and while the children are not allowed to go any where near the medicine, they can see you through a glass window and you can see them. Anyway the meds were very nice! I would go again!

  256. jdhhdvdgsysshshz

    Picked up an eighth of the LA OG and an eighth of Evil Berry. $122 after taxes for the quarter. The Evil Berry is really great, and the display sample of LA OG looked and smelled just as good but was a huge disappointment. ALL of their strains (like all AZ dispensaries, it seems) show the effects of a late flower herm, some worse than others, but both of these samples looked good. When I opened my eighth of LA OG I realized the buds I got were nothing like the sample at all. To start with these buds were completely ravished by the herm – every single calyx is impregnated with a tiny immature “seedling” (for lack of a better term). The buds in this crappy “premium” eighth are obviously the same strain as the sample but from a different plant or lower down on the plant where the buds turned out much much worse. I immediately brought it back within minutes of walking out the door and asked to exchange it for more of the Evil Berry instead. At first the hot girl at the counter checked with someone else and then told me to go ahead and go back to the window where they’d exchange it no problem. But then on my way back there someone else stopped me and gave me some BS about how he couldn’t let me return it opened because then they could get shut down by the state for violating health regulations! If you read the reviews, all the dispensaries INCLUDING HARVEST encourage people to come back with whatever product they were unhappy with, some dispensaries even say they’ll take it back but others say they’ll “make it right” (whatever that means). Obviously harvest is full of crap when they say that because they told me tough luck and let me walk out the door with garbage meds that I was not happy with, and didn’t offer ANYTHING to try and “make it right.”

  257. sterben

    Amazing service and location. I enjoy how you can just sit back and look at the menu and don’t have someone blankly staring at you while you try to figure out what you want. Down side is the glass. Seemed a bit out of place and hard to talk through. But, who knows. Could be some landlord requirement. Extremely friendly. Would and will go back frequently. Even if it is a wee bit hard to hear with the glass. So, one small downside. But it was so nice being able to meander in the open area and handle and look at everything you can buy. Instead of just looking at a menu or listing to the tenders. Visuals sell. I would have never have known about small out of sight items they sell if it wasn’t for their display. Now I wonder how many times this happens at other dispensaries. Walking away with bag in hand not knowing I could have had a better deal if there was proper presentation.

    KCCO my friends!

  258. shelbyhelb

    Such a comfortable location with quality products, will gladly return. Their vape pens are FANTASTIC!

  259. ticemoney

    The staff took 30 minutes to explain my options to me. I left knowing more than when I went in. The meds working exactly how they were supposed to. Thanks so much.

  260. therealmrsconrad

    Love this place! The people that work there are very knowledgeable and helpful. Definitely one of my favorite dispensaries 🙂

  261. greenplumber

    Staff was friendly. I’m not a fan of the set up and the prices are high.

  262. hybridmindmusic

    Great selection and super friendly customer service. Specifically impressed by the concentrate selection and quality. A+++

  263. TruthfulAZReviews

    Great service! Someone to greet you at the door, someone to ask what you’re looking for when you leave their lobby. They have a vast selection for you to choose from and you won’t be let down!

  264. ada22

    Ok, so 1) you say that all your strains are tested unlike other dispensaries. All dispensaries are required to test all the meds period! 2) Thcv is always higher?!?! Really?!?! Wow….do your research before you make uneducated misleading statements like that please. Remember, the patients see you as the “expert” there to help them. If you are going to attempt to do so please make sure you yourself are educated. Thcv is not higher in most strains. Actually, very few strains have a thcv level high enough to even see the effects of it. Jack the Ripper from TGA is one of the highest thcv strains I have found and they will tell you that under the optimum environment and care it can reach as high as 5.5% thcv. Needless to say, the thc level is much higher. You spent a lot of money making a trendy looking place. You are charging more than anyone else in the valley, so now spend some of that on educating your workers so they don’t mislead patients! I will continue to frequent my local nonprofit compassion club and would not recommend this place to anyone. Way over priced and the quality is no better, or even worse in most cases, than what i can get for a compassionate donation at the co-op.

  265. DayneDaGreatDane

    Couple girls are still snobby. Don’t think thats changing anytime soon. Concentrate game has raised and they got great tasting/looking textures of all kinds. Price is still high at 60-70 a g. I rated quality at 2/5 because of their flower is still gross. Idk why but h.o.t. has never had good flower. Ever. Its always cured incorrectly and smells woody and leafy. Never fire. Been that way for 3-4 years now. But will come back for waxes

    Service is decently quick and you can tell some of the helpers really care about helping the patients. However, they aren’t the most knowledgable as I overheard multiple times, on a couple trips, of them saying not really correct things about processing/extracting and usage for indica/sativa. Also, snobs and personal space invaders. Wayyy too many greeters at the front and inside. All I need is, “Hello, welcome” and “Have a great day!”.

    Atmosphere at a low because crowded areas, both front and back. Pretty busy place for a small area but they do a pretty good job moving things along. It’s just kinda annoying going thru and around everyone at their busy hours.

  266. BlueDr3am80

    A+++ customer service. Sure the prices on flower are a bit higher but the quality is also better. If you ever have an issue with product that you receive just call and talk to someone. I had an issue with something and I received a call from the manager and he made things right. I will always drive out of my way to get my medicine at Harvest.

  267. RipDez

    Not that great Bud smelled good but didn’t smoke the best
    60 on a 8th of Reggie dY~'(bubblegum)

  268. potato

    I’m really excited about the fact that Tempe now has a legit dispensary, but this place kindof creeped me out.

    The people inside were very nice, but in a very…white washed kind of way. It felt like a car dealership.

    Which is totally fine, I’m glad that they’re not all rocking 420 blaze it t-shirts or something, it makes it feel legitimate…

    But man, that security guard guy working in the lobby *really* creeped me out. When I walked up, I was a bit nervous because…buying marijuana…but then BAM he slams the door open in your face. Scared the shit out of me.

    And then he is hovering a few inches away from me while I’m filling out the patient form.

    Hey guy: all of the meds are behind bullet proof fucking glass. I just gave you my drivers license, and you saw the car I pulled up in. I’m not here to rob you, I’m here to get medicine. BACK THE HELL UP, JEEZ!

    I will definitely go back here, these guys seemed really cool, but my god…please do something about the creepy security guard.

  269. toexwee

    Really great place ! Good quality medication and very informative employees. Love everything about Harvest other than the City of Tempe’s age restriction bologna !

  270. mrs.majid.ahad2018

    Love this place

  271. Dru420

    love H.O.T. always a nice polite worker to open the door for me. pretty girls at the front desk. the largest selection in the east valley. got some Afgoo wax today, great flavor and only 27 for 1/2g. have been coming her for years. always great service and happy employees.

  272. jdgaumer

    Way too overpriced for the quality. This is what happens when a dispensary becomes a national corporation.

  273. suzyphx2017

    The storefront was not super impressive . Their greeter was though . The line was fast. I met the bud tender named Mike . I knew what I wanted so it was easy for him and he was not pressuring me … Tahler checked me out .. can you believe my FTP special was a free 200mg oil cartridge!!
    Thanks ! Only one recommendation .. each location be treated as New ” visit “. I understand the cartridge is $34 so maybe that offer can be one time and then the other locations you can get payrolls. Most other dispensaries treat every location as a new visit. Other than that everyone was great exclamation

  274. errandmadre

    The product is good. However I hate how the cashier stations are set up. Every single time I go here I get cut off in line. It’s honestly annoying to the point where I probably won’t even bother with this place anymore.

  275. NickG74

    Always Great Product, Always Great Customer Service…!!!

  276. HybridLlama

    Awesome people and selection

  277. sbcam

    Harvest is so great! The people who work there are wonderful; they’re friendly, they know the medicine well and they keep the atmosphere professional. I’ve never had anything but great experiences, and they always have an interesting and varied collection of strains, edibles, etc. Thanks!

  278. jakejerdee

    I will NEVER return to this dispensary! I ask for one thing and get another….. When I called the first time they said they would call back…. ooh but they didn’t! So I called back again and just got the run around… ooh we can come exchange it tomorrow….. Yeah but I paid today! Terrible dark brown concentrates… I’ll take my bussiness else where!

  279. Tgdamu423

    I love coming here amazing deals .
    They have very very good product .
    My first time here they were very friendly would recommend to a friend

  280. axl

    if you are looking for MEDICAL marijuana, this isn’t your place.

    if you are looking to get some “weed” and pay a ton for it, this may be your place.

    these people don’t know much on the medical side. they have really expensive RSO that they make themselves but can’t give you straight answers on the purity percentages or details like that.

    they have RSO that they say is a 1:1 thc:cbd ratio. but when I asked for the actual numbers, it took awhile but they told me the thc was 60% but couldn’t tell me the cbd percent. impossible to be 1:1 ratio,as that would mean 120% active compounds. so they are overcharging and lying about their medical products.


    some of the herb is pretty good quality thoigh, so there’s that.

  281. DeanSki

    Amazing selections always!

  282. medominguez72

    Use to be my favorite place but its just way too over priced! why spend $50+ for an18 when I can go to at least two other places within 5 miles and get it for $35-45. sorry guys! keep sending the emails I like the deals but that’s only if you actually have it in stock.

  283. Poppie7

    Okay people, I am a true smoker! I have been in and out of these Dispensaries since the Marijuana Boom hit Arizona. I even took the long trip to Glendale, I live in Mesa. Now I only have to take a trip right down the street, and even if this place was in Glendale I would still travel.

    Thank you all for your concern and help that you showed me today. You forgot about the reason I was there and focused on the fact that I was sick and began to show me Hospitality as though I was in your Home.

    The facility was clean and professional, with a warm welcoming

    and the Price was right and then some! The Advice was an excellent choice I was given for my Migraine and now I am home and Feeling Good my fellow smokers.

    I am glad you guys have arrived. The product is clean, clear smoke, no aftertaste and doesn’t smell like I just got through smoking a Cigarette.

    See you soon! Thanks again!

  284. jinxd

    Thank you guys! The daily deals are definitely DEALS!

  285. Chano10

    Harvest Tempe is Amazing, Awesome staff Delicious medicine, Thanks for all you do

  286. Beckf6

    Clean, Comfortable environment. Very Friendly, Helpful staff. I have Never had to wait to go back & choose my meds. Slightly more expensive on many things, cheaper on very few others. Wish they had more/better Specials.

  287. sleeper397

    This is a very clean and comfortable dispensary. They stock most all of your needs. The problem is they charge more than most of the other dispensaries!

  288. RedDragon

    Disappointed. Bought 1/4z and had a gram of stems. 🙁

  289. AfricanPunch

    Harvest is a wonderful dispensary and was among the first and most professional that I’ve been to.

  290. Kaner88

    Love LOOOVE Harvest, very knowledgeable staff and great atmosphere! LA Confidential dY’dY>>dYOEudY++odY++,

  291. Brookk69

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff that were willing to help me from the time I checked in to the time I checked out!! Thanks!!

  292. world1

    over $50 for an eighth!! No thanks avoid this place like the plague.

  293. sb406

    This place actually has the worst bud I’ve seen in a dispensary, some outdoor stuff. But they also had some good indo, and the 1st time deal was the best I’ve ever had.
    The older guy who works there (owner?), he’s pretty great.

  294. FUMigraines

    Great selection of flowers and edibles. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  295. Mosh

    It’s been a bit since I have visited Harvest, but I feel this will still be a fair review. The staff is very friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. The first time patient process took about 10 minutes, not bad at all. Very nice facility, I was very surprised they made such a small space look so big. I do appreciate the fact they have samples out for you to check, but most of them have lost their smell and dried out. The concept is made for a “quick trip” like experience, at least in my opinion. The prepackaged meds and abundance of staff on duty give me that impression, I am a huge fan of bud tenders vs cashiers. The med quality is there, however paying $21 +tax for a top shelf strain doesn’t feel right. I love that they have the “major” edible companies in stock, a bit high on the price, but a good selection. The harvest is a good place, when more dispensaries open up, I imagine they will become more competitive in pricing.

  296. VeneziaVidaurri

    Super friendly staff and very good medication

  297. Ghost0912

    Bob,Trevor and Kim are amazing. They all great you with a smile on their faces. There Custer service is on point, It should be the standard for customer service for all store. All my questions were asked and for once I knew they had professional product knowledge behind all questions

  298. AZHerbExpert

    Live a mile away, and drive 15 round trip to go elsewhere. This place sucks! Way overpriced meds that the price in no way is equal to the low quality. Your growers really need to learn how to grow, dry, cure, and flush their cannabis. This place is such a joke with rude staff.

  299. The_Smoking_Goat

    Harvest always has a GREAT selection of quality flowers! They have the lowest prices on Dream Steam carts! Harvest was my first shop I ever visited, so you know you have a special spot in my heart!

  300. copperstate1974

    I’ve been here a few times. Very clean, welcoming. Selection is good prices are steep for some Stuff . They run sales and the mix and match to get the concentrate discount is great. The thing that will keep me coming back is the customer service!!! I do agree with what others have said about hearing through the glass but I just ask them to repeat and they do, so big whoop.

  301. lilbash420

    The staff is very friendly and helpful. Good selection at decent prices. Good deals on cartridges too!!

  302. brynlee

    they had some good bud. price is Good.

  303. Mani2

    Marginal weed, ridiculous rip off pricing, cold hostile atmosphere. But bye!

  304. sativafied

    Excellent selection of flower. Quick customer service gets you in and out. Love the rotating specials!

  305. AtreusNate

    Snap sales are awesome! Great price and high quality buds. You will love this place!! Always bestia weed!

  306. cmt

    I love this place great prices staff friendly and cute ass girls is a plus. I love there buds and there vape options are quality and great discounts and very organized . Thanks guys I will be back for sure .

  307. kayteemisskay

    amazing. the people want to help and of course it smells amazing.

  308. LoAZ08

    This is one of my favorite dispensaries that I’ve visited. Great atmosphere, prices, and friendly staff. I will definitely be shopping here again.

  309. purplepalmtrees10

    Awesome deals, great selection.

  310. ToKr

    Good quality and prices outweighs tight parking and long lines during appreciation. Ya, they have great giveaways/discounts.

  311. Diablo19

    Be careful !!! of the bait and switch they’ve did it to me twice now and I spent 3 to 4 hundred every time I visit just this last time I went there were seeds in the Verde electric & Seeds in the haole all well charging ridiculous prices when I called to complain Brett treated me like I was the bad guy NEVER AGAIN go to parc its way better quality at half the price..

  312. mrsdivall

    I LOVE this place! The store is clean and bright. Workers are extremely helpful and nice as can be.

  313. DrLove2016

    One of my favorites I love the scottsdale location bid and homie

  314. Zujoxna

    Been here one time will definitely be back, cheers!

  315. chiefsmokemout

    10% THC……wow you guys should be ashamed of yourselves to try and sell “medical quality” meds like this. I’ll never shop here again. Nice people nice shop, parking sucks. Quality of flower is beyond ridiculous, you guys should be investigated by the state!

  316. briaoh

    this is the first dispensary i visited after getting my card. staff is very friendly and super knowledgeable. love the layout of the place. they have a lot of great deals, but not always worth it as the weed really isn’t that great. I went here for months before checking out other dispensaries and was surprised how much better the quality was at other places. bummed with the flower I got here, probably won’t return unless it’s for dream steam cartridges or edibles.

  317. 8bitqueen

    Great place nearby friendly staff!

  318. zacksly

    prices are to crazy compared to down the street. and if ur under 21 u can’t go in. wack. they are the only dispensary even in Tempe that does that to under 21 patients. harvest has got to step it up and I don’t mean dropping 2 cents from ur prices. come on that is dumb. nice employees def. but the business aspect sucks. not the best dispensary in 2014. no way. they have like no rewards program. oh hey let me spend 400 dollars to get a free 10$ preroll. do not go here. especially under 21. there are places all over the valley that have the same flower for 10 $
    again the employees are cool. quality is good. just no customer appreciation I feel like. and the worst prices I’ve seen in az.

  319. Tmanz919

    First time visitor. I found the staff knew the medicines well and was helpful in making a purchase. The prices were very fair in my opinion.

  320. Lavarm

    Amazing people and the best in town

  321. gadget69420

    I love coming to this place there is always a person to help with questions good product as well

  322. hotsoupshaady69

    I love this place

  323. Johnx710

    friendly and the medicine was strong. i will come back for more

  324. retroj25

    Great people and great meds. I will be back soon

  325. adieangelic

    This is my first review of Harvest. I’ve been here twice now and have had good experiences.
    My first visit I picked up the Purple Haze. Very good quality Sativa. Overall a good starter.
    My second visit I picked up Blue Dream and Canna-Tsu.
    Both great strains. BD will always be my default strain. Canna-Tsu was a good quality flower, for a budget med.
    Very great deals, centrally located. Great atmosphere. Can’t find anything bad to say at this point. I will return.

  326. rtache

    Love the professionalism of everyone there. Great specials and product. I will be going back fo sho 🙂

  327. dr.dab

    this is my togo spot aj is always on point and knowledgeable with the concentrates matter of factbim headed there now lol

  328. Slimitone2

    Found a 2 inch long curly black hair in my freshly opened half oz of Secret Weapon

  329. alpine

    The display wall is cool looking, but ordering your stuff through bullet proof glass isn’t how I prefer to purchase.

    Another issue I have was size and quality of the buds.

    When I got an 1/8 it was a small bag with little pea sized buds, which I was mostly okay with for a small amount. However when I got four times that amount of another strain, they simply gave me four pre-packaged 1/8 bags of the same tiny nugs.

    With all the sales pitches on buying their oil, it feels like they are maybe using up all the big quality nugs on making concentrates and then giving the the small crumbs to people just buying regular weed.

    Theres a chance I could return since its somewhat close to me. But its likely I’ll just consider looking around and trying out another place looking for quality.

  330. Muffinkingkeiba

    I love the product! The bang is definitely worth the buck.

  331. cyrustungoviactct9

    good deliverers

  332. Smay

    Silly..whole place has a very nice and professional vibe about it-top end technology, nice staff and facility but were not here for a spa day are we-no were here for medicine that’s just as high quality as the establishment selling it. All the samples were very dry and had to really get at the nug or give it a rip to even get a real smell. oh but magnifying glasses and pen lights made up for it (haha).

    One strain available that tested above 20% for over $70 with tax.(most-even top end were 12-17%)

    “deep sleep” had a spicy smell stringy small nugs that were hardly even trimmed of leaves(I mean COME ON you can have a state of the art facility but you cant trim your medicine?!)- after you get through pretty packaging (pre sealed and didnt even get a choice of bags) I found the nugs in the 8th were almost as dry as the samples! Taste was more sweet like a purp up front with a more spicy exhale like that of a traditional OG. most definitely had a harshness to the taste (like the buds were not flushed properly at the end of their flowering stage) that was more dominant than the enjoyable og spiciness.

  333. Renzadelphia

    really nice staff, knowledgeable and friendly. meds are pretty solid. I did find a seed or two however. not the end of the world, but I would think seeds wouldn’t exist in this kind of business. meds are slightly pricey. the edibles where legit. no concentrates either.

  334. HighNAz

    Shout out to Steve. I came in with a problem. I Ieft with a solution. Very helpful guy.

  335. Maxpower7

    this place is kick ass with sweet deals and amazing prices

  336. Babygrlkel

    Nothing but a bait and switch here EVERYTIME. You can’t use the New patient BOGO on cheapest flower strain and the test special yesterday w as s to show proof that you voted and get a free Flourish brownie. Didn’t have that brand – go figure – and you had to buy something- no matter how small. that would’ve been nice to know.. won’t be going back.

  337. Jdubb93

    Well the meds are pretty good wont lie.. Not like you cant find the same quality at any other shop, for cheaper thats damn sure!! I just find it weird I could not enter into the back until 21 but they could sell to me at the door that felt racist and unsafe. Besides that the service was a 2 because I had to speak to the damn newbie old door man who obviously didn’t have a clue about a thing. Was super nice though but I’m looking for Good Budd for GOOD PRICES!!!! Not really there to be your friend 🙂 Damn how can you charge so much it’s unbelievable but I get it….. Every one has to eat somehow, but you all won’t see anymore of my business because there is NO NEED FOR PRICES to be SO HIGH!!! We literally have the highest priced medication out of all the legalized states. And you all top that list. ShakingMyFuckingHead

  338. BurninateDabs

    Thank you Harvest of Tempe, after trying around 175 strains I thought all hope was lost on finding that one strain that’s “mine” or takes care of my polar opposite medical issues (fatigue, insomnia) but thanks to Mad Terp Labs Kryptonite shatter I have found relief from the most painful condition I’ve ever been thru. Psuedoaneurysms. Imagine someone stabbing repeatedly (with the beat of your heart) in the center of your brain. It’s a pulsatile pain. And it just hits you without any warning & there’s nothing that helps it but time. And I’d gladly give birth naturally to quadruplets than go thru another one.

    Thank you for carrying this strain. I’m so grateful. It’s the ONLY thing that provides some relief. I’ve tried strong prescription pain killers, heat on the area, ice on the area, trying to stay hydrated, and trying to massage it doesn’t provide any relief. But kryptonite does.

  339. rude3468

    The friendliest, and most helpful dispensary I’ve visited in a year on MMJ. I will be a regular!

  340. Anasamerican

    Amazing customer service and prices. Love their style!! dY’

  341. sgerda

    Very helpful and knowledgable !

  342. Shmoozr

    always the greatest. freshest flower. great specials. awesome budtenders

  343. tayray1124

    I am NOT a fan of the set up. I don’t like having a large piece of glass between myself and the medicine that I’m going to be purchasing. Other dispensaries allow you to choose from several bags of flowers. The quality is terrible. I’ve been there twice and I’m not impressed. I tried two of their vapor pens and the first one was broken and the second one tasted like burnt plastic. Customer service is nice though.

  344. witchweed

    Staff is always pleasant and helpful. Facility itself is stellar. Felt comfortable in there from my very first visit. Harvest is my staple dispensary hands down. Cheers!!!

  345. cbeaver85

    So as a first time patient i dealt with Eric. he was very informative. The issues i had are the following. They changed the name on the green crack. i understand trying to get away from the name. But as the other bud tender mentioned guest that the names were changed on a few. this really bothers me for people who are looking for something specific. Please keep the names the same so we can have a standard for the set strains. with all the crosses these days it gets hard to keep track of what you need.

    M only other issue with this place was that i picked up 4gs. and a free preroll. when i went to open my stuff because it comes prepackaged. I smoked a bowl of the “green crush”(green crack), and the cypress og. they were ok for not being top shelf. then i went to open the haze and thought it looked short. but the buds weren’t dense. so i threw it on the scale and it came out to .71. i immediately called back and got ahold of Eric again. i was told to bring the unopened g that i got for my girlfriends seizer back to the shop which is an hour away. that’s all good, but if the bags had been correct in the first place this issue would have never happened. my friend also picked up a black cherry soda. not sure if that one was short either.

    as for quality. i have to say a 2. i havent tried the last g, because i am taking it back. but the only one i would consider trying again was the miss named green crack.

    the customer service has been great so far.

  346. Pzowell

    wonderful service,friendly and helpful.

  347. bballstill

    Was coming up from Tucson so happy to get most of the cbd products needed and all sound great headed back home just a little disappointed but overall happy with the people and quality of meds. the only thing I’m a little upset is that I came up hoping to get 2 of the cbdutch cartridges as well because there are no vape cartridges with thc and cbd in tucson and they were on menu and even was told when walking in they were in stock to go home without any vape cartridges a lil upsetting but got another gram of the pure shatter to use in cartridge but the 1:1 symmetry oil the 37:1 cbd oil and Charlotte’s Web tincture should take care of the cbd. Would love to see some cbd concentrates as well as dos vapes cbd is great already use them but no thc and made from hemp so if you could let me know when you get more cbdutch I’m I’ll take the long voyage up:) thanks everyone was great and if there is sone way I can get on a list for those please let me know they are great products and would love to use all the time to medicate thanks again


  348. tarzan2020

    My one and only no one has better meds in my my opinion

  349. bsolo

    I love how all these people talk about THC levels! You say you buy your meds off street dealers? DO YOU THINK YOUR DEALER TESTS HIS MEDS AT A LAB? Come on people! Harvest has the BEST MEDS in AZ PERIOD! Cannabis Cups aren’t won by THC levels! I’m from Cali and we don’t give a F about THC levels! Its about look taste and how the flower effects you. THC levels are no way to judge or review a flower. They are way too inconsistent. So all the wanna be Cannabis cup judges zip up and kick rocks!

  350. jburnamhc

    fire deals and killer deals hands down one of the best in valley

  351. maniB25

    great all the time

  352. HurricaneDrew3

    The only thing high here is the prices. Are u serious? $350+ an oz?? This is robbery. You are supposed to care about patients not care about our wallets. The only place to get A++ top shelf medicine for $190-$220 an oz is the PHX medical farmers markets. Enough of this $300+ an oz who are you fooling?

    An average patient goes through 1oz of medicine per month. At $350 an oz thats $4,200 a yr! Talk about taking food off the table!!! Patients can’t afford to give u every cent of their hard earned money. Please, set the bar for Arizona dispensaries and lower your prices for top shelf medicine.

    I will rate you 5 stars out of courtesy, however you deserve 0 stars. Becuase myself, and no other patient should pay these absurd prices.

  353. Aloha76sweetheart

    Check it out Harvest hooking you up this weekend. Stop by for awesome deals great price.

  354. beth0603

    Love the service and convenience of this location! Staff is super helpful and patient with questions. And they have great daily deals! Will be back 🙂

  355. tysonnav

    I go to this spot for edibles primarily for their brownies because they are at a good price I would also pick up my flower from here but the prices of flower are a bit crazy.

  356. smokinloud480

    Real disappointed to have wasted my time coming down. Although the atmosphere and staff where wonderful there flowers where really hurting. Eye candy for the most part and way over priced.

  357. metson

    Really good quality buds here. If you can afford em’ they are not a bad choice.

  358. StrainHunter84

    Im not a huge fan of the delivery window but decent meds..

  359. eilhop

    It’s a nice dispensary
    and very close to me. But, it’s really expensive. So I usually go elsewhere because it’s just unrealistic for me for me to be able to spend that much on a few items.
    I come in for anything but flower. Everything else is reasonably priced.

  360. greenguru999

    Overall a shame! You guys give Arizona’s medical program a bad name! its marijuana here not cannabis!

  361. psalm51

    one of the best, highest quality

  362. JLP2P

    aEURoeNot that I mind a small shop, but their layout sucks. The lobby is uncomfortable, small, and the flower room is clean and nice in appearance but long and narrow. Flowers don’t seem to be flushed well, were larfy, some poorly trimmed, and the bud is a mid-to-higher grade at best, somewhat dry. I’m a solid sativa user, 99.999% of the time, and I tell them this and they keep trying to push Indica on me. Look, as much as this is a business, you’re a pharmacy. One wishes dispensaries would start operating more similarly to pharmacies. When I know what works for me, learn to work with it, and not try and push me into what I don’t want just to make room and get me out the door. aEUR

  363. Kyle123450

    Harvest of Tempe is Great; nothing but outstanding service and knowledgeable a staff. It you try this store you will surely be coming back for more.

  364. shroomy9969

    great selection and daily deals! one of my favorite dispensaries. very professional atmosphere and knowledgeable staff.

  365. smsimmo5

    My first visit to harvest was cool, I went in for their emerald leaf cookies because they are the best edible i’ve ever had and I never buy flowers that are pre-packaged. For my first time they ended up giving me a free edible which is great. I’ll definitely be coming back for more butterscotch!!

  366. Iggy88

    Friendly faces, great medicine, fast service. will be back soon!

  367. Booperz420

    This place is a little higher priced for average products. Not my go to place for sure.

  368. chelleyavren

    Great location! Nice people working there!

  369. cderyke

    great people very friendly. nice selection. some hard to find flowers.

  370. dernhelm

    Very chill, very welcoming shop. The biggest selection of flower by far.

  371. jovansims12

    good place right in the cuts by sonic good meds just too pricey I usually come here to get edibles but if they had like 10 a g instead of 20 all the time I would come here for flower but I’m forced to go to Phx because of deals nice ppl great atmosphere

  372. baryk

    how is it that they the crappier meds, and is not any good at all, but won the best dispensary every year… i think harvest is paying people off to get good recommendations.. if so that the only thing good about harvest, so pay me and i will think about giving a good review.

  373. cruzctl

    god’s gift was no gift at all, the effects were very short-lived and it was way overpriced…it seems like the thc level was not accurate…i do not recommend this strain.

  374. briarRabbit

    My spot for the oil pens re fills and fresh flowers and the staff is so happy and helpful

  375. darj88

    Yesterday was HORRIBLE! I will never be back. After the front desk lady was rude and way too busy to help me, I went through the second door and it was so packed I couldn’t get anyone to help me for 20 min, then I waited in line for another 15 min, and they didn’t even have what I wanted. It was listed online, but I guess they don’t keep that up to date. If it wasn’t for the sale I would have never stepped foot in here again anyways, because their flower pricing is way too high. They offered my vet discount when I signed up, but you can’t use it on everything in the store. I wish we could do negative stars.

  376. miglo

    doin’ somethin right.

  377. noneother

    Good medication but prices are way to high for them to have sunflowermed down the street with better quality and price but u would check them out Amenesia kush and verede strain is worth the price

  378. gONe480

    First time here today.
    Place is awesome…employees very helpful…but the meds all smell as if they were pulled from the garden and chopped down early…as well as not cured properly…little to humid in the dry room…and pulled early from drying also. Good medicine is only good i treated properly…

    Would i like a information packet? Naaah
    Would you? 🙂

  379. RML18

    I’m headed to harvest right now getting ready to get some sweet deals see you there

  380. MizQui

    I love the door greeters (Male and Female) — they are a clients delight! I’m usually in a good mood when visiting, then their door service elevates me a notch more upon entering. From the check in counter to the check out counter in the rear, CUSTOMER SERVICE and PRODUCT QUALITY is TOPS. Todays HIGH MENTIONs of excellent customer service have to go to TARA, TREY and TROY. I’m a fairly new client and you 3 are the more positive than a sativa contact. lol! Your customer service sparked a smile out of me today – and I appreciate it. THANKS Harvest. I’ll certainly be back.

  381. slimjimbud

    Phenomenal Meds and Service

  382. drewholcomb2

    Amazing snap sells!! Everything is always fresh!!

  383. bender140

    Very poor flower, that’s way over priced.

  384. vanessa_vazquez11

    Great price

  385. FlightSchoolAZ

    got the sour pineapple flowers and it was pretty flavorful. I don’t know if I’d jump ship from my other dispensary option but they were pretty good for first try

  386. AZHTA

    Harvest has such a great and large selection every time you go in, and I’m never let down by the deals they offer weekly. The staff is always smiling and it’s professional environment will make me go back again and again.

  387. kevs

    I have been visiting dispensaries since I got my mmj license. Harvest was the first store I visited. I really liked that it was located in a strip mall. Going to industrial/commercial areas seems

  388. BubbaSawyer

    Deep Sleep is awesome. All you expect from great meds.

  389. MidNiteToker71

    First time in today and I was very impressed all around. I was greeted at the door by someone and they talked to me about everything I needed to know before I even walked in. The dispensary itself is by by far the best I’ve been in yet. Very cosy and a welcome feel unlike some. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. I picked up an eighth of Skywalker and I am extremely happy I got it because it is exactly what I was looking for in medication. I can’t be happier honesty. Only problem I had (if you can call it that) was the high sales tax. But other than that I will definitely be heading back this way again for my medication. I highly recommend

  390. SebJes

    This place is cool, I don’t have any issues yet.

    I kinda felt awkward going in the first time not know what to do, [especially when there are a lot of beautiful women at the front and back who where very nice and helpful…thanksdY~,, anyway wouldn’t you feel the same, ain’t no thang but a chicken wang Lulz I had a Blast!!dY’Y=dY’dY’]

    I’m kinda glad I brought my Neighboor with as a referral.
    I’m going again because of the nice selection and I hope you enjoy us come info back again we had fun!
    When I got home to weigh out my medicines everything weighed out to the correct amount, and I got exactly what I paid for plus the rewards program that you can opt in.
    I hope my review helps out and doesn’t bother any of you I really enjoyed my moments in this dispensary not feeling rushed to buy my medicine and leave the premise at once…:-/ I don’t like feeling that way and I like just simple conversation that doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable.. I never felt that in anyway!
    See you next week enjoy and thank you for your assistance in finding a high potency stativa

  391. Robert505

    I like the atmosphere will definitely be back..

  392. Atiana

    This location was great. The staff was friendly and helpful. I will definitely be a returning customer.

  393. ThatFilipinoDude

    I came in here w/ the mission to grab something else but was educated by the budtender, older gentleman he was awesome. left w/ kind live resin pen 300MG HA SO GOOD and a free tangie preroll, broke it up… was okay.

  394. mlawrence0485

    The service here is great, everyone is very help, and the atmosphere is clean

  395. cheaterfive411

    Harvest September he has friendly friendly staff great selection Great bud tenders

  396. budsports420

    Horrible Meds. Sub-par at best. Premature and under cultivated Dirt Meds. What this place lacks in quality meds it makes up for with ridiculous prices.

  397. MKberlin

    Still my favorite place dY~S

  398. durban7

    Too expensive. Too sales-oriented. I felt like I had walked onto a car dealership lot. This guy wouldn’t get out of my ear…. pushing Verde Electric non-stop. I tried it, and it was mediocre at best. I gave the place a second try, bought some high-priced Maui Waui, and again a mediocre flower. I’m never going back to this place.

  399. vanp

    Nice atmosphere good prices great people

  400. sheldonBanks

    Vap pens are awesome from there haven’t had any problems with it. The BLACK DIAMOND IS THE BEST STRAIN. cowboy cookie is very good.

  401. tanner1017

    Love the display set up, you don’t have to ask to see/smell a strain you can simply grab anyone you want! Wax looks great but I didn’t try any…can’t beat the free dreamsteam cartridge for FTP!

  402. Blackwolf88

    I have been what’s called a gold member since the first year harvest opened.I made harvest my home with great staff and pricing. Now the staff is very rude and prices have gone way up. There is no value here all the new called HOUSE FLOWER is very low grade quality.please go some where else for medication so you do not feel ripped of and disrespected.

  403. GlobZombie

    prices a little high but the quality is there. good variety. will definitley go back.

  404. Ppaj4475

    The location of this dispensary is convenient being right off the freeway.

  405. cdmacg

    Great shop, nice people and fantastic products!

  406. monstapuss

    Harvest surprised me w/ some of the finest flower I’ve had! Love TheFuture!!! Excellent prices for bulk (one of the only places I’ll buy an oz), great sales, specials, people, products…
    I LOVE the changes they’ve made! This is a dispensary that places patients over profit, it feels. In my mind, that makes all the difference!
    I am a very happy customer of 3 years now! I always leave with a smile.

  407. filmex

    I had only been to a couple of dispensaries when I stumbled into Harvest on Sat. morning in the middle of their “Customer Appreciation Day”. Upon seeing the chaos, I quickly went from “Oh God” to “WTF”, in a good way.

    The staff was first-rate, friendly and informative. It seems all dispensary workers are extremely friendly, almost like they received training at “In-n-Out”.

    Setting up was quick and easy. They were handing out Scratch Cards as part of their Customer day, and I couldn’t believe I scored a free eighth of Original Amnesia. Also got a free pre-roll as a first timer.

    Bought an eighth of Girl Scout Cookies, which is the best bud I have gotten anywhere, anytime. Also got some Blue Frost, which is out of this world.

    In my eyes, what sets Harvest apart is the massive number of strains available. While other places seem to be shrinking their inventory, or having trouble managing supplies, Harvest was impressive with the sheer variety of product offered.

    Friendly service, very impressive strains—big gorgeous buds. I’m sold!

  408. Seriousbud

    Flower is too dry most of the time and honestly not very tasty and the welcome group is a bit over the top my opinion. dY’Z Access and parking is much easier than your Baseline location. I think if it is a big deal everybody would be doing it, right? Maybe a few less of those helpers and you can save $$$ and Spend on better quality and prices.

  409. GrassrootsMMD

    An extremely positive experience. The cannabis selection is amazing. The staff is knowledgeable, professional and helpful. The rewards program and veterans discount is great!

    Harvest rises above the other facilities I have visited and is the best example of how this industry was intended. They are about serving patients and raising awareness in the community. I am very impressed.

  410. jadams

    love this place. they have a huge selection of meds. definitely will come back.

  411. cameo28

    Great service good quality come find the Leafly bus

  412. Jr_89

    Came here on the 6th for my first time and I had a pleasant experience. Everyone one was very helpful and polite.

    Only problem I have is that one of the eighths I purchased unfortunately had lots of tiny seeds within it and It was a top shelf strain. Other than that, all other product was good.

  413. CelticShaman

    It was very nice to talk to Blane, and to find out that I was dealing with folks who are invested in their business, and truly care for their patients. The folks at Harvest took great care of me – and I’m the grouchy Vet with a lot of questions – and even obscure questions related to specific care needs were addressed in a timely fashion. This is the experience I have been waiting for; not that the other places were not taking care of me and my needs, but Harvest went Above and Beyond, and that’s what will keep me coming back, despite it’s location.

  414. 420gene

    it’s great location

  415. CowboyGucci

    I like the overall set up of this place

  416. Lulu9302

    Great service- staff is always inviting and great to talk to. Good weed. Bob is the best!

  417. blazzwmaryjane


  418. Lotusheart

    This is the BEST place in the valley. The staff is great, they employ older greeters and I enjoy that aspect of their kindness. The bud is always top shelf and the deals are amazing. I brought a neighbor in and got an 1/8 for FREE 🙂

  419. ransom404

    Awesome place.

  420. deadlinerecords

    I love that they let you look around and ask questions. It’s great to not have to be escorted. Also it’s the only place I’ve seen that has all of the medical information next to each strain. I love it here!!

  421. rdggrl3480

    Love this place!

  422. MrMelo420

    This is the first place I have been able to give five stars across the board. Not close for me at all I would still take the trip just to talk with Steve and the team here at the Harvest.

    You can tell right away that they care and are not just in this to make a fast buck.

    They have there meds tested and unlike some places they have all there meds tested to show not only your total cannabinoids count but to show no no fungus or pesticides are present. This is very important as little things can make a great flower taste or smell horrible.

    I was going to wait for this review as I have some Verde Electric that needs a review as well but after testing the Big Blackberry Rhino I had to get right to it.

    I want to see higher total cannabinoids as I don’t feel that anything less the 13% is really Med grade. A Santa Maria or Reggie plant cannabis has tested at above 10.% and still I can’t considered it as medical grade even if grown in doors and raised from seed.

    I believe these guys to be very open minded and think they will continue to make changes for the better. I have been to most the clubs in the Vally and I would say these guys are number one so far.

    Thank you for doing what you do and keep up the great work.

  423. Angnorwood

    Great location! Super cool staff! Nice selection! Prices are great!

  424. arizona13

    i really enjoyed your service, i love you guys and i really look forward to coming again

  425. TopShelfTHC

    Tempe will not allow people under 21 inside the store. The oil special was 2 for 45 I thought 2 grams and it was 2 half grams (still a good deal should be labeled better) had to get it by someone coming out and handing it to me after it has been purchased, not even getting to see it before buying. could have been poop soup for all I knew. They are nice. quality of oil was okay but it was trim run also not listed or given on menu. and listed as wax not oil. two different things. good thing it was oil, a gram
    for 45. If it was wax I would have been upset. atmosphere laid back like all dispos.

  426. Born2Rock

    you guys rock just need to accommodate people under 21 better by not dilly dallying after they place their order and they can see you through the glass just talking to your coworkers or other people instead of what some places call good throughput. Also I bought an edible one time and the guy told me after I already purchased it that it needed to be refrigerated which would have changed my mind about buying it at all. Otherwise you guys are awesome.

  427. Guruvee


    Overall I’m impressed with most of my experiences. Meds are better quality than my former provider, and reasonable since I buy an OZ per visit!

    On each trip I mention to my regular consultants that the Leafly menu is seldom updated and that it’s for days at a time. I’m always surprised when I arrive and the menu is drastically different that what is shown online…………usually for the better! Help me be correct when I send a friend! Please??

  428. MadMamaz

    just got my card the other day and this was my 1st dispensary. I walked in and was immediately welcomed by this super friendly lady. she explained how everything worked.. I felt so comfy. went to the back and the gentleman was very helpful explaining all products. I was very satisfied with all the customer service. I highly recommend this wonderful place.

  429. howdydodat

    I was pleasantly surprised with the experience I received at Harvest. I have been medicating with MM for many years now and have come to the conclusion that the cheapest dispensary is not always the best dispensary. I don’t mind paying a little more for meds that have been put through a rigorous process to make sure that they are only dispensing meds that are free from mold and mites. In fact, if your local dispensary isn’t testing their meds independently you probably have medicated with some mold and mites. Those who complain about the cost are usually over-medicating by consuming more medicine before needed. When you feel relief from medicating, price is insignificant. Until your insurance will pay for these meds It will be pricey no matter where you go. I prefer to choose a place with high standards and quality medicine.

  430. 1234Dale

    I think that the wax was the real deal . And I am hard to please. good job dY~Z

  431. shmarti

    Love the service here ..great variety

  432. Jeffaz02t

    Quality: Just not what real connoisseurs are looking for. Seeds galore, and the quality does not match local competition. Pricing is a joke as well. D-

    Service: Some of the people are pretty nice and helpful. However, there are too many that are clueless, both socially and about mmj. In addition, many of the girls behind the glass are very, very rude. Not all, mind you, but enough to sour me on visiting this establishment if the buds were good, which they are not. D

    Atmosphere: Having to take my hat off at the door is suspect; no other dispensary makes me do that. Paying through bullet proof glass makes for an odd experience in a dispensary as well. Overall, the worst atmosphere of any place in the Valley. F-

  433. spider2024

    love the harvest very helpful and amazing pricing

  434. philosoraptor88

    best dispo around. great deals and great events, I don’t even think about going anywhere else

  435. Fermin

    I received an e-mail from this dispensary advertising five strains for $6 a gram. I went there three hours later only to find printed signs stating there were only three strains at that price. When I asked the budtender why, she stated that they ran out of the other two strains the day before. When I told her that I had just received the e-mail that day, she doubted that was possible.

  436. jonnyq34

    good quality buds…tried a few different strains and so far so good…also friendly service every time i go in

  437. tiniree

    I am a 51-year-old female stroke survivor who was left with right-sided weakness and spasticity. I have been put on strong man-made medications for the last four years getting barely any relief from the pain in the evening. After doing some research on medical marijuana, I found Harvest of Tempe. The atmosphere is clean, easily accessible, and the staff very knowledgeable. I have been to three other dispensaries in the Phoenix area, and none compare to Harvest of Tempe.

    The staff is extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to. They don’t try to talk you into new products, or anything you really don’t seem interested in. I always leave feeling good about the products I have purchased, knowing that they will help relieve my pain in the evening, allowing me to get a good nights sleep.

  438. mrbubble

    The pot-of-gold kinda had the aftertaste of a T-bone steak.

    Which is/was pretty awesome.

  439. gmenez88

    It looks great, smells great but is slightly impersonal with the glass barrier. Prices are pretty steep and it’s a far drive from my house. I would visit again but I see quality in others at lower prices. Great other wise Verde Electric cartridge is awesome and tastes great! Thanks for the bountiful harvest!

  440. daoman2

    love harvest great atmosphere and prices

  441. BTR612

    I visited Harvest of Tempe for the first time a few weeks ago after just receiving my medical marijuana paperwork. There was a young women working the front desk and a young man supervising the marijuana selection. My experience was simply terrific. The staff was friendly, very knowledgeable and patient. The gentleman I spoke with answered my many questions and assisted me in landing on a strain that was a good fit for me. He was right as I ended up loving the C99! I was a little nervous because the whole experience was new and slightly nerve-wracking to me but the staff there made things comfortable and easy. I have been out of town and can’t wait to go get come Cindy 99 tomorrow!

  442. 4Rare420Rx

    I was unaware of Harvest of Tempe as a location I wanted to visit, until I visited their sister dispensary in Las Vegas, “The Source” once I had been through the location I realized “Gee maybe I missed something” so I got back to AZ and put Harvest Of Tempe on my calendar and got in their this week. I was pleasantly surprised. They had a large variety of “All Organic” Flower and a broad cross section of the other SKU’s vape, wax, etc. I left with three strains to checkout, Blackberry (in a pre-roll) an 1/8th of HeraJuana and an 1/8th of Platinum Cookies. I will write up individual strain reviews for those. The atmosphere was chill, friendly, open and personable with my “patient consultant” (Robin, she rocks BTW owners) The overall experience was excellent, pricing was food with a new patient discount, though as a industry insider, I was surprised they didn’t offer an industry discount. On another note, I asked whether the pre-rolls were made from shag from the bottom of the bag or pure bud? The response was a mixed one “Bag Shag with Bud”. I always wonder why dispensaries who are providing free or otherwise available pre-rolls don’t understand that a pre-roll is your “BRAND AMBASSADOR” and should be the finest quality, not the leftovers, that pre-roll invites a buyer to try strains you carry w/out having to buy an 1/8th. Good marketers will tell you, that “Full Bud Pre-Roll” is your best reachout to retain and grow that customer. That would be my only commentary on the marketing, new patients or “strain switchers” are looking to those pre-rolls to expand their education/information into what you’ve got, and a pure bud pre-roll shows pure bud results. That results in return customers…The Source Las Vegas, “PURE BUD PRE-ROLLS” and you can tell the difference. Looking forward to including Harvest Tempe in my upcoming piece “Finding Chronic in Cowboy Country”
    Thanks for the experience… ~4Rare420Rx

  443. BeaverRob

    I love Bhang Bar and Dream Steam!

  444. Tomasa420

    love it!


    I really like this dispensary. I just wish the prices would come down some.

  446. grahammer

    The new way of running the line is absolutely ridiculous and should stop immediately. Shouldnt take 25 minutes to wait in line when I already know what I want. I’ve had issues with Harvest of Tempe. Will not be going back.

  447. BarbieRocha66

    Best flower.

  448. AZBloodSport

    I’ve been to Harvest a few times and thought the experience was great. I thought the med quality was very good but not 5-star. Also pretty consistent. The service is friendly and well meaning, but they don’t tend to be as educated on the particulars of their strains as you find in some places. That said, this is a solid place with solid product, and the onslaught of negative reviews is just ridiculous. Sure seems like the haters emerged coincidentally right after Harvest ran away with the Bong Awards.

  449. talksalot215


  450. blakc

    They were ok. It was my second stop since i had my card. Really was not impressed with what they had. But I did get lemon d strictly off smell and it was pretty good. Buds were kinda dry already, assuming the package type. Id go back to look. Prices were a little high for quality and glad I had 10%off

  451. Aboutthefit

    I made my first visit Friday and I don’t think I notice any big differences between Harvest and some of the others in this part of the valley. The others have a little higher rating but they are pretty much the same. I did like the flower and at those prices it had better be good. The menu wasn’t the best for having so many choices. The guy who helped me was nice but he seemed a little distracted or uninterested in helping me. Probably the low point was standing in line to buy which was ridiculous and the people crowded around the samples made it difficult to make my choice. My friends and I have heard good things and I expected a top notch experience and that didn’t happen Friday.


    The flower quality just isn’t worth the prices. The concentrates I’ve gotten have been poor. They will get a good strain every now and then but like this latest Holy Grail, which is the best they’ve had in awhile IMO, it’s gone 10x quicker than the other inferior flowers. It’s a great atmosphere with hefty prices for mediocre medicine.

  453. JS2314

    This was my second time in and I couldn’t pass the great deal they had going on, $79 untrimmed oz (most of it was trimmed already) and a free edible, extremely pleased, will definitely be coming back

  454. mario13

    I like how the bud tender are great at there job very fast would recommend

  455. gypsytoker

    I absolutely love this place! Their new patient specials are amazing and their prices are good too. Customer service and knowledge is AMAZING I highly recommend especially for newbies who might be nervous or unsure.

  456. Fatphxguy

    I’ve been to almost every dispensary in arizona,… wait, wait, before I even say anything let it be known that they do not do free prerolls for reviews so this is from the heart. First of all they open the door for you before you can open it for yourself, then you have no wait to go to the back, everything is so self explanatory you don’t even really need help with what you need. I work very close by so I’m always in there and it seems like everytime I go they have a new product. HANDS DOWN THE BEST SNOW CONES BY FAR. 15.00 A POP TOO. Prerolls are yummy as well. Flower is fresh fresh and worth the price, and if your a Vet it’s super worth it. I will see you guys soon.

  457. rr.moore4

    Awesome group of guys in the store. Highly educated friendly staff!!

  458. tedg1athome

    Not my favorite dispensary are here are my reasons why:
    1. Atmosphere and layout: Product samples are displayed opposite a glass partition where you place your order through a hole in the glass with a bud tender. Prior to placing your order there are a couple of service reps that tell you about the samples but it feels a bit like they are pushy salesmen. I prefer dealing one-on-one with a bud tender and the products.
    2. Over priced: Even though they supposedly had a buy 3 or more vape cartridges for 30% off, my final price per cartridge was the retail price I’ve gotten for the same cartridges at other dispensaries.
    3. Leafly product menu not kept updated: I went to this dispensary because of the vape inventory on their Leafly menu listing only to discover they in fact had only a few that were listed.

    The quality of their products see fine but because of the reasons I’ve listed I will not be going back.

  459. drewhill

    location is good but prices are very high and top shelf is bottom shelf quality from other despenserys I don’t recommend this place.

  460. GoCubs

    Moe definitely knows! This place is a joke! Weak, overpriced flower and the vape cartridges suck as well. This is my least favorite in Arizona, and I have checked out around 15 different spots. Stay away unless you’re a novice!

  461. shortyg2001

    Harvest is the best Dispensary. I love everything about Harvest.l especially the staff

  462. lonkustilly

    Very comfortable atmosphere and plenty of strains in every price range. Service is always quick and professional, defintely a great spot to visit!

  463. AZmedgrow

    Worst dispensary in AZ! Place is fancy and they have some cute budtenders, but this is to distract you from being gouged by paying over the top prices for “medicine” that is terrible. Pretty sure they spray their flowers with all kinds of harsh chemicals and the taste reflects it. There is nothing medicinal about their flower. I got several different grams to give them a fair chance and it was all very bad, a few buds even had seeds! For the price you guys charge, this should be top shelf sinsemilla, not improperly grown and cured shwag. I ended up giving it all to my neighbor who just got her card and knows nothing about cannabis, and she even said it tastes like dirt and gave her a headache. I would not recommend this place to anyone and I have told everyone I know to avoid Harvest!

  464. kwameg

    Great place

  465. Rzjju99q

    Extremely recommended !!!!!

  466. anonymoususerca

    Love this place, shop here often! Would recommend to all…

  467. dabbedout520

    It was nice place i like the entrance greeting. the staff was nice the product is good

  468. jne76

    My go-to shop, always friendly and knowledgeable. Prices are consistently some of the best around and quality is great.

  469. mehpersonguy0

    After hearing hit and miss reviews, I decided to finally give Harvest a try since they were having a big sale. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly they had my FTP form filed and let me in the back area. They were rather busy, but the wait was short (~5 min) and the budtender was very kind and helpful. With the pleasant staff and the great sale, they left me walking out with a huge smile on my face. The prices may be higher, but the meds are quite good- even with my high tolerance, the potency was strong with this one.

  470. holden21

    very good gorilla glue gelato

  471. themoops

    Saw a review of herojuana and wanted to give it a try and it def did the trick, was fire! Staff and service rocked too. A little bit out of my way but the bud made it worth the trip

  472. delija66

    Waaaay overpriced! !!!!!

  473. jessica42069

    Love this place… Always quick to pick up on lunch.

  474. rockwellfarm

    great help given.

  475. Bluntmaster00

    Great place with great meds and plenty of variety. A bit pricey but if you watch for their specials you can get a good deal. Please lower your prices to compete with everyone else around you guys – you would be my go-to spot then.

  476. Angel4letty

    Great please flower is great and the customer service is wonderful

  477. dudestarbuck

    Harvest was my 1st dispensary experience. I have been to many others since. I have also been back to harvest a few times. They have good prices on pre rolls but the bud prices are a little high. There are better deals to be had elsewhere.

  478. prostrovsky

    First time patient knowledgeable wonderful great staff and overall a great experience a definite must….. Prostrovsky

  479. moxilla

    The dude who helped me was very snarky and patronizing so unless I need a special strain I doubt I will go back ever again

  480. brittneymorris8

    This location has a great atmosphere and friendly staff.

  481. tr34dlightly

    Use to love coming here. Price and quality matched up great. Unfortunately, they’ve decided to overprice their selection with terrible testing numbers, I don’t think I’ll be back until they fix one or the other. Tru Med will charge you the same but it will be ten times better.

  482. Momsmokes

    been here a few times but not when you’re busy. and it’s like herding sheep crowded and uncomfortable space is too small

  483. roxyc2225

    Nice atmosphere/nice bud tenders

  484. NavajoAmy

    I am a new user. Child of the 70s. No one made me feel silly or stupid. Very helpful to help me find the answers. Relaxed atmosphere, people talking, mixing, looking at product. Another place I went to was very very very small and made me feel like a criminal. Only one person allowed in at a time, can’t touch anything, minimal stuff on display, don’t know what’s available because it’s all in another room. Very paranoid.
    Harvest is another world. Please try, you’ll love it.

  485. tiamickes

    vape pen first time customer good deal and edibles only didn’t like prices on flowers

  486. jjrody327

    Waited in line for 20 minutes spoke with two different bud tenders while waiting told both what it is i was inline to get only to be Looked like I was stupid to be told they where out. Cool story maybe take then the big sign everyone in line is waiting to buy.

  487. mjkenney

    good stiff, nice people

  488. watermelonfries

    This place is nice, clean and has great customer service. Unfortunately the meds are always subpar(low thc, very little aroma/taste) and expensive.

  489. Moeske

    First timer and I got the Walker Kush preroll with my purchase. The preroll was horrible, it wouldn’t smoke right at all, and It was jus wasted! Haven’t tried my other meds but not looking forward to it, esp if the meds burn the same as the preroll they gave me.

  490. iriedata

    This place is 7 days,I went for flower and I couldn’t find any worth my money. Harvest of Tempe go back to the drawing board you are lousy.

  491. StayFrosty78

    Only the second dispensary ive tried but the Dream Steam vape i bought is great for neuropathy in my legs Think i’ve found what i’m looking for

  492. foxkimberly3333

    Excellent staff, great bud, Great prices.

  493. amylorenzanaflowers

    Great ftp deals great energy and deals are awesome. Every time I come in it’s good time one of my favorite dispensaries!

  494. BrianStrm

    I don’t think this place plays games with its menu. Thanks for another good visit.

  495. Lillyp

    Very nice and helpful staff at intake and on the floor. Robin was amazing at taking the time to tell me about her favorites, as well as the best sellers. I like the layout, being able to browse and take my time choosing. Very happy w the variety of edibles! Would recommend this dispensary to anyone that likes personalized service and fair pricing on edibles.

  496. Lynx15

    Very nice buds love the snow conest

  497. Ladiikay75

    Very friendly from the time I walk to the curb.

  498. _durbanpoison

    Milo Choclate bar knocked me on my ass! great edibles

  499. AZBluJay

    Quick service, wide open viewing area. Nice folks and some great looking meds! Prices aren’t bad either!

  500. kushking23

    Great variety ok prices

  501. ssump

    Best arrangement of staff here. Very helpful and answered alot of questions ive had about the laws. Thankyyou guys

  502. SexxiDredd

    It’s THA BEE’Z NEEEZ!!
    dY’- My Favorite LowKay!

  503. WTFBBQ

    First time here today… Where do I start? First, the guy at the front door is WAY too anxious. The filling out of a form to “join” should not be foisted upon you as soon as you walk in. Second, this place is like a government office. Absolutely NO PRIVACY WHATSOEVER. It was totally weird to be standing there listening to all the other patients in a big open room with a row of slotted bulletproof windows….

    Third, the tall guy inside who leers at you then entire time made me feel extremely uncomfortable… The whole point is to make a patient comfortable and this place just shoots the anxiety off the chart. Not everyone likes to conduct private business amongst 20 other people in the room.

    I won’t be back.

    I will be returning to my local supplier instead of this clinical

  504. aubreynelson09

    The customer service, atmosphere, and selection (especially of edibles) is good but their flower is extremely overpriced compared to other dispensaries, and they have less promotions and deals in general. Also, the last time I visited I bought an 1/8th and on the packaging it said “actual weight 3.2 grams”, when an 1/8 is supposed to be 3 .5 grams. While this isn’t a huge difference, if I am paying such a high price I expect to receive the correct quantity.

  505. Dank74

    Place was cool. Budtender was a little snooty but all good.!

  506. gotzbe

    beware! Something has changed. I think it started when these two have two stations to look at bud and now they only have one so you have to either wait outside or Shuffle around the crowd that is trying to look at the same buds. prices have gone up and value and snap have seemed to disappear along with daily specials which I often used and may this might go to store every few weeks. basically I just went to a AJ’s Fine Foods with the prices and the deals are gone. I gave them all my business quite often and appreciated the deals but now I guess I will have to start looking elsewhere.

  507. Phxkush19

    I don’t usually write reviews, it isn’t my style. But after reading the reviews below I had to. I went into Harvest yesterday and it was so nice. The decor is amazing, and all of the finishes are really nice. Their selection is fantastic and they have test results on all of their products available for us to look at, i haven’t seen this at other places before. I would highly recommend Harvest to anyone

  508. 420legit

    I like the set up of this dispensary. Everyone was friendly and eager to help. The selection was good and the FTP perk was amazing. The girl who actually sold me my goodies was the reason I didn’t give a 5 for service. She was rude. But I liked what I got and the others in there were great so I’ll still be back.

  509. mitchellpierce32

    Looks pretty nice.

  510. sabbath

    Ok the first visit sucked crap service and crap meds.

    That being said the second visit service ok meds good clean strain.(Fire OG)

    BUT you got to lose the change!

    Make a gram 18 or 20 flat no extra change.

    but you are open on Sunday.

    thank you PEACE

  511. FAMS420

    I like the fact they have samples for you to help yourself and check them out, rather than to keep asking a staff.

  512. whatzupaz

    This place is great if you have money to waste. $59 an eighth. Went here once. Smart enough to go somewhere else, where they have $35 and $42 eighths, all taxes included. I am on SSD. I’m not rich. How can you justify your prices? Even delivery services are practically 30% off your prices. Check it out and do the research!

  513. baeareafundevil

    love getting my dream steam pure cartridges here

  514. ApathyApe

    The high prices and tax are the only reason I can’t go to this place :(. The staff is beyond friendly and helpful. Its by far the nicest looking dispensary I’ve been to in the valley. “I would recommend to a friend ” If they have the cash.

  515. 3LTORO

    Worth the trip for the electric verde !

  516. Flora22

    Absolutely stocked and well run.

  517. Leonard4200

    I love harvest and leafly

  518. Thatguyovertheredoinit3000

    I don’t want to be a hater, I want to be constructive, I don’t love your points system, and I don’t always walk out super happy like I got any kind of good deal, I want to though, I do love the customer service, you guys are good on that, please just have more competitive deals, I drive to a place slightly farther because their deals are AMAZING, think about that, I could be coming to you.

  519. letmeexplore

    Save your time and get $$ out because you can no longer use your debit. I wasted my time, the tenders & other patients time waiting in line to use ATM. Call ahead and check on strain(s) you are picking up too. Today really made me question why I came here. I checked menu before making extremely long drive and the menu did not match up with product on floor. Only plus was that they had a strain I wasn’t planning on picking up. But where out of what I came for. Why advertise a Veteran discount if you don’t apply it? I’m sorry Harvest, I think you should tell your patients about the “cash Only” situation.

  520. COE

    it’s very inconvenient to have to go back three times in one day to return broken DS cartridges. Cant you guys check the product before selling.There are people that probably say screw it and just deal with broken product and loose out on the 40$ and Harvest gets the gain. DONT SELL DEFECTIVE PRODUCT MEDICINE. Remember quality is good.

  521. msjanet3217

    I love the location. easy to find. specialists there to answer questions and great deals.

  522. bradwilsoniaq

    Great staff and product. The new Huxton wifi in a tin is very good, surprisingly; and the dream steam cartridges are very good. Love it.

  523. Julio

    Amazing staff. Great strains

  524. ickydaddy

    Great location, service and pricing

  525. treewoman

    Awesome…very knowledgeable, helpful…theraputic….

  526. rgreedy

    I went to pick up some CBD tincture for my husband and the staff was amazing. We are in the process of getting his card and this will be the only place we use. They were amazing.

  527. dabdaily710

    Dream steam cartridges are tasty. Great customer service. Like how the shop is set up too.

  528. Miahmoss

    I love this place , and there tenders , and there medicine and their prices on everything..on Thursday that is….keep the greed out of our weed…thanks love you guys. Patient 6 years now.
    miah bear.

  529. BostontoAZ

    I called and spoke to Arian for the first time, he was extremely helpful and informative on obtaining the delivery service.

  530. brand1angel

    went in forna bogo but all there stores are connected.. so thatbwas a waste of time

  531. NeoTheONE

    awsome Service, would definitely spend money here again.

  532. MsNeal

    Great prices and friendly!!!

  533. rochalup

    With 15 employees on staff, an extravegant “showroom” and sub-par quality meds, the only conclusion I can draw is that this place remains open because of the price gouging they trickle down to their patients. Sorry guys in this business med quality and pricing need to be balanced and that just isn’t possible when you throw tax on top of your pricing. My eighth was 3.37 when I checked it at home. No worries though, I won’t be returning.

  534. twinlake

    The Head Band OG is awesome. I highly recommend

  535. roxievw

    I was in the area so I thought I would they them out plus get a free pre-roll nice rolling but it didn’t get me high at all !

  536. wash313

    Love the vape pen perfect when I’m out and about

  537. kaseyn94

    Okay Dispensary. Very pricey though. around $380 for an oz. Need more selections for $10 grams. Doing so will make more people happy. The Dream Steam cartridges are a hit or miss. With that, don’t bother getting the 300mg. Save your money and just buy the 200mg. Service is okay. Need to get rid of the large bulletproof glass. At times its hard to communicate, and often repeat myself 2 or 3 times. Harvest has a corporate feel once you walk in, just be prepared to spend $$$.

  538. Garrettg91

    I am not sure why my other reviews at not popping up so …. I will write a new one on harvest of tempe. my first time in was awesome terry she helped me even MADE SURE I left with my ftp gift which for me was a 200mg cartridge of jack h erer sativa which lasted forever and was oh so tasty !!! second trip was great camp Verde Arizona homegrown buds on sale got a quarter for $38 and the bud is really good ! I like this shop it’s nice to know when shops are actually trying to get you good flower!! keep it up!

  539. ajgamio

    Overpriced and the service very bad. Was not a good experience.

  540. Kr8zygirl80

    very welcoming and friendly workers. always willing to help out.

  541. stephen602

    your med samples smell like a barn nobody wants hay smelling meds hopefully its just. the samples but wow the entire bottom row of flower is awful
    horrible from the banana to the blue durban all whack

  542. AZSMOKER1209

    Meds are a joke. Do not waste your money here. About every other place you choose to go to will have higher quality meds that are more affordable.

  543. mt0624

    This was the first dispensary I went to and the staff was very helpful. They have a good selection and I really like this location.

  544. IBlazeLounge

    The first dispensary i went to and received verde electric for my Sahg3 digestive issues and i will always come back for it!!

  545. funkyfreshdevilducky

    Stopped in here twice since they opened. By far the best place to get your meds in the valley. Best location for me personally too. Its conveniently close to work. Completely professional from entrance to exit with a very friendly and a knowledgeable staff. The other reviews are on point. These guys have their act together. Patients like myself have been waiting a longtime for a top notch place. Picked up some super lemon haze thats just killer. Lower priced strains are just as good as premium in other places. Will def be back. Love the hat too!

  546. marklemon

    fantastic deal high quality meds and the staff is very helpful

  547. BackslaahAZ

    Very helpful, personal service and help finding right strain. Good, THC and CBD tested meds.

  548. UniversityGuy

    First, I must say I do like the large selections and your quality of weed isn’t that bad, but it’s not the real top shelf stuff, in my opinion. My comment is about the management. I’ve been smoking for 23 years and I don’t need some young fu*^%r dude to tell me all about my weed. I think he wanted to be assured he knows, and I can appreciate that, but I don’t need Herb 101. If he would have asked me a couple of questions, then he would have known I’m fairly savay with my green I’m bothered by the way they act kind of snobby at this dispensary, Unfortunately, even some of the other patients act that way. Perhaps it’s not a place intended for everybody. We’re all trying to change public perceptions and there will always be people sticking up their noses but I wouldn’t expect that to be the dispensary employees themselves. I can tell you today the place was just like a bunch of immature weed snobs working and playing.

  549. 17Encounter

    Excellent staff and very knowledgable.

  550. canabis12


  551. fr3nchdOGg

    Not great at all. Maybe Event deceiving overtime. Flower is ok, prerolls are not. Edibles are more expensive, and boy can the staff have a nasty attitude from the very front door to the bulletproof bank teller counter in the members only area. Most of the time they can’t even get the bag though the slot, only money coming their way fits easily! The smile-less girls behind the glass feel like they’re carefully feeding Hannibal lector and other psychos. At the front door they once asked to take my d-backs hat off and another time to remove my earbuds before entering the waiting room!
    Inside the vibe is a bit weird like a recreational dispensary in Washington or Colorado. Cute staff but too commercially driven to feel like they care much about patients. That being said it is close and open everyday, so it’d be nice if they improved overtime. Cheers.

  552. wilrus7

    Excellent service and customer support from knowledgeable staff. Great selection of flower, concentrates, edibles, and vape cartridges. Fast and easy.

  553. LOLGainz

    thanks for the free new patient stuff

  554. hsentg23

    good looking meds, great selection of top buds but too expensive. also most places have budtenders but this place had one budtender for up to 6 people at a time… drop your prices

  555. jrwohlert

    Great place to go and they have great specials

  556. LauraLRizza

    I am unhappy to report my first negative review. I asked for sugar cookie and got girl scout cookie which was a higher price and I didn’t get my 10% off for being a new customer. The final straw in making me lean towards this review is what I got didn’t weigh at what the pre bagged product said. It was not 3.5 as stated on the bag. Lesson learned, I won’t go to another Dispensary that doesn’t weigh it in front of me.

  557. Mary_Jen

    This is one of the nicer dispensaries I have been to, the staff is always really great and nice, however you get what you pay for I guess because whenever I purchase the snap sale grams or just a gram in general the flower tends to burn super fast and the packages always have little tiny buds in it. I will say this is is my go to place for my dream steam cartridges though and edibles because of the good quality and price.

  558. gghart

    my favorite dispensary. the happy easygoing atmosphere plus the quality. I never leave unhappy.

  559. himynameiszer0

    Could be a great place the employees need knowledge in products and to not be a mood killer I just went in today the manager was awesome but his team failed and made it to where I don’t want to return at all

  560. brooketay9

    Everyone in here has to be THE nicest! Love chatting it up with the ladies in the front! You guys are so much fun! dY~~ leaving this for my first time and my second time visit dYtm+dY1/4a$?i,dY’OEdY>>

  561. Veeco

    I was concerned about the appearance of Flo at first. She was a bit leafy and I typically prefer the light green / red hairs vs the greyish buds, but now that she has dried up a bit and the nuggets are smaller from being broken, I am pretty satisfied. Its a decent strain. Not too heavy and has made for some restful nights which is always good.

  562. Alias

    Great medicine, very knowledgeable and friendly staff, wide selection, clean and inviting environment. Can not go wrong. Would recommend to everyone.

  563. Mary Jane

    I’ve come here a few times. The flower is ok, be careful it usually has seeds. The gentleman that has long hair pulled back is very helpful and knows the medical aspect. A huge reason I won’t go here is the girls they have working behind the glass. Come on young ladies, you’re working at a marijuana dispensary, is it really that hard to smile, looking the patient in the eyes and happily ask them what you can get for them. It baffles me. They sit and talk to one another about what flower they’re going to try that day. Really?! Ladies you are not just servicing people who like to just get high but you are helping PATIENTS, some that have real honest debilitating diseases and or conditions.
    Based on the staff behind the glass, I will not ever go here again. Three strikes you’re out. Sucks Harvest, you should have a talk with your staff. It’s a Shame!

  564. markcapriotti95

    Best Dispensary in Arizona, have to let people know that they should be viewed as more of a roll model for new and upcoming Dispensarys. They set the stage with a great hard-working staff, like always. Harvest is doing it right.

  565. iSparkziT

    I’m a regular customer here and I absolutely love this place! Great staff, awesome flower and deals, with the perfect location off the 10 you have to check them out!

  566. lmhousley

    I love the selection. Great service!

  567. MzTee40

    So I decided to visit Harvest in Tempe and found that everyone there is very helpful and willing to point u in the right direction!!

  568. LA420

    This place is the best, great people and prices plus the review program is great too

  569. JanelleKinsey

    Fantastic service great friendly staff, always super helpful and explain things really well, one time they didn’t mention that I needed a different battery for the ‘pure’ cartridges made an exchange super easy, I always leave with a smile. Thank you to kalia

  570. houseman

    Prices too high….’nuff said.

  571. kmartin2much2

    Wonderful space and everyone very knowledgable, helpful and a joy to be around. Love the atmosphere & selections it’s great.

  572. Scoooty

    Great location, awesome selection, and amazing staff!

  573. BabyRhyno420

    Fantastic service, nice safe enviornment. Diverse strain menus. And the edibles are the best around. The triple strength bhang bars are well worth the price. Great overall experience every time.

  574. Remarkoner

    Great place to get good buds!!

  575. jennieacosta

    great service and people

  576. amberhope

    Friendly, knowledgeable staff and great selection and deals!

  577. Killakayjay

    I’ve been to this location twice now and both times I have not been disappointed! They always have great deals on good quality flower! I love the small atmosphere, the staff is friendly and as soon as I go in and show my ID I’m immediately buzzed to the back,no wait time! I usually go to Mint dispensary but I think this is my new fav dispensary!

  578. Tdrivera

    Free pre roll and has emerald leaf edibles !

  579. class3felon

    Fast service friendly help

  580. Justchillininaz


  581. orioles4life

    I think this location and other dispensaries need a voter registration desk, to promote Proposition 205 to support the legalization of Marijuana. Sad, I haven’t seen it at any Dispensary .

  582. Rkm4

    The location was good. Easy to find.

  583. eliclark159

    I love coming in, everyone is so inviting and easy to talk to.

  584. phelanbrown

    The old man that opens the door was rude af. Will never spend my money here again. Work on your customer service skills

  585. stonykay81

    Flower is terrible. Staff didn’t know method of grow or nutrients used. It is a shame that our state registered dispensaries are peddling mids as premium and using synthetic nutes. Save your money and stay away.

  586. bettiesage23

    The WORST dispensary I have ever been to hand down. The quality is REGGIE don’t let them tell you it’s “Arizona Sun Grown” it’s just a fancy way of saying it’s shitty weed. I didn’t smoke their prerolls that I bought because they tasted like dirt. Their best cartridge, the Dream Steam, tasted like dirt and Reggie. The lady who helped me told me I didn’t know how to medicate properly and talked me out of an edible sale to push their HORRIBLE cartridges. Don’t waste your time here.

  587. rettajk

    Harvest Tempe has been my go to dispensary since I moved to the east valley. The staff is so caring and helpful. Best joint in town 😉

  588. PotMcBudski

    I wasn’t too impressed by this location, some suit guy was giving me a hard time about my temp ID. The woman at the door was nice and really liked my dog. The bud selection was extensive and I liked the open browsing, the girl that gave the tour was frindly too. I might try again.

  589. RedOnTheHead6969

    easy in and easy out
    I enjoy the friendliness of the staff.

  590. kevin0011111

    Good medicine

  591. Navi602

    Wack ass joints , pre roll didn’t even hit until the middle of the joint. Especially being aEURoe gram aEURoe pre – rolls , smh.

  592. xixiou

    more sour kush plz….that was good.
    nice folks. nice place.

  593. stkelly72888

    Everyone is very inviting helpful and nice. Major problem though, is that they pre-weigh their flower. I decided to weigh out my 1/8ths I purchased from harvest. All of them weighed out at 2.5gs each. I video taped me opening the final eighth and weighing it out as proof. I don’t believe they purposefully did this but clearly having stoned employees weigh their product away from customers is not very comforting so I have no trust in this company. I was shorted 4gs out of 14.

  594. smiller480

    harvest is awesome. great customer service and great flower!

  595. Anonymous2323

    The meds (flowers specifically) at this dispensary have gone downhill over the last year or so while the prices continue to climb. $65 for an eighth of sub par top shelf meds. If I could show the pictures of their tiny, “organic” flowers I would, but trust me it is a joke. I just got an eighth of “top shelf” deep sleep and blue dream, both might as well have been shake with seeds mixed in. Do yourself a favor and go to Sunflower Meds down the street, $45 eighths and $40 – $50 concentrate grams! The flowers are much better as well. I was a loyal patient for a long time at Harvest but the sub par medicine lately combined with their rediculous prices will keep me going elsewhere.

  596. Pablo731

    My first time as a patient in AZ. Warmly greeted by Crystal at the door, excellent THC education and assistance provided by Dirk who knew the best products to treat my severe arthritis. I was impressed with the whole process, the vast selections and modern facility. Looking forward to my next visit.

  597. GrapeNut

    Went in since they supply Zander with high CBD meds, or they pretend too, couldn’t see or find any high cbd and low THC. Youngtown dispensary has the ac/DC aka Valentinex that’s 17% cbd to 1%thc that was made for kids. No medical quality in this place just dried out Cali outdoor for top shelf prices.AZ needs more places with real meds.

  598. tbonus420

    Very knowledge staff and GREAT bud!

  599. bluntsinbox

    Harvest has the best bud!!!!! Hands down!!! You always get what you pay for here!!! I will be back!!!!!

  600. frankiesays

    This was the first dispensery I went to and it was a awesome experience. You usually have someone let you in greet you and there’s always bud tenders on the inside waiting to help. I had no idea about prices but as I started to look up and learn more I realized the place is very expensive for what you get but that wasn’t the reason I stopped going. Despite the friendly atmosphere and good people anything below their top shelf is dryed out and weak. I understand the cost of running a place like that but the quality of the lower shelf stuff should be better but with that being said I would tell shop her for edibles and their vape cartridges. I would recommend this for people that want to go to a professional environment in Tempe this is a the place to go

  601. D201347

    as a FTP I drove from the far West Valley to get the deal, well as it turns out I had to purchase the cartridge and pen was free with battery and charger, cool, but the damn thing doesn’t work, so I bought the cartridge and now I am unable to use it. very upset because it was as if the girl knew and said yea make sure u check it just in case but I mean it’s cool I can of back but damn what a waste of a trip! please if you are a FTP check your shit before u leave the parking lot. I’ll c if I have time to get it right. For sure after this I won’t be back. Not cool yall.

  602. alsmithee

    They are not as knowledgeable as I would expect about the strains in inventory :/

  603. JohnnyGman

    This is to the individual that provides the written responses for Harvest Dispensary:

    After reading through the reviews and Harvest response, I would hope it would be apparent, as I’m sure it is to others who read the responses, that you follow a pretty consistent script and format, using the same word or word phrases in virtually the same thing in every response. I’m sure it isn’t challenging to write. Unfortunately for you, when the Leafly readers check reviews and responses, they will see the similar format, wording, or in some cases identical statements which I think decreases or calls into question the genuineness and sincerity of your messaged response. Maybe make the responses more personal and fitting to the specifics of the concern, finding other ways to say “Thank you for your honest review” Please reach out to us, we will be investigating, we value your feedback, or following the same format. The similarity of all the responses to concerns posted loose their credibility and impact. I would say that other readers would notice this. The responses to positive reviews are way different, feel very personal and intended for the person who wrote the review. The responses to concerns or suggestions lacks that personal touch, or connection you make quite well for the positive reviews.

  604. VaniaSoto2

    I like this place good product decent prices, friendly staff clean atmosphere

  605. Bubbason826

    prices are disgusting.

  606. CalbhaVaughn

    medical marijuana is supposed to be a NONPROFIT program. how do you sleep at night exploiting people who have cancer and serious illness? more than just, “stoners” get a card you know. I won’t be back, I won’t ever pay over $10 a gram for flower n over $25 a half gram for concentrate, I won’t recommend this place to anyone, and I really hope you have some guilt about these prices, if not you might want to look up the definition of, “sociopath”.

  607. Skepsis

    Overall my visit was nice. Very friendly staff who acted much more professional than the other clubs around. Good location and very nice storefront. My only complaint comes down to price. Over 400 dollars for an ounce is a little silly and this does not help patients who need larger amounts out. I only got a gram my first time and the quality was not bad, though the bud itself was a little dry. I would love to come back and support the dispensary but at this time the prices are just simply way to high. My current service gets the same quality, if not a little better, than your top quality for over 120 dollars less.

  608. alanb

    never had any problem with the meds except for the prices. If you are a heavy user this place is just unaffordable.

  609. brutusbuckeye

    I was greeted and felt at home…others have commented that it feels like a used car lot..my tender explained what was what and described a few strains of each as it was my first time visiting…after that he left me alone unless I had a question…you can smell, touch, look at the bud..bud what you see is not what you get…granted I got a gram of a few buds..I got a bag of little break off parts of a bud..to include a seed in their top shelf flower…kinda of a bummer for medical marijuana..got a dream steam too..original kush sativa cartridge…nice body high..uplifting..mellow…overall a chill place…caters to an older crowd for sure…not too crazy about the bullet proof glass..I suffer from hearing loss and I can’t stand talking through glass I feel like I have to scream….if I’m the area I might swing but I’m not sure I would drive over from the west valley. .

  610. notoriousmmj

    Harvest has a great location in Tempe. People there are very friendly and knowledgeable. The inside of the store is warm and inviting but a fairly small space overall, you basically have the products on the left and cashiers on the right.
    I’ve been to Harvest about three times now. Every time I’ve gotten what I paid for, bought some Premium flower and was very happy, bought the cheapest flower they had and I still have it. I typically know what I want and usually don’t converse too much with the budtenders. I do however listen to the conversations around me and can tell the staff on hand there will definitely point you in the right direction with info and genuine care.
    Overall Harvest has a great location and genuine service. The only con I have is the small size which can sometimes feel crowded.

  611. NordicNasty

    What a rinky dink dispensary. My experience happened on Black Friday and was going to take advantage of their BF specials. I was coming from downtown Phx, and it was later so I wanted to make sure they were still open. Pulled up their website, no hours posted. Tried calling the phone# on their site and said they couldn’t accept phone calls. Decided to drive down there only to be turned down because it was 8:05pm and closed. I asked the manager if I could get a rain check as I drove all the way from downtown. I was told no and left. Get your website updated with hours and a phone# you can actually call.

  612. gentlesmoke

    Unless this is your only choice, you should choose elsewhere. Place is almost insulting with how over priced everything is. Be prepared to pay 130 for a quad of anything decent.

  613. amcdlk

    I came here based on the other reviews. I knew absolutely NOTHING, and needed a ton of help in figuring out what to get. The staff is laid-back, professional, and knowledgable. They let me take all the time I needed and answered every one of my questions. They never made me feel like I was bothering them, or that I should already know this information. They didn’t rush me, and made sure they understood what I was looking for before offering any suggestions. The staff walked me through the entire process and made it simple and easy for me. The level of service here is outstanding, and the facility is really nice. I will definitely be back.

  614. Delgad000

    love this place…. people and product. very friendly and helpful!

  615. Tricia.Abril

    love this place. It was my first time in and I definitely will be back.

  616. ssh84

    Love Harvest! Went in with my grandma and mom it was a great experience. When my cartridge I got for free did not work, they gave me a brand new one free! The staff is awesome, knowledgeable, and very helpful. The place is a little small, but I LOVE their location.

  617. mdj49Az

    I am a new patient, and find the meds are very good. I am a loyal fan of this shop. They are learning to be better and better. I think it is a very nice place with very helpful people.

  618. Produece

    Awesome selection of product.Pretty quick besides some sales days but hey,it’s a sale.Staff was really cool and knew the product really well.

  619. Heyward

    Great place

  620. jetdoc

    Nice location but feel like I’m in an Independent Convenient store at 3 am! Talkin to the dude behind the bullet proof glass! WAY TOO EXPENSIVE, for the quality of meds provided. What Harvest is selling GDP for, I can get the SAME thing for $25/eighth CHEAPER just a few minutes down the road!

    I don’t understand how people continue to PAY this much for meds, when they DON’T have to? Harvest’s meds are NOT $25/eighth, BETTER than anywhere else! As long as you people PAY that for it, I guess they’ll keep it up. Until people QUIT allowing them to charge as much as they do, by shopping elsewhere. There prices will NEVER come down. I live in the South Tempe/Ahwatukee area, but will NOT patronize Harvest b/c of their pricing!

  621. bmwoods777

    Best dispensary in town – by far!

  622. nanders03

    This is not the place to go if you have social anxiety-I don’t but this place makes me uncomfortable. Too many “employees” greeting, walking around, and really just taking up space and getting in your way to see the products. I ask all three who were roaming around some specific questions, and got three different answers. Ive been here a few times throughout the year and see many of the complaints in reviews have been ignored, and the price for the quality you get is still some of the poorest in the city. I don’t know how so many of you work in such a happy industry and manage to be so rude. Hire some nicer and more knowledgable employees if you’re going to have them all over the place.

  623. surefiregamble

    Super friendly, very knowledgeable good medicine I will for sure be returning

  624. moshgirl

    I like it. It’s the first time I had ever been to a dispensary and it was a bit over whelming. The second time I did my homework first. Checked out the best strains for pain. I made a list. The next time I went in, I was in and out in 5 minutes. I can’t wait until the Scottsdale store opens.

  625. shaunmorrison

    love the visit greaT MEDS THANKS

  626. Irishgreengirl

    I have now gone 4 times to Harvest of Tempe and everyone is so helpful and courteous. Trey is great to work with and helped me so much today! Definitely Recommend!

  627. AZWrangler

    These guys are great. I like the fact that I rarely have to wait and everyone there is very attentive. Quality flower, good selection and good prices.

  628. atmSailin

    No terps = no medicinal therapy, only a druggy high effect.

    Potency ratings are scientifically proven irrelevant without the natural terpenes to facilitate their interactions.

  629. Goodkidmadcity12

    Got a pre roll today, I asked for an Indica so I could sleep tonight and well im still up. Was told the strain was Tahoe OG but by the effects I can say for a fact it is not. Too many times I’ve come to harvest and spent my hard earned money. No more. Don’t let this schwag weed waste your time.

  630. chiefceeb

    This location had very courteous employees and I enjoyed the new patient specials. standard priced flower but great quality. Would be nice if they sold concentrates but with the vape pens it’s basically the same. over all good experience

  631. dmbustam

    My favorite spot

  632. lee420lee

    great buds n all great service

  633. pixieMartin

    Absolutely love this place and everything about it

  634. emack

    I never write reviews, let alone bad reviews but my experience at harvest of Tempe today will have me never coming back. For starters, they stuffed about 20 people into that back room to where the lines where pushing back to where you couldn’t even look at anything on their shelf without asking someone to move. So I find my meds I want and tell the lady the two strains of shatter I wanted along with a couple of other things. at the time someone else had come back because he was rang up for an extra item by the same lady that was ringing me up, and during that process she put two completely different strains of shatter in my bag and I had not noticed. I was impressed with the two strains I saw on their shelf before order) both were gold looking and clear). I left without opening my bag as my receipt still had the correct strains I asked for. as I can not drive right since I am having seizures I left and did not open the bag until I got home, and upon opening the bag both strains of shatter were completely different, and pitch black and muddy. I was so bummed because I had expected something completely different and even remember the strains I asked (I use specifics for my seizures). I call them and they tell me they don’t take returns for opened product…well how would I know if it’s correct without opening the silicone jar?! I didn’t even touch the shatter, just unsealed the bag to check what it was. and to top it off, the edible I got has a date of june 2015. never coming back here again even if it’s a last resort.

  635. tomas.valdez.12

    Thank you for responding to my message. once I put the once I put the cookie outside of the refrigerator it was okay. Your cbd tincture for help with my PTSD which is very extreme did end up helping afterall. I was just not educated on how much to use to be affected. You are right it is much safer going to you guys instead of the st., you guys still are still overpriced though. I’m happy that you care enough to respond to my messege that just made all the diff. for me. If I’m welcome I’d like to give you guys another chance. Your cbd tinc. While EXTREMELY expensive ill still buy.Only because it did work. The only complaint I do end up having is that no matter how much$ I offered I was not allowed to buy more than a .8 sized preroll. That’s rediculous. I’m a full size man pot head in pain, not a plastic ken doll. I woulda bought a oz if I couldve of bought either the harlequin or the Durban, but no, it wasn’t allowed. When people go way out of there way to go to yall u should try n accomodate them. Ya think?? It’s how u seperate urself from the competition. Trust me I have a business degree. Otherwise, yes you are very clean and the girls actually are nice eye candy.lol sorry for the rough first review. I’m just frustrated that as mmj people we should set ourselves apart n accomidate ur patients unlike reg. pharmacies and take care of each other, isn’t that the idea? . Also thank you for replacing the bad cookie I got the first time. The second was better afterall. The bhang bars were very strong too btw. $35? Alittle pricey but very good. its important to tell ur patients to wait a hr or two for it to kick in, cuz that it did n I was super weed hung over.lol thx guys ill see u again soon if that’s ok w you. I’m interested in ur oil cartridges. Go HARVEST! STILL MY FAV DISPENSARY.

  636. jdubb86

    Harvest has friendly faces, but the med quality isn’t there and their prices are insane. They also charge an extra 2 dollars to use a credit card. I go to Emeralds now. they at least have lowered tgier prices

  637. TomiKemeny

    I normally don’t rate perfect scores on reviews but I just can’t think of anything to improve of on here. I feel like I’m welcomed warmly here, everything is clean and professional feeling. The quality is some of the best in the area, at times with their specials it can also be quite the steal. I’ve come here quite a few times now, and will continue to come here when I want to get high quality meds.

  638. ashcole21

    I love this dispensary. The staff are always friendly and super helpful. I just picked up a quarter of rare dankness and I’m highly impressed. their prices on edibles, which I purchase a lot of, are the best in the valley overall.


    I’ve been coming here since 2012 and it is still legit to come visit!!

  640. Greenqueen89

    Sacrificed a rainbow roll just to see what’s in it! i strongly recommend to avoid. Shame on you for selling that

  641. Vcortesusmc

    It seems like the strains are correct but low level on Harvest flowers
    I get the same strain a mile away and compare them. Seems much stronger. Disappointed , since at first they were good products 4 years ago there.

  642. batmadd

    I really enjoy the set up of this location. Being able to take my time to look at the jars of bud was nice without feeling to pressured. I also love the new patient material, it’s awesome that Harvest does informational seminars. Shout out to my Budtender Nick, he was dope as well! Definitely coming back soon!

  643. Wessdawwg321

    Zanie was awesome!! was my first visit their first time it was a great experience she showed me all the ins and outs so I give her 5 stars of the Great budtender!! Thanks again Wess

  644. VLV

    Great products. Great people. Great times.

  645. CannabisCuresEverything

    Budtenders were very helpful!!

  646. hightideinphx

    The staff was very friendly from the second I stepped through the door! Even with filling out the new patient paperwork, the wait was less than 5 minutes. This was the first dispensary I ever visited, so I had no idea what to expect, but it was a very lovely boutique style set up. The patient adviser (I believe her name was Jade) was very helpful and patient, and let me take my time figuring out what I needed for my condition. At check out, I did accidentally receive a strain I did not ask for (Critical Mass instead of Casey Jones), but I was so overwhelmed with my first visit to a dispensary (though definitely NOT the dispensary’s fault!) that I didn’t notice until I had gotten home and ripped open the package. I should have looked more carefully, but the Critical Mass was a beautiful smoke none the less! Their first time patient deals are AWESOME and I always recommend Harvest to my friends.

  647. Jdnavarro

    the meds where good for the price. would go there again soon..

  648. lemonscone

    They offered a 10% or 15% discount for new patients but didn’t actually give me my discount.. i didnt speak up because it was only a few dollars off so i thought “no biggie”.. but then when i referred a friend and she tried to use her discount, they didnt give it to her either. Seems sketch to me… And their prices are higher than most places I’ve been to. Probably won’t be returning unless I absolutely need to.

  649. Scroogecloud

    Awesome prices

  650. polopo

    Please get some type of express line set up for your sale days. Sick of coming in there for a special but then have to wait in line behind a bunch of indecisive stoners!

  651. lionking86

    nothing but awesomeness rite off the Freeway great bud at great prices nice friendly ppl love the sale in and out quick

  652. trixie12

    Selection and quality definitely lower than other places. I initially thought the staff was helpful but now that I’ve tried a few other places I realize they aren’t as informed as others dispensary staff

  653. Peno

    A bit expensive but really good quality and great people

  654. Ashizzl3

    Always friendly, gives great advice on strains, and took the time to help me calculate the correct mg dose on some edibles I wanted to try in a different brand. Definitely my go to spot! Plus only a mile away from my home, they are very convenient!

  655. rainman64

    Today was my first time here. I drove in from S. Phoenix to pick up some Vital CBD Balm for my mom, and decided to get an 1/8 of Northern, and a free 1/8th of Boss Hog for FTP for myself.

    At the time of this writing I’ve only tried the Northern and it is amongst the best I’ve had, and I’m a 5yr MMJ Card Holder and have tried Northern at different dispensaries throughout the years.

    Appreciated the 10% Vet disc (Thx), and my dude with the locks was quick, friendly and engaging. Sorry I don’t remember his name but I don’t want to call him Tyrone (smile).

    The pricing is ok- but thb I personally never pay more than 25-35 for an 1/8th or 200 for an oz. I just haven’t seen the big difference in potency, flavor, or lasting effect between the different tiers to pay more than that. But that’s just my personal opinion and preference. Thanks for a great experience.

  656. bmlangness

    Good meds, but no concentrates. Friendly service, good edibles too. I’ll be going back.

  657. JeromeBakerBongs

    As a return customer, the overall bud quality is good , but my last purchase was not good at all. Left a bad taste in my mouth literally. May have been a one time thing but unfortunately I don’t know if I’ll return. Seems like something has changed but I can’t say exactly what it is. The thing about quality can be a hit or miss and I originally thought harvest was a hit.

  658. bigbgt

    I’m usually happy with harvest of tempe but I’ve bought a vape pen cartridge there a couple weeks ago and took a half dozen drags off it and put it away in my top drawer as it is not the primary way I ingest cannabis. Later When I went to get my vape pen I noticed the oil had all leaked out. I FEEL THIS WAS A TOTAL RIP OFF FOR $40 DOLLARS. BEWARE OF THE VAPE PEN CARTRIDGES.

  659. Marioazphx

    Good stuff cool people next to my house I like this place

  660. thelifeofqueenb

    Fabulous staff , always really helpful and don’t ever rush me . I really enjoy their daily deals for patients .

  661. discospider

    Love this place.
    Very professional and friendly.

  662. zimmerman76

    I thought that is was an awesome experience. Staff were friendly and real pros at their jobs. I love the large selection of meds. The lower priced meds were great smoke. Looking forward to sampling your own creation of meds. Wish that you would take credit cards though, but I will come again. thanks

  663. pinklady420

    nice and friends staff. good selection and nice specials 🙂

  664. AmberFaithK

    Good quality products. An interesting layout and setup for a dispensary.

  665. Kingtobiaz13

    This place is nice I would recommend it to everybody they have nice knowledgeable staff and they have pretty good meds. They also give away free pre rolls on friday to everybody weather you make a purchase or not.

  666. ediblej

    WAY OVERPRICED. 20$ for a gram 60$ for a 1/8th……

  667. browneck1

    Great place this was the first dispensary I went to. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Good meds.

  668. tziporak

    Coming to this dispensary is a unique experience. Everyone is helpful and answers questions. I really love the concentrates they carry and have become a huge fan of the CBD ones in particular.

  669. kylen74

    absolutely hands down the best place to buy. Friendly staff always willing to assist.

  670. TomChill

    everyone was nice and the product was good

  671. kyleishigh

    first time in to this medical facility and will be the last. was told that being under the age of 21 that i cannot enter the back to openly see the medicine. but was told that they could bring it out and show me in the front of the store? paid 19 dollars for a gram of there topshelf blue dream, the medicine had calcium deposits
    all over it and was trimmed very
    poorly. i was hoping i could find a good clinic with clean medicine but found the exact opposite, avoid this place at all cost.

  672. sfou1

    This is the only place I purchase from for two reasons; great quality and everyone is friendly. Especially like chatting with the greeters, good people.

  673. tlo

    It was my first ever visit to a dispensary and this place was amazing. Great location, great atmosphere, super friendly and helpful staff. I was blown away. This is my spot for sure.

  674. diazfolife

    Loved the info given under each strain that tells me whats good for pain, stress ect. And the helpful staff n display was wonderful! Would highly recommend!

  675. indigo333

    cool menu online

  676. allstar23

    yes, the harvest is nice. it’s a storefront location and the folks are nice.

  677. 1989

    friendly staff took the time to talk to me about the deals available to me what their specials were and what they personally recommended left with an o of some excellent outdoor flower will be back.

  678. yoooooadriane

    my home dispo..Always have what I need when I need it. Great staff and always super helpful!

  679. Thedon10

    excellent product friendly service!

  680. ss12olson

    The staff was so great, helpful and made excellent suggestions! I will definitely be back!

  681. jreyes

    first time their had a gift card fo a free edible free juice or the choice of a free preroll .. chose a cookie n was charged for it

  682. Mellie420

    Hey onyx I love your flower selection you always have what I need thanks

  683. germaineos

    First time in, big smiles and warm welcome. Was assisted by Nick who was super knowledgeable and amazing. Let me take my time and showed me everything, gave me recommendations.. overall a great fun experience. Prices are unbeatable compared to other dispensaries in the area, great variety on flower and edibles. Big kuddos guys!

  684. Shy94

    Great place. love the dream steam cartridges and the flower is super pretty. Got they’re lemonhead it was very good. will be going back soon.

  685. thatchic2014

    great place. the staff is great and the place is always clean. great meds and awesome deals. keep up the good work guys.

  686. HereticAZ

    This is by far my favorite place to go. Great product, great prices, generous loyalty program, awesome staff!

  687. Kboodro

    I had a great time and the service was very helpful

  688. DavidPopham

    I never feel like this location is ever dangerous. An awesome staff with all the knowledge and know how in the business. All of the flower mess are amazing. Tastes cleans and always fresh. Not yet tried edibles but the vape cartridges are my absolute favorite. I would highly recommend this dispensory!

  689. zgluvvv

    I have to admit this dispensary is one of a kind. I always get the great customer service and care inside here. However i visited today for the $5 special on the lavender jones. Was a little iffy on purchasing because the good ole saying aEURoeyou get what you pay foraEUR. I expressed how i was feeling uneasy to my budtender as i did not want to waste my money on some low quality flower and she suggested me grab a gram or two. Try it out than

  690. babiiblue

    My 1st Time going they are EXCELLENT..!! Very Good Customer Service!! Have excellent sales!! Very helpful!! Diffently will be VISTING THEM OFFTEN!!

  691. missmurderotica

    Great service and product!

  692. mungojames

    Great place favorite dispensary

  693. john.janecek.16

    Love the Flowers, just as much as the prices.

  694. SmilinChica

    friendly staff (especially Dirk). Very satisfied thx again

  695. clapp34

    This place is LEGIT! A lil pricey but they got the quality forsure

  696. 2zones

    Too expensive for exact same shit I get elsewhere. 400$ for an ounce With my veterans discount is just too much cash to drop. If you’re in Goodyear, try valley of the sun. Same flowers but it may be too far for some people. Fortunately I do not live close to harvest and will not be stopping by again unless the prices are more affordable. I can’t knock the quality. It is equal to every other dispensary.

  697. melodyblu

    I always enjoy coming to Harvest Tempe. Their staff is always kind and ready to help whenever they are needed. Their selection of products is nice too.
    I only do flower or gummies so I will only comment on those products to be fair. I LOVE THE JAMMIES they have by the registers. They taste sooo good and are a nice size! Not tiny at all. Those 10mg gummies do their job. Not bad for $2 each.
    the flower selection… I am always happy with their options and the little cards that describe the main 3-4 effects you may feel while trying that strain. They tend to have great sales too. This is definitely one of my favorite spots.

  698. Allstargoldens

    At Harvest you are always good. At the door with a smiling face not to mention fair pricing and 420 bargains see you tomorrow

  699. Casual_chris

    Great quality in product .

  700. Casados4me

    First time to a dispensary. Nice place, good location, easy access. I do have a lot of questions and don’t feel like they were answered adequately. The guy helping me didn’t offer the new patient gift!!!!!dY~” Dont know if I’ll be back.

  701. mrmine

    They need to be more knowledgeable about their products or be honest and not just after a higher sale!

  702. locmonkz

    the best selecting flower in the valley

  703. M814

    Harvest is outstanding! Always helpful, awesome customer service, and a great selection of strains and delivery methods (very happy with the transdermals they carry now) . Keep up the great work!

  704. gleaco21

    I was a first time patient and mainly went there because they accept credit which is very convenient. Their snap sale 1/8th was good quality for the price of 35 dollars.

  705. lovebug2006

    The quality of medication is very bad. Dry flower, people behind the bullet proof glass where rude. One of the ladies would not stop giving dirty looks especially when asking a question as if you where inconviencing her. Not a happy place to be.

  706. amerijuana

    High prices for mediocre meds. not a fan.

  707. dodo4bird

    150$ oz!!

  708. Patrice1

    I love it. They are quick, nice, clean, and very friendly. Great Vibes.

  709. ashes4me

    I have always loved many things about Harvest as patient for the past year and have frequented by my standards. Unfortunately this last visit, during a sale they had, left a rather sour taste in my mouth. I had received email notification of this amazing sale they were having that had the prices clearly listed. Upon looking at the menu on Leafly, I had noticed a small price discrepancy ($10 to be exact) between my email and what was here on Leafly on a particular strain. This then prompted this visit as I thought it would be accommodated. I couldn’t have been more in the wrong. Rather than allow for me to get the price that was listed the bud tender had insisted that it was wrong. While telling me that Leafly was wrong, not even attempting to be kind. Why should I, a regular patient have to pay for the error that I did not make. Unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened with another strain I had sought out. Sadly the mark was missed on this one and now has me reconsidering returning. Even though my experiences in the past have been pleasant, it is unfortunate that they could not be more accommodating on this one.

  710. Omz909

    Had a great experience coming into this dispensary. The welcome was more than enough. Thank you
    Ill will be back..

  711. woody79

    great flower, great concentrates, and great customer service, very helpful and friendly.

  712. kentlonnie64

    They have the best deals in town !

  713. Ring0

    This has always been my favorite dispensary of you’ve never gone did yourself a favor and check it out dY~%0

  714. NickVega602


  715. mFarshaw

    What can I say? The only time I bother to go anywhere else is when I am in a pinch and/or Harvest is closed.
    great customer service, always stocked.

  716. bdubnphx

    Great prices Snap specials

  717. silvabells

    I like it!

  718. minivick9

    $tay Blunted and blow it out.. its all luh, especially if you phx your operation.
    1st and 4-most, $387.4? Please tell me how the extra .40 helps business at the end of the day? Other than shoeing away those you consider underneath you and your operation because they actually have a budget and realize a place including CENTS in an OZ price. . .
    I think I speak for everybody when I say nobody finds a dispensary cute for its own personal naming creations so let’s keep it straight forward and not mes with what’s under the shelves. Nobody’s tryna smoke some rhode kill that you dragged in off the streets and renamed.
    Obviously you have no concern or respect for your patients as you are (correct if wrong) the top dispensary around yet you can afford to drop prices… so do it.

  719. Californiacated

    first tyme there was alright it they gave a free pen and 15a,,… off my purchase and I bought the cartage it smoked good problem is there cartage are expensive I recommend the bang bar for the new patients

  720. snickelfrits

    Outrageous price for sub par meds.

  721. kekowyatt

    Love the energy, service , and flower

  722. Monstercookie23

    Came in with intentions of getting some platinum GSC. Have to say that winning the butch bong awards for the best hybrid and not have any in stock was a big let down. These guys write their own reviews and possibly paid to win the 1st and 2nd place. Looking at what was available did not intrigue me at all. Their growers must be rookies! Or they don’t have any master growers that are able to produce what they need. Will not be back! No Cookies no return!

  723. etcooler

    U guys are a joke, have the highest prices and the lowest quality in the valley. Must be buying outdoor and reselling it as indoor hahaha, only old ppl or ppl who wana smoke boo boo wud waste their money here. Yall need to shut down ur business, get som real growers in there, and re think ur strategy and u wonder y no one comes here or walks n and right out, stay away from here!!!!!!!!

  724. Caliking7528

    Love coming to the Harvest dispensary. Lil out of my way but so worth it. Best flower and deals around.

  725. TCBARAGRY87

    Love this place always has really good deals on edibles plus you get to use your card rad.

  726. sharimyk420

    I love their reward program

  727. famo01

    Awesome team!

  728. opalray

    So friendly and knowledgeable! I will be back.

  729. vndres

    Yesterday was my second visit here. Picked up some of the White Fire and also got a free pre-roll! That sandman was dY”Y=

  730. LynnSwann

    One of the best dispensarys in town! A smart and friendly staff plus a great selection of product makes for a great store! Love this place!

  731. hotwingaz

    I’m not going to lie, I really liked the people and the atmosphere. The “show room” is a bit busy but the parking lot feels safe. The selection is nice which is what brough me there…the people were incredibly kind. The price is a little high for the quality though. And I don’t that all the bud is prepacked behind glass…I prefer to see what I’m walking away with before paying.

  732. Kdfits

    Harvest is extremely over priced. I paid $67 last week for an 8th of top shelf flower, I regretted the purchase before I even left. The bud tenders are super rude and not very friendly. I would recommend other dispensaries over this one, they act like they have the best flower in the valley but they grow nothing them self. Also one of the bud tenders knocked another dispensary when I was there which I thought was unprofessional. All the bud tenders are really young and are behind glass windows…..

  733. jareddinaz

    I am really shocked that I have to leave a review for harvest like this! I have so much disappointment in there staff on how they are running and telling people to go in the back durning a busy time. But to only find out there are too many people back there. People who came in are going in front of everyone? I waited in the back for an hour too know when I get to the counter the flower I wanted they ran out. By the way when I got to the counter they only had 1/8 available . So since I had to wait and watch people go in front of me I can’t even get what I want ? This was around 9:20 am ,for this Harvest just lost a very good customer!! I will let everyone know about this so they don’t get screw out of an hour of there day, trust me there more dispensary giving out better deals!

  734. sfreynolds84

    Forget Disney Land, this is the happiest place on earth!

  735. tmv123

    Prices are steep! There are CHEAPER alternatives.

  736. tmac

    Super bomb flower and staff and cashiers lol my new go to spotdY”Y=

  737. sassafrass

    Very helpful service, staff opening the door for you as u walk in and out, very knowledgable staff.

  738. ac520

    Harvest of Tempe new Verde Valley flower is legit, good meds.

  739. inrainbows420

    First visit today and so far this is the best spot in the valley I’ve been to. Good vibes, knowledable staff and excellent prices for quality product. Keep up the good work guys!

  740. HRD2LUVME

    I love the place and People who work there. They were so helpful and helping me pick out the right Meds for me. I’m sorry that some of you feel the way you do. I love the clean and secured environment. It makes me feel secure. The meds they recommended works wonders. I am no longer on my prescription meds. And it’s wonderful. So I will continue to go back and refer people as well. And if you don’t like it go somewhere else. There are plenty to choose from around the valley. Harvest keep doing what you’re doing. Many Blessings

  741. jonathan12343

    I’m very satisfied with customer service