Free Vapen X battery!*



2601 W. Dunlap Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85021


33.5667839, -112.1148443




8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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We are now open until 10pm!

$50 Quarters and $90 Half Ounces everyday!
Price includes tax!

First Time Patient Specials:

1st Visit:
You can combine all 4 deals!

aEURC/ Buy an 8th of flower, Get a FREE free 8th of flower!* Select stains.
aEURC/ Buy 1 Gram of Hi-Klas concentrate, get a FREE gram of Hi-Klas shatter.
aEURC/ Buy One Timeless cartridge, Get a FREE Timeless 500mg cartridge.*
aEURC/ Buy One, Get One FREE on Flourish edibles (No Limit!).
*(Prices Include Tax. Free Item Excludes Private Reserve Flower/Concentrate.)*

2nd Visit:
aEURC/ FREE gram of flower w/ $30 Purchase!*

3rd Visit:
aEURC/ FREE Sunday Goods Pre-Roll w/ $30 Purchase!*

*Prices Include Tax! *BOGO details – Lowest priced item will be free. Lime 1 on Timeless. See deals page for details.*
*While Supplies Last. Subject to Change. Select strains. FTP discounts do not stack on sales prices.*
**We accept debit and credit cards for a $2.50 fee.**
*Free Vapen X battery with Vapen Pod purchase.*

Located at 2601 W. Dunlap Ave., Suite 18 Phoenix, AZ 85021. Conveniently located off the I-17 and Dunlap.

(For Search Purposes: AKA Herb’N)


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792 reviews for “Herb’N

  1. fuckedoffmyASShole

    Love HERB’N

  2. Kess9

    Great customer service, knowledge, and most importantly deals!!!! Loved the new patient bogo on timeless!!!!

  3. Chubby1722

    get place great help and love the vibe there.

  4. crazyjoker74

    Great location right of the freeway

  5. sebbs56

    Nice place, with cool employees. Would definitely recommend to a friend

  6. kerriey76@gmail.com

    The people here are hella cool.

  7. orangesprinklez

    Still my favorite place to buy flower. It’s always fresh. Never dry. The quality never disappoints no matter which tier you are purchasing from.

  8. Brendaw2

    Herb N dispensary
    Was pretty cool my first time there employees are awesome flowers were good I try pineapple Express and white buffalo

  9. sammieetellem

    Awesome flower. awesome bud tenders. must come see for self. Smells dY’

  10. Mt3ck

    great location, helpful and nice service, and awesome deals. look forward to stopping here more

  11. 1onio

    Grow science legend o.g here is fire

  12. slickbam

    they have the best staff they have the best customer service they have the best bud I will recommend people here.

  13. Atone1988

    great customer service always got good deals and flower is always the bomb

  14. ajnash36

    close to home and great customer service!

  15. 19Nico87

    Great 1st 2nd & 3rd visit deals

  16. KoalaMan420

    Amy hooking it up with great flower an awesome customer service great music Freindly Vibez dY~

  17. Owowomeech

    The people are cool super crazy close to My crib , also they’re flexible when it comes to Kids.. Great place Good Buds

  18. Racecarz

    Killer greenz

  19. Myrmeden325

    Top Shelf Establishment! I love everything about this place. Very friendly, knowledgeable staff. Excellent quality bud and great deals. Highly Recommended

  20. blackancestry

    Went to Herb’N Dispensary for my b-day and 420!!! They have bomb specials every day. Shout Out to Maria at the Front Desk!

  21. shorttales99

    very fast and great options for medicine.

  22. Yourtit

    These guys have bud from some great grow houses. Always quality product

  23. Mooseisloose10

    Best customer service in the Valley. Great products high quality. Devon and Doug were amazing… and very helpful!!

  24. kelsd

    For a new dispensary this place is great. Decent selection of flower and the Candyland is wonderful even at top shelf pricing. Friendly staff made my visit fun and I didn’t feel rushed. Thanks guys!

  25. mercury69

    please don’t sell me a battery that doesn’t work. please don’t treat me like a new person when I come to exchange said non functioning battery and make me wait for the privilege of exchanging my non functioning battery. thank you a few thousand dollars later for the special night of joy treatment. please ask if you need explanation of the reference. I clicked would shop here again cuz you are probably going to have a special that I can’t refuse, but please recognize that I waited once already to purchase a non functioning battery, so there’s that

  26. ariesbabiiee97

    love this place best quality
    its the best

  27. Greed24

    nice spot by the mall they have good deals and open late which helps out a lot

  28. behrdabs

    Bud tenders are always in a good mood flower is awesome

  29. pakaleo92

    Love this place! its next to my school and an employee named Maria was amazing, she helped me a lot and was wonderfully kind.

  30. Tracer6990

    Definitely going to be back to this dispensary. Clean, organized, streamlined, appealing to the eye, products zoned properly….did I mention I have OCD so I really notice details 😉

  31. jahlive23

    This place has great atmosphere, great buds, and great customer service!

  32. Myroxie

    easy freeway access

  33. thefivegangvillan

    Great atmosphere incredible deals staff is very kind and respectful very helpful love Herbn

  34. Arionna08

    Love how close and convenient this dispensary is to me. Absolutely love all their flower product! And I would definitely be referring some friends here! Keep up the good work you guys.

  35. mbegbubuka

    I really liked it. They were helpful and it was a speedy process. Good oil cartridges as well.

  36. Mord602

    the staff was friendly it was a nice experience. Flower looks beautiful their top shelf if bomb valley og was on poiny the dr.who smelled delicious my only thing was it was on the dense side. a little airy not alot still bomb flower.

  37. Milotusofborg

    I’m super cheap and super broke and they still treat me like they want me there! I will always be back for the great herb & non-judgement.

  38. Dankotsu

    Great bud good atmosphere

  39. adan623

    Friendly people but very poor quality on flower or anything in this store never coming back to this place, 2nd time coming in hot some dry meds and dry joint just horrible.

  40. photogabs

    I like the promotions they have.

  41. mrc3656

    very nice place have some nice buds really enjoy their vapen will return again

  42. travis891

    great service convent location friendly staff

  43. limetwist

    My favorite thing here is the Vital hard candy that is reasonably priced. This place is also conveniently located for me

  44. pato602

    awesome people awesome place

  45. AdCoy

    Loved Herb’n! First time in, employees showed me everything- got an awesome deal on cartridges.. Got the Timeless G.G. #4 and I will DEFINITELY be back to get the Timeless cartridges!

  46. canabisqueen84

    This was my first visit and while the place is clean and the woman who helped me was nice and helped me as much as she could but she wasn’t very knowledgeable. I got Super Silver Haze which is not good at all, low grade and weak, it was very dry and it didn’t taste good. I also got Mendo Breath and Blue Drank which were alright, it did make me tired and helped me sleep, it too was dry, I have had better for the same price. I won’t shop here again only because their canabis is low grade.

  47. 420GrowKing420

    So I have been in here a couple times and they were always so polite and helpful. It was nice to find a place that didn’t just do a deal your first time in they recognize your first three times and then they have all kinds of promotions to get free gram prerolls. I definitely felt like they were in it for the patient not just for the money. Thanks HERB’N

  48. nakaib0176

    excellent service and flower

  49. victorgiordano

    One of my favorite dispensaries. The quality of the flower is excellent and the staff is exceptional. They are very informative and friendly.

  50. kanela

    Myst say Sunday goods bubblegum has as great taste and relax feeling fast in out service great prices

  51. LaPancha5

    Everyone is Friendly & nice… Great Weed !!

  52. Deliav91

    Awesome customer service ! Wish I remembered her name ! Thank you guys

  53. ajmj713

    great flower!! would totally recommend grape pie!!

  54. miggyaf

    Bomb service, Great Deals, and urgent staff. What else is there?

  55. icabrales

    The people were very friendly

  56. BWN420

    awesome shop!

  57. AddisVivola

    great friendly staff and high quality products!

  58. AustinRios

    great place, clean environment, friendly staff.

  59. elizabethash93

    Amazing customer service and quality medicAtion

  60. maxliljenstolpe

    Favorite group of budtenders, the friendliest out of all the dispensaries I’ve been to.

  61. JohnnieJune

    I loveee this place all taxes are included and that is rare these days. Customer service is lovely , highly recommend and I will def return.-Herbn

  62. nellie_rubio77

    Herb’N is the best! Got to try a vapen cartridge and it worked wonders. Plus they are right off the 17 so hit em up if you haven’t!

  63. Tommy-Mac

    First time here. Mainly stopped to get a gram and a free preroll (was to be a gram matched). After getting skipped by two people that came in after me, the dude said he’d give me a free preroll for the wait. Cool, right? Wrong. After picking out a gram, and my gram for free, total should of been, like 12 bucks. I asked about the free preroll and dude asked Boss lady a question how to ring it up She says “Oh give him a free 3.5 instead.” So I pick that out. Dude then rings everything up, and my total is $45 dollars! My mind says (get your card back and get the fuck out of here). I say aren’t these on the bottom shelf $12? She steps in to the register and goes oh, we can put your free gram on for your next visit and that makes your total just $25. (How does that even work for my next visit??) I said (like an idiot) “oh, okay.” (duh, sucker me). I had 24 and she spotted me the extra buck, oh how nice of her. After getting home, looking at receipt, she charged me full price for the 3.5 that SHE HAD TOLD HIM to add to my order. Why I didn’t look over my receipt better still pisses me off. I did get the 1g for free (oh boy). Guess who WONT be coming back, so put that in your Rip-tip bag and choke on it!

  64. MookSkywalker

    Great location right off I-17 and dunlap. very professional and clean location. Good first time specials on first 3 visits. Would recommend to anyone in the area

  65. DTreatzAZ17

    i love and enjoy this dispensary , not only does their service and quality amazing but the diverse section of flowers and strains is large i would defiantly recommend this place to any patient that need good quality service and high grade meds.

  66. Kpmck

    excellent staff excellent products will be back regularly

  67. Danyelle21

    Great product’s

  68. Damonink

    I like this place right off the freeway so it’s easy access and they be havin some good deals

  69. Robinraelene679

    Fantastic product!!
    Amazing staff!!
    Peaceful atmosphere!!

  70. Oreganogirl

    Pretty decent little spot. Their FTP deal is solid and they have some good BOGO deals on the fly.

  71. doobiedoobie

    amamamzing as always thank you

  72. crazyhawaiian

    HERB’N has some of the best flower around. Budtenders are courteous and friendly. It’s a little far from my house but when I’m in the area I’m definitely stopping in.

  73. Kingly1

    Staff was Friendly, they carry all the Best brands, And the Flower was Fire! Worth the trip. Will Definitely be back! The ATF is Off the Hook

  74. Kalekharab

    Very friendly. Good atmosphere. Very warm welcome as a new patient.

  75. 90skid1014

    This place is amazing!

  76. Octothorpe420

    One of the best places for first time patient deals. The pure life edibles are amazing, melt then in your favorite coffee and you’ll be glad you diddY~%0

  77. Ericjon13

    Love the flower here

  78. gghart

    staff was real cool but whoever manages this place is stingy and just greedy. way better places out there. ftp deal is dumb and real particular. outdoorlike grown bud. Don’t text me asking for a review unless you want the truth. There is a reason I didn’t come back.

  79. Tezz.600

    A big S/0 to mike & Debo they know there flower I’m definitely coming back!!

  80. raywilson1192

    Good people an good meds

  81. jordenhunter

    Really good bud and good customer service

  82. bigreem77

    Really like this location and the staff. Have only been twice but will be back. Lower shelf stuff can be a little dry but still good. Top shelf is just that!!

  83. ScooterMcGee

    My first time in any dispensary with my new card. Helpful, knowledgeable staff, shoutout to Doug who helped me out. Good selection and solid prices.

  84. TREELOVER4209

    This is a great new small medical shop which has great quality flower. I recently picked up some of their valley OG and I have to say it’s magical! Very affordable grades of follower. Definitely a shop you wanna check out!

  85. bhenry2311

    Love the staff and product, great prices

  86. shawnb326

    Amazing deals and awesome staff. They are more willing to explain their products; how to use correctly, pros and cons, in full detail… Great group of People that work their.

  87. kiki1992420

    Had to check them out. Pretty dope place, awesome atmosphere, everyone seemed happy and energetic to be there. S/O to my boys Devon and Alec a$?i, keep doing y’all thing

  88. Rosiecastillo

    Love the staff great service they always have what your looking for.

  89. bubblesxhoshigaki

    this dispensary is great. love the clean and professional environment

  90. athomas399

    The Meds I received looked good but when I got them home it was super dry and wasn’t worth the price they are changing. I’ve had 6 dollar a gram stuff that’s better than their 40 an 1/8th garbage. Also being my first time stopping here this establishment didn’t feel that inviting either. It felt like the employee had a I don’t care what you get just get it and go type of vibe. For these reasons I will not recommend this place to others and do my business else where.

  91. LcapoT2

    Love the atmosphere friendly fun employees with quick service an great flower

  92. Omarg89

    It’s my favorite dispensary, amazing service, people are very welcoming, helpful and give the extra mile to help you out.

  93. rydicule

    I instantly felt welcomed and warm! They informed of so many deals I can’t refuse I definitely will be coming back and referring friends!

  94. UnclePHX

    Happy Thanksgiving !! Thank you for the blessings!!! See you soon!!

  95. N3VRMND

    Always love getting treated nicely by the bud tenders, and listen to their recommendations. I picked up a half ounce of The 11 for the first time.

  96. BeastieBoyAZ

    Perfectly situated off the I-17. The store brings more traffic to the strip mall than any other store. Everyone that works there is knowledgeable and forthright with their individual opinions on strains.

  97. bambo4350

    great location n good deals

  98. Medforlife01

    Located in a small strip mall plenty of parking staff is very friendly love the deals they have all the time

  99. prosper1

    HerbN is one of my favorite dispensarys in Phoenix. I highly recommend them for fresh medicine and excellent prices. Fast, friendly, and affordable, the place where I go when I’m in Phoenix.

  100. jdavisssss09

    This is the best dispensary I’ve ever been too.

  101. meilahn0404

    ftp, and all there flower is TOP shelf no matter which tier. the preview looks amazing then you get the bag and like a>1/2. So i would def recommend anyone to this spot for trees

  102. swanson7410

    bogo vapen and Sunday goods all day

  103. FlowerboyAZ

    Amazing dispensary great flower and products, great deals and awesome service. I’d highly reccomend to all 🙂

  104. KingNemesis129

    Best dispensary period the budtender was awesome & amazing along with the customer service & knowledge of their craft I recommend herb n to everybody thanx

  105. rcbishop21

    Awesome place always great service

  106. Alecesco1104

    get some more high octane in please

  107. Kevinkj777

    Great specials and cool bud tenders

  108. 2coolfee

    Shouts out to Sara & The Crew today, Great Customer/ Patient Focus. #sMiLe

  109. 12GaugeRonnie

    Maria is super chill great Budtenders , best deals in the valley. Love how they don’t tax, and give away 50 bucks whenever you hit a 1,000 pts. Great place always on Clutch dY”Y=

  110. jreasterwood

    Great place! Very good service!

  111. 420patientDean

    Great bud tenders and awesome products

  112. Stlovett

    Very friendly and fast

  113. dabuhhdoo

    Loved the flower & thank you Becky.. You’re the best!! dY’

  114. wesselk7451

    my favor place to get my meds always fire especially the valley og

  115. drliaison

    Best location and great meds!

  116. dier602

    love it here herbn rocks deals are kick ass maria is the best

  117. DjxAllie10

    Love the flower selection!!

  118. Bizzysmomma1417

    Great dispo good product

  119. BUCK_1961

    great customer service

  120. Sheridear

    I love how fast and friendly they are. They have amazing strains. Stop by and see them

  121. jaxjinx

    awesome flower, prices, and people

  122. SBGInc011

    Always has fire meds!

  123. raunchychacha

    Staff was very helpful! Walked out with some free pre rolls and a t-shirt. I’m excited to come back again

  124. Clear_morning

    Herb’n always has great deals and has excellent customer service

  125. myke.underwood

    great deals

  126. Dred1234

    Went for my first time and it was great. I will go back

  127. MaccTrucc

    Close to home great prices quality buds and great budtender always ready for you and to help dY’dY?dY’dY?dY’dY?dY’dY?

  128. TL1982

    easy in and out location

  129. Jgoulds39

    Sarah was the best budtebder ever and helped me with all my needs!!!!

  130. fatpat623

    Best deals around

  131. Mr3Blind

    I really like everything about this place!

  132. jpalm14

    this is purely based on the flower and the 2 times ive been there. ive probably bought 7 different strains and they were ALL popcorn bud. not one bud bigger than a popcorn, in an entire ounce (3 different strains). cant say im happy with being charged full price for garbage popcorn bud. i wont be going for a 3rd time. the bigger problem is that they dont test their flower for thc content, or anything else. nor do they seal the containers they sell you flower in. i really wanted to like this place but they have a lot to learn.

  133. BellaHigh1

    The people that work there are awesome and friendly making me always feel like I’m a buddy helps hat I love close by too

  134. 701Dabbr

    This place is the best. The flowers are always great and lots of good deals too.

  135. Jessikiikii

    Doug is an awesome Budtender, always have a great time when I visit and very edumacated!

  136. Sylvia2017

    I love Herb’n because it is a great place to be! I love the quality and prices! I also love the Customer Service! The location, as well as, atmosphere are great!

  137. aquilifer

    Not much catches my attention about the shop, I usually forget about their dispensary even though it’s not too terribly far from my house. But the flower quality is always unbelievable. My theory is the aforementioned quality causes my failure to remember to include this dispensary in my routine. I’m always pleasantly surprised by this place in retrospect.

  138. FlashAdams

    This place is great!! Hecka deals!!

  139. Iam22

    top notch services and great prices!

  140. Dhsmokesweed

    the staff is super friendly helpful and always helping to get the best bargain

  141. DBurrell

    Glad I live so close! Great deals.

  142. nhoyt1205

    They are always friendly and help you find the best product’s to help your ailments. Very clean and good atmosphere…

  143. Izziiee86

    Those BOGO vape sales are the truth!!

  144. cnpmlp8905

    great location, good greens, nice staff

  145. Julia.deibxd

    All the budtenders are always so happy and helpfull especially doug! keeps the place poppin n live! Always smells like that good good i recomend this dispo to everyone!

  146. Acevedo4life

    ppl are the grooviest & koolest there at Herb N they gave me what I wanted & ask 4. made me feel welcome & plan to go there again & again & I will refer my friend’s to go to Herb N dispensary.

  147. GreenRootAZ

    These guys are the best! Great staff, great product!

  148. astonebutterfly89

    I’m never disappointed leaving this place. Always great products and staffdY~S.

  149. Athletics71

    Great place to come to for consistent quality and flower. Prices are always good.

  150. whoknew12

    Great spot to shop, good deals, awesome concentrates too.

  151. rick.annis1

    jaeger rocks.

  152. eponce431

    Good people working here!

  153. Robertminnig

    Great quality products

  154. Mac2beez2322

    fast friendly and dope

  155. CwrekAz420

    love this location. close to home!

  156. Rejetta

    I came during rush hour of all times. No wait. Cheerfully greeted and taken back almost immediately. Thank you to Jessica for the education. Both strains I picked up were incredible quality. The Dr. Who packed a real punch and its the menu’s mid tier. I hope the quality and service continues.

  157. Zachery97

    great service kool dudes in and out service great flower white walker kush was a pretty great flower

  158. joshmbw

    Herb’n is always solid! Great deals and people!

  159. JUGGALO602

    Thie place is pretty laid back n the staff is super awesome.I dont remenber names but the weekend guy(has a ponytail) me n my homie call him is good about helpin you pick strains.Awesome dude to coversate with.Prices are good n great deals thruout the week.

  160. 123werty123

    Great service , quality flower

  161. mayravizcarra623

    They have great meds and the people are all cool here and super convenient spot

  162. Beelzabootoot

    I love how spacious it is and how clean it is. I’ve only had one long wait there and the staff is very friendly. I do recommend this place if you’re in a hurry.

  163. Que.Pittman

    dY~dY~dY~dY~dY~ all gas no brakes .

  164. Bearwolf83

    These guys are awesome. Excellent flower and amazing staff. The pre rolls are great too. If you haven’t been there, you have to drop by. I love Herb’n.

  165. Purpleluv1

    great dispensary visit here

  166. Meximelt3

    High quality buds and great customer service

  167. louiscypher72

    Didn’t have ANY Timeless 500mg carts in stock even though it’s the advertised First time patient deal. Would not honor the deal with another product and the flower selection/quality was a one star at best. Won’t be going back.

  168. pineapplepirate

    I had a very pleasant experience here. It was easy signing in with the tablet, the door was opened for me, I was greeted and seen quickly. (*****) I chose the bogo on Rocky Dennis. Good Times

  169. AAronova

    Love it! Good everything, just check it out.

  170. Jjbitchez69

    Love love love this dispensary. Thank you for all your good service and product.

  171. robinraelene

    love the BOGO’s
    Love the friendly staff
    long drive but worth it!!

  172. Idotsome

    best customer service. GET TINA DANZA. its the best strain EVER.

  173. Kalenne

    First visit there was great! I had Q as my consultant, he was very helpful. The staff look like they like to have fun, and joke with each other. All around good place to go to and would recommend to a friend

  174. Nick85

    Excellent patient service. I will be coming back.

  175. YBtheArtTrapper

    Herb’N dispensary has one of the most potent products in Az. Never fails even on a budget !

  176. Chrismartin1093

    Good deals and good prices. Bud is pretty decent

  177. Sjackson92

    Rebecca was great!

  178. Bear999922

    Definitely oove coming back to this place. Great location, right off the I-17 and dunlap. Good buds, and deals. Great staff and usually not to busy at all.

  179. unixphill88

    great deals on flower and Keef Cola. they got the hookups.

  180. JoshGol

    Love this spot..

  181. cjay310

    Great service. Great flower. I love it

  182. JWjackie

    the parking lot could be better but it cool. I usually come here on Saturdays because my work schedule is I get out at their time of closing. maybe be open until 9pm would be more convenient. but love the guys and the products that come out of here. 10+ rating.

  183. Hipps87

    I really like this place. The staff was so friendly and they knew their stuff. They also accepts cards.

  184. Bigrizzle101

    great location… great service

  185. nephewSmokes

    great spot great ppl they have wonderful prices on flower just an all around great place..

  186. cheyannabananaa

    The front desk guy was very friendly and helpful, plus he has a great smile !

  187. Rocksta123

    favorite dispensary in the valley all the way!

  188. Kaypape

    Great shop. employees are super friendly. product in on point. all around good atmosphere.

  189. ganja_bella

    It’s my first time here and im excited to try the exclusive strands at Herb’N.

  190. wooch

    This place is super convenient I live so close andThe staff here is pretty cool they also have pretty good deals on products.

  191. lockschops

    Very helpful and friendly

  192. Likstotalk

    Great Steph, super knowledgeable, very helpful with all questions, the staff seem very knowledgeable and well trained, great variety especially if you’re in to some of the old-school types Landrace .sativa

  193. Jacob92r

    I went in for my first time tuesday morning and they were great! Definitely hooked it up with a grinder and very helpful throughout my selections!
    Also wanted to post this because the beautiful redhead ,maybe?, at the computer had a beautiful smile!

  194. tene

    never a disappointment dY~+

  195. adk1979

    Everyone is so nice and I always get the help I need when I come here… Would recommend to anyone who needs meds.

  196. sockmonkeyss

    Best place in the world such a relaxing high! Always have good strands

  197. MamaSativa420

    Love this dispensary – awesome staff, great products, and a solid first, 2nd& 3rd patient special.

  198. jshprz

    it’s good but could use more bud tenders

  199. Samantharoseeee

    great service, wonderful deals everyday

  200. F1Jay

    this place has a good vibe!

  201. OnlyHere4Terps

    great deals and super clean shop.

  202. Arglive

    One of my favorite places to go! TJ is awesome and helpful.

  203. Sm0kepurp1990

    Great spot to shop. Always having some kind of good deal going on especially on the cartriges. If u haven’t tried the select carts there a must. Wedding cake pie face og cherry pie are 3 of my favorite ones

  204. Jarbear09

    A really cool setup and they have the best BOGOS. Make sure you sign up for their texts.

  205. Chica21

    Love it close to me always friendly quick service and NO WAIT awesome deal & quality meds

  206. JanniceG1

    Budtenders at Herb’N were all very pleasant and helpful. Wasn’t to thrilled with the location outside.

  207. rnbeast

    If you want a Zia like customer service experience GO there.

  208. BossLady89

    I think this location is by far the underdog. their customer service is always welcoming, having the best deal and best of all they extended the hours till 10.

  209. fuckedoffmyASS

    HERB’N- Love this place and so close!

  210. goobrown674

    Lovely Dispensary & Staff…The Rock Dennis Is Great & The Specials Go On & On.

  211. ThatNastyKid

    I love this place! First of all they take credit cards which helps A LOT considering most places are cash only! The different deals they got everyday are amazing and the budtenders are very helpful

  212. justin650

    get your bud good quality low prices and always really fast

  213. OgCuban

    really dope spot super close to home

  214. Dpaladin4199

    Great buds and ftp speacials

  215. adsmothers

    Best dispensary in the metro Phoenix area.

  216. JoeyLaturno

    my homie Doug hooked it up. solid vibe and excellent knowledge of product

  217. StankDickNina

    hear lots of great things about this new Dispo will be trying them today or Monday!

  218. PapiLos

    New little place. Nice buds. Great deals

  219. bambiejake

    Once again herban dispensary is my favorite I go here all the time. And when I leave here I’m always feeling so much better and laughing and having a good time. Thanks again herban dispensary you guys are my favorite always.

  220. 420SmokinJoe

    Love goin here and absolutely love the staff and the product is amazing.. highly recommend to all friends and family a~ dYs!a~dYs!

  221. Steboabg18

    Great weed and Great location you guys should check it outdY’-

  222. chasers723

    Still continue to come back bc of the incredible deals & budtenders.

  223. snsancho29

    this place has great people that care and great product.

  224. abotley

    They were very friendly!!! Had good quality bud!

  225. daygo93

    great staff maria at the front desk idls super kool weed is firee.

  226. afuentes2

    Very nice staff ,good prices & friendly environment

  227. Mimi36

    I love this place.

  228. CobainLies

    I always get a good feeling when I go to Herb N.
    I have been over 3 times and the staff is awesome. The flower is always on point. If your in the Metro Center area stop by Herb N.

  229. kym42013

    My first dispensary and they were great

  230. Arefilms32

    These guys make sure I go home happy with every visit the wookies I tried was amazing from here .

  231. Silverman23

    Good bud always good deals never a disappointment!!

  232. Painintheback

    Great people, service and product!

  233. ChrisCool84

    I love the spot they always have great deals and the bartenders are awesome

  234. Cookie_Monsta

    The location is close to home, and they always have good qaulity flower

  235. slc40

    The bud was not good at all. It was so dry the very next day after I purchased it, it turned to powder in my grinder.

  236. AmberlinaSnow

    very helpful

  237. sosyk0120

    Man it’s a pretty chill place! The gorgeous lady up front takes great care of her patients !!!

  238. NoSSRoy

    I really like this spot. It’s usually not too busy, and even when it was it seemed to go quick!

  239. PoloBeMe

    Best dispensary in town!!!

  240. shayne25

    this place was great. super knowledgable on what should get for what and had great quality. great deals too, I love deals Haha. good location and service. 🙂

  241. LWard

    great place

  242. daygo4392

    Best treez in az all day herbin

  243. jroman1020

    love these guys!

  244. Jonmrlong2

    Great people

  245. 10Fingers

    Always helped and feel appreciated…. BONUS! aoeOEi,

  246. jaxon2510

    For me it’s the best in the valley! Staff is very friendly, products are excellent and the dispensary itself is very well lit and clean. My personal favorite.

  247. paintermanswife

    This is an awesome place to visit. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Plus great deals!!!

  248. wowza411

    Here today for bogo .excited to Tory paris og. Thanks herbn’.

  249. mcmarcaz

    This place is great! The bud tenders are friendly and love saving you money

  250. Zmack1

    I really like there first time patient deals meds are pretty good great customer service good location. I do reccomend on stopping by

  251. Schmoops

    I have only been in few times but they have never disappointed with product or specials 🙂

  252. Tonyshuma

    #1 by far in every way love the product

  253. liz92

    quality Everytime. all the staff is friendly and in would recommend this location

  254. TwistLime

    I love the location it’s really close to my home. My favorite thing are the tax included prices + the easy access to meds. Everyone should stop by to see what’s up

  255. aerario

    This is the only dispensary I go to! They’ve got some of the best deals in az. Super friendly knowledgeable staff, great tree and I love that they have a loyalty program and give 1 gram pre rolls when you leave reviews. Come here you won’t regret it!

  256. denaybuxton

    Great service! :):)

  257. Smario73

    nice products very nice price clean lobby. friendly staff

  258. Duane75

    Only go for the flower. They have Canamo Concentrates which is great but you can literally get it cheaper in any other shop. Don’t waste your time and gas if you want concentrates.

  259. QueenChiefa75

    Super friendly bid tender and easy sign up. Their meds are super potent and tastey! Looking forward to coming back!

  260. Vexxvera

    Q helped me out last week on my first time!! Super friendly and made me laugh which doesn’t happen at most places! Frost Boss Sunday Goods flower I got was amazing!!

  261. Beezfly

    where else can you use your credit card to buy your mmj???

  262. BigDboy

    Great spot with great new hours. Their stuff is always good and fresh.

  263. bentleyboss419

    The deals the customer service and the quality is amazing!!!!!!

  264. MelindaFrye

    They ALWAYS have quick, friendly, and enjoyable service.

  265. Kai125

    the deals are always great, staff very friendly and the buds, just can’t enough of them.

  266. kcroner1108

    Always fast and amazing!

  267. Sed1

    Staff is always helpful and friendly. Come back is a must. Really great flower.

  268. spet89

    Knowledgeable staff! Great quality at an affordable price!

  269. kweenbaybee420

    its awesome!

  270. Naranjoj05

    Right off of I 17 and Dunlap easy to find deals are great

  271. brandilyn420

    Good flower awesome budtenders decent prices!!

  272. Brittiny

    Love this dispensary. Everyone is super friendly.

  273. chrisx2

    sketchy.great gorilla glue tho.prices should drop

  274. swatson88

    Always great quality product and everyone is always friendly

  275. Groovymatt

    great selections

  276. TonyjAnaya

    It’s close n easy

  277. lee4270

    Close by and I love the service and deals. Especially on a Sunday.

  278. Jazzyb1007

    Herb’N is the best shop in town !! dY~S the employees are really sweet and always help you around with the deals.

  279. britanya

    Great people great place!

  280. Paulhybrid

    perfect spot good herb

  281. davissss0909

    best dispensary you could ever go to. best deals in phoenix!!

  282. BillsBest

    great people great product

  283. captaincaveman420

    If you need a great place to get your tree this ia the place to GO! Love the people and the atmosphere!

  284. Arlenevanni

    Everyone is so helpful and kind. Great information on strains. I Love it here.dY~f

  285. Mloga89

    Great location!! Highly recommend

  286. Tkorvnking

    Maria is so also and the weed is so gooddY~

  287. johnleon420

    Far but worth the tripdY~

  288. sammyoung1035

    I absolutely love this place!! Seriously. Great deals, amazing product and wonderful employees! I’ve never been disappointed! (:

  289. pancho12

    came into a warm welcome from jess great service from mike love the herb’n prerolls

  290. Maritza9814

    Came here for the awesome ftp deal when they had barely opened ! The staff was friendly and helpful. The flower was actually better quality than most dispensaries. I see they also added some new flower to their menu that I’ll definitely be checking out

  291. Graceebee

    Haven’t visited but is on my list they have good deals

  292. Smokedawg317

    Great customer service and there’s never a long wait

  293. dnimful

    Great dispensary great meds! Nice and friendly staff. Definitely worth a visit.

  294. AVeryStonedBear

    This dispensary has a staff roster of stars. A manager from Natural Selections that always made the place welcoming as well as our main man Doug. Doug demonstrated outstanding compassion for a patient and went far beyond his job duty to ensure a happy patient. A+, Doug. Someone get this man a raise.

  295. raiderb23

    good location, great bud tenders, good quality

  296. ekeehn

    Love the service and the smiles!

  297. Lillyp

    Nice place to stop by on the way to work. Right off the freeway with friendly budtenders and selection of quality brands.

  298. ghostmuff

    Only spot for that GG#5! Fire!!

  299. thepaco

    Really great service always attentive and can serve me on time

  300. cmay602

    Best place for deals

  301. buzzbuzzbuzz

    Really nice people, hope they succeed, and great first time special, but room to improve. Didn’t know potency of concentrate I bought. Emailed to ask about another but never heard back. Didn’t seem to know where some of their stuff came from. The industry is so unregulated and shadowy, I need to think that the dispensary at least knows what’s going on rather than just buying a product in bulk and selling it retail without understanding it’s quality, safety, and origin.

  302. romeoblood

    Love the ppl in there they all ckhill asf in they weed A1

  303. ashly89

    Awesome flowerdY~EURdY'”dY'”dYOE>>dYOE1/4

  304. Daverocks

    herb’n knows how to treat patients.
    I called on Sunday 2/17/19 at 240 to see if they had any discount halfs. they had a few left. so I asked the wonderful lady who answered the phone if they could hold one, because I was stuck at work, and sure enough she could.
    herb’n gets it. thanks guys.

  305. mslovelyjane

    Amy is Amazeballs love it!!

  306. Nickysavage1821

    Herb’n is dope!!! Great dispensary guys the meds and service are fantastic!!!! Keep up the great work

  307. 121016

    super friendly, knowledgeable bud tenders… will definatley be a frequent customer

  308. DMartinez2793

    fast friendly service.

  309. Kenya1

    Mr. Devin you are and always will be blessed on this journey. You are a true asset to our industry. I was very pleased with the staff they were extremely knowledgeable, the facility looked amazing the quality of the bud was just as amazing, this will become one of my favorite dispenseries. #loveHerbnmore…

  310. Christiantokesitup

    friendly bud tenders good weed and cool deals 1st time patient

  311. Tpayne602

    Great local spot in the metro area awesome flower. Very knowledgeable very friendly I come again

  312. DShaffer

    I’m thankful to you guys for helping me find the right meds right for me and my situations… thank you!
    I know you dont like recognition but Devin thanks for your guided help and Becky for ordering when needed you guys rock…

  313. acook89

    Friendly helpful people , great deals and flower. Would absolutely recommend!

  314. Minus99x

    excellent location and products. The deals are insane and you can really get your money’s worth. the staff is very very helpful and incredibly nice.

  315. zephy

    I went their on my way to another dispensary LOL your staff was awesome. Your products are awesome. and your prices are awesome. so what do I think about this location? Awesome 🙂

  316. azyankeesfan

    One of my favorite dispensary out here and Amy is the best…thank you for my Vapen bubblegum

  317. bufnommm

    I’ve been to most dispensaries here in Phx. Staff: Loved the staff, all of them were so friendly and chill. Definitely felt completely “at home” here. The selection was decent, and they helped me score on some deals. Pricing: Prices include tax, and the debit card fee is under $3. The best flower is $45 for an eighth at the time of this review.
    My only negative: The flower itself was pretty dry. Both Private reserve and top shelf eighths. Because I got the new patient BOGO, I’m happy with it. But for regular medication, I’d probably choose flower elsewhere and get my edibles from here.

  318. inkfamus1

    love this dispensary they know how to treat patients for sure prices could use a drop but other than that I liked thank you for you contribution to the MMJ community

  319. Sonya8369

    Great location.

  320. stori

    Had a great little first visit. I was in and out with so many options to choose from.

  321. Vansogsmoker

    very easy because it is right off the freeway

  322. dluigs

    If you like to laugh and save money come here, Q, Amy, Doug, and Jessica will help out your needs

  323. ukalli

    Dope place, easy to navigate! Ask for Alec, he knows what he’s talking about!

  324. Luxxery

    going to herbn is never busy, so if your on a hurry this the place to go. I enjoy the flower very much never disappointed.

  325. kram046624

    Herb N is one of the best dispensaries in the valley. Try the Ancient OG. Can’t go wrong with any flower.

  326. BuddingFlower

    This dispensary is amazing! Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. They treated me like family. Definitely the best flower in the area! This is my new favorite spot.

  327. TreeTree813

    Great friendly experience very welcoming from the complete staff, Jess was my budtender and she gave me two great suggestions;GG#5 and Grease Monkey. She was very knowledgeable as well as patient and the flower is great! I’ll be returning soon

  328. Dh6682023

    new place but good place

  329. BTR612

    This place has the Timeless cartridges I like to buy and I have only tried the super silver haze as far as flower, but it was pretty good smoke, taste, looks and smell. I have to say I bought an edible from here (100mg), ate the whole thing and felt nothing. I wad dissapointed because I just got into edibles and found I really enjoy the high, so when I didn’t get that “edible high,”or any high really, I was bummed. I will stick to flower here. Not their fault directly but you should be aware of the quality and effects of your mainstay products. Friendly and good customer service I will still come here.

  330. Doll17

    Great location

  331. Taylormitch92

    Love all of ya especially Maria

  332. riotbutterfly

    Best in town! Always great service and awesome deals. I’m always in and out really quickly too.

  333. samwell05

    The staff always give the best experienced and there prices are priced very well!

  334. suncitysinner

    ftp yesterday,ghost og.worked good for pain,stress,sleep.But very dry,mad man og same way!! top shelf jars should not be this dry..Canamo chem 4 crumble,really good.have not smoked bubba kush preroll yet.even with bogo,a quad of dry meds was expensive..buds would have more punch,if more moist!!! Long drive from sun city.might go back if i knew meds were a little more moist dY~SSdY~SS well this is how i feel,a few tweeks here and there and things should be better. SUN CITY SINNER

  335. ElfQueen

    Love the service and flower selection !!

  336. Azbadboy1979

    excellent people always leave with a smile on my face

  337. Joshlitz

    Ive been coming here a minute now and the staff are some of the greatest people. And there flower is exceptional. Seriously this is a great place all the way around with the the staff being at the center and of course the Owner (Not enough kind words available to describe the kindness of Herb’Ns Owner)
    THANKS My Herb’N peeps. You all are great and have been so so very kind to me.
    I highly recommend that everyone check this place out. So you can see for yourself what a great dispensary looks like and more important how the staff keep the place alive and kicking.

  338. MarcusInvictus

    Great cust service and promo’s

  339. PaM37

    Nice facility with helpful and friendly staff.

  340. Phenomenal7Sky

    great flower

  341. OG86

    First time stopping in this place a few days ago glad I did so one of the best places I’ve been so far from the front door to the budtenders all around great service and meds looking forward to making my next visit today Rocky Dennis a must try great flavor and affect.

  342. HerbHerbenstein

    Good location and nice staff. Bought some real nice quality flower and they had a nice first time patient deal. Best dispensary in this area!!!!

  343. Dunerat420

    Awesome staff. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Clean and organized. Bud was great too. Definitely worth checking out.

  344. Renay1216

    love this place!! budtender’s are fun, they know what they are doing!dY~Z

  345. Pizzaman1234

    Friendly staff. Quick in and out. Decent selection.

  346. Dakotastorm

    Best costumer service they truly care about they people they tend. Highly recommend you checking out there pens, wax, flour , and edibles guys Jess will show you what a dispensary should operate like

  347. Jasmineg942232

    I love this place I love the staff the deals are great the flower is awesome I live in Scottsdale and come here every chance I get such great vibes!

  348. Mrsklomega

    my favorite place Heidi is awsome sauce

  349. Stereophix

    So laid back. Always a good experience.

  350. gmontez

    I love going to Herb’n. I know the budtenders are really cool. The product is excellent.

  351. Danielle80


  352. tr34dlightly

    Just picked up my raffle winnings. Half ounce of Rocky Dennis. Love Herbn and the medicine they choose. If you haven’t tried Rocky Dennis from Sunday Goods, you’re missing out. This place almost always has it.

  353. AZHerbExpert

    Quality wasn’t great. They mostly have a selection of Sunday Goods strains which in my experience are never flushed, always burn dark black, and are always harsh and rough on the throat. The Berry White recommended by the Budtender was just harsh gross smoke. I won’t be back because of that and the customer service was very lack luster. Like dude didn’t seem to care about my purchase at all, and wasn’t very friendly in any way.

  354. Cbrooks04

    Love you guys so friendly

  355. seak89

    I love that when they’re gonna have a sale they fill their shelves…. I went in for Vapen bogo deal n could choose ANY kind I could think of . Applicator or carts .. have good flower too but I mostly love the service

  356. Tony1001

    Great place

  357. BeeZZles

    Great place! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about their products. Herb’N is now one of my go to places around town. I would definitely recommend checking this place out.

  358. Milee


  359. rbunny

    Great location right off i17!! the best part is the bomb buds and super friendly staff! Will be back soon!!

  360. jluvsmikec09

    Fast service and good quality. Will definitely visit againdY$?– Budtenders are friendly and knowledgeable about strains. Thank you

  361. mrizzo23

    Such a cute little dispensary with friendly staff and I love that taxes are included. plus, they take card!!

  362. 420netime

    best deals fire meds Mohave shatter valley of number 1

  363. R13Gonzalez

    awesome place, I like the way they have tax included so the price you see is the price you pay:.dY’dY’dY’dY’-dY’-dY’-

  364. Arinb711

    Went yesterday for the first text and I loved it!!! The green is on point!!! Good THC levels.

  365. phxstoner

    Herbn is a great new dispensary to the area. They are very quick, usually in and out in 30 minutes or less. Their weed is pretty good on all shelves, I’ve tried a lot of their strains and I’d say overall the flower gets a 9/10 with some super killer super potent strains here and there too. People that work here are very friendly and the prices are pretty reasonable too. Not the cheapest in town but I’d say the best price for higher quality weed. I come here often and I’m fortunate that it is also very close to me.

  366. Ithelps2

    Located in a great spot by metrocenter and the freeway.
    Great and friendly staff.
    Fairly simple and easy the 1st time I went. I will recommend to others.

  367. Queenbuttercup

    Absolutely wonderful people and experience from the moment you step in the door. Today being one of my more difficult days I really truly appreciated the staff with their sincere care, support and helpfulness. High quality meds with a variety of choices in a clean environment. Thank you, you all were so amazing!

  368. Anthony074

    customer service is excellent budtenders are very knowledgeable & the flower is bomb..

  369. Gzene27

    Herb n is one of the best atmospheres around people are GREAT and the meds are excellent

  370. blaCCa

    thanks for your wonderful customer service an amazing product

  371. NoseyNanny22

    I love love love this shop. I usually only buy cartridges because they have awesome sales all the time. I recently bought a five pack of prerolls. They each had one gram, but three out of the five had about one inch of leftover cone wrapper left. The other two were made perfect. I felt a little shisted, but I’ll still come back.

  372. 248a8thomas

    Not only do they have bomb daily deals but they have first, SECOND, AND THIRD time patient deals dY~dY~+-

  373. Tygets2wild7

    Very chill and friendly

  374. ETphonehome89

    Not a more organized place to get flower and all other cannabis needs

  375. chadleysmoker

    Way to open up strong.. Fire ass flower…

  376. Linkhayes

    this is a nice place with a good selection and amazing deals

  377. Mauricethomasjr

    Uh-Oh! Do we have another med shop competing for Az Leafly’s finest? Really amazing flower the atmosphere as soon as I walked in was amazing and uplifting everybody’s energy was extremely high. They offered me items I usually wouldn’t try and it didn’t seem like they were just trying to upsell me. I appreciate you guys and hope for great success.

  378. Scottygirl

    The location is in a nice area and not somewhere hidden.

  379. jdavissss09

    I LOVE THIS DISPENSARY! I come here all the time, they always have the best deals, as well as being friendly all the time. I’ve never had a bad experience with them, and if I ever have questions they’re always quick and exited to answer and help. It’s always a quick wait and I’m never in there for more than 10 minutes. I always tell people about this dispensary, go in and you’ll love it!

  380. MauriceB45

    the flowers was really good I think I would definitely get them again

  381. Badass6868

    First time coming here pretty excited have heard lots of good things.

  382. Rome6022

    dY”Y= dYOE1/4 great prices!

  383. btyphoon00

    Best place by far for daily deals. Really convenient location I can just jump off the freeway real quick and get what I need. Their black Friday sales were off the hook!!

  384. Ashleymoran26

    Super quick and easy. They have great deals here.

  385. soapworks

    So nice a spot literally down the street from my house total walking distance great selection and prices

  386. patpodo420

    well I can say this Alec the employee there was awesome guy knows his stuff made a quick on me cuz he can tell I know my stuff. I got the flower $30 8th wasn’t a bad indica. walked into the waiting room got some ice cold water sign in lady was awesome. I’ll be coming back

  387. sinman101

    Man I love the ppl there an I will always stop on in an bring a friend will really make your day free bee dY go an checkout

  388. MrFigueroa91

    My budtender Doug was super polite and helpful with my medicine. Thank you for honoring the mix up today. I love the Durban Poison Timeless cartridge so shoutout to Doug (and the lovely receptionist) for the suggestion!! Monster Cookies is nice too!

  389. Silentnomore

    Love herb n dispensary! Always get treated with great respect! The meds are great!

  390. Snobsdale

    Agree with jpalm, I as well got popcorn, nugs were small but good looking and the effect was decent.

  391. Sippibaby

    Wonderful place. Very Nice clean and clean and even their basic shelf is some fire. They take debit and credit cards and there’s also no tax. All freeway at the. YassssssdY’adY’adY’adY’OEdY’OEdY’OE

  392. Kellzz7

    I like the small intimate space, easy access to all products set up in different areas.

  393. inkedmommy8

    I come here not just for good herb but for the atmosphere butenders are freaking awesome definitely recommend this place to others

  394. BigGomez

    If I cud go to this shop everyday truss me i would day will not let you down and flower hands down can even go wrong here love this shop and the people just grate truss me if u haven ben here u missing out

  395. loveandpeace14

    Best deal all the time! Always quick and convenient!

  396. ERIN2018

    Brought my wife in for the 1st time the other day. Made her feel welcome and helped her find the right medicine for her needs. Always a great experience!

  397. Scoopzilla

    Best in AZ easily it’s like they’ve been doing this for ever. Amy is the best!
    #1 Quality
    #1 Service

  398. jmacklilgreedy

    I love this

  399. gadget69420

    terrible you guys should rethink your flower that stuff is the worst crap I’ve ever had I took a two hour bus ride for you guys and I tell you what NEVER AGAIN

  400. Mattcart

    awesome deals great flower

  401. EkalbEnits

    Nice little spot.

  402. Leedsmith

    Absolutely devastated they changed their birthday special right after my birthday, but they’re still my friendly neighborhood dispensary

  403. Xonly

    Yo Doug makes the most sales give him a raise dY’EUR and give me a free preroll 12-10-18

  404. AzIndyQueen

    Loved their lemon kush!!! Price and on point!!!

  405. DreRenee11

    This place was so great! Everyone was so incredibly nice and kind!

  406. Wojo9

    Knowledgeable and friendly employees.
    Quality always good and short wait time.

  407. Dirt85051

    love it

  408. Skunk2585

    Hey take credit! Love coming to the helpful people here and they take credit for a small 2.50 fee. Always have good selections of my favorite ppl too like Vapen and SundayGoods

  409. prawjohnson

    Great meds for the prices ,and always outstanding service from here and good deals daily highly recomend ..

  410. doubled420

    I love this dispensary. Every single employee is legit as fuck. Keep up the awesome service and the sweet BOGO specials on the HI- KLAS.

  411. mastive91

    i like this place and its really close by my house. first time there i left happy and def love first time patient specials !

  412. thethirday

    New but good so far. More to come.

  413. Sethschick2015

    first time going it was amazing. quick fast plus good meds and price just all good

  414. NewblueJK

    love this place, good bud

  415. treychi

    Love them here

  416. pooldave

    When I first got my medical card, I shopped around a lot. So, I have a pretty good perspective on when the options are. For more than a year now I’ve only gone to Herb’n. Everything you need. Nothing you don’t. Friendly, clean, knowledgeable, easy in-and-out. Most recently they started carrying the Airopro products, which I really like. I’ll keep going back. They are my friends, no hassle. What do you want?

  417. zwashere

    Friendly staff with great recommendations. Big selection & deals to choose from. Will be back!

  418. Hollywood04

    Upon the 1st visit I was blown away by the service. I initially came in for the by 1 get one on timeless. Doug was so kind and actually steered me to the airpro. He also stated if I could still use my 1st timd patient special upon the next visit if I wanted to switch back to timeless. Well i just went in and WRONG! So even though I was told something by their employees they did not hold up to their word. So in the end I lost out on money and they made more.. TJ tried to talk to the manager who said no thats wrong. HORRIBLE customer service. Train your employees better. You should have done the RIGHT thing when your employee was WRONG!!!!!

    Thanks Doug.

  419. Jason.22

    very nice new and relax environment , something diffrent from most other dispos , love the see thru front glass entrace from lobby. great deals tho cant forger that lol

  420. dboydavis

    Nice friendly environment had a great first experience

  421. teamibarra

    This location is legit! And they are super fastdY~+- #loveit

  422. AzBlazin

    The Valley OG is the stuff. Definitely returning for more.

  423. A kid with a Dream

    Best trees out here and amazing staff

  424. knewm2

    like the deals. nice and clean

  425. rgomez14

    I had an awesome overall first time experience… any was the best at explaining to me how it works. I will be back…dY~

  426. Jaycon1995

    Easy to make a selection. They always have good speacials and the staff is excellent.

  427. Raabit

    Always friendly and clean!

  428. Loveyobrothers

    Always quick and great service love to come here!

  429. Frank11b

    Cool place, nice knowledgeable people. Im glad i went to check it out and i will be going back again soon.

  430. Lysdexia206

    Love this shop! Family environment, always nice, always patient, they answer every question, they’ll point you to new strains when they know it’ll help your pain. They also have the biggest/best popcorn buds of any shop I’ve been to. 5 stars!!

  431. Mdunn

    Super cool budtenders. Always know their product. Great sales. Always super friendly.

  432. pinchegreengo

    prior to visit reviewed herb n website (not leafly menu). after viewing prices on website i have gone to store twice only to be told prices on website (not leafly) are not correct. on both occasions they did nothing but stare at me. no offer of any kind to make up for false advertising.

  433. 0Davesnothereman0

    I live right down the road and would come here a lot more if there concentrates weren’t so expensive!

  434. Jordaniel

    Amazing quality. I love coming here. And great deals!

  435. AZJH16

    Great little spot, fast & friendly service, great selection. My budtender was very sweet and helpful (didn’t catch her name). Will be back again for more concentrates! Thanks!!

  436. tcastillo1972

    I went to Herb’n first week they opened and their system had some problems but very friendly service and free gram for wait. Great flower.

  437. Bigmane2deep

    herbn is the place to go great quality buds the always have good deal and good prices in a good PHX location I would recommend this place to anyone that want to try out new places the staff is awesome and there really fast don’t take long at all they have a really good first time patient deal everyone should try out this place

  438. llogan97

    Awesome location for great deals! Got timeless full gram for 65!

  439. bo5ton17

    everyone is friendly and approachable, the flower is great and amazing deals

  440. Biggniaha

    first time in this place is great ! time to try meds.

  441. Crispycraft

    Great service. Amy was very helpful! I appreciate the simplicity of Herb’n. Not overwhelming with products like some places

  442. trich86

    Knowledgeable and friendly staff! Love shopping here!

  443. tyanders1987

    very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. highly recommend

  444. drlovebyrd

    I love it here the bud tenders are great their FAMILY

  445. Taz0615

    It was very nice I enjoyed my visit

  446. Xicano928

    The customer servise is Great and the herb is Bomb!

  447. Townzen

    I really like how this store is right off the 17 & easy to find! love this place

  448. sportsmom8233

    Always has great flower

  449. TVelasquez

    love this place!

  450. satvalenz

    I really like this place and was liking it more until my second visit: in my 1st visit j didn’t use my ftp deal and was told I could save it until my 3rd visit. on the 2nd visit I was told if I didn’t use the ftp deal, it would be forefieted.. so I had to use the 2nd time deal and lose the 1st one

  451. Sabby13

    For such a new dispensary they are really starting out as one of the top in the valley. Customer service was fantastic from before I even walked through the door. The security presence was comforting and he was very welcoming and polite. Every person working during my visit made my experience even greater once tragedy struck and I dropped my perfume & it broke all over the floor… loldY~dY~, Every last employee stepped in to help clean up my beautiful smelling mess. Not only helped clean it up but helped me laugh it off instead of being upset. Aside from the awesome bud tenders the flower I picked up was very potent and tasty!!
    Despite making a fool of myself, this is one place I’m definitely looking forward to visiting again. Keep up with the top quality service+ meds!

  452. lizzylou72

    They ARE open! I just submitted an online order and they got right back to me! I’m heading that way in a few. Can’t wait!!

  453. kemorah0616

    Very good customer service very friendly all the questions i had to ask was answered to my satisfaction and the place was very nice clean

  454. jennytenney

    It’s my hidden gem. I love it here.

  455. sinloc602

    second time here very impressed they take debt card too tax included

  456. Kathy_Nieves

    Great location and products

  457. Pooh1-3

    Awesome dY~Z

  458. Dunkman98

    I’ve been here twice the flour is good and the service is great. They are near my house so I’m making them my new go to. So definitely gonna be back.

  459. kingkong1000000

    High prices, bad selection, and poor quality. Seriously the driest flower I have ever encountered! I don’t know how long this sat around or where it was stored, but I took better care of my stash when I was in middle school. There are too many shops in the city to be this weak.

  460. Peaches90

    Awesome staff and awesome flower!! Highly recommend

  461. Dionnebush

    I love coming here. Great people, they always make me feel like family.

  462. bigwormsworld

    Always have bomb flower and pre rolls

  463. misslovebud

    First I want to say thank you for the great customer service.. All the ladies are very nice!! The flower was very fresh and smoked nice.. I’m an indica person & I must say I was impressed.. The Deep Sleep & Valley OG looked & smelled beautiful! Preroll was perfect.. & The Chai Spice cookie tasted like heaven!! dY~++dY Thank you Becky for helping me with my selection of flower and edible!! Didn’t think I was gonna eat it but I’m glad it did.. Was delish! dY~%0

  464. MrsJohnson01

    happy 1 year anniversary

  465. Niny_baby

    Great customer service Great place

  466. Kudahbhang

    Really liked this place. No wait. Good flower. Cool staff. No tax. Good prices. Will be back and will recommend to all my fellow card holders!

  467. c.hill.est.87

    best quick spot dispensary in town also the friendliest staff you can find

  468. weedking090

    They are super friendly and they have some of the best deals around!!

  469. byordy1960

    Love this place!! Great specials. Usually short wait. Good bud tenders.

  470. MastaSplint420

    Check these guys out for sure!! They always have great deals. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The do the vapen bogo.Theyre also up the street from me which is great!

  471. audrianna1244

    Great location awsome staff &top shelf flower dY~EUR

  472. raychillll

    I love this shop! They have good and different deals every day. Doug was my cannabis consultant & I would recommend him for everyone who comes in here! Super knowledgeable and friendly, I will definitely be coming back!

  473. HvyDty

    Super friendly staff, reasonable pricing and a good mix of products. Their pricing also includes taxes, which is nice. Definitely my go-to dispensary!

  474. phoenixmoon

    Doug and Sarah are the best!!!

  475. taylord127

    horrible hours and not safe location. feels like anyone could rob the place. really not gonna be open last 7? and would be nice to know there’s a convenience for CCs. they promote taking CCs but don’t mention the fee til you’re about to pay. just feels shady

  476. Crystaljayyy

    Love love love herb’n ! AMY is my favvvv a$?i,a$?i,

  477. archstone


  478. Vegangoddess

    This location is lit!! They have a wide variety of strains and lots of deals like BOGO venom and BOGO house ounces.

  479. Lashaycallon44

    Good dY'”dY'”dY'”dY'”

  480. Cormac96

    Herb’N is a small location with friendly staff and good quality bud. I got an eighth of Blue Dream and an eighth of Lemon Meringue flower. These were midshelf and were very good actually.

  481. JoshK73

    I’m been coming here since I obtained my medical card and am completely satisfied with the store, product, and staff. Definitely don’t pass this dispensary by.

  482. Not4ukid602

    Never really had to wait staff is dope great weed

  483. amandagarcia731

    Was a busy location
    right of the I17
    coming to the store was all freeway

  484. Derickmanley

    I am so happy I found this dispensary herb n. They have great flower they treat you really nice. You guys rock and the budtenders are very informative. Great flour as well.

  485. Desi.des91

    bomb flower at a great price with a friendly staff. I enjoy the valley OG always dY”Y=dY”Y=

  486. goodvibrations42

    Clean space, informative bud tenders, and wide selection for all ailments.

  487. Doovie23

    Great buds, love the prices,would recommend to anyone.

  488. mon2154475

    I love this dispensary! The flower is always on point and the bud tenders are friendly and knowledgeable. Clearance bin treats are a bonus for patients on a budget!!

  489. Ritza0812

    small clean, like the new patient deals… how you can use all 4 in 1 time visit!

  490. Platinumwrecked

    The flower is fantastic, the house wax amazing and the amount of deals monthly is incredible. All the employees are fun and have greaf customer service.. Its truly an amazing place to buy medicine.

  491. brewsterjesusfreaks

    awesome servicedY~EUR good flowerdYOE,good people

  492. domophx88

    great prices and great quality

  493. Youngbleezy420

    Tj is the best and everybody is so nice here always take good care of me

  494. Yayastrong

    Loved it there!! Great customer service and they have the greatest deals.

  495. sammie86

    Wonderful staff

  496. Gomez9741

    Staff was happy to help
    the selection was pretty good
    The Private Reserve GG5 is nice , well done.

  497. grneyedvixennphx

    love the deals great location.

  498. BadHatHarry

    great selection, high quality. RECOMMENDED!

  499. Jamez34

    Another day means more great deals!

  500. smallxfresh

    My Favorite Dispo!!!!

  501. Tgdamu423

    Great location good deals awesome deals great herb.love coming here

  502. Lexjoseph

    Doug and Jess are the freaking best. My boy hooks it up and knows me by name. Service is always up to par and Jess knows her Stuff

  503. Louieman1

    Great staff an meds love it here they got tax free meds an take debit cards !(:

  504. wildcathouse

    excellent place excellent staff always leave with a smile on my face

  505. allstar23

    this place is worth the stop.

  506. YungShameless

    Great first time deals and second time and third time. Dank shop with a chill enviroment.

  507. Karm4k4zi

    amazing staff, dank buds for good prices. also security guards are very nice!

  508. Hawaii2

    nice people great products

  509. joshyoung

    Love all of the Deals lately! Going to get that BOGO

  510. bakerdgaf

    always fast never crowded good customer service good fire convenient location right off of 17

  511. dm1280

    Great little hidden spot! Cool people!

  512. Dr089

    Herbn is the place to come to if your looking for value, they have a lot of bogo deals to keep you medicated

  513. mary.lloyd.54

    very nice flower. the BOGO is what brought me in and I will be back. great location and I felt safe because security was attentive. thanks!

  514. penelopeq

    Love the service

  515. Moonshinerunner

    Spot on wonderful staff. They always make you feel like family.

  516. lavelle-3

    This place is great. Go people. Good service

  517. Vickivic92

    Very awesome store. Super clean. Amazing bud. Staff was very friendly and patient. Would definitely go back and would recommend

  518. coldtruths

    Dense, quality nugs dY’OEdY>>

  519. MichelleLR

    Awesome Selection of medication excellent knowledgeable staff would definitely recommend this location

  520. zaay96

    pretty dank bud. definitely good quality. staff is pretty legit. only problem is 2 of my first 4 grams I bought only weighed .6 HOWEVER, once I called them they were ecstatic to fix the problem. overall 9 out of 10 experience

  521. dust4star

    A previous poster already stated, nothing but popcorn bud. Amy the budtender was very knowledgeable, and never had a problem answering any of my questions.

  522. Aarozona

    Cool vibe here. Great quality nugs! Alec was helpful and knowledgeable. Definitely will be back dYOE3

  523. keshiajazmine

    loved the atmosphere and the friendly service. I felt right at home and got the quality of service I was hoping. it was a wonderful experience and very educational.

  524. GregNoland

    Great place to get great deals their house shatter really stoned so good going back for more you should check out this stuff.

  525. Deputydogg

    this is going to be my first time here excited to see what they have

  526. maxwell4274

    Awesome place, girl in there is the best. Didn’t get her name but she hooked me up and I appreciate it!

  527. Compamike777

    awesome deals, people, and location…

  528. jheltsley


  529. Mjdriver

    Great flowers and concentrates! One of my favorite places!

  530. Thalby21

    Convienent location. Right off the 17! Some good flower!

  531. Nikki7

    perfectd this place is so nice,clean and laid back…love it

  532. Blaisefather


  533. 420ai

    Awesome budtenders,compassionate,knowledgeable and funny!

  534. rosesanchez

    Easy and quick. Not a long wait. They had a good selection.

  535. rollin626

    Came here for the first time and loved there flower and deals got the rainbow punch and it was great definitely would recommend to check them out

  536. Reggmann

    Love the bud and the employees are super chill the valley og is major killer

  537. SmOkeByThEBeACh87

    Cool flower, Cool staff. SMokeby theBeach Certified lol

  538. Kmanary

    The location is great and people are friendly, only thing to improve is the people I seem to get dont know the bud. I usually come with a list so it’s not an issue, but when I do what to learn more bout a strain and they say they havnt had any of the 5-6 strains I ask bout.

  539. Beow1102

    great flower and prices. friendly staff

  540. WillieZilch

    Very nice place, very nice and informative people. Good goods and good prices. They also will accept cards for a small fee. Very enjoyable shopping.

  541. Ammir1992

    Best buds as freashness

  542. aajohnson4230

    Good location

  543. Bu11ish

    fast, friendly, and convienent

  544. grumpyoldvet

    I love this place…. friendly and knowledgeable staff…. clean and
    inviting atmosphere

  545. Chefmuggsy

    ALWAYS have good deals on Select cartridges and great flower options

  546. Stojakovic420Robert

    They have great customer service. I also like the wide array of items they carry.

  547. suavethereal

    the atmosphere was just so amazing i loved it the team was very Knowledgeable of their products

  548. enzo1221

    wide selection and great prices. was sad I was close to my limit but I will be returning.

  549. Hazer1

    Awesome service

  550. OgDemigod

    doug showed me around the shop defianlty makes it worth the experisnce with great vibes

  551. nasea07

    By far one of he best dispensary’s in AZ! Great quality flower and prices .. I highly recommend! Herb’n !

  552. NikoRashad

    wow!!! BOGO up to an 8th.
    easy access from i17 or dunlap light rail. Quailty Tops

  553. bbfacee

    really good deals and quality !

  554. casabliss

    Very knowledgeable staff, short wait time and better prices.

  555. corky2747

    First time visiting. The bud is outstanding! The staff is super friendly. Great place! 🙂

  556. doodles120

    I got to say the quality of medicine is on point but the people that work there are amazing!!!

  557. MrDylanS

    I have been a regular for a couple months now and this is my dispensary of choice. I always get good prices and the staff is great.

  558. Vonallyse

    They helped and made me feel good as a first time patient.

  559. quyenk

    They have a wide variety of edible. Flowers are fresh and really nice looking. Staffs are friendly and knowledgeable, they would answer any of my questions in details without rushing.

  560. Meangreen81

    Steph is super friendly and knowledgeable all their flowers your top shelf even if it’s bottom shelf it’s amazing they have great specials and they’re open early that’s the best part

  561. robvilla01

    I’ve been here 3 times now (twice as a customer and once as a friend for referral) and each time they streamlined the process. Devin was amazing my first and second time as a customer. Great prerolls and all around amazing setups.

  562. nabedrabbo

    All around it was a very clean and friendly environment, Doug did a great job!

  563. dalton3226

    It’s always a treat going in to herbn. Their staff is super friendly and always excited to great you. You’re always in and out, you’re never waiting for more then five minuets. They always have great deal and it’s always quality! 5Stars!!

  564. NelMc0301

    The deals they have are dope, I’ve been coming there since I got my card last year and I keep coming back. good people and great products dY$?tm

  565. Ciscoley57

    Great place! They accept debit & credit for a small fee!

  566. tonya1229

    This was my very first dispensary visit. The staff were super welcoming and nice. Doug helped me out and his recommendations were spot on. dY’dY>>

  567. BrennaG93

    My favorite dispo to visit! There is never a wait and everyone is always so friendly. (:

  568. Rdal

    I went in a couple weeks ago for the first time. Amazing great customer service,gualitity and omg those choc carmels. Thanks

  569. Happysickmind

    Doug is fuckingn amazing and will give you the best service in life … dude rocks weed does too

  570. Dayday420216

    Good two visit so far being a new patient very good visit in vibe.

  571. Brianaz

    First visit- waiting room is on the smaller side..but clean.. the man at check was nice.. the wait wasn’t bad for right after work..I got Jess she gave me tour and offered to explain any products..great customer service. I also overheard on of the other dispensary agents and was also giving great service.. (I’m an old retail guy it’s important) Im a flower guy- it was pre-packed but it was nice when I got it home. Hope the owner looks these over.

  572. sweeterthanaswishergirl

    I love the valley OG it’s amazing dY~%0

  573. JareBear113

    This place is great they have good bud and great staff members

  574. RaisingArizona

    the staff is always helpful and the quality of flower seems to always be top notch. I always enjoy coming to this place.

  575. ForeverrDestiiny

    the people who work there are very friendly and super helpful. I had a great time there

  576. belindacastro

    would definitely recommend!!
    GOOD flower!!

  577. Xococo

    Awesome spot !!!!

  578. Ralph4166

    The associates are always happy to help me with my medical needs and know exactly how to make each visit special!

  579. mrcyr031976

    great location, great pricing. I can’t wait to see how much their selection is going to get!

  580. tessi

    Loved the service from here. I was shown Wookies and was not disappointed by it.

  581. acer04

    this place has great deals on cartridges and people are very friendly, even though I was just with my brother. I am coming back for sure!

  582. Gingotti313

    On my 2nd visit I took advantage of the edible deals. Today’s deals on Vapen products are beating the competition! dY~EUR

  583. HighTendenciezzz

    Thanks is a pretty solid dispensary. When I went there was nobody at all there so I got right in. I think it’s cool how you use tablets to fill out your new patient paperwork. The flowers are decent quality but they are a bit on the pricey side. I picked up some gg#5 from there probate reserve shelve and it was crazy dY”Y= super frosty and stinky. I also picked up some super silver haze which was extremely stiicky. I don’t care for their display jars as all the meds kind of end up losing their smell so it’s hard to get a good impression. But out of the 2 strains I picked up I’m satisfied. Very good flowers and I’m very picky. when it comes to flowers. But then again I did pick up private reserve and top shelf so…but nonetheless good meds , just a little pricey.

  584. iamdaviddunn

    haven’t been to this place but their new patient deals are a rip off compared to other dispensaries in AZ. no need with so many other options.

  585. Wicked1979

    This place is great! Caters to all budgets with quality deals! Bud tenders are knowledgeable and friendly. Very clean and professional! Great location off of the I17. No matter what your into they have a strain that will do it! Great place to get your medication!

  586. abbott88

    good bud cool staff

  587. Dominic602

    great products good deals and excellent medicine

  588. aperez1994

    Great customer service and awesome FTP deal would recommend.

  589. rsell710

    Fast service friendly staff good meds

  590. 25yearvet

    Good flower at ok pricing. Great people.

  591. kingarthur314

    surprising good weed .. Thought it was from Cali

  592. bagrider

    Walked through the door and staff was very friendly from the start. It took no time to get us back and get us more then what we wanted! Carries Vapen and has good deals as well as Flourish! Talked to manager and was treated like knew each other, laughed and talked while conducting purchase and has us hooked!

  593. david4420

    Awesome place!

  594. Backup

    Favorite Dispensary

  595. Bjames_dabs

    Good place great products and they except debit card payments …also have good Bogo deals weekly

  596. treybard

    Weed is good staff are cool and u should come stop and shop…

  597. bailet

    Everyone was super nice and knowledgeable. 10/10 would recommend. the people match the quality of flower

  598. ILoveGSC

    Bud is average at best. The buy one get one is only on flower not on the concentrates ( even though their ig says it’s buy one get one on concentrate and flower). If you buy a so called top shelf flower ( which is mid grade at best) you can only choose the free eighth from the next shelf down. From what I gathered this is just another greedy shop that’s not for the patient. Only about the money and max profit.

  599. devonmarcus

    Good location,conveniently located off the 17. Always clean, reasonably priced, and friendly people.

  600. trells78

    very clean and always friendly.

  601. Stuckhere4ayr

    the dead head og was a great strain. thank you for helping me pick exactly what i was looking for in a high.

  602. Nicolepri

    Cheap fast reliable

  603. BlueEyedDemon18

    absolutly amazing

  604. wsmp28smiley

    Bruce banner is a very good tasting flower really good body high very nice staff and very informative come here and have a nice J at HerbN

  605. chrisperino

    Great customer service

  606. Lizwebb

    This place is great! Very friendly workers. They have awesome deals all the time. I would definitely recommend Herb’n.

  607. djparmer

    Best bud and bud tender in town.

  608. Zoven

    Good location of from I 17 very friendly knowledgeable ,, flower looked good . Dr who a bit dry though stony . The pre roll super silver Haze was very stony .

  609. bdotgotbeats

    perfect location..right off of the freeway..easy access if you ask me. always has good deals on flower as well if your in the area, on a budget or both! this is the place to shop..thanks yall

  610. Kamma97

    Service was amazing! I love the quality of the flower. I definitely plan on going here again:)

  611. zacjmom

    Pressured into a Sativa when specifically expressing my need for Indica! Sativa severely bothers my asthma.. So aggrivated…Thanks for nothing.

  612. sebastianc7

    Great brands of product, flower looks amazing. Cant wait go back

  613. Ronnie400

    Amazing new place right by the house , top shelf flower and friendly staff

  614. Matheskieu

    This place is outstanding. Friendly and comfortable, quick and reliable. Always enjoy stopping here.

  615. DabbHatter

    Promp service and great bud tenders Amy is amazing as well at TJ verry knowledgeable about all products

  616. Jenniferlynn

    I just wanna give a huge shout out to herb N! it’s only my third time here and I feel like family just because everyone here is so darn nice and welcoming. also everything they have is of excellent quality. even the first time patient thing is awesome cuz I got to try some hi klas for the first time and I loved it! now I’m hooked on them lol. it’s a cute little place that gets you in and out with literally only waiting a few minutes. which is a huge plus for me and each person knows their stuff and if they happen to not know something they will look it up for you with no problem. today when I went there they gave me a free half gram of shatter just because it was the display and it was a little bit old looking if you will and instead of just letting me buy it they just literally said here you go on us! who does that?! Nobody these days LOL so go check this place out everyone if you want nice service and quality stuff and they do lots of bogos and it’s just a great place overall I’m very impressed 🙂 even the selection of strains is very good for a small place. I will be back for my 4th time very soon thank you everybody over at herb N for hookin it up on each visit I even got something for my second time visit and my third time visit which is awesome who does that? 🙂 oh and did I mention they gave me that free half gram of shatter also because I told them it was one of my favorites and it really helped me to eat and they wanted to make sure I was able to eat dinner tonight. they are very caring and they will tend to your medical needs 🙂 I greatly appreciate that and everything else

  617. fuckenadri

    Hands down One of the best, I love it. Herb’N became my favorite spot dY$?tmdY1/4dY’OEdY1/4

  618. Deadmetalhell

    awesome employees great service great prices thank you


  619. PhatTommy

    It took me nearly 2 hours to deliver a grandson to a nearby Medical Facility (on the back of my Harley), so I needed a bathroom badly. Being unable to find one, I went to Herb’N and they let me in right away, which I was (and am) grateful for. Special thanks to Josh Ambs for ‘saving the day”. My schedule did not allow me to stay & shop, but I will be back (PhatTommy Says)

  620. MmjTj

    Bud tender was nice but as soon as I got home and looked inside my bag I was pissed.
    I bought top shelf flower,
    Tiny popcorn buds, a seed in the first nug I grab, packaged date of almost 4 weeks ago so it’s dry and crumbles.

    Just spent $90 on “top shelf” dry seedy shake.


  621. lancer2020

    Awesome place great friendly staff deals always great prices and a good location.

  622. willsmish

    The space is very open and clean, and the budtenders are incredibly helpful and friendly as well as being very knowledgeable in the medicine they’re providing. Doug and Heidi have been the ones to help me when I’ve gone in and are both rad as heck. I always look forward to going back.

  623. sjames82

    Staff was very helpful. Couldn’t ask for a better budtender than Justin. They also have a great deal on venom shatter.

  624. roystudusmc

    being a Marine, I like clean well this place is immaculate which caught my eye right away but also very knowledgeable and friendly staff and excellent flour and excellent prices!
    Definitely an excellent choice!
    Semper Fidelis

  625. sharisullivan0330

    i love u guys

  626. Dapilot

    tj is a boss. bruh hook me up. def coming back

  627. miranda19

    Great atmosphere and high energy staff that was very friendly dY~S

  628. yazzieroberta

    really convient and friendly

  629. evok4o

    FTP. I took advantage of the ftp deals they’re actually really good. Able to use 4 at once was cool I only used 2 and saved 70 pretty sweet! You should check it out

  630. michaeljrinehart22

    Great place!!!

  631. bobbigamble

    Way to go guysdY’ My visit was a successdY’ The buds are nice! I enjoyed my edible. HerbsN cool place I have been in MJ program since it started! This is one to check out my fellow pot tokersaoeOEdY>>

  632. Stickdawg

    Great products, and a very friendly staff. Very happy with my purchase and experience at this dispensary.

  633. Tony42O

    Herb’n is a pretty cool shop.. I seen a familiar budtender from azns.. The Sunday goods brand flower was really good.. Bought a cartridge little overpriced and honestly a didnt really like the taste or buzz.. Pretty good shop for the most part will return for second visit soon…

  634. AlvaE

    I only been there once so far but they were very nice, polite, and fun. Plus, the service was fast! Thanks guys dY~

  635. dannyd0991

    bomb med’s koo bud tenders tas whats up

  636. Jlo60276

    Herb N is the best great deals awesome product keep up the good work

  637. BellicoseLiberal

    This dispensary is open very clean well lit and has a beautiful receptionist. My bud tender Jon was very helpful patient and knowledgeable

  638. Jacobherbaltiger

    Wonderful service and great location close by … but not really impressed with quality of flower.. hoping it changes in time .. know it’s a new location..was def worth the first time patient and second time but hard to go back for quality flower with so many other shops close by..hate leaving something negative in their review but also wanted to give the feedback .will be back but in time

  639. bgainer8305

    nice place, cool staff. Doug’s the man down there. Enjoyed the first time special deals. i’ll be back

  640. JROBA2018

    Accidentally posted my review using my wife’s account, WOOPSIE dY~oe Love Herb’N and bringing in a friend (new patient) to check u guys out tomorrow!

  641. JUY.SUN92

    happen to stop in for my second time visit and received great customer service from Doug my bud tender. It was definitely enough to make me want to come back in for my third time!!

  642. Whataboutdan

    Nice place, very helpful staff

  643. Ammir420

    Herbin..best place they have a great variety to choose from.

  644. kenyachta

    great location friendly staff

  645. LadyK2

    Great product and service.

  646. camparmiger

    great parking, great access

  647. dondaniels

    I went in the other day for ftp deal.i was pleasantly surprised by the flower quality even the lower tiers were good purple Larry has me wanting to return to this place.on the other hand I picked up some gsc shader that wasn’t that great it was too sticky and hard to work with most of it went to waste because I couldn’t get it off the paper the crazy thing is I went with bud tenders recommendation on the gsc that s what makes me feel like he pushed off the crap he can’t sell to me.but other then that place was awesome. smh about the shader shame on you alec….

  648. Monica2litt

    Great service

  649. chevys10

    Great meds and experience! Definitely will be back!

  650. Damarase

    I just can’t get enough of these guys they are awsome

  651. daddybonglegs

    Great Place in AZ!

  652. Arisa13

    I thought the staff was quite friendly and the medicine is top quality 🙂

  653. 96Rolyat

    Excellent service every time, great quality flower

  654. NephewAZ

    I love the service johnathan and Maria are the best always fast and friendly

  655. rufusdre08

    Sunday good deals always amazing, good prerolls as well and love the atmosphere every time I come into this place aoeOEdY3/4a~oi,

  656. Dame404

    Awesome service, I really enjoyed the HULKS BREATH and the staff was extremely cool! Will be coming back soon!

  657. ChongSnoop

    on my way for more great deals

  658. JT562

    perfect location for my daily routine

  659. SwankyMcGee

    Friendly staff. Easy to shop, organized inventory. Thanks for the help guys!

  660. manshein92

    You gotta try their disposable Sunday good pens best one in North Phoenix

  661. whoknose

    Convenient location and always fast friendly service

  662. T.barton

    Been here a couple times. Really Like it. Excellent Medicine, budtenders and Good atmosphere.Fast service.Always a good day when I go to Herb’N.Thank you Guys!Sunday Goods /Hi-klas special.Fire

  663. Kbloves

    Awesome spot!!! Great pot….

  664. Ymedina

    Awesome place to come small but very professional when it comes to info you have a question and they will answer it on any product . Really friendly staff

  665. armml2401

    great flower with great prices great customer service .

  666. bigwhitejordan

    here today to try the wax! I love there new patient deals thank you guys for all your service needs for my meds and thank you for building a shop close by! can’t wait to try the new wax!!

  667. 420Demon

    great new dispensary, flower ia hood amd staff is nice. good location to.

  668. Grovers1

    Herbn is the best dispensary with good meds to fill my needs

  669. tdbentley

    FTP special is very nice! Doug took care of me. Very knowledgeable and personable. Also spoke with the manager who was awesome as well. They have a nice selection of products in general. Very good vibe. Will be back for sure! Check them out if you have not!

  670. jonerstout

    Best bud and great costumer service

  671. Najune

    Great place to go good stuff and good Tenders

  672. YayaDee

    Good deals, great service, great prices, it’s top5 dispensary in Phx

  673. Garyhuff

    Nice location good staff,couldn’t ask for better.

  674. radfinney

    I love this place. Great flower and great deals

  675. ashleynelson22

    Doug is amazing!! Great person and experience!

  676. Blazealots

    Nothing special here

  677. akels

    awesome place! never a long wait, they take cards, and tax is included.

  678. robdoggydog

    great place, they making so quick and easy and everybody smiles

  679. lapinta2137

    I love it and close to my house friendly service

  680. bsund

    i think this is a very clean and friendly location. great quality products for fair pricing. a lot of new patient perks!

  681. BigDoobie5

    Super dope, great staff!

  682. J.M.

    Amazing place with fire buds.. best team of budtenders very knowledgeable..

  683. VBon1

    good flower and staff

  684. Sinister26

    Won’t ever go back.. the guy that greeted me had maybe 10% knowledge and nobody listened sold me the wrong stuff.

  685. NikkiNice

    Great service

  686. DrKlaw

    Real review here, I got my own joints! DRY FLOWER and average smoke, the ashes were white, ill give that. But nothing special here, trust me! P.s pre packages bud dispensary think they slick.

  687. elziav

    I like the nice budtenders. I got a great deal on Baked Bros and left with 2 free prerolls. I checked out the upcoming deals and will come back.

  688. Sanchez602

    very friendly awesome staff.

  689. Patrick686804

    Grate severs friendly staff recommend to all

  690. jallgood88

    Always friendly ready to help and great prices

  691. AbeMoney

    Awesome place to shop for quality

  692. chocolatehighh

    great customer service
    awespme deals!

  693. Spoof420

    This is my fav place to buy from. Good stuff.

  694. BAKED2DAY

    Fast customer service turn around. That’s what a good company can do. Thanks to everyone!

  695. MicahsDad

    Some of the best deals on the West side. House Prerolls are great especially when you come 8-10am. Great staff and great vibes.

  696. bubblez1

    great buds fast service never have to wait long friendly staff

  697. Tonerely

    Awesome deals and points. Already at 40 in free flower!

  698. msstonee12

    One of my favorites!! awesome Friendly staff, omg love how they have 2nd and 3rd deals even better I live down the street can’t wait to go back dY”Y= all was fire

  699. conswords

    Herb’n is honestly my favorite dispensary. They’re always super friendly, they know their s*i* and if you’re not sure what to get, they wont disappoint you with their recommendations!

    Good deals, good weed and good people! Thanks so much, Herb’n!

  700. troytroy

    Great location clean and tight appearance with friendly staff

  701. brandonv1

    Little shop. Nice and unassuming. Always a friendly knowledgeable staff to help. Sometimes if they get a rush, it can be a little understaffed, and you’ll have to wait. But most times, you can just pop in and out. I recommend getting on their text list so you can take advantage of their awesome deals.

  702. minesbetter

    Great price and good quality meds..

  703. holladeez

    The flower is well worth the price its actually very good. I got two strains and both are amazing.

  704. meilahn04

    i need to see what strains yall have that are new. havent been here in awhile

  705. VictorSoto29

    Very friendly environment! Love the flower! Whenever I stop by from south phoenix, I always make sure to stop by! Thank you!

  706. Nate1990

    Always quick and have deals all the time!

  707. 420LULU

    Just LULU 4 U!!!! Love your store!

  708. Kingchitown557

    Doug great service funny to talk to

  709. G4oo

    Great visit every time

  710. ParnessC

    Good spot. Nice service.

  711. bampaw

    I really like this place. Budtenders are awesome,never a long wait. Unfortunatly I no longer have the opportunity to stop by as often as I used to in the past. Stopped by and was on my way in about 15 minutes.

  712. butterflychick

    I love this place. the the chocolate hashberry is the best. And my budtender Alce was very informative.

  713. Drama911bbb

    great place good prices on da concentrates. great location too.

  714. ecov

    the staff here is great. everyone is very friendly and helpful. I haven’t come across to many places that stuck as partner a selection as the CBD they have here. definitely stop by!

  715. Ariann123

    I love this place! The staff is always caring and compassionate.

  716. berenice88

    its very nice and great customer service

  717. Thehyerone3420

    friendly helpful budtenders some of the best flower

  718. Brittneylynn4308

    Great services, I love the 3 visit deal. flower is worth the extra few dollars.

  719. Robinstewart

    Love the prices
    Love NO TAX!!

  720. Eminemfan

    Awesome staff and great deals

  721. Carrie1111


  722. Andrewb.101

    Josh Jonathan Amy and even the security guard Shane are the chillest and laid back people ever. In my opinion best dispo, it’s perfect! Bud is great

  723. Carmens9

    My favorite 1 stop!

  724. Nejected

    Staff friendly they take cards and their first time patient deal just keeps keeps giving.

  725. rdub23

    not bad, the flowers a bit hard n small nugs, kept in plastic containers so not surprised. Nice location but not my go to spot appreciate the ftp special

  726. Smiles4Bud

    This place is a worth trying out the valley og is fire

  727. Losjones

    It was clean quick and they had what I prefer

  728. laciebaby88

    Best buds in town! Budtender was knowledgeable and helpful as always! Love this place.

  729. James_m13

    This place alway has great deals and cuostmer servive two thumbs up

  730. Jjskol

    Great place very friendly

  731. jennastroble

    I love the cozy atmosphere and friendly vibes I get when visiting this dispensary. I am always able to get in and out without feeling rushed and get great quality bud! I would recommend them to fellow patients?

  732. madswed247

    great location, great people even on bright mornings they are smiling. high quality products from flower to concentrate.

  733. meddz75

    conveniently located!

  734. demonswife

    Great new dispensary, got the BOGO for FTP deal and flower is very good quality. Going back today to try some different strains. Look forward to watching you grow.

  735. kv2585

    awsome dispensary.. bomb flower at a good price.. staff is always friendly n helpful

  736. Edvis420bs

    Love this joint, was so excited waiting for it to open. Because then I’d only have to walk a mile to get a mile to get my meds closer by the hilly!

  737. Declon21

    Dope little hole in the wall dispensary. Doug, the budtender was super chill and helpful. Definitely going back soon!

  738. glamgod

    I love this location! It’s super close and the atmosphere is chill! And you can you use your debit card or credit card!

  739. DaUsMsB

    Good FTP deal, wide variety of products, and the helpful staff made for a stress free visit.

  740. Kai2timez

    Great place to go have great flowers customer service is excellent what recommend to somebody waiting room awesome we’ll go again

  741. ericdf3

    This is a great spot! Everyone is caring and understanding of my needs. Thanks!

  742. JenniferW80

    Has some of the friendliest budtenders I’ve run across. Good deals and I’ve never had a unsatisfying purchase.

  743. Ericksgraham

    it’s a good location and had good parking. everyone was very helpful, I will return

  744. troubleboy503

    good product the racefuel is a personal fav. product is just a little spendy but they try there best. i would come back for concentrate specials like the bogo on majave

  745. Deebkoy

    herb,n is a great place and aslo makes you feel welcome i would definitely recommend herbn for your medical needs

  746. Sirenkhaleesi

    let’s be honest, a handful of us are not in all the know of the bud industry. Some places look at me funny when I ask questions about new products. Here I didn’t feel that way. I forgot my budtenders name but she was super helpful and the place was rediculously clean. The new patient special is great and the bud is on point. I never had a better Hulk’s breath than from here.

  747. Wook4Life

    Great Flower. Great People. Great Times.

  748. harnden2

    Location is clean and has awesome concentrates!

  749. stroke2011

    Excellent customer service and very knowledgeable. Top quality medicine.

  750. Dcane23

    The Budtender was Nice and helpful

  751. rachstockdale1992

    Stumbled upon this little gem.
    EVERYONE was awsome ! From Maria who checked me in , to Devin who showed me around , to Alec for checking me out and for Amy suggesting the house blend Preroll. Great bud, great service ! Why wouldn’t I come back ? Lol

  752. Daysii02

    great place and right around the corner

  753. Dalimeetsgonzo

    went in for my first time after moving to the area, all staff is super friendly, great selection also. not to mention I signed up for a raffle on my way out the door, and I was called later that day because I won (3.5 grams of Venom Sugar Wax)…unreal !!!

  754. Fireontheinside

    First time visit yesterday, fantastic service from the staff. The VAPEN cartridges that I purchased (Skywalker and GSC) have me feeling great! I’m normally a aEURoeflower onlyaEUR type of guy but wanted to try the concentrates. They did not disappoint.

  755. 6940093

    I’m so glad I found this place! they have amazing prizes and deals.

  756. Erbear4207

    Great bud and great service would recommend!a~oi,

  757. quadace

    Went in, vibes cool from everyone and some nice flower available.


    Top notch service and products

  759. Brandiann221

    nice and friendly

  760. Ladymk88

    I love coming to this dispensary!!! It’s one of my favorite ones!! Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly

  761. megorraiz

    I am an avid, MMJ enthusiast and I am very picky about my meds. I have been to the majority of the dispensaries in the valley over the last few years and I can confidently say that I have found my aEURoego to dispensaryaEUR I love the layout of the place, it makes my picky selection process a lot easier with their friendly/knowledgeable staff and user friendly system allows me to pick the highest quality products, with minimal effort (which I’m big on haha). Great selection, great quality and always a special going so I end up getting more than I expected, for the same price or less. I WILL recommend Herb’n to my friends and family, and I do recommend them for all.

  762. Dank420dankdank

    Exceptional! love this place! great people warm smiles and GREAT meds

  763. SoyYbarra

    first time and so far legit

  764. Doja602

    Really good flower and weekly deals! friendly staff is a bonus. stop by and get your meds!

  765. Garguiloangie

    love this place . If u havent been than your missing out !! best quality weed even on bottom shelf is top shelf ! dY~SdY’OEdY’tm

  766. MimiEspi91

    amazing place to go!

  767. anthony7368

    This is a very nice place !! Great customer service and even better daily deals !! Love it

  768. ssancho1186

    Thank you so much Sara without an H, the product really controlled my pain. Definitely going back.

  769. char_char16

    Good service

  770. will602velez

    nice clean fast service fire bud

  771. Chevy2004

    Love coming here for Meds i think they got some of the best Trees in and out never really have to Wait and the Byd Tenders are Awesome

  772. sergagt123

    great customer service. great quality.

  773. ester76

    Well rounded, attentive, patient, Informative and professional staff.

  774. DalekAthena

    Friendly people and good prices.

  775. Ashamandre

    Great dispensary, very clean and welcome!

  776. tauraamor

    I this is a bit small but traffic seemed to be moving

  777. candy007

    Was super happy with my first time patient deal, but had some trouble with one of my cartridges. Flower was dY”Y=dY”Y=

  778. jlkesse

    very nice staff, quick n ez to get too. good bogo’s!

  779. mrssoutherncomfort

    I liked it I can’t complain good tree reasonable prices and they give you a deal on your first 3 visits unlike most other clubs only give you something the first time so GO HERB’N I’m heading by today for my 2nd visit see you guys soon!

  780. lantz1990

    I have come to this location for a few visits now and I think it gets better Everytime. the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

  781. Bithpudding

    Great deals

  782. Danieldawwwwg

    good dispense wait time can be a little too much at times but other than that 5 star rating.

  783. E2thejay3621

    Love It Here ..going to come back

  784. sebba92

    great deals and great staff i always recommend paitents new and existing customers to Herb’N for there quality flower, concentrates and edibles highly recommend paitents to come here at least once to experience a great mmj dispensary in the north valley.

  785. Audreana1

    good and they made it later

  786. Markopolo1987

    Great prices, friendly service, welcoming atmosphere!

  787. Hagrid

    Nice flower and Amy was awesome thanks.dY~%0

  788. jamig321

    Friendly staff. Nice selection.

  789. phxlopez

    Top quality

  790. Daisy42p

    love this place. best flower and deals are great..

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