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3333 S Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85040


33.416638, -112.07318




9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


12:00 PM – 10:00 PM


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Curaleaf Central offers Arizona MMJ patients a deli-style option in a safe and welcoming environment. Our knowledgeable budtenders love educating patients and are happy to assist you in choosing the best medical cannabis for your individual needs.

At Curaleaf, patients get the best value for their money. We have an ATM ($1.50 SERVICE FEE) in our lobbies for your convenience and we now proudly accept electronic payments through Hypur!

FIRST-TIME PATIENT GIFT: New to Curaleaf? All first-time patients get Buy One, Get One FREE* on any item in the store (flower, edibles, concentrates)! *Limit one BOGO of equal or lesser value per patient at one Curaleaf location of your choice. Limit 1/4 oz flower or 2g concentrate. Cannot be combined with other sales, discounts, or offers.

MILITARY DISCOUNT: Curaleaf proudly supports our troops with a 20% discount* for veteran patients! *Non-sale items only. Cannot be combined with other sales, discounts, or offers.


Curaleaf Central is open Monday thru Saturday from 9am to 10pm and Sunday from 12pm to 10pm.


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1,160 reviews for “Curaleaf

  1. azbadland

    Great location convenient and quality bud tenders

  2. itsmikelindley

    My go to dispensary!!
    Always convenient & worth the drive.

  3. daddycoolfong58

    5 Star place!!!!

  4. BeeCreamy

    Mari helped me today! She hooked it up!! Helped me save hella money

  5. celayajai

    Great pricing and flower variety.


    Sydney’s friend I please with a knowledgeable staff everyone is always friendly and always available to help you with any questions that you need definitely recommend this to all medical patience.

  7. Chucky1016

    Everything about my visit to SWELL was nothing short of exceptional. The staff are very generous & the products are within arrange an very good.

  8. Tiffzoid

    Very professional budtenders, quick and easy service and a great selection to choose from.

  9. TwistingTreeznAZ

    WowdY~ love the Deli StyledY’s wish they would go Back to tax inclu.
    great quality treez, always and the best preRoll around.
    My BudTender was awesome-ty MarissaG you were dead on your recommendations I appreciate you; know’s her flowersdY’s
    My Easter weekend is turning out SwelldY~

  10. jotylr

    Best flower in town! HiGHly recommend!

  11. Hasekush23

    fast and friendly staff and easy going find what I wanted and I was on my way

  12. jaxjinx

    This place is awesome.. great selection dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  13. April6o2

    My favorite spot. Everything’s great from the staff to the bud. This place never disappoints me! Definitely recommend.

  14. simone0865

    Marissa suggested the mother’s milk to help with the cold and she was riggt!

  15. dcgonzales

    Stellar service, let me smell the same stuff plural times to decide and clarified coupon.

  16. killindavid

    thank you swell for being the number 1 dispensary and always having the best flower

  17. Beccabrim1

    They have been extremely helpful at this location when it came to my online ordering issue and am extremely happy to make this dispensary my go to spot!

  18. Lizwebb

    This place is awesome! They have great daily specials and new patient specials. The budtenders are very helpful and friendly. I love how they say have a swell day when you leave. Definitely would recommend checking out swell.

  19. Stonershelly

    Love this spot! friendly people and great meds.

  20. musicalfruit

    Great flower and super awesome staff.

  21. Budman602

    Great people. Great bud. Just great.

  22. nlukic333

    swell’s new location is up and running fast. I’m sure if one asks the right questions they will leave happy trees.

  23. demarcamp23

    great location best prices and even better people

  24. mando85

    great location, super close to home! this place is one of my favorite places to come get meds! awesome budtenders and very knowledgeable! highly recommend!

  25. jayyaree91

    Good customer service and deals

  26. aliam403

    My friend and I went in for our first time and it was great. However, The budtender kept forgetting to give us change even though our transactions were right after each other. I’m sure it was a one-time occurrence. Also, her recommendations were odd from suggesting very dark-brown dabs to smoke, no thank you. Overall, average dispensary.

  27. corywinston92

    This is my official go to dispensary I like the prices, the Flowers, the place is real clean. I’m always greeted and I feel welcome so thats a plus. So why not be a regular.

  28. Mcdankster420

    They always have a great selection, prices and customer service

  29. tiffissun12

    Super clean the waiting room is bomb and the bus is

  30. beastboy34

    Iam happy they opeand a swell n south phx first of all I like this spot great. customer service walk in with a smile walk out with a smell great prices I would highly recommend to all my buddies i’ll be back next week and the following week

  31. Brendaw2

    Swells is amazing got cool deals of all kinds of good strains employees are cool wait time ok

  32. B-ri

    Great clean place great customer service while knowledge on their medication.

  33. blownaf

    swell is definitely understating the facts. based on my first experience at swell, accompanied with the high quality flower, generous 1st time patient deals and atmosphere… I believe I just found my new go-to. shout out to cheech! see ya soon!

  34. dipdnsawse

    I love the customer service and the location is great!

  35. kyusi23

    By far one of the best newest dispensaries in town! Great flower and concentrates! for sure will be back! I have recommended Marijuana patients here!

  36. BexJeggings

    This Swell location is a little awkwardly located, but once you’re in, their staff is immediately helpful and knowledgeable about all their products and more. They have frequent deals and specials. My favorite is the 5 pack of prerolls for $20 for when I’m low on cash but still want something substantial.

  37. PromiseDeLa

    I LOVE THIS DISPENSARY!! First Time Here I Loved It. Great People, Great Place. Staff Are Friendly & Helpful!!!

  38. Boss16

    swells is the most well respected in Phoenix by its excellent service

  39. jmfc89

    my exclusive place to shop!

  40. nicolekesner

    Truely a swell experience. Very helpful bud tender, felt like I learned ALL the deals that Swell has to offer, and I even got a free full gram (timeless) cart ($100 value) when I bought one for being a new patient! I think his name was Steve, thanks Steve! I will be returning JUST for the customer service, even though it is easily 3 times farther than all the dispensaries near me. From the welcoming security guard to the bud tenders to the manager on duty, everyone made me feel so welcome and even said “welcome to the family” on my way out. This is how the patient experience should be and I’m thankful to find this location. dY~

  41. AZPAITENT480

    I love this place !

  42. Richc76

    went there for my first time on black Friday and walked away blown away with the insane deals I got!!! thanks to my very friendly n educated budtender APRIL, thank you again for taking care of me and the phat hookups you worked for me!! the deals were bomb n the flower was evendY’PSdY’Y=dY’PSer.. definitely will be going back!!!

  43. countrycin88

    Amazing budtenders!

  44. bmachadolhc

    I love this location, deli style. staff and product is of phenomenal quality! come check this new location out! You won’t regret it!

  45. grantR

    One of the best places in Arizona greatest athlete location everything you need in one and one spot definitely come check them out

  46. vpa602


  47. BloNtreez

    Fast & friendly service.

  48. pslick24

    great place .. good weed n ppl. but the first time I went here I spun the wheel and didn’t win so that wasn’t good at all. I had a bad day haha. swell is still awsome tho

  49. Demiyoli

    I love it!

  50. sadzombie

    Awesome nice place friendly staff and super fire flowers

  51. FrankieFigs

    The energy of the budtenders here is “swell!” My first time there they were very helpful. I even got there at the end of the day, but there wasn’t a single question they didn’t answer.

    I live in the east valley and still travel to this Swell location because of their deals and assistance.

  52. MgSanchez84

    Amazing dispensary has become my favorite love the staff here always got great deals affordable products and it’s right next to my house can’t say enough good things about curaleaf Central thanks y’all

  53. physcoclown8

    White Urkel (swell grown) was bomb!!! Please make sure you bring that one back!

  54. Awonderjunkie


  55. Rodney602

    Every visit is great. love the flower. always fire. bud tenders are friendly and show the best that’s available. Great service.

  56. GreenyGreatful

    Home away from home!!!

  57. BurninateDabs

    This place really set the standard. It was the first dispensary I came to where I was genuinely impressed by every thing including quality. They have some of the best strains, first time patient deals, daily deals, free prerolls for reviews, and you get credit.

  58. krazeegiggles

    Love this place!!! Good quality good prices.

  59. Desombra

    Best dispensary ever! SAI is the best bud tender I have met .

  60. social_outkast

    Everytime I come they have great deals with good flower. The atmosphere is always pleasant and clean.

  61. 1queen_

    This space is the #1 dispensary in The valley thus far. From the employees to the strains. I am very impressed.

  62. billyblunts

    these guys are amazing! my first shop and showed me so much love. highly recommended !

  63. amandagarcia731

    I really love this new location it’s easy bigger and just a lot faster to get in and out…. I went on in President’s Day and the specials and deals will flowers really really good price also they give you points for when you purchase stuff so if you get so many points you can get free stuff it’s really good and great atmosphere one of the best places I will always go to

  64. Jay120

    Really nice place, good buds and nice people.

  65. BigGreen1018

    great $20. 1/8s sales

  66. Cassandradavis

    most a wsome staff love the flower , them pre rolls be on point and good when you low on funds ..a$?a$?

  67. fennix2010

    Fast and friendly staff. Always come back

  68. taraannbella

    Great atmosphere. Great staff.

  69. Orangie

    Great Its about time we had a Place to go in South Phoenix and they have very competitive, Prices and good product for the price, Keep on Keeping on.

  70. NEPatriots

    everyone was super nice

  71. Jasonavd

    love the size and selection.

  72. KeoshaJ

    It’s going down today. Swell got some good deals. I can’t miss out. The flower is top shelf. I absolutely love there flower the blue dreams is a must have.

  73. masonpuff

    Great buds for great price! Come take advantage of the BOGO first time deal! Will definitely be back

  74. Gabe024

    Walked into swell and immediately I felt welcomed! The staff is great n friendly. Will differently go back

  75. xjimmyx

    Closer location I can dig for some good flower

  76. NickG74

    Best shop in Phoenix…Excellent Service…!!!

  77. tmackyo

    Well worth the trip out for specials!! From the deals to the wheel and giveaways, very nice stuff!

  78. Jaymz006

    like the location. lots of parking. budtenders are great. love the preroll packs

  79. aa1989

    Loved my experience here! Got to spin the happy hour wheel and got a free lighter! Will definitely be back!

  80. 60s2oner

    Ftp and we’ll worth it as usual. SWELL is and always will be one of if not the only place I claim as my favorite. The buds always dank and customer service is second to none . thanks guys!

  81. reysd13

    This place rocks! Deli style jars for viewing great prices and deals.

  82. XploraD

    Caring and friendly staff! They explained their products and answered all my questions about what was best for the chronic pain I am experiencing every day. I will be going back.

  83. simplyypolo

    im so happy we finally got something on the south side..even better it’s a swell and not any other place best meds in the state damn near yall…

  84. SativaMarquez

    The product I picked up was bomb ! Definitely recommend

  85. ghostiejay

    best place in town hands down always come back for more 🙂

  86. jerrypetty420

    Love swell and their specials!

  87. DangerousDays

    I went here for the first time and really liked it. The waiting room is roomy and the service was fast. I was tended by Sai and she was welcoming and knowledgeable. And the prices are great. This has become my go-to in midtown.

  88. Drea0511

    Best deals around and great customer service.

  89. 420genester

    great staff an good meds very helpful always

  90. emchristensen4

    Honestly this is one of my fav places to go. The staff is always knowledgeable and friendly, and I’ve received good customer service whenever is had any (small!) issues. The product is great quality and they always have deals going on- I highly recommend!

  91. Pammie

    I’m 63 and some places treat me has ole pot head,but swells have always done such a great job taking care of my NEEDS, plus Swells have the best bargainsdY~S

  92. Egtrz77

    It was great, friendly and super informative! Stephen was really cool and helpful being my first time in any dispensary.

  93. Michael1Ffrench

    I been to a few dispensaries but swell central is my favorite. Good product, good ppl & always good experience

  94. wwynne

    best prices in town. whoever doesn’t buy here just don’t know about it.

  95. Bear06

    I love all the cura leaft products and tbe staff is awesome and the genuinely love working there.


  96. smile3420

    nice it’s on my way home from work, great knowledgeable budtender 🙂 good deals!

  97. JKHoliday420

    This place always has good deals and the friendliest budtenders and security guards in the Valley. Located off the highway for easy access, make sure to stop in for happy hour!

  98. rangerovaron

    Best place to go when your around downtown Phoenix. They have awesome specials and the best bud tenders

  99. MBurks662

    Love this location their always so helpful polite and patient. The flower is exceptional but the knowledgeable staff make the entire atmosphere a new experience every time.

  100. Clemekiaa

    My name is Clemekia and this is the best medical marijuana shop in Arizona hands down, I really appreciate the team of staffs they have on board, Thank you guy so much for caring dY’-

  101. altonperkins

    Best in AZ

  102. MDNTTKR79

    always on point…great prices for the quality

  103. brodster

    I do not have enough good things to say about this place. Between the medicinal options, daily deals and employees, this place is top tier.

  104. taytaytay1

    The best place to get your weed and wax. The lines are usually short here . And the staff here is really amazing!

  105. bryanalva59

    Swell place. They hook it up and everyone is knowledgeable!!

  106. chukyphx7

    it’s superb

  107. pegasusgirl5289

    Everything here is top notch! The bud is quality. I love the personal service.

  108. 710Foe

    this place is okay, but made it worse when i spend 200$ and didnt get to spin the wheel, because i was a first time patient, while the guy next to me is a first time patient and he spinz the wheel while we both in there, what kind of shit is that, they more sour then they lame ass sour d, idk i wudnt come back here again

  109. smmoral6

    Everyone was so helpful here. Easygoing. Def one of my fav places.

  110. AsianWhipCream

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE EMPLOYEES AND ENVIRONMENT. Laid back but very professional. Bud quality is awesome for the price and absolutely loved the Great White Buffalo!

  111. robzero

    they always swelcome you and it’s good quality bud and great prices for the quality flower and wax

  112. Dikeya

    Great quality buds

  113. Elguero6923

    Great people and prices and their pre rolls are fire

  114. sarasmile85

    the staff was super awesome and I love that it’s deli style! the young man who helped me was very knowledgeable and helped me find d exactly what I was looking for!

  115. Mobbstar

    Good quality buds Tree of life and spectacular pre-rolls you never lose going with cura Life the deals here are awesome I’ll definitely be back with my first check see you guys on Friday.

  116. alzmah98

    Awesome deals,friendly staff and top meds

  117. amberchavezaj

    Awesome people, good buds dY$?–

  118. 480-463-0175

    I love the weed here

  119. native389

    Great recommendation with the cart ill be back for the Flower

  120. kclancy

    If you are looking for a place that knows there buds has great service with affordable prices then do not go to swell everything they had there was garbage if you are a true smoker you will know that they are ridden with chemicals I will never be back

  121. KingSwyss

    ever since the switch to curaleaf….. this is still my favorite place to come…. flower is great all the time…

  122. emarquez

    I Love this Location nice , friendly staff.i would recommend to any friend .

  123. Sethmason22

    Great location! Wonderful and helpful staff!!

  124. VanessaN13

    Absolutely love this place swell definitely going bk I’m actually going today and a lot of free gifts

  125. Diana101

    Only been helped by guys are they are nice and explain everything right

  126. Bear420Wolf

    South central Curaleaf is awesome. Great meds and amazing staff. they always make you feel welcome and never rush you. check them out today.

  127. skeksis420

    Really like the product and how nice the staff are. Definitely coming back

  128. SpicyAsianSauce

    This place had a lot of options. Mari was really helpful and nice. They had awesome deals

  129. 420Murry

    Cheech is the bomb! Great deals the Durban poison dY’OEdY1/4

  130. HereticAZ

    Nice staff. Most of the product is quality, bit occasionally I am disappointed with what I receive. Overall I recommend them.

  131. Hamiltonthehawk

    Great place, no problems

  132. Arionna08

    The best pre-roll! Flower is always fresh and fluffy and service is quick and fast!

  133. Dboy602

    they play fair

  134. gricemel95

    Cheech was very helpful.

  135. mmatches

    I love the deli style setup going in seeing fresh flower and being able to choose the best period. I love it

  136. Graceermamontijo

    Great dispensary with amazing meds. They are so close to home and seconds from the freeway with public transportation just steps away. Always a first and only choice.

  137. zayverrue

    got the best flower in Arizona

  138. brittmon

    Best deals friendly people

  139. butteryoung48

    Love it

  140. PhillyGirl

    I went to Swell once. It seems Swell is now curaleaf. Well, after nearly a year of having opted out of everything in disgust from my hellish first visit, I’m getting unsolicited texts from the aEURoenew systemaEUR. The staff I spoke to about WHY this is a huge privacy issue & problem was rude and hung up on me. They says I opted in once so tough. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU TREAT PATIENTS! You cannot advertise on someone’s lock screen that they use certain meds to their family, for instance.
    DUSGUSTING business practices.
    As I recall, Swell wouldn’t offer any numbers for their flower. Quality was terrible. So many better options, but don’t patronize companies with slimy business practices!

  141. chirinda13

    always a great n easy visit.

  142. Jgwarren84

    This place is just SWELL! Cheap but good quality product, friendly budtenders, and always fast. You guys never disappoint!

  143. jesse35

    Loved my first time patient deal they matched a quarter of flower. There prices include tax and they give u point every time u go in. I like that they text me daily deals and love buy one get one cartridge deals.

  144. skip9391

    awesome and clean place best place in town

  145. PhatTommy

    PhatTommy & Mo Pepsi came by to shoot the breeze and restock our supply of CHRONIC HEALTH High CBD TINCTURE (one of our favorites). Steve L. made sure that we received all applicable discounts and provided information and suggestions. We shall return.

  146. arandabunch

    Good service, good bud, and good tenders

  147. courtneysheileen

    Always high quality & amazing budtenders!

  148. Gonzalez311

    grate prices on half oz…..

  149. DabbHatter

    amazing experience love their prerolls

  150. CarrieB2018

    The location I go to is not listed. I go to Swell on Camelback. The people are always super friendly, knowledgeable about every product and always ready to help.

  151. vanessa_vazquez11

    Very friendly

  152. Chicana

    Great deals.

  153. Fabosss

    was helped by Andre, he had awesome customer service! He helped me In everyway possible and hooked it up!

  154. DawnProv

    This place is awesome! Great Products! Great Staff! Little to no wait times! I have been a happy customer for a very long time!

  155. moniquev602

    They are awesome staff and great strains and concentrate I love the spin wheel I love coming here

  156. jmobony

    This place is the best! The friendliest staff and cheap prices on good quality stuff!!

  157. zachflo23

    I love coming to this location . Great service .

  158. jmdmax

    I love coming to this place, I always what I want at a good price, and the staff is the best

  159. TheTopTier

    went to swell on central their new location super sexy and super fire product

  160. Michidasquirrel

    fast friendly very nice flower and affordable.
    it’s a great place to go

  161. miamonique

    Love their $20 eighths

  162. gymgeek27

    Staff is friendly. Daily specials are amazing. Def recommend checking this place out

  163. rockyroad420

    good bud, fast service

  164. Katelynb12

    Budtender was helpful, nice location and great music it was super chill

  165. Fredrickmorales1

    Great environment great staff awesome selection on flowers will recommend swell farmacy to anyone who is looking for a great dispensary

  166. jopivo

    They now charge tax!!!! Prices no longer competitive. Better deals in the valley.

  167. Lacricia

    Favorite dispensary! Best Flower in AZ. Bud-tenders are great. Love this place!

  168. zay602

    7 * if you have a stop that’s welcome to swell best prices best flower concentrates come in if you have came in great staff great deals Phoenix Arizona

  169. RobbieLee123

    I have been using this location for almost a year. The staff are a stellar group of young men and women and they know what they are doing and they do it with style. There is rarely a wait time of more than a couple of minutes.. They will not only help with your product, they will also listen to your troubles with kindness and amazing patience. They make the place a very enjoyable experience.. Go see Steven, Brandon, Venus, April, Amanda, Liz, Justin, Drew, Andrew, Mari, Miguel, Cheech,Danny, Justin, and even the guards are a breath of fresh air… And congrats to Mari and Miguel on Little Dario… A plus for this dispensary!dY~>>dY~>>dY~>>dY~>>dY~>>

  170. Real420grower

    Yet another group of classic drug dealers getting over on the customer. Cost of production is the excuse given for there high prices. Yet the flower doesn’t even begin to compare with what’s available in town and for much less. Budtender was very rude and condescending and obviosly very novice. Remember you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover especially when the book comes with alot of knowledge that was crucial to what is the marijuana business today. Hey just for the record how many watts per square foot to produce your top shelf 40 to 50 lmaooooo….never again I will stick with my normal dispensary where a grower is recognized

  171. serazo

    literally best place to get my cartridges ! they are strong very high tolerance Vapes that I love. Everytime im around they always have a deal!!!! good prices great deals Not to mention the saving points! the first time everyone was so nice and friendly very comfortable being around staff they are very friendly. the best vibes . great dispensary. I would encourage everyone to come check it out . I’ll always be going back!

  172. Aidangray

    Great spot for central Phoenix! Ricardo Q was a great bud tender.

  173. Brandybee

    Omg!!! Their special today knocked my socks off!!! My new favorite place to go too! Very convenient and friendly!!! I love their point system!!! You guys rockdY’dY?dY’dY?dY’dY?dY’dY? your flower is amazing!!! Keep up the great work Swell family!!! Have a swell night dY’

  174. Tokcity

    Best prices on this side of town

  175. dosorio77

    i love this place, people, weed and the whole feel of the place

  176. PunkPotGirl

    I like their on-line ordering there cause they can get really busy. Convenient location for me.

  177. christineabdelmalak

    I am extremely impressed. Their medication is amazing!!! Their customer service is beyong greatness. My new go to spot. They have the best prices too.

  178. Fcanada

    Stephen Is The best Employee at ALL Swells
    #WeLoveSwell #PUFFPUFFPASS

  179. thesir91

    This place is one of my favorites. The staff and products are amazing.

  180. Tacosandbud

    Great service , clean presentation , good strains great prerolls

  181. Crystaln83

    Love this location, very nice and knowledgeable staff. I appreciate the care they exude when helping me choose my meds.

  182. embriyah

    Swell on central is a Great location for my area! Love this spot!

  183. Raysrosinballs

    I had a swell time my first visit and I have been back time and time again. Great buds and good prices. I recommend this place to all patients.

  184. jboo1300

    The Kong is whats goin on! Top notch connoisseur type of smokin is what this strain that Swell Farmacy exclusively provided for me. Ten thumbs up to the grower for this 1!!!!!

  185. moethereal21

    Great quality buds! Would definitely recommend.

  186. saestrajayna

    While I am always happy with the service I do not like any of the baseline flower and I recommend sticking to the strains produced by Swell. Little bit disappointed how most the specials are baseline flower these days.

  187. Chiemoonrocks

    Love swell Best pre-rolls around!

  188. profit734

    great weed and deals

  189. preston1219

    great bud and great service will go here again

  190. osh

    great but tenders and medicine is outstanding

  191. neekdayanara917

    best dispensary in south phoenix! check them out

  192. josephtutora

    Another top quality Swell location! Great prices as always!!

  193. serina97

    Best buds in town !!!

  194. GreggDj

    First off, swell is family and my one stop shop for everything. I WONT go anywhere else, but im a little disappointed today. Came to get a gram for cans. But because nothing is posted about it, i had to settle for the garbage guest strain captain og. Looks kinda like hay tbh. I just wish i didnt drive over and waste my time today. And i wish i didnt sit in an empty lobby for almost 20 min for my 1 gram online order.. Hopefully next time will be better

  195. louis4

    Best on he south side always have deals for if your on a budget

  196. allstar23

    this place used to be called SWELL. And they used to have some flower you may never find again. They had MK Ultra which is extremely rare and excellent. Then Afgoo is gone too. These are two true medical strains from the genetics to the potency. It helped my pain very much.
    Swell sold out to CORPORATE Curaleafa~1.

  197. Jaesoutside602

    Thanks guys for always being the best place to shop for meds…the whole staff is always awesome…they always have the best deals in town…

  198. JenniferVega

    Amazing dispensary. This will always be my home dispensary, great meds and I love the staff!

  199. robertdebra

    love this place you will 2

  200. labamba42069

    it’s amazing baseline brand is so bomb for the price bits simply the best price for your buck in town and they always help u out when your hurting in funds always come here they take care of you

  201. smokedaweeds

    I love this place so much! They have AMAZING deals, and everyone there is so nice!! I definitely recommend this place! 🙂

  202. joero111

    Great service, great selection, great bud tenders. Prices can’t be beat and great quality flower

  203. Andrewcancino

    Swell farmacy is my favorite dispensary in Phoenix stopping by today to pick up a pre-roll

  204. VonCraigSr

    best dispensary hands down!

  205. amandapanda1989

    I love that they offer loyalty points this is my go to spot for fast service, and my flower needs! Their house blend pre-rolls are bomb and only run at $5 who can beat that!

  206. amaperez

    love this place! Best meds and prices in the valley!

  207. eljoshy

    Awesome dispensary definitely worth it going

  208. ezduzit0079

    So about a month ago i went to swell for a Bogo on sublime cartridges then they said a 500 mg. cartridge would take off 2.5 grams on my allotment i was purchasing 8 so decided to pass the budtender said he would put a free preroll on my account so today i walk in and of course nothing was written on my account and the Manager( Amanda) actually would not honor it ,that was until i said i would leave a bad review and then immediately the budtender (Mari) stepped in and helped, it took about 20 minutes for a small preroll ,most places give u a free preroll just for writing a review, well heres my review you guys are horrible, can i get my Preroll kow!

  209. Frog

    Great Framacy, very knowledge staff! I would recommend!

  210. Emari3

    Great new patient specials and good flower deals as well!

  211. Wilkvisioninvest

    Swell is conveniently located in the heart of the city with great bud good people and knowledge of all products..very impressive!! Shout out to the security guard too! Both of them!!

  212. jte82

    i love the 5 dollar prerolls and the flower is great also always got the good deals

  213. hellchild9999

    I love Swell farmacy products. On a recent visit in what feels like a endless search of high cbd strains to help with arthritis; I was told about Canary cbd rich cartridges. I picked up Rest which is 16:1 cbd rich. The rest is great for pain, stressful days, and at night. I also got Energy which is a 4:1 cbd rich, and is great strain to get up, and start the day when your stiff, and hurting. I hope Swell keeps Canary brands CBD rich cartridges instock. These are truly amazing, and i’m pain free, and able to hike and do things that arthritis can make almost impossible. Thank you Swell for making my days better!

  214. MsCausious


  215. matt35phx

    best kinds of buds are there best prices too 5 out of 5 star’s

  216. Ark9one

    dope products and greats and informative customer service

  217. iperaza92

    Awesome location. Good selection . And best swells I’ve been to so far and I’ve been to Youngtown,McDowell and Camelback

  218. domfezz

    great bud and wax for the price. there house cartridges are fire also

  219. Dakota75

    Easy to get to

  220. 1738burgess

    I am happy for the prices and my budtender Rosie was great

  221. Malolocc94

    Quick easy and friendly will be visiting again soon

  222. Phadedchubie213

    One of my favorite places to visit!

  223. dinahbaby

    I love the Curaleaf on central, never wait long! the staff is always friendly and they have the best quality meds!!!! Yayyyy!!!!

  224. ginagina63

    Absolutely looooove the swell I will definitely be back they treat me good and very choice of flower n deals!

  225. neece

    Good deals

  226. VISIX6

    Good flower ! Good prices! Always friendly and informative ! Thanks swell

  227. ISkruge

    To be perfectly honest it’s my favorite dispo in PHX. The staff is great and the meds are always top notch. I always let my friends know where to go!!

  228. GrimGoblin

    this shit was dope


    I have been there twice and each time the customer service was phenomenal. I’m kinda of brand new and not too knowledgeable about dispensaries, strains, or products to help with my pain, sleep, and anxiety. But at Curaleaf, the people there were patient with me, attentive, and very helpful. I definitely recommend this place! Thank you CuraleafdY~S…ohh i also like their express order when i called in, they had my stuff ready within 3o mins; that was pretty cooldY~Z

  230. jpatti

    Love this shop and it’s staff ! The buds are bomb and fresh thanks too the deli style option this is going to be my main shop

  231. davidcard004

    really great atmosphere and great staff who greeted me in a very friendly manner. There bud is always great too!

  232. cobra89mr

    i loved this location! the flower was amazing and people were also amazing. everything is high grade. i reccomend it

  233. fruitloops602

    Swell is a great dispensary! They offer high-quality products for low-prices. The staff also makes you feel comfortable when visiting! They are extremely nice!! Thanks Swell!

  234. simondiesel

    awesome product and pricing and best customet service

  235. mylove35

    Love this place they always have great BOGO deals. The staff is always very helpful. Love the points program comes in handy when low on cash

  236. MikeHawkishuge

    Good place to be

  237. ymeynot

    Great meds, awesome budtenders!

  238. keshaay

    Rosie helped me out a lot

  239. Moneemonay

    I love this place bomb

  240. thatgirlhope

    Love coming here to Swell. They always have great flower and good specials on cartridges!

  241. OGAcapulcogold

    Swell dispensary truly rocks. Multiple locations provide service thorough out the valley. Product is always fresh insured by their aEURoedeliaEUR style. May not be the cheapest, but always provide a great product for the price. Best value and service in AZ.

  242. visionsofleo

    i like all the selection here and their fair prices! the staff is super kind and informed on their products and happy to offer recommendations and their bday deal is so cute and fun (a spinny wheel!). if it were closer i’d come much more often, but i’m excited to go back 🙂

  243. 420Demon

    best deals best bud tenders, best dispensary in town. staff is super awesome

  244. gggabrielgomez

    I’ve visited this store many times being so close to my job. But today they lost my business. After the 3RD time going back for being sold the wrong vape battery. I was told they can’t do anything about except use my purchase towards ANOTHER battery. I calmy declined, and walked out. I regret to say, I was in medical need of my medicine. They stated it was working(the battery) so they can’t do anything about it. I told them it wasn’t compatible with my pen. They stood by their statement. With a heavy heart I will be taking my business their anymore. They had some bomb ass weed too. Like smokey said in FRIDAY-“the weed be letting you know, evil be lurking”… My name is Gabriel Gomez. For your information.

  245. aaronlindsay

    Security walked me to my car. that was nice.

  246. Ariann123

    Swell has the best meds in Az! The staff is always caring and compassionate. – Ariann

  247. dyerofsanity

    Cura leaf rocks. ask for Miguel, he really knows his stuff. thaT baseline flower is amazing.

  248. alidaze

    Great location, love the uncle herb products they’re my go to edibles. No fee atm makes my wallet happy.

  249. milk420

    Great prices and a friendly staff! Love this place!

  250. MrDylanS

    the staff is great and I always get a good deal here.

  251. GanjaGregg

    Quality Buds! The staff is also very friendly!

  252. velociwreckher

    Great place! Cheech, my bud tender was awesome and super knowledgeable. I will definitely be back especially since it so close to home!

  253. Toddhoe

    this place has the best staff and the best price. come here 10 / 10

  254. purplehulkgreengoblin

    i love this place it has the best service and the weed is super good. always get the bang for my bucks.. i highly recommend this place to everyone

  255. Booner Booner

    Great product hihere and wax is good flower ok

  256. Socorro925

    Conveniently located.

  257. cmarq1522

    I had a terrific experience at this location. the person who helped me was extremely knowledgeable

  258. lukecage77

    great place with great deals!

  259. jammie2470

    Helpful, professional, polite associates

    clean, welcoming environments

  260. thebatgirlaz

    Love this centralized location. The inside is always clean, staff is always welcoming. The product is some of the best I’ve had. I like the deli style service they offer, I’ve never been disappointed in this place!

  261. mistral82

    Love it. The best quality! Great service. I will be visiting today.

  262. JoelParkerson

    Best dispensary in South Phoenix! Great strains concentrates and Edibles at Great low prices! Friendly service highly recommended!

  263. Bishop21

    Great service . My man Brandon & Mari will hook ya up !

  264. joelparkerson1971

    just love the south Phoenix location it is conveniently located and they have fast and friendly customer service great strains concentrates and Edibles I highly recommend this location!

  265. Sheabadone

    Love the quality and they always have specials!

  266. CHARGER440

    Swell Central is a great addition to the Swell family ! Cheech took care of me and he was awesome ! Thank you Swell !

  267. Solo4547

    Always great experience. Friendly and helpful staff.

  268. JPD310

    Been going to their locations since they’ve been open, they always have fire meds, but the Superman og dY~3dY~3dYtmOEdYtmOEdY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=a>1/2i,a>1/2i,

  269. dimples602

    Had the pleasure of having Cheech as my budtender awesome guy knows the product and strains very well im so happy with the meds he helped me pick the right strain for pain but not to head high thanks cheech man really saved me today definitely be stopping by

  270. Mateo03

    Best bud in the ss. staff is really friendly and the deals are always on point. always clean and security is always helpful.

  271. bigbbrown1106king

    love the swell facilities especially a special to have the other day the butt tenders are always great rated Rosie’s my favorite

  272. Tigrr

    great bud great location

  273. osupur8800

    Mari was Awesome! Answered all of my questions and ended up sending me off with some pretty awesome flower. Thanks! Will definitely be one of my go to stops.

  274. BlazeUrOwnTrail

    Came in referring a friend today and purchased some beautiful flower.Both strains are a little dry but other than that they’re pretty good

  275. dannyboy6996

    Swell on central the next best place for flower and priced love the bud tenders they are amazing and I always satisfied with there choices of growers

  276. andreams

    awesome service. top grade. very friendly and knowledgeable.

  277. archstone

    I’m not a fan of the guns outside

  278. blasian712

    Their Double OG strain is phenomenal!

  279. tropical420

    Great service. Deals are the best on Sundays, you can choose any deal of the week @curaleaf.

  280. MOOK36

    awesome Daily deals and always great prices!!

  281. JamesRob

    My go-to location for some time now. Nice flower variety and price range. Good people, friendly and welcoming. Its not often I need to go anywhere else.

  282. Minnie-mouse10

    This is great place for prerolls & love getting those lemon 1/8 bogo deals its awesomeness.. Couldn’t be a better deal

  283. Tyma2013

    This place has changed names but the medical marijuana here fire love this place!

  284. Manny92

    Really dig the reward points system

  285. larryflores70

    Come check out swell!! Amazing staff, service and product!

  286. Duder1357

    goin tomorrow but drove by today and its very nice amd looks like they have alot more parking. i can count on the flower being great.

  287. wkillworth

    Rosie was the best!

  288. Monalisa1

    amazing staff prices and flower, love coming here.

  289. Chaplin420

    For all your medication needs on the SS go to Curaleaf on central they got your back there especially Marissa and Juan

  290. taylork13

    Absolutely love swell! Great product, awesome staff, and amazing prices!

  291. dubbcm520

    I came to this location for my first time and got hooked up woth some quality flower at a great price im hlad i came and would recommend it to anybody

  292. jordenhunter

    Great prices here, and bud is some of the best I’ve had

  293. Nunu7324

    Y’all the bomb ! in love with thr deals

  294. Alicestarr

    great service!

  295. regina19

    Great flower, never disappointed with the concentrate! The staff is always very informative! I will always come back & refer other patients to Swell

  296. kaylieecakes

    This location has some of the friendliest people. They always have questions about what works best for me.

  297. trapelijah

    I think this location could use new strains. Other than that this is a great Swell location because it gives great customer service you’ll truly feel like you’re being assisted in finding something right for you.

  298. abroadstudent1996

    They have amazing deals that I really like to use. They had a 1991 strand for 25/8th. It was a very cerebral high with a candy after tastes (almost fragment like).

  299. mrso66

    love the Central location close too home. and the swellness that envelope’s that place

  300. chrisx2

    so great u r

  301. OGFattyDaddy

    I love this dispensary. Great staff and awesome selection.

  302. Omunoz2011

    Honestly, one of the best experiences that I’ve had at a dispensary.. and I’ve been to a good amount of them. The entire staff including the security guard is so happy and upbeat. Budtender, April G. was AMAZING! Super knowledgeable and just fun overall. I will definitely be there on a regular basis.

  303. Gawavato

    Fire buds great specials keep coming back glad you guys are in south phoenix now.

  304. Phx-Luna-602

    fast answered all my questions
    blue cheese pen is amazing really smooth finish

  305. Rosieredd1

    I enjoy this farmacy, the staff is friendly and fast, thanks for the service.. I appreciate everything.

  306. millsaptoke

    This is my fav location always choosing the best strains that fit me, my boy Miguel is a coo bud tender n kno how to help me out when I need it

  307. Radon420

    very convienient nd great product

  308. berndawg91

    Great prices and fun contests 🙂

  309. lamant

    swell is a great place to cot for concentrates and and flower. The employees are you the best!!

  310. lovelygomez

    This place have the best flower the staff is very helpful respectul I will definitely send people here

  311. KandieKush

    Great place with very good meds. Love the convience by home. 5 pack preroll is the ish.

  312. AshleyBoogs

    Love coming to his swell. Always quick and easy . The bud tenders always super helpful.

  313. Iknowmystuff

    I gave a 5 star rating on everything except the quality. Even though I only paid $7 for a half gram of Firebrand-Silver LA shatter after using my bud bux. First thing I saw when I got home “Display” was hand written on it, so they must’ve been out of the rest. But the harvest date was 9/1/17.

  314. fametheory

    the flower is good, the budtenders are friendly and knowledgable never making you feel rushed for asking questions. A++

  315. Myambeth35

    I looooove Swell Farmacy! I still have yet to find flower as good as theirs.. Swells Mothers Milk and Sour Urckle changed my life forever!

  316. JAudifre

    Great selection of flower and concentrates! I would definitely be coming back again! Great customer service.

  317. dondaniels

    First time here I’ll let you know how it is .

  318. 023bob23

    Really good tree and great service

  319. raha

    well i have never been to this swell location but i have been to other swell farmacy s and have not been disapointed since this location has my favorite strain purps i will be stoping in tommorow for meds iam looking forward to the experience love life and peace out

  320. nicole.ramseur

    Centrally located, easy to find. The product that you receive is absolutely excellent. Do not miss the chance to get here. Quality product

  321. Timmy_G

    Not only do we have a store close to DT. But the team is great, meds are incredible, they serve deli-style, and a point system… My new fav no doubt!

  322. nizhoni9

    I was thrilled to learn of this location, convenient for those of us on the south central part of the valley! Thanks to Amanda for her kind service and upbeat personality.

  323. sergioalcaraz602

    great staff and flower! awesome budtender cheech help me with choosing products. very knowledgeable.

  324. lionking86

    love the ppl the the service the prices if u want great fresh great quality this is the best location in and out quick no taxes either

  325. dlambo

    This place is the best! Awesome deals all the time

  326. Laker420

    I love this place and great customer service shout out to Amanda swell got the bomb

  327. Nick210

    Another SWELL FARMACY location. Best meds and service in town.

  328. geekygummybear

    super awesome staff and super fire meds definitely recommend swell in central loves the prices and deals too

  329. VictorSoto29

    Best buds for the baseline tier , thank you for the best flower on south phi

  330. Zzzzeeee

    Great location with good quality.

  331. basedmom1

    Great people! Excellent customer service. Even right before closing. 🙂

  332. slow1980

    nicest setup I’ve seen. best flower I’ve had in a long time right now I’d say it’s the best in the valley, give the lemon OG a try and Kong if you like being knocked on your ass.

  333. BSteamy

    love Swell started the year off Swell


    I love this place budtenders are the best hands down

  335. Jaded1505

    Favorite location in the valley! the staff is so nice and the wait time is minimal. they offer a wide selection of flower, and they get in new strains quite often. Location is convenient and and ironically, my last stop of the night.

  336. slopez89

    love love love will always come here no matter what

  337. coreyrayweberg

    Best in the valley!!

  338. marcmelmad

    amazing location
    excellent customer service and patient care!!
    quality is great I will keep coming back and recommend to friends!

  339. Chano10

    Swell on central is super awesome, great delicious meds and deals. Awesome budtenders, thanks!!

  340. adamw013

    Swell is a very high quality dispensary that is patient focused. I have never had an issue with their product or staff. I would highly recommend any patient try swell

  341. wolfe3

    Tried the curaleaf carts the other day.. my new favorite

  342. musser1987

    excellent spot love the deals happy hour is great early bird is cool if your awake very knowledgeable bud tenders great after work spot great atmosphere.

  343. barbielarue

    Very customer savvy, take care of us…love the flower

  344. TamaraGutierrez

    employees are very friendly and helpful!


    Went to swell yesterday for there preroll deal because I thought it look like a good deal but when I got home with the prerolls I found out that all 5 prerolls have no bud at all just leafs .last time i check we smoke the bud of the plant not the leafs .

  346. Tobias916

    Dependable, great deals, perfect location, honestly a top of the tier dispensary

  347. riotlife1934

    good prerolls & great service every time I visit

  348. Thooka

    Great deals. Highly recommend to others.

  349. Taylorsmom100

    swell was my very first experiance in a despensary, and it was a great one!
    the staff was very helpful and welcoming. i definitely be returning and i highly recommend this dispensary.

  350. xhearns94

    Staff was great

  351. MedicatedChefOnIG

    I stopped by there the other week to pick up my review pre-roll Steve the budtender assisted me and picking 1. I Always get great customer service. He was very informative about the flower that’s on the shelves. I always look forward to stopping by and seeing what’s going on. Thanks again Steve. #MedicatedChef

  352. jonerstout

    Best bud for the busy price

  353. kokirobles12

    This dispensary is the shit,in and out thanks to all the great staff that work there,they are always friendy and happy,gets me in a good mood by them being in a good mood,thanks to the staff working on 1/9/19

  354. CannaFemmeSparkles

    this place is amazing! I love coming here. staff is always friendly and caring. great knowledge and great waiting area. their flower is top notch and can’t be beat.

  355. mscottpackey

    Best swell location in town, swell is already great but this location takes the time to make it feel like home. the other location is always full which is great but seating and parking are uncomfortable and it feels transactional. Central made me feel important.

  356. AnitaS

    I love this place. The best budtenders, you get in and out quickly. Great prerolls.

  357. Ehvinchi23

    Love the location, tenders are dope and the bud is quality for a good price

  358. Premed1

    Im guaranteed to always get the best deals when i come here.

  359. lindawilson79

    Great budtender beautiful flower and great medication. 🙂

  360. Bleachbong

    The staff is super friendly, all around great vibes

  361. brianaa197

    Great place

  362. Kyle62

    They have great product with great selection and the staff was very helpful I would definitely go back and recommended to other people

  363. mrBENHIGH

    I haven’t been to the store since it changed his name but I’m pretty sure everything is still swell at curaleaf

  364. bigmike8220

    Swell central is the best .. I love the meds and the service there is excellent


    Great location and service enjoy the concentrates

  366. Joserubio88

    best spot in town! budtenders are super nice and knowledgeable. products are AMAZING! i recommend to everyone

  367. Ashley20

    always fast & friendly!!
    love the 5$ prerolls 🙂

  368. bampaw

    close to home can stop in after work.

  369. billyjb2112

    little out-of-the-way but worth it

  370. phoenixmitchell

    good quality flower i really enjoyed

  371. codered921

    Great flower and awesome bongos!

  372. Hunchoniick

    this place gas definitely come here

    great flower and edibles

    concentrates are great too.

  373. whitegal.lakey

    customer service sucks and bogo is not equal or lesser… will not be back

  374. jamtz116

    awesome! taxes included!

  375. Twatastic666

    I love the entire experience of Swell. The ambiance is top notch, the staff is always super friendly and knowledgeable, and the products are outstanding. You really can’t go wrong here.

  376. tony888t

    first time customer, great overall experience. highly reconmended, will be shopping here again.

  377. Pooaauce1016

    It’s a wonderful atmosphere

  378. mauricep89

    excellent service and great flower

  379. Jamandtom2

    Headed to swell for some great flour to make my day

  380. Edvis420bs

    Great place to get good meds at a good price. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Clean welcoming environment can’t wait for next visit.

  381. Sethschick2015

    best med and great place to shop for med and would recommend to every body

  382. Kmfk93

    Great Service, Cheech was super chill.

  383. Gabrieolivas69

    Great prices and deals and great service

  384. MrsDavis09

    swell is awesome will visit again

  385. Nykky6

    love the location. staff is awesome and swell

  386. asandell

    Great prices.

  387. Owlgang666777

    amazing staff great selection clean dY’OE best buds not prepackaged just hope Ash stay up cureal

  388. Deltron56

    I love this dispensary, it’s clean, friendly atmosphere, knowledgeable staff.

  389. Nessamarie021988

    Best dispensary in town

  390. Pairofshoes

    Friendly staff great prices

  391. lacabezona

    love coming to this place, strain selection and prices are all amazing dY’dY3/4

  392. KASEYM

    I just love this location

  393. 4maddog

    Super friendly and helpful. I love that the flower is not pre packaged.

  394. Rollup4demon

    I love this place for their meds!!

  395. silentboy

    i love this place so much

  396. aaronjr89

    This place is AWESOME! Friendly staff and fast service. The bud is always good. Come see them!

  397. Psizzlymygrizzly2

    it’s a great place to get weed. great service and ftps. free pre rolls as well. love swell!

  398. liferider77

    Love the locations interior. Kinda institutional in lobby but, once inside med area it was very open and cool. The 2 star rating is for the quality of the concentrate cartridges…. they are far from full and still charge “FULL” price tho..! Patients should get what they pay for. Not blaming the dispensary completely but, maybe someone should check the levels upon arrival for quality/levels on vape carts!

  399. Mrspacman921

    love love the staff is always one point makes you feel like family. they have great product go at least twice week

  400. angelaarts420

    I love this place it’s one of my favorite dispensary I would definitely recommend it.

  401. campos26

    love this place. always drive the extra miles whenever they got awesome deals, which is about everyday!

  402. sharianelson

    my favorite swell

  403. psycadelli

    Great atmosphere, love the deli style.

  404. amjustjessie

    great first impression I had into becoming a card member. Can’t wait to taste the product I bought.

  405. oneandone

    I stopped into Swell on the way home from my friends house, I’m no usually on that side of town. Anyway I’m glad I did. Being a FTP I got the BOGO on some flower. My budtender Justin was very helpful and knowledgeable. I picked up an 1/8th of Durban Poison and an 1/8th of Romberry Kush. Both strains were over 20 percent THC and nicely manicured also nice and dense. I would recommend Swell Farmacy to everyone.

  406. michael.48

    very unprofessional and screwed me bad oh well truemed will continue getting all my business

  407. Tracieking10

    im gonna love them

  408. euphoria21

    Cheech is dope. He made my first experience at swell pretty awesome and will definitely recommend to a friend.

  409. AliciaMonson

    My first time in was AMAZING to say the least the bud tender took 45 mins with me just to explain to me everything I was getting and everything about the dispensary! It was such a personal experience I will definitely be returning.

  410. mofojo

    The staff, and product are great!

  411. MG602

    What’s funny is when all this started every dispensary came out with fire and kept their game A1. But as time passed their quality and even services have fallen below the standards presented……However Swell has stayed nothing but consistent. They are literally the top dogs of AZ’s MMJ. Never have I felt more at home or comfortable than in a Swell house. Their flowers are on point, service is nothing but perfect and they provide knowledge if needed, not like some other places that all they can say for their product is “IDK or Fire” …come on is it that difficult to do a little HW for your patients to provide us with proper MMJ education for our specific needs? Bottom line is I love Swell. I dont care they don’t have a FTP special to redeem at all locations(I mean back in the day we never had that luxury with street dealing) or get mad or throw a tantrum when I don’t get what I want. They make me feel like family which I can not say for anywhere else which I immensely appreciate and value. Swell has my loyalty and I thank Swell for being the dispensary AZ needs.

  412. csutherland457

    Best dispensary around. Great selection, fantastic people, and very competitive pricing. It’s my primary dispensary, and it should be yours as well

  413. Marioazphx

    Love everything about this place

  414. EjFelix

    Great place to get meds

  415. mariabtrejo

    great prices and great service very worth the drive a~o

  416. esppiec

    Awesome Dispensary…I highly recommend this location…great strains to choose from at Great low prices be sure to check them out! Always a enjoyable visit!

  417. Stewman0

    My first choice in places to want to visit. They at a really good staff with great deals.

  418. jasond1215

    sweet spot

  419. Lighterguy

    Everytime I come, April is super nice and gives great assistance

  420. budtato

    Fastest and friendliest dispensary in my area I love visiting just for the greeting experience and great customer service

  421. BobDix

    Great meds. Good people. Couldnt ask for a better location. Keep up the good worm!

  422. Osuna1302

    It’s a good place that has really good deals. They’re always there to help you out when you have questions about the strands or deals.

  423. Cryatal31

    friendly staff, excellent services will definitely be coming back. everything is clean and neat. there displays are perfect.

  424. danielleleah

    Great product, team & environment. Love it here.

  425. YungShameless

    Love the BOGO on the texd daily!

  426. purpxannxos

    This location was very good gas some tops shelf gas worth the drive

  427. suelynn29

    love their new patient specials, I was treated great, introduced to the store, definately going back

  428. Ritza0812

    love this store

  429. royalifevibe

    cool location… tenders make it worth coming back..

  430. nopollution

    My budtender was very knowledgeable and helpful during the whole visit I felt relaxed and not pressured didn’t feel like I was in a rush

  431. orbitingearth

    Tahoe OG was no good but the budtender warned me of that a couple weeks ago. Guest strains are not up to par with the quality of Swell. If you need better product testers hit me up!

  432. Viacom

    Love it

  433. BigSkinny92

    Curaleaf made it easier for me again by coming to Central Phoenix. These guys baseline special always get me in the right mode. I just can’t get enough.

  434. Phoenix_6

    Alyssa R made my visit very nice. Knowing that she recognized me from camelbacks location shows the employees really pay attention and care for their customers !

  435. Mrascon17

    I love this place the deals are amazing and very affordable i wish i lived closer.Good quality flower

  436. shaygusters

    it’s a swell place to buy bud. they have swell buds ,of clear at a swell price. thanks guys

  437. blazemaryjane

    swell always has bomb ass bud ! I like coming here , good prices as well and good customer service

  438. diaamondd

    Great location and great people

  439. Mdf60282

    From swell to cure leaf only thing that changed is the name still my favorite place to goto

  440. julio199013

    good bud great customer service and best edibles

  441. camilove

    this place is great when i came for the 1st time the guy who helped me was very patient and answered all my ?

  442. horizon23

    Rosie is great and knowledgeable. Love this place.

  443. juanamaria0711

    Clean nice Environment. Employees Knowlegable and welcoming. Good deals. Great Bud. Will go again for sure.

  444. Christiantokesitup

    Nice dispo great deals every week and about half of the budtenders remember my name wich is dope and makes me feel more welcomed

  445. Cowboys13


  446. BlazeMaryjane0420

    i love curaleaf they always have great stuff and awesome customer service. this is my #1 spot to come to.

  447. chicago85

    swell still have the full budded $5 pre-rolls!! – 08/20/18

  448. DestanyAnn

    Great atmosphere!! Friendly, knowledgeable, and usually fast staff! Great prices!! Would be my pick for top five!! Ask about the $20 1/8th!!

  449. avenrak

    Great staff! Great deals and products. Maria and Jake were very helpful and provided good information on how to use Leafly during my visit.

  450. djxd42

    love the place great deals people and staff come and come again

  451. AnferniHarris

    Still the best and only place I’ll have get my medical. Lovely atmosphere! Never upset

  452. Chavezjosue0507

    It’s has a great atmosphere and top customer service, I will be coming here for my medicinal use.

  453. Samplesized

    I came on their grand opening. They rock.

  454. bakerdgaf

    good flower good customer service they always make you feel so welcome would recommend to all my friends with cards

  455. 420 All day

    located smells great and Elsa
    awesome stuff and great staff

  456. leeloworld

    Love the staff here. They remember me and nice

  457. Lorena180

    Great People And very Great deals This place is forsure a five star dispensary

  458. buckwylde12

    Awesome locations. Got fix on some Js for the Bush Show this past Sunday.

  459. MrWilson214

    Thank you curaleaf you guys are the best. Y’all been looking me up with the smoke. Thanks allot frfr..

  460. dudemeister

    Flower is pretty good.Good deals.Very friend staff.Would definitely recommend.

  461. A kid with a Dream

    Love going here i always leave satisfied the staff is the best staff at any dispensary on my word and some amazing tree!!dY’-

  462. stonestockton

    The store has great competitive prices and product. The staff are personable and knowledgeable. Atmosphere is relaxed.

  463. chr2131015

    online ordering is always on point

  464. roxyc2225

    Fast check in ..good specials..bud tenders friendly ..never disappointed

  465. Breena420

    this place has wonderful flower and shatter love coming here. the staff are very helpful as well a~o

  466. Tlsmiley

    Always find sweet deals here. Multiple locations.

  467. TheOGFattyDaddy

    hands down best swell location in the valley. Been coming here for months!

  468. fatboypits

    best deals close to where I live love it thanks for all the deals

  469. ro2525

    I was surprised by this location and the supply. I would definitely visit again and come back for the strains I tried today along with my ftp visit great place must visit thanks a bunch Nicole

  470. Memphistn

    A y’all dis is my favorite spots wen I go Phoenix , the staff & medicines is on point, it’s worth my trip wen eva I godY’OE

  471. JRasta

    this is one of the best cannabis store I would recommend this location to anybody they have great customer service and amazing flower

  472. Abarge

    Venus is such a wonderful person I’m so glad that they have her up in the front such a beautiful face to see and great aura. She always looks out for the patients as far as the medicine goes! Promote her!

  473. Aug69

    Curaleaf stepped they game up when they changed there name . I’m still keeping it swell tho 🙂

  474. Camillealen

    lets just say when i leave swell i really do have a swell day

  475. paprchsr

    Swell never disappoints as its selection and service is always fire!

  476. PHX6021986

    clean quik convient spot.

  477. Cheef12

    Love dis place

  478. NotYourBabyDaddy

    This place is really great. The live resin from OG clear is a great deal. Make sure you use their online ordering. Quick service.

  479. BobbySteelzz

    Great service, excellent people very convenient. The staff is always welcoming and helpful. You can ask for a better location. Keep up the good work guys!

  480. mrsmajidahad

    Always a swell visit

  481. Z3US

    Love this place..weed is always fresh and the service is amazing. Would definitely recommend to future marijuana patients. Also have awesome first patient deals!

  482. frankusj

    Great location and great products

  483. Rayray0819

    love it the prices are right an the herb here is definitely worth it and I would recommend tis place to EVERYONE!

  484. Taijaalovee

    best service I’ve gotten so far dY’OE

  485. kindspirit

    love the prices. love the product friendly staff. and the train wreck was good

  486. Jesseboy82

    This place has quality flower as well as bomb shatter. And it was BOGO. On the shatter(sat.) The employees are soo friendly and nice itmakes me feel so at home. Thx for the great meds swell! Have a swell day everyone! I know i will after visiting swell farmacy.

  487. mwjones

    The service was great, the selection was fantastic and the employees were very knowledgeable and helpful.

  488. shiekhakoo3

    Swells best dispensary in Az, top 5 I mean lol

  489. chito1333

    Rosie was awesome she gave me great recommendations and the flowers are good as well and for their prices , can’t beat that anywhere ,I also like that tax are included in the price , ftp deal are of the hook ,thank you

  490. omitl71

    great place to go to and great servie. shout out to Mari

  491. deeheartsmaryjane

    My third time coming to Swell I was helped by Lilly, she was so nice and so patient. She helped me pick a few edibles that I’ve never tried before and I loved them! She asked me to come back and talk to her about my experience with them which made me want to come back again!

  492. Phhd3210

    Highly recommended swell it’s just different!

  493. MzMack

    Swell Central was very welcoming. 1st visit today and service was awesome.. Will definitely be back

  494. jdebold0722

    Cheech was super helpful. Loved the atmosphere and that they weigh the bud out in front of you. Very cool place!

  495. chiphunnit

    Awesome new thing but the best ppl service and bud great location in and out

  496. sjf8760

    quality has tanked since the change. pimping low quality corporate brands. little to no swell farms flower. piss poor selection and piss poor flower. i was quite loyal but due to corporate greed, and lack of quality meds, they lost my business.

  497. Stunna93

    best deals and buds!!!! helped by Steve

  498. KevToss

    Woooooo food drive!!!!! Woooooo

  499. Michael42063francisco

    I went in for the first time patient deal and the flower was nice I like swells its a good ppls were in a good mood I was in a good mood when I left

  500. Rodg74

    Medal Always Fire!

  501. Coffee4blood

    Great and friendly budtenders. gotta take advantage of that deli style and follow your nose! they also often have great deals on shake

  502. Danielleleah30

    Great people. Great product!

  503. mods1erawe

    This place is so clean and the staff is super nice. They have really great deals and they will hook you up. My first time there was amazing. Thank you 🙂

  504. menciso

    the folks here ate super swell and friendly and very informative. this is definitely my favorite dispensarydY~

  505. cristianperez8005

    its an awesome shop and i was very satisfied with the flower.

  506. kingtmacvegasmade

    They always hold it down at Swell. Laid back employees

  507. thedailyleaf85

    Love Swell always welcoming and they gave great deals on the greens. Really like the pre roll deals..

  508. mdf42082

    I love swell the people and there products are always fire

  509. Dramatickjay

    The staff at Swell are awesome. The are informative and friendly. Swell has some of the best ganja in Phoenix. I definitely recommend them. And their points system is great!

  510. PBSmoker

    This is the second time I have done a Leafly pick-up order at this locale. Each order pick up has been one of the smoothest of my mmj experience. Brandon at the window was extremely courteous, kind, welcoming and patient. I will definitely be ordering from this location again.

  511. mrmccray2000

    great bud, awesome budtenders. will definitely be back

  512. dannymunozjr

    I love swell it is a great dispensary with quality people. Every single individual here should be recognized for their customer service with customersdY’OEdY>> !

  513. mrjdlc

    so if you read any of my other reviews you know that I’m obviously probably the biggest fan of swell there is .they open up lots of locations pretty close to one another which was smart of them they know what they’re doing which is rare and furthermore they have had the pleasure of doing any kind of business .so I’m very appreciative of them here in the valley Supply in quality meds at Great discounted prices and I wish other dispensaries would follow suit but with their four locations get to one of them because they always have the most amazing deals

  514. 1Regina9

    One of my favorites. Super close to home & the flower is always on point. I especially love the fishies in the waiting area dY~S

  515. mollywhopped

    This dispensary is great. They have quality medicine and good service.

  516. Mysterw214

    Well i finally found where the OG is. Curaleaf is da best OG spot to go to the budtenders are great and very helpful thanks curaleaf I WILL BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!

  517. Poohman1218

    Always quality strains and prices… Swell

  518. yrainbowd

    I love swell! Budtenders are great also the patients that go are so friendly. Great environment

  519. chadh

    Very convenient location

  520. Reyesnisela

    Swell is awesome love this place my husband Reyes and I come here a lot !! Services is great in and out shatter deals are the best!

  521. EddieRaymond

    This dispensary is great! All tiers of there flower is high quality. There is different prices depending on which strain and what you want to spend. Even there bottom shelf is high in quality I was empressed. I give It 2 Thumbs Up!

  522. deontay21

    I like ten location close to home ten atmospher here I’d meditationam. it’s peaceful plus ten staff is perfect. swell enough for me

  523. Monster6

    It was easy to find, excellent service great quality in meds wonderful severity .. would recommend my friends .

  524. Buckeyenana

    Miss the one on McDowell, but this one is great. Live that it a farm to table operation. Nice people and good product.

  525. Sexilexi518

    Great place ! good customer service they always have my orders ready for pick up as well as have some of the most knowledgable staff. love it !

  526. GabbyS0316

    Best and friendliest place i been to , very nice staff and a clean spot 🙂

  527. BlueTwinkies

    Love it here all around amazing.

  528. sleepykampol

    I like this place they have some great flower the only draw back is that its far from where i live dY~C/ other than that i love it and their staff is awesome

  529. kayy_kush

    This is my absolute favorite dispensary throughout the valley. The Flower is always on point, I’m never disappointed with the quality of the flower no matter the shelving. Best strain is their Golden
    strawberry, most people cannot get past the smell, but its worth it. The high is long lasting! The staff is always knowledgeable and welcoming. Also love that taxes are already included.

  530. ed2zeronine

    This place is always a pleasure to visit. Everyone is helpful and really nice.

  531. Lmaxwell

    I totally love this curaleaf location..bud tenders are always a pleasure and prices are alwaysnthe best in town ..dont sleep on curaleaf

  532. Acehole6027

    This has been one of the best locations that I have been to when it comes to customer service and quality!!

  533. Every420

    Great Dispensary an great place nice staff very helpful an knowledgeable on their products great prices an good deals every day

  534. wiseassstoner

    this place ripped me off my first time patient deal . i had to go back and they did it again . never going back.

  535. Luisruiz0194

    swell dispensary on central is one of the best dispensaries in the south side of town. I love their concentrates & all their deals on concentrates.

  536. liviloo9729

    amazing location!! best bud and people

  537. vnvasquez35

    I was really nervous being it was my first time, I felt comfortable thanks to cheech who talked to me about different products that would help with my medical needs. I would recommend it to anyone who wants great service and quality flower as that is my choice of medicine.

  538. NikolasBertinger

    The best Budtenders in south Phoenix
    Classic prerolls are one of the best in my opinion and only 5$ and very good quality

  539. Stalofab

    Wonderful location wonderful place wonderful people

  540. bushong5

    Great location! Swell is always my go to dispensary this location is just as great as the camelback location!

  541. nbmila

    One thing I disliked about the dispensary was NOTHING nothing at all! I’m so impressed with their great customer services skills and the way they are so attentive with all clients.

  542. corneliuswesley54

    Good for flowers and other.

  543. Azums7

    Budtenders are always in a great positive mood.

  544. mimalejandra

    Best dispensary in south Phoenix a$?i,

  545. T-reX-123

    Swells has quality bud and the customers service is swelltastic , would recommend to anyone that loves and needs a new weed place . Also swells is very convient to me because it’s up the street

  546. Fapclaps

    This location is the best one hands down. Love their costumer satisfaction and the knowledge to inform me about products I’m interested in.

  547. tresshawn

    Great prerolls and awesome service. Must try the strawberry lemonade. Pretty good indices strain. Would definitely recommend. Great location near bus route.

  548. 1991dre

    flower I love this place to get my meds and good deals and good pre roll and they are a very help to there clines

  549. mrsskibbe

    always friendly, good product, great prices and quick.

  550. Buddy5150

    This swell location is swell y’all everyone should be in here great service staff you name it keep up the good work guys

  551. brooke503

    they always have the best deals every day. definitely recommend coming here

  552. 6yyyyyyggh

    great place with great prices and a lot of great strains to choose from but if you ask me I think your best bet is just by the pack some pre-rolls even if you have to buy a whole bunch

  553. llnew33

    worth the drive and the specials are great. The staff is very knowledgeable in products

  554. diablo69

    Nice and a well kept. Friendly staff

  555. Ciamaziam

    Thank you for great customer service.

  556. Peewhytee92

    Good weed, friendly customer service and a awesome point system. dY’s

  557. stelltricia33

    Absolutely love this location….all products are the best and great customer service

  558. iSparkziT

    Great location on central, great bud, concentrates and deals. Friendly, patient, and knowledgeable staff.

  559. Bianca01

    They have great timeless deals

  560. happygolucky123

    great place for all your medical needs

  561. Rhernandez291

    Love it, good place, good medicine. love the baseline indicas. right down the street from me. they adjusted their hours and that kinda of did it for me. ever since then i go back all the time. thanks cureleaf

  562. stormballs

    i love this one, always good stuff, really friendly and great deals

  563. profbudman

    Great staff Great service Great options for meds

  564. ladytritri

    Love the ounce specials!

  565. csburnsonlythebest

    Their music in the lobby is good, everything looks clean, the flower is great quality

  566. Iluvpurp13

    awesome friendly service and fast

  567. lunaog

    I love there og clear cartridges prices and I enjoy there grams.

  568. pimpin78

    they have amazing deals and a potent variety

  569. Jimmy.southside602

    I would recommend them to the world if I knew how… these people are awesome and I love the deals here. Medicine is always worth it. Thanks again guys!! THANKS GUYS YOU KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  570. Cbrooks04

    They need a public restroom that you don’t have to wait to use

  571. cbenavidez

    Great customer service . Everyone is friendly and helpful . Love the day deals and specials. They have very good high quality product and fast service . Would definitely recommend this dispensary to anyone .

  572. Nicolegreene

    Amazing deals and flower. I always have a great experience!

  573. Bearwolf83

    Swell on Central is great. Awesome pre rolls and flower. Marissa and Brandon really know there stuff. Awesome concentrates as well. Stop in today and give them a try.

  574. davina714

    Marissa G assisted me, she was friendly, informative and quite helpful.

  575. MrHighGuy82

    Very nice people and really good product, will for sure be returning

  576. marlondasmoker

    swell is a swell framacy

  577. TheRealMorganFreeman

    Really nice spot! staff i svery knowledgeable

  578. vmeig

    April was my budtender and super cute and friendly. Helped me find everything I need with great ease and not stressful. Definitely one of my go to places with great looking bud

  579. mrasher1983

    Swell on Camelback is conveniently located in Central Phoenix. They have some of the best Flower in Phoenix. Also the best price on Pre-Rolls around!

  580. Owlgang2015

    great place great location awesome ppl n buds

  581. sapagliu

    Swell is loving and dope envy gas weed

  582. cathyd

    I Love the Staff their all Knowledgeable and friendly, Good Quality flowers

  583. bribrown49

    Customer service was awesome and comfortable atmosphere

  584. valhallagirl

    Swell in central location is awesome the staff are hella friendly and very helpful the blue dream strain there is so good good swell in central also has a kick back environment

  585. kmack2

    Great selection and service.

  586. QueenAZ

    I absolutely love this location.. If I lived closer this place would be my go to all the time.. Unlike most dispensaries where its a hit and miss sometimes on quality and customer service… This place has never disappointed me. They are always friendly and eager to answer all my questions.. The flower here is also great quality with great pricing and specials.. Only problem I have is when I go and get a new strain that they have and I get an 8th to try it and I end up loving it and go back to get more and they are usually already sold out. dY~oedY~, I love their daily deals especially Wednesday’s… PLEASE build in the east valley for all of us in Gilbert.. dY~S

  587. Rikke

    These Bartenders are the very best in the business ALWAYS can rely on my peps!

  588. narutohigh

    you got to love his dad they always blessing us with him pre-rolls you know you drop your review and get that free roll

  589. Montanodanielle87

    love this dispensary i recomend this to all my friends who get a medical card

  590. themodelsara

    Super mellow and chill environment

  591. toker247365

    they’re typically fast and have a wide range of varieties and pricing

  592. Nixonbianca

    Love this place great weed and staff

  593. PineappleEspress

    Wasn’t thrilled with the flower quality. 3 strains all smelled alike and not pleasant. The menu was okay- not as much as I would have expected.

    Cheech was a great budtender, super friendly and knowledgeable. The prerolls were good, especially for $5 each. FTP deal was good as well.

    The environment was okay, it was clean but a bit uncomfortable.

  594. Smoke511

    I love Curaleaf they always have great strains. Big fat pretty buds!

  595. xkx1x3x

    YODA OG and the DR.WHO were great smokes. Definitely coming back!

  596. charleycasso

    Very dope atmosphere love this place I will be bacc

  597. Mishie20

    Everyone is so kind and my budtender was super friendly, patient and thorough with informing me on the differences in products and recommendations. This place is great! I had a great time and they have such a great selection to look over! I’ll definitely be returning here in the future.

  598. Legitskeez

    very convenient from work.

  599. doobiedoobie

    today is September 27th amazing flower amazing quality amazing people thank you

  600. Thatboyiscold

    Very chill and professional

  601. cindysanchez3710

    Love all their staff! Best Swell location in AZ

  602. fionavega

    It’s an amazing dispensary! Love the atmosphere and how clean and nice it smells. The staff is always so pleaseant to talk to and very helpful.

  603. OakLAndKush

    always swell

  604. Brock1984

    this is the top spot in AZ all the best flowers and the best prices check it out.

  605. qblue33

    I find myself coming back for more and more. I can’t get enough from Swell. Awesome service!

  606. PRINCESSA1313

    Friendly people always on top of their game great prizes love it

  607. CJ3PO

    Great location easy to get into. Lots of choices for flower and edibles. Everyone is very knowledgeable and if you have any questions or concerns they are eager to ease your worries.

  608. martawht

    pretty good bud, more so impressed with budtender he did a great job making sure that I had everything I came in for plus more….

  609. Donmakesplays6

    This place is awesome. Budtenders are friendly. Prices are good. Close to home. Always a good vibe. Also they take cards!

  610. Zachattack91234

    I love it!!! Customer service is always great and the security guards are always very friendly when I arrive!!!

  611. Kingcheef360

    Great place

  612. Biggniaha

    best in Arizona for there meds and prices

  613. Batman7890

    It was a pleasant visit and my bud tender was up most respectful.

  614. biancaa0922

    Rosie was an very sweet person so helped Me, she told me about their specials they have as well as the people around are super nice!

  615. polishpounder420

    Love this place. Tax included and deal on the reg

  616. h4ley200

    Very good! Fun! Nice knowledgeable people

  617. rickhashimoto1

    Went there and Saira was awesome and she chose exactly perfect cartridge plus other items , great service great products. Thx.

  618. cweberg2

    Really descent quality at a good price.
    close to home.

  619. Kyusi194

    I love the vibes of walking in there. Helpful, freindly staff and great pricing on flower. For sure will be back here today! Y’all have a swell day hahaha

  620. 420Landon

    Best dispensary I’ve been to in Arizona. Best cannabis I have seen in Arizona. I couldn’t recommend them more!

  621. srenee

    This is my 4th dispensary that I’ve tried. This will now be the dispensary i stick with. By far, the best flower I’ve gotten. They always have promotional deals on things throughout the whole week. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I will also recommend this place to my friends and family. dY~f

  622. D201347

    Y’all were my go to!! Now that you DONT include taxes in the menu price I’ll skip ya and go elsewhere. Y’all just got greedy.

  623. jacoblever1979

    Best place hands down.

  624. chronicgore

    Swell is the best in Arizona!!!

  625. Alana281

    Friendly budtenders. Good price and product

  626. kingchitown

    Love this place omg got to love the deals there

  627. RxoMCH

    always the nicest staff and best flower ive had always back for more.

  628. Britmon12

    Love it flowers amazing best waffle and syrup

  629. Savysweet21

    Great people great service and hey great selection.

  630. tigrrowens

    best place ever to go for bomb meds great location great service and you in and out

  631. Mrpefect2018

    great place if your looking for a good bang for your buck just stop on by

  632. TallMorty

    Always Quality flower and friendly people when I stop by a Swell.

  633. dang0185

    amazing service , people are very welcoming and very comfortable environment

  634. Madmike420365

    always love their deals 5 dollar perrolls great customer service

  635. csm8692

    Best in Az , from Tucson thanks to Maritza and Rosie I will always travel back bud off the chart

  636. Barrera1943

    this place was great! defiantly had a swell time 😉

  637. omillan84

    I enjoy coming here. Its in my neighborhood and cheech has always been super cool with explaining any concerns or questions i have. all the folks here are very nice and help make your experience comfortable.

  638. shay429

    This place always have the best flower and deals!!

  639. ggsmokez

    I was in and out,very convenient

  640. tvguyed

    Really enjoyed my visit. I tried a new Cartridge that my buddy told me about. OG Clear, very smooth and terpy profile. Loved it, I will be back.

  641. M3linda


  642. mvme1978

    I wish the THC/CBD content information was available on the sweet website or at location.

  643. MurlLee

    Great facility, staffed with helpful people. Great meds!

  644. trojanmane

    great products and awesome prices cool employees love how the place is setup.

  645. Eric.1991

    They were polite, fast, and well informed. Asked and answered everyone of my question. Will be going back often

  646. adrian427

    great ppl good prerolls

  647. ginz88

    Good prices and friendly staff

  648. mlamper

    I really enjoyed my visit here. Will definitely will be going back. My budtender Cheech was awesome.

  649. Mord602

    This location has some of the most beautiful flower as far as smell to taste what you smell is what you taste. Mari if you see this review i apologize for been rude. Thank you for explaining how exactly the first time patient actually works. As I had different experiences with other dispensaries. Thank you for that and than you for been patient with me you were right on the Bubba Og, should have gotten more definitely going back soon.

  650. revgreenfield

    love them cheapest price and love the Vibes from the Worker’s

  651. Joero1111111111111

    Great service, great selection, great bud tenders. Prices can’t be beat and great quality flower

  652. lettyant

    Love the vibe, the flower is amazing and they’re always quick and willing to spend the time to give u knowledge! Definitely a place to go to!!

  653. onecrazyredhead

    Swell is #1 phoenix farmacy!

  654. Schlap

    Swell is a great place to fill your Rx. The staff is friendly and does not try to rush you at the back counter. Highly recommend the 5 pack of prerolls for $20.

  655. cali15

    Very nice place I already told my friends about this place. Clean

  656. techgal128

    I was given a strain recommendation to help muscle tension and pain and it works beautifully (mk ultra). The people at the counter definitely know their strains.

  657. Milpas7

    Great location close to me and clean vary nice people and vary good security. People are vary educated made me vary welcome and at ease

  658. teddymitchellphx

    best dispensary in Phoenix Arizona good flower and grate deals fantastic bud and awesome worker’s

  659. htyreer8

    Best bud hands down the green crack is awesome

  660. Reginamarieeeee

    Their weed is pretty fire for the prices and always feel welcomed coming here .

  661. amy70

    love it close by my house !

  662. TheIncredible

    for a frist timer at any swell location I have to say I had a great experience at this one cheech was a great help in picking out my flower I will be going back soon

  663. Larson_spring

    love the atmosphere. come out smile almost everything. depends if I get a happy and welling to there job. employee. and only one time there was one person who wouldn’t help. me or even bother to ask her supervisor to help. but just sat there and did. want to help. otherwise all other are so nice. and every helpful.

  664. 23leonel23

    Great deals and really cool people!

  665. Alan211

    Barry White canimal shatter and crumble bomb as hell flowers always on fire dY”Y= dY”Y= dY”Y= dY”Y= and have a swell day people..

  666. Danitate33

    I drive an hour to come here… it’s my favorite place.

  667. mamejia3388

    great staff Stephen was super knowledgeable and helpful

  668. SteveKerr

    I love this place!

  669. avantgarde

    I like how they have deli style yiu get to pick your buds that you want love it!

  670. RazAlGhul187

    I come sober leave high. Great bud great customer service. Prices are far. My favorite place to stop when I’m on the south side

  671. Dphill27

    best place to go to. it’s close to home an they prices are worth it. staff is great an the music is on point.

  672. cabdelmalak09

    best flower i have had in a long time your trimmers do an excellent job!

  673. riotbutterfly

    Always the friendliest people working here. Swell always has great prices on flower and being able to order online is really convenient for this busy location.

  674. Caingregory1121

    I love Swell Farmacy! Best place in town good quality meds. Well worth the drive.

  675. cyberhano

    Rosie was super helpful, whole staff very friendly, coming back for sure!

  676. ace4yrn

    Loved the tree! The guy who helped me very friendly and helpful would recommend !!!

  677. reginah0729

    Swell is a nice place and nice people love it and plan on going back!

  678. Trilldrevdz

    Love this location always come here for good smoke great deals and the staff is very educated and chill

  679. l0p3zc

    real nice location with great Budtenders. It’s a place I visit daily for their deals

  680. Hobbitshort

    This smoke shop is amazing I love the weed & the service !

  681. nValenz88

    Wow! I was very happy with Swell; the flower was amazing, the staff was friendly and the prices are great. I’m impressed and will certainly be back.

  682. ValerieJimenez

    i luv Swell…go to spot…fun staff…great deals

  683. night2night

    This was my first time to Swell and I will definitely be back. I really liked the industrial look of the outside of the storefront, really fits in for it’s location. The interior is modern and there was plenty to look at and many places to sit while I filed out my new patient paperwork.

    I had a fantastic experience with Brandon, who welcomed me to the family and guided my through the process. Brandon gave helpful recommendations and I felt that he wanted to spend time with me and he really truly cared that I received the proper medication.

    Fantastic deals, attitudes, product etc.

  684. Joshstephenson

    Good place to get some flower

  685. Phooe

    good medicine great prices

  686. Ymedina

    The place to go when your downtown is here it used to be midtown roots but now it curated leaf it still bomb bomb they do reward program soo it a big thumbs up..dY’OE

  687. MrMcdabzs

    Was in and out, customer service on point , meds are A-1

  688. hernandezm16

    love this place always best quality..

  689. firstkeeper

    there the best.

  690. Kushkiller00

    great dispensary. never dissapointment and always more than satisfied. Fire flowerdY”Y=

  691. dankfish

    Definitely recommend this place. first time patient special is a great deal, and they have high-quality bud for a good price.

  692. WeedPerfect

    Swell has the freadlyest and most knowledgeable staff. The quality and prices makes them a no brainer for me! Pluse they have a happy hour wheel you can spin and win! Too much fun!dY’dY~$?dY$?tm

  693. olivom0087

    01/05/18 I love that spot they got the best deals for the highest in quality I definitely love this spot

  694. sk8andsmoke

    one of the best I been to from here to Colorado

  695. dabqueen10

    New location is cool and they always have the best specials.

  696. Lil79Mama

    great location, best deals, bomb buds

  697. Reyna1986

    I love this place., they have quality probucts,good service,prompt service their flower is very good. When I come here I’m never disappointed…. thanks guys.

  698. dbishome

    I am new to going to the dispensarys and I am very pleased with the whole visit to swell on central and the location is very handy. I will go back very soon and the and promotions it makes it affordable to people like me on disability to afford the meds I need thank you swell doug

  699. jesslynneb

    Love this swell, they are always so helpful!

  700. ChaunseFinnley

    the meds here are swell and I can get my meds for a the low

  701. Toooomuchtuna

    Glad theres a swell down on the south side now!

  702. MrsPrincess124

    Awesome experience every time! It’s like going Home to visit! Ya know what I’m talking about Cheers!

  703. alexahasapen

    Great flower and the bud tenders are always knowledgeable. Always a great experience coming here!

  704. Crystal63x

    The location has awesome deals . The staff is friendly and helpful. Love how close to home this is. Will keep coming back for sure!

  705. exgarcia03

    Great service and prices

  706. ivannavarro19

    Great place to shop and great deals

  707. sammyb602

    Good buds and friendly bud tenders

  708. tashaphillips1976

    I love it

  709. THC1369

    All good vibes

  710. TiffanyW86

    One of the best places I’ve been too can’t wait to go back

  711. seahawks12s

    bomb flower! shatter is bomb too!

  712. bigbdaking

    central location is my favorite locations close to my place and I love the $20 specials

  713. Cadillacchacha

    Always A Great Visit….Great Bud and Budtenders!!

  714. Angelglowin1

    They have the perfect name Swell dY~%0
    I definitely was treated Swell!! Will return in the future.

  715. Jbeaves

    Gotta give big ups to CuraLeaf. After the crap show they run at Nirvana, it was a breath of fresh air. Walked away with an ounce of fire GG#4. A gram of live rosin. I was able to spin the wheel, won a gram of shake. all for $83.00. Thank god I didn’t end up buying reggie at Nirvana. I can’t believe people pre order at a place with shwag. when you can come to Cura Leaf, get phenomenal service, get called back In 5 min. even bring slammed busy. Thank You Cura Leaf you’ve adopted a customer.

  716. epitome

    long hair don’t care!? shoutout to Swell and great service!?

  717. Lysadri627

    Been a customer since Youngtown Swell. Always been one of my favorite dispensaries bc of the deli style!

  718. Chris761

    Great dispensary come to budtenders really helpful in and out with good quality

  719. danielblazez

    Try out the pre-rolls here at swell they are the bomb !

  720. Slumpedgoddesss

    Never disappoints ! Can’t wait to see what Swell has today !

  721. sammieetellem

    Come check them out for yourself. Amazing tenders. Amazing energy. Flower smells good. One love

  722. heavy808

    the deals are the best here, and great FTP special as well.

  723. Mikeshow

    Very professional atmosphere .Like Cheech cool dude..Great selection of top quality Medications.

  724. Bobbyjz

    I love it! Everyone’s friendly and very helpful.

  725. Jmac8580

    Love the bomb deals great prices

  726. Talyia27

    great products and friendly bid tenders

  727. jgbballin

    love the prices herbs and ask sound nice place

  728. Teflonman

    swell rocks great service and quality strains ,and the first paitent. deal surpasses all.

  729. etoole5413

    Love this place! Always have good deals! and the best flower around

  730. Cody15r

    This place was awesome to come to and great people I would definitely come back

  731. anjher0502

    Great experience for my first time there.

  732. 1puff

    $20 goodies and $30 8ths on the Weekend. Always A Swell Weekend!!

  733. pittsburgh45


  734. zkevee

    Excellent Service And A1 Flower haha I Highly Recomend Amongst My Favorite Spots In The City!!! PreRolls Are Amazing!!!!!

  735. Lefteye411911

    Definately recommend them. They have a lot of deals and grow their own

  736. Buddies67

    Very convenient location. And Excellent Customer Service. High quality of flower. Would recommend to a friend.

  737. Tclarke1150

    Friendly staff. Good prices and concentrates

  738. Tamari4me

    I can definitely say they had good customer service all the way through the building!!!! And the flower was definitely on point it did its job all the way around the book every string I picked!!! You will definitely be see more of me around!!! Thanks again

  739. JayJay12369

    Doing everything good

  740. Flashdiesel50

    I’m a big fan of the mothers milk strain from SWELL!! I can’t get enough of it & the everyday $5 preroll deal always come in handy

  741. Jojoeking1418

    Best pre rolls honestly and just for writing a review dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y= love em a$?i,

  742. cireone

    so is my favorite place to go they always have the best deals on flowers concentrates cartridges anything you need staff is always fast and friendly very helpful and knowledgeable on the product

  743. david2times

    Curaleaf is one of the best! When i come to Curaleaf i know i will be treated with respect and a friendly face. Their products are good and the prices are not bad! I HIGHLY Recommend CURALEAF!

  744. brandbomb94

    still my favorite place to go in Phoenix the staff is absolutely phenomenal. these budtenders appreciate your business like one of the buds.

  745. Brolysmokes

    Love coming here because everyone is honest super-friendly and their daily specials are always the best. Super confident place!!!!

  746. BloodBath4200

    great spot. laid back vibe. what’s better then having a farmacy on central?I canr think of one at the moment.

  747. leebone1993

    Great flower and great service.

  748. bustermoon

    This place is perfect

  749. jackstonersimpsion


  750. Lennon1975

    Good deals great staff!

  751. Robfuentes92

    This place has an amazing selection of flower and concentrates. I would definitely recommend this place to other patients. 2/14/19

  752. KyleMcLovin

    I walked in and the service was excelling! They greeted
    me in and served me well!

  753. fitz12

    very nice they weigh it right in front of you. The people are SO friendly. highly recommend this place.

  754. gorr01

    Best deals in town

  755. WhiteWidower0

    These guys got too big too quickly. Their flower is either really dry or really fluffy and not very potent. All the flower looks, tastes and smells exactly the same. You won’t find a sticky, resinous, gooey strain, they’re all bottom shelf quality and prepackaged. Same with the Bell and Youngtown locations.

  756. bubblez1

    Staff very nice

  757. decoy67

    Swell pharmacy is a wonderful dispensary, with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great prices too. Thanks swell, especially Amanda

  758. Derrickgh01252013@gmail

    first time there awesome

  759. penelopeq

    Love the flower and love service !!!

  760. BrenLee

    this happens to be my favorite dispensary. the budtenders are way kool and the Bud is Awesome for a sweet price too…Go Curaleaf..Central in Phoenix. Merry Christmas & Happy New Years to All of Y’all dY~EUR

  761. Take0va

    My favorite spot

  762. pizzachef420

    first! I love Swell!

  763. mericaah

    I haven’t been in since they changed their name but this place is always amazing. I love their point system. the staff is highly knowledgeable and friendly. highly recommend this spot.

  764. Jayy19942017

    love there prices i love there pre rolls prices

  765. ChelaTrujillo50

    The curaleaf on Central and Victory is the perfect location .It is right off the freeway, in Central Phx. And the Superman Og helped take back pain down and helped calm my leg cramps down. Thank u by Grace Montijo.

  766. Mhorne1911

    I drive outta my way to come to this location. The best employees, best deals, and always fast friendly service!!!

  767. zerepmas

    The location is great at least for me with work, it’s never to crowded and the service is usually fast I go here when I need new recommendations on weed then come back to re up.

  768. freddyba96

    Amazing place!!! Highly recommend it, one of the best in Phoenix!!!

  769. Leaflyx

    I think they deserve more reviews because they always treat me here with the best service. as I go in I wait no more than 5-8 mins and always have a fun and great experience coming in!

  770. Mtana7

    Best deals bud and budtenders!

  771. BrohammadAli

    Curaleaf (formerly Swell) has always been a great destination for cannabis enthusiasts like myself because of their excellent customer service and competitive prices on top of their top notch deals which seem nearly infinite

  772. Angel247

    Swell has the best meds around best deals and the service is great can’t go wrong here

  773. JoesephUIgnoramus

    that forbidden fruit smelled fantastic. luv this place

  774. Aleeex

    Great dispensary! Super cool staff, amazing products and prices. Definitely recommend to everyone.

  775. Jmo78

    Very good service and fast. The aroma smepps great like EUPHORIA and the pre rolls are fire, definitely….

  776. blowindro

    Super cool place! All of their flower smelt so good! Id recommend a friend 🙂

  777. lowtymr

    best spot in town by far! best deals and you can’t beat the prices. friendly budtenders and they know there stuff. I recommend to everyone!

  778. mrsbentley84

    who doesn’t love this place? Free pre rolls for reviews. love it!

  779. iuancarlos123

    Great farmacy, great meds, great vibes

  780. jimmybentley

    the location is good. easy to find. I am a fan of the 5 dollar pre roll.

  781. Admyer

    Awesome online ordering with fast turn around. Always good daily specials and lots of flower choices.

  782. annamarieb

    Love coming in and getting the best possible fast and friendly service always an abundant of choices of flower and concentrates bomb deals especially the weigh heavy Wednesday deal were you get 5 grams for 29.32 out the door thank you curaleaf and thank you Amanda for being my favorite budtenderdY’–

  783. shes420

    I just visited swell for the first time before a road trip to Vegas. The guy that helped me was super knowledgeable and let me know of all the deals going on. It’s close to my new place and will definitely make this my home pharmacy a$?i,

  784. Weedsmoke1982

    Best flower ever


    Well they don’t update the information on leafly, so when I got there at 11:15 I was told they don’t open until 12:00 because of the day.. Nothing posted on leafly, super happy to wait around on you.. Late start because of drinking the night before or what.?? At least update the info on apps that your store is posted on so you don’t have people waiting around. First and last time I come here.

  786. Eddya333

    Great deals and knowledgeable staff!

  787. Tatterz520

    awesome work and so nice to me. thank you

  788. satvalenz

    this spot has great prices. just like swell before it, this place is awesome

  789. nateotar

    This was my first time here and it was a very good experience. My budtender was super chill and helpful with any questions I had. Also I liked how you don’t feel rushed at all while browsing, u like some other dispensaries

  790. andrewazog

    Visited on opening weekend. Good deals and great service from Cheech. Thanks!

  791. DreadHeadGriffin

    Its the best of all

  792. paulrod

    The bud thender was rude and has lots of attitude. There 55$ halfounce is “OUT DOOR” thats what baseline means. Dnt go to this location!

  793. JesusM81

    Pure leaf is a great place with great deals and great flower. I recommend them to all my friends and family.

  794. dcruz

    Close to Freeway, Fast, Friendly Service. The “Yoda OG” is 1 of Favs from here!! Great Staff also, will be Returning back for More Meds dY~

  795. Owlgang

    best place ever best buds great service inn out quick

  796. upwaterside

    Loved this place!

  797. BaberBabes

    Their meds are consistently great and their service is always friendly. I even follow them on Instagram now! I love how the budtenders are always so knowledgeable and their daily/monthly flash sales and text deals keep me coming back. Keep up the good work!

  798. Jadworshak420

    This place is badass

  799. Isis57

    Friendly staff. Swell products. Convenient location

  800. robluv13

    Great selection & customer sevice!


    awesome staff, super clean inside.

  802. gwincess

    I like

  803. shilton

    He helped me decide which strain would be best was kind I felt I could buy more from my rep

  804. Greenthumb7124

    Great place for great meds!!! Love the connivence just right around the corner.

  805. jt6903

    Always good for you service is great

  806. laydetaz21

    I love this place. Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly.

  807. marcozamora88

    had the romberry kush heavy hitter…great taste and a very good head change …two thumbs up

  808. HammPorter

    Awesome place friendly staff and the best deals in town love this place so much!

  809. Sloth13888

    Hello, had a great experience here for my first visit. Extremely knowledgable and friendly staff. Would definitely recommend checking this place out.

  810. THCPopeye

    Love coming to Swell. Large variety of buds and concentrates. Would recommend!

  811. Andrewgarza8

    Awesome place good bud and wax !

  812. schumannmaxine87

    Perfect location for me when I am in South Phoenix. New patient today and received great service as well as my free flower for being my first time. Quality trees that gave me the perfect high. dY~dY'”dY”Y=dYOE’dYOE’

  813. Whom1wok2

    Still one of my favorite shops.. great flower. Great prices n great service

  814. Skerisse

    I like the great deals they have all the time. And there flower is good quality and a nice conveinient location

  815. Deeaurora777

    Love the flower diversity and the bud tenders are very helpful and amazing!!

  816. Colewalters

    I love Swell best dispensary in town

  817. Kingchitown557

    Love this place every time love everything about this place and the workers

  818. KingYp

    So great. great prices great flower nd great atmosphere. I love it here I don’t go any where else

  819. rfshortridge

    everything is swell. sometime long waits but they get the job done

  820. Graceebee

    Still have swell deals even though they changed their name

  821. cabdelmalak12

    best flower in town

  822. DabMasterDab

    All I can say is positive vibez! I forgot the homie’s name but thank you for recommending the aEURoeMy Mother’s MilkaEUR strain. You have no idea how hard is to find these high CBD strains in flower. Really great for my day use at home. Great for pain…… thanks again

  823. ElMoreno602

    great prices well as great strains