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5390 W Ina Rd, Tucson, AZ 85743


32.3382175, -111.0797126




8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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259 reviews for “Nature Med

  1. 520bo

    Nice ride on the highway!

    Beautiful shop inside & very clean with the newspaper & beauty creams to shop.

  2. WOWleaflyWOW

    The dispensary is very convenient for me. 5 minute drive. The location is perfect! Private, secluded and quiet. This is my third time trying Nature Med in about 6 months. The staff is always professional and courteous. I have never had a flower that made me happy from this place however. Not sure why they can’t get it right?!?! The prices are astronomical for the low quality product. The Yumboldt Sour Cream is premature and has no density at all. The Skunk 47 has a bit of flavor but no density again and no real Indica effects. The test results of the products are not readily made available. I didn’t ask for them but most places have that on display! I love the location and the people but PLEASE IMPROVE YOUR MEDS or I won’t be back!!!

  3. wendyje1

    Great place, great people, comfortable, professional, very informative, hospitable, and generous . Great quality service and product. I was just blown away and look forward to my next visit.

  4. Ancho

    Great local dispensary; reasonable rates, many options and helpful employees. I recommend the sour grape.

  5. Butterz504

    Came here for my first time about a week ago, GREAT service, Great medicine, Decent prices, Highly knowledgeable staff. All around a great experience.

  6. Purklquarqle520

    Star scream grown by the same grower as purple passion,grand bay and the society’s.the quality of the meds that go through this place is top of the line in Tucson. To the smoker that wants a good selection and top of the line meds this is the place to go

  7. Catgirl

    What a great experience! I felt immediately at ease upon entering. Very welcoming waiting area with refreshments, super knowledgeable staff and great selection. Love the little gift bag aIso. I will definitely be back!

  8. maze90

    At Nature Med the staff is always helpful and the bud is good quality for a good price

  9. victorandjayme

    Great quality. Close to my house. Great customer service. Lots of selection…even hard to find strains. Good edibles and lots of selection of edibles and candies. Even gummies. I will be a repeat customer that is for sure.

  10. AZTD

    The staff is very friendly. The store is clean and carries a positive vibe. Blue Hawaii, Girl Scout Cookies and the Kush have all met my standards as it pertains strong strains. This location is awesome and is a must visit for all in AZ.


  11. chubba1

    No Bueno

  12. 36st

    my favorite dispensary I always have great medication and great customer service

  13. MillennialMummy

    I love going here, and I’ve tried several dispensaries in Tucson. I love their security! They carry dream steam which is a coconut oil based vape, totally love it! Their choices of CBD products at great prices are amazing!

  14. mdesalvo

    I honestly loved the people there and the meds provided! Nature Med is doing a good thing for Tucson. I love the professionalism with the genuine smiles I received during my first visit. I will be back soon!!

  15. bcrios13

    I definitely love this location. Great products, wide variety, hardly a line, knowledgeable and very welcoming and helpful.

  16. mrbigman602

    Best Bud Tender hands down is Heidi. She gave 2 excellent suggestions with the 2nd being better than the first. This girl knows her shit!

  17. wjohns3

    I think this is a great dispensary.Very secure and comfortable facility,friendly knowledgeable staff and a great selection of meds.the prices are what i like the most the best meds are not rediculously overpriced like at other places.

  18. mauiswayne

    very warm and hospitable. a wealth of information and excellent service. friendly staff. i would recommend to anyone.

  19. dopyjim67

    great place never get bad meds here good peps donations are kinda high but good meds

  20. msjanet3217

    on my first visit to the dispensary, they provided me with a lot of good resources about the type of products they have available.

    Friendly staff. good service.

  21. bigsalty420

    Nice spot plenty of parking and very clean

  22. JamesZachary

    Very clean and professional environment, some really top quality medicine at a great price compared tp other dispenseries.

  23. kilee.rueben

    Awesome place. The staff is kicked back and laxed

  24. wedpro2

    Great meds 7 service.

  25. Caspersmokealot

    quality of flower at this place is unbelievable , always helping me out with deals and staff is friendly an great dY’OEdY~S

  26. dude85741

    Close to home, good selection to chowder from an overall good quality service

  27. heaton_chris

    Sour Grape preroll tastes good and is very strong I like.

  28. kronicpains2

    very helpful and friendly with all my needs

  29. ajsantamaria

    place is dope as dope gets. the quality to me seems about the same at all the dispensarys so why not go to this one it has good prices all day and deals everyday. plus have a rewards program
    for every $200 spent you get $10 off. happens to be the closest dispensary
    to me and the dopest thank you nature med for your service. fatboy out

  30. HaleyBug

    It was a wonderful experience. Everybody was so friendly and knowledgeable. I will defiantly be returning to Nature Med very soon! I recommend going there if you haven’t already!

  31. HigherHeights

    Wonderful staff and environment. The medication that they offer is probably the freshest that I have found in Tucson so far. Also, the staff was very knowledgeable about which strains would be best for my particular condition.

  32. Libra61

    very clean, always very clean environment. The coffee & cookies… yum …oh yeah,and the product…. fabulous!

  33. bump578

    Very nice. Great meds. Great people!

  34. eRoKstar_

    Love the Tahoe OG! This dispensary has some of the best meds I have seen in Arizona. Awesome job to the staff and the medicine they sell. Great suggested donations on pipes and other accessories as well.

    Can’t wait to fill up my gram card!

  35. danman82

    Excellent dispensary with friendly and professional staff. Snacks and drinks in the waiting area with a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Flower strains are all tested and of great quality. Prices are average, and I would like to see more pure sativas but overall they are fantastic. Will try their edibles next. Location off of I-10 makes for an easy drive.

  36. blazin520

    This was our third time here. I like the potency of the buds, but damn they are really dry! I know that is to be be expected some what from living in AZ. but the Blueberry was waaay dry like crumble between your fingers dry, I think in this case the price should be lowered, otherwise customers feel cheated… Bud that dry burns faster, & empties your wallet even faster. This is my only major complaint about these guys so far!

    Blue Knight, and the Kush are also good stuff!

  37. dmeds4me

    This place is great, The staff, the prices. Great Deals, and Fresh Products! You cant beat that. It smells Freakin Awesome even in the Parking Lot!!

  38. Raynewolf

    This dispensary is my favorite in all of tucson!!! they feel like family to me and always treat me like it! The best flower in all of tucson and friendly staff!! Their staff knows their stuff as well. Very helpful!! love all of you at Natures Med!!

  39. rachael.parrett

    This place has some of the most welcoming staff, very kind specifically to your medical needs and very knowledgeable and they always remember your name.

  40. RalphyC94

    My 2nd visit to NatureMed today was completely satisfying once again. I was greeted by friendly faces both front of the house and behind the counter. Their Sugar Cookie strain definitely smells how it sounds and looks gorgeous under the provided magnifying glass. I was able to acquire some extremely nice Bubble Melt hash as well. The service and quality of medication here will keep me coming back for sure.

  41. jaymi333

    I’m not a fan of prepackaged Meds. waiting room was nice and staff was friendly. First time patient and received a small preroll with my order. The quality of the who know what kind of meds in the preroll we’re sub par. I personally will not be returning, I have found far superior dispensaries to waste my money on lower quality meds. Another thing I didn’t care for is the tax isn’t included on the list of meds.

  42. RashadHuff

    Nature’s meds is by far one of the best dispensaries in the city. I would choose this dispensary over a lot of dispensaries in the city. They have some of the best flower as well as deals. The staff is very knowledgeable with the Cannabis products and strains.

  43. chronicgore

    small but good atmosphere

  44. Jastorga

    Great customer service and atmosphere. Knowledgeable staff. Great experience overall for my first dispensary visit.

  45. darkfever

    I was in from out of town and stopped by on my way out. was quick (not rushed), very friendly, clean, and had a TV in the waiting area with cookies and drinks! flower was all looking and smelling good. I got one of the sin city half gram pre rolls and I just have to say was one of the best
    pre rolls I ever had! I found my new Tucson spot

  46. TakeAGnarBar

    I like the pricing, variety and quality of the flower/concentrates. Almost always walk out laughing or with a smile (depending on the budtender) and sometimes even get a free preroll or gram from time to time.. However, all people have off days, especially when working with rude and/or inconsiderate customers. (we all know that customer who love to take their time, even when the place is packed) (we also all know those people who take out their aggression on others, especially staff) So ya, occasionally I’ll have an experience at Nature Med, where the budtender is impatient or not very helpful… but compared to places like “Bloom” it’s amazing how nice they seem, even then.. I love this place. I would definitely chose Nature Med over other Tucson dispensaries, even Botanica. Love Botanica’s staff, they are just way overpriced and don’t have that exceptional of quality for what you pay. 9/10 would recommend.

  47. Triomama

    Went in a couple days ago and was blown away with the service. Everyone is so personable and knowledgable, makes you feel like you’re in good hands. Top shelf meds!

  48. FinallyMe

    This is the 4th dispensary I’ve been to and I am so glad I went! They are knowledgeable, genuine, and truly there to help you. AND the MMJ quality is GREAT.

  49. davod420

    One of the best in Tucson. Genuine concern for patients separates them from the rest. Product and prices are competitive.

  50. reekco

    Best damn despensary in Tucson by far great product& even better people
    Five stars for nature med

  51. LindsayR

    The best dispensary I have visited. I really enjoy the secluded atmosphere of the facility. It makes you feel like you’re visiting a friends house. The waiting area is very cozy, although I have never had to wait in it very long, which is a plus. The staff is very friendly and very knowledgeable about their product. They even grow some strains themselves. There is not an overwhelming supply to choose from as it seems they are more concerned with quality rather than quantity. I have been pleased with all of my purchases…even the free prerolls are great. Did I mention they have a punch card? It really doesn’t get much better.

  52. kokomo

    products were great tasting and working. in the future will eat less at a time of their super potent brownies. would recommend to anyone.

  53. robert.stewart.1422

    Friendly and always helpful!

  54. isitavailable.shit

    I love your shop. You guys are so friendly and always get my humor. The quarter of cotton candy that I got the other week was the best bud that I have had in my life. The gummies were very nice too, I tryed them today. Budtender very nice and very knowledgeable. Thanks guys! You all are so friendly! Oh, and I ate like 4 cookies lol thanks. Usually I take advantage of your coffee 😉 – Tyler S.

  55. apinaz1993

    Had a great visit. This was my first time in a actual dispensary had only been to clubs prior but everything was great. only a couple bowls in and I’m really happy:)

  56. scubado

    First visit and staff were very knowledgeable,helpful, and friendly. Medicine is top quality.

  57. deeOD

    Great service and amazing bud!!


    I appreciate how professional yet personal they are there. They are my absolute favorite dispensary around. Thanks for caring and being so compassionate. See you soon.

  59. renoalanis

    it had great customer service very friendly what blew me away is that they offered coffee and donuts and cookies never been to a place that offered that and I plan to go back really soon

  60. Harleysanders

    Fast, Curtious and knowledgable I like that…

  61. 234mhv

    I have been to clinics in Phoenix and Tucson and this one rates in my top 3.

  62. onsimpleterms

    Please note, I am being as objective as possible with this review. Nature Med was the first dispensary I ever visited. At that time I was impressed because I was a new MMJ patient. Now that I have been to other dispensaries, I fully understand how sub-par Nature Med really is. The flower is cheap, but there is a reason for this; you get what you pay for. The service is decent, but it all depends on which budtender you get. Some are amazing and helpful, some are just apathetic and somewhat rude. Basically, you may get a budtender or a dealer. You never know. The concentrates are always hit or miss. Most are a dark brown which can be quite indicative of the creation process. If you find a strain you like, make sure you give a look and smell first. You may have to pass. I wanted Cherry Pie, but had to pass because it would have been a waste of money. All I am saying is this, don’t go in with high expectations and you won’t leave disappointed.

  63. jerrocks

    The wait took forever for one person. then I go back and their entire selection is not impressing me. the budtender hands me a bag which falls and hits the floor and was told I had to buy it because it couldn’t be resold. I don’t even like this strain, captain OG tastes like hay, and it was the budtender’ s fault the bag fell. Been coming here for over 4 years and this is the respect I get. so it’s goodbye nature med. I have better places I can go now anyways.

  64. Omegaman720

    The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about my questions. The facility is welcoming and has a large waiting area with food and drinks available. It was my first time in and they hooked me up with a free preroll and a cool gift bag.

  65. kmatucson

    Everyone is very friendly and the quality of the product seems to be better than some of the other dispensaries I have tried. I would definitely recommend Nature Med to a friend.

  66. SharonStoned749

    I am a new medical marijuana patient and have had the worst experience with 2 other dispensaries before finding NaturesMed. The consultant at the first place rushed me through because there was 5 people behind me. I felt like he did not even listen to what I wanted and shoved random strains in front of me until I chose one (which ended up NOT being right for me).

    I was so pleased with the service I received at Nature. They had an RN sit with me and educate me on CBD and he recommended a strain Pennywise that has been phenomenal for my back pain! I also tried the Lemon diesel for my daytime migraines and today was the first day I have been able to focus fully on my work rather than my throbbing head!
    The kind gal behind the counter made me feel so comfortable and she was such a sweetheart, reminded me of my daughter. =]
    I am a very satisfied patient and I will be back to stock up next month!

  67. amc427

    Definitely ties for my favorite dispensary in Tucson. The receptionist and budtenders were incredible! Made me feel like my business was important to them, and they were fun and helpful the entire time. Their new patient special is one of the best I’ve ever seen, too.

  68. ceandrews23

    Love this place. Welcome feeling. great staff. great selection of meds. good looking and very tasty. support and 1 place I’d buy my meds.

  69. Jmccarthy611

    I walked in, and the process was very quick. I filled out their paper asking me about my condition, and within 5 minutes was out of the waiting room and dealing with my BudTender. I was able to see and smell every strain I wanted, with a smile guiding me though the process. My Bud Tender was very patient and helpful.

    Very high quality buds. I did a lot of research before coming here. There may be places with cheaper prices. There may be places with better quality (I highly doubt that though). But Nature Med is BY FAR the best bang for your buck. Especially during happy hour. 6 grams of the highest quality buds for $54. You cannot beat that.

  70. 3katz

    I gave the “Med Quality” 4 stars only because I haven’t tried anything from them (yet!) I was very impressed with the service, friendliness and knowledge of everyone at this facility and will definitely visit again. This was my first visit to ANY dispensary and I was a bit nervous, but Sean explained everything and answered all my questions. There was a good assortment of sativa, indica, and hybrids to suit anyone.

  71. kornfan

    best staff very knowledgeable and friendly good atmosphere go bacc all the time

  72. Shadow99

    Been a loyal, weekly, customer at another very close by dispensary always buying the Friday special for the last year+. Went here during the week as I’m not paying the non Friday prices. Got two eights and was blown away with the difference in quality. Granted maybe it was a fluke, one time thing. But I’ll be going here until the quality disappoints me. Yeah I like free water and a nice place to wait, but give me quality product and I’ll be a customer for life.

  73. guru4u

    love the Friendly staff, The Relaxed atmosphere. Very good Experiance, i hope to visit often. Thank you !!!

    Gregory Page.

  74. jimmack5016

    They make you very welcome and tried cO2 oil and I love it please it in stock

  75. eaglesfly3

    Very friendly and helpful staff. Clean and inviting facility. Products are good and specials are lots of fun!

  76. RL420

    Staff was very friendly, and helped me feel very comfortable. Best atmosphere in town.

  77. 10101101

    Kryptonite (WOW) – 10!

    Budtenders (Sean & Kikki) – 10!

    I usually have a lot to say about a particular strain or the place as a whole. I think I’ll sum it up easy here and say I only mess with the best buds in town. Nature Med has got both: the meds and the customer service, from a patients’ view, is top notch! I’ve been medicating for over 15 years and I’m a big guy, stopped over today to peep that Kryptonite, and all I have to say is KILLER BUDS. Three hits I’m feeling like I should…and so should you:) So if you haven’t stopped in to see the good folks at Nature Med, I recommend repeat visits to really soak up what they have to offer. To my friends at Nature you’re getting better every day keep it up guys over there and thank you for caring about people like me! That’s the word.


    I used to visit nature’s med all the time, then I learned its about half the price at bloom, but you have to wait in a small crammed room and staff are always trying to get you to but stuff you don’t want when you just wanted to ask a question about it. well not at nature’s med, they are always helpful, friendly, and I have seen the same budtenders since they first opened. don’t go changing Nat med, unless it’s to price drop or match the price of blooms for your low quality to get more people in the door!

  79. Kidslim301

    Only place I go for ma cbd… Great service better products…

  80. Monticello

    Just love going to Nature Med since it’s easy on and easy off I-10 west to Phoenix freeway. Take a left on Ina and head west a bit and look to the right side of the road for the building since I’m driven past a few times. The folks over at Nature Med are truly dedicated to being a well run dispensary with lots of flowers and edibles and giveaways in the patient waiting area. I like shopping at Nature Med and I did get clumsy and break one of their shot glass jar lids and they were super sweet and I didn’t even get a stern look… whew.

  81. TucsonToke

    I like the location and the atmosphere. Kind of feels like I’m hanging out at a buddy’s house. One of the budtenders told me they try to match the music to the customer so that was really awesome to hear, they nailed mine. 🙂
    Good prices and some surprising bud quality every now and again.
    Thanks Nature Med

  82. kenideethomp

    I love checking out their new flower! It’s always top shelf and the service is excellentdY~,,dYZ%0

  83. Uncjohnsband

    Excellent service and very friendly staff. Nice selection of meds

  84. WilsonT

    Knowledgeable, delightful, friendly, local. Excellent product and advice.

  85. lavoyrl

    Very friendly and helpful staff. Will be back often. Thank you.

  86. Mhellpap

    wow that sour grape was fantastic. of all the goodie bags I got on 4/20 weekend this place was best. meds are superb. prefer free grams to free prerolls but other than that no complaints.

  87. nate1375

    Great place. everyone is happy and helpful. 10 stars.

  88. rqwps6

    Very nice place to visit. Was very happy with the strains that I purchased, and the free goodie bag for first time customers. I will be returning to this dispensary especially because they grow there own on site.

  89. lpoppet

    After a lot of trouble finding this place, I was please to see they had a fair number of strains and edibles. I didn’t really think the edibles looked very appetizing so I tried one of their infused drinks and a couple of grams of their better strains.

    The mj was OK, if not a bit too dry and leafy. High was fine but I sure didn’t like the taste. Which brings me to my final comment: Where did you get the idea anyone would like the drinks. They’re terrible!

  90. wizzwonder56

    Im glad to get relief now

  91. Deke

    A great location close to I-10, private parking and good accessibility. I made my rounds when I first got my green card, and was impressed enough with this dispensary over time that I’ve stopped going anywhere else. I’ve had “identical” strains grown by high-yield chain dispensaries, but quality here is consistently higher. These people have their climate control dialed in with the most clean, Spokane grow in town. Better bud, hands down. Their staff is also more knowledgeable, understanding of my disability, and more professional than anywhere else I’ve been, including some large operations in Phoenix. The only dispensary for me.

  92. Matthew11487

    I went in for the first time and was very impressed with the speed of handling a new patient, also great pre-rolls will return soon and often, A+

  93. BradleyGT

    Great Service, Great Strains, Legit as Hell!

  94. AndyPandy

    Everyone here is so friendly and they have awesome extracts to top the great meds.

  95. SamanthaBuck80

    Absolutely love this place! Ive been trying all the places in my area to find the place thats right for me and this place exceeds my expectations! The staff was friendly and informative and the medicinal gummies are just what I needed! Thanks!!



  97. tosser

    Mixed results: good advice, bad edible (no effect whatsoever even after eating an entire $32 donation+tax brownie which tasted great, but had no effect even on this newbie with no tolerance after eating the first one as directed [6aEUR”8 servings] in increasingly larger amounts

    The prices are higher than Bloom by a small amount.

    To be fair they were able

  98. cd050814

    My very first visit and everything! I was so nervous, had loads of questions and concerns, mostly terrified of running into someone that knew me. I am a very private person, and would love to keep it that way. They were very helpful, resourceful and down right polite. I prefer to deal with one person in particular because he seems to be very polite and professional. But the whole staff is very polite from the time you walk in the door. I just love that they are patient with me and my concerns and that I am not laughed at for being a first time user taking baby steps. I am still experiencing a lot of pain and sleepless nights, but then again, it is the “baby steps”. Thank you all, especially Mr K. lol

  99. gabriel745

    Great meds and great staff!

  100. stephenf4l

    awesome service, awesome meds

  101. Bfree77

    Tge best 100% organic cannabis i have ever had!

  102. virtue520

    So stopped by here a week or so ago and it was my first visit to a dispensary. I was impressed by the level of service that was given. I felt like I knew everyone there and they were very friendly. Definitely provided a comfortable environment. The man who assisted me was very friendly and gave me a ton of information and recommendations. Last but not least, the medicine was superb. Tried the Blue Dream and Sour Star. Both were amazing and looked beautiful. I will definitely be by again! Thx Nature Med!

  103. xandrespop

    Nature Med is located in a way that it is easy to miss.The Balloons by the sign caught me Eye but only after I had turned around. The dispensary is well secured within a gated parking area. The Lobby is a bit clinical in so far as the atmosphere goes. The pleasant woman behind the glass was wearing a scrub top, and I felt as if I was in a Doctors office. Personally I don’t like going to the Dr. I think a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere would suit them better. One thing that was disturbing was the fact that they had non dispensary vendors on sight in the patient and pharmacy areas while doing business. I was uncomfy, as I felt that this was a possible HIPPA issue. What if one of them was someone I knew? Akward! If they needed to close while the work was being done Id prefer that. Once into the dispensary area I was greeted with a nice display case of Pipes, bongs, and related items.In a counter top display were several examples of products. I magnifying glass is provided to inspect the SAMPLE! That said the actual product is kept out of sight I picked up a gram of “SUPER CINDY” to try .I was surprised to receive a Free Afghani Pre-roll ($7.50 value) as a sales incentive. That’s cool! The Bud tender was nice, but was using a cheat sheet to describe each strain. not to confidence inspiring if you are new to MMJ.While I did not see the actual scales when the product was weighed I can only say that this Gram looks a lot smaller than other Grams I have received. I am not saying it was light, only that the volume looked…small!.
    Upon use the super Cindy was a bit dry, and did not have much of a scent. Taste was a bit harsh but not to bad. Effect was nothing special, perhaps the Free Pre-roll will make up for it. These folks are brand new, so perhaps with time they will iron out these issues.

  104. bigchinook

    Organic grown with good selection. Very helpful. Took the time to explain and help my wife with her meds. For an older person, being a new patient can be intimidating, they removed any and all anxiety.

    Job well done.

  105. skyguy

    Great place to get meds. Quality people that seem to really care. Much better than some of the other places I have visited. My only complaint is that they are going to stop carrying the vital v canna caps. Those little things are great and affordable. Other than that one of the best in Tucson.

  106. tntinphix

    this place is the best. everyone here is so amazing and they go out of their way to make u feel welcome and informed…love it

  107. DocClay

    excellent location. easy to find and get in and out.

  108. gwbarr

    Good service, nice selection, fair prices.

  109. Doorrug

    I love buying my medication the staff is very friendly and always have the best strains.

  110. carver89

    As a newbie, this was my first dispensary experience. Im so glad I started at Nature Med. The location was great. Just outside of town, but very private. Since the growing is done on sight, there was a nice cannabis scent to the air. The receptionist was extremely friendly and gracious and made me feel immediately at ease. I was offered coffee and cookies as I waited in the lounge. I was then introduced to John who was incredibly knowledgable and was able to educate me on what would best suit my needs. There was no question that he was not able to answer. I could have stayed and chatted all day. He made excellent recommendations and put together a little sample package for me at a great donation price. They hooked me up with a welcome kit, free pre rolls and a punch card. I can’t say enough about the customer service. I felt like I had just made new friends. 5 stars across the board.

  111. sniffasharpee

    Always an awesome experience. Staff is always so knowledgable and friendly, product is top notch. Can’t find a better place to get my flower.

  112. dlaird

    amazing place to walk into with staff that can comfort anyone.

  113. stanleymanley

    everyone was very friendly and had
    lots of great information about each strain. it was quick and easy and it’s nice to have a dispensary close to where i live.

  114. therealpuffdaddy1

    oh man I had very great expierance at this dispensary gets packed sometimes but because staff is great prices are great specials are amazing and Daniel was a helpful knowledgeable bud tender he helped me got me all I needed and good recommendations and chim was very helpful as well and made me real comfortable in the waiting room over all 5 out of 5

  115. mandabee123

    they are knowledgeable and very patient for newbies! dark kona is my favorite indica by far!

  116. finkelroy

    Although I have only visited about half the local dispensaries, Nature Med is my favorite for the quality of their bud.

    Today I picked up a quarter of their Purple Kush, which stands head and shoulders above any of a dozen or so indicas I have sampled recently from around town. Awesome for pain relief, anxiety and insomnia.

    Thanks to their awesome weekend special, I got a free eighth of Suger Shack Purps. It has a great, slightly fruity cotton candy taste and is a nice, balanced hybrid, great for daytime use.

    Nature Med also has a very friendly atmosphere, with knowledgeable budtenders. I would especially recommend Nature Med for newbies.

  117. Shadow1988

    First time going there and the one who was assisting me was horrible, rude, disrespectful, impatient and I felt rushed. they didn’t want to explain anything to me they were just rude beyond all get out. It was like they were rushing me out the door, and I cognition difficulties.

  118. bingbill

    great people , friendly and quick! good place to shop!

  119. piercing.princess13

    Such a friendly environment! Great looking flowers at good prices and an amazing assortment of edibles to boot!

  120. srebmann

    Leafly page needs to be updated. CREDIT CARDS NOT OK. Apparently it is not allowed under Arizona law, but Debit cards are fine here and most other Tucson dispensaries.

  121. rebuilt441

    They were very polite and helpful! Thank You!

  122. JosepiNy2Az

    Okay Nature Med, I have a bone to pick with you. First of all I want to say that I frequent your location often and always enjoy your service and most of the time I enjoy the bud quality, your budtenders are always very friendly and engaging in conversation. I had no complaints.
    I went into your location last week and was shocked and taken back to see you had Botanica punch cards on your door for patients to get a free preroll, when they turn them into you.
    First of all this community we all are in is a one of a kind community! How often do you see patients or any bud smoker for that fact, being friendly to others, having conversation with complete strangers, laughs and happy tears? Always, everyday!!!!
    My problem with you putting Botanica punch cards up is we’re all family and in this together!! We all benefit from everyone being nice to each other. I am not alone when I say this, tacky tacky move Nature Med.
    Botanica is not only a hell of a dispensary(my favorite), but go in there and meet the employees. The staff in there has the most unique combination of personalities. Kudos to Botanica for not retaliating. Keep it Classy Tucson!

  123. Apocalypses

    Went to Nature med today got a few things.Daniel was the guy who help me today…Very kind,very helpful and Willing to help with any question you have.When i go back i am going to ask for him again.He made me feel like i was home Thank you Daniel for Your help today you restored my faith in Nature meds..

  124. Cnashb7586

    looks nice, service is good, and quality looks great

  125. smashmouth230

    The meds are and amazing.

    As well as the staff..

  126. NappyAir

    Praise the old gods and the new!…This medicine caught me off guard with its potency at the time of truth.

    The signs that this flower from aEURoeNature’s MedaEUR was non like I was accustomed too. This medicine was NOT prepackaged away, no. The flower is presented for your approval by your Bud-tender and upon selection, your medicine is weighed and packaged in front of you.

    I grind my flower before I vaporize it at 375 degrees F. I’ve ran pounds of prepackaged medicine through my trusty stainless steel grinder. Natures medicine’s flower was so dense with trichomes and flower, that my fingertips were sticking together.

    The facilities offer free coffee and cookies with plenty of seats and Netflix

  127. barked333

    I’ve been to every dispensary in Tucson and Nature Med has the most consistent quality meds. You get what you pay for, great value and quality. Check out the trichomes on those buds!! AWESOME prerolls monday tuesday wednesday too free

  128. Strider111

    Knowledgeable and friendly staff.

  129. tucsongreen

    Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. I would recommend to friends and family. Bought brownie which was quite nice. Looking to see what is next to try. Received a free pre-roll and some goodies for being a new customer.

  130. bertkauf

    Physically a pretty basic dispensary. But the prices are good and the budtenders are informed, friendly and helpful. They even recommended I buy glass elsewhere. Free cookies and coffee while you wait.

  131. Debrick

    This is now my fave dispensary! They stock very good strains, and they are knowledgeable about the properties you’re looking for.

  132. Djess

    stopped by this morn really just to pick up some crumble as I stocked up on Grape Ape n Girl Scout Cookie last week…then I noticed a strain I had heard of when I lived in Idaho n was never able to find any…Marion Berry Kush…so I picked up an 18th to try…that also had new testing results on the Meds they r growin themselves…I’ll say all 3 I picked up tested over 20%THC…that’s pretty Amazin s also a Hybrid a Indica n a Sativa…again Best Meds n Best Bud-Tenders in town…r always straight up with me n have never steered me wrong… have been goin since they opened…n spread my biz round town a bit as others do offer some much better deals…but have found u usually get what u pay for too…this is the only place I go now unless they tell me they don’t have anything I want…lol…will put up with the higher prices for Better Longer Last in Meds n Excellent Service

  133. Jackpatriot7

    Folks you can’t go wrong here with Nature Med! Great atmosphere when you walk in and are greeted by a nice, knowledgeable staff, as for the flowers, they have a great selection to choose from, I ended up getting the Sour Grape(A++), great smoke, helped with my back pains tremendously!! Thanks for everything, this is now my Go-To Spot!!

  134. 420Ricm89

    great place definitely recommend my friends here’s love the meds and great staff!!!

  135. WilliamJ555

    Got very poor service-maybe the tender was new, however, I am not very pleased. Here’s what happened: We came for Gorilla Glue(on their menu that day), they were out. So they recommended a different strain. I told the tender that I only wanted an 8th and she rang me up for a quarter. I guess it wouldn’t that big of a deal if they would have corrected it, but the person, instead, just kept repeating “sorry”. Thanks guys!

  136. Lexi88

    Great people, they make you feel like a long time friend! When i ask for suggestions they never steer me wrong! Over all a great place!

  137. Ladybud710

    My favorite dispensary in Tucson, the product quality, prices, deals, and customer service are consistently on point.

  138. DerekA

    They had a nice selection of meds I got the grape ape It was good the service and environment was great they were very welcoming and hooked me up with a cool little starter kit I’ll definitely b going back.

  139. sesordnasnug

    POLITE AND RESPECTFUL ! Like gummy bears !

  140. ccortes09

    A friendly yet professional environment. All around great customer service. VERY informative and patient with this newbie. Prices seemed ok, quality seems pretty good, wait time was fair/good. I would recommend.

  141. RyanMuadDib

    Great dispensary, while the daily specials aren’t as good as some others the quality of product and service more than make up for that. I bought a cartridge for my vape pen that stopped working after I used about one third, they swapped it out for a new one no charge.

  142. tucsmoker

    Great place, great meds.I got the headband 520 great smell and taste i am going back today.

  143. tigolebitties

    The manager is thee dopesst.

  144. DCDC

    I have always recieved great service and helpful recommendations with all the staff. They are very Knowlegable and explain the different Strains well.

  145. tdz6969

    everything was great got a lot of cool goodies.

  146. RushU

    Great little dispensary. Discreet and great strains and staff!

  147. vbustamante

    Great staff and its close to my house

  148. 91CrewDog

    Great hash! It burned; just like the hash I was smoking back in the mid 80’s. I grabbed a gm of Grand Doggy. Vaped it an smoked. Plan on everything will be alright….slow-n-low buzz Enjoy

  149. PJquinn

    I know medical marijuana is legal know in AZ, but the deals they have must be criminal!!

    Seriously though, epic top of the line meds combined with unearthly deals and hands down the nicest staff in town.

  150. justbill1931

    This was recommended by a friend. It’s close to our house, so we decided to go check it out. My wife and I both have cards so we were able to go in and browse together. First thing I noticed was a very large white board with all the current strains. They kindly separated them between the indicas and sativas so you can check out the menu based on your particular taste. They also have a nice variety of medibles and even a small selection of accessories. Kind of a “one stop shopping” experience. The initial paper work was predictable but was made easier by a clean waiting room complete with complimentary coffee and cookies (regular type). The staff was very nice. They actually seemed like they liked working there, unlike other dispensaries we’ve been to. The guy in the back was very knowledgeable about his products and even offered suggestions based on our particular medical issues. Overall, this appears to be a very well run facility and will definitely be put in our dispensary rotation.

  151. SeanX0621

    Pretty great pharmacy I enjoyed the friendly staff the woman there helping me was very knowledgeable and had some great suggestions (Especially the Godberry). I have to say though I run daily and therefore try to smoke as little as possible so I tend to vaporize but I got the free pre rolled as a welcoming and saw that it was white widow so I figured might as well smoke it and was truly dissapointed absolutely unsatisfied as it tasted like shake joints with shwag in it 2 puffs and stomped it out I found it was unnecessary as the bud was GREAT quality of actual flower I would have rather got nothing than a schwag joint as a welcoming. The warm welcome I
    had initially received returned when I vaporized my flower and medicated! I will be back, great prices and freindly

  152. theganjapreneur

    I’ve grown to like this place a lot. I believe they have the best atmosphere in Tucson. Mainly talking about the cookie & coffee setup w/ the TV and little waterfall machine. I feel like they are always switching up products and changing distributors to stay up to date with the best products out there- which is great. Guy & gal bud tenders are friendly and will give you good recommendations. Also, prices are fair only thing I would change is include the taxes in the menu price. Spend $200 before tax and you get $10 off. Overall, this is one of my favorite Tucson dispensaries.

  153. andreabee

    What a great trip to the store. Staff fab and strains wonderful.

  154. missprincessperez

    Love this place! What can I say, EVERYTHING I have tried there has gave me the best pain relief and the best high. Great quality, great knowledgeable staff! Close to my house too! I will be a repeat customer guaranteed!

  155. hrobbs

    Two strikes, there won’t be a chance for a third. Staff has been good generally, but when the website was updated with a new strain, I went in to get it. Was told they didn’t have it. After a 5 minute “discussion” they finally realized what they actually had it to sell. Then, they had a strain listed for a couple of days, went in to get it, but was told they’ve been out for a day. Two days later, it’s still listed on the website. There are much better dispensaries.

  156. contron420

    This dispensary has a nice staff great products and really comfortable environment I highly recommend it

  157. davodgreen

    Patient first philosophy isn’t a lie. Sometimes they have strains available nowhere else. Competitive prices and rewards program, what’s not to like?

  158. peino2

    As you can imagine with being a newbie I did my research but still had a ton of questions. The staff were extremely friendly and informative. The lobby was inviting and comfortable. The dispensary was nicely laid out. I had all my questions answered without being made to feel dumb. I ending up leaving with several different options to try, and was blown away with the quality of their products. I will definitely be back!

  159. MitziLynn

    This is first experience here! They were very helpful and the medicine he helped me choose has been very helpful. Thanks!

  160. desertkat

    Everyone from the front desk to whoever handles the meds. counter are terrific here. I’ve always gotten great information, excellent cannabis (they have all been really good), and service with a smile. Love Nature Med!

  161. dimples602

    Best place to get your meds!! Staff is super dope very knowledgeable in product and strains definitely going back

  162. TurtleLover

    Friendly environment .Great selection . Weekly Specials. Great to have a Dr on site at select Thursdays to refer my friends in need to. Awesome and knowledgeable Staff. I Highly recommend this place!!!

  163. MrTNT

    i love this place excellent service great tasting flower, edibles sooooooo goood only wish it was open later then 5

  164. ray.leckliter

    I had thought I would need to shop around to find the best dispensary after I received my card. Fortunately Nature Med was my first stop and it will be my last as there is no need to look further. Each visit I have made was a pleasant, easy transaction. The staff couldn’t be nicer and the selection is great. I have tried most of the menu and am yet to be disappointed. The prices are great and there is always a special of some sort it seems. Bottom line is if you want great meds at a good price while dealing with a courteous, friendly, and professional staff, Nature Med is the place to go.

  165. SuzeyeQ

    Greeted us with smiles and quick paperwork and more smiles and a very short wait – just long enough to watch a fascinating video about the biochemistry of pain relief.

    Product is varied and suggestions were helpful. There was lots of laughter. I’ll be back.

  166. lovelygomez

    good product and great service. oh and not to mention the excellent customer service!

  167. georgehartman007

    Quality, fresh, local grown medicine!
    The highest quality I have found thus far is at 23%. NatureMed has 20% (Northern Lights) and 18% (Headband) I found that the Headband (and especially the Headband 818) was a very clean and fresh medication. This pharmacy has product grown on site and is the freshest I have found to date.

    As with all pharmacy medicine the price is high, I believe all pharmacies should have a “Regular” grade available at an affordable donation price. Can we get some commercial grade medicine? around $50 an ounce?

    Fresh coffee and cookies in the comfortable and clean lobby are a major plus. The immaculate bathroom is handicap accessible. The employees are friendly and welcoming every time, I feel like family! Another big plus is the onsite ATM as they accept cash only.

    The last time I visited another patient broke down in the parking space next to us and the staff was kind and understanding with them and we were able to help them in a safe and clean parking lot.

  168. rbt

    When I have been there I have received great service, As a person in their 60’s and have used Marijuana for 40 of those I have tried a lot. They are top of the dispensaries.

    compared to other they are reasonable on the prices.

  169. deana03

    First time visit,… Lots of goodies!! Great staff, large waiting room was nice and cool. Great fresh product.

  170. E5150

    Prices are comparable to other dispensaries. The staff is great with many very helpful people. Other reviews have complained about dry bud and I concur, but Nature Med is very convenient for me and dry medication is not a concern for my purposes.

  171. shelly.millerwatters

    Staff was very friendly and helpful. The “tropic thunder was great!

  172. intel1289

    love this place! everyone is nice, helpful and very knowledgeable. costumer service & atmosphere is awesome!! and there selection is great keep up the good work

  173. gregc

    This is a great shop. The prices are a lil high for the bud quality. I agree usually a bit dry. However they do run specials that make it much more worth going for. I will be shopping here again and again

  174. ashleybeau

    i love this place. they are way cool its like coming in to see your friends aswell as they know there meds

  175. Jacthestrange

    Upon my second return to this friendly place, I was greeted by the employees, and one even remembered me from my first visit. She was super chill, and very knowledgeable. She recommended me some of their own crop, an indica called grape ape (which would give me one of the best highs I’ve yet to experience). I also purchased a nice little bong to go with my flower, and tried a Yilo brand edible. Nature Med is definitely one place I’d recommend to anyone, and I’ll be stopping by more often!

  176. kiley01

    I come here all the time while im at work there service is great n they r very helpful n every way ecspecialy at recommending the best for ur needs ive tried most all there buds n they are all great

  177. CannipatrickSativa

    Very comfortable environment, friendly staff, and high quality medicine. I’d definitely recommend Nature Med to any patient!

  178. Bubba89029

    This is the first dispensary I’ve ever been too, and I don’t need to go looking anywhere else. The staff is great and there products are always consistant in quality. The people are always pleasent and helpfull. Great place!

  179. Fjer

    Great people and waiting room. I have already recommended this place to my friend’s and they don’t ever want to go anywhere else.

  180. monstermaya

    NatureMed is always a pleasure! Even though they were out of the strain I wanted to get, the budtender gave me an alternative – it’s always helpful when they give recommendations! I got an 8th of 8 Ball Kush and it does not disappoint. Their $30g shatter can’t be beat either – Clementine was fire! They threw in a couple cone wraps too because they don’t sell them in bulk – that was really kind!dY~ Thanks for always being great, NM!

  181. thisguy221

    I went to Nature’s Med this morning at 8 first the prices are amazing as well as the 15% industry discount. staff was knowledgeable, friendly and answered any questions i had. Ill be recommending this place to everyone!!

  182. DSTucson

    My doctor’s office recommended this location when I first got my card a month ago and I keep coming back. Out of all the places in Tucson, I find this one to be the most comfortable and the staff is knowledgeable & friendly for newbies like me. I would highly recommend Nature Med and their great staff!

  183. kevski69

    Great prices for top shelf.As of this day 10/24 I would stay away from the Strawberry Cheesecake and Skywalker.harvested in August.Very,very,very dry.Cheesecake was pretty leafy and crumbly,been packaged a while.Flower hasn’t been the freshest the last 2 visits,keep your eye on that.Besides that A+.

  184. mikesz1369

    we I wasn’t planning on going on Thanksgiving but I was driving by and noticed they were open. I guess I should have gone another day, it was my first visit and I could tell the staff was less than excited about having to be there on thanksgiving. when I got into the product area I already knew what I wanted and told the tender, he got me what I needed and offered my a 8$ preroll, which I got. first all I hate it when tax is not included in the price, and since it was my first time I was supposed to get a free preroll anyway. and it’s strange how my receipt has no totals on it. NO free preroll, no pupe, no lighter, no way I’m ever going back. close on the holidays if your going to provide bad service.

  185. abk

    Bud tender did not take time to show me variety of product I wanted to buy. When I did purchase a tincture, he thanked me and did NOT return the change due to me. I had to ask him for it. To me that lacks honesty and integrity.

  186. jaysmot

    The shop is very nice. The waiting room has a ton of information to look at as wells as deserts while waiting the few minutes. The medicine was really nice and staff. I was going to come in again and pick up some edibles. Thanks again!

  187. ngoofy

    Very comfortable first experience.

  188. mccain5

    Real nice people and really nice service would recommend to others

  189. weedvet710

    I stopped here on my way back to phx and I just have to say the preroll was aweful. I mean aweful. bad taste and very weak flower. I also bought a .5 gram of there animal cookies concentrate. while that had a nice taste the high was mild. alround weak potency on there products.

  190. MrNatrl

    Nature Med is a top dispensary in Tucson. There is plenty of parking, clean/comfortable waiting areas with refreshments available. Service is fast, friendly and competent. The bud room is well lighted so you can see what you’re getting. The strains have test results posted and after paying you get a printed receipt. THANK YOU NATURE MED

  191. littlewolfe

    Hands down the best customer service in Tucson! Friendly staff are always happy to help me find exactly what I’m looking for. Great strains and great prices!

  192. MSgt

    These guys all ROCK. Always nice to greet you when you walk in, Short wait times and a good selection of product. Wish they stocked Skywalker strain.

  193. Stkendall99

    This is the LAST state ran dispensary I ever go to.You cant even touch the meds to look at them they say you can get a “contact high” from holding the flower and they short you, you get 0.9 for $18.50 BEFORE taxes…complete bull the state wants us patients to give them our business but i refuse to be charged for more than what im actually getting this is the second place and the LAST !!! Dont get ripped off!!this place isnt even worth 1 star!!

  194. funkeymonkey

    Friendly staff with decent flowers. Lots of parking.

  195. mcu420

    Friendly fast and excellent quality medications.These people really do care and take great care of their patients. .

  196. untouchablebudz

    The staff is awesome and the buds are always fresh. These guys got great the sour grape hydro.keep it up guys. ..A loyal patient

  197. jgonzalezdr

    A soon as you walk into the medication room they make sure you are well informed on any and all information, little gift bag for new customers. mine had a grinder and few other things. Pretty awesome place over all.

  198. chris69f

    this place is great! I love getting my shatter and crumble here I would definitely advise to try for yourself place is great

  199. zhewhirlybird

    The location is amazing and everyone is very friendly as soon as you walk in the door. The aroma within is a nice welcome of course. The quantity of items is not overwhelming as some dispensaries carry 30+ strains which is sometimes too much (especially when your eyes are bigger than your wallet). The quality of flower is pretty good. I picked up Purple Urk and Og 18, both nice smells and density. The only recommendation I have is update the menu more frequently. I’ve seen Bordello wax taunt me on their page yet they no longer have it in Stock as I have asked twice while in there.

  200. az1234tucson

    The quality has been unimpressive over the last few months. I have tried well over a dozen strains from here and been happy with only a few, a couple have had a mildew smell, which makes feel as though I’m taking a gamble every time I purchase. Perhaps I have been spoiled living in CA and CO, but I wish the quality here was more…medical.

  201. Me12345

    Professional staff and always a great selection.

  202. mikefitz

    They have the happiest, nicest crew & the specials are the best-$25 premium shake on special day & always cookies!!

  203. mizry44

    Best I’ve found in town. Bud tender was knowledgable and didn’t try tell sell the priciest flower rather sold me the better quality. Worth the drive even if you like me and life across town.

  204. Prothunder97

    Out of the way, but worth the drive. Nice helpful staff, good product, very nice waiting area with coffee and cookies. Will be back!

  205. heavn420

    Cannot say enough positive things about this place. By far my favorite dispensary both here and in the Phoenix area. All the bud tenders are professional and courteous and while I can’t remember all of their names, Johnny is very knowledgeable and one of my favorite staff to discuss strains with. I absolutely love the daily specials and the level of customer care. Keep up the great work. You guys rock!

  206. MiddleAgedMaryJane

    Have had great luck with great quality bud here! Bud tenders are friendly and I never felt rushed. I do wish that they would update their menu more frequently. Location during construction may seem like a bother but taking silverbell to ina isn’t that inconvenient when I know I won’t have to wait long to get friendly service and some great quality bud.

  207. crazydee73

    this place got some good buds you cant go wrong coming here. they have good prices an deals . and above it all they got tight service … you aint been here before check it out

  208. Manandmachine

    I love the Purple Kush. Also, the Kryptonite is dynamite!!!

  209. spikedog

    Was my first visit. Didn’t even know it was there. The caretakers were great from start to finish. Much attention given to make sure you get great buds. I’ll go back even though it is a long drive. When I have a ride I would go back :-). Nice people good service !

  210. chevy06

    absolutely love Nature Med!!!! The employees are AMAZING!!! AND SO ARE ALL THE PRODUCTS.

  211. Cannabis420Queen

    Professional and safe enviornment with knowlegable employees who can make a difference and truly care about the patients. Top quality meds available to cardholders. They will take the time to talk with you to decide what strain will best help your medical condition. These people are the real deal.

  212. 520fumar

    Great flower, but lacking customer service. Couldn’t get help with the most simple question

  213. 70shorty

    I’m not in Tucson very offten, this time I was passing through and thought of saving time and stoped in, not far off the I-10 where I found it very easily,,

    John behind the counter was very helpful,, didn’t get the girl at the windows name, but she helped too. I will be stopping in again,

  214. Rikk53

    Valentines special Is / was not Special. Thanks.

  215. ruby.hensonrogers

    I absolutely love Nature Med. It has the best customer service in town. I love the the people who work their. Jacob, Kieoki, Anne and all the rest. They are very caring and put taking care of their customer’s above just making a buck. Wish I could say the same for Bloom.

  216. guccimarcos

    Excellent service and great selection and quality of flower and concentrates

  217. timbo69

    I keep coming back here because the prices are good, the quality is good and the people are friendly and knowledgeable.

  218. KammyPaige

    They grow their own buds and you can taste the quality for sure! One of my favorite pot shops!

  219. andrew.crough

    everything was great from staff to service

  220. cloudywithachanceofweedbowls

    flower was quality but dry. went there for Skywalker but they were out, and a review from a month ago said they were out of it then too. do they run out that quick or have they not updated the leafly menu? the waiting area was clean but the tv’s were loud and it’s hard to hear the receptionist. the budtenders were knowledgeable about their product but they seem to try to upsell you more. I got my preroll on my first visit but not the free pipe that’s advertised on their leafly info. not like I needed it though. I’ll be back for more timewreck!

  221. teddie

    nice friendly place great new patient special. thanks nature’s meds.

  222. zmcphee69

    prerolls are a joke, you get half a cone.

  223. tucsonblonde

    When you ask for 4 different things on their menu, posted inside of the dispensary itself, and they have none of them? Ask for kief only to be told they use that for space rocks. Ok. So you have Space Rocks? “No”. WTF? I think I’m done trying. Used to be my favorite dispensary, but wow have they had a lot of problems lately. Quality is about average for Tucson dispensaries, but they are so hit and miss (mostly miss) about having strains or anything else that I’m not wasting my time getting through the construction any more, too many other dispensaries with the same quality who actually carry things like weed & kief & don’t have bud tenders who are rude (usually they are pretty nice, but not this one) Shouldn’t be this complicated or frustrating, so I’ll take my dollars elsewhere. I smoke because I don’t feel well, & having To go to two different stores to get something they list as having is unacceptable.

  224. coridorey2

    great atmosphere, great service, and great products!! and love the specials!!!

  225. CanBoy420

    I was reluctant to stop and “try”another dispensary, however, I really am glad I did. The fresh and hot coffee with cookies was a nice touch. My budtender, Jacob, was very kind and knowledgable; the reggae music made me even more relaxed into making my final decision…much mahalo bruddah. I would have made this review earlier, but the SourGrape actually knocked me out and did the job. Now, hopefully the tincture and candies I bought have the right amount of CBD I’m needing. In anycase, the free pre-roll was enjoyed on the way home and I am looking forward to making this place my first stop before going to any other location around town.

  226. mrmac27

    been here several times. great place great meds

  227. ezln29

    on my way home to phx from texas… had to stop by & get some 420 priced concentrate…playing the waiting game…

  228. kate520

    Always so helpful and friendly love everyone here dY’oe

  229. happy2bemejami

    The staff was very kind and caring. Took their time to talk to me about what the have to offer. My experience at this place was very pleasant. I will definitely be back.
    Thank you, nature’s med

  230. greenfreak

    Has a very nice staff and a very inviting enviroment

  231. jguerry

    This place had a very pleasant atmosphere. Snacks and refreshments were offered upon my welcome. Very clean waiting room. They were very knowledgable and helpful. This was the best first time patient visit. I was given a free pre-roll. Along with a welcome bag containing a grinder, lighter and pipe.

  232. scummybstrd

    Great overall experience. My tender was cool and maximized my first time benefits. Left with a dumbass smile on my face knowing relief was on the way.

  233. Wonderwoman81

    Nice place, snacks and coffee available while you wait. Compared to other dispensaries the inventory is lacking a bit. But quality is there. Very friendly and helpful.

  234. Gitrman33

    I have been going to Nature Med since they opened and have to say they are both friendly and very knowledgeable about the strains which they sell. They also have GREAT deals through out the week!!

  235. auzzy420

    Sour grape is the best

  236. Dsrtwtch

    Staff was informative, and helpful.

  237. miamar42

    i obvi like it a lot! They are super informative in a helpful, concise manner. I left w a tasty few picks and i will certainly be back. I’ve realized it’s so worth it to just make a trip to a quality dispensary. Good prices, great meds, awesome, effective- not over the top so that it’s distracting- service. yes!

  238. Mary42

    Great place, good product and helpful staff. They are very good at finding a strain that’s right for your needs.

  239. necas

    I just got my card not to long ago. This was one of many shop I call for info. But this was the only shop that answer a lot of the my ? So after I got my card I went there every one was so nice and friendly . I love going there .

  240. _edgein

    Best dispensary I have been to in Tucson. Best staff, products, prices and overall experience.

  241. Mommyofgia

    Everything from this place is incredible from the flower, to the specials, and most importantly the best budtenders around. Cj and Bri have amazing knowledge about the products that sell and patience with my questions and delayed ordering, lol. They truly are the best, no need to go to any other dispensary in town as they won’t provide it all like Nature Med does

  242. copper

    friendly delightful staff!! so convinetly located on the north side of Tucson close to home! it may just be the atmosphere but I absolutely love this place!!! everyone is always smiling and its very thorough information on products and strains! please come support this dispensary!!

  243. Deadhead78

    I don’t care where you live in Tucson this is the only dispensary worth a damn IMHO. I’m a long time grower/ head that knows his s*** and these guys have; the best quality flower, best
    service, best prices. period. Thanks Nature Med!

  244. sramos14

    absolutely love this place!!!!! they take the time to educate you on what will work best for you! management is AMAZING! AND SO ARE THE DR’S! A++++++
    will definitely recommend them!

  245. WilliamBarnhart

    I just placed a oder and i was just greeted with respect thank you it was made life so easy on me keep up the good work

  246. Syd1989

    just left they have the Best customer Service Fast service &They grown they’re own &not let me not forget to mention All the free stuff for first Time patients .

  247. keving420

    Close to home! Great place

  248. vulgarbsr

    I have been shopping here for a few months now and am never disappointed quality meds at fair prices:)

  249. mcgilliland31233

    I recently got my medical marijuana card from a doctor at Nature Med. I was highly impressed with the facility and staff! It was very clean and welcoming, and I got all the information I needed to feel comfortable using marijuana to treat my chronic back pain and arthritis. After I received my card in the mail from I went back to Nature Med to get my meds and boy did they have a selection; I went with some sativa for the daytime to give me energy and some indica for the night time to help me with sleep and body pain. I think I am going to buy one of their vaporizers to use instead of smoking to help my lungs, the guy told me they give you all the benefits of smoking it w/out the carcinogens… sounds good to my rusty lungs!haha Very pleased to have found my one stop shop, and even more pleased that I was able to STOP TAKING VICODIN and found an all natural cure instead!!! Hallelujah!

  250. alex182rosales


  251. drizzlemynizzle

    Munching while you wanna t awesome prices

  252. defaultanonymousDS

    This place is great… when they actually have product to sell! It’s is absolutely infuriating to look a menu online, really figure out what you want, and then go in and be told they are out of the specific product. I could understand if it was an uncommon occurrence, but it’s not! EVERY EFFING TIME! …and it’s not just one thing! If you go in looking to get 5 different items, they’ll be “out” of 4 out of the 5 items. Then, you’re up sold “something similar” that costs $10 to $20 more! Cmon man!!! Eff!!! How the crap is 1/2 gram of a sativa shatter “similar” to an 1/8 of indica flower!? Are you effing serious!? Boo! :/

  253. SouthwestMMJReviews

    Southwest Medical Marijuana Reviews has traveled to Nature Med Inc. and returned with pleasant news! The facility was great inside and out. The staff was friendly and extremely knowledgeable! The first time patient process was quick and painless. This is the only dispensary that we have been to in the Tucson area that already has plans for a cultivation site and plan to have a doctor on staff every other week starting July 18th to do certifications! What a great place and great staff! Can’t wait to see the progress in this brand new dispensary. We highly recommend making the trip out to Nature Med Inc., you will not be disappointed! Remember to stay well informed and medicate responsibly!

  254. naturegal14

    I called before hand to inquire about one the the edible products and someone spoke to me honestly and patiently as I asked my questions. When I went in, the young woman working was very sweet and helpful. She also confirmed that all of their flower medicine is chemical free, which is very important to me to have access to clean medicine.

  255. MEDUSA357

    I just love the location, with it’s awesome smell in the air! I was buzzed in, which is well secured! Beautiful setting and an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility! Awesome place to shop!! Thanks for your nice and friendly staff! Service too!!

  256. Toast420Krew

    Purple Passion taffy / Ganja Goo If You have not tried it… Your Missing out on the Good Stuff.

    Thank’s Again Nature Med & Staff

  257. Haps

    Did some research on prices and varieties available…

    I really enjoyed my first two visit. But third one, the last one, not so much. Out of product the I wanted. I settled and wasn’t as happy. I only gave a four on atmosphere because it space is on the small side. Staff is wonderful and the accessibility for me is convenient. Pricing I gave a four , but in honesty I reviewed fourteen locations and viewed their price lists and a few others didn’t provide a pricing (for the most part) and found they are pretty comparable. The few exceptions Wellness 520 Collective starts at mainly $18, 50, 90, 170, 320 as opposed to most at $20, 60, 110, 200, 375 on average. Some delivery which is a nice feature and other take cards. Others have limited inventory and do not sell in larger amounts as in 1/2 and oz. So far the quality has been good but haven’t gotten the real sticky stuff and not crazy about soft buds that are hard roll. Got any suggestions???

  258. jmonell

    Answered questions knowledgeably and made me feel comfortable.

  259. 520azhondaman

    nice people easy to deal with

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