Desert Bloom Releaf Center




8060 E 22nd St, Tucson, AZ 85710


32.2059137, -110.8208047




7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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Desert Bloom Re-leaf Center is a holistic healthcare facility licensed by the State of Arizona to dispense medical cannabis. We also offer related products and healthcare services.

First Time Patients:
Choose From:
BOGO GRAM of Regular Flower
BOGO 1/8TH of Regular Flower or
BOGO 1/4 of Regular Flower

Wake N Bake (7am-10am, 7pm-10pm)
**15% off all Concentrates. WSL!

Everyday Deals:
**Buy 4 Pre-Rolls, Get the 5th one Free! WSL!
**15% off edibles and cartridges

Seniors, Students & Veterans – 10% off all Regularly priced items in store!

Birthday Gram
** Stop in on your Birthday and get a free gram on this house!
Patient Referral
** Refer a Friend and get a pre-roll as our way of saying thanks!

Open Daily from 7am-10pm
We Deliver!


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165 reviews for “Desert Bloom Releaf Center

  1. Gable4207

    I love this place I like the waiting room. The M. M. J. IS ONE OF THE BEST IN TUCSON. The staff is so dY~Z kool and helpful. Will come back and I’ll tell my friends.

  2. gimpdaddy

    As an official fist time patient as of 5/’17 the staff here were very nice, knowledgeable, and caring. They care about their medicine, and that it works for an individuals need. I myself have a disability that caused spasms, muscle pain, stiffness, etc. I have been pain free for the first time in many years, and I have these guys to thank for that!

  3. Kidslim301

    Love it here. Feels like a family here. Great prices and better trees

  4. Vvestrella

    love the deals

  5. SmokinToolBitch

    Amazing, friendly staff and amazing products. Best shatter products. Wow!

  6. 520dabz

    Great meds and a great environment…always enjoy the DB grown flower and recently been loving the new concentrates!

  7. Jmayne193

    Good and cheap flower. There hours are the hours are the best and they deliver

  8. jimmyboy15

    I think Desert Bloom is great good prices I just love the medication they got.

  9. Jess99

    Great service great product.. Loved the grand daddy green. Great smell and feeling 😀

  10. Xmas2169

    This place used to be top notch. Don’t know why the quality of there buds has disappeared. But the quality is gone. Maybe because the dispensaries are all concerned with being the cheapest and they worry about $numbers$. That’s unfortunate because I know my strains and I know dispensaries in Tucson are not selling what they advertise they have. But lots of people are fools and don’t know any better. Sure wish California or Colorado was closer. Southern Arizona dispensaries don’t have what it needs to succeed with my money anymore. Will be letting my card go when the year is up. Not worth it anymore. Dispensaries selling garbage all around town.

  11. marineme

    it’s a nice place. friendly people. great service

  12. bishysbudreviews

    I know you guys are trying to catch up but your pricing is not competitive. Start doing a real $10 special or sell concentrates at a competitive price. I can get a gram of strong and clean shatter for almost half your price.

  13. Ambershaun78

    love the ppl there n the flower!

  14. Karlk

    Desert Bloom was voted “Tucson’s Best Dispensary” by the Tucson Weekly for a reason! Best flower and by far the best delivery service!

  15. wajunk40

    Loved it!! Close to home, the specials and deals are awesome and the flower is always top-notch. This is my go-to dispensary.

  16. deezworld

    Place is off the chain!!!! Staff is great! Best meds in town hands down!!

  17. andiray645

    I have been to a few places around town and this has definitely become my primary place for my medical needs. Best medicine, staff, and atmosphere hands down.

  18. PlaboySmokesAlot

    Havent been here in awhile. ordered an 1/8 on monster cookies and got about 20 seeds in my order..i was mad af was smelling seeds burning everytime i loaded up..started having to go through it first..NOT HAPPY could of found some street weed with less seeds..SEEDS ARE BAD! Theyve fallen off. terrible experience. moving this dispensary to the bottom of the list..

  19. cynz2787

    great place . nice people. will be back

  20. cochiloco72

    We love the Bloom, great quality, terrific customer service and a legit atmosphere. They Always have bomb flowers and solid prices! Keep up the amazing work!

  21. Monticello

    Now this is what I envisioned when I voted YES on Proposition 203 (Arizona Medical Marijuana Act) back in November, 2010. Desert Bloom Re-Leaf is the gold standard for dispensaries in Tucson. The staff are very educated about the plant, the display cases are wood and are warm and inviting to look at all the flowers. I picked up Girl Scout Cookies (a fantastic sativa strain) and it was one of the nicest flowers I’ve had in quite some time. Not my own grown sativa but just super nice cerebral clean. Very easy to get to and it’s way on the East Side (a trek for this patient who lives near the U of A) but well worth the drive. Thank you Desert Bloom for setting up your dispensary in Tucson.

  22. Julianm1811

    Place was grate. All kinds of GOOD STUFF.

  23. Rastaguy23

    Excellent prerolls and exc

    Excellent prerolls. Wide selection of excellent flower. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.

  24. KingDBoe520

    They make you feel at home when you purchase their medicine. The qaulity of everything is probably the best in Southern Arizona by far.

  25. Yaya278

    love the pre packed oz, great deals

  26. Gradeagrowersclub

    the medicine is awesome very potent environments great customer service is great I would recommend anybody and everybody to go there smoke on

  27. 441TF

    I live on the far west side of town and I pass by 5 other dispensaries to get to Desert Bloom. They never pre-package their bud. You can still buy a dollar amount.

  28. Kev808

    There is always parking; even when it’s busy. The staff are always friendly & helpful. Orange Wreck is a nice sativa hybrid – big nugs, fruity citrus aroma, smooth smoking, subtle citrus/fruity flavor. Purple Cream – Holy Donuts – its the bomb diggity, Oh yes !!! great indica hybrid, dank mid size nugs, subtle grape aroma & flavor – nice job with the grow; your flower taste great , & burns smooth; oil seeping through rolling paper… Now thats fresh, clean, flower…One Love Yall dY’s

  29. KLE123

    The people were great and the vibes were awesome. One of strains of flower I got was full of seeds but the other three were great. I’m not complaining about the seeds it’s life ya know. Thank you for being awesome peeps.

  30. chipgreen50

    This center is ran by a great staff, They are professional , informative and very friendly. A refreshing experience.

  31. wincek1050

    only been three times but like it so far. have found some of the nicest buds in Tucson there..wish they had better deals to compensate for the drive but I’ll keep going regardless.

  32. sirlem333

    Delivery was awesome…
    Desert Bloom has the best customer service, product, knowledge, etc.etc.
    They open early and deliver as well. Thanks so much Brook and Patrick.
    Five stars all day.

  33. ReFurr

    Desert Bloom has helped me become inflammation free!! Their staff is always so helpful and have the sweetest patience when answering all of my questions. Their prices are SO affordable compared to their surrounding competitors. Also, I’m never displeased with their delivery service, it’s so nice not having to leave the house when I need some relief! Thank you Desert Bloom!!

  34. deoman

    great location!

  35. AzSeniorLady

    Very nice facility. Friendly and knowledgeable staff

  36. Esiason08

    always love coming here 6 dollar grams can’t beat it

  37. Lyconius

    I love this place! Definitely one of the Top 3 Dispensaries in Tucson in my opinion. Very knowledgeable staff that are easy to talk to and very helpful. The place looks awesome and has such a welcoming vibe to it!

  38. atombombbaby

    It was quiet and friendly. I felt safe and like the cashier truly cared.

  39. Awwebber

    Favorite place in tucson.

  40. ismontoya627

    Good weed

  41. Naptime71

    Great staff, great product and great prices!!! What else do you need from your dispensary?

  42. DrinkBleachhh

    The glass at the front that doesn’t allow you to see the person behind the counter is a little much… I’m just trying to buy my medicine. The people seemed a little like they could care less about me and more about their phones but that’s cool. The girl that helped me went above and beyond to help discount all the crap I purchased at the end so that was pretty sweet and they deliver so I’ll take that over perfect customer service. Also, I dropped $300 on concentrates… not disappointed at all… Wish live resin came in a container though. Peace and love. dY$?,dY1/4aEURatmEURi,

  43. themanatee

    Desert Bloom is the only dispensary I will buy from. They are always nice; never snooty. They take their time with you instead of feeling like they want to get you out of there as soon as possible. I love that they deliver, & if you live within 5 miles of the dispensary the delivery is free. This helps me so much because I don’t have a car. I always tip the delivery men well too as they are doing me a great service. I was upset when they stopped carrying Ringo’s Gift, a high CBD, low THC strain, but now they have CBDurban which is quite similar even though it’s THC count is a bit too high for me (I do very well with very little THC.) I will not buy from any other dispensary! Thank you Desert Bloom 🙂

  44. Savagecynic

    I am writing this review in regards to a pretty bad experience I’ve had within this dispensary. There is a guy with glasses, full on beard/facial hair, red headed who always seems to have a bad attitude. And i always seem to get this guy as my bud tender. My last situation i came in an asked about an item on the menu-a aEUR~peanut butter sandwich’ to be exact. Curious as to the wording i asked what exactly it was an i got a very sarcastic and almost annoyed response from this bud tender-aEURoeHave you ever seen a nutter butter? Just like that bro…aEUR
    Then the very next day i called to speak to a manager about the situation and the ensuing review. I was told by a woman manager with either an Arabic or Hispanic accent that i would receive a aEUR~$50 credit’ to make up for the situation. I came in to redeem said credit only to be told they never added it and whatever aEURoemanageraEUR i had spoken too didn’t exist. All around really terrible business practices for something that’s supposed to be for the patients. If you ask me these guys are just drug dealers with a store. In addition to this review I’ll be filing a right to protest with the county to warn other card holders beginning Monday the 17th outside of the store. See you folks then!

  45. csm8692

    One of the best dispensaries in all of tucson bud and staff on point going back today for another run love this place and the staff!!

  46. iwantbunnies

    I want to thank the staff there again, everytime I go in they are so helpful dY~S

  47. asruben

    Desert Bloom is hands down the best dispensary in Tucson, AZ. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. They always have top knotch quality and so many strain varieties to choose from. My favorite is the Gorilla Glue OG and the Desert Bloom grown girl scout cookies! Always nice to be able to put in a delivery order as well. The only place I go for quality meds thanks!!!

  48. carla44

    nice location & staff were very informative as well as courteous, the wait wasn’t very long at all.

  49. PattyMae69

    I feel like a family member every time I go, I enjoy the laid back feeling I get and comradrie of everyone who’s there. My girls, (My Pugs) are welcomed as well. I Love My dispensary.

  50. Joondog

    People are very friendly

  51. KDL037

    best window to a grow ive ever seen

  52. RoytaOG

    The quality of the flower is the best in Tucson by far. They have a great selection of flower all the time. The 1st time patient special is 1/2 off your first 1/8. You can’t beat that. I recommend this place to anyone who like great quality meds.

  53. Bobbyyyy

    high quality products

  54. regret0221

    I’m so sad. Desert bloom used to be my go to dispensary. Recently….during my last 3 visits….they are purposely not updating their Leafly menu to pull aEURoebait and switch aEURoe techniques when customers come in looking for strains on the menu. I still enjoy the majority of the staff, but will not be back until they stop deceptive marketing practices and apologize to their customers.

  55. PhatTommy

    I loved the “Throw Back” waiting room, with murals, multicolored couches, and the obligatory 1,000 Lb. Rock Buddha. There was vitually no wait, and My Bud Tender (“Lui Ocho”) took great care of me. I decided to choose Chocolate Orange (an Indica Dom.), which looked fabulous. If you get the chance, try this place out. I can’t wait to return!(PhatTommy Says).

  56. DreamerX3

    #1 for me! Andrew served me this time and again I was very pleased. Even the sun grown bud is dank and soft. Ill never go back to Bloom again! Releaf is my spot!

  57. Jordantucsons

    This place is has it all- a great staff, super products, superb educational materials and information ! 10/10 recommend again !

  58. Skylarsh

    Awesome place!

  59. fennelpollen

    Desert Bloom is our absolute favorite dispensary in Tucson, hands down. We have had nothing but wonderful experiences there. DBRC has friendly and knowledgeable staff, a laid-back vibe, daily deals, a great selection, and an lovely, positive atmosphere. We’ve visited a number of dispensaries in town, and always choose Desert Bloom!

  60. muffeltheloud

    The delivery service is impeccable! Many thanks to Chaunc and Bud for always being there for me when I need my meds. I often feel bad for constantly having to have my medicine delivered due to my condition, but they never make me feel like a burden and always recommend and bring me quality flower and vape products . Love them!

  61. Thug420dj

    The staff was real friendly they didn’t mind and they showed me all different kinds a new product that they had back there since I was a new patient I ended up walking out of there with 5 g of crumble and shatter loved every bit of it can’t wait to go back can’t be 5 g for $100

  62. Galaz4518

    It’s good but far. And Budtenders should allow you to express your concern on flower you like or don’t without responding condescending…
    spend mt hard earn money and if i want uncured non manicured bud I get it from the street.. very unhappy with my experience with this Budtender and bunk bud.

  63. Cowgirlslade

    Love this place! People are so helpful and they have a lot of great items! Place gets busy in the afternoons so be patient and chill!

  64. mattmoves

    prices double what they should be, AVOID

  65. Payson17

    Was awesome there. Absolutely incredible service. One of the workers Colton helped me out big time.Being my first time going and it was awesome definitely coming back.

  66. JessicaSaidSo

    I have been to nearly every dispensary in the Tucson area and Desert Bloom is by far the best in Quality, Service, and Atmosphere. I have never been disappointed leaving this place!

  67. tinkybell1615

    I love the service here friendly people the products dont have any additives like chlorine or anything you can visually see the product growing and the wax never has a butane taste always pure and good tasting. My number one spot

  68. CGpharmD

    This location used to have really good bud tenders and there still are a handful of good ones but more recently I frequently have people helping me that are probably not qualified to give advice on MEDICAL marijuana. Telling me that a strain gets you aEURoereally stonedaEUR is not helpful. They also don’t seem to know about their own store’s deals. Very disappointing.

  69. OgRoytaj

    This place has the best flower in Tucson. They have a great selection and I’m always very happy with the quality. I highly recommend every patient check them out. A+ in my book!

  70. Captain313.

    Great Crew… That’s the spot…

  71. ganjagodess11

    The first time visit was great. My visits after that not so much the service wasn’t very good. I have gotten much better product and deals at other places.

  72. 420jaz

    Everything was perfect smooth and fast! Im saving my first time deal and used the first 1/8 for 50% off for pride month cant wait to go back love the early hours super great open more locations please!!!

  73. chaz21

    Christie is an awesome budtender. I love that they have so much knowledge and experience with the many, lovely strains. This place is fire fire

  74. cjsfeet

    i love it here!!! best flower. beat concentrate! the best farmers! happy staff!

  75. christyB

    Friendly staff, awesome selection

  76. Deadhead78

    Desert Bloom is hit-or-miss as far as flower is concerned…what may look really good on the outside is hermed-out on the inside! that is contaminated medication and if it was regulated like Colorado it would never make it to the shelf! the best strain they have is their blue dream it is the most consistent.

  77. Mbates269

    Friendly people great prices and a great atmosphere. This is the only place I’ll come to anymore.

  78. monstermaya

    Been here about 4 or 5 times, but the last time I went will most likely be it. Good customer service, but I’m not paying $20 for buds that have seeds. Got Bubba Kush last time I went in and it had 6 gorgeous seeds. Guests pay for bud, not seedy weed. I’ll pay $6 for some seedy mersh, but not $20. Hopefully they changed their methods since I went in last.

  79. streetfield

    quality buds

  80. kimc9599

    I love everything about this place! Great quality medicine, excellent staff and great hours PLUS delivery!

  81. Joeandtanya99

    Great place great people

  82. evolve85

    Knowledgable and super friendly staff! They made me feel right at home!

  83. DopeM4n20

    In my opinion, some products are overpriced, the bud is good quality but is expensive. They don’t have regular daily deals, but they do have specials every week or month. The vibe/atmosphere is great, they have my favorite waiting room, and the staff is normaly helpful.

  84. disappointeddabber

    Used to be my go-to place – actually the ONLY place I used to frequent. Stopped in today for the first time in a year and I feel like I just drove out there to throw money away.

    Their shatter is a joke. A JOKE people!! Bought 4 grams for $100, I’ll be able to salvage maybe a gram when all is said and done. The most expensive gram of shitty quality oil I’ll ever buy. Essentially just paid $100 for some scraps of sticky wax paper.

    I know that dispensaries obviously can’t do returns or refunds but when I called to let them know how disappointed I was with the product, all they did was “make a note of it.” I spent like $200 in there today and feel like a total effing fool for even trying them again.

    As a patient, I feel ripped off and undervalued.

    As someone who works in customer relations, I’m appalled by this dispensary and its policies now compared to what it once was.

    As someone who does need a card but maybe not to the degree others do, I fear for those patients whose well-being relies on the integrity of Desert Bloom Re-Leaf.

    NOT AT ALL for patients by patients – what a joke.

    East-siders…. if you still prefer dispensary over delivery, Green Med on Tanque Verde is all-around fantastic! You’ll pay less, feel respected, and get your money’s worth.

  85. PsychedelicSurfer

    Was recommended by my bro, great selection. very friendly, patient people behind the counters, even when I can’t decide 😉 Girls Scout Cookies and Blue Dream are the bomb. Try their shatter if you have a chance, so very fragrant and clean, I suffer from chronic migraines and it does the trick.

  86. Mgonzales2168

    love it

  87. Bronan008

    amazing service and friendly knowledgeable staff

  88. Mamaof3green

    very friendly and knowledgable

  89. bam87

    not only is the medicine garbage they sell you the crappiest meds and pass it as top self but there customer service is trash a cell how are you gunna blame the customer when there always right I feel like I was taken advantage of and lied to crappy meds crappy gear and not a friend to the community there must be a reason its been two years since you guys won an award most horrible shop in tucson

  90. eathomson4

    Best place Ever!

  91. ireneblack

    Wow everyone was so nice and knowledgable. I will be going there and only there!! I swear best place in town!! Irene B

  92. ritapita73

    Everyone was kind, but my needs weren’t met. At the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s supposed to be about? Every other dispensary has worked with me. As someone with COPD, who vapes exclusively, they would not alter their FTP special AT ALL, offering only flower for flower, which does me no good. It was Saturday, so I received 15% off concentrates, and their vapes are are all natural, so I bought one and some half grams of high CBD strains to use in edibles. The atmosphere is very relaxed, but it’s extremely difficult to see the greeters behind the counter at night, because the glass is tinted. It’s like you’re talking to a wall. Not a great first-time experience, but the vape seems good so far. It’s a 500 mg G-13 and it knocked me on my ass my first hit and gave me nausea. Trying it again today in small sips to find my tolerance… I’m holding out hope that someone at this dispensary reads this and realizes that the medical industry needs to be friendly to EVERYONE, not just smokers. I’m honestly not sure if I’d shop here again. We’ll see.

  93. tallboy78

    Super friendly staff, but should you really be charging $50 an 1/8th for pot with seeds?

  94. greengal520

    This is the best dispensary in Arizona! Check out these strains: Ana’s GDP, DB Blue Dream and DB Sour Diesel which are all my Favorites! I also love the pre-rolls at DB because the smoke the best smoke in Az! Also they’ll deliver and you can get the fee waived!!!! Love this place and you should all check it out!!!!

  95. Danksotopia

    This place is always the best. The ONLY place for the STRONGEST meds. They always find something that works extremely well for me and always take the time to find the best product for me. Love this place!

  96. bread69

    staff are always friendly and easy to talk to, always very relaxed, lovely

  97. budking1987

    ounces for 450?!?!no specials hardly and all the grams are 20+ dollars.

  98. Goldgreen

    great service

  99. torcsteele

    First time buyer for cancer related pain. Hooked me up with some good medicine; no smoke, not nasty smells, just pure and simple medicine. Seriously a lil’ drop or two will do yah! Thanks folks, groovy shop, smiles and a welcoming staff in a safe place. Grow room is beautiful!

  100. roberthudson823

    product review of face off of/Indics Dominant. go get some of this stuff is out of the world.tasty best bud and 10 dollars.

  101. Sweena86

    Colton was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I will definitely be going back!!

  102. DeanDab

    Desert Bloom Releaf Center has always had my back as a patient from the day I walked in. I myself a connoisseur for the best quality medicine am always looking for the finest buds. I found that at Desert Bloom Releaf Center they off a wide range of choices on strains and price points as well great customer service. My favorite strains are Desert Bloom Sour Kush Desert Bloom Girl Scout Cookies and Desert Bloom Alien Rock Candy!

  103. JahHerbalist

    The one time I went to this club I asked for half gram of their best water and half gram of their best Bho. Costed me $78 with tax when I got home it was such garbage I had to throw it away I never went back what a joke this club isdY~

  104. eternal30

    I normally get concentrates and am always satisfied with the product but I picked up some SG tai the other day and was shocked any dispensarie would have such low quality flower. I mean this stuff would be hard to give away. It was only $20 an eighth but I have gotten flower for same price from same place that was way better. u guys should never sell such low quality cause it can reflect bad on the whole business. u guys do have good product but if this was my first experience with u I wouldn’t be coming back. Hope u take the tips and I’ll see u on my next visit.


    this is the best dispensary by far. best prices and best products. The staff is knowledgeable and very friendly. i would recommend this dispensary to everyone.

  106. OMofTMC

    I usually like it here but after being rushed and treated like a burden by the female budtender I will not spend my money here anymore I drove all the way out here and had $$$ to spend she was rude and acted like I was retarded, well I am disabled and sometimes it takes awhile to decide, I’m sick of people in out community who don’t understand mental illness, I have PTSD as my qualifying condition and so do a lot of others, I think you should train staff more( this was actually the only time I have felt like I was a burden maybe it was just her, and maybe I’m over reacting she could be having a bad day but shit my whole day is screwed because I’m so angry and humiliated) it was one of my fav places but not returning if she is there. Have a good day.

  107. tdz69

    They will rip you off by selling wet flower. They keep it very moist and heavy. Drug dealer tactics. Not from a patient to a patient. All lies. Should be audited and shut down.

  108. yOuRtRoUbLe

    The staff is always very nice and answers all my questions.

  109. GaPeach7

    Always fast and friendly. Great products.

  110. tkelly520

    great vibe

  111. 69shadykatie

    Friendliest staff ever, great variety!

  112. Daemonk

    you can see they grow with love.

  113. SarkUnit

    How are these people still in business? They are rude. I am serious, I have never walked into a place with ruder staff. I have actually wanted to fist fight one of their “men” as he triggered my PTSD, but thankfully I was medicated with THC I got from another Collective. They have no worth while specials. They have average at best products. Every product they have is more expensive than at any other dispensary once deals are factored in, and many times without deals at all the other dispensaries still have lower prices. This is what American Government Regulated Capitalism brings! Greed! You grow this plant, it cost almost nothing to do so, and this is how you choose to serve people with CANCER! Please, go out of business, I really cannot wait.

  114. Raider_nation32

    Favorite dispensary

  115. shilton

    Not a quality dispensary, they need to get with the program and follow the state rules and have more qualified bud tenders

  116. Sly19

    I can’t believe this place calls itself a med dispensary. No proper check in, but above that….the quality of the concentrates is absolute garbage especially for the price they’re charging. completely disappointed

  117. 22bsmith

    good follower night specials

  118. desertbuddy

    Desert Bloom has the cleanest medical mj. in Pima Cty. The quality of his meds are awesome. The budtenders are very knowledgeable which is sometimes hard to find. You can ask them about different things and they can tell you their personal favorites and why, for such and such ailments etc. etc.. The Infusion grape soda is awesome, it’s a very grape experience which was totally awesome both on my bday and yesterday as well. The flower is not prepackaged and it is clean tasting. There is so many choices and don’t worry ftp is every yr. not just once and done. They have some awesome deals early in the morning. I’ve seen this place 1st start out and is still here providing Tucson and beyond and I’ve always been asked where I recommend patients with all ailments to Desert Bloom. You guys rock keep doing what your doing 365 days a week!! And thanks for supporting grow rights dY~S

  119. CaseyJ0nes

    This place is awesome! The staff is super friendly and helpful, they had a great selection, and had some really good deals too (especially for first time patients). I definitely plan on coming here again and I would highly recommend this dispensary to anyone in the Tucson area.

  120. SleepyRabbit

    Great atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Meds are quality and tested for pesticides along with THC/CBD percentages. Got to see product under a high powered microscope. Great stuff, I’ll be back for more. Hash pens are a must try too. Check this place out!

  121. ariellm91

    Best quality flower in Tucson. When you live on the east side of Tucson, Desert Bloom is your best bet. I am so thankful you guys are so close to me because everywhere else is a drive. Prices have always been complaints on these reviews but if you are a patient that does your research, you will see all of the deals they have posted on their Facebook and they’re website. MUCH LOVE <3

  122. globot3000

    Desert Bloom is an amazing dispensary with really cool staff! The decorations are really cool. Also the staff is very knowledgeable about the medicine. Greatest dispensary in Tucson!

  123. lawrenceb

    medicine was great

    staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. the dispensary is very clean. it is a winner.

  124. pspadilla

    Bloom is great! They carry so many varieties and all the accessories you can think of. Good budtenders, very knowledgeable. It’s like your favorite smoke shop with TONs of top shelf products. I go to Bloom almost exclusively.

  125. chrisonelung19

    One of the best dispensary in Tucson. The knowledge that I have gained and the knowledge I hear all the tenders give to people while I’m getting my meds is exceptional. On top of the knowledge the customer service experience is top notch. If you are looking for a good friendly fast service stop by Desert Bloom Re-Leaf. I’ve been to a lot of other dispensaries over the years and have seen many people come and go the loyalty to not only their job but the their customer speaks largely to me.

  126. DBRC

    I love DBRC. Best Meds in Town. I can feel the love when I walk into this dispensary.

  127. Lizzynmariannsmomma

    This is by far my favorite dispensary!!! workers are wonderful and are always there to give information when needed and never steer you wrong

  128. aljones351984

    I just ordered a delivery at 630pm, was told an hour or two, then 908pm happens and no delivery, i call, i get told he is on the way, then 948pm hits i call again and the female tells me i will have the driver call you, no call happens. now its 1040pm i try and call and no answer they are closed. this was terrible service. i cant judge quality because no weed. atmosphere is terrible if someone is lying!

  129. Sacajweeda

    Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, Desert Bloom lowered their prices again!! LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

  130. tgomez2011

    Very friendly. But could get some better $10 deals. Or daily deals.

  131. Ldavis1187

    very goof

  132. Frankonweed

    All around great atmosphere. Nice people and good service. Quality weed all around. I frequent this one the most. Thank you for making me feel better.

  133. woody0731

    I love going here best dispensary in Tucson. Great staff,prices and the Blue Dream Bubble Hash is great. Super fast delivery never waited longer than 1.5 hours. If you haven’t tried DB go today.

  134. Applesaucer

    love the shop love most of the staff but… the cashier Christie has got to go. I have discussed with multiple customers in the lobby how passive-aggressive she is and rude she sounds to her customers. and makes a nasty comment about the wildfire victims in California when I donated my change to it.

  135. scotty61591

    excellent service, quality and selection!

  136. DniceSerrano

    This is my favorite dispensary in Tucson Az. I love it

  137. HHun1er231

    Whatever you have heard that is negative about this dispensary, most likely price, I can tell you that you get what you pay for. Yes they have top shelf strains all the way down the regular strains. Again you get what you pay for, as far as the prices, they have actually restructured their prices, and made available quite a few different products and pricing. I have been going here for going on a year now, and all the employees are friendly and know what they are talking about when it comes to their products. One in particular is extremely helpful (I’ve done Customer Service from the management side all the way down to front line, and I know good Customer Service). Dean Elliot, is that person, if you have a chance, speak with Dean, and his knowledge, and demeanor will steer you right to what ever product you require, either for pain, insomnia, or just relaxing, he will set you up right. I don’t go anywhere else, and there are a few dispensaries that are really close to me.

  138. GGalaz18

    very friendly workers an excellent tasting product

  139. 77loveweed420

    best spot in town for quality mmj

  140. BNBUDGIRL13

    Best dispensary in Tucson, hands down!!! Best strains and prices!!! Ask for Sam, AWESOME budtender!!!

  141. jupiterzdream

    Desert Bloom is the best dispensary in Arizona! They have the best medicine and great hours. Their staff is very knowledgable and they also deliver! They even have $10 grams for their awesome sungrown strains.

  142. sharrenskunk

    SunGrown stuff is pretty good and is typically 1/2 the price of regular stuff (it’s literally the same stuff -medical grade so how can someone complain?)

  143. sl1524

    Huge selection, like super huge! It was flippin amazing! The staff are always super chill and friendly and they all are super knowledgeable! I’ll be back!

  144. sweetirie

    By far the best weed in Tucson. The staff was friendly and welcoming, and the quality of their medicine is by far the dankest I’ve come across. The shop runs pretty good specials too! Check out the Sour Kush and the Thin Mints when its the shelf. So stony and tasty, with nice cerebral effects.

  145. Brandon0308

    This place definitely has some stinky buds! However, I do have to express my concern about how they are storing cannabis flower… they use Boost Humidifier Packets (or something similar) and when I requested a few grams of the Lemon Diesel… I was met with a VERY MOIST; possibly even WET moisture packet…. it literally looked like a wet sock when the budtender pulled it out of the jar… had an odd checkout process as well. I was also interested in a popcorn ounce, but immediately felt uninterested as soon as I saw that they were packaging them like your local drug dealeraEUR” that’s right. In a sandwich baggie… for being so far out east, I doubt I’d ever return. Surprisingly, for how the flower was stored, it wasn’t bad! But I’m just not sure I’m willing to take the chance next time.

  146. Lunger


  147. Trapshegucci710

    great service and great products

  148. ChthonicCoffey

    The customer service was absolutely astounding, however the ambience left a lot to be desired. Even though the shop looked clean, it gave the feeling of a low quality shack when inside. The product was very good as well.

  149. loisbowen19

    We like Desert Bloom for the convenience of being able to go in early. Also really appreciate the lower prices!! Staff has always been knowledgeable and helpful.

  150. Redhatchsss

    best place in town hands down the staff and there product is the best dY’

  151. misspatron

    DB is lit dY”Y= love the environment

  152. muddasuckaq

    1st time Ive ever felt out of place I came in for the supersized 8th of og diesel and gave me only 7grams went in to confront them about their email and the young lady snobby like attitude said “oh we dont double discount” I told her I got it before and again with the attitude “you must of got a great deal they leave it up to us to let you know we dont double dicount have a good” wow just wow
    june 3rd through the 6th supersized eighth on what they tell you…dY$?!

  153. rjamesr89

    It’s not on the main corner but has multiple U-turn areas in median at exit points next to a food spots on the other side is a bar perfect

  154. Toosongavin

    This dispensary rocks.

    Its nice to be treated like a patient.

    Five stars all around. Maybe 6 now that they have lab test results available.

    The budtenders are excellent, their knowledge is superb and they don’t treat you as if you are the village idiot. The variety of meds is always plentiful.

    I have terrible pain and finding the right med can be difficult, Re-leaf always seems to have something that helps. I am very fond of the Harlequin for day time relief, I can get up and do things when I otherwise would be in bed. The Disneyland OG is the best sleeping med ever, do not make any plans after you put this in your bowl ;>

    Again, 5 big stars.

  155. Kgribble2017

    Nice selection

  156. Somuchweedallday

    great staff

  157. Dugodbud420

    best ever

  158. Medicatedlo

    not has a racist apperance and customer service was rude no information given deals are not great like other places theres a black dog with an evil look god forbid it gets ticked and hurts someone also had no service tags on the animal to prove reassurance would waste more time explaining about the dog then the actual medication ….grown room does have any imsects or dog germs ??

  159. MizWiz

    Best selection in town, and so vibrant. Staff are educated and always happy to guide patients to the best meds for their needs. Highly recommend. (pun intended)

  160. jeffreyhill987

    Good people, no stress, helpful and polite staff.

  161. bberryman

    would this be a place I would go for my card?

  162. broccolibutter

    I’ve been to most dispensaries in Tucson and Desert Bloom has the best selection of Bud, Edibles, and other products available hands down. the tenders and employees are always friendly and helpful, and the variety and sales are definitely worth the visit!

  163. Joeholt12

    nobody should go here they give you the bottom of the barrel flower if you dont tip enough. I keep ordering top shelf and its mostly stems.DONT RECOMEND IT

  164. h3rd5wax420

    first timer and i got an 8th of their top shelf flower and i broke about a half gram nug and found 4 seed in that half gram and their wax is supper dark not happy at all WILL NEVER GO BACK!

  165. 8100Green

    This is my #1 spot for flower and wax byfar

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