Giving Tree Dispensary

10+ STRAINS @ $22 – 1/8TH



21617 North 9th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85027


33.6824146, -112.0846095




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


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Trust the Tree with Our Risk-Free Guarantee.

We stand behind the quality of everything on our shelves. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase at The Giving Tree, you can return it for a replacement or store credit within thirty days of purchase.

Why choose the Giving Tree?

1) A wide selection of highly medicinal strains grown onsite, you’ll immediate smell our cultivation when you walk in the door!
2) We grow the ACDC flower strain, a high CBD – low THC strain, praised for it’s medicinal benefits.
3) All flower is grown with ZERO synthetic pesticides, resulting in the purest, healthiest medicine in Arizona.
4) Our in-house laboratory uses no BHO’s or harmful chemicals during the extraction process. Everything is CO2 extracted.
5) We are home of the CANNABIS SUPPOSITORY! An incredible remedy for menstrual pain, GI issues, Crohn’s & colitis, and more.
6) We are constantly creating innovative products. We offer THCA crystals (97.88% purity) and Full Spectrum CO2 extracted Terpenes for purchase. There is nothing comparable in the AZ market.
7) We offer complimentary private consultations for friends and families interested in learning more about the benefits of cannabis.
8) Your purchases help us run bi-annual fundraisers supporting such organizations as Chrysalis Domestic Abuse Shelter, Take Steps for Crohn’s & Colitis, and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

Experience a better state of health at the Giving Tree Wellness Center of North Phoenix


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921 reviews for “Giving Tree Dispensary

  1. LizzyP

    loved it!

  2. prysocka

    the staff is friendly and inviting and the product is an excellent quality

  3. kcostello1

    love the staff very approachable. great product. prices are alittle more than most dispensaries tho.

  4. chmorris9795

    Very convenient, clean and comfortable! Also, by far the best quality!

  5. lwmap1

    Because I’m a noob I had a lot of Q and I got a lot of A. Very enjoyable experience. I will be back and I highly recommend.

  6. Atone1988

    best spot always great deals and frendily staff

  7. DABZme

    Very nice place. Good meds. Staff is very pleasant and helpful. See you all again soon.

  8. Mason84

    I absolutely agree with Richard Newton. I’m surprised by all of the positive reviews ( if they were actually written by patients and not staff ). This has been the worst dispensary I’ve visited. The meds I received were incredibly dry and 2 of the 3 strains I tried had seeds in them. The atmosphere and staff were pleasant but that doesn’t really matter if the meds suck. The prices are ridiculous! Even if they priced their meds at $25 an 8th, I still wouldn’t purchase any. That’s how terrible they are.

  9. MrsMadHatter

    Patient Consultants are incredibly helpful and friendly. Blown away at how pristine and beautiful the facility was along with their flower quality.

  10. dustmuffin76

    I thought there flower is PRIMO!

  11. aagut479

    Great, very professional

  12. desertokie

    Extremely friendly and welcoming atmosphere from the time you walk in til you walk out! Today was the first of many trips to GT! Very knowledgeable staff as well! Thanks!

  13. steven.r.frankel

    I picked up some Maui yesterday . prop’s to the grower. the experience is uplifting without the anxiety. I’m not over focused like with a headband strain , which is nice.

  14. Jolsen1108

    Great atmosphere and professional courtesy, good selection on strains

  15. dexiled1

    Definitely an upscale and safe environment. Professional security always present aiding to this type of atmosphere. Unlike many other facilities I’ve experienced. Sign up was quick and easy.

    Top quality meds all the time. Quality testing is done which I like. I will recommend to friends and I will be back myself. Only suggestion really would be more specials and perhaps a preferred client list.

  16. Haggr94

    Awsome place to go too great edibles can always count on them

  17. ARTC

    Katrina was very helpful helping me ovt today I got a bhang bar and ate a bit more than she recommended bvt that and the indica preroll made the worst pain I have ever felt in my back tolerable. thank you for being so helpful Katrina

  18. brenfroe

    Giving Tree have excellent edibles. The staff is very knowledgeable.

  19. MissCassie

    Love The Happy Hour!!! Such great deals. Depending on what day you have many options. Also am eager to try their yoga classes. Love that they have stuff like that. Very out of the box and different from a lot of places.

  20. Blizzzyrochelle

    Overall a great first time experience. I was in and out and employee was very nice


    Very helpful staff and top quality flower.

  22. TruthBearer

    The giving tree has great flower, concentrates, and edibles gotta love ’em !

  23. Juliemarsh07

    very friendly and understanding especially Javier Torres who helped me. clean facility and friendly staff.

  24. pickleweezle420

    I love this place…very good
    medication. great professional atmosphere.

  25. rsell87

    over dry over priced and lack in customer service.. now i remember why i stopped coming here. rode the bus for 2 hours to get to giving tree thinking id be a ftp since the system crashed – not a thing second problem was the bud looks like garbage and doesnt even test that high anymore 3rd problem being the budtender either failed to recognize my dissapointment or just didnt care and when i left the have a nice day seemed to have alot of sarcasm attached to it. im going to trumed at least their bud is worth the extra cost.

  26. DesertDog602

    Product is okay, but over-priced. Had a problem using my points. Not worth the drive.

  27. tony69

    The greenhouses always been a great place for good bud, the atmosphere is awesome. Services good never had a problem. Have to return soon

  28. 3LTORO

    Very friendly staff with deliscious one of a kind medicine!

  29. ChrisMcC

    Great bud

  30. lowgun

    Nice place, friendly staff very helpful. Meds were great, will return again.

  31. chente602

    This location is great the people are great the meds are great what can I say good price also…

  32. Lilbaby07

    absolutely love this dispensary and what they have to offer they always have friendly employees and they always know how to and for me with that information and information that’s helpful to me there flower is amazing and I would definitely refer to them

  33. supercelldrw

    Very nice, and clean, the hottie that helped me was very knowledgeable about the Acdc strain dY’dY’

  34. Chano10

    Givingtree wellness center is a beautiful place to visit, very friendly and amazing staff and the Flower looks delicious.. Thank you

  35. krissmv

    The Giving Tree is by far the best dispensary I’ve been too. The staff is warm and accommodating and have always made me feel very comfortable and welcome on my visits. Their selection is always top notch!! I highly recommend paying them a visit!!

  36. GeraldDuncan

    Best people in town… so nice and polite… great atmosphere…

  37. vicktoriaz

    awsome place so helpfull

  38. jetsjrmy

    Everything here is always top shelf quality. The staff is extremely knowledgable and provide for a very relaxed atmosphere.

  39. kingbear6442

    I’ve shopped at the Giving tree for a while now and I love it. I much prefer it over the other dispensaries I’ve visited here in Phoenix. It doesn’t always have the best medicine quality but they ALWAYS have the best service and workers. I’ve always been treated with dignity and respect and they truly treat you with kindness. I would grately recommend this to any of my friends and I have. Thank you!

  40. streetfield

    I love this place. I visited on my birthday. Great quality, great location and great buds. Thank you!

  41. bwoood

    love going here. have some of the best buds around

  42. mattyuu87

    love this place

  43. Auliya96

    everyone here is nice and very helpfull

  44. Pittylover2012

    great quality. helpful staff. but their prices are a bit high on their capsules. :-/

  45. WhiteBoyKush

    The Giving Tree is my favorite dispensary for so many reasons. The atmosphere is so calm and gives an at home yet at eating out kinda feeling. The staff assists that when they assist you warmly and welcomingly. And the meds are phenomenal. Even better is that The wonder woman pre roll is not only amazing but also part of the proceedings goes to The Chrylalys foundation.

  46. Tony42O

    haven’t been here in awhile sue to prices but, prices have dropped making the meds so much more affordable.. the meds here are high in quality and bud density is perfect.. great job giving tree thanks for great service every time..

  47. SativaMe3

    Great place overall but a little too pricey. It’d be nice if patients could get quality cannabis for a reasonable price

  48. jmhuber123

    i wont even consider coming here because price is way to high why pay 60 an eigth when i can get 60 a quarter of high quality elswhere. judging by these prices i dont understand why they are always in the news

  49. Taylortransforms

    Awesome place! Friendly and knowledgable staff. Great medicine at good prices . I will for sure be coming back here .

  50. kittyyyqueeeen

    First time here today and I LOVED it! Miranda at the front desk was so kind and I enjoyed talking with her. Vanessa helped me in the back to pick the right meds for my needs and got me a great deal!! I will definitely come back!

  51. dare2dream86

    the staff is very friendly and informative. I love the welcome kit you get that has the logs for you to keep track of how often you medicate. Flowers are great quality and I love that all prices are shown with tax included

  52. Tashman

    Best all around dispensary.
    Quality products, nice staff, pricing includes tax, and the convenience of paying is fantastic.

  53. Silentnomore

    I love the giving tree dispensary. They have great meds all the time. The staff is very friendly.

  54. sharonesho

    the staff here are all friendly! and their flowers are all top quality!

  55. mikeyy22

    the flower here is awesome I love the place it’s close to me and I will definitely be back!

  56. tene

    love this place.. very green.. organic goodness.. will visit again

  57. Gopedguy420

    giving tree is an amazingly wonderful dispensery with great knowledgeable staff

  58. justinn.wahl

    This is my go to spot when I am at work and I need a quick stop ! Very convenient and never a wait!!! I wish their flower selection was greater however.

  59. kaverinha77

    Great meds and nice budtenders!!!!

  60. mrayhena

    Best Dispensary in the Valley, I can almost guarantee any bad review on this place is either a bot a competitor or someone who has no idea what they’re talking about, every single product has the most quality and I have the best experience every single time.

  61. that23

    I come here all the time. Always great

  62. Alex360

    Best customer service and a large variety. I have yet to try a yoga class but I am very interested.

  63. Brittneylynn4308

    I really like the flower and Keif.

  64. dickmichaels

    great location with a good selection.

  65. justinsimison

    They are undeniably VERY expensive and at times this can be a *huge* deterrent that sends me elsewhere.

    However, the meds are of the best quality available in Phoenix. I have certainly found nothing better.

  66. CannaFairyAZ

    The new Goji OG hash is AMAZING!!!!!

  67. josephmancuso8

    This is definitely the nicest physical dispensary I have gone to. There was a great selection of meds and the staff was awesome. Didn’t feel the least bit rushed. Prices are a little high but worth it because the atmosphere and service are spot on.

  68. shambler66

    Made my first visit here today. Place is very clean and staff are courteous and kind. They have quite the variety of strains to choose from in different tiers and the buds look amazing. I was offered a free pre-roll with my first purchase which was awesome and unexpected. I will be a return customer here.

  69. machapko

    Awesome service and great meds every time I would come back and recommend this to everybody

  70. mpm1215

    Great location this place is never too busy to get me in and out in 5 minutes or less if I’m in a rush. Great staff you guys are always helpful.

  71. duce95

    Friendly staff and wide selection of products.

  72. ariz5119

    I loved the decor and setup and product is exactly what I need for my condition- high CBD strain that’s not easy to find.

  73. Jnix

    I really enjoyed my visit, all the staff were friendly and helpful thank you for the awesome experience.

  74. DaBeticEnt

    bought a brownie from here and I was tripped out of my mind for hours. thank you guys for having an amazing selection at great prices.

  75. sammieetellem

    amazing place to get your flower. Great Energy Great Vibes. Come smell for yourself. Medication always 5 stars

  76. Produece

    Great flower!Tried the Deathstar,wow.

  77. toriizzo

    I went to Giving Tree Wellness Center for my first time last night. First, the building is very attractive, and the employees are laid back and helpful. The bud tenders were awesome, and kept the atmosphere light and energetic. They had such a colorful array of items to choose from, all presented in brightly lit casings. The medicine quality was outstanding (Tangerine Dream), And the prices were low, and expected to drop! I will surely be returning to Giving Tree for ALL my medical needs from now on. Thank you guys. THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE!:)

  78. uwillbuy

    My first mmj dispensary visit! Staff was great and welcoming, they were excited to share the moment with me! I recommend!

  79. rannmann53

    The staff was very helpful and took the time to explain the products and what they do. very clean and a good atmosphere. the location is great!

  80. phudso4

    This dispensary sets the standard for all others to follow. Shawna and Francisco are very knowledgeable and always help me choose the right meds. I’ve never felt rushed, and I always go home with the highest quality meds. Awesome.

  81. g673

    New patient first time visit, have to say staff was very hepful and friendly and quality meds! I’ll defiantly be back.

  82. forevrhi81

    Super professional employees and a well decorated office. By far the largest selection of edibles I’ve seen!

  83. ChronicPain66

    This is the worst place to go for your meds. The flower is either too dry or looks like mold is on the product. The prices are way to high. Why go here when there are so many other places to go. They don’t care about the patients. It’s all about the money. Over priced Over rated. Meds are terrible.

  84. BigJ808

    my favorite spot they have best prices for top self products

  85. KASB12

    Great selection, always professional!

  86. NinaMac

    So fresh and clean awesome atmosphere

  87. Marcy2015

    Awesome facility – friendly faces – very helpful.
    I will definitely return! Thank you! =)

  88. glockster20c

    Hash Cbd oil ………:) wow really wow. No words explain the everything about it. Solvent less is epic!!!!!

  89. kaileemurphy

    Friendly, knowledgeable staff. You can tell they care about their patients!!!

  90. visticar

    Your platnum girl scout cookies are excellent!

  91. rerick440

    I was here about a week ago. And I got some really nice meds!!! they were dry, and a little expensive… But VeRY CELAN Smoke!!!the staff was Awesome and welcoming. Thanks Guys!!!

  92. stan1987

    Giving tree Welness Center is a waste of a dispensary. Their flower is way overpriced, the quality might be there but there are plenty of other dispensaries that have great flower for A cheaper price. The only reason I go there is for a discount on cartridges on Monday. I went today and they didn’t even let me use my points because it was a sale day even though one of the employees said I could and then the manager butted it in and said I couldn’t. That’s not good customer service.

  93. SomeguyAZ

    They are amazing. Came into the parking lot on a Sunday like five minutes past closing time and at first told me they were closed. Looking at the hours on the door I had no argument, so I said “no problem. Be back tomorrow!” As I turned to walk back to the car, they told me to come in anyway if I knew what I wanted. Indeed I did, the mission that day was for kief.

    Long story made short, got the kief and a deep respect for these amazing folks. Plus a doughnut hole too!

  94. WYWH

    This is a great model for any future Licensed Dispensary!! It starts with their spotless and serene facility, continues throughout with their professional and friendly service, and ends with the finest quality of medical cannabis. We talked about their plans for a high CBD strain, a possible game-changer for the mmj industry I believe. I will gladly patronize this excellent establishment again!

  95. charnel26

    Great bud !
    Little expensive but well worth it

  96. Brittweed

    Most expensive place I’ve ever been! And quality is NOT very good. Was dumbfounded when she told me my total was about double what it should be! Will not be going back

  97. revthunder

    pleasant atmosphere great buds and spiffy budtenders

  98. Bigfrg

    This place if the most professional and cleanest establishment I ever seen in Arizona. The staff were very respectful and knowledgeable.

    Cant wait to go back. If anyone goes, make sure you ask or purchase the White Chocolate. It is good!!!

  99. Aldver

    Very nice and clean waiting room that felt upscale. They were polite and made me feel welcome. They were patient as the products and processes were explained. I will be going back again, it’s a definite plus that it’s one of the closer locations.

  100. carlyryanne

    First time visiting this business, everything was incredible! Service was great from the front desk to the budtenders and the flower was potent enough to help with my chronic pain.

  101. tdaz2004

    Fun place to visit.

  102. kaylagrubin93

    Very sophisticated, its a nice place and relaxing. I liked the choices of flowers as well.

  103. scorpioman

    this dispensarie came highly recommended and didn’t disappoint the atmosphere was relaxing and the staff was knowledgeable and took extra time to answer all my questions. I will be going back again, you should also.

  104. Orly9er

    Great location, close to my office. Friendly knowledgeable staff who are very energetic. Slightly high prices but you get great daily specials. I will keep returning for the ACDC this works wonders for my pain but keeps me clear headed so I can work.

  105. stevo66

    great place with great meds. I love all the deals they always have going. the budtenders are super nice & helpful

  106. ganados33

    I love this place by far the cleanest and the workers are down to earth….. Flowers at this location are great….. Will come again

  107. Lalston76

    for the high prices they charge you would think that the flower was not dried out and crunchy there is too many dispensaries out here to go back to the garbage I paid for never again

  108. twill80

    great people great purple, awesome customer service and product. good job guys

  109. CastilloPintor

    Love this place & the Death Star

  110. newuseraccount

    This is my favorite location in the north valley. Great selection, quality and specials.

  111. trebrija

    I have been an ongoing customer of The Giving Tree, last night I ran in at 7pm on the dot, door unlocked, OPEN sign lit up. They said sorry we are closed. Ugh, that would not happen at The Holistic Center on Cave Creek off the 101. Anyway, if u go here, Shawna is the go-to girl, she knows her shyt. They keep top, but others keep better. (Hit up Dooby Delivers!!! No fail:)

  112. jayscottie

    Every time I come in here, everyone is friendly, and kind. I came in and got a sample of keef cola, lemon sparkling water, and it was by far the best thing I have had. I highly recommend this product because the taste was satisfying and it did its job. I will be back for more.

  113. Mark2891

    I can’t wait to go back

  114. clymer113

    Even better with lower prices.

  115. abotley

    Awesome bud

  116. PizzaCat420

    Love the store layout! Very professional and a great selection. They had reviews of strains by different patients available – super helpful!

  117. Bryanna93

    Staff is great. Buliding is well kept and they offer yoga

  118. bisonte33

    There are some really good dispensaries in phoenix, some are better than others. The giving tree, is quite possibly the best. if you have not been, i highly recommend it. if this is an example of how good state licensed dispensaries can be, i am sold.

  119. ambientraze

    I don’t know where $520/oz price is from. Found their menu . Went today to check it out, and the people were super nice and knowledgeable. Trying out the frankenberry. Guess they’re the only ones who carry it. Looking forward to trying it out tonight. Thanks GT

  120. patty102

    Great place for first timers. knowledgeable staff. reasonable prices and they always have great specials going on. love coming here.

  121. soflostudios

    best green and oil in town!

  122. mbshcolnik

    Nice boutique-type atmosphere, very pleasant staff and product quality is excellent!

  123. dariandennis

    Everything top shelf and friendly service

  124. aixareina

    I think it’s a hidden paradise

  125. lorax0420

    nice staff, i came last minute and they still took me in. it was my first time so i asked questions and they answered them all as best as they could, very helpful. Also they have hash!! i plan on going back to get that. Also got a free pre-roll 🙂

  126. Geronimo

    The place and people were nice but I couldn’t believe it was 65 for an 8th of Blue dream. . .

  127. mamaG04

    First time there I picked up a gram of tangerine dream and it was brittle dry. The free preroll was nice and free 30 min massage. I will go back but I’m disappointed in product quality so far.

  128. Dominoazmc

    Really cool place. Made me feel comfortable and they were really friendly. Right down the street from work so I will definitely be coming back here. If you haven’t already, come check this place out..!

  129. Whaaaaat

    Lots of neat variety and selection

  130. nazsti

    Friendly and knowledgable staff, clean store with excellent choice of medication.

  131. Tja

    very very expensive but very awesome top shelf flower place to go to if you want to spend your money and get what you pay for can you say bomb or fire

  132. statuegal76

    love them

  133. Smario73

    friendly staff. great product and prices. establishment is clean, atmosphere is pleasant.

  134. diamond86

    I love the service and the Employees provide great service and there is very good quality!

  135. kdavis

    Not sure where the patients referencing low grad meds are talking about. Definitely not here. Cannadential at 24.1% THC and near 50/50 hybrid is not low grade. I actually appreciate that they have a range of meds (even the 13% stuff at $42 an eighth). At least this is a state licensed dispensary, so they care enough to have there meds tested, unlike caregiver clubs. Sure it’s expensive, but you’re paying the same price as other dispensaries that are on par with a mental hospital waiting room. This place is more on par with Starbucks and they can actually take your credit card. I saw a caregiver (20 something years old) drop off meds at a caregiver circle. Although they’re meds were cheaper by far, it’s good to know that my money isn’t going towards his brand new Mercedes. True story. At least here I know my money is going to a top notch facility, outstanding meds, and an incredible staff.

  136. accordst3r

    found them on leafly yesterday, stopped by and my mind was blown away. best place I have been to since I have had my card. people very friendly know there flowers. also really cool how they go more then just flowers to help the patients.

  137. kirkland1

    I’m not sure what weed all these other people are smoking from here I got 2 top shelf strains and both have terrible flavor and smell (I know the smell from smoking around people who don’t smoke) the potency is alright but not for the price the prices here are ridiculous especially for medicine that has the flavor of stale smoke. come here once and take advantage of the first patient deal and I guess if you like gross tasting flower at an outrageous price come on back

  138. Tiffanytimmer

    Looking forward to experiencing this place. I’ll let you know my second review

  139. Azbg

    Very cool place. Katrina was very knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend!

  140. Poland

    This is a great place for all your needs regarding medication, great staff and great medicine, keep up the good work

  141. SFrankel

    Hi medicating community, shop here. The prices are fair, you get what you pay for. Thank you staff, your professionalism is just what I look for in a brick n’ mortar.

  142. Dawnmarie87

    the staff is really friendly I really enjoyed the pre-rolls

  143. deepdown11

    Great service, menu updated frequently, knowledgeable, good advice on strains from Care Givers who have personal experience with them, not just reading you the label. Francisco is my personal favorite, plus, it’s fun to say.

  144. 60s2oner

    I really enjoyed their flower, great service too. thanks again.

  145. djisnoone

    I also made my first visit the other day and wow, what a nice, professional, clean, very orderly dispensary. The staff are extremely courteous, kind and patient with this patient 🙂 . They have a great variety of strains in many different tiers and weights. I was offered a free pre-roll with my first purchase which was awesome and unexpected. Plus they have some great deals! I will be a return customer here most definitely!!!

  146. ShaiMayn

    Had super friendly staff an knowledgeable.

  147. poolsamurai

    Very clean and out of the way store. A little on the commercial side of things. I’m a patient and a long time smoker. I’m there for one thing. I got Death Star and I’m very pleased with the quality. Also pleased with the service. Informative and friendly. I’m not always in the area but I’ll probably go back.

  148. smokimonkiwi

    i love this location i live quite but i always make the trip to get the best flowers.

  149. felony

    Very professional, a bit pricey for the top shelf. But all around good service.

  150. northvalley602

    my fav place to go to. The white widow is absolutely amazing!!!

  151. davidkazaryan

    Amazing, amazing, amazing! I’ve been to a large number of great dispensaries but none can hold a candle to the Giving Tree. The center, employees and owners are outstanding.

  152. Rmuze36

    I love the Blowfish. It kills my leg pain. Totally my go to strain here….well that and their White Widow.

  153. whiteboy931

    amazing product and amazing and very helpful and informative staff

  154. AragonPhoenix

    L.A Confidential always giving me that physical and mental high
    Blue Dream great when you have to get things done
    ATF a favorite in taste smooth high
    Blowfish kinda a sleepy creeper for me

  155. bacclover109

    love this place! Everybody is very nice and well informed!

  156. girlanytime

    Some of the best flower along with the customer service. When I called Beth was very informative and friendly…

  157. jackeboy

    Have been shopping here for a while now. Very nice people…..fair prices esp for us veterans!! Also, Ashley is great up front at dealing with even my most mundane question!! Make sure you join their loyalty club too…all shelves of their stuff is always good….enjoy!!

  158. JoeSmokes420

    The staff is great, the meds are great, and the staff is fun and energetic and knowledgeable about the meds and their benefits. Best experience ever.

  159. NaiJeB

    My go to place. Always friendly staff and great buds. Try the ox 🙂

  160. Starletangel1989

    Good products & great service! Miss the jewel candies but still love this place. Only Despensery I’ll go too.

  161. phoenixsun1

    Might me my new fav place. Friendly staff, low prices, great ambiance, will be back for sure

  162. DankestDank

    amazing service and great flower. this place is amazing, great variety of very dank strains from a very dank dispensary.

  163. ColourMyMind

    Great service and atmosphere! (: Not used to prices like this but I love the edibles! (:

  164. Shallenp

    Nice place always quiet and super fast service

  165. mrod71

    Nice and clean facility with knowledgeable people.

  166. voltaire1

    I try to visit different places just to see what’s out there. These reviews are misleading. While I like the thought of using a licensed dispensary, the prices and med quality here will prevent my return.

    $65 an eighth for meds that are far too dry? I get better meds delivered to my house for far less. Do not let atmosphere guide your decisions…shop my friends….shop.

  167. drewzz14

    Went here for my second time and got white haze. It is incredible, good strong flower, has a sort of pick me up effect . Highly recommend

  168. Lysadri627

    Your friendly staff keeps me coming back always! Also love giving trees edible selection!

  169. rbratcher

    was my first time in and they were vary helpful:)

  170. DreezyMane

    Shawna is awesome. my favorite dispensary

  171. Danndann

    Not impressed rude staff is not knowledgeable like everyone’s saying I’ve been going here for months and just stopped because every time has been unsatisfactory. The medicine is good, but not as good as some close by places.

  172. Asshia

    I paid $93 for a quarter of aEURoethe bestaEUR they had and it was full of seeds. Fail.

  173. Dpm82

    Awesome dispensary! Always top shelf flower and friendly staff!dY~ZaoeOE

  174. Purpzbydapoundd

    Love this place been coming here for years and it’s always high quality!dY’-

  175. samlagmac

    It’s nice and clean. The staff was very helpful and made me feel comfortable.

  176. GreenPhoenix

    I’ve been to The Giving Tree several times now. The meds they offer taste good and are well cured. All of the employees are friendly and patient.

    I was particularly impressed by the flavor of the Strawberry Cough and Blue Dream.

    Currently, my only gripes are:

    A) If you don’t sign up right away for the membership ($5), past purchases cannot be credited to your account for ‘points’.

    B) Cost. A fixed income makes full price much more painful, but I understand running a dispensary costs money. I sincerely appreciate the fact that tax is figured in, as this eliminates guesswork.

    TL;DR: Nice, clean shop with good quality meds, sold by friendly people.

  177. BossLady89

    this location had great customer service and great deals. not only is everything fresh but their
    recommendations are awesome also.

  178. KNYC

    Good varieties. More flower then edibles

  179. eddiegarcia33483

    love the new look! pretty new ladies work in, and incredible strains! gets better every time I visit!

  180. twiliprincipessa67

    Excellent service and quality product. I HIGHLY recommend this location for your needs…(Thank you Budtender, Justin.)

  181. lyghtning

    Great deals

  182. LeaflyIsALieDisposSellGARBAGE

    There flower is nor organic, if it was organized it would actually smell like weed.

    Do people in AZ really have no idea what natural weed is? You can eat the stuff and sustain life. It has flavors. This stuff the dispensaries are selling is LOADED with chemicals, or else it would smell very strongly and have a strong flavor like natural Cannabis does.

    This stuff doesn’t suck because it’s old, or its dry, or its not cured. It sucks because it’s not grown in fertile soil. I could prove it in a court of law. This stuff is NOT natural. Dispensaries are ripping people off with this hydroponic wannabe weed that doesn’t even have an aroma. They all need to quit growing and repeal the 25 mile law. Az needs to see what natural weed is for once. The stuff that gives you cotton mouth because the flavor is so concentrated, the stuff that makes you feel good, not crappy and lazy. Giving Tree is an absolute joke of a medical dispensary. It doesn’t even smell like weed in there. If you think thats an indicator of quality, Im sorry you’ve drank the dispensary koolaid. Weed still smells like skunk at the dealers house, not like stale hay.

  183. ssimpson818

    Some really great meds. A knowledgeable staff and very kind. Go check it out.

  184. OGELOT

    very friendly staff. Top quality flower. must go if haven’t yet.

  185. Goodvibes55

    Great quality concentrates. Staff is friendly & helpful. Location is discreet & easy to access. Only negative is prices are WAY higher than most dispensaries. You can get quality full gram shatter at most other places for what you pay .5 at The Giving Tree.
    If prices were better, I’d go back.

  186. 04202013

    nice play! enjoyed the meds and will be back!

  187. VampyJFAd

    I loved this place! Very nice establishment & the budtender I had was super friendly & knowledgeable!

  188. chadcrupper

    Awesome and awesome

  189. Kushkakelove

    The girl behind the counter was extremely knowledgeable and helpful!!!! Best deals in town!! Never disappoints.

  190. onoj83

    The atmosphere here is very relaxing, I felt very welcomed and I was very impressed with the design and cleanliness of the restrooms. I will definitely return and refer others.

  191. theoliverbud

    The front desk receptionist is always so sweet and helpful, and Justin is always my favorite caretaker but really every employee is kind and very helpful!

  192. slantedpavement

    As a new patient, customer service means oh so much. Alex was terrific in helping to educate me as I get more and more familiar with these meds.

    I made a special trip to Giving Tree because it is the only place in town currently carrying AC/DC flower. I’m a neophyte, but this seems to be a quality product.

    Many thanks, and I will be back. (Also really appreciate being able to get in and out quickly!)

  193. snarfsnarf2006

    Welcoming and helpful. Sweet products, potent products. Happy.

  194. Somethingcool10

    This place is super friendly and always has some good deals and an awesome stock of products.

  195. Jolson1993

    Best place to go !!! Love the giving tree:) dec 26th 2016

  196. ltaamneh

    Much variety and excellent customer service along with a welcoming atmosphere and cheap prices

  197. cheifo


  198. cougfan77

    Very nice place with very kind workers, would recommend to anyone who lives in the Mesa area. Great medicine and good atmosphere, will be coming back soon!

  199. grantR

    I wish they stayed open 24 hours a day I would shop there 24 hours a day I love this store

  200. Mitm2014

    Made a stop in here last Thursday. Great Meds, great bud tender, clean, friendly professional atmosphere!

  201. sodey

    What an awesome place. I’m continually blown away by the knowledge, professionalism and quality radiating from this place. Top notch all around. Kudos!

  202. wpatterson88

    Something about this Givingtree just has a better overall feel than Mesa. I will drive from anywhere to get their White Widow. Meds are top notch.

  203. Jac2179419

    Very fast and convenient

  204. JohnW

    Nice facility, med prices are competitive, product is outstanding, stored and sold in sealed bags for freshness.

    We overpay significantly in Arizona anyway, NM averages $9 per gram.

  205. josh2903

    DO NOT PAY TOP DOLLAR FOR LOW GRADE. Wow stumbled across this one. Horrible med quality for top shelf donation rates. I had to re read the menu and donation rates to make sure I was looking at it right. 200+ a half for meds that aren’t even above 15% THC! Feel free to waste your money, but I do not know how they can even attempt to justify those donation rates. Haha 430 an OZ. for bud at 14% this is probably the highest donation in the valley with some of the lowest quality of bud offered on the market.

  206. ddees

    Awesome! Had 2 of my favorite 3 strains which is amazing. Had very good service very fun atmosphere going back again soon for sure

  207. Ziiohn

    Everyone was very friendly! I didn’t even mention that it was my birthday recently and was surprised with a gift 🙂 Definitely going again. I’m gonna have to schedule a massage soon too. Thanks guys!

  208. Holla1

    Always top-shelf flowers & extracts. Casey, Shawna, & Katt are super helpful, basically every employee is very friendly and they give great recommendations if you have any questions about their products. Awesome line of edibles, extracts, and flowers. New remodel looks awesome. Thanks Giving Tree keep up the good work!

  209. Ghagen77

    Welcome home indeed! Just had the best experience since moving to the valley, these people are kind, sweet, knowledgeable, and the place is huge!! Can’t wait until I’m a regular!

  210. Ogkatdaddy

    Love the staff….they treated me like family….I would recommend anyone go check them out…..

  211. Hot4pot420

    Bud is always dried out. For such a pricy place with prepackaged flower you would expect fresher, moister bud.

  212. Kevinkj777

    Nice place Great meds Kevin Loud 1

  213. mbond777

    Love this place, everyone is so nice and knowledgeable. I’ve told my friend about this place but she had a hard time finding it (never did, think she was high). I’ll have to bring her in myself so she can see how great you guys are!

  214. Jrios57

    Fantastic customer service and very knowledgeable about their medicines. Quality is great and very charismatic staff!

  215. superleaf

    This place is very nice and clean! The people are awesome too 🙂

  216. havock99

    it was excellent. got the card renewed cant wait to go back and get some next time im in phoenix. i feel best quality best options they may be slightly higher on a few things but you throw the discounts and deaks they offer it is actually cheaper and the staff is very very knowledgeable and helpful. they will get you the best amount that cab for your dollars. see yall later this month when im in phoenix.

  217. jkelsey1

    knowledgeable, patient, professional staff. they took time to answer all of my questions and provide a level of service beyond any expectation. the product is absolute top shelf

  218. Killahkush

    Amazing people make you feel welcome.

  219. TMR

    The edibles are incredible here. Helps with sleeping and nausea.

  220. anozuod

    Classy place, great service

  221. joe.jennings.969

    This is a fire dispensary that gives patients exactly what they need. A+

  222. sticky9one

    Today the customer service provided by Shawna was extra special. I am appreciative of the helpfulness of the staff at Giving Tree. GW

  223. mysticalhoney

    awesome! people are wonderful and giving and prompt! little to no waiting..and free Birthday per-roll. thank you!

  224. thefriendlyebayer

    price is much to high for quality of buds. I wont be back

  225. Everybodygetshigh419

    Great service and atmosphere. The bud tenders know what they are talking about

  226. acynecki

    The cannadential was top notch. Nice place and people.

  227. bmorrow15

    Awesome location good Med’s decent price

  228. chloeeegan

    I chose The Giving Tree as my first stop as an official medical marijuana patient because of the great name and convenient location. The relaxed, friendly atmosphere and kind staff were very welcoming and I was impressed with their array of additional holistic services. There was a good selection of strains, edibles and accessories, with the different strains clearly labeled for medicinal effect which I thought was very useful especially for a new patient. The specials were a great bonus, too! I’ll definitely go back.

  229. PhilsBetter

    I can always count on The Giving Tree for high quality Meds. GT’s flower feels free of unnecessary chemicals which keeps my mind and body free from toxins I’d rather not deal with. And they have yoga 7 days a week! I became serious about healing this body 3 years ago and it’s only fair that I give some credit to the good people at the Giving Tree. Thanks!

  230. cheeseveins

    stoppin in for my birthday!!

  231. 12Gage12

    great staff good specials happy hour is a great idea. prices are too high and every bag is at least a 1/4 gram short (don’t like that especially when you pay 65 for an 1/8) but overall is pretty good

  232. go2hell508

    great meds.

  233. joshw711

    Love this place been coming here awhile now will keep coming here for awhile. Really smart and friendly staff. Keep it up!!!!!

  234. katrinabeebe

    wvery time I go in or call thw saff is very educational and profesional. I love this place. also the flowers are great.

  235. iamzach420

    staff was very helpful budtender asked and showed me strains based on my condition. overall an excellent place to get quality meds. goin back for sure

  236. kailey420

    great quality, great bud. here for my bday special.

  237. Dave222555

    Great Dispensary! Love the edibles!

  238. dmart13

    First time visit was very pleasant and staff was super nice. Definitely shopping here again.

  239. TinaTrichome

    This is the place to go if you’re looking for a place with the utmost professionalism, discretion, and a TRUE focus on TOTAL health and wellbeing. Giving Tree phoenix is HIGH QUALITY in EVERY sense of the word. The quality of this location, their products, and the work that they’re doing here is really just amazing. I have nothing but the highest respect for these people.
    Their building is spacious, incredibly elegant, and high-tech (they provide their menu broken down by saliva/indica/hybrid, THC percentage, and price on big flat screens). But that’s just the wrapping paper for a really high-quality operation.
    On top of the fact that they’re always doing some kind of charity fundraiser or something like that, they truly focus on total wellness for their patients. This place is truly a WELLNESS center, and it’s atmosphere is one of total conscientiousness around alternative health. It’s one of the only dispensaries in the valley that i feel fully weighs it’s responsibly as a medical marijuana dispensary. They choose to offer acupuncture, yoga, massage therapy, etc; as a new patient they make sure to educate you fully on the potential risks that could be involved with consumption of MJ (such as it interfering with brain development if you’re still under 21); they carry CBD strains; they offer concentrates made without butane/chemicals, and it goes on and on! They also take care of their patients with great specials and goodies.
    Do yourself a favor and come experience the beauty that is Giving Tree Phoenix 🙂

  240. sjhern

    quick and professional

  241. Catnyp

    Love the staff, who really get to know their regular customers.

  242. mrbababoooey

    The Giving Tree isn’t the best dispensary , but they are close to me and have some good strains. They are known not to trim their buds properly, and have seed problems. Prices are high too considering they are far from the best quality strains.

    They sell 13$ pre-rolls of shake from not the greatest strands and they are only .8 -.6 grams! Two nearby dispensaries have amazing pre-rolls for 13$ that are 1.40 grams. Try elsewhere if you aren’t in love with the Giving Tree.

  243. encore

    Nice store, helpful budtenders, quality medicine. What more could you want?

  244. Claychristensen

    always a good selection and friendly budtenders!

  245. Yogini85

    Loved the atmosphere and feel when I walked in, I am a first time patient and came in with a greeting immediately and handed an amazing hemp peppermint chapstick , pen , patient info, and metal grinder as well as offered water and candy. I didn’t wait more than a minute and was taken back and met with great service and quality flower ! Very good prices and will be back for sure ! Happy to hear they grow onsite and without pesticides.

  246. zach7stewart

    Great service and atmosphere, really potent meds…what more could you ask for? The staff was super friendly and helpful. Definitely will be going back.

  247. SoldierWithAttitude1971

    It was just ok. Not much selection.

  248. cscs3y

    Great meds, never left disappointed!

  249. noneother23

    Some of the best green in the state

  250. DarwinCrowley

    very expensive
    bad specials
    for the price they charge they should at least tell you the thc%
    I don’t understand the tier thing. The 50$ stuff is sometimes better than the 60$. It must be based to stock.

  251. BurninateDabs

    Absolute worst spot to come if you’re a dabber. They offer no first time patient deal for dabbers either except for I guess the vape pens of theirs & their kief.
    All they have is MAoeV which is a good brand, but that’s it nothing else.
    It kind of bothers me they’ve invested in suppositories instead of a basic concentrate selection. The other location in Mesa is the same thing

    Final score: 1/10

  252. Markitsune88

    very clean but some of those prices are a bit steep. I can get same quality for half the price for a little bit extra drive.

  253. RollCall

    Personable, knowledgeable staff. Nice facility. Quality product and selection.

  254. burningcpu

    This shop has improved a bunch over the last few years, with marked change over the last six months or so.

    The house grown medicine is really good. You can tell that the buds are tended by someone that cares deeply about quality. If you’ve grown before, you’ll know to look for the nug size, shape and density, and the quality of the trimming job.

    I couldn’t justify paying the cost premium for this beautiful bud for my daily dose, so I primarily shopped elsewhere.

    They’ve since made changes. There is a weekly $8/gram special, reducing further for higher volumes.

    I’m a big fan of this pricing structure, as it means that I can pick up a half ounce of top shelf medicine for less than $90, which is a deal usually reserved for the downtown dispensaries.

    Shop elsewhere for concentrates and dabs. This place focuses on other things, which is fine.

  255. Melissas62

    Never crowded, great staff and product.

  256. brucealmighty8794

    My first two times here were awesome! The first time I was looking for the perfect wake and bake strain. The bud tender glad suggested a couple, especially their green crush omg! Get Green Crush simply a morning cure. Came back for a second time, still had a pleasant time. The only down side to this dispensary for me is the distance.

  257. Jenn1e

    Thank you guys for the B-day goodies!! We will see you all soon. Your Reefer Realtors!!

  258. CharmingCthulhu

    I thought that this was a great dispensary with helpful staff, great quality, and an overall good experience. Will definitely be returning in the future.

  259. cbdhealth

    they need a second person up front.
    Long wait for preorder dY~$?

  260. KingCUTA

    This place really needs better deals on flower. Way too expensive for anyone on a budget

  261. 42A

    Very well run place, the best customer service, internet orders! The best! 🙂

  262. ginger85308

    The staff at Giving Tree are very helpful, friendly and professional. Their products are great and the atmosphere of the store is extremely nice. I really like the fact that the taxes are included in the price of the products. You know exactly what the cost is ahead of time. I will definitely be using them again.

  263. dvdmac2

    Terrible meds and service never again “Buyer Beware”

  264. RimZim

    Giving tree is the place. Looking for bomb meds that stick around come give them a look. The 4th tier stuff is even fire. Great staff that treats it’s patients right !

  265. timothyzeus

    Every time I come to this location, I know to expect friendly service, top quality products, and an awesome atmosphere! Keep up the great work Giving Tree!!

  266. killroyboyhu

    I love this dispensary they are open early, they have great deals , and the best staff!

  267. Phoko

    Just nice… First I went to the Mesa place then I came here and oh wow, it’s a great spot nice staff and awesome collection of greatness. Instant favorite

  268. Woodchop420

    The Giving Tree Wellness Center always exceeds my expectations. Every time I go inside I always get a warm welcome from all employees. Not only that they have amazing strains of Medical Marijuana, I am always satisfied leaving The Giving Tree, and highly recommend to any MMJ patient.

  269. jesa

    Good nysd! Good bd! Nice shop, friendly staff! Go free pre roll!

  270. T.Savage08111992

    Very upset they say buy one get one tried buying two grams of the same strain and getting wax for free cause its the same price and they wanted to offer me a 14$ gram for buying a 30 gram of wax smh. Very upset with this place. Asked if i could get the 8th at first and she told me yes. Honestly worst expierence ive ever had. Not coming back here. 1 star from me. Had to take a long drive to get there too came from I17 and glendale. Never doing this again. Ive gotten this deal at other dispensaries cause im buying the SAME strain for my flower not mixing and matching. Very disappointed.

  271. ImLynn

    I love this location and it is my main place. I love the guest strains, especially Redhead 18, it works good for migraines.

  272. Naetoven

    This is my little secret spot. One of tympani top three best fave spots in the metro Phoenix area. The staff is great and they have exquisite flower… Yes they do!

  273. Dottiepop94

    My favorite spot in AZ. I am never disappointed. The atmosphere great as well as the bud.

  274. Yungmdw21

    I’ve never come to the comment section of the reviews-I’ve never needed to, up until now. I was surprised to see that someone had already left a review about the aEURoedealsaEUR not being honored. Advertising $27 1/8’s but in actuality you hit me up for 30 each. It didn’t dawn on me until I got in car but already to the corner-I had originally assumed it was tax-maybe it was the aEURoefreeaEUR chapstick. dY$?|dY1/2aEURatm,i,I called 3 minutes after I left and of course the bud tender was busy and would call me back-I took pics of my receipt and screen shot the deal but it’s safe to say I won’t be returning. Definitely checking more reviews in the future. #foolmeonce

  275. meliksnaz2

    Awesome prices awesome selection

  276. Cherry blossom

    I’ve been to the phx and Mesa location. Mesa is small and like a one-way hallway.
    Phx is larger, bigger waiting room, free water, security.
    Both locations have the prebagged flower, I’ve gotten Kind pills and such from them but just loving smoke right now. Besides being uber dry I don’t think it was very potent. I am going to stick to jarred or measured out in front fo you grass.

  277. bambiejake

    This dispensary rocks all the time. Always really good flower. And the deals are really good too. Thanks again

  278. Kazztiael

    This has to be the cleanest nicest most professional dispensary I have been to! The budtenders are friendly polite caring knowledgeable. The flower is high quality well worth it. Their prerolls are fire! My favorite strain has got to be the Frankenberry if you get a chance to pick some up don’t hesitate you won’t regret it!

  279. Gotoo78

    great place an staff even meds are great! !! (= well be back prices are dope

  280. Bhanan

    Just visited for the first time. The bud tender was nice, but I was not offered a chance to look at or smell the flower before purchase. Made the process feel less personal. The pre roll was rolled to tight and wouldn’t burn right. ended up taking it apart.

  281. Whit3boy

    Great people with very prompt n
    courteous assistance! The flowers are worth the trip for me : )

  282. YZ426

    A great new licensed dispensary, conveniently but discretely located with very safe and clean environment to browse a great and growing selection of meds. The Canadential is my favorite but i’m feeling pretty good about now after trying the Girl Scout Cookies!

  283. amandaamall

    Such a good environment! Can’t wait to see what they have next time!

  284. softstars83

    Very friendly staff and great flowers!

  285. havock81

    this is honestly the very best dispensary in the area. feel at home and welcome. very knowledgeable staff and u give them an amount u are spending and tgey hit it. also have excellent discounts and point system and give aways. no matter where imay live in Arizona I will drive to this dispensary to purchase

  286. Justinrss420

    Great place I was the first patient there an have been taken care of everytime I’ve been there. Everyone working there is great all the guys in the back as we’ll as the ladies up front, the staff is always willing to help an answer questions. Not once have I ever been let down with any of the meds.. I always get an honest opinion an never once am I let down. All around I believe this is the best dispensary is AZ. Great people great service great meds! I’ve brought in a lot of other patients an they have all had a great experience an said they just found their new favorite place

  287. comr84

    First time using my medical card this place was very helpful and the staff were very welcoming. I def will be back here for some AC/DC it was a must have and the high took me to a different level I have never been before. Rock on Giving Tree !!

  288. Samueljm

    Out of all the dispensaries I’ve been to, this one takes the cake. Awesome selection of medicine, and the staff is very knowledgeable. Surprised to see vets behind the counter to give support to other vet patients too. picked up some medicine from this place and the quality has me amazed. Such a comfortable environment. I will be coming here from now on! Go Navy!

  289. cman95

    great budz great budtender i love the enviornmemt would come back

  290. $mirk

    Awesome atmosphere and great team. Very knowledgeable on medicine!

  291. Candielashez

    Love this dispensary. Inviting, relaxing atmosphere, pleasant staff, refreshments and great buds. What more could a patient ask for?! White Dream and OG 18 are where it’s at. dY’OEdY1/4

  292. Adriantafoya

    It is awsome

  293. azpatient203

    Blowfish and ATF amazing meds. The question is, what happened to the bubble hash? Always sold out…

  294. flore155

    This was the first place that I visited. Let me tell you, everyone was professional and nice. Given that this was my first time and was not at all educated, the staff took their time with me to ensure that I received the correct medicine for my ailments. I would definitely recommend !

  295. dudeonthecouch

    Awesome place, very nice staff, and of course great meds! Will be back for sure!!

  296. kushcali4ya

    Just before this place is my favorite place to pick up bread they know how to take care of people here and there is other I’m from California and I like smoking that really good ish so for me you know the final dispensary that’s got that on point location that’s what I do that’s why I hit him up that’s that yet

  297. YungShameless

    I love this place!!! Futuristic!!! Always Dank…

  298. bfgman

    Dana was an awesome bud-tender! it was my first time and I got a free pre-roll!

  299. AutumnWhipple

    It was amazing. Everyone was super nice and chill.

  300. bextar

    This was the first dispensary I visited. It is a warm, inviting atmosphere. The staff is friendly and helpful. They have a good selection and are willing to answer your questions. Great place to visit if you want to try vaping but don’t want to break the bank. Consistent and awesome service!

  301. sosyk0120

    Taylor is the shit . So helpful !!!!! Def coming back !!!!!

  302. frails

    My first experience and I was blow away. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. One of the few places that has ACDC and its right near my house. A+++ all around.

  303. wasteddawn

    Came here for the first time today and I’m already a fan. Quality is great, especially for the price. The gentleman who helped me was awesome – very educated, knew what he was talking about, and was patient with me (I’m still kind of new to this whole thing). The atmosphere was that of a much more expensive place – and they have a little section of the shop set up like a head shop (I believe it’s affiliated High Maintenance smoke shops actually, which is cool). Overall, this is the best dispensary I’ve visited so far with the combination of awesome prices, quality, and service, and I will definitely be back.

  304. Gorgatron

    Nice helpful workers

  305. sportsmom8233

    Facility is beautiful, staff was very knowledgeable

  306. melsonqb

    I’ve been here many times but what always keeps me coming back is when cool strains comes through, one of my favorites being Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. This Holliser Kush I purchased is some of the most unique meds I have ever seen. They have “elevated levels on mycerne” which I believe is the tepene also found in mangoes, but when you get a smell of the aroma of these flowers, it smells like you’re sticking your face in a bag of fresh grapefruit, similar to the smell that comes off when your peel an orange. It’s so cool, and it’s very relaxing and mellow. Thanks!

  307. JAIQO24341

    This place was clean and very professional! I got exactly what I needed and the staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. Not to mention I got free pre-roll for being a new patient. Pretty sweet! Will definitely be back!

  308. Secto1

    I feel welcome and comfortable at this dispensary

  309. Sammich93

    the giving tree is the best place ive been to. cisco is super chill

  310. Loki6969

    Great selections
    Great patient care
    And very informative

  311. DTP

    Charged me double on my last visit and then got an attitude when I called them about it. I won’t be going there anymore even for the free preroll you get for writing reviews. They’re way too expensive and customer er service has really gone downhill.

  312. AZfrank

    This place rocks! Really good meds and the people there are friendly and knowledgable. I’ve been to most dispensaries and this one is one of the better in the area. They also have a cool discount plan.

  313. Techn9ne281

    Excellent dispensary friendly staff quality medicine for an affordable Donation highly recommended

  314. SlitherG

    The customer service there was great! I got great meds and had a good experience overall. The budtender let me know if I was ever dissatisfied with anything to come back and they’d take care of me. Maybe the other reviewer should try that. I also don’t think it’s cool to beat them up over THC percentage. THC percentage and med quality are totally different and they have great meds at all levels.

  315. mushroom1

    very nice , awsome meds. worth th

    drive. thax for all your help

  316. krise7

    I absolutely love this dispensary, the staff.. it’s like going into a spa. 🙂 Just fantastic.

  317. BungLuSu

    I just want to say thank you to the giving tree today. I didn’t catch the gentleman’s name but I really appreciate the information and service I received. Next time I go back I will thank him again but definitely good quality products and excellent service.

  318. southpark

    Alway clean staff knows the product always walk out happy. Thanks Giving tree!

  319. aviatorPR

    First time in a dispensary, the place was great and the “bud tender ” was nice and professional.

  320. suncat

    The atmosphere was very friendly and inviting while professional. Everyone was friendly and the sign in process was quick and easy. The whole establishment was very high quality, especially the medicine.

    The reception team did a fantastic job of welcoming me in and the bud tenders were extremely knowledgeable.

    Everything was cleanly laid out and there was a good selection. I decided to try some of the Frankenberry and I must say it was quite potent! Absolutely a wonderful place to get your medicine.

  321. gethigh420

    dY’dY1/2 great place

  322. chiefo

    I appreciate the Givingtree for their hospitality and grade A quality meds, thanks.

  323. JeannieDunn

    I love coming here! Second trip!

  324. HollywoodHayes

    Wonderful staff and clean place. Product was great and at a good price. Would recommend a friend. Jerry Hayes.

  325. shadowsstrife

    Tried to giving tree a couple of days ago after hearing about it at another dispensary on 420 had really high hopes for it but knowing easy I kept my skepticism good thing I did service was amazing that the people working there so friendly and really helpful my main issue is the pricing and the quality that you’re getting for that pricing had good shaped and sized nugs on the display but the green crack in the cheese candy that I got was all popcorn loose and heavy on the stems Angeles charged $18.00 for that single gram when they said they came from Encanto Green Cross that has $10 grams what’s up with the eight dollar bump?

  326. myerman

    wm is half the price then this I loved this place but its to much money for meds I get the same quality for half the price instead of pay 60 I pay 30 for the same weight and quality half the price

  327. Doja602

    very convenient place nice and have great product. definitely a must go to place!

  328. bl8ze11

    You guys have amazing death star

  329. jeanniebrew

    just joined the membership. love that this place will have other healthy wellness things soon.

  330. DoxieChick

    Absolutely love this place and staff! I’ve been coming here for years!!

  331. LitoShmokey

    This is my 2nd visit I LOVE IT. They always have new stuff which is AWESOME. They VERY helpful and know what they are talking about. VERY honest I myself am a SUPER HEAVY smoker and gave me the proper recommendations. Not just give me whatever just to make a sale. Thank You Again

  332. ikhan1987

    definitely going back here. great meds

  333. faith8163

    got the sugar cookie for my new bong was a most excellent choice love this dispensarie excellent staff!

  334. baltazarbuzani

    @1 meds koo

  335. Cloud90

    Top notch. Seriously worth the price tag. I vote for more sales and discounts though! But they have the best reward points system out there. Location is conveinent, and is a really nice dispensary

  336. Antone405

    Perfect experience. Nice staff, nice counter area. Plenty of useful information around.

  337. Snobsdale

    Ewwww! Their live fire oil is horrendous. Even with the bogo deal it’s bad! The svf , glue, and jack had a gasoline taste. They said it’s 80% thc . Bull!!! Pure garbage

  338. Zplendor

    Love it! The staff is awesome!

  339. james85562

    One of the best spots I’ve been to the staff is very helpful and the meds are great. Plus the price on the tv is the price you pay they pay the tax place is great

  340. mariotovar08

    Love this place! Everyone is awesome! 2 thumbs up!!

  341. kpasi0523

    I love going to this dispensary. Staff is very pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. Service is always with a smile!

  342. rfleming240sx

    First off I would like to say this is going to be my second review and hope this one isn’t deleted like the other. I started going the first week they open and was very impressed with everything from their facility to meds. I purchased an 1/8 of White Chocolate that was full of seeds. I called and told them what I found. They continued to sell the same harvest batch for $60 to other customers not making them aware of the seeds. Today I decided to give them another chance and as the owner was going over my notes she became very snotty with me. I felt very disrespected and embarrassed in front of a room full of other patients. At this point I decided to grab my wallet and take my business elsewhere and will not be returning to this dump of a dispensary these ladies are trying to run.

  343. kkelly

    Awesome staff,great variety & good deals & meds.thumbs up!!!!!

  344. radfinney

    Heading to the tree today for some pre holiday goodies. Great place for getting in and out not great for customer service. They do seem to have more concentrates now whereas before they always had a very limited selection

  345. soldiergirl78

    This place is awesome and always great customer service and meds

  346. mskrj59

    I can only say good things about this location. It’s great!!!!!!!!!!

  347. Rakofsky

    LOVE ‘Giving Tree’……..Awesome location…..Great, Helpful & Always Happy Staff!!!

  348. beachgrl420

    Great selection! Great prices! Quality products and very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly staff! Love this place!

  349. Angie7

    ~Angie: Its close to my location it helps because i have a hard time with my knee pains skating here, sometimes ill have a friend drive. Great location

  350. kaptinnkaos

    This place is awesome! !!! Staff is professional and personal creating a great atmosphere. Never have any complaints about the quality of any products.

  351. shocker21

    Just left with their new top shelf White Dream. Been here many times over last year, first review. TRY WHITE DREAM!!!!!

  352. movewithj

    Omg ! Did you see the deals they had last month the prices were super low but the quality was farrr from it. The flower they offer looks so good it hurts to smoke it lol but for real if you need some good medication this is where you wanna go .See you guys next pay day lol

  353. chonrokks

    I go to the mesa location the receptionist is cute and alway nice the staff is great answered all my questions

  354. jegillam

    Since my local, favorite dispensary closed in Cave Creek, I was looking for a new place to go. I think I found
    it!!! The Giving Tree seems like just the place I was looking for. The staff is very knowledgable, the prices are competitive and their products are fresh and nice. I have been looking for ATF and found it here.

  355. RVerno

    The best atmosphere and medication in Phoenix!

  356. kjinphx

    The Giving Tree is a top notch organization. Clean, friendly and knowledgeable. They also offer yoga and massage giving it’s patients a well rounded, holistic approach to medicine.

  357. Lucciman228

    Bomb meds great deals prices an staff love it here cant get any better deals. trust me there so cool i swear.

  358. MDAllen95

    love this place. the offers are great. flower is amazing. heading back for my second visit.

  359. SkyS

    This place is very nice and very clean! Good range of buds, good prices with tax built in. Nice and laid back, had no wait when I was in. You can take a cookie pack instead of a preroll for first timers too. Loved that theres a yoga studio here!!!

  360. jeff.jensen.12764

    I recently went in and after looking around and going to lots of dispensaries and care clubs (which suck btw), i found this little gem just south of deervalley airport. I live on Carefree hwy and this is now the closest place (so happy its only a 10 minute drive instead of a 30 minute one). The bud tenders are really knowledgeable and will actually discuss and give you their own personal opinion on anything you ask. I personally asked about vapes. I forgot the guys name (perhaps the bomb ass og kush is to blame??), but i wanted his take on vapes. We ended up talking for about 15 minutes on the subject, and believe me this guy knew his shizz. All in all I will be returning here for the foreseeable future. The meds are great. I love the multiple price points. Honestly though I would LOVE to see something thats in the $10 gram range just so you can get something when you’re broke like I am at the moment.

  361. jerrettjensen

    About to grab another bomb 1/8th from the giving tree! Always good quality, never lets me down.

  362. allstar23

    I absolutely loved the special on ounces of Kindred for the 420 celebration. I went here on 4/16 and they were already celebrating with their ounces of Kindred for over 50% off WOW. I drove 65 miles round trip. I love the house CBD cartridges, excellent taste and great when you need to totally relaxxx!

  363. CitizenCush

    Stopped in here for the 1st time today and first off I must say my absolute favorite thing about this place over the others I’ve been to, there’s no thick bullet proof glass separating you from the dispensary agents. Makes the place feel much more comfortable, inviting & trusting.

    After just a few minutes of FTP check in, I was invited in back to make my selection. Before I could even get past the new patient info area and merchandise area, the lady who checked me in followed behind to ask if I had my military ID with me. I put on the FTP papers that I was in fact a vet. She was just making sure. Perfectly alright with me because I had the proper ID.

    My tender was extremely polite and offered to show me anything I wanted under magnification glass and a bright light to check it over. Knew plenty about their strains and what they did.

    I can’t give quality 5 stars until I actually try the flower I picked up (Cannadential). Just by the looks of it, the large nug that didn’t fall apart when I squeezed the package and the fact that the smell is coming through the sealed package has me believing that this flower will offer a great lift.

    Would definitely recommend this place. Too bad it’s pretty far away from where I live or else I’d be a bi-weekly patient…

  364. MaryDelasantos

    Not only is it descreet , theres Wonderful Quiet attention, I’ve always felt welcome and safe. The flower is all great, good variety. And last but definitely Not Least , All the Budtenders are great!! I will always come here!! To keep my frown upside down!!

  365. Mary1955

    Everyone here are so helpful. They help me with learning about the products and which ones will help me

  366. floundr52358

    Service was great! I went in looking for an Indica and walked out with some tasty Frankenberry! Will be back!

  367. 430ilove

    Top 3 worst dispensaries in the valley. these guys do nothing right. product stinks and the prices are outrageous.

    Rip off!!!!

  368. bubblez1

    Friendly nice and great weekly deal got love them

  369. inkfamus1

    This place is really cool I ate dinner at the airport across the street it was great and the medicine is always great here,I love the girl they waited on me last time she was so cool thanks Giving Tree

  370. 2013infiniti

    Great place with great flower and friendly staff

  371. ZNG219222

    Absolutely loved it here! The staff was professional, courteous & attentive. Layout is fantastic and easy to navigate, I will definitely be returning!

  372. guccimaneXXX

    Professional atmosphere with many high quality strains and edibles. Pricing is fair, a great place for any MMJ patient.

  373. TlocAzer420

    The staff was great it’s nice being greeted by a beautiful woman, then straight to the back without a wait.Flower is Top shelf compaired to all the other dispensarys except for Tru Med because they have flower that’s as beautiful and grown right just like this location the givingtree.

  374. tiff9410

    The best ever nice knowledgeable and helpful. I’ll never stop going there.

  375. Lalo58

    best place in town!! The staff is alwaya friendly and welcoming. Good prices too. Overall great experience:)

  376. MattRDon

    great clean location super nice maranda was super sweet and helpfull. great bud quality

  377. ChefChristopher

    Mesa location is favorite go to. Was disappointed in this one. No hybrid concentrates and she forgot to apply the $40.00 I had earned, but she did let me know I could use it my next visit.

  378. cakelady76

    Looked forward to visiting here quite awhile. I’m so glad I did. Very clean great friendly and knowledgeable staff. They were spot on with their recommendations. They definitely earned a new loyal customer.

  379. Chessehead

    great staff and beautiful environment!

  380. birdy54

    This is the one dispensary that I have visited, that truly is focused on every aspect of a patients health and well being. They have multiple options for each patient to fine tune their own health issues and get to feeling better sooner than later. With all these options available, I would give ‘The Giving Tree’ two thumbs up!

  381. KWF420

    I came here to try the premium bubble hash. Let me tell you this is some of the best bubble hash in the whole state of Arizona. This is a very clean form of bubble hash its also called (Ice Wax) because you are able to dab it. I will definitely be coming back here to get some more. I hope this was helpful for you guys!!

  382. hazeywood

    No other patients. Nice setup. Flower was soooo dry it’s garbage! Pretty let down. Was excited for a place up north to visit but will not be back.

  383. fourtwenty69

    ZERO STARS. For a first time visit this was horrible! And we’ll definitely be my last! I will never come back. I went to get dry sift rosin only for my packages to say hash. I called from the parking lot before I left to make sure then I’m getting the right thing. The receptionist said she had bought it last night and told me that it really was dry sift rosin, but it was labeled wrong. When I got home and try to dab it it was definitely hash! Burning in my nail, no melt at all. When i called And she said she could give me the dry sift and 1/2 gram packages to equal my full grams. We all make mistakes, thats why i called from the parking lot to make sure it was right, no biggie to swap it out im still on the lot. But nope,i could not even get a double check on their part, a “yes its right, i had it last night myself” was all i got over the phone and i was sent on my way. Took me an hour to get there, and I was told when I drove an hour back I could get a pre-roll for my troubles!?!?

  384. 420Anonymous

    The Taking Tree is more like it.

  385. Leedsmith

    Short wait times are the best thing about the place, sad as it is to say. The flower was good but I wouldn’t pay the price again. Announcing new lower prices and still maintaining $40+ eighths is a sham. If you’re on a fixed income there are much better everyday prices in the neighborhood.

    The budtenders were nice but weren’t too keen to give adequate details on the individual characteristics. Asked about 7 different strains and got 3 vague descriptions, maybe they were hungry as I did go in before lunch.

  386. jjweedman1

    amazing! giving tree is awesome and people are super nice (:

  387. hcrup01

    Very quick service. Friendly staff and good medicine. Will be coming back!

  388. dbiemeck

    This dispensary is amazing.. Staff is always professional, friendly and informative. Always willing to take the extra time to answer any questions I have.. You guys rock!

  389. PhxSmoker

    I’ve been coming to this location for a very long time and let me start by saying Cisco is the man!
    But your prices are ridiculous, I’ve also read the other comments and replys and I did do the math. You are the most expensive dispensary in your area by far. Even if your prices include taxes and I have a vet discount. No one should be asked to pay 60 for an 8th especially if you’re growing the meds. If you need to charge that much for meds then your growing methods must have some serious flaws.
    And lastly, where are the CONCENTRATES?
    Besides in leaking syringes?
    I don’t know what the deal is there but it sure isn’t the spot it once was, hope they turn it around before it’s too late.
    Oh and don’t delete my post, I am entitled to my preroll

  390. brandocam

    Love this spot. It makes my day to get a laugh with these folks:) the buds are phenom as well!!

  391. knewm2

    Love the environment and weekly deals. Love the thanks for visiting text deals!!!!

  392. mommymonkey

    Great knowledgeable staff. Answers all questions in regards to what Strains helps what- pain,chemo symptoms,anxiety etc

    Have good selection of flowers & edibles. The only dispensary I’ll go to!

  393. jon.weatherholtz

    What a great experience!

  394. TropicShawn

    The most professional dispensary in Phoenix! Although slightly higher in price but quality is second to none. They have specials too. Great place overall!

  395. x-Ibon-x

    Thank you Francisco for explaining the strains. You were spot on. The Lavender was great!

  396. seedlesssean

    My favorite dispensary, hands down. There is always a good selection and everyone there is very friendly and knowledgeable.

  397. kpfeil7

    over priced weeds a water n seed. supposed to be freed your an ugly oppressive buisness.

  398. iamchucknorris

    Better quality than some of the dispensaries near by. Blowfish was pretty decent.

  399. PuffinRillo

    Great first visit. Had Chem Dawg pre roll! Phenomenal quality.

  400. shelleytroj9

    Great first time! I will definitely be back!!!

  401. skate1996

    I love the quality it’s always on point and the staff is super friendly

  402. happydekind

    Awesome place to go the only place I found in Arizona that has AC DC hi in CBDs which are crucial for my back pain after 6 surgeries too much morphine this is the only thing that helps love this place

  403. bmgrossman

    love this place!

  404. sleekdagod

    The Giving Tree Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving. Great Specials On Weed And The Weed Is Phenomenal.. One Of The Best Kept Secrets In Arizona

  405. J9BLACK

    I am a loyal customer. First, I see pretty much the same group of budtenders over months then years. It speaks to employee involvement and happiness. Second, the location is fantastic. I’ve been satisfied with meds from all in city dispensaries, including here.

    The rewards program is awesome and EFFORTLESS. I liked the extras like free massages.

  406. PBread

    Quality flower; personable staff! 10/10

  407. JoshuaBrody

    A fellow employee of mine hyped this place up a lot and when I finally went, it met with his hype. Good prices for the good quality. Staff is 100% honest with you and very nice and welcoming. I am going to be a full time shopper here I enjoy it.

  408. HollyD83

    very friendly and have good recommendations!

  409. lotusgemini222

    Awesome place! Wonderful atmosphere and professional staff! They even have yoga on Tuesday and Thursdays! Definitely recommend!

  410. Dinosour

    Easy access, quality flower, top end pricing. If you want quality this is the place.

  411. williamrocks

    This is one of my go to places for my meds, not only is the customer service awesome, but the flowers are top notch! I dont think theres a bad strain in there inventory, I have not once been disappointed. Even the prerolls have awesome flowers, sometimes with other places youll get sticks and the preroll isnt packed right, not here, these are packed tight with great herbs inside with no sticks and stems, for me this is a big deal, they do it right so I will continue to go there as long as I needs meds. This is by far one of the best dispensaries I have been to, clean, freindly and quick to serve, I highly recommend The Herbal Wellness Center in Phoenix, I havent been to the one in Mesa but I can imagine its the same. Keep up the good work!

  412. IBlazeLounge

    Amazing meds with must try strains!

  413. inhale67

    great place staff was very knowledgable & grade A meds

  414. Ltlmissbb

    Justin was awesome enjoyed the Ox! 0:)

  415. Bishop21

    This is my first Time here and I absolutely love the customer service ! Very friendly and will be returning soon!

  416. oomooboo7

    Service was great I will be going back soon.

  417. greggor04

    Great place to go and amazing 420 deal

  418. WhiteWidower0

    I like their flower but it’s still too expensive even after price drops. They used to charge $360 and no tax for top shelf, now they charge $306 with tax, which ends up being around $340. I’ll come back when the prices are in line with other dispensaries.

  419. kermitridesagan

    Great place great staff this place is my first choice!

  420. yankeered2k6

    Bud is grown in house. You can smell it when you walk in. Great place to come and drop 45 on an 1/8, the price is there, and the quality is definitely here. Don’t buy any less than an 1/8, the grams come dry.

  421. Greggs94

    $93 a gram for terps on the rocks?! Go kick rocks! You can literally get sauce for no more than $55 a gram at places that sell sauce ! AT MOST $55 a gram! Ridiculous price and I hope you guys have never weaseled anyone into buying that! That’s just not cool! Bet it doesn’t really sell, I promise it’s not selling!

  422. userunknown

    the people are really friendly, but the shatter is kind of harsh. only coming back for the second visit special

  423. richard.l.newton

    I cant believe all the positive reviews this place is getting. What a joke.

    Dry Meds every time

    Seeds in meds that costs 60 an eighth — really? Stay away from the chocolate widow unless u want seeds

    Prices – highest ive seen yet of any dispensary in town

    No display for CBD and THC count.. Why? I prefer to see the hard #’s, especially for the CBD count since i prefer high cbd strains.

    The only really positive thing this place has going for it is tht it has a spa atmosphere. But thats not impprtant to me. If I want to go to a spa, I go to a Spa, if i want to buy meds, I go to a disp. It pains me to see so many positive reviews. I would have thought this place would be out of business already from all the negatives i just mentioned.

  424. JNHofffman57

    I can’t say enough about this place! I came for the White Dream, but left with so many different strains because ALL of the strains I asked to see were gorgeous! The nugs I saw were all literally picture perfect. All but 1 that I saw were grown there as well! (Was told they grew everything except 4 of the strains on hand) The building, employees, & environment are amazing as well. By far the best customer service I’ve ever had at any of the dispensaries I’ve been to in the Phoenix/Metro area. Oh yea did I mention that the nugs were big too! Not the little thumbnail sized ones that you see at so many places. Overall I’m thoroughly impressed and will be using this location as my new “home” dispensary.

    *EVERYONE* – don’t waste your time at other places! This place is the best. Go with the best.

  425. brutusbuckeye

    love this place..just can’t make it to that side of town as often as I like..I’ve always been impressed by their awesome tenders and customer service..

  426. PersianKing

    Great customer service and product A++

  427. callmechewy32

    awesome staff really funny and helpfull really great place

  428. Nola44

    Excellent service, very knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry!
    Very satisfied!

  429. JayZ

    Awesome new dispensary. I tried the tangerine dream and loved it. They give out a free sample of top shelf instead of the shwag that other places pawn off.

  430. Pr0estes


    Been twice, both times the OG, and BD was BEYOND DRY. Felt like I was smoking Reggie i lost and found in my car from ’03.

  431. Thightower34

    Great quality meds and compelling deals plus a good location makes TGT a winner!

  432. tdogg2284

    love this they have the best bluedream nice big buds never shake prerolls are very good tasting and fresh never a long wait cant wait til my next visit

  433. izaya42

    Close to home

  434. shannonigans14

    Great bud and wonderful service! Joe was an awesome budtender, very patient. Added plus is the high maintenance smoke shop that will be inside, that’s a top notch place. Would highly recommend for great bud and great prices.

  435. crtical

    This dispensary has bomb herb with a lovely atmosphere plus different essentials and on top that the staff is very friendly.

  436. BlueYamahaR6

    First time in here and i will definitely be back. They had a wide variety of strains and edibles….I was greeted by a gentleman in a suit who showed my to the back where i was again greeted by the staff. They were knowledgeable and friendly and assured me that i could take as much time as needed to decide as well as offered some very good information about certain strains.Thanks guys KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  437. Wrenfroe

    The giving tree wellness ctr.
    Is totally awesome!
    Great meds, great location and
    Some of the nest customer service
    Around. Thanks keep up the good work. See you soon !

  438. TastyBuds33

    This was my first time here. This place is very nice inside. Staff was friendly and helpful. The flower is top quality! You got to try the Timewreck!! I would recommend coming here.

  439. jimmyjack08

    Great service awesome bud

  440. suremeds

    Just a nice place the meds the people top-notch highly recommend!!!

  441. daman1030

    The only thing I don’t like about the giving tree is that they use shake for their pre-rolls and they do not smoke very well at all, would be nice if they did not pack them so tonight better yet not use shake, you shake for other purpose pre-rolls or not The money.

  442. alexxk88

    awesome such a posh location

  443. aplus420

    This was my first dispensary experience in Arizona and I was pleased. Beautiful facility, gorgeous staff and great selection of meds. They gave me a great deal on my first purchase and a 20% coupon for my 2nd visit. They carry some of the best extractions I’ve ever had. Check this place out!

  444. AZJH16

    There’s lots to like here, especially the staff and product. White Dream is amazing stuff & worked wonders on my depression & social anxiety. AMAZING STRAIN. Would love to come back soon but have a hard time paying $60 an 1/8th for any flower. And while a free pre-roll is a nice extra, it doesn’t quite make up for the price of the product. I’m gonna keep my eye out for deals in the future! Can only imagine how good your concentrates are!

  445. rdaz978

    Nice place. First visit. Will be back for sure. No complaints here. Good meds. Good fast service.

  446. QueenV21

    My first visit to Giving Tree and wow this is my new favorite dispensary. Extremely professional atmosphere and friendly helpful staff. When I walked in I was pleasantly surprised by the professional decor and setup. There’s a nice little waiting area behind the locked card holders only door. Very relaxed atmosphere yet still professional. Chatted with other patients while waiting for my turn. Everyone here matched the mood of the office friendly and welcoming staff and other patients! As a female I have felt a little uncomfortable at some dispensaries like I was secretly meeting in someone’s basement or an abandoned business. Not here!!! I immediately felt welcome at Giving Tree. Best environment and atmosphere! I felt that this was an inviting safe office for myself and other professional women (and men of course).

    The medication: Top notch! I picked up an eight of each White Widow, Cannadential and Death Star. Super fresh pillowy sticky buds. All 3 strains were shown on the outer packaging as harvested just 6 days ago. I was very impressed you can actually see fresh crystals gleaming through the packaging. White Widow lived up to the hype!! And the Canna !?!?! Make sure you pick some up definately a hard hitter.

    I’ve visited about 5 dispensary locations so far and the quality of meds at Giving Tree is the best I’ve seen yet. I honestly can’t think of anything that was lacking. A+ all around. I will definately back!

    One more thing I was able to use my debit/credit card with NO FEE! A definate plus for those of us who don’t carry cash.

  447. jwhite2015

    Friendly staff and very knowledgable! Would definitely recommend for anyone in the north Phoenix area!

  448. nophoguy

    Thank you Giving Tree for hosting such a wonderful anniversary day. I am still absolutely satisfied with all aspects of the brand. Thank you for providing such great deals and discounts as it enabled me to try the white and tangerine dream, both of which are delicious and potent, the Afghan sour huxton cartridges are delightful. I also took advantage of the great price of the hash, which is quite the treat as it is not on many dispensary menus. Alex and Sarah really handled the extraordinary amount of humans lingering in the lobby with a friendly, professional manner. Thanks for the nice shirt too. You guys rock! Shout out to Veronica!!!

  449. SweetSuedeCJ

    amazing med I recommend you swing by!

  450. skyleredward420

    As a 2 year patient now I am always treated great here and they are always adding to their menu. thanks guys.

  451. azmatt

    I like this place, my favorite in North Central Phoenix. Their Kandy Kush, Platinum Wreck, Death Star are incredible! Among others….

  452. dannyrom

    The giving tree is all around a top shelf dispensary. Amazing quality, atmosphere, and bud tenders. I only wish they weren’t quite so expensive.

  453. skewby

    Very friendly, good selection 🙂

  454. Bigdeals

    New lower pricing great strains available amazing quality flowers well worth the trip come see for yourself

  455. LMCmissy

    I just finished off another refill of the Co2 oil and I must say WOW! Again and again I’m constantly impressed by not only the top quality meds that Giving Tree provides but some of the BEST staff and atmosphere around! Always a 5 star Experience and a must try for all 😉

  456. DYM

    This place is great, the people working here are super helpful. Coming for the OG 18. Yum.

  457. Realist60

    Best prices -product quality -people -very nice place not all run down like a lot on them, I have been let down by most places on prices and quality and liars .This IS my permanent dispensary ,even when I go to my summer house up north I get my stuff here first ,I have gone into dispensaries in flagstaff and shown them my MMJ from here and they ask to buy it — nope all mine

  458. mnader215

    Read my other reviews, but today I swung by and picked up some of this Blue Magic miracle of theirs. Great for stress while still enjoying your days activities. Coincidentally, the staff of the G-Tree are also great for stress while brightening up your day. Giving Tree, I thank you!

  459. dabs187

    Great service and Flower !

  460. wheetin

    Knowledgeable, Professional, Thourough

  461. Chloee_Scalia

    Went for my first time today and it was great! The staff were super friendly and knowledgable about everything! The product has a great smell, tons of crystals, and has great effects. Very good stuff, high quality dispensary.

  462. crios

    I love this place .you guys rock

  463. fyeryBATMAN

    Great place. Everyone was really friendly. Great atmosphere, good deals, and good peeps.

  464. Gardenguy420

    60$ for an eighth? Are you kidding me??????? Every time I’ve been here I’m the only one there…….can’t imagine why……

  465. jchester33

    Love coming here. Quality plus the review pre roll dY

  466. 210

    The royal hash blend is lovely.

  467. 420Demon

    we love the giving tree kindred is awesome and you are treeted like you should be here i will alway come here thanks to you all and keep up the greatness

  468. wclements1

    It’s tucked into a warehouse complex, upon entering you smell mold. Today I wanted to BOGO on 50 mg THC capsules. I could only buy one today get one free . I said that’s not my understanding of what BOGO really is. The shop is small, with an even smaller selection of product. I wouldn’t recommend this dispensary to my friends.

  469. BobbieJ1026

    One my way to my favorite places. The staff is so nace here. Taking time to answer any questions I may have. 🙂


    sooooo coool

    Blue Dream rocks
    Hash is the bomb

  471. Ccrider33

    great clean place with very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Product is also some of the best.

  472. markellie

    Bright, clean environment. Knowledgeable staff.

  473. lnmartin1388

    very friendly and nice atmosphere. will return

  474. KTD

    Nice atmosphere, meds are great so is the service! Prices are good as well.

  475. angelorp481

    make sure you take advantage of the freeroll reviews

  476. joshmbw

    The giving tree is great! best place in the north valley hands down. try the vintage Pakistani!

  477. ShipPhx99

    I enjoyed the feel of this place and the candy dish out front. The flower was good but a few of their in house vape cartridges still had that burned popcorn flavor. My budtender was very friendly and helpful.

  478. Packerfan9943

    This place is wonderful and everyone is so friendly. I make it a point to only shop here and so should you.

  479. cjsherman

    Very nice. Made me feel very comfortable. Rare selection!

  480. rejeana79

    excellent customer service and great meds! love the coupon for your second visit!!
    some of the best quality flower around.

  481. stevebonnell

    I have had an overall good experience but I have had to wait excessively at times while sales staff took a long time with hesitant customers. Maybe a speed line for those that KNOW what they want would be helpful.

  482. ps4438

    love this place! top quality meds and fast friendly staff..these guys are killin it with their flower

  483. kizzire829

    i have been going to giving tree for over 2 years first dispensary i ever went to and will always my favorite in arizona the staff are so friendly and truly care for patients there meds are always great i recommend going here for all your meds.

  484. orgncwhtmlk

    As I walked into the building I was greeted by 3 different people. Very friendly faces and well spoken too. They got me started with the new patient papers and after that I was shown back into the bud tending room. All that took 5 minutes. Very fast work, no waiting that day.

    Once in the bud room I was greeted again by a gentleman. He showed me how the entire business ran, the pricing etc etc. and then we got to the good part!

    THE FLOWERS! I actually looked at and smelled every strain they had and I have to say I was not disappointed at all. They all had their own appeal. They all had their own smell. The strains I picked out all had excellent medicating results. (The free preroll was good too) 🙂

    The atmosphere is perfect. The building is big and open inside. Even the temp was comfortable. lol Not cold and not too warm.

    Everything was real good about you guys.

  485. donnanacy

    Very comfortable atmosphere . Great selection of mess and awesome staff

  486. OuijaPants

    I have only been here a few times. Each time was a joy. This dispensary is set up in a very professional manner and makes you feel safe and welcome once inside.

    The quality and selection of the medicine was very good, and their shatter was excellent quality. The overall feel of this location is comfortable.

    Staff is friendly and professional.

    I will be back when I am in the area!

  487. jewels62

    Dissapointed that retired and 62 i do qualify for their senior discount as other dispensaries accep AARP and give the discount. Add says goin to accumulate a rewad…but doesnt say you need to purchase into this program. Like most places you have to stand to have discussion and make purchase…..hard for some of us.

  488. SirMichaelC

    The medicine is awesome with great pricing. Staff is always friendly and quick on service. wait times are normally really short. give them a try you wont be disappointed.

  489. mirandaofoz

    Miss this place! Best staff ever. Shay and Bessie kill it.

  490. tatbiatch31

    This place is awesome!!!!! they catered to my needs and helped me find exactly what i was looking for!! awesome staff great atmosphere

  491. Jacobdoozy

    Francisico is the man! He always helps me out and sends me the right direction with the flowers! 5star service! And Phil is the bomb too!

  492. tony602phx

    it was good. great service

  493. paytonspradlin1

    Blockhead is still my favorite strain I can’t wait for you guys to have it again

  494. Simplexium

    Leafly my friends, if you have not tried this place, you have got to get in here! Is you way gone? You will be after the G-Tree is done with ya.

  495. Skipadidas

    great people, and super nice place!

  496. polodown

    So far so good at the Giving Tree. My only complaint is the high pricing, which seems pretty average for dispensaries. The customer service is great, everyone is friendly and the medicine is all great top shelf. Francesco has been the only bud tender Ive dealt with so far and I thought he did a great job. I’ll be back.

  497. angeline21

    I love this place so much! The people there are so amazing and sweet they always make sure you leave happy!!dY~

  498. nomnomcameron

    staff is very friendly and selection is great

  499. mangokush9292

    great prices great product and perfect area love this place

  500. Odin4President

    Great flower, great customer service and a large variety of medication.

  501. JRoCC29

    they have got to be kidding with these prices. $60 for an eighth?! I’m sorry but nobodys weed is that good. Ill go up the street to Desert Rose and get the same quality for half that price

  502. Jerscott6

    I love their great selections and awesome customer service!

  503. blokh3d

    My first time visiting any dispensary and the experience was awesome. I just got my card and was nervous going but the staff is wonderful… friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They have a new customer for life. Thanks guys for making it a comfortable and fun experience.

  504. Whiteurkle

    Great place great meds love tilt he full melt!!

  505. marijuanaboi96

    really nice clean place, good meds really friendly people and I received a complementary massage coupon for the next time I go in. very great place too come by for meds.

  506. london1111

    Very rude management lady just as another reviewer stated. As a disabled vet I would not go back to this place.

  507. MajjPajj

    The service is top notch. Definetly a place for others to check out.

  508. az602weedphx

    great location amazing deals

  509. shenthorn153

    Was my first time here a few days ago. The service was fast, friendly, and prompt. The staff had a great knowledge about a lot of the stuff and was able to help me get exactly what I needed.

  510. CannibasQueen59

    I can not begin to say enough wonderful things about this dispensary, just a great place to find some much needed – very high quality smoke-able relief.. Outgoing, friendly and knowledgeable staff / “budtenders”, very fair market value/pricing across the board, excellent selection of flower, a “no pressure to know everything” atmosphere that allows one to peruse the menu and ask questions with out being made to feel like you are clueless when it comes to “weed” – that in itself, and all of the above, makes The Giving Tree a keeper for me.

  511. jessicaboltze

    Everyone was awesome and helped me figure out what would work for my conditions.

  512. StacyM2017

    Bud tender was informative and super friendly! He was right it was the best blue dream I have had in years!! My new favorite place!

  513. marygreeneyes420

    friendly staff

  514. Tsdav

    Amazing dispensary, staff are very knowledgable and friendly, their products are well above others out there. This is the place to visit

  515. Mikestoller

    High quality medicine and amazing service! Everyone’s so nice and very helpful. I try to bring everyone here!

  516. kage6611

    always friendly staff and quality meds, great job guys!

  517. Nascarman1

    I have been in the past,But your suggested donations are going up.And don’t tell me your in line with other shops.THAT’S BULLSHIT go on line and see for your self. I live three miles away and would drive twenty miles out of my way,just so u wont take my cash.Just set good donation rates.

  518. Duneboy

    First time in this dispensary, it is very clean and the employees are great. Picked up some great bud for a low price. I will be back for sure!

  519. ajmj713

    it was amazing for the first visit. nice friendly atmosphere, the pre rolls I got were high quality. especially that white dream, i would recommend that strain and this is only my first visit of many!!

  520. Fcukcancer

    first off let me say that their flower is fantastic and the customer service is excellent I took home and eight of granola funk and Death Star and white widow all fairly Indica heavy strange and very strong they do not disappoint and a gram of kief for $10 that day only and I asked if they sold raw cones and they gave me free cones it was fantastic customer service first-time patient specials are great buy one get one free and the second time is buy one get one 1/2 off up to 1/8 we’ll be coming back a little pricey but very worth it

  521. guitarman79

    Nice place!…..very professional. Will definitely return

  522. kitschbitsch

    Super nice facility. Great area and the employees are all very personable and professional.

    Every strain I have tried here has been really good. Even the mid-range stuff.

  523. Vanrokz

    I am always greeted with a smile and the meds are always amazing, I have only been displeased with their meds one time. I tried their edibles recently and enjoyed them as well, I am full of questions and the staff is always willing to answer every question I can think of.

  524. idk12345

    This is the closest dispensary to me, and I rather waste my gas in this economy and drive farther out than go to the Giving Tree. I recently bought a brownie (gluten free) and it had no effect what so ever. Did not have trouble here until now, I would not recommend any of their edibles!

  525. Livingthedream919

    Great place to get Meds. Wonderful selection of Meds and great people working, I would recommend the giving tree to everyone.

  526. reddawg12

    excellent dispensary I love this place I always feel love the best flower In Phoenix. the blowfish is AMAZING. I highly recommend and their staff is so freaking positive and beleive me thaPOSITIVITY IS MEDICIBE AS WELL
    bless you for bringing in the healing

  527. BiggCheif

    Cool place cool staff

  528. tbennett42

    Great prices and quality product. They were very helpful and friendly. I will be back often.

  529. carmie16

    Very nice I went other places but they all have the same prices just charge a different way with or without tax. So I go to the closest to my house. Less lines more to choose from.

  530. mferraresi

    outstanding spot, highly consistent and great staffers

  531. bcunger

    Loved this place!! Carly recommended a topical cream and picked out some gummies for me. She was super helpful and so nice! Layout of the dispensary was great and I really felt welcomed. There is another dispensary thats much closer, but The Givingtree Wellness Center is definitely my go-to place for now on! Thank you!

  532. salexander92

    Fast, easy, friendly! Great quality meds for every price level. Also, price includes tax which is nice.

  533. dannyboyrumble23

    Love this place. Come back every week for that awesome product

  534. dkthboltze

    fast easy service

  535. kelbel

    Super fast beautiful location ! Was very educational and the referral on my strains were great I suffer from fibro/lupus the strain body was so nice to get a relief for the day and night !!! Will be back in !

  536. HerbHeals

    helpful bud tenders and great products

  537. thrashramy

    My favorite dispensary to go to in Phoenix. They have a good rewards program, nice flowers and great edibles that are usually in stock. Customer service is fast and efficient. Professional and nice inside.

  538. SweetieC

    This is one of my all time favorite places. The Kimbo Kush was just what I was looking for! I’ll always take the 45 min trip for the best customer service!

  539. Thjdjd1

    They are amazing, love the dancing!!!

  540. Call4lynda

    quality bud and budtenders

  541. ilovemypitbull88

    First time here. Their pricing is a bit high. Although their product is good. I got 2 pre rolls, if they lower their prices I would come a lot more often. The service I got was Great, very nice staff.

  542. dwebb1625

    I think it is amazing there
    super informative when I had questions about my magic flight launch box
    love the deathstar and sourlope!!

  543. jolson1019

    Been coming to giving tree for about a year now and it still is my favorite!! Come check this place out 10/17/16

  544. MasterKushOG

    Very upscale location and operation. Felt very friendly and inviting,awesome staff they were very helpful.

  545. willmark23

    so many things wrong. first off, donation mins. are way too high!!! i got their gdp and was so upset. not only was none of the 1/8 purple, but i smoked the whole thing in one sitting. made me feel like a typical pothead. the pre roll was nice but same quality:/(kryptonite) i wont go here again…

  546. kebrown62

    I’ve been a customer for close to five years now and this is my first review.I purchased your bogo of your kindred products at the anniversary celebration.I had placed an order for pick up.I still waited close to two hours and you not only messed up my order but the product(tangerine dream)was supposed to be a half ounce of death star and a half ounce of white dream.The product in both jars is extremely dry!!Yes,I should have checked before leaving but I trusted you guys

  547. drenningazmmj

    This place is really awesome. Really great atmosphere…One thing though…PLEASE GET SOME OG STRAINS.

  548. nostrainsattached

    Great place to go feels like a lodger spa. Good people and flower too dYZ1/4

  549. purplestrainprincess

    Love this place. Awesome deals and amesome weed

  550. NefariousDude

    Staff is friendly, facility looks clean and professional. These guys have awesome deals and dank bud.

  551. grimreaper

    I sent these folks an e-mail trying to find out who else besides state they were sharing this info,your records if you signed those papers i have received no answer.or the same answer I got when I was standing in house,youve answered my question!hope you folks feel lucky with your private info.

  552. kingswiftskush

    It’s nice dope place

  553. azjoeyg79

    I cannot express enough how amazing everyone is at Giving Tree! They understand great service and have the best quality medicines.

  554. amijean01

    Very helpful staff that made my first visit very comfortable and was there to answer any of my questions.

  555. Crzyazmama2

    Love coming here, everything is uhmazing!!! dY’sdY’sdY’s

  556. LincolnsHammer

    extremely kind staff, a very nice casual environment, missing that feel of a doctor’s office which I appreciate. I will absolutely come back great meds

  557. Kushmin_

    Everyone was really cool, and my rep was very knowledgeable about the strands and also recommended some great flower. Will definitely be back ro shop.

  558. sgroomes

    they are very professional, love the set up awesome staff, along with fabulous flower . definitely worth the drive .

  559. dabros420

    Professional staff bud tenders were very helpful

  560. Eybash

    I have been here probably over ten times now. This place has the best flowers all over town. Top quality. MUST try them! Make sure to buy into the rewards program! It’s only 5$ and majorly worth it.

  561. FAMS420

    Great place nearby. blockhead had me just right.

  562. herbanturban

    This facility was clean & professional. The medication was superb. I will def be coming back!

  563. kushleanxanax

    the location has friendly staff in the front desk. bought their “low tier” which is still 14$ a gram. and when I opened the bag it was old and dry the worst weed I’ve ever bought for 14$. it is so bad I will try to get my money back!!! so disappointed worst weed in the valley, it literally crumbled in my fingers like if it was left out in the sun for days. the worst crustiest weed I’ve seen in any dispensery. obviously disappointed by the lentgh of this review.

  564. DeadHeadNJR

    Great service and meds will be back very soon. knowledgeable and informative bud tender, thc and cbd testing.

    Convenient location

  565. octanejohnson

    awesome staff

  566. Nphxmmuser

    Thanks so much for everyones help. Turned my Saturday into a wonderful relaxing afternoon. See you soon.


  567. TT1983

    My Phoenix favorite. Very clean facility. Located well. Flower was fire. Staff was knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Always impressed and definitely a staple on my list when in PHX. Bravo Giving Tree!

  568. zunhell

    Great friendly environment with awesome deals and good buds

  569. Fmflores1

    I always get a great deal here

  570. rio71vino

    By far the most impressive dispensary I have been to. Very clean, impressive place. Staff is very kind and knowledgeable, and very informative. Great deals and specials. Can’t wait to go back. JT

  571. LALUVSJ247

    My friend has been telling me to go to this place for months… the reviews are great, I have talked with them at the MITA meetings, and their community service is awesome! I came in today looking for a very specific strain which was listed on their menu only to be told I’m so sorry we are sold out. In addition the samples in the glass jars had no smell or Vibrance to them at all. The guy behind the counter tried to sell me something different…. My disappointment cannot be overstated

  572. Cmull

    My very good friend referred me to this dispensary and Im so glad he did. The staff , product and atmosphere is second to none. I love this place. My friend is brilliant.

  573. chris1thorson

    excellent service and quality

  574. heyjudyq

    Great customer service. Love the weekly deals

  575. Gabrieolivas69

    Very patient strain love it ldY~

  576. gillespiejames21

    way to over priced

  577. NancyH

    My first visit to a dispensary and the staff at Giving Tree was so nice, helpful, and professional. Made me feel right at home. And better yet, the first night I had the first pain-free sleep I’ve had in 10 years!!! YAY!

  578. WanderAround

    The Giving Tree is my preferred dispensary. Simply put, their selection and staff are top notch. I also am a big fan of their CO2 cartridges.

  579. audrianna1244

    Great service awesome quality great staff (:

  580. JesseCT

    Nice place! Nice staff, good bud def coming back

  581. BinDabbinSince99

    It’s truly sad to see uneducated people at the helm of this establishment. Non-organic medicine, weird people, and a rude owner. Stay in the AZ market. You guys wouldn’t last with the big dogs

  582. BakedArtist

    Sad that some of my favorite employees here are no longer working at this location, but still a great convenient spot to get the strains that I need. Never have to wait long for service and the staff is very friendly!

  583. blaster

    Whenever I’m on this side of town. I always stop in The staff is always cool! and the flower is always great!

  584. futbol1021

    good flower and great happy hour

  585. xiprinlllf

    please hire a manager. a 3 hour wait this is your bad management bad training bad way of serving patients that reflects how much you value and support patients

  586. thethirday

    Pleased on second visit back to this location.

  587. joeblaze

    Meds were extremely wet and LOW QUALITY. WOULD NOT RETURN OR RECOMMEND

  588. naajra

    Really great meds and prices are great.

  589. Moonshiner

    This is a badass place.
    Wonderful staff

  590. CX31978

    New favorite. Great New patient deals! Quality flower.

  591. taylormaryjane

    absolutly most friendly staff that you’ll meet & make sure you get exactly what you need for a great price

  592. Gabbixiv

    Beautiful atmosphere.. The staff was friendly & informative. Tried a couple of their flowers, the white dream is in my top five favorites.

  593. lordbugsbunny

    Ever since my first visit I have loved this place, once they had their own strains, the quality went through the roof, and they no longer are relying on outside growers so they always have high quality stuff now. The staff rocks and are very polite. No buttheads here. 🙂 Is the only place I really go to anymore. Keep on keeping on Ladies and gentlemen of the Giving Tree, you have a my loyalty.

  594. redvelvet13420

    Alex was awesome! I can’t wait to try the capsules. I love that they have so many edibles to choose from! Definitely will be back!

  595. pimpdaddy9000

    I went there my first time and I got a free pre roll for being a new patient 😀 they’re really nice and cool but keep it professional definitely the best dispensary I’ve seen being run, the staff can always answer your questions and help you choose something out 🙂

  596. Crazy02

    everything is awsome

  597. madmax258

    Very nervous about going to a dispensery for the first time since getting my card and drove past the building several times before I finally went in and once I did I felt at home and all that nervousness was for not, for as soon as the lady at the desk greeted me to the lady (forgive me bad with names) budtender that gave me so.much info and love that I felt like family.. Very nice and I refer everyone go here. Thank you all for a awesome first experience.

  598. sads1llc

    Great service nice staff

  599. shansmiller

    Love it

  600. rons1769

    This has been my favorite dispensary so far. The staff is knowledgable and the products are great.

  601. setamluos1924

    The Center is conveniently located close to home, the staff is INCREDIBLY knowledgeable about what strains are best for my needs. They are super friendly, and the atmosphere is comfortable and inviting.

  602. Lovinglife67

    Today was my first visit to the Giving Tree and it was highly disappointing. I called ahead to ask if there were any restrictions on the first time patient flower strain. The receptionist said no, any type you would like is included. I walked in as the front desk gal was busy eating her Whopper from Burger King. She gave me the new patient paperwork and I quickly filled it out. Patients were coming in the door and instead of processing my paperwork she started talking to them about referrals to doctors, checking them in ect, she also answered the phone during this time. I walked over and nicely asked if she would be so kind as to finish processing my paperwork since I was there before four other people had walked in. She agreed to do so. When I was asked to go to the back room and a man waited on me. He seemed annoyed at the questions I was asking about strains. I had pre-picked out two strains for my first time patient discount but was told that if Giving Tree does not grow it the strain in not included. I explained that this was disappointing due to the fact that I was told something different before I came in and had already picked out the strains I wanted. His demeanor was emotionless and looked like he could care less about what I had said, it was a “robotic exchange”. He gave off the I hate my job vibe, wow man, your a bud tender, it seems like it would be a pretty cool job, whats not to love? He did not offer me any educational material or put any in my bag. I purchased two eights of flower but my original intent was to get two quarters. The quality of the flower was in my opinion about a 6 out of 10. The experience with the staff was about as low as you can get. With the prices of the flower here and the way I was treated I will not be back. The only thing that I feel they may have a step up over some dispensary’s is that their furnishings are more high end than other places in the area. I really don’t care about the couches, I care about my customer experience. There are many wonderful dispensary’s around the area that are welcoming, make you feel like family, take patients in the order you come in and are not afraid to engage in pleasant chit chat. Unfortunately this one did not check any of those boxes for me.

  603. Paulwilliams

    Excellent atmosphere very knowledgeable staff. The strain ACDC is awesome for pain. Will be back for more meds thanks guy’s.

  604. jake13812

    Great customer service personality of the center really showed threw.
    Great strain control great quality of strain and great knowledge base by caregivers provided.
    Was slightly disappointed that there C grade oil was unavailable at this time I’m very much looking forward to that when it becomes available

  605. penelopeq

    Exceptional service every visit!

  606. AAronova; Knowledgeable employees, good prices and good daily deals

  607. Nick85

    Excellent patient service. Extremely comfortable lobby and medicine room. I highly recommend. And that’s even before getting to the amazing flower they have on selection.

  608. miket7phx

    Love this place, great meds,great service, will definitely be back.

  609. arico39

    Good facility, good medicine, good prices.

  610. LeroyBrown420

    If I only had a plane. Tucked in the Deer Valley Air Park I found; Giving Tree Wellness Center. It’s like walking into a medical office. A luxurious yet professional feel, super clean and a wonderful staff. Beautiful, well cured flowers, I only wish they had a larger selection of flower and concentrates. Some of the Best buds in Arizona.

  611. mamabear818

    Friendly people and great service.

  612. Greenasian

    Love this place, very nice service and staff. Made me feel comfortable while I had my boat park out front. I just wish they were open on Sundays. The Blue Dream is some of the best I have ever had.

  613. Uakari

    Good stuff but suggested donations are WAY too high, 65 an 1/8 what what what?

    Yup over 500 donations an oz, no weed is worth that in my book.

    They still have the three tiers and donations levels. When I bought the thrid tier it was no where near med quality and was with seeds.

  614. luvsbuds

    helpful staff. I will be returning again.

  615. herbculture420

    I tried the mix blend of bubble hash today and it was exceptional. I thoroughly enjoyed it and still am. probably will always get that. the flowers seem a bit high end, I havent tried it but im sure its worth it. but for now the bubble hash is great and priced well. thanks and great first time visit.

  616. bests

    the front desk was very nice and helpful and Francisco was very informative and I enjoyed my visit.

  617. waltonchavez9710

    Really enjoyed the dispensary has a lot of variety to choose from, and the employees were very welcoming and made me feel comfortable and helped me select my products

  618. smoke32plus

    I love this place. The gentleman that helped me was very knowledgeable and patient with me as it was my first time. Very caring staff and professional. Clean and inviting reception area along with the store itself. Can’t wait to come back and see what else they can recommend for my medical issues.


    keep up the good work

  620. chito1333

    This is a okay place meds are dry dry dry dry and dry.and of course dry and price for dry meds are high, we are screwed if this is going to be arizonas dispencery Why!!! So i guess is time to legalize it or we could just get use to getting jack for are money on dry meds

  621. theazroofer

    Not my first time but my first review on them,. great quality and friendly staff. Will Stop by again in the future

  622. mitchbro

    Little pricy but quality cant be complained about

  623. Dreknok

    Great people. Allowed me to see yhe entire selection. Knowledgeable about their flower. Will be coming back.

  624. Rimzey

    Giving tree is the place. Some of the best meds in phoenix. Excellent staff that treats you just like family. The tier 4 is even fire! No Reggie here ^_^

  625. RKU

    Meds are quality, prices are good, staff is excellent! Check the specials!

  626. abusta20

    Good selection of flowers and edibles

  627. prettymamaof5

    great meds

  628. sundevil71

    great place. everyone was really friendly and helpful. high quality all around.

  629. johnmaddenson

    Great people and wonderful meds there white widow the best in town

  630. oldshcool

    This was my 2nd visit. This place is awesome! This is why,pricing according to thc %! You don’t pay the same price for lower % pot!!! the people are friendly and knowledgeable!!! they’re weekly specials are great!!

  631. JamesPaquin

    Waiting room and surrounding area are welcoming. The staff was very friendly and informative. I believe the girl’s name who helped me was Hannah, who went over how there operation went, and was extremely knowledgeable about all the strains. I will certainly be going back.

  632. jprice2000

    Quality product, very professional, First Class service. knowledgeable staff.

  633. Slaypreme

    Always on point. NEVER NOT SATISFIED, great flower, great people. I recommend to everyone I know

  634. jakejpjp

    This place is great! Quality product, great service and wonderful atmosphere. Will definitely be coming back!

  635. me-carolee

    This place is incredible!!! Frank is AWESOME!!! Everyone there is VERY knowledgeable and have great attitudes! The product is high quality! The facility is very clean and modern! Thank you for your GREAT staff & facility!!

  636. eddie.garcia.33483

    Recommended so many people already!!! Love the flowers, atmosphere and especially the ladies <3

  637. Imrossome

    Best bud in the state, hands down.

  638. chop818mx

    it was my first time there the staff were great .But the coolest thing there I must say is for those o-vape people is that they have there own brand and you can refill them instead of having to buy a new one every time and is wAy more bang for your buck love the place

  639. dalton3226

    I love the giving tree, every time I make a trip to them it’s always a pleasure. They are always so welcoming and treat you like a part of the family. They have GREAT looking bud and have great deals on all the products they have in store. Thanks for making medicating easy

  640. missrasta623

    budtenders here are always great

  641. thebryce

    Love love love the giving tree. Great pre rolls, tastey menu.

  642. Savvy111

    Dank product and service

  643. ballen0708

    I’ve been coming here pretty solid for about 2 years couldn’t ask for a nicer better group of people to deal with they make every visit simple and quick

  644. nmcfkb17

    Worst dispensary I’ve ever been to trash flower and trash service I bought 4 quads from here and all weighed out to 6.5 they cheapskates

  645. china420

    Good spot i would recommend

  646. ggarygiordano

    Love the atmosphere, a lot of selection

  647. sweetSarahnade

    great suggestion on flower got a pre-roll death star amazing instant pain killer. Pricing is a little higher than my normal dispensary but great atmosphere and good sales

  648. pdorner

    Great folks

  649. sarahlove150

    these guys rock! they know my name abd they always ask about my life. very personal care. they are friendly and helpful! the prices and the bud are average.

  650. abotley3

    Great prices and amazing products. Amazing customer service as well

  651. kaylynn

    great people, great personality, great flower selection, I will be back

  652. dae_Wu

    Conveniently located, honest and helpful staff, quality medication.

    I would definitely recommend these guys!

  653. Lindsaykins

    Amazing! Francisco was extremely knowledgable and friendly! Great product!!

  654. patientno.376

    nice neighborhood dispo,with friendly staff

  655. bzentner

    The menu at the Giving Tree looked too good to pass up. I was not disappointed. I bought a gram of Girl Scout Cookies. Fresh and potent. The establishment is clean, and the staff I spoke with in the back (the bud-tenders?) were helpful, and knowledgeable. I have only been to one other dispensary, and that one is nice, but you get the feeling there that it could go out of business at any time. Not so at the Giving Tree. This dispensary looks to be in it for the long haul. I just wish it was closer to my house.

  656. Jacoby.jp1

    Definitely a good place to go. The people are very helpful and friendly. Good atmosphere and quality product. Will be going back for sure.

  657. Jaz_Hoyt

    The ice water hash was great to begin with, but it’s next-level now. Unreal.

  658. brittney.ivanov

    I’ve been going here for a year and the staff as well as the meds are
    awesome!! They always know what i like and are friendly and professional. I love the giving tree!!

  659. bmbieyez

    Where to start, I’ve been going here for about 7 months and I’ve never had a flower I haven’t liked! Deep Sleep, Death Star, K2, and Qrazy Train are just a few of my favorites! I love the atmosphere, it’s beautiful and I feel welcome; I’ve found it can be very awkward and at times uncomfortable at other dispensaries. The customer service is always stellar and the bud tenders really know what their strains have to offer and are great at recommending the right strain for your issue. This is also the closest location to my home and when I’m sick and need my meds, it’s great to be able to run down the street.
    I only wish the prices were a little lower and/or they had more perks on flower. But the quality is out of this world!

  660. zoobob046

    This was my first visit to this location and I was very pleasantly surprised. Beautiful office and display area. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I have nothing negative to say. The product was exactly as described. I will return here again in the future and would highly recommend to others.

  661. bestnug

    great staff friendly environment nice product

  662. Peepers

    Had a problem with a purchase so I went to their website and used the contact us button to get information and a resolution. The email mail address is a dead end and generates a bounce back. They don’t want to hear from their clients. Rather than try again, I’ll spend my money elsewhere. Simple solution.

  663. NellieRubio

    The apparel for sale is very cool and the staff is friendly and helpful.

  664. dahlaj

    The Giving Tree put a off a great feel that led to even greater products.

  665. hyperspace24

    Great service and allways nice flower im a regular

  666. mariahsalas27

    Omg love love love best experience definitely coming back thank you ladies!!

  667. Urbanhousewife98

    This place was highly recommended to me, so I came with a very positive expectation… First impression; the waiting room is super comfy, like I’m in someones living room. The receptionist was welcoming so that was nice…. almost made me forget how incredibly funky weird the air smelled. Not like weed. Like chemically. Like “My god,what is that strange smell”?!?. I get led back to the sales room, I’m not sure if I got the wrong budtender, but seriously, I think she was frustrated with my presence. I was asking questions, alot of questions.. about product, about ingredients in their house vapes…. she seemed offended and the answers felt kind of forced, maybe she was tired and done with the day, I don’t know. Well long story short, I left without product, I left feeling less than welcomed by the staff… with the exception of the receptionist. I don’t think I’ll be returning sadly.

  668. SuperDave7071

    After getting my card I still had no clue what to do. The employees here took the time to explain everything to me and answer my questions. There is very little wait time and everyone is always friendly and helpful. Love this place.

  669. Moonjr058

    Heard great things about them!

  670. KingSize480

    My first time was a cool experience and it made me want to come back. so I’m going today to cop that Cannadential Highlights. Looks great.

  671. scorpio53

    Great place to go for excellent quality of flower.

  672. monkeyra

    Amazing staff. Great selection and highly knowledgeable. A+ service!

  673. adelitabagley

    One of my favorite places. They are very very professional and the staff is extremely nice.

  674. kangaroo101

    Very impressive. Knowledgeable staff were very professional. I didn’t find anything wrong with it. Even electrically locking and unlocking doors to protect the dispensary.

  675. KBuch418

    I thoroughly enjoy every experience every time i visit, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable and the management is amazing! I totally feel at home here and never feel dumb asking questions. Great product, great service, great location..all around a perfect 10.

  676. ThomasKirkham

    I was very excited to find lavender anywhere, so I just had to stop in. I am very glad I did, this is a very relaxing atmosphere with great staff and quality flour. The staff all treated me as if I’ve known them for a while and we’re happy to see me. I will definitely be back whenever I’m in town.
    Thank you giving tree.

  677. autumnstover6

    Great atmosphere, staff was more than very knowledgeable and went out if their way to help me. would definitely recommend this place! GREAT selections and deals!

  678. deeznuggz

    The bubba from giving tree is top notch. The flower here is always killer. Check out giving tree and their friendly staff

  679. Lamurda

    Dank flower and great service. Can’t ask for much more.

  680. ciscoloco

    I do not understand some of these comments and I am a loyal customer. I have heard the customer service say and I heard them tell others and not just me that if at any time we the customer are not satisfied with any of the the flowers to come back so they can make it right and I never hear any other places that do that. So if you were not satisfied than you should have came back in,would you buy a car from a dealer and when you get home the car breaks would you just keep the car or bring it back?

  681. flux3

    Thus place is great best part is thet are fast! Great Customer Service. Buds are nice! knowable budtenders, and wide variety.

  682. WYShep

    Everyone is friendly and happy EVERY TIME I go! Plus they usually have a candy dish at the front desk 🙂 I have learned a lot from the knowledgeable and patient employees. Never having used marijuana before, they have explained things well and a new door has opened up for me in dealing with my chronic pain. I would recommend coming here – they also have yoga, massage, etc so it is more like a health clinic rather than a store.

  683. KingZoot

    Got a very good deal as new patient free brownie Flower game is strong when it comes to top shelf i give the girl who helped me dY’dY’

  684. TOPVIWE

    Quick stop for a good hook up

  685. Joshrichtar

    Very good at getting the proper Medicine for the patience kudos

  686. rockstargrlnaz

    Sweet little spot off of Deer Valley. They lowered their prices which is nice! Staff is always friendly and meds are good!

  687. atmSailin

    Every strain I’ve tried has been impotent and smells weird. 17 bucks for old school looking steroid bud with no terpenes and low amounts of cannabinoid vapour ? Potency ratings are irrelevant without the NATURAL terpenes present. But this stuff is impotent regardless.. Does no one in Az understand this, an entire state of recovering druggies pretending to be patients seeking natural therapy?

  688. 420kyd

    Fast, friendly and the flower is fire will def be back

  689. raul1

    way to expensive even with special

  690. benhamin1289

    The selection was good and the staff very knowledgeable about the different product. I enjoy coming into this shop, i feel very welcomed.

  691. Reyesnisela

    Awesome place great people! Great flower

  692. NELLY215

    a one of the best places to get good quality meds a variety of them at a good price and also great service

  693. JoeGInAZ

    Thank you for letting me be the last patient before closing time. You guys rock.

  694. iownthemountain

    Awesome staff, good selection!

  695. n4i2c0k

    I am completely satisfied with this location. Very clean, relaxed atmosphere. Relaxed but professional. The knowledge base of the people working here is second to none compared to other places I’ve been. They know their stuff!

    Not only is the selection great, but they have homegrown strains that are killer, as well! Their house “White Chocolate” is one I just got. Deep, earthy, sweet… awesome.

    The staff is MORE than ready to assist. This place had customer service nailed!

    The prices might be a touch higher than some of the others but not by much, at all… and believe me when I say you get what you pay for. Sometimes a little more. I just got a free sample of their house, “Frankenberry.” Can’t wait. See ya on the other side.

  696. Tonia420

    The front desk was extremely friendly and processed my info really quick. The guy that helped was very knowledgeable about the product and answered all my questions.

  697. blazzwmaryjane

    very helpful!

  698. tinman45

    I’m never disappointed with anything on the menu. The edibles are fantastic.

  699. 4130

    Friendly staff, great meds, best atmosphere by far.

  700. patwilkins

    Great meds every time I go here. The atmosphere is good as well. they get a thumbs a~

  701. Jonr94

    Great first time experience and amazing flower also S/O to my boy justin who have hooked it up wit the bday pre roll and my first time there pre roll, good looks fam ima definitely be back

  702. Manny92

    Love the deals they give on the thc capsules

  703. GTVoight

    This is a completely new experience for me. Everyone here was so nice and kind, and took the time to explain how all this works. There was no pressure and no crowds. The store was very clean and private. Having NO CLUE what I needed, I just explained my ailments, and they gave me very clear options. I was just so happy when I left, I’ll most certainly be returning!

  704. DblJax7

    Taylor was fantastic! She was very knowledgeable. I will definitely be returning and can’t wait to try the flower. The strawberry banana chews were amazing!

  705. jeeliza13

    went in for a free birthday pre roll and got TWO since I was also a first time patient. The ladies working there were very nice and helped me with finding the right strain for my symptoms. They were extremely friendly and made me feel very special on my birthday. I will definitely be visiting again!

  706. therealshallenpratt

    very nice and quiet place very sweet people

  707. azpebbles

    Beautiful store, the person that greeted us was nice. The sales person was rude and not helpful at all – rather than explaining something I didn’t understand she was snippy. I purchased 4 house oils, they taste bad, really bad. I’m disappointed after my second visit and don’t anticipate a third.

  708. johnnyreef24

    Very polite and professional staff; always answers all of my questions. Top shelf meds!!

  709. luvitalstal

    luv this dispensary! they always have a fresh and amazing selection! all the staff is very helpful, informative, and friendly! the atmosphere is immaculate… very fresh, clean and modern feel! prices are standard but luv the $5 grinder card worth it (every $400 u spend u get $40 off next visit)! the best place I’ve experienced so far and haven’t gone anywhere else since I discovered them…thank you The Giving Tree Deer Valley location!

  710. MurkFlow24

    Love this place. Great buds

  711. Rbyler

    Cisco was great and very knowledgeable. He knew every answer to my many questions.

  712. bboglio

    This is one of my favs for the north valley! Beautiful nugs and great service!

  713. jpotts6098

    This is the closest dispensary to where I live. The people are great, the facility is nice, the meds are so-so, I found white seeds in one batch of tragic (1/2 gram worth). Even though they think their pricing is in line with competition, they really aren’t! They are the most expensive I’ve seen, up to 50% in the case of pre-rolls. I can get those for 2 for $10 in other places, not $12 each. Like I said, the people are great, but the cost makes me drive further for better prices and meds.

  714. bhomonster

    Very nice people, and top quality meds.

  715. tacoman2222

    Best place for buds

  716. missjen86

    Very friendly staff, clean environment…I love how they include tax in everything they price for you…and you get a lot of informative stuff when you go there for the first time. Flowers are really good the Bubba Kush is awesome for people who can’t sleep

  717. pnorris1987

    Huge selection of Top quality flowers
    Great daily specials
    Super potent Flowers
    The Best Dispensary in town

  718. trinabeebe

    I don’t think I could quite ever find another dispensary to call home like this one.

  719. marymac13

    They were so helpful and the Terps on the rocks were unbelievable. Love it there! Best Meds!

  720. lexiaye

    One of the highest quality medicine I have seen! The layout is very professional and relaxing as well. The difference in prices according to thc levels is one of my favorite parts. I would definitely recommend it for high quality medicine.

  721. Lizardhead

    Great spot! Always have wonderful product for a reasonable price.

  722. JLindley

    This is the best dispenary I have visited in the Valley. Better prices and quality of service. I don’t go anywhere else.

  723. JBryan84

    Great atmosphere and staff. Always quality meds too!!

  724. Stuckhere4ayr

    these people always remember me. The quality of their product is phenomenal and you can’t beat the disobey service. I will be a regular at this location.

  725. Nickknu

    Love the friendly helpful staff, always warm and welcoming. The medication is amazing as well

  726. rallar

    It was my very first time in any dispensary, I just got my card and had some questions. The staff was super friendly and knowledgeable, very relaxed and comfortable setting. Being just a few blocks away I will be a regular customer.

  727. jamesandme

    i like this place its very nice buds nice lines short i tell everone come here

  728. jgbballin

    some of the herbs in town fire product decent price

  729. heavyn123

    they have everything and wonderful people

  730. patcharland81

    I have go e to GT a bunch of times now. Yes I agree that it is a bit pricey but the people there are really cool. When you consider that the tax is included in the price, it’s really no worse then going to any other state licensed dispensary. But I do think the price of the pre-rolls are too high by $2. Most state dispensaries have them for $10 and under. But other then that, quality of the meds have been pretty good and consistent and I really enjoy the people who work here. Keep up the good work guys!

  731. smidgett18

    Awesome environment. Been there several times already….super fast service and really good meds.

  732. Zagnuts

    I use the North Phoenix location…staff and products always EXCEED my expectations. If you are a professional/discrete person and wish to feel comfortable (e.g. a very pleasant atmosphere for patients), I highly recommend The Giving Tree. THANK YOU Alex and the entire staff for helping me manage my chronic rheumatological pain and PTSD.

  733. Samemch602

    This was such a professional place. great atmosphere and the staff was so helpful and educated. I went in completly new to this and left feeling much more comfortable. All my questions were answered and then some!

  734. Ryan97

    Very laid back atmosphere with quality buds at a reasonable price. I would recommend this place if you haven’t been there already

  735. pashion718

    Great bud.

  736. Dantegue

    I’ve heard great things. only been here once

  737. Tialady

    I have found that the Vapes are much cheaper at The Giving Tree. I will do my vape shopping there

  738. sbleu04

    Great flowers great service and facility will be back dY’dY”Y=

  739. kof27

    Love this place and the people

  740. mycats5dogs3

    the staff is the best, very nice atmosphere, and they keep it simple.

  741. tmac

    Bomb concentrates awesome deals and down to earth staff thanks for the pleasant experience and a 1min. Wait time can’t beat that with a stick;)

  742. oldmanriver1955

    amazing pricing, I really enjoy the quality of the flower and enjoy the people , I think it’s the best of north valley has to offer .

  743. juniorboy29

    420 Blaze It

  744. Nilla420

    love the customer service! very knowledgeable staff always takes their time with me and I never feel rushed

  745. afish88

    My favorite place by far in Phoenix, the ambiance is great and the staff is always friendly and helpful. I rarely have to wait and I always get great meds!

  746. hippiehiker420

    Very helpful. Took the time to answer all my questions and gave informative explanations. Extremely friendly and equally professional.

  747. Lunarjane

    I’ve purchased quite a bit from here. I really found the CBD oil very helpful. The price The Giving Tree charges is astronomical. They charge at least double for what the spray should retail at. Checked the website and found it for half of what they charge. This is not what it probably cost them if they buy in bulk.
    Very disturbing! Nothing like really caring about those of us who need this and can barely afford it. Not sure I want to shop here again considering it’s all about the $$$$.. Never get samples, discounts, freebies

  748. xxericrxx

    aweome place for medication and all out recovery literally a wellness center

  749. ItzBigSean420

    You can’t help but love this place from the moment you walk in!! Always greeting you and making sure your being attended to. Also their buds are amazing in quality I mean at $360 and oz yeah thats a little overpriced but the low tiers at $280 arent bad at all and good as well definantly 5/5 in buds regardless of price I would highly recommend timewreck and redwood their killer good! 🙂

  750. baschulz1

    As usual…..the ATF was on point and as fresh as the driven snow : ) Big Narley nugs with orange milky trichomes!

    A special whad up to a few of my favorite budtenders (Francisco, and I don’t remember the girls name!)

  751. Az_420

    Rated you all at 4 stars overall because nobody’s perfect and there’s always room for improvement however I was pretty happy with my experience.

    Was in your shop the first day you opened and tried your White Chocolate, I must say it was BOMB!

    Can’t wait to try the others everything looked so delicious. Lol

    Staff was friendly and professional, place was clean, waiting area was hip and comfortable. I also like that you’re a licenced dispensary not just a club or a sketchy delivery service with some random dude coming to my door. If you only have 10 buks go and get your shake or low quality somewhere else, but if you want quality at a reasonable price check this place out. I will definetly return and recommend. Thx!

  752. donothing

    I go here cause they have the high quality. I like each strain. I’m happy with almost anything I pick from here.

  753. Bwood

    love the acdc flower, very affective

  754. jerywat

    awsome selection great people quality service

  755. dbender1993

    Lovely place with just the nices people youll ever want to meet

  756. Geez84

    Staff is friendly and knowledgeable

  757. crolla.seethaler


  758. phoenixhawaiian

    everything about the givingtree is topshelf ! great flowers and employees !

  759. Hennyjones412

    Great Pre-rolls, and tangerine dream was great as well. The staff was amazing and the setup is awesome!

  760. dnimemag14

    First off The Giving tree is the BEST!!!! thanks for everything! You guys all rock! I’ve had some bad experiences at some of the other dispensaries in the valley, such as feeling stupid for asking questions, or just a overall bad vibe. But there is none of that at the giving tree! I’ve been going to The Giving Tree Wellness Center for all my mmj needs pretty much since they opened. They are Absolutely by far the best in Az! Great vibe, AMAZING flowers, VERY potent concentrates, tasty edibles & SOOO much more!!!! The whole staff at The Giving Tree are all amazing, friendly VERY helpful & always more then happy to
    answer any questions I may have. Cisco is
    awesome! he’s the best patient consultant (bud tender) I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet! I just wanted to thank you guys for all the help! I appreciate everything you guys do! Like, letting me know what’s the best stains for my issues. Or making me feel at home every time I stop by! Thanks again – Michael (#223)

  761. thatchic2014

    this place rocks. the staff is always friendly and helpful. the meds are top quality at prices for all budgets. keep up the good work guys.

  762. DavidsBammer

    The aroma that comes from this building hits u miles before u even get to the location! Just follow the Nose.

  763. janetc0000

    I purchased a ‘zong’ vape pen-machine here, I love it. works well, as described. vapes concentrates and flowers. just what I wanted, many thanks to the staff that helped me to decide to purchase this. the oils have been top notch!!!

  764. WizdomSeaker

    I’ve been all over the valley looking for the best deal and always seem to find myself coming back to The Giving Tree. The staff is always friendly and helpful. There is always a good selection of meds and edibles and there is always something new to try. The Giving Tree is dedicated to healthy medicating and has made a decision not to carry products that could deem harmful. Only organic non processed product. Guarantee if you give them a chance you’ll be a return customer!

  765. fayewrey

    I really appreciate the fact almost every strain they have in stock has been tested!

    Honest service – unlike my recent experience of a bait and switch with Valley of the Sun with their Super Sour strain!

    You got to choose your bag – no surprises at this dispensary!

    Careful where you go and you cannot see the product before you leave to confirm strain and bud quality.

    Giving Tree is truly awesome quality and provides medical marijuana patients with honest, excellent business ethics!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RARE, NEW FIND!!!!!!

  766. Tonyasmith77

    awesome atmosphere….superb bud.

  767. gavibob

    Very happy with the prices

  768. GoatLady

    Friendly, helpful and professional. They were able to assist me with choosing the correct medications for my condition. There was a good selection available.

  769. tarinmcg

    It was so welcoming when you walk in. The staff is so happy and helpful. product was beautiful!

  770. cactus.pat

    wow this place so far has the best buds.even the parking lot smells awesome.way too many choices kind of overwelming

  771. weedjunkie44

    they have great bubble hash and the goji is legit

  772. LordReyesofGlencoe

    Amazing staff, super approachable and professional always super helpful with great specials!

  773. Jonesy33

    Hand Down one of the highest quality and the most efficient customer service in Arizona

  774. vapecoyotes

    great sale 20 pecent off and a free pre roll for first timer

  775. mgfoulds

    Everyone has been friendly. My only complaint is they frequently run out of edibles that I like.

  776. chuck-walla

    Quality meds, they even gave me a water, nice and knowledgeable. Upscale Salon atmosphere.

  777. moygreen

    just became a leafly member or i would have posted this earlier.patient 5680 1st time visit got the 35 dontation 1/8th deal. Very seedy(not the good seeds) i was surprised so i got less. I understand the price vaule but still i was displeased. I also got the white widow which smoke nicely and i got a free pre roll witch smoke nicely. So i get mixed reviews . i’d be willing to give there shop another try . But i suggest staying away from there cheaper meds.

  778. AZJR

    I have visited The Giving Tree a few times now, I love their selection but it is a little overpriced. I tried the Cannadential and it was pretty good, they said it was the strongest strain they had but it seemed pretty average. The bubble hash isn’t bad, but they’re selling the low-grade stuff unless you get the full melt, the other stuff barely bubbles, and the mixed stuff just burns up like kief, probably from a 160u bag. Overall it’s a great little dispensary I just hope they offer more extracts in the future, we need Wax/Shatter!

  779. kmberr

    loved it! purple apollo is my new go to when I cannot sleep!

  780. jaymechanix

    That Death Star strain is beyond amazing. Love this place