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At SWC Prescott, our goal is customer satisfaction. We are conveniently located near downtown Prescott. Our state of the art facility is roomy and comfortable. We offer high quality strains at prices that will have you coming back for more!

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293 reviews for “SWC Prescott

  1. JulienneR

    The stores location is great; easy to find, easy to get in and out of. Walking through the door I was a little blown away with the size of the lobby. The bud room is quite small and offers room for only two customers at a time.

    The atmosphere is calm and comfortable. Lighting in the bud room could be better. Staff were friendly, however slightly less knowledgeable than expected. They clearly enjoy their product though.

    The “menu” is quite a joke. There are small petri dishes filled with samples of each strain offered, no prices listed. Each sample was dry, crumbly, and not very aromatic. Purchases are pre-packaged with over-cured bud (from the dispensary not the grower) and offer little to no effect.

    For a budgeting consumer they offer one strain at $10/gram. Not worth the $ considering that an entire gram needs to be smoked in one sitting to attain any kind of pain relieving effect. More expensive strains are just as disappointing with the same over-cured, crystal-less, crumbs.

    Overall, I would not recommend this dispensary for anyone looking to help with pain, stress, depression, or nausea.

  2. ThuGlyph69

    I haven’t been in SWC too many times but with every time I’ve met new talented and highly motivated staff. When I questioned the best sativa or indica was on house they didn’t hesitate to give me an answer and when I gave inquiry about getting into the industry, I was given insight from personal accounts. Everything from the walls to the glass see through display shelves is just awesome to look at. At times, you’ll be wondering how to sort through it all quickly enough in your head so you don’t start drooling on the counters once you see their edible selection. Each area is very specific and intelligently organized as to make it as convenient as possible for the medicinal customer.

    I highly recommend coming to this dispensary if you’re looking for a relaxed environment and friendly yet professional budtenders.

  3. 710AZ

    I love the rewards card

  4. junebug2279

    all I can say is wow! very pleased! bud tender was awesome! can’t wait to visit again.

  5. Ksavannah

    I had the worst experience here the deals didn’t match what was posted online for one. Then I still get my medicine I spent 266$ in there to come home to find out its covered in seeds not just a few seeds here and there all over more seeds then flower I will never go back not because the fact there were seeds but they failed to tell me this.

  6. johnstoren27

    great shop great medicine was all around a great experience

  7. Ed1968

    Been hear a couple of times just because a strain I had at my local dispensary (PV)ran out quickly of strains I like and they had it ! Funny thing is a Bud Tender from this dispensary was at the Prescott Valley dispensary buying medication!

  8. awwsummer

    I really enjoyed my visit there. Solely because I love replacing my pills with cannabinoids. I hate big pharma. I went in there to get my new patient special and the grams were on sale that day for $20.00. Instead of getting my BOGO – they gave me 0.5 of a gram. I even called before hand to make sure and he put me on hold and double checked. I really LOVE Nirvana. I go there EVERYTIME I am at my house in Gilbert.

    Unfortunately I will be back…but only for the 20/gram special when I’m out.

    Nevertheless….I love weed…so I will be back.

  9. phildeez

    Got the Hawaiian and was impressed for the price.

    Easy access, not long waiting time and clean.

  10. tiptontj

    Purple BlackBerry….if you’re into Indica…best I’ve had this far…

  11. Ragman928

    My go to spot on double punch Fridays. Would like to see more specials for PSC members. Enjoying the expanding vape and edible choices.

  12. samsquamch

    Fantastic staff, great location, outstanding prices, and excellent strains. Very grateful for you all. Many thanks for the great service and medicine.

  13. msswaven

    I wanna say it was nice to walk in, un aware of a special. Kaitlyn was my Tender…she mentioned it n yes, I took advantage. I hope this special happens more often! buy 2 Syringes n get 1 free! TY! Happy with the 3 choices! let her know I like the Mimosa dY~<

  14. GreyUnicorn

    Good meds and nice staff!

  15. phaed222

    Great experience. Fowler was knowledgeable and had an awesome attitude!

  16. joshrice

    Great place great service great location

  17. SuperBomb602

    Great prices and first time deals worth the stop

  18. phaywood

    Absolutely terrible product. Sometimes they have some decent flower but any kind of concentrate is junk. Very friendly staff, but you have to remind them to give you the daily deal.

  19. SChapman

    Close and the staff is Awesome!!


    The staff was knowledgeable and I’m looking forward to coming back,….

  21. Trentonfelker

    great buds and angel is always there to help !!!

  22. cassandra.vansyckle

    I just love my PSC Membership! Pay Once and get product every month. I like that I get to try new strains and that I get 10% off everything I buy! Thanks SWC Prescott!

  23. Jdubb149

    Very dry meds. Weed that has to be sitting on there shelves for months. Customer service was very poor regarding the dry flower I bought along with a battery for my pen that never worked. They told me I couldn’t get a refund when I purchased it an hour ago. I am in the industry so I just wanted to give a fair warning out to the people in Prescott or visiting… This is very poor dispensary

  24. Jschott17

    They sell me super dried out flower every time I go in there

  25. livenukto

    Well informed and knowledgeable. Every staff member was very kind.

  26. OGcrow

    The staff was approachable and willing to answer any questions.

  27. Deseldee

    Great place for medicine ! Love this place great budtenders thanks

  28. psychoqueen

    Bought a some brownies today. Love the Peanut Butter Extreme!

  29. ryanbenser

    robin took great care of me, as usual, and the quality is a lot better! go vikes

  30. trorr55

    I have difficulty finding strains strong enough. I had heard good things about a grower that would be worth trying. I saw that SWC had it. I read several reviews from patients that were not happy with the products they had purchased at SWC. One thing was the dryness. I decided to go over my budget (and my better judgement) and try this place. I asked the bud-tender about the dryness and he assured me it wasn’t dry and commented it was a good grower. Low and behold I get it home and not only was it dry but it was crumbly the next day. I’m on a fixed income and spent more than I should have thinking it would last me longer. I can’t just blame the dispensary (I do NOT blame the growers),I was stupid not to pay attention to what I was reading. Won’t do that again. Won’t go there again either.

  31. veryhigh75

    I love this dispensary!! It is froendly, kind and professional. The product is GREAT but the people are ever GREATER!!!

  32. redheadcon1

    Nice facility. Continuously Very old dry bud. It’s terrible!! My bad for going back!! Every strain I try is very dry & old. I’m done with SWC. THey know they have an issue with very old flower & choose to sell it anyways.

  33. medicatid1

    Great prices

  34. patrickbohler1965

    Always a bit nervous entering a new dispensary. Very nice waiting area, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

    I described my needs and was directed to strains within my budget.

    The Northern Lights is one of the best I’ve had. I started with a couple of puffs, and I was soon relaxed and my pain subsided significantly. I don’t normally smoke pure indica strains, but I will definitely be using NL when I need something stronger. Thank you, SWC, I will be back next time I am in Prescott.

  35. sanchez8484

    It was a great experience. The young man was very helpful and informative. He was very thoughtful to make sure I got all my discounts and cards punched.

  36. JohnyArms

    Waited for a few minutes while the staff finished their cigs, nothing great about that. Knowledgeable bud tender took good care of me. The concentrate I got was their brand, and it tastes like absolute poop. It also was marked as wax, but it’s more of what I’d call sad soup.

  37. Naz4real

    Favorite place to go! Squeeze wax is awesome and great deals all the time!

  38. MuchBoom

    This place is BORING. It’s a shop and that’s it. If you’re looking for super dry, pre packaged stuff this is what you’re looking for. It’s good weed, or was, but somewhere along the way they ruin pretty much everything as everything they sell is super dry and turns to powder as soon as you touch it and they don’t care that it’s fucked up. If you do complain they hand you a reward card worth five bucks which is nice but it doesn’t do anything to solve the problem. If the owners have a shit and listened to the customer it would probably be a great store! Just look at the reviews, most of the complaints stem from everything being prepackaged yet in two years they’ve done nothing about it. They aren’t passionate about what they sell, they’re just trying to make money of patients.

  39. fizzybleu

    I love the people that work here, 9/10 amazing service with a smile and casual conversation. the only bad experience I’ve ever had here had to do with the waiting room, and the people in it. but there’s not much that can be done about their customers

  40. queennewton

    this is the best dispensary for sure friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff. not a fan of parking lot but that tells you how great they are.

  41. Blackart

    Don’t like the prepackaged flower. The weight seems under, probably from drying out as it sits in package for who knows how long I’m thinking. Prices are a little higher but not by to much. Other than that it’s a great place friendly/ knowledgeable people nice variety of edibles, oils, ect. Best of all my dog who isn’t a service dag is allowed to come in.

  42. JB2016

    great people and they know there stuff just wish they had more high CBD strains and oils for my vape otherwise good experience

  43. PrescottSlacker

    It’s not bad. Great specials for first timers. Sad that everything is prepackaged.

  44. vegasjay1

    When I came in the first time several weeks ago it was my first time visiting a dispensary. The girl at the desk made me feel really welcome, however the male bud-tender made me feel kind of uncomfortable. Being the first time, I was expecting an experience that I have since found elsewhere. I may be back at some point, but not sure this will ever be my first choice. Competition has better business incentives.

  45. Tsm96


  46. theearthsea

    very good product consistantly

  47. Jerballs101

    haven’t been going tomorrow, Mother’s Day, hope I get a free joint!!! hint,hint. I go to SWC faithfully, in Tempe. Absolutely love the products and the staff, HI Olga!!! until tomorrow.

  48. mikeatcaz

    I was happy to receive some great discounts and really good White Fire flower.

  49. azarborpro

    im from phoenix so ive gotten to see quite a few shops and as a first time patient here i found a liad back mellow environment. with a large waiting area, friendly staff, premium concentrates, and dank flower i will definitely be back. could use a larger backroom would be my only suggestion. big shout out to Tyler, awesome budtending.

  50. Crowstick

    Great service with a smile!

  51. erinthevalkyrie

    I go every week!

  52. Rudi1234

    Always professional and provide information when asked. I’ve been very pleased with the respect given to me when assistance is needed.

  53. Aristona91

    The jack flash was good dY~S

  54. queenbirdie

    I love Tupper! He’s great and so super knowledgeable! Always gets me the best bang for my buck!

  55. Kingkane420lover

    its good

  56. xincognito

    You always leave with a SMILE!
    Thank You!! To a wonderfull staff

  57. Cotab93

    best prices and products in town.

  58. aschrade

    Great location, close to downtown.

  59. Sirsmokesalots

    The Shark Shock CBD flower is awesome I slept like a baby. Huge fat buds!

  60. jainslie

    seen they had northern lights on the menu so drove from surprise to come pick some up. when I arrived they had NOTHING! they didn’t even try to suggest something else in place of it. if your not from Prescott you wont be welcomed.

  61. mandi3939

    Always awesome product and service

  62. TanyaLB

    I live in cottonwood, (AZ) I drive up here because the deals are great, as a customer that is willing to take the drive, says it all, THANKS SWC CREW.

  63. ScottyAdios420

    Love this place! Angel is one of my favorite tenders! Frfr

  64. oldorchardstoner

    great staff knowledgeable bud tenders

  65. mackelprangb

    Again, the flower here is dry, smokes harsh, and not even worth what they charge. You may think you are getting a aEURoegood dealaEUR but you’re not. Most over dried, under cured flower is this price or cheaper anywhere you go. Time to try and serve up some decent product fellas.

  66. lela2005

    Its nice to know there is a place in town that has some great deals all the time.

  67. kubinlagen

    Great, friendly people .!!

  68. MountainWriter

    So happy with my visit today. Love the meds I got and the service too. Nice, well-cured flower and careful attention to my needs. Thanks!!! Now what’s this about free food Monday? 🙂

  69. Flynnlilly

    Everyone was very friendly and the vibe was great! I went for some edibles, I got a 240mg chocolate bar from Vapen.
    It was THE BOMB.
    I will definitely be back as I hear they have a golden ticket!

  70. thumper2431

    the bud tender was nice, but it was the best part of the visit. read a list of 1000 rules and them get all preweighed medicine that’s too dry to even smoke. won’t be back

  71. StinkyOldHippy

    I like the feeling I get from these people

  72. Darksideoftheshroom

    Very nice and secure. Not so good on variety but does the job well. My personal favorite strain of theirs would be the GSC. Very nice and pungent. Others… Not so good for me.

  73. MollyW

    Nice space however: pre packaged flower may be priced right but the quality of flower is pretty, pretty bad. Sad when Durban Poison can’t make one smile. Very limited edibles. Prescott deserves better.

  74. Ragman

    I love SWC when you have specials but go to Mayer for prices. They have 2 for $20 rainbow prerolls, which is what they should be. If SWC had this and a few more specials for the PSC members, I wouldn’t leave town.

  75. Notaaron

    Hey guys…maybe you should update your specials on Leafly to reflect what you will and will not honor? I was extremely disappointed to find out they would not honor the FTP special even though the only restriction listed here is no cartridges. Will not visit here or a sister location again. Other options are better in the area.

  76. stinkyfart1

    very bad worst staff and they refuse to put stuff aside staff are donkey butts and the meds are very dry and not worth it

  77. GrandmaCarol

    Easy access, polite employees, knowlegable of their products, helpful in educating the uninformed.

  78. Ronie

    You guys have the same Deal as yesterday buy honey & get a free preroll!!!! WHY THE SAME EVERY DAY I don’t need hONEY i NEED BETTER DEALS!!!!!!


  79. lyvphreeoardye

    good bud, friendly budtenders

  80. Nealklaas17

    Great service for my first time in!!

  81. golddenpuss

    This place is the best price and has the bed deals

  82. loveylou62

    Ben was my bud-tender today. He’s always friendly and helpful. Today, Ben went out of his way to help me become a PCS Member, something I’ve wanted to do for 3 years! Thank you, Ben, and thank you, SWC, for employing such outstanding people!

  83. wyc362

    Thanks again 203 for taking care of me. I was reffered two new strains and knowing my health issues they were the exact meds I needed. Thanks again Bill

  84. botshaman13

    The flower used to be absolutely terrible, then I came back when it started being consistently better through last year. When I was there last a few months back the in house stuff was still fiiire. I expected the quality to still be there but they’re back to having poopy looking buds that snap crackle and pop in the bowl. Go back to whatever you were doing before that was making the good kind flower, however/whoever is producing your herb recently should be embarrassed.

  85. Gamerrat

    This has to be the worst place I’ve ever been for my Meds! The selection is horrid,the pricing system is confusing, and the quality abysmal. Choose your Meds from behind 2 layers of glass in a tiny container with a single bud in it, and HOPE the pre weighed out package they give you at least looks “similar”. Past 3 visits have resulted with weak Meds that smells like it was shipped in a hay bale. I could go on but won’t waste more time, suffice to say DON’T shop here. Go Anywhere else…Anywhere!

  86. reggievega92

    the brownies are an amazing deal and worth every penny

  87. warioman420

    Great meds great srrvice

  88. Nordicwolf69

    Great place. Good friendly staff. Selection and quality keeps getting better.

  89. ChiefKeefin420

    The dispensary is very clean and nice inside. Plenty of room. Now, the flower is hands down the worst I’ve had at any dispensary and worse than the street flower I used to have to get. If they could bring in GOOD flower it’d be a great lil shop. I’m tired of always driving to PV

  90. Michellebuddaprincess

    loved it great workers and amazing flower and edibles

  91. Whathefuk

    I don’t know where my reviews are but i would rather run backwards through a field of corn before returning to this place.

  92. Tyeverson

    Great people

  93. Lookitschong

    I dont see why they can’t just sell good weed like the other dispensarys dY~z

  94. wregina

    Location is very convenient. Would like to see flowers not pre-packaged and higher THC strains for the PSC program.

  95. mcsam43

    It’s the best! Great prices. Staff always very helpful.

  96. CannaDawg

    Prepackaged dry meds. NO!!!

  97. 3XOG

    Concentrates are very good.
    Staff is very nice. I think his name is Tyler/Parker? Either way, great salesman.

    Meds were dry. weight was okay and close to as advertised.

    Meds were low in potency and high in price.

    I gave these guys another shot, but the prices are unacceptable for the poor product.

    Go only if you need edibles/concentrates and don’t mind feeling unwelcome by the other staff.

    Don’t think I will be returning again for a while UNTIL they don’t prepackaged the meds. They smell good, but I love kief just pouring when you break the meds apart, and this place has never delivered to me in that area.

    As I said, edibles are good and a great variety.

    Don’t try the flower unless you desperately need a specific strain.
    NEVER try their sale items. They are old, crumbly, and dry. You can’t justify poor quality with a 5 dollar discount card.

  98. hwagster

    clean, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  99. zschultz89

    Small selection, low thc %, make the drive to Prescott Valley

  100. RLD1969

    Quality atmosphere and staff who are helpful and friendly. Comfortable waiting room and great product. Offers great discounts and specials from time to time. Also offers patient education that can be fun and interesting.

  101. Mikelandbum

    The staff is friendly and knowledgable about the strains of weed they sell.

  102. Seamus4289

    Wonderful location! Great deals and beautiful flower!

  103. Perry-young

    love going2 this dispensary! I always treated with respect great information thanks 2 every 1 @ this location

  104. Jdglenn

    Love the people very professional. Why can’t the cartridges be recycled?

  105. eman135

    will never shop here again have bad experience after bad experience they will not honor their own email coupons they treat you like your stupid then not honor the daily special of 5 dollars off an 8th this dispensary will not take responsibility for anything they do easily the worst dispensary in az

  106. barronang

    Great new pricing for O-pen cartridges when I was in last. Time to stock up again!

  107. LydiaNadine

    My budtender was much less than excited to be there, the quality of the flower is not worth the prices, and the paid membership system is a joke. If you are looking for somewhere to go, go to yavapai herbal.

  108. skales

    an absolutely terrible shop full of terrible staff and terrible weed in terrible packaging. long waits, dry buds, low weights, and high prices. I’ll never shop here again and can’t recommend enough that everyone go somewhere else, anywhere else. save your money, this place sucks

  109. piroysqrd

    I am EXTREMELY disappointed with SWC. I had filled three of SWC’s “Patient Rewards Cards” that promised $5 off on my next visit. I was looking forward to redeeming them on this, my next visit to Prescott. I was informed that rewards are tracked on the computer now, and they no longer use the cards. Surely my points were dutifully recorded during the change over, right? WRONG! I’m S.O.L.!
    After spending $300 at the Tempe and prescott locations they would not give me even partial credit.
    REALLY? SWC can’t even drop a G of the cheap strain?
    In the past their bud was good, but I find this BAIT AND SWITCH tactic unethical, and no longer will extend my trust or business with SWC.

  110. celestjazmin91

    great deals, great people, great
    service, love love love it!!

  111. Jenniferlynn

    this is my favorite dispensary I’ve ever been too! most of all because the prices are amazing and they always have everything I need in stock. if I could, I would go to this one only. they’re very nice and have a great menu. dY~

  112. KenScott

    Caitlyn really was great. She was patient with me in my indecisiveness, informative, and made me aware of lots of specials and deals that I would otherwise not have known about.

    For instance, there was a discounted price on PSC memberships, and after re-explaining (the staff has explained it to me before, but uh, I’m sometimes forgetful 🙂 ) the benefits of membership, I signed up.

    The key to marketing is to create value for the customer, and Caitlyn (not sure if spelled right?) made clear the value(s) in being a PSC member.

    Thanks for your help Caitlyn, great job! 😉

  113. coryboes

    dry prepackaged weed. DON’T BUY THE FLOWER!

  114. THCapprentice

    It was my first and last time to this dispensary. I made the drive from prescott valley to try these guys out and I can honestly say not worth the drive the flower is all dried out and didnt help me at all. maybe the flower wasnt dried out right? just very very disappointing.

  115. pklawler22

    I really like the local here, being right nest to Montazuma st. It’s the perfect place, it bein the main street through town, and plenty of parking

  116. Lotusheart

    Great deals ! Staff is always friendly and helpful!

  117. rcluft

    i have to say the front desk staff was extremely fiendly and the flower was very nice; however not as good as in prescott valley at vavapai dispensary.

  118. zzroachsmoke

    cool staff. good flower

  119. Isaiah3

    good place

  120. saulgood6

    great spot

  121. JoeDuffield


  122. tatril01

    Right now I’m sitting on my favorite chair, smoking a pre roll I got for free the other day. batch 1245, I only say this because you should find out who rolled this this and give him/her a couple more bucks an hour because this shit is bomb as hell. Usually all the pre rolls get harsh as hell the last two inches, this one was smooth all. the. way. through.

    You guys rock, keep doin what you’re doin but never stop improvin!

  123. nvh85

    Great staff! Tyler is awesome and knowledgeable! Gotta love the prize wheel! Keep it around!

  124. krisnespinosa

    SWC has the best employees and rewards program hands down!

  125. ScoobyDoobi

    I had purchased a cartridge from The Clear which turned out to be broken and they replaced it for me. Then they replaced it for me again when it turned out the whole batch was problematic. I appreciate them working with me despite the problem not being their fault. The starburst oil lamp in the back was a little overpowering though…

  126. drgreenthumb928

    Clean, professional, and a great selection. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff!
    Thanks for bringing back Venom sugar Crystals!

  127. goatroapr

    First time. Will see if the fifth stars can be added after visit. Happy 420!

  128. streetfield

    Thank you for being the best and carrying my favorite aunt ellies basic brownies. Thank you also for the Sunday deal!!!! love this place.

  129. mpm1215

    This place has great specials and really good flowers.

  130. johnpaulmeyer

    Tyler rules!

  131. kat59

    excited to come in for the first time! just got off the phone with a lovely employee that told me about the reviews and was very helpful in answering my questions about meds

  132. SmokeyMcCanibus

    Do you think people dont see the removal negative reviews regarding your deceptive weight or
    rather fraud? That just reinforces the loss of trust.

  133. ac520

    So far my favorite bud since I’ve been going to dispensaries. This is my 3rd dispensary I’ve been to. I got the New York Diesel, Headband, and Critical Hog. What they told me about the buds before I bought them was spot on. Bomb!

  134. alethal

    Nice place, people are OK, atmosphere is doctor’s office-ish. Expect the meds to be dry, but usually potency lives up. Comes across a little pricey; though, I noticed they recently dropped the donation on some good hybrids significantly. Don’t waste your money on their vape pen. Get online and find a god pen and then just buy the oil from them. They overcharge for the vape pen materials in their “pre – loaded vape pens” Do the math at this place and you can save a little.

  135. Gr8atom

    Best MMJ in Northern Arizona!!!

    Everyone at SWC Prescott is always very helpful and the discounts and quality of the mmj medicine they dispense is totally five stars all day long. The Budtenders are super knowledgeable and helpful for whatever strain is necessary from chronic pain I happen to be experiencing on whatever day!

    Take their patient education they know what they’re talking about!

    Thanks again “203 Organix” or SWC Prescott, same thing! 🙂

  136. mmhuds

    I was very uneasy and awkward my first visit but Jesse helped me to feel comfortable and at ease with my lack experience. The entire staff was professional and knowledgeable. I’m glad that it was “SWC” for my very first experience with a medical marijuana dispensary.

  137. RDmeo

    Staff is very friendly and helpful, a variety of flower and other products here. Clean and comfortable environment.

  138. Flourgal

    Jade is great! Very knowledgeable and helpful. Always has good information on fresh herbs.

  139. Jmac8580

    Excited love new Strains and bargains

  140. J4Trees

    knowledgeable staff, friendly and helpful.

  141. Kaige

    Disappointed in quality for sure. Every pick up has been dry and stale. Prepackaged for speed of service. PV or Mayer has better flowers for sure. Haven’t tried concentrates.

  142. fullpin

    good place. the Mohawk guy makes me laugh. I will recommend this place to anyone.

  143. batswinger

    When I first got a card in 2014, I have to admit I didn’t like SWC. They didn’t have enough selection and the price was high. In the last year this place has really changed for the better. The selection is great, the quality is what you’d expect, and the prices are solid, especially if you pony up to become a member. The staff is always super friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend SWC, and highly recommend you get the membership. If you have been traveling to PV for the selection, go back to SWC and see for yourself!

  144. KindGodess420

    Stopped in today while in Prescott, our first visit..Totally Unimpressive, Disappointing & Just Another Arizona Dispensary really. Need I say more? I’m feeling Prescott seems to have an MMJ disfuntion-problem. We Will NOT be back, however the drive across the Mingus was Beautiful! dY~dY$?’…Be well, Stay High, Legalize…

  145. The_Pufferfish

    How can you post 0 stars? This last fella obviously works there.

  146. jxkey

    my husband and i love when we come in and get HENRY to take care of us, he’s very personable and always helpful!

  147. hotoldhippie

    Great service, good specials, discreet location

  148. ThePirateEd

    Parking is great!!

  149. derek1986

    Today was my 2nd time going th swc and wow vary impressed with the service i received. My bud tender was great. I forget his name already but thank you bro. The full melt hash was dY”Y= once it was pressed
    Everyone needs to give this shop a try… Im sure you’ll find it a good shop for your meds…

  150. silentvorthr

    Swc’s staff go out of their way for their patients. Some of the best specials out there helping to make medication available to a all economic situations. Knowledgable staff who provide a friendly, warm, and inviting atmosphere. Hats off to the staff, keep up the great customer service.

  151. Teufelhunde

    First trip in. Very friendly, knowledgable staff. Not a huge selection, but enough. Some of the older reviews mentioned pre-packaged flowers. They are pre-weighed into prescription bottles, but not packaged in foil/cellophane.

  152. rawjuicyjay

    Everyone there is so kind and the customer service is incredible. There is an amazing variety of flower and (m)edibles, and they also have quite the variety of concentrates, pre-rolls and even select pipes and other goodies like chronic health tinctures. 203 Organix has me coming back almost daily! Their unique selection and outstanding quality service is what really stands out to me, not to mention the meds are great. Thanks 203!

  153. Agnes1936

    Very helpful!

  154. Kolt4595

    very easy to find. always welcomed when you walk in.

  155. Cealoch

    The employees patiently answer my questions and are happy to educate their clients.

  156. LadyFuchsia

    Folks, if you really think you’re being cheated, don’t just put a review on Leafly. File a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General’s office and the Better Business Bureau. Get your own scale and document how much your purchases actually weigh.
    They would not have this problem if they would weigh bud in front of us like other dispensaries.

  157. TheDabKing420

    Nice employees

  158. will1721

    I think it’s a pretty laid back place …I enjoy the workers and the prices…

  159. MongrelClone

    You have disgusting Marijuana. Your product nearly all smelled of the same nutrient line. What ever actual smelled like terpenes was bad sensi reg, and it nothing related to the label on the jar.

    I would rather have good
    consimilla than this crap! And all that talk about loud smells on your website? You can’t even match the last bag of brick I had! I never smelled no freaking hydroponic chemicals from mexican reggie!

    Az your weed in widely unsmokable! Why are people buying this stuff?

  160. srp2

    Thanks for all the help!

  161. JGarcus

    I have read all the reveiws befor going in and all are true about the flower here it’s dry and mid grade. It seems like a different name is put on the same strains. The displays are completely dry so you don’t know exactly how the quality really is but its not to far off. I asked about the hands down best buds and I was told that the system didn’t work like that and that its all the same price that should tell you its all similar. DONT be fooled I went in for 420 and only spent 25 on an 8th and got hooked up 7gs free but I’m honestly not going back for any deals on flowers. This store is really nice though great waiting room, staff is on the young side but knowledgeable enough for the job. Please don’t get me wrong THIS IS NOT A BAD PLACE JUST BAD TREE!!!

  162. Pabs1940

    Great staff. Tim is so helpful and knowledgeable. Love the weekly specials!

  163. Storm7121

    Super friendly staff. Product keeps improving each visit. I like to spread the wealth amongst local dispensaries. SWC is definitely a favorite!

  164. shelbeezy01

    I’m a regular at this location and recommend it highly over the other dispensaries in the surrounding areas. The staff are amazing and the product is great!

  165. Az420blazer

    Friendly staff with good meds.

  166. hoppsy

    The employees of this establishment (SWC) are friendly as well as competent and helpful. A person can get better buys with the discounts that are available at certain times. Two negatives about the place would be the fact that the product is pre-measured -which might save time- however; the product is sometimes not as fresh as it could be. Also, the flower product comes in many little plastic bags which are hard to open for someone like myself with hands that don’t function properly or someone with arthritis. The plastic squeeze bottles are much better.

  167. elvis44

    Thumbs UP!!!

  168. lilmissdaye11

    i love swc the tenders are always super helpful and knowledgeable on the products they have….i always expect to spend more and walk out spending like half of what i thought….awesome place

  169. btilly89

    Knowledgeable. Staff, very friendly and helpful. Great product that is getting better and better

  170. Corbin19

    Great service!

  171. drliaison

    First time in Prescott and wanted to try this pharmacy It has great reviews for meds and knowledgeable staff

  172. Feather22

    This is the first dispensary I went to and I don’t want to go to any other. Great people who are always willing and able to give you all the information you need. Thanks guys!

  173. 710snobb

    nice atmosphere

  174. gellis

    Can’t believe how nice they are had a great experience

  175. lkhamilton

    your flower sucks..it’s always bone dry, light, and tastes horrid…

  176. RMfc

    can’t just name one staffer there all great I hate going to else where in the tricity

  177. bigmanaz

    Great budtenders, good selection

  178. Tigh420

    SWC is a really nice, spacious dispensary. Staff was friendly and helpful. The guy that helped me recommended The CLEAR and I’m diggin’ it. Also, I purchased an 1/8 of Purple Dream – tastes delish, smooth, very relaxing. I love it!

  179. ShadeAber

    Thank you so much for your help, I actually have less pain this morning because of your recommendation. I truly feel grateful, Thanks again.

  180. ganjagoddess0401

    The staff is very friendly and helpful, although the waiting area is a little stagnant, maybe put on some tunes or something (;

  181. serenitysiren

    Just wanna say…its been a while since I have visited. Roman, turned me onto the vape oil syringe and explained how its done, I was really unhappy with a vape I purchased a few days before…Glad to know of this tool! TY

  182. grace7

    Good service, knowledgeable staff, good deals, good experience.

  183. Tinkgirl

    Best service hands down! Staff is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Great selection too. This place is a gem!

  184. DankGrasshopper

    I call them (when my limit is reset) everyday until I get the “yes we do have those available today” but as of late there must be a miscommunication between the desk and the budtenders. See I have to drive 19 miles in order to get there and twice now they’ve flat out lied about having my medicine through my pre-wasting $10 in gas phone call. To pay 225 maybe 190 if you’re lucky for a single ounce is almost insulting. I’m a grower and last season ended very badly for our farm. I’m trying to get through this winter without the insomia and pain, so to be lied to about the availability of my product is very stressful. I waste too much gas on this place as it is, even my product hurts my wallet in comparison to the grow-op prices. All in all they need better communication to preserve the stress levels of their patients. Unfortunately now I feel the need to question quite extensively through my phone calls as to make sure im not wasting an hour of my time and $10 in gas money. Thanks for the oustandingly stressful service!

  185. trustnoone928

    Good product..Nice people and in no hurry to get you out the door.

  186. aschell

    Anthony is a great bud tender! Very helpful & knowledgeable of products. Super polite & wonderful experience!

  187. Nativewarrior13

    People where nice ok selection. Good enables and other choices. Weed is dry as hell and not to big on the crystals and I feel they way a little under. But I will good back for the service is good. Need to work in the weed the bag thing does not work for me. I like the tubes keeps it fresh and does not get all crunched up.

  188. jillknighton

    Prescott’s best dispensary!

  189. gabedababe78

    It’s posted on leafly BOGO first time patient but what they don’t tell you it’s for the lower class concentrate the one they have but 2get1 free dealdY$?PSdY$?PSdY$?PSthey should just say so on select item but I guess I gotta get your hustle on

  190. 9284life

    Are you working on raising the thc% of your product? It seems to top out at 14%, and that’s for the premium strains. For that price I’m looking to get 23-25% like you can in the valley. Put the grumpy guy behind the desk instead of the counter. Nice job on the sales recently.

  191. FattyBeardFace

    Awesome! And so nice. What really made my day was the fact that Dallas ( my bud-tender ) had been updating SWC’s Leafly menu about every 2-3 hours throughout the day. Because of this I was able to get the product I needed after work unlike other dispensaries who don’t update their menus as accurately. So THANK YOU, Dallas. She deserves a raise! 🙂

  192. Lindawalker

    Great dispensary…good variety.
    Knowledgeable friendly budtenders.

  193. 1spinner

    Second times a charm thgey say,but when you walk away feeling like you’ve be taken no thanks.First couple of visits great but third and forth broke my trust in them beware.staff and their fast tricks of deals and have them go over the list before you pay cash,otherwise your screwed.

  194. chipper23

    The staff seems to be permafried and not very friendly, it takes forever to finally get in and receive my medicine, the flower is pre-packaged so there’s no knowing how fresh it is. Overall, not very good service. Much rather go to the pv dispensary but I’ll come here only if it’s absolutely urgent. BTW I’m writing this review while sitting in the lobby waiting, been 30 min

  195. automd911

    Pick up service is awesome

  196. nazsti

    Very knowledgeable staff with wide variety of goods and a clean store.

  197. Descobedo

    Great price great service great dispensary!

  198. lampoonytoons

    It’s Great!

  199. BRGxBUCK3T

    First time at any dispensary and it was the perfect place to go.

  200. rainbowbright

    absolutely loved the experience and service was friendly. will be coming back to this one more often from camp verde.

  201. mr.verde

    love the dank drink

  202. 1oldguy

    Bud tenders are very helpful and friendly

  203. starzygirl

    awesomeness thank you guys so much. great staff

  204. cathy123

    top notch

  205. JoanieSpumoni

    Great location, very helpful staff. Want to send a special thank you to Tim (Fowler) who has guided and assisted me with patience and knowledge! And…..need to also thank all the staff for their friendly and helpful direction.

  206. elclinton

    this place is awesome. super friendly staff, really good deals and bomb product. i really enjoy stopping by because i always end up really satisfied with what i get and its always a good time. thanks everybody there and definitely tim, your the s**t bro hell yeah

  207. Mark8

    The staff is helpful in knowing which strains work best for my medical condition! I have recomended to my friend.

  208. madmike580

    Beginning with the flower. 7 out of 10, average buds prepackaged so if it’s been on the shelf long it’s dry. Good variety of edibles and concentrates. And the staff is very helpful and welcoming.

  209. Behappy3

    SWC Prescott is my shop of choice. The employees are knowledgeable and patient. They answer all of my questions in a way that lifts me up as a patient, and don’t belittle the silly stuff I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere else from now on.

  210. tallboy2100

    Ultra serious 6 was some really good shatter

  211. budrnr

    Easy to find, comfortable atmosphere. The staff is friendly and helpful and knowledgeable. Nicest shop I have found. I am a regular!

  212. juzzster

    A little tricky to find the first time, but a good spot though.

  213. S.prescott0104


  214. slayer686

    this Is the best spot for price and service. quality is great after they get their shipments once a week.

  215. kstead

    convenient location, quick service, , and joel was really helpful in recommending just the right products for me.

  216. Papainaz

    The people are just great and well informed

  217. jpersch

    The flower is the driest I’ve ever purchased in 3 years. I recently purchased NY Diesel which Normally has a distinct lemon or citrus flavor. This Dispensaries NY Diesel tastes exactly like Blue Dream.

  218. thirteensquared

    Love the staff! The flowers are always excellent and being a PSC Member rules!

  219. daynalee

    Excellence last week! BOGO SALE ON FLOWER!!dY~dY~

  220. sonnyh911

    they don’t kno wat they’re selling. I asked for a sativa shatter and they sold me an indica shatter. pretty much wasted $60 on something I didn’t need.

  221. mreagan423

    Buds ok, budtenders are better.

  222. Nanto

    Good 4/20 promotion this year if you smoke bud, but absolutely zero deals for a vape cartridge customer like myself. I’m getting old and really can’t smoke very often any more, vape cartridges have been a godsend to me as an easy to use alternative that is much kinder to my lungs. To add insult to injury, the $20 off $100 promotion which runs most Fridays was quietly moved to Thursday, with NO e-mail announcing this. Consequently I ended up spending 4/20 with agonizing foot pain, wondering if I could somehow make it through to Timeless Tuesday without medicating.

    When I went to the store the following day and asked to speak to a manager about this, I was shocked that rather being even remotely sympathetic, the manager’s attitude was one of arrogant defensiveness. He repeatedly said “Sorry, but…” immediately explaining in a very strident tone that it was either the fault of the suppliers or my fault, which is not an apology in my book. Both the front desk guy and the bud tender eagerly jumped in and backed him up, nice to have three employees being rude to me at once.

    I get that I’m just an old fart who remembers the days when retailers would see an unhappy customer and make an effort to set things right, or at the very least show some basic people skills. I know that retail has gotten pretty bad these days, but a dispensary should have higher customer service standards than a fast food joint. The people who visit a dispensary come there desperately trying to get medicine to ease their suffering, and sales and specials are essential to being able to afford it.

    SWC Prescott is a very nice place, with top notch products and (mostly) very polite and helpful employees. That’s why I’m giving you five stars, despite this 4/20 debacle.

  223. mcwriter

    I’ve been coming to SWC since that became the new name. In the beginning it was obvious they were feeling their way a bit, some issues, etc. but wow the operation has fully bloomed! There is a much greater selection of strains, there are some really excellent value-level strains all the time now, and new strains are coming in regularly. The buds look great and are well cured but not dry. The edibles and BHO selection is outstanding for a place this size. If you’re one of those who’ve regularly complained on this forum you might want to give them another try (or STFU and go somewhere else). I’ve been doing this for 41 years – I know good stuff when I see it.

  224. corralesbj

    Great place, great staff and prices!

  225. Despo84

    This place is great. They really changed up some thing this last year and have better service, better products and better prices. Join the swc club and get great discounts and quicker service. Would definitely recommend this place.

  226. Organicchefseth

    so many high quality strains….. so hard to chose thanks for the recommendations

  227. oyster123

    Great flowers, products and promotions. Staff totally knowledgeable and helpful with the ever expanding smoke and edible products. Always fun give-aways and discounts.

  228. patwilkins

    Will be passing through this weekend can’t wait to see what you have

  229. Happygalinaz

    Thank you Jade for the great service!

  230. SpYDeR23

    Great location and staff

  231. Drivenbykarma

    best place to get your concentrates in prescott,friendly staff comfortable environment. check em out.

  232. Buddha8

    Occasionally a good deal and decent bud. 2nd time where I came in for a deal listed on their website and only received a portion of it. Before goin in this last time I even checked their whiteboard in the waiting room to make sure. Their whiteboard, Leafly, and text messages don’t always match up and if they don’t they should honor the advertisement that was seen.

  233. raykosse

    thank you guys dYOE2dY”SdY’-dY++odY++,

  234. Y0Momma

    Super friendly and knowledgable staff. Good crew!

  235. pharosphilopator

    amazing… the wait is never long and the budtenders are so sweet atm!

  236. artdog2000

    I am so grateful that this store is in Prescott

  237. stratcat

    I used to go to the dispensary in Prescott Valley because the quality and prices of the herb were better, even though I live in Prescott. I decided to give SWC another try a few months ago and I couldn’t be happier. The customer service is always great, the deals are awesome, and the quality has gone way up! Not to mention, the prices are now some up the best I’ve seen in AZ for good medicine. If you haven’t given SWC Prescott a try recently, go check it out…I promise you and your wallet wont be disappointed.

  238. CountryWriter

    This place is either run by little people on stilts or regular-sized people with really skinny legs but either way they’re great!

  239. artknell

    Very relaxing and informative. they need to tell the world that they only take cash.

  240. Jimbo15

    I like the staff very helpful and very recommending also put me in a good direction

  241. katiejonesm

    awesome place. love the staff and product!

  242. potfest420

    I think the staff is epic and 10/10 will be back again

  243. kronikcandy421

    i love this place they have the best customer service for dispensaries for northern Arizona. they always have the best quality flower all the same price top shelf only. I got some Hindu Kush from here a few months ago, and I swear it is the best weed I ever smoked in my life! mind you I’ve been smoking for 25 years, that is saying a lot.

  244. smokeybear1988

    great location very great products

  245. anw0409

    loved my first time, very helpful and nice in the back, ppl at front desk could use some communication skills, but very nice. second visit was good as well. be back soon.

  246. wark79

    Product has been consistently muy muy bueno every time I go lately,,, Thank you for getting me high as fuck on some bomb ass weed!!!

  247. saferthanalcohol

    it is awesome great job

  248. SocialChallenge

    You don’t feel like a pothead but a patient. They know what they are talking about. It appears they have information that is helpful for medical patients, not what just what stoners like or from personal experience alone. For someone very THC sensitive or needing actual medical marijuana, its great. By the way aged, not fresh bud is better for sleep and less potent which is what some of us. Feels like a doctor’s waiting room, which I like

  249. Flowerfloat

    I always feel comfortable when I am here, and always feel welcomed! I experienced a small problem, which they went out of their way to rectify with me! I appreciate this team so much! <3

  250. TestPilot

    I feel safe coming here. Good location and very open parking lot.

  251. CBR990

    nice friendly staff wish the buds were fresher though

  252. Fumetsu

    the location is great the staff is great even the lobby but the buds are dry and crumbly and for the price hardly worth it. i once asked them why there weed is so dry and they replied “we cure our weed longer then most people so its easier to prepackage” but it doesnt need to be prepackaged if it wasnt for that fact i beleive the bud would be alot better. but i love the people there and the wait times are ok so long as the people who are buying the product dont take very long.

  253. dzigadziga

    I’m not normally one to leave reviews… but I was in the store today and found Tim to be EXCEPTIONALLY helpful (among other things, he helped convince me to upgrade my membership to take advantage of the limited-time freebies). Tim = the man.

    Take note, managerial overlords!

  254. Dmaurer

    Great staff always happy and helpful. The quality of the meds are the best in town in my opinion and definitely some of the best prices as well. Definitely will be recommending fellow patients to you.

  255. Richardwebb

    Knowing swc of Tempe made me hopeful that this place would be as good since it is the same company. I was glad to find this to be the case. Ya, a little dry, a little overpriced … But I have not found their equal.

  256. wynnster8

    quick and professional

  257. Marination

    Aurora Indica atm! was absolutely delish!

  258. Danksta83

    we need some super chronic. we pay too much money for dry crumbly nugs. I want see crystals showering off my buds when I break it open. most likely the growers selling for mass production. there is much better grown buds to be had my friends. look in high times for instance. compare sometime just for the heck of it. all in all its way too much money even for their best stuff. we need growers who care. growers for us. cheaper prices. for the people.

  259. BigJ808

    i. making a special trip here heard good things

  260. daniel710420

    this place is in town and has quality products. glad this place is close and never a long wait. Jennifer is a great tender

  261. mprueter

    Great selection of edibles and I absolutely love the Clear cartridges!! Tyler is an awesome bud tender:):)

  262. stefankirkendall

    Amazing location definitely will be coming back

  263. Suea57

    It is very close to my home, so I don’t have far to drive.

  264. Green480Valley

    Avoid Squeeze concentrates at all cost. They smoke awful, taste like chemicals, test at rock bottom low THC level (50% or less..) and look like poop soup. I’d recommend any brand over them. High Grade is a far superior buy here.

  265. stoon83


  266. larrechoate

    Poor customer service. If there was another dispencery in Prescott, SWC would loose my business all together.

  267. ObiWonCoby69

    I love this place.

  268. natmlt

    Good prices and knowledgeable staff make this an excellent location to purchase from.

  269. krisespo

    Best in Prescott. Happy 420!

  270. temetallica

    I like the atmosphere here and the people are always nice

  271. Cheekymummy

    This was my first time in a dispensary and was a bit nervous. They were so friendly and helpful. So glad this is so close to me. I love this place!

  272. riddlesgun

    After being at numerous dispensaries in AZ, this is one of the better ones. They have great discounts for Veterans but unlike others, they will give your discount AND honor any specials they advertise. They are very warm but professional. Large, clean waiting room with friendly front desk personnel. Knowledgeable personnel without being short or snooty. In fact they are eager to answer questions. I REALLY like the way this dispensary doesn’t seem paranoid and treat people like potential robbers or worse yet, treat you like they think you are working for the state to find infractions. They have quality products at a reasonable price with occasional specials that really help out us disabled Veterans. See you next month my new friends!

  273. Medicated_Critic420

    Medicine was pre-packaged which is fine, but the weed was very dry and did not taste good at all or have me feeling medicated at all. I do not suggest this place for the time being until they can improve quality of meds!

  274. jwardley78

    great place nice people. meds are fantastic what else can I say

  275. abilu

    Love this place. The staff is amazing the specials are great.

  276. sweetSarahnade

    exquisite customer service! My bud tender knew his weed-fomation…information pertaining to..weed. Dark helmet crumble got to the dark side of my pain. Definitely “I’ll be back”.

  277. vinyerd131

    very good product for a very low price keep your eye out for the purple Urkle

  278. wii13

    Good overall plenty of brands

  279. Clootie1

    good place to go and great people working but can be congested at times..

  280. Hhutch

    Very nice location that opens early. I love that.

  281. ethanquinn01

    Great help finding what strains work for me. Will be my new go to dispensary.

  282. mOnK

    nice service

    dry meds

    low THC

    will not

    be back

  283. gina58

    This dispensary is wonderful, the budtenders are so helpful, most times I just let them pick for me and I have never been disappointed. When I got my AZ card this was my first choice, and I still mostly shop here. They are like family and know me and I them.
    Tipping them was important to me and i’m sorry I cant anymore!
    keep it up yall!!

  284. Mom2map

    Meds are always effective, all though a little dry. Staff is friendly and knoledgeable. There are several strains I would like to see them carry. Perhaps they could take requests or suggestions.

  285. Summerof63

    We are going backward folks! I was in today & got some decent flower but it took forever. I sat in the lobby & watched the manager flirt with the hostes for almost thirty minutes. Once I got in the purchasing area the young man helping me was very courteous but the large Philippino gentleman in the room was tapping his fingers on the counter & staring at me making me feel uncomfortable. I miss the old staff that would open another register when people like me are in pain or in a hurry, instead of making me feel uncomfortable & troublesome to help. I’ll give it one more shot but only because it’s close & only one more!

  286. Herbalicious1

    The Durban poison was dank

  287. theearthsea7777

    great quality medication

  288. llccww

    Not so excited about the new bottles but I still love the products !

  289. Dukeofearlie

    They are Awesome here, & AK47 is my favorite!

  290. corkymain74

    great place. awesome people always

  291. elisabethwinn

    Love!! The best atmosphere and the best workers!

  292. brokensuperman

    I like the bud tenders and the decent selection only thing that bugs me a little is how dry the product is usually just feels weird to buy something pre packaged

  293. Gypsymoonchild21

    Thanks Ben for all your help! You always make my expierence there excellent

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