Health for Life Crismon

Leafly Pickup is available



9949 E Apache Trail, Mesa, AZ 85207


33.4143007, -111.6168246




9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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*First time patients to Health for Life Crismon can take advantage of a BOGO deal on ANY 1 item up to an 1/8th of flower or gram of concentrate equal or lesser value! Limit 1.** Deal must be used on the first visit only. Not Applicable with other Specials or Sales. Excludes Grow Sciences flower & Puff Co Peak. Restrictions may apply, please contact the dispensary for details

We offer discounts for Seniors, Veterans, SSA Disability Recipients, and Dispensary Agents with proper paperwork.

CASH/DEBIT – We have an ATM on site($2 FEE) and A DEBIT TERMINAL at the register ($5 FEE).


We are located on the Southwest corner of Apache Trail and Crismon Road in Mesa. Please call if you need directions.

(480) 400-1170
Front Desk: Option 1
Will-Calls: Option 2
**Please know your order before placing a will -call, we can not consult over the phone.**

Health for Life Dispensary is committed to serving the medical cannabis community of Arizona and we share our belief in the power of cannabis through quality medications and information. We offer top-of-the line THC and CBD medications such as Edibles, Flower, and Concentrates as an alternative to prescription drugs. Our staff is made up of helpful, knowledgeable patients who are driven to help others. Expect a friendly atmosphere here at Health for Life and let us assist you with all your cannabis needs.


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535 reviews for “Health for Life Crismon

  1. Buggynea65

    I love this place..Robert

  2. Gump2018

    Best place good stuff

  3. bboo321

    Now carrying select the carts!

  4. AKrist

    This has become my go to location. The specials are amazing, the staff is knowledgeable and they have a huge variety of products. Also love the pick up window.

  5. astone77

    clean and great peeps and nice selection

  6. Rebekahontiveros

    Awesome location. Great deals! Awesome people.

  7. desert37smoke

    Definitely will be coming here more often.

  8. imdabossdatsy

    awesome prices and availability

  9. Chiemoonrocks

    Location is great 1/4 mi from home and they have everything I need !

  10. yazi3012

    Their MPX concentrates are bomb !!!

  11. Kambria

    This place has great product, and even better specials! 2 oz for $150! OMG and is it good.

  12. 4809833921

    Awesome service! All the staff is so nice & very helpful with any questions I have ! Love this place !!!

  13. reviewmaster

    I don’t like how I was Baited ‘N Switched on the Dosidos flower I purchased. The sample jar was smelling a Lot Lot Lot more potent and fresh and they stuff I get when I get home is not even comparable. Whoever decided to come up with this scheme should be ASHAMED.

  14. Chelle3028

    Love this place great deals

  15. Chaslee2001

    Shady customer service!! Tell me there’s buy 2 get one free everyday, come back two days later and say…Oh we decided not to do that anymore! Get your shit straight and learn to have good morals!

  16. strangelyME

    This place is the best! So many deals and great products its hard to leave with just what you came in for! #1 for sure!

  17. ab25

    Health for life crismon just started doing pick up. It’s super fast, accurate and no line. What more could happen to help us paitents get our medication faster. Thanks health for life and Leafly com

  18. jazzmrun

    I’m so excited H4Lopened another dispensary! And it’s so cool they give you a new patient deal at each location. I love the new prices and I’m so glad this one is closer to my home

  19. Dastomba

    Recently opened close to me so I checked it out after the initial opening. The one negative I have for this dispensary is the parking. It kinda sucks. Other than that it is a good dispensary with decent prices and a good selection of flower and other products. I would like to see the lab results for their flower, I have specific terpines, and cannabinoids I look for. This dispensary has a lot of potentials, and I look forward to seeing where they go.

  20. slbailey

    Great price on oz. Flower was great. Not just little popcorn buds. Will definitely be back.

  21. azottoman

    awesome shop ! must visit in east valley

  22. suwarr7755

    Love this place it’s right around the corner and it’s very pleasant

  23. elmo430

    my fav disp…people are super friendly and get to know u, including security…awesome prices and great selection…$5 prerolls are where its at!

  24. NickelBrain

    Its Funny how you only post 5 star reviews..
    Thats hilarious. Way to hide your flaws which patients have the right to know about.Because you didnt post my initial review I will never waste my time nor money at any health 4 life facilities. Sunday goods is a terrible grower, its not even medicine, period.

  25. Just_Pete

    Came in the other day and took advantage of an awesome sale. Tried a Timeless GG#4 cartridge and some Dr. Who. Both Excellent……..

    Always have a nice visit, friendly staff, good selection, good quality and prices.

  26. kyndlefyre

    Amazing people and the product is the same! Highly recommend this place!!!

  27. Bradg412

    haven’t gotten the kind of service/atmosphere I get when come here…’s bright smiling atmosphere and they take their time making sure you got everything you came for also the prices on flower and concentrate are very decent

  28. bigwave

    I did in a phone order in and out very quick

  29. tfa

    One of my favorites in the valley. The patient specials are getting better and better. Phenomenal patient service!!!

  30. Leyla_alyel90

    Very rude. Whether you can bring your child or not should be clarified at dispensaries. Shouldn’t feel like I’m doing something bad I am at the pharmacy. Unprofessional.

  31. FrankieFigs

    I was given the wrong eighth. I had to call once home because the bag was packed. Thr manager informed me I’d get a free eighth the next time. This free eighth was not notated in my file, so I paid for a strain that made me anxious and feel awful. I’m not a pleased customer..

  32. SeedBearer

    Really Ghetto Location. I feel like I’m about to get mugged every time I show up.

  33. buckwylde12

    Awesome mpx cartridges.

  34. st0n3rb1tch420

    love this new location!!!!

  35. alanh3625

    Great friendly people. Clean environment but the atmosphere in the waiting room feels aEURoecoldaEUR and jailed in? Hopefully you get what I mean, other than that it’s great.

  36. plebillo69

    been to the othe one great place will be visiting this new location i know i wont be disappointed

  37. Judith1

    hit and miss on friendliness. but good selection

  38. Bryanjamesosborne

    Amazing staff! Beat all the 420 deals!

  39. taxigerl1721

    H4L Crismon is always fast and efficient. They have great product and service.

  40. kevinmcd89

    This location is the only reason I get out of bed most days. The staff is all wonderful and always happy and treats everyone with respect. I love H4L. 🙂

  41. Rykelma

    best price great customer service bud life here

  42. Dillinger70

    Your staff is awesome especially Brad he always so helpful !!! Love you guys !!!

  43. ashpetals

    so happy this location is close to home. this is my go to dispensary great prices and great flower

  44. Gman1966

    I love H4L Crismon! The budtenders are always super cool.

  45. Paulwallbaby

    awesome place! right down the street! great flower and staff!

  46. LilsECRET222

    The security guard is one of my favorite people at this dispensary. He always puts a smile on my face. the bud tenders have always been so helpful with information and pointing out exactly what I’m looking for.

  47. gama246

    Good location..easy to get to. great staff

  48. momtyson3

    Great little location on the east side. Budtenders are smooth so far with a great selection of great meds!

  49. brandonaaronwilson

    get a review preroll thx

  50. tylee298

    Love the Flowers here. Love the Budtenders. dY’s

  51. Hdrider72

    My go to dispensary dY’

  52. raemond831

    they are friendly an very knowledgeable. the product was fire as well.

  53. T8mehyr

    Great meds, nice receptionists, knowledgeable budtenders & good prices. Its got it all.

  54. OG86

    Really Nice Spot with Quality Meds Freshly packaged dense buds nicely coated is tri’s ,smooth smoke burning to white ashes. Will be a spot i definitely be visiting again.

  55. lorenzo1996

    came down here for my ftp to get bogo on mpx love the quality by far my favorite wax but was a little disappointed since both my 1g were both around .2g short… disappointed that since they manufacture it they can atleast weight it right.

  56. RBscribble

    It’s new come in and check it out. I love the convenience of this location it’s right around the corner from my house. Everything has been awesome each time I’ve been in!!!

  57. Buffalo1

    Friendly and proficient.

  58. Tjsteph123

    overall great place and prices im just awkward as it is and some staff seem a little short tempered or mad to service some or that they dont even wanna be there overall great place

  59. azgrower

    Love the other two locations first time at this one I’m sure it’s good

  60. SSV79

    great prices and great products

  61. Chiefin_NativeAZ

    love BlackBerry kush awesome bud.

  62. maxwell4274

    Great bud, awesome bud tenders. On my way back now!

  63. mesatim

    Love this new location! Easy to order online, pick up in store so you know you’re getting what you’re going for!

  64. Tinker_77

    I love my visits here. everyone is so helpful and kind. the product is great. I would recommend to everyone.

  65. RigoO

    This place rocks. Best concentrates in town at a cool ass price. Chill friendly staff.

  66. thegirlsgotspunk

    Great flower for a great price and the budtenders can’t be beat.

  67. BeansMcIllRoy

    Super friendly and outgoing staff!

  68. mkkummer420

    I absolutely love Health for Life Crismon. Everyone is so nice and polite, and they are very knowledgeable about the products they sell. I especially like the express pickup service. I highly recommend Health for Life Crismon for your medical cannabis needs.

  69. Ntomas72

    I love the deals and amazing staff that is awesome every visit

  70. Jescobar1980

    Friendliest dispensary I have been to, everyone there is so nice and informative. Patient appreciation day’s, love it!

  71. Brian_cordero420

    good weed fast customer service good deals

  72. Rayj1994

    best deals, best bud. love their 60 half ounces.

  73. trichombre14

    Very diasapointed in service today. Most likely will not be back. Kid who helped me needs to be more professional or find a new damn job. Wish I would have never came in today. Very disappointing!!!!!

  74. cdizz88

    small but same H4L quality

  75. Laurenwilder

    Best CBD in town!!!

  76. Kkoszuth

    my new favorite dispensary. I will make the drive to this place. great prices and product! the staff is super helpful and friendly.

  77. Jessemesa480

    Best in town and the staff are always helpful and friendly and helpful

  78. Mommaof2e.m

    I love this dispensary they have very friendly staff and fabulous medicine!

  79. mochacino1

    So far its my favorite of there locations, also super close to home now so thats great!

  80. Natedberry

    Great Place Great bud! Also great deals!

  81. Mannyjuana1

    Good buds cheap prices great deals

  82. Invested1

    great quick and efficient

  83. rozaar

    Welcome to Far East Mesa! Perfect location!
    3 visits since grand opening. everyone on staff knows what they’re doing. Quality is top notch and well priced.
    Would like to see thc:cbd 1:1 concentrates, but I am a very happy customer and future regular.

  84. Musicismyvoice

    Amazing people, fantastic service, love coming back every time. My favorite budtender works here and she makes my visit a million times better every time!

  85. theincrediblebulk

    first of all good idea opening up 10 minutes from any other dispensary! and thank you for doing so because finally for the first time I can take a leisurely stroll to the dispensary instead of having to drive way out of my way. great central location, great friendly staff and I actually very much appreciate the security given the surrounding neighborhoods. the quality of mpx brand products as well is incredible and health for life has the best prices on mpx ive seen. the bud selection is excellent as well, and they have great deals on that as well. I was both pleased and impressed with the quality of everything I came away with. thank you guys I will be back! and I will recommend everyone I know in the area.

  86. drolo96

    always love the other loc cant wait for this one to open so much closer and will save so much time.

  87. l2osemary

    Gonna Try this New Location!

  88. freekris2017

    Love this place!

  89. meggurzmarie

    sweet deals, friendly bud tenders, good quality

  90. suhhhdude2017

    Great shop. great staff!

  91. chatters55

    Happy that’s it’s located in the neighborhood.

  92. Turkizh

    new favorite place in valley to get special deals

  93. Daddyslilgirl0119

    very quick hard the order ready when i talked in although 40 min jas ever been the longest wait i have waited for a txt back

  94. CHItoPHX

    Happy New Year! Keep up being the best around

  95. Grumpy

    Newest location. Been here only once but no different then other locations. Staff is awesome familiar faces. Great flower and reconditions. Health for life is amazing why change dispensary’s when you have all your needs Met and convenient.

  96. bobsmustang05

    A great experience for anyone. Mich like the other locations the budtenders are knowledgeable and friendly.

  97. Treejay4200

    great pricing and great flower

  98. macdgran1

    The dispensary itself is nicely laid out, it is roomy and I have not felt a bit rushed by the staff, the product is easy to see and pick from, which is very nice. I also got really excellent recommendations from the staff. The flower I bought the first day I was there was so excellent I had to go back and get more and it is priced very inexpensively. Over all I would say this is the nicest dispensary I have been too.

  99. babs4life20

    Best dispensary in town! Best prices, Best quality, Best budtenders! Will continue shopping Health For Life!

  100. PattiRox

    Love this dispensary!

  101. papafrank64

    The “Cheers” of neighborhood dispensaries! Everyone knows my name!

  102. sugarwendy

    Great selection..friendly faces.. Great atmosphere..Thanks Tim

  103. Osheanu3

    I was in and out,great service.

  104. mwj568

    like this place it’s quick and easy people work there are great product is good hard to beat

  105. JerryMorris

    Staff is very courteous and helpful.

  106. buffyk9

    Brandon has very good customer service skills. He was very helpful with my order and he has a great sense of humor. I also like the convenience of the new location. The store looks really nice and clean inside and everybody greets you with a smile and is very friendly. I recommend this location and Brandon to anyone.

  107. Kaptainkush9719

    great bud and amazing prices friendly staff i would recommend

  108. mariahlynn41112

    it’s amazing!!!! dYtmOEdYtmOEdYtmOE

  109. mercedeskay

    Staff was friendly and very helpful !! Will be coming back. Great options of flower

  110. Sintaya

    Powerful friendly and positive auras permiate this great dispensary.Marissa was my budtender today and she was very helpful to me when i asked her to explain
    how to use shatter and the differences from smoking flower which is all i do atm.She made it easy to understand and made me feel she had all the time in the world to help and answer my questions .Also I wanted to personally thank “Katie”.She was my very first budtender and was kind warm and welcoming to all the questions i asked her .Not to mention the list of affictions i shared with her to help her understand what she thought would best help me and she was spot on .Marissa was also spot on in recommending helpful ways to help as well.These young women where just great!Everyone I have every met there are just as Inteligent,knowledgable,caring and Just amazing! Will always shop here.
    Thank you Sincerly, Annalisa
    P.s. Bought White Fire OG & Sour Diesle .They rock!

  111. Isabella0104

    best dispensary in the valley. mpx products and the most consistent brand I ve found. the staff is awesome and the product always on point.

  112. BryceAndrew1029

    I have never been to any Health for life dispensaries before this one opened on the 6th. I can confidently say that this is now one of my favorites and I will definitely being going to the other locations just so I can really get to know health for life and I really can’t wait for my wife’s and I eyes visit back today. prices on cartridges are fair and the bud is great!

  113. 16051605

    Hit and miss

  114. Lastrealindian

    Excellent selection of top shelf flowerz. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I am recovering from knee surgery and I need a walker. I was helped all the way by smiling faces. Great Dispensary.

  115. tylergk98

    Amazing staff awesome deals top quality flower and pre rolls

  116. amandaohrstrom3

    love it convenient close to home

  117. rob2310

    Awesome place friendly staff

  118. hippie.chic

    This is a real review, not based on the intent for a free pre-roll. LOL

    This is not my favorite dispensary because it does not seem most employees love their jobs or love the customers. It could be a management issue. Too many rules also over how and when you can use your first time special. It seems whenever I visit this location, my budtender either comes off as fake, disinterested, or borderline a-hole. Personally, I prefer the dispensaries where they treat you like family, and not like cattle. The reason why I mention the management issue is that staff is like this at the Ellsworth location too, so I assume it’s that way at all three locations. I will travel a little further just to get my green meds if deals are competitive and staff are super knowledgeable and friendly.

  119. HeidiO

    Love this place! And as busy as my life is, using leafly pick up makes it that much easier to shop!

  120. Katlinann95

    Good service, great quality flower

  121. FourTwoOh

    This location is super convenient and they have a great selection of edibles!

  122. doot4monkey

    Spiffy selection, wish they would get master kush in stock, quality products

  123. aarongeary

    First time patient deal is a steal , and the prices are great

  124. MDL86

    The edibles and preroll safe the perfect price! Everyone is always so friendly.

  125. Jessejame13

    I like try med they always have the best service and cheap prices

  126. Brandawg

    Always top notch. Best deals in town

  127. wDrizzl3

    Best quality bud for your price. $35 top shelf 1/8th and $25 mid. Smoke weeed erry’day

  128. azlazboy

    I love this dispensary!!! Quick will calls, great prices and most of all awesome QUALITY!!! Keep it up!!!

  129. Alilredof3

    My favorite place!dY~
    Good people
    Good product
    Good prices

  130. Joseluisconde

    great reliable location

  131. Tobesbro13

    Decent dispensary at best, personally not a fan, there are far better dispensaries in the area with better prices and better quality.

  132. karra01

    Headed back to visit! I had a great first experience and great deals following!

  133. snoopdoggeyez

    This place is good.

  134. caiking420

    I just got stiffed on my refer friend pre-rolls. Couple weeks ago I walked in two individuals. And the bud tender is the one who told me there was a prerolled coming . They didn’t have any pre-rolls that day or only had like one or two left. So I asked him can I get it the next time I come in he said sure. So I’m kind of down in the money right now and remember that hey I have pre-rolls with this place. So I go in today. Guess what? There is no pre-rolls for me. Imagine that. Two people I referred to that place. Two people I walk into the building with. Yet nothing is tied to me nothing shows I have any approvals. And why is it I always get the same bud tender tall guy Jim or John or something like that. Only got two different bud tenders while I was there. Not even sure if I’m even going to step foot back in the place. It hit me when I was down hill for life, I don’t like that.

  135. jmebee44

    I love this location. I love their assortment of pre-rolls and edibles. I drive out of my way just to come here. They are always helpful and friendly.

  136. Fosta

    These guys are awesome! Great service, and when they ran out of an item I wanted, they went out of their way to make sure I was happy!

  137. MichaelAyo93

    One of the best dispensaries with some of the best selections and excellent staff I would recommend stopping by

  138. Chicory303

    I was helped by a lovely young lady who answered my many questions with knowledge and warmth. I’m new to mmj so the welcoming atmosphere is very important.

  139. Emma8285

    Fast service. Friendly safe

  140. Espio950

    The hype is real

  141. Victoria_V_78381

    I love this place, they have the best deals and they take the time to explain things to you.

  142. Spoonstunes

    I’m happy with the staff and medical marijuana , not happy about service on a vape pen having problems less than 2 months old told to contact manufacture in China so far no response but was informed by staff no warranty from dispensary , but when I called was told to bring it back they check it out never said no warranty till I got there and they were out of stock was told no warranty .so my advice don’t buy anything other than medical product from them , I was very happy with my experience until problems with vape pen

  143. KaliforniaKush619

    love the new location, same great budtenders, new location. was able to get a free 1/8 of tangerine dream.

  144. Angelsailor

    Never dissatisfied. Very friendly staff. Good selections

  145. Tspot82

    great place

  146. denarhrocks

    Wouldn’t be my first choice for good flower. Patient appreciation day was about quantity not appreciation. Came for the deals but won’t be back after poor customer service.

  147. Marcia33

    Vape Bruce Banner

  148. TracyAnn73

    so glad I live close too this place . Great prices & products .. dY~

  149. mthouchen

    Nice people, nice place, good product and prices

  150. Nodal001

    This place was great, the gentleman Dean helped me out. Me was nice and knowledgeable. Will come back!

  151. Unleashedluse

    Amazing place and great staff. Never used anything before and staff was great, great sales on product! I would recommend this place for everyone. Clean and pretty store!

  152. DJRAD124

    love coming here so close to home love the people who woke here very chill

  153. SteveKerr

    Great location
    Great staff

  154. Buggynea72

    Awesome products and awesome service…Peace lisa

  155. ThreeDSprFr

    always excellent patient service.

  156. Tanyaruth1

    Great people great meds

  157. 2002lancerOZ

    parking is a little rough here but overall worth the experience. friendly bud tenders and good product. Fair prices on flower and my mom also tried the CBD rub for a sprained ankle and says it works magic! Would recommend this dispensery to any friends.

  158. thesethdm

    They got rid of their 15$ mpx cartridges, makes me frustrated to think they boosted up their prices to 32$ on the cartridges. They knocked them down to 15$ to clear out what they had and raised the price back up which is stupid. It’s all gimics. I loved this place and when they did that I kind of lost faith in the business.

  159. btrogers

    it’s great

  160. JareBear113

    This as to be by far my favorite place to go because of the fact that now it’s closer to me and it has great bud and recommend for everyone to go here

  161. Shortround12

    they do not apply deals to phone orders so if you have a kid or cant sit very long then you can’t go on days they have deals. this needs to change

  162. Lsdblitxs

    Friendly bud tenders and awesome product

  163. Derbygirl

    I love this place! The customer service is awesome, friendly and knowledgeable, the prices are dY’dY>>

  164. ecko602

    I love it! close to my house

  165. tmlusk13

    great people and product my go to every time

  166. Misty72

    Love this place!!! Always good quality products!

  167. Tinyterrer

    Amazing place my favorite dispensary for the simple fact that the staff are awesome and it’s super simple to find what you want.

  168. joe46

    great staff and great products with the menu always expanding it’s a shame that your menu doesn’t get updated properly on this site I do hope that leafy gets it right again

  169. Amber718

    this place awesome! great product and best prices. also great location.

  170. ShantonMurrell

    the tree is good

  171. bigsmack1212

    awesome place! good people and all the works had a smile on there faces!!

  172. Kilam7000

    best spot in town close to home and good bud

  173. katinaflohrs

    Employees are friendly, place has a clean, relaxing vibe, & the selection is good. Overall a great experience.

  174. Cynthia13

    I love the environment and the staff that is in this location are always very helpful very calm and wonderful with all information on the products and extremely friendly thank you

  175. Pipedream42023

    Just picked up some grow Sciences wedding cake oh boi was this some fire the taste was incredible so was the high I go all over the state and H4L has the best shit at a great price the Grow Science is worth the top shelf price unlike most places you can buy the mids at H4L that compare to most top shelf places I’ve been to dY’-

  176. mbroad

    Health for life is the best! Great service and selection and I’m never disappointed with my purchase dY~S

  177. 4200240

    It is fun sitting here with 20 other patients. While ya all talk it up in the back. Lmao

  178. Tylergk19

    Amazing dispensary very friendly staff and awesome flower choices. And the option to smell the flower!!! Never liked another dispensary more

  179. craziebaby

    This place always has great deals going on, and the customer service is great! dY’

  180. Dalenancy

    A good visit,everyone was very nice to me from front to back.just a prefect visit.tgank you…

  181. Belinda1982

    i love it

  182. Bobogogo13

    if you work at the desk and take phone orders you should know all the products. I asked for dense buds and I got told I’m not sure what we have. um well can you get someone on the phone who does!!!!

  183. Malachi1170

    This is one of my favorite places wonderful atmosphere and bud tenders!!! dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’

  184. Michelleat68

    Always awesome people and goodies!

  185. Memasmith

    Very helpful, good deals

  186. itsjontaylor

    I remember when this used to be an old liquor store! Now it’s doing a lot better!

  187. OkiDokiTokiLoki

    great deals. super busy but got in quickly

  188. CalamityClem1361

    I love this location! Everyone is super friendly and helpful here. Flower is on pointdY’oe

  189. Lauren091990

    The staff is always amazing
    They are quick, even when busy! Much appreciated!

  190. MrWayne03

    Great atmosphere! Quality flower and knowledgeable staff. Definitely coming back!

  191. angelwithhornsab

    Best dispensary they have a great crew here and lots of good stuff, nice and friendly , warm environment

  192. Nevaeh13

    Everytime we come here everyone is so helpful and super friendly!! dY’sdY’1/2dY’s

  193. Myfamily420

    favorite location in arizona. wonderful meds and amazing staff

  194. grandmanaz63

    my favorite place

  195. andrew105

    they are wonderful staff and they always have what you need

  196. Juliesecor

    great service

  197. Deanwise

    Awesome place ! Friendly staff and some of the best selections in Mesa!

  198. BecSul1

    First off the i extremely appreciate the security gaurd there most of the time during the evenings he is so kind and caring asked me tonight if I was parked around the corner and it made me feel at ease even though I was parked right in front, he cares he would have walked me around the corner how freaking cool!! They all make you feel welcome and are friendly. I love all the staff there and products are always awesome no matter what I get. Not to mention their Great daily specials.

  199. Nessz1lla

    First time here and the staff was so welcoming! Left beyond happy i will be back every time i need something!

  200. ROCK625

    Very clean environment the workers are very informative and quite knowledgeable, on any question I had, And very friendly

  201. Jetstu

    Not impressed. Rushed. Not attentive. A number. There are options elsewhere

  202. CherryNova84

    I love going here, everyone is so helpful and it knowledgeable about all the products in stock.

  203. Mackman25

    Nice nice nice is all I can say

  204. LaurieLou1016

    Absolutely love this place!!! Great prices, quality, and awesome staff!!! Today is patient application day!!!

  205. emmettw81

    Great meds for a great price. Same great tenders. Consistent.

  206. mijogarcia

    absolutely the best dispensary in az

  207. cookiemonster1979

    New location same great products. I was skeptical of the quality for the price but was pleasantly surprised. The flower is top notch !

  208. GDPfanAZ

    I visited a location on Crismon Rd. in Mesa for the first time. It’s only been open a few months and I wanted to just pop in and see what they have to offer. I asked at the front desk if I could go in without making a purchase. Since I have my card, it was easy. I was very impressed with the variety of strain specific products. Inside me I have an excitement building to try the concentrate products. I left with a #Vitalhoneystick in hand for the lowest price eva! Soon I will be a regular face at this place. If you are reading this, you should be too. #RSOOILLOWPRICE

    Update: On my second visit the bud tender was casual and hesitant to accommodate the deal I had previously negotiated on my first visit. My request was eventually granted and I was able to pick up those MPX concentrates I was google eyed over. I will definitely be back.

  209. Az1234phx

    My favorite store! Great prices and awesome selection. Staff is always helpful and friendly.

  210. Mayra_G

    just picked my very first online order and WOW this place is fast!!!!! Definetly ordering online again

  211. HelloSunshine89

    friendly staff – good bud – awesome deals dY$?~

  212. snmendoza

    Good deals each day of the week, wide variety of products/flower to choose from, patient appreciation day once a month are the best. Staff/Securirty most of the time in a stuck up mood & want you to just hurry up and get out , have no personality unless they know you personally. A lot of (dirty) weed/product being grown w pesticides. Waiting times are the worst and can be waiting anywhere from 20minutes-1hour depending how busy it is. ATM inside will charge you a double fee to take out your money

  213. kyleev21

    Near my house, makes it convenient! Good prices for good flower.

  214. jrwohlert

    Never had a complaint at all…tenders are knowledgeable and make it great!

  215. Awise9095

    Wonderful staff and great products at a reasonable price

  216. volkkid719

    great staff, great products!

  217. Strongasalion

    very knowledgeable employees

  218. kosherkris

    Always has great selection of flower!

  219. mommyaches

    friendly staff, good selection on products

  220. mrmiller8

    Nice place! Nice staff! 4 minutes away!
    Who could ask for more? Congrats on new place! dY$?$?dY*odY1/4dY$?$?dY*odY1/4dY$?$?

  221. Aduar87

    This place is awesome. I love it so much. Vanilla Kush was on point

  222. lexmex2243

    Staff was amazing!

  223. greer609

    I drive far from Florence so it’s a long drive but worth it.great service and great flower and deals come in check it out

  224. kristy806

    love this place come. almost everyday after work

  225. jdtguss

    Great Meds and Excellent Customer Service!

  226. kciccarelli

    the stationed cop you guys have sitting outside your facility proceeds to tell everyone who shows up that this location is permanently closed. I call and get a completely different story everytime. it’s extremely inconvenient and I will no longer be going to this location.

  227. bigshaq55

    My first time in today and the service has been great so far and the website is clear on what they offer excited to try everything I get.

  228. Codysgirl

    It was great

  229. kmarquand

    first time here but if it’s like their two other locations it’s a great place to get medicine.

  230. azwildcat420

    this place has best cbd

  231. marciah33

    The 11, Liked 🙂

  232. BLUESMOKE92

    this is a very nice location.they are really showing and proving themselves by the quality medicine that they have to offer.along with the fact that they are very helpful and give great service.this is a must go to if you havent gone.very nice interior and exterior.kind people.all in all a great location

  233. luckygingerking

    great selection and friendly staff!

  234. robin328

    great shop…fast efficient service and quality meds…staff is on point and always smiling…I’ll be back

  235. Milenko143

    About time a new shop opened up closer to Apache Junction Thank you!!!!

  236. Tbarnard

    Pick-up is hella convenient if you don’t have the time to go in and sit. It’s legit in and out!

  237. chrissherwood

    Great service and really good product. Love the concentrates

  238. randexoxo

    Super cool place, and good prices, I would definitely recommend to anyone!

  239. YaGaaaabageKid

    Mario is the coolest, smelliest person in the shop. If he were a flower, he would be a dandylion.

  240. Thumper26


  241. Papafrank1964

    my favorite of the three locations. staff is awesome product is top shelf and the creme brule is the bomb!

  242. JackqueFrost

    Friendly service and the deals are Great dY’

  243. Beccabb071

    Wonderful service.

  244. Rodneysbaby

    great place. i come here often. i highly recommend the pick up service!

  245. motomom469

    It was my first time purchasing online for pickup cuz thought it would be easier but still ended up waiting in lobby till my order was ready. Is all good now so no worries. dY$?–dY~Z

  246. highguydavid

    first time in got my freebie buy-one-get-one 1/8 loved it very fast very courteous paperwork is lickety split done get you in and out and on your way

  247. mattleekwiles

    fast and easy

  248. Afghaniskunk_710

    h4L has been a decent shop for a while now ive been going to them since the beginning on Ellsworth like 4 or 5 years ago, they are okay at what they do but they dont have much concern for the patients. twice now ive come in waited 15 to 20 mins to get in the back pick out what I want then they tell me I’ve hit my limit and can’t buy anything… wouldn’t it be better to check that at the front window so they don’t waste your time and let you think you can get meds? Or maybe don’t text people to remind them med card will expire tomorrow and to come stock up the same day you refused service to them… idk they seem to put in effort but they treat the patients like crap alot of the time, honestly idk if they are worth visiting anymore.

  249. Tammyooo

    I love this place .let start with the products. flower is superb concentrates are mind blowing. the Butenders are so friendly

  250. irish930

    I was recommended this location by their sister location. If they are anything like the other location I think I will be in great hands.

  251. amberchavezaj

    Awesome people, good buds dY$?–

  252. jjbel184

    I’m sorry the staff inside are great but we were immediately upon pulling into the lot harassed by a rude security lady I believe , that took pictures of my truck and the passenger with me? I’m disgusted at this treatment after legally possessing a medical license. I will never come back here . I’m a grown working man in my thirty’s not a punk kid. This lady should seriously be reprimanded for her behavior

  253. macaleze

    Best dispensary in East Valley. Great pricing & product.

  254. Caryberry

    Great service and quality!

  255. chillybean15

    I love that I am always greeted with a smile when I walk in & the service was really fast using using pickup with leafly!

  256. Bgaz0758

    always on top of their game!

  257. Tiffanytimmer

    Just found this place super excited to see what they have to offer

  258. Ashaynes

    5 Stars everyday daily specials. I love the strain green crack and can’t wait to try more. Great friendly staff always.

  259. Sativadude420

    I love health for life amazing flower and their pre rolls are fire!

  260. LaurasWorld420

    H4L Crismon East MESA Az

    Nice helpful staff,Good quality products,cozy atmosphere, good location for East Mesa

  261. azlazyboy

    Good buds and great location. 6/10/18

  262. CyndiK

    Wonderful people who are knowledgeable and friendly

  263. Boaterone

    This is the third time in this shop. I would not recommend it. Long wait times and rude staff.

  264. jwylde1970

    Still and always my favorite place to go for everything!

  265. smashleyj1988

    Everyone is so great and their $5 prerolls were amazing!

  266. cathyeismont

    My favorite thing about H4L at any location you get the best of it all ….customer service….selection and quality….love love love…all good things

  267. scottkatelyn21

    better then natures wonder for sure!!

  268. Tiffany3217

    Great products and service with friendly employees. Plus I like the prices and location is very convenient for me.

  269. LovelyBones17

    I absolutely love this location. All employees are courteous and helpful. establishment is always clean and well organized.

  270. nylamarie14

    I love the people at this location!

  271. danielb710

    Disappointing 1st time visit. Browsed the menu at all their locations and decided to go to this location to pick up some honey banana sauce. After a 40 minute drive each way, I was saddened to be told that you didn’t have any, despite your in-store and leafly menu saying you do. And since I have to use my FTP deal on my first visit I was forced to compromise for a strain that I didn’t spend my time coming to your location for. I’m a big fan of high-end sauces and concentrates and H4L had lots of potential of me becoming a customer, but I shouldn’t be lied to and forced to comprise on my first visit. Not a good first impression and because of that my first visit is quite likely my last…learn to keep your menus updated 🙁

  272. heisenberg454

    Ive never been to this location but I called because I had questions on their product. Im relatively new to medical marijuana so I still have many questions. The girl I spoke with was EXTREMELY short, rude and completely unhelpful. If I could give less than one star, I certainly would. This is the exact way to lose business Ill go elsewhere.

  273. shocker11

    Love this place!

  274. Vieyra27ak

    First time at this location. Excited to see to try the selection.

  275. christine11

    The everyday sales at this place are the best! Great quality and fast service. everyone is such a great help and patient. Thank you health for life staff!!

  276. dannydiarte

    I love the product.

  277. Popstylemjuser

    Great customer service enjoyed the visit great quality product everytine

  278. Achivehights2018!

    The staff is amazing and the products are at high quality.

  279. Funinsungirl

    Love the location, staff and quality of flower. Would definitely recommend this dispensary.

  280. jpruitt

    So far this location has the best gluten free edible selection over any other dispensary. So happy to have options other than aEURoegummy ringsaEUR. a$?i,a$?i,a$?i,a$?i,a$?i,a$?i,a$?i,

  281. Klotz24

    love going here for vapes:)

  282. Felipe2010

    Love this place everyone is always friendly and very helpful. Recommend tto everyone

  283. joebob0420

    I think that it is in a real good spot and parking is nice and accessable

  284. treatmelikegold

    chill spot. no long waits.

  285. Slo_Mo

    I’m super psyched about the fact that it’s on the same street I reside on and much more convenient for me check back for further updates on staff and product LOL

  286. DarkoKushman

    great location, close to home, great staff

  287. lexitalbot23

    Always super quick and the staff is nice and helpful! They never get annoyed with questions(: A1 tree too

  288. Jillbilly

    love it’s closer to home

  289. Antwon21

    The pre rolls here are exemplary!!!


    I believe that it’s in a good location and the people are great.

  291. Rockenstoner

    Health for life crismon was such a blessing for this area. Great medicine for affordable prices.

  292. Juffthemage

    Go to one of the other two

  293. jltyson23

    Love the Leafly pickup! Andrew was very kind and helpful as usual. Great team all around.

  294. BadW0lf86

    I’m a new patient to MMJ and my budtender couldn’t have been more helpful. Super professional and friendly with good prices, will be returning : )

  295. Dead-Alive

    Best service in Apache Junction, concentrates are very high quality and priced lower than anyone else that I have been in five years, attractive staff never hurts either.

  296. Wernettchantel

    this is a great dispensary i would recommend to everyone. dY~S

  297. Maryjanesmymainbitch

    The best around

  298. ThC_MaN

    love it and the ppl

  299. cathylw

    This place was great! Very helpful staff, nice environment, good product!!!!!!:-)

  300. samerrafitch98

    Awesome staff & great choice of flower to choose from!

  301. jakesnake123

    Great location for east east valley patients

  302. donnaomalleystonedaf

    Health for life Crismon is an awesome dispensary. Quick check ins& short wait times. The place is very clean & products are well displayed for ez purchase. The bud tenders are very helpful. Their brownies are terrific! I would highly recommend health for life Crismon to all !!!

  303. cpainter84

    Health for life is one of my favorite dispensaries. I love the staff at every location. Very good selection and prices

  304. M.Ayo93

    this dispensary has some of the best selections in a great staff I would definitely recommend stopping by

  305. jon926918

    there buds and there budtenders are dope asf

  306. naturallyHealed19

    dinner for my new patient special buy one get one and it wasn’t bad. I’ll be back

  307. Kynkamkait

    The service was awesome

  308. Sammiev69


  309. jclpdq


  310. CherylBabyyy

    Great Bud, Nice Budtenders and Fantastic Prices! Love this place!

  311. Dmc42oH

    Always nice to drop in.

  312. Brent_2018

    Great place and helpful staff

  313. britt1m

    My favorite place in the whole world. Great quality and prices. And everyone is awesome.

  314. Johnwick42o

    wish they had just grams that r not in preroll

  315. bakednblistered

    This is my “go to” dispensary. Always get a good deal here. Customer service is spot on. Excellent customer appreciation specials!!!

  316. jam69

    easy to get to and as always fast great buds and low prices my go to place

  317. ThatGuy98

    the email was the only place that said while supplies last your text message and you’re deeply both said all day so I feel like I was lied to. good luck hunting hustling all these East Mesa they’ll catch on soon enough.

  318. K1k0

    Great place, great people always fun, good pricing 8^}

  319. Flowerpotgirl420

    I love all the health for life dispensaries, especially the Crimson location! Friendly staff, fresh products, I love that they take their time with me and don’t rush me. They are very knowledgeable about their products and always find me a great deal! Will always continue going back!

  320. lina83

    this is a great place love there deals

  321. mmb5842

    Even though the dispensary is new the budtenders are experienced and knowledgeable. This is a really nice dispensary with great flower at great prices.

  322. starr18

    love this location. very friendly staff

  323. Mari1na

    I like there daily deals also always very helpful

  324. junioraa123

    awesome place friendly staff and always good flower for price alot of room to sit and have your space, and the guard outside us always nice

  325. Tmn420

    Freaking amazing people with great deals and service !

  326. anthonyogkush

    Good Quality meds and concentrates are dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  327. Ice_cream

    I cant say there’s anything not to love about this place. The bud tenders are fantastic and make u feel uplifting and puts a smile on your face. The bud is fantastic, and it’s always a quick in and out , no long waits! I love this place!

  328. simzyk

    good location, good people, and good meds

  329. Twistdmcrn

    Staff is always helpful and friendly. Never feel rushed, quality meds.

  330. Kickappo

    bull spit there first time patient
    deal is all bull shit . tryed to buy qtr due to first time to get one free as they say . but bud tender said that that deal only applies to
    8th. so they need to put that info
    on the first time notification.

  331. SlumpGang480

    Worst Dispensary I have ever been to. Checked on there DAILY UPDATED menu to come in and be told they sold out THE DAY BEFORE. Never again will I ever spend my hard earned money here I should’nt have to second guess my medicine you guys say u have in stock. this isn’t the first time either this is multiple occurrences

  332. zenmama2000

    Get the og-18 while you can guys! Really tasty stuff

  333. varney223

    Love this shop! Health for life has it going on! From the mpx to there flower deals! There 25 8th is most people mid to top shelf! So glad this location has opened! Close to home

  334. ace4yrn

    Best weed around I love this place !!

  335. dbjeeps

    I’ve been going here since they have opened. always a good experience

  336. Mb6613

    Nice place good products and fast.

  337. Bribri24

    I absolutely loved the place!!!

  338. KayBaby85

    Great dispensary. Love the call in option so I can pick up my order at the window in the front. I don’t have to leave my son with autism home and put him through anxiety while I am gone. I can take him with me.

  339. Mokeymoke480

    Love H4L…great service…great buds…great price

  340. Connornwallace

    Absolutly favorite place, always quick and friendly

  341. seapoisontree

    Katie is the best honestly! Came in and I knew what I wanted but got slightly distracted/excited about the new patient special and over spent! BUT. I didn’t have enough at first for everything I wanted. So Katie helped me compromise and I couldn’t have been happier with my purchase. 2nd visit today and loving it so far every time!

  342. CalamityClem

    I love Health for life! super helpful staff and nice facilities dY’oe

  343. MPXdaily

    Staff was very knowledgeable and answered my questions. However, I ordered TangieKnight live resin and when I got home I noticed that it was Tangiland. I call that a bait and switch. make sure you look at what you buying because they don’t have to give you what you asked for.

  344. hollymw

    I love this place. I have been going to the east Mesa location. I passed 2 dispensaries to get to health for life because of the people and the quality. when crismon location opened I was THRILLED. I live a stoned throwaway and I save on gas money so I can buy more medication. this location has some of my fav budtender’s from the east Mesa location. it was so nice walking in and seeing people i knew. this place rocks and i go to no other. thanks for opening this location!

  345. babvariety

    Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. This is my go to location for deals.

  346. kmk420247

    Super awesome staff and great buds

  347. RMDJ

    Great selection of concentrates!

  348. queentowwy420

    I usually really love coming here. Their concentrates are great BUT the shortage of Indica is extremely disappointing. Numerous times i go they only have one or two strains in CONCENTRATES. While in flower they have a pretty decent selection. You see, I react poorly to Sativa and most hybrids. I get really bad anxiety if i smoke Sativa dominated strains. If you guys could get MORE INDICA. I would give this place 5 stars.

  349. Mchippie420

    I was in and out fast, the budtenders had great recommendations and the product is great. The atmosphere is very inviting and uplifting.

  350. Two_In_Da_Pink


  351. BrandonAWilson005

    Just love these guys ,they are less busy and more strict nice to my kindflowers.

  352. dustinr32

    You order online for fast service and still have to wait 30 min for products

  353. PUFFFF

    Phone service is really bad and was transferred twice but no reply from the person being transferred too???

  354. heathro

    love this location…awesome products and GREAT staff.. dY’

  355. Kahnisue

    Great location

  356. silver_haze23

    The best place in town

  357. Dessertmoonflower

    i love the music they play. the recent customer appreciation day was awesome! thank you guys for making everyone feel so loved and taken care of!

  358. avanario

    Great prices and convenient location!

  359. Mario1922

    This has been my go to place. Always helpful and informative on the product. The quality is always top notch.

  360. pattye1958

    Pretty friendly service is good. But you need to have more of a selection of wax.

  361. marionliketheberry

    great location, super friendly staff, in a regular now and at least a couple of the bud-tenders know me well and greet me every time I go in. some of the best prices in the area too! I cant believe anyone would sat its over prices here

  362. Shetuck

    I ALWAYS get a great deal! Always the surprise sales I didn’t know about and end up getting free meds, plus my senior discount, you can’t beat Health for Life Crismon! The staff is so helpful, and they NEVER rush you. I love coming here!

  363. UnclePHX

    Great product grabbed mpx carts which were good and a 8th of sour diesel bomb and for my ftp I got a extra mpx cart as my bogo. Can’t wait to go back and try more of there goods..

  364. iriedata

    I needed medz and they had everything I needed.I came in looking for relief and I got it.The flower the live resin and the edibles were excellent.I will be back soon

  365. vamatter

    I have to say, They are becoming my #1 go to place. Bud Tenders are always nice and friendly (minus 1 time I got the guy who knew nothing dY~z)
    Now that they have added killer Patient Appreciation Days and Leafly Pick-Up it makes it so much easier.
    Side note, you have to use an internet browser for the ordering, going through the app was a bust

  366. hleeaz

    Had my pick up order ready in 5 minutes. I was in and out in about 10 minutes. Great employees great products.

  367. rivvyding

    This place always has bomb meds and super-friendly bud tenders!

  368. Mike_Tammy

    Great people, great prices.

  369. redeye420

    Great place good spot

  370. kdurfee

    Been here a few times since they opened. Like prices and selection. Will visit this location again and very close to the house.

  371. imagrinder2

    Love that there is a Health for life location closer to me now. They always have great quality Flower good prices and amazing service !!!! I got 3 different strains when I was there JG OG ,9lb hammer and GG#5 all were very tasty. The Crismon store will be my go to place from now on. Thanks for being there for us who truly need this medicine. With the use of medical marijuana I have been able to totally get off all opiate’s and other narcotics and have better pain management now then with them.

  372. Crackerman420

    Very friendly and informative staff. Answered every question I had with details and facts. Also had some awesome recommendations. Will definitely be going back.

  373. gta977313

    H4L is awesome! great prices and great people.

  374. jasminealexandrea

    I love health for life. It is close to home and definitely love patient appreciation days. They are a small location but they move quickly/efficiently to get you in and out. Always has a good selection as well.

    I do wish the poor security lady had it easier. I always want to try to make her smile.

  375. brand1angel

    been going to health for a very long time ,
    the new location is nice to have depending on what part of town you are in. leafly pick up is super fast!!@

  376. Sassygirlstone

    staff is amazing and so is the selection

  377. pitchman

    Great concentrate! Great Flower! Great staff!

  378. creamcorn

    I just ordered online my order was ready fast and there were no issues I am a happy customer

  379. Leda

    I did the on line order, it was ready when I got there,no wait, can’t ask for more.

  380. crazywhtgrl82

    It is right around the corner from my house, staff is always pleasant.

  381. fred7541

    it’s awesome and fast

  382. caaaaade

    Great and convenient location. Goes well with recent price adjust

  383. rob888ba

    great quality and specials

  384. kassidypayne

    Used the pick up option, and missed the long line today! SWEET
    Been using Health 4 Life for two years now and love the people, prices and quality are excellent, will continue to come here!

  385. doobwalker

    best prices and best quality. period.

  386. hails123

    best prices, product and staff. going anywhere else is disappointing.

  387. Caprilove

    Love this place!

  388. Lparriott1

    Slowest dispensary I’ve ever been to. Has obnoxious punk music going in the waiting room which makes the wait seem twice as long. If I had time to go somewhere else I would.

  389. RmarieNazario

    Wonderful people great product. Thanx for everything h4ldY’-

  390. Fr35h480

    Staff was very friendly and quality of flower is great for an amazing price!!!

  391. pirateswod

    prices get better and better here over time.

  392. Gopedguy420

    h4l crimson great dispensary the staff is wonderful I love coming here such a friendly environment

  393. Nevaehkilla420

    best place in the valley, top flower by far!

  394. kollinday11

    I love seeing everyone and love the quality of service!

  395. Bitemeehstoner

    Great place an staff always look forward to coming in

  396. jlsnyde

    love health fort life mpx is the best concentrates lefty pick up is each too i use it almost everytime

  397. Hazardx

    H4L Crismon and McDowell all the way!! Friendly staff and great product.

  398. nique1980

    Well at first I was thrown off by security but the whole experience was wonderful! I’ve been to over 10 places and the prices , quality and customer service here is the best hands down !

  399. rxdavis53

    I really love this place

  400. Buckeye80

    Best quality for the price. Entire staff is friendliest I have visited in the valley.

  401. elainebob

    good location,great products and service dY’

  402. msyams525

    Will be back

  403. jensgtwistgmailcom

    Always a good deal.

  404. brebella27

    i love this place everything is on point!

  405. mattyice0118

    very good location and love products!

  406. yoevan

    Beautiful new store. Friendly people. GREAT DEALS! They have a wide variety of strains and products. Highly recommend shopping here

  407. Corner_Craig

    Poor customer service. 2 people sitting at the front and onto 1 person actually heping customers. Refused to honor the free cart special with 60 purchase. will never return.

  408. AnAmal9

    love this place. knowledgeable people fantastic meds. fast and easy.

  409. Kmorelos2095

    love their deals. flower Is always amazing

  410. Gleeful48

    Always a Pleasure.

  411. JerryNelson

    Great product and service. Also friendly staff

  412. AutumnWhipple

    Dean is awesome! Very personable. Can’t wait to keep coming back!

  413. smfish67

    Great place, friendly staff and my wait times are always short. Online ordering is the best.

  414. Lando1015

    Amazing Meds with amazing customer service.

  415. r3alsmok3rsplan

    Great environment and great service

  416. christy3770

    How nice it was to drive a mile to purchase an ounce for under $200! I usually like to see my meds weighed out, but decided I would just check their weights at home. Clear backing on their bags so you can see what your getting and jars for sniffing. Awesome! Even more awesome? My order was right on the money for weight, as well. My budtender was patient, friendly, and knowledgeable. receptionist was welcoming and efficient, as were all the other staff I encountered. I will definitely be back. Thanks, guys!

  417. zbud

    Just did my first leafly pick up here! Killer cheap buds and great concentrate, couldn’t be happier!

  418. Krystal.sheehan35

    Absolutely love this location! I go here with my boyfriend all the time were right down the road.

  419. Ericconlon

    Good Quality product.
    Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful with any questions I have.
    And always have a good selection and variety of stuff.

  420. Apryor27

    Super clean! The customer service is on point and their selection is second to none.

  421. disjointed480

    this dispensary offer an awesome variety of prerolls at a great price super friendly helpful staff!!!!!!

  422. 50575

    top notch store with excellent staff and an awesome selection! my go to store

  423. ericflores

    Great deals good weed cant go wrong at all .. I dont go to another despensery

  424. adamstablet123

    Amazing, as always

  425. athena13g

    Love this place. So close to me and the staff is great. Wish y’all would get some newer strains more often. But I’m good with waiting. Lbvs

  426. Bquiggs

    So excited for this new location. same h4l but mini. still top quality and great prices.

  427. Azslots555

    awesome place

  428. KoMMaNdO666

    I love this dispensary there close to my house they have great deals awesome prices and very knowledgeable staff.

  429. Biggwreck

    Great service will be back

  430. kclark5757

    this place is awesome!

  431. Bubba710420

    Jeff is a great budtender very informative and helpful always be back for great service and concentrate

  432. BigNemoE

    I love coming to this location….its close to my home and the people there are amazing……and especially with being a regular patient they always know exactly what I’m looking for…..Especially my girl Kati shes never steered me wrong shes absolutely a good person to get….

  433. Dadsquadsquad

    Fantastic place. The employees seem very knowledgeable and laid back! Great product!!

  434. Natasdog

    love this place. friendly knowledgeable staff. fair prices and excellent meds.

  435. danbo2275

    live this place..always fire here and great people that work there!!

  436. sampit920

    The new location is DOPE!! Love seeing familiar faces here too! Hella stealing deals for FTP!

  437. bergenrick

    Love coming to this dispensary, great deals and great service

  438. Rustyshackleford2003

    Love it best staff anywhere

  439. slackerjon007


  440. dandro420

    Great people and product

  441. SarahA020

    i love the flower at this location and the environment is warm and welcoming

  442. Johnnyblaze1984

    This a great dispensary.. always has great strains and clean flower!!!

  443. MysteryGirl

    I absolutely love the staff. They are very professional, and very caring. The atmosphere is quiet and friendly. Product is always fresh and they carry a big variety!

  444. rag247

    Great location & as always, great customer service.

  445. RazorJawa

    I haven’t gone to another dispensary since coming here! Always great product, staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Used the Leafly pick up today first time, was excellent!

  446. highitssierra

    I love this location I was ecstatic when it opened up near my house!

  447. mariah

    great rainbow roll thanks

  448. smokinprincess

    Service is always great! Bud tenders are awesome! ALL of MPX oil smells exactly the same, I won’t be purchasing it anymore, the edibles didn’t help my pain, the flower is prepackaged, some is good some is ehhhh

  449. Tylergk20

    Amazing dispensary

  450. Jrsygrl860

    Friendly people and knowledgeable staff

  451. zacomalley

    health for life crismon is a great dispensary. the bud tenders are very informative. the place is very clean & products well displayed.the brownies are great! they have very short wait times & quick check ins.. they have terrific money saving specials! id highly recommend health for life crismon to all!!!

  452. Joshandjanelle

    I love the quality and deals on bud here!

  453. moosenlobstah

    Their mpx is some of the cleanest concentrates I’ve ever tried in and outside of Az , if you haven’t been here you’re missing out!

  454. Annbramble0420

    Love the buds great service!!!!

  455. rikylee

    2/14/19 Weedmaps
    Health for Life is such a nice place to go into. The budtenders treat you so nice they’re so friendly. Good deals to be found

  456. samuelar74

    Great location, it’s harder to find a dispensary close by. Came just in time.

  457. DankbudsNgoodfriends

    If I get the blond girl as a bud tender I’ll literlally never go to a health for life ever again. I think her name was Marissa. Does she even use medical marijuana ? It seems like she does not. Her recommendations are absolutely terrible. Both times I’ve had her as a bud tender was just an awful experience.

  458. Zachary1

    I come here every week, quality serivce

  459. preciouslopez

    My number one place I go to!! Love it!!!!

  460. Dcox9718

    First time in, loved it. Will be back

  461. Jmkpa

    Good selection and good prices.

  462. paysonblaze

    great just bought my first house and they open a pot shop right down the road can’t wait do I get the first time bogo because I’ve been to both other locations some times they don’t consider you a new patient

  463. ericalori239

    Quality product and friendly, knowledgeable staff. I love coming here.

  464. Inishinwati

    Very clean! Excellent customer service, great inexpensive options!

  465. Ajmcdaniel2016

    close to home and everyone is super friendly

  466. jgalvez

    So excited to have a new shop by the House

  467. oldstonerog18

    Health for life crismon is awesome. Great daily deals.

  468. Tcuellar21

    love this place always friendly and great quality

  469. Sonofabrokenman

    I read some reviews of people for this locations staff, and shake my head. I very rarely have problems with most people, the ones here are fine, from the security guard out doors, to the front gals, the bud tenders, all I have felt were nice and genuine. The manager lady is super nice, and always helpful to me. Richie. Wink wink..Anyways, it’s a reefer shop you should be happy to be able to walk in to one, and buy this medicine. Over priced as always, and everywhere for that matter, it should to free to grow to us all, but we have no choice. I dont work here, but should as it seems I’m there daily? Power to the pot heads……

  470. Queenlove

    Best place to go!! dY~

  471. CtheRedHairz

    Great service, quality, and deals! I definitely would recommend! Their pre-rolls are legit!

  472. knightdj

    Very clean. All menus were displayed they did my paper work very fast every one was friendly and knowledgeable

  473. Hammertime710

    Love this place!

  474. LeMangeLumiere

    Looks like I’m one of the first to review this new location!

    I have been meaning to go to their East Mesa location for a while; I had a bit of a rough day yesterday, so I decided to treat myself with a new piece from a favorite head shop of mine (High Maintenance Smoke Shop on Power and Southern). Got a really nice bong from Illuminati Glass, and the guy told me that this new location had just opened, and their new patient special was a BOGO on eighths. I wasn’t going to go, but I though… what the hell? I could use some fresh flower to christen my new piece. So I decided to swing by.

    The place was PACKED. Wait time was about… 20 mins? 25 mins? For the first day of operation though, I didn’t think that was bad at all. Very clean lobby, very relaxing, the round chairs in the middle were SUPER comfy for someone with back pain after a long day at work. Over all the lobby had a very zen, chill, relaxing atmosphere… Most other dispensaries I’ve visited or have seen have more cold-feeling lobbies.

    The back is equally as warm and inviting, and genuinely looks like a clean, professional medical dispensary. Not to mention, the staff is SUPER friendly; my budtender was Katie (I hope I spelled it correctly!) and she was probably the most awesome budtender I’ve ever had. She made some super awesome recommendations, and I walked away with a grand total of half an ounce of flower (four eighths, all different strains) for $101; a pretty bangin’ deal, if you ask me.

    I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet how awesome their selection is. Wide variety of awesome products and strains. I got some top-shelf Wedding Cake and Deep Sleep, and some mid-shelf Tangerine Dream and Platinum Blue. VERY high quality cannabis, every one of those strains had its own distinct, signature aroma, and I can feel the tingly euphoria just smelling them. I tried the Wedding Cake last night and god DAMN did I feel great: no pain, happy and relaxed, and I slept beautifully. (I will do some strain reviews later!)

    This dispensary is a bit out of my way, since I travel down the 60 and it’s a bit of a drive down Crismon, but it is absolutely worth it. A new dispensary that blows away most of the seasoned ones. Cannabis connoisseurs MUST check this location out. Great products, great atmosphere, and exceptional staff. I will be visiting again!

  475. rsuski22

    other 2 locations are awesome!!!! can’t wait for this to open. and mpx concentrates are on point

  476. Angelwithhornsab2

    Good selection nice ppl stop by and see for yourself

  477. vjrmo

    EVERYONE is super nice and accommodating. They let you know the daily deals and give great recommendations. The prices, & deals, are also some of the best in town!

  478. Onac

    Friendly, informative, inviting, quality buds

  479. 520juan

    great trees

  480. Milinko2014

    Ahhh, at last I dont have to go far to travel to a dispensary for some decent flower. Living on the east side has always been a drag, having to drive everywhere for good prices . Natures Wonder was never an option, they price gouge out the eyes , esp for the area which is mind boggling to me. Now, if we can just get the wax $$ to go down so i dont have to drive to phx , that would be nice.

  481. mrsboatwright

    the suspense is killing me though!!

  482. jeffdelaney

    great people good product good value

  483. gksmuth

    Best flower in town awesome price awesome bud tenders. My new go to

  484. park7897

    Great local spot!!!

  485. dezzyrose16

    great environment. awesome quality

  486. aliceintatts

    Best Friday deals in the East Valley!!

  487. 4Caligirl

    Love it , Vanessa you rocked your first day

  488. mcfarlandd

    Love this place. I come here over nature’s wonder now.

  489. Twerp88

    Just tried there Leafly pickup fast and easy most definitely will be trying it again.

  490. bodak

    Great place and prices, poor parking.

  491. mcartmill420

    great service and katie was awesome

  492. montanarose_

    definitely one of my favorite places. they have great deals and product always and everyone is so friendly !

  493. CatchTheFade

    awesome place for flower, and the moon rocks are great!

  494. CharlieWeston

    Crismon health for life is a great great dispensary.

  495. dirtbiker42

    The service is excellent great price and products

  496. Toasty9

    Love this place! So close to home don’t think I’ll be going anywhere else, the prices are on point

  497. Stac2

    Awesome happy to have a dispensary so close to home. Budtenders are great!

  498. AJDenogean76

    Love the 25 dollar eighths !!! Always good quality !

  499. Evildopey

    Good selection and good prices

  500. Knowshow2

    Friendly people and answered all questions.

  501. jollyfelicia

    Great place! Always come here for my medical needs! Thank you for all of your help and kindness aoeOEi,

  502. jennawinseverytime

    Great location and great medicine. The prices at this dispensary plus the location are excellent. The option for a 5 dollar preroll or a 22 dollar disposable cartridge is why I keep coming back.

  503. Jinxbmc

    hfl crismon has the best flower and cool people working there

  504. myniffa

    awesome knowledgeable friendly bud tenders!!!

  505. Copri

    It is so clean in here and product is clearly laid out and everyone is super friendly and helpful.

  506. Cjames7319250

    It’s One Of The Greatest Places To Shop

  507. mikepeden

    I’m a mmj cardholder for 3 yrs the deal and quality here is the best I have been all around the valley and I always end up at Health for life

  508. Woodworm

    love this place!

  509. magma

    Great customer service. Very friendly. Definitely returning in the future

  510. Kobeiverson38

    best place ever

  511. funnygrl85140

    Awesome location, fantastic cannabis options and awesome staffdY~EURdY'”

  512. Happycat6613

    thanks for being awesome and awesome budtenders.. your the best..

  513. codyaprice

    great place and good bud with cool staff

  514. james21684

    HFL is my go to place. they are quick, efficient, and know their stuff. will keep coming!

  515. jedidiw25

    love health 4 life. fast and friendly. lots of great strains.

  516. asierra

    Great location with tons of nice workers,cant go wrong going here. Love the staff!

  517. msrainbow2u

    I usually don’t have a problem with anything here, but bought a MPX cartridge that was on sale, took it on my trip out of town over the holidays…I puffed and puffed and never felt anything. Zero effect.
    Otherwise, great location, decent strains and great budtenders.

  518. Azmedicinal

    they always be closing ten before or sometimes 15 minutes. kinda sucks I always roll up to late apparently

  519. bigchris0420

    Wonderful environment and good products

  520. Wolfsixpack

    Always kind and helpful. MPX live resins are the best. Flower is good to.

  521. Jerryjas

    Best deals on pre rolls everyday of the week great staff and flower

  522. levers31

    nice and clean
    no long wait times. good flower great wax. and some good deals. this is defiantly going to be in my normal rotation of stops.

  523. kencare

    Great selections to choose from bud tenders are knowledgeable and care about your specific needs,no reason to go anywhere else

  524. TheDudeOne

    Great place and great Budtenders! Some of the best deals around for a drive. Definitely coming back!

  525. hellboy5366

    outside a few bad interactions missing out on a deal not mentioned health for life is great. great prices and nice people.

  526. kdbeensick

    Enjoy the service. best prerolls in the valley. would recommend to any patient who is on a budget.

  527. Drewsimpson777

    They got the goods

  528. PhatJesus86

    First time in and from the moment I walked in the employees and the atmosphere were very welcoming. No massive form to fill out just quick and easy. No long wait time. Great selection of great quality products. Very informative staff. Would recommend this place highly! Will definitely be back again.

  529. CannabisCowboy420

    Stopped by to pick up a gram of weed but they don’t sell grams of weed

  530. C_Zilla80

    Always friendly, always a great selection, great deals… What more could you want?!?

  531. Mackflowers

    Good people and good meds

  532. TCBARAGRY87

    This place is so bomb right down the street and it has all of my favorite products love this place

  533. leon.yoakumii

    Very friendly staff

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