Arizona Natural Selections of Scottsdale




7320 E Butherus Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85260


33.6233004, -111.9217391




8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


8:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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The Arizona Natural Selections concept began with an ambitious idea to evolve the cannabis dispensary model. We have created a place that is comfortable and healthcare driven, where patients are treated with warmth and respect. We employ aA team of expert horticulturistsA to grow our medical cannabis to the highest of professional standards. We take pleasure in introducing our patients to theA numerous medical cannabis varietiesA that we have available, while educating them on cannabis’ many beneficial properties. We regularly introduce new strains, so check out our menu to see what we have in store.

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2,809 reviews for “Arizona Natural Selections of Scottsdale

  1. Arizona598

    I’ve been coming here a couple times a week since they opened the bud has been amazing but my most recent pick up out of the sealed bag my bud was sooo dry and not very good and the pre roll I spent $15 dollars on(a lot for a pre roll) didn’t have any effects also the guy who checked me out was an ass I get it your at work and work isn’t fun but sorry I don’t know everything about your store bro really upset by my last visit might not be back… 🙁

  2. tleyva

    The staff was knowledgeable and welcoming. The entire store was very neat and organized, and my assigned representative was eager to assist in any way possible. I will definitely be returning here!

  3. CannaFairyAZ

    Went in for the 7 gram sampler, happy with all my chioces, so far! The Double Dream has been working well for me. Takes care of post surgery muscle spasms. There was 1 product I did not care for….
    I tried the new cannabis infused gum, and it is not very pleasant. This is of no fault to Natural Selections, but to this particular edible vendor. The gum says to chew for 15-30 minutes, but the gum doesn’t stay gummy for 15 minutes. It is reminiscent of nicotine gum 🙁

  4. marynoonan12

    1st time visit for me yesterday. Celebrating New Years early with the great deals I got. Always love to try new strains and they have them. Tried sour train and cherry cream pie so far. I love it when I open new strains and get a headrush from the smell. Be back soon. I forgot his name but the new budtender working 12/29 was great- especially considering he was still in training.

  5. Sethazer760

    Awesome store would shop here again

  6. vegannate92

    I recently visited the new Scottsdale location and was in awe. Not only is their new patient special the best in town, their wide variety of strains is a huge plus.
    great staff.
    all knowledgeable.
    I highly recommended!!!

  7. dalpal19

    Very legit, very clean and very friendly staff! We all care about the product at the end of the day though and this place has straight gas!! Would definitely recommend!

  8. Buzzybee5

    I’m here often and the staff are always knowledgeable and friendly. I love their deals and their point system. They’re always happy to help you find what you are looking for and in your price range.

  9. bostonborn13

    Great dispensary. The service is very good and the buds are always potent. Would recommend to a fellow patient.

  10. veykin

    Fire fire

  11. AzSwiss

    As I was perusing leafly, I happened to come upon AZNatural Selections. I was interested, so I decided to take the drive, and let me tell you it was well worth it!! The staff was very friendly, and the selections excellent. Plus, this being a first time visit, they hook you up with some pretty cool extras. Great deals on flower, and I will most definately be back.

  12. slimjim449

    The service and selection was pretty good. Only negative is that they don’t have the percentages for the flowers. Good promotions as well. Overall great place to check out.

  13. kwiedmai

    I enjoyed the staff at AZ Natural Selections. They genuinely seem to care about educating you. The product was sufficient.

  14. rirakliev

    Very friendly and great flower

  15. Sglover22

    Friendly place. Knowledgeable staff.

  16. ingyyyy

    Super clean and everyone is always super welcoming

  17. hebrown59

    Very nice service; very clean; had a good selection

  18. gregh

    Such a killer spot!! Top of my list for sure.. Staff is great and so are the “Meds”dY~Z

  19. StarrRedd

    Great staff, very informative, awesome location!! Lifetime customer!

  20. Caria623

    Tried a few different dispensaries but this was by far the most professional of all. The location was bright and clean and it was nice to see patients of all ages and backgrounds here. I felt very comfortable and enjoyed my experience.

  21. hightimes2592

    Went here for my first time after work. Was a quick in and out with an awesome selection, place is legit.

  22. bipmax

    Friendly people. Heat sealed packs to keep in freshness however the meds I tried were crumbly to the touch. NOT GOOD! I tried Headband, usually a very earthy skunky flavor and very strong. This (very expensive) $65.00 per 1/8 was dried out and not very strong.

    They need to fix this ASAP.

    Mostly fair pricing but why charge so much for Headband to make up for the other products when the Headband is not that good anyways.

  23. aprillove81

    I had an awesome experience here today. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Andrew helped me out and was great. Great selection and inviting atmosphere.

  24. redsox10

    very helpful and knowledgeable staff. favorite dispensery I’m az

  25. jesschav

    Very nice facilities with friendly staff. Great meds. Northern Lights pre-roll was amazing!

  26. THCWorks

    This is a very classy dispensary and everyone there was kind and helpful! Thank you..

  27. shelbstar

    I have never been to the Peroia location, but I have been to this one and it is nothing short of amazing. Nestled in a pristine, welcoming building, their staff was eager to help me find he perfect product for me. They have 20+ strains in oil cartridges to choose from and average prices. Laura was the budtender that helped me; she was very kind and knowledgeable.

  28. Kimelise

    This place is super nice. Newer building and Very clean. The staff is very helpful. Both times I’ve gone the associate that helped me was able to recommend products that really helped me. They have a wide variety even with oils which I prefer. Everyone is super friendly. Plus they have sales all the time which is always good. This has become my go to dispensary.

  29. mkurtz93

    Awesome people and even better medicine!! The Darwin cartridge experience is out of this world, stop by and try it out if you have a chance

  30. Whaaaaat

    Lots of neat selections for $$

  31. Dsmoking

    excellent service! knowledgeable staff on all bud lineage and had great recommendations for all the symptoms I was trying to help.

  32. DreRenee11

    I loved this place!! Lindsey was so incredibly sweet and informative!! Can’t wait to go again 🙂

  33. JamDurb

    Cleanest and most modern dispensary I’ve been too! Will most definitely be back!!!

  34. Kfox

    First time patient. The staff were friendly and professional and the atmosphere was great! I will definitely be back.

  35. nstassi5

    Very clean and friendly place.

  36. Doctor007

    For FTP it’s nice. They have munchies for the patients and there tag a longs. Clean place. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, they might have the answer.

  37. EazyGreenz92

    My comment is more on the customer service end. I missed the weekend concentrate special and asked if they could apply it now. The staff simply listened to me, as a patient, and did the best they could. Even the manager took the time to meet with me. She explained everything to me in a professional and easy to understand way. Although my visit ended differently than I wanted, I will be back.

  38. chrisrotellalovesindica

    The best I’ve been to yet, they had a beautiful plant growing in a showcase that was about to bud so I can’t wait to go back and see

  39. mamawolftattoox

    Great place. Quick. And great product!

  40. znorg

    Place was awesome and staff was knowledgable and inviting! No pressure, no rush, no wait. Meds are top notch! dY~ZdYtmdYOE?dY’-

  41. Stacy1698

    My first time visit here or anywhere. I was kind of nervous but they were wonderful. Place was clean. Above my expectations. I’ll be back

  42. ebender

    Stop by real quick and
    The customer service was just unbelievable

  43. casecane

    Great selections low prices and great first time deals went to the Peoria location can’t wait to go back

  44. Chiro2018

    They are very welcoming and friendly! They will definitely take care of you!

  45. keepitswaavey

    natural selections is latterly my favorite despensarie hands down. there flower is absolutely amazing for the price. Great welcoming and friendly staff that helped me out. 5 stars hands down

  46. KalDellz

    LOVE this location. I went in for my first time today because I’m a new-ish card holder and I don’t live to far. Cassie was absolutely adorable. She was so sweet and helpful and made sure I was informed on everything. The prices and products are great! I got a free gram just for going in and picked up some DELICIOUS peach gummy rings. I will definitely be back!

  47. keionsalehi

    The location is good and the weed is fresh- supposedly organic. The store itself is cool too, the products are a little bit pricey though!

  48. Rkm4

    Good display, nice people, great store.

  49. archiveit

    Great staff. Love the deals.

  50. LoganManion

    Natural Selections has great prices and awesome staff! Every time I shop here everyone is so friendly and I have yet to be disappointed with any of their products. So far the best first time customer deals I’ve found as well!

  51. RTrudeau

    Excellent service and very nice office

  52. jennarose828

    Very nice and clean.

  53. oofoof

    Nicest dispensary I’ve been to so far in Cali and AZ by appearance. They have amazing oil cartridges which they make in house, though I find it upsetting that they don’t include CBD in their specials and charge more for their CBD strain oils (especially when they can be found elsewhere significantly cheaper and tested for potency). I also don’t see the sense in if they’re cartridges are buy 2 get 1 free why they wouldn’t allow you to buy 2CBD cartridges at full price and redeem the free cartridge for any other cartridge than one of the CBD strains. So I can’t vouch for any of they’re CBD oils but the other ones are top notch despite not being tested

  54. MJMangosing

    Being that it was my first time at this location I wasn’t sure what my experience would be like. Before entering the building I was greeted by their friendly security guard as he held the door open for me. Immediately upon entry I was again welcomed by the friendly staff at the front desk. When I finally entered the dispensary I was given a tour and they explained to me the process in which to receive my medication. The staff was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions and help me to understand everything I needed to know. I highly recommend AZ Natural Selections, Peoria location.

  55. Rebecca480

    So glad I found this place. Their staff was so nice and helpful. Prices and selection were awesome with lots of specials going on to earn free herb. This is my new go-to location.

  56. pizzaguy6

    I had a wonderful drive up to the Cave Creek Location & as a new patient, received 10 pre-rolls with the purchase of an 1/8th!! The staff was friendly & really knew their medications!! There was even a bull ride rodeo @ the bar across the street the Wed. night I was there!! A++

  57. aragwen

    Stephanie helped me out. She was very helpful, happy and super excited to give me all my freebies! I will definitely be shopping again!

  58. cjh_76

    Awesome place!

  59. Toddthefrog

    Each place I go is nicer than the next. The building is super space age and seems to be run by clean freaks.
    The nuggets were solid and tasty.
    They were really sweet to a first time patient I overheard who was new to the medicine.
    I would go back for sure.

  60. doveking

    Beautiful location. Knowledgeable staff, very friendly and helpful. Great first time perks. Their flowers are outstanding. worth the drive.

  61. DSD420DABBER

    Wasn’t really too pleased with this place. Product displayed looked old and stale. Budtender that worked with me was very misleading (intentional or not) and was of very little help. I unfortunately left without making a purchase.

  62. DrLarryLoveMD

    first of all the building is quite impressive and well-designed. When you walk in the security and staff are extremely friendly and helpful. the products selection and quality are second to none. I highly recommend this dispensary.

  63. abiss

    So helpful and quality was great! It was a great first visit!

  64. beefytaquito

    Hands down one of the friendliest places I’ve ever been. The quality of the internally grown medicine is unreal, and the price is crazy good for the quality.

  65. Cross68kb

    Wow! This was my first time in a dispensary and it was awesome! I had no idea what to expect. My Bud-tender Shannon was so helpful and made me feel totally at ease. I would definitely be back.

  66. mrlykins

    real friendly and hard-working group of people in the selection is amazing have yet to pick a bad strain thank you!

  67. SmokeSuMM

    From the moment I got there to the moment I left everything from the service to the flowers was phenomenal you guys will definitely see more of me in the future!

  68. Gustavo1

    This place right here is a well worth place going to I highly recommend.

  69. Mads15

    People are really knowledgeable!

  70. Swanny05

    I really enjoyed my visit here! good deals and good meds


    This place is amazing. They are very professional. Very Clean place. Amazing bud.

  72. azviejo

    My second visit and the service and med quality was as good as my first visit. I live in far north east of Mesa so this is a long drive for me but so far the drive has been worth it. The Chernobyl is excellent. Would like to see you carry a strain called Blue Champagne which is very difficult to find but an excellent smoke and good for pain.

  73. JBRRoybal

    Best dispensary I have been to in AZ. Knowledgeable and courteous staff. Will be going again soon!

  74. Mostokayest

    The staff was very polite and informative. I don’t like to be rushed when looking as there are so many options, and they never once made me feel like I was taking to long. very helpful in making recommendations. Jonathan helped me out today and did awesome, thanks man!

  75. drdalek

    great place, great staff, great products!! will be coming back!

  76. Avea

    Great people with all you need!

  77. Kagettler

    I love this place!

  78. Sabali520

    Great meds. Will come again. Thanks for the lighter

  79. NickPapageorgio

    2.5 stars on quality. NavyVet420 is accurate – take a big whiff the next time you are in a garden dept, particularly next to the fertilizer, and that is the taste you get. I will admit that the meds are very strong, but it’s very hard to get past the taste. I will wait a few weeks/month before trying them again

  80. hamlin88

    The staff were more then helpful with selection options and recommendations. They had an awesome special going on when I stopped by. 10 free pre-rolls with purchase and some other awesome swag, including a free tray, lighter, and grinder. They were so friendly and helpful. Not only are they a wonderful dispensary but they also cultivate their own medication to make sure it meets their standards! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!

  81. IamJustintime1

    The entire staff is so friendly and extremely helpful!

  82. Shellcat

    My first visit was effortless and enjoyable. My budtender, Andromeda, was extremely knowledgable and helpful.

  83. bl00mrocks

    Love the modern vibe..staff super helpful and friendly!

  84. Jeremyalan82

    I love it. Right by my work. Great staff super friendly and helpful. Awesome flower. All in all excellent all atound.

  85. babypitt1980

    Love the people and The meds Great prices will visit again soon

  86. onassis7

    great location and people. Laura was helpful and she educated me on so much more than I thought I already knew. awesome specials and great selections.

  87. fattcatswife

    First time here, & I found all the employees to be very knowledgeable, friendly & very helpful! Special thanks to Andrew for recommending the amazing oil cartridge, Tangie! Very good! Will definitely be going back!

  88. Slidster

    The staff was friendly and informative. Jeff help me find the perfect strain.

  89. analejsia

    I have to say this is my favorite dispensary! Great selection and great people every time!

  90. jessicamat

    This place was awesome! I went in and they had their own plant growing in the room which was sick and the bartenders are great and very helpful! You also get this cute container to keep all your goodies in which I loved! So far my favorite place I’ve been too and I e been to a lot!

  91. SlickNicDaRula

    Great little dispensary in the middle of cave creek great product and staff was very helpful. Love the containers they give you too.

  92. BigJ808

    my favorite spot they have best prices for top self products

  93. macandsmak

    This place is doing and saying all the right things. Knowledgeable people and a great setup. Cant wait til they start selling what they are growing themselves.

  94. digitalchris

    good FTP deals but i did not like the flower at all.

  95. Thereallmt

    this location is awesome. nice selection and knowledgeable staff. 5 * all the way.

  96. Natehagblom

    I used to come here everyday after school; like coming home to family. Love this place!

  97. fullgreenz710

    Great setup

  98. azgrassman

    Took advantage of the fantastic three grams concentrate for $120 special on my first visit to AZNS Scottsdale. Totally blown away by the quality and value I received. AZNS Scottsdale has exceeded my expectations and is quickly becoming my favorite, new shop.

  99. QueenT

    I loved it such a modern layout most of all they carry many variety of flowers and other great medical products that other dispensary don’t even offer.

  100. epileptic1234

    Great dispensary, great staff, great deals

  101. chikolola1

    very professional atmosphere, service was excellent, very,very good medicine! I highly recommend this dispensary!!

  102. Nickywicky23

    This is my favorite dispencary (: I love the service and the quality of medication. I plan on stoping by today!

  103. GreenWarp

    I want to compliment Arizona Natural Selections. The quality of medicine is some of the best in the valley. From quality of grow, to smoothness of smoke, with amazing flavor and true effects. I would recommend that you visit. Their first timer program is the best in the valley! Tell them Evan sent you.

  104. mimzy

    Loved my experience, friendly staff! Knowledgeable and able to recommend flower and concentrates for different symptoms and ailments.

  105. Shealynnea

    everyone here was super approachable, helpful and very friendly!

  106. kelsobarbara83

    This place is epic! Very friendly, knowledgeable staff and the product is the best in AZ!

  107. rx8

    Very good service and great deals for first time patients!

  108. Ahmanie

    Great flower quality & all naturally grown indoor! Will definitely be back!

  109. Atlas31

    Amazing place. Staff is extremely kind. Facility is professional and clean. They have awesome deals on their oil cartridges.

  110. RyanWendorf

    all the bud looks the same.. so thats annoying. the workers are great tho!

  111. Herlinda

    I thought it was a very nice location. Clean , bright the service was great, the person that helped me was very Nice..And knowadgeable of the medications @ the Clinic..I Have gone to the other location in Peoria. I received the same GREAT service..

  112. paleez

    I really enjoyed this location their atmosphere is amazing. Very professional and will definitely visit again when in the area.

  113. wpatterson88

    Very professional atmosphere!

  114. jenlynnashe

    very open and friendly here. my brother told me that I absolutely need to go here and I’m glad I did. the quality of their products is phenomenal. definitely coming back here again

  115. kkawaiikat

    Clean, crisp feel of the location. I loved the overall feel, and everyone was super nice amd informative. I went around 5 pm and it was pretty quick and easy to go through the line. Andrew had helped me out with my purchase, as well as providing me with lots of valuable information. I definitely would make the drive out to this dispensary. And the reusable container was a nice touch, as it was environmentally friendly and it’s a perfect stash container.

  116. reaglebeagle420

    I love the atmosphere in this place

  117. Pavled3

    Very nice looking aesthetically. The service is great and generally fast even when it’s packed. First timers receive a gram just for coming in. Overall a great dispensary!

  118. lreischl

    The atmosphere of the place is wonderful. If you’re looking for an experience that last this is the right place to go. The staff is great and works fast so you can get in and out.

  119. lheisler

    Very comfortable location, the staff was kind, patient, and professional. They asked me questions and worked with me to find what I needed.

  120. leaf522

    Love it, bright open, bud tenders knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Been to several , this is the one!

  121. soblowed

    I walked in here while working… didnt’ even know the place was a dispensary because of the level of professionalism. They’re product is super on point.

  122. thekminge

    Very clean, very friendly and took time to explain and answer my questions. Great new patient deal.

  123. rayrayy94

    This location was super clean and the staff was really friendly. They also had a nice selection. Will be a returning customer for sure.

  124. Phrosted

    The cleanest and most lively environment in a dispensary I’ve seen yet. Very inviting.

  125. jzme71

    Extremely knowledgeable staff, quality product and service.

  126. D-backsbaseball

    Such an amazing organization!

  127. ChiefPurpleOg

    Very engaging ! Felt too comfortable and quality concentrates !!

  128. ramartin

    Top notch facility. Staff was knowledgeable and comforting as this was my first time in a dispensary. Products they recommend were exactly as they said. I would go in and visit the team at AZNS. Looking forward to going back for other items!

  129. HeadHighEyesLow

    Great convient location!staffs are very informative,great selections great deals for the fire they carry

  130. ThomasKirkham

    Very nice people, well educated, & way upbeat. Don’t forget to smile and say hello to the guard, he looks really bored.
    I recommend the Dead Head, I helped move an entire apartment on the stuff & feel great compared to other alternatives.

  131. Purps35

    Love this place really nice inside with a good selection of nug and a goodie bag filled with cool stuff on first time visit

  132. chef2artist

    Great location! Very clean space, modern & safe atmosphere! The gentleman who helped me behind the counter was very professional and well educated in mmj. I’ve been going to another dispensary for past 3 years but now I think I have a new favorite. I will be back for sure.

  133. SalR

    THANK YOU NATURAL SELECTIONS!! I’ve been to the Scottsdale location a few times now, and these guys are one of the best. Staff is always friendly and very knowledgeable. Also the prices are always great, and the daily specials are very appreciated. I recommend these guys to all patients.

  134. ruckle8

    Best dispensary there is by far

  135. starr-m

    Great location and atmosphere! The inside is beautiful and have many different options! Always have amazing deals and fire tree as well as wax!! Definitely my favorite dispensary!

  136. wjj032

    Very impressive business, staff and products available at this location. Friendly, informative and committed to excellent service.

  137. smokinjasko

    first time visit was awesome. super friendly staff and medicine is top of the top. definitely will be coming back

  138. Jeanie13

    I really like this place. Looking forward to next time

  139. wylezik

    It’s great good quality flower and great quality concentrate

  140. bennidouglas

    The best place I have been in all of Phoenix and Scottsdale

  141. blueOx

    Totally clean, ample parking, prices are reasonable when considering the deals available each day. You also get goodies for bringing back your container or leaving reviews, and can pick up extra grams here and there that way.

  142. casperhinds

    Awesome business very clean

  143. kyle108108

    Can’t wait to try this one! The one in Peoria is amazing too.

  144. TlocAzer420

    Great service and even better meds! The quality of the flower is great and I enjoyed each strain I got.

  145. kimmiaz22

    This location is one of my favorites…loved how tranquil the atmosphere is and the workers are friendly and knowledgeable of flowers

  146. Gray2121

    Awesome Great customer service from everyone. I came in right on time and they stayed open for me. Shout out to Jeff for the help.

  147. jrc1325

    Best dispensary I have visited. Employees were incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. Quality of product is amazing as well.


    The staff has the answer for everything, very knowledgable! Great selection! I drive about 30 miles to go to their Scottsdale location.

  149. soccermaniac011

    Great location, awful front desk service.

  150. vvgroski16

    Very top notch. Super clean and well organized. The staff is very friendly and their selection of products is great.

  151. stonedcoled

    Killer! Great customer service and knowledgeable staff.

  152. avoD

    I love how friendly all the staff are, it really amplifies the experience and compliments there great product!

  153. jackjsteider

    Very easy to find, great customer service and help finding what you’re looking for, workers were very nice and generous! Definitely going back and telling people about how nice it is there!

  154. Chaezar

    Great location and the vibe is set on point.

  155. DudeWhat602

    Excellent Service! I was skeptical as I’ve heard bad things of this place, but the staff was very polite and accomodating as I wasn’t being an easy patient and was asking tons of questions.

  156. Jack188

    Very nice establishment. Everything was layed out very nice. Andrew helped me and I have never had such amazing customer service. I will go back!

  157. Down55555

    So happy to have a dispensary close to home. Great atmosphere and service, location is easy to get in and out of; I really only have one complaint at all. The prices are a bit high. Given the location, that’s not really surprising though and it’s offset by their daily specials. So far, it doesn’t seem that their specials are lower shelf quality either. Definitely gonna be my go to place for awhile.

  158. bunted

    Yes would shop again

  159. OgBomberOne

    it was amazing the budtender was great very helpful and nice greats selection and comfortable atmosphere

  160. Loganomics420

    AZ Natural Selections has an incredibly professional and impressive setting and atmosphere with some very well educated staff members and incredible displays of their medicinal products. Josh was the one to help me specifically in my first time in and he was able to give me great recommendations for what I was looking for and educated me on all parts of the dispensary and its products.

    IMO this is my top recommendation for new patients to visit as it provides a very safe, stable environment to learn about MMJ with friendly and professional staff to walk you through it all.

    My one recommendation to Josh who took great care of me is to maybe slow down a bit on a lot of the information as it can be very easy to overload new patients with so much info especially on their first time in.

  161. sublimespen

    This was my first dispensary experience as a patient, and I must say the bar is set pretty high for other shops I am soon to visit. The location was clearly marked and great for easy access. The bud tenders and other staff were very friendly and welcoming. They had a very large selection of buds and concentrates. Great overall experience!

  162. Newyork145

    The staff is great and very helpful

  163. blue22dreamer

    gud stuff nice and friendly my main place

  164. lisajoyce

    This was my first time here. I”m glad there’s another dispensary located in Scottsdale. Much better than the other one here. Their quality was great and Nate was very helpful. Oh, and you have to love their point rewards.

  165. Aaronburm

    Overall great people and good product, typically have good deals going. Had one frustrating experience, but it was made right, and they have been top notch before or since. Thanks!

  166. erinj

    Great first time patient gifts. Excellent customer service. I highly recommend this dispensary.

  167. Shortcake

    This is a great dispensary. The staff were very helpful, and Todd helped me find the right strain. Thank you!

  168. WeedyJustice

    Upscale presentation & the bud quality is excellent. I have had several of their vape pen cartridges leak, will be bringing one back today as I was told that they are replaced if they do leak. From what I understand, this place does everything themselves, including the growing & concentrates… In which case I can’t understand the steep prices. Prices like that actually make medicinal cannabis as unaffordable as meds from pharmaceuticals, its a shame that the dispensaries out here don’t know what compassionate care is…

  169. MonDiesel

    Very nice looking shop with a very knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend

  170. jreasterwood

    I love the fact they test there flowers! good stuff!

  171. jluluuu

    Second time was just as great going again today! Great edibles!

  172. xFurnish

    Been a patient for over 3 years, quality of meds only seem to drop with each new strain, unfortunately. With every drop comes a strain with parents I’ve never heard of, I understand “craft cannabis” but I’ve never understood why there isn’t a constant flow of clearly popular strains and instead stocked once every 6 months. Instead of beta testing strains on patients maybe test them yourselves?

  173. D.Llamas69

    Very kind , lots of varities to chose from. Really nice setup , definitely could say ill be back.

  174. jakewhobakes

    love the bud, love the deals

  175. Juno3127

    Clean, comfortable professional environment. Couldn’t ask for more time and attention. This will likely become my regular spot.

  176. Dr420MDinAZ

    This has to be the worst dispo in AZ. I’ve given it a fair amount of chances. Yesterday again they sold me disgusting shatter from April!!!! From April??? Any ISO accredited lab validates their results for 3 months tops!! Get your MD involved and get rid of your expired meds. Dorm own the trim run off on your patients. This is the 3rd time!!shouid be reported to AZDHS

  177. bellafox556

    This dispensary is just beautiful. So bright and open and clean inside. The staff was just stellar Morgan and Kara were friendly and answered all my questions beyond my expectations. They knew all about the extraction process and the differences compared to others I’ve tried. I was very impressed. I also got a sweet Girl Scout cookie pre roll for my new patient special. I will def be back! Thanks for a great experience

  178. brandonbudz94

    Let me just say, as a cannabis enthusiast who highly stresses product quality and service, I have shopped all around Arizona, from central Phoenix to Maricopa, glendale, north Phoenix and even mesa. Most have been one time shops, first patient deals to check out quality around the valley. Natural Selections has made top of my list right next to herbal wellness center. They always have top top shelf and I always have a good time stopping by. It is one of 2 dispensaries I have visited more than once and ironically, I am going today as well! Highly recommended. This stoner of a decade plus gives them a Thumbs Up.

  179. Parisjordan823

    Best dispensary I’ve been to in az the staff is incredible and is happy to help in any way and give great recommendations they really know there stuff

  180. BudEnthusiasts

    Came in and was absolutely amazed at this place! Wonderful service and quality of meds, will definitely be coming back!

  181. louis27

    Juan had great customer service the place was nice and clean everyone was friendly and the wax is bomb ! I’m forsure coming back best dispensary

  182. AlbertoT

    nice medicine and the budtenders know there stuff

  183. taywilwin

    Friendly helpful staff and nice flower selection.

  184. camerondane

    Arizona natural selections is the best medicine in Arizona by far

  185. DigMyHerb

    Average prices and great medication.

  186. Jforeal

    All the people were super friendly and helpful

  187. sabraham50

    Beautiful building across from Scottsdale Quarter. Great staff and very knowledgeable. Good specials and nice rewards.

  188. Sanmathia

    Amazing clean

  189. ReneDiggler

    Great People with Fun knowledge who make it a joy to stop in !!
    @Jennifer Thanks for the First Timer walk through it was a blastAdeg

  190. Patrige

    very professional! and easy

  191. almeowla

    DO. NOT. BUY. THEIR. HOUSE. OIL! Yuck! Absolutely disgusting all three times I’ve tried it. Unfortunately, they do not carry alternative brands and only push their own.

    Other that the absolutely disgusting cartridges, everything else here is pretty cool. The bud tenders are super great and they have a wide selection.

    But seriously. Save yourself. Don’t get the oil.

  192. Anntaylor41

    Very professional, educational, and friendly atmosphere. My favorite spot thus far.

  193. Ymedina

    I’m in and out when I come here very fast service. Pre-rolls are worth coming here they are very well packed and hits smooth and clean . Clean atmosphere with awesome service.

  194. chasesreviews

    What an amazing environment!! This place is so cool and clean! There products are on point! The people that work here are so friendly! Definitely go in and check them out there awesome !

  195. Kush11nah95

    Employees were very welcoming and educated on their product. I got the 3 for 33$ deal. Their vape cartridges are amazing. Great flower as well..

  196. brutusbuckeye

    I stopped in to check out the location as I’m new to the valley and mmj. I thought I would rate a free gram for stopping by since it’s advertised as such but was turned away because I had already visited the other location even though it’s not stated on either locations leafly page that the free g is only one time for the first visit to either location…

  197. mikedefelice71886

    Everyone was really really helpful

  198. 47scorpios

    Natural Selections is clean, aesthetically pleasing, and pretty quick to pick up from for the most part. The flower is average but tends to be on the drier side so i think their lowered prices are definitely justified. The front desk people are awesome & welcoming but aside from them and the only female budtender that’s helped me, I’ve yet to have a budtender who didn’t seem uninterested in my business. When asked about different strains I rarely get any kind of useful information aside from strain class which i can learn from looking at it. Either the 5 or so budtenders I’ve had all lack knowledge fundamental to their job or they choose to only extend that to some patients. Overall, it’s convenient & you get what you pay for as far as quality and service.
    Another noticeable point is that by company rule they are not allowed to release their testing information. In a state like AZ where there are no federal laws that require testing of marijuana, it would be comforting to be able to have this kind of information made public. This is just a side not because I know the dispensary employees themselves have no control over it.

  199. mhesse2017

    knowledgeable and friendly staff along with great product makes this dispensary one of my favorites.

  200. m1keperru

    Was amazing the have real good THC Vapen pens. 3 for 99$ is a great deal

  201. jordan.hass.5

    Super friendly staff and great bud =)

  202. Jesslest92

    First time visit and Chris helped me. He was great at explaining what they do and their reward points system is awesome! Probably the best dispensary I’ve been to so far I will definitely be back when I’m in the area again. Thank you!

  203. amy541989

    Wonderful service from the staff. Awesome selection of medicine. I will be going back again and again.

  204. mamma123

    Andromeda was such a great help! She was able to determine what I needed in a professional, yet friendly way. I look for to coming back!

  205. Susklocke

    A very knowledgeable staff, couldn’t have been friendlier. Shout out to Katy for helping me with so much information.

  206. andimijo

    Great quality flower for good prices. Atmosphere is very clean inside. Definitely check it out!

  207. kaizimmerman

    I love how they grow their own products. It is unlike any other dispo

  208. bigsbug

    Easy to find. Friendly staff and love their going green idea. They had the strain I was looking for. Great quality! I will be going back.

  209. julied1619

    I really like this place. I’ve been to several other places but I like the whole experience here. Very comfortable atmosphere, friendly staff and service. Great quality, and pricing.

  210. thegangisdead

    Great service and quality. Would highly recommend .

  211. Needtomedicate

    Nice, clean location, right adjacent to Scottsdale Quarter. Staff was pleasant and helpful. Enjoyed the free goodie bag they send you home with.

  212. thethirday

    Truly a clean and organized location for sure. Meds were cool, Staff was too.

  213. AZ_Andy

    Very well kept. Felt very welcome and the setup was all resolved right their.

  214. Butterflyphotos

    I went to the Peoria location and it was a great experience. Very informative group…

  215. AzRose

    We drove quite a way to get there, but it was certainly worth it! Very knowledgeable staff. Great prices and awesome products…great variety, awesome quality, top notch in my book!

  216. tr34dlightly

    It was very clean and organized. Josh was the man and helped me out. Awesome first time patient deal.

  217. Affebonbons

    The cleanliness of this dispensary cannot be overstated; it felt like I had walked into the Apple store for marijuana. Excellent quality edibles, flower, and shatter. The person who helped me, Brittany, was knowledgeable about the different strains, various products and their effects, in addition to simply being pleasant during my browsing. Definite regular here going forward.

  218. zachhendo

    Great location, great facility and great quality! The setup inside is beautiful and they are always running specials. they also have a pretty sweet rewards program. Definitely give these guys a try!

    p.s. their pineapple express is wonderful

  219. DrHazey22

    I felt like I walked into stoner heaven. Lol no but really welcoming vibes. Extremely relaxed which I prefer haha. They even had munchies. LIT! Haha. I’m not sure if I heard music but if they had some super chill music I think they’d be one of my top 3.

  220. mylesg92

    Unfortunately my experience with the bud tender today was not a good one. I went in planning to buy two 1/8ths and was informed of the buy three deal. So I wanted one $35 1/8th and 3 grams with the 4th free. However, the man who assisted me told me a better deal was buying three 1/8ths and receiving the fourth free. The bud I had chosen was the $35 listed on your website as I thought I was able to combine both. The bud tender didn’t tell me otherwise and I walked away spending $65 more than I had originally planned. When I got home and re-read the deals of the day, I realized what had happened. I could have had higher quality strains for the price I paid. A truly unfortunate experience as I buy to use over days at a time since I don’t live in town. The bud is great but it wasn’t worth driving into town and spending. If the bud tender had been more observant and patient with me as a customer overall, he would have noticed I wasn’t receiving the best deal for what I was trying to purchase.

  221. LeroyBrown420

    I finally made it to the north Scottsdale location and was very impressed. Warm and friendly staff, good flower, delicious hash and amazing shatter. If you were only closer to Tempe.

  222. blv2797

    Shannon being the all star she is, really helped out with education and use of medical Marijuana 10/10 coming back again.

  223. nrocinu

    I experienced outstanding customer service here – from being welcomed and offered water and refreshments on arrival, to being given a friendly farewell on my way out. They also took the time to walk me through what was available and make recommendations based on my needs, which I appreciated. I also like the fact that they’re green. This is going to be my neighborhood store.

  224. brockmaxwell57

    Excellent Customer Service Never have any problems here

  225. tbonus420

    This place is awesome. Friendly people to answer all your questions and great bud! Couldn’t ask for anymore.

  226. infantrydude

    This is the best dispensary I’ve been to, the people are great and that’s what makes the environment great not to mention the product is absolutely stunning. They have almost anything you would be looking for plus my man John who helped me was extremely knowledgable helpful and just a great person in general I would recommend if your in that part of town go pay him a visit 5 stars from me

  227. rockquel033

    The vibe is super chill. They have really good edibles. I will not get my edibles anywhere else!!

  228. mylesgastelum92

    Love the first time patient deal! Staff was great and friendly! Will definitely be returning, especially since it’s pretty close to home now.

  229. pookieweaver

    Great staff! Hannah was extremely helpful!

  230. lizzieanderson

    My new go-to dispensary in the North Scottsdale area! Very friendly, informative, and helpful staff. Great deals as a first time patient, and great deals for returning patients as well.

  231. bearded.dragon

    Scottsdale location. First time . Very friendly staff and not pushy at all. Quite a pleasant surprise. Good prices too.

  232. Circa666

    These bud tenders are awesome and are really smart! These guys know what they’re talking about!

  233. Tonebone2

    Love the process and employees!

  234. Maxtopher

    This place is my second home and the people are my family. You will not find another dispensary that cares more about their patients. You will be greeted with a smile, you will not be rushed, and you will leave with quality medecine that meets your specific needs. There are multiple specials every day, a ballin’ ass point system, and the purity/taste of every strain is preserved from flower to concentrate. Top notch across the board. Peep it and cheef it.

  235. taichigirl

    Referred to ANS thru my Evualation Center. They truly meet the needs of a “medical” dispensary. Brittnay was very knowledgeable and really listened to my needs. Great location/atmosphere. Highly recommend!

  236. applechips

    I was served by the lovely Lauren who educated me on all of the product Natural Selections carries as well as their specials and deals. I tried the GSC and Orange Cookies, both were fantastic. This is a 5 star dispensary all around, will definitely be returning!

  237. kroyalty

    Get Budtenders and even better Bud I dY’tm this place for sure in my top 3

  238. michi2626

    the staff was very friendly. The dispensary was clean and nice. I just didn’t like their system of doing things. I waited for quite a while before being taken in through to the back. And then the way the counters are and how two people wait on you, it’s just kind of off-putting. I like a more interactive dispensary. But good quality and very friendly educated staff.

  239. SaltyRooster

    Nice location, felt kind of rushed. Lots of products and prices weren’t bad. Flower is middle of the road. Normal AZ dispensary experience. Nothing exceptional.

  240. lheidekaj

    I come to AZ Natural Selections exclusively for all of my meds! Top notch place

  241. nastrovia

    Great service from entrance to exit. Carry high quality statins and have a wide choice of non-flower routes to choose from. Andrew was extremely helpful in finding me the correct medications. Will definitely be back.

  242. SIUC1022

    Great customer service, the staff is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this location!

  243. asue123

    Pretty cool dispensary with a lot of variety. Really helpful staff members Jeff helped me out and was super nice!

  244. Tvbunny

    The location is in a great spot! Far from my home but was definitely worth dropping in.

  245. TheBirdGang

    Just had to give another shout out to the Manager there named Shawn. He has a great attitude even in tough situations. I was there a few days ago when they had an unruly customer refuse to leave. Shawn didn’t make a big deal about it and I believe handled the customer professionally and with class. Afterwards he went back to like nothing happened and made sure his employ es were all ok.

  246. daugh071

    There was a mix and match $160 ounce deal and some interesting strains available, so I decided to try ANS out. I loved this place from the moment I stepped inside. The layout is unique in how open it is. I got to a bud tender quickly. They said they grow all their flower and make their own concentrates, which I really like. The bud tender was a extremely knowledgeable. I had several strains in mind coming in, but none were available. Because of that, I was really exploring their strain crosses at the counter. The bud tender knew the answer to every question I asked and included her own insights. I was never rushed, and was even encouraged to take my time. My in store experience was absolutely amazing. As for quality, I have been extremely satisfied. The lemon train haze crumble is worth the little extra for a $40g. The flower quality was consistently above average (compared to other dispensaries in the valley) through the 4 quarters I tried. The only thing I can say negative is that I prefer deli style over pre packaged, but I’ll absolutely be back again.

  247. j1b4

    Andrew and the whole staff were awsome beautifull building very inviting and clean great knowledge and product i will have no problem making this my go to store

  248. DerekJadak

    Great people, cool spot. I love the cardboard tube quotes.

  249. nsanboy174

    Very good knowledge and great products. Thanks

  250. nickdenton3

    The location is well-maintained, and has a very friendly staff.

  251. rigbaby

    Great location, right off the freeway!

  252. lampica

    This dispensery sets new higher standards for the industry. In addition to the good quality products and reasonable prices; what made the difference are welcoming gifts for first time patients, pleasant enterier and friendly/knowledgeable staff (Haylee in my case). I will be back to this location for sure.

  253. Kaylynn.kl8

    The whole experience was excellent!

  254. rayund

    Easy to find.

  255. lnuanez

    great location. easy in and out service great too. very knowledgeable on product.

  256. Gnuhrs

    My first time there was great. Jordanne was very knowledgeable

  257. l34hm4r13

    I’ve been coming to this dispensary since it was in Cave Creek. Very friendly staff, who are knowledgeable about their product and willing to help you find the perfect strain. So happy when they moved to Scottsdale! now they’re 5 mins away instead of 30 🙂

  258. jaepadilla

    beautiful location love this place kind of hard to find but worth looking for nice flowers well

  259. nascarnanna

    This was my second time here and I think it was a great experience both times. Josh helped me on my 2nd visit and recommended the perfect flower for my specific medical needs.

  260. Cb1101

    Great location, great parking. Friendly front staff. Was my first time and Robert was my budtender was not personable, was not eager to help or suggest. Was really disappointed in his service. May not be back. Not the best first impression

  261. lilH

    Really quick, did a perfect job on answering any questions I had, as well as got me what I needed! Keep up the great work Derek!

  262. mhquietbull

    Very nice store with exceptional quality of goods and quantity.
    Robert assisted me today and was well knowledgable and courteous.

  263. azcamogirl15

    Even though it’s a bit of a drive for me, it’s definitely worth filling my tank for! The staff is amazing, friendly, informative, nice, patient, they know what they’re talking about, ask any question (no question is dumb, so remember that) and they’ll have an answer for you. Greatly appreciated for my first visit free goodies I got! Headed there today 12/17/15. Top shelf flower, and I’m sure everything else is just as great.

  264. kaptnkanabis

    I arrived @ ANSS on my 1st visit to find it closed at 5pm. Ronnie let me in about 20min. till closing. Kassy tended buds all the while we discussed strains etc….well, @ 5:30ish, I was out the door with quality meds and new friends…this is what a visit should be like…taking the time to make sure they don’t sling un-needed or slow moving strains…Top notch, can’t wait till their grow comes in.

  265. angelamather

    Clean, great service from Robert, he showed me so many options for different levels of pain relief which my main priority. Then he went on to show me other things I might like to try which was awesome to learn about. There are so many more options, and gluten free edibles which is amazing to see because they’re hard to find. I will recommend them to anyone now and Will make this dispensary my top choice. (They’re open 9-9 every day, clearly they want to be there for us.)

  266. Joe2323

    Awesome atmosphere and super knowledgeable staff. I won’t get my meds from anyone elsedY’OE

  267. vdot76

    Great service and nice atmosphere. Brittany was very helpful! 🙂

  268. robjamesmart

    Loved the staff, very helpful.

  269. dailyblazeR

    The Eco friendly tubes are the best ideas I’ve seen. And very helpful staff Loren was my bud tender for first time will definitely be back. Great deals

  270. sovtman

    The very first thing I thought was: this place is stunning. It’s like an upscale boutique with some of the nicest, most helpful and knowledgeable people you could ever hope for. I was offered bottled water, cookies, and some very excellent guidance. Do not hesitate. It’s a fine experience. I have peripheral neuropathy and some days are pretty bad. A very pleasant man named Josh guided me to the varieties that would help the most. Thank you, Josh!

  271. DLoc95

    good place to be when you want to splurge high quality stuff

  272. king blunt

    Arizona Natural Selections’ Scottsdale location is by far one of my favorite dispensaries. This is due to many reason. Just to name a few, their employees always seem to be happy and are always very helpful. On top of feeling welcome, AZNS has an astonishing variety of medicine, from beautiful flower to powerful, tasty concentrates and edibles.

  273. DBWR

    staff was very knowledgable, friendly and professional.

  274. kaylynnjustine

    Hands down my favorite dispensary. The atmosphere was great and the service was excellent. The staff was great but Jonathan was even better. He was very patient and knowledgable. I found my go to dispensary!

  275. yob118

    Honestly, I loved this location! It is not often that i am in Scottsdale, but when I am, I plan on going here. Staff was super friendly and budtenders are very knowledgable!

  276. Ogkiller

    Where’s your award winning rosin?

  277. Laytart

    This Dispensary is Awesome. Josh is the guy to go to!

  278. dtdelarosa83

    Wide variety of strains, knowledgeable staff, and friendly people. Highly recommended this dispensary!

  279. gianni3

    great service. great quality buds. always good deals. and I love the point system to get rewards. I recommend this place to everyone I know who is
    looking for an amazing place to buy their medicine.

  280. GloBoyEdries420

    Really nice place and the people are very helpful, it’s too bad I live far from it.

  281. Flambah

    Good product, well cure at decent price, highly recommended and lot of freebie, Love both locations

  282. bifffrank

    Honestly I struggled the first time around wondering why everything was a little pricey but when u go around the valley and see what it has to offer there is no comparison the place is amazing it’s always clean, an accommodating waiting room, knowledgeable staff, not too mention the most consistent bud I’ve found I love this place

  283. tattooedstork

    I’ve been coming here for three years now. I still wish they would put THC/CBD percentage on the display. The flower is usually dried out, I would recommend letting them sit in a container with a hydration pack to bring them back to life. Recently bought a Palm Stick, it was a waste. Dried out and didn’t burn evenly while coughing so bad! They always have the same boring flower. The highlight here is the Darwin products.

  284. cloud9kitchen

    I’ve only been to 2 other local dispensaries thus far, but this one blew the others out of the water! The flower was fresher and the store was just more inviting! My bud-tender Jeff made me feel very welcome during my visit and spent a good 10 minutes answering all my rookie questions. I’m planning on trying a few more locations near me over the next few months, but these guys are definitely the front-runners for my long term biz!

  285. mramicci

    They have a great selection of sativas, indicas and hybrids. Very friendly staff with good specials

  286. GimliRedBeard

    The place was clean and well organized. Upon arrival, they offered me a cold bottle of water while I waited to be called back. Once I was called back, I was greeted by friendly staff who helped me through the entire process. I am new to medical marijuana and to marijuana in general and she was patient and answered every question I had. I will return again.

  287. apassingwind104

    Best prices and nicest people

  288. elziav

    an excellent dispensary, huge in comparison to some

  289. Nicollesandra

    The location is absolutely stunning, and the interior is very professional! The customer service was phenomenal, and the tinctures were exactly what I was looking for! Life long customer just earned 🙂

  290. dixonvag718

    Top notch location only a few months old. Everything is spacious and welcoming. The staff in my few visits are always knowledgable. Nate in particular really knows his product and made sure to steer me in the right direction.

  291. WeeWeeFresh

    This was my first time purchasing after getting my card and I couldn’t have felt more welcomed and informed. Great staff, great atmosphere and just an all around positive experience!

  292. SethK75

    Solid bud and concentrates, amazing staff, good http://ftp.definately will be back soon!!

  293. OnetrueOneil

    Convenient location, really great staff with a real knowledge of the products and how they can help you.

    Really love they ‘create’ and grow locally.
    Recommend highly.

  294. SubNoizeBMXican

    Stocked with a variety of very wholesome products. The environment was very clean & uplifting

  295. nykka0304

    These guys treated me so well! I was greeted at the door and handled professionally from start to finish. Not only was their selection large, but it was high quality. They let you touch and smell their nugs up close and personally before choosing. Definitely gonna be going back soon!

  296. suttmiller

    Buy here all the time. Heading there today. Great operation and great value

  297. Mayor10314

    wonderful place! live the people and product!

  298. Dblake89

    Great this place is awesome

  299. bigdgs

    Friendly staff, Clean environment and good selection.

  300. Pinkpistol

    ~ friendly, knowledgeable staff
    ~ beautiful store
    ~ love their aEURoetake home bagaEUR
    ~ will defiantly be back

  301. skyygue

    I love their bud and wax pens. Such a great taste and awesome high. They also have a great pre order system!

  302. Dabbstar

    Clean and very friendly place. AZNS has fantastic deals and specials. Top notch place.

  303. CarlaZicc

    This place and their staff are the best!
    Happy 3rd Anniversary!

  304. KiefKingg

    Defiantly one of the best dispensary in Arizona. Great staff. The best service I’ve gotten.

  305. dubiesnackyo

    I recently stopped by Natural Selections because I was up in the area and heard good things from a friend. I was behind scheduled and walked in just as they were closing. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and beyond all extremely professional. They made me feel extremely welcomed and didn’t rush me out.

    Product was great and they offered a much different selection than other dispensaries in the area! I have to mention the packaging…. Awesome! Definitely a awesome bonus! I’m definitely making the trip up there from now on!!!

  306. cburnsmed

    AZ Natural Selections used to be my go to place, until they rolled out the new “Cheaper Pricing.” They may have lowered their prices across the board, however, you’re not able to get their best strains on specials anymore, which is the ONLY time I shop. Call me cheap, but I like to save money when it comes to spending on marijuana. The lower prices are great, however, it does not help those who only shop the sales and specials. Please do not keep this permanent when Summer is over, go back to your old great ways.

  307. Laflare710

    I only said that cause they said they’d give me a free pre roll. This place isn’t actually that nice all the flower and concentrated were super boof. Don’t waste money here like I did…

  308. hudsonbryant99

    had a very helpful budtendender patrick & good ftp on concentrates! will be back

  309. stevejc1

    Super clean…very professional and knowledgeable about dealing with Chemotherapy…been to each location…both are excellent and good deals too…I highly recommend these folks…check them out!

  310. Teneli666

    Great dispensary.

  311. missyhalley

    Amazing experience!! I highly recommend this place!! Jonathan was knowledgeable, friendly, welcoming, and patient….absolutely no complaints! Plus the quality of buds, edibles, and cartridges is superb!

  312. craigmiller

    Great selection the staff is knowledgeable in and out in a hurry

  313. Flip2

    Excellent staff, selection and facility. This is now my dispensary.

  314. Puffpuffhack

    little bit of drive from Mesa, but, the deals keep me Rollin back again.better prices & deals than stores close to me

  315. azkillzz66

    It was a great place really nice people there and great product !!

  316. kcampbell1122

    Awesome location with amazing new customer benefits. Definitely going to be my shop of choice!

  317. Naba

    Been a while since i have been there, but was definitly very clean, professional and very helpful. Have recommended this place to several friends and coworkers.

  318. jeffreysol

    Excellent selection; prices; staff; knowledge. This place is wonderful!

  319. AtreeDog

    Very good flower it felt more relax then the other ones I went to and the weekend deals are great

  320. jsgoodwin

    Excellent on every level.

  321. sam1214

    Employees are very friendly, helpful and informative.
    I would definitely recommend this location!!

  322. nez11

    didn’t get my ftp gifts just my gram guy who helped me out looked like he couldn’t wait to get out of there

  323. Coolio13

    Great Staff. They were very helpful. Try the Cowboy Cookie, it’s excellent.

  324. mdoonan2

    Excellent all around experience!

  325. tbonix

    super knowledgeable and friendly staff. definitely will be back to fill my tube!!

  326. Cecelp

    Love the people the bud the place! It’s all around my favorite place to go! Soon here I hope to be working there as well. dYtmdY1/4

  327. richardtorbett

    love the vape cartridges… meds are a little pricy but great quality.

  328. hisdoobness

    Top quality meds and great deals!

  329. daria0202

    Great Meds always!!

  330. iatarola

    they are always pleasant and very informative.

  331. Prncez7

    The employees were very curious and helpful. They ANSWERED all questions I had, I would definitely recommend to people and I will sure be returning.

  332. Ff624

    I had a great experience at this dispencary Shannon you are very helpful thank you

  333. brkmarah

    They were very friendly and I didn’t have to wait a long time.

  334. highkaren

    Shop here for their sale prices and great selection of great meds. Nice waiting area.

  335. chlake1234

    Always a positive experience here. Last trip I learned so much from Shannon behind the counter who explained things and never mad me feel rushed. Clean, updated and very professional location. This could be a model for all others!

  336. mjmedic

    I LOVED this place! Wonderful specials that my bud specialist, Wade was all over! Great experience with very knowledgeable fun staff! My new favorite place! I was very happy with the quality of everything I tried from here including flower, vape, wax and medible.

  337. dannyrom

    It has a great atmosphere and very personable bud tenders. I like the fact that there price is based upon yield, it makes quality pot affordable. All of they’re product is quality.

  338. CaptainBmoen

    Great location and great service the product was a little dry but nothing terrible. This location is easy to get to and is certainly somewhere I will visit again.

  339. brandocam

    Big fan of the re-usable tubes:)

  340. allison83

    Great place with friendly staff, wonderful products and a very comfortable and modern atmosphere. Very happy with the oil cartridges and their flower, and absolutely love their specials!

  341. seniorcitizen

    This dispensary was convenient in my recent travels. The experience was excellent! I was impressed with the staff member who assisted me. She was very knowledgeable and helpful to my individual needs. Great personality! The choices, prices and specials were superb and perfect for my purposes. Thank you very much!!

  342. azironlungz

    Very relaxed but very professional. Awesome staff, I’m very bad with names but the receptionist was lovely and my bud tender was very knowledgeable and patient. They have an amazing selection and tippity top quality, you should definitely give this place a chance to be your new bud stop.

  343. dinomiht

    this location is great. staff was friendly and the product was outstanding

  344. inscottsdale

    Stephanie was awesome. Very nice place and well organized.

  345. joe_maloney34

    were nice and great serves and very good product.

  346. katiekatattack

    My favorite place to get quality bud for a good price. The staff are amazing!!! Each and every one of them personally gets to know you, and they make sure that you get the medicine that’s right for you!

  347. peggyalexander

    Love, love, love this dispensary. I’ve never had a negative experience and have been there about 15 times. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. If you have a problem (RARE!) they fix it immediately, no questions asked – absolutely the best!

  348. KushKween15

    Very Professional
    Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff
    Huge Selection
    Make most of their products

  349. Oedoko

    Great customer service from Jeff, very knowledgeable and helped me choose the right medicine for my symptoms. Would highly recommend!

  350. iowa0204314

    buds were good, budtender forgot to give me my grinder card though after he punched the freebie card. not mad just wish i wouldnt have wasted my free punch

  351. pakrat5150

    First time here. They killed it! Andrew is awesome and very knowledgable…of over 20 local shops i have tried, THE BEST!.

  352. Tjk420

    From the moment you walk in you can tell this place is different.. and better than all the rest. The staff and specials and selection are all top notch. You will love this dispensary!

  353. Meghanriley

    Awesome atmosphere!! George helped me out today and was friendly and very knowledgeable! It was my first time in a dispensary and I am glad I went to AZ Natural Selections!

  354. selmermarkvi

    I’ve bought my medicine from this location a few times now. Each time I’ve had great service and great quality meds. Will definitely be back.

  355. MigraineMed

    This place was busy when i showed up but I got through the line and was served by real pros. Also love the container that they give first timers.

  356. DudeAstro

    very friendly and service oriented. my budtender Amy was very helpful in explaining specials and policies. she suggested Lamb’s Bread which I absolutely love!!

  357. jbuckley86

    Very professional staff with security guard at the door. The bud tenders are also very knowledgeable.

  358. happybee

    I have been to a handful of dispensaries, and this one has surpassed all the others by far. I was really impressed by how nicely everything is set up in their lobby, and how friendly the woman at the front desk was. There was even another patient in there talking to me about how they are that best. After my visit, I have to agree.

    A good friend of mine has been recommending this place for awhile, but I live 30 miles away in Chandler. I will absolutely be making the trip to continue getting my messages from there. Great quality, and a huge selection. It doesn’t get better!!

  359. Stabphil18

    First dispensaries I went too and it was an awesome experience

  360. etroyk

    Beautifully put together with a skilled, friendly, intelligent staff.

  361. nickthesquid420

    Chris, was very helpful and knowledgeable. The new patient special is amazing, and the free gram of GSC was top notch. As a first time patient I will definitely be returning.

  362. kingsupa

    one of my favorites

  363. Dustin_Lumbago

    It is OK by me. Very low key exterior. Competitive prices. I had a caring, and knowledgeable service agent [Katy] My first visit, so I was cautious in my purchase. I shall see how well their purple urkle works before raving about the place. Absolutely no negative impressions at this time.

  364. cemax

    Wonderful first experience. They took the time to explain everything on my first visit. Will definately use again.

  365. BBikaika

    Great customer service. Employees seem very knowledgable about their products

  366. Limo777

    Got the purple urkle
    strain was bomb Scott budtender was very helpful very clean inside waited a few minutes but worth it

  367. rneubert1

    Attention only leaving 5 stars past 2 reviews would not post because idk why maybe because I gave them 2. Here we go card expires 1/22/17 renew on 1/19/17. Called AZDHS see if I am still legal and they said yes you have a 14 day window. Called 5 other dispensaries see if it was true and they asked for my ID number typed and said I’m still active. 1/27/17 see natural selections running a special so I call and see if they could help me. Here where it goes the 2 stars. Guy picks up the phone mumbles “natural selections.” Okay whatever then I tell him what the situation was and basically said “He never heard of that and could not help me and I have to wait till it comes in.” Didn’t even ask for my ID or ask someone else. Like what it’s whatever shows you who really care for patient or who want money. This place actually was decent too. It’s okay hope someone could see this and adress it so it won’t happen again to someone else.

  368. Jeepy2

    Love all the specials this dispensary offers. The staff is great and very friendly. Just wished they had tincture. This is my go-to place.

  369. puccino

    Way way too expensive… Just because you’re Located in Scottsdale doesn’t mean you have to charge more than everybody else for the same product

  370. LimbicGroove

    Knowledgable staff and great premium meds! Try their Ghost Train Haze, it’s fire!

  371. Shizzy_Shatter

    Hands down the best Dispensary Ive been to in the Valley. These people care about patients and have definitely set the bar high. When you walk in here, that stereo type of a “dispensary” is gone-it feels like a medical facility and not some corner of the street pharmacy. Their flowers speak for themselves. super frosty and and dense nugs, and it keeps getting better every week! Got a free gram my first( A++) everything is top shelf here and the best daily specials

  372. buzz101

    AZ Natural Selection is a great place! You can tell they put a lot of thought into the customer experience and worked hard to set themselves apart from the rest of the pack. Andrew and Stephanie were bright, helpful and knowledgeable as soon as the doors opened at 8AM. However, none of that matters if the product is not top notch… and they don’t disappoint. The best flower I have seen in a long time and the concentrates are done correctly. And if you are a new customer, the amount of goodies they give you is overwhelming so definitely check it out!

  373. str1018

    If you’re looking for a top-tier dispensary, look no further.

    “The Harborside of Phoenix” – very professional, very knowledge, very friendly. This is the only dispensary I’ve seen in Phoenix that tests THC & CBD for all their meds… and the quality shows!

    They really are out to evolve the dispensary model. I already have their Feb/Mar crop circled on my calendar… should be amazing!

    “Professional retailers can change public perception”

  374. shaunagrace

    Location is great! People are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. Recommended by a friend and I will be recommending!!!

  375. rad5796

    very good product, knowledgeable staff, great location. Highly recommended. Thanks

  376. aoio

    there is a great selection of products, good prices and the people are very friendly

  377. bksound

    gorgeous location with large open air retail. most of the staff seem knowledgeable, as ive always had a proper experience

  378. jtucker243

    Great product wonderful staff. And all made here at home. Couldn’t ask for more :).

  379. jameshields

    stopped in with a friend last week. great atmosphere and location. Laura knocked it out of the park with her cheer and customer service!

  380. webdiva

    Very nice location. very helpful staff and great flower!!!

  381. Azgal

    Excellent. Dispensary! Professional, clean, safe! Very helpful staff!!!!

  382. orgncwhtmlk

    Awesome visit! I asked a lot of questions and got well spoken knowledgable answers. very friendly staff! Kandy Kush is amazing and sooo smooth to smoke! I’m super medicated! thanks!!!!! I’ll be back!

  383. Divineking43

    I think that this location is an amazing atmosphere and friendly people.

  384. RM83

    Large selection of flower, nice location and lots of customer incentives.

  385. alexnicole10

    My first visit here was great! They are superknowledgable and nice! They know what they are taking about and it is super quick to get meds! Love this place and will be coming back often! 🙂

  386. stormch8srp

    This place is unbelievable! Staff is knowledgeable, professional and friendly. The meds are top quality and they have a wide selection to choose from. Flower, concentrates, edibles, and more!

  387. Keize

    Josh was really helpful & informative. Blythe was very informative. Great quality.

    As a graphic designer, I like the branding & marketing here too.

  388. mjellis22

    one of the best in the valley

  389. Danny0314

    Great place, awesome and helpful employees and good prices.

  390. Nickiilynn

    Good Location

  391. Lintroller1318

    Beautiful new location with an incredibly nice and helpful staff. Great strain selection and always have deals going. Make sure to check em out! Definitely one of my favorite in the valley

  392. Naptime_Nick

    This place is just simpy great 😀 Great tasting, clean and effective meds are here and reasonably priced when they have daily deals! Service is top notch too! Every member of the staff is super friendly and in the know when it comes to medical MJ. Also, I find that they have some of the best flower for sleeping issues (for me atleast, and I’ve tried a handful of them in the valley). Did I mention great edibles too? Love the brownies! Thanks AZNS!

  393. dajimmer

    Everything about this location is on point. The quality of product, store and customer service is great. To put this into perspective; I drive from prescott just to get my meds here.

  394. smab

    Love love LOVE this location. It’s my go to spot. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, staff is extremely knowledgeable about the products and effects. I was very impressed, especially with Brittany, she was really helpful!

  395. anthony1979


  396. blue28

    great place, knowledgeable staff
    would recommend to others

  397. henry1178

    Good quality flower and great atmosphere. Definatly recommended to others.

  398. rodent777

    Very professional and helpful. What more can you ask of a dispensary….

  399. cynthia55579

    Warm, Friendy, willing to take that extra step to serving my needs…

  400. jlord

    I found my new dispensary!! Super clean. Really well organized. Extremely knowledgeable staff. Kyle answered all of my novice questions and did a great job explaining things.

  401. nosmoke121114

    These guys are awesome they have an awesome selection and they have some really awesome stuff that I haven’t seen any where else like the patch and the customizable vape pen super cool

  402. solay

    My 1st time their, 1st thing I would like to mention well worth the drive if it’s not in hour area. Awesome bonus point structure AND bud tender Travis was great on giving me all the help I needed. Great people! Quality bud!

  403. harrisonE

    They were very professional and their prices were surprisingly low! I am definitely coming back!

  404. ASUdvl

    Very professional and helpful as a first time customer! The location is perfect and the atmosphere is very warm and inviting. Will definitely go back

  405. bdurnford

    ANS has a very modern, clean retail appeal. Excellent buds, knowledgeable staff and competitive on edible pricing. Will be going back.

  406. Rongerzhus

    Nice shop. Customer service off the charts. Great place for plump, intact buds. Could be more potent. Have tried 6-8 strains and they ALL have a very peppery finish. Other than that, no complaints.

  407. brandonvogel

    Pretty clean good customer service nice music playing pretty knowledgeable on meds

  408. flo590

    they know what there talking about when it came to my specific strains i wanted

  409. gillyg2k4

    very well staffed, and nice variety of mmj and mmj accessories.

  410. Booskies

    Very clean, great knowledgeable staff. I would recommend this place to anyone.

  411. dicethefirst

    confusing at first but smooth afterwards. nice selection.

  412. Pourkay23

    Love this new spot! Wonderful atmosphere, professional, knowledgeable staff, and top shelf meds!

  413. alannajams

    My favorite dispensary so far. Good strain selection, great product selection. Will definitely shop here again.

  414. Crystal26

    This is a great place, really helpful and friendly staff and the quality of their products is amazing. I will definitely be returning.

  415. cmmcaa

    Very nice and clean, also has a diverse selection of products.

  416. BleedOrange4

    Very friendly with good prices. Helped me out with good advice. Would definitely recommend.

  417. drliaison

    Very professional and great meds!

  418. steviet420

    Love this place great people and great meds

  419. mel1008

    great products, great atmosphere, friendly staff

  420. joshonthenet

    WOW! I was so impressed with AZ Natural Selections. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable (I had no idea what live resin was, but Jonathan explained it very well). They have a great variety of product and the prices are really great. Both the flower and concentrates I got were really great!

  421. qbanbeatz

    Best dispensary in Az!

  422. boogbih

    I love the set up. and really helpful.

  423. bmore1327

    Natural selections has an open and friendly environment. From the time you walk in you sense quality, in both product and service. shout out to
    Stephanie for the right knowledge on flower

  424. Edawg

    Excellent Service in a quiet area. They have a bigger location on the west side. Tried the Super Lemon Haze which was top shelf and on point. A little far to travel but nice little shop. Thanks for the EDU on CBD!

  425. jremy32

    very helpful service, warm and friendly environment, great specials, definitely a place to come back to.

  426. Louiselouise

    I had the pleasure of being served by Brittany & Jennifer and both were most helpful and informative….

  427. Aharding1

    Very good location with great prices and super friendly staff members.

  428. eyecue626

    the vape pens dropped drastically in quality. taste like gas. bud tender was obnoxiously a ms know it all and the only issue with that is you can tell she was just repeating what she was told/read not actual experience/personal knowledge. the flower is good and other bud tenders are very helpful not obnoxious. Just rating this particular experience, always has been a good place and still is, just not for the sale oil pens.

  429. JKAB

    Extremely knowledgeable. Took the time to answer questions regarding various products and made recommendations specific to my needs.

  430. sandogsimp

    This place was awesome, a bit of a drive for me but we’ll worth it. very knowledgeable and professional service and staff.

  431. BradM069

    AZNS was a top quality location with wonderful service and great bud at a low price. Anyone would feels the same after leaving the very professional and clean facility.

  432. OtisP

    it was the cleanest place I’ve been, the fact that they have ,cultivation an control over concentrate products ,is amazing. The staff was very professional, knowledgeable, friendly an helpful . I felt like I was well taken care of.

  433. bricktop89

    Amazing quality and service. Highly recommend them and will be most definitely returning!

  434. Bonitacheena

    it’s close to me and ppeople are nice, however get the ATM fixed. I tried times to get money out of it , it did not work. I had to drive to circle k and

  435. Nikkopupster

    Went in for my first visit to a dispensary today and I can’t imagine why I’d go anywhere else. Super friendly knowledgeable sales staff, and it’s very convenient location will bring me back time and time again !!

  436. JDelRosso56Jw

    The people here are amazing. The atmosphere is out of the world nice and clean. Will come back

  437. elmunstro

    best deals best quality and the people here are amazing if you can go to a place and they know your name you know they care!!!

  438. jayherb222

    Great store and nice bud tenders to help you.

  439. john.janecek.16

    Good looking flowers

  440. Munchiez2

    great quality medicine, fantastic samples and specials, well informed staff. super lemon haze was a fantastic choice!

  441. alwaysconcentratedgram

    love this place they have the best flower in the stat witch they use in there concentrates witch are top self as well the staff is friendly and knowledge able

  442. DarwinCrowley

    They have a couple decent strains here. The rest is not very good. I used to shop here because they had the best specials. Now they have changed and I will most likely never shop here again.

  443. blak3williams

    Fantastic service, great looking buds

  444. Tattooxyng

    bogus that first time visit didn’t include carts . it was all I needed and couldn’t get any first time bonus. so this was my last time too

  445. Noruleztoday

    This was my first visit to a dispensary. It was a wonderful experience. The staff is super friendly and very knowledgeable. The dispensary itself is very clean and well organized. I will definitely return.

  446. tcannon33

    first timer, new to the area stop by got a preroll and a couple grams . everyone was nice and well informed funny ended up spending like 20 mins in the just chattin it up. think its cuz i went at the perfect time. was the only one in there Derek was cool to talk to but everyone there is

  447. Saintwade

    It all smells the same. You wouldn’t believe it they all smell the same. How do you have thirty strains that smell the exact same?

  448. Thefatwoody

    Amazing dispensary, really puts all the others to shame with the free cupcakes and cake in the lobby. not to mention jolly ranchers and amazing products.

  449. xlovestree

    Definitely top three dispensaries that I’ve visited. Top notch flower and I love how they test everything in house. Clean, welcoming and friendly. Also I use the container they give you on first time visits everyday

  450. freezymfe

    The overall friendliness of the staff was above satisfactory as well as the selection of strains and products. I will be coming back.

  451. amasse1

    very nice place with good deals and helpful folks behind the counter.

  452. Iamhappycamper

    Great atmosphere and friendly, fast and knowledgeable staff. great meds and awesome selection.

  453. jc4dbud

    Excellent staff and facility. Love the quality too.

  454. carlosfuentes

    It was a really nice place, and the weed was very high quality. I’ll be coming back again

  455. fdcruz23

    Great people, great prices & a GREAT selection to choose from. .

  456. belladame388

    This is one of the most clean, professional and comfortable places ive ever been. The variety of products offered and the wealth of knowledge from staff is jusy unmatched.

  457. dlglassman

    Morgan was awesome. Knew her products and guided this newbie to a successfull purchase that helpedme get off the aEURoeprescription opiatesaEUR and avoid the withdrawals. Im a happy patron.

  458. rosebruk1

    Wow. Very nice. Lots of great varieties. Much, much better than Monarch. Friendlier staff. Better products. Nicer in every way.

  459. adrok2011

    Great location and very clean inside!

  460. HarryDog

    FTP, clean & modern, robotic, sterile environment. Flower was just ok, bubble hash tastes ok, no real complaints, but not my place to go. Vibes were strange & not relaxed at all. Total wait time was about 10 minutes! You wait out front, then get called back, introduced to their color coded system and wait to be called by the next “teller” uh, budtender. Pricing a little high for “just ok” (indica leaning) meds. I like their “go green” idea with the reusable tubes instead of little paper bag. I will probably try this place again, but I know I won’t be a regular at this time. I do recommend at least checking it out for yourself.

  461. RobBostwickbudz

    Great new patient specials Quick service Friendly Employees

  462. jefe4445

    Great people, great selection, great atmosphere, great experience!

  463. Hshuntay

    Cool people, great flower!

  464. carlyv1

    Great location and helpful staff! Always good strains too!!

  465. FLIP81


  466. forest44

    Perfect location would love to see another Arizona Natural Selections dispensary in East Mesa!! This dispensary might be one of my favorite dispensaries! Quality Medicine at a reasonable price

  467. ariberry

    it was my first time coming to a dispensary and brittany made my 1st time very easy and relaxed, I will be coming back forsure! thank yu!

  468. wasabimaryj

    Just upon entering I was greeted by very excited and well informed workers. Decent selection of flowers, better for concentrated in my opinion. The buds were pre packaged so just know that, great taste though regardless. Will be back… Tomorrow.

  469. Sammich93

    always good since i started coming here.

  470. AZBigDabs

    Bring back the crumble! You selection of crumbles and wax very limited. Guess I’ll find a new shop for my crumble.

  471. Daveyc73

    Great staff and very
    knowledgeable! 1st time in. Great meds, a tad dry on the xj-13. Killer goodie bag, lots of pre rolls.Yay yay! oh, the carmels 1 g was tasty.

  472. Angels1966

    Very nice dispensary with a very helpful staff. Some bomb bud!

  473. snakeeyes30

    Great location! It’s perfect for all those who live in North Scottsdale and North East Phoenix. Plenty of parking, Staff was friendly, I was treated to a bag full of goodies for being a first time patient, and the flower was awesome. This is going to become my go to place!

  474. jgressman

    great location in the airpark and awesome customer service and education.

  475. Jacobtopshelf17

    Excellent and professional!

  476. dherrm

    I love this place it’s close to home service is always excellent meds are wonderful. Couldn’t ask for anything better. Thank you AZ Natural Selections!

  477. losuave

    Simply amazing staff and products…. Love the brownie!

  478. JamesHaley

    They make great pre rolls and have excellent service. I was in and out quick. Thank you

  479. greykat

    This place is awesome. Everyone is really friendly and their products are great quality. Would recommend!

  480. Princessjj777

    You guys rock thank you so much what a fabulous birthday

  481. pimpedcanadian4

    I thought this place was going to be really expensive (everything is in Cave Creek) so I was thinking $55-65 1/8. A lot of things in the Creek are also of high quality, Natural Selections weed is no exception. The staff was really friendly and knowledgeable and one of them was extremely good looking so no complaints whatsoever. When I came in they were having a $35 sale on .8 wax cartridges–so I got two. Also got two edibles and a $34 1/8 of some fruity citrus smelling Katsu dankness. Needless to say I was impressed with their prices and staff and will definitely be back for more.

  482. Jayrad1933

    Great place, always knowlegeable, has great members, and always looks out for the best choice, great prices including prizes

  483. pitbulllove

    I got the Mendo Afgoo shatter its good!! but only makes me relaxed.

  484. Tiffzoid

    Was a very nice dispensary to go to. Very quick and easy service, convenient point reward system, and awesome first time patient deals as well.

  485. blazer1987

    location is fairly decent

  486. schell1025

    This was my first experience going to a dispensary so I was a bit uneasy. Plus its been over 35 years since I last used marijuana as a teen. Everyone was so terrific and the store was clean and understated, no blinking lights or giant pot leaves. The young lady who helped me find the right strains and products was well informed and patient with me as I had a lot of questions. I love this dispensary, the staff, the inventory, and the prices are unbeatable. I Definitely recommend As Natural Selections and will be going back!!

  487. jpatti

    Nice and clean location quick service with really knowledgeable staff and great flowers look forward to trying more products from here

  488. Jas2173965

    This is a great place to go. Morgan was very helpful and knowledgeable. I plan to return often.

  489. Godlyfigure

    very friendly and knowledgeable budtender

  490. mindymvegan

    This is a great place to go if you want super knowledgable staff and one even went out of her way to check for vegan edibles that are free of sunflower seeds and corn (starch & syrup) – my allergies. Got an excellent vape pen. I love the way it feels in my hand! I’m very pleased with the sativa oils I got. My cat just passed away and I needed some uplifting. Got three great strains on the 7/10 sale.

  491. ThatDude18

    Got to the location literally as it was closing time. I walked up to the doors at 6:59 pm. I know this because I checked both my watch and phone when I saw the hours on the door. Other patients were still inside browsing. Bud tender towards the front motioned to me that they were closed. The rent a cop security guard had the audacity to laugh at the situation of me getting there late. People trying to get actual medication not just trying to get stoned isn’t a laughing matter. Will never return to this location. First impressions are everything and this location didn’t even start off on any foot, let alone the right one. Not blaming the staff, just the security guy specifically. Will let other friends/patients to get their medication elsewhere.

  492. thbeer

    I waited till I got to visit a couple of dispensaries before review. By far they have the nicest shop and the people are awesome. And the prices so far have been great.

  493. Firewolf930

    AZ Natural Selections is so chill. First time you go you get this cool tube and you get extra points each time u bring it back (not only that, you are also saving the environment at the same time with less waste) If your like me and love the Earth then I would say go to AZ Natural selections. Everyone who works there is friendly and their shit is fire too.

  494. Migtrick15

    It was a great experience . great quality && very nice people my budtender josh was very helpful (:

  495. Acrosby

    Always the best

  496. austinthelandscaper

    First time here so far so good still need to try the products the staff is very freindly

  497. kidtwiztid

    I have been here a few times and let me just say AWESOME! Professional and courteous staff. I love the sour diesel and the G-13. The edibles are beyond great I has the peanut butter extreme and let just say extreme is an understatement. Thanks for coming to my neck of the desert.

  498. bigshane

    Very friendly staff. Quality products, sanitary, clean facility. Would recommend to anyone.

  499. foxgeoff

    This is a wonderful place. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The place is sparkling clean and brightly lit. Finally, the products are numerous and high quality. I can’t say enough good things!

  500. janedon

    Super awesome staff, knowledgeable and friendly. Flower is on point. Love going here!

  501. goody1717

    Very inviting location with welcoming staff. I was helped by Jeff who answered all my questions and made sure i left with some quality medication. An amazing experience.

  502. coopermiamigo

    great first visit. helped by Josh. will come back for sure

  503. beanman602

    2 thumbs up!

  504. mdhossfeld

    Very professional and took care of me when overcharged. Definitely recommend.

  505. Raindrop

    This is by far my favorite dispensary and I will definitely be back for all my medicinal needs dY’s

  506. Gopedguy420

    ANS is an amazingly wonderful dispensery with great knowledgeable staff

  507. wadehorne

    Awesome! I have been all over town looking for a great product at a good price. I have now found in AZ Naturals a great product at a Great price! These guys and ladies are the best…period!

  508. mbadgley928

    Place is awesome, Danny was real helpful. The orange Kush soda was bomb.

  509. tomcjr25

    Lots of knowledgeable folks. Good deals and nice atmosphere. Just came to AZ this year and this is the best dispensary I’ve found in the area. Very convenient location as well.

  510. sweetSarahnade

    everytime I come into this location I’m welcomed with kind people professionalism and a clean facility. The flower is an excellent quality and the Edibles are great. Pricing is great when they have sales and specials.

  511. Bjobes28

    I loved it! Very nice staff n answered all my questions as a new patient.

  512. chedr1982

    Great atmosphere and very professional. Comfortable environment and not snobby. Andrew was excellent; informative and personable.

  513. sportsmom8233

    great people

  514. az_steelerfan

    AZ Natural Selections is top notch. They provide a clean, comfortable environment with a very helpful and knowledgeable staff. I will definitely go to Az Natural Selections as my main dispensary.

  515. Lisa802

    Awesome atmosphere and very knowledgable staff. Thanks for the information Amanda Rae.

  516. BubbasBalls

    Great staff & many choices.

  517. phxcat83

    staff was so friendly it was my very first time to a dispensary and will return again

  518. 70sChick

    This location is convenient since it is across street from my work but wish a location in north Phx

  519. halfbakedbrownie420

    Nice products and location and friendly staff. Need better accommodations for customers who know exactly what they want to get in and out in a timely manner. Not everyone wants to spend an hour in store or holding on the telephone.

  520. Antg420

    I loved this place! Great selection and awesome staff. I would definitely recommend!

  521. wahoo

    I picked up some of their Lemon Train Haze from another local dispensary and it was one of the 3 worst batches of flower that I have gotten from over 100 strains at 27 different Arizona dispensaries during the last 6 years. Just awful quality!

  522. LarryLaffer

    Amazing facility!

  523. NTAY61

    My experience at Az Natural Selections was excellent. The location was very tidy, with friendly and informative staff helping me throughout my visit.

  524. Ruderobinson

    Josh#1 helped me out was super friendly and knowledgable. I will be back soon.

  525. Ronron7734

    Nice menu and friendly staff

  526. Joshrichtar

    These guys were okay and knew their products unfortunately it appears to be more profit driven then patient driven

  527. sdydelsol

    This was my first time visiting this location. The staff (Jonathan) was friendly and knowledgeable, although he did seem a little nervous…maybe he was new. I love the idea that everything is grown organically. Pain relief is my number one priority but knowing it’s organic is worth the additional cost. I have not yet tried the product but will share my thoughts when I do. dY’OE

  528. bahdahbing602

    Dispensary was clean and had a nice aura about it. Jennifer knew her products and was very helpful. The Blueberry Jack was unbelievable! Loved it!

  529. kayle98

    This was honestly one of the friendliest & most professional looking dispensaries I have been to.

  530. PeyoteFB

    Great spot hidden in Scottsdale (not really hidden) with very welcoming Budtender and staff. I was amazed out the depth they went to in order to ensure a wonderful 1st visit. I live a Gilbert so the drive I a little far but WELL WORTH THE DRIVE. The medicine they prove is locally grown and is tested by a 3rd party facility to set them apart from the rest. I am thrilled I took a look see and will definitely be back again… probably tomorrow!!! #PreciseFB #420 #SmokesDale

  531. ambercarlson

    The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable of their products. They also have great prices and deals! definitely coming back!

  532. alienbabe420

    Closest dispensary to me and my fav! They have so many awesome sales and nice employees that can answer just about any question you have.

  533. TheCp93

    I was so impressed by this dispensary, the shop associate that I had was named Josh and he was great. They should promote him immediately, I’ll be a regular customer from now on because of his service and the quality of their product.

  534. drewtyler318

    Amazing selection of shatter and flower. Will definitely go back!!

  535. RobbIt

    Very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff! Beautiful facility conveniently located near 101 in N. Scottsdale.
    (I rated Quality 3 only because I haven’t tried the product I purchased yet however The Leafly app requires a rating I was impressed that they pride themselves on offering organic, high quality medicine. And a genuine patient orientation)

  536. potatumtot

    From Phoenix, going to school in Tucson, and needed to find a reliable dispensary in the Valley. Found AZ Natural Selections and it’s one of my favorite dispensaries ever–service was excellent (Andy was such a homie, knowledgeable but friendly and never pushy), facility is bright and inviting, love that you can feel the bud samples, weed is tested and all grown in Phoenix, free gram on first visit, stellar rewards program (1600 points at $1=1pt gets you a quarter!) Only complaints are that they don’t have lab test results on display (THC/CBD/CBN contents) and they pre-package, whereas I always like to watch my flower get weighed. But I can’t really complain, because 2 of the 5 eighths I picked up (for $33 each with their last weekend sale) were in big, beautiful, whole, singular nugs. My jaw couldn’t help but drop! Competitive prices at a gorgeous location where you feel taken care of by the budtenders!

  537. ChieflyLeafly

    As s new patient, I appreciated the focus on education and product knowledge. Beautiful, clean and discreet location is open everyday!

  538. dannysdemaio

    Danny D loves the concentrates and the staff!! CDF wax was straight firrrrrre!!! and the bbj live resin wax, batter, and cartridge is def one I’ve been stocking up on. Staff couldn’t be more knowledgeable and friendly. Shannon helped me out and she is an encyclopedia!

  539. Skiesforever159

    Great customer service and very friendly staff. Good products, though, should work on advertising their specials better.

  540. Dramatickjay

    This is the best place! Great prices and great customer service. Their selection is top notch and their staff is very informative. I highly recommend you try their Urkle Train Haze. Very smooth cerebral high!

  541. Kingmuck1

    Great prices and selection, highly recommended.

  542. dtwyman

    Found this location to be awesome. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly. Great daily deals to keep you coming back. I will be going back for sure.

  543. Pdran

    First time customer…. They Answered my questions. Felt very comfortable in the atmosphere. Forgot the lady that helped me but she was very knowledgeable. Will be returning.

  544. taylorgroenke

    Staff is very friendly and helpful. Great environment.

  545. caw94103

    Great staff with great products! Their concentrates always blow me away. Definitely recommend this place.

  546. tdaz2004

    The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful and they also has a wide selection of products!

  547. idgie23

    Excellent location. Love that is open and bright. Great staff and products.

  548. apot

    Great experience! Nice store, friendly staff. As a new patient they were very helpful with explaining all my options, and they have a large selection, so it took a while. 10/10

  549. vernnbaas

    Love this dispo highly recommend to all the homies. Good prices, nice people and it’s never terribly busy. Thanks guys!

  550. buddy602

    Constant quality and service!

  551. EricVoise31

    Arizona Natural Selections rocks!!! I saw in New Times that a new location had opened less than a mile from my office, and I was compelled to check you guys out. You did not disappoint, with the most perks for a first-time patient I have ever experienced at any dispensary. My budtender, Andy, was courteous and knowledgeable and made an excellent strain recommendation to fit my needs. I will be back…a LOT! Keep up the good work, guys.

  552. Fubar70

    very professional. nice place in very close to my job

  553. ernestmarin4

    This place is cool and they have some pretty good daily deals. Marissa helped me pick out some bomb flower!

  554. Bear999922

    Cool place. Friendly staff but did take awhile. Especially when my friend came in with me for my referral. Decent loyalty progrm, will be back.

  555. Zane021

    Staff was friendly and professional. Being my first time, i had alot of questions and they answered them all with no hesitancy. Plus they have great promotions too. I will be back!

  556. Meddik

    Was extremely impressed with the set up at this location, very seamless process. Staff was knowledgeable as well as the quality of the products was great.

  557. joeBLOAW

    great deals each day, best place to get oil cartridge’s. always a bunch of flavors

  558. hippiepirate85

    Love the amazing selection and that everything is all organic, super friendly customer service, awesome cool chill vibes. Smile.

  559. 4she2hearts0dabs

    I love this location. Got to check it out after work and you can basically throw a rock how close it is to my job. I will be coming in a lot. and I love the canister you get to hold your meds for your first time patient special.

  560. RubrnB95

    Greate selection of flower very professional and I love the tube you get instead of a paper bag. 5 star indeed coming back to try the house made vape pen that is made right in front of you just after you order it. I’ve never seen any other dispensaries do this for you. I definitely suggest giving this place a shot.

  561. Dansterdam

    You messed up so bad. Took premium shelf off specials. I used to watch religiously for gsc because every 2 months they came out and sold out in no time. On your shelf weeks now with all sizes available. Found another dispensary that just lowered their prices with better quality. You lost my business. At least 2 ozs per month.

  562. sethvierra

    Exceptional environment, quality products and an overall experience worth the price. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Very cool, professional setup.
    There were a lot of specials and information thrown at me right away which was almost too much but once I had a second to process everything I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and left smiling.

  563. skittles420

    Great place to come to wonderful staff awesome meds I love it

  564. kbrannie

    Great selection and great service, definitely will be back!

  565. Suzips

    The visit was not today. I was promised a consult with their Oaksterdam grad that did not happen and I waited around for it. Their Darwin gummies tasted horrible and the packaging was excessive, as in not very ‘green.’ Topical was ineffective and not dense enough. Atmosphere was very pleasing and high end, but somewhat sterile. Emphasis was on pushing their branded product.

  566. boudreaux

    Come on guys. I can get $42 strains, but not the $45 strains on your buy 3 special. Great business move if you want to piss folks off. It’s 3 bucks guys. Just went from one of the best to just one of the rest. Sorry to see.

  567. dossdwood

    Easily my favorite dispensary in Arizona, the flower is amazing and fairly priced and the friendly environment and helpful employees make it a great experience every time!

  568. jacobshebek

    It was my first time in today and Derek helped me out he did an amazing job helping me out and walking me through the options I had it felt like the experience was personalized to me and I loved it.

  569. drtoni

    Great dispensary. They are professional and have good products.

  570. cupcake726

    Very personable and not rushing. Clean and happy.

  571. chuckles28

    nice clean friendly environment fast service

  572. kickas

    Central and safe location.

  573. psyry

    So clean and friendly. The reusable tube system is ecofriendly. Knowledgeable staff and decent prices. Good location, great selection.

  574. Otashton

    What a great bunch of people
    Very helpful !!

  575. AlenaPumpkinxoxo

    Always the best never fails. 🙂

  576. Hiskontessa

    The staff were very friendly. It was indeed a welcoming experience. My only issue was the cartridge that I purchased did not seem to be of good quality.

  577. samwisee33

    Great place to get whatever you need. Very friendly and informative work force.

  578. cbreiman


  579. gillman72

    Really cool spot with great selection, and knowledgable employees!

  580. teefunq

    One of the prettiest dispensaries I have been in so far. Plus, the staff were more than helpful my first time in there!

  581. GolfInjury97

    Josh took time to explain about shatter, I like the free tube for new customers.

  582. Scott113

    Best dispensary I’ve been to in Phoenix so far.

  583. mcmarcaz

    Very easy to talk with bud masters! I recommend going to check this place out!

  584. prettylilfool

    they are so knowledgeable and really know what they have and are so enthusiastic.

  585. arlen4925

    Great experience!! The staff was very friendly knowledgeable and professional. Great selection and prices too.

  586. leonetti

    first time and they hooked me up with some awesome meds!

  587. Dottiepop94

    Wade was awesome to work with. Decent Bud

  588. ms.understood

    I am not easily impressed, but I must admit I am VERY impressed by this operation!

    The location could not be more convenient. I was blown away by the beautiful, clean, modern decor. The staff was very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Andrew patiently answered all of my questions and helped me to get what I needed and stay within my budget.

    They offer custom oils, etc. that you can order to your specifications that I have not seen elsewhere, but they have so many great products and daily specials that I may not need to go the custom route.

    Their monthly non-profit that they give back to makes me feel even better about giving them my business. This is a dispensary others would be wise to emulate.

  589. MikeW76

    Staff is very helpful and friendly and makes you feel very comfortable your first visit. The young lady that helped me was very knowledgable about all kinds of products.

  590. Leafly1968

    The Super Lemon Haze and Mazur Kush are on point.

  591. mynamjo

    I loved this place! I walked into an extremely clean and comfortable waiting room and was greeted by the nicest people! The quality of the weed I bough was fantastic! Im definitely going back!

  592. CRCAZ

    Awesome place with friendly staff, great prices and amazing flower!

  593. TripLykely

    Awesome first visit. Staff was great, selection was good, everything was good. Definitely be back

  594. BadTim

    Very helpful, the bearded counterman was also polite and helpful. Flowers were sealed in resealable ziplock like bags and the flowers were still moist. I’m spoiled coming from Oakland to the Phoenix area in that I am not use to really dry flowers. These were not that!! Vet discount and respect – nice. They have a “points” system for free stuff…. We’ll have to see how that goes.

  595. Paige91

    I love this place and only come here
    Johnathon is amazing

  596. Kevinqt

    Location is nice , right across from work . The front desk guys was very nice and polite w self serve cookies and water available . The staff knows what they talking about and the strains are very good . Def recommend this location . Will come back .

  597. ginowhite94

    definitely very enjoyable to come to this dispensary, from their flower, to their concentrates, to their customer service. very recommended.

  598. Lightfoot321

    Very nice and clean/people are very nice and knowledgable Nice place to be .thanks u to all. (Amy)

  599. noon602

    Andrew answered all my questions very nice place!

  600. bestnug

    this place is awesome great staff product and atmosphere

  601. daoman2

    Awesome and one of my favorite spots

  602. inquisitave101gmailcom

    Super friendly staff, very professional and clean shop with top quality product.

  603. jxb1016

    They were pretty busy when I went the first time but the gaff was great, and knowledgeable. A great place

  604. hdepuy

    I like the point system rewards program it’s neat : )

  605. dpygrl3

    This is one of my favorite dispensaries. I will be visiting again very soon.

  606. jaazyboy

    Dope spot with the best 24k Kush outside of Amsterdam.

  607. JBone1973

    Very comfortable atmosphere. Helpful and friendly staff.
    The flowers come prepackaged and the seal on the pouches doesn’t keep it fresh as long as the flip-top containers.
    I had one of the brownies, and they were awesome
    Really interested to try the custom cakes

  608. adurand76

    Beautiful atmosphere, very clean, sleek and modern. Excellent service and friendly knowledgeable staff! Also had a great special going on for Thanksgiving Day!

  609. Carharley

    thanks for all your help

  610. kaz2016

    The entire experience was A++ and I left feeling very positive. Security out front in the lobby of an office building, located in a very nice part of Scottsdale. Close to Scottsdale Quarter shopping and Airpark.

    Stephanie was a pleasure to work with, she was knowledgable, friendly and very helpful.

    Top rated strands, edibles and process. Everything felt very professional. They give you so much information it is comforting – much more helpful than other dispensaries.

    First visit: free gram or pre roll and I chose Pineapple Express. Also get a lighter, rolling tray and sticker.

    This will be my go-to dispensary. Only thing is they don’t have YiLO gummy bears which are my favorite.

  611. jrukus

    Please fix your points system. The only reason I did not go to any other facility was to keep acquiring more points. The point system has been down for months…

  612. Jrice4782

    This is the best place to go in AZ…Dan was amazing, he was able to answer all of my questions and get the right type of medicine.

  613. minorityhype

    The workers are very friendly and will go above on helping you find the best meds. Would high recommend and will for sure be going back.

  614. MarcusWellbe

    This is one of the best dispensaries in AZ! I come here for their quality medications and the friendly staff… you should too!

  615. azrielleanchors

    Great friendly staff!! Great experience.

  616. do88593

    Good product, knowledgeable friendly staff, worth stopping by.

  617. snoetekh

    Great strains, and excellent service. Everyone there was happy to give their input on the various strains, and that means a lot to me since I myself am so excited around a bunch of potent marijuana. This location takes me an hour to get to, that will not deter me from returning.

  618. Chuckles86

    I had an awesome experience at Natural Selections. It was only the second time i had been into a dispensary, but they made me feel right at home. Chris explained all of the new patient deals, which are pretty awesome in themselves, all of the different strains and what would be best for my particular needs. I will be back. Thanks!

  619. MickyFlipps

    Great people… nice and professional. They really know what they are doing. I absolutely love their Purple Urkel!

  620. boiblanco

    super clean shop tons of selection great deals, can’t wait you go back!

  621. Colewalters

    I love natural selections great flower for great prices

  622. helper123

    Great dispensary! Great staff!!!

  623. Nereus

    As a first time patient of AZNS, I was thoroughly impressed with my entire experience! Keep up the great work!

  624. JacobJacobJacobJacob

    First time visit and second visit were great. The few times after were subpar. I guess it depends on whoever is serving.

  625. AndroidOS

    I prefer their Scottdale shop. Brighter, not as robotic.
    Wax and oils have a great taste.

  626. KASB12

    Excellence customer service, knowledgable staff, always enjoy my experience.

  627. terryjonestv

    Great atmosphere here. Very nice

    startup kit first time you go. Nice prices and nice selection.

  628. sensimillasaurusrex

    AZ natural selections is probably my favorite dispensary I’ve been to thus far. The location is great, atmosphere is very clean and bright, all of he staff have been friendly and helpful, and their product is sincerely top shelf. Always happy to make a visit.

  629. Storie_Tiime

    amazing bud, I’ll give them that. and it should be for the price! most expensive dispensary I’ve been to in all of AZ and they do not like it if youre trying to find a deal. I went in and asked the chick, who seemed very disinterested in helping me, what kind of deals they have on flower. she responded with a look of utter disgust and that I’m wasting her time for not wanting to drop 400$ on an oz. the atmosphere is stuffy af, this place is only for people who have hella $$$$$$ to spend on their bud and they treat you like you’re nothing if you are not going to spend a lot of money.

  630. asheiner

    My favorite dispensary in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area. The staff was really cool, Shannon had a ton of great info on every product, had great reccomendations and was super friendly. Will definitely be returning

  631. cclarkm

    Awesome selection! Awesome Staff! Zina you rock!

  632. Ajgroves0103

    Staff are kind, building is beautiful, mj is great, and I love the points system!

  633. TinaTrichome

    A small location but a great feel/ambience, great product, awesome specials, and a couple outstanding employees. It has a professional, clean, simple/modern ambience, and they have a decent selection of products (flower, edibles, concentrates)aEUR”dynamic enough for any patient. The strawberry cough preroll i got from them had a good smell (seriously just like fresh strawberries) and the effects were potent and long lasting. What stood out the most to me was my bud tender, Amanda, who was legitimately knowledgeable, informative, and passionate. She has a really bubbly personality, is genuinely passionate about the flower, but was also able to give sophisticated and insightful advice/recommendations. Even though a couple of the other employees in that day seemed a little negative/unhelpful, she made the experience very enjoyable! They have fantastic specials too 🙂 I will be back!

  634. jsks4meds

    The prices are fair and the location is beautiful.

  635. forevernana282

    I love this place. The lobby is clean and comfortable and the staff is very helpful. I ordered the custom Darwin cartridge with custome Pinene and CBG, Try this

  636. gavibob

    always happy arizona natural selections, bringing my friend as a referall, will continue recomending to friends-gav12/21

  637. FrohawkCyborg

    Great service. Knowledgeable and friendly are two things you usually don’t get together but Stephanie was all around amazing!

  638. Gweed420rioverde

    The Best Buds at the greatest Price Hurray GDP+BB!!! Awesome vibe inside!!!! TY!

  639. tomganjadil

    excellent service and great bud!

  640. ivkim5

    This is the first dispensary I have had the pleasure of visiting. The service was great, Shannon walked me through my first time and all the medicine she helped me pick out was great quality. I will definitely be going to ANS again, especially when they have their amazing deals going.

  641. MMJ.DOIT

    I didn’t know what to expect at first, but this is a quality operation. Place looks great and fits into the area. Staff is friendly, informative and very helpful. Great selection, no sales pressure and they do a great job.

  642. griffm22

    First time customer love that the product is locally grown, amazing quality.

  643. Frederick0240

    Wonderful Customer Service and a Friendly Atmosphere, Good Buds and Great Deals!

  644. affgirl

    this place rock

  645. Jessicanoll

    Very convenient. Super friendly and knowledgable staff. Wide variety and great prices. Awesome disyplay and medication. One of my favorites!

  646. alietz1983

    Knowledgeable staff good meds. Nice place.

  647. tdaniel1348

    Great service and staff!!

  648. shavonecotton

    Alex was the PA who assisted to me and he was awesome I told him what I was looking for and he provided me the flower that I needed it was the blue dream it had me feeling extremely relaxed and comfortable and no longer in pain I definitely will come back to the shop and see Alex again

  649. sammyflores0110

    Natural selections definitely has one of the best deals on cartridges in az

  650. BboyBayArea510

    This is my new spot I came in Easter Weekend and took advantage of there awesome deal #forestlife #AZNS

  651. tpcphil

    Top of the line shop! Learned a lot

  652. Bevleaf

    Every visit is fresh with lots of choice flower. My favorite dispensary. Plus they provide a nifty reusable humidor for your supplies instead of a bag #greenlife

  653. cwhitehall

    love this facility. Knowledgeable people and great service!!!

  654. moocow1817

    Nice place real good flower and employees very helpful A bit of a drive for me but defiantly worth it

  655. samplyler

    This place a very well organized and they know what they are doing!! It has become my new favorite place definitely going back and if you have a chance you should take a look you won’t be sorry!!!

  656. KingHawk5

    az natural selections is the best in the area hands down will be returning flower selection was vast and customer service respectable

  657. dohmeg913

    Super upbeat and friendly staff. First Dispencary I’ve ever visited and my favorite because goo products. The staff are actually knowledgeable and not high (or at least functional high) and are professional but welcoming.

  658. NUTpack

    staff had an abundance of knowledge about each product down to specific smells and flavors of the strains

  659. ccountrymen

    Top notch operation! Professionalism can’t be beat. Super nice and helpful staff. my first time in I was given a run down on their products and operation. They operate their own grow rooms which insures quality and consistency over the flowers. Its a bit of an extra drive for me but well worth it. The gals at the Cave Creek store encouraged me to try the Peoria store just for the experience. Specials are clearly communicated by email and that I love. AZNS is the place to go!

  660. ashlinbailey1

    Very clean, everyone was very friendly, and was able to answer all my questions. Definitely will be coming back!

  661. AzBlazin

    The med were a bit dry for my liking. The Critical hit the spot. Puck provided great customer service.

  662. llogan97

    love the atmosphere here. Very friendly, budtenders also very informative. would definitely come here again.

  663. AZVenom

    I thought this was a little weird being found in a business park, but it was a very nice setup. Bought an oil cartridge and a pre-roll, the pre-roll was awesome however the cartridge did not work, going to try to see if they will correct this with a replacement.

  664. monstapuss

    So helpful on the phone. Great menu. Will update on the meds! Thank u!!

  665. Elliota121

    Good selection of bud and wax all with great high and taste.

  666. GreenMarma

    The staff was friendly , knowledgeable and very helpful. I was looking for a particular strain and they helped find both the strain and comparable strains.
    Very professional with a great selection and knowledgeable.

  667. desertman15

    Its awesome love the products

  668. CPyne

    Very helpful for a first timer. Lots of options and help choosing whats best for me.

  669. skyking66

    Extremely professional and curteous staff that made my visit a great experience. Meds were good but limited variety.

  670. TOHIGH4U

    first time in got some killer bud
    and great service.

  671. Brian623az

    Excellent customer service, informative staff, and speedy assistance.

  672. stonebueno

    Natural Selections of Scottsdale is a wonderful facility with the best quality flower in the valley.

  673. Pinzgower

    Arizona Natural Selections is a great store. Staff was very friendly right from the start. This was my wife and I’s first visit to a store. Blythe was really helpful. If she didn’t have an answer she asked if someone else might know. Thanks for the help and we will be back.

  674. lsr62373

    Very Good Quality, great service.

  675. jordenhunter

    Great bud and excellent customer service definitely recommend

  676. azangelsweet

    great place
    nice drive
    great gifts

  677. psalm51

    There was a computer glitch or slight human error.
    I Spoke The Truth.
    They Believed me and I have found that is rare that anyone Speaks Truth or Believes it when its spoken.
    I Promise I Spoke Truth.
    They Honored it. This IS a TOP NOTCH company.
    I owned my own for several years and rarely have a come across a company with Honor such as this one. I will be here as often as I can.
    Oh yeah. The meds ARE THE BEST EVER !!!
    Thank You for Perfect Service and product.

  678. Livn4Jesus

    – haven’t gotten my meds anywhere else
    – haven’t had bad bud yet
    – Staff super friendly and knowledgeable
    – Darwin Carts
    – Good selection (stuck on blue aberration and fruit loops at the moment

  679. tstultz79

    Stephanie was very kind and knowledgeable. She helped me pick out some very good strains. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

  680. zacchary

    Laid back place by Scottsdale Airport, this place has a decent selection. no complaints

  681. KaptainKronicc

    Beautiful dispensary conveniently located right next to my work which makes it even better. I love the atmosphere and how much they really seem to care about their customers, just as much as their product. Everything from the water and cookies in the waiting area, to the gorgeous decor and big plump well cured buds are what separates you guys from everyone else. Keep it classy AZ Natural Selections!

  682. messymason1991

    This is my favorite despensary in the state. Before you first walk in there is a friendly and welcoming security officer. tou get to the front the whole place looks like a spa. very clean and relaxing wait. there is bottled water and treats up front while you wait. the front desk is friendly and personable and advises you of the specials that they have. once you get in the back while your waiting there is an edible display case for you to look at while you wait. Today Britney assisted me. immediately on approach she radiated positive energy. She is the most knowledgeable patient assistant I have ever encountered. she knew the affects of each strain I asked about, what it was good for treating medically, THE LINEAGE, when not to use the strain, how their products were tested. I have been to almost every despensary in the state. this has the best quality product also the best deals 3 1/8 for $99. I do not go there for the deals, i go because the product quality and the help I recieve is consistent. it always
    exceeds my expectations.

  683. emt855

    Outstanding. Karen is the best, her recommendations were spot on. relaxed atmosphere, great meds and fantastic people. I’ll be back.

  684. adriana2155

    By far the best! Always has great and fresh buds!

  685. AnthonyGat

    I love this location the staff is really friendly and the medicine is just some of the best for the right price

  686. gwmerri

    Great place with great service, well marked products and close for this area. It is a bit small but works well.

  687. CLeonesc

    Az natural selections of Scottsdale is beautiful and great medicine love the atmosphere very clean dispensary

  688. minidobro

    Awesome place.

    Been coming here a year.

    They have some of my (new) all-time fav’s – that I tried here first.

    Great people – friendly atmosphere – and they run (real) specials basically all the time.

    Cheers all!

  689. Jenelleparis

    Most professional and knowledgeable facility I’ve visited. Super friendly too.

  690. Schmoops

    Amy was great and place was most excellent 🙂 1st of many visits I’m sure!

  691. richiet

    everyone was friendly and very informative

  692. maggie1995

    Natural selections is one of the best in AZ! They have great deals and great quality. I highly suggest to check them out! My top fave!!

  693. cactusbluz

    Ideal location, friendly, helpful staff. Very satisfied first time customer!

  694. triciaklingener32

    great helpful staff well knowledgeable about products happy environment

  695. Lisette_4200

    Love this dispensary! Great deals and great customer service. Love the point system.

  696. GreenAllTheWay

    This place is hugeeeeee!! Great first time experience!

  697. Mstihkal

    Impressive selection, quality and personnel; all above and beyond expectation. Andrew was awesome as my personal representative who helped me fulfill all of my needs with concentrates, pen cartridges and flowers. I will definitely become a repeat customer.

  698. ORDeadGuy

    Professional experience all the way. AZNS is a friendly accessible upscale shop that has an outstanding staff and great products. If you’re in the area, this place is a must see.

  699. stalagmites

    After 3 years with my medical card I was inspired for the first time to write a review for the most professional state licensed dispensery I have visited.

    First let me comment on location because most of the dispensaries whether licensed or not seem to be in rather shady locations. I am ecstatic that this one happens to be around the corner from my home walking distance in a very safe neighborhood and ease to come in and out of.

    Once greeted by the very well trained, courteous and professional staff, I was pleased to get information on their particular operation, and that they take great care in their grow operation keeping mold and such out of the medicine.

    After a very brief professional introduction for a first time visit I was amazed by the different the strains they had, both variety and quantity but most importantly all quality.

    I took early retirement from a Big 3 bank so I have experience in what it takes to get the process right for an operation like this to function properly. These owners have definitely got it right. It is obvious the owners take great care in the process from start to finish to ensure the customer has a pleasant safe medicinal purchase as it should be. I think over next time 🙂 Thanks again!

  700. anEasyDay

    My favorite dispensary! The flowers are very high quality, frosty and fresh. You can sign up for text alerts to get notified when they run their killer specials. Friendly staff and a cozy environment. What is especially awesome is the goody bag you get as a new patient the grinder card and rolling tray made my life SOOO much easier.

  701. southst33z

    Amazing meds

  702. joE12

    Best Dispensary in town very good quality very clean! Will be back!

  703. cmaxthemagnificent

    First time there and I was greeted warmly at the door and was shown a small tour. My experience even improved when I was helped by Ryan who was extremely helpful and kind. Can’t wait to go back!

  704. mitchem2

    quality service and bud. love the moonrocks.

  705. traciwright

    Don’t bother trying to get a special – went today for 5 1/8’s for &80 / 85% of dyrsoms for grams only – no choices like website advised

  706. cspeagle091

    Classy, upscale location. You can get some good deals if you are shrewd but otherwise pricing is on par with other Scottsdale dispensaries. The flower I tried (purple urkle) was great quality. Smelled, tasted, and looked good. The high was pleasant and sedating. The crumble was also top quality. My budtender was very knowledgeable and I will definitely be returning.

  707. JoeyG1985

    I visited AZNS for the first time today (3.18.17)…the Scottsdale location. This place is great! Great deals on high quality flower! Staff was great, Brittany was the one who dealt with me and she helped me to find exactly what it was that I needed! Very knowledgeable, well-spoken, and she did her job very well. I look forward to my next trip to AZNS!

  708. softstars83

    Great product

  709. Ralvarado412

    Really nice place

  710. kanne1

    Seriously one of the nicest places I e ever been to. Best strains I’ve seen also

  711. tommmyreid333

    the best product at a reasonable price…

  712. DamonB42

    Very helpful and friendly. Their Happy Cups are fantastic! Hope they make a comeback.

  713. greensmokehealer

    No meds of their own so they are selling old meds from every other shop in town. Just because there is nothing else here doesn’t mean my weed should look like it came from Crate and Barrel! They did let me in to use their bathroom so that was nice.

    I will shop here again if I am completely out of weed and have NO WHERE ELSE TO GO. However, I would never buy a $14 .8g pre-roll again. I would rather take my chances with Julio down by the schoolyard than have to endure buying old weed from these folks. This is what is wrong with legalizing medical marijuana…you turn it into something horrible and wrong…like AZ Natural Selections…hopefully your in-house grow is AMAZING or natural selection will eventually WEED you out!

  714. nickkasparian

    I always leave knowing I have been given the right medicine by knowledgeable staff!

  715. Noobishactz

    Great location in Scottsdale. Great product that everything is grown on property.

  716. bassanova

    This place has good quality bud and god prices now. The bud tenders are knowledgeable and give the place a chillax but professional environment. Definitely worth a visit.

  717. ksb85281

    This place is very nice if your in the Scottsdale Area!!

  718. sahra.a.fernandez

    I loved it! It wasn’t my second visit to a dispensary and they did not disappoint! Everyone was very helpful with flower and they had an excellent variety of everything you could think of! Thank you for the awesome experience! dY~

  719. laurenbrachfeld

    The staff is extremely kind and very willing to help. I personally only got prerolls last time I was in but their other merchandise looked pretty good as well. I disliked that they don’t get lab results because I tend to like to know the percentages of the major canabanoids of the medicine I purchase. The preroll were good and I liked that they use RAW papers. Overall, it seems like a very nice dispensary!

  720. Furlong86

    This place was great. Amazing staff, everyone is really friendly. Had some great deals, I will definitely make the drive here again.

  721. Nugs_Bunny

    My new favorite dispensary! Everyone there is friendly and they have the most impressive selection of oils I’ve come across.
    Can’t wait to go back!!!

  722. CeraRose

    It’s so classy inside and everyone is just so down to earth and friendly, this is definitely going to be my regular dispensary.

  723. dadjason0508

    Super helpful and very friendly! great variety! I will be coming back to this location!

  724. revjack11

    First off, what a nice facility. I was impressed from the moment I entered the building. The receptionist was both friendly and professional and Patrick knew his product well. Patrick was able to answer all my questions completely without becoming too familiar. I am very comfortable purchasing from AZ Natural Selections and look forward to my next visit. Thanks y’all
    Reverend Jack

  725. billypax

    The best spot in the Valley so far. Great specials, pretty helpful staff too.

  726. mls1029

    I love AZNS they are my favorite dispensary, great budtenders, great specials, and most importantly AMAZING FLOWERS!

  727. redrock32

    Friendly people good service

  728. Phoenix_71882

    this place is awesome!

  729. DaDoobz

    Izzy was so nice would so go back vibe is great product too

  730. asdfllc

    excellent product. great service. will be back for sure!

  731. NavyVet420

    Can’t handle truth about you pos place and meds? selling uncured weed is bad juju. karma is a bitch!!

  732. mickomaykat

    The staff is well educated, friendly and just plain fun.
    The products top notch. The location and atmosphere beautiful.

  733. Closetsmoker1977

    Had an issue with the battery at first…had to make two trips back to the dispensary to resolve the issue, but it was a slight misunderstanding and the 2nd salesperson fixed the problem right away! Very smooth vape cartridges and the cartridges last a long time!

  734. mtarico

    This place has it all quality medicine, quality customer service, and a beautiful storefront. I would highly recommend this place to anyone with a Arizona medical card. the first time patient deal is such a good deal they hook you up with so much free stuff and they even hook you up with free water and cookies every time you come in! you cannot go wrong with easy natural selections!!

  735. chefjeff84

    Great place, great people! I think Nate showed me around then handed me over to Brittany and she was great. very knowledgeable on product and process.

  736. Alyssa1010

    Customer service was great. Brittany was super helpful, and the product was excellent.

  737. dragonlordess

    I really like it i think they should open a branch in phx

  738. jgbballin

    first good place to try nothing wrong here

  739. ilw8

    My first time here was great! Staff was super friendly and the atmosphere was very clean and inviting !!

  740. alec_n

    First time I visited, I was treated with respect and got fantastic meds. Excited to stop by again!

  741. Benjamin888

    Very friendly and helpful staff. The eco-friendly containers are a neat concept as well! Highly recommended store to visit.

  742. bradleywgarr

    Great bud quality and awesome staff. The herb quality was quite good, however it would really be nice if they posted the THC percentages, as we all know it can vary throughout a single plant however it seems pretty simple to me that you can just take all the material for the plant get an average sample and say this is the average THC percentage.

  743. vcostello1

    very nice, little high in price but worth it

  744. patbowd

    this spot is legit good selection wanted to pick almost everything ..nice place and people

  745. markstaraz

    I live near this dispensary so it was my first stop after receiving a card. The bud tender was knowledgable and enthusiastic. She helped me select a few strains to try and explained all the options available in flowers and concentrates. So far the quality of the medicine is excellent. Also great that they had a sale that let me get a few choices all at once. The atmosphere is easy going and I really felt attended to. Happy shopper!

  746. jas938

    My first time visiting ANS was a very positive and satisfying experience. Staff was extremely accommodating and friendly while helping me pick out product. Some of the best quality flower you will get in AZ for sure!

  747. Dsaads

    Great atmosphere! Customer service on point. Awesome first timer specials as well. Definitely going back.

  748. ramount

    Best flower in town

  749. jojorios77

    I love this place alot. one of my favs.

  750. Cburkelife

    Amazing service, educated patient assistants.

  751. SteamTeam480

    I mean what can I say?? Great quality. Great service. and Great atmosphere. **I was blessed to have been serviced by a lovely young woman named Brittany and she was amazing. I was so enraptured by her personality that she alone gives me a reason to come back…often lol. and…she happens to be quite pretty as well so added bonus!! Thank you AZ NAT Sel! a$?i,

  752. yankees1127

    Fantastic place! Super clean, friendly staff, and great variety of flower. I will be back soon.

  753. slaz420

    Great place with a variety of top shelf meds. I will definetly be back!

  754. jacob.spencer.9028

    Tried the sour diesel helped with my back

  755. Amnion

    Friendly staff, clean store, good security, great selection of products.

  756. phillipjohnson1qaz1qaz

    Workers have great patience for first time users, very thorough on Dos and Donts for a first time user. Will be the dispensary I go to.

  757. rachelsimon

    First time in, the ladies that worked there were super nice 🙂 definitely coming back!

  758. acbuettn

    great ftp gift, and the staff and atmosphere were very welcoming!

  759. mdelloryan

    very skilled staff. Good, fresh selection. Comfortable.
    It would be nice if there were seating at the counter

  760. vuhjenna

    From the second I walked in the door I was very pleased. Zero wait time and the staff took me to the back. They were very helpful and educated. The flower was very pleasing and knowing it was from a local growery was reassuring. I’m definitely going to be back again. oh, and prices are perfect!

  761. drinicjess22

    Good prices, very helpful and really good quality which is what keep me going back. Highly recommended

  762. Madmike420365

    great place pleasant people

  763. reiview1! would shop here again and highly recommended.

  764. TristanOcon

    Seriously if Natural selections extended hours of operation to 10pm they would put The holistic center out of business. I stopped by there the other night (because Natural selections was already closed) and was reminded how great everything was at natural selections. ALSO during this same visit I asked about 10 dollar grams as well as pointing out natural selections daily 10 dollar gram special. I was given a long story for a short answer. The answer was no. ever. At this time their receptionist Teegan told me she had heard all kinds of not so great things about natural selection and I promptly asked her what she had heard. In reply she looked back at me with a blank stare.. I would just like to say for the price, the quality, and the quantity Arizona Natural selections is second to none.

  765. mike3434

    Great staff and medicine!!!

  766. haileyburket

    Good service and knowledgeable staff to help you find what you’re looking for. Would recommend and will be coming back.

  767. TalibanSlayer

    Very clean and professional. Very good and efficient point system. Gladly returning again with a friend.

  768. john.marsh

    Everyone is super nice and patient. I didn’t know a lot about the products and they took the time to help me out.

  769. Jdollaz

    Favorite place in Scottsdale best bud here!

  770. archivaldo935

    Az Natural Selections is the way to go w the 10$gs 🙂 defiantly comming back .

  771. Sharland!

    Perfect for my trip.

  772. tee2green

    Place is awesome. Best quality and service I’ve had in Phoenix!!!! Great deals everyday, hoping next weekend they will throw the edibles on sale.

  773. 1success

    Very clean. Safe environment. Great location.

  774. HonestReviewer101

    Awesome service! A beautiful young lady named Sylvia helped me pick out the bombest of bomb things!

  775. CurtCo

    It can get a little busy but it seems there oil cartridges work better than anyone else’s.

  776. Sabrina1977

    Love it !

  777. 2046808

    Awesome location, may not be the closest to me but always worth the drive. Staff is very knowledgeable, professional, and very nice. Product is always top notch.

  778. L3egalize

    very clean location and much different atmosphere than expected. great customer service and hoping to return soon.

  779. Drinkzya

    Great service, love the flower, really love the cartridges! Highly recommend.

  780. senorgaus

    I was introduced to these guys in their previous Cave Creek location. I was immediately impressed with the specials and quality of their products. The vape cartridges are an excellent deal and they have always honored the integrity of their construction. The new location is quite large and spacious, many of the same great people are there, and this will be my go to location when in the central Phoenix area.

  781. afiggs

    No uncomfortable feelings
    Super kind staff
    Min wait ( for 1st timer)
    Great selection

  782. missy14ari

    ideal for quick stop.

  783. Commodore

    Excellent first time experience. The entire staff was wonderful from start to finish. I was even offered bottled water in the waiting area. The selection seemed very good although as a first timer I’m not sure how good my opinion is on this matter. I would definitely become a repeat customer.

  784. Koalafications

    Very nice location, very helpful staff got show around as soon as I walked in. very satisfied with the product

  785. Dvsjustin

    The staff is very friendly knowledgeable when it comes to their cultivation process. The bud and concentrates are amazing. I would recommend to a friend.

  786. smorgan

    They have great people – great prices – great specials – good times. 🙂
    s. morgan

  787. ashleyjohnson

    By far the most helpful staff around!!
    I went in for an 8th and left with loads more! 10/10 would definitey recommend!