1039 E. Carefree Highway, Phoenix, AZ 85085


33.7986373, -112.0590945




9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 2:00 PM


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As one of Arizona’s premier cannabis dispensaries, Arizona Natural Concept’s (ANC’s) goal is to provide professional service while making high quality medicine available to all of its patients, where safety, education, and convenience are paramount. At ANC you’re greeted by knowledgeable, friendly staff members with expertise in medical cannabis products offering a unique "Deli Style" service, along with pre-packaged offerings. While you wait, the Exhibition Kitchen allows you to see cannabis edibles being created. At ANC we will always remember our purpose is to help people in need who could benefit from alternative sources of medicine. We have an ATM in our lobby for your convenience.

We are conveniently located East of I-17 on Carefree Hwy and 10th Street. If you’re coming or going we’re on your way!! We Want ANC To Be Your Favorite Dispensary. Stop in for our Early Bird Wake & Bake Everyday from 9am-11am, Any Strain of Flower for $10/Gram or 20% off all Concentrates. Everyday is Veterans Day, 10% off Flower, Concentrates & edibles. Once a month, Please leave and show us your review of ANC on and receive a free Pre-Roll.

We DELIVER!! -***Minimum $100 order*** Call for Details- 602-224-5999

Our mission is to always deliver the finest cannabis products including world class strains of flower, wax, shatter, edibles, oils and more, hand in hand with exceptional patient service and customer care. We also carry horse, dog and cat CBD products for all of your animal babies. You are important to US! We want to be your destination for Quality Cannabis Products


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197 reviews for “ANC

  1. matchababy22

    Amazing service and products! I love how friendly everyone is and the variety that is offered.

  2. momof444

    Just stopped at their mobile location in 19th Ave. Giving away free pre rolls today!!! Lots of specias, gonna stop in

  3. weedking090

    anc has great service and they have very good quality.

  4. dragracer19

    I love this place. This is my go to for flower and a great overall visit. I usually come in every morning, Megan and Tammy are always a great start to my morning along with the great wake and bake deals. I highly recommend going to this place, you will not regret it. Always check out the deals!!

  5. abotley

    Great customer service and awesome prices

  6. pewlboi12

    First impression is a beautiful interior. awesome decor. my budtender was more than helpful working with me on what I needed. I came in for wax and he helped get me the most for my dollar! will be returning

  7. 420Demon

    Best dispensary in town. It’s a little but out of town but they have the best deals and friendliest budtenders.

  8. pgiguere

    honestly the best quality flower I’ve found in the valley! staff is always very friends and helpful! plus gotta love that wake-n-bake special! more than willing to travel the 25 mins

  9. thebudist

    Fantastic interior and accessible location. Flowers are fresh from local providers and wax is terpy. Fair prices for various needs of product especially with daily deals. Props to the crew for focusing on patients!

  10. vietboiz147

    man do they have fire meds the purp there is real nice. corey was who help me he really know his flower!

  11. streetfield

    The buds are awesome. The location is great. I absolutely love the design of the store. I love ANC! Thank you!

  12. cass4540

    Great location! The budtenders are very knowledgeable and very nice!!!

  13. DrKwame

    Friendly, informative and laid back.
    Great dispensary!

  14. traviscb7

    Fast service open late

  15. bigboy300977

    i go every saturday morning!!! and i live 30+ miles away!! rick is super awesome dude!! always looks out for me!!!! i deff recommend this place!!!!!

  16. thedj

    Love this Dispensary in Cave Creek! They are very friendly and always have high quality concentrates and flower! Every staff member who has helped me has been great. I follow their social media for updates but their daily texts also get good deals!!

  17. LilYungVici

    good specials went there I the 4th got a good deal going back today to take advantage of more good deals.

  18. wildatheart2222

    Professional friendly staff – best Dispensary in Northern Phoenix!

  19. Dpaladin4199

    Great interior and bud

  20. Leedsmith

    If you live in Phoenix and are wondering about making the drive up here let me save you some time. The place is beautiful and the budtenders are nice, but there is NOTHING SPECIAL about ANC. They have weak specials and their prices are to make up for how much they must’ve dumped into this place. Save your gas and your money and stick to what you know closer to home.

  21. autumnnicole77

    I just wanna give a quick shout out to ANC because I haven’t been to a dispensary this great in a long while. I gave a phone order as a FTP and they still managed to set it aside regardless of me being in the system and upon arriving all staff was super bubbly and friendly. Not something you get that often in a dispo in phx. I will defiantly be returing to this location, I relaxed after my drive to flag with a preroll or some star bud and I can say I am highly pleased. 10/10 guys thank you for such a great experience

  22. Lotuskissed

    I love this dispensary. Staff is on point.. knowledgeable as hell!! Selection of edibles is tops and the leaf is one of the best! No raggedy outdoor dY~” I go here often, always greeted by a smiling friendly human at the front window. This shop is bomb! Clean and bright. Great deals and a mellow, cool ass vibe. I really can’t say enough good sh#t about this dispensary. Quality and good vibes. Excellent. I would highly recommend you stop in. Just once. Trust-You’ll be like ‘Coolcool!”

  23. NickM421

    Very nice and clean. Budtenders are very knowledgeable and easy going. Always show me the new stuff right when I walk up. Wait times are very quick. Have great quality of meds. My only go to dispensary!

  24. ajoy

    so glad they finally put in a dispensary within my area. They are well priced, friendly and a nice facility in general. They carry the products I like and have been willing to stock any special requested items.

  25. gnarleyfarley

    Very good quality but a little pricey especially concentrates

  26. Cotab93

    best buds in town!

  27. rodroberts24

    Excellent, knoweldgeable staff. This is one of my favorite dispenasraies. For example, I received excellent advice and counsel from Tammy on which concentrate strain I should buy to meet my personal expectations of how I’d like it to affect me. She was spot on…. I love the Platinum Bubba concentrate….. AND… it gets better…. ANC has a fantastic deal on great bud… i got a .5 oz for $55. All nice little dense buds., just break ’em up and drop it into bong…. Will continue to shop there and really hopeful for their long lasting success. Overall I give ANC 5 stars across the board.

  28. Decker27

    Great delivery always great timing and friendly delivery drivers

  29. Alexgable723

    Super cool shop, awesome environment and always helpful and friendly staff.

  30. Camerondiaz

    best dispo ever! Love Anthony!

  31. mpuckett1

    The Staff is awesome, super friendly and professional

  32. mickeymaitnet

    Totally awesome!!!
    They got your back!!!
    Awesome flower.

  33. Tris.cuit

    love the staff and product. by far best Dispensary

  34. Sellweed4u1965

    Cool store very pretty attention to detail love this place always a great easy stop for great products at great prices


    Very kind people, great customer service and buds are great for a great price!

  36. justchilln

    Great selection and service.

  37. Meow88

    Love the place very friendly

  38. Rage867

    Amazing dispensary. Clean, freindly, knowledgeable, they nailed it all. Amazing open kitchen area you can look in and see them making edibles and infusions. Also some of the best looking herb, extremely fresh and fragrant. Definitely worth the drive, even just for their cartridge specials.

  39. redchip

    Love this place great product and awesome bud tenders.

  40. 71OiL

    Definitely my favorite place to shop. The best in Arizona by far.

  41. M4tt1ngly

    First dispensary I had ever gone too. All staff members are informational, understandable, patient and respectful. Very kicked back and enjoyable atmosphere. LOVE going to ANC!

  42. Flynnlilly

    This place is absolutely beautiful. If you’re looking for high quality products, educated and friendly staff, AND a great atmosphere then you’re in for a treat.
    This is by far the best dispensary in Arizona!!!

  43. ccatphx

    Love this place! Very welcoming with excellent service! Huge selection of quality products! No waiting! Great deals!

  44. badlarry

    This is the best dispensary in az, with the most educational and informative staff. Their products are all 10/10 fire! Recommend this place to everyone!

  45. mandapanda1227

    This is one place I always come to in the north valley. They have some quality product.

  46. Korinna_Elise

    Love this location!!! I was so happy when I found out a dispensary was opening up off Carefree Hwy. Love the staff!! Everyone is always so polite, helpful and talkative. So far all the bud I have got from this location has been great. I would definitely recommend this location to others. Very chill and every time I have gone there has been no wait to little wait. They also have products for dogs!

  47. Bj2387

    very nice service and I will be returning as Soon as possible

  48. cvrlosdlt

    Probably one of the coolest looking dispensaries I’ve seen. I used my first patient deal to get high school sweetheart and OOZE. Both strains very dank and the people were also very hospitable

  49. Bear999922

    Always love this place, even though I haven’t been back in awhile just because it’s a little far. I love their layout- and the way you can check out the buds. Great staff as well.

  50. rastacowgirl

    One of the most unique dispensary and staff! Great pricing and options, and only more to come! Would definitely recommend stopping in!

  51. shayne25

    I was referred to this place and not disappointed. amazing customer service over the phone and great atmosphere. my roomate first came in and brought me to love the quality and the deals, we had to keep coming back :). always refer this place, keep up the love!

  52. idredneck

    I have been here 4 times now and each time have been welcomed and treated awesome!! Come down from Cottonwood just because of the experience and the quality! Budtenders are always happy to give their suggestions and have been very helpful with the education!!

  53. fourtwenty69

    First time patient here for the kind event. Friendly staff helping us from the time you get in line,all the way until you leave! Cant wait to come back. Semper fi

  54. Luciano1

    I got a dispensary bout .2 Miles away!
    This place Is bout 18 Miles away! And I’ll still will take the long drive to get great meds

  55. tdbentley

    Great product selection. Some fire flower. Willie and the staff are wonderful. Also hosts yoga events. Home to Queen Bee edibles. Worth the drive. Very boutique like. I love that!

  56. dbcooper4207

    I think this location is very professional very clean and the staff is amazing all around a good experience

  57. videodj

    Best in the West

  58. punisherpaco

    One of the best dispensaries in the state, bud tenders are dope af and their flower idle bomb

  59. maggie1995

    This dispensary is awesome! They have great employees, great inventory, and they have a new thing their doing called popcorn buds I believe, it’s 7grams for $27!

  60. mitchell2016

    Beautiful location, great atmosphere and a friendly well trained staff on top of fire meds!! The purple punch I picked up was great!! Lori and crew were great and I will definately be back!

  61. rvar123

    Solid spot. Good deals on cartridges and flower

  62. Lauraneedsmeds

    This dispensary has it ALL! Great selection of greens, at phenomenal prices!!!

  63. TheOGFatmac

    hey guys this is Tim the budtender thanks for coming in to see me you guys make my day come on in and get some fire meds

  64. dier602

    awesome place

  65. thundercats80

    It’s very convenient for me.

  66. jnew10

    My favorite dispensary to go to. I live in flagstaff, but come down just to shop here all the time because no one really beats their service, deals, quality, and location! Best dispo in town

  67. rickyjohn

    Very clean facility with good prices and amazing service!

  68. abotley3

    This place is amazing! Always have great pre rolls and flowers and deals

  69. justterri713

    Every time I’m in they listen and find a solution for my needs. Very knowledgeable staff that really know their stuff! My go to dispensary!

  70. Chainsmoka559

    This is one my favorite places if not my number 1 dispensary!! Their selection is unmatched!! Their employees are super knowledgeable and helpful, it was because of 2 of their employees that I tried and loved cartridge’s! I go back at least once a week!! This dispensary is kick ass!!

  71. Joerad

    Beautifully styled southwestern boutique, high end furnishings, great prices on decent bud, wii come back

  72. macmace

    they are real cool folks I meet at the 710 event

  73. DRxJam

    Great place, knowledgeable, and friendly staff. Huge celebration this past week in observance of 420. They had a super promotion if you purchased something everyday for 7 days you won 7 pre rolls! I did it and got great deals everyday.

  74. bachulugh

    Love this shop! Staff is on point and selection is awesome. If you are in the area or not, it’s worth the drive.

  75. OskarBangert

    Good place! Friendly staff and good bud

  76. Janut333

    What a beautiful place and great people So lucky to be so close. Thanx ANC for the great introduction

  77. krose142

    Great location terrible service

  78. loyaltotheland

    Quality medicine with a great focus on their patients. Staff was very welcoming and knowledgeable.

  79. nicko22

    Great service and big selections!

  80. 420uplifted710

    Awesome staff great products, and it’s my one stop shop!! They have a bit of everything from the valley. The prices are amazing!!!

  81. NICK13A

    Great products, great pricing and quality.

  82. gearzs

    Best buds in town

  83. registeredrep7

    Great buds great atmosphere !

  84. EQ2330

    This is a superb place to acquire premium flower. The professional and knowledgeable staff will keep you at ease while your choosing between their extraordinary cannabis strains. Never a long wait. Keep up the great service and products guys.

  85. necrom4ncer13

    Great 1/2 oz and oz deals, flower is always great, I drive 44 miles to purchase my flower from here weekly. Definitely worth the drive. Staff is always helpful and knowledgeable, and the indica blend pre rolls are perfectly smooth.

  86. Zoey517

    I have been to many dispensaries around the valley. This location is close to where I live so I thought I would give them a try. I’m so glad I did, very impressed and the flower is wonderful 🙂
    I have returned 3 other times and I will keep going back. If you live in the north valley give this dispensary a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  87. peacefulremedyy7

    Love this dispensary. Always neat and have great deals. Queen bee truffles are my absolute favorites! Plus everyone is always so nice and welcoming.

  88. Dodiedoesit

    everything was really nice until the lady tried to car salesmanship me into buying a oz or 1/2 oz when I told her I was on a budget and didn’t have much to spend. I felt really pressured until I got alittle frustrated at her sales pitch and said I need two grams.

  89. dalton3226

    Love this place. Always have good deals on cartridges and great prices on their bud. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Thanks guys!!

  90. hobo

    Great people and bud.

  91. junebug88

    Awesome customer service and great quality products.

  92. Graysonfry32

    my favorite place to go !!

  93. knewm2

    great black Friday deal. just had to wait a long while. usually not the case everyone wanted the deal

  94. BrandonWS

    My favorite dispensary! Worth the extra commute and Anthony and crew always hook it up and have a welcoming attitude!

  95. pizzachef420

    dope! hopefully its better then that other place up here……

  96. Gstew17

    Love the staff, prices, and product!!

  97. AmericaTier

    this is my favorite place, I love their products and Alex is super helpful. Never received bad products or customer service here!

  98. Alecks711

    Great location, speedy check-in. Try the Shark Shock if you come in!

  99. keshiajazmine

    Attended the Grand opening today and was so impressed. I was well taken care of and even got to chat with the owners. it was by far a truly wonderful experience. the Sublime caramels are DELICIOUS!

  100. Laundryboy

    Very convenient location for me
    staff are friendly and knowledgable

  101. happygamer94

    Thanks Tim for my ftp for my purchase of a 1/2 oz for a great price see you next time

  102. JJakeJJ

    It’s my favorite!

  103. ABausano

    Fantastic customer service and great product! Keep up the great work!

  104. morganshay

    It’s worth the drive fire $100 oz
    Everything else is fire as well. Don’t waste your money anywhere else

  105. Taz0615

    One of the best deapenceries I have ever been to great staff and wonderful products

  106. mrweaner

    I went in late last night with terrible pain. I told this to the fine gentleman that was helping me and after going over a couple strains with me he landed on herijuana. I’m glad he did. I got a much needed good nights sleep and woke up ready to go! Thanks again for getting me what I needed.

  107. Hippie3769

    It is very NICE place and the STAFF ROCKS !!! All there products are top shelf I HIGH LY RECOMMENDED!!!

  108. wcrjr8055

    Great quality, phenomenal staff

  109. cnidarian

    Love this place. The bud tenders are very knowledgeable and helpful. Wonderful product.

  110. AngelaMae

    I always go to ANC for ALL of my mmj needs. I go in the am in order to see Megan, whom I feel comfortable talking to about anything. I know that I won’t leave disappointed, or be unhappy with my purchase once I’m home. Thank you ANC, Megan & Herman

  111. dmdbackfan

    Best place in town, best deals, best product and best staff!!!! I no longer go anywhere else!!

  112. Gomez9741

    a great spot with constant specials & fair pricing . also close to home, can’t beat that .
    thanks ANC

  113. RamonCarrasco

    Great spot! Top notch flower ! Make sure to try their GG & KK!

  114. adsmothers

    Amazing location with amazing bud!

  115. Paul_with_socks

    First time coming in I was not disappointed, got 3 1/8ths of some super fire off their top shelf and it was some of the nicest buds I’ve smoked on, would recommend to anyone, a little far of a drive for me but really worth the trip

  116. ashleighcheri88

    best customer service, herb, and atmosphere.. won’t go anywhere else!

  117. mfwarner

    I love this location! Friendly staff, good prices,And good buds!

  118. natefromea

    Fantastic. Super clean, super friendly, always great deals. Nicest place and staff I’ve found in the valley.

  119. nillab32

    Hooked up! Steph you the bomb! Coming back for all my needs

  120. dz678

    Started going here for the convenience of the deals and location but I must say I am blown away by not just the atmosphere and professionalism of the staff here but the quality of their products as well. The staff is knowledgeable, most helpful and always goes above and beyond to help educate or answer any questions I have. Haven’t had any complaints and even feel at home here as I am consistently well taken care of by each employee whenever I go in. As a happy patient here this is my go to place not just for the deals and decent pricing but the consistent quality of their stock and their compassionate and helpful staff as well. aoeOEi, Highly recommend this spot. dY’

  121. kenzieraeexo

    Dropped in for the first time tonight, I’ve lived in the area for over 10 years and I’m stoked about this local dispensary here in Desert Hills. People were super nice, I’m impressed on how they turned around that little feed store. Really good flower and edibles!

  122. chi_chi

    I love ANC they have the best specials in the Valley without sacrificing quality of flower. Gotta get the Carmel edibles, they will make you melt wherever every time

  123. MmjTj

    It looks pretty. But the good ends there.
    Came for grand opening “deals”
    $80 quarters is not a deal dude. Not to mention my overpriced 1/4 has a giant SEED in it visible through the bag. Haven’t even opened it and already spotting seeds. In an 80 dollar quarter.
    Loved the typos all over my receipt and labels too. Who runs this place?!
    Get real ANC what a joke.

  124. 00J3N

    I enjoy the atmosphere and the staff is extremely knowledgeable. Not to mention so far they have had some amazing deals. I will be back!

  125. shanehamm77

    Great place to get your meds. Staff is friendly and I love the location. If you live in anthem like me, we do t have many choices . This is a great one

  126. Angeliquebee

    Harli and Steph are the bestest buddiest budtenderers!

  127. Sneakerfreak420

    Great location with phone orders and deli style dY”Y=

  128. PBread


  129. Stuckhere4ayr

    great staff! very helpful. helped me save $ and answered all my question to ensure i picked the right strain for me. thanks ladies and gents, I’ll be back soon.

  130. Andrea2006

    amazing place

  131. mystirita

    I love the friendly atmosphere, the staff is very knowledgeable, nice and helpful!

  132. losapodaca

    excellent customer service and knowledgeable bud tenders. very pleasant environment. ANC makes it apparent from the moment patients walk in the door that high quality customer care is their priority.

  133. John4Fun

    Excellent bud tender, beautiful location inside and out

  134. rix426

    love this place….

  135. Mariokart2

    Great deals can’t wait for Saturday !!

  136. kaylynnjustine2011

    Great flower!

  137. Kindabaked

    I appreciate this dispensary for their focus on the patient and providing quality medicine. I picked up some really great meds including Naked Vape and Fruity pebbles live resin. Both did not disappoint! Also, the natural wood elements and lighting lend to a warm and inviting atmosphere. The staff is extremely accommodating and friendly. I will be shopping here frequently!!

  138. dadadavie

    ANC was my Maine chick until they sold me a crappy vape but when I came in to tell them they showed me I was using it wrong Hahahaha and hooked it up with a free preroll so they not only made it right but gave me some education!!

  139. joshyoung

    Can’t beat the $15 8ths

  140. ThomasLeonor04

    This place was amazing and everyone was friendly. Atmosphere was super cool and very chill. The budtender(Anthony S.)super cool and knowledgeable at my wonderful find in this amazing store.

  141. Ebnet

    Great atmosphere, great buddY’dY>> A+

  142. Bigmike420710

    Great set up and staff

  143. CannaLifeFinancial

    ANC is a favorite destination for me to get great flower. And their daily and flash text sales are excellent. Highly recommend you see for yourself.

  144. Marshall88

    Friendly staff and great prices!

  145. Ianandrewb815

    After only going here one time, I have deemed it my new favorite dispensary. I have been in search of high quality/fresh flower and this place definitely has it. The prices are amazing as well. Deli-style flower (huge selection). The inside of the building is beautifully decorated and sets a great mood. 1st time patient deal was free gram or 3 pre-roll pack. I got 2 very quality grams for 14 bucks. Will make the drive out here again for sure.

  146. PaM37

    This is the best store for ounce specials!

  147. EdoubleL27

    Best daily deals out there! One of my main dispensaries by far.

  148. Jacobshocklie

    Didn’t get my free gram for 1st time visit

  149. radioworks4you

    I absolutely love this dispensary! Great prices, outstanding quality and friendly customer service.

  150. CannibasQueen59

    I really really like this dispensary.. The atmosphere is wonderful, very welcoming, the “bud tenders” are outgoing, knowledgeable and very helpful, always serving up a high quality product with very reasonable / competitive pricing.. I almost feel like Norm from Cheers when I go in, as its always nice to go to a place where everyone in fact does know your name. Thanks ANC

  151. ainphx

    Great place. Lori and staff are super helpful. Dark Helmet deal is awesome right now. Go get a $100 oz special while it lasts!

  152. BrandiBeaulieu

    Great customer service!

  153. horrorculture

    Great atmosphere, knowledgeable and friendly budtenders, and high quality flower! Add a large selection of concentrates and you really couldn’t ask for more out of a dispensary!

  154. robshe

    place is amazing, godly flower and amazing prices. definitely vist this location

  155. Bhypse1981

    absolutely love this place! great staff, very helpful and the product is always fantastic!

  156. thawk07

    Wow I went the first week they were open and I think I found my new spot. I don’t even live close but I make the drive to get the awesome deals they have. The staff is super friendly.

  157. Balldeepinkush420

    absolutely amazing dispo honestly the best in the valley service is 5 stars meds are a 6 out of 5 and the store is beautiful

  158. Schmoops

    wonderful staff, flower and daily deals 🙂

  159. Nottherealalli

    Always great and welcoming staff!

  160. YOUNGKYLE2727

    This place is amazing.Seriously! I called around 4 placed my order ftp bogo on flower up to a quarter& top shelf being 90 I only had to spend 10 more for the free delivery so I got a 3-pack of pre-rolls.I am very happy with the quality,flavor,and buds.I usually only smoke GrowSciences but this is definitely a solid substitute when in need on delivery.Will be back for surea$?a$?a$?

  161. cannamom77

    Awesome daily deals, compassionate and friendly staff, and a beautiful store to top it off!

  162. bigboyaz

    Great atmosphere great Super Bowl blowout great selection for new dispensary looking forward to coming back soon

  163. traciwright

    Super friendly even if you only come in once a month!! Great daily specials worth drive from north Phoenix!!

  164. heathendad420

    It’s a little out of the way if you’re not already in the area, but the buds are nice and dank and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Any time I’m in the area I’ll be sure to stop in!

  165. mechmech

    Great vibe and weed

  166. pardyhardy

    Great flower and service. also tried a couple of the concentrates. I did like some better than others but all were good and smoked great

  167. alkemistoner

    Love this place! ANC is not only for us but our pet families as well! Bringing my wife in today for her first time see you soon!!!

  168. KWZ1968

    Worth the drive

  169. Wedge23

    Love this place hands down.

  170. stew4020

    Great dispensary! So beautiful with great products and a friendly staff!

  171. Lizbrowne0507

    I love this place and feel so grateful I live so near. Everyone is so knowledgeable, kind, and fun!

  172. corycalhoun344

    Hands Down The Best Spot In Phoenix!!!!!

  173. DKJ2428

    I’ve searched far and wide, this place has the best flowers. The flower they stock is the highest quality, smells amazing everytime and actually has flavor unlike a lot of others flowers. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they have great deals and specials. This is my go to place, hope it stays this good forever.

  174. Mooseisloose10

    Great staff

  175. Flyguy2026

    My number 1 go to spot for the best tasting buds in the state. Make sure you ask Tammy or Willy about any of their specials on flower or pet products. Definitely A+!!!

  176. Aycee1315

    Rick gave me some really great information over the phone and he didnt get rude or impatient when I called back 2 back cant waite to get my birthday weekend going

  177. CircleJerk

    Really enjoying your shop, the flower is fantastic. Your sales staff is amazing Willy, Cody, Stephanie, and Brad? have all been great each visit. The atmosphere is awesome, your sales floor setup has a good flow. Lastly your flash sales thru the text sign up are insane, I appreciate your guys hard work definitely letting people know about your efforts.

  178. thenewdad

    immaculate shop, employees are the most knowledgable that ive come across. Willie, Cody C, Cody M are awesome. Dont miss this place, you’ll be upset you did!

  179. Animal365

    Always a pleasure stopping by ANC dispensary. Friendliest staff and best medicine in the north valley area.

  180. Mathewbenson18

    The place looks great and the budtenders are friendly. Can’t beat the quality for the price.

  181. elee1972

    Love this location and it’s close to home

  182. Pittylover2012

    best place in az. friendly staff and always great flower

  183. Tim2sho

    Love this place. The only place I go.

  184. thuebsch

    This is by far my favorite spot. The staff are amazing and there is always fantastic products

  185. TheCannaisseur76

    By quality meaning time, I mean the time growing, surroundings, proper upkeep,trimming & hanging, smell, smooth or harsh to smoke…Service is attitude, helpfulness, awareness of product, and experience…Atmosphere speaks for itself…It’s a place for beginners to ask good questions & get advice. It’s a place for experienced to have a casual or product related comparison or experiences…I won’t tell you my favorite strains because I’m going back next week!!!

  186. Gangagirl123

    I’m always welcomed with a smile and quality of product is 10/10.

  187. Jcs0723

    I have been really happy here! The staff is helpful and they have gotten me to branch out and try new things!

  188. bigjake195

    I have been a patient here since the first day it opened, I have enjoyed the staff and the facility, until today when I called and asked if the would be willing to sell me a 1/4 of medicine (that really helps my anxiety and pain) because that’s all I had on my allotment. They refused to sell me a 1/4 oz because they only are doing 1 oz and 1/2oz deals on the strain. then when I tried to explain to them that, this specific medicine really really helps me, they did not care. They began to get rude and say that I just need to chose something else. I am the patient, I know what works for me and what doesn’t. This dispensary isn’t here for the patients, it’s here to only make money. I understand a business needs to make money but when the greed for money exceeds the want to help patients that’s when I have and issue. You will no longer have my business.

  189. Nhhrkka7

    My new favorite place for meds!!

  190. highberiusbongwater

    Love this store. Very chill and very cool. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and they have a great selection and prices. I will definitely be visiting again soon.

  191. Mordinheim

    Love this place but won’t be back. The manager did a great job 2 weeks ago addressing my needs and helping me out. However on that trip I was told inventory was off and today when I visited I was told Leafly is incorrect and they were out of multiple
    Items Leafly still showed as in stock. If your going to shop here call 1st because their online feels like a bait and switch to get you in.

  192. NickNelson13

    Always a great experience!

  193. YoungDuel

    Best staff and best dispensary ever been to you guys are great !!dY’-dY”Y=dY–dY1/2

  194. Jakeholtman

    ANC is my favorite storefront, best bud, best budtenders. Best atmosphere all around. Best quality all around. I come here for all of my cannabis needs.

  195. kayleec420

    Favorite dispo.

  196. iVividz

    since i left a bad review, they carry a big selection of Drip oils and run good deals on them! been going back and will keep going back aslong as they keep the Drip, and getting new product. good job as of late

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