The Downtown Dispensary

SELECT STRAINS: $30 1/8ths



221 E. 6th St., Tucson, AZ 85705


32.2279545, -110.9681273




9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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**Easy Monday** – Buy 1 iLava Ease Slim Pen 500mg ($50) get one 1/2 off OR 1 iLava Ease for $40! Buy 1 MedLava 300mg or 600mg Vape Cartridge & get 1 Free!!

**$10 Tuesday** – All Flower Strains are $10 per gram, $35 per 1/8 oz., $65 per 1/4 oz., $125 per 1/2 oz., and $200 per oz.

**Wildcard Wednesday** – Pick Any Daily Deal You Want!

**Top Shelf Thursday** – $30 1/8th’s (Deli Style or DTF Prepack) | $120/half oz., $200/oz. Prepacked Only

**Focus Friday** – Buy any 2 grams or 4 half grams of MedLava Nug Run Shatter, Wax, or Crumble for $60

**Savings Saturday** – All MedLava Extracts Including Nug Run Shatter, Crumble, Live Resin, and Wax: half gram $15 (Original $20) & 1 gram $30 (Original $40) | Delta-8 Clarity 1000mg Cartridges $38 (Original $75)

**Cyber Sunday** – 20% Off Top and Mid Tier Strains (Only Deli Style Flower), MedLava Extracts (Online Orders Only) | Buy One, Get One Free: iLava 500mg Cartridges $45 and 1000mg Cartridges $90 (Walk-In/Online)

**NEW PATIENTS** – Buy one gram of flower and get one gram for free (up to 3 grams of flower), 20% off Edibles (includes tinctures), BOGO Free on iLava 500mg or MedLava 300mg Cartridges, and one free preroll with no purchase necessary.**

All Day, Every Day Deals: 1g Premium Prerolls $7 | 5g MedLava Extracts for $100 (Including Nug Run Shatter, Wax, Live Resin & Crumble) | BOGO Free iLava Vape Cartridges 500mg ($45) or 1000mg ($90) | Buy 1 iLava Ease Slim Pen 500mg ($50) get one 1/2 off OR 1 iLava Ease for $40!


The Downtown Dispensary is a state-licensed medical marijuana facility. We are located in the heart of Tucson’s art district in the Downtown area. You can find us in the 4th Ave district of downtown Tucson at the intersection of 6th Street and 6th Avenue.

Parking is available behind our dispensary (white building with steeple).

**All our menu prices include state and city taxes.**


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1,160 reviews for “The Downtown Dispensary

  1. SackAttack13

    The staff was laid back pretty knowledgeable, and I am always thankful of the Vet discount!

  2. sailordaniel

    I can’t say enough good things about these guys. Staff is some of coolest people around and they really seem to out of their way to make you happy.. The new cannabis library they started just added to the community/family vibe the place gives while still maintaining a real professional atmosphere. The meds are always top quality with a huge selection. This is how I dreamed dispensaries would be before I had ever been in one. Bravo Zulu DT Disp!

  3. JackSherwyn204

    This place is great they have awsome deals everyday and there topshelf buds are always sooooo good

  4. sndjay18

    one of the best places that I’ve been for flower

  5. masterjoe17

    Best meds and great people in Tucson love the atmosphere

  6. eddie1303

    every this is great here always go back

  7. Sharon2112

    Good customer service great top self meds !!okay donation prices..

  8. Tmoney2525

    Very welcoming and everybody is nice !

  9. silvercap007

    amazing place and people are always helpful

  10. Smokingrower15

    downtowns got it good!! picked up some deadhead and qrazy train and wow! im loving these!!! everyone needs to try them out! much luv!!

  11. bump578

    Been here a few times always pleasant. Great meds. Informative friendly staff.

  12. okistrok56

    Great service

  13. dabs_till_dawn

    great place, great product. Always happy to see me there. and it’s close to everything

  14. Efra

    Great & knowledgeable staff!

  15. cali420treats

    Great meds cool people awesome deals and great prices. Got some. Sour grape, Durban Poison and thay hooked me up with a free gram for each 1/8 for being a FIRST TIME patient.. a must for connoisseur’s alot of variety.. and knowledgeable friendly staff.-Rob

  16. Julianm1811

    Grate place in tucson .flower was fire and the concentrates were the bomb thanks downtown. Keep up the good work

  17. Downtown

    Thanks for serving downtown

  18. psgchick

    Very helpful staff!! They helped me so much finding the right medicine.

  19. Cgclark

    Always a very friendly atmosphere with a friendly and knowledgable staff. Plus the wide selection of strains and edibles has really helped me to hone in on the medicine that helps me to function on a higher level and reduce the amount of horribly addictive painkillers I have to take in conjunction with my mmj.

  20. andkram

    Went here my first and second time at a dispensary ever. Both were comfortable experiences. Very knowledgable and professional. Love the hours and friendly staff.

  21. Lukecool

    Perfect location right off 4th avenue. Nice mix between a sanitized medical atmosphere and a friendly laid back lounge. The staff are very friendly and are more than willing to guide you through the selection and buying process. They have the largest selection out of any dispensary I have been to.

  22. Vicente823

    the lobby is really nice and entertaining…lots of literature and info about medicine… product has always been a 10+ in quality

  23. jawkneeNekro


  24. Rudyralis

    The downtown dispensary is not only staffed with friendly and well-informed employees, but the location is convenient to the downtown area and the quality is consistent. I recommend them to my friends frequently.

  25. chubba1

    Wow a huge building with plenty of room to feel comfortable. Staff was super chill with plenty of knowledge about the Massive variety they have. Crazy big selection unlike any other in town. Got some very fresh and harvested to perfection flowers. Got 3 different strains and we very happy with all of them. Great job on the tier system allowing some folks to get quality flowers with a lil less cost. I look forward to returning soon.

  26. BLANK520

    By far the best quality & service I’ve experienced in Tucson. The private strains that are offered by this dispensary is nothing short of incredible. Top quality period!!!

  27. Devynnkay

    Wonderful staff.

  28. katt005288

    Brandon was wonderful. Very knowledgeable and patient when asked questions. Highly Recommend

  29. perrowangela

    the best in town, hands down, love tge deadhead og

  30. Anticrombie182

    Nice selection of Meds with kind, knowledgable, and professional staff. I highly recommend this place.

  31. ashleighdfraser

    Awesome meds thank you guys. Will be back soon

  32. joycemccracken

    This is the place to get cartridges. The Verde are the best and I have tried 4 other brands. Smooth and tasty with every hit.

    I’m planning to explore their edibles next month, December…happiest holidays!

  33. mrsunsethigh

    Awesome and low key place! friendly and knowledagable staff!

  34. DMeds420

    great location in the heart of Tucson, always on top of customer service,
    amazing quality always has you coming back for more!

  35. TokenTheToker

    I thought it was ok. And they have good vape products. But kinda gave me bad advice on edibles that tasted just awful. Overall it’s an ok place. But it wouldn’t be my first choice by any means.

  36. nancamp777

    Service is awesome. My favorite dispensery in town.

  37. Neitel

    This place is amazing. I am a veteran suffering from many injuries since and after the iraqi war. The Downtown Dispensary is always easy on my pockets with their different prices and deals. I am a supporter of this clinic, now and forever. Give them a try, you won’t regret it.

  38. bcrios13

    My favorite dispensary in town! They’re so friendly, and very knowledgeable.

  39. MTK3596

    Amazing place, amazing budtenders, amazing flower!

  40. jeffsa

    Easy going. Knowledgeable staff answered all my n00b questions.

  41. Kraftwerk23

    Friendly staff

  42. brownbufulo

    the total atmosphere was awesome. everyone was very nice and helpful.

  43. Pthickman

    Great dispensary, friendly employees with a large variety of top shelf strains for cheap

  44. jvildusea

    quality bud, and reasonable prices. in my top 3 in tucson

  45. jgonzalezdr

    First of all have to say this stores selection is going to blow u away. Not only on raw
    Materials but edibles as well. All of staff I have encountered are nice and knowledgable, well informed of new daily deals. Let me know u they always have a deal going on. I have personally been to every dispensary intown and this one hands down is the best!

  46. Camargo13

    Great costumer service! 🙂

  47. stbs1965

    I love these guys. Great deals on quality flower. The people are the best. Happy hour is my favorite time to visit. 1-5. Most everything is marked down. Plus a free preroll after$20. Awesome!!

  48. oranjelo

    The chick was very friendly and the meds were pretty damn good..

  49. TreTerpz36

    the down town meds are my favorite in tucson so far. i like to go during happy hour 1-5 pm. next time anyone goes i would recommend asking about strains from the rare dankness genetics. there always strong, potent, dense buds. and the staff is friendly and always patient. i cant ever seem to pick one strain.

  50. woodbutcher6854

    went in for happy hour special, I’m glad I did ! The Double Mint turned out to be quite good . I will definitely be coming back for this deal.

  51. chrissalernojones

    Downtown dispensary is by far my favorite. The staff is great and they always have great deals.

  52. happy2bemejami

    I was impressed. The staff was awesome. The flower was still fresh. not dry.
    thanks downtown dispensary. ..

  53. SJABR

    Always solid service and friendly staff, highly recommend this location.

  54. TrillyStizzPurp

    I recommend The Downtown dispensary to all patients . Great service. Awesome people.

  55. bertalv23

    Best flash sales in town and the quality is amazing all the time

  56. Angel19822

    customer service is great and the medicine is always top quality and best prices in town.

  57. eddie.galavez.7

    Best place in town hand down. 5stars guys keep up the good work.

  58. Dojagabana

    THE DOWNTOWN DISPENSARY Excellent Great Friendly Service:-)

  59. PixiLust420

    Ever since coming here I haven’t gone anywhere else. excellent bud, knowledgeable, friendly staff, and really awesome deals! purple prom tux is what’s up!!

  60. benjoe26

    awesome FTP experience!

  61. Yesiy0378

    Love the service, nice cozy atmosphere love the strains

  62. Daveswife

    This place was very nice, the people very friendly, and the meds were superb as was the advice of the person that helped me. If you are in the area visit but don’t expect to find accessories because they are not competing with the local business’ which I think is great!

  63. westwesley

    This is the place to go for high quality flower and basically all your medical marijuana needs. I love the staff they are super knowledgeable and friendly, always eager to help out with a smile. The wait is not long and they also offer online orders if you’re not wanting to wait in line. Expansive menu compared to other dispensaries that I have visited. This is my go to when purchasing my medication. Thanks guys!!!

  64. JtStarLord4545

    I think this place is tight. Good bud but far from my place. A good place to go to treat yourself

  65. niftyifty

    I like the dispensary itself. The flowers seem to be nice quality all around. I picked up 4 varieties of top tier and all proved to be very nice. the location leaves quite a bit to be desired though. not sure I’ll be back unless I’m looking for their in house products specifically or maybe a rare stain.

  66. tcaputo

    I love this place, the price is a little pricey but the flower quality is the best in Tucson and totally worth it, I’ll come back again ! Please keep your 501st OG strain in stock !!

  67. elgato520

    great quality flower and really helpfull staff

  68. jazzvideoguy

    Why do I like the DD? Let me count the ways.

    First of all, tremendous selection of quality merchandise at a reasonable price. If you want to drive around Tucson and look comparison shop, you can save a little money. But I’d rather just go to one location that has everything.

    2. The hours. 9am to 9pm. It can be hard to find a dispensary that’s open after 7pm.

    3. The staff is friendly (in a honest way) and knowledgeable. They take the time to listen to your needs and figure out what will best meet them.

    4. When I think of this place and the staff, one word comes to mind. Compassion. These peoplereally care about their patients. You can’t fake this. In America, it’s about money and business. So when one finds a place like the Downtown Dispensary, you can feel the difference.

  69. Verrito

    Super awesome atmosphere! Great selection && quality!

  70. RevMotta

    AWESOME experience. So unlike the huge turn-off at D2. The lobby is comfortable, although I didn’t stay long. The front desk personnel had me processed and in the back in no time. Cody welcomed me, asked great questions and listened! He made a couple suggestions and I took him up on them. Learning I am diabetic, he showed me some sugar free aEUR~edibles.’ I will definitely return Downtown and recommend this location to everyone.

  71. vmak420

    love this spot.. always good meds

  72. aliciac158

    Helpful staff but would have liked it if more of popular strains such as cherry kush would have been available. Overall good experience!!!

  73. Uofapanther62

    I also picked up some mango kush the same day. The flavor was excellent and have you a nice little buzz

  74. MerrillWanna

    The DownTown dispensary has got everything I need from a dispensary with great deals for everything! 10/10 would recommend

  75. gvalencia888

    So friendly and knowledgeable. Kept me informed with latest things and for my first time I felt so welcomed and comfortable. This and their quality, timely service and deals is why I keep on coming back. I highly recommend this place, you won’t regret it.

  76. Cochino

    Best place in town!

  77. hi2

    I only indulge in organically grown and tested cannabis. No one should inhale pesticides,mold or fungus. The Downtown Dispensary supplies me with the “clean” products I require.

  78. bkp02

    Been to four other locations and it has become my favorite location so far. Good Flower, staff knows it’s product well. Very happy

  79. K0daKush

    I love the environment here! All the budtenders are fanleaftastic and knowledgeable. They strive to get the best deal, everytime, no matter what! They are willing to examine, diagnose, and exchange any cartridges that weren’t working with no problem at all. I’ve learned to prevent mistakes by always inspecting my medication before leaving…Just as I would look at a plate before eating it, or examine an avocado before purchasing it. Some of these reviews on here are totally due to user error, ignorance, or sheer haterism! Just cuz it’s downtown doesn’t mean it’s run by hipsters and hippies. It’s actually like the most diverse crowd of employees. dY’sstay cool like the underside of a pillow Downtown! I’m dYOE+-DTFdYOE+- all day!

  80. meagangr30

    Y’all rock. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

  81. kaniblissk

    great place to help me get what I need to relax

  82. GernBlanston

    I am just about the pickiest medicinal consumer there is and this dispensary has been the only one in Tucson to combine great prices with wonderful service and the meds were amazing! Chip and Michelle thank you so much and keep up the good work!

  83. JordanChinky

    There isn’t a product I’ve gotten from here that isn’t fire, almost everything I’ve gotten from here Ive fallen in love with !!

  84. loosescrews

    Great place! I have a dispensary which I won’t name a quarter mile from my house and downtown is about a 25 minute drive. it’s well worth it. Best bud and service in the Tucson area in my opinion.

  85. noas

    Best customer service I’ve received in any store period. Consistently has great deals on value flower and top tier strains. Easily the best dispensary in Tucson

  86. tucsonjess

    A little slow but worth the wait.

    Good location. Good people.

  87. tristen28

    Great atmosphere, friendly, knowledgeable staffdY~,,

  88. Phillvega14

    great place friendly people

  89. ZingiberRex

    The Downtown Dispensary delivers world-class customer service along with affordable meds. Do yourself a favor and stop by to give them your money.

  90. chickee

    The best dispensary in Tucson, hands down! The staff are friendly and knowledgable, which makes such a diff when shopping for just the right strain.The atmosphere is relaxed, and inviting- they’re the one & only dispensary for me!


  91. Kev808

    The location is easy to find. The staff are friendly, & are adept with flower in all of its many forms. Great service, & if there are people ahead of me; its well worth the wait. Moji Kush is a potent hybrid; nice upbeat energy, & then tapers off in to relax mode. Dank nug’s,subtle fruity taste, aromatic, & sticky – a one twist roll. I forgot the bud tenders name cause my short term memory is in full effect, but thank you bearded one. Your recommendation of Moji Kush was excellent. Thank you Downtown Dispensary.

  92. AZRattler1

    I went into the dispensary with a question regarding a strain that I’d been having difficulty locating (the Acapulco Gold from 35 years ago). They didn’t have it, but they gave me some good leads, suggestions, etc., and didn’t treat the question as an incovenience. Staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive.

  93. bigshifter69

    As usual downtown is the place to get top shelf meds for your ailments. Lots of good selections in all forms and friendly service to go with it. Don’t short change yourself, this is the place!

  94. smcm

    if your in tucson the downtown dispensary is a must stop. looking forward to stopping in this weekend.

  95. cruznaz

    This is my favorite Tucson dispensary! The bud tenders are all very knowledgeable and kind. I never feel rushed & I enjoy talking with them and figuring out just the right flower purchase for my specific needs.

  96. Weedwobin

    Best facility in the central Tucson area. The staff is friendly, informative, and engaging!

  97. callitcannabis

    Definitely one of the best selections in town. Friendly staff, fun location and a waiting room that will just make you smile.

  98. Riverwillows

    Every one is super helpful and Justin and Ashley are great.

  99. BrianAllen

    Great pharmacy. Knowledgeable staff
    Wide selection

  100. gzeeg

    Great i loved it. First expierence was swell

  101. pyrofox214

    great people, great product, great place

  102. swaggyv

    The staff was so well informed and they always help me make a great selection. The product is top quality and the atmosphere is great.

  103. markalmza

    Great atmosphere, wonderful people

  104. naturegal14

    I really like this dispensary! Very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff. I’m pretty sure the budtender who served me was names Mike. It was a fun environment (of course, I did go in on Halloween) and I was happy to hear that all the medicine is tested to make sure it is free of chemicals. Clean herbal medicine of any kind is of utmost importance to me. Thanks guys!

  105. worshipaliens420

    i have tried every place in town and this is by far the most expensive and worst service.. i tried going back one last time to give it a chance and the meds are not very potent, well grown, but not medicating for the super taxed price, they don’t want to really help vets at all and have changed their pricing to void discounts.. they used to be better before everyone and everything started to change there. customer services gone down hill so have all the deals. you can get better deals and meds other places…i am sorry i gave it another shot, should of saved my money. won’t be back other places offer student and vet discounts at no min price point, and the quality at those places are 2 to 3 times more potent then your meds… change your customer service management if its done by owners or employees, you have gone down hill and will end up loosing money, there is too much competition now.

  106. saud64

    Blue dream was very good been here twice.

  107. silkyjohnsn

    I love this place. Best products and staff in Tucson.

  108. Igotthatfire

    I like the shop but not the prices very high compared to the other places I’ve been.

  109. StarmanSpeaks

    This place has clean bud, great deals on cartridges, and the bud tenders are super friendly. Sweet.

  110. TucsonCrafty

    Ordered online, got a text when it was ready, no waiting, just paid and was on my way.

  111. freerun_1

    This was my first time using a dispensary. Loved the atmosphere, great service, and reasonable donation prices. Will definitely continue to visit The Downtown Dispensary.

  112. z4steven

    Good all around place.

  113. sk5277

    Excellent service with great budtenders. Number 1 on list for Tucson dispensaries!

  114. Stina81

    location is cool. The tenderers are awesome dY~%0

  115. adamoli

    Beautiful dispensary, wonderful products.

  116. theresa.bedorehfar

    Such a great experience! It was like being in a fancy hotel or museum gift shop. Buds so fresh you can smell them from the lobby, and so many ways to make my dollars stretch. Do yourself a favor and go see the new standard in dispensaries.

  117. cmems

    Great selection of flowers and edibles. Incredible selection of waxes and crumbles. The new lower prices make this place even better.

  118. manfield

    great shop

  119. Dylanlangh

    Everything here is primo!

  120. LuBomb23

    Very nice and clean. Good quality flower. Like the jars that’s they have , and that they show you the THC percentage. Very convenient location and delivery services. Great atmosphere. Employees have positive energy.

  121. Leafly420MS

    Best cart deal in town. I love ilava gold dY”Y=

  122. marcman1997


  123. moc.76

    Kind people and relaxed atmosphere

  124. karmacollectives

    Good bud

  125. nycteri

    Great easy to access downtown location and good prices every day!

  126. farrall6

    I love this location. Friendly staff especially the young lady Alice something with an letter A but she was so nice and helpful. Clean place

  127. sinkmc1

    This has been the best dispensery visit by far. Lots of meds to choose from, the most ive seen here in Tucson. Very energetic atmosphere, loved it.

  128. yoshimatic89

    The staff was knowledgeable and very friendly…The meds were decent and well taken care of…definitely will be stopping in again

  129. GanjaVeteran

    Some of the best Meds in town! West Coast Sour D is a great daytime med and the Cherry Kush puts you to sleep. Top Shelf strains.

  130. Obeyxela

    Very friendly and fun very educational. Good music and very professional, heard they have the best

  131. emromero247

    The staff is so laid back and friendly they never make you feel rushed even when busy

  132. dcaplett

    I love this place people are awesome and the weed is great quality

  133. Kvidela

    So kind on my first visit! Very informative and welcoming, looking forward to going back!

  134. arma420

    This was my first time at a dispensary. They made the process easy and stress free. I liked that they weighed the product in front of me, rather than everything being prepackaged. It takes a little longer, but you can be sure you are getting a quality product.

  135. chilombian

    Convenient central location. Friendly service and high quality medication. There was a little bit of a wait but once your name was called it was a fast and easy process.

  136. mangoboy07

    I love the quality store here and it’s very good meds and worker names Eric and he is really awesome to explain to me about meds

  137. judimac1

    was a great environment & great 1st time visit thanks!!

  138. SickLee03

    Top 2 Dispensary in Tucson.

  139. Drogo2018

    Def my favorite dispensary in Tucson. Best product and most knowledgeable staff

  140. mcarter320

    my boy Tristan got me covered with some great Nissan’s awesome service

  141. smelcher

    Hands down one of the best dispensaries I have ever been too.
    Super friendly and we’ll knowledged staff. My visit was brief, informative, and I left with a big smile!

  142. airjevans

    Amazing dispo. Amazing service. Grear nug

  143. sirpotcharles

    This is my spot! I love the selection they have && also the people that work there are awesome! I always go here and will continue to go to THE DOWNTOWN DISPENSARY!!!! dY~+

  144. Arizonin

    The Downtown Dispensary has it all. It is conveniently located downtown and (bless them) they have a dedicated parking lot. Inside you will find a hip but professional atmosphere. The staff at the Downtown D. really are remarkably friendly and helpful. The quality product and the reasonable donations are the icing on the cake.

  145. racer666

    nice cleanand safe place to get your meds

  146. kbunch

    I love this location. The staff is so friendly and energetic and helpful.

  147. ttmee5

    This is the only dispensary in Tucson that I have been to, and I have no problem with that. I have never left the Downtown Dispensary dissappointed.

  148. dswanson

    This is my second review but did not get a leafly coupoon. Very awesome atmosphere and astaff. I will be back. Thanx guys

  149. dannysmith

    Great product even better service for the second time around.

  150. jalapenobreath

    still my go to spot…and now that the wild Weds is every day till November makes it even better

  151. jennie1380

    this place is awesome

  152. chaz21

    Great first time experience at downtown, despite the near hour wait to get in. I grabbed some do-si-dos(beautiful indica dom. Hybrid)flower, as well as Jack Straw(sativa dom. Hybrid). I must say, best buds hands down, that I’ve found in SE AZ. Super frosty,dense nugs. A powerful and crisp smell of grapes and pine for the do si dos. Jack resembles a fiery red haired blackberry. but it literally is blackish/purple nearly throughout the somewhat lighter, yet equally as powerful nugs. Happily medicated, thank you DTD.

  153. k-mc

    Super kind people and strains! I Was excited to see Tommy Chong strains! dY~ I’ve had nothing but great experiences every time! The vibes Always welcoming unlike some unnamed places!

  154. jmvalencia

    This place rocks. The people are so friendly and they are so helpful.

  155. maze90

    Good Tree dYOE2 at The downtown dispensary in Tucson

  156. RonF

    I have been to other dispensaries and honestly never really felt comfortable. Either the staff made the situation awkward, product wasn’t up to standard or the place unclean.

    Since the first time I walk into the downtown dispensary I felt welcome. The place is always clean. The staff is amazing and really goes out of their way to make sure the experience is pleasant. I am also always pleased with their product. I have absolutely no complaints about this place At all I would highly recommend this dispensary to anyone searching for their medical needs. I am happy to say that I have found my dispensary and have no need to go to another.

  157. Medicatedlo

    great always great

  158. MonicaMunguia3

    The staff is awesome, they helped me to find the best medicine for my neuropathy, nausea, and arthritis.. Although I had to wait, they were apologizing and I appreciated the pre rolls. Thankfully. Can’t wait to try the edibles…

  159. clmenard

    very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I am new to this process and staff was able to answer my questions. will shop there in the future.

  160. Donizana24

    Nice friendly staff and good quality product… 🙂

  161. Lemuel42

    First timer. Very Very Nice people to Help you . Top notch Waiting room , Easy Parking in rear of Building, I can’t say enough good things about them

  162. kjgibeaut

    This is one of my favorite places to visit to acquire my medication. The staff are very friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to help you find exactly what you are looking for. They also have a wide selection to pick from that extends to their edibles. I highly recommend them to anyone.

  163. Bpfister91

    I love the staff, I really feel welcomed here and they don’t rush you. They are always smiling and very helpful with the million questions I ask.

  164. monstermaya

    They really take your time with you and answer questions in great detail, plus they’re friendly and engaging. When you leave they offer you water to go. Been there three times (for flower, edibles, and concentrates) and have been pleased each time!

  165. Snakeman77

    I Love this place. Friendly staff and great product.

  166. MikeTucson90

    This location is awesome ! Great product and great people ! My all time go too 🙂

  167. MSR06

    Outstanding service with knowledgeable employees. I would recommend this other patients living in or outside the downtown area. Parking is also available in the back of the building.

  168. bodhihai

    Great dispensary! I could only afford a gram and it was a great strain, but I’ve researched to find some for my condition that won’t make me as sleepy or hungry and am excited to return and try out the ones they have that I’ve researched. I also love how they have a CBD cape pen and CBD tinctures here. A few other medical dispensaries in town focus only on the actual flower an thc properties, but this dispensary is truly a full service dispensary that cares about their patients’ needs and desires. I definitely recommend them to anyone with a card looking for legit medical marijuana and not just a high. (But they can provide that, too!) As soon as I get my replacement card (lost/stolen wallet) I will be back to try out their various CBD products and honey, as well as the delicious flowers. aoeOEi, thanks, you guys!

  169. Ebur773

    terrible service if you don’t pay attention what there giving you they will try to get over on you. i bought 3 grams on buy one get one shatterday of medlava extracts which is very low grade wax and they charged me full price and only gave me one extra gram. and when i tryed to return it or at least get what was owed to me they said they couldnt because i had already left. terrible services expensive product for the lowest grade around if you dont want to be a victim to stay away.

  170. dosha357

    ku place ku staff..

  171. Bartwohl

    Same thing as “dollazandcents” weighed 1 of my purchases Substantially short….. was a small purchase though so I didn’t complain…. should have

  172. hazywings

    This dispensary deserves all of it’s awards. Extremely high quality flower and potency to match it. Lots of awesome TGA genetics and Rare Dankness at this time. And I suddenly discovered Jillybean… the end

  173. chadzizzle151

    the location is very convenient to get to and the staff was very helpful the meds were amazing this is for sure my new me shop

  174. GinaTea13

    good stuff!dY~EURdY~EURdY~EURdY~EURdY~EURdY~EUR

  175. laceanddagger

    Friendly and helpful staff, although I haven’t seen the same person twice. They always offer to let me smell and look closely at the flowers and have been happy to answer my questions about gummies and cbd dog treats.

  176. Angelitaaam

    I’ve always had a great experience here, great service and a huge selection to choose fromdY’>>

  177. lovelightohm

    My first time here the budtender was so knowledgable and helpful. I love that all of their top shelf bud is pesticide free. Great place and super close to where I live.

  178. ChadW7

    Great selection awesome deals, everything is nice and the staff is friendly. Location is great would recommend coming in.

  179. tandradejr

    My first time at this dispensary. Very centrally located. This place is clean, professional, and has very knowledgeable staff. Huge product selection. Thanks guys.

  180. Rmosier

    really enjoyed the environment the detailed menu board and the friendly service

  181. jpk58881

    Very friendly staff and high quality product ! dY~,,

  182. Palo93

    nice friendly staff amazing flower and vape pens amazing deals best part online ordering makes things go faster!

  183. ElbowRoomAZ

    Absolutely the neatest, comfortable, friendly professional dispensary I have been to in Tucson AZ.

  184. kimberlaw

    I can’t say enough about this dispensary. They were so attentive and gave me absolute one on one attention. I think they would have talked to me all day if I needed to have questions answered. I felt so comfortable. I am a 54-year-old that entered into this with some apprehension but they put them all to rest. I will use them exclusively!

  185. missymoy

    The best dispensary I’ve been to yet. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Every strain I got is fantastic. Moist not dry like some other dispensaries. It’s not a convenient location for me but that won’t stop me from returning.

  186. blind7126

    Absolutely the best bud in town, with service to match!!!

  187. Espi

    I love this dispensary! The staff is great and highly educated on their product. The cannabis is always on par with being top notch. I have yet to be disappointed with their product. Their delivery service is impeccable. I live on Twin Peaks and Silverbell and they gladly deliver to my home with no qualms over distance. Again, I love this dispensary!!

  188. Hollus

    I absolutely love this location the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable and I come here almost everyI absolutely love this location the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable and I come here almost every time.

  189. Sean001

    Great place, great prices!

  190. fjaz27

    I love this place really nice customer service and great meds.

  191. dbenitez9795

    Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Very clean and convenient location. Wonderful selection.

  192. podrick

    went to another mm dispensary before going to DD…very disappointing…small inventory, no educational materials, poor customer rapport. since i have glaucoma i have consistent low grade headaches. by the time i arrived at DD i had a very bad headache & was stressed out. the staff immediately took excellent care of me esp Loren (?). very knowledgable, gave me lots if information which was important since this was my first time buying products. loved the products! will definitely return!

  193. accordst3r

    Awesome very friendly I will be returning for more flower! Thanks so much

  194. oneloverobots

    Helpful staff! Best deals!!!

  195. weedwizard22

    Downtown remains my favorite dispensary in Tucson for its friendly staff, great product, and convenient location.

  196. X10pusher

    Absolutely awesome. My first visit was great. The young ladies that assisted me through the process were “the BEST.” They made my first experience stress free. Thanks bunches.

  197. mon1234

    This location is convienent and the staff is always friendly and helpful. The free pre roll with 20$ spent really makes me feel like an appreciated patient. The strains are also fairly priced and amazing. Highly recommend

  198. nicoleronay

    I came in here the other day, just after receiving my medical card. Not knowing what to expect, I was greeted by an extremely relaxing atmosphere and the coolest staff I’ve ever encountered. After waiting for a few minutes I was called back by an awesome employee named Lauren who gave me all this informational reading material about medical marijuana. From there I was so overwhelmed by their huge selection that i had no idea where to even begin, so Lauren guided me through everything they had, as well as her personal favorite strains and items to help be decide. I even got 3 grams for free with this deal they do for new customers. They have different deals going on every day and they have a
    wide variety of sativas, indicas, and hybrids to choose from compared to most dispensaries. Long story short; this place is the shit.

  199. mora7272

    I love it, customer service is great good people!!!!!!

  200. miccishaun

    my favorite dispensary in town…definitely the best quality of flower, hands down!!!!

  201. mark85616

    very professional

  202. Sigrig

    In search of consistent quality flower, great prices and friendly staff, the Downtown Dispensary has it all. I have made this location my one and only, give it a try and you will too.

  203. RyanMuadDib

    Excellent dispensary. Very helpful staff and quality product. I mostly use a vaporizer pen and I like the simplicity of the model they carry. Had a defective cartridge and they exchanged it with no hassle. Their setup is nice and not limited to one patient at a time. Having taxes included in the prices is nice, too.

  204. ejohndon71420

    so I had a cartridge break on my and was easily replaced I really love your costumer service

  205. Stonedoutagain12

    Amazing place amazing marijuana I love them!!!!

  206. ZackAZ6

    Some of the best strains ive seen hands down.. Great people as well.. they def know what there talking about and what they have

  207. Andy61

    I have been there many times and have always left with great product and more knowlgeable thanks to their very courteous professional staff!!!

  208. jnbapst

    Great dispensary. Very helpful employees and good product! The prices are so so but I’d say slightly below average for the area. They will hopefully drop as in-state growing increases. Also great location if you frequent the university.

  209. sl1524

    The staff is super super friendly and very knowledgeable! I was happy with the products as well! Will definitely return!

  210. KushCanyon

    I have tried every dispensary in Tucson and I can say hands down this is the best of the best. No pre-packaged dust like some other places and excellent recommendations from the staff.

  211. pacosixfour

    great prices friendly the concentrates!!

  212. reh2

    Great aura, helpful friendly staff, great daily deals and ftp deals, and quality meds

  213. pipedreamer

    Great quality, great prices

  214. Javierc1122

    Awesome dispensary and has great deals

  215. marcusssr

    Very happy vibe, uplifting moods, knowledgeable employees.

  216. Charasi

    I was very impressed with the quality of medicine at The Downtown Dispensary. I was surprised, actually, as most of the dispensaries I have been to in Tucson have been mediocre in the quality of meds I am accustomed to. Great atmosphere and smiling faces. Looking forward to visiting again soon.

  217. luisfierro

    very nice and knowlegable staff definitely going back.

  218. shamanjim

    Great place and great employees!

  219. Dwilliams0423

    Downtown was the first dispensary I ever went to and after visiting other locations I continue to return. Best in town

  220. azkandy420

    love there product variety and daily specials…

  221. Diaz420

    Service here is amazing as well as the staff and flower would definitely recommend for anyone else.

  222. Voll3yball3r

    This place is amazing. They have
    a great selection and they are always smiling and know their product. I’ll forever come to this dispensary.

  223. JordanWentzel

    I Lovee This Dispensary & The Employees!! Great Deals & High Quality Flower! My Favorite Place To Get Medicaid!

  224. GPWarrior

    Downtown Dispensary is by far my favorite. They have amazing buds, great prices and always have amazing deals going on. The staff is always so friendly and helpful it always makes the experience wonderful. Downtown Dispensary will always be my number 1

  225. mikefitz

    They ALWAYS offer you a bottle of water when you leave-a nice plus in hot Tucson. They ALSO offer $10 flower deals on days other then Tuesdays. Smiling staff.

  226. WiseCrackinOwl

    Squeaky clean surroundings, fast service. The budtender was on it, nice, and made sure I knew everything and I needed to. Definitely going back.

  227. Dshiznit10

    I love this place. I’m here almost every other day. Not only does the Downtown Dispensary have fresh and amazing quality bud but their customer service is phenomenal. Plus you can’t beat the deals and specials they are always having.

  228. JVlz520

    Great meds and an awesome staff and very knowledgeable… love the herijuana and conspiracy kush here…

  229. Cubfan1369

    My first time in a dispensary. John was terrific. Gave me all the time I needed to answer all my questions. I won’t shop anywhere else.

  230. Theroguefish

    Friendly, clean, helpful, fast! Leafly order was ready before I got there!

  231. Breezy9

    I’m from Phoenix and every time I go down to Tucson the downtown dispensary is the spot ! Best quality hands down !

  232. cjcox1245

    Everyone there is so kind & helpful! Great products and prices too!

  233. Smokes-A-Lot

    Liked the Mango Kush, taste just like Mango!

  234. mzkitty1348

    First time going to a dispensary and they were awesome! Provided a lot of information and how much to medicate with! I will be back!

  235. mybarra520

    Very relaxed setting, the customer service is great and everybody makes you feel welcome.

  236. bestmed0522

    I had a wonderful experience, and I Loved the new patient deals. Once I was able to try my new medication, I am very happy with the quality of the medication, and they have the best med-cookies I have had…even home made. They aren’t dry and they taste wonderful! Thanks for all of your help Alison, (I hope I remembered correctly) you went above and beyond to answer and fully explain any questions I had.

  237. Beenis

    Very nice aesthetic. Pleasant waiting room music. 420/10

  238. mcaperton663

    This is a wonderful place to get your meds! Very knowledgeable and so friendly. I couldn’t be happier!

  239. worldclassfootballer

    The best location in Tucson next to fourth ave.

  240. BNBrad

    nice place. Decent meds. one
    strain I got was dry but not bad. Nice staff.

  241. beardown55

    Great Meds and customer service!:)

  242. ohana2015

    great place for high end meds Clean friendly helpful staff love the selection even though you pay more there great

  243. cregerrj

    Best staff well informed.

  244. MSDX

    Great service and very friendly and knowledgeable staff!

  245. Klluck7892

    Like a second home. They know me better than I know myself. Amazing strains and people make for an awesome experience! LOVE the Deadhead OG!

  246. Snickelfritzzz

    Love coming here knowing they’ll have what I want in stock and fresh. Always a plus when the budtenders know what they’re talking about too!

  247. Lauren0991

    I love this Dispensary The Bud tenders Are really Professional and Can answer Pretty much any question you have.

  248. cmharris5

    great place. great flower selection. good quality. price is a little high, but not too bad.

  249. mjosh541

    Great people and top notch meds. the Green Candy was stellar.

  250. errico19

    Best in Tucson!

  251. quig

    One of Tucsons better dispensaries. Always great help, good strains, fair prices considering the quality of herb you get. Have paid higher prices in town for lesser quality weed. Very Vet friendly.

  252. carnie43

    Thank you, once again, for being as accommodating as ever! Your patience knows no end with those of us who get overwhelmed by many choices.

    The flower was of fine quality, too, including that in the preroll.

  253. Zylie

    The staff are always helpful and seem like they want to be working there, which is a good reflection on the dispensary. You can’t beat their happy hour special combined with the free pre-roll!

  254. Reysavage4

    super great and fast in and out

  255. Dhand

    love the product never disappointed

  256. discoveringtheday

    I have been a patient at The Downtown Dispensary for 2 years now and to be honest the experience just gets better. As a photographer I am constantly in random corners of Arizona and have been to several dispensaries, but this dispensary is different. They remember your name, make you feel warmly welcomed every-time, and if you are in a hurry you can order online which is something I do often. The medicine is always quality, the staff knows what they are doing, and they take care of Veterans. Most recently they have employed security staff that will walk you to your car if you feel unsafe.

  257. Calligirl

    I’ve been to this dispensary several times and each visit I leave with a new strain that is targeted to give me relief. Great service and great bud!

  258. Soberguy

    Yes I would

  259. WillTru97

    One of the best in town. Very friendly

  260. Musicman97

    They were so polite and so helpful for my first time there.

  261. hanss

    welcoming atmosphere, great variety, great prices. I will be back!

  262. ptorre

    Premium bud, awesome friendly service. They always have good deals, but their customer service is the biggest reason I return.

  263. kevOG

    guy in the green hat was super helpful. Did not get his name will be sure to get his name next time. the cornbread grown by downtown dispensary is the best Arizona grown medicine I have tasted and had the pleasure of using. the downtown cornbread is certainly worth a try if you haven’t checked it out yet. headed back before 8 o’clock tonight to grab some more before it’s gone.

  264. GDPlove

    This shop was the 1st I visited and also now my very favorite in town. I have no connection to this shop, no relative behind the window or friends running the till; I simply love the presence of perfection that this place exudes. Meds are top-shelf but more importantly these folks are PRO’s! Not your skater, stoner punks running the shop out of the back of their basement… GREAT PLACE “highly” recommended. ::))

  265. N8VLady

    love love this place

  266. ayolex

    Great customer service & great quality bud. Jesus OG is one of my favorites.

  267. Franciscoc0727

    Online ordering is very inconvenient did not select right 10 dollar top shelf because not easily visible on Leafly and not allowed to change to correct flower unless go back and wait in waiting room . Made things difficult better to just go somewhere else with better service

  268. ladidion

    Like the other reviewers have said, a very nice facility, nice music, water dispenser with cups, knowledgeable and friendly budtender and nice variety of meds !

  269. Solarhigh47


  270. ronniereefer10

    best medical place ever

  271. azbigj420

    I came into this location 3 days ago try it out the staff was friendly excellent quality quantity size could be a little better

  272. PoppyCurtis

    Great location. Near 4th Ave. and the UA. Tax is included in the price and free pre roll for over 20 dollars.

  273. huntsand01

    Great location, very nice and welcoming

  274. T.racy

    Everyone was very nice, good specials.

  275. ironlung_mcginty

    Best bud in town, best location in town, sweet new guy deals… there’s no better Dispensary in Tucson.

  276. GRflores

    Liked that I was seen right away. They have great service. Helped me find the best flowers that would suit me best

  277. Blazingeskimo

    this place gives me thee best hockups and thank ya thank ya

  278. Lv2bRomanced

    I have been in the MM program for several years and have visited a good number of dispensaries. The Downtown Dispensary is the dispensary that is the best overall. Each member of the staff has always been very friendly and knowledgeable. Each time I visit the DD I am always made to feel that the employees are genuinely happy to see me. I have always found the quality of all of the products that I have tried to be exemplary. In short – DD ROCKS and the bud tenders are the best in town!! Thanks for providing such excellent service to all that visit you!! Happy Holidays!!

  279. lightworker1234

    everytimg was easy and i was verycomfortable. i am a senior citizen. i was veryrelaxed s bout coming in here.

  280. matthewjh

    Great place! By far the best medicine and friendliest people in Tucson.

  281. francisco1

    The staff was very friendly and helpful. They have great customer service. I would recommend this location to anyone and everyone!

  282. ledeeez

    definitely a place I’ll be visiting again!

  283. Wesleynweed420

    Great selection on concentrated and edibles and very knowledge and friendly staff. Great first time special deal, so check it out

  284. bentonius

    Great selection of amazing strains. I also like the supply of juices and edibles.

  285. Jordan Chinky

    1 word sums up this dispensary, LOVE.. You feel it from when you walk in til you walk out.. You smell that perfect aroma and you never feel rushed.. I am ALWAYS ready to ENJOY & the QUALITY is guaranteed!!

  286. atequida

    I love this place! The staff is awesome they always answer my question and are so nice. The product is always above my expectations, this is really the best dispensary in Tucson!

  287. Keggerz7

    Great place for meds! Great selection in Flower, edibles and concentrates. Awesome weekly deals! Go check them out if you haven’t already!

  288. VERtrees

    by far the tastiest buds in all the land

  289. foxb

    excellent shop

  290. Miguelfabian420

    I love this place great meds great service Real nice staff..

  291. Rimzey

    Theses people really made my day. I was really pissed off and came in at the last minute. Even with my sour attitude my budtender (You know who you are ^_^) was super helpful and caring(Thank you for being so sweet ,I’m sorry for being an ass). Anyway they carry a good selection of products , Plus the whole staff here really makes this one of the best dispensaries I’ve ever been to. Thank you and see you next week! If your reading this to decide if this location is one for you just go it’s definitely worth the try.-L

  292. Rcentuori

    This is by far the best dispensary in Tucson when it comes to the quality of their product. The employees all know what they’re talking about as well.

  293. doeboy520

    Great place, friendly knowledgeable staff,and great meds.

  294. adriana.nava.7946

    Great people great service !!

    Everyone is always nice when I come ! They always have good choices I’ve been coming here since the fist time !!!! Love it

  295. Bronan008

    great product. great location. fast and friendly staff.

  296. KateN

    GREAT local art featured in their lobby; AWESOME staff; FANTASTIC meds. The Downtown Dispensary rocks.

  297. random13th

    Super friendly. Great quality products. Knowledgeable staff. Love it.

  298. Donnie64015

    This was my first time going too The Downtown and it was a very friendly,fast,awesome visit. Will be returning. The staff all very helpful and kind.

  299. tony69251

    good smoke fair price great servive

  300. Jradmacher

    Good selection, prices are competitive, and the staff was very friendly & helpful. Will definitely return.

  301. layomayra

    best dispensary in Tucson

  302. matthewraffai

    awesome customer service!

  303. solyluna520

    good selection but parking not great – sketch tried sourJack better than most

  304. Nerrdd

    Awesome staff and even better buds !!!

  305. ChrisGilreath

    The store is very clean and organized. The staff are nice and knowledgeable about what they are selling. They have an amazing assortment of products to choose from every time I’m here! The prices are good.

  306. johnluke

    IThis was a very pleasant experience. Great product, lots of variety! The staff was warm and friendly.

  307. zigbszigbs

    great people and a great space. staff is extremely knowledgeable.

  308. snoogans980

    amazing dispensery, very friendly, helpful staff

  309. DonAlejandr0

    Downtown dispensary sells top quality bud and the service is excellent. I would recomend this to anybody.

  310. d3mps3y

    Best dispensary I have been to in Tucson. Always friendly staff, good selection of edibles. Always love the prerolls!

  311. davidao1

    Awesome vibe & helpful representatives

  312. itsausjjmsc

    Great location great pricing and great people.. enough said

  313. NuttyDOG

    Downtown Dispensary is EXACTLY what a dispensary should be. Knowledgeable and super-friendly and caring budtenders. Wonderful atmosphere, lab testing results by reputable lab so I know what terpenes, etc to look for. I went there for my visit with my new card and have not ventured anywhere else, why bother when you have found the best. I saw another one in Tucson that was all Bob Marley’ed out and it turned me off and did not go in. I give Downtown Dispensary an AAA++++. The strains and products are top-of-the-heap and the prices and deals are exceptional. I was a little wary on my first visit, not knowing what to expect after so many years of not medicating and I was treated with the utmost of care, concern and encouragement. I am a customer for life.

  314. mwilso43

    This place is the only place I shop at in Tucson! Educated staff, great products, and a very clean environment! A+++ Come in and see Cody! This guy will hook you up!

  315. pgg47

    I have been to most of the dispensaries in Tucson and Downtown in the best by far. Great staf, good prices and good meds…definitely worth the drive from the NW side of town! Parking good be better. js.

  316. ElConejo23

    close to me. A little more pricier but definitely worth the product.

  317. SunshineRaver420

    This place has been my favorite out of all the dispensaries I have been to, so far. The edible I got was potent and yummy, the preroll was excellent, staff was knowledgeable and super friendly! Definitely will be going back ASAP.

  318. mtmaz

    Great staff, specials, sticky, and covered parking! Does it get any better?

  319. msaenz

    Great service extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. From the moment you walk in the smell is amazing the warmth, positive and good vibes is intoxicating. I look forward to visiting them often. I would highly recommend!

  320. Boofire

    The downtown dispensary has quality meds and reasonable prices. However, that is not what keeps me coming back every time I need meds.
    The lobby, bathroom, and interior (where the meds are purchased) are clean and well lit. The staff are friendly, professional, and informative when it comes to which strain is good for what ailment. I would recommend the Downtown Dispensary for all of your mmj needs.

    For those of us who use public transportation, one more reason to use the Downtown Dispensary is because it is on a bus line, close to two tram stops, and the Ronstadt.

    I say…Goooo Downtown Dispensary…You Rock!

  321. TiredMike

    Super amazing place staffed with beautiful people. It is the only dispensary that is near and dear to my heart. Yeeehaw!

  322. Teenagerikki

    Very nice location, good parking. Very good service and quality products

  323. patchdogg

    Great service, staff was very knowledgable, zero wait time fully stocked

  324. cheba

    This dispensary is great. Excellent customer service provided by knowledgeable staff. I will be back !

  325. Toast420Krew

    Very Happy with Great Quality Service.
    Thank You Downtown.

  326. TTrychon

    The budtenders are friendly and knowledgeable and the water bottles are great when leaving!

  327. cdw121

    Great people prices meds best in town in my book

  328. ChrisSkunk

    Great customer service. There was a
    Blonde woman who was extremely helpful and kind. I would recommend to a friend.

  329. woolyone

    Love the professional, knowledgeable care that the staff shows me here. The selection of products is very good too.

  330. Roburrr

    The facility is dope and the staff are very knowledgeable and great strains

  331. PivotalPotMaySmokeItself

    These guys are awesome. I can always trust their recommendations. The value of what you get is well worth what you pay.

  332. gomwzgabe820

    The quality is there, not too many strains or deals for flowers. Personaly their pre-rolls look like half-rolls…

  333. Edibull

    Building: [5/5] DTD is close to downtown and the UofA with parking in the back

    Inside: [5/5] The lobby is spacious with complimentary drinks such as soda and water, which is a first that I have seen at a dispensary. The shop area is run by multiple staff which means multiple people can contribute to a friendly atmosphere. I felt much better having other patients and staff around me as opposed to only 1 budtender and no other patients in the shop area.

    Staff: [5/5] The staff here are great. I got into a very long conversation and learned a lot about the DTD as well as things about marijuana I did not know before. Everyone was very nice and I would say this is one of the friendliest places in Tucson.

    Quality: [4.5/5] Although I was put off at first by the lowish THC percentages advertised, a staff member told me that it does not necessarily matter upon the THC because it is how it affects you. I can attest that the flowers here are of satisfactory quality, and I would recommend the Sour Grape the most, although Durban Poison, Amnesia, and Headband were also good.

    Deals: [4.75/5] DTD has some of the best deals in Tucson. Their FTP special is BOGO up to 3 grams, which is basically 6 grams for 60 bucks. That is great as you can sample 6 strains! I also like their B2G1 on edibles, which is one of the only places that does this deal. Be warned though, you cannot use the FTP deal and daily deal at the same time, even if the daily deal isn’t flower related.

    Prices: [4.5/5] DTD used to have high prices at 65 an eighth, but now with their own grow we can see the prices drop to 50-60 bucks an eighth which is a fair price.

    Overall: [5/5] I would recommend coming here for the FTP special, the edibles special, and of course the awesome friendly staff!

  334. Marcfigueroa


  335. Toostone520

    Sweet deals!!!!

  336. Rowdytprice

    Very big waiting room very nice people and good product. Keep up the good work

  337. pussycatlover

    I love to come to this dispensary. The people that work there are so wonderful and extremely helpful. I use marijuana to help me with my back and knee pain. It works!!! I really like the bottles they put your goodies in. Other places use plastic bags. Bottles are way better. I always get great quality weed.

    Oh, and the lemon cookies are awesome. I just bought 4 bags of them the other day, and we already had 3 bags from a previous visit. My husband was recently in the hospital for pneumonia and I brought some cookies with me when I went to the hospital. WELL, let me tell you…..we were hysterical laughing to the point of crying. Howling over the fact that his room had no bedside table.

    At any rate, I went to The Dispensary alone and they had the security guard come out to meet me and help me walk into the store. He also walked me to my car when I was through shopping. Once, when I was $1.00 short, the security guard handed me $1.00. Nice huh?!!!

    Now, I ask you this….where else would you, or could you, get this kind of service???

  338. TABADAB

    Very professional atmosphere, like a doctors office. Receptionist was attentive and considerate and the waiting room was a perfect mix of cannabis culture and medical professionalism. Flower was on point cured well, low test result numbers but numbers aren’t everything. Great place!

  339. lesleybeach

    Great products and the bud tenders are so kind and informative. My favourite is Thomas but they are all lovely. Small parking lot??? I think their parking lot is amazing considering it’s in downtown

  340. Apocalypses

    This location is kinda far from me about 35 miles anyways the drive was worth it friendly sales reps clean atmosphere. Then even answer any questions even if it ridiculous it maybe.. I would recommend going..The prices are sames as the rest bit they offer better deals like buy 1 gram get one free it’s makes us feel like we are getting something nice back for going.

  341. logan1150

    amazing atmosphere. even better quality

  342. Murybooty

    Organized and great atmosphere. There’s always good music playing.

  343. angeldrae

    absolutely the best in town. great product and the staff can’t be beat.. love them all

  344. askelin

    My favorite dispensary in town I have been to, nothing but helpful personnel and great deals.

  345. nando

    Awesome place loved the server she was awesome cute friendly n best of all very knowledgeable and patient with showing patients there Meds definatly gnna recommend to a friend and revisit for shure

  346. blue1234

    I visited the downtown dispensary today and what a great experience very nice atmosphere super super super helpful budtenders and delicious flower . I will be back for sure and I forgot to mention the new patient special they have if by 3 grams get 3 grams free so that was awesome too

  347. Natalinathegreat

    It’s pretty good for Tucson

  348. jinger

    First time was a good time

  349. mlfraijo

    Friendly, well stocked and very clean.

  350. Mevilla

    I had a really great experience here. Everyone was very nice and courteous. I’m definitely going back! Excellent selection also!

  351. carloslopez909

    I love the downtown dispensary! They always have great service and the medicine is always top notch!

  352. Nono1103

    great staff ,great vibe , excellent medicine.

  353. stonerszn

    Quality here

  354. aim79

    This was my first visit to a dispensary and The Downtown Dispensary did not disappoint! I felt welcome and comfortable as soon as I walked in and after new patient paperwork was called back only after 2-3 minutes! The budtender was very knowledgeable and the new patient deal was awesome. I will definitely be returning.

  355. JulesInAz

    The Downtown Dispensary always has the medication I need in stock. And the weekly deals are great! BOGO iLava and MedLava concentrates are the best!!!

  356. 4everhigh92

    Very nice staff! Very generous, Beautiful variety of strains and edibles, Will be going here for my Medication!

  357. 420stoner78

    Friendly, good service, good quality, and good deals. I will shop here again and recommend to a friend.


  358. Snowmorrow

    Fantastic dispensary! I was nervous about going to my first dispensary but I was very surprised at how professional the staff were and the quality of medicine that they offered! The downtown is now my exclusive dispensary!

  359. jclyn113

    Great service great selection

  360. boedy55

    Staff is very helpful. And a comfortable atmosphere, Great deals, The vita juice is awesome.

  361. bigjoshstone0131

    great people great price way better then most will stop by when ever in town

  362. gracebaumgartner81

    Adrianna is awesome!

  363. peter2015

    it’s amazing

  364. canuto

    I recommend The Downtown Dispensary; best medicine, perfect Atmosphere

  365. anelinaz420

    very friendly helpful staff

  366. YogiHottie

    Can’t wait for my Leafly Review Reward from a great place to shop for product. Quality meds – for sure. Thanks all. And the more discounted the product the better from a non-profit! Cheers.

  367. ReFurr

    NOOOOOOO THANK YOU. Unacceptable security measures for patients walking a block back to their car in a weird secluded parking lot.

  368. bobo007

    Staff have thorough knowledge of products, all are very helpful & cheerful.

  369. NatashaDolby

    This is the only place in town I will go. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. They do a lot if great deals and the prices are great. Very high quality strains and edibles as well. By far the best dispensary in town.

  370. Altheah

    Really good products, and a very nice staff

  371. LHOOQ

    The atomic diesel was the bomb

  372. rcoronado1187

    love going to this place. great customer service

  373. rleon21

    This place sucks almost every single thing in this place overpriced and lowest of the low quality. Plus the staff has no clue what the products are met for. If I can give negative stars I would

  374. riccardo

    The staff was very patient, helpful and professional. I definitely recommend the Downtown Dispensary

  375. OApersian

    This is my favorite dispensary in town. Great selection, location and store are very nice, excellent staff. Pleasure to stop in. Plus happy hour has awesome deals.

  376. Lor2179995

    Great location and products, staff is always friendly

  377. alexvaldivia22

    Great experience and the bud tender David showed me Mucho lovedY’dY>>

  378. clodfrog

    They have a wide variety of medications to choose from. The staff was very nice and helpful. Any questions I had, they were able to answer. Though the outside appears worn, the inside is well taken care of. I also thought the display arrangement was pretty impressive.

  379. juice_jr

    Went on my first visit last week, and my 1st time in my life to ever be in a dispensary..staff was very friendly loved the environment very clean. And their meds are high quality loved their rasberry kush and kosher kush this will be my permanent dispensary

  380. tdz6969

    6 grams wonderful service all for $30 for first visit now that’s a deal

  381. AvengerCMC

    Profits before patients. Always changing prices. Kief is no $30 a gram and was just $18. Service is always hit or miss. The flower is horrible and over priced. The only good flower they ever have is from Green Halo. I’m done with DTD.

  382. perkkp

    A professional staff, excellent service and a comfortable atmosphere are what you will experience at The Downtown Dispensary.

  383. billfrench49

    I never go any where else very nice people and service is great and have a lot of strains I look forward to going when I am in need u should check it out if u never been u won’t be disappointed

  384. Raulie

    The service is excellent! The variety of products is a large enough selection without being too overwhelming, and the people are always willing to help with a smile!

    I only wish they would keep track of lab results better. The website, binders, and leafly info never seem to match.

    But this doesn’t keep from coming back!

  385. tylerminghelli

    it was great! friendly staff ! great product!

  386. ts33

    Best Dispensary in Tucson

  387. 420zona

    This was my first dispensary I went to and I really liked it. Although I’ve only been there two times, the staff remembered me which I really liked. I like that they directed me to strains that were directed to treat my symptoms. I also like how clean the building is with convenient parking, which is usually a pain downtown. And of course, the quality of the product was awesome. I would definitely recommend to a friend.

  388. lea407

    Great atmosphere, awesome selection of meds & edibles, and the friendliest service! I’ll definitely be back

  389. benoir123

    I’ve been to The Downtown Dispensary a couple times. I like the location but the prices could be lower and the THC percentages of the buds are not as high as other dispensaries in town.

  390. b-elle

    Its great! Very close to my house & work!

  391. Kpolite

    I have nothing but good things to say about the Downtown Dispensary the customer service is excellent
    the medication is top of the line. I tell all my friend that this is the place for great deals on all medications.


    Amazing dispensary my favorites to go to! the flower they grow is superior to others they made my new favorite,Conspiracy Kush! it is a must try and you will know what i mean when you just see it vivid purple and evey little peice is covered in “Frost” (trichomes) keeps me coming back to friendly staff and QUALITY Flower:)

  393. passiflora

    After my first visit, I was extremely impressed. Very nice staff, they made me feel really comfortable, and then I got wonderful individual advice from the expert employees. Highly recommended! I will definitely look forward to returning.

  394. wyzeassrob

    Great meds, friendly and knowledgeable budtender anf they run great specials:)

  395. Sum1sMom

    Great service, great products, great deals, easy online ordering, and now delivery! Ordered delivery for the first time today, and was very pleased. It was fast, you can track the driver’s location, get text notifications, more deals, and extras when you order for the first time. My delivery driver pulled up in a nice car and was really nice. Super easy process. I highly recommend. There’s no reason to go anywhere else.

  396. gutierrez717

    first time visiting, great friendly knowledgeable staff, awesome fast service, great selection and quality.

  397. ddandt1974

    great location. Everyone is great!!

  398. therealmcoykoi

    Justin the boi l! Super helpful!

  399. savagesmoke9


  400. julie91

    Love Wildcard Wednesday and medlava

  401. Richard80

    great would go again

  402. 1percentury

    Great staff. Great meds and variety

  403. jenngolden

    Very friendly and helpful

  404. mdominque

    I was nervous about my first experience. so I researched on leafly. I went to this location after reading the reviews of the dispensaries in my area. I’m glad I did. the parking situation is a little difficult but once you get inside it was nice. the guy at the front counter helped me with my paperwork. once my name was called to come back it was overwhelming how much stuff they have. but she was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. it’s a bit far from home but I will definitely be using this location.

  405. raj42599

    The dispensary is very clean and efficient. Most of my orders are online so I don’t spend to often there but the staff is very helpful and is ready to assist if I’m uneducated about something

  406. rgbirdsong

    I have been very happy with DD, but my latest meds had problems; the Tahoe OG is harsh and weak, and my last acquisition of Ingrid was disappointing as the buds were wet and moldy, beginning stage; I had to grind it up and dry it out before I could smoke it.

  407. tuckid

    Great meds and service and very knowledgeable… Always have a selection…

  408. evette0414

    Awsome staff:) got some free goodies with the daily special!

  409. mr13

    Excellent service and products.

  410. izzyindica66

    amazing so clean and professional

  411. blinky602

    Great dispensary! Come down from Phx for a few select strains from these guys. Love the fact that they have test results on every one of their strains. Customer service is top notch, and they’ll even escort you to your vehicle if necessary. Best dispo in Tucson, in my opinion.

  412. Chicoloco69

    This is a great dispensary, the products are excellent and the staff is awesome! They are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and make ur visit a positive and fun. They really go out of their way to meet ur needs. Keep up the great work guys! The dispensary itself is very clean and friendly atmosphere.

  413. gusgus3

    This location is pretty chill, they have good music which is always good for the wait. They have some pretty good herb, I had Jesus OG Kush the first time I visited and defiantly smoked well. Frosty buds, they have a pretty nice selection too.

  414. nbeeunas

    Friendly knowledgeable staff. Free goodies for first time patients. Good selection and prices. Sketchy location, I was afraid I’d be mugged walking to the parking lot..

  415. Benzino1

    I have been pleased with my experiences at The Downtown Dispensary. They seem to have a good variety of flowers, all of which have donations set according to quality. The staff are incredibly friendly, personable, and have been able to answer every question I’ve had. All in all, I would definitely recommend The Downtown Dispensary to any Arizona patient, and will be returning for my own meds on a regular basis.

  416. scotty61591

    amazing service, amazing prices. the cornbread is some of the most delicious stuff I have ever had! The employees there are always extremely polite and accomodating. I would reccomend the downtown dispensary to anyone!

  417. Tucsongraybush

    Talked to T and he was very eager to tell us all about every strain….impressed with his knowledge. Back today to grab some RSO.

  418. tonysances

    Great place and great location and really good product

  419. Ferndawg13

    Overall great experiencedY~ZdY~ZdY~ZdY~Z

  420. brianallen67

    Knowledgeable staff and a great selection

  421. mikesz1369

    Haven’t been here in awhile, but will be more of a regular now. Some of if not the best budtender’s deres in AZ, just a really good friendly knowledgeable staff that makes you feel welcome

  422. Gonzobobh

    Convenient location second only to the quality of product and friendliness of the personnel there. Would I like cheaper med’s? Absolutely — what we all should expect from a non-profit!

  423. MonYaready

    even better… choose any daily deal until holloween

  424. kmr

    I love the service!! and the buds are awesome!

  425. jlewis66

    I was impressed with the ability to inspect multiple samples with ease and great customer service. I also loved the incentives that will definitely have me coming back along with the fresh variety of medicinal. It would be nice if there was an entrance off parking lot.

  426. therealpuffdaddy1

    this dispensary is great nice environment very calm the bud tenders are very knowledgeable and love the medicine steep prices but great deals

  427. syl

    Really nice place to shop. From the moment you walk in you feel like home:) Conveniently located with a nice waiting room filed with books on marijuana. And the product display/service area is beautiful…like a candy store. But mostly it’s the super sweet staff that keeps me coming back!

  428. cj0723

    Friendly staff, knowledgeable tenders. Best quality, I’ve found in this area.

  429. Falkhorn

    it was really nice. good selection. I got green crack. rug burn og. and candy apple. They’re all really good even the ones for 10 a gram. The people inside are really nice too

  430. Ksue1995

    Lovely atmosphere

  431. RaiderGuero

    Definitely the top dog off them all!! Very clean and professional

  432. Crysta01

    Always good people

  433. Senorsalsachips

    I like this location above others because the staff is friendly and the prices are affordable. The store is always clean and makes me feel like I can trust them with my medication that I buy. I would recommend them to other’s who have a card to receive this type of medication.

  434. garydemp520

    Great people and great product. With a free preroll on a 20 dollar purchase is unbeatable. Love them.

  435. pcosso

    Love everyone products rock what can I say I’ll be frequenting here for a long time too come

  436. guccimarcos

    The staff is very friendly and they have great options of flower and concentrates also very high quality

  437. mrleejonesjr

    I like this place. Good selection of buds and always a special for customers. Definitely will be shopping here again.

  438. jreyes213

    I love downtown dispensary, more icky kush is top notch and the staff are very helpful. would recommend

  439. padilla1

    This dispensary has top notch blueberry kush… don’t forget the mango kush. This is my new home with excellent customer service. there is no need to go anywhere else. I recommend this to all patients in need of good quality meds…

  440. woodyt69420

    meds are great and always great service

  441. stephanielyn_0617

    they were very knowledge about the product. He gave me great recommendations on a great indica. The atmosphere was very clean and smelled amazing!!

  442. betolini

    very cool got alot of information.

  443. Chrontron420

    This is the best dispensary I have been to in Tucson the staff is friendly I love their medicine you can’t beat the specials

  444. Hilson_pardonme

    Use to be my go to location but lately they been moving real slow and i hate the fact they keep changing there flower prices

  445. Boomer7384

    Best dispensary in town. Great selection, great deals, and great staff.

  446. Parvana

    They have a great selection, friendly knowledgeable bud tenders, and a clean, beautiful facility.

  447. lewis.saul.3

    Despite what is probably the average wait time for a doctor (20 minutes or so), the staff continually apologized for keeping me waiting and were super-courteous throughout.

    But most of all, they helped this “newbie” understand some things and helped me pick out EXACTLY the right kind of meds for various things.

    The place is spotless clean and the selection was amazing —

    — my only disappointment was that they didn’t have any LOLLIES in stock. Next time.

    — Lew Saul

  448. DeeSala

    Always fast & friendly along with great prices

  449. Dennis09

    Great customer service, great product

  450. chevyman520

    3 kings is free gram of blue widow got me lifted.friendly staff,clean setup.only prob is the parking,a little wack but all good.ill be back for sure as I make my rounds.

  451. bansheeman

    great staff menu is ok meds are great but not top shelf quality I have been to all of Tucsons despenserys

  452. JByrd

    Free sodadY’. Great service.

  453. coharly

    they didn’t sell me the right herbs for my day time usage. I think they need more sativa types. other than that they were very helpful.

  454. smokymcgroggins

    i love the shatter here and the flower and the staff are amazing dY~ZdY~EUR

  455. Kurlydimples

    High quality medicine, and the med lava never disappoints.
    Hits the spot every time <3

  456. YoMamasNomads

    Exactly what I was looking for in a shop. Quick service even with a line, helpful and friendly staff, and delicious organic buds. Extensive array of Kush is truly high quality. I really enjoyed Conspiracy Kush. The full melt hash is primo. As are the mega brownies.Thanks Downtown! I will be returning soon and often.

  457. badbrad123

    I picked up an 8th of the space queen and since it was my first visit I got a free g of the blue dream. The space queen was good for the donation and the blue dream was awesome. The only way to improve this dispensary would be to post more pics of the buds online and lower the suggested donations a bit.

  458. Yjra

    Loving the any day BOGO deal

  459. stormbess12

    thickest bud in town, I always come back here XD love the staff they’re so much fun XD

  460. JoeNinerAz

    crazy nice place fire.!!!

  461. Mz420

    The staff was super friendly and quick to help. It was a relaxed experience. I will definately come back 🙂

  462. ciscokillz

    I love the down town dispensary .the buds are awesome the service is great and the employees are
    beautiful .this dispensaries never put me down

  463. missassilem


    The only dispensary that I go to. Always good and treated well by the budtenders.

  464. gabriel745

    Great staff very helpful and great meds!!

  465. stupitfucker420

    Awesome!! I love everything about em!! Their brownies are fabulous dY~

  466. wanderingjoe

    Comfortable waiting area. Friendly staff and I really appreciated the time they took to explain items to me as a new patient.

  467. AdamKaru

    VIVA DD, I am going to DD, for four years now!
    why go anywhere els. I love dY’* the place.

  468. MrsConway

    Love the experience!

  469. 0420buds

    Great selection of top quality meds with a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Nice ambiance; they out-do the competition and I will continue to give them business and recommend them to others!!

  470. Kidslim301

    I love this place since ive moved to ttown its tha ONLY place i go. Great green and even better ppl.

  471. rbg2740

    The staff is helpful and friendly. It is awesome shopping there.

  472. grayhighlef

    They have the knowledge and intellect to help me pick out what I needed awesome place and they hooked me up extra grams one stop shop in my book thanks ladies and gentlemen keep up the good work dY~SdY~SdY~%0

  473. Chewzy

    Clean flower and the only place that doesn’t give me attitude when I start asking very specific or technical questions about their products. A bit steep on the pricing for the quality but reasonable with various discounts. The location, and parking could be better, and I’m still hoping their grower gets better.

  474. Ladimples66

    I like downtown dispensary. Good product n nice prices.

  475. highmarla

    The downtown dispensary is my favorite dispensary to go to! I love the atmosphere and the friendly service!

  476. trish12279

    Very convenient location and a nice staff. They took the time to explain everything to me and I never felt rushed. I would definitely recommend!

  477. King4Dayz

    Downtown Dispensary consistently offers a complete selection of items you want with the quality and price you demand. Cool staff and groovy specials. Sometimes the popular stuff runs out so get there early.

  478. tuc_town520

    One of the best dispensaries in town

  479. crystaldurazo

    I love stopping by the downtown dispensary they always greet me and are always very helpful with suggestions as well as their flowers. The day before yesterday I tried their conspiracy Kush and tangistan Kush both very tasteful as.well as full body relaxation which is a must when you have lol ones who got you running up and down definitely recommend both strains for bedtime or when you ate ready to relax.

  480. ganjaghoul

    Large menu, great quality flower and knowledgable staff. Always a fun trip 🙂

  481. KimberlyDa

    Friendly staff and high quality product!!

  482. Dante123

    great product and fast service

  483. WilliamBarnhart

    I came in today and had the best customer service. The staff went above the call of duty for me. I was having a hard time walking and the male staff member helped me out by bring me the forms I need to fill out so I could sit down. When I went back to get my meds I was greeted with a smile and was helped to the fullest. I”ll will be coming back in the future. Thank you all so much.

  484. equinut

    Staff very friendly and informative.

  485. Mgav08

    Great deals

  486. Smassengale38

    Great flower, Carts, and Service.

  487. elbakon

    It’s a friendly environment, I recommended my cousin and would recommend it to others! I always leave with a smile on my face and some good quality in my bag!!!

  488. azzieandme03

    Great location. An good kind people

  489. treesexpert27

    top notch medicine all the time, helpful & engaging staff members, and a convenient location for most of Tucson, A+++

  490. brandonis

    Great products! I am a huge fan of their concentrates. They have the best deals for first time patients and good products to keep you coming back

  491. taylorsmith5

    Best place to go hands down. Always helpful and nice. They take the time to get to know you and understand what you need. They get to know you personally and try to develop a relationship with you. Very friendly and VERY knowledgable. I had some Vital Juice that went bad and the replaced it free of charge. They always a large selection to chose from. Best place to buy from hands down!

  492. eric.thompson.3152

    Great environment and meds. Will definitely be coming back

  493. esalazar420

    this dispensary is the best in Tucson try the downtown dispensary they have a great selection

  494. Kushman520gk

    One of the best places to go in town they have good quality meds they have a good line of staff that know what they are talking about and they treat people respectfully the downtown dispensary is in my top 3 favorite places to go in town for medical cannabis

  495. jimmy.english2

    grate place will go again nice ppl and good meds

  496. jdub7728

    Staff was amazing and selection was great…will repeat as a customer(:

  497. ahazy

    This is the only dispensary I go to. Nice location, extremely friendly and helpful budtenders, and the daily deals help out your wallet. The top tier strains are very expensive but worth it every time I’ve tried them. Thanks!

  498. Kudamondi

    This place is the best I always go here they have the best Med lava shader it towns d the staff is so friendly

  499. noeggstooorder

    I enjoyed the flowers and edibles. I have enjoyed learning from the staff about the different strains. The staff is friendly and professional. I look forward to my next visit.


  500. ekrotenberg

    Great dispensary great nugs

  501. kachimbo1

    Great variety of selection, great quality meds, great customer service. I would recommend Downtown dispensary to anyone

  502. Beardown_55

    Not only is it a great location, but this Dispensary has the highest quality meds in tucson! I love coming in to pick up my medicine, the people are super friendly!

  503. Savage_santi

    pretty good bud always open a great place to buy flower

  504. stephenf4l

    I love the downtown dispensary. good quality flower and happy knowledgeable staff.

  505. TheGoodBush

    The Downtown Dispensary is fantastic! Best device and product in Southern AZ!

  506. xbox3sydney

    Love this place

  507. Infam0us420

    great quality. great people.

  508. Rickardo

    I stopped in Sunday afternoon, this was my first visit. The place was clean, nice, comfortable with a nice big spacious waiting room, where my wife could relax, while I purchased my medication. The gentleman that took care of me was very friendly, polite, and helpful, in helping me choose the strains that are best matched to my conditions. Everyone there seems happy, and very helpful. The meds. were fresh, and of excellent quality. Parking in the rear was convenient. I will deffinitely be back.


  509. Ogf15

    Conveniently located for downtowners.

  510. Prothunder97

    Convenient location, parking in the rear of the building. A door into the shop from the parking lot would be nice.
    Friendly staff. The dispensary include taxes in their donation prices, great idea!!

  511. thegov

    Great dispensary! Kind people, fresh flowers, good selection of edibles.

  512. vaidaalexxa

    Amazing staff and amazing medicine! I never have to wait too long, definitely recommend

  513. vespinosa

    The Downtown Dispensary is great! Being a new patient I was a little nervous going in but right away felt at ease, the staff is very informative and took the time to answer my questions!! I will most definitely be back!!

  514. onesimop

    first time deals are awesome

  515. darkslime

    They have very dank medicine and edibles. Prices are average for a dispensary. They gave me a free gram grinder papers and lighter for being a first time customer which was pretty sweet.

  516. TucsonToke

    Love the DD. Staff is great and knowledgeable, always ready with personal suggestions. They have cool promotions and their MedLava line of concentrates are consistently great. The flower is some of the best in town and they’ve got a large variety. Highly recommended!

  517. yuckysmoke13

    very convenient. cool location. i don’t wanna go anywhere else now.

  518. No1tata52

    They lose your card and give it to another person and they give you their card to you.
    I had a persons Card that lived in over a week.
    They expect you to file for a new Card and on top of that they charge you $10.00 for filing for a new one when it’s THEIR MISTAKE.
    For me getting upset, the 86 me.
    Well, SCREW THEM.


  519. GCatalectic

    Have to yet to come in but I cant not wait to this Dispo. My friend refereed me and told me nothing but great things! Checked out the menu

  520. jake1236

    Great ftp deals of a 6.5 grams of Green crack for 55$. Will for sure be my main dispensary and customer service was amazing. I was handed pamphlets and informational items and was much happier than I intended.

  521. ppushor

    Great selection, great staff, great facility! Not much more to ask for

  522. Xmas2169

    Wack and weak strains! Just my opinion. I only had to come one time!

  523. imgr8fulone

    Always a fast and pleasant time. Lava bogo’s are the best

  524. t.obe

    Friendly and always helpful!

  525. CptHad3s

    Nice bud tenders and affordable pricing.
    The location is a little hidden, but with Google Maps, and the sign off 6th was supremely helpful. Comfortable waiting area, and speedy service.

  526. Creken

    The staff really seems as if they want to be there. The service is always excellent! You really can’t beat their regular happy hour special combined with a free pre-roll for spending $20.

  527. accdnprone

    Really great service on my first visit after receiving my card. Explained the different strains and dosages, etc. Very mellow, but knowledgable vibe.

  528. Trapshegucci710

    great service

  529. jagerryan82

    Been coming here a lot this past few months. Friendly staff, really enjoy the edibles. Pricing is fairly good, but friendly welcoming environment

  530. Theatrealarussa

    Great place with superb flower and service!

  531. yaquino38

    Great place

  532. imblazn

    Excellent merchandised in quality stuff!! Highly recommend it!

  533. Lisacurran12328

    Everything is Awesome as always but I don’t need so many messages and text thank you

  534. Kermit

    I LOVE THIS PLACE. Everything is run as it should be from start to finish. I love how many ways you can order, online, iPad in the lobby and head back. Staff is awesome as well and weekly deals are great. The biggest thing I love is that staff is empowered to help customers without a manager or permission from a supervisor. I had a cartrdidge not work and just went in and swapped it out. No issues no fuss. OOOOOO love the ice cold bottled water when I am leaving.

  535. memo.g8619

    Good buds good people

  536. crazed36

    Great service, great prices. Highly recommend.

  537. JetoPistol

    This is my favorite dispensary so far. The flower is great and as other reviewers mentioned, the blonde woman working there is very helpful and easy to talk to. I can’t wait to try more from this location.

  538. Cdoc1469

    Great place would recommend to anyone

  539. Sm3

    Professional with great product, knowledgable staff, good prices and great specials!

  540. Amberrob123

    Great products. Certain staff could be more helpful

  541. heaberger

    Nice experience, comfortable environment and pleasant staff. The only thing I have reservations about is the parking. I wouldn’t feel comfortable going alone or in the dark. Inside is great though!

  542. amerin89

    This is were i used to go all the time. I brought a new patient and was not given my referral bonus after i was told i would get the free gram i was charged for it. Not a big issue if i wasnt told i would get it. Thanks guys,

  543. Conrad69

    Everyone needs to vist this location fast and friendly people great atmosphere!

  544. rickgomez

    awesome!!! the best kind of bud and the best possible prices with tax included. this is a place I will keep coming to and highly recommend.

  545. StarMist21

    Love this place the quality is amazing in all aspects the strains the customer service etc everything is made easy at the downtown dispensary so heck yeah I’m coming back.

  546. deemari

    it was a great experience!!!! 10dYOEY

  547. chavo1271

    Great service. Friendly. Great advice for being a first time patient there.

  548. Oddgseeme

    Great. Very expensive.

  549. LordCeros

    The Downtown Dispensary is the best in Tucson, they have a wide selection of buds and edibles staff is friendly and nice. Place is clean, only issue is the small parking lot but it’s not a big issue.

  550. WilliamJ555

    Convenient. HIGH quality,GREAT service-I really love the Downtown Disp.-my 1st dispensary, my favorite, but can only shop there occasionally(prices, location). It’s a treat when I can shop there & ALWAYS a pleasant experience- the gold standard of compassionate care; prices are high but we get what we pay for-premium service-premium quality-premium price. You guys ROCK! Thank you!

  551. aparedes54

    this place has the best staff best products, and they are always the most helpful.

  552. blazebluntz

    Awesome merchandise and friendly staff

  553. ganjagremlin1

    I like the staff and professionalism at Downtown Dispensary. I also like the wide variety of product choices. Blue Dream is my overall favorite for relief of many medical conditions. The staff is always suggesting things based on my current health needs and I find they have great knowledge on strains and edibles.

    For an example, I had been put on steroids and was unable to sleep for two days. The staff recommended Ingrid and that night I finally was able to sleep. Bravo staff!

  554. brian520az

    Staff was professional and nice and meds are high quality.

  555. Npleslie

    great dispensary and great service

  556. 4Kaiilene24


  557. juanthedon_

    10-10 all products are great from flower to concentrates. Helpful staff

  558. JamesZachary

    Always have amazing flower and the wait is never longer than a few minutes. Thank you for the awesome deals!

  559. Curtisg

    Professional, informed, friendly employees, and i appreciate the fact that they have a large variety but almost all of the medication is the same price with one strain even being less expensive for the more frugal customer(like myself). I was very satisfied by the less expensive Mango kush and the Jack Herer, as always, was beautiful.

  560. staciet13

    good deals and friendly staff

  561. tuc13520

    good location flower on point helpful budtenders

  562. fjaz28

    great place to come for meds and great customer service here .

  563. barbarisi

    great service, friendly staff, no wait – nice incentives – couldn’t ask for more!


    Best in town!

  565. Mermorr

    Love this place! Always lovely budtenders and great bud too!

  566. Dru520

    One of my favorite shops in Town love there flower amd everyday deals

  567. Raymond13

    close to work! quite convenient!

  568. radayadda

    First time in and it was a very enjoyable experience. I really appreciate the deli style tending and the flower I selected was fantastic as well as the concentrate I chose. I believe my tender’s name was Woody or something along those lines, he was very helpful and I enjoyed talking to him. I will definitely make a stop back in to this dispensary whenever I make it down to Tucson from Phoenix.

  569. Jiraiya

    Great store and atmosphere. Good prices on quality meds.

  570. yeetmaster

    this place was magical 1st time here it was fast open late on a Sunday whhhhaaaatttt….and my bud tender and the receptionist were super chill they got good prices the weed looked dank. the customer service was hands down the best highly recommend.

  571. QueNein

    Most Expensive 1/8th in AZ at $65:

    Right now, this is home to the most expensive 1/8th in Arizona, at $65 for the good flowers. I did a quick survey today of 1/8th prices at storefront dispensaries in Tucson, Phoenix Metro, and Flagstaff, and the price maxes out at $60 for pretty much everyone else. There are a significant number of solid dispensaries selling top-shelf 1/8ths for $50 to $55 regular full-retail price throughout the state (lower prices can be found through special offers, of course). Nearly one-half of Downtown Dispensary’s strains at the moment (11 out of 23 strains) are priced at $65 per 1/8th, and a similar pricing structure can be found at Catalina Hills, Downtown Dispensary’s sister location in Oro Valley. Aside from Downtown Dispensary and Catalina Hills, one other notable high priced 1/8th that turned up in my research was Monarch in Scottsdale: they currently have two strains at $65 per 1/8th as well.

    Although Downtown Dispensary sells good quality medication, their best has not stood out as any better than the competition’s top-shelf offerings in my experience. I am hesitant to post negative reviews, and I will probably continue to shop here from time to time. But the 1/8th is my preferred purchase size at the moment, so I probably won’t be doing much buying here until the price comes down in line with the rest of the AZ market. Otherwise, nice folks, nice dispensary. 7/11/2014

  572. alsebastino

    Great staff and deals!

  573. lab122885

    Budtenders and great and Bud is always amazing.

  574. pufpufpass420

    great place for meds

  575. DBMan

    The Downtown Dispensary is the place to get your MMJ in Tucson. They have the most informed and helpful staff and yes I think the best MMJ in the valley…

  576. Misskate2015

    Like anywhere else these days, this location depends on the day and time you go. Mondays are great because they are not busy. Do not buy the vape materials. The chargers are cheap and don’t work half the time. I also have to wonder at the quality because when you don’t feel stoned (body or head high) makes me wonder what is in the product. The flower is good, but they just opened another location, and in doing took away incentives, and good bud. I’ve been to several shops in Phoenix and Tucson…this is a good one because its close to where I live now, but if I have a choice, I would really go somewhere else. I had to return a vape cartridge because it quit working almost immediately. I had to return the one they swapped out for me because it didn’t work either. The budtender told me it was the 3rd one that day. Now, I’m an entrepreneur and even I know that if you bought a faulty product, its not good business sense to pass that on to your customers…if you want to stay in business. This place is not about the experience. They are about the money. I will take mine somewhere else…unless I have no other choice.


    This was my first time to this location, and ANNA was my amazing bud tender. she knew the prices of everything off the top of her head and was such a pleasure to talk with, I felt like I was the only person there even though other people in the room!!! Thank you ANNA and the DOWNTOWN DISPENSARY for that individual customer attention that makes you feel welcome! I was very impressed not only are the buds not prepackaged but actually wait out in front of you and you can tell them no not that one give me that one instead and pick out your own individual unique shaped buds whether you like them shaped funny or if you don’t give a… They can do that too! Then learning that I get a free pre-roll now too! What a great place to go to get your meds!!! Best so far! I WILL BE BACK FOR SURE!

  578. IamStranger

    This is my favorite place. The staff and products are of the highest quality. extremely knowledgeable staff and large selection of products. Everything you need is in one place. I highly recommend The Downtown Dispensery.

  579. ariellm91

    This place has the best flower in Tucson. Hands down. Great everything. They were in the Tucson weekly for a reason.

  580. frankie7620

    This place is awesome… they have a great staff and there product is to die for

  581. Yeekimm

    My first time going to the downtown dispensary was very pleasant and I got the perfect medication for my symptoms of pain because the lady working was really nice and informing about their products 🙂 one of my top fav stores in tucson

  582. jason21

    staff is great, meds are great, wonderful environment. I would recommend this dispensary to anyone.

  583. Monticello

    Along with Purple Med this is the finest dispensary in Tucson bar none. With the patient in mind the folks at Downtown Dispensary are set up to accommodate the patient looking for excellent medicine at a very fair price. Just love the friendly service and smiles all around when you come in for a visit. Don’t let the parking in the back throw you off since this is the University area and free parking is always appreciated. Ask for any daily specials and the pre-rollies are packed to the gills (thanks to the outstanding bud tender Michelle). Thumbs way up for the only dispensary in town that has an extensive book library that is free for lending to all the patients.

  584. Angie55

    I’ve been coming to the Downtown Dispensary for over a year and have been very happy with their service and flower.

  585. Uncledru

    Best buds hands down

  586. chilber

    0 stars. I have (had) been a costumer for over two years. Tonight at 6:00 they decided it was more important to vacuum the waiting room carpet rather than consider their customer’s comfort. Customer service has dropped dramatically over the last year or so. Too bad, it used to be a great place.

  587. thisfreshman

    first time visited and service was amazing and had a enjoyable time. Also tlked me into a better deal and better quality,will be back for sure!

  588. strainbank100

    Dispensary in town absolutely wonderful and friendly people I love this place

  589. BugsBuds

    I have been a customer for almost 1 year. I really like the staff and the quality of their product, especially the edibles.

  590. PMiller

    This place is the slowest dispensary in all of AZ. I don’t know why people come here. I’ll never come back that’s for sure.

  591. xandrespop

    My first visit, and I must say I am very pleased. A bit awkward parking wise, but the important items 5 star!

    This is a bit of a drive for me but I will make the drive-

  592. djtylr

    Friendly staff and great selection. Best in tucson

  593. kevinhine13x

    Absolutely love this place. The staff is SO friendly and the prices are very competititve !

  594. Robin1592

    Great place! I love the atmosphere and staff!

  595. MikeC

    Good customer service.

  596. missdabbs24

    I was in Tucson and California for a couple days with my girlfriend and her family. I decided to make a quick stop at a dispensary in Tucson before making the trip home. I looked at the different dispensaries in Tucson. I had an awful experience at a different dispensary. So I looked at the Reviews for The Downtown Dispensary… The reviews were AWESOME. Stoked to go in there for the first time and man oh man did they live up to their reviews! The entire staff was welcoming and had a ton of knowledge about all the different strains. My budtender was the best. He was so happy and willing to listen to what I wanted, instead of just pushing a strain at you. It was the best experience I’ve ever had in a dispensary!
    Downtown Dispensary, you guys are the best!!
    Definitely make time to stop by!

  597. shojitom

    liked my visit will be back

  598. smileofastranger

    The Downtown Dispensary is the only dispensary I go to, theg offer the best discounts in town and you can’t beat the convenient location just off of 4th Avenue. The staff is super friendly and provide recommendations.

  599. Badmama

    The bud tenders were very friendly and helpful. had a very nice variety of medicine. WOULD RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE.

  600. goberlin

    The employees are more than helpful, and are also very kind. They have a great selection of all kinds. Highly recommended

  601. Artim

    I ordered some kangistan Kush and some Ace of spades, along with a couple others and some kief. I have to say that I have never been disappointed here. Best place is Tucson. Best Staff and the amount of respect you receive here is incomparable to any other in Tucson. I recommend this place to everyone. Thank you again for your wonderful selection of medicine and great deals!

  602. dandj2526

    Perfect place for meds….

  603. CannaGranna

    Love this dispensary in downtown Tucson. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. On my first visit I picked up some Blue Dream that was great for managing my pain. Hope they start carrying more Sativas soon. Would love to see some Snow Cap or Maui Wowie on the menu. I recommend this dispensary for great meds, good service and a friendly atmosphere!

  604. mhempel420

    Great place even better prices

  605. ChristopherGrijalva

    Great place!!

  606. bob815c

    The Downtown Dispensary is one of the Best Dispensaries in Tucson! The location is great, the staff is outstanding and courteous! I am amazed at the quality of their work ethics! Mike knew exactly what I needed and showed me some other alternatives to vaping the bud. Since I have never smoked anything in my life, I much prefer the eatables or the drinks!

  607. ABrandsBrand

    DD offers what I’m looking for in a metro med shop. It’s all laid out professionally here with a full week of daily specials. Check it out, real nice staff you can ask questions to

  608. Ganjaqueen8

    I like it its closer to me and the staff are very friendly

  609. Timbobbeanie

    Close by with a friendly staff. Great selection of vape.

  610. dkluth

    I was impressed with their atmosphere as well as professionalism. The quality and selection of meds was the best I have had to date. I will return.

  611. 420smokiebandit

    great location. 6th st and 6th ave.

  612. marcusph8

    Bought some Purple Dream chock full o melons. Not cool at 20$ a g. 🙁 Also requested a call when they got more Blue Dream. They got more Blue Dream. I got no call. No freebies. No point system. Other dispensaries in town always seem to have a special of some kind. Some also offer points so you get free stuff after so many purchases. Kind of disappointed. Don’t know if I’ll be back. 🙁

  613. Jennifer93

    This is by far the nicest dispensary in Tucson 🙂

  614. birdman1041

    New lower prices, can’t argue with that! The Happy Hour strain (Doublemint) is muy bueno. Convenient location. Friendly staff that remember your name. A clean, well-lit place for meds. They will earn your repeat visits. Shazam!

  615. 520guy96

    Just began meditating with the Downtown Dispensary and their expertise and knowledge made me feel safe and informed. Don’t be afraid to ask any type of questions, they’ll

  616. jebb4331

    Downtown Dispensary is a cut above the rest! Exceptional quality and service! !

  617. SweetToothAtmosphere

    Great location and variety of products. Wonderful concentrates!

  618. madamfly

    Madamfly is still in love with this dispensary. 5 stars all the way.

  619. motherof3boyz

    This place was horrible the manager was very rude I put in an order on line it says on their site to allow up to 45 minutes to have your order ready when i get there they tell me i have to wait till the other orders were filled first even though it had been well over an hour before i get there and when I question them about waiting another 20 minutes after getting there i was told to leave at no time did i get irate or out of line and still im being told to leave well that will be the last time i go there.

  620. ruffles230232122

    very outstanding and fun crowd to be around, they definitely know what they are doing.

  621. Leezy88

    Best place around!! Great prices and very knowledgable staff to help with whatever you need! The choices were amazing. Mango Kush was so nice and dense for $45 donation an eighth, can’t beat that!

  622. DarceChoke619

    Favorite dispensary in town. Drive 20 minutes further and bypass alot closer ones just to come here. Prices are about on parbwith everybody else but you can’t beat all of the specials that they offer.

  623. desireesky

    the atmosphere is a little stiff in the lobby, but the budtenders are always knowledgeable.

  624. joshecisco

    By a mile!!!! This is the friendliest staff in Tucson! Great deals and great weed! This is the gold standard that other dispensaries need to aim for..I don’t buy from anybody else.

  625. savannahhurley17

    Purple urkle was dY”Y= can’t wait to get more

  626. eirrac007

    Very clean. lots of staff.

  627. Damian2424

    The wax here is awesome
    Cool little containers

  628. chrisgray420

    awesome employees quality is OK but will try again

  629. Jackbud09

    it’s nice and cozy. good medicine and nice people!(:

  630. 520azhondaman

    theses guys were awesome. very easy to deal with

  631. jkelly1096

    I love this place. a little pricey but you definetly get what you pay for. great buds and good oils.

  632. BlueAngel4

    This is bar none THE BEST DISPENSARY IN TUCSON,AZdY’a$?i,dY’dY>> WORTH MY TIME TO GO THAT FAR FOR ME, trust me I live Green ValleydY’EURaEUR1/4i, Excellent staff Medications, I lava great products i.e. Pens & Organic cold press aEUR1/4i, Flower best in Tucson!

  633. greenvet

    worst place in town only go there if i have to, meds are very sub par.. i dont see how these other people dont get top shelf meds for cheaper, but hey to each their own.. i rather not get ripped off though. the main reason i do not go here is because of the employees. i can not stand their attitudes and rather driver 10 mins else where. WOULD NEVER RECOMEND…

  634. CjBasco

    I enjoy going to this dispensary more than any other in tucson. Service is always great, with short wait times and a friendly atmosphere.

  635. Lunamoon24

    Awesome customer service, great quality med, great prices!!!

  636. shannonigans69

    Love it! My favorite dispensary so far! Friendly, affordable, tastey!

  637. Dickweed1

    the staff is very knowledgeable helpful and courteous

  638. ilovepete

    Jay was lovely. He helped me to find the best flower for my needs. I am looking forward to when Downtown is selling their own flower as I’m certain it will be of the highest quality!

  639. AirborneVazos

    Great place nice people can’t wait
    to get home and test out the product

  640. kisakson

    Favorite dispensary in Tucson for flower, concentrates as well as outstanding customer service

  641. Vince.520

    The staff is wonderful, Adriana and Chip were very helpful, great location, I will be comming back no doubt


    This place is awesome. The staff is super friendly. I like justin. He’s always there and always helpful. If you’ve never been to a dispensary, go to DTD. They don’t intimidate you and they will make sure to stay professional and make you feel comfortable. They have good suggested donations too!

  643. ccschmidt

    This place is a little oasis downtown! Very friendly staff, great environment, competitive donations and high-quality product. You can’t go wrong here!

  644. Inlimbo1945

    I feel so fortunate in locating a dispensary where the personnel have such knowledge in the products and do everything they can to help each customer

  645. shanmarshall

    I lpove downtown dispensary. the Conspiracy and Tangistan kush are great strains that I will always get. also the cannaconfections edible chocolate bar. Such an amazing relaxation feeling. i recommend the mint.

  646. emptygraves

    As a new [yet, experienced] patient, I’ve been on the search for a spot where I feel completely comfortable purchasing my medication. Downtown is that spot.

    This dispensary is in a great location. The bright L.E.D. lights are a bit much at first, but that changes when you see the illuminated herbs, awesomely displayed!

    A shout out to Jay for making my experience enjoyable! The Katsu was so good that my complimentary Rootbeer was transformed into an ice cream float that night.

  647. treeday

    Love this spot

  648. AZmom82

    Great staff always greet you with a smile. Excellent top shelf strains and reasonably priced strains too, for those on a budget. I love Jilly Bean and the excellent prerolls, which are a great deal. Would be a perfect “first time” dispensary for new patients. Also, the only dispensary in Tucson that I know of that takes debit cards.

  649. tinman5570

    Very kind, very knowledgeable and very professional staff. Great selection and quality of Medication. Good specials too! I would highly recommend this place to everyone!

  650. karmakid64

    Outstanding quality and service. Well worth the price! Two Thumbs Up ! dY’dY1/2dY’dY1/2

  651. MythicalMysti

    the buds are fantastic, love the cornbread. excellent customer service, very informative. nice clean dispensery. definitely will recommend to others!

  652. Mtclark1230

    place is very clean and their selection is huge I will definitely be a return customer

  653. jonday

    Best dispensary in Tucson. Thomas was very helpful and recommended the best flower I have ever experienced.

  654. cynz2787

    Sophia was awesome … the deals are super amazing and the eait is never long. i love the coupons are great

  655. mamimu

    Friendly, professional and knowledgeable.

  656. sammid

    Extremely helpful and curious staff, making every visit educational and pleasant. Great variety of products to choose from!

  657. vulgarbsr

    My personal favorite place for meds 🙂

  658. meowshelle23

    I loved the customer service and felt comfortable and learned more about new edibles!

  659. earlobe713

    great location, knowledgeable friendly staff, and good product variety

  660. johndoe234

    A brisk and proffesinal place. Would recommend to a friend!

  661. skyguy

    Great variety of product. Good prices and nice that they have a variety of edibles. The only thing I would like to see is the THC content and CBD content on the packaging because sometimes I want something with a higher CBD but overall a good dispensary.

  662. BenTurk

    I think this place is one of my favorite places to get my Meds!

  663. Llesny

    I LOVE the DTD !! Super nice and professional bud tenders , the best prices and meds in town 🙂

  664. big29bulldog

    great atmosphere and awesome shatter

  665. Scrampson

    I’ve been to every dispensary in Tucson, and this place is a hands down favorite. Best bud tenders in town!

  666. imbaked.fosho

    What a great location to open a dispensary! Stopped in Saturday and relieved them of a couple 8ths. Both the pineapple trainwreck and skywalker are grrreat.t Then there’s the free gram of blue dream i picked…damn that shit is amazing. Do yourself a favor and check them out. I’m definitely baked fosho

  667. duboisr

    Great High CBD strain – Pennywise. Great prices wth daily deals.

  668. juliofolivares

    Friendly, knowledgeable budtenders, convenient location, Nice big waiting area with complimentary drinks and great product selection! Thanks for making my first time easy!

  669. soto9

    its downtown

  670. XoxoX73

    Absolutely love this dispensary. I live 25 miles away, and drive just to be able to take advantage of their BOGO cartridges every week. As a patient not only with pain management problems (spinal cord injury), COPD, and on a limited budget, being able to find a dispensary that has options for people who can’t smoke. Downtown has been fabulous. The Tenders are always attentive, though it can feel a bit rushed, once you’re in back. The lobby is extremely comfortable, and the online ordering is phenomenal. Once you get the hang of it, you’re in and out and off to do other things. I’ll always go there for my cartridges and shatter. atm!

  671. CanBoy420

    As the saying goes: “3 times a charm”, I can say with no hesitation that my third visit actually sealed my loyalty with becoming a “regular” for this particular dispensary. Why? Because I was made to laugh so hard at a moment in my life when I needed a good laugh. I initially walked into the place for my re-up on some Papaya (delicious beyond words), the woman and the only man that works there, i think, and I were discussing “pot-head” dilemmas.
    Mahalo guys for the laugh and for having my strain readily available. Definately will be returning as juch as possible.

  672. ulanda455

    The Downtown Dispensary is the best in town. The people are great – always friendly, polite, and ready to answer all your questions. This dispensary offers a wide selection and have a good range of prices, good for patients of all income levels, usage preferences, and pain levels.

  673. bree747

    They have security to walk you to your car!

  674. Ms.Lisa

    Awesome place to shop. They have quality products and the staff has great product knowledge and down home customer service. It’s a great place to shop.

  675. Jabroni6606

    Chill but professional place! And they always have good flower!

  676. Rachel_prather

    The meds here are excellent along with the staff! They are very Friendly, and do their best to get you the best medication for your needs. With a wide selection you are sure to find what you are looking for at reasonable pricing. I will surely be using their services again as will I recommend their services to others also!

  677. ATF-FTW

    This is the best dispensary in Tucson! Always great cust service and even better buds!

  678. amolina302

    Great spot! Enjoy it every time I go in.

  679. finallylegal

    I visited our newest disp. today.

    I made some nice purchases and

    was loaded up w/1st timer benefits as well. Moe seems to be a good and knowledgeable owner. Meds are good & varied.

    My bud tender MICHELLE, a lovely woman whose name I shall

    never forget (again), got me pkgd. & on my way.

    Parking in lot/rear of bldg. THANKS, rsc

  680. ohhhhvictor

    First time being to this dispensary yesterday and it’s awesome! Great atmosphere with great people, willing to help you! Great quality of medicine, not to mention the awesome first time patient deal they have! Anyone looking for an awesome dispensary, this Is the one! Two thumbs up!

  681. JamesDill

    This is my favorite dispensary in Tucson by far! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They don’t have daily deals anymore, but they did lower prices across the board for January. I love the variety of concentrates they carry as well as the best edible prices in town.

  682. MavisM0un

    Overall very helpful and consistent product. I wish they would bring back the deal!!!

  683. ogjackiblu

    Very good customer service!!!

  684. redr0cc

    love this place, hot girls good medicine

  685. joko

    Since this was my first visit to any dispensary as a new card holder, I was very pleasantly surprised. It was a very professional and friendly place . The youthful staff were patient with this newbie explaining everything with a very upbeat spirit. I never once felt stupid. 🙂 The new patient deal was appreciated. The DD will definitely see me again.

  686. bubbajar

    My favorite place to go and great quality meds! also parking is in a good location. the staff is really cool too.

  687. spoonplug2

    Beautiful people working in a calm environment. Thanks for answering all my questions.

  688. ChuckGould

    I always go to Downtown. Getting in and out is simple. I always get an answer. I realize there’s someone behind waiting to getting in, however they give me time. Downtown helped me get through the first year and helped understand what worked for me, along with Leafly. So, thanks, y’all.

  689. nrschloss

    This place is hands down the best place to receive your medicine

  690. chubo777

    Very professional. Varied selection of flowers and edibles. Staff is very freindly and knowledgable. Conveient location with plenty of parking. I’ll be back!

  691. mill5150

    Hands down the best dispensary in Tucson amazing medicine and perfect employees and atmosphere can’t wait till my next visit its like tucsons own little slice of heaven

  692. Mushroomwookie190

    very chill friendly staff awesome products I recommend space queen let’s just say it’s very spacey xD

  693. noahb

    Super knowledgable and helpful staff. Clean, professional, and high quality meds. Always a pleasure to shop and to smoke via the Downtown Dispensary 🙂

  694. dfhubertjr

    Awesome place! Great atmosphere and medication. Customer service second to none. The only dispensary that I go to

  695. arigalaviz420

    I’ve been waiting 30 mins and it doesn’t seem like the line is moving anywhere.

  696. oliveryardley

    I loved the staff. She was so helpful and knowledgeable about a lot of great information

  697. Pandal84

    Great service, prices are great too great customer service too

  698. dimples602

    Vapes are the worst service and honor where? not for the patients theyre for their money dont waste your money. NEVER AGAIN

  699. jewbacca18

    Great staff

  700. dwoll62

    What can i say but very high quality medicine, customer service, selection and the prices are pretty good. Thank you thank you

  701. Yaya278

    loved it here

  702. tsligh

    Loved the snoop og very potent and great smell

  703. lexyrene90

    I love the downtown dispensary (: it was my first time yesterday and I felt welcomed and they helped me out with any questions I had. everything is top quality. they have the best deals! (: highly recommend!

  704. benjibudz11

    Customer service is awesome and chill their prices and deal days with respect to the quality is on point for sure

  705. Metalbasilisk

    This has been my favorite dispensary for a while, great people great medication, just over all fantastic, if you are looking for a good affordable dispensary look no further.

  706. bobgibsn

    The staff was very friendly, dispensary was clean, comfortable, nice atmosphere, service efficient and helpful. Thanks Adriana for your assistance, a pleasure to meet you.

  707. joesph666kerr

    products are all amazing, customer service is great 4 out of 5 times. flower is always top shelf a lil pricey but you get what you pay for

  708. ramblingpariah

    Fantastic and well informed staff. Great specials.

  709. ceci.pie2323

    Was very satisfied that the staff tended to my need when i was a dissatisfied patient. I give the am A+ when it come to making us patients satisfied and make sure our needs our met. I love shipping here and thats why i always come back

  710. inkinsideu

    great place with awesome strains, tax included. cant beat that

  711. davefmaz320

    By far the best quality flower I have seen in Tucson and in California I have been to 5 dispensaries in Tucson and two in California I can honestly say Downtown dispensary has been the best all around

  712. boomstick429

    such an amazing place! the staff is always very friendly and willing to teach me about all the new things there are to try, and some of the best flower Tucson has to offer.

  713. jeusmatrecito

    Verry happy with the double. Mint people where verry professional

  714. mmason74

    The downtown dispensary has the most impeccable service I have experience so far in the Tucson area. I was also greeted with a friendly smile and plenty of strains to choose from.

  715. OnceUponABlueDream

    Lobby is pleasant. Unfortunately, I have Asperger’s Syndrome and the actual dispensary portion is really difficult to be in. Flourescent lights, moderately loud music, buzzing (from coolers?) and inventory packed floor to ceiling for sensory overload. I had a small breakdown and had some issues with speech and started to cry. Staff turned off some of the lights for me, turned off the music, got me water and even some tissues. They spoke to me in soft tones and waited for me to calm down before still patiently helping me with my selection. They took time to suggest when they were quieter so there would be as little noise and distraction as possible. I normally wouldn’t give a place with that kind of an atmosphere a second chance, but service was 6 stars good. I hands down would recommend them to anyone, especially anyone with special needs. They at no time made me feel ashamed, but were just genuinely awesome people. Can’t thank them enough. I’ll be back in a morning time (they suggested Sunday mornings) just for the customer service.

  716. Lokoboy

    great meds in tucson

  717. Dubman520

    Great service the ten dollar double mint was excellent

  718. Deadhead78

    overpriced GARBAGE. I can’t believe this is one of the top rated dispensaries in our town the prices are double what they should be in the quality as half as what it should be.

  719. elawrenc

    Easy access, extremely knowledgeable staff

  720. SF49ers89

    Love the blue dream and agent orange. Ashley was awesome and very friendly. I will be coming back for more blue dream

  721. Alex00

    Great customer service, always a pleasure

  722. markr752

    great place better meds

  723. Vcruz520

    First time patient at Downtown Dispensary was a very enjoyable visit. The entire staff was very friendly. Adrianna was very knowledgable and recommended great medication, the Raspberry Kush is amazing. I would highly recommended Downtown Dispensary to others.

  724. liquidmatter

    This place is simply great. I have been to 3 other dispensaries but this is by far the best. The staff were very friendly and professional. This store better deals and quality then the others I have been to, buds were moist , not pretty and crumbled to sand. I would reccomend this medicene shop to anyone ! 🙂

  725. njm

    Very nice. Good location. Friendly staff. High quality product.

  726. coridorey74

    I think downtown is a great dispensary, with great buds, great workers, but I’m very disappointed that they took away happy hour, and now discount only 1 brand. and I hear there going to prepackaged. … that’s a bummer..

  727. dougweisman

    Downtown Dispensary is a great place. The quality of medicine is very nice and the people who work there are very helpful.

  728. latte.coffey

    My favorite Tucson dispensary, I’ve never had any complaints about the product, after trying a variety of their flowers, waxes, and edibles. The employees are all very nice and welcoming, and the wait times have always been reasonably.

  729. Antlbwn55

    Good service with insight on all the strains available.

  730. trainwreck0120

    great meds, nice people, peacefull envirornment

  731. LightningKush

    Great dispensary

  732. Babaji108

    Here is a follow up to my last review. The THC/CBD tincture I bought was effective. I called this morning to let them know that an Ilava cartridge I purchased stopped working and they advised me to bring it in. I did so, and they replaced it at no cost. While I was there I brought up the fact that the pre-roll I got from them looked and tasted like leaf. The manager stated that their pre-rolls were rolled from trim. I still find that hard to believe, as it looked and tasted like pure leaf. The manager said they were going to start using shake. Buyer beware. The pre-rolls are worthless.

  733. teonanacat

    perfectly located!!

  734. Kjwilly

    Loved this dispensary. A lot of kind, knowledgeable people to help with your particular health issue. The MJ doctors don’t know as much about it as these guys. Also, the quality of their product is far superior to the other local dispensaries. I highly recommend this place.

  735. chicanaqueen

    Good selection of herbs and edibles. Friendly staff, knowledge of products was weak though. They weigh it in front of you and let you smell the strain prior. Would come back for convenience.

  736. Bbuckler

    Great experience at the Downtown Dispensary. Excellent friendly staff. Will go again!

  737. 91CrewDog

    Finally, I am a LEAFLY member. A MMJ member since Oct 13. I have been at every dispensary in Tucson (so far). If, your concerned about having your ride seen in-front. They have ya’ covered. Plenty of parking in the rear of the place. Once inside – ramp if ya’ need it like I have. Wait’s are small…even when crowded. All employees are knowledgeable, friendly, interested in exactly what your needs are to help ya’ get the benefits that work best for ya’. Quality BUDS and lots of edibles. The strains are solid and strong. Quality BUDS and great all-place. That covers it, PEACE-OUT

  738. Smokez420

    “EXCELLENT” staff really helpful some of the “BEST” Meds in TuCsoN & love the large selection

    Of Edibles 😉

  739. davidjleon93

    Amazing overall experience, every single time i visit. Jesus OG Kush and Conspiracy Kush are among my ultimate faves.

  740. space71420

    love out recommend it to everyone

  741. BradleyGT


  742. meerekatnip

    Very lovely, passionate people who care about the patients that come in and genuinely want them to get what they need

  743. Witten969

    Absolutely love this dispensary, the people are great and product is always awesome. Great selection and very knowledgeable staff.

  744. sirpotcharles15

    Ace of Spade is the best flower in Tucson

  745. CitizenCush

    Finally found an opportunity to visit a Tucson dispo and all I can say is, wow! The flower here is excellent. Their own grown organics (all3) are outstanding. Their PennyWise CBD strain was definitely worth the try! Knowledgeable tender and friendly as can be. Will definitely return here anytime I’m in town. Absolutely get what you pay for here. FTP is also a nice adition. Would recommend making it as easy as a free 1/8 for FTP with purchase of an 1/8. Instead of matching a gram upto 3. Just a thought. Otherwise extremely impressed with the flower. Haha all the other complaints of parking I could see.

  746. hobolaw

    The DTD is my favorite shop in Tucson. Beyond the calming aesthetics and relaxed atmosphere of the storefront, the staff are amongst the most kind, genuine, and sincerely happy people I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with in this field. I have never left without the feeling that the employees were genuinely glad to see me and have my business.

  747. macewindu

    Downtown Dispensary is the best Dispensary in Tucson. They always have a large selection of everything. The staff makes you feel welcome and you don’t feel rushed. I really love this place.

  748. Hachett

    Great personable staff. Courteous and professional.
    Michael has my high recommendation as being both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the product and selection.

  749. Yvonne420

    The staff was so nice to deal with. The clerk that helped me was so polite and patient while I had a hard time deciding what I wanted. She helped me choose a beautiful sativa hybrid without rushing me. I will definitely be returning in the future.

  750. emcdemc

    A little bit more expensive but the service, location and bud are unmatched.

  751. vincentleafhead

    Downtown has a great waiting room – candy, water, tv. They are also have the best location in Tucson

  752. jnahrstadt

    This is one of the best dispensary in Tucson, and especially near U of A. The bud is very high quality and the service is great. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable!

  753. ElChele

    I stopped by after a bday party at Peter piper got moved to a house party on the way and I needed 2 pre rolls. As usual, excellent service on a Saturday late afternoon early evening. The staff here rocks!!!

  754. EvilResin

    Picked up some ilava carts from here. Very strong clove taste, get a tingling feeling from it. I called to get an exchange, drove back 60 miles and they wouldnt exchange them. Why the hell didn’t they say that over the phone. I threw away $50 on carts, wasted a bunch of time and gas. I will never go back.

  755. billymadison30

    Friendly staff, great selection. One of the only dispensaries in town with a very reasonable wait time. Keep it up guys!

  756. ss18

    was in town for work last week and stopped in for some Vape Oil. since they had a birthday sale over the weekend the selection was thin but i was able to find something to hold me over a few days. The girls that helped me were very nice and didn’t try and push anything on me. the inside of the place was very clean and open and even had free water/soda. the only thing i didn’t like was the bums sleeping on the sidewalk on the way to the entrance, i can see some people getting turned off or leaving because of that.

  757. Riehlherb

    had a great experience. the employees were very nice and professional.

  758. larryhigh520

    soon as I walked in, a sweet aroma was in the air and I knew I was in for a GOOD EXPERIENCE! sure enough, had a great experience and would recommend to anyone in need of the best service and meds

  759. Alex88

    you can always count on this place for some real fire. And they’re cheap stuff is never bad. Oh, how can you beat the free pre roll everyday! 🙂

  760. John13205

    Huge waiting area but only a hall dozen ever before me, no anxiety here!
    Selling area well stocked and I mean everything everywhere. I asked for something and it appeared in my hand. I love tthe vapes.

  761. aaronyampolsky

    The Downtown Dispensary has great medication. The mango kush they have is amazing it actually tastes like mangos, it also gives you a really good head and body high. One the the best that I have tried would probably have to be the G13. this is one of the best dispensaries in Tucson.

  762. 22bsmith

    I love the flower and their great customer service definitely a place I would visit again and again.

  763. hwplivnlow

    Excellent quality bud and concentrates.

  764. trichome24

    First things first, Ashley is the nicest human I’ve meet in a long time. Beautiful and refreshing, euphoric and calming. It was just what I needed. I’m absolutely smitten 🙂 The dispensary was Awesome too!!

  765. Beach1Bum

    I recently was happy to find that DD carried Green Crack. I smoked a lot of this bud when I was in Cali, and this is not Green Crack and if it is, it is by far the worst green crack I’ve ever smoked. The texture of the buds is not the same as real green crack.

  766. txansr

    really nice & knowledgeable. great menu, really good prices too!

  767. Crystalk420

    love the BlackBerry I got

  768. jackattack25

    I absolutely love coming to this location. Always helpful, nice and friendly.

  769. budd645

    They have the best strains in Tucson!! You must come here if you haven’t yet?

  770. denver77

    u are the best! ,thank you..

  771. jhammer13

    Michelle was very helpful and knowledgable. She suggested 2 strains for my pain issues and they both worked well. I will defiantly go back.

  772. Swisherburner520

    Very gud meds the worker’s r very helpful thank u guys

  773. Twolfe8

    Friendly staff, excellent location, and good herb.

  774. silversurfer71

    I have been pleased with each of my experiences at The Downtown Dispensary. Atmosphere is swell, staff is all smiles and knowledgable. The meds are abundant and there is a variety of strains to choose from. I found a med that I had been looking for for some time, the Harlequin strain. I wasn’t disappointed, great pain relief. Oh, last point. their meds aren’t pre-packaged…yay! Hate that.

  775. taylorbay

    I really enjoyed this dispensary. the selection of bud is extensive. the staff is friendly they were welcoming too. the prices are the same, but the quilt is there. I really liked cornbread and karma bitch, they left my fingers sticky. the aroma is peaceful and professional and one of my favorite things about this place is that they accept credit cards!

  776. Jmcgowen

    The Downtown Dispensary is amazing!! Always high quality

  777. heavn420

    Not sure of the overall flower quality because I only bought a couple pre-rolls but what I tried was def good. In addition, the customer service was superb. Will definitely return despite the slightly high prices.

  778. jedwordlee

    I love Downtown!!! It’s all about the quality of meds, the great value, and the excellent care of service!

  779. AMTom

    I’m not a fan of Tucson at all but this is one of the best shops I have been too. If in the area I will be back.

  780. apfaffe77

    Modern atmosphere w/ a super friendly and knowledgeable staff as well. There are a few noteworthy strains that are worthy of mention, such as the Durban Poison (a sativa) which I am quite pleased with. Overall a great location w/ a lot of potential.

  781. jedi_jedi

    Good buds

  782. babyert

    Awesome place with good medicine and good prices.

  783. girlwiththemostcake

    Very good service. Honest and careing staff! I was only ever disapointed in the UFO but it was cheap.

  784. azwags

    great place! Micky Kush is on point.

  785. TracyDreadstarz520

    Very comfortable atmosphere. Friendly and helpful bud tenders. References encouraged me to shop here for good reason.

  786. msdoobie

    Very helpful customer oriented. BIG selection. very potent meds.

  787. hmh

    So good. Always stop here when in Tucson. Very spacious, relaxing environment in the waiting room/lobby. Their specials are fantastic! BOGO MedLavas? Yes! They lost my information during the MJ Freeway crash and I had to go through the new patient paperwork again, but they still gave me the new patient special again. Thanks DD! Reppin’ y’all wherever I go! 🙂

  788. El420

    Ok.They give free pre roll on the bad there on the week end 🙁

  789. gloriaspazz

    I am obsessed with the online ordering! it’s so easy and everyone is so fast and friendly!!

  790. kaschwab

    My favorite dispensary in Tucson!

  791. tonostoner

    Perfect location, good medicine

  792. KosmicRockstar

    Clean product, bright environment, easy going atmosphere, fast online ordering.