RISE Carlisle

RISE is honored to deliver award-winning, nationally-trusted marijuana services and products to medical marijuana patients in Carlisle and throughout Pennsylvania.



872 Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle, PA 17013


40.2132512, -77.178015




9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


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RISE Carlisle is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. RISE is honored to deliver award-winning, nationally-trusted marijuana services and products to medical marijuana patients in Carlisle and throughout Pennsylvania. Passionate about helping patients access a natural alternative to achieve health and relief, RISE Carlisle dedicates all efforts to allowing patients safe, educational access to the best quality medical cannabis options.

History: RISE got its start as a team of compassionate people who saw the tremendous healing potential marijuana had to offer suffering patients. Its founders welcomed the opportunity to help patients access the medicine they needed to get by – especially in the face of harmful or addictive opioid treatments. Operating across the country in several medically legal states, RISE is proud to be among the vanguard of medical cannabis dispensaries serving the Pennsylvania patient community. The care specialist team strives to be a valuable addition to the community, and RISE participates in many community events and hosts educational sessions to improve patients’ cannabis knowledge. At RISE, everything centers on improving patients’ lives. A single story of relief makes everything worth it.

Staff: RISE’s team of care specialists are committed to helping patients access the cannabis care they need. We take the time to welcome new visitors, ensuring they’re comfortable and that we understand their situation. RISE works with each person to find an optimal cannabis solution, tracking visits and what does or doesn’t work. RISE’s staff wants every patient to feel comfortable in their Carlisle dispensary, and their welcoming facility is designed to be open and inviting. Always striving to do right by their guests, RISE Carlisle will take as much time as needed to offer patients a successful treatment and thorough cannabis education.

Menu: Working with Pennsylvania marijuana providers, RISE aims to provide a robust and reasonably priced cannabis selection to their dispensary customers. They carry concentrates, cartridges, disposables, tinctures and pills, with plans to expand their marijuana range as the Pennsylvania cannabis market grows. RISE’s goal is to partner with as many vendors as possible and refine their product offerings to meet the specific needs of their cannabis patients. All products are lab tested for purity before landing on RISE Carlisle’s shelves.

Curious patients can connect with RISE on Leafly, Facebook, Weedmaps, Twitter, Instagram or e-mail. Both walk-ins and scheduled appointments are welcome, and RISE Carlisle has plenty of ADA compliant parking. Service Locations: Carlisle patients can find Rise between Charles Street and Media Road. We welcome Pennsylvania marijuana patients from Carlisle, Plainfield, Caprivi, Schlusser, Middlesex, New Kingstown, Mechanicsburg, Boiling Springs, Mt Holly Springs and beyond. All medical marijuana patients in Pennsylvania are welcome at their facility.


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33 reviews for “RISE Carlisle

  1. anadams4

    RISE was such a great first dispensary experience! The staff is knowledgeable and friendly–they explained each of the cannabis consumption methods to me so I could understand how the products worked and how they would alleviate my symptoms. I will definitely be back soon!

  2. Nicholsone8

    The staff was knowledgeable and helpful. They took the time to ask how I was doing and what had worked for me in the past. On my next visit they asked how everything had worked and offered additional recommendations. The inside is inviting and warm. I love this dispensary and plan on continuing to come back!

  3. superdude123

    The line up of Rythm products in the dispensary is awesome! The disposables are fantastic for on the go, and they function perfectly! The concentrates are really clean and definitely exceeded my expectations, I might have a new favorite brand!

  4. docsgrl67

    Love the easy in, easy out

  5. TomDuck

    Great place, the first visit is not scary. You show ID inside here. Staff is professional, smart and friendly. I will keep an eye on the menu.

  6. Redfairiegyrl

    I love where this is located, because it is so close to my home. Everyone is always friendly and if you have to wait the area is very welcoming and they usually have some type of snack. The staff are helpful, friendly and its more of a homey feel compared to other locations.

  7. lilly1253

    Everyone I dealt with were very nice and very knowledgeable

  8. Charlie.wist

    great place friendly, helpful, and has a bigger selection then most others. also updates the menu online make it very helpful

  9. NovaDad81

    Great first experience. Prices are a little more/about the same as what I paid before. Hopefully this goes down as the country embraces full legalization.

    Very overwhelming due to my anxiety, but they made it quite easy for me. Alex seem to really know what she was talking about as well. Very professional atmosphere.

    Cash only of course which is not their fault due to legal reasons, but they have an ATM onsite for any money needed.

    I have to say I am extremely fortunate to have Rise Dispensary in my town and only 5 minutes away. It saddens me to know that some people have to travel much farther for relief.

    The CO2 cartridges are a really nice delivery system without the harshness of smoke for those who are wary. Disclaimer: It is not legal in PA to smoke dry flower, only vaporize.


    Great variety of products
    Great professional people
    Prices are about the same as on the black market, but I have a feeling this will go down with time.
    Worth the trip.

  10. Sweetnshy1

    awesome staff very knowledgeable.

  11. Shari80

    Place is very clean, set up is organized. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

  12. Smackalicious

    The entire vibe of this dispensary is set by the amazing decor, friendly staff, and high quality products.

    My initial consultation experience was fantastic, and very thorough.

    My subsequent visit featured an extremely efficient check-in, and immediate attention by staff.

    We are incredibly fortunate to have a place like this here.

  13. ScoobiesAndBoobies

    oh where do i even start

    first of all, that this establishment exists mere miles up the street from me blows my mind. that i finally have “accepted” access to something that so fundamentally facilitates a life i can sustain in a sort of long-term frame of mind is.. a blessing.

    i can’t sing/scream my praises loud enough, for the staff i’ve met so far. everyone has been nothing but smiles and encouragement. the facility itself is unassuming from the outside, cozy in the waiting area, and very well-finished inside the dispensary itself. the lighting in the room itself is soothing and the spectrum of case and cabinet lighting they’ve decided to use plays well off the wooden fixtures and trim pieces. i’m excited to see how they decide to expand things once the increased spatial demands of flower make their way into the inventory in a couple months, but for now everyone seems to be growing comfortably with the space as the business and industry expand

  14. Jymarks2011

    This is my #1 disp..the staff here at RISE carlisle are amazing to say the least. They know their stuff. Always friendly and welcoming. The place is warm and welcoming on the inside. They were my first visit to a disp a few months and ago. They now set the bar for others. The product is also great and always ask them what they think if they know they will tell you if its good or bad for their experience. RISE Carlisle is top notch

  15. bordanjailey

    I can’t tell you what a pleasant experience I had shopping here. The staff was not only welcoming, but SO knowledgeable an willing to take the time to make sure I was getting the best products for me. I am so impressed by the selection and THE PRICES! I was not expecting such great quality for such a deal. Consider me a new regular!

  16. Biaviian

    Having gone to others in the state I can confidently say this is the best dispensary. Others I have been to had a huge room with plastic chairs along the walls and a TV looping the same interview which make them feel cold and instontutionalized. This place feels more private/low-key and brings comfort with it.

  17. Lynnesfone

    I love the people who work there, they are all wonderful to me!

  18. RebelEdge

    Every visit has been excellent, they really put themselves ahead of the competition in every aspect.

  19. alexxthelionn

    Time and again after this location has provided excellent customer service and knowledge about products. Will be back often!

  20. tlburk

    This is by far the nicest dispensary in the Harrisburg area. The staff are very friendly and helpful.

  21. Bridgett92

    The staff at Rise Carlise is friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help find the exact product I needed. They spent time making sure all my needs were met and I never felt rushed or pressured.

    The quality of the product is perfect for the price and I was surprised at how much variety there was. I’ll definitely be going back to Rise Carlise and Ive recommended them to many people.


  22. Snackman1

    Best atmosphere and people in the medical cannabis business

  23. tjp144

    drove here from State College last Wednesday, since our dispensary hasn’t opened yet. RISE is amazing. the budtenders were cheerful, welcoming, and knowledgeable. hi

  24. GettysburgHeady

    Used Rise in Carlise PA for the first time on May 27-2018 and drove the 50 miles each way from Gettysburg. When I arrived i had my daughter (14) with me who would have been allowed in if i had her ID on her but since I didn’t know that security kept a close eye on her while picked up my medicine. While inside i had to meet with a “pharmacist ” for the first time and explain to her what was wrong with me and any medications i was taking. I was a little bit upset about that part since it was in the open where others were sitting who could hear what i was saying so i kept it short and sweet. My only disappointment was that meeting since I prefer for others not to know my medical history. Other then that I absolutely loved Rise of Carlise. The staff and management went above and beyond and answered any questions i had. They even gave my daughter a bottle of ice cold water while she waited outside for me in the heat again while security kept a close eye on her. I would highly recommend Rise to anyone and the prices were fair

  25. Tegu594

    The workers here are extremely helpful and friendly. Plus the cannabis is always phenomenal.

  26. Off_Brand_Soups

    Awesome product, awesome store, awesome people!

  27. hoover768

    In all my visits Tucker has been most helpful & knowledgeable. I would hope the prices would soon be lower.

  28. 420Hurley

    Super friendly service love going in everyone is so nice and helpful they have a great selection to choose from just an all around great place!

  29. drskunkson

    Staff is friendly and store is clean! Love visiting RISE Carlisle.

  30. dlamason

    I didn’t know what to expect coming in for my first visit. Ok, I expected a stuffy atmosphere with scrutinizing robot-like people taking care of me. Walking through the door at Rise completely put me at ease. From the smiling face waiting to check you in upon arrival to the vibrant waiting room and the most chill staff in the “miracle room”….all top notch. Even the security person was smiling and talkative. Unbelievable first time experience, highly recommended!

  31. anxp

    I have to travel to get my medication, and this place was worth the hour and a half trip. The staff from the receptionist, to the pharmacist, to the dispensary staff were all exceptional in personal assistance. The staff did not hesitate to look up information, or help me in any way the entirety of my visit there.
    I can’t exaggerate how wonderful the staff here we’re. 10/10 would visit again, and recommend to others.

  32. JSeeders420

    Rise Carlisle is my favorite PA dispensary so far. Cozy intimate setting and very knowledgeable staff. I plan to visit this dispensary as much as possible.

  33. terpchic19

    Awesome people, beautiful dispensary, huge selection! Of the three dispensaries in pA I have tried thus far , Rise is the best .
    I look forward to becoming a regular !

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