MMJ Apothecary



1175 W. Wickenburg Way., Wickenburg, AZ 85390


33.9641949, -112.753302




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Mmj Apothecary is a state licensed medical marijuana dispensary located in Wickenburg, Arizona. Our convenient location has become a favorite destination dispensary amongst Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients, as well as travelers, driving to and from Nevada.

At Mmj Apothecary, we are committed to supplying the highest quality of medical cannabis to all Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients and Cardholders. Mmj Apothecary is the only state licensed medical marijuana dispensary in Wickenburg, AZ that is regulated under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. Through our knowledge, dedication and compassion towards helping patients, we will continue to provide the best flower, edibles, concentrates and more to the entire state of Arizona. Make sure to stop by and see us! We also have the best prices.


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247 reviews for “MMJ Apothecary

  1. thedefileddaggers

    Love the weekend specials and early hours

  2. AegisToJustice

    friendly staff and amazing prices worth the drive

  3. VictoryOrDie

    Staff is so nice and they have a large selection.

  4. dripbackboys

    The bud is always so fresh and dank

  5. elliemae55

    New mgmt is a little greedy passing their cost to get established on to their long time patients. 480 an oz not gonna happen! Bye bye wickenburg

  6. Dogdad

    Thank you, New Management for listening to the needs of your patients.
    The new changes are good. The quality of the meds continues to rise. They have some Very good quality flowers. Several of the top shelf variety’s would easily test well over 20% THC.
    The new pricing structure is very fair to the patients and continues to be inline with other dispensary’s .
    Which is very important to Seniors on fixed incomes.
    Your staff has always been very polite, helpful & a pleasure to be around.
    The actions of the new Management have clearly demonstrated that they TRULY CARE ABOUT THEIR PATIENTS.
    Keep up the good work !

  7. DeathCutie

    Every bud I have tryed for there is of great quality

  8. selfundersiege

    Something new every time

  9. heavn420

    Personally, I was impressed. Having utilized numerous dispensaries in both the Phoenix and Tucson area in the past several years, I was happy when I stumbled upon this place on my way to vacation. Flowers were reasonably priced & the quality…at least of the two I tried, Luke Skywalker and Paris OG, was definitely on point. Worth the stop in for sure.

  10. shadow1276

    Brandi is always helpful and is very polite

  11. fragilemourningafter

    Can’t wait to try more vapor

  12. spudarika

    Great staff and love the Super Sunday specials!

  13. RegenerationSalvation

    Staff is so knowledgeable and are so nice. Love all the buds

  14. Damian2424

    I can’t wait to go to wickenburg today

  15. 420bette

    This place is amazing. The staff is awesome and know there stuff! I a$? this place!

  16. volkstroker

    Very nice! GOOD selections and knowledgeable staff.

  17. InterstateLongStory

    Came here without knowing what to expect but can say will be coming back.

  18. johnnyxray

    Great prices and friendly staff. Nice to have a local dispensary and not have to drive to Phoenix.

  19. medcalf

    I do most my shopping in Phoenix but every time I go to Wickenburg I stop buy this Dispensery it is a grey place very informative and friendly this location has come a long way and I can’t wait for there new strains comeing out

  20. pleasedonask

    Love the staff and the selection. Also love the couches.

  21. HighCollide

    Great! The staff rawks & the flowers are nice. Awesome sauce dY’adY’adY’OE

  22. DirtyLilThing

    The selection here is without words

  23. donask

    Such a great atmosphere and so many different wonderful bud types.

  24. newapproachsilence

    Better selection then ever before

  25. Squabbits

    nice selection and fair prices

  26. lisafulks

    I’ve had another great experience at my local dispensary. It was suggested that I try the canna salve and I did. I love it! I mean, I am getting very effective relief- thanks for the suggestion!

  27. ramiPro

    Really great experience. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful.

  28. DLF65

    Everyone is so helpful and knowledgeable!! Nice to have a place close to home!!

  29. starz5868

    They have the best staff, Also best vapor for lower price then all the other shops.

  30. jolson1896

    Knowledgeable and Ecstatic staff that always go the extra mile for there patients, Thank you Brandy, Justin, Alicia and Danny

  31. debo989

    Best dispensary in az hands down great prices and great beautiful high in thc bud got to check this place out if ur around wickenburg

  32. beachbudz

    Your leafly ad said all flower 10 or 12 a gram. I think you really mean all flower is 10, 12, 15, 20 a gram. If you buy an oz you might save $10-20. Prices are just not good. You used to be my #1 because i live in town. I’m glad your still here when i don’t want to drive to surprise. Also, lets get some new concentrates, I’m about worn out on the herijuana crumble, wax, sap, etc..

  33. Bryan5421

    Great staff wonder full deli style fower nice display

  34. triplemjmranch

    Great buds, great service.

  35. THCyoulater13

    This place is awesome! Great flower even better staff!

  36. cthurman

    I quit shopping here because the prices were too high a few years ago started shoppin. g here again about six months ago when the prices came down now that the prices have gone back up I won’t be back

  37. ladybud45

    I Love the location and the friendly staff Alicia is a great addition to the Budtender Staff there

  38. WD4L

    Great Staff, Quality product, Awesome specials, Best shake this side of the Mississippi, Great location for me – PS – liked how they decorated for Halloween

  39. Bear999922

    Drove from Phoenix to get their FTP deal. And it was definitely worth it. I was able to use their daily deal on Wednesday and I got 40 percent off of a big order. Love it. Will be back, even though it’s crazy far. And staff was very helpful, Because some other company messed up my allotment. I would have got an even crazier deal.

  40. Bigsmoky4

    I went there for the first time and I didn’t even get my free gram first patient promotion they have on, the price was a little high for the quality they have I paid for a top shelf 1/8 that was $50 out the door and its really dry I don’t think ill be back here and I don’t recommend this dispensary

  41. Tscoyote

    OK, OK the Paris og was all that and more, expensive, 50_an 1/8 but very good.:

  42. Roemello33

    nice local, friendly service, thier wax is awesome.

  43. AtomicBiotic

    If you’re looking for some great quality house grown herb, this is the place. All of their flower is house grown, the flowers smell natural & clean. The staff is really awesome. They all do a great job & the prices are really good. It’s a great place.

  44. MindRiter

    staff and bud are killer

  45. MuKaos

    Only shop in Wickenburg, The bud here is never of good quality and usually is dry and brittle. The prices always change and are never matching of the bud. The edibles are weak and not worth the “lowest price”. I will be back for now but only cause no other shop in Wickenburg.

  46. vwlover.sarah

    Love the flower I get from MMJ Apothecary. Everything I purchased was quality. They have excellent specials too!

  47. yoshi201

    I like the location

  48. ChaosBlades

    I would give this place 10 stars if it was possible 🙂 Great service and a large selection

  49. Cat07

    Great place to visit as always great staff and selection as well as the new price drop. Tryed the new disposable slim joint hybrid and was amazed by the quality and taste would have to say give it a try.

  50. One1One1

    Amazing staff and quality product! make sure yu stop by on your way up and back from NV!

  51. GrayWizard

    This is my local shop. Supply seems to be limited and more expensive than some other shops I visited. My first experience was very bad. It is only 2 miles from my home, so I will probably go back out of convenience, but reluctantly. If I am down in the city I will visit other shops.

    As a new patient I had a very bad experience with one of the managers. He took all my information to help get me registered with the state. I checked back with him 4 times over a period of 2 1/2 weeks to see what was happening. He lied to me each time about the progress of my application, and eventually I had to submit everything myself. If he lied about this, how can I trust his advice regarding products.

  52. TheGreat1

    love this place, so nice to have a bomb dispensary to go to in town!

  53. btiredofdepression

    Very sad that you all haven’t had any indica and now you don’t even have any high bred unless you want to pay $10 a gram. Come on guys I have been a loyal customer for over 5 years and this is making me now have to drive down to the valley. I know things happen. Stativa don’t help for pain at all. I don’t mind high bred. I would think that the one high bred you have for $10 you would allow that on happy hour. Really bummed with selection of indica,s. Plus seeds not just one many. Sure hope things get straightened out soon. Like to keep my business here for the local business. Have no choice I need meds so will have to drive down to the valley.

  54. WickedCold8

    Great little shop in a great little town.

  55. PsychoLover1

    Next visit I am going for the new vapors.

  56. porcelainfragile

    The new cute blonde working knows her bud and is so sweet.

  57. LoungeFly

    New stuff and new staff. I plan on trying all the vapors

  58. harleybug

    love the location and the Budtenders JP and Elijah are Very helpful

  59. Terrorarium

    Love the shop and the staff. Bud always fresh and vapor always cheap.

  60. ninjaninjawhatwhat

    You have to come in to see all they have.

  61. noahnusser

    Danny is the best bud tender I’ve encountered across the board! Awesome customer service

  62. sethster

    It’s been a long while since I’ve been here. But they are the best in the valley for high quality med growth hands down. I’ll be back soon since I’m almost. done with my Meds. Danny is the best around!!

  63. fadedfaith

    best Pre Rolls in the State of Arizona n The Town of Wickenburg. weighing 1.30 Grams. I Rate your over all amazing service N outgoing staff.on a scale 1-10 an outstanding 100 percent for perfect services N knowledge behind there Product

  64. kyle.kubat420

    Very helpfully and informative..

  65. CraiggDogg

    It’s not that bad flower is decent.

  66. christinamccallum37

    Great staff. Very helpful. Good meds.

  67. Alexander1995

    Don’t usually go this shop because I go to Phoenix for my shopping so I buy my bud there as well. This time I went here since it is in Wickenburg. I must say nice surprise very clean and well knowledge. Deli style service of bud with a large selection. Must come see if you can.

  68. TexasRattlesnake316

    excellent place love the friendly staff and quality meds

  69. randabolton

    I stopped in here on my way home from Vegas. So glad I did! Great meds and Alicia was an awesome tender! I may make the 80 mile trip back and stock up!

  70. ashlin

    great location!!!! great staff!!!!! The smoke selection is small, I’m never disappointed when I go in. I would recommend this place to anyone!!!! 🙂

  71. acer4557

    I have to give these guys 5 stars across the board, some of the best looking flower ive seen in PHX .

  72. MagicalCupcake

    Very clean and great selection and I hear they will have their own line of edibles soon. Staff is very friendly and knowledgable.

  73. aleche96

    Very nice spot for just about anything.

  74. lostsoulx8x

    Love that they grow their own buds and have such a selection. Great staff and great prices.

  75. lostkaos81

    Always growing

  76. Damian2124

    they are both so smart
    they explain anything you ask
    they make it so easy

  77. Leesie

    I make the trip from Phoenix every few weeks simply because you cannot get the same CONSISTENT quality with such great pricing in the valley. The flower is on point and I was absolutely delighted with the crumble. It’s completely worth the ride and has fast become my favorite place.

  78. imjustagirl1979

    Stopped here on my way back from Vegas. It was a straight shot located next to the highway we were on. I made my bf stop bc I love to explore new places. Owners were down to earth and friendly… probably bc we are all from chicago. Regardless, very high quality flower. I will be
    passing through a lot more often. worth the drive.

  79. deadandbloated

    love this shop and love the bud and vapors

  80. xeight420x

    The new petite blonde is so nice and so well informed on everything smoke. Now they have O.Vape and for great prices.

  81. V2Schneider

    Prices are at a very good place and all the vapor looks so good

  82. adknsmk

    love the selection of tasty edibles.

  83. rhythmagic

    The Best In The West!

  84. bleedingspiderofmusic

    Can’t wait till my next trip.

  85. Paulaannallen10

    Great place and people! The flower is pretty damn good

  86. fragmentsofhope

    The weekend specials are great. Love the $10 grams

  87. eliakinsey25

    really satisfied with the workers kind polite and good attention to customer service

  88. davesnother3

    drove up from phoenix for the first time today, and it was totally worth it. great people, great clean place, great meds.

  89. fk13

    Large selection and very smart staff

  90. friesandacoke

    Great place. Friendly knowledgeable staff, quality meds.

  91. ElGuato

    New Management seems determined to ruin this dispensary. The inventory has dropped to bare minimum and even that is dry and brittle. They give us the story that they are “shopping” for a better supply source but after two trips there within a two week period, still EXTREMELY low inventory. That coupled with high prices (compared to what they were before the new “management” took control.
    Only thing going for this place currently is Danny, the best budtender in the entire state as far as I’m concerned.

  92. Todd678

    thank you for helping me out when I broke down there today thanks for being so kind and helpful of my situation you all rock……thanks again

  93. streetfighterJJ

    mmj is definitely my number 1 favorite place. I make an hour drive at least once a week to go. great customer service!

  94. Fragilekaos

    Great selection and very nice atmosphere.

  95. damianjauregui24

    I walked in on a Friday
    My 8th was 4 grams
    I love that there is no tax

  96. BunnyLover42

    All the edibles are so yummy and such well priced.

  97. xcarleylover17x

    Love this shop

  98. HollywoodBix

    Worst shop I have been to in AZ. The selection was horrible.

  99. Rinahs

    I usually shop in the valley, but was on my way thru wickenburg and saw the sign and thought I would stop. I think it’s a shame that all you offer is flower. Some of us don’t smoke. The guys there that evening were very nice but I walked out with nothing. I shop many places in pheonix and no one removed any of their edibles or other non flower products. You will lose business. How sad. It’s such a cute little shop.

  100. joshahern1

    best dispenc in the world. COME HERE if u want 5 star service 😉

  101. SunMoon08

    Great medicated chocolates and treats

  102. mmsouthern

    Very friendly and helpful staff. Would recommend to any first timers!

  103. kujta

    great place to go and get my medication. place is very clean with some top shelf medication.the bud tender danny was very helpfull and he seemed to be very knowledgeable about the medication there. i would gibe this place a 5 out of 5 with out no doubt and recomended to everyone in arizona.

  104. PoPtArT1987

    I love the meds at this location! So many options to choose from. Edible selection is immense. Great, sturdy glass products. Patient consultants are the most knowledgeable in the state. They are always smiling, cooking food for patients, happy and excited to be there, and awesome help with product suggestions! This is a perfect little diamond in the desert.

  105. Yadayada

    High prices drove me away. There are other dispensaries with lower prices and excellent strains.

  106. Mickplacker

    Great bud and service by a wonderful staff.

  107. Sarahlynn

    We as local patients cannot get the medicine we NEED at this dispensary! The quality is low. The selection is lacking. And, THE PRICES ARE TOO HIGH! If you use wax or concentrates you won’t find any here– and if you do, it’s a fluke–NOT available on any kind of steady, regular basis, so if that is how you medicate you HAVE to go somewhere else!!!! THE ONLY THING GOOD ABOUT THIS DISPENSARY IS DANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very unsatisfied patient!

  108. highasthesky33

    great buds for a great price. id recommend to anyone i know

  109. Keithgraham77

    Great product, great service, great deals!!

  110. kaosninja81

    The selection and staff have grown and gotten better.

  111. getmissy

    going there to see the nicest people soon!

  112. Descobedo

    Great buds even better staff can’t wait to go back

  113. Jeaninelanelle

    Its close, affordable, and the service is always great.

  114. Nympholepsy

    large selection and cool staff

  115. chocolatecity76

    Nice location love the moon rocks

  116. varsonv

    Drove up from mesa for the ftp special and it was well worth it. Flowers were good, friendly staff, and they even made sure that I didn’t leave without applying their daily special on top of my ftp. Definitely recommend.

  117. EvilEye

    O.Pen vapor at such a low price. I can’t wait to try all the flavors.

  118. ace1277

    good location

  119. unspokendamned

    O.Pen now in stock with a larger selection of flavors

  120. mentalone

    Love how close it is, just a minute away! staff is so friendly. And the new pain patches work quite well especially for the price.

  121. GangstaOflove

    This place isdY”Y=, thank you to the staff Brandi Justin Alicia, especially Celeste thank u guysdYtm…see u again soon

  122. Soderquist1988

    Great deals on Saturday!

  123. 420Demon

    Drove from Phoenix to come check them out, AMAZING FTP deal. Got 1/2 oz for $46, and the flower was so purple (purple monkey balls) you can’t find like that to often, all the strains looked great tons of crystals all over them. They know what they are doing out here. Thanks Jason for your help

  124. magicgatheringsoldier

    Such a nice place and selection.

  125. Donaldhaas

    very nice relaxed atmosphere, I normally don’t have to wait. the medication it high quality

  126. joannagifford

    awesome staff, great meds,fast service!!

  127. jakeculp1

    Very polite and chill staff. Knowledgeable. Great nuggets not pre packed. great deals

  128. DeadmanInc77

    love this place! such a nice place to get meds

  129. kilted

    I just started using for my Crohns, and nerve pain. these guys made the whole process easy. The facility is clean , and the staff super helpful.
    I am on day 4 and I feel better than I have in 25 years

  130. greenplumber

    This place is great. The flower is superb and very reasonably priced.

  131. xeightball81x

    Best in town

  132. Randy28

    This place is great the employees are very knowledgeable and when I broke my fibula in February my ankle swelled and bruised about the size of a softball. Thinking I just rolled my ankle I asked for something to help with the pain they recommended Uncle herbs neuropathy. It helps so much I walk on it for a week with hardly any pain I later realized getting an X-ray done that my bone was broke and had to have surgery and couldn’t use the uncle herbs because of the open wound and was forced to take pain medication as soon as the wound healed I went back to Uncle herbs and it still work better then what my surgeon gave me for the pain joint stiffness and swelling would recommend this to anyone it is amathis!

  133. heavyn123

    Great place

  134. demonswife

    Drove from phoenix to come check them out, omg was i not disappointed. When they sat FTP is buy on get one on everything they are not joking. Bought a half oz got a free half oz, also buy a pipe and got a second one free WHAT!! My bud tender was Justin, awesome guy super friendly, let me take as long as i needed no pressure, showed me all kinds if amazing flower. Its only a 40 min drive i would make it once a week to stalk up. Thank you guys!

  135. Albaaa

    Super friendly and helpful staff. I love how laid back it is; I have never had a bad experience here. Great quality marijuana with reasonable prices.

  136. tabbycatt69

    The staff is so kind and helpful! Danny remembers my preferences and makes me feel welcome!

  137. RyleesMa

    Best store in Arizona hands down. Had an issue and the manager totally took care of me. Tony is always there to help me out too! Great flower and lots of yummy goodies to choose from! I have to drive over an hour one way to get there but ohhhhh so worth it! Thank you guys!! dY’dY1/4dY’dY1/4dY’dY1/4dY~ZdY'”dY'”dY'”dY-$?

  138. 3691phd

    great location .

  139. butterflykisses123

    I really enjoyed the cotton candy. As a first time patient I felt very welcome . I will be coming back again

  140. TonyInAZ

    MMJ Apothecary so far has given me the best service in Arizona. My first time, I was greeted by Danny who was very helpful on the phone and more so in person. The second time was the best experience so far. I called ahead to see if they got their shipment in and Danny was honest and to the point. He advised me that there home strains weren’t yet cured and they were out sourcing some product from the valley. Danny of course also was up front about where it came from and even gave his opinion which was objective and professional. Danny saw I liked a strain but was a little stemy, he grabbed a screen poured the jar out and weighed me 2 grams of keef, trichomes and shake then discounted it to $8 per gram. So along with great service, great product, very nice small farmacy feel and above all honesty with a big side of integrity, this is the best dispensary I have been to in Arizona!

  141. snootsdaisy420

    (worth the drive) great deals! got a whole 7 grams for free with my loyalty rewards! Wednesdays are awesome to got 40% off last week!

  142. Snoots420

    super fast service, usually in and out in about 10 min! great quality edibles!

  143. chadmoon13

    AMAZING FLAVORS Danny is a very knowledgeable bud tender that loves to feed you with as

  144. WonderfulKaos

    Pre-rolls are the best I have gotten from any shop. The new girl is so on point and sweet.

  145. fragilesoul81

    Can’t wait to try more bud

  146. TheCannasseur444

    way better than I was expecting . totally worth the 2 hour venture for at least the ftp deal. If you haven’t been yet check them out. dude was super chill too. got a 1/2 KK and a 1/2 dosidos. dosidos was fire super tasty and potent ridiculous for the price. all for 90$ that’s a whole oz for 90$!!!! need I say more?!

  147. Koch420

    This place is great!!! Going there again!!!

  148. duck3825

    out of all the dispensaries I have visited this location has the worst meds in flower form of them all. the service is excellent. Danny is awesome, very knowledgeable. I don’t know about the oils or waxes but the flower is sub part at best.

  149. upindaclouds710

    Good budz

  150. Wickinbugstoner

    Great shop

  151. Kubat.kyle

    Best meds and staff great place to shop.

  152. breanna1

    very nice. they provide you with alot of information. they care about your needs. 5 star for sure!

  153. LunaticFringe77

    i recommend this place to anyone who love good quality meds at a dang decent price. the staff is always so friendly!

  154. boltj

    Great buds great service

  155. GodHead

    has gotten so much better over the last few months

  156. CrackerMan13

    Can’t believe the prices on the shatter and wax

  157. jbird602

    i drove up here from surprise, extremely happy and will be back up soon. cute girl working the counter friendly environment amazing flowers and prices worth the drivedY”Y=dY’S

  158. SinofFlesh

    Rockin buds and kickin vapors

  159. JustgotStoned

    I love the selection of green and edibles.

  160. infectedclaw

    They weigh out your product deli style which rocks and the vapor and buds they have are awesome.

  161. Dab-lover710

    Almost 2 weeks in a row since I’ve been coming here and never no wax very disappointed why have it on the menu must suck for the locals who love to dab

  162. asidrown

    Been to Surprise and still come back here

  163. colissa214

    Great local vibe great Meds. Never a wait and never rushed. Can’t get to much better than that.

  164. prettypothead1979

    I’ve been here 3 times. Every single time I have been here I came because I saw something I wanted on their leafly, and when I arrived, they said they didn’t have it in stock. My condition requires very specific strains so I drove almost 45 min to find out they didn’t have it. Third strike and this one is out.

  165. Rhythmage

    Great stuff!

  166. Xdutchbluntx

    love the selection

  167. habs729

    First time in today, super cool spot. If your ever in the area give them a shot. Got some gsc and Luke skywalker both on point.

  168. jupton79

    great variety, great staff, fair prices and just keeps expanding!

  169. WetMyBed

    Location is quiet and private, and new things every trip

  170. EstherBlanchett

    great place and friendly staff

  171. Dastomba

    Was driving through Wickenburg and had looked them up, and stopped by. The atmosphere was clean and professional, but they were obviously short (he wasn’t complaining) staffed. He explained the special for the day, $250. Oz’s on all flower, and even let me split into 2 1/2’s. Product was excellent, and they had a good selection of all 3 strains I, H, S. I will be back next time I am out that way. Great experience.

  172. Faded42059

    best prerolls in the state

  173. Blackwell

    Great dispensary, always good bud, and a lot of ebibles

  174. majiclady1

    it’s a bit like walking into a kitchen with counters and frig, but overlook this hinky set up and they have great prices and friendly staff, it’s a little out of the way for me but worth the drive will defineately go back

  175. Combaticuz

    found this in town and must say will be coming back asap.

  176. PlushBroken

    Beautiful flower, and tasty vapor, and cute staff

  177. johnleon420

    #1 place

  178. melssmokeytreats

    I love this place the people are very helpful knowledgeable and friendly

  179. Danilion

    The best in the area! I wish there was a location near me. I would go here everyday I needed herb. Absolutely love the deals & the dank flower

  180. Matthenry420

    Love that I can pre-order! There was nothing thrifty but the price on that bogo house shake. More like house popcorn NuggsdY~ right now. Thanks, Tony, Andrew & Shawn for all you patience and help.dY’Y=dY’Y=dY’Y=dY’Y=dY’Y= 5 star customer service.dY’Y=dY’Y=dY’Y=dY’Y=dY’Y= Thanks guys!!

  181. CreepCore

    The new staff knows their stuff and the new selections are a must see

  182. Overkill79

    Love the Headcheese bud and the tasty edibles.

  183. momchild

    great environment, the budtenders are awesome. thanks for the great sales

  184. BigMachine

    Look forward to seeing all the new buds and products

  185. shellymay4950

    tried brownies bits, but didn’t last long enough. bring back more choices. ty great flower and great people. dY~Z

  186. NoMemory

    Location is quite and private

  187. mellowchick

    most excellent bud tender Danny is about all this place has good about it. Pricing is unpredictable and fluctuates so much it ridiculous. I really liked this place until recently.

  188. soullost731

    great place

  189. Shorty81

    I love it,it’s really close to the house,not far to get to it, and the STAFF members are really nice,Polite and genuinely Good people… Danny Iz The Man…

  190. Motorhead877

    The staff here some of the best I have meet in state.

  191. wolfxing929

    Giving this shop another rating because they have gotten better. The flower goes for a decent price and it has been taken more care of. The bud is nice and moist instead of being dry like before. Cotton candy #2 is my favorite they have along with the Maui wowie great taste great buzz great overall. They also have great specials if you watch for them
    ! Oh snd they gave me a free water 🙂

  192. Overkill8

    Awesome staff always knowlageble and most of the time the bud is great decity and smell

  193. nevik624

    Prices have almost doubled since my last visit a month ago. Def not worth the trip anymore from phx. Under new mangement, save your time and go somewhere else.

  194. x420forinfinity

    Love the $30 eighth.

  195. Eileen123


  196. cclarkm

    I like the place but they need pricing that shows they care about their patients. $20 a gram means you’re in it for the money. Stock more $10 -$12 grams and you’ll see me much more often.

  197. purple44

    Can’t wait to try all the new flavors of vapor and bud.

  198. RockNRollSuicide

    Nice little shop and friendly staff

  199. 1Koli

    I messed up on the stars in last post. There should be 10 stars ai,dYOEYaoe”dY’<< for this place!

  200. IronFist82

    Danny has always helped when asked and is always very knowledgeable and polite. Love all the new vapors.

  201. WhereTheRiverGoes

    Bud weighed in front of you, and selection growes every time, can’t wait to try all the O.pen Vape

  202. Yeabuddy420

    super awesome place…

  203. coyote1231

    Love this small little joint best one by far love the crew and atmosphere

  204. donthugmeimscared

    Used to love this dispensary, bud tender Danny is the best, but management keeps changing pricing outrageously. Twice I have been fooled into buying a “top shelf” flower, for way more than I would normally pay (100$ a quarter), giving them a shot to see of it was really worth the money. It wasnt, and less than a week later those strains, out of the same jar, we’re dropped to the $60-70 range.
    The new management makes it feel like a hustle scheme, advertising $30 8ths while actually only providing one or two (if your lucky ) strains for that price.
    Probably not returning. All greens in surprise has better meds, selection, and pricing for loyal customers.

  205. CharMarrie

    This is a nice, clean, and friendly dispensary. They have many strains and many CBD products.

  206. Rhytmage

    This place is great, the bud is good & the staff is really awesome. Thank you for being here ; )

  207. FallToJune

    Tried a gram of wax with ny Volcano and it was chill

  208. JessGill

    Great meds and awesome staff

  209. fiveminutesbelieve

    Cheapest O.PenVapor cartridges anywhere

  210. tnt602

    Very knowledgeable in meds! Very polite and willing to help in any aspect. Meds are top quality and a great price.

  211. heatherandtodd

    love this place and the people.

  212. SageRage

    Helpful staff and awsome vapes

  213. jokerhawkgreen

    it’s a far drive but…..sooooo worth it .I have been a card holder for 4 years and me and my wife have been to plenty of dispensaries .this location is by far the best meds in the valley .staff always friendly and it has a make your self at home feel.never have to wait long and the staff is honest about selections and quality.the best best quality and always me you want great meds that are clean and big buds then this is the place to go .I would give more then 5stars but Leafly won’t let me lol.KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GUYS AND GALS !!!

  214. Mistigris

    All the buds have such color

  215. BiPolarBear8

    Vapors are so cheap with so many to choose from

  216. NakedSunday

    The new staff is amazing. She is super cute and knows tons about smoke

  217. Arwen33

    Luv this place, they always have a pleasant surprise

  218. stichandavd

    Great selection , hours, and staff

  219. ThePowerTrip

    the meds are amazing and i can not wait till i can some of those edibles, there are so many!

  220. ZOODLE

    chill environment love the meds, righteous staff

  221. holidaydoc

    I’ve been using this Dispensary for a couple of years now. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. They are more than willing to take the time to explain things to you,especially if you’re new to this.

  222. ExiledDestiny

    amazing prices and a large selection

  223. desertgirl

    mmj is getting new strains. tried the Chem dog. loved it. smelled and tasted divine and worked very well. can’t wait to try some of the other strains they have now.

  224. Chrly

    nice friendly people, great bud

  225. keilan1212

    Everyone was extremely nice and considerate.

  226. sanitsandsinners

    The daily deals are the best

  227. riddlemasterofcarnage

    best in town

  228. smilywily1212

    This was the first place I went to once I got my medical card. Everybody in there is as nice as possible and helped me through what everything was and so forth.

  229. dunny7713

    love the staff and the meds!

  230. lionkingonstage

    nice staff

  231. Dalton777

    Only the best

  232. WackyWolf

    I like visiting Wickenburg and I try to stop in for a doobie or an edible when income through town. today I visited with the good folks at MMJ apothecary and they had these “firecracker prerolls” in anticipation of the 4th of July event.

  233. benjaminholl

    Just got my card and spent my birthday going to shops around Phoenix and home. This one is at home in Wickenburg and I have it in my top list. Great selection and great staff. Can’t wait to go back and try some more buds.

  234. shane19

    Knowledgeable staff good bud and great service

  235. FutureLegend

    All the selection and the great location are a must see

  236. sweetdaddylongtoke

    This place is awesome I’ve made it apart of my Vegas trip fast friendly service amazing buds

  237. PieceOfPie

    O.penVape here is so tasty and they have so many to choose from

  238. LukeLason

    love this place, great meds, staff and location!

  239. nickwallace525

    Bomb cannabis

  240. sleepercurse

    Always love seeing all the new stuff

  241. CaptainKeyesPoA

    extremely happy with the Large selection and Awesome customer service

  242. DamnGraham

    Friendly staff. Quick service. And for the most part fair prices. The only drawback I have to say is they recently changed up there weekly specials and loyalty program.

  243. lostsoul13

    Love the staff. Very knowledgeable and nice.

  244. butterflykisses1234

    Great place !!!! Lots of acknowledgment !!!! 🙂

  245. Bobbyjohnson618

    Great helpfull staff great meds i just baught an 1/8 from there of northern lights for $20 i have yet to see that deal anywhere

  246. horselover123

    Love the new meds. Great staff!! Everyone is so nice. !!

  247. HammerHead

    After reading some of theses reviews, I had to make my own comment. I’ve been going here for a couple of months now. There meds are top quality and the prices are lower than what I have paid in the past at other dispensaries. I travel from the Prescott area, because I can’t get a good quality meds at a good price. MMJ Apothecary is my new place to go.

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