Desert Rose



24905 North 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85085


33.7121836, -112.0824821




8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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Best Prices in Arizona! $18 select eighths/$134/oz, every day great pricing NO LIMITS!

Strain Specific Popcorn Bud Ounces $79.99 + tax

Bring in a first time patient and both of you will receive $20 FREE!
No limits on how many new friends you can bring, You must accompany friend on first visit!

Come in between 8am – 10am & 8pm – 10pm, and we will cover your sales tax! Every Day!

**Desert Rose**
*24905 N 7th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85085*


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1,613 reviews for “Desert Rose

  1. fatpat623

    Love it!

  2. abzzz

    nice set up shirt wait time friendly staff

  3. mvme1978

    I referred a patient to your location but wasn’t given the eighth because I wasn’t with him at the time. shouldn’t I have been able to receive it on my next visit?

  4. MarkieUnknown

    best priced 8ths around! and love the general vibe of the place

  5. Tyrell1129

    desert rose is where it’s at and dabby gabby is who it’s with, she’s very weedelligent! she knew exactly what I wanted just from telling her a little bit of info. all around awesome experience! and the meds….. man don’t even get me started dY’PSdY’PSdY’PSdY’PS

  6. Jim49

    What else can be said about this establishment that hasn’t already been posted. Awesome deals, exceptional staff and top notched products.

  7. kbrannie

    Best dispensary for quality and price in Arizona

  8. Cesar29

    great buds great staff, i live a little far from here always worth the drive!!!

  9. Itspaulokay

    Great quality flower at very very low prices!

  10. mdubbies

    drove all the way from chandler AZ. WORTH THE DRIVE. bud is excellent! $104 for an oz of fire. very polite an welcoming staff. dY’

  11. pjgresq22

    this place is the best for flower anytime so thats why not deals, it is always 4/20 at Desert Rose, my fav place and i am a true customer

  12. Bobsyouruncle88

    Fair prices, friendly service! What more does one need?

  13. Dr_Rose

    The budtender with a Rasta fanny pack with glasses and long hair, was our budtender he complained about having to check our account to see how many reward points we had, I then asked for a 8th of a top shelf strain and he said they were all out. We never have a bad budtender but I’m not sure why he hiring manager hired this guy terrible customer service. After a couple words were said he band me from ever coming to this dispensary again without notice. The dude with the fanny pack needs to be fired. I want to speak to a manager about this.

  14. Eleen

    Great prices ! Keep up the good work guys !

  15. Mrgerald77

    This place is great high-quality products great staff knowledgeable friendly I made this one of my favorite stops

  16. techie4lyfe

    first dispensary I have ever been into. the budtenders were amazing! everything weighed, the prices were great and it was fast service. I will definitely be going here a lot in the future!

  17. caleb95eg

    Location is far out but well worth it. 20 dollar 8thd and they actually have a good nose on them. Bud tenders are knowledgeable and easy going. Freebies are awesome. Experienced a 25min wait there but it was very organized and quick compared to others.

  18. Michaelx420

    love this place awesome meds and great staff

  19. ale024

    great selection of flower love it

  20. astroboi1299

    Love this place! Great prices. Great staff.

  21. ant2193655

    I love desert rose!best prices in phoenix you cant beat em

  22. justintime42o

    Came here because they advertised 20% off for snap. The next visit I was informed the discount was reduced to 10% only for snap. Not vets or ada.

    Please stop advertising 20% for snap.

  23. KatSette

    Beautiful, clean dispensary and very knowledgeable staff. Joe was awesome and friendly as he knew his strains right down to its grains. His recommendations were lock and key to what I was looking for today and even surprised me with pre-roll with my name on it! Thanks again and I will definitely be back!

  24. tewey2000

    Great selection and prices

  25. sportsmom8233

    love the people

  26. Phillygirl1976

    The prices is unbeatable here. It’s kind of far from me , but it’s worth the time. The people there are friendly as well.

  27. jlkesse

    I liked the cannAlope flower The staff is cool. Quick n ez

  28. jellybean916

    Their website states that on your birthday you can get a free half ounce or $20 off your purchase. We went there for the birthday deal and they said they no longer honor it because there wasn’t enough demand for it. They shouldn’t have it on their website if they won’t honor the deal. False advertising just to get people to come there. Won’t go there again.

  29. SunMed

    I love coming to get all my medical needs from Desrt Rose. They have great prices and quality meds.

  30. jadsr

    Love this place. Like the fact that things came in glass jars. People are nice and friendly. Will make this my spot

  31. Volund24

    One of the best locations I have been to. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great service and excellent product. Not to mention, Ms. Dabby is amazing with the customer service skills!

  32. mmjmoosey

    honestly some of the best bud I’ve ever had, especially for the price!!! it’s such a deal & worth the drive. if you are a new patient go or you’ll be missing out.

  33. doler1

    Budtenders are nice, patient and knowledgeable. Always have a nice shopping experience when I come here. Waiting room a little small but the conversations while waiting– always a blast. Quality, yes!

  34. judithshumaker

    I love this place. Very knowledgeable staff. Friendly environment. Great selection.

  35. Lucciman228

    this dispensary is different from others I like there quality an staff will be back soon

  36. moet917

    OMG I’m so impressed! Tucked away off of W Happy Valley Rd (I almost missed it) is a great little find… As a first time customer I felt welcomed and my budtender Jake was attentive and knowledgeable, helping me pick the right meds for me… They offered great deals (PLEASE KEEP THAT UP) and my bud and other products were right on point… Keep up the great work and you’ll definitely have a repeat customer in me!

  37. lotus33

    dont waste your time. service has gone down hill

  38. chr2131015

    Very far but bud is Dank, best bottom shelf buds around

  39. tacosandabs710

    best spot in AZ !!!

  40. jsf4thc

    Best price on flower

  41. xiprinlllf

    great shop better bud tenders

  42. mkelseylove

    i used to go here religiously. they have the best orange and sherbet strands. my last visit tho. dY$?”dY~!dY~ super weird. i walked in and for some reason i went to hand her my money instead of my card. i clearly remember having my money, check your cameras. i go back and this beautiful blonde guy helps me again. we start bullshitting on life i pull out my coupons(they were bundled with my money) and my moneyi turn my back because he wants to show me these rubs and oils. i turn back to the counter, pick out my eghts, go to grab my money abbr its gone. i freaked out and went through the whole dispensary lpoking for it. someone jacked my shit off the counter and honestly i think it was your staff.

  43. MattRDon

    i love this place. i hate the wait. but i like this place more then any other

  44. TheRevGirl

    So this was my second time coming and I honestly don’t know if I’ll go back. I enjoy your low prices on both your half and full oz. of flower and I understand they are popcorn nugs, but I wasn’t paying for stems! Seriously though, do you guys just pick the stuff off the floor and put it in the containers without properly manicuring it, I might as well be buying street bud! Also I was there at 9:45pm where you claim to charge no tax but I bought a half oz of your Pink Lemonade and only got $2 back!! I didn’t say anything because it was clearly late and you guys were busy but that’s poor service and after that plus the bud is like reg weed, I may not go back even though your prices are low. Clearly quality goes down when the price does.

  45. kid420

    Sean was above and beyond! Never have I ever had a better experience at a dispensary! Truly patients over profits! Nothing but love!! So grateful for Sean and the shop! Best dispensary agent I’ve ever encountered! Thanks again from a true patient! Thanks DR!

  46. Midlsis

    Love this place! Spencer was awesome. Great flower.

  47. ifocus1776

    Always a fun drive in the valley over the Desert Rose who has the best deals and a happy hour! Tip your budtenders Jon & Dabby Gabby especially good karma!

  48. usernamechecksout

    great staff, good deals and great prices!

  49. Ahamilton93

    Probably my favorite dispensary! The quality of the buds are top of the line. And $36 for a quarter?! You definitely can’t beat the price either.

  50. StEvEsGiRl15

    my second home so close to home
    this place is great Jake is amazing bud tender. down to earth knows his greensdY’-dY’-

  51. Hurleyguy7855

    I live in the North Valley and usually have to travel at least a half an hour to get decent flower for a good price. This dispensary offers top shelf flower for a decent price. I don’t have to pay $50-60 an 8th to get good flower.

  52. jojoo122

    where is this place having a hard time finding it

  53. Mel37

    The quality of cannabis here is usually pretty good, that’s why I drive so far. However I’m pretty disappointed when I go there for a certain strand that you have on Leafly and when I get there you don’t have it. I’ve Spent enough money figuring out what strands work best for my medical condition. Consistency would be nice

  54. SouthSoldier13

    This spot is dope as shit friendly staff great products , S/o to Kareem for plugging me in that shake yodYOEadYOEadYOEadYOEadYOEadYOEa

  55. randabolton

    Brand new building, nicely laid out. I was met by Michelle, the very friendly greeter. Jon was my budtender. He has great knowledge of their product and the industry. Packaging is far and above average. My meds were served up in a nice, tamper proof, glass jar. Their price point is on the high side, but for the level of service, packaging, employees, and quality, it was well worth it. I tried the DJ Short Blueberry and it is amazing. Great job folks! I will be back.

  56. StonerNegretti

    I love this place….


    This place is in my top three in AZ and made the Leafly list so that speaks for itself. Must check this place out.

  58. AAronova

    The employee I had was funny and super knowledgeable about all the best flower and their deals are the best

  59. djmikeymike1098

    been going g here awhile and man this bud tender Sean really hooked it up I’m amazed about how many amazing deal IV gotten from them by far the best prices/deal and best dispo in PHX!!!!

  60. 420to805

    Weight is off… bring your own scale and an empty jar to get accurate weight… love the flower and the staff but their scale or scale user is off… I want what I pay for and what’s advertised…. bring your scale!

  61. jagertoke

    Great flower at amazing prices. I have yet to find cheaper 1/8s here in northern Phoenix. This has definitely been my go to for good bud without paying an arm and a leg for it.

  62. piggy1988

    Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Jake was very helpful and insightful, and answered all my questions.

  63. dubiebenitez

    great service, very knowledgeable staff and the meds are amazing. 20 dollar 8th specials too.. can’t complain 🙂 I’ll be back!

  64. shilton

    Great customer service, sometimes can take awhile to get in. Not a good place if you’re in a hurry.

  65. Snobsdale

    Great guys! This dispenso has got it right. Always good buds, good, safe, clean environment.

  66. AragonPhoenix

    The discount cost of in unbelievable. The buds are small. Staff polite and they know products. Duncan poison should not be missed

  67. boxalife

    Just ran out of my green crack from Desert Rose now I’m on my way back to score yet another few bundles of flower

  68. bryanparm

    D.Rose puts strains on their menu that they do not have…probably to lure you out in the desert . UNfair. They USED to be great…about 9 months ago. And most of those $20 strains come from Nature’s Meds on Mcdowell/I-17….[ the strains that actually exist ]

  69. KingCmg914

    Scott is the man !!!

  70. SteamTeam480

    Used to frequent this spot until I Tried to call and ask if they carried Sunday Goods…was informed that workers here are told via superiors not to disclose this info to patients…that’s pretty shady and not good business at all. That’s why I and the rest of you should bring business to somewhere that really puts patients first…unlike these scheisters fake slogan… Boo Desert Rose!

  71. fatkidfid

    the flower here is quality no matter what tier, it’s fire! I love the concentrates here too

  72. jennmay74

    Great staff and easy to get to. They have a good selection of products and friendly staff willing to take their time with you. Jake was upbeat, professional & ready to answer any questions. Thanks, Jake for a smile on a rainy day!

  73. Lamurda

    Sucks about the discounts changing. Onto a new place I go.

  74. victor1994

    Great buds nice place awesome staff

  75. 1greencrackhead

    My first visit to a dispensary was to DR for the great prices and the FTP BOGO. I liked the place; everyone was friendly and happy. I got excellent flower and was super happy.
    I made the rounds getting FTPs at a number of places. There are fancier dispensaries out there but the quality doesn’t always compare and no one has better regular prices and super deals on great quality flower.
    DR will be my go-to for my medicine.

  76. vljames

    I LOVE THIS DISPENSARY! Everyone is so amazing. The security guard knows your name and is like everyone’s best friend. Best dispensary.

  77. RickyTRomero

    Great first time experience!

  78. cchipp

    Love this place, best prices in the valley, great staff, excellent budtender. This is my new favorite spot and I’ve been to just about every dispensary in the Phoenix area.

  79. tonemonty

    awesome friendly place great product anad always fair pricing.

  80. Devincoolin

    Best oz prices in the valley

  81. laidbackjt

    Disappointed based on the hype. Not very welcoming really at all when I walked in. The wait time was short, I tried 2 top shelf strains J1 and Casey Jones. J1 was on par with the J1 currently around the valley, was good. The Casey Jones was rough at best… Not sure why this was a top shelf strain. Transaction was quick but I don’t think I’ll based on the flower.

  82. SourCactus

    I stop getting flower here a while ago when the price dropped happened, the quality has gone down. I strictly come here for timeless cartridges now. But that has changed. I waited 30 minutes in line to get one and after I got home I realized it didn’t work, not their fault. But when I come back and asked to exchange it they made me wait in line for 20 more minutes. And then the manager tells me I was only waiting in line for seven minutes. More likely that the front desk didn’t check me in on time. I was polite but assertive with my discontent for the wait and service and no one cared and were happy to see me go. Thankfully 12 dispensaries carry timeless and are not in BFE.

  83. hknter

    This place is absolutely amazing. $32 for an ounce as a new patient special? I’ve never seen that anywhere! Yes it’s popcorn buds, but they are dense, frosty and have amazing terpene profiles. On top of the great price, you have tons of options when it comes to strains! We came all the way down from Tucson and will be returning again soon. Also, ask for Billy. He’s definitely my favorite consultant out of all the places I’ve tried. He’s honest, friendly and just radiates the best vibes. Thanks again Billy!

  84. mystikaloutkast

    Dabby Gabby is awesome!!! So very helpful and complimentary!!! Will definitely be back for some wax and that great customer service!!

  85. uwillbuy

    Talk about a dispensary! This place is legit. First off, they earn your business! Great ftp deal and equally as good referral bonus. 8ths come in glass jars and the flower is great! 20 bucks takes care of needs or you can step up and snag some top shelf! Staff is awesome and welcoming. This store is in my top 3! Go, go now!

  86. Slickricks87474

    I think the prices for the wax or a little rough. not the best quality that’s for sure. I can definitely find better for 35a gram.

  87. littletianna

    The budtenders at Desert Rose are always helpful and on point with their shatter suggestions. Thanks friends! 5*!

  88. bizkut774

    always A+ quality flowers, service and friendly staff!!! close to home is always awesome!! annnnnd $20 8ths!!!! hellllll yeauuuhhhh baby!!

  89. allaboutmygreenz

    Best dispensary in AZ hands down!! Best prices for high quality tree! You can’t beat that. Will definitely be coming here daily

  90. LoneLobo22

    Worth the drive my first time out seeing their prices on leafly but didn’t expect the flower to be the best I’ve had. Fresh and quality bugs every time. I Recommend Desert Rose all day now.

  91. frankiemacheska

    Everyone here is really nice and helpful!

  92. Mark2891

    I wish I would have found it before. I love the discreet location.

  93. rierie2012

    Absolutely love coming here! My favorite place to go to because of the clean friendly atmosphere and not to mention top quality flower.

  94. str4wberryc0ugh

    I really appreciated the staff at Desert Rose for helping me make my first visit easy after a long day at work. The quality and service was outstanding!!

  95. WhyteRaven

    Best place in the valley!! Great prices & deals, and an AWESOME staff!

  96. lbfred

    Clean , professional environment. The gentleman I met with was named Adam he not only explained various ways to medicate , but also answered any questions I had . As a first time visit I would recommend Desert Rose.

  97. dyerofsanity

    Desert Rose is Awesome. You can’t beat The prices and the Quality is very good. Their customer service is wonderful and they are very professional. I go there whenever I can.

  98. jbuckley86

    extremely clean facility, professional & knowledgeable staff, and HIGH quality medicine at a LOW price! Don’t go anywhere else!

  99. rydersdad4416

    this is the best despencery ive gone to in arizona they have the best flower best staff and the absolute best prices i always look forward to going here

  100. savage420

    My favorite dispensary in the valley! The everyday low prices and always high quality, fresh herb even for the $20 eights can’t be beat. The employees are fantastic and always super helpful and friendly.

  101. will77

    good meds great kief friendly bud tenders..

  102. janelleisabella

    amazing prices and great customer service

  103. Charlie01

    Desert Rose is a wonderful place with a wonderful staff there.

  104. MissCassie

    Flower here is decent. Was disappointed by the shatter. And the customer service has gone extremely down hill. The last two times I’ve been here the employees were very rude to me and it felt like they just wanted to get me to get something and get me out of there. Rather then helping me find what I really need.

  105. cathyd

    The Best Prices and Budtenders are very Kind and Knowledgeable

  106. xnorton53

    Great people service and bud would recommend to anyone

  107. Deputydogg

    My first time here. Excited about their strains. Will be back to let you know.

  108. cyounk91

    The go to place for the best bud. Five star quality and great prices

  109. keis

    Austin F. is the best customer service focused budtender in the Valley. Austin was extremely knowledgeable and able recommend a new way of medicating I have not thought of. I will come back again to work with Austin. See Austin when you come to Desert Rose.

  110. Nick210

    Excellent Greens, Wonderful customer service. Spencer was great and very informative. Was awesome they honored they’re original FTP special so I was able to get a half oz of the Purple Urkle that was super on point for BO Quad GO FREE. Then grabbed a quad of the Pineapple Chunk being it was on August super special and looked sick as hell. Got the Chunks for buy an 8th get an 8th half price. So walked out with 3 quarters of an ounce for $110. Was so super stoked I forgot my $10 in charge which Spencer chases me down in parking lot to make sure I got. Love smoke, glass jars, and peeps in pharmaceutical gowns. Also have brand new display cases ready for more up and coming products. They had a rough intro but totally turned it around and are on the right track for a permanent provider of my meds.

  111. paigey11892

    Service is always refreshing and wonderful. The prerolls are at a great deal! Love the consistant quality and great service.

  112. SmokinO.G

    Clean environment which is awesome the meds were lovely I’ll be back soon wit my pops I was just wondering if yu gotta purchase something for the referral 1/8???? Because I drove from Buckeye Arizona yu guys are awesome thanks desert rose for such great customer service

  113. unombk74

    I literally travel across the valley to come see the awesome team at this dispensary. Pretty faces and encouraging smiles light up the place. The flower and edibles are very good and the deals are always top of the line. Absolutely have to say that Jake swan is one of my favorite bud tenders in the state of Arizona. He was patient and extremely informative .Made sure I got exactly what I needed and honored every deal possible. Great experience and I’ll be back to do business in the near future.

  114. Platinumwrecked

    I love this store. I love the pricing and the quality. The budtenders are also very friendly and fast.

  115. Japedo247

    First time trying out this place yesterday during their soft opening. Super friendly staff, amazing Thin Mint GSC shatter! Tasty Tasty Tasty! Also picked up a $40 1/8 of some delicious Pineapple Chunk. Everything comes in beautiful glass jars which I haven’t seen anywhere else! Thought that was a nice touch. Was told they’d have High Maintenance glass inside their shop here pretty soon, stoked for that!!! Can’t wait to come back and try out some more from Desert Rose!

  116. jmmas27

    Great place, with awesome people (Jake was my bud tender and he was cool and knowledgeable) and they have some excellent bud!

  117. KSkwared

    Driving thru on my way from Cottonwood to Phoenix and was looking for a particular strain. I recently had a brain tumor removed and heard ROCKSTAR was an AWESOME strain from headaches. It wasn’t on my local menu yet so I had been checking around and don’t ya know….. Not only was it there but I was able to take advantage of the NPS and do a BOGO and get a second strain I’d heard good things about. The staff was awesome and I liked the fact that when you got inside, it totally looked like you walked from one galaxy to another. (The outside made me think it was gonna be small inside….I was way wrong)

    Ik forward to stopping in again and reefering my friends your way!

  118. PlatinumBoyScoutCookies

    Well worth the drive to find quality medication, a super
    knowledgeable, friendly staff and great values. Excellent selection and quality and fast wait times. I will continue to drive the extra distance. Thanks Desert Rose for an outstanding first time experience.

  119. dabsyes

    700th review! lol. great place, been coming here since they’ve opened and they have never stopped improving the quality of their products. always have been and always will be a happy customer here!

  120. skyleredward420

    I live close to so many dispensaries in town but I gladly drive 110 miles to this place. They make it affordable for me, I no longer struggle to get and afford my medication anymore.

  121. Ego4Soul

    Love this place all bud-tenders are very Knowledgeable. They are always patient with me because of the many flowers to choose from. Prices are right, and quality is good. This is my go to place.

  122. niqueruiz

    Best place to shop for your meds.
    The concentrates are always on point.

  123. IronTramp

    This place is awesome!!

  124. evelynnajar420

    Desert Rose has definitely impressed me, from their quality meds to jars they give their flower in. The staff is perfect my first time, a gentleman named Jon did his best to help me get what I needed, I found it very helpful! I would definitely recommend this place, stop by whenever you may have a chance and see for yourself!

  125. nadam279

    Awesome flower and customer service! Great prices

  126. Dsaads

    VERY knowledgeable staff. Amazing concentrates. Obviously, it’s a little far out there, but well worth the trip.

  127. mschell3

    I thought the service and atmosphere were great. I unfortunately wasn’t too impressed with the flower. I was a first time patient and grabbed Paris Og and Platinum Huckleberry, which were labeled as their highest shelf of flower. Both looked great but had zero smell/taste. I don’t know if it was due to poor packaging.. I think the effects of both are satisfying, yet I enjoy the full experience of flavors and aromas and unfortunately those weren’t there.

  128. Brendaw2

    Desert rose dispensary
    Was pretty cool my first time there
    Staff are amazing and was good cool deals good ones too

  129. dannyfisher11

    Those $15 grams of wax you guys sold recently are trash. I don’t care how cheap it costs a dispo shouldn’t sell product that low quality.

  130. Silentnomore

    I love desert rose! They have bomb meds! The budtender was very nice!

  131. GrandeG

    Quick service and great meds!

  132. SimplyMary

    I was visiting other dispensaries but discovered the birth of a God in the Industry here!! I love you and hope to work for you someday! Please check your email for my app! LOL And BTW I will be the most Loyal Customer in the World to this place. Everyone is very relaxed and cool. The atmosphere feels safe and under control too. Very cool store guys!

  133. draayaa

    Great location. Small seating area. The process was quick, budtenders known their flower. Made great recommendations. Affordable prices!

  134. clawrencephx

    Big thanks to Jake S. Super cool guy and knows what hes talking about when it comes to the meds they offer. Great meds at a great price.

  135. TomG

    It’s great to finally have a quality dispensary in the north valley. Their flower is exceptional. Better than most by far. Gabby and Spencer rule. Going back tomorrow.

  136. Thieh

    This will be the first of very few perfect reviews. Jacob, thank you. You have me a call and hooked me up and you are a life saver. I recently lost my job and have not been able to get medication for a few weeks not do I know when I will be able to afford it again. You sir, were sent to help me in my worst time and I am grateful. Let Rachel know she is amazing and I hope she rises to train others in the way of customer service.

  137. oi_love

    This was my first dispensary. I was a little nervous, but the staff was SO nice and made me feel very comfortable. Excited to get some relief. Thank you!

  138. painis10porary

    Great place! BEST prices in town! Knowledgeable & friendly staff. Ill definitely be back!

  139. fayequita

    Product is amazing and the staff if super friendly.

  140. blues1580

    For being so up on everything you all would think you would get your packaging right for your SAP, the $50 de-waxed stuff was an absolute nightmare to get off that horrible paper in to a silicone. Not even the freezer helped because it was so stuck to one of the sides I couldn’t even get it off cold. Please change out the way you package that. I only ended up with a half a gram after messing with it for 20 minutes. Not happy.

  141. AZVenom

    The people here are really friendly and from what I can tell, some of the more knowledgeable budtenders in Phoenix. That being said, their is usually a longer wait time for getting seen, also the waiting area is very cramped… very very very cramped… The quality of the product is top of the line, but the location is also in BFE…. they had a great FTP deal but haven’t seen many deals from them but their prices are very reasonable for the daily price.

  142. lcon55

    Been going here a year now and they’re not the same. They had a great smoke shop and they closed it. They stopped giving the free lighters and papers if you used to get them. They raised their prices and extended their business hours. The quality of their top tier flower has significantly diminished. Time to try another!

  143. itspaul81

    Came here for the first time Saturday 7/15 and was helped by an awesome bud tender, forgot his first name, last was Swan, super chill guy that gave great recommendation when asked. Their herb is top quality, bought some sunset sherbet and green crack. Currently on the sunset and it’s amazing. It’s a bit of a drive, but I’ll be back and bring friends!!

  144. billyscoley2

    Great service, killer prices. Will be back.

  145. Stacey87

    I come to this dispensary every 14 days and buy 2 oz of marijuana for the first time I came in about 2 ounces of marijuana and I was 6.6 grams short… so I suggest every time you go to this dispensary you make them way the marijuana in front of you.. no telling how many people they’re coming up off of with Miss weighing the weed…

  146. Dsignsbydi

    Great location to serve this area. The budtenders are awesome. Prices are the best hands down.

  147. allythegirly

    Fast. Great location

  148. ayousif33

    Amazingggggg customer service. They literally go above and beyond to make their patients happy. I haven’t been to many dispensaries yet, but this one has the best service by far. Will be going back for sure!!

  149. Sierra9887

    Amazing products and very friendly employees. Will definitely be back!

  150. Tyler19420


    Desert rose has the absolute best prices for flower anywhere in Phoenix. They have an awesome smoke shop inside with plenty of unique glass and accessories. Jake and Patrick have both helped me, and are both top notch bud-tenders! Hoping to have them help me every time I come back.

  151. majesticmadi

    Desert Rose is the bee’s knees. Highly recommend

  152. BenJamin102783

    My first time visit yesterday was excellent. Kimberly and the rest of the staff were great very friendly. Meds I tried were terrific, I’ll def be back.

  153. cdburdic1

    I have never been disappointed with the staff, they are always professional, friendly, and the bud is the best no matter if you want cheap or high end every time.

  154. cbr420

    I’ve been in like 4 times now and I know this is going to be my new shop for a very long time!! My last bud tender Joe made me feel like I got a friend in a dispensary. I highly recommend this place to all my friends

  155. Izora

    I really like this dispensary.. only one issue they need a bigger space because they stay popping. No matter the time of the day it seems to be a line and even people in the parking area waiting outside to get in. The bud is good and prices are… I mean amazing!! get there and get in before 12 no tax.. like who does that? so dope!

  156. Leafly1968

    Very close to home. Great deals on high quality meds

  157. jackmormon

    I live in Tolleson, which is half way across the valley, but I still find myself coming back here a couple of times a month. Great people and great product at reasonable prices, well worth the visit

  158. jmglassllc

    Well they say they open at 9 am show up and they say not till 10:30 WTF

  159. dte1977

    Staff is always nice. Selection is top notch. Better customer service than others in the area.

  160. mcotton

    Savannah is one of my favorite receptionist that works at Desert Rose she’s always so kind energetic and very professional even when there’s a large crowd in the waiting room she doesn’t break a sweat hey still deliver world-class customer service she is one of the many reasons why I can change it come to Desert Rose to make my medical purchases

  161. derylstorck

    Great dispensary. Service was quick and friendly and very helpful. Great selection of flower and concentrate for an amazing price.

  162. miket7phx

    One of my favorite spots,the quality is there, the pricesaEUR< are great, love the staff ,will definitely be back for more.

  163. mls1968

    if u can get here. this IS where u want to be. Nuff-said.

  164. poprocks

    Andrew and Jake are the guys I always ask for. They are funny and honest and I appreciate that. It’s worth the 10-20 min wait for such great deals! My favorite place to go hands down.

  165. thinkingreen90

    This place is awesome! BRAND NEW! still adding stuff into the store so imma definitely keep coming back! JOE was dope! he know EXACTLY how to help me a d went above and beyond to help me with ALLL my questions! picked up a G of that fire fire FIRE GELATO! left a review about it, heavy hitter that’s fast!

  166. Id3002

    Even in the heat this place is worth the wait. Often times up to 25 minute wait, lobby gets crowded. However, they have a/c, lots of chairs, water, a loudspeaker, and fast budtenders once you get in the door. Love and tip your budtenders they will help you make good selection from great priced product.

  167. cindabella

    Love a$?i, desert dYOEu rose dYOE1 great prices, great products, great staff!!! Need I say more?! Come out and check this place out, I promise you will NOT be disappointed! It’ll be your go to. You may have to wait 5-10 min tops but, that says a lot now
    Doesn’t it?!?! dY~~ Get your meds here today!

  168. 3PitMomma

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. It’s a long drive for me to get here but the specials of popcorn nug ounces were incredible. Looking forward to the next awesome deal!

  169. SarahRose420

    LOVE THIS PLACE! Best prices in the valley! They have a wide selection and budtenders who are actually knowledgeable and can help you find that perfect medication! Definitely a costumer for life!

  170. clafferman

    My favorite dispensary

  171. xscape888

    Very friendly and helpful staff. Kareem was super helpful on helping us pick out which strain.

  172. esppiec

    Great dispensary great strains great prices highly recommended!

  173. Deputysgirl

    First time here excited about the strains. Will be back to let you know.

  174. TrudyQ81

    Everyone was really friendly. My budtender was very knowledgeable and helpful. Flower was very nice and smelt amazing. Definitely will be coming back more often.

  175. joshyoung

    Can’t beat the prices!!

  176. jagardner1019

    I went into Desert Rose recently. Every single employee there cares more about greeting you and saying hello than they do about selling you your medication. When you get to that part of your visit, you are presented with some fine flower and even better knowledge behind the buds. The recommendations are great too. I regret not getting my budtenders name from last time but he recommended Slymer to me and it continues to be a great smoke. I will continue being a loyal patient of Desert Rose because I continue to be a person first and a customer second to them, and that is awesome.

  177. SandPapaino

    dY”ice cream dY| the one of the best strains ever

  178. jefbuk

    they only hire snowflakes that expect a tip or you get a pouty look and insulted

  179. adog121

    Great shop great prices great people home run

  180. 420lovebug

    I love this place! Second time visiting, and again I left more than pleased! I recently started a new job, so I tried out their $25 eighths. I thought the Rockstar smelled the best to me, and tried the LSD as a personal fave. Spencer was my budtender, and he made my day! The Rockstar recommendation was great, and he upped me to some Dutch Masters as a substitute for papers. What a pal. I always recommend my friends and others to Desert Rose due to their quality, and prices. The customer service is just a bonus. I just wish you guys had a location in the east valley! Give natures meds some bigger comp 😉

  181. LokD

    Great place for a good selections!

  182. Poppyseed222

    I have been coming to Desert Rose since it opened and I have to say that even though they cut some of the perks, they still beat others by far. Who cares about sitting outside,its Az. The main thing is the prices and quality, anything else is trivial.
    Also a specially nice bud tender Adam is always very friendly. Taking nothing away from all others at a Desert Rose, super nice place. And they do give you 50 cents back on all jars to get the record straight. Nuff said….

  183. highkaren

    I like that there are several pricing tiers on flower. I can get a bargain or splurge. Either way, great quality and budtenders are honest and know their stock. Always tip your tenders! Keep coming back for the points too!

  184. deno420danny

    this place is so shady icontainers never way out right but always dry as f*** worst customer service I’ve ever had

  185. gabbyytrevino18

    i love it! super awsome. i went in before the smoke shop was even there. love

  186. DabDripDesigns

    For a first time customer, I thought it was a little off the beaten path but that won’t deter me from the travel. I’ve been wanting to stop in for a long time and I’m glad I did. Adam, the bud tender was very friendly and knowledgeable. He gave me a warm welcome and besides the meds being awesome at awesome prices he took care of with me a free HEMP 2o which i’ve been dying to try for awhile so I decided to buy more! By far one of the top competitive compassionate dispensaries I’ve come across with price and how they treat their customers. I can’t wait to see what their grow produces and the Exotics they bring to the Valley. Definitely recommend to a friend and Ill be back myself again soon!

  187. dboydavis

    Long wait but it was worth it I love getting my ounces from here

  188. Thath1ghk1d

    The house shatter is black. I suspect you can only buy in large quantities because after the first dab, you won’t want it. I was interested in some Gemz. The printed out menu the bud tender handed me said 35/g, but he quickly told me to disregard that, because its actually 55/g. I think there were 2 top shelf options for flower, everything else is popcorn or mids. Amateur hour over here. Milley needs to step his game up.

  189. karbuchmom

    Friendly and knowledgeable people, great variety of flowers and edibles. Wonderful place to buy medicine, I love this place!!!

  190. babymagic

    every time when I come to this place they always have exactly what I want what I need and how much I need of it and they are so educational on the things and tools that I need to use on a product that I am buying I would recommend this dispensary to other friends of mines that who are card holders this place is very professional and efficient and everything thank you desert rose for being my designated dispensary

  191. mscottpackey

    I absolutely love DR, best prices in town. It’s a bit of a drive but worth it and if coming from Evalley stay on the 101 to the 17 N exit happy valley for banks/bathrooms/food. get a free clipper lighter with every purchase of 1/8 or more.

  192. Chuckroll420

    My #1 spot always have great deals and awesome products

  193. jjweezy52

    This place is great! My go-to pot shop. Jake helped me pick out what they had on their menu and gave awesome feedback on what each stain was like. Would recommend

  194. PaperPlanePro

    Love this spot. The blackberry kush genetics they have is one of the best in the statedY’OEdY’OEdY’OE

  195. Boop51jo

    love the prices, the product and the employees.

  196. lfishman01

    everything about this spot is the best. Their flower is on point and they always have great deals. it’s a drive but it’s definitely worth it

  197. 4kidz

    I like my experience at Desert Rose my bud tender Jake was great

  198. Darkshadowedrain420

    I personally enjoyed the staff and the aroma of the green goddess

  199. aolsen7

    Great product and service, my all time favorite dispensary.

  200. indicabruce55

    Dankest bud there is anywhere

  201. livyliv

    Best dispensary in AZ!

  202. Justchillininaz

    When will there be more 24 dollar eighths available??????? Thanks!!
    Great flower taste and high

  203. troyover9000

    I’ve been to many dispensaries to take advantage of the bogo deals, but I have to admit Desert Rose is where it’s at!!! They really take care of their customers and are very friendly. Best deals in AZ. Best discount for our Veterans at 20%!!! And best quality flowers. Never gotten an off batch and they are usually stocked up pretty well. I highly recommend and will bring my pops as soon as he gets his card.

  204. Justaseed

    Always friendly staff knowledgeable people great prices and excellent buds.

  205. blondeboss147

    It’s easily one of my all time favorite dispensaries. Everyone is so nice and attentive, and the deals are out of this world.

  206. Jkb1488

    Worth the trip good deals good flower all around good good good

  207. TdaSavage1

    follow up to the last review, every shelf is well priced and I got a little flower from each tier. but the gorilla glue she turned me onto has been amazing. very calming indica and a perfect way to end the night

  208. puccino

    Desert Rose model good better best never let it rest which is better than their best

  209. intexas06

    This place is the perfect example of people who only care about the $. When desert rose started it was a couple counters, good cookie strains, Hemp20, and customer service. The only thing left worth a damn are the counters. what happend guys? I used to get Bugatti og, kosher kush just straight og that was some flame but now id throw everything in some damn butter and eat the stuff.

  210. HollywoodHayes

    This place is the bomb. Awesome prices for the quality of product’s. Friendly staff and very knowledgeable about your needs. Jerry Hayes (Hollywoodhayes)

  211. SirReptar

    Skyler probably the chillest bud tender I’ve ever had. Not only showed me a better deal than I was looking for but making jokes the whole time.

  212. chucknkyle

    cheap but not the best bud in the world. you get what you pay for

  213. Hangloose420

    This was my first time in Desert Rose and I can say I’m impressed. I’ve been to almost
    every dispensary in the valley and the HG Larry OG live resin crumble I picked up today
    is some of the best live resin I’ve tried. This place is so close to where i live I can’t believe
    I waited so long to stop by, and the customer service is amazing. My budtender, I
    can’t remember her name at the moment….but she was great and made solid recommendations. I picked up some of the Canamo shatter…she told me I should
    try it….and she was right….very nice. This will definitely be a spot I frequent often. Thanks
    Desert Rose for the wonderful experience. Props to the super kool security guard too….
    definitely not your run of the mill security….very friendly and engaging. Much love.

  214. Cristian_420

    Awesome place with good quality tree and great prices !

  215. ebonie3000

    Best prices and inventory


    The DR. MEANS BUSINESS!I I like to shop around,I like a deal!The price points are from 18-40,they have a wide selection of flower,the discounts and deals are great,and they have SUPERB Budtenders!Expect a wait on weekends,but it moves Very fast,and they make it comfortable!Most of all it is def worth the wait! the $18 strains are as good as the rest of their strains,the DR. just gives amazing Deals! Romancing the Patient!

  217. Naturalhighlife420

    #budtender #ekaj #gelato #gorollaglue you the man you know your stuff brotha

  218. perlz

    Come see and smell for yourself!!!! I’ve been to different locations every place I’ve gone, was okay not bad but this place every time I come here it’s so different and even more amazing I love it they are always looking for ways to grow and make it better and more confortable for us patients. The staff here they are all great I love them all but I do have my favorite’s though “cough” cough” Johnny, Jon and Gabby lol they are so amazing always making my experience the best always providing me with nothing but the best I promise you won’t regret showing up I never do!!!!! Happy 420!!!!

  219. missbeckysmokesalot

    Fire Buds. Nice Staff.

  220. Gr8ce

    Desert Rose is most definitely my first choice. Can’t beat the everyday prices. Budtenders friendly, knowledgeable and willing to take the time for your questions.

  221. elizabethsweetleaf

    I’ve been here a few times and haven’t been upset yet. But this was the first time I had an issue. Not only was I discriminated against because I have my SERVICE DOG whom is trained to medically alert to my disability, was denied access and then once stated the law was allowed in. I came in looking for some good flower and wasn’t even allowed to smell them. How am I supposed to want to buy if I can’t smell the products first? So not being able to smell them I asked what the thc content was for the strains and they couldn’t tell me that either. I wound up up just buying one of their popcorn oz specials just based on the name and hoped it would be good. Thankfully it was but driving so far for the service was just disappointing.

  222. Graceebee

    false advertisers! Lack of customer service skills employees answer the phone like they dont want to be there i dont recommend desert rose

  223. snoopruben

    Its a good place. The flowers are good to

  224. AudiOflo

    Desert Rose is unassuming in the middle of the desert, but it’s a cool little spot! Great deals and flower selection.

  225. rjl0108

    I have reviewed this location due to my bad experience and have explained what happened in previous reviews. They have reviewed the situation and it looks like they are going to make it right for that I am thankful, I did not want something for nothing , I just wanted what was paid for. I have always liked the product(meds.) that I have gotten here. I will keep you updated on the situation but I firmly believe they are making it right.

    they have made it right and i will use this dispensary again thank you (J) you know who you are

  226. Lucciman277

    Great staff an meds love it here well be back everyday for the best dispensary because of its potent flower an staff.

  227. oldsteve

    prices on flower are worth the drive and you can’t beat first time specials. NOW IF THE WOULD JUST STOCK MORE AND AGRESSIVELY PRICE EDIBLES i would never go elsewhere

  228. heatherm420

    the flower is flame! worth the expense and is a nice little store still working to improve their environment. they are kinda pricey, definitely not the 10 a gram were all used to but their bud is way more potent than most dispensaries. can’t wait to go again

  229. mrohrbeck

    I made the trip out to this place especially for the Jedi Kush I was searching for on Leafly and the awesome BOGO 50% for first time patients. Attractive new building with a nice little waiting room for non patients. The patient’s area was nice with all new attractive stainless steel, red & black decor. Very clean, nice & new. The flower came in a nicely packaged glass jar that’s a nice change from the other dispensaries. Jake spent some time asking me some questions about my medication preferences and offered up some suggestions about concentrates and how to use them. He pointed out that in the rear of the store a nice display will be going up from a glass artist from Tempe, that’ll be cool to check out. Jake was an awesome budtender all around! The flowers looked, smelled, tasted awesome & was exact to the Jedi Kush I was there for. Priced competitively and worth the drive out by the airport. Only suggestion I would give is that I find only a few dispensaries in the valley that offer AARP disability and/or discount for Vets. Add the AARP discount & that’ll make it worth my drive more often!

  230. Lydia2150

    Been coming here for a while now since I discovered their bulk oz deals. Yesterday I got a budtender Aaron K, haven’t gotten him before, he was very informative and helpful with helping me pick what I needed and brought out the bud in the packaging for me to see as well as the samples to smell and look at all without me even asking! got home and I’m very happy with what we decided on

  231. christianm192

    Awesome pricing and quality service.

  232. KinShijei

    Excellent flower! Great FTP special! Got some Do-Si-Do and some THC Bomb and both were excellent. Very pleased.

  233. Breezy9

    I was very impressed the first time I visited desert rose. Ive visited most of the phoenix dispensaries and some tucson and different AZ locations and I love quality meds, I dont mind paying a couple extra bucks for good quality and I have my favorite spots in the valley. I rarely tty different spots as I dont like risking buying stuff I dont know but I saw the good reviews and decided to try it with the first time patient deal. The prices are incredibly cheap and the quality of the bud matches the one I pay 20 a g for in my fav spots. Although ive only tried it once I was amazed with the quality of the meds. Spencer explained everything and was very helpful. What can I say loved the place and will be back to see if this will be my new spot ! Very happy overall!!

  234. webdiva

    A wee bit far but nice NEW facility with a nice clean location. Nice staff and well wishes!!

    Good selection of flower to choose from!!!!!

  235. rdavis773

    This is literally the only place in Arizona I spend my money at !!!! Gabby is the best , the manger is awesome . I wouldn’t mind working there , I love it so much !!!

  236. Robster426

    used to be good is what I’d headline with. cartridges went from 20 to 25 the deals are short lived and frankly poor now and quality hasn’t been as good for price,this place had been my go to and I think it’s time to move on.

  237. Kayleesmami14

    Love the atmosphere

  238. Leesie

    I love coming into Desert Rose because I know whatever I choose, regardless of price point, is going to be quality flower. Today was no exception, however today I had the good fortune to have Joe help me out. He was knowledgeable, friendly and gave me a fantastic recommendation on the Sherbert GSC. (THANK YOU JOE!!)

  239. Tylerr22

    Best product for the best price. I don’t mind the wait as it’s worth it and for the most part the atmosphere is great. Awesome budtenders, I had the pleasure of getting Patrick and he is by far the best budtender I’ve ever had. Was really patient and helpful with all my questions. Will definitely be returning soon.

  240. Jesharelah

    I like the location; strategically located near DV Airport on the way to Cave Creek and North Scottsdale, DS is looking to attract high end private-plane clientele with expendable income, and at the regular menu rates, that’s what they’ll need, and they’ll get it. Old school ‘medicaters’ won’t like their ‘unique marketing strategy’ of emphasizing some imagined pedigree of quality , and they won’t give you the THC & CDB content, nor CBNs. The flower is pretty, smells good, and the quality IS good, but the black cherry soda is big puffy spongy weed, the kind that goes up in smoke quickly, consequently I am smoking about 1 1/2 times as much as I normally would, so even with the FTP discount, it remains exactly comparable with my regular dispensary. Without the FTP discounts and at regular menu prices, my regular dispensary is a better deal. Great personalities at Desert Rose though, and I loved the Tesla out front.

  241. halginniveachy

    dank weed & i love gabby!

  242. Varguello

    Great staff, love the deals, worth the drive & all questions answered. Very happy variety selections! dY’

  243. jimbe

    Jon was very helpful and informative. Great edibles!

  244. FayelWolfright

    honestly the best dispensary experience that I’ve had

  245. jamesandme

    love it nice place people are cool nice product to

  246. DblJax7

    Great service! Great buds! Dabby Gabby was awesome! She is very knowledgeable and provided top shelf guest service! I definitely recommend hitting up Desert Rose! Best bang for your buck!

  247. Real420grower

    The absolute worst of them all. Incorrect menu very dry and uneducated budtender . I have never been recieved with such disgust and attitude from the start.First time visit last time visit. Personally it feels like they only want customers from that area they def dont want anyone from Mesa az to spend there money there. Service was so bad i didnt even take the free gram of shatter i just walked out…..

  248. BigSmoky420

    very great place! coming back as soon as I could!everyone is friendly and the flower is just top notch at the right price

  249. myke.underwood

    Great place not enough seating most of the time waiting in the heat. Great value excellent staff Great product. a pick up would be nice to avoid heat. plenty of parking.

  250. audrianna1244

    Great staff awesome prices top shelf’s Is amazing

  251. tbonix

    Skyler was an awesome budtener! Cool ass deals. The knowledge, the service was all good. I’ll be back!

  252. nicolebrown23

    i absolutely love this place! great flower and always getting new choices in! staff is awesome and very knowledgeable!!

  253. skyking66

    Been here many times and have had a great experience with their staff each time. Good quality and great specials. I’ll come back over and over again.

  254. thegreenreaper7

    very friendly and attentive staff. great variety and selection of all medicated needs. fun and very knowledgeable people that will go in depth with explanation and information. the smoke shop in store makes it one stop shopping for all things medicated.

  255. Dfasano149

    Staff members are knowledgeable, and professional.
    Pricing and availability is never an issue.
    Here, you get what you paid for in quality and quality control.

  256. neoskizim

    it’s clean, the staff is friendly, the product is fantastic.

  257. SuperMannyMonster

    Beyond belief. FTP went in with my 40$ budget got 1/2 oz free on FTP. Saved my 40 to buy an extra lol hair goal doll for my daughter.

  258. CadenJohnston

    They’re not joking when they say best pre rolls in town… The flowers are excellent themselves too. I can’t wait to see how this dispensary expands with time!

  259. inkfamus1

    The CBD products I got here were outstanding and so was the price for it, by far one of the cheaper better Dispensaries around in AZ. would recommendaEUR

  260. jrreyesfam

    Place is amazing love it so much. Gsc!!!

  261. mandyjoy6303

    its amazing people with amazing green

  262. Randacand23

    I have given this place 3 different opportunities and im as disappointed as i was the first time. Flower is real weak!
    most importantly this last visit was In between payday so I needed to stretch what I had the budtender assured me that God’s gift would quell any insomia issues, mind you I stressed I have intense ptsd with severe hyper vigilance and insomia, Well it’s midnight and I’ve checked every lock in the house 36 times. Will never give them another penny.

  263. DJ1983

    Atmosphere: Let’s see… If you sit in your car long enough in this desert parking lot on a very hot day looking at your phone, you may or may not be encountered by an armed man or 2 wearing bulletproof vests, who may ask you a question. I just don’t recommend sitting in your car for too long. They have mister systems and a tent for you to wait. Its kinda cool actually. Desert atmosphere dYOE1 Good buds dY~Z

  264. yankeered2k6

    You guys have your hours posted as 9:00am and the last two times I’ve showed up you’re closed until 10:30 for a team meeting. I suggest you update leafly daily like other dispensaries do or you guys put a notice up or send a text out? It’s courteous to those of us loyal customers who drive far to come to this dispensary. Along with my experiences, many of my referrals have been experiencing the same situation.


    I love this location favorite in the valley best price around 4 shure and great service

  266. nascarnanna

    This place is truly amazing. Everything about this place is good. I also love it’s location.

  267. Curious420777

    I love coming here… Great atmosphere and staff!…

  268. mackbee123

    Wow! These guys are awesome! Great product , all around awesome experience! Go check it out for yourself!

  269. Rekmod

    Went in for the first time yesterday. Good looking flower, only problem is I went home and weighed my supposed 8ths and 1 was a full gram short, the other was 0.9 short. I do not live close or would go complain in person. these were “top shelf” and was also looking to pick up a piece so don’t know if they came pre-weighed in the glass jars or the bud tender messed up. The bubblegum og and rugburn og is good quality but pretty pissed I paid for a quarter and ended up 5.1 grams.

  270. Orions_Belt

    Small location with highly great potential for being a recent start up. Service is more than willing to help. I want to give mad respect for my bud tender Adam for going above and beyond. The atmosphere is like stepping into an actual labatory. Finally the quality is well to their price tag for the most part

  271. Tezz.600

    This was my first time at desert rose and I loved it S/O to spencer he was great help with me today thanks man

  272. Wingnutz

    Very strange location, but, easily the most professional upbeat staff I’ve ever seen in a dispensary. Maybe it’s the clean white tech jackets or the fact that they really, REALLY enjoy what they do. Either way I felt very informed and quite upbeat, leaving extremely satisfied. Good pot too!

  273. kkjones44

    Very discreet. Staff was knowledgeable and very friendly atmosphere. Great products. Highly recommend.

  274. Madmike420365

    Great first time deal great flower and good prices

  275. BostonGreen

    I’ve been coming here for years because of their great prices on popcorn nugs. Today when I went in I found out they raised the prices. Lost my business, not coming here anymore

  276. Jwolf91

    This was my very first visit to any medical dispensary for a purchase, was not disappointed for any reason! Incredibly helpful and friendly staff, chill atmosphere, and quality medicine! Popcorn nugs were amazing, and affordable! Even hooked me up with a free 300mg weekender vape for my referral.

  277. vladsauce

    This place is truly a rose in the middle of the desert. They had the best first time patient deal, really friendly staff, and a selection of herb essentials such as; hemp20 and ganja gloo. My bud tender’s name was Adam, ask for him, he will take very good care of you.

  278. Ogvdub

    Favorite place to get my medicine, only wish they had a larger waiting room.

  279. THC80

    Great staff

  280. pappydontplayy

    Went in as a first time patient. Went over all the cartridges and how to use them. You need a pen type of vape to use them and the budtender I was with showed me the options and recommended there brand which was a little cheaper but had more features, no problem then went on to pick the oils. When I get home and open the package I’m sad to say I had 3 cartridges and no vape pen to use them. The item was not placed on my bill but I pretty much figured the guy understood I needed a pen. First time going there I won’t be back.

  281. harrison03

    This dispensary is always a hoot to go to! Very clean and tidy on the inside. The best part about the dispensary (of course besides the bud) is the customer service! There is always someone nice sitting behind the reception window to greet you. The wait time isn’t long usually. The budtenders here really make the experience easy. Each one is very knowledgeable and ready to answer questions and help you find what you need. In particular, Gabby always has good vibes and makes the dispensary experience even better. Thanks to all the hard workers at desert rose for setting the example for other dispensaries!

  282. lawerence313

    kareem wad on point today excellent excellent customer service

  283. Thatacidguy

    great place love the nick name idea

  284. bestnug

    best in town

  285. eduardoarellano53

    amazing price and great quality buds

  286. DDD57755

    I’m not going to bash and put down this place but this was crap. They sold me a busted drx cartridge. Brought back the following day with the receipt and package and they would not replace it. This was only one example of how bad this place has become. It will take a lot for me to come back here.

  287. noahables

    hella great and fast dispo

  288. Leesmeds

    This is my spot for great meds at great prices.

  289. Kronitron420

    The location is nice and is easy to find. Went there as first time patient and walked away very pleased. Great service, fast, and staff is pretty knowledgeable. Flower is on point. Will definitely returndY~.

  290. dgracious

    I’ve been coming here for about a year! Desert Rose is my favorite dispensary! I think they have the BEST loyalty rewards!

  291. 1stlady75

    I drive from tempe to come to desert rose. Best selection, best quality and the best service!

  292. RuleBrule

    The tenders are always very helpful best prices in town flowers always The best

  293. Tony42O

    swell is always one of my favorite dispensaries. Pete has always taking great care of me and so has Robin and William I can’t remember the other staffs names but they are also a great help. the meds here are pretty potent and effective. can’t wait till my next visit at Swell see you soon.

  294. michellekennedy

    awesome!!! john was a great and fast help thanks man!

  295. massoud

    Little drive for me,.. bogo for FTP. Buy 1 get one 1/2 off. encouraged me to check out the flower. Even though I thought special was buy 1 get 1 free. Nevertheless DANk for $58 QO..OTD. Cool sealed jars. Finally dispensary buy back jars.. Cause my pantry is spewing them out. Donated on some good SourD and good Green Crack. Quality and truthful budtender in Jon.

  296. youneedyourhead

    Cannot beat customer service or prices here. I drive half an hour just to buy here.


    Finally got in to try this place and it was great! People who care and Joe was out standing. You knew he actually had experience. He suggested the DJ Short Blueberry which was a steal at $40 an 1/8 before i’ve gotten trash for more. Will be back very soon.

  298. michaelwilliam90

    best in az! by far the best prices great selection of flower excellent staff will always come here for anything that I need.

  299. sunfirelily1982

    great prices quality flower nice staff and clean business. will come back again and again

  300. Jungleprince

    I am extremely happy with Desert Rose. It gets better every time I go there. Keep up the hard work

  301. JabariBartee


  302. dkimbell

    solid place with awesome deals

  303. IamHemp

    The closest and best priced dispensary near me, please DON’T shop here, You’ll tell your friends, they’ll tell their friends, and soon MY shop will be overcrowded……….

  304. jazzzyj

    This is now officially my flower shop. FTP special is great. Meds are great, best SFV OG I have found in the valley.

  305. Michaelnordwall

    I was in early in morning and they are very help and a lot good strains and i will be back to see them

  306. Cuddii

    this is by far the best location I’ve ever been to, best quality, best price. always friendly!

  307. MaxPay22

    I LOVE
    this place! very respectful

  308. bigbdaking

    love the place and prices

  309. adahl

    This is one of my favorite places. they have excellent customer service. High quality product.

  310. ruthila

    love the staff there very friendly and knowledgeable about the products

  311. alexwash215

    Great location and has all the products you’ll ever want in AZ.

  312. Blackdiamonds37

    love them!!! perfect spot for the perfect green and Perfect prices!!!

  313. tjleyva

    This is my go-to dispensary! Amazing staff very friendly and knowledgeable 🙂

  314. Euphorrix

    Another great visit, thank you DR. Always love coming here for great priced high quality medicine. Patrick is always a great help! Very knowledgeable and friendly.

  315. Brianguy

    Awesome spot! Spencer was a fantastic help, he was easy to talk to and was quick to answer any of my questions with intelligent responses. Good man. -Brian

  316. everett.quinn.1

    A little off beaten path but well worth the 24 miles round trip. Great service and flower. Keep it up guys.

  317. brandocam

    Love the people here! Super nice:)

  318. aml0106

    Great place to shop, flower is really good and there is always a deal. Great customer service as well.

  319. Vante8019

    I love this place to get my meds and good deals and special in az

  320. beth68iou1

    First time && loved it!!

  321. moparornocar66

    Might be a bit of a drive but you can’t beat the price or the quality.

  322. tjgnob

    It’s a long ride for me to get to this spot. But it is worth the drive. Great folks quality products.

  323. ps4438

    Best dispensary in AZ! All of the budtenders are extremely helpful and no one can beat those $20 eighths!

  324. huniebea71

    wonderful view of mountains the people are fabulous and very knowledgeable. John was great.

  325. Sue413

    Good prices, Great deals.

  326. MarcSummers

    Pretty cool place, I just always have to wait at least 10 minutes before purchasing anything.

  327. smiley28

    I cam on Monday got the best platinum girl scout cookies in az an took a first time patient an took another one two days later I was really disappointed they were out and had no 55 dollar eights I come to get the best and got some ok grand Daddy purp I don’t want lower shelf bud how am I suppose to have a nice JdY'”

  328. Alex360

    Favorite dispensary with A fun staff!

  329. DeannaCain

    Out of all the dispensaries I’ve been to this one is by far my favorite. Best staff ever, best prices and great selection. You won’t find one better.

  330. 5810sonorita

    Even tho I did get text from the weekend I put my glasses on and it did say 10-2-18 but the guy didn’t say that I came home and seen it but still no communication
    I just saying it gets confusing when it still on the page of deals and expiration in small print For me to long of a drive to make a mistake on a stretch of a dollar
    All good

  331. kokopuff13

    I drove 140 miles round trip to go to this dispensary! Great budtender MATT S.

  332. Nana2508

    Very friendly and helpful people.

  333. bkorg7

    Great prices, great people! Love this place!

  334. sb406

    Very professional- good service and a really cool building. I hope they get more locations someday.

  335. croyster

    Clean, Helpful, Smart, Friendly!!!! Great Flower at Great Prices!!!!

  336. jakefromstate1209

    Love coming here! Great bud and amazing prices, the wait sometimes can be a pain but it’s worth the price

  337. RobotAV

    top quality products, try this joint if you have not yet!

  338. uzama

    The Staff is so Friendly and Welcoming. I was taken back at first but it makes them great!!! Medication is topNotch

  339. chachigomez

    real nice friendly environment. great quality of flowers at reasonable prices with great specials.

  340. muffdiver32

    the place rocks. buds were fresh. the staff was knowledgeable of the stuff. my first time the staff was great to me . thank you

  341. FonzOoh

    I have been here twice in just a week. They are my new GOTO dispensary. They have good prices on high quality eighths and a very nice budtending staff. I’m going to keep bringing my business to Desert Rose.

  342. TickTickDud

    Great prices and a friendly staff that is knowledgeable with a solid selection.

  343. shanst

    Love the location, very convenient.

  344. michelle2727

    Spencer was kind and very knowledgeable. I love the staff here.

  345. pnoonan2013

    Joe, my budtender, was upbeat, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, I could keep going but you get the point. Desert Rose’s flower is 1 of the best in the valley!!! I pre-registered and received my 20% off along with 1st time customer deal. I live in South Scottsdale but will definitely be visiting again soon.

  346. ziggyboy123

    Friendly Staff, Clean and organized.

  347. skoorb12

    First time in and Joe helped me out with some flower and wax. Flower is awesome and comes in real nice glass jars. My wax was stuck to the paper pretty bad, I was worried but a couple minutes in the freezer and I was good to go. A+ quality meds! I will definitely be back!

  348. adam805

    Dr fell off… bad… was one of my fav stops… not anymore…

  349. z0nin

    hands Down best place in been to yet great people great prices the product is amazing worked very well thanks you will be seeing me soon

  350. korry

    great place I have recommended it to several people one of the only ones I like to go to great prices great product

  351. Fcukcancer

    like many reviews I’ve been reading I will say that this place used to be awesome they gave up their quality to be honest but they’re $18 eighths I no longer there but they did have them buy one get one while supplies last that was great however everything changed in price but the grow Sciences stuff is fantastic it was a good place on a budget but now there’s better places on a budget

  352. slupac

    Great flower, nice friendly customer service! Great place!

  353. hyphen61

    I’m so excited to finally have a dispensary close to home!

  354. bongsrock

    prices are nice people are great and the smoke shops cool to

  355. Kinchem

    Can’t figure out why I would be third in line and wait 30+ min only to leave without meds because I have other things I have to do today. Love you guys. Not happy today.

  356. jazmic

    Wish is was closer to me but the QS&A are worth the trip.

  357. xlok41

    Luvf this place no lie shout out spencer thanks for the help

  358. Smashleyg

    Spencer is the man. New fave dispensary

  359. BlueDayDreaming

    How are you guys commenting on the strength.. “highest trichome count”… I knew what you meant but they don’t even test do they? It’s not on the website or anywhere I could see… when i shop at places that test I go by the results even over the smell and look sometimes and never have been disappointed that way…
    Can’t say the same here, it’s a crap shoot…
    Mediocre ftp special

  360. trev445

    Great and quick service, highly recommend! Adam was awesome, and the first timer BOGO is better than anywhere else

  361. skewby

    my budtender, Adam was very helpful finding a good strain for me, very positive and shoot of good selection!

  362. Blaykyo

    best in az for price & quality, hands down. the employees are so eager to help with whatever. pure excellence with customer care! love these guys, keep it up!

  363. Datsexybooty

    Dude…. desert rose is like so gnarly. If you haven’t gone if if you haven’t gone you’re a nerd!!

  364. T2Clean4300

    great new patient deal as well as referrals

  365. madjones15


  366. Roast3d

    I like it here but it has been getting full lately and the display cases arent “display” friendly. Last time I had my head right up to someone’s backside just trying to read the labels which weren’t facing the customers.

  367. lalatorre86

    this has become my main place! the service is great, the prices are great! I love how I get a free lighter with every eighth 🙂

  368. AlenaPumpkinxoxo

    I love Desert Rose they always have the best deals on flower!

  369. doggykush

    Adam was super helpful and quick! Great service and great quaility and pricing of products.

  370. JareBear113

    This place has a great environment and great bud I recommend this place to everyone

  371. Gr8Hoops

    A ‘hidden’ gem in the Phoenix Desert but not for long. They have a beautiful dispensary with knowledgeable bud tenders. They always have great prices on a variety of strains. I recommend highly.

  372. Swavay87

    This place is awesome
    I love it
    Great product and prices
    And all the ppl there are chill…I never fee shorted or overcharged

  373. 3det1hood3

    this place hands down has the best deals for your dollars there lowest grade and it’s still looks and smoke clean very nice… I already reef-er 2 ppl here and the y love it too

  374. 19honda90

    the wait time should be reduce wait 20 minutes every time I come then to top it off they never answer their phone

  375. Jermz16

    Loved my first time there! Great Staff and deals! Thank you.

  376. onesimop

    convenient and friendly folks

  377. tpryor5992

    Great environment and Adam was super helpful and insightful. Calming experience.

  378. DaGr8estDrJ

    Awesome setup. Like there’s a complete smoke shop available. Products are FIRE! I’ll definitely be returning!

  379. DylanRo

    BRUH where do I start , man the people @ DR are chill and help me out when I have questions about the strains. Shot outs to Jon

  380. Simplexium

    This place has the best prices and quality in the valley! Jake always provides excellent service, recommending the best strains for your needs. I loved the Blue Haze and Cali Dream! Only found at our very own D-Rose!!!!

  381. rchandler

    This is place is a must to stop by. The products are always really good and the staff are very nice and helpful. Im always recomeding this place to people.

  382. meimei

    This was my first visit and everyone from the workers to the guards were super friendly. The quality of flower was amazing. I’ll definitely be going back.

  383. Williamhunker

    I had been eye balling there sign on the side of the road for weeks but had been very apprehensive to try a new dispensary. Being a 15 year Army veteran, 12 of it in combat, I don’t trust easy. So trying new things is not easy for me. But I got my self together and decided to try this new dispensary. This is a great location, good people, no over-pushy salesmen, welcoming atmosphere for those with severe Anxiety issues (such as myself), and my goodness the prices are not just cost comparable to some major dispensaries but in some cases, are cheaper for the same stains. They are still growing into their space with some vacant counters, but still have a impressive selection. Thank You, see you all soon.

  384. gplanellas

    Stopped in as a first time patient, was a great experience!! Gabby was knowledgeable and friendly! Will definitely be returning!

  385. markn1

    Good bud and great prices. Will definitely go back.

  386. notmiguel

    I love desert rose, they are truly about their customers and it shows. I’ve been a fan since their early days when they first opened and I’ve seen them grow. It’s the deals, good bud, and excellent customer service.

  387. Whiteflag

    Great location and friendly staff. Always a smooth transaction. Good quality at a fair price plus awesome sales!!

  388. lrkorn73

    Great place. Best prices in Phoenix. Great selection of bud.


    Pain meds good for the heads

  390. WilyNelson

    shout out to Patrick this place is a great location great budtender staff quality definitely stop by if you have not before

  391. Haze546

    Best dispensary in AZ hands down. Can’t beat the awesome deals and great staff. This is the only place I go.

  392. Lilbaby07

    best This place is the best director amended to everybody they have great prices and great flower

  393. Angel247

    desert rose has some bomb ass meds bomb ass deals great service

  394. CircleJerk

    This place does it right consistently. Always top notch service, always fire flower, clean and quick. Worth the drive I always recommend a trip to the Desert X.

  395. princesshaze

    I absolutely love this place. The staff is so professional and the flower is A1. Love everything about this place. Will definitely be back.

  396. cloud9kitchen

    After much research this was the very 1st dispensary I visited after getting my MMJ card. I based my decision on their FTP special offer (BOGO 8th’s), overall product prices, and proximity to my place. As a total newbie I was a little intimidated pulling into the parking lot – but after a short wait to get to the backroom I was pleasantly surprised at how well I was treated. I must have asked at least 25 questions, but the lady who assisted me was awesome and helped dial me into 3 med’s to test on my personal journey to discover what strains work best for me. Out of the 3 products I bought, 2 will be regulars in my rotation so I guess that means my first visit was a true success! I had planned on going to several dispensaries over the first few months of my newfound buying options but my 1st experience was so good I came back again to make my 2nd round of bud-testing bact @ Desert Rose (and yup got 3 keepers that time for just $60 out the door). Good show Desert Rose!

  397. DaBzNaTIoN710

    there bud is unbeatable for the price however i asked the bud tender if the wax was shatteror sugarwax i was assured it was shatter….got home it was pure sugar wax…nowhere near the shatter i was told it was! still great place for buds though.

  398. illywhoop

    it’s pretty good has alot of flower to pick from

  399. Dlawrence56

    I am new to this so I’m still learning the lingo. Everyone has been very helpful and patient with me because I am asking a lot of questions. I had Jake on my last visit and he was very pleasant and seemed to know his stuff. This is where I plan to shop.

  400. AZJR

    Love this place but the new HG stuff is not great, the clear paper is hard to work with and the flavor is just not there.

  401. ctxmike

    Very nice design and the staff is much more professional and knowledgeable than other dispensaries I’ve been to.

  402. TophBeeezy

    probably one of the best shops in AZ. and the bud is of the best quality. The strain ICE CREAM smelled ridiculous.

  403. T4tiff

    Pink electric ooooooooo sounds yummy

  404. devonc1991

    They always have great deals and great people helping you.

  405. Jessicaann412

    This facility is high class, cutting no corners. Top of the line product in excellent reusable packaging. I encountered JAKE, extremely knowledgeable, passionate and very personable! The green crack here is Amazing!! Encourages appetite, enhances alertness, yet body is relaxed and pain free! Blue dream is great for sleep and body relaxation. Love you Desert Rose! Thanks

  406. TonyDee

    Shoutout to Ryan for helping out me and my friend Danny. Seriously like this place and want to revisit very soon.

  407. dannyd0991

    great customer service koo budteners will recommend too all

  408. mizchamp67

    Great flower and for the price we’ll worth the drive anywhere in town

  409. Memphistn

    The Rose Bud it is to me they’re so so on top of da game with their products and services..I’m going back to see them & taking someone else with me dY~<

  410. ksmith420

    Best prices in town, and the quality is pretty solid! I’ll for sure be back again.

  411. budtopia

    I was surprised with this place, the wait wasn’t too long and once inside was very roomy. Shalee was my budtender and helped me pick out equivalents of some of my favorite. She was very knowledgeable. I felt Desert Rose had awesome quality flower and priced well.

  412. StarberryQT3930

    This place is great! Everyone is knowledgeable, friendly, and patient! They have great deals too 🙂 Skylar helped me today and he was fantastic!

  413. Richc76

    bomb shop nice staff. great prices. I’ll be bk

  414. Frankonweed

    First time in it was great got a free 8th and awesome service will definitely be back

  415. theChaps

    Clean, great selection, and Spencer was very helpful and knowledgeable.

  416. Biggniaha

    still the best place to buy meds

  417. cannabisbusinesslender

    By far the best Cannabis dispensary in the valley! Thank you Desert Rose!dYOEudYOE1dY

  418. chevycash9514

    I love desert rose ! Great prices excellent bud

  419. bmt620

    Great buds and great location very knowledgable staff and good vibes definitely gotta try this spot out!!

  420. crazydee73

    best prices

  421. Rachle

    I love this place so much there very friendly.

  422. Tolerence

    This is a new found favorite dispensary! Its a little bit of a drive for me but its worth it! that says a lot! the prices on flower are amazing and the variety is great! I have already brought two new patients to this location cuz i love it so much

  423. Pooka3Deep

    All the staff are friendly and helpful.

  424. allybabytm

    Great prices and even better flower. My go-to!

  425. mknwavez

    Good flower. I do not like how everything is prepackaged.

  426. toonz0325

    very clean place n great flower.. friendly staff

  427. Haggar99

    Bomb ass bud for anyone that wants too come here, excellent recommendation

  428. bapant

    Great service every time!

  429. Svipul

    I stopped by here for the first time the other day, and it’s pretty great. Clean, sleek interior, decent enough prices, and everyone was super nice. My budtender, Jake, was just absolutely wonderful. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and worked with me to ensure I walked out happy. With the combined preregistration discount, and the first time patient deal, I walked out with a bit over a quarter for $54. Pretty damn good product, I got the Pineapple Chunk and some God’s bud, and am enjoying both of them.

    My only issue is with the glass jars the product comes in. My hands are messed up, and spasm at random intervals causing me to drop things. I was a bit terrified to drop the bag by accident and break the jars. Other than that, I liked it here and will be back soon!

  430. horsingaround858

    amazing buds, flower, amazing staff and great location!

  431. eecrounse145023

    Went to this place for the first time yesterday, and I’d have to say my search is over 🙂

    Not only were the budtender Joe and the owner very welcoming, but they believe in their product and the value of good customer service. They also have the best collection of Goo, Budderscotch, and Nugs from TD Mints this side of the 101 (or perhaps in the entire Valley?)

    In terms of flower, I have not been disappointed…which is a rarity. This place is less than 7 miles from my house. I can’t say enough good things about this place!

  432. Nina17

    Love this dispensary !!! Very fast and friendly service!! Great deals always! New patient deal awesome!!

  433. brooklyn55

    love this place well worth the drive and cant beat their $22 8th i keep coming back all the time.

  434. RyanLee602

    I have had no reason to go anywhere else 🙂 🙂 very professional and nice staff. Now take into consideration this is the first dispensary I have been too. For more then one reason, I have had no other reason to go anywhere else so far. Prices are definitely reason number one 🙂 🙂 best I’ve seen on Leafly. Someday I’ll check out another place. Until then, i know im getting the best there is to offer in my area

  435. Bigbo50

    This by far is one of the most affordable and friendliest shops I’ve been to. With their classy lab coats and a glass area especially made for their crystally buds or concentrates to be burned, you tell me, anything wrong with that? Lemme get a hell nah! 😉

  436. manlety

    Great selection and new strains! Great prices!

  437. Phx602Horse

    Best Prices On Flower In Az!!!

  438. 1amazimg

    Best place in Around. I’ve had my card for about a year and they have the best flower I have found. Jesus OG is amazing


    love this place, keep up the good wrk

  440. Azhighlife420

    they stopped doing they’re $16 grams of shatter and didn’t have s*** for Valentine’s Day specials kind of upset I drove all the way out here for no deals

  441. Herbchild420

    this place has it all!!!.. this place just beats all the other places I been for flower and wow! I’m amazed

  442. mangokush9292

    quality product at a great price. great vibes and staff. always having deals !

  443. Vrichard

    You truly get your money worth love this spot

  444. isaiahprop

    The best

  445. Ghost4208

    you guys are one of my favorite places to come get my meds.. i give u 100% on everything ur all great.. thanks

  446. mrbigman602

    Tonight’s experience was dY'(c). They ran out of $59 ounces that they advertise. They should at least have the courtesy to send out a text blast or update their Leafly. You don’t even know until you get there and who knows how you had to drive there just to turn around and leave. I think this should be considered BAIT AND SWITCH SO BUYER BEWARE. They should at least put out a disclaimer WSL or call ahead to confirm because their Leafly seems to hardly ever be updated. dY~(c) to say they lost a long time Customer for this and I won’t be referring anyone else.

  447. hrpierce

    Came here, and the staff was absolutely amazing! Had a WONDERFUL first time experience and the girl who helped me went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed before I left. I love coming here!

  448. AzSuper$tupidFlame

    Would be awesome if there was more locations. Best dispensary in Arizona hands down. Great prices and dY”Y=dY”Y= meds. Anybody that doesn’t know about this place are str8 sleeping.

  449. skyorbit1093

    really liked this dispensary the selection of products they had there was great and a very friendly environment, my cashier was jon and I deffienelty would recommend his expertise he really helped me find something I absolutely love….I will be going back soon.

  450. pardz

    Busy place but I guess it was a Friday night! Good deals and good selections.would visit again 🙂

  451. thx113879

    there is definitely a indica forest fire in North Phoenix dY’,one of the best strains I ever smoked. A very clean buzzz from up north dY~Z.

  452. huptain548

    Customer Service is top notch! and the Bud is amazing!! Most definitely helps with my anxiety & migraines! highly recommend!!!

  453. jbaker2150

    This is the most professional looking dispensary I’ve seen in the north valley. The staff was courteous and friendly. They were very knowledgeable and the value for price paid was indisputable. for premium flowers they have glass jars which eliminate any concern about storage in plastic.

  454. tgifford37

    Cool atmosphere but that doesn’t matter if your flower sucks. You pay less but get way what you pay for. I had to throw it away it was so bad. Sorry but the truth hurts sometimes. Not worth the trip or fake savings.

  455. Edvis420bs

    Love this place, great atmosphere, knowledgeable staff. Very friendly and helpful, also in contention for my vote for best dispensary in az. Great Flower and great prices, don’t be mislead by the pricing. Even the 20.00 eighths are very nice.

  456. el54

    Great weed! Love the OGKB Girl Scout, it is great for bedtime. Excellent Budtender, recommended exactly what I wanted. I will go back!

  457. edwynjaimes

    such an amazing place. as a first timer i got a free 1|8, lighter, papers, and a Marijuana Dew. My Budtender was beyond great, she made me feel at home and was very knowledgeable.

  458. orcus_oculus

    I was shocked to find this location which is a little out in the middle of nowhere but is worth the trip. The buy one get one free deals were amazing. These deals in conjunction with my first time deals ended up saving over %50. The flower here has been among the best in town with a wide range of edibles and concentrates.

  459. MizzTheWizz

    Great Saturday special came it was busy but worth the wait

  460. mquarles

    This is my very first leafly review! I’m proud to write my first review on Desert Rose… I’ve visited twice and my husband once. The flower is incredible. We have high tolerances and let me say the flower here is potent! Strains I’ve been impressed with: Blue Dream, AZ Berry Kush, Pineapple Chunk. The team is super friendly and fun too. Oh and an ounce is $250 on certain strains!!

  461. AmyKlaus

    nice location, great prices and very pleasant and knowledgeable staff

  462. CheesyCheese

    Finally got to check out DR and it didn’t disappoint! The Jedi was niiiiice and the nugs were glorious…knowledgeable, friendly staff…check it out!

  463. Dread80

    Best Dispensary in town! It’s one of the only dispensarys that have the “Cookie family strands” Also best prices in town.

  464. vonjibbler

    I stopped by Desert Rose because I was working in N.Phx. Read all the reviews and was excited about trying their flower. What a bummer ! I am an avid smoker and maybe I am picky but seriously. Every strain is not supposed to taste or smell the exact same. The critical kush looked beautiful broke apart beautiful. But it smelled and tasted exactly like the other strains I picked up .Which was the cheese and chem something.Ok my budtender was a nice guy don’t get me wrong.But for my BOGO first time patient I got an Indica and asked him to pick a strong sativa for my free eighth get home look in my bag it is Indica/hybrid no sativa to be found. There are 3 dispensaries that have true top shelf flower in my opinion. This is not one of them. So use your bogo for a cartridge or an edible seasoned smokers.

  465. sfmac

    Shoutouts to the big homie Kareem…dude hooked me up during my last visit–with a legit banger dY’Y= , and it only ran me $20; the homie even slid me a lit dY”Y= house blend pre-roll…much respect aoeSdY3/4dYtmdY3/4

  466. Jeanie13

    Great place

  467. nos5150

    Love the friendly staff everyone is always smiling! First time i went got some flower called Sunburn…Awesome high smooth and unique flavor..

  468. therealconniossuer

    I’ve been coming to DR since they opened, and I am always pleased with their flower. I usually by the half oz deal and get so much kief from it. I love it!

    But recently they’ve been coming out of DR upset because of their advertising via text. They’ll advertise one thing at one price, but when you get there it’s either different product or different price. They don’t seem to realize the impact of improper advertising does on a business reputation. Besides the fact that it’s federal law to offer the advertised price. I get annoyed by other dispensaries who send out multiple text messages, sometimes to correct a mistake in the first text, but at least they fix it, unlike DR. It’s a long drive to make to not get what was advertised.

    better luck next time.

  469. reliabledave

    first time patient, I drove up from Chandler well worth the drive, the general atmosphere was good great vibes with other patients the staff was excellent bud are right on point, it’s a bit of a drive but certainly worth it I will return.

  470. burt420

    Location is pretty much out of the way lmaoooo, so now that they got there weird boof pack that literally was grown for looks to sell you dummies $15 eighths of legit plant matter with no thc, there aEURoetop shelfaEUR suppose to be 40 an eighth is now $55 and $400 ozs. HA I literally would go here and buy two ozs every two weeks for $500, and that was pushin it. Talking about nothing but another shitty business. One being that lost all mine. Ha!

  471. samjkr1969

    Flower price cant be beat. Customer service sucks.

  472. twerkz

    Super dope and very welcoming feeling! Flower and dabs are fire dY’1/2

  473. 420goldenhour

    Great service but the flower I got was a bit dry.

  474. percbuster

    I really like this shop they have great prices and a huge selection!

  475. guadalupe.s.1

    Great drive out desert rose has great strains and flavor that has great effects immediately I would highly recommend this location it’s my new favorite spot lake of fire is a great staring as well must try it

  476. gbell420

    High energy and fast service! Very helpful on my first visit!

  477. cactus.pat

    The staff here is awesome they are so nice and the building is brand-new everything’s smells really good the buds are totally stinky

  478. blackwidow0415

    Really great atmosphere and great hospitality… Good selection of multiple products and flowers … definitely going back soon.. two thumbs up

  479. MrsJohnson01

    love the prices and the friendly customer service

  480. rollinbluntz88

    Best dispensary in town

  481. Flea12525

    Best stains on the westside!

  482. barnell27

    Definitely enjoy this place. Atmosphere, prices, etc. thank you desert rose 🙂

  483. Iamdjtati

    I come here a lot and I feel if you have your account on leafly and your going to be closing early or opening late at least update it on the website. I drive 20mi out because I really enjoy this dispensary but the miscommunication is very upsetting. I literally waited a hold hour and a half to be served

  484. Jerrylovesgreen

    I have written many reviews on leafly in the past. I always speak my mind. Desert Rose is the new kid on the block and they are shining. First time in bogo is sweet!! All of their products are fire!! I took a look at everthing Spencer was the most knowledgeable budtender I’ve spoke with in a very long time. He helped me pick out black berry soda and thin mint gsc. Hard choice between all the beautiful flowers… Loved the experience I will definitely be back!!

  485. Jimothy7467

    Absolutely love this place!! Amazing customer service and a good, quality product everytime!

  486. Sleelz

    First time patient & first dispensary. Very friendly and answered all my questions. The BOGO (buy one 1/8th get one free) for new patients rocked. The bud tender even told me about a special the next day on something I was going to buy so saved me money as well. Love the live resin. Will be my 1st choice when needing more Meds. Thanks

  487. pewlboi12

    Shawn was my budtender today and gave me great service. Had to shout him out although I always get good service here. Thx DR!!!dY’

  488. CHRISMELO82

    For being my first time this place is really good my budtender Adam was great. I’ll definitely p going back to the store again

  489. aprilbuns

    Some of the most amazing deals! This is hands down one of my favorite dispensaries and I would love to visit more but it is a little far away from where I live. I always get Adam as my budtender and he’s the coolest and always provides information about the meds. Thanks so much! I’ll be returning soon.

  490. azpebbles

    Extremely friendly staff – nice set up.

  491. LitT72

    this is my go to shop

  492. YTmac

    out of the way but worth the drive. Quality and prices are top notch.

  493. javier1993

    Great atmosphere and even better pricing

  494. madmax258

    $20 eighths. ….seriously and it’s not bunk ethier. this place has it all, best prices meds and you ain’t seen their glass collection. ..

  495. rannis

    $20 eighths can’t beat it

  496. Miyagiku

    This place is amazing outstanding service I was so happy and pleased with all there services and my medication! !!

  497. countrt4209

    Amazing place hands down best deals and tree a lil hidden but not too hard to find Abby was my bud tender and she was very knowledgeable and energetic made my stop fun, quick and easy! Great place!

  498. mikeb47

    This place is definitely not worth the drive unless you want to go to a toxic business place where you get bad customer service.

  499. Nephew28

    great flower great deals ppl here are cool nd really help u wit wats best for u nd your needs I recommend it to plenty of ppl…

  500. AGalindo

    Lots of options and very good deals. Skylar took the time to show me new inventory every single visit.

  501. mitchell2016

    I love this place!! I only come here for my medicine and I always recommend. always the best medicine:)

  502. soda215

    Only go here always got the high quality.

  503. ReyesSeyer660022

    Desert rose as a good environment. Love their products.5 stars from me

  504. paytonspradlin1

    Awesome birthday deal! Super friendly staff and great flower.

  505. Tbowned

    gotta leave a top notch review again. this place has taken care of me and my fiance. knowledge and deals every time. shout out to Spencer who always helps me. great employee and get business. thank you and I’ll see you soon!

  506. Leyla_alyel90

    They really care about patients. From their first time patient deals to their low prices on shelves. They even have more discounts then other dispensary’s. They really helped me out and I feel like they really care.

  507. Delilah0121

    This place is awesome !!!!! Amazing prices , great staff , most importantly wonderful strains. Really recommend this place and will be comin back

  508. Asshia

    Good first time patient deal; medicine is good. Kinda far out but worth it.

  509. Deelyla

    Just got blue dreams a~o. love it . Definitely on my favorites list.

  510. Sethschick2015

    great place love there meds cheap an affordable

  511. blazedallday2420

    great little shop, prices are good and flower is too. treat yourself. #bestburritorollerintown

  512. EdgarAllanPoser

    Spencer, Gabby, and everyone else who works here is amazing! I’m never going anywhere else!!! dY~

  513. happygamer94

    by far one of the most beautiful parts of AZ has to offer for the strains here are great also
    love to know that they are participating in the vets for herb. came here as a FTP

  514. Ktaycheney

    My fiancA(c) & I visit Desert Rose often, the staff is always friendly & the products are always great. We love the fact that each purchase accumulates points & were pleasantly surprised with how few people were there this evening when we stopped by. In & out in under 9 minutes!

  515. TenRoyals

    best budtenders fast service! love these guys great quality meds.

  516. sabra01

    I love the quality of flower here the most recent strains I tried was purple chemdawg and tohoe og I was HIGHLY satisfied.! Thank you desert rose dYa$?i,dY~dYOE2

  517. blinky602

    Awesome dispensary, excellent staff! Worth every bit of the 102 mile round trip! Have no problem driving past all the sub par dispensaries on my way here!

  518. NellieRubio

    The flower here is dank. The prices are phenomenal. Definitely worth the drive.

  519. angellopez1001

    Skyler was my Budtenders on my first time visit and he had amazing customer servicedY’ but didn’t offer me any educational material. The way they have their setup is almost perfect only thing I’d suggest is displaying the flower better because it confusing to know what is where and can be a little over whelming. I picked out Funk and Ice Cream BOGO 1/8 but the Ice Cream gave me a killer headachedY~-. Love the pricing.

  520. sin001

    bye one get one thanksdY’dY’

  521. Jpotts

    totally high class! my go-to source for good quality and prices!

  522. Jenn1e

    Thank you guys for the B-day goodies!! We will see you all soon. Your Reefer Realtors!!

  523. gottacatchemall

    first time in. my new favorite place to get meds. the grease monkey is spot on

  524. Bombganjasmoker420

    Desert Rose is a great dispensary they have great deals on flower and wax and the employees are great very helpful and friendly

  525. alexgrun

    Love it. Andrew and Scott are Gs.

  526. vncummings623

    Do not waste your time!!!

  527. grneyesnphx

    love this dispensary

  528. MrJsLaughter

    Now this happens to be the 3 most resent time I have stopped in. Customer Service is never the issue, the quality of the medicine that’s on discounted to the regular tiered vs going to another locations for their medical product is getting to the point of lack of standing by your own products or those your selling. Example, the last 3 times I have came in, the reps are always friendly. Now after discussing what offers and Best Buy. I purchase my medicine and go home. Now the 1st time, My thought were maybe it was common to have about 7 – 9g worth of stems, but the 2nd with 7 – 8g then now this most recent 1 again with 6 – 8g. Not too mention the last 2 batches were extremely dry as in crumbles to powered. If this is the product to purchase if their offering discounts and reps stating the tier level product isn’t as good as the sell product. I’d take my medical needs to another store front. Just Saying..

  529. rp4missionaz

    The best dispensary around and the only one I go to!

  530. tdogg2284

    love this place and its not close but very well worth it staff is so amazing at helpinge get what i like im still looking for that gelato 17 again thanks guys

  531. z32holset

    This place has the best wax.

  532. genette

    Desert Rose is by far the best dispensary their flower is awesome please dont let the low price full you. I had ended up with a flat tire and employees actually came out to help, so when they say patients come first… Im a TRUE BELIEVER!! THANKS GUYS:-)

  533. ThomasLeonor04

    This place was amazing and the people were friendly. They have an awesome change rewards point system and the best place to get half oz for cheap of quality stuff.

  534. jlkibby

    The friendliest service. Best knowledge of product.

  535. ggggggunot

    great flower and staff

  536. Tarajo3333

    Love the staff here! They make me feel like I’m the most important person in the world.

  537. daytrippergrrl

    The people who work there always make me feel welcome, they never make me feel rushed, and are super friendly, so far I have no complaints on the weed I seem to get what I paid for.

  538. IamAA

    Nice place, nice people, nice smoke. Looking forward to next visit

  539. Ladycreaturestein

    This dispensary has ruined me on all others based on their exceptional products and amazing service! Their prices cannot be beat and I will not shop anywhere else unless out of extreme need. This place is the #1 dispensary in Az

  540. vannastorm13

    Absolutely wonderful service, and incredibly helpful employees! Quality was amazing for the price also! Definitely going to be a returning customer.

  541. cterminator

    These guys have really upped their game. Amazing quality for a dispensary here in AZ. The great deals make high quality medicine affordable even on the tightest of budgets like mine. Once I tried one of the oil cardridge and oh my
    gosh it’s a lot different than another dispensary. Everybody should be going here!

  542. osobear915

    Spot is awesome and tenders are very friendly and helpful.. If you haven’t been.. What are you waiting for ..Great prices and flowers bomb.

  543. ReddBeauty

    I love the staff here, they are always super friendly and they make sure to remember the faces of their patients. The product is wonderful and they always have the best sales!

  544. SativaSamIam

    Second Post:

    Last week I blew it. I was working on the West side, when I was done I checked Leafly and saw a dispensary at Metro Center, so I went in. I bought their Cotton Candy. Bummer, weak and it lasted five minutes. I was on the back porch twelve times an hour, went thru two-eighths, in three days. Yow! SO, lets go deeper here. I’ve been keeping track of the change on the dollar that they round-up at Desert Rose. Forty-one cents here, sixty cents there. It’s added up to where I figure it’s about enough to buy a pre-roll. So, I’m thinking I might bust my next bud tender out. Say something like, I figure you guys owe me a joint by now, with all the rounding up money I’ve left on the table. (Tee hee) But Desert Rose is too cool yo bust out. Today I went in looking to buy ten pre-rolls, all Chem-4. They only had three left, so to be cool about it the budman laid an eigth of killer on me. Righteous treatment. How cool is that? Thanks Desert Rose! TBIA

  545. mallen5750

    Can’t beat the daily $25 eighths, love the atmosphere very professional staff and great quality medicine. Not to mention the glass shop! Will definitely be coming back

  546. Sugagreen

    Great service, extreme range of options, workers are very nice and informative. Would definitely recommend coming on in!

  547. Doodler

    This place ROCKS! always friendly and they have the BEST deals I’ve seen anywhere. friendly and very helpful staff with straight bud knowledge. they take care of you like family. f***en love you guys!!!!!

  548. Zoey517

    What happened to the flower at Desert Rose?? It used to be so good and now I’m just disappointed. I need higher grade flower at a decent price. The dispensary used to have that. I don’t go there like I used to anymore, there are better dispensaries out there.

  549. deanjblackford

    Awesome selection. Great service. Awesome Deals!! Recommend you to all my card holding friends.

  550. craigbrownb4

    My go-to on the north side of town.. great prices, great flower.. Adam is a cool dude too, real mellow and informative..

  551. mnader215

    I am not going to be able to say enough good things in this space, so here is a quick summary! Fresh, clean, STRONG medical grade, served by knowledgeable friendly staff at what I think to be very fair prices. They now have an ATM as well, with killer deals evry week.

  552. Baremetal

    This is one awesome little dispensary with a very clean pharmaceutical feel. Jake was my budtender and his knowledge, friendly service and great recommendations made for a perfect experience.

  553. Allahjesuspiece

    Was greeted right away , front desk staff was friendly and chill . Aaron was my bud tender knowledgeable gave great recommendations made the experience 5star

  554. 1slickSS

    this is my only place I will go for flower now, the prices are competitive but the quality is incredible! don’t waste your time looking for better flower, these guys have it!

  555. jf7823

    Came to this place on thanksgiving day because of its deals. But found out when I got home why the flower is so cheap. I couldn’t even smoke it, it hurt so bad. Wasn’t even the cheap stuff either, it was the 35 an 8th Sour Tangie. If you are in a hole and need some cheap weed, by all means come here. The staff was really cool to me, just wish the product was smokeable

  556. dmoney235

    Best place on the north side!!

  557. APIAG671

    Thanks mj for helping me out my brother

  558. encizo97

    My favorite dispensary and it was my first time going !!! Gorilla Glue #5 is some fire ass bud!!

  559. HardcoreHippy

    I love this place!!!! Best in the north valley!!! The budtenders are amazing and know their products. Great place I frequent here often.

  560. LGARNOLD67

    best bud for the price

  561. Ricky93

    great deals everyday! well worth the drive! definitely recommend this dispensary!

  562. Foxyrobin

    Location is great and closer then most for the northern end of town. Kimberly and the other Staff were very friendly and helpful. I will be back to sample more.

  563. Sweeneydanielle14

    great buds, great prices!!

  564. Gomez9741

    Got what I had asked for this time , THANKS.
    I probably won’t come back because my local spot is seriously doing it proper

  565. kinish16

    This dispensary always has a great selection for a fraction of the cost. have bought flower and cartridges here. can’t beat the price!!! the popcorn but
    nug ounces are great they have great taste and flavor and pack the same punch. I would suggest that for your best value!!!

  566. Evandju

    Love the Flower best prices…

  567. 92cody123

    I come here quite often, far drive but worth it! The budtenders are really easy to get along with and help you get the right meds. $25 8ths and it’s actually good bud. They’re top shelf is fire, as well as the crumble and shatter. Try this place out!

  568. Grifter21788

    This place is awesome, I stopped in there the other week for some blue dream and GDP, and it was awesome. I can’t remember the guy at the front desks name, but he was really friendly, joked that I had the name of the day, and was really awesome. Then Adam was there to assist me with my purchases and everything, Adam was really chill, very knowledgeable on everything they have there, and all around was a big help and very awesome. I will definitely be checking this place out again, awesome atmosphere, awesome and friendly staff who are very knowledgeable, and prices are not to bad. And the flower quality is awesome, really good Blue Dream and Gdp.

  569. CarrieLou

    Extremely clean facility. Dayana is personnel, enthusiastic and fun!

    The staff was helpful and I will definitely be returning to do business !!!

  570. gpauli5443

    very far out of town, but very well worth the drive for quality and price. Friendly staff.

  571. commonsensebro

    Not really getting why people are so upset about the addition of a new “premium shelf” when they have 8ths starting at $18 and offer various other price points depending on your budget. If one price point is to high for you.. get a cheaper 8th its that simple. I drive down from Flagstaff once every month just to get my meds from these guys and not once have I ever been disappointed with quality. I suggest “purple orange” “jawa” or “blue dot x irene apparition” that’s what I picked up last week (all $18)

    Keep up the great work Desert Rose!!

  572. Dylanssy4

    Great flower and a awesome atmosphere to be In

  573. whjg

    great location, friendly staff, high quality meds.

  574. amonty

    This place is typically my favorite dispensary; however, I’ve been charged tax during the alleged Tax Free Morning time twice now. Do I have to specifically ask for this if it’s a daily special? That seems like shady business practices.

  575. angelise13

    Love this place! Great buds, and nice helpful bud tenders! Sweet referral program.

  576. kduchon

    Great service by Savannah and amazing product.

  577. Minus99x

    Great prices

  578. zone2

    wonderful staff always happy n ready to help, best prices bt It’s not all aboutaEUR

  579. buckchorris

    Wanted to wait till after my second visit to rate this location both times were spot on! Bud tenders are knowledgeable and super nice. Weed is superb and they have a great selection to medicate from. Also with a headshop on site it makes it easy to do a one stop shop!

  580. Ksteffes

    Best prices in the valley, favorite dispensary to go to. Vibe is always great, extremely friendly budtenders. Sean is incredibly helpful, respectful, and knowledgeable. Always leave here with a smile on my face.

  581. thethirday

    Great products .. quality people.. as stated wait can be rough.. but the churn out people as quick as possible. If they had the menu available with ALL strains it would help others move through quicker. I have gone in to get a posted menu item, to get back and see several other strains not on the menu. Otherwise, it is a good location indeed.

  582. BenDeLaCreme

    This was the first dispensary I went to, the staff were super honest and helpful finding me a starter strain, never made me feel uncomfortable or unintelligent.

  583. rsoards

    I’m so excited for this dispensary! North Phoenix definitely needed a great place like this! I stopped by the day they opened and it was an awesome experience! All of the staff are very friendly and knowledgable. I picked up gelato concentrate which is AMAZING! And dj short blueberry.. Both very high quality some of the best I’ve had in a long time. I will continue to come back here and recommend checking it out! Gabby “dabby” and spencer were very helpful!

  584. teachdent

    On the outskirts of town, but a great place with excellent service and prices!

  585. bigwhitejordan

    Always great flowers and good deals!!!!! You guys rock thanks for everything

  586. BostonBlunt

    Good choices for the price and you’re in and out quickly. Dabby Gabby is a delight.

  587. juniorboy29

    PuffTuff first-time patient be there today

  588. sunfolyfe13

    Awesome dispensary, would recommend to anyone

  589. grneyedvixennphx

    love this location great prices my go to spot.

  590. Abigailrae

    Wonderful people who are ready to ask any of my questions. You don’t have to worry about any stigmas here, which is a huge relief from the scrutinization I get from society. It is a breath of fresh air to finally find a group of people who can have an open conversation about medical marijuana without any awkward feelings of feelings of being judged. I recommended my friend who went, and he absolutely loves it to. Thanks, Desert Rose!

  591. submariner300

    this dispensary is bomb! they have nice quality flowers and the pricing is very good, it’s in a good location unlike some of the sketchy spots the others are located, cool budtenders that are knowledgeable. looking forward to going back, AHYEAH!!

  592. jodeew

    This is truly a great place to go to get information and everything you need for medicine!

  593. vincent.kellogg.3

    Great place to get your meds!
    Been going here since it opened.
    Would like to see some pics of the new glass shop, that would be awesome to see.

  594. kailey420

    Great place, great bud. here for my bday special.

  595. Flames92

    I’m sad that I live so far but out of every dispensary I have visited in the past 3 years this one takes the cake. I had only had the chance to test out their concetrates and the crumble I bought was tasty! Can’t wait to try their flower as well <3

    PS. Pricings here beat EVERY dispensary in the valley.

  596. Lolita7979

    Great product and awsome staff. I will recommend defiantly

  597. Kjnnjk

    Love this location and its selection of meds!! Great prices on edibles !! Joe was very helpful and knowledgeable!

  598. Emersonbiggins

    Ain’t out of the way but the prices and quality more than make up for it. Knowledgeable and super friendly bud tenders.

  599. gregorygoon

    first off jon and jake are the ones you want deal with
    quality product
    best prices in the valley
    amazing crumble

  600. stevie97

    This has become my go to dispensary I love the product and the quality the price is so great I love the environment and everybody is always so friendly. I will continue to recommend this dispensary!

  601. jojo58

    great shade/mister system. can wait outside in comfort. Employee’s are wonderful. They are always smiling and very helpful. Any questions I have are always answered. I only go to this location. Tried many other places none as good as Desert Rose.

  602. Mh42022

    Great staff, Great flower. Pat & Rachel are some of the best Budtenders.

  603. Chris1991a

    i love it im only 3 miles away

  604. Oreolover

    DR never disappoints. One of few that offers a free 1/8th for referring a friend. Staff is always fun and friendly!

  605. tarat345

    Great place! Love the budtenders!

  606. AgentOrange25x

    Great shop!! I really enjoyed, the quality of the products and the friendliness and knowledge of the staff were fantastic!!

  607. john.janecek.16

    Way far away but im in mesa.
    Good looking Buds !

  608. jenkh

    I’ve been here several times now and I really like this dispensary. I’ve never had to wait long and the budtender sate super helpful and friendly. I’m hoping they keep expanding their flower line and getting new products.
    The first time I went there they forgot to discount one of my products. I called them and they made a note in my account. The next time I went in they brought up my account and mentioned that I had a credit before I even had to ask 🙂 Mistakes happen, but they handled it well.
    They also have some of the best prices I’ve seen. The $25 1/8ths are still a good quality flower. The only thing I’ve noticed is that generally they are small buds vs the big ones you get with premium pricing. The quality is still there as far as flavor and effectiveness.
    This is now one of my favorite dispensaries.

  609. freshsince1991

    a vending machine could give better product knowledge. this dispensary is falling apart. taking away most all specials, SUPER long wait time and commonly disrespectful to their customers. front desk lady typically eating food like she don’t get a break to do so. gives me inaccurate limit dates repeatedly and now won’t tell you over the phone.

  610. dviddvis

    Great environment! Went in today as a first time patient and Desert Rose exceeded my expectations! I’ll be back, thanks guys!

  611. Nejected

    Love love love this place. Already my favorite and I just got my card. Best prices best deals love their texts when I get them.

  612. Lovinglife67

    I shopped here when Desert Rose first opened and it was less than a pleasure. Very little flower, no atm, disorganized, ect. Fast forward several months and it is my go to dispensary. Clean, friendly, knowledgeable, atm and a head shop. A shout out to Johnny, he’s great, honest and helps you find some awesome bud. Flower is top notch, I have never been disappointed. Love that coupons can be used even if something is on special. New head shop side is fully stocked and reasonable priced. With that being said I would like to see a special or coupon on that side of the room. Parking is sometimes tricky but last time I was there a friendly parking assistant was outside waiting to direct me. Several people have mentioned that they need music or some distraction in the waiting room as it is pretty small and you really get to know your neighbors a little too well. Final impression, love this place and is my go to.

  613. Fatwood

    awesome staff, product and prices! I recommend them for all medicinal needs!

  614. Toryatt

    Amazing staff good prices recommend them to anyone on a budget or just looking for good medicine

  615. tomlenom75

    Friendliest staff yet! PLUS $18 eighths and $36 quarters!?!?! Seriously go out of your way to get over there!

  616. JaxterJoints

    absolutely ecstatic that I found this place. Great atmosphere as soon as I walked in was greeted, I actually drove about 45 min to get here because the prices are just amazing. I was sceptical on the weed quality because of the low prices but there flower was stunning. Smell, Look, Taste all on point. Scott (guy with the dreads) did an amazing job at helping me look around the find the right flower for my taste ” I like the strong stuff 😉 ” either way I will be recommending this to everyone I know who is looking for quality for a great price. will be seeing you guys again soon. Thanks for the amazing experience!!!

  617. TheBabe420

    Desert rose has become the best shop in north Phoenix. The staff is friendly and super chill. The bud is always high quality and the specials always rock. I’m working my way to collect every clipper lighter they have LOL

  618. kladida2

    Great prices and awesome quality. Friendly staff and the have a pretty big smoke shop inside as well with some cool looking pieces. I will definitely be backdY~S

  619. jeremyromero

    awsome place great service and good bud

  620. huntm2017

    Friendly staff. But…. I purchased 3 different strains ( sorry, can’t remember which ones) and all were EXTREMELY dry. I mean, turned to powder. They do put their flower in jars for you(nicer packaging), but then again, I am not there to purchase the jar…..

  621. stretch1810

    liked it. worth the drive.

  622. jojorios77

    great place

  623. Thebyrdking

    Best prices on concentrate anywhere in town hands down!

  624. jjswoosh

    This location use to be the spot to go, but now ever since you can’t open containers to smell, they don’t take your phone calls to see which buds are available and have also raised prices and dropped discounts very disappointing

  625. Parnelli98

    Just want to say a big “thank you” to all of the staff at Desert Rose for making my first visit there a very enjoyable one. And one more big “thank you” to budtender Rachel, who was very friendly & knowledgeable in helping me find exactly what I was looking for. Kudos!

  626. LoonyBinster

    This is by far my favorite dispensary. Jon Kulas helped me out today. He was very informative and helpful with checkout. Good quality, good prices, and good employees.

  627. Denise2

    Very disappointed. Drove down here because I counted on the menu being updated. It said they had Girl Scout cookies and they had none.

  628. pardyhardy

    shatter is killer. flower is amazing and good. great spot for patients looking to be treated the best. superb selection

  629. ohigh2161985

    New prices love it one of the best

  630. Pittylover2012

    friendly. nice selection. small waiting room though.

  631. tfumean

    got my card yesterday and i was close to desert rose first time patient and it was great loved the way the room felt all the buds AMAZING!!! the budtender really helped she was great with the strains and effects of the medicine definitely coming back !!!!!! (HIGHLY RECOMMEND)

  632. sdp0317

    Desert Rose was the first dispensary I visited after obtaining my card a year ago. They offer the most variety of products and at the lowest prices in the valley. The budtenders are experienced and always willing to offer suggestions. They continue to be my favorite dispensary.

  633. gabeestrada3

    My new go-to dispensary since I relocated. A little out of the way but worth the drive! Very friendly staff, with CRAZY quality bud at a great price. Adam assisted me on the first visit and recommend some of the best GDP I’ve had in a while!

  634. s1ack3r

    Great new dispensary, easy in and out, very well laid out and easy to see their products. So great service on the 2 or 3 times I have gone here. Staff seems to know about their product they are selling. I will be returning for more…

  635. Rage867

    Amazing selection and excellent customer service.

  636. Bernardv2831

    Great staff with great knowledge, took the time to explain everything. My go to place

  637. shaunazreynolds1982

    BEST despencery in Arizona hands down!!!!!!

  638. wiffed

    Love the location. No parking problems. Easy in and out. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Prices are great. Good selection. New dispensary so it appears they are still growing the business. Awesome Veteran’s Day special. This could be my go-to dispensary.

  639. pineapplepirate

    I noticed they have a lot of hats..
    ..more than I noticed the main product. No sativa shatter and the shatter I got tastes like stems : ) yum ..guessing 54% thc feels trailing off to 27%

  640. bg1776

    Everyone here was welcoming and nice. Shaun helped me out, he was knowledgeable and friendly. Prices are good.

  641. chndlrcrws

    Visited here for the first time yesterday and had a great experience! Staff was extremely helpful when it comes to finding exactly what you need. I will for sure be coming back here and telling all my friends.

  642. Smokeking214

    Desert Rose is the best around! Wonderful service always, every knows your name and makes you feel at home. Bud tenders are very knowledgeable on everything they sale. Never need to shop any where else!!!!!

  643. Manny92

    D rose is my go to spot for flower best prices in town love the rewards system

  644. krygs89

    Desert Rose is the best! High quality flower and best prices in valley and they have RAW cones! Love it

  645. Danielsbaked480

    i love the 80$ ounce deals. best flower quality on this side of town. cartridges are also a go to product. every time i go in its nothing but smiles and good attitudes.

  646. ABentley01

    Best dispensary. Best prices. Great selection. Has definitely became
    my favorite shop. I recommend to every patient.

  647. kevin289628

    I have to say this is the best dispensary I have gone too.. I love how they call me by name before I even give them my card. The employees are wonderful and very helpful. it’s located on 7th Ave and Happy valley. The bud there is amazing and they have great prices I will recommend this dispensary to everyone.

  648. moogan27

    Really liked this dispensary. Jake was really nice, helped me find the right strains. Very good prices on just about everything.

  649. bradcree

    Adam did a great job explaining how things work at dispensary went over products and pricing. Great first time patient special.. will come back even though it is a distance.

  650. brianbown

    Well, the prices are right. But for a place that puts patients first they will not respond to questions posed by a patient online through their sites contact e-mail. “We’ll get back to you shortly”, is what the site says. I’m still waiting for a response.

  651. cp247

    Still my go to for flower! Great prices and killer herb

  652. possenda

    These are the best deals in town the budtenders are so knowledgeable no matter what I’m feeling whether it’s a headache or a body ache or my IBD is in a flare-up they always know exactly the right prescription this is my go-to place love it!

  653. killroyboyhu

    I love desert rose this is my favorite dispensary come try it out today and see whyaoeOEi,

  654. hippylocs

    Great trees, got some fire… Theo looked out on the BoGo, he was really informative too. The energy in there was real cool too. It’s right up the street, definitely my new spot.

  655. penelopeq

    Great service, love the atmosphere and they always have what I need!!

  656. candy007

    Good prices and ftp special! The flower tasted bomb and the staff was very knowledgeable:)

  657. merryaz

    I was coaxed up to this location with their buy one 8th get on free new patient offer – and the fact that they had one of my favorite strains available. When I got to the location it was rustic, and very busy. I found the vibe a little intimidating vs the other dispensaries in town. I had to wait about 30mins to get served – in guessing everyone was taking advantage of the bogof deal going down. Once served, the budtender was very nice. But seemed more apt of offering me free papers and lighters than knowing about the strains of weed they sell. They also do not grow their own weed, which leads me to my biggest issue with the place. I purchased top tier flower, packaged a week or two prior to purchase. It was dry and weak. I smoked one joint and felt nothing so smoked another and felt a little. The taste was awful, and not anything like the strain I normally procure from a different location in town. I trashed the weed it was that bad! I advise that you spend a little more on your product at dispensaries that know what they’re doing rather than simply trying to push bad weed out cheap to make dollar. I will not be returning here.

  658. majik1311

    best staff fast service great flower

  659. sisco2423

    Great place with good buds at a very reasonable price

  660. damirsabic

    Amazing location, I felt very comfortable. Excellent, FRESH, products.

  661. jamesjamesjames1023

    prices are great place is nice staff is great

  662. mlg344

    I abaolutely love the glass side! Cheapest 9x refined butane ever! Absolute Best Parchment Paper EVER!!!!!!!!! And the tenders are so patient and have all the answers to my quesions 🙂 Shout out to Adam you did a great job man, I came allllll the way back out here again! My Only dissapointment grow team was your $35 selection of eighths. I picked kaboom and when I got home it had literally hundreds of the tiniest premi seeds you ever did see. That gave me headaches and I am givin you guys a second chance with that tier’s selection. But I still love the atmosphere and the deals are spectacular!

  663. Sp8ceCowboy

    Well of course DR comes thru again! $65 OZ of Sour Banana Sherbert that is fresh and smooth smoking! And that was just the beginning….

  664. jdatoon

    I do like the great prices for their amazing selection of flower

  665. RyansHope

    Most of the girls work the front desk have a good personality BUT you know who you are and YOU feel it is ok to be mouthy behimd glass window. Learn some manners you are dealing with patients!

  666. kayllajean

    Only gave one star because I can’t give zero. Come in this place all the time no issues, went into here today , not sure if you got someone new but he was RUDE . Made me so uncomfortable asked for my stuff back and had to leave. When asking for cards back he laughed at me. Worst experience ever. Told everyone not to come back . Cheap weed is good but not if the service is horrible. You lost one loyal customer and several others now

  667. krypto453

    This was my first time there. Excellent Meds got maut wowi sunburn, chem dawg . It didn’t take a lot of time to fill out pp wk. there prices are top notch, I live in Sun City a few miles from here, I’ll be back!!

  668. golfnug

    always quick service here, like other reviews the wait room is small but the hussle it up well, great staff, great prices, good buds.

  669. jessnjazz24

    so far super excited. wait was nothing. gotta go home and check out this flower

  670. AZfrank

    I was really impressed with Desert Rose. The meds are really high quality and the staff are quite knowledgeable and friendly.

  671. zakkaryh

    it may be remote but this place actually has a good thing going I did not receive anything for writing this review I just actually enjoy the service the provide and will return if it stays that way

  672. Elijah1a

    I was very impressed. Joe the gentlemen that helped me was a true professional. He made me feel welcome and was extremely helpful, not to mention the flower is amazing. This is my new favorite dispensary.

  673. DildoSchwaggins

    Patrick was the single best budtender I have ever encountered in my life. His knowledge of the plant was astounding. If not for his young appearance, I’d say he’s spent the last 50 years of his life growing, feeding, and loving on some plants. Without a doubt will be returning. In fact, this is probably my new home. Will definitely be requesting the mad genius Patrick every time! Thanks Desert Rose!

  674. big_nate

    Very nice place! At a lot of dispensaries around the valley the budtenders have almost no idea what they are selling. The staff here were very professional and well-capable of answering questions, thanks again to Joe who helped me out on my first visit

  675. unklejoe25

    Went 8n on a Friday to get an ounce told didnt have it get it back on Saturday go in Saturday and am told it wont be available till a week from now

  676. topmarks

    This is my favorite of them all. The people are great, good product and can’t beat the prices. One love

  677. djy420

    Amazing place! A right choice for a first time experience

  678. azhomepro

    Amazing deals

  679. xtinamarie

    I love Desert Rose! Best dispensary in Phoenix! Great prices, product and people!

  680. leog701

    one of the best dispo i been to i love how they cover my tax before noon great flower and great prices!!

  681. chefchieffe

    I’ve gone to this dispensary two times now and both times have been great experiences. The tenders are always happy and helpful which in turn provides a better experience for the customers. My most recent time, Dabby Gabby helped me out and she was very energetic and had a great attitude. She helped me choose the edibles (Which knocked me on my ass) and showed me not
    all of the hemp2o drinks are gross. Will go going back soon.

  682. Singlewingle

    Bud is always dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=. That Pure &a Simple juice is legit. Every budtender will tell the truth about the quality of the tree so don’t be afraid. I drive 15 miles past 5 dispensaries to come here. GG#5 is dY”Y=, Deep Sleep was stupid dY”Y=.

  683. cgwinn1985

    This location is definitely the most professional looking establishment I have encountered since I started using MMJ. The staff is just as professional and knowledgeable as well. Adam & Jake took care of my medical needs, and immediately made me feel comfortable as soon as I walked through the door. I will definitely be visiting this location in the future.

  684. morgan85209

    well I would love to give this place a better score but after today I’m done making the drive. The budtender didn’t know a damn thing how do you work there and not know what any of the strains do? free pre-rolls for reviews gone, discount for returning glass containers gone, 20% for vets gone. well nice knowing you desert rose hire people who know about your products before selling it.

  685. azulfalcone420

    Gabby was very helpful… I will make this a regular stop for sure.

  686. ProLeanSipper777

    I’ve been going to Desert Rose for a few months now and the service is great. I had my first problem with one of their kind live resin cartridges and I told them about the problem and they went above and beyond for me. This place has excellent customer service!!

  687. dcamarena

    flower quality is weak at best. no percentages to go off of, asked how they rate their flower without test results and was told sight and smell… wtf! customer service was ok but not knowledgeable.

  688. msdoowhop

    By far my fav dispensary! Great quality and even better prices!

  689. heatherbuzzed

    it has great deals. nice ppl. i luv it. i come whenever i can.

  690. larrygreen1252

    I asked for half an ounce. A q of green crack, and 8th of chronic thunder and an 8th of blueberry. the girl rang up a full ounce. turned my q into a half and my 8ths into Q’s. then I paid. but just as she was putting it in the bag I realized she goofed up my whole order. I asked for it to be fixed. so they took half the oz back and gave me my change. but told me they couldn’t get me my allotment back. but could give me a number to call. so I waited for the “number” which turned out to be a website not a number. after spending a decent amount of time on said website I found the number to call. they transferred me 3 times to tell me, all you can do is go on and complain. not fix anything. just complain. so thank you desert Rose for you competent staff.

  691. catie420

    Desert rose is a pretty cool spot!Love the atmosphere, not to mention they have an awesome staff!!! Spencer was my budtender and helped me pick out the best strain in house! He Def knows his strains! I’ll be back soon to get some goods~ dYOE1

  692. waylonwools

    Was just in there and bought that ounce of jawa kush and my bud tender was awesome. Thanks for doing such a good job man

  693. Sackle

    Rad place

  694. Booger420

    Great low prices on flowers and great customer service feels like a cheers

  695. Pattyz420

    Got a hookup for my birthday

  696. jpalm14

    i think this place is great, budtender knew his stuff and was personable. he was so personable i recommended black mirror, you’re welcome!

    the gdp is amazing.

  697. xaipe

    Good atmosphere, great service, & a good variety of products. The flower selection is decent, but I’ve found the product to be on the dry side, which affects flavor & can be more harsh. Really good pricing overall, though.

  698. DMNRGHT

    This is becoming my number one spot; customer service is outstanding. Visited Dabby Gabby yesterday and she hooked me up with solid suggestions for medicine. Packaging is high quality and compliment the superior meds they contain. Don’t pass this place up or you’ll be missing out.

  699. shawnee89

    Nice/friendly staff, quality products

  700. Ibeaslot

    Update. I bought an eighth of thin mint Girl Scout cookie, opened last night, smelled like potting soil and tasted like it and seemed to burn my tongue. I still have 2 pre rolls to try but at this point I am very bummed!

  701. maze90

    no question the prices is the best in AZ and the ganja is potent

  702. Rocky67

    Excellent all around experience. I plan to return again & again

  703. HighStandard

    Honestly was surprised at this new little shop. They had great flower and the prices were very competitive. This place is definitely worth the visit.

  704. DeanaAlbright

    love this place!!! amazing bud and budtenders!!!!

  705. WickedWendy21

    Small town feel….love it!

  706. ghostmuff

    Kind of a small building but they make up for it with the MASSIVE selection of awesome products.

  707. eliuth1985

    Great place and their prices on flower are unbeatable. The flowers are right where they need to be, not too dry not too moist either. Would definitively recommend this dispensary to anyone looking for value and quality.

  708. dadjason0508

    excellent meds! often a busy place with a long wait but it is always worth it! love you guys!

  709. 6023170251

    I am really happy with Desert Rose. Make sure to weigh your jars though. My jars have come up short a couple times but management does not even hesitate to make it right =). I love the bud tenders and Miss Dabby Gabby has been very resourceful on informing me about ways to save $.

  710. sweeteminems

    i dY’–dY’–dY’– this place awesome staff… and the prices are awesone. they prove other places OVER PRICE. its like shell vs chevron hahaha

  711. spoiledwon

    this place was so awesome it was Interactive informative and pleasant from beginning to end. a great first time customer BOGO deal and great products guarantee that I’ll recommend and return with friends.

  712. llbchampionovg

    I’ve only been here twice my first experience was very good and the buds are great but today i had a really bad budtender he wasn’t paying attention to me and he even gave me the wrong strain that’s not cool.

  713. fspencer

    I love this spot! super friendly!

  714. Candielashez

    First time visiting this gem today. Staff is super friendly and informative. Buds are dY”Y=. Will be my go to spot from now on.

  715. DujuanH

    had a great experience and excellent service

  716. shockey79

    best dispensary by far hands down if u want the best flower no other dispensary comes close. when they tell u it’s a certain strain u can be certain it is, if ur a true connoisseur like me and not just looking for wax
    or whatever. the staff is awesome and know the product they are providing. I’ve never been disappointed with anything there where as other dispensary can’t stay constant or charge way to much it’s medicine not drug dealing. they always have many different strains to choose from and I love the glass jars and of course the new prices are awesome. I will not go anywhere else and take a risk of walking out with dirt. I’ll drive the 20+ miles ,one way, every time and know I’m gonna get something I’m happy with no doubt.

  717. rollemfast

    can’t wait u guys hurry up !!!! we need you!!!

  718. SevenThundersRoar

    New to the area and decided to check out Desert Rose.
    My only disappointment was how isolated their location is but it was quickly redeemed with the great customer service upon check-in. The security was also professional and friendly and instilled a very safe atmosphere.
    Spencer was very knowledgeable and informative. I was very impressed with the quality of their medicine’s and the clinic atmosphere. Everything was very organized and clean. Despite the isolated location, I would highly recommend this dispensary. Even if you live far, you will not regret your visit. Prices/deals are great and products are even better.

  719. michaelhitson

    man this place is really amazing they carry some of the best medicine i have ingested i come back all the time and you should too.

  720. smithtwin

    How do STAY the best in AZ? By always bringing the latest and greatest to you each visit. From my first time at Desert Rose (and the pleasure of working with Gabby), to my most recent (also working with the awesomeness that is Gabby…. I have come to realize this place is my utopia, turning Happy Valley into freakin’ Ecstatic Valley.
    From the Peanut Butter & Chocolate Dipped Rice Crispeeee Treat, to the EVERYTHING ELSE, Gabby and her Guardians of the Galaxy @ DR are an absolute must. Great product, great prices, rockin’ daily/weekly deals, beautiful and new location, but the staff is what truly makes this place super special.
    Viva la Desert Rose.
    I’ll even be a more frequent customer the next 4 years 🙂

  721. BrandonAZTopshelf

    Used to love desert rose but they are always changing specials. Put it on the front of the door like every other dispo when they change deals. Also changed the birthday deal after only having it for a week. No bueno. Waisted gas and a whole 20 mob lobby time to find out everything was almost bumped up 10-15$

  722. inquisitave101gmailcom

    Awesome people n the best prices

  723. luvitalstal

    I love the staff, meds, and pricesaPS Can’t get any better honestly! dY~+

  724. firecircle12

    I think it’s a very well done facility and it has a lot of potential they were packed there constantly pack the medical program in this state is amazing thank God for weed LOL

  725. ZonaZoner

    Great place! Everyone here seems to already know you with how friendly everyone is. The flower here is great and the prices are even better!

  726. wyattlaw

    i think this dispensary has what every customer is looking for.. the best quality. after going to multiple dispensaries throughout the valley, this one dominates with the quality of their flower. I personally would and will always choose premium quality over ‘descent’ strains for better prices. it’s worth every penny if it is top shelf. you get what you pay for. the most potent cannabis, lasts the longest. kind of like dinning at a fancy resturaunt. everyone desires luxury.

  727. MamaBear62016

    These guys know their stuff, and friendly to boot! Gotta be careful with the flower, though. While it may not be dry as a bone, it isn’t always the freshest either.

  728. track320

    Great service Gabby was friendly and helpful. I was very happy with product and atmosphere.

  729. ogkusher03

    Please update your menu daily. It isn’t fair to patients counting on a certain strain being in stock.

  730. propetitsinge

    The staff here is cool, but they’ve been taken over by some big company. How do you just raise your pricing $15 on top shelf out of the blue? Definitely not worth going to with these prices, especially since they have basically no specials.

  731. cole710

    I love this new place!! Very professional and down-to-earth! The owner happened to walk in while we were there. Very nice, approachable person! Keep up the great work!

  732. Brianaz

    Great little location.. still working on the inside.. but staff was friendly and knowledgeable. With first time buy one get 1/2 off still 80 for a quarter.. prices still need to come down but the meds are good and come in glass jars.they did wear lab coats which is hilarious.

  733. BABurton

    The prices are great but the supply is not great if you want something specific like your favorite go-to. My 3 out of 3 visits, the websites inventory was not right. Last visit, I called to confirm they had two diff strains that work best for me. They said they had it but when I arrived <10 mins later, they didn't have it even though their system still showed it in stock.
    The staff and prices are great but they definitely can do better with their system.

  734. Billyross

    I like the quality of the meds, the friendly and attentive staff, and the fact they really make an effort to remember and connect with you.

  735. luzantillon

    Kinda far for me but worth the drive. Great prices, good quality

  736. VaporsPHX

    I visit Desert Rose frequently and no matter who helps me I always leave feeling good. Thx Joe, Spencer, Gabby, and anyone else who’s tended for me. Always professional and always friendly. Great meds. Keep up the good work guys.

  737. doncamlop

    Great flower selection and the best prices in town. Bud tenders are friendly and helpful. Will be back.

  738. RaRaRax

    It’s a beautiful drive otw here and love the staff, service, and products! They have the best of it all! Don’t waste your time at any other dispensaries because this place is simply the best quality, prices, and care! dY~

  739. oJermzo

    I love swell it is the only dispensery where I get MeDS. TAKE NOTES PEOPLE THIS IS HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE DONE

  740. Indictiva

    Easily becoming my go to dispensary. Worth the little extra drive for me for the staff and quality. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALWAYS having a huge selection of concentrates!! This consistency with supply and the quality have me coming back for more. Someone is listening to what the patients want; know it doesn’t go unseen!

  741. FreeFlyin

    Excellent place to get your meds!!!Always quality flower!Never a rush !

  742. Holywahhh

    Great prices, great specials, great staff! If only it wasn’t so far I’d be here more often.

  743. DSD420DABBER

    Well after my bad experience I decided to give D Rose another shot, well two actually. Gotta say, they brought the fire and great customer service the last two visits. Hoping the change is permanent. Thanks guys!!

  744. madijane6913

    they always give me what i need and jon and joe are the best! always down to tell me whats new and always have best prices !!

  745. AaronN15

    Best referral reward in the entire state, this place not only has quality products but a full smokeshop inside!

  746. KingofAzTrees

    Amazing place it’s the best dispensary in the state handsome down

  747. BeenThere420

    Always been a great place, but lately new hires aren’t providing patient information. I picked up Treasure Island in a rush on my way to work and had no time to properly research anything, and I wasn’t informed this strain is a 5:1 CBD. Thanks guys, and when I came back in to mention it I was told “Oh it was probably someone new yeah it’s a 5:1 ratio CBD.” as if I didn’t just tell him that. My mind is blown.

  748. ashleynelson22

    Outstanding customer service and products!!

  749. jamieleet

    By far my favorite dispensary! Flower is great, atmosphere is amazing and everyone is so friendly!! Definitely recommend this place to everyone!

  750. ksedor13

    Prices are good and the flower isn’t bad. Service and atmosphere is what is disappointing to me. Don’t expect to be taken care of quickly. Recently it has been getting worse. My last visit ended with me waiting for 25 minutes although I was the only one in the waiting room. Bud tenders will frequently hang out in the reception area and seem to take the next patient only when they feel like it not when they become available. Like I’ve said I’ve been coming here for quite some time but today was my last visit I believe.

  751. coloradokid420

    Desert Rose continues to raise the bar every single week dY’-

    Consistency in meds whether it be flower or concentrates and you definitely can’t beat the prices.

    D. Rose. is my go to spot, I won’t go anywhere else.

    Oh.. and to the guy who went in on Tuesday.. they had a sign, and fliers posted expressing they’d be open a bit later due to an associate safety meeting. Their regular hours are 9am – 7pm.

  752. MHtheDon420

    Great location. Good trees depending on what you like. Andrew and Ryan are some of the best bud tenders ive ran across very informative. Smoking for years. Thanks guys

  753. robertmfarmer

    location wise it’s a drive from where I live but whenever I’m in that area it’s the place to go. As a first timer I picked their Jedi Kush and it doesn’t disappoint. taste, smells and looks great. Judging the customer service I was helped by a friendly guy named Joe and he was quick to build a friendship like connection when taking about the product. I also tried a pre-roll that they always put 1.0g in and the burn was even and slow. All in all I dig the place.

  754. Brianmurphy60

    booty! they don’t Honer the FTP deal I was refered about like 2 days ago.

  755. debisurber

    Best prices in town. Also has timeless cartridges

  756. Zachary.bredeson

    One of my regular stops. I love it here. Great price, and great product

  757. soy420

    Great place to get Strains, good service. You need to check it out!

  758. Kraka

    Great selection not always 100% accurate but swell can’t compare in prices or quality..Now location on the other hand….

  759. steponme31

    Very friendly staff!!

  760. catnip3

    house shatter taste like poop the extractor need to learn how to extract

  761. rydersdad

    I’ve come to desert rose for a couple months i love the staff here they are always happy and make you fell welcome … the flower they have never disappoints me always fresh and tastes amazing

  762. sabrinabland

    The wait times are ridiculous!

  763. forrilla

    First of all they give u glass jars thats dope the people are dope gaby is hot the weed is dope….its dope dude aha suh dude

  764. Weakfish333

    I decided to try Desert Rose. It was far, but they had a BOGO deal for first time patients. THEIR page does say *some restrictions, but they don’t give you a clue about what those restrictions are. They tell tell me that because of the tier of my strain, it would be discounted, not free. I would be ok with that, if it wasn’t for the feeling of a bait and switch. If that is one of the restrictions and it stated such on their page, I would not have wasted an hour of my time and a 1/4 tank of gas to go there. I will not be going back, especially after the salesman continued to try to pressure me after I decided to leave after feeling that I was being screwed by not having the information ahead of time.

  765. kswishakush

    This was my first appt and I loved it. But moved on still come back for the great deals and the lovely staff.!

  766. Jehovahtsidkenu

    Beautiful location, modern architecture, professional staff, all around my first visit was Fast and Courteous, my bud tender Adam was extremely knowledgeable, understanding, and caring. He explained the new patient perks and the store specials thanks Adam

  767. nina9

    Exquisite service by Spencer. I can not wait learn more with DesertRose

  768. Vonallyse

    Ray helped me and i appreciate him asking me for my aEURoesymptomsaEUR to specifically find something right for my needs. Great deal!

  769. Ajayyknows23

    I was at the swell farmacy in phx and a couple bother patients were talking about this place they gave me some flower to sample and it was fire and they have the best 8th prices headed there today !

  770. timmjohnson

    wish it was a little closer to the house but cant beat the prices everyone is real friendly.

  771. lboose

    I enjoy the flowers here. the service is great.

  772. SpliffyStardust

    Nothing but smiles and good vibes from these guys. I’ve been in a few times now and each time I’ve left with great meds. Love the CBD rub and the Grape OG was on point, Thanks guys!

  773. jenkatie42

    okay so Desert Rose is my new favorite dispensary… even repping it on my car and I’ll tell you why!!! I came in a few days ago for an 8th of amnesia haze. Gabby helped me with this- but I ended up getting rung up for the wrong bud and overpaid. I called them days later. and not only did Gabby remember me right off the bat, but she hooked it up with some credit to my account and a preroll for the mishap! it’s really hard to find exceptional customer service these days, especially in a dispensary but Desert Rose and Gabby blew me away!!! LOVE this place!

  774. gonzisupreme

    I can’t say enough about this treasure in the middle of the desert! The medicine is not only top quality but also very competitive price wise. The staff was helpful and friendly both times I’ve gone. This definitely my diamond in the rough…one stop shop!

  775. kteezy

    I really a$?i, this place! Good prices! And no tax before 12!

  776. dymebaby

    Love it has the best prices

  777. AZJH16

    Facility and staff are beyond great. And the flower…. OGKBGSC is the best bud in Phoenix. No joke. I have a tolerance that is thru the roof and 2 hits had me feeling like I smoked 2 joints back to back. Tastes freaking amazing. Hope the errl cup secret shoppers got some of that stuff!! Can’t wait to go back to this north valley gem!