Harvest of Scottsdale



15190 North Hayden Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85260


33.6240375, -111.9037069




7:00 AM – 7:00 PM


7:00 AM – 7:00 PM


7:00 AM – 7:00 PM


7:00 AM – 7:00 PM


7:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


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STORE PHONE: 480-948-3737

Now offering Express Orders for pick-up!
Visit https://scottsdalestore.harvestofaz.com/#/shop/1357 or call (480) 948-3737

**Tax NOT Included in online prices**
At Harvest we pride ourselves on carrying over 26 strains of medical cannabis, as well as a variety of edibles and infusion products. We offer bulk purchasing discounts for 1/4s, 1/2s, and full ounces – Allowing our patients to try multiple strains from any price range and take advantage of our price discounts. The discounts are included in the online pricing.

All of our medical cannabis is tested by a third party professional testing company. We go above and beyond to make sure that all of our products have no molds or pesticides present.

Harvest carries the largest concentrate selection in Arizona! With 30+ strains, we are dedicated in helping provide a wide variety of great options to our patients.


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293 reviews for “Harvest of Scottsdale

  1. BRud

    nice atmosphere good service unfortunately quality was not there found a seed in my tree. poor quality if you go there don’t get there tree base or some other dispensaries for their tree so get the other dispensaries tree. good luck peace out

  2. indeee

    My first AZ dispensary and my favorite. Beautiful dispensary with a large selection of products. Excellent budtenders that are fun, helpful and knowledgeable. I visit often.

  3. gary

    Great Place for med’s. Also have Charlotte’s Web Med’s They have a great staff…Friendly atmosphere..Clean…..I will be back and refer my friends here….

  4. chucknkyle

    had a good experience, wish you were open later :/

  5. Lucciman228

    Great staff an meds love it here well we’ll be back for for deals highly recommend this place

  6. hhunter555

    The location is great but I was very disappointed on Saturday it seem like the service has changed completely. There was nobody
    on the floor there were two guys behind the counter having a private conversation did not pay any attention to me by the time I walked over to the counter and asked if they had this particular product Yoo man I wouldn’t be getting it back in a week I just feel that when I first joined the service was incredible now something drastically has happened since I will not be going back anymore I will delete you

  7. SVale5

    Edibles were potent enough.

  8. craigmiller

    Great prices and deals at harvest

  9. Pastonie

    Great staff and meds always. Always have great prices !! Favorite dispensary

  10. Jakeleonardi

    Awesome place!

  11. atltx

    Flower is questionable. A recent price drop came with some changes. As one patient advisor at the scottsdale location put it, the flower should ash gray and not spark.. The flower I bought that day had the suggested qualities to it that was to be expected at full price. This less expensive November sale flower hurts my head. Same strain. Funny that the strain isnt available in scottsdale…don draper. Confused as to whether these folks are for medicine or strictly profit…

  12. AZPatient1

    This place was great when I first started shopping there a few months ago. Nice, knowledgeable people and good deals. It’s gone very downhill since, specials are not special anymore and last time I was in I got conflicting info on CBD products and steered toward two items that were less than satisfactory. It’s a competitive market around here, I think it’s time to explore other shops and wait until management at has a better grasp of what their patients are looking for in the way of quality and value. While they may not follow trending reviews, their numbers won’t lie and it will be incumbent on them to adapt.

  13. 420lovebug

    Gave 4 stars on quality since I have yet to try their concentrate(s). Beautiful facility! Clean, open, and the layout flows well. I really love the diversity of the employees, setup of flower (on the walls), edibles in the middle, and the simple checkout process. Jay, was very courteous in helping me find the best bang for my buck, and hooked it up with a honey stick. Which- btw- is very mellow, and relaxing. Perfect for easing into the mornings, with no drowsy side effects. Excellent in some Earl Grey tea, not overwhelming at all (you know how some edibles can be…) ! I think it would be a little smoother for the guys/gals behind the counter if there was a sign that differentiated the Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids. Overall, I am pleased with the quality of the flower, ample strains, and the positive, inviting vibes they have to offer. They do offer a cash-back program, which makes spending a little more worth it. Looking forward to trying some concentrates next! The Northern Lights, and Godberry are top notch. Looking forward to trying some of that Moe Og next!

  14. Aopossum01

    love the deals each week, BOGO flourish is the best deal yet this year!

  15. Jose7606

    Very good love the buds

  16. BluebirdJoy

    Clean, well-lit, awesome service and helpful people. Not much selection for edibles and concentrates, but plenty of flower. Definitely will shop again.

  17. orioles4life

    Great location. Very convenient!

  18. jahfree

    This dispensary just opened their Scottsdale location yesterday, and it is a great place with a broad selection of products. This is the best dispensary that I have been in Arizona. It is bright, clean, well organized, and the staff are very friendly and helpful. Harvest’s forte is their Dream Steam vape cartridges, and their CBD:THC oil tinctures. I tried both and they are excellent products. The Dream Steam cartridge is smooth and clean. I heartily recommend this dispensary.

  19. kmc12

    I have been to many dispenaries now. I needed some cannibas on Christmas Day. I learned of Harvest on a search of who was open. I took the bus as always and arrived 2pm Christmas Day. I was met at the door, with cheer and a welcoming frangrance of good medicine. I will return on the 28th when I have more money. Their products and atmosphere, educational wisdom and most of all variety and pleasurable experience all around. I’LL BE BACK

  20. cpelletier

    Was very helpful to all my needs.

  21. ashbadash23

    Definitely the best I’ve been to! All staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Great recommendations and great variety! I know I’m getting good quality when I come to Harvest in Scottsdale.

  22. CashedEyesAz

    great staff very informative and out of this world deals

  23. SirDavid

    Very cool place! Fire products!!!

    Greeters at he door! Love it! Top notch customer service!!!

  24. mariachalabi

    I liked this place as soon as I walked in. They make you feel very welcome. Great first time patient deal got a free cartridge

  25. Margo53

    I loved this dispensary! Everybody is super nice and knowledgeable and they have a large variety.

  26. Peppers123

    Very helpful and friendly staff…

    Management is very accommodating as well…

    Love the store layout and its products…

  27. Paletrain

    When I call ahead and ask if I qualify for the free gift, I expect it when I arrive. This is the second dispensary in 2 days to claim one thing and then do another. I specified that I wouldn’t want to drive 45 mins if I did not qualify for the free gift, got there, did not qualify. That is unnaceptable. Also, claiming that 40 dollars for a 200 MG cartridge is a “great sale price” is just plain insulting. That is an outrageous price even if it weren’t on sale. This is medicine, not whiskey shots. How do you sleep at night?

  28. WhiteWidower0

    Flower quality is a bit suspect but not horrible if you go premium. The cashiers tend to not give you the discounts you’re supposed to get, then seem to get annoyed when you point out the fact that they tried to rip you off. Good Dream Steam prices on Tuesdays.

  29. caragirl

    I love Harvest of Scottsdale! They are my go-to dispo. They always have very friendly, patient, and helpful employees and the best snap sale deals on flower! I try to only come to Harvest.

  30. shilton

    Great experience, very open and clean.

  31. samiantx

    I took my mom here for her first visit to a dispensary. She was so nervous! But the people working there were so friendly and knowledgeable that they immediately set her at ease. Reasonable prices and great selection especially for tinctures.

  32. juniorboy29

    puff tuff going to go check out this place out

  33. jdlowe

    Best dispensary ever.

  34. gearzs

    The pre-Roll I ended up getting had seeds in it gave me a big headache don’t think I will be back

  35. BigTanamal

    Their outdoor strains are surprisingly strong, kinda of a duller high as you’d expect but definitely better than any outdoor bud you’ve had before, and with the price you can beat it.

    Only complaint is the pricing on their top shelf stuff.

  36. misstinababy

    Fast service with pre-order.
    Will use again.

  37. Nejected

    Anxiety free browsing and also had a sweet vender deals and hooked us up with all types of goodies. Loved it.

  38. coachgss

    Wonderful location
    Super nice people
    Great meds

  39. Starlytte

    I am a new MMJ patient, and after a lot of research, I decided the first dispensary I wanted to visit was Harvest of Scottsdale. I was apprehensive, but everyone from the receptionist to budtender, to cashier were all very courteous, friendly, and helpful.

    I suffer from chronic unrelenting pain from a car accident in 2001, and most recently underwent two emergency spinal surgeries due to cauda equina syndrome. Unfortunately, I also suffer from complex post-traumatic stress disorder which exacerbates my sleep disorders, which in turn makes my pain worse. I am caught in a vicious cycle. A few months ago I decided to wean myself off of all the narcotics so my pain levels have been horrible. I feel like I spend my entire life just trying to find a position to be in, which hurts the least. This is no way to live, so I decided to look into medical marijuana and took the steps to get my MMJ card.

    Being a complete medical cannabis novice I was overwhelmed by all of the strains, and methods of consumption. My Budtender was Ahlana (my apologies if I misspelled your name) she listened thoughtfully to all of my questions and concerns and together we worked out a good starting place for me. She completely understood my apprehension about not liking the “high” feeling I associated from the pot I smoked as a teen. I do not like feeling out of control, which makes my anxiety skyrocket, and in turn, leads to paranoia. Based on my desire to control pain & insomnia without anxiety, and aversion to smoking, she suggested the Dream Steam pen and two excellent starter blends to try.

    I left the store with two oil cartridges (one was free, thanks!) of JillyBean and Northern Lights, a bottle of CBD oil, and a very low dose edible (5 mg) Kiva Terra Bites. Ahlana gave me great advice about how to use these items, and the best starting doses, based on time of day. She also told me I could call her at any time if I needed help or had more questions.

    Overall my experience here was fantastic. The setting was beautiful and calm, and I felt very comfortable talking to my Budtender.

    Thank you Ahlana, and Harvest for making my first dispensary visit a good experience. I will be back!

  40. DaDoobz

    Love the girl w the purple hair wish I would of got her name product is yummy love the whole vibe

  41. Lighto

    The physical location itself is great, especially for Costco goers- it’s right across the street. Makes for swift errand running! Aside from that, terrific dispensary. I have gone to a few in Scottsdale, and this one is among if not the best. Extremely helpful and friendly staff. They generally have the best deals too. They’re big fans of doing aEURoeswag bagsaEUR. Bags that you pay x amount for, but tend to be worth about twice the price you paid for it (content wise), always full with excellent hand-selected items. It’s hard to pass them up they’re so good most of the time. The icing on the cake for me is that I discovered an irregularity on some flower I bought there once. When I brought it to their attention, they treated the situation very professionally and took amazing care of me. I will be recommending this location to everyone, forever, and will always prefer to go there as long as I’m in the valley.

  42. livenpink

    Highly recommend

  43. SweetSuedeCJ

    this place gives level up a run for their money … new spot but for sure a good spot. awesome people.

  44. OuijaPants

    I am loving the amazing sun-grown flower from Verde Valley! Harvest is my new go-to for flower if they can consistently provide the high quality / low price experience had with the Verde Valley ‘Deep Cheese’ and ‘Durban Poison’. The ‘Blue Amnesia’ I had was also good, especially in my vaporizer, but it didn’t have the amazing indoor-quality cure of the aforementioned strains.

    I have spoken before about the amazing atmosphere and location of this dispensary, in the heart of Scottsdale, and I hope they keep up the good work!

    Will be in this week!

  45. lundey

    First time going in wasn’t sure what to expect it’s a very high end experience and the edible selection is great! I had a great learning experience going in too not only that but they have doctors on staff that come in and you can bring in non patients and they discuss the benefits of medical marijuana what’s a super cool place!

  46. alecjar91

    nice location, literally not even a minute away from level up. used to be a bank , and i really love the layout and concept of this dispensary, very nice and welcoming staff, they are super super knowledgeable with their products, was a ftp and got a free 200.mg cartridge! will be going back soon

  47. CelesteMeginheide

    They’ve helped me so much, and I trust their advice. The flower has always been decent, and they really know their stuff.

  48. Eminemfan

    Heat dispensary friendly staff

  49. tophercaringo

    This is my favorite dispensary that I’ve been to so far!

  50. BigBret1

    Loved the atmosphere and the staff was great! Very informative about the product and hooked me up as well!! Will definitely come back!!

  51. olielonline

    Very clean and professional. They know what they’re doing.

  52. Azsun500

    High quality flower at a very reasonable price!!

  53. almeth04

    100% recommend. ever since I got my card I go here. friendly, knowledgeable, nice, I don’t feel rushed like I do at others. even though I am moving I will still make my trips out here.

  54. rk420az


  55. ronpro

    found this place on leafly. I am definitely going here asap. Great menu.

  56. Sneakerfreak420

    Great clean store set up with friendly people.

  57. Kmanic

    This was the first place I went. It’s convenient and quick. Great deals

  58. RobzBudz

    Never a wait! You get to walk around and shop like a grocery store.

  59. migrainemeds

    This is the only dispensary I visit. The staff have been incredible in helping me find the medicine that works best for my chronic migraine disorder. I am forever grateful for their knowledge and kindness.

  60. alexgrun

    This is a very nice and welcoming dispensary. The staff is great and the meds are quality. Will be back again.

  61. charizardfire

    great medicine and a large selection!

  62. visticar

    Just got home from your place. I love your selection of concentrates and that is what has brought me back. Pure quality.

  63. emilyschmitt1229

    This is definitely the nicest and most organized dispensary I’ve ever been to. The displays were beautiful and organized. Came in and left with a smile on my face. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and made my visit enjoyable. I was looking for a pen and I was recommended the Dream Steam, and it has become my new favorite way of getting stoned. I’ll definitely be returning!

  64. lb555000

    I’m very impressed by every staff member I came in contact with. Very friendly. I liked the quality of all my selections and prices were pretty good too.

  65. domingo1971

    Great location

  66. THCWorks

    Harvest products are cost effective and always quality. Thank you

  67. pearl298

    Greatest my favorite dispensary

  68. xman915

    The best products in town. Always my first choice any time. Check it out always fresh.

  69. SirMichaelC

    The medicine is awesome with great pricing. Staff is always friendly and quick on service. wait times are normally really short. give them a try you wont be disappointed.

  70. ShannonMcD

    I only shop at places after I read the reviews from a couple different sources. I am surprised how many negative ratings and several of them being one right after the other, this store has. I travel if it is worth the travel and I think reviews/ratings are a huge success to a business, it could make you or break you. Because of the reviews on this store, I am not willing to give them a chance or opportunity to be my store of choice and suggest they do a correct of action on the patients they already damaged, they do have their information and have plenty opportunity to do so. let’s see if they care to do so.

  71. Rojo1995

    I love there weed and there deals are always on point

  72. Lwilborn

    This is by far one of the best dispensaries in Arizona. The staff is so amazing, helpful and knowledgeable! The flower is of great quality. Very clean and well kept up. Chris is the best. My favorite person.

  73. girlanytime

    Love Harvest of baseline so hopefully this place is just as great

  74. nottherealalimunoz

    I love the staff they are so welcoming and friendly:)

  75. Azombiepenguin

    Only went here for convenience

  76. CadillacCollis

    This place was awesome the first time i went and the staff were incredibly hospitable – ill be back… forshizzle … (ive always wanted to say that)

  77. Friendlyshark

    pretty crqppy experience with the punch card you guys have. I go off and spend 100+ dollars for 4 visit. Then I get all excited to use the punch card and I am told you need more money to use it? I thought it was 4 punches.. not five. Seems like a marketing scam, what you meant was spend even more money to make it worthless. This was to become my spot. But now I’m stuck for the weekend dealing with back pain unless I want to drive another hour back out here from buckeye. good quailty.. but their deals are shady. if you want to spend money and don’t care about using their promotions then go on ahead.

  78. jtkc

    Love it!

  79. lisaloveS2

    I have been coming here for a few months now, and I really enjoy coming in to just get some ideas before I buy, or a fast trip in and out. The people are all AMAZING. Every time I come in its fast, friendly, and helpful. The team has the same knowledge about all the products. The flower and edibles are great (ask about the deals). Every time I get a recommendation it’s right on for what I am looking for.

  80. thevagitarian

    They don’t give you the first time patient deal. I have never been to this location before but because I went to the one by az mills over a year ago I’m SOL. I just left and went to Level Up, better product and Level Up even pays for your renewal after you spend a certain amount with them in the year. Don’t waste your time with Harvest not worth it.

  81. mlybarger83

    Staff super friendly and knowledgeable. Very clean dispensary. Very quick service, I only had to wait for a min before I was called back.

  82. goldenbatman

    Good product great people

  83. dabdaily710

    I was told by both during the drip vendor sale that drip would be included in the 5 for 100 after specifically asking if drip was included. I called in and asked and was told the same thing until they double checked. I skipped the trumed sale waiting for this one and then they told me that I was out of luck, even though they had told me otherwise. Not too happy that i got lied to about the sales and missed a good one from Trumed.

  84. Dlo555

    Harvest is awesome , by far one of my favorites.

  85. Sleepyz25

    Super friendly and nice!

  86. leslemon

    First visit to this dispensary was great! everyone was super friendly and helpful. Their new patient special was awesome, too. Alana was very knowledgeable and her recommendations were on point. Great people, atmosphere, and product. Definitely my go to from now on.

  87. Ariann123

    Harvest has the best meds and the best staff. Come check out this beautiful medical mj facility! – Ariann Cavazos

  88. zack800

    this location is fast easy and friendly

  89. GhostShank

    This place just continues to be a let down in terms of customer service. Nobody works as a team in there and the customer seems to be the dead last priority for the ladies behind the counter. Today i had the pleasure to guide my cashier through my order several times , apparently it wasn’t clear enough giving her the brand name, strain, and price to find the product! Due mainly to the fact that she was possibly stoned out of her mind, but what was worse is that her team members didn’t even bother to help much at all. Leaving me the customer to to deal with this…. Whats next am i going to have to bag my own product there? Unacceptable!

  90. bellafox556

    Wow loved this place really welcoming and chill vibe. They are super helpful for your first time and if you need it but you can also just look around and decide stuff on your own. Their steam cartridges are sweet. I will def be back. Great deals every day I’m told, got two 8$ grams from their specials that are awesome and it was a healthy gram! I will def be back!!

  91. Drunkm0nkey0

    Really great display cases compared to the Tempe location. Great sales.

  92. bobfromtempe

    “harvest” was a li’l tricky to find but from the second i closed my car door to the time i left i felt like my reeferral & i were treated with exceptional patient-service; despite the fact we knew we were keeping them past 7pm closing time….they went the extra mile to help us….and their ftp-deals are very solid and their selection of all options are fantastic….

  93. nighthawk44

    every time I come in gets better. fantastic deals and patient advisors that remember your name! today I was gifted a free gram of fruity and pungent Godberry flower simply for stopping by! thank you marissa! harvest is now my go to dispensary.

  94. pizzachef420

    Tried to leave a long af great review but it didn’t save…..Just want to show my appreciation for the past week, dealing with the minor annoyances that have been happening with some vape products. You guys always help me out and once in a while I get to sample new stuff and I love it! Thank you to all of the Harvest staff for actually treating people really well. I love pizza and Berry White Dream Steams! “smoke weed everday!”

  95. Spikerdoodle80

    Such a nice clean place with an awesome and friendly staff. Highly recommend!!!!

  96. TheRakit

    Hey, check this place out! Thank you so much to the dream team JT and Alanna! You both are so cute! Made a 1st timer very welcome and happy! You’ll see a lot of me 🙂 Highly recommended!

  97. sleepyleef

    I will DEFINITELY be returning to Harvest. I bundled their FTP special with their snap sale and walked out with a quad for $35 and a free preroll.

    I expected the buds to be tiny pieces, since it was so cheap, but nope. Big beefy fuckers. Lots of orange hairs and purpley tones.

    So, great deals, product, staff, and experience. a~o

  98. Snobsdale

    Nice, clean upscale facility, that has a great friendly staff that truly seems to appreciate your business. Great quality flowers and oils at good prices that beat most every other place.

  99. papagreen

    omg this place is a gallery of flower, best set up of different selectuon, super helpful people, go here first for quality

  100. Noah1993

    Harvest of Scottsdale has been my favorite dispensary for a few months now and as of 4/20/2017 they remain my favorite/go-to! Best place in AZ dY”Y=dY’-

  101. juleeoge

    Best dispensary in Scottsdale. The staff is amazing and the flowers are sublime.

  102. PBSmoker

    FTP-been to quite a few storefronts; this location genuinely deserves to be placed on the aEUR~top shelf’ of the valley’s dispensaries.

    I really enjoyed being able to walk around the sales floor to browse unlike many other setups which make you feel you are purchasing high priced jewelry. It made the experience more aEUR~normal’, helpful, and patient/consumer driven.

    My only suggestion is to have a dedicated sales day each week on ALL cartridges so customers can plan on stopping by during their day-flash sales just aren’t doable for productive medicating patients. Mahalo!

  103. knivesx2000

    I usually go to their Tempe location so I already had an idea of what to expect, what I got was so much more. The facility is gorgeous, walking inside I felt like I was walking around tony starks house. Their staff is super friendly and they have those low prices and quality meds I’ve grown to love.

  104. trevorbman

    good location overall great experience good buds

  105. tpcphil

    Top rate flower! Great place!

  106. aumfie

    I really like this place. It is very roomy. You are not 1 on 1 with a bud tender unless you want. I was given the first time walk through info the was left alone until I had a question. I felt like I wasn’t being rushed and could take my time with picking out flower. Will be back. Thanks,

  107. jmfc89

    my friends tell me this is the go to place! excited to shop! great prices

  108. rara246

    great selection, good prices

  109. wolves5364

    This dispensary is first class in friendly professional service and top quality product. The security guards were very helpful with the sign in process. I decided to purchase True X and was blown away by the amount of trichomes on the bud. If you are in the Scottsdale area, visiting this place is a must. Great Job Team!!!

  110. deetrain

    Awesome staff, great retail layout, nice selection.

  111. preiss03

    Just the best spot to get anything!!!;) love it and you will love the Canamo products and the Huxton products !!!! Shout out To Nicollette;)

  112. SativaMe3

    I am very upset with their quality of flower. I purchased an eighth and I feel brutally ripped off. Don’t buy flower here! You will be let down

  113. RioVerdeWings

    I like the location and the people – Medicine was good to very good – basic prices are higher than expected – wish they had more deals – first time deal was great –

  114. drummerman747

    Super chill friendly vibe from the second you walk in the door. You are free to peruse around there impressive selection of flower and concentrates (and edibles), and the lady who helped me who’s name escapes me offered me some great strain advice and was very knowledgeable about all the strains from the top shelf stuff to the $6/gram Sungrown stuff. I was very impressed and will definitely be back as this is one of my new favorite places!!! I picked up some SFV Dog it’s 5 Stars & 2 Big Thumbs Up!!!

  115. ddaddyo

    I don’t do reviews often because I can’t type fast. I can’t remember how long it ha s been since I received customer service as good as my 1st time visit with the nice people at Harvest. Today was my first experience at any dispensary. They answered all my questions and were very knowledgeable yet they explained everything so I could und3rstand it.

    Thanks to the good people at Harvest!

    Tim and Cathy

  116. allstar23

    I just wanted to say Thank You to the Harvest for being the first(advertised) dispensary to have an outdoor grow with MANY strains. I hope that it was worthwhile because I love the idea of the flowers outside in our summer storms drinking the monsoon rain and soaking up the Camp Verde sun! Thanks! dYOE+-

  117. gotzbe

    same experience as others everything is seem to going downhill from deals to quality of of Medicine. And this was my go-to spot and I spent quite a bit of money here but we’ll start looking for other places unless it changes. not sure what happened but who’s like all the Harvest have went in a New Direction and not sure why.

  118. Native480928

    great and friendly staff haleped me all my med needs differently will come back again and again

  119. mtnyogagirl

    Super! Very good service too.

  120. RN4LegalMMJ

    I have visited multiple dispensaries in the valley and Harvest of Scottsdale has to be my favorite by far. I have been there 5 times now and the service, atmosphere, and quality of the products are always consistent. JT has phenomenal recommendations for me and has been very helpful in educating me on the different types of concentrates. One of the products I got is called a Dab Cap, this thing is amazing! It allows me to take dabs from my vape cartridge. I use it with the Delta 8 and get such a smooth hit. It also helps reduce the coughing. Simple to use and great if you don’t want to use loose concentrates. Polite, professional, clean, and well organized. As long as I live nearby this will always be the place I go to get meds. Oh and great daily sales.

  121. brandocam

    Harvest is my jam. Great buds served with even greater smiles:)

  122. Gigiwave

    Ii, don’t like the shatter or flower that they choose for the snap sales, it’s not good quality. They don’t really have any good deals either, although Ii, did get a lot of free samples of edibles when Ii, went on thanksgiving.

  123. sammieetellem

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Great place to grab your flower. Great budtenders. Come check them out anytime of the week…

  124. CBD_Unlimited

    Solid 4 star dispensary which is a staple in the Scottsdale area for more budget-priced flower. Pharmacy style layout with usually only one or two budtenders to answer questions on the store floor. High thc testing raises eyebrows, patients aren’t able to see how the flower is stored or weighed, and they give students a pre-roll with every visit.. its very worth it to visit as a local often in order to find the best strains and deals, as most of their bottom shelf tiers are nothing to write home about. Still, 4 stars since nothing is quite top notch, its a bit financially focused, and the budtenders are sometimes stoned out of their minds in the morning (pretty funny if you’re not in a rush). Would recommend if you need bud that’s good enough at a more reasonable price, with the occasional batch being a pleasant suprise. The people who take your patient card in the foyer and security guard are definite highlights for their friendliness!

  125. RedX187

    I went on patient appreciation day fucking Awesome service & best time to visit.

  126. FelaGlose

    Very pleasant place to shop. dYtm,

  127. golfnug

    quality isnt all the great, service and atmosphere is great tho

  128. Bwilliams95

    This was my first trip to this dispensary and by far the best experience I’ve had in a long time. Very professional and educational. I bought my first dream steam battery and Kris helped so much!! I will be visiting again.

  129. cdias

    They aRE GREAT

  130. azboomer1947

    Professional, personable,knowledgeable. Love the atmosphere.

  131. jmcclure

    Asked for 2 grams of wax I get home to find shatter… when I say I want wax don’t say OK pick one then shove it in the bag so I can’t see it says shatter. I work 20 yards from this place but choose to go elsewhere.

  132. Alecesco1104

    garbage all the harvest dispenseries suck

  133. PersonalTrainU

    Harvest was the first dispensary I visited, and still gravitate back to them. In fact, I’ve been known to take the staff coffee, as they’re all so helpful, and genuinely concerned about my well being.

  134. gg1970

    The staff is great, Mike is way cool. Excellent variety of wax & CBD products but their flower is absolute garbage.

    Each strain smells like chemicals, and they all smell and look alike. I bought an 1/8 of ‘top shelf’ mmj. When I medicated, the flower burned, crackled and sparked in the bowl. On the exhale, the smoke was a blueish-gray. After about an hour, I ended up with a headache from hell and puked.

    I’m an old school flower girl and been partaking for over 35 years. I will never, ever buy any flower from this store ever again; but I don’t mind buying the wax. Great brands and consistent quality.

    Improve your growing and curing technique and/or purchase your bulk flower from quality growers. Your patients will appreciate it.

  135. mariasmithz

    I loveeeeee harvest !! Everyone is super friendly and helpful once you go inside, i find myself with a huge smile everytime i enter and leave the building. I’ve been to 3 other dispensaries in the area and definetly like this one the best and will keep coming here for years to come ! 🙂

  136. BuddyValentine

    Beautiful location, friendly staff. I’m new to cannabis and JT made everything easy to understand and matched awesome products to my needs.

  137. chanelmartin

    My favorite dispensary. Excellent customer service, prices, flower quality and selection, atmosphere and rewards points. Hate going elsewhere.

  138. bojengals1

    Very nice location, friendly & knowledgeable staff!

  139. zsamone

    Didn’t shop the location yet. I met Kris at #PigandPickle during #Cannafeast. Staff was very friendly and eager to provide education on their products. Will review again after I’m finished testing the Dream Stream Vape cartridge.

  140. soccermaniac011

    Great location, awesome service, quality was not the greatest, was very disappointed in the Santiago and Dunbar special, that wax was some of the worse smelling/tasting/looking I’ve seen come from a “dispensary” in a while.. and when you advertise shatter don’t give someone crumble!!

  141. misschohoh

    Some of the staff aren’t professional and a bit unknowledgeble

  142. kbulawa

    Wonderful experience.

  143. heyman87

    strange entrance where security guy races to hold door for people. very strange since door opens out. they also continue to apologize profusely for nothing. just awkward for no reason.

  144. NewToItAll

    Amazing experience! Been to surrounding dispensary’s and none can compare to the level of service I received here. I have been working with JT the last few weeks and I feel better then I have ever felt before! His passion and knowledge are first class all the way! Candice is also very kind and always makes me smile! Great CBD patches!!! And other products but prices could be better. Thank you!

  145. Meowonster

    All I can say is wow…. Amazing place! Great bud and super knowledgeable staff! JT blew me away! I was so nervous but he was so calm and knowledgeable, it really made my experience perfect! The check out process was fast, Kyle was quick and very friendly! Thank you for everything! I’ll be back for the new patient class for sure!

  146. Mord602

    this us my third or fourth time going. since is way opposite of where i live it takes a minute to get up there but it is worth it. I have a thing for outdoor flower it feels to me that it was outside i guess more fresh personally. They also have a wide selection of indoor and that’s where you want pay for what you get and you get plenty now off the top of my head i don’t remember all the names come by and see for yourself. To the lady who recommend the outdoor flower pre-roll it was fantastic super sweet it was something black. The stuff is super cool

  147. ondejak

    Terrible customer service, will shut the door on you a minute after close and turn you away. Glad I called to make sure I could come in, sped across town, for nothing

  148. milesr1

    Wow! From being greeted at the front door to cashier felt like they were happy to assist you. Chris my budtender so helpful so knowledgeable and so generous! I was a 1st time customer she set me up! The prices were great selection really nice. Plus you get to touch and smell! Definitely will be back!

  149. ipconfig

    Great place and I love the snap sales.

  150. agemini03

    great staff and awesome flower!

  151. ssscbd07

    Love the product and the staff! Always a fun time shopping here!!!

  152. apink89

    Great event going on right now ! Some editable specials.. this place is great! A Friday pit stop ! dY~ZdY~SdY~~

  153. ToKDesigns

    Amazing staff, service and product. My favorite spot! AND we got to hang out with the leafly bus tour guys!

  154. Dempurpz

    So much wax! JP is the WAX KING! Thanks for everything dude! Ill be back for sure!

  155. badtrip360

    This is the best dispensary in Arizona, hands down. Not only do they have a friendly and secure waiting room but they also have the highest quality flower and dream steam cartridges at the absolute best prices.

    Knowledgeable and friendly staff on top of a clean and modern facility has me coming all the way from Flagstaff to shop here.

    After Leukemia and a stem cell transplant, I must have the highest quality Cannabis and Harvest provides test results without even having to ask.

    I’ve been to most dispensaries in the state, believe it or not, and Harvest in Scottsdale is #1.

    I was delighted to see that Harvest is The Source in Las Vegas!

    Thank you guys for always providing quality, pesticide and mold-free Cannabis as well as professional service, I seriously love you guys!!!!

    6 stars!

  156. seanbean1985

    My favorite store by far. I do like to switch it up sometimes but Harvest has some of the best flower compared to others. The discounts on edibles are always nice and the staff doesn’t make you feel rushed or overwhelmed. Love it!

  157. BrinaK

    Great selection. Very friendly. My favorite dispensary

  158. Fancyfootings

    love the people that work at Harvest Scottsdale

  159. kimbo1805

    I was pleased with my experience until I realized the lady who had helped me misquoted my allotment and how much I was getting back throughout the week moving forward.

  160. rgarcia0909

    Love this location, the people are amazing and very helpful

  161. Truffleshuffler

    Service was good, but stay awya from the sale buds!!

  162. Mross16

    Great service

  163. ElliottHobbs

    When it comes to dispensaries, buyer beware. I wasted too much time finding this location and standing around for half an hour trying to buy 2 cartridges. They were not forthcoming with the specials listed in Leafly, and when I attempted to purchase things on sale, I was met with excuses as to why I could not purchase that at this time; so they begin to push other products of course not on sale. Here, I felt that question created a nuisance. This could happen anywhere, but remember that the company is making plenty of money. When you leave reviews, make them more honest and stop just continuously dropping five stars. If every dispensary looks great, it’s average : that’s three stars.

  164. DankestHour

    Harvest is wonderful! They have the friendliest staff I’ve ever met at any dispensary who really care and are excited to see me everytime I come in, they always put me in a good mood. I Love that it is set up like a normal store when you can browse for products and friendly employees will be there if you have any questions but leave you alone if you prefer to shop on your own. JD is simply AMAZING. I’ve never met anyone who is more knowledgeable about medical marijuana. If you have any questions, he’s your man! Also ive never once had to wait to go past the waiting room!

  165. Bulllee

    Absolutely one of the better dispensaries I have visited in the valley.I received an email from Harvest saying they had $70 1/2 oz for their weekend specials, so I’m thinking yeah sure thenI notice the thc% and Cinderella 99 25%, super glue 23%. So I do their online ordering what a pleasure! I mean I order pick up some killer shit all in the space of minutes. Parking was a breeze, plenty of spaces.An older gentleman greeted me at the door with a smile and asked how he could help me. OMG what friggin service! The cashier was super nice and gave me 2 great choices to pick from. Cinderella 99 frigging melted my face.One of the better sativas that’s out there. This is what a dispensary should strive for.Killer weed , and outstanding customer service. Highly recommended.

  166. samtimes7

    Awesome location and friendly staff. Always willing to help. Dream steam cartridges are legit as well. Personal fave cartridge on the market

  167. COtoAZ123

    Beautiful layout and extremely helpful staff! Bonus that they have hands on displays and a very open environment.

  168. Stonergirllaura6223

    I went to harvest recently and all of their flower was dirt weed or mids and the flower I got didn’t even get me high and it was completely uncured and gave me a headache very disappointed

  169. Green42Fortytwo

    Always good to see a new dispensary pop up on Leafly to check out.

    The store Looks very nice and the employees were very educated on the products they were selling. The displays were nicely laid out and I liked being able to look through their products without feeling rushed by a patient behind you. If you already know what you want you can just go directly to the counter and get it, which is also very convenient.

    The flower ranged from decent to nice, but the prices were much higher than the quality. They do have a large selection of strains you won’t see at other places normally. I got a gram of Durban poison, which was good, but not $17 a gram good. There are dispensaries nearby with better flower for lower prices unfortunately.

    The concentrates all looked nice. The MPX live resin was very good but was a bit of a mess in the packaging. The shatter was good, but I can get the exact same shatter from a nearby dispensary for at least $5 cheaper.

    The free pre-roll was better than I expected for being a ftp bonus. One of the best pre-rolls I have gotten, but I don’t buy them very often.

    They have one of the nicest looking dispensaries in the NE Phoenix/Scottsdale area, and what seems like a great staff. I think when they can get their prices lower or get better specials it will be great competition for all the nearby dispensaries.They haven’t even had their grand opening yet so they are off to a very good start.

  170. MehMeh107

    Love this place but just found out about their demographic pricing. Super disappointed in that. Same flower at all locations but Scottsdale is 50$ more expensive. Going to start going to any other harvest location other then this one. If you don’t believe me look at the other locations prices and call and ask why. That’s how I found out.

  171. Garrettg91

    Never been to this location before and I got a free gift!! Nice!! I got the raspberry diesel never tried it before

  172. tdbentley

    Attended a yoga event here. The event was wonderful. Our goodie bag was awesome. It was my first time as a patient. It was wonderful. Their lobby and dispensary are very professional and safe. Friendly staff and great products. Check them out. You will not regret it!

  173. taylord127

    my favorite dispensary in AZ. great deals and service

  174. 420Demon

    This is the worst one staff is rude and likes to argue with you over their deal they sent wont be back ever

  175. Christopher1989

    First time patient…but i was impressed with the quality of service and the knowledge of the tenders. I would recommend harvest to anyone looking for the highest quality medication and for those searching for strain specific relief. Harvest keeps building their menu and keeps available the strains you count on.

  176. Nancypie11420

    I love this place, it’s hands down my favorite dispensary. It’s very non-committal, if you have anxiety like me, it’s very relaxed. I don’t feel like I’m at a dealer when I go there. Colleen is my favorite- she looks normal, is really nice and very knowledgeable. The perks are especially nice, I like dream steam carts and they always have a nice selections.

  177. kalebwolf3

    One of the best dispensaries in the valley, the Meds are superb and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable thank you level up

  178. desertlos

    Harvest hooks it up on every visit. The flower is top notch and I’ll gladly drive across town for some knock your socks off meds. Cheers!

  179. DSD420DABBER

    Had a fantastic FTP!! Would highly recommend this stop to anyone needing high quality meds at a reasonable price. Budtenders were honest about product quality and didn’t try to oversell me on stuff I didn’t/don’t need. Much respect for doin it right! Thanks again for the Sour D Cart. Loving the flavor.

  180. tlgod247

    great dispensary friendly service awesome flower

  181. hilly_blaze

    Great selection of cartridges. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Excellent first-time patient special if you go on Monday.

  182. john.janecek.16

    Well done,
    Love the prices for Flowers. Keeps me coming Back.

  183. smmares

    Great service!

  184. jagardner1019

    I had been meaning to visit Harvest of Scottsdale for quite some time, and today I had a good reason. When I got there, the gentleman at the door (Mark I believe) greeted me and I made it known I was a first time patient. He took me to the reception/check in area, and then escorted me into the showroom. From there, Illana took over and gave me a private tour and showed me all that Harvest had to offer their patients. I truly appreciated the one-on-one attention I received today, and the knowledge they had to share. Plus, I won a gift from Dream Steam and was ecstatic to visit a new dispensary to pick up my prize. Very happy patient, and I know I’ll be returning.

  185. BradleyBB83

    Jt was great! I’ll be back forsure

  186. stalagmites

    To be honest I don’t often take time to write reviews because customer service at best these days is just average. I’ve I’ve been a long-time patient with many experiences across the board. I must say what this place considers mid grade level medication is what most places just can’t grow. their top grade 28% medication is something I’ve never experienced before in all my years. I was compelled to call the place and give them a personal review and a thank you for the wonderful service. The place was unbelievably professional clean had every product you can imagine at every level of price margin. But nothing that was low quality. thankfully they happen to be around the corner so Harvest will be my new dispensary of choice. Please don’t sacrifice product for dollars in the future. The raspberry diesel was incredible and extremely affordable. The Chronic Thunder is perfectly explained in the name. My tolerance levels are so high most medications out there these days barely affect me at all. I consider them hay at best. their raspberry diesel has me couch locked and super euphoric and obviously creative because I am not typically a writer. I have an experienced this from a medication for a long time. These folks are doing God’s work! Whoever that may be for you.

  187. elfoluch

    The people are great.

  188. msjanet3217

    I have recently been coming to this place and have to say that I enjoy the atmosphere. The staff is exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable. The products are fresh and potent. I highly recommend this place to all.

  189. dadjason0508

    excellent service and amazing staff!

  190. DesertEagle

    Excellent customer service here and congratulations on your new Scottsdale location. You sure did a nice job on remodeling the bank. I picked up an 1/8 of their snap special for the day, Critical Cush, and it is super. Thanks!

  191. rayolson

    Great people and great medicine, all the time

  192. Lando1015

    Great location, great selection, amazing staff. Harvest is a amazing.

  193. Alan211

    when to harvest got me some Jesus but 30% THC so excited can’t wait to get home and try it people were friendly atmosphere great Alana took care me beautiful person thank you guys

  194. smoke171

    Went for the first time last night. The staff greeted me at the door, very friendly, clean, upscale facility and enviornmemt. Candice was more than amazing….. also a great bud tender 😉 I’m a huge fan of the Dream Steam product, that they make themselves, so seeing all their strands and concentrate levels was very cool. Definitely a repeat customer!

  195. phoenixsun1

    Top notch! My new favorite. great folks,very informative, real nice. Bud tenders really know their stuff. Prices great too. Home of the Bhang Bar- can’t get better than that. Will surely be back.

  196. vinnythec

    Very classy place dY~ great staff..

  197. chicagokush

    as a patient educator this dispensary is key for new patients and renewals will always find a helpful hand. Their medicine is top notch! Even when I am in a panic the atmosphere and agents are perfect.

  198. banker1

    It is very suitable with ample parking

  199. thebatgirlaz

    Love the baseline and Scottsdale locations! So glad I made the switch to this place. The product is the best in town!!

  200. sportsmom8233

    love the people

  201. FuelEr

    I am a regular here. While there aren’t people to constantly wait on you I prefer that. If I ask for help I get honest and knowledgeable staff. I live the dream steam cartridges and have found their input on them most helpful

  202. Kstebe

    I happened to stumble upon this place today and I’m so happy I did! Best dispensary I’ve been to in Scottsdale. The store is gorgeous, very open you get to look around instead of standing at a counter. The patient advisors are incredibly amazing right along with the rest of the staff. Prices are comparable for the area but the quality is by far the best. Definitely my new favorite place!

  203. DivaCV71

    Everyone at Harvest made me feel so welcome and comfortable. Alana showed me around and answered all of my questions including questions regarding their pet products. I felt like I was very well taken care of. I will definitely be back and have already recommended them to friends! Thank you!

  204. Aschwegler

    Great wax and great people.

  205. shearaczka

    Nice shop. Wide range of selection for products, I was able to pick up CBD flower, tasty edibles and top shelf flower all in one place. Owner/manager which was a pretty blonde was very educated and honest. I like the way patients can walk around on their own like a retail store would be. Will be returning!

  206. zman10892

    I went in for my first time and was surprised at the look of the place. Good atmosphere and the staff were alright. I’ll be going back today!

  207. agonzo1069

    Very friendly and enthusiastic!:)

  208. Stevenz2017

    Kris helped me and my wife.. she is very knowledgeable and knows the strains very well… this place has a great selection of flower oil and edibles .. all the staff is upbeat and super happy .. will return asap
    10plus rating for service and selection
    SZ AND SZ happy customers

  209. pardz

    Really nice place with a lot of good flower,edibles etc as in all the places iv visited very helpful and happy staff dY’

  210. Dawn23

    I love this location. The hours are fabulous.
    7:00a-7:00p M-F. They were packed this morning. The coffee was awesome. I met Kris from Corporate. What a great personable guy. All my favorite people were there to help me with any questions.

  211. nutorious

    This Is Not For The Connoisseur. Stay Away From This Place. Nothing But Commercial Medication. Black Ashes So They Don’t Flush The Plants Correctly So If You Are Into Fast Food Weed Then This is For You Sheep Who Don’t Know Good Medication Versus Bad. I Would Never Come To This Club EVER!!I Purchased GDP From Them And No Purple Hues From The So Called Grand Daddy Purple Smelled Like Fresh Cut Grass. So The Cure Was Rushed Just Like The Flush.. This Was The worst place ever…

  212. kaylagrubin93

    Friendly staff, nice location, the trees are fire and the prices are pretty decent as well.

  213. Ozs90

    I meet Kris with a K and man does she know here STUFF!!! she said that the timeless was the best vap so far and man was she Right !! the Super Sour Diesel is the Best You gotta try it

  214. laidbackjt

    Great selection! Great people! That guy JT is smart and handsome! Keep hot guys like that on staff and I’ll be coming back for sure!

  215. illyki

    Great flower

  216. jetmanIndica

    What can I say about this place? “Wow” sums it up indubitably. Staff rocks, tall girl is actually friendly, and knows her stuff – looked like she was gonna shank me because I’m always joking around-hahaha-kidding! RJ is “Bwana” of all things green – like a wizard, or something? I’ve been to many dispensaries, used to be “Monarch” was king? Not anymore – I couldn’t even make up anything bad about this place. The entire staff from when you step in, the best, hands down! Thank you guys!

  217. NaNa326

    Got my card today and stopped at Harvest of Scottsdale and was happy at the level of customer service. Marissa immediately came over to me with tons of knowledge and educated me on their various products to help my specific issue. She was awesome!! She helped me pick out my medicine and I couldn’t be happier. Feeling great for the first time in …..years. Thanks, Marissa!!!!! Do yourself a favor and go get your medicine from Harvest. Great selection , great deals plus cool ass customer – focused staff.

  218. FlowerLv

    My new favorite dispensary.

    Loved the online ordering and pickup process. My order was ready before I left the house.

    They display their products in glass display cases, not just the packaging, but the actual products.

    The place is easy to find and the staff are friendly, helpful, and offer great suggestions. I actually left with money in hand because of their bulk ordering deals.

    I will be going back.

  219. moreno4211

    WOW! Blown away by the customer service from being greeted at the door to the paying for my purchase. I was incredibly nervous for my 2nd dispensary visit (my first ever dispensary visit on the other side of town was horrible) but I was made to feel so comfortable here. Kris took so much time to educate me & make sure that I was picking the right meds. I never once felt pressured or like she was just trying to make a sale. She truly wanted to help. I can’t stop raving about my experience with this dispensary. Their products are of the utmost quality and their FTP specials are some of the best.

  220. bolvera23

    I love this place!!!! I really like that I can place an online order and pick it up on my lunch break. Everyone is always so friendly and very educational.

  221. shaunmorrison

    Very nice staff always when I go to location that’s for the great meds

  222. Majjik

    There are dispensaries much closer to my home but Harvest of Scottsdale is worth the extra drive.
    First the layout of the store is perfect. The floor is huge so much space I don’t feel crowded,and it’s quiet. I have been to other dispensaries that felt like sardine cans, and the noise level almost sent me over the edge. Back to Harvest, every staff member here is better than the next from the front door to the cashier’s. Last but not least (best for last)
    The Bud Tenders!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chris, Alanna, J.T. the best crew. They are so good about knowing their clients and make a newbie feel safe and secure as one steps into this whole new world.
    I recommend Scottsdale Harvest hands down my first stop normally, my only.

  223. Bigmikebar

    absolutely love this location, staff is super friendly and welcoming and quite patient with all my stupid questions.

  224. g4njagirl420

    This place used to be the best. The main reason I kept coming back was the people, but there was a major shift in management about 6 months ago and this store/company has been going downhill ever since. The employees who have been there since the beginning are overworked and unappreciated, management seems daft and incompetent and worst part is, they really used to care about their patients. Everything is sales driven now as they expand nationally. I don’t enjoy being pressured to buy product from new employees that don’t even know what they’re talking about. Everybody sells out for the right price. It’s a shame that you did too Harvest.

    PS notice how they don’t reply to negative reviews…hmmm

  225. mmccolley

    Nice location. Good dream steam prices.

  226. Joerad

    Top quality flower, top quality service. I had a very beautiful, knowledgeable woman escort me through their amazing inventory of potent and rare buds. Will be back ASAP!

  227. Borelli22

    Best Dispensary in Scottsdale!! Great service! Asked JT for his personal suggestion on flower “The Guice” testing lowest at 32% THC and “Platinum Girl Scout Cookies” Fantastic Smoke for sure!! If your in the area this is the place to go!

  228. madstuhg

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the reusable containers! go here and support sustainable pot!

  229. Adroitsixx

    This place always has great quality and dope customer service.

  230. erynnilana


  231. michellehill13

    Great central location

  232. Firebombz

    I just got my card and I have been to a few places, this place by far…. the best! Great selection and I can take my time. The knowledge I received was a first for me in Arizona. I had the pleasure of meeting JT, he was so professional and knowledgeable I thought he was an owner. Everyone was friendly and the experience was handled quickly when I checked out. The quality of the bud I got was top notch! You will see me again! Thanks Harvest!

  233. wilmannj50

    I went on 4/20, I should have known how chaotic it was going to be. First time here, bit small for the crowd. I wasn’t a fan of the set up, no guidance at first. The back wall is the display? I’m not entirely sure. They had a menu but again that was all over the place. I walked up to the counter unsure of what to order and the girl was super nice but not really helpful. I just spit out “brownies and gummies” and that’s what I got. The set up could be more sufficient with more guidance. I was a bit disappointed and flustered by the time I left. The products were great. I may come back to try again since it’s conveniently close.

  234. gsmith66

    been to many and this dispensary is definitely the chosen one! smiling staff and bud is ACTUALLY freshly harvested!

  235. jahnasty

    Some of the best pre rolls ive ever bought from a med shop

  236. N8c00k

    Large and sleek, very nice service

  237. Bobbyrobb

    It’s the fun place to shop like being a kid in a candy store.

  238. flower63

    thanks to Brett and the staff at Scottsdale harvest . great selection of flower and cartridges .

  239. cdwalsh13

    Favorite location. Easy and knowledgeable

  240. MC41

    Did not like this at all. Strange set up where you wonder around until someone helps you rather than working with one person. When finally got that help, no strain specific pre rolls, at all. Left with nothing. (Quality rating a middle rating, bc I didn’t get anything)

  241. Dastomba

    I’ve been to this location twice now and I’ve enjoyed the selection as well as the quality of the flower available. The bud tender recommended lemon head and it was awesome. Just wish your prices were a little bit lower but we’ll see.

  242. poprocks

    I love this place. The people are friendly and honest about their products. It’s great that they test and put everything out on the table. Honest; I appreciate that.

  243. alkemistoner

    Wow! Wow. I really don’t know how else to explain my experience here today. Jon opened the door for me and I was immediately greeted by the front desk girl. I can’t remember her name I’m sorry! She was very professional with me and made me feel at home. Jon came back over to me and explained everything from product to first time patient to when they started. I love getting a background. Jon then opened the other door for me and I was immediately welcomed by emely who explained everything to me and said aEURoehave a look aroundaEUR yea!!!!! Finally I’m not rushed and I am comfortable! She knows her product and her company very well recommended the all star and was on snap sale ??? I was impressed that I wasn’t being sold top dollar. Cause I’m broke! Lol. I ended with Samantha I think. She was very professional, kind and understanding. She noticed it was my birthday tomorrow and gave me a great birthday cake cookie bar. To wrap this all up HARVEST is everything I have been looking for! I will most definitely be back even just to say hi.

  244. class_mom

    Love this place. Knowledgeable staff. Know there medications and offer wise advice.

  245. vanvan21

    Love the setup and friendliness of this staff! They are always willing to help but also don’t smother you! They have great flash sales and also weekly reoccurring ones. Big plus is they take debit cards as well!

  246. ArizonaBudtender

    Very nice looking dispensary. Good selection of products. Vibe is set up for recreational with an open layout for you to look at all the products and then go up to the counter when you know what you want. Staff was very friendly. Only dispensary I’ve been to without an AZ dispensary agent discount though

  247. Psyguy31

    Awesome location, chill vibe, great service, mind blowing selection. My new dispensary of choice.

  248. ThomadSharpVth

    The absolute best pharmacy, quality of products and excellent staff will make me want to come back many times over

  249. spicoli7

    Well twice now I have gone in to get snap sale and both times told just sold out I guess I understand but then at least at Tempe location they will look through the eighths of the second choice of mine and give me the best eighth but Scottsdale seems give me just a random grab out of the drawer where is the customer service? The competition is plentiful so just a heads up the service seals the deal if I come back I’ll try one more time

  250. kenmaster1812

    First experience with a shop , and may keep it as my only. The experience was great! Every employee felt welcoming, from the security guard to the sales assistant to, the people behind the counter. No hassle, one hundred percent insightful knowledge, great people. And amazing deals they had on labor day! Will defiantly be returning.

  251. Trentius

    Location is awesome, staff is awesome, but the quality of their top shelf is very poor. I got two eighths of there top shelf and it came out to 119$, the taste wasn’t great at all, i went in with high expectations and left with incredibly over priced bud. Unfortunately i wouldn’t recommend the flower from Harvest of Scottsdale

  252. Poolman5000

    Flower was garbage. I’ve been to pretty much every dispensary in Phoenix and this one wins the prize for poorest quality flower

  253. KingCUTA17

    This place needs a more affordable selection of strains, and not just 1 strain for $10. This place would be so much better if they was more affordable.

  254. BiggyTalls

    They are by far the most knowledgeable of any dispensary I’ve been too. Not just aEURoeoh it gets you real highaEUR. No. These guys know percentages. Tastes. Everything is easily labeled. They make sure that you are getting the best experience.

  255. maddxlee

    I used to come here multiple times a week for MONTHS. This is the closest dispo to my home. The pricing demographics and the lack of awareness from the management is appalling. Take a look at their concentrates on their menu right now, and if you are familiar with normal prices for those brands, it is DISGUSTING! If you are not familiar, most grams of pretty sucky wax are NOT $44, or even $18 plus for a half. dY$?*dY1/4aEURatmEURi, And the monthly deals for the past two months have been sub-par, and should be significantly more inclusive. Extremely disappointed in Harvest of Scottsdale!!!!!!!!

  256. mmelhado

    They are very knowledgeable staff

  257. zjbudz

    great GSC

  258. michaelacaron

    This used to the best store around but I agree with the others in their reviews in that this place has gone downhill and I don’t shop there any more. Their deals are a joke. And they really don’t care about their patients.

  259. thehappyhoneyhole

    Finally a place in Scottsdale with prices that reflect current prices in 2017! These guys have great prices I’m so excited to see these guys open up the other places in Scottsdale have crazy expensive prices but not these guys! MY NEW BEST FRIENDS!

  260. datkiddcloud

    never disappointed. one of the highest quality in arizona . and the closest thing to cali bud. i went to every dispensary . even all of the one in tucsons. pretty all over and i can honestly say. Harvest got the best weed in arizona . their 25 dollas an eighth is so much better than other dispensaries top shelf so i wont speak on their 50 an eighth. just know its fire dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  261. Zono

    Wonderful staff great deals smells wonderful Lol..

  262. nickinoir

    Great high quality dispensary.

  263. Smanos123

    Professional staff from the front desk employees to the manager. One of the closest places to me and was well worth coming in.

    One of the few that I plan on staying with.

  264. stephengpewitt

    Great location with friendly knowledgeable staff and fair prices with a large variety of products!

  265. pielolz

    Excellent and extremely effective customer service combined with a sophisticated modern environment and high quality products; however the prices are reflective of the atmosphere in which it is set. Harvest of Scottsdale has definitely moved up my list of preferred dispensaries. dY’

  266. AnthonyS1995

    I stopped at this place for a birthday gift, which was a Bhang bar 50mg and 200mg cartridge! I’m glad I did! Everyone at this dispensary was so incredibly kind, friendly, and welcoming! The setup is a little different, where you can actually walk up to the jars with the budtender answering questions, all in an open sort of environment as if you’re in a museum glancing at every jar and being able to pick each one up and smell them, and see all the products close up without having to ask someone for help behind a counter. They had quite a selection of flower, and fair prices especially for the area! I would highly recommend visiting here, this is one dispo to rival TruMed and Desert Rose!

  267. davidwarfle86

    Awesome staff, great prices, comfortable atmosphere, highly recommend!

  268. BigJ808

    my favorite spot they have best prices for top self products

  269. ameliak87

    This is the Apple Store of dispensaries. Great staff, fantastic product and cool atmosphere.

  270. Denise2

    I love this location for several good reasons. Customer service is amazing, smiling faces ready to help answer questions or just get. What you want.

  271. goldensplendor

    I liked coming to this location because they had great deals. But seems like that is all going away. I was told you cannot bundle your savings anymore. The early bird special 10% off when you go between 7-10am. However if you buy a sale item, you cannot apply that discount. You also cannot use your reward dollars if you have a sale item. Which I think is really dumb because they use to apply all those discounts before. Their product is over priced so without those discount incentives, it’s a waste of money when other dispensaries have quality product for a lower cost. If they are going to make changes like this, it needs to be posted on the website & app, so that you are not misleading the customer. I won’t return.

  272. SarahP14

    I came in on Saturday for the first time since you opened. It was a hike due to the 101 Northbound closure, but was worth the trip. I have bad anxiety, so cramped facilities are not for me. I was completely comfortable here. The way that all of the products are displayed and how helpful the staff is makes this place rate high (I have high standards). There’s no “ghetto-atmosphere”, there’s no rude music (not everyone enjoys the same music so not playing music is actually better IMO), and it is a completely open space. When you guys have specials I can afford, I’ll be back in for sure. I cannot afford your regular prices because they really are too high (other dispensaries sell the same strains for $10 with the same quality/potency). The Rolls Choice is a great strain, I just wish the lineage of the strain was available because I did have an intense period of confusion from it which was not pleasant, but the rest of the high was great. The Gorilla Glue tasted a little funny to me (like a pine tree) and that is not what I’m used to Gorilla Glue sativa/hybrid-sativa tasting like. Sour diesel is good, but this batch isn’t lasting as long as I’m used to either… good meds, great facility, great staff, overpriced a bit on flower. Dream Steam cartridges are fairly priced, so if I do come in before another flower sale, it’ll be for Dream Steam.

  273. Punturic

    Amazing selection, service, people and deals. pretty much only go here now.

  274. UndeadOrange

    Easy to park, little wait, great prices and products, good dispensary all around.

  275. lrkorn73

    Very nice location. They always have good deals.

  276. thebmd85

    Way nicer than the Tempe location now this is my type of dispo

  277. Snowdove1

    Harvest of Scottsdale truly provides the absolute best in patient quality services via their caring and knowledgable staff. In particular, JT at Harvest of Scottsdale has always gone above and beyond to assist me in my own patient needs. His vast knowledge and understanding of medical cannabis, and its beneficial therapeutic qualities, have been tremendously helpful to me in maintaining my quality of life.

  278. patpodo420

    okay I went in there for the first time today. I’ve been to a lot of dispensaries I smoke a lot of weed I’m what you call a stoner you can trust my opinion. went here and I saw Derek you was my budtender. this guy knows what he’s doing he made sure I knew what I wanted and he let me know about the best deals available. guy is an employee that deserves more. place was clean AC. that rock come here

  279. NathanCundiff

    I’m a regular at Harvest of Scottsdale and it is my go to. Their quality and prices are great and the staff are all knowledgable, friendly and very helpful. In particular, Kris is the best hands down. She never steers me wrong and knows my preferences as to what I look for in bud. I’m old school and only roll and she always helps me find the right shake bags for my taste. Love those shake bags!

    Look for Kris, folks. She’s the best!

  280. Reeny76

    Always do.

  281. hrodeee

    Makyle was awesome! Krystal was awesome! Thanks guys!

  282. Laflare710

    Great selection of quality meds. The staff were very knowledgeable too

  283. baymi

    great attitude

  284. craigjohns

    Finally got to check out Harvest. Man was I happy after leaving. Super awesome set up. Everyone was super nice and really chill. They aren’t afraid to greet you but once your in they allow young cruise and check stuff out. The displays are set up great and your allowed to handle things like pens and stuff. The flower displays are great. Love how it’s set up. Being able to look at the flower and smell before placing order is great. Big shout out to the homegirl Chris. She was super cool. And super helpful. I will let all my budz know about this place for sure. Upset I waiting so long. #nowiknow

  285. patmac2320

    Brand new facility, buds are set up on the walls for you to inspect and pick your choice. the best buds are a little pricey. Go for the best looking deal.

  286. LVGPCFL

    Amazing people. Superb Medicine. Harvest of Scottsdale has great concentrates & Flower. If you want to experience a great bud tender, ask for Kris. She is probably one of the most knowledgeable Bud Tenders in this industry. She makes your first time and reaccuring visits memorable.
    Love you guys.

  287. Ygoose

    I have been a Harvest fan since first went to Harvest in Tempe, but Scottsdale location is the Rolls Royce of dispensaries. There product, presentation and staff are top notch. I am not a recreational user but suffer from severe chronic pain. In particular Kris Roessler at Harvest has provided personalized care taking time to interview me, assess my needs and make product suggestions that are tailored to those needs. Her time devotion, patient care and vast knowledge, provided with a “professional and friendly” approach instill confidence and complete trust in her recommendations. Furthermore, the regimens WORK. I don’t like the heady highs but need some THC for best results and with Kris as my advisor She has provided a relief that Medical Doctors have failed to achieve. Props to Harvest for employing such individuals and making a dispensary that has class and dignity. And Kris, you are “PRICELESS”

  288. filmex

    Nice shoppe. Friendly employees, clean modern layout, conveniently located across the street from Costco and best of all, they are one of the few dispensaries in the area that regularly have Royal Choice Farms product.

    Our loyalty to Harvest reflects that wise choice. And they open spectacularly early, and offer an Early Bird discount to boot. For those who like to rise early, Harvest allows you to get your chores done before breakfast. Cool all the way.

  289. DrLove2016

    My favorite dY~ZdY’SdY>>dY’SdY>>dY’SdY>>dYtm,,dYtm,,dYtm,,

  290. coleygrl

    I love this dispensary! Very friendly and knowledgeable! Chris was very knowledgeable and approachable and I left with their house-blend that works perfectly for my stomach issues. It’s now my go-to place! Thank you!

  291. msmith425

    The customer service aEURoeWASaEUR decent at best . Slowly has gotten worse as the company has grown . Very poor customer service and they don’t like being told the customer was lacking . They asked me to leave instead of fixing a customers concerns

  292. haileyburket

    Friendly staff, nice environment but the prerolls are always clogged. Quality flower but the prerolls are always clogged. I’ve tried them several times and I can hardly ever smoke it. They run and are so hard to take a hit from you get dizzy from trying. Don’t get prerolls here, go somewhere else for them.

  293. oshiosh5980

    A friend referred me to Harvest and I am so happy they did because I extremely satisfied with the products and how they have helped me relieve my symptoms! I will definitely be referring others to Harvest! Thank you!

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