Cathy’s Compassion Center




1825 W. Dragoon Rd, Cochise, AZ 85606


32.0359364, -109.9529263




11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


12:00 PM – 5:00 PM


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PLEASE NOTE: Delivery orders must be submitted the day prior before 12pm in order to get on our delivery route for your scheduled delivery day. If you are a new patient wanting to schedule a delivery with us, please visit our website at and first register as a new patient so we can put you into our system. After we receive your registration, please feel free to submit an online order or call us at (866) 291-8797 to place an order for delivery.

**Delivery Schedule**

1. **Monday-**Safford, Benson, Pearce, Dragoon, Elfrida, Sierra Vista, Bisbee AND SURROUNDING AREAS
2. **Thursday-**Benson, Tucson, Vail, Oro Valley, YUMA *AND SURROUNDING AREAS*


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139 reviews for “Cathy’s Compassion Center

  1. Unclejohn117


  2. iJeniferAlyssa

    I loveeeee this dispensary! One of the best I’ve ever been in!

  3. OIF1

    First question, where? I followed leafly’s map and direction, to end up with my destination being a dumpster in a bad neighborhood.

    Tries calling several times. Always goes to voicemail. Their web site won’t let you register.

    I don’t think they are in business anymore Leafly! Going to the next town!

  4. colliegreenz

    Cathy’s happens to be one of my favorite shops to go to due to the awesome flower selection. Between the helping friendly staff, and top grade medicine; Cathy’s is always a good choice.

  5. DevilsHarvest420

    Fantastic weed! Mindy was a great help in getting us started here! Love the atmosphere. Will definitely recommend and return.


    Wonderful and knowledgable. Don’t miss there sunday deals. Make sure to see Ilia she will take great care to make sure your happy.

  7. Oran.Gibson

    Very good quality products, helpful bud tenders Anna and Mary Jo. A must return

  8. Dabellopez098

    Prices are amazing and great quality products. Very professional and trustworthy

  9. Christyed19

    Worth the drive for their good deals and lovely ladies!

  10. anneh420

    Long drive, worth it.

  11. Saraea

    absolutely love cathys! If you don’t live close by, it’s defiantly worth the drive. Great bud, amazing staff, and always quick and friendly. A very unique dispensary that’s different than any other I’ve visited, in the best kind of way

  12. leoncaballi420

    Good quality products and excellent customer service. Will be coming back.

  13. Ramirez333

    Love this place,I was referred by a friend and I love it, can’t wait to try experiment and learn more about the benefits cannibus will have for my health problems. Awesome customer service as well.

  14. sharkfoot1

    I’ve smoked for 30 years and questioned the medical aspect. I have a bad back and when it went out recently I got some Rick Simpson Oil from Cathy’s and I’m amazed by how quickly the pain and inflammation left my back. These people are miracle workers in my mind and they deliver to Yuma

  15. Pineapples89

    Beautiful drive
    & a wonderful atmosphere!

  16. Desperad013x

    Cathy’s was my go to dispensary for years, until a so called aEURoe Black Friday aEURoe sale came along. 1 oz of green crack for 125.00. After 41 years of experience, I feel like a fool for falling for it, but, yes, I bought one. I still have it all, as it is horrible ditch weed. I trusted Cathy’s and got ripped off. They wanted to get rid of a bad grow, and instead of taking a loss on it and throwing it away, they decided to sell it to their loyal customers. Bad move, you burned me and lost a customer for life. I e mailed them twice on the matter, with no response. Cathy is such a nice woman, I wonder if she knows what happened? I’m very disappointed, and have decided to throw out the oz of green crack. I can’t put that in my lungs. How I wish Caitlin would have steered me away from it.

  17. Sonny1597

    What a find! Like finding your little Mama and pop shop .. and that’s exactly what it is! Daughter was helping me and mom was helping another customer and brother was tending the crops!
    I plan to make this a regular stop for product .. great drive to get there too .. lots to see out that way.

  18. iseedr0

    Haven’t been able to order. Tried to get put in their system twice now and haven’t receive any type of contact with them. And from what these reviews say, it’s better that way. Paying for an oz and getting half…I’m good on that.

  19. Arizona_sunshine

    I love shopping at Cathy’s Compassion Center. The staff is knowledgeable, kind and caring. They always answer my questions and make me feel welcome.

  20. lawrencen

    Cathy’s Compassion Center in Cochise, AZ. has a great staff, know there products and are very helpful and don’t rush you. I will be coming back again.

  21. TheSmokyBear1014

    Prices were definitely worth the drive if you don’t mind going the extra mile.

  22. Kevinbarney

    Great place

  23. coleface30

    10/10 this place is awesome

  24. WIGGER

    I had a much better experience this time around. The lady’s that helped me today were much more informative than my first visit. To the lady’s that helped me thank I so much I feel much more confident about my experience. Will definitely be coming back.

  25. cljensen

    So lucky to have this place in rural AZ.

  26. InkGirl

    Love they are getting some of the old strains back! Concentrates are available again. Love the way they’re now selling the house blend. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

  27. happyhippie18

    I absolutely love this dispensary! Every budtender is educated and so helpful. MJ helped me on my last visit and she was so helpful. She even recommeneded strains to keep my eyes out for! This is the only dispensary that delivers out to me and if I have to make the drive it is beautiful!

  28. FidelVelasquez

    Best dispensary in Cochise county! Very good quality of buds and great prices!

  29. Njoyhappiness

    Absolutely wonderful experience, from the individuals you deal with, ordering to delivery, to the comprehensive information you receive, there to assist and provide guidance.

  30. Mathewbenson18

    Got an oz of Vanilla Kush.
    good deal on the price.
    Good for the budget smoker!
    kinda feel bad I couldn’t tip more since I’m in Phx 🙁
    But if I’m ever in the area I will definitely be checking out the store front for sure!

  31. allstar23

    I was really looking forward to making Cathy’s my dispensary…even if I had to drive to St . David or Cochise. Last time I checked the price was $185 per ounce…the majority of your customers that are in the city are going to go to local dispensaries for their meds. But the real people who truly need your delivery service is not going to pay $300 an ounce and that is NOT COMPASSIONATE.

  32. kelsielayne26

    Very friendly, she knew what she was talking about and took care of all my needs! Answered any and all questions I had at the time and she even gave my buddy I was with a lemon bar to try! I will most definitely be back or better yet be scheduling a delivery very very soon dY~~

  33. Czha21

    Love this place and the people! Always so friendly and helpful, and they deliver all over the state!

  34. lvaneckner

    My first time visit to this place was great! Staff was very helpful. Strains were all very potent. Great deals.

  35. srevans46

    Nice area, friendly staff, quick easy service!!

  36. peggysb

    I like the delivery service it’s convenient

  37. clbeck

    very good place they care about the patient

  38. SandraLa

    Cathy’s is getting some the old strains back I am so excited. Hopefully things are getting better and I will fall in love with this place again. Thanks to Tammy in Yuma for going the extra mile to always make sure customers are not only happy but educated about new products. Her customer service skills are exemplary and she always takes the time to answer any questions may have!!

  39. GabrielRE

    They have pretty solid deals, and the employees are always kind.

  40. JmfgsGirl

    I love Cathy’s!!! They are always friendly and helpful! I never feel rushed and they always have smiles on their faces! The drive is unbelievable to boot!!!

  41. Nicolebear

    Love the delivery all the way to yuma! Best price and great quality! One very happy customer and now the only place I buy from!

  42. lukeroach831

    I loved it and the people only complaint is no wax paper for their concentrate and it’s hard to get it all out of the metal containers other then that there awesome I’ll be going back

  43. Steveoo82

    Best medicine in all of Arizona

  44. Tacolion3

    Good product. Good prices. Good budtenders.

  45. vetenergy

    The location does not really matter, because Cathy’s delivers to customers statewide in Arizona.

  46. yungbuk

    latest batch of pre 98 & Larry OG is FIRE!!!

  47. Rios2222

    Nothing great place

  48. DopeM4n20

    Great quality, great service.


    I’ve been going to Cathy’s for over a year.I love the vibe,meds,and the drive.This is a 5 star easily!dY~EURdY’

  50. beetle_stomper

    Very nice and helpful staff, good selection for being very remote.

  51. Lildabby520

    best flowers and concentrates around hands down

  52. k3medusa

    This service, from the order process to, phone confirmation, delivey, product, and price, is all above average. Pleasant experience.

  53. marvelousmarv1976

    Awesome service from Ilia & Emily! 😀 Quality products @ great prices. Stopped in on a Friday and got 10% off plus got to spin the wheel for additional savings. I’ve been a regular of theirs for a year now & highly recommend Cathy’s especially for people in the area that can’t travel very far.

  54. rlhobbs08

    First off for being out in the middle of nowhere, this dispensary provides amazing service, there is a lot of knowledge and end this is him put into the patients. I would definitely recommend this place to anybody that’s going to be in the area or for anybody that would care to have product delivered

  55. RaymondRoger

    Very convenient and easy to get to very friendly people

  56. WNCMaf

    Ilia was awesome and accommodating. The atmosphere was intimate and Ilia took the time to explain all the great deals including free pre-rolls for veterans. Totally worth the drive and they offer delivery if the drive is too much. Check these guys out for sure!

  57. donnie416

    Take the drive! You will NOT find better views, products or people anywhere in the state! If you can’t get there, they offer FREE DELIVERY ON TOP OF GREAT PRICES!!!

  58. RobsReclaim

    This was my first experience with Cathy’s. To be honest I’m not surprised with the quality. It’s everything I was expecting. From talking to them on the phone and hearing how passionate they are about what they do; I knew I was going to get a quality product for the price. These ladies and gentlemen they have working there really care about their patients. They have quality medication at an excellent price! My reviews are posted on Leafly as I try the strains I bought. So far I have tested the Vanilla Kush, and the Killing Fields. Follow Cathy’s Compassion Center for great medication! Follow me for honest unbiased reviews. — This is Magnison’s new profile

  59. Jabroniy

    Talk about a great country location. Everytime I walk in I feel like family, even if I cant get Anna to smile. She know what you like because she takes the time to remember what you say from your previous visits and recommends what flower you may like over the other flowers. The baked bros edibles are pretty consistent (same strains) and always in stock. The Sunday Goods pre-rolls do tend to run, so have a wet ring ready and you’ll be set (just let’s you know it’s mostly kief roled). The concentrate products are pretty good, I don’t remember most of them due to I just don’t remember those specifically (Platinum Purple Kush Shatter possibly the best). What more can I say, except expect a friendly face every time you visit.

  60. carla44

    location is fine.

  61. andreasaindon

    Location was nice! The drive was nice

  62. EdwardR3

    All around awsome

  63. trchtrich

    wonderful flower at great prices. very friendly and knowledgeable staff. easily one of my favorite dispensaries in Arizona!!

  64. rachetrf

    loving the delivery

  65. BorderDawg

    I have been in the dispensary and had delivery, both options are top notch for price, service, and quality. Anna has always been pleasant and knowledgeable and I am very thankful for the delivery service in this rural area. The product itself is always great and the prices are some of the best in the state, especially with the volume discounts! Glad you are here Cathy’s. 🙂

  66. Aidanas

    The best meds, customer service and price.

  67. Naythan2017

    This facility is excellent! This was my first time here and it will be my main dispensary I go to! Anna was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, she went above and beyond to answer all my questions and give me all the info I needed.

  68. jesusfreak94

    BEST dispensary in AZ hands down from kingman and flagstaff north to sierra vista south there no comparison for quality quantity and excellent service Cathy’s compassion truly is compassionate. about there customers and have the top flower in the state i have been to over 15 dispensary in az and it is by far the best they have me and my family’s service forever so dont wait any longer to make a trip to this fantastic dispensary head down there today it will be worth it

  69. scooterb29

    Awesome. Informative. Trying the 5-pack chem preserve pre-roll and 7g bubba kush. 2 thumbs up!

  70. tasslehoff

    Some of the best flower I’ve had. Potent and flavorful. Cathy’s Compassion is my new go to for delivery.

  71. 520chrondon

    Best dispensary around great flower, and a even better staff

  72. vlflint

    Ilia was exceptionally knowledgeable. She made us be comfortable and free to ask questions, patiently. The store has a calm, clean, and professional ambiance which Ilia encouraged.

  73. Kyles07

    Loved going here! The service was great and the product was even better! Great that its so close and its awesome that its open on Sundays! Can’t wait to go back!

  74. prescottvp

    we only have delivery service, Tammy is fantastic, she takes the time with me if I have problems navigating the site, and has learned what strain i may like. She is great. all staff Anna in particular are always great on the phone, even calling me when my favorite flower is available.

  75. mrscsi

    Well I can not say enough good things about Cathy’s…

    Being in Yuma my options are limited. But with Cathy’s I have way more choices at a way better cost. I read a few reviews and will adress them now with my experince. Firstly weight… Not sure WHERE or WHY that review was written because I weighed my packs then weighed the empty pack and was within 1/10th of a gram which is well within the margin of error for the scale.

    Secondly there was a review about how they never got back to the person. I signed up online, got an email within 2 or 3 hours, called the next day and talked to Kate and she got me all set and on Monday the product was delivered and all is well…

    So I am not sure WHERE either of those reviews came from but neither were close to my experience. I know for what time I have left I know I will be a customer.

  76. Eddieruiz

    Awesome place, I am a returning customer and will continue to do so..thank you for all the bud.

  77. Saindon420

    Little off the beaten path, but roads are paved. I’d rock climb for this medicine. Well worth the drive.

  78. cosmickhan

    Best dispensary in Cochise County IMO. I live in Bisbee and drive to the dispensary (they also deliver statewide) because the drive is scenic, the products are top quality and Ilia is the best bud tender around. I’m soo thankful to have access to bud that is grown with care. I recommend the Sublime almond cake dY~> Sunday Goods and The Clear vape pen/cartridge. They have specials each day of the week and for first time visitors. Spin the wheel on Fridays for discounts or free pre roll.

  79. FredwardPicard

    Fantastic experience! Knowledgeable, super friendly, accurate & timely. Very pleased. I received delivery, haven’t been in… yet.

  80. maladroit69

    Never again! Apparently if you hang up on the bud tender it is considered abuse and they require you to apologize! The first two orders went fine the third on got lost, when they tried to make it right I said no thanks and hung up. I asked if I could talk to Cathy the bud tender said no!! Never again! You need to rethink your business practice, I’m a mature man, not a child.

  81. robcarol

    love the meds have to seek cheaper meds on a budget

  82. cora13june

    I love the customer service and their deals/selection! They have quality stuff for very good prices!

  83. Gabrielmendoza18

    I really like cathys it is my go to.
    It has all your needs. An they will answer all your questions. Very nice service to I give it 10/10

  84. blackgoatsmuggla7

    Love cathy’s! They always have a wide variety to choose from and their products are very nice would definitely recommend it if you haven’t tried it

  85. Seandis

    As always, well informed and and extremely polite staff. I shop here for all my medicinal needs.

  86. BudFader365

    I stopped by Cathys today I got the pre98 bubba kush and the mendo purp pull-snaps. I recommend these to you who need a lil more punch. the pre98 test at 98% and still keeps its canibanoids. the Mendo Purp I’m not sure of its tests %’s but still number 2 pock. also got my free veteran pre roll of some sweet Thai another great strain, especially since flower does nothing for me. thank you again Cathy’s Compassion Center. my #1 despensary we luv you.

  87. cuddi84

    Cannabis cup Quality here. Best budtenders. I have purchased in phoinex, and every store in tucson. This place is my favorite in all Arizona. I am so happy there’s a store that cares about there customers. Im voting for best dispensary in Tucson Weekly


    Simple registration process even though I live in Yuma, Az. Great prices, dank flower and friendly service. 10/10 would recommend to everyone and their mommas.

  89. zukowski13

    loved the drive. ilia and mj were delightful and very insightful. got some chem dawg reserve, J-1, Indiana bubblegum and some prerolls. really enjoyed the white sumo, and the J-1 is fantastic! loved it!

  90. Magnison

    This was my first experience with Cathy’s. To be honest I’m not surprised with the quality. It’s everything I was expecting. From talking to them on the phone and hearing how passionate they are about what they do; I knew I was going to get a quality product for the price. These ladies and gentlemen they have working there really care about their patients. They have quality medication at an excellent price! My reviews are posted on Leafly as I try the strains I bought. So far I have tested the Vanilla Kush, and the Killing Fields. Follow Cathy’s Compassion Center for great medication! Follow me for honest unbiased reviews. Only reason I didn’t give Atmosphere a 5th star was, I’ve never been there. Maybe one day!

  91. haze024

    I absolutely LOVE cathys compassion center! The BEST service from staff who genuinely care for all their patients and also have the BEST QUALITY of flower in the state! Everythings grown organically and pesticide free right in their greenhouse! I recommend to anyone who hasn’t been here to try them out ASAP!

  92. Gtkurtz

    Ilia and MJ are amazing. They are a wealth of knowledge and wonderful guides through this brave new world I have found myself in.

  93. Greg10toni

    Great view great personality very informative great service thank you so much Ilia from Cathy’s compassion center

  94. basf52

    I used delivery but am looking forward to an in person visit soon. Mindy, Donnie and everyone else that has helped me has been wonderful. I also really like/appreciate all of the info on the website. I am using. MMJ for Crohn’s disease and it is extremely important for me to know the THC and CBD percentages in order to medicate effectively. I am so glad I switched dispensaries!

  95. dabbedout520

    I love coming here they always have amazing products and staff is always amazing as well cant wait to go back

  96. xsuzy19x

    Well 1st Off I Didn’t See Any Of The Marijuana Listed On The Menu In The Store..But What I Bought Was Nice And Sticky..Please Don’t Post A Bogus Menu..

  97. hurtdogg

    Its in a beautiful area, a bit of a drive, but nice to have delivery available.

  98. A.S.Lemanski

    Skipped 3 weekends since thanksgiving on delivery to Yuma az, prices went up way too much, You went from hero to zero, Springerville Az is number one as far as I’m concerned, The products you have are inferior, I do a better job at a fraction of the cost, you are now the GOUGE CENTER OF AZ.

  99. rahneejr

    Far, I live in Yuma! Beyond Boone”. I’m so thankful for the delivery service. It has been nothing but Joy to shop with Cathy’s. 5

  100. chazcat

    Cathys is great! I especially like the fact they grow all their own. No strange tastes from fabric softener or other smell camo chemicals. The Sweet Thai is one of my favorites!

  101. ganjagal94

    You def need to try this place out! Their products and their service are out of this world. The statewide delivery is awesome each time, and the staff at the storefront are so accommodating as well. Thanks y’all dY’-

  102. ickydaddy

    Cathy’s is has the best pricesdY’21i,afPS9i,afPS7i,afPS oz. and quality ai,ai,ai,ai,ai,. On Leafly and on Cathy’s website they provide you with each strains tested THC levels.

  103. micus22

    Excellent service That is delivered to your door . Is the Definitely the best prices in town And better quality than the other . If you have not tried them yet I would if I was you .

  104. bhouston

    Guarantee best strains and on time deliveries I love this placedY~Z

  105. 1Adog3

    Great customer service

  106. bannana

    will never order from here again. they try pulling half oz off as whole oz, they weigh the bags as part of the product, ya you pay 197 an oz but honestly your only getting a half. rip off will NEVER order from this place again I have wasted to much money on very little product with you guys.

  107. steinhoffdj

    Very impressed with the helpful staff and with the quality of the flowers. The delivery service is awesome and all the strains are potent as ever! Great place

  108. MythicalMysti

    Cathy’s is amazing, the quality is AMAZING I’m never dissapointed with anything I get from here. Katie is awesome and very helpful. I definitely recommend the drive out to Dragoon well worth it.

  109. CashLexi82

    Ordered an ounce and mixed my strains. $197 is obviously an amazing deal and the quality is strong for sure. Wasn’t too crazy about the Sour Diesel but that’s just my opinion. 4.5 out of 5 Stars

  110. akafewawi

    Amazing selection and the best Bud I have seen in Arizona! Extremely helpful staff was great customer service!

  111. GiselleV

    My first visit the lady forgot to give me my free pre roll and discount so I had to remind her, but she was still cool and weed tasted bombdY~<. If they carry Lemon Borage I'd recommend to try it

  112. rivester

    They live up to their name ..compassion. The service is outstanding. Quality of product is outstanding. To your door delivery!!! I refer people to visit Cathy’s. Ive been a patient for over a year. You will not be disappointed.

  113. cricket8470

    First time in store was great. Friendly help and informative. Heard lots of good things so had to go in. MJ and Ilia helped me the day I went in and they were awesome. Thanks girls.

  114. TheGoatWhisperer

    Great looking and great tasting buds

  115. Airadon11

    knowledgeable staff quick response on delivery and last but not least great prices

  116. GlennNYtoAZ

    I’ve been v3ry happy with Cathy’s Compassion Center from day one. Flower quality for me has always been top notch and prices better than 90% of the dispensaries in my area. And those that may have cheaper flower…yeah I think quality won’t be close. I’ve tried the less than $200 oz at a few and they are al2ays old, otherwise flushed well and yes seedy. You get what you pay for and with free delivery it’s a no Brainerd to give them a try. And if you have an issue…talk to themaoeOE

  117. Gixxer750BLJ

    Great products from this place. Normally they weighed it a little over to account for stems and such but this order I just got was weighed under. Both half ounces were at 13.9 grams while my 1/8th was 3.4 grams.

  118. rupertlutz420

    I love Cathy’s! always very informative and very friendly service. I definitely recommend

  119. paleez

    I have recommended your service to neighbors friends and complete strangers I have met while renewing my card. I haven’t had the opportunity to visit the store but would love to. My experience with their delivery staff is phenomenal. So friendly and professional.

  120. BananaCOIn

    Thanks for the 4/20 specials guys! Loving the gift bag too! Im down to just the crumble lol Cathy’s is my go to dispensery. Always great quality flowers and awesome service. I’m not sure what the deal is with the recent negative reviews. They all appear to be new accounts… For me they’ve always been super consistent. I’ve never had anything underweight or bad service in any way. not saying nobody has, but it seems suspicious to say the least. Try them out for yourself and see. I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Also they have an awesome new patient coupon card. It takes a few visits/deliveries, but it is the best new patient special around.

  121. onemanonit

    I’m not actually sure but it seems really good

  122. JamesZachary

    I’ve been ordering from here for a while now, the quality and care that you receive blows every other dispensary out of the water. If you haven’t tried Cathy’s you’re definitely missing out. I just had some mendo purps delivered and it blinded me… literally blinded me lol, there’s so much keif on the buds that when I opened the package it shot into my eyes. Don’t get me wrong it’s not dry what so ever just extra keify! Thank you Cathy, Katie, Anna, William, and everyone else! You guys always take great care of me.

  123. levidabs420

    Great atmosphere! Great buds! This didpensary is worth the drive no matter where your at . i have been to many dispensarys throughout arizona and none are as good as this.

  124. odd520

    Anna, was very helpful. She showed patients and knowledge. I have to travel a little bit to get to this location. But it is 100% worth it. Fantastic selection was difficult to make a choice for my shatter and flowers.

  125. BigSexy

    I was leary of the $200 ounce price thinking it was a low quality product, but omg I was so wrong. Now I’m so mad I waited so long to try Cathy’s. I ordered GSC and LA Cheese both was about 8.5/10 but with that $200 pricing it made it a 10/10. Try it you will not go anywhere else!!!! I smoke a qp a month so I’m a pretty heavy smoker wake bake all day with only Cathy’s NOW!! Semper Fidelis

  126. joseph.caples.31

    I don’t think I’ll ever order from here again!! They are absolutely rude and have no respect when it comes to contacting a patient if there is a problem with order!! They let you find out by it not showing up then claim it’s your fault for not knowing… never again I’ll drive from Yuma to Phoenix and get same price but letter quality buds and not nicer service!!!!!

  127. kibitza

    great people awesome product. on of my fave dispensary’s.


    Loved it here, so leaving another review because forgot to mention the awesome tenders. MJ & ILIA very sweet and helpful, thank you for a great experience, definitely recommend!

  129. Virginia18

    Great place & prices!
    thx Anna

  130. CatCannabis

    Came in my first time and they made me feel like family. Treated me with respect and gave me great deals! Nice selection and great quality bud. a$?i,

  131. desertbuddy

    awesome place to get to meds are top of the line just call before you go if your looking for a certain strain. other wise excellent service they know their strains

  132. Nucklqueen

    I used to LOVE Cathys Compassionate Care center! i would go nowhere else!! Then 6-12 months ago, they stopped taking credit cards, then a while after that I noticed there were HUGE stems that I was paying for, then the flower got really dry and then the nugs got smaller and of less quality. The second to last time I was there I felt like I was an intruder and more of a pain than a paying customer. They also used to have great sales but I don’t know of any sales anymore bc I rarely get text messages any more. I FEEL BAD WRITING THIS BC I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CATHY, but unless I am honest, how will Cathy know- as I’ve called and left VM and never heard back. I’ve been going elsewhere to get my medicine, but I would love nothing more than to be a loyal customer again!

  133. Rpedigo

    This is by far my favorite. I have always been able to count on fast friendly service, great deals and prices, quality products and free delivery. Don’t forget to drive out in person sometime and take in the view! It’s worth it.

  134. angel633

    it was amazing wasn’t quite sure what to get but ilia and Emily were great. helped us out and talked to us to help our needs great employees

  135. fdweed

    Great selection of of bud and concentrate. Awesome staff are always friendly and knowledgeable of the products. I strongly recommend! fdweed

  136. organicplease

    I love the specials! Great staff!

  137. chaz21

    Ilia was my budtender, she’s awesome and I love the chill, quiet, personal feel to Cathy’s. Plus, all their flower they cary now is from Sunday goods grow,usually a good thing.

  138. BritBratAttack

    I love the verity of products available. I can always find what I need. The Green Houses sales are lit. Bud-tenders in this shop are always very informative patient and kind. This is the best shop in my eyes.

  139. TurtleGurl29

    I love this location. I have been a patron for over a year. The staff is VERY knowledgeable and patient. They sincerely want you have the best product. I recommend this place to other patients all the time. Worth the drive (I live an hour away)

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