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6859 E Rembrandt Ave Suite 128, Mesa, AZ 85212


33.341128, -111.6847358




8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Come on in! truBLISS Organics is ready to help satisfy your medical marijuana needs!

(480) 325-5000

All prices include sales tax!

Open 10am-7pm Sunday!
8am-9pm Monday-Saturday!
We want to provide great organic cannabis options and provide the products patients want to find!

Quality service and quality products are awaiting your arrival! We pride ourselves on creating a comfortable and professional environment in which patients can have the products and service they need to alleviate their symptoms. Come check us out!

We’re at:

6859 E Rembrandt Ave Suite 128 Mesa AZ 85212.

We are in the last row of buildings on Rembrandt Ave!


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433 reviews for “TruBliss Organics

  1. nique1980

    Brandy is amazing very patient and provides excellent customer service. I cannot wait to go back everything was a 5 stars from the building to the prices

  2. Silverboii

    Tru bliss got the best weed in town foreal no one can top it ! Hands down !

  3. RickJamesB

    Love it ! I don’t go Anywhere else Now !!!

  4. sickone19

    it has some fire ass weed that I always enjoy and man your guys deals kills everyone elses

  5. PhatTommy

    I came in looking for specific information concerning CBD Tinctures, Ointments, and Edibles. I really enjoyed meeting with Dr. Dana and learned a lot. What a great asset she is! Thank you for all you do for your patients. I hope to see you again! (PhatTommy Says)

  6. NeedSmoke4Sanity

    Not only do you get B1G1 1/4 your first time here (other places only do B1G1 1/8), but if you sign up for their special offers mailing list you also get a free pre-roll. Then you’re second time you get B1G1 1/8.
    Atmosphere was nice. Staff were nice, friendly and helpful.

  7. Misskat94

    I’ve been shopping here since they opened and I’ve never had a bad experience. The staff are super friendly and helpful always!

  8. PurplePonies

    Great products and super friendly drivers!

  9. jadams

    great dispensary by far… highly recommend

  10. ShannonMcD

    This place is my favorite place. I have been now to every dispensary in Maricopa county and this one is the Best.

  11. adamnelson

    staff very knowledgeable and friendly

  12. Victoria_V_78381

    The staff is extremely helpful, they have so much knowledge and they do not mind answering all your questions.

  13. mobob63383

    Check out the harvest dates. Picked up some flowers on April 5th and the harvest date was November 14th. Another package did not have any dates on it. I am not going to get anymore flowers from this place. I don’t smoke old flowers at such a high price. There are better dispensaries than this one.

  14. LaurasWorld420

    Tru-Bliss truly Rocks East Mesa!
    aEURC/Great FTP/2TP BoGo deal$
    aEURC/Tax included!
    aEURC/Quality+affordable products
    aEURC/Superb delivery!
    aEURC/Highly recommend!

  15. stickyicky116

    My budtender was awesome and their product is top notch! Awesome little place

  16. dmarinkovich5

    I love this place!! The quality is wonderful and the the price is great too!! I honestly can say I have never been disappointed by a purchase that I have made!

  17. OgTokeyDee

    Come thru for the bogo and good flower and concentrates. Jesse is the best

  18. EthoEmn

    This Place is the best the have great products and prices and the staff are very friendly

  19. Wrigley4891

    one of the best disspenceries in the state hands down.

  20. carsonww2

    Awesome place to get bud! The staff is so nice and the product is AMAZING for the great price would recommend

  21. 420Geene

    I love this place like super flame every time bottom med or top shelf you won’t be disappointed. An most the product has test results labeled. Cold water an great staff adds to the great experience an flower.

  22. Phhd3210

    The staff is amazing and welcoming.., and everything they have is quality even some crazy blueberry that’s a must try!

  23. Afwilson

    Super friendly staff and the trees are fire. Don’t forget to leave your review too.

  24. Bitemeehstoner

    Love everything about this place can’t wait to come back

  25. mike302

    Place was amazing . Great prices and full of knowledgeable bud tenders dY$?~dY>>

  26. Kaptainkush9719

    Amazing customer service really love this place along with the quality medicine they serve would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for quality dispensary!

  27. 420goldenhour

    You guys always go above and beyond! My new favorite place to get my meds from.

  28. tjleyva

    Amazing place! Friendly staff and real professional! Everything is amazing! Don’t take my word for it stop reading my review and stop by!

  29. strangelyME

    Love TruBliss! very welcome addition to my local dispensary list. Great flower and concentrates for an actual decent and reasonable price range for the quality. Will keep coming back for sure dY’

  30. frederick21

    great selection

  31. Ilovemypitbull

    friendly staff and very helpful

  32. Co-conner7

    Everyone working is always friendly and great to talk to while they help you with what you are getting,

  33. chasemarsh

    Great employees, fast to get you back, and excellent meds!! This is my go to store now!

  34. moontang

    Love the MOB shatter. This location has super fast wait times and the flower is fresh and potent. I highly recommend coming here.

  35. heavybins23

    Not a hater by any means I still dropped over a 100 with you guys but to be real the aEURoetop shelfaEUR flower is terrible only thing that’s worth buying is the grow Science n drip products bro who served me up didn’t kno much bout the flowers n kept tryna sell my boy over n over on some shatter with lil attitude in between definitely not a place I’d recommend to anyone who’s a true connoisseur of clean quality fire meds

  36. plebillo69

    a great place ro buy your medicine the service is great always visit when i can

  37. athena13g

    Beat prices and great location . Dawg cookies flower was awesome as well. I love coming here. Also the staff are amazing and friendly. It’s a keeper!

  38. Cardsnation

    free 8th for the win! thanks for this blue drank with my delivery the other day. you guys rock!

  39. mikayah

    This place is the best always got good flower

  40. AnthonyAj

    First time here was great. Like the organics.

  41. mgoga27

    Everytime I go to trubliss its always a great experience! They have great prices and great product at all times! I definitely recommend this dispensary!

  42. anissamerida

    I love this dispensary! They have amazing strains and awesome prices!Thank you for being an awesome dispensary dY~

  43. Kobeiverson38

    Greatest Place Ever!!

  44. hulltori7

    Very friendly and very helpful 🙂

  45. UnicornRexie

    This was my first visit ever to a dispensary and this place was awesome!! My budtender was super helpful and really nice. This was a great first dispensary experience.

  46. zalaz

    The selection at trubliss is great. Keeping on OG strains, I love that about this shop.
    Very nice meds and many good bud servers

  47. adrianmartinez

    Great location, very good quality bud. Flower on high end perfectly cured and smokes smooth. Trubliss has become my new dispensary.

  48. ChuckNorrisOG

    These guys are literally selling last years outdoor lol

  49. Fl0werchild42o

    Great place and awesome bud-tenders. Really felt like they care more about patients and not just the $$$

  50. Dabears2009

    Very nice and love the location. I’ll be back again!!

  51. Marcobliss

    A dispensary that promotes organic? Im so down!! Quality cannabis for a great price!

  52. mattheil3

    Great bud. a nice front desk lady and that’s about it.

  53. HarveyWallbanger

    Great staff and flower

  54. RachaelD

    Close to home. Great shatter prices!

  55. klynzee

    So closeby and they have everything with some of the best prices relative to quality.

  56. pumutoni9

    Great atmosphere, quality products, and fast service!

  57. Dee_double_e

    Great Quality meds here and the best prices around town!

  58. CSwizzle1

    I love Tru Bliss this place is real close to home they have wonderful product and their prices aren’t bad as well I highly recommend coming here to get weed

  59. Greenusgirl

    I got the Oreo brownie and it is tasty!! my bud tender and I have the same name so even cooler. this is my second time here and I’ll be back.

  60. migiesmallz

    This place is awesome!!

  61. sagebrushwolff

    Great product. Fair prices. Brandy was an excellent budtender providing information and a smile.

  62. jstbecker

    My new favorite place!! Everyone was so kind and very helpful!! Love it!

  63. SEAN2207

    First time here and I like it. Flower is very nice. I’m mostly a concentrate guy but had to try some organic buds, and they are awesome! Worth the price for top shelf. I’ll be back for sure.

  64. mrmom


  65. Leleboo13

    This place is a dream come true lol but no seriously i love their meds and the friendly faces 🙂 always smiles nothing less

  66. Jared4204

    You people expect this dispensary to just startup and be a full fledge open till ten operation, it takes time. And anybody that says they can’t make it in cause of the hours is absurd, on your day off go to the dispensary, unless you need to go every other day to help your “issues”. If something is important you will find a way, instead of hopping on here and being a whiner. We’re trying to hear about the quality of the products/medicine, we’re not concerned about your schedule

  67. PackGod-K

    friendly staff and upscale styling make this a great place to shop

  68. arianna1007

    Super quick service and I’m never disappointed in the products. I’ll definitely be back!

  69. blink480

    overpriced and the hours are ridiculous…

  70. youngsimmie43

    I love trubliss!! Great flower!! Great Prices!! 11/10

  71. amach0124


  72. Wernettchantel

    i love this dispensary i reccomend to everyone.

  73. TheGreenQween

    Always recommending to friends… friendly delivery drivers and great products!


    good customer services.. grate buds and staff.. I live in phx but I’ll come back the this place it’s a true bliss when I come grate prices and grate qualety.. I’ll be comeing back for sure…

  75. Krysmarie

    I cannot say enough good things about this place. Walking in to a smiling face was just the beginning. Budtenders were also extremely helpful and allowed sight and smell of the flower. It was an overall great experience!


    True bliss has the best flowers in the valley by far my favorite dispo to go to

  77. felinarae

    This is my new favorite! The wait time has been none for the last three times I’ve gone here! Also they have a pick up service. I shop in the comfort of my house. add everything, the. get money and I know how much it’ll be. it’s so quick.and easy! I love it! this is my new favorite place!! It’s also very nice and clean!

  78. machetematt

    This is the best dispo in town!

  79. jayman32

    Nick and cole always got on the goods.

  80. Cynthia13

    Wonderful experience best customer service as well as the gentleman that helped me today give me a wonderful advice and to top me a lot today and my purchase thank you very much to be employee

  81. grapejelly123

    They close to early, other than that. Great service every time!

  82. Godofyourworld

    come thru open between 8am-9pm get you some of that 818 bomb bomb buds. amazing prices for amazing quality

  83. mjmauto

    I have been coming here since they opened and will continue to do so. great staff and great meds. Try the suppositories!

  84. david4567

    went in got bull dogged by the bud tender for some low grade “it’s the best in the store” for a Bogo discount, walked out will never be back.

  85. sleepyleef

    Love this place, been twice now. Today they had a BOGO sale on all Canamo concentrates so I headed down to take advantage of it. Then, surprise, they were celebrating their grand opening which involved grabbing out of a mystery bag of free flower. Ok, cool. Neat. My budtender Cole was rad and made the visit fun.

  86. suwarr7755

    I love this place and it’s very clean and the service is great

  87. jonr420

    great weed and service employees are all super helpful

  88. Packdad85

    by far one of the best dispensaries in the East Valley great atmosphere great staff.

  89. Sassygirlstone

    great selection and the staff is amazing

  90. Dthaz

    Grape Ape dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  91. Memphistn

    Man this place is is awesome they have a great staff as well as their medications..I well worth the ride out there dY~Z

  92. Bigpete88

    This place is a must go to! Great deals great product and friendly knowledgeable staff. Always a great experience this is my first go to dispensary

  93. 420girl88

    Great service and great selection

  94. Sativadude420

    I highly recommend their blueberry. One of the best strains I’ve Ever smoked you won’t be disappointed.

  95. DavidSailor

    great deals and fast service

  96. ab25

    trubliss great meds

  97. Geo2424

    Well recommended great people and great variety of flower

  98. guzmanpablo98

    Beautiful location, the staff is very helpful and I they always have the best strains out there! 100% recommend to everyone.

  99. 21Average

    Great addition to the east side of town! All of the employees are great! Check it out.

  100. Blknght300

    Love this place, great location the staff is cool as hell i love the GelatodY’dY’

  101. Braywell

    Love it. Good prices, great employees, and chill environment.

  102. Skating_stoned

    flame shmoke!!!

  103. zachman1985

    I love this place so close and convenient. There flower is top notch. Prices are a little high on some items. I wish they would text there specials a little more often(everyday like every other dispensary) Also I wish taxes were included in the price. I personally think it’s a bit shiester. charge same price as everyone else but tax it ontop.. but what can you do. convenience usually always wins.

  104. andywoy

    Awesome place awesome staff awesome deals

  105. Krazyjoe19

    Awesome service here, great. Atmosphere and the best product by far! You won’t be disappointed

  106. Invested1

    this location is fantastic. great product great prices. I will definitely recommend this place to everybody. This is a great store

  107. naenae7771995

    great meds! the people are great! I can’t wait to try the CBD treats with my dog!

  108. 420gene

    Best place to buy real medicine all natural an organic. You feel good knowing with every in an exhale. Very tasty as well the best place in east valley.

  109. jamesmarquez215

    the ppl are cool and the flower is good .

  110. watermelonfries

    terrible hours. won’t ever make it here.

  111. Joserubio88

    best spot in town! great staff and super nice.. they definitely know there products.. and the products are amazing here.. i recommend this place to everyone

  112. TheRookie

    this is my favorite dispensary in az always quality!


    This is my my all-time favorite spot ..budtenders are very knowledgeable .. ..friendly staff.. Great prices awesome and strains around

  114. caseydgriffis

    I stopped by Trubliss Organics to pick up some flower, Cole was the man who helped me out, he’s always been a wonderful help and always outgoing! Greg is dope as well dY~,dY~,

  115. Smokie10

    Great location and deals .

  116. vcullenv

    Great product

  117. BigTree123

    Have been to over 30 dispensaries and this is by far the best. Deli style, great selection of flower, and awesome daily deals. They constantly try to incorporate different meds and also provide terps at all different spending levels. Definitely my go to dispensary and i will continue to spend my money here because they offer fantastic products at affordable prices and in my opinion noone competes with this place whether it be price or product wise. Did i mention the flowers organic too? Trubliss keep it up we love you!

  118. SHarmy8

    Nice, friendly people!

  119. acmorrissey

    Great first time deal and very nice!

  120. bottamane

    Great flower and service! Would highly recommend this shop!

  121. Azombiepenguin

    First time patient and it’s closed…

  122. jaepadilla

    really love this dispensary as a DA in the industry I’ve been to just about every dispensary in Arizona the customer service was great as well as a product, Harvest day on the flower wasn’t updated but the flower seemed up to date sure that was just a little miss hap

  123. azlazboy

    First time, flower was dry and overpriced. second time, the “shatter” was more like sugar wax. this will be my last visit and will encourage others to do the same.

  124. Bevcartchick123

    Best dispensary have been to so far

  125. Bgaz0758

    ordered at 545pm through superb app for delivery. 830 still no delivery….excuse was a bunch of deliveries came in after yours so the driver has a lot of deliveries, shouldn’t I have still been one of the first? just sayin

  126. 69pussyslayer420

    I love this spot Shane is hot too and the staff is helpful and super knowledgeable

  127. MileHigherClub

    So happy you guys are up and delivering again! My favorite dispensary in town, always have great deals and the best drivers. This is one place I’m always excited to recommend to friends.

  128. Weirdjacob

    They have a great selection of marijuana in there bud tenders are great and very helpful

  129. blink4two0

    these guys are awesome. I’ve been coming here since they opened and I’m glad I gave them a shot. by far the best dispensary in the east valley! their loves are fair and they have something that everyone can afford. They concentrates, flower and edibles are all great! Even the lower tier is better than most places top shelf.

  130. Austinsantee

    This is definitely one of the best in the business when it comes to quality price the staff is enthusiastic and there to help you!

  131. Mzcanez09

    I love trubliss they have the best quality of medicine. The staff is friendly and location is clean and professional. I would highly recommend trubliss for your medical needs. Hi

  132. aroush

    Love Trubliss Organics! Amazing customer service, great prices and product. Would recommend this place to anyone

  133. Jhartman93

    Good bud, friendly people!

  134. Manders1081

    TrueBliss is an amazing dispensary. They have great customer service and product.

  135. azgrowerx

    Best staff, product, prices, and deals…..if you don’t know, YOU BETTER ASK SOMEBODY!

  136. lildude1

    very relaxed atmosphere & professional bud tender, she was a very friendly and understanding of what you need my first visit , won’t be my last !!aoeOE

  137. rrwinn

    Awesome first time AND second time specials, less crowded than other locations, fantastic service and great flower. Budtenders give good recommendations and are patient as you inspect. Very welcoming!

  138. reviewmaster

    I recently visited and purchased the ‘dawg’ flower. I noticed in the big jar you smell that holds the sample, there was these stringy, long, white fibers littered throughout the product. I didn’t think twice about it and I just bought it. When I got home these fibers were all in my weed as well! They just weren’t as long. What are these white stringy fibers? Why are they in my cannabis? I want an answer other than, “Sometimes that may happen, we apologize”

  139. bdubblebubble

    What a great shop! Great personalities and a ton of options. Only thing that makes it even better, 2 miles from home! Thx for what you do! 🙂

  140. letrich2014

    The staff was very friendly and the establishment was clean and of my favorite locations!!

  141. cnelson0575

    Awesome place! Flower is clearly grown without pesticides unlike every other dispo in AZ. You can smell and taste the difference. This is my new spot, my former spot of several years decided it would be a good idea to start pre packaging everything (you know who you are) and selling low grade chemical flower. Not at trubliss, this is what flower should be!! They’re doing it deli as well which is huge for me personally. Keep up the good work and see you next week!

  142. Joseluisconde

    close and convenient . buds cheap and good quality

  143. KingJayys

    awesome place came here with worker amazing buds

  144. 1Bigdaddyd2

    Good flower great customer service!

  145. emmettw81

    Absolutely!!!! Two thumbs up! They had me at hello, oh and the second time patient b.o.g.o. deal. High Quality Affordable Medicine. Check these girls out.

  146. Grapejelly93

    I love coming to this dispensary, everyone’s really friends and the product is always good.

  147. Brooklyn2785

    This is the best dispensary to buy weed from great price and amazing customer service

  148. colinaz

    Great first time experience. Bud tender was very friendly and knowledgeable. Flower is awesome. Gonna be one of my spots.

  149. zombieland

    This place is the best. The atmosphere is awesome. The meds are some of the best I have found. I highly recommend this place if you haven’t been yet

  150. Geo9595

    Great place great people the service is outstanding highly recommended dY'”dY'”#Trubliss

  151. Brandonjohnson143

    Best weed in the state of az highly recommended

  152. Base08dt

    Great Staff, Great Service AZ Products with average pricing

  153. danbo2275

    Love this place!!clean deli style set up and the greens are awsome!!good people thatvwork therr friendly as can be!!a must stop and xheck this plac out!!

  154. 94dwest

    great products good weed

  155. cookiemonster1979

    This place has patients in mind, great lobby with snacks and drinks, super high quality flower and amazing prices on flower and concentrates.

  156. Saymynamian

    This is the place I get all my supplies from. I’m in here every other day to visit these guys and they always are super friendly and super informative on the best deals going on.

  157. christy3770

    Great experience!

  158. buddancemanchilove

    Nice atmosphere an friendly!

  159. cheframses88

    Amazing quality flower, great knowledgeable budtenders! And great deals!

  160. Jagomez480

    best meds, friendly people. the like water is delicious, and they have awesome selection of concentrates!

  161. RML18

    I’m headed to trubliss it’s an awesome place for flowerdYtmdY~++

  162. warriorgoddess23

    The quality of customer service is off the charts. Their first & second visit specials are fantastic. The place is clean and they offer cold water and cheap snacks. The bud tenders are knowledgeable about their products. Hands down the best dispensary in the East valley.

  163. jltyson23

    Went in for Super Silver Haze shatter and was not disappointed. Tons of selection with great prices!

  164. 97mbattle

    It was my first time going to this dispensary and It was amazing! The staff is very friendly and helpful with any questions. You can smell the difference in the organic buds from normal buds. Most defiantly recommend coming and checking out this location! I’m going to defiantly be coming back!

  165. elmo430

    quiet and quick…great 1st and 2nd time specials…friendly staff

  166. sabbath

    Any word on when you’re going to reopen

  167. MadMamaz

    Okay so 2day was my 1st time there. I have never seen bud labeled organic. So thought I’d stop in n try. well their 1st time patient deal was awesome! Also the cashier Nicolas was Fantastic! He knew so much and helped me choose sum delish nugs. I Will be back! oh and their flower is pretty damn tasty and moist.

  168. mercedeskay

    Great flower and great staff

  169. lilc3

    Best place when you need a life line! I just started a new job I have no funds… 1 gram of top shelf per month! That’s awesome! I’m going to give back to them when I have the funds because they deserve it. Also great customer service!

  170. MrWe3D

    This place is aWEsoME! Don’t change it up…………

  171. andrew105

    they have wonderful staff and good inventory

  172. Mayra_G

    great staff, helpful and energetic. Igreat first &2nd time deal’s… Definitely going back

  173. veromarieee

    Love the bud quality.

  174. couchlock79

    Nice new place with a beautiful assortment of concentrates. I got bogo on a half gram of shatter and a free pre roll. There concentrate is the freshest and best I’ve had of canamo. They also have firebrand. Flower looks decent and is all organic.

  175. crotalusfreak

    Hands down the best quality around! Awesome staff and a happy atmosphere, love this place!

  176. Angelglowin1

    I absolutely love this location. The staff is great and they also have some awesome cheap snacks available.

  177. trichombre14

    I stopped in to try one more time after being diasapointed my first time visit. First off, GET AOME DECENT LIGHTING!!! I couldn’t even see wtf the herb looked like. Most smelled like hay… Blueberry kush is garbage in my opinion, and nothing in there is worth 50 an 1/8th!! 35$ max for even the private reserve. This patient won’t be back. I dont understand the need for greed most of you dispensaries have. I love that you’re organic(mostly, ya gotta ask!) That’s a little misleading though. But prices aren’t cool! I won’t be back as I feel I wasted my time and $$ today.

  178. Nanaheyhey420

    Great service and very knowledgeable with good deals

  179. stonedmoto420

    Greg brandy cole Matt Bobby where all cool dope people very friendly informational. Wth positive vibe when you walk in

  180. Roger1301

    Best dispensary I’ve been to. Nice and clean, plus they got comfy seats and they got TV lol. Very knowledgeable staff and super friendly. 🙂

  181. rufush

    excellent!!! this place has a great selection of products an julian is awesome!

  182. kmk420247

    Super dense nuggie duggies they make me smile

  183. Treff420

    Great customer service, and best prices around!

  184. jermhubb82

    my new favorite place to go in the East Valley I encourage you to come visit and see why they are one of the best!

  185. DWK82

    it’s a awesome place

  186. Doogie32

    everytime I have gone in there, I have learned something new. they take their time with me and educate me. you can tell that they take pride in the business. their specials are always good and I wont go anywhere else.

  187. Locksley

    Loved my experience at TruBliss! The employees were knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable asking questions. I’d recommend TruBliss over any dispensary in the valley, as I’ve switch this as my main vendor!

  188. Godfreeyouth

    I love this dispensary. It’s close, convenient, the staff is always fun and welcoming. The flowers are fire as hell.

  189. atriche15

    Great place! Good product! They are brand new so their hours will expand once they have a grand opening – have some patience if you can’t make it during their current hours. They are worth the visit!

  190. maloniak

    Trubliss is one of the best around, if you haven’t tried to yet you are missing out. Love this place!

  191. azquicker

    Very professional and solid products.

  192. Bridgetbabe81

    everyone was very nice and quality meds! definitely will be back soon..

  193. Akloudz47

    Great location and convenient hours. Love the product as well.

  194. merra7

    One of my favorites I’ve been to so far!

  195. thestick27

    Great dispensary with very high quality product recommend if you want the best!!

  196. Darrylnumber1

    Ya’ll killin it with that bomb customer service and fire flower. Thanks for the delivery again!

  197. Sammiev69

    I haven’t changed my mind on where I purchased my fine greens.

  198. james21684

    the people are friendly, and know their stuff!!! been twice now, will return!

  199. Mommaof2e.m

    Absolutely love the medicine and staff keep up the great work

  200. dabdaily710

    Great staff. Lots of choices. Flower is tasty and smells great. Even the lower tiers. First time patient deal is great and I’m excited to go back for the 2nd time deal.

  201. killerbees79

    This place is great!! If you’re looking for organic and a wonderful patient experience TruBliss is the way to go.

  202. Heather144

    Tru bliss is so awesome! Super kind staff and the flower is great!

  203. Istayfresh5

    Best place in AZ if you want flower or wax!! Tell them Elijah sent you and they will show love

  204. taxigerl1721

    Absolutely love this dispensary. dY’ The quality of flower is amazing. Also the budtenders are really friendly – Go Jessy, she’s the BEST! !!!!!!!

  205. DJRAD124

    this place is awesome and the dudes that work here are awesome

  206. Krbr480

    good customer service. good quality. an all around good dispensary

  207. qweezy25

    Dope place, dope bud, dope people dope prerolls and edibles and concentrate and cartridges and dope specials too…just so much dopeness under one roof!

  208. Rockenstoner

    I absolutely love the quality at true bliss. Some of the best flower. Also prices for all budgets.

  209. super1219

    Decided to try the new dispensary in town and I’m glad I did! They have a nice, open setup and organic flower options – that’s not something you see in many dispensaries. Great FTP deal. My budtender Cole was super helpful. Trubliss has found a new loyal customer.


    I love it. Wouldn’t shop anywhere else

  211. matthewburns0102

    I love this place! They have great customer service! Always Great Customer Service!

  212. aluminumshade

    Great location. Thank you Cole for the great experience!

  213. Mermaidma90

    Great dispensary!
    Love this place
    Great deals
    Just wish it was closer
    See you soon dY”Y=

  214. Rubicstick

    nice people, clean place, and quality bud. what more could you ask for?

  215. arolnick

    Very clean. Great product. They care

  216. Cadillac4500

    This is my go to spot for the best meds around

  217. kmart117

    They were so sweet and chill. I will absolutely come here again.

  218. jordanl218

    Great place smart staff.

  219. pablomendoza08

    Got 3 different strains, even their non organic strains are way better then past dispose Ive been to. First time buying organic marijuana and it’s so beautiful!

  220. BigSmoker2320

    Great dispensary and great service! everything is 5 stars

  221. tkarnes

    This is my new favorite dispensary by far. The staff and flower are magnificent. Great location and fast service. check them out!

  222. squidlycakes

    love this spot, staff is actually customer service experienced. the Mgr Shane is awesome . been here 3 days in a row now…keep it up

  223. puffpuffpass67

    First time in and was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere is nice modern looking. The flower is all organic and looks frosty the way it should be. Staff is friendly and put up with my stories dY~ can’t remember their names(I smoke alot) Can’t wait for them to find their stride. Worth checking out. Thanks guys Puffpuffpass!

  224. Meljoshack

    I love this place, everyone is so knowledgeable and friendly.

  225. TianaLanai

    Just came to the shop and was taken care of my reception! My review wasn’t posted but they helped out by allowing me to review again once I arrived, HIGLHLY recommend these guys!

  226. ace4yrn

    I love this place amazing !!! And the people

  227. anglebritto

    The girl was super sweet that help me! I just left there and she answer all my needs

  228. rxdavis53

    this is my second visit, glad to return

  229. gogurl1103

    Great location. Friendly staff. Flower is great, check out the specials!

  230. tigermullets2000

    This is my favorite spot. Fantastic bud tenders dYtm,

  231. Jessemesa480

    This place is awesome and have great deals and the staff are always helpful and friendly

  232. ethompson903

    first time visit to TruBliss on Saturday and was excited to know my purchase put me in the running for a raffle that day. brilliant bud tenders and nourishing meds (flower & edibles). thank you TruBliss!!

  233. Blazinggirl94

    Brand new dispensary filling the gap for the Mesa/Gilbert border. The staff is helpful and hilarious. Great prices – love the FTP flower deal. I’ll be back soon for more OG18! dY’dY>>dY”Y=

  234. Michaelbwalter813

    Great people great service

  235. ROCK625

    Very clean environment the workers are very informative and quite knowledgeable, on any question I had, And very friendly

  236. Brandoooon

    Thought I would stop in and check them out, I’m glad I did. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The product is great and at a great price. Nice to have more options this Far East.

  237. mattyice0118

    this location is lit!!!

  238. BakedBeauty

    They have a first and second time new patient special and they hooked it up. Free preroll, free gram and bogo on either an eighth or quarter. Bud tender was super nice and helpful and the location as well as the interior is very nice. Highly recommend as their medicine is potent and awesome!

  239. Yazmika

    Best dispensary. Love the flower and staff! Always stop here when in the area!

  240. jakiepoop

    Bud tenders are always happy, polite, and knowledgeable every visit.

  241. petey1987

    First time gauging very surprised how nice Agway a good atmosphere hey sis I would definitely recommend this place to a friend

  242. mcpastorpast

    Tru bliss is amazing! Favorite new dispo

  243. aliceintatts

    Trubliss is rad! Tax is included in pricing and they carry cbd dog treats. A must have for 4th of July!

  244. junioraa123

    best place staff is awesome!! very Friendly best shop around

  245. daniellequinonez

    Trubliss has quality flower, they’re sour diesel was exactly what the server said it would be like.. :)!

  246. FrankCaliEndo33

    This is the go to these days. A lot of places flower smells and tastes bad, even top shelf. You won’t have that issue with Trubliss. Top shelf is top notch and the lower shelf appears solid as well. Though I have not tried it just yet. The Copia brownies and keef cola are fairly priced and work wonders! I highly recommend Trubliss fora ny 1st time patient. 1st time deal is amazing! Keep it up Trubliss.

  247. At186803

    great prices and very helpful bud tenders. ..brandy was very interactive and help me make a great choice

  248. 3Ls2TF

    One word awesome, product is great, price affordable, great selection, first time deals wonderful def recommend

  249. jon926918

    amazing flower super sticky and always good

  250. Ddigerol

    Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Would definitely recommend!

  251. AHerbo480

    Location is nice still fresh opening ! All flowers were nice ! Good selection ! I purchased purple punch and cookies both were fire ! Smoked the free pre roll OG Kush was fire as well ! I’m satisfied definitely will return again ! dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  252. YungYoodah

    Great place for flower customer service is amazing

  253. veemello

    Nice shop. A lot of variety

  254. Teri429

    Very pleased with my experience dY’dY>>dYtmdYtm++dY1/4aEURatmEURi,

  255. banjojr1313

    Good green flower fast service nice staff. I will recommend to anyone.

  256. Azchillin420

    Found trubliss when looking for syrup. Not only did i find my syrup, i think i found my new go-to spot. Btw the do-si-do is awsome. Only there twice so far but both budtenders have been dead on with recommendations.

  257. cgeee54

    Brandy showed us the whole shop! My partner and I were very pleased with her honesty and her factual knowledge of EVERYTHING! Sweet layout of the shop, Super dope staff and killer prices. Thanks guys!

  258. AaronGoodyke

    trubliss is a very welcoming dispensary. the staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. the flowers are amazing as well!! I recommend this place to anyone.

  259. TokenTabs

    Amazing first time deals!! And they give you a second visit free 8th!
    Flower was delicious too. I’ll definitely be back

  260. Copri

    Just discovered this location and they have a really nice setup and really nice staff and some cool unique products my other dispensary does not.

  261. Happycat66

    awesome place.. cant wait to try the moon rock.. budtenders are great.. thanks Bobby..

  262. MPXdaily

    Top shelf fire. Great spot for flower. I haven’t tried anything else there. Yet. Friendly staff, too!

  263. lexarhiannon

    Love the customer service! I love the atmosphere I come into when I visit. I would recommend anyone to this location!

  264. Dupree3570

    They have great specials here and i love the staff they are laid back and very helpful. I would recommend this dispo to any new patients

  265. Jbrewer1971

    Great location, especially living in the South East Valley!

  266. tylee298

    Love the Flowers here. Love the deals. Love the Budtenders. Great place. Love Gregory! dY’s

  267. Beardedbong

    by far my favorite dispensary in Arizona. always has quality flower!

  268. Harveyhustle

    Great flower and awesome service love coming here

  269. Jared480

    Always have great quality and friendly workers

  270. Captain-D

    This is my favorite location in the east valley. I send all my medical friends over there, they staff is great and the meds always hit home!

  271. areed273

    One of the best spots in the East valley IMO. In and out service and the quality is always fire dY”Y=

  272. Isabella0104

    Love this place. So great tax included already so no surprises. The people product and specials are off the hook. Highly recommend a visit

  273. reedup

    Poor service. I called in today and asked to see if I had referral credit on file and was told I had to drive all the way in to find out. I have never been told that by any other dispensary. Again poor service.

  274. TJones23

    I really like that every time I come into tru bliss they make sure that I get what I need

  275. vees

    First time patient here. Love it already, the flower is in pristine condition dY’OE

  276. rhydernariya

    Great service 😉

  277. slaz420

    Deals, quality meds, and great customer service! This is definitely my favorite dispensary in the valley!

  278. Redetho

    this is the best place for trees the people are so friendly and the product is the best

  279. katswearhats

    Went for the new patient and was floored with the service. All employees super friendly and knowledgeable. ATM inside. Also have loads of snacks for only $1!

  280. Tessamay70

    I would recommend to anyone. Extremely great customer service, very knowledgeable and helpful staff.
    May was my first visit right before surgery.
    I came back in July and at this point forward even with me living in Florence/Coolidge area I will come here.

  281. BudBurnhemp

    I am literally compelled to write this review because this place has Awesome quality buds, excellent prices & a very cool helpful atmosphere with super friendly service. from the moment you walk in at the front desk you find kind & friendly reception, & on to the budtenders who are a lot of fun to talk to & extremely helpful in finding exactly what Im looking for everytime I visit, this place is definitely my new favorite . thank you TruBliss you Rock ! 🙂

  282. Geo1995

    My favorite place home away from home lol great people great deals and the flower is on point highly recommended#TruBliss

  283. brand1angel

    always have the best products

  284. evealvi

    Best dispensary in the valley! Best flower & concentrate ! Love coming here

  285. Icyisaac

    Nicholas hooked it up definitely recommend this place for sure

  286. RollTideandWeed

    Always super helpful. Good product. Good people.

  287. Sonofabrokenman

    So nice to see a new dispensary in this area. This one is top notch, Excellent nice helpful staff, nice assortment of flower and edibles. Great prices,Great people, Great meds, what more could you ask for. 2 thumbs up. Way up…….

  288. cpd84

    Definitely not the best quality of flower.
    All strains smell the same. Would not recommend. I tried 3 strains from all tiers and they all should be on the bottom tier and sell as value flower nothing seems to be top shelf or premium. Bud tender could not explain the strains all he could say is aEURoeit’s all top quality weedaEUR What a joke why do you have tiers of pricing then? Do not recommend there is a great place 15 minuets south of here that only carries fire flower.

  289. zuvuya4

    These people DELIVERED me a 4 part 1st order ever thru Superb….and brought me 1. 1/8th Sensi Star…5 star perfection!! 1. 1/8th TRIPLE DOUBLE….5 STAR QUAL. 1. 1/4 White Lightning…(northern lights x white widow..indica dom 4.8 of 5 star!!) and for spendimg so much i got a free 1/8th of some equally badass Jawa Kush! Now..i suffer from many things so ITS essential my meds are top notch medical grade to be fully effective on my particular set of issues. AM SO VERRRRY HAPPY TO HAVE USED SUPERB & Trubluss Organics !!!! 5 STARS ACROSS DA BOARD!!!!


  290. raquelreyes21

    Trubliss truly is a great place to go the service is great deals are amazing they don’t push the product in your face they help you pick the right one for you to top it off location very organic like lol 🙂

  291. DeputyGod

    these guys did a nice job. Bogo on a 1/4 ftp got me to drive 10 miles past my normal spot, and I am glad I did. Tax included is a huge plus. Very good vibes all around, and the budtender knew his stuff and turned me on to a new strain. They are still less than a month old; the selection is a bit limited, but I am sure that will beef-up soon. this is a spot that deserves to stick around.

  292. 420GucciGang

    This is a great location! Staff is very knowledgeable and the product is great!

  293. Tr3vor1998

    This places got good prices and good trees and very friendly people who work there

  294. asudevil14

    This dispensary is the best one I’ve been to and I keep returning. The staff is always very professional and knowledgeable and never steer you wrong!

  295. tigermullets

    This is my favorite spot, best flower 8n town!

  296. Connornwallace

    I often come here for the 25$ eights because their selection is very unique. Always feel welcome here <3

  297. _mc_co

    Fast service & great customer service

  298. Dbueno3

    By far the best dispensary in all of AZ! Don’t sleep on them just get there

  299. Milenko143

    I think they will be a good go to lil bit dry start but i’ll be back in the future at least 1 more time Good 1st impression !!!

  300. AD6

    Been coming here for awhile and never leave disappointed. Everything from service to flower selection is top notch. Definitely a loyal customer. Best prices in town.

  301. handyandy555

    great quality. great location.

  302. Jonese3

    Loved it, the service is always wonderful. Will be back soon.

  303. suhhhdude2017

    Good job good atmosphere

  304. z4ck4tt4ck

    best bud tender in the valley shout out to Cole for hooking it up

  305. lexitalbot23

    Love it here!!!

  306. oldstonerog18

    Tru bliss carries Sunday goods which is an awesome grower. They have really great flower. Jesse is the best budtender there.l would recommend this dispensary to all my friends and family.

  307. Heffay2189

    Great specials and location is right off freeway! Daily specials with premium. Buds


    I was driving down the street after coaching football pulled up leafly and found TruBliss!! This place is too legit to quit. Worth the drive and the patience. Great system, products and great staff. Deals are amazing can’t wait also my birthday was last week!!

  309. LilyPad64

    Made a trip out to Mesa for one of the best service experiences ever. Super knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. Gave me some great suggestions and the 1st timer deal was awesome!

  310. zoose1

    Nice place. Great prices. Check them out always good.

  311. Ajmcdaniel2016

    really like the quality of buds from here

  312. jhubb82

    My new favorite dispensary to go to. make sure you stop in!!!

  313. yazi3012

    Tru Bliss is so cool! Their bud is fire dY”Y= their carts are sooo good!!! And their bud tenders are so nice and chill!

  314. SrHEMI

    Great dispensary! Friendly staff, awesome first time patient deal, great environment. I’ll definitely be coming back.

  315. harp

    I’ve been to a few locations in the valley and this is one I will be returning to. Great people, great product and named appropriatly. Thank you truBLISS!

  316. katknipsjew

    Great service every trip. Weed is so good for any situation. Cafe FYE dY”Y=

  317. trinity1528

    enjoyed my first visit, nice budtenders and great variety. Will return

  318. BritYT

    My budtender was the best & the buds are amazing!!

  319. benarend

    staff is awesome!! tree is even better!!

  320. Meeestajones7

    great first time patient deal and great flower. Must visit

  321. Rodriguez_four20

    Top notch. Good vibesdY’

  322. jclpdq

    great place

  323. Tree7d

    I think the guy I had was Kendall but he was real cool. Had all the knowledge about the weed and made sure I knew what was the best on the shelf for the lowest price. Can’t beat it

  324. Jaxsonk

    Tru bliss has the best products it’s the go to dispo!

  325. tfa

    I have been to this dispensary a few times and had nothing but a amazing experience. So when my mom just got her card this was my first stop because of the way they conduct business. We were lucky enough to have Kendall who provided amazing patient service.

  326. monstapuss

    Went for the sweet FTP special (would have gotten 2 oz!) on the Dr Who, a cpl months ago. Ended up w/ 1/2oz Dr Who, 1/8th Racefuel & an Emperor SG 5Gpreroll tin ($40). I was assured, MULTIPLE TIMES, there was a special of aEURoebuy a SG TIN & get a free 1/8th of SG. CONCENTRATE!aEUR Loved place, but bud tender (nice & older than 20dY~f) had zero knowledge of product, said it was ABSOLUTELY buy 1 5G (preroll Sunday Goods tin & you got 1/8th G RACEFUEL OG SG CONCENTRATE FREE. Specified it was even shatter. Clarified 3 times. It was Race fuel Flower (can get for $10). She didn’t know any SG strains & if not in leafly, she was out of ideas. I let her know 3 things mislabeled. I really loved the place & flower, but plz give bud tenders resources, more knowledge & put PERCENTAGE &/or BRAND (a least), to correctly call yourselves a MEDICAL facility. Everything, including every legal or regulated herb & aspirin in the states has the dosage. In the very least. aEURoeMaybe 22% I thinkaEUR doesn’t say if it has the medicinal properties to stop my seizures or neuropathy. Even just showing the grower online, if you don’t like %’s. But…it’s time. I deserve to know what I’m putting in my body to save my ass. Everyone does.
    But, I NEED to know if it has the chemical/ medicinal properties for my MEDICAL conditions. At least – light, med, strong & lights out.
    Sorry for harping, but I did truly love your dispensary! But I pass 3 dispos on the way, all listing the grower & percentages (CBN, CBD, THC, ETC). And they charge less, with more flash sales.
    Please give me an EXCUSE to drive your way again! Loved the environment & great flower! Plz… what is the flower?

    dY~~thank you!!!! Much love!!.

  327. codythestoney

    Knowledgable staff, great product and an overall look of the place. The flavored water is awesome too

  328. Deeznutz933

    love it! good quality and the people are nice

  329. Ozzfanatic

    Great experience each visit

  330. smokeweedalldayshiit

    Love the flower. Worth the drive out!

  331. BurninateDabs

    Not to mention they’re prejudiced BIG TIME against cigarette smokers. Prepared to be condescended to and told how much ” you stink”. One said the condition of my lungs must be terrible, I asked if he smoked bud he said yes. Told him it hurts the lungs too.

    Well there’s literally 20 other dispensaries by my house I think I’ll stick with

  332. amberchavezaj

    Awesome people, good buds dY$?–

  333. uscfan92

    great shop the budtenders are very helpful and actually care about the product they are selling

  334. Allstargoldens

    first time patient was awesome, bud was great too thanks tru-bliss

  335. Marcuss104

    This dispo is awesome, without a doubt one of the best the valley has to offer! Budtenders are friendly and knowledgeable and the flower is unbeatable.

  336. Shane1973

    I love this place not just because it’s really close to me but I always has something good always.

  337. LCC920

    This place is real cool, the staff is very friendly and helpful. The top shelf flower is all organic, and the OG18 is incredible.

  338. Maceo42

    One of my favorite places. Flower varieties are good and the Budtenders are ALWAYS COOL

  339. KoMMaNdO666

    this is a great dispensary they have great deals awesome prices and very knowledgeable staff.

  340. jman1411

    This shop is by FAR my favorite. The entire staff is knowledgeable and you can really tell they listen to you and help you choose what’s right for you. The flower is a little more than some of places, but trust me it is FIRE!! The quality of bud alone would be enough to bring me back – add in the great staff and atmosphere and it’s unbeatable. If you haven’t tried it, please do – you won’t be disappointed.

    PS. the FTP deal is awesome (and so is the second time patient deal).

  341. mrsaynomo

    Very Nice Location, Cole (Budtender) is a pretty knowledgeable guy…. Flower is about a 7 out 10 plenty to choose from and a Bunch of Edibles to choose from as well!

    FTP Great and STP even better!

  342. LOB2531

    Love coming here. They definitely have some of the best flower in AZ. Quality product for sure!

  343. Brandon0308

    Being home of the High Grade, you can only guess what to expect! With a convenient location, friendly service, and tax included pricing, this has to be the best in Mesa! Shoutout to my budtender, Cole! He was very informative & definitely knew his stuff. WILL be back!

  344. Caprilove

    Great product and wonderful staff!

  345. TiffanyFey3

    it’s awesome

  346. christine11

    Great quality flower at good prices. Will be back.

  347. Ydnar redneb

    True bliss organics is the best!! Kendall always makes sure I get the best herb!!

  348. Nae97

    The guy that helped me was super friendly & able to give good recommendations. They have great prices & great daily deals going. I will definitely be back.

  349. wDrizzl3

    Good quality top shelf. Potent and fresh buds. Definitely coming back

  350. Jbelsanti1

    By far the best hidden gem around. Great prices great service every

  351. BasedRichie

    great flower good prices

  352. cocaoreo

    Probably my favorite dispensary. The staff are so friendly and informative and the flowers are incridble every time. Haven’t been disappointed once. Highly recommended to all my friends and family. Love this place

  353. Fr35h480

    amazing staff grade a quality meds, highly recommended to everyone this place is awesome

  354. Herban87

    well worth the wait. I use to discriminate against organic bud , I will never do so again. This place is great.

  355. theundeadshed

    Have been here a couple times so far and everyone has been very friendly and helpful!

  356. trojanmane

    love it fast and smooth service cool employee awesome prices and great products.

  357. Two_In_Da_Pink

    Awesome service, with good knowledge made me feel comfortable and got some awesome stuff. def loving the first and second time patient deals. super legit dY’-

  358. mebonebrake35

    Staff is quick and always very nice!

  359. clemons1620

    always quick and friendly service. amazing product at a great price.

  360. Davecool

    my fav place in the east valley love the great staff!!

  361. brivalenz

    brandy makes sure i leave with everything i could ever want 🙂

  362. croses4me2c

    MARVELOUSdYOE1/4flowerdYuselection!! Budtenders are knowledgeable & FANTASTICdY’dY’ALWAYS quick & FRIENDLYatmY=atmY=atmY=atmY=atmY=

  363. BarbieRocha66

    the best flower for the money!!!

  364. gorillaglueenjoyer

    This place is gonna rule when it’s fully operational. Great staff. Huge waiting and back rooms and best of all..LOCATION. They expand on my experience today and they’ll take over as my full time spot.

  365. Lennon1975

    Staff is unbelievably helpful and friendly. Some of the best customer service I’ve had both in-store and through delivery.

  366. Scottishgoddess

    This place is great i come in and the service that ive received from each budtender has been top notch. They are knowledgable and eager to help. Every time i come in they make me feel like they care about the patients rather than just making money.

  367. algal

    The meds are great just wish my bud tender would have told me I get a bogo on my second visit. Missed out on that guess you don’t honor your deals. Won’t be back

  368. Kmonicaa1

    Good service & good quality

  369. bja

    Kendall was amazing

  370. Kodemalone

    The staff is wonderful helpful and knowledgeable on the products

  371. Rstup

    amazing quality. thank you for the great service.

  372. Alchemy480

    Showed my review below and was told by Cole that I had already used my review in Oct. and that was it. No problem. I was asked who helped me last and I did not remember. I did say my first experience at TB was great and it was and older lady (very Pro). This guy says she’s old and old people can’t remember the special and she probably told me (what?). Than I’m asked how many times I’ve been to TB. I said at least 3. He starts challenging me the computer only says once. Very rude. When I left I spoke to the front desk and she explained the review can be done monthly when Cole was clear is a one and done deal. First experience at FB great, last experience the worst at any dispensary I’ve been to. Owners rewind tape and learn what not do in this competitor industry. First negative review I’ve every posted online….

  373. josephdaly

    This place is great!! Went for the first time today. Very accommodating staff and a really inviting atmosphere. I didn’t wait longer than 10 minutes to be seen! The budtender Cole was knowledgeable and a super nice guy! He helped me pick out a few different strains, and they all ended up having really distinct flavor profile. The flower is fresh and everyone was so nice! Thanks trubliss!

  374. PimpShitMommy69

    Definitely try before you dis it! They have deli style and daily specials 2 huge things another place just got rid of! Decent choices with appropriate pricing. Redwood OG is on dY”Y= . Easy first time patient check in, friendly bud tender Cole hooked a girl up!

  375. Mrincredibl3

    Best F***ing spot in East Valley. If you haven’t been your missing out

  376. allysha12

    My 1st visit was excellent all the staff was great to work with and fun. Will be back again dYtm,dY’

  377. G.budler1959

    This place has the best high quality bud around!!!!and great daily specials…. Always leave satisfied!!!!great friendly staff….g.budler

  378. Happycat6613

    Jessie is awesome.. great person to be at the tru bliss. Great flower too..

  379. cablefishaz

    don’t buy the puffco plus

  380. jollyfelicia

    Can’t wait for the moon rock and shout out to bobbii for being amazing! aoeOEi,

  381. JareBear113

    Good buds

  382. manhatten

    The employees at TruBliss are very knowledgeable and helpful. Loved the experience and recommend everyone.

  383. dreadliestcatch

    best prices on this side of town. products actually have thc and cbd content so you know what you’re getting.

  384. HoneyPuffin

    Great prices! great staff! my new go to spot on the east valley.

  385. simms7

    Awesome dispo! Great atmosphere

  386. Raerae8395

    Very nice and knows what they are talking about.

  387. adamstablet123

    The place itself is okay. The people that helped me didn’t seem too educated in the product they were trying to sell me. The pricing is waaaaaaaay too high. The pricing structure alone could stop me from ever going again. No dispensary should try to pass off stale flower at a sale price of $45 1/8… that’s shameful to the community in my opinion.

  388. villegas1022

    I had to drive an hour out of my way but it was totally worth it. ill definitely be coming back. the staff was super nice.

  389. eezychrist

    Best dispo in AZ in my opinion

  390. Joeduff480

    very good flower would recommend this place to a friend

  391. Natedberry

    Love this place! Check out their great deals!

  392. Menezzz710

    amazing shop with great deals and awesome people! Love it

  393. 520juan

    good flower

  394. beede52

    good service and flower

  395. azlaker

    Great location, easy to find.
    Everyone there was super nice!!
    Very nice product. Will be back for sure.

  396. Anasamerican

    The workers are so chill! They make you feel comfortable and help you out a lot. They’re also PACKED with good goods. Anyone looking for a great deal, come here.

  397. mtwdog

    I thought the customer service was great and all the information they gave me on a level where I can understand great people

  398. Cannabis4PTSD

    This dispensary is a gem. They have great prices, quality cannabis,helpful staff, and great edibles.

  399. Skcobain

    some of the best flower around. no tax! and the employees here are so nice, it’s like coming home.

  400. SaintHostility

    Flower is dY’PS I will definitely be coming backdYOE+-Always got thatdY”Y=

  401. denimdan93

    Terrible quality. Display weed and weed on shelf are so different in quality its not even funny. Ive had better $5 grams than what they are selling fir 17!!! Crazy prices. Went in for my second time purchase and walked out empty handed. Went to a other one of the several east valley location that arent just out here to take advantage. Hopefully leafly posts this review because i posted same exact review a week ago and they wouldnt post it. Beware. Im sure there are lots of bad reviews about here that arent getting though. Qmd to the guy saying best flower in east valley. Must literally be your only dispensary you have gone to or are a shill

  402. sapagliu

    Love the weed and concentrates

  403. SeedBearer

    I do not appreciate how you guys add moisture packets into the storage jars for the bud. I don’t appreciate paying for Water Weight. Green Pharms does this too but they use smaller moisture packets and bigger jars which hold more weed. I don’t have a problem with theirs but how you guys are about it is just wrong.

  404. zachvindiola13

    It was very fast the people were nice and helpful

  405. alexnichols98

    Great dispensary, plenty of products to chose from and great costumer service!

  406. chelsea710420

    anybody with a regular working job like me will never be able to visit with those hours

  407. Valientemarcs

    Love tru bliss a great selection and great service

  408. ademendez25

    Always a great experience when I come! Love all the specials they offer. Brandy was awesome and knowledgeable.

  409. pablo75

    Used Supurb before a few times but was connected to TruBliss for the first time the other day. I must say this is my new favorite spot. Fire flower, bomb deals and Zack was the coolest driver Ive ever met.

  410. rude3468

    They just opened! The staff is super helpful and friendly! The products are top if the line with AWESOME prices!!!

  411. Rayj1994

    fast service, best bud. highly recommend this place.

  412. pakalolo85

    best dispensary in the east valley!!!

  413. xnykid

    great spot. flower is excellent and great new patient special.

  414. Chatafugup

    quality…no prepackage dY’

  415. jayblazeoff420

    The staff are always great an so are the meds love this place hands down.

  416. desert37smoke

    Love the flower. Great staff!

  417. TCBARAGRY87

    This is hands down my favorite place from when u walk in to walking out u get the best experience I could imagine @ a dispensary amazing product and service couldn’t ask for more.

  418. gavibob

    Always happy with trubliss and their prices-gavin

  419. ArizonaStickyIcky

    Had an awesome first time here. The Dosidos and Mendo breath here is amazing. As I’m sure the other strains were. definitely coming back when I have more money. Great customer service, great meds and awesome daily deals and prices!

  420. Aschwegler

    I love this dispensary. the 20$ wax from nature medicines is always a good body relaxing. the flower is always stinky and good.

  421. brandon216

    Great place to get flower they are very good and have good service

  422. lowkey50


  423. treatmelikegold

    i like the vibe

  424. Nflores1

    I love doing business with Greg great familiar face and Heidi is the best okay wait I need to do all the stars hold on

  425. deadman55

    Go checkm out great first time and second time deals . Nice shop , easy access fast service 9/1/2018

  426. C2cbullys5

    love this place always great meds

  427. samerrafitch98

    Great atmosphere & great staff!

  428. Pablowax

    Love this dispensary! The staff is always very helpful. I’ve tried many of their strains but really like the Blackberry. It has a wonderful fruity smell and awesome effects.

  429. Flyinflynn

    Good buds great service

  430. iMoshAZ

    – [ ] My goto for premium flower at great prices. The bud tenders are as knowledgeable as they are friendly. The atmosphere is very relaxed with great tunes lightly playing in the background. I visit this place weekly and recommend all of my patient friends to this place.

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