The Mint Dispensary

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330 E Southern Ave., Mesa, AZ 85210


33.3936577, -111.823858




8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


8:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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The Mint Dispensary is a premier Arizona Licensed medical cannabis dispensary located just North of the I-60 Freeway. Conveniently located near the Mesa Dr. and Southern intersection, Open EVERYDAY from 8:00am to 9:00pm, The Mint Dispensary features high-quality medical marijuana products including flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, and topical. SPECIALS and DISCOUNTS are offered to every NEW PATIENT, and all patient specials include daily deals, vendor/brand promotion days, schwag bag giveaways, and a patient rewards system.


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1,198 reviews for “The Mint Dispensary

  1. lmhousley

    Mint is a great dispensary! My favorite!

  2. TraditionalInk

    nice staff, busy location and a lot of specials.

  3. zwashere

    Friendly staff with great recommendations. Nice selection to choose from, will be back!

  4. cathyeismont

    My favorites.Happy Friday

  5. PlanetaryOllie

    Mint has some fresh top shelf flower! Definitely coming back!

  6. Jared480

    Always great selection and excellent customer service

  7. KomradeJohnny

    First time stopping into this location, it was a pleasant experience. Much smaller than the Tempe/Guadalupe location, but just as nice on the inside. Staff was polite and patient, they knew I was just in there to check the place out and pick up a gram, and weren’t too pushy trying to get me to consider more. They did, of course, suggest the top grade flower, which is expected and not a negative at all. It was dank, treat yourself to top grade every now and then, if you’re reading this.
    Overall, had a nice time stopping in, will do so again sooner than later.

  8. LuzindaA

    Love this place. Excellent Customer Service very helpful Budtenders great quality of product.

  9. oifdoc

    This is always my go to. Friendly tenders with an uplifting atmosphere.

  10. AHerbo480

    Always been a top choice for me ! Got some inner chi ! Was definitely top notch ! Always friendly staff ! A lot of places push you thru and out the door but this one cares for you Great place recommend to everyone lol

  11. Capricorn93

    Good deals

  12. RachealRach23@28

    love it

  13. jjimenezjr92

    Got to love there timeless Tuesday deals

  14. jerrywaynelugojr

    Got nothing but love for the Mint!

  15. Jessicaavaldezz

    I love the Mint Dispensary! It always has the best deals! a$?i,dYY=deg

  16. ehfrain

    Absolutely love them. This is the only dispensary i come to everything about it is great but the staff is my favorite thing here!

  17. Mikeb6983

    Great atmosphere and great meds. Budtender Britt was very helpful.

  18. Ericacantu

    First time.there went too the wrong one but they still helped me an gave me my free pre rolls the staff are joyful an greet you upon entering an help you with care an kindness i will reccomened this place too everyone i know!!

  19. Fred_Graves

    Amazing service, great flower, short wait times, & knowledgeable bud-tenders! I never leave with bad taste in my mouth 😉

  20. 1tmac

    my favorite stop before home. they are nice and quick

  21. D.Eagle21

    Nothing to dislike really great place with great people!

  22. treatmelikegold

    i cant wait to spark up some holy grail kush from the mint mesa

  23. grapejelly123

    Cynthia was so fun to chat with and super helpful. The place has a really nice friendly vibe. Got a pretty good deal, definitely worth checking out.

  24. Smashley29

    I love this place! They have great deals!

  25. Peanutt2708

    Just checked this place out today and I have to say “Wow!” These ladies working were not only informative, but friendly as well. This location is very clean and easy to find. Their selection is huge too! Definitely will be coming back from now on for their high quality medication. Or to see the cute blonde working the counter who liked my hand tattoo. Either way this is my new favorite dispensary.

  26. Dwillinsky

    This place is always a very friendly environment with great medicine.

  27. Momster11165

    Very helpful friendly staff!

  28. siobhanrenees

    I love the staff and products!

  29. Namaste420Grateful

    Another great experience ordering online with Leafly-Mint Mesa. Thank you

  30. Solo4547

    i love the black mamba strain i got from here.

  31. evealvi

    good flower & customer service

  32. Jackiehips

    Thanks to the mint for opening right by my house. They’ve got all the bomb specials.

  33. daunda

    very helpful and friendly staff not to mention great patience

  34. LoyalRoyal

    Great service knowledgeable budtenders and great prices for good products

  35. dallin6

    Had an amazing experience at the Mesa location! Love the staff and environment:)

  36. someblind23

    Took awhile to find my order , but It didn’t bother me, I know they were busy as f$aEURk . Other than that nothing else was wrong , I appreciate y’all !

  37. Isaacmhann1998

    This dispensary is the best! I recommend everyone to shop here! They also have some really nice workers!

  38. Escobararts

    The staff is always friendly and helpful.
    My budtender, Bri, was great and made my visit enjoyable.

  39. Kimsnyder1019

    great place,great prices awesome staff.

  40. Roebit

    Everyone is super helpful and are able to answer any questions you have!

  41. Budahbelly201

    This is hands down the best dispensary I have ever been to my absolute favorite one

  42. lexitalbot23

    great! love it

  43. MLydia

    Employees are always cool and always know the product ! Shout out to Ryan!’

  44. Dalars27

    I have had two not so good experiences at this location. one when they first opened and one today when the atm machine went down and I was forced to come back, only to have to wait in the line once more. I wasnt happy and I hate being such a sour puss for people who do good work. bri (I hope spelt it right) not only was she able to turn that sass right on iits A#* , but she also made me laugh and threw me a pre roll for the trouble. not only did I get a fresh perspective of my tendency of being a butt hole, but she also showed me how great this place can be even when they made an error. my bad guys and thank you on the service!

  45. danie09

    Every time I go in always something new, always something on sale, love it.

  46. arizola22

    I love coming to the Mint, fun energetic employees

  47. Brandon1396

    Very helpful people and friendly.

  48. picky0704

    Great place

  49. CainC2246

    Love this place, great quality and great prices.

  50. Jess113

    Great choices of flower & always great deals. ! 🙂

  51. PancakesAreLit

    staff is friendly! we got free samples which was dope! will come here again, good quality carts too!

  52. roakl4

    great location

  53. Emlollar

    LOVE THE MINT!! Jeremy is the best, hooked it up, will always only use mint from now on! Hell ya!

  54. Kat92801

    love this place

  55. Happycat6613

    great budtenders who are very knowledgable A*enjoy coming in to visit

  56. zepherrae

    I love this place. It’s so close to my house, everyone who works there is awesome, I love the happy hour thing they do.

  57. Vivian_cruz13

    Great customer service. Always first choice of flower convenient hours and location.

  58. ninjathegayturtl3

    always been treated right here

  59. allysha12

    Rony was fantastic, great asset to the Mint company. Lucky to have him on your team. Whole store gets dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’ up.

  60. hollyhoodhills420

    I always have a great experience Mint. They have the best deals!

  61. alexus_felice

    Everyone at this location is nice and really cool, explain everything very well

  62. Boader32

    This place has top quality products and great service

  63. Swordfish21

    Came here for my first dispensary visit, enjoyed the quick and smooth service. The bud tender helping me answered any questions I had. Bought a oil cart recommended by the tender and I love it. Great place to go.

  64. coolcalmgabe

    best dispensary in mesa

  65. vrjackson11

    Good service and friendly staff

  66. youngsouls

    Great customer service on top of great bud! There were some technical issues with my last order which caused me to wait for about half an hour, but I can’t complain when everyone there is so helpful and trying to resolve the issue in the quickest manner. The owner had to step in and assist, and he was incredibly kind too. Thanks for doing good work guys!

  67. DeeVee0819

    This is my new favorite Dispensary!

  68. ArizonaStickyIcky

    Literally RIGHT down the street from my place. Mint’s top shelf is absolute FIRE, great deals and love the early bird special too. AND the BOGO UP TO A HALF special, hell yeah! Stay lifted!

  69. blueleaf89

    staff was friendly and ended up walking out with alot of free stuff as a first time patient and got a free gram for drawing an easter egg and no complaints on the flower ive bought so far the dream lotus was what i needed to end my night after a busy day loved how they were open until 9 came in handy

  70. Nanapiezzz

    Great selection of flower. Friendly environment

  71. Osayame2000

    I love this place

  72. jtem12

    Went for my first time patient deal place is awesome great customer service

  73. JordieGue

    good selection and variety of products, good environment as well. heading back soon !

  74. charleycasso

    Good stuff good ppl good flower

  75. grandmanaz63

    the best

  76. Cricketmd17

    This place is amazing. Love the product. The customer service is great. Always willing to help.

  77. panchagarduno

    Im manny g ive been going to mesa mint and the staff are very knowledgeable and professional i tell everyone to shop here between 8am and 9pm.shout out LOVE THE MINT MESA STAFF.WHOOOOOOOOOO

  78. Hkirk42

    Awesome first patient deal and you can get it at both mint locations! They hook it up always great prices and friendly people. Great daily deals not to mention raffles, prizes, food, and awesome products. Will definitely return!

  79. Ar1zastoner2

    They have been very helpful in all of my 3 visits and even though i have yet to try other dispensaries you guys keep me coming back. Thanks for all the help.

  80. Kobeiverson38

    What Would I Do Without You?!

  81. kingpac20

    this location ight close to me good wax and flower

  82. Camillewilliams

    very clean, nice staff, great strains.

  83. Csick480

    Clean quick fast and the staff they have are top nocth and very knowledgeable

  84. julsb78

    awesomeness place with awesomeness deals and product

  85. AndrewTantrum87

    The Mint Dispensary Mesa is simply one of the best dispensaries in the valley! Shout out to all the staff for providing great service! Be sure to stop by!

  86. ajourneyman

    I come to the Mint pretty much only now..its close,prices are really good compared to alot of others in the area. they are SUPER friendly and helpful. Always love the GREAT DEALS!!!

  87. MrJenkins22

    the mint in mesa is a very good environmentthe staff are friendly and helpful but most there the coolest people I’ve meet I would recommend everybody to check it out

  88. Loopybff

    I haven’t been to this location yet but, I spoke to an Extremely Nice Young Lady Named Alexis
    She was Super Helpful with every question I asked she was Right on it with the Answer.
    She knew her Stuff-Thank You Alexis Very Much-
    If everybody is as Nice as she is I’ll shop here as often as i can.
    Great Job THE MINT MESA….!!!

  89. felixmorris123

    Great location and service from the staff. And great flower.

  90. Chachi143

    this place is awsome best service around in and out and there selection is the best around I can’t wait to try a burger or a pizza

  91. Amy8981

    Staff is great always helpful and friendly

  92. chefbrown07

    Very helpful and right on point on helping you choose the right meds for you!

  93. Caaz

    so this is my go to spot. the lines are generally fast due to expedited service and the meds are good. thanks Mint in Mesa dY~

  94. petey1987

    Hella good spot really good bud tenders and hella good Meds it’s on a perfect spot fast and easy I love this place and the meds lol.

  95. Theghostof420

    love it, Bombay if I can just get a gf with the same motivation

  96. mnk121490

    they were super helpful since I don’t know a lot about different strains. The guy, Ryno, helped me with CBD as well, which I had never used. Love this place!

  97. Aaron982

    Great strains,friendly staff, and smoking deals. love The Mint

  98. Foodcunt808

    This location is very fun. For the most part I have had great service from almost everyone that I go and pick up from. I have not had any issues, my labels & packaging were always correct. The deals Are amazing.

    I have one bad experience when I came in. I don’t want to put anyone on blast however he seemed very high, u pleasant, and I could barely hear what he was saying.
    It is a loud place so people need to speak up.

    Every other time Has been amazing ! I have no complaints. The quality of weed is pretty good. I have not had any issues with it.
    The check in process is great. Leafly is a good resource if you’re in a rush however you are. OT allowed to order more weed if needed if you order off leafly. ( I found this out during my bad experience) you can only come in and pick up what you ordered, I did have some extra cash and wanted to get more however I was aEURoeinformedaEUR and treated poorly for even asking about it.

    Other then that 99.9% of my experience is A1

  99. Jdog1362

    love the Mint it’s my to go place . will recommend always. people are so cool there large selection specialybon Vapes.

  100. Spudsliz

    Great location

  101. rufush

    just left the mint & like i said i left with a great deal excellent service service an excellent product!!!!

  102. Inishinwati

    excellent customer service, very clean, nice choice of flower from local dispensariesp

  103. scottkatelyn21

    love this place!!!

  104. El_Guapo69

    Love all the deals!!

  105. wranders

    My most recent visit on 8/19/18 was no different than any of my previous ones. As usual, staff at Mint Dispensary in Mesa was extremely friendly and ready to educate at a moment’s notice. Always friendly, helpful, and knowledgable.

  106. zachman1985

    great place good people

  107. Broogle

    Awesome place. Good deals everyday, and helpful staff!

  108. Bella1715

    great flower!bri is the best(:

  109. Bris8289

    Had an awesome experience at The Mint Dispensary in Mesa. Was offered all the deals of the day and informed of promotions going on. Richard was a great help. I will return again!

  110. Blandine

    Really awesome deals, a variety of selections and an amazing and very helpful staff.

  111. codyaprice

    an awesome experience there every time I go in there they have good pre rolls and the customer service is always cool and helpful

  112. AbbyBurrito

    One of the best dispensaries in our neighborhood! You can always expect to be serviced by decent, kind and informative people too.

  113. dudemanjohn5000

    dope amazing f*ing love this place

  114. mmmatt87

    great deals, friendly people

  115. 420legalbeagle

    Good bud and super nice people. Have only tried flower and shatter but I liked them both.

  116. Mrkingchief91

    best deals in town

  117. Cocoloco98

    Great Bud Great service

  118. SeaweedthePirate

    amazing products and deals ALWAYS ASK TO SEE RHE SECRET MENU

  119. WhitneyCarbone

    I love the Mint Dispensary in Mesa!! Conveniently located less than 3 miles from my house, they have some amazing products! Always bomb flower!!

  120. twaymire

    Favorite dispensary! Always have a smile on their face and greet you as soon as you come in through the door. also very knowledgeable staff which is hard to come by. If you are in the area definitely check out their new patient deal and stop by!

  121. Moweed24

    Love the customer service here at the mint Dispensary can’t wait for my next visit so I’m going right now

  122. Synasta480AE

    FAV place for Flower

  123. G_Marquez

    Place is amazing. Great staff, good vibes, and staff is very knowledgeable.

  124. Jerscott6

    I love the variety of products they carry and they always have great customer service!

  125. Elchukis#7

    Great customer service!

  126. Grasgefluster

    super friendly ppl there

  127. julieacosta_19634

    I absolutely love the budtenders @The Mint! They are so knowledgeable about everything plus they always take special care of me! Thank you all!!! The Mint deals are unbeatable.

  128. Noel_2371

    Come check this place out. Always having good flowers. The atmosphere is chill. Bring a friend.

  129. Traya

    great staff, everyone is nice and it’s usually pretty quick

  130. amatamoros212

    The mint has an incredible selection of products and an amazing staff thats always on top of it!

  131. DakotaRegan

    great service and very patient with customera

  132. brob710

    Always love to see what kind of deal they’re having and never disappointed in the flower. They’re very professional and if you have questions on anything they’re very knowledgeable

  133. myracroft81

    There are never too busy if you’re in a hurry but can give you all the information you want if you have time to chat

  134. Tnegley

    I love this location they are always so helpful and treat you respectfully always.

  135. Lenabobena90

    Great customer service love seeing the same faces!!

  136. Vrro

    I always have a good experience with the mint in Mesa. everyone is friendly and greets you by name.

  137. Nativeone2

    awesome workers always supplied with what I need atmY=i, MINT atmY=i,dY’-

  138. kanetieman13

    best costumer service and great product!

  139. LordofSouls

    its honestly just amazing cant even tell you how great and amazing.

  140. ShaunEdwards1714

    this place is the shitttt!!!

  141. ctmadrigal

    I love the staff they are absolutely amazing and always have positive vibes!

  142. aimes1

    This is my favorite dispensary. The staff are so friendly and they are always slammin busy. Order ahead was great also.

  143. jacob94siegel

    Love this place

  144. Pinkylatin26

    The mint is always such an awesome place with an amazing environment as well as a great staff I would 100% recommended them

  145. justin7567

    it’s the greatest, bri is very helpful & cool

  146. BluebirdJoy

    I wasn’t expecting much when I saw how small this place is from the outside, but they make the most of their space. Helpful and enthusiastic staff, and an enormous assortment of freshly made edibles. It’s a little loud inside, and can get a bit crowded. The first patient deals listed are inaccurateaEUR”you only get a pipe if you buy flower, but I did get a free preroll. I’ll definitely come back just for the edible selection.

  147. swerve360

    I loved my visit. From the front door the people are great. The bud tenders are knowledgeable and friendly. Plenty of ongoing deals for different reasons. Noteworthy to mention you get the ftp offer at BOTH locations. In my experience this is rare. Great advice, great product and two locations. Thanks Mint I will be back

  148. ecswanso

    Friendly environment with high quality medication!

  149. MELVINjenkins

    Right off the freeway kind of crowded most of the time young people don’t understand The strain availability in other words what’s on the Internet is not on the menu

  150. zenoqay

    Awesome deals and outstanding customer service. Might want to put some additional seating in the lobby…

  151. MakaelaH

    Nice selection, good tunes, helpful people

  152. Tantrum480

    The Mint Mesa is the simply one of the best dispensaries in town! They’re daily specials are awesome and staff is on point! Thanks for an awesome experience!

  153. DeadBanana1127

    lit dispo with great bud 🙂

  154. Greenladybug82

    I love how I always leave with free stuff! There is always a good deal to take advantage of here. The flower isn’t my favorite, so i take advantage of getting a great price on cartridges, edibles, and concentrates. I went yesterday and got 5 grams of shatter and a free eighth of flower for $100. Jesus helped me and was amazing! He isn’t trying to make a quick sale, he took the time to help me purchase the strains he knew I would be happy with. The guy next to me even asked for his opinion, not the budtender that was helping him. He has a reputation of being awesome. Thanks Jesus!!

  155. Mytybarrett

    The medaction and crew are awesome an really good deals

  156. gb5766

    Great sales and staff!

  157. JessieLizbet

    Fast and easy! Cool peeps in here that are very helpful and right next to my job! dY’dY>>dY~

  158. creamcorn

    I love that they are open at 8:00 a.m.

  159. Kynkamkait

    Friendly and always helpfull

  160. Silverboii

    Best dispensary in the city good customer service

  161. Paislie

    Good location and good flower

  162. Misty72

    only been here once but the ppl are great and very helpful!!! the flower is awesome

  163. Pablo86us

    I like the customer service

  164. Sleepyvi

    I love this location and the people are awesome. And the product is always amazing. And the smiles. All the smiles. Keep up the great work!!!

  165. Deewaveyrasta22

    Great floks great weed good service

  166. MKGRAY2

    This is my favorite dispensary for deals. Friendly staff. They play good music, but it’s really loud so everyone has to shout over each other and all the noise gives me bad anxiety. The Leafly orders definitely get you out of there quicker. Recommend dY’-

  167. Raymay1989

    Great product, great price , friendly service.

  168. Benny1127

    Emilio was very helpful and knew what he was talking about.

  169. mike420m

    Great products and great prices my go to spot whenever I need anything

  170. savagesmoke9

    This was my first time visiting, It was on 4/20, so I expected the line. The extra prizes were nice and the side attractions. One thing I find unacceptable is the fact that they lost my Id’s and paperwork that I was forced to trust the security guard to hand over. I waited for an extra 20-25 minutes just so the receptionist could find my legal documents. Four or Five people that were behind me in line for the 30-40 minutes prior all went ahead of me due to the extra wait time. When I got to the back of the dispensary I took a glance at the flower and I could immediately tell that it was months past it’s harvest date. The flower looked immensely dry and unappealing. I decided to then give their concentrates a go, and was immediately disappointed. Not only do they NOT test their products, they have a very unappealing display that requires updating. Overall, my experience with The Mint Dispensary of Mesa displayed a clear representation of what a dispensary shouldn’t be.

  171. delta9eyes

    Im always happy when i come here
    no one is ever uppity and everyone is cool
    if your cool your people here will be cool with you!
    thank you Ryno!

  172. Hopz21

    Friday’s deals are great and staff is helpful. thanks for your help

  173. anjellwolf

    I love this location. so close to home and the employees are an absolute delight.

  174. mvelderrain

    right on couldn’t have asked for a better location its a easy ride right over from my house and the Snell is ifc the chain if you love smelling that loud this is defiantly the place to stock up and keep up the good work bud tenders u guys awesome

  175. kmk420247

    I love the quality buds and great people

  176. yuungpolo1017

    Great location. Favorite dispensary so far. Everybody always happy and greets customers with the utmost respect. Great overall establishment. 5/5 or 10/10

  177. firstkeeper

    great prices. they have lots of merchandise.

  178. junioraa123

    literally one of the worst dispensary’s in the 480,,… the staff here sucks.. all they want is your$$$.. the flower is dry and pre packaged. and pre rolls run and are nothing but crap shake.. oh and I went in for my ftp. and bought a cartridge thinking I was going to get my free battery.. and the lady waited until I was ready to pay to tell me they were all out of batteries..get this… she tells me there’s a smoke shop across the street.. WTF!! na! I want my dispensary battery that I should have gotten with my purchase.or I would have e Never bought the cartridge in the first place.ob this was 2 weeks ago. they still don’t have the batteries that they give out for http://ftp.. they have batteries but not for your ftp. WTH what kind of business is this

  179. MajesticR

    this is my favorite dispensary!!

  180. carsonww2

    Great place to get bud, the staff is nice and knowledgeable and it’s always for a really good price!

  181. Mookie08

    The best in town

  182. Mikeantvaz

    This is good spot. Great prices and friendly.

  183. shes420

    Just went to the new location last month. They have a text thing you can sign up for really helps when u wanna know the deals of the day

  184. Jenne302

    My first visit ever to a dispensary and my experience was awesome! My budtender was the best, he helped me find what I needed and also made recommendations for future visits. I will definitely be back!

  185. JesusVega79

    I love the Mint Mesa great people great buds, definitely the first dispensary I think of going to

  186. Rissaboo124

    The staff is super friendly and helpful! They make sure you get exactly what you are looking for! Thanks (:

  187. SummerLynn420

    Sarah rocks

  188. tfychi5

    Great flower and great bud tenders!

  189. JediKobie95

    Great service. I was helped by kourtney and she was awesome helped me get exactly what I needed. Couldn’t ask for better service.

  190. gtjay87

    the mint in Mesa is the spot. good variety of everything. usually in and out pretty quick. shout out to cheese, she’s awesome and I love having her help me

  191. ab25

    omg I can’t wait to check this location out their other location rocks !!! I’m so excited I’m on my way!!

  192. highprincess3110

    My absolutely favorite place to go.. amazing workers and positive vibes… love you Mint Mesa!!!

  193. imjustastoner

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff, great products and amazing specials.

  194. honchy87

    Mint it where it’s at! Good flower great people!!

  195. BigPete_

    Straight Gas

  196. Darleneheredia

    at the mint Mesa it is always on and Poppin bro is that great deals and I when you come in there doing some kind of promos the staff is great the product is great and I’m on my way there now would recommend it to anyone thank you mint

  197. xshgt500

    I love this dispensary. They are my favorite budtenders! Great atmosphere and always jammin! Great deals and competitive pricing, thanks Mint!

  198. shivertk

    I love coming to this location. The bud tenders are all incredibly nice and knowledgeable. Ryan, Ray, and Jesus are by far my favs. I’ve been to this location about 9 times and each time it’s the same experience. I truly appreciate the consistency.

  199. mykeny33

    Just started coming here. Great specials and friendly service makes this a favorite.

  200. Cole9096

    Great vibes, excellent customer service and the selection is amazing. I will definitely be returning

  201. Brench123

    Product is amazing, staff are super helpful and they do awesome swag!!

  202. perfectlyxflawed

    I was a first time patient there and was only the second time I had been to a dispensary. They were friendly and answered all of my questions clearly. Helped point me towards the perfect cartridge for my battery. The seats in the lobby are a little uncomfortable, but you won’t need to sit down for long.

  203. Coldbringer

    The selection the deals and the staff are fantastic. They will be a regular spot for me. Go check em out!

  204. mdrisc24

    My new favorite dispensary

  205. berto18

    very respectful staff always helps you out with the best advice , Very good product they got here and the best DEALs in town . love the new Mesa location right down the street from me will always be my go to !!!

  206. BrandynPrice95

    The staff at Mint Dispensary are very knowledgeable and helpful. They are always willing to take extra time to help you get the right medication for your needs. This is definitely my new go to spot for all my medication needs.

  207. jmacklilgreedy

    Good place

  208. tntmartinez69

    great daily deals and the costumer service is always good, the vibe is amazing

  209. clayton.b11

    This was the first dispensary I went to when I got my card and everyone there was very helpful and accommodating. My budtender was extremely knowledgable and had great suggestions for my needs. Awesome first time deals. Overall they made me feel right at home and made my first experience wonderful. Highly recommend!

  210. liagoo123

    I love how close it is to a gas station

  211. Melissalovesu

    NICE people

  212. macandglo

    Awesome dispensary! Very friendly staff; excellent specials (especially New Patient special!); comfortable atmosphere; variety of products and strains with reasonable prices for all tiers. Love that they open at 8 am!

  213. abetancur0823

    very friendly great flowerrr love all the employees because as soon as you walk through the door there is smiles everywhere.LOVE THE MINT!

  214. RollTideandWeed

    Love this place. Has everything. That GS Rosin tho. Alright now see y’all soon

  215. dejadrakee

    I really enjoyed my visit and loved the first time patient deal! I would definitely refer everyone to this location!

  216. CalamityClem1361

    I love The Mint! They always have great prices and quality flower and concentrates. Staff is super helpful and knowledgeable. Everyone there always has a friendly, upbeat attitude and the facility is very nice. I’ll always keep coming back here! dY’oedY|,,

  217. plebillo69

    this is a great location and the service is always a good experience thanks for all the great medicine dY’dY~%0

  218. Tat2d74

    Awesome staff always knowledgeable and helpful

  219. NoxPox

    I only just got my medical card and they are the first dispensary I’ve ever been to. Needless to say, Laura was very helpful in explaining everything to me.

  220. ccsmoker

    Best flower selection in town.

  221. Kiddgreen43

    Great buds and great prices all around!

  222. dredlyLION

    honest budtender great pricr

  223. Tone1971

    The best dispensary around. Hands down.. Others try but can’t compete.

  224. aprilgrace

    Awesome staff. Very friendly and knowledgeable.They handle a large group of customers quickly and efficiently

  225. Tcasper17

    great place.very helpful

  226. Resistor37

    Super rude

  227. Emantan19

    The staff was super friendly and the atmosphere of the place was amazing, loved coming here definitely would go again.

  228. purdykj3

    Best Dispensary in the valley. 10 grms shatter for 100.

  229. Kksvalina

    Favorite place!!

  230. babygirllola691

    Best flower n flame cartridges.

  231. RadonJay

    Favorite dispensary in Mesa!

  232. dirtydan22

    Good place for wax and bud havent had any bad buys yet. The customer surives is on point fast, firendly, and they look like they enjoy there job.

  233. Item9patient

    Only reason I rated a four star atmosphere is because it’s usually always packed, but for a reason. These people give out ridiculous deals that you won’t see anywhere else. The flower is either really good top shelf or low mids but is priced accordingly. Concentrates won’t disappoint either. Not to mention the point system for every dollar spent is pretty rewarding. FTP deal bogo on a quarter. All in all it’s a great experience and even more friendly staff makes it even more enjoyable. Thx Mint!

  234. Rastaras23

    They are awesome flower and great prices always

  235. mboughnerw

    Love this Place!! Here Everyday

  236. cxsual

    I love this place

  237. mrbretfu420

    Very great dispensary with amazing staff very knowledgeable and helpful I will definitely be coming back

  238. Maryb0

    Amazing service

  239. Savannahsue12

    cool beans! Love this place:)

  240. MikeHawkishuge

    Good place to be

  241. Lsavala

    My spot dY~a$?dY$?(c)

  242. Jatom90

    Tonight was my first time going to mint. The wait was a bit long but they have online ordering services. I was assisted by kourtney this evening. She was lovely, very knowledgeable and helpful. After spending too much money, I walked away with a new pipe and battery. Not too shabby. After settling into my couch I thoroughly enjoyed the products I picked up. Overall the experience was very pleasant. However perhaps a bench or sectional would be more suitable seating for the waiting area. Could use more seats for patients.

  243. Gutierrez2009

    i like it because of the manny bud tenders

  244. gogoplur

    Good deals

  245. Adamgdawg

    Great shop! And staff is even greater, always quick and product is top notch !

  246. Katie52

    They were very helpful in showing me the different cbd oils with and without thc. I asked about the pain creams and salves with the thc and he showed me which ones were the best for my type of pain. I
    then wanted to get some gummies to help with pain and sleep. I ended up getting the pain salve with the THC & a CBD oil with no THC, and 4 packs of gummies. I let them know that the first time I tried the gummies they
    were too strong and I felt very dizzy and could barely walk, so he told me that if that ever happens just take the CBD oil with no thc and it will
    help me to get rid of that feeling. I did try it and I felt much better.I
    now make sure to only eat 1/2 of a gummie or and edible before eating too much and feeling high..I was very happy with the help I got with my purchase and will be buying more of the pain salve and CBD oil. It helped
    me a lot with the pain in my knee and helped me to be able to sleep, without having to take any pain meds. I have since thrown out my pain meds! I had a total knee replacement surgery and still have a lot of pain.

  247. DJRAD124

    awesome deals awesome staff really good product all around

  248. ryan3794

    Great customer service, and a wide variety of vape pen cartridges, and tasty flower

  249. Yeeeeee7890

    The atmosphere was great I was the first time patient and they help me out fast I was very pleased

  250. hulltori7

    Best dispo in the valley, great service and products.

  251. jdeasey

    First time visit, first time at a dispensary. They didn’t rush me through, they spent time with me and explained everything. He asked me what I was looking for and gave me several different options. Led me in the direction of more CBD dominate strains to help with my joint pains. Great information, very knowledgeable, I will recommend this place.

  252. Skellii

    super friendly place to visit and wonderful atmosphere

  253. Richc76

    Excellent staff and deals. I will be going back.

  254. danielblazez

    The Mesa mint location has a good set up , definitely should visit if not have been visited.

  255. raywilson1192

    good trees an great people

  256. jstoner2158

    I go for bogo cartridges on Fridays and love it! Staff is always friendly, knowledgable, and helpful. Great place!

  257. Gsrocks

    I’m convinced either it’s me or they may be racist here. I thought maybe it was the guy I got the first day I go back the next day and it’s the same bad customer service. Day one I was told by the “bud tender” that I could only receive the flower bogo as my first time no other first time specials. ohh okdY$?”. The next day I go and ask at the front. I’m told that’s false. then I already ordered online this time cause the day before was crowded still had to wait. I go back to the “bud tender” which has the order that I placed. First he gave me 2 wrong totals. told me I can get a free quarter, I didn’t say anything. THEN he tells me that I can get a free 8th never gave why tho. So I left and I went home believing he had help me best way he could. WRONG HE DIDNT. He never said hey if you spend $125 you get a free qtr. but instead he takes my $122 total and gives the free 8th. WTH is the customer service skills?? And yes I left a tip both days!! Never again! I’m done with Mint In Mesa!

  258. A.Meyer87

    I love coming here because Everytime I’m in here Cynthia always makes sure to take care of me!!!

  259. dfoubert

    This dispensary is amazing by far my fave. Za Riyadh was a wonderful help and was willing to explain everything!!

  260. GrizzleyGangster

    Great Meds, and great prices!!

  261. Paullyv18

    Great people great selections

  262. Allstargoldens

    very close to house, coveinient, budtender was great, bud was dry, not moist. Whole atmosphere was great, more personal than the other, that I love! my tenderbuddY~EURwas very patient with me as I am very picky.

  263. Azombiepenguin

    Never worth waiting. Lines are too long.

  264. jgabriela95

    I love this dispensary the environment is really chill and the employees are very helpful. Quality bud here

  265. 420guurl

    I love this place, always friendly helpful staff

  266. kekowyatt

    Great service, great selection on flower

  267. lokesthaimmortal

    Good location dope buds and apparel.

  268. wolaf

    Ive been going to the same place for about five years now since I am an OG only guy. The few times they are out and I have ventured elsewhere I have been very displeased with the quality. Well my place was out of Og so I had to reluctantly venture out. Mint had some True Og on the menu which is one of my favorites so I stopped by. Finally a new place I can go with confidence knowing the OG smells and tastes and hits like Og. Thank you Mint and thank you Bree for helping me. My confidence in Az buds has grown a bit thanks to you.

  269. kalzan


  270. Aroundatownbrown

    computer system down, 2 hour wait, nobody knows whats going on or why the wait is so long. Clearly they are not able to handle the volume generated by a couple BOGO deals…Very disappointed

  271. NickleNaks

    Nicely lit, wait time is alright, got my order fulfilled in a short amount of time

  272. 939393me

    This is my favorite dispensary. The budtenders are so knowledgeable and help me find great products every time.

  273. kyleeb

    customer service was amazing and the staff was nothing but friendly.

  274. Phxsuns480

    Get more sauce ! Friendly people tho.

  275. Lovelylizzy36

    love it

  276. 9thgradr

    the weed was sticky. appreciate it.

  277. rmrzjairo

    Best dispensary in AZ…They have fantastic deals and they always have a very knowledgeable staff.

  278. Jgabriela1995

    I love coming to this dispensary! The staff are nice and very helpful I like the atmosphere the bud is good quality I would recommend

  279. Nmupangrace

    Great customer service, answered all my questions. They have great deals everyday.

  280. saggitariusQueen

    Best buds around w expanding into a restaurant.. friendly staff.

  281. Brandoooon

    Great dispensary with great prices. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The parking is bad though.

  282. 420Demon

    love the mint mesa. It’s a great location, staff is awesome and meds are amazing.

  283. sexykittycat69

    Love The Mint! The whole staff was amazing and the environment was very welcoming. This was my first time in and Nate took great care of me.

  284. JriosMedellin

    Mint Mesa you have the best 420 specials! Thank you!

  285. Victoria_V_78381

    This place is great I went last night for the BOGO cartridges and I walked out with a free quarter and I won truffles from the game they were doing and a coupon for a free eighth for next time. Vinny was so helpful and patient. I definitely recommend this location!

  286. kikikush15

    fast friendly service

  287. Dln468

    mint is a very clean and respectable dispensary. I’ve been here a couple of times I have nothing negative to say about them every time I come in it is a welcoming atmosphere everybody’s very friendly and helpful with any questions I may have.

  288. AzAcapella

    I love this place. Cynthia is so nice and fun!

  289. Rollup4demon

    Been disappointed the last few times I’ve been there. I wait for the day they have BOGO on natures kief and they run out as soon as I get there. 1st time they ran out. 2nd time a person asked for it right before me and had non left. 3rd time Today I got 1 gram of kief because they ran out.

  290. lamontDABADGUY

    great place of business good place to shop always got good deals

  291. Kickinit1

    The Mint is always a place I always enjoy stopping! They run great specials everyday and have a good variety of meds. Staff is friendly and helpful. Thanks for the great service guys!

  292. Shelbs420.

    so far I’ve been to mint 2 times and both times the service has been great and the flower is fire dY’OE

  293. chaotickreg

    Mint always has a wide variety of high quality product, and their stores have a cool atmosphere.

  294. PhantomDT

    Been here a few times, and can say they have quality herb along with great service!

  295. 480tongan

    love this location fast and frienfly service

  296. Mdclay

    Great people, super friendly and incredibly helpful and informative would definitely go back.

  297. originalog

    Horrible experience. Went in for a first time patient deal. Waited 30minites in line for the budtender to tell me I don’t get a BOGO 8th because I wanted the $25 one when the site does not saying anything about this. Which I showed her on Leafly. Safe to say I am never coming back here again. Never had a worst experience at a dispensary and I’ve had my card since 2014

  298. Cort420girl

    Great service great selection

  299. TwistUp0420

    Garette and Edwin M. are super helpful and friendly. This is a great dispensary with amazing deals. Definitely worth the wait! Best deals in town!!!

  300. Ryno602

    The Mesa location is clean and carries a wider selection of meds than most places in the East Valley. The staff seem to enjoy their jobs and are very knowledgeable, Carol is my favorite employee she’s always getting things for everyone and the daily deals are awesome.

  301. addybell98

    Everyone was super friendly and helpful!

  302. DrPatchABlunt2020

    One of the best in the Valley for all around high grade meds and awsome customer service!! Thanks for making us feel welcome guys!

  303. SmileyAria45

    Such a great place. Very friendly staff and was super easy to get my meds and get out. Absolutely recommend this place.

  304. Weedman420_247

    There was nothing to dislike I enjoyed my experience there looking forward to seeing them soon

  305. Ilikegoodfood

    I love the aesthetic of this place and it’s always very quick, so awesome, good time. 11/10

  306. Lawrence24J

    Enjoyed my first time experience!

  307. VnceR

    I definitely recommend this place they have great product and great service

  308. dabeckne

    Enjoyed my visit budtenders are very helpful in selecting beneficial medical products.

  309. Leleboo13

    they are freaking awesome!!!
    i love this place!:)

  310. FudgeGangE

    Always shop here

  311. jayman32

    Love the dank

  312. skyswartz

    The mint has awesome product, loving their deals too.

  313. Schwiney148

    Love this place. Favorite in the area for sure! Everybody is super nice and helpful!

  314. Jshelby1427

    I enjoy visiting this location because it’s close to home. The promotions are great and the employees are always very knowledgeable. Excellent customer service. I have no complaints.

  315. Tyler_33

    Thing is very nice and good selections

  316. zeusthepyro

    mint mesa is the best!! so happy they are close by now and love the deals!


    I love the deals here!

  318. paprchsr

    The mint dispensary never lets me down! Whether its edibles I want or flowers the quality is always good and the price on point! I’ll be going back soon.

  319. arianna1007

    This is literally my second home. I love everything and everyone in this place. SO many awesome bud tenders I can’t remember everyone’s names but some of my faves are RYAN, JEREMY, vinnie, Jose, Edgar, nick, the blonde girl with the Rick and Morty beanie, I’m so bad with names but I have to give the good ones props! Definitely recommend!

  320. anewjesus

    I came to this location yesterday and am satisfied. Just came in to get the first time patient deal. I had the rig from the first location FTP deal that broke, and I wasn’t interested in getting another so fragile. I wanted to take full advantage of the deal and got flower instead. Even though I don’t consume flowers, really. I would appreciate an alternative such as a slight discount or something for patients in the future. I got the Master Kush and Bluezzz. The flower is on par with most dispensaries out here. Mostly popcorn, a little dry. Not terrible. Prices are high, so even though this is my closest dispensary, I don’t think I’ll be here often.

  321. Sluwy94

    Mint in Mesa is just as good as the Tempe location. Although a bit smaller but still has the great selection of product along with tbe daily deals to match! Whether you’re in Tempe or Mesa you need to check out Mint Dispensary!

  322. AmberLynnMc

    good people and good atmosphere

  323. mbentz20

    This place is great and has the best deals. Deandre is the man!

  324. Dominicsalcido99

    great staff love to come here to get my favorite strains.

  325. 56Ztconway

    gr8 customer service from BRI

    got the all star cherry it was super purple and tasty

  326. Muntrell

    Best Deals, people, and location. all around great!

  327. ashton322

    i been here a few times and love coming here. the only thing that sucks is there can be a long line at times. the staff I have interacted with have been very helpful with any of my questions. they really make sure you feel just as important as the next guy in line. will be coming back again and again! they also have killer deals.

  328. ileane

    I love this dispensary. Its so convenient, the budtenders are very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend the Mint to everyone.

  329. Luisluis

    There awesome here

  330. Amishdoinks

    Awesome place staff is super friendly really nice environment and meds are always fire

  331. Amynmesa

    I love the quality and selection and the bud tenders are super helpful

  332. pachecov9

    My favorite dispensary. I drive 20 min to come here when there’s 2 other dispensaries within a couple minutes of my house. I think they have best products, prices & nicest budtenders.

  333. montanarose_

    one of my faves !

  334. Rpete77

    amazing place good service nice staff.

  335. kidbuddy


  336. timmyd45

    I loved the friendly staff! also the bud tender was very descriptive of the specials they had to offer also made sure i was aware of the local cannabis events!

  337. nicksakk

    My favorite Mint location. Great atmosphere and friendly staff.

  338. Jameslaz63

    Best in town

  339. Bfouts057000

    Best place in the valley!! I drive 2 hours for their bud and amazing bud tenders. Dope ass atmosphere.

  340. starr18

    Best dispensary in Mesa. Bud tenders are always so helpful

  341. dudeman5000

    amazing quality strong effects.down with what’s wright

  342. vidaovoxo

    Love it! It’s literally less than a half a mile from my home!!

  343. Aldida01

    love this place . they’re so nice

  344. SlimShady88

    Came in for the new patient special! very vague and doesn’t tell you that you have to get the 1/8s for 35 and up. very disappointed and probably wont be back!

  345. Dotbackslash

    Came here for the first time last week and was not disappointed. Top quality medicine. Top quality customer service. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely might go to Home Store.

  346. JareBear113

    This place has awesome deals and great prices on but it also has a great environment and a great place to buy all my medication I would recommend this place to everyone

  347. La277620

    Best deals on wax in the east valley. Would recommend!

  348. Tmez35

    Great people and great product!

  349. Joseortiz7520

    My first time coming to this dispensary I got great help and will be back again soon.

  350. Memphistn

    This place here is need of the best dispensaries around that treated me right dYtmf

  351. 50575

    Jesus is very helpful and went above and beyond to help me. Made my first experience a great one; and I’ll definitely be back! My new favorite store. Thanks guys!

  352. 1jo87

    i always recommend the mint
    great meds and a great staff
    cant go wrong at the mint


    Love this place

  354. Mitchell212

    Great service!

  355. Meganmarie9699

    I always have such great time choosing my products with the bud tenders!!


    Evybodh is so nice all the time, quick to let me know the deals of the day and always find the best cannabis product for what I need

  357. mramhall

    I think that THIS IS MY JOINT!!!!

  358. BestBuds4MyLife

    Dope location. Dope people. Would def recommend the Sour Tangie. Honestly plan on stopping by again soon!

  359. Knuckles32

    They were really welcoming and nice

  360. LonnieK

    Great staff, great deals! Always good weekly deals.

  361. cah13229

    Awesome staff and great product shutout to Jesus who helped me find the right products for me!

  362. slbailey

    I was in a week ago and got some Cherry AK. I loved it. the staff was really helpful. had a great time.

  363. KaijuSpaceOpera

    I love this place, great staff and I usually show up on Friday/Saturday for their free weed Friday/Saturday and you don’t even need to purchase anything to obtain a free pre-roll. Which I have yet to find another dispensary that actually gives out “free” weed. My only gripe with Mesa is I wish it was bigger, they should seriously consider taking the real estate behind the store because it does get packed way too quick.

  364. drewslum

    Emilio was quite helpful in educating us on edibles! Very great experience for my girls first time! Love the flower

  365. Dakcrum

    I liked it, they explained and helped me out good and it was a nice comforting environment

  366. monstapuss

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVED RYAN, AND NICK. The parking lot, however is terrifying. Need security!!! Please. However, the $10/tier 1/4 Lemonhead I almost bought was CRUMBLING dry in the bags. Ryan was awesome about it.
    I so appreciate the FTP & bogos! The Mint, Tempe is my 2nd home. Also, each order had an error. I’ll give 3rd chances, but definitely going the extra 30 min for Tempe.

    I know it’s a busy place, but the receptionist seemed very accusatory when The Mint made a mistake.

    Gotta bring some happiness here! It’s like a check cashing station now. Might be good for the area , but it’s not a happy place. Sorry…

  367. CallyBabe

    Mint was great and handled my needs. dYfdY’s

  368. KushLife84

    Poor selection, poor quality. Very dried almost no aroma brakes up into powder. Very disappointed, and will never return. The only postive is the FTP free pipe was decent.

  369. JeanetteCagle

    Laura was awesome helped me out a lot. The first time patient deals are awesome

  370. Linseeloo

    It was my first time in a dispensary and The Mint gave some pretty big expectations to follow. The atmosphere was awesome and their selection was great. All the budtenders were so helpful, but Asia was the one who helped me the most. She was super friendly and very knowledgeable. I got an awesome first time deal and can’t wait to go back again!

  371. DidMyTime

    I visited early on 8/25 Saturday to check it out; I came for the BOGO for an 1/8th of flower and will be going back for several reasons:the strains I was interested in were presented with multiple choices for which I wanted, one just had two nugs and made my eyes bulge with avarice;they have so many deals and fun going on every day; the budtender (dammit cannot remember his name) was knowledgeable and projected awesome vibes, answering all my questions. I am heading back today to get edibles for NIN. Good Form, peeps, Good Form.

  372. Zachman85

    love this place.. good prices killer green.

  373. Kaykins

    Best flower and staff!

  374. Escrubb

    Great customer service

  375. Qstokes947

    great strains quality bud

  376. AnnaAZ666

    This place was amazing when it first opened. For the last year it’s been the only place I go. The crew was great and super friendly. However, it has gotten busy obviously but that shouldn’t affect customer service. Really sneaky about pricing all the sudden. Will not be coming back again.

  377. krizix420

    A+ all around!

  378. Skcobain

    Diana was amazing! It was my first day with my card so i did not know how anything worked. She showed me all kinds of the items i asked about and was so nice. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. I will definitely be going back!

  379. Jamesbdub

    great spot for quick pick ups. I love the staff and they always have great product

  380. bboo321

    Knowledgeable budtenders

  381. grantR

    One of the best dispensaries in Arizona to come to for everything you need and want their new patient specials are insane

  382. Kgause

    They are the best! My favorite out of many. Always nice upbeat. If anything goes wrong they fix it right away. Open early and late.

  383. josedurand10

    i went their today and got their 1 min before closing and i was turned away.. honestly very disappointed because im a regular patient and i think closing is at 9 pm if i got their 1 min before closing i should have never been refused to get my meds .

  384. hendersonmike932

    Incredible flower and daily deals!

  385. domfezz

    great bud with great deals. for patients every single days. buy one get one deals almost everyday. must check the mint out if you haven’t.

  386. G20Guy

    I love the Mint, but today they let me down. i drove by this morning and I see the led sign outside advertising BOGO on Kief I go in but some no problema.I swing by after work cause you can’t pass up a BOGO on Kief, the bud tender tells me they won’t honor the sale price because the sign is broken. I was disappointed that they honor the sale in the morning and then they come out with excuses in the afternoon. Bad customer service.

  387. stonedfrost

    great place, amazing flower

  388. stonedjellybeaners

    The first dispensary I want to when I received my card. I didn’t know much about dispensarys and how they worked but the staff made it so easy and enjoyable. They also have great quality bud for good prices. definitely recommend!!!

  389. Gaberz420

    bri is awesome. she’s so friendly and knows her stuff. wish more budtendors were like her!

  390. JamesAllen

    The Mint dispensary great place for top quality meds and great service.

  391. ryanestes3322

    Good vibe. Variety of meds to choose from. Friendly staff. Good prices and specials.

  392. pauldiablos

    great friendly staff. extremely knowledgeable and welcoming. great product. better prices.


    great service, atmosphere, and products. best dispensary in town!

  394. Joey419gotAminute

    the people behind the counter helped me out a lot. got me the best deal for my first-time super nice at this location

  395. Folkcody3

    I always have a blast at mint. The staff is super friendly, helpful, and keen to their product. I love this place!


    All of the bud tenders are very outgoing, helpful and nice. They always execute my requests and even if I can’t get certain things on the shelf they will still try and re-direct me to the best alternatives.

  397. WARPIGG

    The Mint dispensary is a great dispensary with excellent customer service and quality canibus products and great daily specials. William Wallace Warfield

  398. Melissam2702

    It was my very first time at a dispensary, I was super nervous but I had no reason to be! Everyone was so nice, the guy who helped me went over different strains and deals they had. He was really great! They also had a great deal for first time patients. I will absolutely be back!

  399. Hddragon

    Love the staff here! They are amazing peps!!

  400. cardogotwangs

    Cool dispensary to come to . Usually quick service and good deals on the flower here

  401. helloannax

    Great deals! And they have a cafe now so that’s pretty awesome

  402. Mdlagrone98

    Loved the theme and tree! Great business

  403. StonerRockGod

    Today was my first time back since my first time, I saw they had a strain I liked so I decided to stop in on my lunch break. Very fast and friendly staff, my budtender Jermy was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and just gave me a complete 180Adeg experience from my first time, which wasn’t bad but I think my budtender at the time was trying to get off their shift was sort of in a hurry I felt. none the less my experience today, learning about the review cards, he gave me a BOGO card and told me about some specials to take advantage of. I also REALLY enjoyed the hulk’s breath pre-rolls he recommended. really really cool daily deals and morning specials (I’m an old man so early bird specials are life).

  404. Phx420az

    Mad man OG is dry af off the top shelf a~1i,

  405. Texas3

    Pre-roll wensday yea buddy!!!

  406. Ginarose333

    My first choice for price and product!

  407. Ccgodwin

    It’s a great place to get great quality bud but still save some money.

  408. Patriots_25

    Great customer service. Happy with early bird specials.

  409. celestleal93

    A visit from 3 hours away once a month always get great deals for $100 or less

  410. TrippyKaio

    great place awesome stanky buds!!!

  411. Diana.t

    Great staff very helpful and very informational definitely would recommend.

  412. Tschudy

    Great incentives. Friendly ppl and quality medicine.dY’dY’dY’

  413. ALAN07

    heyyy reader lol iim back to say that the mint dispensary is my 2nd favorite out of 4. mints deals tho are hands down the best, plus everytime i go the employees are more than helpful plus very knowledgeable

  414. dano235

    Very friendly staff. Good deals and welcoming atmosphere!!!

  415. shortyg2001

    The Mint is my family. I love everything from the edibles to the Staff. Their very friendly and knowledgeable. Keep the good work up.

  416. shanagoni

    staff make it a friendly atmosphere, good prices and quality flower.

  417. Nancy2467

    i love there deals and ur people are awesome.

  418. Drakex98

    Awesome place!

  419. AZMomma

    Everyone is friendly & knowledgeable.

  420. DoubleG828

    phenomenal place! dY’-%

  421. brandonrule23

    Best quality and service I have had so far!

  422. mirandapfaff

    Love Mint Dispensary! They always have exactly what i need and more. Plus awesome deals and specials throughout the week.

  423. coppersaurus

    This is a great shop. The shop is clean and the staff is knowledgeable. If your looking for help with edibles Bri is the budtender you need to see. She has the best recommendations.

  424. Shes420XXX

    hands down my favorite dispensary. the budtenders are always so knowledgeable and friendly. They have pretty good deals specially towards the end of the week.

  425. Joeybooy

    Great place with great flower great people and very knowledgeable staff great deals as well. definitely would recommend if you are a marijuana card holder.

  426. knightdj

    Every body was super friendly awesome selection of flower and edibles and every thing this in my new shop

  427. asapsocal0824

    ftp experience was not bad could have been better, more upbeat n enthusiasm wouldve been great the information given was generic
    will think again before going in


    I love coming to Mint especially for the early bird specials! The service is great and friendly and the products are on point!!

  429. lbcarlsen

    Honestly, the best dispensary in the valley! I’ve been coming here since I first got my med card a couple months ago, I’ve been to a few other dispensaries, but this one just tops them all. The kitchen is a huge game changer! Best edibles I have ever had!

  430. mrshassler

    Great location very chill

  431. Dr_Remulak

    It was my first visit and everyone was welcoming and patient! Thank you for all your help!

  432. vicky0909

    Definitely great staff! Such a chill and welcoming atmosphere. Made me feel very comfortable and are always very helpful. Their flower is fire.

  433. kkcoleman

    Love it here ! Best dispo ever and the customer service is great !

  434. ronniet4206

    I must say that my experience with Mint has been great. Their meds is the BEST EVER!!! My shopping experience was extremely easy and fun. They were able to help me sufficiently and they are very professional and super kool. . .I would refer Mint to others Especially the Mesa location! Thanks Mesa budtenders for being so awesome!

  435. bigshirley

    Great products and great service! They also have some good daily specials

  436. Sweetysolano86

    Best Place To Go To

  437. hippiepirate85

    fantastic selections, always jave what I need. best staff! always super chill cool and know whats up. great deals. definitely stop by. sweet 1st timers deal. peace!

  438. bashes

    Awesome prices, amazing deals everyday!

  439. suelynn29

    love going to the Mint….never disappointed in price, quality is usually better than expected and the variety and selection rival most other dispensaries.

  440. alockard

    Jesus is chill and everyone else is awesome and very knowledgeable. Thank you team for helping those who need their medication.

  441. Wherewithalfilms

    Amazing selection and great specials. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, excited about the benefits of marijuana and thoughtful in their approach to your needs and care.

  442. mattheil3

    Great Dispensary, good deals and good flower!

  443. katetastrophie

    Quick service. Cute open area. Lots of parking. Right off of southern. Convenient area. Great service. Not too pushy or overselling. Would definitely be shopping here again.

  444. Tankerfireskater

    First visit to a dispensary ever. Had a wonderful time. It was welcoming and easy to communicate with the friendly staff. Ill for sure be back. Thanks guys for hooking it up and being awesome

  445. Kashley16

    Good weed for a good price.

  446. Jerry_schultze

    Great service

  447. michaelposey

    I think it’s a really good location, it got resolvable prices, good costumer service and more. Really impressed with them

  448. just1sev1ltwin

    Love this place. Always the best service and quality products.

  449. kalilc1

    The reps are Awesome, and they always hook you up with A great Deal!

  450. logan18

    Super cool! Budtenders we’re all social and nice, definitely found my new go to place.

  451. Bleek26

    Love this place. The Budtenders are always nice and helpful!

  452. jspalding

    Absolutely love the mint and the people there! They know me as Good ppl they have good flower

  453. MusicnMakeup

    Never been to a place that consistently has SUCH good bottom shelf flower! works for me just fine every time I’ve smoked Mint flower, I’m high for like 2 or 3 hrs which is perfectly reasonable. Would recommend hitting this place up yall!

  454. bfouts0570

    The atmosphere is fucking awesome. I drive two hours for this place.

  455. Foreverauroradee

    Great selection and the bud tenders are so helpful! Always love the mint!

  456. drliaison

    Outstanding deals, my first visit!

  457. Brelude

    Saw some familiar faces from Tempe location. Still very friendly and excellent customer service. Smaller store but still has a great menu and great deals.

  458. saddienichole

    They always have great deals + Amazing service & great products

  459. Wilsenia36

    I loved my first time here at the mint

  460. hadesangel

    good quality

  461. flyydollaz

    I think the Mesa location is way better than the priest location by the mall an they have a much better selection!

  462. rhodesbryce

    Extremely helpful, kind, and funny people that work here. You won’t regret visiting!

  463. LandoCalreezy

    Hands down best dispensary in the valley with the best deals and customer service. Mint has many deals throughout the week and I’ve saved hundreds. Thank you Mint!

  464. marijuanamaya

    I love the mint it’s a great dispensary with great people!

  465. Kuhens82

    This location works for me. I recently moved to central Mesa, and to have a Mint this close is perfect. I’ve been here a few times before, and have always gotten excellent service.

  466. mjm825

    Dope place always have best customer service and the best deals

  467. maloniak

    this is an awesome place to be. very friendly, knowledgeable, and lots of product to choose from.

  468. Cody1120

    I love the staff, theyre so helpful and kind. the atmosphere is welcoming and everytime i go in I’m immediately greeted. I love the choices they have when it comes to flower. they have specials going on everyday of the week which makes it easy to get what I need. I’d recommend The Mint Dispensary to anybody looking for a chill and good place.

  469. vnse

    Everything is awesome about this place great deals to fire product. Only thing is the leafly pickup needs improvement. They have you order online, you get there and they don’t even have everything ready for you to purchase immediately. They have you wait in line to pay for everything. Ordering online is really pointless here. NEEDS IMPROVEMENT

  470. flacodaroon0306

    Great weed customer service environment and deals

  471. SifuKush

    awesome experience!

  472. starkest444

    I really enjoy the open atmosphere. Bud tenders and bakers are very good.

  473. Irishlffl1

    Love Sara and the rest of the crew. They are very knowledgeable and have amazing quality meds. They are absolutely my go to dispensary.

  474. Rhudi_Z

    I love this location. Very convenient for me. Everyone is always so helpful and professional.

  475. CtheRedHairz

    Everything is great here with one exception! They need a dedicated online/call waiting line because how it’s set up now, patients that wait in the dispensary are bypassed by call in orders…not cool! So if you’ve been patiently waiting in the lobby for 20 minutes, someone can pull up, after you’ve been there, place an order in the parking lot, and they will get ahead of you, which would be fine if they had a dedicated line, or just handled the order at the window like other dispensaries! Not the case, so far however!

  476. MirEsha444

    This place is so dope the staff is super friendly if you are having a bad day when you come in there is no way you are still having one when you leave. DeAndre Bri and Raymond are dope budtender’s their vibes are always positive never a dull moment even on those days the wait may take a little longer than usual

  477. Jsmith0126

    customer since the first day they opened. love this location and its people

  478. Jssalamon

    Great staff very helpful with answering your questions!!

  479. Kyp47

    Extremely unfriendly. The only reason I waste my time here is for the cheap product which I truly believe isn’t even worth it anymore. Mint has gone so far downhill since they open it is sad. Oh well, plenty more places to shop in the valley that care about your business.

  480. leos537

    i like this place, close to me but the lines and wait time are longer, Which meNs their doing something right. I decided to try the new “online check out” forgot the actual name but it was easy and fast. people very friendly and very knowledgeable budtender’s.

  481. JulianxMendoza

    This place is the best, the staff is always friendly and helpful with the what I need. I would defines recommend this location.

  482. StevePaul2

    Awesome dispensary. Will definitely be around!

  483. Zbiggy

    Great store with friendly and knowledgeable staff

  484. justmom34

    best dispensary hands down. great deals, good reward system, friendly staff

  485. Chinita0814

    Best deals! Best prices! Best people! Hands down!!

  486. rico18suave

    my favorite place on earth. my home store.

  487. Gonzales088

    Great place to come to and has very good prices on your meds. Staff is very friendly.

  488. gt0620

    Great strain choices, friendly staff, great prices A+++ oh and,cynthia is badass!!!

  489. JimmyDiesel

    secret menu hopes cookies is fire.

  490. Yasqueen87

    These guys are the best! They have killer selection and deals but their customer service is by far the best in the biz. Whether you’re spending $20 or $200, they are so helpful and friendly!

  491. rxdavis53

    first time at this Mint

  492. juic3b0xxx

    great product and service

  493. Tomasb16

    Good waiting chairs constantly improving!

  494. johnharris91

    Good service, good staff, with good products, check em out

  495. Mari1na

    I Really Really liked this place out of all that I’ve gone too here in Arizona. From beginning to end it was a uplifting atmosphere as well very helpful with my medication. I did not get all the goodies I expected like the free pipe and lanyard. But Did walk out there with a awesome dab Rig and a new dispensary:)

  496. giannasmom

    I love this dispensary! The service is amazing and the product is great!! Best prices around!

  497. Hpryor89

    Fast and quick service.

  498. Kkearns92

    All the budtenders are awesome, super friendly, and extremely knowledgeable on all the product!

  499. jrslady33

    love this location! great people, product and deals

  500. alexxissf

    They have just about everything and best specials, great owners!!!

  501. SBDaddy

    Fast, friendly, great specials, great products. I would like to see more materials or an area where we could do some reading or watch promotional videos perhaps. The CBD products and hemp appeal to me but I don’t as much about them. You can read online I know but I’d trust more hearing and seeing it in the store.

  502. Prdabsx

    on point great product awesome people

  503. lexluuth

    Love them! Kourtney was awesome

  504. dawnofpikachu

    great people. great times. great meds.

  505. QueenJC

    let’s be honest i only go to 3 dispensery’s around the valley and two of them are the mint so you bmguys are definitely top 3 but not 3 hahaha i always love seeing Cynthia and Ricardo there they stay making my days better!!

  506. Owlgang2015

    great location great ppl awesome buds never left unhappy yet now they have expsnded

  507. 420genester

    I like the weekly deals here no where else in the valley are you going to find that really. an yes I shop hop an this is one of my favorite dispensaries. cart deals weekly an awesome staff aoeOE

  508. Trojanstretcher

    Love this place, some good deals all the time! DJ helped me out and I couldn’t be more pleased! He was super knowledgeable and friendly on everything from edibles to carts.

  509. Nothing1234

    Dopest joint in the immediate bong.

  510. sololuv7

    This location is so wonderful at educating the patient. The products at great as well.

  511. Jeffisawesome

    love going here!!!! almost always have kief and that’s been real hard to find.

  512. Charistysaldana

    best budtenders around!

  513. BaDiaz

    They are always very helpful in pointing out the best strands combined with deals.

  514. jrwohlert

    One of my regular places…they always have great deals too!

  515. guy665613

    great service Great quality! always a good experience when I go in!

  516. Cubsack

    the mint is a great dispensary. great atmosphere great flower the prices are right quick and helpfull service. I recommend the bewitched

  517. Mrsdrea85

    love everything about this place from flower to budtenders.


    Such an amazing little shop. Super friendly budtenders and great music yo boot. Definitely going back.

  519. Jadaeljada

    they are best despesnery i have been to right above urbngreenhouse

  520. ecko602

    the medicine is good and awesome budtenders!

  521. DannyBoyKush

    Love this shop, such a great place to come to!

  522. Shag1379

    amazing service, friendly staff

  523. Mesenoaz23

    I love this dispensary. Great service and great quality flower. Along with all other products. Definitely recommend to all patients.

  524. Alicewonderland420

    wish it was a but more relaxed in there. sometimes theres loud music and hard to hear over people talking over themselves in there.

  525. Swaggnasty

    I’m in love with this place and people

  526. Nwong2

    The best dispensary in the Valley hands down!!! I go out of my way to stop in here. The best service around!!!

  527. Edward8jidai


  528. syatt7808

    Had the best customer service from CHRISTIAN!! Very knowledgeable of strains annnnnd the companies new edible items from their kitchen! Stop in today, my fave place to go !

  529. Rayj1994

    besr bud best prices. highlyrecommend this place

  530. junyer88

    Fantastic service and friendly people!

  531. llamaral1

    Comfortable atmosphere. Prompt service.

  532. gogurl1103

    Great location, easy to find. Great flower, good deals, friendly staff. Try it out!

  533. LBean1209

    love the environment love the staff! they always help me find what I need!

  534. kycrags94

    Everyone is always so nice and welcoming here, and they have the best deal! 10/10

  535. mamapaige91

    Had an email that said you get an egg on Easter with purchase that prizes inside.
    Went in right when open and was told they don’t have any.
    Very disappointed.

  536. Bryan_Wesley5778

    This location is a great spot. The atmosphere is friendly and the employees are knowledgeable about there product, I highly recommend this establishment.

  537. sammieetellem

    Amazing. gotta love them for the good flower. I enjoy the vibes and energy. come check them out!

  538. acelaya3

    I believe this location has potential. I was a FTP checking out what concentrates were available. I was met with disappointment leaving when I was told the FTP deal wasn’t a BOGO like it says online. Instead I was given a small pipe. The displays for the concentrates didn’t do its justice. The whole time I was hoping to try out a new brand but then realized it was the same product I get from Kind Meds at a more expensive price.

  539. MagicGinger

    Great, knowledgeable staff. Inventory was slightly lacking, but good alternatives were recommended. I’d shop here again.

  540. Licious122

    Friendly staff and have vareity of stuff for a good price!

  541. Netanelc

    this is the first time I’m here, the quality of the flower is low (I have opened 3 bags and all of them are very dry) and the price is very high ($260 for 1oz) the don’t give you what they are saying here (for every 80$ you spend you get 4 pre-rolls I didn’t got any) not recommending on that company there is better places with better prices…

  542. Pinooch1970

    Great place

  543. BlondieB77

    These guys are great! They are very helpful and knowledgeable about the different types of strains. They also have a great selection of edibles as well. I would totally recommend this place!

  544. amandaamall

    Everyone need to try out this place. They always have some really pretty looking bud and I get excited to see what they have that’s new. I really appreciate the time that they take in their customers and I’m happy I can stop in.

  545. Hunchoniick

    Love this place always got the fire

  546. warriorwaz

    Good deals, good quality, good staff. Glad the Mint opened up a location close to my home

  547. Nfletcher220

    happy New Years mint dispensery! your customer service is the best always have good discounts and deals

  548. Stayhighfour20

    amazing staff

  549. cleodawg

    New Mesa Location is sooooo great! Love the workers!

  550. Michaelbwalter813

    They receive a lot of slack due to their location.But this place is amazing. the staff is the best and the meds are always good.


    Great place friendly atmosphere

  552. jensgtwistgmailcom

    Love these guys. Only suggest the Mesa location have a bigger wait room as they are always busy.

  553. Seamonsteraz

    Always love the experience. Never a bad one! Helpful, friendly staff. Can’t ask for more.

  554. 801budz

    Great place to go for a first time patient .Very helpful and knowledgeable

  555. Khudzysep24

    Welcoming atmosphere

  556. RazAlGhul187

    Great place friendly staff. Good strains best place to stop late night.

  557. ironwing

    great location great staff

  558. Tr61

    great people to work with

  559. Babybecbeck

    Quality Medicinas! Staff is knowledgeable and friendly!

  560. Stoner_melly

    my favorite dispensary

  561. Casual_swagg

    The best place to get bud….

  562. bdsthabridge

    The medicine I purchased from the Mesa Mint Dispensary was good. The dispensary is clean, and the people are nice and energetic. The reason I gave the service three stars is for this reason: I purchased a half ounce of flower from the “deals” list that I viewed on #leafly priced at $89.00. Because I did not have the financial means to purchase something that was regularly priced, I am no longer eligible to receive the “first time patient special”. The advocate who was helping me said “If I didnt use it today I would lose it because she did not have a way to notify the system that I didn’t use it. She made me feel pressured to spend money I did not have to get to receive the #FTP special. I have went to a few other dispensaries, and all was able to provide me with the option to use or save my discount.

  563. TaylorBrunoni

    Favorite dispensary. local to my house and the workers are so welcoming!

  564. spider2024

    its a amazing place and i love the prices and the private shelf is amazing love the MINT GANG

  565. coryk32

    Great employees great customer service

  566. Lordhead

    im in live with the mint dispensary they have all you need trust me they do good flower and wax.

  567. jamileth87

    This place was awesome. They have great deals and awesome bud tenders!!

  568. Mperez96

    everyone is so upbeat and awesome! any question I ask they always provide an answer! I’ll definitely be a regular here!

  569. sKyHiiGh37

    The Mint is one of my favorite spots. They stay up on the BOGO deals so they’ll keep me coming backdY~EUR

  570. QueTip30

    Great weed an great service

  571. EricaGomez

    Good vibes and customer service.

  572. JJM29

    love this place come all the time cuz everyone here rocks

  573. Mr.Greenleaf2018

    mint is a great place to pick up. help me with everything.. awesome

  574. Ninjaturtle13

    it’s a wonderful place to go for your medication. the staff here is awesome, friendly, and will take care of all your needs. I leave satisfied everytime.

  575. Raven26

    Best place to be, staff is awesome and their pricing are fair

  576. Deeaurora777

    I love the location it’s walking distance from my home! It’s perfect!

  577. matt0216

    The MINT is awesome. Always have what I need and they have a big variety of products

  578. Doobie20

    Great team of workers. very helpful, knowledgeable and warm spirited

  579. demonswife

    Love there new location. Staff is awesome very helpful. Meds a all fresh and smell amazing. Thanks guys

  580. swagg2087

    it’s Dope

  581. Edith.Rosa

    Great staff, good price.

  582. Shyup

    I think it’s easy to find & close to me

  583. VISIX6

    Hella friendly and informative place , really felt respected here! Two thumbs up!

  584. Dabears2009

    great staff and flower location is easy to get to with not much traffic the wait isn’t that bad and the prices are solid.

  585. Scottishgoddess

    Good place

  586. Blazindo

    the mint dispensary in Mesa is by far one of my favorite dispensaries good quality medicine for a cheap price professional staff Good Vibes and in and out fairly quick

  587. martinezduhh

    Love this place!!!

  588. Ahhhhmed

    Great service, and knowledgeable staff.

  589. chevelless

    Love this place. Top notch all around!

  590. jworkman714

    i loved it

  591. Pinkymillie

    Great Staff

  592. watchweeddog

    Best Deals valley wide! Better than “Kind Meds” anytime of day or week!

  593. jesusg413

    this is a great place to get meds and this place has great prices and staff ..u can always find some type of deal.

  594. Ginarose15

    Love the peeps the prices and it’s always good vibes!!!

  595. allstar23

    the Mint has very nice locations. all three are unique. I love free weed Friday. I loved having the Goldsmith Extracts BOGO free today! Nick was very cool and helpful. I have been very pleased with the Mint…plus the punch for BOG0’s! Awesome!

  596. sharimyk420

    love this place one of the best might even be better then the other location

  597. Bebe8816

    Love the mint mesa defiantly number one place in mesa for good deals.

  598. Mermaidma90

    Great daily deals
    Cheapest prices in the valley that I’ve seen
    Best bud

  599. JosephAmaro1984

    dY”Y= dY”Y= dY”Y= thats all i can say but ppl are so friendly make u fell right at home

  600. Lucinad

    I bought pre rolls and they made me sick to my stomach,what is the growing Inc in this product?

  601. vpuffin

    Mesa,#1 dispensary for my medications,great product,staff

  602. Jen.

    The first time patient deal is never true for mint 🙁 where’s my free pipe or lanyard? And the girl kept mentioning the buy one get one free when I knew the whole deal..

  603. Rickmg

    Ok bree is by far the best budtender in town. The Mint haas a great slection and the best staff. No matter what u need they got it. #1 place for buds in the valley.

  604. Matthew13az

    i think that this location is the best everything is A-1

  605. msstoll

    I use to go there all the time the old bud tenders were people didnt care I was upset all their flower was completely different than website which I had already picked out and they didn’t seem to care just told me I was on the wrong site which I wasnt and didnt offer to help find new ones that would work for i spent my money else where.

  606. Bridgetbabe81

    One of my fav dispensaries! Always great product and great peeps keeping it rolling!

  607. Dchaffman

    Awesome weed great staff

  608. Jcardiel23

    The mont dispensary is the best dispensary in the east valley! Ask for the daily special!

  609. Amarandolph34

    this is my favorite good specials and they carry kief cola

  610. Alanjr87

    Great meds. Would recommend check it out

  611. Natedizzle77

    this is a nice place very good people very knowledgeable and I wouldn’t recommend coming back here

  612. Jasontn1966

    Was impressed first time in. Very nice selection. Will be back.

  613. Delaneykaitlyn

    Love love love this dispensary the workers here are amazing and the bud is high-quality they are always having deals every day of the week it’s definitely my go to med shop.

  614. zacomalley

    te mint dispensary is awesome!!! They have quick & easy check-ins & very short wait times! The place is very clean & products are very well dispayed. All of their products are very high quality!!! The bud tenders are very helpful & informative! hey have great sales & specials!!! I will highly recommend the mint dispensary to everyone!!!

  615. BudBurnhemp

    I Love the MINT! 🙂 best shop in the valley, with top quality buds & concentrates, best staff & budtenders, I recommend to everybody.

  616. hernandezm16

    good vibes awesome atmosphere

  617. Ggov

    Best place to shop! Love the prices!

  618. Angelombazan

    Good place great location

  619. CHEECH56

    great location and great products!!.

  620. Tyrant316

    love this place! I won’t go anywhere else!

  621. Jennifer777

    Great customer service, wonderful selection of products & nice prices

  622. Xenon131

    Great products, long wait, small, good people!

  623. 42094

    Its was pretty nice inside looks great nd has good people that provide a good warming atmosphere.

  624. damianstaysblown1

    Go check them out some good stuff for good prices and you’ll get some of the best deals here and the staff is great!

  625. paigeholen

    Best deals!

  626. Sticemup18

    Great meds

  627. beth32

    I love this location and products atmY=i,

  628. mhanson57

    Dishonest and unprofessional, I came in for the online advertise special my bud tender told me that it was for the following day and they did not even have the cartridges in the building. Once I got outside because I realized I totally could’ve been wrong about the add and double checked it then decided I should go in and speak to the manager who looked at me like I was a fool and continue to tell me that the Buy one get one cartridges were in fact in the back but didn’t have a sticker on them and she wasn’t going to honor the advertised online special. I felt belittled and there unprofessional manner makes me never want to go back

  629. mrsboatwright

    punch cards came in finally and i didnt lose any of my purchases. the mint is DEFINATELY my favorite spot. the budtenders are all super cool. and the flower is always on point. never dry.

  630. parson05

    This is by far hands down the best dispensary. They always have deals and the Bud tenders are freak’n amazing!

  631. HeadHomo86

    went to the new location and I was very impressed with the convenient location the staff is friendly and knowledge and the big plus is you ftp even if you have been to the other location…great selection and great deals and prices

  632. Jmcpherson89

    Great service and product.. Also a wide variety of vendors and brands. I’m local and the staff are very welcoming every time I come in. Keep up the work guys!…

  633. Guitarmanweeps5550

    really cool coming in for my first time. hooked me up with some quality buds!!!

  634. Zakcizzle

    Good vibe great flower

  635. Shortyjadus7780

    amazing staff prices and meds

  636. Jonpes96

    Excellent location, great staff and prices you will not be disappointed! This place is awesome

  637. estiloandrea

    Everyone here is amazing ! I always come here ! It’s my go to location ! Jesus , Christian , the short lady with the short pixie haircut are always giving great advice and recommendations.

  638. clymer113

    Nice staff, cool place.

  639. Onthehighroad

    Great. Frendly people. They are very welcoming. They will help you out with anything you need.

  640. Drewberry94

    The staff were all very kind and helpful. I felt like I was in good hands when taking my business there.

  641. LavenderSpringRain

    I like everything about The Mint Dispensary – Mesa aPSi,aPSi,

  642. MurlLee

    Great flower meds, very helpful knowledgeable staff.

  643. wacko1817

    love this place

  644. xomskhalifaxo

    The mint has the nest quality flower it’s always super fresh every visit and the customer service is always above and beyond expectation.

  645. GutterGlitter

    I love the Mint! They’re one of my go to dispensaries &I’ve brought at least four friends here. They have some of the sweetest &most knowledgeable budtenders, one of the girls at the Mesa location helped me get started with edibles n I will always be grateful 🙂
    They always have a large selection of flower for reasonable prices, plus there are awesome daily sales! They have a huge amount of concentrates, lots of cartridges for good prices. They have a good selection of edibles, the Mesa location could have more but the Tempe location is totally set! TONS of infused food &snacks for totally reasonable prices! I’m super excited for the future of the restaurant… I think the Mint is just gonna get bigger n better!!

  646. Miggyaz

    great customer service everyone was very helpful

  647. Niecey.420

    I go to the Mesa location and they are awesome

  648. bkueyez1964

    Very friendly staff. My weed tender Bri was awesome and very helpful

  649. Thatbeezyash

    I really like the check in staff. They make me feel welcomed even if there’s a long line

  650. Goofyserferdude

    very friendly and respectful! ill definitely return

  651. kcnoel1994

    The staff were friendly and helped me out more once I told them it was my first visit ever. Wonderful experience overall!

  652. 420Domos

    Never have gone in and felt like I was shorted for my cash. They’re quality bud with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

    Great new patient special too 🙂

  653. vahhluree

    Mint has the highest quality dispensary service in the entire valley! The deals are amazing! original af!!

  654. lexarhiannon

    I love the atmosphere when walking into the dispensary and the workers are amazing.

  655. ryko

    The mint in Mesa is the best if you haven’t been you need to go and pay them a visit

  656. PotPotpotpot420

    Great with there customers and have good quality bud I love this place it’s awesome super friendly

  657. Cweed29

    I had a great time while standing in line listening to music and enjoying the atmosphere. There’s an awesome Edibles Bakery on-site and my mouth Waters. Not to mention the budtenders are pretty hot and knowledgeable.

  658. jshipley69

    Love The Mint. But limited seating in the waiting area.

  659. anott97

    i love mint and all their products

  660. CatchTheFade

    shits BOMB, son! love this place… and the people!

  661. og2k14

    Awesome place!!! Awesome Deals!!!

  662. KadenGray

    Very comfortable, very organized, and very kind people. All around great business.

  663. bellashaus

    Always a Pleasure at the mint Mesaa$?

  664. Phyzeek

    love it, Alot of knowledge

  665. berserkerage

    Ifthis location was anything like Tempe it would be amazing. Horrible location. 2 decent bud tenders everyone else seems to think they are a shady used car salesmen. But what really did it in for me was when this young blond bud tender refused to sell me anything due to me asking if I can use my Veteran Discount. Do yourself a favor. Make the drive to Tempe it’s worth it. This location well you might just get shot or stabbed in the parking lot if you can find any parking in all 4 spots.

  666. Twitchnw

    Been going here a while… Really nice place! Great selection! The staff is super nice and I’ve never had a bad experience! Strongly recommend!

  667. huggie4455

    great place good prices and helpful service

  668. DamnGina

    Mint is the greatest! Best in the valley for a reason!

  669. AZ89Tillinfinity

    Burned out employeez. Non informative on deals or your points smile in your face but laugh behind your back type people wouldn’t reccomend.

  670. illrasta79

    This is the first dispensary I visited after getting my card and still on of my favs. They ALWAYS have great deals going on, especially on Fridays and the atmosphere there is great, the place is really upbeat and I always enjoy going there. FTP deal for flower is BOGO up to an eighth and I think you get a couple small gifts too. Overall a great place, just be sure to order ahead as the place gets very busy and has a small lobby.

  671. 420fuckyou

    Great flower and cartridges! The budtenders are helpful and nice!

  672. Derickmanley

    When I go to the dispensary I’m down. When I leave this dispensary I’m up girl and I meet up. And when I get home I’m blown away thanks y’all. Boom boom boom boom boom

  673. parisduvall

    Friendly staff upbeat atmosphere

  674. yungprivilege

    Dude. Weed.

  675. JuiceBox517

    its close to my quick and everyone there is helpful and they got good deals

  676. awall2023

    Love visiting the mint early mornings. Early Bird gets the worm Special 20% helps a lot. Dj has to be my favorite bud-tender had so much knowledge and turned me on to the Waffles & Syryp My absolute favorite concentrate.

  677. Jackeebby420

    Great customer service , very quick and attentive i Would definitely recommend to a family member or a friend looking for a higher grade quality marijuana

  678. BlackGeeBus

    Great place great bud great staff my favorite stop when I’m in Mesa

  679. kikibazin

    awesome atmosphere and variety

  680. iwarren17

    I love the customer service and the weed is fire !

  681. Smoke14me520

    great prices and specials

  682. desimartz

    I absolutely love like this both locations are great staff is wonderful product in prices and sales and deals are great

  683. DreadHeadGriffin

    I digg the vibe when walking in … if in need of some flower , come shop with mint in mesa …. It’s to real

  684. Greenmomy

    I love this dispensary, best place ever . Th staff is so kind and helpful. Will b back over n over!!!!!

  685. LaggySwaggy

    i enjoy getting my meds from the mint because they are always up beat and friendly. the are knowledgeable in the medicines ad they always steer me in the right direction.

  686. 248a8thomas

    Brandon and Ryan were amazing! They were really patient and friendly. Thanks and Merry Christmas!dYZ,,dYZ…

  687. Gabev

    The staff are always friendly and they have great deals!!

  688. dotyblunts

    Great place to come on a friday! Why go somewhere else and pay the same but no freebies? I love getting a free eighth on top of my usual purchases. Keep up the team work guys!

  689. Mckennaunicorn

    I really love mints selection on concentrates. very friendly and helpful staff

  690. Eyebuddy

    it cool

  691. sinbrat

    this is my favorite dispensary! I love the deals they offer each day and they have the best new patient deala$?i,

  692. Lindseyleef86

    Love this place

  693. handyandy555

    nice place great wax

  694. Delta-Nine

    Everything was wonderful but what is up with not ever having your first time patient glass in stock, I mean literally never. Still do not have mine.

  695. Crta14

    all in all a great place. great quality, good people, and awesome atmosphere.

  696. Mikedc4

    great staff and good buds always

  697. HopesUnooo

    Awesome peeps! both tempe and mesa locations

  698. Maleekking21

    great place great prices people are nice and friendly

  699. Anamakiller

    Wonderful service and good selection would highly recommend to all

  700. bobbers

    My go to guys! They get all of my business. Fair prices, with GREAT sales on a variety of items every day. No need to go anywhere else!

    LEBOWSKI 2020!

  701. Hgogirl

    I love the setup they have, and the pain creams and salves are amazing!!

  702. SherryMartin

    Amazing deals. Great service. Friendly staff. 10/10 recommend.

  703. AzNative909

    I keep coming back because of the quality of products and friendly atmosphere @ The Mint!

  704. WhiteBoyKush

    The Mint in Mesa is just amazing. Their flower is to die for. Their deals are awesome and so are the prices. I just love The Mint.

  705. SmokEloc13

    Always good quick fast easy

  706. Greg480

    No dab rigs and no sativa that fell under first patient deal. This is the first time I’ve wasted my time driving to a dispensary and left empty handed with a pocket full of cash…stock your shit

  707. wahoo

    This was the 27th dispensary in Arizona I have visited in the last 7 years and one of the 3 worst!! For one, it’s in a sketchy part of Mesa. Two, the parking lot is very tiny. Three, the waiting room is even smaller! Four, they have no bathroom! And five, all 3 strains of flower I got were all dried out and cracking. Don’t waste your time and money coming here!

  708. tropical420

    Friendly staff and great deals on Saturday

  709. 9ergirl


  710. LunarAffinity

    Great dispensary. Always have cool and good deals every day. The staff is very friendly and lively. Definitely a great place to get meds!

  711. BlakeB92

    This place is the best! Employees are always friendly and informative!

  712. tauraamor

    Best place in town! Deals are always good and service is always friendly!!

  713. LoriMertens

    The staff was knowledgeable and courteous the product was more than satisfactory and the prices were amazing.

  714. Joel818

    great dispensary awesome deals

  715. mebonebrake35

    I came in with a big order because my card is about to expire. Dj was amazing to me, patient, very kind gave, me a certificate to get my card renewed because I mentioned it. He got me everything I wanted and helped me pick it all out. Thank y’all so much!

  716. Rainkiro

    Yo, I have been coming here for about 6 months and let me tell you something. These guys, they are some of the most friendliest people I have interacted with. They are knowledgeable in the strains and what uses they can be used for as well as being able to recommend some of the best strains from personal experience. I would highly recommend this dispensary to anyone. It can get a bit busy at times especially on Friday and Saturday, mainly cause those are the days of some of the best deals. So yeah come here guys. Much love for these guys.

  717. Mysterw214

    Thanks mint for all that you have done. The meds are great. And the budtenders are very helpful. Thanks MINT.

  718. Josiah420112

    You would say this is the most cleanest dispensary ever !!

  719. rico_suavey23

    Mint got that kill kill love there flowers

  720. GreenQueen91

    Besides all the additives in the herb, I Loved the experience I had here!! First time patient experience was definitely one to remember thanks to Mint!

  721. volkkid719

    great buds, and great people.

  722. ttbell

    Waited 30-40 min 10 people that walked in after I did were in and out before I had even been called in.

  723. AntonetteO

    It was very comfortable. The workers were very helpful. I definitely recommend coming here. They also have very good incentives to come back.

  724. Rick_tompkins

    They misrepresented the THC levels. They put weed in sale that tests at 15% and they advertise it at 22%. Overpriced

  725. prodigy718

    Fast service

  726. Gordacat

    I loved it! The atmosphere was amazing the service was great! I was by Garrett who was perfect. He helped me with all my questions and sold me on the product! I will definitely be back soon

  727. megray23

    Great atmosphere and friendly staff

  728. caingregory

    Awesome meds great staff

  729. therealkd808

    Enjoy being able to talk about new strains and the quality of such . overall a good dispensary

  730. Lonny6972

    Fast service. Didn’t have to wait long, and they are able to hold my favorite til I’m able to get there

  731. Mommag62

    Had a great visit today to get my much needed meds. Saved almost $70!!! Thanks Emilio for all your help

  732. Dreyah

    I’ve been to Mint Mesa 4x. The 1st time was cool (I was a 1st time patient) the 2nd time was ok (the guy ended up being friendly by the end so I decided to write a good review) the 3rd time I waited in the lobby for a min. with the girl just sitting at the desk not even trying to help check me in and the other guy walked away so I left and the 4th time… What I like is that they had good flower (per usual), but I disliked the customer service and the lack of care. I also didn’t appreciate having to consistently remind her about my free pre-roll for my review and then “forgetting” to give me my review card back. When I visit some dispensaries, it seems like their happy to help and have a job. I don’t get that impression from Mint. That’s just my opinion…

  733. Nvabruzz777

    Love this place

  734. metalkitten20

    love it here

  735. morgandoss

    dope place to get the meds.

  736. tampicolord

    GREAT HOSPITALITY! Bri showed me nothing but kindness and genuine care! will always come back to this location

  737. Yungwoodzz

    Good people, the wait is just always long af

  738. KennethRay84

    Mint in Mesa is chill place and most employee are chill as well, I didn’t catch the guys name with elite hat on. But it always a great experience when he processes my order. I will definitely return.

  739. DeBest

    Fire dY”Y=

  740. happygirls

    bartenders great service great flower awesome, my favorite.. thanks..

  741. slow_jo

    love the dank here

  742. Ginar0se

    I love them then I leave them, but I’m always coming back for more, great people!

  743. Twoodbeard

    Very welcoming atmosphere. All the employees are very friendly and super helpful. Courtney helped me and she was wonderful.

  744. JesseDavila25

    Crazy good terp sauce !!

  745. Patric1214

    Place is Awesome and so are the people! Also, they have super dank buds as well as prices.

  746. Grapejelly93

    Love this dispensary! The deals are awesome and so is the staff. Definitely recommend coming here.

  747. Arieleneal

    The best dispensary in the valley! Every time I walk in everyone’s so nice and welcoming! 10/10 would recommend this place to a friend 🙂

  748. rain4bongwater

    Love this location

  749. coreym9093

    Love the flower here !

  750. amylorenzanaflowers

    Love love love this place great ftp deals and secret menu and the specials are amazing dY’OEdY1/2

  751. imabudflower

    The Mint Dispensary has quality budtenders, quality bud and excellent service. They are always helpful and give you the best deals when they can. Shelves are pretty stocked with all kinds of fun stuff. If you havent gone here, definitly give it a go. Thanks, The Mint – Mesa a$?i,

  752. gilberto420

    I enjoy the atmosphere. The budtenders are informative, good specials. easy to get to write off of the bus. and I do recommend 2 people

  753. RML18

    I’m headed over to Sky for a delicious deal on Vapes, cant wait

  754. Breannnaarae

    My go-to dispensary! Great flower, amazing budtenders, great deals, and you get points for your dolla. Can’t go wrong at The Mint in Mesa dYtmOEdY1/4aoe”

  755. Mik399

    Great a service amazing deals

  756. reviewmaster

    like someone else said in the reviews, their flower is bone dry and you can literally get better flower at green pharms, health for life or trubliss.

  757. Ciara19

    i had the pleasure of coming here for my first time. Kourtney took really good care of me and was super friendly and helpful. I left extremely satisfied with my overall experience will be coming back regularly. thank you guys !! dY~++dY’>

  758. ayargray

    this place is horrible. no bathroom but they make u wait. music is too loud. staff is a trip.

  759. Brando1120

    great place friendly staff an great selection!

  760. Sheldon217

    Amazing bud for great prices!

  761. daneel093

    i always come back to mint because the budtenders are so welcoming! great customer service

  762. kara6877

    It’s a great spot! Everyone is super friendly and knowledgeable!

  763. sassiG

    Everyone is so upbeat. Great music playing, very short wait time. Great selection & deals!

  764. Speace301

    Good service

  765. CrystalsByBey

    Great dispensary great service dY’dY3/4

  766. Guerabbyy

    Great staff friendly atmosphere!

  767. Dfannuh

    The Mint is seriously the best dY~S every time I go, everyone is super nice and really work to make each visit a good time and worth your money. Thanks for always going above and beyond guys!

  768. StizzyDavis

    Great place great staff the best flower and prices in az

  769. Dizzyliz

    I absolutely love the bud tenders at this dispensary! They are so pleasant and know me by name

  770. zack800

    my budtender Cynthia was amazing. this location is a fast easy location and definitely help you with getting the most for your money. I would definitely recommend this to people. every time I show up I feel welcome and that’s a big thing for me.

  771. tcmrichey

    A+ Great Experience

  772. Drkgrl

    loved this place so much! I drove 3 hours just to try them a$?i, well worth it

  773. Mjcupcake

    Great customer service and Knowledgeable staff

  774. MadMamaz

    stopped by at their new Mesa location. I must say.. it’s nice, clean n super friendly.

  775. bambiejake

    Every time I go to this dispensary I am so thrilled. When I leave I’m feeling happy wonderful and when I get home I’m blazed up. Thanks again you guys rock.

  776. Ripecannabis

    Friendly staff and good prices can’t beat that

  777. Crysta29

    I like this place bomb customer service

  778. MrsHouse16

    Great service & flower!!!

  779. tylee298

    Love this Dispensary. Great Budtenders. Love the Deals. dY’s

  780. Teapotz

    I lovdmed the mint so much I had to come check out both locations and I was not disappointed

  781. gmr29590

    It was a very friendly place.

  782. Racheal28

    is the best I’ve been too allways got good deals

  783. amberchavezaj

    Awesome people, good buds dY$?–

  784. Jay16200

    Has great staff and even better product!

  785. azlazyboy

    Bomb wax 08/21/2018

  786. OakLAndKush

    always the best deals

  787. 420mama1025

    Best bud around and friendly staff that are very knowledgeable

  788. lyghtning

    Great dispensary, great flower

  789. jedeacon27

    love the staff here!! this is my go to place for the best flower and prices. I consider myself a weed snob and The mint dispensary is always on point!!! dY~dY~

  790. shortsasha

    The employees are wonderful! they are so helpful and kind! that’s why this is my go to dispensary!

  791. rieberdeeber

    Never a bad experience when I go to The Mint in Mesa. Leafly order is the way to go to be the wait times.

  792. Renee6369

    love this place great service and bud tenders also great quality and deals

  793. mrdutchmaster

    Friendly/knowledgeable staff. The quality and variety of flower is great. Prices to accommodate any budget and they tend to have a lot of sales as well. The only time I had to really wait was when they had big sales going on so that’s expected. Other than that, I would definitely recommend to fellow patients.

  794. Queenbuttercup

    The staff was friendly! New patient deal includes something for edibles (for those that prefer not to smoke). They were under construction when I went and the place smelled (not in a good way). I stood in line for about 20 minutes before being assisted (shift change). Personally I would rather sit in a comfy waiting room than stand in line.

  795. archiesmith3

    Awesome staff very knowledgeable!

  796. CalvinGlasby78

    Happy New Year Mint Dispensary in Mesa Arizona. Best Customer Service hands down!!!!01/01/2019


    always great service budtenders know the product and are always able to help me stay im budget but still get some fire.

  798. C2cbullys5

    best spot in town

  799. Stina76

    great selections for all my medical needs. super cool chill staff. wonderful deals . sweet hookups and dont forget tshirt Saturday, wear a mint shirt and spin the wheel. definitely stop by.

  800. Scarver27

    I love this place. They are so helpful and nice here. I highly recommend coming here all the timedY~EUR

  801. torres6169

    Been coming here a couple of months now and I have to say its home. Staff is always at the top of their game, very friendly, knowledgeable and make you feel like you’ve been friends forever (social anxiety friendly). Top quality meds and great discounts constantly offered. Thank you Cynthia for your knowledge on CBD products. Aside from limited stock issues it goes with any and all dispensaries and all “Pharmacies” for that matter. The “Mint’s” product selection is vast. If they don’t have something you want or like ask them about maybe getting it in or help with finding a replacement all together. If you haven’t stopped by “STOP-by” you won’t regret it!

  802. Evildopey

    Great prices and selection

  803. rey00

    Great customer service ,nice deals.

  804. mastercheif480

    This is the place to be now that you can skip the line.

  805. alexahasapen

    Great location, always good quality product and knowledgeable bud tenders.

  806. brando92

    This is my favorite dispensary of all time great products and friendly staff who help out all the time

  807. Echolsd05

    Awesome customer service!

  808. Dsaldana0025

    Amazing staff !!!

  809. Bladerunner101

    Today’s been rough, waiting for next months disability payment, rain that caused an unexpected cost for repairs, and then Mint sends me a message, hey come on down for a. Free rainy day pre roll with add. THANJ YOU MINT, You saved the day! Great staff and location with wide selection!

  810. M.Ayo93

    this is one of the best dispensaries around with the best selections and a very knowledgeable staff I would recommend stopping by here

  811. shmarti

    Great atmosphere

  812. cdmacg

    Nice people and product

  813. Ccgodwin18

    amazing quality flower!check it out!

  814. Ericanavarro

    Absolutely love this place! The staff is super knowledgeable, the products are always top notch and the atmosphere is always poppin(just how I like it)!

  815. dominique.23

    These Budtenders LOVE their job!!! Great expertise. Helped me find the products and potency that is right for me.

  816. Johnny4204

    I like the service, especially being helped by Bri, she made me feel super welcomed, understood exactly what strand I was in the mood for, and definitely set in my mind that this location will always be my first choice.

  817. kingnewyork

    everybody coo the weed good and concentrate to and edibles

  818. n8daog

    Good meds good people

  819. Maripozyta

    great product. knowledgeable snd friendly staff.upbeat atmosphere. best deals

  820. Waterboyq

    Great bud, great environment and cool bud tenders.

  821. JurneeLane

    loved the staff, great deals, clean environment I will definitely go back

  822. Awise9095

    Great dispensary, wonderful staff, atmosphere is always on point. Definitely recommend to everyone.