The Superior Dispensary



211 S 57th Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85043


33.445771, -112.182609




11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 5:00 PM


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Superior Products for Superior Patients. Come visit us today!
ATM on site!
$55 1/2 OZ
$90 OZ Mix and Match strains!


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181 reviews for “The Superior Dispensary

  1. WaddupthoBud420

    Best on the south

  2. alzmah98

    Great place great people amazing meds

  3. leland77

    Best wax in az! Will recommend to everyone !!!

  4. Dinamartin

    amazing customer service great quality herb for the price would recommend to anybody love this place

  5. Brett_2018

    I love this place you really great atmosphere wonderful budtenders and the best front desk lady thank you Superior for all you do

  6. shes420

    Just visited for the first time today and got a couple diff concentrates and so far so good. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. $10 pre rolled thought was kinda pricy but have yet to try. a$?i,dY$?tm

  7. MrsJohnson01

    love this place

  8. BUCK_1961

    awesome place

  9. Brendaw2

    The superior dispensary
    Was amazing my first time
    They got some really good weed cool staff cool deals

  10. Alecesco1104

    good products but they really need to just keep these daily deals, dont be greedy and change out the buy 1 get one free. you guys had a good thing going with those

  11. Montanodanielle87

    the coustomer serivuce was great my first time would go again

  12. 123werty123

    Great service, quality flower

  13. youngkkiinngg

    Place is so awesome my favorite new spot the workers are awesome and it’s the closest to my house

  14. Chicana4

    great deals

  15. Anthonygutierrez25

    it’s great love it dY’ great product

  16. MattMo423

    popped up out of nowhere with really good deals. im gonna give a shot today dY~

  17. Bestestbud

    The tree is top notch the ppl are top notch I am becoming a regular

  18. LukeByrd

    Top notch service and support! Very nice store!

  19. cruzenation15

    Great people great deals

  20. Breena420

    love coming to this dispensary for flower as well as shatter. The staff are amazing and very nice

  21. jiinx07

    Very conveniently by freeway. Employees are always friendly & helpful. dY~S

  22. Cowboy_Haze

    I already had a good vibe when I walked in the door. As soon as i walked in everyone was lively and awesome, especially Stephanie the bud tender. She answered all my questions and I got everything I wanted and more, but I already know what I’m buying for my next visit.

  23. Kirajeebz

    I love coming here great stafff from front desk to bud tebder

  24. PBSmoker

    I really like what is being cooked up over here at Superior. What they currently have established is really nice and there is consideration to details and innovation when it comes to their product. Example: Bubble hash pressed into rosin=modern twist on an old school product.
    Also, I can’t testify to any other strain they offer except the Alien Rock Candy, but aEURoewowaEUR if the rest are of the same quality…aoeSdY1/4

  25. konnor37

    Amazing place ! AmaZing flower must have the best in the valley!

  26. candy007

    I prefer the flower over concentrates. In taste dY”Y=dY”Y=

  27. tazman2014

    This was my first there staff was really nice . got an eighth of train wreck , an eighth of jawa hush , also got an eighth of rainbow punch all pretty good strains . I took advantage of there 70 dollar deal for the first timers would definitely come back and recommend them to my friends

  28. Talbert

    Wow what a great place. Looks nice and new, great service and great medicine!

    I have anxiety and sleeping problems so I always smoke indica. I bought some of my the Granddaddy Purple. This was some of the best medicine I’ve ever tried I’ve had sleeping problems several days in a row no sleep finally went to sleep it was great thank you sir.

    Great Dispensary!!! Wonderful medicine!!!

  29. garyessam1

    Great place to go very friendly and helpful

  30. Arizona1985

    hands down the best customer service! can’t believe they gave me a $30 battery because the type of cartridges I bought didn’t work for mine I will be returning!!

  31. madrigal209

    best place ever. Customer service is the best!

  32. pxndx64

    Very friendly and helpful staff, with very good bud

  33. Hugsnkisses727

    I loved how I had 0 wait time and the $20.00 1/8ths. I showed up only to be told the prices were raised by $5.00 dY~(c) I drove the extra distance for the price.

  34. meilahn04

    ftp, they have some good. idk what the other dude talking about.

  35. EmpressLana

    Friendly staff.

  36. Erik_tokes

    Convenient and fast never wait and the prices are great the flower is good and I go every weekend the service is awesome

  37. RawKones

    Amazing meds great location!

  38. sissybme

    Outstanding another place as good as Trumed! Wahoo!! The GDP , monster cookies and dosidos was BOMB! Killer! Will be back your so much closer and thanks.

  39. Fatboii420.1

    They have great budtenders . not to mention the flower dY”Y= Straight Fire dY”Y=

  40. BrettBarrett27

    Superior is the best place to go hands down number one spot love it never once had a bad experience and I love all their budtenders are extra nice rock on you guys are the business of all businesses thank you for everything you do for us as patients here in Arizona much love #stay medicated

  41. Weedsmoke8282

    I recomend dark helmet if you love heavy indica. Really good price too. Ill be back again.

  42. Weedsmoke_1982

    Best flower in the area 4 shur

  43. AngieLoc

    I think its dope that it’s kinda hidden. I wouldve thought it was a warehouse. but it’s cool. i love going there. hella good prices. bomb trees. great people.

  44. Raheem400

    best place ever to shop at

  45. Whereisshe

    Worst service and extremely expensive for crappy products they do not stand by or let you return if you do not like it. At least The Reef stands by their products and accepts returns if you are not happy with any of their products! I would never recommend this place and will never return myself!

  46. LewisTheWise

    Great spot filled with awesome people that know their stuff! Their in house bakery is amazing I just need higher dosages 😉

  47. azblazin1232

    Superior has great meds at the best prices also great deals everyday staff is very helpful and friendlya~o

  48. RazAlGhul187

    Best place in town great staff always in and out and always low prices and great bud

  49. susiesmall

    Awesome. Super friendly staff and really great flower selection! They have really good hash too!

  50. deuce79

    Loved this place great prices

  51. 01galvan

    Love the edibles in this place love the bud tenders

  52. Stew602

    Superior dispensary has earned a spot in my rotation with some great buds I have picked up on more than one occasion on their $109 oz specials. I have made numerous phone calls to this dispensary and they have been super helpful and super knowledgeable about specific details I have wanted to know about strains they have. Covered parking on super hot days also!!

  53. rollin626

    It’s close by home great deals on products n good quality dY’dY’dY’

  54. profbudman

    Great staff and quality meds with tax included always worth a visit.

  55. liviloo9729

    Absolutely fantastic for my first time. The lady who helped me was a star employee. She was very knowledgeable, friendly and very upbeat. She made my day. plus I discovered a sativa I can handle . I’ll be back for sure.

  56. Bapho

    love it here one of the best since they opened

  57. CRoyalty238

    Good product. friendly service. Construction is killing business but I’ll be heading back again. Solid Dispensary

  58. ihatepeas

    Excellent dispensary. The staff was great and my bud tender was cool AF (side note: they accept debit/credit so I didn’t have any cash to tip with! bring cash for a tip! hopefully she doesn’t think I’m an asshole). Location is great: quiet, clean, great vibe. Will definitely re-visit – this time with cash!

  59. TheCannasseur444

    went back for another quarter of coma kush. good stuff smells cheesy tastes and smokes smooth and flavorful. I
    Would like to know the potency though. percentages would be nice

  60. 420Demon

    amazing dispensary, the nicest staff around. Great flower and all kinds of products to choose from. Thanks for being awesome

  61. fuckthepolice12

    flower is very good good deals hundred-dollar Oz

  62. ybeejealous

    glad theres a good store down the street from me

  63. Ceeisahgee

    Cool dispensary to come to . Pretty good deals on flower and the bud is good here . Usually quick service

  64. Jairoatayde01

    Best place to find buds & shatter never disappoints!

  65. CalmStormOfRiva

    I have visited this store a couple of times so far. The employees are very knowledgeable and nice. They don’t look down on you for just spending a little money and always give options and advice for what you choose.

  66. Teresab3377

    Awesome deals very friendly helpful staff

  67. conniepena83

    very helpful and friendly.

  68. Gvbrl07

    I walked in knowing what i wanted, i wanted 2 things. It took me 2 min to get what i wanted but literally took them 45 minutes just to fugure out how to give me my first time patient deal, so i could pay. I was the only person there, and my budtender seemed too high to function, zero star service.

  69. tatanrr

    Good atmosphere, knoledgable staff and great flower at good prices.

  70. sleepykampol

    The staff was awesome and the products were high quality I loved it for my FTP and I will be going back for sure

  71. Sellweed4u1965

    Beautiful Store Very User Friendly
    Amazing Flower their Pink Champagne Strain may have been the prettiest tastiest and most effective flower I’ve ever smoked ibn the 40 years of medicating! Great Selection Excellent Service and they carry a fill line up of Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock Products including the Moonrock Ice
    dY~a$? Superiora$?dY~

  72. ptub1115

    Second to none place has best product best prices and staff has always made me feel welcomed. If you haven’t you need to go check it out let them know Patrick Tubert sent you. dYtmOEdYtmOEdY’-dY’-dY’-dYtmdYtmdYtm

  73. Adroitsixx

    The vibe I got from the front desk was very welcoming. They have very competitive prices and the place very nice.

  74. Mtryans

    The best staff always make me feel like family. By far the best flower.

  75. Lightheaded17

    You need to try this dispensary, you will keep going back. All dispensaries have great tree, assortment, specials and what not. This dispensary has all of those things, as well. Yet, there is something special at this location. It is a small dispensary in comparasion of most, but no lack of inventory. Prices are amazing as well as quality, very consisitently. They have all of your popular edibles and they also have there own local, also amazing.

  76. LadyL420

    love it

  77. Angel4279166

    This Superior Place is awesome. This place is close to my home and are nice people. They always help me out on deals. With a written review you get a free preroll of green.a$?i,dY’EUR

  78. irishwisky

    great service and quality products

  79. tokinalldayeryday

    i always love coming here. great shop

  80. jimmy2mofo

    I hope my visit will be plenty for and happy

  81. Aaronj1900

    Nice location and nice customer service!

  82. AZHerbExpert

    The location is kind of odd. The service was ok except for the recommendation of Sour Diesel. It did not smell, look, or taste like legit Sour Diesel. It tastes, smell and looks like Jack Herer which i also got and didn’t like. All the strains I got including the GDP are very harsh on the throat and lungs…and have a sort of chemically taste half way through the bowl. Makes me wonder if they are spraying their plants with a pesticide or toxic anti mold agent like Myclobutanil. The “Sour Diesel” and Jack Herer were also way too dry, they just crumble to a powder when broken up. Please step up your game…there’s too much better competition in this industry for,sub par medicine.

  83. aaricacervantez

    The location is kinda hidden but the buds are the best. I don’t need to travel to Indian school for good flower

  84. sliverback73

    Been coming since I has my card there a really good reason it’s the flowers and deals people

  85. MrFigueroa91

    So I stopped by this nice gem of a dispensary today and I must say that I am IMPRESSED. Hats to everyone for the quality of your flower. The Jenny Kush is DELICIOUS and is a nice alternative for a headache. My Do-Di-Dos is set for tonight along with this Larry OG shatter. This shatter is nice and the terps smell ddddaaannk so I can’t wait.

  86. ehardy420

    awesome place and bud tenders see even better and more helpful. totally going back there again

  87. Vngz602

    Great flower

  88. mckinzie16

    They are called The Superior Dispensary for a reason. Accepts debit/credit, so helpful, affordable medicine, actual good medicine. LOVED IT AND WILL BE RETURNING!! Thank you Lou (probably spelt wrong) for the awesome experience!

  89. steezybudz420

    I loved their doe-si-doe smelled tank tasted bomb and fuuuucked meee up dY’1/2dY’1/2dY’1/2a~~i,dY

  90. tessi

    awesome hash special and first time deal. superior

  91. zeemask32

    Chad made my day today with his great vibe. SUPERIOR IS GREAT.

  92. Tezz.600

    Everytime I walk in it’s always a great time S/0 to Stephanie she’s amazing & she know her flower

  93. RICNIK

    I will follow this dispensary to the end of the world, you can’t find a better rub anywhere, I’ve tried them all! Very clean, staff is excellent & thee best grower out there! Keep up the great work! Their ounce deals leave your keif tray full and the strains are top notch! Have to travel at least an hour to any dispensary,but will go an extra hour for their products! Your a patient to them, not another push you thru with crap dispensary!Number 1 stop!!!

  94. jmecias12

    Quick with good product and nice employees!

  95. joshyoung

    Love this place and the Specials!!!

  96. 25yearvet

    Awesome prices, flower, people, and store. Their name says it all. Well done guys!

  97. Laurieg_420

    I’ve been extremely happy with the Bruce Banner dY$?(c) that Superior carries. The customer service is phenomenal and everyone is pleasant to deal with.

  98. 420710meds

    great shop with quality meds. always a great time when i go in.

  99. Annabanna

    I would like to give a big shout out to all the great budtenders..

  100. barajas1998

    Great place to get your meds & staff is friendly, quick to help you w/ your purchase

  101. Nando18

    Love the meds, staff is awesome, great quality flower

  102. KingNemesis129

    Great customer service & support very informative & helpful I got the perfect sativa thanx 2 my awesome budtender love this place it is superior in every way possible

  103. sligstata

    I thought the budtenders were amazing , Melissa was very helpful in helping me try out shatter that not only tasted fantastic but the pain relief made my day

  104. TonyRamirezzz

    good strains good concentrates I like coming here because it’s close to home and I would recommend a friend to come here

  105. genojohnson

    Superior is on point. I love the Ghost Train Haze. Close to the house too.

  106. Imsmyln

    I love the fantastic customer service. Stephanie, is so awesomedYOE, As is the rest of the staff. From the minute you walk through the door, you are greeted with happy, smiling people. And the happy vibes continue throughout your visit. The product is definitely high quality, even the “low shelf” flower and concentrate is of superior quality. They just moved down to Phoenix and aren’t fully stocked yet, and still they are more stocked than other dispensaries out there. I can’t wait for the official grand opening April 13-15. This is my new go-to dispensarydY~~

  107. Mmrose6


  108. Juanfrank

    great customer service and good prices. cant beat this atmosphere.

  109. Izzymactde

    Very discreet!

  110. Ohmnipotent

    Staff was very attentive and took the time to answer all my questions, great customer service.

  111. neicy480

    theses people are amazingly sweet, love coming here and they always have blue dreamdY~S

  112. Angel247

    Superior has some nice ass deals dY’PS ass meds great service can’t go here

  113. cheri12

    good selection. great lat out friendly staff. kitchen on site baking goods. helpfully advice

  114. Jenneric1

    1st let me say the staff is very helpful and well educated. Now to the other stuff,The construction around there would keep most people away, also like alot of other patients i think $45 for an 8th is too much. They had the overpriced 8th and the super cheap $18 8th that day. So i purchased 3 of the cheapies. All 3 were so dry the buds were crumbling in the package. if this is an indication of the flower here i wont be back. its too bad too because its a really nice dispensary.

  115. Leedsmith

    Just for being new, we need the competition

  116. Gmreyes915

    Love, love, love this placedY~. Staff was super friendly, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. It was an impeccable experience all the way around and I most definitely recommend this place for all your mmj needs. Between the flower, topicals and edibles, they have, you’re bound to find something you love.

  117. jaimack

    This was a great dispensary

  118. Tomaurie24

    gteat meds

  119. firedance420

    love this place. can’t wait for the grand opening.

  120. monstapuss

    So glad to have found you!! The Do-Si-Dos is fantastic!! A little dry (as you warned), but smokes like a dream!

    Thanks for a wonderful first visit. Drove 45 minutes for the oz special & would gladly do it again. Plz keep that amazing strain!

    I will most definitely return dY~S

  121. Mrich1

    Quick service and great options

  122. doobiedoobie

    great flower

  123. brooksjishua

    hard to find

  124. mdot14

    Superior Phoenix is most definitely A fitting names for this establishment great service top of the line products and the employees are very knowledgeable and polite and I also like they’re discreet location can’t say enough good things about this place would recommend anybody anytime anywhere

  125. blackancestry

    Heading to Superior Pix Dispo bc they reached out to me via text! Shout Out to the Budtenders. See y’all later.

  126. Kyleh1423

    Great customer service!

  127. Carlos0712

    Service and staff is really amazing will be coming back

  128. Rob13m

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TRYING THEIR aEURSUNSET SHERBERTaEUR strain wow. Gave me the perfect body high but not too slump and helped with sleep. That’s cool how they have aEURoestaff picked strainsaEUR on their menu too.

  129. Juanks

    Bomb trees at an affordable price dY~EUR

  130. Raskal602

    This is one of the nicest dispensaries I have visited so far.. The staff are very friendly & the product is swell!

  131. Dwill161

    They love their Vets Here!!!!!

  132. jjl602

    love this place first let me tell you about the employees they are great.the flower is so good I am always leaving with a smile. I what you set you to come down and see for yourself and you are going to like it here. anything you need they have it here. come over see you all soon

  133. Gonnagutya

    Best granddaddy purple I’ve had probably ever. The $109 ounces are so good I had to trade a friend the sativa I bought because it made my heart race. I’m very happy with this place I wish it was closer to my house in Gilbert. hahaha

  134. seahawks12s

    this is my go to spot for all my needs

  135. chamin623

    Superior great dispensary best meds

  136. Blackberry_2018

    The people are friendly and well knowledgeable

  137. indeee

    Nice place. Good first time patient deals and friendly budtenders

  138. GDPGuy

    Seats friendly and helpful

  139. Tracieking10

    very nice.. wish they had deli style otherwise great shop

  140. aadiaz2

    Stephanie was such a great help she’s so friendly and I enjoy coming in and chatting it up about all the great products you carry

  141. Bu2D

    Best meds hands down

  142. katherinedunnican43

    I love this place and the first time patient deals is worth the trip. Good that they so many rare and different strains. Tried the Jawa and K.K. had to tell my husband about Superior. Highly recommend for everyone to check out

  143. jodiemercado

    clean location, easy to find, good ounce prices.

  144. k1lauderdaleboy81

    I love this place good flower great customer service never long lines it always good specialist

  145. dabalot623

    I love this place. They have everything a patient needs. And the quality is top notch. Great deals. Definitely recommend

  146. trojanmane

    Love this place really nice setup great products very nice employees dY’OEdY’dY$?~dY$?tmaoeS

  147. Kristiem92

    The only thing I can say is the daily deals are false advertisement. It clearly states on Tuesday’s they have tier drop day but I went in and the top shelf price was no different then the everyday price. When you clearly state ALL TIERS will drop a level then make it so. People come In here expecting one thing and unfortunately get burned. Make sure to call and clarify the deals if that’s what you are shopping for. Over priced all the way around when it comes to flower. But the tinctures and CBD items are generously priced.

  148. jamesmercado

    great location

  149. tlagunas

    It is very great on price and product. This is the place to go for all your cannabis needs. Also they are very happy people.

  150. sp83springer

    I’m a regular at superior. The service is great! Prices are based fairly based on quality. Always a super friendly environment with knowledgeable staff.

  151. happygamer94

    Came here right after seeing Tommy Chong had a blast getting some lemon alien an GDP

  152. Dreddd

    really nice place to stop by and try out , the staff is really nice and they have good prices

  153. Argusta1011

    Best place hands down

  154. DabMasterDab

    Best Gorilla glue #4 I’ve tasted so far. Very terpy buds. Great flower. I definitely recommend the GG#4 & Sweet Diesel!

  155. Marisella101

    I love that they are very knowledgeable about all there products.
    Sincerely, Marisella

  156. BE14

    didn’t like it the service wasn’t good the flower was though except for the budtender he wasn’t he jacked me .5 grams pushed me into buying a short eighth which was opened already and shorted me on wax or bidder so no I don’t recommend anybody going there!dY~

  157. Skunkpunch420

    Great place love the atmosphere here

  158. DabbieDavisJr

    great staff gray meds great prices always a go to

  159. akolb91

    Amazing shatter and edibles. the budtenders are amazing as well.

  160. caitlynjcastle

    awesome dispensary!

  161. Reyesnisela

    This was an awesome grand opening!! Went with my husband we had a great time the people were very knowledgeable and friendly great flower prices and CBD Patches great price!! We will go back soon.

  162. Madmike420365

    love the people and the products not to mention the quality service will be in again

  163. MissCassie

    I like that you don’t have to pay cash and they give you the option to pay with a card.

  164. Chevyallday420

    nice fresh buds all the time and almost never any wait time. staff is amazing. have a great value deal also

  165. Blair94

    this place has the meds for you, if you want an ounce at an unbeatable price. Trust me, the other shops have halfs priced on special, for the same price as this places ounces. I look for this place when Im off work early.

  166. Motionless41

    The people are the best part about shopping here!!

  167. Johnsons4

    love this place

  168. Devincoolin

    Best dispensary in the valley ! Also $20 8ths!

  169. cityphx26

    great deals on flower. and the bud looks amazing

  170. 1greencrackhead

    I went on the first day of Superior’s GRAND OPENING, expecting but somehow missing, the rush! I was greeted and checked in quickly. Stephanie (who was 5 star all the way to the hug she gave me—making me feel like part of the fam-) showed me around a really nice display of flower samples. She helped me choose an 1/8 and a free gram of a different strain. We chatted through the transaction and like I said, she came shook my hand and then came around the counter and gave me a hug.
    She’s a keeper AND she knew her bud. I got Buco and Lemon Meringue.
    The only minus was the gram was kinda dry. The prices are VERY competitive and I’ll be returning for more…maybe some popcorn mugs next time…the quality looked dY’.
    Got check them out!!

  171. vasquezx5

    it was my first visit today and the staff was absolutely amazing the flower that I received is great and a steel for price I would definitely recommend anybody come here and I will definitely be back dY~S

  172. Jmoney602

    Great place with great service awesome meds!!

  173. AZ_Love15

    Bout half grams of Sunset Sherbet diamonds and sauce , gg#4 diamonds and sauce and sour diesel diamonds and sauce. The diesel had some nice diamonds in it but the other two had more sauce and lil diamond shards . However, everything tasted good and was medicating . I’d say they’re worth giving them a try

  174. Edog0504

    Best place to get buds

  175. matsun

    this place had some bomb strains. the customer service is excellent. they have good prices on their buds and alot of specials. i would highly recommend other patients to come here.

  176. wbrown711

    I absolutely appreciate the superior environment. The staff is always help in makr sure you find what you came looking for.

  177. h3ybrittany

    ftp deal is lame. Other dispensaries don’t MAKE you buy their brand only to recieve a ftp deal. y’all cheap af.

  178. TunedOutInAZ

    I drove 30min after taking an hour or so scanning deals of dispensaries in the area. This dispensary posted an aEURoeupdated menuaEUR this morning, however, when I got there an hour later none of what I wanted, that was on the online menu, was available.

    Their pre-rolls are pretty small, smaller than your pinky. They should be called pinners, not pre-rolls.

  179. das_jeww

    Love this place and their $109 oz specials!

  180. AmeirW

    Great service & amazing weed

  181. wsmp28smiley

    Jack Herrer is a very nice tasting flower body high is dY’OE come her staff are very nice and very informative come here and have a nice J

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