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$97oz Wednesdays!



10827 S 51st Street, Phoenix, AZ 85044


33.3484875, -111.9744219




9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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**We have a passion for Cannabis and Care!**
Welcome to Sky Dispensaries – Ahwatukee Medical Marijuana Dispensary Phoenix! We strive to provide the highest quality medical marijuana and deliver the best value in the state of Arizona. Try us out, and see the difference…we hope to become your favorite destination for education and purchase of medical cannabis products.

Visit one of the best AZ Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Phoenix serving East Phoenix including Ahwatukee, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Higley. Our dispensary is conveniently located on the Southwest Corner of Elliot and the Interstate 10 freeway.


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2,058 reviews for “Sky Dispensaries

  1. jusmill

    This is one of my favorite locations. Great bud and concentrates. They usually have a great deal going on as well.

  2. sbaker8936

    I absolutely love this place. I get a lot of wax from here and have yet to be
    disappointed. Not to mention their prices are fantastic. For the quality of medicine I recieve, I’m highly impressed! Would definitely reccomend this place to a friend 🙂

  3. bigmess

    great place def will be back

  4. 1BadKitty

    its not far from me

  5. jandre01

    Lovely service

  6. lmc2223

    My initial visit I had nothing to compare but after having experienced another dispensary I need to say again how fabulous and helpful the staff here at Sunflower are.

  7. boyflowers

    Most professional dispensary in Arizona. lovely people

  8. beth0603

    Been coming here regularly for a month and it’s been great… until today.

    Had a 20 minute wait and there
    now a $4 fee just to use your debit card.
    Disappointed to see this and not sure it will continue to be worth the long trip for me anymore.

  9. khalifa1984

    This location is great. Always great flowers and always great service shout out to one of the bud-tenders Corbin he’s a really nice guy

  10. Crig24

    One of my favorite shops in the valley. Always a great environment and very nice people.

  11. marco1218

    Great place, close to my girls work, good quick service

  12. ciaralee13

    Great people, super helpful! And a great variety! I’ll definitely be back!

  13. narawalz

    Stoked to come back… Awesome place

  14. TylerTysick

    awesome services.

  15. Nickborgarding

    This was the first dispensary I visited when i got my mmj card. Not knowing what to expect, i found everything pretty simple and I was excited about the selection. Edibles are fantastic as well.

  16. lojacobs

    If you enjoy concentrates you need to check out Sunflower meds before the New Year. Their various GSC concentrates have been amazing. Great consistency, flavor, and price! As always, thanks to Erica and Eric for being so cool and making me feel @ home every time I visit.

  17. jonnay5

    Nice location, knowledgeable staff,clean office
    will recommend

  18. Ashaynes

    Awesome place to get concentrate and friendly staff.

  19. Yeahitsdaniel

    Great location. The quality is great!

  20. nugsnotwar

    Thought the staff was great and ready to answer any questions.

  21. CannabisCannabis

    This dispensary will go down in AZ-history as one of the best. Thank you

  22. poppyjohn

    Good Strains,& Good Service

  23. paytonomb

    This is my go to place for meds! Great service, flower, and concentrates!

  24. cwaves

    I have been here a few times and I have always been remembered. Finally a dispensary close by too! I have never been disappointed by their products (I have had their flowers, concentrates, and edibles). I enjoy the tablets and overall setup of the place. Sunflower also has great deals like a free preroll when you pay with your card over 30 dollars! I will definitely keep coming back!

  25. FuntionallyElevated

    Very nice place. Service was awesome and their prices are the best in the valley. They have a lot of variety in concentrates as flower, and are always running specials. Very pleased to return

  26. dosorio77

    Love the specials here love Tuesday the most

  27. rcnorton420

    I like the use of technology they use for the strains. It feels like a more serious environment.

  28. meilahn04

    well N,D1/2I1N* I1N* D1/4y N*econd N,I1D1/4e coD1/4I1ng I1n N*I1nce N,D1/2ey O”I1rN*N, opened. I1 can N*ay yall D1/2ave cD1/2anged O”or N,D1/2e D2eN,N,er. RARE DANKNESS#8 I1N* N*o O”laD1/4e. D1/2ad D1/4e N*N,I…cA, lI1A,e I1n a zone. I1D1/4 dI1ggn N,D1/2e prI1ceN* now N,oo. N*o I1 deO” wI1ll D2e D2acA,.

  29. Joycephilipps

    great staff

  30. hippiehairdresser

    By far some of the friendliest staff members in any dispensary I’ve been to. Will definitely be back.

  31. spider2024

    amazing staff and they know what u need. best place with the amazing hours I love it

  32. chaotickreg

    This place is 5/5, never had any problems

  33. Ronniecottle32

    High quality product!
    Friendly staff!
    Great prices!
    10/10 would recommend and will be back!

  34. bstate

    Great spot! One of my top places in the valley. Love the product and the pricing.

  35. Kiwi-Monster

    Today I called to inquire of a products availability (as this location does not list the strains of the product I’m interested in, only lists “COMPANY NAME/PRODUCT TYPE”). The phone was answered discerningly by a young short-haired lady named Elaina, or however it may be spelled. Overall, my experience ASIDE from the conversation with Elaina the receptionist was standard. Elaina firstly had my repeat myself 3 times, secondly told me I need to look at the menu (which I stated that I did initially), thirdly proceeded to converse with someone nearby why I was supposedly placed on hold. After waiting a few minutes, a budtender came on and answered my questions immediately without making me sound like an idiot. It’s understandable to not try hard as a receptionist, ohh wait no it’s not. It’s a simple job if you put the effort forth, and this experience has deterred me from wanting to call again; which would be GREATand fine if the menu was updated properly. Love you guys, but your receptionist is SLACKIN dY’Z Elaina dY’Z

  36. Jaci

    Always a pleasure. Everyone is very nice and the meds are great! I’ve never been disappointed coming here.

  37. talloaks60

    My favorite spot in the valley! Very friendly staff and atmosphere. I come back as much as I can but Im rarely over there.. I could use another location or even delivery! 😀

  38. MJg111

    Entrance is sketchy if you are not expecting it. Bud Tender Ryan Z. was very helpful discussing product and how best to budget the purchase.

  39. mmjaz69

    Clean, Friendly, Fast. Great Prices! Would return for sure! 🙂

  40. Cjkane1

    Very Futuristic, Best Pre Roll Size and Price. Helpful Staff. One of the Best Dispensaries I’ve been to

  41. suzyphx2017

    The owner is a super cool guy ! Met him in the perking lot – he introduced me to Super sweet and patient Jeremy , the manager . He was awesome and talked to Layla too ! Way to go ! Will come again

  42. Jakeleonardi

    Legit place, very impressed with their setup. All products were top quality. Plus the staff was awesome, Corbin C was the man!!

  43. beckg

    front desk was so polite when I came in, I let her know I was there for my free preroll she apologized, let me know they were out and then made sure to tell my bartender who put a note on my file and let me know to come back Thursday. normally this would’ve slightly annoyed me but they were just so kind, happy and thoughtful about it all it didn’t bother me.

  44. vocal

    the best overall

  45. dazetaygang

    First time coming here and I loved it! The staff is super friendly and ready to help. The atmosphere was very welcoming and laid back, definitely got a good vibe when I walked through the door!

  46. thetaintfly

    Been a patient/customer of this specific dispensary for about 8 or 9 months now, after 4 years of trying different dispensaries, literally dozens of places, this is where my loyalty lies, anywhere else is a crapshoot, this place has the best flower, amazing quality, and incredible prices, wasn’t big on concentrates but this place is irresistible, great budtenders(David is the man), everyone is great, AJ, Amy, Brandon, Jeremy, Layla, just great people, always leave feeling like the joker with an ear to ear smile! 1 stop shop, keep up the incredible work and I’ll see y’all soon!!!

  47. Rachelhaley45

    I absolutely loved coming here, my first time here was just yesterday 12/31 and the gentleman helping me was so friendly and so helpful and made sure I had everything I needed!

  48. ritamcrider

    I like the new name. Good
    Meds, fair prices great people.

  49. rugerrudedawg

    used to be my go to spot i was on first name basis with all the workers and now they ruined it. they had good shatter for 45 a gram which is a good price. i told them it was good and id be back. i come back a week later and the same strain of shatter is 60!!!! they say sorry supply and demand. i understand economics and i also understand customer service and i will not be back. there is way too many dispys charging less lol the supply is higher than demand. STOP GOUGING CUSTOMERS ITS BAD BUSINESS

  50. reezo420

    First time patient all i can say is the customer service is wonderful. Flower is great and i loved the layout of the place .very informative

  51. Qhill3

    Great new name! goes with the cans they put their flower in. Wide range of flower as well as some of the best deals in the valley. Nice and quick service also. Definitely will be back

  52. buddha808

    Great quality and excellent value on everything from edibles to smokes.

  53. 3locked

    It alright

  54. ellen85048

    The location and hours are great. The staff members are friendly and knowledgeable. I have tried a variety of products with good results. The prices are very competitive. The daily deals are awesome.

  55. Barraza_Eng18

    great service and atmosphere. i really like the deals and the options on CBD products. i appreciate the 3 tables of flower for guest to check out. lots of information for each variety for the particular shopper like me. a usual spot for me for sure.

  56. hector34

    Dope place

  57. mariachero

    Awesome staff, good prices, and great selection! Will be back

  58. drew6214

    Just picked up a 1.5g pen d-_-b
    Im glad to have finally found a location who caters to my needs…to the point, professional, and great meds….David and Laura are a great deal of help (>’.’)7

  59. christianaaaa

    Be a real dispensary, and keep the bad reviews people write. It’s shitty you just delete them so nobody knows what you lack.

  60. smokeyou2012

    Great service I like the Hollywood og made me relax and feel super good! Love this place great deals

  61. ChiefinDine87

    A very nice place with decent meds..But They NEED to make sure that their prices reflect the online menu prices..looked up some crumble and saw that they were 20 a half gram but when I got there the price was 30 a half gram..Asked why and they said they just changed the price about 2 hrs ago..then asked to talk to manager which said they changed it before they opened.. But I just looked up the prices about and hour and half ago..manager didn’t just beware…..

  62. mrBENHIGH

    omg this place is great medicine is fantastic

  63. Aristona3494

    Good concentrate price and selection

  64. Kool1aid

    great preroll my guy I trusted you

  65. Kleaflady

    The downstairs area is well lit but that’s about it. It is on the bottom floor of a building that’s not lit at night. There are bars on the windows. I get it but i was a little nervous at first. Albeit, the inside had a large waiting room before you were called back and the staff was very helpful and friendly 🙂 very white wall dr office feel.

  66. mpower989

    Awesome place, great product

  67. Traviso

    I think this location was great. I would love to see banana kush flower in there someday.

  68. Jessicared420

    love this place. always good meds

  69. Pir8Jess


  70. jaygledhill

    great place love the staff…

  71. gettingmedicatedfosho

    The only thing I can complain about was prices for the poor man. They could offer a half eigth Or grams for a little cheaper. Quality was top shelf and flowers were cured right so smell and taste were on point I’d go back also because the service was so good. They were lucky enough to hear all about my bad luck and had me leave with a smile and a much needed rolling paper. Thanks for the help #dispensary love #Dr Phil love

  72. acraig83

    I prefer top shelf flower.. I have had the Maui waui /chocolope/ sugar cookie/ double mint from here. All have been top shelf just like described and with the $45 eight promo’s you can’t pass it up. Don’t forget to get a top shelf pre roll at almost half the cost of other local shops

  73. BlueDr3am80

    This is not my home dispensary but when I’m in the area I try to stop by. They were very professional but personable. Product is well priced and well laid out.

  74. HippieGoth

    This place renewed my faith in the cannabis industry. Enough said.

  75. 2jwilson2

    Very clean and the flowers were amazing!

  76. Ebeezy84

    absolutely love this place…convenient location…great donation suggestions…amazing meds….feels good to have a place nearby to get amazing meds and and even better service and assistance…THANK YOU FOR BEING is beyond appreciated. 😀

  77. Lozano1

    very weak weekly special…

  78. XtinaRusso2

    Love this place and will keep coming back. One of the best dispensaries in Phoenix

  79. savannahsue

    sweet 🙂

  80. CassieMSteinhoff

    Sunflower meds is my favorite dispensary! They have a great selection and the staff is always very friendly and knowledgeable. I also love that they stay open till 7 at night! I recommend Sunflower to everyone!

  81. 1uc4s

    my budtender was very helpful and patient as i stocked up on lots of edibles, it being my first time buying them/trying them. there is such a huge selection, which is why i chose sunflower for edibles.

    flower is also good quality, and they carry some seriously fire strains

  82. Zangief17

    I love the variety of strains, deep sleep and stink bomb were fire! They were cool and hooked me up after my bday with a gram, will return for sure

  83. racheleah

    Staff is always super helpful!

  84. Brometheus7

    So far I’ve only been here for the wax but both the KIND and house shatters have been bomb. It’s a bit out of my way so I haven’t made too many trips for bud, but one of their prerolls almost put me and 2 friends down for the count. Great place and I’ll be back

  85. brodster

    Convenient location with variety of high quality meds to suit any patient.

  86. a4l2a0n

    this place is by far one of the best here in az! top shelf flowers for a great price! that Bay cut tho dY”Y=dY”Y= if I could this place would be a 10

  87. bigsexy420

    Really can’t seem to find out why 98% of the people on here have written a review like they just picked up the best flipping flower of their lives!?!?! Maybe for the pre roll?? Oh whoop dee doo, those suck too!

    Sorry to kill everyone’s buzz but the buds here are not top quality or anywhere near it. I pass this dispensary everytime I go to pick up my meds and I will personally continue to do so unless I see otherwise. Some results reading 22%, 23%, and I think I even saw 27%….no way in hell were those legit stats cause the bud did not even smell or smoke no where near of what those kind of results would yield. I am not specifically bashing this dispensary cause the set up here is beautiful and the bud tenders are awesome (which would keep me coming back just on that alone) but it just seemed a little fishy on here that majority of folks reviews on here is are like they just medicated with a bud straight from Bob Marleys stash!! Just when I thought the good ol people of AZ knew “bomb” Medical Marijuana but seems I was a tad bit off, ooops sorry.

    Still nothing but peace and love for everyone on here and the people that work at Sunflower but I personally won’t be giving my hard earned cash to this place until I see some changes….

  88. GG585

    Sunflower is hands down the best dispensary in Phoenix. The price and quality is far superior than any others…and I’ve shopped around!

  89. david92

    Best prices on concentrates right now

  90. asapsocal0824

    amazing atmosphere upbeat n friendly staff

  91. gavinnnp

    high quality

  92. misledu2

    always good prices and updated online menu

  93. Guitarmanweeps5550

    Best waiting experience with a Television for weather and news, and others for products to look at while you wait. Very Nice people, and always help find exactly what I need.

  94. Adoadejr6

    my experience was great! they did a phenomenal job of informing me about the product and were super fast.

  95. raemonte_

    Loved it. Went back right away and the bud tender that helped me was great she knew exactly what she was talking about. Lead me to one of the best strains I’ve ever had. My go to dispensary for sure !

  96. pandabass

    really nice staff and an awesome selection. was my first time purchasing with my card and they were very helpful and gave me a full
    information packet. definitely will be going back

  97. ljensen23

    Tru Med has the best quality of concentrate hands down. The tastiest! the flower has always been quality as well. The service is fast unless its friday or a holiday. But you can tell they pride themselves on the quality. This is why I go back to them,even though the prices can be a bit steep. its worth it.

  98. doyler1ra

    its funny that the only bad reviews are from people who go around looking for a hand out and probably have to be baby stepped through info on strains they already know about. i can CLEARLY tell the difference between every strain here. great prices that match quality of the flower. great edibles that range in price from a few bucks to the average. cheaper than other dispensaries in the area. great staff, great location. the set up with the tablets that gives a real basic run down of each strain is fantastic honestly. lets you go at your own pace. you get the info you want and none of the bs info they use at other dispensaries to try and sound like they know what theyre doing. also no one here will ever make you feel uncomfortable about anything, ever. ive narrowed down the places i go to from most of them in the city to 3, and this place made the list so, check em out.

  99. Mattypockets

    Friendly staff, good product and never a long wait….. If you like fair prices and medicine that works this is the place for you.

  100. cliffaj

    Time after time I go to sunflower and am never disappointed ! These guys have amazing customer service , amazing product and the shop is beautiful thank you sunflower for setting the standard .

  101. Bcirey

    I love this place! I pop in here randomly and always leave with a smile. Good vibes and good meds.

  102. 5amtuesday

    This place is my favourite dispensary. The customer service here is absolutely fantastic. thanks for being awesome.

  103. skrdz24

    great price and great people. really
    makes you feel welcome!

  104. amandarama

    Awesome place!

  105. FlyBoy309

    stopped in as a first time customer this week. picked up a few pre-rolls, 2 cans of bud, and some shatter. Pre-rolls were great, and the shatter was awesome with a great terp profile. cans were disappointing though. the bud was as dry as it was lacking in flavor. might have gotten a bad batch, but would not spend 45 for an 1/8th on it. cool concept though. weird vibe from the staff.

  106. Tarzanjunglehomegmailcom

    Great meds great staff always helpful always great deals . Great location .. very satisfying

  107. MidWestSamurai

    I found the staff to be fairly knowledgeable and helpful, but lacking a few answers to some of my more specific questions. Products looked, smelled great, and were presented well. A nice clean atmosphere, after I found the door. This just may be my new spot.

  108. BrittaanyWest

    I love this dispensary! The staff is always so enlightening,friendly,and helpful with any tips they can give! And the bud is undeniably always great quality!

  109. darylo

    love this location and employees
    not happy with price change
    quality isnt any better
    and miss timeless concentrate now that house cost more
    not a fan of trim

  110. vbrinks6

    NIce staff who are down to earth and helpful with any questions. Great prices as well.

  111. Peno

    Love all the bud tenders here, good suggestions every time, hate the office hours

  112. Varonica27

    Great service !!

  113. alex.harrow1

    fantastic place for meds great atmosphere great quality medication. my go to place as always.

  114. dimples602

    Best dispensary ever. They were my first to go to been at a few others but I’m making Sunflower my home. Very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, and just a great atmosphere. I love this place they make me feel so comfortable and confident every time.

  115. unicow

    I honestly wouldn’t want to get my meds anywhere else the staff here makes me feel accepted and comfortable. love this place

  116. Bromar

    Yesterday I bought 2 of the Yilo Cheesecakes 30mg ate both at the same time and 45 min into it I could really feel the euphoria I was looking for.

  117. D8nkufu

    Pretty good deal…I can go somewhere else a little further away and get the same weed for cheaper, just weed I guess. It’s more they have house made product… Ask for it if you care about having reliance on well grown and smokable product. This company has a rec look with medical presence on product. Great selection of medibles. 150mg = 150mg haha no fooling

  118. Lulu0902

    Its a great place a lot of knowledge from the staff

  119. qbertaddict

    best meds in town. very nice staff. helpful and well imformed

  120. migiesmallz

    My favorite place

  121. snicklefritz42

    Great quality meds, and best concentrates in town. Highly recommend Sunflower!

  122. Yungwoodzz

    Good strains

  123. Catherine2bergeron

    I love sunflower meds it is the best dispensary around they have the best bud tenders and the best products everyone knows me by name when I go in and the budtenders are very knowledgeable on what they have if this dispensary is open I will not go to another one

  124. Reynaldo1197

    I love this location they always help me find what I’m looking for and provide great service every time.

  125. sunnee

    freshest bud in phx! i love this place!!

  126. jbcphx63

    Close to work, reasonable prices, the staff was VERY helpful with all my newbie questions. Thank You Tara!

  127. tellmeonce13

    Great customer service and awesome prices. Yesterday was my first visit. Great quality!

  128. domjoz

    Always great service and happy people. Very helpful

  129. brbrandon

    Love their flower

  130. jbtimmre

    I come here often and the product is always fire. I love coming here and the staff is super helpful and friendly.

  131. D8ankU

    Had rare darkness #6 stink bomb #3 these are amazing strains never seen anything like this around… Not your typical. Ask for house mades…if you know your stuff. But also enjoyed the service i don’t live in the area. Will come back for sure.

  132. jenjens1

    I was very happy with my 1st visit. They were very willing to help with any questions I had. This is the 1st place I have found the espresso and blueberry chocolates. The set up with the tablets and all the info on them was very helpful. Thank you for your help!

  133. KingsKrush

    Just want to give a shout out to Sky Ahwatukee for no waiting lines and excellent service given by different people literally every time. For instance, Ryan’s cool vibe had me returning way before I needed to LOL! Recently, I met a young lady who’s name skipps my mind but, she blew me away with her knowledge on the manufacturing of cartridges and introduced me to Select Elites, the only cart I buy now. I was in Sky today looking for something I thought I wanted and Carson(hopefully I didn’t butcher that),found exactly what I needed–AC/DC–Thank you!
    I highly recommend checking out that patented nitrogen packaging and 18% CBD packed flower AC/DC to anyone who has severe pain or needs to add an anti-paranoia to their stash! I appreciate they carry classic strains too, like Kimbo Kush! Also, I’m a big fan of how quiet and discrete this location is being that it’s not in a strip mall and worrying about who’s car is parking next door. derp.

  134. Revolting_ooze666.

    absolutely love this place great atmosphere Stafford super nice and they help you with all your needs would recommend to a friend.

  135. awv

    Everyone is always so kind & smiling. The display tables are very user friendly, with all the medical information rite there. There is an amazing variety, & the snacks are so sweet. My favorite of all, they have WEED TEA! Goes very well with kombucha, & I’ve never felt better.

  136. 2Baked4real

    Prices keep going up. Don’t care about their customers just a profit. It’s a shame this place was a go to. I will not be returning.

  137. coltenkramer1995

    Great help. Only bad thing was it was hard to find. Friendly clean and will be back

  138. Jesseflores13

    way to think of us thanks for extending the special!

  139. Tr61

    Very knowledgeable, Vapor very good

  140. lowlevelowl

    Great location and staff, very knowledgeable and friendly. Some of the best concentrate and edible prices in town, two thumbs way up!

  141. lmpeter3

    No tax makes it easy. A good balance of quality and affordability.

  142. amylorenzanaflowers

    I enjoy coming here I always get the best product and great customer service dY$?~dY1/4

  143. trayo


  144. admiralbaka

    Wonderful staff, and great product.

  145. PaulCezanne

    Sunflower is a nice relaxed dispensary with friendly staff and a large stock of good green at great prices. I also got to take home a bunch of cool information about options for my cannabis use.

  146. Cv1421

    The bomb flower!

  147. Mmullen68

    Just go here you wont be disappointed.

    Flower is solid, concentrates rock & tax is included. I always walk out having spent a little less money than what i thought the bill would be. Sucks at other shops when they ring you up and you pay $20+ over product price because of state and city taxes. Sunflower kicks ass.

  148. ganjaexpert

    Recent name change, but still the same overpriced dispensary. I still won’t be spending a dime of my money here. They sell weed in a can that you cannot see at all.
    Shady Shady Place especially with the recent name/ownership change. I recommend staying away!

  149. splifferzz

    These guys rock !

  150. Yourmom85045

    Great people and products. Best in the valley!

  151. Shinobix

    They always have the office playing. This is the best place because of this… and of course the products are great too 😛

  152. cass143

    this is the BEST place for medication in my opinion, and the best customer service ever! dY~dY~dY~dY~dY~dY~dY~dY~

  153. spyoptic10

    Top quality for sure!!! I had some of there candyland and it was off the chain!!

  154. ekimkush

    OK location with an OK selection variety. The woman’s attitude at the counter almost made me turn around and walk out. It seemed like I was a big burden to her. Once I went inside however, David was very helpful. Despite there not being a huge selection, their selection was adequate. They seemed to have a hard time understanding that I was there for the actual medicinal benefits and not looking to just get blasted but David was awesome at helping and recommended a perfect flower for my chronic and severe pain. They did have some good discounts for new customers and quantity purchases.

  155. sickvegleafly

    5 stars all the way around from me!

  156. Garygarcia66

    Love this place. Best place to go

  157. DTP

    Nice meds with a really nice setup. I dig the tablets with info about all strains. Helpful knowledgeable staff.

  158. ChiefMacc710

    Love it! Like the education that have and they’re quick with every question I heave to ask

  159. Kevin_B

    Love it here! Close to home and always great staff and strains!

  160. Quishox22

    I came in for the first time and they were very friendly and helpful. They have great daily deals. Quickly becoming my favorite place

  161. SUNNY75

    great selection awesome bud tenders shout out to Corbin going the extra mile thank you

  162. Axyz

    Loved the excellent customer service!

  163. maclop88

    Came in for my BOGO 1 gram concentrate and got 4 different strains in half grams.
    One was just too harsh I couldn’t even forcefully hold it in, I was choking too much
    nothing really stands out or keeps me coming back

  164. OnthatCloud9

    Great Service, Everybody was friendly, my free gram of GDP was on point! Loved the concentrates as well

  165. ceceliaalopez

    the staff is always friendly and very knowledgeable!

  166. corydaniel88

    Service was GREAT & the prices even better. I’m extremely picky when it comes to flower and for the price they can’t be beat. I walked out of there with an eighth, one gram, one pre roll, two hemp wicks, raw papers and tips for $37.

  167. devilmike

    kick ass crew. always super helpful.

  168. Kevinkj777

    great place nice staff incredible meds I recognize

  169. skeksis420

    Really dig this place. First went to the location in Mesa and saw that this one was real close. Would recommend both, they have some of the best flower in town.

  170. loverofallmuzix

    Amazing staff Amazing Flower…What more can you ask for?

  171. Babygrlkel

    I like that this location is more low key than in Mesa. Great people at all locations and always willing to help you with your cause!

  172. Bluedream89

    Always friendly staff and always best Meds … Always here every day

  173. angelwithhornsab

    I love all the people here at the mesa location they are amazing. the location is great, also they always have great deals. just wanted to give a shout out to the mesa location you guys are all wonderful and thank you for all you do.

  174. algal

    This place sucks to many great shops out there. There meds are way overpriced compared to other shops.

  175. kaiseyroe

    Helpful staff, great product, clean location.

  176. ginab2323

    Worked with Tara. So welcoming and knowledgable about all the products. The whole staff was very professional and efficient.

  177. Poppop

    The staff was very helpful. I was in severe pain in my back and the staff was very quick to offer me a place to sit while they filled my order. Thx

  178. bleSSed007

    good meds for all consumption options, including good cbd ointment 🙂

  179. NaNa326

    Great selection. Treated me well, not pushy but not very informative. I’ll be back when I’m in need, for sure.

  180. Refeermadness

    Really nice products really nice people I left my wallet one time in there and they actually came outside and gave it to me if you’re a new patient this is the best place to come five out of five would come back

  181. Mlynn1981

    Awesome and very knowledgeable!

  182. pakaleo92

    This was the first dispensary I’ve visited and it is the best! staff is like family. My only problem is I don’t work there! 🙂

  183. 48nannie1965

    near my home

  184. sandog1313

    Aj is the best. any questions about dabs or wax he’s a man

  185. narutohigh

    great place friendly staff

  186. chito1333

    i believe i found my new spot people where great the meds are top notch and the price thats what i like from them tax included all im saying aoe” this place out dY’

  187. jrpetro

    This is the main place I go because of the impact the customer service mixed with availability and price. Really can’t go wrong.

  188. hikarurar

    I have gotten the best quality flower here for the best price! Everyone in there greets me by name every time, this is by far my favourite dispensary.

  189. Wahiawa5

    Best green in the valley!

  190. greenthumbs01

    Good service, fresh buds. Went in for my first time and they were really nice, sign up was fast and easy. They have a good variety to choose from, and even though the leafly app on my phone wouldn’t let me save my review to get the free pre-roll, they were still really nice and gave me the pre-roll anyways. Thanks!!

  191. cclarkm

    Quality meds at affordable prices. Convenient location and super friendly staff.

  192. Saintcloud420

    First time, very welcoming.
    excellent layout, and the selection is pretty good also.

  193. Coffeeshep

    This Sky dispensary location is hands down, one of the best dispensary locations in the area. They always have swinging deals and the staff here really go above and beyond to assist you. Amy, the budtender that assisted me during my last visit was a delight. Very professional, very informative, extremely helpful. A+++ (Their reward system is being worked on – currently non-functioning)

  194. Ochoajr1

    I love these people. Super helpful and well informed. Easy going, very friendly bunch of humans. They have always mentioned any deals that they have for the day or that they’ll have soon, so they really want to hook you up with as much cannabis as they can with your budget. No budget? No problem. They’ll help you choose some of their highest quality products. Can’t go wrong with stopping by and experiencing it for yourself. Enjoy.

  195. Rivers2016

    Nice people, good deals!

  196. whoknowswhat

    havent come in awhile but always quick

  197. brody6

    The staff is very knowledgeable about strains & it’s effects. The quality is good too.

  198. sololuv7

    This is my go to dispensary because I am never disappointed. The budtenders are so kind and knowledgeable. Thanks Sky

  199. bottman1801

    great prices and medication. Joe Bottjer

  200. mylesgastelum92

    Great flower selection and awesome customer service! Definitely will be coming back!

  201. kali_slim

    This is my second favorite dispensery in az the help is great the atmosphere is layed back but official and the speed of service is pretty good. Im normally in and out in 10 or 15 min tops. My only bad comment is that the pre rolls are always full of sticks.. Smh very tacky.

  202. mrortiz123

    great meds. great staff, I enjoy the concentrates, great selection

  203. joehoude

    Consistant quality at a realistic price. Thank you !!!

  204. mebersole27

    Getting better by the day and Jeremy and his employees are top notch!!

  205. jakeshipp

    great experience and great bud, very patient

  206. philosoraptor88

    Ordered product online, unavailable for pick up, they waited until I showed up to tell me it was unavailable, not cool bruh

  207. blacksmoke0420

    sunflower med has a good customer service there and they have one of my favorite Dr.Quinn

  208. Themobjedi

    I’m Ricky bobby if you don’t come here then fuck you

  209. Flataffectgirl

    I’ve been here multiple times recently due to the December grand opening specials. The facility is clean, the people are knowledgeable and the meds are high quality. I’ve tried numerous concentrates and all have exceeded my expectations. Thanks Sunflower!

  210. rbaker93

    Great atmosphere! Excellent with their customer service! I will definitely be returning!

  211. CooperW

    This is my favorite place to go! Their meds are some of the best around with wonderful prices and with the informational tablets it makes it so you can get exactly what you are looking for. The patient service there is really good as well! They are very helpful and made the experience a great one! And I would highly recommend the Mother’s Helper if you get the chance. It has a great smell and look with a smooth tasteful hit and it is very strong. It’s the perfect hybrid in my opinion.

  212. Sleepyjane

    Chocolope is where its at! Thanks Sunflower Meds for quality meds and great customer service!! I look forward to seeing all your friendly faces after I get out of work 🙂

  213. brbagirl22

    If you’re in the Phoenix or awaktukee area definitely a location to check out! Great selection, clean, great prices & great customer service!

  214. chris.fla.21

    The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the flowers are wonderful. Eric was especially helpful answering all my questions. I will return again. Keep up the good work.

  215. Ambers1

    Anothony is very hospitable as well as every other staff. Super personable & Always Great Deals. Love Sky – Always Good Fresh Flower & Customer Service

  216. AgentAK

    First time customer yesterday and was very impressed by the friendly staff and the products offered. Will be a repeat customer! Recommended!

  217. jjbel184

    Been coming here from its opening when it was sunflower, now that its sky I’ve noticed there getting people back way faster and my budtender Corbin was AWESOME ! friendly , super knowledgeable , looking forward to my next recommendation from him!

  218. wajefferson87

    Love this place! Quick service with knowledgeable assistance if needed

  219. xPTxHippie

    This was an excellent location. I was a first time patient it was very professional.

  220. MedGuy5

    Quick service and friendly staff.

  221. Jovannick1

    awesome and friendly staff. very knowledgeable and approachable. made my first visit enjoyable and answered all my questions. also provided me educational material. thanks Sunflower Meds Team.

  222. ganjagrl

    Liked the tablets set up with info about each strain.

  223. fahqslip

    a new favorite spot

  224. melissa1

    I always go to sunflower meds. great bud and service I would recommend of you haven’t been

  225. BLDonahue

    Great location. Nice layout of inventory. They let you shop, take your time, and ask questions. Corbin is especially helpful.

  226. eliclark159

    It’s a great place they just have some terrible communication on things that change (they change here regularly). I came in and replaced a cartridge two separate times and they were great. Overall it’s a good place

  227. Vossbottles

    Been in here a couple times now and I love it. They’re reserve bud is unbeatable and they often have great sales. Best part about this place is the iPads that they have giving you info about each strain. You can make a very informed decision about which strain is best for you, other dispensaries should follow this!


    Chandler was helpful

  229. cjones4875

    Love going to sky, quality counts here!

  230. Gonzales84

    Everyone was very knowledgeable! Fast service! Great products!! Will come back!

  231. Bpz1

    Sky dispensary Ahwatukee is the best!

  232. GiZat420

    I love this place. It is my favorite dispensary. The staff is all amazing.
    Rare Darkness #8 is my absolute favorite strain at the moment. They have an awesome special right now: $25 grams of select concentrates. I just picked up the Rare x Akorn and imbibed…The taste is superb. So terpy and flavorful.

  233. LoudMouf

    First time here. The selection here today was OK. not much flowers available. Set up was nice and clean. Was impressed with the pg13 tho it didn’t look that great. taste was decent buzz was light. Also tried Hindu Lady. Not a good choice. Buds were dry. Taste was harsh. Buzz was not good. Also tried head trip and shark shock. Ehh it was so/so. Great customer service. Will return for other products. And if the flowers improve, I’ll try again. Till then Herbal wellness has the best flowers to medicate with for the price.

  234. Modellaurelrae

    This is a great place with such friendly staff who held the door for me as I walked in. They have the menu displayed in the lobby so you get to see what is available. They also have a tv, water and reading materials in the lobby while you wait!

  235. ecqqqq

    The atmosphere is always so inviting here. Kay was one of the staff members who assisted me. Extremely nice and friendly. I would recommend this place to anyone; first time patient or otherwise.

  236. mark.vonhagen

    very friendly and helpful staff, not too much document control, convenient location and parking, no complaints, and good specials

  237. hails42

    This dispensary is top notch! the atmosphere is great as well! I’ve been coming here since they opened!

  238. rachaz

    This is by far my favorite dispensary in the Tempe/Ahwatukee area! Every person on their staff is very friendly and they always have incredible deals!

  239. Divegodive1

    It’s super bomb, definitely coming back!

  240. doyler1

    Set up in a way to cater to the customers needs, whether they would like a one on one experience with staff or would like to read lab results and descriptions off of tablets. Staff always has spot on recomendations and make you feel comfortable. Overall it has a no rush type atmosphere unlike competitors.

  241. Kanehbosir

    That lemon Thai kush is disgusting.

    Tell your growers to stop using that garbage citrus smell additive, it completely ruined the candy taste of this strain. Take it from someone who vaporizers medicinally, not lights plants on fire for fun; that citrus bloom additive is poison. Dry your meds right instead. Water tanks to control humidity. Air prune, score stalks, cut water, begin drying before chop to save days for slow dry. Come on Az get your shit together! Some of your other stuff is decent until you notice the oz price.. No one is smoking just an 8th. Why bother coming back if you find something you like? 360 for az mids?

  242. Adrimartz3

    They are awesome here and the menu is always poppin! Ryan is super cool and has the best recommendations!

  243. BHO_friendly

    Good selection of shatter.

  244. stinkyprincess

    very knowledgeable staff and wonderful selections.

  245. Gee013

    Awwww yea, Sunflower….

    These folks are super nice, great location (first time can be kinda tricky, its the little side road next to the Circle K) and the quality is definitely there. Also, a nice variety of CBD strains for patients that prefer them, and some nice looking concentrates as well.

    and for me, best off they are 5 minutes from the house. Score.

  246. asandell

    Great location and good deals. dY’dY1/4

  247. qhavercamp13

    I love how friendly everyone is here. I never feel uncomfortable making a selection.

  248. Ghost0912

    One again sky Dispencery for the win. The store is always clean. They get you in the back pretty fast. All the employees have product knowledge. ANOTHER BIG THING FOR ME IS THE STAFF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS DOWN RIGHT AMAZING. GREAT FLOWER for the price also. Khadijah was awesome. She sets the standard for Customer service and product knowledge

  249. parks247

    New ownership is make a great place even better. The wonderful staff and location makes this our go to place

  250. Kevinparra12

    Always love the price and quality of this dispensary

  251. tpatron

    Great meds always, would highly recommend

  252. Mrascon17

    this place is super friendly flower taste great will be going back

  253. Azcraig

    Beautiful store with tons of selections. Knowledgeable staff and the freshest bud I’ve seen

  254. jonnyhop

    People are cool, prices are fair, and they have quality products

  255. jonnyq34

    after visits to various spots across the valley this is my go to…great deals on flower and BEST deals on concentrates…selection is constantly changing…

  256. Daltimation

    They get you in really quick and are all very knowledgeable

  257. greenwolf420

    Top notch quality. I would go to this dispensary over harvest. And I really good extract selection!

  258. Gregorious810

    Was disappointed to find out they give ZERO incentive for first time patients, not even 10% off. What they do, is give you a leafly card to encourage you to give them a good review (hence all the 5 star reviews) and in return give you a pre-roll on your SECOND visit. I wasn’t even given a military discount for being a veteran, guess they don’t do that either. They pretty much gave me no incentive to return, so I won’t. The ONE and I mean the ONLY sativa strain they had was decent but nothing to crave about, and I was only allowed to buy a gram for 20$! In total they had 3 CBD strains, 3 indica hybrid strains and only one Sativa. Slim pickins for someone who loves flower. If a dispensary Carries more concentrates than flower that means they are strictly in it for the money and not the patient. Keeping a well balanced and stocked dispensary is imperative for patients who need their medicine. Skip the drive if you don’t live close to this one

  259. clove2

    very educational, awesome customer service, great prices! I would definitely recommend going here!!

  260. gangsta

    I usually go to the Mesa location but was on this side of town been here one other time and the staff was very friendly and helpful.

  261. Blaze_One

    Good service good medicine one do the best in the valley

  262. juanm11

    This place has some real heavy hitters for good prices with a whole great staff to help you out with any needs! 11/10

  263. tsikesaz1

    Excellent service. This location takes the time to make sure patients understand every part of the experience.

  264. Callie2016

    Best service, friendly , educated in all their products which BTW are great. Their flower is always great and you get a free pre-roll with a 30$ debit sale!Love the clear vape and this place has it at the lowest prices!

  265. Weedking480

    This place is the best! I’ve been coming for a few months and I’m never disappointed with the quality. Excellent!

  266. nish83

    Best dispensary in AZ!!! Always have deals and great dank!!

  267. AZCubsfan

    The staff is amazing – prices on cartridges are as good as you can find!

  268. Natjoy

    My mother and I came to this location for the first time today. The staff was amazing! Corbin helped us and was so sweet and very knowledgeable. I live in Mesa and my mom is in Queen Creek and we both said that we would go back to this location.

  269. stonernolan83

    Tara was very nice and very helpful, and the meds at sunflower were very good.

  270. RandyH1960

    Love this place
    Nice prices on cartridges

  271. Ognycbrooklyn

    I don’t know his name but budtender 2135 had really great customer service. I will be back.

  272. jmargwarth

    They have really professional staff and quality product

  273. cannablis99

    The daily specials are great along with the staff helping fill the orders.

  274. estarrp

    I’ve been here 4 times now. Each time is a disappointment. There is no discount for new patients, you only get a free joint if you leave a good review…note all the good reviews. 2 of the times I went they were out of what I needed. Staff aren’t all well informed about the medical aspect and I found them to be of no help. Worst prerolls I’ve ever had, the weed burned so quickly and there were multiple places in the preroll that had no marijuana. Won’t be going back

  275. MJHawks

    great place. great environment highly qualified medicine great staff. would definitely come back here again anytime

  276. braysakin

    love this place, they really care to the patient for anything you need, the second you walk through the door.

    Great staff, great product , great deals 🙂

  277. Dest8485

    great staff awesome flower

  278. Jordanloyal

    Amazing smelling wax and tastes even better! 10/10 only place I go

  279. Painfreeinaz

    Great meds , great prices , great medicine! Sunflower never disappoints ! The staff is awesome , and the place is clean and nice! Keep it up guys !

  280. blazzwmaryjane

    only 16 mins away makes it easy to travel too.

  281. eyesmokealot

    Favorite med shop by far. Quality medication for a good price!

  282. MiloJackson

    Good quality merchandise.

  283. pd114

    they are amazing and very knowledgeable definitely will be back

  284. DontTouchThatCantHaveIt

    My teeth hurt. Some wack chemical bud. I would have tried the SlyCan but the Super Sour Larry Deez was so disgusting I will never return until next week for a drew preroll.. You guys still do that?

  285. UnnaturalxNoise

    great little spot that out of the way, staff is very friendly and knowledgeable

  286. Cody379

    One of my favorite dispensaries in the valley! Best pre rolls in town!

  287. cody7088

    Hands down best quality and customer service in the state of AZ! Well done guys!

  288. laurannewilson

    Great prices

  289. ChristianaB555

    I love the staff here! always so friendly and helpful!

  290. eilhop

    This dispensary has such a nice staff!

  291. Whitneymeinders

    Very clean and awesome staff!

  292. mkay15

    This place is awesome! The staff are so friendly and helpful. Ryan rocks! He always gives ideas on what the best bang for my buck currently is. The product is legit and the deals can’t be beat!

  293. StretchyMinaj

    Nice visit. Great concentrates. got a preroll of Thin Mint and am satisfied by the quality. Finally feels nice to have a high quality dispensary nearby rather than one that only cares about their “Harvest”ing as much cash as possible. Will be back and recommend.

  294. robinraelene

    1st time at this skye..
    I’m sure they’re as great as the other’s

  295. Arizonakush87

    always great service and people quick with the order over the phone

  296. opalray

    Very friendly staff and convenient information about strains

  297. KevToss

    Always love coming into this shop. Especially for all their CBD options. Thanks guys!!!

  298. Xavierbrun420

    Sky cams are awesome flowers free preroll with purchase and points to next buy can’t argue with dat. No tax Tuesday, that’s awesome! Throw in a shatterday discount, and we’re in business. Love the establishment love the help keep up the good work…

  299. Sloth13888

    One of my favorite spots. Great weekly deals and promotions. Quick service. The workers are always very nice. Thanks guys.

  300. broc731

    Awesome services and great meds! Great prices too! Friendly staff!

  301. rEDrEACTION

    great experience checking out the flower, very happy with my selection.

  302. Amariann

    Fast and friendly service.

  303. Azgardenman

    Great location off of the freeway. Good options on meds. Very satisfied. Love smelling buds before buying.

  304. Frankey831

    Bomb flower & friendly staff!? What more do you need!?

  305. JTOUSEK

    It is so awesome to have this dispensary close to home and of this high quality. The staff is very smart about the strains and how they can apply to my specific condition. Thanks Sunflower!

  306. ps4438

    Top Shelf medication and Top Shelf customer service!!

  307. tanner1017

    Great convenient location right off the 10!

  308. Btp21

    I love this dispo!

  309. Cjtj

    Personable and knowledgeable staff. Quick service, quality flower and low prices.

  310. Lagabbert

    Great location

  311. turtlehermit

    Happy vibe, clean, great people.

  312. King Alucard

    I was a bit hesitant on this place because of some personal reviews given to me. I can honestly say they were all wrong. from the time I walked in the door it changed my outlook. this place is amazing and the prices are phenomenal. Great selection, even products I have never seen like white truffle cooking oil. The staff is amazing, thank you Jerry. I will be coming back to explore more. Plus, who knows if I am lucky I may just be serving my fellow patients. Looking forward to their expansion. Thank you Sunflower from King Alucard Aka Mr. Tie

  313. Sunshyneluvv

    Quick. Great service,nice buds
    Easy access off freeway

  314. jlentine87

    One of my favorite shops! They have a really different inventory of edibles and cooking products.

  315. JetTI420

    Convenient East Valley location, Extended hours and FANTASTIC & knowledgeable staff

  316. tremaine411

    I love the product..

  317. bvick09

    Great selection of edibles and fire concentrates!

  318. azsoxfan

    Good meds and fantastic location.

  319. HinduKushh

    The employees were very friendly and helpful with my first time visit. The meds are nice quality and have a very nice setup on the tables.


    Icoming here since you guys opened and I have seen all the quality. I can’t believe people are complaining about pricing which the dispensary I work for (unknown) could never do pricing at $40 a gram. Sf now has a better extractionist now that I think is better quality on shatter than anywhere! Period! So y’all hatters need to buck up and either step to curb and find your homie hook of shit product or pay the people that do it right for patients. These guys are doing it for the patients.

  321. surtiny

    Best place in trimetro area. Not only were the meds. excellent but the prices on the flower and shatter were by far the best prices hands down
    . The staff and just there setup was outstanding. Just want to Thank my budtender Eric. o ya the fire og shatter was great.

  322. Mplsozzy

    Great location. Good service awesome selections can’t wait to go back!!

  323. lolo37

    Had the sweet island skunk last time here! Was Amazing!

  324. ttocsm

    Tara hooked it up. Super friendly tenders that know the product well. Great selection of products not seen else where. Will definitely be back.

  325. colemartellaro

    very professional and staff is more than welcoming, great 1 time expeirnece for sure

  326. JButts84

    Love this place. Only ones in awatukee but they hold it down!

  327. Fenderbender95

    This was the very first place I had gone after getting my card.Though the size may seem small, their selection is huge and the quality is top notch! It’s a very personal experience and they make you feel incredibly welcome, I would easily recommend to any new patients.

  328. jaredlovesit

    One of my favorite places ever! Don’t waste your time smoke any other bud. The canned weed is amazing

  329. guadalupe.s.1

    Most definitely best product ever from service the end. Best place. .I traveled 45 minutes to get great meds. Must visit acorn great bud flavor. And effectively

  330. inhalexhaling

    This place has fresh flower, a really nice edible selection, and the staff we’re very down to earth which made for a pleasant experience! o and the best part is you get to choose which pre package gram you want…two thumbs up!!!

  331. rnadim7o7

    Ahwatukee has its premiere spot. Staff is great, so friendly, Meds are great as well. The prices are some of the lowest I’ve seen through out the valley. Please check them out. You will not be disappointed.

  332. khalifa1000

    i would recommend sunflower to anyone who’s looking for great meds and flowers at a low price better than most places.. thier staff are very friendly and super helpful with whatever questions you
    have. definitely five star dispensary i would recommend anyone

  333. osohigh


  334. hswmoore2

    friendly staff, good quality meds.

  335. Scoooty

    Awesome location, friendly staff, and great prices!

  336. toni.anderson.smc

    I didn’t actually buy anything due to the way they weighted out the flowers but if I need the amountamounts they sell I would shop here staff was polite and professional.

  337. Chode150

    Great customer service! Most of the employees know their product knowledge however tax is not included! But overall a great place!

  338. crvzo

    great selection of sativa & great customer service

  339. macydarling

    Friendly and knowaglabe staff, I like how their display is set up compared to other places.

  340. baileyp123

    All around great staff! But the $20 price increase on wax is ridiculous! It’s all about the money not the patients!!

  341. Kmralston

    I continue to come in because of the friendly staff and amazing product

  342. jiujitsugabe

    The best choice of edibles and concentrates in AZ!! Great atmosphere!

  343. kris79

    I have not been here but I super stoked to try it out. HFL is my got here in mesa so I cant wait. ur prices rock and the smoke is great. Thank for help

  344. MSI71

    Nice friendly staff with lots of knowledge. Not pushy very relaxed atmosphere with great prices and selection.

  345. NickelBrain

    Great set up!!!

  346. spzee

    Crowded hot waiting room

  347. cnelson1984

    The staff that helped me were knowledgable and extremely helpful. Will definitely be going back soon!

  348. reliabledave

    since they started selling the gimmick weed in a can,the prices have gone up a lot like 50 for an 8th this was my first dispensary and they have gone down hill will not return

  349. tpurinton

    this place is very clean and safe every one was very helpful bought a cartridge and got home and didnt work and took back and they replaced with a new one. very happy with them will return

  350. mscottpackey

    very clean and organized.

  351. maxsteele6

    4/20 sales started come see!

  352. batguano

    Place was good until they decided to include taxes in the price. Now they are mediocre at best. Quality is usually pretty good but there are much better deals on your meds available in the valley.

  353. nateotar

    This is my first time at this Sky location but I’ve looked through their menu and they have such a wide variety of products, it’s great! And they also have a great First Time Patient special that everyone should use! Definitely will be backdY’dY1/4

  354. leo031992

    Best quality amazing service.

  355. Lucciluke

    Very clean and professional. Great selection and prices. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. 10/10 will visit again!!!

  356. demented86

    was awesom

  357. azhighiest

    Loved this place would definitely recommend to anyone looking for top quality meds ..

  358. joshuamonte

    Sky Dispensaries in ahwatukke is proably one of the best spots in AZ if you have your MMJ card. From all the great prices on flower/concentrates and friendly enviormnt created by great bud-tenders like Ryan, Sky should be the next place you stop by if you have not already been. It is also nice that sky offers student dicsounts (with valid ID) and dailiy specials.

  359. jevonyng

    Great meds great team members I will be returning

  360. MrBreadBoy

    The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable! Very clean and
    welcoming to their customer’s. Definitely recommend to everyone!

  361. Waize2many

    Great service and bomb product.

  362. EmilyBee94

    This dispensary is by far one of my favorites. The staff is super friendly and the meds are on point. I tried a couple different strains and they were all fantastic. I will definitely be frequenting this place!

  363. Kfox

    The staff here is very friendly and knowledgeable. The prices are good and they have a lot of products to choose from. I will definitely be back!

  364. aeperez

    Great visit! Corbin was very knowledgeable and made a great recommendation for a pre roll! Will be here again!

  365. JaqueKushsto

    This is my second time at this location. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I also really like that they take their time to answer your questions and help the selection process flow.

    And my bud tender today, Mikaela, hit it out of the park with her recommendations!

  366. evelynavila

    by far my favorite place !! grea
    t meds, staff is great (: everyone should stop by

  367. thalorenzone

    I Love this place the hours are great! I hate they are not open on Sunday and Monday but the quality of medication makes up for the Chick-fil-A days of operation + 1

  368. Omniamm

    Love this place! Great selection and amazing customer service.

  369. ColombianEddie

    I thinks it’s a fantastic place people that work there are super helpful and very knowledgable. And above all great prices

  370. Maxpower7

    This place is awesome with deals

  371. Blaze703

    Favorite place for concentrate

  372. Adroitsixx

    This place has the best customer service ever!!!

  373. Lebabymama

    I was helped by Ryan the last time I was in, he was so kind & knowledgable. The people that work at Sky are always the best 🙂

  374. alicianhulinh

    Love this place always great people always great flower

  375. raheemu

    Hands down the best med in all of AZ

  376. cyken

    nice variety, very knowledgeable, extremely friendly

  377. kingmatt420

    great one stop shop for all your cannabis needs

  378. jaisgyrl69

    Hands down one of the best places in town!!!

  379. ss12olson

    love the service as usual!!

  380. snowsgirl76

    People are so down to earth and know their stuff!

  381. rachytiger

    Very professional, had a great variety of flower and concentrate even when they said they were running low! Awesome selection of high CBD products for patients!

  382. MikeC240

    Service and products can not be beat. Great daily deals, prices are good, and they have what you need! Customer service truly makes this the only place I will shop!

  383. derek138

    great place to come I stop by every time in phx

  384. QueenofDabs420

    great place to shop at very friendly

  385. relawson05

    I absolutely love the customer service here! can’t wait to go back!

  386. Leche de Panzer

    Amazing atmosphere. Couldn’t stop talking to my bud tender about different strains he was so knowledgeable it helped tremendously 10/10 still go back

  387. vnse

    Quick service with awesome first time patient deal. Great customer service too!

  388. Batman2k17

    Great product and good service.

  389. Anthony1575

    The cans are insane !! Great quality flower and a great selection of multiple strains

  390. Andrewa420

    Best and Cheapest meds in Arizona highly recommended.

  391. gunnpowder

    Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I really like the layout of the flower displays. Not the best selection of CBD edibles, but one of the few places that have the CBD hard candies in stock, and for the best price.

  392. bmbrian35

    sun flower meds (mesa) is the perfect location and they have great meds and a staff that is very informative

  393. justylee

    OK, this place used to be my go to spot because I don’t live far. I thought they had really good flower. Have noticed that it drys. out quick if it isn’t already dry and crumbly. A while back they reduced their flowers all to 10$g/35 $ eighth. wrote a review and next time I sho up the floweri pick out they tell me “oh that’s 45$ an eighth ” then pick out another, same thing. But yet there’s nothing saying that. now it’s back to the way it was before. no longer will be a regular. I’ll go for the specials and that’s about it, dissapoint

  394. krinnaweedlover

    the best service i ever had very friendly and great selection i would recommend this place to everyone 🙂

  395. Eklipze414

    sunflower is extremely organized and the staff is very friendly/informative

  396. budviews420

    great atmosphere, friendly staff, boobooshwap prerolls (it wouldn’t smoke), decent bud and wax. good for the price. Will check this place out again in future

  397. errrka7

    Sunflower Meds is my go to dispensary. I love the all flower they have in stock – Fire OG being my favorite! They also carry all sorts of concentrates and the quality is superb! I am loving the White Skunk taffy. I hope you guys bring back some more Shark Shock Shatter – that was some of the best shatter I’ve ever had! Thanks for extending the grand opening specials too 🙂

  398. Neilog

    Great bud bar ! Would strongly recommend the Akorn snow bud, SOOO major !

  399. mctorres18

    best place to come for all your needs and very good prices

  400. jamesab03

    I would recommend Sunflower Meds too everyone

  401. oltimbo84

    Well just got home and gotta say this place is nothing special or good for that matter the flower was very very dry and crumbled when I got it and the workers seemed like my questions were a huge inconvenience and pretty much pushed me out the door will not go back and would never recommend

  402. Bliissful

    Amazing place !! Great Meds and great bud tenders 🙂 would recommend this place to anyone

  403. hyphy2327

    love coming down to sunflower meds they have some of the best wax for a great price will recommend to other patients

  404. Gilbertoa71

    Great place good herb

  405. Jessie22wallace

    Love this location! It’s always a good time when I go in there.

  406. mechi079

    I love this place

  407. nesace23

    Great quality fora great price

  408. MarieSiegfried

    Love this location because I can swing by right after I hike South Mountain!!! Staff is very knowledgeable and I learn something new every time 😉

  409. Merrec

    On my first visit I loved the place. After seeing the lack of selection, mediocre quality, high prices, inconvenient hours, and lack of staff knowledge, when compared to others in the area, I now go to other dispensaries.

  410. TheBlackSSaiyan

    Great flower, 100% satisfied every visit. Knowledgeable staff & relaxing atmosphere.

  411. abgdaf

    the people behind the counter are super friendly and very helpful. try the flower they grow it’s usually always sugar coated and has that wonderful pungent smell of excellence. they actually gave me money back for a mistake they made. they put in wrong name so I didn’t get my military discount. wouldn’t have known your honesty is greatly appreciated. 🙂

  412. Positivegolfer

    wow bogo on timeless…thanks for hooking it up!

  413. dabaton

    Nice shop ,, good meds .. fair price..

  414. rguyre

    Friendly staff. Fair prices. Definitely recommend!

  415. noneother23

    Always good mess always good service check out the dab really good

  416. mba0587

    another great visit to my number one spot! great prices and awesome quality, EVERY TIME 🙂

  417. Dlok

    Always stopping by to see what’s new on the shelves and if you like cheap good flavor stop on in!

  418. fisherg

    great place!! awesome staff and great prices free preroll if you use debit over $30!

  419. dandykind

    One this place is slow and the staff lacks knowledge of the medical inventory. But what really upset me is the facilities use of leafly, they assign strains to edibles and other products that don’t really contain the specific strain. I went in expecting to fine some unique flowers but they did not have it. A little more research and I discovered the problem with the strains showing as an attribute of an edible. Bad concept it is very mis leading for those looking for specific strains and attributes but are misled by a dispensary that uses this app wrong.

  420. tpost

    The staff is always helpful and they always have multiple high CBD strains.

  421. azdanster

    Great pre rolls and wax and the price is unbeatable. 10/10 would recommend. 🙂

  422. AlexR96

    Good location, great service, fast and easy but you don’t feel rushed

  423. melhall19

    Amazing customer service and fast service and fantastic prices defiantly recommend

  424. zitro420

    Great experience. friendly knowledgeable staff

  425. Kanpayne

    Love how it’s in the cut, love the pop top containers they come in. Happy hour is the absolute best + the deal of the day dY~<

  426. pointlessname

    sunflower is by far the best in consistency. love this place.

  427. Isabel79

    I love this place every time I go there, there is always a smiling face ready to welcome me. The employees are always so wonderful and helpful and ready to answer any of my questions. Definitely a pleasure to go to every time

  428. treeferns

    awesome place with good selection of flower and concentrates

  429. Zulu619

    Great Weed and Fun Ppl

  430. Meds4thePatients

    February Review –
    Sunflower Meds
    affordability needs adjustment. Flower on the top shelf is flavorful and potent. Small stock on meds, tax included!

  431. megan5070

    Friendly knowledgeable staff… Great product

  432. supsam45

    Service was wonderful and very informative! It is a comfortable atmosphere with extremely kind employees! Can’t wait to go back!

  433. MDubbs

    Good prices and friendly staff

  434. ssimpson818

    A really great Dispensary for all your meds. Go check it out!

  435. BudManhassmokith

    No products on shelf. Zero selection of Vapes. The sky has fallen 🙁 🙁

  436. Haloware

    Great staff and quality product.

  437. andy14169

    product is great, staff are great, prices are competitive, cant ask for much more in a bud shop!

  438. chawley27

    The staff is very friendly, pricing is good & the quality of product is awesome!

  439. Queviverse

    dope place

  440. 420Demon

    first time vist here and must say all the flower looks grate smells grate and it’s a must come see the bus tenders will help you with any question you have

  441. class3felon

    Great cures and great flower. Friendly staff

  442. pandamonium4256

    Sky is hands down the most chill dispensary dY~S Having bad anxiety especially with talking to knew people I always worry about going into dispensaries but Sky is always full of good vibes and welcomes dY~!dY~! Also fantastic deals! Shout out to Mikaela ( spelt wrong I think? sorry girl dYtmf)

  443. alanwood

    Eric was great! He was very informative and helpful. I’ve been to several dispensaries and this one I will definitely back to.

  444. jessica4269

    best place in town

  445. rorschachtest89

    the girl at the front counter makes my life complete.

  446. platinumogkush


  447. ilikeketchup

    Knowledgeable and friendly staff, great product, prices and deals!

  448. DankyKang89

    best dispensary in the east valley

  449. teeburon

    Great staff. good deals. Ok flower

  450. JellyDonut62

    First time patient and was a little intimidated. Had a good time learning as much as I could. Received excellent service and recommendations. I’ll be back for sure!

  451. delcorpo00

    So wasn’t a big fan of sunflower,they change their dispensary name but refuse to give FTP if you went to Sunflower, not Sky. Oh well,lots of fish in this sea and most not nearly half as greedy. I wouldn’t go back.

  452. Tonerely

    Absolutely the best flower! Great atmosphere and service!

  453. fooka

    Sweet selection, excellent service

  454. jmc7576

    great service, decent prices, good location and competitive selection

  455. Lalo223

    Best location in Tempe all ways have what I want and best deals with the best customer service!

  456. dumoeternal

    first time at this location. staff was friend and location was clean and we’ll stocked and no waiting.

  457. nkotb

    Love this location…great flower, great staff-Corbin!! and great deals!! Thanks for always coming through!

  458. TrevorBrugh3

    This place is great I always love coming here.

  459. bigkidz37

    first time and I had aj! great suggestions I will be back!

  460. StarGypsy34

    I love the vibe of the location. Everyone is so knowledgeable and friendly. They have a great selection of products too.

  461. Knjessie

    great service and awesome budtenders amy hooked me up nice

  462. lmhousley

    A+ Service, Quality and Selection! The staff is awesome;Corbin was the guy that helped me last. He was knowledgeable, professional and helpful. This is definitely our favorite dispensary. Thx Sky!

  463. raivenk

    I enjoy the experience every time I go. They are always really helpful.

  464. DonnyJepp

    Great prices and even better staff! Amazing menu and epic prices!

  465. Franchez

    This place is becoming a favorite of mine. Go and ask for Heidi she made me feel so special and really knew what she was talking about. I wish more bud tenders cared what they tell their patients rather than just make up something to get me to buy the product. Heidi was amazing she helped me figure out what I really need and if I had a question she didn’t know the answer to she would find out and then remember to tell me the answer by my next visit. She makes me feel right at home! Love her passion for her work!!

    That alone makes this one of my favorite spot. Dispensaries have mostly the same product but they have customer service that out beats the rest!!

  466. Mota-vator1

    Great prices, excellent service, and the best flower in town!

  467. cmoss6722

    Sunflower consistently has the best meds that I found anywhere. Everything purchased has always been top shelf quality. Shop is stealthy with great parking. Inside is easy to view meds and no pressure environment.

  468. ajr113424

    nice spot

  469. Markoff666Chaney

    This place is Killin it in prices. Wax is good. Haven’t tried the flowers yet. You guys rock!

  470. DryMouf

    Double Dream was pretty tasty and useful and it was on there 15$ shelf!

  471. BecomingRuthless

    These folks know what they’re doing. Super friendly and welcoming. The person that helped me was very attentive and a great listener. I walked out of there with a great deal.

  472. lvmadonna

    Love the closer location and they are so nice and informative!

  473. freedomefighter

    Expensive grams regular priced 1/8s good weed

  474. gricemel95

    Fire prerolls!

  475. Nikastew

    Tax included and PEOPLE THAT KNOW THEIR STUFF. I like this Place in and out no hassle. See ya in 20..

  476. Lgforthepeople

    Such friendly people I really like going here they always making me feel comfortable good knowledge on the weed to good bud tenders !!

  477. justin123890

    I am very disappointed as a long time sunflower customer. They totally did a bait and switch. Advertised blue dream 1/2 ounce for $18. They would not honor this price at all. I talked to the manager and he stated that ” that must obviously be a typo”. I will not be going back and also have filled a complaint with AZDHS.

  478. MommaCat2013

    its easy to get too

  479. Buckweat

    10/10 This place is the bees knees

  480. frankiesays

    love this place. the cookies and Skywalker OG I copped was amazing

  481. Savannahsue12

    good selection good prices great people

  482. tjreese

    This dispensary is LEGIT!! Very nice staff and great prices! I’m definitely coming back!

  483. DamienB

    Sunflower is amazing. Always great service, clean and well stocked! I recommend them to anyone and they are now open every day!

  484. lizard75

    great place! great flowers and vape cartridges are the best!!

  485. SuperHop82

    Can’t say enough good things about sunflower. Awesome place with good people who know what they are doing. Best place to get a preroll at a good price.

  486. ashcole21

    Always clean, professional and friendly staff, and best deals on cartridges.

  487. ItZiarek

    Great products, great atmosphere and wonder staff very eager to help you with anything you need love the Canned 8ths

  488. King710Pin

    Friendly staff, Good prices, Inviting atmosphere

  489. Godlyfigure

    Friendly staff and decent selection

  490. seachickens

    Tara was fu#@k amazing!

  491. brad420az

    Grest for meds and wddiables

  492. stephenvega84

    love this place it’s like the future in
    here plus the staff is amazing and well educated

  493. DesertApollo

    Compared to other dispensaries around this is the worst. Still selling all their old re-branded aEURoeSunfloweraEUR bud that is on the shelf, harvested over 6 months ago! Proof is on all the back of the gram bags with the harvest dates and them, the bags labeled Sunflower and the buds turn to dust because they are so dry… The bud in a tuna can is just a gimmick and starts to dry out your weed once it’s actually been opened. This is because the container is no longer air tight once the seal has been broken. (assuming you decide to keep your weed in the same container it came in.) they are also really slow to get people in and out and usually always have a wait and their prices are not cheaper than anything else available. There is no reason to go to this dispensary that is selling recycled flower right off the shelf. They should be giving it away for free to the people at the door who decided to shop there.

  494. brejaidyn

    They where very helpful, loved the atmosphere. Nice selection on flower.

  495. skittles420

    sunflower is such an awesome dispensary great meds awesome staff Rachel

  496. itsTOMJON

    Was very surprised to see that there was information on all the strains and I liked how all the strains are in a container with a magnifying glass to see the growth of the trichrome’s and the calyxes is well. Also staff was very informative and professional, i’m definitely going to return soon.

  497. Lil79Mama

    very accessible location

  498. gwenmganut

    This is my location! love all the people!!

  499. Wattster47

    Awesome dispensary, The Sour Banana Sherbet flower is a light sativa. No Anxiousness, guaranteed! Nice

  500. therakkason1

    Some of the best buds in the east valley. Staff is very knowledgeable.
    Very clean.

  501. boston617

    best personable customer service in all of az plus amazing selection with great meds and take the time to get u what u need and what u r looking for

  502. Jeremyg94

    I used to really enjoy coming here for my medicine because their house concentrates were very fairly priced but now that their concentrates have increased from $45 to a ludicrous $60 a gram. I probably wont be returning for their concentrates until the prices are back to what they used to be. Other than that their flower is pretty decent and still at a good price.

  503. Ahwatokey

    Always friendly and helpful. Great selection, amazing prices. Excellent edibles too!

  504. VaniaSoto81

    Love this place awesome staff! Great product. And Laura, Jeremy always very helpful! Love it here! a~dYOEzdY’-

  505. rmzayas63

    Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. The selections are top quality, the vibe is very positive.

  506. tnimmons88

    back again, i love this place

  507. WEEDKING480602

    I have been a customer here since you opened your doors. I can say that I have never had a issue with quality or service. But I ABSOLUTELY refuse to pay your new outrageous prices for your house concentrates. I’ve seen your standard reply to multiple accounts about how you only use nugs not trim. I mean is that not what you have been doing the whole time or have I been lied to every time I’ve come in? I think I speak for every since patient that has come to your store that this price increase is BAD BUSINESS. I can honestly say your $40 dollar grams were better and these price jumps are baseless because they quality is NOT BETTER then when they were $40. So instead of being just like every other shop and making your patients pay the price because you could be the innovators instead of the imposters. Do GOOD BUSINESS and you will never need to raise your prices. So until that day comes I will not be returning. So I’d hope you would give it a try and see how many of your loyal customers come back.

  508. sljohnson123

    The quality of their product is outstanding and the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable

  509. lbese86

    Great flower and prices. I like the sky cans.

  510. rtdavis1

    Everything was great about my first experience. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, great prices, and amazing Meds!

  511. SpaceTravler

    sunflower meds was one of the best dispensaries iv been to so far. the feel that you get when you walk in is nothing but positive . the buds smell great and i can’t wait to try out the edibles!

  512. ssh84

    Love having this place to go to when I go home

  513. lozp

    My first time visit to Sun Flower was a positive one. I will return. Their friendly, knowledgable staff can assist you with what you’re looking for. Everything is well organized and clean. I couldn’t ask for better service. I recommend checking Sun Flower Meds out for yourself.

  514. drgreenthumb777

    Awesome environment very friendly

  515. trake15932

    Sunflower Meds is the best dispensary in town to get all of your MMJ needs met and exceeded! Great service, Great quality medicine at great pricing! With new hours they are open until 10pm, and you cannot go wrong here

  516. drumfreak251

    The employees are always happy and positive. Good bud at good prices. Never been displeased

  517. TheRosesCenter

    Great staff, prices, and quality meds.

  518. Devontaygreer

    Great placr

  519. amayesinc1

    I love the atmosphere of this dispensary. Great selection of flowers

  520. mjt1265

    By far the best dispensary I’ve been to for flower. Love the set up, real chill environment and a quality product too. Tried the green crack, got good buds, liked that she let me choose which 8th I wanted. Definitely my go to for the area

  521. Stllsmkn77

    Never been disappointed with sky!! Awesome service, prices, and quality!


    great location, great quality, great staff

  523. SpaceManWalking

    Stopped in here for the first time today. Great atmosphere. You are able to browse and check out each strain without any pressure which is nice and then check out when you’re ready. Staff was friendly and available for any questions. Great deals right now. Concentrate and flower are both good. Would be awesome if they keep a similar pricing structure in the future. Would definitely become my go to place. A rewards program would be great. Will be going back for sure.

  524. jprice15

    This dispensary is the best quality in the Valley! All the bud tenders are truly there to help you and get the best deal. I would send all of my friends to this dispensary exclusively

  525. shadelna

    They always go above and beyond with your needs!

  526. holley2014

    always extremely helpful and friendly

  527. Trogdor25

    Will always recommend this place!

  528. stefan.k.vollmer

    Been here a few times now, the staff is awesome! They don’t always have a huge selection, but the have great prices and specials..

  529. highinachevy

    I really enjoy coming to sunflower meds all of their flower or concentrates or edible are always on point. The knowledge that most of the bartenders have provided me has been great

  530. joe_casillas

    very professional.

  531. KatVonMeow

    Corbin made my first ever experience at Sky fantastic! The jaegar and JG Purps prerolls were the perfect recommendations for me!!

  532. vahhluree

    Got nothing but Terrible things to say about this shit hole. They under use their common sense! These monkeys devote themselves to making it so complicated to make a purchase. How do I put this… WHAT I AM SAYING basically equals mc-fucking-Donald’s getting my order wrong!! I swear to god…dYtm,,

  533. Nicxmoneey

    Great service and environment! One of my favorite dispensaries.

  534. caitiesmithphx

    ten out of ten dY’

  535. Jenarlee

    I love love foinf here for the best bud and low prices..
    Friendly staff up to par w product
    Must try….

  536. hoppergirl

    Netflix is back on dY~Z

  537. Spawnnug

    i love how no matter how much money i have im always able to have a variety to choose from. they are great at what they do. thank you sky

  538. mikewelds

    I love this place. staff are amazing. thank you Rebecca and sunflower staff for always pointing me in the right direction. great prices, bomb trees, peaceful company… I’ll keep coming back for these reasons

  539. captsuperlegit

    Awesome spot. Chill environment to browse as you wish. Awesome quality!

  540. kristinharwood

    Friendliest dispensary I’ve been to yet! I’ll keep coming back for sure!!

  541. jaydiaz97

    Best buds

  542. Beardedbong

    A must for anyone in the Tempe/Phoenix/Ahwatukee area!

  543. Shatic

    Amazing meds with amazing service by caring people!

  544. 4x4forfun

    They always have good flower and I love the dark chocolate they carry!

  545. DayneDaGreatDane

    The people are super chill and very knowledgeable when needed. Great product for great pricing. Has any product you could ask for basically.
    Been to a lot of dispensaries and sun flowers might be my favorite 🙂

  546. Dsw58

    First time since rebrand. Can’t wait to see the changes.

  547. leon.yoakumii

    Great location great meds.

  548. cwavess

    Let’s just say I haven’t gone anywhere else since the first time I’ve been here. Best meds and service!

  549. mefoheatingup

    First time patient and I have to say they seem legit. No major complaints, everyone was friendly. Music and vibe was chill. Everything went by smooth and fast service. Prices could be beaten but quality is still sub par and up there so giving it 5 *’s

  550. TOHIGH4U

    bomb critical mass shatter worth the price boost.

  551. letumride7

    Sky usually has a good selection of flower on hand. The first time sky can deal was nice. Original packaging is a nice touch here. They always have a nice selection of cartridges.

  552. martinez3332

    Love the Monday cartridge deals a$?i,a$?i,a$?i,dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  553. diverrandy53

    phone staff very helpful strains

  554. christiem78

    Convenient and good variety!

  555. GoCubs

    Great customer service and great pricing. Also , very convenient right off the I-10. The flower is decent, but not much over 15% THC. Also, I’m not a big fan of the white doctor coats. Overall better than a lot I’ve been to, but it’s not Tru Med……..

  556. AB23

    Great concentrates!

  557. hayfever

    Professional atmosphere but laid back in the perfect way. Super helpful and knowledgeable staff. Will be back!

  558. Slimitone2

    Not a huge fan of the clear plastic the Sky Concentrates are coming on. Not nearly as nice as the wax paper. Switching back to wax paper would be A+++

  559. Juelz33

    I really like the atmosphere the service was substantial the quality of the products are very good I would recommend this to anyone that has a medical card to check out sunflower they do have great medication

  560. keeli

    the Sunflower dispensary is clean and the staff is friendly and very helpful. I, however, am having some issues with vape oil cylinders. The quality of the product is great. I , however, am disappointed as two out of two cartridges have leaked a considerable amount. Is anyone else having this occur? I have used them from several other dispensaries and this has never happened.

  561. Dentrell.johnson

    Its very close to my house and this just might be my favorite place to visit. Just waiting for the best indica out!

  562. alwaysconcentratedgram

    Love there meds and prices

  563. maxflow1996

    Great meds, great prices, great everythjng. I love your guys PG-13.

  564. Nickvul

    awesome location! super helpful staff, great quality flower. always have good deals !

  565. Munimartinez01

    They have really great service from all employees and their quality is awesome

  566. dramaticblu

    Very helpful and good meds and deals

  567. DeBest

    Great bud good price

  568. BradTech

    Simply the finest grade products with the widest range of selection variety in the valley, and will always be my most favorable center.

  569. D4mom

    Location, friendly staff, and knowledge is power – I love being able to ask a question and feel confident about their answers.

  570. goodgirlrubi

    I absolutely love walking into this place everyone always smiling and I don’t feel over-stimulated super chill relaxed with beautiful people love racking up my points to

  571. Destrada0422

    Always very helpful and nice! They recommend based on my needs and not on how much I’m willing to spend.

  572. kaylapineapples13

    I was veryyy happy when I went for my first visit. Everyone was so nice and alllll the trees looked so beautiful and tasty. I was happy with my purchase and can’t wait to go back!

  573. sherry13

    Excellent location and I really like there set up and prices.

  574. AZdabsngrass420

    Great high quality flower! Fantastic service!

  575. ryan9703

    my favorite dispencery in the area great quality and amazing staff always leave here happy

  576. TommyJ

    This is by far the most impressive, professional location I have ever been. It is super clean, wells stocked, both product & great staff working there. This has now become my FAVORITE dispensary. Looking forward to my next refills.

  577. kflofosho

    First time visiting. Very helpful staff & quality flower. Will definitely be returning.

  578. oddbins

    Great customer service and selection – clean, peaceful atmosphere, and frequent awesome promotions. Ryan has been especially helpful the past two visits – THANKS!

  579. dabbedout520

    I love this place staff is always on point medicine is supreme prices are low i wold recommend this place

  580. hiflyer527

    i love the strains I got, i love the free pre rolled I got for being a first timer there, and the staff is very welcoming and friendly.

  581. SchpiltMilk

    Great buds great environment

  582. patientdude

    Can or no can I’m never coming back. Have twice tried their “premium” canned product and each only had two decent nugs, the rest was barely smokable. Wont even review the horrible tasting shatter I had awhile back. What is going on?Dispensaries are ripping people off.

  583. brandoloco420

    Supa fire on house pre roll. Get ready to cough your arce off.

  584. brodysaffa

    Totally helpful over their phone line and gave me exact prices and recommendations that I took to mind before heading up there.

  585. baby.cass

    Loved how smooth my visit was and the friendly staff!

  586. offtoneverland

    This place is amazing. The staff is always super friendly and knowledgeable and there text deals have been on point

  587. mimike1987

    Great prices and good ass staff…staff is super cool I will most definitely be back their flower is 100% fire

  588. russrossii

    I always try to stop by when I’m in the area

  589. face2face

    I Love this place

  590. lottbritt

    First experience was great. Quick, easy and great customer service. Will be a return customer.

  591. Shellbell58

    Awesome place! Everyone was super nice and helpfuldY~ I will be back for sure I picked four kinds all were great just going to continue on my journey (bucket list) to try it all. See you all real soon

  592. 52Hillryder

    All the people are very friendly and made me feel at home. Louis and Tommy gave me great product information that made it easy to pick what was beneficial to my medical needs.

  593. Ghostxcvi3

    great customer service.

  594. sheila0827

    Great supply of CBD! Awesome prices and very knowledgeable staff! This has definatly become a new favorite!

  595. lastwords03

    Sunflower Meds is my go to for meds. The quality is good especially for the prices. The staff is knowledgeable and always super nice.

  596. TJcrv

    In a few short words 5 * for sure one of the best facilities I’ve ever been they have some of the best prices and deals in town best looking and smelling flower I’ve seen and last but not least let’s not forget the staff the staff is phenomenal they pay attention to detail even if you’ve only been there once they still remember you and let’s be honest that’s one of the most important things other than that we are patients and that we need to be treated like patients and that is exactly how this facility treats you not like other place that treat u like a customer. Just want to stop and say thanks to all the great staff and especially to the manager keep up the good work and have a great day

  597. MallyDaGreat

    Been here a couple times but it just gets better

  598. leafyKing

    Love the location because the employees are amazing the medicine is awesome and it’s close to my house

  599. Arionna

    Super clean super good deals super awesome staff! Love this place def my go to when I’m in tukee

  600. azbilly56

    Awesome dispensary! Good prices and friendly staff.

  601. Odinsone

    great location and superb variety

  602. 09dkhavok

    Awesome staff great quality product

  603. chetfish

    My favorite spot in the valley

  604. teacher1

    A take your time no pressure atmosphere with a nice selections of products. I think their set up is fantastic

  605. bheath

    great atmosphere, the bud I bought was dank, and at a great price. will go again

  606. lotuschick29

    I absolutely love this location. Everyone is so helpful and so knowledgeable on every product. I highly recommend.

  607. ilovethesun000

    Awesome service and super great knowledge about their full line of products. Definitely coming back again.

  608. beaner12

    Always come in not knowing what to get but the staff is very helpful and i always leave happy and elevated!

  609. Doobee1

    Awesome staff.

  610. chuckleberryfinn

    Great service, friendly and compassionate staff with a proper understanding of cannabis and its derivatives.

  611. SHA2080326

    Love the setup and the budtenders, Corbin was especially helpful in the decision making process. Will definitely be a returning customer.

  612. Bonniecdub

    It was very friendly and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.

  613. HannahLisha

    Athena was so kind and patient with me!!

  614. robin328

    Always good to come in and see all the staff smiling. Great flower with decent prices!

  615. harnden2

    Sky cans are always dank!

  616. Jesse1111

    I definetly enjoy the free pre-rolls!

  617. oddteejay

    This place has a great, friendly staff. Budtenders were very helpful getting me what I need, defiantly one of the best places in Tempe area!


    The Purple Cream is phenomenal. So flavorful and a great come up high. Awesome strains guys!

  619. aleche96

    Good location if you live nearby, fair prices, good products.

  620. Schmitty710

    Pretty solid. Not to sure about the canned flower tho.

  621. irondall

    The staff here really are some of my favorite people.

  622. idontknow705

    Sky has always been great to me and I always leave happy !

    Thanks again!

  623. gat2k1

    Very informative and professional

  624. BeeMarie33

    Love it here! Great environment and products.

  625. mychelle88

    It was ok.. Not sure if I came in on a bad day but staff wasn’t to friendly. not just with me but even when other customers was leaving and said bye the staff just ignored them. I’ve been to several locations and all were friendly and mad u feel welcomed but I got a different vibe from here… wasn’t to willing to help.

  626. Jreydrummer

    I like the selection of cartridges at this location but would like to see more options for concentrates at this location.

  627. SmokeyJC

    Tasty and nice with all the spice !!!

  628. Tomakush426

    Love this place!! Easy to stop by after the gym and the service is always top notch!!

  629. ZachSmif1

    Great place, good atmosphere. Very helpful and the customer service could not get any better.

  630. flux3

    very friendly and informative.

  631. heathendad420

    Good meds and staff. Decent deals, too

  632. lexxifer

    Love everything!!

  633. ftherese96

    brandon flowers is awesome! always so kind and the location is perfect

  634. AJFund

    This dispensary is friendly and professional and the bud is amazing.

  635. handyman247

    Best Med’s & respectful Service here. And Id strongly advise all patients to check Sunflower Meds out ASAP.

  636. Jennew74

    This is the best dispense to go..they are never long lines staff is knowledable and friendly..check out there turlesday deal..NO TAXES..u rock

  637. stephenf4l

    any time I’m in Phoenix, this is the only Dispensary I use. Best in this county.

  638. Maria1969

    The Budtenders are so cool and ready to help will all your needs, I love this place

  639. heckk

    It was a good experience but I don’t plan to come back anytime soon.

  640. Suziesocks

    Great quality herb. Cool idea for packaging in the tins. Friendly staff!

  641. rtache

    Catch all the best strains at Sunflower 🙂 TokA(c)mon gotta smoke em’ all!

  642. fiendjordan

    Average prices, good product, and phenomenal service!
    Alton took good care of me!

    Plus it’s right across the street from my gym!
    Lol at all the familiar faces dY~,

  643. Peezee777

    Always has great Flower, nice staff, cant go wrong at Sunflower

  644. Mrballard1

    absolutely love this place!

  645. melissa12

    I always love going to sunflower meds. I got some great edibles today and two free pre rolls. I would recommend of you have never been

  646. Samf95

    Always love it here by far one of my favorite places to be

  647. BajutoBrown

    One of my favorite dispensaries! Sunflower meds has great strains, shark shock, Agent orange, etc… David has been a great person to talk to if you have questions

  648. eddief

    My experience at Sunflower med was entirely positive. The atmosphere is welcoming and professional. And the consulting area is laid out to allow the casual perusal of all the meds or quick access to the counter should one choose to do a quick transaction. It’s very well thought out and I highly recommend it to everyone.

  649. golfandski420

    Looking for a dispensary with the people add cool as the meds? Go Sunflower! !

  650. whitones8

    Friendly staff. Exceptional service. Highly recommended.

  651. jordannikole

    Really great pricing on edibles and very very wonderful people!!

  652. DBogorad

    This place is great!!!

  653. DaBeticEnt

    wow is all I have to say. bravo guys I liked this place a lot. it’s too bad I live far or else I would go there all the time.

  654. nabarca

    I love this place, staff is always helpful and there is never a wait.

  655. daveeeeeed

    super great staff. friendly and knowledgeable. great prices and excellent selection.

  656. tw3tracerman

    Since Working from Home as a Pharmaceutical Help Desk, i have not the chance to visit… However; when I stop in its like Friends that havent seen each other in awhile… their not afraid to hug!

  657. Dallas3

    Sunflower has the best quality of medicine in the valley and the prices that you cannot beat. Sunflower is a must if you want quality!

  658. david0u

    Since Sky cans are good for a year it’s a good way to keep a backup stash. Purple Purple was tasty and a pretty solid Indica.

  659. littlebambi

    The staff was friendly, helpful and patient. I will be coming back! (:

  660. lilbash420

    Sky meds has some great product and great staff. Would definitely recommend. The sky cannabis is up to par as well.

  661. maranita

    Sunflower is the first dispensary I went to, and I haven’t bothered to go to another. They have a great selection of top shelf, plus more moderately priced stuff. The staff is super helpful and friendly.

  662. bryguy111

    awesome flower and friendly 🙂

  663. ntycn2u

    excellent service they the best

  664. josh420smoke

    great wax and flower great dispensary

  665. Seanyseanaz

    Great place! Always the best staff and service! Got a great deal on some AKORN flower. The Island sweet skunk shatter is to die for!

  666. itshectic12

    awesome choice of getting medication and the best quality always and the best customer service we’ll never go nowhere else

  667. aholla32

    I got the mango Popsicle an it was really nice. Good setup an some very good looking women!!

  668. Sinergy

    Quality atmosphere and bud tenders are on point! Buds are fire dY”Y= as well! I’ll be back again real soondY

  669. flolfcopter

    This is my go-to shop. Very close to my work I find myself stopping here every other day. Awesome prices and deals, high quality flowers. Brandon is awesome super friendly and helpful. Highly recommended

  670. bresanchez

    blow fish is a must try strain

  671. milk420

    Love this location and always top quality bud! dY’dY>>

  672. JBLOCH

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I’ll definitely be back here!

  673. Atone1988

    Ponderosa is the place to be all the flowers is good and deals best and great customer service always friendly

  674. Ry82AZ

    this place has a Great marketing plan.

    except some of their product is totally not what they claim it is.

    In my opinion, meds are over priced.

    The staff was unfriendly to keep it Kind.

    thay were not.

    I will only shop here if going out of my way, is not an option.

    sorry to dissapoint, just keeping it factual here.

  675. photogaz

    Absolutely sucked, staff had no knowledge of strength, quality, or effects of strains. So, I had to use my best judgment of the popular ones. Also had issues with them accepting my debit card, therefore did not make a purchase at checkout. Will be sticking with Harvest for future purchases.

  676. rivvyding

    Excellent location!!

  677. Edvis420bs

    Great place great meds great staff. Everything about this place is great. Cave wait due my next visit. Be would’ve thought I’d see weed come in a tennis ball type can till I stopped here. Would recommend to anyone who wants great meds!

  678. CaptainJackSparrow

    Second time here and picked up some of the best meds I’ve had in a long time! High in CBD’s and best price all around! All their meds displayed looked great and each station has a tablet with helpful information on each strain. I love this place because the price you see is the price you get, no added tax. I hope more people hear about Sunflower Meds so that they will someday open on Mondays too.

  679. Taylor.brianne

    I really lucked out with this being my very first place to visit right after I received my card. Everyone I’ve worked with at this location has been kind, knowledgeable and patient. I tend to have a lot of questions and I enjoy learning about everything! They helped me find exactly what suited me best and they encouraged me to try other options after I told them about my experiences with what I tried! They’ve been great and I love that this is my home dispensary!

  680. AmericanWeedwolf

    Spent my birthday visiting dispensaries. This place has AMAZING quality of bud, bright green, covered in trichomes, with a beautiful smell. Best in the Valley, by far! They had like 7 different phenos of Girl Scout Cookies! If you can only visit one dispensary in Phoenix, make it this one!

  681. aodyssey

    This place is the business! It’s hard to find, kind of in the corner. It looks like a regular docs office I wondered if I had the right place. Everyone wears lab coats. They have pipes as well, so all in one trip. Long wait lines since only a few patients can be inside. Very knowledge staff, a nice gentleman, Jeremy I wanna say, helped me. I’m so glad they have CBD caps and CBD tint for real pain relief. Great AC, smells nice, clean.

  682. buddies1967

    definitely my favorite dispensary in all of Phoenix. Great selection and amazing staff. awesome prices and specials as well. I also really like the building design and layout. very original. great job guys

  683. Biggs53

    I worked with Tara. Was my first time at a dispensary. Tara answered my questions and was very patient with me as I made my choices. Great product, nice people.

  684. sevensixmc

    This place has went downhill lately. This was my go to place but prices have went up cause they are now charging tax and no longer giving prerolls to use your debit card dY~* . Wait times have been longer and value table selection has been pretty sad. Hope they can get things back on track by the way staff is always great I don’t think it’s there fault. Shame on the owners!

  685. avgonzales

    Location is great because it’s close to everything & right off of a major freeway! Friendly staff is also appreciated

  686. NickVega602

    10/10 experience !! Love the bud and staff dY’a

  687. grumpdoodles

    Excellent budtenders are always working and ready to help you with a smile. They’re always knowledgeable and help me get the right strains for how I’m feeling when I go in!

  688. Thundergato

    Quality product, friendly people quick service

  689. chadingram6390

    first time patient, this place was very relaxed and comfortable. well set-up with an abundance of informational resources. the prices were excellent especially for the quality.

  690. Paislie

    good flower great location

  691. cleodawg

    Love this place sooo so much

  692. Stephaniemlong89

    A nice staff that’s willing to help you every step of the way. Brochures for every strain. Very quick in and out!

  693. pixie76

    Sunflower Meds is a great shop! The location is ideal for this part of town. The staff is just fantastic. It’s a small group of knowledgeable and extraordinarily friendly folks. Yes, the gs can be slightly higher at times but the new pricing model when you buy 2 or more + their awesome 1/8th specials + their amazing selection of edibles + loyalty points makes it all worthwhile. For me, the dispensary vibe is just as important as the product. I’ve enjoyed all my takeaways and the advice I’ve been given has been spot on. They just got a mini make over, too! Check them out. You’ll be happy you did!

  694. zrfishies

    Awesome store. Every time I go everyone is very helpful. Great wax and flower prices. Need a better selection of edibles though (sorry guys!!)

  695. fdawson

    I like this location because every time I go it’s in an out!

  696. apex7491

    great buds and people

  697. mahuip

    bomb meds real awesome prices keep it up

  698. bluntedshuriken

    Stopped here a couple times after the gym and haven’t been very impressed. Flowers were stored out in the open so light degradation of THC is a major concern. The tablets were a nice touch but budtender knowledge is lacking a bit. Nice to see another company join the industry but they have a long road to travel to the standards set by other dispensaries

  699. AzMikeMo

    Sunflower’s greatest attribute is their staff. Not that the flower isn’t good, but they really are friendly and helpful. It’s nice they have the flower out to be examined and smelled. The prices are decent and the deals are good. I’m being highly critical so I definitely suggest you visit them yourself. I will go back just due to the convenient location and staff alone.

  700. Cb0i

    great place to get cartridges. new favorite location

  701. dadadavie

    I just moved to anthem so I barely see you I’ve missed you so

  702. Jeffrb94

    Friendliest and most helpful staff. Really great service. Would recommend to anyone.

  703. jacobbrack

    love the free prerolls

  704. Dizzlebud

    Great variety and huge timeless selection. Great friendly staff helps me find what I need.

  705. crazydoglady

    great bud! nice budtenders and everything is really high quality

  706. hadleydre

    Besides being closed on Monday this place is great! Fantastic flower and great deals. The quality of their products is high and so am I..definitely going back when im around the area!

  707. dm0777

    Great prices and service

  708. ScorpionAZ

    Everything about Sunflower Meds is perfect except for there prepackaged flower. I’m more of a fan of having the bud weighed and packaged in front if me, but I guess some people don’t mind. I definitely like they’re good deals that they’ve had recently.

  709. crj72418

    Nicest one I’ve been to

  710. Chiefin_NativeAZ

    Came to Sunflower Meds on Tuesday at 5:45pm…Nobody here…all lights off…called twice and voice mail is full..what kind of dispensary list it’s times and not even open without explaination..I drove all the way from Goldcanyon just to try there concentrate sale and even brought them a referral and we were both disappointed…waste of time and money..thx alot

  711. daisylalove

    Absolute best! Came here recently for my first and I had a great experience. I didn’t know much but the staff was very knowledgeable. They did a great job explaining products. Great attitude

  712. zkjev01

    This used to be my go to spot. It’s really disappointing that new ownership has taken poverty and changed everything. It’s completely different. I stood in the window for five minutes and the girl at the counter never greeted me what so ever. So I slapped my card down and then oh! My 6’4″ ass was suddenly visible!… And I waited 20 mins before getting my card back and leaving. Next visit I was looking for concentrates, ok cool she says and leads me over to the counter…. And just stand there, not a word no suggestions no nothing. I’ll only get meds here if I have no other option. Go elsewhere

  713. Manny845

    this place was nice but one of the tenders was real pushy and wouldn’t let me look around all in all I think I got jacked but it’s the name of game

  714. bole420

    love to go here wen I’m off work

  715. jblack2509

    staff was friendly and knowledgeable.

  716. N00dlesoup

    Some of the displays weren’t working but other than that Amy can hook you up with anything you need. Thanks guys

  717. judit0730

    I am a first time user. I researched all the pharmacies in my area online. I chose this pharmacy because of all the positive reviews. It was an excellent choice! The staff are wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. I’m thrilled with my purchases. They work great! Today is the first day in a year and a half I’m not in excruciating pain and I’m able to function normally. I will shop here from now on.

  718. JPD310

    This place is phenomenal, hands down the best!

  719. maymay2013

    Still awesome

  720. bmflores7

    awesome place first time patient and felt like I was at home from the start! great staff, fire meds, low prices! dY’OE best store front I’ve been too thanks for everything happy holidays

  721. nickhopkins8386

    I recommend anybody looking for a top notch professional shop with great prices to definitely stop in. You won’t be disappointed!

  722. anjellwolf

    Great staff… Great predict

  723. christinedwilson

    It was my first time, and I loved it! The staff is always so great and the knowledge of them are great! I’ve gone other places but I just keep coming back!!

  724. slickbam

    there good

  725. Zjob203

    Great prices for the most part was shocked to see they had a live resin run so I had to give it a try even for the steep price. It upsets me to find the price drop the very next day. I went and paid that price thinking they would run out like they do with most of their quality concentrates. They bay cut shatter is great and flowers can be hit or miss but overall great prices and rewards program. Just wish they didn’t change the price on me or I would’ve waited and bought more.

  726. philr2054

    I think this location is great with a friendly staff

  727. VicHern78

    Friendly staff with great product knowledge. Enjoyed my first visit and will return.

  728. insainjay

    Very friendly and helpful with quality product and fair prices

  729. gavibob

    Sunflower meds has qulity meds, always friendly staff-gav

  730. ohcutetoes

    The staff is very helpful as far as guiding you to the strain that will relieve your own specific symptoms and takes into consideration other factors that may affect which strain to use. I purchased several things one night and was back the next to see what else they have that I could try!

  731. chellebellrealizm

    I liked the staff and medication

  732. Kittykatt87

    very friendly and good customer

  733. briezybri

    Erica is da bomb dY’PSdY’PSdY’PS she knows here stuff! Everything here is awesome, whether you are into flower, vaping, or edibles!

  734. jessicared69

    I enjoy this place. the staff is great and always knows how to help.

  735. Shat1c

    Amazing place with amazing meds!

  736. tysonnav

    This is where it’s at! Amazing staffdYtmOEdY1/4 & they’re all very knowledgeable on their products. They have some of the best bud I’ve laid eyes on, it never leaves me disappointed. Check this place out they have everything here!

  737. stephenmblack1982

    Sunflower has a great location and staff. Always friendly and quick. Great deals on concentrates and lately really has been stepping up the quality of their flower. One of my regular spots

  738. Sparkle0590

    great product, happy patient ! Thank you

  739. soccerstudddd09

    Great deals all the time

  740. Hyphyag87

    Sunflower Meds hands down has the best setup in all of Arizona! From the lobby, staff who are truly just amazing, the tech display, and overall appearance it’s top notch! You don’t even have to ask to see a certain strain from behind the counter, it’s right there for YOU to see and smell and even read the strain detail. You couldn’t ask for more! Double mint is Top Shelf very well grown!! A new top favorite! Fire OG/Skywalker OG both are quick but take a nice rip and you see why their look and smell is what enticed you and they dont disappoint, again well grown strains! Concentrate selection is on point, love the display it’s perfect! Check this place out you WILL NOT be disappointed which your decision!

  741. Brbac903

    my favorite sky location by far! best staff and product!

  742. cannasiour

    best price!!

  743. RedOnTheHead6969

    been coming awhile and the flower is quality.

  744. la09

    Haven’t been disappointed with the service provided at this location. Never had a long wait either, everyone is pretty efficient.

  745. msmith425

    Unknowledgeable in regards to strains . Have sativas labeled as indicas and vice versa

  746. olds_cool63

    Went for my 2nd visit on Sunday, 10/21/18.

    I’m still a newbie to all of this and luckily Khadijah was there to help me out!

    She was super helpful , patient and knowledgable.

    She recommended a couple of vapes that seem to really work.

    I was not receiving the 20% discount coupon in my email for some reason, but she gave me the discount, anyway.

    I really like this place and Khadijah is a great person to work with!

    I’ll continue to buy my products solely from Sky Dispensaries!

  747. 0Davesnothereman0

    good selection

  748. MVSmeds

    This is single handily the best dispensary I have ever been too. 10/9 would recommend.

  749. frankistein94

    Good discounts

  750. katiekoala

    i love coming here. staff is always nice and always has great meds. would recommend to anyone.

  751. Missserenity

    My first time here! So far so good ! Looks clean smells wonderful will write an update 🙂

  752. anyihero474

    “Hands down, dopest dope I’ve ever smoked”

  753. THE_MAN

    This is the best dispensary i have been to in the valley. The prices are ridiculously low, yet the quality still outdoes the competitors. The staff is extremely caring and knowledgeable. The store itself is very comforting, and in a convenient location. The menu is updated consistently, and there is never a long wait to get in and out (my biggest problem elsewhere). I no longer go anywhere else.

  754. leaflynadia

    The location was a little dumpy but compared to competition down the street on Elliot the staff is way more knowledge, less stoned, and the quality and variety of edibles selection is much better. I bought a sativa tincture, salve, & vape pen because I don’t really smoke or go for junk food.

  755. coppersaurus

    Sky is a great location the bud tenders are friendly and knowledgeable and the flower is always great go check them out.

  756. massoud

    FTP, was in and out in less then 5 minutes. They only had 4 strains of flowers available at the moment. Got DoubleDream 5*, and Royal Flush Kush 3*. $35 donation out the door for 4.5grms. AJ was my budtender which had exceptional patient service 5*.

  757. ejevans71

    Great customer service! All the pre rolls are amazing especially the apricot helix and super silver haze. Always a great experience. Only dispensary I’ll go to!

  758. Scorpion21

    Great place. Good selection of CBD flower.

  759. desertchillin

    love this place, and the new name. great service, great staff, great meds.

  760. Devientdragon

    Great staff and friendly environment

  761. Shaunhasty1

    This place is great! Love the staff and the flower is amazing! Would def recommend to come check this place out

  762. jasond1215

    I love the deals and how friendly everyone is. always in and out

  763. vinnyvin

    it is convenient due to it being 20 mins away and right off the freeway.very friendly people.

  764. therealstephen

    Hands down best spot in the valley, from the cutie mcbootie at the front desk to the staff in the back, i was hesitant on the clear buckets but 3 hours later and a few dabs in i have absolutely zero regrets. If you havent made it in yet you are truly missing out and you will know why when you come.

  765. Joshstephenson

    Good place to go get some good bud and some good deals and no line some times

  766. crazycatlady1234

    fantastic deals and staff:)

  767. bryguyismepg

    Good flower and location local to me.

  768. chamlet

    Been looking around lately to see if there is any others out there with better deals. Still nobody touching them! They also increased the military discount, so I get even better pricing!

  769. nadiyashark

    always loved this dispensary, great customer service and amazing products and pricing.

  770. Mookie08

    This place is A1. Great medicine always fresh.

  771. blazedandsuch

    amazing as always

  772. rreeefer

    i love this location great staff

  773. jetrat77

    I’m a regular at this location. All my friends go here, even my mother goes here! Best flower and concentrates in the Valley at prices that can’t be beat! The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. Do yourself a favor and check this place out!

  774. Rahabby

    I come to this location all the time and spend more money here than at any other dispensary. The staff is very welcoming and the prices are great

  775. bukkake

    Awesome place awesome price!

  776. Alieyah420

    Like the meds and people

  777. pwatonna

    great staff, EXCELLENT strains, good prices

  778. funkyfreshdevilducky

    Great selection of concentrates and edibles. Friendly and very professional staff. Keep up the good work! I’ll be back

  779. Dre230

    David always takes care of me along with Jeremy and the rest of the staff great dispensary.

  780. Jamesking123

    The service you get with the clerks is unmatched. Josh is always a great help love that guy.

  781. kizziekitty

    good meds, good people good atmosphere

  782. Angel247

    Excellent meds. Would most def. go back for more.

  783. bigmikelovestree

    This location is awesome , I love coming in every one there is friendly and always smiling.they remember you by name so your not just a customer to them and there products are fire!!

  784. dillon4392

    Love this place I love how fast and easy the process is. The pricing is great and the concentrates are hella bomb

  785. rockstar915

    This place is brand new, great location, envronment is clean and its easy to get a great sniff of your medicine befoe your purchases.

    Love it!


  786. chelleyavren

    It was a great first time experience!! Very helpful Employees! See you next time!!

  787. smearCase

    I have to agree with the a lot of the other folks and say that the price increase of concentrates if ridiculous. I was understanding of the first couple increases but 30% + increase overnight is just plain greedy. I won’t be back until they come back down to reality a little.

  788. shaunpeterkin

    Awesome service! I definitely recommend

  789. kylen1974

    love this place!

  790. Bsmith620

    Came here on total accident… This was the best mistake I ever made!!

  791. AstroVan

    I was looking forward to becoming a patient a dispensary in the Foothills area of town. WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME. I am a veteran of the US Air Force and provided them with my permanent records from the USAF Academy and proof of insurance with USAA (which serves active and former members of the military). In spite of this, my pending purchase of over $100 in meds, they declined to provide me with a veterans discount.

    If you’re a veteran, don’t bother. The kids that run the store don’t have a clue how to show proper respect to those of us who have served. I guess they think that’s a waste of time as well.

    SWC in Tempe is a much better dispensary and will show you the respect you deserve.

  792. acrosby299

    Great friendly service! My favorite strain is Rare Darkiness #8 it’s a must get!

  793. DJH68

    Sun flower Meds is that loud , their customer service is in point ! No sour sandys at this dispensary 😉

  794. raybonz420

    Used to be my favorite spot, had great quality products and knowledgeable staff. Used to be closed more often than the rest, but they recently changed there hours, now they are open 7 days a week. Recently they started selling SKY CANnabis samples seemed to be very top quality. So I decided to give it a try. It comes in a nice tin, nitrogen packed, (I’m guessing this is the reason for the higher pricing). I get home and just pack a bud into a bowl, smoke it (pineapple chunk). taste was good, smoke was harsh, and after about 20 min had a splitting headache. I decided to roll a joint. Started to break up the flower and realised it’s full of premature seeds. For the price I expect better quality. I called and complained and was told a manger would return my call. I have not heard from them. I will not be returning. Also Hard to spot coming from the East, not very much parking and what is available is tight when they are busy.

  795. sharkyJ

    Convenient location. Helpful and knowledgeable staff.

  796. Gouda96

    Quality never disappoints!

  797. Sigwardt

    awesome meds prices and service!

  798. Jakevanzoete

    Excellent service, selection, and prices. Plus, they’re open late which works well with my schedule.

  799. iSparkziT

    Love it. Great location off the 10.
    Great flower and daily deals. Great knowledgeable staff. Recommended.

  800. Rosieko

    This place was great. Yusef was wonderful and I had a great experience thanks to him. Thank you very much!

  801. kurtwallin59

    I just wanted to say ‘THANK YOU’ to the guys at Sunflower! Sky flower… I don’t have anything more to say… if u’ve never smoked flower that came from a can u owe it to itself to give it a try! Wait till u ‘pop’ that lid when u open the Sky…. LOVE THAT SOUND! I was born without the sense of smell so I can’t describe the smell of the flower but lemme assure u, whatever ur pain/discomfort may be Sky has always pacified the pain.
    Love what the new ownership is doing with the place! Thanks guys! See you Thursday!!

  802. KushMaPo

    best product in AZ very happy with my weed and everyone is amazing. The manager Gus was great in helping me out and explaining what a shatter was.

  803. Drakex98

    You guys are awesome thank you!!!

  804. Danyay44

    Supper nice chill place! I like the prerolls here

  805. lilhomie420

    super good meds