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21035 North Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, AZ 85024


33.6776509, -112.0291465




9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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**New Patients:** First purchase = FREE 500mg MPX OR Timeless cartridge *Second purchase = 20% off *Third purchase = 10% off *Fourth & Fifth purchase = FREE pre-roll

**Refer-A-Friend:** Receive a FREE select eighth of flower for every New Patient referred!

**Veterans and Seniors Discount:** All Veterans and Seniors (62 and older) receive 10% off purchases. Valid ID required.

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2,127 reviews for “The Holistic Center

  1. jjjorstad101

    Awesome knowledgeable staff recommending the best strains for my pain

  2. nikal97

    This place is awesome dY’OE

  3. mdhossfeld

    So expensive. You have got to get competitive. Your Firebrand shatter is 5-15 more a gram then anywhere else. Your flowers are good but not worth the price. How about helping patient’s instead of taking all there money for BS upcharge.

  4. youcanthandlethetruth

    Ive been hearing a mix of good and bad reviews from some of my friends regarding THC and the level of quality and service but, since it’s so close to my house I thought I’d try it myself and take advantage of the $25 8th’s.

    I was kinda off put as a first impression.. especially when I noticed that the same strains being offered at $25 an 8th are still being advertised at $18 a gram.

    But, I decided to try them out anyway cause you can’t judge a book by its cover.. boy was I wrong.

    Upon going back to purchase my meds I was met with fairly low grade bud that had almost no terpene profile. I realize the samples are handled all day everyday so again I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    I finally just got home and smoked what I purchased and unfortunately I am not pleased. Ive got a jar of half cured ineffective bud.

    Not impressed guys.

  5. thevon

    this place had some good flower. crystals always there

  6. MrWeedington

    favorite dispensary. love the prerolls

  7. Zachary.bredeson

    Literally the best deals on Timeless and shatter. I love the atmosphere and the bud tenders are the best 🙂

  8. jhansenaz

    Nice meds knowledgable staff good prices

  9. JoeABC

    blueberry pie is off the charts
    Just saying

  10. aaasbel

    Well maintained! Very nice staff, and the product was great!

  11. Cormac96

    I was a first time patient at The Holistic Center, I came in for the “Mix and Match” Black Label porducts, 7 grams for $150. So far I have tried the Green Crack live resin and Larry Glue rosin both products tasted AMAZING, and the Rosin got me extremely medicated. I havent tried the shatters I obtained yet, but from the look and smell they will be just as good as the other products. I also go a free pre roll and 3 free eighths because you get a free eighth with every $50 spent. The staff was also extremely helpful and friendly, and got me in and out very quickly and efficently. I normally don’t take the time to write reviews, especially when there is nothing free involved; but they deserve it. Great service keep it up!

  12. PBread

    High quality medicine; 5/5

  13. chadlovesthc

    its a great location your relaxed and the staff is very helpful

  14. Andy728

    Great selection of top quality meds. Prices are higher than some others, but the meds are definitely worth it!

  15. jholladoe

    impeccable service.

  16. lucifersdaddy666

    I was very pleased with my experience here! the new employee Tyler was very helpful. He had great recommendations and took his time to explain the promotions and rang everything up quickly. I was very impressed with the quality of flowers. I left with over an ounce and by far the best prerolls in the valley!

  17. Snobsdale

    Good dispensary. Good area, not ghetto. No looking over your shoulder when leaving this place, like some of the west side dispensaries. Honestly, they have good buds for ok prices. You need to keep an eye out for specials but if you don’t get one, you don’t feel like you over payed.

  18. Fancyfootings

    I think that everyone who works at the Holistic Center is awesome.

  19. MNBound

    I’m lucky enough to live just down the street from THC, so this was the first dispensary I’d gone to. Never looked back, why try the rest when you’re already at the best. Can’t say enough great things about these guys. The staff are professional, friendly and know their medicine. The make great suggestions and are always willing to offer advice. The meds are top notch and reasonably priced. Their daily specials are awesome. Geez if I could I’d work here! 🙂

  20. Idropscience

    Great service all the time and nice quality of meds.

  21. Ocho15

    best flower in town

  22. Hangloose420

    this by far is the worst dispensary I have ever been to,the concentrates literally looked like shit, dark in color not very good consistency and obviously not very well made.I made better wax on my first your money and do not shop at this low quality dispensary.THE WEED NAZI.

  23. elowiththefro

    Great buds and wait time is never bad. Very friendly and helpful staff

  24. MulaDaGreat

    Love the atmosphere and the service one of my favorite places to go

  25. CapsizedCitizen

    They’re really nice and professional. They’ve helped me find what works for my migraines, along with my anxiety and racing thoughts. They listen and are very knowledgeable

  26. ewok1

    Awesome knowledgeable staff. Super cool atmosphere, laid back without sacrificing professionalism. Definitely one of my favorite dispensaries.

  27. Naturalhighlife420

    good meds here

  28. mcdanielm

    I love the atmosphere at this dispensary. Professional and friendly. I’m from flagstaff and come to Phoenix frequently for doctors appointments and this is my to go to dispensary while I’m in the valley.

  29. jhoste

    Great location and staff. Excellent selection and prices!

  30. Digitalnova

    This might be my new go to dispensary… though each time I’ve been here, there’s been like a 10 minute wait. They are quite efficient, but there’s just so many people that come here!

    They also have an express check out, you can order online. Pretty cool.

    I bought an o.pen vape cartridge that was a dud, they let me exchange with no receipt and no problem! Definitely coming back. Also a great rewards program.

  31. cinnasu28

    I would never go this dispensary without calling. They do not update their edibles. I wasted 30 min driving there, waiting, and then being told they have nothing remotely close to the options online. They also do not seem to carry a consistent amount of edibles. For the price, it would be hard for me to recommend them, unless you have the time to call ahead.

  32. annetimmerman63

    Great deals

  33. SirMichaelC

    The medicine is awesome with great pricing. Staff is always friendly and quick on service. wait times are normally really short. give them a try you wont be disappointed.

  34. cja45

    great meds. purple monkey balls is crazy!

  35. Fangzilla

    Great place

  36. pvtlightning

    Great location with friendly and knowledgeable staff. minimum wait time and above all great Buds

  37. treyxwolfz

    The staff was informed and knowledgeable about the products available, and made sure to help me get the best deal for my first time in 🙂 looking forward to going back

  38. nballin

    I came here on my birthday and very impressed with the quality of flower and prices dY’OE

  39. tyanders1987

    So accommodating and friendly! New favorite place!!

  40. schwisow

    When I get down here I really enjoy this store. From the counter help and the bud tenders everyone is really nice and helpful..

  41. jamesandme

    love this place great staff bud is always good and lines short

  42. Pooka3Deep

    I can always count on them to have a deal in my price range. high quality product

  43. tfa

    I visit this location about twice a month and the service is getting worse and worse. I spent 30 minutes in the waiting room today. It seems it was not very organized on the backside of the things. Good thing John, always the professional there. He recognized the problem and gave me a free pre-roll because I had to wait so long. He did also reassure me that they were expanding and hopefully hiring more help which it seems it needs. Maybe they should promote John to manager he’s one of the few around there that seems to know how to run a dispensary.

  44. tacosupreme13

    I love The Holistic Center! You guys are awesome! Always impressed with the flower you guys have. I’m saving up all my points so I can get some crumbledY~EUR

  45. joymeetsworld

    I’ve been here many times and continue to return. I think the prices are pretty on par for the area and the quality is consistent. One of my favorites, will continue to return!

  46. moocow1817

    Great place Don was a big help today at picking out what I needed being the AUNT ELLIES brownies are still waiting to come indY~” Comfortable place and close to my home

  47. rwanslee

    Very chill and empathetic when it comes to long wait times. Every time I am greeted, I feel welcomed.

  48. Ty951

    still no comparison to THC my spot!

  49. Canalifecostyle

    This place is going down the crapper.. It use to be my favorite store not anymore. The new staff sucks and new clients that came with the new staff suck. I probably won’t go back.

  50. swanson7410

    amazing flower and love the daily specials

  51. Phoebegrace

    Great atmosphere
    Love the budtenders

  52. SunMed

    The Holistic Center has quality meds. The service is always quick.

  53. joshgault2015

    (SFV) OG is straight fire!

  54. ebliesze13

    This dispensary is a pleasure to go to. Easy entrance and great waiting area for those significant others without a card.

    The staff is always friendly and the daily specials are clearly listed on a flat screen.

    I haven’t seen the backroom, but I’ve been there enough times with my wife to know that customer service and professionalism as well as a casual approach to purchasing medicinal marijuana are all a plus here! We have had many choices and have pretty much settled here for ease of access, value and donation, no hassle professional quick transactions.

  55. happyjay

    My first experience at The Holistic Center was great as a new patient. The staff were top shelf and the medicine that was recommended was quality and exactly what I needed for my symptoms. The prices are fair and they have a nice selection. I Will be coming back! #4717

  56. djv323

    Only place I go to now! Great meds and super service

  57. yankeepower09

    Best shatter deals in the valley. Keep an eye out!!

  58. ladytwiztid

    I love this place! It is clean friendly and very helpful. I suffer from spasms so I need to keep track of what I take to ensure that I don’t have them and they help me to do that and recommend new things to try. The staff is always happy and helpful willing to take the time with you so you don’t feel rushed.

  59. Jeanie13

    Really glad they lowered their prices I can come back here now quality flower for the price

  60. beak_umhawks

    great staff! professional business – the really do care~ best in the valley 🙂

  61. 1680

    I have had a weird roller coaster ride at this place. I had a few bad experience last year so I stopped shopping here. This year I heard they hired friendly employees so I decided to see it for myself. I went in to check out smoking alternatives and the two ladies helping me were great. I picked up a bottle of tincture to try out. When I got home and finally opened it I realized that the bottle had only a few drops of tincture . now I didn’t realize it was empty because for a tiny bottle it carries some weight and the dark color of the bottle did not show that the inside was empty. So I called and left a message and some lady named Joy called me and left a message to call her back and she’ll take care of me. I called back immediately and was told Joy is gone for the day and the lady answering the phone said she don’t know how to help me. I called the next day and then was told again Joy was not there. Then a Candace called me back telling me the same exact thing that the Manager is in a meeting. Well long story short I lost $35 and some change only to learn that my first intuition about this place was correct. Yes the employees are friendly but its probably because they are using the tincture sitting on the shelves. Learned a valuable lesson to drive to downtown to get my medicine. The management is probably still in a meeting. Way to go The holistic center

  62. mrv117

    Great staff. Very helpful to new customers.

  63. timechaser2

    Best Dispensary In the World! 🙂 Love everything about this place…the people, products, deals….they are like family and so very helpful and nice!! Thank you for everything! Who cares about clothes shopping anymore? hehehe This is MY Store to go to when I have extra cash! 🙂

  64. billsguy

    A BIG THANKS to Nikki on the Super Lemon Alien Haze. Love it enjoying it the some baseball. Thank again see all soon.

  65. brazinpipes

    They have everything I need.

  66. dsbenjamin

    This is by far the best dispensary I’ve been to. I drive out of my way to visit The Holistic Center. They have high quality meds and service is amazing!

  67. justchis

    THIS PLACE IS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! I use to go to a couple of other places in the area until I came across this place and haven’t left since. Great people, specials and medicine 🙂

  68. dwebb1625

    I love it here

    prerolld are awesome and the weedish fish too!!

  69. Brisco19

    I have a brain injury and there for I get confused easily.
    And all their customer service people are friendly and patient.
    Home town COMFORTABLE.

  70. PersianPrincessLilly

    There are not enough good things that I can say about this dispensary they’ve always been super cool and chill they always give us the best quality flour at the cheapest price my budtender Rodrigo was awesome tonight..dY~

  71. davidheyman

    Great People, Great Service, Great Product!!!

  72. bugsbunny12

    Amazing flower never a long wait

  73. 420lovebug

    Great atmosphere and vibes. I love how it feels more like a pharmacy and how informative they are when talking about the medicine. Meds are great and never bottom shelf. Has the best pre-rolls out there, no shake, all flower, and over a gram in each! love it! It’s nice how they have flower specials everyday too. Perfect for those on a tight budget that still want quality meds. Staff are always welcoming, friendly, and down to earth. This is easily my favorite dispensary in North Phx 🙂

  74. Crimsen

    The holistic center is definitely my preferred choice of dispensary. I visit them numerous times a week. Each time I’m greeted with a friendly and knowledgable staff. The environment is also very safe and inviting. They also always have too quality meds for great deals. I would definitely recommend to anyone curious or interested.

  75. tewey2000

    Great selection and the staff is always helpful.

  76. stoneyskies

    Best and only place I shop for my meds! Great energy, everyone’s always smiling and I’m never disappointed in a product. And the staff is phenomenal; they always go above and beyond to make sure patients are taken care of, especially Joe, Kaleb, and Tegan. Thanks THC! dY’s

  77. daygo93

    love this place went to grand opeing got madvlove thanks for breakfast .

  78. pettyimnot

    great location staff is amazing
    love that they get it tested for THC levels etc.

  79. MRBingo420

    Visit was enjoyable experience with some kind staff made my day! Will be back again.

  80. ball223

    awesome flower… always gre at

  81. Silentnomore

    I love the Holistic Center dispensary. They have great meds all the time. The staff is very friendly.

  82. bsmith0585

    ftp at this place. great selection on products. helpful and friendly from the receptionist, to the bud-tender, to check out. would def recommend

  83. walken

    Nice little place. Friendly and informative service ( thanks for your help Lindsey ). Fresh, quality edibles and top strains. Will be back. Highly recommended.

  84. dankist

    just got some THC OG on Sunday the 21st and the smoke taste like it’s got perfume sprayed on it!!! so tired of these people playing scientist!!!!

  85. JBruceBruce

    This place never upsets. best pre rolls around

  86. Nilo

    great customer service and quality supply!

  87. AK2332

    This is my definite go to dispensary! Love the specials and reward points! The front desk reception is awesome! Gonna try the express order tonite! Be back to rate my experience!!

  88. croyster

    This establishment is extremely professional, yet makes you feel right at home. Their flower is exceptional!!! My favorite place

  89. vonjibbler

    I think The Holistic Center has really improved since my first visit like a year ago The flower selection and quality are so much better than they used to be. If you visited them a while back and were unhappy with the flower being dry like I was. I would recommend stopping in and giving them another chance. The bud tenders are very friendly too.

  90. ThatDude18

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff up front and in the back. Quick and efficient service. Need to try their express service soon! Definitely will return.

  91. CassiusMommie

    how could u not love thc.. the greatest budtenders and the candys always free.i love this place oh yes i do if you dont love this place it cause u jus havent been through i love yall

  92. SourDub

    Love the daily deals that THC offers. Best deals of the dispenasaries in the Valley!

  93. texasstreets3666

    Awesome location great staff that is knowledgeable and the best in the valley!! I have been to every dispensary in the valley and noone can compare to the dependable service and products of THC. KARA JOSH AND JOE. Yall got me hooked on THC. Rock on

  94. lazerflippin

    Good trees, awesome staff and great prices, loyal customer right here!

  95. ryanmr91

    Best place ever

  96. neal_sen

    This location has a simple environment that promotes education for patients using efficient methods. Staff members are knowledgable, dependable, and on point. Will continue with dispensary services for sure.

  97. MandaF317

    Super busy!! Which is great, but glad they told me about call in orders too just in case if it remains consistently busy. But it was a pleasure speaking with Kimberly, great people and staff all around

  98. thehappyhoneyhole

    my go to because its the closest and their prerolls are the bomb and fairly priced! Thanks guys!

  99. Flora22

    Great live resin menu

  100. Nickonix

    I’m really happy with what I got. Wonderland kush rules and the white Fire is out of this world.

  101. jazysev85

    love THC they are my #1

  102. joeburton55

    A very friendly, knowledgeable staff! I thought the place looked and felt very professional. The staff was very knowledgeable about the products and took the time to make sure I made the right decision.

  103. buttforest

    Friendly service and great bud!

  104. prsntndvr

    Sometimes there’s a little wait but you can order express to bypass that. Friendly people, good product.

  105. TurboPixie84

    Modern facility with a calm, welcoming, and professional atmosphere. Helpful and friendly yet courteous staff. Order ID 1153.

  106. devilpup

    Great staff and medicine!

  107. RClem10

    Awesome staff and deals!

  108. drtymemo

    i found this place by pure chance and i so glad i did. the quality of flower iz so great and the customer service great. i love the deals and ill keep comimg back even though its out of the way. great job T.H.C. keep up the good work

  109. afi666

    Id been to the holistic center before and enjoyed their meds, until this last go round… was recommended by one of the staff to try “ginger ale” a hybrid for insomnia. The guy who rec’d it said hed read it was tops for helping in that department, but said the effects were not long lasting but it would have the innitial power to knock you out. Unfortunately only the latter held true. Kinda feel mislead about the product and feelin like i wasted my money.

    (Lil disgruntled) patient#4242

  110. SensiGod

    staff was really nice but the shatter they showed me is not what i got. i got some almost black stuff that was like melted taffy. so unhappy.

  111. hugarossen

    very nice people that care!

  112. Moonjr058

    Great people!!!

  113. Krwelt0312

    I like the hours.

  114. Mason84

    Hate to beat a dead horse but Nick is not an informative bud tender. And yes, he does have a bit of an attitude. That’s not what keeps me from coming back though. It’s the lack of quality. I haven’t been impressed with the quality on any of my visits. There are so many better options out there.

  115. marinedoc11

    Without a doubt this is my favorite dispensary. Good selection of medication, excellent donations and the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend trying them.

  116. russbusss

    Good meds, great service

  117. Nilla420

    excellent meds amazeballs staff love LOVE love

  118. newtonen1155

    great place enjoy the time i able to come in and get my meds.

  119. ChefSativa

    I agree with everyone doggin the place. Loved the samplers and the $10/g specials. Always walked out with other products because I saved $ on flowers, but now I can only get a $55+ eighth with tax which is brutal. Looks like just another group of money mongers running the joint. Too bad cuz it’s a nice atmosphere and pretty good staff. There are so many options for the same meds, don’t pay max price from THC.

  120. brentonalt

    Come here all the time and I am never disappointed. Timeless is one of the best pens out there

  121. Anthony558

    The Holistic Center is still my favorite place to pick up my meds. Take advantage of there $25 1/4 Sales.

  122. dahdaniel

    Happy Holidays Everyone, Enjoying these Holistic Deals $100 ounces of smoke let’s goooo!!!

  123. DaveHuz

    The top choice in flower. Might look more expensive but the best flower around! They’re specials are worth watching out for

  124. shortcake33


  125. nikkiphx

    Always great quality flower, staff is friendly and the wait is never long!
    pricey but that goes for all north valley dispensaries!

  126. butchp

    The best quality Buds and never smashed and beat up.
    MY Favorite Place…

  127. ekabakes

    Love this place!

  128. F0rdPr3f3ct

    flower is always good, concentrates stable, staff friendly.

  129. 5x5

    Very friendly staff. My first experience here was a great one and the cannabis was some of the best I’ve come across.

  130. buzzer1

    Third time there…top quality meds. order id # 1303 . 4308

  131. LisaG333

    McKenzie is a young girl with old person knowledge. Her recommendations and taste are not to be questioned! Kara up front is a true delight…. I really love her…she is a classy young lady. I wish I was younger I would talk to them both as friends.

  132. RyanParrill

    They’re not aware of specials that they send out daily. Further proof in reviews below that are not solicited for something free.

  133. cainnn

    They have good specials friendly environment flowers are nice and I love the edibles I

  134. Michaelx420

    Absolutely love THC they have great deals and always good flower also the staff is amazing and very helpful

  135. kristincorrado

    I love that people that work here. They are so friendly and helpful. I had an issue with my pen battery and they were more than helpful with that. I will continue to be their customer.

  136. mgeorge20

    The location is perfect for me. Right off the 101 freeway.

  137. MisenWrath

    Love this place. Great flower, great prices…

  138. 210

    Great oz mix and match deals, great staff.

  139. jwest82

    Ashley is awesome!

  140. Joshrichtar

    These guys were awesome

  141. jizzybangz666

    Every experience I’ve had has been amazing. Definitely have some quality buds, edibles and concentrates. I came in today and Mackenzie assisted me in exactly what I needed. Love this place.

  142. ricjw8

    Great staff. Very helpful. Don Lucas was very friendly and professional.

  143. brutus77

    I enjoyed coming to this location for my first time. The one on one customer service was superb.

  144. tmiller20

    Low prices, great friendly staff,
    wide selections…go there now!

  145. austicoop

    Ive been to many dispensaries here but this has become my favorite. Picked up some of the LSD and it was the best quality Ive had and that is no lie. All they had were beautiful buds and I will for sure be a regular here. Excellent service and welcoming/friendly staff and atmosphere as well

  146. johnkoprivec

    Everyone was very friendly and the bud is awesome!

  147. sarah1999

    Staff was friendly and helpful, but I waited longer than I would have liked. The location is super convenient and the bud-tender was helpful.

  148. ktappe28

    One of the best dispensaries in the valley. Always quality products, great deals and awesome bud tenders.

  149. dylanm

    THC is the best!

  150. candystorekid

    Sweet set-up! I checked them out for the first time and will be back. Very professional and friendly in the lobby. Fantastic meds and people in back.

    Thanks! Order id#1141

  151. budd4ails

    Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. I’m a newbie, need all the information and help that I can get. Love all the different choices of bud & edibles.

  152. bryn420

    One Of The Best Dispensaries In PhoeniX. The Staff Is Great As Well As All The Medicine They Have.

  153. 2shibainus

    Everyone is so friendly. Tonight Kevin helped us out- cool as ice water! Great personality & very knowledgeabledY’dY1/4. Thanks for your great service KevindYtm,
    Jessika is sweet tooa~oi,

  154. johnathan1984

    quality medicine

  155. Brendanbaker

    Kristen Murray is the Best..Very Helpful 🙂

  156. Gnarlonbrando2984

    Lots of varieties. Knowledgeable staff…awesome place!

  157. THEMAG420

    Great location in North Phoenix. Service is always top quality along with the meds. Order 802.

  158. PTDFOO

    Best dispensary around!!

  159. Jdw710

    Great selection and quality of meds

  160. bbdonut

    Best flower for price. One of the biggest and best edible selections I’ve seen. Staff is extremely friendly & take their time. Love THC 🙂

  161. missrasta623

    Bogo deals here are great

  162. Greenie420

    I love this place. Every time I shop here, I leave with a better understanding on medical marijuana. The staff members here are wonderful and always willing to help me with any ???’s I have. Keep up the good work, you guys kick ass.

  163. jjcsalas.17

    Lady checking me out was extremely helpful in choosing strains at appropriate pricing. Welcoming environment.

  164. Tylervasquez

    The quality of evrything I purchased was amazing honestly will definatly be going back to get the Mpx cured resin

  165. doubled420

    I think this dispensary and the staff are cooler then ice water and there deals are amazing. D-,kush from Sunday goods is hands down dY”Y=a>1/2 keep that Sunday goods in stock and your gonna see doubled420 LoL

  166. ps4438

    Not worth the time or money. Gave this place a few tries and always felt like i was an inconvenience, always rushed to choose what i want and then told over and over I should of just express order. With no one in the waiting room, why tf should I need to pre-order? Bought an 8th and it was 2.5grams, thanks!dY’

  167. LupoandtheLuna

    Came in for the MPX cartridges & the Dos-i-Dos is my current favorite strain, it was definitely grown with love!! 🙂

  168. cgwinn1985

    Awesome location.

  169. katysdad

    It’s close, the people are very knowledgeable & nice

  170. Pavled3

    The service is always fast and very helpful! Anytime I’ve come in with a certain problem they’ve always helped me find the best strain for my problem! Been coming here for a while would definitely recommend especially if new to medical marijuana!

  171. pizzachef420

    Holistic has become a really great competitor with pricing and quality, keep up the good work but let us answer YES to the receptionist and allow us to order sale items through express! thanks again

  172. kbc080

    Great selection, friendly employees, low prices

  173. HeyitsBri

    Everyone is friendly and very helpful. Close by makes it a plus.

  174. lawlnutz

    THC Black Label definitely has some of the best buds in the valley. it’s gr8 m8, I r8 8/8!

  175. bobbigamble

    I used to come here all the time but it got ridiculous the prices are way to high for the quality of the buds. I can’t believe they can justify charging as much for as little as you get. I believe they are in it for the money and not for the patients.I can’t afford this place and its a shame I live just down the road I was in your lobby and over heard a patient talking about Natures Az Medicines all strains every day 10 and 12 dollars over 30 strains to choose from and yes they are a licensed dispensary. They put you to shame. They are always busy so if they can lower their prices why can’t you? I’m saddened by the way you rip us off. I won’t be back unless you change your prices it just doesn’t make sense. Even if I could afford it your quality hasn’t been that good. dY~,

  176. Kwit610

    very nice staff ,grate meds good all around prices .

  177. AR1990dec

    awesome meds and atmosphere

  178. Morganrae1417

    Cassie b helped me both times I’ve gone in and she’s awesome, very knowledgeable also. Thanks!

  179. malloy

    Great atmosphere, very clean and also had some very friendly staff. Top shelf meds Order Id 1036

  180. hox007

    Awesome place!! Very friendly staff and the quality that no other place can touch! Pleased with the 1st time experience and will have many happy returns

  181. feelingstoneybologna

    Love that they’re open late at night so I can come by after work or a long day of running errands

  182. melrogerz

    The y are very realia le always can get good product !

  183. widow09

    Short wait! Love these helpful ladies!

  184. Tialady

    I like the New Deal they have, 2 oz for $150. is the best deal in towndY~EUR

  185. killroyboyhu

    bomb. buds bomb prices and Cassie is the most helpful knowledgeable bud tender 5 star , I love THC

  186. emii

    Absolutely love the holistic center I’m always incredibly happy every time I am there! Best quality 🙂

  187. Impackintheheat

    when in for 2 ounces for 175 and brought in a buddy of mine and he felt he was not welcomed he asked the budtender if THC sells any grams and it was replied no in a rude tone when I asked about my free 8th for refer a friend it was I forgot and when I asked about my 5 free pre rolls before I made a purchase if I be eligible to receive 5 free pre rolls, she once again in rude tone replied no were out I just asked a few minutes before. idk what her problem was. I been here a few times and this is the first time i received poor service it might be my last unless it gets corrected. I’ve had great experience before making the budtender laugh and help me decide which strain to get by flipping a coin .

  188. Mack816

    Best Pre-Rolls in Phoenix! Always friendly staff and love the option for Express THC!

  189. mrlykins

    very friendly and nice selection I’ll come back again

  190. hollynicole1217

    my favorite thing about this location is the prerolls and the consistently great customer service. check out this location if you haven’t already!

  191. Erikaserenity84

    Best dispensary I’ve been too yet! I keep going back because of the great selection of flower, the awesome points system, and the amazing specials!!!

  192. Dabswithjo

    I was helped by Mckenzie Beck my first time here and she did an excellent job at showing me how everything works and was very professional and educated. Overall great experience and such a nice clean modern environment.

  193. ErickNygryn

    Best flowers in Arizona

  194. jaclynncuomo

    Cool place!

  195. azhomepro

    Great flower!!! And spin the wheel

  196. AudiOflo

    Pre 98 came back! Yes!!! always good flower

  197. Eguillz

    This place is great ! Very friendly and helpful staff. They have awesome deals as well. I come here often and I will continue to do so. I recommend others come check it out. dY$?tmdY1/2

  198. 420Isaac

    on first sight, you may think to yourself. am i at the right place?… YES. surrounded by Auto dealerships, junkyards and metal shops, you’ll find a wonderful dispencery. I had the pleasure of meeting the owner he was very knowledgeable. He knew alot about different flowers, and helped pick out a few nice budds to try out. Like any dispensary they have a new patient program. “10% off your 1st purchase” and youll have various selections of flowers and concentrates.

  199. Morehouse

    I love this place, get everything you need, the one stop shop, great service every timedY~f

  200. kwstamper

    Always great people and medicine. One of my favorite dispensaries, very little wait times.

  201. Silverboii

    Holistic center Has gray birds and is the best dispensary in Phoenix

  202. stankydankyy420

    Went into the Holistic Center for the first time earlier this week and unfortunately will never return.

    They bait and switch deals real hardcore and the two strains I ended up purchasing (Lohan, Trinity Blueberry) smell and look nothing like what was in the displays. I basically spent $40 an 8th for straight dried out mids.

    No thanks.

  203. Tokahontas

    I need to start being a regular at this place again, great staff & meds

  204. thbjr1

    Couple of things to review. I would like to know where the 295 oz referred to in a response a couple of reviews down is. I don’t see it or a 10.00 gr referred to on your menu. I have also seen concern about THC’s policy to retain a patients MMJ card until they are called. To at least some of your patients, that policy amounts to feeling as if we are at that point trapped and unable to leave at will. You have our card. Speaking from personal experience, it is an uncomfortable situation if you need to leave, for whatever reason, but have to ask for your card to be returned before you can leave. Last concern or request, can you give price breaks for larger amounts of concentrates, similar to the flower pricing. Why is there no discount if I purchase an eight or quarter oz of concentrate. Last, can’t wait to visit you on your anniversary, Sunday. It’s my MMJ anniversary also.

  205. damonandmelissa

    Everyone that I’ve dealt with has always been super cool and helpful! Products have always been good! Been going There 9months..Keep up the specials!!!

  206. NELLY215

    good quality product and service

  207. azdee74

    I love this place! Kristen is wonderful! Everyone there is always nice and willing to assist in any way. I live in Anthem, so this is not convenient but I well worth the drive 🙂

  208. MuffinMan42025

    Awesome Place! Friendly Staff!!!

  209. wapl

    Knowledgable, friendly staff. Clean, professional environment. The holistic center will be our go to MMJ pharmacy from now on. Well done! #2009

  210. YungShameless

    Great daily deals on the daily. Truly lime dank at reasonable price.

  211. sammigrrrl

    my favorite dispensary. i drive out of my way just for thr quality and the amazing customer service.

  212. 6465

    Best dispensary I have been to. The staff is extremely knowledgable on the medicines. Very friendly people.
    Excellent selection of high grade medicines. Thanks Holistic Center!

  213. kmclaurin

    THC is my go to place. Great staff and I am usually pretty happy with what I end up with. Happy you guys are close!

  214. Jcal1993

    Has the best quality flower around!

  215. lbridges0523

    Jessica totally steered me in the right direction to some amazing super lemon alien haze. every time I go super friendly and always top shelf.

  216. statuegal76

    love the store very helpful staff

  217. kid420

    Kristin m. is an amazing staff member!! Thank you for your kindness and compassion. I dont know if i would have got through my job without your credit system and your ogs haha. Thank you for helping the true patients!!

  218. mnmkandmncj

    First time visit. Cassia was very helpful and patient with my questions. Discussed the many varieties and options available to help my migraines. Great selection and variety, friendly staff, well organized and nice environment.

  219. AZJR

    Overpriced concentrates, left empty handed due to these ridiculous prices for such low quality meds. Not even going to bother coming again since this is the 3rd or 4th time I have been let down or left empty handed.

    PURE used to be $45/gram, now it’s $60? And your house shatters are $60 now too? Seriously?

  220. Zechariah25

    very impressed. second visit to a dispensary and they made it very easy. will definitely be returning.

  221. maxkmk

    Very nice dispensary!! Knowledgeable staff! Superior meds!

    THC (The Holistic Center) is an AWESOME place to go for high quality meds!! They have a good selection of strains!

    They have friendly, super knowledgeable and helpful staff!

    Always extremely personable, & truly care about helping you find the right medicine for what your looking to get out of it. Awesome specials from time to time, they really tend to take care of their patients. No need to go anywhere else, clean, discrete, professional, they’ve got it all!

    I definitely recommend this place to all my friends!!

  222. Tobah42

    Ashley and all the staff are wonderful and very helpful. This being said I called last night to have them hold some medicine for me and got Mike on the phone. Not only did he not know anything about the strains I asked about he was hesitant to hold an order for me which is very unusual. I guess from what I gather he is a new manager here. To say I was unimpressed would be being kind. He acted like I was intruding on his time by asking very simple questions regarding the strains that I called about. This will not stop me from going here as the rest of the staff are beyond helpful and knowledgeable, but if you are going to be a manager at a dispensary I do believe one should have some knowledge and use of said product.

  223. Chavasal

    great atmosphere. leafly eas big help

  224. Dreknok

    Have been here 3 times so far. Each time is great. Love the GDP. Edibles are great too. Recommended.

  225. tabby420

    awesome place really good quality buds and very professional staff

  226. Dabforlife

    good people good bud

  227. dmendel

    The waiting area is a BUZZ KILL. everything is fine.

  228. mike3523

    Absolutely love this place ..super friendly and awesome meds

  229. bunky777

    Always impressed with the product. Very helpful staff. Killer deals weekly. Highly recommend The Holistic Center.

  230. thinkingreen90

    I recommend this place over and over AND OVER! GREAT staff and very knowledgeable a out every product. thanks holistic!!

  231. jgarcia71426

    Went here yesterday to check it out for my first time ,got a gram of the Tahoe OG n gram of the SAGE,both were good quality for what I paid for.will be back today.

  232. sheik123

    Love this place still my #1 spot to always come best deals best employees everyone is so friendly

  233. Alex360

    Favorite location with the best front desk staff around!

  234. Smokeking214

    Oh my Gosh Cassie Brady service is so good, good service to go alone with those wonderful looks! #1 Fan dedicated customer!!!!!

  235. 1.618

    This review is specific to their house shatter I recently purchased. I have made many flower & edible purchases here and I DO like this dispensary (wish their prices were a bit lower though). But their house “shatter” had some definite problems: what I purchased was supposed to be 1 gram but looked more like .5 instead; it smelled almost like pure butane; the consistency and look was that of melted cloudy wax instead of the typical shatter (it did not adhere to itself at all). In conclusion, it appears this was not at all properly purged or processed when compared to the many other dispensaries I’ve used in the area. So, it may be $30 bucks down the drain but a lesson well learned and a mistake not worth repeating. This was my first time buying shatter from them & will be my last. I will continue to buy flower & edibles here, just will avoid their shatter/waxes from this poor purchase experience. So, buyer beware & maybe shop around for some better shatter – it’ll be worth the extra expense, travel and energy expended. This, of course, is just my opinion.

  236. donallen3

    i purchased 5 prerolls of amnesia 2 had seeds in them …

  237. kylehaug

    referral with you when you come in free timeless cart and battery wtf awesome referral program best in az

  238. verdinjrf

    First time there, one of my buddy’s brought me thru, the beautiful staff members hooked us both up with a pre-roll ! i was in and out in 15 minutes, our pretty budtender was very informative and had all the answers and no pressure to buy. good job!

  239. ccreeker420

    Good flowe sales and always the best bud tenders

  240. Roor2300

    great products, great service, better sales!

  241. melbarre

    Super nice and friendly. Very informative staff.

  242. dreadedyatta07

    top notch white fire preroll!

  243. jrdisc

    Yay ,

  244. mglen

    Best flower in Phoenix!

  245. caseyy8s

    Professional friendly knowledgeable staff. Great daily specials. Love this place!

  246. namaste1983

    I’ve been lucky enough to have Cassie as a budtender and can’t thank her enough. I was a novice to the whole mmj experience and have now found the right dosing because of her. The prerolls are cheap and a great way to try a new strain. Purple Girl Scout had me sleeping like a baby. Side note, they got BAKED BROS EDIBLES!!! The watermelons are perfect and consistent in dose quality. Definitely try them 🙂

  247. Nick85

    Great quality.

  248. brentfromgermany

    My name is Brent and I can’t rave enough about this store. Everyone is SO friendly and love what they do. There is no comparison to The Holistic Center. The best, hands down.

  249. rposorek

    Fast and very friendly sevice. Good specials

  250. smithlorenzo

    Highly recommend

  251. phxniterider

    this location is my first name basis home dispensary. best points rewards system in Arizona. gotta try their rock og. fantastic.

  252. LisaaLis

    The bud tender is very knowledgeable

  253. awruff

    top notch establishment

  254. Adamcabello11

    Best flower,staff and prices!

  255. Puddingswim

    The best place in the valley great prices super friendly

  256. weedjunkie44

    I appreciate that you carry pure concentrates nd staff is usually pretty nice

  257. ismokebud

    great bud great service !

  258. neferguson

    Place is great knowledgeable staff , great prices, good donation weed

  259. taylorpastonie

    Best dispensary and best staff. Always have dank meds and a great selection. 🙂

  260. jerewat

    my goto for medicinal needs.

  261. mrbababoooey

    Out of the several other places I’ve been to these guys are by far the best!


    -Large selection of top notch strains that are well lit case.

    – Very friendly/proffesional staff

    – Pre-rolls are 1.4 grams and they have blends of many top strains which I can’t find any where else!

    – They have strains that are leaps and bounds better than the same strain at other places. These guys know what they are doing.

    MINOR CON’s:

    – You will wait for at least a couple minutes before entering. They are slow but they are also new.

    – ALL grams are 20$ regardless of the strain. It makes it tough to try new strains when they are all so expensive. I wish they were priced according to quality like other dispensaries instead of one flat price. I find my self experimenting with new strains at other places even though these guys are by far the best. If they dropped the price of G’s they would put the other guys out of biz! CHECK THEM OUT!

  262. Abram96

    I came here for the King Louis XIII. Was not disappointed. Very knowledgeable staff set me up with a good deal and a pre roll. Lemon Diesel was pretty good, but the King Louis was bomb, some of the best medicine in the valley!

  263. DipxSet

    Best deals on shatter anywhere!

  264. tacobluewing

    This place is the bees knees

  265. Tolerence

    Quinn is awesome made my experience great! And the deals are crazy good definitely check them out!

  266. Nejected

    Super nice staff and great new patient deal!

  267. Fresh1003

    Great deals! Staff is always friendly and helpful

  268. bvacchina

    Wow they didn’t even care to inform all their patients that tax is now added to the prices listed. I asked why and I got a well the state wants their money. No the holistic center doesn’t want to pay the state anymore. It was in the az newsletter about how all the dispensaries are making lots of money. I’m sure holistic center is doing just fine. Always a long wait sometime to be disappointed by med quality. There is no strong medicine there at all, just average. Jack flash has baby seeds in it. I think the holistic center needs to start informing their patients better. They lost my business and I been going since they opened. Other places treat you better….

  269. jpratt2012

    I love this place, by far the most professional and organized biz around!

  270. Bhill414

    Great Meds & Good Service

  271. gabe82

    Great location an friendly service,upbeat an modern with no tricky doors,the staff are educated an provide knowledge about the medicine you have been searching for:] thanks THC ,,,gabe

  272. Pr0estes

    This place has the best meds in North Phoenix. The girl that works there with the tats is gorgeous. On the real though, the new batch of blue dream is the best I’ve seen at any dispensary.

  273. aspasia3

    I’ve been to a dozen or so dispensaries, searching for the right fit for me & this is the one! I don’t see myself going anywhere else anytime soon. Tyler is absolutely wonderful to work with & so very knowledgeable, he makes the drive well worth it 🙂

  274. mjtoli

    Great service and excellent meds!

  275. ajmj713

    everything about this dispensary is amazing!! on my last visit I got raspberry kush I was shocked, packed a punched help with my pain. will definitely recommend this place to a friend.

  276. jahod8

    Great flower along with great staff. will definitely be back again.

  277. carlex

    love the flower and has alot of different selections.

  278. Lolita7979

    Best flower in valley

  279. jaysticky91

    good deals

  280. Lindner25

    Excellent service and knowledgeable staff. I used the Leafly online ordering and was pleasantly surprised at how user friendly it is.

  281. BHempingway

    some of the best prices/prerolls in the area

  282. greenguru999

    Great location less than a mile from me but don’t know if it was good enough to suck me in forever! My pre roll had a big stem actually poking out thru paper wouldn’t even smoke it. Just emptied it out and smoked a bong witch i prefer anyway on the flower side it’s not bad but not great I wouldn’t pay more that 200 an oz for it that’s for sure it’s nothing special not bad but if you need weed after everyone else closes just come here!

  283. momssecret

    Friendly staff and I always find something new to try. Jennifer showed me a brownie for sleep and pain. Now, I no longer take prescription meds at night. It works well and keeps me asleep all night! Can’t thank her enough!

  284. ogkusher03

    the Paris og was nasty, smelled of chemicals. your meds haven’t been decent for nearly 6 months now, time to put a new person in charge of what flowers you get from growers, retailers, and other dispensaries.

  285. macgabe

    it was great .i was in and out whit what i needed

  286. jeffry619

    Very nice! lots of meds to choose from. Everybody is nice and helpful. see you all soon.

  287. Lysadri

    Been coming to the holistic center for about a year & a half and not once have I been disappointed! Some of the best flower and great staff! I’d definetly recommend this place.

  288. jchester33

    Great experience, was helped by a beautiful girl named Cassie B. Bought an ounce of GDP probably won’t finish by myself dY~, #GnarlyLyfe

  289. cheifo

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, THC. Tank You.

  290. swivel0211

    Perfect setup. And amazing bud the tenders know there products well. Glade this is my home store

  291. Dominic129

    I love the atmosphere and the employees are great, Cassidy is who took care of me today the girl with the tattoos she’s very helpful and definitely knows what’s she’s talking about over the people and service is awesome

  292. Jolson1993

    Best flower and service in as nov 19th 2016

  293. THCWorks

    I love THC and their annual THC 4/20 party is coming up!! Yusss

  294. Auliya96

    everyone here is helpful and very nice

  295. themamas

    Love it

  296. karilu420

    Love this location because its close to my house. I’ve always had a great experience with the bud tenders, they’re always knowledgeable and friendly. I also really like that they take credit cards.

  297. cdelagarza75

    fresh buds great budtenders

  298. biodtl70

    Always get great service and a friendly smile. Don took great care of me last time. Thanks!

  299. dvillazana69910

    went here a second time and it was just as good as the first time. will definitely be coming back!

  300. jamiecheroske

    Fave dispensary by far!

  301. Yungrex1

    It’s right off the the 101 not hard to find great location.

  302. Derekwing2213

    Hadnt been here in awhile and was able to make it in this past weekend already making plans for another trip in. Everything from the second you walk in to when you finish its extremely friendly and the meds are hella good can’t wait to go back! Keep up the great work

  303. gary

    Been coming to THC for a while and its always a great experience. The staff is very knowledgeable. just wan’t to thank you guy’s at THC for being there .. gary #6581

  304. Lotuskissed

    Lovea$? Best edible selection period.

  305. anonomoushippopotamus

    Good bud and a variety of strains. The pre rolls are a nice option as they usually have a variety. Great location off 101 and cave creek, easiest dispensary to get to.

  306. Zono

    love it its always a pleasant experience

  307. wailinjay

    My first visit here was great! The staff is very nice and friendly. They make it easy to find exactly what your looking for and don’t make me feel awkward going in there.

  308. Monkeydoodle425

    This place is awesome, always friendly and kind. Budtenders are so knowledgeable!

  309. A.millis_94

    They are amazing and super friendly!!

  310. oarlova

    The staff was very friendly and I fell in love with the blueberry pie strain!!

  311. danielurbina

    Great product and good prices!

  312. Victor911

    The only place for me!!!!

  313. Tyrant316


  314. sierrarose

    Love the express window!

  315. fayewrey

    gorilla glue #4 – AMAZING

  316. traviefiasco

    David P is a great bud tender. Great place, great product.

  317. Ncarr

    This is a good place. Only gripe is that I just drove down there (March 1st, 2015) because I received an MMS about a free 1/8th if you spend $100. I get there at opening and upon entering there’s a giant sign with neon coloring “Free 1/8th when you spend $100”. When I ask about it “No we’re not doing that anymore.” I would’ve just left if I hadn’t just drove 15 miles for it, just so you know.

  318. Antthevillain

    The Meds Here are so Strong. Plus the Customer Service I receive when i walk in the door is AMAZING!!!

  319. TristanOcon

    My favorite Dispensary in Phoenix! Their quality of their buds is unmatched. Cannot go wrong with this place!

  320. mwatts

    This location is woderful. Thier customer service is outstanding. Each time I’ve visited, I have been very satisfied. Special shout to Kory for suggesting a strain I like a lot. 5 star service and product.

  321. sergsamavi

    enjoy the experience everytime. always feel welcomed and staff provides great feedback.

  322. CaptainKronikk

    Awesome place with amazing flower. Quality is on point!!!

  323. White222

    I love the express service. The staff is always friendly and helpful

  324. HaydenB

    They all know me by name and have me coming back every time:) great service fast and efficient!

  325. apink89

    Rodrigo is great always on point ! Has great recommendation on flowers ! dY”Y=

  326. joshyoung

    Love this place, came for the firebrand

  327. Jacksonreign

    Always good quality meds. Fun people. Nancy and Joy are amazing!

  328. consutty

    The reviews saying this is the best dispensary in AZ are out of their damn mind, I have been here countless times and the only flower I consider top shelf is their $60 or $65 an eighth buds, which are hit and miss as well. There’s flower twice as good for way cheaper if you’re willing to look for it and drive. Overpriced is an understatement, decent dispensary if you’re rolling in cash. This review is coming from an experienced smoker and someone who’s seen the majority of az dispensaries. If there was a dispensary closer to me I would never step foot in here. Shop here if you’re rich and then you can maybe get one or two buds that are good

  329. Kanyon

    Great location. My personal favorite nearby. The staff is always super helpful and their recommendations are on point!

  330. impatientdyldo

    Amazing quality flower, amazing people, would recommend to any other patient

  331. jdero602

    Just did my first visit here. Staff was great and quite friendly. Great products on hand and knowledgeable staff. I’ll be back for sure.

  332. Mysterw214

    I came all the from mesa and wasnt disappointed. THANKS for the first time patient deal. You guys rock keep up the good work

  333. dcbates7

    In need of a late night wax spot with good prices and specials on the somewhat west side!! Please become this dispensary I crave!

  334. dunejunkie

    This place was awesome! I was greeted kindly even though I came in 5 minutes before closing time. They took me back and showed me their selection of buds and walked me through their effects. I will definitely be going back for meds in the future! 🙂 Order ID #: 1111

  335. cutipiemo41792

    Great staff and great products! Definitely try the Sour Banana and Do-Si-Dos. Absolutely amazing!!

  336. skittles420

    wonder people excellent setup awesome staff and really tasty meds at the hollistic center

  337. Blaxican

    this location is awesome, the trees are awesome, and they are knowledgeable … they’re like weed scientists…

  338. 19201325a

    Comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Knowledgeable, friendly staff. Good recommendations based on my preferences.

  339. TeganD

    If it’s not that flower it’s the people that really do make it my fav.

  340. MJR1964

    Great Meds!!!

  341. jeded


  342. Tstassi

    Best place best people my go to!

  343. heardx01

    Love the atmosphere and energy that they put off. their customer service is top notch A-1

  344. azsnatch

    Really felt at ease all products
    prices, etc. all presented well to decide ,like the specials too

  345. kushqueen328

    New to the area- came here and got a rockin deal! Loved the atmosphere. Shout out to the receptionist who had the best vibe of the entire place even though she was working New Year’s Day! I felt welcomed and guided through the entire process!

  346. richsands50

    This store can’t seem to get it’s staffing issues together and doesn’t seem to care. Unless you have unlimited time and patience, go elsewhere.

  347. Mandy2521

    Joe was awesome as usual!!!! I love this place!!!! Best meds and everyone is extremely amazeballs!!!!

  348. chr2131015

    Just pikd up an oz of Larry OG and its bomb! Will definately return

  349. samh1041

    Very nice location. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Good quality as well. Will be back!

  350. AlecWeiner

    The Holistic Center is my favorite dispensary in North Phoenix. They know how to throw a party, because their 3rd Anniversary was incredibly fun and rewarding. You’d like to go someplace where you’ll be taken care of, this is it.

  351. dannyrom

    The holistic center is a excellent choice if your looking for amazing specials and great flower.

  352. jmarie98

    Best in the biz always helpful and nice ! Great customer service!!

  353. ajjbroncos420

    One of the worst places I have been. The staff was crappy and they ftp deal sucked. I mean it was cool to get a cartridge and battery but they pick your cartridge for you. How lame is that? Like hello I might not like what you pick out. The products I got were decent quality I will give them that but I can get way better quality and way better service for cheaper actually a lot closer to home. I wouldn’t recommend this place but that’s just my opinion.

  354. PhillyGirl

    Convenient location, quality product, friendly staff, professional atmosphere, frequently changing menu, and always little to no waiting. Even when busy, they seem staffed to handle it; longest wait yet was 5 min during after-work rush.

  355. peachness7

    Best Dispensary! I dont even bother with anywhere else..

  356. ChocolateThunda

    good times 🙂

  357. sporyles

    I LOVEEEE THIS PLACE!!! Everyone is so nice and the atmosphere is perfect. 10/10 recommend for all of your medicinal needs!

  358. Bigdeals

    Huge selection of top-quality strains very potent flowers amazing specials running daily hands-down a great location to do your shopping at come see huge selection of top-quality strains very potent flowers amazing specials running daily hands-down a great location to do your shopping at come see and

  359. Camaron

    This place is the worst despencery!!!
    Nasty flower at $65 a eight wtf!
    I can’t believe there still in business!
    Big ripoffs!!!! Never again dY~!

  360. ShayneN91

    great shop first time in 2013 but just came back in dec 2018 great staff helps find your way around would recommend this shop 4 patients

  361. TheFabulousOne55

    I drive from Downtown Phoenix because I love it here so much! Everyone is really friendly & knowledgeable. And, if they don’t know the answer, they will find out. Awesome selection of edibles, too. Try the pumpkin roll. Ask for John. He’s the best!

  362. bknowles

    Close to home. Super friendly and knowledgable

  363. billsfan1112

    Ashley is great the staff is awsome great meds

  364. jzinPHC

    Knowledgable staff. Good variety. Prompt and courteous.

  365. andrewbuchta56

    Always great buds, but prices are a bit high.

  366. EQ2330

    Once again these guys & girls are spot on with their suggestion of,”Good Dog” and a good dog it’ll make you. Thanks again for the expertise. EQ2330

  367. BabieK

    They should do a better job at directing you to the deals you came in for !!! Horrible service and I feel ripped off won’t be back

  368. CBDz4me

    I have been here many times and will continue to come here. They do their best to accommodate me in every situation.

  369. codeninja

    Hey team,

    I am a first time patient and I have to say: WOW! I am blown away by the service from Haley and Cassie, along with the rest of the staff. Y questions were answered and I know I will be a return customer because of the overall experience!

    Thank you for being awesome!

  370. drevno

    I’ve been to a handful of shops around the area and the holistic center has the best consistent quality and deals. it’s the only place I go at this point. the staff of friendly and helpful

  371. sirdabzzalot

    great dispensary, love this place. never disappointed.

  372. MagicMike206

    Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. great specials and always high-quality meds.

  373. Amyj1

    Earlier I gave a review for the Holistic Center. I forget to mention John the manager, only because I was in a rush. John is very knowledgeable and always has a pleasant persona. I really enjoy the experiences I have had with the Holistic team. Thanks Holistic Center! You guys rock!!!

  374. Jbn480

    Really nice place, good people and service, great meds and donation amounts. Thx

  375. tatbiatch31

    awesome! incredibly helpful and i luv the xpress

  376. fact

    love this location. the express lane is awesome, and the medicine is amazing

  377. kansasfan420

    Really wasn’t to impressed my first time in. While everyone seems nice, I’m not to big on trying to be upsold or have strains pushed on me.

    I ended up picking an 8th of Berry White for $40 it was supposed to be around 27% THC and is usually one of my favorite stains.. not this time.

    Buds were premature and turned to dust like they had been sitting there forever. I had to smoke 3 bowls to even get any sort of head change.

    I may be back to give them a second try but for now.. I’m going to try a few other places in the area first. Life’s to short to spend $40 on bud that’s definitely not 27% THC.

  378. tinktink

    Good quality medication, great service.

  379. callmecap10

    The Holistic Center is the best! Always top quality flower, awesome deals and OUNCE giveaways! LOVE THC 🙂

  380. fuckedoffmyASS

    Love holistic center

  381. Sheldogg

    Great location for when I get off work late and need my medicine ! Thanks Nikki for you’re awesome help!! See you again soon!

  382. rodman246

    clean facility, excellent friendly staff, excellent prices on buds they have excellent Bud specials and cartridge prices are good too.

  383. adsmothers

    Best deals in the valley and a very friendly crew.

  384. AndreaSchlagel

    Kevin Rocks!

  385. dbender1993

    Great bud at reasonable prices

  386. bgaertner

    The staff is very knowledgable and always welcoming. They always have the $10 prerolls and they are the best ones in town. I’m here almost everyday!

  387. Hunnycrisp1

    Mango Kush is outstanding. Best and Freshest meds here at this location.

  388. yagasmoke

    Their pre rolls are horrible

  389. billyboy1952

    the best….heaven on earth…great
    folks and always top notch bud….never go any other place…..

  390. malopez0808

    awesome people…. love it…..

  391. Nicksavage1996

    Great quality flower and awesome staff

  392. PickleRiiick

    Great place to pick up your medicine! Staff is super friendly and helpful, they let me know about a deal I would’ve missed out on

  393. rgcamma

    Top notch place. Now my first choice since donation prices and specials are getting way better.

  394. Crawdaddy08

    I love the atmosphere and Mackenzie is the best!

  395. Gooney-Bird

    Great first visit!

  396. JCBarrera3

    Average dispensery, higher prices than others, and descent herb. I live around the corner from this place and i even won an ounce in a raffle for 420! But after months going here i found i can go 20 minutes away and get a 200 oz rather than a 380 oz, of the same quality and sometimes better herb. Also i get sometimes twice as much for the same or cheaper price elsewhere. Still a good place if in the area, but unless prices change i will keep driving out of my way.

  397. damnoname

    I think your place is amazing everyone remembers my name even though I may forget there’s I have recommended you too many people and will continue to do so but there is one thing you need to get new furniture it’s really hard with my arthritis and my back pain it’s hard to get out of the sofas.

  398. dylanm2121

    Although they are pricey, THC has a heart-warming staff willing to give you one on one guidance every step of the way. Great atmosphere and service. Top notch nugs as well!

  399. nutti

    I love the location… it was the first Dispensary I found on the day I decided to use my card,,,the guy that helped me answered all my questions without making me feel rushed…nice selection of all kinds of meds…I have enjoyed the Vaping and medible choices!

  400. tony7497

    Great selection of bud!

  401. rpelaccio

    This is my go to dispensary from now on. The service was A+ over the phone and in store. Jessica was extremely helpful in finding me the correct medications for my needs. the product was superb and was exactly what I was looking for. I recommend The Holistic Center to everyone.

  402. 60s2oner

    great place..nice atmosphere, good knowledgeable staff..will be coming back..

  403. Alovato

    made a donation for some KO KUSH and CASEY JONES and they are AWESOME. the staff was nice and answered all my questions plus its so close to home i’ll def be a regular here for sure. order ID 1471, patient # 4774

  404. ryan.haar

    Where do I begin? This place has so many positives! First off, I am positively stoned, off some super tasty black cherry soda from none other than The Holistic Center. Boy do I love THC, and they sure have a lot of THC 😉 I am from Flagstaff, and I always make a point to stop here when I am down in the valley. The staff are all super nice, have great attitudes and are very knowledgeable about medical marijuana, Alison was amazing, she was very sweet and helpful and you know she hooks it up fat, plus it’s never a bad thing having a cute girl sell you your weed;) At THC, their buds are super fire, their specials are on point, they have a great atmosphere, killer vibes and they keep me coming back! I definitely recommend THC to anyone and everyone in the Phoenix area looking for super dank medicine, but if you are in Flagstaff come to GreenPharms, best buds and best prices in great white northern AZ! One love brothers and sisters.

  405. whoknowswhat

    always very fast and friendly.

  406. joE12

    Be prepared to pick out some seeds even from the “top shelf.”

  407. Brynn415

    Love there flower

  408. ARM602

    Great dispensary with great prices! You can’t beat the price and quality. I love this place.

  409. smokeymctokeface

    Best dispensary in phoenix!

  410. knivesx2000

    Very friendly and super knowledgeable about their product, will definitely be back!

  411. bigwhitejordan

    very awesome staff! excellent specials! very top notch flower will be returning here very soon thanks guys for all your help!

  412. EZDZ

    Excellent, conveinient. J

  413. rlauer

    check out for edibles Nd vapes. great selection, and staff. great prices too

  414. greenRegan

    No joke I have found the trees here are more powerful then any other place I’ve been even the same strain just bought elsewhere for some reason they just smell better and pack he’ll of a punch.

  415. Elej

    super friendly staff no presure even when they are extremely busy. I see people complain due to how busy it can get but that is a sign in on ifself. keep up the great service and amazing deals!

  416. camaro

    Love the THCexpress service they have going. It’s nice to be able to call ahead and have your order ready.

  417. Jules1111

    This was my very first dispensary visit after receiving my card for the first time. I was hesitant, not knowing what to expect. But the staff made me comfortable immediately. They were knowledgeable about the products and took their time explaining the pricing and set up.
    The product was OK. Comparable to what I have been smoking. I was disheartened however, when I was served a pre-measured vile as opposed to having the bud tender weigh my purchase in front of me, deli style.
    As I have nothing to compare them to yet, I give my experience a solid, 4 1/8 stars! CHEERS

  418. jpullin

    best product in AZ, and I’ve been everywhere!!!, only dispensary working for the community doing a water drive for the homeless in the heat!!!! best I’ve worked with!!! thanks so so much!!!

  419. BlankMan23

    I love this dispensary the budtenders are so friendly and defiently have helped me get the perfect cannabis to help with back problems and there flower is amazing

  420. sb406

    Solid prices, a short wait and knowledgable staff. I like to come for the cheap oz’s.
    And they’re open til 10pm!

  421. Jjlehmann

    Great place, one of the best in phx!

  422. nykka0304

    You guys are awesome!

  423. TinyK

    The front office ladies are always very welcoming and happy to see you. The people in the back are friendly and helpful with narrowing down the list of what to purchase. I have been many times and will go back again.

  424. AZBloodSport

    Got some Blue Diesel there and love it. Great sativa qualities. The place is nice inside. The service left me feeling a little like a humdrum trip to Walgreens – nice, will answer your questions, but not particularly knowledgeable or passionate about what they are doing.

    That said, a pretty safe bet for med quality, just don’t expect to get any groundbreaking advice from the staff.

  425. SoggyNachos

    Love the service here great every single time. Bud always smells amazing

  426. KOKOkakes

    The Timeless Vapes are life and therefore I love THC I come here at least once a week. They have great ounce deals too!

  427. rjy1206

    Hands down, the best dispensary in the Valley !! There’s more to a great marijuana life than saving two bucks. THC’s value totally outweighs the price !!

  428. mcrisp

    The holistic center takes care of their patients better than any other place I’ve been. Big thanks to Mikayla and Jess for the awesome job they do EVERY TIME I GO THERE.

  429. brenfroe

    I love coming here they have the best meds.

  430. Jcr4200

    The best dispensary in Az hands down,best custmer service, great products, and deals every time you go also a great points program

  431. thethirday

    Jennifer D was a great budtender. I will be back to try additional strains.

  432. bwasley

    Great selection and wonderful quality. Staff was very informative and accommodating. Would recommend to all my friends

  433. Kewldood

    Recently it seems THC have really stepped up their game. Buds are fresh & sticky, and even the prerolls are a cut above the standard fare!! Don’t hesitate there are great deals for new patients too & most importantly meds are on point.

  434. Juggla

    Best in AZ, always quality, awesome point system. I also just won a free oz………

  435. MuZacMan88

    Great atmosphere and Ben helped me get exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again.

  436. carol.wilson.3139

    Excellent customer service with high quality products at reasonable price.

  437. krose142

    love it

  438. jdenz602

    This place is the best! Super high quality meds and McKenzie is always so helpful!

  439. jerrystory

    I thought the staff was friendly and informative.This was my first visit to a med marijuana facility.Great Place

  440. guyman

    Awesome med quality and most FAIRLY priced with great random specials, great staff. I’ve been to a few dispensaries but this has remained my primary and favorite

  441. TreeMaven

    Great location and Staff! This was my first and is my main dispensary. Disappointed they stopped carrying K.I.N.D. : [

  442. Bluenight141

    Love coming here. Such friendly and knowledgeable staff!

  443. aixareina

    Love the smiles

  444. TattooedTyrant

    A++ service, great strains, highly recomended!!

  445. Lylagirl420

    Awesome dispensary, always good deals and great selection.

  446. anonymous430

    pleasant budtenders, ok selection of flowers for AZ. Buds were pretty and well-cured, both strains I chose gave desired effects. Love that I can call in my next order!!

  447. azjoeyg79

    Every time I come in, the employees genuinely greet me (and anyone else that comes in)! They are very knowledgeable and willing to take time and explain the various medication types that are available. Amazing shop!

  448. jsmartz

    Loved the place and the staff. Kevin was super – helpful,friendly,knowledgeable – just like the rest of the staff. Great selection and good deals.

  449. tyler9r

    high quality flower and great location! love the employees as well!

  450. dnimemag14

    Great people great meds def will be coming back! Best place in town !

  451. JoeGInAZ

    This place is the bomb. I drove by 2 other dispenserary’s to come here. Yes, the other two were open.

  452. luckygingerking

    They are really friendly and great selection.

  453. moonvalleyaz

    great hours. friendly staff

  454. awlund09

    Grate place!

  455. bradenjayo

    Super friendly staff, I love the atmosphere and vibe. Great product to, since thats why were really there. I will definitely be back!

  456. Candy500

    Love the daily deals

  457. soldiergirl78

    I LOVE this place they are always very friendly and educational and have some really great specials and prices. They are awesome 🙂 Danielle

  458. wiffed

    Re-post since star rating was wrong” aEURoeGreat staff. Always friendly and helpful. Their MMJ selection may not be as big as some other locations, but they always have something I like. The points system is great. With the points I use the purchase is priced lower than other places.aEUR

  459. narf1

    deals are good because there trying to move the flower that isn’t good. you can’t view your selection of flower pre-rolls suck and edibles are crap do you like to sit in a cubicle and order your flower it’s a place for you

  460. AJLittle

    Employees Mackenzie and Jennifer have made my freaking week!!!! These females are he best and if you get them, you are good off???

  461. jesskiss6

    Shout out to the night staff at THC! First name basis and warm welcome vibes on top of the top shelf flowers! Loyal till the day I die!

  462. wbell500

    The Holistic Center offers a wide selection of products at reasonable prices and the products are fresh.

  463. Ballindtown

    love this place. They aren’t close to my house, but well worth the travel. Shout out to Mikayla for taking care of me. She is the best!

  464. Marsianoj

    Great flower! Highly recommend!

  465. electronicdancemusicamerica

    The NYC Diesel is out of control! Can’t wait to come grab some more.

  466. Emilyanne04

    I miss liked the service and information that was provided for me.

  467. w8lfsnvkescientist

    Absolutely love this place always quality amazing people and medicine. Always have my favorites!!

  468. jade44

    I like it, good location!

  469. propellerhats

    A first time patient having just received my card this week, I was incredibly impressed by The Holistic Center. I was a little nervous about my first visit to a dispensary, and the budtender that helped me was helpful, knowledgeable, and walked me through the whole process. I highly recommend a visit!

  470. billybiggles

    Im so happy this place is so close. Great selection of meds, Top Quality…! Staff is great, friendly and very helpful. GM is very professional and owners are like old friends. #4322

    Order ID 615.

  471. DevelleHobley

    The atmosphere is what I love to the most 🙂 smiles and flowers!

  472. element2420

    best in the north valley

  473. nikki001133

    Great atmosphere, and the service is quick and efficient

  474. EricVoise31

    I stopped in a week ago for the first time, since THC is fairly close to my office and I had been meaning for some time to check it out. What I found was an immaculately clean dispensary with a warm and welcoming staff and atmosphere. I never felt rushed and budtender, Josh G., was extremely professional, friendly, and knowledgable, helping me find a strain that was right for my needs. I will definitely be back, and I will recommend THC to my mmj card-carrying friends.

  475. matmanisgod

    Been coming here for over a year, out of pure convenience alone. Waiting on that waiting room is painful, and they really take their time getting to you. I saw another review about how they are just hanging out back there together, that is definately accurate. Very frustrating watching 3 people come out, nobody going back in, and hearing laughter in back, and is packed in the waiting room (I don’t know why). Flower is good, but how bad could it be, right? It’s a dispensary. The prices have slowly crept up over the last year. $65 for an eighth? I’ve never paid that much when the people involved were risking jail time, now that I can walk into a store, you think I’m paying more? They must be smoking all day cause this place pisses me off more and more every time. Specials are always gone by noon. I actually went in first thing last week, spent about $130, then as I’m driving away I get a text from this place telling me to spend a $100 and get a free gram… Nobody said anything 5 minutes prior as I was walking out. Just the worst run store on the planet honestly. If I wasn’t lazy as hell, I would drive anywhere else… And P.S. That bubbly as fuck receptionist is annoying as hell when you’ve been waiting in there for 30+ minutes, just an FYI…

  476. poolbou

    Love the staff. And they have the nicest receptionist.

  477. GrandyImes

    My favorite things here are Infusion brownies and cookies! great location and great hours!

  478. nathanreed

    This place was my go to place until they got greedy and started charging tax. and now 25 a gram for girl scout cookies wow you can get that anywhere for 17 to 20 a gram.I go to swell farmacy now the meds are 50% better in my opinion no tax and they have 4 different 10 dollar grams at all times. And I got
    green candy yesterday for 8 a gram that’s cool its way worth the 20 min drive.

  479. Teresaalexandra97

    Awesome place always friendly staff and Great bud ! Plus open till 10pm dY’*

  480. staceyr1976

    This is the nicest and friendly dispensary I’ve been to. They have decent strains. I come here all the time.

  481. slim81

    Prices are good and the staff is always friendly. I purchased some high CBD cream based on Don’s recommendation and it has worked well.

  482. kermitridesagan

    Great staff very helpful

  483. thomas.schuyleman

    Well I have been here 4 times each time wanting to try headband. It has lived up to its name and I highly recommend it. The Holistic Center is one the best in AZ. ID: 796

  484. dreamaz

    To be honest I live near the dispensary and only go out if desperation. I use flowers and you are by far the most overpriced dispensary in the valley for flower. I am sure I am not the only patient that feels that way. I think you should address this if you want to keep flower customers happy. Just sayinG dY~S

  485. rubbertoe

    4 stars, good meds, good people, good location, fast service, good donations #685

  486. Ozwin

    Friendly, knowledgeable staff helped me make a great selection and I was on my way in no time.

  487. DetroitMikeyC

    Friendly service, excellent selection of flour and concentrates. Awesome deals on pre-rolls


    Very professional and clean place,Very discreet nice location easy to get to right off the freeway. Very nice and helpful staff easy to get along with and very informational. I would recommend coming here for your first time.Good top quality strains ,strong and potent. Went in for first time bought an eight and a glass jar.good fair prices. I will continue to come here for my meds in the future.
    Happy Trails….

  489. boulderhill

    I stopped in Sunday “pounced on the ounce” deal for $200. Picked up some Agent Orange, got 2 free pre-roll, cookie, honey stick, and the “2nd anniversary T shirt……Sweet. Got home and tried it …….pre-rolls…..great……..the ounce is just as good. Bye the way I also have the 1st anniversary shirt.

  490. 1971flower

    This is one of my favorite dispensaries. And I think they have the best crumble !

  491. mamadman420

    I hold this dispensary in the “HIGHEST” regard!!! Jessica is as knowledgeable as she is beautiful!!!!!!

  492. dstilwell82

    Always a great place to visit

  493. JRyanAlexander

    By far my best new patient experience. Incredibly kind and helpful staff. Got 2g of a high THC and CBD strain mix, which were sublime! In addition to a nug jar and a free RAW lighter, with 10% off to boot, I will be coming back many times.

  494. rradz

    Love this place

  495. mrdrake1977

    Terrible dispensary all the product is on a shelf hidden and the people there are really terrible especially the guy with the Neck Beard

  496. MoFear440

    Luv coming here when i have time great staff

  497. Lins17

    Everyone is always super nice and welcoming and they have great deals

  498. vangoh13

    Always plenty of choice quality buds. Order #681

  499. tevans1

    Customer service is terrible. Obviously they don’t need customers or aren’t worried about keeping them. The girl gave me the wrong strain of flower. When I went to use it I noticed it wasn’t the one I had asked for. I tried to exchange it which I guess under state law they can’t do. However, good customer service would have done something about it!! Like give me the one I asked for no charge or a credit towards a new one!!

  500. yousefhurtado

    Michelle was awesome and very informative. She referred this bomb tree im puffin on…super gone lol thanks

  501. bznbuilder

    My favorite store! Love the staff and the timeless deals!

  502. qwerty1693

    Some of the highest quality flower I’ve found. Prices are adorable and staff is excellent

  503. Algarcia

    the selection keeps going down and the prices keep going up. Time for a new place.

  504. saestrajayna

    Love the option of an edible rather than a preroll for the ftp deal.

  505. treece1989

    I was welcomed with great customer service and my pre98-bubba pre roll was amazing. The ghost of was my favorite for sure. Thanks aoeOEdY3/4i,

  506. Im1meanmom

    Love this place
    Staff is great

  507. bzimm11

    Great selection of meds, a nice clean atmosphere and a knowledgable caring staff at The Holistic Center. Definitely recommend stopping in and checking them out if you’re in the North Phoenix area!

  508. emmalouxo

    Staff is always knowledgable. Front desk always friendly. I’m huge on customer service and this place always makes me feel welcomed and comfortable. Good meds and goods. Definitely recommend this place !

  509. afields87

    Awsome place great place. The people are really nice and help full. I would def recommend a friend to shop there

  510. sdfs

    Tbh this was the best and one of the fastest service . My time here was so satisfying and my herb was dank asf.bomb bay don’t play StinkYy_DankYy (Mico)

  511. kingswizzle

    good flower, good wax the wait time was longer then most but non the less it’s a good spot close to my house

  512. Poedizzle

    One of the coolest places to frequent around.

  513. amparrish602

    Great place, good bud

  514. Troyphx

    One of the better dispensaries…nice people – usually good meds. Only downfall is that they don’t offer quantity discounts.

  515. michaelacaron

    Best daily deals in town. Great product. Be sure to sign up for the daily deals which they text every morning.

  516. phxdabzilla

    A+++ awesome

  517. 4Rare420Rx

    Was a great experience, much like a Doctor’s office (everyone in scrubs) Selection was broad spectrum from Flower to edibles and other infused products. Very friendly staff, wait time was a little long but no problem as processed in and an overall good experience. Product purchased was as ordered, great flower, I tried the DurangoOG and the Presidential Kush as a first time “outta the gate” and was pleasantly surprised that the flower was pharmagrade, a new addition to the dispensaries I am finding while writing “Finding Chronic in Cowboy Country” Pricing break for industry and new patients, very cool. I would say on the “pre-rolls” as I say with every dispensary, a pre-roll to a patient is a calling card to come back, so pre-rolls should be rolled with the best of the bud, not the shag at then bottom of the bag. The Blue Dream pre-roll I got at departure was not a “comeback for more Blue Dream” pre-roll. Halfway through it both I and my counterparts put it out. Pre-rolls should be the best, it’s your marketing tool to have patients come in and get/try new strains they found via the free roll. So a knock for that of one star on quality. Being from Mendo in Cali, when I give a joint to a patient to try, it’s always my “best of show”. This is prevalent across AZ dispensaries I have visited and seems to be the opposite of marketing. Also the pre-roll showed a harvest date of 12/23, so there was not a predefined curing a nd finsihing on that product that I would expect. Pre-rolls aren’t a freebie for fun, they are a marketing tool for expanding strain exploration and should be treated as such. Overall a great experience.

  518. AllSick


  519. trigger16

    Great quality and variety. Always leave with a smile

  520. morningsteve

    My favorite dispensary. Nice variety of meds for different levels ailments.

  521. monalove

    Very friendly and knowledgeable. Very good at recommending strains that work for relieving my aches and pains, especially the headaches I suffer from daily.

  522. leaflover2846

    I enjoy coming to this center. The people that work here always have my order ready with a smile.

  523. annie44

    Holistic Center has a nice range of product. They have really fun events.

  524. Mla7787

    Waited 30+ minutes for some of the worst weed. Wasted $135 on an OZ of rainbow cookies. I do not recommend. Not worth the FTP.

  525. Ljloft

    Extremely clean location with a well educated staff and amazing products!

  526. smoke42

    great prices and great bud

  527. Berniebro16

    Great meds amazing customer service love this place

  528. Laviniapolo

    Love the new express feature. They have great deals.

  529. chente602

    This is one of my favorite store..the bud top quality

  530. GoodEats420


  531. jsdmshuck12713

    I Love THC!!! This place has bomb deals and medicine!! The pre roll bundles are awesome!! Yet again awesome service not a long wait! thanks guys you ROCK!!!

  532. cursework

    I love coming here, the staff are always super friendly and helpful and the prices are always reasonable which is great for people on a budget.

  533. china_rider

    awesome people awesome product!

  534. slat3rr

    I called ahead asked specifically for wax. asked if it was considered shatter, wax, or crumble. i was assured it was wax and NOT shatter. you have a deal for 100 dollar 18ths of concentrate. i get here and its only shatter. why was i told one thing on the phone and i get here and its the complete opposite. lost out on alot of money. not sure if ill be back.

  535. yankeered2k6

    Best pre rolls! They are always great and are actual BUD! Maybe a mix… I don’t know and I don’t care because they are quality pre rolls and I will be forever getting my pre rolls from this dispensary.

  536. hightimes2592

    I’ve been here twice, definitely like the couple strains I’ve tried thus far. Has been a pleasant experience both times, in and out pretty quick too.

  537. visticar

    La Cheese! I have been going to this place more than most because of the unique strains. thats good for a strain specific person like myself. the tax hike wasnt very welcome but im able to get what i need and the quality is excelent.

  538. BRud420

    This place is that greatest. I just want everyone to know how great Vicky McKinsey Nikki everyone is incredible I lost my wallet and they found it outside. Great, great flower! Great deals I love the timeless cartridges. Thank to everyone for all they do peace out

  539. JonCK

    The place was quiet and small very attentive staff, I was helped out by Mikayla G. She was friendly and fast my favorite combo! The product was top of the line will go back.

  540. abriil420

    great. very convenient

  541. ofito

    Some how my 1st review shows 3 stars for service. I meant to give it 5 stars. Kasey was awesome! My apologies. Thank you, Rudy Lopez

  542. jjohnson2k3

    My experience every time I have been there has been very relaxing, inviting, and friendly. The Staff is

    knowledgeable and I enjoy the experience.

  543. jgreen042090

    Absolutely great environment! I’m always greeted upon entering. Staff is extremely friendly and helpful. My medication is always amazing!

  544. ilovepete

    Love THC. Ask for J. He is awesome. So happy I could pick up my Cornucopia Dragon Teeth Mints. Migraines be gone!

  545. peggyalexander

    These people are absolutely wonderful. I purchased a battery over 2 years ago and it died. They jumped through so many hoops to help me it made my head swim. One of the employees even offered to give me HIS new battery. I can’t say enough about how pleasant it was to work with them – I’ll be going back for sure!

  546. ReneeCat420

    Awesome location! Easy to find very nice people.

  547. maggie1995

    One of my favorite spots! Everyone is so helpful and nice. Not too many products to choose from but it’s all great quality.

  548. nicanamos

    Awesome dispensary! Always helpful and friendly. Would highly recommend. Best donations I’ve seen in phx. Meds are top quality! Visit the Holistic Center!

  549. elizabethsweetleaf

    I love coming here! its not offten that I get to come here but I still get greeted with a friendly smile. I love the bud quality and I love the wax:)

  550. prolly44

    Deals are very misleading. Timeless deals always sound like they are for all timeless products, but when you get to the shop you find out they only have 4 or 5 strains that are available for the deal which I would imagine are the strains that are getting a little too old and spent too much time on the shelf. Other times I’ve been in for deals on firebrand which call for bogo but when you get to the shop you find out the deal excludes almost all firebrand products besides the low grade shatter.
    This place has decent quality stuff, but their deals are more of a marketing scheme to get you in the door. They aren’t giving any of the good shit away on the deals lol. Anyways, just wanted to warn some readers about that, because it really sucks when you get to the shop with a perfect list of all the goodies you want and have the perfect amount of money for, then to be told none of the stuff on your list is discounted by their misleading deals.
    There are other shops that don’t mislead you in their daily deal texts!

  551. Fleminh1234

    This dispensary is always nice to visit.

  552. Tiffanytimmer

    Easy to get in and out of

  553. rfrench7

    The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. Great product at THC

  554. Dank_Wizard420

    They always have the best product and service! Would recommend to anyone looking for some awesome flower!

  555. drewzz14

    Great selection of edibles and pre rolls are best in town . Highly recommended

  556. danimal357

    I have been buying here since I received my card. The employees are helpful and knowledgeable. The product is always good. I rarely shop anywhere else.

  557. loal1974

    This is where you should do your holiday shopping. Great product, specials, prices and people. Happy holidays all!!!!!

  558. trulyunknown11

    Amazing concentrates, mixed with great customer service this is a very welcoming clinic

  559. sc00byd00bied00

    The Do Si Dos and Fire OG by Black Label are by far my favorite strains I have picked up at THC!
    I love the Dos Si Dos for a sweeter smoke, or the Fire OG for an earthier taste. I want to thank THC for the exceptional service and quality product everytime!

  560. dreamaerd82

    I love the quality of service and the quality of bud. I wouldn’t shop anywhere else… this is THE place to be!!

  561. cleeclope

    I didn’t have to wait for service, which I appreciated. The staff was welcoming and friendly. David helped me make selections and was very knowledgeable and explained everything. It was my first visit and I would definitely return.

  562. Thundercock

    This place is definetly one of the best despensaries i have been too. They have a nice selection all very nice, and the people kick ass and are really informative.

  563. moet917

    Great products and superb service keeps be coming back!

  564. freak1c

    Great place, convenient, clean, safe location, great meds, great staff, I would recommend, this is my regular dispensary.

  565. matthewnicklaw

    best quality pre-rolls in town

  566. aowen7304

    best point system in town. even if you’re pinching pennies and they even remember your name.

  567. CutJulius

    love this spot I’m there all the time awesome service…

  568. ashleyj12

    Love that they’ll text you happy hour deals

  569. Nancela1

    Great knowledge people, friendly, helpfuldY’
    Thank you for being there

  570. adamholderby

    Great atmosphere

  571. jwanhai

    Pretty sweet

  572. Kyle.94

    Super knowledgeable and friendly people, with great medicine! The best business this side of town for sure!

  573. jenniferlink

    BUYER BEWARE: Does not honor prices/specials on Leafly.

  574. daboyz26

    This place used to be amazing… Lately tho it has really been falling a
    short of other dispensaries very close… the flower prices are crazy high… i walk out with $20 eighths anywhere else I go. The wait times lately are ridiculous. They have lost key staff members who really made the difference.

  575. Barre021

    super friendly and grade A product from edibles to vapes to flower! awesome service !

  576. Miahmoss

    ckean building and good people..very helpful with my medicine and questions.100% satisfied

  577. orgncwhtmlk

    Quality of flower imo is not worth the price they charge. I hate that I feel this way too because they have strains that I’d love to try, but I wont pay $15+ a g for most all there bud. Other shops have you beat in price and quality/potency all around… The service has yet to feel real personable. Not all of the bud tenders seem to be on top of their bud knowledge. The atmosphere doesn’t sit so well with me either… You’re the only shop I’ve been to that is set up the way you are. I’m just personally not digging that set up. On a good note. The staff is all very friendly. The are their for you as best they can be. Service is pretty quick too! Which is a plus considering the wait at some shops. I would recommend any patient try them because this is just my opinion. What isn’t right for me might be exactly what you are looking for. They are worth at least one visit and a review. And I may shop here again in the future. Depends on what I see on the shelfs and if I think it’s worth the extra dollars. Your so close to my house… just still ain’t feeling the quality/price issue…

  578. Maskie420

    Great! service was awesome, very friendly and helpful. Jessica helped me out and got me some very good bubba kush! overall a great location

  579. SativaMe3

    This place has incredible bud. I just wish it was more affordable, but I get it. It’s great medicine, so if you are in the area and have some money to spend, check em out!

  580. 4wingos1

    friendly staff

  581. pappydontplay

    Moryah Is the Best she recommended the Afghan Kush and it rocked. I love This Place!!!

  582. greatwhitee

    Love this place

  583. fx2drd

    Nice easy to get to location. Friendly staff, nice variety.

  584. mon2154727

    Best dispensary in Phoenix. Don Lucas helped me out and he was very knowledgable on the medicine. Would definitely recommend to friends.

  585. Beana77

    I started going to Holistic Center when they opened. It is a good location, safe etc. Great service. Wish they would up the quality a bit.

  586. Kdjw419

    The location is convenient just off the 101 freeway and Cave Creek Road! The employees are helpful when making medicine choices that are right for me. Order ID 1340

  587. Mikeyhb1

    still the best flower in town hands down love this place great peps great prices

  588. dreaduling78

    Great customer service. Polite and friendly. Knows their customers.

  589. Tylerizme91

    this place is great and the staff is super friendly!! love this place thanks Holistic Center i would recommend to anyone!!

  590. pokeybear

    i have been going to THC out of convenience. Their prices are a bit on the high side and dont include tax so it gets pricey. the product is good quality. i have been getting the pen cartridges and recently had one leak really bad all over the battery. brought it back and they replaced the cartridge and even cleaned off the battery. if prives came down this would be my for sure go to all the time.

  591. Gainbread

    Maria was excellent with her job and making the sell , I would highly recommend friends they got some good good.

  592. AlfredoSoto

    The wait is too too long to go in the back. But well worth the wait one of the better Dispensaries

  593. Cerealkiller777

    Wow….these guys know how to hustle. Always reliable and no bunk counterfeits. The Holistic Center knows how to treat it’s patrons and is definately the jewel of north phoenix. Get down to The Holistic Center and find your cure today. Thanks Cassie.

  594. jenbialowas

    love the people that work here! Everyone is so friendly and nice.

  595. FreyaLynx

    I have Black Jack the other day one of my Favorites by far makes me feel relaxed without knocking me out

  596. 430ilove

    Way to expensive especially considering how many new places have opened up. There’s no need to go here anymore till they lower their prices.

  597. rgrovey

    Such a great first time experience with Mikayla!!! Definitely will be coming back

  598. Serenity

    This was my 1st time to this place. Was impressed with the staff, especially Nick.

    I got 2- 1/8’s – GDP and CJ. The GDP weighed right on, but after weighing the CJ three times, was a bit disappointed that it did not weigh – was .3 short, (which isn’t a lot, but would like to get what I pay for), plus it had a pretty good size stem to boot. I will be back though, since you are only a couple of miles from my house and overall was quite impressed with the center. Order #936

  599. QueenHart

    Love this dispensary! Very good flowers, great hours, great specials!

  600. naajra

    Best meds by far!
    Always recommend this spot.

  601. TastyBuds33

    This was my first time here. Nice place! Flower is good quality! The staff was friendly and helpful. I would recommend coming here.

  602. jason78

    Great service. Even when it’s busy you get in and out pretty quick. Prices are okay.

  603. SondraT

    This place is great. They have great selection of everything, the staff is very helpful and polite. They make sure your taken care of and never leave unhappy. I would recommend this place to everyone.

  604. MattRDon

    location is new and clean very professional decent deals mikayla gallegos was awesome

  605. Rob13m

    Biggest reason I like this dispensary is the timeless deals they have pretty frequently and all the budtenders I’ve had so far have been pretty knowledgeable on the products. The rewards system is beast too lmao

  606. mckenziewetmore

    great atmosphere. staff are very helpful in finding me the perfect strain

  607. bakingcake4200

    Best prerolls ever. Great selections on edibles.

  608. kirscen

    byvfar the best atmosphere in Phoenix. knowagable and if they don’t know they are consulting with each other. conveinent f or me to ger thr too always a plus since I don’t drive. Thank you thank you thank you. Thanks

  609. _CeliCelll

    best shop I’ve been to yet, quality weed, positive vibes, awesome customer service. definitely recommend this place to other mj card holders

  610. tony12king

    awesome individuals and super helpful

  611. johnnyboi69

    I love this place, I live right next door and it’s so convenient for me, not to mention the staff is the friendliest bunch in the world

  612. Wildwood420

    Quality, service, atmosphere off the charts. This place offers exceptional service and personal care. LOOKING FOR NEW DISPENSARY, GO HERE!!!

  613. 3kingsmkin

    nice place but the flower is not top shelf and the bud tender couldn’t tell me if the flower was indoor grown bit I already know that answer . that kens cut gdp isn’t even gdp they are advertising fake strains to get you in the door everything there looks and smells like green house crap mids at best

  614. cutjuliusaz

    awesome service…

  615. Kailaa

    TRASH when you text me, your Leafly specials and you have signs everywhere today saying”BUY ANY QUARTER AND RECEIVE 50% OFF ANY TIMELESS CARTRIDGE” and then do NOT honor that ? Drive all the way up here even your front desk people say oh do you know about are specials today and come to find out no haha you have two strains you can choose from and you have to buy a quarter in one strain can’t get two eigths and then u will get 50% off like really ?? Way to piss off your customers get it together seriously I get that y’all are having a hard time competing with people that why everyday you crazy expensive 50$ 1/8ths are dropped down to $25 but seriously why lie to people to get them in for sure just lost a customer again you text me your description for Leafly and printed god damn signs say BUY ANY QUARTER GET 50% OFF A TIMELESS CARTRIDGE y’all are trash.

  616. Bluefox13

    By far the best in the valley. Extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Everything is fast and efficient. I’m always impressed.

  617. Evakelly67

    Budtenders are always nice and straight to the point. They always have the best medicine and quality terps dYOEY

  618. archiveit

    Staff and product were great.

  619. jellyfishyAZ

    love this location. super knowledgeable staff.

  620. ivy312582

    Great, Clean Atmosphere and Nice, Knowledgeable Staff!

  621. slorts0808

    Great dispensary. Easy to access, great hours, and an extremely friendly staff. All products and testing info is clearly labeled, and the private booths are awesome.

  622. pidgeonroyal

    quick and speedy service, the staff are incredibly nice people. not to mention its close to my house, definitely a go to spot

  623. jdempster

    Cassie is the best bud tender hands down!

  624. elliottjake92

    Im a little surprised at there patient check in process.. its not very organized..staff was knowledgable but however seemed to rush me a little bit, possibly ciz it was the end of day but still could have been nicer

  625. deebo18

    Alyssa and Nick S. are absolutely fantastic! They remember me when I walk in the door and are always so friendly and helpful. Amazing Platinum Girl Scout Cookies flower too

  626. JCruz3

    I live right around the corner from THC and it was my first dispensery I went to and I had no complaints. I would always go at perfect times where I would be in and out in 15 minutes or less! I even won a piece of an ounce in a raffle, and ended up with an Ounce on 420!! After going here for a couple months, I realized I was paying way too much for such small quantities. Now I drive 30 minutes away to get twice the bud for the same price, or with specials sometimes twice the herb for cheaper than THC. If they had competitive prices, I wouldnt go anywhere else but until then 200 for 2 oz of shake will always beat 385 for one oz.

  627. Jollylove

    Great location!

  628. solrac2021

    great place like the vibe excellent medical

  629. Meds4all

    Awesome place with awesome quality and prices!

  630. Popps

    Great location! It’s about 5 minutes from the house. But that’s not the only reason we go there. They have some great deals, and the quality has always been right up there.

  631. oldsteve

    Not the best prices and edible selection is not always great but service is great

  632. shannon37

    Great flower!

  633. kbomb

    almost 5 start cross the board

  634. daman1030

    When your out of product you need to post a sign before somebody wait an hour and you tell them

  635. deena949

    The holistic center is my go to dispensary. While I live two minutes away from a nearby dispensary, the care and attention I receive from the center makes the trip to the dispensary all worthwhile.

  636. rick24f

    They used to have great concentrates, but the pure concentrates are black and I’m guessing trim run at best. the flowers are decent , but also went down in quality. I’d rather pay the extra 10-20 for quality than spend 45 for something that is barely smokable.

  637. crtical

    This dispensary has bomb herb with an array of different essentials and on top that the staff is very friendly and the front clerks have excellent customer service.

  638. jcal93

    very professional staff great deals and quality!!

  639. romero49

    Great people. Great meds. Great location will come again

  640. beautifulerin420

    Best Dispensary I have ever been too! Great Staff, Awesome Prices and amazing quialty of everything!

  641. Chizzlemang

    I do like this place but I came through on the 27th of November which is me and my wife’s anniversary. I came in because I wanted to surprise her with an eighth of jillybean. Well there wasn’t any eighths left so instead of getting one of jillybean and an eighth of presidential kush, I got a whole quad of the jillybean. Don’t get me wrong it’s good bud but it’s so dry and not the standards I come to recognize from here. Maybe it just got too much air and was cracked open a bit. After weighing it it was a little short. I’ll continue to come here because I won’t let something little like that stop me from coming in and it was an isolated incident. Good quality buds.

  642. sambo4

    Love this place great meds and great employees

  643. Green42Fortytwo

    This is one of my favorite dispensaries. They have quality products, and almost always have a great special or deal going on. They also have friendly bud tenders like Joe F. that make it very easy to find what you are looking for.

  644. DmN420

    Amazing staff and top quality products. The Gorilla Glue is amazing!

  645. Phxlocal

    Awesome service and atmospher

  646. Mooie316

    love this place and go here often. tons of options on edibles and concentrates. my only complaint would be the flower can be hit or miss. sometimes it’s beautiful for the price. sometimes it’s overpriced for the quality. I also think that they need more deals for smaller purchases. it’s all well and good for a deal on large anounts but if you are like me and don’t like to buy huge quantities you can’t really take advantage.

  647. jwhite2015

    Very friendly and knowledgable staff! Would definitely recommend to anyone new or old to the MMJ world!

  648. indicabruce55

    Always got fire bud and good deals every day

  649. kebrown62

    great meds and great service!!!

  650. amberrhea

    Love these guys. Great service! Many different kinds of edibles. Great variety too!

  651. irisrazelrose

    Always go twice before I review. Great shop. Great quality bud. They pride themselves on quality. Will definitely be back. Order #710

  652. grannieZ

    $25 1/8 on all strains…..OMG you cant afford not to stop here and the people are all super friendly. Special shout out again this month to Rodrigo. Lost my MMJ card and he made sure I got it back. Above and beyond. Thanks Holistic Center!!

  653. honda919

    Great place to go, always nice and friendly

  654. Stuckhere4ayr

    always take good care of me when i go there. i really like their do-si-do pre rolls. great deal on Saturdays for concentrates.

  655. kleggy22

    Love the staff and the product. This location is not convenient but its worth going out of my way!

  656. AZMMJz

    I’ve been to most of the state licensed dispensaries in Phoenix and The Holistic Center is definitely the most legit. The flowers are always good and i always leave feeling satisfied.

  657. Tigh420

    My absolute fav dispensary! I don’t really live that close, but THC is just THAT AmAziNg I don’t mind the drive. I purchased 5 Black Cherry Chem pre-rolls for $45. Sweet, fruity taste and an excellent head and bod high. I am HIGHly impressed with the quality and atmosphere at The Holistic Center.

  658. jokertravis

    great people very friendly very knowledgeable on medication good selection to pick from.

  659. BobaFettTokes

    Always fast and very welcoming service. Bud tenders are always extremely knowledgeable of what they have in. Always look forward to visiting.

  660. maxblue2

    Prices are way too high and they charge sales tax, too.

  661. kjller

    absolutly great service and quality!!! will be sure to come again

  662. juiceman3136

    Very nice, helpful, knowledgeable, and low prices.

  663. s6mmie

    Recently got my card and this is the first despensary I went to. Great place, super nice employees. Tyler helped out a friend and me, he was really knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely will be going back

  664. faitbanks687

    the blueberry haze is horrible. should rename it to “grandma’s ciggarrets” never again.

  665. jt5lacy

    Had great service with great quality buds . Definatly gonna come back again. 7906

  666. terrydog1973

    I have been to thc twice now and have been very pleased with service, meds, and prices. I am a firm believer that any place asking for more than $50. for an eighth of top shelf is committing highway robbery and patients should not support them. Do the math and I think you will agree. The only complaint I have is that they offer no kind of customer loyalty rewards program but they are not alone I have found very few disp. that do a fact that still puzzles me. I think dispenseries would be surprised at what kind of positive results would come from just kickin down a pre roll or a gram after so many visits thc has more of the Qualities I look for when acquiring my meds. That is until I find a place that fights a little harder for my business, in the meantime I will continue to take my business to them. You seem to be on the right track thc I hope more people try you out and realize that we as patients have the power to send a message to these disp. that seem to think making a quick buck is more important than a long lasting relationship with their patients. Stop going to these places and write reviews they either listen or go out of business. I’m just sayin!

  667. Cuddii

    by far the best dispensary. 🙂 always attentive and have the best medicine!!

  668. jc1879

    This shop has great products, lots of variety and a very knowledgeable staff! I appreciate all their help

  669. kmk4life

    This was the worst service I had ever received whilst at this establishment. I normally love this place and recommend to all my patient friends. but today made me a little eerie to recommend at least without warning who I recommend it to. Heres what happened woke up checked the deals on my fave dispensary called to see if the deals were still going on they were not so Always call before assuming the deals are still current, so i ordered the THCXpress cause i figured it be packed and when i got there it was so I( was glad i had ordered ahead, checked in told the lady I had a THCXpress order guess she didnt here me cause 20min pass and i see a guy who came in after go up to that window, so i get in line behind him The front desk lady said you should’ve told me you had a Xpress order i said i did, she said no you didn’t , I politely said Yes i did you just must’ve not heard me. so finally get up to the window and shes ringing me up its only 1/2 the amount of medicine I ordered NOW good thing I had noticed this or I would’ve been screwed out of medicine i payed for then she gets the correct amount and tells me its a price WAY over what is said online and she said “o ya” checked and said it was incorrectly Priced now not gonna lie I really just wanted to leave and call my caregiver to come over to my house instead, and also seemed like they were taking advantage of me. Contemplating whether to go back or find a Different Dispensary. Morale Of the story ALWAYS check what you receiving, Call Ahead, and make sure your not paying more than whats listed. Very Dissapointed. Being busy is not an excuse we are your Patients NOT Customers.

  670. adambraslawsce

    This is my neighborhood dispensary! The staff here are amazing and make my experience great every time :). Any questions I have they usually have an answer! Thanks guys for being awesome!

  671. Ccrider33

    Great clean place, very friendly staff, good donations, good variety, always a positive experience

  672. felony

    Meds are only sometimes good, only here and there..
    And it seems like it’s always short, or dry.
    Most of the employees are very uneducated on cannabis flower, very rude, even to patients that keep coming back.
    All the male employees are very rude, and not helpful at all. Get new staff. Get better flower.

  673. Local50

    Great place. Very helpful staff.

  674. Bowlzahoy

    Dirties wax I’ve ever seen. Always a extremely long wait. will not be returning

  675. schristian

    The location is great. Service is awesome and the products are amazing

  676. softstars83

    Love this place!

  677. LoboKush213

    great. come all the time. so worth it.

  678. smfisher21

    Was very happy with my experience at The Holistic Center. I was greeted immediately and warmly. Being my first time there I appreciated all the information I was given. I had been informed of a certain product for my inflammation pain and was told of a different product that would work better for my pain. I appreciated that I did not feel rushed and was able to ask all the questions I needed about each of the products I got. I will definitely be coming back!

  679. gwillus

    Great specials regardless of the day!

  680. just4kicks66

    My first visit to THC exceeded my expectations. The staff is very knowledgeable and very helpful. There are too good reasons to become a patient at THC, so like Nike says, just do it!

  681. mkman7


  682. toolfan21

    THC is far and away the best dispensary I’ve found in the PHX metro area. Their daily deals are fantastic! Be sure to take advantage of “free-roll” day!

  683. Jruss66

    The Tahoe OG was good but that’s all Ive tried. The prices were a little steep, but I’m not from Snottsdale. The service was good.

  684. jbd79

    will definitely be coming back!

  685. Call4lynda

    love the energy here

  686. 25cruiser

    everything is awesome but if you mainly do concentrates stay away..

  687. bec1793

    I have been here several times. I find the staff to be professional, and although still on the learning curve (aren’t we all??) they are always more than willing to find the correct answers to my questions. I’ve asked a lot of questions, and never once felt pressured to make a decision or buy something that wouldn’t help my particular situation.

  688. Respectfulkid

    I LOVE this place. The staff is great, the product is great(little expensive, but quality over quantity), and I’m always out of there within 20 minutes. I’ve only been to a few dispensaries because most are to far to drive to, but I’m always happy with this place. I know I’ll get top quality products to help me out. If you haven’t gone here, you should, the staff is great and so is the product!

  689. dtimber

    I’ve never had to go anywhere else. The staff is kind, polite and very knowledgeable.
    I assure you, once you stop by, you’ll keep coming back.

  690. ShortyC

    I have tried numerous ways/times to get help with a product that doesn’t work and can’t get anybody to help me. It was. A huge waste of my time and money and now I don’t have the meds I need or paid for. I am very discouraged.

  691. ZenGaian

    Wonderfully diverse product, professional and friendly staff, dignified service.

  692. sinkarma

    my favorite place to shop heading back for more 818 mmm with a hint of skunk well to me it did lol.

  693. katlover

    it was wonderful. perfect for my first time….

  694. zunhell

    this place is the reason I come back every time

  695. Harrob0716

    Awesome set up, I like how you get some privacy, but the selection is great and the quality of the smoke is pretty fire

  696. bigboy2331

    Great place and wonderful flower. The best staff

  697. Taterbugs05

    Absolutely loving the “tonic” blend prerolls, great idea!!! dY’s

  698. fullgreenz710

    They have a great variety of products.

  699. carlossestrada28

    Professional, friendly, and good specials

  700. Nybird1

    Love the location! Right off the freeway. I have never felt comfortable going anywhere else! Ask for Joe French or Cassie! If it were not for their help, I’d be out the door! Nice, friendly staff up front but in the back these “salespeople” don’t seem to have a clue. After spending so much on the trial and error process, the inventory changed and I had start all over! Leafly, Nancy, John, Cassie and especially Joe. Now they know me and have been constant in having a great supply of what finally works for me!

  701. ZebraKing

    Med quality has def. dropped

  702. rskinner9000

    First time at a dispensary. Staff was very informative, prices were fair. I got some Diablo OG that worked very well for my condition.

  703. dowjor

    great buds

  704. idb313

    Best place I’ve gotten medicine from. Hands down. Jessica really helped me picked the right medicine for my specific problems.

  705. Seadog420

    Thanks for the Anniversary gifts. I continue to see professionalism by the employees of Holistic Center and appreciate it!

  706. Tanman247

    Great service with friendly people. I loved the variety and the GDP I had picked out.

  707. Fairfield

    Great atmosphere very relaxed, Meds are top notch some of the best I’ve seen at any dispensary. Definitely will be shopping here a lot more in the future.

  708. Zoven

    Just got off the line with Katie who was very helpful explaining what was needed. If you are looking for a place with great product and great staff the THC is the place

  709. tyanders36

    Great help! Always great deals!

  710. floydlove

    My #1, go-to-dispensary in the entire state. Great vibes, great bud, and the people remember you by name and take an interest in getting your individual needs met. Its awesome here. My dad also recommended me to come here and its been my favorite since. Thank you THC 🙂

  711. UpinaBlaze81

    I come here quite often,Kristen is thee BEST !!! I hope I get lucky enough to get her every time!so helpful,this place rocks!!

  712. TheloniusSkunk

    I have yet to be disappointed here. Flowers are all top shelf (get the Gorilla Glue… trust me). Customer service is always friendly and knowledgeable. The point system is great and I absolutely love their express service which I use frequently as it can get VERY busy here.

  713. Dpaladin4199

    Great service!

  714. nightstalker2243

    This place is absolutely fantastic! Their staff both front of house, as well as their budtenders were extremely pleasant to deal with. Very helpful and informed staff and a great selection of products. Checkout was surprisingly pleasant as well. I love the way they have each register set up almost like a small office where all questions and concerns can be tended to. Strictly professional vibe and an emphasis on healing. The only reason I didn’t give five stars on quality is because I haven’t tried their flower yet. I was strictly in need of tincture and topical products on this, my first of what will no doubt be many visits, in the future.

  715. Sparks5

    Love the atmosphere. I’m a regular here and they’re all very inviting and friendly. Also staff is very knowledgeable. Love the products over anywhere else!!

  716. bbudlong

    Best staff and product in the valley! Kristin, Katie, Tegan, Mackenzie, Cassie, Jessica, Kara, Kevin, and Glenn are fantastic! Love the Gorilla Glue!!

  717. angeline21

    My favorite place to go! They always have what I’m looking for and there stuff is really good! Defiently recommend!

  718. tpage81

    Awesome center. They are very courteous and helpful.qq

  719. redneck6771

    Every time i Go in the staff is friendly, and knowledgeable the product is well trimmed not like some of the other spots i have tried when traveling not alot of stems, the green Crack strain seems to help the health issues without making me hung over and it will help me sleep.

  720. srepmam

    Sorry to say good bye! You lost a
    Customer and was a simple fix! STAND BEHIND YOUR PRODUCT! The facts holistic center is one of the more expensive facilities! They do have some great staff.but to not stand behind a brand new defective product is a rip off!

  721. jpetrel

    Easy to locate!

  722. noahables

    Amazing layout

  723. jmrogers

    Love this place. friendly people and merchandise is great.

  724. Lena

    Love this place the staff and prices are amazing!!

  725. kduchon

    came in for the first time patient pre roll and absolutely loved the place very nice and professional looking place. the check out booths were definitely unique and the bud is good quality! don l helped me today and he was
    awesome very knowledgeable plus just really easy to talk to.

  726. ddina5

    I fell victim once again to their $100 oz special This time I called before I left to make sure the special was still availabe and it was. I arrived 20 minutes later and it was of course not avvailable anymore. They had only been open for a little over an hour This has happened to me three times now from this dispensary…..

  727. XOllCoolShay

    great place!

  728. FlowerOnlyPlease

    Out of all the pharmacies I’ve been to, this place has the highest quality meds by far.

  729. cwandrych50

    Really good quality co2 wax. Would recommend to anyone!

  730. Agent420

    Very nice dispensary!!

    Top notch staff!

    Superior meds!

    Will be back for more!!!!!!!

  731. TheDabFather710

    Great people, great vibes.
    absolutely love everyone!

  732. SamTheKid29

    Man this place is crazy. Best deals in town & friendly.

  733. tfitzpatrickaz

    I have only been there a couple of time but the atmosphere is very friendly and inviting, the tenders know the product and give great advice and suggestions. Definitely worth the visit!

  734. jrad142

    THC is awesome! The medicine is high quality, test results are posted, the staff is helpful and extremely knowledgeable…super happy with service and meds!! #1131

  735. MrFigueroa91

    i just want to say that your FTP deal is AWESOME!!! I will be in later this evening. see you soon!!

  736. 70sChick

    I wish I knew about this place sooner! Short wait times, competitive prices & super friendly staff

  737. SourCactus

    Front desk brunette was bubbly and personable, sorry I missed her name! Kaleb was helpful, friendly, and efficient. He got me in and out of there quickly and i always appreciate that.

  738. kosarsipe

    A little pricey but cool store check it out. Very cool design and atmosphere. They take debit card. Meds are well displayed and explained . Like I said nice digs need to see it. They did have a very afforedable price special which was perfect for me. I smoke sativa`s I choke on indica`s so I love me a great sativa for my pain relief. Top quality bud even the special bud was sweet. I tried a couple of their sativa`s and the special bud. Service was excellent. From the front desk staff. She was very proffesional and curtious. My bud master was great to. I enjoyed my experience and will return.

  739. Budsworth22

    Excellent first time experience, everyone was friendly and helpful, especially Omar who was very knowledgable and patient. The flower is all beautiful, some of the best quality I have seen in the valley. I will absolutely be a return customer and I strongly recommend anyone who hasn’t been here Come and try it out!

  740. Jerrylovesgreen

    Love this place!! Got some GSC the other day, nice relaxing buzz. Teagan was helpful as always!! I appreciate the staff knowing their stuff and for being so helpful!!! Th

  741. dancejohndance

    Love this place. Great flower and amazing staff.

  742. Batman94

    I love the new assorted wax!!! my favorite is the Jesus OG

  743. chieffin

    Have a large quantity of sativas and not too many indicas. Other than that good and EJ was great

  744. motz4u

    My experience at the Holistic Center has been very good! The Staff along with the Owners are very informative and professional, making the whole experience very comfortable! If you are a new patient, I would recommend you visit the Holistic Center! Order #608

  745. iowa0204314

    great deals and super close. preorder for short wait time!

  746. HostilityBudz420

    the meds are average, i was hesitant in a lot of choices due to extreme prices, but there is the off chance they have great deals, like $35 eighth’s

  747. chinnlesley

    Went into THC as a new patient yesterday. I was impresed by how friendly and helpful the staff was. Quality medication with great donations and specials. I will definetly be returning!

  748. andrewsm

    A great quality product and wonderful people. I would recommend this dispensary to any MMJ patient.

  749. Dalina

    convenient location…close to Highway and other destinations I frequent.

  750. boricua_420

    best place to go

  751. CBuze74

    My new favorite. Great strains

  752. goldensoul

    cool place, good selections. the staff are really nice and friendly. good prices and points system. this is my new favorite place.

  753. AZWeedNerd

    this place is my favorite I love t.h.c.

  754. Ponzy1

    Great Place for great medication. I would definetly refer other patients.

  755. julia8noel

    Friendly staff and great product!

  756. bulto74

    Don Lucas was great at helping me out. Thanks Don!

  757. Srhinphx

    This use to be my absolute favorite dispensary in the valley. I don’t know what happened in the course of a lil over a year but it’s not good. And what’s up with this new manager. That dudes wack. I feel like he lies out of his teeth so that he can get you to move on. And lastly never forget its patients over profits.

  758. Brittneylynn4308

    The flower is alright they go thru there indica pretty quick.

  759. jsmn

    Awesome vibes, staff, and great quality flower!

  760. Jungleprince

    I love this place. It was my first time going to a dispensary ever and they helped out a lot, definitely made it worth it.

  761. Kayla976

    I’ve been coming to The Holistic Center for about a year now. They always have the best deals and promotions. Happy employees make happy customers and I am always greeted by a warm welcome when walking through the doors. I constantly learn something new by visiting The Holistic Center. Thanks Guys!

  762. nsvenvold

    I love this place. The staff is always knowledgeable, and super friendly.

  763. abotley

    Best dispensary in Phoenix!!! Great prices and shatter

  764. Chelsea710

    Never a disappointment, every time I go into the holistic I’m very impressed with the quality and the amazing consumer service

  765. azdailydabber

    This was my first visit ever and I can promise you I will never be back. I went in because of the attractive menu of concentrates and that you were boasting about THC levels. The lady working tried to say that some BLACK GOO (literally black) was 93% which was obviously a lie. I’ve seen 16 year old kids 10 years ago make better wax than this. I purchased two types. The Uncle Herbs Fan Favorite, because of the look…. But when I got home and was actually able to smell it, it smelled like something out of my spice cabinet. The another kind, the lady who was working claimed to be crumble. It was a little dark but it was the only other hash that looked decent so I thought “why not”. When I got home, I found out was 25 micron bubble hash and its not even something I can use on my nai . I am furious that I payed for this over-priced poop. literally poop. I am going to tell everyone how terrible your product is. STEP YOUR GAME UP. You aren’t delivering the quality meds you claim to be.

  766. hoont79

    really nice shop but the meds and service leave something to be desired. Not sure how some of the folks are still employed, the one bud tender others talk about is indeed at a minimum completely disinterested in the customer he’s helping, and a lot of the time just plain rude. This shop is a last resort for me.

  767. Rage867

    This place had such an amazing selection and the service was fantastic, very hard to beat. My only complaint was that while taking my order my waxes got left behind. I wasn’t charged for them or anything but it was a disappointment when I got home. However my order did have a few items and it was a simple mistake so I think I will defiantly come back.

  768. highkaren

    When they have a sale it’s a great deal. Nice place with great waiting area. Order ahead feature is nice. Very good quality flower and wax.

  769. bobberbowski

    Forgot to mention… They don’t package in Nitrogen gas. Just disposable pill bottles. Not air-tight.

  770. D201347

    FTP was nice, the rolls are bomb! Fast service and very knowledgeable budtenders

  771. bluefes

    The holistic center does such a wonderful job. It’s a clean safe and very friendly shop with employees that are well educated on their product and always go above and beyond for their customers. Happy belated 1st year looking forward to many more.

  772. NightOwl13


  773. hollynicole17

    The concentrates are great and the employees are all very helpful.

  774. ask21flyer

    great atmosphere, quality is the best, mostly great people willing to take time to help explain things.

  775. jimalone

    first of all great deal today with the $70 quarters. the Skunk #1 is very good for the price. nice waiting room. friendly, helpful staff. a little pricey with the top shelf stuff lately. was extremely happy with my visit today. cute smile from the staff to go with very good meds. you have my business.

  776. Hipps87

    This is my favorite dispensary. I love the selection here and the budtenders are so friendly and nice. My son is a new patient and this is the place that I recommended he get his meds from.

  777. jegillam

    Nice location (closest dispensary to my house). Prices are good. Quality of products are good to excellent. Helpful, friendly staff. Nice variety of products. What more could you ask for?

  778. runningmom0631

    One of my favorites. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and so helpful. For me it is convenient for me as well!

  779. austinrstout

    Always good, a free pre roll every month for writing a review is nice

  780. Kudahbhang

    First time patron. Atmosphere was nice, the staff was friendly and the wait wasn’t bad. Will revisit and will recommend.

  781. airviper18

    First time visit here for yesterdays specials. Got referred by a friend great quality flower, updated lab results on each crop is great to have in helping decide which stains will help most keep it up 🙂 came in for the quality and because of the specials otherwise maybe a lil pricey on a normal day but somewhat understandable with added lab costs…
    Great service when we got thru the line even though it was obviously a long day everyone was still in great moods and glad to be helping everyone.
    The atmosphere was OK not much of anything but chairs in the waiting room and a few in the back room too random golf things nothing spectacular but the display boards are very nicely laid out and helpful while your waiting.

  782. alkemistoner

    I loved this location!!! Great atmosphere and great people! The staff were actually educated on the product and made me feel welcomed. Thank you!!!

  783. daria0202

    Wonderful Meds

  784. DavidE123

    Happy people, great meds! My new favorite dispensary

  785. whatsbetter13

    Digging the deals they have going recently!
    Awesome priced jars with great quality inside! Can’t beat a $100 jar that is GOOD STUFF!!

  786. bl8ze11

    i really like the quality of bud here

  787. dstrings15

    Knowledgeable & always nice. Definitely a go to!

  788. Koche2230.

    Good products. Great service.

  789. adam.bunch.75

    I love this location and all of it’s Glory

  790. mimi

    I have had my my card for about 4 years now. I’ve shopped 5 dispensaries and over 95% of the origin time, I shopped at the Holistic center. Now, it’s 100%. I’m 60 years old, have several medical conditions. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. Since I have been going to them, I have stopped taking tramadol, reduced my neurontin in half and have reduced my 10mg Oxycotin from 6 times per day to 2 times per day. Their product is high quality, weight spot on and consistent. I am thankful for the knowledge, experience and honesty that I receive from everyone at The Holistic Center. I am grateful that thru their products, I am able to work in my field (landscape contractor) right next to my men and not be crippled by the debilitating diseases that I have. Thanks guys and kudos to you for your professionalism, care and cinsistant quality of product and service you provide.

  791. Gomez9741

    Nice Halloween specials

  792. BuddyMT

    This was my second time in a dispensary, so I can only compare it to the YiLo Superstore. The staff were nice and helpful. The front waiting area felt like a doctor’s office. After giving them your card you wait and they call you back by name. There was more of a business/medical vibe than YiLo based on THC’s layout and divided purchasing counter. The back room also seemed a little small. As a first time customer I got 10% off my purchase and a free pre-roll. They had a list of pre-rolls to choose from. I got Green Crack. Compared to YiLo, THC seems to have a similar collection of flowers. THC’s concentrates were more prominent, but THC doesn’t have anywhere close to the variety of edibles that YiLo has to offer. One thing to note is there is a call ahead window to avoid any wait time. Highly suggest taking advantage of that.
    Finally, I was quite bothered that the edibles I purchased didn’t name the specific strain used in the edible. It only listed Sativa or Indica. As someone who wants consistency, and wants to know what to expect, this was a big strike against THC’s edibles, and the reason I only gave 3 stars for quality.

  793. maddxlee

    I just got bogo MPX and I’ve never been so disappointed. It’s not holistic’s fault, but if you staff could pass on the word it would mean a lot. I kid you not there is half of each carti gone, monster cookies and wedding cake. It wouldn’t even hit because the bubble was so large at the bottom that the wax had to melt down!! I’m so disappointed in this product and price for basically .25 of concentrate.