The D2 Dispensary

TOP SHELF: $30 1/8ths!



7105 E 22nd St, Tucson, AZ 85710


32.2069181, -110.8401403




10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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The D2 Dispensary is a state-licensed medical marijuana facility. We are located at the intersection of 22nd and Kolb.

D2 features a contemporary and modern layout in a spacious and fully renovated 3,000 sq. ft. building. Easily accessible from the street, D2 is ADA compliant with ample parking for customers.

D2’s four station, deli-style dispensing system and digital retail menus are unique retail components that simplify the selection process for patients and gained mass appeal at its flagship.

Ample parking is available in front of our dispensary.

**All our menu prices include state and city taxes.**


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208 reviews for “The D2 Dispensary

  1. OutlawKush

    the people they have working with them are amazing! always on top of everything and always get my may questions answered and is any my issues are always resolved quickly!

  2. boothsgirl

    They are the best! I’m always happy when I come here

  3. TucsonCannabist

    Be careful. They have text message specials. 2 weeks ago i took them up on their offer of 2 grams of concentrates for $60. The text message said tax was included. I ordered online so that I wouldn’t have to wait. I get there and check in, told them I ordered online. More than 10 minutes later, they call me back. I told them I ordered online. They didn’t have the order, but proceeded to fill it for me. I reiterated I wanted the $60 special. She said, Ok. She came back with my order and charged me $60. I paid with my debit card. 3 days later, on my bank website, i saw the transaction from D2 dispensary. It was for $64, not $60. Then last week, I bought the $60 special again. I forgot about the $4 extra charge. The next day I remembered and checked my bank account. Again I was overcharged. Lesson: pay cash so they can’t alter any transaction after the fact. As far as the quality of their shatter/ wax, it’s inconsistent. But it always seems like it’s not purged/cured enough. Strong solvent aftertaste. One day, i was baking edibles. I needed to decarboxylate the shatter for higher THC potency. After 20 minutes, the shatter was filled with air bubbles proving my point of under finished product. I put it in my vacuum purged and finished it properly. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

  4. mattelliott9

    Best dispensary on the east side without a doubt! Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  5. k3medusa

    This was the first dispensary I went to here in Tucson and always come back. Besides being close, the staff are all wonderful, the best!

  6. XoxoX73

    Absolutely love this location. The waiting room may be smaller than its big sister, but she more than makes up for it in the back room! Spacious, clean, and wonderful budtenders that are so patient with someone so new to the world of MMJ. I’ll come here now any time I’m on the east side of town for my Dr. Who and my BOGO vapes. You just can’t beat it. atm!

  7. Jacklin

    I really enjoy the personalities here. Always feel welcomed here. Awesome deal

  8. Cherryboy25

    best location

  9. beas87

    love this place people are awesome and flower is great definitely my kinda placedY~

  10. KingJamesIII

    Chris H. Friggin’ AWESOME. More patient than I am for my therapist.

  11. Youngron215

    Best dispensary for cold cured stains, no long wait times

  12. AaronV5

    This place has a great selection of pre packaged 8ths. Some hidden gems in that batch for cheap!

  13. jewelmarie17

    The staff was very friendly. Answered my questions in a professional way. The atmosphere was nice and relaxing. I would definitely recommend this place to a friend.

  14. Dannyvee24

    Best of the best

  15. Monica6801

    This place is great. They really listen and recommend products for your symptoms. This was my first visit and John is awesome. Thumbs up to John I was feeling really bad the day I meet him and he was very patient and listened. He recommend great products for my symptoms. This is a great dispensary. I highly recommend this place.

  16. Summerov1983

    Love this place.

  17. ccanez1

    love this place, i live half a block from another but prefer to drive the extra 20mins! staff is so friendly & knowledgeable!

  18. MandyCx

    Great place always welcoming once I step in the doors 🙂

  19. rontucson

    Awesome service and selection

  20. 520fumar

    One of the best dispensaries in town!! Highly recommended

  21. TheTrev10

    Everything and Everyone at D2…phenomenal ! Max effort all the time ! Always pleased.

  22. Striz1989

    Best product in the city and friendly staff to present it

  23. tkelly520

    great vibe

  24. pacosixfour

    love the gelato cartridges..great prices.friendly staff

  25. Jcord85

    huge selection of products

  26. wedpro2

    Great meds.

  27. pain66

    just great
    a must try in the new year

    all 3 times being their
    have been great

  28. Andibchillin

    My favorite dispensery, the service is wonderful but some deals could be improved. With love and hugs

  29. JarianReddout

    it’s great

  30. MissAshie

    great place! Always super friendly and willing to answer any questions.

  31. Sasha2you

    Front desk really friendly
    back had issues with the computers but that happens
    a little more help understanding products would be nice

  32. CNR

    Nice staff and great selection with clear explanations.

  33. Bunstrum

    I love coming here. Great new addition to the dispensaries in Tucson. Lovely staff:) usually a very nice, decent not too long of a wait. They always make you feel very welcome and warm here.

  34. Coldfire17

    Awesome 2nd location for the best dispensary in Tucson! The staff is very friendly and helpful. I really appreciate the changes in setup from the downtown location. They have it set up so that you can see the strains for cartridges up close in the glass cases rather than attempting to read them from behind the counter six feet away. Super smart! Would love it if this location had water bottles for customers the way the downtown location does.

  35. AzaleaIRT

    I love D2 I was excited when it opened up especially knowing that it was right down the street great place great atmosphere love it thank you

  36. Kataz77

    First visit

  37. dreallen

    Great bud and amazing atmosphere

  38. imblazn

    Awesome service and excellent merchandise! Highly recommended!

  39. mrshm

    I like this dispensary. The employees are always polite and friendly. I like that they are not all huddled together talking. They are always working. They have great specials.

  40. Lickem

    I waited 20 minutes in this place just to leave empty handed because they have no express window.

  41. jeppy1

    I’ve been going to the d2 dispensary since they open this location on the east side maybe less than two years ago. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give the products around a nine or a 10 never a complaint always good quality. However, customer service needs a little help. And that’s putting it nicely . Specifically front desk receptionist looks like she crawled out of bed and into work. No smile, and no personality. Not very welcoming at all. Almost felt like I was an inconvenience.

  42. CptHad3s

    The waiting area was cleaning, and brightly lit. The bud tenders were knowledgeable, and helped walk me through my first ever visit into an AZ dispensary. Good strain choices, and nice daily specials.

  43. Elias34lee

    D2 is the best! Best quality and super friendly service!

  44. J42024

    One of best dispensary s in tucson

  45. martincanez77

    Great place to get meds always friendly staff

  46. catfishghj

    this place is expensive. they will not give me my veterans discount with any other deal, so it is completely useless and I will not be a customer as long as they have this policy

  47. 22bsmith

    great customer service nice flower and good prices definitely recommend this place to my friends.a~o

  48. Renee99

    I made my first visit today and the entire staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and just an overall joy to work with. I was helped my a tall bearded fellow (wish I could remember his name) and he went above and beyond to help me. I will for sure be back again.

  49. Wavy6ravie

    Slow service for an online order.

  50. Gradeagrowersclub

    awesome awesome medicines great customer service is great I would recommend everybody and anybody to go there smoke on

  51. ciriaBeas

    D2 is a good place to get ur meds great flower great price and awesome staff I’ll see u soondY~Z

  52. Coleromick446

    love this place always great

  53. Smassengale38

    Great Dispensary. The flower selection and price is unbeatable.

  54. AKidwell47

    staff is always on point. product is great

  55. Funnygirl1960

    Love this place! Adorable staff! Very professional!!!

  56. lambybuddz

    Overall the best place in tuscon for your flower quality,service,the bud tenders are knowledgeable and the deals are totally great. i have visited every dispensary in tuscon and this by far leads in all categories as the best

  57. memo.g8619

    Good buds

  58. Junghe15

    clean store. fast service. you won’t be sorry!

  59. Jordan Chinky

    this is the BEST storefront in town!! high quailty products for sure every time

  60. Lilrandell

    My mans big Luke is always taking care of me, the shop alone has a great vibe and the flower is just a1 quality

  61. Callabis1993

    This dispensary really goes above and beyond to make sure their patients are treated fairly. Highly recommend!

  62. Aylalaraine

    Fast, friendly, and great atmosphere! Great daily deals and fast pickup service! clean and organized inside and out!

  63. Stucky1023

    Helpful and knowledgeable staff members. Always a pleasure to come in and grab a few things.

  64. ftherese96

    very friendly people, good prices & a great variety of selections

  65. YoMamasNomads

    This location has very kind, helpful staff. The flower is good quality for the price. The concentrates are top notch. I am pleased that most prices have lowered over time. There is a roomy feel with the vaulted ceilings. I will be back often.

  66. Julianm1811

    Place was grate . Awesome flower clean concentrates thanks d2 keep up thw good work

  67. KerysHawke

    I absolutely love this dispensary. All the staff are awesome, no one throws a fit because I have my kids as a single mom. The hours work great even with my late nights and the prices are pretty fab

  68. Blueangel4101

    My favorite dispensary hands down. Worth the trip for this great place. Luke is the Best & Quinn. Great staff excellent deals excellent meds a$?i,

  69. gigi23

    awesome waiting room amazing staff and great budz will for sure b back

  70. Rmosier

    Very friendly atmosphere. Even the service via phone was amazing service and very friendly and knowledgeable.

  71. Conan82

    Good spot, friendly employees, great deals. High quality.

  72. jjmonaco

    never have had an issue. great people and very knowledgeable.

  73. Ivy65

    I love going there. Everyone there is amazing.

  74. mtforman

    Clean lobby cool staff and great prices and some of the best quality flower in Tucson .

  75. jimmyboy15

    great location also the cold cured is
    were it’s at .it goes down smooth.

  76. BlueAngel4

    I’m a faithful Downtown Dispensary Advocate (trust me) I really love the new place & I live in Green Valley! Took almost 3 hrs to get there! Had to see it! For me personally the location is too far under present personal circumstances . D2 will be a huge success. The foundation is solid. Excellent Medical DispensaryaEUR1/4i,dYOE1

  77. bonez30884

    Great prices, great deals, and great people. I LOVE THIS PLACE! KEEP UP THE AWESOME JOB!!

  78. ds917

    The best

  79. tuc13520

    love it close to me better then the downtown dispensary

  80. Embe3

    Best dispensary in town! *****

  81. Theatrealarussa

    Best Dispensary! Great service and very easy to find the best flower for you.

  82. KnickieR2682

    I love this dispensary the staff is ALWAYS superfriendly and helpful.I would recommend it!

  83. Thebudda15

    Totally amazing I love this place I haven’t gone anywhere since they opened they all know me by name and treat me like they want me here dY’tmdYtm,

  84. lizjoanie

    Amazing and quick service everyone is super friendly !

  85. Ambershaun78

    Love the ppl n they have the best flower

  86. rjamesr89

    This plac is awesome great flower all the time employees always greet you when going to pick your script and I mean all of them greet you with a friendly hello and always say good bye very friendly place. Check it out you won’t be disappointed!!!

  87. Amandamatrecito

    Love the place environments very clean the flowers very green and fresh employees are very nice and friendly Just Like Home.

  88. ZephonSeven

    Online order always makes things go super quick. I asked for some information printed for an older relative on a new product and they gladly helped me out.

  89. JasonSteele83

    D2 staff are very knowledgeable and nice. The prices are good and the quality of the medicine there is great.

  90. Blaze4869

    I went here and had a great experience. Staff was very helpful and product was good quality.

  91. rytting

    By far the BEST dispensary I have ever been to. Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable. Great selection of top notch flower. I’m now a D2 customer for life. There is no need for me to ever visit another dispensary.

  92. taylor420stoned

    I’m glad that they opened an East side location because downtown dispensary is my favorite. They have really good flower and the staff is always nice.

  93. jwi77ie

    Man, always a pleasure to deal with the tenders at D2, and super deals on quality flower and concentrate are just icing on the cake!

  94. Pwnagraphik

    great place and great bud

  95. Stina81

    my first time placedY~%0

  96. errico19

    The atmosphere is soothing and the Budtenders are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable! I always feel they have my best interests at heart!

  97. hazywings

    Supreme quality flower, and a great location in the corner. Customer service is top notch with some really awesome budtenders.

  98. BanditClyde

    Love the people love there

  99. 2xMama

    Amazing 5dYOEY customer service.. The staff is extremely helpful..This place is heaven sent!!!

  100. jamesgkush

    amazing atmosphere and all employees are super helpful and very nice and amazing quality

  101. Caggi27


  102. Lizzynmariannsmomma

    They always have the best sales and smiles!!! the atmosphere is very bright and energetic

  103. phxsmoke

    Mike was awesome! He was straight to the point and helped me find some amazing strains!! Definitely will be returning.

  104. buddhamonk

    the longest wait and no hustle. why do people who check in after me, get to go in before me. first time patient.

  105. Victor39

    good and fast

  106. Andy61

    Best dispensary in Tucson!!!

  107. toon38

    3 times they have posted sales and then they didn’t them when I went in. I guess Leafly is posting without their consent. worst place ever not recommended at all!

  108. blueberrie

    great location… it….great atmosphere best service….

  109. creepizzy

    Love this place. Every time I walk in there I feel super welcome! I always go here for the BOGO cartridges. My favorite dispensary to go to 🙂

  110. CharVlah

    D2 lobby is HUGE lobby, Larger TV’s go throw what is on the menu and is available. Never waited longer then 5 minutes. Budtenders will not steer you wrong if you cant make a choice. Flower is always the best I have had in the city of Tucson (so Far). Sometime out of stock with the really strong concentrates, but the stock they have is top quality. I would like to see better deals with the flower more often, But when they have deals they are great. I always hit this store a few times of more in a month. You GOuys are AWSOME, keep up the great work healing people.

  111. Drogo2018

    One of the best in town. Yummy product, knowledgeable staff.

  112. baye90

    Amazing place. Been here before and have no issues BUT there wait times HAVE to be quicker. Sooo slow. Id come back but not if it persists.

  113. TrishaMatthews

    Love this place. And the people are so nice!

  114. firufive

    Great customer service, really informative and good prices. Will definitely go back again.

  115. Kjwilly

    I have visited other dispensaries in town and this place has the best quality of any of them. They have a huge selection. Their staff is very knowledgeable, almost as if they had already tried everything in the store. Lol

  116. Hilson_pardonme

    Nice place

  117. chunt

    nice place. i recommend coming in

  118. Bigbucket29

    just received my medical card and d2 was amazing. Everyone super friendly and helpful.

  119. broncscats77

    D2 has a excellent combination of high quality flower at very reasonable prices along with great customer service. Budtenders are very knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend using D2 as your medical marijuana headquarters!!!

  120. Mgav08

    Great deals

  121. CASE32

    Best in town. Hands down.

  122. Curtinerin

    I really like going to this dispensary. There is no wait and the quality is great.

  123. BlazenGreen

    Staff was nice, store was on point and so was the flower. Daily deal for Tuesdays and Wildcard Wednesday’s I like. $200 Ounces all strains a$?

  124. devonc

    Bought 2 different kinds of medlava cartridges to try for the first time. A indica and a sativa. Neither of them have a cannabis taste and both of them have a harsh taste like burnt plastic and gave me a headache. I called to let the manager know and just said it has PG in it and that is supposed to mask any flavor…..

  125. mojomik

    Nice store. Plenty of good meds.

  126. Xarahakat

    Already a loyal downtown patient, and this place is definitely worth the hype. I was blown away by the quality of my meds, as well as their current selection. They had a strain I’ve been looking for for months, and even a new to me CBD strain while we are in the middle of this CBD draught in Tucson at the moment.

  127. datham97

    The best

  128. ironlung_mcginty

    D2 and Downtown have the best bud and best new patient specials in town. Period.

  129. chazcat

    Bud tender seemed knowledgeable. Decent meds. Will return.

  130. Nikkimeyer

    Love the staff and the environment!!!

  131. MrRavenclaw

    Summer is the sweetest budtender I’ve met! Sweet and kind always

  132. littledebbiem

    Did a online order. Was great did not have to wait went to the back got exactly what I wanted at great prices.

  133. RevMotta

    I had a bad experience.

  134. diancega21

    Friendly staff and a great selection! I always receive services in a timely manner and any questions I may have are answered to the best of the staff’s abilities. Their products are high quality, and I’m always excited to see what’s new.

  135. BamBaminaz15

    Every time I go in, everyone is always so nice and friendly. From the minute you walk in, to the minute you walk out. They are all so very knowledgeable about there products. I feel so at ease asking any question. Keep up the great customer service!!

  136. Trapshegucci710


  137. shavlis

    everyone here is so dope! the budtenders all know me by name and the flower is on point every time. I send all my friends to d2 and they love it too. thanks guys!

  138. Gable4207

    I just came hear for the first time and it’s the best by far I all ways had a hard time deciding what I want when I go to a dispensary but when I got hear it was a kid In a candy dY!
    Shop all over again but be hold the budtenders r the best at helping
    U get exactly what you need
    For what ever. Thank
    Staff and everyone
    Else pick out…

  139. BigG29

    bogo prepackaged and good quality

  140. BryteStarre

    Love this place! Hadn’t had my card for a year and just got renewed. The budtender recognized me and we caught up like old friends. Thats how they treat you here. Friendly, they know the products, and if you need help they are ready. My top choice for dispensary is D2 and Downtown almost exclusively!!!

  141. Yaya278

    love the concentrate variety

  142. jbogausch

    The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. I am happy with the products there as well as their pricing and daily specials. I have had a few bad experiences at dispensaries since I became a patient and this has not been one of them. The wait time has been relatively low and I would highly recommend them!!!!! D2 is one of my most visited choices!

  143. Fish23

    Great place tucson need D2 on the east….

  144. Melisdad

    great service

  145. KEE215

    Be patient it is always worth the wait

  146. Dante123

    best flower in town

  147. dankyhk

    Awesome, friendly atmosphere. Including amazing prices on quality flower. It was a fun experience coming in as a patient here!

  148. skyswartz

    This dispensary had great customer service. The cartridge deal was awesome b1g1. The flower has also been delightful. If I am ever in that part of AZ I would have to stop by to get some quality medicine

  149. DRoo710

    love the lobby great prices friendly staff

  150. MattNugg

    Great place! I l

  151. dabudz420

    Great dispensary!! Kind budtenders great flowers killer wax

  152. guccimarcos

    Definitely one of my favorite dispensary’s in town they have high quality flower and the deals there are pretty good too definitely coming back

  153. sidAZ19

    Alex is an awesome tender! I enjoy walking in and getting his opinion on the selection. Never disappointed with D2!

  154. sumannsum

    D2 is my favorite dispensary in Tucson! Great products and even better staff.

  155. Anuhamut

    the budtenders here know wtf they Are taking about they have about of knowledge and status and types of flower to get for what you need

  156. ptosis

    Do not buy the MedLava Hybrid Blend Cartridge 300mg/
    $35 First timer here bought 5x, the cartridges are poor quality. Avoid.

    Customer Service is GREAT! Was offered exchange on cartridges but declined due to that would merely continue having problem.

  157. finclan

    Best dispensary and the best security.

  158. bam87

    awesome shop great bud aswell as other products sabrina is tha best

  159. Tatters

    Got some of the Golden lemon yesterday. I know seeds are likely to find here and there but 5 seeds in a 1/8 of their “top shelf” is crazy. I do recommend this place still budtenders are super dope everything about this place is sweet but gotta get the seeds in your medz under control

  160. Ladystina81

    if I lived closer, I’d go here all the time. dY~%0

  161. Kkeydoszius

    Quality,price,staff are all giant contributors to a great environment with plenty of Information available, the medical marijuana is top notch also.

  162. Shannonrocks1

    I won’t go anywhere else for flower. They have the best. Staff is always awesome

  163. regret0221

    Since the first time I went to D2, this has been my go to dispensary. All of the staff always makes me feel at home. They are all knowledgeable, friendly, and I love hearing aEURoeHey Justin aEURoe when I walk through the door. The medicine is always top notch and seems to get better with every week that goes by…and their prices beat the nearby competition by at least 25 percent. Looking forward to trying their new strains from their personal grow!! Best dispensary in town by far

  164. CarlosJames1010

    Loved it, the ex football player helped me out as my budtender! He’s dope! Flowers are dope!

  165. NicaEloy

    Good location definently going back

  166. thefemininestoner

    Love coming to D2! I’ve been loving the strains they’ve put out from their grow! that cold cured is so fire. Helps so much. The staff is so awesome, I always have a good time coming in.

  167. jjacobs4413

    I love the service the staff are very personable and knowledgeable about the product. The atmosphere is very calming makes you feel like you’re chillin in your living room. I love the various deals they are good prices, the product varies and allows to try different strands for different experiences. The only thing I don’t like is how far this location is from me lol but the times I have come here I have had nothing but great service.

  168. Chadseitsinger

    Great place with clean shop and wonderful staff who have great personalities! Quick and convenient. Highly recommend!

  169. smokepurpaaron

    It’s a great location for the east side and thier grape LA is a amazing indica for 9 bucks a G.

  170. Gorr

    I was able to purchase the Valley OG and the Choclate Hashberry. Both were some of the best marijuana I’ve smoked in months and the staff and atmosphere are top notch. don’t expect to get a great deal but expect to have the best service, marijuana, and atmosphere you can ask for in Tucson

  171. Faeryfreak93

    Quinn helped me the other day with getting specific stuff for my pain and he took the time and went through all the options I had. This is one of the best I’ve been too and I love it. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new place! Great service, atmosphere and people!

  172. Jchandlershaw

    5 stars when it’s 6 grams of wax n crumble for $100

  173. Sadieog

    Much Bigger than its sister store! Been there once before but im eager to return and try out some mpre products. im excited to try the ilava cartiages.

  174. Galaz4518

    awesome staff

  175. Puckchief1

    Fantastic service and product. I will be bac

  176. LIndan


  177. gettinit2296723

    Great service and wonderful product all around

  178. ank96

    I love this dispensary! They have great strains and the employees here are so friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommed!

  179. Somuchweedallday

    great week

  180. space71420

    this is a nice spot to stop by and real comfortable while you wait i recommend this place to others

  181. fazoland

    Great service and good flower

  182. MikeTucson90

    This place is awesome ! So is the people been my go to since day one! Appreciate it!

  183. DreamerX3

    This place is quick and convenient for me. The staff is always nice. The bud has been pretty good with a wide variety to choose from. My husband n I buy there eighths and vape cartridges here. The deals rock!

  184. InkGirl

    Stopped in here to check out the total package and I give it a gold star!

  185. Mrsmith123

    D2 has quality products served by a friendly and knowledgable staff, i would recommend d2 to all of my friends and fellow card holders

  186. Barb1320

    Had my stuff ready to go. Always friendly!!! AND THEY ALWAYS HAVE CANDY FOR ME TO SUCK ON WHEN I GOT COTTON MOUTH. LOL

  187. blind7126

    They always have the best bud… oh and concentrates… and the deals help!

  188. Billywayne88

    It was an awesome experience, the staff was very helpful and I definitely will become a repeat customer.

  189. snazattack

    D2 has amazing weekly specials, great flower and friendly staff. This was the first dispensary I visited. Summer was very helpful & knowledgeable…helped me find the right medicine for my needs.

  190. sillylala

    Excellent customer service

  191. bertalv23

    Love this place great environment. It was my first time here and I already want to go back the product is amazing!

  192. Osmarmaldonado1999

    I like that they take care for what patients need and want.
    They have great customer service they are quick & they have great meds!!!

  193. smokeqwx11

    I hadn’t even checked in to visit this dispensary for the first time and was treated so rudely by receptionists that I will never visit this place. Disappointed because it was such a convince in this place being so close. Terrible customer service

  194. Cece1210

    Absolutely a different vibe and if needed I’m able to bring my kids with me if I ever needed it

  195. chadzizzle151

    I love this place the staff is super helpful and the location is great… the best tho is they stepped up their game and got a bunch of great strains and great quality

  196. chrisesias

    The experience at D2 is always wonderful and all the bud tenders always do a great job with whatever you need. Thanks guys!!

  197. thehippiebarber

    Today was my first time ever stepping foot into a dispensary. I was made to feel welcome and valued. I was offered educational material, the time was taken to explain the product and their benefits, and the entire staff was polite and mellow. I love this place. The flower is AMAZING by the way!

  198. sillylilycali

    everyone is so loving so nice. I would recommend coming here. I love this place is my first time just got my card.

  199. DopeM4n20

    Nice atmosphere, lots of quality bud at fair prices, and good daily specials.

  200. Savannahvest

    This is the first and only dispensary that I’ve been to. I expected to be that person who goes to dispensaries all around town for their deals, but after my experience here, I don’t have the interest for other dispensaries. They are so laid back and have the NICEST staff!!! Also, the inside is so beautiful, such an awesome place!!!

  201. edcee

    one of the best

  202. Mamaof3green

    very knowledgable good quality 🙂

  203. dragon520

    i love this place my husband and i are always here they even let us go back together when ever we have a problem they help fix it anyway they can … i was mad but because they are so nice i left with a smile and happy thanks guys (my fave guys is the tall guy table 1 or 2 and the guy at table 1 shorter guy with short hair. both of them are REALLY NICE THANKS GUYS

  204. NeuroticNarwal

    Your friendly neighborhood dispensary.

    The D2 dispensary is the very first place I went when I received my card in October 2018. The staff is absolutely incredible. They’re all very knowledgeable, helpful, and ensure that each patient feels no rush when deciding something as important as their medication. You are their top priority and it shows.

    The deals are also fantastic and they have kept me coming back ever since. 10/10 would recommend

  205. Beetcookies

    Better than the dispensaries in Scottsdale and Mesa. Easily my aEURoehomeaEUR dispensary with friendly knowledgeable staff and a great selection. Keep it up y’all

  206. Roburrr

    Best flower, bud tenders, and quickest service in and out I love this place

  207. weedsnob1979

    My first time at this location… I’m so glad I do not live in Tucson. I got the Sour OG mid shelf at 15$ a gram! Absurd! The first nug out of the jar has a big ol seed! Really guys come on now! That’s janky but it is Tucson! I would never come here again based on that!! Toodles!

  208. Soggyrainbow

    Very nice, clean and friendly

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