Urban Greenhouse

5 For $30 Flower Grams!



2630 West Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ 85017


33.495483, -112.115571




8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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Best Of Phoenix 2018 – Reader’s Choice For Best Medical Marijuana Dispensary!

Urban Greenhouse is a premier medical cannabis dispensary located in Central Phoenix, Arizona. Urban Greenhouse produces the majority of our flower and concentrates at our state-of-the-art cultivation facility while offering educational and individualized customer service for patients at the dispensary. Urban Greenhouse leads the charge in Arizona’s medical marijuana revolution by providing patients with the highest quality medicinal products and a one of the kind dispensary experience. Our newly renovated dispensary is modern, sleek and extremely welcoming!

Here at Urban Greenhouse, we believe in phenomenal products and a level of customer service you can’t find anywhere else. We are proud to be the best medical marijuana dispensary in Phoenix and we continue to help people learn about and experience the medicinal potential of cannabis. Whether patients are searching for concentrates, edibles, or traditional flower, Urban Greenhouse is the prime resource for them to find what best suits their needs. If quality medicine and superior service are what you’re looking for in a medical marijuana dispensary, check us out today!

Open Late 7 Days A Week From 8am – 10pm! FAST & FRIENDLY SERVICE!
We Accept Cash, Debit Cards & UGD Gift Cards. ATM Machine On Site With $1 Fee.

**Get Free Weed With Our Bonus Buds Points Program! 200 Points = $20 Store Credit!**


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3,264 reviews for “Urban Greenhouse

  1. Memobat

    love this place! definitely a must, great quality stuff! dY’OE

  2. jlynnieo

    They gave me a free eighth with their new rewards, could not complain about that! Just tried the new batch of LA and the GSC and its the best I’ve had yet! Rugburn shatter is now my favorite! Thank you keep it up!

  3. jarias13

    love how its open late and the service and flower are outstanding dY~dY~

  4. Imyoli

    Went back here in December after a year long break from UGD. Nice remodel but couldnt they put up a Menu monitor somewhere? There used to be tablets attached to the chairs at the old place and now there’s nothing but the specials. I’ve been back 5 times and I’ve had to wait more than 10 min. each time, which I didn’t enjoy. The place where the time machine is at would be a FABULOUS place to put a couple monitors w/the current menu on them. Altho I’m not sure if that would help because ive ordered something from a bud tender then got to the cashier and they didn’t have it, which I find odd. Anyway, the specials are good, just about everything else is over priced. That’s why I quit going here last year actually. But come on $14 for a chillum??

  5. prutar

    High quality, good selection, friendly staff. I became a regular customer the moment I walked through the door.

  6. murdavale5300

    great place i love this place i would come back great place goood people and good weed

  7. wesleytell

    This place is great. Good quality meds. Clean environment and great atmosphere

  8. iridea883

    been to a lot, and the service here is top notch, quality is top notch and not to mention THEY DON’T PRE PACKAGE!!!!!!!
    I will be back thank u

  9. Itspaulokay

    Great deals, flower and staff! Definitely coming back soon!

  10. Bryan5421

    Good people

  11. sirsmokealot14

    I had an incredible first experience. everyone was so helpful and informative! can’t wait to go back

  12. jmardmnd25

    great flower and wonderful staff very helpful with helping me choose my right prescription very homegrown buds which is never disappointing just great environment just a must come back store.

  13. mindman

    amazing. quality for great prices. there is always some deal i can catch every day of the week. i love this place im definitely coming back again! 🙂

  14. Dev0610

    Great location.. Amazing Flower … And Very Friendly. Always helpful

  15. Biggniaha

    this place is the best in the west

  16. Adam.710

    The new store front is wicked nice!

  17. TopReviewer90510

    Not really a fan of this place. Their prices change constantly for example a snow cone joint use to be $20 now it’s $28, a hash oil cartridge use to be $45 now it’s $55, and ounces change every day basically like not even a week ago most strains were $280 now I see $298 and I have even seen $300. Like I said, I’m not a fan of this place. Your not serving customers! Your serving sick patients. They could do better here.

  18. crimsonguard

    Urban Greenhouse rocks! No wait times, energetic staff, crazy selection (try the zskittles!) and awesome daily specials! I dont get some of these reviews. Either some of Y’all are ghetto cheap asses begging for freebies or you just suck at life. I mean, who complains about loud music?!? I wish more dispensaries were less medical feeling and played good music like urban! SarahP14 get laid you stiff. You sound like a real know it all self entitled prize pig. You’re the type of patient that dispensaries loathe. Your buying weed OK ppl? Lighten up and enjoy life a lil

  19. repunzel

    has better parking now.

  20. nicounicornxx

    Awesome! Very friendly and helpful! Had an issue with my Thai stick and they handle it efficiently and quickly!

  21. Jewels1362

    i love this dispencerie its so nice and very clean. very friendly staff, and i haven’t even got to their products so to make it short and sweet by saying. all their product i fucking fabulous… if u don’t visit urban green house your missing out on one of the best.

  22. brainfrz1999

    For some reason I found myself stuck buying crap weed from big chain dispensaries, sure you feel like you’re being frugal but you end up having to smoke twice as much. Come Urban Greenhouse- high quality flower grown in-house. Haven’t had a single problem! What a world of a difference between those shops that try to churn over profit. This place is for the connoisseur. It’s out of my way but worth the trip.

  23. CaptCronics

    Kinda new this place was going to be awesome. But the staff is cool they are pretty chill and got a pretty good selection of weed and wax normally.

  24. cronicc6200

    this used to be one of my favorite places until last night. I went over there last night and they shorted my order and overcharged me. they have grams for $10 I bought four and a half grams.1 gram and a 8th. i was charged 55. I went down there and they gave me what i was missing. the reason for the bad review is because the guy said the gram was on sale not the 8th. IT WAS THE SAME STRAIN.After that i wont be going back anytime soon.

  25. Vaito

    The bud tender Anastasia was friendly

  26. pcoolj36

    quality meds great specials they get you in and out no long wait times

  27. TrippyGuy420

    What Do I Think About It????

  28. mstoeber22

    great customer service and bomb buds.. even better edibles.. get ur stuff here!

  29. cupWinner

    Got flower, concentrates and edibles here…

    edible selection is very limited mass produced junk.

    No juice, no hard candys that dont taste like yard trimmings.

    Flower great! In house strains top notch!
    To bad i dont like burning or the prerolls would be great but i could care less

    Concentrates. I got concentrate pen from here the furst cartridge leaked everywhere and both tasted rancid 100 bucks down the drain thanks…

    Stafff is very nice but it takes forever to get in and out of this place…

    There are three other dispenserys close by with way better selections and prices and no nasty tasting oil pens

  30. just0345

    Buy one get one free for first timers, got an ounce with my first purchase because I bought an ounce. Bomb flower. Cool staff they were very helpful and informative. Would recommend to friends

  31. aengibous

    Very clean and friendly. Would recommend for all first time patients.

  32. AyeeTomas420

    best dispensary I been to!!!

  33. Thatsaspicymeatball

    Such a cool dispensary, love the layout! And the the bud tenders are super friendly.

  34. themccloskey

    Good spot to get meds!

  35. EazyGreenz92

    I decided to check out this shop over three other nearby. I live by Fountain Hills and this place is worth the drive for concentrates. With the availability of “cleaner” ways to medicate it has allowed people with Asthma to try this alternative medicine. They were able to work a good deal with me for the first time visit because sadly, flower is too harsh for me. I was very Impressed.

  36. JamesHaley

    This location had the cartridges that were out of stock at 2 other dispensaries. It was a great experience besides the wait time, but I did go around rush hour. Thank you. -James

  37. kylesmokesweed1488

    this place is awesome ppl are friendly and service is always good be sure to try that space stick

  38. dannysdemaio

    Would def come me back. Enjoyed the live resin

  39. g2mastergrower

    The medz are good quality. they just cant bet AZCS donation prices. I will stay posted for more specials.

  40. Donaldlavigne

    great place good service great pices

  41. djhud

    great budtenders and amazing quality flower

  42. blueskyrd31

    I love this place. There is always tons to choose from with there hybrids and sativas.

  43. jvela30

    BEST Wax in PHX

  44. battlescarredbatman

    Awesome shop! From the very rad, knowledgeable budtender (Kimberlee) to the gentleman that rang me up (Sid, I think) and even the pretty, purple haired lady that took care of the in-between stuff and ensured that I got the battery I needed for my cartridge, this place is the bees kneesdY$?~

  45. pheeB

    love this place! comfortable, friendly/knowledgeable staff, great meds!! thanks, SL

  46. shootingstars

    they deleted last post. dispensary fail. Only care about profit. well not recommend a place that shorts out sack. fail on to the next one.

  47. BarbieBartender

    Went in for the BOGO and it was sold out, came back today and it was still sold out but I did pick up some shatter. #12…. the girl who recommended this, thank you! It’s fantastic and tastes just like my childhood Grape Popsicles with the ice cream inside .

  48. princesshaze

    first time here, seriously had a fantastic experience! lovely staff, lovely environment the flower is great, and at a great price. the patient consultant was really educated on the products and didnt make me feel rushed. I felt comfortable and it was one of the cleanest dispensaries I’ve been to!!! I will definitely be back. thanks guys you’re amazing, I’ll definitely recommend to all my friends.

  49. bswylezik

    Really enjoy their meds epically the cartridges!! Great deal BOGO I have stopped going to other dispensarys!! It’s 10 miles away from where I live worth the drive!!dY~Z

  50. higawhat

    I just recently picked up the Vape pen cartridges and found they leak after a few uses. Also think the oil consistency is watered down & while hitting it the liquid makes popping sounds. Disappointed I spent $ on a gram cartridge and woke up this morning with half of it gone. dY~C/ As for their flowers they are not top shelf but still good if you get it on sale. Concentrates are good but found better at other dispensaries.

  51. Dariusthereformed

    My all time favorite spot on the west side. Service never disappoints me and flowers are always up my alley. Edibles and concentrates are great here as well.

  52. sixtyoneseconds

    Great place!

  53. meinsnyours

    I was totally blown away with how this place is going down hill and fast I’m a long time patient that bought at least an ounce every time i came in I tried getting several different deals you guys had rotating on your board the bud tender was rude and this is the second time in a row of me going and getting this same budtender while I was waiting for the manager another budtender. Was helping someone else and offered them one of the deals I was told isnt the real deal even though they read it off the board themselves the manager awcknowledged how long i have been a great patient for you I explained to him that at least 3 of the different deals i was gonna get got told none of them were going on even though they played over and over on the screens at the dispensary then the mgr got kind of an attitude I was a really loyal patient and the last 4 times I’ve gone there I left with nothing cause I won’T buy something that is falsely advertised and I’m CRONICALLY SICK I can’t be waisting my time on lies something should be done gas isn’t cheap and either is a sick persons valuable time

  54. Wilsenia36

    This place is great with great customer service

  55. jimmy2mofo

    The staff at urban greenhouse are the best and they do have the best product

  56. Remarkoner

    Great selection on bud!!

  57. GemTokes

    The service is welcoming and friendly. The medicine is top shelf.

  58. stonerszn

    Good place

  59. Rgarahan

    Always love stopping in, whether it’s to pick up a preorder or to shop in store. Everyone is incredibly friendly, they know their strains, and they’re super helpful at pointing you in the right direction for a strain that’s going to target what you need it to.

  60. tyebeatricd

    first time there the place is very nice the budtenders was awesome and nice

  61. eduardoarellano53

    love the remodel great place

  62. zackeryB

    This is my new favorite dispensary on this side of town. The flower is exceptional and the concentrates are A1. I just moved over to this side of things and I’m glad The Urban Greenhouse was here for me.

  63. Matt00007

    I really love this location. the service is great as well as the product.

  64. highday

    this is a great location to pick up your pura earth cartridges! fast and easy access, close to the I-17. I love coming here!

  65. zachary5

    Best Shatter the taste was so good!!

  66. deeznuggz

    Urban Greenhouse has A 5 grams for 100$ concentrates deal that is killer. Come try the Zkittles flower here too. Great place.

  67. Tobiaz13

    nice staff good people good product I would recommend this place to all my patient friends!

  68. TayTay94

    By far one of the best dispensaries I’ve ever to! All of the staff is super friendly end very knowledgeable with all the products!

  69. jpalomino

    great product and service

  70. tonyrockahorror

    Pretty great place, professional staff, good meds, definitely coming back

  71. senorfrisk

    This is my favorite dispensary. Great service, great deals, quality flower, love the hash oil carts. Highly recommend! Best first time BOGO in town.

  72. Cubancutie91

    Great location & good product… Will recommend to others

  73. deebo18

    I absolutely love Urban Greenhouse. The bud tenders are very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. The selection and quality of meds are awesome as well. Keep up the great work and I’ll continue to recommend my family and friends!

  74. doubleamc

    seedy seedy seedy,I will not be back again.

  75. sillmatic93

    I’ve had my medical card for about a year now and by far this is the best dispensary I’ve been to.

  76. djblazejr

    great service, great meds…hope to work for themdY’-

  77. Ohgeeznick

    This place is a scam. They sold me product I was assured would work for my pen but it’s not compatible with the battery I currently have. When I called was told I’d have to buy a new one ‘when they have them in’. When I asked for a manager then I was hung up on. They sold me something I can’t use, want me to buy a new item due to their mistake and hang up on their customers. This place is a joke. I wouldn’t shop here again.

  78. Odin4President

    I’m always satisfied with the buds and Shatter Cones I get from here. The buds are properly cured, not too dry, nice even smoke. I will be returning to pick up more.

  79. mikedefelice71886

    The staff was amazing and super knowledgeable and I found the best concentrates so far it’s where any else I’ve been

  80. EdPhxAz

    Great place with nice people.

  81. NELLY215

    a great place to get good quality meds and great service as well

  82. pertylilrose

    I love this spot it became my new go to place I haven’t been disappointed yet and the bud tenders always make me leave felling bossy af thanks guys you’re the best

  83. kduchon

    urban greenhouse is amazing they keep there menue very up to date as well as providing amazing bud very knowledgeable on what they have and they have good prices for how great
    the bud is that they grow there definitely glad i tried them out

  84. Kimquizzel

    I loved every thing but the caver shatter cone didn’t smoke right I was upset wasted my money on thatdY~

  85. madijane6913

    Best staff! Always great buds and prices are fair!!

  86. polloacan

    my first time visit to urbangreenhouse was the best .their product is the bomb .the staff is very awesome .I was really impressed on how they understood exactly what I needed .thank you Michelle .your the bomb .com .I will for sure be attending more often as it will be my favorite place .I highly recomend this place to any and all people

  87. hsentg23

    Glamis fear and good prices can’t beat that

  88. Pinkpanther78

    This place has the best prices and they treat their patients top notch. Wish they were in Tucson.

  89. Dreddd

    Loved it great selection and nice people

  90. janedon

    Love that new Slim Joint. Was recommended to me and it did not disappoint! Great atmosphere and everyone so friendly everytime I go there. The guards that work at the door and in the parking lot are always super friendly and attentive to the security of the lot.

  91. darylkonrad

    Its sad theres fresh good weed all around i go to try a place i havent been to in a while figured maybe its gotten better but today i get 2 different eights ohh and they gave me a free pre roll for some reason but after i got home to enjoy a nice blunt go to breakdown some flower i just got to find out its so dry it just crumbles. Its not enjoyable to smoke dry weed but i guess thats why i quit coming here sorry to those that like it but if your gonna be doing prepackage make sure it stays fresh. Its almost 2019 very sad this is the quality they send out the door but its my fault i should have known after all the weed in the displays smelt old and dry

  92. alexismeier

    friendly atmosphere have good deals.

  93. show23

    great place hands down

  94. KbAz

    Quality dispensary. Great security, in and out of there quickly and I received excellent customer service. It’s a little pricier than other dispensaries, but it’s still reasonable. I can’t complain about the free pre-roll. Some decent specials are being offered as well.

  95. stephaneener90

    Great atmosphere. Very helpful

  96. qdauzit

    Jamie and the entire team is always so nice and professional with me and I love the prices!!! Atmosphere is cool and I can normally get in and get out. Thanks for eveyrthing!!! ~MoniQue D.

  97. PitaBonita

    Awesome place and love the quality.

  98. erika.hanchett

    The staff truly care about the patients they serve! Their sales, bonuses, points, prices AND quality of medicine have made me a loyal customer since day one! Thank you U.G.H.!

  99. durbdurb56

    I. love. this. place. enjoy no. bad nothingdurban. kush. ooh

  100. abotley

    Awesome place and great bud

  101. Ryan97

    Great meds and very affordable the shatter comes are bomb

  102. Nic_Guapo

    This place is the worst. Im in pain and they denied me because I couldn’t get my card out in time.. If you need your card out before you go in put that on your website you. Never coming here again because of that. Also the receptionist phone edique sucks. Hire someone with more enthusiasm. Who cares if it’s late at night, you’re in customer service for a reason.

  103. tiffyleven

    I love this place and the new renovations they did it’s so cool! And it was awesome that they gave me a pre roll from referring someone from like three years ago

  104. Marioazphx

    Good stuff cool people love this place

  105. Guapomaccn


  106. zachary965

    Good meds. The service people are very kind , and wonderful atmosphere

  107. fayequita

    Love shopping for super deals on Flower at this location. They always great low prices for awesome Indicas

  108. CarlAlexFreeman

    AlwayzKween Corine is right about everything… She said this was a nice place and I Wish i could tell her how amazing she was… I Hope and pray i can come back.. The Best..

  109. 1angelboy

    Awesome place. amazing people.
    Prices are very fair.

  110. crevier

    Best shatter prices in town, really friendly staff. This has been the only place I go for months!

  111. OneCoolChik

    Cool Place

  112. javisal

    Great Dispensary. Best service.

  113. hamlin88

    My first visit to Urban Green house was nothing short of stellar! Everyone was very friendly and helpful. And they have the best medication in town and run some killer specials. I plan on making a return appearance.

  114. Jillaspicer75

    Urban green house is a very pleasant experience to say the least. The staff is very professional, and knowledgeable. Relaxed officianados of the flower.

  115. AzVictor88

    Love this dispensery customer service & medication are top notch keep up the good work

  116. kozyjack

    I really lived this location it was very clash and breast. The workers were very friendly and helpful. I will always come back to this location.

  117. EddieRaymond

    For real this may be the best dispencary in Phx, AZ. They remodeled the shop showcase style. Reminds u of a Kali shop! Quality the best and staff are Super koo.

  118. Kiefer_Sutherlin

    This is a low energy dispensary, located conveniently off the freeway with free parking. Mostly mids, but at least they don’t charge $110 for mids like they do here in Mesa.

  119. Moonsister

    First I have to say I had a great experience, the staff was really positive and everyone had a smile on their face. When I had come to this facility I had purchased some Chemdawg and Skywalker Shatter. They were more than “top shelf” quality, it was just simply amazing. The highs were different in their own and the quality was outstanding. I was iffy about pricing, especially since I little more out near Goodyear but it was really worth it. I’ll be returning soon for another great visit.

  120. kdhinton

    I love this place!!!

  121. teedo

    went in for 420 last minute and they were so quick with they’re services …i would absolutely recommend if you don’t wanna wait in line for long

  122. PostalChef

    Super awesome staff…only place in town with the cape inhalers…a must trydY~

  123. raidergirlkim

    This is one of my go-to stops. Great meds and staff!

  124. JoseMajor49er

    Place is awesome flower is Fire.!!!

  125. Cupcake33

    The staff was very nice, very good prices, definitely going back.

  126. pokeybear

    came in for my bday and what a great place. prices were good and staff was super friendly. if you have not tried the caviar its worth it

  127. SativaSavage

    The staff is second to none & their display of customer service & knowledge is fantastic. Truly inviting & relaxed environment while maintaining the utmost professionalism. Selection & deals are outstanding as well. If you haven’t been, it’s definitely worth stopping by!

  128. alexgrun

    Love this spot. Awesome staff and atmosphere is dope. Will be back for the killer deals and bomb meds.

  129. jopivo

    It’s nice and people are great. Not the best selection of oil cartridges. Wish more were made with co2

  130. mlove

    I love this place! friendly staff and I’ve never had to wait more than a few min
    to get in. Always good product and there are deals to be had.

  131. Eastsidedamu

    Best dispensary by far

  132. strongcologne7

    I love this place. best concentrates at the lowest prices in town

  133. DCrash

    I love UGD It’s Alive, Modern, hip And great welcoming staff, I have been To many places And I am Happy To call Urban Greenhouse My home And go To place, it’s a No brainer.-D_Crash!!

  134. Trails12

    Every time I go in I leave knowing I always have the best

  135. curthunrus

    When they first opened I went there. I bought a couple 8ths and a cool steamroller. The price was right and the piece looked nice so I figured why not. Now the donation price is 368 per oz. That is way to much to ask for an oz of any quality, imo. I can’t come back as long as they only ask so much.

  136. Dankgroove

    Convenient location and great deals!

  137. joeythc

    great deals !

  138. michaeleuros

    Great flower at great prices. Fun and friendly staff, definitely will be re visiting often

  139. monkeypigrancher

    Clean and safe set up, and quick service on a Thursday morning. Cody was nice but not fake-nice, and once he saw that I knew what I wanted, didn’t push or try to up sell me. I really dig that. Love the Mother’s Helper, but the 818 Headband is “meh”…but hey, it was free so I’m not complaining! Nice establishment in West Phoenix with great prices; when I’m on that side of town I’ll stop in again.

  140. ncarothers311

    nice friendly staff

  141. StevieWashington

    It’s nice!

  142. Vrichard

    Good location. good selection lots of options.

  143. esppiec

    My favorite dispensary in Phoenix Fast and friendly customer service great strains great concentrates and great Edibles highly recommended!

  144. laylapree88

    The best on the west!!

  145. Christina1965

    When I first came in, I was new to this. The young lady took her time and explained things. Others would join in with advise, it was awesome. They listened and advised then out the door I was. I TOTALLY recommend this place. I drive a distance but it is so worth it. They have great deals, total sharing of knowledge and information. Atmosphere is welcoming, friendly and very supportive.

  146. xOMARx

    Urban has by far the best atmosphere, and customer service. This has been the only dispensary where I do not feel rushed, and I am able to select some of their high quality herb at my pace. I would highly recommend this dispensary due to the high quality herb, and for those who enjoy taking their time to inspect the herb he or she will be purchasing.


    Blue Dream Shatter was amazing!!!!
    dYOEYdYOEYdYOEYdYOEYdYOEY There new extract maker is on point!!!!

  148. chughes

    Nice clean environment the customer service is great and really have good strains

  149. VictorSoto29

    Last time I was here I did receive some very potent meds! Thank you for that ! Friendly environment for sure!

  150. cadillacjh490

    Good deals hard workers

  151. katlover

    interesting layout but awesome selection!!

  152. bvsteezy

    Great service, friendly and light atmosphere. Amazing bud, and great product. Recommend 10/10

  153. Nephew28

    great flower nd its convenient in nd out

  154. coolbreeze313

    awesome cartridges and great staff

  155. marixav30

    this place is awesome fast friendly service good deals

  156. dfaasse

    Outside is left to be desired but once you get inside, you’ll get great service and great product!

  157. SpecialAgentK

    Amazing love The people the environment and the specials the lowering the price and everything even the convenience of location is amazing right off the freeway

  158. Nkscarface

    good ppl good meds and great wait time

  159. wtfdez

    I’ve been frequenting UGD and only UGD for about 6 months now and had wonderful experiences thanks to awesome budtenders like Treece, Adam, Jodi, friendly atmosphere with an excellent selection…I found myself coming in twice a week habitually.

    Tonight I went for the second night in a row, for only one reason: the battery I purchased there yesterday didn’t work. It happens, sometimes batteries are defective. Somehow me going in and politely requesting they swap it out (ya know because it’s less than 24 hours old and I’m a good customer who has never asked for such a thing) resulted in the general manager having a screaming match with me in the middle of the room.

    I’ve been working in customer service for 10 years and have often admired UGD for that exact quality. Today I learned that the budtenders and cashiers are friendly DESPITE their horrific management, and that is obviously why UGD has such a high turn over rate. I am repulsed by that experience with the General Manager and am incredibly disappointed that I’m breaking up with my favorite dispensary, over a $17 battery.

  160. miayaxcx23

    its really friendly and the building is eye catching.

  161. kaztb1014

    LOVE this dispensary & environment! The staff are so friendly & helpful!

  162. Cavii1991

    Very good products and very prompt service

  163. bonfirejesus

    Although there was not too many strains to choose from, I was well taken care as a new patient and the medication happened to be one.of the best I have had. Thank you!

  164. Alpha4Life

    Best Weed In Town!!!

  165. Beckk15

    Really good selection and close to my home. Definitely would go back again!!

  166. jrcenaida

    Awesome staff ,service ,and enviroment. Great flowers and concentrates my main place to stop

  167. fly2hot

    Been here twice now. Really cool staff and store. Waiting room can get a bit packed, but good music while you wait and its never too long. I think they have some of the best deals (lots of BOGO on oils).

  168. suremeds

    Stopped in for the first time didn’t have a lot of money to spend! Picked up some of their lower price strains! And was pleasantly surprised on how good the quality was. dY’ candy appledY~Z

  169. cheeseveins

    went on a promo night two weeks ago and walked out with 4 different strains. Caramel Ice put me to sleep,lol!

  170. newhere

    Awesome specials and super helpful/friendly staff!

  171. Chynah

    Nice people

  172. outsider2014

    Went in a couple days ago and was checking everything out. great selection and friendly people. would reccomend to all on leafly.

  173. HOgaz831

    Love the location because it’s nearby & convenient. Good staff.

  174. mejiaphoenix13

    UGD is a great place to visit. Their medicine is one of a kind and the deals are awesome. It’s nice and clean and the staff are welcoming.

  175. xXArizonaLadyXx

    Aewsome! It’s so quick and eazy, in and out, wait time is seriously 2minutes or less! atm!

  176. Vega08

    convenient spot, great service.

  177. Picklenis

    My go-to Phoenix dispensary. they have the best flower, the best concentrates, and I absolutely love the staff.

  178. Shorty06

    Don’t have to wait long Very fast.. great meds and staff very helpful

  179. c47ash

    great place! good prices, great quality.

  180. FlowerPower_

    These are the nicest people you will ever meet. I was astonished at the customer service and Quality meds. Keep up the dAily 9.98 Flower special-it keeps us coming back.

  181. swaggsuperstar

    its a great place

  182. TheGanjaMan

    They have alright bud, but its not AZ’s best dispensary. Recently went back and tried the extra strength, 37$ after tax, slim joint and was very disappointed. I never got high from it. I smoke a eighth a day or more, so consider your tolerance.

    definitely try their Chocolope & Maui Waui

  183. XtinmankenX

    Small waiting area so you often wait in line outside the establishment in view of the traffic on Indian School . So much for privacy.
    It is well staffed, so the patient flow is efficient. I picked up: Rugburn, Maui and Blue Tara. The Rugburn OG is a must, nice, potent indica. Blue Tara, I like this one, not long lasting effects though. I am not really a fan of the Maui. The taste was about the only positive.
    Overal:, great meds, just too small of a location for the volume of patients.

  184. Dmorgan1311

    I love Urban for making sure patients have high quality cannabis oil MYRSO is the best!

  185. cutieflidiva

    This dispensery always has unbeatable deals and they are right off the freeway so easy to get to… Staff is always friendly

  186. kidkronik420

    Very pollute and exepting to lil doggys that love the environment!

  187. orbitingearth

    Bud tender’s only recommendation was a strain they only had left in a sample jar. He recommended it over everything they had. Wasn’t told I was being sold the sample. Gross that you sell samples to patients. Even worse that you do it like that. Not cool.

  188. WestWind

    I love the great ATMOSPHERE. Amazing Quality!!!

  189. Mikeg1414

    Friendly and professional staff. All flower strains are absolute fire!

  190. gagebbqcatering

    Great place for great bud

  191. MrHAT

    I like the set up, the location and the sugar wax is amazing/tasty. I’ll be back…

  192. oceanemerald

    Urban Greenhouse was my best ‘1st time patient’ visit in town. with the DOGO 1/8s I picked up 1oz medley all their sativa grows. also got the dj short blueberry which is colored with forest green indigo and purple, super bomb, perfect cure, smells and tastes like blueberries and lavender, seriously, some of the best I’ve had as a patient in az for 3 yrs. could use a little more space and security, but the people were awesome and helpful.

  193. zero602

    close and convenient for me. always satisfied with the flower and prices. will always be back

  194. sammyminaj95

    I loved how organized they were and how clean they were !

  195. snifferjen

    Awesome People Awesome Place Awesome Bud!

  196. Lysadri627

    Awesome staff! Good flower and concentrate options! Love the different deals you guys have everyday!

  197. mmajors78

    o complaints, great staff, great flower, and great prices

  198. rnadim7o7

    Great staff, Meds are good, great deals. Laid back atmosphere

  199. bendavis213

    This is the spot for all ur medication needs…. If u haven’t been here b4, I recommend you check them out….

  200. staytrippy211

    Great prices,staff,products by far my favorite dispensary

  201. BluntCritter

    Sid was fantastic! I will definately be coming back, thank you Sid, you’re awesome!

  202. MDC05

    Great store with really nice staff.

  203. mmatches

    by far some of the best meds. I traveled all the way from E.side for there 1 cent special!

  204. maryjaneluke

    Great shop! Super friendly staff and kind meds to match.

  205. goblinlyfe

    I started coming to this dispensary for medicine about a year ago, always came back because I get severe pain, I have suffered from cyclic vomiting syndrome for 3 years, one of the years I was in and out of the hospital every single week. I was crippling away and could not keep even liquids down. I kinda forgot what it was like to eat real food again and lemme say GLORIOUS haha , because this medicine has helped me so much in my healing process to fight this ,this year. Or at least control it to my ability. To get to my point, I was super excited that o finally had enough money saved up to buy a rig and ditch the pen! Haha a friendly treat for myself after all I been through. Why not? So I come in and the assistant manager (I believe) was so thrilled to be showing me the many pieces he had hand picked himself for the best quality. I was sold and so excited to medicate myself and just relax…until about two hours in is spontaneously cracked within 2 or 3 dabs in! I was upset to say the least, and as you know, I called and said there’s nothing they could really do but leave Jon (the assistant manager) my name and number. He called me up later that day, we both had explain our situation and he was very down to earth, did not shut me out, and was a very kind person whom could empathize my pain. I agreed there was nothing we could do about a bunk rig he had checked for sure would be of good quality. On a medical leave, i wasnt recieving any income. Instead of just shutting me out, he took it upon his own self and said hey, I have a spare you can borrow in the mean time until you can save for a new one. That blew my mind and heart! Haha something I wouldn’t of suspected. Having to take one of his made me feel absolutely terrible, but none the least I was very desperate. 93 lbs at age 22 and 5″4 I was very weak, this man JON so everyone can say hello and what wonders he does at his job, and how much he cares for his patients really makes an impact on peoples lives! I wanted to thank him and leave him and his employees a kick ass review for always killin’ it with their good vibes and friendly suggestions that always ease my pain. Thank you UGH and Jon! I am so very grateful!

  206. sirss1

    this is a very nice place in side. The budtender was very nice and very knowledgeable. They have many different variety of it all. I’ll be back.
    Thanks SS

  207. OG.boobyray

    they got that fire… love this place can’t get enough

  208. ethanhartle

    Great oils and prices as well as flower quality.

  209. BCCD

    Cool spot, set up could be a little better. The lady that checked me in and the DA that serviced me were not pleasant to interact with and didn’t plan to ever go back. But the two guys that cashed me out were cool so it balanced. Nice selection overall. As a DA it’s the best discount you’ll find outside of your own.

  210. franklee

    This place is great! Great bud. Great prices. Definitely check them out and bring a friend!

  211. swinter33

    I love urban Greenhouse always helpful and reasonably priced! We drive from Ahwatukee!! dY’OEdY1/2dY~

  212. freedomefighter

    Good weed normal prices

  213. dtre1988

    Great place with great bud the people are always nice here

  214. mel.serpa

    Great meds and service

  215. AzKjo

    I liked the Jenny’s
    Kush on sale.

  216. Cheesecake01

    Great staff & best dispensary in town!!! dYOE?dYOE?dYOE?

  217. Maudi87

    this is a great location and has great flower. the budtenders are awesome and very helpful. they know What’s some good flower. dY’dY’dY’Y=dY’Y=dY’Y=

  218. booboo3399

    Good place for a late night stop . Great staff very understanding.. flavor bud was golden ticketdY~,,dY~,,dY~,,..good prices

  219. nolson32

    thank you
    the starbud was a great reccomendation a$?

  220. Lotboy42

    I love this place. Flower is great. Especially their half gram pre rolls.

  221. scottdude8985

    Convenient location, friendly helpful staff, great prices and deals

  222. mismith

    Great place! Great flowers! Knowledgeable staff!

  223. leideedie

    Lived here. The people the medicine. Everything is amazing

  224. grannieZ

    Best in Phoenix!!

  225. Melitaurus

    Great variety, great meds!! Thanks Stephen for my last round see you soon.

  226. kimberlyaz43

    Great flower

  227. TeddyB5

    I think there awesome plus they have the hottest girls in AZ working there

  228. waltonchavez9710

    Worst service I have had and I am never coming here again. The dispensary itself is nice and modern, but the workers lack knowledge on the medicine. Could not count the money correctly, did not give me the right amount of change and got frustrated when I pointed it out. Waited 15 minutes to be attended when the place was empty! Never coming here again

  229. imaginerace

    I highly recommend this place! The have great meds and an awesome staff!

  230. mikec43

    worst place in town. low prices on mediocre product doesn’t make up for the uppity service. 5 times I’ve had issues with them not honoring their specials, they advertise on leafly. they say “oh thats not today” then I ask what day is it then? they respond with “well you never really know what day it is” 4 times I’ve complained, and they would fix it. but the next time I come in they do it again. You’re better off going somewhere else, better quality product and better service is worth it….

  231. kushmonnn

    came in for some shatter and what they show in the display is not what your getting…pretty disappointed, very dark and unsatisfying.

  232. donniedub7

    bought a $55 (60 after tax) cartridge yesterday darn thing leaks and is 2/3 empty in a half a day! Is it possible to get a refund or replacement?

  233. macizomontana

    I like the location because it’s close to the light rail.
    Their strains are new and different.

  234. stonerhokage420

    Great spot!! Nice service and good flower!

  235. p3dr1t0_18

    i loved the raspberry cough !

  236. blaxabbath

    Big UGD fan. The security is always cool, the staff is friendly, and I get in and out quickly. I haven’t checked to see where I am at with the Bud Points program but I like that it’s an automatic thing. Definitely my first-choice dispensary.

  237. rachelunleashed

    Great place! excellent product! The waxes are great!


    love this place top notch everything especially the staff she went out of her way 4 me and now I’m going to have the best trip ever ,so thanks again , and this is the only place I’ll ever go now

  239. lemonlimespite

    Can’t forget about that rugburn og. My top 10’s of all year in quality and potency. Deals are great too.

  240. uberdiesel

    loved coming here. awesome environment, excellent staff. I will be back!

  241. BigDaddyN8

    Nice selection of flower. Friendly atmosphere.

  242. winghead1973

    The buds are very nice , and

    great deals … thanks .

  243. nic34711

    the ganja is gucci. love it here, where i mostly go.

  244. Tbell6050

    YOUNG was simply amazing!! Her friendly service makes me look forward to returning again soon..

  245. gabe.home

    Very fast, great location and good prices.

  246. Jw2255

    good friendly service will be back

  247. chaaker


  248. dabmaster35

    great shatter and service

  249. nightlife23

    Oh you fancy huh?! I love the fancy setup and buds=)

  250. phxlok33

    Great service, great medicine.

  251. Brianaz

    The 3 strains I bought tasted the same- Apollo 13, skywalker, and white nightmare.Tasted like it wasn’t flushed.. black ash. NOT CLEAN MEDICINE.

  252. Jennspencer

    My favorite dispensary in the Valley. They are knowledgable, friendly staff and reasonably priced. They also have great hours.

  253. geli0085

    just left w my fiA!nce and had a great experience will b back later this weekend for the v pen! Amber was very helpful and knowledgeable

  254. zerostealth

    Awesome flower, great specials and a very friendly staff. Urban is my go to dispensary

  255. Lalagael

    Love this place go all the time. The strains are awsome

  256. Blaxican

    they had everything I needed, and we’re extremely fast. very informative and felt at home there. will definitely recommend others to urban greenhouse.

  257. Raultaylord

    Been coming here over a year now. Quality and service A1! Thanks Urban Greenhouse. – Raul V

  258. StacySparrow

    love this place! several awesome strains. come here all the time

  259. MoeChronic

    first time patient & very satisfied! the staff was super helpful & I was impressed with their inventory. definitely will be coming back!

  260. onelovecordy

    I love how everyone grieves you when you come in with the smile and the bud tenders are very nice to me and are very educational and know what strain to prescribe that would be good for body aches as far for my kidneys. The prices are very good deal. I would recommend this dispensary to all my clients and friends with the medical card.

  261. RGeppert

    Good security and customer service. The salesman assisted me in identifying the strains that could address my medical issues which have continued to hurt me for over 30 years! He was successful! Thank you.
    Rohno Geppert, BA, MPA

  262. Odd1

    I’d been searching everywhere for Jillybean w/o luck (after Nirvana Phx ran out, Nirvana Glendale sold me some that was friggin purple & had diff effects–cuz the Jilly I know & love ain’t purple & it sure doesn’t put my ass to sleep!) BUT. Urban Greenhouse had some Jillybean flower & hooked me up! My budtender was I think Stephanie & she helped me find the right deal for my budget & med needs. New patient deal is dY”Y=! A bit of a drive for me, but absolutely worth it. Will be headed back asap & 100% bringing a friend to get their meds here too!

  263. GIRbot

    UG is definitely one of my fave dispensaries. Good quality stuff, coupled with good service, and open later than most to boot! I wish they would update their item availability more often, though. And I miss the menu access in the lobby area.

  264. triciaklingener32

    great customer service. felt very appreciated and a valued patient.

  265. krystalC34

    UGH has some of the best flower and concentrates. AMAZING prices always

  266. CadetCooley

    I always have a smooth and friendly experience when I visit, and I recommend this place to my friends all the time.

  267. rosiedlopez1003

    I walked in thinking it was the same when they first opened doors. thought the flower was going to be dry but turns out they had some sticky icky! Loved the flower and the workers are very respectful and knowledgeable. Come to the urban green house you won’t be disappointed..

  268. BudManhassmokith

    Nice place !!! Fun crowd was confused at first how to shop here. But once I figured it out its a neat setup. Good job Urban !! See you again real soon

  269. mijoechorizo2012

    The customer service is awesome. they really know how to take care of their clients. I will continue to work with them. Plus, the ladies are hot.

  270. Mathewbenson18

    very good security and great customer service! The budtenders will definitely take care of you here. the quality and prices are good as well. will definitely be returning.

  271. mattak71

    Love this place. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Great products all around.

  272. breemvcdaddyy

    The staff was super friendly & really knowledgable. They tolerated my tons of questions and catered to my search to help my find the perfect strain. Thank you Urban Greenhouse, I’ll be back soon!

  273. dbrizzy80

    went for the oil slim vape pen got blue widow 50 & Skywalker buy 2 cartridges get a pen free was cool, love it, I also got some of the caviar and a caviar cone. the caviar is kinda wack I’ll pass next time haven’t tried the cone yet tho. did get a free gram of mastodon too I’ll be back for cartridge refills.

  274. juan1012

    Urban greenhouse is an excellent dispensary . Very good product and great service.

  275. LoveLife5

    Lovely meds for sure, and the staff was very helpful in taking care of me. Will be back soon.

  276. MrMelo420

    Man it had been some time since I had stopped in as I found better cheaper but when Kosher went on sale I had to stop in as I do look at all the menus and had read the hype you put out about how great your Kosher was. I would be ashamed to call this Kosher. Its barely Kush. Light airy and overly leafy. I have seen trimming boxes do a better job. Fire your trimmers. How is this a top shelf?? Tastes list outdoor organic. Much better $250.00 OZ’s at AZCS

  277. Rocky326

    Horrible location, you have to drive through the crack head motel 6 parking lot Or drive blocks out of the way just to enter this joint. The budtenders dont know shit & our rude. Its like walmart they have many lanes open but only one worker. They offer shit i didn’t ask for and i had so many stems in my pre packaged buds i could have made a camp fire. Do npt waste your time or $$. They attempt to compensate the quality bu offering sales HOWEVER they should know its all about quality Not quantity !

  278. Lizwebb

    This place is awesome great deals. The atmosphere is great everyone is so friendly. They have a great variety of meds. Definitely would recommend checking them out.

  279. PJ1986

    got a good meds

  280. Blakesleytori

    Loving the music and atmosphere when you first walk in!

  281. bammbino09

    Been going here since it opened know pretty much everybody really like all the flowers especially that Mastodon I think it’s exclusive to urban green house All there flower is TOP SHELF no low grade b.s. here at all.

  282. keis

    great buds, will com back again.

  283. lindalee

    from the time you walk to the door you feel safe, there’s security on site to greet you, the staff inside are Great and willing to spend as much time as I need to be property informed,their meds are great

  284. CBuze74

    awsome friendly staff..excellent prices.

  285. p1mp1n

    killer product and sweeter hookups with deals deals deals they be doing me a solid

  286. zayuh

    Great selection of flower paired with excellent bud tenders. I will definitely be back soon.

  287. hannahnichole

    Steve and John (John the budtender and Steve the pharmacist I believe, could be opposite though!!) were amazing. They were so helpful. To be honest, the receptionist was VERY rude (I don’t know her name, June 4th around 6:30 pm). If it weren’t for john and Steve id honestly never come back (if John or Steve ((or

  288. Milldollarsmile

    really great bud great service and if
    you’re a guy this is the place to go. the chick’s are pretty good looking

  289. Soundvessel

    They have a really nice setup providing a personal sales assistant when they walk you to the sales floor. Their own branded oil cartridges are also very good and are often on sale.

  290. herbscope21

    I think this dispensary has great service, Nice selection as well.

  291. instachinkaz

    Meds are over priced, and not very effective. These guys have high rating because they bribe people for good reviews for incentives. Every time i go in, budtenders are in a rush. Idk though.

  292. gritso88

    medication is great friendly staff in and place to get your meds keep the good job up guy’s.

  293. Biggs32

    Great service with a smile. Awsome quality. So clean and museum like. Can’t wait to go back.

  294. Smario73

    nice products good prices friendly staff

  295. wafflewilliams

    Always amazing deals and quality a must try for sure!!!!

  296. trodawg

    O-pens sucked, they were totally watered down and was not happy with the quality especially since they were supposed to be a deal buy 2 get 1 free so now I understand why, most likely won’t return because there are a lot nicer place is closer to me

  297. jayceelliston

    Urban Greenhouse is a very well run establishment! The pricing is fair, the product is high quality and the staff is knowledgeable.

  298. LagerthasLove

    The Urban Greenhouse is one of my favorite Dispensaries. I particularly like the selection of edibles, but the flower is good too. Also Their “Mini-Thai Stick” is worth checking out. Overall the staff is friendly the service is fast and I give it a 5 in all categories.

  299. Jandrag

    Great deals!

  300. SirMichaelC

    The medicine is awesome with great pricing. Staff is always friendly and quick on service. wait times are normally really short. give them a try you wont be disappointed.

  301. kotreez

    hands down the best buds in AZ!!

  302. OGLOCx3

    GREAT!the lemon skunk was great

  303. SmokeyJay1234

    You guys are amazing!!

  304. 420trost

    The inside is modern looking and the way they take your order is the best! 10/10 would go again

  305. SelmerVI

    The thai sticks are amazing!! The inside is really nice and the staff is very helpful.

  306. HollywoodHayes

    Great product and prices. Very friendly staff and knowledgeable. Go check them out. Jerry Hayes.

  307. stacy42o

    Once again, great customer service. Adam was very informed and helped me pick the best meds for my pain. White Widow rocks.

  308. Ant602

    Great buds good service

  309. AzBlazin

    This place has a great atmosphere. Great meds, phantom cookies is the strain I tried. The quality was A+.

  310. relly10

    man this place is so awesome plus I like the points system I wouldn’t go to any other place

  311. Mrgerald77

    I love this place the price is great product this great stuff is great I recommend this place to anyone don’t forget BOGO cartridge Des

  312. MrWeedington

    Good bud. Awesome dispensary definitely coming back soon

  313. LSchrandt

    Clean, barely a waiting time and AWSOME staff and product!!!

  314. bwork87

    The people that work here are amazing – everyone knows their greens – and they make sure you are taken care of – I tend to ask a lot of questions – always patient and never try to rush me – Urban is the only dispensary I will go to from here on out. Thank you Jennifer 🙂

  315. jeremywj30

    great products and price, really nice staff

  316. chommmpppyyy

    Great meds

  317. poisonpink

    This place is awesome, the staff is super nice and knows their product! Super impressed, can’t wait to visit again.

  318. thirteensquared

    I live in Dewey,AZ and drive 200mi round trip to come here! Worth every penny! It’s sad I hafta drive that far for THE BEST deal.

  319. AZHerbExpert

    They don’t seem to flush their flower properly. Harsh taste, dry, and just overall not good tasting. All 5 strains I got tasted like burnt wood and burned black all the way through

  320. Lindy2569

    I love the White Chocolate Carmel Brownies. Good flavor and does the trick for me to help me sleep pain free. I also really like Urban Greenhouse it’s my dispensary of choice. Everyone is so great and very helpful and knowledgeable.

  321. Enxnickh

    great buds and great service! definitely recommended to all!

  322. carlosfuentes

    The prices were fair and the quality was very good. I would highly recommend this place.

  323. texasstreets3666

    I love this location. great location, great staff, and great products. hats off guys u got my vote :)-

  324. drenningazmmj

    Do not take the time to write an honest review of this place, they delete any post that even stumbles close to the poor reality that is this place.

  325. lharris7414

    they have a great selection of flowers and a very helpful and friendly staff. i would recommend this location

  326. DKJ2428

    My free gram smelled like alfalfa, had no flavor. The other strain was good but not worth the price compared to other places. Maybe it was an off day.

  327. pnytos

    best prices amazing services love the quality

  328. kbear7

    Service is always very slow for the amount of people on staff, expect a 15 minute wait while budtenders chat with themselves. The product looked a little worse for wear and the man behind the counter seemed disinterested in helping me find a good looking palm stick and tried to sell me the wrong edibles.
    The remodel looks great but this is the third time I’ve been in and the third time I have walked away frustrated.

  329. Roderick734

    cheap great flower

  330. AntonietaH420

    Great meds. Great service. Two green thumbs up!

  331. pecoDEGio

    Urban Greenhouse. The FIRST AZDHS licensed facility which I approve of. I was greeted by friendly staff and security. The UG is a beautiful facility inside. I really want there picture/photo on my living room wall. Gorgeous plant with stunning purple vibrancy. The meds, I have only tried L.A. KUSH AKA CONFIDENTIAL and MEDIBUD. The L.A. is decent. I don’t mind it but I’m going to continue to burp it, it was harvested approximately 5 weeks ago I was informed before deciding on strains this in mind, I knew the DANK SKUNKY smell was going to be more faint due to specifics related to TERPTINES as well as the length of CURING. It’s good but I’m hoping to taste more of the currently faint “purple” taste associated with L.A. KUSH. MEDIBUD IS FANTASTIC, not something I’d not normally go for but I got it free as a first timer being BLUE WIDOW was only available in 8ths so they gave me MEDIBUD. I was tended to by the manager STEPHEN, he was knowledgeable which was a pleasant surprise because I feel places like HWC (Herbal Wellness) had not only schwag smelling and mid grade looking meds but staff was just unimpressive also. URBAN GREENHOUSE IS THE #1 DISPENSARY IN PHOENIX AND IF DAILY SPECIAL ARE AS GOOD AS THE CURRENT OR PAST THEY ARE MY PEOPLE AND I’LL LOYALLY OBTAIN BUDS HERE. ****SIDE NOTE: ONLY THE BUDS URBAN GREENHOUSE CULTIVATED WILL BE BETTER THAN THOSE GROWN BY OTHER DISPENSARIES ****

  332. moiyma

    Best place to get them oz’s always fire n them c-vaults

  333. Loree

    This was the first time I’ve been to this dispensary. I was pleasantly surprised by the employees. They were very happy and helpful. Especially Becca (Bec) Rebecca!! She is so knowledgeable! Thank you for a great experience.

  334. lepercon07

    Where to begin? Urban Greenhouse has saved my life, with the help of medical marijuana. The atmosphere is out of this world, I almost feel safer there than in my own own. The bud tenders are all very unique and approachable… Nothing but the best here friends. I will go to this dispensary until the day it closes. Thanks for all you do UGAZ!!!

  335. MizzTheWizz

    Every time I come in here the staff is so nice. Love the specials and the concentrate can’t be beaten

  336. rgonzales623


  337. Steezy

    Awesome place & people


    I love going to this place. the new cartridges are great I will be back for sure.

  339. zenbuba

    Grabbed Sage & Sour today. love the uplifting clarity and pain relieve. Great strain. Fire to smoke. Back to the DailyHustle, inviting store front with a lot of information.

  340. thebassist

    I always have a great experience here. The staff is great, never have a complaint. My regular stop for sure.

  341. Rongerzhus

    pretty good. gets busy at times. friendly. large menu.

  342. blazelatree

    almost no waiting with great meds

  343. kristytad31

    amazing service

  344. jeansarnold

    my first visit to a dispensary, and they made it easy the bud tender was very helpful

  345. samboslice

    urban greenhouse has the best deal on concentrates. really good stuff and powerful too. I try to go everytime they have bogo on the cartridges!

  346. marcozamora88

    always a great place with an awesome well educated staff. that makes you right at home..great looking and tasting meds from flowers to shatter and everything in between . Great job guys keep it up..

  347. hooper

    I am so there today on my way folks

  348. EKoenig419

    this dispensary is great. very convenient and close to home. Always has great deals.

  349. SleepyHed

    Very friendly and welcoming staff – everyone. Budtender (sorry, don’t remember his name) was very professional, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. On my first visit, Rugburn OG and DJ Short Blueberry were both very nice: excellent aroma, taste and effects. Second visit a few days later, Bubba Kush and Sweet Tooth both nice meds but quite dry. I’m sure I’ll return.

  350. CivilizedStoner

    This was a nice dispensary, everything matched and it looked very sleek inside. The inside is kind of empty but there is ample parking and it is relatively close to a freeway. There is a limited strain and edible selection. Edibles are provided by Emerald Leaf and Lilo. They have three small stations where you can inspect the available strains. They grow all their flowers in house so their quality is very consistent and high.

    I purchased a brownie and as a new patient I got a free gram of Girl Scout Cookies. The cannabis was top shelf. Very dense and covered in trichomes. It has a great smell and taste very clean. They have some discount items but they are priced in the mid-high range overall. Definitely worth a visit for the free gram if you are a first timer. If you can afford it, I would pick up some flowers.

    -Quality Flowers

    -Limited Selection

    Official CivilizedStoner Rating:

    Skip It

    Worth a Visit

    *Don’t Miss Out*

  351. Yoartee


  352. Joshua11165146

    I showed up to try a PURA sativa vape cartridge and it was a dud, so I returned it and got another one. It was also a dud, all it gave me was a headache. The manager was great, she gave me a credit to the store, and I picked up flower on the return. Good thing, because the on-sale flower I purchased is dynamite compared to the stuff from Swell.

  353. Hylerrush

    Nice place, nice people. Stopped in today for the first time, and I will be back. Thanks Urban.

  354. ItsAyAyron

    Well, I love this place. It’s the only place I go to. I go in everyday after work

  355. PAdisu12

    awesome prerolls and very good brownies

  356. mgbissell

    I definitely recommend their cartridges they are sooo tasty and last a good amount of time for me.

  357. redfoe25

    amazing and very nice on the inside the customer service is friendly and always smiling

  358. mattaklinski

    It was great

  359. denisehamlin

    I have been to a few (4) locations in Phx and Scottsdale and this is the best….processional staff, great products and great deals and prices!!

  360. thcloud

    great meds

  361. pitbulllove

    Love their specials. I ended up getting the
    Tigers Milk Hash Oil Cartridge and the Green and since it was Buy 1 get 1 free. I also got Green Dragon Headband Hash Oil Cartridge. The tigers milk is a powerful Indica, great for sleep and very relaxed. While the Green Dragon is a Great 50/50!
    I also like how they still have a point system.
    Just wish they would have a $10 Indica and a $10 Sativa. Instead of just one or the other, which ever is their “special”.
    Also I know other dispensaries do this, but like a wish list.
    The Sour Patch Kids, you guys had was HANDS down AMAZING. Just wish I knew when you’ll have that again.

    Great customer service as well.

  362. jamesandme

    i like the bud they have here its nice the wait isnt long and priced nice

  363. dustmuffin76

    They have killer flower! I recommend them!!!

  364. Taterbugs05

    This was my 2nd time at Urban and I had the absolute pleasure of having Eli as my bud tender. I must say out of every dispensary I’ve ever visited in 2 states Eli is the BEST , hands down! He was so knowledgeable about ALL the different products you have on hand. I will definitely be back!!

  365. mrajman

    Awesome meds and staff! Always friendly and professional. Definitely gonna keep coming back!

  366. Josa

    This place is nice. It’s built to handle high flow of traffic as safe as possible. There is a permanent police outpost guarding entrance, almost a club like feel. Upon entering the greeting room the dispensary host (usually a cute girl with a silver tongue, the kinda girl thats into Tarantino films) scans your Green card into their computer payment system and proceeds to holds onto it for an undisclosed amount of time. You eventually get your card back and wait until your name is called beyond the big metal door. there are two doors between greeting room and show floor/checkout. the shownfloor isbdope. on busy nights there are dispensary girls pushing the sweet sweet bud deals. Then checkout, it’s there you actually handle the product for first time, exchange the cash (only). good.

  367. ImNickster

    Great quality, friendly service, and very classy atmosphere

  368. smokes1k

    This place has some legit flower, worth a trip

  369. dianna74

    great place

  370. AZBUCK

    Urban greenhouse is one of the best dispensaries in Phoenix I was in there today (420) their was a line out the door maybe 15-20 people it took a total 25min for me to get called to the back The staff is awesome and super efficient this will alway be my number one choice huge selection of products

  371. stayhighaz

    Easily my favorite dispensary besides for its location. All of the staff is friendly and they’ve got great deals going on every couple days, especially weekends! I like this dispensary because the inside is so different from what you see on the outside. It’s clean, well laid out and their bud tenders help you out.

  372. Chrunq

    The staff is pretty friendly. They are there to answer any questions but also allow you to browse. Pretty happy with this place overall.

  373. Madehut

    It’s great all around. Quality service and quality products.

  374. mybarra91

    Always great quality good flower!

  375. afherna2

    Urban Greenhouse rocks!! I had recently posted a review about some bad oil cartridges I bought. I had my items replaced and they helped me out to sort things out. Loving this place. My one stop shop in Phoenix!!

  376. iuancarlos123

    Had a great first experience here, this is the very first dispensary I ever came to! Awesome first time deal

  377. tcastillo1972

    Urban greenhouse has great edibles and specials on flower. I don’t come often cuz of where I live but when I do I’m never disappointed.

  378. Greencatco

    Good quality buds & fast service. Great selection too, lots of good options every time.

  379. Googoo89

    Everything is great

  380. Laker420

    i love urban green house excellent place

  381. missyjo710

    great meds and everyone is super friendly!

  382. yvette87

    love this place staff is awsome

  383. Lizza

    Ok, first I just want to say that I love these guys and gals. This is my favorite place to visit. It maybe insignificant but they’re the only dispensary that always pronounce my name right… There genuinely good people, and the specials… Shut up!!! They have the best deals in town plus the have my favorites 9 times out of 10. I have already told my friends about this place. More CD guys, it’s my favorite one. And don’t change specials as you get popular because you guys truly rock!!!

  384. StonedintheOctagon

    This place is the best in Phoenix. Great setup, quick service, knowledgeable staff, amazinggggg flower. The 9 Pound Hammer is excellent, the Faith looks unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and the Zkittlez smells like Skittles. Will be back when I’m out:)

  385. nenelynn.rd

    Good quality service

  386. tielawr

    Really great dispensary. Always have the best prices on wax and super friendly

  387. Patched

    Great selection, and deals. Always friendly staff, quick walk in and walk out time. Couldn’t ask for more!

  388. satvalenz

    this place has great atmosphere and a wide selection. their flower is great and they always have deals.

  389. xavi17216

    love their bud and their concentrate

  390. Hennyjones412

    The owner came out and said hello to everyone which was very nice and the girl at the front desk was super hot so that’s always good! The medicine was very good, and the process was great as well.

  391. dsotojr218

    love the shatter cones, awesome dispensary quality meds

  392. phourwrist

    Never had a problem here. Until yesterday, Picked up some flower (Watermelon zuzu) . Went home to discover that the flower was rotted. Ended up smoking some and got a headache. Never had a problem with the quality here.

  393. wheresthefire

    Bring back the 2×1 deal on that yummy oil for vapes please please!!!!

  394. roger23

    They won’t post bad reviews so I will post elsewhere! 42 dollar 1/8 end up being 47. Over charged card, just sad. Can barely afford meds as it is.

  395. trentsanford23

    Very good for the most part staff was friendly and laid back but the location was hard to find still a good place to shop

  396. Ff624

    I love this dispencary they are very helpful always make me feel welcome and amazing flower I feel like I get my money’s worth I travel far just for this dispencary dY’s

  397. kikimonique

    Fast, friendly

  398. stephg8722

    It honestly makes me laugh when patients complain about dry weed. Um we live in a desert for crying out loud. It’s called putting a piece of bread or an orange peel stored with your weed.

  399. xdreamy_blux

    First time patient and the service and atmosphere was amazing, plus people are friendly and the meds taste, smell, look, & feel great. definitely wanna come back and amazing deals I got too.

  400. cabaja1

    So I had to see what the hype about the CLEAR oil was and I must say you can taste cleanliness of it, very smooth, however I really really really wish I would have taken ladies advice on getting the golden goat Instead I chose strawberry banana which they later tell me they have no more so I went with blue raz as I said before it’s some potent meds but the taste is like blue pixie stick with one sickening after taste. This really is medicine with all the effects just a terrible taste LOL.

  401. WeedHunterD

    Great place for your green needs. Sales always going on, they’re carrying more and more innovative strains of meds. Also, their choices are plentiful. One of the better dispensaries in Phoenix.

  402. bigblazerino

    I’m a old timer smoker and going to a az state dispensery was very intimidating for me but I was greeted by a very friendly face Ashley I think then I was taken care of by Michelle she was very informative and spot on saved me some money bye knowing specials and got me some killer smoke so keep up the great work and pass pass give

  403. sha420rule

    Slight line outside that quickly subsided. Excellent merchandise.

  404. sebensberger

    the employees are polite, professional, and courteous. good stuff too

  405. bmaloney831

    Terrible. The staff is berating, not helpful, and you will wait for at least 30-40 minutes. Worst service I’ve ever had in a dispensary, or any business for that matter. There are better places.

  406. frankcamachojr

    nothing but the best buds and concentrates

  407. DblJax7

    Friendly staff. Budtenders are very knowledgeable! Moonrocks are AMAZING! I will definitely be returning!!

  408. RobsReclaim

    I wasn’t going to review this dispensary, but I changed my mind. I called to get information on a strain, Violet OG to be specific. I was told “You can get the information on leafly”. If I could get the info on leafly I wouldn’t be calling you wasting my time OR yours! I let her know the information was very limited and I wanted more detailed information. Let me say, they have kiosks in their facility that has at a minimum, 1 paragraph of information including genetics, THC content, whether it’s a sativa or indica or hybrid. (Leafly had that information) I was calling for the medical information and the negative side effects (Dry eyes, paranoia, dry mouth, dizzy) and the benefits (euphoric, uplifting, happy etc.) that is also offered on their kiosks. I was told (after I explained this to her already) She didn’t have time to help me, and she can’t prove I’m a medical patient (That’s a load of crap! she never asked for my id number or anything… AND I have 2 oz’s of their cannabis I just bought! Did you sell to a NON Medical person off of the street?), and she has other patients that needed help…. HELLO!!!!! I AM A MEDICAL PATIENT THAT’S LOOKING FOR HELP!!!!! You provide medical cannabis to patients, yet you can’t provide them with the correct information on the strains? If I walk into a pharmacy and ask about a medication I would be able to get the information requested. Forget the fact that I’m a youtuber that wants to have the right information for his viewers…. I am a medical patient that is also giving people the information about your strains! It just so happens I picked Urban Greenhouse to review for the month… really sorry I did. Your flower is decent, the information labeled on the bottles is incorrect (I was told by the budtender “Sorry the info on the bottles isn’t always correct”), and your customer service sucks! Hope this information was helpful to someone. I will not refer your business to anyone, and I will not be returning.

  409. amyromero23

    i love urban greenhouse! service is fast and everyone is VERY helpful. keep up the good work everyone! the wonder woman is thee bomb.


    this place is amazing, i suffer from capal tunnel, i get this cbd cream,one day i went in to to get some n the girl accidentally gave me the thc one so i said what the hell I’ll try it, but it didnt work as well as the cbd one does
    so i called n asked if they carried the cbd because i was given Thc n it did nothing for me, well not only did they have it but they put it on hold n when i went in they gave it to me for free, i was so not expecting that… thank you for all your help my hands feel so much better on a daily now!!!

  411. PinealGlass1

    Urban Greenhouse is by far my favorite dispensary in az. Friendliest staff, knowledgeable, and overall helpful throughout the whole process. Definitely the best (cosmetically and in quality) meds I have seen in Arizona. Plus they have an awesome locally blown glass selection. Thanks for always making me feel the love guys.” ) Namaste.

  412. crrivera

    Great shop!

  413. Leesie

    I was very impressed overall, but especially with the staff. Being warmly welcomed by the lovely at the front desk started my first visit right. Then, there was Jen; she was upbeat, extremely pleasant and took her time explaining some of the different products that I am unfamiliar with. I tried my first slim joint and thanks to Jen, I knew what to expect (and what not to!) Customer service is a huge part of the experience, and you guys exceeded expectations and made an awesome impression on this newbie. Thanks!!

  414. hchavez

    Very friendly and helpful for my first visit!

  415. LA420

    I like how open this place is but the check in takes to long. 2 open bud tenders and 4 customers in lobby waiting

  416. nickels2dimesjus4u

    Besides the mishap on my palm leaf got love for this place

  417. KingSyris30

    Awesome place and people

  418. avillegas24

    Great friendly environment with great costomer service. This place is state of the art with Great meds. Flower on point!

  419. paytonspradlin1

    Love their tai sticks!

  420. diverrandy53

    this is a very well staff dispensary on the top two in this state the city of Phoenix veteran friendly handicapped-accessible quality medicines I was just going to this place I highly recommend it

  421. msjanet3217

    I love coming to this place and have to say that I enjoy the atmosphere. The staff is exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable. The products are fresh and potent. I highly recommend this place to all.

  422. massoud

    Last batch of dream girl was horrible! Infested with premature seeds through out every nug. Bad trim job, along with 3 big beans. Paid $35+tax. If known of the poor quality of grow, wouldn’t have glanced at it.

  423. DTreatzAZ17

    i love and enjoy this dispensary , not only does their service and quality amazing but the diverse section of flowers and strains is large i would defiantly recommend this place to any patient that need good quality service and high grade meds.

  424. mgardner2043

    I have been coming to this place for a while. The staff is always very warm and professional. They learn people’s names, which is nice. The flower is always on point and the specials are great. They are also very efficient making trips quick and easy. Great place

  425. mgutierrez0190

    this place has really good trees and great service!

  426. devonc1991

    Great bud and good people. Check it out.

  427. snowcapqueen88

    I felt like I was rushed through the whole process even though I waited forever in the waiting room. The cashier was rude completely ignoring me while she flirted with another employee. Not sure if I will be back.

  428. Katya118

    I still love this place! Second time here and it was amazing. The flower is always good and I love the deals and people.

  429. lazyt

    Recently moved to the westside and its become a favorite. Love the shatter cone, geeat way to end the night

  430. 420uplifted710


  431. chunxtheman

    Urban greenhouse is a great location. Good service, knowligable staff, and great meds.

  432. EHBP

    I love the prices I love the people there they are a great dispensary

  433. arturov

    comfortable and welcoming

  434. smok1burn2

    has great customer service and have very good buds and wax

  435. LambieLynn1994

    absolutely loved the new renovations and the atmosphere was very comfortable. ALL WAX WAS AMAZING!

  436. SweetieC

    This is an awesome place. I really loved the attention and their Sweet Diesel cartridges have a great flavor.

  437. Wilsoncastro

    They are really friendly !

  438. EkalbEnits

    Great time. Very friendly staff, extremely informational, good deals, and very short wait time for me < 5 minutes.

  439. 213weed

    This used to be in my top two favorite stores but is now the only place I want to shop. With the specials and reward points it is right there with the best deals in town. Their cartridges were always their big draw, but now the oil is stronger and a lot better. The MAIN reason I want to come back though is the recent upgrade in the quality of bud. Something very good happened at their grow room and they now have a handful of premium quality buds that stand up to any bud in town, and I have tried them all. I drive from Chandler to get there, but I never have
    to wait long for service. Do yourself a favor and check this place out.

  440. serrengotti

    Good natural herbs

  441. Powhatan

    Went in for the ten dollar gram special which is always on point. My budtender said she was training but was very helpful and told me about dank drank and it is AMAZINGGG dYtmOEdY1/4

  442. thompsonlates

    Great staff and fast service!

  443. oneandone

    This was my first visit to Urban Greenhouse. I was very impressed with both the quality of flower and the large selection of concentrates. My bud tender was very friendly and knowledgeable about all of their products. Would definitely be a repeat customer.

  444. Tmoney

    UG has been my favorite since first getting my medical card (almost 2 years now). They always have great prices, good meds and friendly and knowledgable employees.

  445. miss619

    I was very disappointed today to check the special on here today then by the time I drive across town it’s changed. myself and another patient told the manager that we just seen the special for the free eighth and he brushed us off as if we were lying. Both of us were sure it was there or I know myself I would not have drove that far. The meds ate great but I think this situation was handled very badly. The other person was a first time patient that probably won’t return due to false advertisement. 🙁

  446. nicholepatricialee

    I love coming to Urban Greenhouse. The budtender’s make you feel so welcomed. they have great quality.

  447. raykwon

    luv this purple tide best thing blowing

  448. caysie

    I love the people there. They know my name by heart and always treat me like a friend. Product is the best as well

  449. Breena420

    This place is a good location The flowers are very good

  450. JT562

    top notch , quality , great selection , good location .

  451. Reaper15

    I had a very pleasant experience, nice lay out of products and awesome customer service!!

  452. drmiklo

    i had recently purchased the thc A – crystal line. i really enjoyed the product and even more the customer service.

  453. avdr3

    One of my favorite spots! Great flower, great prices and great people giving great service!

  454. Batman94

    I think the meds are great and the customer service is better

  455. bigmob46

    great staff very helpful and knowledgeable great flowers, definitely would go again

  456. JaeStylez420

    I absolutely looovvveeee this dispensary everyone in here is always sooo friendly and I have yet to be disappointed on flower they are by far my #1 dispensary

  457. Pakone21

    Great staff, good meds. Always have good deals going on, always helps to get you through the week.

  458. GregM

    Tried this place a few times. Even though they say you get a choice of the third strain if you buy two I was not given a choice. Also donated ten more than I thought. Won’t be coming back again.

  459. Lucciman228

    Great staff an meds love it here the price for the best meds an everything is good the difference is urban. if your not at the green house you better be on the way!(=

  460. somfusilier

    Great value Great medicine Excellent customer service

  461. jjjane22

    Had a fairly nice selection of flower, tried the J1 and Moby Dick, both were delicious and powerful. The staff was super friendly and educated, Love love love their shatter, all time favorite.

  462. Thomas911

    Really friendly people, beautiful atmosphere, HUGE variety, great weed. Would most definitely come back again.

  463. susiosinc

    it was coo nice place . great weed
    they got the Thai stick mini

  464. Blakoutt

    This place was awesome and their slim joints are the best, this was my first visit and definitely won’t be my last!

  465. Donnatemya

    This place has good flower! But expensive..Need more deals with prices like they have. I also think you should be to get anything in a gram at all times. Even top shelf product should be available in grams at all times.

  466. JpPearlAragon23

    Great people

  467. gretchenb77

    This was my first Arizona dispensary experience and it far exceeded my expectations! Everyone is super nice & informative. Definitely higher end customer service than the dispensaries I’ve been to in Colorado & Oregon. Great selection & killer new patient & other deals. Will be back, definitely dY~,,

  468. seoulsista12

    This place is awesome! I will be shopping here more often, the people are so chill and SO nice! The quality is there as far as products as well.

  469. allieradz617

    UGD always has the best deals, especially on quarters! I love all of the staff. They always recognize me and are very polite and knowledgeable. Flower is always super potent and delicious.

  470. cdelfino7

    It is the best in Phoenix, from flower to edibles but NOTHING beats their Customer Service, friendly and informative and an up beat attitude. My favorite store!

  471. Blitz1

    Great Meds, best staff around!!

  472. htaz69

    I love this place, everyone is so cool… just so pleasant, happy & helpful. nice variety of products to choose from. longest wait time for me is never more than 5 min…

  473. kali_slim

    Nice place good customer service and cool music.

  474. Jamesonsss

    Below average flower, and horrible oil cartridge’s.

  475. deeno690

    great service and great meds

  476. Bearcakes79

    I love these guys! great staff great process great selection!

  477. Jennifernov1

    Great selection of meds try them out if in area -aqwrd1

  478. joey.lopez.77398199

    I love this place.great deals and service 🙂

  479. Drewkobe24

    Great dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  480. ReeferMadness710

    Favorite dispensary in Phoenix so far!!!!! I’m a retuning client and am surprised by your flowers and concentrates! Have great taste especially the Girl Scout Cookie flower you have currently!!-Dc

  481. Ledbetterlife

    top quality and knowlegeable staff the place is very Zen good vibe there.

  482. Dollface420

    I love this dispensary . This dispensary is very clean and chic . During my last visit I purchased 9lb hammer . Very strong Indica. Great smell . I felt as if I was hit in the head with a hammer .

  483. JWizard1JamJAr

    On my first visit, the quality about this dispensary that struck me the hardest was the customer service. I was welcomed by a kind, attractive receptionist who explained their process and FREE rewards system which grants you a free eighth for every 500 dollars spent (not bad). After being escorted by a budtender to the selection, I purchased a quad of Sour Diesel, a quad of Mastadon Kush, and three pre-rolls, on top of which they gave me a free gram of bubblegum kush. All the meds were top quality and tasted EXCELLENT while smoking, since everything grown here is organic and soil based.

    However, I did find quite a few seeds in my batch of Mastodon 🙁 not a big issue, just an inconvenience. The bud was still killer 😀 All in all, for 73 bucks a quad and great service, I will be visiting this dispensary again.

  484. DSD420DABBER

    Place is nice and meds are good but yet another holiday weekend with ZERO dabbable specials!!! WTF, come on guys 🙁

  485. darkstar5334

    The best concentrates in the valley for dispensaries hands down. I’ve tried it all and urban greenhouse truly knows what their doing! I’m all the way in Tempe and gladly make the drive to them for their awesome selection

  486. avantgarde

    hands down the best meds in Phoenix, love their specials too!

  487. IBlazeLounge

    The prerolls and concentrates here are on point! Always get those thai sticks!

  488. Peachesssszzz

    Absolutely amazing staff, great product and service. Love going here. Staff is super friendly and I always feel welcome. Nice clean location and usually super fast!!

  489. borimex42

    I love this place is awesome. ..amazing specials cheap prices with a huge menu. ..services n waiting time r unbeatable great spot. ..

  490. TheBagman

    CODY is the MAN! He is very knowledgeable and we’ll informed about which meds can help with any condition. Stop by and get a 420 scratcher ticket, use it today and to enter their raffle for the BIG DAY.

    Rumor has it, if you ask nice, you can pick up 2 – 1/8s of different strains for under $80…..

    Always worth the trip, tell BIG JOHN @ the door I said HI!

    The Bagman
    since 1970

  491. marinez830

    This place is one of the BEST in the valley!!! Really enjoyed my visit here!!!

  492. Jellybean

    I called just yesterday seeing if my medication was in this young lady answer the phone and told me, I don’t have time to see if your medication is here if it’s on the site then it has to be here we’re too busy!! you’re too busy ? you lack customer service skills you were rude disrespectful and I was just seeing if you happen to have my medication I was looking for 4 cookies and cream bhang bar double strength i even said too that rude young lady have a good day. I know you don’t care BUT I WILL NEVER BUY MEDS HERE AGAIN. THANK YOU.

  493. joebaka21

    nice display

  494. rmuniz818

    great location very convinient and very knowledgeable love this location

  495. TattooPrincess13

    Nice and friendly stuff, more like a boutique type store in my eyes. Good meds but at a bit higher price but they have great specials!

  496. Jolsen1108

    Great help with strains and good prices I can’t wait to try shatter cone on next visit

  497. kevin107

    Great Budd !!!!!!!!!

  498. playskool

    great flour mother’s helper hands down one of my favorite had the privilege enjoy it on sell dY~$? & variety to pick & choose from… will recommend to my peep`s

  499. Dopehead420McGee

    Great sugar wax, I tried the 9lb hammer and it was a very heavy indica as promised. Thank you Urban!!

  500. Marleymed

    Nice consistent quality meds straight up

  501. CassieLyn93

    This place is fast, professional, and the staff is very knowledgeable. And of course the bud is great too! I’d recommend this place for sure!!

  502. chente602

    Awesome people and good service and good bud

  503. Purplepandabears

    Last week I stopped by for the sale on the oil cartridges: Buy one, get one free. I think this deal is so good because the substance tastes awful. I spent $120 and cannot honestly use it because of how bad it tastes. It is a really bad, strong artificial flavor. I contacted them about this issue trying to initiate an exchange, not a refund. Considering I spent $120 to get a product so bad I’m unable to use it I think I should be able to get it exchanged. I recently used 2 different brands of cartridges and they have tasted nothing like these cartridges. They initially seemed liked a great deal. I’m only speaking on the oils, I don’t have any experience with much else.
    They do however give you a free gram on your first visit which is cool.

  504. Josh_StoneyReviews

    I remember when the slim cape pen was $45 A gram. Now $55. Wow!!! Power to the corrupt!! Sweet

  505. PiercingsbyKris

    Amazing product, staff and service.

  506. jediskywalker710

    good product and fun atmosphere just a little heavy on the pricing

  507. Marijahhill

    The staff is really nice and the dispensary is really clean and neat 🙂

  508. henderson9042

    Dank flower selection and bomb live resin. Going to start coming here even tho its a litlle bit of o drive from where i live in the west.

  509. grneyesnphx

    Loveeeee It. Excellent customer service, selection of medicinals,

  510. kisskisshappiness

    I cant wait till they finish construction. the buds are great fresh i love the 5pk pre rolls.. made my day

  511. KenScott

    Beautiful facility, friendly staff, but was disappointed at the two strains I picked up; Sour Diesel and Sugar Lemon Kush. Both very ordinary, and likely under 15% THC. I’m sure their top shelf stuff is OK, but it sucks to pay near top-shelf prices for mids. Both of the strain’s buds look like they’ve been ‘rolled’ for trichomes before being offered for sale. I’m sure they got some nice hash off it.

    On the positive side, one OZ was free with my first (and last) visit. I’ll be using most of my purchase for edibles I guess. I’m sure not interested in vaping it much longer; just not worth my time.

    God Arizona reefer is disappointing and ordinary.

  512. 1spvcemuzik

    not the best medicine but dels

  513. shayne25

    this place is awesome. Great meds great pricing awesome customer service. I used to come here with my fiance when he first had his card years ago and our friend had his card and we recommended him there and it was the only shop he went to. And now we have our cards again and once again years later not disappointed and you won’t be either. they always have the best deals and perfect quality. love you guys :-).

  514. JordanN9ne

    Had a nice first visit, and got a free gram on top of it all!!

  515. arigalaviz420

    I love how they close at 10pm

  516. weedguru2020

    I have to start off by saying you guys are awesome. You actually listen to the community’s feedback. I love you guys and wish i could shop here all the time. You offer some good deals, and carry dank buds. I just dont think its worth the money. Its just weed. it grows on a tree, and to pay 20$ plus taxs is crazy. I would never pay 20$ for a tomato at walmart. some people will pay that dont get me wrong, but if you want to be the BEST dispensary in az you should be looking out for the patients 100%. making sure everyone leaves completely satisfied and had a good experience. ever where else is charging an arm and a leg for medz. why not beat the competition? i know UGH can do it, and I mean that. Im getting to the point were i much rather just grow my own. Please just consider it.

  517. WyntSells

    gr8 service
    gr8 people
    gr8 medz

  518. 8adrian8

    good budz at an affordable price. hurban green house is my new go to spot.

  519. Ana1226

    Always have really good deals! Budtender are always really nice and helpful. Love the new Place .

  520. greengirl1784

    like this dispensary. very friendly staff.

  521. upidsta

    People here are very nice. Good environment and ambiance is chill.

  522. Cece2128

    always fast and friendly. great atmosphere and budtenders but best of all is their FLOWER!dY’s

  523. lizzardmama

    perfect for me it’s down the street from daughter’s college.

  524. Mckenzieaileen

    Amazing dispensary loved the meds and bud tenders

  525. AntonioKB1

    really good meds good deals and cool bidtenders

  526. 25katsu55

    I love the daily special for 9.98,the staff is helpful and fast and happy

  527. leroy602

    very good flowers, and the shatter cone is a must try

  528. 82dtown

    Had some aEURoefaithaEUR sample. It was amazing. Good taste, and the high wasn’t too intense. It felt like I still had a clear head while still having a relaxed chill going on. Perfect middle ground and a good blend.

  529. Greenmook


  530. TazzLPN

    From the parking lot until you leave the facility, everyone is helpful, genuine and friendly.

  531. azsnatch

    5 stars to all dispensaries with first time patient free meds , great buds too! Stop everytime I’m in area

  532. Biggz10035

    I like the Thai sticks and they got some of the best flower I choose this as the first dispensary when I go carded

  533. Hperez420

    I thought the place was great it was just a little packed but worth the wait because there flower is really good thinking of going back already

  534. jdmstoneraz

    awesome setup very great product!!!

  535. CaligirlnAz

    This was my first time here and will definitely be going back. That is some of the best meds I’ve had in awhile I live in the East Valley and I will drive faithfully westward for their flowers. They were superb! I grabbed some of the dreamgirl and lemon skunk so as I am finishing my business in Phoenix I went BACK for two more grams before I headed back east the blue haze is great especially for insomnia it puts you down quick and gentle. And aches and pains were no more when I hit the CannaZ. Needless to say I was very happy to have wandered in can’t wait to see them again!

  536. alexisdanielle420

    always treated so well here and the staff is always friendly!! the girls are all cute af too. meds are on point!!!

  537. MedicalMMJMomma

    Awesome vibe and friendly, knowledgeable budtenders. Quite an assortment of fun looking edibles. Join the oz club! Three security guys out front and close parking.

  538. cicar415

    As a first time patient going into a more professional looking dispensary I was very please with there service and quality. The wait was not so long under 20 minutes in my visit ! dY~S

  539. kbshepherd

    great people, great strains at affordable prices!

  540. stardust710

    One of my favorites! When its done being remodeled its going to be AMAZING! Friendliest staff for sure! Love their point system!

  541. ghettolucy

    This is a fabulous dispensary. I love the employees and the product is superb. I recommend this dispensary for hassle-free service.

  542. Angel4letty

    Love this place

  543. kinglouie3

    cool shirt

  544. srabino

    This is a GREAT spot.. Staff, product, on PoiNt dY’OEdY1/4dY’- definitely will be back!! Love how modern it is.

  545. Mamabird

    Went here for my first time a couple days ago. I just got my card about a month ago and this was my third dispensary I’ve been to. I wasn’t very impressed with the previous two I had been to. One had minimal selection and the other had weak concentrates and the staff wasn’t very friendly or helpful. It was like night and day going into Urban Greenhouse! I didn’t know what to expect in that area of town but it exceeded my expectations! The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. At the previous places I felt uncomfortable. Here I felt like I was hanging out with people I knew. I live kind of far from this location but I will definitely be back!

  546. juan-needee

    Awesome Place Big variety open late

  547. bianca.john

    The products,the staff, the accessibility, and the speed of service is awesome. This dispensary has been the best I have been to. I really recommend anyone to come here.

  548. 92cody123

    If you haven’t been here you’re missing out, this place has the FIRE. Very short wait times. Staff is great. Wish it was in a better area though.

  549. Artistaesoto

    The staff is awesome and very personable. The product is awesome too! This is my preferred “shopping place”.

  550. bluflowerchild77

    Very excellent spot on deals for flower, concentrates etc. Staff is really awesome & knowledgeable!

  551. kittferr

    Love this location and the workers there. They do not ruch you and they answered all of my questions I purchased some green crack and it was FIRE!!!!! Loved, Loved< Loved it.... This was my second time there. Just waiting for them to get some of that Bio Freeze in...

  552. blakc

    First time. I like the set up the shop has. The lady who help me didn’t speak much. Picked up Bunker which was nice and id recommend. The free g of grape ape IMO wasn’t that grape. I don’t live on that side of town and I was driving by. But will come again if i’m ever close. Thanks!

  553. CornBreadCollardGreens

    What an incredible place. One of the sleekest dispensaries I have visited in the valley and not to mention the product is astounding. Will definitely be shopping here again.

  554. mrre602

    I gotta say the meds are great from this spot

  555. wlktimo

    I love to come in to UGH from time to time to get something good. if you ever in the area go Urban no time for that domestic flame.

  556. Preggerz

    I absolutely love urban green house, their interior is classy, welcoming and festive for all holiday seasons! The staff is so polite and patient. I love it.

  557. azzklown007

    It was a bit hard to get into if you missed your turn then you had to go around the motel. The staff were great I felt comfortable there.

  558. thinkingreen90

    urban has a great line of products and aways has the new stuff in. highly recommend if ur searching for that new new.

  559. meilahn04

    this is the first time ive ever had to leave urban cause they ran out of a strain i wanted to try.

  560. Firesmart555

    Wow! It very interesting… this place more shows detail different flowers. It awesome and amazing! I will be back again dY~.

    Hunter Rose

  561. 00J3N

    I have been to several dispensaries and have found this one to be the best by far. Great First-Time customer deal! Friendly staff and helpful for the first time walk through. Prices are slightly higher than some competition out there, but let’s face it all of the strains I purchased where much better all the way around, which made the price worth it. I am looking forward to seeing a location open near me that way I don’t have do drive an hour for the perfect experience. I would like to know if there are any up coming deals for the holidays?

  562. Hooley

    They make their own hash oil cartridges and they don’t load them with glycol, so they aren’t as sweet as some of the cartridges out there, but you’re not smoking a bunch of filler. The Blue Widow oil gave a nice calming effect despite it being heady sativa dominant strain. Staff was super friendly, got a free gram of Blue Widow flower for a new patient special (SCORE!) And (this has nothing to do with the quality of the medicine or the facility) but they sure do hire some good looking people to staff the place. So there’s that too.

  563. CottonJohnson

    Great staff great flower good prices love bubba love purps must visit

  564. markied

    This is the one. Very friendly service. Reasonable prices. Good selection of product.

  565. logancollman

    I came in to buy an eighth, but wasn’t able to come without my kids. In other dispensaries I’ve been permitted to, as long as they stayed with me, but not here. The quality of buds wasn’t bad, but kind of ruined the place for me.

  566. Reyeslv

    First time customer, everyone is very friendly and helpful.

  567. weshamilton1015

    the atmosphere isnt the classiest..but the quality is top notch in my book! Great place if your looking to buy bulk n not for the grams or eights

  568. rancorvalues

    The past year since Ive had my card I’ve lived on the far east and west side. I’ve tried a lot of dispenseries in the valley and UGH is hands down the best!! I will travel all day in this god forsaken urban dessert to get there. Quality, pricing and CS is superior! Oh and the MAGIC BROWNIES are ridiculous! They are for real when they say be careful! Im a cannabis vet and these things pack so much punch any other form of “illegal” hallucinogenics are unneeded. Had a real inlightening magical experience to say the least. Well worth the price but wish emerald leaf would use more organic ingredients including a natural sugar alternative. I would not eat proccessed sugar at all if I was trying to treat cancer.

  569. christianm192

    best quality hands down!

  570. WhiteLily83

    I had a blast @ this Dispensary. I came looking for a good concentrate & got two amazing products. I have the muv evolve CBD gel & Chronic pain from Infusion. Both great products that I can use for pain throughout my work day. The staff is wonderful & helpful. I will be back for sure!

  571. tonemonty

    awesome place service and product love it

  572. Bluedream0747

    Amazing! take my money!

  573. NowThisIsAStory

    I purchased 2 edibles here, a brownie and pixie stick. Great price and made me feel comfortable. Great spot.

  574. littlestripes

    I came in today, and boy am I pleased! I live near 7th ave/Indian School so this new dispensary is quite convenient. I was really hoping to like it, and I am not disapointed!

    GREAT opening specials! Who doesn’t love free stuff?

    This is by FAR the best Blue Widow I have received from a dispensary — and it was the free gram for my first visit! It’s covered in crystals, and has just enough moisture. It was easy to grind, and yet is soft, fluffy, and very pungent in my grinder.

    Thank you, Urban Greenhouse. I’ll most certainly be back!!

  575. nadiyashark

    Amazing meds, quality and service. Fair pricing and my favorite dispensary in Phoenix.

  576. Artswoman

    Great customer service, inviting store, and very good smoke.

  577. kar84

    it had probably been over a year since I had been there. I was in the area and needed a new cartridge and they were open. so I stopped in. to start I served for 10 years honorably and got out in 2012. since 2012 I had never had my veteran status questioned. up until my visit. I only have one issued veteran I.d. she asked me if I had my “real” i.d. this is all over probably 2 bucks. but it still pisses me off. and I will never be back. and I will tell everyone I come across. and the ish cartridge I got sucks.

  578. jackeebby1432

    Urban Green House is very nice inside along with the most presentable staff and prices are also by far best, i will definitely be returning!! dY’>dYOE’dY’>dYOE’

  579. ThaCulprit

    Great place, best BOGO in the valley..

  580. JareBear113

    Good choose Customer service

  581. Tlsmiley

    The remodel turned out beautiful! I love the atmosphere in this place. Cool staff, great selection.

  582. Louieman77

    great medicine and staff !

  583. stevesteezy

    5 grams for 60 was not actually all strains.

  584. stonestockton

    Modern friendly atmosphere with high quality product

  585. StickyDabs

    great shop great deals definitely will be back.

  586. mrjlbower

    Best pre rolls in Phoenix. They actually have strain selection on pre rolls instead of a “house blend “

  587. abyram4

    It is one of the best products for lower prices

  588. 3rdman

    Great buds and friendly staff

  589. jesus1983

    very nice inside, very nice people, and most of all very very good flowers…

  590. DaUsMsB

    I love coming here!
    It’s usually a fast and pleasant experience. Their staff are very kind and are always ready to answer any questions I may have. I enjoy their specials, friendly atmosphere, and their quality products keep me coming back.

  591. Killatwan

    great meds great staff

  592. BlazedSamurai

    I have visited this place a few times and overall its a pretty good spot. They got a lot of good deals, but the can be trouble for them. I went to get a gram of space rocks because of a sale they had. And when i got home i noticed they only gave me a half gram but for the full gram price. That is not cool. So if you visit this place you might wanna check your purchase before you leave. The bud tenders are beautiful and the security is on point.

  593. missSUPERDOOBIE

    Buds are nice

  594. butchp

    Treat u RiGhT and Best deals and all around pricing.
    my fav is Green Crack..keeps me going and happy lol

  595. Ashley92as

    I only go here for my weed. Best medication. Hands down. Will always return.

  596. imjustagirl1979

    I love this place. Great pricing and specials.

    Plus the staff rocks a$?i,a$?i,a$?i,

  597. Gotoo78

    Great place love it here

  598. spider42020

    awesome place and prices

  599. ciecie13

    one of my favorites. flower is great quality, service is super friendly and knowledgeable.

  600. Eaglerunbear66

    I am a retired Disabled Vet I am very greatful that i get an extra 10% extra off. I understand that a business needs to make money I would like to ask a question if I may why when things are on sale we don’t get the discount when i was still Disabled it just didn’t go away for that day. I will still tell everyone that Urban Green House is where i get my Meds. Thank you for your Time and consideration in this opinion

  601. pete34

    Customer service is excellent bud tenders treat you with respect unlike most dispensaries like where they treat you like crap. URBAN GREENHOUSE TREATMENT IS RESPECTFUL THANK YOU. Great place beautiful girls.

  602. Phoenix_Mike

    Stay away from the strain “Rolls Choice”.

    Been going here for over a year, its a nice spot and the folks are generally friendly….so zero complaints until this week. Went there for $198 Oz of Blue Dream (got it and am happy with it and that nice low price) and some Indica flower, but they were out of all pure/dominate Indica…..again. So I was offered “Rolls Choice” instead. Big Mistake. Two tokes, provides a nice light instant HEADACHE! I have tried dozens and dozens of strains. I have seen headaches listed as a possible negative side effects on Leafly strain reviews, but never have I experienced this effect from marijuana….until now.

    Called to complain and got nowhere……

  603. ChrisKeenan

    Local Not to busy

  604. awandrey

    My first time visit was very disappointing. My bud tender just seemed bored and annoyed and he forgot 2 things in my order I know I for sure said to him. Then I call back and he tells me I’m wrong and he heard differently. No help was offered or given. Urban will be my last option from now on.

  605. Brooks17z

    One of the nicest dispensaries ive been to. Top shelf buds are truly top shelf. love the staff here.

  606. achavezochoa

    This was a Nice place. Friendly quick service. I received good information and I liked there computer screen and all that was available.

  607. pressure12345

    great medicine great service good prices.

  608. mmelendez4407

    I love this location I will not go anywhere else . great staff always friendly , hardly any wait . Purple Urkle try it .

  609. mac21

    i think this place is kick ass! they have a tv display their farms and it smells so fundaful of just greendYfdY~dY’$?dYOE3

  610. kylecrafty

    Great atmosphere and reliably quality bud.

  611. ProphetYBT

    prophetYBT…..good flame

  612. eddiebisi

    Location is tricky because you can only get in driving westbound just past the I-17 or through a back entrance on 27th Ave. Inside is nice. Budtenders and setup for ordering were outstanding. Will return.

  613. KingNemesis129

    Urban greenhouse is #1 I loved my visit it was amazing everyone smiling & knows what they’re doing I’m recommending urban greenhouse 2 everybody I know thanx keep it up

  614. zzzgas

    A few miles “down the road “, but had what I was looking for. Nice to see an armed guard at the door given the location. Staff members were great as were selection and price. Will go back.

  615. cowgirldiva

    Great 1st time experience…service was awesome and made me feel very comfortable…….The sour gummy bears are indeed the best

  616. bellalalala

    Friendly staff. It was my first time ever going into a dispensary and they were really helpful and told me all the details I needed in order the chose the right thing. They explained to me how it works and what options I have. The place was clean and well organized. I would definitely go back there again. Plus their hours are nice! 9am-10pm so it perfect for people who get off kind of late.

  617. marlondasmoker

    Its cool

  618. MarvelMuse

    Quick, easy, and well priced.

  619. NikiOG

    Nice interior layout. They have awesome holiday specials. I have experienced long waiting, outside and inside dY$?*

  620. sk8terchick540

    Great first time visit.alex was great.

  621. Fknkristen

    I love this place the herb is beautiful and the staff is great

  622. iKia

    Really like how comfortable the employees make me feel at this location. Awesome deals will continue to come here in the future.

  623. PatienceB

    Urban was one of the first dispensaries that I went to and it has been one of my favorites ever since. The vibes are awesome. And the flower is even better.

  624. jordanslim

    love the edibles here. taste good and not like weed.

  625. Mosetmade

    great choices staff was pleasant

  626. bryanfloyd03

    use this shop usually great but was sad to see my last order of og and diesel was riddled with seeds! not sure what is going on?

  627. boogermike

    I have been here a few times, and have been pretty happy with this dispensary. I like the quality of their bud in general. They have some pretty great deals sometimes too (especially their OZ specials which is worth the drive). They are conveniently located off the I-17 (in a sketchy location TBH, but there is always a guard in front, and ample parking).

    I don’t love their order system – which is somewhat unusual, but once I get used to it, seems quick and efficient.

    Overall, this is one of my favorite shops in town, as I think their product and price are both good.

  628. AZWrangler

    I personally think UGH is the BEST dispensery in the valley, and I have visited quite a few. They have great prices, flower is always fire with great attention to detail by the growers, great customer service, absolutely LOVE the packaging, and good overall vibes every time I visit. I live in Gilbert and make the drive across town because local dispensaries can’t compete.

  629. ebaca1995

    been here a couple time’s have some very good flowers great service overall my visit was great

  630. Mikestoller

    Urban greenhouse always have fire meds and latest and greatest products. Every time I go in I get the best customer service and advice! Everyone should stop by at least once!

  631. Opaltriplet

    Autumn was amazing, I love the selection and the quality. Pick up is super convenient. Great spot

  632. mmv042294

    This place is the quickest by far, very convenient, good Mmj as well, got deals on oil pens on the weekend, no one else has these deals

  633. Thecreator1993

    Love stopping by UGD when I’m close! always a nice experience

  634. mercyas50

    Really good concentrate!

  635. jason25

    some of the best quality products I’ve seen gorilla glue is off the chain and love the slim vapes amazing service and super friendly staff!!

  636. ashleyelizabwth96

    best flower in glendale!

  637. Sk8wiz

    The location its ok the dirve there is a mission but no trouble.

  638. afwreck

    awesome place very friendly great meds

  639. Tommymurder187

    Great location and bud

  640. lowlevelowl

    Been my go to place for awhile now. Genuinely nice staff, fast service, and exceptional meds. Definitely recommend.

  641. insanesmoker

    Urban green house is one of my favorites to visit. The caviar is the best! Would recommend it to any one for sure

  642. linkinpark9503

    Good deals with oil cartridges. Top quality flower. Free gram on first visit dY~ free pre roll on birthday dY~ good parking even if it’s not the best area of town.

  643. philwhite

    great staff. and high quality buds

  644. thegreenreaper7

    great service at good prices. they have a great selection and very helpful and knowledgeable people to help with making your selection.

  645. sickpimp777

    awesome space rock!!

  646. joshuaneau

    Great meds, great prices.

  647. highlife6

    Urban greenhouse is a GREAT place to get good quality meds.

  648. nelia0186

    great selection

  649. CannaFairyAZ

    I’m glad I gave this dispensary another shot, they have really stepped up the customer service. As for the products, I’m a little torn. The Goji OG gave me a massive migraine and nausea, which is what I’m usually trying to control, since recovering from a bilateral mastectomy. However, the Blue Cheese did not give the same negative effects. It wasn’t as “cheesy” and I normally like, but a nice strain. The Agent Orange is also just fine for a sativa. I don’t know if it was something in the Goji, because I’ve had it from other growers and never had a problem.

  650. wsmp28smiley

    GG4 very good tasting flower very nice body high staff are very informative and nice come here and have a nice J

  651. Ogflight2space

    Thanks the shatter cone was bomb

  652. smokimonkiwi

    love this place super good buds.

  653. buddhamonk

    some of the best buds in town. great service, good prices… takes debit, which is a plus+

  654. knotsoeze

    awesome love the staff and budz

  655. Roro2009

    I love it! Great place to shop!!

  656. Myrmeden325

    Best place in AZ. Great staff, very knowledgeable. Touch screen menus were dope. Excellent selection at great prices.

  657. liferider77

    Not sure why but, I love the layout here… 1st timer here and not my last. Very helpful staff and a somewhat different but great selection throughout!!! Nice job guys! Well played

  658. Bozoblut19

    great ambience

  659. Dryguy19

    I love urs guys wax so bomb I’ll be back again

  660. BipolarHighRoller

    In my opinion Urban Green House is the most well rounded dispensary in Phoenix that I have been to. Everything is done right, from the parking, to the security, the bud room, the employee’s, and even the prices. Quality of the medicine for the prices I feel is great. I liked how I was able to get in and out so quick and easy, their awesome bud room set up I suspect had something to do with that.

    I went with a gram of the Blue Northern which was on special for $10 a gram today. I also got to pick out a free gram and I went with Rug Burn OG since my budtender Shelby recommended it as on of their go to heavy medicating strains. I was very happy with my choices when I got home, the Rug Burn was my favorite of the two for sure, flavor was nice and the high was nice as well. Blue Northern was also nice, just not as powerful of a high, great bang for your buck though.

    I will surely be back to Urban Greenhouse in the future and highly suggest everyone to check them out.

  661. 1puff

    Great location, with some of the best budtenders. Flower is always fresh and potent. 9.98 grams on special everyday

  662. AZBD

    Today, I was a first-time patient. Urban Greenhouse is the 4th dispensary I have shopped at and I am so impressed by positive vibes upon walking in the door, as well as the smiles everyone was wearing. I am looking forward to trying out the PuraEarth Roller Ball and wax I purchased today! The flower looks colorful and frosty as well! I will be back again, soon!

  663. ginahooks15

    Love they’re cavi cones.. Only reason why i come..

  664. jluvsmikec09

    This is my favorite dispensary. They have the best CBS treats and tincture for my dogs. They’re very knowledgeable and friendly and I love that they always remember my name and some budtenders even know me well enough to make some great recommendations. Thank you Said especially for great dog tips!

  665. MDAllen95

    love the flower they sell. clean and friendly people. will definitely go back

  666. kushkittenxo

    My go to spot. love the staff and the quality of product!

  667. docdime420

    hard to spot you’ll make it…haha nice 10$grams great service….

  668. NutoriousOne

    The entire staff here is friendly and very helpful. I picked up four different strains of flower to try out. I was profoundly impressed with trim, flush, and curing process of all the flower I tried out from them. The flavor of each strain was uniquely delicious and tasty. I will be back tomorrow as a matter of fact. They have a nice selection for your medicinal needs. I have no problem recommending other true connoisseurs to taste their many variety of strains.

  669. williamrocks

    Place was really nice no doubt, however I got some glad max, it should have been called mad max because it pissed me off! In the display jar it looked good, what I got and brought home was another story. It was shit, good thing I only got 3 grams one of which was free for ftp. I feel bad leaving a bad review but I felt compelled to let people know it’s a waste of money.

  670. Angel41

    them shatter cones are fire!

  671. greenguru999

    Whoever cultivates the plants has a loooooooooooong ways to go with everything to learn

  672. Phenomenal7Sky


  673. mister1992

    Urban greenhouse has great quality,service n atmosphere

  674. xsaj70

    First time in today and spent a good 30 minutes with my bystander Jeremy who was very informative and we had similar experiences. Also THANK YOU BAKER for the referral/gift Mimosa. You are right its Perfect for someone with ADHD. I will be back, but will time it better with Indian School traffic.

  675. Acevedo4life

    rudest ppl ever. flowers really dry & don’t give me what you want

  676. khancock1

    Excellent selection, awesome service

  677. ScottiBoi

    The bud tender was very friendly and helpful. The med were great!

  678. chefette

    Worth the trip! Went for the Caviar and was not disappointed. Great service…really nice, friendly and informative. I’ll be back!

  679. rjaylovett

    really nice people

  680. FM9686

    One of the best places, good prices, very friendly, tasty and good medication and felt safe.

  681. SuziPasadena

    It’s a bit cramped in the sales room, but they always have a wide variety of products for a wide variety of ai
    lments. A good place with good people!

  682. crazedaz

    Bought 2 different Slim Js that died out after about 30 puffs. So disappointed. selection isnt the best either

  683. Redsupport

    Nicest most professional dispensary I’ve visited.

  684. streetfield

    best buds

  685. ericrpierce

    Fun lighthearted people show you their wares, take your time ,ask questions ,It’s hard to go wrong . If you know what you like ,they have the knowledge to present you with the best options.

  686. Whataboutdan

    Very friendly and helpful staff, clean store with nice selections

  687. funkyfreshdevilducky

    My favorite dispensary hands down. Awesome shatter , managers and budtenders! These guys are so much fun. I won so much free stuff from urban when the scratchers come around! Anybody who talks bad about this place is just a ghetto hater. They can go kick rocks and hate elsewhere. The island sweet skunk is my fave strain so far along with the Chronic Thunder!

  688. mikewolf95

    Best quality stuff in town, and friendly staff!

  689. eddymcdoodle

    Keep in mind that I am a new patient. I have only gone to one other dispensary. My son recommended Urban Greenhouse to me. He goes out of his way to go to buy at Urban greenhouse. Now I will too. My bud tenders’ name was Treece and he made me feel at home. He took his time and answered all my questions. In all, the whole staff was helpful and friendly. If you are new too this and want to get started I would recommend Urban Greenhouse.

  690. avp94

    The only phx dispensary i’ve ever bothered to check out – that’s how great their service, selection, and quality is ! always friendly, always fast, always a great bud selection

  691. obermudez

    Great quality and amazing people. one of my favorite spots for the greenery.

  692. deo887

    Great location with great product and friendly staff!

  693. lovemary95

    Great service and atmosphere, always clean and fresh inside. The bud is the same!

  694. truusmoker

    Good service, lots of choices and good flower!

  695. Sabi69

    bought a slim joint on Saturday which is supposed to have at least 100 puffs and it did not even have more than 50 puffs and I was not taking the full dose puffs.

  696. AZWM

    I walked on the grass on accident. Walked out with great grass on purpose!

  697. porcshe29

    Everyone there was super friendly and helpful. They answered my millions of questions and made sure I took advantage of any deals going on.

  698. sethm92

    very friendly people

  699. kerryaubrey

    very good buds very nice ppl to deal with.. don’t have to wait so long to get my meds and I’m on the go

  700. Alancampoy246


  701. crzee13

    Quality flower and bud tender’s are really helpful

  702. kylepierce

    Can tell it’s a great place when you walk in and the workers are always friendly

  703. manuhl

    Great place, great medicine. they have amazing deals
    worth checking out
    highly recommend to anyone

  704. tiffanymbaldini17

    Great deals and the staff is awesome and very helpful! 🙂

  705. daveyg

    This place is awesome staff rocks product rocks love it here

  706. Tja

    the location was fair employees were nice and the flower was great

  707. missdibrell

    Urban Greenhouse is located right off the 17, very convenient location and late hours. Staff is always so friendly and helpful. Have gotten some good strains here!

  708. Edwin1488

    The single most worst experience I’ve had so far. As a new customer I felt rushed, unheard and extremely uncomfortable. The staff member I received was not educated in the products they offered. He also didn’t want to listen to my needs. He kept pointing me to the touch screen display they have there. Instead of pointing me in the right direction. The only thing I can say is DO NOT GO HERE, if your a new card holder. The cannabis I received was nice. Though it was a little too dry.

    thank you

  709. willamber2

    As a first time ever obtaining meds I was nervous and the folks here helped me. they ROCK and you should go see for yourself.

  710. kenkthygesen

    on my first visit i found that the service and the people there are amazing one of the few dispensary’s that was actually giving me the info i needed about the medicine and its effects and the caution needed in using mmj i love going to urban i love how they are super helpfull and super friendly one of those places you should make it a point to go and visit

  711. hearminow

    grear service,high quality flower, and i loved the atmosphere, I will definatley be stopping by again

  712. xblivion

    Good selection and quick painless checkout.

  713. QueenT

    Highest grade flower in the valley. Great variety of concentrates also :).

  714. saoirselynn

    The place is chill and always expedient with customer service.one of my favorites.

  715. rodriguez75

    Excellent environment, professional staff. Definitely coming back.

  716. leapling76

    I love it! So many selections and variety. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

  717. StreetlightEcho

    They keep getting better! Thank you guys

  718. Breegreen07

    I love it here always has what i want 4 great prices and always find sales..

  719. hugarossen

    i lOve this place & so will you!!dY~

  720. AprilM

    Great deals, Nice staff, Great strains

  721. singa

    Nice appearance, clean, modern-looking place.

  722. Ginger1905

    always my #1 spot

  723. morodriguez22

    Always good service and the best bud!!!!

  724. djkemo1

    I love this place they always have a new strain to try out and its always good even the 8 $ grams are fire keep it up urban greenhouse and ill keep coming back (;

  725. Loyaltotheoil

    Flower selection isn’t all that great. aEURoeTop shelf’s/premiumsaEURsmell awful earthy but good structure/look. as you work your way down the shelf structure get worse but terps get better. Awesome ftp deal was told I’ve been there before didn’t recall tho caused little disputes but was able to get it handled well.

  726. kivie

    grate staff,very knowledgeable and always full of smiles grate place over all.

  727. tigerlilly1

    good vibes great products! highly recommend to try the pura concentrates

  728. slytherinnn20

    This place is awesome! So nice inside, and the people are phenomenal and educated. Also can’t go wrong with $68 quarters!!!!

  729. thx2daMED

    Friendly helpful staff! great bogo cartridges! great job guys!!!!

  730. f42flicks

    Near the freeway, short wait time, friendly staff, quality dank meds. Definitely worth a visit.

  731. blackoneaz

    great service. friendly. good selection.

  732. rastaman12

    Awesome staff. Very knowledgeable and experienced in the variety of strains.

  733. d420smith

    Friendly staff and nice choices.

  734. tunalunaa

    Love the vibe and how organized everything was . Easy to view

  735. gomwzgabe820

    #1 recommended dispensary for top shelf flowers.

  736. Lifted-Chaos

    This was my first trip with my newly acquired card. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I definitely had an open mind walking in. We will go in sequence. Security was tight at the front door which I greatly appreciate. I was then greeted by a friendly worker who took my information and had me take a seat and wait for my budtender in their immaculate lobby(Videos of products through their stages/deals everywhere/very professional). After a quick wait I was called into the most amazing place I have ever seen. The set up is what I refer to as “the Nordstrom’s of dispensaries” to my colleagues. I was very impressed with the selection, quality, and knowledge of the staff.

    Since this visit I have stopped by two other sites and will not make that mistake again.

    UGD does this profession right, when can I buy some stock!!!!

  737. Antonio602

    Top shelf flowers, very knowledgeable budtenders and fast service.

  738. j187

    Becoming my favorite shop

  739. jayreed420

    very safe very well lit

  740. axis61

    Great Service and product I’m defently going to be coming here more often.

  741. sillysarah2003

    Recommend the slim j very discreet and amazing flavor. top 2 of my fav dispensary’s

  742. superdad1der

    they have great meds and reasonable prices

  743. TreDeuce32

    great feeling great place to be they treated me right for my first time going. i am going back for more.

  744. Javierzacarias

    best buds in town

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    Great staff love the products and prices. The environment is amazing!

  746. Azpeach

    I like this place. quick. efficient. happy to have security there.

  747. MamaGriz

    LOVED the Snowcap! Thanks for the recommendation! Your budtenders always rock!

  748. Lovelacem

    Best FTP deal in the valley!

  749. PrincessJackson

    Once again I’m leaving happy and satisfied !!!! ***2nd visit***

  750. sb406

    Good flower here, but I don’t vibe with the staff. I feel like I’m at the Hooters of dispensaries.

  751. alan.goodman.85

    do not trust the web page!!! I checked last night and it said buy one get one free for the cartridges on that same part it says weekly this week’s blazin deals. Now I’m pretty sure we learned in grade school maybe even kindergarten that a week means 7 days. I go in today and the special has changed and they say oh it’s a daily special. no you said it’s a week’s specials online. I literally had to walk out because I can’t afford the cartridges unless they’re buy one get one free. I drove 20 miles just to get them and the special was ended. There are no dates on the specials that say when they last through. This is false advertisement, it is very serious! I expect the owner to get in touch with me. No attempt was made to make this right for me. In their defense I didn’t give them long, I was in a rush. But I even had to tell them what a week was. That disturbs me. thanks for letting a disabled veteran on a fixed income down…

  752. botybell

    Wonderful! Great menu! Yummy. Alicia was awesome, primo shA(r)t man.

  753. VoteYesProp205

    Fast, friendly service; staff is amazing and they have great quality product that is reasonably priced; always have great deals too.

  754. MommaBird

    Great concentrate deals, awesome selection of edibles! !

  755. MrFigueroa91

    My budget for my meds was at $17 yesterday, and the gentleman who was my budtender helped this patient out to THE FULLEST EXTENT. I was taken back by his gesture that I forgot to ask what his name is. So thank you Sir, if I could give you ten stars instead of five; I would. The Boss Hogg is exceptional and took my migraine away with the wind. aoeOEdY’s

  756. kronikcandy421

    I love this place! They have $1 clipper lighters all the time!!

  757. rgonzalezssaz

    Urban Green House is great all around:.

  758. Minus99x

    great products and services. allot to choose from and great prices on their h.o. cartridges!

  759. Kevinkj777

    great remodel good prices

  760. rsell87

    awesome people with great knowledge and customer service skills.

  761. Susieamos

    Everyone is so nice.
    Love the atmosphere. Love the strains and the deals they have here. Will be coming back.

  762. patpodo420

    2 years ago didn’t like didn’t remember coming here because of that. Here again today nothing really new, cashier that I was signing in at the front made me feel like an idiot laughing cuz I was here two years ago and couldn’t remember. Won’t be back, sad because budd wasn’t even bad.

  763. burningman.d2d

    These guys ROCK!!! Super Dank bud. Thanks to Stephen my budtender hooked me up with some of there Blue Widow and some LA. I’ll be back next week.

  764. pegasusgirl5289

    Everything here is top notch! The bud is quality. I love the personal service.

  765. anushka89

    its a little far from me buts its worth it

  766. Flyingscorpionaz

    Theres friendly and great atmosphere. The flowers are so precious looking. I gave them 5 star for their awesome service. See you again !

  767. Mikebryan

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  768. millertime0806

    Great product and awesome customer service. I’ll be back for sure !

  769. gnanderson05

    Love this place. Always friendly and quick. Some nice strains, The Donald and Sheila are my favs. Bliss sticks are AMAZING

  770. Patrickthebomb1

    Great deals
    fast service
    wonderful nice employees
    I will be coming back again

  771. Bhinkle

    my first visit was wonderful! Thank you Sid! I will be back dY’

  772. punisherpaco

    They always do right at this dispensary. One of my town favorites. Can’t go wrong with flower an shatter

  773. EdgarAllanPoser

    Amazing place with supreme dank! They were all so nice to me and hooked it up for me my first visit. Totally coming back, it’s worth the ride!!

  774. minkis

    awesome prices. amazing strains. employees seemed highly-qualified. I will definitely be back.

  775. DJ1983

    Sticky buds aoe”

  776. argyleylw

    I wish I could upload photos. I went in because my cartridges leaked and I lost everything. The manager on duty “tested” them and told me they weren’t showing signs of leaking. He would only replace one. Just opened it and I now have thc oil all over my hands and the container that holds the oil cartridge is full of it as well. I will only go back here out of pure desperation. This was the final straw for me after crappy customer service on multiple occasions. Don’t buy the oil cartridges they will leak and you will waste your money because they won’t be replaced.

  777. IamAA

    I am looking forward to my next visit

  778. liloso602

    I love this place friendly people and realy good product

  779. nhelmerich

    This place has some great meds! Their joint deal is always a steal. I love coming here especially on my way home from school, it’s been a long day. I usually get a great convo in and get some AMAZINGLY potent meds. I love this place, I’ll be seeing you today!

  780. KushyG

    UGH is professional, fast & friendly. meds never disappoint!

  781. docposi

    Great price and consistant herb. High quality even when discounted on special. Budtenders know their stuff. Thanx UGD!

  782. kevinlc

    Great deals, great products, great budtenders. Why would you go anywhere else?

  783. MrPast

    Loved it. Might be my new favorite place.

  784. Zensmoker420

    Fantastic warm welcomed expierence

  785. stonie94

    Love the frosty goodness. Always quality, every strain.

  786. davinheim123

    great place good flower

  787. Heidi1127

    Everyone was friendly! Meds awesome! I only wished they opened earlier than 11am!

  788. Ssosajr

    Great Meds great price price awesome cartridges!!

  789. Peady

    Lovely setting.Very nice people.Awesome deals.LOVE the shatter cones!!!

  790. ebates630

    Love this place, great service.

  791. Lovey1

    Just got my new card, first stop, UGD. These guys have such an awesome first time deal, everyone was so nice from this super awesome guard out front to everyone inside. Budtender was helpful and patient, answered every? and I am so pleased with their products. I’ll be back UGD!

  792. kushinmylung

    all I can say is #Gas

  793. psalm51

    im so sorry i didnt catch your name…
    you had amazing red hair and suggested the “dream girl” to me and it was wonderful !!!
    i have to say “you are the most beautiful women i have ever seen” 🙂

  794. Platinumwrecked

    I was not very happy with the customer service of the people that work there and of the fact you guys were out of almost every choice I wanted till I settled. However, I got home and opened my meds and seen the most amazing huge nug and it was bomb. So the flower is great, just need to work on people skills especially when your out of most of everything your offering still but out.