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2095 E Northern Ave, Kingman, AZ 86401


35.2539174, -114.0277419




9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


9:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 4:00 PM


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Hana Meds is a private and friendly Arizona State Licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensary. We are located at 2095 East Northern Avenue
Kingman, AZ 86401. We are committed to providing our patients with a wide variety of medical marijuana products, the best customer service, and a great selection of educational material.

*We grow proprietary strains as well as the best classics in our own multi-million dollar cultivation centers.

*Open 7 Days a week Monday-Saturday 9:00-7:00 and on Sundays from 11:00-4:00.

*We DO NOT accept -out of state recommendations

All of our flower is tested by Desert Valley Testing Lab in Tempe, AZ


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67 reviews for “Hana Kingman

  1. fadedeyez

    I love this place ! All budtenders are so helpful and polite! Great specials and prices.Always feel welcomed here and questions always answered! Keep up the great quality of customer service your providing great people!

  2. jrtradingpost

    If anybody wants a consistent supply of medicine then visit Hana, the prices are the best in AZ. and all the product you need, I have been to Dispensaries from Calif. to Nevada and Hana seems to be the best I’ve seen, the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, and the product is consistent.
    Great Consintrates at a great price !

  3. jessicajfortner

    Always walking out giddy with a fat smile on my face, thanks for always being so down to earth & inviting guys!! Oh! & for remembering my name ;P

  4. smokeaway710

    Great deals and local, can’t ask for more. XXX og is the best strain they have in my opinion.

  5. thegallowspole

    excellent customer service, budtender most helpful and knowledgable, clean proffessional facility. handle their product with respect using gloves. fast and efficient. this is my go-to medical facility. Keep going Hana, you have my vote

  6. tsalem121212

    All of the staff treats their patients very well! Prices are reasonable and the variety is amazing! Keep up the hard work!!!

  7. for2zer0

    Hana Kingman is awesome!!! Best Herb and great Deals! The budtenders at this location are the best in the business, knowledgeable and super friendly! The dispensary is always clean but not overly sterile so you can smell the potency and the happiness as soon as you walk through the door! I LOVE Hana Kingman!!!!!

  8. momma2

    Big shout out to Hana in kingman AZ i go to you alot i love your guys candyland one of my favorite strains as that i am a super sativa fan i like my indicas but always on a busy roll with kids, jobs, family etc anyways i love this place lately they have been on deck fat with awesome wax, crumble, shatter etc also lots of new strains with prices that have dropped consistently all in all i love this Dispensary they have always done me right.. great staff and fire buds

  9. Steveram1967

    I stopped into Hana on my way to Las Vegas. I had checked leafly and discovered that most all flower in Las vegas was 18 to 20 a gram. I was hoping Hana would come through at listed prices of 12/gram across the board and 10/gram specials. Wow the quality was just amazing. The candyland I purchased just about stuck to my fingers and smelled and smoked perfectly. All the others were just as good. The only thing they could do differently is to put the flower in jars like Desert Rose. Do yourself a favor and stop in there for flower on the way to vegas, Vegas has great flower but its very pricey to buy in Vegas. Hana blows that away and quality is top shelf every strain.

  10. xbrittlexbeexjacksonx

    I was visiting a friend in Kingman last weekend and decided to check out this dispensary. The staff was super nice but didn’t seem to know much about their product – which also wasn’t much… I understand Kingman is pretty far from the valley, but a bigger selection would be wonderful! I guess if I go back to Kingman I’ll check out the new Dispensary coming in.

  11. joker125

    Jessica was awsome, she pointed out all specials, and made sure I got the value for my money

  12. mekingmanite

    Staff is friendly, they have a good selection, its always nice and cool in there and they have a water machine.

  13. kingmanstoner

    the new strains are great the purp dream is amazing.the widow is always consistant. The ak is really good too mostly orange hairs. love the nicebugs too

  14. OGAZ420

    Love this dispensary! Great selection loving the new strains and the best staff by far. They make me feel welcome and they are very knowledgeable about their products!

  15. GreenFairyDreams

    Great products and excellent employees who run it like they own it. Thanks Hana

  16. dedewing

    I Love this place!! Great prices and great selection.. Very nice budtenders. Could use some music tho…

  17. PrincessKieraWynnie

    does anyone know a good type that increases sex drive.

  18. Renee53

    So happy to have this store in are area. I enjoy everything about Hana.

  19. Pauly456

    Don’t trust Dispensaries on Leafly that refuse to provide the telephone number of their business!
    Now they don’t even list the price of GDP!
    Without the ability to call the dispensary I’m really taking a chance of a big price tag when I get there.

  20. KellyD.

    The Staff at Hanna’s Kingman are exceptional. Always friendly, professional and have been instrumental in figuring out what works for me. They listen and make suggestions. Thank you for all your help Hanna’s.

  21. Loveapit

    Best place in town!!

  22. MrsAnchorhead

    Outstanding quality, service,and atmosphere!

  23. aaronisaacs

    awesome place good vibes very awesome place.

  24. Badaeus

    Literally walked in to find out how to get my card within a few weeks had my card And spent half the money on double the product would highly suggest this place to anyone great prices great people

  25. BigWoorm928

    the purp dream is good and the blue dream nuce bugs is good also

  26. mjohnson999

    Nice friendly people, flowers aren’t amazing but its better than nothing.

  27. Nkibler

    completely awsome
    Verry knowledgeable budtenders
    Usually im in and out in 30 min or less

  28. KaylanHinton94

    I go here every week. Hana helped me find strains to help my pain. If they are out of the concentrates I like, the staff is always willing to help me find another.

  29. JayDenise

    Our BUDTENDER Caleb absolutely top notch, wish we could tip them at the store! MORE BINSKE CARTRIDGESdY~ZdYOE’

  30. RawMmj928

    Great staff- management, not so much.
    I find it incredibly disappointing that this dispensary takes advantage of the fact it’s the only one in town, making their prices very high.
    Especially considering ‘Hana Meds’ also owns where they get their flower, giving them even more opportunity to give deals to loyal customers.
    You can go down to Laughlin where there’s also only one dispensary, and see that they do not take advantage of it. $5 extra and you can get a full gram of concentrates.
    Start caring about your patients more than money and maybe people will stop having to make trips out of town just to pick up reasonably priced medication.


    always a pleasure visiting Hana

  32. Rickey63

    The young man was very helpful and pleasant. I tried to give him a cash tip and he refused the donation!
    He could have easily taken my money, but he didn’t/wouldn’t.
    I will choose to continue to shop here for medication, as the flowers are of very good quality, and the staff is honest and helpful.

  33. ozzymadman37

    what a nice little Shop. staff is friendly and knowledgeable. great place to get meds. a diverse selection as well

  34. Tataunka

    kind of a bleached out building need a few more posters:). clean friendly staff, enjoyable visit, she always offers and produces a chair(luv this girl:)).

  35. danoandshellmi

    great quality good people very friendly and helpful can’t go wrong $10.00 grams is quality smoke most other places $15.00-$20.00

  36. PhatTommy

    You know how it is, you’re out of town, see a Dispensary, and think ” I will stop in, but probably WON’T find anything impressive”, right? Well, know that my “Hobby” (visiting Dispensaries around Arizona) means that I am sometimes disappointed with what I see. Hana Kingman was proof that there are people in every town who care about the medicines they supply to their patients. The friendly staff and casual atmosphere put me at ease, my Budtender Frank introduced himself and we talked about Cannabis in general, my observations, his observations, and then we got down to business. I chose an eight of “JUANITA LA AGRIMOSA”, a 1:1 Sativa/CBD Dom. It had a unique aroma (Spring Flowers with a hint of smoked cheese). I think this one will be tasty, effective medicine. Frank then showed me some very impressive “CLEMENTINE” Sativa Hybrid. (the buds were so large that Frank had to use a larger container. It smelled of pine and heaven, so I snagged an eighth. Finally, Frank said that, as a new patient, I could choose a gram of any flower, so I asked him what he would choose. We were thinking alike, as we both said “FOREST FIRE”, a great choice. If you are anywhere near Kingman AZ, do yourself a favor and visit HANA. You won’t be sorry!

  37. canyonman

    Hana is great !! In Kingman there are two despensaries. Hana is welcoming friendly, the other guys makes it all feel criminal.
    Your welcomed by a bouncer type with No smiles or even a how do ya do. Hana measures there product right in front of me , not a private corner ! Keep it up Hana and merry holidays a$?i,

  38. couchpotato

    Great people, great service, nice bud

  39. 420Kingg88

    I love this place friendly staff quick and professional service and great products aoeOEi,dY~ZaoeOEi,

  40. torriE

    My regular shop right here. Always quick. Always friendly. Very knowledgeable. John, one of the awesome budtenders, always has the best recommendations for new strains!

  41. smiley76

    Staff is awesome always friendly,helpful and knowledgeable also by far best meds in town keep up the good work……

  42. dixon727

    just bought the ovape for the first time on Sept 7th. had some issues,but as always the staff took care of me. awesome crew. still have issues with the ovape tho…every hit off it taste like burnt paper…don’t know if that’s what its like for others. anyways was just cbd. don’t think ill get anymore. taste like ass. so bad review for ovape I guess.

  43. bjsmith123

    Very clean, friendly atmosphere, just a cool place to pick up your flower or what ever. I’m thankful we have a place here in Kingman, keep up the good work.

  44. leafho

    Best dispensary in Kingman, Best buds and great deals. A+++ budtenders too!

  45. GreenBudGirl

    Love the location, everyone is so nice and helpful. The only thing I wish is they would have More then just one type of the 10g special, some of can’t us can’t afford more than that, and would like a better choice.

  46. PseudoMe777

    I was not sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. This place is clean, comfortable, and has a staff that are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. There are many strains to choose from, plenty of edibles, oil and wax.

  47. Bverdugo

    There is a very clean and professional feel to Hana. Their bud has been outstanding, my personal favorite is Grand Daddy Purple (GDP). I rate these guys 10/10

  48. Nu2Az

    Well, it seems like someone below had issues. Ask anyone in Kingman, and we all love the place. Better in Phoenix? Give me a break! How many times you end up with seeds, twigs, etc at the Phoenix “cheap shops.” The OG at Hanna is excellent and as far as them not knowing their product. DUDE, these folks are the most knowledgeable out there. I am stage four cancer and they not only walked me through everything, the San Dimas and XXX-OG have been outstanding as far as easing the pain. So, for any first timers reading the guy’s review below, see what all of us have to say before reading about one guy with a case for sour grapes. I’d put Hanna up against any other place in the state, ’nuff said.

  49. Dgoins927

    Super friendly and helpful. Good quality flower, I Will definitely be returning.

  50. Chrisdr0

    I’m not new to dispensaries at all. This is a small location with high quality medicine. They may lack certain big name items. But Hana is full of top shelf all you got to do is look and ask. Prices are actually good on almost all products. If you were to buy that else where it’s the same or higher.

  51. TheOGFatmac

    well came down from Phoenix to work stopped in great place prices on point budtenders are the best in Kingman only think I didn’t like about hana is no tip jars you guys are great you need it

  52. Merkabah

    First time patient, cultivator for a dispensary, i loved the Tangerine Power, the Bubble hash is where it is at thought, decent pricing, top quality, and always some great choices. Granted, you dont find to many places selling bubble hash, but for those that i have found (this is 1 of 16 ive found in the state) this is by far the best quality ive recieved. taste great, smokes smooth, dabs smooth, and infuses really well into cannabutter, cannacoconut oil, and cannatincture with a more accurate dosing and even distribution cannabinoids 🙂 thanks again and ill see you this weekend 🙂

  53. Florina

    Love this place… great people and great deals!! dY~ZdYOEualways smiling and happy to see you…

  54. TruckieHDH

    nice budtenders good atmosphere excellent flower will definitely keep going back

  55. terri.gray.35325

    This is not Kingman Green! The people who work here are knowledgeable in their products, They have several strains to choose from. Great place.

  56. Souless_Ginger928

    great place love coming here

  57. Twilson9094

    The staff is always very friendly very professional and always does their best to make you feel comfortable. It can be uncomfortable going into a dispensary when in you live in a small conservative area such as Kingman. The staff is always professional and very knowledgeable and has gained my trust. And they put up with me, being a marijuana patient I can be cranky at first cuz I’m in pain they’re always empathetic and very patient with me. service for me is everything when it comes to medical marijuana it really is. Great job guys keep up the good work.

  58. goodeye

    very good location.

  59. weedoverlord

    Great staff and quality medicine, always a great place to get what I need. Everyone at Hana is knowledgeable,kind, and very helpful.

  60. reddyspike

    Very nice employees that are very knowledgeable in the different products, strains. Highly recommend this location. A great find and very valuable to Kingman.

  61. DavidGlenn

    No deals on bud jacked up price of headband sad

  62. CannaFox422

    The bud tenders are both incredibly nice and knowledgeable for new patients and returning alike. Fabulous service.

  63. kassic14

    My favorite place in town! everyone is always smiling and happy to help.

  64. Outlaw187

    I love this place feel at home type place freaidly and knowlegable staff high grade products best place around

  65. spiritgirl

    Friendly and helpful staff.

  66. Byclops

    Wow these dispensaries are put of touch. Why do you give hunter descriptions instead of real descriptions? I’m not buying a 12 pack looking for a keeper, I’m buying a finished product. You cant tell me anything about what YOU grew? “Green crack can be indica or sativa” wow that really helps.

    Oh and GG4? You know the breeder is calling it Original Glue right? You’re still gonna get sued by an adhesive company for using their name, you silly billies.

    All in all, this place produces mersh weed, the prices arent bad though so whatever. It would just be nice to have some real home grown type weed for Christmas in Az.

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