MedMen Fifth Avenue (Bryant Park)

The best dispensary in NYC, MedMen provides a wide range of high-quality CBD and THC cannabis products.



433 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016


40.7511754, -73.9821535




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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The best dispensary in NYC, MedMen provides a wide range of high-quality CBD and THC cannabis products. Anyone looking for a marijuana store near Fifth Avenue will find what they need at MedMen. With knowledgeable sales associates and a safe, inviting atmosphere, we are your go-to cannabis shop for vapes, topicals, tinctures, capsules and more.

Medical – MM0503D


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11 reviews for “MedMen Fifth Avenue (Bryant Park)

  1. brentabulous

    The staff at MedMen is amazing! I went in yesterday and bought an aEURoeAwakeaEUR (pure sativa) vape pen. The staff was really helpful and I qualified for their 20% disability discount so it was very affordable too. Unfortunately, the pen randomly stopped working today (day after I bought it) so I called and they told me to come back in. I went in, explained the issue and they immediately replaced the pen! They were so great. I will definitely be shopping here again and recommend them to friends.


    Last week was my first time visiting this medical dispensary. I love the location, it’s easily accessible to NYC MTA’s public transportation both trains and buses. They have the best prices! Yes! This dispensary beats ALL the other dispensaries prices here in the State of New York. Love the staff! Great customer service. I noticed this dispensary understands the meaning of inclusion and diversity! They get an extra AAA+ for hiring the most diverse ethnic population and people of color, they hire women equally to men ratio!!! I purchased a HIGH CBD drops 30ml paid $53.00 fantastic! However, the product could use a little more enhancement. Meaning although the texture of this oil great, its light not heavy or too thick it could use more CBD. This cannabis oil is also missing color it has no trace of chlorophyll. The verdict is still out as far as quality. To be very fair, I have to purchase other products from their menu first before giving them a rating on quality. I can’t wait to see what MedMen will bring to the table when New York States goes legal for recreational cannabis and or “Adult Use 21+” #LegalizeItNEWYORK !!!

  3. bighurts

    Location location location. This dispensary is super easy to get to in Midtown however, their products are low grade and they are rarely fully stocked. I go here only if I have too.

  4. AlfredtheBear

    Uhfff, absolute money grabbing nightmare. The insanely expensive, half-filled vape pens that they couldn’t care less about labeling break before their short lifespans are up. The staff are fine but this is a cynical racket making hay while the sun shines, that isaEUR” ripping off patients because they’re one of the only dispensaries in town.

  5. hih23

    I used to love MedMen. The medicine helped my pain like nothing ever has. However I am heartbroken to be introduced to aEURoemedicineaEUR for 8 months and all of a sudden they are out of stock of every product and aEURoenot sureaEUR when they will receive more.
    How can that be done to people who are truly ill?

  6. coolman23

    I think this place is exactly what we need right now anything you get in New York is shitty the least you can ask for is quality service and that’s just what I received. Walking in was like I walked into the bank of weed, now don’t get me wrong until Cuomo gets his act together we’re not gonna have the cheapest best quality goods at this store but all the workers knowledge on weed goes
    Far beyond what they have in the store. Like every article says it’s like walking into the Apple store of weed

  7. Gracious4

    This place is ok. The products are a bit pricey but their sales staff named Jelen was the best. She was so knowledgeable and courteous. She was very helpful made me comfortable on my first visit. Will go back just for her.

  8. CrowzB4Hoezz

    First and last time visit. The products are weak and it’s a no return policy even if you didn’t open the items with the receipt, although I understand it is prescription unopened items should still be returned

  9. Gabezilla007

    Poorly managed location which resulted in my purchase being rejected by the very rude manager, Daniel. Unable to work their own systems to register me. Not knowledgeable about the products. Unable to give solid feedback about products. Clueless on how to read the certificate. Unprofessional staff that loitered in the space instead of working on helping the last few customers/patients in the store. Last but NOT least, Employees shouldn’t be asking customers/patients how to get a medicinal marijuana license…

  10. Mr662

    Good location. The issue is with the quality of their pens. I purchased two, and they’re smaller than other dispensaries in NYC, they also seem to fail really easily. I.M.O it’s not worth spending twice the amount a product that is not even half of that elsewhere.

  11. Fijki

    In terms of quality, the products are alright considering the very limited selection available in NY. Though as people mentioned, the pens fail almost every time. They come half empty, and you can’t finish the $82 1/4 gram pen cause the battery dies.
    On top of that, they wont replace it for you, they might offer you a reduced price on a new one which imo is ridiculous.
    The location itself is very conveniently located, clean, staff is nice. Theyre helpful, and try to assist patients in a timely matter.
    Aside from the pens dying, their available stock is never consistent. I switched from pens to capsules because of the battery issue, but then arriving in store they don’t have half their menu in stock. And on several occasions Ive had to wait about the length of a doctors visit, just to pay for my items and leave.
    I recommend calling ahead or checking leafly before going into the store, and expect to have a bit of wait time.

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