Arizona Natural Remedies

$6, $8, $10 & $12 Grams!



22041 N 23rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027


33.6866358, -112.1082239




9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Arizona Natural Remedies

**State Licensed Dispensary**

Proudly serving patients in the state of Arizona with quality medicine and education.
**We have over 50 organically grown strains to choose from and the largest quality concentrates selection in the valley!**

First time patients can choose between TWO deals:

1. Buy one 8th, Get one FREE! (Equal or lesser value) OR

2. 10% off your first purchase and a free pre-roll!

New patients who sign up for our text blasts will be offered a variety of strains for $99 an oz!

**Sale items are not included and cannot be combined with any other promotion.**

We also offer 10% OFF for Veterans and Seniors.
You’ll get 10% OFF on your birthday as well!

**Come in today to start earning loyalty points!** When you reach 250 points you will receive a special bonus! Ask your budtender for details.

Refer a friend today and receive a FREE pre-roll!


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625 reviews for “Arizona Natural Remedies

  1. Dinosour

    Head over heals best flower in all of Phoenix valley.
    Highest quality, stickiest, full flavor terpenes. Best of all no dried out pre-packaged. Served deli-style.

  2. Gooninja

    Great staff!! Little but they sure have a ton of stuff

  3. ThatNastyKid

    Awesome place but I’m extremely confused… They didn’t give me a receipt for starters which is weird.. I purchased the 99$ ounce, a 40$ half ounce and the total came to 172$! Soooo like 30$ in tax or did I get ripped off?

  4. craigbrownb4

    First time here, but the flower isn’t bad. They have some good premiums but it’s at that premium price.. I picked up an 1/8 of presidential OG.. I wasn’t let down.. I’ll definitely be coming back, especially since it’s right up the road from the house..

  5. MichelleOh

    They’re my new favorite dispensary. I love the knowledge and helpfulness of the staff.

  6. Dpaladin4199

    Great wax deal going on

  7. Ryan2135

    you guys never disappoint!! this Jaeger is fire!! and each time I’ve been here it’s been dank! definitely recommend that Jaeger for a one hitter quitter!

  8. Limo777

    Got the grand dadddy purple was happy fast did not wait long was greated very pleasantly fair price parked right from door very cool see you soon from limo7

  9. Samantharoseeee

    had their green crack strain and that batch was dY”Y=dY’OE , worth the drive out there for the deals dYtm

  10. DCPrincess

    Staff was great. They really know what they are doing. Very helpful.

  11. DetectiveBabyLegs

    If you take the time to talk and ask questions, you will leave here with AMAZING flower that will smell and smoke like heaven. My favorite dispensary by far.

  12. Lizza

    I I have to review this dispensary by far one of the top of the line in Phoenix. The flowers is always fresh, whether you buy an $8 g or a $17 g you will not be disappointed. Their customer service is exceptional, this is my neighborhood dispensary, I love coming here. If you are looking for real top notch quality flowers, edibles, concentrates, whatever is it that you need this dispensary have it. I love them, they’re very kind people, and they treat customers like family. I definitely recommended. If you are new to the dispensary word, and have some questions this is the place to go.

  13. MasterRaka

    shady and misleading deals. would not recommend to anyone unless in dire need. 2/10.

  14. jmedina02

    The top shelf here is better than any other in AZ. Bud tenders are extremely knowledgeable and their mid shelf is better than most places premium shelf.

  15. haze024

    Fantastic buds:) I’m always happy when I leave here. Picked up some of their newer strains..Durban Poison, Cherry Ak, Jamaican Dream, Dead Head OG were all on point! Must check out:)

  16. jt33az

    Very nice flower selection
    Staff was very nice

  17. Whitted4

    I think that this is an awesome dispensary. It grinds my gears to read any negative reviews of this place. Especially when people are buying the six dollar grams and basing their entire experience off of that plus coming in at Rush time. What do you expect seriously six dollar gold? Now when you go to the premium shelf, you can tell the difference in quality it is amazing that is why it’s called premium. Kind a like gas that you buy, you get to choose low octane or high-octane. I would recommend to any new patients to try; gorilla glue #4, Larry OG, presidential OG, Blue dream, oh my god yes blue Dream was amazing, race fuel, no dog, green candy apple.there is a constant flow of new strains, and bartenders to help you decide which one is best for you.hopefully this helps you decide to skip over the bad reviews and trust your nose because your nose knows!!!!

  18. Catapillar

    Love the down-to-earth people and the incredible selection the Kosher Kush Girl Scout cookies and Paris OG was very nice. dY~S

  19. bbpowpow

    I love the knowledge that’s given with every visit! dY’OE

  20. gnanderson05

    Love Love Love this place. Harliquin, superman and skunk 47 are my favs. love that I can see it all and its weighed up on the spot

  21. chrisdivis

    There flower taste and smells like yard trimming …. don’t get it

  22. HappySmokin4120

    Best quality in valley.Hands down!

  23. ffrogger

    This place was great!! Awesome prices/deals! The staff is very friendly and the meds are Fantastic! Will definitely tell others!

  24. deeznuggz

    Arizona Natural Remedies always has killer deals on flower. Sometimes you can get a 7 dollar gram here that is a knockout. Worth stopping in for some good flower.

  25. tazman2014

    This is my second time there . very helpful staff great prices and quality is nicer than I have seen in awhile

  26. Sduarte26

    First time here and the guy at the front has no customer service skills. he was just a mono tone robot and rude. no greeting whatsoever just..”push the door” “I need your cards” “fill this out” then 3-4 customers walked in and he responded to all of them the same short no emotion thing “I’ll call you back soon” that’s literally the only thing he said no hi nothing. and it was quick everyone had to get him to repeat it. ok so after that you finally get called back and it was all chaos no order, no privacy yelling your amounts and total out for everyone to hear. I came here strictly for one specific strain that was on sale. I drove way out of my way and absolutely won’t be back. plenty of other awesome dispensaries who treat customers right.

  27. tvbernardi

    The people here are amazing

  28. RjN13

    this place was great! kinda far for me but waay worth It! Can’t beat the prices or the flower! Sour Jack dY”Y=dY”Y=

  29. gkantor84

    hole in the wall place. quick service though. buds are kinda trashy, got their highest grade and am pretty disappointed. $20/eight isnt bad tho I suppose. would pay more for better quality.

  30. Popps

    Great deals on O’s! Just got some candy apple. Dammm that’s good!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. AllSick

    they definitely have the OG’s on lock down here. The Curly OG just annihilated me.

  32. kjpage115

    The budtender was honest and very helpful. I’ll be going there again

  33. 8ersGr8r

    Love this place and the quality of products are top notch.

  34. psturgis211

    Friendly people, great products and pricing!

  35. Madvinn

    Packed. But, well worth the wait. Great people. Very helpful.

  36. bigbrown1966

    All the people there are so cool and will help you out in anyway the can and got some killer smoke in what ever what ever price your looking for from 6 to 15 dollar range they have something for you

  37. firecircle12

    great cheap meds better quality then “premium” head shops they ordered a strain just because I asked not once but twice within a month now where can you get service like that ? really now where. but for shits and giggles I asked and they said no problem next week and when I didn’t get enough”OK cool we will get more” 2 days later it’s there like Wtf ?!?! magic experience just happened!!!

  38. Amarie8608

    Nice little chill spot. Good variety and quality for the price!

  39. catpiss99

    super awesome customer service and great flower selection. i’m telling all of my friends due to my experiences there. keep up the good work guys!!!

  40. wepfer420

    Great buds great prices !!

  41. xiprinlllf

    excellent buds I’m really impressed.
    The but is the sweaty ball sac smell. just not the desired scent mixture. still <3 y'all

  42. meesch

    Been here twice now. I went as a first timer then recommended a friend and went back with them. Have gotten great service both times!

  43. krystalC34

    dY’–dY’–Great Flower prices.dY’–dY’– Quality flower in each tier


    love this place keep up the good work!

  45. michael1116

    friendly staff one of the better bubba skywalker I have found

  46. errl32

    Very cool spot with the most meds Ive seen. To many things to list that I enjoyed but Ill tell u a few. The Larry OG, Presidential OG, and Gorilla Glue….don’t get me started on the GSC fire fire fire….Please keep that Moroccan Sativa on the shelf, so good. Thanks to the very pretty and helpful girl at the front desk, I believe is named Eve. I actually follow her on instagram way before coming here. I will definitly be spreading the word but I dont want them buying all my favs lol

  47. toolmantim

    loved it the Bud is fantastic, the crumble was outstanding, some different strains of bud all the indica bud that I have bought has been the best I’ve ever had

  48. ganjaguru69

    Chemdawg concentrate was OUTSTANDING! My compliments to the chef!

  49. davidlasher

    I just love going too dispensaries and seeing the different types of beautiful flowers and concentrates that make me feel so much better in my days from now on thank you !!!!

  50. bl8ze11

    I love the gorilla glue

  51. desertgypsy

    99 for premium oz! Worth the drive from CG. Fantastic bud-tenders! Knowable and patient! Will be making drive on the regular!

  52. popcycleblonde

    Nice Location, with a friendly staff, just a little hectic during times. 🙂

  53. romo88

    Best service and best product in town. Highly recommend to everyone.

  54. CannabisGranny420

    This is the Best Dispensary on the Westside good quality medication knowledgeable and friendly staff Great Specials everyday.

  55. greenguy1980

    they have lots of green to choose from and the location is pretty close to me. and the prices are awesome !

  56. Rosedenogean

    this place has best buds and prices, just a little far to drive.

  57. panda77

    I have been coming here since shortly after they opened last year and I can’t say enough about this place. The staff here is amazing! The quality of medication is outstanding and continues to get better. I totally appreciate the fact that Robert, the owner, is hands on and will take the time to talk to you and share his knowledge. I truly believe in Arizona Natural Remedies and what they are doing in the North Valley for all of the patients of Arizona. I highly suggest stopping by 23rd Ave just north of Deer Valley Rd and see for yourself!

  58. Ehcko

    My usual go to spot. Can get in and out fairly quickly. They also got good bud, for good price$.

  59. suremeds

    Their Quality and prices are excellent highly recommended..

  60. daygo93

    great location . inside waiting room ia very nice.
    that flower medications on point!

  61. randabolton

    Great little dispensary. I love Friday’s. 20% off ounces. I visit a couple times per month. I picked up some Lemon OG today. Very nice!

  62. MLee3D

    My dispensary of choice. The overall variety is the best I have found and the helpful, knowledgeable staff is aces!

  63. thethirday

    Not the best dispensary by far. Not even the best in the vicinity. The meds were not all the way trimmed. I ended up losing about 1.7 grams in just untrimmed flower on my ounce. The service was not bad. Friendly staff. They were out of the prerolls I saw on their availability board. It is a very small location and can get tight with three patients. As for the quality of meds On a scale of 1-10 I give the Indica strain a legit 3. Not as strong as indicated.

  64. PhatTommy

    I had not been out to see my friends at ANR (AZ NATURAL REMEDIES)for some time, so I went in today. Nick showed me a HUGE selection of $99/oz. flower. I split my oz. between AK 47 (a trusty standard – Sativa Dom.) and Fruit Cake (a relative newcomer). I can’t wait to try them, as they both looked so sparkly and smelled so tasty! Look, if you have need of high quality flower at really affordable prices (or just consume vast quantities), this place should be #1 on your speed-dial. Thanks Nick, and thanks to ANR for giving its patients the medicine they want (and, perhaps, need). PhatTommy will be back!

  65. crabbyypatty

    My first time visit was great! the staff was very helpful, I ask alot of questions, and the flower was great!

  66. BriReady

    Great staff and very clean. Open seating area, little candies to nibble and something to occupy your plus one. the parking is a bummer though.

  67. tywilson6969

    cool peeps, never a wait. lots of good product.

    found hair grown into the low grade bud..

  68. Dave222555

    Heard Good things gonna stop in & check you out!

  69. Gilaldrete373

    I try to get here on Friday or Sunday, but If you have to go on the weekday,go before noon. Best place I’ve found

  70. slowcheetah2

    I just got candy apple and it’s AWSOME

  71. MamaMcAllister

    Great people, but severely lackluster buds. $12 grams are truly not much different than $6 grams. Gladly visit for specials on outside products, like concentrates, but will not be purchasing flower from this location again.

  72. OJ77

    When things seem unbearable and everything is unhinged The Holistic Center puts things back to normal. Kristin Murray is by far in my opinion a life saver. To make a bad day great takes more than just a compassionate person that understands ones pain. In my opinion Ms. Murray is sound in mind, body, and spirit which makes the world a livable place. Kristin I thank you for your time and for the smiles I still carry. Thank you!


    OJ the Great

  73. Stew602

    The flower display here is great. I have tried many 1/2oz and OZ specials they have. I come away impressed each time. The OZ’s are usually big fat buds that have been properly cured. Deli style. Recently tried shatter and I was equally impressed with the feeling it gives you. Great mom and pop type of environment and have never encountered suspect type of people here. Keep it up!

  74. bestnug

    Great location great prices street dallas great dealsgreat location great prices street dallas great deals

  75. mcrisp

    Jess totally kicked ass by helping me make the best decisions for the perfect buds for me. Chronic thunder and banana diesel were great choices. Definitely going back

  76. Spawn11111

    Kind of a bate and switch on their daily deals. I have been going to this dispensary for about 2 years now. It appears there are exclusions to the deals but the exclusions are not listed other than they “can’t be used on anything on sale.” I purchased a half ounce of the $6 price range. I paid full price but they still charged tax. When asked it appears you don’t get deals even when you pay full price??? Too bad the deal days used to be nice for us people who are sick and have no income while waiting for disability for 3 years. Be careful if you are going on specific day expecting to get a deal. Most likely it won’t work out.

  77. Ajgroves0103

    Great place! Great flower, and great employees! This is my new spot!

  78. Cesar29

    great buds great staff, i live a little far from here but always worth the drive!!!

  79. cemery

    Kind of off the beaten path, not very safe looking lol… staff was very friendly though.

  80. ChadW7

    Nice jars and a cool magnifying glass help you look at all the bud and know what you are actually getting. Cool staff and nice oz deals would recommend.

  81. Witchygirly

    Friendly, helpful, professional. Great people, great product.

  82. mistis

    Great place to go,!!

  83. cterminator

    This location has the best prices on flower, I don’t research prices on concentrates or edibles. If you are looking for some “fire nugs” at a reasonable price check out this location. I recommend the mixed buds, they have a crazy good deal it’s the best in town. It comes with a variety of strains so you can just pick which piece you wanna smoke that day and enjoy the hell out of it and get healed.

  84. Dred1234

    best price in town on oz. I will be back. and nice budtenders

  85. LouieLucci77

    Great staff an meds love it here will be back for more deals , you guys rock . 6 dollar grams omg

  86. JaxterJoints

    DO NOT BUY THE SHAKE…This weed tasted horrible was very dry. Very disappointed as when I was there they were great people and there bud tender girl was a cutie 😉 but when it comes down to the review

    Product: 2/10 ( only can judge the shake and the pre- roll though so try the other stuff if you go here)

    Friendliness: 10/10 Great staff, good people to talk to.

    Price: 7/10 Even though the shake was a good price ($40 for half oz) I would never buy there cheap stuff again.

    Hope the other products here are better!
    This review is mainly yo save people from that shake otherwise try this place out! Give it your own opinion.


  87. Bear999922

    Great place. Awesome deals And good location.

    Will be back.

  88. Platinumwrecked

    I love this store!! Please get some more amnesia! It was amazing!!!

  89. ezln29

    kosher kush shatter is on point

  90. Herro144

    First time in today. Will definitely be back.

  91. JessicaAZ

    Friendly and fast! Came in for some sweet rosin, it’s only $25 a g right now!! Thanks guys!

  92. azblazin1232

    Great spot good meds good prices i will be back!

  93. oldirtmacgirt

    Great staff came for a kind event and they let us in 30 mins early while the setup. Really nice of them to do that. Parking lot is small waiting room is nice and service is 5 star

  94. bryanulm

    Great flower and excellent staff. Thank you

  95. adamthabarber

    Very clean and friendly. Big juicy buds I hear, walking in now.

  96. weededuardosmoke

    verry good quality

  97. alijusalo

    One of the best kept little secrets in town… I’ll be back today with a friend

  98. jollyfelicia

    Great place and always great products! I will come back again as always! Thank you for all your help!

  99. sirdabzzalot

    great dispensary

  100. cgvineyard


  101. Phranks

    First time (ever actually) was dope! I went in for the morning special and apparently i got there just in time cause the place was bombarded by people in less than 5 mins (probably for that special too lol) but i got 10% off which was a plus since i didn’t know about it. The tender was chill explained and demonstrated all the strains I simply mentioned but in the end I got me some quality bud with no hassle, I’ll be back for some more of those great prices soon!

  102. blvamp

    they are very professional and know their meds. I love that they have superman og. they are fast and wit time are very minimal.

  103. Hurleyguy7855

    the flower is uniquely tasty for Arizona and I enjoy coming in here. On my way now to go back

  104. rob2sticks

    Excellent variety of excellent product. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Robert’s a great guy! Love the Acapulco Gold and the Gorilla Glue #4.

  105. brandocam

    Great buds! People are what make this place worth the stop. Very friendly:)

  106. IckylilDevil

    Been here a few times. Always have good deals on good flower. Was here for the first Monday of the month and it was crazy…. but the staff did an amazing job of keeping the line moving and treating everyone to water and a slice of pizza…..Thanks again for the food during the wait.

  107. Charleslandis

    Perfect, what more can be said about my experience over the last year purchasing medicine at this feel good family facility. Thank you to the friends who have assisted me in my healing journey. Best everything in the house. To any one who has not the pleasure of a visit- your missing out on the way it should happen for all.dYZ,aoeOEdY>>

  108. cthurman

    I enjoyed the product but felt like all the big stems made the ounce price not such a bargain

  109. Magnison

    I love this place! They always have good recommendations for what I’m looking for. My budtender was on point with his suggestions. You gotta love wax wednesdays! See you guys soon.

  110. ll_lf

    banana diesel and ogkb. after shopping sales all over the map thisnplace consistently has great strong strains. comparing product their stems are Emerald and green when others are tan or sand colored (specials indeed).

  111. misael910

    this place is great they always have deals going on has some of the best flower in town and everyone there is really nice

  112. jdecastro

    Very nice staff. Love Munchie Monday!

  113. melden

    Greatly priced on oz of flower

  114. prescott420

    Easy access, friendly staff

  115. Johnp11912

    They have the best flower in town

  116. Rowdy1381

    Went in for the first time today and I just had to write a review. First, I don’t know where these other reviews are coming from. Must have never visited another dispensery in their lives. Second, parking.. They have all of 6 parking spots and not enough room for 2 cars to pass in the lane. The waiting room was really nice. Too bad the room where you go to make your purchase was half the size. Seems ok as long as you wait in the wait room. Instead they pile up to 15 customers with 3 clerks in there. I stood there for 5 minutes and looked around at their disorganized mess, and after no one said a word to me, I turned around and left.

  117. NetteBambino

    Come every week for he best deals aoeSdY1/2dY’adY1/2dY’-

  118. Nappygirl

    thank you for always having awesome flower an awesome bud tenders

  119. Hyper4ctive

    They were the first to recommend distillate to me (the owner actually). Pure awesomeness! This bud does not taste salty like most bud in the city! It is so delicious and different! Superb quality! I recommend everyone to go here! I’m coming from Central Phoenix on the bus just to get some of this bud!

  120. kailey420

    love ANR great people, great bud.

  121. Pittylover2012

    Great deals and always great prerolls. I’d recommend this dispensary.

  122. jhills16

    great bud great service great atmosphere best dispensary I’ve been to since I’ve obtained my card highly recommended Platinum purple kush

  123. elmaschingon710

    thanks for the love and great meds wow u are the best

  124. flowerboywonder

    Always greeted with smiling faces, followed up with great service. A+ Quality Flower!

  125. Kcook

    My favorite

  126. XtinmankenX

    The GSC sucks. Very harsh, reggie taste. After smoking, you question if you feel Anything from it at all.

  127. beezy3621

    I think this place is the best , the product is some of the best I have seen , the people are great and know there products and strains and wait time is not bad at al and the best specials in town

  128. MoFear440

    Luv this place an staff best prices n the valley hands down if u get time stop n u will not b disappointed im on my way now please believe it.

  129. jimmy2mofo

    One of the best

  130. Airrica

    Best effen dispensary by far. I love the selection and the friendliness of this place. I will always come back and tell others of this dispensary.

  131. mrdrgreenthumb

    This Moroccan Sativa wax is by far one of the most terpy and strong highs I’ve ever had. Thx again AZNR

  132. Indica-girl

    Top tier is great! Mid tier is great! $99 oz specials great! You just need to tell your bud tender what you need it for & try out different strains & tiers. They usually know exactly which product will work for your needs. I’ve never felt ripped off or screwed over. Been coming here over the past few years and I drive across town to get here. Their product IS ALWAYS GOOD. Occasionally, they have sold out of my favorite (Afghan Kush, fka, Vanilla Kush). That’s why I know the other strains are good too. Thanks ANR!

  133. IvanaMarijuana

    I don’t know what the guy underneath me is talking about when he says $60 eighths… sounds like a hater to me. I’m a regular at this location, I come here atleast once a week and their most expensive eighth is 55 after tax which is a really good price for the outstanding quality they carry. I also know that they are a non-profit organization so there is no “gouging” going on here. The staff is always friendly and helpful and will go above and beyond to help accommodate the needs of their patients.

  134. Skip.santos

    I expressed my opinion of how I felt the staff was rude, ( I was being chill about it too, not rude or disrespectful, just stating my opinion) and the owner told me it’s a personal problem wrong with my generation? What does that mean? That’s just plain rude, unprofessional, and conflict-provoking. The flower tastes like pesticides, as well. Overall, just a really poor dispensary.

  135. Arizona98

    it was my first time to their dispensary. And they made me feel like I’ve been there a hundred times. I didn’t catch their names but the three guys that were behind the counter today where cool as hell. and the product that they’re producing is absolutely phenomenal the buds are beautiful. pungent and smelly which is backed up by the pure power of a cannabis flower that has been loved and cared for. I almost didn’t want to write this or tell anybody about them but they were so cool I have to spread the love.

  136. Loveevol

    Good products. Friendly service. Very good experience.

  137. vincent.kellogg.3

    Great location

  138. Vega08

    still one of my favorite convenient spots! got to love they’re different selection of flowers.

  139. dnysworld

    Love the popcorn buds they have, good quality for the price, can’t beat that.

  140. johnathan1984

    cant beat price. incredible quality medicine

  141. sweetSarahnade

    awesome customer service, great deals on flower!

  142. splanque

    i love this place! its close to my house and there is never a wait! I like the set up and they weigh it right in front of you

  143. Churchaze13

    Great costumer service, definitely coming back

  144. KatSette

    The guys and gals at ANR are legit! I needed something specific for my chronic insomnia and they pinpointed the direct strain I needed! You cannot beat the Road Dawg OMG! I hit this in my water pipe and my eyes never opened until the next morning! And $99 Ozs almost all the time? What?! Thank you ANR! I will be back!

  145. timwilliams1218

    Horrible selection buds are not trimmed right very low thc levels if any are present purchased there “top shelf” special got home leaves falling off buds very dry stuffed in small bag that squeezes the buds. First and last time I will ever visit.

  146. Jpmerrill

    Friendly knowledgeable staff. Welcoming atmosphere, endless options and yummy edibles . . I love it here
    It’s my home away from home .

  147. srabino

    Place is great.. amazing service even better medicine!! Can’t go wrong here… AND they aren’t pre packaged which for me is a reason alone to go back!! Stop here you won’t be disappointed

  148. debisurber

    Like their products

  149. sundevil71

    Perfect experience. Helpful staff, friendly – They have high quality flowers – and don’t mind showing them off. Everyone was incredibly helpful. Will def. be back.

  150. GingerSnap317

    By far my favorite dispensary! Quality meds, great prices and the staff is Amazing every time I go there. I always recommend it to friends.

  151. Mark2891

    swear everything is top-shelf

  152. mkelly2030

    Absolutely fire flower. Even the sale strains are amazing. The banana diesel and yumbolt are probably my favorite so far but the sage and sour smells just like a jar of candy. Delicious! Can’t beat the prices for the quality you are receiving. People are awesome!!

  153. miket7phx

    awesome staff great meds

  154. c1loyd

    Best flower prices in the valley!!!! Seriously if you haven’t been here, what the hell are you waiting for?!

  155. TLC1968

    I’m hesitant to write this as I don’t want anyone to discover this gem. I drive many miles from one end of Phoenix to the other for the quality of product, the excellent customer service and above all the best prices in all Phoenix and surrounding areas.

  156. shina

    great customer service and bud tenders

  157. msg27657

    best dispensary in Phoenix. good buds and I mean real buds, big and small. out of a jar, not pre-package. Always good Strains and good prices. great personal to help, always friendly and very knowledgeable. been to alot of dispensary in AZ. from the north( Flagstaff) to the South ( Tucson) . hands down this dispensary rock!. never have I left disappointed. love you y’all.

  158. Koveman

    Great strains and specials. Friendly staff. They’ve never steered me wrong. I will keep going back for as long as I can imagine.

  159. bat1812

    Very nice place, friendly staff, great selection, & very reasonable prices.

  160. mariahsalas27

    This was the first dispensary that I went to when I first got my card it was an awesome experience!

  161. HeadHighEyesLow

    Visited Yesterday I been at many store fronts but this is going to by my final store of visit!great price great product.very surpriced on how lit there flower was for the price given!highly recommended.staffs are amazing and the speed process is incredible.see you guys on my next visit thanks!

  162. AZBADGIRL88

    I cant wait to come in for a visit.

  163. ReddBeauty

    What I absolutely love the most about this place and these people is they care about the customer and how easy it is for them when they come in there as well as for when they are looking through the menu on the app. As you can see they have everything priced in order from cheapest to most expensive which is convenient especially if you’re looking for one or the other. Going through a menu and having to see which ones are more affordable if you don’t have that much money is really hard and a waste of time when they can organize it so easily. So I greatly appreciate the effort that they put in to make it user-friendly. I will always go here. I love this place and will always refer people.

  164. Leedsmith

    So they have $69 popcorn ounces and $99 full bud ounces. Might as well get the popcorn because I just paid over $200 for what I thought to be big juicy nugs but because it is deli style the gentleman sifted through it all looking for the smallest ones. I understand you might be running low but that’s no excuse to purposefully give a patient subpar flower immediately after showing them superior flowers.

  165. ksedor13

    Best part is the people great bud tenders

  166. Perry23

    This place is low key and very nice on the inside, customer service is on point as well. As for the quality of the bud, you can’t go wrong with this shop. I’m definitely stopping by again soon!

  167. S2SInt

    What can be said about perfection? Great medicine. Even better service. Even BETTER pricing. ugh. what’s not to love about a place where you know from the cheapest to the most expensive strain it’s going to be worth it. I love this location it’s absolutely worth it every penny spent and them some.

  168. blondeone

    First time here. Very impressed! I picked up 3 strains; Yumbolt 47, Santa Muetre and LSD. I couldn’t wait to get home to try these and was not disappointed. In fact I’m very satisfied with the overall quality and price. Great staff with a friendly atmosphere. Definitely coming back!

  169. BAKED2DAY

    Comparing $6g to $15g for the quality of the high, that’s legit, but the consistency of the tier you buy should be the same. I shouldn’t have to buy $279ozs. to get Consistent quality, compared to hit or miss quality with the $139ozs. Plus they should all be trimmed the same. I shouldn’t have to pay premium to avoid a lot of stems and seed pods. I shouldn’t get 26g of good trimmed buds and 2g of stems and pods just because it’s from a lower tier. This don’t happen all the time, but it happens allot with the $6g tier, not as much with the other tiers.

  170. QueenChiefa75

    Man, they’ve got some killer deals here, but most of the budtenders either hate their lives or their jobs. Whatever it is, it spills into their customer service or lack thereof. I overheard one day how super pissed they were bc the owner was cutting their employee discount…it was like being in the Walmart of weed where all the employees are sad bc they didn’t die in their sleep…I’ll pay extra for people that are gonna crack a smile.

  171. Phillips3213

    Well, at first I was a little frustrated cause my maps was not giving my accurate directions. I called and the receptionist was a gem and she got me there in no time. Very comfortable and clean environment. Once I got back Kat helped me,..first off, let me say she was incredibly sweet, and just started so was learning.but that didn’t stop her from going out of her way to get the correct info to help me get what I wanted! She was patient and a great listener. Corlyn was the other bud tender and I was so impressed with this dispensary having such great team work! She was very knowledgable and did a great job at assisting her client and helping us out with a question or two that I had. I think even if I wasn’t crazy about the flower I would still return for the other items they carry,… but that is definitely NOT the case! The selection is AWESOME and the flower is AMAZING! Quality flower that is cured right, and strains that i LOVE that are difficult to find. Oh! I love how the measure infront of you and their packaging(that’s what I love about my other “go to” place). They even have a magnifying glass so you can drool over their delicious, crystally bud! I have been around the valley to several dispensaries and I honestly have been so happy with 2 I have found that I kinda haven’t been out checking new places! Well, this store is my new #1, not only for the wonderful employees but their flower!!!

    Thanks so much Kat and staff, you all will definitely see me soon and I will be spreading the word about your store!

    Sincerely~The girl that was having a hard day, wearing the infamous Mother Fucker shirt dY~%0dY~~

  172. Desi.des91

    best prices for quality buds. and the staff are extremely chill. I recommended any one to come here. this shop is a hidden gem!!

  173. brandypage

    I love the Girl Scout Cookies from here. The smell is great. Nice purple buds. I pick it up every time I run out! Love! Love!! Love!!!

  174. Googamalugafoo

    friendly staff and great bud. when I was sold a faulty cartridge they replaced it without a problem. I’m always leaving happy at az natural remedies

  175. Nick85

    Excellent service. Great quality. My go to dispensary.

  176. gingermcpherson

    Very unfriendly staff and garbage flower

  177. mjtoli

    If you like seeds in your buds, this is the place to be! Also if you like to feel rushed or have PTSD, this place will be sure to make you feel rushed and trigger that uneasy, unwelcome feeling. Have fun and good luck! 🙂

  178. kitschbitsch

    Kind of small and crowded BUT the outdoor assorted buds were $85 for 1/2 oz and they’re pretty good! It sucks that the closest metro bus stop is nearly 1/2mi away, but for the price the flowers were great.

  179. Denakeelingyahoocom

    Oh my gosh!! Haven’t had the reason nor ability to smoke since the ‘6o’s. I am floored when I walk in!! Fantastic customer service, one feels super welcome. The gal that waited on me was Saira, she could tell I was blown away by how “different” things are since 1960. She was so incredibly helpful to me, as I did not have a CLUE!! She went as far as to say “if we have to stay here an hour going over the products, I am very happy to do that with you. I want to you to be satisfied with the product. And I am. I WILL go back.

  180. bdoja

    My #1 bud shop! I can’t say enough about this place.A It’s ironically located behind a big Gray building with big blue letters of “HEM” on it.A Have your card ready because you will need it just to enter this fine establishment . The lobby is very clean , pleasantly decorated with earthy colors and pictures , TV, reading material and of course candy!! It doesn’t matter who is at the desk you’ll with be greeted with a warm down to earth smile. If you have to wait in the lobby it isn’t for a very long time.A The customer service is like no other I get along with every bud tender there.A My favorite is BelleA but there is also other good people like Corlyn, Bobby and Brandon. Like real good people who will chat you with about every day stuff from your favorite sports team to the best munchies,A shout out to them Carne Asada fries!! Lol.A After a few visits the tenders know you by first name and can recommend the best strands of your liking. Az Natural Remedies has the best flower in North Phoenix , trust me I know.A Some of my favorites are their LSD, Purple Hindu, Mob Boss, Poison OG, Berry White and Grand Dad Purple himself. I appreciate how you can actually see the product you are buying on the shelf and not that prepackaged nonsense. The bud tenders will go over each strand in detail to ensure you are leaving with what you want.A Bobby and Brandon seem to be very knowledgeable in this department they are my go to guys on feedback on stands. If you are still on the fence the tenders will but the nugs under a magnifying glass so you can drool over the pretty crystals. Once you have made your selection they weigh out your order right in front of you for accuracy. I think the best thing about AZ Natural Remedies is the variety of strands and prices to fit EVERYONE’S need or budget. If it’s payday or you just need a nug to make it to payday theses guys will take care of you. I personally even met the manager a few times and he even made sure I got the best deal for my buck !! Lastly the shop stays with a daily special going … you got your 8 dollar grams, twisted Tuesday, wax Wednesdays and others. My favorite day is throw back Thursday when certain strands go down to 10 dollars a gram!!! To top it off they have a great Loyalty program too so ask about that .They can get crowded at times because the place is awesome so I do suggest more than one tender at that time and a smoother check out process but besides that I have no complaints!

  181. Sneakerfreak420

    Quality deli style meds dY’dY>>

  182. srepmam

    When you come to his business you get what every business should offer!!
    Great service
    Excellent product
    Fair prices
    Other dispensaries should come visit so to bring there own places to this standard.

  183. rockstargrlnaz

    Very Chill location. Always in and out fast. Buds are good and budtender was awesome. Lots of strains to choose from. A favorite stop!

  184. phxgenetics

    I really like this place. The staff was cool, even though I showed up right at close; place was hard to find! Their flower selection is pretty great. They’ve got strains in the lower tiers that could definitely pass for top shelf at most AZ dispensaries, and a few strains in the top tier that are truly spectacular. One of the best FTP specials in town imo, and I can literally count on one hand the dispensaries in this state I haven’t been to yet. This one apparently just managed to elude me for a while I guess, they’re not easy to find and I’d never noticed them represented on leafly’s dispensary map before. Killer sales for all patients as well. glad I finally found this joint, I will definitely be returning to this dispensary often.

  185. greenskyamy

    I love this place I’ve only been here a couple of times but they have great deals always friendly and knowledgeable staff I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for good quality meds but there is limited parking I noticed you can park in the back it’s kind of hard to turn around if you have a big vehicle will be back when I’m on this side of town Thank you ANR.

  186. jonroe1972

    I came in during construction today and they were awesome. Great management and top tier customer service.
    Their flower pricing can’t be beat. BUY YOU MEDICINE IN BULK! This is the place to do it.
    I’ll be back and thanks to the owner for the construction navigation today.

  187. 60s2oner

    I loved this place! the purple alien was super dank and more potent than ANYTHING I’ve come across for the price of $159, that’s a steal! thank you guys..I haven’t enjoyed a dispensary as much as yours..thank you!!

  188. golf78a

    I like the flowers, also the oils fantastic. Excellent selections at a reasonable price.

  189. Killatwan

    very clean

  190. eagldreamer

    It’s hard to find w no sign out but that’s cuz they just opened a few days ago.

  191. onsimpleterms

    Girl at the front desk had a crazy haircut and was the absolute best thing about my visit. She was kind, cordial, and helped me through the first time patient process.
    After that, it was all down hill. When I got to the room with the flower there were 3 people working. One male budtender who was helping a patient and two females who did nothing but chat with each other and some other girl. Not sure if she was a patient or what. Anyway, I was completely ignored. I made my order. Thankfully I knew what I came for. They got it, handed it to me and said, “Here you go.” Those were literally the three words spoken to me while I was purchasing my medication. Will NEVER go back. I encourage everyone else to go elsewhere.

  192. jmatthews21

    friendly staff and AMAZING flower.

  193. Winsor8

    Everyone was kind and accommodating. Very busy due to special!

  194. choates

    love this place. not just the fact they are right down the street but their prices are great for good quality. friendly people with knowledgeable information. loyal member!!

  195. Holein9

    Great specials this weekend!!!! Loved the customer service as well. Had a very patient budtender on Sunday who took his time with me and really helped me out. Will definitely be returning!

  196. ogkushman1701

    So I just received my card and when I looked on leafly, this place was the closet one to my house. I read the reviews and was happy with them so I decided to give them a shot. they are so friendly and helpful. answered all my newbie questions without hesitation and we’re really cool. the buds I got, og kush and purple cheese, are amazing. highly recommend them to anyone in the area.

  197. antnig69

    The lobby is nice compared to the back. Looks dirty and unorganized in my opinion. I only smoke flower and their tree is not the best. Most of their strains are full of stems and not well trimmed. Staff is okay I guess. The lady at the receptionist desk was really sweet and then the staff helping me out in the back just don’t seem too engaged or really care about you being in there. Second time going and last dY’ZdY1/4

  198. chefette

    This is positively my favorite of favorite dispensaries! I’ve pretty much tried them all in this area. By far, the bud here is consistently delicious, moist and fragrant. Everyone on staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Prices are great and they always have some great flower on sale. Prices include tax which I appreciate.

  199. K4a2y0jon

    This dispensary was good as far as product and pricing, but it seemed a little disorganized. I’m used to walking in the back room and having a budtender waiting to help and get what I need. here I walked in the back and there were 2 budtenders and 4 customers in a small room, it felt a little awkward to me, but I guess I got a chance to look around while other people were being helped. I dunno, ok dispensary just not what I’m used to I guess.

  200. mysticbean

    Worth the drive! Great product, great pricing, super nice staff. My new home.

  201. Budsie

    Very impressed with the quality in flower and concentrates! Definitely will be returning.

  202. piroysqrd

    first trip to a dispensary. felt right at home.

  203. 71OiL

    Highest quality product in Arizona. Staff is very helpful with answering any questions you have. The flower you’ll find here is like non other in Arizona. If you haven’t already come check out ANR!!

  204. Skywalker4

    I recommend Arizona Natural Selections to anyone who is looking for a great dispensary because it has a great atmosphere and very friendly caretakers

  205. DesertEagle

    This is the only place in the Valley I go, best product and great folks to help you out. Worth the drive! You better get some of that Vanilla Kush before it is gone, just sayin’…

  206. smokegrasseata55

    First time in, loved the patient consultants!
    The girl that helped me was amazing and her vide was so chill. She knew exactly what to recomend and it has worked wonders, No Pain! and the prices were almost unjustified considering the quality, I paid twice as much for the same quality at my last shop. Stop in, you won’t regret it. My new spot!

  207. GrnLife34

    amazing deals!!! I drive from Chandler twice a month to this location no deals liked it!!!

  208. Ljloft

    Clean location with a knowledgeable staff and amazing medication. If you have a chance to stop in check out the yumbolt 47 its amazing!

  209. bryanparm

    tons of buds…for any budget… ounce deals way fair….and if you are a lite smoker…save cash here and top shelf awesome too

  210. love2laugh35

    katsu is great strain indica strong i be going back for more.

  211. kushcali4ya

    I pick up Zipps here all the time my favorite place to come for mixes or did

  212. suzcoup

    Arizona Natural Remedies is a ripoff. I have been trying to post a review about a recent experience, but for some reason it is not being posted. They get people in there that make you feel like they care about customer service by saying if you have a complaint we will fix it. I had a complaint. I told the gal i was going to go to another dispensary but they were closed. She said “Whatever makes you happy”. Great customer service. I go to get medicine and I need bud tenders that are compassionate and well trained. There is no compassion here. I never get what I pay for. the ounces are thick with stick if they are nice buds. A lot of times, dry. Sell top shelf price$$ bud at nugget size Yoda last time i was in. Bummer 🙁

  213. ajjbroncos420

    Worst place I have ever been. staff was in a rush to deal with me and get me out of there. The meds were garbage. Only good thing was the cool little container the budder came in. The budder on the other hand tasted like butane and gave me a nasty headache. Have to go to another dispensary tonight and get other meds now to take car of the headache plus the other reasons I need my meds. Don’t waste your time or money.

  214. Zinko2016

    Best dispensary in town! They have their own growhouse so their bud is always excellently priced. Staff is super knowledgeable and helpful as well.

  215. rastadon

    Love the Bugatti. See you guys 2mrw.

  216. Luisreyes

    great people and service and product

  217. lotus33

    blue widow was good

  218. ironlung365

    They got some ridiculously legit high grades dY’-

    The lower grade strains are kinda hit or miss though..

    Overall it’s pretty decent spot, I recommend checking out.

  219. Johnchanna

    This place has been awesome both times I came in. I’ve already recommended so many friends at this point, and would happily refer more to them as well!

  220. Splicaholic13

    All I can say is, Sweet Jesus! I love the Meds at this place:)

  221. trulyunknown11

    sooooo manyyyyy strains!

  222. Jd2009

    Great prices and good flower.

  223. Bearcharit

    Great customer service. Answered all my questions. very helpful!!

  224. Leftwich17

    Such a great selection, everything I have picked up here has been on point!

  225. thehappyhoneyhole

    They have lower prices than they used to. Still won’t pay 15$ for a gram that’s nuts but still congrats on the affordable prices I’ll stop in again now

  226. GanjaQueen71

    this is a good place to get ypur meds i was exited about the prices but when i tried the bud i was extremely happy with there services thank you so much and yes i will be back for as much as i can get you guys are awesome i will defenatly recommend your business

  227. ExecutableSr

    Picked up some hombolt green crack. This flower smells good, tastes good and provides a good high. Would buy hombolt green crack again, but i will have to locate a different place, since after weighing it out they smashed the poor buds putting them in the green bottle.

  228. paytonspradlin1

    The bud smells good and I dig the deli style but if you’re going to be a deli style place trim the bud and take out the HUGE stems

    The receptionist is nice

  229. Pandorachaos23

    I LOVE THIS PLACE! The staff is OUTSTANDING, great recommendations personalized for each customer. The flower is grown there, extremely high quality and the BEST prices in the valley. Deli-style selection, so you can see exactly what you’re getting. And so fresh! Great deals on ounces and the $99 popcorn oz specials are amazing!

  230. stash4me

    Friendly n quick

  231. bsmtrips

    frendly staff, great flowers. deli style nugs with the real smell and taste. went on a Friday got 20% off an oz plus 10% off as a new patient. left with some kill at 110 bucks.

  232. Bhill414

    Amazing Meds & nice setup

  233. yankeered2k6

    You get what you pay for. Expect nonetheless.

  234. hightai

    good deals. can’t really beat em.

  235. Chrisjk05

    Love this dispensary. Bell was awesome!!!

  236. deebo18

    Arizona Natural Remedies is the best dispensary in the Valley. They weigh it out right in front of you, not pre-packaged. Great flower and excellent service!

  237. mymeds55

    Kat was very knowledgeable and I got what I went into get. Great little place with great prices.

  238. AZJR

    Good flowers, but your prices on extracts are ridiculous.

  239. ashjcrowley

    I arrived at night . I dont agree eith te location area too much but the service was good. The buds were nice and I could see myself going back sometime in future. .

  240. Odin4President

    This dispensary is as close to weed heaven as you will find in Arizona. Their true passion for the bud is immediately apparent when you look and smell your first jar full of true original strains and throw back strains. The 1991 AK-47 will melt your senses. Best dispensary I have been to by far. Go here and join the D.A.N.K. Program today.

  241. Samueljm

    The location isn’t the best of places because it’s such an industrial area, but it’s still better than a lot of the other dispensary locations. This is by far one of the best dispensaries I’ve been to though. Quality herb, great people behind the counter, and the best prices in town. Triple whammy! You guys are awesome. To my other vets out there, if you have to deal with the VA today, stop by this place when your done. You’ll get treated better at this dispensary than those dingleberries downtown would treat you.

  242. Aldavis5913

    Its kinda small but i like it a lot

  243. HarryDog

    I don’t know who these reviews help? Dispensaries, consumers, industries? I’ve never received anything from posting positive or negative reviews. A long time ago dispensaries used to give crappy pre-rolls for reviews. That always seemed suspicious. Why not just give the crappy pre-roll with each purchase. Anyway, ANR seems to be the only place with consistently GOOD flower. Even the sale stuff can do the trick – maybe not quite as strong or pretty or flavorful, but still gets the job done. No complaints from me. Keep up the good work – Thanks.

  244. DTreatzAZ17

    i love and enjoy this dispensary , not only does their service and quality amazing but the diverse section of flowers and strains is large i would defiantly recommend this place to any patient that need good quality service and high grade meds.

  245. milkrips

    I grabbed some OG Kush shatter………fire just fire! Mad terps when u hit this! Keep that fire coming guys and I promise I won’t go anywhere else!

  246. tawdayah

    Every single time I have been to this dispensary, I have been treated with great respect and Kindness. The staff has answered every question with great detail. they are amazing

  247. Pinetop

    Ignore the negative reviews- trust my testimony. It’s obvious to me ANR cares about quality meds and service. It’s my go to because of a great selection of flower to treat numerous afflictions. I drive from the White Mountains-not for price, but for quality. I’ve helped cure cancer from homemade RSO from their Big Bud OG. Also, strains high in CBD have proven miraculous for myself and others! Don’t be a naysayer! Take mass doses of CBD and change your attitude, behavior and outlook on life-then you’ll write a good review based on truth.
    Thanks to the staff at ANR for your help guiding me to healing my family and friends minds and bodies!
    Merry Christmas,
    A trusted and loyal customer

  248. mattfitch2015

    Great selection. Friendly, helpful staff. HIGHLY recommended.

  249. cspeagle091

    My dad and I went in today for some flower. He is kind of new to the dispensary thing and is very picky, so it’s not always easy to get the right stuff for him. The staff was really kind and they listened to our needs. They were doing half-off ounces of some of their premium strains. We bought an ounce of blue dream for $140 and received 10% off plus a pre-roll for our ftp special. When we got home he vaped and I smoked, and now we are both pleasantly stoned. 🙂

    The bud itself was covered in sticky crystalline trichomes. It smelled and tasted kind of pine-y and kind of sweet. It’s a perfect high because it’s really mellow but not sedating. I am so excited to have found this place and I will be going back for sure.

  250. Jmitnick

    awful quality. rosin was near black. sour diesel shatter taste like the trim of outdoor flower. at first look all the flower looks the same. and worst pre roll I have ever smoked. that Clementine taste like a cigarette and smells even worse. never coming here again

  251. rejeana79

    This place is great! I haven’t been disappointed with a strain yet! The staff is super friendly. I will return
    be back.

  252. FeelsGoodman

    Wow! I’m floored, first time in and treated so well. My family were more than comfortable in the spacious and well appointed waiting area just past reception, my budtenders were on point and well versed in their trade. I was given honest and equal access to e very level of medicine with a slamming trophy nug in every jar. I grabbed OG Kush, as any dispensary should carry a classic strain, and it should be dope meds at a fair price… and this delivered! Next came excellent knowledge by the tenders on what strains mirror the hybrids I like, so next was Bananas and Cream… then some free GSC (organic!) for buying two 8ths. Oh snaps, I found a new home dispensary! Thanks guys and gals!

  253. Scribzilla

    I’ve reviewed Arizona Natural Remedies in the past but these guys truly deserve every bit of praise I can give them! The kindness, compassion and overall exceptional guest service make you feel more at home than in a retail location. The attention to detail surpasses all expectations in my opinion, from the atmosphere they provide out in the lobby and waiting room down to the medicine they provide for their patients and everything inbetween. No matter what your looking for, whether it’s one of their organically grown strains, or premium concentrates – your first time in a dispensary or you thousandth time I guarantee you’ll walk out and keep coming back! <3

  254. Tialady

    they have the cheapest ounces around. definitely going to do my shopping there

  255. Happycat6613

    always have great flower always shares great knowledge thank you A&R

  256. purplegreenpanda

    service was sometimes slow in the past . I can see how people can only have that to complain about. small room , short staffed , confusion etc. But the buds are very good at very good prices! and the staff seemed to have been more attentive to these reviews I was immediately greeted today and it was a Wonderful experience (as always though!)

  257. spiked10

    great deals no matter what your budget is and korova Black bar hard to find but worth it . this place is great

  258. Dread80

    small nice place… great products and awesome.

  259. sarahlove23

    I like that the prices have gone down

  260. BHempingway

    go on wednesdays for the awesome wax deals!!!

  261. Ebcortez

    I called in to ask about the Birthday deals, the girl who answered the phone was terrible, she seemed annoyed by my phone call and my question, she spoke a thousand miles an hour and when I asked her to repeat what she had said she talked me to like I was ignorant. Never going back to this place service was terrible. At least pretend to like your job.

  262. d420smith

    I really love the deals here, friendly bud tenders, clean and usually not much of a wait.

  263. Michaelaguirre

    I have been to all most every despencery in the state and the quality here is the best I have seen so far . place is a little small but the staff is great . I meet Robert and he was a great person with pride in what he does.

  264. charlesschmiedeke

    Great place all around!! Friendly staff, relaxed but professional environment, super good variety and tip top quality. My favorite is the ridiculous prices on their flower. Keep the good vibes flowing!

  265. StonerNegretti

    My favorite place…and close to my house

  266. Andeez.91

    I love this location! Great deals and great staff every time!

  267. Bramall13

    Service is great ppl are very helpful and price’s are great I love this place 1 of my favorite

  268. Jungleprince

    I really enjoyed the bud they have here. Plus $5 Pre roll Tuesdays ain’t so bad. dY~%0

  269. phxcdl

    I called them to ask about the percentages of cbd and thc in their cannatonic. I was called a “dude” and was told he doesn’t know. I called back a few days later hoping to get a hold of a different employee and she told me she can’t tell me over the phone. Based on the phone calls it seems unprofessional and doesn’t treat people like patients.They don’t even know their product. I am going to stay away from this place other dispensaries are happy to give me information I need over the phone.

  270. IamAA

    I love the prices , wish they were closer

  271. crtical

    This dispensary has bomb herb with an array of different essentials and on top that the staff is very friendly.

  272. widow09

    first time yesterday nice guy knoiws his stuff , awsomke strains that all i have to say and ive been to several places good prices here

  273. Jeff1313

    I would definitely recommend this place and I have several times. I’ve consistently gone here for awhile and it’s always pretty descent prices and buds for sure.

  274. illywhoop

    it’s the best in the city I go in there everyday

  275. irnmnky10

    It’s like an Herb Superstore!!!
    it is just sooooooooooooooooooooo far from where I am located.

  276. erikevery

    Love the location, right off the freeway! Best thing is there was no wait. Really hate it when I’m stuck in the lobby forever.

  277. VaporsPHX

    Nice spot. Has some nice deals, and a wide variety of flowers and concentrates. Tender was friendly. Was a good experience.

  278. sparta1428

    Love this place!

  279. desertstoner88

    Very friendly staff, great medicine.

  280. Poppyseed222

    this is now my place of choice, all flowers are nice big nuggets. the people are very friendly. If some of their flowers get just a little dry they sell it much cheaper. to me that is honesty, most dispensaries will sell their flowers dry and give you no discount. I wish all dispensaries would operate this way. not to mention all prices include the tax.

  281. 12SativaLeaves

    Diamond in the rough… You guys have yet to disappoint me. dY’ZdY’oe

  282. psalm51

    I am SO VERY grateful for the quality of medicine that came with Awesome Family like Service.
    The few extra miles and time to arrive is definitely worth it.
    Other than a stop here and there to see Friends at other dispensarys.
    I have finally, after three years of searching.
    This is now my “Home” dispensary.
    Visit, give them a solid chance and you will be Home too.
    Thank You.

  283. phxcams

    Place is awesome. Friendly staff and very knowledgeable with helping me out on different selections. Picked out 5 different strains and all of them were tasty and super good relaxing feeling. Ask for Kenny, stand up guy. Cheers!!

  284. Call4lynda

    love their enegy

  285. Beersfan

    prices are great best in valley Friday 20% discount the bomb,but when i call on the phone to ask questions regarding product the woman i talked to was rude and didn’t answer my questions, i call for my significant other because she is new to using meds and intimidated by the whole process we drive over 50 miles one way to get there so info before we drive on what strains are the highest THC level is imperative. and also she asked me to find out what timeless vapes would be best to purchase, seeing she buys 2 ounces at a time and CBD ointment Spending well over 300 plus every visit, the girls answer to me was well when you get here you can ask and find out whats what, a bunch of crap for a answer. seeing how far we drive to your business, last time one of your female tenders suggested a strain that wasn’t even close to what she wanted. i call for her again because she is new to the whole medication thing and is shy and doesn’t feel comfortable asking about what she doesn’t no. plan on stopping by again today 10/20 but am not pleased with her attitude or demeanor over the phone. have been to your place three times and yes to many stems with the product but for the price it’s a trade off. , but i am an old hippy with plenty of experience, is it to much to ask for to get the answer to a simple question. seeing we come a long way to spend a considerable amount of money every trip to minimize the travel. she is lucky she doesn’t have to deal with me whom ever it was who answered the phone because i would have read her the riot act. for her inconsiderate rude condescending attitude . whats the difference of who is on the phone asking the questions.

  286. RizzyPesos

    loved it, the bar style is my favorite. fresh out the jar. just BEAUTIFUL! tried the SFV OG. pure FIRE! THANKYOU

  287. marymac13

    So I thought, how could the flower be decent if it’s only $99 oz. WRONG!! I got an oz of the lemon skunk. Very nice! Worth the drive. I will be back dY~

  288. missrasta623

    Tuesday’s are the best. love getting prerolls!

  289. Ksja15

    Awesome deals, Friendly workers, great place.

  290. bernal83


  291. thedude23

    Feels chaotic.

  292. SunMed

    This is a great place to get your meds. I really like the tranquil elephant.

  293. randy112

    it’s a little hard to find but totally worth it very friendly service and the buds there are awesome.

  294. The59squeeze

    Love it here amazing place and great buds all the time!

  295. msjanet3217

    I absolutely love this place. Top notch staff and great products. I highly recommend. Look out for B. He is definitely on of a kind and always willing to help you find what you need. Thank you all for another great experience.

  296. nevasta

    Absolutely love this dispensary!

  297. JusticeMac777

    Thanks! that Amnesia shatter is yummy and…oh yeah still gotta try GDP crumble. almost forgot!

  298. thedusty69

    It is the greatest shop I’ve been too. they are super friendly and have a nice selection of buds to choose from at a great low price this is my go to store

  299. s1kkmc

    I love this pharmacy. The staff really know what they are talking about and always able to help me out.

  300. kryssyowens

    Another one of my favorites and I just love love the indica pens.
    I go there a lot for them and they work. Plus it’s easy and quick for me to use.
    Always a fan

  301. DipxSet

    I first want to start my review by saying this dispensary has the most gorgeous female I have ever seen in my life at a dispo. Her left arm was sleeved and she was justdY~dY~.

    Anyway I came in the other day as a FTP because they had 25% off edibles. I picked up a 1k mg korova brownie. Not only did I get the 25% off, but I also got an ADDITIONAL 10% off as it was my first time. This is the ONLY dispensary I’ve been too that stacks deals. So not only did I get 35% off my order I also got a free .5G pre roll aswell. 10/10

  302. bmt620

    Great everything but don’t buy their pre rolls .5 in a j that’s ridiculous. Besides that great people buds and good vibes!

  303. slickbam

    Travis was a great help. I will always come back. best price I az.

  304. hecguzman

    Great service. Loved the teamwork to get me out asap.

  305. jgbballin

    really like this place I recommend this location to many

  306. Gabbixiv

    I love this spot. Great service, well informing & timely. They had an impressive selection.. The aroma, structure, the effects & the taste; I was impressed on all of this by all the strains I’d purchased. A full spectrum of beautiful strains to choose from. I’ve so far tried, Tokyo OG, Yumbolt 47 & Amnesia . Amnesia being my favorite, a divine fragrance escaped the churning nugs in my grinder, an earthiness that lingers on the nostrils. The cooling hits throughout the session. The terpenes that smell of a sweet-toned coffee.. I’m in love! Every once and a while you get a strain that is named so appropriately. …what pain?

  307. AZfrank

    Stopped by to check out some of the $99 z’s. The selection is wide and they carry lots of hash. The quality is really nice. Just had a joint of the Fruit Cake and I’m really impressed (baked) and pain-free!!! Well, enough said, go check them out! Tell’em I sent ya!

  308. Karenmonty

    Love this place. Bobby and Ryan are awesome.

  309. Candielashez

    Wish you guys would calibrate the scale more often. Good location and nice meds. Will continue to be a regular.

  310. dbender1993

    Great price for an awesome strain plus friendly service when needed

  311. asdgoju

    by far one of the best dispensers of the flower in phoenix.only complaint would be the high are getting what you pay for.unlike a lot of other locations.great flower and the in house was is quite this place am a regular.have been all around the valley and still has number 1 quality in my vote.

  312. radfinney

    Came back to this spot today for the first time in a little while and was very impressed. The purple alien was some of the stoniest flower I’ve had for a min. Great prices and cool atmosphere

  313. hippyfart420

    The budtenders seem to be fairly knowledgeable but the meds are kinda stemmy and not the best quality unless you purchase from the higher tier. Also not really a big fan of not being able to sniff the product.. I get that having multiple noses in the jars is kind of a sanitary issue but small display jars from Smokus Focus or something would negate that problem.

    Overall I think there’s potential for some real growth and development. I’ll probably be back at some point.

  314. jamesandme

    love the price bud taste good and nice office

  315. thebryce

    Super great location and hours. They may or may not be busy but always worth the wait. They have a huge selection of everything. I prefer flower and they have a great selection of Indica Stains I favor. They seem to have an equal selection of Sativa Strains as well. If you have to wait they have tv and water with comfy seating.

  316. jozerblazin420

    Great staff with with a lot of knowledge. Some of the best flowers I’ve ever had

  317. WhyteRaven

    I’ve been coming here for a long time, and this is by far my favorite dispensary… and I’ve visited a few over the years. However, this last visit, left me disappointed… I won’t even go into the whole confusion of “deals”, but it’s the quality of the flower I got with my so-called “deal”. I’m a third of the way through some Dr.Who, and though I am happy with the flower itself… It’s all the freaking SEEDS I’m having to pick out!! So far… I have 16 seeds… not counting the ones that made it into my grinder. Love a good deal, like everyone else… but still want a quality product for my money.

  318. SamKirkes

    There’s alot you can say , great buds, great service, never wait long. I just tried some poison og and it is very sedative.

  319. DrLove2016

    It’s not close but I was working in the area! I loved the Jamaican dream wow I highly recommend I’m glad I got a 1/8 I will be back they also have cbd strains which Is hard to find! Great staff I left my wallet in the car had to go out two times super friendly I love it I wish I was closerdY~ZdY~ZdY~ZdY~ZdY~S

  320. danw79

    best dispensary I’ve been to yet. great quality, prices and service. Nick really knows flower…his recommendation was spot on. will definitely be going back

  321. troyover9000

    I just stopped in and picked up an oz of Green Crack and a half of Pineapple. They definitely hooked it up. Nice big buds with nice iced looking trichomes. Their ftp is pretty good. Short wait time. Very satisfied.

  322. tiedyeguy1200

    This is likely the friendliest and most quality dispensary ever! They have an unmatched selection of flower, they’re bringing in new strains all the time, and their staff is always more than happy to help you find EXACTLY what it is you need! Do not let the location fool you – once you step inside, you’ll forget all about their competition 😉 Keep it up guys, you rock!

  323. HerbHerbenstein

    Just stopped in for some Bugatti and ended up getting a few more strains as well cuz the flower here is now perfect!!! Between this place and Yilo a few miles south, I just have a hard time going anywhere else – great price, great quality product, great budtenders and FAVORITE thing is deli style where you get to see exactly what you’re getting and see it weighed out. They do their best to let you check it out every way possible before buying it while still being sanitary – NO other place can beat them in this respect.

  324. cleeclope

    This place is Great! They are the friendliest and most knowledgeable people, best high quality strains in town with a huge selection and always playing great music. Very comfortable atmosphere and I’m always happy with the experience and the medicine.

  325. percbuster

    I wish I lived closer or I would be here everyday! great shop guys thank you for the affordable pricing!

  326. Crzyazmama2

    This place is awesome! See ya’ll very soon! atm!

  327. onPrettyLady

    I am really impressed by the jaeger, nice licorice flavor, but really sweet and the buds were super fresh (I like them cured to death but most patients probably don’t). It’s a bit land racey for me, I prefer a mendo or blueberry because landraces are just harsher, but I actually loved the jeager and I am a hard woman to please. Unfortunately I live 110 avenues from your location and the price of 55 an eight is a little ridiculous. I’m not trying to party I just can’t smoke anything that makes me cough violently bc my joints are really mobile. I feel that you should be able to offer strong, well grown indicas at a lower price but honestly, I know of 2 strains that rival yours and they are often sold out on my side of town. so I guess you could charge 75 an eighth and I’d still stop by again. Loved the big jars of buds, easier to pick out the seeded strains. no offense I can’t find much that isn’t seeded or hermied beyond being able to smoke on my side of town. Overall, the people were great, I’d go in again, and would suggest others take a look.

  328. Myzkriant

    The specials here are just awesome, excellent flower for sure

  329. yyzaz

    ANR is awesome!!! An oz of fantastic quality for $121 out the door on Fridays. Just amazing. The Bugati is so freaky piney but the Sour Jack surprised me, I coulda sworn I was vaping some Sour Tangie, just sooo citrisy, fantastic stuff. See ya next month.

  330. amhowar2

    First time visitor- In and out in 10 minutes, friendly service, and great medicine. Thanks!

  331. TicklishImp

    I have to go out of my way for this place but I do it every Friday anyway because the quality of their flower simply cannot be beat. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable despite the occasional cranky patient.

  332. hustlerpete

    I really like this place.. people are friendly and they get you in and out quick..

  333. arizona93

    best place I been to so far I love it thank you guys the GSC#1 was really good

  334. mnader215

    Not allowed to participate in any specials of the day if I want to “use” my vet’s discount. They charge tax on TOP of menu prices, so forget that. ALSO your gonna get at least a gram of stems per 8th. At least.

  335. smoke1012

    Will be returning for some of that campfire cookies

  336. JS2018365

    How is it that I’m told its 99 special; so I get that and a 40 dollar item at a 30% discount but I’m charged 240! That’s basically a 100 bucks more and I was really tired and just trusted what he said but now I feel taken advantage of. …

  337. Kailaa

    This place is a hidden gem they have one of the largest flower selections I have seen next to maybe Az natures medicine. I go here a lot cause I’m the same street as my job can’t beat less then a minute drive anyway I took advantage of the bogo live resin cartridges and neither of them where hitting at 100% and they switched out for me no problem which I greatly appreciated a lot of places don’t care and just say your screwed. If you have not been here before I def recommend their $20 -$25 1/8ths are way better then desert rose (desert rose the only other spot in north phx I know that have that cheap of 1/8ths) staff is very friendly and never not even once have I had to wait.

  338. jojorios77

    good place and love the jars.a~othey have some quality flower.

  339. dustmuffin76

    Their flower is some the best in Arizona. The staff are badass salesmen. They receive A majority of my weekly paychecks. Keep their tip jars full ladies and gentlemen. A.N.R has my number one vote thus far!

  340. jonathan.oner

    I moved to arizona from chicago. Spent plenty of years in Amsterdam. In the 4 months that i have been in Arizona , This place by far has the best medicine. Dont get me wrong all the other dispensaries have the mainstream strains on there menu. But u think your getting the best of that strain no.. Arizona Natural Remedies does something a little different , They have all
    Mainstream strains and by far have the best Quality in all of the those strains in the Valley. There medicine is always flushed correctly and is CURED . You do not see CURED medicine often these days. So if you are a newbie and want to have the best or a connoisseur this is the place to be . Price wise its the same or less but much worth it. STAFF VERY friendly informative not pushy. Bossman at the dispensary is very cool and a wonderful buisnessman will go the exrta mile to make u happy. So all in All i give this 10 stars out of 5 for the 16 dispensarys ive been to in the last 3 -4 months in the valley .. dY’dY1/4dY’dY>>dY’OEdY1/4dY’dY1/4dY’dY>>dY’OEdY1/4dY’dY1/4

  341. Cody95

    I love coming here for my Meds, they are very helpful and They are all nice. There selection is huge !

  342. Azgrl4evr

    I stopped in here to check it out. The front of the building seemed a little sketch. Looks like an old shack house converted into dispensary. Definitely a “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” place. When you walk in it is very professional, very clean. The staff was super nice and their flower display is awesome. Picked up a few grams to try the flower and found it to be good quality. I will be stopping by again when I’m in the North Valley.

  343. Hollzy

    I’m a new card holder and hadn’t been into a dispensary before they were very welcoming and made me feel comfortable and educated. Definetley will be returning!

  344. dfaasse

    Great prices friendly staff. Convenient Location dY~^

  345. Ssosajr

    Great flower n meds awsome price

  346. Baileyboy

    I’ve enjoyed this dispensary. Great staff and a nice flower selection!

  347. faithscott93

    This is definitely the place to go to! The BEST buds I’ve seen, new strains others don’t have, Awesome potent meds and the flavor (Tokyo OG) is SO good!!! Go there! dY’

  348. imjustherefortheweed

    You won’t find better budtenders than this place. Pricing could not be better either! Keep it up ANR!

  349. Alecesco1104

    cool place but you guys need to refreshen your front desk employees attitudes. called to get some info, rather than just politely saying they are stocked on a good amount of products she tells me quick and short we have a few strains. turns me off of coming so i dont have to deal with anyones attitude problem.

  350. sjpfoothills1

    love these guys. bud tenders are very nice and know their thing. I drive from Yuma to Phoenix every month for my meds since our dispensary is profit over patient. it’s well worth the drive. keep it up

  351. 42A

    Nice location, on my way home. very quiet. 🙂

  352. halbjerg

    Good discounts. Okay flower. Purchased oil and it was disgusting worst oil I have ever tasted I almost wanted to throw it away

  353. Fmflores1

    I always get a great deal here

  354. grantR

    this is a ok spot for bud but there wax isn’t really all that good had a bad experience with the wax other than that everything was okay

  355. Waxjock

    This seems to be one of those hit or miss places for flower. Lots of folks seem to think it’s the “best” but my experiences with flower quality at this place has been below average for the Valley.

  356. Tja

    add Arizona natural remedies they have such a fine selection of all types of flowers I love the fact that they have great prices and great quality better than any other dispensary out there. has the best selection of top-notch flower that you will never ever find anywhere else of the different varieties or as potent. the Gorilla Glue I got today was phenomenal the highest grade taste great it looks awesome it smells divine. the best Gorilla Glue that I had in a long time recommend it to anybody. so proud of you I don’t stop what you doing come by check them out guaranteed job with drop

  357. pidgeonroyal

    without a doubt my favorite spot in az. cheap prices, amazing people and speedy service make this dispensary a no-brainer when looking to get high

  358. joshyoung

    Going to get that baked bros bogo

  359. Everybodygetshigh419

    Outstanding prices great selection!!

  360. AuroraFreya99

    Stopped in today to try out ANR. What a great shop! A bit small but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in service and quality of product. Got home and tried some Harley Tsu-Incredible. I am glad I came in. Staff friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating.

  361. Soto90

    the prices were great but the bud tenders were rude and pushy. If the customer service was better this place would be great.

  362. TurquoisePhoenix

    This is the best in the valley.. its is my first choice and mostly because the staff make you feel like family Everytime you go in.. The prices are GREAT and have a huge variety to choose from…I will always go back here. I recommend my friend and even strangers to Az natural remedies all the time.. Keep up the great work, Amy Bobby. Cat. Goldie locks and Blondie and anyone else I forgot..

  363. Dansterdam

    Got an oz of girl scout cookies. Worst gsc I’ve gotten from a dispensary and also the most I’ve paid. I’ve gotten one hit wonders from 2 other disp. Budtender said it was a really good batch too. Huge disappointment. I’ll never return.

  364. dyerofsanity

    Great little place with awesome staff. I love that the tax is included in the price. Will definitely be back.

  365. frank.gamboa.71619533

    it is goog for me

  366. sammieetellem

    Great place to grab your flower. Great budtenders. Come check them out anytime of the week…

  367. ogkusher03

    where is the bugatti you used to have all the time?

  368. DoctorPickles

    Hands down the best group of people offering the highest quality medicine. Deli style is the “Gold Standand” but not every dispensary who offers Deli maintains quality control. ANR not only pulls off some of the best meds in the valley they do it consistenly at great prices. Lots of choices and tiers but unlike gimick pricing (Based only off THC lvl) they are based on supply and demand too. The owner (Robert) enjoys interacting with patients and some of the best bud tenders around. B-man (Brandon) and Bobbie. The girls rock it too. I missed out on the 4/20 deals with ANR but my next avail with be coming up on tues and picking up another oz and a half. C ya guys soon

  369. Roses2Ashes

    great people great prices

  370. Ariann123

    I love this place! The staff is always caring and compassionate.

  371. damnusernames

    This place is hands down my favorite dispensary in the valley. I’ve been getting meds here for a while now and every time I go in it’s beyond fantastic. Their quality is absolutely fantastic, and prices are even better. I swear this place has been my life saver. Plus the every day deals are stellar Everyone who works there is always friendly and attentive, even when it gets busy they make sure you’re taken care of in a timely manner. I highly recommend this dispensary every time I get the chance.

  372. RobsReclaim

    I really like this place! Everyone is always friendly, has a smile on their face, and is ready to answer all your questions. The wax is decent, but it’s even better on Wednesdays! The flower is always top notch. I come here at least twice a month. If you live in AZ in the north phoenix area, check them out. You’ll be glad you did!

  373. As052498

    The staff was friendly however the location it self looks run down. They have good prices on flower, but just nothing really stands out to me.

  374. Kaiamil

    Great bud selection!

  375. purplestrainprincess

    Love this place. Getting my meds for the 4th here for sure

  376. gary

    Love this place The staff (everyone) Very friendly and the Buds are so nice been there now 3 times and going to keep on coming back. Got the Vanilla Kush and some Godberry best Indica’s i had so far…. Really Good….thanks and see ya soon

  377. Kraka

    Staff is very helpful trying the banana peel but the truth is you can’t miss the shake oz is a great deal might have to try the hash next time

  378. Manny92

    This place has everything you will need from A to Z flower prices are fair and staff is friendly

  379. dewslinger

    I just found out his name today! Brandon your awesome bud! thanks for making my experience more than pleasurable! I just wished I knew the answer was Iron Butterfly! (inside joke). Please check this place out for Amazing strains, but more importantly…. check them out for the tremendous service! Thanks Brandon!

  380. jamalot75

    always like coming here this place is awesome. the staff us very knowledgeable.

  381. 420IndiaGranny

    I love this place my favorite are India on Mondays their special is tier drop I can get an eighth Afghan Kush $40 instead of $50 or an ounce for $249 instead of $279 and if I get there before noon I get 10% off of that great deals everyday you should sign up for their emails and text messages they only sent them out once or twice a week and they always have select strains for $99oz
    Love y’all 420IGG

  382. dbeeder01121989

    This is my favorite dispensary they have the best flower at the best price! The staff is always friendly and there is always good vibes plus they are super fast as well. You just can’t go wrong with this place!!

  383. djknoer

    AZ Natural Remedies is first class all the way! Fantastic service, daily deals that save me a lot of money and a great product as well! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a great dispensary.

  384. squeeze59

    Bombest place ever

  385. xattm13

    Always love the deals and quality. Great place and staff.

  386. JamminChris

    Came here on a friends recommendation and was very glad I did, I got an ounce of Blue Apples which would have been cheap at full price, but also got another 20% off for Flower Friday and a free preroll and my buddy got a preroll for bringing me in. The place was pretty packed so I asked how long the wait would be, she said “5 minutes or so”, they called my name before I finished filling out the initial paperwork! Will be my go to shop from now on.

  387. BigJ808

    my favorite spot they have best prices for top self products

  388. ginganinja74

    Stopped in for the first time today, and I was impressed. The staff was super friendly and helpful. The meds so far are on point. They discounted one of my purchases because they said it was a bit dry, but I found it to not be so dry. I have paid WAY more for flower that has been WAY drier. I will definitely be back!! Thanks guys, you have a new client

  389. Dantegue

    Belle is hella cool. Hella informative.

  390. MamaBear62016

    It’s a little out of the way, and a little hard to get in and out of, but it’s so worth it! Super friendly, super helpful, and by far my favorite place for prerolls! Don’t pass this hidden gem up!

  391. Djmassive

    Man, let me tell you what’s up with this joint. I felt like the big bad wolf in a fairy tale walking up to a cottage, ring the doorbell and wala,only to be met by 2 gorgeous gals and a cool dude behind the counter. Got my product, I’m pickier than a motherfucker mind you, and viola, got the grade that I wanted and it was as if I magically grew the plant from seed to flower, fresh. Now I gotta go….sayonara…dY~$? I’LL BE BACK ANR….

  392. mrsjkjones

    I go here for the Bubba Kush and I am never disappointed! As an indica lover I keep this flower on hand nonstop. It’s always fluffy, Gorgeous and consistent and I always receive great service here. Definitely a hidden gem! Great pricing and quick to get in & out. In my top 3, hands down.

  393. alexxk88

    cool spot friendly staff and good product. im shoppin right here!

  394. wastelander1

    Love the new Monday bogo 1/8ths special! Best value in the valley hands down!

  395. Jollywoodllc

    Terrible service today. Room full of people and they have no order of calling people back. You sit there for 20 minutes and they call the person just walking in. Good bud terrible service. I will not be going back here.

  396. essielee

    Came by the grand opening and they had a lot of great give-a-ways. They had some awesome deals on their everyday premium products. This has quickly become my regular dispensary and they already know me by name.

  397. xPTxHippie

    Very good place to go, amazing deals on some dank meds!

  398. amandagarcia731

    the location is a great area far out

  399. 92cody123

    This place is LEGIT! Me and a buddy came in as first timers and had a great time. The big boss was there (Robert I think) and he is a suuuper chill. Since my friend and i were the only ones there at the time, he took liberty of showing us some of their product and talking with us about it.

    Don’t do what i did and skip out on this place for a long time because I thought the prices of the herb would reflect the quality. ABSOLUTELY not true! They have flower testing in the 20% range for $7 a gram. The SFV OG was actually REAL SFV OG. Simply put this place has the heat! The best thing is they have all the bud on display in huuge jars, and everything is done deli style, which is a huge plus in my opinion. I walked out with a half gram of shatter, 2 grams of flower and a preroll for $35. CHECK THIS PLACE OUT!!!!!

  400. arcelietvilla

    I have always gotten great deals on my meds with you guys love the flower

  401. mackbee123

    I’ve been in here a few times for concentRates & have yet to be let down! Every shatter recommendation I’ve gotten has been superb! Hope y’all check it out for yourself!

  402. nelizabethn

    Everyone made this first time experience amazing! Very knowledgeable and so helpful with a first time ever patient!

  403. JanniceG1

    Only dislike is the parking…
    prices cannot be beat anywhere when it comes to ounce prices..All the staff is extremely helpful and wonderful group of people. huge thumbs up

  404. Emobabygurl

    Had a great experience. The people who work there are awesome. Definitely will recommend.

  405. poolguy602

    Brought a first time patient in today and they refuse to honor the referral program. The patient I brought in was blind and I helped him fill out all the paper work to purchase meds and they still refused because it was my first time. The grape pre rolls they had on the board were out of stock, the prices were higher than other dispensaries, the meds were just ok, I will not be back.

  406. blyates

    Love the banana diesel and the gorilla glue

  407. alyssacrass

    Loved the smell from the first moment. Liked that they weigh everything out in front of you.

  408. Hypnotic408

    Great prices on bud. Excellent service Everytime I’m in there. The budtenders are very helpful and knowledgeable.

  409. CannaLifeFinancial

    ANR is #1 grower and dispensary for flower in all of Arizona IMO to date. Prices are GREAT especially if you know your strains.Awesome crew!
    CannaLife Insurance Agency and CannaKen.

  410. Pugglove

    All I can say is wowww customer service needs to be taught to whichever women gets irritated about birthday specials. Secondly not going out of my way to this dispensary when they literally talk to you like a child on the phone. The lady said there b day special was 30% off I could not hear her and I was like no not daily she’s like that is the b day special and was hella rude.

  411. audrianna1244

    Great staff an great service awsome quality !

  412. Stellar87

    Wonderful staff, very friendly. Great product and prices too

  413. texasmade129

    I like it

  414. dentonhunt

    Good product, fast service, great prices

  415. mallen5750

    Point system should be changed, $250 bucks must be spent in order to get only $10 credit? Would be worth it if it was at least $50 credit.

  416. fdahdal

    best dispo I’ve ever been to. fire meds and even better staff.

  417. jeeliza13

    every time I deal with them it’s a problem. the manager or owner is the worst. I called to find out how many points I had and they wouldn’t tell me which meant I had to drive nearly 20 miles to find out i had nothing. terrible customer service

  418. dmdbackfan

    Very friendly staff. Manager (not sure of her name) dark hair, glasses, very cute and friendly…is very knowledgeable and can answer any question you throw at her 🙂

  419. Kayush

    This is my go to place. The regular prices are competitive, however, they always have discounts. Check out their daily specials & sign up for texts. You are alerted to the daily deals. Great customer service for the win. dY~,

  420. croyster

    Such a great place, GREAT FLOWER, that they weigh for you. Professional staff

  421. jordanem73

    Listen, if you want the best deals and most quality service in the valley, you want to come here. Very fire flower and helpful budtunders. Very mom-pop type vibe, deli style. Truly a hidden gem in the phx area

  422. gunot9392

    Very Good deals! LSD is great! Great customer service very open to questions! Always willing to recommend.

  423. Nick210

    Bought an ounce of the Sensi Star, was supposed to be a straight Indica but was pretendo not Indo. Looked nice but no head change at all after 10 bong hits. Service was alright i guess.

  424. jpersch

    Odd location but worth my drive and time. (90 miles + each way) The quality of the Flower was excellent as were the folks inside. My review is subject to change with time and repeat visits to this location.

  425. mariachalabi

    First time here was on 4/20 and even in that crazy ass atmosphere this place was still enjoyable and they had American dad playing on the tv

  426. airbender420

    Kind shitty to have to loop and loop back around but definitely worth it. Great people the atmosphere is one of the best. One of my favorites. Will be going out of my way for this place.

  427. phxadam

    This is what a dispensary is supposed to be like. Some of the best bud I’ve had,served deli style, by some of the nicest people. All prices include tax, with top shelf to mid shelf all priced fairly. I had a hard time choosing, but went with the OG kush and it is dY”Y=. I will be back. Check it out and show some support for a place doing it right. You’ll be glad you did.

  428. goonzrus

    This is by far the best dispensary in all of Arizona. From the super helpful and knowledgeable staff to the amazing and over the top customer service this dispensary and its employees make you feel like You are part of the family. They are willing to help are very patient and are extremely knowledgeable of all Strains. Another reason why this is one of the best dispensaries in Arizona is they allow you to bring your children in because they understand that life happens. Unlike desert rose dispensary and swell dispensary lol just to name a few.But all seriousness From the $20 eighth to their top shelf there bud and shatter our top shelf through and through go and visit Arizona natural remedies ,today right now,go!!

  429. Daily77

    Excellent. Both strains I purchased were fantastic. (Bananas and Amnesia) Will make it a point to come back again soon. Great staff, great product, great overall experience.

  430. SM347

    Not impressed at all with this place. My friend and I stopped by for the very first time. the Atmosphere was rather dull. they didn’t have much of a display compared to other dispensaries. we both purchased a couple G’s since we were there.. My buddy & I were NOT told of any Veterans or Senior discounts (we are both Seniors and my buddy a VET), add this on top of the fact they DO charge TAX, so their 10% discount is eaten up by the tax. Neither of us will be returning.

  431. Brittneylynn4308

    There flower is pretty decent little pricey but pretty good.

  432. DrDankInc

    it’s decent I suppose

  433. ogtime

    Waited in line for an hour,the weed was awesome but the customers sucked were bitching about everything.. come on people they gave it away 99$Oz..Next time just email your most loyal people, screw all those people that just come once a month!

  434. jake13812

    Small little Acacian back on 23rd Ave. friendly staff great selection of flour and the overall atmosphere of the place is pretty relaxed and chill. But tenders were knowledgeable about the products they had and could give me an effective timeframe in which they were going to get others delivered.

  435. genette

    absolutely awesome gotta try them out!!!!

  436. cottonmouth2177

    strange set up just throw everyone in the tiny room where the bud is standing there hoping they know who’s next instead of just letting you wait in the waiting room where chairs are and helping a few at a time. flowers descent but tons of stems. in my 1/8 there was a gram or more of stems so I guess they’re making up for the cheap prices. not worth the drive won’t waste my time again

  437. toker247365

    The product is cool the only thing I didn’t like was they weigh it out then snip the sticks so you get a bit shorted. I lowered my order when I saw that…so I’m paying for the shake then you go and sell it for $75 an ounce…smart!

    I’ll just get the shake next time!

  438. LincolnsHammer

    the location itself is pretty great, it’s easily accessible off of the highway and the people here are pretty fantastic. the parking is a little cramped at times. Robert and his team are hard working. try the Moroccan sativa shatter. omfg.

  439. cannaathlete1

    Great folks here really down to earth. Bud is really on point and its organic grown which is huge to me. Defiantly a must stop place if you are looking for absolute quality. Bud tenders are the sweetest especially the one from Oklahoma I think she said.

  440. PurpleKush98

    This place rocks I love all the staffs and bud tenders. The weed strains here and quality to me is outstanding and that AK47 1991 is magnificent she will not let you down

  441. SunDevil666

    First time visit for me, and I was surprised at the quality of the buds…..they are perfect!

  442. kingswizzle

    bomb trees great prices try the
    yumbolt 47 it’s fire, I didnt receive a first time patient special but the quality of chronic makes up for it and some definitely found my new spot will be back for more

  443. lucipurr666

    everything is amazing here. when I walk in, there is the most amazing, friendly front desk lady. the bud tenders are professional, patient and knowledgable. the flower, cart and wax strains are amazing and affordable. this is the best dispensary in Phoenix.

  444. amein3

    I love the flower and the atmosphere!

  445. Scriptnick

    Best top shelf in town!

  446. 25kdiamond

    This place is great! The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to teach! Their prices are back breaking either!

  447. Erikahosey

    LOVE their selection!! Jessica and Brandon are my favorites!

  448. intexas06

    If you are looking for TOP quality and great looking nugs with that fantastic smell served deli style…this is the place to come!

  449. Brandilync

    Great bud. Not always helpful or happy sales people so I use Leafly to answer questions before I go in but thats allrite…just give me the good bud.

  450. Leo_amaya

    Good service and good buds

  451. streetfield

    awesome buds, great quality, great location. thank you

  452. SativaMe3

    First time coming in today. Great place, it was just a little hard to find the door, since they didn’t have a sign – and I couldn’t tell if I was the right place or at someone’s private property. I rang the beeper – and then was soon asked to show my card to the camera – instant relief. From then on, I realized that this was actually a very friendly and inviting place on the inside. The only thing that I noticed was the lack of BACKGROUND MUSIC, which is an easy fix! When I went into the back, I then realized that this is my favorite place in the area! Beautiful Bud!!! WOW. I left with the Raspberry Cough X Green Crack and at first it seemed not as dry as the weed I’m used to but then I hit that like once and end of story. very well medicated. I must say. You guys are freaking awesome. I love how you weigh everything in front of the patient too instead of prepackaging everything. you guys rock! I’m going to be coming back a whole lot more. See you guys soon!

  453. gregorygoon

    quality products, amazing customer service
    will continue to shop here

  454. DeniaG

    Wonderful and informative staff every visit!

  455. kingkong1000000

    Good bud for cheap. Bad customer service and weird vibes.

  456. robmkiv

    The flower was amazing!!! not too many dispensaries at this level. Enjoyed the down-to-earth staff and the relaxing atmosphere..made my experience enjoyable. highly recommend..

  457. Jamesmclaughlin

    Staff very helpful great quality erbs Highly Recommended

  458. mon2154727

    Awesome Location. Don Lucas was very helpful and very informative. Would definitely come back and recommend to all my friends.

  459. ilostmylighter

    awesome staff and great location. Their buds are nothing to mess with!

  460. tdogg2284

    this place was realy awesome no wait time staff are very friendly they talked to you and give you the best advice on what meds to get

  461. xxxcardog

    Og shatter was awesome. Great place, nice people, great meds, what else could you ask for!

  462. lilahnice

    quality buds 🙂 very friendly great deals.

  463. tarat345

    Great bud and budtenders!

  464. cherylscakecreations421

    Friendly Staff .

  465. youcanthandlethetruth

    Best bud in the valley dY’-

  466. kkm1122

    Excellent selection of very fresh, high quality meds. Best I’ve used.

  467. Dman602

    I went for a bogo sale they totally need to revamp there organization skills…..there product kept in big jars…..a lil dry…..would not stop here for that…..just sayin!

  468. Arwen33

    This store is my fave,, always the best prices

  469. jfgjr1967

    good place nice people

  470. noelle378

    budtender Brenden is amazing. overall their product is great quality at great prices. & he’ll find you the perfect match for what you’re needing. all the staff are friendly. you can’t go wrong coming here.

  471. prilla

    Love it !!

  472. inkfamus1

    Love the low prices and accessibility here will be in soon to get some awesome medicine

  473. kbkenz

    A lot of strains to choose from and great quality! Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely would give this place a try if you haven’t been here before.

  474. Car3b3ar

    Love this place…GREAT customer service!!!!!

  475. ladyrainicorn

    I LOVE THIS PLACE!! Super friendly and helpful staff. They are very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions you may have. Amazing deals and great product!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

  476. BossLady89

    great customer service and very patient with patients.

  477. mynamjo

    I’ll be heading back today because the prices at this place are amazing and it wasn’t bad bud for the cheap price, but I have to say that the staff wasn’t very friendly. No one showed me to a counter, No one gave me a list of what product they had. I didn’t even know who to talk too. I walked back and no one even looked in my direction until I said something. No one was rude just inattentive. The whole place looked very boring. The staff just needs some better customer service skills and the place could use an upgrade (but that’s hardly important)

  478. yeyoof3

    This was my first time at this location because I wanted to try different products that I had not heard of. The drive was a little much however, I enjoyed it and would do it again. My bud tender was extremely nice and knowledgeable and they did not put a cap on what your first time patient deal tier could be. They have thus far at the most six dollar strands, and their deals are pretty competitive. Look forward to seeing them again.

  479. KingCUTA

    This is absolutely my favorite place to buy my medication. Their staff is the greatest, their prices are incredible, and the quality is the best. I don’t see a reason for going anywhere else!

  480. Mattcart

    awesome flower always willing to help

  481. Biggniaha

    best prices in town

  482. raidernation6931

    Love this place the people here are super friendly the medicine is great and an awesome atmosphere you will love coming here

  483. bobbigamble

    Great place I was in yesterday for the first time I was impressed they have fresh quality bud,friendly staff and good prices I will return. Check them out glad I did..Peace!dY’

  484. Jsigafoos35

    omg they were awesome. i love this place. i cant believe i didnt know they have been here three years. fast friendly service. and my budtender made purchasing meds super easy.

  485. massoud

    This place has some premium quality flower. I got some GG#4 taste like chocolate diesel. The banana and cream was some taste dank. The VK was some gunky smelling flower and super stoney. The green apple candy was good. Overall the price is high. But I like the style of service, quality of service. Quality of freshness is there. Price break is not.

  486. vonjibbler

    What’s the purpose of deli style when you cant choose what buds you want from the jar? And the guy who is picking the buds out never takes the stems out which really is lame. And your in house shatter is really good. But that parchment paper you use to package stinks. You can’t get the shatter off it. Unless you freeze it and even then it’s a pain in the ass to get it off the paper. Good stuff but wasted a bunch trying to scrape off the paper.

  487. James4u


  488. Hennyjones412

    it’s a work in progress with the atmosphere but they’re doing good remodels! the quality of the flower is actually really good my only thing is they don’t really trim the flower so I have gotten flower with seeds and big stems but other than that its definitely worth checking out the deals are great as well

  489. ToastyT

    Came for the Monday deal and the line was over an hour long so Robert hooked me up and told me I could come in tomorrow and get the same deal appreciate it guys dY’dY>>dY’dY>>dY’dY>>dY’dY>>

  490. chavira1984

    second time I been here great meds great price and the staff wow friendly I live in Yuma,Az I come way over here chase our dispensary is way to pricey will keep coming back here to get my MEDS . WORTH THE DRIVE OVER HERE TO GET MY MEDS AND TALK TO THE STAFF

  491. Jacob92r

    Usually I come and get great stuff but for my last 40 bucks I was recommended blackberry kush
    However after a day of having it i found stem after stem.

  492. smokeleafly

    I came in on Wednesday and purchased some Chem#4 it was nice buds and quality for $20 a 1/8 I was happy with what I purchased so Friday comes along and it’s 20% off on full ounces, being happy with what I purchased on Wednesday I figured I would get a hole ounce. It seemed that they pulled out an older jar of the Chem #4 for the sale because it was full of stems and dry unlike what I purchased 2 days ago. only if I could only upload pics. Lesson of the the day spend the extra 15$ bucks and pay for the good stuff on non sale days.

  493. stevo66

    this place is great definitely stop by
    if you haven’t great tasty meds

  494. alkemistoner

    Great place! Loved the relaxing atmosphere here! Coming in again in like 30 minutes! See you soon

  495. Elgart

    Great group of people with the best quality flower I have found yet. A huge variety of different strains that are not dry and crunchy. Everything is deli style and what you see/smell is what you get. This small north Phoenix dispensary really has it figured out. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out.

  496. LeroyBrown420

    If you fancy really, really good, top shelf medication; this is your joint. Easy access to I17, convenient for Anthem & North Phoenix/Glendale/Peoria card holders. Everything is cured exceptionally and looks ridiculously awesome. The 3 strains I picked were simply irresistible and I can’t wait to score more. New patients get 10% off their 1st order.

  497. ezduzit0079

    I did some shopping there on 420 you were great on pricing $99 ounces but the weed is more like Reggie weed the workers there are cool as heck the owner is even cooler wish they had better bud , the bud was sticky was moist but no real THC crystals present was it worth $99 an ounce at the end I would say yes what I buy there regularly no..

  498. prmsusan

    this is a very special shop, where the owners and budtenders operate in a business model that is unique( so far) to the industry. speaking as a 46 year veteran, I am very picky about what I ingest, and I am not easy to please. I have taken the time , and frequented many local shops. I am not impressed by glitz and slick display cases. I am impressed by the love, and trust one feels when interacting with the staff, and the quality of the product. if you want a good product, and expert advice on the best strain for a particular medical condition, go to these folks. remember……hippies started this, y’all ought to pay thanks and homage to the dedicated multigenerational growers that own and operate this superb dispensary!

  499. Jollylove

    great location, right by the freeway!

  500. skipsantos

    I came because I wanted to Checc Out the flower.. the prices for the strains looked too good to be true.. it’s not. I got some pretty good amnesia for the LOW .. I mentioned something about the first time patient deal and how I usually go to parc, in south Phoenix, and when I left one of the employees said something about ‘I appreciate your first time patient hussle’.. what is that supposed to mean.?

  501. Alex360

    Great selection and even better prices. The friendly front desk staff always make me feel happy to be there!

  502. kaylagrubin13

    Absolutely love this place, the trees off the chart for being 8$ gram and the concentrate was superb. Employees all very nice and lovely

  503. abotley

    Afghan kush is amazing

  504. stosh83

    All in all it is decent. Although they offered to replace this Is a consistent problem the 5$ pre-roll special Is always short the weight is always inconsistent from .3-.47

  505. Oldtoker1950

    Friendly staff!

  506. WilyNelson

    My favorite dispensary in az I love it here sometimes a little bit of a wait but it’s worth it shout out to Patrick

  507. oiboi84

    awesome place! friendly people, amazing prices. i drive way out of my way to get the best deals here.

  508. BKG420

    I dig this place. Picked me up some Big Bud. One of my favorites.

  509. mommiescotton

    My new spot! Great staff and SUPERB fresh flowers at a great price! Flower prices have tax included!

  510. jaydigity

    I love this place!There 6$ grams and 20$ eights are better than desert rose!! Take advantage of this place before everyone finds out about it!!!!

  511. rickyleemcpot

    has been a favorite for service, quality & price. seems like every strain they have right now smells like wet grass – not a good sign – hope that changes soon.

  512. rkburns86

    Remedies is my go-to dispensary on the west side. The staff, at the desk and budtenders, are all knowledgeable and happy to assist. I’ve always been more than satisfied with the flower and shatter i buy, and the prices are impossible to beat. For anyone medicating as a new patient (like myself) or someone with more experience, i truly believe Arizona Natural Remedies is the complete package of product, knowledge, education, and customer service. *

  513. fatpat623

    Awesome bud and great service. Pricing could be more competitive tho

  514. Twinpowers

    Vapen BOGO is awesome, always a great experience here

  515. MJB21

    Great place worth the Drive

  516. null08

    Good home grown bud and friendly staff

  517. JuneBug2363

    Killer prices and the staff are chill here!dY~S Is definitely recommended to a friend. Look forward to returning on the next trip to the valley a~oi,aoeOEi,

  518. nellie_rubio77

    Az natural remedies is the best! Got to try the Citrix and it worked wonders. Hit em if you havent already!

  519. chazyfizzle

    Great selection and staff

  520. Candybaby0903

    I am extremely happy with the ease of getting there. The customer service staff is so kind!

  521. OGblue6

    It was fast, they were respectful, and the flower was actually good!

  522. pmoney1964

    I’m very glad to revisited.
    Amazing frosty Godberry to easy the pain.
    picked up some great shatter also.

  523. GrandpaMax

    First time visit, was interested in their Harle- Tsu, called the day before I went because I live in Mesa, wanted to know the potency and I was quoted 10% THC and 22% CBD, as I always do when I go to a dispensary for the first time I went straight from there to C4 labs in Mesa and dropped off a gram for them to test, because I’m making Edibles for some 90-year-old patients I need to have a starting point to know the dosage. Well the test came back 8% THC and 9% CBD, which is just a tad off of what was advertised, to say the least, Will probably go back because of their prices, but would ask of them if you’re not sure what your product is testing or if you’re giving false information and not providing lab reports for your patients, could probably catch up with you and your reputation at some point. Everybody was very friendly except for the guy at the front desk, just didn’t have much in terms of customer service skills.

  524. jessnjazz24

    i was here for420 and lemme tell you the line was long but the service was amazing. i love all the staff that worked so hard to make it all run smoothly!!

  525. tyvans

    It’s perfect! The mess here are the best in az!

  526. strongcologne7

    az natural remedies is the best place in town all inclusive

  527. Jakob68

    Very helpful, super good deals! Very good medicine very friendly! I will be back. Highly recommended

  528. MattRDon

    amazing first of tge month deals these guys know whats up

  529. UnKleShaggi1

    Great guys, not too hard to find, great prices for good strains!

  530. greenstate48

    Super cool little place – great top shelf stuff – really impressed by the staff – thanks again guys!

  531. Rmuze36

    The people are great! Excellent selection of flowers.

  532. Lysadri627

    2nd time coming here and I must say you guys are pretty awesome! GREAT Deals on your flower!!!

  533. Sombie1

    the best #1 staff everyone’s service
    great Thank you all making me fell at home great recommendations #oathkeeper100%

  534. Fireone14

    Amazing quality and staff!

  535. Gabrieolivas69

    Love the price keep it up

  536. rjesposito94

    Service is shit. I called ahead of tome to see what deals they had on pax pods and was told over the phone that they where 20% off that day only. So I drive 45 mins to get them just to be told ohh there not 20% off. Like really. Wtf kind of service are you guys running, I’ll never be back and I’ll never recommend this joke of a Dispensary again.

  537. fayewrey

    Love their grow and Friday 20% off specials ~

  538. 1amazimg

    The bud Always keeps me coming back dY’OEdY>>

  539. ghostinthetoast

    I used to visit this dispensary often for their flower, but haven’t been here in quite some time. It’s not because of something they did, but rather something they stopped doing. While I still think they’re probably the best growers in the PHX area in terms of bud quality, their flower selection – to me – has become uninspiring. When they opened they carried some really UNIQUE strains like Lucid Dream and Quantum Kush that they grew to perfection. Their King Louis – the best in town. These days they carry the same old stuff as everyone else or their own cross breeds

    The menu these days is just not inspiring me to come back and pay the extra cash. Call me a strain snob (I admit it) but there’s not enough product differentiation here to warrant the premium price, in my mind.

  540. 64chevy

    this place is awesome love
    the deli style

  541. sweetroll13

    Great location and prices. The staff are friendly and helpful. Thanks

  542. scorpio53

    I love this location. Everyone here are nice respectful and knowledgeable.

  543. chr2131015

    GOOD BUDS BUT, I was very upset that after I place my order I here the budtender that was helping me tell another cx after me all the specials that I wouldve got. not cool dudes

  544. taydamama

    I had an awesome experience in here… everyone is so nice

  545. SpliffyStardust

    Parking can be kinda rough but honestly, if you’re willing to pay the $50 an 8th for the top shelf strains, they’re all fire.. that said, if your on a budget the mids and lower shelf stains are pretty hit or miss and in my opinion not worth it. I’m new to the area and so far have been in about 3 or 4 times now and have picked up a variety each time. While the top shelf strains pack a decent punch the others left me wishing I should have just saved my money. They’re one of my go to’s if I feel like splurging a little.

  546. TeamKrivin

    We really enjoy this dispensary! It’s a bit small but they always have quality products to choose from and nice people to help you with them.

  547. rick.annis1

    definite come back. great prices

  548. gijoe4286

    Walked in and was greeted with a friendly smile. I explained I was new at this and didn’t really know what to expect. Told my bud tender what my issues were and he had several recommendations, talked me through a few things and was very patient with me. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a good environment, amazing staff, and some great quality. I will be back for sure.

  549. SirMichaelC

    The medicine is awesome with great pricing. Staff is always friendly and quick on service. wait times are normally really short. give them a try you wont be disappointed.

  550. sb406

    This place is small and plain and the flower is decent, but I really like the bud tenders.
    It seems like a little family operation and I like that.

  551. bramblebots

    the staff was incredible!

  552. AR1990dec

    great selection and staff. highly recommended.

  553. IcebergRacer420

    I love this place! Great meds, friendly staff (Hi Brandy!) with a comfortable, relaxed environment. Robert definitely knows his stuff and sent me home with Redberry…a MUST TRY for a mellow zone out after a long day. I will be back soon for sure!

  554. GangstaOflove

    This is the the first place I went to …excellent flower,staff is friendly,and price is the best,can’t wait to go back

  555. wasteddawn

    Everyone here made me feel comfortable and at ease while also being super helpful. Great atmosphere and quality product. What more could you ask for?

  556. APQueen

    I stopped in last night just shy of closing and was welcomed with open arms! Everybody there was super kind and helpful and knowledgeable! Nick and Matthew went well above and beyond the Call of Duty to willing to help me out! great people, great deals I will be back!

  557. JS2314

    First time in, I decided to try one of the strains from their $35 1/2 oz list, I chose OGKB and was pretty blown away by quality and terpene profile on the flower. They also threw in a free pre roll which was also dY”Y=. It’s hard to find places with good quality bud, this is one of the few doing it right, thank you! I’ll definitely be back soon

  558. Blksavage

    just received my card and visited 4 locations in the first week and this location sets a standard that seems hard for the other locations to even reach. I will keep visiting others but as of now this one is my favorite and I will definitely be frequent customer… if I can find two more locations then between the three I should not have a problem finding my prescription and don’t have to worry a much about being I’ll

  559. GinoMidnight

    I really like it here for the weed. The flower here is fantastic. However, in terms of the people I was pretty disappointed. They didn’t seem to really care about you as much as other dispensaries. if you’re just focusing on weed and nothing more than that, this is definitely worth going to. However, if you’re looking for a dispensary that will be nice and friendly to you like most places, you will be disappointed.

  560. kaylagrubin93

    absolutely love this place great trees and discounts and the people that work here are lovely (:

  561. jbcphx63

    Good flower, nice folks who work there, and, great prices on meds!

  562. Marsianoj

    The Flower all smells the same, bud tenders hold onto the jars like they’re Gold! Won’t even let you smell the bud! they fan it so you can get the smell. Haha! Prices are low cause the flower isn’t good quality. Everything else is super overpriced. I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time!

  563. cnpmlp8905

    best pricesdY~

  564. kylesmokesweed1488

    place was amazing great quality meds and super good prices i will be going back for sure

  565. Zmarquess10

    Great people with a great selection of flower and awesome service really enjoy the experience

  566. desertcryptid

    My mom and I visited this dispensary for the first time yesterday and immediately fell in love with it; they have great prices, a wide selection, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and a wonderful atmosphere. All employees were incredibly helpful and we will definitely be returning!

  567. knbanksy

    Very nice staff..Great variety

  568. rwolfe8510

    My first time at this dispensary – and VERY impressed. It has a very friendly atmosphere and was in and out in minutes. They have knowledgeable staff and make it just a fun place to go shopping!!

  569. cgwinn1985

    This is my #1 go to place. Chill staff, great selection. Love it here.

  570. Meds4thePatients

    Nice organic buds!

  571. 420Demon

    Great place to come and stock up for a great price. workers are very helpful. Be back soon

  572. bfjl86

    I love this place! Their meds are the best for the price and probably just the best in town! We get the buds a lot but what I really Love is the aEURoebaking mixaEUR… I don’t always have the money for medicine and a good way to make my dollar go further is the shake! It’s high quality and basically has the effect of a 50-50 hybrid. It’s not perfect but it’s awesome!!

  573. Bulllee

    I went in and spent $40 and then asked for a birthday preroll. My birthday was the next day, the budtender told me they can’t give me a preroll untill my actual birthday. Lame very lame. I added up the money I spent in a year on medicine $3000.And their going to begrudge me a preroll? Emailed their web site and no reply from them. Where’s the customer appreciation?There’s a lot of other dispensaries out there that wants your money.

  574. aralious05

    This place is great! Friendly and knowledgeable employees. Co Jo is the best in the game.

  575. medsmoker

    Grabbed some chemdog shatter from the polite blonde budtender……best choice ever! Taste, texture, color all the best Ive had from an Az dispensary! Keep it coming!

  576. PiPipes

    This dispensary is decent enough. The bud tenders were pretty friendly.

    When I got home to take a look at the goods I just felt like I spent a lot of money for what I got and was disappointed. The bud is fine. Not out of this world. But, fine.

    It was the pre rolls that left me the most disappointed. The rolls I’ve gotten at other dispensaries are usually 9-12 bucks. I saw that they were 8-10 here so I was excited. When I get home I see that they are not the standard size. They are the half sized short ones. They weren’t filled as much as they could have been either. The twist at the top was pretty long. Maybe it was my fault for not asking about the size first. Fair enough. I just hardly see the baby ones sold anywhere so it was unexpected, especially for $10.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to coming back one day. But, there are other places that sell the same quality for better prices so I can’t say I see a reason to.

  577. wisleyb

    Love this place. Great deals

  578. Infydel0352

    I always love coming here, they always have the best buds. The staff is more than happy to give you a great recommendation based of your needs/desire. Everyone is full of great information and I always look forward to coming back.

  579. Ericksgraham

    these people Rock and prices are unbeatable. I love this place as it is my go too .dY’Sa-Weet!!

  580. inquisitave101gmailcom

    Great location and wide range of flower. the staff was super friendly and knows their stuff? come check it out I promise u will be happy u did 😉

  581. blazemasterflex

    love the hash the wax and the buds excellent customer service too

  582. whiteboy931

    great quality amazing staff and prices

  583. kdebord

    I loved this place very clean and a very friendly helpful staff…

  584. yungxgold

    Had a situation, and the team working made it their priority to ensure that the situation would be taken care of. They went the extra mile to make sure I was cool with everything and that’s the type of stuff that wins my business. Shouts Out to Bobby and Robert

  585. piercebude

    frist time there bad atmosphere had to say something before they helped me after thry helped 2 people who cam in after me and when i went to go pay the prrson who helped me did not know where to go and the staff gave off a vibe that they didn’t care. with not even looking at ne during the check out probably won’t return

  586. ekabakes

    Super knowledgeable and friendly staff. Beautiful selection!!

  587. remraf1

    Of course, I love that you can save money as their low prices always puts a smile on my face. BUT this is not what keeps me coming back as I was hooked from the 1st visit after going to quite a few other dispensaries.

    Honestly I became a loyal customer due to the staffs knowledge, great attitudes and from $6 a gram to $12 the organic flower is simply awesome. If you have not tried their Oathkeeper, Dr. Who or Race Fuel then you are really missing out I assure you! No prepacked dried out bud here…..fresh, organic and amazing…what else could you ask for in a dispensary?

    Danny G

  588. justify

    I’ve shopped many dispensaries and the quality of your $99 ounces are as good or better than anybody’s
    Premium or top shelf in the state. Don’t change a thing you are a hidden gem.dY~S

  589. Grapeape123

    Love this place! Super friendly, knowledgeable staff. Currently enjoying their brand of live resin cartridge and it is amazing. Super smooth, tastes like chai tea not weed lol! Great potency too, will definitely be back!

  590. cccollins999

    Great bud at great prices! All the strains they have are very potent; even on the low shelf. I’ve gotten strains from this place that weren’t very coated with crystals(THC, CBD, ect…) and still packed a punch! The taste was there too. Maybe because they greenhouse grow? Whatever it is they grow awesome bud, don’t over charge and they have a rewards system in effect! Always a pleasure visiting this place knowing I’m getting my monies worth. The budtenders/staff always listen, have a pleasant attitude and are very respectful. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (I drive a hour just to go here then a hour back home, that’s how good)

  591. Chainsmoka559

    The flower selection here is insane!! I have repeated orders and also love trying new strains as well! I would definitely recommend this dispensary to new clients who are still trying to find their favorite strain!

  592. blaster

    I checked out there test results on the AK 47 THC 27 % mold and Pesticides
    Non-detectable!! Great job guys.. don’t get me wrong there are some other great dispensaries out there.. but you are definitely at the top of the list! . Keep on rocking organic!!! And 99.00 ounces. aoeOEi,

  593. jluiz154

    the best weed in town

  594. hwinchester

    Friendly, great selection, awesome prices. I’ve never been disappointed.

  595. yolohamster420

    It’s all about the BUGATTI!!!!! Better go get some before it’s gone!!!! highly recommended!!!! Love this place!!!

  596. bo55cm

    Hello, I have recently tried the strain of the week “Orange cream soda” this strain is outstanding! When I tell you I woke up at 7 o’clock this morning and I took a couple hits of my bowl actually, I loaded two bowls and my entire body went numb. Not like a bad numb an amazing numb. I didn’t even go back to sleep, I stayed up and rode it out. Here’s the thing at first, I didn’t even realize my body was numb because I was drawing and then next thing I knew I couldn’t feel my hands.lmao I was like oh s*** everything felt amazing. I went ahead and laid down. I rolled up in my blanket which was extra soft at the time and I had a great time watching TV definitely a strain I suggest!

  597. Benv10

    LOVE this shop!!! Super friendly staff..very knowledgeable bud tender and absolute FIRE bud!! I tried out the Quantum Kush and it is now my go to sativa for a super potent kick to the face…I also tried the raspberry cough Cali green crack..such an earthy taste..both strains just vaped and smoked so well with such distinct flavor profiles..a shop everyone must check out!

  598. minyon

    Great flower quality!

  599. stereopath

    I love this place. It’s like going to a farmers market for gourmet flower. If they have any Dr. WHO ask for it by name, because… Damn! So pretty and delicious. If not, ask for recommendations, because they have yet to steer me wrong.

  600. monsterrico

    it was so pack and busy my family and I are closed captioning. he made us so comfortable by relieving us of the long lines by honoring the same deal whenever we visited again.Robert 99$, ounces

  601. henry.orozco3

    Good flower

  602. Lucciman228

    great staff an meds prices are the best come here an get your QUALITY today.

  603. AuntieT

    Every employee is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I’m new to all of this and they never make me feel stupid for all my many questions. This is the only location I will ever shop at and it’s not the closest to my home. Keep up the great work!

  604. crystald01

    I live close to ANR, and I just adore this place! The atmosphere is why I keep coming back frequently – The quality product and amazing pricing is just a huge added bonus!

  605. johnkoprivec

    Good spot for flower but i picked out the clearest shatter they had and what i recieved in my bag resembled nothing like the display, dont waste your time with their shatter

  606. SandPapaino

    Vanilla Kush hands down the best I ever had

  607. rannis

    great flower for anybody’s price range

  608. setamluos1924

    This dispensary is close to home, has offered even cheaper prices than ANY other dispensary I’ve been to. I’m very pleased with the customer service, the atmosphere is chill.

  609. Mckenzieaileen

    WOW. This place has bud that is off the charts! Not a huge fan of the concentrate. I got a half of lemon haze and a half of LSD, the lsd had a piece of bud in it, almost like they keep weed near open wax packages I guess ? Other than the wax though I did happen to grab a gram of the berry white widow and man was that a good decision. They offered me a free pre roll as a first time patient which happened to be their sour diesel. Cheaper strain that they carry and the joint smoked great. Amazing high and very flavorful. The berry white widow smells phenomenal. Like an explosion of berries in your nostrils. I’m sad I didn’t get more ! Go check this places bud out, you will NOT be dissappointed. This is the only place I have found with actual top shelf quality strains.

  610. hippiehiker420

    Not very helpful. My first time in any dispensary. I felt like I was hurried along. They also forgot to give me the 2 batteries that I wanted for my vape pen cartridges. They are pretty useless with no battery.

  611. Shawsmoke

    First Monday of the month is the best deal ever! Love the OZ special! The quality of buds are good. My concern comes when you offer such a great deal on with such a small parking lot. Resolution suggestions: get a bigger parking lot, offer the deal all the time, push the deal to your current customers on different days. Sheesh!

  612. kushman602

    this dispensary is definitely underrated, the buds are always top quality and are never dry and have a great smell to them for the best prices in town. the bubble bag hash is always on point, and the rest of the concentrates are even better. never had a problem here and would recommend it to any other patient. the bud tenders remember you by name and are always helpful, friendly n knowledgeable.

  613. bigdaddio0323

    great place

  614. shimma

    One of my favourites! I would go more often if I lived closer.

  615. JUY.SUN92

    my second visit and it didnt get much better. They seriously need to step their customer service game up if I was a new patient I would not known what was going on because my Budtender didnt even say two words to me.

  616. Phaze_420

    Best bud I have ever seen here in the valley! Huge selection of various strains! Will return again.

  617. MuZacMan88

    These guys are all about genetics and I love it Brandon takes great care everytime I’m in. have reffured and will continue to.

  618. Gotoo78

    Nice buds an staff great prices too

  619. mikem1973

    Good products at decent prices

  620. Soult3k

    Feels like a speakeasy here but awesome deli-style portions of buds weighed in front of you! I got Raspberry Cough here a month ago, absolutely loved that strain from here. Numbing!

  621. LaCrossed

    1st time here, love how well the staff knows their strains and directed me to the right ones immediately, thank you! I will be back

  622. JAudifre

    There’s never a wait and the staff provides great customer service. Very friendly and they answer any questions.

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