WAM (Wickenburg Alternative Medicine)



12550 W Thunderbird Rd, El Mirage, AZ 85335


33.6095297, -112.3294229




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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Wickenburg Alternative Medicine (WAM) is a non-profit medical marijuana dispensary that carries top quality cannabis products and accessories in a safe, comfortable and caring environment for every patient’s need. Established in the spring of 2013, WAM opened it’s doors to provide a service for Arizona patients. We carry all top shelf strains, edibles, hash, concentrate and a wide assortment of accessories. All of our highly knowledgeable dispensary agents are well-versed in the medicinal advantages of medical cannabis and are happy to assist newcomers as well as experienced users.




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597 reviews for “WAM (Wickenburg Alternative Medicine)

  1. BrainBros1

    Very friendly. Good selection. I asked bud tender what the best strains were right off the bat! Wow great move cause they led me to blue diesel and he was exactly right. It’s a great strain. They had other great strains as well. Give them a chance they are new. I appreciate the honesty more than anything. Thx. Most shops just wNt ur $ and don’t care about customers. Which I still haven’t wrapped my head around that one. Good thing I got the blue diesel it will help with the brain damage these r shops leaving you feeling. BUT NOT WAM. Thanks again. BrainBros

  2. mike1015

    clean environment, good quality , extremely satisfied

  3. 96Rolyat

    Really good quality flower and service is always really friendly

  4. AzRinoAz

    they will not let you buy two 1/8th of the same flower they said there’s a chance I’m selling it and their pre-rolls are absolute garbage I had to break it up smoke it out of my piece

  5. nsamudio

    the moon rock is fire. staff is friendly

  6. Circaskater25

    Dope dispensary

  7. RichieRichJvo

    Great people and flower

  8. BullCricket

    definitely worth the drive.

  9. marcusgotstree

    Wam is the best dispensary in Arizona hands down, they got the best prices and deals all day long and has the best medicine with the nicest people!! I’m heading in right now to get more!!!

  10. swanson7410

    amazing 420 deals going on today and 2morrow don’t miss out everyone I got 2 grams of wax for 20 dollars tons of other specials too

  11. shannon24

    Always a good deal going on here

  12. Johnsons4

    Came in And was helped by Kirk he was very friendly and professional, I would definitely be coming back to see him.

  13. BigJ808

    my favorite spot they have best prices for top self products

  14. jsmartz

    decent place, great staff, kick ass ftp deal…more concentrate choices

  15. cconner1208

    Great staff. I love the blue diesel flower.Prices are very reasonable. I’m trying the moon rocks next visit

  16. Take0va

    Got the Root Beer for my birthday and loved it. Soda and Moonrocks this is now my new favorite spot.

  17. eli25

    Great meds always on point

  18. bennetthunt

    I’ve never had a bad visit. Everyone’s super friendly and calm and my anxiety never bothers me there

  19. Olmr.spacely

    great quality buds and service !

  20. Drift_King420

    employees suck. nickel and dime you on everything

  21. Calebfast

    I have shopped at wam dispensary for years yesterday i asked for a oil cartridge and I was sold a syringe of oil. I walked to my vehicle realized they sold me the wrong thing that I now could not use the purchase was thrown in my face and I was told it was entirely my mistake and their was nothing I could do about it. The management laughed at me and was very disrespectful they said it is our responsibility to open each piece of merchandise after they put it in the bag to ensure they are selling us what we ask for. He said a cartridge is not a syringe but that’s my fault for asking for a cartridge and getting a syringe. My fault not the person who sold me the faulty merchandise fault. I will never again shop at this dispensary even though it is directly across the street from my house I will drive out of my way to keep myself from the ridicule that takes place at this judgemental establishment. The manager refused to let me speak to anyone else and refused to give me the owners phone number or email address. He just continually reprimanded my poor decision making by not opening the box I was told was a cartridge. What a business

  22. drgnfox

    Picked up some of the 9lb hammer concentrate. Nice body high. Heavy get ready for the couch.

  23. Blissard

    Im a little confused, the hours say its open until ten but it’s not even 9:30 and it’s closed. Something needs to be updated

  24. princessa980

    Usually a great, pleasant experience. Apparently this evening I must’ve upset one of the bud tenders by asking questions. I thought that’s what they were there for. Apparently NOT tonight. Worst experience EVER at this dispensary. You never know what’s going on in someone’s life, I’ve had a really hard day already. Then to go to a business where you’re spending your money and not get treated like a person, made a great ending to my already bad day. I don’t know if I offended this man or what. I don’t ever want to go back while he’s there. His condescending answers and attitude were enough to make me want to take my money elsewhere. Never have I been made to feel so small and insignificant. I don’t care who you are, don’t treat anyone as if they’re beneath you. I wasn’t asking for a deal, a freebie or a giveaway. I spent MY money. Maybe in the future I’ll be more cautious as to where I spend my money…

  25. snsancho29

    Great Product, good deals and I will be going regularly.

  26. soapworks

    i heard there was a new spot down the street so i went to go check it out and there was some friendly familiar places… whats up deanna love your new spot, love the meds prices are good… clean and friendly will be back for the GSC and Cronuts

  27. rdb1984

    Great place makes you feel at home I highly recommend you come Here.

  28. lealong

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff

  29. herbalconnoisseur1

    Bogo on your first visit is always a plus. Yet they took it even further and played paper rock scissors for a free pre roll, dude even let me play twice. I lost both times but hey it is what it is, appreciate ya bro. The flowers are on point large selection very satisfied will return

  30. chamin623

    WAM Best dispensary with great meds

  31. qweenme22


  32. firedance420

    best in town. love the people. they treat you the best. great product, and prices. what more can you ask for

  33. Sursmokesalot84

    great shatter, great flower. always has awesome prices.

  34. mjoe58

    I am usually stressed and anxious when I go into a new dispensary. I was short, demanding and rude to my bud tender.
    He was calm, patient and kind.

    Not sure what top shelf medicine is but all three strains I purchased are dank. Tight, resinous and trichrome coated.

    If they continue to deliver consistent quality and the level of service I received today, WAM will be the only dispensary I need.

  35. j187

    im coming back today totally worth the drive!!!


    W.A.M is a gem. When you walk in it is warm and welcoming with great music comfortable leather sofas and a restroom that is the cleanest I ever seen. In the medical area the medication is beautifully laid out with with an atmosphere in the corner for convince. The manager Deanna is the sweetest person very helpful informative and caring, as well as the rest of her staff of kind caring caregivers.

  37. minddofastoner

    the prices went up again like the wax ain’t supper bomb or anything it sold because the price smh

  38. rosmokesgoodpot420

    wam dispensary i love the set up and love the service staff is friendly and great deals all the time keep up the good work guys .

  39. Mommalisa05

    Love this dispensary! Just picked up some Platinum Flagship! I absolutely love it!

  40. scrappy007

    Great place love the meds definitely will be back


    This is one of my 5 dispensaries and it the best dispensary in el mirage

  42. erickivangarcia

    great dispensary great prices and good people all around much love

  43. Footballfan

    Nice flowers and the wax is the best for the price! The staff is very helpful and nice and knowledgeable. Been there many times and will keep going.

  44. sour1331

    all I got to say is place is great meds are on point staff are the best I can’t get there gorilla glue out of my head hit me like wham..

  45. tony05

    good location,nice fresh buds

  46. irisjean

    i love the atmosphere here! plus its the only dispensary in el mirage!

  47. Lylagirl420

    My favorite dispensary, they keep it simple and they have excellent flower. Thank you for having great deals and good bud.

  48. drakeoh

    Very friendly.

  49. Alpha121596

    called was told bogo on 1/8 then waited a hour then they said that they discontinued it when i called that day just saying thats crap

  50. beckythecruel

    One of the BEST dispensaries in town
    I go here almost every day
    The reward program is incredible
    I’ve earned so many free 8ths lol
    The staff is so friendly and awesome and they have been so welcoming and helpful
    Best strains are Charlie sheen and Bruce banner
    Try the WAM rocks !

  51. kurta

    Best black friday weekend special ever…GSC & Green Cush 2 oz for $150……50% off rocks…75% even better….honest staff, top quality…my new best place. THANK YOU WAM!!!

  52. BeccaB2764

    First time in the day before 420, and the deals are so hot, I’ll be back in the am!

  53. firkash

    Honestly I was less than impressed. I felt like the environment was really lacking. It honestly made me feel like it was a very sketchy drug deal. The staff didn’t seem really all that knowledgeable and they didn’t really seem all that interested in really helping. Like I said it felt really weird and sketchy being there. I personally wouldn’t recommend going there.

  54. pstanley82

    Amazing place!

  55. mbutterfield1

    I swear this is the best one I have been to. The people are great & know a lot about what they are doing. They are not located in Wickenburg!! They are right here in El Mirage. Not to mention the prices are the best! I highly recommend you give them a try.

  56. Dimples31

    Awesome deals and awesome service. If your worried about time, then you can relax…they should have been called WAM in and out…lol. keep up the awesome job.

  57. Newglassware3

    Cute location and I love the buds they have I always get good sized buds when I go. Brianna was really knowledgeable and the rest of the staff all made me feel like I’m at a home!

  58. Yobanyfc

    Very convenient

  59. sweetdaddylongtoke

    This place brings the actual times to buy all of the strains are different each one smells amazing you couldn’t ask for better packaging when it comes to shatter Every time I visit there’s always something new or an improvement can’t get any better love wam couldn’t live without them

  60. Boomer1234567

    Love this place and the weed

  61. demonbasketball04

    Friendliest dispensary you’ll find

  62. Firedupp420

    WAM’S a great place ,very spacious waiting area. large selection of the different categories, very friendly staff always walk out Happy

  63. HolisticOffroad

    Great products, great service, great shop

  64. popbonb

    For me it was a nice easy drive down Grand to this location

  65. gucciwatah

    I’ve been coming to wam for a few months now and the service is great. All the budtenders are knowledgeable too. I recommend the 20$ grams of wax.

  66. Niny_baby

    great place

  67. DjxAllie10

    best budz!

  68. tabby1969

    Great location. Great employees

  69. 25yearvet

    Good flower but pricey. Good service and ok waiting room.

  70. KimberlyLuna

    small, zero customer skills, shady. she changed the first time patient offer as I was standing there because I read it as I was driving there and viola ten minutes later it’s gone and she acted like she did me a favor by honoring the ad anyway. would’ve been nice if the bud had any potency, zero! waste of time and trip!

  71. Pjaye23

    The customer service was amazin and the buds are epic… I love the prerolls aswell.

  72. vosskaren1

    Awesome place! Convenient and good peeps for sure. Quality meds everytime so far! This place “rocks”!

  73. Lucciman228

    great dispensary love the meds an staff .well be back because of the quality i made this place my favorite

  74. mrdrgreenthumb

    Good shop, great people and above average herb. Tried Acorn today and it’s a very good indica

  75. Cami63

    The flower and concentrates at WAM are always top notch and they usually have great specials! The bud tenders are amazing! They are very knowledgeable and take the time to understand your needs. WAM is a small dispensary with a family-like atmosphere where you find what you’re looking for every time. Give it a try and you’ll make it your go to dispendary too!

  76. 64chevy

    nice place, could possibly be my newest favorite . awesome deals, super cool people, and i won the daily raffle woohoo!!! dY~,,dY~%0

  77. bambiejake

    This dispensary is one of my favorites I go there all the time. They always have such great deals. and the staff the employees that work there they are so awesome and so nice thanks again you guys.

  78. Prod420

    the zkittles was fire

  79. Leo_amaya

    Good buds and a cool staff


    Awesome flower!

  81. livyhaze

    WAM is my all time favorite dispensary. Everyone is welcoming and happy. And I love how they hand roll preroll and give you a choice on what kind you want. dY~S

  82. Flynnlilly

    White Widow is my favorite strain and I have bought it from 4 different places with extreme disappointment.
    These guys have the BEST White Widow EVER!
    The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and in good moods.
    This place is a far drive from home but it’s 100% WORTH IT.
    This is the spot to go if you want the best flower.

  83. SirMichaelC

    The medicine is awesome with great pricing. Staff is always friendly and quick on service. wait times are normally really short. give them a try you wont be disappointed.

  84. Kchan420

    good buds.

  85. TERPblog

    Fast service, knowledgeable staff, and quality meds! Awesome daily deals, can’t wait to come back!

  86. sandie2

    I got to say that this place have the best flower and there staff are amazing,helpful, and friendly!!!

  87. Saus72

    Last visit I tried WAM ROCK for the first time. It tasted like AFGANI BLACK HASH from 1970 . I will never forget that taste. Smoke is heavy. They must dip the flower in thick oil for a long time. Candyland wam Rocks n Roll.

  88. nazariogodoy

    great place great deals

  89. Docfury19

    can’t imagine going anywhere else wam has the best deals and meds around go to wam for all ur needs

  90. stephany.kendall

    It’s a clean location but their flower is wayyyyyy over priced unfortunately. I won’t be coming back only because of their prices.

  91. winterlost

    Great vibe aoeOEi,

  92. llharding2003

    WAM is my new favorite dispensary. The quality of their products, and not to mention the moon rocks! The staff is very friendly and accommodating. I love this new place.

  93. MrsDrMartin

    I love WAM awesome deals and are always sweet

  94. kram046624

    After two year shopping various dispensaries in the Phoenix area, I’ve found a gem…WAM And didn’t have to go all the way to Wickenburg,either! They’re actually located off Thunderbird & El Mirage. Top notch flower, awesome staff(JARED!) and daily deals that make medication affordable.

  95. 711jwoods

    man i love those wam rocks and they on dale this weekend hell yeaj check them out

  96. smokeypanda840

    9lb hammer was amazing and staff is always friendly.

  97. sfleek3766

    Clean facility, knowledgeable staff and good prices

  98. ekc2c

    I was the only patient in the dispensary, so that made it easy. If you’re looking to get in and out, this is the place. Good fluffy bud at good prices.

  99. dannylove897

    Great budtenders great service great flower

  100. Jessica003

    Was a great quiet place I liked it.

  101. NE1420

    love this shop and the staff is always super helpful!!!

  102. kynvisl

    Great first time experience, fast, easy, and quality products.

  103. Echevarriahaze

    close to home

  104. patientZeero

    they are always very knowledgeable and have a greal selection

  105. thedude18

    Thanks again WAM!! Ever since the doors opened on this little gem dispensary I frequent and its a go-to people! Customer service is top notch from check in to walking out. Thank you Deanna and team.
    The CharlieSheen and Grandaddy Purple flower I picked up today are exquisite, tasty and potent. Great weeddY”Y= Great shop. Check em out

  106. PinkBarbie1991

    I love coming here for the WAM rocks, they are so spectacular.

  107. 2qs

    I left a review about the new plastic wax packaging. In the original review I was complaining but I was wrong!

    The new packaging is great because it makes it easier to get every last drop of the wax. You can use a razor to scrape the remainder off.

    Please keep it and ignore my last review. You guys are the BEST!

  108. Lishaaz

    I love going here everyone friendly and very helpful.great prices as well

  109. Alexis714

    wonderful people great product

  110. kiddwest92

    #1 in el mirage/SURPRISE

  111. Nick210

    Great people and great product. Moon rocks are out of this world and all smoke looks to be top shelf. Picked up a 1/2 oz and and 8th of 3 different strains and nothing but satisfied on all 3. Keep up the great strain choosing.

  112. poolguy602

    Some of the concentrates at this dispensary has water/moisture in it which makes it very hard to smoke and could be dangerous because it pops all over when trying to medicate. I’m really surprised they still have it on the shelf knowing that if tainted. Spoke with Aaron/manager and he didn’t think it was a big deal, told me to use a different Rig. This will be the last time I come here. The cookies pre rolls are good if you do decide to stop in.

  113. fatpat623

    Love the buds and the people! Wam rocks are a must for first timers! Dee is the best!

  114. chocolatecity76

    Love moon rocks lemon of and the budtenders are awesome

  115. faronathefierce

    Just tried this place out last week and definitely like what they have to offer. Wam rocks are awesome and can’t wait to try the concentrate. Staff super friendly. And hours are great.

  116. Chelada1

    Very friendly and helpful staff, answered my questions dY’dY’dY’dY’

  117. dm0ntejan0

    Great service and nice buds and great prices!

  118. nevada84

    cant beat the sunday monday funday special! cheap wax and prerolls!

  119. Dariusthereformed

    This location is definitely worth visiting time after time! The customer service is always great and im never waiting too long to be called. Flowers are up to par. And the WAM rocks are NICE!

  120. Jlegsman420

    Went in for the first time and the place was clean and nice, the buds were great quality and dense as well

  121. thestonecave

    Love this place. Close to home and great deals! Thanks for the great service.

  122. Aballou

    Love this store!

  123. chaz255

    Was a good deal on concentrate at $20g
    Then they raise the price to $22g last week
    Also the quality and stability of the concentrates used to be great and as of late the majority of the product is unstable and sugary. Also being rushed.
    Very disappointed. Would highly recommend someplace else.

  124. banko631

    love this place the cavier is something nobody should miss i can’t wAit too see what else they have coming for us

  125. Seank4228

    Great Product, good staff, atmosphere is pretty sterile.

  126. Azmx288

    great location with good prices

  127. usmc1217

    Great place…Georgi is the best, great customer service..

  128. adamselby88

    This is a hidden gem. Great quality at low prices. Great was and flower and a great team with a great smile.

  129. twoby4

    this is one of the best shops i have been to. i have been going to the since the day they opened. very friendly employees who genuinely care about there patients and how they are doing. very knowledgeable about there products and the items they have in stock or soon to be in stock. i am an epileptic and got the true infusion 300mg cbd oil from them it has helped with my seizures on multiple occasions with some of them it stopped them in there tracks. top ratings for this shop!!!

  130. greenluv69

    Glad i found this place good meds and so close to my house its jus perfect

  131. chrisL420

    Great place for flowers , always go here for the $30 8th specials

  132. Soult3k

    This place is right down the end of my street, love that but didn’t like the vibe the staff gives. Not the friendliness dispensary but the quality and potency of their product is awesome. Definitely room for improvement.

  133. mmjmoosey

    lower WAM cartridge price & wax is dark & sugary

  134. Lidokat

    First time here today. Great dispensary. Awesome people. (Thank you Deanna!dY~S) Quality flower. Will definitely be back.

  135. BLeafly

    Excellent to see a new great dispensary in the area. Thank you! I’ll be back.

  136. jamalot75

    2nd time at this place and it was just as great as the first.

  137. marjay78

    good bud good prices. I’ll be back!!!!

  138. lostboy2001

    That venom wax go nutzzzzzz

  139. chelsnlexi2

    absolutely my favorite place to go for buds. the quality is very high every time I go in.

  140. Dcalvano710420

    Love the prerolls here and the budtenders. Great place to get some fine herb

  141. 623MARIO

    wam always has a great selection to choose from come try them out. there wax is great always

  142. thedudeabides1818

    Love the service and points program WAM. Always a great visit to this dispensary. Excellent customer service and the flower is wonderful. Thank you!

  143. meilahn04

    i have tried every moonrock and can i say cant no other medi shop compare. other than that the flower is amazing. just need to come down on yr prices tho. Swell’s dont charge that much. also when are you guna rotate the stock?

  144. musickmom

    I have a lot to say about this place. love everyone here including the big guy.. best place ever for your dollar and you all should tell your friends and family to come here. to be continued tonight….dY~++dY~%0dY~+dY~,,dY~2dY~Y=

  145. TiffanyRene1990

    This place is a great spot! Awesome deals and friendly staff!

  146. Notyours58

    I love shopping at wam very friendly warm very good dY$?–dY~%0dY’oedY’>dY’sdY’tmdY’Y

  147. Elkompton420

    Best Chiesel in town. The shatter is great for the price. The lobby is really comfortable and the wait is quick.

  148. BrynBryn3634

    The wax sizzles and pops and the people who run wam arent willing to fix the problem. If you know and have a lot of complaints about your medicine then you should fix it. Save yourself and go somewhere else

  149. GingyBuds

    The best

  150. Jaydasob03

    Great newer shop, fantastic flower.

  151. Toker2016

    Great service, no wait, and the finest flower! Their Platinum strains are the best around! Solid all around.

  152. colissa214

    I love the WAM BAM rocks!

  153. Daeshon24

    had some lrtty good edibles i recommend, and has pre roll

  154. Deucestickly

    first time but the best time

  155. OmarCyphin24

    Great wax, quality and price. Customer service is awesome, always in and out in 15 minutes or less. Definitely going back soon

  156. Amerikaavila23

    I absolutely recommend this place to everyone looking for a new dispensary to go to and i promise it’ll be your go to everytime… it’s a really nice place have several strains to choose from and there prices are really good! And flower quilty is great!

  157. AkaTeddd

    Please look into getting a husker horse shoe for good luck walking in or out! Go big RED!! Love your dispensary. Great people and great team!

  158. Kallista1016

    As a first time patient here they were very welcoming and had the best prices I’ve seen in the whole valley. I will be making this my go to.

  159. TonyD4920

    I love this places wax

  160. Ziggyro

    Second Dispensary I’ve visited since getting my MMJ card. I was not a big marijuana user before so this is fairly new to me. Service was friendly, There was a new dude there and he was pretty rad, Helped me out quick. Bud stunk my WHOLE car up on the way home even through the packing and a stapled paper bag. Prices were really good for the quality flower they have. Not one to really leave reviews but I was pretty impressed with my first visit, Checked out the WAMrocks and the other strains and they all looked DANK. Def would recommend

  161. Occulist.cxx3

    Love their product. Staff is friendly and helpful. Has good deals, i highly recommend WAM .

  162. Christaylor92

    great place with great weed

  163. Dragonblade420

    Great meds great service can’t wait to go back.

  164. smokeleafly

    Great place to go and get your medical needs filled, tax included and the WAM rocks are superb.

  165. Grlwththelotustatt

    Brianna and George rock. i keep coming back for them and the $25 grams of concentrate.

  166. Sworsley87

    I Absolutely Love this Place. They are friendly,knowledgeable and ensure I am a Repeat Satisfied Patient.

  167. Jazmeen98

    My place to always be A1 loyal customer

  168. garyamaro21

    Very nice staff and flower

  169. Gritso

    I like this dispensary. Close to home. Prices are flat and affordable and flowers are great.

  170. Lilbaby07

    love the bud here they are great people and good customer service..

  171. Nuna2015


  172. jam3s1988

    great buds, good an friendly ppl would come bak

  173. paytonspradlin1

    Best deal in the valley! Offered a free quad with the purchase of a quad and great customer service. The shop is brand new but well worth it.

  174. sandieg

    They have the best deals , friendly staff they answer all your questions you have, there flower,wax,prerolls r bomb!!

  175. Gmanbuds

    I was surprised at how much the friendly people here know about the products.The owner Mona,was very helpful and generous,she really cares about us vets..

  176. Mari123

    Best buds , always in and out

  177. kevkev713

    best little Dispensary.

  178. broncosrule16

    awesome service pineapple express is always fire the moonrocks are amazing been Deanna is awesome and doing a great job!!

  179. kingag623

    Gwd place fast process great products come here all the time ppl knw me by name and face bogo ftp

  180. bobm1224

    Good Bud, Good Budtenders!

  181. brochapman

    Very knowledgable and friendly staff. This was not only first visit here but my first visit ever.

  182. jakereed29

    Best place to get wax

  183. dezart

    Today I tried WAM rosin! First time ever trying rosin. Finally found my favorite thing , besides all my other favorite things there. The Rosin is a must try if you wanna get high!!!! Love it and will keep coming for it!!!

  184. guzmanjustin87

    I think they should continue to satisfy there customers. don’t stop won’t stop!

  185. dnysworld

    The wax is the best in the area, helps relief pain.

  186. MrTickle

    I love this place so much


    Awsome service and delicious flower

  188. tinabeana58

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this place….By far the nicest and cleanest place so far. Best prices always well stocked and friendliest budologist and owners..

  189. musickmon5

    love my bud tenders and the always know what I want anytime.

  190. Jerry58

    friendly staff, fast service, quality products, great price

  191. bigblu11

    they have really cool people working here. if you just want a go there to enjoy company , the flower absolute favorite. they got the best of the best.

  192. DimLight

    great flower, friendly service, and wonferful prices

  193. BellicoseLiberal

    This place is very laid back and chill. Prices are perfect and everything is bomb.

  194. countrt4209

    A little bit out of the way but worth it!
    Awesome place has a great selection of tree and prices! The staff nice and very knowledgeable about their products!

  195. Wadelindsay


  196. Gnm1622

    My favorite dispensary! I probably come in twice a week. Everyone knows their stuff and recommend according to what you really want.

  197. andym13

    I absolutely love this dispensary and the helpful people who work here, the prices are always low and the product is always on point every time, I will definitely be returning

  198. mendogirl1

    still love your concentrates be out today;)

  199. Arthack

    Horrible customer service, horrible product

  200. blehhbeth

    Emily was super awesome and knowledgeable will definitely be coming back!

  201. tazkewl

    this place is awsome sause

  202. onPrettyLady

    Nice clean shop with friendly people.

  203. absantina

    wam rocks are awesome.

  204. Money616

    Wam rocks are dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y= 10 outta 10

  205. DabinPorts

    Picked up a gram of gorilla glue shatter for $20 And it dabbed just like a $40g why go anywhere else

  206. Christina1965

    The staff is knowledgeable and genuinely caring. I have been to WAM (3) times so far. They were the first place I went to after receiving my card. I am extremely grateful for all they do. Thank you

  207. peacheater1

    the best!!! everyone is nice great prices

  208. desirejoel

    One of the best or the best place in the west valley that you can get good quality buds and at a great price.

  209. Gawdlyinhale420

    flower is decent if you are a beginner not my cup of tea though, but they got some fire ass shatter for 25/g and if you need a heavy indica for insomnia/nausea or just want a really great high the afghan kush shatter there for 25/g is amazing, amazing quality, amazing consistency, will definitely be going back to pick up more of this shatter

  210. inkfamus1

    Love the wax ,,always great especially for the price! !! WAM rocks are the only thing I’ve yet to try, ,maybe soon,,,And WAM yall rock !!!!!! Peace be the Journey. …

  211. isamel420

    Very good flower and deals can’t compete with them

  212. krookederik99

    love this place and there pineapple express is fucking fire

  213. arcticfury69

    great prices great products amazing quality and real relief i recommend WAM to everyone and their momma.

  214. zmoney2132

    Best deal in town

  215. slickbam

    there good will come back

  216. rowguh

    Never a wait, fire meds, and super low prices and they still throw deals out there too! Also friendly staff and they even have a point system for even more rewards.

  217. tonio93

    great customer service, definitely will be shopping again! -Antonio R

  218. princesskayla44

    Wam is the bomb for quality concentrate and good deals

  219. wsmp28smiley

    Charlie Sheen very nice tasting wax and price is just as good all there wax is nice tasting come here and have a nice J

  220. jarid1

    I liked the atmosphere of the waiting room. It was comfortable. I also liked that the bud tender seemed to know what they were doing. thanks

  221. B.nasty1996

    small, cheap, and great quality! great location and staff too:)

  222. Arizona.smoken420

    Always good quality products, staff is very friendly and never have any issues with them id recommend stopping here if you need to find some good trees and concentrates

  223. cindysanchez3710

    always amazing flower and amazing staff

  224. tribeZ5

    deffinantly will return.

  225. Dblock614

    Recently tried a few other dispensaries around town but always find myself back at WAM. Quality products from quality people. Never change.

  226. nhampton77

    Their Sunday and Monday deals are the best. Big Fat Prerolls for $5! Always interesting strains and you can’t beat deli style.

  227. pmpbdre

    the location is convenient, the staff is friendly.

  228. SweetieC

    I have found my new favorite dispensary. I’ve been twice now. My 1st trip was for the Headcheese special. Very sweet and tasty. Second time was for the Lemon OG. Definitely worth the drive in from the Southwest Valley. The budtender was also very friendly and helpful.

  229. 1player


  230. sarahdannie

    great staff!! good price good product

  231. chr2131015

    Wax deal is unbeatable, I want in and got 2 grams for 18 each tax included and it was really good,I was lost when I got close to the store and the woman who answered the phone was very unhelpful when
    I called and asked for directions so do a google map.

  232. PurpPsych

    Awesome dispensary great products and employees!

  233. GanjaGlory420

    This was the very first dispensary I went to and it made me feel very welcome and they have good prices. WAM has a comfortable waiting area and I didn’t feel rushed once I was brought back either.

  234. GrandaddyUrkle

    One of the worst dispensaries we have in Arizona. Drove out yesterday in hopes of getting Charlie Sheen, but once again WAM was to lazy to update their information and they opened 2 hours later than normal! Awesome!! Driving from Central Phoenix , for nothing. My bad though, the way they update, or I mean don’t update, the menu I should’ve known to call first. The buds are good but not good enough to deal with the staffs apathy or to drive out there hoping they have what the menu says. Also, there is no aEURoerewards program aEURoe and if there is, it’s news to me, 5 visits for 5 quarters and I have 0 points redeemable for 0 sh1ts. So again, staff apathy.

  235. iceberg51490

    these guys are awesome great prices and great quality and an awesome staff

  236. fitgimp

    Updating my review. I gave ample opportunity for you to answer the question, in fact after getting clearly frustrated that I would not take “no strain” as the answer, the budtender yelled the question across the shop. simple question, what strain is it made from because if it contains a certain one I cannot consume it. I was told it does not come from a strain, it is pure thc. This is clearly untrue as now the answer is “all of our strains”, patients should be able to rely on their dispensary to be knowledgeable about what they are selling. Clearly this is not a priority to your shop so I will continue driving 30 miles to my preferred dispensary.

  237. bnasty96

    small, great location, and best weekend deals!

  238. Elnazz

    Honestly, I walked in Great service no rush, I highly recommend

  239. frostycupofcups

    I got 2 gs of the lemon og that supposedly had seeds for 5 a g, left it aside because I figured the quality wasn’t below average compared to the other buds I grabbed, which it wasnt quite as good but went to go smoke the lemon og yesterday after the others ran dry and I did not find one seed and it was AMAZING quality for the price. I felt kind of bad almost like I ripped them off! best dispensary hands down, greatest deals, really down to earth staff. They are some real people, no fake personalities and they will always recommend and help you choose exactly what you’re looking and paying for. 10/5 stars

  240. DocGreenhaze

    it’s comfortable

  241. Lucifer000

    Best place hands down. Helpful and friendly, very high quality flower.

  242. Derekjadak1

    the doobies are fire, I love this place,tenders are so tender

  243. Mattward93

    I love this dispensary, I admittedly didn’t know it was here for a bit since it is kind of tucked into the corner but the quality, prices, service, are all amazing. Easily one of my personal favorites and the one I most frequently visit. – Matt

  244. Voicelessstoner

    Great fresh buds amazing pineapple express

  245. Gotoo78

    Nice place love it here !

  246. Derickmanleyfuc

    What a great great place to shop for good stuff. Always really great prices too. Thanks again y’all rocking rock rock.

  247. punisherpaco

    They never disappoint me when I come here. They got some of the best flower for the best prices. Great staff as well.

  248. Kurt134

    Love this place, staff is awesome!!

  249. SpruceLee

    Im on a budget and the prices are great for me.The staff have always been nice and helpful Nothing but love

  250. JA#123

    Freindly neighborhood store and great choices.

  251. 11scjb27

    good customer service, very friendly…bomb buds, and great deals…better get there today1/30…. bogo on venom

  252. twinder27

    favorite dispo in the west valley, strains and deals always on point!

  253. hardhatman76

    The place is not a friendly place its what do you want and go . They dont really care too talk too you . The flower is junk its brown and you can tell they dont use good nutriets or take care of the plants . I wouldnt even call it medical flower I would call it maybe regular flower. I should of just walked out when I looked at the quality. The flower tasted bad almost like they didnt flush there plants before harvest too get the nutrients out if they used nutrients at all. My visit was a waste of time and money .

  254. MrHooks

    The homie George always hooks it up! This is my go to place

  255. thatchic2014

    top meds in the west valley. the staff is always courteous and quick. they have deals to fit all budgets.

  256. Cslannholm

    Great prices! Awesome atmosphere! Keep them WAM rocks Rollin! Thank you!

  257. Mandi710

    Got some 9lb hammer flower last week and it was super yummy! Staff is always very friendly. Will be back soon!!

  258. meghan528

    very friendly and helpful

  259. Gustavosgonzalez

    I came before the grand opening, very friendly staff and bomb flower. the blue dream and Headcheese OG were great to smoke. definitely a place to come back to.

  260. elduque818

    Great location great place to buy your meds right stuff knowledgeable of me walking to say why am Great location great place to buy your meds nice staff knowledgeable.

  261. dbuffniceson

    Budtenders are very cool and helpful and there is always a great batch off flower in store. Best dispensary in El Mirage.

  262. BakingArizona

    Construction is a pain, but the top shelf meds make me forget all my woes. Great flower served up by great tenders. $5 prerolls of bud can’t be beat. My new favorite place to visit.

  263. kinggonzo36

    I love this place Great prices on wax Great prices on Moon Rock !!!!!

  264. DrDankInc

    Quality of flower horrible should only sell other products

  265. Bryan5421

    Great prices and great meds always got a deal for yea

  266. Troy83299

    Wam is my hands down favortie place to get all my medical needs,There staff is so helpful and caring and always put a smile on my face when i walk out that door.:)

  267. IsomSr

    This place is one of the newest dispensaries in the city. Totally awesome. Great little selection, awesome quality. The lady that assisted me was super cool, and guess what? They have MOON ROCK! I will continue to rock with them. Lol. Thanks guys dY~S

  268. 60s2oner

    Great place with great medicine, kinda far but well worth the drive..can’t wait to try the moon rocks!

  269. tay5390

    Great location friendly staff

  270. Blodyn73

    Love this place, friendly staff and they are full of knowledge. Best prices around!!

  271. NJN55

    Service was terrible, can’t believe they have people like that suppose to help people in pain. Left so upset. I’ll never go there again.

  272. whiteboi100

    Great prices and greag medicine. staff know there stuff about medicine.

  273. Mjay619

    This place is awesome I had Charlie Sheen it was great did the job also there Wam rocks are awesome I need to try then you need to come in 2 wam for your next medical need and also their staff are awesome and fast

  274. Stevenmossboss

    Today is September 25th..just got paid on my way to the best dispensary in az….yessssss..its call WAM ……

  275. TheJohnsons4

    love coming to this dispensary, Anthony makes you smile everytime you come into W.A.M I always will recommend this dispensary to all card holders. Anthony is the coolest and nicest person gotta come see him

  276. patr8lion58

    Great bud

  277. Jollygrngiant

    Great selection and friendly staff!

  278. bongripper69k

    awesome quality meds and good budtenders,

  279. ysmir

    always has the best pre rolls around

  280. jmackey10

    Best place to buy meds!

  281. donnamarie091012

    love love love

  282. ThatNastyKid

    This place is depressing.. I’ve been here twice recently and both times it felt like the bud tenders even hate their job. I was the only person in and they were trying to rush me out the door. 15$ a gram and there’s seeds? No thanks

  283. Mimi36

    love place

  284. seabassfool

    First time to this beautiful little shop was just a few days ago and let me just say, I freakin LOVE this place!!! The buds were tasty and 30 dollar 8th deals everyday??!? Cant beat that! & dont even get me started on the WAM rocks… thought id just start with a gram(bluedream) to try… & it was everything id expect a legit “moon rock” to be. got me stupid high, feelin like a kid again. it was freakin great! oh!!! && shout out to Micheal (? idk how to spell) he was AWESOME! a HUGE help, friendly, & very informative. Also quite patient seeing how i asked a good 50 questions or so. lastly prerolls also on point and smoke like i rolled em myslef(which is pretty hard to come by seeimg how most shop’s prerolls dont smoke right)

  285. WestWest89

    I love visiting this place! Miss D is awesome! The bud tenders are my guys they always make my day aside from the bud im always getting. Bud is always of great quality and the service is A-1!

  286. Ryanf4207

    i love the Flower at this dispensary! definitely one of the best!!

  287. Mcolin69

    Good quality meds great staff

  288. mamamissy161

    Favorite dispensary love the people great vibes flower n prices!

  289. Ferndawg444

    always helpful and great deals with great pricing! and they have a daily deals and dont forget the wam rocks wow! very friendly too!

  290. MrStokesJr

    loved it great medicine

  291. 420iandeee

    love it!! Awesome people candys are good per roll and flower’s great. so stop by .

  292. jeezyallday

    Great prices and awesome staff !

  293. YAZ2154948

    Very convenient and the staff are great ! Love their pre rolls.

  294. fernando4475

    so close to my house! I love it and they have great medicine!

  295. Urban312018

    perfect location if you work or travel through this area a lot.! very convenient for me.

  296. Derickmanley

    One of the best best favorite places to shop. I think you guys rock all day long.

  297. KingDaddio

    First time visiting. Staff was nice bud the bud quality is garbage. I poured it out of the container and it is so dry you could light a match a foot away from it and it will still catch fire. Never coming back.

  298. coldheatf

    Great flower, awesome service.

  299. Benjimam

    Once again wam got’s that bomb price four the wax’s great deal!!!I’ll be going back !!

  300. stephaneener90

    I love this place here. One of my fav. The bus tenders are awesome knowledge people. I love the atmosphere in here. The wait is less than 5 minutes.

  301. Dragonmurders0420

    To be 100% honest they lost 2 patients/customers. My boyfriend and I would drive over to W.A.M once a week and stock up on their wax. I know for most that’s not a big deal but we would drive almost 200 miles round trip just to go into town to get our wax from them. We honestly thought they had some of the best concentrates, especially for the price. Now they sold out and stopped making their wax & are selling venom and the other competitor names that you can throw a rock at any dispensary and go pick up. All the name brand shit, it’s just that SHIT! Shouldn’t even be sold as medicine it’s weak, and almost always tasteless or has a fungus taste. The exception being drip but really with drip your paying for the flavor. Hopefully some day soon you’ll bring your wax back, but until then it’s farewell to you.

  302. Iandee420

    great place to shop. Awesome people and good flower and oil

  303. WesM

    Disappointing no vet discount and over priced

  304. Melissa924

    Awesome! This is my new shop. love the friendliness of the staff. Extremely helpful, and the flower was awesome!

  305. bestnug

    Great people great location great product

  306. Dre916

    The staff there are very friendly and helpful

  307. MJB21

    Loved it

  308. bblueeyedblonde

    excellent quality, good prices. new favorite dispensary!

  309. avp2211

    This place is great. Just opened a few miles away from my house. Can’t beat the first time patient special! Very helpful staff! I only smoke the caviar now and they have the best
    around. They constantly rotate strains and they are all incredible. Love this place.

  310. Mixibud

    I love WAM! I love being apart of the family, always respectful and helpful staff with amazing medication.

  311. Sweeneydanielle14

    great buds great prices

  312. ilord416

    great people , great service

  313. DirtMcGirt1

    good prerolls, usually fresh and tasty

  314. tat2z4u

    Convienant and close

  315. Vinland420Med

    Very helpful, they helped me settle on grandaddy purple to help with my nausea and depression and threw in a free pipe and green crack pre roll. The office was clean and organized and very comfortable. They have booklets available on medical marijuana and the different cannabinoids. Highly recommend WAM.

  316. Californiacated

    clean environment nice bud tender headcheese Og and blue dream was good also deal on cartage

  317. 2GoodEli

    Great place love the moon rocks

  318. gkn0w

    Customer service is always exceptional at this location. Great flower too.

  319. kimlugo

    I went into WAM today and purchased Tahoe oh my it’s to die for best tasting flower ever thank you WAM

  320. eliakinsey25

    extremely satisfied with the workers they are kind and generous good attention to customer service

  321. KryptoniteBuD

    significantly going downhill shatter isn’t shatter it’s oil sticks all over their wrapping and leaks out the side I can’t wait for it to close so we get new mgmt.

  322. 602Moose

    Have to try the new Goldsmith extracts, it’s absolutely amazing, love the badder. for only $24 a g, how could you beat that price?! have great deals daily. wonderful budtenders & atmosphere.

  323. megla79

    Love the weed staff are friendly and great

  324. hebronius

    Way too expensive. They are really taking vantage of seniors Luckily, another dispensary just opened the downtge street from them. Hopefully this will bring the prices down to normal.

  325. LadyTerp

    Great atmosphere and quality medication!

  326. birdeeman72

    Good concentrates with the best prices in town! The staff is really cool!

  327. bdavidlong

    Love this store pro military

  328. slickbam42

    they were good

  329. jokerhawkgreen

    Amazing place .staff friendly and actually real people unlike other places.meds are great. awesome first time patient special.they hooked us up .and best of all no construction to fight with .it’s nice to have a place close to surprise let the comparison begin people lol.

  330. pepperpotts

    I’ve been very happy with this dispensary. first & importantly the location is perfect for someone like me who has no time to drive far or spend lots of time in a place. they get me in and out quickly every time. Everyone so far seems really nice,they are always helpful and friendly. The flower is always fresh and not overly dried out like many of our Valley establishments (big plus) The flower prices are nicer than most places too. I defintely love the deli style shopping as well that way I can see what the buds look like. This is my go to place for sure!

  331. ddmc

    I really love this dispo! Diana is the best budtender!

  332. MerPixcy

    They have a good edible selection with good prices.Good pre-rolls also.

  333. Keniino25

    Bombest Buds, Best Prices, Nicest Budtenders… Couldn’t ask for more

  334. russell.marley.79

    Great dispensary real nice employees

  335. acer4557

    Great place , can’t beat the meds or prices !

  336. DEW42_O

    Best place around!! I have been in a lot of a lot of places from clubs to license shops and hands down this place has great minded staff. all
    meds are top shelf. WAM is the place I am !!

  337. Titiwesley

    Friendly helpfully service every time

  338. nickmmmm

    your menu should be alphabetical order lol take the time out make it right

  339. sarel2017

    Products are Decent

  340. jd3p0

    Ms D. is the best always takes care of her patients. much love. candyland and blue drean wax are fire. thx again

  341. sethdg

    Ehh, what can I say? When wax is dirt cheap what kinda quality can ya expect? Went for the deals for 420 and the 10$ grams that they usually charge 30 for (a joke) all sizzled in my banger and gave me fat headaches. All depends on the batch of wax sometimes its decent sometimes its trash.

  342. bleeblahnixh

    hands down the best weed in AZ

  343. zf2828

    I visited WAM for the first time today and it will now be my go to shop in the West Valley. Every staff member was kind and friendly, answered all my questions, and the prices were very reasonable. I really appreciate that they give Veterans a NICE discount as well. Another good thing is they show you the flower and you get to choose your buds, not the pre-packed you-get-what-you-get stuff. If you like to smoke flower, try their WAM Rocks, they are incredible!!!!

  344. sandovalmanuel676

    Really love the wax and the flower there the people are friendly hopefully get a job there

  345. ogtrilla

    They aight but the pre-rolls suuuuck I burned my hand as soon as I light it because the paper burned fast asf because it wasn’t packed correctly

  346. feline_fine

    I love the special flower deals and the staff is so awesome!!

  347. candy007

    I love this place! The people who work there are awesome and the flower tasted bomb! Not to forget the moonrocks they make!

  348. Vegangoddess

    Wam rocks for life! Super dank best prices on moon rocks

  349. RetroSamurai89

    The staff was really friendly and nice to talk to. They listened to what I was looking for and they helped me with no hesitation. Definitely looking forward to my next visit.

  350. ChristineLynn

    I just found out today your switching to the venom concentrate and getting rid of your house concentrate. I’m very disappointed with this decision. I’m moving to Buckeye and was still going to drive to you. Now I’ll look for someone closer.

    The Quality score is because of your poor decisions to discontinue your house concentrate.

    Other than that this has always been my favorite place to shop!

  351. yagasmoke

    The female employee who took my card for being a first time patient didnt make me feel welcome , they seemed bland, like they had better stuff to do, alright buds, the budtenders wouldnt help me for anything , even if i asked questions they were very short , didnt seem like they wanted to help .

  352. dviddvis

    One of my favorite shops over here! Love coming through. Great quality meds.

  353. Duane75

    great flower

  354. Allahjesuspiece

    Always a great experience

  355. MrsInkfamus1

    Love their wax and the prices are incredible, staff is friendly and helpful.

  356. KeefCheefer

    This place has amazing buds! Great selection of flower. The Moonrocks are kick ass too! I HIGHLY recommend WAM!

  357. kingrobinhood

    Gotta love em good vibes and smiles anytime

  358. 420710meds

    honestly i love this place. its close and convienant with quality meds.

  359. registeredrep7

    Best buds in town !

  360. toys4most

    Only place I could find Charlotte’s Web and Pineapple Express! Awesome prices and people, highly recommend.

  361. mistie88

    Love that Deanne got her own place, very big lobby! I’ve been getting headcheese og from there and it’s BOMB!

  362. moosey4200

    friendly staff, only issue is that moonrocks aren’t always consistently good & always the same $10gs. Also needs a bigger menu, more strains to try, starting to get immune to green crack, headcheese, blue dream & pineapple express


    J helped me get some 9 pound hammer and some gg it was bomb af!!!

  364. mikeysmiles420

    Every time I’m on this side of town I come here to get my pre rolls 🙂 Love em !! 5$ you cant beat em 🙂

  365. got_U_son

    Pretty decent place with some alright quality flower but the moon rocks are of the chain and it’s a steal of a deal. For just 25 bucks. Love coming here to see my favorite staff member which is the manager, she is awesome. Gotta check it out

  366. slorts0808

    Everything was great, short wait times, blue dream wam rocks are incredible. Wish they had a bigger selection, but the service more than makes up for that!

  367. likethecolorgreen

    Great location for Surprise and the west side

  368. kushlyfe619

    nice staff, good deals & always enjoy coming back.

  369. tferruccio

    180/zip is why I choose WAM.

  370. BecauseWeed

    It seemed a little sketchy when I fist arrived. The product was garbage, it smelled like there was bud rot and mold in the middle of the buds especially the headcheese. I wont be coming here anymore.

  371. Inkedscorp95

    Service, people and location are great… Quality of bud on the other hand is lacking. Every strain is brown and dried out. I wanted a new dispensary but back to Swell.

  372. mendezad1604

    Variety of strain, nice clean place.

  373. Ottomike

    I am impressed…. not too many places do that anymore. the staff is very knowledgeable and nice. the product is top of the line. guys don’t change a thing.

  374. cbrigham80

    This place is great. They have tons of vape cartridges, and Michael helped me pick out two that would accomplish my medicating goals. These guys are professional, knowledgeable, and take the time to make sure your questions get answered. If you’re even remotely close by, make the time to check these guys out. You will not be disappointed!

  375. MrsJohnson01

    Haven’t been here in a minute but love the prices and wax

  376. marissaGran15

    love stopping here , always in and out , good flower

  377. Cookie_Monster93

    Great med stop! I’ve only tried there flower but it is fantastic. The $15 a g flowers are practically just as good as the top shelf! They always have great deals, and you get a free gram on your first visit

  378. randimya

    I like this new dispensary, its amazing its right by my home. I am an Indica girl and I enjoyed what I got from WAM. Thanks

  379. Pottna

    I’ve been coming here for almost two years straight and for the past 6 months at least once a week. Never have I ever had an issue or bad experience. The Sunday/Monday specials can’t be beat, the quality of the flower is just as amazing as the price they offer during the sale. I always ask what’s the freshest they’ve got, staff always helps me and I leave happy and ready to enjoy some bomb flower. Ignore the complainers here, they simply don’t know what they’re talking about or probably had a bad attitude prior to walking into the place.

  380. AZWYANGEL420

    Love that there another dispensary on this side of town. I am going back today to get some more moon rocks, they are amazing!!:-)

  381. dorisperez

    Very helpful people! Great first experience! Had to go the next day dY~%0

  382. D201347

    Went in for my first time and I must say I was a little dissapointed in my visit. Flower quality is low, you offered me your best sativa and it was brown!! Like no boo boo. I like the variety but I wasn’t about to spend money on a quad to get a quad if the bud wasn’t worth it. And let me tell you it wasnt. Hope y’all step ya game up!! O and y’all people’s can’t be late !! You say open and we are there !!! I showed up st 945 they opened at 9 and only 1 dude was there and 5 of us where I the waiting room. Nooooooo you can’t do that to your patients !!!! Get right.

  383. IamAA

    I am getting ready for some more chiesel…I like the nice tight bud, I may see you guys soon.

  384. sryan7312

    I had a good experience here, got bogo on a eighth, one of GDP and one of 9lb hammer. GDP was awesome. Aaron helped me out and he’s a great budtender and was knowledgeable about what I asked, thanks. Worth checking out, out in the boonies but worth it.

  385. cindabella

    Back again!!! Yep, I enjoyed all the flower dYOEo I got 5 days ago and decided to drive back out to try some other strains on the killer deal day! Got my candyland (5 star rated) and a few other strains. I was greeted once again so nicely! This time by the awesome Deanna who took my info and was extremely happy and FUN! She understood I was in a major hurry as I slipped in on the clock from my delivery job. Within a minute the very sweet George, my budtender opened up the door and greeted me with a beautiful smile, great attitude and a hand shake. dY’s Oh…I missed the opening of the door review. Oh My God! It smelled SO good in there!!! Strong yummy bud scent!!! Yes!!! I am definitely going to be a regular here. You can’t go wrong and tax included on prices is always helpful and good to know. So what about these 2 for $5 house blend pre rolls I just got? Ummm…fresh and I’m delivering food with a BIG smile! I’ll save the high end flower for later when I get off work and relaxxxxxx!!!! I PROMISE YOU ALL I AM HUGE ON READING AND DOING REVIEWS HONESTLY AND I JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE REVIEWS I HAVE SEEN ON HERE! I smell a RAT!!! Go check WAM out y’all. Just DO it!!! I’m officially a regular customer dY~Z Happy Trails my flower power friends. aoeOEdY1/4

  386. CP2

    Hey if you don’t believe me when I say WAM has the best bud in town. Check them out.

  387. DVBrazil5280

    Great mess, loved the WAM rocks!

  388. rannis

    top notch dispensary. good deals

  389. Alecesco1104

    they sale decent flower. but their price for it is too high for bud not even that potent. maybe its potent for all those newbies getting into weed for their first times thinking just cause they smoked for a year or 2 that they know what good shit is. HA its stemmy and too moist they can never cure the buds right.

  390. nomorepainaz

    great staff great meds

  391. wildweasle

    Love this place. Staff are awsome knowledgeable caring people. Meds are great

  392. kylekissel

    As I have only been to 2 dispensaries this is a very Nice Place

  393. kkschwartz

    I came in for the 1st time not knowing what to expect. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable of their strains and was able to point me to the best for my pain. I have to say my favorite has been the black and blue. I am so glad I found this dispensary and will be back very very soon.

  394. aaronseaman

    friendly and fire weed

  395. antmactown

    always good flower and specials

  396. robertjerez1

    great location, great service, and quality all in all my favorite dispensary so far

  397. JavieB

    This dispensary is not bad at all. I purchased the Cheesehead strain. I loved it. The only downside about the strain is the headaches it gives. Other than that I will continue to explore their strains and purchase more from WAM.

  398. Harrob0716

    I like the location, easy access to get in and out of the parking lot, the stores nearby are convenient, but to get back to the point. My first visit there was awesome, my budtender informed me on a few things I didn’t know and the quality of what I got, best tasting and smoking Blue Dream I’ve had a long while ago

  399. Poohman1218

    pineapple express is awesome

  400. Pullintubes85308

    I really gotta give these guys credit. There Rocka are insane! And the $10 lemon OG sale! Unbeleivabale. And I’m enjoying a full gram spliff of Charlie Sheen ignite now just for doing on of these. You guys are the best!

  401. jesselm

    great helpful staff, good meds to choose from. i love getting the prerolls on Friday and Saturday 2 for 8$ hot dY”Y= deal…… thanks W. A. M

  402. Johnnybgould

    About to check them out !@ my friend said that they have the best meds also friendly staff j gould

  403. JGordon3x

    Love this Place!! Definitely got the hook up today on all the deals! I will be back and will tell everyone!!

  404. ajustus

    Excellent shatters

  405. Dpaladin4199

    Great deals and bud

  406. hloco1

    great service

  407. anthonym98

    I love this place, the pre rolls are on point, and it’s always quick service

  408. Chrisjk05

    Love this dispensary. Drake’s the man!!

  409. MDAllen95

    Love the people and products!!

  410. All4fam

    best spot in town !!

  411. wowza411

    Wam is a good dispensary conviently locate in elmirage and they have great meds from flower to concentrates. Going in for a birthday preroll !

  412. YaBoiiHollywood

    I would reccommend this to anyone in the area . Great products !

  413. Ogflight2space

    THANK YU D!!!!!!! So muCH LOVE I rolled up the whole gram of chiesal Ina raw wit tip I don’t touch blunts they really hurt my lungs but anyways it’s really nice hybrid good functioning medicated feeling Ima try the cookies and the blue dream when I get a chance

  414. Tonerely

    Great service and very knowledgeable staff that knows the product line. Best Concentrate WAM rocks around!

  415. girlchavez

    It has always had a really good staff and good selection of products but today when i went in they really took care of me today and mona is great and mad me feel just like family there and I really liked that and thank you for all your help today!!!! HAPPY 420dYZ%0dYZ%0dYZ%0dYZ%0dYZ%0dYZ%0dYZ%0dYZ%0dYZ%0dYZ%0

  416. M1kkey

    Great prices good quality!!

  417. jessicaruiz60

    I came here for the first time last week. This place has the cheapest pre rolls! Every day they have 2 types of flowers on sale. I’ll be back this weekend!

  418. Cacatanga

    Best weed in el mirage….nice

  419. captaincaveman420

    Never have a long wait and located conveniently located down the street from me.

  420. rockquel033

    Worst weed I’ve smoked since getting my mmj card. I got the BOGO 1/8 and I don’t even want to smoke the rest of it dY~’

  421. loovejager

    Love this location! The concentrate is some of the the best I have seen! Everyone is super friendly too! Definitely my new go to spot!

  422. epina0

    Awesome quality meds. Great specials and friendly staff. I love everything about this place compared to other places on the west side

  423. protogine420

    The flower and concentrates are great and at a great price too

  424. Deeday

    Great place, super informative, especially for first time users like my self. explained everything out from the different strands they offer to the different methods of intake and their effects. Great service and friendly staff, will definitely be going here!

  425. fox01

    Best dispensary I’ve been too. The staff is amazing and George my bud tender yesterday was and is always smiling and so nice. The wax and flowers are beyond great!

  426. b0bmerlin

    Called to ask about the concentrate deals and was helped over the phone right away. Excited to get the lemon and tangerine venom concentrates for $10 a half

  427. old420

    Great places to eat Mexican food right next door

  428. MagicMellowMushrooms

    Not worth your time or money. This is the worst dispensery. They did nothing wrong to me besides just having low quality everything. Literally nothing they have is worth my trip even when it’s on my way home. I have tried them multiple times but nothing sends me back.

  429. Celli

    WAM has a great selection of flower and concentrates. The bud tenders are knowledgeable and skilled in helping you make a good selection. WAM is the best on the west valley

  430. carrotstickz

    I liked coming here because the concentrate prices used to be excellent on Sunday and Monday but then the price went up 3x in such a short amount of time and it doesn’t seem as if I’m paying for a higher quality of wax. Rather disappointing, especially since the budtenders never seem to be happy. I’m not looking for anything super special but there’s barely any eye contact or words exchanged. It’s really awkward and unwelcoming. Overall, 25 a gram for concentrate is still a good price, so if it doesn’t go up any more, I’ll continue to purchase from here despite the unpleasantness.

  431. damianjoseph

    this place gets a thumbs up from me for having some killer OG’s ! lemong og is toptieras well as the platium flag og. non-og power houses are they’re torquoise jeep and 9lb hammer!

  432. kamikazechico

    Great Concentrate !

  433. Patroni987

    Honeymoon is over. After a month of great prices they went back to being over priced today. Better buds for better prices out there

  434. theTroubled1

    Great meds at really sweet prices. The WAM rocks are a must. Mona’s awesome too, she makes sure the patients are taken care of.

  435. Kubat.kyle

    Crazy how price jumps around on the concentrates when its the same strains and the same wax its been for 3 months?
    The quality is good but the price is not consistant…

  436. gnolasco623

    Love this store its my favorite. I will definitely be back.

  437. luismelen97

    I went to buy an eighth of Pineapple Express and it was so dry I was really bummed out cause of this . They need to have decent weed and take care of the bud.

  438. fclymo

    Gotta try the WAM rock it does the job no matter what your need is.

  439. dbuffniceson1

    Great location for West Valley. Big fan of cronuts and also have great deals

  440. pinner426

    one of my favorite dispensaries! thumbs up for great deals and amazing staff!

  441. AzDee1

    great location

  442. LSB

    It was my first visit and my budtender was very knowledgeable on what strains and what they were used for. I look forward to visited to quietly kept venue again!

  443. gschleier1027

    love this place, best people ever!!

  444. jessecakeene

    Always have been and will be my favorite. The tenders are always friendly and help me pick the right product for me. Thank you for continuing the amazing service.

  445. jujubee3

    Staff was great of course, the product on the other hand was definitely not up to standards, better places around

  446. ESkee

    great nugs

  447. beverlee415

    I like the location easy to get to and staff is helpful

  448. Hannnah420

    Amazing quality and service!

  449. TheRevGirl

    My go to dispensary!! I live that they are so close, the medicine is perfect and the staff is the best and awesome service!! Love when they have White Widow!!!

  450. Fizzlybear

    WAM is super close to home and the staff are always super helpful and always help with any questions I have. I love the deals they have, it makes this the #1 place I go to.

  451. Headbandhead

    Always awesome products and friendly faces.

  452. Thawood36

    I think this place has a lot of potential. It would be great to see some hash and or hash oil. The WAM rocks are in my opinion the best thing on the menu. Bowls burn super slow and packed with the kinda punch you would expect from MoonRocks!

  453. kcv76

    Super nice people, nice clean place, GREAT products!

  454. Antoine602

    When in there today as a first time terrible service they rush me out..show me some low grade stuff and said it was fire..sorry kid been smoking for over 20 years now your not going to play me..I need fire this is the best..didn’t buy nothing just walk out.. as I walk outside 2 male approach me and said what you get I said nothing they said your lucky..you guys need Security here smh

  455. StonerPoet

    This place was fantastic so close to home to! I walked away with a hell of a deal for my first time and I must say excellent medicine one dose of blue dream crafter or shrumble if you will top notch! Can’t wait to go back!

  456. Creatorofmusic

    Venom concentrates are good and staff is always helpful

  457. smokeyonekenobi

    This is my go to place when I need meds. The peoples here are pretty dope. Almost every time I ask questions about a particular strain they either already tried it and can tell you honestly the effects of the strain.

    Pros: Quality strains. Some might not be as “popular” as other heavily marketed strains but they rock. The Charlie Sheen is a perfect example.

    Cons: Selection. They don’t carry a huge selection of strains, but do cover all my medical needs tho so this doesn’t affect me but might do others?.

    Conclusion: Selective selection of quality meds at kickass prices!

  458. 47kev

    Cool place to get some good quality bud and concentrate staff is always nice

  459. rey326

    Went by yesterday, ftp. The Chesiel is awesome! Cured to perfection and very well manicured. Potent even for a veteran smoking. I will be returning to WaM for sure.

  460. kingswizzle

    the staff was great, wasted my money. the flower was terrible taste and super dry. can’t speak for anything else…..

  461. rollemfast

    Close to me .. Deli style… glad I found u!! The Space rock’s they recomended were top notch!

  462. Hurleyguy7855

    this place is super cool I recommended to anybody who enjoys having good flower. They are on point with their customer service and they treat their patients very well

  463. TheBigMcNutt

    The staff here are crazy helpful and the prices and quality are off the charts

  464. lurrburr

    Picked up some GDP and it wasn’t on special but this bud was something else. Not only was it purple, it was straight coated with trichomes and orange hair all over the nug, it looked like an old phoenix suns jersey and the smell was nothing short of what you’d expect from some chronic. I definitely need to come back for more

  465. xtreesx

    Staff are very friendly and helpful. Place seemed a little lacking as far as atmosphere but wasn’t a run down weed shack. The WAM Rocks are pretty damn good. I don’t have any other experience with moon rocks but I rolled a blunt with it and it did the job pretty well.

  466. jereldub

    I love the free preroll after purchase

  467. King_trav2

    An epileptic medical marijuana patient. One who is continuously put on the back burners,and treated with the utmost disrepect!!
    On September 12, 2018. I drove to this local dispensary, Wikenburg alternative medicine, to purchase medicine which I use for my epilepsy. Before leaving my residence, I looked online and seen the store was still carrying half grams of concentrate, which is what I’ve been using since I’ve come to this dispensary for about 2 or so years.
    When I got to the store and proceeded to purchase, at that point I was informed there was no half grams of concentrate, but was told to just purchase a full gram. That’s when I informed the Merchant that I did not have the full money because I had previously looked at the menu 10 minutes before driving to the store and seen what the prices were.At that point I informed them that’s why I came to this store. The young lady behind the counter with extremely red eyes shrugged her shoulders, and said well that’s all we have. At that point is when I asked Drake who I presume is assistant manager, why things were the way they were. Even though I had properly looked at the information I needed before driving to the store. He informed me you are very short-staffed. Even though three people were there at the time, he said he was not able to update the menu. This is quite common since I have come to this establishment. At a certain point in time I have bypassed and looked away from all of the times that I have been baited to the store, and then something switched when I arrive. bait-and-switch

    I live local to this dispensary, and have been going to this dispensary off and on for about two and a half or so years. It is very beneficial to have the medicine I need this close to me. But numerous times, with proper communication on my end, I have come to this dispensary and have been treated poorly, and receive no proper explanations of why things are the way they are. ” Information on products from harvest time,thc content,in-depth information about medicinal effects and properties, reasons on extreme fluctuations of prices”. In this time, I have had few good experiences at this store. I’ve even noticed over this time of employees who have quit do to lack of structure in this medical marijuana dispensary.

    I would very much so like a response from either the owner or whatever manager there might be, since I’m always getting the runaround from employees in the storefront. Proper businesses in this world will only operate with proper communication. Without proper communication one can physically only go so far.

  468. sasroberts

    friendly atmosphere good product!

  469. momtyson3

    Great shop with knowledgeable bid tender and great meds.

  470. Troublesome364

    great staff.. fire meds

  471. Keniino24

    Bombest selection of meds, Coolest bud tenders you’d find anywhere. Definitely becoming an everyday loyal customer after my first visit.

  472. rwinans88

    Wam rocks are bomb! Great service and flower selection as well!!

  473. chicagojay12

    great selection. never too busy. moonrocks for the low. need I say more??

  474. Ascedillya

    These people are so sweet! They’re fast and efficient, too. This is honestly one of my favorite dispensaries.

  475. dustmuffin76

    Great fun friendly staff and gooooooood flower!

  476. jamesm95

    cool place that popped up good quality buds and i like the prices and specials on everything. definatelyvworth to check out

  477. jenngonzales

    Good buds nice people

  478. bologna72692

    The budtenders make you feel comfortable..Anthony and Kim are really good down to earth people! and the selections and everyday deals are GREAT!! Grand daddy purp is my favorite!!.

  479. ToastyT

    Came here first couple days it opened great place love the staff, the bud is super fire and 25$ eighths are so bomb. My go to dispensary 10/10 dY”Y=

  480. PMiller

    Perfect location. Only thing that would make it better would be if I lived next door lol. One can only dream.

  481. blyates

    flower never disappoints. deals are always good.

  482. bfjl86

    I love the $5 pre-rolls! I’m going again tomorrow because I need another! The budtenders are fantastic also! The dispensary room is a bit sparse but well organized. And the waiting room has a cool metal modern art piece.

  483. jimdock67

    great service but quality is lacking most of the strains are mediocre aside there gorilla glue 4 is great but is miss labled it isnt an indica dominant hybrid it is a sativa dominate hybrid

  484. MatrixRhell37

    Great location, only 5 min away and great products. Awesome staff and knowledgable

  485. Wally623

    great shop. great buds and good customer service

  486. Swag68

    I love that the flowers are not prepackaged and that you pay only for what weight you purchase.

  487. allisonrogers29

    Bomb deals always! Best dispo!

  488. AHansen11

    good stuff

  489. spz14u

    Very friendly staff and great customer service

  490. Dalek

    Dope place. The Venom rep there today was great, and dang the GDP sugar is out of this world. dY’1/2 Much love as always family of WAM.

  491. lowwsuz

    Can’t complain, they have some of the best cosentrates I’ve tried and their prerolls are on point. I would recommend this dispensary to anyone looking for quality meds! I will be back soon!

  492. GradyJr32

    I remember when this place first opened they had the best moonrocks and buds, but I went to WAM last Sunday, picked up some Cookies OG and Gelato that they had and I was so disappointed with the quality. Also the prices for the medicines is too damn expensive and buds seem dry.

  493. Stoneybolonee

    I’m always treated with respect at WAM and the place is super chill it’s roomy and even has a bathroom. CANDYLAND MOONROCKS. I bought a gram one night to try it and bought an eighth the next day. I’m a HEAVY SMOKER and never buy moon rocks thats how DANK it is. Like cali style. Pack ur bowl with a one hitter and sit back and relax.

  494. lexi44

    Great place to get some flower and wam rocks are awesome!

  495. Pothead8583

    great spot the flowers always fresh and the staff is super friendly also the new weekend hours are awesome would definitely recommend to everyone

  496. yankeered2k6

    Great quality, great staff, they just opened and they have great deals too. 100mg edible cookie was my first purchase and it was fresh and great tasting. You guys need music or a radio or something going. Way too quiet and awkward in the waiting room.

  497. Hman44

    I love coming here… the concentrate prices are great and the staff is always friendly. Highly recommend!

  498. briannaleearezzi

    Love this place , amazing bud . Friendly helpful people.

  499. SourWolfTg

    Wow above and beyond customer service. To be purely honest Aaron is a top notch budtender. I will always come back for the amazing flower and great customer service with a smile! Thank you Aaron! Also service rep Anthony is always friendly!

  500. romeocricket

    if you live on the west side you have to visit WAM. Best
    Bud Tenders in town. every one is so nice.

  501. tquinio

    Best place around. Thanks for adding the happy hour, you guys are always finding more ways for the patients to save some money or to stock up on there favorite strain. Always great friendly service.

  502. kmkosar

    I really enjoyed the wax that I got from here and the first time patient pre-roll was tasty and strain specific! Overall a good experience with this dispensary. The only reason I gave the quality 4 stars instead of 5 is because the packaging for their wax is not ideal. It came wrapped up in plastic and the wax was really hard to get off of it because the wax was so soft. I even had trouble getting all the wax off the plastic after freezing it to try to make the wax easier to work with. I got most of it off, but ended up having to throw some away that wouldn’t come off the wrapper. Other than that, I have no complaints. Great dispensary and very friendly!

  503. anthonycali89

    place is awesome an George aka chiesel is one great budtender the mgr D is always so nice great place to get bud

  504. Smokeking69

    great spot the staff is really friendly and the flowers always fresh would definitely recommend to everyone

  505. dreww031

    wax is fire

  506. lukegotstrainz

    I go here strictly for wax and everytime I go the same girl with the gold hoop earrings & blonde type hair is always trying to rush me to the point where I can’t even decide what I want.(mind you it’s never busy ever in here the most people I’ve ever seen waiting at a time when I come is 2) Your job is to help me select the medicine I need and DO NOT RUSH ME INTO BUYING SOMETHING I DONT WANT…& EVERYTIME THIS HAPPENS WITH HER!!!!!! Probably won’t come back after dealing with her bs customer service

  507. happygamer94

    Come here for Moon Rock’s an my my was I very impressed at 25 a gram you can not go wrong with a 8th an some Bruce banner #3 to have a high quality high

  508. Renzomenzo18

    I am very disappointed to arrive home, open the bag and I was shaking badly, took out My gram of concentrates to have them slip and shatter on the tile because it was so hard to open. I am so disappointed, I’m myself for not asking why the he’ll someone would sell a product in a container which is not user friendly nor safe, both jars shattered and shards went all over except where the wax held. Smh waste of energy for people who don’t have any =[

  509. Brian623az

    This dispensary is my all time favorite! Can’t get enough of those WAM rocks! Definitely will be returning.

  510. az420gal

    apparently if you give them a 1 star and call this place out on their horrible customer service and how they perpetuate the stoner stereotype, your review won’t be posted. I am a medical patient, I came here to find quality medication. I personally don’t trust a budtender that not only is high while working, but gloats about it and every other word coming out of his mouth was the F word. not professional at all!!! And don’t even get me started on the rude guy at the front that took my card. this dispensary is one of the most ghetto I have ever been to so far. avoid this place if you are looking for a professional establishment. I won’t be back. Now let’s see if THIS review is allowed on their site…..

  511. bubsygum

    awesomeness all around staff environment and product

  512. alexismeier

    It convent and comfortable environment and staff is always friendly make you feel
    Right at home they have specials everyday and the pre roll or the bomb and great price.

  513. KingCap1

    Originally went for ftp perks. Super convenient and had me in and out quickly. Plus love the fact of how late they’re open til.

  514. smiley28

    Moon rocks pineapple express is very nice all there Moon Rock’s are fire in an out service

  515. Eileen123

    wonderful prices for great meds! friendly staff. nice comfortable waiting area. will definitely come back soon!

  516. dansbyjo

    Great Place for good rocks. Charlotte’s Web saved my knees.

  517. Itzobi

    Mid grade meds sold at top dollar prices. The same strains always on sale. Several employees with attitude problems. Grams weighed exactly to 1.0. Dissapointing

  518. babygirrl29

    This is one of my favorite spots around. Mona and Mark are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet! Great prices on all of their products! I even got a free cookie dYa and tank top on 420 dY$?~dY>>dY$?(c)! They really are the best! Thanks!

  519. West123

    Love this place good weed good products

  520. elmaschingon710

    never felt better than coming here great deals awesome place a little far but great time

  521. chiefer88

    great place and Sunday funday is awesome

  522. chaseman1

    I’m VERY disappointed. I made a special trip to take advantage of my LOYALTY POINTS and grab my FREE 1/8th that I was told I earned next time I visited. Well next visit their computer systems were down so they wrote down what I spent. I was told I could get it my next visit. Well… I’m all excited with not a whole lot of money yet I know when I go pick up some wax I’ll have my 1/8th. Well ladies and gentlemen I went in so excited the guy rang me up I asked about my 1/8th. He said you only have 22 points. I said that’s impossible I’ve spent 100 every week. He said when their computer went down they lost everyone’s information. He didn’t even offer me a preroll…. I’m very sad but if I have to pay a buck or two more I will I will save that in gas. I will go to where my LOYALTY is appreciated…. I saw the guy before me just walk out… sounds like there’s some issues. Buyer BEWARE!!!

  523. nickblick

    Prices are too high, an the tender was rude an told me he could not give me fresh buds till all the old dry ones were sold! Worst place. Same cause it’s a nice place and location.

  524. nballin

    WAM thank for the frinedly service and great prices on Flower dY’OE

  525. laurenjune

    Love it here. The general manger is so sweet.

  526. verokcard

    First time here yesterday and Drake was helping me out, but helpful would not be a word I would use to describe him. He seemed annoyed by my questions and gave me no customer service whatsoever. I have never had any bad experience from any dispensary before, I did not feel comfortable, I felt judged and dude tells me I get a free preroll with whatever I get today and then bc he forgot to enter it tried to tell me I don’t get until my next visit, I may have been nice and said okay, but I am not coming back to this place. I left so pissed off.

  527. brady9393

    Fun chill environment

  528. Mack52RN4L

    Great flower and the moon rocks hit the spot enjoyed the budtenders info on strains overall a great place I’ll be here a couple times a week

  529. cassie1234

    love this place

  530. matt711

    Great prices on shatter and oz! Defiantly recommend Pineapple Express and chiesel

  531. 2cheynz

    Love the birthday cake wax and the Clementine is really sweet!!! I want it forever

  532. 420baybee08

    I love the staff dY~%0 they know me by name

  533. dianasdesk

    wam has great friendly service & top products

  534. n_e_1_420

    great shop good meds always happy and helpful staff

  535. damadge83

    the location is great but the flower quality needs some work a little in my opinion I’ve been here a few times and the flower is always dry as hell and not top shelf it looks and taste like a mid-grade shelf at most but not bad for a new dispensary I’ve seen alot that have been open for years and have worst flower. But the moon rocks are definitely on point also i like how the price you see is the price you pay.

  536. Sadmac84

    always fast, always great even in the rain. great shatter

  537. paidinfull1k

    The wam rocks are fire

  538. cassieo29

    Great service an great flower love the wax as well….. defiantly keep going back…..

  539. misscupcakebby420

    Shout out to the dude sorry I forgot your name, but thank you again for making my first time in less nerve-wracking for me after the day I had endured. Much needed and appreciated that you took the time to talk to me about my day and recommend some good flowers. This is what WAM is about you guys highly recommend going in. The shops layout I personally like because its not over whelming for someone like me who has high anxiety. Check them out wont leave disappointed! Thanks again WAM!! dY~

  540. Whoknewu

    Hell yeah if you have not checked out W.A.M your missing out. They got killer deals rn. And I came in today and saw that my favorite bud tender was back! Cassandra. Go to her. She knows her stuff. And is great to talk to you and honestly good to look at. Hit this place up and go to her.

  541. cruzenation15

    get better buds and better deals. no wonder everyone goes to swell 1 mile up the road and fresher medical products.

  542. bahdahbing602

    Great service here with quality products. Pineapple Express moon rock was amazing. Definitely coming back again.

  543. hallayah

    awesome place

  544. CountingBananas

    Love this place! A and D are phenomenally well-educated budtenders. Super friendly, great atmosphere and typically a quick stop. Also, a perfect location! Nothing like being able to pick up quality meds and tacos at the same time!

  545. jesseca.gadson

    Good place and close by! Loved the pineapple WAM rocks . making a stop by there today 🙂

  546. P3CC4V1

    love you guys talk have come a long way and I love your special

  547. Washingtonj35

    This location has the truth! I stop thru yesterday and picked up girl scout dYa and it was the real cookies! I really appreciate the quality because I don’t feel like I wasted my dY’deg. Thanks you guys so much!

  548. Ahill710

    pretty decent dispensary with cheap wax prices, chill staff, usually the wax is alright but this last time I went in for the $20 grams of wax I was pretty disappointed. I had got a gram of what looks like pretty fire platinum flagship og but little did I know it wasn’t fully purged before getting it. I’m not complaining about the potency, but every single dab I’ve taken of this kind has sizzled like fucking bacon. I’ve never had this issue with the other waxes here, they’ve been fine but I can’t recommend the platinum flagship. The Granddaddy, gorilla glue, 9lb hammer and really all the shatters/pull and snaps are pretty good, low prices and some of the flower is bomb, like the flagship og weed is pretty dank, just don’t get the flagship og wax

  549. rudylexy13

    Great staff, close to home, great deals.

  550. lisaloveS2

    always great service

  551. Angel247

    love it here at W.A.M the deals are great the service is excellent lets not forget the meds they are dY’PS

  552. kcraine31194

    WAM was the first dispensary I have ever gone too, and it is by far my favorite. The staff is friendly and their selections are superb.

  553. rightous1

    wam is one of my favorite dispensaries because of their oz deals and awesome selection.

  554. BigManiac1

    Love this spot.. Needs more bud tenders and more variety.. Overall best spot in the West Valley

  555. megss8552

    I absolutely love Wickenburg Alternative Medicine! Wonderful quality medication and the staff is always great!

  556. Limo777

    Thanks for the free gram 1st time patient. Enjoy the head cheese very friendly and clean atmosphere looking forward to coming back. From limo 7

  557. ChadW7

    Wam always comes through with quality product and a friendly staff and I know it’s going to be a good experience every time I go. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good dispensary

  558. MagdaP

    Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff.

  559. nmcfkb17

    Great dispo and staff

  560. thebeekeeper420

    Fire every time dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  561. soniagrs

    The best Quality, Prices and Service.

  562. dlsmith

    The two guys working were great. Product was good and will come back.

  563. sarahlove23

    Good deals on wax

  564. n.Pars45

    Shout out to my girl DeAnna!!! dY~~dY~~
    Went in for the first time and got this sweet ass BOGO deal, buds are decent price and good quality, plus they sell moon rocks!! It’s a small shop but it’s really comfortable and I LOVE the big marijuana leaf in the lobby!!

  565. lapancha

    I love this place!! The wax here is cheap and it’s fire . The staff members are polite and friendly!

  566. Veryponglenis

    The location is close to me and the quality is amazing. The people are always friendly and the flower always looks nice. I have been there twice now and will be back soon.

  567. skyblue76

    Great staff. Knowledgeable and helpful
    Good sale prices

  568. nickhaze23

    WAM is my go to dispensary. Great flower and good concentrates. WAM rocks are amazing!!!

  569. anthony888

    Love this place!!!

  570. papabrett


  571. tan2160027

    Picked up some Gorilla Glue concentrate, helps great with my back pain and anxiety. This was recommended by one of the stellar bud tenders. Thanks for taking care of the vets!

  572. Kayte8

    Absolutely love this place! So compassionate and giving..you can tell they genuinely care about the people that come to them for medicine..

  573. sweetbuzz

    This is my favorite dispensary! The staff here is the best! They’ve awesome bud quality at low prices. Always in/out fast!

  574. herbculture420

    i continuously go here. its great for flowers dY’ and the staff is superb.

  575. Tanjaj

    This is the second time I have been in (recently) and the sales do not match what is displaying online. I’m tired of wasting my time to drive out and NOT get the sales that I THINK are advertised. Someone needs to pay more attention to when you need to update the websites in order to display in a timely fashion. Other dispensaries don’t seem to have this problem. On another note, no one in this a location likes to answer the phone. I tried to call yesterday before I drove up and got voicemail only. Get it together guys. You have a good location and plenty of customers but your business processes need serious attention.

  576. ladytritri

    the lemon of is fire!!

  577. winked101

    one of the best places for my favorite strain…Wonderful budtenders

  578. tasiarenee20

    Great experience.. loved my products… on my way back for more 😉

  579. Kevinkj777

    nice place great meds nice staff i will be back Kevin Loud 1

  580. vegaxo

    I used to run all over the Valley for my meds. Never again!
    It’s fast, friendly , and the staff is professional and knowledgable.

  581. robkat

    Stopped by again today and I know I’m gonna enjoy stuff but I got some headcheese concentrate and it turned into a distant is consistency does not go well with it’s plastics hold, even after cooling it retained severe gold on the plastic and when I added strength to get it off it pressed through the plastic and smeared wax all over my desk,
    Ask about the consistency is my advice and what kind of packing.

  582. pardyhardy

    concentrate was ok. two of the strains I got were good (9lb hammer,green crack) but the pineapple express was horrible taste and sizzles pretty crazy!

  583. RjN13

    I have been trying to find moonrocks that didn’t cost an arm or leg and finally I have! I’ll definitely be back for more moonrocks!

  584. stefankirkendall

    $$$ Good wax at a great price $$$

  585. Cornfeld

    great dispensary. definitely not condescending dooshes. weeds good too

  586. tbrown5804

    Great place. Super good selection!

  587. tdogg2284

    anyone in here saying the headcheese og is fire is lying if you are a smoker you know it was the worst weed i ever had that had a decent smell and if i could just smell it and not smoke it i would be just fine with that this store needs to stop advertising this strain its literally horrible and people need to start being more honest on here just to get a free gift people are spending there hard earned money and the last thing i want to see is someone lying a out weed not cool at all

  588. hippiesoldier420

    wam rocks are awesome, got free meds for buying a bunch. thanks for the freebie!!

  589. Dollarboy80

    One of the best dispensaries in town for customer service. They answer all your questions and are kind about it!

  590. CRA1981

    I love this place. Very helpful and always fast service. Everyone is nice!

  591. Stichamp

    I was in on Friday. George took my order and was super knowledgeable. The whole staff kicks ass. Great meds also!!!

  592. tessi

    staff is always friend. kick ass Sunday Monday pre roll deals. WAM

  593. avcontreras

    I will be stopping by this amazing place today, bud tenders are very polite and courteous.

  594. sidneyj23

    A lot of dispensaries have $75 ounces, but none like WAM. I run and get one the moment my allotment allows. Not budget strains.

  595. 41jones

    best product in town

  596. octixstar

    I always get wonderful service and information from George, Brianna, Aaron, Nick, Ms. Dee. I have tried several products from WAM and have never been disappointed. I look forward to my visit to the Wam family everytime. I can have a so-so day and then I’ll visit Wam and my whole day will change to something great. Thanks as always.

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