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1633 S. Hwy 92, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635


31.5387568, -110.2567183




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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15 reviews for “Sierra Vista Phytoceuticals

  1. CaseyJ0nes

    This place is AWFUL, I always leave here upset and feeling like I was screwed over. I live in Sierra Vista and refuse to go here unless I have no other option. I’ve been to every dispensary in Tucson, the Benson and Bisbee dispensaries, several in Phoenix and several out of state and this is by far the WORST dispensary I’ve ever visited. I would recommend making the drive to Tucson or literally anywhere else to avoid experiencing this place’s negativity. Their prices are outrageous considering their consistently low quality flower and concentrates, they do not include tax or offer any sort of deals or discounts so you ALWAYS pay more than you expect, and their customer service is abysmal. I was threatened to be kicked out of the dispensary when I asked a bud tender what he recommended for best flavor because aEURoenon-recreational states aren’t supposed to enjoy their meds or use them that wayaEUR, I am not exaggerating here, I HATE this place more than I thought was possible for somewhere that supplies legal marijuana. To the residents of Sierra Vista with their cards, ALWAYS GO ELSEWHERE.

  2. BenjaminBudden

    As a cannabis industry professional, I’ve worked in dozens of shops and grows. By far, Sierra Vista Phytoceuticals is the best dispensary in southern Az. Their product is all organic, soil grown, well trimmed, and patiently cured. Their budtenders are knowledgable, which is rare, and while not every batch can be the best, their best product is absolute fire, all for $10 bucks a gram. I won’t buy product from anywhere else. Integrity is rare in this game, and this group has their game on lock.

  3. ptosis

    Overpriced but get want you’re paying for ‘live’ KIND Blue Dream 500mg – go on the day it’s 20% off of $48

  4. princslisa

    i went on here the other day and the girls working in there were smoking the vape pens that they sell in there . how wack

  5. misntxs2

    This establishment has been active for 3 years and is still behind on basic services. I challenge anyone to find a current online menu available anywhere. Substandard services here.

  6. FMD8827

    Unlike most businesses, this shop never has a solid answer on when they are getting product in. Starting to think that they aren’t getting product because they are a low grade dispensary. Been told for over a week that they “will be getting that in soon” and can never get a reliable answer. It’s like dealing with someone on the street in that I can’t get what I need and get offered flower when I can’t use it in that form. Thanks for being a space filler SV Phytotherapeutics.

  7. support44

    Extremely great products and phenomenal service. I love coming here! Plus they had Veterans Day specials, which were appreciated.

  8. murillasar


    This morning as I walked in to the dispensary, Matt’s good friend was first in line. I had thrown my card through the window and asked his friend if he was going to put his card there. After observing Matt throw my card back through the window we had a few choices words (jokingly I thought). I was then sent to the back room where i waited until his friend was done. I then walked up to the window and was threatened and informed by Matt that “if I ever walked up and talk to him like that again…”
    so on and so on…. I said to him ” I have nothing to say to you Matt.”

    He then refused my business and threw my card at me.

    I will NEVER again visit this dispensary, EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE… NOT w/ this employee !!!


    I know… a $10 gram is nothing compared to his friend’s purchase , and you’ll recover from this review, which really sucks!

    Oh and BTW B’karov etzlech (f.) B’karov etzlecha (m.) B’ezrat HaShem

    Translation: Soon so shall it be by you, With God’s help!

  9. galactica

    When in Sierra Vista, do as the Sierra Vistans

    Business brings me to Sierra Vista on occasion. For that reason I decided to visit and get myself registered with this dispensary. If you’re from SV then you already know this place. For those from out of the area, Sierra Vista is in Cochise County, in Southeastern Arizona. Population is about 40k.

    This is how my first attempt at registering went a couple months back. After a full work day I drove across town and arrived at the dispensary 20 minutes before closing. Google maps put me at the parking lot next door. The dispensary door is located on the side on the building, not facing street. Access was good otherwise, lots of parking. As I entered a patient had just filled a prescription. First waiting are, and I guess the area for guests, was small with a fews chairs. Went up to the window, dropped my credentials throughout the safety slot. Without a chance to speak, the attendant buzzed me in immediately to the next room. This was much larger waiting space for clients. Clean, lounge, with resource reading materials. After a few minutes I was lead to the next room, a small aEURoefloweraEUR counter. At this point I told the budtender I was new, first time. At which point that mood saddened. The told me there was no time to register me, and asked if I could return tomorrow. Past registration forms I’ve filled took just a couple minutes, so I assumed there was a lot of work to do on their end.

    Latest visit went down a bit more successfully. Arrived just after noon. Same process, credentials at the window, I was asked if this was my first visit. Registered and proceeded through to the flower counter. Oddly, the counter has not flower visible. On the counter sat a lit of available strains. A short menu. I inquired about specials. I was informed of the aEURoeToobieaEUR special, two plastic tube containers filled with two grams of shredded flower. Having accomplished the registration I decided to take the special and leave the buds for another day. I prefer to take my time at the flower counter and today there was a long drive ahead of me. The staff on this visit was way more courteous and attentive – than those sassy kids in the evening shift of my first visit. If you happen to be in the Sierra Vista area you should pay these folks a visit. They take care of their patients in SV and that’s a great thing. Besides, Cochise County is just a beautiful place!

  10. EddySr06

    Small but very friendly. Usually always stocked. Love em

  11. InkGirl

    While in Sierra Vista today I stopped byfor my first visit. Staff was friendly, liked the set up, prices were reasonable. I like to try new places when I am out and about, especially when I am more than a few miles from home. See ya next month! And thank you to the staff, for being patient, polite and friendly.

  12. Vtec420

    nice. little spot good medicine

  13. Princefall

    Dry flower.

  14. mobetterbudder

    I came here with very low expectations, considering the reviews here. Seriously, I do not know what they are talking about. I was seen by a guy named James, who quickly and efficiently got what I wanted and recommended something new. This is not some sockpuppet review from one of their fans — I literally created this account to specifically counteract the negative — and, to my mind, wrong reviews. I didn’t review dispensaries before because why would you, but now I kind of realize it’s important to at least balance out the very negative with what I saw — quick service, friendly and apparently very sorry for the one guy people don’t like. The other guy, James, works four days a week. This place is solid and the price is right.

  15. Lickem

    Great bud. Crappy prices and virtually no regard for customer ease and comfort.

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