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9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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I17 at W. Thunderbird Rd just off the exit at 2814 W. Thunderbird Rd.
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753 reviews for “YiLo Superstore

  1. lunchbox

    this place has no privacy to their Windows lol u can look straight inside lol. the wax looked horrible there and will definitely not spend my monies on bs concentrates. the edidles are priced the same as any where else so I fail to see why they are a Yilo Superstore…. it’s like having a Costco that’s the same prices as safeway. another thing is that they don’t take care of their veterans. no specials or deals. the bud was all dry and prepackaged like pot can be treated like candy. it really made for a dry experience. you can definelty tell,the scam is in the price cuz 27 eighth is some dry stuff lmao. plus the fact it’s prepackaged they probably have to lower the price because it lost weight as well… really disappointing these idiots are legal..

  2. kingkong1000000

    This place is killing it! The flower keeps getting better and the prices keep getting lower. Quick and friendly too. Keep up the good work!!

  3. discospider

    I can’t believe I have only been here once, I will only go to a different shop of this one is closed. Prices are better thank anyone in town. the gummies and flower I got where amazing quality and lasted for the entire time I needed them to.
    Do your self a favor and shop here from now on.

  4. cliffjr83

    Very good edibles and large assortment of choices and strengths.

  5. Butterfly79

    I miss this place, moved to other side of town however I’m going to make the trip for the 1/8 of shake everyone keeps talking about.

  6. Cersi82

    They were all welcoming and informative.

  7. koshka

    Have gone once ans would not return. Medicine quality was poor and dry. awful actually

  8. Noxet

    They sometimes buy other growers product and it’s wrong. I bought Blue Dream about a month ago but it tasted/smelled/looked nothing like Blue Dream. As that’s my favorite strain I know it by heart. Be careful buying strains here as that happened to me with Blackberry as well. Every other time has been okay though. Also expect lots of stems, their cutters are rather bad, they rarely have full buds in 1/8s, usually all small buds with lots of stems. I do come here a lot since it’s so close but they need to fix a lot of things, in my opinion. Hard to beat their prices but quality leaves something to be desired.

  9. Nnttcc44

    The worst customer service I have experienced in a long time. I will never return.

  10. Moondust44

    The best edibles anywhere i have seen so far and inexpensive flower

  11. MrMelo420

    Love you guys but please go back to listing your daily strain as i check off and on throughout the day and would hate to call five times a day hoping for a top shelf strain to find it’s way down to $152.00 an ounce. Just can’t beat it. But I am picky and can’t drive all the way out there for a haze or poison.
    Thanks for all you do you guys and gals are really the best in the valley of the slums

  12. 420JJ420

    Service was great and very fast . The staff was very friendly and enthusiastic. The Gods bud was not good at all. Very dry and did not taste good. Tasted like reg. I will re visit to try other strains.

  13. Phenomenal7Sky

    great flower

  14. Bwilliams95

    every time I visit it’s a great experience. everyone is polite and chill. the manager Amanda is so awesome!!!!

  15. StEvEsGiRl15

    only for emergency stops, not good service at all especially the chick with tatts and bandana totally rude don’t know what she’s talking about with her strains I give them a 2

  16. Way2dawn

    Great place, very helpful will be going there from now on

  17. love2laugh35

    last 2 days been there for strain of day both days very good will be back

  18. jenkh

    I like the customer service and the variety of products. Unfortunately for me their products aren’t very good quality. I’ve tried their edibles a few times I’ve bought directly from their dispensary and another dispensary that sells their products) and these are the only edibles I’ve ever tried where I didn’t feel any effects at all.
    I also tried several different flower strains and was disappointed. I tried a strain that I love at another dispensary, but the Yilo version was not nearly as potent.
    The staff was friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere was nice inside of the dispensary. It felt more open and roomy compared to some of the other dispensaries I’ve been to.

  19. LeroyBrown420

    I love visiting new stores. Yilo was easy to find and the staff was very welcoming. Great prices large selection and the quality (so far) is fantastic. Newbies get a FREE edible.

    The bad, our Bud Tender had not tried most of their inventory, offered a discount that was not given and mixed up our order. I ended up with a sample that I did not want and was missing the one that I really wanted to try.

    Overall, good product at a very reasonable price. Just remember to check your order and remind them about any discounts or specials.

  20. Sabrina1955

    I only been to this dispensary 2 times and the prices are cheap but the flower has hella seeds. I didn’t get my change last time which was $4.69 And the boss has a attitude problem. I will never go here again unless I’m running short on cash . Bartender cheats u out your change and I called only for him to tell me that she charged me the wrong price for one of my flowers. But I can go get my change that was due to me…. Ill make that my last resort on medication ….

  21. Hemigirl

    I love the openness, the location , but most of all the knowledge the employees have.
    Popsicles are awesome.

  22. cwelshei

    If you have high expectations in flower than this is not the best place for you. HOWEVER, I found peace with their Maui Wowie and it is honestly a very great bud compared to all of their others. Great edibles but expensive, though you do get what you pay for here!

  23. camparmiger

    Easy to find, friendly atmosphere, what a nice dispensary should be.

  24. jozerblazin420

    best place so far

  25. chrisrotellalovesindica

    This was the fanciest place I’ve been to and edibles for days it was a great experience and can’t wait to come back

  26. TiffanyW86

    My 1st visit I was treating very nicely,
    The staff was very friendly from the time I walk threw the front door until the time I was leaving, I will refer others about this location.

  27. RicoSuave1996

    GREAT place for a location! Its by far the closest to my home now within a mile radius. I love everything about this location, especially the staff and how many edibles they have. Not to mention they have plants growing inside which is cool!

  28. chocovitalis

    Gotta give 5 stars for the service alone. Jared dropped mad knowledge and knew what kind of treatment is best for post concussion symptoms. Amazing product and great prices.

  29. usernamex2

    They have a great selection of glass and vapes. I went for some shatter but am always glad to see dispensaries bridging the gap between smokeshops. HUGE selection of edibles. a Variety of decent looking flowers. But I got a gram of co2 extracted Herojuana. It almost smells like Tiger Balm which scared me. But I took 2 dabs and it’s very smooth. I would recommend checking them out.

  30. wendash

    heard about some great specials, be back to visit real soondY~Z

  31. rey326

    Stopped by last night for the first time. Was met by a tall drink of water, I believe her name was Amanda. Super pleasant person and her energy was chill. She was knowledgeable about their products and her customer service top notch.

    The storefront is.. in the early stages…
    One thing I personally don’t appreciate is the clear view from outside – in. Not enough privacy in there for me.

    The meds… Dutch Treat was amazing, the ftp deal was a free edible, I chose a Popsicle that tasted like a sour apple jolly rancher, it was pleasant. And I have yet to try the Super Lemon Haze but based off the DT, I’m hoping for good things.

    Good meds, hot staff, & decent location

    Not very private and they do not carry concentrates, yet.

  32. TBru83083

    I really like the store, it was clean organized, and plenty of products to choose from. It was my first visit and decided to take advantage of the bogo on yilo product option. I bought 2
    .500 yilo GDP carts and I am not disappointed, really enjoying them. They do wonders for lower back pain and really help you get some great sleep. I gave the quality a 4/5 only because i also purchased a gram of White Fire 43 and it was super dried out. However the taste, potency and effects were as advertised and very good. Really like the place and will return for their renowned edibles! And I must say the staff was wonderful, very nice, very knowledge and very friendly.

  33. ashes4me

    The selection is top notch!! I had some ATF from them and let’s just say I should have gotten WAY MORE. Hopefully they will let me know when it comes back!! The price is great for what you get. Keep in mind this is the edible hub if you like to eat your meds this is also the one stop shop.

  34. asdgoju

    wow yilo great come back!!! went here when they first opened and the bud was poor.right now looks like they changed growers.got some real good medicen in.g13 haze and the Hawaiian are great!!

  35. kyle108108

    Love the employees great store!

  36. waynelegge1

    what to say about yilo. that’s tuff because so much is done right in this place. you have to go check it out. and meet the staff there amazing. shout out to Donna Amanda Lexus and Miguel. you guys make this place great along with all the others. thank you for everything you guys do.

  37. gnanderson05

    Friendly staff. My main go to dispensary. Love the Dutch Hawaiian, but not available often enough!!

  38. Zacharyjohn

    Real nice employees. Always satisfied with the meds that they help me chose. In and out in no time. I’m coming back.

  39. jd777

    I’ve been here and should have walked out instead of feeling bad that the poor girl had to try and sell this stuff as medicine. So I bought a gram.. it seems the flower hasn’t changed based off the dozens off reviews I’ve read. It seems staff is aware that they dont have quality flower or concentrates as one worker replied to a review with “Now, as far as the strains are concerned, if you’re an Indica person we have GDP and Herijuana. In Sativa, we have Great White Shark and Green Crack. If none of those strains do anything for you (effectively speaking) then the wax or concentrate won’t either.” and they also described getting a free pre roll for a review as bribery and they dont participate in that, that they want honest reviews. Well every place I’ve left a good review for, for a free pre roll has had me come back repeatedly not only for the pre roll but for their top quality buds. You don’t give as you call “freebies”. But you still expect people to be loyal to you when you can’t be loyal to us and give back once a month. I’m surprised this place is’nt vacant or bought out yet.

  40. Jules1111

    Yilo is the dispensary where “everybody knows your name”. The entire staff takes the time to get to know you and your needs. They greet me by name when I walk in the door, & adorable Bud tenders; Amanda & Corey will always go out of their way for me. Besides my love of the staff, the flower is amazing too!! Yilo introduced to me a strain called MOOSE & LOBSTER last week, which quickly sold out. It is hands down, the best weed I’ve ever smoked. They are scrambling to restock it, so when you get the chance, you must try, Moose & Lobster and YILO.
    I love You Yilodians.

  41. BostontoAZ

    Fun, innovative, great selection.

  42. Koveman

    The grams are popcorn, but what can you expect? Otherwise, the budtenders are awesome and if you want big buds, just ask. I’ve found that they are knowledgeable . They will make sure you get big buds. I normally get one eighth with one nug.

  43. MightyQ420

    Went with a friend to check it out for the first time. Very nice place. Incredibly friendly employees. Was just looking for some cheaper bud to use up with multiple people. I ended up getting the strain of the day, which nobody around can beat their price. I definitely got what I payed for though. Very dry and harsh bud. My buddy also picked up some hash and that was delicious! I will just have to try the top shelf some time. I’ll be back sooner or later.

  44. Suzybell

    I am very disappointed that YiLo owners don’t send out notifications about specials for that day/week. All the other dispensaries do. And they give Sr/Vet discounts, you don’t! (Missed a special last week, VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!) I love their CBD rings, so I do need to frequent your store, but please, get with the times, Mr.Lo. Use electronics to communicate with your customers. Really bad business!!

  45. jazminedragonfly

    I dY’~ love the set up of this dispensary so much. It’s like a “regular store” the building size windows are wide open, so passer-by’s can look and see the whole operation, but can’t get into the back part of the dispensary where the medication is without a card. Great deals and the edible assortment is super AWESOME!

  46. gmamj

    I liked the wide variety of edibles.. Yilo makes the best as far as edibles go. I liked how you can shop for supplies. I did not like the packaging on the grams… too much tape on them and hard to open. The flower was pretty good but I have definitely had better… it was small buds that were not very dense. Can’t go wrong with the edibles though

  47. CircleJerk

    No privacy wth huge open windows, the samples were super stale like with a grass clippings smell, the clerk had never heard the description of spicy when asked about GDP, wound up with garbage GDP and some decent redwood Kush. Probably would give second chance but hire some people that know what’s up.

  48. jgbballin

    I have been to clinics all over thee valley this is by far one of the best ones all around great place

  49. futbol1021

    If you eat edibles you go here and the flower is decent on all levels.

  50. durbdurb56

    I. love. this. place. taylor . other. ladies. are. awesome meds are.

    highly. satisfifying. new. word. come
    on down. I dare ya. to. try. big. kahuna. omg. durbdurb56

  51. Mrsqueen

    awesome customer service great choice of flowers very good atmosphere

  52. Sheariw

    This location is very close to me and easy to get to. The staff is very helpful and patient. I don’t know much about edibles and the girl helping me took the time to explain and answer all my questions. I’m going back today!!

  53. rosmokesgoodpot420

    love this location. its got great products and amazing service.

  54. julianbrown

    Great store and wonderful service! One suggestion is to order a specific cases for vape cartridges. Please consider a slim hard case that has a flip top opening and padded interior. Muv used to sell this case. Perfect for purses, pockets and protecting medicine and battery. Several of my friends are looking for this case. Thank you!

  55. raywilson1192

    good places for flower

  56. orchidman

    Well this is my secoind review still like the place and the people there, the probvlem though is there were immature seeds in the LSD MMJ I picked up Sunday. Kind of a bummer since thats why I stopped going to a different disp. Well I will try again hopefully next time no seeds.

  57. Heat-loc

    8.99 is not a Deal when they are 7.00 everywhere else, just saying and top shelf @90% of the other places is 12.00

  58. HonestWorkingman

    Ok shopped Leafly for (1) Oz of PGSC. Found a location with product in stock. Price was clearly marked. ($251.68 per Oz) Called first to make sure product was in stock. (45 min drive one way) Was told about a free T shirt with $100 purchase. No shirts in stock! I was over charged. Total $278.88, FYI: No senior or military discount! I will not be returning. You can keep the shirt. Lots of outlets that don’t use false marketing.

  59. nzohermiz

    Amazing customer service

  60. Orly9er

    Friendly knowledgeable staff, great environment. Awesome prices, good selection.

  61. TxGirl254

    Yilo is the closest dispensary to me and really the only one within a ten minute drive from me.

  62. yoli77

    This was a really nice place. I love the big selections of edibles they have. Definitely will be returning.

  63. Doodler

    Honestly, this place is crap. I am reading these reviews and obviously these people don’t go anywhere else. their deals suck as they over charge the crap out of their products. I’ve been here 4 times and each time they are out of what I’m looking for. bottom line: if you want to pay $$$ for seedy, stemy flower then this is your spot. I have compared prices at other shops with the same strains and they are ripping you all off. NEVER coming back …dY’ZdY’ZdY’ZdY’ZdY’Z

  64. Bigmike1989

    Yilo edibles is were it’s at!!. Quality definitely needs some serious help… But otherwise good service and absolute beautiful ladies!!!……

  65. Nicebud

    First time in this place they have what they call a premium shelf but do have any of it tested for THC levels or bugs mites or fungus this place charges outrages prices for street weed witch is what this is when they can’t show you that there is no harmful issues with the Bud

  66. djskott

    FTP visit. The store is bright and open. Very Inviting! Staff was super friendly and professional. I was impressed that the store manager was quizzing an employee about prices. That’s good business, shows they are working on staffing knowledgeable people. I’ve had yilo Gummies in the past. They are on point but need major improvement on taste. Too much weed flavor. The chocolate is great. The next time I’m in N PHX I will stop in again. If there was a yilo shop in the East Valley (Mesa) I’d be wicked happy.

  67. dadjason0508

    The YILO Orange Mango drink is AMAZING with great effects! This is hands down my go to place for edibles. I NEED MEDICATED COFFEE GROUNDS PLEASE LOL

  68. ladik007

    I often visit this place and at first everything was well. Over time they got slower, they run specials forever. Hells fire been on special since I start d going. They are not accommodating to the patients when they don’t have to hat they advertise. I believe we spend too many money and time to get carded to not to be able to purchase what we want a n grams or eights. Why do they decide what to sale in what weight. It will be a long time before I visit again

  69. kaywesttt

    Yilo Honey Elixir has changed my life right now. I’m on my period and was literally dying from pain. Made tea with a few spoonfuls of this and by the end of the cup I’m writing this in BLISS AND COMFORT.

  70. stephanyhollatz

    I loved the customer service here. I want to thank Jerrod personally! he was very informative and made me realize I will definitely be back. thank you!

  71. Angel247

    good meds friendly environment

  72. lrkorn73

    Yilo; is one of the coolest dispensaries I have ever been to. The art and ease is great. The shark shock was off the chart. Great work!

  73. HerbHerbenstein

    GREAT Place. Lots of options and quality. Why get a cheap emerald when you can get a quality DIAMOND!!!

  74. Najune

    love going to this place quick and people are as in employee’s are great!

  75. Greggy18

    Chill atmosphere, I’m always in and out, and love the deals

  76. Jinxie143

    i love that Yilo has $68 half oz. i drive from avondale to get it here.

  77. spjrit

    TRIED THE MILK CHOCOLATE BAR// SKATEBOARDED FOR HOURS FEELING GROOVY// so many wonderful things to say about the BAR however im currently in traffic // will be back soon LEAFLY ! and after that even more detail concerning bars and gummies on the ALTI ARTIS BLOG http://www.spjrit.com POST SCRIPT this subliminal msg presented by the committee to promote SPJRIT DOT COM

  78. Killerchilibear

    Great place! They’re open late and the staff is great. Minyon was extremely helpful and full of knowledge. The Pumpkin Pie Dream was fantastic and all the other edibles looked amazing. I’ll definitely be coming back.

  79. pancho12

    love the place and bud nice and honest down to earth even tho no free pre roll but it makes sense people would be getting free weed all the time just for reviews either way i was happy with my medication

  80. modernday9

    best shop

  81. Kbandin83

    Man what happened to your prices ? The quality is always hit and miss and raising the prices makes me disappointed.

  82. nina9

    There is Always a wait time and wax was terrible

  83. Lena

    Love this dispensary. Super friendly staff and always amazing prices!! Highly recommend this place!!

  84. NoseyNanny

    This was the very first dispensary I went to and they are my favorite. They are so welcoming and knowledgeable. The staff are very friendly and always answer any questions I have. I have learned so much from them. The variety of flower is also nice. I haven’t been to a different dispensary that has better quality or variety like Yilo does. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

  85. GradyJr32

    so much good flower there and I love that when you a new patient u get a free edible, I got the Chocolate Chip and the bonus thing about it the prices of their quarters are amazing. BubbleGum is the best there, but one budtender recommended the Blueberry Kush can’t wait to try it out. One of my favorite Dispensaries

  86. yazzieroberta

    Love this location and the staff. They are awesome and like their special on 1/8ths all day every day

  87. Golfnut004

    I really like it. Saw reviews about so so quality in flower. I got 9.99 tier of GDP. Definitely medicated me. Looking forward to next visit. I also have had my medical card for 20 years

  88. kady.j

    Everyone here was super sweet and helpful, and they have a wide selection of products. First time patients get a free edible, too (: . I will definitely be back.


    Super close.
    Amazing atmosphere.
    Lots of edibles.
    Honestly. It’s heaven

  90. msjanet3217

    I love th e atmosphere and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable.


    Best meds in town!

  92. blues1580

    Two words, Tourist Trap! I went here the first time and was disappointed in their flower and cartridges. Flower was dry, and the only decent ones are the $20 a gram tier. Second time I tries their refillable syringes that you squirt in an empty cartridge. It tasted like 100% the stuff they cut it with which is horrible with zero effects. This is my eighth year with a card and I know I will not give them a third visit. Sorry.

  93. uwillbuy

    Nice vibe here.. Second mmj stop since I got my card. Picked up a bunch of edi’s and got some freebies for Xmas and being a NP. I Recommend to experiment here!!

  94. katcollie

    great place, lots of different edible and strain choices. it’s my new dispensary.

  95. west75az

    first time visit was cool was greeted and felt welcomed i saw they had all kinds of deals but i was only there for one thing their CACTUS OG , definitely will be back also

  96. Lalston76

    great place and prices

  97. cbdhealth

    Great product with great deals. Best edibles too.

  98. JSound

    service and atmosphere were great butvthe flowers were horrible. I want there as it was where my little brother was shopping I was in a hurry so I thought I’d hit yilo and give it a try. I asked for a top shelf two different strains. I’ll admit I have a very high tolerance I smoke every 30 minutes to an hour and was a heroin and coke shooter for 15 years. I like 1 thing getting fuckn stoned and there buds didn’t do it. the edibles were ok but still I’ve been more stoned by street weed. anyways people were nice it deff felt like a hip hop hipster store not a place where people were weed freak hippys. still if your broke there 5.99 grand is like descent street weed. but honestly I’ve smoked Mexican regi that got me more stoned. the disspencery I normally go to 1. rates the weed scientific like and 2 even though the grams are 15 bucks they last twice as long. seriously last time I want to yilo my grand looked like half of what I usually get. I buy grand cause I like mixing weed. so some good here some bad. the edibles tested good the weed sucked.

  99. JenniferW80

    I have tried this place twice and both times I was disappointed… the flower was dry and the sale cartridges did not fit the standard batteries, only their specialty kit. I was not given a heads-up about this by the budtenders or I would not have bought their cartridges. I was really hoping this place would be great because it’s so close to my home but I will not be returning.

  100. stephani.haufek07

    Clean. Friendly employees. Open late.

  101. gonzalez102

    Awesome selection super chill crew working here. I will definitely be stopping in a lot more.

  102. Lotusherb

    I’m very familiar with this location, The staff is awesome and a great friendly environment. Recently I’ve recieved a cap and shirt for making purchases over $100.00. “If you wear your cap and shirt together and make another $100.00 purchase, you get a free 60mg consumable.” That’s really AWESOME, but I don’t feel comfortable letting people know I’m about to make a hundred dollar purchase and become a target to look out for. I noticed that there’s not always a security guard out front and there are times when I’m alone or with my daughter. There should be an option to allow the customers to not wear it if they’re not comfortable for whatever reason it may be without hassle.

  103. inquisitave101gmailcom

    Place looks Awesome!!! HUGE selection w/Wide range of flowers and the staff is super friendly and knows their stuff.

  104. jroman1020

    I bought a disposable vape. It was awful. Tasted horrible, stopped working after a few hours and very weak. I don’t usually expect a lot from a cartridge but this was just a waste of my time and money.

  105. tjordyn3

    Staff was very helpful and friendly love how they package the product. Will definitely come back!!!

  106. defiant420

    Came in because I saw a strain on the menu that I knew was somewhere else but at a cheaper price at YiLo. Unfortunately the strain wasn’t exactly the same as what I was looking for but since I was there I checked what else they had to offer! If you like edibles and controllable doses this is your spot and I can say I enjoyed my 30mg Nature Bar which is usually more than enough but it hit me like a 10mg. I would definitely recommend staying away from the concentrate here, it’s a strange, pink-ish, jell-o like consistency and taste weird and crackles while dabbed. Bought White Lavender and Pennywise as strains and the White Lavender was phenomenal. Other than that this place could be a really nice if you put a little bit more organization in the check in, and structure into the check out process. My budtender was new so I can’t knock her for not knowing much.

  107. BakedArtist

    Just a bunch of patients standing around at 4pm on a Thursday afternoon, everyone is coming to get their things after work and there are only 2 cashiers out of 5 stations……a little under employed.

  108. Nybird1

    This place has great product and is definitely worth going to! The BEST and most effective edibles and amazing selection and prices!

  109. JERDzohner

    It’s close to my home yeah

  110. Jmac8580

    Love love their edibles the twinkies awesome

  111. Ha5hbrownie323

    My first visit went smoothly. Very friendly front desk and knowledgeable bud tender. Great location lots of options. Was in and out very quickly which was awesome for my first time. Would recommend to my friends!

  112. Ladyinsne6923

    I got a half ounce of blue dream and smoked 1 joint didn’t even get me high

  113. jholladoe

    unbeatable prices with an ideal location for the Phoenix metro area.

  114. Az.martineznicole

    I wanted to remind YiLo that reviews are a source for customers to get a real perspective on what to expect as far as price, customer service, and quality. Although it is beneficial for brownie points for the business, good reviews should be earned by a good experience. I called in advance to make sure they had what I wanted, but when I came in, it was another story. All yilos bud is prepackaged so the two grams I asked for over the phone, could only be sold to me in an 8th for about $34 which was exact amount I had. The new patient discount was very minimal, a prerolls or a single edible, a ten dollar discount if that. I asked if I could just get the strain i came in for since I was misinformed and perhaps just give up my new patient discount to accommodate the two dollars I was lacking. After asking budtender, Minyon, she declined and I asked to speak with a manager. She said, “Hes going to say the same thing.” Again I asked. I spoke with the manager about the whole situation and he went to the back to see what he could do. After he was back there a minute, the BT went back, odviosly to me to discuss the situation further with him as she was agitated. A few minutes after she come back out, the manager follows and say he will accommodate me if I write a review and mention his budtender, Minyon. So I am. I provided another star because I’m thankful the manager accommoded me. His behavior showed good customer service and blissful ignorace and genuosity toward his employee. But I think he set his budtender up for failure to ask me to write a review about her, since I didn’t have a good experience. I would not recommend this dispensary.

  115. Thicccutie

    Today, I went into Yilo for an eighth of bud. The girl with medium length, straight brown hair and glasses seemed like she pretty much hated her job and everyone around her. No smile, no hello, just rudely called my named without even looking up. When I asked for a sativa recommendation from top tier, she replied with “I don’t know” and then pointed to a hybrid on the second tier. I felt as if she was not even listening. I needed to get cash out of the ATM and when I came back she called up 2 people who were behind me so I had to wait double the time. When I asked why she didn’t call me back up after calling 2 people in front of me up, she had the audacity to say I was “too slow” to get cash, after I was not aware I had to be quick. If she said that she was going to take more people I would have at least known! When I finally got called up to the counter, I gave her the cash and she abruptly handed it back saying it was the wrong amount. She never told me the amount in the first place, so how am I supposed to know? So, after all of that, I was expected to get money out of the ATM and wait for more people again. I never ended up getting bud because I had already been there for 25+ min at 11:30 am. It’s a bummer because this whole thing could have been avoided if the girl just communicated with me!

  116. Griffinaz

    To those that said in their review that the flower was not good here I am sorry you had a bad experience try again. I have been here twice now and both times have been very happy with the freshness and look of the flowers and the edibles here are unbelievable. Try the Kilimanjaro flower if you get a chance. Very nice.

  117. missrasta623

    love the pop rocks! wish there were better deals here

  118. AZfrank

    Great meds, friendly staff and a nice selection. Looks like I’ll be a regular around there.

  119. phoenuhx

    edibles are overpriced and the bud is trash

  120. Izora

    I like Yilo… I really love the staff the manager is amazing, helpful and always on point with choice selections. The flower prices are some of the best in Phoenix and hard to find on a daily basis. However, be careful with some bargain choices you get what you pay for.. I have came across some of the cheaper flower choices aren’t the best or even worth the smoke (sometimes) Yet, their edible choices are wall to wall and they have the best edibles in the Valley!!! Their hours are once again the best in the Valley as well!!

  121. nwbouchard

    Horrible concentrates. Will not return.

  122. julz12188

    prices are good and their selection is insane!

  123. burnsnick

    very nice selection with super awesome staff. I tried the candy bar, it was amazing. will be coming back 4 sure

  124. EddieTaylorIII

    Great meds….priced Right

  125. un4getable

    Great selection all the time!

  126. bigworm710

    loved the variety on the 20 dollar 1/8 special was there twice today gonna have to stop by this shop more often

  127. sinloc602

    looks like yilo step their game back up the $20 eighths have been top shelf every time I’ve been back thank you

  128. Phoeniquerio43

    yilo is a great place too go for edibles and flowers! wax is still runny , I wish it was a little better but it’s still decent I’m there everyday and love the staff always greet me and always answer my questions!

  129. drgnfly

    I am disappointed every time with both the quality of the bud and the service. The bud is crumbly and dry, regardless of what I pay for it I feel like it’s the bottom of the barrel every time(not just the cheap stuff!). As for the service they are pretentious and vague and I always get the impression that I’m putting them out whenever I have a question. It’s convenient because it’s open late but I definitely will try to plan ahead given all the new dispensaries that are opening up in the area

  130. AdamGriego

    back again. and the pre roll, Bruce banner, was shit. do not buy.

  131. savage3900

    the best spot to go on everything dY’-dY’-dY’OEdY’-dY’OEdY’-dY’OEdY’OE

  132. MRLightningArt

    Not sure on the bud tender’s name, but the guy with short black hair is extremely unprofessional. This is not the first time he has been snappy, rude and unhelpful. He even told me I should grow my own product when I complained of their product containing seeds in the past. I have been a loyal Yilo supporter for a while now, but this has reached its limit. I will for sure leave and drive somewhere else, than purchase here if he is working.

  133. dentonhunt

    excellent prices and knowledgeable and friendly staff

  134. smd4

    This is an amazing store! Awesome bud prices dY’deg, best budtenders dY~++ and a clean organized storeaoe” Everyone’s very friendly and willing to answer any questions you may have dYOE? I’m happydY~ its in my area dY so I can come often and take advantage of the deals! a$?i,

  135. Mjb27

    Very nice store and close to me but tried the co2 wax and it’s just not that potent, I like the taste but I can get it for cheaper at another dispensary I go to that’s a bit of a drive but their product is much stronger and there was only one strain in sativa when I went in Yilo and my other go to place has several! I just got this today and I’m lucky to get through tomorrow when normally a gram would last me at least five days so now I will be out for a couple days… Nice store but probably won’t be coming back and a shame since it’s right down the road from me.

  136. NanMcC

    I love this store. Been twice and both times were great. Got the cutest little grams for $5.99 and the product worked like a charm. Love, love, love Yilo’s teas and juices. They’re my go-to most of the time now: predictable, consistent quality. The people down there are knowledgeable and friendly. I love them.

  137. LoudpackLevi

    Awesome first time patient deals!

  138. Sleepyz25

    I’ve been coming to Yilo for a few months meow, and everytime I’ve left satisfied. I call every few days to check my limit and they NEVER are impatient or rude and always talk to me with a smile. They have awesome 20$ eighths, and I really loved their Labor Day blowoot they did. Thanks for being such a rad place, I don’t plan on changing where I get my medicine anytime soon

  139. kushbemycologne

    Love YiLo!!! Great selection and even better customer service! The place is so clean and the atmosphere is awesome! Thank you YiLo for changing the game on how I get flower! You guys rock!

  140. shilton

    Quick and easy to order

  141. 420Isaac

    with the quality edibles Yilo has to offer, one would think they would HAVE the best flowers and selections in TOWN. I mean you advertise yourself to be a superstore. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. If you like less than average quality flowers you’ll enjoy this spot. They are friendly and all the free FTP edible was delicious. however this is to be expected with their edibles, i just wish they put the same love and care into the flowers they sell. ill continue buying your product just never your flowers. I am a bit disappointed considering my home is few block away.

  142. Vtech2

    they are good for edibles but on tree their specials aren’t that good and they tree anit that good either

  143. delreal420

    I like it friendly people get u want u need

  144. skewby

    It’s like circlek for edibles ! 🙂

  145. SuperAaronHaze

    low prices, low expectations. it’s good flower for what you pay. I wouldn’t dream of paying more than $8 a gram for this flower. but it gets you by in a pinch. edibles are the bomb here tho. aight, blip blip.

  146. northmountain

    nice location but the bud is harsh and burns my eyes, I tried at least 6 different kinds, went back to my old place and no problems

  147. vonjibbler

    Hey Sorry guys for the mistake on my atmosphere rating it wouldn’t let me go back and correct it the shop was very cool led displays and there countertops are all angled and magnified so you can see better. So again my apologies. Will be by to get some flower today. I gave you 5 across the board to make up for my mistake.

  148. tashahick2

    love this location n flowers are nice and friendly staff.

  149. Killawhale602

    Great & friendly…love this place!!!!

  150. applejuicekush

    WOW! Finally a great place with a great location. You walk into a store with lots of choice pipes and bongs. everything you need to medicate. Flower is amazing with a huge selection. Love the edibles and got a free one for my first time. I am so happy a dispensary has opened so close to home. No need to travel to the industrial areas anymore!

  151. bigred710

    been there a couple times for fresh plants in the past, only thing they’ve ever sold that was worth the price. I drank 3 of their strongest “elixers” along with 2 medicated cookies….no noticeable effects till I smoked 5 hours later. the prices for edibles are absolutely laughable. get shake from other dispensaries and make your own edibles

  152. cre12

    The people are THE BEST!! I always leave happy. Good green, nice variety. and always have specials.

  153. wowza411

    Tried their desert star it was a very good strain at $6 wow im going back

  154. billy1955

    Excellent… Great deal on the Redberry kush dY~~dY~~dY~~ Really was impressed with the 3X preroll. Next trip will be the $60 1/2oz.

  155. aficionadobudder

    I didn’t catch her name but the really tall female bud tender helped me out and was awesome! Cool place though! Very different than most dispensaries in town. Flower quality could be better.

  156. Sammich93

    love love love their edibles the gummy rings are my fav

  157. allynosaurusrex

    Awesome experience, everyone was so welcoming and informative. You can tell these budtenders know their stuff, everyone here is very well educated on all products.

  158. rsell87

    sweet shop! i tried the cheapest meds in the house and it was still good tasting and was pretty potent. the free edible for ftp had me toasted yesterday as well. definitely gonna go back

  159. JWjackie

    when in there on Thursday night 9/13 and bought me the kandy pen. it can be tricky but it’s cool I love it. the fact that they are refillable is cool. the carb though is weird. I wish you could do review specials like others but I like yilo. perfect hours some times I wish for later hours that be cool on Friday night and Saturday night. but love this place have good buys and I cant wait to experience more selections.

  160. CCEdibles1

    Good buds at great prices.

  161. pardz

    Best deals on edibles in town!

  162. tcg97

    I loved the edibles. Really powerful stuff. Their specialty. The flower also made me incredibly high. However, you can see right into/outside the building as all the walls are glass. No security either. My budtender literally hushed me to talk on the phone. However, it was much faster than most locations. If I’m in the area again, I’d probably go back.

  163. archstone

    Superstore is an understatement….
    They have damn near everything in this place.
    Large selection of products / tools
    And omg their edibles aPSi,aPSi,aPSi,

  164. Balin31

    I had a good first time visit. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The store was Clean, good quality product and unbelievable prices! I would definitely recommend this store to a friend…

  165. amberdlinn

    Very helpful staff. Love going here!!!!

  166. greengirl1784

    so close and always have awesome specials. My favorite place for edibles!

  167. Summers66

    I love this place, here almost every day! $19 eighths can’t be beat!

  168. dalton3226

    These guys are great!!! If you’re looking for a quality place to pick up some bud or find a wide range of edibles this is your place!!

  169. lotus33

    edibles are amazing

  170. robNelson16

    store is awesome great buds

  171. recka420

    friendly people great service and best proces in town gotta love yilo

  172. Markw1986

    great customer service great environment cool bud tenders great prices

  173. lightweightloser

    I’ve been to many dispensaries, and no others beat the customer service and products here. The absolute best buds, full of moist dense flower. I’ve never gotten dried out leftovers, always the best. The staff is amazing and make an effort to know you personally, not just as a customer. Any questions I have are always answered and beyond. Recommendations are given, and edibles are unbeatable. This is my main place to hit up always. They set a new high!

  174. Dawnie72

    This is my favorite go to place for my medicine. The bud tenders are friendly, compassionate and very helpful. I always look forward to seeing everyone and please keep up the great work! Really Great Place!

  175. moiyma

    very friendly place, great prices, best all the great flower selection.

  176. myerman1

    Oh god this place I have found cheaper meds and better meds at other places don’t bother going here they have quantity not quality

  177. bigtreesfe

    The Dutch treat and sour tangie are great strains for such a low price. The customer service was amazing too and very helpful and friendly. Sucks that’s it’s so far away though :/

  178. DBurrell

    Horrible uneducated staff, came in around 9:42pm and they refused to let me in and it was the manager. She was Very rude and unprofessional. I work in chandler and get off at 9 so I raced there. They close at 10. There was probably about 3 or 4 of us pissed off and confused standing at the door. Had a rough night sleeping. Very disappointed. I see why they don’t have very many good reviews.

  179. GeminiGoddess

    Best Edibles! great specials and customer service.
    brownie bites, Twinkies dY~

  180. briannaleearezzi

    Best place for edibles <3

  181. AZHerbExpert

    Horrible Flowers!!! Mexican schwag passed off as “medicine”. I almost started laughing when I saw the quality. I ended up getting a gram because It’s awkward to walk out with nothing. Needless to say it has almost no smell and tastes close to tobacco. Also I haven’t purchased edibles from here, but I have tried Yilo edibles from another source, and they are BUNK! I spent $55 on Yilo edibles: chocolate peanut butter bar, and Mango tea thing, and some gummy bears, I ate them all at once for a total of a supposed 350 MG and absolutely NO Medicated effect. I was ripped off. And will never buy dispensary edibles again because of Yilo brand edibles. It’s just too risky to pay 55 bucks for junk food that has probably no real THC in it. I have made my own edibles with a low grade 8th that cost me $30 and I was rocked off of them. Edible companies like this know it’s the simplest way to bank off of and rip off patients because you know absolutely nothing of what they actually have in them…except the claimed “strain”. It’s a load of BS.

  182. cleopatraa

    The people here are really nice . But the weed is dry & they are very slow . Every part of the day they only got two -three people working . & that wait is ridiculous.

  183. Jmorgan70

    First class all the way !

  184. melkere

    So, Yilo was the first dispensary I visited after receiving my card. It was definitely a great dispensary to start my journey with. The staff was extremely friendly, and they seemed to know the answer to just about every question I threw at them. Buds were decent, but you can definitely tell this place is the place for edibles. I’ll be visiting again soon, for sure.

  185. Octothorpe420

    It’s a very nice little store that has a lot of awesome Products at, Zack really made me feel welcome as soon as walked in the door. awesome selection awesome prices.

  186. KingzDelight

    Always a pleasure coming here and the other day Dustin introduced me to his very own product, a Yilo brand on the go stoner kit with all the necessary tools needed for a pleasant smoking experience!!! Great job Dustin and thank you Yilo for allowing your budtenders to explore and execute their talent!! I will be back for a few more im sure!aoeOE

  187. Lotboy42

    Great place. I love the edibles here. Flower is fantastic. All the bud tenders are great. And James too.

  188. debisurber

    Appreciate their prices. Always friendly

  189. joejoe420247

    Awesome location! Selection of flower is phenomenal as well as the edibles.”Super Store” . Staff was awesome. Definitely gonna be back!

  190. lonelystoner87

    it’s a nice location to stop by for some good products!

  191. Joerad

    Flower was so dry, it turned to dust in my hand. Tried to smoke smoke but it went up like flash paper. I was stunned! Thought it was a bad magic trick. Tried to rehydrate with fresh paks..lmao. Would never even drive by this place again.

  192. Dirty15D

    Same thing today closed before 945. I know this is not right, I’m going to report this business to Arizona medical board. I don’t see how they can lock us out before close time. They have their hours open till 10 on the front door but 945 they close almost on the regular basics.

  193. FDUBC27

    the quality of flower is very questionable unless u pay the highest price and even that’s no better then u can find everywhere else in the valley… I would never recommend yilo.. there is 2 other dispos in the same area with WAY better quality and pricing… do ur research…

  194. liquid4012

    Not a fan. Larry OG = $360 + tax for an ounce of mid-level bud.

  195. ajm01

    Donna was amazing very knowledgeable in all aspects of the profession! I will be back! Thanks again Donna!!

  196. 11hydroxythc

    wow….there edibles are LEGIT had 30mg gummy bears and I must say complelty took me for suprise. I’ve so I thought had 30mg else were but I’ll tell you the blueberry strain gummies will put you to sleep no problem.

  197. Poohman1218

    great staff

  198. RaySte

    This place was my first visit to a dispensary and it was a very pleasant experience, indeed. The staff is very knowledgeable, helpful, professional, courteous and friendly. The place looks great. The selection and availability of product is impressive. These folks are definitely going to see me again, soon.

  199. fox01

    I have found my favorite dispensary the staff are just awesome I was in there the other night and got some co2 wax they flavored it with blueberry. It gets you super stoned right away. I feel happy and energized. I recommend this wax!

  200. who750

    Nice atmosphere friendly staff but the shake and flower I got were both extremely dry and disappointing. The shake was worthless and the free edible was okay, provided a very mild buzz but I have a high tolerance so could of used something stronger.

  201. genghisjon

    Very nice dispensary. Walked in and they immediately greeted me and asked what I was looking for. Definitely going back.

  202. tdbentley

    The staff and management are great. A huge selection of edibles and drinks. specials all the time. Also love their flowers. Always a great daily special on specific strains. varying price ranges on flowers, which are very reasonable. One of my top 3 go to places in the Valley for flower. I brought 2 friends to check them out as well. Both were pleased.

  203. JustAnotherAzz

    Flower quality getting much better. People still complaining about $9 grams? Stop being so spoiled be grateful we even get maryjane for $9, on top of the great service i will come back just for the quality service they give to me. The gentleman that helped me was awesome – sorry forgot name but has tattoo on his chest dY~

  204. Iam22

    great service and selection

  205. adan623

    All flower taste and feel the same, the flower deals always seems to be dry, never again be back

  206. cruzenation15

    When will your plants be in. love juicing the product.

  207. Janel2017

    great employee’s, great atmosphere.

  208. krystalC34

    love Yilo

  209. tomsat16

    Premium bud was very untrimmed and all tiny smaller bottom of the plant nugs. Nothing like what they show you in the cheap display jars. The prices on non deal buds are way over priced especially compared to the competition in the immediate area.

  210. Tracer6990

    Also wanted to add how helpful the staff was and it’s so nice to encounter people who like/love their job dY~S

  211. Scottygirl

    Nice location with friendly employees

  212. Laila23

    I love this spot. I’ve been coming here since the day they opened and visit a few times a week. The staff is super friendly, Kim is my favorite hands down, that girl rocks. Prices are good, they offer a strain of the day which is pretty legit!

  213. T4tiff

    2nd time into the store Canton today it might be Shake but it’s only 60 bucks

  214. kushys1

    Good location, but more like a Walgreens, no privacy at all. I read reviews saying their flowers were dry, so I went all out with top shelf & it smelled & looked great. All my flower is in a humidor now, because even at $20/g its dry as hay. The wax is like goo, no shatter & only one strain. They should tint their windows & invest in a decent grower. They sell clones too, but for about 95% of the patients, their illegal to own.. I’d only go back in a pinch, not my favorite dispensary.

  215. tboogy

    great buds, great deals ,great peopel strain was super lemon haze

  216. Alliento

    BUDS ARE TOO DRY.for this being a new location.strain of the day is just low quality buds switched.top shelf strains of the day..too dry.if you want to make money.let patients view purchased meds before purchase or show thc levels of buds .its called deli style..overall i only tell the truth of the product.wouldnt recomend

  217. psalm51

    WOW !
    it’s been over a year that I received quality and service like this. I was so pleased I actually turned immediately around to return after experiencing this product. Thank you.

  218. Heater462

    Very Comfortable Spot The place is always full of Smiles and knowledgeable people. #MyNeighbourhood #SuperStore

  219. 25cruiser

    wax is garbage.. smells and taste like motor oil

  220. jpatton

    I don’t trust anyone else’s edibles. Yilo is legit.

  221. Cmd29az

    oh my goodness, what’s NOT to love about this place!!

  222. kduchon

    i love this location just for how open and bright everything is with the big windows everywhere its a great change from the usual back room feel. i also like the fact that they also have a small smokeshop in front which carrys some cool little pipes. amanda has helped me both times i came in and her recommendations rocked! definitely going to be my usual spot especially since its down the street!

  223. AyeEstes

    I absolutely love this place! Great atmosphere and the staff is knowledgeable and polite. The quality of their medicine surpasses anything Iv had before and I would STRONGLY suggest you stop by and check out what Yilo Superstore has to offer!! BRIAN IS THE MAN!!!

  224. jokerjoe

    I stopped in here for the second time over the weekend. the staff is fantastic and the edibles were as expected. the atomizer oil in the syringe on the other hand is Horrible. It smells of seed. It tastes of seed. It’s not fluid. I put it I. your refillable tanks and it’s like a gel. what gives. 60 bucks for something that smells and tastes like seeds and no potency to speak of at all complete waste. I’m actually very upset but will refrain. I won’t ever buy that again. oh by the way when it’s 25 percent off edibles why did it matter what edibles I bought. 25 dollar brownie no discount, 30 on cookies no discount. what was on the 25 percent misleading discount. And sign on the auto pops saying FREE. I asked hey are those auto pops and she said, yeah they are pretty good. So…….what cha gotta do then? pretty poor showing let’s hope you all can make it up to me Joe Benjamin. contact me please. Besides the nice and friendly tender, what a waste of a good 70 bucks. the brownie underperformed, cookies were okay. Are all your prefilled atomizer cartridges sold that under filled?

  225. 3kingsmkin

    flower wad horrible do not waste your time or $

  226. Se7nthbreath

    Wow. This place is great. Great service, I forgot the guys name but he was super helpful. The budtender was great as well. I had gotten the raspberry cheesecake blondie 120mlg. DAMN. That’s a VERY strong 120. I’m used to 150+ so I was skeptical but wow this is high quality.

  227. revilo

    Its alright place too much seeds in the flower and there is nothing they can do and you’re lucky you got seeds how am I lucky with getting seeds I can’t grow my own weed that’s verry compassionate for patients

  228. MasterRaka

    love the employees, love the building how it’s all set up inside. fair prices with nice deals like the $19 eighths or sometimes they have $68 for a half but their bud quality is a game of chance between getting just okay bud and dry bud. top tier bud no different from bottom tier bud, stuff in viewing jars tend to look better than what you actually get. They have great edibles, drinks, and everything else but their bud is not that good. would return but not frequently.

  229. najmnicknick

    I tried four different strains of Bud both sativa and indica and I wasn’t impressed. Great pricing, low
    quality. I’ll try back after a month and revisit this post.

  230. aespinoza

    Great staff!

  231. kiddo54

    Best service all questions answered and I appreciate the time taken to get the most of my visit. Budtender Jarrod very helpful and knows a lot. Thank for your help Jarrod.

  232. jimz1

    the only thing keeping this place in business is the Dutch Hawaiian Dutch Treat n G13 flower. these strains r best in state!

  233. SirMichaelC

    bad dispensary. closes early a lot of time, flower always so dry it just powders.This place will remind you that you get what you pay for.

  234. onelove710

    Greats meds love the edibles !

  235. MR42085304

    Great place, clean and not congested like all the others. Employees are super friendly and knowledgeable on products and services, and the flower is definitely on point. New favorite place!

  236. Omgcat

    I don’t understand how Yilo has any bad reviews! This is my #1 dispensary! Best prices, knowledgeable staff, & large selection! I go there a few times a week & I wear my YiLo gear, I always leave with free edibles. I’ve even won the YiLo lottery & got a whole bag of freebies! The only thing I would change is adding soda to their menu.

  237. MrDemann

    What the fuck is the point of calling in an order ahead of time when you have to wait in line once you’re there? what’s worse is being the second person in line and having to wait because the woman at the front desk is too busy talking to some other costumer about there fucking day. get them in, get them out. I’m about done with this dispensary. between the overly talkative staff and the shitty quality I’m wondering why I still go there. I left without any product.

  238. azjester602

    they advertise crumble but the quality is terrible runny basically false advertisement do not support a place that lies about their meds

  239. Hydroxity

    I have visited this dispensary for a few months now, and when they first opened it was really great product and a more than reasonable price. Recently and this has been the last 4 times that I have gone the quality it bad. The flower is not as potent as it used to be, and I would not recommend going here unless you really cannot afford to go somewhere else. Seem like the crop can’t keep up with the demand and they are clipping the flower too early.

  240. dirusso917

    Kali, David, and Jared the whole crew here is great! I come here for $20 8ths but the budtenders are some of the best in the biz!

  241. Pittylover2012

    Helpful staff. love that they have a wait room for non card holders. Just wish their prices weren’t so high.

  242. bigquis67

    aEURoeThank u for always having the bombiez .. u always have me puffing like puff the magic dragon blowing on nothing but fire … THANK U BUDTENDERS BECAUSE U ALL KEEP THAT PLACE IN ORDERaEUR

  243. meneedweedies

    was a awesome place super friendly

  244. voodoobaby

    I’m pretty loyal when it comes to where I get my bud and this place is now my go to! The prices are awesome and the staff is always nice and prompt in getting me through the doors. I wont go anywhere else now!

  245. jojorios77

    one thing I can say about yilo, they are the bomb when it comes to edibles, and knowledge of what they sell. the budtenders are full of info on all their priduct. great and your flower is why I go back.

  246. kayllajean

    I brought a referral in and the bud tender was telling me about the 50% off deals of edibles. They didn’t make it clear on what flavors were on sale and I just felt ripped off. You should get better employees that know about the specials and deals . Will never be back

  247. devilpup

    Great medicine. Great service.

  248. brimmy85

    I wish their pre rolls were more uniform. I bought 3 and each one was a different size. It went from normal to extremely skimpy. I feel cheated. Next time, look at what you’re going to buy before you purchase.

  249. sk8lyfe

    I would have to say they have the best edible’s in town…but as far as there flower go it’s the worst I’ve come across not only are the samples old and super dry but there stored in cheap plastic containers so when u go to smell the product it’s not so pleasant the price’s definitely doesn’t match the product.1st and last time buying flower from there.

  250. raineesgramma

    the folks at this location are extremely sincere and friendly. the have no problem tak8ng the extra time with knowledge and explanation of product with their customers. my compliments.

  251. J.a.m.e.s1

    Drove 7 miles to this dispensary because there open until 10 pm. I got there at 9:48 to check in and the girl asks if I have been there before, I said no. She said actually we don’t take new patients past 9:45. Unbelievable, I will never go back.

  252. DawnProv

    They have great quality on flower. Never a long wait

  253. slorts0808

    Great store atmosphere. The location isn’t the best, but inside is phenomenal. The absolute nicest people, great medicine, well lit, and
    they have to have the largest selection in the state.

  254. eagldreamer

    My massage therapist n I went to this new store. I was blown away by the quality of service, friendliness and bud. My favorite Syrian Mauai Wowie was there right along w Super Silver Haze. So pleased they carry my faves every day where as most have them then they don’t ever carry it again. Yummy free white chocolate blueberry cookies. The glass walls were cool and takes the secretive feeling away. I mean it’s LEGAL right?? Hours are great. Open every day long hours. I thot it was just edibles but learned they carry about 80 strains And sell plants as well. No need to go elsewhere ever again!!!

  255. jlk1988

    this place is amazing. the bud tenders there are so nice and know what they are talking about. I would go back again just because of the service! and their flower is very good especially since they are known for their edibles which are amazing btw.

  256. sheik123

    Donna was such a sweet heart she helped me find just the right strain of meds to take care of my needs . And she was so patient with all my questions I had about edibles ! I’m coming back to this place for sure

  257. joewaldo

    very polite and informative about their exclusive home strains and edibles ect.

  258. kyler57

    This place has some of the best edibles ever!

  259. ps4438

    I’m a combat veteran with a laundry list of issues so I take my medication seriously. Quality is last on this list at this place! I thought it would be a safe bet buying a gram of ALL their top shelf medication to see if they could hold up to the descriptions of the strains on Leafly. Not Even close! Half of what I bought was not flushed properly and the other half evenly tasted the same (just like fresh hay). The grow associated with this place needs some serious TLC. If you want help I would love to throw in my years of experience and see this place turn around. If not, it will definitely take a lot for me to really want any medication from this place. Customer service was great but how happy can you be overall if someone nice sold you something you can’t use?

  260. abellalah

    Fast, Easy, & Excellent customer service from everyone there!

  261. Queenreef88

    Just get the edibles.

    You’ll have to smoke the entire half o on special to get high. #runmemymoney

  262. Michelle_R74

    Awesome selection of medications excellent customer service

  263. donw

    large selection of flower and the edibles ate insane great place to take care of all your needs

  264. huniebea71

    awesome budtenders great products laied back.

  265. CopperPenny69

    This is my favorite place so far!
    The staff is friendly and are helpful! Plus, the hours & the prices are Great!
    Amanda is super cool & will do what she can to help you!

  266. Kristin2828

    I have been coming here for months I spend at least 500 approx a month. I bought 6 grams of wax last week all 6 cans weighed .5g. I took them back and they gave me 40 store credit. I guess my business isn’t worth anything as they tell me if they take my word they have to take everyone’s word. Well you won’t be taking my money now either you ripped me off of 120 bucks not my fault. Moving on and I will not be recommending your location to anyone. Weigh your product ladies and gentlemen and spend your hard earned money somewhere you are valued.

  267. witchesandweed

    The budtenders are awesome always a smile to welcome you.. Great edibles

  268. AZJH16

    Love the Jamyn edibles! Great price point for a quality product!

  269. DDD57755

    Constantly ether given wrong product, charge different than what it says or it is just statring to be bad product all togeher with now higher prices. Probably just going to go in to get something with my store credit to be disappointed again and then just going to avoid this place.

  270. iowa0204314

    cool shop everyone was nice, huge selection, however the flower sucked tried two different strains, maybe I just have high standards I don’t know. the cookies look great saving them for christmas hoping they do the trick

  271. agentorange25

    It’s pretty nice

  272. osobear915

    Place and tenders Rock

  273. LARSENY

    I stopped in because I heard good things. I felt pressured and uncomfortable. Atmosphere was clinical and rigid.
    First and last visit.

  274. rickmotors

    Very friendly and helpful people

  275. seabassfool

    this place was a HUGE disappointment. Very poorly trimmed buds, still leafy and stemmy. Staff wasn’t to helpful at all either. kinda seemed like she was just winging it when I was asking about the product. also NO reward system! NO freebies for referrals OR reviews! and NO free birthday gram?! wth is up with that?! so weak… don’t seem to care much for their patients. definitely won’t be back anytime soon, too bad to cuz great location, so close to my work. looking for a quality shop, hit up The GreenHouse or if willing to make the trip Swell Farmacy…

  276. KingCUTA

    If you’re looking for LOW quality bud, this is the place

  277. pewlboi12

    location and staff are fine. Don’t buy wax here. make the trip down to Herb’n or metro meds. Taking my dabs timed at 55 seconds on a quartz banger, and it sizzles like reclaim.

  278. thatmixxednigga

    Really love yilo! stays open later than most dispensaries and you won’t find too many other places with flower prices this good!

  279. smokingfist

    What can I say…. the potions orange mango …dY’dY~ZdY’ I find my new drink dY$?dY3/4

  280. teejaythps

    I’ve been coming in here about twice a week for the last 4 months. The staff is tremendous and the product is quality. They never have a problem answering a question or letting you examine the flower before purchase. YiLo is 10/10 and your one-stop shop for anything MMJ or CBD related.

  281. MiamiMax

    First time visit was pleasant and service was fast and friendly. Flower was excellent at a good price.

  282. exrated

    Have been here 5 times and flower quality sucks, it’s always dry and has no smell. The edibles are extremely overpriced.

  283. Juliac2685

    Love the atmosphere there! The flower and edibles are awesome! Thanks Yilo for being awesome!

  284. cindabella

    I really enjoyed this dispensary! very clean,prices were perfect as long as the meds! the bud tenders were helpful and guided me to just the right meds! careful with the edible cookies. oofff! they’re strong! well worth the time and money here. thx for all the help for this beginner to MM leaving the Big Pharma! dY~Z

  285. treychi

    The bud here is pretty awesome

  286. DJSaunders81

    Love this place! Everything about it is awesome. The staff are great and the products are the best!

  287. mpederson827

    The building itself is super cool, check in is quick, and there is some really cool art in there. Usually there is 3 or 4 tenders helping out. I cant remember her name, a younger girl with shoulder length brown hair, is the only one who I found helpful and knowledgeable. I usually feel rushed, and I get asked at least 5 times if that’s all I want. I’ve only purchased shake and edibles here. The shake is very hit and miss. It could be a perfect pinch and go, or you’ve got to spend 10 minutes picking out the seeds and stems. But once I found the “good” strains, I just stuck with them. The peanut butter cookies were AMAZING. And I usually don’t feel super strong effects from edibles. But I enjoyed it! If you want wax or flower, id suggest continuing your search because here is not the place for that. But the edibles are on point!

  288. gangstalicious

    Love it here, treat you like family. Smoke shop prices are lowest I’ve seen in town and I’ve been to plenty. Edibles are off the chain and flower is good at 20 an 8th

  289. dustmuffin76

    They are fast, friendly, and knowledgeable staff that make you feel comfortable from the time you enter til you leave. Great quality medicine at competitive prices. I recommend you check them out!

  290. Budbot5

    If you like ditch weed this is your place. Oh work on customer service. It’s a lost art that you lost. Good luck bud…. Boom

  291. DMartinez2793

    great edibles, probably the best best In town, but other then that that flower is mediocre at best and the concentrates are T R A S H!!!!! but staff is friendly

  292. guadalupe.s.1

    Great strain head trip awesome taste and feeling great must try wonder products great staff as well

  293. datdurtyturtle

    by far my favorite place to go! always good products! super awesome staff my go to shop!

  294. cordlinam

    love this place. flower is affordable yet still good quality. staff is pleasent. well worth the visit.

  295. PBSmoker

    Two questions: why are the ingredients NOT labeled on some of your edibles? Seems a bit sketchy…too much money for the extra ink, or are you protecting a secret recipe?

    Also, why do they consistently list sales (ex. Rubi pen & pods) but don’t show the item on the menu? If the menu isn’t even accurate how and why should I take a leap of faith and trust that they even know the product they are selling?

    I suggest a complete revamp of your entire business model and practices for the sake of keeping your store front viable…

    Super confusing and weird practices compared to pretty much every other dispensary worth doing business with in the valley

  296. ksavage44

    dry weed and i did not like there oils

  297. ggggggunot

    seeds in their specials. not
    getting flower anymore from there

  298. lishus0312

    Absolutely LOVE YILO!!! And the bud tenders are the best!! I lapsed on my card and when I returned it felt like a family reunion. They have everything there to get you right and always have a deal on your end of choice. They specialize in edibles, you have to try them all and I feel like I respond so much better to their products probably because of the care and energy the staff put into their service is beyond compare. I ONLY go to Yilo.

  299. vicarofmmj

    Decent prices for the specials and mid grade edibles but nice clones

  300. ohjordyn

    Staff is awesome very helpful!

  301. BlueEyedDemon18


  302. jayrock22

    Yilo is a dope place, I like the staff, flower okay. They have great edibles though if your ever looking for some Yilo is the one stop shop

  303. Dev0610

    Great location.. Amazing Flower … And Very Friendly. Always helpful

  304. jasmothers

    This is a hidden gem. I love the people and products from CBD to eatables they are great, you must check them out maybe not as well know as other dispensaries but my fav by far!

  305. jpfastball420

    great location, great prices and great service!

  306. MrReliable

    Great selection, competitive prices, friendly knowledgeable staff, what else could you ask for!

  307. PapiLos

    This is my favorite dispensary great deals, friendly staff

  308. Dalimeetsgonzo

    Just moved to the area, and was looking for a new shop. Stopped by today, and all of the staff was super friendly, their selection on edibles and CBD is effin amazing, and great prices. I’ll be coming back for sure!

  309. AmberLynnT

    Pretty excited that I checked this place out. Huge selection of edibles and great quality buds a$?i,a$?i,a$?i,

  310. wedemboyz2016

    Everyone is always so nice and happy

  311. dyltasticman

    love this dispensary, their 19 dollar eigths are definitely worth coming in for.

  312. faithfire

    I have been buying Yoli candies n cookies and drinks under Yoli brand at many dispensaries. I called yilo’s number and asked if they have their own store and they doesn’t have a store yet until two weeks ago they opened a new store, yay!dY’dY>>dY’dY>>dY’dY>>dY’dY>>Yoli stuff are highest quality than other ebilbles under different brands.
    4 grams and 3 grams of Yoli drinks as juices and teas in bottles got me very high for past 12 hours!! Very good shit. One drink helped my friend to forget about to smoke cigarette for past 24 hours!

  313. taulu714

    This place makes me feel at home! In this specific case, I’d like to give props to Jacob! My dude keeps you engaged in a friendly: professional way. And targets your satisfaction… I appreciate that! Hah Overall… I want to thank everyone at Yi-lo, for being you!

  314. dwright

    Was very happy my first visit with a sample of the daily strain. Going to visit again today.

  315. azharleydude

    Great news! New management! The rudeness has left, leaving the best eatables in the valley to be pleasantly sold. Love the surgery free options for diabetics.

  316. Leedsmith

    Needs a new direction, for such a hot brand with a prime location I just really wish it cared more about customer relations. The flower was pretty dry and crumbled to dust, I’d rather pay $5 a preroll down the road

  317. Groovn

    I wish I had read the reviews before I spent money here. What they say about the flower is true–it’s usually dry, stemmy, and not very good,compared to what I get at other dispensaries. The thing I dislike the most is is no matter what “Tier level” you get, it’s ALWAYS little “popcorn” buds…real small. The quality is mediocre at best, definitely overpriced for what you get.
    The service has been the most unpersonal and unfriendly I’ve had of all the dispensaries I’ve visited. Pretty much every time I’ve visited, no matter who waited on me, I felt more like a bother to them than welcome, and always feel rushed…they have a horrible habit of snatching up the sample jar and putting it away as soon as you set it down, before you get a chance to compare it to anything else. It’s annoying because I have to ask them to pull out the same strain several times so I can look and compare it.
    I haven’t tried their edibles, so can’t speak to that.
    It’s gotten to the point that I don’t like visiting Yilo because the bud is overpriced for what you get, and I don’t like interacting with their staff. I would go here only as a last resort.

  318. RensWings

    Everyone was really nice here, even the security guard. The flower here is so good and the edibles are amazing. I got a free edible for being a first time patient! I chose the pumpkin delight and wow was it delicious. The girl who helped me was really knowledgeable and patient despite my indecisiveness. Would definitely recommended! I got really potent weed for still 10$ a gram!!

  319. Mematina

    I enjoyed getting my eatable s here. Great place and great people.

  320. sb406

    Nice people, but they have a serious problem with their grow. Every time I’ve found seeds, white fly, or p.m.
    HEY YILO- I grew for 3 years; I’m no expert but I could grow better weed- this stuff is not fit for consumption and may get you in trouble as it needs to meet medical standards.

    Your bud tenders are awesome though!

  321. IsaactylerEnriquez

    Great place my favorite in Phoenix.
    Wish they has Cotton candy edible.

  322. WilyNelson

    this is a great location with a good affordable herbs and friendly staff the prices are fair you should check it out if you have not already

  323. marcusmcgruder

    this place is awesome and the products are great and with a good price. the staff is awesome.

  324. birwin

    I’ve been with you guys since horizon the you never let me down last min of the day and you guys still take care of me you were out of pre rolls I was about to go somewhere else but you stopped me and made one up thank you for the great service

  325. bchalupa1013

    LOVE IT, This

  326. michelletanja

    I’m a total newbie and this place was awesome! So helpful, accommodating and patient. Jared helped me find just what I needed. I will be back for sure!

  327. thegzlove

    It’s awesome. . quick and great prices and love how they are helpful & willing to accommodate. Thanks

  328. bl8ze11

    The quality of weed is dry and harsh. Theres no real consistency here. Hundreds of specials on cheap weed but none of it is any good. Customer service is a like the weed. Dry and harsh. You guys arnt exactly too used to the customer being right, probably because all of your customers are either not smart enough to get quality bud for the price (10$) or are chewing you out on a daily for going home with street grade medicine. Pretty much everything you guys are doing is wrong.

  329. warboy727

    Excellent deals . the staff treats me like a customer but a customer they recognize. That’s how they treat everyone . they pay attention to your likes and tastes good bud great deals .

  330. rockstargrlnaz

    Love the girls in there. They are great, and are always so very helpful. Location is close to my house – it’s a total bummer that their buds are mids at best. I’ve shopped there many times but after the crap I got the last time, I believe I will drive a couple extra miles to get quality.

  331. CatFaerie

    First time ever going to a dispensary. Gal at the reception desk was really nice and helpful to a super nervous me. Everything went smoothly. Wade was super cool and helped me figure everything out and answered some questions for me as well. He was also one of the only people that I’ve met that was able to pronounce my name correctly, so instant bonus points there. Thanks YiLo!

  332. kingj44

    Love it great place for me good deals good product great people that work there

  333. happy2269

    its clean and great bud.very inviting

  334. RezCollinfa128

    This dispensary is easily the worst of the 30 ive been too, and the worst part about it is that the reveiws show it, one of the lowest rated dispensaries in arizona, and they dont even care enough to change anything, if i had to say one nice thing about this dispensary, it would be that they sell cool cheap pipes, they replaced the origanal cool employees and just keep raising price and lowering quality, yilo needs to start over in my opinion, good luck yilp

  335. 414tech

    I’ve been here a few times. I like it a lot. I like how social and knowledgeable the staff are. Good recommendations and affordable.

  336. crichard1

    Great location and edibles.

  337. Kwit610

    grate place friendy staff fun inverment

  338. heywood_jablome

    Why can’t you bother updating your menu more frequently? You list one product for sale, and I drive there only to find you don’t have it, and you can’t even tell me what strain your hash is. Unhelpful staff. Extremely weak edibles and poor, dry, non smelling samples in jars. Awful pricing, worse product.

  339. MV73

    Stopped by saturday afternoon looking to satiate my sweet tooth. I literally was a kid in a candy store!!! Shelly was super cute, super nice and super helpful!

    This is the go to spot for all of my medible needs!!!

  340. roojitsu

    Awesome service and delicious chocolate bars. Also, this was the only place in state that had Charlotte’s Web.

  341. MadNotAngry

    For a pharmacy dispensing medicine to ill patients, it amazes me the bar-like atmosphere YILO cultivates. I mean, there is not even one comfortable chair or bench offered, just barstools. C’mon now, BARSTOOLS? What about your patients who are in chronic pain?

    Can you guys at least pretend to be offering alternative medicine to disabled residents, instead of simply supplying weed to stoners?

  342. rdphoenix

    Best service

  343. anonymous_girl

    The hands down best place for edibles around. Limited selection of concentrate though they do have cartridges. If you are looking for food though, they have juice and every sweet imaginable. Sometimes I more come for the cute older male budtender–who would know who this was too easily if I posted under my real handle. They also got in olive oil. I hope they do more savory stuff in the future. And the “juicing” plants are great, they are strain specific and I got LA Confidential and Critical Kush, and they grew really nicely.

  344. JennDub85053

    My disappointment continues with not listing the correct special of the day on Leafly. Kens Kush was the special but Leafly had Dank Commander. BIG difference. this is the 3rd or 4th time the strain was different. 🙁

  345. Driviri

    great service Lovely people

  346. ThatNastyKid

    Stay far away from this place! Much much better places down the street, these other people commenting on how good yilo is obviously haven’t been anywhere else so do yourself a favor and stay away unless u want dirt. They probably won’t post this comment cause they only seem accept the ones that make them look good

  347. Dana27

    Super cool staff, good redberry good selection of strains

  348. brighten

    I like concentrates and the C02 “wax” is the consistency of honey. Awful blueberry flavor. It’s the closest place to my house, but I will go elsewhere for actual wax

  349. DrizzyDre48

    by far one of the best dispensary out right now? has some of the best flowers out right now too?

  350. Roxanne77

    they got the meds your looking for

  351. Lizze626Juice

    great buds! awesome people! AMAZING LOCATION!

  352. yogimichael

    Needed some supplies for grannie in hospice and no one is ever on the same page!

    Out 3$ for a ATM withdraw too boot dY’C/.


  353. DeffJeff26

    This place is awesome. BEST edibles in town, You have to try this place

  354. Jenn1e

    Very nice inside, great staff and beautiful flower. Look forward to trying the edibles next visit.

  355. budsisters

    This is the spot for edibles! My guilty pleasure are the drinks and it doesn’t help that they’re down the street from my house. I’m always in and out though and the staff is really sweet. Shoutout to my girl from Georgia for budtending me (:

  356. EileenF

    From the moment you walk in one smile after another everyone there has good knowledge on the med’s and helping find what right for you. Nice and clean place is full staff and always has special Deals,different flowers with great quality and favors.

  357. 5050Nani

    my go to shop

  358. Everydae11

    Cheapest place to buy 1/8. dY$?’

  359. Phillips3213

    Loved the staff and great place to come get edibles, crazy big selection!!!

  360. adrienne1

    This place is great! They are so friendly and welcoming. Prices are great and they have a HUGE!! selection!!

  361. GiannaG1126

    I LOVE this dispensary!!! It’s absolutely stunning and they carry so many popular strains! My bud tender had so much knowledge and was just the nicest (despite the fact that I came pretty close to closing time). The entire staff is cool and I can’t get over their wide selection. The fact that they have ice pops is pretty cool too. They’re not conveniently located by me (I live in the way east valley), but they have definitely impressed me and I will be a longtime customer.

  362. Bearsalot

    Love the $19 eighth. Can’t wait till the parking lot is finished.

  363. rollin626

    Great dispensary love there edibles there flower is ok depending on the strain

  364. Trepanier

    Best deals,best place… I have found a home…

  365. thehappyhoneyhole

    The quality of flower is sub par compared to all other dispensaries I have been to. I still have 3 grams from Yilo and have been to 2 other dispensaries since I just can’t get high off it. The only flowers that are worth it are the most expensive ones and they are much to expensive compared to others in the valley (5$ more a G)

    They will coast by with their fairly priced edibles but I can not stress enough if you don’t want edibles this is not the place for you. Flowers are not any good and are way to expensive. Nothing should be more than 10$ a gram here.

  366. Floopthepig

    Great place had a couple cookies from there and some god bud both were right on. I’ll be coming back soon 🙂

  367. BungLuSu

    Friendly people, good service, and most of all delicious peanut butter cookies.

  368. Jolson1993

    The employees are awesome an so friendly
    Here at yilo! Everything is priced very well

  369. hwinchester

    Friendly efficient and really knowledgeable!! Great people who really care.

  370. jeremy.kohler.585

    I was pretty positive they said all prices on all strains dropped to the price of tier below it but still got charged full price noticed on receipt later that night called to correct in am and was told only one strain from each tier dropped in price and strain i got wasn’t the one, I know thats not what was told when i purchased or how it read on there posted special online. Anyway luckily for me i only got jacked outta $5 for not paying attention but still kinda shady way to do business. And stick with the edibles here flower over priced and not very good compared to alot of other stores. I have had my card 4 years now and use it very often all around town so i know who has what and who constantly sells on point chron meaning not having 20 strains but only 3 are real fire and the rest no good.

  371. 33gemini

    I drive from Prescott Valley for the amazing selection of edibles. Staff is always pleasant, and helpful.

  372. kylesmokesweed1488

    love the brownie bites thay are crazy powerful staff is very friendly

  373. Kudahbhang

    Stopped here after work on whim. Glad I did. Quality, prices and deals are superb. Staff was friendly and informative. Will revisit with my wife very soon.

  374. sryan7312

    EDIBLES!!!!!! Never seen such a huge selection and it’s all the Yilo brand we love. CO2 wax and it looks smooth and fire. Green is pretty good and not bad prices. Overall, a great dispensary, knocks that other shit in area out. Staff is super cool and down to earth.

  375. team1zero

    Flowers are the worst on earth, there prices should show it, how ever they are what there name is a yilo super store! Edibles are amazing!

  376. bwise202

    Love love this place, the people and the product are amazing!! My favorite store by far!!! Great prices and a wonderful atmosphere!!!!!!

  377. jmglassllc

    Was there today for the first time a real big flower guy. They have a great selection. So being a first timer there got a free eat, 30MG, the classic chocolate chip cookies, Amazing I will be making this my new spot for sure and I do shop weekly, lol. I think I will have to try more eats since that’s where they started 5 yrs ago before going all in with flower and concentrates.

  378. ramatheson

    Great flower, friendly staff. Tried the Afghani Kush, which was nice, but the Northern Lights I got was incredible! Nice that it’s so close, too! Picked up a Hello Kitty bong for my girl, too!

  379. dnysworld

    Always packed and busy. Cookies OG is good for pain.

  380. queenharm

    The customer service is phenomenal. I purchased one of their concentrates and I believe due to the type of strain the after taste was off-putting. I do want to go back and check it with concentrates and products in general, especially the edibles. First time promotion is really good too. Store was a different set up that I wasn’t used to, but still convenient and comfortable.

  381. azhastomedicate1

    shut up at 9:44 p.m. on a Friday and was told no more patients wtf yilo bs customer service

  382. SirWaxAlot

    Nice environment, great edible selection, awesome cartridges, really good concentrates, and great deals on flower!

  383. meilahn04

    I love this dispensary. I just got a P.K.P from them and its guna be fire already.

  384. captaincaveman420

    This place has it all!!! love everything wish they had another store on the west side of Az.

  385. kevbro1

    so I don’t know what this dispensary thinks but closing 20 minutes early “because they’re full” is bullshit. who the hell ever heard of not letting patients in the door because there’s too many? this is not the first time they’ve closed the doors early and I’m kind of getting sick of it. get some new management

  386. chefrobinson12

    bud tenders are very professional and attentive comfortable and affordable prices

  387. jpalm14

    their new 1/8th pricing is amazing, its nice not having to go clear downtown to get 20$ 1/8ths, hope you guys keep them! ill never go anywhere else if you do. i promise. picked up some desert star flower this morning. amazing quality. plus there was a beautiful doggie there (owners i assume), it was gorgeous!! i just wanted to snuggle with it for like 6 hrs. any chance of that happening? please.

  388. jfromaz

    This place is close to my house so I’ve stopped in from time to time. So far I’ve been overcharged (card charged more than the sale credit) however upon return they refunded. I’ve ordered a few times from this place and generally an OK product.

    My recent order was extremely poor 🙁 BEWARE – Readon

    First I’d like to say that you don’t really get to inspect what you get as it’s pre-packaged in cloudy jars so you can see quantity but not quality in any sort of way. They have sample jars but they stuff jar usually has no smell and looks like it’s been tossed in the ground.. So in general what you get is better.

    Before I get into the quality of my last purchase let me tell you I’ve grown an average of 1.5lbs/mo in 20 square feed for just about 3 years growing over 140 strains. I know what quality is.

    This last order was _VERY_ under aged (the seed sacks were only just forming), and the buds were all pre-flower and leaf. There were signs of a trouble harvest (burns on sugar leaves/inconsistent growth) and it wasn’t cured at all correctly. Some of the “buds” were the stuff that starts in mid flower at the bottom you just let grow for hash/oil. Including all the leaves.. Just popped off the stem an in the “good” pile. It was also damn leading to extra weight. A total rush and sham job.

    So as this point I paid a premium price for stuff I won’t even bother to cook with. I called them up to report, asked for a manager and told I wouldn’t get through to a manager unless I had an appointment.. WTF? Seriously? A customer calling in to report a problem and potential embarrassment to the company and they want hoops? So I explained the issue and pushed hard to speak with a manager. The lady to who answered finally gave in an transferred me.

    The manager basically said all sales are finally.. no exchanges etc.. So basically they sell crap, make it nearly impossible to inspect, and then stick you with it.

    With so much competition around and many places within 10 minutes of this place I’d go elsewhere. Also let this be a lesson to all though reading, If they don’t let you look at EXACTLY what you are getting. Go elsewhere. At some point you will get shafted hard. I lost $250 on crap I wouldn’t accept as regs in the 80’s. Hopefully you can avoid this.

  389. Oldman58

    Stopped into Yilo Superstore to pickup a gram of what I thought was going to be some tier 1 Bubba OG (based on price) but it turned out to be some tier 2 (stated on the receipt) for the tier 1 price. That’s not cool.

  390. skate1996

    Awesome experience great quality

  391. Kbloves

    Awesome location, great service!!

  392. LMCmissy

    I’ve been in here a few times since they opened!!! (I’m coming back to get that polo 😉 and I will tell you best people best prices and best quality all wrapped up into a convenient location!! Yep I’m in love, keep up the good work !!!

  393. Batmanaz

    i love there edibles and there flower its my favorit store to go and get my meds everything about yilo i love it ty for be so awesome yilo

  394. SativaMe3

    I refuse to buy edibles anywhere else! Yilo forever!!

  395. octixstar

    Great location.Friendly staff person helping me recommended candy bar for my free edible choice, it was delicious and very effective.Like their set up for all their choices of products.Did not like finding seeds in my product, rolled a joint and it made it stink terribly.But other than that would still recommend Yilo for your needs.

  396. freedomefighter

    Cute staff fire grand daddy purple

  397. discountjungle1

    digging the service and love and the prices

  398. stosh83

    I have consistently been using yilo since they opened I love the gram of the day which changes constantly and is not just the bottom shelf. I always get the house pre rolls they are always rolled with love and do the trick

  399. DeanaAlbright

    it was very friendly.. was a little disappoint they didn’t have what I originally came for but the person who was helping me was very nice and knowledgeable

  400. daddybonglegs

    Yilo edibles are by far the best edibles that I have had, and I have tried basically every brand of edibles you can imagine. The reason Yilo is my favorite type of edible is because it is the only brand that always AFFECTS me, and the Yilo Superstore has the greatest/biggest selection of Yilo edibles I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. They have great deals on tree as well, and even though the price is cheap the tree is FIRE (I had the Lemon Skunk which was on special for like 8 dollars a gram, and it was dank as hell). The atmosphere in the Yilo superstore is amazing, and as a cardholding MMJ patient for 3 years now, I can honestly say this place impressed me more than any other dispensary in all of AZ, and for that matter Cali too. The staff is wonderful as well; I was helped immediately by a girl who was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside (and thats saying something because she was on a scale of 1 to 10, most definitely at least a 9). Basically she had a great personality and provided me with excellent customer service, the tree was priced much cheaper than I would expect especially considering the quality of the flower (overall probably some of the cheapest tree in AZ), they have the largest selection of edibles I have ever seen in my life (also the Yilos were priced lower than I have ever seen), and to top it all off, as a first time patient, I got to choose from the glorious wall of edibles and choose which one I would like to try for FREE (I chose the Peanut Butter Cookies)! This place is like my favorite place I have ever been and I am not kidding when I say if there was a zombie apocalypse, or anything like that, I would try/do whatever it would take to lock myself in the Yilo Superstore and live there for the rest of my life, or until all the edibles are gone, and with the amount of edibles I saw, I would most likely die before I could finish them all. I would honestly be okay with that though. I cannot think of a more suiting way to go out for me; fighting off zombies while hiding out in Arizona’s most impressive dispensary eating Yilos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the rest of my days, I could have a German Shepard live with me too, except I would not pull a Will Smith on him, Oh but on a real note to anyone reading this make sure your dogs, or any other pet you might have, do not eat your edibles (Unless you want them to turn into something like a zombie, either dead or barely able to move) . Anyways just the thought of being able to consume unlimited Yilos makes me almost wish there was a zombie apocalypse just so I could have a legitimate reason to have a strict diet of nothing but Red and Purple Yilos. Hahaha if you read this whole post, good job and good for you! I just got done visiting the Superstore so I am having a blast typing this review : ) I do not know why am I still typing? Anyways if you have not been to the heaven on Earth known as the Yilo Superstore, stop whatever it is your doing, seriously like whatever you are doing is not as important as being at this dispensary, like really nothing is as good as the goodness that is in this place. Anyways I am done with this review, you get the point, if you don’t go to the Yilo Superstore, and you read this whole review then you suck at life, and for that I am thankful because that will mean more for me when that I am Legend shit goes down!

  401. Shamezzee

    Beautiful place, friendly staff , great tasting edibles

  402. critterkeper1

    i am new to this. Donna help me and was very helpfull and would go back just because of her help hope she is there when i go back

  403. Pipewelder420-602

    Chill place; nice people ! Price pretty much the same every where; the aEURoeRick SanchezaEUR is so bomb ! Would like to know what’s it’s grown from

  404. steezysteve.sd

    Went to this place on their 8th day open. It was not close to being ready for opening. Display cases were cluttered full of all their pre packaged strains. Pre roll game off point. Cheap pipes though which was nice

  405. operationfilth

    so let me start by saying, the budtender with shoulder length blonde hair was very nice when my friend and i were in there tonight. unfortunately the girl at the front desk AND the girl who ended up being our actual budtender were absolutely wretched. the girl at the check in counter acted like it was the biggest inconvenience for her to have to check me in as a new patient, after having ignored us completely when we first walked in as she was showing something in one of the glass cases. she was taking a phone call during the process of entering my info as well, she was very short with the person on the other end, all the while awkwardly making direct eye contact with myself and my friend as if she were addressing us, not the call. when i didn’t hear her clearly and asked her to repeat herself she gave me a pretty ugly face lol. my bad?? definitely my bad for going here, i won’t be again. budtender was short with us as well. had absolutely no input or anything to offer when my friend and i were debating between strains, didn’t explain anything about their menu despite my being a first time patient. she seemed impatient throughout the whole transaction, and when i asked for a gram of a strain that unbeknownst to me is only sold in eighths, she gave me the total and i questioned the price for “two grams”. she shoved her finger at the menu and pointed out where it says what’s available in what quantities, caught attitude. i’m so bummed out, this place looked super cool and i LOVED the artwork in the actually dispensary side, but the customer service skills were obsolete

  406. tribeZ5

    Love love love, security, receptionists, budtenders, product and prices!!

  407. Zer0182

    Zero stars if I could they’re worst place with Bobby brown buds they should close down don’t waste your time coming here

  408. modiggiddy

    Best Edibles!! Love the BOGOs!

  409. cannbliss

    I go to Yilo almost every day and really like the place but today as I was talking to an employee another customer butted into our conversation and said something very rude about my appearance. I felt very discriminated aginst and it further more upset me that the employee seemed to encurage the behavior. I dosn’t make me feel appreciated as someone who is polite, patient, and spend lots of money at the place.

  410. crownedfinesse01

    Zach!!!! zach!!! works miracle ha I didn’t even wanna buy a gram today after talking to him I pulled out an oz. my go to guydY~,dY~ZdY$?–

  411. Loveweed70

    I’ve been to much better quality as well as customer service at other dispensaries compared to yilo. It’s almost as if all their so called different strains all look and tastes the same as old stale flower. Kind of like the budtenders as well. I give it a 1 of 5 stars.

  412. Hermanterwilliger13

    I go here a lot, I like the service

  413. phxstoner

    leafly is the best place to get a cheap gram and thats about it. theyre strain of the day is usually not bad for the 9 bucks you pay for it, but their upper shelve strains are really just regular quality and nothing special. for the primo shit i go elsewhere, for the times i just need to get some quick weed i go to yi lo.

  414. Chano10

    Yilo is awesome. Great location. Good meds Awesome Budtenders..thanks for all..

  415. dannycanny13

    Just left and I am extremely happy and impressed with every aspect of this dispensary. Flower is great, medibles are top notch,
    and I can’t wait to try to bubble hash. I’ll definitely be back in.

  416. bdubshake

    Good God the Monster Cookies though! I’m about a regular here and today so many happy and friendly customers – well, no wonder. Back pain and hardcore anxiety melted away.

  417. Bvjmt3

    I was so impressed here. Despite a lot of customers, everyone was very friendly and the wait was short. I believe a little crowded because they have later hours than most. I like the open concept here. The product is great specials are very good

  418. blazedallday2420

    I don’t usually give reviews unless it’s necessary, and today when I stopped in Kimmy, was just a gem, she couldn’t have been more pleasant. I was already having a rough with work but after my visit I left with great meds, and some of the best service I received in a while so thank you guys for having such amazing people who care about the patients. ill be back soon!!!#bestburritorollerintown

  419. Stylez2568

    I am frequent customer, now a permanent customer. The management staff are great!

    Thank YOU Yilo!

  420. Cenydd

    When this store first opened, I thought it was a jewelry or high-end electronics store, not a dispensary. It’s light, airy, and high-tech. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. I’m a caregiver and have no hesitation bringing my middle-aged patient – or even his elderly mother – here for a visit.

  421. mrsjkjones

    This is the place for edibles! The staff here are always helpful and eager to take care of me. Occasionally have a wait, but it’s worth it. Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned vet, the budtender will have info on what you want – I love that about this place. Definitely in my top 5.

  422. randie

    I am so thankful to have found Yilo they are always fast , friendly and informative. They also have the best prices on edibles. …. Amazing

  423. smoke7mirrors

    I love the inviting and helpful staff. I tried the Dr. Who from here and it definitely did what it was supposed to do. I will be coming back for it.

  424. ryanthaartist

    Very disappointed.. avid patient here but you can have a major deal day with no one working!!! This is the few places open past 7 during the week but it barely after 6 and only 2 bud tenders. The problem is there is 12 people in front of me. Great conversations tho

  425. JanoCano

    It was very close to home ! like*

  426. ltaamneh

    Much variety and excellent customer service along with a welcoming atmosphere and cheap prices

  427. deadlittlepuppy

    Excellent quality, great atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable staff. YiLo has quickly become my favorite dispensary. I will go out of my way to get there rather than other places.

  428. xomgftwx

    I don’t recommend this place AT ALL I’m seriously disappointed at the fact that either you choose a 15.99 or nothing since a huge majority of the buds are under cured that smells of grassy hay(which includes some 15.99!) BUT only because they pre-seal in jars which isn’t bad but ruins any curing in the process…

  429. joey.hamilton27

    Horrible pre rolls too long of wait time just overall not a good experience and the medication is average

  430. chuckles23

    I have been going to this place for a while and they have gone from a hidden gem to employees bickering with each other in a week. There products are all stems and seeds anymore. you don’t know what your getting until you get home and they deny any problem with the prefilled containers.

  431. JAnderson

    Went here for the first time tonight. Yilo has a massive amount of edibles to choose from, you’re sure to find something you like from their selection. The bud is on point, I recommend the Blueberry and Maui Wowie. I made the trip all the way from Avondale and definitely plan on coming back. Yilo may be a very new dispensary, but they impressed me from the time I walked in until I left. All around friendly service and knowledgeable budtenders. Highly recommend you visit them and see for yourself.

  432. MrsIndica

    Awesome establishment and great deals but the flowers seem dry not good for vaping. Tons of edibles and they make frosty buds, wax rolled in flowers. Sounds interesting…

  433. Pussygalore420

    Christina was great! A+

  434. tarinmcg

    This shop is MAGNIFICENT! Front half is like a smoke shop, back is dispensary. Flowers are amazing!! Staff is out of this world. Super friendly, clean, calm atmosphere.

  435. sonyprez1

    I enjoy purchasing my meds at Yilo there is always a wide selection and a cheerful staff.

  436. lbBaby

    awesome will always recommend to others and will be coming back again and again

  437. shonmerfy

    Cody was extremely nice and helpful.
    Great deals and great product!

  438. m8a1v3l

    They are garbage. I spent $45 on a K.I.N.D. cartridge and the piece of shit breaks while it’s in my pocket. Also, they didn’t give me a refund. The one time I bought flower it was super dry. Fuck Yilo. Don’t ever shop here.

  439. kennedylikethepres

    without a doubt my favorite place for flower, everyone is always happy and the design is pretty rad. Kaylie is my favorite to see she always has great vibes!

  440. bigjeffy1

    I’VE been here a few times and I’ll always come back love their oatmeal blueberry cookie

  441. nickphx

    I love this place, I come here everyday! Always have amazing deals for really great product! Keep on Yilo! 🙂

  442. BuddyMT

    This was my first experience at a Dispensary. I probably looked a little lost when I first walked in. The staff at the front door was helpful, took my card and ID and got me immediately set up with a girl to show me around. She was awesome, she answered all my question, and didn’t make me feel foolish as a first-timer. I ended up purchasing some cookies, jollies, and gummy bears. As a first time costumer I got a free 30mg edible with my purchase. Overall it was a great visit, and I really don’t have anything negative to say about the place. I’ll be sure to visit other dispensaries to compare, but this shop has set a high benchmark. Thanks YiLo!

  443. killroyboyhu

    love the prices, staff is great, helpful, friendly, everything you could ask for grade a+

  444. BigJ808

    only place to get edibles

  445. kujjo999

    I’ve been to every single dispensary in the valley and YILO beats them all by far.
    I go in every day for the strain of the day which is $19 an eighth can’t beat that with a stick

  446. Thomas911

    They offer special but when you think you are getting what is in the sample jar and you get home you realize it is a low quality weed . I will not be returning to this place again

  447. kitschbitsch

    great sales on edibles. I’ve been here twice and there were mistakes made both times (wrong product then did not give me the correct discount) but even with that frustration I will return here for the 50% off brownies and disposable vape pens

  448. govapeurself623

    I am a first time card holder this year, I visited a few places around PHX, then I visited YilO S.S., and I am completely in love with this dispensary. First off, what a massive selection of products, ton of edibles, BUT the flower is GREAT and the prices are GREAT. A girl named Kailey assisted me, and she was so helpful, funny, and cute she just made my day honestly. I must of asked her 50 questions and she just knew her stuff so well I was impressed. YIlo is my hero!!!

  449. Cassieluvstrees

    It is easy to get to and fast to reach right off of the hywy.

  450. ojdafirst

    I just love their sales on halves. I had this one called THE REM hey, if you like sativa, you will LOVE this, not big for sativa but when i need some Sunday morning energy, better believe THAT IS COFFEE lol….I love the atmo, the edibles, THE EDIBLES
    ……yo they got TWINKEES yaw lmao SMOOTHIES….I really love coming here

  451. Eminemfan

    Great selection of edibles and very friendly staff!

  452. wife1

    was very disappointing for what you did on 4/20 because that’s a lot of times you have sells for 50% of the edibles and your competitors are doing $99 ounces of Bud ,lately the flowers is dry and it’s a shame because your people there are very nice and your Hannibal’s are great

  453. bruffinaz

    Professional, knowledgeable staff with a great selection and a wide range of medicine. First time visitors gets a free edible. Not just a piece of candy but a 120 milligram bar C02 chocolate bar of your choice.

    This is the only place in Arizona that carries both Canna-Tsu and Omirita RX in CBD hybrid strains. If you’ve ever searched for CBD, it’s not as easy to find as you would think. Not to mention, excellent/fair prices.

    I hope they keep serving up Omirita RX, I would never go to another Dispensary, ever.

  454. SandPapaino

    love everything about this store flower great price papers pipes etc you name it good ish for the low you can’t get no better that yilo

  455. QueenIndica602

    This store has tasty edibles, cool swag & the best CBDs!

  456. sk8terchick540

    I love the raspberry the tea.

  457. arora69

    love the edibles here

  458. terrydog1973

    As far as store fronts go, cool store, for the most part service has been great, at times a little inexperienced. as for the meds I’ve been a bit disappointed in the flower. first off the menu to me is confusing and the lack of being able to get a good look at the meds without a tender pulling out everything one at a time is frustrating, so far after quite a few tries the quality doesn’t match the price and on more than one occasion I’ve gotten home only to find meds lacking potency, flavor and even smell. just smells like hay until at least the 15.99 a gram tier and even then it’s iffy. Definitely great edibles selection. I will come back for the bubble hash, but will get my flowers elsewhere! Peace

  459. Tglaze

    Excellent … I have always been very satisfied with the service . But this time Donna took extra care to explained and educated me on options for my therapy. Thank you to everyone that works there.

  460. hughelle

    Their Chocolate bars are divine. If it is edibles you are looking for, this is the place to go.

  461. cjay310

    Great service.
    Great flower.
    Great prices.
    Literally nothing to complain about. Love this place. should tint the windows.

  462. Austintoma666

    Very dry old weed like months old was not impressed

  463. jonnybgood31

    they also need to update their menu more i pass every place up on leafly if they didnt udate their menu that morning or recently

  464. tomierocko96

    the staff is amazing

  465. electrified

    great edibles

  466. Ambervarljen

    Great staff, comfortable atmosphere but completely clueless and in complete denial when it comes to the quality of there flower. They say they have “the best prices in town” but not only are the very expensive but everything they have is dried out and completely unreliable. Only their top shelf flower is worth trying…. but for the price I can get twice as much anywhere else…. and most other dispensaries mid grade flower blow their best buds out of the water… my advice is to take advantage of their first time special… and make that your last visit.

  467. Dakidpooh

    I have nothing bad to say about this place I love it .. I’m a regular here and get treated great with a smike and hospitality every time. Yes there 19dollar 8ths are amazing s/o that amnesia haze lol but yilo is a personal friend of mine and his main focus has always been on the edibles and when I say they have the best edibles next to baked bros is actually an understatement. Go in and purchase the magic 7browine 420mg you will be satisfied your welcome #DaKidPooh

  468. cdsjedi

    I’ve been here a few times. I love the candy selection. The have a ton of different kinds of flower too…it almost seems to be too many to keep track of, for me. I keep coming back for the Jolly Blox. If you like candy, go here. Good deals pop up too.

  469. matsun623

    this place is great..has exactly what im looking for and provide good quality strains.

  470. rgarner1992

    Great bud and great place! Definitely be back 🙂

  471. dylanm

    The edibles at Yilos are the best out there, however the bud could be Danker.

  472. oates1252

    the price is at the right ticket great quality definitely coming back

  473. mysticbean

    Disappointed. Stopped by this morning bought two grams of the special of day. I asked when I purchased if it was sticky. The budtender I was speaking to said, it better be. It wasn’t. The nugs were broken little pieces and stems. Dried up to the point that when I tried to clean it, it desentegrated to dust. Big let down. There’s $18 down the drain that I really didn’t have to throw away. If I had wanted shake, I would have raked my backyard. The help there were nice but shouldn’t make you believe you are buying something that you are not.

  474. Lolita7979

    I have to say the staff at this store for the most part is wonderful AZ I visited the store with hopes of making a purchase on edibles I was very disappointed in the way I was treated by the general manager home on other visits have been an amazing person may have just been a bad day but was enough for me to say I will never be back to you again I was looking for Value in edibles and when I was trying to inquire appellate selection and pricing the general manager seemed to be more irritated with me and not want to deal with me it seemed at all I usually find the staff very helpful so this incident was very isolated but I felt it necessary to give my experience and hope that no one else will feel this way or be treated this way. I hope in the future you understand that you don’t treat customers this way especially regulars that have been there since the store opened. Please don’t allow your bad days to dictate what customers come back very disappointed in the way I was treated I want to make that clear

  475. mimi.louiso

    Clean friendly. Edibles are great. Some great deals on strains. Adult candy store.
    Flower is usually dry, even first tier. Swell strands are way worse.
    Usually short on Satibas, so call ahead.
    They also use hypur to pay.

  476. evLoaks

    yilo combo smoke shop a plus dY’

  477. Evandju

    fantastic service

  478. mamamissy161

    Absolutely love this place by far my most favorite dispensary I’ve ever been to great flower and amazing peopledY~

  479. Coppertop2468

    Regular customer now, another location referred me here and lost their business! Whoops! great location great staff great buds great pricing(7.99 strain of the day!) and fantastic atmosphere.

  480. massoud

    FTP great deal 3 low dose cookies… enough for munchies also got to try some tangerine dream for the daily deal. 1/8 for $30.30 out the door.

  481. CaptCronics

    Been here 3 times everytime i get flower its seems to crumble in my hands and turn to dust. if u go here pay for top Shelf.

  482. MandaElivda

    it was very close to home and easy to find.

  483. wark79

    Great atmosphere and excellent receptionist!

  484. 0420

    great friendly staff for sure worth the drive ..

  485. blakesosa74

    Loved my vanilla bean cheesecake cupcake! Great place to go for edibles!

  486. Bowlzz4dayzz

    Absolutely amazing atmosphere

  487. Dansterdam

    They have bubble hash! Price is decent $35/g for platinum og kush. That’s what keeps me coming back

  488. rannis

    can’t beat the $18 shake eighths. plus the staff of beautiful ladies is a plus.

  489. minyon

    YiLo is constantly changing for the better! Great music when you walk in the door, all the staff know their products, and the flower is getting better and better! Please bring back SFV and or Cactus OG!! Super fire!!

  490. Duder57

    horrible flower, if you like seeds in your buds, then this is your place, i got 2 grams from them and i found 5 seeds! there daily special stuff nightmare, and if you like to smoke dirt, this is your place, service is GREAT, one of the best places for service and edibles. i will give this place 1 more shot…

  491. cfp

    Staff was very helpful

  492. Bisraone

    Average flower at best. You can see with your eyes that it’s pretty shitty flower. Always disappointed when I come here. Service is hit or miss. Overheard a manager tell an employee not to mention customer points because they don’t want people leaving with free weed. This was said right in front of me! Rediculous. Wouldn’t recommend. There’s to many other great dispensaries.

  493. plottjulian17

    Clean set up,very nice. Yilo is awesome, always was my favorite branded edible! Friendly staff as well as great deals you won’t be disappointed.

  494. mrizzo23

    Never had a problem…love the deals! and the cheesecakes

  495. RjN13

    this place was awesome! way worth the drive for me! great info my bud tender was, Wade, he was lots of help. was sad tho when I got home n realized I didn’t get my free yilo hat for my 100$ purchase dY~” hopefully I can still get it wen I go back…

  496. Myroxie

    Good location close to home.

  497. jmradiaga

    very impressed with the quality of the buds, bought 2 grams of God Bud and A-K 47, highly recommended.

  498. Williamhunker

    Was very surprised today to find out that the prices on the Jaymn edibles has got ‘UP’! When I asked as to why I was given this answer “Supply and demand, they are a hit and they want to make more money off of it”. WTF!!! I use this stuff on a medicinal level and I have to keep to a budget. My weekly trip will now cost 30$ more. Greedy Bastards!!!

  499. acer04

    first time going here pretty awesome place. didn’t take too long to do the first patient check in. they had an awesome half ounce sale that they let me know about as soon as I was there along with their other specials. Emily helped me she was very nice and professional. I had a question she didn’t know the answer to and instead of making something up she took the time to look it up and get me the correct information. Also double-checked the final check out price to make sure everything was correct. will definitely be checking this place out more.

  500. BowlsOPlenty

    Ok, need new uniform or lack of

  501. devilchef9

    best eatables at the best prices!!! Donna was awesome, super friendly, super knowledgeable.

  502. rejeana79

    Yilo is one of my favorite dispensaries. they have the best edibles in the valley the new cheese litz are delicious thank you so much Donna for recommending them. I’m also stuck on the new carrot cakes and cheesecakes those are super yummy I love the selection I love the staff I will always come back because of them

  503. Ryno602

    This was my first visit and I’m very impressed with the quality of meds and variety. The staff made me feel very welcome and they def know their stuff.

  504. 312tothe602

    bomb digity bomb place for meds. staff kicks ass. too many products to choose just one thing

  505. shannaO

    Heard nothing but good things drove far for your quality!!!

  506. Kleetusvd

    $2.50 to use Hypur? No thanks guys. No one else does this.

  507. element2420

    picked up an eighth of lohan. some of the worst flower I’ve seen come out of a dispensary… very disappointed. customer service and edibles we’re good

  508. 5876

    They do not give deals for first time patients or the person that refer people to the establishment.

  509. alexxk88

    A great place with great deals, i would recommend it to anyone! Plus they are open till 10pm!

  510. pineapplepirate

    Yilo has been very nice.
    I would love to see more artwork up since artwork is already up. I recently received amazing fire. It was some fabulous shake. Tell your bud tenders what you’re going for…i did, and it was a great recommendation.

  511. jbcphx63

    In the neighborhood, great service, good bud, great specials!

  512. akolb91

    Amazing edibles love the pumpkin pie indica.

  513. PhxGreenGoddess

    I’ve been to just about every dispensary in the valley, and Yilo is my go-to. Edibles I purchased elsewhere never worked for me. At Yilo, they do. They have a wide range of flower at every price point. Plus, the daily specials and the special specials are a great way to try different strains without spending a lot of money. There are so many over priced and sub par dispensaries in the valley. Yilo has the pricing, the quality and customer service that ALL dispensaries should strive for.

  514. dtre1988

    Love the drinks and it a great environment

  515. TOPVIWE

    Great price good meds cool pep

  516. PainInMyNeck

    FTP here. Great looking lobby/waiting area, their people were friendly and a huge selection.

    I stopped by for their special on RSO, or so I thought. Quoted from Leafy “$30 off Timeless or KIND 1gm or $15 off .5gm.” Their RSO is KIND but as a salesman told me “our company is going thru changrs and a lot of people get confused by our ads.”

    With that being said, they informed me that the RSO wasn’t on sale and that only carts are (which was stated in the ad 2 sentences prior to the $30 off nonsense).

    I walked out empty handed.

  517. Dred1

    picked up sum oil for my pen and oh damn the lemon haze is bomb.

  518. dannyd0991

    quality meds koo bud tenders and great customer service will recommend!

  519. Mzzbelize

    Amazing customer service. Provide a wider variety than most in edibles.yay!!!

  520. cobra9327

    I have done a review on about the co2 wax, and the first time I was not happy with it, so someone from Yilo commented to “try other strains” well tried 3 more and still not nearly as potent as others, shame as I stated in my first review I liked how close you guys are but really that wax is $25 a gram tops, and to think on my forst review I payed the original $55 a gram… Almost feel like I kind of got suckered in by whoever responded saying try others well that was another $125+ spent that I just was plain unsatifided with and I asked a couple questions to the people working there and they couldn’t even answer them, one was why is the wax like this? Don’t you have shatter? The guy looked at me and kind of laughed a little and said I guess they haven’t figured it out yet…what? Everyone else has! Basically not happy with the dispensary part and the few people I have asked questions to didn’t have answers so I feel like the only reason I would go back is for the pipe and accessories section of Yilo or at this point your going to have to win me back… oraoeOEdY>>

  521. BluntCritter

    I don’t know what the one star reviews are even talking about, because I was helped by a friendly male bud-tender by the name of Jared, and he was very educated & helpful. I also have to mention he was “easy on the eyes.” :p 😉

  522. breadjunkie

    Love this place. Real genuine people that made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions. You won me over for sure!

  523. AzWrench

    This is a very nice store with lots to choose from. The staff is some what friendly. The quality is good but I am disappointed with their shake since it had lots of seeds and stem chunks in it. No Veteran discounts here either for any of you other Veterans out there. This is a good place to check out but after a couple tries I dont see myself going back.

  524. romanp602

    people there are very nice, helpful and knowledgeable. and edible are a must try. loved the blueberry cookies and tootsie rolls. awesome 1st time experience.

  525. Kazz420

    Yilo is by far the best place to get your bud with very friendly knowledgeable staff 🙂

  526. bubblez1

    Great deals nice staff

  527. dyerofsanity

    Staff is awesome, flower can be hit and miss, but quality continues to improve.

  528. Lilbaby07

    I absolutely loved this place was my first dispensery ever I love it

  529. Nick85

    I really Like Yilo. The edibles are delicious, the flower is never dried out and is always good quality. I always appreciate the knowledge the tenders share with me as well.

  530. Jjj123

    Great local convenience. Other than that im a local that just learned no birthday specials. Thanks tho..

  531. jheltsley


  532. kinds

    Nice place Good people Good Flowers Good edibles. Will be back.
    thank you!

  533. mariaejames832

    Yilo is in a good location, the flower is great, and priced right, and the staff is very personable. A really great place to go.

  534. jim1109

    Great Meds very friendly staff. Love it!!

  535. CannaFairyAZ

    This location is super close to my house, and have an amazing selection. The edibles may be cheaper at other locations, but there is always some item on sale. The flower is great and with a constant $35 1/8, it’s become my favorite dispensary.

  536. streetfield

    Great quality, great location, and great buds. Thank you!

  537. greenthinker7

    thus was the first dispensary i came to when i got my card i felt welcomed

  538. AlexisA

    love this place for there 20 1/8s

  539. EdgarAllanPoser

    I’m extremely socially awkward and have severe social anxiety and depression. That being said, the lovely people at Yilo are ALWAYS super sweet to me and always take the time to help me out. I only go here now so keep up the amazing work! I love you guys! a$?

  540. ciberflyer

    friendly staff, awesome selection of edibles with some sweet deals. however, the prices are weird, there is no patient referral program or vet discount. the concentrates need fine tuning as most of what I saw has the consistency of soupy honey. I want to refer my friends but until they can work out a few of the issues, they continue to be a back up. 🙁

  541. jitsusoldier

    great staff and great treats are found here

  542. CLC525

    Everything from start to finish was a relaxing experience. Everyone I dealt with was very nice and welcoming. Great products, prices were nice and quality of product was awesome!!!! Edibles were both delicious, peanut butter cookie and gummy bears. I will make this my store for sure!

  543. trevorbman

    good spot nice people amazing edibles

  544. mariachalabi

    This place is literally a super store. The giant fridge of edibles was like a wet dream. If the zombie apocalypse occurs and there’s no food left I know where I’m going.

  545. lloydnine

    This is my regular shop

  546. mjonelis215

    Great place and tenders are very knowledgeable

  547. Dovsac

    Great staff good prices and open until 10pm

  548. phxlife602

    Yi-lo love it… Great Customer service…. And great edibles and flower.!!! My new stop…

  549. kotonmouthaz420

    great love it

  550. SmilinChica

    Been here 4 times already and so hooked on their pistachio nut cookies n lollis. mmmm Hellsfire flower is fing awesome. I’ve come twice for this strain here. Hope you’ll supply more as my last purchase you only had grams. Dispensary definitely has quality product n just off the highway…perfection. And I can’t disagree with one of the previous review ladies are just stunning and hella knowledgeable.

  551. Jolsen1108

    Kimberly is knowledgable and helpful. Welcoming and professional with a large assortment of strains at great deals , I will be back

  552. LouieLucci77

    Great staff an they have plants on display also there for sale to make edibles (=

  553. 1680

    My first time there today and got help from the beautiful Donna. She took the time to show me how to use a wax vaping pen thing. She was very patient with my questions and probably my staring cus she is gorgeous. I will go there again just to get helped from her. Thank you for the Grand Daddy Purple wax Donna!

  554. DTreatzAZ17

    i love and enjoy this dispensary , not only does their service and quality amazing but the diverse section of flowers and strains is large i would defiantly recommend this place to any patient that need good quality service and high grade meds.

  555. demon420

    benn here a few times and like the Serbia and the people cape got it and worked grate see you all soon much thanks to you all here hope you all keep up the great work

  556. Brittneylynn4308

    really enjoy there editable, some of the best quality and deals.

  557. tamiiscooler

    the night owl had stess seeds in my half ounce and my other half ounce of sour lemon og had seed not from stress though.

  558. chopaz

    freaking awesome. I drive from 165th n van buren to come here. best of the best.

  559. Rakofsky

    LOVE this location……Always friendly staff & Great flower! dY~f

  560. jmcspadd

    I have been a HUGE fan of YiLo products for several years. My only problem was the dispensaries I used had a limited supply and lacked a variety of YiLo products.
    With the opening of the YiLo Superstore…problem solved!
    Every product YiLo makes is in this store. I’ve been getting the red cap teas and juices for years but I only liked the taste of grape & apple. My old dispensaries never had those two flavors.
    Guess what YiLo Superstore has?
    Grape & Apple. In every strength. A choice of an Indica or Sativa Strain.
    If YiLo makes it, it is in this store.
    My 1st visit I picked up some Elixir 240 mg, and a quarter of the Strain of the Day, “God Bud.”
    This was my first time to try Elixir and it was wonderful. The God Bud was God Awful. Extremely dry & infective. I’m not saying they sell bad weedaEUR”they have a multitude of strains, and I tried one. I came back the next day and picked up a couple of bottles of juice with a great discount.
    Great location, cool vibe, friendly staff.

  561. Bhill414

    Smoove Location and Great Service

  562. Brittiny

    Lots of edibles. Even a birthday cake which is pretty cool. Bud was a bit too dry. Front desk and security guard are nice and friendly but the bud tenders could use some better customer service skills. They aren’t bad but not super inviting.

  563. geminishantel

    great prices very knowledgeable staff lots to choose from! and I was very excited to find me some tea now if I can find hot drinking tea would be even better dY~S thanks guys for making my first visit enjoyable

  564. happygamer94

    A great place to come to if you do not prefer to smoke lots of edibles to choose from my favorite are the Jolly blocks highly recommended for edibles

  565. higherthoughts

    best pop rock edibles and customer service. Really nice meds, really nice people

  566. Smokeking214

    Thanks for the wonderful service and knowledgeable workers. Helped me out a lot and even taught me a couple of things. Thanks again

  567. kingswizzle

    This place is awesome, first time patient special is cool I got a free 30mg edible I had the chocolate chip cookies, tasted great was medicated all day, I also tried a (12.99) gram of their “medibud” it’s a pretty flower great taste and smooth high would recommend this place to anyone, great staff very clean professional establishment. I had a small hiccup when I went to pay, they did not have the medicine in the computer yet. I don’t blame anyone for this seeing how this is a new store and still working out some kinks. Over all 5 stars I will definitely be back for more!

  568. Nancypie11420

    My new favorite place- I don’t do flower, but I do like to get medicated using edibles. It was very clean looking. My bud tender Donna had some great suggestions and was so nice.

  569. yankeered2k6

    Top shelf is boo boo. This place needs a revamp. Staff was expecting me to buy more than a G, next time I’m buying nothing because I’m not returning. No referral benefits. No first time visit deals. No review deals. This place sucks.

  570. slandersonaz

    superstore super staff

  571. Cdkirgis

    Amazing store. Best quality edibles always. And the Flower was fire also.

  572. bbruce76

    Very friendly people. They take the time to talk and make great recommendations for products!

  573. badmamajama

    Months ago I bought a kit w a battery for my oil pen – I had a problem with it getting EXTREMELY HOT – I called in December spoke w Jarod – he could of cared less and I waited for a supervisor to call me back – nothing – so ONLY BECAUSE I was in the area I stopped and went in to speak to supervisor – who now turns out to be exact same guy who DID recall my phone call – I think it went upon deaf ears yet again / so warning you that my batter pen in the black looking eye glass case that there seems to be a plentiful amount piled up in the case – this is MY EXPERIENCE it suddenly got so hot that I felt the warm against me ( in my sweat shirt pouch pocket for about 5 minutes as I was dropping a friend off at the airport / so saying goodbye ) I was afraid to have it in my car or home – it starting leaking something and it remained extremely hot to touch – I could barely touch it to get my oil cartridge off of it – so BEWARE because that’s what happened to me – Not a apology – not a offer to replace – as I’m sure you can see I purchased the one in question there – the Yilo dispensary did not have any customers in there at all when I came in – NEVER have I been to a dispensary with no customers – must be a sign of unhappy previous customers – the dispensary I attend – has so many customers that they offer a free pre roll if you have to wait longer than 15 minutes !

  574. kaleigh6

    I love it! Always positive staff, I am a talker and have had a positive connection with each interaction. I love the points too always helpful. I got a sweet dugout fitting my personality perfect and a free YiLo hat to represent with. This is my favorite one in town!

  575. endoesmoke5150

    dope place when we arrived in parking lot I thought it was a ice cream store. lol nice place and love your glass windows. feels more legit .. nice prices and pretty ladies. made my day keep
    it up.

  576. Mark3604

    It’s clean service is good and the girls are friendly

  577. Ragnacenty

    Thought i’d give this place a shot, and was very disappointed with the flower quality. My flower is extremely dry, and burns with a harsh yellow smoke, accompained by a bitter taste. Would not reccomend and will definitely not be returning.

  578. bextar

    I love this place. The staff is super friendly and down to earth. The edibles are actually amazing- and I’m not a huge edibles fan. The great deals on flower are what keeps me coming back- they rotate the sale strains so you can get some top tier stuff for really decent prices. Their daily sales are definitely worth checking out.

  579. jake13812

    I wasn’t all that impressed. The co2 wax was intresting not very potent but tasty. The edibles were good a little dry but over all good feel. The staff was awesome. But over all it was just a baked good store.

  580. jbrantley16

    This place is absolutely amazing! I love the prices and the flower is nice!

  581. poofy74

    what isn’t there to like? I am a regular here they Know me bye name and they have a very knowledgeable staff very helpful as well as best spot to get a 19$ eighth I give yilo mad props

  582. forevrtoken

    I’ve been coming here since they opened and it is my go to dispensery. I’ve always loved their prices and specials.

    Today I go in and see that their “tier 4” has gone up in price.. all of their prices went up it seems to me to make room for their “gold shelf”. For the first time I am not happy. I spent $9.99/gram today that I’m pretty sure was $8.99/gram a day or two ago! They should have sold-out of that price before raising the tier price. Definitely not as happy as I could have been!

  583. Lightheaded17

    loved the service and the variety.

  584. YiloSuperstore

    i love it!!!!!!

  585. Kevinkj777

    the best edibles

  586. dicbake84

    Liked the selection, price and the quality was great!

  587. mikeysmiles420

    The combo dispensary/ smoke shop is kinda weird. They have a ton of edibles that are fairly pricey. The wax is decent. Not very good deals for new patients. If your on a budget then Yilo is not the place for you

  588. MrTaylor43

    Horrible establishment. Replace the manager.

  589. toostoned16

    great flower great deals love this place and the staff in very friendly will be definitely be making this my go too place.

  590. MrsEricaDWilliams

    Korey && Jared F Are So Dope! Amazing Energy && Chill Ass Vibes! I Appreciate I Can Buy Some Good Meds From Some Great People.

  591. Nick210

    Love this place. Always have a $7.99 a gram strain daily special and best edibles in town. Who has LIVE plant in they’re window. Only YILO… : )

  592. pampered2princess

    Friendly staff. Didn’t have much knowledge beyond using Leafly. Good prices for decent bud. It’s a little dry but for the price you can’t get mad. I got helped straight away. Clean inviting facility. Basic dispensary with loads of edibles.

  593. kjpage115

    Except for the Elixer, which has almost no effect even when taking double the dose, the edibles are the best you can get. The flower is okay but not much potency. It’s the nicest looking dispensary I’ve ever seen.

  594. biggabandsv

    Every thing was good except what I went there for which is flower! It smells like horse hay . hopefully you guys get a new grower

  595. ChefSativa

    Excellent edibles, best tasting by far and very accurate thc content. Flower is a bit hit and miss but typically priced accordingly. I use primarily edibles and they are wonderfully effective. The kid claiming he ate 360 mg of eddies is off his rocker. A clueless high-on, or he is lying. I have been going there since opening day and have tried everything in stock. The hash oil tastes like shit though. Tootsies are thier best overall product. worth every penny.

  596. retas

    First time there and the people there are very friendly. It sucks that taxes eat up almost $6 of what we could be spending with you. 🙁
    I will come again and thank you for enlightening me on edibles. Can’t wait for the K-cup!

  597. Icanlivelifeagain

    I can’t believe how much the other stores are upcharging on the Yilo Edibles but now I’m not in the dark anymore, I know exactly where to go for my constant pain relief medicine and can now afford to use the amount I need to get relief from my constant pain which leads to being able to sleep more than an hour at a time and that in turn allows me to have a better quality of life. The staff really cares about your symptoms and explains what will help the most with your situation. This will be the only dispensary that I go to ever again. Just a side note if you are going to complain about not being able to sleep more than an hour because of your pain and someone that has experience with edibles which by the way its effects last and keep you asleep and out of pain for 8-10 hours but you really don’t want advice and are just going to buy the flower which effects only last about an hour or two, guess what? You are still only going to get an hour of sleep because of your pain. Just some ” food” for thought.

  598. cmcnew1

    The staff here is amazing, seriously… YILODIANS YOU ROCK! especially the women! <3 They have a great location and selection of products. Check them out!!!

  599. rhondamadden

    Love all the staff great people good meds but need shatter and crumble ull get more buss….

  600. cterminator

    Yilo has some pretty decent paintings to look at and I like that. The staff is always helpful and I trust them a lot. The edibles are really helpful and pretty tasty though I can’t afford them all the time because they are pretty worth it if you can. The low shelf flower could be similar to the higher shelf flowers and sometimes I use it more throughout the day than when I go make purchases at other locations. Overall I enjoy looking at the selection of products in the waiting room I was able to get a pipe I like for only 5$. Also the staff has never made m uncomfortable and have positive energies and this makes this place my go to.

  601. because_unicorns

    the staff was really friendly and knowledgeable. the products were great. I’ve never slept better after having one of the edibles before bedtime. I’ll definitely be coming back

  602. Sopikz

    Fantastic customer service and great medication.

  603. AliceTasby420

    I looovvveee this place the budtenders are great. Their always helpful and have the lowest prices I’ve ever seen. The flower quality is awesome for the price and always does the job when it come to pain relief.

  604. L8atNite

    Always friendly staff. Good pricing.

  605. zaccamren

    Always happy go lucky and amazing staff. Very helpful and all questions are always answered politely.

  606. beautygreen69

    Great place, was amazed at the quality in flower! People are super friendly and helpful!! Will definetly return here!!!

  607. FloresRaquel

    ALWAYS come here and when I do I be looking for Jacob , he dope asf he always keeping it real and def recommend him if it’s ur first time he coo to talk to but other than the bud good n always got those 20$ 8ths

  608. phxwildflower

    Spectacular store great prices great meds amazing budtenders.

  609. jwblack

    The people are friendly enough. Claiming lowest prices is a joke, except for Jamyn edibles. The only product I buy at yilo and the only thing I could reccommend.

  610. Liza1220

    Great pumpkin pie edible

  611. daman1030

    Why is it that every location that had you Low does not they carry the Dixie drinks now what is going on with the Low store and why do people not carry your product anymore

  612. VBon1

    good flower and staff

  613. Dblock614

    Even tho I live in Surprise I won’t get eddibles at any other place. Best in the valley.

  614. ZombiesGirl

    Yilo is my favorite. The people are awesome and it’s a great experience every time. The edibles are so delicious and they have the best prices dY~S

  615. Gary2015

    I came in on the first day of opening and this place is amazing and it wasn’t even done yet. The displays are beautiful, the edibles are in an awesome cooler behind the counters, but close enough that you can see what they have. The place is huge, they have many stations, The flower was awesome and their prices are as well. I was greeted at the front door by a very charming and extremely knowledgable guy by the name of Brian. He got me all checked in without papers to fill out, was very knowledgable about the products I inquired about as well as showing me the side where accessories and CBD”s can be purchased AND The best part about that is you do not have to have a card to shop on that side of the business. So bring your friends! No more waiting in the car. Guy and Andrew were very nice in assisting me with checkout. It went very smooth. I was very impressed and spreading the word for people to check this place out. The only thing I really wanted that they have coming were cartridges for vaping. However, they do have the syringe refills. I’ll def be back!

  616. p1mp1n

    loved everything edible to solid stream of flower love it I usually go once a day for the 7.99 strain of the day Amanda and staff are great

  617. Minus99x

    excellent service and white range of product nice variety

  618. DSD420DABBER

    Was very disappointed that unlike the other 4 places I’ve visited so far, Yilo wouldn’t honor me as a new patient even though I haven’t had a card for a few months and decided to get a new one. Even gave a different PT #. Oh well, I’ll gladly take my business elsewhere.

  619. 3rdman

    Amazing Buds and Bustenders!!!

  620. shaynasty602

    Minyon is fabulous!! Loved her positive attitude and just over all great. The staff keeps me coming back!! Minyon is an absolute gem!!!!!

  621. Azrichy

    really great place! have lots of great choices! I will definitely be back.

  622. TurbineBlues

    Service was great, the vibe was also very chill and easy going, sadly though the c02 wax I bought taste like hookah, made me wonder if it was just reclaim. I bought green Crack (blueberry flavor), and herojuana(unflavored), both had the taste of hookah, plain and simple I’m unable to use what I bought because of the taste, I did try and persevere but the taste is just overwhelming and I can’t handle it. Warning to other concentrate consumers, if you want a good flavored c02 wax don’t go here, however if you’re looking for edibles or flower, they excel in those categories.

  623. wsmp28smiley

    All i can say is the chocalate bars are scrumches!! Staff is friendly. Love the in n out service!

  624. treman03

    This place is too cool. So much help from the people who work here. Thank you.

  625. UnKleShaggi1

    Very professional. Not snooty. More for edibles but the flower is excellent (go for the sale strains). The glass doors and walls make it nice and bright. I found it by accident going to Best Buy, so look for that. They had my favorite strain in stock, so I dropped in for just a gram. It was really good. Fast service too!

  626. tdogg2284

    this place is cool awsome staff i love how they greet you great meds also i would definitely come here again

  627. faithscott93

    Very unique dispensary! dY~f From the time I stepped inside, I felt welcomed by an Amazing staff. My first time patient gift was an edible; I chose chocolate chip. That was the BEST cookie I gave EVER had! I’m a flower person but Yilo has definitely made me want to try edibles now. The lady that helped me was awesome. She told me her name but I can’t recall (she had on glasses). Must be the great flower they have too! Go there!

  628. thevon

    blueberry blitz is chocolate bar is off the radar man. I need about 30mg to get to the high that a bowl would produce, but it’s fun and discrete. I kept my bar in my back pack for 2 days, inside room temp, never car or outside, didn’t melt

  629. Pullintubes85308

    These guys hold a standard of customer service not rivaled in this industry. all the Staff is very knowledgeable and will help you get the most bang for your buck. looking forward to seeing Yilo verry soon. oh and those clones make some amazing juice. lol

  630. sundevillettuce

    Very professional, very clean, knowledgeable staff. Never did I ever feel nervous, anxious or intimidated during my visit. Free edible on my first visit!

  631. k2rider2k1

    great place great prices friendly staff

  632. BatBud420

    This is my first dispensary experience and it definitely left me with some lacking aspects. I have gone in twice to get a general feel instead of just a first impression. Edibles are fantastic and great with deals.Yummy to the best degree. I tried both the top tier flower and bottom tier flower and found them to be of simaliar quality . This isn’t a huge deal since they have a great strain of the day special. The store is clean, friendly and pleasant. I found my one complaint would have to be educational aspects. I’m a new patient learning how to meet my specific needs further than indica or sativa. I was told about the company and how buying worked but got no help making a choice outside of what the deals were. They also will ask indica or sativa. I wish the bud tenders knew more about the specific strains the dispenary offers and would help make recommendations of their large selection. It make help lessen the wait time during busy times and would make the experience less overwhelming for the new patients with low experience and knowledge.

  633. Mfgz

    yilo , hands down my favorite dispensary!! bud tenders are awesome.. very friendly and just a great atmosphere overall! oh and dont forget the $19 8ths !!dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’dY’

  634. 8c2clifton

    Nice place. But I went there because the banner at the top of the menu says bull calves for 109. However when I got there they said it was not applicable to the strain I wanted.

  635. Dbreitbard

    I’m shocked that this place which this is the first time coming here very nice people clean as well, so I buy an eighth and they give me a pre-roll for FTP so when I go to light the pre-roll it doesn’t even smoke I can’t smoke it if my life depended on it and it wasn’t cuz it was some super sticky so I just thru it out since it was un smoke able then I get to the right finally open it and it look h
    great smells great but it’s really dry and I pulled several seeds out of the bud if I could take a picture to show you I would and what’s even more upsetting is when I looked at the jar the display was in it didn’t have any seeds but mine did so that will be the first and last time going there i just can’t believe they would put that on the shelf to serve to people that just shows the type of customer service they run there

  636. Meds4thePatients

    Yilo Superstore – February Review
    Grandaddy Purple was incredible! It’s nice to see a good – to the books – OG strain structure and effect. Decent sized flower selection, interesting location! The Glass House of Cannabis 🙂

  637. Brutal_legend

    The white widow was absolutely horrendous. Poorly grown and loaded with a bunch of tiny little young premature seeds. Can’t pick them out because they blend into the bud so well. Severely disappointed when I spent 30 minutes trying to pick out a billion little seed chips from my grinder. Reminded me of some REGGIE. 2/5 would not recommend. Mediocre experience while smoking it.

  638. vanp

    Luv the prices best in AZ

  639. ashleynelson22

    Best deals for what your looking for!!

  640. ckh1272

    This is by far my favorite stop. It is by far the nicest, in terms of overall appearance, and is very well laid out. They have the tastiest selection of edibles that are all natural. Excellent service and excellent staff, so much so that I really want to work there! Stop by and check them out!

  641. malici0us

    its a new location. i understand transition and such. so remember its a new store and they are getting going. as far as the product it was excellent. dont be fooled by the display. will be seeing me again.

  642. Carolineluzon

    Great service and quality

  643. Lamurda

    Least favorite dispensary in a 150 mile radius. Bad flower, bad discounts and horrible bud tenders. They’re uneducated on their products (that’s what happens when you hire females in hopes they attract men cliental for bigger sales). I’ve also seen them run and hide from helping certain people, shameful girls. The sell brown and dead yellow flower. It’s not even green. Not flavorful or colorful. Also with all the discounts in town and better bud I don’t know how they’re still open. You give me bad product, service and discounts and that’s the fastest way to lose me and get me to write a review. They can do so much better. Drop the sexist work environment and let others help your store grow.

  644. Odin4President

    I recently tried the Grape Ape at this location. The high was perception altering, long lasting, and lived up to everything I hoped for. Definitely recommend. Bam

  645. Jpmerrill

    Busy location friendly faces and quality buds. Yilo is even open til 10pm i love it. The atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming.

  646. SupHerbRemedies

    I went to Yilo Superstore in Phoenix their 7th day open for business and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.
    My first visit was the day before Santa’s arrival and for being one of the busiest shopping days of the year the staff was VERY personable and remarkably unhurried. Wade and I hooked up right away because he wasn’t busy and we had talked over the phone earlier. I like to visit with people so it was nice when Brian, manager; Drew assistant manager; and Taylor and Cassie, customer service (names spelled right?) introduced themselves.
    Now, check this out, except for 2 interior walls in the waiting room, the walls are glass-thick bullet proof glass-ceiling to floor and huge bay windows giving the store an atrium showroom feeling***light | open air space| full of life***
    The waiting room has large glass display cases. NIIIICCCE hand blown pipes and bongs of all shapes, characters and heights, rolling papers,etc. I was impressed except for the Rawa,,C/ glass cone filter which comes endorsed and in a glass vial for $5.99…very, nice looking yet incredibly expensive..n.I just put my $1.50 filters into a dispensary gram vial (watching my footprint). Later I can add alcohol, let sit, shake gently, drain, dry).
    …..Invited back into the back my immediate go to was the counter in front of this huge refrigerated wall containing an EXTENSIVE EDIBLE selection of not just palatable but sent from Heaven delicacies 30mg, 60mg, 120mg, 240mg packages. Let me repeat that…they have a refrigerated edible selection! Real BAKED GOODS..heehehee…. COOKIES..Santa didn’t need reindeer to fly from my house after eating two of the three complimentary, first time guest, Yilo EGGNOG SNICKERDOODLES- they also have PUMPKIN SNICKERDOODLES available; So far, I’ve also tried TWINKIES, ***available in vanilla/chocolate | Indica/Sativa| pleasant weed taste*** my body, with its fibromyalgia, degenerated disc disease and OA chalanges responded better to the COOKIES and thats what its all about just ask Brian about turpins. I tried WHITE CHOCOLATE CRUNCH CANDY ***dark,milk chocolate, white chocolate | crunchy or nutty or berries | Indica| Sativa*** A Godsend for aches and pains after a loooong day of being on the bus doing last minute shopping;they have 20 something choices of chocolate bars. YS has YILO FROSTED and UNFROSTED BROWNIES, CAKES, COOKIES CANDY BARS and HEALTH DRINKS and although I’m sure I’m forgetting something, I do remember hearing YS has a Yilo version of OTTER POPS …lmbo…going to rock that in the summer months. The FLOWERS…exquisite, the smells are wonderful; skunk, cheese, kush, lemon, berry oh my….I have tried 14 different strains so far from YS, mostly sativa. My fav? Agent Orange and Green Crack and God Bud (Indica) The FLOWERS are coated in crystals, the different colors are vivid, leaves are heathy.
    When I was there there were 38 different types of flowers available. Every product I asked for was available in Indica or Sativa and in the multitudes I asked for.
    It was during the holiday sales (%off) yet prices where $7.99 -$15.99 and up (4 price tiers all nice bud). I went back and refilled my prescription on New Years Eve day place was busy, busy and I still received, great customer service, quality medicine and educational material was available when I needed it.
    Yilo Superstore raised the bar quite bit, imo.
    Happy New Year! Peace!

  647. victor1994

    Good meds awsome ppl n the got the best edibles

  648. herikane

    The staff at Yilo are awesome. I have been in so many times I have lost count, great variety of edibles and flower is on point. always best prices and top shelf strains on special daily so we can all try the “expensive” stuff. Yilo has sugar free edibles that are a must for my diabetic mother in law, also a patient who loves Yilo.

  649. lexielou623

    The edibles are heavenly!! I recommend them to everyone I know with a card.

  650. unlovelyrainbow

    My first time here this morning and I loved it atm! the guy they helped me out was amazing and i will be going back.

  651. vinniern

    great selection and friendly staff

  652. oshiosh5980

    I love the knowledgeable staff and quality products!

  653. kailoveyoubyye

    People are very friendly and give you any help!

  654. SimplyMary

    This is by far THE BEST in the are! Professional, Fun, and I always seem to be coming back for more!

  655. sy420

    It’s a nice place. Good location. Friendly staff. I’m not sure about the meds just yet. I haven’t tried them yet. The flower looks gd and smells gd. We’ll see if it smokes gd too. Prices are gd if the product is gd. I’ll post another comment after I try the meds.

  656. mrsak420

    This location will for now and forever be my go to spot for cannabis. I have another dispensary with very similar prices but will drive an extra 5 miles just to be here.
    I suffer from a lot of kidney issues, the biggest being kidney stones. For years I’ve suffered and had to rely on the chemical opioid pain pills the doctors and hospitals prescribe for the pain. NO MORE! I was able to find an amazing strain called Pennywise(Jack the Ripper meets Harlequin). It’s an Indica strain with high levels of CBD. Which is fabulous for pain and inflammation. I am absolutely amazed at how well it helps with the pain. Heck, I got up out of bed for the first time in a week today, all because I tried this strain. Not only does it work like MAGIC, but the price is ridiculously on point. At $5.42/G when you buy more than 4, how can anyone beat that!! The G alone is still under $10 and well worth it. I stocked myself up today but I will, without a doubt, be bringing my business back here and sharing my experience with other patients and customers.
    Right now, the name of the two wonderful ladies that helped me both last night and this morning escape me, but I want to thank them both for being so good to me. Knowledge, information, and they will even take the time to research for you and with you, to find strains to meet your needs.
    I was almost in tears standing there talking with the bud tender this morning. Because I was SO happy I actually could!
    For those suffering in pain, you don’t have to! Yeah the CBD strains aren’t gonna give you the “high” like THC does, but that’s the beauty of it. It actually does it’s job of taking away the pain!
    Thank you Yilo for making my order suck a whole lot less. Much love

  657. hadleydre

    If I could give zeros I would, this place sucks. From check in (15 min process) to the lack of budtenders and the quality of their products. Everyone here is SLOW AND INCOMPETENT plain and simple

  658. gql1785

    I love Yilo. Minyon was very helpful

  659. aplus420

    Best experience in Arizona. Hands down best selection of EVERYTHING. Check this place out TODAY.

  660. Canalifecostyle

    Nice Location !! Right off the I17 and Thunderbird.

  661. IandI

    Great fun wonderful budtender and easy going.

  662. Smokedogg333

    come to Yilo for all my cape pen needs. They have a great selection and staff is friendly and helpful.

  663. Juleskproctor

    Best edibles EVER!!! Dark chocolate is amazing!!!

  664. rtsnell

    hands down this is the best dispensary in the valley. I am highly disappointed in myself for not knowing about this place sooner. I went yesterday and I have already told several people that they need to make you all their new home lol.

  665. Sierra1296

    Love they stay open late. Quick grabs good flower

  666. Alexsterical

    Does the buy one get one for your birthday apply to the birthday cake as well?

  667. GOTBUDZ418

    excellent service and excellent edibles, the flower is so so but over all a good buy considering price and quality.

  668. xohailey

    Love how friendly the staff is and love their blueberry oatmeal white chocolate cookies!

  669. Eleen

    Love my yilo crew keep up the great work guys !!!!!!!!!! dY'”a$?i,

  670. Grifter21788

    Yilo is awesome, always has good selections on everything. The flowers and edibles are always in good variety. Been going there for a few months now, and have never been displeased with what I’ve gotten from there. And the staff there is amazing! Definitely informative, nice, and patient, and always fun to talk to while purchasing meds.

  671. 12GaugeRonnie

    Needs new management . Worst dispensary

  672. Dariusthereformed

    Great edibles and flower selection is also better than most places Ive been

  673. grantR

    this is a new place to go get your new marijuana very clean good location friendly people can’t ask for more

  674. egyptiandragonfly

    love the fact that this place is bright, open, and roomy. I would recommend this place for their flower(though a few of my friends have boycotted this place for seeds) I personally don’t see any problem with getting the occasional seed. save em! I LOVE that they always do at least 2 bulk specials a week and I’ve never once been personally disappointed with the quality or price and I’ve been a long time customer. I’m not big into edibles so I can’t comment on those. but I wouldn’t recommend the oil or wax/shatter. the times I’ve gotten it ,flavor of the oil tasted strange and the wax and shatter was a gooey mess. when I get wax from other places, they put it in between wax paper. here, they use their keif cups and it’s impossible to get all your already expensive product out to use. I ended up having to put a “bowl” in the container and coat the herb with what I could scrape off the sides. had a nice high hit from that but NOT how I wanted to smoke it

  675. pnoonan2013

    Love the selection and price of edibles. I was quite disappointed with the flowers. I purchased 3 different strains. They all had seeds!!!!! I realize they are a new establishment, the days of seeds are long gone.

  676. karen3476

    Nice selection and very safe

  677. stonehead4

    Stupid expensive for flower.

  678. MuZacMan88

    Great shop love almost all the edible options my fav is the tea you can make at home.

  679. Ausencio

    Came in yesterday bought some bud golden cobra ! Very nice sativa feels like a indica a little bit . Also got a pack of yilo rolling papers and they rolled great! Did have a little trouble with the ends but got it down ! Burns nice and even ! Doesn’t have a bad taste at all

  680. FlowerLv

    I am a chronic pain and anxiety patient and YiLo products are the best edibles out there, in my opinion. They are portable. I can put one in my purse and pop one secretly, unlike a giant sour gummy worms/ring. I like the YiLo gummies because they are not overly sweet. It’s difficult to find edibles that are not loaded with sugar. You can also buy strain specific which I like. They have hard candies in Jamyn brand which again are easily administered. I like to use a 30mg gummy and when I need a topper, a 10mg Jamyn product. More dispensaries need to carry this brand edibles.

  681. GinoMidnight

    I’ve been to many dispensaries in the state and I have discovered a lot of great places, but honestly? I haven’t met one as balanced and as great as Yilo. The first thing I love is they got a ton of deal on really unique bongs, bubblers, and pipes. Most are really affordable and others that are just interesting (such as a glow in the dark bong). Along with that, they have a really big flower and edible selection. The edibles have a nice twist because you can decide how much thc you want in it and you can decide between sativa and indica.

    Their point system and deals are fantastic. Many point systems have you reach a certain amount of points and then you can get a deal depending on how much you got. Instead, the points build up on what you buy and you can use them at any time to make the price of whatever you want cheaper. As for deals, they always make random strains strain of the day. I’ve seen deals as good as $7.99 a gram and $19 eighths.

    Then there’s the service. The people are really nice and really friendly, but unlike other places, they do it in a way that’s a bit more interactive and I find it refreshing. I can tell they aren’t wanting to be just another dispensary. You can tell based upon the people that work there, the interior design, and what they offer that they are wanting to take their selection to another level. That’s honestly why I think these guys are honestly one of the best. If you’re looking for a place that’s balances all across every category, Yilo is the place for you!

  682. randyequis

    Service was amazing. I’ll be back. Thanks, Amanda.

  683. dm1280

    I enjoy the helpful and knowledgeable staff.

  684. laciebaby88

    Great choices for strain of the day special and chocolate almond cookies is delish!!

  685. MrWhySoSerious

    this place is awesome the staff are friendly smart and full of energy the prices are very fair they always have a great variety to choose from. but what sets yilo apart from other dispensaries is they sell health stones for dabbing at a cheaper price than I’ve seen at any smoke shop. keep up the good wok’s guys and thanks for my yilo hat

  686. KbAz

    I will be returning to this dispensary. They have flower to fit every budget and run great specials. Killer selection of edibles at reasonable prices. Limited selection of concentrates but the price is right and so is the quality. I picked up a gram of Platinum Kush Bubble Hash for $35 and was very impressed. Their flower quality is just OK.

  687. Sendbobz94

    Absolute garbage. Flower smells like cut grass, over priced. Concentrates are trash as well. All around shit

  688. Kayland73

    really like this place

  689. S2SInt

    This is my all-time favorite place to frequent. From the first trip to YiLo, I was hooked. I was greeted by Donna at the door who gave me a brief rundown of everything and then walked me to who would be helping with my purchase. The service I received both from Donna and the caregiver who helped me alone would have made me a regular on the strength. However that was not where YiLo’s shining ended. Their menu is phenomenal, with plenty of the best quality to choose from at a great price point. I have come in numerous times questioning every one of the agents at this location about their products because I want to learn more and every experience gives me that. They are helpful, never have a problem answering a question or finding out the answer if they don’t. I visit YiLo probably twice a day. And if you can’t tell from my review I’m long-winded so I’m sure I talk their ears off, but they all offer friendly conversation and droves of knowledge for which I am immensely thankful for.

  690. Leesie

    Take it from a 30+ year smoker with a very high tolerance–the flower is on point. I have tried several different strains over the last few weeks and I have been DELIGHTED with every one I’ve tried. They have a fantastic selection of quality product for every price point, and their pricing is the most reasonable in this area. (hence some of the bad reviews from the competition, I’m sure lol) I’ve also tried a sampling of their edibles and again–on point. They are not only potent and fresh, but they are delicious. Have to give love to the staff, too. Everyone is always friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. This has fast become my local go-to and I highly recommend them to everyone.

  691. Mark2891

    Everything is on point

  692. Naetoven

    Very friendly staff ! many products and Store is Pretty cool inside!

  693. joblow30

    best deals and bang for your buck. people are friendly and giving. love this atmosphere. would love to have a setting like this to hang out in from time to time and meet people.

  694. Drewdemon

    One of the best experiences of my life.

  695. BozoBagginz

    Like always, I had another great experience with the Yilo team. I’ve been trying the new Yilo gold distillate they have in! Let me start by saying this is the turps, and the head change is within minutes. I’ve been using the new Rubi pack that is refillable. Only issue I ever had was needing to heat the distillate a bit in order to funnel it into the pen cartridge. (just to save time) I usually suggest heading to yilo for edibles. Now i suggest heading there for wax as well.

  696. Javaweed72

    Good customer services

  697. Zangief17

    Cool place, I enjoyed my medicated Twinkie lol
    Also they had one of my fav sativas Green Beret, will be back

  698. StreetlightEcho

    I had such a good experience the first time, I was back 3 days later. Great prices on edibles and pretty decent flower as well. I’m not a huge fan of tiered pricing and prepackaged herb, but the price was good and the quality was there. Will definitely be back again, thanks guys

  699. LcapoT2

    Great service great flower love the edibles

  700. Lunarjane

    One of my top 2 choices. The flower has usually been very good and the edibles are priced great when you get what’s on sale for that day/week.

  701. jarhead89

    Im in yilo 3 to 4 times a week the staff is awesome great personalities makes the experience feel relaxed and calm usually I’m in and out within 5 to 10 min strain of the day is usually great and can’t beat the price definitely refer all my friends here if you haven’t been in yet check it out you won’t be disappointed.

  702. greenqueen47

    its legit and all but got damn, just add the taxes to the fucking price. why be an asshole and add them after? i came in with the amount that was listed on the leafly and i go in and it was like 8$ fucking dollars in taxes. i couldnt get my meds. totally uncool

  703. xPTxHippie

    Some of the best deals and best edibles iv seen in the valley!

  704. cannabiketo

    I loved the place and had super high hopes. I was beyond excited to find sugar free chocolate and even olive oil! However I’m disappointed after getting home with my stuff. After spending a decent amount, I had dry flower… ate a 60mg full chocolate bar with little effect and even tossing a salad with the oil… I’ve had much better experiences with other edibles. After consuming around 100mg of indica chocolate and oil total I am hardly noticing a difference. It’s been 4 hours. (I know my dose/effects with many other brands)

    I’ve loved their potions (mango) in the past.
    Everything about them is great, what I bought today just didn’t work for me.

    Bummer :/

  705. ronlew8

    Great location good quality product.

  706. majesticmadi

    fantastic dispensary! Really kind, helpful and educated employees.. just wish you had more vegan options !

  707. Kevinpaton

    awesome store I love it

  708. kilted

    We where down on 4/26 first time in. The young lady that help us was great. it was nice to go to the source I buy Yilo products in Wickenburg, and Surprise. I look forward to a return trip.

  709. Rolondo

    good buds and good prices

  710. slamd88

    Finally a dispensary close to home! YiLo makes the best edibles and where better to buy them at the YiLo store. Their prices for flower were some of the lowest I’ve ever seen. They always have strains on sale. Thank you for making medication affordable!

  711. hibrahi1

    great menu and very friendly crew

  712. Hiredgun

    Drove all the way from Scottsdale, luckily was worth the drive and I will be back. Largest supply of awesome edibles I have ever seen! Got gummy bears, caramels and the free cookies, all in indicate (herojuana!).

    Guys running the counter were very friendly, welcoming and generous on the discounts. This is now my go to edible dispensary!

    Note: These guys let me know that caramels, gummies, cookies and other edibles HAVE to be refrigerated. I have bought Yilo gummies/caramels at 3 other dispensaries and guess what? No refrigeration!!! These products have NO preservatives and must be refrigerated. Be careful out there peeps and demand properly cared for products!

  713. bambino009

    they barely open yesterday when in check that out. Free edible for the first time patient had some nice great white shark and some girl scout cookies I’ll definitely go back again definitely going to recommend it to some friends I know

  714. AuntieJoJos

    I love this store the people that work there are so friendly so helpful they know you by name, and they always have a smile on their face. I’m handicapped, so From the moment I pull up and they see me, someone opens door for me, they get me a seat and I’m treated better than family. I would give each and everyone of them a 10 out of 10. I recommend then to anyone. Great job guys, keeping it friendly and store is immaculant!

  715. skyswartz

    The herb tenders were very kind, and helpful. Very low prices & decent meds

  716. Youngblood1978

    staff was great. strain was AcDC it was great but was 2 months old.

  717. greenluv69

    Us patients deserve some type of rewards and as U say it freebies” especially on our birthdays and referals. All shops do it and their prices are way lower then yours. Some shops have yilo products cheaper then u guys and u are the yilo superstore. Your edibles should be cheaper then other places. All shops now use the whole plant dont let nothing go to waste and shops getting rich off us patients. So yes im sorry for this review but yes we deserve some “freebies”.

  718. kirkksinner

    The flower I got was very dry. The guy behind the counter acted like he knew nothing about flower.

  719. jonroe1972

    OK, so I was a little creeped out by 1680’s review but this place it really nice – and clean!
    Helpful, knowledgeable staff.
    Great pricing and selection.
    Specials are definitely worth checking out.
    I look forward to my next visit. Thanks!

  720. auburnguy69

    Great location. Awesome flower, concetrate, and edible. Close to home. Definitely my place to go.

  721. michaelhitson

    my opinion not worth the time and money no good specials and really low grade flower wont see me in yilo at all edibles are good but you can get them in other places

  722. 60s2oner

    yilo is super great when your looking for good bargains on great weed..and the bud tenders are super cool, and usually beautiful..lol..thanks guys(ladies)!!!

  723. Xmaseyes

    This place is amazing!! Friendly and knowledgeable staff!!! I’ve found my home!! dY’

  724. arizona420

    I would not waste Your time, they put everything in little sample jars, pretty much everything you ask to see, no matter which shelf it comes off of smells like lawn clippings, with their “specials of the day” resembling to worst grown brown garbage I’ve ever seen. I was able to find something that did’nt look or smell too bad, decided to get some and try it, well what You see in the sample jars does not look like what you get when you open the pre-packaged and sealed container when you get home, just more bait and switch, not nice! The staff consists of what seems to be a bunch of high school kids, who know little or nothing about the products. Do not waste your time, there are far better options, this place is a joke, poorly managed, with sub-par products!

  725. aschray237

    Most trips the service is very quick. This store has the largest collection of edibles I have ever seen. Their edibles are high quality and they even sell them to other dispensaries.

  726. Chiefin_NativeAZ

    pick up your phone or get it working..cant ring a store with the wrong phone number on google and leafly..smfh

  727. Alwayslookinggood4u

    Nice atmosphere, very knowledgeable staff, great location dY~Z

  728. AzKingNQueen

    I have been going here about 4 months now, so here’s the real scoop lol. Great specials and good top shelf buds(last time I went 15.99 blue dream and Dutch treat was 9.99) quick services never waited more than 5 minutes and love the open like “normal” store feel. Edibles are decent a little over priced but good quality and extensive variety. The catches is sometimes the 11.99 and cheaper grams are poor quality our time decent. I will keep coming here because of the convenience short wait time and how close is to my house but you UGD is still far better

  729. randabolton

    Love the friendly folks at Yilo. They carry a large variety of strains. I frequent here often!

  730. pushkush07

    omg. the co2 wax tastes like the bud was kept in an attic, in a duffel bag, all last summer. terrible. nice place. def going again to check something else out.

  731. Jennajenn

    Awesome prices here! Edibles are bomb!!! People are chill. What more could you ask for lololol

  732. HarleyLove71

    I felt uncomfortable waiting the way we all waited. People were nice but the vibe was just weird. the lady at the front desk though was extremely nice. 🙂

  733. KWZ1968

    Best edibles in town

  734. lildane13

    Very knowledgeable staff. What a variety of items to choose from.

  735. Airadon

    for people on disability they have cheap prices with quality under really helps out

  736. manlety

    Great selection and great deals with $19 8ths!

  737. moogy67

    quality flower, great edibles. strain of the day is a great deal

  738. cesthai

    Yilo has a great location with convenient access, very friendly staff, and an extensive product menu. They have daily specials on flower that are very economical. Unfortunately their pricing on edibles (their specialty) is high compared to other brands, even when they’re on sale.

  739. Duaneblazesalot

    Ftp i bought some kief ..to my surprise they scrap there stems for kief wtf is this …
    Their flowers are bammer @ best .leafly need to update this website to give negative stars…

  740. Tagmaster68

    Great store, top of the line selection, awesome budtenders. First time visit, spent 175, but your Leafly add says a free black hat??? The co2 YiLo syringe of vaping concentrate was just horrible, tastes like cardboard and no relief for my symptoms in any way.

  741. thinkingreen90

    Yilo has been my #1 stop ever since they’re opened! Donna and Amanda are amazing! definitely come back over and over again for their services and products!!

  742. springaspen77

    Why do I love this store? Maybe it’s the unsurpassed amount of edibles or their awesome staff that are knowledgeable and friendly. Maybe it’s their flowers that range in price fron $8-$15 a gram (you read that right, $8 grams). Ok, it is all of the above and the fact that they are right across the street

  743. dcain4u

    Really cool place. Great service from the guy at the front desk and my bud-tender lady was excellent. Prices were amazing. Laid back atmosphere. Wish the windows we a little darker tint. But overall, great experience.

  744. grandave

    3 thumbs up!!! This place is amazing, from the edible selection straight to their variety in buds. Great prices too. PLUS.. I can get all of my smoking swag there too? Great prices on all of their smoking gear. No need to go elsewhere. Next level for suredY’OEdYOE?.

  745. lmfcya

    amazing professionals + delicious edibles + best prices = repeat customer.

  746. tyleroneill15

    great knowledge of products, some of the best edibles around. love the smoke shop in the front keep it up!!

  747. B.nasty1996

    CARTRIDGES are waayy overpriced!! I’ve only had a couple of issues with the flower I’ve gotten from here. I only come here for the cheap edibles now and I rarely want to make that trip because there’s a lot better dispensaries closer.

  748. daninjohnson

    love it!

  749. mjcassidy

    Good shop and good weed man

  750. lyla14

    not that great they don’t ever change there sample jars of flower unless they a new strain of course there was no smell to any of them so I didn’t even know what it really smells like honestly they all smell the same some of them even turned brown