The Prime Leaf



4220 E. Speedway Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85712


32.235899, -110.902542




9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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We are a locally owned, state-licensed dispensary located on Speedway between Alvernon and Columbus. We stock the highest quality of flower, edibles, and concentrates Arizona has to offer. Come check out all of our wide variety of potent products and let our knowledgeable staff guide you to comfort, health and happiness. Feel free to call us with any questions or to set up an express order!

**Due to AZDHS restrictions, we will stop taking new patients 30 minutes prior to closing.**

(ATM in Lobby)

Certain items are exempt from additional discounts/specials/text specials.


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190 reviews for “The Prime Leaf

  1. ironlung_mcginty

    Prime Leaf has nice people and even nicer cannabis… generous new patient deals… central location… highly recommend stopping here…

  2. SirpotCharles6

    I’m very upset. I am a regular coustmer of PrimeLeaf, but after the service I got today from JOSELINE. I doubt I’d ever return. This morning I went in for The “early bird” special. For the 15% off. However my total order came out to 38.26 & I didn’t have the 26cents. ( remind you I Go there everyday AND ALWAYS leave my change) well JOSELINE treated me like I was a broke Bum off the street. Because I didn’t have the 26cents. she told me How it ” Wasn’t her problem” even one of another coustmer that was ahead of me, said, ” hey I just left You guys 5 extra bucks” as JOSELINE just shoved her shoulders…. I realized she wasn’t going to let it go and I wouldn’t be able To leave with my order, so I went out to my car and found 26cents. and when I went back to give her QAUTER. She was saying” bye Charles, bye Charles BUH BYE Charles” as I was only walking out the door. She humiliated me. I was really embarrassed actually. ALL THIS OVER 25cents. I have never EVER been treated that rude at a dispensary & I have been to many.

  3. gleas

    Very clean and professional atmosphere. I enjoyed my very first experience in a dispensary. definitely recommend PrimeLeaf.

  4. riapierce

    This was my first visit to this location. I asked for something to assist in sleeping. I was guided to Lemon OG. Everything seemed good till I got home and tried the product. I tried and tried but felt no affect. I am very disappointed. Product had no affect on me and as a new patient I should have had something.

  5. chicanaqueen

    I loved the quality of the product I bought from here. Budtenders were friendly and helpful. Also found out they carry a lot of CBD items, so if you’re in pain, this is the place to go. Wasn’t too impressed with the atmosphere though. Chairs felt wobbly and when exiting the place the step was bigger than I thought and I almost fell.

  6. EvesApple

    I absolutely love the Prime leaf! Each and everyone of the staff members are completely amazing! Jos and Jacob are just so fantastic, they’re absolutely just great at what they do! My first time visit was just phenomenal. I have been nothing but satisfied with everything the prime leaf has to offer!

  7. kking267

    Prime Leaf is Tucsons best dispensary. Quality, atmosphere and care for every patient.

  8. johnnymendez2016

    Great place to purchase medicine fast friendly service high quality flowers Jocelyn was awesome will be coming back to Prime Leaf.

  9. RobMoonlite

    Prime leaf was the first dispensary that I’ve ever been to. Conveniently located in mid town and very easy to find. Staff was very nice. The budtender working that day was super pleasant and friendly! Got an 1/8 of Maui waui; it was fantastic! Great looking buds, well manicured and potent. Also got a crumble concentrate of strawberry cough which was great as well. The master kush wasn’t as pretty as the Maui waui but it sure lived up to the indica name!
    Overall great place and great meds!

  10. ricogmoney

    Please try the prime leaf or it sister company bloom can’t go wrong with either or. One of my favorites next to bloom and the downtown dispensary. Hardly no wait.

  11. Augiel777


  12. kingrichardo

    always have what I want, very good quality flowers and exemplary customer service and knowledge of product. I rarely use other dispensaries

  13. stargrassroad

    Wide and varied selection. Staff super nice. Good deals.

  14. 8100Green

    great service My go to place

  15. 1Coolguy

    Large selection of prerolls!! Very convenient location in town.

  16. highimangeel

    Love the service dan he helped a lot my favorite shout out to you man keep doing you ! Def be back

  17. GaPeach7

    First experience was great. Can’t wait to see what comes.

  18. Sarah2018

    prime gas the best prices in town and on my own opinion has the freshest flower ever. staff always smile and greet you when you walk in. positive vibes all around.

  19. Kev808

    I love shopping here. Great selection of flowers from a variety if vendors. Candyland is a nice earthy sativa strain.

  20. Grumplstiltskin

    Favorite dispensary in town.

  21. TUCbiker

    Very friendly staff and terrific selection. Prices are competitive. Great place!

  22. mar72

    oh was I impressed with the new location and remodel it was as all should be %100

  23. akira64

    Every staff member I have encountered here is very friendly, professional, and more than willing to explain the different strains to help you find just want you want. The location and hours are very convenient.

  24. heavylady1

    Love this place, quality flowers

  25. Jtucson

    I was a first time patient at this location and went to the location last week. They gave me my first 8th which was supposed to be half off but after looking at the receipt, they only took off 10%. I also want to say that with most dispensaries the tax is already included. I called around to make sure before posting this. I would suggest really analyzing your receipt after purchase.

  26. mjosh541

    this is my go to dispensary, they’re always friendly and knowledgeable, they call me by name. if only they delivered too!

  27. pgg47

    Great new location and, as always, great meds and staff!

  28. AZpete4u

    My experience with Prime Leaf was horrible. Here’s what happene: I donated for a $50 1/8 from PL and it was a terrible starin. Couldn’t get a fly high. So, I took the bad weed back to them for some kind of compensation for selling me bad “medicine”, and the best they said they could do was offer me one pre-roll in exchange for the bad 1/8. At the time, I thought the offer was kind of lame, but they convinced me that it was the “best they could do.” Well, after giving it some thought, I decided to call the manager and discuss the matter a second time. After three days of waiting, I never heard back from her, so I went back down to PL to speak with her directly. She told me that since I had accepted the single pre-roll as compensation that I had no business bringing it to her attention again. I simply told her I had reconsidered the offer and it wasn’t good enough. Folks, these guys get this stuff in by the truck load and they couldn’t give me a better 1/8th? Really? Not only that, but she and the other two young women working with her at the dispensary got chippy with me, and essentially told me to take a hike. Where I’m from, this is called bad business etiquette. Whatever happened to: “The customer is always right.”? I couldn’t believe these three (all young women in there 20’s, I’m guessing). Their customer service skills were rock-bottom pathetic. Please do me a favor, don’t purchase anything from Prime Leaf again. 1) The staff has a lot of growing up to do. 2) If it happened to me, it could just as easily happen to YOU, too!

  29. _edgein

    Staff were all decent. Great selection of accessories, edibles, and vape cartridges. Average prices. Great daily deals and new patient deals. Would recommend if you’re in the area.

  30. itspepe

    My first time here and I loved everything about it, thanks J!

  31. Hooptyscoops

    Everyone was very nice and professional. Products were very fresh with nice big buds. Asked for something tasty and the lady pointed me towards Goo(flower). In a word..yumm. The prime leaf is the bees knees.. Thanx again.

  32. maze90

    The Prime Leaf has great flower, great medicine!

  33. miguel8831

    Some prerolls arent that great low thc levels i went yesterday got two free blue widow and made the suggested donation for a trinity blue berry which didnt work to well

  34. alenni

    Great place!!!

  35. rebelutious

    Picked up two 1/8ths of cbd strains over a couple weeks. Pulled 12 seeds out of the first and 31 seeds out of the second. Sad. Won’t be back.

  36. worshipaliens420

    been here twice and will keep coming back. very nice customer service and great shatter and flowers. will be back because of the service.. best shatter in tucson

  37. Acesare

    Awesome place! Great people and starting out never smoking even in high school they made me a pro fast! I go weekly

  38. ejohndon71420

    love this place service excels overt many other places friendly bud tenders not dating the quality isn’t good I’m a Cali boy and even their medicine gets 3 and 4s keep up the great work. respectfully space. spread happiness

  39. paul.loh.9

    Every time I walk in there, everybody knows me by first and last name and I feel comfortable making my selections and talking with them. They also have an excellent selection as well as prices to keep me coming!

  40. sweettalk4210

    I was made to feel UnWelcome, the Staff was Not Friendly at all, No Product Knowledge, and I WAS OVERCHARGED…..WHEN ITS SUPPOSED TO BE A DONATION….. I WILL NEVER GO HERE AGAIN….OR RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE….ITS SAD TO BE DISRESPECTED IN SUCH A MANNER….. If I could give a Quarter of a star to this place I would….

  41. duboisr

    Been going to The Prime Leaf for a few times in a row. Couple months back, I went in during a sale day (15% off donations) and Blue Dream and Trinity Blueberry were further on sale. My only regret is I didn’t get more of both! Especially my high praise for the Trinity Blueberry – hope to try that again real soon.

    And now I don’t know how to give high enough praise for the kosher kush I grabbed a few weeks back. This is unbelievable for pain relief with a very pleasant and strong mind experience. With Kosher Kush and Trinity Blueberrry, don’t know if I need to look much further.

  42. logan714

    not worth the gas to drive there If it’s on the menu have the product or a substitute at the same price

  43. Topstrain420

    Cant wait till you get morw pre rolls in

  44. virgocurtis

    Super nice staff, nice waiting room, centrally located, nice medicine and the best prices around.

  45. GlobZombie

    always skeptical trying somewhere new but i was impressed. All the strains seemed to have healthy, dense nugs. Budtender was informative and made good recommendations. Overall, I was happy with the visit and will come back when im in town again.

  46. Bassfisher

    Love this place. Staff is way cool and very helpful. Come here all the time

  47. mmedman

    Stay away from anything by Canamo Concentrates.. absolute garbage that tastes like some straight REGGIE dabs.. on the other hand the budtender that helped me was cool as hell, talked about bikes and shit, was probably only upside to going there was her. oh and the flowers i purchased looked dank as hell but were DRY as a bone….

  48. tomyg

    the bud tenders are awesome. my boy sky is very knowledgeable about the product. Great Atmosphere

  49. shelleyrmeza

    This is our all-time favorite dispensary…people are great here!

  50. ireneboginblack

    I love this place! Everyone one is very knowledgeable on there product and always very courteous.! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!!

  51. embalmer174

    Omg they are F . Greatest !! Trinity is Greatest & Knowledgeable !!! And she’s Madddd CoooL …… ….. We 1 of GreaTesT BudTenderZ in all Tucson !!!!! Hand Down !!!! OsoVin …..

  52. poimandres9

    I could go elsewhere but why? They know who I am. They know what I like. They always give me the best price they can. Better manored than other places I’ve been to. l’ve not once been disappointed. I don’t need a user name to hide behind. I am a disabled vet with ptsd and schizophrenia, It’s a quality of life issue. Better treatment than I get at V.A. Better vet discount than I get elsewhere. Dominic

  53. lagucci

    the prices are a little high but great quality I’ll tell you that!

  54. ReFurr

    Love the staff, love their new location!!

  55. gregc

    I loved it here. I live over 40 miles away and this spot is worth it. Crumble is incredible! P.U. prime leaf brand was awesome and lasted for hours. Best n Tucson. W.W. flower is super smooth and tastes great. Blackberry Kush is very potent yet tastes wonderful with lots of frosty trichromes. Staff is very chill, a must for me. Worth the trip for sure.

  56. woodyt69420

    over priced and a charge on top of 4.50 Not worth it

  57. itsdoperdan420

    Wow just tried the MPX hands down cough so hard my dad got mad at me.he said to me boy you’re gonna die from that stuff lol returning client for sure.

  58. dean85

    This was my first time to a dispensary and the staff at Nature Med was awesome! They made me feel comfortable and informed during the whole process. The waiting room was stocked with delicious treats. The wait time was between 5-10 minutes before being called into the back. Once there, since it was my first time, the helpful staff explained everything I needed to know about medical marijuana. From the different types of strains and their uses, where I can smoke, and even different ways how I can smoke. They also told me all about the edibles and their benefits. Then to make an already great experience more awesome, they gave me a goodie bag and a veterans discount. They have specials too, so since I bought an 1/8th I was also given a free pre-roll. I bought samples of a few strains and each one was outstanding, I will definitely be returning here for all my medical needs!!

  59. MythicalMysti

    friendly sales clerk. enjoying the chocolope I got. nice first time visit deal.

  60. SnakePlissken77

    Another dispensary I’ve been going to has bad quality products so I figured I’d change it up. I mentioned my issues about the other dispensary, and the bud tender was nice. They showed me the 3 highest quality strains they had, said it was fresh. So I figured I’d get some of each to try out. All of it ended up being very very dry, had no density, each strain basically broke up into powder, had no potency, almost smelled like a bit of laundry detergent, it was all very harsh, and tasted terrible. Even if what I purchased had been fresh, it still would have been low grade-low mid grade quality. It wasn’t anywhere near aEURoeHighest QualityaEUR like they stated.

  61. sk5277

    High quality products and excellent happy bud tendersdY’

  62. liftedmonster

    Great experience and same quality product. Outstanding job.

  63. FeelingBetterNow

    This was my first ever visit to a dispensary, and a very pleasant experience. Although the selection was low, only 5 strains at the time, since it was my first time it was plenty for me. I was lucky enough to be there when they were giving a free eighth to new customers! I’ll be monitoring the selection and specials, and be back.

  64. cata0212

    love the times their open…wish more people came here…parking sucks but great staff and product.

  65. RevMotta

    Not wanting to approach my first visit with presuppositions I set aside my incredibly awesome visit to SAINTS, and absolutely horrible experience at D2 before exiting my vehicle and venturing into The PRIME Leaf. The shop was warm, and staff welcoming. After a few seconds I was brought back. The flowers looked great, now having enjoyed some I can say they tasted great too. My budtender offered a few suggestions; two I immediately accepted and one I will in the near future. Reasonable prices, quality flowers and excellent staff are why I recommend PRIME.

  66. BananaCOIn

    I finally managed to try Prime a few weeks ago. I can’t remember his name but I got a great budtender with a few nice looking strains. There was a short wait as they were fairly busy, but the movie kept my attention. Watch your step coming in and out I almost tripped on the last step to get through the door. Overall a nice experience and I can see going back if they get a strain in that catches my eye.

  67. YoMamasNomads

    Helpful service and excellent selection of concentrates. The Dr. Who flowers are enjoyable. Good sale prices.

  68. afoxxxy1

    I liked it

  69. Monticello

    Though a new player on the scene in Tucson, the Prime Leaf knows how to win over this patient. I was very impressed with their medicine (Blue Widow very nice and smooth). The Black Friday specials with the 5 free rollies (I’m calling Bloomies) was outstanding and very generous.

    I ordered online and my order was filled promptly when I picked it up the next day and smiles all around. Located centrally on Speedway just look for the green cross on the building. Welcome to Tucson, Bloom and keep up the nice selection and great specials.

  70. jwi77ie

    Great experience! The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. thanks guys!

  71. Sunny30

    this place is awesome the medicine is awesome the people is awesome everything is awesome I would awesomely recommend this place to anybody that’s awesome

  72. agal209


  73. stephanielyn_0617

    great atmosphere. everybody is so nice!! they always have some kind of special going on. I love it!!

  74. melissa4200

    I have been to this one many many times and just love it the people are great always make me feel good know my name when i walk in and there Flowers are great the Maui Waui is amazing also Mother’s helper is great for the pain thanks all

  75. darnelll760

    never will i go back,i have been dealing with this dispensert for months but after tonight i will never spend another dime there an will do everything pissible to keep anyone i know from going there… 10minutes early they closed an on top of that sheclosed and lock the door in my face totally disrespectful and un professional i will do everything in my power to keep them from making a dime as long as they treat patuents this way

  76. coridorey74

    great location, really great buds, staff was friendly and nice, and they have really great daily deals!!

  77. tdz6969

    The service is lousy. Prices keep changing and they argue to give discounts. seems like a lot of false advertising. it’s the only one close to my house if it was my choice I wouldn’t shop here.

  78. Rafaelsantiveriz

    Great service and great selection. First time visit was great got some great free goodies. Will be back for more and more. Thx guys.

  79. cbdqueen88

    I’m using Mary Jane again after a decade long hiatus, and explained this to the rep. Was there for ointment not flower, he gave me a honey stick and said it was super mild, good for first time users, wouldn’t affect my day. Said I could eat the whole thing. Said it would help with anxiety. I didn’t know 30g of eatables was a lot, I trusted his recommendation. I went about my day, but wasn’t prepared for the psychedelic impact. Not cool Prime Leaf. When I called the next day to report my complaint, PL was defensive and not very apologetic. I’ll never go there again. Negligent.

  80. elissak

    The prime leaf was a pleasent dispensery experience, the apmosphere was that of a dr’s office. The staff was very friendly and knowlegable. The donations were very reasonable, and they had great promotions. I will definitly be going back and I will also be referring other patients to them as well.

  81. ahmed5186

    my favorite dispensary. but their prices are high. when they have deals, I come here and get some top shelf bud

  82. mauiswayne

    Great!!! Friendly, knowledgeable staff – Blake, Anthony and everyone are great!!!

  83. MagnoliaThunderpussy

    The Prime Leaf lives up to its name! All the flowers I have purchased, have been very fresh, well tended, and beautifully manicured! I have yet to receive anything sub par of what their name claims. Prime flowers are all you will see.
    They grow their own Sour Diesel that they sell for $10 a gram. It is very respectable to say the least, and had become a great daily medicine for me.
    I have been to this dispensary several times now, and every time I was taken care of with such upbeat and knowledgeable staff, it was just a joy. I love how you can order at the counter if you know what you want. I enjoy the Honesty of the budtenders, if their flowers are not what they think you will enjoy, they will let you know. I was steered towards a cheaper costing strain because they knew it was one that would work on my specific ailment. To me, that is more than just great business practices, it proves they have My best interests at heart, and not their bottom line.
    Loved the setup, very Clean!
    Located centrally, with fair parking, but they will let you in the back door if you call ahead.
    Visit soon, you will not be disappointed.

  84. danielle.mitchell.5851

    I love thus dispensary. I highly recommend this place!

  85. mannfamily1

    its great…

  86. Dubman520

    This is one of my favorite locations in town always has premium choice buds and those cartridges on deck love it

  87. lacedup520

    one of the best places i have been in town very friendly and customer service is on point. a great selection of concentrates and very knowledgeable staff.

  88. faffy64

    I came in on Sunday morning….hadn’t been in for quite a while, but am in that end of town a lot more now–I will be back! I’m on a heck of a budget, I know everyone can understand that. I just came in for a pre-roll, a real treat for me once or twice a week. The very nice young lady gave me an extra pre-roll!?!? How NICE, made my day!!!! I had been going elsewhere, but the “pre-rolls” at this other place cost more, and seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. Today I was so happy to see the fat spliffs I was used to!!!! Guess where I’m getting them from now on. when I find a job, I’ll be treating myself to 1/4s…..! Thanks for your kindness!

  89. GVOGKushlover

    I don’t like the fact that you don’t take visa card because they probably own the atm machine too. So they rob you there and at the counter, i found myself paying more than 20 for a gram and it comes in this huge Tupper ware. And the staff was more interested in watching movies then doing any work i mean who runs that place a bunch of kids?

  90. maxflow1996

    This dispensary has very high quality and highly known name brand products but also is over charging for them.. most products are marked about 5$-10$ above recommended retail price. So end of the day they buy their name brand products in bulk for same price as every other dispensary but then charge more. I’ve been to almost every dispensary in Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff, I notice this trend happening more and as someone who works in Phoenix and lives in Tucson sometimes I laugh at these prices.. BUT is the ONLY dispensary in Tucson with such a huge variety of well known name brands across the state.

  91. terryp10

    Everyone there really makes you feel comfortable. Very good promotions and prices. Our favorite place in Tucson.

  92. ItzRealEyez

    to be honest it was like most dispensaries but the budtender who’s name I forgot but not only was he knowledgeable and friendly he took his time to get to know me and what I needed as a patient. also directed me to a local smoke shop where I later purchased my first oil rig. . all around good place for Tucson patients and anyone willing to go the extra mile in Arizona.

  93. WIGGER

    Great people know what you need

  94. geisler420

    they have a great atmosphere knowledgeable staff and an amazing product highly recommend this place to anybody especially if it is your first time thanks again have a great one

  95. 0pokemonmaster0

    customer service wise this place is top 5 in my experience very awesome crew fast service very welcoming…..the product was fire I got 1/2 half off my 1st 8th got green Crack super good quality they have a very good selection the location is kinda weird but besides that this place is A1

  96. carnie43

    For the most part, my experience was good. However, the whole process felt a little cold. Most of the building consists of a lightly decorated waiting room, in which I had to sit for 20 minutes while another patient chose his medicine. However, the product was fantastic and all of the staff were beautiful, kind people with good knowledge of their products.

    According to the lovely lady behind the counter, they will be adding more to their menu soon, with drinks and other such items to go in their refrigerated shelf. Definitely coming back for that (the items, not the lady).

  97. AlexisM

    I like there meds,, good selection most of the time!!! Have had a few bad experiences when I call or come in with certain questions!!

  98. lulu56

    location for me is great, people are nice and buds are awesome

  99. Blind7125

    Incredible flower. concentrate prices could be better, but the flower and edibles could not.

  100. Texashighs

    This review is from the first customer of 2014! First I had a minor problem with a previous order which I say minor b/c the great staff just said no problem and that was that. No questions asked, then were just as helpful in my new year order of the sweet kush which was as described great stuff. This is from someone who has chronic pain. Suggest you stop by and mention me personally Manny as there is a referral program.

  101. headablaze

    Crazy purple bubba…tis the season!

  102. shermanmassage

    Parking is in the very VERY back! I got served quickly and the first time patient deal was good.

  103. mikesz1369

    this place is great, and the staff is wonderful, i plan on this being my go to dispensary. awesome deals too

  104. DarceChoke619

    Cash only dispensary with an “out-of-order” ATM in the lobby. Won’t be back.

  105. soozsong

    I love the Ladies that work there,…I should know all of their names, because they all know MY name.These Ladies make such a diffetence in my demeanor. They always have genuine smiles, and remember things about a customer that will keeep that customer.always returning to their store. I love these ladies very much as their energies affect mine and im sure others who come in. If you dont believe me see for yourself. .One of these days I swear Ill learn all of their names:-)

    iChech them out you wont regtet it wont regret it

  106. tucson718

    Excellent customer service, the budtenders are friendly and really know their strains and products. The new building is awesome. Best dispensary in Arizona.

  107. Katielou

    I love this dispensary! They are always so friendly and helpful. The quality of the medication is outstanding! I don’t go anywhere else.

  108. Lobitty

    This was the first dispensary I visited, and now that I’ve been to about a dozen I can saw without hesitation that I received the absolute best service here! Budtender took her time with me, hooked me up – and set a high standard. I would solely go to this location if only their prices were a bit lower. Although – the quality was much higher than some other dispensaries with lower prices. Wish I knew my budtenders name – average height, shaved head, best personality and service! Whoever she is, she deserves a raise.

  109. treesexpert27

    I just recently visited The Prime Leaf to check out their concentrates and they definitely have a high-quality product from Melting Point Extracts and at various consistencies for all uses/applications. Would shop here again for service alone.

  110. paulgartman

    Location is convenient, but the weight of flowers always short. Prime Leafs 8th’s consistently weighs 3.41-3.45 grams, compared to other dispensaries weighing over 3.5 grams.

  111. jasonkehoe9

    The enthusiastic staff makes me come here, even if they have better specials somewhere else.

  112. chito1333

    staff is great Meds really suck they told me of this specific strain that would get me really sedating wich I couldn’t feel anything smoke the whole eighth just got me mad more than anything

  113. kenideethomp

    The location is prime and they hooked the homie up!! Sexy staff and dope ass paintings. Digging it

  114. MyStoneyBaby420

    1st time purchasing shatter. They had no test results to show & I payed $5 more than most others charge for a half gram. Got home & it’s crap. Low thc. Harsh with BHO. My budtender smelled of body odor & I had to wait exactly 15m with no one else in line. I remember now why I didn’t come back, after my 1st time for only flower. Don’t waste your money on concentrates here!! THE ONLY positive thing I can say, is their lobby is nice. Done.

  115. itsdevo

    I only have the east side dispensary to compare it with. at the other one there is no wait to go back. also, the patients there don’t look like riffraff. i live closer to the prime leaf but …

  116. sasparillasally

    Fast, friendly and knowledgeable staff! I live 80 miles from Tucson, but when I come to town I always stop here.

  117. Ladystina81

    it’s close to my work and gas good quality dY~

  118. amc427

    Amazing customer service, the bud tenders are always incredibly friendly and helpful, and they always have a great selection.

  119. Daniellees

    I use this location frequently, it’s my favorite spot in town. Out of all of the dispensaries around town, this staff is the best. They are awesome – welcoming, professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Their product is great, especially for the price. I know there are cheaper places in town, but from my experiences you get what you pay for in the product AND the people. They have a great variety, while some people prefer the same stuff consistently (they DO have commonly recurring ones), TPL always have something new and tasty to try. The wait times here are NOTHING compared to other dispensaries and you can call in your order!

  120. fuel218

    Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Waiting room is a lot cleaner than other dispensaries. Will definitely be going back, thanks!

  121. ElbowRoomAZ

    I found good shatter here; very not waxy crap, but real shatter. I will be back after I use up this gooey shit I bought on Shatter-day.

  122. fischy1

    Great People, Great Meds, Great Price!!!

  123. JordanWentzel

    I Love How Close They Are To My House & Always Greated With A Smile! & The Employees Are Very Informative With Everything I Needed To Knw! Definitely Coming Back!

  124. mikekentucson

    This was my first time at any dispensary. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable purchased an eighth for half price of grape ape. Smoked very nicely and really work on my pain. Will definitely come here again.

  125. DonAlejandr0

    My last visit to this dispensary left me unsatisdfied and disapointed. I payed $15 per gram and what i got was vegetable matter that didnt even get me high. All i know i got jipped on this blueberry. I hope they get their s@$! together. I am gonna stay away from here until they do.

  126. salterr

    If you want quality meds, this is the place! I’ll gladly drive from Sierra Vista to give these knowledgeable and friendly folks my business. I finally found where they are hiding the good stuff. Thanks for the great first visit, Dakota!

  127. dswanson

    Thank You guys so much. The new store and management are awesome the product is awsome. The purple beautiful Bubba is sublime as well as the sour kush and white zombie all pretty good. Cant wait till you get high CBD meds in! Thanks for the holliday special you guys rock. Merry Christmas.

  128. Riverwillows

    This was my first time visiting the new location, and I have to say I was very impressed. I had stopped going to the Bloom associated dispensaries for two main reasons, 1. sales tax was not included in their pricing and 2. that everything was pre-packaged in a sealed pouch – what you smelled when buying was NOT what you got when you got home; it often had no smell, low potency, and very little taste, which was an issue for me.

    This has to be one of the largest selections in town and there are only a couple of dispensaries I have yet to go to! They also have a VERY wide variety of items, from flower to ointments/topicals, to edibles, and concentrates. It will probably take more than one visit to actually get a good look at everything they carry.

    I’m looking forward to going back, everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable.

  129. deango

    this place has a nice atmosphere the bud quality is outstanding and jose knows how to hook a brother up oakland og gromoluan fuc$ing incredible is just like the name sensa star those are just a few options all are awesome

  130. wsh0088

    They have good top shelf flower. And an amazingly friendly staff.

  131. pkcapito

    the staff was extremely helpful and got me what I needed. Thnx!

  132. parkieus

    just relocated to the area. Kind people. kind meds. will be back…

  133. Iheartsmidget

    Best place in Tucson, hands down. The medicine is dope, reasonably priced and I never leave dissatisfied. Every single employee is knowledgeable and upbeat and I can always trust them to recommend the right medicine for my needs. its even better because they have a points system and you can earn free flowers! Getting free prerolls and 1/8s is a nice bonus. ive tried other dispensaries and always end up wishing Id just gone to TPL. I wouldnt believe anyone that says the staff is rude or unapologetic. They strive to remember my name(and they do!) and what I like when I visit and have always made every effort to keep me as a customer.

  134. Mayra9214

    Buy one get one pre rolls!! Really good deal dY~dY~

  135. captain_chronic

    I love the deals they offer. Black Friday special is AWESOME. Probably the best place in Tucson

  136. No1tata52

    Great place.. Jocelyn is always helpful and kind.. Very knowledgeable

  137. cooked

    Good nugs good deals

  138. StreetlightEcho

    Anthony was awesome but the dude at the front counter skipped over me for a local. Super irritating. The buds are killer and we got what we needed, all good but also weak

  139. slbutterfly

    Great dispensary, central location, kind knowledgeable staff, nice atmosphere. Quality medicine at competitive pricing.

  140. AzNacha

    Dropped in and found friendly helpful people. The budtender was great. Knew their products and understood what I was asking for.
    I easily get caught up and lose track of what I specifically went in for when the tender starts throwing stuff at me that has nothing to do with what I asked for.
    So thank you guys!
    Ill be back next time I’m in the area.

  141. Janice05

    Friendly staff, willing to help outside of back room. Saves time.

  142. craig_jones

    lots of variety, nice staff, and first time got in and got bomb ass deals

  143. doeboy520

    I was very impressed with the quality of there meds. The Super silver haze wa
    s on point. Staff was very friendly. I’ll definitely be back.

  144. TinaS03

    Prime Leaf has amazing buds and packaging! Their Dr.Who works great for m.s! The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable! they have great weekend deals as well! Always my go to!

  145. apfaffe77

    bought a cheesecake edible, or was covered in mold. the customer service team made sure to give me a gram in exchange, this was extremely dry and brittle. needless to say I won’t be going back.

  146. PinkPet

    Great staff, was served as soon as my new patient paperwork was complete. Nice size waiting room. The chocolope was great but the purple chemdawg was a little too leafy, however smoked nicely.

  147. DZAST3R

    Great first experience, Anthony made sure of that! He took his time and answered all my questions in full aEUR” did NOT make me feel like I was being rushed at all, very appreciated. I checked out most of the strains but settled on their Girl Scout Cookies aEUR”A decent nose and taste to it, not too much, but the effect is what got me. Knocked me out cold! Good stuff! Thanks everyone!!!

  148. memo.g8619

    good product great service

  149. kmr

    Thank you Prime Leaf for being so caring and helpful. I had a bad experience at another dispensary and was able to go to you guys and get the help I needed. Kudos to your caring staff who listened to my concerns. I am very appreciative of your assistance. Thank you and Happy New Year!

  150. DFiremane602

    Great strains prices everything phenomenal! Even The World-Class employees and help also convenient with the bus stop right in front of the door lol… o_0

  151. Speelo

    I had the Prime Leaf recomended and it was great.very cool knowlegeable staff, clean,. I’ll be back too well laid out

  152. KLE123

    I received excellent customer service from Dakota. Thank you very much and of course I will be back!!!!

  153. Zhushika

    Great location.

  154. tommgunn

    This is by far my favorite place in Tucson. Always friendly service and quality product. Absolutely wonderful!

  155. h3llph1sh

    FTP. M.S. excellent selection of non pretty packaged buds. chose a half 1/8 of blue dream and big white. The blue dream is sweet and spicy. It hits hard right out of the start. The big white was smooth and earthy. It was much more mellow and creaper. excellent atmosphere and excellent overall experience. Will be going back often.

  156. arizona.photoevents

    First time at new speedway location. great deals and superb counter help. should have picked up more of the Maui. Wished they were closer to me. Thanks !!!

  157. Smokedoggaz480

    nice place

  158. wyzeassrob

    They gave me a free 1/8th of some top shelf meds on my first visit this place is incredible!

  159. Mgav08

    Great weed

  160. sallytokes

    The staff is super friendly the moment you walk in. The strain selection is pretty good. Not a huge fan of pre packaging but it’s not dry at all!!

    The drinks worked super well for me since I can’t always smoke. Plus if I tell my friends I can get a gram? Yes, I’ll definitely be back!!!!

  161. gomwzgabe820

    The package deals they have on Huxtons was great. Good buds selling better buds

  162. theresa.bedorehfar

    Clean, great and effective medication. The staff are wonderful, and it’s the perfect place to go for a hug and a good smoke. There is no reason not to get bud from them, as they are some of the greatest service providers I have ever encountered in my many years of medicating with marijuana.

  163. Edibull

    Building: [5/5] Located in Central Tucson TPL is close and has adequate parking.

    Inside: [4/5] The lobby is spacious and has some reading material available as well as a tv. The shop area only has one other person (the budtender) which can make it a little more intimidating than having more staff and patients in the room.

    Staff: [5/5] The staff here are great and are one of the most friendliest in the city. They recognized me even though I had only stopped by once before.

    Quality: [5/5] I tried the OG Kush and Blue Dream and both knock my socks off.

    Deals: [4/5] Their FTP special of half of your first eighth is one of the best FTP deals but I do not see other deals that are as good as that one.

    Overall: [5/5] I would recommend coming here for the FTP special, and the great people who work here!

  164. blueberrie

    great service, great flowers, great place…..dY$?(c)

  165. Trapshegucci710

    great dispensary

  166. danny9686

    great experience

  167. OchoDestro

    This is my go to place. I love it, they have good specials that they run, great staff who actually knows what they’re talking about, and the new location is very nice compared to what I’m used to from Tucson dispensaries. Plus you’re dogs are welcome in!!!

  168. laura.garner.58555

    Holy smokes! Tjis is the best shop in town 🙂

  169. Toast420Krew

    Good Job on the Dr. Who Thank you prime and staff

  170. SackAttack13

    Top shelf product !

  171. PercysPal

    This is my second review for Prime.
    I also have rated Blackberry Kush as my most effective strain. Prime almost always has it.
    Sometimes it’s available at another dispensary HOWEVER, it’s more expensive at those!
    Money is not the single factor but I’m on limited income and BbK is vitally important. I won’t go pay more!
    I like Prime! They have lovely Deals too.

  172. hi2

    Professional guidance. High quality flowers. I’m never disappointed with their top and middle shelf offerings.

  173. Sadbois420

    The product is good sometimes borders so so but I’ve found that to be the case with most dispos. Here I try to pick my loot based on strain and/or brand. I normally like to use the over the phone pre order system. And usually only get concentrates. One negative is that the concentrate strains aren’t listed here or on the actual prime leaf website, only the brands also they don’t have the potency levels for any of the concentrates listed. You have to call and ask what’s on the menu when placing pre orders because of this. I get a sense from the staff that this is more inconvenient then it should be. Just update your online menus to take advantage of your pre order system and it might make it easier for everyone. Because I thought it would be easier to see the menu first hand I actually ordered in person today. Sadly my order was wrong for the first time. With about one other person in the store I can’t say what exactly what went wrong but I didn’t find out about the mystery strain until I get home later. It’s partially my fault because when the total was 4$ more then it should have been I didn’t take notice right away. Theres a 20% discount for concentrates. So I could have actually saved that 4$ had my order been correct. Looking back I would have appreciated a product confirmation. I do take half the blame though and I would still recommend coming here because of the specials they have daily I’ll be more cautious next time.

  174. elbakon

    the many times I’ve been here, I’ve never been unsatisfied. the people are chill, the buds are nice and I always leave with a smile. the goo is a pretty damn good strain. just got that one and it had me feeling nice. I hope you all have a chance to shop here

  175. AZhighasamotherfucker

    Good meds just need bigger selection

  176. sandiegochk

    Think this bloom dispensary should be more like the bloom dispensary on Oracle and do a points system or some kind of special each day!

  177. methuzelah969

    never again… street vendors have better quality.

  178. Tookapackman

    Have came here many times and always tried to be sold something other than what I’m looking for. An indica sauce. Very simple. Offered sativas, display products which were hybrids. Won’t be back, waste of time.

  179. Desertdog26

    Quality products and nice staff. Great choice for experienced and new patients.

  180. Prothunder97

    Convenient location, great product and friendly staff.

  181. quig

    This was my first dispensary that I visited in Tucson. I walked into a wonderland for a newbie to cannabis stores. Not overwhelmed but I chose a good store as my first one. The people here at Prime know their shit. They have recently moved to a much nicer and easier accessible building with plenty of parking. Good deals everyday. Very Veteran friendly. Helpful staff. All in all my favorite in Tucson. And Tucson has some very very good dispensaries. 10 stars if were possible. Thanks Gary Q.

  182. Musicman97

    My first time going to any despenery I was glad to go to prime leaf. They were so polite and informative about what I using and how to use it rate 10/10!

  183. niftyifty

    Overall I like this dispensary. nice quality flower on all tiers. lots of variety in products. Unfortunately, I rarely shop here because the price: quality ratio isn’t quite right. Other locations in town have same/higher quality flower for much less without discount. I also wish they would sell the K.I.N.D live resin slim pens (they still the non resin pens). I bought some here on promo a couple months back and love their ease of use as well as discretion. I’m told they only had them for the promo and now I have to make a trip to Tempe just for those pens.

  184. greenvet

    in the last 3 months your quality has gone to one of the worst spots in town. the staff is so full of bs most of the time. or too stoned. they never know about deals or the way the herb was grown. the pre packaged herb u offer is terrible as well, you are just paying for packaging. go back to being for the patients and not to make money.. they do have a great selection of shatter and concentrates will be back if i have no where else to go. very disappointed

  185. SmokeyFriend

    Good: friendly, quick, big selection (sometimes), tv in lobby with Star Trek playing – subtle, but a nice touch. Always have cbd flowers. Great specials.

    Bad: dry flowers often, window facing speedway at lobby, skimpy on the packaging.

  186. MavisM0un

    Super disappointed.
    Let’s start from the beginning. The staff was nice upon entrance. I was there with my mom who was also filling out new patient paperwork. When they called my name I asked if my mom and I could go in together so I could help her with her order. The young lady assisting us snapped back “no she doesn’t have a card.” To which I replied, “yes she does, you have her card and new patient paperwork.” Her response was “oh.” We went back to look at the selection and i was confused about the new patient and 420 sales. The more I asked for clarification the more impatient my budtender became. My mom and I felt super uncomfortable. Lastly there was an insane amount of trim still left on the bud. I ended up taking advantage of my new patient sale but don’t plan on returning. My mom felt so uncomfortable she didn’t get anything. Altogether an unfortunate experience.

  187. jreyes213

    great service nice employees, I got half off an eighth for my first purchase of Maui waui and flower is top notch. next time I’m on the east that’s my medicine stop. thanks prime leaf

  188. toon38

    great prices wonderful products and friendly environment

  189. Lukecool

    I have to say that if it wasn’t for the central location; there would be no reason to come here. The prices are very high for the quality, and the packaging is all over the place.

  190. frogladysharon

    I love this place and everyone in it!!! They are all great here, very helpful and friendly & knowledgeable!!! Love Prime!!!!

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