Nature’s Medicines

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2439 West McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85009


33.4652842, -112.1126088




8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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Nature’s Medicines serves Arizona MMJ Patients Award Winning flower and concentrates, both Pre-pack and Delivery. winning Best Overall Dispensary at the Errl Cup 2016. Nature’s Medicines is the only dispensary in Arizona that tests EVERY BATCH of flower and concentrates for potency and purity. Flower is priced at just $6.00 and $9.00 per gram, with TOP-SHELF reserved at just $12.00 per gram plus sales tax. Nature’s Medicines is the original aEURoeDeli StyleaEUR dispensary, serving patients with complete transparency, Flower is selected from large jars and weighed right in front of you. Nature’s Medicines patients know with 100% certainty that they have received the exact strain and amount requested. We also offer aEURoePre-Packed Popcorn BudsaEUR from $18 an 1/8, $50 for a A1/2 Ounce, and $100 for a full ounce. Nature’s Concentrates Shatter Waxes, Crumbles, Sugar Waxes, and Live Resins have been judged to be the best in Arizona, dominating the past two years Errl Cup Awards. Nature’s Vape Live Resin Pens Just won aEURoeBest Cannabis Product in 2017aEUR by Phoenix New Times!
Please visit our customer friendly and knowledgeable staff at either of our two Nature’s Medicines locations; in Central Phoenix at 2439 West McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85009, just off the I-17 on McDowell. In Fountain Hills, Nature’s Medicines can be found just off Saguaro Blvd at Colony and E. Enterprise Drive at 16913 East Enterprise Drive, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268.

Pre-Order Online at or (480)400-2000

First Time Patients
Nature’s Medicines now offers second-time & third-time Reward Cards to New Patients
Keep The Card With You To Receive Stamps & Rewards In-store!
1st visit: B1G1 Free Flower 1/8 OR 20% OFF Entire Purchase
2nd visit: 15% OFF Your Entire Purchase
3rd visit: Free 1 gram Kief Sprinkled Pre-Roll With Purchase

Refer a friend to receive a FREE One Gram Kief Sprinkled Pre-roll

Review us on Leafly, Pot Guide, All Bud, Weedmaps, Google + and Yelp

for a FREE Kief Sprinkled Pre-roll,

Limit 1 pre-roll per patient per visit | Limit 6 pre-rolls per month | 1 pre-roll per review

Screenshot review for proof 24 hours before redemption | Review must be a min. 3 sentences

Strains vary | While supplies last | Purchase necessary

Nature’s Medicines accommodates bank debit cards with our *ATM’s.

*out of network charges may apply with some banks


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6,574 reviews for “Nature’s Medicines

  1. Anthony6666

    like this location alot, convenient to home

  2. Christopher1958

    This dispensery is now my favorite. I have been to just about all the locatiins on the west side over the years, some close and some at a distance, and by far, this is the best. Best Prices, Best Product, Best Location but its the Helpful Staff that I encounter. Thats what makes it the BEST. Without this its just another Dispencery, albeit with the Best Product, the Best Location, the Best Prices. Why would you want to shop anywhere else?

  3. xotomc

    Best prices!!! Awesome selections great knowledgeable staffdY’dY1/2dY’dY1/2dY’dY1/2dY’dY1/2dY’dY1/2dY’dY1/2

  4. creamcorn

    Worth the drive from Far East Mesa there are plenty of other places I could go to however nature’s medicine seems to have the best selection

  5. B20vGSR

    great prices and product !! definetly worth the drive from goodyear!

  6. mrhundredz

    the best place to shop for my medical would recommend

  7. rickied420

    Nature’s medicine caters to all my needs very friendly place and great buds

  8. rittonbay63

    Awesome right off the free way great bud tenders good bud

  9. jkirby819

    bad experience and horrible cheap medicine

  10. austin7

    The service is really quick and friendly and they have really good flower for low price

  11. 1stonedbuckeye

    Got the 6$ gods gift and was pleasantly surprised by the taste and freshness of the flower, helluva deal, like a sore dick, can’t beat it

  12. BillyPunte

    the shatter is awesome too


    Best of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. bbates024

    So today I went in to get some Catus. The lady looked around and searched the back and told me they didn’t have any. I thanked her for her time and added that I just wished the website was up to date before I drove over. She apologized and I left.

    So I’m in my car and a guy comes running out I almost didn’t see him. Thankfully traffic stopped me so he caught my attention. He said they were moving the buds from the 12 to the 9 dollar shelf because they were smaller.

    So not only did I get what I wanted but I got it for three dollars a gram less then I was expecting, and it was tax-free Tuesday.

    All in all it was another great trip, and a special thanks to all the employees there for doing a wonderful job.

  15. chicago85

    nature’s always have big selection! going for flower tonight! – 08/4/18

  16. JaxOneLove

    Amazing quality herb at a great price!!! Marcie always starts my day off right! 🙂

  17. olivom0087

    loved the atmosphere in this place and the people were very helpful and bomb buds

  18. obitwan66

    This place has the best strains in the valley and none of the buds are pre-packaged…everything’s fresh! Also great customer service with very knowldegable bud tenders. Everytime I leave I learn something new. Love this place!!!

  19. melodyblu

    Daniel is my FAVORITE budtender!!!
    My cousin and I came thru and his cute little ass made her first time visit perfect. AND he made me smile a lot too.
    On to the dispensary… I love this place. They are easy to find and have good quality green. I love the fact that they trim their flower down even more than it is already trimmed. You pay for more flower and that is key!!!

  20. Nessamarie88

    Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. The prices on their products are some of the best in Az. I have never been disappointed with anything I have purchased. I love that they have the haze spray.

  21. malmal101

    I love coming to this dispensary. They always have great product I’ve never really have gotten bad product. And they have great prices.

  22. Zues_enriquez


    Place has great atmosphere. Best buds in town truly recommend going there. Its fast and easy

  23. TotesMcGoats

    Wow the $30 shatter selection is top shelf quality def worth checkin out, I used to shop down the street bcuz the wax and shatter prices were more in my budget but this new pricing is great! ha I was even able to afford to try their house rso oil so this is my new home. Keep it up guys !

  24. Drew2u

    This was my first time here,staff was very helpful and got a great first time bogo deal, I would recommend you check out the flowers,very nice!

  25. Mnmkid

    Great quality flower, awesome setting, friendly staff.

  26. Gawavato

    best placr in town

  27. ArizonaChaz

    the slowest one I’ve been to. the meds are overpriced and over rated by the bud tenders. sometimes I wonder if they know what dank is.

  28. Ms_inkay23

    First time here it was packed but they got me in quickly with a nice first time deal the customer was good but the flower was great!

  29. Leesie

    Shout out to the bright and bubbly Keisha. It was an absolute pleasure to be helped by her, and I continue to be impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the entire staff.

  30. freeze40

    Great meds and sexy women in there i like this place and the security helped me out before

  31. santiago602

    I want to Thank Rob For the friendly service and the heads up that he gave me on a few things. Good looking out brother. And Thanks to all the other staff that works there to For their good people skills and advice that Phelps alot

  32. sharris24689

    Every time you advertise “Jack Herrer”, you are ALWAYS out!!!! Stop advertising strains that you don’t keep in stalk. I drive far looking for Jack Herrer and when I find a dispensary carrying it, I drive to buy it and every time I go into your dispensary, you NEVER have it!!!! Very, very frustrating!!!!!

  33. danymcmu22

    it’s amazing the people are crazy friendly and always welcoming I don’t
    even pick anymore I ask what they recommend and am never disappointed!!

  34. Dominoazmc

    Love this place!! Telling the whole squad about here. Have the biggest selection I’ve seen AND the best prices!

  35. daedae11

    First time patient and I am very pleased way better than I expected great service great meds and a very wide variety of strains. prices are great compared to every other dispensary I’ve been too this one is the best I love it here even though its a little ways from me it’s worth the drive keep up the great work I’ll be a regular dY’

  36. Blakemz

    Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Vast array of quality meds. In and out the door fairly quickly. 5 stars from me.

  37. moonpie6

    Love it !

  38. Moraleoma

    Hey super impressed with their pick up service. this is the first despensery I can actually walk in and pick up my mobile order within 10 mins. staff is incredibly friendly and always has Dunkin coffee on deck.

  39. Azgerry

    Seeds! I found many many premie seeds in one of their top strains. A lot of Seeds . Tried to inform them..No response..NEXT.

  40. StickyBugatti

    Great price great meds great staff

  41. jolivo1996

    Fast and great service! Love the bud tenders as they are incredibly knowledgeable on their products, unlike other dispensaries. Great service + great deals = best dispensary!

  42. Hunnycrisp1

    best in town

  43. Weednbreww

    Beat prerolls in town . The wax is very good and at a good price. Best 9 dollar grams around the west

  44. Reyesnisela

    This is a very nice place food prices and great flower !!!I will refer

  45. SonicChronic711

    Only skinny people can work here. The employees are stepping on each other chasing jars. All because the manager doesnt realize i cant pick through 50 meds if i cant see any of them. I have to eavesdrop on other customers and look over their shoulder to pick something out. I cant wait all day for a guy to dodge 7 other guys retrieving a jar from across the room. I bet managment takes all the tips. All while the counterspace has zero menus or pictures, just an oversized pound scale that is not accurate to the milligram. So .96 is a gram. The quality is so poor, they dont realise .04 is a full dose to some patients in other areas with real meds. I can get baked on .04 of good herb. Everything recommended to me smelled like pineapple air freshener. Everything else was so weak, pointless. Overfed for quick cropping, zero dry effort. Microwaved probably. No joke. Bad and fake. The only smell most dispensaries have is the expensive flavored nutrients you suckers use, because you don’t have actual grow knowledge. I was excited to see light dep advertised, but i couldnt pick it out from the rest. Az you got issues bros! Glad Im going back to Cali. Sad situation out here.

  46. Zavala12345

    This is one of the best dispensaries in Phx, AZ. You can never go wrong with Natures flowers. Always a great resort for my medicine.

  47. shortyb313

    I like this location they have a lot of varieties and they have good deals.

  48. harrymars

    Had a great first time experience. Extensive selection, great service, great environment. I like how bud tenders trim stems for you. Favorite dispensary.

  49. kcroner5516

    amazing staff..wonderful selection

  50. jmcadres

    Super friendly and knowledgeable budtenders. Love the late hours. I came in around 845pm on a Friday and it was busy…….but only waited 5 minutes. Got the first-time patient pre-roll. Might be the safest dispensary in the valley too, lots of security guards. I live 20 minutes away, but will stop back in again for sure.

  51. JoeMass007

    it’s the best and very very very easy to get in and out of. they have an amazing staff and awesome prices! Blake, Sydney, Connor, and Marcie rock! 🙂

  52. aaykay16

    I was referred by my husband and the strain selection was amazing so many choices! can’t wait to go back again. great prices on their glass pieces too.

  53. CoryJays

    The strawberry cough they gave me tastes amazing. You can really tell how fresh it is compared to others.

  54. rudy39

    place is easy to get to and staff is great

  55. GentMan

    Knowledgable staff, great selection and quick service. Lakisha was great with her recommendations

  56. shelbyhelb

    Always the best experience, best quality and prices.

  57. lizthebadass


    I am so glad I decided to stop in here. From check-in to check-out, it was a smooth process. Catherine was absolutely awesome! Having social anxiety and being in a room full of people isn’t my favourite thing, but I really felt like she was interested in my needs, answered my questions and I didn’t feel rushed. She gave me so many options and took the time to show me everything I inquired about. The prices are totally reasonable and the overall experience is a 10/10. I will most definitely be back! 🙂

  58. Toke.Kyo

    Always the best prices and great selection of strains.

  59. blackrose692010

    I truly loved this dispensary. And have since replaced my old favorite with a new one. I love the prices. The staff is knowledgeable. I love that you know know where your meds are coming from. I will definitely be back soon!

  60. CurtisCrehan

    nature’s medicine’s is where its at, ive been to alot of places in the valley and always natures has good quality and good pricing on there product. definitely would recommend.

  61. kylepierce

    Associates are always friendly and knowledgeable. Very fast service as well, I’m usually in and out within 15 min.

  62. BiaFlore

    Very friendly environment with great bud tenders and great prices

  63. eddiebisi

    My first time reviewing a dispensary. Smooth operation, answered all my newbie questions, open till 10 (very important) will return.

  64. Cloud9Medicated

    Great Meds! Great Service! Great Prices! I’m smoking “AMF OG” $12 gram it’s a Indica, which I highly recommend.. and if that’s all out my back up is “Grape Ape” $10 gram it is a indica as well, I prefer heavy meds if you do as well.. Snatch up one of the two or even both! Lol.. it will get the job done #IndicaLove dY~dY”Y=dY'”dY’dY’-

  65. Butternickels

    Great place with awesome staff. MANY meds to choose from and prices are sweet! I only get to visit this shop on certain occasions due to its distance from my place but overall a MUST SEE shop when you get the chance

  66. kpurple

    My go to dispensary!!! Always changing their selection, great deals, flower quality is usually pretty good, wax even better, bud tenders are very friendly and informative making my first time here very comfortable—-also providing smoking products for whatever you need! 🙂

  67. TwistLime

    I am a fan of the new set up. My favorite is still the shatter. I prefer this place over the others because of the lab testing

  68. Zulu619

    Great Bud and Great Service, recommend this to everybody in the valley

  69. weed420coolchick

    This place is awesome! I really like their edible selection and they have good prices. Would recommend to a friend, will come again!

  70. medicatedking

    number 1 spot in AZ

  71. Kayleesmami14

    Love the products!

  72. backthatkassup

    Budtenders are experts, and always bring a smile. The deli style ordering makes each visit so fun – its like a candy store of the best quality flower. I only use straight flower and vapes and BTW their vapes are fantastic.

  73. Davidpine

    Love it

  74. sockmonkeyss

    always great when I come. they are fast and friendly bud is always top notch

  75. Guyaaron5588

    This is the friendliest dispensary in Arizona! they have over like 30 strains of buds and great prices. Everybody has to check them out!

  76. Mamapenguin

    Will not be coming here again, was told that I could combine ftp with wax deal and at the last minute apparently they could no longer honor the first time patient deal, don’t make false promises to customers to help make a sale if you cannot honor it.

  77. TheLifeilivee

    I think they have the best customer service of any dispensary i visited definitely recommend to those new to medicating quality bud quality prices

  78. mamabloom

    Very knowledgeable and genuine bud temders and comfortable atmosphere. Great prices too

  79. losmorales21

    its a all around good spot good service good peopledY’

  80. jacobh1881

    amazing everytime i go there. they are always so friendly and kind.

  81. holliinaz

    As a woman it’s sometimes uncomfortable walking into a dispensary with so many men around, but the staff there is awesome. The prices are great, and the flowers are even better.

  82. azstonerbarbie420

    Natures medicines continues to be my go to spot for meds. the best prices on shatter around, love you guys!!dY”Y=dY’OE

  83. Adrian97

    amazing prices and great quality!

  84. ChrisAlaniz

    I like the people and the people are always knowledgable about the product their giving me . I’ve never been disappointed by the staff or meds.

  85. honeyblueyez

    Love this place

  86. Travaughn

    been ignoring this dispensary for awhile but recently stopped by to pick up an eighth and was not let down, great price for quality bud makes me happy.

  87. beltranc

    Love this place and the flower 🙂

  88. st1rchaz

    on my way to get my sodas and more candy and the best flower around

  89. KaeC

    this dispensary is one of the best in arizona. good price with good buds. staff are friendly as well

  90. jmardmnd25

    best outstanding flower in the valley has alot of variety for patients who need there medical requirements for flower and concentrates, also with edibles.

  91. Laken11638

    My budtender was so nice and helpful with all the info I needed!

  92. RootMama

    one of the best priced menus for the locale!

  93. ruffonthefluff

    Jordan was very helpful. Prices are legit. Came in twice now.

  94. BurninateDabs

    They are absolutely transparent. I love their concentrates. Absolutely wonderful terpenes, appearance, and potency. Their wax averages around 70% and their prices are great. So far I have had Wonder Woman & GG4 crumble, as well as Nitro Cookies & Lemon Diesel Live resin. The Lemon Diesel looked & smelled unreal.

    Even though there isn’t much of a new patient special for dabbers I’m still glad I came to check this place out.

  95. SuperBomb63

    Great fun place with good prices and bomb bud

  96. PiercingsbyKris

    nature’s is the best dispensary in the valley. they have the best bud tenders, the best pricing, and a great office. this place bad it all- beat of all worlds!!

  97. Azhydroponic623

    Bomb bud definitely recommend badass staff come after work all the time best quality best in the valley

  98. ladysith666

    Everyone at this location was super helpful. I love the deli style flower that way i can get exactly what i want. Definitely coming back a

  99. note3blazing1

    every month that goes by this place still stay on that bomb flower

    love this place.

  100. chronicsmoke

    I absolutely love It here! The staff are so awesome! Great prices with great bud! Definitely my go to place!dY~dYOE+-dY’

  101. Jessicared420


  102. bill.mcintyre.39

    First time visitor a few weeks back, and I really liked Nature’s AZ Medicines. Great selection. I have to figure out ways to get to this part of town more often!

  103. chefrobinson12

    great service and the people were very professional

  104. toni8485

    I love coming here the reps are very knowledgable and know what they’re talking about they can almost pin point what you want also give tons of info on delivery and discounts

  105. MrDylanS

    Great prices and lobby is really nice. However the receptionist was not polite to me at all upon my first visit. She did not greet me at all or even ask me for my card, she nearly reached her hand for my card without saying anything to me. All other dispensaries I’ve been to have had much more polite staff.

  106. dannyrom

    Honestly this is probably one of my favorite dispensarys. The price to quality ratio is superb. I love the fact that they weight the bud out in front of you and trim away any excess stem. To top it off it has a huge selection.

  107. yaddaboi

    great budtenders and great deals at all times..many flowers to choose from

  108. dmoslarry

    I really like this location and the the each BudTender gives a different but unique experience. dY’dY’

  109. Purpzbydapoundd

    This place definitely shows love with the quality meds and new deals every day as well as the ftp deal.would definitely recommend this spot

  110. medcalf

    stopped by today can’t beat 10 dollar g ‘s all day every day but I believe in spending the extra couple Bucks for the top shelf it is all ways worth it tried the ginger ale very smooth smoke very nice a GDP lover at heart but iam not complaining I will defiantly be back

  111. embaum3

    Nature’s Medicine is one of the best. Great selection and reasonable prices of their products. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

  112. chloboat55

    This place is SO legit, they have a very professional back room for to go pick up that Diarra showed when I first arrived. Great atmosphere, individual service; my bud tender Dee$$$ was very accommodating and nice! He recommended me a strain called Bubble Gum and that stuff is NO JOKE! Thanks D!

  113. c4clipz

    I enjoy coming to natures az great atmosphere

  114. std2230

    Amazing Roger is the bud tender of the year AKA BOTY

  115. Vikki1122

    Great bud great prices and great services. Bud tender was knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely will be my go to place for my purchases.

  116. KbAz

    Best dispensary I’ve visited so far. Excellent security, friendly and knowledgeable budtender and the price is right. The product quality and varied selection are high-end. I love the lobby and the entire set-up in general. Great atmosphere. I love seeing the buds displayed in jars and weighed out in front of you.

  117. maurice333

    i think this location is great, they have good bud and friendly service, i would recommend to all my friends to come here

  118. Randacand23

    This is my go to dispensary. Great everything here! only problem I have is the specials they run. I hate how one week I have to pay 220+ for an oz and the next week I’ll see it’s on sale for 80 a half! I really wish they honored the sale prices for strawberry cough and sensi star along with a few others at the 80 for a prepacked half at all times.
    unfortunately I have went to other dispensaries in protest of this and have been burned. either the flower wasn’t comparable or the prices were to pricey. I’ll be sticking here hoping that when it’s time to re-up they will have another great sale!

  119. jayholland

    I’ve been to this place A lot, and Everytime is a dope experience. Katie was my bud tender today and it’s been a while since someone recommended other strains, seeing as I usually know what I want. She recommended Cherry Pie and Jenny’s Kush with me choosing the former. It is pretty damn good, I have Multiple Sclerosis and indicas are a definite go to for me for sleep and pain and cherry pie took the pain away swiftly. Tastes great as well, beautiful nug.
    I also got 6g of Journeyman, which I tried before recently, it’s stronger this go around and is better tasting and hits smoother. This may be a new favorite!

    Thanks again, and I’ll definitely be back soon to try that Jenny’s Kush!


    I hope u guys get Deep Sleep back soon! DEFINITELY my favorite strain at the moment!

  120. K28

    shatter special plus no tax tuesday plus additional discounts equal a great deal for the loyal consumer.

  121. karinaangel2216

    very cool team super friendly and very awesome totally recommend them

  122. eljoker420

    so far the place is amazing getting amazing deals

  123. jrordnz

    One of the dispensaries with the best strains!

  124. travers13

    Every time I stop and have a question the staff here finds me an answer quickly. The wait time is minimal and the lounge area is very comfortable.

  125. bl8ze1

    Blake showed me the very wide selection today and it was very chill!

  126. DJClivehistory

    great location, great staff, great meds

  127. rtomlin62

    Love their quality and informative staff. Wish they had a rewards program but let me stop cuz I always leave her with something good.

  128. moontang

    Hands down, Nature’s is the best dispensary in AZ. $35 halves and $20 grams of shatter. Best prices in town. Cactus OG is my go to flower at Nature’s.

  129. Cassienoodle

    First trip to a dispensary. Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable as to what was the best for my needs.

  130. sbrenkman5150

    All they need is a cafe. Great place, For the best quality, talk to Memo.

  131. joesov

    Wesley, Andy Travis and Nick are super and know their “stuff” Great prices and a great selection

  132. NytoAz

    My favorite dispensary, best place to get concentrates by far!

  133. ladylibra85

    only been here once but I loved the service, and I was in and out. The place was clean and the budtenders was very knowledgeable. I will be back there….

  134. TKazino

    One of the best yet!! Thank you for such quality service! Love the waiting room/lobby and its menus on the tv! I’ll be visiting back today and I can’t wait, been waiting! dY$?”

  135. tree2you

    I recommend this place to everyone. great medicine and staff helpful and knowledgeable. I love coming here a great variety.

  136. PhatTommy

    The place was pretty packed, but I knew it would be worth the wait. Cayla came & got me and we talked about my needs. She made sure that all my concerns were discussed, and gave me good advice. I count Nature’s AZ Medicines as my “go-to” (High Quality, Low Price) Dispensary. Oh, and did I mention that Cayla gave me a Preroll (She said it was for my wait in the Lobby, I just think she likes me). Cayla Rocks the NATAZMEDS. (PhatTommy Says)

  137. chgoRob714

    I’ve always had good service here. the budtenders are the best. But today the 28th of July 2015 Josh Y was my bud tender and I would never use him as a budtender again no personality no communication wanted to give me shake when he said he had buds of nine pound hammer. When I come back and if he calls me back I’m going to wait for another bud tender other than that I love your place but Josh Y no personality

  138. JoseTru

    Nice prices, Excellent Service… Class A Cannabis.

  139. arsenalfury4

    One of the best shops in terms of variety and speedy service. Friendly and well informed service reps about industry and products. Definitely recommend this place to anyone and everyone

  140. lifewechose79

    this place is awesome they always have great flower and fire. the employees are always helpful and friendly.

  141. jwharris625

    I don’t go anywhere aelse

  142. essielee

    Best pre-rolls In town. Full gram and you can get them in the strains you want. Top shelf!

  143. grove90

    I visited Nature’s Medicine and got a nice deal on Flower. My budtender helped me get the exact strain I needed. The deals service and quality cant be beat. The Phoenix and Fountain Hills location are great!

  144. Carie121215

    this is a fantastic spot to shop! they have very knowledgeable staff who take the time to help you find what you need/want. I am a big fan of the house S- oil. it has done wonders for me and my lupus. I definitely recommend this dispensary!

  145. bdotgotbeats

    havent been here in awhile, friend came through and saved the day last night with some crazy strain “chocolope” couch lock was real minus being drowsy! nice location welcoming feeling and the budtenders are great!

  146. yonnie34

    hands down the dopest dope I’ve ever smoked love this dispensary the staff is great will be back again

  147. Leegoku100

    Very nice people great bud!

  148. poppaflattop

    I think it was awesome, the workers were extremely helpful and made sure I knew everything I possibly could about my b options

  149. alexizahar

    cactus og smells good smokes great

  150. Sammyadams33

    Very kind bud tenders. I always leave with quality product.

  151. az420collegeguy

    The products are incredible, along with a magnificent staff. You can’t beat $15 half grams of shatter and $30 whole grams. What I like most about this dispensary is the hours that they operate under. Being open until 10pm at night is critical for me since sometime I don’t get free until 8-8:30. Thanks Natures Meds for being awesome!

  152. DavidBammer

    prices r range of wallet thx nature’s az medicines

  153. Farnsworthy143

    Always appreciate the preorder service. Thanks NATURES AZ – even with the DA discount being changed abruptly.. I still loooove u guys!!!

  154. averysimmon

    great customer service and great variety to choose from

  155. tylerellis92

    I come in pretty frequently, and I show up roughly at 7:30 on a Friday night and understandably it’s busy. I wait for 18 minutes thinking I will get a free pre-roll as they promised, when I asked he said it’s only been 13 minutes. I explicitly look at my clock walking in the door knowing how busy it was thinking it might go over 15 minutes. Not a huge deal, just horrible customer service especially by Blake the manager.

  156. DearShe

    Just finished my $35/ half of Kilimanjaro. FUEGO.. needless to say I am on my way back for a second dose of the Kil! BOMB

  157. greplink

    Awesome prices, service, and quality of medicine. Highly recommend!

  158. dr.dab

    Paid 243.25 for a oz only received 27.7

  159. Jphx602

    Nature’s medicine is my #1 choice out of all dispensaries. I live across the street from a different dispensary but choose to travel the extra 5 miles. Everything from the customer service to the prices & variety of products are the best in my opinion

  160. zackeryB

    They do deli style flowers and they have kief covered prerolls! I had to grab an oz my first time here. check em out today!

  161. bhastings001

    love the location. Everyone in there has really great positive vibes. they’re always super quick even when there’s a full ass waiting room of people. love this place. Frosty nugs for good price !

  162. Psalm34

    GREAT Meds Here

  163. char1

    This was a very inviting and clean facility… They have great selection and a knowledgable well rounded staff!

  164. mrmedical92

    this location has super good prices on flowers and concentrates. it is super close to my house. this dispensary is super convenient.I suggest everyone in phx to shop at nature’s medicines…

  165. Gus25

    Will helped me out today and was amazing!! Honest, took his time and got me exactly the medication I needed. Top notch Customer Service, thanks Will!!

  166. brentWayne

    Best location
    ever!Good weed great people

  167. arcelietvilla

    best meds in town I been coming here for years and they always have great deals

  168. kingryannn

    Great experience definitely will be back

  169. charleswoodruff11

    Very informative , very helpful with my questions. I’m enjoying all my meds, helps ease the pain knowing they are there to help!!

  170. killer459


  171. Johnnyblazeaz

    this was the 4th time I had stopped by this shop and it’s been the same story everytime, over 30 different strains and not one of them worthy of being top shelf in any way.. a large percentage of the flower was low grade at best, great service though

  172. mindysue

    If you want top notch service for your medical needs, Nature’s AZ MEDICINE is where you need to go! 🙂

  173. weed31

    Best selection at best price

  174. latinf86

    Fire meds

  175. Enamarcus

    1st timer, the medicine I purchased was very affective. The staff were also very helpful.

  176. patrickkinnaugh

    Shatter and flower is always great. best quality for the lowest prices .

  177. nicklesmack

    had a great experience for my first time decided to come back again and would recommend to other new patients

  178. Mlaborin

    this place has EVERYTHING you need!!

  179. Tobiaz13

    great ppl great prices!

  180. Call4lynda

    very helpful budtender

  181. marcozamora88

    great plqce awesome prices friendly staff…a bunch of different strains, ask for nicole

  182. miketatmon

    This is a great place with great service. I enjoy shopping here and so far is my number one location to shop. I am sending all my friends.

  183. Justchillininaz

    Awesome medicine. Prices are a bit steep. Love the Hindu skunk! Awesome staff! Where’s the free pre rolls!!!!

  184. msims555

    Worth the drive every single time!

  185. babypitt1980

    My favorite place to get my meds love the staff The only place I go

  186. narutohigh

    Staff are excellent greatly
    respected need to give this person a promotion Cayla

  187. Eabavlos

    great second visit did pre order but website was acting a fool. went in and was immediately taken care of. next time will phone in my order.

  188. Morenokatrina

    Love this place best dispensary in phx best prices,best flower,great deals,very friendly and clean,the workers have allot of knowledge to help find the best for u,wouldn’t go anywhere else.only dispensary I’m comfortable going to dY’dY’dY’dY’

  189. kingPIN25

    Gdp cream was bomb last night I’m bk for another batch. Mayb a cartridge they hv the best even gram of kief is off the chain. Thank u natures

  190. 389211

    Great service and very convenient hours

  191. loudpackonly

    awesome stuff

  192. Alan211

    Waited the whole time for a deal for $45 an ounce and when I went in the back they told me they had no more and didn’t compensate me in anyway

  193. BrettBarrett27

    one of the most far out best places to go in the valley Nature’s medicine is the business thank you for everything you guys do for us shout out to all the budtenders and the receptionist front desk take care of everything we need and everything is 100% accurate flower is Fuego and the$10 Keef best deal in town by far the best of the best of the best thank you guys again for everything you do#stay medicated

  194. Xrakkasan

    Wow I recently came here the first time and took advantage of their 10g of wax for $100 and they shorted me a half g. They made up for their mistake and gave me a small comp. While I was there I took advantage of a bogo sale on select elite 500 mg carts. Tonight I opened up my second one and noticed it felt sticky. I looked at the cart and it was half empty. The trippy thing is there is no product leaked in the box. So I’m starting to hate this place. Gonna check the other carts I bought and call them in the morning. See if they make up for this with a crap joint. These things are listed for $40 each

  195. shadow253

    I love this jawn the staff know the flower I come all the way from Mesa for these guys I love the staff it’s feels like I know them

  196. anthonyd602

    Anthonyd602 I really liked the medicine and the people were really great

    Anthonyd602 the medicine was really good and the people were cool

  197. ccryder94

    Customer service is awesome

  198. cmayberry3

    great people they know they buds good. Great selection of flowers and more.

  199. lukeskywalker123


  200. jarvis72

    the best place ever! dY~+-

  201. Cwood2245

    Was helped by a very nice lady Christina. They have great prices and great product.

  202. onefastgtx

    Great place to go. Great selection of stuff,pretty good prices and the staff seems pretty awsome. Def would recommend going.

  203. Stoner_420az

    Best place in town and staff is frendly.

  204. Nutridawg

    This is my favorite shop to find the medicine that works the best. Great staff and a wonderful place to be treated the way you want to be… With respect! Thanks!

  205. instachinkaz

    Good meds great prices
    They are always so friendly and sweet coming in. The meds smoke nice

  206. MiaGrace420

    My favorite dispensary in town. Amazing selections and the bud tenders are absolutely awesomedY’s

  207. nany77

    best dispensary in az, good prices and all the ppl in there are awesome!

  208. AzIndyQueen

    One of my faves

  209. numbnutz420

    Best in Phoenix !!

  210. R_lewis

    The selection is fire

  211. JAudifre

    Love this location and the people are great and the flower.

  212. genette

    Pretty good for price wish they’d bring the 35$half!!!

  213. snsancho29

    amazing staff and bud.

  214. Listentoliz

    This was my first visit to a dispensary two years ago. Since then then the already awesome store has gotten better and better.

  215. Fryman420

    Best of the best, I felt like a kid in a candy store

  216. artisticwaffle

    this location has a super nice seating area for you when you first get in it is business-oriented so you feel like you’re at a place of business and the place has great security and awesome staff

  217. carriemae08

    I love that this place is aEUR~deli style’. The bud tenders are always so knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The flower and concentrates are the best I’ve found!

  218. Happysickmind

    I absolutely LOVE this place ! Great people and great meds

  219. gilbert590

    simply the best dispensary.

  220. ryang77

    i love

  221. Montana1976

    this place is so cool, make me feel like a kid in the candy store.
    staff is very friendly and helpful. products are very yummy and nice looking GOOD STUFF MAN.

  222. dirtyflannell

    A great dispensary. Always come thru with a variety of quality weed concentrates and edibles. Employees are extremely kind too. Perfect place for anyone.

  223. Rastaroar

    love the dispensary, just not always this location. always great meds though.

  224. Avatarnash

    best buds low prices

  225. azyankeesfan

    One of my favorite dispensary to get Wonder Woman

  226. bearblugirl

    Quality meds and great service 100% of the time

  227. deucestickly69

    I loved it up until I had to weigh out a gram that was 0.3 under I’m going to start bringing my own scale

  228. marcusmcgruder

    looks great and the flowers smell great

  229. Sourspot

    I love this location. Th e staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. The meds are amazing. I recommend this place to all my friends.

  230. bitchbecool

    Amazing prices, helpful staff, and some great bud. I would highly recommend

  231. Corsair12345

    I am definitely coming back!

  232. TwaneG

    Awesome place! First time there and will be back for another visit

  233. pgblaze1

    Highly recommend! Excellent staff, best selection of flowers in the valley and they stay open until 10. What’s not to love?

  234. LarryDox

    Best concentrates I’ve had in arizona so far !!! Great atmosphere !!!

  235. pitbulllove

    I wish you guys had a closer North phoenix location. Also I’ve been trying to get a Crumble from you guys for a whole week now. Every time I call or show up your out.

  236. Hmateen955

    Nice comfy waiting room with a tv. Always great service. Got the cactus og concentrate and was awesome

  237. Candinag

    great I love this place. I love. the workers. G Money.

  238. stephen18x

    Great selection of concentrates, flower edibles, etc.

  239. littlesub88

    Been coming here for nearly a year now. Always have quality flower with potent results. Can’t beat $8-$12 grams. Constantly new staff which is a bummer. Like having consistency with the bud tenders.

  240. Oldsoulstoner420

    I found this place to be pleasing . The staff was great and I enjoyed the product

  241. fyrahundratjugopalmer

    Great place! My go to place.
    10/10. Thanks to heli for taking care of me the first time!

  242. Geneisis

    Love selection, very comfortable. Love the fact the serve coffee to clients as well.

  243. Troyphx

    Other dispensaries could learn a thing or two from these guys! Great place.

  244. baggerider

    Been here before and always had good service, but Cinco de Mayo sale where shatter pens, buy one get one sale didn’t exist? I asked about the sale and the guy had no idea of the 300mg shatter pens for $14 even was, instead I ended with 90mg for that price….oh well felt like bait ad to get you in.

  245. Goreski

    First time stopping in, must say I was a lil surprised on how professional and friendly the staff was. Great
    atmosphere! Highly recommend.

  246. happy2269

    quality service and great flower

  247. Bigmane2deep

    nature medicine is a great place with great deal 35$ half oz are amazing actually good buds nice fresh I would recommend this place to anyone the staff is very nice and helpful make sure they get u everything u need at an affordable price I’ll say one on the best dispensary in Phoenix never a line or waiting mostly get u in and out check out nature medicine dispensary

  248. Calizona805

    bomb kk….

  249. Juan2

    good weed great atmosphere speedy service and speedy customer service good deals numb please there always smile have good attitude

  250. TyTy28

    I loved the customer service right when I walked in the door. I love the people who work there they made me feel really comfortable and welcome. Overall this is the best dispensary.

  251. thelifeofqueenb

    Best place in town ! Great prices and friendly staff . Love their danky buds haven’t tried shatter yet tho

  252. Bertag1

    Nature’s medicine is the best part of my daydY~%0the team members are all high spirited and the quality and selection are outstanding dY~Z

  253. lunimonique

    it’s the best this is the first dispensary I went to n man I love the employees n they have really good deals n i love this dispensary cause the give back to the community

  254. rjones714

    Awesome shopping experience again.This shop never lets me down. Love this place. Happy 2nd anniversary. You are vital to our community !!!

  255. fabuulluuss

    great service and prici ng love the
    fact they stay open until 10pm

  256. MostHated32

    awesome atmosphere great employes amazing flowers

  257. killa602

    excellent prices and product

  258. jlupecon

    Greatest prices so far. always nice. good looking people work there. One of my favorites even tho it’s not the closest to my house

  259. Mfray000

    Love this place, first and foremost. 2+ years of great service that is constantly evolving to fit the consumers best interests! Awesome and so rare. This place has the best prices in the phoenix area hands down and 15 minutes of waiting or they give you a free pre-roll, this place sets the bar high.

    Dominque has helped me 2 out of my last 3 visits and is an ideal budtender. She is helpful and understands cannabis more than the average budtender whose knowledge usually ends where the description on the menu ends.

    Today was a bit of a bummer however, ended up getting a quad of sour tangie and sour sunset. I like to take advantage of those $8 g’s, unfortunately though the indoor and outdoor grown fruit from the same strain are priced differently but labeled the same name. I assumed since I’d only shown interest in the $8 strains the budtender who helped me (Johnny V) would grab me the outdoor $8/g sour sunset. $136 seemed like more than usual but I figured tax or whatever in the moment got home, read my receipt and realized I was automatically given the more expensive sour sunset ($10) without being informed that it came in two price classes and he was providing me with the one that was in the higher price range which I showed no interest in.
    Kinda a bummer, could of gotten an extra pre-roll with that $12 bucks I got jedi mind tricked into spending. Transparency includes freedom from deceptive sales tactics, make sure you are getting the $8/g strain if you intended to initially purchase meds here because of their low prices. I can buy $10 grams without having drive 30 minutes, don’t lose what makes you special Nature’s AZ Meds Phoenix!!

  260. freitas1

    best buds and great people my number one choice for meds

  261. jm0311

    Every time I come here the staff has great knowledge on concentrates and flower and also they are very friendly

  262. peejay75

    I’m back ! I know I need 3 sentences so let me start this off by saying i fuck with y’all Lol. I been coming here for about a month now an still coming so y’all most got something I like up in here. But yeah that’s three so I need that free pre roll aoeOEdY1/2aoedY1/2

  263. DROSE96

    Awesome meds served by amazing people. Great prices as well.

  264. rascal55

    One of my regular stops. The quality is pretty good which is why I keep coming back.

  265. Joseph23cox

    Good prices and good flower

  266. royalmackin

    This is like my Maine place to pick my meds up.. I love the friendly staff there always so energetic lol.. I recommend this dispensary to anyone looking for good quality meds

  267. 420_Cowboy

    the best

  268. Maddix

    Best club in Phoenix by far. Will be visiting often! Buds top quality and unbeatable prices

  269. Sergiof602

    great prices here. Purp mayhem LSD probly couldve been purged longer kinda taste like butane..

  270. franky23

    Good service n prices

  271. Johnsonhollywood

    Nature’s is a great environment and a chill atmosphere. They have great bud tenders and a wide variety. Hands down the best price and quality in the area!

  272. crystal29

    Back again! Great place dY~EUR

  273. Track58

    ALWAYS MY FIRST STOP ! These were the first people I experienced goin to the dispensary for the first time ever. SO HELPFUL & cherrie and informative. Super great place !

  274. Kingjayjay4life

    this dispensary is the best in the niedorhood. they got beautiful flower there was is smacking . they prices are low n worth it .

  275. Purplepandabears

    I love this place! The atmosphere is awesome. My budtender was super friendly and helpful. The wait was short. The meds were awesome, and priced well. All around a great dispensary. I will definitely be back!

  276. SandraBabii420

    love this location and the prices

  277. mykaylaxoxo

    I love to come to this dispensary mainly because of the deli style way they give you your product.

  278. jedwards1216

    Great staff, friendly and knowledgable! Always has the lowest prices!

  279. ghostinthetoast

    Still my favorite dispensary; have come here more than any other place. Feel like they have the best value and selection on flower.

  280. amyandgordon

    really clean! Friendly staff. The pre rolls are amazing!!

  281. jtown1995

    This shop has by far the best prices for concentrates and flower! However, I have noticed that a few other dispensaries have the same edibles for better prices.

  282. jagardner1019

    D-Money was great at his job and I walked out a happy patient. Always love Natures Medicines!

  283. daddyg4130

    Best meds at best prices. The shatter is best in valley

  284. Bartwohl

    Lost a customer… tired of having fetty wapp stuck in my head after waiting 50 min for medication….In addition to a extremely unprofessional environment.
    Won’t be back, best of luck to ya

  285. Canibchef

    I’m a new customer and always have been told this a reliable place… Does not disappoint.

  286. Sanjuanero

    Very good Quality and Prices. Also great service and variety. Also I love the hours of operations until 10pm 🙂

  287. Phoko

    I have found my Eden. Just got my card and had been checking the different spots around town, and hands down this it the best one to cover all my needs at the right price.

  288. JazzieeStar

    Fresh buds every time. Concentrates are amazing and have you feeling great! 10/10 would recommend to everyone!

  289. egyptianking33

    greatest dispensary i been too

  290. Davila

    One of my favorite spots to shop for flower. Organized and clean. Service is always quick

  291. supachill

    Great location close to downtown Phoenix, service with a smile, the medibles are high quality and the meds are out of this world, definitely gunna be my go-to dispensary

  292. moozedude

    Big Sam is always a good dude. Great coffee, nice and fresh. Well greeted and cared for. More than satisfied, as always.

  293. dilworthmenefee


  294. CloudDaddy

    Amazing dispensary! First time visit, which was intimidating but the staff are knowledgeable and friendly and the product is top notch. Find out for yourself!

  295. TheDundada

    1of my favorite places to visit. Also members are knowledgeable aboutthe flower and other products. A1 spot with nice flower to choose from

  296. Rainbowz

    i love the friendly customer service and how great their deals are.Lakisha is a great employee welcomes me everytime i come.

  297. AZHerbExpert

    Location is not the greatest. Very busy with a decent wait(on Thursday night @8pm). Friendly service. Buds were all popcorn, nothing bigger than a nickle, most around dime size. The quality of meds was decent but I wouldn’t be happy with the product for $45 an 8th for top shelf as compared to other places quality/price. Not a bad place to stop by if you’re in the area. But there are much better places around that area as well.

  298. ynnufmai

    This is hands down my favorite dispo in the valley for a couple reasons. A: they have one of the best selections I have come across for concentrates and I have always been overly satisfied with the quality. B: Everyone I have come across from the budtender to the front desk person is AWESOME! I always go with recommendations and ask as many questions as possible while I am there since they seem to know pretty much everything. I would have to say the only reason I went 4 stars on the service section is the fact that sometimes I think they mix up the order of people coming which I am sure is just a working progress type deal. C: The one time I came across an “issue” which wasn’t even a big deal more of a confusion in fact, they were extremely accommodating and didn’t make me feel like I was bothering them which I have felt in MANY dispensaries…. All in all, again like I said… LOVE this place and always recommend it… hence this very long review… I hope it was helpful!

  299. Joaquinft

    best place in town always great deals plus staff is always great

  300. DatBwoy_DatBwoy

    So after shopping around for the last year, I’d say this dispensary has proved to have the most consistency when it comes to quality-its unmatchable. Here’s to another great year ahead, thank you!!!

  301. igotdat2981

    I’ve been here a few times, the trees are always bomb (don’t always hit me tho) i got a high tolerance! i would like to give Priscilla props, she held me down.

  302. mptc651

    love it. very knowledgeable staff & great prices.

  303. tinman85

    location is easy to get to and they have a great selection at the best prices in town. I would recommend this place to everyone.

  304. SteeleKush

    Nature’s meds has some for everyone. I love the selection of Rosin and other concentrates.

  305. rrpvaz

    Great atmosphere! The best I’ve encountered. Going back, for sure. Nice selection of meds’ and administration hardware. Friendliest staff around!!!


  306. brichards62390

    Very helpful, high quality medicine

  307. tm87

    I give this place a 5/5. the shatter is on point and pretty clear. totally recommend this place.

  308. Mazzotti

    Catie was very friendly, explained the whole operation and I will be back do to the good service and friendly employees.

  309. justinn.wahl

    Love this staff!!! Great loaction!!!!!

  310. nValenz88

    the staff and flower were amazing . prices, too. I love this place and will be back!

  311. izzzreal

    Stopped in to get some edibles yesterday. It was cool because I got a discount as well. Thanks Guys! Always hooking it up!

  312. VR3000

    potent s-oil super fire gg#4 good service great place

  313. bkasch

    this dispensary its what you dream dispensaries are like when you walk in my favorite thing is if I have a 27 bucks I can get $27 worth of weed they are really accommodating, they have so many strains to choose from,concentrates are beautiful.

  314. weed420t

    I tried their nitrocookies strain. And was very pleased I felt instant relief.
    at great price I will be returning.

  315. aznwren

    This is the only place I go. I have never been disappointed in the service. And the flower is “ON FIRE!”

  316. Enzomatic


  317. paulydaz

    Amazing location! Parking was full but not many patients. Was given a toe by Sean, helpful and knowledgeable! Selection was limited for shatter/wax at the time but I was told I can call in a preorder when they were back in stock. Flower menu was AMAZING!! got a a free new patient preroll to which was a bonus! Will be back again with follow patient friends soon

  318. mikecr

    hands down the best dispensary I’ve been too always nice always friendly

  319. KathyBakes420

    good prices on 8ths

  320. Balin31

    Have nothing but good things to say about my visit. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, cleanliness, fast service and great product! I will definitely will comeback and recommend to a friend?…

  321. cbenavidez

    Best quality and prices in town! Great location with nice comfy lobby. Fast service always no matter time of day. I would definitely recommend this dispensary to anyone.

  322. halex14

    Great atmosphere, knowledgable staff, and some of the best buds

  323. Xavierv83

    Great service from the budtender who helped me out for my first time being there and even hooked me up with a pre-roll. If your loomkig for great medicine for a great prices come check Nature’s AZ Medicine.

  324. MuNsTeR

    Still my favorite location. They have tons of staff members and they are all pretty knowledgeable. Great prices

  325. woodstockchick

    $199.00 ounces every day and not just one strain they show a few different types. Life is good love this pace!!!

  326. SmokeyJay1234

    This dispensary has everything you need!! hand trimmed flower, a wide variety of concentrates and edibles!! They even have a delivery service which I have never seen before 5/5!!

  327. chillerblueblood7

    Pricing is amazing and they have the most adorable budtender

  328. Summerlc86

    Very friendly and helpful staff, pretty good quality and very convenient

  329. travis247420

    Great meds and low prices I always stop when I’m in the area

  330. longoria91

    I love being seen in a timely matter only because I’m a buisy person I live the staff n I love the deals !!

  331. laciebaby88

    Best flower in town. So many strains to choose from. Budtender was knowledgeable and helpful as always.

  332. drofkahr

    Wait times are much shorter now with more BT’s. There’s a smiling new face ever time I stop by.

  333. Calizona11

    Love this place and great customer service,,,,,Fire shatter!!!!!

  334. toxication

    great spot, love the girls, even got a birthday gift:)

  335. stephanie7176

    Based on the reviews I had really high hopes for this place. However, they have the rudest receptionist I’ve ever had the misfortune of dealing with. The consultants were great, but she was so bad I almost left. I did like the jars of bud – made it very easy to smell them and look at the actual herbs you would be buying, not just the best examples in small counter samples. This would have been a 5 star review if they had someone less hostile at the front desk.

  336. supremecam

    Literally my favorite dispensary in the Valley! Always mad flower to choose from and the staff is dope. Definitely recommend this spot to anybody!

  337. Kushnugget92

    I love the Animal Cookie strain! As well as the pre packed buds! Love the shatter to.

  338. woodgate11

    Amazing place love everyone there definitely coming back

  339. greyna86

    Best place to come the one stop shop prices are killer n no where else can u walk out happy asf ready to get medicated oh love the people they are all so friendly….

  340. migraine2016

    First time here and the experience was great.. The 3 strains i got were awesome..prices were great, i WILL be back

  341. jjTheJetPlanerr

    Always receiving good dY”Y= everything. Gotten everything from bud to wax to edible and no matter what always hooking it up. Super friendly staff as well

  342. zwashere

    The staff always provide great recommendations. There’s also a different promo each day which is nice. Definitely recommend & will be back. Thanks for providing consistently great products & service!

  343. ElfQueen

    Great service and exceptional prices!! Love the prerolls and they have some of the best quality and prices in the state. Definitely worth the drive !! Awesome strains of the day!

  344. StacySparrow

    Just left, picking up more meds! Easy pre-order. Was waiting for me when I arrived

  345. lovepeaceshmoke

    I’ve been to Natures many times. I recently went into for the Cinco de Mayo sale. Bought half an oz. Im a heavy smoker and it didn’t do much for me. It was straight snickofritz. Sad to say I was super disappointed in the flower quality. Budtenders tend to rush you and not be very helpful. I’ve been to dispensaries all over Arizona not the best tasting flower.

  346. TheWord666

    What a fuckin joke

  347. WalterBroadway1

    Amazing facility , incredible medicine and great patient incentives. I definitely recommend this place

  348. Outtellect

    This has become my new go to spot. They have a huge selection of everything. This place has the best strains in PHX. Girl Scout Cookie, Cookies & Cream, and Durban Poison… Damn Homie! The sales people are always professional, respect,& helpful.

    One thing I love is they list the THC potency. I prefer THC close or above 20%. The prices are competitive. The place has a good atmosphere. There’s a lounge and two rooms to explore their products. I was served very quickly despite a packed lounge of people.

    You can preorder online and have your treats waiting for you. Their website gives lots of details to help you with your order. The location is discreet, surrounded by factories, no worries about bumping into someone you may know unless they smoke too. Ha!

  349. bobbyourbuddy

    The atmosphere here is always welcoming! The location is absolutely great and you CANNOT beat the prices they have! Couldn’t be happier! 🙂

  350. tntinphix

    Natures Meds is my fav dispensary. The people are always so nice and knowledgeable. Everytime I go in I feel like its one big family!!! Oh and the meds are on fire!!!!! Much props to Wesley he is amazing go in and say hi!!

  351. Iwantyousoheavy91

    Finally! I know I should be leaving a review every month but I am sure that; by how many times I go there that is it legit that they are my favorite magical place in Arizona. No doubt you can not go wrong by visiting N’sAZMeds, best prices, best strain selections, bud quality is on point and the staff are always on-board with their patients. One of many Budsters; Blake helped me out today, so thanks man!

    Peace, love and good vibes!

  352. annalopez2004

    Love the people here very friendly

  353. daguyy

    this place is the greatest shop in
    phoenix , always got the best deals and on top of that the meds are very very cheap. this is my all time favorite shop. im always going in..

  354. kking267

    This location is amazing the staff is extremely well informed and educated and very very helpful. everyone here is super friendly and you absolutely can not beat the prices of medicine here. Everything is top notch and well cared for perhaps the only true 5/5 location
    in the valley. Will be recommending to everyone I know. 🙂

  355. chamin623

    Nature’s Medicines great dispensary best meds

  356. Lc042088

    it’s cool

  357. dvnlnd

    everything is amazing! price meds service. want great meds and prices here is the place to go!

  358. mahuip

    bomb buds at a good price check them out patients

  359. Nereus

    Great flower and great prices. The staff was very helpful/knowledgable. look for their flash sales.


    gr8 place for my meds

  361. damienvillalba

    So much flower. Great deals of all kinds of it.

  362. 216mj

    i had a terrible visit nd this was my second time here they had me with a guy who didnt knoe what he was doin didnt no his medicine he looked stuipd high i hated it was super mad. idk if i will go bak!!!

  363. osaat21

    They have a price range for everyone, their top shelf is imo the best mmj in town. The customer service is bar far the best in the business!! You have to realize good service, good quality and a friendly unrushed experience comes at the cost of a very busy dispensary. If you get Samuel your in great hands! recently had an issue arise and they handled it so well it turned into a positive experience!

  364. kdunlap

    This place is awesome the staff is amazing and you’re in and out with not a problem in the flower is awesome go there you have to try it

  365. glenstgermaine

    Crazy friendly staff and great medicine. I’ve been going to this location for 8 months and never was unhappy with anyone or anything.

  366. Chubby1722

    great people great place great quality

  367. necross6

    Always has the best buds… Any strain you can possibly imagine. Got me hooked on that Sour amnesia!

  368. TMac0520

    I must say I have been to a few places now and this was by far one of the best all around!! Great customer service and great quality for a great price!! Highly recommended!!

  369. 3Ls2TF

    Definitely need to take the time to stop by a Lotta good product great smells great customer service the referral program is great as well five referrals a month with purchase Christina was the best she was really informational and made me feel comfortable with my purchase I’m headed up there today guys come join me

  370. amandadelk3472

    I love nature’s! They have quality Bud for such a great price. Nature’s never seems to fail.

  371. alwaysgace

    this place is on point

  372. priskillz

    Always friends good deals best deals in Phoenix 🙂

  373. tylerseanholiday

    Really love coming to this place! Wonderful prices! / friendly staff / good meds / simple menu layout to read while waiting. very chill vibe when In an out of the store! Product makes me feel great and relaxed, always wanting to come back!

  374. Vintagebroad13

    dY’ZdY1/4 Honestly I was super disappointed in the concentrates even tho Leafly advertised they had new strains including a “sugar wax” that no one could show me they even had in stock. ALL of the concentrates they showed me were dark GREEN in color except one strain of shatter. When I asked why that was the girl told me that the color didn’t have anything to do with purity that they make most of their concentrates with TRIM!!! (What?! dY~u) and that all their concentrates are tested for THC levels. Testing is all good and fine but green means you still have organic plant matter in your product, something that people w/ allergies want to avoid, also means it is NOT as Pure or great a concentrate as you’d like me to believe via the price tag. The staff member that was helping me was not as knowledgable as one would hope. The only thing I liked in this place was the ability to pick out the trees you wanted instead of getting a pre-weighed bag, however, I have a feeling all their plants suck as bad as the wax, I wasn’t even able to smoke my free pre-roll it tasted like dY'(c). It was my first visit and probably my last Visit.

  375. sethschick

    it great every time

  376. VTwilkerson

    Love the Bud!!!

  377. Jennmonkey77

    This dispensary is hands down the best. The staff is super friendly. I appreciate they take time with you and do t rush.

  378. maritza

    great location convient to get to staff very friendly good selection

  379. Auphroadmud420

    Affordable & friendly staff always.

  380. jonnyboy8511

    i love the atmosphere. everyones so friendly it makes me feel right at home. Great service.

  381. VeganMommy

    Once again I am back to re up!!! Every time i meet some, they try to refer me to their dispensary until I tell them I go to Nature’s Medicine…they get quiet and say OOOH…every single time lol #WorthTheDrive

  382. ness090406

    Love their selections.

  383. miss_deleon89

    The staff is very helpful and friendly !!! The flower is awesome smells good looks good . Cartridges are right for the price and the pre rolls can never go wrong pick some of those up as well !!!!!!

  384. whiteboy13

    This is my favorite place to shop

  385. TabithaSafran

    love it here great product and staff ,very friendly and knowledgeable

  386. BakedJaeyk


  387. Heidiburns

    Great location. Just moved here and I’m so very glad there is one close by.

  388. bmbrian35

    I live pretty far and still choose there meds over any other location.

  389. magickangelwing


  390. hangel1017

    This place is amazing. I never expected to feel so relaxed and at ease buying pot, lol. Every single employee that I interacted with was warm and friendly, and my bud tender was incredibly knowledgeable and informative. The prices really don’t get any lower (I’ve checked the greater Phoenix area and this is by far the most fairly priced!). It was my first time there, but won’t be my last. I’m excited to go again dY~S

  391. SB.Jackson

    Wonderful place ,great customer services and good deals

  392. purplepalmtrees10

    Buds smell amazing. Great prices. Picked up some Mendo Pineapple Express I’m excited about.. also got there at the right time to get a 1/2 of Skywalker OG for 80 bucks. Way awesome, smells super good. definitely an awesome deal!

  393. audrianna1244

    Love this place Awesome location. Great deal lots to pick from good deals fantastic staff some know what there talking bout some don’tdY$?”dY~fdYtm,dY$?tmdY1/4aoeOEdY1/4

  394. andresthestoner95

    Great variety and awesome quality

  395. jjl602

    good location good flowers I like it that’s my number one spot I recommend everybody to go over there

  396. auggiedoggie22

    I liked the nature’s medicine visit ! I would come again and recommend a friend !

  397. Bosslady1374

    I like the place good bud and they take care of you.

  398. GeraldDuncan

    Molly was very knowledgeable and helpful… The selection was amazing and the quality was excellent..

  399. htyreer8

    Best meds you have to try the sour sherbert or hellraiser og

  400. Jangles

    Amazing selection, with a friendly and knowledgeable staff!

  401. Lindalou48

    Great customer service

  402. Bryansoto

    it was good got some good bud but really i got skimped out 13.3… smh out of a pre pack hlf

  403. kaykrazy16

    my absolute favorite dispensary ive been to so far. great quality meds and people. and its so close to home. how could i go wrong?

  404. Hoopgamenasty

    Love this location! I dream about this place with two women on the side of me! Great Buds!

  405. Romero73

    Great bud and great prices and friendly helpful bud tender’s

  406. GinaParsons

    Best prices in az

  407. mr.dankins

    Great Customer Service and an awesome variety:)

  408. cnick

    Fantastic place, fantastic flowers, I love this place!

  409. Supertree1125

    Great prices will def make my home shop !!

  410. rello219

    dope strans, variety and always packed which is a good thing but faster service.

  411. williamneely

    Excellent products. Great prices. And the staff is very cool.

  412. wesley062697

    the quality of their flower and concentrates hasn’t disappointed yet, I’ve been stopping here for a few months now and I’ll definitely be continuing. the only negative things about this place is the online menu, it doesn’t seem to be completely up to date all the time

  413. camilove

    very professional atmosphere they always are friendly and willing to help

  414. hippylife93

    absolutely love this place! I get great service and a warm welcome every time!

  415. doughboy213

    Better than nice

  416. chrizgdawg

    good product

  417. chrisdawg79

    I love how they have $20 popcorn bud eighths. Will definitely be coming back to this dispensary for sure. Thanks Natures Meds.

  418. Michael42063francisco

    it is very fast and efficient they get it done and they can also help you know what strain would be good for what problem you have.

  419. TOHIGH4U

    had a problem with a front desk lady and my tia last time was there but there was one girl who was real nice and handled the situation great. she is a reason ima go back because she made me feel good the way she comforted my tia. thank alot for being cool with my tia.dY~

  420. Nick61

    This is a nice place friendly people and good meds! This place has it all!!

  421. dabaton

    awsome meds.. best prices.. please don’t ever increase price for you guys are doing a great job

  422. Kunshu

    Jose was very helpful for my first time visiting here. He showed me which flower is popular, an ointment for my back pain, and also good edibles to try out as well.

  423. danjr86

    great selection, helpful service the bet dispensary for sure

  424. choates

    I felt like I walked into heaven when I went thru them doors. they have everything!! love it!! awesome ppl as well..

  425. richbud23

    always have bomb oz specials

  426. hanglooseizzy420

    I love nature’s medicine, all of their employees are amazing. Christina is the hardest working person on the block! Also everyone should try their dos-si-dos on the $6 tier is fire af.

  427. Lyndsk

    Very friendly and helpful staff!

  428. DerekFig43

    i went in with a friend when I had first got my card. I didn’t get anything so I didn’t use my first patient deal but I was looking to see what I would get when I return back. They have a variety of flowers an concentrates. A wonderful place to be

  429. antgar

    Well trained and staffed. Great atmosphere. Great flower!

  430. VictorSoto29

    like the shop for the wax, good enviroment just have had issues in the past but the wax is still top notch

  431. Keesh300


  432. silverscope80

    Excellent dispensary, never have to wait more than 20 min.

  433. izzygilbert

    Amazing meds…the AMF was awesome.

  434. lftd

    Great location great products def coming back!

  435. BigDboy

    This place has great deals. The service is fast and friendly. My spot for 2019!

  436. ksmasini1187

    I’m 29 and long time Cannabis user. My mother is a new patient and isnt as familiar with the ins and outs of Cannabis. Bud tenders rushed us both treated both, but more so my mother ,like we were complete idiots and aside from that awful start to a first visit the shatter and crumble concentrates we tried, natures meds brand, was AWFUL. My girlfriend entered room after I had medicated and swore I had been smoking resin scraped from an old pipe. Tasted just terrible not to mention it had next to ZERO affect on myself. In an attempt to get some answers and/or explanation for such bad product alls I got was a page of test results “proving ” the potency of the meds which in my mind is still bogus and as for why they all tasted so horrible that was pinned on my having bad taste and that the product should taste fine. Again I’ve been smoking 15 years….in such time I’ve acquired the taste for marijuana. I hope this review makes it on for others to read and seriously take my experience into consideration before driving an hour like we did.

  437. chloeeegan

    Loved this dispensary – in addition to the new patient preroll they gave me another as they were short handed and busy causing me an unusually long wait. Great medicine and I also liked that they had a private area and lots of waits to choose how much to purchase with the deli style setup. Very nice and helpful staff person helped me out. Definitely will return!

  438. TylerAlwaysThuggin

    Great medication for a low price.

  439. Turtlezak26

    Love the shatter dY~ Cheeze cake and lucid blue are my shizzz but they need a few more indica shatters only cause their was like three strains and like 8 sativa shatters lol or maybe five and a couple hybrids lol either way bomb shatter

  440. jboo1300

    $6.52 grams of Larry OG or SFV OG is my type of deals. Cant forget the $16.20 1/2 grams of golden shatter. And last but definitely not least the grams of Kief for $10.82. Total win-win situation.

  441. Graceermamontijo

    What an amazing all around dispensary. Being located right off the freeway it’s quick and convenient. Prices are affordable and the meds are beyond believable. Always recommended.

  442. gilleycat

    great service and friendly bud tenders. no long wait. highly recommend!

  443. viviansmithaz

    best flower in town

  444. alstar

    this is my favorite place i would definitely come back

  445. mzgrant08

    My first visit was a success. Very helpful staff. Will be returning soon.

  446. treezy1200

    I love weed and weed loves me to it’s been like this for awhile but I always have a fav place to visit her and that’s at Natures meds chill spot like how I get the old school experience on the scale she weighs out fine more then fine

  447. Fknkristen

    I love this dispensary it has a large selection of concentrates and a variety of delicious edibles ! Stop by ! Worth a trip if not your local dispensary !

  448. Gallonegro20

    This location is pretty great,they have great deals and even better budtenders.They recommend buds for proper health issues and also give great tips to better our health.i like hearing my friends happy after their recommended visit

  449. ginaguerin

    They have a really great selections. The wait time is good and the staff is really friendly. Love the service.

  450. tlagunas

    Great place with great deals and great people! The product never disappoints. Don’t pass this place up!

  451. 420genester

    miss coming here daily but making the long trip always worth it so glad i made it today. deli style gas here thanks natures relief for the a>1/2

  452. diverrandy53

    I think this place is handicap-accessible veteran-friendly great meds budtenders are very knowledgeable and waiting time isn’t very long and the price is not too bad and I recommend this dispensary to the vest

  453. Jadednyte

    by far my favorite! I love the staff and feel like one of the family. The new improvements to the store have made it even better. This is why I love this establishment. atm!atm!atm!

  454. earsandantlers

    Very friendly staff & a beautiful storefront, but I wasn’t at all impressed with their flowers. It’s wonderful that they care about their appearance, but I care more about quality medicine than looks. Maybe I’ll try again in a few weeks.

  455. brooklyn55

    this location has great quality meds at great prices. the staff is very knowledgeable about all questions. they are very on point with wait times and when they are busy its great to know you have a free pre roll waiting so the wait is fine lol.

  456. Rosalina

    This place is awesome, love everything about it, especially the deli style!

  457. Cortcash

    Best quality & quantity weed in Arizona. The bud tender was nice. I will most definitely be telling all my friends about how awesome this location is.

  458. trells78

    Andrew was awesome and efficient.

  459. lowwsuz

    Every time I come excellent service, great meds!

  460. Diamondwalls1218

    Love this place

  461. Duane75

    one of my favorites. quality and prices.

  462. julio199013

    great bud ,wax and edibles

  463. rollly27

    it was very convenient to get to. wasnt hard to get to. great variety of strains

  464. DCrazy1

    I did not expect such high quality for such a low price. Best all around deals, period.

  465. fumargrande

    my favorite AZ dispensary. great trees, great customer service, GREAT HOURS

  466. Hellbornelfchild

    This is the best dispensary in the valley period! The quality of medicine is superb! Even if you are balling on a budget you can still purchase variety at half grams if needed. But who wants a half gram when you can buy 2.5 ounces of the finest strains (cookies&cream/arianna)? Exactly! Make the drive and see what it’s all about.

  467. hsentg23

    my favorite shop. leaders when it comes to quality and specials. they always hook it up with good service.

  468. AllyKayJae

    so so so much more than I expected when I found this place. love the staff and love how knowledgeable they are. I definitely will be going back!

  469. towls

    Greatest selection in az!

  470. Tylikesdabs

    Amazing prices and service!

  471. lottbritt

    Great selection and great customer service. Always a pleasure visiting this location.

  472. sundowne

    still my favorite dispensary to get from!! Staff is very welcoming, bud quality is good, wait time is never long, music always playing, comfortable wait room, easy purchase–more than just flower provided as well!

  473. Silentnomore

    I love Nature’s Medicine! They have really good meds! The budtenders are all very friendly!

  474. Zaphosaurus

    I love this place. when I got my card, this is the first place I visited to get my meds, they kid who helped me out was very kind and respectful. everyone I go there I’m always treated like a superstar. whether I’m only buying a gram or an ounce, I get treated with the same level of respect. Good times

  475. Kindabaked

    I enjoy coming to this dispensary. They have a large variety of flower and I’m especially excited to see high CBD strains. Most flower has lab results which is helpful in choosing the right meds. I hope they start offering trim for cooking as I enjoy making edibles. Also miss the receptionist Anna who had a great attitude and friendly smile

  476. Cameron072124

    Love coming here always treat me with respect and kindness. Just recently got into concentrates so they’ve been giving me good deals and good information. Would definitely recommend it to my friends.

  477. tattedsniper

    lovely friendly staff and amazing products and prices

  478. The420doctor

    like the prices and the selection. low wait times and good product.
    sometimes hit and miss but usually can find something to take home with you.

  479. MrTekk234

    Was a wonderful, safe and clean atmosphere where the staff are amazing and make you feel right at home. Even for someone whose first time going into a dispensary they take care of us patients well. I would highly recommend to any of my fellow cardholder friends and i also appreciate the reasonable prices unlike some places. Will definitely continue to bring business to this fine establishment.

  480. CRODD

    Always a good place to go to with fast friendly service with good meds , always have nice deals going on

  481. GabeRealtor

    Very friendly staff!!

  482. gavibob

    Always happy with natures az meds, will recomend to my friends as well, these are the best prices around-gav-10/04

  483. kylen74

    have had nothing but great service and happy with the flower I’ve gotten.

  484. TylerJMC

    Very peaceful environment to walk into. Great meds for great prices. My all time favorite strain from here is the Blackwater, It’s such a lovely, hard-hitting, indica.

  485. ItsMeChantel2017

    This location is very clean with fresh coffee, water and tea available for clients. The meds are AMAZING some of the best shatter deals in the valley. This is one of my favorite spots.

  486. carlosa27395

    Great service and it has a really cool welcoming feeling to it.

  487. Phenomenal7Sky

    first time in,really NICE

  488. Donald1968

    Jessie helped again with my review. enjoy the personal experience i get everytime with her. today she jelped ne with my first edibles.

  489. Tallula

    Nature’s Meds are always consistently fabulous! The Sensi star is a favorite for calming my nerves and wiping some pain away. the ZkittleOrangePebble and amazing! I miss this strain!!! The entire staff is friendly and so helpful… always! I’ll never stop coming so stick arounddYtm,

  490. Recon8892

    I really enjoy the variety of selections, reasonable prices with a great staff.

  491. BraulioN

    great meds… great deals…

  492. Kbandin83

    Love the Phoenix location of my favorite places


    Far but worth it.(Casa Grande).The staff and budmasters were awesome and informative.Especially Memo I believe his nickname was.I preferred the Mothers helper.They have such a wide array of choices.

  494. Ladyhoochie

    Great place to get meds

  495. jjswoosh

    Great place to go with some pretty good deals defiantly one to go back to

  496. Bear999922

    Definitely love coming back to this place. Great location for anyone in the city. Even though it’s a little far from me.
    Good buds and great staff. Recommend to anyone.

  497. Simplyblessed4

    Amazing location great friendly staff loved the smell and clean atmosphere and you can never go wrong with their products great selection.

  498. quesitatelle

    I love nature’s medicines phoenix location, it is the only place I go. Tax-free days ftw! The parking situation can get a little crazy at peak times. I suggest they have a ‘cell-phone lot’ like at the airport for people who drove patients to wait. Love the $6 shelf great selection (usually). Shoutout to blond Nicole for remembering my name 🙂 I recommend this place to everyone.

  499. dabeducated

    Atmosphere was great product was great, packaging on concentrate sucked lol bud tender Cayla was awesome.

  500. Not4u2

    There review program blows away any I’ve found. Just that alone would be enough, but they have a huge variety. Def the place 2 go! dY~ZdY~ZdY~Z

  501. Deeznuggzz042069

    The quality is always great. The staff are friendly and everything is done in a timely manner.
    The live resin is a must try!

  502. mcnio

    awesome place really friendly staff

  503. Bookies123

    Great spot. Great plants

  504. brownd

    Just found this place and will definitely be back. Christina was very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend this place.

  505. AHawk76

    I love it here. I drive 45 minutes to get here. Great prices, huge selection and friendly knowledgeable staff.

  506. DesertPurpleTaylor

    What an amazing dispensary! The inside of the building was amazingly decorated and extremely well kept. The menu was vast with tons of variety. I purchased some shatter and it was excellent! I definitely will be back!

  507. tones818

    nice staff, nice atmosphere, great flowers and wax. will be back for more

  508. pheeB

    Huge selection and nicer than others in the area. Thanks – JH

  509. 420chas17

    love this place they have fresh budz an they trim yur budz for you so u don’t walk out with stems on yur budz.. people are awesome here..

  510. Dakotastorm

    Awesome place, friendly faces and best customer service I have had in a long period of time. The quality is outstanding please check it out!

  511. MissMegaton

    I live in the neighborhood and I will be the first to say it’s not the greatest area, however the inside is a beautiful, sleek, contemporary style and all the staff are friendly and give great customer service. My first visit was great, as I was given a nice explanation of product and the employee who assisted me was knowledgeable and took time to listen to my preferences. My medicine was great; this will definitely be my regular spot. Great
    prices, service, and they have free coffee and water! So gnar.

  512. tommyegirl

    I love this dispensary! Busy but I’ve never had to wait to long…. great waiting room. Madison is doing a great job!!

  513. Michele7

    great people, great prices, awesome flowers!

  514. pinkky

    Very helpful employees and great selection of high quality flower!

  515. jc232

    Great service quality products

  516. los87

    the first visit here was a great experience, the people here are always happy to help, they don’t mind explaining the strains and telling you a little about them.. great prices on their flowers.. i will continue to come here for many years to come 🙂

  517. Hike420Mike

    I am excited about trying this place. The menu is sick!

  518. CPerez15

    ppl are awesome and great nugz and shatter. love the snowcap pre roll

  519. NameNotAvailable

    Good bud. Great service.

  520. rtbfun4u

    love this place , convenient,
    friendly,and helpful

  521. junebug214

    Very secure and safe location. Parking sucks but they make up for it with the medication. Great first time special for new buyers .

  522. iamdc9

    natures always have nice pre rolls .my fav is sourlope

  523. hsdalley

    We drove up from Maricopa, glad we did, we will again.

  524. batguano

    Friendly environment, good deals!

  525. Chicano623az

    The place very well maintained and super friendly. I’ll recommend this to all friends

  526. patc718

    I went in with 4 strains I wanted. I even looked at leafly again in the waiting room to check and they were out of 3 of the 4 strains I wanted. The guy that was helping me didn’t know what he had and what was in stock. I asked him if I could see the sleepy train and he said they were out. I said what about that box right behind you that says sleepy train. Every strain he showed me looked like crap and I wish I hadn’t made my purchase

  527. Natehagblom

    Probably one of my favorite dispensaries . Will definitely be going back

  528. sandmaaan

    This place is great! Always friendly staff, the best hours and strain selection compared to anywhere else I’ve been in Phoenix

  529. bbudlong

    Love this place! Taylor,Alec, Vanessa and all the staff are great!

  530. UndeadOrange

    Easy to find and park, staff was kind and helpful, good prices, great experience all around

  531. LynnPham93

    One of the best places . dY’OEdY’OE Train wreck stays on point dYdY Smoke good bud , “Smokin on Keisha” dY'”dY’SdY’SdY”Y=dY”Y=

  532. Ripley5

    this place is cool and all but really for good medical marijuana it’s not the place too be too pricey and also they buds suck omg they suck got a oz had seeds just sucks and it was top shelf cuz on dude really not gonna go here ever again the smoke sucks no taste

  533. ShatterBoyz

    best dispensary good quality best wax good prices.

  534. Imyoli

    Natures quite simply has the biggest selection of quality flower West of the I-17 in Phoenix. They know what they’re doing and they don’t try to rip people off with strains that are $18 or $20 gram. Their specials are always awesome and they do good things for the community.

  535. rporter1220

    great service and product. wish they wouldn’t have ran out of dog biscuits but they had others in stick that held me over

  536. Lightheaded17

    Truly the best. The staff is very helpful and informative.

  537. Reginamarie

    The buds are very nice . They smell bomb and taste bomb . I would recommend everyone to come here it’s my favorite spot to go

  538. weedvet710

    khalifa kush never seems legit here

  539. tgoody420

    I would recommend this spot highly.. The staff is awesome and they have great deals.. And it’s in an easy to find location.

  540. izzygetsdizzy

    Thank You Nature’s for having some of the Best Prices in town!! Love the flower selection!! Hands Down Worth It Every Time!! dY~Z

  541. Mickey373

    Excellent place great help

  542. ErconiousFunk

    Hands down best shop in AZ. The staff is on point, prices are great and they make me feel like I’m at a dispensary back in the Bay Area. They got it downdY’dY~EURdY’

  543. alethal

    Just a great experience at this dispensary. The meds are great quality, all fresh, all really tasty and no cough.The girl who helped me was super nice, and made great suggestions. She totally rescued my day. And that is why I will definitely do business here again and recommend to all my friends.

  544. MamaBiscuits

    I love this place! Great prices and friendly helpful staff.

  545. papabudlocjunior

    Yall got that fiy yeeee!!! dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  546. flee420

    I always love to go to AZ Nature’s Medicine dispensary. But I don’t like it when any worker there would treat me rude when I had a experience. To any worker there, please be friendly and fair to help me out whatever I need to purchase any kind of medicine. That doesn’t stop me from going there or else I’ll take it to the next step if I get mistreat again from the same worker. One love to yall-

  547. castaway-andy

    Friendly staff that super helpful with their huge selection! Amazing prices for great buds.

  548. Deadboystress

    I love how convenient this shop is! Great meds for a great price and there is plenty to chose from

  549. Hunterpurebred

    This is definitely one of my favorite dispensaries. They have great quality bud, resin and more. Discounts if you buy a jar. And the customer service is wonderful. Everyone is so friendly.

  550. BANK1BABY

    Great location. Clean great variety of strains.

  551. crazydee73

    great deals an great selections an good service

  552. jack3103

    Best Service Always! Shout Outs To Blake! And all ThE Homie Joe

  553. colleenemonroe

    Great flower

  554. Bigodeezy

    fast and friendly and knowledgeable staff that no what the hell there talking about!ppl should deff check them out Cuz u wnt no unless u stop by!

  555. paulloc24

    I love this place great staff and perfect location some great stuff and great prices always and will remain coming to natures az meds

  556. Lovelacem

    Good flower $30 live resin is best deal.

  557. janedon

    Robert N. was super helpful and friendly when I went in today. The Maui Wowie and Haole are amazingly sweet!

  558. rubyredsarah

    Loves it!!!

  559. ericacantu0526

    It’s the best I can’t put it any better !

  560. MizzTheWizz

    I shop here all the time and refer all my friends to this location when they get their card. Best $8,10,12 grams. Best concentrate prices and my favorite Budtender Erica!!!

  561. Kushkiller00

    never come here but might as well check them out

  562. waltonchavez9710

    Honestly I really enjoyed this dispensary it is always packed and lines are long but I did not mind the atmosphere or being skipped in line every now and then. But I was very astonished at how I was treated the day, I called ahead of time to let them know I was coming in and they had told me it was fine if I got there, they would personally be waiting for me. I got to the dispensary at EXACTLY 10:00 PM and I walked in, the person at the door told me in a very rude manner that they closed at 10:00 PM and I was not welcome in the store anymore, very disappointed I was starting to walk out and she slid someone else’s card right as I was walking out. Never coming here again, I believe they were very rude considering that I have never had problems with them before.

  563. Patrickg134

    The flower is outstanding here number 1 spot to go toodY$?– The wax is pretty good to for the price dY$?’ I would recommend this dispensary to anyonedYZ^

  564. BUCK_1961

    good prices

  565. awlund09

    My first time in and was very impressed,I have been in many dispensaries in several states this one is defiantly up there with the best in my own appinion.

  566. Kristy31

    The staff was really helpful for being my first time there.

  567. bennyz

    love it!

  568. wife1

    I really like the quality of the medications here and I really like the people were wonderful Brad the manager is very patient even when you’re in the wrong he’s patient and kind and so is everyone else there and I love the fact that they share their education with you freely even if they’re busy they take time to make sure that whatever you need is covered really appreciate that

  569. Bvjmt3

    This was the very first dispensary I walked into with my mmj card. It is a comfortable atmosphere, even to me, a person with extreme social anxiety, that really says allot, believe me.

  570. kbear7

    I have had outstanding service and quality product here.

  571. Nickcheefk

    great concentrates and fast service highly recommend

  572. highinachevy

    Get over here they always have good deals and the staff usually knows their flower dY’OEdY1/2

  573. Krisbrown96

    The best selection of flower and concentrate in town! Thanks so much

  574. Craigjh76

    Molly delivered excellent customer service! Thank you so much! What an awesome place!

  575. Adriantafoya

    Its awsome,great customer service

  576. AZJH16

    You guys are killin it with your live resin & sugar wax! Thank you for the quality concentrates!!!

  577. Jackiecruz90

    Most bud tenders have excellent Costomer service and the have great flower

  578. 419plus1

    Fast, easy, and a great buy!

  579. leaf522

    other than being out of the way, the staff were very friendly and helpful. I will go again and probably try out their other location. Jordan and Jordy most helpful!

  580. daembald

    Really love the atmosphere, bud-tenders are always friendly and help me find the right medicine!

  581. belitch

    Always have a good time at MEtro Meds : Fast line great atmosphere. Always friendly and knowledgeable staff willing to answer any questions you have. This is my go 2 store.

  582. Paul1209

    very friendly, professional people . the line was fast not much waiting will definitely be there again

  583. Dvelarde

    Love this place good meds and at a good price can’t beat that. DV

  584. Iamthestarfox

    Great location with tons of great choices as well as great employees! They are all super nice! Would recommend this dispensary to everyone!

  585. armyvetAZ

    My first visit here today. I came to try their brand of cartridge and to try the akorn (snowbud) they had. Both are excellent. The Akorn is one of the lower tiers of flower and the quality is far superior to my normal dispensary. I was very pleased with the service and my bud tender was friendly and didn’t rush me. This is a little further than I would like to drive, but the price and quality were both well worth the trip. I will definitely be back for more of the akorn.

  586. mrlattsaz

    They consistently have good quality flower at a very reasonable price. Definitely in the mix of my small circle of gotos!

  587. zeaklexii23

    az natural selection is a great place, the have good Strains and they
    hooked me up with a caring tube to store my medicine. I’ll Definitely be back.
    nicholos schmidt

  588. Korinna_Elise

    This is my go-to dispensary. It is very easy to pre-order and go pick up, never a long wait when you pre-order. Everyone is always polite and helpful. I haven’t had a bad experience. I feel that you get a great deal when you go to this dispensary, prices are great and the atmosphere is awesome.

  589. Timthemc

    Great Flower! Great Price!

  590. wsmp28smiley

    Nature’s meds green crack in a very good tasting sativa good high very nice staff and very informative come here and have a nice J

  591. adeaddoll

    5 star location for sure love the nazm family…knowledgeable and kind!

  592. RebelSoulaz

    I love this place! And Jhio is the dude!

  593. JohnDoeDoe

    been my spot since day one. great meds and service!

  594. briaoh

    best dispensary I’ve ever been to! super friendly and helpful staff, great selection or everything from flower to edibles and everything in between. I love that they trim off all the stems and weigh everything right in front of you. I live a good half hour from this place and would absolutely make the trip back, even though it is so far out of my way and there are many closer dispensaries. quality bud, quality staff, quality dispensary.


    Jodan thanks for recommending watermelon kush!

  596. ro2525

    Great location with beautiful people and a great atmosphere.

  597. Shamezzee

    Really good prices for the quality dY~S

  598. therealconniossuer

    I recently took in two of my friends as referrals and they both were very pleased with the service and quality of the flower. This place always does top notch service and I absolutely love that they’re not only deli style but they trim the buds in front of you!

  599. Crzyazmama2

    I just love coming here!! Everything and everyone is da bomb!! See ya again very soon!!!

  600. midgetbaby1993

    I recommend this dispensary to all i come into contact with. The service is great and the staff are energetic and very knowledgeable.

  601. pablo75

    The only good thing about this spot is the free preroll when you inevitably wait. Sick.

  602. Shatterbrain420

    Natures is the place to go they got quick and friendly service and online ordering is always a plus in a rush

  603. Bassic123

    Very helpful service, best deals in Phoenix.

  604. knicole

    if i had my license . its worth the drive from where i live. love this place!

  605. Angelshaw

    Love that I can always find something good with a great price!

  606. wark79

    Best place in the whole try-city area!

  607. scrivy81

    Awesome place!! They got a big selection on flower. Awesome customer service. Budtenders are informal and knowledgeable on their products. Thanks guys

  608. jerywat

    Beautiful selection quality people and quality customer service

  609. dabpapi

    Love this place always open late

  610. awesomesauce86

    The staff was really patient helping me out during my first visit. It had a really modern and relaxing feel…i highly recommend for first time dispensary visitors. Great product, awesome staff, and good vibes coming from this place.

  611. jayalexis

    Love their products, people and vibe a$?i, some of the best meds in the valley for sure!!

  612. RxoMCH

    this is my favorite spot of all time . they always on point have new things in store every week even new strains plus they always have levels up to date and cant ever go wrong with great service frm budtenders i always walk out with a smile on my face !i?PdY~

  613. Mrs.Minick

    Service is always awesome!

  614. DMNRGHT

    At first, a little intimidating for a new card holder. Security and a packed lobby; small store where you feel a little pinched getting your bearings straight. However, Cat and Carlo the new hire in training were attentive and patient with me. Based on conversation from the lobby I went with Lohan Shatter, AMAZING! Cat sold me on Reserve Blackwater Vape and I completed my order with some Peach Rings. All in all I’m glad I didn’t turn away as the quality, service and price were definitely worth the touch of anxiety felt by the first impression.

  615. kygreen8

    Love the atmosphere and the staff ! The medicine is top quality as well always a lot of options!

  616. Shizzler8

    Two words…..Marcy Miller!!! Lol she made my experience here a great one! Thank u

  617. Lovemygirls1027

    Great shop great quality

  618. hannarama

    Sadly, this location has disappointed me. The staff was nice but the quality of my product has been consistently poor. I bought a battery pen 1 month ago just to be told it hardly works now. Today I gave it another shot. I bought a cartridge and drove all the way home (25 min each way) just to find that it did not work. I took it back (another 25 min) and they replaced it with one they made sure actually worked. I drove home. Again (25 min). I enjoyed the cartridge with a charged battery pen for a few puffs. Came back to it and, once again, the cartridge stopped working. Checked my pen, which is still working for other cartridges. Not sure whether its even worth going back at this point…Wasted $45 and too much gas… 🙁 Otherwise, it seems like a great place with an abundance of options.

  619. sleepykampol

    Its a great location right iff the freeway and their selection on flower and concentrates is the best not to mention their prices

  620. dubg406

    This place is great!!! The people are very helpful and knowledgeable about the different medications. Never once did I ever feel awkward or out of place. The office is clean and very inviting. If you are looking for professional atmosphere, great customer service and high quality medication…This is the place.

  621. simplynathan20

    Has great deals big selection

  622. Mount70

    Really liked the staff and atmosphere, very energetic and uplifting. I definitely will be back.

  623. BigVedo

    great location, great prices. i recommend to all my friends with a budget

  624. Hunchoniick

    this place fireeeee and got the cheapest half zips.

  625. lancer2020

    Love this place. Here they deli style bud service which is amazing you know what you get. Has great deals every day and a wide selection of products.

  626. smitts79

    Excellent everything from Nature’s. My adventure was fun. Cayla S. made things fun and easy. Great Product. Tried 3 strains of flower, 1 gram of fief, 1 gram of wax and of course my free pre roll. Will tell everyone I know to come see Cayla S.

  627. MrDrMatos

    Such a large selection, just lovely dY’> very friendly staff too!

  628. SirAndrettiV8

    Just wanted to start by saying the location is very accessible to get to. Lots of open parking which is always a good convince for patience. Walked in a very busy Wednesday afternoon and there happened to be a system glitch which caused a little back up in the waiting area. Staff was very hospitable even during the extended waiting period. Once inside the tender told me due to the wait longer than 15 minutes I would receive a free pre-roll which I thought was extremely generous for such a short wait which was about 20 minutes in total. Kush was my bud tender and she did an amazing job making me feel comfortable as a first patient as she thoroughly explained all the services and guidelines. I then received another free pre-roll as a first time patient which was dope!! Overall she dedicated about 30 minutes of her time to answer my questions and give me reccomodations before my purchaes. Kush had amazing service as well as the rest of the staff. I will for sure be visiting this location again.

  629. IsomSr

    The BEST in Phx! Best prices, selection, personnel, atmosphere, and location (kinda lol)….they have everything, and because the prices are the best in the city, sometimes it’s hard to catch a certain strain before it’s gone, but the staff is awesome. Definitely THEE place to go.

  630. Platano007

    Great staff and product line, I would recommend to anyone!

  631. Onelove1022

    Awsome people. Nicole is very friendly and helpful on telling you what meds are better for what u need.

  632. reneeconley

    I love coming here. Great specials and meds. Large selection. Employee’s are always so nice.

  633. Smokinwitbushido

    Amazing location, un beatable prices and friendly staff

  634. Addi0256

    This is an awesome place! The staff are great and the flower is fantastic.

  635. KeelyChristine

    Excellent service! Excellent product! Incredibly knowledgeable and wonderful budtenders!!

  636. Stockysedan91

    Great vibes great place, some of the best prices for some of the greatest smelling buds all across the valley

  637. Mannywiwi25

    The location to this place is great right off the freeway. Customer service is always amazing never had a problem. Even though they get really busy you never have to wait long at all.

  638. tunalunaa

    I love this place best prices and best selection in town !! dY’-dY’-

  639. JazzyJoey602


  640. bigk1772

    Wonderful place to get ur meds

  641. uncle9583

    Very kind, quick, and amazing midshelf. Snowman is a must try.

  642. ramona.ortega.5

    this is one of my favorite spots always took care of me meds are the sh?t and there selection got a lot better

  643. randy602

    Loved this place!!! Quality buds and crazy prices dY’OEdY”Y= budtender Kali was super knowledgeable. My whole experience was excellent

  644. Ericacantu

    Dislike!, nothing! This is the best place you will find with all the exceptional qualities,good prices,excellent deals, amazing staff!. I swear they are the best . Always greet you upon entering an making sure you get what you need .thank you nature’s staff your freaking amazing they all deserve a raise!!!!

  645. butcher602

    Really awesome staff, better buds and the stem trimming was an added bonus. Go see Kush. She was great!

  646. angelicaxo

    I love the vibes of the bud tenders just hate the wait time

  647. stavi_solo

    Amazing Pricing with equal quality Natures Provides service at Full Specturm. All the tenders are up to date on Cannabis Knowledge and provide a family feel to the Dispo. You never see anyone just standing around they are like a well oiled machine every person is a diffrent gear moving the right direction. NEVER CHANGE

  648. joshuaneau

    Great selection of buds, always love the variety, quality and price.

  649. Chris69f2

    bom a$$ tree and shatter off chain definitely my go too on way now get that loooooud employees like old friend that have weed PHDs

  650. SelfDestrukt

    Great Dispensary! Great selection and knowledgeable budtenders. They also test their strains, which for someone that likes to know percentages of THC & CBD per strain, this is important.

  651. solidt3n

    I love this place!!! Best prices and great quality!! All bud tenders are very knowledgeable and give great recommendation! Please don’t change anything and you guys have a patient for life!!!

  652. gretchenb77

    Tangie all day! Love this place 😀

  653. stevestevenson

    Friendly place for all! Clean environment with yummy cinnamon coffee in the lobby.

  654. QueenVal

    Nature’s has been my go to for shatter. Great selection especially on shatterdays. Also great for flower specials, would definitely reccomend.

  655. granateluna1

    The flowers for me were low quality. And i got a variety of flowers not just one. My sister that doesn’t smoke even said it smelled funky.

  656. blackbetty78

    Love this spot. They are always on point!

  657. Sinister26

    Awesome place. Great service

  658. hopeforangels

    a$?i,this placedY’dY>>

  659. Laspreses

    Everytime i come to visit i feel a warm welcome as soon as i walk through the door and then all of the employees are not only super nice but they are always willing to go the extra mile for me. this is by-far the best location i have been to, i would recommend everyone to come here and give them a try.

  660. Tictacmoto

    Great place, very professional. always have a wide variety of selection and pretty cheap price as well. It’s worth the ride and worth the wait when it’s busy.

  661. JoshN79

    Awesome first time visit!! The area is a little sketchy.. but they have a security guard and once you enter the doors that doesn’t matter. Quality medication at affordable prices, friendly budtenders, HUGE selection of concentrates and edbiles. They even hand trim the flower and offer a delivery service!! You guys have it all, I’m curious to try your delivery service.. and will definitely recommend this dispensary 🙂

  662. bigbackbob

    All around impressive. Top knotch bud and concentrate with a great atmosphere. Budtender was just the right amount of helpful. A+

  663. TokeDaddyT

    Best flowers in AZ if you ask me. Always have what I need at a great price. Super friendly budtenders too.

  664. ironchefjohn

    Greatest prices and quality in Phoenix

  665. smiley28

    Tangier is some really nice tasting flower Durban poison is a really nice sativa thats just as good as Indica

  666. Willzballz

    Great place with Amazing deals

  667. Slammed180sx

    Always has very positive staff, friendly and have sick ass prices.

  668. spencerjowens20

    I drove 45 minutes to get to this dispensary, I researched the strains I was going to get before going. They were out of 4 out of the 5 strains I wanted. So I went outside to my car to research the health benefits of the strains they did have in stock when I went back inside I was escorted out by 2 security guards thinking I took a menu outside. I did not. I took a magazine outside to my car which the receptionist gave me while I was waiting. Long story short they kicked me out for something I didn’t even do. I’m a 20 year old women with lupus… I drove 45 minutes and was unable to get my medication even worse it caused me to have a panic attack. By far the worst experience I’ve ever had in a dispensary. I will never be giving them my buisness again, I will be letting everyone I know how unprofessional and ignorant the people working at this dispensary are. 0/10

  669. Blueangel2011

    Love it. It’s my homestore!

  670. Kidvmack

    Great Meds and the atmosphere is great

  671. thatguuy

    they have the best meds in phx great staff they know whats up

  672. Hurleyguy7855

    well.. for starters, the buds are ALL DRY & IDK wtf. everything looks like it came from a mass produced marijuana field. There is nothing special that stands out and says Here I am. it’s like they’re more worried about getting people in and out then they care about actually providing quality medicine. I think whoever owns this location or is making decisions needs to make better decisions than retrieve better quality medication. try calling Herbal Wellness Mmj. I don’t I have anything that you need to say about that atmosphere of the dispensary because it is nice inside and comfortable but the medicine is garbage. I recently was online and put a comment about the ballot in the election coming up on mmj and I was bullied and name called by a girl named Anna that works here and I have no respect for that and I will never come back to this dispensary to purchase marijuana ever again. now I am going to go out of my way still people who have cards how about the quality of medicine and discounts at other dispensaries. Yeah I can get it made for around $40 from you guys after tax but that it will get smokes so fast because the medicine doesn’t do anything to me to make me stop smoking. I can go to Herbal Wellness Mmj take two puffs off their pre roll and be good for 4 hours. step up your game and maybe I will step up my reading on here

  673. Dominovic8

    Great prices, very nice lobby and the buds are amazing!

  674. saulieX

    Here at least 3 times a week they got bomb flower great prices and friendly staff Blake is the best she always ancers any questions I may have

  675. Blooperzx

    Great quality meds, especially the concentrates!! would most definitely recommend the Phoenix cannabis co. concentrates and flower. Real fire

  676. Byclops

    Some good overpriced mids, but man too much of this stuff tastes like powdered cooking ingredients and bud perfumes instead of weed.
    One day maybe patients will realize their bud should not taste like this.

  677. kladida2

    Love this place! Awesome staff, awesome product quality, affordable prices and love the selection of different strains! Will definitely be back!

  678. rayrod007

    Great spot for taste and terpenes. Love the keef and live resin. Very clean stuff and flavorful.

  679. Quesitarelle

    Recently they changed up the pricing, the $8 and $10 grams are no more, now they have 6,9,12 and $15 offerings. I’ll still come here, but be a lot more conservative with how much I actually spend. The $8 shelf was a wicked godsend & will be sorely missed by yours truly.

  680. 01bobby18

    Great staff, great selection of bud

  681. feo

    my new favorite candy is LSD..this stuff reminds me of California..i cant explain the taste other than it reminds me of home.. nice head high..great flavor..super flakey.

  682. jedwards181216

    My go to. Still waiting for them to get Skywalker back. Would be nice to regularly have those elite strains in stock.

  683. Bbatmann

    really good service really good product can’t wait to come back best dispensary in the valley happy 420 I’ll bring

  684. Burntman80

    Natures medicines is a good dispensary.has good prices and good bud has good deals too.atmosphere is good all around good dispensary..i do recommend.

  685. lightskin34

    great service!

  686. Dariusthereformed

    Great place for flowers edibles AND concentrates. Always receive great service here and would recommend primarily to any new patients. Hit this spot first.

  687. Kailaa

    Went in there last week cause I wanted one of their cbd vapes but they only had the 1000mg and I only had exactly enough for the 500mg bud tender looked at every option for the amount I had but nothing else I wanted he didn’t have to do that he could of just said no we are all out I appreciate him trying love this place oh and arianna #3 is one of the best cbd strains I have ever come across

  688. smokeonethndab

    the best by far great flower great ppl nd wit a wait u get a free pre roll thy close late so its perfect for me nd easy to access one stop shop …Lucy is the flower ive been smoken nd its a 10+..

  689. vicpelayo

    Best meds in az.. great location and service…

  690. cheef

    Best dispensary in Phoenix by far. No other location has the same selection and just don’t compare! To

  691. poncholoco

    quick friendly service. great strains top shelf buds. will be returning

  692. kosherkush87

    I think this is by far in at least the top 3 dispensaries in Arizona. I’m an Advocate and a mmj patient and I can always find quality product and great staff at Natures Medicine.

  693. Kennodee

    I come here every day, and I am never disappointed. Great selection, great flower, great customer service. each and every employee is very informative!

  694. DreamerLokon

    This is my favorite place to get my meds.. gr8 prices dope af bud tenders.. very educated bud tenders… Peaceful environment… all around gr8 place…Thanx For Your Service
    . :ProductOfThaStreetz: .

  695. gailranne

    The best place to buy concentrates

  696. smonroe5150

    This place is my new “go to” for many reasons… First off, during my first visit I fell in love with the staff. When my brother and I walked in… we met Marci… She is amazing!!! She was friendly, knowledgeable and she has an award winning personality. Then we met Jordan… He was awesome as well and I am looking forward to visiting them from day to day! You guys rock!

  697. mattsifuentes

    allways the best!

  698. lexxtrexx

    Great bud , for good prices . The staff are all friendly and have fast service . They also have really good tasting shatter for good prices . Monday’s and Tuesday’s are the days to go!

  699. Youngmillz

    Great place with amazing bud tenders and bud

  700. sbmorrill80

    Pricing and quality is really good. lots of variety on strains

  701. Reyna1986

    there good. I recommend natures medicine dispensary.

  702. 42lucky0

    They offer a Veteran discount but you can not use it if you also use one of their daily deals. Last time I was there it was a Monday so it’s pick any days deal. So I was getting shatter and choose the deal for shatter. But was told I could not also get my veteran discount. So what’s the point of having the veterans discount???

  703. mirandaraamirez

    great products, knowledgeable staff, always have good deals, and a comfortable atmosphere. I always return to this dispensary for their awesome buds and concentrates for such a good price.

  704. Ducej61

    I come here all the time its always a great atmosphere the people are nice and have good timing i never have to wait too long this dispensary gets 5 stars from me

  705. alchemy666

    Nice location and easy to locate !!! First time in and will definitely be back !!!!! Wide selection geeat vibes!!!

  706. vdubb14

    Fast,easy service with great prices. What is not to like?

  707. markymark601

    great place cheap Meds Kool ppl..

  708. Legitskeez

    Staff was extremely friendly and speedy

  709. erbud81

    great atmosphere and awesome staff. always a go to for flower.

  710. tbone420420

    Best dispensary in town hands down for the prices and they have great quality too. I drive 20-25 min just to hit up Natures. The staff are all super dope and knowledgeable about their products, and always willing to answer questions. You never feel rushed at this dispensary that’s what makes the customer service so good. The bulk wax deals are best in town.

  711. jinxie

    I absolutely love this place I stopped by here one day because I was too far from my home dispensary and I’ve got to say I was very impressed definitely the absolute largest selection I’ve ever seen staff friendly and helpful ready to answer any question and as if that wasn’t enough they why it in front of you discarding any unnecessary stems before the final weight is paid for I absolutely love this place and can even see myself making the trip out there regardless of how far it is

  712. Alieyah420

    Trees and. Good. Price

  713. pappadredz

    Arianna is one of my best friends!

  714. martys

    its a good location for me

  715. mrsnickie69

    they are the best people ever they are heartwarming and their atmosphere is amazing everybody is always happy in there

  716. rubyrudy26

    The staff is so fun, the bud is always
    good. Love the prerolls 🙂 reccomend !!!!

  717. xolaken

    I go to a lot of dispensaries but always end up here. They’re prices are great and they’re fast service. It’s nice having them close by.

  718. elvergalarga602

    very clean and well organized staff is great…!

  719. broc731

    Awesome spot, friendly staff. Great selection and cost effective

  720. samuelrjr

    they have some pretty good flower there i really enjoyed it. I will definitely will be going back. I recommend this dispensary highly

  721. randumbhero

    honest fair prices with a knowlegeble staff quality meds

  722. AlexisA

    good place

  723. avanderstoep

    I spent my precious Sunday morning browsing thru leafly look for a new place to try concentrates from and I decide on this place. I drive 30 min from Tempe and am excited to check out the 3 or 4 concentrates the menu has posted as available. When I arrive there is a hand written sign on the door that says”out of concentrates”. I go in and ask the girl if they are really out of ALL concentrates and explained to her how bummed I was cause I had driven 30 min and was trying to make it home in time for football. She kinda of snickered at me and said (accusingly) you always have to call first and proceeded to tell me how they only have one guy to change the leafly ad and he does it at night! Thanks for taking up my precious Sunday and treating me like I am dumb for not calling first. I am sure they have great product here but as a restaurant owner/small business owner I expect more customer service than that. Really sad too cause I thought maybe I had found a reliable source for quality meds.

  724. mikeherrer

    Definitely the best dispensary in the valley hands down.. the downside to that is the wait time during most hours but 100% worth the wait. Nature’s az medicine is definitely in it for the patients not the money

  725. mexjohn

    awesome selection. love how they weight the medicine in front of you. will keep coming back

  726. jjcsalas.17

    Employees make sure you’re well educated and recommend best options. The place is upkept very well. The environment is always friendly.

  727. Sofa_King420

    This place is great go here for top notch meds and service. I will be back again for sure.

  728. evLoaks

    referred a friend already here, unique selection combined with atmosphere

  729. sdgingerguy

    always good inventory and educated staff that is very helpful.

  730. wedo86

    fire batteries dY’

  731. queen1

    Great staff and great quality I will most def keep coming back

  732. Sigwardt

    my favorite dispensary hands down!

  733. peacefrog297

    This was my first time at this location, and it was absolutely amazing! I got some unbelievable deals and I can’t wait to come again! The staff was knowledgeable and helpful! Thank you!

  734. Dronermcstoner

    Great place to get bud

  735. Felicia2

    Very friendly staff

  736. moraymam

    My 1st time here. Nick was very knowledgeable and made me feel excited to try the strains he recommended for me. I will definitely return

  737. MzTierra

    Best place ever! Everything is right there in front of you and the weight it out. You can mix and match and spend just what you want to. I love this place!

  738. Colinz21

    Great place

  739. missdibrell

    I like how this location stays open late, prices are cheapest Ive seen around and staff is very nice.

  740. bomaya

    best service best selection

  741. phatmendo

    Very knowledgeable staff. Great experience

  742. jammie2470

    very nice employees. professional, polite, helpful.

  743. nellierubio77

    Natures is the best!! Great prices and medication

  744. kittykief

    Everything was perfect honestly. It was my first time being a patient their at that dispensary and everything just put me in a good ass mood upon arrival I loved my bud tender he was too funny thanks for all your input and I came back a second time and got a fillipino dude he was really cool too. The bud was so clean and was perfect.

  745. celisa623

    I liked the quality of the flower stop by here often:)

  746. Agough93

    Always my go to!

  747. alyssae

    awesome place verry friendly staff quick,helpfull would definalty come back loved it 😀

  748. eleanor.bolden.7

    I absolutely love N.A.M they have some great bud tenders and even better meds 😉

  749. Boogierawww

    I Drive From Mesa Because This Place Is The Best !!!

  750. msblovely

    Garbage… the bud tender was very rude and disrespectful. After my purchase he didn’t even thank me. Needless to say this will be my last time visiting. The flower is not even that good.

  751. jeremy.kohler.585

    One of the best dispensaries in valley lots to choose from which means a couple are always super bomb and fresh, cheap prices compared to other places but sales tax needs to be included like they do at west valley dispensaries, Az cannabis society, the green house and some others.

  752. haterloveme

    It has a wide selection of flower and great prices

  753. SkyS

    This place is really nice, Great flower selection deli style. Premium shatter is fire also! was slow my first time and still waited a bit so bored ahead if you can. Needs better parking situation

  754. dmarrow

    excellent and prices for vape cartridges just dropped go by if you have not been. great staff friendly and knowledgeable

  755. Alexo86

    love the flowers and the service!! great prices!!

  756. drealeeki

    Really neat place, with a comfy vibe. Friendly staff! Excited to try their pre-order service.

  757. ickydaddy

    Best Dispensary in town, I F-up my order and they fix with no problems, top notch full gram Pre-Rolls. Pricing is average and good deals.

  758. blondewidow

    I really like natures. recently i tried a new strain called Green Crack and let me tell you, i was a little skeptical at first because i’m strictly a flower girl but it was amazing!!! i would put this strain into the aEUR~wake and bake’ category because of the way it energizes you and keeps you focused throughout your day. 10/10 would recommend this strain

  759. tomotheis420

    I usually by flowers. Everytime I received flowers they were not bad, but sadly not choice a little on the dry side. I think the full experience was a little not to inviting. I called ahead to make sure they had shatter and was told on the phone it was in stock, driving to the location they said it was sold out. Disappointing…

  760. JimmyStirts

    this location was awesome. very attentive, and knowledgeable. josh the budtender was polite, patient, and very helpful. will be returning very soon.

  761. Chakalatte

    I love this place! I am actually on my way, see you guys soon! Everybody have a blessed day!

  762. Wattster47

    Bad neighborhood. I waited 20mins in a crowded awkward waitroom. I felt rushed to buy my meds. I smelled the buds in large jars. All of them stunk like moldy-hay as if they hadn’t been grown/cured properly. I watched as the staff tended/weighed my buds (I got 4g, different strains) I watched them cut off little stems & the TIPS of my nugs (where all the trichomes r at!! y would u do that??). They smoked as bad as they smelled. Beware of 10$/grams. I won’t be back.

  763. Mulagang7000

    It is pretty good flower has only be ok as of late need new strands

  764. Lolo1023.

    I love coming to Natures Medicines. The amount of strains they have to pick from and tier levels is insane. You’ll always be happy leaving here. Plus the customer service is always on point.

  765. syco88

    Love This Place Animal Cookies Was A Hitter For Me Nice Sticky Icky Buds.. Manages My Anxiety Great..

  766. JoeO79

    Great waiting room with current prices on flat screens. Friendly staff. Good prices & products.

  767. Ziggybobmarley

    best place in Phoenix.
    can’t beat the prices!

  768. greg1

    my first time there I was very impressed by the quality of meds and the staff. will definitely recommend all my friends

  769. strainluvR

    Stopped in for a first visit, no freebies or special for new customers. Greeted by huge security guy who lacks customer service skills. Next I was herded around the place and was finally greeted by a budtender who barely looked 18 years old. Samples didnt really look all that great and did not resemble the pictures on their websites/facebook. Asked them about if I could view what I am purchasing prior to paying and didnt really receive a straight answer. They herd you around, show you an example, and then you receive the meds prepackaged and weighed at a window. Considering that I didnt receive any specials other than a coupon to use on the next visit, I wont be back. They also tried deleted my review on weedmaps, no integrity.

  770. crzee13

    great prices awesome bud tenders

  771. Israel1371

    i mess with natures meds heavily they have some beautiful flower and a wide variety of meds from concentrates to edibles

  772. jmtz115

    My favorite dispensary of all time. Good meds for a good price, also a nice top shelf to indulge.

  773. MrJoSh

    This place is by far the best in the valley of the sun !!! Number one in my book for customer service and quality and price !!! Thank you natures az meds for doing what you do for us !!!

  774. emadrid99

    their selection was amazing

  775. hatenowon

    it was nice didnt have to wait long and the tender guillermo was more than happy to help and answer questions this was like my third visit here and it was a five star exp. snap dragon and mothers helper fixed me right up

  776. matthewsavage420

    Best place around!! Love em!!

  777. cheo1

    love this place come here all the time

  778. Kiwizzle

    Flower is good. Wax quality and selection is awesome!! The prices are the low too. I have always been happy when i leave:)

  779. EmilyBee94

    I absolutely love their Arianna #3! It is perfect for my anxiety stomach aches and helps me through a long day of classes and work. The GDP is also really nice for reliving my arthritis pain after a long day. Thanks guys and gals! also their flower is suuuper keify!dY’dY’

  780. vavila87

    Quick and fast service. Very affordable and outstanding treatment. I have been to several different shops and by far this is the one I like the best. I will continue to make this my go-to place future!

  781. MissionMan

    Loved this dispensary!

  782. jpizzyaz

    I think they helpful but the online ordering sucks and the waiting time I place a order online and then called and they put me on hold sad last 8th I bought had seed also

  783. Krisstopher44

    Great meds and prices are unbeatable

  784. Nahshon7

    The atmosphere is very classy and stylish. The employees were also very helpful and patient as I chose the herbs I wanted to try. I chose the Double Dream and it smells, looks, and tastes great! I would recommend this dispensary.

  785. deeno690

    quality service from kush , love nature’s AZ thank you guys

  786. Juelz33

    This is the best Dispensery in Phoenix hands down.

  787. WhitneyJ422

    LOVE this place, always reliable!

  788. grant9722

    love this place…I’ve Goin there for years

  789. xokristinmonroe

    always coming back for more. the sour amnesia and mowie wowie is amazing!!

  790. hummermonkey

    This place has sucked again. Out of CBD again. Apparently the owner took the last bottle. This place sucks CBD is a vital medicine to me. I hate this location.

  791. Lacerta423

    They have some good deals and give a ways. They carry Phoenix cannabis co. products. And I never have to wait that long.

  792. bhuckdusse22


  793. azhippy602

    The wax is dY”Y=dY”Y= edibles are dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=even the nugs are fresh and frosty!!! Will come back

  794. WestWest89

    Nice location, great bud, great customer service. I will definitely return for concentrate next time. I would come here primarily before anywhere else

  795. kroyalty

    My favorite place to go that SFV is super flame dY’PSdY’PSdY’PSdY’PS The Budtenders are always nice and helpful…. And the hours are Great you really can’t go wrong with this Natures location

  796. ayargray

    Still remains one of my fav spots. If only the Fountain hills store was as good as the Phoenix location.

  797. ernestbischoff

    I think this location is badass they offer the most variety and best prices in town

  798. captaincaveman420

    This place is so great!!! I love the atmospear here just because everyome is so friendly! I keep coming here for the deals but also for the people. Can’t feel left out here 🙂