Nirvana Center




1985 W Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ 85120


33.4146739, -111.5675578




8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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OPEN 8:00am- 10:00pm EVERYDAY

The Nirvana Center is a prop 203 state licensed medical marijuana dispensary located at the corner of Apache Trail & Palo Verde Drive in Apache Junction, Arizona. All patients must have a medical marijuana card issued by the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS).


– Pick-Up Orders please call: (480) 935-1090

– We carry edibles, flower, concentrates processed and manufactured with quality lab-testing.

– We strive to associate our medicine with the most modern and innovative forms of cultivation and product development, because we want your experience with us to become the center of your own Nirvana.

– ATM is available

-Taxes are included with pricing!

– Ample and secure parking

– Friendly and knowledgeable staff

– Most comfortable lobby in town

– Wide selection of flower, edibles, cartridges, prerolls, and more!

– Committed to providing top quality cannabis at affordable prices

– Committed to the comfort and service of the Arizona medical cannabis community


Price Range


Credit Cards

Money Back

All Inclusive




190 reviews for “Nirvana Center

  1. rxdavis53

    love this place

  2. George2442

    great place great people and great variety of flower don’t miss out on the amazing deals they have highly recommend #nirvana

  3. KoMMaNdO666

    I love this dispensary there close to my house they have awesome deals great prices and very knowledgeable staff they are my number one

  4. Bongweeda

    Nirvana Apache Junction makes the Nirvana experience a terrible experience!

    This is by far the most disorganized dispensary I have visited.

    First visit- top tier flower was harsh and tasted like plant food.

    Dispensary agents aEURoe bud tendersaEUR were disorganized and pushy. They push product and try to up sell instead of listening to a customer or observing purchase history.

    Customer complaints regarding weight shortages on concentrates were brought up in the waiting room.

    Second visit- called in phone order and was not ready for projected pick up time.

    Dispensary is uncomfortable and the staff have uncomfortable and unfriendly vibes. Especially the door greeter/guard!

  5. Anamfk420

    Thanks Ryan for helping me with my purchase!
    Definitely coming back.

  6. paulyc420z

    this is a great place hands down my favorite dispensary very organized and friendly environment with great meds

  7. joe46

    great staff and quality products..nice to see so many familiar faces. I love it since I don’t have to educate the budtenders like some of the other places

  8. marciah33

    Thanks for your help Stephanie.

  9. gggabrielgomez

    long time listener; first time caller,
    quick response from walking in,
    usually have to go earlier than others to get what you want, overall-not bad for their variety.

  10. TheCritic

    The bud I had did not taste like straw like one person said. They are new and have a ways to go but they will definitely get there. My bartender did not know his strains and was not very inviting. I left feeling not as satisfied as I would’ve liked. Yet let’s give him some time to get their stuff together.

  11. ChristinaAndreahxX90

    It is an amazing place with excellent service and weed

  12. Mack7873

    There service sucks on online order put my order in at 7 and got a reply saying that they message me when my order has been filled 9 comes around still nothing wait until 9:30 still nothing so I had to call him up and ask him what was going on with it and then they didn’t even offer me a free pre-roll where service I’ve had ever at least at Natures Wonders they at least offer you something for their screw-ups

  13. danbo2275

    This spog is the best in the valley!!my only spot i go to for fire…keep up the great work!!!

  14. rude3468

    Always great deals on fire flower!!! Thank you for opening up in the far east valley!!! Thank you for all of your help Aren!!! You are awesome!!!

  15. dimplesaz

    best place ever

  16. LovelyBones17

    Clean and organized facility. staff is super friendly and ready to answer all questions.

  17. Greggs94

    Yo just wanted to thank Melvin for the bomb bomb service!! Appreciate you showing everything that was asked to see!

  18. Kmwilliams

    My favorite dispensary in all of Az.

  19. Richc76

    went first time n used my ftp deal, n my budtender STEVEN was awesome helping me n giving me best deals as possible, not a superb selection of flower bit I did leave very happy with my selection of flower n i must say that it is FIRE! I gave a low score for atmosphere bc the armed security guard walking around the flower room as I was choosing made me uncomfortable but other then that it was golden

  20. Twich430

    close to my house and great prices I no longer drive way into the city this place is awesome! special shout-out to Melvin he really helped me out…great customer service

  21. Ztesource4207

    Flower that the tender recommended was pure dY”Y= esketitt

  22. Katlinann95

    Favorite shop. Great deals and great quality of flower!

  23. Sassygirlstone

    love this place

  24. veemello

    Amazing flower. Great to see a better shop in the area! Returning very soon

  25. rynkm06

    Love Nirvana! Staff is amazing! Products are amazing! My go to shop! Love you guys!!

  26. wifeykaycee

    This dispensary has amazing prices, products and super friendly and helpful staff! I’m so glad they are open!

  27. kmk420247

    Went in and super friendly staff awesome buds

  28. slbailey

    so happy to have nirvana out here. used to have to drive so far. receptionist weren’t to friendly.
    Brought my sister in for her very first dispensary visit. our budtender was a sweet heart. ( can’t remember her name. ) she was so patient with us. very happy with our visit. dYOE+-dYfdYfdY,dY,dYf dYZ,,

  29. Kimsnyder1019

    great stuff,prices and staff,cant wait until they are fully stocked!

  30. dabqueenashh3

    KELLEN IS THE BOMBBBBB!!!!! This location is awesome super friendly, clean, cheapest prices, and fast!

  31. Tmcdaniel115

    Great location! People are nice and product is better than most!

  32. montanarose_

    it was my first time visiting this shop and i loved their ftp deal and the product i got. everyone was so nice im headed back soon !

  33. Sramsay

    Nice friendly people good specials !!!!

  34. yazi3012

    I loved the big selection that they have. The bud tenders are very nice and knowledgeable. I would trust their opponions 100%

  35. kevinmcd89

    with the exception of the security guard everyone is exceptional nice and wonderful and the wax is good and the flower is expecially decent for aj. good job and keep it up.

  36. DebClark66

    great location friendly ppl. Shout out to Chris and blondie with tatsdY~EUR

  37. snoopdoggeyez

    It’s bittersweet. I can find products that keep me returning due to convience of location and that is admirable. However, I feel a manufactured sense of customer service and hoapitality. In other words, some of the people do not seem genuine. I feel as though it leads to uninformed budtenders upselling mediocre products.

  38. pattye1958

    Real nice place people were very friendly and helpful

  39. samerrafitch98

    My favorite dispensary!

  40. Superglue69

    Meds are fire and my bud tender was outstanding thanks wayne.
    SeeYa soon

  41. ogkushgod1997

    its sope great weed

  42. hoza1864

    they pulled the old bait and switch suckered me wit $32 airo pro cartridges took me to the back try to get me for$40 they pay $16 for it a 150% mark up!!

  43. Marvolousmarvin420

    this is one of the better dispeseriies.good people good atmosphere and better yet .awesome selection of the highest grade flower ,too much to metion..GREAT PLACE..

  44. MantaSue

    Amazing people very awesome experience dY~f

  45. TNAonTHC

    Nirvana is a great place, just not this location. I’ll stick to the Phoenix spot even though it’s a further drive

  46. Mokeymoke480

    Love Nirvana…bomb buds…ridiculous prices…and great budtenders

  47. DreadHeadGriffin

    people go get right at Nirvana … Chris the Bud Tinder is to funny nn great help as well

  48. MjS...6913

    I love this store. Apache Junction Nirvana is rocking it!!!

  49. Silverboii

    Nirvana is the best dispensary good prices always good weed

  50. Godofyourworld

    Best dispensary out here in arizona my man ryan helped me out great customer service cleanliness is on point and bomb ass deals like get you a great quality oz for 75 or 65

  51. imagrinder2

    So nice to have another dispensary choice in AJ. Great deals and great bud !!! My visit was very pleasant and my bud tender was very nice and knowledgeable. I will be back again one thing I thought was cool is they let you mix and match !!!

  52. tylergk98

    Amazing prices amazing staff as always. Buds are always fire and great for the price

  53. Ivan31395

    Been to every dispensary in mesa, this place by far has the best flower(premium tier) i’ve had in a loooong time will most definitely be coming back.

  54. Wildboy1029

    this place is amazing always good deal with service that will leave u smiling this is my favorite shop

  55. Cody2017

    Taylor and Chris were absolutely amazing, so kind and helpful. Definitely going to be coming back!

  56. Bigjellolover

    They we’re really friendly people with a great environment, they are one of the few dispensaries that don’t let you keep your first time patient deal, however their prices, quality, and their all around environment makes them one of the better dispensaries in Apache Junction.

  57. twcrofts

    Second time patient. Very inviting atmosphere, great selection of meds, friendly people throughout, Quick in and out, no real wait time. Pleasant experience will be back for sure. Be sure to try call on pre order awesome!!!

  58. Kobeiverson38

    Idk What I’d Do Without You Guys aoeSdYtm

  59. jfurlong

    Great Deals, but play close attention to the requirements of their awesome fire sales. Limits based off a point system…

  60. caingregory

    The flower and prices are awesome at nirvana center.

  61. Belinda1982

    i love everuthing about this place.

  62. Jesus.orr

    Great products and great deals

  63. Aubsbob13

    It’s really nice and good service

  64. LaurasWorld420

    Nirvana /AJ new location review
    aEURC/Nice helpful staff,aEURC/Good affordable quality products,aEURC/cozy atmosphere
    aEURC/Great new location for East Mesa/AJ
    aEURC/Free pre roll for reviews!
    aEURC/Open later than competition
    aEURC/cool FTP/daily deal$/pre order discount$

  65. brand1angel

    seeds in my flower dY’Z
    ruins the entire batch i feel…
    ?top shelf $
    others had the samedYOE2 at bottom shelf..

  66. Bhurt2010

    aEURoeMelvinaEUR my budtender was awesome very helpful and positive great overall experience.

  67. Dakcrum

    I love it here there tree is amazing the selection in everything is great one of the best for sure

  68. MissCassie

    I love Lindy! a$?i,She is the best! She is so nice and sweet! Also I recommend the go bars they are so yummy and satisfying! I also enjoy be grape soda that flourish makes yummmm!!!

  69. Bquiggs

    all the employees are super nice and I love this new location.

  70. Nicholas88

    always great people I love steff she is amazing and Ryan is great.

  71. kyndlefyre

    Great prices and great products

  72. Bigdickbastard

    Kick ass place. The bud tenders are awesome

  73. danielvargas71692

    Best dispo in az. Flower and prices cant beat

  74. cmurray68

    Rude customer service. We left and spent our 250 elsewhere. I tried to leave zero stars but the app wouldnt let me. won’t recommend them to anyone.

  75. SpaceKitt3n

    My go to for medicine. I love all the friendly budtenders ~ Stephanie and Heidi are a couple I’ve had recently and they were super helpful and patient. see you guys soon a$?i,

  76. azmedicalpatient

    We love this dispensary! We drive 15 miles to come to it! The budtenders are informative and the THC is great in all form. Each week we come in and Luis helps us but today we got MelvindY$?– the whole staff seems great tho! We love the half and whole deals dY~ on flowers! Thank you Nirvana! We appreciate all the freebies we’ve gotten! Managers are generous they keep us coming back!

  77. SlumpGang480

    Good dispensary lots of great deals

  78. ace4yrn

    Love this place absolutely amazing people !! Best deal and flower around

  79. gama246

    great staff!

  80. craziebaby

    great selection of flower and concentrates

  81. jclpdq


  82. Shetuck

    I was very impressed with the layout of this dispensary. everything is in jars in view, weighed in front of you, and they clean the stems off each bud before weighing. They have so much variety, I was quite surprised. Very nice first time patient experience. This is my new favorite place!

  83. lucretia61

    love it. just wish they showed the information on the strains. need to know what strain helps certain medical conditions.

  84. Annbramble0420

    Love this place best buds in town!!!!

  85. lacyMAC

    awesome new location!! doctor Chris was amazing!! and the security guard is a hoot!!


    Very chill and welcoming

  87. Chanler


  88. Sarahhjay94

    So thankful this Dispensary popped up in AJ. The staff is kind, knowledgeable and the prices are AMAZING!!

  89. SalGov

    Great flower and great staff!!!!

  90. Dillinger70

    Haven’t been yet heard amazing things about you all!! Looking forward to coming in..

  91. Just.Mistique

    Stellar staff! The gal on the phone was fast and friendly (Sorry I forgot your name hon) and that Melvin… that’s a da-a-ang good human right there. Why? Honesty *for the greater good*, doused with Comedy, shining with positivity & knowledge. We need this. Thank you for this. dY$?–

  92. brett420becker

    greatest deals on wax in town

  93. Beira

    I came here after having a pretty bad accident. Ryan was extremely helpful, he wheeled in a chair for me since it was difficult for me to stand. Really friendly place and great prices

  94. Panduhs

    Really big selection, great deals, will definitely be coming back!

  95. slackerjon007

    I love this place! Bud tenders are on point and always pleased with my medicine. Pot, no pills! dY~dY~

  96. londell1984

    I really love this dispensary the staff is very friendly and helpful the prices are unbeatable and the products are awesome

  97. taxigerl1721

    Absolutely love Nirvana in Apache junction!!!! The best budtenders and so friendly. Shout out to Cassidy- she’s so good at her job. Love to see her every time I visit.dY’-dY’zdY~dY’

  98. varney223

    Awesome shop! So glad aj got another one! Super knowledgeable bud tenders and amazing prices! There quantity of choices is awesome and the quality for prices is surprising

  99. atom42o

    I told the girl no shake I bought a oz mind u, I said no shake in turn to look at carts n she’s filling away with shake n I tell her no shake n she said it was just a lil I get home and there is like 5 grams of fucking shake nirvana has some sorry customer service the only that has bee decent time is the one in glenadale

  100. Cynthia13

    Thank you Daniel! For being so friendly and having high quality and customer service and answering all my questions at the same time had a wonderful experience they’re great people

  101. Manders1081

    Love Nirvana! I am so excited that they are in the east valley. They have amazing customer service and product

  102. Ritterjordan

    I want when they had a select rep there the rep was very good plus my budtender was amazing and helpful always a great time going to this place love it

  103. Alank04

    It was great awesome service and very helpful bud tender. Stephanie was her name.

  104. Snoquiqui

    Friendly on the phone

  105. Joserubio88

    best in town by far! quality of the products are amazing!!! and you cant beat the price.. budtenders are all super nice and very knowledgeable! i recommend to everyone.

  106. Gatorgreen2

    This location is always busy busy means good meaning good marijuana

  107. trichombre14

    So glad to see another Dispensary in Aj, Natures Blunders is a no go for me personally.have had a good luck with Nirvana so far however, for 10$ the coconut pre roll is COMPLETE GARBAGE!!! Mone was Full of imature seeds and tastes like shwag…other than that thumbs up to you all.

  108. DabKingC32

    I love Nirvana! The staff is always great and super helpful and always super interactive and genuinely care about their products and their customer’s! They will continue to keep me medicated and will continue to get my money! I love when I get served by steph!!she’s always super happy and always ready to answer questions!

  109. dbjeeps

    my new favorite place.

  110. solrac2021

    this is the 3rd time I purchased flower at this location and have had over 40 seed in my flower I will not be returning to this location and I’m in forming who ever reads this that this place has seeds in there flower and after purchasing it the is nothing they can do so I’m out my medication cause they don’t check there flower so good luck trying to get a refund or anything else from them,I am very disappointed

  111. Zachgbfan5

    Nirvana is my go to spot in Aj, Always get me in and out in a timely manner. Stephanie is really knowledgeable on the products and my boy Kellen hasn’t suggested a product I didn’t love. Great place and environment

  112. Deadseal

    Great prices, great products, friendly staff.

  113. Deenagay

    Great staff, selections and fast service. I’m so glad to have another dispensary in Apache Junction!

  114. Dastomba

    Second visit and was able to purchase .5 Oz of Orange Apricot for under a hundred! Who ever is growing the aforementioned Orange Apricot; Well Done!!! Outstanding medication for pain and depression and is some of the best smelling and tasting/smoking out there IMHO.

  115. MadMamaz

    went here for my 1st time and I must say, I will definitely be back. I got flower called Monkey Mints .. it’s so good! They have Fantastic customer service and the budtender that helped me really knew the product.

  116. Sammiev69

    My go to. Great deals always.

  117. Adroitsixx

    This place has THE best prices!!

    Love it

  118. satanicducky

    this dispensary is by far the best I’ve ever been to. they have a wonderful atmosphere with budtenders to match. I was well taken care of 10/10

  119. Jcolon420

    Chris was great. His customer service was flawless. Great one stop shop!

  120. sleepingnite

    This is a very high quality dispensary. The staff has been very helpful and knowledgeable about all there products. There’s not a hole lot of parking but it’s close to their door. I’ve been going for the last month and will be my new go to dispensary. Thanks Cassidy for all your help!

  121. Monteimage

    I love the location its just around the corner from where I live. my bud tenders were helpful and I enjoyed my two visits there keep up the great work you all are doing once again just happy you’re around the corner.

  122. Flsts

    They sent me some text messages about ounce specials $65 and $75 I’ve gotten popcorn ounces before at other dispensaries not too bad just some smaller buds not bad at all this place just gave me an ounce of shake basically and a bunch of sticks horrible maybe if you spent 200 bucks on announced it’s not too bad there

  123. BLUESMOKE92

    my trip here was really awesome.great environment and they got an awesome variety.and not too bad on pricing.and its quite peacefull.the people were kind as well.all together is a great location.

  124. pitchman

    Very nice! I’ll be back dY’-

  125. tylee298

    I love all the varieties of Flowers they have. They have alot to choose from. Lots of other goodies too!

  126. Remyredd

    Amazing awesome all around an aesthetically
    Pleasing place.

  127. NickelBrain

    why do you bud tenders pick the smallest buds even when I order an OZ?? Phoenix location is the place to go they enjoy giving you nice buds out of their huge jars… I now have tons of micro bud which is harsh and filled with stems…. will just drive to Phoenix from now on.

  128. Lobake

    easy access

  129. gb5766

    Great staff and experience, could use better parking though..

  130. jordan19

    This new location is great I always leave with a smile on my face and also love the friendly staff

  131. M_kilo

    Awesome location, great buds

  132. Aduar87

    Stephanie was super friendly and had excellent recommendations. She was very knowledgeable. Definitely will come back.

  133. RmarieNazario

    Awesome first time. Great product awesome people and great variety.

  134. Always42099

    Some strains, are poor, even top shelf. Buyer beware.

  135. Sintaya

    I have found the absolutely the most caring, knowledge, compassionate folks here at Nirvana. Sadly I should have written these separate but I have had the pleasure to meet Brandy, Johnny, I think Luis and the first guy who rang me up I am horrible with names
    this was who I remembered TO BE CONTINUED…
    Annalisa Sharp

  136. ShantonMurrell

    great dispensary

  137. meestamaacus

    Best shop I’ve ever been to! Extremely wide variety of carts and flower as well as edibles galore! I would recommend this shop to not only anyone in the east valley but in the state of Arizona period! Well rounded knowledgeable staff that took the time to ask me about my Ailments and to help me find solutions for them! I wish there was a higher rating than 5 stars because the deserve it!

  138. chase25

    shit worst service i’ve dealt with you they lie about inventory over the phone can’t get orders right won’t be back and I wouldn’t recommend this location to my worst enemy

  139. Brandon0308

    Yet again, another great location run by The Nirvana Center Dispensaries! Tax Inclusive Pricing, Friendly & Knowledgeable Budtenders, and quality medicine is why I choose Nirvana to shop at! My budtender this afternoon was Ryan, and his service was absolutely stellar. He made me feel welcomed, & was very helpful in recommending the best strains, grown by some of the best growers in Arizona. All in all, I’d definitely return even though I am a bit of a drive

  140. Helane

    Very nice place and good selection everyone was super helpful

  141. Sidra

    My experience at Nirvana was great. Nirvana has a great selection of quality products. A big shout out to RYAN, who helped me. He was very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. It’s been a couple of weeks since I was there and I’m very happy with my selections that Ryan suggested. I will be going back. I recommend this dispensary!

  142. RigoO

    This place is cool. Bomb product great prices, also very chill staff.

  143. AnthonyAj

    Awesome dispensary! Excellent staff. Excellent products.

  144. MeganMack420

    I had a great experience today at Nirvana. Cassidy was my budtender and as usual she recommended exactly the perfect medication to address my needs. I appreciate her compassion and expertise. Nirvana is my best dispensary…hands down.

  145. Blazedale72

    Good bud and good people

  146. Mackman25

    Man this place is great love the business and I love the specials every day

  147. byang24

    This is my new favorite dispensary! I love the $35-$45 half oz deals! Great buds always!

  148. maxwell4274

    Awesome place ! Never been disappointed and they always have good sales

  149. Budweiser1

    #1 dispensary by far

  150. Gump2018

    love this place

  151. couchlock1979

    too bad I cannot give 10 stars. listing the growers is a huge plus especially on here as well. love how they store the bud in huge jars stays much fresher than prepackaged. place is an absolute gem and glad they’re now close. The flower selection/price/specials cannot be beat.

  152. Blink710420

    I’m not sorry that I bought all the THC-a diamonds, everyone. the deal was way too good to pass up! f***, this stuff is 100% fire!!! this is my new go-to dispensary and it’s around the corner from work and home. The staff is super awesome! the other dispensary in AJ’s a joke! this is the new spot! I’ll see you guys next time. happy holidaze guys!

  153. Arithehalfrican39

    Love it here. Only my second time but it’s def worth the drive. Meds are quality and the price can’t be beaten.

  154. Musicismyvoice

    They hook it up! I came back a second time just cuz my guy Steven was getting me such an epic deal!

  155. DankbudsNgoodfriends

    Wow. Worst flower ever. It smells like hay and tastes like hay. Not sure if it’s because of additives or what.
    Do yourself a favor and go to another shop for flower, I have not tried their concentrates.
    Worst dispensary for flower in Apache junction thus far.

  156. Klotz24

    I think it’s so cool this place opened I love new dispensarys

  157. nylamarie14

    they are amazing people, i loved the atmosphere! they are pretty cheap too and great flower! so glad we have a awesome dispensary now in apache junction.

  158. angelwithhornsab

    Chris was a great bud tender he really knows his stuff and is very personable as well!! Thanks guys you’re the best!! They have the greatest stuff for the best price!!

  159. Emmy243

    love this location! I love how they do their best to get you the best deals and pay the least for the most amount!

  160. Xstings

    You can do better!

    Flower- seeds in the flower dY’ZdY1/4
    The shop is tiny. Waiting area is a small and uncomfortable. The area around this location is a dump. ATM was out of money last visit. Only good thing about this place is the first time patient special. I would most definitely not recommend this place. This AJ nirvana location and Reef dispensaries are the worst shops in the valley hands down.

  161. BeachGirlGypsy

    Totally Awesome!!! Love this place and the classic rock they play! Service was beyond excellent and I felt very welcome here!

  162. chewy7518

    I love going to this place! They always got the best deals in the east valley. Shoutout to Chris for that preroll!!

  163. OkiDokiTokiLoki

    Best place in AJ by far!!

  164. Mlaube

    I was pleasantly surprised with the great deals and prices of this location. Chris helped me out and made the experience easy, friendly and quick. Will definitely go here again, especially for the grand opening coming up!!

  165. Licious122

    best located ive gone! take a good drive to go here. great variety of stuff!

  166. ZacSims420

    I recommend this location. The best bud tenders I have encountered. Top quality medicine. Hands down the best prices

  167. Hairybass480

    I like the location but once everyone finds out how awesome it is they will need more parking. dY~

  168. Inishinwati

    excellent! clean and great quality

  169. 11Hunter11

    Had a great experience overall, very melow atmosphere along with some good deals on some good flower. I would however suggest one thing: that they put the “Leniag” of each strain on the back of their bud jars to help the bud tender save time by not having to look it up on the computer when a patient asks. For some patients this info is very important to know before purchasing something that won’t help.

  170. agirl006

    im back to review my second quarter which is a $10 a gram mid shelf and it has baby seeds too orange sherbert and the other one was purple haze and the girl was telling these are the best yeah if your just a smoker and dont need actual meds go here looking for high priced headache or a general high than this place is for you just another encanto

  171. Rebeccabrinkley1984

    Used to go all the way to Phx love nirvana center! Great customer service also tried a moonrock pre roll today for the first time and loved it so much I’m going back for more

  172. rreddnekkgirl

    Best place ever plz don’t leave AJ ever you guys ROCK…


    I’m telling you you can’t stop this place this place is the best they got the greatest bartenders in the world I swear it don’t believe me come find out this place might as well be called Frost Giants buds R Us everything that got on every tear just nothing but Frost trichomes trilene whatever you want to call him smells good looks good smokes good you can’t beat it all and did I tell you about the prices my Lord come find out for yourself flower heaven All Day Everyday deals Heaven All Day Everyday need I say more I mean seriously just come through you will not regret it this place is the fucking shit like seriously this place is the best

  174. ab25

    Nirvana center Apache junction is awesome. thier bud tender Chris is on point.

  175. rcl80yahoocom

    Friendly bud tenders and great meds! Will be going again soon!

  176. Braetool

    One of the best dispensaries and they always have fire for cheap

  177. Angelmfox

    Chris was amazing! I had a challenging order & he handled all my requests & questions so well! I left nirvana so satisfied with my purchase! Love this new location, the products & the team over here! Love, Nirvanas biggest fan, Angel Fox dY~++dY|SaoeOEa$?dYOE2

  178. soclbuterfly

    I love this place! Ill definitely be coming back asap! The flower is great.

  179. NezzaResendiz

    I live next door to Health For Life Crismon but I like to drive the extra 2 miles to Nirvana not only for the low prices but the quality of the bud! I’m a very happy camper 🙂

  180. Blkshp1

    really like the location pretty decent selection

  181. Winchester93

    Chris was very nice and knew exactly what I wanted!! Definitely going back.

  182. ElleDevine

    I drive a half hour for the Nirvana center it has the best deals around and the flower is on point

  183. gusecampagna

    Great flower & prices. friendly & educated staff. Love the no tax.Great specials.

  184. Milenko143

    Happy that AJ finally got a second spot so now there is a little competition

  185. jlsnyde

    Tried the phone order because they are normally quicker but this dispensary was slow and took patients with no phone orders got taken back and got their stuff beefier i get mine when i was running a little late picking it up plus got told the special was 20% off for phone orders then when i picked up it didnt cover what i purchased but they didnt say that when i called and placed my order. Worst experience ever at this dispensary

  186. zvcg

    Nirvana Centers were already a favorite of mine, so when the new location opened up I had to visit and get that fantastic FTP discount (50% off c’mon that’s the best). My budtender was awesome and extremely helpful (and I’m so sorry I don’t remember your name but it was register 1 3:58 checkout and you have LOVE on your knuckles), as was everyone else I interacted with, and extremely accommodating. I think I’ll be making the drive to Apache Junction for the forseeable future.

    Also very much looking forward to Nirvana Center Tempe (with a good bike rack please!)

  187. Raerae0529

    Awesome bud tenders!!!!

  188. XXL420

    Got a qtr of Headband on 2/8. Full of seeds. Smells great. Very weak high. First time I’ve gotten seeds from a dispensary in the East Valley. Sucks because the place seemed cool. Buyer beware.

  189. jon926918

    There budtenders are chill asf and there buds cheap and straight gasolina dY”Y=a>1/2

  190. LadyC73

    I absolutely love this place. The staff are super friendly and the deals they have are off the hook.

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