Herbal Wellness Center

For the true connoisseur!



4126 W. Indian School Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85019


33.4952354, -112.1472364




8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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Herbal Wellness Center is dedicated to cultivating the highest-quality medicinal marijuana, concentrates and edibles in the industry. We are here to make you a true connoisseur.

At HWC, we grow and nurture our marijuana strains in a 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art cultivation center in Phoenix where expert growers sculpt and refine potency, taste, feel and effect using experience and tender loving care.

Our highly-trained patient service consultants take special care of each patient.

Visit Herbal Wellness Center in Phoenix today and find out why we are the dispensary chosen number one in the Valley by the true connoisseurs!

aEURC/ Reader’s Choice Medical Marijuana Dispensary Phoenix New Times 2015
aEURC/ 2015 High Times Annual Dab Issue, special 8-page feature by Mel Frank
aEURC/ Voted #1 dispensary in AZ countless times by Leafly since 2015
aEURC/ First Place in Crumble and Wax division AZ710 Festival 2015
aEURC/ First Place Indica Flower- Snake Eyes AZ Errl Cup 2016
aEURC/ First Place Hybrid Flower- Gelato AZ710 Festival 2017
aEURC/ Best Knowledge and Environment AZ Errl Cup 2017


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5,950 reviews for “Herbal Wellness Center

  1. fatp420

    Etk amazing

  2. lemanzs

    The PreRolls Always have a Great Strain, Excellent!

  3. Danieldawwwwg

    always gott hella deals for concetrates and buds. never a dissapointment comin in.

  4. AZMMJz

    Everyone that worked there was very rude to me. Im guessing its because I’m a younger guy but that shouldn’t matter. There new patient special DOES NOT specify that you must choose your free eighth from strains that are absolute GARBAGE. Even the flowers i bought were LOW quality. The buds in the jars you view are there to trick you, what you get in the bottles are stemmy, dry, and gross. And to the short lady that works there. You should work on that attitude, your nothing special.

  5. 2JointsJohnson

    decent place.. not my favorite, but it was okay

  6. Nkscarface

    meds were great

  7. RachelRockstar

    Great selection, love the staff!

  8. Hillarybanks

    FLOWERS are amazing here!!!! Always friendly & knowledgeable service here. Honestly one of the best dispensarys in phx!!

  9. ebiah

    Excellent dispensary. The best in the valley. The staff are very helpful and nice. Great quality and selection in products.

  10. themb

    I love this location plus all the top quality features that they provide. always the best place to come to learn and find what’s right for you

  11. mr.dankins

    always the best concentrates and customer service

  12. RedX187

    very informative & friendly awesome strains so far.

  13. bminley

    favorite spot in Phoenix
    every time I come to Phoenix I com here
    best flower
    best staff

  14. bole420

    my 1St the best thing ever I love it here I’ll come back for sure they just need to be a little more faster

  15. Gmoney2350

    Not worth my writing about

  16. katrinag420

    this place is so clean and they have the friendliest staff. also fresh flower which I love.

  17. jayman1989

    One of my favorite places to get meds

  18. OGskrillz

    The membership program was nice until the recent price increase. Called to ask why the prices went up. Her response was “I don’t know.”

  19. Chanman42

    Upon entering this establishment, I could feel the friendly, accepting, helpful atmosphere. The employee that helped me made it extremely easy for me to make a decision! First visit yesterday, many more to come!

  20. 420kodiak420

    from the shatter to the flower. nothing compares in the state period. dY'”dY”Y=

  21. bromo495

    Zach was very helpful. Was able to answer all my questions and the prerolls that I got from there were really good.

  22. Tyms

    My favorite dispensary hands down. Great first time deals and excellent customer service.

  23. zone2

    great staff very knowledgeable prices are well. check it out

  24. vashc

    I came In and tried & tired the Commerce city kush and it’s great for the price & the effects last nice and long. its great for doing kush ups.

  25. punisher2kill

    great place very friendly. cost is great for what you get. wax shatter Budder is fire very tasty great way to get rid of those kinda days thanks HWC for being here

  26. shartman602

    I like the service. I have had bad luck with many dispensaries. after explaining that to theses guys they were able to get me what I needed. I often find dispensaries are way over-priced. this one was however on the lower end of the prices but on the other hand it was on the top end of service and product. I will deffinetly be back to shop here…

  27. Sinergy

    By far the most quality dispensary in AZ! Angel is by far one of most helpful and polite bud tenders around! Love this spotdYZ- check out the Mary OG for that K.O. dY”Y=

  28. rachellovesyou

    I love the bud and budtenders here so much !! I recommend to anyone !!

  29. rugburner

    FTP here, Good first visit. free eighth for me and Manuel also gave me a glass flower jar. The place was empty early on a tuesday, so I went right in. The registration was short. The have shatter in wax paper and buds in pill bottles. I like the shatter, $60/g, stable and a nice honey color. Will probably return for this alone. The flowers….only got some GSC and while it was fresh the buds were tiny and inconsistent. There were a lot of trikes. To summarize; Manuel was very knowledgeable and friendly, the shatter was acceptable(especially due to scarcity)and the flower was “meh”. Thanks!

  30. siGno

    So it was a nice experience, my name is Mike by the way in case I go back in for my free pre-roll form writing this review.

    So the Phoenix OG was phenomenal just a great top shelf bud. I also grabbed a gram of each Ghost OG, ETK, and Jack Herer. The Herer was nice, but the Ghost OG and the ETK were just stemmy bottom nugs with no frosting. Sad times. The Ghost OG actually gave me a headache.. yeah…

    In conclusion, specific buds there can be some of the best in the valley, just follow your eyes and your nose. Solid location overall just bummed about the stemmy nugs and the headache. Maybe that’s what I get for sampling G’s.

  31. ssgcw


  32. That_One_HippieWitClass

    There Gelato flower is seriously some of the bet they have out here! Super frosty and dense as hell, and great to bring for a sesh!! Keep up the good work guys!!

  33. Tortchya

    My first time @ this location. Smooth visit and excellent service from Mariah. Quality products.

  34. alyssaterrell

    best in arizona! most friendly budtenders! would definitely recommend this place for your meds!!

  35. brelice

    Although the location was not in the greatest part of town the building and atmostphere were welcoming. Martell was great and very helpful with his recommendations. I will visit again. Thanks!

  36. Ladydie90

    Best bud in town the gorilla glue #4 was life changing

  37. cassiemac24

    absolutely love going to this place! I’ve had my card for about 4 years and it is the best quality I’ve looked at in Phoenix! and I’ve gone to many places, as far out as 135th ave an bell to cavecreek and 101. the flowers are beautiful, danky, big buds, Smell is incredible, smokes incredible tastes amazing! always full of hairs, triches sticky sticky I stopped going anywhere else just so I can fully invest my medicinal money funds here! got the membership and really excited to be coming back every time. the quality of the concentrates is off the chart as well. I feel like it is my first time smoking again, every time/strain is an amazing new experience. to top it off the customer service is incredible. the budtenders are extremely knowledgeable and I’ve been helped but pretty much all of them! really the drive or journey of a drive I take is so worth it I don’t mind in the slightest! I love this place, I guarantee if you come here and try it you will be pleasantly surprised and very happy with the whole experience. love this place and the staff! you guys are amazing thanks for opening your doors and really caring about having quality meds in every option. PS 1st time buyer special is off the chart! free 8th with purchase! if you don’t try this place out I pity you! really.. you will be mad at yourself if you don’t come out and see for yourself!

  38. jitsusoldier

    great place some of the best flower in phx

  39. cdlaffer1

    Incredible flower and great price

  40. Edvis420bs

    This place never fails well almost never. Only one thing I would change and that some of the distillate they produce does not taste like what I have experienced in the past with other. But you want awesome flower at down to earth pricing here we go. Sane with the shatter and live resins. Those rock my socks and make the hair on my forearm curl a little. Woooooo doggy plus the deals they are constantly running so patients can afford the finer stuff in life at a way great deal. Tonight I picked up a half of Mary OG for a little over 70.00. If I could post a pick with this I would post I’ve of my medicated face and one of the flower. So you all that don’t know will see these deals they run here are solid. One of the few places I pre-order from and don’t worry about what I might get. Especially if they grew it in house you know it is going to rock. Love you all at herbal wellness Center, thank you for making this a wonderful medical experience possible. Everyone should stop at Herbal Wellness Center at least once while they are a patient. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. I would have hated to see the outcome of good, honest and caring dispensaries were not around.



  42. desertblazer

    Awesome dispensary. Josh was my budtender and was very helpful and knowledgeable.

  43. Alicante

    Best flower and concentrate that I’ve come across. Great deals if you know which days to go. No real complaints. One employee talked to me like I was dumb but she gets a pass because the flower is so bomb.

  44. ricky.gonzalez.3760

    great location

  45. mrnice21

    I had another great experience here. ROMAN is the man! Super personable, made my experience top notch. Their Girl Scout Cookie shatter was super clean, tasty and very effective. Love the environment here and the awesome staff overall. Keep it up.

  46. avdghost420

    This is the spot great service great people n fire ass marijuana in general i love this place wish they were 24 hours lol.. brett barrett

  47. WillandDude

    Location is basically central Phoenix. I travel from Glendale sometimes because HWC has better quality flower not as dry as many AZ dispensaries.

  48. divernation

    great service! I will be going back

  49. 602420

    Good ppl good meds

  50. jimmytizity

    Great staff nice and real helpful will return again that gelato is fire

  51. Quemevez

    Great atmosphere! They treated me well and helped me navigate new products!

  52. erinnicole

    Always an awesome experience coming here!! The stuff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Most importantly, the product is always great!! Never a disappointment coming to HWC.

  53. TopShelfTHC

    love the staff there they are all nice, always have quality shatter. most places don’t have the quality this place does.

  54. codychronic602

    amazing place.friendly enviroment and the flower here is top notch. i will.be mos def coming back

  55. MRyan25

    Love the bud quality.

  56. dotazgurl

    Its my favorite spot

  57. CertifiedGenius

    Priscilla you make it happen! Thanks

  58. Cheftimothy

    I will never go any were else trust me , top of the line meds , gost og is my flavor dY~Z

  59. msmith425

    Was a regular at a store near by but one day stopped in here and these people are patient oriented and the customer service and knowledge is outstanding . The other store had aEURoe specialaEUR this and that . This store has cool humans to help you out .

  60. tmnice1

    dan was very helpful, very informative, knew all answers to questions I had

  61. GreenXpression

    I think this place was great! Very helpful and full of information. Zach had knowledge of what he was doing and being a first time customer gave great advise on what medications I should pick up and try. I will be going back.

  62. crackerplease420

    Awesome place and the point system awesome also highly recommended

  63. victor623

    best in az

  64. Lynchmobfinest

    great staff can’t wait for the renovations

  65. murillo602

    I love everything about herbal wellness center from the bomb ass flower to their wax plus super friendly staff I love going there every time dY’,dY'”dY~Z

  66. Midiaz89

    Had a great experience with excellent service would totally recommended

  67. Earthybudd47

    This is the best place to get some fire wax and fire bud they are super helpful when it comes to showing which strain would be the best in your interest best dispensary in Phoenix hands down

  68. Hectrillion

    Best MMJ in town , no doubt and they have great staff !

  69. minyon

    I am so excited to see the New and Improved Herbal! Herbal is constantly changing their look, prices, and quality! One of the BEST places for flower! Phoenix OG and Snake Eyes are one of the best of many!

  70. danielm22291

    this place is amazing, amazing people, product, very friendly, and informative. thank you I will be back

  71. blueskyrd31

    Wow… Super disappointing fist time experience at this dispensary. Went it for the first time super excited to try the Snake bite, which my bus tender totally talked up. He rang me out and off I went. There prices are a little high but as long as the flower is decent I don’t mind paying a little more.
    It wasn’t until I got home and started smoking that I realized what he gave me was Boba Fett. I was super disappointed when I realized I had the wrong flower. I’m sure the mix up was due in part because the other bud tender was also working with a first time customer who must have wanted the Boba Fett but instead was sent home with the Snake that I had wanted.
    They have a sweet first time customer deal and I may have even returned but the lackadaisical attitude by the bud tenders (I still can’t believe that neither bud tender noticed that they were giving out the wrong flower) there along with this epic mistake will place this place on my no return list.

  72. Reyna2865

    this is my #1 spot for Quality prices have dropped big time Great Sales daily (just wish I had more grams)people are hella friendly here…


    they got some fire all the time go check out there gelato

  74. gurrutia

    Best shop in AZ hands down!

  75. Joeyjesse

    service was great thanks Mariah V.

  76. Topnotchmelissa

    great service

  77. loyboy32

    Clean environment and freirndly
    customer service.

  78. Zavey

    Was very disappointed on my last two times in. Not impressed with how they have an express system that still makes you wait to be seen so defeats the whole purpose of the aEURoeexpressaEUR part. Probably not coming back again.

  79. tilda53

    Still my favorite dispensary in AZ. The bud, service & deals are all A+!!!! Recommended!!!

  80. ashakira

    Always feels SO welcome and leave with the best meds in PHX. Diana is so sweet and knowledgeable about products! It really makes a difference to feel like my budtender cares

  81. kurly1112

    Friendly staff and great products. I was thrilled to find out they produce Vapen products.

  82. randy602

    Love picking up from here! Isaiah was awesome like always and there wasn’t a wait tonight even if there is it’s always worth it!! 🙂

  83. sunfirelily1982

    fast, friendly, knowledgeable of their product.

  84. herbalsweetd

    this was my first visit to herbal wellness center and it was an enjoyable experience all around. this was my first time being in any dispensary and the the staff was more than happy to answer any questions i had. the variety was almost overwhelming but i appreciated the fact they had something for everyone’s price range, including prerolled j’s of their top shelf strains! the medicine bottles are a nice touch, too! my name was on the bottle and the meds were fresh and not dried out or crammed in a bag. i would definitely recommend this dispensary to any and all patients and i will for sure be back again! thanks guys!

  85. dinosaurio0

    great specials, good quality

  86. azharleydude

    This is by far the best place 8n the Phoenix area. Great staff, great service, and the best products. Love the infusion brownies.

  87. Egd

    killer trees must try

  88. Red100696

    Great place , awesome service from David Lopez .

  89. hox007

    HWC has the best flower selection in Phoenix!! Every single strain is Beautiful…never disappointed.

  90. birdy50

    Love this place

  91. handsomefatjesus97

    Awesome service, phenomenal quality and outstanding deals!

  92. jedikush38

    This place is great, my BUDTENDER brittney was so knowledgeable she only let me talk about the strains that world work for me and gave me a free gram for my first time being here WHAT a free gram that’s unheard of! other places give prerolls that aren’t very good the supreme Donna I picked is flight you were right I slept wonders thank you I will be back

  93. Poxx

    Luv Thy Bish!!!

  94. ScoutErinYeager

    knowledgeable budtenders and great product

  95. icon1207

    Top quality selection and helpful staff. Top place to go in the area

  96. themccloskey

    I love coming here! The staff are always on point!! I’m never disappointed with the quality and they always adapt to my specific needs! HWC is my favorite dispensary!
    I’m so glad I found you guys!

  97. Slynette

    love this place !!

  98. Kushkiller00

    never disappointed here. always worth the wait.excellent product and service everytime dY’OE

  99. Dalek

    Haven’t used cannabis since I was a wee lad (20+ years), and just received my card in the mail. I went to this place based on all of the reviews, and I must say, the positive ones hit the nail on the head.

    I went in and signed up (Took 2 minutes) and went back and was greeted by Dan. He was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I suffer from chronic pain and have anxiety disorder/panic disorder. Dan recommended what I should try and took the time to listen to me and what I was looking for. This means a lot to me as being a person with anxiety, you tend to worry and overthink things. He assisted me and explained the strains and the effects.

    I am writing this after about 3-4 hits from their Harle-Tsu strain and I feel fantastic! Anxiety, stress and pain are just washed away. They also treat their vets fantastically. 20% off? Wow! And for a first time user to come in and get a free 1/8th with their first purchase is just fantastic.

    I will definitely be back here. Thanks HWC!

  100. mannymota420

    One of four places I recommend, and I have been to every dispensary west of Central Ave, and a few on the eastside. You cannot go wrong at HWC.

  101. _Dabr

    Very fair price on everything on the menu! It’s always busy and parking is very limited but you guys do a great job getting patients in and out. I’ll be back 🙂

  102. Jjlocc232

    great location fast service great products

  103. JamesBoch

    I love this place

  104. BAGY


  105. BellicoseLiberal

    Awesome place my bud tender Isaiah was very chill and patient. Very comfortable atmosphere and the selection is large. Also FTP gets buy an eighth get one free way better then get a free gram!

  106. DaisyDuke707

    great place, cool people and really great flower

  107. bearphx1

    if you want quality this is the SPOT

  108. AngelBabee562

    Great place to shop great bud tenders and good quality they always have good deals

  109. zephy

    I love this dispensarya$? Always have deals and smiles. What more could you want. My favorite local dispensary.

  110. LoudpackLevi

    Love the wax here

  111. 198514

    Guy was cool but when I got home and opened up ounce of holy grail it had little buds thought it was shake will not go there again everything else was cool just didn’t like what I got wasn’t even that great like they said it was they didn’t even show me how it look in the inside and that’s misleading because the weed on display shows big buds will not return there again

  112. Mongo_Tomatohead

    Not a bad place. Very friendly staff, flower is decent. A little on the pricey side, but they have good deals.

  113. memyselfandhi

    it was great service budtender was polite and mr.nice guy wax was fire always gonna be my fav spot

  114. Amontez85

    Completely satisfied with my recent purchase, Gorilla glue and snake eyes. No other dispensary can even compete with HWC. Prices and services are on point. I highly recommend you give this place a shot and make it your favorite too!!

  115. Lotusherb

    Far but well worth the drive

  116. Lalame35

    Love this place! Always fun and friendly

  117. blueberry42081

    justed want to say Joel is cool thanks:-):-):-):-)

  118. Alan211

    best place for marijuana Contours everything is fire

  119. janedon

    The staff there is super friendly and always so cheerful! Love the quality too.

  120. thebiycj

    get place to be and nixe customer service I’m definitely going back great weed

  121. kberry29

    Awesome product and amazing service

  122. 49ners

    Great service great staff

  123. thrasher21b

    The place was nice and people were helpful. And the flower is good

  124. HiTech

    I picked up some of the white buffalo there it was on sale for $25 and 8th it was a good strain if you are looking to do things throughout your day and kind of still get your medication because it doesn’t get you super couch lock but it does give you a good Buzz

  125. skittles420

    great staff. wonderfull environment. amazing meds

  126. rblackwell926

    Friendly staff, good product, excellent prices, and excellent variety! Stopped by and got some purple dream last week, and I’m going back today to get some more. Anyone that hasn’t been here needs to stop by.

  127. deeEstrada

    great flower and good customer service

  128. d12tall

    This place is great

  129. frankiejsoto

    Absolutely love it here! Huge fan of their member rolls. Basically the only thing I get. If you love prerolls, I definitely recommend it

  130. stickyicky116

    The girl scout was frosty and delish my last visit!

  131. rodcay

    Great bud and shatter here! Staff is helpful- Danks alot!

  132. kkm1122

    Great meds and selection

  133. pauly96

    #1 Dispensary In Phoenix

  134. Brenda93

    Herbal wellness center is a great dispensary I come here alot and never leave disappointed. Always find good deals and some of the best strains. The staff is also always very friendly and helpful during visits and thank you Adam for being a good help I give u five stars

  135. keiththeplumber

    this place is awsome.

  136. Brendaw2

    I love gorilla glue # 4 so relaxing keep me calm sleep good have smile on my face I love there flower

  137. domfezz

    has the best meds here in Phoenix. Great deals on the daily. Great quality for the price. Cannot compare. I recommend checking them out. Stop on by. Friendly staff. Great environment

  138. squashlocon

    love this place great Flower great prices omw now too pick up some gorilla glue

  139. jonathan268

    awesome place great quality medicine

  140. MmjTj

    Good product. Sour D was on point. Kinda sketchy looking at first but after you get into the actual store front portion it’s all good.

  141. athenakay21

    Lovely people, everyones fun to talk to, very knowledgeble, and their purple gorilla is to DIE for(;

  142. Simplyblessed4

    I love these people!!! Best first time visit friendly staff and great green…

  143. George2442

    great people & great deals !
    dont miss out on their deals great variety of stuff , will keep coming back !

  144. Krisbrown96

    Please disregard my previous post below. I went in to HWC this afternoon after calling to ensure they had the shatter stocked that I was needing for my ailment. Living over 45 minutes away, I always call before hand. Upon getting called to the back I specifically requested what I had talked to the lady on the phone about just to be told they didn’t have any stocked. The bud tender disregarded what I told him about how I called earlier and left me shocked and disappointed in what I thought was my favorite and the most high class dispensary in Arizona. I hope HWC has the class to reach out and fix this problem, as they have lost a very loyal patient.

  145. taraophotos

    Great dispensary and friendly staff. My first time ever in any dispensary and they made me feel welcome and answered all my questions. Will for sure be back.

  146. AnthonyOlea

    fire and great customer service

  147. Pettywop

    Great buds and great deals. Looks great inside too. Definitely coming back.

  148. bbpowpow

    Quality flower and fast service

  149. lyricalg97

    GELATO straight dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  150. Hennyjones412

    It was great first time ever going and Zach N. was super cool and informative and made me feel completely welcomed! Will be going back!


    Best meds in az!!! Patient service on point…

  152. tooka89

    The best experience I have had at any dispensary so far!! Amazing staff and great environment!! Definitely check them out, will not be disappointed.

  153. jewboiii98

    Great selection and service

  154. Tomasvalencia


  155. jyoung1987

    Really nice place all around! The buds were really nice and I’m that small % of smokers that is so damn picky and won’t get anything unless it meets my standards. I got the Bubba OG and the Donna OG and they def met my smell,structure, and taste standards. The bud tender Martell who helped me was also really good. Good knowledge on what they had. Will def be back soon!

  156. Pebbles873

    Natasha is so friendly n helpful everyone is I felt very comfortable good selection of meds

  157. FireFox29

    Medication is fire and the friendly staff

  158. David4e

    I had a really great experience last time I was here, I’m excited to come back soon.

  159. tjhollowell

    LOVED my visit here! It was my first time at a dispensary and both the staff and products were amazing! Everyone was friendly and super helpful. James helped me out and answered all of my billion questions. I will be heading back very soon!!

  160. cttnwdjuggalo

    Great selection! Wonderful Staff and Friendly Security! Love the improved parking. Roman great job on helping my gal out when I brought her to your establishment for her first time! The Co2 Oil Tangerine taste great and can feel right away! She really likes the Purple Cheese and she dug the free gram of Platinum Kush for being a first time patient. My only bummer was I did not get the free gram for bringing in a first time patient. I know I mentioned this to Long as well any chance I can get one on my next visit? 🙂

  161. QueenVISMO

    The only shop worth your money. Crazy good deals. No matter what you get, it’s guaranteed fire

  162. MLOgaz1215

    love the concentrate

  163. jaepadilla

    live this place super dope prices and people love love the meds always !!

  164. liqrich187

    AWSOME PRODUCTS, but too expensive

  165. bduran20

    back here again and lovin the flower and the deals. can’t get enough of hwc…preferred budtender Carl

  166. jesusg413

    Love this place they treat you like family great service product and price!!!! My go to #1 specials everyday!

  167. cbang7

    this Location was the bomb!! had the Fraternity union happen at Phoenix and a friend introduced me to Herbal wellness .Good quality of service,great flower and kickass and knowledge staff.They know their flower !!dY~Z

  168. hyyerrfrank

    Always love coming here. Best quality in Phx that I’ve tried. And since they started doing memeberships it’s even better. Great prices, great meds, greats atmosphere, and awesome staff. Concentrates is what I always come in for and their stuff is always bomb. Potent! Thx again HWC

    – Ruperto

  169. albert53

    Best weed in Phoenix….

  170. Ahill710

    The best dispensary by far, I haven’t had anything here that wasn’t fire. They have they strongest and most flavorful concentrates I’ve ever dabbed, the snake eyes bud is very bomb like everything else, the space ghost and bubba, well really all private reserves alway puts me out… so relaxed. It brings me back to the good days of when I first began medicating, soaring high like an eagle. Some things here are better than other things, but you really can’t go wrong.

  171. gomezralph47

    Great staff, great environment and top notch medication, if you want the best meds in AZ then look no further.

  172. DSD420DABBER

    Great shop right here!!! Fantastic concentrate specials all the time, easy to get to, fast and friendly customer service and great patient support. Will definitely be returning repeatedly.

  173. SuperMannyMonster

    This my favorite place for vapen. They got the best prices and best selection, the service is always awesome

  174. porkchopxpress3

    Amazing meds and brought right to your door what more can you ask for. Drivers are friendly and prompt my go to for meds in the Phoenix metro area

  175. Elguero48

    great customer service an fire weed

  176. brutusbuckeye

    first time I’ve been back since they messed with the prices..and the quality of the bud I got was a disappointment..I hope with the price change doesn’t mean lower quality of bud..this is my favorite dispensary in the valley, but if I keep getting dried out bud that looks different then what I just saw in the display then idk what I am gonna do…yall used to be different from other places, now yall are starting to join the crowd of over priced, over dried what’s supposes to be medicine…cmon man…let’s get this fixed or customers are gonna start to walk…I drive out of my way just to visit yall because tour product could not be matched even with slightly higher prices…

  177. dankassdoobie

    this location is too dope. great staff and great flowers. keep it up dooods!

  178. briannaleearezzi

    Love their bud , always fresh. Staff ishelpful and friendly.

  179. that420

    Great atmosphere, knowledgeable budtenders, solid to spectacular flower. Donna OG, Bubba are the real deal. Can’t wait for the Chandler location to open.

  180. NickTheDeer

    Very clean, cool looking interior. I go there for the vapen cartridges, best ones around!

  181. MrBlazedale

    This was the first dispensary I visited when I got my card, I wasn’t too sure what to expect going in. Once I got in everyone there was very friendly and professional and quickly made me feel at ease, They took the time to answer my many questions were more then helpful in picking out some meds.Prices are very reasonable and meds are great to. I will be visiting again for sure

  182. donniePop

    This is the best place on earth!!!!!!

  183. buffalin

    If you need quality meds no BS HWC is your place good flower .

  184. truesmoke0606

    the bud is great and the bud line will have u have out of there in no time

  185. just0345

    Good bud , always has deals one of the best

  186. sithlord58

    this is my third or fourth time coming here but today was different the guy who help me was a little taller had glasses his name was Aron G any way he was super healpful and I’m a serious smoker so he was definitely well educated and new exactly what I wanted. I and going back in the am. I’ve been shopping at the same spot for a year but I will most definitely be coming here exclusively. thanks guys

  187. Josephturner1983

    have not been to this location in over a year last time I was there the flower was always good with the prices were high and now that I’ve seen that the prices have dropped on some also shatter always bomb also dropped, the customer service was excellent.The remodel of the place has a more secure feeling since on busy Indian school Rd.Scott your the best thanks man and you will start seeing me more often

  188. mschell3

    This place by far has the best medicine around! Picked up some gelato the other day and was more than impressed. Super clean feeling, terpenes are on point, will definitely be coming back soon!

  189. treytwhite

    herbal wellness has hands down the meds in az from extracts to edibles they have it all. the bud tenders are extremely knowledgeable about all the product the carry and they are very friendly, I will definitely be coming back soon! thanks herbal wellness!

  190. jamrosko

    I just received my card this week and this was my first trip to any dispensary. Did some research online and decided to go to Herbal Wellness Center. I explained to the front desk that I was new to using marijuana as a medicine and was assured my questions would be answered. The staff was very welcoming and knowledgeable. My bud-tender Manuel was very easy to work with and made my first purchases and dispensary visit a good experience.

  191. bwasley

    Clean, organized setting and knowledgeable staff members.

  192. rickf2016

    Service at this dispensary is the greatest. The advice on products is very valuable to those new to the process. Blueberry indica is my preferred brand of flower.

  193. trevino2430

    awesome places best flowers in town first choice for anything

  194. Pan

    I’ve been here many times, the staff is very nice and Manuel was incredibly informed and helpful on my recent visit the medicine here is top notch, one of the only places whose herb I trust, the prices are a little higher but that’s for really good reason, you get what you pay for. I’m an herb connoisseur and I’m telling you that if you want the best herb in the whole valley Herbal Wellness Center…and Trumed are the ONLY two dispensaries with flowers I consistently am amazed by, so they are the only two places I ever go. Plus they both feel cleaner, safer, and more professional. Between the two dispensaries I get everything I could ever need or want between buds or waxes. Right now I’m highly and enjoyably medicated on H. W. Centers Ghost OG….wow!

  195. bfgman

    My first time there was this summer. I was unable to go to my usual dispensary. I was away from my house. This place was great. The staff were informative and friendly. Enjoyed it!

  196. barrazaa

    My favorite place for shatter. The have great specials, wonderful service and their specials are amazing. I come from Tempe to their location just to buy my shatter bi weekly.

  197. Gee013

    first time visit. nice shop, very clean and professional staff. easy to find. i live in S. Phoenix, but the deals are worth the extra 10 min drive.

    grabbed a 1/2 oz. of the blue OG and a 1/2 oz. of the Magic Kush. figured with such a good deal i’d stock up for a bit, save myself some extra trips and gas.

    Blue OG: eh. its okay. alot of bang for your buck. its a bit of a creeper, and yes it does crackle a bit when you first start burning it, but its all good. got a good taste, not a real heavy high, but does the trick.

    Magic Kush: way better. buds are a little squishy but thats okay. tastes good, burns evenly and definitely will do the trick for what ails ya.

    also, got a free gram and picked up a couple pre-rolls. had a minor mix-up, and came home with a empty pre-roll tube. no worries. called them up, he felt sincerely bad about the mix-up and credited my account for the next time i come back. no worries. we’re all humans, right?

    overall, nice experience, and its hopeful to see more state licensed shops that are doing it right. definitely be back.

  198. dmarrow

    love this place , they have become my go to place super product, great prices on vape cartridges

  199. bfimbres613bee

    Love this spot, been going here since 2014. Herb is great, people are great and so is the atmosphere

  200. Wojie

    I used to love hwc but what’s up with your consultants not applying discounts correctly! Not to mention you guys could be a bit more friendly for the short time I come in for… it’s about the experience in a dispensary let alone the money we spend there.

  201. Smyder2

    My first visit was great! Took my husband back and his visit was even better! Great staff and selection!

  202. NicoMober

    Stopped in yesterday for some berry white Vapen extracts quality was great. Full grams of concentrate are well priced. Service is a hit or miss but can always call bud line. Will definitely be back.

  203. drizzy2394

    The quality of flower here is top notch. Love that they test a lot of their strains for THC and CBD levels. The gsc and gorilla glue I got were super tasty dY’OEdY’OE

  204. jags7777

    herbal wellness center has the best girl scout cookies in town.

  205. angelina828

    Love this place!! great atmosphere, top notch inventory and great prices. my bud tender was Martell, but they are all equally awesome. will be going back everytime & will be recommend people to go here! (:

  206. ChronicCam

    Great weed and workerd

  207. lee4270

    I’ve been there many times. I love the strains that are available and the good selection. The people there are always friendly and know there information…..It’s my main place to go right now.

  208. mdiggsIII

    Some of the best concentrates I have had. Love this place.

  209. Desireemcpeak

    Awesome service! Awesome buds!

  210. Jangulo

    amazing flowing and concetrate

  211. Isaacg0711

    Great prices & great customer service.

  212. juiceyjuice420

    awesome place for wax

  213. 623MARIO

    i like the product they carry the vapen is the best around by far. they have great specials and the bud is on point

  214. MsMina_83

    Best dispensary hands down great selection low prices

  215. mobb7123773

    my name is darrius simmons im going to every dispensary they have the best in west valley hands down im on the hunt for the best meds

  216. mexichic88

    Some of the best out there. Snake eyes is the best

  217. Madeinitaly

    Good flower and friendly staff highly recommend.

  218. billtheangryhobbit

    Great service, with price points to match, and quality product. HWC is the total package!

  219. JackyLua

    Very welcoming place and staff! Jaime was great at explaining what exactly each product was.

  220. AZ_Love15

    This place is always providing the best service and always helpful when you are in need of clean meds .

  221. SFrankel

    I’m glad I decided to stop here on the way to cali., the “jack h” is what I came looking for. I left with 5 eighths of 5 different strains. I had a great time trying every strain. Their Jack is a potent Sativa. each strain looks different and with different effects, all good ones. I will pass by about 10 other places on my way to shop there again.

  222. sroberts6

    I have been coming very regularly to this dispensary for almost a year now it is my number one James was wonderful today I was having a bad day so I was on my way to get something to uplift me and when I got there they were out of most of what I wanted they take very well care of their patients and I would like to commend them and give him a big thank you and a huge hug for me James even though I did not ask for anything still took care of the issue I was having and I very very much appreciate that so anybody going to Herbal Wellness needs to stick with them because they have awesome customer service and great product thank you hope to see you around there!

  223. kaptainkush91

    always have REAL og strains in sfv is fire but im waiting for that paris og

  224. gUudguyroachlife

    perfectly tailored for the connoisseur and the true lover of sinsemilia and a perfectionist always is fulfill Ed and your tears and grades estranged is unmatched and unrivaled everyone knows on the street that this is the spot for exemplary experience exquisite purchases thank you Herbal Wellness!

  225. jbshreds

    Great product and great prices. Will be back!

  226. cmgirom

    They have really good deals here all the time and they have great quality in weed and wax. There service is also good.

  227. west75az

    second time coming in the First time i was a new patient picked up some flower second time i came in for the moon rock and by far was the best moonrock definitely will be back

  228. tonythecanopener

    rolls choice never disappoints and the the thin mint is pretty good

  229. elmari420

    hwc_phx is the best dispensary of all times. the staff is super nice,friendly & really informative. phoenix og & donna og are super fire dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=i really recommend it, check them out dY’dY’dY’!!!

  230. anth312

    High quality people and high quality product. Some of the strains were unfamiliar to me but Joel walked me through it all and I was not disappointed. Candy Jack and Cookie monster are a must. Oh I forgot to mention that YOU GET FREE MEDS up to an 1/2 ounce on your first trip!!!

  231. tewacheif21

    This is the beat go to place for top quality meds

  232. Ebrezzy420

    Really great bud and very nice people and great atmosphere

  233. rgazmike

    Donna is still the supreme flower in the valley and service is second to none. Not as happy with the thin mints as I had hoped for, but still good quality. Phoenix is a great grab also to keep the variety going.

  234. kushhher623

    Super Intelligent when it comes to the cannabis, and the products are super flame!

  235. Dreynaud

    Come see my guy Carl for the PACK!!!

  236. Chefsponge99

    I didn’t think the wax is going to be good but it’s great I’ll buy more

  237. agh

    Michael was my budtender, he was very patient and informative, great flower.

  238. Sparkit420

    worth the wait great flower

  239. inhalexhaling

    By far the best deal in the whole phx area for 1st time patients, and the flower was perfecto!!! be back soon.

  240. phate75

    The best of everything. The best the meds I’ve come across.

  241. UncoolDaniel

    Herbal Wellness Center has some of the best quality bud I’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking. Top marks guys, keep it up

  242. localindustrysucks

    Im still smoking on my Gelato half oz deal from last week be warned you will eat everything and then more. hunger comes with every hit regardless of food consumption….wtf?? super like old school sd stony too… very nice eat/sleep

  243. 1997leon

    Beat quality flower

  244. AlexisA

    love the new prices and love the flower always fire

  245. Jrod21

    HWC provides the best flower of any dispensary in the valley without question. No one else even compares.

  246. bfun

    My first visit to the Herbal Wellness Center was a nice experience. The receptionist greeted me with a kind smile and after a short questionnaire I was allowed into the salvation room. Roman greeted me and asked me what I was interested in. I said it was my first visit. He gave me the tour while helping me find the perfect herb for my needs. The Bubba Skywalker is the best. Also like the purple dream a lot.
    I would recommend this dispensary to everyone else and will return often! Thank you.

  247. mamadot

    You had me at “we take debit cards”

    Everyone was really friendly – from the receptionist to the budtender to the security guard. The world is a happier place in here.

  248. congobob1

    Joel H is a great customer service rep.

  249. JoeyBuckets

    Natasha recommended to me the ghost og shatter… best ive ever had by far!! So glad i chose to go there whole place is 1st class.

  250. Lizwebb

    i love this place! excellent customer service and great deals. definitely recommend checking them out.

  251. Cceballos623

    great flower

  252. nolanwhill

    Good hours nice and informative staff BEST flower for the BEST price I highly recommend herbal wellness center

  253. AidanGoodwin

    Great place with friendly staff! Will definitely be back!

  254. Aunarich11

    Service was awesome, great and knowledgeable service!!! I got the Blue Creck and it is excellent.

  255. Vickivic92

    this is by far the best shop I’ve been to. the staff is always super friendly and they know their flower. and that flower is awesome. the serpentine bud is really smooth and heavy. one of my new favorites. steve helped me last and he was funny and gave great recommendations. Will definitely be back and hope to have him as my budtender again

  256. Barryjuice

    The budtender (Roman) was very good, educated and helpful. The flowers I bought were very good especialy the super lemon haze.

  257. cinnamoncurls

    The THC is amazing but would like to see more CBD products

  258. k111ermike

    Best place in town and great prices

  259. laladaddy8649

    I love HWC.. they are always doing bogos on vapen, and 20-25$ 8ths are great for the price ! check them out!!!

  260. Naturalhighlife420

    still waiting on that DOLATO againdY”Y=All I gotta say that Orange apricot shatter tasted damn good!

  261. marshmellow420

    I think it was the vibe was so inviting right off the bat. I can’t remember the guy who helped me but he was great and I’ll be sure to remember it in my next visit! Thumbs up for me. The 2 strains he helped me picked up I’m in love with! Bubba cookies and Gelato Og dY~<

  262. physix

    hmmmm idk used to be on point BT since the construction they been iffy
    gg4 out of stock or pop corn nugs

  263. lacyypelto

    Amazing top shelf wax and often catridge deals.

  264. ghostmuff

    Was a bit of a wait for my first visit but was well worth the it. Picked up some Girl Scout cookies and Ghost OG and couldn’t be happier. Nice clean place with very friendly staff.

  265. phoenixboy20

    I think this location is one of the best in town. It’s what i like to call a hidden gem. Very convenient and very helpful. Definitely would recommend to all the first timers out there.

  266. dystopianpatient

    I was surprised at the selection here, the budtenders were super nice and honest about what would work best for me. Definitely worth the drive.

  267. axis61

    herbal wellness center has some amazing flower. They always have great quality medicine. Their snakes eyes are my favorite.

  268. Fatboii42069

    Very good quality flower and the crumble was absolutely amazing. Definitely recommend.dY”Y=dY'”dY’OEdY1/4

  269. dabstarboss

    they have the best flower in town for the price .. stop waisting your time at other dispos….waz on point… love the 3 for 55.. keep that like every 3 days

  270. snap1500

    They have the best Thai Sticks around


    BEST DISPENSARY IN AZ!! The flowers are always top shelf! Ogs are super proper and and straight fire! That goes for donna, bubbasky, ghost, Phoenix, and the fantastic hybrid girl scout cookies (og kush X Durban poison X Cherry Pie) NO ONE in the valley has constant highly effective medication. Not to mention they have the best concentrates in the valley, including having a better version of clear concentrate that will leave you twisted! (90% THC) I love you guys herbal wellness center! You’re only dispensary in AZ!

  272. akatrib05

    So this was my third dispensary I’ve been to since becoming a resident of Arizona and this place brought me back to California their flower is amazing all the strains are primo you would see in any top shelf place in California. The service is also great the agents are nice laid back and very knowledgeable. They keep the floor and displays very clean as well. Would definitely recommend this place to anybody if your looking for that Cali fire in Arizona this is the spot to hit up well worth the 40 minute drive .

  273. juan2three

    dope spot.. super chill staff.. proper trees.. got a free eigth for ftp plus a free preroll cause it was my bday lol

  274. jlynnaolicious

    My favorite dispensary hands down! Best flower in town, strain to check out would be snake eyes ! only down side is they get so packed but that’s because they have awesome deals all the time:)

  275. 420AdventureTime

    Best prices for top shelf quality!

  276. sswaney9

    great meds & great service

  277. thabatman420

    Super convenient location! Great staff and great atmosphere. Medicine is high quality and tastes great!!!

  278. Angie7

    Martell is my Favorite ^ ^ this guy isabsolutely sweet. He is very chill and it was only my 2nd time there. He provided excellent service. Im very excited to try my new strains (Grandaddy Purp), (Purple Dream)

  279. Cynical_Optimist

    HWC has THE FIRE. My man Carl hooked it up!

  280. brittsf61589

    wow, so I’ve heard all over that herbal wellness phx has some of the best medicine in AZ right now. I live in mesa, like 40 mins away and decided I was gonna make the drive just to check it out and get my first time patient free 8th *which is such a good fucking deal* I shit you not, I haven’t seen beautiful buds like these in a while. I ended up getting their 2015 cannabis cup 1st place award winning strain called Snake Eyes. probably the sexiest buds ever. the smoke…perfect. and for the free 8th..dankest fucking girl scout cookies I’ve ever seen. I will absolutely be making that 40 min drive quit frequently lol.

  281. jordanslim

    Love the oz specials. Great quality!

  282. gonzales636

    I’m a loyal customer and everytime I come it’s an amazing experiance all the staff are amaIng and their Meds at bomb.com

  283. joeups85

    Some of their buds look good but if you go there for the specials they don’t offer top shelf just their mids

  284. Nvthvn

    Best products in the valley with friendly helpful staff members

  285. Melobeats1

    worst dispensary in Arizona! quality completely fell off. i waited 35 min and 4 people who showed up after me got called in before me. i used to love the Og and gorilla glue 4 but now there horrible. dont bother.

  286. outsider2014

    went in and got a 1/2 of that xj crumble and a grammer of pineapple kush..both HIGHly recommended! great atmosphere and even better people.

  287. ABD4

    Cheyenne was awesome and so helpful on my first visit!

  288. ZombieDaddy

    this is by far the best dispensary in the area, top notch flowers and some of the best concentrates. helpful and friendly employees. just an overall great place to pick up your meds.

  289. ryancade

    Was impressed with the friendly service and the quality of the flower great place.

  290. big94

    Love the people and my meds lol

  291. oscarb739

    Great first timer experience. I will definitely go back soon

  292. 710shmokeup

    been awhile since ive had my card. but dangthis place is still fire af. shatter on point. dY”Y=dY”Y=

  293. KingSyris30

    its awesome

  294. Paco4200

    HWC has fire bud. Best pre rolls In town

  295. rubyvivi

    loved the way the staff was friendly, and the wait time was worth the wait, they really make you feel important and all their products are to their best quality , definitely going back

  296. dupontdude

    Only place I GO!

  297. chasemurdaugh

    Great dispensary ! Great buds ! Herbal wellness center does it right ! I’m happy 🙂

  298. ImposterOak

    professional atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, potent meds. what else could you ask for?

  299. jaketoolooze7

    Martell did a great job helping me out and as always the weed was fabulous. …

  300. reddwood87

    they lie about there buy one get one free deals. it states you can get any thing equal or of lesser value for free but then you get to the location and it turns out that your options are way more limited. all I wanted was one particular strain and they forced me into chosing one I didn’t want I will never be back and I will not recommend to anyone and I will discourage anyone I know from going there.

  301. birdcityy1990

    I really like ur pre-rolls

  302. albert34

    love the Phoenix og…definitely worth the drive…Will definitely be back

  303. TruthBearer

    The herbal wellness ctr. Has some great deals and even greater meds get in and check them out!

  304. janthonyw4

    Great place. Friendly service. Very welcoming atmosphere for sure and that have the best quality

  305. Ogflight2space

    Best dispensary in Arizona hands down now even more on top of every dispensary because the prices drop These other places need to step it up. For anyone that just got their cards and you’re looking at these reviews come try herbal wellness center and then go try everywhere else you’ll see why these people are the best

  306. pgranzella

    Eat buds in the valley!

  307. sativafied

    Great Buds and Customer Service! A++

  308. Habitsgee23

    The shatter the flower the specials the pre rolls review and staff are all great worth coming in if your a first time patient

  309. dirkdvorak

    Great selection great strains!

  310. angesimmon

    The people here are awesome

  311. roy.rivas.96

    sum of the best bud around and the prices are getting better

  312. MizzTheWizz

    Great service great quality

  313. Jazerson

    Great place and awesome meds! Keep it up guys!

  314. phxctk

    Knowledgable and friendly staff serve up the highest quality products in the valley at reasonable prices.

  315. nicomancool

    awesome service gt a free gram of extreme shelf after buying one.

  316. kingarthur314

    Very good strong weed. No pretendo here . Close to my house. Worth every penny

  317. Korynlacy

    super awesome vibes. love the early bird special(:

  318. whiteboy99

    People are always very nice and helpful!

  319. Poopiedude

    service is good
    prices are good
    quailty of wax is terrible. all dust and no stability. i couldn’t believe they tried to pass off the ashes of spiderman from Infinity War as Wax.

  320. supremecam

    HWC is one of the best in the valley for flower! Customer service is always great as well! Come back here as much as I can

  321. joshuajdm

    They really make you feel welcome here my first time was awkward but they really changed my idea of what is was gona be like everyone greets you is the best part makes me feel good to come back(:

  322. Hman59

    Hope the OG-18 becomes a strain you have on the regular like you have the Ghost and Donna OG’s!! Thank you so much HWC for OG-18, it worked perfectly for my pain!!! dY’dY>>dY’SdY>>dYZ-

  323. Kennodee

    best place to be, always great service.

  324. Brainbros

    Very good service. Knowledge is spot on and the Donna was great! Thanks Martell.

  325. Aaron_g3

    Came in for the 2 top shelf shelter deal and this review is actually for the bud tender that helped me out James Furman he went an extra mile to help me out with my points it was also the last hour of operation and he was still being very helpful totally awesome and appreciate it!

  326. Dwilli3939

    Quick response for Friday

  327. danielterry24

    good stuff

  328. Nunyabidnit

    Amazing! My first dispensary experience and I got free flowers with a glass jar. Amazing!

  329. sleepykampol

    Deals deals deals plus everything is flane

  330. HeadHighEyesLow

    Fast and Reliable Store,great staffs,great buds!

  331. Jonsnow1

    great people and better service. would recommend to anyone

  332. shadymarley

    herbal wellness was a great friendly place I always visit when I can the people are cool flowers are amazing never a disappointment going there always leave happy the cookie monster
    was very great there edibles were great I refer this place to anyone who hasent been there its definitely worth your trip

  333. Smackdilly42

    This place has the best flower I have been able to find. Absolutely amazing.

  334. skate1996

    herbal wellness center is amazing you can’t beat the quality and the prices are great nowhere has quality like this truly “for the true connoisseur”

  335. pancho12

    great service from Isaiah and the vapen carts are fruity

  336. ClassyCyn85

    I believe its very convenient for me I stay 3 miles S. Frm dispensary. I had a friendly custumer service guy named Martell very patient with me.

  337. prettymamaof5

    high quality meds

  338. heyitsdanklin

    when I did decide to buy there everything was overpriced, and now that they realize they have to actually compete they start running “deals” or what other places call “normal weed prices”

    decide to call in for my allotment to a VERY rude receptionist who instead of letting me know in a kind manner that they won’t do that anymore for their online checks, proceeded to cop an attitude about why I was calling them and to tell me I would have issues calling in ever again because of how long it had been since I bought there.

    very bad experience don’t go here don’t call in here

  339. LayZBeaR

    Needs to open the Chandler location. Friendly staff.

  340. Gueralocz

    my fav spot love the peeps tree and waxy… budline is where its at

  341. acerecedes

    This place is awesome affordable meds that are refridgerated they take debit cards, the meds come out of a machine and not touched by the public. never seen that before. My only complaint is there 10am to 6pm hours limit my time I have to go there. Stay open longer… most close at 8pm or 9pm.

  342. docwolf

    Thanks to all ar HWC, especially Chad, great service, product, atmosphere. Stop by, say hi.

  343. Louieman1

    Great staff an meds love it here actually i have a good time here always

  344. daugh071

    I don’t buy flower here often because of price, but have gotten some of the best in the valley the times I did. The concentrate deals are amazing. The top shelf shatter lacks stability, but it is still better than any other at that price range. The private reserve wax I tried was clear looking and had strong effects. The nug run shatter is dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y= light colored, very stable, no cloudiness, amazing flavor, and great effects. The bogo deals are well worth it. Their brand of vape is very potent as well and they carry a lot of strains. The bud tenders are all very nice and the wait isn’t usually too long. Great place for just about everything.

  345. marleysdad88

    love the new wax prices

  346. Scorpio23

    not bad, not great either. limited strains, not a lot of staff cooperation honestly. i was like hey man lemme get a look at your sativas. and the kid behind the counter said he wasn’t sure which was which. he was totally nice and all, but guys come on you gotta train your staff. they’ve got good edibles for sure, but you can get those brands all over the place. that’s why i went in there anyway, guess i’ll keep going to the one by my house. sorry guys, just wasn’t impressed.

  347. larsonjsinnger1

    Great place. Love the people. They always have top quality flowers. Friendly. Will always going back for more.

  348. Caraagrace

    Best quality in the valley by far! Have recommended to a lot of friends.

  349. badvibes420

    Best dispensary in the state. Thank you Kain! Thank you too all the bud tenders.

  350. mawd1r

    bombest doe.. wax is super fire and really jnterested in the body iteams great deals to top it off

  351. NikGotGud

    one of my favorite spots for sunset sherbet and gorilla glue #4

  352. bashanc

    Very nice…

  353. azangel

    I’ve gotta say I was a little worried because of location on how good this place would be but OMG I fell in love. This place is amazing, the atmosphere, the people, the knowledge and the product will keep me coming back. Josh was a kick ass bud tender and he knows his shit! Awesome first patient specials. I’ll definitely be a returning customer. Can’t wait to try my magic brownie tonight, it looks scrumptious.

  354. ricklevy

    great place, relaxed and comfortable. first time there and staff was great. If you have a question i highly recomend Jessica. Very knowledgeable and not the least bit condescending, lovely lady!!!

  355. mkman7

    Bud tenders here know their stuff

  356. Azeltyoh

    I too, Love this place. Great
    people, Great atmosphere, Great bud. thanks, HWC!

  357. jrsjr3191959

    Decent selection. Reasonably priced. Very friendly. Definitely a repeat customer. Enjoy 🙂

  358. juliesanchez

    Roman was very helpful. donna is the best

  359. Khalil88

    Poor service management is rude don’t waste your time and money

  360. anonymous5000

    This place is the truth! First time going it stank so good. Prices was even better. Gorilla glue #4, that’s all I have to say. I’m still high from earlier today,

  361. drowgotti

    Best dispensary so far, atmosphere was great

  362. tykane7474

    honestly this is the best dispensary in Phoenix. period. love the meds. love the bud tenders .

  363. Patty420Cantu

    Great place great prices friendly staff

  364. keesuggs

    Been to a few places in the city staff is hands on. Minus the pre-packaged flower a great place to spend your money!!!!

  365. bigwillynelson

    Great flower ! Great people ! Definitely recommend it !

  366. MDAllen95

    love this place. great flower

  367. riccwhite

    Very good place always knew but I am

  368. buddyhutch

    I come to this spot quite often and they always have the best bud and great customer service.

  369. Benwebb

    The Cannabis Tenders were great to as soon as I walked in.The Cannabis was great also.

  370. c4clipz

    Only been here once wanna take another trip

  371. prosper1

    great vibes, good flower and deals

  372. Troadruck

    Great strains, good quality, will definetly return again

  373. Xhale

    GhostBerry Is So Nice The Levels Are Perfect And Taste Is Amazing Great For Holiday Season.. and The Purple Donna Is #1 In My December List

  374. dugonzalez

    best weed,
    top notch customer service!!

  375. inkeddaddy21

    I love this place. Amazing service and made me feel at home!!!!

  376. FoldABol

    Amazing! Accolades to HWC for their recent, well-deserved recognition and superior service! Scott Pierce is an exceptional Manager, Bud-tender, extremely knowledgeable and sincerely helpful. He is the reason I return to and refer Herbal Wellness Center. A wonderful array of top quality products and a fantastic vibe!

  377. rlutt

    I thought that having VIP customers cut in front of customers that have been waiting for 30 minutes is bad business and kinda degrading feeling, hope you have extremely good sales or I would not be back. Plus the waiting area is filthy. Joel H. Was the best part of my visit.

  378. stan4

    I went to HWC and got the best of the best. Their Bubbas Cookies is the g.o.a.t. And was super easy to break down. Great staff and great meds

  379. murphynick

    last time I was here they treated me great so I’m comming here Everytime

  380. conniepena83


  381. Meds4thePatients

    HWC – February Review
    A genuine 5 – Star connisuer grade cannabis dispensary. Herbal Wellness Center sets strandards for the industry in Arizona regularly, from unmistakable flower to clean and solvent free concentrates, HWC doesn’t disappoint. Great stop for the most potent medication(flower) as possible!
    Easy to tell the cultivator loved those plants!

  382. RGS72991

    Best place in town to get your meds plus my bud tender Carl always hooks it up

  383. Drpatchablunt420

    Best Dispensary in town hands down. Potent meds and good customer service.

  384. DatNinjaKJ

    been to many places. best first time patient special & the flowers are even better. my #1 spot for meds.

  385. CHRISMELO82

    this place is great Steve my bud tender was very helpful and answered all my questions

  386. Xtman

    There was a misunderstanding that they reached out to cleared up. These guys rock, if your looking for a real dispensary.

  387. BobbyBudskis

    Herbal always gots bomb! Never disappointed dY’OEdY1/4 love grabbing the concentrates there always flame!!dY’dY1/4dY”Y=dY’-

  388. Hermanterwilliger13

    The manager Britney made sure I got a great deal on their product.

  389. PhoenixMediMan

    Best concentrates in the valley, the edibles are on point, and even the ten dollar variety is fire, the donna’s cookies pre rolls are insane, and the people are cool. Plus they make good solid recommendations.

  390. vik475

    Great place to pick up flower love the deals they have always a good experience

  391. Breena420

    Love coming here for the shatter as well as the flower the staff is so amazing n always make sure that everyone is well satisfied

  392. christianm192

    awesome place .. great quality !

  393. dondaniels

    always good medication staff is always friendly

  394. arosgeorge420

    Carl was a good help good vibes

  395. chronicgore

    herbal wellness is the best

  396. teedo

    went in for my 1st time visit and the wait was quick.fast with they’re services and strong flower.highly recommendable

  397. s9l0a4

    LA confidential dY”Y=dY”Y=best place in town
    Thanks for gift bag …

  398. Rolewnik283

    Roman and I think it was Dan helped me out before. Honest and helpful. I appreciate it and come back often due to the service and specials!

  399. nany77

    Love this place, Haven’t been to any other dispensary since coming here.

  400. Chucky623

    One of the best dispensaries in town. Great staff, great prices, and such a wide selection. Would definitely recommend if you haven’t been.

  401. kurwinm

    This is one of the best places to get medical.

  402. Jtmoney21

    Best flower in az… Kool staff

  403. Gregg22fletcher

    Great place to go if your looking for the best top shelf in town,

  404. SamBenny

    love the friendly staff and Excellent meds they always have, hands down favorite is Gelato , gotta try em out

  405. monster623ws

    Best tasting and strong shatter,wax,sugar wax all super clean and great high. You can’t go wrong with any of the in house wax and premium shelf flowers are well worth the prices.

  406. Reyna1986

    this place is the real deal. I Recomend their actual flower is the best out of all the rest the flower here is the best in az.

  407. TephyMaria

    I love this location. It is close to my home. The are quick, too. I am usually in and out pretty quickly. The staff was really friendly.

  408. daniejay

    O’Neil was my budtender for my 1st visit at HWC, I asked him a few questions and he knew his strains pretty well. I asked him for his recommendation on my purchase. I was not let down my his advice and I will continue to return! #HappySmokeNToke

  409. duran1010


    Thanks for making my first visit a pleasant experience. The Meds were exactly what i was looking for. Again thanks for the pleasant experience. I will be back.

  410. CoachBigO

    I am a new patient and this is the first time I walked into a dispensary and Herbal Wellness set the bar very high. David my Budtender was amazing with a lot of knowledge.

  411. Perediach21

    Really do enjoy all types of flowers this place has, pre rolls that can take pain away jajaja.

  412. Wdt

    Zach was a superb bud tender. Flowers are top notch. Highly recommend. Thanks Zach

  413. Josiemaebanta

    I will never go to another shop! I feel comfortable here and truly enjoy speaking with the budtenders!

  414. Mikestitzinger89

    Used to be my favorite for shatter until they changed the deals. They had days where u can get the live resin shatter for $16 a gram, no more I guess because I was told that it was too good of a deal. $4 more in comparison to the private reserve shelf but yet gotta take it off specials? Really bummed out

  415. brandencele

    A quality Dispensary

  416. medicatedguy420

    loved the people working very helpful and friendly definitely coming back for the flower

  417. Sjoshlin

    I can’t remember the guys name who helped me, but he was so helpful. He knew exactly what strain I needed for my chrons disease very nice, patient & I would recommend this place. great atmosphere

  418. Chuco2113

    This place was very good loved the edibles as well as their amazing flowers will be back for sure

  419. kris25cd

    I received a text informing me of the 145.00 dollar donation half ounces. Its not the donation that I was impressed with or the quality of the meds. I met a caregiver named Roman, Now I usually am pretty good with counting, but I made a mistake of over paying. Not once but I think twice and Roman caught it and returned the extra twenty. TWICE! Hey Roman Thanks for your honesty it goes along way. This is a example of why I go the extra mile to shop for topshelf meds at Herbal Wellness. Thank you to all your employees.

  420. meatman148

    The herbal wellness center on 43&indianschool has an amazing staff the representative i spoke with his name was martell he explained to me the difference between the strains which helped

  421. princeofdarkness

    Great deals friendly servise

  422. dannysdemaio

    Love this place. Erin has helped me out a couple times and she is straight up the best and Josh helped me out today… all are very knowledgeable and make you feel welcome. Their private reserve stuff is on point some of my favorite flower and there shatter terp profiles are always spot on. Thanks HWC!!! You da best!

  423. oddteejay

    Went to herbal wellness today, you can’t beat the FREE 1/8 for first time patients. Nice, clean and very welcoming atmosphere. My budtender Kelcie was very knowledgable & friendly. I will definately be going back! Check out the deals they have, the best dispensary I’ve been to so far.

  424. gdunny

    Best budz and best service by far.

  425. saoirselynn

    My first experience here was awesome. I was in here a couple weeks ago and Dan helped me, i got a pretty good deal. The environment was chill and the employees were great.

  426. gary1948

    Great place to get your prescription filled.

  427. DawnProv

    Awesome quality of flower!

  428. Newglassware3

    had a great experience as always! But for the first time I had a gal named Steph who display amazing customer service as well as passion and was able to try a 400 mg CBD ointment that work wonders almost instantly after me already wounding my leg definitely going to come back and pick up some of that. thank you again Steph for that!

  429. alexgomez123

    Great environment overall selection and quality is hands down the best came in once for some gelato one of the best strains I’ve had. Will definitely be a returning patient!

  430. Kushmie7

    I love it!!

  431. oscar1984

    they have good quality top buds the la confidential is always firedY”Y=well recommend spot

  432. blazelatree

    great service friendly environment all second to their top shelf meds

  433. twells400

    I’ve really enjoyed my first experience at hwc . From the smell to the experience. thank you hwc I will be back

  434. mtrevino1962

    this is the Best ever I smoke on the daily I’ve been to all the spot and trust me come here .good job Herbal Wellness for making me always well

  435. GoldieLocks1990

    Best shop to get concentrated oils from!! Great prices on the 500v3 cartridge at 500 mg indica sativa and hybrid all available they also had some of bubba sky walker and marry lee also some of the best strains I’ve ever had here dY’OEdY1/2dY$?tmdY1/2dY$?tmdY1/2dY$?tmdY1/2dY$?tmdY1/2

  436. red824

    Natasha was absolutely wonderful! She was knowledgeable and extremely personable! I will definitely be going back!

  437. akolb91

    Amazing shatter and buds here. My favorite is the edibles so potent that they last me a while.

  438. inkedmommy888

    great buds, fast service, friendly staff

  439. KiDNAsty23

    awsome place to come to. i love it here ! dY”Y=

  440. Nekopico

    I think this is a great location to get meds!!! I had Josh as my budtender and he was filled with knowledge, about the flower I was interested in. I got the chance to medicate on Dr.Who, Bubbas cookies, Bubba Skywalker and Space cough. I actually liked Bubbas cookies more than I expected. My ultimate favorite is space cough though, it is a sativa I really enjoy!! Although I give a lot of the credit to Scott and Josh for helping me out the most!!! You guys are awesome!! Thank you again for all your help!!! dY~EURdY’-

  441. franky23

    grat place grate advice

  442. loganbone

    Budtenders are always great here but the Forbidden Fruit was garbage. Wish the flower here was better, it had jar appeal but that’s about all.

  443. Acstephanie

    budtenders are very knowledgeable and all the products that they supplied as patients and I am very satisfied with the quality of product that I’ve had the luxury to experience!

  444. caseyhall

    I love the one on one time you get with your budslogist they are friendly and it’s got top Notch bud thank you herbal

  445. NerdyNerak

    Competitive prices, good products, and a killer staff.

  446. jeffhull1976

    I like it.

  447. Mr.blazealot420az

    this is a real good place to go to you should definitely try this place out if you have not yet .

  448. jrAZ218

    Great place with some fire flower and bomb deals. The staff is also very helpful and friendly.

  449. luvtoteach

    Freindly, professional people and answeres all questions. They spend as much time with you as you need. I will continue to shop here.

  450. noelwest24

    1st stop shop for best flowers

  451. IGETHIGHx10

    Most beautiful women working in this place. A must see n best flower in the town.

  452. mr.ace

    so i went in and asked for the top 3 flower strains, i was directed towards donna og, bubba skywalker, and the budtender favorite jack herer. so here is my review the donna og was the best out of the 3 bubba skywalker 2nd and in 3rd obviously jack. the jack herer was by far one of the least potent strains i have had in awhile,didnt feel anything. donna og i would get again if it was at the sale price of $42 again but would not pay full price for it or the bubba skywalker. they taste great but bubba burns super fast. i am not in anyway spreading hate just my opinion ive been smoking for over 20+ years and know quality. a couple of us all think the same thing just not impressed. we do agree on this though if you are a tru connoisseur check out this place on 40th st and Mcdowell. im not gonna say any names. anyway love the new look at hwc great service but just not for me.

  453. Dboy

    I like Herbal Wellness Center

  454. MrNoice

    I love this place! Great meds and GREAT staff! Ariana is always very friendly and informative! Thanks herbal wellness!

  455. douche_hipster

    Great place. #topshelfdispensary

  456. FreeqyDrummerWolf

    Great if you want Indica. If you want Sativa, you had better hope you get there the one day of the month that they actually have some.

    Selection has dwindled over the past few months. Quality of product is decent, but again they only ever keep a select 2-3 strains (Indica) in stock, and the rest of it seems to be a sort of ‘daily special’.

    TL:DR – Great place if you want Indica, crap if you want Sativa.

  457. pmalhamdary

    Always great quality drive 15 miles to get here worth it every time

  458. desiifbby

    my helper was dope.

  459. pookieluve38

    my favorite dispensary and the best.

  460. anozira222

    came here after my usual place was shut down due to dispensaries complaining about them taking business now I am forced to expand my search for my medicine I come here hopeful to find some good og kush strains I smell the whole lot. the high grade smells like green house/ markers and almost gagged. donated for the top shelf OG kush smelt okay but when smoked it was like inhaling a chemy airy smoke tasted like I just smoke advanced nutrients as it says on their container. disappointed will not return although the atmosphere and service were cool…

  461. hottiechemist

    I love herbal wellness. This is one of the best spots in the valley hands down. So surprise they only have one location…but trust it’s worth the trip if your not local

  462. aholla32

    Best mess in AZ long them cannibus user over 15 years an when they have something it’s always top shelf! Got hooked up by Manuel an David, not worth going anywhere else

  463. Jfrofasho

    Always the best quality and service. I work at another dispensary and drive here on my lunch break because their deals and quality tops even my employee discount over here! Thank you for everything!

  464. Jay.will-64

    Joseph Wilson

    This place is A1 they are just amazing

  465. DBurrell

    Great bud! Best deals around. Love GG5!

  466. tomierocko96

    great shatter

  467. wedothat

    Extremely informative and polite! Amazing aroma and selection. Easily the best quality meds in the state.

  468. migi19

    HWC always comes in clutch!! Flower always stays on point, never dry and definitely the best highs on AZ!

  469. CBuze74

    absolutely awsome..i forgot my guys name. but he gave me soild info so i got what i needed. fav spot

  470. gearzs

    First time being in and hands down best best place in town and it’s definitely where is the true connoisseur shops

  471. honeygoogoo

    always satisfied with this place, great selection and service. arianna is awesome! I love dealing with her! GO HERE! dY~f

  472. jrubio602

    great experience bomb buds !

  473. CannaDawg

    Time to stock up on one of my Vapen carts today, this highIrish is really feeling lucky.

  474. Diamond_reeko

    Great service, knowledgable, quick

  475. Albelo18

    It’s a great place.. Love the people who work there.. So helpful..

  476. Jamesonsss

    No gg4 and no ghost og, for awhile now. Most of the newer stuff doesn’t compare. Please bring back the fire!!!

  477. Treginek

    great meds great customer service

  478. hpmacias

    If you visit HWC, Gelato is a must try! If purple catches your eye this strain is for you. This is a new favorite of mine because of the quality of smoke. Truly for someone who enjoys quality flower. I was recommended the phoenix og and was not unsatisfied but I’m not convinced that i like it. Potentially it’s not for me but still decent smell and plenty of crystals. My budtender was very humble and did a great job to make me feel welcomed, thank you Nick.

  479. roger23

    Awesome staff and awesome meds, I will be back!

  480. BrownRound

    Flowers hands down some of the best in the valley!!

  481. andimijo

    Best Dispensary in town by far! Great products and they are constantly running deals!

  482. Rydininaz2014

    Best Dank in town! OMW there right now for that 29% L.A.!!!

  483. trulyunknown11

    great quality bud for a good price

  484. tonlocog

    HWC best place in AZ..staff is professional and courteous best deals around

  485. katlover

    I had the best bud tender Ever, first one I’ve ever tipped!!first one for me that legitimately earned that tip. the staff here take customer service seriously – providing the best one on one experience I have ever had!

  486. mrmikepro

    Herbal Wellness Center is a great spot to get meds!!! Atmosphere is great, meds are great, will be a spot for me to shop.

  487. Redd65

    best flowers on the aves come in if you don’t believe me.

  488. doughthegreat

    Always the best

  489. KingYork

    It was my first time and definitely not my last! For Angel help me out with everything I needed and more! It is because of people like him that will have me return to the location. I picked up the bubba cookies and got a free eight of the green crack 🙂

  490. obermudez

    I made a stop by tonight for a pre-roll and I would come back over and over again simply for the amazing service the budtenders provide .. nicest people that I really vibe with dY~~


    Best place to get bud in the world! Fantastic staff great price bud.

  492. justin093

    best shop in town hands down. fast service and quality buds

  493. Valenzuela_j

    My favorite dispensary! They have the best deals and best flower. Also anything vapen is dY”Y= definitely worth stocking up when you can catch a good dealdY~Z

  494. Lineman7

    Great staff an meds love coming over here Best buds in Az !!

  495. skyking66

    Their high grade flower and the best Veteran’s discount will keep me coming back for more. Martell was great at pointing out the specials and the additional discount

  496. Woody1

    Great Staff and Meds.

  497. Izamudio831

    This is the spot to go never disappoint me, best meds and edibles I will be definetly becoming here again they have prizes for everybody.

  498. Lizz85139

    Knowledgable staff….very helpful in making decisions for medical use. I will be back! 🙂

  499. MattRDon

    This place is all around good. It would be a great place for first timers to a dispensary. Prices are good buds great and the people are chill and fast.

  500. big_tbear88

    This place has gone downhill since I started coming here in the summer. The lobby is really showing wear and tear and was dirty last time I was there.

    Seems like there’s always a new bud tender who doesn’t really know the product.

    The flower is decent, but nothing special. Vapen concentrates are solid for the higher grade stuff, but you need to hit the sales for it to be worth the money. BOGO on cartridges is pretty much the cheapest around.

  501. bdub58

    Seems like their private reserve shatter is just trim and they’re charging $50 for a g of nug run shatter? Please tell me how this is appropriate when even the bud tenders thought the private reserve was nug run. Y’all got rich off some shady practice. This place used to rock and I don’t know, it’s just been going downhill. I’m in the lobby now and all of us in here just watched two people who got in after us get seen and taken back too. The girl at the front said one of them was a VIP because of something they did their first year in business. Overpriced for trim and the service is deteriorating to the point of me not coming here at all anymore. Find another spot, as much as it pains me to say, HWC has turned the corner to a profit hungry, low end dispensary.

  502. Hurleyguy7855

    thai stick 4 the first time. im excited
    joel helped me outt

  503. jesslyn714

    Nice place, friendly staff and the best meds. I’ll be back for sure.

  504. rickied1993

    Manee on my grandmas fake teeth this place is the place to go for your concentrates , flower , and educational material they have it all

  505. jaylynn76

    Best place ever. Great deals on those great service

  506. dSosa43

    It’s a lot nicer then I expected for my first time going to a dispensary Robert showed me around for the first time and helped me pick out some quality meds I will be going back

  507. ChubbyMermaidMadame

    I am first timer here. I went because a family member recommend it. I wasn’t disappointed. the staff is very knowledgeable and fun. I got some awesome recommendations from them. will return for the fun experience.

  508. Aeternis

    Herbal is definitely my favorite, pristine flower and excellent service. always a pleasure.

  509. Candina

    a little far for me but worth it. very nice people great deals. great stuff.

  510. kellyfromcali805

    friendly staff and good smoke. will come again

  511. mericaah

    great atmosphere. buds are on point. their prices for gummies are the best dY’oe

  512. jenniferoc24

    one of my favorites!

  513. noahmajor

    very friendly atmosphere. Immediately greeted buy a friendly face. free preroll on sundays, $45 shatter for members this place is great and if you leave a review you get free products

  514. Kev1696

    Great service, bought a quarter of gelato, super good strain A+++

  515. Steamboat64

    Love the quality, the WC access leaves a bit to be desired, however quality outweighs this slight inconvenience.


    vapen carts fire af, always got a good selection on trees and shatter for the low highly recommend!

  517. jojo777

    The Spot is Good

  518. Chinobrown87

    Absolutely LOVE THIS PLACE! Gelato is one of the BEST STRAINS in Town!

  519. kennyh362

    Awesome service, great flowers and yummy edibles!!! dY~Z


  520. LowridinPaco

    I live nearby and visit often. Their ETK shatter was recommended to me and I wasn’t let down! Very proper color and snappability! Terpy af! Highly recommend it!

  521. stakboy909

    Best flower always

  522. Applejax50

    always great indica product and good custumer service

  523. Julianmoralesgurrea

    Great dispensary helped by Carl great bud tender

  524. Swishsmoker

    Great top self meds and friendly staff will be back

  525. Dirt85051

    love it

  526. varsonv

    Definitely worth the first time patient special and after seeing/smelling/burning these meds, it just might be worth the crazy prices and the drive. Space cough and blue haze both have a great distinctive smell. Unfortunately the Donna og does not, but will creep up on you before you have time to try to be disappointed.

  527. mandabear39

    it was our first time here and the wait wasn’t but 5min and our bud tender Manuel was great they matched every thing we bought because we were first time customers we will really be coming back

  528. Searlene

    great location very convenient

  529. Nenad

    The best quality of meds, very comparable prices and the best first time patient deal in town! I am going back there again today!

  530. koshergirl

    wondering if you still give discounts to 55 & over?? been a long time since I’ve been there

  531. svitorovic


  532. kylesmokesweed1488

    love this place good deals and staff knows what thay are talking about deff gonna be going again and again

  533. jessnovoa

    favorite dispensary but the wait times have gotten longer probably due to the fantastic customer service and excellent quality products

  534. 1puff

    Green crack from here is a great strain to try. King Louis a heavy hitting indica my favorite buy. Don’t want to wait in lines, call the bud line.

  535. Jmendez27

    The location is fine the people are so nice and the atmosphere is dope

  536. brandon20

    Great meds good parking friendly staff

  537. Way2Slow

    So my first time visit was amazing. I was treated well all the way through the process. I have chronic migraines and was helped to the more indica side of the spectrum. As I peaked in and smelled all the delicious aromas in each of the jars I was delighted to a breath of fresh air. Some amazing Girl scout cookies and also there house strand Diamondback Og. Definitely not for the novice. I had a pleasant experience and definitely will be pleased to come back. Great overall experience. 5 a~+a~+a~+a~+a~+

  538. lilloutherea1

    Amazing I went in for my first time and was a amazing experience

  539. ldecoursey

    awesome first experience. defiantly going back. great deals. great products. and most of all very friendly and knowledgeable and mad me feel comfortable with all of my questions

  540. dasorrow1

    peoria awesome was best shatter and the weed looked amazing must stop take a look

  541. Treharrissz33

    Perfect gelato

  542. Mario8890

    Awesome staff this place is flame braaaauuuuuhdY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=

  543. arlopez623

    perfect it’s close to me

  544. 42792

    Went there for the first time a couple day ago. I am a first time patient EVERYWHERE. They were suoer friendly, explained to me the whole process, everything they sold. Deals. it was an awesome first trip!

  545. all420light

    Dan was right on about the phoenix OG!

  546. patron187

    Your the best

  547. Drolocs

    Herbal wellness center has some of the best medicine for the best price in the entire state they need to open more locations.

  548. KOSMO16

    Best deals in the Valley, great flower & awesome staff.

  549. Jacs

    Had my first experience with HWC yesterday. Amazing!!! The location was easy to find, ample parking space, and super clean. The staff was approachable and knowledgable and put me on to some spectacular Thin Mint GSC. With my first visit I got a free eighth of their Donna’s OG and it was one of the heaviest hitters I’ve ever medicated with. Will definitely recommend to my friends and come again soon! Thanks guys!

  550. wesleytell

    This place is great! Always have quality meds, knowledgeable people, and a great clean environment. Always have awesome deals too! Would recommend to anyone!!

  551. breesmith21

    Best buds in az . Love all their products ! dYtm,

  552. ChadW7

    Really nice flower and good prices

  553. alstar

    i really like this place an the people who work there are really friendly would definitely refer more patiants

  554. clovelove

    It was very clean, everyone was friendly and there was no wait during my morning visit.

  555. pizzachef420

    carl dope dude thanks man

  556. Happygirl52

    Brandon is AWESOME:) Great meds with great deals. Definately will be back soon. Thank you Brandon

  557. quezada68

    great flower great prices

  558. robert.stojakovic.92

    Tried the Vapen V2 cartridge (King Louis). It had great taste, effect and a good price.

  559. Backpacker33

    This place was clean, professional, and friendly. Their selection of medications was quite a variety, and they were knowledgable about their product. I will return.

  560. awwwjeeez

    Most knowledgeable bud tenders in the valley!!

  561. clclayton77

    Great staff and very nice selection of concentrations. Great member program also!

  562. therealwillsmith

    staff was amazing, flower was better

  563. Nefftinez

    Best flower I have had in a while. The customer service was amazing. Terrance was very patient & helpful. 11 out of 10 would recommend & will be going back soon.

  564. suavejm

    This was my first time going, I got Gelato and Bubbas OG. It didn’t take long at all to get in and the customer service was GREAT! I’ll recommend anyone to come here

  565. akw1989

    they have the best bud!!!

  566. HOgaz831

    Good customer service. Will be back again.

  567. amb2166833

    Dan helped me out and was really friendly and helpful! Meds are great as always and the new membership program is awesome.:)

  568. Esham66626

    cool people, i go here for the late hours everything is of good quality never been disapointed here
    the turn in and out is tough so pay att. i have seen accadents right outside the place have fun and enjoy
    the point system has help me out from being short on money a couple of times Thanks

  569. Arionna08

    Always fast and friendly service! Can never go wrong with their tasteful and fully weed. I can definitely say I would bring all my friends here!

  570. arigalaviz420

    Great bud but terrible service. I felt rushed, the budtender was rude and seemed like he was uneducated with the medical marijuana material. He was indecent to chat over to his fellow budtender complaining about the time and the long line of people outside, which is his job to help the patients in the first place.

  571. jd777

    One of the best places in town. Always consistent quality meds. Vapen clear everyday

  572. kliebman

    This place has amazing meds and the staff is always professional and very knowledgeable. I will definitely be a returning customer!! Thanks so much for helping me out!! You cannot beat the Veteran discount that they offer, really great that they appreciate America’s service members. If you haven’t been what are you waiting for? Go Now!!!! Thanks Again!!!

  573. PaperVenom

    Went into Herbal Wellness Center and they had the best deal I’ve seen. Isaiah gave me a review on the Rolls Choice love it best medicine yet

  574. hdawggroovey

    I’ve literally visited every dispensary in the valley and nothing tops this place.

  575. Viper1234

    great service and great people !!!!!

  576. wesmokepressure

    I drive all the way from stv 2 visit these guys!!! Best buds around

  577. capnchronic420

    kool staff, great atmosphere, pretty good specials, and the DONNA OG is fire! I will definetely be back for more quality medicine!

  578. ladylibra85

    my budtender Jarrod D. was awesome!! I love this place and the flower is bomb….

  579. LupitaGabaldon

    Herbal wellness has great selection of quality meds at great prices. I love the snake eyes and bubba kush shatter. They never disappoint.

  580. renamostdope

    Love it here the strains and deals are always awesome

  581. spraynsmoke602

    the serpintine og is a sticky stinky masterpiece add sum vapen keif n u will b medicated best keif I’ve had byfar

  582. Shortbuskitty

    You guys rock, I’m always a satisfied customer(:

  583. OGAsa

    Good meds n great customer service. N open late

  584. musickmom

    the place was nice and clean
    . costumer service was great! plenty of choices.. thank you

  585. wmps1964

    I can’t believe the prices. we get super quality meds up here at AFFORDABLE prices. you would never see 25 dollar grams. 14 maybe usually 10.
    come on this is robbery.

  586. Christopher1989

    First time patient…but i was impressed with the quality of service and the knowledge of the tenders. I would recommend herbal wellness center to anyone looking for the highest quality medication and for those searching for strain specific relief. Herbal wellness center keeps building their menu and keeps available the strains you count on.

  587. rnavarro

    I must say everybody in this shop will greet you with a smile. All staff is very knowledgeble when it comes to all medication. I will most definitely recommend this shop to other patients. Thank you, see ya soon.

  588. richbud23

    all i can say is wow great buds staff is super help full an help you with everyone of ur needs i will be back soon forsure would recommend them to anyone

  589. AZHerbExpert

    Every time I went here(over 6 times)the wait was over 30 min. The waiting room was packed every time! And the quality of flower is really dank looking but every time has an off taste to me. Like something with the cure, dry, or possibly environmental. Like it has almost a sulfurish after taste. Like it’s just got a different smell and taste, that you can taste and smell on the back end of every strain. From the Bubba Skywalker to their GG4…it’s just something there. And I have heard someone mention it on reviews before…so they noticed too. Hopefully it’s clean meds. If you base quality upon looks alone then you’ll think HWC has the firest meds around. Those of us that know true terpy/greasy, loud fire know!

  590. rajjin666

    This is the first place I have given 5 stars too. Stopped by on 4/20 for my first time patient special and WOW! I have never left a dispensary so happy. I got a brownie, then I got a free 1/8 of any strain and a awesome jar for my meds. Oh and the staff….. absolutely amazing. uplifting vibes and smiles on all there faces. I believe kelly was who helped me. she was very energetic and excited to ensure I left happy. They even had BBQ going in the back so I got free food too! Just quit thinking about it and try this place out. Ill be back for sure.

  591. boborganx

    BIG shot out to Mike G ..he’s helped me a couple times now and is always dead on! I’ve had their GG#4, OG Kush, Snake Eyes, Lake Of Fire, Rolls Choice, and a few others. All solid! really like their OG .. if it’s is stock, try it! dY’-a>1/2

  592. Jdmarruffo

    Herbal wellness has become my go to spot for concentrates, best quality and best price (hands down) you can never go wrong with vapen

  593. Strain.Review

    First time also, Currently they are running specials, and free gram to new patients. Never been, go now.

    I havent smoked for about 2-3 months. fairly clean system.

    Baby OG is the free grm. pretty good i must say! Mild uptake on the high, but becomes decent. no couch lock here, but definitely spacey. would love to go out and enjoy this beautiful day. 😉

    Flavor: decent, musky

    density was medium, spongy. not sticky but you don’t need to break up, just pinch and load. would roll nicely broke up.

    I didn’t inspect tricromes: but just from experience, they were picket properly and maybe even at peek.

    i have history of broken vertebrate with phantom limb pain and syndrome. I currently have three fractured vertebrate from a car accident.

    Pain reduction – is decent. as good as i would get with a vicodin, but without the pharmaceuticals.

    Duration: going on 2nd hour now. still floating wiht mild cotton mouth. munchies haven’t really been an issue so far.

    Will review the master kush @ currently 220/zone, but ask about the specials.

    The place: so it is clean and aromatic. well laid out, and straight forward. they are going to hook you up anyway, but still ask about the special.

    might have went differently if i knew about the 50%off the second 8th!


  594. jcamilo13

    Great quality flower and location.

  595. Lynsanity

    friendly staff, mediocre place

  596. mamarisa

    love going here, back again today!

  597. albaughlance34

    the best store for strans in the vally of phoenix they have more strans of kinds than anybody else in the vally and the cheapest prices very nice peaple to

  598. frankenkush

    Second time in the place, waited nearly 10 minutes with a bunch of other anxious patients. One of the questions I asked was if they used synthetic nutrients or not. The budtender didn’t know the answer, and didnt bother checking. Cmon. Tax is NOT included. High grade meds are not available in 1 gram increments. I paid $21 for an exact 1.0 gr of Madmen OG which overall had a bad taste for some reason, must be the chemical additives listed on the label. Overall, I don’t think I will return mostly based on price, selection, wait time, parking availability (i have a broken back), and budtender knowledge, the staff is leftovers from Onyx.

  599. martinbquezada2

    Staff was very professional. Dan, i think was the gentleman name, verified my green card right away and provided intimidate assistance. i am not a recreational user. i actually haven’t consumed any (Mota) in about 10 years, maybe longer, so it was important to receive the best recommendations that would target my lower back problems. thank you Herbal wellness for having such knowledgeable staff and selection at a reasonable price. i was especially surprised when i was given a “FREE” gram and a pipe for my first visit. now that is “WOW” customer service.

  600. ddbrad41

    My favorite dispensary. Great prices, great atmosphere, and great product. Very helpful and friendly budtenders. Thanks.

  601. Jrockk26

    Ghetto hood rat spot with no parking, the building couldn’t get smaller, employee were rude and I was skimped out of a patient referral which they “didn’t see in their notes that I referred anyone” and I came with a friend and they treated us with very low customer service allowing me to leave with in medicine! AVOID at your wallets expense…….. Medicine is tooooo expensive

  602. Arturobarrios

    This is the best place I’ve been too! Super good flower! My place to go!

  603. irendon2

    Blue o.g was fire!

  604. Arizona1985

    best spot for vapen!!

  605. SirMichaelC

    The medicine is awesome with great pricing. Staff is always friendly and quick on service. wait times are normally really short. give them a try you wont be disappointed.

  606. danielb710

    HWC is among my favorite dispensaries. Despite the long drive, I always find myself coming back for the daily specials more and more! Fantastic quality, clean meds at reasonable prices. The only thing I wish is that they would post test results for their products. Regardless, you’ll still end up leaving HWC with a quality product.

  607. blackbetty78

    quality flower and great service

  608. Skrapiron5

    best medicine in town hands down…

  609. gloca

    Great price with amazing qaulity on tree and waxy.. staff is koo very fast paced but still get that great customer service and new recommendations. always come here for meds

  610. asalaz15

    Absolutely loved it here! Ill defs be coming back

  611. sandie2

    this Is my number one dispensary i love to come to they always have good deals and Amazing and friendly staff

  612. paidenbud

    Love this place

  613. jannieAndkenny

    a little far but the quality of the flower. makes it worth it love this place thanks guys

  614. Tyma2013

    Long wait and I was skipped. Donna og was cool the first time I came here. This time idk!

  615. Lindzyeener

    I was very impressed. This location is a little far for me but totally worth the drive. Very welcoming from start to finish! They also have the best prices atmY=i,

  616. sammieetellem

    Amazing. Great smelling flower. i enjoy medication at this location. come check them out. Come see for yourself!

  617. thompsonfam3

    They provided me with a great deal as a 1st time patient. Manuel was very knowledgeable and friendly. He helped me specifically to my needs. They have great product (Bubba Skywalker is Amazing), good prices, and overall a neat place.

  618. svilla13

    wonderful location. nice friendly staff

  619. vrjackson11

    Price is good and the staff are friendly!

  620. sotoluv

    wonderful people, great products. I Luv coming here…

  621. Hiddengardens

    Best place to go for your finest meds and awesome customer service

  622. vetchicky

    That uncured purple punch flower is still on my mind… beautiful purple leaves lots of tricomes nice and sticky and an aroma so juicy you want to eat it lol. At home this bud does not disappoint thank you Cesar!

  623. mweldon

    I must say I am a bargain shopper… I make it clear I am here because there is little to no wait, I try to haggle but no luck. I tend to talk a little shit, but to my surprise! the guy didn’t get frustrated, and answered all my questions politely . Awesome customer service, from the receptionist to the security guard. Happy New Year , the names Marcie:-)

  624. jesi93

    This place was awesome! My bud tender was Natasha and she was super chill as well as very informative. Best dispensary I’ve been to and I will defiantly be back.

  625. steezer47

    Really Love There Gelato

  626. az_rider27


  627. kujjo999

    I have crohn’s disease and I had the best budtender to help me. He knew exactly what I needed and it worked better than I expected.

  628. jackbubba

    Scott is a good bud tender he take care of me and he knows what’s up!!!!!!

  629. Young_boi_chapo

    Great strain selection! Helpful budtenders. The best strains in Az. 10/10 would recommend!

  630. MartianOG

    Really good deals

  631. johnnosmokejonny

    Nice shop with friendly tenders.

  632. OKing10

    the location was up kept and clean with a great entertainment.

  633. Hurricane1988

    I gotta say that I was very satisfied with this dispensary. It was my first time there on Halloween, my bud tender was Joel and he gave me some good advice on my medicine, and I am very satisfied with what I got from him. I also got the buy one get one for free, and won a free eighth on the wheel. I
    think this is one of the better dispensary’s out there!!

  634. tman914

    Great place to go recommend Ghost OG my favorite

  635. curthunrus

    Can’t beat the specials and the meds. Great service too. I’m glad that I found you guys

  636. 3LTORO

    Amazing medicine worth becoming a member for!

  637. jgbballin

    I really liked it here check it out

  638. brevier87

    Coming in tonight for the black water can’t beat the price

  639. amyromero23

    very dope shop!! everyone is very friendly and the flower is always bomb!

  640. MasterKief420

    fast service friendly staff and good meds

  641. tisto333

    Great service!!

  642. bradstrong

    Tyler was extremely knowledgeable and made it a learning experience. Thank you!

  643. Dowens50

    My absolute favorite dispensary in Arizona with the best meds hands down no other dispensary around here competes

  644. plottjulian17

    Awesome friendly dispensary with quality flower which is rare now a days. keep it up fellas! concentrates are great also 🙂

  645. Jjyu0420

    One of the best places to get Meds around. Keep up the good work! Super consistent and that is key for me.

  646. Borneostar

    I love going to this dispensary. The people are fantastic and the selection is vast. I always look forward to my weekly visit!!!!

  647. monstapuss

    Love it!!!!!!

  648. s.coursey75

    Sometimes the wait can be a bit much but to be fair I go at busy times. Otherwise this place is good quality for the price, if only they could be a little cheaper though. They too shelf is amazing! More specials on that would really drum up business.

  649. TwistingTreeznAZ

    WoW!!! dY~So far in my opinion the best flowers in Phoenix and if it’s your first time the buy one 8th get one free deal is the best deal ever treat yourself to their private reserve so bomb
    I chose Bubba cookies and Bubba Skywalker sooooo BeautifuldY~
    Angel- awesome budtender!

  650. Lawrencebell

    Loved the customer service.

  651. smval420

    No wait when I went in. The quality was excellent and Josh the tender that helped me knew his weed. I would recommend this place to anyone.

  652. biggceez

    great customer service and knowledgeable on products and suggestions

  653. Nickthesmokeysmoker

    Yo Girl Scout Cookies is fire. I highly recommend it.

  654. Quincert

    Came here the other day and got bubba skywalker.m it was great strain. Heavy hitter. I was able to relax and sleep after medicating

  655. sarahlove23

    its like pike a boo or u miss it very good meds

  656. lilkim1205

    Meds are great. Gotta love these people.

  657. brooksjishua

    thanks guys… always out to help…good budtenders

  658. mannyort

    Great meds at a great price plus quick service can’t ask for much more

  659. k8o49lolia

    very clean and cool

  660. SdotWill

    Nice setup, great customer service and a bomb selection of trees! The Phoenix OG was real nice!

  661. DavidStanley

    This place is absolutely amazing they gave me a great deal for my first time patient discount it wasn’t the ordinary discount and I don’t want to say what it was because I don’t want anyone thinking that what they will get but I didn’t take a name but whoever helped me out thank you you were amazing I will always come to this place and only this place for any of my concentrates I got some grand daddy purp distillate from here and it was amazing I didn’t like the taste as a dab so they told me try it orally and I did and it tasted so much like pine it was amazing and it was super strong either way (oral more IMO) so thank you Herbal wellness for help.

  662. 420Wisconsin

    this is the second time this pkace forgot to give me my card back after leaving so I have to drive around with no card and cant get weed from other dispensers until I go back to this shop witch is really out of my way

  663. LeggittJ3

    great staff always good deals. i would recommend the nug run shatter to anyone

  664. solidt3n

    I was fooled like everyone else by there sales team!!!! Way to over priced!! There are other place with just as good flower at basically HALF the price!!!!

  665. debloodworth

    As always, a visit to HWC is met with professional and courteous staff.

  666. Mickeal1209

    All of the meds are awesome, and there is free water.

  667. papaortega

    The place and staff were nice but was not happy with my meds. Came in for a couple prerolls and the free Gram was cool but definitely some shwag. I came from a long way and didnt even get to choose my freebie and the “top shelf” prerolls mix were even worse than the freebie. I might be back but only if im brought or in the neighborhood. Never again will i travel here on purpose. Hope the review helps ya get better.

  668. pattyboii

    Best buds for the best prices! Very friendly as well!

  669. joe.jennings.969

    If any patient is looking for a quality meds this is a place to come to ,A+ on quality and service

  670. lilman

    This place is great good meds

  671. dabuhhdoo

    Excited to try the reels again love the flower and staff!!

  672. tdbentley

    Roman was a great person. it was my first time there and he answered my questions. Will return to shop again. Highly recommend.

  673. Hollyback24

    i love this place!! my favorite!!

  674. Chriistiina

    my favorite dispensary ! love the products! and atmosphere!

  675. lutontownfc

    I think this places meds are one of the best in town quick check in nice advice nice people I will go again & again cheers

  676. Cristian_420

    Quick and fast service paired with some of the dankiest flowers, love the almost daily specials

  677. alyssacrass

    really nice super hopeful definitely will go back

  678. boston617

    Herbal Wellness Center is an awesome Dispensary great staff def recommend checking them out

  679. mataman24

    Always helping people out with a great bud and service. Always love coming here.

  680. RigoO

    This place is the best! Bomb product, great prices, and real COOL ass staff. Very knowledgeable and friendly

  681. jose1313

    Awesome selection, friendly staff. Definitely going back.

  682. swipe231

    Been comeing here all the way from Mesa worth every bit the flower great here I can say deals is very good also so I did send lot ppl here worthdY’OEdY1/2

  683. b1owmyhigh

    I like it because it’s really close, and I recommended it to a friend and they like it!!!

  684. HenryIII

    The buds were good and fresh I was not disappointed at all and the staff was also good

  685. Tobiaz13

    great quality, great people, great prices!,i would recommend HWC to all mmj patients.

  686. btwix

    Listen guys I’ve gone to all different shops far and wide across the valley and this is either 1 or 2 best for flower (depends on the batch) always consistent always knowledgeable, great concentrates, very clean, great staff… all I have to say is be prepared for a wait it can get BUSY! But it’s for a good reason!

  687. smaxxx1970


  688. mybarra91

    I was a first time patient and josh was very helpful. Gelato is a great strain!

  689. Drew2u

    Very nice flowers and excellent pricing,I cant wait to go back and try some new strains.

  690. TheJohnsons4

    love the buds and the friendly customer service

  691. lickitylicha69

    Nice staff and new strains. Try the Better than yours og. You won’t regret it.

  692. avillegas24

    One of the best yet. The best flower ive yet to find and flower is my med. Great costomer service, fast and friendly. I will be coming back.

  693. cmgreene-64

    This is a must go to property!! Best flowers . Always friendly and well manicured product too .

  694. happy4213

    Wooowwww!!! Random haters on parade, competition must be feeling the heat!!! Dude seems to know a lot about back alleys lol!?

    Connoisseurs know this is the spot to go for top shelf in the valley. The last two I got were both amazing (GSC & Donna). This place has a 4.6 over 400 reviews… enough said!

    Shout out to my girl Britney! She hooked me up today with some bomb SLH!!! Can’t wait to try my OGs tonight!

  695. kbrooom

    Mikey is awesome. He’s always so sweet whenever I come in! He’s so knowledgeable about his flower, I trust his opinion. He’s honestly adorable and extremely patient with me and I appreciate that. Great customer service once again from Michael and amazing flower! Got an eighth of Bubba Skywalker and I’m prettty excited to try it. HWC always coming thru with the fire bud!

  696. kodyisntblack

    Best dispensary I’ve been to in Phoenix by far. Great atmosphere and very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Will definitely be coming back.

  697. Laflare710

    Great selection and the staff are very knowledgeable about all the products.

  698. FatFree

    good service great products

  699. Sling88

    It is by far my favorite dispensary in Az… was in there today, got a couple bhaang bars… amazing!!! And brought a friend for his 1st time and he left completely satisfied as well…

  700. abotley

    I got a free pre roll from this place on my birthday and it was incredible

  701. Jcanidate

    Great customer service !

  702. archivaldo935

    Came back for more . Medicine was good dY’dY1/4

  703. bbqribz570

    This place is almost perfect. what I like most is their quick. no waiting for ages like other places. I was in and out in about 15-20 mins without feeling rushed. The quality of the flowers is top freaking notch. all the buds are manicured well and never fluffy. other than some specialty strains everything was above 20% thc from what I saw. not everyone can say that, let alone show test results of it. the only downfall of this dispensary is that its expensive. $20/g and $55 1/8th is a bit much to make this place my one and only. but if you tough through their loyalty program for a bit the prices start to fall. I will be back.

  704. rmuniz818

    provided exceptional service very informative and great quality.made this my go to dispensary for all my medicinal needs

  705. TheCannasseur444

    seriously though what’s up with the service lately??? you guys act like what you’re talking about is more important than the patients all the damn time. there will be 1 or 2 people in the waiting room and I’m sitting there waiting 15-20 minutes listening to 4 or 5 employees behind the glass chit chat. bunch of bs

  706. Tplucas

    Oniel !! Shout out to my guy hooking it up good at hwc !! On point!!

  707. ramount

    great sservice and product

  708. rittonbay63

    BEST.BUD.EVER I’ll come back again

  709. Rozclayweed

    Love comming here , budtender are helpful and take thier time helping u find whats best for you ! Best flower in town

  710. Kinchem

    Disappointment #1-Increased amount to become member from 200$ to 500$. #2-Gave me the wrong concentrate. #3-Concentrate is packaged in the worst container ever. I’d like to get it out and use it, not keep it in an eye shadow case for display. Wax paper people. Wax. Paper.

  711. Theu2edge

    What a great place to start. I’m new to this for migraines and the staff was very helpful with getting products that would work for this. Very friendly and fast service. Great deals all of the time. And great hours!

  712. Saulus9

    This is my favorite place for flower. The ghost OG is the bomb, and they have so much more to choose from. The bud-tenders feel like good friends. When i walk in they say hi how are you. It makes you feel right as rain (“no homo”) . You have to go at least once.

  713. shaunesy

    Great first time visit. I’m on my way back to get more now. Good variety.

  714. jose93

    Always have professional budtenders who are very informative.., LOVE the flowers they had. Top notch!

  715. msimon711

    Such a good first time experience and all there bud has been the best out of the places I’ve been

  716. joelparkerson1971

    I just love this dispensary it is conveniently located has fast and friendly customer service some of the best strains available as well as concentrates and edibles I highly recommend this location!

  717. fivestringplus1

    I only gave HWC 5 STARS because there is not a 6th star to check. First trip was on 4/20 of this year and I am glad I tried them out. Meds are just as good if not better than other dispensaries. Staff is composed of just out right excellent people. They do take care of their customers and seem happy to do so. Thanx HWC!! : )==

  718. benjaminpopcorn

    Started off having a very rough day off from work, came in here for my first time (from Chandler), and my budtender was just a blonde little ray of sunlight on my cloudy day. This ganj is frosty, purple, and delicious… 10/10- and this is coming from a California native.

  719. Beetleweed

    Yeah, this place is spot on when it comes to quality. From Vapen, one of the best vape cartridges hands down, to their premium shelf flower (have not tried the wax or shatter, but i heard it rocks) the quality of the meds they offer is supreme. i drive a bit of a distance to come to HWC, and i never leave disappointed. The location is a little sketchy, but the service from the employees to the quality of their product makes HWC my one stop shop. Thanks for being consistent folks, and keep up the great work!

  720. nina9

    I have just recently came to HWC and this is the Only dispensary., ONLY dispensary with credible Meds. Extremely pleased

  721. cjamesr7

    So glad I stopped into this dispensary. Without a doubt you get the most bang for your buck from this place. Great service, great energy and great product. Can’t wait to go back

  722. Jdallas25

    Martell did a phenomenal job helping me with my first dispensary experience. Will be a member very soon.

  723. Princessironlungs

    First dispensary I went to. Very informative and educational budtenders! Differently will be returning. #Flowerpower

  724. chrislockard

    This place is great! This was my first time in, and my first time ever getting flowers. Just got my card today. The female who helped me around lunchtime was very good. I felt very safe, and they took the time with me. Thanks for making my first visit a good one!

  725. cannapam

    I forget the DA that helped me last but he was amazing. as always great service and great product.

  726. pegasusgirl5289

    I love the staff here. They are always kind, caring, and knowledgeable. The quality, and prices are always amazing. Well done!

  727. Doctoroperator

    Superb product guys!! I absolutely need the strongest medicine I can get to battle insomnia and migraine and chronic nausea
    Got some sugar wax that was top notch!
    Be back tomorrow for more!

  728. jjlopez505

    friendly staff great specials

  729. andypak

    Awesome atmosphere, staff, and products. The first time patient special is great as well. Thanks to Nars for helping me out ill be back with more snacks next time 🙂

  730. cobrajuicy

    Some of the lowest priced 8ths I’ve seen outside some of the co-ops — and much better quality too. Got me off the chain, haha. Staff is friendly and well informed and while the place isn’t in a very flashy neighborhood, this place is clean and professional.

  731. penguin22

    best Gelato in Az

  732. cabel617

    Bubba skywalker n Ghost were outstanding

  733. atafoya07

    Had a good first experience. The free 8th was great, the service was great, and it was a pretty cool atmosphere. Definitely going back.

  734. James8911

    Best places around always coming back when I can

  735. olivebranch1977

    This place was fatastic. The young lady helping me was very friendly and knowledgeable about the diffrent strains. She recommended some dragons breath that was phenomenal. I would definitely recommend this place . I am going back tomorrow.

  736. Dallin11

    Great people, beyond average service.

  737. freddie35

    It’s a great high quality spot!

  738. Drklein

    Great place to go, very cool staff. Good selection and great prices.James was very nice and answered all my questions, and I had a lot.

  739. maryjallday

    love this place great people both time times ive been there I left extremely satisfied!

  740. joeAS420

    My new go to spot good bud and prices and a point system, way better then AZO. and you wont get got for your point,

  741. riapierce

    Professional, knowledgeable, great quality. Brittney really knows her stuff. Thnx

  742. sinseven

    So whack. They just randomly raised the prices. Waited in lobby for over 45 minutes. Finally get in. Dude says they raise the prices but can’t tell me how much until after I pick all my stuff. Only let me get a quarter of the best stuff. Finally pick out a oz and they try to charge me 340+ for an oz. drove from Chandler for nothin. All about the patients my ass.

  743. sodoperichie95

    Great place to get your meds !!

  744. pandora319

    I love this dispensary! Employees are friendly and informative. Their flowers are beautiful and reasonably priced…Plus they run some great specials!!!

  745. brooklynneve

    Awesome helpful staff. The quality of flower is amazing. Prices are even better. Definitely gonna be my main goal to place 🙂

  746. slickbam

    they have the best prices and the best but they have the best customer service I’ll come to this place all the time

  747. andreaespinoza93

    sence the prices droped this despensary is the best in quality for there prices and i would recomend here to anyone looking for flower

  748. fishermichael514

    Amazing place, best I’ve been to. Staff is amazing, meds are off the chain!

  749. Kyle3030

    Amazeing selcection! Great prices!

  750. itsturbooo

    First timer! Got an 1/8 of Bubba Skywalker which was absolutely fire! Some of the frostiest tree I’ve seen in a long time. I also bought a $15 pre roll (Donna OG x Cookies) which was also top notch. For my free gram I decided on Super Lemon Haze.. Looked great, smelled amazing and smoked above average.. Thanks again Dan for the amazing service and meds! I will definitely be returning.

  751. mediSmoke

    Beautiful short flowers! And excellent medical marijuana!

  752. RG710AZ

    Great concentrates!!

  753. rickyshort

    inhaler is awesome walked around on vacation nobody had a clue shiny after taste but has a good kick

  754. REE83


  755. Lotboy42

    I absolutely love it. Omg. I come everyday.

  756. Johnp11912

    The best dispensary in phoenix

  757. thatgirlhope

    Love the flower at this locations. Always good deals on it too!

  758. mikem1973

    Seriously some of the best buds, no premature buds here, at least if you’re buying top shelf. I’ve never been in and out of a busy dispensary quicker.

  759. Cp340036331995


  760. thatoneguy313

    great meds, clean facility, and friendly staff. would highly recommend to friends

  761. nillab32

    Homie took me it’s legit!

  762. ramatheson

    This is THE place! The bud tenders are all on-point with their product knowledge, and cystine service skills. If you want the best bud tenders, best product, and best member programs you can get, stop reading this and go to The Herbal Wellness Center!

  763. phillboy215

    to be truthful I probably will not come back here I had a customer service rep down talk everybody that I tried to get try to upsell me on everything and kept saying bad things about the organization I don’t like that that is not how you conduct business very uncomfortable

  764. LilDaddi

    It was very chill, the ‘tenders were courteous and the strains i got were fire. Idk what some of these haters meant when they mentioned an aftertaste on ALL the strains.. my meds were always tasty and smooth af

  765. kafreash

    great buds

  766. Canna_realm420

    Absolutely love the deals and the flower here!! Shout out to Jaime for helping me out today! dY~

  767. Rolaid

    Great atmosphere. Def coming here again. The Butender was very knowledgeable and sexy. Thank you.

  768. shalynn77

    Love this shop

  769. michelle.reed09

    After getting home and trying the meds I bought I could tell they were not properly flushed and barely cured right. I thought the good price was due to an opening special. As it turned out it was due to improperly flushed meds. I was not even informed of that when I purchased it as some of the other reviewers were. When I got home to smoke it though it was evident because when burned the meds spark. NOT GOOD! So now I have a bunch of poor quality meds. I guess I will use it but I will be mixing it with other higher quality meds I got from another dispensary. Hopefully they will fix their grow problems.

  770. canibis80

    really enjoy their clear vape

  771. Tendaz93

    Always great staff!
    Herball wellness always has good deals they are fast so you can get in and out if your in a hurry .

  772. Rob2209966

    Not really feeling all the new faces lately. It seems like lately in the past couple months every time I come in there I’m dealing with a new bud tender. (And I come in a lot.) lol I like that you guys are hiring new people, don’t get me wrong it keeps it fresh and gives me hope for someone like me to get in the business one day. But come on, one of the reasons why I like HWC is because I’ll get service from a good bud tender but then I won’t get served from him ever again. It’s nice when you can build up some history with a bud tender and they know who you are and what you like. I love you HWC, but chill on the new faces.

  773. NateOGcookie

    Great service, Great meds.

  774. TreClouds

    used to be favorite shop til they started taxin the fuck outta patients smh. you can get that OG-18 at a few dispensaries for half the price they charge here. cmon HWC I know y’all have way more than enough $ to drop them prices a lil or at least have one special throughout the week. $20 grams on everything y’all got and more than half of em smell like straight mids that should be $8-10. STEP YOUR GAME UP !

  775. tay1800

    great serves understands and exsplanes the selection and witch one is best for you. the best customer serves I’ve seen

  776. Casper74

    Absolutely love this dispensary. Gorilla glue #4 is everything I need. Fast and friendly service. Everyone must try.

  777. bormann0ss

    man herbal be spot, knowledge to guide ton good flower, keep an awesome atmosphere. love the flower n ppl.

  778. pglove2188

    Great place with friendly staff that was very knowledgeable on the products carried….will return again

  779. Jeff1313

    This location has advertise the percentages but no one has a real answer. there comment is there new, we’ll shouldn’t you know this as a job requirement people will ask how they get there number, not one real answer other than saying they have been paying since sat one for percentages… that’s not an answer don’t tust percentages trust smell and they have none nothing has a smell it’s all the same moist smell no pungency won’t return

  780. Urelder1

    Best dispensary hands down. Quality unmatched.

  781. Peepz

    good quality buds and good service terrible rewards program though

  782. dustinbjj12

    great weed and great service

  783. Skortiz

    Great customer service very high quality bud would recommend

  784. king0mega

    top quality Meds best service and I love the music that they play while we wait

  785. jessah

    Like the new renovations- very clean atmosphere. However, I usually call before I come in to make sure the strains I want are there and sometimes whoever answers the phone doesn’t know what the specials are half the time and has to get a managed. Other than that the flower is good.

  786. lynch51291

    great quality meds. they handle there patients. just a little behind on their menu.

  787. patriotjake

    Have been to a few different dispensaries but always come back to HWC. Consistent quality, friendly and informed budtenders. If you haven’t tried them you’re missing out!

  788. CaliforniaGolds

    Good service & great members prices!

  789. bgainer8305

    This place is the best! from the concentrates to the flower to all the wonderful Vibes and atmosphere. the staff is amazing and the online ordering is extremely convenient, but please bring back the live resin shatter deals!!!! much love HWC

  790. mlbourque

    nice people very clean good quality

  791. alexvaldivia22

    Edgar the but tender did a great job go get some shatterdY$?-

  792. nicc602

    1st time he an was awesome very helpful

  793. Frank.T

    A great environment very well lit, large selection, and very acknowledge staff whom are also curtious. I would recommend this dispensary to all that I know and will continue to repeat business here. The strand that helped and I recommend for pain management is Querkle

  794. Jezzfly

    Outstanding bud selection with great prices w/super deals.

  795. milla86

    Best meds in the valley I’ve found. Most helpful staff and nice set up! About to re-visit.

  796. Jeffaz02t

    Hit or miss sometimes. However, the good strains are straight fire. They have a problem keeping Donna in stock, but that is to be expected with such a top strain. What I liked about the last visit was that the guy let me see the nugs I was buying, and was able to make sure I was not seeing fire in the jar, but bringing home hay.

  797. Corvo1124

    Great as usual. They recently expanded their selection of edibles. All the more reason to check them out.

  798. goodmorning1

    First time at herbal wellness center was an excellent experience. I was greeted by a very welcoming and knowledgable bud tender, Daniel. He took the time to explain and show me all of the strains to help me make the best decision.

    Great place, definitely going back

  799. siklife

    Great flower but really impressive concentrates! A lot of the wax in town will crackle when it hits the nail because it’s still got moisture in it, not this stuff tho. Tastes better, smokes better and overall better value! Keep up he good word guys! A little late but #1000threview

  800. benbizzle7

    Koo spot, Koo ppl