Emerald Gilbert

Triple Points 8am-12pm!



175 S. Hamilton Place, Gilbert, AZ 85233


33.3463739, -111.8317397




8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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Mr. Clean (HS) Premium
Northern Wonder (I) Premium


First Time Patients: Buy One Get One FREE! Choose From:
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1,440 reviews for “Emerald Gilbert

  1. Mplsozzy

    Great location. Awesome staff felt at homes great selections with awesome prices. Definitely will go back.

  2. Jesusrdz

    Service is great and place is so clean

  3. ryleenormoyle

    Good prices and kind people. I recommend this place 🙂

  4. KennethRay84

    Second time going to Emerald dispensary, and all I could say is employees can make or break a business and for that I will not visit Emerald again. My worst experience yet!!

  5. allybally25

    I wouldn’t go back. I think you should do some thing for your first time patients. That’s pretty sad your the only shop that doesn’t in the valley. On top of that your flowers were not good and a waste of time and money if your looking for relief. Look after the patients don’t rip them off.

  6. i1drif

    My 1st dispensary. Very knowledgeable and great education for a new patient.

  7. DogeOfShibe

    Been going here since it opened. Big improvement.

  8. Dee_Reynolds

    Y’all are pretty nice people as far as bud tenders go… but to be real with you, you are extremely slow. There’s no sense of urgency at all and it’s really unfortunate because some of my good friends work there but I can honestly say that I have had to pull in and drive out of your parking lot many times because of the traffic. Lines out the door… this is not a good thing. What’s happening inside is one of two things: A) your budtenders are chatting too much about every whim of a subject or B) you don’t have enough budtenders.

    I really really really wish you had faster service and that is all.

  9. Stutbutt

    Like the atmosphere, friendliness of employees.

  10. daniel.j.owens.96

    You can never go wrong with Emerald. Great staff, top notch meds, excellent selection. They have never stirred me wrong.

  11. ebonie3000

    good longer hours

  12. Jason.Arnett23

    Great product great people!! Can’t wait to go back!

  13. salient73

    I love this place! I’m here every few days and never disappointed with the flowers and edibles… yet to try the concentrates but if the other stuff and even their shake is amazing I’m pretty confident those will be great too. Staff is very friendly and good vibe overall. Just wish they had a second location in queen creek… please come to queen creek emerald?

  14. kevinmcd

    as a ftp it was very nice and peaceful

  15. HoneyOpossum

    This place is awesome. The staff are all really amazing and helpful. They are very patient and personable. I really enjoyed my time at this one!

  16. Dhacegaba

    Love the online its was a busy day timeless special today .but the service was fast in and out thank u guys

  17. DeweyCoxxx

    All these guys in here know what there talkin about! Chill environment, every ones down to earth and really there to satisfy your needs! Deff recommend shopping here! Inside is immaculate! Real “home like”

  18. nobly41

    I went to Emerald Palace over the weekend to take advantage of a couple of deals. Purchased a cartridge on Saturday. I had to exchange the cartridge on Sunday morning due to oil clogging the air hole. That is the best way for me to describe it. Its very difficult to draw off of. So I return to emerald palace to exchange another cartridge. Told my story to the young lady behind the counter and she went for a manager. Five minutes later they both return. The manager makes me repeat my story as if the budtender said nothing to him in the five minutes he was gone. First he says “You’re the only person to ever have a problem ” which i find hard to believe. Even if i am the first, that doesn’t mean the product isn’t bad, or that I would lie about it working. I wasnt asking for a refund. Second he says we’re going to help you one more time. To which I replied, “If this third catridge doesnt work and you won’t do anything, I’ll never return.” Well the third cartridge failed, so you were right. I won’t be returning seeing as you already told me this was it for this transaction or whatever. I’ve been to other stores that go out of their way to make things right, I’ll be shopping there

  19. delcorpo00

    I have been here over a dozen times( closest dispensary to my home) and I have had good experiences most occasions. A few times I have had less than stellar bud-tender, but other times I had one that was incredible. Prices are a about 10-15 higher than the competition and the selection is often poor or sold-out but not updated on Leafly. I go here if I don’t feel like driving but most times I feel okay about my purchase but never good or great like I do from others. There have been a few days where the special was great, wait times were low and the bud-tender was great, but its been 2 out of 30. Still I give 7-10.

  20. DangerMD

    Came in last week on my birthday and my experience was perfect. Garret and Eric helped me out and they were the kind of budtenders which I hope to be someday. Thanks guys

  21. 444444

    They staff and Bud Tenders are knowledgeable and helpful. They ROCK!!!

  22. sabbath

    what happened to member deals and 3 for 30 the deals used to be awesome and now not so much

  23. Mamajessabear420

    FTP went pretty quick! Everyone was really nice and helpful. Awesome FTP deal!

  24. softailcarrie

    It is my “go to” dispensary. Really nice staff!

  25. iriedata

    I’ve never been disappointed each time I come here I get the pain relief neccesary for survival.Im happy they exist.I hope one day they will have an emerald Mesa.

  26. colinaz

    Been here several times. Last two not so good. After the crazy crash of 2016 lost my points but they offered me a free edible. Fair enough. I’m there for quality not points. Last visit I bought two 18 dollar grams to try. Got home opened a pouch and it turned to dust at first touch. Ok. Tried second strain. Same thing. It was like a King Midas in reverse. Gave it a smoke and was completely speechless. The effect it had on me was not euphoria but anger at the realization I have been screwed now twice. It won’t happen again. Buyer beware.

  27. macda3571

    this place rocks and the budtenders are very helpful

  28. Fabz84

    Good Buds

  29. Mani2

    This pricing is going to hurt more once the patients discover better weed for much less . the hukster branding effort is doomed for wide adaptation once again why pay 60, 35 is easily found and equal and in most cases better product

  30. lashawn.amos

    I love it here; its close to me and they treat me like family! always love from Ana behind the counter

  31. Timmer66

    Came in the other day because your superior flower was on sale. Checked leafly and there were about 4 or 5 strains to choose from. I drive over and there’s only 2. It was early afternoon on a weekday so I find it hard to believe you simply ran out. I’ve been going here for a couple of years and other than this I never had any problems. Please stock up before the sale so it doesn’t have a clearance sale vibe

  32. Mclovin2112

    love the leafy pick up option very convenient

  33. coziebabe

    This is a great shop with an upbeat atmosphere and knowledgable staff. If you’re new to natural medicine or more advanced this shop can accommodate anyone’s needs. With a vast selection of flowers edibles and drinks, I always leave with something new that doesn’t disappoint.

  34. Mrfortune420

    best 420

  35. Hoofedadventures1

    Impressed clean and Profesional

  36. sleepyleef

    Awesome ftp deal!! Stopped by for the 420 specials and am pleasantly surprised. Great environment.

  37. nikoaz520

    love this place

  38. mrvapes420

    Been here once and I’m live literally less then 8 minutes away lol very low quality meds I think founders of certain strains should be able to sue scamsters Like this for labeling there bull with names like blue widow that shits horrible dawg and f u for recommending it and f u all for making me Settle

    wit garbage

  39. jollyfelicia

    Great people and fun atmosphere. Thank you so much dY~S

  40. Rashon420

    love it, clean and happy

  41. sirsmokebait

    very good experience ..I am definitely going back to get more meds …the flower they had was excellent… and there edible selection was more then good….staff was very helpful…

  42. Bigtw

    Emerald is my second favorite shop in the east valley. Great specials, cool atmosphere and good selection all rank it up there.

    My main complaint is the bud tenders are not very knowledgeable about strains and their medical benefits and the flower is not always as good as it should be for the price. Lacks flavor and strength compared to my favorite shop.

    Overall solid shop and I hope they continue to get better!!

  43. rianw11

    awesome ,friendly very informative about their medicine ,friendly environment and great prices and great products.

  44. BluebirdJoy

    Good selection, but they seemed kind of impatient and unhelpful. Not a very friendly vibe.

  45. TDawson79

    I always receive top notch service here. Good product selection as well

  46. 007trichome

    Great quality meds, vast menu! Nicely located, and staffed with nice people!

  47. free2tacos

    Nice place

  48. mrlattsaz

    It’s shatter day and we are here for our favorite, nicebug! Love emerald!

  49. kushkween420

    Speedy quick. !! GREAT product and service. 😀

  50. Swayne

    Great place to go great deals and great people always a pleasure

  51. MMJconnoisseur

    Great flowers and prices! They carry something for everyone.

  52. amara13

    Good dispencery but the wait time is always insane. No other dispencery takes this long

  53. Bkn1

    This was the first time I used my card. I was super excited but when the time came the bud tender was very uninterested and the strains were even mislabeled. Overall pretty disappointing:(

  54. oneloveaz88

    Service was ok seemed pre occupied decent selection

  55. GreenYogi

    I have been to dispensaries all over phoenix and the east valley, Emerald is by far the best place to go for quality, variety and knowledge/friendliness of their staff. I have never once had an issue with bad mj or faulty cartridges like some other places ive been to. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone. My favs, indica shake tubes and emerald blend preroll. I don’t mind the hour drive to Emerald but wished these specific owners would open one in santanvalley or florence.( hint hint (o; )

  56. Rmeredithaz

    This is the best dispensary in Arizona!! The people there are knowledgeable and so helpful. They answer all of my questions without making me feel stupid. They treat you like family. Everyone is completely amazing! They have a huge selection and the quality is the best. It is clean, inviting and runs like a well oiled machine. I won’t be going to any other dispensary!! Love Emerald Palace Gilbert!!

  57. InfiniteSteve

    I love this place. Can you guys please make a way to buy an oz. with cross strains? I purchase by the oz. to save money. I would really love to get a quarter of the high end and 3 quarters of the top end. I would gladly pay the $10 difference on the quarter. Other than that, my favorite place so far!

  58. Merri71


  59. tuesdayallday

    I love it here! bud tenders alway give the best recommendations

  60. itsMYSTIbiiiitch

    great staff.

  61. CollieMan420

    This is the place to go. The rewards program is fantastic. The deals are great, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The quality of the buds are top notch and there are always new flowers coming in. Oh not mention, the RIDICULOUS amount of edibles to choose from. If this place was 10-15 miles from my house, I would make the trip. Luckily, it’s the closest one to me.


  62. Scribzilla

    First I’d like to say that on a regular basis I’m in a fairly decent amount of pain. I have Marfan Syndrome, an aortic aneurysm, tendon and ligament issues, along with having my left hip replaced last November and a condition called Dural Ectasia which is more or less swelling around my spinal cord so I depend a great deal on my meds. I was in the area before heading home the other day and decided to stop in so I could pick up some medicine cause I’d be busy later in the day. I had checked the menu via Leafly like I always do and saw that they had a particular strain I know works fairly well for the pain I’m in. I get up to the counter and ask for an 8th and according to my budtender they had run down to their last 2 grams. Normally I wouldn’t really be that bummed or annoyed by the situation but the last 4-5 times I’ve been in it seems like the strain I find looks the best or I know works for me, is either out or low and they can’t fill my needs. The first time this happened I was offered 4 grams of a different strain in the same price category for the price of a regular 8th. I ended up accepting the offer and picked up a strain called 9lb hammer, after running into the same problem with 2 other strains I had picked out before.. unfortunately the 9lb hammer did absolutely nothing for me, so when the offer was offered to me this time I declined. I requested to speak to a manager and explained to her my situation in regards to the pain I’m in and how every decent strain in the budgeted tier is either out or low every time I’m in. I explained how it more or less forces me to get meds that are ineffective or spend more money than I want for the big business “HUXTON” brand. All the manager could say in response was “well when we run out of a strain or a special strain of the day we offer 4 grams of something different which works out to be a better deal on your end.” I hate to be that guy but I won’t be frequenting this shop anymore. Seems like its more about the money with these guys and less about the patients who use it for pain relief.

  63. klglynn

    Was super excited to check out their new patient deals and atmosphere, but was quick to realize they do better with large volume customers and little one on one. Felt like I was bothering anyone I ended up speaking to. Short tempered greeters, distracted and quick to assumption budtenders. Might go back for some deals, but not for the service.

  64. highitsjess

    Super legit, staff was friendly AF. Austin R helped me out, he was personable knowledgeable and chill. Great first time special BOGO up to a quarter. Great quality flower as well. Also an awesome thing they do is they take the tips and donate it to veterans. I’ll be back dY~Z

  65. yoevan

    I like that they have a wide variety of products with good prices. And their infusion products are nice

  66. beachgrl420

    Great products, staff and hours!

  67. byonush

    Went into this store one time and it was a great experience. Will absolutely be going back. Amazing selection of edibles.

  68. cs5577

    I follow Citrix strain wherever I can and that brought me to Emerald! They only had a gram left and my budtender Stefen sold me what he personally put aside to buy. That was really cool and he didn’t have to let me know he had some. Thanks Stefen!

  69. longball11

    great selection and knowledgeable budtenders

  70. mike302

    Love this place. My favorite location, they supply the best products and do so with a smile dY+

  71. Lueck21

    People are great, I just wish they had more edible products..
    This is my main place though dY~S

  72. Real420grower

    Now this place is where its at!!!!! First time visit took advantage of the special and YEA is all I can say. Nice big nugs a 3 piece 1/8 of NL5 X HAZE . First time to get nugs like that. Budtender was on point answered all questions . Registration was beyond easy i didnt have to fill out paperwork. This is my new go to place looking forward to trying the concentrate. Thank you.

  73. sapseanyseanaz

    Best shop. Fast friendly meds! You are about to head home with Sun shine in a paper bag. COOL ATMOSPHERE AND FIREdY’-

  74. Skating_stoned

    flame flower, and concentrate

  75. ArtemisShanks

    One of my favorite shops. The wait is short, the staff is friendly & the selection is huge.

  76. Astro13

    this is a great place to go they have good deals, great staff and good quality buds

  77. MGSPlasmaSnake

    Don’t fret, only the the most Wowie of Maui meds get five stars from me. I visited Emerald Palace a few months ago after becoming a patient and the experience was pretty standard, or at least around what I expected as a new patient. I decided to look them up on Leafly again (because I like to check around, you don’t ONLY shop at Walmart do you?) and this time the experience far surpassed my first visit. First of all, meds were cheaper as a whole and as someone on a budget, I really like the $35 weekly (or daily?) special. Service was definitely amazing and the dude behind the counter seemed both genuine and knowledgeable, which is HUGE for me. I look forward to giving you guys more money and taking more meds home from your shop.

  78. phillydakid

    shits is ligit good flowers n edibles even BETTER WAX CHHHEEESSSSSEEEEE dY~EURdY~EUR

  79. FreshCutMango

    First off I gotta drop a name here, Tranica is freaking awesome. Always has something cool to say about my jacket (you’d have to be there to understand). The flower is usually decent however I’ve noticed they incorrectly label strains as indica or sativa… A LOT. Doesn’t matter too much for me, it just kinda sucks for new patients to not get what they think they’re getting. Honestly though other than Tranica and few select other people, this shop has a lot of… Not very knowledgeable people behind the counter. That and there’s one guy that honestly doesn’t understand the concept of customer service. Seems annoyed every single time I come to his counter. Coming from one of your guys biggest customers by the way, I max out my alottment exclusively with ya’ll. Kinda wish some of the guys and gals there would treat me and others a little better. dY~*

  80. mikecee

    I think it’s a great location. The flower is bomb the staff is bomb and the pricing is bomb!

  81. AGG

    One of the best closest place to Visit

  82. basicwhiteboy

    chill vibes and nice people

  83. Karrie

    Great staff. Very friendly and knowledgable.

  84. ravenjewel

    This was my first ever dispensary stop and I felt very welcomed. They ran me over everything I needed to know. The environment was great super friendly organized and clean. So happy this was my first dispensary experience. Will be coming here from now on. Thank you.

  85. AzBluffalo

    This is and was the first dispensary I went to when I first got my license years ago. I have never been to another dispensary. There is no need.
    The staff here is so knowledgeable on products for your symptoms. The product variety is amazing!
    Thanks to the staff at Emerald and their extensive knowledge I have gone from 8 prescription medications to 1!

  86. awelli1

    I think they are e slipping business wise and it shows through their employees. Horrible service today on 2/8 from the tall guy with no name badge. I know you run out but of all premium indica, and dude was so high he could care less. He hopes I feel better, but they lost a good paying customer today!! Back to Harvest of Tempe I go.

  87. tgenenbacher

    the only downside is that it was hard to find. putting a sign out would help save 10 minutes of frustration and turning around. once inside the staff was great, the facility was professional and the product excellent. will definitely shop here again.

  88. cobrat

    I love the staff. Sam helped me out so much he’s a great budtender

  89. delta9eyes

    WOoooo Yea!
    I got 4 of the clear!
    The cool guy Gian hooked me up with a indica rockstar leafly shirt!
    its budtenders like him that will make me come back.
    very polite and in a good mood :]

  90. Dmoney77

    The facility is well stocked and has a large variety of product. The staff is personable and welcoming. I will definitely be returning in the near future.

  91. Bermesa

    its awsome and love the deals and no tax deals !

  92. dvnlnd

    Great first time experience here at Emeralds place! had exactly what I wanted. Great customer service definitely coming back more often!!

  93. bayneesr

    Jesse was the man with the plan!

  94. EmeraldEarthGreen

    It was hard to find. That was the only bad part though. It’s really a different vibe as soon as you walk in the door. It’s so chill and I love all of the lights.
    My first dispensary was Emerald–because of course my name is Emerald and I got Stephan.! He was SO knowledgeable and really kind taking his time with me. It was a really great experienceaEUR< overall.

  95. vnse

    Great experience for leafly pickup. Super quick on busy days and shoutout to Ryan H for being hella dope.

  96. RDBRAND07

    its tucked away very well, not really noticeable, no signs except “open” sign, the guy I worked with wasnt very knowledgeable on things.

  97. AZJH16

    Echo shatter is BOMB! Came in as a FTP yesterday and am glad I did because this Golden Cornbread shatter is sooo damn good! You can tell it’s quality stuff. I’ll keep coming in as long as you guys carry good quality/affordable shatter! Thanks Emerald Gilbert!!!

  98. kyle_420

    this is my maid dispensary everyone working is nice and the strains are a good price thank you

  99. Alexenos3

    Very welcoming. Atmosphere was good. Edibles were good. Got the turtle rice crispy and worked great!

  100. lostgenerationz

    the staff was friendly and patient and good quality

  101. Swaggnasty

    one of my favorite dispensaries in Arizona the best people the best flour the best environment oh how I love this dispensary

  102. GolferKen

    I have been coming here for over a year and I have always found the staff friendly and helpful. The buds have always been good.
    I would like to see the tip jars come back, these people make your business and we should be allowed to tip if we choose to.

  103. HoldenBlunts

    Very friendly staff, comfortable seating, and great product!

  104. e52wi

    Jesse did a great job at explaining product and was very friendly and helpful best tender as far from surprise to Gilbert

  105. DG14x7

    I want to begin this by saying I love emerald palace. The atmosphere is great, and the employees are always welcoming. However I do have a small issue regarding some of the edibles and the accurate potencey of each item. For example, the large cookies claim to be 100mg on the label, a dose that would be very profound even for experienced people. However after sampling dozens of them, Ive found that they all vary in potency, and some, such as the last chocolate chip one I purchased, probably had no more than 60mg of THC at most. I am judging this based on past experience with many different products of various THC doses. My issue stems from the fact that if each cookie varies in doses, they should vary in price. The last 2 ‘chocolate chunk’ cookies I ate (the whole supposed “100mg”) barely affected me, however I can eat half of a peanutbutter cookie (half being 50mg) and I will feel the effects much more profoundly (as the peanutbutter ones tend to be more potent, yet cost the same as an obviously less potent chocolate chip, ect.) I feel this is not only an issue about cost and accuate pricing, it can be seen as an issue of safety. We need accurate labeling with accurate doses on all of the products you sell. I also understand it may be difficult to know exactly how much is in each product. But the fact remains. I hope this can be brought up in the future with your supplier, as for now I will remain a loyal customer. Thanks for reading.

  106. simplykita

    Very educated staff, made my selections very easy to make. I have even walked out of another place and come here because of the great atmosphere and choices on display!

  107. smokeymcpot1

    Jesse hooks it up

  108. Sopas_N_Cupcakes

    Service and flower here great. A little confusing on how to get to the dispensary. But seems to be the norm for Gilbert due to industrial areas. I really liked how you could bring in a guest if you wanted to. FTP deals very nice, as well are their points system.

  109. ezduzit0079

    They actually let someone in with a dog not a service animal but a dog.

  110. dystopianpatient

    The menu was wrong, I was treated poorly, and my meds were seedy.

  111. Wojie

    My edibles stop and even better on sale days but try and go early

  112. LovelyBones17

    Very knowledgeable staff

  113. MT2

    Bud was so dry, couldn’t use it. this place has been going south for the last year…. have to find a new place soon.

  114. Manny48o

    Cool spot just alittle slow in there drawer changing I ordered online because it was supposedly quicker ended up waiting longer. Then said that I thought ordering online was suppose too be quicker and the employee who changed the drawer said ..’ oh you have a mouth on this one’ felt alittle disrespected even after having too wait

  115. steve0

    I absolutely love this place. Great hours and consistently wonderful edibles. Everyone there smiles. Cool, cool, cool.

  116. smokeydbear

    Plenty of parking. Waiting room is comfortable w/ complimentary coffee. Staff seems inexperienced but friendly. Great variety of flowers good quality from bottom to top shelf. Prices are good too.

  117. Kkarlzbadd

    i dont come here too often, but when i do i;m never disappointed. good meds, good service, sometimes a long wait. but that could be seen as a good thing

  118. Ajsands


  119. Jesuscarrascojr

    Nice and friendly staff

  120. cnichole2831115

    I 1really enjoyed my experience here!

  121. Thatboyiscold

    Very chill and smooth people

  122. calebnat95

    Awesome first time visit and they really hook you up ! The customer service was A+! i was helped by a guy named stephen ! I will definetly go here again and recommend it to all!

  123. tjdbird1

    Genuine carving staff that try so hard to be good listeners and then helpers. Products are rock solid and promos and points make this my dispensary.

  124. SmokeyJay1234

    the Clear was amazing!!

  125. Sloanmotion

    Happy holidays! Best spot in town. Everyone needs to. One here.


    Like the specials but it takes awhile to get in and out. They just lowered the prices a little. Thanks emerald!

  127. 420ace

    Everyone that once came here are now disappointed that there aren’t any top shelf flowers to pick from anymore and they even put a stop to the oz specials on anything above their regggies it seems. Flower has been dry and grassy with a hay flavor. And they don’t publicize the thc/cbd/…%s which is suspect on their potency IMHO.

  128. Arizona2015

    Good quality and Good all around
    Customer Service is the best too

  129. jareddinaz

    Great service and great bud tenders!!!

  130. lbrench

    first time using visiting this dispensary and really enjoyed the experience plus a HUGE selection of edibles.

  131. Corp

    Good place for 420!

  132. MKberlin

    Very clean and friendly

  133. asuguy

    Third time trying to add this review. I have spent thousands at EP, and considered it my favorite place. Very sad to see the price of the edibles going up. Just because others sell them for more does not mean you need to as well. Also, if a price is listed on leafly please honor it in the shop, especially if it is only $1 less.

  134. MexicaliRose

    Autumn is very helpful. I drive hours to get here because their product quality is consistently good. All of the Budtenders are good. Or maybe I’m just lucky.

  135. Anthony45101

    This place is always great and been good friends with me! Better Than Pie is very fire!!dY”Y=dY”Y= Stay Lit!

  136. jakeshipp1987


  137. scokim4

    First timer and needed allot of help! Thanks to Cole for helping me out for my needs! Cole also is very knowledgable in CBD and this has been very helpful for meeting all my needs as my bud tender. Thanks Cole I will be back with more questions!

  138. d1986

    Great selection

  139. Shmoozr

    professional.. knowledgeable.. daily specials. new pricing. best selection of vape cartridges

  140. wizardcake

    Nice waiting room. Comfortable furniture and a good atmosphere with great meds! Give it a try

  141. daragh

    Ok I shop strain specific & headed to Emerald on Sunday after checking their menu that said they had my fave strain. All geared up for my purchase, I get there only to find out via my budtender ( maybe new employee) strain sold out. Strike 1
    So I ask her about strain available and she was openly honestly clueless. She opened leafly and read me description??at least she was honest re not knowing anything about strain. Strike 2
    At last, a fellow budtender who was knowledgeable and full of info for me stepped in to help. I didn’t catch his name but THANK YOU dY~S for knowing your product and excellent client service!!!! So, phone first & get a knowledgeable budtender! Love the strain he suggested & it’s just as he said it was in effects & potency!! Emerald, your staff make all the difference dY~Sa~~i,

  142. jacicolor

    Emerald truly cares about patients. They are very well educated, and found their suggestions were on target. Love this place. Wish the hours were extended!

  143. Leftwich17

    WAYYY too expensive!!! Very top end of the pricing scale for flower that’s too dry and seems to have been sitting on the shelf for a while, it almost seems like all the other shops send their stuff here when it has been sitting for too long. The atmosphere is cool but that’s about it. I would much rather drive 45 min into Phoenix to get quality product than go here.

  144. Joshuasobel

    My first visit here. I was low on cash so I got a preroll and a gram of kushage. Only $20 for both. Nice medicine, and it looked like they have a lot of good strains with fair prices. I will def be back to try others. The only thing I was disappointed with was that they didn’t have any first time visitor deals. Most places usually give you a little sample or % off…. But oh well. Like I said, cool place. I would recommend.

  145. Memphistn

    Da E is a great place to go for good deals, flower , all da above.gotta love the Emerald

  146. azlaker

    Emerald is one of the Top dispensaries in the East Valley. Always consistent with their flowers, especially their GG4, always top notch….Now they have pick up service. Order ahead, wait for a text and go pick it up. Real nice if they’re super busy, and you want to get in and out.

  147. blazedjacks

    The valley og from mohave is awesome! Haven’t been this medicated in a while dY’nice recommendation thanks

  148. caragirl

    I love Emerald Gilbert, all the budtenders are super nice and helpful dY’dY1/2

  149. JTR203

    Emerald Palace has a beautiful display of all your medicine. The customer service is great and will take care of all your THC needs.

  150. Doodah420

    I love it I need to shop more often at this location!

  151. LyndaRaeRae11

    This place is amazing, especially for people who love edibles and concentrates. First time in I got a free preroll and the person helping me knew exactly what to recommend after telling him my history. It’s really great that they have a range in prices too because we all can’t afford “top shelf” meds on certain days. A lot of these places in az only stick to one price or two, and other places don’t pack their prerolls like them either! And I love that they prepackaged and heat sealed it already! Some places weight it in front of you, and that’s cool but it’s not when you get 7.6 the first time then 7.0 the next and then sometimes they forget to heat seal. They grow some strains there so I trust what I’m getting is fresh. This is the place peeps!

  152. wordsmatty

    This was my first time in an AZ dispensary, and I have to say that it was a very positive experience. All of the staff was very friendly and I was greeted and checked in right away. Ana was my bud tender, and she was fantastic. I told her what my preferences and she steered me in the right direction, and all of her recommendations were spot on. I will definitely be back to this location.

  153. Aronak49

    Love this place, amazing first time expreance and made every effort to go above and beyond

  154. Ericphx23

    This was my first time to Emerald, the friendly staff was well educated in all the different strains. Ended up getting 20% off, a free gram and a little chocolate covered blueberry edible sample. They are now stocking Timeless distilled vape cartridges and that’s awesome. Thanks guys!

  155. rickyrecon51

    Emerald is the shizzzz. Kind staff, pretty girls, and outstanding product. I enjoy the consistent specials they run as well, it’s nice when companies give back to the consumer! 5 Stars Emerald Palace, favorite joint in da

  156. Biggwreck

    Great location very friendly

  157. monkeypigrancher

    I’ve been to the Palace many times and have watched their customer service and quality skyrocket. But TODAY…I was a mess. Crying because my dog is passing away. Not only did my sweet bud tender get me tissues, but she also hugged me tight and told me she understood. That’s the kind of person-to-person kindness so many places lack. Thank you, Emerald Palace, and your wonderful employees. Beautiful people, inside and out. Xoxo

  158. AbsoluteHealthCare

    The edibles are the best ever!!!!

  159. brebella27

    thank you so much for the cream! I appreciate the help I got from my budtender! honestly I’m so so greatful.

  160. maltmarijauna

    Great east valley location with good weed for good prices

  161. thedannydank

    This shop is very convinient. Great meds. Prices are okay. $45 is as much I’ll pay for an 8th. Would like to see more specials.

  162. stonerwho

    Good products. Could have better deals at times. I’ve been here a few times and had good customer service and also not so great. Depending on what strains they carry I’m sure I’ll be back.

  163. Jesseflores13

    its a good clean place i was well taken care of.

  164. Maliasaphire

    Tranica is awesome FYI!

  165. kidkronik420

    Very polite and understanding of my situation. Thanks for the awesome Flo bubble hash. One thing I DO NOT LIKE is that when I buy one gram of hash it will deduct 5 whole grams of marijuana from your allowed amount. Fukerie at play!

  166. clip

    Love this place!!

  167. shermsie

    Great atmosphere and great people! They were so helpful and the product was incredible. Plus you can rack up points to get free stuff and who doesn’t like free?!

  168. Misty72

    I love this place!!! The atmosphere totally rocks!!!

  169. Patient420

    This is a beautiful shop and they’re doing things the right way. The meds are on par with anything I’ve seen in town and I tend to hit up a rotation of 4-5 shops and will definitely add this spot to the list. Got a 1/4 of the GDP from their mid range meds and it was pretty good but a little dry. Staff was really nice and very helpful and knowledgable.

  170. stonerhokage420

    I love this place!! Great products and great service!!

  171. MrMark

    Always friendly and efficient, with a good selection and value.

  172. Mattinaz

    Amazing selection, very friendly staff. Always good quality.

  173. ranman15844

    Just got my card and last night was my very first visit. Let me say that the customer service was absolutely amazing! From the moment I walked in the door to the moment I left with my goodies, I received smiles, hello’s and great service. I’m terrible with names, but the girl that helped me was awesome! She took her time asking me questions to determine what I needed, she didn’t make me feel rushed, even though there were other people waiting, and she gave me great suggestions. She was very knowledgeable and explained the effects of the different strains. If you are new to this, I would suggest visiting Emerald Gilbert. They will make you feel welcome and answer all of your questions. I will definitely be back!

  174. Patience

    This dispensary, located in a nice business park has done alot of things right. Their location is the best around, I have been waiting for a dispensary that didn’t make me drive somewhere shady to get my medication or have people come to my home.

    This place is clean and new with nice fixtures and friendly budtenders who are more professional and mature than you see at my 2nd choice Tempe dispensary.

    Unfortunately, the quality of the medications has declined (too dry and fluffy), so unfortunately I had to drive alot further to a dispensary in Tempe to get enough quality to fight the pain.

    I will go back in hopes that they just are experiencing temporary “growing” pains..

    Lastly, Emerald Palace still doesn’t have topicals, which are “sorely” needed in the East Valley.

  175. trinasty

    Excellent & knowledgeable staff. Had to do this b4 I smoke something from the store I have no speech after. The edibles, OMG, are fantastic. love the cookies and creme brownie. And they have vape. Just wonderful all the way round.

  176. CandiceJ

    crazy busy on 420 but super fun giveaways!!

  177. barbiebud

    thumbs up before they open thats 2 thumbs down

  178. The420doctor

    been coming here for years and many more to come. always happy employees and good specials. birthday preroll of choice is awesome.

  179. Fuqnazis


  180. ozzman8558

    everyone there is always nice and helpful. great deals

  181. Rebekahontiveros

    Awesome place! Great flower! Repeat customer!

  182. atariquasar

    great atmosphere good buds

  183. jackie1987

    great area

  184. Allstargoldens

    You don’t have say much but I love this location but it is a trip for me, but worth it. See you today for BOGO

  185. Chrissyss96

    Emerald is one of my fave dispensaries. Now that they have pick up, I was literally in and out in 4 mins! Im not a oo sure if all the other customers were happy about it, but it’s soooo easy! Love it!

  186. TheGreenThing

    I came in for the free pre role, if I wore a star wars shirt. I searched high and low, looking for a starwars shirt and all stores were sold out! I decided to have a little fun with it and make my own star wars shirt! When I went to emerald I was met with a rude budtender that told me to stop cutting corners and that he wasn’t going to honor the free pre roll. He was rude, standoffish, and really brought down my great mood. Where is the love ?!?!? I went to three other dispensaries and was met with laughs and good conversation when they read the shirt! They all honored thier deal and gave me a free pre role UNLIKE EMERALD. Its a shame that this man is bringing down emeralds normally stellar reputation. I will not be coming back unfortunately.

  187. nancy408

    This place is great. I just got my card a month ago and I’ve been to a few and this place was a great experience. They had exactly what I was looking for and the girl that help me ( a little red head) was so nice knowledgeable. She recommended church strain and it was exactly what I wanted. Thank u

  188. jokerjoe

    went Friday and as always had a great time. the preroll 4 pack is an excellent value.

  189. mslewa

    Emerald Gilbert is amazing!!!! Love this place

  190. anramos23

    Great place and awesome service!!! I love them!!!!

  191. aholla32

    Bud tenders don’t even seem to smoke the flower. Couldn’t make any recommendations, why have so many strands an your employees don’t even know more than 2 strands. No need to sell me on something I don’t want, I would prefer bud tenders who make recommendations off of what the customers needs/desires. Not all bud tenders are bad the more tenured employees are very knowledgable an always been friendly. Flower has never been the best of the best but always went because of excellent customer service. Completely disappointed in managements most recent hires

  192. Kleaflady

    Super friendly staff! Gorilla glue 4 was great! Will be back! Love the edible selection as well!

  193. 1212coda

    I Love this store, everyone is so friendly and real.They really care about thier patients. I decided to try another location that just opened near my home, I went there twice and they gave me the wrong flower not once but twice. That’s what I get for cheating on Emerald palace he he.

  194. DarlesCharwin

    Great quality and always friendly staff. Online ordering is super easy too

  195. hoppergirl

    i was going to review this place in depth, but their meds have me wayyyy too baked to bother with that. nice inside, nice people, nicer meds and! no whimpy edibles that you barely even feel. this place is my go to by far. for the people saying it’s too nice and shiney inside……seriously? go get a job.

  196. pup_pet

    used to be my favorite place but the price is wayyyy to high for the quality of flower. I am sick of going in only to be told the “special” is gone, I mean they were only open for one hour this morning when I asked for the “special” and already it is gone! this place has really gone downhill and I see I’m not the only one who thinks so.

  197. RjPremium

    Been going here awhile now and they carry some great products and they are a friendly staff BUT they sell the DRIP concentrate SILVER at the same exact price as the DRIP concentrate GOLD.
    They don’t tell you about it at all and they even try to cover it up with a sticker receipt once you’be bought it. I tried to go back and return the silvers for golds instead and they said they don’t do returns on that item. Seems shady to me.

  198. ashoey16

    I come to the dispensary often, as it is very close to my house and their flower is generally pretty great. Kaitie is a fantastic budtender. Love the point system and they run good specials too.

  199. charlyl1221

    great place!!!

  200. Ber

    go to no other place

  201. verichv74

    I live right up the street from emerald and they are the best. Kind and courtesy. Always have great strains and awesome deals!

  202. budman2103

    the place was cool and bartender was awesome but the manager was a real jerk they were out of the shatter I came for and what they had instead was 5 dollars more and I was 1 dollar short so bartender said he would ask his manager if he could discount 1 dollar and he told him no and made me go get a dollar wow never had that happen before don’t know if I will go back

  203. thefuzz79

    I think the location is nice. It’s a good environment. I think there prices are high and their customer service is horrendous. Especially some staff. I feel I am bothering them to do their job. I won’t come back here even though it is convenient for me.

  204. Teamneel11

    came on 420 by far best place I came to on a busy day

  205. chrish

    I would go to that black girls station every time i visited if i had that option. but hey, i can dream, can’t i? Just thought i’d be honest for a second.

  206. carlycheck

    Fave dispensary, hands down. employees are super dope and knowledgeable

  207. bashes

    Would not come here again, the quality of their products are not what they claim it to be, plus the deals are not that great. They raise their prices when they have deals to gain extra on their profits..

  208. psycowizerd

    prices are steep, specials don’t make it affordable. ftp special, not available on discounted products, act like 20% off Is a steal, when your prices are more than 20% above average, product is average, the store looks nice, waiting 20 min for the employees to fake small talk is not customer service. we are patents, we are sick, in pain and out of medicine, discussing my recreational plan for my medicine, is not my thing..

  209. blaksosa

    This is one of the best dispensary in AZ

  210. Dackle

    Calling a patron, darling, dear, or hon is very unprofessional. I don’t recommend it. Further more, if you are going to recommend something, please know what you are talking about and are recommending. For instance. Sophie’s choice is NOT a sativa. It as a strong 80/20 Indica dominant hybrid. I would say it’s so indica leaning, calling it a sativa is not even important, especially given the sativa in it, is largely considered “indica like” (Lemon Thai)

  211. SVale5

    Cole took care of me and he was great. Got a sweet deal!

  212. guudburn480

    Emerald Palace was the very first dispensary I visited after receiving my MMJ card. Once I found the location I was greeted by a nice gentleman who registered me in the store system. I was then greeted by another nice gentleman who helped me decide what strain would work best for my medical condition. I was very pleased with the service, the atmosphere and the service was top notch. The medications were great also. Very good variety also. I would recommend the Emerald Palace to anyone.

  213. whatadrummer

    went and got the prerolls and got home to toke and they were just clippings, thanks for the heads up, felt uncomfortable in there

  214. GanjaGoddessOG

    Best thing about this place is how patient oriented everyone is- they get a lot of business, but it doesn’t affect the level of attention you get. I ALWAYS make sure to have 3 or 4 different strains that work for me, in case the one I want isn’t available- as a m sure they move a lot of product beng the only dispensary in Gilbert! Amazing specials and chill atmosphere! Huge selection of products and the Patient Consultants are knowledgeable and always make great recommendations. No such thing as a stupid question here- they always welcome any questions I have and take good care of me! My #1 Go To Dispensary! atmY=i,as*i,dYOE,

  215. Galvan88

    Dissapointed with the agent orange i got

  216. Fenderbender95

    I’ve come here a few times since I got my card and I can say without a doubt that they leave me satisfied every time.
    Top shelf buds , great atmosphere and informed bud tenders keep me coming In!

  217. rflozo

    awesome staff awesome product!

  218. SMSS

    Leafly AZ first and foremost the best

  219. AntEaTerAnt

    No waiting hardly ever, quick, convenient, and awesome people. just waiting on better deals, and not of fan of the prepackage. other then that this place is solid!

  220. Jnorman7969

    First time in the shop, I had allot of questions, the staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. Made it very easy and painless.

  221. mcgowenst

    I’m super impressed with this location. Quality is always good, variety is incredible, and the staff know good service. Veterans, this will be your favorite place. No doubt.

  222. myracroft81

    Their flower is really good and their deals on concentrate is amazing to interview

  223. banjojr1313

    I don’t know why some have had bad things from emerald but I feel they just keep getting better I swear some of you people are complaining about a 2 or 3$ price difference I know I’m older but jeez smoke some more just relax man

  224. Tanhands

    This is my second visit to the Emerald Palace. The first I stopped in at the recommendation of a friend and the place was what he said so that was great.

    I stopped in today to pick up the weekly special. There have been a couple changes since I was in last month. They no longer accept Credit Card. I understand this but a sign and an update on the webpage would be helpful. Luckily I had cash with me or it would have been unfortunate. They are also getting rid of or changing their punch card system. It was buy 7- 8ths and get the 8th free. I had 2 punches and bought 8 more 8ths. So I paid for 10 8ths and got 1 free instead of paying for 7 and getting 1 free.

    No big deal just two unexpected changes to their system. Other than that very enjoyable atmosphere. Place doesn’t make you feel sleazy for going in the door which is nice.

  225. Prabuck

    this place is amazing so helpful and fast service!! they know about everything there

  226. Jillbilly

    I love this place is so happy and kind good job

  227. LostCypher11

    I have just moved to the area from Toronto. And was in need of a new dispensary. Decided to check this place out. Staff was friendly but not very knowledgeable. The edibles I had were pretty decent and reasonably priced. The flowers in the other hand were grossly over priced and not fresh. Flowers here priced much higher than other shops and medium grade at best. I do recomend checking it out if you need edibles.

  228. justinb27

    Great place and product.

  229. funsize6978

    This place was great! I was helped by autumn and she was so knowledgeable and friendly! Coming back for you girl!

  230. anamfk

    Wish they had a pick-up service.

  231. 420Hitters

    Excellent dispensary! Fair pricing for everything from edibles to flowers. Edibles are a must try! Perfect for the pain and a good nights sleep. EmP is def my neighborhood spot.

  232. bhelle420

    #EmeraldPalace is the best shop! it’s like our “Cheers” everyone does know my name!

  233. michaeldavila

    Great place good service and good flower….good choice of oils also

  234. hawkernaut56

    I ate a 500 mg korova edible and I didn’t really feel it. So I under estimated the 150 mg gummies. Omfg. I though my heart was going to explode.

  235. 1qaz

    great place!

  236. ryanemckenzie

    Absolutely love this dispensary! The staff are always super friendly & helpful! 10/10 🙂

  237. AnMFrujan

    I like the friendly people

  238. kjkubitz

    amazing supply of vape pen cartridges. great edibles. i just became a regular

  239. kiknoise

    I read the reviews about Emerald Palace and decided to keep going to Bloom. I started to find seeds in the meds from bloom on a regular basis and the pre rolls had lost size as well. I ended up going to EP & found that there is no tax, they have specials of $35 1/8ths, going in the building was kind of weird as the unlock the doors like a pawn shop or something. Once inside it takes a few minutes to get checked in. The staff at the counter seem to be Friendly and Nice. They do have a punch card that offers a free 1/8th after you buy so many. All in all EP is good a nice place to come. I wish they would do something about the pawn shop entrance I mean there is no crazy door lock when going to your regular rx doctor.

  240. Mara718

    So fast, explained everything to me. Kind and helpful.

  241. mneely81

    It’s great .Prices a little steep, but it’s suberbia. Love the employees! Great knowledge and great smiles.

  242. highboi467

    It’s very nice and clean. It has a lot of variety and quality is good.

  243. Mateo

    Awesome place. Friendly staff and great atmosphere. Always have daily deals.

  244. greengrl5

    By far since i have been a card holder this is the best dispensary. i have been to many. i have only had one problem here with budtenders he was very rude and a smart ass. Was able to get the problem taken care of with the help of Cole. I love Emeralds quality, products and staff

  245. kresor1

    Amazing! Carla is the best!

  246. Caliking7528

    Love this dispensary, staff is amazing very knowledgeable!!

  247. arevwal

    I’ve donated over 300 bucks to this place over the past month. I’ve only received flower I’m truly happy with once….the rest was meh. they don’t do batch tests on THC content and price bud by the potency of what it should have based on name. example? LoiusXIII and Holy Grail. 2 of the worst top shelf buds ever. generally they are phenomenal, here, not at all. 60 an eighth for anything that’s basically decent is bs.
    Cookies didn’t do anything to me. even ate 2 back to back and nothing.
    No new patient specials…or any for that matter. Will never return. so many better places with MUCH better flower at WAY BETTER prices.
    Vere/steer clear of this joint. is the high maintenance of pot shops. you pay for the name.

  248. Tonebone2

    Great environment and service

  249. bringit99


  250. sldenniston

    I stopped in today and was so grateful for the service i received! Luis really took the time to talk to me about different products i had been questioning & made sure to help me get exactly what i needed. I’ll definitely be back!

  251. thickness07

    Nice size waiting area, great knowledgeable staff and great product. I wish they will extend their business hours but other than that the cost is about average.

  252. rudekdog

    Emerald is great with all the discount days

  253. Jessicamosqueda1994

    The fact that I was able to save my 1st time patient deal! Been here multiple times and decided to redeem my 1st time patient deal!!! Loved it!!

  254. Jay16200

    Budtenders always friendly and helpful and get you exactly what your looking for

  255. lilponysmoke

    great service good flower for low prices

  256. blazedpadawan420

    I love this place, they are actually my new go-to spot. I used to go here when it first opened, I was not satisfied previously, I gave it a year and I went back after renewing my ID and I was in awe by the difference, the top shelf is ACTUALLY top shelf, the CLEAR pens are ON POINT! Thanks Emerald.

  257. blckbttrfly

    I love the atmosphere but I agree this is overpriced DRY bud.

  258. beachball

    Excellent quality organics and variety! Thank you! 🙂

  259. bvinne

    By far my favorite dispensary around.

  260. TiggyTendy

    As always a great experience at Emerald. Erik was an awesome budtender. It is service like his that keeps me coming back.

  261. smkymcpot

    Any one wanna blaze lol chandler here bored

  262. mrsdanky

    This is my fav spot. The menu is lacking currently, but the customer service more than makes up for it. Thank you

  263. workingmench

    Rob helped me on the phone and when I first came in. he was nice and friendly. the other places I called like ten of them didn’t even sound like they wanted me to come to their store. then Robert helped me select items personalized for me. they didn’t hurry me even though I stayed till past closing asking questions cause it was past closing time. I would suggest going to emeralds first

  264. katlucas815

    I never dislike my visits at this dispensary.. Everyone at Emerald are very courteous, knowledgeable,& efficient. And their product are vast& range in price..

  265. twaymire

    Emerald Gilbert is my favorite dispensary and my go to. This dispensary is just amazing. The staff, the cleanliness, professionalism, and a wide variety of different medications to choose from. I love Emerald Gilbert due to the fact the staff makes you feel so comfortable and welcome. They are very informative and know how to accommodate for every specific patients ailments. Also having amazing budtenders who remember your preferred strains and individual preferences… That’s just the cherry dY’on top! I recommend any New patient to check out the NP deal as well as the daily specials. You won’t regret going dY~SdY$?–

    *Kaity you are an amazing budtender. Thank you for always being so pleasant and knowing/remembering which strains to recommend. Always so sweet and makes it a personal experience that keeps bringing me back! dY~EUR

    Thanks Emerald Gilbert!

  266. tlgod247

    awesome but I spent 100 for the free t-shirt on anniversary weekend Saturday and you guys had no supplies day two of 3 🙁

  267. Zujoxna

    My first spot I went to:) Still going back, very quick non deli style.

  268. xronmonx

    I have found myself back here quite often. The “Magic Brownie” is truly amazing!! Friendly service is always consistent, and their deals are getting much better.

  269. greg300

    First time going to this location and I had a great experience! They had everything I came in for and the service was exceptional. I will definitely be coming back soon!! Thank you for the amazing service.

  270. annalopez

    awsome place will definitely be back

  271. tspringer

    Great people! Good strains!

  272. Randombrooke

    Emerald is the place to go if you like quality marijuana, service, and atmosphere. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable, and the products are always on point. My very first experience at Emerald was my first time at an Arizona dispensary and it was everything I could have hoped. I met the coolest bud tender, Luis, who explained how everything worked and was so informative and helpful. I’ve gotten to know many of the bud tenders there, and seriously everyone is so amazing. I’ve never had any complaints from anything I’ve ever bought from Emerald and would 10/10 recommend.

  273. helloannax

    Best dispensary out there! This is my go to spot. They always have great sales, no tax, tons of events and the staff is so friendly. They exchanged a vape cartridge for me just because it gave me headaches. They really care about their patients!!!

  274. TylerWS

    My first visit…. they didn’t give me %20 off and they charged me $50 a gram for MuV even though their site says it’s $45 a gram. They did however give me $10 off but that was cancelled out by the fact they charged me $10 extra. Hahaha. Won’t be going back.

  275. RyenAZ

    I love the staff. Keep up the good work

  276. sugarwendy

    My sister told me about the great deals… Tim coon

  277. HometownHero

    The best dispensery I’ve been to yet! & it’s in my neighborhood. I’m a regular & it doesn’t get old. I love this dispensery & the employees that work here, they’re the friendliest our of any other dispensery!

  278. Alice32

    Great atmosphere! Staff was friendly, helpful and courteous. It was a great 1st time experience at this locatio. I will be back and will recommend to friends!

  279. abgdaf

    I have been here many times and management go’s out of its way to make you happy. very happy with quality and price is pretty good too. I don’t think we should be paying black market prices but that’s everywhere. excellent place. excellent people. 🙂

  280. MrBst

    Been callin this place since 8 am to check on my card. They say they open at 8 yet no one is answering phones for patients.

  281. Cinders1960

    I have been here twice. the 1st time was a disappointment. I gave them another try yesterday for the specials. I was pleased this time around. not because of the special but it was an overall good experience.

  282. Ohman21

    Friendly staff, always willing to answer questions and share information. Clean, bright environment, good specials and mix of product. Emerald is definitely my go-to place.

  283. alexa1549

    its the best! great customer service. Loyalty and tons of fun great quality product as well.

  284. ocsurf

    I love this place. Nice and clean atmosphere. The people are very knowledgeable and friendly. I wish there were more specials but I’ll keep coming back.

  285. sarah.grubel

    great meds always friendly and fast!

  286. Ckingfish1

    I’ve been coming here for years. Never a mishap. There was a mishap the other day and Cameron said he would comensate me in a couple days. It been a couple days and he remembered me the problem and took care of it. Good job Cameron thank you

  287. KoRay

    Amazing flower quality!! The deals and specials they run can save you a ton of money on your medicine. This is the only dispensary I will go to from now on.

  288. smmrshn

    Love Emerald!! Great quality, great prices and specials!!!

  289. notoriousmmj

    Phenomenal service, setup, and selection everytime. They always have deals and consistent quality. Great flower, the best edibles, and quality concentrates. I recently got turned on to Live Resin vape pens, awesome.

  290. highcircuit

    I went by here today just to check the place out and pick up a gram. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the staff, the bright, clean interior with great products on display, and the quality of the meds.

    I’m very surprised to find such a great dispensary here in the South Valley and I will be coming back. It’s worth subscribing to their feed to keep an eye on their specials — good deals can be had!

  291. mariahalvrz

    Dope, Justin’s cool

  292. swimmerin

    amazing service and staff

  293. hyphymotivation

    definitely not the worst flower in town but I don’t think I would pay full price for it. went in on 4/20 when they opened, long line but that was expected. quick process considering the circumstances… free sample of soda and grab bag of flower. I got Sensi Star, it wasn’t very good, but it was free. overall this is a nice dispensary, as far as flower goes, it’s middle of the road for top shelf pricing.

  294. anthonylbg

    what happened to privacy ???

  295. kindnana

    One of the nicest dispensaries I have visited . Open , bright , lots of choices . I felt like a kid in a candy store . selections were excellent . Will be going there again .

  296. livinisez

    Friday ‘specials’ were out of stock by 10am the last 2 times I visited. No rain checks, no apologies, and long lines.

  297. porkchopxpress3

    I have been coming here for about 2 years and this place is consitently on point. Great specials daily and the staff is amazing.. Think I may just stop by today!

  298. madison9

    GREAT STAFF!! incredible bud dY~SdY~S

  299. sconeindy

    Amazing setup and the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable!

  300. TheDankSide

    Blue dream Flowers and Sour D shatter were pretty good. My doll face katie is the best budtender always so polite and knows her product knowledge. The customer service and product is what makes me come back for more.

  301. AD6

    Staff is always friendly and knowledgeable, and the bud is always top notch. I’m a frequent customer. Their blueberry skunk, and Huxton collection are a few of my fav’s. Their jollies are delicious also.

  302. BigDinAZ

    The first time I visited this shop I had an amazing experience. The staff was very knowable, and professional. I was impressed with the selection of products, and how the store was setup. I like to think of myself as a self proclaimed connoisseur and their top shelf product is definitely up there, not just in looks, but taste, and smell, with a great high. I’ve been to a few shops where the bud was old or musky. I have never ran into this problem at Emerald Palace!!!

  303. DeanSki

    It’s honestly a great place, great people, super fast, honest opinions.

  304. Tjrhoton

    Keep your receipt!

    We all know cartridges have the occasional dud, no big deal, exchanged several with other dispensaries with no issues.

    Apparently all the state mandated measures for tracking medicinals doesn’t apply to verifying a purchase that you made 2 days ago. No Huxton carts in Stock for exchange, no store credit, no refund. I was encouraged to come back when their Huxton stock was replenished, another 2 hour round trip into town for this cowboy. Honestly, I don’t think I will be wasting another trip.

    Keep up the great customer service! Your Sunday management could use some front-of-house training. It’s been a long time since somebody talked down to me like a child.

    I know it’s a pot shop, but you can do better Emerald. Please do

  305. 1desertgal

    Everyone was so helpful. I placed a order on line and couldn’t have gone smoother.

  306. Alwaysbest

    I had an awesome experience at this dispensary. The gentleman at the front desk was very polite. My bud tender was also very knowledgeable Also alot of great options to choose from!

  307. traviskunselman

    awsome place , people really are nice meds are good , just wish prices were lower

  308. noneother23

    Always good edibles green and everything

  309. ELI42069

    I’ve been here a few times and each time I pick out what I want on the menu before hand. We’ll, I get there and every time I’ve had to pick something else on the spot because they haven’t updated the menu and don’t have stock consistent with their leafly menu. Oh plus they don’t have canamo concentrates anymore just the pricey trim run tasting “high grade” stuff.

  310. hunter9110

    Absolutely loved this place! Every person there was super friendly and knowledgeable! This will be my home dispensary.

  311. natetheskate58

    Very short wait times, friendly staff, good choice of medication, from flower to pre-rolls and edibles. Not a vape man, so no knowledge of that end. I believe the staff understands that patients aren’t there just to get “high”, but for whatever need impels them. Kudos and accolades all around for Emerald Gilbert.

  312. Kariinerie

    This is my favorite place to be. Love the budtenders. Tranica is amazing! Everyone is friendly.

  313. Caaz

    pick up was so fast and she was funny and super cool. i always enjoy stopping by. meds are superb. thanks Emerald

  314. shrxxms

    Always great service, good bud & always a good environment !

  315. ripjks

    great dispensary very friendly people love that tax is already included definitely coming back buds were amazing

  316. smokemifugotem

    I visited this dispensary either late 2013 or early 2014 and found they were overpriced. I returned again this week after visiting several other dispensaries. I am finding that once you find a strain you like it is hard to be sure it will be there when you return for more . I expressed my concerns to management and they were very understanding and accommodating. The only disappointment I experienced this time was the strain afghani was no longer available even though it was listed on the menu and I had phoned prior to my trip. I would like to see less strains to choose from and have the strains available at all times not just occasionally.

  317. tiffknowlton16

    Very small shop but great selection! The budtender was very active and nice! I’ll definitely stop by again!

  318. AppleShyPie

    I’ve been going here for about 2 months now. ever since I found this place there has been no other dispensary as good. The people that work there are very welcoming, they have great specials everyday. And now with a new rewards program there is no reason for me to go anywhere else.

  319. Souljah

    this is the top place for any meds for me they are always friendly and have the most amazing quality products and have a huge selection that they keep rotating I love having a big variety to choose from and they are always on point keep it up emerald u guys rock!!!!!

  320. AuthorizedSmoke

    Placed online Express order. Easy. Awesome. Walked in to pick up. Waited 5 minutes in line (1 person in front of me) to get checked in(?) Waited another 7 minutes in the “express” line, again with one person in front of me, for about as long as if i just walked in. Always good product and customer service. Maybe a dedicated Express counter would help make it great!

  321. allstar23

    today I used Express Pickup for the first time ANYWHERE. it went very smoothly. Ryan was working the Express on a busy BOGO day. my whole experience was great!

  322. forced420

    Emerald Palace is one of the new state licensed dispensaries in the East Valley. My first impression was that they are a little tucked away but relatively easy to find. Once inside the employees were very friendly and helpful. They answered my many questions and directed me towards the correct strains for my needs. They are just starting up so are not a full capacity for their products, but still had quite a selection of edibles and flowers to choose from. The edibles I saw are clearly marked with THC and CBD contents and are sealed. The retail area is very clean, inviting and large enough to keep customers from tripping over each other, which provides a sense of privacy. Overall, a very nice experience which will keep me coming back.

  323. hutch8306

    Very quick responses to online orders and communication regarding orders is easy. Great job!

  324. cristogrande

    These guys are awesome. Garrett was super helpful helping me find what works best for me.

    Would definitely recommend.

  325. taylorhv

    Comfortable atmosphere with pleasant and helpful representatives. Everyone I’ve worked with has made solid recommendations based on how the available flowers are performing. Customer since Aug14

  326. duckie3

    Best place in the friggin world!!!!

  327. staceyloowhoo

    This place is great!!! I can’t say enough good things about them! There honest and know their stuff. Very good place to go and feel comfortable about what your getting and who your dealing with. I will make this place my home pharmacy!

  328. MiMiHans

    This is my main location. Very knowledgeable, friendly staff, able to describe the strain properly and guide you into the strain that is right for you. The recommendations are almost always “spot on”. Super casual vibe and you don’t feel like a guard has to escort you like at other spots. I would like to see longer business hours and promotions targeted to my buying history and redeem that deal ANY time during the week (while supplies last). With working and traffic 6pm close on weekdays can be a challenge and I miss out on buying my favorites. Love this location.

  329. BrianStrm

    This is my go to dispensary. Last visit I went the way of vapor. After a week, I tried the competition’s vapor cartridge’s and they’re fat superior to yours. I enjoy your meds quality and diversity, but you lose the vaping challenge.

  330. JSmokin

    Update from my review below. I called the shop and Bob and Rob were extremely friendly and helpful. I did not expect them to be so kind as I did not leave a favorable review. They were genuinely concerned for me as a patient and fixed me up with a replacement strain free of charge. I was amazed. If you’re a bit of a weed snob like me, you might have to carefully chose your strain to find the one that has the “wow” factor, however, you cant beat the service. While most dispensaries seem to be only about the $, you can tell Emerald Palace truly cares about their patients well-being and satisfaction with the product. As constructive criticism I would say something should be done to look into getting more potent smells and flavors from the herbs as that quality seems to be lacking across the board of available strains. I don’t mind the pricing, but I feel a few other dispensaries are offering higher quality flowers at the same price. I will most definitely be back for the service and the edibles. I cant thank you guys enough. Hope you thrive and wish you the best. Positive vibes.

  331. drewfus

    fast pace and friendly

  332. SkelNeldory

    Cut in line twice here and the lady at the front said it was no big deal. Bud is way over priced and has been slowly getting worse in quality which was already not that great to begin with. The last straw was being cut in line again though. If you call for a customer by name and someone else comes up it’s not hard to tell them they made a mistake. Instead though, you make the mistake by just telling me to sit down because you are now helping this other person whose name you did not call. Wow.

  333. chanelfrazier

    My favorite place for sure! Quality is always great and large selection! Everyone there is knowledgable and seem to be able to answer every question I have!

  334. christina22

    Emerald Palace is the only place I go to get my medication! They never try to rip people off with pricing, they have specials and sometimes the occasional grab bag! This dispensary is clean and professional with a great staff!


    If all of your flower are like the flow and herojuana u guys get O MY goodness i would live at your shop (:

    Have a good thanksgiving

  336. Happy420gir!

    Fantastic customer service, bartenders know their stuff and great deals!

  337. msstoll

    this place is so slow it’s nuts it takes 45 minutes to check someone out…need some help?

  338. user001

    Beware: This place exposed patient email addresses on a mass email.

    Not to mention the meds are questionable at best.

  339. gabegar29

    Love the staff, they know me by name and know exactly what I want when I come by. my number one place to go for cartridges. Great selection.

  340. werfam22

    Really nice and knowledgeable staff. Good looking flowers and I love the “Emerald Shake” in a tube. Pricing is very competitive. A little tough to find the fist time but easy there after. The Colorado Thunder and the Afghani are recommended for those with a tolerance built up. I’ll be back!

  341. Garrettg91

    Today me and my fiancA(c) wanted
    To get away first Saturday I’ve had off in a long time. (Seems that way) I saw on Leafly emerald palace was having a Halloween sale mystery bag!! We though today could go from a great day to a excellent day! The wait was not long and I was treated very well every one seems very friendly and efficient I can’t believe Jesse he was awesome! Small world tho for sure knew him from high school!! Good to know they have good people like Jesse here I will be back again soon and quality was awesome! He even spread some good luck dust on me and I got a mystery bag! So I walked out spent $44 and got over 7 grams I would say that’s a great start to the weekend keep it up emerald palace and make sure to give jesse a shout out!! And anyone reading this review go see him very knowledgeable thank you all again

  342. eericks43

    First, this is a clean, pleasant atmosphere with pleasant counter help.

    Second, with my vet discount, I am able to get high quality meds at lower than usual price.

    If they still have it, try strain LSD. It is what I was hoping for.

  343. Jansior123


  344. lastwords03

    This place has wonderful specials! On their last special I was lucky enough to score a free grape flavoring Infusion soda! If you are a fan of grape soda in general, their medicated soda tastes just like it! Highly recommended!

  345. jewelamber21

    Each time I have visited this location the staff is less than welcoming. I asked for the wrong concentrate by accident and it was obviously a HUGE inconvenience for the budtender. I knew I had written down the wrong name as I do not do shatter, I was looking for a crumble.I started to look it up again on Leafly, and I thought the girl was going to throw me out. Yes, I forgot cell phones are prohibited, but meanwhile the bud tender was less than helpful, with a snobby attitude who offered zero suggestions when I ordered the wrong item. I will not be returning to this location.

  346. jg620

    Prices are okay, looks nice inside, but the quality of the flower is just not there. it’s similar to what Bloom has become. It’s all way too green, no trichomes, and there just isn’t any high from it. Got the White Widow and I’m still feeling nothing two bowls in.

  347. soulpapo

    Came here since i was out in the area, the chica who helped me was not only sweetheart and adorable, but very knowledgeable, she helped me a get topical cream for pain, and hooked me up with what ever early morning flower deal they had going on. It was a Good experience, ppl their seemed involved, not just a cute face behind the counter.

  348. KGbabie

    The best dispensary with the nicest staff hands down. Dallas took care of me when I was unhappy with a product. They know how to take care of patients and make sure everyone leaves happy. I would and always do recommend Emerald dispensaries to anyone asking!

  349. 13420

    fast, freely,, and offer you the lastest product to try..
    WTD I

  350. Relief2015


  351. bigdiesel666

    I like this place, but i bought some pre rolls from them and they were below the .75 stated, one was .61 and i was pissed! Things would have gone down differently back in the old days! But oh well….. weed is still bomb:)

  352. ggggggunot

    ok meds. They need to learn how to do math on there 20 percent discount

  353. WillyAg26

    Great place! Quality flower and a very knowledgeable staff. Try the lemon OG caviar.

  354. KableW

    this place is AMAZING I love the people and the product.

  355. TheBagman

    Jeremy was helpful. Great looking place. Huge selection and decent prices. Great place to start.

    The Bagmam
    since 1970

  356. Medicated_Watchmaker

    Great quality Meds, quality service, best specials anywhere you can find in az. I live about 3 miles from this place so I am a regular. Everyone there is very friendly and know you by your first name and make you feel like your apart of the family there. They set the standards for what exactly a dispensary should be. Keep up the great work…

  357. LADupree78

    it’s close to my house and they have good flowers

  358. ryantambo

    I stopped by and picked up the emerald pre roll and it was the bomb. It was super easy to sign up. I’ll be back today to pick up an 1/8. Very pleased with my visit. Ryan T

  359. ArizonaBudtender

    Always love the atmosphere and environment over here! Super friendly staff & one of the best looking shops in AZ too, with nearly every product under the sun from your favorite vendors to match. Can’t say enough good things about them, been coming here for over 3 years, and it’s been awesome to see them grow to where they are now! Picked up a Cookie Monster preroll today & it was super tasty with a wonderful/potent stoney feel 😉

  360. jaybud90

    this place has some of the better strains more often in stock than the other places I go to and love the budtenders

  361. Lexoxoxo

    Used to like this place. the employees are rather rude and waste your time. don’t bother calling because they’re no help at all. had a terrible interaction with your receptionist Friday morning the 28th of September. I asked to check my allotment before coming in. she proceeded to cut me off to tell me she’s busy and there’s a line out the door and she can’t help. you couldn’t have put me on hold? or have someone else assist? you had to cut me off to say that? seriously never going here again.

  362. atenesser

    Very friendly staff who helped make my decision with some answers about the medicine. Definitely eager to come back!

  363. jimmymap

    GREAT MEDS! THANKS! Will be back.

  364. Kyle23420

    Have been coming here for a while now and this is my first review. This was my second dispensary after getting my card and is now my primary place to go to. This is all in part of good selection, GREAT staff, get education on products, daily deals and the rewards system. Great all around shop, thanks Emerald, keep it up#

  365. mamabear7769

    I had Ryan as my budtender who listened to my issues I was having & really took his time to explain each product!!! It was awesome I love this place and will continue to bring my business to them & recommend Emerald to everyone I know!!! From the moment you walk in you are treated very professionally & with awesome customer service!!! So thank you Ryan & everyone at Emerald for such an amazing experience!!!! You guys ROCK!!!

  366. joshaz


  367. Kevinkj777

    the location great Meds good staff Kevin loud farms Arizona

  368. chefjoshuadul

    I find this to be one of my favorite dispensaries for multiple reasons open atmosphere deli style doesn’t make me feel like a prisoner their products and staff members are bar none I had a minor product issue that was resolved quite easily with great rapport and professionalism I highly recommend emerald to the non recreational user.

  369. batcommander

    Friendly, knowledgeable staff, and great edibles.

  370. DayneDaGreatDane

    I drove here on wednesday, arrived at 4:10 pm and walked up to the door and rung the buzzer thing. Right off the bat I thought, “they make their patients wait out here in the heat until they get buzzed in”. Five minutes passed and after multiple tries at the buzzer, phone number, and waving my hands into the cameras, no one ever came to the door. I sweated crazy for no reason.

    I didn’t even want to come here in the first place because of the crazy un friendly store hours, but I live somewhat close to the place now. That just gave a red flag that maybe they don’t care about who they are serving, just making a convenient schedule for themselves. And sure enough, no one even answered the door.

    Wasted gas, made sure I was there during their store hours, no one even there.

    Never coming back, lost a potential loyal customer.

  371. Stina76

    Great locarion, great friendly staff, something for everyone. Come check out their buds! Easy to find..

  372. Jtrush1992

    Wonderful! Meds here are on point….especially the edibles! More so the staff is fantastic as well!… Show emerald palace love peoples!

  373. Reyes5Thousand

    I love emerald and their service most of the time. They have great deals every week.

  374. jjrobin1

    Tenisha is AMAZING!!! Love this store only dispensary i go too!! Everyone should come here for the awesome trees!

  375. jdgaumer

    The level of service here is incredible.

  376. 2bhealthy

    I LOVE this location as it’s close to home… The flower, wax, shatter, edibles, just happy with all the awesome team here at Emerald Gilbert….. It sure would be nice to have longer hours for us night owls… Lol 🙂

  377. itskbreezy

    Best place to come to! Excellent deals

  378. ThePilsner

    Great deals and very friendly staff!

  379. tianna1719

    this is my 2nd time here to day, I just love this place

  380. 420Murry

    Red velvet cookie was good. Only downfall No new pt specials.

  381. AtreusNate

    This place is amazing great prices on shatter bogo deals on vapen syringes .. Fire quality on all the buds.. Definitely a go to place for concentrates!!

  382. Athenagg13

    Love the service and ppl. Bud a lil dry sometimes but still good.

  383. Muzznasty

    only shop I go to their rewards system is tits

  384. tpatron

    Dank Meds and great staff always

  385. Azelmarco

    This is a clean place, great people working here. MAJOR PROBLEM …. THE OLD BAIT AND SWITCH !!! THEY ARE ALWAYS…. ALWAYS OUT OF THE SALE ITEM! I have been to this location on 3 separate visits and each time I asked for the 2 for 1 special…. THEY ARE OUT. I have been to the location on sale day as early as 10 AM and still no product available for the special. Just be aware you will possibly not get what you want at this location.

  386. gotorangezz480

    bout to see if better than my home tryke.

  387. jdizzle13

    Best place in the East Valley! I have been to several places, and hands down, Emerald is my favorite. It isn’t even the closest location to me, so I go out of my way to go there! Friendly budtenders who really know their products and have offered great recommendations! The products and deals they have are amazing and the store looks and feels great!

  388. sso367

    i always find myself coming back to this one; great quality and great service.

  389. cheygirl31

    The people here are super friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Not to mention they sell very high quality product. I worked with a young girl who’s name (I think?) was Ana and she was phenomenal!

  390. Kiefer_Sutherlin

    Nope. Luckily they carry the Huxton label, because everything else is lacking if anything ever did lack. I understand that some of what plagues this dispensary is from Gilbert code, but I’d rather drive to another town.

  391. sandrubysparkles

    I love coming in to Emerald, everyone is always so welcoming. I love the friendly, laid-back yet professional atmosphere. And I have never been disappointed with the selection! Plus I love the rewards system (please keep it forever!)
    Amy Benson

  392. mattheil3

    Favorite dispenasary! i call this my home dispensary, where i get most of my bud!

  393. punker90

    This place has great service and an awesome selection!

  394. directlink1

    So I went back to Emerald Palace again and it will probably be my last time. The only reasonably priced meds they had was GDP which was on special. I picked up a quarter and every single bowl sparks and cracks and is FULL of un-flushed nutrients!! This is my medication that I’ve now wasted $90 dollars on and CANNOT USE! Licensed dispensaries should never be selling meds like this that are harmful to your health. Oh and the budtender told me everything was organically grown in soil. Yea right. I will be calling today to ask for nothing less than a full refund, or I will not ever return. How am I supposed to know that what I’m buying has been flushed? I don’t want what happened to me to happen to anyone else, I pay good money for my meds and expect quality. Bottom line, be very weary.

  395. sgcr

    I like the organic bud. Some of the employees talk with you without focusing on your questions;Too much of a party atmosphere. I expect a dispensary to be less amateur. I’m in pain and not there buying my “medicine,” to get high. Please be better listeners and not “oh, I’m not sure. Find out then.

  396. Jennyraerae19

    Best staff

  397. goffy59

    I’ve been to a lot of different places but this place by far is one of the best. The service is amazing, prices are reasonable and has a pretty awesome variety of products. I haven’t ever bought anything I wasn’t satisfied with, while going here.

  398. a1pointandshoot

    okay so shoutout to ty for always making sure everything is taken care of ! Also katie came in super clutch for me with my order this morning making sure i was going to be set and honestly doing a lot better job then most . 10/10

  399. Sanchez801

    Very cool environment, they entered all my info in about 2-3 min. Then I was called up in another 2 min. Great experience and very friendly staff. Really like this place

  400. Karbon1911

    great staff and quick service!

  401. McWhisky

    Long review, but worth the read.
    First off, thank you Dallas, and the rest of the staff! You guys are all awesome, and the reason I will always come back.
    Second, thank you to whoever grew Gorilla #4! I came in for a black friday grab bag, and wow. Dallas gave me a very nice package of some really good Gorilla.
    The 96 hour 1:1 patch, combined with Mary’s Nutritionals Muscle Freeze is the first time I’ve felt something stronger than my pain since my doctor said those words…
    Thank you again Emerald! I’ll be seeing you guys again soon.

  402. colors

    EMERALD PALACE us awesome very friendly very clean atmosphere

  403. MrsJohnson01

    Came in as a first time patient and the crew that helped me out was amazing and also love the location

  404. espionage123

    Bought An 8th of blue dreAm and it’s bomb there products are getting better way better then before I suggest sticking with the advanced list items also the lady everyone keeps talking about has always been nice to me since I started going there she now works the door but I think maybe you guys come off rude in a way but anyway she cute too lol but yes keep up the good working in improving quality

  405. b0bmerlin

    kinda hard to find at first Went in for the ftp deal asking for a half of their low price tier and got what looked like other places top tier quality. got a quad of the mama Mia and the better than your og and was pleased with both

  406. FlowerPower_

    HERE THEY GO AGAIN AT $18-$20 a gram. I used to only shop here- but no more. THE GOING RATE IS $10-$12 and $280oz. I will not be funding your scam store.

  407. StonerRockGod

    they get an A+ on the cozy welcoming atmosphere, on the inside, (kinda hard to spot on the outside but that’s the city of Gilbert’s fault for not allowing visible marketing.) I was welcomed right away, not a long wait since it was early in the morning on a weekday. the FTP deal was good, the flower I bought was good quality for the price. the concentrates were a little pricey but decent. might visit again if their selection gets more of a variety.

  408. azgeocacher

    This place is great! ALL of the bud tenders are friendly and knowledgeable. Shout out to Katie! – Jack

  409. btuff

    I drove up from Tucson to take advantage of the huxton Bogo and they had already sold out of the flower but had hoxton prerolls so I went ahead and purchased 1 to get a second one free.
    the preroll smoked horribly and ran half way down wasting half of what they said was a half gram preroll which I find very hard to believe. very unsatisfactory flower and roll.
    I will not be buying hoxton products again and I wonder if this is why they were bogo.
    I dont like to speak poorly about anyone’s product but felt it necessary after receiving such poor at best product.

  410. TwistUp0420

    Autumn was AWESOME! Fast friendly and very knowledgeable!

  411. rufush

    it’s always been good to me! I love this place & there deals.

  412. thedude79

    Good deals. Great selection. It’s only been dry bud once but good every other time. They should bring back tips for the budtenders.

  413. MsKillaVanilla

    They only had a little left of the flower listed on special, but they subbed the rest for a great flower at an awesome price! Really good service and quality meds!

  414. Usefulidiot66

    By far my favorite dispensary, it isn’t the closest one to me but the deals and selection and quality and ESPECIALLY the fact they are open every single day makes this one of the best by far.

  415. miyuki14


  416. cheaterfive411

    Really like the bud tenders a lot of product to choose from great atmosphere

  417. verwolf

    killer strain descriptions , especially the train diesel write up. makes me actually want to try a sativa. Please do it for all strains. wink. wink.

    from: Scott whom shops there often now. good meds , great service from the owner. also , you are way 2 CLOSE…

  418. jhard

    meds are not good at all.and prices are just ridiculous. really? $50 half gs for sub par extracts. waste of time and money

  419. snnelson328

    Everyone here is super nice and knowledgeable

  420. Roydrummer

    I love you guys, but it was a little disappointing that the ‘big Leafly special’ was only a free gram and that it didn’t actually include all flower (Huxton). I know you have separate Huxton specials, and I’ll be back for those, but this was misleading.
    A minor gripe, that’s all..:)

  421. grandmanaz63

    great weed

  422. SunDolphin

    Great 420 deals88th

  423. Vageyser

    Out of the various dispensaries I have visited this is it far my favorite. Best experience thus far from the moment I entered the doors. I’ll definitely be returning to rack up some more points.

  424. oconnbry

    Great staff great experience would recommend to others

  425. nalsbury

    Good service and a quick trip in and out with budtenders who always want to get you the right Meds

  426. Racinjasin11

    BEST PLACE IN AZ TO GET YOUR MEDICAL MARIJUANA! Racin Jasin’s new favorite spot:)

  427. jettt20

    I’ve been coming here for a few years. This is my favorite shop. They have excellent service, product and deals.

  428. girlanytime

    Manager Bryce is awesome helped turn my day and experience around and I can honestly say I will continue to come to Emerald because of the great customer service I received.

  429. DenMike

    I think it’s a good location it’s close enough from my home.

  430. brobrobrobro

    Nice location, can be super busy depending on the day and time and special that is going on. They need to have a better way of calling patients to the counter, heard my name, went to the counter, bought my meds, didn’t get my reward points because it was a different person with the same name so now I lost out on quite a few points. I know last names are a no go but my name is common and happens quite often.

  431. raferamsey

    I previously left a dissatisfied review for this dispensary, and I really wish I could remove or update the review. The reason being that a manager reached out to me and rectified the situation. Definitely a dispensary for the people. Thanks!

  432. Klotz24

    I love coming to this place they have great selections

  433. rbolton

    Today was my first visit to EP and it will not be my last. I got the blue diesel, LA Confidential, and herojuana pre roll. The Herojuana was fantastic, as were the other strains. The building was clean and secure with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Emerald Palace is my new spot.

  434. Suzyq333

    it’s like family

  435. ancientbongmaster

    I have been a loyal Emerald-er for some time now, and most of my sentiments about the Palace are top notch, but I have a criticism about the new gals…. The vibe from the budtenders that have been there for some time has always been from firstly an understanding of the patient’s needs and also how they are affected by strains, as some are different. (Peppy is nice but you have to read your patient and understand them too;) It came off as very sales-like and maybe most can’t see through that vibe, but it felt a little dirty coming from an establishment that reeled me in with the vibe and the knowledge and genuine nature of the tenders. I didn’t see the very beginnings of the Palace team but it’s also a good idea to keep the pep level for newbees somewhat contained otherwise it shows in their energy when the newness of the job wears off…. Seen a little of this in relatively newer folk too– Just keep it real and genuine and you can’t go wrong.

    Also, maybe consider 2 specials a day, one flower for the ‘ancients’ and one whatever else from the vapo- edi- trendy items– Please us all! 🙂

  436. zgluvvv

    Absolutely love this location I come here all the time and the people here are always nice!! Products even better! Now let me tell you this I’m not the type to leave a review. ever. However I felt like this one was necessary. I’m not quite sure when Bryce started to work there. However I definitely got the pleasure to meet him today let me tell you guys he is extremely rude. Acts like he does not care about his job. He completely ignored me I was thinking about asking to speaking with a manager I figured I just leave a review instead. Thanks for leaving a bad taste in my mouth Bryce. However I will be back!!

  437. lexxifer

    Love this place! It awesome!!

  438. shmarti

    Come here often love it

  439. KINTF

    Jesse is the best! Knowledgable and welcoming! Great atmosphere and friendly!

  440. ShaneRF

    Amazing customer service

  441. JenOaklief

    Very clean and organized. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The deals are great. I recommend them very much.

  442. emilylol

    Emerald is my go to! Love the points and people inside!

  443. mesa504boy

    The best in town

  444. sunnico

    The wait time was outrageous even though it was mid day during the week. The girl who checked me in was extremely rude. I was very disappointed with my visit – worst I’ve had at any dispensary in the valley.

  445. jlsscbs

    Not sure what exactly happened here or if I showed up after a friend’s funeral, but I’ve never seen so many long faces since I worked in corporate America. The first 3 times here I was met with smiling faces and everyone seemed to be excited about the place and products. I believe my first rating I gave this place near 5 stars across the board. While I certainly believe this is perhaps one of the nicest dispensaries out there, I have to give it a 3 star rating on atmosphere because I almost felt “unwanted”. None of the staff seemed to be excited about their products; nothing was promoted; asked a few questions that were answered with rather uninformative responses. In short, it didn’t look like one single employee wanted to be there. What the hell, you’re working at perhaps the coolest job on the planet… you’re a budtender for yit sake… you’re not in the movie Office Space!

    On to the meds- Purchased a couple strains which I suppose were comparable in price. However, I don’t feel like the quality was there like it was in my previous purchases. Furthermore, their selection has really diminished, which would lead me to believe they’re “in between harvests”, or so I was told. Or more likely, they have a new a grower? In any event, for whatever my two cents are worth as a rather successful businessman. Get your act together!!! You need new management and if “in between harvests” better planning. Or, more likely “a new supplier”… better rethink that one!

  446. zendell1980

    This is my go to spot. i wont go anywhere but here. I recommend you go. Staff is the bomb. They have the best pre rolls in AZ in my opinion. The emeral blend is KRAZY!!

  447. sandrad1919

    someone had a dog inside and it wouldn’t stop roaming around bad service by Emerald what a dirty place

  448. Bandana602

    Great place good service.great product.

  449. ahwatukee

    Great service and great meds! They always have CBD strains on deck. Best edibles in the valley too!

  450. Ssrogers

    Top shelf spot. Great service and they get you out quick!

  451. medominguez72

    really really long wait. no such thing as in and out here. the prices or normal nothing good or special to make the wait worth it. ppl act like they know more then then do even if the information is completely wrong. they use the term fake it till you make it to seriously. would not recommend.

  452. debbied64

    My first visit to a dispensary in Az within an hour of receiving my card. I had a really sweet budtender who walked me through some strand and cartridges and listened to me and what worked for me. Totally sweet guy and I felt welcome and never felt bad for asked my my questions. Plus the best new patient deal ever. Buy one gram get one free?! Hells yeah. Was so happy with my purchases and received immediate pain relief.

  453. Thomska

    I’ve gone here regularly for a while, just because it’s the closets dispensary to me, but enough is enough. First, good luck ever ever trying to call them. All I want to do is make sure what I want is in stock, but most of the time they just put you on hold and never actually answer.

    The 55 dollar half oz’s are a total scam. Its flower that they couldn’t sell at any reasonable price because the quality is so bad. The stuff won’t even get you high most of the time. They barely know whats a hybrid, indica or sativa. The only decent one is ak-1995, which they’ve tried to sell me as a hybrid one time, and the next time they told me it was a sativa. Yesterday I picked up sedona kush which was a indica last time I came in and a hybrid when I picked it up. Worst flower I ever got.

    The final straw though was when I learned they sell the same half oz’s for on 35 dollars at there other location. Even they know the true value of this flower is a lot lower then what they try to sell it for. Total scam artists.

  454. Jrod21

    I love this place so much. The ambience, the staff, the edibles, oil cartridges, but I HATE that they price their top shelf at 60 when the quality is worth maybe 35. Cmon guys!! I love y’all but find a new grower/distributor!!! Please!!!!

  455. halfload

    This is my second review of this place. I cannot stress how great this place is. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, the meds are fantastic, and the place is the cleanest dispensary in the East Valley. I will not go any place else.

  456. linda.johnson27

    Awesome concentrates for a decent price! I will return as long as it stays like that!

  457. MarvinCat

    Best for quality and quantity if you are a patient needing pain relief and anti spasm products, like tropical rubs, this is the place.

  458. elchurro480

    great place and great staff

  459. nosduh87

    this place was horrible, horrible specials, no rewards for new members, the pre rolls were the worst I received 2 for 20$ that were both horribly packed tight and only weighed out to half a gram when packaging said .7 they ran because they were packed so tight so I just ripped them up and re rolled them myself. they only had atm machine no debit accepted and the atm charge was 2.75$. I would not recommend this place to others and will not be returning myself. if you need medical help go somewhere else or order delivery and if you can’t you might as well just throw your money away because that’s pretty much what you will wind up doing here. shame on this place for nickle and diming people seeking medical relief…


    Awesome atmosphere, very nice selection, fast service even when busy, however, was disappointed I got an eighth of two different strains and instead of giving me the quarter price they charged me the eighth price for each. I am from Tucson and every dispensary I have gone to they always gave me the combined weight price. I assumed it would be this way but didn’t notice it until I left. Cool place and buds but I was a little disappointed.

  461. rick85201

    IT was my fav dispensary until today. i come in once a month and stock up for the month. today i came in to stock up selected a deal on some flowers and neede some syringe oil, the one i wanted was sold out in the size i want but he has some 1/2 gr sizes, im ok as long as its the same price but NO the smaller ones are more for the ammt i want. i was getting 2 grams of oil but yesterday they had such a good day they dont have any for me unless i want to pay the 1/2 gr price. pissed off i left went to another disp. got my 4 grams of syringe oil and then i came back to cash out my points, you lost a regular customer being petty.

  462. shellNaz

    1st time n the door. Grt vibes & friendly ppl..will def’ly be bk!

  463. kwood0529

    awesome environment. love the staff! love that they have a huge selection for flower eatables and consintrates!

  464. seekenzie12

    I love the Gilbert location! Austin helped me today and help me find exactly what I needed.

  465. shelbyhelb

    Loved it! I only purchased edibles, they have a huge selection at ALL price points. Highly recommended!

  466. Veeco

    All I can say is WOW. This place is completely different than that sketchy LGC, which had been the only place I used since getting my card. Emerald is professional, clean, safe, knowledgeable and their selection of top shelf is amazing. I will never go anywhere else! Only slight bummer is the higher prices (closer to street) but I will always pay a little more for quality and service. Thank you Emerald, thank you for the free brownie! See you soon!

  467. herdfam

    great place to go and get weed excellent location people are very nice love

  468. blindrhino

    First time patient hook up was a great deal. Had great variety and a wide selection. Awesome place to shop for your medical needs

  469. batmadd

    Love this place! Super cute and personal with everyone being in the same room. Infusion edibles are some of my favorites and I just adore the Gromulan flower I picked up. Definitely coming back again!

  470. wb357

    I’ve visited emerald Palace today for the first time it was my first trip to a dispensary, the girl at the counter that helped me didn’t really seem to care whether I was there or not didn’t seem very friendly or helpful and basically wanted to hurry up and get me out of there, I’m more than likely won’t be returning to the palace

  471. kyuss710

    always good meds! great staff as well as great prices! can’t go wrong there will definitely be returning

  472. sammy2323

    The set up oif building needs work

  473. aincardone

    I live 25 minutes away and will drive past many other dispensaries to go here!!! HUGE and delicious inventory!

  474. Rae93

    are you guys ever going to stay open later than 6? come on dudes…most people get off at 6. found a dispensary that’s open till 10! everyday…pretty much the reason why I
    stopped going. I feel like i have to rush down there everytime

  475. Tracy2018

    Love the people! They all are so helpful

  476. BakedBaker711

    I love this place! The people there are so welcoming and helpful, and the quality of the bud is great. 😀 Would love better deals, but I know you get what you pay for!

  477. ksm0692

    I have been coming here for about 2 years and very happy with them. People are very knowledgeable, kind, friendly and professional. I rather eat edibles and I think they have the best edibles in town. They have red velvet cookies and pumpkin cookies that are delicious. I eat 1 serving at night and I get 6 to 7 hours sleep. I tried edibles from Harvest of Tempe and Monarch and theirs is not as good. I would definitely recommend this place.

  478. FresnoMarine

    Pretty good menu and environment! Some strains are weak, others are useful and worth the extra buck. Convenient location.

  479. j8budoxk

    Just received my card in the mail on Thursday. Even though I live in North Scottsdale, it was deffently worth the drive. The two budtenders who helped me was very noligoble and easy to talk to. The four price range seem very decent, I walked out with 4g a pre role and a cookie for $61. Will deffently make the drive again.

  480. dillon4392

    first time here and I loved it! everything about this place rocks. Great and fast service good quality buds good prices good specials. whats not to like?

  481. Stchbe

    Love going to this place they always have awesome deals and great prices. I love the 55 half oz they have and the sunday you pick it special. They have very knowledable budtenders that have awedome recommendation. I will for sure be back!

  482. bigdaddy1313

    The people that work there are great very helpful don’t rush you and answer all questions

  483. TechnologistX

    Very nice people and great service. Especially with online ordering now.

  484. Hkirk42

    Good first time patient deal! Kinda small area- but overall they have plenty of product and it’s a chill vibe.

  485. Centaura

    First-time visit today and I was more than impressed. All the staff members were polite, professional, and compassionate. Medicine is reasonably priced and top-quality. Thank you for having a safe, clean, secure place for us to get our medicine. 🙂

  486. zwerdean

    Best place in Arizona by far.

  487. Bushido1

    Always great deals and great service. Worth the extra drive.

  488. rastapastaaa420

    I love this dispensary, edibles are bomb and the staff are always willing to help me look within my budget and super nice !

  489. Preroll

    I think it’s strange how you fail to mention little things when providing updates. Yea, your debit/credit card machine is back and working (which is different btw), but you fail to mention that you charge $2.50 just to use it. I felt like I was pulling money out of an ATM at Circle K. The least you could do is to provide these types of things in your updates. Yea, $2.50 isn’t a lot, but it’s the premise…now I’m getting charged a fee to buy MMJ. I honestly think you all need to get your act together over there. If more dispensaries start to open up in east valley, you guys are screwed. There’s clearly something wrong when you see what people are saying about you on here. I also see comments about the young lady that works behind the counter and I had my first experience with her, which was exactly the same experience that many have mentioned on here…a lack of customer service and doesn’t give off a friendly vibe as the others. Maybe customer service training is needed on her side? C’mon guys… You all should take your customers advice more seriously.

  490. basillouise

    During your buy one get one sale today Friday y’all need to get your stuff together. It was a madhouse people coming in and out pushing to the door standing too close to each other it all didn’t even have a line for people who didn’t want to deal like I can go and I was just wait 30 minutes to not utilize your deal that seems like poor planning on yawls part you had 10 counters one of them can be express for your regular customers

  491. scotts420

    Fast and friendly,very good selection and very helpful staff

  492. Dollface03

    First time to Emerald and I was thoroughly impressed. They have such a great/positive atmosphere, personable and helpful sales staff. The receptionist was super bubbly and being a first time customer, she’s the type of receptionist you want up front since the receptionist are the first and last impression of your business. Would highly recommend this place to anyone. Great products and selections to choose from.

  493. hsdalley

    Erik couldn’t have been nicer while answering our many questions. Relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

  494. bchbys


  495. tbock

    the location is great and I want to thank Dallas and Stephen for being there for me to help me with my meds. they are great and the chapstick is bomb but they need to get
    one for anxiety. I love yall so much

  496. NeedsMeSpinach

    Nice little hidden spot tucked away in a busy industrial complex. Guy at front desk needs to work on his multi tasking abilities. I was a new patient and he was registering me in their system which obviously takes a few mins. Another patient gets buzzed in behind me, and he seemed like he didnt really acknowledge her besides pushing the button to let her in…he couldve said hello ma’am itll just be a few minutes, i apologize for the wait. little things like that go along way in customer service….the budtender i had was nice and informative and seemed a little more of a people person. anyways i picked up some Jedi Kush on special pricing and its definitely fire! truly disappointed they dont have any incentives for new patients, like a free edible or preroll or gram or something. definitely the least favorite dispensary ive been to thus far. i might come back if they have good deals on some highly rated strains….SMH

  497. Ganjamankris2

    loved it all around.

  498. joshua.t.mangum

    I have been coming to this location for about 4 years now and at first they were all about the patients. But now it has become more get your stuff and leave. Most of the staff have very little or to none of the knowledge of the bud they carry. They just know the price and tier of each bud and that’s about it. I would recommend to find an other dispensary before you get disappointed coming to this location. They need to find better employees!!!!!

  499. R2-D2

    I’ve been going to this place for about 2 years now. The staff is friendly and it seems nobody quits same faces working there.

    Anway, I was there on Star Wars day and 5 bucks short on some R2-D2 flower and they said don’t worry pay us back on your next visit! Eric set me up big time. Thanks Eric:)

    That’s almost unheard of with greedy businesses and will cement my going back there forever. Someday I might even want a job working there!

  500. Meds4thePatients

    February Review – Emerald
    Nice location, large patient room. Wide variety of medicine, would like to see more variety in concentrates and more CBD options!

  501. MoeMusic

    My favorite dispensary. Great bud awesome pricesdY~Z

  502. danileafly

    Awesome staff!

  503. jjhandymaninc

    Emerald is the best dispensary in the area. Great selection and staff.

  504. Natara

    Very nice staff, willing to look up info if they don’t already know it 🙂 Good quality meds. The rewards program is nice as well.

  505. kbibbers

    I’ve tried a few different dispensaries & today was 4 th time to E.P. Overall, I really like this place & am always happy with their customer service, tax included pricing menu, atmosphere, & great location. Also, their sour gummies are amazing. However, I came strictly for specials & was a little bummed most strains- especially the one I wanted- were sold out by 2:30 (specials post at 11). I still got some really solid meds though from the end of sale at a great price. (Note to self- good sale days get their @ 11:05 lol). Anyhow, when I got home I noticed I’d been charged four extra dollars by accident (girl was training someone so it happens) & I called to ask about it. ($4 ain’t much but it adds up ya know?) Girl who answered phone was very pleasant & helpful, made notation in my account, and just mentioned I remind them next time in. Overall always good experience even when little errors happen. *My only suggestion is notation of thc & cbd content would be fabulous- knowledge of this can make a huge difference for treating various medical conditions more accurately, and saving $ on strains that aren’t quite right for each individual.

  506. edster

    Nice location, busy day today, 4/20. Excellent prices and excellent budtender, quality products!

  507. rkthehead

    Went in for some shatter, they didn’t have the strain i was after, even after it showed it on leafly. The Strain i did get was good, but should be for the price.
    The Flower was decent, again 20 dollar grams, it should be a one hit wonder, not the case:(
    The counter girl was blah, and didnt seem to care about my questions! if they have a strain or something u cant find somewhere eles, check these guys out, if kot i wouldnt go back!
    rhe counter firl was

  508. ChaoticDream

    This place is cool.. just the only dispensary where the bus tenders actually talk to you.. id drop the name of the competition but that really doesn’t matter cause you are winning dY$?~

  509. Giz440

    location isn’t so bad but their hours really suck price is way too high medication is not worth the money definitely look around you’ll find better deals three tiered medicine is not the way to do it overpriced please don’t waste your time

  510. Loudone

    great flowers ever

  511. guttersnipe273

    Friendly and super helpful staff. Couldn’t be more impressed with Emerald Dispensaries!

  512. inkaddictaz

    the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. They also have great deals for their customers regularly.

  513. crazinblazin

    great place to come, with great employee’s

  514. ogkushgod1997

    good weed

  515. CBDisWhyImHere

    If I am in Mesa. I will be coming here!! I tried the K.I.N.D RSO and it was wonderful!! A good selection of flower, and a friendly staff. Thank you!!

  516. Yapitso

    Can’t say enough. Seriously so, I’ll just name some names… Tranica, Rygg (tall guy), Leonard, COLE and CAMERON… Did I put Tranica… Hope so. The aboved mentioned are just some of the best people to see when you visit. Im not going anywhere else. They are the reason. Keep up the good work guys. See ya real soon! S.S.

  517. Ramjet44

    Every time I go in there they seldom have in stock what the advertise to have….yesterday (07/28/15) I went into but some Green Crack #2….it is advertised on their in store board and on line. I get there, ” We do not have that ) yet again……Done with this place….

  518. RV70

    Love the products and most of the staff(only one budtender I do not care for) love the pts and great specials too! Keep up the good work emerald Gilbert!

  519. cannacookie

    love the products and have referred patients to you guys! keep it up!

  520. southphillygangsta

    quality weed, low prices!

  521. Shandae05

    Friendly staff and always very informative. Great products with no complaints! We love the variety.

  522. THCalchemist

    ive been going here on and off since last december and i feel the flowers are hit and miss however the new infusion concentrates they have are pretty good i do think they are overpriced at 70 a gram especially since they are made in house. concentrates average 50 dollars a gram at most 1 g should be 60. I would recommend lowering the price or at least offer 2g for 100 or some bulk discounts because i can go elswhere and pay 210.00 and get 7g. you should stop “waxing” the concentrate pricing

  523. tehfaz99

    Fantastic service, very friendly staff and great deals for first time customers. I came just to take advantage of the BOGO ftp deal, my excellent budtender Carla hooked me up with a few more free promotional items as well. They run specials daily and I will be back to take advantage of them as well.

  524. Hellbornelfchild

    I went to Emerald for my first time and was really impressed by the quality of people working there. Everyone was really nice and helpful. When it came to the product it was a different story. I checked out a few buds and they were sugar coated with trichomes and the smell was somewhat potent. I was pretty excited to get home and checkout what I had purchased. As soon as I opened the packaging for my flower I was greatly disappointed. They seem to throw the sticker over the bag so you can’t see the product until you get home. The buds were nothing compared to what I was shown and smelled stale and smoked awful. It was almost as if somebody threw the medicine on a pollen collector and shook it out for about 2 hours. I was really surprised this came from this dispensary considering how everything else was on point. If you are looking for concentrates or edibles I would definitely recommend this. If you are in the market for flower I would look else where.

  525. Moegan6

    Helpful, clean, upbeat vibe

  526. Tdrivera

    Home of the best edibles available! Very happy I went in today when I did. Met the man that makes the edibles himself, he took the time to explain his methods, how he purifies stuff and the whole 9. Perfect day to take advantage of the 10$ cookies!!

  527. polly

    I’m a frequent visitor, reasonable prices, good meds and atmosphere. Definitely hit it up. -Pauline

  528. TuckTuckGoose

    I dig the whole package of this place. The friendly and relatable staff made it feel like I had been going there forever, even though it was my first visit. The strain recommend for me turns out to be a great fit for my needs. I’m happy that I live very close by!

  529. dbdiarte

    Great Service!

  530. bmflores7

    The Cataract Kush is soooo dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y= love the high and the come down is so chill. great place for all your meds!

  531. lilhomie420

    superr dope place great
    herbb great concentrate

  532. MrFigueroa91

    i love Emerald Phoenix so I am SUPER excited for this Emerald Gilbert stop. i am in the waiting room and let me tell you that this shop is beautiful and clean. Everyone was welcoming and the Dutchie deal is awesome!!! aoeOEdY’s

  533. VWLove

    The Huxton is the best flower they have . It may be a tad higher in price but ultimately you need less . People are awesome and will continue to to fill my med orders hear.

  534. jeanniebrew

    great location, great meds. and lots of variety. everyone is so nice.

  535. Danocros

    Honestly I’ve only been there a couple times but so far I’m loving this place! I think it’s going to be my normal spot from now on dY$?tmdY>>

  536. justshug

    my first time here, they treated me like a Queen.

    I have applied to work here because I want to be apart of this type of family. from the front desk, the gentleman with the dreadlocks, to the sweet blonde young man behind the register, treated me and accepted me as soon as i stepped through the door.

    their deals are exceptional!! you really can’t beat what they have for you, on a first time visit! i will not stop trying to work there or bringing my business their either. Thank you all for your kindness

  537. Divang2016

    Great quality.. just a little pricey..

  538. breeze34

    Best deals in town… Luv coming here!!

  539. mbvape

    This is my go to spot! The selection is always great, the staff is engaging and friendly, and the bud is fairly priced. I am never disappointed. Cutest bud tenders in town hands down. Best customer service! The Hindu Kush is great!

  540. risingsunofgilbert

    I do not shop here all that often due to the slightly higher prices. However, for people to say this place sucks is inaccurate. I was on the e-mail that accidentally got sent out to other patients. I possess my card to purchase medicine to help in my daily life. I do not really care who knows I possess a card. It is my medicine. And legal. The staff is super friendly and the location is ideal and safe. I am willing to bet it cost more to operate in Gilbert….nice to have a store so close to home. Hope they can lower the prices soon. I am pretty sure they will when they are able. So, I think some of these reviews are obviously vengeful. Try them for yourself. You can get a rewards card that gives you a free 1/8 after purchasing 7. That and the saving of time and gas alone should have you try them out.

  541. mrpersonality

    Would like to give a shout out to Rygg for taking care of me today at the counter! Fantastic my man and thank you, again!!!! See all yous next time.

  542. Mrbud710

    Seeded bud, friendly people. I’ll go elsewhere

  543. TicTacChris

    Very friendly and welcoming staff. I LOVE that taxes are included!! You will NOT be dispointed in the quality of product here. even their low grade is supurb!

  544. Phhd3210

    Everything is quality.., The smell is fresh and people are nice!

  545. dfike

    I have been coming here for a few weeks now. the staff is always friendly and extremely helpful. no matter how busy they are they take the time to assist all of their customers with any questions. the process are reasonable and the flower is top notch. I personally love the variety of edibles, and vape pen refills. wish I could give a 10 for atmosphere. there are no pushy sales associates you are allowed to look at the menu, and the edible displays in peace.

  546. Kevinlumpford

    Always New strains. Excellent & knowledgeable staff. Great prices

  547. grimgor05

    Its been a while since I’ve used Emerald. On that visit I was there to pick up some of their buds that was on the daily discount…right before purchasing, the teller notifies me that there are seeds in it. No big deal because of the price. Yesterday I pick up a quarter of Church OG for 95, thinking I would be more satisfied this time around. THERE ARE SEEDS IN YOUR CHURCH AND YOU’RE SELLING IN $95 for 7 grams…… I am so disappointed..and I stated to the teller I have Crohn’s.

  548. travel

    Great place. Every time I get dropped off someone has the door for me. When I get in I’m pleasantly surprised to have dozens of different meds in front of me.

    On their flat screen TV they had FOX news going – buzz kill.

    Aside from that there are clean comfy couches to chill on.

  549. indican

    Stop by yesterday to pick up a gram of ATF. At 18 dollars a gram one would imagine that you would be getting top shelf medication. This just wasn’t so! The meds tasted like garbage, burn black and made me cough up a lung.

  550. sjwebb

    Awesome Employees! Great customer service

  551. zachman1985

    awesome flower

  552. Kmjohns2336

    I love this dispensary. Everyone is so nice and I got some education since I’ve never done marijuana before and was shocked at how many statins! We settled on one flower and two concentrates all very lovely effects and couldn’t be happier to be pain free <3 Thank you guys!!

  553. graws

    I always love coming to this place, absolutely have the best meds in the valley. Service is always friendly and nice. Very loyal customer

  554. kcoop316

    Quick, clean, friendly and very awesome flower! Never disappointed coming to Emerald.

  555. michelle.reed09

    I really can’t say enough good things about the Emerald Palace. I LOVE the daily specials and often the specials bring me in and encourage me to try strains I have not tried before! The staff there is friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. It is a great place to go if you are looking for quality medicine and if your budget is tight make sure to check out the daily special!

  556. rxdavis53

    love this place

  557. stracey

    It’s an amazing dispensary with outstanding service and quality.

  558. chayromine

    I’ve been coming to emerald for 3 months now pretty regularly and have never had any issues. Convenient, comfortable waiting area. Great staff. Incredible product. Make sure you sign up for the emails; they have sales almost every week

  559. dezertrat0010

    This is a great dispensary! I love their selections! They have a large variety of strains in flower and concentrates and plenty of edibles! the staff are super friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is very welcoming.

  560. codythestoney

    Eric was a great help, I walked in there not knowing anything and he helped me get the medication I needed. Great experience, will definitely be coming here more often!

  561. Sebastianblue

    This is exhausting. I’m sick. I ordered online, thinking it would be faster. But not at this place. They are going to make sure, to take their time, as soon as it appears you’re in any kind of rush. So my order was not ready even though the text said it was. And I had to stand there and watch all of it get bagged and stapled and all that long drawn out process. When this was something I was hoping would be ready and get me in and out. DO NOT DO THIS HERE.

    Today I checked in, only to watch people go in front of me. Then the girl that checked me in went and opened another register. To help someone that came in after me. I asked her if she forgot to check me in cause she scanned my card twice & she just ignored me for a min? =?
    What is the whole point in this place having a queque if its not used. And this is not the first time this has happened to me here.

    I guess if you are a bigger consumer you get VIP here.

    The Mint is far away from me. But at least they treat you like your a person there.

  562. Dfannuh

    This is one of the best dispensaries I have been to! They have super friendly staff and a lot of selection!

  563. lvon1277

    Flower is hit or miss not consistent enough for me!

  564. mzbianca313

    Love this place

  565. Dakota

    Very professional staff and nice atmosphere. I appreciate the club has specials, something that clearly separates them from other state licensed dispensaries! If Walmart has a cheaper price than Target where are you going? Picked up some Purps and Blue Diesel. Very nice quality and the BD is great! I look forward to my next visit.

  566. jenskinz

    Awesome! close, great hours and always a great selection! Not to mention the amazing staff, they are professional and knowledgeable.

  567. ithinkimasofa

    always a
    great shop!

  568. budlifechoseme

    went in yesterday, you guys didn’t have much indica options which was a bummer because I like to switch it up when I get an ounce. Judy recommended Tangerine Kush, honesty was hesitant buying full ounce of but something about that happy attitude and having her looked up the medical benefits to make sure it fits my needs, that service got me. Thank you for the recommendation Judy, I SLEPT GREAT

  569. batguano

    Great meds! My bud tender Had good recomendations. She was also nice and patient. Ftp deal is awsome. I’ll be back…..

  570. Cunninglinguist

    I go to Emerald quite often, I love the deals and the medicine quality is also on point. I have NEVER had a negative experience at this dispensary & the bud tenders are knowledgeable and friendly.

  571. twcrofts

    Very friendly staff, organized process, good meds, clean facility, friendly patients, great experience!

  572. Aubz

    Great quality and amazing staff

  573. jkossel

    My go to place for my meds.Great place and service,I just don’t understand one thing,Your huxton brand is 25d more here for a eighth than other dispensaries,can u tell me why ?

  574. mattyice0118

    Great store, very professional.

  575. sabeccue

    Went into Emerald for the first time in months and wow have I been missing out. I prefer to smoke flower and I was very impressed by the quality, taste, and freshness of the strains I picked up. Highly recommend this place if you like flower because they have over 20 plus strains to choose from. Tranica, my budtender, was very helpful & informative. She showed me some really dank buds. Will be back soon.

  576. cr8vsunshine

    Emerald Gilbery is one of my favorite dispensaries! Mystery grabs are the best and the staff rocks!! Happy 420!

  577. thatsjustlikeuropinionman

    Great menu! Lots of edibles. Nothing but a great experience every time I go in. Quality of all the product is great!

  578. loveheatherlove

    I’ve been going here for a while now and each visit is better then the last. The staff are extremely friendly and personable. They answer my questions and give great suggestions. The points system they have is awesome and I’ve been able to get lots of free pre-rolls, and those are my favorite. Highly recommended.

  579. Loitering

    First time visit today. It was like walking into Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

    Great people, relaxing environment and a dizzying display of medicinal options left me giggling like a child as I left the place.

    So happy this is the dispensary nearest to me!

  580. ganjgirl53

    This was great! Loved the service! Also loved that everything was out there. As a first time patient I got lots of free goodies! I would definitely return here again!

  581. nicolesaavedra

    Awesome 🙂

  582. mamaG04

    They need to seriously get some later hours 6 o’clock is way too early to close during the week!! Staff is friendly products great environments awesome no other complaints

  583. rachelethan

    Everyone at this location is wonderful and I have never had a bad experience over the last year. Now that they Leafly pickup this will be the only dispensary I use.

  584. monique2812

    Love this location and all the specials

  585. ejs269

    Always a reliable spot to buy meds. Emerald has a wide selection of different strains as well as types of medicinal marijuana. Everything is available to see and the staff will help answer questions. I have been going to Emerald for almost 2 years now, and will continue to for many more!

  586. classy83

    well worth the drive! Awesome people

  587. dramamama

    Super friendly staff. Nice selection. Knowledgeable staff.

  588. Apryor27

    Carla was great help from start to about right before the finish because she let a new employee, Alicia, ring me up. Thanks for selling me the weed, girls.

  589. Vizz

    Good store employment, poor product placement. Emerald Always Runs Out of Mostly everything wanted. GDP carts, forget about ever getting it. They get a handful and one or two people buy them all. Great job for the patient, horrible job by Emerald to not order a greater quantity. Happens all of the time! Why I stopped going.

  590. recnexus

    Great location, this is definitely my go-to dispensary.

  591. acidblues

    A little out of the way but worth it every time.

  592. EYEWEEN

    My first and last time there. The person who greets you and takes your information was cool. But my budtender was just not helpful at all (even though I told him it was my first time there). The look on his face as I walked up to the counter said it all. He obviously did not have any interest in helping me and he made it very clear. When I asked for his opinion on some of the products,(since I was new there) he said he didn’t know. (what sells man does that?) It was a very uncomfortable visit and I will never give my money to this place again. As I’m looking through these reviews, I notice someone else had a similar experience. This is unacceptable. If the owner of this company reads this review, please look into this asap. This “budtender” is going to bring you guys down!

  593. Zaglife33

    This place has awesome flowers and great customer service. The blueberry is fantastic

  594. Jessicaavaldezzz

    My go to Dispensary! They have the best deals and the best Strain!

  595. kyle85234

    Went to Emerald today for the last time. The girl at the door told me I was getting 20% off my entire order for my card renewal but once again got no discount, no renewal discount and no veteran discount even though I brought in my DD214 again today. Tired of getting screwed by this dispensary, they count on the cashiers to give the discounts and they never do. Stay away from this place.

  596. amie1514

    my first time in a dispensery. I was a little nervous and unsure but once I walked in I knew I would be taken care of. I worked with Ana she is amazing. I explained what I was looking for and she had awesome recomendations. Thank you for the help Ana.

  597. stonedfrost

    Love the flower . They have Amazing employees. One of the best places to go.

  598. brajoh21

    Carla rocks. great selection

  599. RedCj


    EMERALD PALACE has become my most trusted and appreciated local provider. Here’s why:

    * PRICES ROCK – especially with daily specials! It’s like being back in the 70s/80s. Ie: $10 grams/ $35 1/8ths of various strains, usually intermediates, but frequently advanced strains are on special. Their basic strains are affordable enough, so their specials ARE specials…

    * The TEAM at Emerald Palace all work together, providing a very well rounded service to clients in an upbeat, genuinely friendly atmosphere.

    * I would feel comfortable referring Emerald Palace to anybody — even a deaf geriatric Welsh grandmother with one leg traveling alone at night– because I know their team will make the visit worth the trip. 😉

    Thanks you lot. I truly appreciate all the info, insight, great service and smiles on top of the quality flower you’re providing.


  600. Bronx718

    Place looks sketchy AF , NO SIGNS OF A DISPENSARY when you drive there. You have to call the lady at the front and ask if the location is that scary dark building your standing in front of. Only came for the BOGO , NOT GOING BACK !!!!!!

  601. RealQualifyingCondition

    Great location in a newer industrial park, would have been tricky to find but they had signs up leading right to the place. Nice clean and relaxed feeling inside. No sterile waiting rooms… Med quality was great for soil grown. A little lacking in potency, but the the strains I sampled made up for it in taste and even more in how smooth it smoked. Prices are kinda high but so are the other dispensaries in the east valley. Take advantage of their specials and you can get awesome meds for a price that cant be beat at any other Dispensary in the valley. If you need potent meds for real pain I would look elsewhere as the $65 1/8 of candyland didn’t come close to the GSC from Bloom. Overall great dispensary I will be using them regularly.

  602. magicjedi90

    Great deals, and great flowers

  603. IGodNeoTheOne420

    The Quality is what it is
    Service is excellent
    Atmosphere is very friendly and comfy
    (rest room/water/coffee/Tv/Waiting Room/Viewing display)

    If your going because of this review , please use Patient 253 as referral.

    Excellent MMJ if you already know what your getting
    Concentrates are really good(Wax/Shatter/&more) and are labeled with thc/cbd amount in store.
    Many different kinds of Edibles.
    Oils for vape pen and free O.pen vape pen when you spend 150$ using reward points.(See Rewards List)
    Many registers to get through busy hours.
    Staff is knowledgeable and will help you(Except new employees , give them time) Ask for Manager if you need help with anything. They will help you.
    Check Leafly before you go and Menu for Strains/Effects for maximum pain relief/no bad trips.

    (if you complain it’s because you didn’t do enough research / new employees/ Or not asking ?)
    Knowledge is power, Wisdom is learning, Patience is virtue.

    *Soon to sell glasswares/supplies for your medical needs. All in one location (Sign the petition and help the Lord your God)

    Blessed are those who are with me the Lord Forever!
    I made Pot man made Beer, who do you trust?


    May all your pain and sorrows go away. If you don’t like something tell them and they will do their best to make dispensary better.

    Happy 4:20 (Love you guys,& the Emerald Staff)
    The sound you heard in the sky this morning wasn’t thunder. A to the Z

    Visiting since opening year and this dispensary always coming in with new products so be sure to check often. The Specials are good from time to time when it something you need, and deals for free grams.
    Tax included! Thanks for reading my review.

  604. ultramarioihaz

    Always great product and prices. I don’t go anywhere else! Garrett and Eric are always incredibly friendly and helpful!

  605. MsRollUp

    Great service and lots to chooes from! Love the vibe and music !

  606. Suscosavich

    Friendly people in a friendly space. Good product for good price, and the whole staff are quite the characters.

  607. gtownsfinest87

    I specifically go because if the special they have on GREEN.

  608. kobepenny

    love this dispensary

  609. fel182

    Good location. I’ve gone in on 3 different occasions, quality of the flower is okay; not the worst or best. Check your weight on flower; each time I’ve bought flower, my weight on each purchase had been anywhere from .05 to .08 of a gram less than what I purchased. not a big deal once, or even twice, but since it happened every time it has me wondering if this happens to anyone else? I admit that after the third time, it has me wondering. I always calibrate my scales before weighing my weed from any dispensary and most others will almost always go over, not under, by about the same; but, however, not here. so this bothers me over time that I’m now considering to shop at a different dispensary.

  610. Dru420

    been coming here for many years and have slowly watched the coustomer service diminish. uningaging bud tenders that don’t listen and constantly rush you through your order. also constantly been given wrong product. what happened to this place ????

  611. dawg4444

    awesome place, great deals and very 420 friendly staffdY~S

  612. drbigbang

    I loved this place and my tender lady was awesome! Almost time to go back!

  613. christenc

    Great atmosphere! Love their edibles!

  614. belbert

    This is the best place in AZ for getting meds! Great atmosphere, the staff are all top notch, the meds are typically top shelf quality, very rare to get a dry batch, and the PRICES ROCK! Daily specials get you 1/8 for $35!!! Also after buying 1/8 seven times you get the next one FREE!!! Keep up the great work, this is how a successful business is run!! Will only go here and refer everyone I know with a card!

  615. josedurand10

    I’m here at my favorite spot were the staff are the best. This store has one of the largest selection of concentrates for vest price location is perfect

  616. CameronRexroat

    Visited this location 2 weeks ago, on my first trip, and I have to say that this place is beautiful and amazing! Very short wait, friendly staff, and incredible information/deal of first visit! I can not wait to visit again, and shout-out to Cole who helped me out, he knew alot about the product and got me excited to come back!

  617. turtle8

    best place to be!

  618. MZAZL8DY

    love the deals. the edibles are fantastic. carts are always at good price.

  619. clarissaj

    My favorite dispecary.
    Great prices
    Good customer service
    Alien og so good

  620. Claytonlambeth

    Awesome buds and vibes. have had a mouth full of resin on the sodas and some seemed like theres more soda in some bottles and less in others.. but all of the edibles have great flavor and pack a puch. any buds you can donate for are worth your money and great for making resin.

  621. SirReptar

    Good bud chill environment

  622. Jesszula

    Hands down my favorite dispensary in the east valley. Always friendly staff & if wait is longer than expected they really try to make you feel relaxed & check on the status of line. They are truly appreciative for their patients & try to make the experience as easy & informative as possible.

  623. ProudYinzer

    Emerald never disappoints. From the quality of their products to their prices to their customer service they are really one of the best dispensaries I’ve been too. I just wish they had one in south Chandler! They are worth the drive though!

  624. Casper4407

    Love this place

  625. wyattal

    Friendly, knowledgable bud tenders

  626. therealandre

    I came into this dispensary the other night just before close, not even I walked up to the door at 6:02 after close! The guy came up to the door and greeted me saying they were closed, but when I explained how I couldn’t find the dispensary and it was my first time he let me in. The place has a very modern set up and the bud tenders were still very friendly and talkative even after close, & the meds were on par, looked great they had a light and magnifying glass you could check the flower out in, just a nice place and nice set up. came for their daily deal which was a half ounce for 135 of I forget, but the quality really shocked me for the price! It was beyond amazing, definetley will be going back. Also they had the four dose edibles for $12 a peice which was beyond amazing I only see them for $20 at other dispensaries in the valley! My new favorite & go to dispensary by far, which is saying something because I live in tempe and drive 30 minutes to this dispensary! They’re that good, highly recommend it!

  627. Anthonyoleamesa

    Best flower and edibles plus legit specials

  628. bleland23

    Best most friendly dispensary in the Valley!

  629. retrochick69

    This place ROCKS!! Clean facility and friendly peeps! From the second I walked in, until I left; everything was superior!! Bob knows his cannibis strains and edibles. Everything he suggested, was spot on! (The mint brownie and raspberry cheesecake were delectable and I think they must of each weighed a pound!)

    This dispensery sells the O-Pen (extremely user friendly!), and the cartridges! Only place I know in the East Valley that carry specific strains.

  630. billyy480

    Always been my favorite quality meds cheap prices

  631. brandi_star

    Love u guys… but ya got get more meds… hard on us that come in cause of convience of location… were having to look elsewhere… uggg…

  632. N03LMUNKII

    super nice! found amazing refreshing sodas and edibles and flower. staff is super friendly and informative! I got to stop in for a birthday preroll! twas is great!

  633. greenlmt

    I highly recommend this place!! I have tried every variety of brownie offered and love them all….even the mint! I like to warm my brownie portion up in the microwave and eat it with vanilla ice cream on top. Keep up the great work Emerald Palace!!

  634. tayder94

    Great and friendly people!!

  635. Orangefan

    love how friendly the staff is!

  636. Nudeyoga

    One of my top 2 go to spots! Love their flower.

  637. shaggysurfs

    I have been coming to Emerald for over a year now. You used to have knowledgeable staff. It seems for the past few months you have either let go or promoted most of the staff. There are a few old schoolers still there. The new folks are not knowledgeable and in one case rude.
    In a different matter you do not seem to be carrying MUV products anymore.

  638. slapdashmom

    I was so blown away at the customer service and knowledge of the budtender (Austin!) that even though I live out towards Florence, this is the only dispensary I’m going back to! Katie was super friendly and helpful, too.

    I’ve visited a dozen or so dispensaries in the area as well as a few in NV and CA. This was my best experience by far.

    Knowledgeable friendly staff, fast service but they didnt rush me at all. Answered all of my questions thoroughly and was just amazing! Quality of products is great, too. Love that they have the good brands. 5 stars for sure, check it out.

  639. Mackenziealex

    Horrible prerolls, probably never going here again.

  640. bflats79

    Great bud fast service !

  641. Starlito602

    I would have gave it a zero if possible buds were trash costumer service was even worse

  642. CooperPaul

    Nice people, knowledgeable about meds. This is the place to go.

  643. Amy8981

    Nice little dispensary with great people and deals.

  644. st0n3rb1tch420

    Jesse hooked it up!

  645. SPEAKtheTRUTH

    Sweet place to grab TOP top of the line. Prices are ehh but the customer service is spot on keep up the great work.

  646. Jdudding

    PLace is on their game, knows what there doing just the prices are a little crazy, i only bought a gram and it was bomb but after tax way too expensive. i guess i been spoiled with too many ten dollar grams. The edibls are bomb and the place is super clean and friendly, not like most clubs in az

  647. SSV79

    I live in Apache Junction and If I have to go to a dispensary I Drive to here. I live less than 1 mile from NW in AJ and I go Here. The edibles are amazing for the price they cant be beat. If anyone says the Medibles dont work trust me it is you not the Medible I can smash a whole brownie and brley feel anything my wife eats a crumb of the same brownie she is gone.
    I had to buy Flower here in a pinch it was top notch just to expensive for me The standard price for Flower should be $10 a Gram

  648. desertchik

    Very informative…great selection of products!

  649. GrnLife34

    Nice Location and Fast Service!

  650. geminirachelle

    Love it!!!

  651. Schaeff


  652. jmr4596

    It was my first time ever today at a Dispensary and I am beyond pleased with my experience! Leonard was patient and spent about an hour answering every question I had thoroughly. I didn’t feel pressured or rushed in any way even though they were slammed. Will for sure be coming back!!

  653. dragondamage

    SHOUT OUT TO STEPHEN! He’s always sooo amazing every time I am in as well as makes the process fast and amazing info on flower!!

  654. tookness

    felt a little rushed but nice and friendly staff..

  655. that1dabs

    I love that they offer discount days so I can stalk up! Thanks for always being friendly!

  656. Mothership0679

    Just got some Blue Cheese for $35 an 1/8 excellent quality great people. The price is unbelievable a different discount everyday. Makes you want to go daily. I have been to 5 dispensaries in the valley this is the best.

  657. James.a.rodriguez


  658. kbinion

    Awesome management and staff. Amazing selection and great rotation of goods.

  659. hardcoreD

    Great Kosher Kush, great service and awesome online ordering.

  660. tkim808

    The quality for price here is actually the best in the east valley that I have found. They really improved their flower since they’ve opened and I am glad I went back yesterday. I will be back. Thanks!

  661. jmcadres

    First time visit today. Really nice facility, nice budtenders, good selection and pricing. They were super busy, but I didn’t wait long to be served at all (maybe 3 minutes). I’ve been to a few others dispensaries in Arizona, and they’ll all been fine. Emerald Palace has a different vibe though.

  662. Airjockey145

    Hard to find location, good quality but I don’t care for the setup Service was good and helpful

  663. Herban87

    Yoooo if you don’t come here you smoking something else so don’t come ! Autumn and Brandi are the two best budtenders I’ve ever had. First time going in and it was like I’ve been there before , from the music to the customer service ..A1 in my book. shout out to Brandi making the first time a great experience from start to finish. I think I stood at the post for about 30 min. my brother and I both got the bogo no matter what you get it’ll be fire. Just don’t come broke !! or for a free referral and not even trying to spend any money! hands down my favorite shop to be at. I will be back.

  664. PotBoy420

    I found a portal to heaven right here in our own backyard… It’s the front doors of Emerald Place (not a Chinese restaurant) but the friendliest medication center I have been to yet.

  665. rellemills

    Awesome atmosphere! Fun and friendly staff! Great meds and service! I will be back!

  666. tahoess

    I have been to a lot of dispensaries but this is by far the best. Customer service is always 110%, everyone at Emerald loves their job and you can tell. I’ve never been rushed here and they are always willing to explain stuff to me. I’d put all their names that I’ve delt with at Emerald but everyone is the best and everyone deserves a high five. I’ve tried other places but Emerald is my number 1 by far

  667. CutthroatBlonde

    GENO was an A++ budtender. way cool guy, he made the visit! It was our first time there and he answered all our questions and even looked up some extra ones we had about some strains. The first time special was awesome!! They deff hook you up there.

    The location is in a really nice spot. Easy to find and not a lot of traffic.

    We will definitely be back! Props to what you guys are doing with your kitchen and rocking out infusion!! Can’t wait to see some sugar free edibles!!

  668. RamMcc

    Great spot good strains

  669. Luigirg

    The Budtenders have great knolage of their products. Fast service but very helpful.

  670. Kr8zSiren182

    amazing people and fantasitc meds at a
    sweet price!!!!!!

  671. Cindylou1154

    Once I found the place it went downhill from there…Receptionist was on the phone and ignored me…once I finally picked my flower…they were all out of it! Not thrilled! 1st time BOGO was worth the hassle but I won’t go back.

  672. xray11

    Tried some different meds. Very Good Blue Haze and Platinum Blue Dream. Both were smooth smoking with very pleasant highs besides effective pain killer for my arthritis. And good prices besides….Yippee!

  673. eq1107

    Great staff and quality bud.

  674. tonykelley7

    This place was very clean and well kept. Tamika was super friendly and welcoming, she helped find what I was looking for.

  675. jrmartinez

    Flowers are dry
    Flowers all smell the same
    (OUT DOOR)

    There prices drive me crazy top shelf is the same as others they tryin to do the most with bunk

  676. GoldFire

    First time to Emerald today…great experience! Autumn was very helpful and knowledgeable and helped me choose the perfect CBD meds. Great atmosphere, solid products, good prices anz excellent customer service. I’ll definately be back!

  677. cargillsara

    Oh man this place is the best!! super friendly staff and very welcome!!

  678. kaelapualalea

    The staff if great the buds r amazing and u definitely get what u pay for quality flowers!

  679. JD666

    Customer service is the reason I continue to go back very informative. Had a answer for all the questions I had.

  680. MsEm

    Bomb Halloween special going on today and Brandy was super helpful and sweet. The cartridge that was part of the deal is next level (gorilla glue which I’ve had in bud form before but it wasn’t this good). Great first time patient special and I’m looking forward to those double points days.

  681. 38peacocks

    Erik was a huge help to me last week! Knowledgeable & helpful.

  682. maganaroks

    very clean, friendly, and professional with a great selection of meds. I will be returning here often.

  683. juanf

    This location is the best! They have the coolest people ever! Carla is especially helpful and always make sure I have the best service possible. If you haven’t visited this location you need to immediately!

  684. Starman82

    Excellent customer service, great flowers

  685. Thatrideordiechickx

    Each person I interacted with was so nice. I loved my budista Brandy, she took her time answering my many many questions and by the time I left, I wanted to be her friend! She was so cool! And as a first time patient, I was very happy with my deal too dY~

  686. ErnDawg004

    this place was cool decent buds. staff is friendly, non-rushed atmosphere.

  687. DMH2016

    Friendly and informative!

  688. Gonzo1401

    The location is great and pretty hidden for those looking to keep some form of anonymity. My last bud tender was amazing! Luis provided the best customer service and had great recomendation. I’ll be back very soon!

  689. samgrrrean

    Absolutely enjoyed the environment, the staff they were easy to talk to and totally made me feel welcomed.
    Thanks Emerald Dispensary

  690. mau48310

    Phenomenal service Ana was excellent too. First place I came to enjoy medical.

  691. osbornmark

    Nice, quality and professional atmosphere. Very busy place, do not usually have much time, maybe some more tenders available?

  692. Hateraide

    love this place. always have, always will

  693. ChillCODY420

    the people the product and the customer service is world class. best dispo in east valley. Thanks Emerald, shout out to Carla she’s the best!

  694. LordFuckowie

    Crap crap crap. Yesterday this place said today was shatter day. Got there before they opened so I could also get their FREE infused soda offer that the website said they extended through the 16th. After getting in I was informed they were not doing SHATTER DAY nor were they doing the soda promo! Wow what a way to treat patients actually I was treated like a customer!! I settled for some bud that is soooo dry!! Thanks Emerald I’ll pick somewhere else to spend my hard earned money!!!!

  695. johnny480

    awesome shop, awesome people, awesome meds. Specials they run are great as well!

  696. jgtyme

    I love this place, extremely knowledgable on all meds on display. Very nice employees and beautiful atmosphere. Gives you that “home” feeling to it 🙂

  697. Toasty420

    always love coming to this shop

  698. jhat4515

    Great staff good product convenient location

  699. deblkelly42

    Love this place

  700. myferretrulz

    Great selection of all types of medication. This is my preferred location. I love the fact that they have top shelf sativa available majority of the time. Today they actually had 4 different choices for me which is the most I’ve seen In any shop. I liked Green crack and mob boss alot. I will be trying lucky no. sleven and white lavender today.

  701. JohnnyGotem

    You guys might have went down in prices but you also went down in service get your act together

  702. fatheaddrumming

    This place is convenient and down to earth. The bud-tenders are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The key is to know how to ask the right questions. I come to this place all the time and been help by pretty much every bud-tender, it’s not rudeness per-say, but bias questions and tests that throw the bud-tenders off. MMJ is a holistic medicine model. The bud-tenders give me their honest opinion, but sometimes that’s not my personal preference which is understandable. Everyone is different and have different needs an they’re just going off their experiences they have had. Then again, I can never complain about any dispensary, because in the end I’m gonna get medicated regardless! Keep up the good work EP!!

  703. JooceBaker

    The Emerald Palace is a top notch dispensary. I visited for the first time the other day, and was very pleased with my experience. I chose some Blueberry Cough, and I have to say it is some of the very best medication I have come across. I will be visiting The Emerald Palace again very soon, and would highly recommend patients in the East Valley do so as well.

  704. iforme

    Got the Top shelf special today Jackie Blue.. Great stuff

  705. Cnation82

    Very nice open place , people are extremely nice and take there time you don’t feel rushed and they know about all the products in store

  706. Nickib83

    Highest quality all around


    The quality of flower was not there at all? Im not even sure I got what I looked at previously to purchase. When I walked in the employees where standing together in a group talking acting as if they were not at work. My Bud tender was decent but thats about it. Will be going else where for flower. Pre roll was not good.

  708. sir_medicated420

    great prices also great meds friendly staff just a great place to be

  709. lilbp420

    This is one of the best dispensaries i have been to lately, both locations are great! Always seem to have a great selection.

  710. mcdohl87

    Disappointing first time visit, prepackaged underweight flower a little dry. I have been recommended emerald on several occasions. I just went in seeing that they were advertising my favorite strain (super silver haze) and they said it was new flower to them. I’m not the biggest fan of pre packed flower but I felt like for a bogo quarter I could give them a shot. I weigh anything I get prepackaged and I usually get spot on or .05-.15 over. But I opened three of four packs finding them all underweight 3.43, 3.44 and 3.37. The bud itself is dry with semi crunchy buds, though not crunchy enough that it is easily smashed to powder, and even though it is a bit dry it is not super harsh and was able to deliver the high I covet from ssh. I will say that the staff was amazing and that the environment was also nice, I like their candy jars full of infused candies. Overall I don’t expect to be back.

  711. evan23

    Probably best place around Gilbert for flower and I got the best salsa for them to taste every time I go

  712. sunnyjulie

    This morning didn’t start out great, then when I got to Emerald, I had misplaced my med card. I wish I remembered names, but the nicest worker gave me all the info I needed to claim a new card right away. She was very patient as I was frantically searching for my card. Then about 5 mins after I left, I found my card and returned to Emerald, in tears because of other issues, and once again was greeted by yet another awesome budtender that not only gave me quick service (I was running way late) but also made me not feel like a sobbing idiot! She was super sweet to me. In all, great service, friendly and caring budtenders, and always knowable. Thank you for making my day way better!

  713. carrimoo333

    Just got my card and this location is very convenient and low key. Once you get inside its a breath of fresh air. Price wise, honestly I don’t know because I haven’t been everywhere but as far as product goes I have not been disappointed yet. Everyone Ive dealt with so far has been great. Try them or shop around its up to you but I like them and will go back.

  714. savagedre480

    Great location good flowers

  715. lori18

    It’s great and fast!

  716. jeanualo

    The first time I went here was just awesome and every visit since then.. The most upbeat, educational place ever. They have so many special, senior discounts and points to boot.. I am really grateful to find a dispensary that offers so much …. Well done guys

  717. jucebox

    i am a pretty heavily tattooed person and last time i was in i got harassed by an elderly woman about my artwork, she even took it a little far. i can usually brush it off but what bothered me a lot is that i looked at the closest employee and he was looking directly at me trying to hold back his amusement, instead of standing up for customers and creating a comfortable waiting environment. poor etiquette. probably wont be coming back.

  718. 420hotdogboy

    Zero star experience for being shown expensive lawn clippings in a MEDICAL dispensary.

    I know these plants were smelling nice when they grew. YES, ITS YOUR FAULT THEY NOW SMELL LIKE HAY. Are all the dispensaries working together to sell nothing but ruined bud at retail MMJ locations? Some anti weed smell conspiracy???? So you can start charging 500 for an ounce once you actually start providing a legit, useful, medical grade therapeutic Cannabis product? All I need is some Delta-3 Carene. The most common terp in the world. Why does not a single dispensary in the east valley have weed with terpenes? All weed has terpenes. Unless it came from a legal dispensary!

  719. rcln30

    Keep the specials coming and needs a senior discount.

  720. BakersBaked

    LOVE this place already. Very professional atmosphere while still being comfortable. Staff is very friendly, bud is dank, brownies are out of this world.

    My favorite part about this place is the level of professionalism. There wasn’t loud music playing or anyone smoking inside, and the room was well lit. Nice display case in the center with edibles so you can look through the stuff before your turn to order. I will definitely be staying a repeat customer.

  721. pammmski

    my go-to local home shop

  722. dlucero403

    The staff were extremely friendly and helpful. It was my first time being in a dispensary, and they were very welcoming.

  723. clarkjj007

    very unhappy with last visit. went to return a KIND battery( the expensive one in the kit) that they sold me when my battery they gave me stopped working and woundlt return that back in OCT so i purchased one. now that doesnt work and they have to get approval to return a battery they SOLD me..basically too bad come back later and maybe we can do something…

  724. BobaFettTokes

    Always a large selection. Great rotating daily deals. Infusion edibles are on point.

  725. Deadhead16

    I love the atmosphere at Emerald, the music the waiting lounge the way they have coffee and doughnuts sometimes.

  726. bohochick

    I have a love/hate relationship with this dispensary. I used to get super friendly people that made me feel welcome and, importantly, I got quality product. My last couple of visits though have been a major disappointment. There was a female working there that I had not seen before who had the worst attitude. She doesnt look at you, she never even turns away from her screen and asking her questions is pointless. Last time I got a brownie it had zero effect- I dont think there was any medicine in the brownie at all. Ive only purchased about 3 prerolls from there and each time it was rolled awful, I took it apart and redid it myself. The flower I got the last couple times was seriously disappointing and at their prices, it hurts the wallet. It used to be one of my favorites and now just seems like the place is hit or miss. Not sure I want to risk it with their prices. They dont seem to have any good deals or specials like other dispensaries in the area do. They have a patient points program but it wasnt very impressive, not with what others offer in the area. I just really wish they would stay consistent in their service & quality.

  727. dubketrubl

    This is one of my favorite dispensaries. the flower is exceptional and you can’t go wrong with those prerolls. love this place!

  728. NickMicJR

    Amazing! The girl who helped me did a great job informing me on the flower and the deals and also helped me choose the flower that fit my needs! Awesome place with lots of products

  729. jdubfizzle

    super clean! super friendly! huge menu quality meds!

  730. giannasmom

    Love the people who work here and their sales are awesome!!!

  731. JareBear113

    I recommend this to call my friends that have there card it’s a great place to go they are friendly and I enjoy going here

  732. GeorgeWkush

    This place is the only state licensed dispensary I will go to. The prices are headed in the right direction especially with the daily specials. Best selection of edibles in town. I have high hopes for this location especially from what I heard will be coming to the menu soon.

  733. tastyt

    Everyone is just sitting around not helping customers. When there’s 6+ people on the floor I expect more than one customer to be helped at a time.

  734. BlueJack8585

    I’ve been a customer of Emerald Palace for about two years, off and on. This is definitely the place to visit for edibles, they have an enormous selection and the prices of these items seem to be a bit lower in comparison to the other dispensaries in the valley.

    However, the flower is very pricey and often hit-or-miss when it comes to quality. I’ve tried the Huxton line, but I was disappointed to receive a gram of very dry, mediocre grass. There have been times that they’ve offered some good quality/decently priced smoke, but not consistent enough for me to remain a loyal customer.

    The bud-tenders have changed — most of them are not nearly as nice or knowledgeable as the original crew. However, if you’re a quiet person that knows what you like to smoke, this will be a fine visit.

    To end on a positive note — their loyalty points program is great. I always have a free pre-roll or edible available every couple of visits.

  735. dbelone

    best place in the valley to get edibles, so much selection here. great place to be!!

  736. azsweatpig

    Personable, professional staff. safe location. Good stock and prices. l love this place. Incredible edibles, too.

  737. Booda88

    I made my first trip to this location on Tuesday. Today was my second trip. Less than 3 minutes to be helped each time. The service was great. Very knowledgeable sales folks. They were able to answer all my questions and help me choose what was best for me.

  738. jmebee44

    I love this location it is convenient for me. I have been here countless times and I have never had a bad experience. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable and they have great deals! I would highly recommend: )

  739. she0f7

    I usually go here often but lately I feel like the quality has gone down. Flower has been very dry unlike before. It has been More then once that I have had this happen. Kinda sad but will be finding somewhere else. You guys are all very nice though so keep that up.

  740. brennanfoust

    Bong dispensary, they have great bud and they people are very nice!

  741. dcgonzales

    definitely have the odd oils and edibles u won’t find elsewhere and a good selection of bud and concentrate, but the gen is Eric. nice guy who was patient while I was having cash issues, didn’t feel rushed and was v genuine.

  742. polopo

    Best prices, decent flower, good selection of edibles. My #1 dispensary in Mesa.

  743. Buddahmc

    Very nice and safe location

  744. 4anon2ymous0

    If edibles are your thing, (they’re not), EVERYthing else is too much.

  745. lawrencesilvia

    Great first experience, friendly staff, great product.

  746. strawberry89

    amazing great edibles

  747. r00ster1775

    The customer service was top notch. However the top shelf flower was not impressive.

  748. iK9

    Every time I come here im never let down. The quality of the meds is outstanding, the tenders are always knowledgeable in the meds available and each one makes me feel comfortable making me leave with a smile. Love coming here, keep doin what your doing guys!

  749. brittsf61589

    dude I went to 1 place before I went to emerald palace and I haven’t gone anywhere else since. awesome environtment. knowledgeable people. and amazing selection of meds. I give it 10 a~+’s outta 10

  750. RatheruniqueShan

    Wonderful !

  751. thejavo

    awesome service and never disappointed.

  752. starrlite65

    First time with puck up order. Was easy to use and everything wascready when i arroved. Staff went over purchase to verify it was correct. I will order pick up again.

  753. cmaninaz

    emerald is falling behind… prices and quality are way better elsewhere. .. I know you have a selection in flavors and quality levels but the last 3 advanced flowers I purchased were way below standard.. whoever chooses the quality level should actually try it first, not just read about it… come on guys…

  754. ChristinaA

    I am very happy with this Emerald Location. It’s always a comfortable vibe when going inside and I enjoy the quality of product.

  755. Drisqo

    Best service in town, best prices, and most friendly staff in the east valley.

  756. Sublimination24

    I just got my card and this placr really helped me find what i wanted. Plus very nice staff, i wish I remembered their names!

  757. captmayer

    I have not been to too many dispensaries yet, but Emerald had a fantastic atmosphere with incredibly kind and enthusiastic employees and a beautiful display of their products. their strain selection was amazing, and their edible selection read even more superb. And, as icing on the cake, the pre-roll I bought was rolled perfectly. One of the best pre-rolls I’ve had. Will certainly be returning!

  758. moleman2009

    Awesome staff, knowledgeable and Adobe all polite and professional