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2424 W University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281


33.4226761, -111.9748854




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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The best dispensary in Tempe, MedMen provides a wide range of high-quality CBD and THC cannabis products. Anyone looking for a marijuana store near Tempe will find what they need at MedMen. With knowledgeable sales associates and a safe, inviting atmosphere, we are your go-to cannabis shop for vapes, flower, topicals, edibles, gummies, tinctures, balms and more.


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180 reviews for “Level Up Powered by MedMen

  1. torres04

    Friendly and great quality

  2. BabyDabzz

    Awful. Been in 3 times, never bought anything because each time they never would honor the deals they SAID they had. Bud tenders are RUDE

  3. alr3ves

    Level up had awesome flower and great customer service!

  4. ChaChi12344

    Hands down my Favorite dispensary! knowledgeable and friendly staff. Always polite and have the BEST flower in the state! 10/10 recommend!

  5. Tomthebomb

    The shop is a bit small but it more than makes up for it.

  6. DallasWutscrackinaz

    PARC is and will always be better. No topping 20$ eighth Thursdays dY’dY1/4

  7. KenzieDoobie

    Great dispensary, their weed is NOT prepackaged and they weigh it out in front of you which is nice! Also do great first time patient deals!

  8. cmcilvain07

    Love this place!

  9. jasminealexandrea

    I definitely love the KIND live resin pens and will obviously be back for more. the location is intimidating, especially when the security guard corners you before going in. totally get safety, just a little overkill.

  10. demarcamp23

    love this store

  11. Pinooch1970

    Great place

  12. 1tmac

    Zack was so awesome ! He was helpful and funny and sweet.

  13. anjellwolf

    great location and amazingndeals

  14. LoudpaccTrigg

    for my first visit everyone was very professional and patient. my budtender was extremely helpful, and the meds are good however i did get some DOUBLE and on a nug that i pulled out of the package i found a hair literally pulled it out, whaaaaattt

  15. petey1987

    I come here mostly every day because I work like right next-door to this place customer service was always bad starting from the door the security guard is kind of rude. I’ll get to the point straight up had an eight stamp card on me for a couple months almost a year I think I want to use it because my card is going to expire on the first they turned me away telling me they don’t have any record of me buying an eighth which is a lie probably not lately because I haven’t bought an eighth but I had in the past obviously because I filled the stamp card up! They try to embarrass me in front of other patients which is totally wrong to do treating me like a criminal like I’m a liar or a thief I am not either one of those I am a patient like everyone else maybe they don’t care but they lost a good customer a loyal customer horrible horrible people.

  16. drewtokes420

    zack was the chillest driver!!

  17. JimmyDiesel

    Was harassed for smelling a product that I purchased. Won’t be coming back here there subpar at best only thing that I came for is moonrock blunts. While smelling it I was asked if I was going to buy it because I smelled it. Spend plenty of money here and this will be my last visit here.

  18. BigHecc

    small lil place while under construction but they hooked me up with a bogo cartridge and battery as gift budtender was chill and knew what he was talking about

  19. Kleaflady

    Super awesome you have another location!!! I’ll drive wherever you go because your quality is top-notch! Thanks for always providing friendly helpful bud tenders and great product! Excited to see this location grow dYtmOEdY>>dYOE+-

  20. 420genester

    very great svc an great meds always. there staff very chill an knowledgeable. king musa where its at

  21. higgins223

    Quality of the flower wasn’t the best but they have some of the friendliest customer service I’ve ever experienced. Great FTP deal too. Probably won’t come back. Heard the Scottsdale location has better strains.

  22. Hunterlynn33

    its aweeeesome i love it here

  23. Iknowmystuff

    A breath of fresh air is the best way to explain this place.
    I have been really uncomfortable with the changes made @ the place nearby so I’m happy a new dispensary moved in the neighborhood. Especially a PATIENT FOCUSED one!
    So many claim they put their patients first, but their actions show otherwise.
    I got so hooked up when I came in opening day. I didn’t know they were doing bogo on wax up to 1 gram, so I only got BOGo a half gram which is still awesome. Then I got a free 80mg energy drink, 50mg Keef Cola, that free half gram of wax, and a shirt.

    I was welcomed warmly by Mr. Purple & Mr. Marijuana.

    Idk how people could’ve negatively reviewed this place before opening day, I understand the reviews about being excited a new dispensary is opening up.

    I’m happy I have another dispensary in my neighborhood, I take the bus so I don’t like going to places far away. But the limited options often made me go on a bus adventure. Not anymore Level Up is only 2 miles from my house..

    I love you guys @ Level Up, I’m impressed. I had a wonderful time hanging out waiting to be called by a budtender, I never experienced that before. Normally when you’re waiting 20 minutes you start getting annoyed. I was just shooting the breeze with other patients.

  24. PurplePonies

    Stop by this place often after work. Love the staff and they have great deals on flower!

  25. BroGrass

    Great tasting bud, nice variety of brands

  26. mcdohl87

    First time visit and there lights are off, drove from east mesa for todays deal. Bummer and a waste of time. Employee recommended I check out the one in Scottsdale instead. Waste more time? No thanks. Won’t be back.

  27. skeksis420

    Really dig this place. Definitely coming back

  28. Admyer

    Always fast and great service.

  29. Jordan1993

    Ive gotten delivery a few times, always quick and friendly drivers. Went to the actual store and amazed that for such a tiny space they can do so much. Helpful staff, great flower, awesome deals! Ill be back!

  30. chelcdub

    My medical card was expiring when the clock hit 12 or whenever the last dispensary closed. Either way, I decided to stick up on goods until I renew my card. The first thorn was the security guard. She opened the door obtained my card and asks aEURoedo you know your card is expiring tonightaEUR she said it with an attitude. I know when it expires trust me lol. Then they call my name, I was waiting for someone to take me behind a door to place my order and give me the dispensary tour. Naw, what you see is what you get. Which is one room for waiting and ordering. They need to level up on some additional square footage. The stock is small asF flower, edibles and concentrates. The customer service was alright but awkward. My purchase was solely a bag of Baked Bros gummies! So I get in the car, and I’m getting my navigatyteady bfornthe next spot I’m hitting up, and the security guard comes out and knocks on my window. I roll it down and she asks what I was doing. I said I’m using my phone, and she echoed back like the parrot she is. She started going on about immediately leaving, and I rolled up the window on the pompous ass. Come here again, naw…at least not the location.

  31. Beanburritoes

    Small shop but they have good products. Bud-tenders where chill and friendly, answered my questions and helped me make sure I was leaving with great quality meds for my moneys worth.

  32. dom225

    I will definitely not be coming here again. I have been to the one in Scottsdale (it’s amazing); so I expected the same service, as well as customer care. The girl at the aEURoefrontaEUR desk is nice. The bud tender, a Hispanic make, with a sleeve, a mustache and wears glasses; made this experience the worst I have ever had at a dispensary, (I’ve had my card for over 2 years now). I was wanting suggestions on something cheaper, so I could use my first time patient deal. He repeated what I said aEURoeoh you want something for $5aEUR, and proceeded to just cash me out, ignoring what I had asked. Fast food restaurants have better service than this place

  33. HopelessAna

    Much more accessible than the Scottsdale location. Personnel is helpful, patient and professional, they weigh the flowers right there in front of you so no questionable packets yielding “crunchy” dried out flowers when you get home. I look forward to see the location once it is fully setup, I am not sure how people could review last week as it just opened this weekend.

  34. beautifully.me

    cool staff and fresh meds

  35. 6FT3

    When the Scottsdale location informed me of the opening of Tempe, I was ecstatic & I am sooo thankful for this location! Great flower (finally)……amazing quality! Great edibles! Great deals! And, what a great staff! I actually took my time & enjoyed talking with everyone. I found MY place!!

  36. dimas84

    love the flower “Scooby snacks” is really good for the price ditches are really good too I’ve tried the San Dimas og and was amazing. They also have punched cards that are similar to the points rewards at other shops. awesome customer service also.

  37. genette

    level up is bomb y’all not only the flower the bystanders are the shizzle!!!!plus great first time deal take my advice and head over their definitely a LEVEL UP!!!

  38. Gabe024

    I love my level up dispensary best out in the valley! Welcome Tempe location love the area, bud tenders are awesome and friendly! See you guys soon

  39. Leedsmith

    They will honor the First time patient special for all existing patients at their Scottsdale location! Great show of customer appreciation and with superior quality the competition better watch out

  40. DankyKang89

    Worst dispensary in Tempe

  41. mesa6353

    wonderful staf and good selection keep up the good work

  42. Jbeaves

    sucks cause this spot has great flower.. just never a good deal.. i want to go back but its too expensive.

  43. macias480

    best in town

  44. BigJdawg

    Stopped by while running errands. Cool place right next the free way makes for a quick stop. Flower was really good l. Really enjoyed the sour diesel cartridge tho. Really nice hitter. Will definitely ad this place to my list

  45. gxoxosj

    I love this dispensary! Amazing bud, great staff… I would definitely recommend coming here!

  46. mra33zona

    I love this place, great flower!

  47. skyswartz

    Level up has awesome product!

  48. felixmorris123

    Soooo Just Left About An Hour Or So Ago. And Uh Yeah It Has Beacma Official. I Don’t Like Any Other Dispensary’s Flower. They Gave Me A !Free! Half Gram Of Moon Rock.dYZ++dYsEUR. And It’s My First Time Tryning It Aswell. I Normally Go All Around They Valley , But Since Coming Here There’s Been No Need To Go Anywhere Else.

  49. OG86

    Let me just start by saying LEVEL UP has real growers hands down WHOM EVER YOU ARE!? the WHITE SUMO & GRAPE PIE grown to peak perfection with full citrus flavor in the SUMO and sweet lavender to the PIE Looking forward to my next trip!!

  50. slandersonaz

    amazing staff. location & on my way back again!!!!

  51. satvalenz

    this is hands down my favorite dispensary. everything they have is always really, really good; so are the prices. this place is the bomb, I’d love to work here.

  52. Sirtuure

    Just visited here for the first time!!. Don’t really remember the staff names but they were just amazing! Took time to explain every strain and even deals that I wasn’t aware of!!.

  53. Moreless_picturesque

    Great location! Love the level up quality of service. Always great product and very knowledgeable staff!

  54. Anthony074

    a lil smaller than the Scottsdale location but with the same quality..flower is fire a wide variety..& budtenders very knowledgeable…

  55. DeBest

    Haven’t found a better house preroll

  56. cwbygmer

    Been to the tempe location twice now and have to say im impressed. The quality and selection of flower is great. The knowledge of the bud tenders are awesome. I will definitely continue going and would recommend level up to everyone

  57. joetoosmokedout

    Level is the best dispensary in Tempe at the moment

  58. bunted

    Store kinda small but same good product as Scottsdale

  59. Fubar70

    Go to one of my favorite places

  60. PBSmoker

    Overall, I enjoyed and was pleased with my FTP experience here. I was out the door $50 dollars lighter but two cartridges and a dank gram of fresh Headbanger heavier.

    And I can see where a few of their negative reviews holds slivers of truth such as their menu not being up-to-date on some product that might interest some patients (Jack OG Nectar Cartridge) and their current setup is a single room which might make patients who suffer from anxiety a bit uncomfortable, and they have suffered ill fortunes such as their power going out and a large bees nest near the front entrance, but other than that you can tell they are building up this specific locale to match the quality one can arguably find within their products.

  61. Brooketac

    Great strain recommendations from both budtenders. The security at the door and the man who checked me in we’re both very kind and polite, as well. Definitely a good deal for first timers! Very progressive and cool. Love this place.

  62. PocketKikki

    I had really high hopes for this place but I think they spend too much time on their choice of bags then they do thinking about the qaulity of the medicine. My GDP, has signs of dry rotted discolored on the inside and frothy also very seeded and for 14$ a gram that’s ridiculous to have half of the night be a whole stem. My moose and lobsta was sub par and smelled very much like a residue or a wet dish towel. The grape dank was also very stemmed and seeded. Very disappointed and will not be returning, even with the 15% off all flower, 60$ I could have went to bloom if I wanted this qaulity, and would have gotten more too—- but I need and want quality over quantity and this place is lacking both.

  63. codered921

    Great flower! Love this place!

  64. mayes2267

    this is a great place to get meds. good deals and great product. will be back for sure. #levelup#1

  65. xsuzy19x

    My Birthday Was Made Extra Special..FTP Visit As Well..My Bud Tender Was Easy To Talk To …He Spent More Time With Me..Than All The Other 7 Dispensaries I Went To..Asked A Ton of Questions..Which He Was Able To Answer..He Didn’t Leave Out Any Deals..Best FTP Visit..10 Stars If I Could…

  66. bootboi318

    shout out to level up Tempe for not catering to parents. boooo

  67. bigcracker

    My only problem with this place was finding it. The parking lot is soooo dark. I walked in 10 mins before closing and got my FTP deal. Shatter was bomb. Flower was some of the nicest I’ve seen on the east side. Budtenders were knowledgeable and cool AF-especially since I probably kept them after their shift a few minutes talking. I was so caught off guard by the flower quality I might have chatted them up too long. Sorry dudes. I’ll be back-saving my allotment for 4-20. I’m hoping for the bomb deal on the KIND Shatter!

  68. Sammich93

    Whispy, small, and terrible buds. Bought out of top tier and lower tier, not even close to impressed. Had to stop by another dispensary to sprinkle on top because the quality is poor. Stems made up the majority of the flower which was pretty much dust. The Blue dream, Blue Suede Zkittles, and Guice were disappointing at best. Employees, get rid of the jesus tip bowls please and use a more modest size. We get that you make tips, but what would be more impressive is knowing your products better. My knowledge should not surpass the budtender.

  69. ArizonaBamm420

    Any time I’m in n the tempe area this is my favorite spot to buy bomb flower

  70. Marijuanamama0420

    My fave place to shop for my flower.. Its actually the only place.. I’m telling ya Level Up Tempe you need to put up a bed with my name on it lol.. but best meds ever!!!

  71. Sberks63

    A little small but other than that its a nice shop!

  72. Rondriaturner

    I completely love it here!!!! Great variety

  73. BobaFettTokes

    Convenient location. Love kind products so the large selection is great. Awesome staff. Look forward to return visits.

  74. gorbutt

    fantastic flower. great deals. super awesome staff.

  75. allstar23

    Very polite staff from check in to med-tenter. Tiffany was great. I came in for the BOGO on the KIND Sweet Carts and I am very glad I did. This distillate is fantastic. I am not even a big Strawberry fan but wow I love these.

  76. Kazumaki

    everyone was super nice and helpfull and the products are awesome will defiantly be going back

  77. BurninateDabs

    Now I can give a full & honest review since I came in opening day.
    Love, love, love, love it!
    First when I rolled up on my bike I saw Mr. Purple & Mr Marijuana so there was a great vibe before I even went in!

    I walked in & I’m not going to lie I was like omg so small! BUT they’re probably going to end up opening the whole store. Even if they let it the way it is it’s still worth coming in.

    The only other downside other than the small size, was they didn’t have the strain I came for. Mellow Creek. It was one I haven’t tried so I had my budtender tell me the strains he did have. I had tried them all except two so I chose the Lemon Banana Sherbet half gram, he let me know I could choose another for free. It’s BOGO up to a gram today so I chose Cactus OG as my other. Both are exceptional quality.
    Then I got more gifts (you can choose) I got a 50mg Keef Cola & an 80mg Keef Energy Drink, and a Level Up Tempe T-shirt.
    I had a really good time. This is THE ONLY place (I’ve been to 25 or so dispensaries) where I didn’t feel like I was waiting in line for meds. I was just chillin talking with people like it was a Cafe or something.
    The place down the road has been attacking Level Up on social media, not cool.

  78. weenieweed

    Fantastic customer service. All employees were friendly and knowledgeable. Their prices are good and they have good weekly specials.

  79. cdspellsinger

    I’ve tried quite a few dispensaries all over the country but this one is by far my FAVOURITE!!! The staff are so knowledgeable about what they do. I learned so much in just 5 minutes of talking with them about the health and science behind cannabis. They really know their shit! And they’re so friendly! After your first visit they’ll remember you by name. I would work here if I could! Now to the good stuff: the weed. They have a TON OF VARIETIES of bud and they test it!!! Testing for THC % and pesticides is not required in AZ so you don’t know what you could be getting unless your dispensary tests it. This place does, so I feel confident and safe that my health is in good hands. If bud isn’t your thing no worries- they have a ton of edibles and cartridges too! They have cannabis ice cream and soda so you can make an edible float! That’s just one example of many they have to offer. They also carry c-cell cartridges which I find pretty hard to find.

    In short you really should GO!

    *I know I used a lot of hyperbole but it’s all genuine and I was not paid for this review. They’re just that good*

  80. awyly23

    DO NOT GO HERE FOR MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE!!!! I’m epileptic and have gone two times and was extremely disappointed that none of the staff working knew how to help me. So I brushed it off and asked them to help me with top shelf flower suggestions for pain and they showed me all but what I asked for. I’m honestly questioning whether they know the difference between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid because they seem to never listen. As for the medical program, DO NOT GO THERE IF YOU HAVE SERIOUS MEDICAL ISSUES!!!! I went through their patient for life program and they have messed up my address and email so the state did not have any way to contact me that the address was wrong. I will never go there again and I will never recommend this dispensary for medicinal purposes. The only positive thing I have to say about this dispensary is that it looks nice, but MEDICALLY speaking go anywhere else!

  81. Niny_baby

    great place

  82. elplatano

    This was, so far, the friendliest and most fun dispensary I’ve been to. The people working here really love what they do, and are so cool. They took really good care of me, and I absolutely recommend this location to anyone looking for a quick, convenient and fun dispensary with top quality selection.

  83. Skywalkercookies

    Great job…employers cool anx knowledgable..ch

  84. athomas399

    Great meds and the staff was excellent. I think I found my new favorite dispensary. Would definitely recommend Level Up they are the best in the area. Prices are a little higher but I don’t mind because the quality is there.

  85. vironic

    Very close, open access room is great

  86. Konell

    excellent choices, convenient, and friendly

  87. Cainmom78

    This place was very relaxing and easy. I wasnt very pleased with my selection except the preroll rainbow roll. I would like some more of those.

  88. bender140

    Very kind people. Excellent service. Awesome flower. Great products.

  89. Nubs1

    Fast service, awesome deals, and great flower!

  90. shroomy9969

    Only place I get my meds these days because of the deli counter style service they provide. I can get a gram and not get crap when I buy one like other surrounding dispensaries. Staff are always friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming when I come in. They have great deals and specials that make it easier for me to afford my meds.

  91. beautiful_me

    This is the perfect spot for great products and prices staff are great also

  92. azlazboy

    first time visit, I took advantage BOGO 1/8ths. Rolls Choice and OG-18. got a gram of Amnesia OG. I was super impressed with the quality of all 3 strains. I will definitely be back!!! dY’

  93. MarvinNotgaye

    We need an IQ test before you can leave reviews. This place would-be laughable if it wasn’t a health risk. Half the shelf smelled like fungus and the other half smelled like shoe spray. I doubt It’s only me who comes in on the one bad day time after time after time.

  94. Exer23

    I think the staff was very helpful I love this location I would recommend this location to move my friends that need any medication.We will be coming back to this Location

  95. Hkirk42

    Good b day specials! I love coming here and always getting taken care of! Their punch card system is lit too – I recently redeemed mine and got all kinds of freebies!

  96. mrshassler

    horrible don’t waste your time driving all the way to this place just to be met with a sign on the door that says they’re closed couldn’t they have at least updated their info on Leafly I’ll never go back also the security guard they had out front was super rude I will never go back

  97. Jesse-James

    I had a great experience every time I came in to employees are always nice and do the best they can to help give me deals

  98. EmilyRos3

    Love the K.I.N.D. resin pens- stoked to try the nectar cartridge I just picked up. Super helpful staff. Excited to see how this location grows- North Tempe def needed more options 🙂

  99. JohnnyGotem

    service was great but level up just isn’t that great for the price

  100. mikecee

    This is a great location, flower is definitely a level up, and concentrates are bomb. The staff are friendly and I am a return customer.

  101. MacMin84

    Unorganized and selling dirt flower. Feels more like an MVD than a dispensary.

  102. Smacias

    Heard this is the place to go , can’t wait to try it .

  103. justshug

    this delivery was awesome! quick but he forgot punch my card, that’s okay, i will call you in a bit. these flowers are pretty bad ass! thank you for the love

  104. magbug49

    first time, not the last. Budtender ,Brad is awesome at he does.No pre packing here.Fresh flower and lots of it . thanks, see you soon.

  105. Brandon0308

    Level Up reigns supreme here in Tempe! Bringing many of the friendly & knowledgable budtenders over from the Scottsdale location; you can again , expect to be greeted with a smile! I’d like to recognize Tiffany for always demonstrating excellent customer service skills! Although I’ve only had the pleasure of her being my budtender twice, she’s managed to make a lasting impression by individualizing my specific needs & recognizing what strains/ edible will work best suit my needs. Not only does she help me find the perfect strain to cater towards my needs each & every time, but she also goes above & beyond to make sure I have a great experience. Thanks for making me feel like a patient, rather than just another number! This is why Level Up Tempe is my home (in terms of cannabis ;). )

  106. Chubby1722

    great place fast in and out no wait i love this place

  107. dondaniels

    this place is better then local joint, for a block more down the road you get a level up…on some alright.

  108. Aamberr

    So it’s not the best looking location, buuuut it’s not a big deal since every other aspect is great.
    Everyone I’ve encountered there is friendly and SO helpful, and I’ve never felt rushed or pressured which is a huge deal for me personally.

  109. AzSuper$tupidFlame

    The top shelf should be mid shelf. They don’t carry any good quality flowers. Bought some Bruce Banner and it was dry, no terps, machine trimmed just all around nasty. I wouldn’t even recommend going there for a 1st time patient deal. Just wish I could take back time and never go in.

  110. Sparkle0590

    great product, happy patient ! Thank you

  111. Abdurahman2018

    Fast pace. Good flower. Great prices

  112. gentlemansonne

    for the gift with the level up dispensary with tempe-city is with my thanks. for from the gentleman providing security with keeping the safe space, to the gentlelady :karina who bathed me with gentlelady costomer service, to the medicine :dallin found this dispensary with the safe court for the gentleman, and for the gentlelady. dY’ i commend this place with my golden seal of having proven worthy… many thanks!

  113. Jgreenday

    Great location. Easy access, with a knowledgeable staff about their products. Choice meds with all options.

  114. tashafaye124

    Absolutely loved the Scottsdale location and was excited to check out the Tempe location. Easy access, awesome bud, great staff aoe”aoe”aoe”aoe”

  115. Allstargoldens

    this location is not too far from my house, but the deals are great, FTP is great and they treat you well. budtenders good, customer service could be better but worth of 5.

  116. 710guru

    needed delivery, you guys had it to me within the hour and no delivery fees like some of the other places. thanks!

  117. Timmypow

    Budteder was Legit, new favorite dispensary!

  118. T-Relly

    Front desk help once there was time place was pretty busy but she expedited the process…team work make the dream work

  119. Hasekush

    great place to get fast and friendly service my 1st time their I won a raffle for a free dab rig

  120. Ritapac

    I went to this dispensary and loved it . The place is small but they have a great selection and good prices . The budtenders were amazing they helped me decide what meds were good for me . Will be back

  121. seoulsista12

    ALWAYS quality flower and pleasant people!

  122. Wiseguy1349

    Deals, quality meds, convenient location.

  123. Blunted.Reality

    I went to this place recently and the service was great! The location is great and convenient for my personal commute, I would recommend this place to friends! You should check it out!

  124. HereticAZ

    How about you let the store stand on actual merits instead of inflating its rating before it even opens?

  125. pumpkin812

    the service is fast and friendly who doesn’t like that? the fact that I got 2 free gifts is awesome. no lines. patient with customers knowledgeable. not a big selection but they just opened up definitely going back.

  126. gmontez

    I can’t wait to see the new location. the Scottsdale location is really great. the budtenders are always welcome and helpful.

  127. NameTalia

    All good things. Great front entry. Fast service.

  128. mericaah

    I looooove this place. the staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend this spot to everyone. this place hands out the discounts

  129. Nick210

    New shop opening soon. Very nice.
    Can’t wait to check out the goodies dY$?PS

  130. kosmick78

    Level up is absolutely incredible. By far the best dispensary in the valley. Their products are top notch, their prices are excellent; which includes a stamp card program, that allows you to get substantial additional discounts once you get enough stamps. The employees are VERY professional and helpful. You can take advantage of their patient for life program, that allows you to receive rebates at their dispensary that covers the annual cost for your license!! Overall, this is a high class establishment with 2 convenient locations. I don’t go anywhere else, I actually refuse as everywhere else is sub par in some way. A+++ and this is the only leafy review I’ve made.

  131. Ddjack85

    bomb ass flower great staff

  132. cole.viking

    Great place

  133. QueenLouisXIII

    Everyone was very kind and the budtender was awesome when it came to picking my gram for my first time patient deal! All around awesome ! Way nicer than the Scottsdale location .

  134. Chiro2018

    I liked the staff and the service they were very friendly and welcoming and i got my first pen and supplies there definitely going back!

  135. fuckthepolice12

    Pufftuff WakeNBake going to try to get a cartridge

  136. Slutcore6

    Killer flower, great staff, solid deals.

  137. craigmiller

    Wednesday is the best day for discounts and live resin cartridges

  138. ChampRC

    Always friendly, pricing for flower is good, stamp card keeps me loyal.

  139. LoriJackson

    Quick deliveries every time! Discreet when I need them to be. Always impressed!

  140. Stunna93

    I got a gram and they didn’t weigh it out and it looks like a point 7 after I grinded it filled a half of a white owl but other then that happy with every thing else

  141. taylorpastonie

    Best dispensary. Great staff and meds always

  142. lukem99

    First off, the thing you all really want to know: the weed here is top notch. I got an 1/8 of Ancient OG and an 18 of Deadhead OG. Beautiful, dense, nugs and they were fluffy and fresh and sticky when grinded up. Top notch quality cannabis.

    The store: It’s simple, small, but well-stocked and makes good use of the space to create a nice environment. The service was excellent, the staff were knowledgable and friendly. My only complaint is the security guard, who was very rude and demanding to me. It was my first time there, and I was greeted with a demand for my medical card and a “Is this you????!!” when she saw my picture (I had long hair at the time, have since got it cut), and demanded another ID. Didn’t appreciate that, but once I was inside it was very pleasent.

    I will be back here again.

  143. Dabb05

    nothing jazzy about this place but the staff is friendly.

  144. vampirecrow30

    The level up dispensary is very nice the employees there are extremely courteous and very kind and helpful the security there is always smiling they have a wonderful selection and some very good quality medicine I strongly suggest anyone that I know to go to level up dispensary

  145. Skip.santos

    Trash. The staff doesn’t know the products they’re selling. I asked what the thc content on their cartridges were and they stated 70%, but when I got home and opened the bag, it clearly says 35% on the box.. Trash.

  146. IvyleagueIvanIverson

    Level-up has fast friendly and knowledgeable service. It has become a go to destination for all my medical needs. I highly recommend level-up to anyone, ask for the FTP deal it’s the best in the valley.

  147. DynamicNobleNomad

    original patient from their Scottsdale location this place touts the quality of their name. great dispensary

  148. Schmittymcschmit

    Love the Moose and Lobsta strain. Friendly staff, great deals! Thanks again!

  149. dawnbantilan

    I love this dispensary the employees are awesome. One of my favorite to go to. I recommend this anyone. My all time favorite

  150. holywauns22

    Nice selection on edibles and great service.

  151. E.burt6

    I was very happy with the new patient deal I received at this location. (BOGO 8th, 2nd free gift of a gram, and 15% off Saturday deal). The staff was friendly, especially the bud tender who helped me. She was great about telling me the deals and letting me look at and smell as many strains as I wanted. She gave me a suggestion. Great service and deals. Thank you

  152. cmurray68

    I love level up. they have quality flower and wonderful down to earth folks that work there.

  153. SarahRenee

    The nicest staff and best quality

  154. Jwfish

    great place

  155. Sweethell

    Nice location, excited to see what they do with the place in the end! Love that they weigh it out in front of you and you can pretty much pick your buds if you’re that picky

  156. CadillacCollis

    Thank you so much for opening the Tempe location – its ten times closer to my house – so now when im at work in Scottsdale i can shoot to your Scottsdale locale and when im home in PHX i can slide over the Tempe local … this is just great, thank you for everything – CJ

  157. qweezy25

    my favorite place to grab a preroll before I hit the road

  158. jjl602

    the other day was my first time there love the dispensary love how everybody was treating me nice friendly and respectful good customer service and flowers are really really good I recommend everybody to come and check out the dispensary out they got nice moonrocks flower Edibles and concentrate and caution tree is very good call me buddy check this place out you going to love what you see you going to leave with a smile

  159. N3GUS

    I very musch liked Jesse he found me a Plastic sppoon to enjoy my medial ice ream with later!!

  160. njsweed

    overall great experience. with their weekly deals and stamp card you get a good bargain. the northern lights was as good as advertised on leafly. the gorilla glue kind pen is super quality and tastier than any other pen ive had. people are super friendly and patient with you.

  161. Solo4547

    this is a great place that is conveniently located within walking distance from my job. they have a great selection of flower as well..

  162. Memphistn

    Level Up Tempe is da new spot to go for your medication needs & it is worth..it’s a small dispensary with a large selection of good dY”Y= meds fa yo headdY’

  163. MRCHACON23

    This dispensary was outstanding. Friendly bud tender. Great flower. Good prices!!

  164. orangechikun

    excellent bud, large variety, deli-style, and knowledgeable staff. what more do you need?

  165. daugh071

    This is my go to convenience dispensary for small things. The flower is good quality and K.I.N.D. Vapes are great. The prices are terrible though. I love that they give a first responder discount but when an ounce is $300, %10 off doesn’t make it worth it. The concentrate is just at passable quality and it’s priced similar to terp sauce. I can rarely bring myself to buy any dabable concentrates here. For bulk, find a deal at any other dispensary. For a quick eighth, vape cartridge, or pre roll, level up is great. They aren’t typically super busy so staff members usually remember me and have nice conversation.

  166. Waldoman

    Budtenders truely know the products at this dispensary whether it be for CBD or THC. The specialists are there for you!

  167. Dboy00313

    I think it’s pretty dope

  168. DvinMsS

    Good location close to the freeway

  169. SaintJon0421

    first time at this location. super friendly staff and a great selection. aside from making myself look like an idiot when I thought my cartridge was underweight, it was an excellent first experience. I will definitely be back

  170. Happycat6613

    L/U TEMPE.. great budtenders and great flowers. Very knowledgable team you have. Thanks for being awesome.


    Great 1st. time visit!My budtender,sorry can’t remember his name,was top notch! Knowledgeable,patient,and friendly! Front to back staff all welcoming! Large selection of fat,fragrant,well tended and cured,dense Buds!When I got home, I found out the flower is also VERY Potent! A completely Pleasurable Smoke! GO TO LEVEL UP TEMPE! Oh, and the deals are Sick!

  172. Kp123m

    I’ve only been here once but I was pleased to find out that they sold the strain I was looking for they are the only ones who had it this place is great


    There are levels to this!!! Love this place great location close to work the staff is familiar and every product does the job!!

  174. kombat

    They just lost a customer, everyone dont go there they dont honor their word. I’ve recieved two discounts every time i’ve shown up and today the Mexican lady bud tender who speaks broken english refused to give me the discount.

  175. Gabrieolivas69

    Best place to pick up quality budz

  176. RxPhile

    Nice store, with a nice variety of options. I shall be back to experiment! Thank you.


    This location is terrible. The service was very rude and security lady looks on edge and made me feel very uncomfortable. Also in case anyone else was falsely informed, the ONLY way to use your vouchers if renewed with level up is if you spend up to the amount on voucher. Terrible way to find out and very rude when they were checking me out. I may never go back to this location tbh

  178. pyrominiyak

    “Powered by Medmen” … Hmm. don’t think I like that. sad, cuz this used to be my go to spot. 🙁

  179. Toni_420

    turning away patients at 7 45…ridiculous policy they just came up with. it only takes 3 min to order

  180. nateotar

    One of the best locations around! Huge variety of different products and the staff is nice and friendly. Also have a lot of different deals daily

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