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For thousands of years, humans have cherished their relationship to Cannabis using it as food, fiber, medicine, and a path to spiritual experience. Today people can experience the benefits of cannabis-based plant medicine in a controllable and personal fashion. We believe everyone should have access to the magic of this plant in a way that is specific to them. We are growing all-natural, top-quality cannabis that produces specific effects through high-integrity growing. Effects that shine through our respect for the whole plant.

Delivering to the valley since 2017, we are currently delivering in these areas: Mesa. Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe, Fountain Hills and Scottsdale. If you don’t see your city below, check out our website to see where we deliver to. Please be patient as we are expanding our services to better assist you.


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43 reviews for “Sunday Goods Delivery

  1. wardlovesfrazer

    First time ordering with Sunday Goods and I just say it was a great first experience. The gentleman that delivered my flower was all smiles and super nice. I initially placed my order and due to it being the end of the day they weren’t able tow fulfill my order at that time. However, Sunday goods was very communicative about where they stood with delivery and they even threw in a free per-roll for the inconvenience. The overall presentation of the product Gorgeous! They give you a reusable bag, beautiful glass corked vials with my pre rolls and they even threw in a free lighter. I am beyond impressed! I found my favorite dispensary! Thanks again guys!!!

  2. imjustastoner

    I just tried Sunday goods for the first time. The longest part of the process was waiting to be verified. After the verification it was fast and I had my delivery within an hour. Great flower, amazing prices and the delivery drive was nice and friendly. I will definitely be a returning customer.

  3. avanderstoep

    Hands down the best I have found. From order placement to quality to service! The best in town!

  4. weda2017

    awesome sauce

  5. jworkman714

    super friendly

  6. Yogstar

    this dispensary had some really good flowers would definitely recommend it

  7. rtdavis1

    Thank you, Sunday Goods for quality meds and great service. From their quick online responses, delivery process, and high-quality products, I would highly recommend.

  8. Savvouise1

    This is the first delivery service I have used. I see Sunday Goods products all over and decided to finally give a delivery service a go when I saw Sunday Goods had launched their own delivery operation. It was a great decision on my part- I am now a very happy patient and customer and will certainly be ordering again. Packaging is high quality- the thought behind their business and the love invested is clear. As for the plant itself, happy and healthy little buds are all that hide inside of these attractive jars. Thanks, SD!

  9. Loccdawg

    Great service didn’t have to wait long and the tree was fiiiiire cuh

  10. dellkitty1000

    HORRIBLE customer service. They won’t deliver withing the given range and there is no way to get a hold of them, so you’re just out of luck. Their website is a complete disaster too that doesn’t function well. I won’t be ordering from this company again until they fix their problems.

  11. AzSuper$tupidFlame

    The worst customer service ever why? Because it doesn’t exist try reaching out plenty of times to put in an order and no-one replys.

  12. PHXAZman

    10/10 I had a great experience. I had intended on buying one gram only to checkout and find out that you get 50% off flower your first purchase. So I up paying 16 dollars for 2 grams of high grade medicine. and if that wasn’t enough they gave me a free gram and lighter along with a neat Sunday Goods bag. Great alternative to going to a dispensary and the process took about equal the time for me. only downside is you cannot smell the flowers b4 you pick them.

  13. mattyj602

    Just had my first order delivered the dude Seth was super chill! By far best prerolls I’ve had!

  14. cortney88855

    Wouldn’t usually leave reviews but this service was absolutely the worst. Suppose to get 50% off first flower purchase but they fail to mention that they don’t actually sell anything higher than a quarter so that’s really you’re limit. But didn’t actually find this out until after I waited two hours for them to verify my information. Then to make the situation even better. After I finally get all that said and done. They tell me they can’t even deliver to me until the next day. DO NOT waste your time with this place. Not only was the weed over priced to began with. Nothing was actually as it was said to be. The worst service they have to offer in Phoenix area.

  15. mlatts

    I love love love Sunday Goods!! Their flower is the only kind I’ll use! You can feel the difference in the quality- unbelievable!! The delivery process is the bomb! Door to door green glove service! 10/10 Will definitely be ordering regularly.

  16. SarahP14

    Attempted to place my first order today, but ended up canceling it. Site is way too buggy and apparently can’t handle increased traffic when they have specials going on. Somehow, the total showing on my screen was not the total given by representative Eric after adding a single gram – somehow the total tripled when Eric was calculating it. Canceled because I could not see the transaction on my screen and did not feel the total given to me was correct. Also, you need ALL of the strain information on your website. Patients shouldn’t have to be going to multiple sources to find out the effects, medical uses and negative effects of strains. Patients NEED to know what the negative effects are. I spent nearly 45 minutes on the site, after spending about half an hour doing my own research to find out if some of the strains would work for me.

  17. TOHIGH4U

    very bad. It’s 5:30 and I made the order at 4:30. and they said they can’t deliver till tomorrow. I’m in pain now I need my medicine today not tomorrow. won’t be back they just lost a good patient and a new one at that. Thanks for the bad experience. won’t be back.

  18. Thath1ghk1d

    I have ordered multiple times and i’ve always been happy. Customer service is amazing. I get text message updates for delivery and they have always been on time or early. The time saved by not having to drive to the dispensary and wait in line is priceless. They always offer some kind of deal as well, so check them out!

  19. patmac2320

    First time buyer. first time setting up a delivery.
    Ordering was a breeze, even changed my order last minute in the chat.
    Been to the west side for deals, deal north for fair prices decent bud, gone to trumed for the dankest(have also waited forever)
    Sunday Goods bud is dankkkkkkkk
    First time order deal is awesome. 50% off flower. Yes please.
    With the deal and delivery I was not expecting much too be honest.
    Each jar was super gassy
    Plan ahead and use the daily deals, and you will never go to a dispensary again.

  20. Pammie

    really do like the packaging and the quality of the flower also delivery service very professional kept me in touch with delivery time through text which I really did like and there was very on time will definitely use again recommend this Sunday’s good to anybody that’s looking for a great delivery service Plus I love getting my whole order half price in the first time using it

  21. kA

    Can’t even get assistance for new account set up, pending for days… No response to attempts at contact for updates.

  22. deannainaz18

    Would not order from here again. Tried to place my first order and I never received it, after 3 hours of waiting for something to let me know my order is on the way or whatever is supposed to happen when you place an order, I decided to email them asking what was going on. 1 hour later they responded saying my mmj card was expired and sent me the link to fix it. I did that and I still did not receive my order I sent them another email and never heard back from them.

  23. gijoehero420

    Got some quality big frosty nugs of the Tina Danza for an awesome deal. Delivery was fast! Would recommend to anybody looking for flower. Great FTP deal!!!

  24. macda3571

    these guys are awesome and have great flower

  25. ramatheson

    Last week, I bought a high-end strain from a local dispensary. It came in an amber, very connoisseur-ish, glass jar. It had some writing on it about the magic in the plant inside, etc. It was very high-end appearing, overall, and was from a place called “Sunday Goods.” The flower inside was amazing. I’m pretty picky (as most of us are), and I was more than happy. Excited a bit, even.

    I immediately started researching them online.

    I ordered for the first time today. I’ve read the hit-or-miss reviews of OTHER delivery places, so was a bit upset that they ONLY deliver. Then, I read about how they grow their product, and how much love and care seemed to be put into the company. What did me in was that the first flower order was 50% off!

    I immediately began reading their site, and after a couple days, chatted with Mary online. Again…I was blown away just by their chat. Chat customer service sucks, frankly. It’s buggy, slow, and the people sound like robots. This experience was completely the opposite, so much, that I uploaded pics of my MMJ Card and Driver’s License, so I could start an account. Mary answered 1,000 questions for me, and even told me that they would do a special delivery for me. Did I mention I am not within their delivery range? She even said they could deliver to work, and the driver could meet me outside or up the street, if I’d like, for discretion. I mulled this all over, and placed an order today. I got $134 worth of MMJ, for $67! Deliver is included in the price!

    Today, I spoke with Michael in chat (super helpful!). I asked for delivery between 1 and 3, to my work, outside. At 1:30, I got a text saying my driver was on the way, along of page, showing the driver on a map, coming towards me.
    with a link that opened a Google-Maps type of page. Shane (I’m so sorry! I think this was his name!)called to say hello, then, as I stood outside, and watched him arrive on the map, my phone rang. It was Shane, and he was just on the other end of the parking lot. He drove over, took quick pics of my ID and MMJ card, then put everything in a cloth shopping bag (branded Sunday Goods), and even threw in a FREE GRAM of Race Fuel OG! I can’t express how friendly he was on the phone, and in person. He is a true customer service star. Everything, from ordering, to deliver, to product, is OUTSTANDING.

    There is a dispensary here in the Valley that most people I know consider top dog as far as customer service and product. I won’t mention any names, but they have very well-centered herbs. Now, imagine if they delivered, and charged NOTHING extra.

    That dispensary exists, and it’s called Sunday Goods.

  26. morgandoss

    the number it had on leafy is like 20 numbers long. not able to get a hold of them.

  27. wiermanre

    I cannot recommend Sunday Goods enough!!!! First off, INCREDIBLE FLOWER — Love a greenhouse grow. I first tried their flower at Midtown Roots and wanted (needed) more right away. Secondly, their promo deals are some of the best in town AND they have free delivery.
    I got a half-ounce of flower for an UNBEATABLY, ridiculously low price. The guy who delivered (Ryan) was super knowledgeable and friendly — always a plus!
    I also love the containers their product comes in — too cute!

  28. AZHerbExpert

    I ordered from Sunday Goods online. The delivery was about 2 hrs after ordering, There was a lack of communication by the driver until they were right in front of my house. An ETA would have been nice. The flower smells and looks great, but as I smoke it, it is very harsh, and burns way too black all the way to the end of the bowl. It is also bone dry buds. Upon breaking into the nugs I noticed a little white fleck inside a nug. I busted out my jewelers eye lupe to take a closer look. Upon inspection it appears to be perlite. Perlite is a porous type of rock substance that is found in most soils. It has microscopic sharp edges taht if inhaled through my hand pipe could have done some unforseeable damage to my lungs. I think better quality control is in line across the board to improve and preserve the quality of your medicine.

  29. DTreatzAZ17

    i love and enjoy this dispensary , not only does their service and quality amazing but the diverse section of flowers and strains is large i would defiantly recommend this place to any patient that need good quality service and high grade meds.

  30. jpalm14

    all their flower is sold out on their website.

  31. Infinitesource

    This was my first time ordering from them, there was some confusion around how long delivery would take. But when the meds finally arrived the flower was fresh and well packed, in nice dark glass jars, which was a nice change from the standard plastics I’m used to getting other places. The only thing was the jars were very hot to the touch when I got them, so maybe a cooler would be cooler. The flower is very good quality and they say organically grown. I have high standards for flower and they have met them. I would buy from here again.

  32. MC41

    Been ordering Sunday goods long enough to become aEURoeplatinumaEUR level but customer service has become as bad as possible.

    Changing your order after sending confirmation is acceptable with Sunday goods. Without customer approval they will change order, only giving the option to refuse and cancel once driver arrives. They will notify via email, but if you don’t check within 30 minutes orders are changed (even hours after confirmation).

    If you do have an issue, their customer service team is not easy to work with. And emails aEURoeescalatedaEUR to support email are often ignored. If a aEURoeplatinumaEUR customer is treated horribly, hard to expect any different across the board.

    Convenience of delivery the only reason to return.

  33. nightbadger

    Please don’t waste your time with this company. First, I had to sign up and upload photos of all of my information (Drivers License and MMJ card) An hour of so later, I got an email that my information had been verified. However, when I go to order, I find out that Sunday Goods is entirely out of flower. This was disappointing because I wasted a bunch of time creating my account for this site and Leafly said there would be a 50% discount on the first order and there was no indicator that they would be out of flower. Now I’m sure they’re going to send me spam email. It would be very helpful to patients if the information you give on leafly is accurate and not just bait to create more accounts. It would also be helpful to actually carry the products you claim to have. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the other reviews are fake.

  34. cmm13


  35. HerbHeals

    great products and delivery

  36. tdbentley

    I just received my first order. I ordered an eighth of Biker Kush as well as a seven pack of half gram pre-rolls of Girl Scout cookies. My driver was a sweetheart. My product is beautiful Aromatic nugs. And very nicely packed pre-rolls. And of course 50% off first time order is pretty sweet too. Definitely worth it check them out. My driver also threw in a gram of cherry AK due to being delayed which I wasn’t aware of. I just figured he was delivering it as per his schedule so that was really nice of him. . Excited for the new products. Packaging very nice glass jar for my eighth and a metal tin for the pre rolls.

  37. monstapuss

    I’ve ordered from SG over 5 times. The flower is always good (DR WHO is my savior)! The drivers have always been great!
    However, I aEURoeLOSTaEUR over 300 points & have attempted to contact 6 times about it. I sent all docs to prove, but was never contacted back. I should be platinum level, but they won’t acknowledge or fix it.
    If you look, the only complaints are about contacting you/ getting ignored/ customer service. Just listen, ask & make a cpl small changes, please. It’s like a slap in the face to be ignored. A phone to speak w/ someone. That’s all we ask.

  38. sjf8760

    if you know nothing about how flower should be dried or cured, or you just like poorly grown and rushed recreational grade greenhouse garbage, this place is for you.

  39. BecauseWeed

    I love their rapidly expanding delivery service and their daily deals make make it easy to stock up without breaking the bank. The flower is top quality and burns white, so you know it’s pure. Biker Kush & Berry White are my favorite strains!

  40. intheand

    This is a next level cannabis outfit. For anyone intimidated by strolling into dispensaries or looking for a frictionless, convenient, quality experience, Sunday Goods delivery is for you. Highest quality goods in stellar packaging and competitive pricing to boot (using their published daily discounts).

  41. M.renee

    Shout out to Sunday Goods for having the best booth at the Christmas party last night! And the flower is gorgeous, thank you guys! 🙂

  42. TheTerpenator

    I placed my first order with Sunday Goods yesterday and it was one of the best delivery experiences I’ve had. Account set up was quick and getting my delivery was efficient! Love the packaging and the strains a picked up. Will definitely be back! Oh yea, 50% off your first order too!

  43. Smackdilly42

    Sunday goods is always the best. First saw there stuff from a friend. Then met them at midtown roots! Placed my first order today and the products came fast and packaging is the best I have ever seen. I’m excited to try all the stuff these guys make!

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